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,, .fufvf , H ..-.-........,...u-..'..:..:.... az,-'H'-...-,,.., ,. . .. . . o'.... .0 .Q 0. I.. n, -an -.- .1 f ..- . n 0 .uv-. :neo an 's .."u o .'ou' n' .' 'a,,-" a,.a.u."' u,,'. . .'.,-.,-.-1.-..'. .',-.-,. -D. . .'....-.-'tl--3 . .,- ..1.1.,. . . . . ,'..'.'-.,,.,:: - .+'. 1 . .,.. 'a,. '--- . .. , -1 o, . on 1. 0 -u-.Q . o,,.. -. Jn" .-...q. .Il ...--., .uv ,-'.., -,-.-.n '- Hn., ,o'0'. ',l ..'-.,' '..'..' -.-.' 4... - ' . .. . Q . - . -0 . - . . .. . ,. . - . . 5-137 . ' 3-:II'-- ". u' ' .,' -' ,. s.,". "o'.n' "'. .-- ..e"s '-.'.,'- ",-'.-- gso.',u :..', 1.0.5 ',-:..: Ad... 0.- neu 0 ' . , ' . .. . .. , . . v.'.:'e.'. ...'.. v:.:.: n , 0, 0- ,.-- - . -- a og no. ,.' u'n'. ,'.'.,'.'o, ,.n' ,'.', n..-,:,'. ...-: Q 'Q' .D ll.' , . 'IO , ' . a ., ...- a 'I cn. -:3:3:-. .. .- . J-H a o 1 - -u..' " n'. "on'0','-,'r',-'.e,'.'-..'-...- -- . . , 0.0, .'.-...N-.,.. -.'.. -M' , .-',.-.,-,-,-...:,. . ng,-o .,..- oo... an ,. .e,'l.o.'.,..a..,.,f .I - 14.1---Y li, 0 n u".' . . fa . o - Q . . o -.In-'-'.-'.'.'1"'L'."-.'-.'. . Q'-a .,'o .su o oo' N, l,a. a,,. ,,.cu, u.. ,pnl,,,.on,.n, 0.03 ...,n..,a.,u- u.q:,a:,c.,..o'a..,,.a..-.,', ,-u.H.,u',' -0.1 ,..,o' .,-..s ,'v,- 'Un' fo 0 " 0 .a' an 0'n a 'uu....o. Q.. . ,a"-Q... ,u,.., ,Q .o. , .'.."-0-.,' -'a'.o"',,'v",-,'1','.o'.',' ,.,..v.---f l.,..'o.... ' '-',.". 'QM - o' ,gona ,l a nnoun's ' ' lo "','n'.',a' lo, .'-"'v... 'o ""' u"'.uol'."' -.' o".. "a' 'o."o" a.."'."" ...-,v -vo. ' . ,-- ,- .-a,..- . n n .u .0 1 , Q' .fan G o . .'.' .- 'o".' n 'uv .'. vu .H ..ooen' ,0'-,., .".. o,,.u' Q' ."n,',', 3,4 --f-'Y n u Q no I -T J no 0 -no o . on """,.u".'. ohne" o'a' .',"'.'u',, --,no ,.-..-.,,--.0 ...nr-P ,, .0'.,l ' u u no' ::'.'.'.'-a a'. u'."::::n.l.a.'. , u 0.,'.', 4 n'u..' u ,uio0. Q' ,one,l ,qu 0 ,,. .llo,' u ,goa.,',., U' u,ln.,"',' ,uu9,,' Q an Q" ' .. . H-.'.,o,. -. Published by STUDENTS OF ELKO COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Elko, o Printed by Nevada f ELKO INDEPENDENT Elko, Neva a 2 ll' X, I me: l . QL - . l x d 1 Y . Q . BOOK I BOOK II BOOK III BOOK IV BOOK V BOOK VI Emfmfs - ADMINISTRATION - - - CLASSES - - ATHLETICS - ORGANIZATIONS - - ACTIVITIES - ADVERTISEMENTS gorewvrd It is the purpose of the school annual to relate the many happenings and events taking place in the school curriculum, This year the POHOB STAFF has originated a caricature, which is designed to typity the Elko lndians, to escort you through the various phases of the school year. This caricature, which appears on each ot the division pages, represents the stu- dent body ot E. C. l-l. S. and is shown in some of the poses that various members of the student body might easily, if not frequently, be found, at f ,, . Al, - N All ,i ai? K ffEJ p?.fn.. 0 W6 6 fx! MQ? LA X9 ,M---nnllrrlm .,,. ,-affix: .U Q' .Q-sul!! fam -pl , --v-.,f,,.,,,,m, ., by 2... . Heard af Sdumfim The student body ot Elko County School is deeply indebted to the Board of Education. lt is this body that acts as the nucleus of all school functions. This is a great undertaking and this year's Board members have proved themselves fully qualified and capable of the task. -M S MR. JONES, Principal K gueulfy Elko County High School has always been fortunate in having an excellent faculty. This past year was no exception. We are proud to have been taught by such able instructors. The '48-'49 teaching staff was supplemented by three new teachers, Mr. Merriman, Miss Coffee, and Miss Johnson, who very ably upheld the tradition. -DG. MISS SOIENSON Ml. JENSEN Home Economics Scilnco Miss JOHNSUN MK. WEAVER MISS Girls' Gflll I COICH Lgngqgu MR. TELLAISHA Music Husfadian W MRS. BROWN MR. MERRIMAN English CNCI' ddr" ,-, ZH V : VLL t J 1 Ae: iflsz I '-1:45. fi -fn? 4: Q, A gm " I , A tl ,mn if 4.5 M MISS GILMER Mathematics MISS COFFEE Physical Education In I ' If MRS. WILLIAMS English I .nn Ed Juinger Lee Harbin Ed Fobes Student Gtflfcrlwzcnt MARK SCOTT, President Student Batty Ofhers DONNA GLASER JACK CARTER SHARON UCARROLL Secretary Vice-President Treasurer Buck Row: Duane Kern John Cobb Sharon O'Carroll Floyd Vice Front Row: Donna Glaser Mark Scott Jack Carter Alan Sargent flecufiifrf Zvmmiffec The executive committee is the governing body of the school. The func- tions of this important committee include making up of a school calendar, and supervising all school activities taking place during the year. This work was ac- complished under the supervision of Student Body President, Mark Scott, and Mr. Bracken, sponsor. The committee is comprised of the student body officers and the respective class presidents. - M. S. fudeuf Hound! The student council, whose members consist of the student body officers, class presidents, class representatives, and faculty advisor, has helped to make this a pleasant, successful year for the students of Elko County High School. lt is the duty of this committee to grant student body awards, select the POI-lOB editor, make any necessary revisions to our constitution, and handle certain student body funds. -MS. Back Row: Bob Vizina Leonard l-lerrera John Cobb Mary Michelson Duane Kern Pam Wayman Delia Carrillo Mr, Bracken Mary Lesbo Stanley Switzer Floyd Vice Doug Glenn Front Row: Sharon O'Carroll Donna Glaser Mark Scott Jack Carter Alan Sargent Back Row: Douglas Peterson Rollin Banks Frank Yraguen John Jayo John Sheerin Front Row: Marie Gamboa Thelma Richie Delma Oldfield Shirley Hansen Shirley Hull Weyarc Hammiffc The welfare committee, with Mark Scott as chairman, and consisting of twc members appointed from each class, endeavors to make Elko l-ligh a more friendly place. This committee strives for the betterment of every student, old and new alike, as well as to promote a feeling of good will between our school and othedss Assembly Pragrzzm Eammiffec This committee, consisting of the student body officers, class presidents, class vice-presidents, and faculty advisors, is responsible for supenfising all student body assemblies. This year they did a very fine job, as is evidenced by the inter- esting and entertaining assemblies presented for the students of Elko l-ligh. Buck Row: Leslie Jones John Cobb John Sheerin Mary Michelson Duane Kern Floyd Vice Leon l-lay Ray Paoli Front Row: Sharon O'Carroll Donna Glaser Mark Scott Jack Carter Alan Sargent if hr-Q-fx? RNZ7 kf, E? dim! L24 QU 611155 nf '49 LSL! f JONES Vice-President SPWW Delia Carrillo Leonard Herrera Ariine Cave MR. BRACKEN Spmm Senior mzpslzvfs ., , ,vh VN - I 'f K N i 5'?r.2,,, fi y kn' f 1 Q7 58 I Q R 'A -M1152 A V, ,.-- I ff Q 3 Li. . ' - W'-M su: k A 4 fx 1 1 "- Q L EZ' ' Z A i ' gt pi? , 1 i 2 Q 1 2 1 z i JACK CARTER ARLINE CAVE LESLIE BOYD ELNER AIIETT Seniors RETTA HANSEN CHARLES DROWN JUNE PATTAN! LEONARD HERRERA DELMA OLDFIELD BO! PARKINSON 1 Glass of '4 9 LOIENE MILLER LESLIE JONES IUB W0013 MARGARET IIEGLSR EDITH RICHARDS if DONALD SWITZER DORSMAE HINZE MARTHA H ILL Smiars ROSE SMIRALDO CLAWSDN Ng f MARILYN McLAlN DALE PORTER GLORIA VASQUEZ FRANK BEITIA 611155 W., of '4 9 SHHILEY KERSHNER S-lang GRACE CAMINO LARRY MONROE 53 2 H4 DEUA CARRILLO MAX WOOLVERTON DONNA GLASEK 1 RICHARD QUINN PAYE I-MGE J IM BARDSLEY ALAN SARGENT BEATRICE QUINTERO JESSE HUNTSMAN GLENNA SHROPE 431 AGNES GLENNON Smiars EDITH BURNER DEE KEIRNE5 LILLIAN HAKATA MORTY ROBERTSON JOYCE Mr.:GOUGH FRANK YRAGUEN ,ffligiil ' QQ-' Sai Banking Hack ' I As the graduating class of nineteen hundred and forty-nine leaves E. C. H. S. to go on to greener pastures, let us pause a moment and look back over the four important years of our lives that have constituted our high school career. As freshmen, the class of '49, under the leadership of Max Woolverton as president, got off to a good start by almost winning field day. Their defeat, how- ever, was consoled at the Senior-Freshmen Get Together Dance. The class had two picnics that year. A few Frosh class members took part in the All-School Play, and Max Woolverton won honors by making the varsity basketball team. As Sophomores, the class elected Dave Sharp president, and were well repre- sented in all school activities. They downed the Freshmen in the annual Field Day meet, but narrowly lost out in the interclass basketball tournament. They staged a very successful Sophomore Hop and enjoyed two picnics during their second year in high school. The next year, as Juniors, they enjoyed another very successful and active year with Mark Scott as president. They won the interclass championship in both basketball and track, with a heated contest in each case with the Senior class of that year, The class held several pay dances and two class picnics. Their play, "Ramshackle Inn," proved a great success, and the year was topped off with their impressive Junior Prom, using as a theme, "Hitch Your Wagon To a Star." Six mem- bers of the Junior class were on the Nevada State Champion basketball team, and several made the varsity track team. During their last year, they presented a very enjoyable Senior play, "January Thaw," and an amusing and thoroughly delightful assembly. They had their heyday on "ditch day," when the whole class skipped school - legally. They attended, as guests, the annual Senior-De Laureola Banquet, and finished school by presenting their unique Senior Ball, just before the time to don their graduation robes rolled around. Officers for the Senior year were: Alan Sargent, presidentg Leslie Jones, vice-president, Arline Cave, secretary-treasurerj Delia Carrillo and Leonard Herrera, class representatives. - L H J Q f J Q lf if Ji W-W 1 1 FLOYD VICE, President LEON HAY, Vice-President Mary Lesbo A A Doug Glenn Leah Gregory funiars MR. BROWN MISS SORENSON The Junior Class started the year by electing as their officers, Floyd Vice, president, Leon l-lay, vice-president, Leah Gregory, sec- retary-treasurer, Doug Glenn and Mary Lesbo representatives. The Juniors won interclass basketball, and two Junior boys, John Jayo and Floyd Vice, made first string basketball, The class is also well represented in football, rnusic organizations, De Laureola, and Language Club. A successful Prom was held on April 2l, with the aid of their able sponsors, Mr. Brown and Miss Sorenson. Also on their list of activities appeared the Junior Play, a pay dance, and two picnics. - L G L, ' Y A ' , ' L A . f S ,Mm , fl , ,129 f . -I Q - ' -I 5" Ig .-rf ik, .3If,.f,3L?L I 2 13 . ' , - - 'B A ' - , W ' A A v - L -' if iff . f 4 'Wfgiaiif y ,, w 5 ' ,, if ' --Q, ALAAA a A ,f A A A i .. A ' A A 2 A A A f ': A , A J ff 4 V, Q ' "'f" - I fm wx A ' I ' 2 . 3 A g: ',, . V5 'EV -5 .iff 4 ' , ' Hive ' m1,,h, A ' ' A f A , , , A ' A IILL BROWN SHIRLEY GARDNER ' HARRY BOWEN MARIE GAMIOA PETERSON PAT JOHNS PAT MUELLEI KILL GNDIC! juniors FLOYD VICE JEANNE HAWKINS ROGER HUNTER JQSE MARETOLI af 5 if ,rgv Lg . Q1 3 225:-Q Q Q P Q2 ,X Ek' 1 'r V 'X K Q g LEON HAY THELMA RICHIE I LARRY REYNOLD V 3 I xxsfm-V , V - ' Y w w f Y 'F 'F , A--f 'W ,, ' A ,gg K If .Spv,,,.. if ' Q " f ' Q A ,f ' J x Xa ff N f E ., Q? N f Q ' Tigg,-SV A LEAH GREGORY RICHARD JONES SHARON ' OCARROLL RALPH GAMBOA BETH SALLS Q X A LORRAINE BERRUETA 1 ,waz 1' - RONNIE WIGGINS Qfiif iii g f I ' ff 551.131 A R f' 4 -lgiiffif ' - , . V :iv-I , a w xfy, dn. y , yxsgf-.g',zQ-1,-:Q M .. - - fl-eggs: .I A ' sw f... M,-fL,, . ,L ,Q ,- k, ,3,,-xy,-7, V. . ,F , , ,W - I -,viiwh 1 . f fvf Wig' z ,ff .. , 1 if I ' .wife I W ad V ,ew , , , f ,I si ? Rd--W, 1 f ,. I ws H-Ew,?VaQf5?if:.Siii?5m ' ' ftfiliy . A ' . . A Vgkgxggsewfk , K' 1 ' '- , -13' 281 25 'I X E, I g " - gm A If y I gif DOUG GLENN VIOLET URIARTE JOHN WRIGHT MARY LES80 JACK HUNTSMAN BARBARA HUTCHINSON . A I '5 I + .. :ffz2i.52. z " A jffiifgfii yn 7 ' , f - ' Qaggf ifaifif . , I f A Em , , ' X, wg - v 1 Q N X , x DONNA LERNER I JOHN JAYO TERESA GLENNON HARRY NEWBOLD juuinrs 611155 - I , L L ,I E? f A A A' ALBERT AGUIRRE CELIA WILLIAMS GIB LANDELL ANN CHURCHFIELD 5 SUNNY CO NEJO 3 . R MARY TEWELL JIM ANDRAE K i - JULIA SALAZ DONNA KERN EDITH COBB RICHARD GIBSON yi In xv Mawrw -he H 4 ff I A DONALD GR EEN fzwwif , , in I 5 3. I GERALDINE DEGROAT JOHN KRENKA ANITA GRANADOS SALVADOR Iggy I I f a ' A ', ' I ' 3 - I . f W " '. in A ' ,-My I' ' I I A -' A I I, I . ' J 1 7k,, T411 . A .1 A if 3415 ,V , V. 14,9 ,K A. , , 7,5 I ' wx- K -I - -, WW ' I ' I ' ' K V - ,H ,X A 'i,3l1,i: L , ,Q , K : gr . if I- H ,I juniors U X, wx , JOAN MURPHY RACHEL QUINTERO MQW , .3 V, -, f, I. I I K I 'I -, ., , f I X. . f .f SHIRLEY RIZZI BOB McLANE , : , yi, I-IIDEKO MATSUMOT0 RALPH GARCIA 14" 5111.95 II ' Z IALKIE vgxel 3' CARM EN VASQU EZ ARLYS SCOTT ggi I 1' I i25?21,' ggEfE2i'ffL A ff, iw Q"A I ,. M I , .wg in +I I i Q- 339 2? f H ' li f: P - i ? ' A If I If sf . A ' DONNA KOPP B08 ROMANS LOUELLA HEALY VICTOR HERRERA ' if I Ax I I junivr Snapshvfs 'WEMQW IOHNCOll,PnddslQ MR. JENSEN xll Svphvmores w - its-ate ,lerry Reynolds Mary Michelson A Bob Vizina The Sophomore Class enjoyed quite an exciting and eventful year Three of their class members were on the football sguad, while Gary Murphy represented them as manager They were also well represented on the basketball team, as well as providing another manager, Jerry Burner. The two assistant cheerleaders, Kay Wickwire and Dakin Griswold, also hailed from the Class ot '5l, as did the king and queen ot the Harvest Ball, John Cobb and Ethel Martin, Sophomore Class members played leading roles in the All-School Play, and put on a very enjoyable Sophomore l-lop to highlight the year. - M. M. 'P' Wi - ' 1',,ai, F, , 5 ' -Q B, . it i , ,X I JOHN SHEEIIN, VIII-Pfdibhf ' ,A - . Q ,e 3 - i A kg., Ce. 3-V " 1 , 'r rf' -t F33 , fr ii ' MlSS GILMER Back Row- Vicky Pedersen Dyan Miller Ethel Martin Barbara Stoll Norma Moldenhauer Marjorie Morse Fern Pattanni Front Row- Lyle Peters Bob Naylor Bill Nelson Merlin Paul Back Row- Gordon Wines Norman Sigmon Ronnie Thorp Bob Vizna Steve Wright John Sheerin Front Row- Charolette Zunino Pat Turner Laurel Vaughn l-Iarriet Torn Cherie Porter Ruby Zunino Kay Wickwire Bock Row- Avis Pothoft Alice Quintero La Viegh Thomas Ula Mae Sage Pat Stoddard Front Row- Jerry Reynolds John Waage George Sheaks Brian Raine Albert Samper Charles Sestanov ich Back Row- Jerry Burner Irvin Ambler Esther Carey Jack Banks Donna Bucholz Joy Blume Jim Botsford Front Row- Mary Contri Romelia Carrillo Teddy Ashizawa Sofia Carrillo Betty Cave Back Row- Alice Hage Dolores Gilson Renee Hernandez Beverly Foster Darlene Elliott Barbara Denham Delphina Eiquihua Edna Dave Front Row- Walter Gardner Eddie Granados Evertt Morse Bob Carson Jack Franklin Back Row- Kenneth Hammond Charles Morse Tom Griswold John Cobb Gary Murphy Middle Row- Carolyn Hansen Dakin Griswold Virginia Evans Shirley Hull Mary Michelson Front Row- Pat Guisti Margaret Landa Mary Jackson Joleen McLain ,vm , S 2 7 i '- ,gg , - N, ! , . . i ig 'i i ' 'g z .Z , DUANE KERN, President MR. TELLAISHA raslzme Pat Samon Stanley Switzer Pam Wayman Seventy-two determined Freshmen, led by their class officers, Duane Kern, presi- dent, Raymond Paoli, vice-president, Pat Samon, secretary, and Pam Wayman and Stanley Switzer, class representatives, en- thusiastically entered all the school activi- ties during the year, and made quite a good showing. They showed their determination on Field Day, winning the tug-o-war, and sur- prised the whole school by pushing their candidates for the Music Festival, Shirley Hansen and Bruce Warmbrodt, to victory over the upper-classmen, to be crowned king and queen of the Big Top. - P. W. PAULI, VSICB-ffiiidlllf flimsy Q Tr! MRS. WlLLlAMS Bock Row- Lee Wright Joan Wintermantel Barbara Williams Elaine Williams Joan Thomas Pam Wayman Allen Welsh Front Row- Fred Williams Bruce Warmbrodt Keith White William Won Lydon Robertson Back Row- Guy Moore Celestino Mendive Jim Oldfield Dale Payne James Meeks Ray Paoli Bruce Mabee Front Row- Faye McGough Betty McGhee Teresa Quintero Joann Paoli Marjorie Olin Janet Lucas Pat Murphy Back Row- Elsie Ingram Jeanene Hogge Carole Lake Marlene Giles Ella Mae Lerner Norma Johns Marjorie Landon Romelia Hernandez Front Row- Bob Jones Jerry Lee Jenero Herrera Duane Kern Douglas Lehman Robert Hansen Back Row- Althea Morse Joyce Rice Darlene Richie June Rose Pat Samon Mary Sestanovich Cleo Rood Donna Reed Front Row- Pat Sullivan Forrest Shrope Gordon Petersen Stanley Switzer Douglas Peterson David Seely Back Row- Viola Fegert Alice Healy Lita Gutierrez Isabelle Elia Margaret Ellison Shirley Hansen Madge l-lakata .lack Ford Front Row- Larry Flowers Ronald Conley Jim Gregory Robley Burns Jack Giudici Duane Foster Xi 12 v Back Row- Louis Bilbao Warner Barnes Jack Andrae Tom Alter Boyd Bellingham Front Row- Janet Echegon Calda Boucher Dolly Clark Rosie Domingo Pat Burns Elaine Cosci Dori Baumgardner Rosie Dennings MARK SCOTT g,,- as ARLIN E CAVE Hay nf the year The student body ot Elko l-ligh selected as the outstanding students of l949, Mark Scott and Arline Cave. Both ot these Seniors have worked hard all tour years and have con- tributed much to Elko County High School. Mark served as student body president this year, attended Boys' State, was president of his Junior class, and has been particularly outstanding in athletics. Arline has held various class offices, at- tended Girls' State, and served as business manager for the POI-IOB in her Senior year. The POHOB STAFF sincerely wishes our outstanding students the best of luck and hap- piness in years to come. Girl af the year 1 2 X --- I F I W ff 1 -l l - 1i ,-'-,,.i,,.- g-,fy - 4 S .... I, X --- 3 f . do A fo U . 'RW XA NYU lqw xANf 1f ,..,.-w,..,... .Q bf...-. .N Nw , f -ll? 9001? ll 'W' Mg, W5-Avgg MR, MERRIMAN Elko finally took football off the shelf this year after many years of planning and putting off The football team had a very good year considering that very few of the boys had even seen a football game played before. The Indians had five contests during their first season, the last two of which they took handily This was due mostly to Coach Merriman's inspiring efforts as he really put his heart into building a football squad for Elko. He called practice a week before school started and didn't let up for one minute until the season was over, The indians were ragged in their contest against Lovelock but even so the game was a close one as the boys fought their hearts out Next they met White Pine High, Elko's traditional rival, and were again brought to their knees in defeat by a much superior and more experienced team. Then they iourneyed to Yerington where they were again humbled, but they still had that game experience under their belts. Then they played Hansen, Idaho, on their own war grounds, and this time all their hard work seemed to pay off as they ran the ldaho boys into the ground with their fighting spirit ln their final game with Gardnerville, the boys with the memory of victory still fresh in their minds, scalped the scrappy Dutchmen very efficiently, much to the pleasure of Coaches Merriman and Weaver, who saw their season's hard work bring in some returns, Both of them should be sincerely con- gratulated for the many long hours of tiring and often discouraging work Along with them the townspeople should be thanked for their wonderful support both morally and financially They gave a hearty response to the school's need for the funds necessary to start thiivxgame. - L , I f 6 1+-r 1 5 , 2 i V. of I s 1 .Y Back Row: Coach Weaver, Dale Porter, Mark Scott, Dave Sharp, Sonny Cornejo, Harry Newbold, John Clawson, Richard Quinn, Bud Wood, Larry Monroe, John Cobb, Mgr. Gary Murphy, Coach Merriman. Middle Row: Bob McLane, Jim Andrae, Eddie Granados, Gib Landell, John Wright, Frank Yraguen, Frank Betia, Bill Brown, Jack Carter, Tom Griswold. Front Row: Salvador Hernandez, Doug Glenn, Steve Wright, Bill Giudici, Ralph Gamboa, Gene Peterson, Jerry Lee, Jim Bardsley, John Jayo, Knot picturedl Floyd Vice. in., ,.,,- f -Yana -WMV: K. rx 'nfs A saws rggmgv sw Q 1 f . ' f W fi' A M 1 M- .CK 'G - L .3 .' .,' egg 'Z ' f PM 1 -,4 .,T,,1'5 I 5. 16,11 kefb ll The lndians had a mediocre season this year, They failed to make the State Tournament when they lost out to a fast straight shooting Winnemucca team. However, what the Redskins lacked in ability, they made up for in fight, and it was no walkaway game when the Bucka roos beat them out at the Zone Meet for the privilege of making the trip to Reno. Regardless of the number of games lost or won, though, the boys on this year's team gained what is the primary purpose of the program good sportsmanship and a fighting spirit. We hopefully look forward to next season, when a great many of this year's men will be back to fight for Elko High Elko Elko Elko Elko 42 32 Elko 39 44 Elko Elko Elko Elko Elko 37 Elko 3l 42 Elko 35 60 Elko 45 32 30 Elko 28 36 C A L E N D A R Dec. ll Jan. 7 Jan, 8 Jan. l4 Jan. 2l Jan, 22 Jan. 28 Jan. 29 Feb 4 Feb. ll Feb. l2 Feb. I8 Feb. l9 Zone Tournament Feb. 25 Wells I8 Winnemucca 55 Winnemucca 36 Carlin 34 White Pine 47 White Pine 52 Winnemucca 46 Winnemucca 37 Wells 22 White Pine 43 White Pine 25 Eureka l5 Carlin 24 Winnernucca 52 Q me . ' Si., Xe 7 l : '.,,:...' X : -ll 2, , - ,la ,, rgfg , . ,. --Z-55,5 wi 3 f Back Row: Mgr. Jeriy Burner, Duane Kern, Salvador Hernandez, Eddie Granados, Gary Murphy, Albert Mour Gib Landell Bill Giudici Middle Row: Rollin Banks, John Cobb, Max Woolverton, Tom Griswold, Doug Glenn, John Jayo, Floyd Vice Front Row: Dee Keirnes, Richard Quinn, Dale Porter, Mark Scott, Larry Monroe, Jack Carter. FLOYD VICE, Forward MAX WOOLVEKTON, Found LARRY MONROE, Center RICHARD QUINN, Guard JOHN COII, GUM i 'lla Jllwtlllll Back Row: Gib l.andell, l.loyd Cunningham, Sonny Cornejo, Bill Brown, Harry Newbold, John Wright, John Jayo, Floyd Vice, Doug Glenn. Front Row: Gene Peterson, Richard Gibson, Bill Giudici, Ralph Gamboa, Victor l-lerrera, Sal- vador l-lernandez, Richard Jones. The juniors won the interclass title this year as they downed a fighting team of inspired sophomores. The juniors had a smooth working machine with Floyd Vice and Doug Glenn at forward positions, Bill Giudici and John Jayo at guards, and Gib Landell playing the center position. The champs were under the guiding eye of Mark Scott, who proved to be quite a good coach, as his boys not only won the championship but all of the first five, and one substitute, were selected as varsity material. -LM. Boring Elko had a number ot "tirsts" this year, among them was boxing, Instruction was given to the boys by Coach Don Merriman, and although no matches were secured this year, it is almost certain that next year's team will participate in several inter- scholastic tournaments and meets. - M, S. 55 Cumblirzg Under the sponsorship of Miss Johnson, the Tumbling Club bas lnad a very successful year, The team performed at the Big Top, tor basketball games, and for assemblies. Members ot the team are: Beth Salls, Lean Gregory, Joy Blume, Virginia Evans, Donna Bucbolz, Ann Clturcntield, Janet Lucas, Norma Molclenbauer, and Lillian l-lakata. G - L. . Track Elko l-ligh's '49 track team, under the auspices of Coaches Weaver and Merriman, developed into one of the finest the school has had in the past several years. The track season, this year, was greatly benefited by the weather, which, after many years, finally provided a pleasant spring, as well as by the new track which was put into use for the first time this year. On this new track, two interscholastic meets were held, the "B" school zone meet and the "A" school zone meet. -MS. f 7 -fp Wf,fl :ifi Vfif lf? .stf if c. ., k i are l l XXI! 'gil J-Jg' f!l XNXN """""..'-.5 Z'-25-41 wt sv ,J 1 A ' Ll G X ffm O 'mx o S., E0 1 A 1' I I f 6 0 A P0 ab ln its 38 years of publication, the Pohob has grown from a monthly pamphlet to an interesting and accurate yearbook. The '49 Pohob is keeping up the traditionally good work, under the supervision ot Melvin Steninger, editor. The Pohob Statt hopes that you enjoy the Pohob as much as we enjoyed publish- msi. mniusn mg it - .l. l-l. ARLINE CAVE POHOB STAFF - Back Row: Leah Gregory, Donna Glaser, Geraldine DeGroat, Alan Sargent, Pam Wayman, Mary Michel- son, Front Row: Mary Tewell, Jack l-luntsman, Mel Steninger, Leonard l-lerrera. BUSINESS STAFF - Pat Turner, Leon l-lay, Albert Samper, Ray Pease, Rollin Banks, Shirley l-lull, not pictured Arline Cave. Saga SHIRLEY KERSHNER MR- HOME The Sagebrush Saga, the Elko High newspaper, was pub- lished this year by Mr. Brome, advisor, Shirley Kershner as editor, and the entire Business English class serving as the Staff. lt gave an accurate and up to the minute account of what went on in Elko High formally and informally. lt consisted of jokes, scandal, poems and stories written by Mr. Brome's English lll and English IV classes. The Saga was distributed by De Laureola. -J H SAGA STAFF - Back Row: Lorene Miller, Faye Hage, Grace Camino, Lydia Garcia, Rose Smiraldo, Edith Richards, Dorsrnae Hinze, Martha Hill, Beatrice Quintero, lsa- bell Herrera. Front Row: Marguerite Samper, Lillian Hakata, Retta Hansen, Shirley Kershner, Delia Carrillo, Agnes Glennon. l6'l0ck "5 " JACK LARRY MONROE RJCHAKD QUINN Due to the addition ot football to Elko l-ligh's sport cur- riculum, the Block "E" enjoyed its largest enrollment in many years, The organization was under the sponsorship ot Coaches Weaver and Merriman, with Larry Monroe serving as president, Jack Carter, vice-president, and Richard Quinn, secretary- treasurer. All boys who have earned a letter in any major sport are eligible for membership in the club. Back Row: Jerry Lee, Doug Glenn, Max Woolverton, John Jayo, Gib Landell, Jerry Burner, Gene Peterson, Bill Giudici, John Cobb, Sonny Cornejo. Middle Row: Eddie Granados, Dale Porter, Larry Monroe, Mark Scott, Dave Sharp, l-larry Newbold, John Clawson, Bob McLane, Bud Wood, Richard Quinn. Front Row: Gary Murphy, Frank Yraguen, Jim Bardsley, Frank Betia, Ralph Gamboa, Tom Griswold, Jack Carter, Floyd Vice. II J! Pep "E" put on some very unique performances during the halves ot both the football and basketball games this year. The girls, in their white blouses, ma- roon ties and skirts, made quite a vivid showing. im wucxwme vsom' ummrs DAKIN emswow The Qrganization prospered under the leadership ot Leah Gregory, president, Miss Cottee, sponsor tor the first semester, and Miss Johnson, sponsor for the second semester. - D. G. Lett picture ltop to bottoml: Donna Glaser, Marlene Moldenhauer, Geraldine De- Groat, Elner Abbett, Lorraine Berrueta, Leah Gregory, Beth Salls, Celia Williams, Barbara l-lutchinson, Thelma Richie, June Pattani, Lydia Garcia. Right picture ltop to bottoml: Dorsmae l-linze, Arline Cave, Donna Kern, Grace Camino, Pat Mueller, Ann Churchfield, Joann Murphy, Marilyn McLain, Marie Gamboa, Anita Granados, Sharon O'Carroll. A it f -ffiir ffi i ' ' LW K V U , .'L., , , I xl , khan , ff Si Lf -N,- , Q- kr QW :.,,: x YQ ra, E2 T U' t V51 :ffm 2 -, - : i, -s r y f N, DM-E PORTER MRS. MCQUISTON MR. BRACKEN e ,Czzurcola De Laureola is an honorary history society open to all who have an average of "B" in history, and an average of eight honor points tor each semester in school. With Dale Porter as president, Delia Carrillo, secretary, Alan Sargent, treasurer, and Mrs, McQuiston and Mr. Bracken as sponsors, they had a very successful year. Although the enrollment was one of the smallest in sev- eral years, its initiation, banquets, and "Sadie l-lawkins" dance proved very enjoyable and unforgettable. As usual the year was topped oft with the very successful Senior-De Laureilal-Banquet. Back Row: Mark Scott, Leonard l-lerrera, Larry Reynolds, Floyd Vice, l-lugh Abbett, Jesse Huntsman, Mel Steninger. Middle Row: Mrs. McQuiston, l-lideko Matsumoto, Sophia Carrillo, Geraldine DeGroat, Marilyn McLain, Mary Tewell, Thelma Richie, Barbara l-lutchinson, Mr. Bracken. Front Row: Shirley Kershner, Alan Sargent, Grace Camino, Dale Porter, Delia Carrillo, June Pattani, Jose Maretoli. dj, JACK CARTER MARY TEWELL MISS WO LFE The Language Club enjoyed a very active year during L '48-'49 under the leadership of Miss Wolfe, sponsor, and Mary Q Tevvell and Jack Carter, presidents for lst and 2nd semester vm respectively. Their most important undertaking for the year was the W correspondence that they carried on with students of foreign 0 countries. This project, under the leadership of Shirley Kersh- ner, proved to be very successful and it is hoped that it will be continued in future years. xv The Club obtained a second prize in the Thanksgiving Festival with their float, they put on a very timely assembly, and held their annual picnic in the latter part of May, to bring their year to an enjoyable close. - M. M. Back Row: Charlotte Zunino, Lydia Garcia, Delia Carrillo, Bob Vizna, Leonard l-ler- rera, Jim Botsford, Victor l-lerrera. Middle Row: Larry Reynolds, Floyd Vice, Marilyn McLain, Shirley Kershner, Grace Camino, Isabell Herrera, Beatrice Quintero, Doug Glenn, John Jayo. Front Row: Miss Wolfe, .loleen McLain, Jack Carter, Mary Tewell, Virginia Evans, Mary Michelson. JUNE PATFANI g Miss Joimsou 5. fl. fl. G. A. A., one of the largest organizations in the school, proved to be one of the most active also. The annual reverse dance and assembly were both worthy of credit. The Juniors won the kickball, basketball, and baseball tournaments, while the Sophomores took volley ball. The organization is under the auspices of Miss Johnson, who is assisted by the following officers: June Pattani, president, Donna Glaser, vice-president, Anita Granados, secretary, and Leah Gregory, treasurer. -- L. G. i l Back Row: Ann Chuchfield, Teresa Quintero, Mary Sestenovich, Joann Paoli, Darlene Richie, Dyan Miller, Margaret Landa, Delphina Equihua, Alice Quintero, Janet Wiggins, Beverly Foster, Renee Hernandez, Norma Johns, Rosie Domingo, Shirley Hansen, Mary Jackson, Donna Reed, Janet Echegon, Jeanene Hogge, Dolly Clark, Anita Granados, Louella Heally. Second Row: Isabell Elia, Laviegh Thomas, Betty McGehee, Mary Michelson, Fern Pattani, Marjorie Morse, Esther Carey, Joy Blume, Julia Salaz, Donna Bucholz, Cherrie Porter, Edna Dave, Pam Wayman, Pat Samon, Carmen Vasquez, Elaine Cosci, lolandi Cosci, Rachel Quintero, Jeanne Hawkins, Beth Salls, Lorraine Berrueta, Donna Kern, Thelma Richie, Geraldine DeGroat, Joann Murphy. Third Row: Sharon O'Carroll, Mary Contri, Marjorie Olin, Elsie Ingram, Barbara Williams, Pat Guisti, Laurel Vaughn, Virginia Evans, Pat Turner, Janet Lucas, Pat Murphy, Joan Thomas, Betty Cave, Kay Wickwire, Dakin Griswold, Norma Moldenhauer, Marie Gamboa, Barbara Hutchinson, Celia Williams. Front Row: Carolyn Hansen, Shirley Hull, Gloria Vasquez, Arline Cave, Dorsmae Hinze, Marlene Moldenhauer, Donna Glaser, June Pattani, Marguerite Samper, Marilyn McLain, Pat Mueller, Leah Gregory. SHARON O'CARROLL LEAH GREGORY MISS SORENSON O O O This year has been an active one for the F. H. A. girls and their sponsor, Miss Sorenson. They started the year by sending two candidates to Reno for the State Convention, their tloat won a prize at the Big Top, and they attended a district meet at Lund The girls entertained their mothers at a banquet on Valentine's Day where the following girls were installed tor the coming year: Leah Gregory, president, Joann Murphy, secretary, Sharon O'Carroll, treasurer, and Lorraine Berruetta, historian. Sharon O'Carroll acted as president during lst semester. L G Back Rowi Mary Sestenovich, Marjorie Landon, Miss Sorenson, Marjorie Morse, Pat Stoddard, Anita Granados, Sharon O'Carroll, Donna Bucholz, Cherrie Porter, Carolyn l-lansen, Lita Guiterrez, Romelia l-lernandez, Rosie Domingo, Mary Jackson, Barbara Williams, Barbara Young, Middle Row: Marie Gamboa, Thelma Richie, Joann Murphy, Lorraine Berrueta, Leah Gregory, Pat Mueller, Celia Williams, Front Row' Joann Paoli, Marjorie Olin, Darlene Richie, Janet Lucas, Madge l-lakata, Joan Thomas, Pat Murphy, Masque and 5111161 Masque and Gavel is an hon- A orary society tor those who have A I2 play acts or l44 hours to their credit. 5 To these students, who have demonstrated exceptional inter- est in dramatics, is awarded the coveted Masque and Gavel pin. E as E Qs Lett to right: Jim Bardsley, George Atwood, Bob Romans, Jerry Burner. 514glisl1 'Zu' English "E" is a dramatic organization tor those who have won their dramatic "E" for 72 hours of stage crew work or 6 play acts. The oganization is under the sponsorship ot Mrs. Brown who is the dramatic instructor for Elko High. Back Row: Jack Huntsman, Albert Mour, Jim Bardsley, Eddie Granados, Bob Romans, Rollin Banks, George Atwood, Jerry Burner. Front Row: Mrs. Brown, Charlotte Zu- nino, Shirley Kershner, Dorsmae Hinze, Martha l-lill, lvlarie Gamboa. 'V 1' v2:ge2S4gfaL16-,q,5,.',yW5Wm Zzculfy at Work m 21 ,N KN A E V Q??W7 ' .luis S 'V 5 2,5 -J 17 "49'UU!Q8l,KnssA-H-r,f11wcy,.g gi . , A ,V 'Q' L 'Q'W f in ,, .,,... .......--Fw, '+sWr M.-A...-..,L M, W. Hrzlmdar 7-School Opens IO-Field Day IO--Senior-Froslri Dance I9-Senior Picnic 30-Assembly lBud Fisherl October 2-Junior Pay Dance l5-Frosh Class Party 22-End First Grading Period 23-Harvest Ball 23-Football, Hansen at Elko 30-Football, Gardnerville at Elko 30--Senior Pay Dance N ovem ber l-De Laureola Assembly 2-De Laureola Sponsored Election 5-6-Senior Play l3-Sophomore l-lop i9-Thanksgiving Festival 23--Assembly 24-Thanksgiving Vacation 29-School Reconvenes December 3-End Second Grading Period 3-Football Banquet 4--"Sadie Hawkins" Dance l7-Christmas Vacation Starts Y 3-School Reconvenes 14--Basketball, Carlin at Elko 28-Semester Ends 28-29-Winnemucca at Elko 29-Block E Dance Halemlar February 3-De Laureola lnitiation 4-Wells at Elko 6-De Laureola Initiation Banquet 9-Assembly lOccidental Glee Clubl ll-Senior Assembly l I-l2-Ely at Elko l2-GAA Dance l8-Eureka at Elko 23-Language Club Assembly 24,25-26-Eastern Zone Tournament March 4-5-All-School Play April 8-Music Concert 9-Junior Prom i3-Easter Vacation l8-School Reconvenes 22-End Second Grading Period 29-30-District Music Festival May 7-Zone Track Meet 7-Junior Pay Dance 8-Junior Picnic l5-Senior Picnic I5-Sophomore Picnic 20-Zl-Junior Play 22-Language Club Picnic 27--Senior-De Laureola Banquet 29-Freshman Picnic 30-Decoration Day lNo School? June 3-Semester Exams 4-Senior Ball 5-Baccalaureate 6-Semester Exams 8-Commencement f""'---.-....,,-W juuiar Play The junior class of '48 presented, under the direction of Miss Bastian, the three act mystery farce, "Ramshackle Inn on May l4 and l5. The plot of the play concerned the solving of several mysterious murders and the exposing ot a notorious smuggling rin The cast included: Jim Bardsley ............ John Clawson ........ Retta Hansen .... Arline Cave .......... Patton Arbuthnot Joyce Rogers Mame Phillips Rollin Banks ............. .......... C onstable Small Shirley Kershner ......... ................. B elinda Pryde Larry Monroe .......... ....... C ommodore Towser Martha l-lill .............. ................. G ail Russell Margaret Biegler Melvin Steninger ........ Mark Scott .............. Alan Sargent ............ Dorsmae l-linze ....... Leslie Jones ............ Max Woolverton ......... Alice Fisher Dr. Russell Bill Phillips Mr. Temple Mary Temple Gilhooley Fred Porter -MS. Scuivr May The senior class presented the annual Senior Class Play on November 5 and 6, under the direction ot Miss Bastian. The play was a three act comedy entitled "January Thaw." The plot concerned two families who quarreled over an old farm house, The play had a very amusing and delightful end- ing, with a solution to all the problems and contentment for all. The cast consisted ot: Herbert Gage ................. ............... J im Bardsley Marge Gage ................ ......... S hirley Kershner Frieda ......... . ...... ....... M argaret Biegler Paula ............. ............. M artha l-lill Sarah ...... ....... R etta l-lansen Barbara ...... ....... L orene Miller George .......... .......... J ohn Clawson Jonathan ....... ....... Mathilda ....... Jack Huntsman Marilyn McLain Uncle Walter ....... .......... L eslie Boyd Matt .................. ................ B ill Bowen Mr, Loomis ....... ...,.,. G eorge Atwood Carson .......... . ...,... l-larry Newbold -D. G. ,411 Salam! flag "Little Women," Arthur Learue's delightful adaption of Louisa M. Alcott's famous novel, was presented by an all school cast on March 4-5. Under the competent direction of Mrs Irenc Brown, this play lost none ot its human quality and it was thor oughly enjoyed by an appreciative audience both nigghts. D "LITTLE WOMEN" CAST Mary Contri ....,,,,...,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, H Jo Marilyn McLain ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,.,,., ,--,,- M eg Barbara l-lutchinson .... Charlotte Zunino ........ Donna Kern .......,...,. Jack l-luntsman .... Shirley Kershner ....... . Merlin Paul ..................... ,,,,,, Amy Beth Mother Father Aunt March Mr. Laurence Lloyd Cunningham ....,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,--. L aurie John Wright ,.,.,,,,..,..,,, Gene Peterson .......... Marie Gamboa ........ Brooks Prof. Bhaer l-lanna Had The Band has now completed its third successful year under the baton of Mr. Tellaisha. Beginning in the fall with the "Big Top," this organization rounded out its activities by playing carols for the Christmas assembly, performing for the foot- ball and basketball games, and by furnishing pep for the pep assemblies. Despite a few rehearsals which would have made Schubert cringe, and very plainly did make Mr, Tellaisha do so, the band played very creditably at the annual Spring Concert and the District Music Festival. Officers of the year were: Bill Giudici, president, Virginia Evans, vice-presi- dent, Bob Parkinson, secretary-treasurer. M - . T. Back Row: Bill Giudici, l-lideko Matsumoto, Rosie Domingo, Madge l-lakata, l-lugh Abbett, Jim Botstord, Jim Gregory, Bruce Mabee, Ronnie Thorpe, Dyan Miller, Pam Wayman, Merlin Paul. Third Row: Barbara Young, Donna Kern, Jeanne l-loage, Larry Flowers, Jack Giudici, Bob Parkinson, Jerry Reynolds, Fern Pattani, Joann Paoli, Shirley Hansen, Larry Reynolds. Second Row' Barbara Denham, Barbara Hutchinson, Margaret Landa, Charolette Zunino, Maiorettes, Renee Hernandez, Betty Cave, Laurel Vaughn, Lillian l-lakata, Mary Lesbo, Mary Michelson, Mariorie Olin, Mary Tewell, Gordon Wines. Front Row' Teddy Ashizawa, Janet Echegon, Barbara Williams, Esther Carey, Arlys Scott, Alice Hage, Mary Contri, Ga.y Murphy. Elzorus The combined Glee Clubs this year made up a very large chorus, numbering 94 voices, Because of its size, this musical organization found securing and utilizing rehearsal time very difficult. But, despite this fact, the chorus and the Glee Clubs did a fine job at the annual Spring Concert and the District Music Festival, and they also had a fine time striving toward the goal of perfection. The officers of Girls' Glee included Pat Turner, president, Char- lotte Zunino, vice-president, and Anita Granados, secretary-treasurer. Raymond Paoli, president, Jim Gregory, vice-president, James Meeks, secretary-treasurer, were the officers of Boys' Glee. Back Row: Gloria Vasquez, Cheri Porter, Rachel Quintero, lolanda Cosci, Elaine Cosci, Gill Giudici, Bob Parkinson, Raymond Paoli, Duane Kern, Hugh Abbett, John Cobb, Pat Murphy, Joann Paoli, Pam Wayman, Joan Wintermantel. Fifth Row: Carmen Vasquez, Joy Blume, Afton Smith, Donna Reed, Harry Newbold, Keith White, Fred Williams, Bob Burns, Shirley Hull, Mary Contri, Barbara Williams, Avis Pothoff, Norma Johns, Alice Hage, Mary Jackson. Fourth Row: Pat Turner, Beth Salls, Lorraine Berrueta, Nadine Smith, Janet Echegon, Larry Flowers, Dale Payne, Bob Hansen, Janet Lucas, Darlene Richie, Renee Hernandez, Sofia Carrillo, Joan Thomas, Romelia Carrillo, Elaine Williams, Carole Lake. Third Row: Shirley Hansen, Madge Hakata, Dolly Clark, Mary Sestenovich, Mariorie Landon, James Meeks, Lyndon Robertson, Elwin Foster, Douglas Peterson, Virginia Evans, Laurel Vaughn, Marie Gamboa. Second Row: Joann Murphy, Charolette Zunino, Ruby Zunino, Margaret Landa, Bruce Warmbrodt, Bob Jones, Jack Giudici, Jim Gregory, Pat Mueller, Dorsmae Hinze, Carolyn Hansen, Donna Bucholz, Ella Mae Lerner, Lita Gutierrez, Romelia Hernandez. Front Row: Ethel Martin, Darlene Elliot, Dyan Miller, Beverly Foster, Janet Wiggins, Celestino Mendive, Bruce Mabee, Allen Welch, Teddy Ashizawa, Fern Pattani, LaVeigh Thomas, Fay Hage, Cleo Rood, June Ingram, Rosie Domingo, Mary Tewell rclzc' fm "'c'm'A Our orchestra has successfully completed another very full, busy year under the direction ot Mr. Tellaisha. Performing tor the school plays, playing at graduation, preparing and pre- senting a program tor the annual Spring Concert and the District Music Festival, all kept the orchestra very busy, but its members also received the satisfaction ot having worked together and done their very best. Leah Gregory, president, Larry Reynolds, vice-president, and Mary Lesbo, secretary-treasurer, were the officers tor the year 1 l Back Row' Arlys Scott, Janet Echegon, Virginia Evans, Bill Giudici, Mary Lesbo, Margaret Landa, Bob Parkinson, Jack Giudici, Hugh Abbett, Alan Sargent, John Waage, Barbara Hutchinson, Gary Murphy, Dyan Miller, Sally Malin, Joan Wintermantel, lolanda Cosci, Larry Reynolds. Middle Row: June lngram, Lita Gutierrez, Mary Sestenovich, Mary Tewell, Esther Carey, Barbara Williams, Dakin Griswold, Donna Kern, Bruce Mabee, Jim Gregory, Shirley l-lansen, Rosie Domingo, l-lideko Matsumoto, Pat Turner. Front Row: June Pattani, Laurel Vaughn, Anita Granados, Patty Samon, Mary Michelson, Pam Wayman, Joann Paoli, Madge l-lakata, Pat Murphy, Geraldine De-Groat, Norma Moldenhauer, Alice l-lage, Leah Gregory, Renee l-lernandez, LaVeigh Thomas, Marjorie Landon, Marjorie Olin. K , , M , ,,,,,,,, --M -W H 17' Nw, - lv 1 ., "H-1. W K --S2'u""-s-.wr-.L" Hr an n -flue-u M WR:- W . , , 32 5.5:-lu...-., . ..:-,L Y F -1 Q.R."'v .1 3. 4 "Y it .M-1-v""""' . 4 X, . , " 1 K gt -it lg. xg 1, Neg 1' 529' i Jw ,E,1,r,Qgii,TgQ-Qwlg Careful, Laurel, that's against the lawll - Hey, Frosh, you forgot your pants! - Winners of the '49 baby Contest - A mighty pretty pose, Contri - Lost Joleen??? - Don't Fall, Dakin - Don't drop herll - Pat 6 Mark e- Oh, oh, Pat again, but Bill this time - Where's John Wright?9? f The "Merry Oldsmobile" W- What's funny, lVlonroe??? - Bob G Dyan. Til' ...I MacNamara's Ragtime Band - Maxie and better hait - A cance!!atioh??? Smack that egg ! !! - Contra andloah ata ball game - GAA. hwitrates V- You brute, Shirley!!! - My Heart ls a Hobo Where are the boys??? - Hold that line -Q Cheese, Frankie, Cheese - Between Classes In E C. I-1. S AL WA YS meet your frieno's at. . . ' ji 2? , 3' 4 ,,., 'DRUG STORE ' ' jgf-::l.van...- 3QMu THE PLACE TO GO... FOR YOUNG AND OLD! 7-Le ?inesf gnfefafainmenf ana The gesf of 7003 O 1 4 - - X O , X UN HIGHWAY 40 ' ELKU, NEVADA A BLCB OE INK ON A PIECE OE PAPEP .is that printing? WE lJONfT THINK S02 That's why we've spent years studying to make the most effective use ot those two ingredients. That's why we spent many hours and dollars in detailed research to produce this year's POHOB. This knowledge and skill will be applied to your printed matter by our organization. 0 Our thanks to Mel Sten- inqer cmd his POHOB Staff for their fine cooperation during production of this POHOB. 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PETE WA'-TER5 I DODGE and PLYMOUTH AGENCY First National Bank Building Elko, Nevada I Sales and Service l 0 CARY HULL, owner l l Zwwwwifkw PRINCESS WATCHES 7hWraam9ih1nmd ,1 ,mai-:F x"' lf, 'LQ sn so ' A C ,,, XONFINPS ul R 6 dl I KV 'r . A K ' ,JILL-L' , '. ' Nix . Ai, ,L Q L- 3 +-jx'-5 4, . -xx. NNWTNAUER Q l ' A :zzz , Rafe ' -,gea I XA! -wm- She'll think the world of her new Wittnauer Princess Watch-with two diamonds set in a gold case, priced at 87150. Made by Longines- Wittnauer, Fine Watchmakers For Over 80 Years. Prices include Federal Tax Ejaffiobf 80,75 87,5 PIONEER BUILDING ELKO AUTHORIZED AGENCY FOR WATCHES A. W. Hessnn C Everything in Fine Hardware U 'k PAI N TS O I LS G RA I N IMPLEMENTS 'A' PHONE 289 'A' Elko Nevada llIlzllllillllilIllElIHSIlllillllEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEI IIIIEIHIEllIEIllIEIIIlE7IlIIEIIIIEIIIIEllllEllllzllllzllllillll IIIIElllillIIEIIllElllliIIIIillIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIE i O ji We Feature Cleanliness and E Comfort : - co-NoRATul.ATloNs C M I Q ' ave ote E Class of '49 , 1 Phone 341-I E . on HIGHWAY 40 Q if i WEST OF ELKO - ,i Elko, Nevada E ' -A'-f---Y-Y-ef fe E RANCH STORE Q rl ' U im ' if QKRZW W Mr. cmd Mrs. Grunt W. Turner 1 K wx Ag5g..Jl""'vv - - -I W LAMOILLE, NEVADA ,i ELKOI NEVADA i E Congratulations to the Class of '49 Q W ,gf : E E Q1 V18 aven er E U 'l ' 81 II d lELKO SURPLUS STOREl : E COMPLETE SPORTING GOODS E Featuring the WILSON Line Excliusively E 376 5th Street Phone 2l6 Q mi IE!IIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIlIlillllilllliIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEE Congratulations to the Q Class of '49 Q HOTEL NEVADA Q ef Q BATTLE MOUNTAIN, NEVADA W . E Celso Madarleta m Donuts Pie Cake Rolls W -Breakfast- Q Tip-Top Dress Shop sooo comes TOO! llll . -,mb Chick i First National Bank Building steak -mme? F sh mo' NEVADA HazeI's Coffee Shop FOR BETTER FOOD . . GET BETTER BUYS llll shop at FOR YOUR MONEY -af.. S E W E L L ' S is J. C. PENNEY CO. Incorporated MEATS and GROCERIES . 560 Idaho Sweet "The Home of Values" PHONE 234 o Elko -2- Nevada Elko' Nevada Yo, Heave Ho! - And A , it's , good! A The outcast - Better hurry, they're running, Vi! - Pose pretty -- Pat and John in Winn, - The Library -- Girls' gym dass - Come to your mark - Sit down strike -H The lawn at noon - Oh, Iooky there, ain't he pretty - Front row, Senior section t , tw, lin Two Frosh and a "Payne" -- l-le went that'a way - Lazy days are here agaln 4 Wonder boy Banks - Studying? - Mel, the edrtor - Vlolet's legs, before we Vnolet's legs, after 4 Hrs Royal hlghness V Jim Botsford, Boy Wonder - We now bow our heads ln prayer -ef Lovers f l-low did the Cheer Leaders get in here? - Monroe C1 Sharp - Beitia plays basketball F Three characters an actxon f The egg tight - Something shrink, Dakin? - Look at the pretty band Y What are you hudlng from, Frank? - Passing the hat, Coachw -k- The bread llne f More Frosh, Uomfzglmsnfzs, of MH. ANU MHS. E H. PHXHEUN .W3!ZOfQ5mf,5.m IIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIllIEIIIIEllIIEIIIIEIIIIEIllIEIIllEllIIEllllEIIIIEIIIIEIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEllIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIII 11 W. C. Moen Company CONGRATULATIONS II -. . . To the Graduates! HARDWARE and APPLIANCES If if "Your Friendly Record Dealer" A s , 1' Fllnt Beauty Shop 1: ZEULA PUSEL ELKO, NEVADA It Railroad Street Elko, Nevada I 1 A n Bowl-O-Drome I Eugene F. Wines RECREATION and FUN EOR ALL! 5, FRQZEN FQOD SERVICE Cool OH at the Soda Fountain! 1: . 1 EI-KG' NEVADA 5, TENTH and SILVER STREETS I ELKO, NEVADA 3. H C S C Traher's Shoe Store . ' tevens 0. Loafers. Casuals. and Party Styles Department Store 11 For Em? occasion "PRICES THAT WILL PLEASE" 1, WOMENS, CHILDRENS and BOYS' Elko. Nevada , Phone 895-W 456 Sixth Street 11 it - t Commercial 1 Elko News Stand Beauty Salon Eb 327 FIFTH STREET ' A Phone 317 Box 311 PHONE 100 Ii? ELKO -1- NEVADA ,I ELKO, NEVADA 12 W. N. BLOHN Your Jeweler o HAMILTON - ELC-IN and WYLER WATCHES Watch Repair o PARKER 5l PENS Official S. P. and W. P. Watch Inspector E get . . . M E Commencement Announcements E . E Caps and Gowns Q Class Jewelry llll M Diplomas Wedding Announcements Im A al' See 'A' Ugg cflflaab-:1 Engravers 115 S. W. Fourth Avenue - Portland, Ore. lll COMPLIMENTS OE M Smith Accounting - Service mi FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING ELKO, NEVADA Congratulations to the Graduates Elko Clinic 946 IDAHO ELKO NEVADA Burns Floral Formerly Mour's PHONE 444-W -'91 Euco -:- NEVADA DeLuxe Odorless Cleaners and Tailors QUALITY SERVICE PHONE 88-W 525 Railroad Street EIIIIEIIIlil!IIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEllIlEIIIIEIIIIEIIlEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIII IIII 5 I 'qi KX Ix i BOWLING BAR DINING Elko, Nevada it PHONE l43 I Congratulations and 1, Good Luck . . . :E 51 LUMBER COMPANY Dealers in MOTOR CO. f , Building Materials PONTIAC Sales G Service x . ' LUMBER I PAINT o Guaranteed Repairing ,i . PHONE 174 . Bos cARLEsoN, owner Elko Nevada l EIIIII IJIIIIU EIIEE PIIESS Published Every Evening Except Sundays 'A' "SOME'I'I-I I NG FOR EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY" ul' Complete Local News Coverage 'A' Full Leased Wire of The United Press COMMERCIAL PRINTING PHONE I23 Elko, Nevada IEIIIIEIIIIEIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIE E W N d B lc EVE H HI1 Qi of Commerce U! Nevada's Largest Independent Bank E Owned and Managed by M NEVADA RESIDENTS H W E COMMERCIAL SAVINGS E SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES E A E Q Member M Federal Reserve System W sk E Member E Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation W 'E' E OFFICES AT E EI.I4O AUSTIN E BATTLE MOUNTAIN 2 PIOCHE RENO E E Im 1 To zfowz ?ufu'ze . . . SUCCESS PROSPERITY HAPPINESS From The Folks At fzeinluafzf Company IIII'lIll IIII Ilzllll IIII IIII III III III III I Compluments of Hunter and Rambo Theatres HUNTER 5. SON E ko Nevada EIIII IIII IIl:IlII:IlII IIII IlI:IIII:llIl:IIIl IIII IIIIE ADELLE an ALBERT Brehe s Hobby Supplles Electrlcal Appllances Gxfts. for All Occasions Everythmg for Your Party School Offxce Household Supphes Infants and Chlldrens Apparel ELKO NEVADA Dupont Pharmacy I The Rexall Store PHONE 75 ELKO NEVADA Whitman s Candy Fountazn Wagner s Drlve Inn ICE CREAM AND SANDWICHES lim OCan-oll. Losses Elko Nevada 1430 Idaho St Phone 867 Teacher Charles spell frog Charley D Irather fnqhtenedl F R F R Then the boy s1tt1nq back of h1m stuck him Wllh a pm and he yelled Oh qeel Teacher Correct' iqjl Mr Brome No Im afrald I cant even read your story It would only be a waste of time And you see we publish nothxnq but stones wntten by well known names Mark Well my name IS well known Its Scott' A Golden Welcome To All Nevada 'QQfQ' HOTEL GOLDEN RENO RENO BUSINESS COLLEGE K LL PELLS ECURITY, and UCCESS Trauung Nevada Youth ln a Nevada College mth a Nahonal Standmq Write for Our Catalogue 406 Califorma Ave Reno Nevada uUE:EEIl:E:E- EIE:E::: 5"::E W M . 2 E 11 d M a - ' - I , M - I' 5 E ' If M M II - - - 5 E ,I " I!! M If ' ' ni E I . - IIII I , , E E :I ' - M I I I I : il 1 . IE M nu 'I I - E E l M :. l: E : ' IIII Q l I - 2 m u u M E I Z " ' IIII IIII I : 5 I, 2 I IIII Q I ' e : I M , l 5 E ,I ' M . . ,I E E I, . IIII 'I 5 E V-Y---ff-1Av--'Aff-A-Af-v-Y-YAf-Y-v-V-Y-'AffI-Y-M-Y-Y-V--v-Y--f-AA-Y-Y-f--Af-v--Y-V-f--J IIII IIII E E 'I W M z , . 1: E E . I - - - - I E . . ,. .. I M s 1 I Wa : . . , M :C E 5 ' , . I' 1 Im - : , ' I: E E I . ' - I I Q W , 1 , ' gl Q - . , . - 5 ' . :C M IIII UU, A,,AAAAAA,AA,,,A, UA, ,I ' E M I 2 E ,, I U! IIII 'I ., E E 'I ' ' '- ' IIII m ll I, 3 I - - : E l IIII IIII I' - - H : I Z E II M IIII l . E E IL . M I, E a I M 1' E , I I E E l M E :HIE E E ill -EIIIIEIIIliIIIIEIIIIEIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIElHIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIII f '05 . " Q0 xt sm ' an Bur Ragislir ,, f f' 'U 5 1, , 'Q M 'WW rl I ,IJMI Q , J was gh, ,f 'X Z 6 rf Ifibnfy f fl: M 6, In If 9-gp 'rl 'Z' f Q -1 RANQEUUNN Es ml ne-Y' -Hman ' Euco, NEVADA Home on the range if E 2 H012 Eff.. Emfmmmfci il H 1911 Q ELKO, NEVADA IIIIEIIIIEIIllEIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEII 5 Qi 1: XX i ,H Congratulations Duckworth f' j' ' cuss or '49 Art and Gift Shop I 3 1' 2 X i X I I I Q: , Q' Teen n , I Tot Shop YAHNS and STAMPED Gooos qi it Q XX f sas come si. i MA- BEST WISHES TO THE vvvvvv YYY, Are, ,--,--v---,, Taufer's Battery and Electric Service '49 Specializing in Genercggiers Ik Maqne-Kas L B uto- ite cztieries WI I1 fm a I1 I J I fy Generators Exchanqed 6' Co. 638 Commercial Street V f' g W likfiiffigggm CONGRATULATIONS D S? , i if .ri QIAVSH-M Q ci.Ass ,OF '49 H it 3- HUWWUUD SPUHTSWEHH M in 8 Floksuilm Mousses Tlgg Q H MR Q W , LEVI smwss Q- runchweur A . M www M The Store for Men 0 N E 31? I U "1fj?h'?'2" 5 do eq my Home of Naglornciy Adverused Jntsummh is A T I I I .4 III IIlIE-IIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIII IIEllIIEIllIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIE!IIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEIIII O CGI IXVIY 1 II1 sc onCI Qui rn II SHI '1 CI I CI I1rgCsI IH I nlle IaIu I 1 qu I IIN comIJmCCI SHICQ oI ConnvcIlcuI 6- aware RI OCIC I I1nCI um N x Icrsmy I I om 0 In rnCuQI Ilxesloc COLIDIILN I C- I 1 xln I I I C 1aI0 II1 vaIue 0 IS pro ucts Iormxr x lfl nmporl ml mmnng rc gson w II1 suCI1 C lmps E12 Tuwarora In II1e Ruby IVIounI unv IIN Ixrgul In moQI rugged mounI1ln mass rn Nevada Can be Ioun nc OI II I CsI srcmry In IIN SIaIe TIIC- IINQIOCIC lndustry In o CounIy mCIuCIes C1IIIc rusmg sI1up rusmg is weI ns ConslderaIoIe proCIuc hon of II1orougI1 rc Imrsu IIICQ II Co nIy faI lCIeaIIy Iocaf CI being sltuated on Iwo ImmC0nI1mnI1I ruIroa s one IransConImenId airway and one IransC0nImCnI1 Iugfmxxax 'I If popu 1Il0n rs HDDTOXIYTIZIIK x C ewn II1ous 1nCI wI11e I 9 Q Iv DI I'IICC N nc xr x sux II1ousd1C E E E E E IE E E E E E ELK I I4 ' 's C- :Ir Iur ' w i I C- :Il Ilir I 1 ' Ile U ' CI S -.'. I e'rnIJruC'C'snr1urc'e C- III 0 ' ' ' I -N I '. ' . 2 DI ,I .. -Il-'I-. -1. Q 'n II1 naI'oI, Ilaf' g, svvc-rz1I imc-s rz1nICC-CI IirsI in Il- I i n in C- , I 'I Q CI 5: ' 2 " -' i :T 'a 5 . .. . QI Cornucopia, IXfIiCIas, Sprurvrnonh Aura. CoIumI'rin, IVIounIain Cily, and JarIJriCIg'e. Q 2'.. -I a CI . 2' , , E CI sol I w in 5 I I ' - .I . ' ' li EIIC " 5 'a - -- .es 'Iss Q' - Q ' 5 1.'. i.lC',u sh.iS' e, ' E Q .Q '-I I' ds, ' 'I' E ,-.1-I,.'l- lf- -AI,-In i,'1 E In Nigf ing -fl, ",' :II E E E E EIIIIEIIIIEIIIIEI E ns 2 E E 5 E 2 E ill 2 E 5 2 SIIIEIIIEIIIIEIIIIEW I III II IlIl'IIlI IIII Ill IIII IIII IIII IIII II IIII IIII IIII IIII I I Congratufations To the Graduates Elko Lamnille Power Cumpang fd Tum arsmd, JTWT - - G AA lr Pcrter' 5 I-+.,M rg LQ His lm " 1 held day emmg - - Smcfc, E111 Q' kat fv We Frfahf GJ" :lv - --- E xallrw-51 O'AfT1f1 ' f if f' .MA 1N4'hM4. 2 25 , -5 warm H V AH Qaftg-"'f"f,rw L11 the Zone Tourwcy Waaqc - - Dorff straw your neck, ,m .1,l..':T'j F-Q ig ' '-L,fw,,r1, kr 'mm Nw bJf1'Llj'fNl'Tdl ATN www Cut? - The Frosh m fwfy, llfffikf Mi? Yu-, Y, u' f Yuen nm' sf, Ii as fluid as mwre --- Another b515- ' '. WT C 'ff' T1 Qvliwiw tim y gmrwf, JMJQG W L1, fell Hmiq, BQD7 The TLIQ-OAXWQV rf MM ' iff gig-eg aiefe f fe Ms as :SA fl Clowns - Mr. Fobes -- Pocahontas Evans - HoorayU W- Manager Burner - Smnle Pony? F - Hi, Quinn f Step High Laurel - You name ii, and you can have it - Shirley, June 8 Jackie - Ernstean at study W- Rah-Rah boys in Winne mucca - Dead-Eye Jack! f 1? ff 2 V17 ,,fQ7q4 f W1 ff 7 A fagraphs Q4 Q4 xi 7 Autagraphs LT' W wi L ., Jxg WW1 S , Jw S ,, 5, Ef- W 33 I aft ,W Q. - 1 :ri 5- 2 wr Z '14 if .Ji ,if hi' K af' iii fat get , K. Xi. H, fi fi if A ML' C . F Aufagraphs 5 f" " J 1, Zn v , I

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