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fft A-1 f1:f 311fr Wu, j 6 G CL G J- v ' 1"-" :B,Bll0H' DD I I-DXD LMI? H A 'K JS 'O aR1z'Y' Zi :-Huh Wost U0 Q 1, A V -Yxvx 5 Q 'U' 'X r' T 41,-fe A x7., OW X V Y , N, , , wwf 1-H W S' f ' " ' ' Ill f is Cl.,-Q76 Z fx 0 S ,UU ? c-J 0 Q., Q?-:-.- Q 2144 Jf.2,G0fC355Iv,y A1- R nm ,-,,f -U- Ei.-PZ69DQ',gL Jai'-351.0-o-h,7T 5:U..L 4" 'QOSY 'gg :JE Q QQL3- -A-9+ Ae -V.. 5 A K., d-,fur V Uv 09.99 yfffMj?i2z2XQwiLiJQgij 5fy75afZ,ZjjffCffff , fi fLfff T35 fiffllififff' ff jfaf M ff 47 aj M e,,,. WL W EWWWYWWAM x?5ii5wffg MWZ 3515? in R W' M 3 45 D. ,, g 1' f I va f' 4,5 y ff e fl946Wx M 3 I , . I, in .. fl 'af' 1' ' lf of J ff .VNV J J . 1441! C Q, ,C by 7 ,nfs 1 ,I 0? Q 7 Am. -5' is 1 i 11? 7 ,,f 5 x 1 I f 1 D gy 2 pl in I1 7 4' nl 4 01 5 in I 1 9 9 l '1 g N I V - f XZ! Q ,ff ' Z Z p C? 4 . .Q , , "e ' lf? . . . like the trappings meh hrlwe nzen ' kr f- iigfvulw Jig?-if displayed, the trail X -E? L ' A ' if , TW C175 I5 marked by clehrif, erushea' and rolled. ef Je Q7 Qg gJf, 'n QW Y N VS- g f A N-gi, Deep in the fzf1'r0z4fea' plains and on the dj, IX ik l ,hgh L: high lone ridges A -V 5 ' We H 1 K l j Reft the wagon trains of olzl. R :Q g if flc : ' iiii i: .-. W' jf' fl A 'MMUTWY Skinner "' ' X X ll i g W Margaret Grahme Collins W4 A I qif w x TW 'X 2 its QQ f E' ' Ci ' ' l "Desert Magazine' S9 x , W 4 ' A lg l 1 1 " 'V L - LHXNLXNXK X , Llgf ts Milf e WSQBCATION ' ' ' During our 12 years of school each day we have looked out of the windows of our classrooms and seen the mountains and skies of the land we live ing from these windows we have watched the winter snow pile against our school and the burning summer sun heat down upon the roof-tops of our homes. We of the Elko County High School have spent our present lives growing up among the sage anil sunsets of Nevadag our county, our town, and our school have grown from the sand hills and valleys of this great land. All around us, no matter where, we see the west and its peopleg our heritage. This is our land and they are our people. In this land and with these people we will live and make our homes. We, as seniors, dedicate this book to this land, the west-"OUR WEST.', :Sq xi" y t I - ,f ,. ii' W iff- -1512 -Q1 5 S l , :ff-gii?iZjl-1 -s f i nm c ,134--iff W j 1 Q' .... ,. N- f:ffTl..4i,n ' Jivi?-'gba ,ip 4-'bflrf-'I'-A 5 wa, ' ' ' CONTENTS I-SOOKI s s s , Clzlsscs :mal Campus Life BOOK ll Organizations BOOK III s ssssss s 35 Athletics BOOK IVH ,,,, 7 ,7,, 7,,,,,, 777,7,,,, 7 4: Aclmixlistrution BOOK V , 777,777,,77,77,,777,,,,,,,7,,,,,,,,,,,, 77,,7, s ss 55 Advertisements and Snapshots ,o' 'J '7a'7yl1p s fl 'J XM f" fkgrlyjj ff 'K JJ , f ,A Qfxf , Qg-2'X2sXfJf Q - fi! - fw KK ,fgzXxXTii?Z X x ff K jf s ' JA ' Rf X C-. , 9 A - w ,N -F 'V -7- '431:g2ge,.'q-a,M,,f, ,,t.9'g,",3 C 'J 'POHOB" FOREWORD These We have loved: The air of morning in the summertime, spiced with the frag- rance of the gray green sageg long desert stretches ending in cool purple shadows ofthe distant hillsg laughing friends with Whom we work and playg a school renowned for efficiency and beautyg plays we have giveng organizations We have fostered and th e team we cheered so proudly. These we shall remember tl we shall h ' , iese c erish as ' W U part of "Our est. M. M. liffus. f .1 MQ, - . ,E 'uf ' ,WW X Oh, crmnhling ruins defying Ti1ne': great hand, Tinzclv erosion weakens your thick crust and 510141137 You are hlending with the dust. - , -Dorothy Rogers Old Derezz Magazine , X Y --'Xx'QffJii1yt:T?-V -4- -R on -a g -1. Wx '- ,, ,ff .. ' fb i- 'gx"X,vs.., N ZH 2-Aynr- :N W2 .NP Q, fm N WX' Z , ,ff u. x f I X g l ' .-Z 1- di I ? L, Z 11 1 , ::.: -, ,f 1- x I 922522 555525, 1111 I 4 'unufq 011114, I K 1 llllnl 97111 1 Z , A f-As... 9 x X '7 , A ' XA xg' X -A V ,- . M A p ' I 'f 5 N I 5 Y' lx , ff y N X x ' . A ,5 x X . ,X K I f -- ,1 x tr-1 B N N X 1 1 Q X x X J Ng Q K S SENIORS ' ' ' June Davidson Don Duffy Dorothy Stenovtcli Ronald Smttli Etltel lortos Pete Santtna Betty Yates Dirk Shook D onna Forszetli Ric hard Combs Donna lvlasste lack Frank LaVon Shelton John Btegler Virginia Overton This has been an outstanding class through all four years of high school. Getting oll to a good start under the leadership of Bill Smales as president, its lirst achievement was winning the Field Day from the Sophomores. A number of Freshmen took part in the All- School play that year and in the school's first operetta in seven years, "Shreds and Patches." Many activities were enjoyed by the class during their Frosh year, including basketball, track, volleybalhiftettnis, voice, band and orchestra. M. B. 23? 'iii AT illiil s., - W ,Jl i S Q ft f 5 X X., .N 1 Xfx 9 f f Wh I N ' li fl Y J Atxfk ,jj S - 1' t I, ,, W1 v igix S ,... 4 WLM 16- N ,L s. , -3- gg: , - 45: .L-- ft- -f' f 2 .f -l", 1- ' ' "' , -1 t f y , 'K Foss M - ' Q, sfff Mer-stef fe? 7 41 sf., !tE2.gfw:f if - ff-'9-gffff-if NfKZ1?z,A ,,.c.L..- -- V , JV s ENIORS Sh irley Keller James Pennington x ' l it -ff ...WW Roh Mfraflamn Ida tilfgmde VSOU Dolores Rena R odrwcy Forseth Ruth Merriam Ray Golcoa Dorothy Garter l Z Joe Bell Trixle McGinnis Albert Salls Betty Getz I Alvlri lVlt,Ct1l5tlor1 lvlargarel fxqulrre P ,gf As Sophomores they elected Alyn Brennen president and A I were well re vresented in all school activities. A ain they won the , l g , i ,field Day, although the Freshmen retaliated by beating them in inter- , Q class basketball. An excellent class party in the gymnasium and a picnic at Lower South Fork were enjoyed hy the class during the year. M. li. K M f ll' . ' ii l c K, , 'tw ' ff! QQ, e Q,X,f',i X K G? W 7 f aff 7 l f-fkf , fi fret ee- , XF rw ifwfk-41p 4 .-f rr: ifgfci-'BM' N K fb - di , -. 5.i,f.l'-5-'f' at Ji, - xilw' SENIORS ' ' ' Joe Berruera Lea Glafer John Tewell Mary Maretolz Bill Lynfh Lvlluan Carrrllo If 1 X. Milton Bad? Christina Mfllride VV will r Q QQ 5 Gale Hyde Knoela Woolverlorw George Hakata Barbara Killian Bull Srnales Viola Ford Alyn Bremen In their Iunior year this class was one of the most active in school. They almost won the interclass basketball trophy, being d f ' ' ' e eated by the Seniors by only a small rnwrgin Their Prom ' h . . , wit the theme "Don't Fence Me In," was one of the most outstanding ever seen at Elko High. They had a Hne class party and pienieg and under the leadership of Bob McFarlane, Iunior class President, the Class enjoyed an unforgettable year. M. B. 'ia' 'fi , N f . 4M -W fam' ' h X ' Srl' PWR I W x. , ' X ,. - I -K. N f V! -EMM X .ff A. fe 5 wi s L. l - 4--5 'A lnlxx V 33" T ., W: LF: - 1 My AQQEL A D-it-5 --Q-W -,QV N, a. 'ommgff A SENICDRS ' ' arjorie Montrose Don C arter Forrest Keirnes Harry Hiatt John Etchinek , Q The class started their Senior year off with a very loud i j ' echoing bang, electing Ray Goicoa, Presidentg Ronald Smith, Betty 7 ,, jj yf jfgp I in 1 Yates, Donna F orseth and Forrest Kerrnes, other oflicers. Miss Bowers , K, J and Mr. Mills, as sponsors, helped to make the year a very successful J 'W J r ttf one for the class. They enjoyed many extra-curricular activities as a J - 4151. Mft J, - - EJ ' class throughout the year. Their Senior assembly was one of the most ' J -"- A entertaining ever presented and the Senior Ball was acclaimed a superb K J - event by all. H Ted Johnson John Patterson , 7,,,V ,. . t, ff M 'M' 'y Vex Zz' f fS.,+fK 5 ' - fl 7 in I- ' x x 'gi llijxf- gee -I JN-7 -Tx if fi - X ff MM egg ng, of so e E ?a ee Af ft ,GQEC fn-. ' -rg i rxfrsbo. - - : -'C Y W-5 czgizlll-rwfv - """'A" 'M J -:-'.:..",,-13 X351 C J - n JUNIGRS Lois Torgerson Charles Higgins Opal Smithwick W ayne Sheldon Maddline Morse Leo Hernandez Ardith Nelson Frank Clavvson The Class of '46 has guyly sperl through th ' much to the success of this school ' year with great an' ' ' ' eir Hrst year as upperclussmen, contributing year. The Iuniors are all looking forward to th ' ' ticipation. err benior Catherine Hinton LeRoy Cunningham Alta Rickenbach Charles Perry Ferne Peters Gary Hyde Kiku Matsumoto Bob Larson 'az K5- .fv wN fd LAK 76-sk, Q Tix XR jelifil- u I ' Q l , tx fi f X 27 f f f - N ff ' ,woe eff l ibl 1 Virr C H41 Mn eglaggnp 'T if,-E -A. 'h,kffZ'f.,,if3: ,- -Q 54131 JUNIORS Earl Srniraldo DOlly Bell Don Anderson Dorothy Berrueta George Ogtlvre Donna Savage John Barnes Donna Garllard The annual play produced by the junior class was an outstanding achievement. Their pay dances won the praise of all students. The highlight of their year was their most successful junior Prom. The theme of their prom was Rainbow Rendezvous which was very Well carried GUI. Roy Hawkins Josephine Url arte John Murphy Patricia Thomas Willard Olrver Shirley Combs David Kretzke Beverly Berger c Q ' Qs-Pi! fx Fw ' , c c LT' XC all XA 1 ff . 1- T - J c J A m X JK ' l Easier, , JUNIORS Edwin Juin ger Clara Bilbao H . al Fields Betty Perry Lee Scott Wanda Ba 'wks This class was Widely represented in all school activities. One member, Alta Ricken- buch, was the very capable secretary of the student body. The Iunior class was very Well represented in the varsity. The Iunior girls also were active in sports. Ray Scott Bill Parry Irwin Vaughn Richard l-larmer Harry Burner Niles Storrs E fix. fax, 4114 K , is sh fillkzfif . 1 - c f" X ' - K J X ' 7 f , W ,f A K. D X i ', I I ' X -X K ' 'XA Q ' if-XX'-kai ' Y 7 Mfpnfa f I 'qi-?Yi,Y 3,-,-f i Niki." T-, To T' Lam: N 'Clyi':?Y""" 'll -'- N-glwgiffl--- ' H 'E f --so-"T JUNIORS Bill Pierce Paul lvlesserly Rob erf Getz Dorothy Shangle Leading them through this never-to-be-forgotten year were Charles Higgins Charles Perry, vice-presidentg Earl Smiraldo, secretaryg Miss King were very active and efiicient ollicers. , presidentg g and Mr. Klot ' Colleen O'Carroll Douglas McVae Francis l-l ammond -:'lfL"" I O FLW gig! ? M frrx-hir 1253 QQ?" fi X 1? ' fn' my :V i rl f sffvijjf 1:95 gg YQ Tw ffl Fw-- Q 1.2-Zip ' . .fig- -'l Q Adv 1- ,,,,,,,A.4 lm 'M e, advisorsg who B. B. ' 3 XX f Ji - F tw fs ' ":'.l"..-",z3 0 ,J C . ...-.?.'N.iw"i A1 A... SOPHO Seaterii, lei! to rrgiil Rd, Harainra Cloorge Atwoori Patil Caskey Vyiiiiarn Bgrlieii George Bout Pwr Vernon Ciiiaoiw Hob Ernatri Danny Lvans Norman Bri-mi Jar k Lt krnan Jerry Felnes Standing, ieft To rigfil Rosalie Mrkoxm: Nariry Bad! Paint ia Defkroat Donna Barkdtiii LaVernr' Crossor: The Sophomore elnss, largest in the school, has been quite outstanding in school activities this year. They stzirtc-ti oft with at bang by whipping the frosh in almost every event on Field Daly. Both Sophomore criiiriickites for king :incl queen of the Harvest Bull, Louie Uritirte :ind Theresa Stziiizilzimi, were erowneci victorious. It was also Sophomores that took prizes an the Ci. A. A. atnii Saiciie Hawkins cktnces. N. 15. Frank Peters Don Pelersuri Leo iViiCHlH'iUf1 luke Mr Dvrrrior , Ntyiaon Prenlvr i' Don Lwiao Ser ond rim' Barnard Metiior Ceiia Marvtoii Fran: ew Matson Palm ia iioluertwr Mariiyn Mamie Peggy Lower irons' Mexwriy iiwti row Pima: Mr Knight lolfi Overton Marriyn Man- ga Mtirriyn Patterson iiiqfnm Peters iwiu-rtn rlniqin it . . J' -W ,- - f 4 , xy X ,:f, C. an 'AQ -' f YN f ' 'ii Xijyxte ,' kifir :STX Q kbfg -x fffflffi .Q-52, Q.. Fr'r7V74kw rx I fr txyfm' A J. Ak X! ff! I 471 'vi A 1 ,iff 'J , ,L fr MIX r , X tif, xl K ,L ,fx . r . - fist r f . r t. e , tr in .k n.Xvvi f ww -.V tr Aww N 1 - .Q'Pfr XS by Ki nr 'f+frwv-fmk'r wwe -R- V,-' X Of A ,L W" , ' ' Q L1 f Um X .r A1477 W' ' ' - r r ' -if U H ...A ,.Cl3Q.f"f?- it . . -V, if 2. MORES lmvrw! rwxx, 39" Tx VV" Du L. XxKx1MWdVVx FN!! Wrucgh' Jwr1wSaNQ lcwam? Yfwf, Frank Sm L Nd!'!54' Vu L SQ. Und rmx Marin! L' Ywi rv Mm gurwxevu Mum! Tkzrmx MM'VL'Sd Sfczvwalewi HLv1lv.,:wSrw'M Pwrwg Sgrmywf 'Hurd nn !NrfmMm: X'gwww,i fxcij fin-4' M1 mfr' Tum Smakx ULVNX,AxVWl1'Y 1,a,zL1w' UVJYO T Nova Sfvddard MdqadaNe1rwa Www' : jqzwwf' TQMQH -is ...uv- .J fN,,, 0 fwfr I n gffQA,'-.igjfx During thc imcrcluss luskctlmll gLllTlCS, thc Sophomore Lcnm won thc cuvcmccl cham- picmslmip. There are also many Suphomcmrcs on thc school vznrsily team. Thx- r1iHccrsoiAll1c class .ug Iilll Wrlghl, Pl'CSlClClll1 c,llI'lS HQ'l'lllll1flCX. vlcc-prcsxrlcmg Rim Zunino, sccrclnrv and Ircglsurcr: '1.hCl'CSAl Slillhllllllil and Huck McDermott, !'Cpl'CSCl1l1lliX'CS. B. '51 -xxx , f lf' ,, X,. x CK , , P, 7 x fl ,lf I ,x ,, , , 5 hw 1' 1 J- A f N " Xwfxx N' , xx X wk . S A fc , iwqw LaVvrvw Kvm fully Aqmrrw Slwlcy I-Muwtsman liut, Jam- KQVMQH Lu Cgrwsxmvid Timrd row. Lwrutra Hamann ,x , :Wm Hdrfward Korvmycf, Home Clorham Mae Cmcgrzm P1'r+'4iHL1m'n1 r ,Nfkirtm Hn! iwruu-I I 3' W, VTQ ,, N ,,,--- ff , ! .ff 1, I2 ff f ' ,f , X7 V 5,17 -1 x1 fi AEK? ,,, E 1 f ,fy ,ff Lx 73,51 I X 5 ,WHA ,gb gr f I3 f,V,,, my FRESH First Vow, lol! lo riglil' Donna Closer Cloria Vasngimz Mortimer Roldorlsom llifialrlme Qiimlolo Colleen Vwllldms Pal Sldrmlaml lklildrcrl Sicimovu li Sr'woilc'l row Doilqlas SESXHQCI lloscv Smlraldo Mgrgilerllc' Sampor Alan Sflfqwil lvliix Vxloolwrlorv Frank Ymgiirfri -lliircl row Mark Si oil Molvllx SlClllllQCll' The Freshmen may have tzilicn Ll beating :it tllc lizincls of thc Sophomorcs on Ficlcl Daw, but hiive rccoverecl :incl are still going strong. Tlicir class party was ll big success amcl ll good time wus lizicl by cvcryouc pl'CSCl1l. Swalcwl, lolz lu riqlil Dorsmao lllrllc Lilllari llalfala learning foslctv llirlofic Ciilzlm Slomlirig lr: lrzs' nm Hlilli Pi lcmam Marflwa Hill Agua: Clcrwon Lyclm ikdrfm SC. owl row Faye? Hagv Cluarlow Drovw Ecllmrcl Holileell Jolw Clawsou Ono of tlic boys, Max wVUOlVCVlOl1, miiilc the Varsity lmslactlmll tcnm iliis year. 1 x i .ff f I f rrfrrqiw, J P ,rr Txihlrr N 4r Nw ' rr r Y hw" 0'1"" f , fvzfvr 'wx L M wr ya rr' ,nfl rw, till' C. hu Pwr r , r L -WH Q frlrr' f I rw r ry -gy,-,, rv wi. Ex 'hr' M 'r f V r h H rx- rd r. W :ru r R 'U Nrrrr,:m,. r Jun' Varfww' In' LW 'r 4 Y' .. X H x, 'lhc I"rcsl1n1cn hnyc also lm-u llllwlllllilillg this yczlr in lilko Higlfs drama hy show- ing ycry prmnnisilmg tgxlcnl in yglriuus UIICAICI plays amd in thc Lllllllllll alll-sclwol play. LfI'Cil .Xll Ih Q I"1'ssl1l11cl1 1ll'C hmlging frwwgurcl In xhcir lhrcc morc yours All If. C. H. S. with I llllltlplliflll and joy. D. G. ug 5 . Yi Hrs! ruxv, M-H IU rrqht Edrth Hurhm' Firm' Rose Alnhcft fxrlr,-mr Cayo Margaret Brugiur Prwfrfia After Deira Carrrho Jrrmm' Bardalvy Rohm Ranks Semrwi rczv. Qhvrra harmvr 41 Grafc Cammy Urzalvmlw Erwin' Mm Liwfrfg fiwyri Lcrrramw Bray lark Cam-r Prank Hrgrtm , 7 I . .J r Kr 1 , A 'ii A N! X f 1- f ,f x ,,- V- i ,4 Y ij Y U' V xfyf V' ' ' -V ' " x 'th X X I 1 1 , X Q! f XX X X 1 , X L fn, , - ,Q f, ,Q X X f 4 fy 1 f :f UV 'f 1 . X N xx xx " ' " , 1 ' ,pw x Sept L we Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. K WM vt Oct. Field day fun! -H Pat and 'lex t - S. B. lhfficers f Queenie! - Green Oct Frosh! - Pull boys, pull! - hat's a matte? boys? f These silly froshll Et. 351' Sept. 4 Sept. Sept. .14 BACK TO SCHOOL-New S. B. P., Alvin, called first assembly to order-Hearty welcome- New teachers-New Pals-New fads-Yo Yo's -Back to same old daily routine. FIELD DAY-Assembly bell-Mad rush to gym Burlap sack sand tablespoons-Potato races- Foot races-More races-Egg mash Qooey gooeylj -tug of war Q a dripping timej-Trembling frosh-Triumphant sophs!! SENIOR-FROSH GET-TOGETHER DANCE -New dance band whipped into shape-Same familiar ring of wolves in center of Hoof-Frosh got together-Sophs got together-Hepcats and ickies got together-Seniors and Iuniors gathered, too. YELL LEADER ASSEMBLY-Mad rush to auditorium-Candidates showed their stuff-Guy wins primary election-Real Soph support!- D. B. wins finals-Good old school spirit!!! F. H. A. INITIATION-Old members dressed in formals--New initiates normal-20 of them- Refreshments and entertainment . SENIOR CLASS PICNIC-Moline meadow- No sponsors-RARE time-NUFF said!!! IUNIOR CLASS PICNIC-Another one of thost' things! --Wonderful time!-Need we say more? DELAUREOLA INITIATION-Ye old tradi- tions were followed through-Step high!- Slimy worms to eat-Step High!-Barefeet on raw oysters-Step high !-Electrical shocks-Step high!-Falling up stairs-Step High!-Falling down-Step high !-Followed by-STEP HIGH! HARVEST BALL-Gym cleverly decorated- Sophs win title of queen and king-Theresa and Louie--Everything was hunky dory-Harvest moon over head--Little lambsie divey was raffied c-if-Truly a gala event!!! ASSEMBLY-Something different-Chief Hail- storm VVar dance-Love songs-War calls- Kelly Kelly Wash Wash!! DE LAUREOLA ASSEMBLY-Mad rush to auditorium-Goodness!-So many Russians in one school!-Yes, the corn certainly is green- Laugh riot-Telegram for Mrs. Boutit-Mrs. Housa Boutit!!-Eureka! Found it!!-The soap you dope!-Peanuts and candy-X nuts! Pea- nuts! zee nuts are in de bag!-Quiz program- All very interesting-I guess?? SENIOR PAY DANCE-Mix up as to who could attend dance-Everything turned out okay in end-Result, good time!! SOPHOMORE CLASS PARTY-Sophs got to- gether and threw a swell party-Great majority of girls at attendance-Good time had by all! FRESHMAN CLASS PARTY-Good Green Time-They'll learn!! L., N. . I fe I e ff-'NY - fi! X - -if I X .2 eng X ff me :vt X , ff VKV, f fr AV MMM A' -fl X fk72,!f K fi ia.- --A---e M XRD! A A SAQ1 IL. his-. ,, 7,7 Q- Zhu: MAL... , Agri, A V! Y N - X -f F. xkbx K l !'Sh-fY ,.. J, .f --1 ,. ASN Llf A ... F56 -Cel A f 4,f --me 3 'bk 'w My cxf7'h C!bw2,Q,w'i.:! :H Y- -.Qt X. xq:r:QAg:7i:RTg,T X .H-1, , W- s 2717 L. iv ,, 4-'b.,Aff,"'.,. SN W., Oct. 25 Oct. 26 Oct. 27 Oct. 28 Oct. 29 Nov. l Nov. 2 Nov. 2 Nov. 5 Nov. 9 Nov. I 1 Nov. 12 Nov. 16 Nov. 21 ASSEMBLY-Mr. Fisher ot the Standard Oil Co.-Interesting moving pictures-Well appreci- ated. INTERCLASS BASKETBALL TOURNA- MENT BEGINS-Off to start with frosh de- feated by Iuniors 57-15-Sophs defeat Seniors 28-17. G. A. A. HALLOVVEEN DANCE-Reverse dance-Music by "Bow Tie Eight"-Many sharp garbs-Hula girls take first prize Qfiuy A. and Bob EJ-Miss Markey told fortunes-Doughnuts and punch-Good dance! INTERCLASS BASKETBALL-Most exciting game of tournament-Sophs beat luniors 24-25-- Same day Seniors defeat Frosh 48-17. INTERCLASS BASKETBALL-Seniors elim- inated Frosh from tournament with score of 34-16. G. A. A. INITIATION-Frosh got raw deal!- Dressed in silly costumes-Exposed love affairs- ARF!--Entertained old members with songs and dances-Big laugh for old members-Refresh ments revived embarrassed frosh!! ASSEMBLY--Teasers tor Senior play-"Yankee King." SENIOR CLASS PLAY-i'The Yankee Kingi' -Hilarious farce!-Both entertaining, and was directed by Mr. Grace. INTERCLASS BASKET'ISALL-Tournament ends-Seniors defeated-Sophs victorious--My what a class!!! IUNIOR PAY DANCE-Best turn out so lar- Prizes-Sharp hair hows-Bow ties!-Loud socks -Iitterbug contest won by B. Smales and D. B. --Strictly solid!! F. H. A. TAKES TRIP TO CARLlN-Seven- teen went-Initiated new members of Carlin's Chapter of F. H. A.-Girls shown good time by Carlin girls. POHOIS ASSEMBLY-Galen Millar ,great pianist, entertainer!!-Two weeks of ticket sales -Large crowd gathered to hear!--Didnt show up!-Money refunded-Back to classes!- SHUCKS!!! T HA N K S G I V I N G FESTIVAL-Music department went all out for this affair-the whole school xvfgt out, too!-Much talent revealed!- On to gym for dance--Grand time!! l TI-IANKSGIVING ASSEMBLY-Frosh group presented one-act play-Gales of laughQh-De- ' laved athletic awards for firls Faces beam '15 school is adjourned lor Thanksgiving vacation. W WL. J l L, Nov. 26 ASSEMBLY--School back to regular session- i A rent from Curtis Publishin f Co.-Sold us an . 5 . . . 5' . . . idea. ot selling magazine subscriptions--Radio award for grand prize-Benefits for POHOB- Students good salesmen. .1 xxx Vx Q: 14 nga- Z --f A JFK f - " Xl Nfl. I F' X-. ' 'TT' - if ' Y if gflk. " KAW - .1 c ' it " S P l,igW,l:ff, , Some run, eh? -H George and Rita - Naughty boy!! f- Swing it out kinds! Pistol Packing Mama 3 Picnic fun! -- Shook? Keirnes: Santina? - Three pals ee Knoela and the girls W- Poor Pete! - Say now! f Badt's grove- Pepsi-CoIa???? 'ff Qs ff 1 -if 1 5 f I rj r aff X AX. ,S, A Q X L 5 ,F S? S ' .fiif T""rjDk'--' wwf. f 41 fe ..- v b M +- Glamour boy W- More frosh? H- Alma Mater - Big load, Bill! - F. H. A. at work -- King and Quink!! - Ida - Gruesome fwosomes - Betty - D. B. - "Yankee King kids - Dorfy Joonll M, e. , Ax. Nov. 26 - 30 Nov. 50 Dee. 7 Dec. I4 Ian. 22 Ian. ll Ian. I2 Ian. I8 - I9 Ian. 25 Ian. 26 Feb. I Feb. 2 Feb. 2 Feb. 8 SADIE HAWKINS WEEK--Cirls wore pigtails -Loud soeksl--Boys wore costume jewelry- Penalties for those who didnit carry out style- Some went to extremes while others just went- Penalties suspended! SADIE HAWKFNS DANCE-Cals really over- took guys-Fetehed them to the dance-GirI's choice all night-Looked like lJogpatch-Stu- dents dressed as Dogpatchers would-HUBBA HUBBAII ELKO VS. FILER AT ELKO-First basketball game of season-Team on the ball-Backed with lots of school spirit-New cheerleaders full of pep!-Pep HE" entertained at half-Score 60-23- Uur favor, of coursel PC DHOB DANCE-Followed game-Music by by Bow Tie Eight-OOFAII CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS' ASSEMBLY- Radio awarded to best salesmen-1 Marguerite Samperj--Rev. Baird told story of birth of Iesus--Clee Clubs sang Christmas carols-Violin solo by Prof. Converse-Everyone happy for school to be dismissed for Yuletide vacation. ELKO AT WELLS-Another victory for our boys-Score 39-26. SCHOOL RECONVENES-Eighteen wonder- ful days of vacation well spent-Not including Seniors-QTerm papers you knowlj-Hack to daily drudgery. ELKO AT CARLIN-Carlin Railroaders de- feated by our team--Score 53-36. VVELLS AT ELKO-Indians kept strong lead all the way-Second and third strings sent in- Score '51-I4-Say, we're all right! ELKO AT WINNEMUCCA-Both games begin like football-Hard struggle-Elko victori- ous both nights--Friday 32-2I-Saturday '30-23. EUREKA AT ELKU-Indians still on the ball- Creat victory over Eureka 67-I9. CARLIN AT ELKO-Indians again defeated Railroaders-63-30. YVHITE PINE AT ELKO-Long awaited-for game of the year-Everyone on edge-Finger nails chewed--Bobcats put up hard iight-Big night for Indians-Indians defeated Bobcats- 48-20. WHITE PINE AT ELKO-Another big night for Indians--Everyone still on edge-Bobcats again defeated-46-29-Indians only undefeated team in State-Flag twirlers tap-danced at half. BLOCK "E" DANCE-AFTER game--Usual wolf pack at center of Hoor-Not too successful. PEP "E" ASSEMBLY-Red Higgins M. C.- Block "EM skit-Pep "En skit-Indians in war- paint-Buckaroos in boots-Tap dance-Songs, New yells-Very entertainingll Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. I0 Feb. I I Feb. I5 Feb. I6 March March 23 March 30 March 29 May 25 May 29 Iune 2 Iune 5 WINNEMUCCA AT ELKO-Indians still onl Y undefeated team in State-Good team, boy!!- Buckaroos put up good fight-Score 46-19. WINNEMUCCA AT ELKO-Indians defeated Buckaroos-Score 48-25. BLOCK ME" DANCE-Good music-Paul Garteiz-Wolf ring dispensed with--Fveryone dances-Vocalists Herbert Lee and Lois Torger- son-Song by several boys-Block "E" hit parade -Successful! DE LAUREOLA FORMAL INITIATION-At Stoekmen's Hotel-Plenty eats-No speeches- Many new members. DE LAUREOLA INFORMAL INITIATION- Lots of new members-Amusing speeches-Silly looking garbs-Same traditions followed through -Doughnuts and coke-Many laughs for old members. ELKO AT WHITE PINE-Saddest news-Elko Indians defeated-46-34-Indians sad-White Pine glad--Some mad-Too bad!! ELKO AT WHITE PINE-Indians again de- feated !-40-31-Oh, well!-You know how it is! -It's tough! ALL-SCHOOL PLAY-College Avenue turns into Broadway-"My Sister Eileen"-Under the direction of Mr. Laibly-Best play of the year- Two-night run-Excellent performance. IUNIOR PROM-Theme "Rainbow vous"-"I'm Always Chasing Rainbows"-Floor show-Colorful formals-Colorful gym-Fvery- thing FULL OF COLOR!! SOPHOMORE HOP-Frosh Hopped--Sophs Hopped-juniors praneed-Seniors danced!! Rendez- SENIOR ASSEMBLY-Seniors put on side- splitting show-as only Seniors know how to do --ROWDY DOW!! SENIOR BALL-Beautiful theme-Gym all a- gleam--Formals a dream-Boys looked keen- Strictly on the beam! SENIOR DE LAUREOLA BANQUET- Largest attendance-of school history-Sober and serious Seniors-Afterwards delirious Cwith joyF?j!!! HACCALAUREATE-There was an organ play- ing--Friends and relations stared-Everyone knew they were happy-But just a little scared -Beautiful and impressive ceremony!! C O M M E N C E M E N T-Caps and gowns- Diplomas-Seniors and parents showed air of I l I I proudness--yet tearful-Seniors leave to take YPU'."e a!!SfL9hf ?ifIS - !'E'h2f'a 20 UNITY? ? yinfff fine' - JUni0f . 2 Q . V - . k picnic -A I e en rance- very o y's pa - tu ious. - iton's gal'- thclr pines m the world FARILVVELI' 'U'I'!!! Oh, those Frosh again: e- Puddle jumper W- Down to work Daily haul M- M- Pretty HORSE? T "-R X rg. ff X 2 V X! ,fx 'J , g gfplq X if ,I xx A ffggp ,X X- wg. -. -f Ax' il-31, -- -f Vi-,Z H ' Cf -..-- J , ,Vid im f fx X K K if I ,fx , 1--Z Nffi -- - , ' -1. Q - - 4 'R -N - ' tx' 1, ' , ,-Q - ' A ff L ,ff Xi'ffS.fR-t -ARD-Q " ' 1 . ftf, JW N't""t'Tiff bfi -- Q eeeo if A F - S .1 I w, - sf A mi- ,M 5 paper in an excellent manner and the paper was always on sale to the stu- dents on the day set lor publication. Material for the paper was obtained from all students Wishing to con- tribute interesting articles for the other stud . ents to read B ' ' y doing thi g s, many of th e students hi . :ve been lnspir d ' e with th e ability 1nd d " ' CSIFC to T go into the liter' ary field. I. 5. Left left to VIQl'Wl ., Shirley Keller Bess Sand erson, edilorf To righti Viola F ord, Lthel Jones, Knfvela Woolverrnn, Dolores Rena SDUVWSOV r, art editor, lda Mr lirorncy SAGA Under the supervision of Mr. Brome, the school paper, Sagebrush Saga, has been published at regular intervals. This year's issues were larger and contained all the interesting news of past, present and future activi- ties Withii 1 the school. The B . .. .nglish class composed of Seniors has done the editing usiness If of the I1 YW fi? 7 Um F, ,415 Z gk IN X 7 Qkffs' M W AW .rf ,xx M.. J lmnerf llltf xguunl lm! All zl rl Inn' in X 1- 1 'I f A xl 'I 'N 3 W fx 'A P w xv AX, '- C1 N ' J He ha ll ul ez! the dr' wt and lmfmd IZ ll av Y. , I f X Q ff Tha: um to the Ink th zz all . rv N, X W' VN if 97,1 WAX T vxk WWE ' hw -iwwlym ygs V 'ff WX 'Ya .QQ - -' gl 4 gf! W N '4 J il' ,vs is ii Hlrry E XVlldLl J j +'.?'i X9 f -,,,:' ig? ? ,Y-W? I ! The 1946 POHOB staff and its sponsor, Mr. Parent, have worked hard during the year to give this book to you. They sincerely hope that their annual is one which will give you a picture and article or two which will bring back your high school days in year to come. S The stall: this year has been greatly helped and encouraged in knowing that all the students and the faculty were behind them one hundred per cent. This makes th of a yearbook stiff . e task . 1 ' much ea i able, and sf' sier and enjoy- gives you a bigger and better annual. A. li. V X ,Vi .ll I X' A ".f.f"' K lfblpf ,N x ,"" X . 4 M , y I left lo right ltla Ross Sanderson! Iloytirly Berger, Alyn lirennen Keller POI-IDB ' ' ' Standing! lefl To rlglil Henry Sampefr lvlarilyn Patterson Nancy Badt Mr, Parent Don Peterson Beverly Berger lVl3l'lOV'G lvl , ontrcse lda Bess San demon Sealed, lell lo right Milton Badt Dick Shook John Pal lerson Al yn Brennen Donna Glaser Slnrloy Keller , Shirley f . tx f lx 44 f I' 1 lil, ' X 'vi ff x ,f gr ,.f' Ml' ff fy' ti W, 1 f. Tlx TL' .l., ' l lx 1 l l l tl, ' ' ' DE LAUREOLA The DeLaureola organization is the only scholastic society at Elko High this year. It is an honorary history group aiming at higher education ideals and the better understanding of the history of Nevada. For their project this year they have gathered together the names of places in Nevada and Hled with them the origin and story of the names. J The enrollment of DeLaurcola is one of the largest in its history and con- sec uentl its secret initiations and its han uets were ver interesting and en'ovable l Y Cl Y o J . affairs, The annual Senior DeLaureola hanquet proved to he a most delightful and unforgettable affair. , A. B. First rovv, lett to right' Jennle Tevlell, Nancy Badt, John Blegler, Don Anderson, Ed Julnger, Gary l-lyde, Leonard l-lerrera,, Second row: Betty Jones, Mae Gregory, Cella Maretoll, Beverly Berger, Donna Galllard, lda Bess Sanderson, Betty Jane Kendall, Mary Maretoll, Lllllan Carrlllo, Klku Matsurnoto,, Third row: Mr. Mills, sponsor, Alta Rlckenbach, Franrls Matsui, Shrrley Keller, Marilyn Patterson, Wanda Banks, Catherine l-linton, Lols Torgerson, Donna Forseth, Marlorie Montrose, Ethel Jones, Vlrglnla Overton, M:ss McQulston, sponsor, Fourth rovv: Doug MCVae, Rodney Forseth, Ray Scott, George Ogllvle, John Etchlnek, Lee Griswold, John Patterson, Alvin McCulstlon, Ray Goleca, Alyn Brennen, Milton Badt. Seated, lett to right' Virginia Overton, secretary, Ida Bess Sanderson, president , Slandlngj Ray Golcoa, treasurer, John Blegler, vlce-president X s, I 5 rgy ,QxL,.,?'X! 'fi 6, g Y v - ff T T t ' Xdf A xi l QSC ,S f ---TTT, - ,fi 5 ef X YV 3- -t E sf aff as BLGCKE' ' ' The athletic society, the liloclt li sponsorecl hy Coach QSpeetlj W Jfix 'alba N ,H , this year was eaver. The othcers ol the organization were helcl hy the following, liill Smales as presitlentg Ioe lierrtieta as vice-presi- dentga IT-l ' ' T nc et johnson as secretary. lhe llloclt li assists the principal antl the faculty in maintaining orcler at the games, antl in keeping stutlents from wearing paths across our lawns frememher those patltllesllj Their entertainments following the games this year have heen very successful. lelt' to right Tttl Johnufw! rotary, Jw livrrttctey wir'- prosirlcrvl, lhll Snialve, prtlwlemt Lett to right Dil k Shock! lQi'l1arclt'7rmlus, Vharlos iggins, Ray floicoa. 11, 11 N 'fx ,T 1 ILS, If Aix I Aux "---.15 x ll if il lnjx s fe :Cl T N M1 fgixh T T13 Kiwi' s f 5 - it i1.tqs' T Q5 Jax i If QV- i',LQQ,Tff X ,lg ggi! 92 3.4fQ" sfml,i,'1'ff Q20 tri s riff e -if t'9tlflZf'O, ,, v K i l iframe LMT' 'K -f 'ffi' 1S.. hf- . -CFSLZVQW , A mi Y X a -L, -. Mm' ..i rf-41 T ' - Bottom, right to left Maddltoe Morse Alta Rufkenbafh Opal Srnrthvvtek Dorothy Shangle Donna Gatllard Donna Masste Ethel Jooes Betty Bet: June Davidson Marlorue Montrose Roth Merrlan Eeverly Berger Colleeo Oicarroll Donna Savage Donna Forseth Ida Bess Sanderson Cathrtne l-ltnlon LaVon Shelton Shirley Keller Lots Torgerson lea Glaser Center: Dorothy Berroeta Josephine Urtarte Shirley Combs il Pep HE" came forth th is year with new maroon antl white uniforms. Ungler the leazlership of Dorothy Gartefz as president, Ruth Merrian as secretary, and Miss Bowers, the sponsor, this or- ganization aclcleel much color and variety to the basketball season. They marched between the halves of the games creating clillerent letter ftnrmations. The Pep "li" girls put on some entertaining pep assemblies antl also sponsored the selling of pom- poms and eancly at the games. M. M. Lett to rlglili fXrGlth Nelson, Dolores Bona, Dorothy Garter: X Q rf Fffg' Q,X,jZf va if W 1 Nff el fNyl3ri z5S2s f-we we X4 Je lite fe as mwLNf9l3'?91:.f.fa'2"aD D D C J , ,fn?"::z-' 0 ' 'PEPE Personnel: Catherine Hinton, A , . . fladdline Morse, Rita Zunino, Shirley l-luntsmen, Marilyn Massie, Glenna Shro e J p, une Pattani, Lillian Halcata Shirley f Kershner, Beatrice Qu i n t ero , Norma Lane, Margaret Biegler, Delia Carrillo, Alta Rickenbach La V erne Crosson, Marjorie Yohn, Elner Rose Abbett, Jeanne Foster, Dorothy Stenovich, Gloria Vasquez, Shirley Combs J , ose- phine Uriarte, Delrna Oldfield El ' ' ste Mclinight, Patricia De Groat, Donna Barkdull Barbara Melzler, Ida Bess Sanderson l.a V Sh i on elton, Knoela Wool- verton, Betty Yates, Frances Matsui, Patty Robertson, lrene Messerly, Martha l-lill, Beverly Ber M ger, iss King, sponsor, Clara Bilbao, Rosie l-lawkins, Mildred Stenovich, Edith Burner, Marlene Moldenhauer M , ary Gilson, Wanda Banks, Theresa Stana- land, Agnes Glennon, Dorsrnae Hinze, Pat Stanaland Ada Rose Tolrnan, Pat Thomas, Grace Carn ino, Gloria Stoddard, Dorothy Berrueta, Opal Smith- vvick, Betty Lou Bowers Adeline i Vazquez, Lillian Carrillo, Donna Savage. F.l-l. .' ' ' The Futu . VVIK Alta Rickenbuch as president and Miss King as sponsor, 'have had Ll very active und enioyible ear. re Homemukers of America 'h ' Y Their annual Harvest Ball will be remembered as one of the most outstanding in school history. The girls gave many sociul hours and tens honoring the f' l ' ' ' ' acu ty, the senior class, and their parents. Along with their semi-monthly meetings the girls have enjoyed numerous parties and picnics. B. B. Standing, left to right: Alta Rirjlqenbacli, Shirley Huntsman, Patricia DeGroat, Marilyn Massie, Beverly Berger, Miss King, sponsor. ,ATX l'3l wx F fWl! fx. ft' ' - 5 , Mtg J X ,ey'XiX I x 0 4 W xy t ' ff? f 1 JK N f f r 1 fx . 1 Y if t 'X XX 7 gf giilljlg R! Z XX I Q C.ffX'xgXy"'XX,,x, NX, " f-- Ly i- - --ft , A ' - , -17+ -C: 'f'f --4-. --T ai- F, gf as at yy xg, ff'-11 Q D ,, .,N,fLs'li"zff1.41' we 'C . ,-vb" Lefl lt: rglil Cale llydt' Pda Hess Samlerwi John Biegler Betty Gel: Rodney Forseth Ray Cfioifoa Ruih M email Don Duffy June Daxvcisrl' Dolores Hema Shirley Keller Marlowe Morilrcffi Donna Forgeth John Pattersfe in Milton Bad? SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Senior Class of 1946 presented the annual Senior Class play, November 2, 1945. The play, 'AThe Yankee King," under direction of E. D. Grace, had a large cast. The leading characters, Ma and Pa, were played hy Ida Bess Sanderson and Iohn Patterson, respectivelyg and the supporting ,M roles hy io other ahle Seniors. The opening scene gave the audience a glimpse into the domestic life of the Hinkle familyg Ma, Pa, Marion and Wilbur. They appeared to be a very normal group hut it was soon discovered that Pa was the heir to the throne of Laurania. After a series of harrowing but hilarious incidents the play concluded in a surprise note revealing the henpecked Pas as master of his house and the incident in Laurania all a had dream. S. K. Q rf S XY I W-QTSQ Qfxef w if T N if Eeefyff N t fi X'XftfSwb7X"' fl when .f - CLC 'T-s,,R.!r its eiwlgliiifggiwn' 4 ,MMQEQ 'W- M if ONE ACT PLAY Q Sealed, left to rtgltl, lidllh Eflcrnan Martha Hull Robert Parklnsot . t Agnes Ctlennort The student b l l ocy was very fortunate this year to he entertained by a short one-act p ay with an all-Frosh cast. The cast members were as follows: Edith Eckman, Bobby Parkin- son, Martha Hill, and Agnes Glennon. The play, "Sparkin"', under the direction of Ezra Grace, was the story of a hillbilly boy courting his girl. lt showed the complications that can arise when the girlls grandmother doesn't exactly approve of the match. After a series of laughs and screams of excitement the play came to a pleasing climax. S. K X N" p N ..,.,fffff "4 il Seated, left To right' Ida Bess Sertdersort R ulh Merriam Catherine Hinton 5 N eyerly Berger Slandtng, John Patterson lVllllOl1 Badt Btll Smales Ray Gotcoa Jtmmy Sells Jtrte Davtdsort Sh trlcy Keller 23' ofxaxbx .fdlmr ff X5 X- xsgs fx, ff fwfr. 1 e in l t wt - , fg fe . t' --e.-Ns, if l ft i Q eff i V , - ... ,-N+ Scaled, left tc rrglt Niles Storrs lack Murphy Catherine Hinton Lois Torgerscrw Betty Jones Marilyn Patterson Rua Hansen Shirley Keller Bill Pierre Standing Dirk Shook Norman flroyw George Atwood Ray Goicoa Milton Bad! Doug Mt' Vee Larry Monror Robert Parkrr15ov1 Dirk Williams Raymond Pease Nelson Prentit e John Patterson Bull Parry N311 l5rer1r1er1 Mr. Larbly,Spo11sur and director ALI. SCHOOL PLAY Not long ago, the play, "My Sister Eileen." was acclaimed one of the funniest plays ever to hit liroadway. ' l' . 1d M 'entl , it was filmed by Lolumbia stucios 'll ore rec y still later, March the eighth, to be exact, it went on the stage of Elko County High School, under thc direction of Mr. Laibly. A The plot concerned Ruth and Eilleei tvo lovable girls from Ohio, who wel1t to New York 1 Sherwood. x to earn their living as writer and actress, respectively. The scene was their sl1abby basement apartment in Greenwich Village. I11to this apartment wandered count- less delightful and interesting characters who became involved i11 some of the funniest scenes ever written into a play. The cast was a large one with tl1e followfng people l Sl irle Keller Rll'lI'l'lllSCl1, Robert of taking leading ro es: . 1 y , i . . Atwood. Tl1e play was a huge success. The proceeds of the play, which was presented two nights. went into the dramatic fund of the school. S. K. Q -1 ff rfyfvf at 11 . 1+ LIL 1 K f X fx i X - KTKWQF lbs T fs 51 Jwiwe -1 f fs ff A . '1-fl . FT 1 Eff-2?i1,.5-4-g3f'L,M,,,. , -HNNN' ""':-".1I-A57-0: 'X -...f:.,w,Sl3'rlp::7.... BAND' ' ' Under the direction of our new music director, Mr. Arthur Converse, the Elko High School Band has put on many performances successfully. Starting with a good showing at the Fair and on through the Thanks- giving Festival and numerous other performances, the hand, though smaller than last year, has been a credit to the school. Niles Storrs, as president of the hand, has carried out his ioh very well. The other ollicers are Betty Perry and Dick Williams. N. li. Left to rlghti Dirk Vlftlltarns, Niles Storrs, Betty Perry left to right, tlrst row Betty Gabtola, Betty Getz, Donna Gaullarrl, Patricia Hunztrlcer, La Verne Crossan, David Kretzke, hltles Storrs, Serena row' l3.f3S3ltt? Berkowlty, lrene Gorham, Danny Evans, Marilyn Manca, Theresa Stanaland, Norman Brown, George Atwood, leietty Lou Bowers, Dorothy Stenoytrh, Third row Opal Srntthwtck, Lola Mae Oyerton, Tom Srnales, llrnrny Barclsley, Margaret Btegler, Lee MrCutstton, Alan Sargent, Patricia De Groat, Dick Wdltarns, Marlene Moldehhauer, Charles Perry, Fourth row, Ida Bess Sanderson, Dorothy Gartetl, Betty Perry, Dolores Betta, Arthur Qonwrse, director 1"I 1 x , K 'I' rr e 'Arr 4 xr sr refenac 'NX 7ii.liLL'i':h? fflix 0 SMX eu , street 1 tx t o rhefly 'lite f"N l 'X iii V riffs, il' gb! K lf ftf,Lfx fr t' ft, Qeltosfac ' o D N ce-, at ' U5 aye ,X , .Q:tltttrm,.c...ttj l .Q N gf- 97 D 1 -ale gif 31- 4 .,5-gg.gl. v '1 3 IEQX wg!! ' i ' WD A A A ff' 'W P 4 w f fe . if Q , K - N X 'K yvls. 'f W r, F f c - I- ,ceqtiefac me of - e 3 l"7i,A, J . i fm ' ' ' ORCHESTRA Congratulations of school and community are due to the li. C. H. S. Orchestra for its service to both during the past year. Under the direction of Mr. Converse it has done an excellent job of performing on various occasions. Its part in the Thanksgiving Festival, other performances and playing for the graduation exercises have all shown the true worth and merits of this organiza- tion. Orchestral work is of the highest type of musical endeavor, and our orchestra is striving to reach a high goal. During the pLlSt year the string section of the orchestra has been enlarged and greatly improved and the school may now aspire towards a perfectly balanced symphonic group. M. B. t to rlglali Donna Galllarrl, Nancy Badt, Patrlcla DeGrOat Personnel of Orchestra: Margaret Blegler, Agnes Glenrton, lvlnrtel Tornne, Elner Rose Abball, Nancy Bjdt, Marilyn Manca, Donna Galllarcl, Irwin Vaughan, Albert Salls, James Elardsley, Pat Slanaland, Marlena Moldenltaner, Pat Htinzlcker, La Verne Crosson, Barbara Kennedy, Patricia DQ Great, Mae Gregory, Jennie Tevvell, Le Roy Cunningham, Alan Sargent, Dlrla Wllllarns, Niles Storrs, David Kuetzlfe, liatly Lot: Bowers, l'ene Gorham, June Pattanl, Beatrice Qtilntero, lylr, Converse, dlrerlor S-,., Q, rf' 5 , X , . 1,115 H ,,'L1X ij, af f st .Tiff aa f ,Nag sg X . rin f 1 f l , .X t fre ff , w 'sr f ,XI .Y if ax. M g Y! j J ff XA , ffgfyyf .X ,piggy r ,, Neale- -aa eff. ,,.7f,.1f N... Jigga 4' l TM it t' is t U0 we .I 3, X A ' V f 5' it ,N , , ., .t W., g N ., ,Ji 1 , , t xii' f- , , 'Y First rovv, lett to right: Betty Lou Bowers, Arline Cave, lrene Gorham, Margaret Biegler, Gloria Stoddard, Marlene Moldenhauer, Lois Torgerson, Catherine l-linton, Fay Hage, Gloria Barainca, Shirley Huntsman, Patricia De Groat, Rosalie Berkowitz, Dolly Bell, Second row: Mrs. Converse, director, Theresa Stanaland, Donna Barlcdull, Jennie Tewell, La Verne Kern, Marilyn Manca, Mildred Stenovich, Agnes Glennon, Marguerite Sarnber, Colleen Williams, June Pattani, Beatrice Quintero, Jeanne Foster, Donna Savage, Ardith Nelson, Third rovvj Dorsmae l-linze, Rose Srniraldo, Evelyn Peters, Nancy Badt, Barbara Kennedy, Lillian Hakata, Delia Carrillo, Martha Hill, Irene Messerly, Maclclline Morse, Patricia Stanaland, Rita Yunino, Muriel Tornoe, Edith Burner, Marjorie Yohn, Donna Glazer. GLEE CLUB ' ' ' The Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. A. C. Converse, has had a very successful year. The club has participated in the Thanksgiving Festival, the Christmas Assembly and in other musical events during the year. The officers are Lois Torgerson, Presidentg Nancy Badt, Vice-Presidentg Barbara Kennedy, Secretaryg Muriel Tornoe, Librarian and Treasurer. The members of the club all have worked hard in making this a successful year. D. G. Lett to right: Muriel Tornoe, Nancy Eadt, Lois Torge Kennedy. 'Q if 233 'iii we sis rsen, Barber Q. If . 5 5Xfi ffff of if W fx Md XX QFN-'KK XA xo -?fp ' Y W, M Mk S5 X 9ggXkFM'X,,,x X N V A xx EN ra 7 A e Ev -My grep l? f W H X M hir Z fx, 5.4 KJ Z Xi S A W Knioi of 2 cg, I , I . Jain, X fl-.L , , I VZ " :fy oo if, V 2-259 ' V F 'H " :if ,Q K P 1 Here in the gray of the desert ended many N11 j'1'zzillc'5.f Quest, ' N Ana' he who followed the lure of gold is forever The De.vc'1'l'5 gucxft. -Laura Bulmcr BASKETBALL ' ' ' Amazingly cunning teamwork. and hrilliant all-around playing plus excellent school spirit plummeted Elko High to one of its greatest showings ever made at a State meet. Ou fast, hard-hitting offense was led by four one-year letter men, Smales, llerrueta, Johnson, and Higgins. The remaining position was ably filled hy Rood, a promising Sophomore. Elko started oiT her hall season hy overpowering a strong Idaho team. This game added new zest to the haskethall season, since this is the hrst time we have played an out-of-State team since hefore the war. To the surprise of the whole State Elko fought its way through twelve consecutive games, winning them all, overwhelming the two strong eastern teams, VVinnemucca and White Pine. Uur return games with White Pine proved to he the lirst defeats of the season for Elko. These two games left VVhite Pine and Elko evently matched. The zone tournament at WVinnemueea provided the hattleground on which Elko and Wliite Pine fought out their tie. Summing up this year's haskethall season, we can say that 1946 ha of Elko across the athletic annals of the State. I' s written the name D. P. x, ell X. to right, first row Harold lerelds, Gale Hyde, Joe lierrueta, Ted Johnson, Charles Higgins, Lee ' K,-riswold, Leland Roodg Seferirl row John Hiegler, manager, Roy Hawkins, Max Wuolverlon, Chris H-grnandez, Hill Smales, Alun lylfCtushon, Martha Harhquet, Danny Fvaviu, Cha-'h Weaver l ,Qi .V 325: K 'QW . is IX fufl .lil , 'X . . f- fe . sw-'t"5x me-fi - X. fee? A ff A ff he 1 y f N , I y if X 1 Q. X' ik if ff' T f ,f l .-.lgfllla-1-x-lls--?' Q ,,,, , 4 eg., X "T X! K:-1 df '1 F V 7 QL, ' N - ff ' r .AW "rf A ' J TT , -fn i QQNQ5: ',,. E T! .man Q M V X I - r H V I .ax Y-JF, - vff ima , QAIX T r. Ssgrrill SX .Dgbg lhvsf. ext- J- LA' -A rv' I,-I-jd e Rgiifzl fffrX1l"' TQ.. ' .A ll 'L-,Q EVZT S-T V j, , .Q , flqf' ff- -. f fn- Q gg , 'Q-N+ Y aXes, forward T. Bohnson, cenrer L. Gnswdd, center 1 ' 1 3 Berrueta, forward B. Srn D Evans, iorw ard -.,24"' od, guard Hyde, forward L. Ro k..,,,.,. Crf'M7,,7 -NN,,X,..cNQr-a-, C .X Xgxix xx J a ffl fix Q' L s fg uw N 1 ' ff- , FQJ .oececfaxa w' V cific rig y ' JN-e Q JAJXX .4-, VA rg, Y f r , -. ,'-M W x, ' ' Q Eh? sc: AQ fb M ""'limLh ,wg ' ' ,M-Z 5. BkegXer, manager NN. Weaver, coadn Q Hrggrns, guard W parm' v J 1- rd : - Kd. FkeXd5, guard NN. Hachduet, ard 1 Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. IJATE Nov. Dec. Dec. ATHLETIC CALENDAR INTERCLASS BASKETBALL WYIXNEIQ ILIIIIOFS ,,,,c, Sophomores Sophomores OCIIIOYS OOO OO SCIIIUTS ,,,,ccc, O ,c7,c O Sophomores Block E O O Elko ,,,c, Elko O Suomi Losmc Freshmen cctcttccc Seniors ,.c,, OO Iuniors .,c,,ccc,, Sczorm O15 I7 Freshmen cccctttttttcttcc I7 Iuniors ,,ccc O ,,,ccc,, 16 Seniors OOOOOOOOO26 Sophomores cccctcccc OO25 VARSITY ,. lfller ,,,,,,, Wells ,,,ttt OO O OOOO2g OOOOOOOO26 Ian. Elko O O Carlin O O OO 36 Ian. Elko OO Wells OOOOOOOOOO I4 Ian. Elko OOOOO Winnemuccn A 21 Inn. IQ Elko OO OOOOO 511 Winnemuccu 22, Left to rwglwti Arcllth Nelson, Dolores Bona, Dorothy Garteuz. "Two points?" - "Speed" - "WindbIown boys" -- Fight 'em Elko, Fighuemlll - Six Braves! i "Dan" fe Some more of the boys" - usc e man, T37 532-El, O Gs 'W O flxkx . '- Qxak-SX ' xi fdllefc Ogpeffs on wg X f , I 1 saillkllgm 2... I X X xx xg R758 JX "xx jx " 1 , x fx Y O. x ',L Q Qx X ,Xi ,xw MO OOO., OO ,co VJ K O: I O? - X N,OYO ffl 'A ' T' A . 1 X -. . Kxfff 1 ,qi it SGW, Clxbffr 0 W V ,O ,fN?1:'?'2Oi ' 'QA A O ATHLETIC CALENDAR Iam. Inn. Feb. Feb. Feb Feb Feb F eb 25 Elko 26 Elko 1 Elko H 2 Elko 8 Elko , Q Elko ,, I5 Ely 16 Ely 67 Eureka 65 Carlin , 48 Ely 43 Ely , 454 VVUIIICITILICCAI .46 WlI1llCI11LlCCil ,W46 Elko, 41, Elko IQ sy 20 261 25 IQ 54 el Sealed! left To rwglv Henry Samper, Doo Pelewrsorw, Bull Parry, lilfbarfl lfarmeflrf Ladle Boyd! lioiwefr Pa'Pw.oo, BN! llarlolt, Staoflxoq Jobo Blcglerl Alarm Sargent. Milf. ASX" ZONE TOURNAMENT I Elko , SQ Ely ,,,,, ,,,,,,, , , ,go Mar. 2 Elko ,77, SQ xVlIlllCH1LlCCLl ,59 STATE TOURNAMENT Mar. I4 Elko ,,,,7 48 Hawthorn 46 Mar. IS Elko 7 56 Lux Vcgus , , 36 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Maur. 16 lioulcler City 56 Elko , .45 A 5 , K il: 'EF' lf ' vllx f fw X, X N E L- 5 How they love us -- No trick to it - Get set ff On guard Now you see it, now you don't - Dependable J. B. f f ., - V - . 1 First row, left to righti Knoela Woolverton, Ida Bess Sanderson, Betty Yates D Forseth tthel J , Onna , c ones, Second row 3 Martorte Aqntrre, LaVon Shelton, Lea Glaser, Ruth Merriam, Third row. Marjorie Montrose, Betty Getz, Dolores Betta, Donna Massre, ' ' ' G A A I . . This organization consists of those girls interested in athletics. Each class has its own team and competes against the other classes in the different tournaments. This year G. A. A. heltl three tonrnannents-corner kick ball, volley ball, and basketballg the senior girls being the fl winner of each and the sophomores being run- 'ygmx ners-up. G. A. A. sponsored Ll novel reverse as wg tlance of which the members of G. A. A. each 3 asked a boy. be ...-f M. M. .., "' -tv! 32.45 :WF Hx ji. , 1 xi -I ,'k'-.. AX, will-fe'-ra 5, 45 - Xe fx ' E X ,xi X x, 1 ' if 4 'X ff A7 f x ' K Axe fl .S f- ef ff 1 . v e ' ee 7..llv.,, ff, A -f ' , . f . X47 B N- -I U' LJ " X A "ale ivll..-- - , QL' if w f., W M nu 'v if - 1, :hx '-f -1 ' f , , - ,abiwv CMAQ- xllilsxfm. E j" 'NV I' 1- 215 ,M .. R, s ff N f5lf'fPi,i e X TDK? 'H-ii A rx.: ff Sealecl, left To right. Bloclwem Smith, pCQQ5' Lower, Rely Ciahiola, Celia Mareloli, Theresa M ,,,,,M Slanaland,lV1arvlgmvMassfeg Standing' Thelma A MW"-CKY' x: , Peters, Roberta Knight, Elsie MrKh:gli1, L +-T ,WV Adeline Vasque" Rosalie Berkowitz, La Verne Q Kern C G A A ' ' l 0 . During the winter months their sponsor, Miss Bowers, took the girls iee skating and bowling. In the spring months the girls held a G. A. A. pienie and played haclminton ancl tennis and took several hikes in the surrounding Country. The ollieers for the year were La Von Shelton, president: Knoela Woolverton, vice president, Lea Glaser, seeretaryg Donna Massie, lI'CI'1 and Betty Getz, health ollicer. M. M. IFCLISL si Q 5 ee QP N l lf' 'i A Ni, X ' N -T lvgblxiffxf X- T JS' M X. K- v f p M fs ff x..- W- , W.. Qu. wif First row, left to right' Chris Hernandez, Dick Williams Lee Griswold Leland Rood Martin l-lachquet, Standing: Bill Srnales, Coach, Lee lVlVCLIlSllO!W, Leslie lVlrDermott, Gary George, Danny Evans, Frank Sloek, Bob Ernaul, First row, left to right: Ray Goieoa, Richard Combs, Ronald Smith, John Biegler, Bob McFarlane, Standingl Alvin MCCuistion, John Etthinek, Gale Hyde, Lee Nicholson, Ted Johnson, Coarh 1 17 INTERCLASS BASKETBALL This year's interclass basketball tournament was won by the Sopho- more team, when, after many spirited struggles, they overtook the Seniors in the final game with a score of 40-26. The first two games were won by the Iuniors and the Sophs, the Iuniors defeating the Frosh 57-IS. They had no trouble at all in winning. How- ever, the Frosh gave their best and really played a nice game. The Sophomore-Senior game, however showed in the First half two well- matched teams, and in the second 7 half a victorious Sophomore team, who won by a score of 28-17. The next game was between the two winning teams and proved to be the most ecxiting game of the tourna- ment. With the score 23-22, the Iuniors leading and only twenty seconds left in the game, Tommy Smales sunk a long shot, thus win- nfng the game for the Sophs by one poznt. The Frosh were then eliminated from the Contest when the Seniors beat them by 51 points. Next, the Iuniors were eliminated from the contest when the Seniors beat them with a score of 34-16. In the last game, between the Sophomores and the Seniors, the Sophs were determined to be champs and really fought hard. They led all, the way, and won by I4 points. Afterwards, the Block E challenged the victors and worked hard to beat them 25-20. 2 -Q Tixege 76 ' - N '.-B If i rx ' X?-Tlx' fx 2 - 951173 s D ii Q 'I X X11 l --,fAfecX"X 2 i 1 2 ggritaev 5 gnf4v ifgxxgb-Q A 5 L gif 1 XTC: W .ff jg. ff ' ,ef-fa-X: 91, L - -we -Seffagj, ee,- JW? ' n ff 507, 'rxb'?1f.J-- 3, , A , f.:Q?1?fl. ' ' ' A-R VY T J,-. be -'ln MP wa. 'A' T TRACK' ' ' Through the history of our school lilko has kept a State-wide reputation of having a strong track squad. In the past three years Elko has chalked up a hrst, second, or third place at the State meets. This is the first real all-out track year since the war and Elko has made a good showing at the dual meets and relays in different parts of the State. Elko sent another great team to State this year and so far has kept up its hard- hitting reputation. The pictures on this page show two of our track letter-men, Higgins and Smales, brushing up on the fine points of some track events. H. S. 'f'x 5 f .XV K, 7,1 -XV fy, .T Sw, ,,-N,-,,..!s e fx. Qftf xgay f li, ,is-1.1- 5 S .fx X Y ,ll L ' if I FW Y A A Y ELKO ON YE INDIANS b You haven't got O , ,. ,, , ,. ., . . 4 4 1 1 1 1 ,U beat yet. The glory of the red and white. ma that you rn.. KIOTC. an 3323? f K ' . QW N V s :K f s K Xl 7 Q ' llinix w , k -Qjpdn ' f S0 the Master Workman planted .1 brash Lg., xif lf h . That glearned like silver hrightgs 4 M,.,v,,g: 5.3 A 3 N 1' , wi A M And He planted tt where the mad waters rash, 'rf f . s K All e - .W . 7 gtk, And where the deer talqes flight. 1 I . f its I -6 ' ' A Z' He scattered it far, and , from it rose ggi? 1- Q - ' X A strange scent, all its 0wn,' ' I ' ' - ' X p K In summer-time or in the snow, Q KX X Y ' l Its deathless spell was thrown. f fx ' ' - If 4 L fy X jg -Arthur Chapman f - .6 e' ff . Xmfget Niki f X337-QLX STUDENT GUVERNME T hc one 111111 111 l . t1e scl1ool who has done the most for the welfare and betterment of our school is our principal, Mr. Neil R. jones. Mr. Iones has been under- standing of our problems and has endeavored to inaugurate a program in which the students are better tble to meet the realities of life. Truly, we are fortunate ll1 having such a man at the head cf ' 1 our school. Neil R Jones Behind the high school as we see it, is an unseen, often unheard of body-the school govern- ment, The duties of the members of the school government, or school board as many know it, though they Work Without compensation, are to elect the faculty,account forthe spendingof funds f tl1e policy of old lillto Hi and last of all they spend one spring day sitf ' ' seniors. , ormulatc 1 hning the diplomas of the parting I. P. V ,ws-A' 7 MN gg nf: In te , ' kthjj, I - 2 y 1 . ,W 1 5 5,,,,1:.f ,,,.t ,Q-If Left to rrghti Mr. Genoette, Mrs Norquiet, Mrs. Stout, Mr Agee ir e FX illfil ws, T ll f i l X fi 'B :fl X 1 fxf' X-E - 1 f Tf l N ' 2 ll f fx X f T ' l ARG 1' ' X ff Sp ' X ,bv "J -1 I- -4 .., c f- K ,-Q, , ei: 2. Lila? 1 1' xg V7 i A' fr- 1- fi f 139512 Q it - 5151 Mfmee... sweat. 1 1 Us 1- ' ' 74: STUDE I RESIDENT Under the proficient guidance of Alvin Mclluistion, Student Body President, Elko I-li has had one of its HMJSI successful years. Alvin has staunchly performed all ol: the duties connected with his ofhce and has endeavored to make the past year one which will be retained in th memory of all. NT BODY 9 C Alvin lVlcCulstlon Alvin McCuistion, Presiclentg liill Smales, Vice-President: Alta Rickenbach, Secretary, and Shirley Keller, Treasurer, have done their whole-hearted best to make the past year one of achieve- ment. Through their excellent guidance and administration of the student government, they have inspired our loyalty and promoted our enthusiasm. They have coordinated all of our combined efforts to make the past year an enjoyable and prohtahle one for all. I. P. Lelr to rloht' M . Alvin MfCuislvon, Alta Rirkenllafh, Shfrley Keller! Bill Srnales. T . me -- A' ff M Z Wi' Y . c L QQ? .fl w T 5 i X l 953. 'ffxf cf JN.. 4X . .fx- rg :elk xbxqjg, , if H--:YW 1,91-1.--e Rf X O tfw,1'75fN fd A 'e+7 1f-1,I'.il1,1J:- - -'e""X"' """:'1A.-'iff'-lfpb w we f V -Heel-EF: fu. ' ' ' CLASS M gvgpxud SENIORS Loft to rrgrwtj Donna Forsetn, Ronald Smnn, Ray GOIF presrdenq Berry Yatey Forrest Kerrnes JUN IORS Left r cy rrqhf Edvvrn Julnger, Earl Snwnrardo prcsrffcni, Bf'1ly Perry, fha lf GOVER NMENT ,CnarNQ5 Hr rms Pr-rry X wrnmuulllill SOPHOMORES Left to rrgnf: Leslie McDermott presrdentg Brie Z A , Chrrs Hcrn un-no, Ther andez, Bull Wrrgrmr, esa Stanarand, PRES? ,WEN Left To rrghr Jonn Crawwnl Larry Monroe, Max Wcolvertcn, presrdant, June Pattanu, Rrta Hansen m 455 Ns" y 77 ff g30fs.,,,i 5 X VA ER ' X, 4- Q X6-5'x :X ir! I 12: KX XX -A 1 AW if f f Aff x 'X N ' V Af I' - x L ,L XXX 1225 "Eff, Y Yi-fi fa r W if ,nr , fbi: K, Jmbh -.x , Y, J, N, Q ' 'I X 'fihd r ,367 . L r f Liz-X ,Q mx V Y Y - XIQTAA-5 r C- V-M.'4.A? nn.- r ,YQ iakfs r .,-. X, f.'9?1.'gZfdi" T 'W' 'i ,x+ Y gglns, VN 6411, FACULTY ' ' ' Ru I h Mildred Ulmer if I W ' 7 7 ,I 7 . 'Mi Z F S1121 . I 4 a 5, li Bowers A if Robert Bromtf t c' laeubl King xr Arthur Converse Edwin Jensen Edward Klote Markcy Marguerite N ,, Lesler Mills lfQnustori Donald Parent Willard Weaver -e A Ile Vvullrarris, Neil Jones Through the years, there has always been an able faculty .o euucate the students of the Elko County High School. This year the school has been honored by having two discharged veterans to add to the stall and also many excellent new mem- bers have come to Fill last ycar's vacancies. And to the older educators, a toastg for their aid in lowering the rate of illiteracy in our school and our State. D. P. tg4PfQ fx If F5 ff XX . if I 5 XXX . 3 N' QA Am. ., -f cj X1 ' A CA - f' 'pls L Xe A ' be ' t e e fffif,f:Qi,.,.. - Mflv-if ,axe ,. AJ MQPBPE NET "uWAr-T7-.... EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE SIQVICIIIWQI left To right Theresa SIBVIBISIWEI Max Woolvertoh John Clawsoh Bill Wright Forrest Kelrhes Alvih McQulsIloh Ray Golcoa Alta Rvckenba: h Betty Perry Miss lvlarkey Mr Brome Sealed, left to right Leslie McDermott Edwin Juinger Shirley Keller Donna Forseth Charles Higgins Much of the fun we've had in school this year we owe to the student council. It is this com mittee which grants student body awards, elects the POHOB editor, disperses certain student body funds, and makes all necessary revisions in the constitution of Elko High. Our student body ofhcers, the four class presidents, and two representatives from each class make up this group, who, with Miss Markey and Mr. Brome as sponsors have aided in bringing about a year filled with success. The governing body of the school is the executive committee. It supervises all tctixities carried on during the school year. Alvin McCuistion, our Student Body President, presided over the committee with the help of the sponsor, Miss Markey. Among the many important duties performed by this group was the arrangement of the calendar of school events which has played such a viluiblc part in the campus life of the student body of Elko High. M. P STUDENT COUNCIL I LCII Io VIQlTl' I Shirley Keller Bill Vylright Alvin McCuistuoh Ray Goicoa Charles Higgins Max Woolvertoh Alta lqlCkCIlll'JdCl'7 fs 'Jli xl?" ASX, , L is- il i X eslrt14e'B z wifes his few X f It v 'Nl 7 A IIVX-. l f f . 4 Lxfxw ,feysl i k... ,f,,i X A - X.x-.bgff E , 25 A .-,, i--,,u,...q..eh A egija Z ', 3, 4- .f - K, K ti 1-319 -ti, rl ,iff -rg Z' V wk ' We .1 .A ell . :fig-V ,K ' i x JN gciqgifyi W ' jx fair: W s I Ur' J 0271, Z 4 1 , aftfi. is rvvpb WELFARE COMMITTEE Slanrlingy ltill to rtqli Jerry Fobei- loe Bell l-larcld Field' lflox blaxxletnl lQl"ll3VCl Quinn lljnna Qavllarel Mrs Xlnlliam Margove Yonn Sealed, let: ttf rtqltl Jae Berroefa Betty Get: Sbnrley Keller ,Atlvfn lVvtTCtilst't,n Alta lirkenlwav , Donna filawr l l The W'ell'are Committee consists of two members from each class. The icleal they work for is to make lilko High a more frienclly place in which to attend sehool. They eoncluet visiting stuclents arouncl our school during tournaments ancl generally look out for new anal oltl stuclents alike. Our able Student liotly President. Alvin Meliuistion. aets as permanent chairman of this committee. The purpose antl lunetions of this important committee is to tlecitle on and plan for the various Student liotly Assemblies during the year. D. G. Proof of the splenclicl job they have clone is readily given by remembering all the interesting and entertaining assemblies of the past year. A. IS. ASSEMBLY PROGRAM COMMITTEE Sl3llClll7Q, lol? To rlglwf' Hill Wrlglt Cnris Hernando: Cnailes Perry larry Monroe Max Vvoolverlon Mr Cirare Mr Converse Charles lllQQlllH Seilerl, lfl? lo l'lQlll Ronald Smilh Shirley Keller Alvin Mr ClllSllIIl! Alla lin kenl'marli lift Vrulfoa fi -. f- i ' V 'O ,' ..r ,, 37 X ,A A-.-,,.-- .. gill E V . ,K V- f N N ,V Q A l ff. is if X - f f f . ,V X lr. Y. 1' . ,ky .A xxfx v lj Vx. Jvflxyp --'ff xl. 3' -A - A Ks ii ,f , g . 1 New - fl f . T ' " 't I "T QL is A. v' XX S 1 X V . x Q 'Q , lg If Ax Q fi? .2 . K Q They ufend their way toward xg . 1 'I N B 1 ,, K 25 the west- i f 3'f'x3ff A 'M . Toward thei desert sun. 1 i 1 j is XX ' I i ,L I Q , ' H On thesagebrzzsh hzlls they'll , A X' l vu g , ' Nl . X find their rest R S .121 g N44 XS-' X And graze 'till the day is Z ' - T - ' if ai uma- V .xv K . done. -C ,Z E-, - ,Ji 1 ,f -flax X' UA. B- 2 I - A J-A'A6i 'NM A A Rs, f X A-,Y V ,I MV- 5415- S ,.C,X.1 Ti 54 fl 'Q wf-.1 M X - A 2v h, N ff- E Ah W V 41'-C 5 x h 4 du - .A ix h 1 COMMERCIAL HIITEI HEADQUARTERS for NEVADA'S LIVESTOCK EMPIRE 173 44 Pb NEWIUN CEIQIJMIIEY IXIIiWIQN IRI CIQUMLIRY Uv.rIQfr'- HIJQIQ' WCIIIQIKN Mm ILIQLQI' CEIIIIMIEEIII 'IUIIH CC 5? 44 D SUPPORTING STUDENT ACTIVITIES E. C. H. S. AT WORK ' ' ' " ' A " V? " Q we 1 ,. 7 r- r,v-'I l .......... 1---H In the commercial department Watch out for that rolling pin! 'A Chemistry? ' - Fiddlin' away! W- Are they actually studying? - Shop. J 3 MOUNTAIN cirv LUMBER COMPANY H- L- BART'-ETT 4 7 7 4 , , Dealers in Building Materials, Lumber and Building Materials Lumber and Coal 4 P 5 South Eitth Street Elko, Nevada Phone 9 Telephone 83 Elko, Nevada E L KO DAILY FREE PRESS Commercial Printers "Something For Every Member of the Family" CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OE l946 Fourth and Idaho Streets Elko, Nevada COMPLIMENTS OF T O M ' S I N N Elko Nevada MOU R'S FLOWERS Fresh Cul Flowers and Plants 4 by for Every Occasion Home of the Humble 'sw ir WITH EEovvERs" Hamburger BONDED MEMBER E. To D, 4 7 4 D COME AND GET 'EM Phone 444 Elko, Nevada BURNS FUNERAL HOME 24-Hour Ambulance Service PURITY DAIRY Congratulates the l 9 4 6 P O l-l O B Q. o M1099 353 Elko, Nevada Telephone l53 Elko, Nevada WAGNER'S AF EWAY STORES ICE CREAM 5 Popcorn Sandwiches Candies QUALITY MEATS 44 77 439 Railroad Street Phone 475-W GROCERIES ELKO, NEVADA Q ELK CAFE GOOD FOOD if lack Beaudrovy COMPLIMENTS OF HUNTER AND ELVADA TH EATE RS HUNTER 8 SON ELKO, NEVADA COMPLIMENTS OF GLENN BROS. MUSIC COMPANY Agents ot the C. G. Conn Band Instruments HEALDS BUSINESS COLLEGE J at 9th Street, Sacramento, California, nas been approved by tne Veterans' Administration to train young men and Women discharged from the Armed Forces. Salt Lake City Utah Secure your tuture by attending I-lealds Dial 2-4924 J. F. Sterner, Manager H. C. STEVENS CO. HYLAND CH EVROLET PA Y DEPARTMENT COM N Elko, Nevada STORE Dealers in Claevrolets and "Prices Tltat Will Please" 0ldSmObilGS W CAR REPAIRING Q E'-KO' NEVADA 7TH AND IDAHO E.C.H.S.ATPLAY' ' ' 4 .. Hubba Hubba!! - Three widdle Bobpies ' Meow! ff Strut your stuff! 'f Gym entrance Ida Bess -' Trucking on down -- Pep "E" girls? NEVADA BANK UF IIUMMEIICE ELI4o, NEVADA GENERAL BANKING B Night Depository for Your Convenience KD? 407 Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent IVIcIII!3or Eederal Reserve Systern and EeqIeraI Deposit Insumnie Corporfilion BRANCI-IES at AUSTIN, BATTLE MOUNTAIN and PIOCI-IE Compliments of SaddIes Harnesses ELKO GENERAL MERCHANDISE J. M. CAPRIOLA READY-TO-WEAR EOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Joe Anacabe, Rroprieior ELKO' NEVADA ELKO, NEVADA Leather Goods Shoe Repairing TAYLOR WINES M NAMABAB ROBBINS ATTORNEY-AT-LAVJ C IENDERSON BANK BUILDING' MTORNEY5'AT'LAW QC ELKO, NEVADA ELKO, NEVADA Compliments of Martha Bruce Ellilgpaedlloh ty Telephone C1 Telegraph Company Elko, Nevada For Satisfaction in Service Go to the O. K. Service 6' Motel We Feature Mobile Gas PHONES l6 and li P-M Supply Company BRANCH ELY MOTOR SUPPLY VVHOLESALE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIAL JOBBERS ELKO, NEVADA Compliments of Bellinger Repair Shop Commercial Street Elko, Nevada Compliments of J. 6' R. Pool Hall Dr. Harry M. Gallagher, D. D. S. 3Ol Henderson Bank Building ELKO, NEVADA PRESCIWPTION SPECIALISTS Hale Drug Company Telephone 303 Elko, Nevada Musical Instruments ancltugqage - Monev Loanei on Anything of Value Joe Younes Loan Office Joe Younes, Proprietor BARGAINS IN UNREDEEMED DIAMONDS WATCHES, JEWELRY AND GUNS 470 Commercial Street Telephone ll5-J KARL KEPPLER New York Life Insurance Company ELKO, NEVADA Nunn-Bush Dress Shoes Buck-Hecht Shoes ELKO SHOE SHOP Louis Hatupis Vlfe Serve the VVorlil's Best Steaks At All Times Echo Coffee Shop Highway 40 Elko, Nevada "THE GENTLEMAN'S RESORT" TH E PALM COMPANY KIRSTEN PIPES CIGARS AND CIGARETTES Telephone 412 Elko, Nevada WELCOME TO Tl-IE COMMERCIAL CAFE Q5 WE NEVER CLOSE - 49 No Order Too Big or Too Small On Any Occasion Congratulations to the Graduates FLINT BEAUTY SHOP Compliments ot DE LUXE ODORLESS CLEANERS Tailors Quality - Service - Phone 88 Railmad Street Elko' Nevada 5lI Railroad Street Elko, Nevada FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS Congratulations Class of '46 FRU'-LS AND VEGETABLES RIVERSIDE MARKET H. L. BRUCE COMPANY Elk N d STAPLE AND EANcY eRocERiEs O, eva a CLEANINGMTAILORING Telephone I77 Eitth and Silver LADIES' APPAREL - HOSE - MILLINEPY l ELKO, NEVADA Cornolirne I of HOME BAKERY BEAUTY SALON COMM ERC IAL Telephone ICG Elko, Nevada Store Phone 220 Bakery Phone 630-W ELKO, NEVADA For the Finest Groceries in Town Try the INTERNATIONAL MARKET Mario Quilici, Proprietor Elko, Nevada N, 1. STAR HOTEL STOCKMAN'S H?AoQLiARrERs q . os o Phone 406 Elko, Nevada Compliments of TIP-TOP DRESS SHOP O First National Bank Building Elko, Nevada CHAMPION MOTOR COMPANY STUDEBAKER Sales and Service Phone 648-W L. L. Winschell, Mgr. Sixth and Idaho Streets Elko, Nevada D NEVADA HOTEL BATTLE MOUNTAIN, NEVADA 4 P My Bonnie leaned over the gas tank The height ot its contents to see. l lighted a match to assist him, O, bring back my Bonnie to mel lvlr, Millsj Do you know l.incoln's Gettysburg Address? Lois T: I didn't even know he movedl Donnai What did the hurricane say to the typhoon? Dorothyi I don't know, What? Donna: "Let's blow." "Oh, dear, l've missed you so much I" So she raised her revolver and tired again. QM!! on t worry it your job is small, And your rewards are tewi Remember, the mighty oak Was once a nut like gay, 07 . ll ff "I guess l've lost one other pupil," said the protessor as he saw his glass- eye roll down the sink. . Prof Mills: Where was the Declara- tion ot Independence signed? A. Brenneni At the bottom, "Doctor," groaned David Ki, "can you cure me ot snoring? I snore so loudly that l wake myself up." "ln that case," advised Dr, Eigaro, "l'd sleep in another room" ELKO DRUG COMPANY Exclusive Pertumes and Toiletries ELIZABETH ARDEN DU BARRY BARBARA GOULD QW f- Fountain Service if 66 RAILROAD STREET ELKO, NEVADA Compliments ot COMMERCIAL HOTEL GARAGE CARY l-IULL, Proprietor Elko, Nevada Compliments SMITH'S ACCOUNTING SERVICE l-lenderson Bank Building I Elko, Nevada RANCH BROKERS REAI ESTATE ELKO LAND Cr LIVESTOCK COMPANY LIVESTOCK ORDER BUYERS ELKO, NEVADA I MCI Ilt Bldg JhOdh Pl' 54 W CROSLEY RADIOS OIL HEATERS REFRIGERATORS G BLRNERS ELKO EXCHANGE E1 SPORTING GOODS GUNS and AMMUNITION FISHING TACKLE JAANI 53OldhStt P t Ph 46OJ . A.'.AAA. . .51-. ,.1:3:g3:3:3. , gl'iUa AnEin25"" Qmlll. 's EE: "Il-I-:-1523555 :5l'5':C 75 " ,,, L 1 e551 ,A l 511. ...115sfSi?55fWi 437 so X l iiX?s 1,1 1 ESXDEN ssfwx y i X 6 5535 542.50 555.00 WINTERMANTEL JEWELRY E OPTICAL co SINCE im -' ' ' .-.-:lgIf:f:f:f:5:3::.:.5.:... Q5gf-.-24.--:-:I:'-'1-, ' ..,.11-2525222525555E151ff'f" K1 Wifi':1:122EzE5:f:1.315512552225591 ' 'f:s::2:-'I A"' ' -:..'-:aff ww-1 -A-Q GQo0.,.1:-:f:f'f1f1' 0 ' X'A' A .31 ' 1 0 0 :I1 if fi Q i . Ez- 'ix wi Om X. lx . X Q2 Cb l i j . , N . X f -I .- l v E XE 4 J .- --,. I. ,.,. l yl -E-"'4L" ..-.- 'W ,i -:-1-:-1-if ' f"- Jr- '-1-2-:-:4:-:iz-:-J gb l -:-:-:-:- 5255555 f f -ff'K'L 55" f -' DE FE Hlllglllllllllllll 45 4 Coffee Shop Dining Room Cocktail Bar 4 "ELY'S HOME EOR ELKO PEOPLE" PUCCI NELLI 6' COMPANY MEATS AND GROCERIES Telephone 540 Elko, Nevada Conwplirnents of W. H. SETTELMEYER Civil and Mining Engineer P, Ol Box 349 Elko, Nevada ABERDEEN COAL CRYSTAL CLEAR lCE ELKO ICE 6' FUEL COMPANY Distriburors Stanrlgircl Stove anal Burner Oil Phone l 95 Elko, Nevada B l Beth Taylor The photo .gtuafio Z .flop Gifts - Souvenir Jewelry Enlarging - Printing Developing - lCommerciaI Photographyl - Portraits and Landscapes - ELKO LUMBER COMPANY C pl D I f ea ers in O ateria rug lvl ls Lu b P lc l REED'S RITEWAY EL Pl-lONE l7 fo Elko, Nevada Elko, Nevada Irene Tomal . IJ nfl 7 J b ' I I ' , If M. I ii! ,J 5 'J' I IJ f' D X Ui F PM 'J I fr R 9 I, ' ,I , , ' ,J . rf ,II 'J 'II FII XIII IL' , I Ygfxvx .X lj I H I I C I Q,-' EJI Winnemucca, Nevada I I H! J I MR e' INorthern Nevada's Oldest and Largest Department Store? It Pays to Shop at A NATION-WIDE INSTITUTION- J. G. PENNEY C0 INC. The Home of Values STATE LINE SERVICE l27 Miles West of Salt Lake City, Utah - On Route 40 and 50 - ll0 Miles East of Elko, Nevada 120 Miles Notheast of Ely, Nevada 400 Miles East of Reno, Nevada if New ultra-modern botel, cate, bar, and casino , . . Air conditioned lOOW3 in summer , . , Steam beated in winter, . . Standard oil products and service , . A Cabins in connection . , . The gateway to the greatest racing and bombing tield in the world-On the edge ot the great Salt Lake desert. 44 77 44 77 W. F. Smitb, Qvvner L. H WINER, Manager A PEEK AT STUDENT LIFE ' ' ' lad Junior picnic fun! '- Sit-down strike! f- Heapstrong Andy!! 7 Look who's here again! g what's the number, Joe? v Sittin' high -- Basket? 3- Margie Lee W- How about a little shot, Gaillard? - Shirley Faye A Free for all! --- You again? W- The cracker kids! W How do you rate, Carter? - Dorfy Joon then D. B. We Our editor???? RUFF!! Why so serious? What do you see lda 6 Joe? H Hello Chris! WARREN MOTOR COMPANY MERCURY FORD LINCOLN Ford Ferguson Farm Equipment Q TELEPHONE l65 Elko, Nevada Congratulations to the Class of '46 ELKO AUTO COURT J. l-l, GENNETTE, Proprietor C. W. PAU L Hardware - Machinery Telephone lOl Elko, Nevada Definition tor ducks: Chickens vvith snovvshoesl Judge: l'll just tine you tor speeding today, but next time it'll be iaill Don Ag l get it, tine today, Cooler tomorrow. Prof. Mills: Give rne an example ot an indirect tax. Gale l-l.: The dog tax. Prof, Mills: Why do you call that an indirect tax? Gale l-l.1Well, the dog doesn't pay itl It you vvere watching the campus lately youll would see S. E. falling tor W. G, but it it hadn't been tor M. N., they would have never met. Contidentiallyi S, E stands tor Snow Flake. W. O stands tor Wet Ground, M. N. is Mother Nature. Prot. Jensenj Smales, leave the room. Smales: Please, sir, I had no intention ot taking it with me. Prot. Bromej Take this sentencei "Let the covv be taken out ot the lot." What mood? Albert Sallsi The covv. A tarmer once called his covv "Zephyr"g She seemed such an amiable heiterg When the tarmer drevv near, She kicked ott his ear, Which made him considerably deater. A monologue is a conversation be- tvveen a student and a teacher. TRY OUR DE LUXE SERVI We Use Soft Water TROY LAUNDRY G DRY CLEANING CO. Specialists in All Kinds of Particular Work "ir PASTEURIZESH "IT'S DEPENDABLE" Elko, Nevada Phone 2I ELKO TRANSFER AND STORAGE COMPANY Purina Chovvs 530 Commercial Street Elko, Nevada "SERVICE WITH A SMILE" JAY'S SERVICE COTTAGES ELKO NEVADA PHONE 3Ol O. K. TIRE SHOP MILT SMITH, Proprietor ELKO, NEVADA ORVILLE R. WILSON ATTORNEY-AT-LAW FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING ELKO, NEVADA GEORGE F. WRIGHT ATTORNEY-ATfLAW TELEPHONE Il9 4Ol HENDERSON BANK BUILDING ako, NEvAoA LA PALOMA CLUB Beers - Wines A - Whiskev Sf0'5ME !'di0 Q. swf www Q swwfp, 1.3 2l5KghBIdg PU., "My kid brother is only three, and he can spell his name backwards." "Remarkablel Whats his name P IIOQI-xt-O'll Opal S.: Do you know why an Indian sleeps with his hat on? Colleen O'C.: No, why? Opal S5 To keep his wig-wam. BACK Tl-lE TEAM l l Young Bride: Your dinner will be ditterent tonight, darling, l-lubby: l-low come, dearest? Young Bride: Our neighbor just told me you add water to those dehydrated toods. Prof. Mills: l noticed you missed my class today. Bob Larson: Not at all, sir, not at all: Congratulations Graduates UTAH WHOLESALE O 9 TOMMY CROSSON, Manager MODERN MARKET Meats - - Groceries B E A R D S L E Y ' S "THE LITTLE suoia WITI-l THE BIG VALUESH Birdseye Frosted Foods Q Phones: 342 - 343 Elko, Nevada ELKO NEVADA THE BUTLER MORTUARY Mildred B. Stout Benjamin E, Butler PhoneL!lO 7l2 ldaho Street Elko, Nevada WAGON WHEEL HOTEL J. B and l-lelen McDaniel, Owners Q5 Wells, Nevada GRANT'S CAFE "Fine Food" REASONABLY PRICED Carl Z Duncan, Proprieto Fly with LEW L. GOURLEY FLYING SERVICE The Finest Pilot Training Equipment ln the Country CARGO AND PASSENGERS BY CHARTER PHONE H- 28-J Plione 93 432 Commercial COOK FURNITURE 6' , CARPET COMPANY Leonard Refrigerators Quaker Heaters Sparton Radios COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Compliments ot ELKO CLINICAL GROUP 0 0 COMPLIMENTS OF CENTRAL MARKET MEATS GROCERIES PHONE 36 0 9 Elko, Nevada Description ot a cow followed by a couple ot ducks: milk and ciuackersr Mrs. McOuiston1 ln which ot nis battles was Alexander the Great killed? Marilyn Pg l'm not sure, but I think it was his lastl Manager Tewell: How come you only got halt price tor the tlat tire? Station Attendant Berruetai Gosti, boss! it was only tlat on one sidel "I cooked you a sponge cake darling," said the young bride, "but it didn't turn out rights l tnink the grocer sent the wrong kind ot spongesf' WE SERVED YOUR FATH ERS AND MOTHERS- WE HOPE TO SERVE YOUR CHlLDREN'S CHILDREN The Peoiilig Market Elkds Borgoin Store Where You Get What You Like And You Like What You Get THE DUPONT PHARMACY "The REXALL Store" 0 O Elko Nevada Phone 75 Traffic Cop: Use your noodle, lady, use your noodle. Donna S.: Oh, my goodness, Will you shovv me where it is? l've pushed and pulled everything in this carl Froshi I vvoke up last night with the feeling my vvatch was gone, so l got up and looked for it Soph: Well, was it gone? Frosh: No, but it was goingl Fleas always knovv their children vvill go to the dogs, On an island in the South Pacific there are no taxes, unernployrnent, crirne, police, disease, divorces, beg- gars, argurnents . . , or inhabitants f UG IN ZL REUUY! i TRADE MARK REG. U.S. PAT ELKO LANIUILLE PUWER CIINIPA Y - I 5 : I L4 Ik x:v 5 " zvngnox Johnson: I think people should call you "Amazon". Smales: Why? Johnson: Because you're so wide at the mouth. Ivliss Bowers: Iflow many bones have you in your body? Arlene C.: Nine hundred. Miss Bowers: That's a good many more than I have, Arlene C.: Yeah, but I had sardines for lunch, Buzzy Johnson: What becomes of baseball players that lose their eyesight? Coach Weaver: They make umpires out of them. When women get a run in their new syn- thetic stockings, made from coal, wood, and rubber, they won't know whether they have a clinker, a splinter, or a blowoutl HUNT'S CANDY SHOP Elko, Nevada 6 0 Candies and Ice Cream 0 0 "I-IUNT EOR HUNT'S" Adele and Albert CARTER HOTEL f KMA! .4 Elko, Nevada 7a?4 Parties and Banquets Gifts For All Occasions- Infants' and Childrens Apparel I-Ioiisehold, Office and School Supplies V Everything For Your Party I L CARTER, PVUUVICIOV Elko, Nevada Phone 430 540 Idaho Street SHELL SERVICE STATION SHELL PRODUCTS Eitth and Idaho Elko, Nevada ELKO RADIO AND APPLIANCE CO. Guaranteed Radio Repair Jolin A Porter, Proprietor 427 Railroad Street Elko, Nevada ASSOCIATED STOVE AND FURNACE OILS Ellco, Nevada 0 0 Telephone 2 5 O 0 O Jim and Ed Gregory Congratulations to the CLASS OE I946 BEN'S NEW DEAL CLUB 548 Commercial Street 0 0 Elko, Nevada WHITE APPLIANCE COMPANY I 0 Furniture - Floor Covering - Maytag - Philco - Monarch - Westinghouse Sales and Service O 0 729 Idaho Street Elko, Nevada "l'll till you tull ot lead!" cried Joe Berrueta as he tilled his eversharp. George O.: My motor is at the door. Ray Sq Yeah, I hear it knocking, Junei My watch tell down the stairs yesterday. Shirleyi Did it hurt it? June: Not it was a vvinding staircase "MARY" Mary had a little lamp, She tilled it with benzine, She vvent to light her little lamp, And hasn't since benzinei THROUGH THE LENSES ' ' ' Poor little Andy! 4 Flag twirlers at half 4 Hello teacher! 4 Mr. Juinger 44 How'd Alyn get THERE? 4 Little Ida 4 Indian squaws -4 who'ya lookin' for Barb? 4 Three Sophs and a Frosh 4 Daily rest period 4 High on a pillar 4 Jack '4 Look at those PANTS would yall 4 Who lost the legs? 4 The morning after 44 Two close pals 4 Hi Lea! 4 SAY nowl 4 Loatin' again 4 Down Lover's Lane 4 Mr. Harbin -"'- Class of '46 in '36. Roy Hg The girls tell me his head is like a door knob Charles l?.1 Hard, huh? Roy H.: Navvl So easy to turn. An instructor gave a lecture at an insane asylum. He began by saying, "Why are vve here? Why are we here?" A nut at the back raised his hand and "Because we are not all here." TYPISTS HOLIDAY My typist has gone on hir holiday My tipyst has gohn on a spree, Mx Typish hap gone on hyr halidy, O gring bacq ml hypist tome. Bling bac? oK qring back Oh bynK bllck my tipisth tomi tume Brung bicq oglsling Back Oh Blynk ba"K mg T3 pys? to Odemn. Mr, Mills: When vve speak ot the seven seas let's be specific. Jo Uriate: Okayg you be Specific and l'll be Atlantic. VAN LEER AND HARRIMAN Elko, Nevada International Harvester Buick Sales and Service Phone 92 329 Idaho Street For Better Food Shop at S E W E L L ' S Meats and Groceries 3 550 ldaho Street Phone 234 A Elko, Nevada First Moroni What is the capital of Alaska? Second Moron: Juneau? First Moroni Nog what do you think I asked you tor? Ray G5 Bill, have you noticed the latest thing in men's clothing? Bill S3 Yes, vvomenl Bobby is so dumb he thinks a can opener is the key to the jail, Miss King: Can you tell me what a wattle is? Mildred S3 lt's a pancake with a non- skid tread. DR. L. D. SMITH Henderson Bank Building 9 9 Elko, Nevada Congratulations to the cmss OF 1946 W. N. BLOHM - Your Jeweler 384 Fourth Street Elko, Nevada Two ink spots were cryi-ng because their mother was in the pen, and they didn't know how long the sentence was going to be. Teacher: Junior, what is a niche in a church? Juniori It's just the same as an itch anywhere else, only you cannot scratch it in church. Joei How do they get the water in watermelons? Don: By planting them in the spring, l guessl Johnson: I caught a tish yesterday that weighed tive pounds, I pulled him out ot the water but he jumped back in. Berrueta: l-low do you know he weighed tive pounds? Johnson: l-le had his scales. ELKO STEAM LAUNDRY 6' DRY CLEANING Eirst-Class Work Guaranteed K4 We Call and Deliver Phone 354 Elko, Nevada ' v e 5 I , J J' , s l 1 8 J 7 PAINTS -W OILS' 1 ,, ' " .fl 1 I I n A GRAIN - IMPLEMENTS Everything in Fine Hardware MyMM 1-w , +1 W ,W fiflfgffiw 795 WW A. Wrrlrl 0. Phone 289 Elko County is the second largest in the State and third largest in the United States. lt embraces an area equal to the combined States ot Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island and New Jersey. It is one ot the richest agricultural counties in the nation, having several times ranked tirst in the nation in the value ot its products. Eormerly an important mining region with such camps as Tuscarora, Cornucopia, Midas, Spruce- mont, Aura, Columbia, Mountain City and Jarbidge: at the present time, Mountain City is the boom mining town ot Nevada. lts mineral production is still ot considerable importance. ln the Ruby Mountains, the largest and most rugged mountain mass in Nevada, can be tound some ot the tinest scenery in the State, The livestock industry in Elko County includes cattle raising, sheep raising, as well as considerable production ot thoroughbred horses. Elko, the county seat, is ideally located, being situated on two transcontinental railroads, one transcontinental airway and one transcontinental highway. The population is approximately eleven thousand, while the City ot Elko slightly exceeds tive thousand. X "You can always count on Us" cc W. A. ST lNSON is CQMPANY Km. ' Elko, Nevada iggsgtgiiiggii ,-1l,f. 'J' .- I .. A .V if mcg IT HAS BEEN OUR PLEASURE TO SERVE YOU DURING THE PAST YEARS- MAY WE TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY OF WISHING YOU SUCCESS ON YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS HEIHHIIQI co. JUST A SLIGHT DIFFERENCE.. Tennyson or Longfellow could take a worthless sheet of paper and Write on it and make it Worth IB5,ooo-Tlmfx Gcnizfx. There are some men who can write a few words on a sheet of paper and make it worth 325,000,000-Tflellis' Ctzpiml. The United States Government can take an ounce of silver and make it worth loo cents- Thtzfs Money. A mechanic can take material worth 355.00 and make it into watch springs worth lS5o.oo-That? Skill. A merchant can take an article worth 75 cents and sell it for l51.oo-Tlwfx Buxincxs. A ditch cligger works ten hours a day and handles several tons of earth for lS2.oo-That'.r Lfzlvor. I can write a check for a million dollars, hut it wouldnlt he worth a KIIITIC-ITIZLIZIJ' Tough. There are printers in Nevada who will tell you they can serve you as well as the Elko Independent- Thlzfs Nerve. Those who are posted and want the most intelligent help in preparing their printetl matter call Elko i75+Tlm1f'x Common Scnw. PWELK0 INPBEIZENDENTFFSET U GREMLINS AT PLAY ' ' ' Q llllli ...K ami 53' Having fun girls? It may be loaded Ah-ah-ah-ah-boys Look out Danny! Love it!! -' Brr! Old man winter again -- Murf and Bud -3 in Winnemucca - Careful there Donna A - Hold tight - Those Ioafing trosh! - Purty huh? -- Goodness Betty, how limber -W' The nose - H High on the snow - Lois and Tio Orejas -- Widdy D. B.'s in da waderll U- Alta and Danny, HUBBAH What d'ya see, Bobbie? -Whatcha doin' huh? - What's a matter Ronnie? 4 Hi Ya Hll!!! MMJQMMQKWQJ 7' M,,Mfi" R QJEWWEQJ ,AfC f INSURANCE E7 REAI. ESTATE TOBY'S RICHFIELD SERVICE ' 'Q A221226 , 60 D. M. JEWELIHP Room 302 LUBRICPCHON - WASHING Henderson Bank Building' BATTERY SERVICE R 'Q , O0 gif Euco, NEVWV Elko, Nevada E R RR QE Q is-1 fn Q, fl 5023-W 53' RNS Q ci-Q'-, RM R xiii? ff 22" mg, 3 A fy 7 9 U1 ix E74 -f RE1AA 425'-' C Lisa 33? 5 ,ea A -n 1 A in JN jx ' 'f W 4 Q 4 - U Q .9 'I " T RR vm, NL J E A RXQ, QNX J K 5 . ' ' ' 5 . FX . L X, - J XE hgh? ng QM! ner Q X553 Bookbinders 9 X ,X , Q ER 5 -Rf e E 2 JA' A avg X 1- I 1 4 ' R R ,R ,EJ R J ,R , . Hg R A fwg f E .R J R u . Q A 5 EX ' u .wx 'Q XV v X K5 HUTELHUTQ1 2' I 4 S 9"""'v:sw X X MEL HOTEL 1 11H"',E STOCKMENE E P bmw. Wwiife M , . .s' M' ' ff, . ' 0 I V Cfgxyl ,JY iz Qfibpfgzfigif .Ag -94 5 Chu I f ,rt ' Q Compiling miie 'in ook wo hgmhlglaftn I1 , uch more .J XJ difiieult task werf it Cnbmyxfor dhr u y r' 3 Vo l like tb Sue! Jdfwccipt' W4 i J W . 1 c X , ' n, x Srutitudesv r-J A J . ..,,.4 P YY J ll ' I Mrssfulia ol ! 7' lt occ r mpglleply t bu le ffl' -, 7 v k f- 'l :kj xxx xl Q l I 1 ,M 4 if C il Y ?.lEarl J" 3 h o n u 21 her 'help at a ti u 1' :rt no ice. C X ' X 1 x j ix , f N0 of-7 A Xl X' 6 1 mnd Mr P ar niwh se cell t cooperut'on na e ' t' t pl . . L F 'X X Wo with the Y ' l V X ' l W l xx X A gb ' 2 , K . . y i l' Mr. Lester Mil0l?JIr url Plfiintzen, cl' ry , a . est .xi 5 - .XX ',Brennen for kindly c ib 'ng various pi r W h ve se thr lg ut ' 11 A' Nthe book. ' r J . 5 3 fi" ' i" X .i Mr. Parent, sponsor oyzhe 194 B, . ' s yzyhi. le p f ' time. X A X 1 X I l i i A. Carlisle and Company for being derst :P1 'l an e us XX questions. 1 E' O The udvertis in is POP? W rough their putr nag ' oss le. 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Suggestions in the Elko High School - Pohob Yearbook (Elko, NV) collection:

Elko High School - Pohob Yearbook (Elko, NV) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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Elko High School - Pohob Yearbook (Elko, NV) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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Elko High School - Pohob Yearbook (Elko, NV) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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