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aj- .E N.: S .. Q-,, ' 4.1, H, - 'iff . - f ..,,x.. ,Auf , ,.,. ,Q-if xyam 15? tg.-. 'gf . -1 Q E' LSE!! ! li.: X GSW, I I Lomplled by THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF Elko County l-llglw Sclwool Elko Nevada Stanley Mour Editor Don Duffy Assistant Edrfor Max Wlgnall Business Manager Aaym Brennen SEEEEEESSEESSSSSSSEESEESSEmio-Edlfor Dedication Two thousand years ago in the httle Greek Island of Samothrace was created the emblem of WINGED VICTORY Throughout the centunes thrs symbol has we dedxcate th1S book 1n hope that She may soon speedy wmqs retum and rest eternally m our great land C I rested on many banners. To Her, ' ' , ' the , on I I Counlq H qlw School A D lSS'D A D l945 Through many trylng years the students and the tacultres of the Elko Hrgh School and the people of Elko have worked struggled and labored to make the school what lt IS today Thelrs IS a struggle of whrch they can be proud for the school has rrsen from a one-burldmg schoolhouse to a great educatronal rnstrtutton lt has become one of the pace makers of the state educatronal system Thxs year the Golden Annlversary of the Elko Hrgh School the staif proudly and approprlately chooses as a theme for th1s Pohob FIFTY YEARS OF PROGRESS commemoratrng the hltreth brrthday of the Elko County Hrgh School Prolog ue Ellco I . . - . ' . . , . , , , . , nf-L'1ir.e.iy. A B Q, V 1TopJ Five Horsemen . . . A WAC, A WAVE, A Marine . . . Hi Shorty! iLowerJ Not Too Rough Boys . . . Gable or Hulery? . . . The Thinkers? . . . Gruesome Twosome . . . Guess Who? . . . l:irstSemester Student Body Assembly-Sept. 5. Field Da and Senior-Freshman Get-to-gether Y dance-'Sept 15. Initiation of Fireside Circle-Sept. 19. Nominations for Yell Leaders-Sept. 21. Band and Grchestra party-Sept. 22. First issue of the Saga-Sept. 22. Harvest Bali-Sept. 30. Sophomore Class party--Oct. 7. G.A.A. Formal dance-Oct. 13. Second issue of Saga-Oct. 13. End of first Grading Period-Oct. 20. Junior Pay Dance-Oct. 20. Report Cards handed out-Oct. 24. Senior Assembly-Oct. 27 Senior Play, "Skidding"-Nov. 3. Interclass Basketball Tournament-Nov. Assembly for one act plays-Nov. 8. Sadie Hawkins dance-Nov. 10. Thanksgiving Festival-Nov. 18. Thanskgiving Vacation-Nov. 23. End ol second Grading Period-Dec. l. Report Cards handed out-Dec. 5. Senior Pay Dance-Dec. 9. Christmas Vacation-Dec. 15. Basketball game with Wells-lan. 5. Assembly for Speaker, Mrs. Fitch-Ian. 8. End of third Grading Period and First Semester-Ian. 26. Pep Assembly-Ian. 26. Basketball game with Winnemucca- Ian. 26 and 27. Assembly for Speaker, Mr. Harris-lan. 29 Report cards handed out--Ian. 30. CA EN DAR Second Semester Basketball game w1th Ely Feb 2 and 3 Sentor Pay Dance Feb 3 Freshman Class Party Feb 24 Drstrxct Basketball Toarnament March l 2 and 3 Block E Dance March 3 Dtstrtct Oratorlcal Contest March 7 Musical Fxrestde Recttal March 9 Fmrst Gradtnq Perxod Ends March 9 Report cards handed out March 13 All School Play Professor How Could You' March 23 Iumor Prom March 24 Saga on sale-March 28 Easter Vacatlon Ma ch 29 A se'r spe re GllCVl lst Apr Sentor Dttch Day April 5 M s Depa tment Pa ty Aprll 6 Varsity Show Aprll 20 Second Gradtnq Pertod Ends Aprxl Report cards handed out Apr1l 24 lunlor Play May 18 Semor De Laur ola Banquet May Memorxal Day Vacatton May 29 Semor Ball june 2 Baccalaureate EXGICISGS Iune 3 Commencement lune 6 Whitey the wut The Quartorbnck D" """""" D" Emu wrm. an. MINI' Girls? non vour own n Memoriam FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT President ot The United States oi Amenca IOSEPH PLAZA Lieutenant United State Army Arr Forces IOSEPH I GREGORY Lreutenant United States Army MAURICE MCBRIDE Ensrqn Umted States Naval Arr Forces DONALD HENNEN Prrvate United States Army LARRY SWISHER Prrvate United States Army HARVEY IOHNSON Lreutenant Unrted States Army Arr Forces IERRY BARNES Private Unrted States Army RICHARD PRUNTY Lreutenant bnrted States Army Arr Forces CHARLES HINTON Pnvate Umted States Army PETE ETCI-IEPARE Private Umted States Army WAYNE WISE Serqeant Umted States Army Arr Forces Mxssrnq In Action EDWARD BUTLER Lieutenant United States Army Atr Forces Mrssmq In Action BLAINE WINES Prrvate Umted States Army Mtssrnq In Action ADRIAN MARILUCH Prxvate Umted States Army Mxsstnq In Actmon ELI PINTAR Ensrqn United State Naval A Missing In Action tr Forces 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . . y . . 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 . 11 1 11 . . 11 1 11 . 11 1 1 11 . 1 11 1 11 11 ADMINISTRATICDN f' f X , . N , I 1' Foreword W I y cmd mcffily UVII mn 41 remember F mn mv e J' Enzo ri1,n L wa 2 euteci v ew Crwvg 1 hind qc, lookmq FQ, h A L M ffwd rv I :Gyms when "Lip Lune this 'mrlulnie IH 'L X .X A ' if Calf? the yum' -,P ' ' for your bee. 1143 is .til io 51, he plastic s.11x15a:'y' an y '.', ur pi::t:'re, , mis ' . 1Iif,w'm,.I stgdy of Iii q "" qchcf ,.. Q 7 ef ' - ie ' '1 of -1 A, 311.11 Qrgitw the Q it This year, we, the students of Elko High School, are indeed for- tunate in having as principal a mam with the ability to do well the Job he has undertaken It 1S he who aids us in solving the perpetual social problems that arise during our school years lt is through his foresight that upon our graduation we will be able to go forth into society and con quer and defeat any problems that may arise To Mr Neil R Iones newly inaugurated prmci pal of Elko High School go our best wishes for a prosperous and successful term of office NEIL R JONES Pmcupat mc1pal9s Message To the Class of 1945 Something hidden Go and find it Go and look behind the Ranges Something lost behind the Ranges Lost and waiting for you Go Kiplmq Since early in your grammar school days you have been preparing your selves for the school year of which the the publication ot this book marks the close you have planned has been reached and as you read this page you will be ready to enter that phase of your life which will lead to adulthood and to maturity The broad course of study which you have followed in high school has been designed to do two things for you The first is to give you some knowledge of the world its resources its limitations its governments its sciences and its voca tions The second is to give you some knowledge of yourselves your capacities and your abilities which will guide you in determining that phase of our complex life you will best fit into To the same extent that we have succeeded in the development of these two aims and to the same extent that you have accepted your responsibility in the mastery of your assignments you will succeed The tact that you are about to graduate from this high school is an indica tion that we have faith in your ability to originate cmd execute plans for your future growth and development With our faith also go our kindest thoughts and our sincere best wishes for your success NEIL R JONES MR. . , ' ' C O From your standpoint, the primary goal of which you have dreamed and for which QU' N EIL R. JON ES Principal 5 J. H. GENNETTE President One of the most strenuous jobs in the undertaking of our high school education is that of the School Board. Their diffi- ' cult job, which has been made even more difficult by wartime conditions, h again been done zealously and ardently. School Board F H. A. AGEE Member VERLE NORQUIST Secretary to Principal MRS. MILDRED B. STOUT Secretary yn--gg.. RUTH BOWERS Girl s Xthletn s Sponsor l GA A Innersltw of L ax Dnnersitx of Ltah Summer Session 5' MILDRED GILMER Mathematics. Sponsor: Student Council. B.A. Monmouth College. University of Kansas. Columbia Teacher' s College. University of Chicago. University of California. University of VVa.shington. ROBERT BROME nf: ish Ili im lllfS Sponsor A-.seinhly Irogram tommittet I ngllsh Nl 1-,quo Ind Gavel F X Nebr tsl L State Teach cr s C ol egc Colorado State College f hduratlon Schutt hrasna School of Pro fessional Writing C DONALD PARENT Languages. Sponsor: Pohob. B. A, Linfield College. University of California.. University of Washington. University of Southern Cali- fornla. Faculty ECIL FURR Music History Mathematics Sponsor Assembly Program Committee B A Arizona State Teachers College University of Arizona Brigham Young University University of Utah 41" Faculty WALTER HUNZICKER M a n u al Arts, Mechanical Drawing, Sponsor: Welfare Committee. B. S. Kansas State Teacher's College. Kansas State Teachefs Col- legre, Pittsburg, Kansas. University of Missouri. CAROLINE MARKEY Commercial. Sponsorz Executive Commit- tee. Wisconsin State Teacher's College. University of VVisconsln. University of Vvyomlnfz. Teachers' University of Busi- ness, Indiana. 1 DELPHINA GOICOECHEA Hrmiu Yicuiioiiiics. Sponsllr, Vik-lfzire C'ommit ee Firnfsilln- l1ll'k'll!. ILS. lvfllVL'l'Fllj' of Nz-vudm Univcrsity of Utah. LESTER MILLS S o 1' i al Science, American History. Sponsor: De Laureola, B. A., M. A. College of Pa- cific. University of California. .qw-if ISABEL WILLIAMS lngllsh Faculty 4 41-1 aw' Sponsor Welfare Commlttee A lmxersltx uf Illin Lmversxty of Nuxda WILLARD WEAVER Boys Athwtlco Sponsor Block E 1 ltw 'NQYH I nnerslty of ialxfornla LIIIVEFSIIS of Southern Call forma ROYLE ROWE Science. Sponsor: Student Council, Ep- silon Sigma Chi. B. A., M. A. University of Montana. Eastern Montana Teacher's College, Oklahoma Northeastern State Teacher's College. MARJORIE WITNACK Englxsh Lzbrars Sponsor Sage-bruxlx Saga A -X lnlxerslty 0 ebraska li.. QW? KR Vi vacuum, Student Government ube our able chlef executive dld swell job friend of everyone hat still fits his head really a swell 'I qu JAMES WRIGHT Student Body President Our student body officers Iames Wriqht president Lorraine Paoletti vlce president Iune Davidson secretary and Rosle Iayo treasurer have worked hard to serve the student body who elected them in May of 1944 Throuqh their excellent leadership and management of school affairs, better school spirit has been developed and school activities are looked upon with more enthusiasm They have served the student body well and have made this school year one which will never be forqotten .M xg Q . se, - 5' r Qi 1' U IAME8 WRIGHT 4, . Y. 1 r 3 Student Government '05 Sm Kr'-J-1 .1 LORRAINE PAOLETTI Vlce Prllldonl LOHRAINE PAOLETITI Lor czme hard work nq vxce 1 relclent hell ed lun C1 lot hel od mmm ill yen suc cesslul always on Job everyone TUNE DAVIDSON worked hard well lxked by JUNE DAVIDSON Secretary ROSE IAYO Rosie kept track of schools money carried heavy job on her shoulders always smiling well llked by everyone ROS I E JAYO Treasurer 7' . H' N-q 036i I N W 1 51.6 J "' ' 4 li ff - kg A Y! l "JJ" -ly., wr- V " ll ' p 'ers ,r V 4 5 : " , Q- K F ' Iunie . . . secretory . . . kept mmutes . . . 'S .. ' il ,'E fi B. - 1 A .,., ,sa Q v ,l . . l Q , E E 2 f UI s 2 ' Student: Council Granting student body awards, electing a Poliob editor, and making necessary changes in the school constitution are all a day's work for this committee. Consisting of our student body officers, the four class presidents, and two representatives from each class, this group is untorgettable for the pleasure they have brought about in school this year. tstandingl Ray Scott, Alvln McCuistion, Josephine Urlarte, Barbara Kennedy, Bob Lynch, Betty Deiweiler, Ruth Merrian, Chris Hernandez, Richard Harmer. tSeaiedJ Bob McFarlane, Rosie Jayo, James Wright., Lorraine Paoletti, June Davidson, Jerry Sullivan, Danny Evans. fl l .v" 4 , fStandnngJ Jerry Sulluvan June Davidson Ray Scott James Wrlqht Lor-rame Paolettl Rosie Jayo Executive Committee Thls qroup 1S the qovemmq body of the school They arrange the calendar of school events and are ln charge of all campus actxvxtres durmq the year Student Body Presrdent Wrlqht presxded over the commxttee wh1ch is composed of our student body officers and the presxdenls of each class Mr Iones sponsored ihe group D P' K' "5""QR -gm anny Evans Bob McFarlane iseatedy Mass Ye' Markey QAUVIIOFQ pn. Assembly Program Committee The duties ot this committee are preparing and carryinq out a com- plete and accurate assembly calendar, and arranqinq assemblies and enter- tainrnent for the school year. The Executive Committee, the vice president of each class and two sponsors comprise this orqanization. CStandingJ Jerry Sullivan, Jayo, James Wright, Bob McFarlane, Don Duffy, Richard Williams. 1SeatedJ Douglas McVae, Ray Scott Lorraine Paoletti, June Davidson, Carmen Gregory, Danny Evans. lim. 'Z'- ui L.: 1 -'T TT fo' Welfare Committee Prornotmq qood w1l1 cmd he1,.1nq new students crcqucunt themselves wlth the school are the Chlef dutres of thrs group Representatives from eczch class crre crppomted by the student body pres1dent to serve on thts commtttee Through the work of thxs comrnrttee Elko Hrqh School has become known czs one of Nevczdcxs most noted hosts CStandmgb Patrlcla De Groat Rosle Jayo John Patterson Gedney Gallagher Shlrley Keller June Davidson Lorrame h Ad J Wrl ht Mrs Paolettl Gene Wunderluch fseatedj Tom Smales Vernon George Mlss Golcoec ea Q vnsorj ames g Wnlllarns QAUVISOFJ Beverly Berger Us r tw, .. L W ee . Pii Election Board " 9? :igift 4 sf 2.i'f'.:-iw, tj 'rw' --1 1 N: 5 Uimilfli - "2 E 0' 7 1 xf' ' .41 Lorraine Paoletti, Alvln McCuistion, .lames Wright, June Davidson, Donna Galllard, Bob Lynch. A new student government committee, organized this year, Whose duties are mainly to count posed of three student body student body president. Music Committee The second new student govern- ment body organized this year is the Music Committee. Supervising all musical activities carried on dur- inq the year, it is composed of repre- sentatives of the Band, Orchestra and the Glee Club. votes during any student election. It is com- officers, and three representatives picked by the Yvonne Sanslnena, Ida Bess Sanderson, Alvin McCuistion, Adele Mahan, Max Wlgnali. he ,, 3. ' 5 3 rgohm OQGAIXIIZATICDNS ,Q X I Pohob Staff ll STANLEY MOUR Edliol' -B M19-A MAX WIGNALL Buelneu Manager DON FIELDS Alslltant Edlior Prmtmq a yearbook durmq a war proved almost tmposslble all might emoy At tunes thmqs looked very dark and 1f 1t were not for Mr Parent our sponsor thxs book mtqht have never reached you Many thanks qo also to Dorothy Gennette Henry Samper and Don Peterson w1thout whose help th1s book could never have been published fSeatedJ Max Wlgnall Don Fnelda Stanley Mour Mr Parent 4AdvlaorJ Alyn Brennan fstnndlngj Adele Mahan Shlrley Keller Theo Henry Evelyn Lopez Carroll Wmen Lorralne Paolettl Gene Wunderllch Bob Lynch p r l i l 'J N44 1 O : ., 15' 1 l F H ,V this year. The staff has worked extremely hard to make a book that ' -N x . I 1 , E l l mf 5 Btn D 2 . Q M W' -, l I Q WC A .5 4' , I . 5 A 4 I, ' L I 1 S 'V 5 f X J. . , 'A Q x u I P l RICHARD COMES Gene Anderson fvuce PFCSIUCHQQ Coach Weaver fSpon aorj Manford Glock LPresndentJ Vernon George 4Secretary Treasurerj Block E an honorary athletrc socrety under sponsorshrp of Coach Weaver had a very successful year They were rn charqe of the Freshmen Freld Day and the rnterclass basketball tourncrment cmd put on a very successful dance durrnq the zone rouma ment Maniord Glock presldent and Gene Anderson VICG presrdent left for the armed forces leavrnq thelr Jobs to Vemon George secretary JAMES WRIGHT VERNON GEORGE A L ,Ihre ., an Block E an 41' MAN FORD GLOCK, Prelldoni GENE ANDERSON '42 in' BILL SMALES "' PN Pep N -PNQ1 Dorothy Gennette fPresidentJ, Teruko Oki fVice Presidentl, Mile Bowers CAdvisorj. P "Us I i z l l 5 The Pep "E" added much life and variety to the basketball , games this year by entertaininq during the halves. They put on a 5 ' i number of excellent pep assemblies, and all were enjoyed by the g DOROTHY GENNETTE, President lstandlngj Leora Harris, Dorothy Garteiz, Joy Stod- dard, Rosalie Enke, Doris Kennedy, Betty Getz. 1KneeIIngl Frances Rose, LaVon Shelton, Gorothy Gennette, Evelyn Lopez, Donna Maa- sle, June Davidson. entire student body. Officers of the club were: Dorothy Gennette, 3 president: Teruko Oki, scribe: and Miss Bowers, sponsor. l l l i i istandlngj lda Bees Sanderson, Teruko Oki, Ruth l Rickenbach, Ruth Merr-Ian, Shirley Keller, l Alice Olavarrla. fKneellngl Rolie Jayo, Billy Q Rae Peters, Mary Peters, Peggy Morne, Ethel L Jones. I l 5 f" P Q D Laureola De Laureola IS an honorary hlstory SOCIETY open to all who have an average of B m h1SYOI'Y and an average of erqht honor pomts for each semester m school They had charge of the Saga the school paper and thelr Sadxe Haw kms Day Dance was tops "w g Q5 1' 41' Donorr-lv au RN ER President Lstandmgl Teruko Ok: John Patterson John Bnegler Mr Malls fAdVISOI', Don Fields Bob Lynch Jerry Sul llvan fseatedp Roaalue Enke, Dorls Kennedy Dorothy Burner Rosle Jayo ,-q.-pq gf? Dorothy Gartelz fTreasurerl, Dorothy Gennette fVlC0 Presl dentj Mun Bowen Ukdvlnory Alice Gablola Csecretaryj, La.Von Shelion CHealth Offlcery Thxs group lS composed of all qxrls mterested m athletics They have competitive indoor spods, and put G A A on a girls lnterclass tournament They also put on an excellent formal dance at the beqinnlnq of the school year Miss Bowers ls the groups sponsor SENIOR TEAM Roaahe Enke Teruko Ok: Frances Rose, Doris Kennedy Theo Henry, Bnllne Rae Peters Evelyn Lopez Rome Jayo Lor ralne Paolettl, Allce Gablola, Leora Harris, Dorothy Gennette Dorothy Burner ,K A , Q K hksx I I I - OARM EN GREGORY, President O 0 O ' JUNIOR TEAM fTop rowj Kneola Woolverton, Betty Yates, Dorothy Garteiz, Dolores Bena. Csecond rowj Marjorie Montrose, Vlrginia Overton, Mar-jory Aguirre, LaVon Shelton, Lea Glaser. 1Bottom rowp Ruth Merrian, June Davidson, Betty Getz, Donna Mas- sie. The Junior team won the interclass cham- pionship in both basketball and volley-ball. SOPHOMORE TEAM fTop rowj Wanda Banks, Doris Quilici, Lois Torger- son, Dorothy Hulery. fsecond rowl Dorothy Ber- ruetta, Opal Smithwick, Donna Gaillard, Beverly Bell. CBottom rowb Alta Rickenbach, Shirley Combs, Josephine Uriarte, Betty Perry. l i bi s CTOP if K H I' l!gl A Q . 4, 'Q' f , , I A X I g UI f FRESHMEN TEAM rowi Irons Gorham, LaVerno Kern, Roberta Knight, Lucille Heaton, Patricia DeGnoat, Marllyn Manoa, Gwynn Morgan, Nancy Badt, LaVerna Crosson. fSeeond rowj Rita Zunino, Betty Jane Kendall, Betty Lou Bowera, Barbara Kennedy, Marjorie Yohn, Betty Gabiola, Adelina Vasquez, Elsie McKnight., Marilyn Maseie, Shirley Hunts- man. fBottom rowj Rosalie Berkowitz, Irene Meaeerly, Blodwen Smith, Lola Overton, Peggy Lower, Eleanor Rodriguez, Rosemarie Hawkins, Betty Jones, Patricia Hunzicker. ll' 5' :1 Y 6- V 5 1 7 -1 ' ". 5 -3 .. L - -Y Fureslcle Clrcle TH EO H EN RY President 1st Semester ir MISS GOICOECHEA, Sponsor 9 W ALTA RICKENBACH President 2nd Semester Sponsormq the annual Harvest Ball and qivinq several faculty teas were some of the many acttvities enioyed by this qroup Under Miss Goicoechea their sponsor, they also enjoyed a number of bowling parties and pxcnlcs Membership ts open to all Home Economxcs students Qstandinqy Eleanor Rodriguez Patrlcls De Groot, Betty Jones, Cecllla Maretoll, Peggy Morse, Evelyn Lopez, Msrjorce Yohn, LaVerne Crosson Mlss Gol coeches fsponsorj Wanda Banks, Dorothy Berrueta, Catherme Hlnton, Gwynn Morgan Dons Qullvcn Theo Henry fSestedt Alta Rlckenbach Rosemarie Hawkms Marulyn Msssle Rosle Jayo, Shirley Combs Mary Aluca Jardme Betty Lou Bowers Shnrle Huntsman Glorls Stoddard Maddllne Morse Roberta Kmght, LaVel-ne ern Rlta Zunlno, Josephlne Urlarte Aw 3 o e ' -as Q x f' I 'V'V f 6 12 , Q' I ' f ft ' 'fa l " ' .,, I ' 4, ' . U. A AM M '- TERUKO OKI Vlce Presldent MR ROWE Advlso DON DU FFY Prnldent an Epsilon Sigma Chl Newest of the school orqdnlzomons s Epsllon Slqmcx Ch1 the scxence club They mee. the lxrsl and FFT thlrd Mondczys of each month under sponsorshxp of Mr Rowe Don Duffy IS presxdent Teruko Okl vlce presx dent cmd Bob Lynch IS secretory KTOP CTop rowj Ball Bartlett Mnlton Badt John Patterson, George Hanks, John Tewell Frank Peters fSecond rowb Maru lyn Manca, Nancy Badt Rosalle Berkowltz, Marilyn Patterson, Marllyn Maasne Mae Gregory LSeatedJ Lee McCulstlon, Don Peterson, Rlchard Herberth George Boucher, Tom Smales row! Jack Murphy, Don Duffy Stanley Mour, Gedney Gallagher fSecond row! George Ogllvle Ferne Peters, Mary Peters, CCCIIIB Maretoll Catherlne Hinton M Rowe qAdvleorJ Qseatedl Allce Bartlett Ruta Zunmo, Teruko Okl, Betty Perry, Beverly Bell 1 l . ' I' . - . A. I V Q O . 'QQ . ' ' j 4 ff ,, , . A 4 .3 1' , . V ' I I - , . , . ' I . . .- x A. .. . ' , u . , , N ' . 1 , 2 f , . , .J 5 ' ' " l x l Q 1 Q N - 1 'I I , Af ' . ' N - V ,Alf . l l ..' . ' . r' 'Y ' I n I 9 N Sagebrush Saga ROSALIE ENKE TERUKO OK1 Assistant Editor Art Director Sponsored by De Laureola, and under the super- vision of Miss Whitnack, the Saqa dispensed novel news and clever quips for the student body. Dorothy Burner did the editing, with Rosalie Enke and Teruko Oki as assistants. 1-41' i of ,f wi DOROTHY BURNER, Editor fstandingj Evelyn Lopez, Don Duffy, Fances Rose, Teruko Oki, Theo Henry, Jerry Sullivan, Dorothy Gartelz, June Davidson, John Patterson, Bob Lynch, John Biegler. iseatedj Rosalie Enke, Dorothy Burner, Mlss Whltnack iAdvisorp, Rosie Jayo, Doris Kennedy. "i,,, .' ' I X ,713 Q- . 5 ,g ,f , at W, ' 'Y DON FIELDS Captain ALVIN MCCUISTION Captain Band The Elko High School Band under their new director, Mr. Furr, had a very successful year. They put on the annual Thanl-csqiving Festival, and presented a spring concert. Each was greatly enjoyed by the pub- lic. Until the army called, Don Fields was president, and now the job is being handled successfully by Alvin Mccuistlon. ELKO COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL BAND English Appeczrrnq rn cn least srx acts ol school plays enmles one to wear the Enqhsh E Thus rs Q dlffrcult honor to obtorn The group has no ofhcers and Mr Brome rs sponsor Bob Lynch iseatedl Catherlne Zunmo Evelyn Lopez Lorraine Paolettl Gedney Gallagher, Rosalie En e Yvonne Sansanena June Davidson 0 U U Kstandlngj Jerry Sullivan, Frances Rose, Shirley Keller, Don Fields, Ruth Merrian, Leora Harrls, Betty Detweller ' . . ' I . ., . k Pep Band Carrymq on from last year the Pep Band had a fruttful season lt ts dlrected by Mr Furr and the members are selected from the Concert Band Thus qroup played dunnq the basketball qames and enter tamed at assembltes They also put on a most amustnq Varsity Show m cooperatlon wtth the Pohob MR FURR Director C8tandmgJ Mr Furr qDIrectorl Adele Mahan Nllea Storee Edward Hank: Betty Lou Bowers, Lee MCC!-IIIQIOH Rtchard Wllllame LeRoy Cunmngham Shurley Keller, Alvln McCuIatlon Charlea Perry Tom Smalea fseatedb Beverly Bell Lola Over ton, Max Wlgnall Don Fuelda, Patrucla Hunzlcker Laverne Crouon, Betty Getz, Danny Evana, Donna Gaulard Betty Perry , . . I I I . I I ' 'I I ' I I I I l I ' - I ' . . , , . Q . Q , , 4 -. . v J L v l ' 1 g I V Orchestra The orchestra has qrven a number of concerts for the publrc and has entertaxned durxnq several plays qrven by the drarnatlcs department They also had several Musrcal F1res1des and numerous partres whlch were emoyed by all MILTON BADT President Hunzlcker, LaVerne Crosson Adele Mahan, Nancy Badt, Shlrley Keller 1Second rowy Mae Gregory, Betty Lou Bowers Patricia De Groat Alvin McCunstlon, Charles Perry Donna Galllard Betty Perry, Dick Williams, Beverly Bell fLast rowj Lee McCulstlon, LeRoy Cunnmgham, Niles Stores, LaVon Shelton, Ida Bess Sanderson, Mr Furr, QDlrectorj A P , ff ' 'Q' my r l ' 1 E , fFirst rowl. Milton Badt, Erwln Vaughan, Barbara Kennedy, Tom Smales, Pairlcia , Majorettes Adding life and color to the marching band were the majorettes. They put on intricate maneuvers during halves at the basketball garnes, and added color to the pep assemblies by performing their stunts. The group was headed by Ida Bess Sanderson, lead maiorette. IDA BESS SANDERSON Head Majorette Alta Rlckenbach, Betty Perry, Dorothy Garteiz, Ida Bees Sanderson, Dolores Bena, Betty Lou Bowers, Shirley Combs. Glee Club Entertalntnq the public and school was the chief job of this larqe qroup of girls. Under Mr. Furr's direction the glee club contributed to the Thanksqxvtnq Festrvczl the Varszty Show cmd many other performances with a great deal of success GIRLS GLEE CLUB , Wilt RUTH RICKENBACH Preaxdent i ff 48-A ATHLETICS Y X f, x X .,.Z I 1' ,xiii Managers Hinnnqg Altnouqh handtcapped by the war Coach Weaver S1111 managed to brxnq hxs team to vtctory In thls he was ably unttl lacks departure to the Navy Ray GOICOQ then took over and qave a very excellent periormance MR WEAVER Athletic Coach RAY GOICOA JACK SMALES Senior Manager Sensor Manager 2nd Semester 1st Semester 'J effi- 1 - assisted by lack Smale-s, senior manager, . .L 4 , ' i Basketball The basketball season l.h1S year slarfed wrth a dark out look Elko was handed three defeats by Vlfhrte Pxne and one by Winnemucca We soon recovered however and were runner up team mn the Eastern Zone Tournament At the State Tournarnent at Las Vegas we defeated the powerful Stewart lnclxans and succeed ed in QG11'11I'1q the consolatxon pnze fStandlngJ Max Wlgnall Bull Hlggmu Coach Weaver Edward Johnson Joe Berrueta James Wrnghts Qrinaellngj Gene Wundorhch Maurice Marlluch Martm Hachquet Gene Anderson Bull mnet ' I fl - I - l' v ' l v l v ' 1 n , ' v 1 I I , 4 Q 4 ,, sl.. I o 3 . 1 Q vt I 2 .u M! . .. . I Q' . ! . Manford Glock Forward am Higgins Center Edward Johnson Center Because of his outstanding play throughout the State Tournament, E1ko's Sophomore guard, Bill Hig- gins, was named on the all-state team. Both he and the , James Wrnght rest of the team deserve a great deal of credit for the Gund showing they made. QBottom row, loft to right! Martin Hachquet, Guardg Joe Berrueta, Forward: BIII Smates, For- ward: Max Wignall, Forward. .4 Gene Wundertich Guard Maurlce Marituch Guard Gene Anderson Forward 'ir 2: 5, IBNUAHY 5-Wells 25. Elko 42. Meeting Wells for their first game ol the season, Elko came through with flying colors. Playing smooth ball all the way, the lndzans were able to defeat the Leopards with compara- tive ease. JANUARY 12-Carlin 20. Elko 35. Leading up to the third quarter, the Rails roaders, showing fine style, were not able to check Elko's brilliant rally, staged in the third quarter. Although they fought hard, they were not able to make the "grade", and were defeat- ed fifteen points. Basketball IANUARY 19-White Pine 53. Elko 32. Elko invaded Ely for a two game series. Meeting a determined squad of Bobcats, the Elko boys met a hard defeat. Never once threatened, the Ely squad trounced Elko 21 points. IANUARY 20-White Pine 44, Elko 26. Bitter from their defeat the night before, Elko staked a comeback but were turned back by White Pine. Playing hard all the way, Elko still could not come up to the highly-rated Bobcats, and when the final hom sounded, Elko had met their second defeat of the season. IANUARY 26-Wlnnemucca 32, Elko 52. Meeting their friendly rivals on our home Alice Glblola, Lorraine court, Elko was able to defeat Winnemucca with comparative ease. Although the score was tied up to the third quarter, Elko pulled away from their rivals, snowing them under 20 points. Paolottl QHGIUI, Dolores Bona s V-X SD' Cheer Leaders Adding pep and stamina to the cheering section this year were Lorraine Paoletti, cheer leader, Alice Gabiola and Dolores Bena, assistant cheer leaders. Much credit is due to these girls for their building of a great school spirit this year. IANUARY 27--Winnemucccx 33, Elko 26. Returning the second night of the series, Winnemucca staged a brilliant comeback. Tak- ing the spotlight at the second halt, they defeated the lndians to the tune of 33 to 26. FEBRUARY 2-White Pine 49, Elko 54. Playing host to the White Pine team, the Elko hoopmen played smooth and brilliant ball. A close game all the way, Elko was able to obtain a lead in the fourth quarter and keep it. Desperately trying to catch Elko, White Pine was downed by a smooth, accurate Elko team, FEBRUARY 3-White Pine 53, Elko 45. Smarting from their defeat the ,night before. White Pine, exceedingly accurate in their shots, walked over a tired team of Indians. Twine hard, Elko was never able to catch their rivals, and the game resulted tn a defeat tor Elko. FEBRUARY 9-Carlin 23, Elko 47. Carlin invaded Elko, meeting a hard and determined Elko squad. At the peak of the season, the Railroaders met a hard defeat at the hands of Elko. FEBRUARY 10-Wells 17, Elko 43. ln a one-sided game, the Wells Leopards were beaten by Elko. Losing their lead in the second quarter they were lost. With Manford Glock high-point man, the Indians rode on to smooth victory. - FEBRUARY 16-Wlnnefmucca 24. Elko 31. Winding up their regular basketball season with a two game series with Winnemucca, Elko pinned the Buckaroos seven points in a close, hard fought game. FEBRUARY 17-Wlnnomucca 29. Elko 46. Not able to check the accuracy and cool- ness shown by Elko, Winnemucca suffered a second defeat in a two-qarne series, 29 to 46, a game much closer than the score would in- dicate. Zone Tournament MARCH l-Winnemucca 32. Elko 62. Meeting Winnemucca in their first game of the Eastern Zone Toumament, the Indians dis- played championship form rolling over the Buckaroos. By virtue of this win, Elko qualified for the State Tournament in Las Vegas. if 'Q A MARCH 3-White Pino 50. Elko 31. White Pine upset the highly touted Indians in the championship game of the tournament. Although a close game, Elko was never able to catch their opponents, and White Pine rode on to capture the Zone Title. State Tournament MARCH 15-Reno 50, Elko 20. Drawing Reno for the first game of the State Tournament, Elko was outrated from the start. The boys put up a splendid fight, but bowed to a powerful Huskie team. Elko now qualified to play in the consolation semi-finals. MARCH 16-Hawthorne 27, Elko 48. Hitting a fast pace, the Indians turned back the Serpents, and held a substantial lead throughout. This win placed Elko in the conso- lation finals. MARCH 17-Stewart 33. Elko 34. Elko met the highly rated Stewart Indians in the consolation finals. A close game all the way, the sounding of the ftnal horn showed a tie score. An overtime period was necessary. and during the period, Anderson, Elko forward, dropped a free throw, giving consolation honors to Elko. lnterclass Basketball O The Senior Outlaws won the interclass basket- ball trophy after u hard-fought battle with the Iuniors. Kstandlngl Ray Merkeley, Ray Brower, Vernon George, Jack Smalea, Edward Hanks, Paul Vlzina, Henry Aguirre, Carroll Wines. 1Kneollngj Jerry Sulllvan, James Ford, Maurice Marlluch, Max Wignall, Gene Wundorlich. 49 ml 1 , , fr 'SUR .v ,i , ' 74 r ., M , is Wy, r XE Y ffl? . , Qf CLASSES ff I ,f X 1 fl ll EAGLE PATROL . . The Dorm . . . 'MVWY wHAT's COOKING, DELPHI 'tif SWOONATRA GUESS WHO? . . . 3 QQ 1 I TICO TICO IN A TURBAN -f- nw 5 A Ag - V " ,, V93 Nr. Y. FIELD DAY FROLICS ' 1-fa Ax-. 2 mg: gf ,R I 5133 A DRIP 6. 3 DROPS WHATS WRONG, OH, NOH!! RICHARD? Freshmen 5? e 1 in ff- if ! I Nancy Bad! 4Secretary-Treasureri, Chrla Hernandez Uhpreoentl tivej, Danny Evans QP:-enldentj, Richard William: 1Vica Preaidentb, Barbara Kennedy Uieprenentatlvey. The ireshmen entering school last fall under the sophomore yoke returned on Field Day the hazing given t.hem by the sopho- mores. They had a very nice class party in the gym, and are anxiously awaiting their picnic. Martin Hachquet, the only freshman of the basketball team, had a very outstanding season. Officers for the year were: Danny Evans, president: Richard Williams, vice president: Nancy Badt, secretary-treasurer: and Chris Hernandez and Barbara Kennedy, representatives. CStandmgj Marjorie Yohn Bill Wright, Jennie Tewell, Adelina Vas- quez Dan Wright Gloria Stoddard. lKnouIingl Jack Smith, Blodwen Smith James Salla, Rita Zunlno. fff 'X N e C 577 Alqiy fStandingJ Don Peterson, Eleanor Rodriguez, Elizabeth Finny, Bar- bara Metxler, Jacqueline Pender. Richard Rodriguez. 4KneeIlngJ Thel- ma Peters, Marilyn Patterson, Lola Overton, Gwynn Morgan, Patricia Robertson, Irene Meuerly. BOYS flefft to rlghty Bill Bartleti, Vernon Chapin, George Boucher, Wally Cukey, Ray Barainca, Guy Aguirre, Norman Brown, George Atwood. GIRLS Cleft to righty Alice Bartlett, Rosalie Berkowitz, Donna Barkdull, Nancy Badt, Betty Lou Bowers, Laverne Crosson. ' A Nelson Prentice, Dlck Williams, Doug. las Savage, Frank Peters, Charles Sweetwood, Louie Urilrte, Leland Rood, Robert Sautter, Tom Smales. N Leslie McDermott, Cecilia Maretoli. Marilyn Manca, Laverne Kern. Roberta Knight, Don Lesbo, Elsie McKnight. Barbara Kennedy, Mari- lyn Massie, Peggy Lower, Lee Mc- Cuistlon. -ns f8ack row! Lee Griswold, Mae Gree- ory, Betty Jane Kendall, Lucile Heaton, Floeemarle Hawkins, Bill Hazlett, Richard I-lerberth. U-'ront rowj Richard Hazen, Chrle Hernan- dez, Dick Jardine, Shirley Huntl- man, Betty Jones, Patrlcla Hun- xlcker, Martin Hachquet. K I K Q , 'Fill' ff ' 'ft' Mc' - 'Q "Im -..,f,v. "J qw, , F417 .. sr-fi W i g. 'Wi Jerry Forbes. Bob Ernaut, Betty Gabiola, Roy Fra- tlni, Danny Evans, Rosemarie Front- zen, Patricia DeGroat, Jack Eck- V man, Gary George, Irene Gorham, ---- nun Q.. K X pf" 1 '-"4 1 . he vi z ...- 5 Ra Scott, gresident Douglas McVae Vice President Dori: Quilicl Sec'y-Treas. Josephine Urlarte Richard Harmer Representatives Sopliomores Tho szoplioriiciivm' made this year an cnioyahlf- cn--. They were rep- resented in fill s 'liool affairs. The-ir fgariilzfiiizfe ici' HQ.r'.'e:-' Ball Queen, losze Uriarte, won by a maiority of votes. Bill Hiciqins. the sopho- more basketball star, made all- state. Their class party was a great success, and the beating they handed the freshmen on "Field Day" was out of this world. Their officers were: Ray Scott, president: Douglas McVae, vice president Doris Qxzilici, secretary- treasurer: losie Uriarte and Rich- ard Harrner, representatives. This is the class to keep your eyes on, they will make Elko High proud of them. , Q Q 'MSI nhl .emi won I, ur- L. T , " e i L' I I ': l ' l . K , I" J kv- X ' ' ,- S , if X 5 in R' 1 It - 'f JKT-JE i. f - . -iw-.9 fstandingj Don Anderson, Dorothy Berrueta, Wsnda fstandingy LeRoy Cunningham, Donna Gaillard, Bill Banks, clara Bllbatl, Frank clawson, Roy aw- Hisalns, Catherine Hinton, Harry Burner, Hal klne. fseatedj Beverly Berger, Shirley Combs, Fields. 1SeatedD Gary Hyde, Richard Harmer, Beverly Bell, Mary Alice Jardine, John Barnes. Bud Getz. fBack rowj Jack Murphy, Charles Perry, Bill Pierce, Blll Parry. QFront rowb Edwin Juln- ger, Maddline M o r I ef Betty P e r r y, France! Nicholson, Kiku Matsu- moto, Paul Messerly. CStandlngQ Bob Larson. fslttingj George Ogllvie, Ferne Peters, Doro- thy Shangle, Dorothy Hulery, Lois Torgerson, Alta Rickenbach, Earl Smiraldq, Patricia Thomas. fBack row! .Willard Oliver, Wayne Sheldon, Niles Storrl, Dori: Qulllci. lFront rowj Joeephlne Urlarte Opal Smithwick, Donald Prunty. ' - , fBack r-owj Lee Scott., Douglas Mcvae, Charles Perry. fFr-ont rowJ Erwin Vaughn, BIII Perry, Ray Scott. l Ns Jumors unsung... We BOB McFARLANE Presudent DON DU FFY Vice President The well represented class of '46 was one of the most active in school They almost won the mterclass basketball trophy, bemg defeated by the seniors by only a few pomls Thexr Prom, "Don't Fence Me In," was one of the most out standing ever seen at Elko Hxqh They had a fine class party and picnic, and, under the leadershxp of Pres1dent Bob McFarlane, Vice President Don Duffy, Secre- tary treasurer Ida Bess Sanderson, and Representahve Alvin McCu1stlon, thzs class has had an unforqettable year M 251 ,tb ' .YXQ ' Q O In IF ' rg l 3. . any 5' if ,J cLAv'roN HAGE .ts 'I-f 2 Dv' fi ETHEL JONES ' Y Y ALVIN MCCUISTION ' DONNA MASSIE DON DUFFY DOROTHY GARTEIZ Z? 'nm JOE BERRUETA IDA BESS SANDERSON 'Y' 7' ia K7 i JOE BELL JUNE DAVIDSON ALBERT SALLS LEA GLASER RAY GOICOA xv' MARJORIE AGUIRRE RICHARD COMES I7 'Q ..-w 1--vv .11 ,uw ,. --ad' 's v .1 .Of Q I A N' '37- Ks! K .1 -i P""'.a' uw.:- "'!u....-Q 1' XM? uno' GEORGE HAKATA BETTY GETZ BOB MCFARLANE JOYCE HAZEN HARRY HIATT RAMONA BICONI '3 BILL SMALES DOROTHY STENOVICH MILTON BADT VIOLA FORD JOHN ETCHINEK MARJORIE MONTROSE JACK FRANK BETTY YATES EDWARD JOHNSON , .1 K Q2 I X N I 8 255- "'. , "...- g,".k,, ,B - A Q, Q , SM 5 ,Luk Q Tr . v N J 3 .f ' -N -X 1 A x XX 3 Nadi: Q , , V ! in I Q 6 , ' 'A' - .1 I X2 -A 17 .,f -J ' 3 ..,,A.af is AAWVA, . ' , ix A J, I V - C JK 5' if 1 , 5' fn? 71' 'IM-T . 9 A' 3-i, . A 9 5 4, .,, s f 'ii f , ,, if M M , .. Wi L , ha A .e"7 jr , Y if ,, I JOHN PATTEPSON LA VON SHELTON JOHN BIEGLEFI RUTH MERRIAN ALYN BRENNEN PEGGY MORSE DERRALD LIVINGSTONE LILLIAN CARRILLO GALE HYDE ALICE OLAVARRIA LEE NICHOLSON MARY MARETOLI RONALD SMITH KNOELA WOOLVERTON JOHN TEWELL ,131-Q... 'LJ "Y :MA sq- anwnr '9 Q0 L u,,,g -an 'nfkq 'Sf' 4 GEORGE HANKS VIRGINIA OVERTON DON CARTER DOLORES BENA -aa. 1' BILL LYNCH IH ,an - SHIRLEY KELLER PETE SANTINA and CHRISTINA MCBRIDE Not Puciured 'gf . I f if A bw, 9-. Q IM, 3 511:42 J 1' w If -in , 5 'i L if Y 2 ? 'A,A .' Y - SV A V K 2:5 iw., i X . . lfqgfir. xxx 'ff DB and POO P00 fx 34" a Q Q agua "OLD ALMA MATER" I DONT SEE ANYTHING FUNNY SOPHS Www' ., , SOPHS, and , PEP E ,X PANCAKES IS THIS THE GVM1. . . MORE SOPHS . I , I V'.A. I ,. , , THE CLASS OF 45 IN '35 ' "vii L RIGHT THROUGH POOR sls . . . . COULD THIS BE os DOS CABALLEROS MAX' CHUBBY Right Around School AND BILL? JERRY SULLIVAN Presndent L. Wilf- CARM EN GREGORY Vlce President This class surprised everyone including 1tse1f by bemg so successful in whatever lt attempted Ftrst of all the senxors began the year by giving the suc cessful get to-gether dance Next was the delightful comedy Skldding T e senior assembly leit everyone rolling in e a1sles In sports tlns group also show ed proficxency It won the mterclass basketball trophy cmd covered ttseli with glory in the interclass track meet The Senior Ball was a magnificent success and tt amazed everyone with tts beauty Several of this group were called into the armed forces Manford Glock Gene Anderson Iack Srnales Ray Merkley Ken neth Parkmson Iasmes Ford Don F1elds Ben Lesbo Carroll W1nes and Fred Wood We wish these boys all the luck ln the world and know they wxll do well in thelr new job Untirmg ofhcers led the class of 45 lerry Sullivan presxdent Carmen Gregory vice pres1dent Dons Kennedy secretary treasurer and Representatwes Bob Lynch and Betty Detwexler X . Q - . Nw 0 . af I 1 . , - H 1, - . , . h - 1 ' 4 ' I I I I ' I I 1 1 . 1 . . 1 , . . . , 5 1 I I ' I Seniors LORRAINE PAOLETTI , , 1 - ". . Sruili,-v.t Vuuncil 4g .hw-n.lily I'r.,gi':lin l'1lIl'lllliU.L'i' 1, Wel- fziw Vomniittce -1, lfllm-1-tion liozwfl 4. lwp "IC" Il -4: lmlirili Staff 4, Vlie.-r Leudf-r Il, 4: fl.A..X l, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Yur- sily fl: lfngllmh "li" 4 Hr- viit-strxl 11 Glee Vluli l , Junior l'r4lm Commiltiee 3, "XK'nmleii Slipper" lg "Slud- ding' -1, MANFORD GLOCK ocl-c F 4 preeidcn Xarsity Baqketball 2 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Lnited States Army Air Fortes 4 tranefer red from Carlin Nexada 1 LEORA HARRIS nglish e Freside Circle 1 2 3 GAA 1 2 3 4 Masque and Gavel 4 Glee Club 3 Band 1 No Mind of Her Own 3 HENRY AGUIRRE V rsit Basketball 4 Track 'S H Y 3 4 FFA 1 2 Secretary 2 BETTY DETWEILER Class representative 4 Stu dent Counml 4 English E ep 3 4 Glee Cu 2 3 Fireside Clrce A 1 2 4 No Iv in of Her Own 3 Tiger House gnu.. 'T' Q rum, 'mx W, 'PF JERRY SULLIVAN Vlslrs I'i':ffirlQ7!l 4 l-Yxccutivf: 1"UIllIIllll4'f: 4: Student Coun- cil 43 Assembly Program Committee 4: lilevtion Board 153 Vxiiwity Basketball 4: Po- hwli Stuff 41 Ire Lzlureola 3, 4: Sztuxi Slflfl' -4: Enulisli "IC" 42 "Nu Mind of lil-r Own" 33 "Skirl+ling" 41 'Trofcssnr How ffmilrl You" 4, THEO HENRY Student Bodv Treasurer 'S Class Representatlxe 2 Exe cutiwe Committee " Student Council 2 3 Welfare Com mittee 3 Assembly Program Committee 3 De Laureola 4 P 1 I 3 4 Fireside Circle 1 2 3 4 president 4 sece rw 2 Girls Xarsity 3 Saga Staff 4 War Bond Queen 2 CARROLL WINES Xflrsity Baelxetball 4 Track 1 'P 'S 4 Stage Cr w Skid inf, DOROTHY GENNETTE Class Repreaentatne Stu nt ltuncil " I hoh 9 4 rrexident 4 CA-X 1234 vicelibr dint 4 'War Bond Queen 4 MAX WIGNALL Clase uce president 3 A semlily Program Committee 3 XX elfare Committee 1 2 Mu sic Committee 3 4 Band 1 3 4 Orches ra Pep Band? 4 Xarsity Basketball 4 Xarsiy Show 3 'Sf F if 1 L, i - R ' el ,IJ ' ' I Bl 3, , .'At4: X ,,,, ' Y ,-- f ' . vw , p ix tag ,V G.'A,A. 1, 2, 3, 4: I ,, A f E "E" 43 Pp "E" 3, s 4: 1 ' ' ,,.,4: -t .V L ' ,Mug e-A - . 1. C C H d' ri, 4' I' 1- ,. 5. 'x ,I ' ' " 3: - 4 de A U1 .xaff , WN! ' X 4g iw-if 3, , 1 : V Band 1: Fireside Circle 1, 2, 5 -1 ,,. 3, 43 5. ,.. . . - . ' eSi- . ' ' 1 ' ' - C . ' - ., I - iv ' , - " ' .1 si 41? 2 -lllb K sl -I I .- I L, L1 1, , : ' ' . 1 N 2 , , r 1, 2: G.A..,,3.1"' IQ f ' " " 5" ' ' 3 . r - . V I 4- 3. gm , VV I 'JF v , I YVONNE SANSINENA N l lful L 1 KN Off l OM Xou in f 1 ed from I we Xex idx MAURICE MARILUCH B ock If 4 YYQTSILY Husker 2 c Stage Lrevs Vo 'Vhnd of Her Own 3 Sklddlng 4 GEDNEY GALLAGHER Chee vue Dresldent 1 As semhly I rm.,ram Committee 1 Welfare Lommlttee 9 4 Fm., IS 'Q nd Girls Xarelu 'K Epsxlfvn Slg m1 C,h1 4 Jumor Prom fum mittee 3 Brother Goose GENE ANDERSON ock E 4 uct prebl dent 4: XHYSIIY basketball 3, 1 Track 1 2 3, 4: Band 'L 'Skiddlngn . FRANCES ROSE De Laureola 4: English HF" :ep"" 1 J Saga Staff 4: Epsilon Sigma Chi 45 Masque and Gavel 4: P.E.O. Typing Award 33 "No Mind of Her Own" 3: "Skid- dlng" 4g transferred Provo, Utah, 3. 'D Q if 1 'Wu 'I-Q' PAUL VIZINA hngllsh In 4 JOY STODDARD Pep F 4 Gleen Clubl 2 Fxreslde Cnrcle 1 2 GAA 1234 CHARLES SALLS Track 1 3 4 RUTH RICKENBACH E Gle Cub 4 president 4: transferred from Mountain City Nevada. JACK SMALES Block "E" 4: Vamlty Bas- ketball 3, 4, Manager 4g Track 3, 45 "No Mind of Her OW'n" 3, ALICE GABIOLA 1 Fl fl l l m ru l lun -K RAY BREWER "r ef- Clull Skxddmg 4 trxnsferred from St Louv- MlQHlJUFl '5 LOLA BARAINCA G -KA 1 RAY MERKLEV Class Representative 3 Stu dent Council 3 Block E 4 Varsity Basketball 3 4 Track TERUKO OKI De Laureola 3 4 Pep E2 3 4 Scribe 4 Scholarshw E hronze 3 GAA 1 " 3 4 Saga Staff 3 4 EDSNOY1 Slgma Chl 4 vice president 4 Fireside Clrcle 1 ag fb -r 1 'Se 'V' ,fs df? Q i , 7 DEAN PLUNKETT CATHERINE ZUNINO Orchestra 1 A Glee Club 1 4 Iflresld L e A 1 Ln h 4 Masque and Gavel 4 No Mmd of Her Own 3 Pro fessor How Could lou KENNETH PARKINSON Lmtcd btates Xaxy 4 ROSIE JAYO Student body treasurer 4 Student Council 4 Vlelfare Committee 4 Assembly Pro gram Committee 4 Executive Commlttee4 Scholarship E bronze 2 silver 3 De Lau reola 3 4 secretary 4 Pep E 3 4 Flreslde Circle 2 34 vlce president 2 GAA 1234 Vlrls Yarsity 3 Saga Staff 3 4 JAMES WRIGHT Student Body President 4 Executive Commxttee 4 Stu dent Councll 2 4 Welfare Committee 4 Election Board 4 Assembly Program Com mittee 4 Llass representative 2 Block l 3 4 Pohob Staff 4 Xetrslty Basketball 2 3,4 TraCk1 2 3 4 GENE WUNDERLICH Block E 4 Pohoh Staff 4 Varsnty Basketball 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Saga. Staff 2 JUANITA BURNETT Glee Club 2 3 4 transfer red from Chicago Illinois 2 ROBERT LYNCH Class Representatuve 4 Stu dent Council Election Board 4 Scholarshlp E 'i Saga. Staff 3 4 De Laureola 3 4 Pohob Staff 4 Lngllsh E 3 Band 1 LDSIIOD Sig ma. Chl 4 BETTY DUVAL P E 3 4 Glee Club 3 Flreslde Circle 1 RALPH HALEY Transferred from P a n a c a, Nevada 4 .,-Q i. vc '54 5 DOROTHY BURNER lle Luureola. J 4 presxdtnt 4 Ill.,1lSh P 4 La 1 Edxtor 4 Assxstant Cheer leul and l 1 lee I 4 G1 s Xqrsvx 'K Drum Nlzqorette 1 XX oodcn Slxpper Bro tur f on-we 2 No Nlind of ex Own J Sklddlng BEN LESBO ROSALIE ENKE Qcholarshxp bronze 2 sllver 3 De Laureola 2 3 4 reaeurer 4 Pep L 3 G A 1 2 3 4 Saga S f 3 4 Busmess Manager 4 P F 0 Shorthand Aw ard 3 Epsllon Sigma. Chl 4 Mnnd of Her Own 3 S xd ding 4 Stage Crew Tiger H use 3 Engllsh E 3 4 EDWARD HANKS Bandl 2 3 4 Pep Band4 CARMEN GREGORY Class vice president 4, Stu dent Council 4, Pep "E" 3, 4. GAA 1. 2, 3, 4, Presl dent 4, Girls' Varsity 8 MARY JEAN PETERS 1 1 4 hrtside lirc n A 1 4 Ipsllon S g, Chl 4 VERNON GEORGE Welfare Committee 4 Block 4 Bloc T secre tart treasurer 4 Virslty Bus ketball 4 Track 3 4 EVELYN LOPEZ De Inureola 4 English p 4 Clee C 2 3 4 Fireside Ur 4 treasurer 2 AA 234 Glls Vdrsxty 3 Wum Staff 4 Shreds and Pdtches 2 Tiger House 3 Xarsitv Show 3 4 DON FIELDS Class President 1: Executive Committee 13 Assembly Pm- gram Committee 1: Qtudtnt Council 1: Music Committee 45 De Laureola 3 4: Saga Staff 31 B'md 1 2 3, 43 Presi- dent 3, 4: Pep Band 3, 4: 'NZ Mind of Her Own' 3: "Skid- ding' 4. JAMES FORD Not Pictured. 'vu 'WA ADELE MAHAN Welfare Committee 1 Music Commlttee 4 Pohob Staff 1 p 4 Mresi e cle 1 2 GAA 1 Argonaut Staff 2 Band 3 4 Orchestral 2 3 4 Pep Band 3 4 Varsity Show 3 4 STANLEY MOUR Pohob Staff 3 4 Assistant editor 3 Editor 4 Saga Staff 1 2 Epsilon Sigma Chi 4 Varsity Basketball 1 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Band 1 3 4 Orchestra 1 3 4 Glee Club 3 Varsity Show 3 4 chair man 4 Electrician Wooden Slipper 1 A 1 DORIS KENNEDY Class secretary 4: De Lau- reola 2, 3, 4, vice president 4: Pep "E" 3, 4: Saga Staff 3, 4: "Skldding" 4. BILLIE RAE PETERS Pep E 4 Flreslde Circle 2 GERTRUDE PETERS Sensor Farewe vu Ser' of . Q lm efmsely qfdteful for nt emu C1 f1C'11 r 1 e gvveh uw du' HU 4 df epfuvvf dereefm r D oool w o xi o 1, qmded us Vfe owe these people d debt thdt we wxll be uh id It 1 df only by becommq qood Qmzene fm ee w m some 'e Q r xe rd e mffog Hends he s hool I ce owe o C S and VJIH rerrum so nhl th day we dle W hes1td1e To le we ye' we dre Juetly proud that we have edmed the I chi to led Je EY KO oOUNT1' FISH SLHOOL th nkmq you and remerrbeimq you dlwdys IERRY SULLIVAN Semor Class Presmdent . I I Vfe, he .A1 1, vices, cr? . A . L 1 ' C A .L ,. fl ogrporiu ,ities cmd f'?P1QX'7Til,I'lfQ,S f L A Q ' .1 R our S 'hool years. 'Ne 1:1 thunk '.-xiife hedttedlg' the . dflt., 'rho hx , . so j ,miie-:mt in 'eg1.gmrg1'5 121-1 l'f1:1'1yQ1i crm SQJEIQQE Ecard Qi the Elko Hlijvl "Ch ', -h hy: 2, 5 dh " ' 'Q W . ' K u f H ' , fe f 3 t X ' ' " " ' Af. V . . -f V. J , ' dA d tzfuxlq fx I .-gLf-h,l plooe . ty, M 4 have I :Lin cmd ,CI ' had . W. ' .Y . T C X KRS Q .4 - .1 pg 'rt gf u., .' . ll J e X ' . e ' ,Q , ' L ' . , ,A i V We ind you ffzrewfi-ll, Q "' ' , " , ' II 'I ', A f' , . ACTIVITIES ff x I N 4 I 1 N -'W' SENIOR FRESHMAN GET TO GETHER DANCE The students of Elko Hlqh School clwcrys wcnt with D expectancy for the cmnucxl F1eld Day upper and lower class men crhke The Freshmen returned some of the bad tlme the Sophomores handed them dunnq xnmcuon but the Sophs mcmaqed io wm the honors of the day after cr hard fought tug of wcrr The dcry was topped off by the Senior Freshmen qetto-qether dance cr great success cmd Q qood stcxrt for the green Frosh FIELD DAY FUN COACH WEAVER REFEREE . . . I . . H . u 1 ' 1 i f ff 'f ,. . 7',..'.,r-. ' T iw? 1. ,,.,59'v. 1.1 -- lv .. 19 .. .f -xg, .g,Z:,'ET-Q. f new 'lf Q -V. qw f :fs ' -X f' W wa. JSI 15 w E r ,A I me fail 'Q' M Sadie I-lawkms Dance Members of De Laureolcz worked hczrd th1s yecrr to put on U really good dance Although there wcrs no beard qrowmq con test as m the post the surprrses qood mus1c and refreshments more than made up for thls and C111 who attended went home hred but happy Q wr I I 1 I v 'i v 5 1 lb X x Q x ,- H R R? Q 5 r , w xx Q 'Z k 'e r. fl f r, , .. , , W swat h W we use - X ' dr ' .-x " X XQWQSYM' rf me - .QQ ax N if GENE ANDERSON, King Left, MARTIN HACHQUET Bottom left, GALE HYDE Bottom right, CHARLES PERRY Harvest A new feature was added to the Ball this year. Not only was a queen chosen, but a king also. The candidates were chosen and elected in the same manner as was the queen. By popular vote of the studenis attending the dance, Gene Anderson, senior candidate, was Chosen kinq. Games and refreshments added 'to the success of this dance. B This yeczr, os in yeors before, the Fire- side Circle presented the Horvest Boll. Eczch closs elected o ccmdidcxte for queen, ond she was voted upon cmd crowned ot the dcmce. Iosie Uriczrte, sophomore candidate, was elect- ed queen. 5 f t sir '75 ,I 65 ,Lg f? 1? ' Q JOSEPHINE URIARTE, Queen Top right, ROSIE JAYO 1 Bottom right, ., MARILYN MASSIE if 'X ,' Bottom Iefi, oom.oRes BENA XM-' gas. d I L5 if l John Patterson, Jerry Sullivan, Charles Perry, Catherine Zunino, Betty Jonel. The all-school play, "Professor, How Could You!" told the amusing story a college professor who had the offer of becoming dean of the college - ii he were married within three days. Nelson Prentice played the professor, with Catherine ay Zunino, Ierry Sullivan, Betty Lou Bowers, Yvonne Sansinena, Charles Perry, Loi Torgerson, and Betty lones in the supporting roles. Mr. Brome directed the play. Lois Torgerson, Patricia Hunzicker, Yvonne Sanllnenn, Jerry Sullivan, Nelson Prentlce, Catherine Zunino, Charles Perry, Gary Hyde, Betty Lou Bowers, George Atwood. annul ,W Senior 'ik Egan X83 QLQLQ. Rosalle Enke Lorraine Paolettl Dorothy Burner Theo Henry Ray Brewer, Gone Anderson The semor play Skrddrng was the story of the typ1cal small town farnrly It told the story of a Judge up for re electron defeauna all the pohtrcal graft Thrs play was humorous and yet had a human sxde Very much emoyed by the pubhc the play cast mcluded Gene Anderson Don Frelds Ierry Sulhvan Ray Brewer Fred Wood Lorrame Paolettr Frances Rose Rosahe Enke Dorothy Burner ana Theo Henry Frances Rose Jerry Sullivan Lorraune Paolettl Rosalie Enke Theo Henry Ray Brewer Dorothy Bur ner Fred Wood Gene Anderson Don Flelds ,fawgfrl 'V " V' I I -, . , ,, 5 ' 6' x' 53 ".-4 W' 5 ' Q .. l I., .. - ' ' I V f Q 2 ..- - A.. , 'YM l ' 1 ' 2- ' 1 f' Z , . . I K, . ,. -5- " 4 uf 'Fr' Ne . v v 1 1 - , V. . . ,. , . I I - ' I - I ' - V , , , , . . . y v 1 1 I 1 , - V I 3 l 'Y' 1 Y 1 . l l , . fri Dorothy Hulery, Peggy Morse, Frances Rose. Leora Harris, Ray Brewer. The first of two oneuct pldys qiven by the drcmcztics class was "Nobody Sleeps", the story of cz qdnqster' who tries to rob ct house only to be cmtdqonized by or crazy family. The second, "My Lcxte Espoused Saint", is the story of CI college pro- fessor who dies and comes bcrck to life. Both of these provided much entertainment for the whole student body. The cost of the pldys included Frcmces Rose, Dorothy Hulery, Rory Brewer, Peggy Morse, Leorcr Harris, Fred Wood, Yvonne Somsin- encr, Catherine Zunino, Pcrul Vizincr. Dorothy Hulery, Ray Brewer Une-Act: Plays Fred Wood Yvonne Sansmena Catherine Zunino, Yvonne Sanslnena ,.f""""' mi- '15 WUH'lH Wife .Mw- 'ltr 'f Junuor Prom AL.YN BRENNEN Prom Chalrman Thxs years Iumor Prom Dont Fence Me In proved to be cz qrecxt success Under Alyn Brennen chmrmczn the Iumors put on cr never to-be forgotten Prom 1, . fi fi awk 'tfiw N-,wi ' ' in rx, 5'-1-. , 'Q x K -Q Q "X ADVERTISING WHAT CAN YOU DO? That que hon rs a Icnocl out to tru. fellow woo rs not trarned to do ons th nq and do rt tco In t r than others the fellow who qets alonq rn the world The Heald tra nmq makes you a chrn upper th chm up, er succeeds rn I te Heald Busmess College and Secretarial School K Street at I4th Street Sacramento Cahfornra Wnte io: mformcrhon Enroll at cmy hme I F Sterner Manager H nry C Scranton Prrncrpal Commercral Department OTHER HEALD SCHOOLS San Francrsco Oakland Sem lose Healds Enqmeermq School San Francrsco CONGRATULATIONS C ASS OFI 5 ElK0 INDEPENDENT Elko,Nevada PRINTING AND PUBLISHING . . ' .L- "' .' 1 S 'I ' ' 1 i 'f ' , , , ot e in his line of work. The fellow who is trained from his "chin-up" is , 9 , - - e , - xo, , r . . . , , z ' , , . , . UO kgs .Alamo 'za E l I IIC go kgs Ezzfuza Qgwfucfanf B let Us all resolve 0 do everytlnung IH our power to hasten the wars end And after vlctory keep steadfast the Annencan :deal ot llberty for all COMMERCIAL HUTEL NEWTON CRUMLEY, SR NEWTON H CRUMLEY, IR PETE WALTERS, Proprletors Monaqer f 'l.'vl'lf'JSt tgtailllat an rneans tlle Vveanng at a un tcfnn etlr slncere best vjslsfs i' f O b , , . . . l X 1 I i' ElK0 STEAM EAUNDRY 6. DRY CEEANING FIEST Class Work Guaranteed We Call and Del ver Phone 354 Elko Nevada H C STEVENS E0 DEPARTMENT Pnces That Wlll Please Elko Nevada ELKO NEWS STAND 327 Frith St eel Maqaz es Book Ne spape Stalo ery Ofhce Suppl s Leather Goods Phone 317 P O Box 317 ELKO NEVADA SPROUSE REITZ E0 Elko Nevada I I l I O o Cfor1-l"'nrn1, of ' r I in s w rs in ' ie I on 'cafu afaona TO THE CUXSS OF IQ!-I5 GENERAL ELECTRIC PRODUCTS Elk N A. W. HESSON C0 E lTl.E SHOP VVI Blu VMM BUTLER MORTUARY BEARDSEEY S Telephone 307 Elko Nevada C W PAUL HARDWARE MACHINERY Telephone lOl Elko Nevada Olv PLT JTFNIS OF CHAMPION MOTOR CO CARTER HOTEL Elko Nevada STUDEBAKER Parhes and Banquet l l. C P Of Pnone 648W S F W1nchell Mar Phone 430 540 Idaho Street Sxxth and Idaho Streets Elko Nevada COMPLIMENTS OF CENTRAL MARKET MEATS GROCERIES PHONE 36 Elko Nevada T H Af l, l ' ' T H A ,W . A ' Hill Ellf' F TNT' 'lf' O , H r v eegl I.- 40 Flrio, Ve' cl' I I - I F' R 'W A A 1 . , . l ' S Sales and Servxro , . drier, r vrietor XXXX MOUNTAIN CITY .dAIZ5QlDf E, 0 DEEP CFZEEK TUSCAROQA MONTELLO 0 MIOAS XVELLS DEETH . OASIS LIALLECK ELKO X IN were oovzv. w XV f ,ea ll 'I Q XVEI LAN o .etovee X COUNTY F9 X I '-Lf, Leia' I 1 we ELKO COUNTY COURT HOUSE k lko Lounty IS the second l'lrgest ln the State and tlllrd largest ln the Unlted States It embraces an arm equal to the comblned states of Connectlcut Delaware Rhode Island 1nd New ersey It IS one of the rlchest agrlcultural COUHUCS ln the natlon havlng sexeral tlmes ranked first ln the natlon ln the lalue of IIS products Formerly 'ln lm portant mlllllls reglon wlth such camps as Tusc'lrora Cornucopla Mld8S Sprucemont Xurcl Columbla Mountaln Clty and arbldge at the present tlme Mountaln Clty IS the boom mlnlng town of Nevada Its mlner'll productlon IS stlll of conslderable lmportance In the Ruby DIIOUDIHIDS the largest and most rugged mountaln mass ln lNel1d1 can be found some of the finest scenery ln the state The llvestock lndustry ln Elko County lncludes cattle ralslng sheep ralslng as well as conslderable productlon of thoroughbred horses Elko the county seit 19 ldeally located beln sltuwted on two transcontlnental rallroads 'and one transcontlnental hlghway The populatlon IS lpproxlmltely ten thousand whllc the Cm of Elko sllghtly exceeds four thousand XX X X S IQ I I ll f f X X fy X , af ' -ma X Ft B y I I f fa? 1. -lb. X X L In x 'X , I A' X mal X 'A I We ff !-T X ff 1 152: f I in ' HI: Z l I 33- ' f' K. V v I J A hi. - I . .. . . Y ll ,. . Y , . , I. - F Y with LEW L GOURLEY Flymg Servlce FLIGHT TRAINING Frelqht and Passengers by Charter Elko Munrcrpal Atrport PHONE 281 Comgflimentn pt CHAS B PIKE Wholesaler Aberdeen Coal Best 1n the West TELEPHONE 217 Next to Fxrst Nat1onal Bank ELKO NEVADA SERVICE STATION Flko Nevada P Y Wrlltarns CIass O F1rst d Idaho Stree ELKO LUMBER CO Dealers In Bulldxnq Materrals Lumber Parnt and Coal TELEPHONE 174 Elko Nevada L W I 0 Pr 7 I' O . EAGLE . . . 'I I ,121 . . 0 'I ' an -ts I O12 'zafu afcolza TO THE CLASS OF IQLLS BETH TA YLOIQ QJQ EIRN d Cfffwf Elko S Leadma Bank FIRST NATl0NAl BANK OF NEVADA Ce ur mercxal ba mas Tu, t QFFERS COMPLETE STD TE WIDE SE RVICE Head Offlce Second and V1rq1ma Streets Reno Nevada Congratulations to the Class of 45 ELKO AUTO COURT I I H GENNETTE Propmetor . . , . , J MEMBER FEDERAL DEPGS T IN2URAN"E CORPOHAWIONJ ' I WY ff-N x.-f ,X Vwmfwv-.X A vw xxx xx ,IJ X ,f,! V'1"T,,. -, Bf.f11'1J1xf,.L,JQL.LJ iJlUA.1 SHOP REI COMP IJI' '39 Singe 1855 Greetings to the Class of 45 C o M P L 1 M E N T s THE CITY OF ELKO NEVADA BANK OF CDMMERCE Rarlroad Slree Elko Nevada GENERAL BANKING N1qht Deposrtory for Your Convemence Safe Deposll Boxes Ior Rent Member Federal Reserve System and Federal DGDOSIT Insurance Corp BRANCHES at AUSTIN BATTLE MOUNTAIN and PIOCI-IE . , j 2 I l O E I 1 E . t o I ILLKO DAILX BREE PRESS A Papu for Ex ers Wh mber Of lhe FHIIIIIW CONGRATULATIONS ASSOFI J C Paulth and Idaho Street Elko Nevada . ew , Y a iv , ,w a , Cwirlafg-zp'Lca.:i Pmzters ., 5 X. 1 1 V v I A V1 - ,ee C L 9 4 F I Q P A O , L WHEN IN WINNEMUCCA Make . . . HOTEL HUMBOLDT Your Headquarters' GUS KNEZVICH Mcmcxqinq Owner IT PAYS TO SHOP AT INSTITUTION J PENEQEYCQ O o o s THE HOME UF VALUES seam-um. Aruows I C9 we ra, 5 5 ERAUUATIUN :Luo lmoluf Powfn conmw 1 .f" XA XX ' ff X, 7 5 'T' , 5 S 1 Q . ' x ' B M I 1 Y 225 ' . 'Am 9wA,5ev.zf::,lf,:e'f Gi Q CQNGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS GF V945 HARRY S TRANSFER RAILROAD STREET ELKO NEVADA HYLAND CHEVR0lET Elko Nevordo Chevrolets cmd Qldsmoblles r lStre ples MOUNTAIN CITY lUMBER C0 Phone Elko Nevodo O I Com im ut of CO. I Dealers in g 9 CAA H1i.A'HmG ' 1 gicx. ei , jNJGRA1LLATIONC O TFE LLAQS O 9-'15 REEDS RITEWAY CHARLES w ERLY Bumld nq Ccrtrccior Court Street Phone 504 ELKO NEVADA 0 N ,U Ccmpument f DMS 'mop coMMflzuAL HOTEL amos F1rstNc1t1onc11Bc1nk Bldg Elko Nevada Elko Nevada N 'f::g..r:'-" , ,, A X N l I 5 - V I l C 910 , I I Elk. EFT 511 1' - O ... LQ-1.11:11..gc w' Ox I QAEY HULL, ?'IIf:'flf:fLI o o thc Fc c W A STINSON COMPANY U40 Nevada JUR 1 Stree 1 fU 7 DRY CLEANING C0 bpecmhst A l K d-S Pam UCI1' Vern E Elko Nevada Phone ?I WARREN MOTOR COMPANY FORD MERCURY LINCOLN Ford Forquson Farm Equipment O TELEPHONE 165 Elko Nevcxdcz COMPLIMENT S A FRIEND TI Y O UR D if LUXEI S HHN F AAVKWYTAIIIIII law E2 Ibm? WN 5'S'mV'1W'I IROY LAUNDRY 8 I ' I N ' S in A All . 'xi .,, A 'IT P."ff.EUf?f17f'f ' "IT'S DEP NDABLE ' SCTOII merctiwl t I , OF Conqmlulczhons lo the CLASS OE 945 BEN S NEW DEAL CLUB 548 Comme-rcnul Street ELKO NEVADA SHELL PL'1'ROLEUM PRODUCTS Shell Gfxsolme Merkley 5' Hankms AGENTS Telephone 400 ELKO NEVADA COMPLIMENTS OF SAFEWAY STORES Grocenes Meals O TELEPHONE 77 Elko, Nevada Complxm n s GRANTS CAFE COMPLIMENTS OF Elko Radio 6' Appliance 429 Rculroccl Street ELKO, NEVADA " 1 ' Melt: Clls Fuel Oils Grouse: I O O ' e 1 of I nwratllrrcl L H l BRUCE C0 Elko Nevada LEAN NCT A La PINK IAWIES APPAREL H I IIIIIIIRY RIVERSIDE MARKET T Iephoae 39 I1 d S Elko Nevada or F1 e I Grocerr s m To wh Try the INTERNATIONAI MARKET Maro Qu1I1c1 Prop Elko Nevada STAR HOTEL E U A Phone 406 Elko Nevada COMPLIMENTS OF Metzler Beauty Salon Elko Nevada GIFTS RADIOS PAINT I U M B F W H SUPP Wells Nevada FURNITURE PLUMBIINC1 SUPPLIES I-IE GENTLEMAN S RESORT THE PAlM C0. For Every Masculme Glft Day KIRSTEN PIPES CIGARS AND cromxsrras Telephone 412 Elko, Nevada SHEll SERVICE STATION SHELL P R o D U c r s F1fth and Idaho Elko, Nevada CC in ,1 H YF ,MSS In A25 . .I . ,, I I I 'TANF ANI' PAF-I"'Y 'sw '1'mz'f'1 3 " A " 1 'vp ' e . ' PIII. an llver . ' A oo-3 . ,. t , A F the 'rx S S ' STQCKI.IAff'S HTATf ETEIYI3 I I 1 " ', . , ' . .H I I , I I l . Although thus Isnt the flrst tnme the POHOB has been printed In an Elko pruntlng plant the Elko Independent takes considerable pride In belng able to lend added dustunctnon to the publlcatlon thus year wnth another first on It s Ilst of accom plushments The l945 POHOB ns the FIRST ELKO COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL YEAR BOOK TO BE PRINTED BY THE Offset Pr1nt1ng Process Thrs process IS new rn Nevada cmd comparatlvely new mn cently lnstalled to help ease the load of mcreasmq work ln the Independents plant It has been the means of qettmq the POHOB prmted this year when the staff found that out sxde prmtmg hrms whxch had for several years pnnted the book could not do the work th1s year A companson w1th former pubhcatrons of th1s kmd w111 show the supenorlty of Offset 111 thls type of work tha superlonty also carnes over mto many other classes of printmg Printed matter users are mvtted to see what thxs ew equipment can accomphsh for them ELKO I DXEPE . . , . . the field of commercial printing. The equipment was re- 450 COMMERCIAL STREET -1- EI-KO. NEVADA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 45 RITZ BAR Elko Nevada Burns Funeral Home rep TO J E ko vcrdri Congrcrtulu-hons Graduate Utah Wholesale TOMMY CROSSON Mgr THE OPTICAL aa Salt Lake Olly Utah VAN LEER 6. HARRIMAN Elko Nevada lnternatlonal Harvester Machlnery Phone 92 329 Idaho Sire 1 Comphmems Stockmen s Coffee Shop femme cxa S Elko Nevada OVERLAND HOTEL 6. CAFE Open Day and N1qht f1OO'7l'lE AL' Telephone 427 Elko, Nevada Complnnents of PIONEER BAR I l.'f1:sl1v:s S:3:"i'-'-.fx ' :ww Te' '12 J1- 3-'L 'l 'E No , I f'r111 l17:fI.1:1 s of g Qlli Boston Bl ' . ' cl I L I 1 ' I 1. e DE lUXE ODORLESS CLEANERS r plrm nts C J 5' R Pool Hall Frrlrrat JOE YOUNES lOAN OFFICE W sne He Class of l945 Elko Transfer Elko Nevada Ear Satrsfacuon n Servxce Go to the K Service 6' Motel We Feature Mob1le Gas grat xlatror to tne Graduates Elllll BEAUTY SHOP Raxlroad Street Elko Nevada Comphments of Pennock s Complrroents of J D Burns Co Hardware and Sportmq Goods PUCCINElll 8. EO l!EAlS AND CPO EFlES Telephone 540 Elko Nevada .l. M. CAPRIOLA Elko, Nevada l f sus Q 1 1 STEPHEN COMISH D D S Elko, Nevada Room 204 Henderson Bank Bmldmq kE:iQfl1Q,llIT1f'Ilff' :rf Co 11 , ' .e tl I l -V ,, , - H . . Y. I:.'t:'.x::.Hnt:: 'rrrd I,1r'rf1:'g1- l1'mejJ Loan d cn Anythmfg uf Value oo ..f'i. .e. s ol , ' . , .J A. ,.., .. i ?,::,: :Arts 1:2 Unrffieezzf-1 fffrigricnis '9.'A,GH.SS, fE'.'E..Pl. AQQ hfflo Cntr 1,r'X1::' Wire.. 'I-Qplzcne llb-l Best 1 ' s to t. ' ' i ' . O. . Cqcrra : ts ' . . . A I , , , , I 1 " ' 1 . C . l O 9 , f3:'i1',.1-, EE :ni P- '- I I I I CAQOLINI NLS SUllIVANS GARAGE Elko Nevorda TO REPAIRS A Canqratulatlons Graduates Tom s Inn Elko Nevada Comphments of Telescope Hotel and Bowlmg Elko Nevada Cornplrments ot W H Settelmeyer C1V1l and MIHIDQ Enqrnee P O Box 349 Elko Nevada Whute Appllance Co Complete Washer Servr e Home Furrnshrnqs Floor Coverrnqs 729 Idaho Street Elko Nevada 301 Henderson Bank Bldg Elko Nevada BEELINGENP REPAIR SHOP Comrner tal Street Elko Nevada Comphments ot Martha Bruce Roberta Weaver GOODYEAR SHOE SHOP Ecelle tSh Hepa ng ALL WORK GUARANTEED 465 Raxlroad Street Elko Nevada Compl ments SMITH'S ACCOUNTING SERVICE Henderson Bank Burldrnq Elko Nevada K A Rl K E P PLER New York lute Insurance Co. Elko, Nevada MIETON B BADT ATTORNEY AT LAW Frrst Natronal Bank Burldrnq Elko, Nevada 2 2 1 t S ' . I , K, A ' ' Q f.1Q.OR P MTE I Telephone 222 ' HARRY M. GAllAGHER, D.D.S iments of A d i of x n oe iri I MOURS FLOWERS SAY TT WITH FLOWERS BONDED MEMBER FTD QJVU PHONE 444 ELKO NEVADA I Fresh Cut Flowers and Plants for Every Occasion O Compllments f Paloma Barber Shop 0 K TIRE I-l0p Thrrd and S1lver Streets Elko Nevada lV'1lt Srmth Prop Elko Nevada Compllments of Vetermary Servxce and Supplxe Phone 439 Box 204 40 C 1 S 431 Ramlroad Str et Elko Nevada Ph0neO25 OmmerCmE1kdrel?Ilevada COMPLIMENTS A LEVY GJ ZENTN ER WHOLESALE FRUITS VEGETABLES ELKO NEVADA ESCRIPT ON A lS um onus co ,O 1 9 4 5 P O H Telephone 303 Elko, Nevada Telephone l53 Elko, Nevada Complxments of We Serve the World's Best Steaks at All T ElK0 GENERM MERCHANDISE mes READY TO WEAR FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY THE STEAK HOUSE Ioe Anacabe, Prop Elko, Nevada Highway 40 Elko' Nevada . . S Dr. C. H. Kennedy NEVADA or PR I SPECI L TS ' Co auaesm os HUNTER AND ELVADA THEATERS HUNTER G SON Elko Nevada 8 Di 9 Gompami Exclusuve Perfumes and Touletrles ELIZABETH ARDEN DU BARRY BARBARA GOULD O Fountain S61'Yi.C9'i I RAILROAD STREET ELKO, NEVADA T' Q 1, V L 1 Tl 1' T ' Q F O llw u Even the Young Know Mfhere to pet the Best IH Wolves THE PEOPLES MARKET CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1945 Elko Nevada COMMERCIAL CAFE WE NEVER CLOSE O No O der Too Bq o Too Small O A y Oc cxs CLASS OF 1945 W N Bl0HM Your Ieweler 384 Fo th St eet Elko Nevcrdcf O7 Y 1 I T Co qr tu1c1!'o t the u 1 O I lNSUEANCE Q ALL KLNDS W RNTENI D M JEWEll Roorn 304 Henderson Bank Burldrna Phone l 5 l Elko Nevada Wlntermantel Jewelry 6' Optlcal Co Ra lroczd Street ELKO NEVADA HUNTS CANDY SHOP Elko Nevada C Candres and Ice Cream I HUNT FOR HUNT'S" ASSOCIATED srovf Ann funrucf Elko Nevada Telephone 2 5 0 I Irm and Ed Gregory . rn 'Q r L 4- , , 1 l Ccmplimenhs of by . u I i F L - 4 o i . I . I I I MENAMARA 6. ROBBINS GIASER DAIRY Elko Nevada Grade A Natural Mtlk Pasteurtzed Mtlk Comphments f Srlver Dollar 400 Commerclal Street Elko Nevada COMMERCIAL BEAUTY SAl0N Telephone 100 Elko Nevada George F Wrught District Attorney Elko Nevada Comphments of Parker Garage Elko Nevada Seaver s Standard Service Expert Lubrrcahon Txre Repamng Elko Nevada W M Wea thers ASSESSOR Elko Nevada ABERDEEN COAL CRYSTAL CLEAR ICE EIKO ICE 6 FUEL COMPAIIY Drstrtbutors Standard Stove and Burner O11 Phones 212 and 212 R Elko, Nevada Home Bake ry Bread Cakes Pastry Store Phone 220 Bakery Phone 221 Elko, Nevada NTT ' S. T- , NVQ Handle 0 '. HkOINeVGdU Cream and Buttermilk ' O C tylzeti- . I Q 0 I D I rot' trnents of Snow Flake Laundry 6' Dry Cleaners Elko Nevada Conqratulattons Graduates Elko Super Service TEXACO GASOLINE Elko Nevada Cornplrments ot' Cook Furnlture Er Carpet Co Complete Home Furnxshmqs Elko Nevada Central Cafe Good Serv1ce and Food Elko Nevada ELKO COUNTY TELEPHONE 6. TELEGRAPH CO Elko Nevada DR L D SMITH Boom 304 Henderson Bank Bldq Elko Nevada MODERN MARKET Meats Grocenes Blrdseye Frosted Foods Phones 342 343 Elko Nevada Wagner s Ice Cream Popcom Cand1es Sandwlches O 439 Ratlroad Street Phone 475W Elko Nevada TAYLOR WINES A TORNEY LA N Henderson Bank Bu1ld1na Elko Nevada WAGON WHEEL CAFE Wells Nevada EXCELLENT sznvtcr: EXCELLENT room Cond. A. ' . - , , A . ' . , 1 C pl. n.s of . ,. I I I I ' ' I I l , I f - I I T AT- X' T t MP!fE3iEE,.l1 ! l2!!2AL .ii :.-.fx 1 , ga . aff' q.. ' . Qi! C11 E fn ,cr - . my ' . :J

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