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Q 4 1 5 -. -1 X 9, fi? ,. Ei 2. ry 5+ Pi Qs 1 if 5 F: E . fx Ii6riA 1- , 5' g 'jf 1 . e V f- w w P w 1 - 1 7 , X ,. y 4 w K 1 , l 1- , .X 1 , . "T 5123 . w 1 ' 1 A -,,,cfvfe it I NA X. if ' ' x re A 1 ' Q Q 'kr ' 5 ' ' ,pt 'Q' v X., A k g., , 5 if W ' ff 1 ff . , KK. 3. .xg fi Q . g .I ,Q I fa f ' . -2351 12 'Le- 1,-M ' we -, M- Q 35 ' nlafg T,,,+L Q - ' ':f l2,15? V l -- Tig: gig: . W ,fl -A fu w 'Q C".:'f1 . , ' fl' f ' . ng'-6 FEL w ' ' ' -'12, 53351 ' . N 1 wryai' Y Z., ' . r ' V i , -.,1,,. Bf V, W5-'f 11 , ' J .zpgfql f - firm-gwalg .' ,. V ..,1, KLM: , . . A+Q,.,,n..K ,m,q,,,,fi ,M m:,i3iik,,!H5g532 i A oil X Compiled and Published by THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF fllzo County leligla School Elko, Nevada IOAN REINHART . . . ....... Editor STANLEY MOUR . . . . . Assistant Editor IERRY WARREN. . . .... . . . Assistant Editor BUSINESS STAFF Dixie Dysart Robert Pearce Gedney Gallagher fllzv County leli In School This is our school. Here we face problems and learn to solve them as we must shortly face and solve the problems of life. Here we are taught the essentials of good citizenship and how to apply them. It is here that we are prepared to face the future, be it one of War or one of peace. wwf Prologue In this year, 1944, many of our closest friends have been taken from their classes to go into one of the armed forces of the United States. But war cannot go on forever. One day soon our allie s and We will emerge from this struggle, victorious. The years that follow victory will show unbelievable progress. We all look for- ward to these years with confidence. What theme for this book could be more appropriate than TOMORROW, an age of greater develop- mem, the AIR AGE? ff? C'ontentA Administration . Organizations . . Athletics . . . Classes. . . Advertising . . Zi K Q' RN .g-3: IK- Nff X ,.I L, X ...f X N-1 9 wx! bedication To the men and women in our armed forces this Pohob is dedicated, for it is they who are giving all to secure a future in which peace and freedom are rights of every human being. They are the men and women who are working, fighting, and enduring un- believable hardships so that both they and we here at home may, when victory is ours, have all the opportunities and privileges that are part of a true democracy. Victory will bring a world far different from the one we have known, a world in which the airplane will not be a luxury enjoyed by a few, but a means of transportation as vital to our existence as is the automobile today. The men and women now in the various services of our country will have a definite place in the AIR AGE. Knowing that such courageous warriors will be the leaders in post-war America, and confident that they will be no less courageous in peace-time activities, we are surely justified in facing the future with a great optimism. Sept Sept Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Nov Nov Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Ian Ian Ian. Ian Ian Ian Ian Feb. Feb 13 24 Calendar -School started. -Senior "Get-together" Dance. 2-Harvest Ball. 4-Senior Class Party. 16-Iunior Pay Dance. 23-Iunior Class Party. 29-G.A.A. Hallowe'en Dance. 5-De Laureola "Sadie Hawkins' Day 8 19 26- 3- ll 18 Dance." -Freshman Class Party. -Thanksgiving Festival. Sophomore Class Party. Senior Play, "Three Cornered Moon." -Iunior Pay Dance. -Wells at Elko. 21-Christmas Program. 22 -Christmas vacation starts. - 2-Back to school. 8-Elko at Wells. 21- White Pine at Elko. 22-White Pine at Elko. 22- G.A.A. Pay Dance. 28-Elko at Winnemucca. 29 4 5 -Elko at Winnemucca. -Elko at Reno. -Elko at Sparks. Feb. 10-Music Department Recital. Feb. ll-Elko at White Pine. Feb. 12-Elko at White Pine. Feb. 18-Winnemucca at Elko. Feb. 19 Feb. 19- -Winnemucca at Elko. De Laureola-Senior Dance. Feb. 26-Wells at Elko. Feb. 26-Iunior Pay Dance. Mar. 3- Zone Tournament. Mar. 4-Zone Tournament. Mar. 4-Block "E" Dance." Mar. 16- Mar. 17- State Tournament. State Tournament. Mar. 17-All-School Play, "Tiger House." Mar. 18-State Tournament. Mar. 31-Varsity Show and Iunior Pay Dance Apr. 15-Iunior Prorn. Apr. 29- May 12 Senior Pay Dance. -Junior Play, "No Mind of Her Own.' May 19-Spring Concert. May 27-Senior Ball. May 28-Baccalaureate. May 30-De Laureola Banquet for Seniors. May 31-Home Economics and Manual Arts Display. Iune 2-Graduation. Principal MR. GEORGE L. TURCOTT, Principal. Any institution, to be successful, must have a superior leader. We, the students of Elko County High School, look to our principal, Mr. George L. Turcott. It is he who most ably shows us where and how to distribute our energies so that we may gain the utmost from our education, and it is he who maintains our most efficient school organization. School Koa:-J These three, Mrs. Stout, Mr. Gennette, and Mr. Agee Knot picturedl, have served on the board oi education for two years. Their job is a hard one, but in this time they have proved themselves Well qualified, efficient, understanding, and considerate. We are indeed for- tunate to have such a capable group to guide us in that most important undertaking, our secondary education. --.-., Mr Ioe Gennette tPres1dentJ Mrs W H Norquist lSecretaryJ, Mr. G. L. Turcott CPrincipalJ, Mrs. Mildred B. Stout tMemberJ. Yaculty LESTER MILLS: Social Science, American History. B.A., M.A., College of Pacific. University of California. CAROLlNE MARKEY: Commercial. Wisconsin State Teachers' College. University of Wisconsin. University of Wyoming. Teachers' University of Business, lncliana. DONALD PARENT: Languages. B.A., Linfield College. University of California. University of Washington. University of Southern California. WILLARD WEAVER: Boys' Athletics. Sponsor- Block "E," B.A., University of Nevada. University of California, University of Southern California, ROBERT BROME: English, Dramatics. Sponsor: English "E," Masque and Gavel Assembly Program Committee. B.A., Nebraska State Teachers' College. Colorado State College of Education. Schutt-Krasna School of Professiona Writing. E facqltq AILDRED GILMER. Mathematics. ROBERT BEST1 Science' y Sponsorg Student Council, Sponsor.: Sturlent Council. B-A., Monmouth College- B.S., University of Nevada, University of Kansas, University of California. Columbia Teachers' College. University of Chicago. University of California. University of Washington. DELPHINA GOICOECHEA: Home Economics. Sponsor: Fireside Circle, Welfare Com- mitttee. B.S., University of Nevada. University of Utah. KATE ST. CLAIR: English, Business Enq- Iish, Library. B.A., University of Arkansas. University of Nevada. University oi Utah. Yacqlty A. F. CLUFF: Music, World History. Sponsor: De Laureola, Assembly Program Committee. B.A., M.A., Briqham Younq University. University ot California, Las Angeles. VFI Radio Staff, Utah State Symphony Orchestra. RUBY STEPI-IENSON: Girls' Athletics Sponsor: G. A. A., Pep " E." BS., Iowa State Teachers' College. Columbia University. ISABELLE WILLIAMS: English. NEIL IONES: Manual Training, Mechanical Sponsor: Welfare Committee, B.A., University ot Illinois. Drawing. Sponsor- Welfare Committee. BS., Montana State College. Central Montana Normal School. Michigan State Auto School. University of Colorado. University ot Minnesota. CHARLES EVANS, President. Stqden t gvalernmen t Our student body officers, Charles Evans, president, lack Sullivan, vicef president, Marie Davidson, secretary, and Theo Henry, treasurer, have justie tied our faith in them. Elected by the student body in May of l943, their lead- ership throuqhout the term inspired our loyalty and promoted our enthusiasm. They co-ordinated all of our efforts to make this year, one in which war qreatly curtailed activities seemingly essential in previous years, a time ot areater imf provement, more activity, and more fun. JACK SULLIVAN, Vice-President. MARIE DAVIDSON, Secretary, THEO HENRY, Treasurer This committee is the governing body ot the school. lt supervises all activities carried on during the school year. Members were our student body officers and the presidents oi each class. Student body President Evans presided over the committee and, with the valuable counsel oi their sponsor, Mr. Turcott, the group performed many important duties. lt was responsible tor arranging the calendar which has proved to be such a success. Standing Alyn Brennen lack McCulloch, lack Hull, Mr. Turcott lSpor1sorl. Sitting: Marie Davidson, lack Sullivan, Charles Evans, Harold Fields, Theo Henry. 14AAem6ly Program Committee The assembly program committee consisted ot the Executive Committee, the vice-president ot each class, and two sponsors, Mr. Brome and Mr. Clutt. lts duty was preparing a complete and accurate school cal- endar of assemblies at the beginning oi the year. With the aid of variious organizations, this group has been responsible tor many interesting and Worth- while programs. Standing: Charles Evans, lack Sullxvan, lack Hull, Max Wiqnall, Alvin McCu1stion, Harold Fields. Sitting Robert Getz, Mr. Bronte tSponsorJ, Mr. Cluff tSponsorl, lack McCulloch, Alyn Brennen, Theo Henry, Maize Davidson. 'F 5 This group consisted of our student body officers, the four class presidents, and two representatives frorn each class. The council assumed the responsibility of granting student body awards, electing a Pohob Editor, dispersing certain student body funds and making all necessary revisions of Elko l-ligh's con- stitution. We are indebted to this group, for they have aided materially in bringing about this unfor- gettable year. Standing losephine Uriarte, Robert Larson, Dorothy Gennette, Alyn Brennen, lack McCulloch, Josephine Marisquirena Dorothy Gartelz, Harold Fields, Ray Merkley. Sitting: Mr. Best KSponsorJ, Theo Henry, lack Sullivan, Charles Evans, Marie Davidson, Miss Gilmer tSponsorJ. W' 1 ,gb -1' X We! are Cvmmzttee The Weltdre committee, Whose main functions are didinq new students in orientinq themselves in the woys of the school dnd prornotinq good will dnd friendship between our school dnd other schools, is composed ot representatives from eoch cldss. These members, appointed by Student Body President Evons, have rndde Elko one ot the stdte's most noted hosts. Standing Charles Perry, Bill Smoles, LeAnne Turcott, Roy Merkley, lohu McBride, Theo Henry Don Fttlds Cedney Cdllriqher, Merrie Davidson, luck Sullivan, Dorothy Gurteiz, Beverly Berger, Stttiriq Charles Fvcuts Miss Gmsoocherr tSponsorJ, Mr. tones CSponsorJ, Mrs. Williams tSponsorj, lorry Wa ron llilifilllllfllll Getting into shape, Mr, Turcott? . . . Marie and Su in a balcony scene .... Iune, Dorothy, and Dick brush up on the world situation. . . , Some teacher must have cracked a joke, '-Y .3 , W- . M51 T 13' xy ww, . 1 , , 1 ,mizkgf , ai. MW, POIIO6 Staff The Pohob Staff has worked hard this year to produce a book that both you and they might be proud of. lOAN REINHART, Editor. Dixie Dystart fBusiness Staifl, lerry Warren CAss1stant Editorl, Gedney Gallagher lBusiness Statfj, Robert Pearce fBusiness Statfl. The business staff, Robert Pearce, Dixie Dysart, and Gedney Gallagher, started early, sponsored a sub- scription carnpaign, and secured advertising, making this Pohob financially possible. Editor Ioan Reinhart and assistant editors, Ierry Warren and Stanley Mour, have done their best to provide a book equal to those of the past. lt has rneant a lot of headaches, but it has been a lot of fun. The Staff sincerely hopes that you get as much pleasure and satisfaction from their efforts as they have. Standing: Jerry Warren, lohn McBride, Stanley Mour, lack McCulloch, lack Sullivan, Robert Pearce, Andrew Gialy. Sitting: LeAnne Turcott, Marie Davidson, Margaret Gregory, loan Reinhart, Dixie Dysart, Gedney Gallagher. Kloclz " " Edward Mitchell tSecretaryJ, lack McCulloch tVice-Presidentl, lack Sullivan fPresidentJ. IACK SULLIVAN, President The Block "E", honorary athletic society, with Coach Weaver as sponsor and lack Sullivan as president, started the school year with tour members, but their ranks were later increased considerably. "Field Day," interclass basketball, and their annual zone tourna- ment dance were functions handled very capably by this organization, and provided tun and entertain- ment tor the entire student body. Back row: lack Sullivan, lack McCulloch, Charles Evans, James Wright. Front row: Mr. Weaver tCoach and Sponsorj, Andrew Gialy, Mantord Glock, Eugene Anderson, Jim Moell. be Zaqrevla Robert Pearce tTreasurerJ, Marie Davidson tSecretaryJ, Io McBride tVice-Presidsntj. IOAN REINHART, President. De Laureola is an honorary history society open to all who have an average of "B" in history or allied subjects and an average of eight honor points for each semester they have attended Elko High. Ioan Reinhart was president: Iohn McBride, vice-president: Marie Davidson, secretary, Robert Pearce, treas- urer. Under Marie Davidson, a very capable editor, De Laureola sponsored the Sagebrush Saga, our school paper. Their "Sadie Hawkins' Day Dance" was one of the best, and their year was topped oft with an unusually successful SeniorADe Laureola Banquet. Back row: Teruki Oki, LeAnrie Turcott, Doris Kennedy, Bob Lynch, Rosalie Enke, Carol Iones, Jack Hull, Loola Wright, Donna Pease, Marie Davidson, Mr. Clutf tSponsorJ. Front row: Charles Evans, lack Sullivan, May Hakata, Ioan Reinhart, Rose Iayo, Iim Guisti, Don Fields. F I I I I Miss STEPHENSON, sponsor. BARBARA BARDSLEY, scribe DIXIE DYSART, President. Led by Dixie Dysart, president, Barbara Bardsley, scribe: and Miss Stephenson, sponsor, the Pep "E" girls performed intricate maneuvers at most of the basket- ball games on Elko l'ligh's schedule. Their red skirts, white blouses, and red- and-white pompoms were most colorful and ettective. The girls had tun, too. They presented pep assemblies including a "smelodrama" and a Mr. Anthony program. The entertainments were "corny" but very enjoyable. o right: Doris Kennedy, Rosalie Enke, Carmen Gregory, Dorothy Gen' Kneeling: Alice Gabiola, Lorraine Paoletti, Dorothy Burner. Standnnq, loll Theo Henry, Beth Lind, Gedney Gallagher, Evelyn Lopez, LeAnne to right: Betty Detweiler, May Hakata, Io Ellen llamniond, Betty Duval, rtt, Nora Hess, Donna Pease, Rose layo, Dixie Dysart, Ioan Reinhart, Teruko Oki, Yvonne Sansinena, Marjorie Bteroth, Marie Davidson, Bessie Barbara Bardsley. Hutchinson, Adele Mahan, Mary Berrueta, Louise Mendive, ?ireAide Circle DOROTHY GENNETTE President, First Semester. Fireside Circle, with Dorothy Gennette, Theo Henry, and sponsor, Miss Goicoechea, as guiding otticers, has had an active year. The Harvest Ball, annually C sponsored by the club, was one ot Elko l-ligh's best. They have given a series of teas and lunches honor- ing the basketball team, the senior and junior classes, and the faculty. ln addition to monthly business meetings, the girls have enjoyed numerous parties and picnics. THEO HENRY President, Second Semester. Standing: Loretta Hansen, Rose Iayo, Alice Gabiola, Betty Detweiler, Clara Bilbao, Arlene Mallory, Bette Getz, Dolores Bencr, Dorothy Berrueta, Lillian Carrillo, Beverly Berger, Opal Smithwick. Middle row: Knoela Woolverton, LaVon Shelton, Lorraine Hansen, Theo Henry, Viola Ford, Evelyn Lopez, Delphine Roper, Wanda Banks, Marie Davidson, Ruth Merrian, Dorothy Gennette, Miss Goicoechea tSponsorl. Front rowy Rosalie Kohlmeyer, Mctddline Morse, Noreen Cottem, Ida Bess Sanderson, Dorothy Garteiz, Iosephine Uriarte, Shirley Combs, Dorothy Stenovich, Alta Rickenbach, Catherine Hinton. YVONNE SANSINENA Attendant. RUTH MERRIAN Attendant. Har eA t Kal! The annual Harvest Ball, which usually is sponsored jointly by the Fireside Circle and the Future Farmers of America, was this year handled by the Fireside Circle girls alone since there is no longer an F.F.A. chapter at Elko High. Making the arrangements for one of our largest dances is noteasy task, but the girls drafted a few senior boys for the heavy work and proved themselves capable of handling the Ball most efficiently. Each class elected a candidate for Queen of the Harvest Ball. These included the senior candidate, Ruth Hulery tnot picturedl: junior candi- date, Yvonne Sansinenap sophomore candidate, Ruth Merrian, and Doris Quilici, freshman candidate. Doris afforded the freshmen their first claim to glory by winning the election and making a gracious Queen. Charles Evans, our student body president, placed the crown upon her head. DORIS QUILICI Queen. land The Elko High School Band this year accomplished a great deal. Mr. Cluff, director, was a new member of the faculty last September, but he and his musi- cians soon became well acquainted. Their first large- scale performance was the annual Thanksgiving Festival. All the band members pitched in and Worked out a program never before equalled in our school. They presented a "Music for Morale" concert and Mid-Season and Spring concerts, all very Well received by the townspeople. Officers for the year were the band manager, Don Fields, and secretary- treasurer, loan Reinhart. This organization has every reason for anticipating an enjoyable and fruitful year in 1945. DON FIELDS, Band Manager. IOAN REINHART, Secretary-Treasu: Tis 552' ,Pix lACK MCCULLOCH, Drum Major. brqm major and lllajorette The band, when marching, was preceded by lack McCulloch, tall and capable drurn major, and seven smart drurn majorettes headed by Donna Pease. lack handled the band maneuvers at the Thanksqivina Festival While the girls announced each number with a jingle spoken in unison. The effect was new and different and was appreciated by all. The rnajorettes also displayed their talents between the halves of several basketball aames and at the "Varsity Show." This aalaxy of baton twirlers added just the right touch to an excellent band. Alta Rickenbach, Betty Perry, Dorothy Garteiz, Donna Pease tHead Majorettej, Ida Bess Sanderson, Dolores Bona, and Shirlt y L l . . Q .g, Pep Kane! Newly organized by Mr. Clutt this year, the Pep Band enjoyed a highly successful season. lts members, selected from the Concert Band, gained valuable experience by performang many types of music on numerous occasions. Most enjoyed by players and listeners alike were the swing selections, sweet and hot, played by these musicians. Special arrange- ments of popular numbers were worked up and pre- sented to delighted audiences at the Thanksgiving Festival and the basketball games. Highlights ot the year tor this group were their trip as guests at the Winnemucca game and their appearance on the Varsity Show. Back row Bob Cavender Ierry Warren Adele Mahan, Niles Storrs, Lynel Cunningham, Duane Williams, lack McCulloch Bill Smales Charles Perry Clayton Huge, Alvin McCuisition. Front row: Mr. Cluif tDirectorl, lim Moell Bette Getz Milton Badt Dolores Bena, LeAnne Turcott, Ioan Reinhart, Max Wiqnall, lack Moell, Don Fields, lack Hull, ,Qllnnmiiiia ,,,r, 0rclaeA tra An interesting series of performances marked the orchestra activity calendar for the past year. A special feature was the playing ot incidental music tor the various plays produced by the speech department. At Christmas an approprieate program was given with both choir and orchestra. With other groups ot the music department, the orchestra appeared on the mid-season concert on February 28th. Climax ot the year came with the spring concert, at which time this group played several selections. x DUANE WILLIAMS, President Back row: Duane Williams, Mr. Clutt tDirector,, Dorothy Garteiz, lda Bess Sanderson, LaVon Shelton. Middle row: Dolores Woodall, Alyn Brennen, lim Moell, Bette Getz, Dolores Bena, Adele Mahan, Stanley Mour, lack Moell, David Kietzke, Ierry Warren, Bob Cavender, Bill Smales, Alvin McCuzsition. Front row: Milton Badt, Clayton Hage, George Hanks, Erwin Vaughn, Lillian Carrillo, Bessie Hutchinson, LeAnne Turcott, Shirley Keller. glee 611464 T H W ' 5 ' M 'l ,L AMw.awH u Bock row: Yvonne Sansmeno, Dolores Bena, Arlene Mallory, Belly Perry, Pat Conway, Donna Pease, Leora Harris, Iuanrta Burnett, Ethel Iones, Catherme Zunlno. Mrddle row: Mr. Cll1fffD1f9ClO!'l, Catherlne Hlnton, Ioy Stoddard, Evelyn Lopez, Loxs Torqerson, LaVon Shelton, Bessle Hutchlnson, Chrrshna McBr1de, Donna Massle, Froni row: Lors Hawkms, Mflry Otequl, May Hakata, Deloru Beeney, Belly Duval, Ruth Rrckenbach, Marjorie Sonnenschexn, Betty Detwerler, Alta Rrckenbach. Back row: lun Gulstl, Delbori Pdul, Iohn McBr1de, lack Moell, lack McCulloch, Wayne Knowles, Fred Wood, Charles Evans, lack Sulhvan. Front row: LeRoy Cunmnqham, Kelth Frlih, Kelih Barkdull, Blll Hlqqms, hm Moell, Gene Moniqonxery, Blll Srnales, Richard Combs, Mr. Cluif CD1re-ctorl. E, fu 1:5 BESSIE HUTCHINSON, President. IACK SULLIVAN, President. Mixed C'laorqA The vocal groups of the music department concluded one of their most interesting and eventful seasons at the close of the l943-44 school year. The Boys' Glee gave several noteworthy performances during the year. Likewise, the Girls' Glee, with a number of important appearances to their credit, did much to add to the musical activities of the year. This group showed its versatility by commendably performing all types of vocal music, popular as well as serious. President of the Boys' Glee was lack Sullivan, while the Girls' Glee chose Bessie Hutchinson as their executive officer. By combining these two groups, Ms. Cluff was able to have a splendid Mixed Chorus which performed for the Christmas program, the "Music for Morale" concert and the Spring concert. Lorraine Paoletti fl-Iealth Captainl, Carmen Gregory fTreasurerl, Miss Stephenson tSponsorl, Adelita Viscarret Nice-Presidentl, LeAnne Turcott fSecretaryl. This organization is composed of all girls in Elko High who are interested in athletics. G.A.A. has carried on inter-class tournaments in the various indoor sports and, for the first time, it sponsored a girls' interschol- astic basketball tearn. Largely responsible for the activities of the group were losephine Marisquirena, president: Adelita Viscarret, vice-president: Mary Berreuta, and LeAnne Turcott, secretaries: and Car- men Gregory, treasurer. Miss Stephenson sponsored G. A. A. IOSEPHINE MARISQUIRENA, President. Bottom row: A. Rickenbach, B. Perry, B. Bell, I. Stoddard, B. Detweiler, R. Iayo, E. Lopez, V. Ford, K. Woolverton, I. Uriartt Second row: M. Morse, C. Hinton, B. Peters, T. Oki, O. Smnhwick, Y. Sansinena, T. Henry, F. Rose, L. Paoletti, R. Enke, I' Hess, K. Matsumoto. Third row: S. Combs, A. Viscarret, D. Gaillard, D. Berrueta, D. Kennedy, W. Banks, S. Keller, B. Bardslei D. Gennette, A. Mahan, R. Merrian, E. Tom, Miss Stephenson fSponsorJ, Fourth row: I. Reinhart, M. Aguirre, D. Massie, X Overton, C. Bilbao, L. Turcott, B. Getz, D. Garteiz, D. Bena, A. Mallory, I. Davidson, C. Gregory. Back row: I. Sanderson, I Torgerson, D. Quilici, D. Woodall, L. Glaser, G. Gallagher, B. LaPum, L. Shelton, I. Marisquirena. . I .. . ,qu A+. Zi D E On December 3rd, the senior class presented a de- lightfully "Wacky" comedy, "Three-Cornered Moon," its contribution to the dramatic calendar. The plot concerned the mad Rirnpleqars, a Brooklyn farnily, Whose financial downfall nearly spelled disaster in the lives of the rnatriarch and her tour irresponsible children. Excellent character portrayal were given by the cast: Beth Lind, lack McCulloch, lack Sullivan, Bob Cavender, Iohn McBride, Duane Williams, Dixie Dysart, LeAnne Turcott, and Marie Davidson. BETH LIND. JACK MCCULLOCH LeANNE TURCOTT IACK SULLIVAN BOB CAVENDER IOHN MCBRIDE DUANE WILLIAMS DIXIE DYSART MARIE DAVIDSCN Senior Play ,411 School Mystery fans were given a real treat, March l7th, when "Tiger House" was presented by an all-school cast. Suspense mount- ed high as the audience tol- lowed charming Norma Lowrie through terrifying experiences in Mystery Manor Where she was required to live by the terms ot her aunt's Will. Breathless mystery was punctuated from time to time by the hilarious antics ot Aunt Til, Oswald, and Peg VanEss. The cast included Bessie Hutchinson, Alyn Bren- nen, Bill Pierce, Evelyn Lopez, Lester McKenzie, Marjorie Son- nenschein, Betty Detweiler, Don Dufiy, Duane Williams, and Lois Torgerson. Play l ne det P1494 A one-act drama, entitled "The Necklace," was presented Friday, March 24th, in assembly. The plot concerned a crook and his temie nine accomplice who matched Wits with an elderly invalidfe and lost. The cast included Beth Lind, Del- bert Paul, Shirley Keller, Stanley Mour, and Ruth Merrian. A one-act comedy, "The Terrible Truth," written by Mr. Brome, was also given May 24th in assembly. This play concerned a devilish young adolescent who got his family into embarrassing predicaments with his electric recording machine. However, the tables were turned and he received his just desserts. Those in the play were Bill Smales, Catherine Hinton, Delbert Paul, Barbara Bardsley, Stanley Mour, Iosie Marisquirena, Gedney Gallagher, Betty LaPum, lune Davidson, and Loretta Hanson. Mary Howard was promoter tor this play. Back row: lack Moell, lack Sullivan, lim Moell, lack McCulloch, Duane Williams, Lester McKenzie, Mr. Brome CSponsorJ. Front row: Gedney Gallagher, Beth Lind, Bob Cavender, Donna Pease, Delbert Paul, Barbara Bardsley, Shirley Keller. The English "E" is made up of those people who have participated in at least six acts from plays produced by the dramatics department of Elko High. This is by no means an easy requirement to fulfill, making English "E" an honor difficult to obtain. Members of this group are required to have participated in six play acts in addition to the six required for English Therefore, it is composed of expe- rienced and previously honored dramatists, boys and girls of exceptional ability. Iohn McBride, Alice Willianis, LeAnne Turcott, Dixie Dysart, Mr. Bronte fSponsorl. V V - , - X " 1- w '. 'Vwf-fx -"nu-.w :sf ' , ' w- 1 ww- I, ., - . X'. Xxf . nf FNJQWN vi N" N yy M X? f' ' f RQN Qfyjk ' ,diiixfqggg U N l D XY-w QQ M A QW- Na Q QJQEW QQQQX ?bQQ.??'Q5 JQQF w2Q xMb,5g,9??'73Q3 WQ1, wk, Nd W QNX ANR Q XQN C573 7x 'G Om I V mn' ' , .. l I q"A L .3 --'?f'N-":li?S, KaAleet6all This season the basketball team, under Leach Willard Weaver, has distin- guished itselt as one of the best teams ever to represent Elko High. All players have shown themselves to be the finest ever produced here. For the second consecutive time Elko captured the Eastern Zone Championship, and was the runner-up in the State Tournament, losing to Reno by a one-point margin. WILLARD WEAVER, Coach HM MOELL, Manager UNA i ty Because of "outstanding" playing throughout the entire State Tournament, Charles Evans, E1ko's sensational guard, was named on the first-string All-State Team. lack McCulloch and lack Sullivan, who was high scorer at the tourna- ment, were named on the second string All State Team, while Manford Glock received honorable mention. These boys and all the rest of the team deserve a great deal ot credit and praise tor their splendid showing. CHARLES EVANS, Guard IACK SULLIVAN, Guard IACK MCCULLOCH, Center MANEORD GLOCK, Forward ANDREW GIALY, Forward IAMES WRIGHT, Guard EUGENE ANDERSON, Forward RAY MERKELEY, Forward STANLEY MOUR, Center KaAlzet6all gamut Dec. 18, 1943 Elko 48 - Wells 12 The Elko County High School Indians opened their 1943-44 basketball season with a one-sided win over a Wells team which, although out-classed from the start, put up a hard fight and didn't give up until the final horn sounded. lan. 8, 1944 Elko 42 - Wells 21 Elko invaded Wells for its first game of the new year and defeated the still hard- fighting Leopards for the second time by another one-sided score. lan. 21, 1944 Elko 41 - White Pine 25 Elko defeated the White Pine Bobca in the first of their two-game series, 41-2 The first quarter was close, but the I: dians, from the second quarter, begc to hit the basket and quickly move ahead of their rivals to Win by a sa: margin. Ian. 22, 1944 Elko 38 - White Pine 30 This second game was a much close contest. The Bobcats put up a determine fight and kept the outcome in doubt uni the final whistle. Leading the Elko cheering section this year were Lorraine Paoletti, cheer leader: Dorothy Burner assistant cheer leader, and Alice Gabiola, assistant cheer leader. These three girls deserve no end of credit for the fostering of intense schol spirit during the year. Dorothy Burner, Lorraine Paoletti, and Alice Gabiola, Kmleethll gamen Ian. 28, 1944 Elko 30 - Winnemucca 18 -eting the Winnemucca Buckaroos on fir home court for the first time in the xson, the experienced Elko cagers re able to build up a comfortable lead and hold it. lan. 29, 1944 Elko 22 - Winnemucca 17 e Buckaroos put upa determined fight upset the highlyetouted Elko lndians, t the ability of our team to sink their e throws enabled them to maintain their undefeated record. Feb. 4, 1944 Elko 27 - Reno 40 Lo returned from their Western inva- n with their first defeat of the season. ey bowed to a powerful, smooth Reno .skies quintet. The game was fast and rd-fought, and it was not until late the final quarter that the Huskies were le to build up their Winning margin. Feb. 5, 1944 Elko 49 - Sparks 28 iarting from their defeat of the pre- aus evening, the Elko lndians took ngeance on the Sparks quintet and rode to an easy victory. Feb. ll, 1944 Elko 38 - White Pine 37 The lndians ran into a hard-fighting, de- termined group of Bobcats on the White Pine floor and were barely able to eke out a one-point victory. Feb. 12, 1944 Elko 32 - White Pine 34 Second game of this series with White Pine was much like the first. However, the Bocats were on the winning end this time, and handed E1ko's Indians their first conference defeat. KaAlzet6all gamut , Feb. 18, 1944 Elko 48 - Winnemucca 28 Hitting a fast pace, the Indians turned back the invading Buckaroos and held a substantial lead throughout. Feb. 19, 1944 Elko 34 - Winnemucca 13 Finding the basket with a great degree of accuracy, the Indians glided to an- other easy victory over the out-classed Winnemucca aggregation. Feb. 26, 1944 Elko 47 - Wells 29 The Indians wound up their regular season's play showing top form. They Walked over Wells to an easy victory with reserves playing most of the game. EASTERN ZONE TOURNAMENT Mar. 3, 1944 Elko 50 - White Pine 34 Meeting White Pine in their first game of the Eastern Zone Tournament, the ln- dians displayed championship form and rolled to a decisive victory. By virtue of this Win, Elko qualified for the State Tournament in Carson City. Mar. 4, 1944 Elko 43 - Winnemucca 26 Elko High chalked up another victory to win the Eastern Zone Tournament. The Elko boys showed marked ability and team work. They justified all our faith in them. STATE TOURNAMENT' Elko 33 - Las Vegas 30 In the first game of the state tournament at Carson City, the powerful Elko In- dians met the strong Southern Zone champions from Las Vegas. This was a thrilling game and the winner was not apparent until the final whistle had blown. With two of Elko's first string on the bench, the victory looked doubtful, but during the last few seconds the In- dians made a basket, winning the game. Elko 38 - Carson City 13 The Indians were off to a fighting start and succeeded in obtaining a lead which they were able to hold through- out the game. The Senators, sparked by high-scoring Iohnny Laxalt, could not seem to find the basket, and Were outplayed all the way. The Indians walked off with a Z5-point victory. Elko 21 - Reno 22 Meeting a determined Reno Huskies squad, the Indians entered the final fight in championship form. They were in the lead all the way, and it was not until the last two minutes that the Huskies were able to overcome the Elko hoop- sters. With two minutes to play, Vido- vich, sensational Reno guard, sank two baskets and won the tournament for Reno. W1-I ' Uamity 2 Girls' Varsity basketball rm was inaugurated this Ir. The girls played with other ls' teams from surrounding fns, rolling through all games defeated. The team was ooth-working and proved t girls' basketball, when :yed Well, can be as interest- as boys'. All oi their games re easily Won, and the results the season will, no doubt, ,ke girls' inter-scholastic bas- ball a permanent activity at Elko l-ligh. wards-f-Front row: Betty LaPurn, Knoela Jlverton, Adelita Vrscarret, Viola Ford. c row: Josephine Marxsquirena, Dorothy teiz, Gedney Gallagher, Ida Bess Sari- derson, Theo Henry. 'rds---Front row: Barbara Bardsley, Le e Turcott, Evelyn Lopez, Lorraine Pao- . Back row: Rose Iayo, Dorothy Burner, on Shelton, Bette Getz, Dolores Bena. , ,,, t fn tel-ala A if Winne The senior interclass basketball team Won the interclass cham- pionship for the third consecu- tive year. They glided through the season undefeated, and so gained permanent possession oi the lnterclass Trophy. Kneeling: Benton Bell, Ianies Konolcl, lark Sullivan QCoachl, lohn McBride, Eldmunzl Anderson. Standing: Noel Aranguena, lavk Moell, Duane Williams, Wayne Knowles, Delbert Paul. The senior girls won both the indoor and outdoor soccer tour' naments last fall. The competi- tion provided by all of the other classes was difficult to over- come, but this group succeeded in capturing both titles. E Senior Girls-Back tow: Miss Stephenson fCoachb, Mary Berrueta, Esther Alvarac losephine Marisquirena, Frant row: Ioan Reinhart, LeAnne Turcott, Adelita Viscarr Sophomore Girls-Left to right: Virginia Overton, Marjorie Aguirre, LaVon Shelion, Knoela Woolverton, Ida Bess Sanderson, Dolores Bena, Viola Ford. The G.A.A. basketball tourr ment was a battle to the er The winner could not be pi dicted until the final whistle the final game. The seniors ai the sophomores were both u defeated and so fought doul: hard in the determining garr The seniors, however, could r subdue the underclassmen ai were forced to bow to the , , , ,- V-.5 . .,5Q.'4i. fm ,. , 5.-f. .L 4.:.4,2vG----- -- 443, A "--L',aX2.f- -T" -' if 'Y ' ? ' 6 " , A .. W Tw- ' ' ' fr 'I p ri Q .. ,. 3,1-,t ,, .. ,v.5-l,.,.f,4l5,,. ,.,,: ..4,????4-V -,M . Mi l 5.56 Q t V , Q X H V I M2541 . - . " v 1 f- fi 1 . ' 4. .ff sw . , - -- '-+" ff ---1-f.-1 -- 4. . . - .mm-4.-4-K. 4 . .. 1.4. . 3 ,, -frefhw , 4, H A , , , ,- r nw T ,eg , -. .yu-4. '- M4 ----v w . g -, 7-A '- 4 4 A - 'f 4 . 4 .W - 4 . - .-W ff. 4- -Q A ...Q .KVA-, .,4 . ,,, , wg g , aY'?2Lr-gnlig1Jfyz.!,Q--g35x -mt. 3 - - ' -- 359, ffl' v ' ' 1, - f .144 -L, , . ., ,V ..., . M 1 - . ' , . .3 uf.,-w ., . , . . . W " A ' - ' ' - '.'. -395:55 ' - - - , . 1 - . '..f ' . 'Eb gp.-Ayr V. xx ' ,N -I K+- K: . V -Vg, -.5 , "3 N , ,4 - .',f",5r 2 " Q- K ' , -- --fy rf. 19,534 , ,, . - n' f , - Vw , ' vw, .gh 5-v -fy .. - H , f.. ,H ., - Q wi - ' 'f' - A'-fu' .QV .. . v . . mv' 55 41 4 f- - - 4.-gf! . -413 wi, 1 . K., , A 5! - . .A 11.-5 --Za gtjgy 4,-334. 4 f 4- 'V ,. S5015 tk- .,g.,4-5, . A J v ufaij --, , 1- 1? I-,1yl..,,, . V I -jk ,f ,, -- h. -g.. 5..,-,gk gui-2:'g.',l7 4 A .- -M v, , ,,, Q31 ' -'1 ' ' , I P '. 4. "fl A 55? 15:91 afar. 4 ' P f-W24i- ffvfffrf -1 . , A - . .' --. -X --53. 1 :' ' 4 -41.0 .f-:ii 11533 M. K-'fy' At. . , RW, . - 02 ,V A - Y ggu-ir 2 . ,gil -1 ' I . - ' , ,,. Q ZH: "X 'I ' .- P X -w-'34, if' " 3114- 'UH 'W-I "f ' -fi ' " . - - ', ' . 12 f fa' ' f .--F1721 aff' A , 4- : I, ' . ' ,wg-fri 'i if ,V 4.1,-.1-ff, X-5--,gag-j-E - .5 " , . --Mig , g'f5.e4-ig , 5:4 vw.-grzi +1-rf-,,4,:: ,L - f' .H 'W :Ji we A , 'H 5 . ' n-wi'-Q'-JM. T"af.wi':v'k:- 1 ' 'Asia Eivi- P"-f-,?14'l - 1 0 . "2-45" S Lag, fb' ,: Aga' xqagega--11-fa .f .4 -4 :eff-1-.4 4- .- Q . - 5--,4.f gg,2,.E 1 .a N 1 ,npr-. 5 -. -.3 - - K -, -Sf.,-L, 1,g1?,,,. x,,.,.,.4..fv.. 4 , g ,,.., , - Rr.-fi. .x-1. Q 1 - , L-,. Xrm- -L, , -ae.-,Q 12 ' "V Em.: 24" .1. 4' A 4, , - , - , f., .1 , . . 4 . -Twig ,-...rp . .'.- - - ' : . -4 lm .Xf- '1.,1 --1... - ' " ' ni" -3' 1 ' . 2 NF'- -G 5 5. , J , - g ' 'Y 4 --?'Y',m 5,4-J " x V -v 1- ,H fx, ,- - ' , ,qix - , , Y ,n 9 -- .. INN F75-H w Q- ' ' w 'V 51 .4 , Q gf JL: - 1 :is K ' I tw'-g .Q-' . ' - f H W sh' - A '54 A' ' K ' -fw - --.ge - Q - , R' v 4 ' 41 'V ' if' ES .fu k - l 'igrig-fi., f' .xv xiii ' gg., ' A 'gh' e -, 5.99-g i 12 , ., ,fr -Jwijji' W-55' f - , . -gi - 1- K g -f,1..f mr, A 'fi 49 Ei A .N a nt ,. , ,51 . W, V ' ' -if f A-.4 .7 . U 53.519 1 Y", t f f. at .. w, M' fig: 1 M "K- 3 ., -Wad. - - we. . ,,,.,.t, , 1-2 4 ff.- 'E+' k 'H .85 M-4 fig Y-4? A .b - . 12257 C ef, , s wx 4. My x :- .- 'U' Hx N Nr, Q' 3 3 Q M' ga iff! 'P wr ".-5 1. " 'V' -.ef 14 ., 7 V1 wt uv! W , . M F , 1 4 . 5 ...yi , . + .m ' W I g '?:.'E' . D: ,knluyfg gif 1 ' ami? ,Mg,rg.. gg ' .ffff W -179' f.,' 2, fig., . Tg, ,,l .,sQ - -ii-'Tu 1 ' 525.2 ' " ffm t u.,- A 1 ,ff r H . - V4 digg tr K. I. '-f"hhj. 11 5 , 1 ,A ' 3:4-A ,- :V W' fn . J 1 5 .wwf-ja - ' Q 'Q-XV. 4 X. ."7 5' ' if " - -6' A Jr" N 5, f' ,1,.-mLf.f '-, --if-Y ' ' J, , "-.LR ' ,- "f I-L. ' 1? 41 4 nf: - ' . - f ,Q r Q 1 - w .K-.-65,5 gays,- N gr ,ff -4,.4 ,zen - I Q y x -If jg. ra ' 'Zig ' Y . .izgjg 'Q Wk? - - 4 jpgz,41,Q Q , 7 ,aff ., A Y. fi I-.fu -sg ,, ,A 9. , 'ng ff: , -x. 1.1 F"3',2r '-307 ?reAlam Freshman Class Officers: Harold Field fPresidentJ, Shirley Combs lTreasurer, Josephine Uriarte lRepresentativeJ, Bu Getz tVice-Presidentt, Alta Rickenbach lSe4 retaryl, and Robert Larsen lllepresentative The freshmen entered Elko High last fall very timid, retiring, and just a little frightened. However, on "Field Day," they gave the sophomores a run for their money and almost got even for the hazing given them by the sophs. Then came the Harvest Ball, and freshman candidate Doris Quilici was elected Queen, giving this class its first claim to recognition. But that wasn't alll ln two interclass basketball games the freshmen were victorious over their arch- enemies, the sophomores. They held their class party in the gym and had a wonderful time. These boys and girls are waiting only for next year when they will make it difficult for another first-year class. Officers were Harold Fields, president: Bud Getz, vice-presidentg Shirley Combs, treasurer: and Alta Rickenbach, secretary. Back rcw: Paul Messerly, Wayne Bariger, Beverly Berger, Charles Perry. Middle row Frank Clawson, Richard Harnier, Alta Rick- enbach, Lois Torgerson, Bill Higgins, Ed- ward Iuinger. Front row- Willard Oliver, Fred Bland, Betty Perry, Dick Wright. :k row: Niles Storrs, Lee Scott, David tzke, Shirley Combs, Catherine Hinton, retta Hansen. Front row: Delora Beeney, ne Peters, Kiku Matsumoto, Opal Smith- wick, Beverly Bell. Back row: Francis Hammond, Robert Lar- sen, Iosephine Uriarte, Bud Getz. Front row Donna Lee Gaillard, Doris Quilici, Iolhn Barnes, Dorothy Berrueta, Wanda Banks Elizabeth Tom, Clara Bilbao. Back row: Georae 0CjllVIO, lark Mtirriliy, Roy Hawkins, Flay Scott, Harry Burner, Middle row: Arlene Mallory, llouqlas Mc- Vae, Erwin Vaughn, Bill Pierce, Harold Fields. Front row: Maddline Morse, Rosalie Kohlmeyer, Marjorie Sonnenscliein, Domilvl Prunty, Donald Anderson. ,-A ,mls-s. The cluss of '44 in '32 . . . Alvm cmd Alynl an prohle . . . Lose somethmq, qxrls? . . . McCulloch of the Air Corps and Pearce oi the Navy . . . Watch out, Bessie! . . . The Nc1vy's McBr1de cmd Sulhvcm, Soplevmvrm Alyri Brennen CPresidentJ, Alvin McCuistion tVice-Presidentl, Dorothy Garteiz llfiepresentativej, Richard Combs mepresentativel, Iune Davidson lSecretary-Treasurerl. Last year this class graduated-from freshmen to sophomores-and began to fit into and become a real part of Elko High. They held their class party in the gym Where they danced, played games, and made short work of the refreshments. The freshmen beat them in interclass basketball, but this was only fair after "Field Day." The sophomores were well repre- sented in all school activities. Their officers were Alyn Brennen, president: Alvin McCuisition, vice-president: and Iune Davidson, secretary-treasurer. The class of '45 will long remember this year. Svplavmot Back row: Ioe Bell, Georqe Hakatcx, Sh Keller, Alyn Brennen, Dorothy Steno Iune Davidson. Front row: Ruth Mer Betty LaPum, Bill Smales, Mary I-lov if iii I! I I I 5. 'A Standing: Pete Santina, Mary Motretol. Berrueta, Ronald Smith, Don Dulty, Lea Glaser. Sitting: Dorothy Garlelz, Iv Badt, Iohn Patterson. IAA rcrwz Hurry limit, LvRoy Cunninqhmn, Frllh, Don Crxrtvr, Front row: Vnqmm Ion, Mary Oioquw, Chrlstxno MCBNCIQ, Dolores Be-nu. row: Murqntot Bland, Gooxqc Hanks, Fy RGC Fernold, Alex Arrrlsccxdu, Alvm nstlon, Leo Hernandez, Dcrrold LIVIHQ- -. Mlddle row: l.r1Von Wmqht, Ramona nz, Noreen Cottoxn, Ido Bess Sanderson, n Shellon. Front row: Leo Clcnnon, luck ks, Bob McFarlane, Ted Johnson, John Bxoqlor. Lin' , - ml 9 6 K.. X s 1 A V . iv- Fthol lonos, Viola Ford, Dolores Woodoll, Knoela Woolverton, Albert Srxlls, Rlchurd Combs, B111 Lynch, lohn Etchenek. J ii as qnivz-A Alice Gabiola ISecretary-Treasurerl, lack Hull KPresidentJ, Max Wiqnall lVice-Presidentl, Dorothy Gennette llftepresentativel, Ray Merkley CRepresentativeJ. The class of '45 is an outstanding one, and was well represented in all stude body activities. lts interclass basketball team came close to winning the cu but the seniors nosed them out by a narrow margin. The Iunior Prom, held 1 April 15th, was one of the most impressive ever seen at Elko High. Theme 1 the Prom was "Winter Wonderland." The class also produced a number unknown thespians when the junior play, "No Mind of Her Own," was p1 sented. This hilarious comedy was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, and tl class is looking forward to their senior play .... Unfortunately, the class '45 is gradually becoming smaller. Next year many of the boys will be forct to leave for the service, and lack Hull, class president, will graduate with tl class of '44. We wish them all a great deal of luck .... Accomplishments dl ing the year were largely due to the untiring efforts of class officers: lack Hu president: Max Wignall, vice-presidentp and Alice Gabiola, secretary-treasure NRY AGUIRRE EUGENE ANDERSON I,Ol,A RARAINUA CLAUDE BARNES JROTHY BURNER ' A IUANITA BURNETT LYNEL CUNNINGHAM BETTY DETWEHER TTY IJUVAL ROSALIE ENKE RON FIELDS IAMES FORD ICE GABIOLA GEDNEY GALLAGHER DOROTHY GENNETTE VERNON GEORGE 4, f., . A M at aj., QQY N AA Q fs r' Q an I plz -k,A A Q j 'WIS .NEORD GLOCK LIARMEN GREGORY If EIXVVARD HANKS CHARLES HARMEH L ' 5 uniorA ", CH 145 E 'Em I I I s 1 Y n I T Q S .Li LEORA HARRIS LOIS HAWKINS qnio THEO HENRY IACK HULL BESSIE HUTCHINSON ROSE , BILL KANE DORIS KENNEDY BEN LESBO EVELYN L ROBERT LYNCH ADELE MAI-IAN MAURICE MARILUCH RAY MER EDWARD MITCHELL STANLEY MOUR TERUKO OKI LORRAINE PAO! 'fa'AA 'RUDE PETERS DEAN PLUNKET FRANCES ROSE CHARLES SALLS NINE SANSINENA IACK SMALES IOY STODDARD IERRY SULLIVAN . VIZINA MAX WIGNALL THAXTER WILLIAMS CARROLL WINES J WOOD IAMES WRIGHT EUGENE WUNDERLICI-I CATHERINE ZUNIND KENNETH PARKINSON BILLIE RAE PETERS Senzor C1444 Icxck McCulloch tPres1dentJ Delbert Paul iRepresentativeJ, Iosephine Marisquirena tRepresentativeJ, Beth Lind lTreasurerJ, Robert Pearce fVicefPresidentJ. The seniors began their year with a Well-planned "Get-together Dance." Next came the senior play, "Three Cornered Moon," directed by Mr. Brome. Nine seniors took part in it and kept the audience howling with laughter throughout. The senior assembly staged by the class was a "wow," Its title, "l-lellzapoppin, Ir.", was appropriate, though "Ir." may be an understate- ment. For the third consecutive year the interclass basketball championship tell to the class of '44, giv- ing them permanent possession of the trophy. The Senior Ball surpassed even the Iunior Prom, or so the seniors say. Efficient officers led the class. They were: lack McCulloch, president, Robert Pearce, vice- presidentp Barbara Bardsley, secretary Cnot picturedl: and Beth Iind, treasurer. 's Senivr ESTHER ALVARADO: Band 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Treasurer Or EDMUND ANDERSON chestra 3, Glee Club 17 G.A.A. 1. BARBARA BARDSLEY English E ep E 3 4 Pep E Scri NOEL ARANGUENA 4 Pohob Staff 4 Incognito 3 Class Secretary 4 G A A 3 4 Girls Varsity 4' Saga Staff 3' P. E.O. Typing Award 35 Assistant Cheer Leader 3: Transferred from Emmett High School, Emmett, Ida- ho 3. BENTON BELL: Iunior Varsity 2, F. EA. 2, 3, Elected President F.F.A. 3: F.F.A. Reporter 2: Transferred from Eureka County High School, Eureka, Nevada 2. MARIORIE BIEROTH: Pep "E" 4, Transferred from Mountain City High School, Mountain City, Ne- vada 4. MARY BERRUET1-X7 Pep "E" 47 Fire- side Circle l, 27 G.A,A. l, 2, 3, 47 G.A,A. Secretary 4. BOB CAVENDER: English "E" 4, Band 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 4, Orches- tra 2, 3, 4, "Three Cornered Moon" 4, Saga Staff Reporter 3, Varsity Basketball 3, Transferred from Mc- Clatchy Senior High School, Sac- ramento, Calii., 2. LOUISE CHEVALIER PAT CONWAY. Glee Club 4, Trans ferred from Oakland High School, Oakland Calif 4 Senzom MARIE DAVIDSON: De Laureola 3, 4: De Laureola Secretary 4: Pep "E" 3, 4: Pohob Staff 4: Scholar- ship E's, Bronze 3, Silver 4, Gold 4: Student Council 4: Welfare Com- mittee 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 3: "Three Cornered Moon" 4: Class Secretary 2: Fireside Circle l, 2, 3, 4: Fireside President 3: Fireside State President 3: Fireside Secre- tary 4: Student Body Secretary 4: Saga Staff 3, 4: Saga Editor 4: Executive Committee 4: Assembly Program 4. CHARLES EVANS: De Laureola 3, 4: Block "E" 2, 3, 4: Block "E" Presi- dent 3: Glee Club 4: Pohob Staff 4: Student Council 1, 3, 4: Welfare Committee-2, 3, 4: "Incognito" Stage Crew 3: Class President l: Varsity Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Track l, 2, 3, 4: Student Body Treasurer 3: Student Body President 4: Saga Staff 4: Executive Committee 1, 3 4: Assembly Program 1, 3, 4. ANDREW GIALY: Block "E" 4: Po- hob Staff 2, 4: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Mechanical Drawing, Sta'e lst Place I: Shop lst Place 2, 3. JAMES GUISTI- De Laureola 3, 4: Glee Club 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Saga Staff 4: Cheer Leader 3: Iunior Prom Committee 3. IO ELLEN HAMMOND: Pep "E" 4: Band l: Fireside Circle l, 2: G.A.A. l, 2. DIXIE DYSART: English "E" 3, 4: Pep "E" 3, 4: Pep "E" President 4: Band 1, 2: Orchestra 1, 2: Pohob Staff 4: Pohob Business Manager 4: Welfare Committee l: "Incog- nito" 3: "Three Cornered Moon" 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Saga Staff 3. PETE GALLI, IR. BARNEY GLENNON KNot Picturedl: Track l: Saga Staff 2: F.F.A. Secre- tary 2. MARGARET GREGORY: Glee Club 2, 3: Pohob Staff 4: Fireside Circle 1: G.A.A. I, 2, 3: Saga Stall 1, 2, 3. MAY HAKATA: De Laureola 3, 4: Pep "E" 4: Orchestra 3: Glee Club I, 3, 4: Fireside Circle l, 2: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Saga Staff 4. NORA HESS: Pep "E" 4: Glee Club 2: G.A.A. 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. Basket- ball Leader 4: Girls' Varsity 4: Saga Staff 3: Transferred from Billinghurst Iunior High School, Reno, Nevada, 2. Senzvm CAROL IONES: De Laureola 3, 4. IAMES KONOLD: Band l, 2, 3, 47 Orchestra 2: Varsity Basketball 4. JIM LYNCH: De Laureola 3. JOHN MCBRIDEZ De Laureola 3, 4: De Laureola Vice-President 4: Enq- lish "E" 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 4: Pohob Staff 4: Scholarship E, Bronze 3: "Seven Sisters" 1: "Wooden Slip- per" 2: "Young April" 2: "Incog- nito" 3: "Three Cornered Moon" 4: "Brother Goose" 3: Class Presi- dent 3: Saga Staff 4: Masque and Gavel 4. LESTER MCKENZIE: English "E" 4: Band 2, 3: Orchestra 3: "Incognito" 3: "Three Cornered Moon" 4. WAYNE KNOWLES: De Laureola 3, 4: Glee Club 4: Welfare Commit- tee 2: Class Vice-President 2: Var- sity Basketball 3, 4: Saga Staff 4. BETH LIND: English "E" 3, 4: Pep "E" 3, 4: Band 1, 2: Orchestra l: Glee Club L, 2, 3: Glee Club Vice- President 2: Scholarship E, Bronze 2: "Brother Goose" 3: "Incognito" 3: "Three Cornered Moon"4: Class Treasurer 4: Fireside Circle l: Shorthand Award for 140 words per minute 4: State Commercial Contest Award 2. IOSEPHINE MARISQUIRENA: Saga Staff 4: Pep "E" 3, 4: Student Coun- cil 4: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: G.A,A. President 4: Girls' Varsity 4. JACK MCCULLOCH: Block "E" 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 4: Glee Club l, 4: Pohob Staff 4: Student Council 3, 4: Welfare Committee 2: "Incognito" 3: "Three Cornered Moon" 4: Class Vice-President 3: Class President 4: Varsity Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4: Track l, 2, 3, 4: Drum Major 4: English "E" 4. LOUISE RITA MENDIVE: Pep "E" 4: Glee Club 3: Fireside Circle 2. Senivm IAMES MERRIAN: Transferred from Humboldt County High Schol, Win- nemucca, Nevada 3: Electrician "Incognito" 3. IIM MOELL3 English "E" 3, 4: Block "E" 4: Band 1, 2, 4: Pep Band 4: Orchestra l, 2, 4: Glee Club 4: Stage Crews of "Seven Sisters" l, "Wooden Slipper" 2: "No Women Wanted" 2, "Brother Goose" 3: "The Young in Heart" 3, "Incog- nito" 3, "Three Cornered Moon" 4: Saga Staff 3, 4: Senior Athletic Manager 4. ROBERT PEARCE: De Laureola 3, 4: De Laureola Treasurer 4: Student Council 2: Glee Club 4: Pohob Staff l, 4: Pohob Business Mana- ger 4: Welfare Committee 1, 3: "Incognito" 3: Class Vice-Presi- dent 4: Saga Staff 3, 4. IOAN REINHART: De Laureola 2, 3, 4: De Laureola President 4: Pep "E" 3, 4: Band l, 2, 4: Band Sec- retary-Treasurer 4: Pep Band 4: Pohob Staff 1, 4: Pohob Editor 4: Scholarship E's, Bronze 2, Silver 3, Gold 4: Student Council I, 3: Wel- fare Committee 2, 3: Quill and Scroll 3: "Incognito" 3: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Saga Staff 4. LE ANNE TURCOTT: De Laureola 3, 4: English "E" 2, 3, 4: Pep "E" 3. 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Pohob Staff 4: Scholarship E's, Bronze 2: Sil- ver 3, Gold 4: Weliare Committee 4: Quill and Scroll 3: Property Manager "Wooden Slipper" 2: Prompter "Brother Goose" 3: "In- cognito" 3: "Three Cornered Moon" 4: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. Secre- tary 4: Girls' Varsity 4: Saga Staff 3, 4. IACK MOELL: English "E" 4: Band l, 2, 4: Orchestra l, 2, 4: "Wooden Slipper"2: Stage Crew "Three Cor- nered Moon 4: Varsity Basketball 4. DELBERT PAUL: Glee Club 4: Band l, 2: Student Council 4: "Incog- nito" 3: Varsity Basketball 4. DONNA PEASE: De Laureola 4: Eng- lish "E" 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep "E" 3, 4: Orchestra l, 2, 3: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: "Seven Sisters" 1: "Wooden Slipper" 2: "Incognito" 3: Fireside Circle I, 2: G.A.A. l, 2, 3: Drum Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4: Head Majorette 4. IACK SULLIVAN: De Laureola 3, 4: English "E" 4: Block "E" 3, 4: Block "E" President 4: Glee Club l, 4: Glee Club Manager 4: Pohob Staff 4: Scholarship E, Bronze 2: Student Council 2, 3, 4: Welfare Committee 2, 4: "Incognito" 3: "Three Cornered Moon" 4: Class President 2: Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track l, 2, 3, 4: Student Body Vice-President 4: Saga Stait 3, 4. ADELITA VISCABRET: Pep "E" 3: Scholarship E's, Bronze 2, Silver 3, Gold 4: Fireside Circle l: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. Vice-President 4: Girls' Varsity Captain 4: Saga Staff 3: Shorthand Vocational Award 3. Senior ALICE WILLIAMS: Sound Eifects for "Incognito" 3: Props and Costumes "Three Cornered Moon" 47 Fire- side Circle 1. LEOLA WRIGHT, G.A.A. 31 De Lau- reola 4, "Incognito" Prompter 3: Transferred from Cypress High School, Magna, Utah, 3. IERRY WARREN: De Laureola 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 4, Pep Band 4: Orches- tra l, 2, 4, Pohob Staff 2, 41 Pohob Assistant Editor 4, Welfare Com- mittee Chairman 4g "Incognito" 37 "Three Cornered Moon" 47 Class Vice-President 35 Saga Staff 3, 4. DUANE WILLIAMS: English "E" 45 Band 1,2,3,4: Band Vice-President 3: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra Manager 47 "Tiger House" 47 "Three Cornered Moon" 4, Varsity Basketball 35 Pep Band 4, Track 1, 3. Senzor ?arewell We, the Senior Class, wish to extend our sincere gratitude to our principal, the faculty, and the Elko County Board of Education for the priceless knowl- edge which they have made available to us. We feel that we are better prepared to meet the ever-occurring trials and tribulations of everyday life complacently and intelligently from this day on .... lt is with a better understanding of Americanism, good fellow- ship, and sportsmanlike conduct that we bid farewell to our beloved school and pass on to the remaining classes our feeling of affection and loyalty. IACK MCCULLOCH Senior Class President. ygvvvv vw P b r P IT PAYS TO SHOP AT INSTITUTION J,,PENN1-:Y , A NATION WIDE C P P P P P P P ' Printers dnd Publishers Binding - Ruling - Enqrcrvinq RENO PRINTING CDMPANY Reno, Nevcrdd P P F Telephone 22133 124 North Center Street P P b P L1'.,A-A AAAg:AAAAA14.cAAAL4:AAAAAL4.4.zA4A AAAA4.4AAA14A44AAs..4.4A snow run: LAUNDRY of a nnv ILEANERS SPROUSE REITZ CO. MANUESOSEZTIGUEZ Elko, Nevada Elkgl Nevqdq Compliments When inWells o f EAT AND SLEEP AT THE THE OPTICAL SHOP AllEH HOTEL 914 Boston Bldq. Salt Lake City, Utah Wells, Nevada L. AAAAAAAAAA4AA4g4AAAAAAAA AAxrAA-s.4AAAA---A 4 vvvvvvvvvrvvvvvvvvvvvvv C ll H VE WWW zthfffff 1fi'Wf Wfzwmi 0 Strikingly beautiful, modern in graceful streamline design, and actually curved to be worn on the .rclie of your wrist-that's the new Gruen Curvex. Words do not do full justice to the true beauty or trim, comfort- able feel of this newest of all new watches. Come in our store this week-actually try this smartly-styled Gruen Curvex on the .ride of your wristl Model shown is the Gruen Curvex "PETITE"-14 kt. ellow gold lllled case, 17 jewel Ereclsion movement 54250. 'REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. I D I ,4.!.'g-' 1 l lnllllllw! T ,mm -u 'mm -1 mn l THE NEW CURVEX'YlA1 .,, gd ...,....a sm... cw.. .......-a gnu 5 In G-...A wnfn c. ,4-3+ T, : .3- M W? E-Al- z 4 THE OLD wu mn Hn m.,.m.f.w .. ...ma ...- lEWElRY 8. OPTlCAl CO. Elko, Nevada 4..,---4-,-----,-,A-L,,-- vvvvvvvvvvvvvvrvvwvvvvvwvvv ElKO NEWS STAND 327 Fifth Street Elko, Nevada PUCCINEllI 8. CO. MEATS AND GROCERIES Telephone 540 Elko, Nevada Compliments of . . . ElKO COUNTY TELEPHONE 8. TELEGRAPH CO. Elko, Nevada BEllINGEllp SHOP Commercial Street Elko, Nevada GASOLINE OU-5 SUlllVAN'S GARAGE Elko,Nevada AUTO REPAIRS MOTOR PARTS ABERDEEN COAL CRYSTAL-CLEAR ICE Distributors Standard Stove and Burner Oil Phones 212 and 212-R Elko, Nevada fK sq vvvrwvrw vvrv-v-svvvv 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 I 5 5 5 I 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 K 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 E 5 5 E E 5 R' Compliments of .l.KR.P00l HAH. THE HANGOUT Elko, Nevada TRY M6133 EOLETXVEQTEIERVICE H. l. BARTLETT LU M B E R CO. TROY LAUNDRY 8. DRY CLEANING C0. Elko' Nevada Specialists in All Kinds of Particular Work LUMBER AND ITS P R 0 D U C T S IT PASTEURIZESH C O A L "IT'S DEPENDABLE" etc- Elko, Nevada Phone21 GET oUR PRICES Now vvvvvrvvvvvvv v Compliments of PEHHDCK COMPANY DRS. HOOD. RDAHTREE. SECDR. WIlSEY 8. 0'DOHHEll Elko,Nevada First National Bank Building Furs Cleaned and Repair - Hats Cleaned and Blocked DE lUXE 0DORlESS ClEAHERS Tailors Quality - Service v Phone 88 5ll Railroad Street Elko, Nevada HYLAHD CHEVROLET C0. Elko, Nevada Dealers in Chevrolets and Oldsmobiles CAR REPAIRING Commercial Street AA+At4vAA4,4.4AAAAAg4..e vvvvvvvvvvvvvwvvvv KARL KEPPIER New York lile Insurance Co. Elko, Nevada H. U. CASTLE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW 404-406 Henderson Bank Bldg. Telephone 126 Elko, Nevada STEPHEN COMISH. D. D. S. Elko, Nevada Room 204 Henderson Bank Building PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS H A l E D R U G C 0. Telephone 303 Elko, Nevada Saddles Harnesses J. M. CAPRl0lA Elko, Nevada Le ther Go ds Shoe Rep 1r1ng Fresh and Smoked Meats Fruits and Vegetables RIVERSIDE MARKET STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES Telephone 59 Fifth and Silver Elko, Nevada AAAAAAA4.zAAg.fAt4.41AAA54AAAA44.zAA-A1.44 vvvvrvvvvrvvv vvvvrvwyf 'EW FIELDING HOTEL IOE SNELSON, Manager San Francisco, California VISIT THE NEW, ULTRA-MODERN ELL' ' Every Kind of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables MEATS - CANNED GOODS Do Your Shopping at Sewell's and Be Satisfied S. I. MacMIl..LAN, Manager Idaho Street Elko, Nevada 44-AAA AAA4.4.4AAAAL4.44-AAA1.441AAA f H HOTEL EV DA Ely, Nevada ELY'S ONLY MODERN HOTEL HEADQUARTERS FOR ELKO PEOPLE For Fine Food, Deliciously Prepared . . . Visit Our Coffee Shop H. C. "Hank" Simpson, Manager k 1 vvw A41 Y vrvvwvvvvvvvvvrvvvwvvvrvvwvvwvvwvvvvvvvwvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvV SHEll SERVICE STATION S H E L L P R o D U C T s Fifth and Idaho Elko, Nevada Compliments of . . . PIONEER APARTMENTS AND ROOMS Telephone 429 Pioneer Building Elko, Nevada HARRY M. GAllAGHER. D.D.S. 301 Henderson Bank Bldg. Elko, Nevada Compliments of . . . MAYER GARAGE Elko,Nevada We Serve the Wor1d's Best Steaks at All Times ECHO COFFEE SHOP "THE STEAK HOUSE" Highway 40 Elko, Nevada Telephone 222 WHITE MAYTAG SALES AND SERVICE 729 Idaho Street Elko, Nevada A--x4gAAAAA44444:AxAAAAAA54441 Compliments of ElKO GENERAL MERCHANDISE READY-TO-WEAR FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Ioe Anacabe, Prop. Elko, Nevada At Your service . . . with Q Smile IAY'S SERVICE AND COTTAOES Elko, Nevada Congratulations to the Graduates . . FlINT BEAUTY SHOP Railroad Street Elko, Nevada BREAD CAKES PASTRY HOME BAKERY Elko, Nevada Store Phone 220 Bakery Phone 221 MIlTON B. BADT ATTORNEY-AT-LAW First National Bank Building Elko, Nevada WAGON WHEEl CAFE Wells, Nevada EXCELLENT SERVICE EXCELLENT FOOD AAAAA AAAAA.........,.,.... 3-vv 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 R vv-v-v-vvvv vvvvvvv-wvvvvwvvv Complimenis of 4 ,HE coMMfnuAL Hom 4 GARAGE CARY HULL,Proprietor COFFEE SHOP Elko, Nevada O 4 Elko, Nevada MCNAMARA 8. ROBBINS ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW O Q Elko, Nevada Asks You to Try Their O f N d ' F' l E l' Pl SUPER-SERVICE Pooo me O GVGZZHZMZQTQCQ Q mg aces AND DRINKS ElK CAFE "WHERE FRIENDS MEET" Telephone l2l 462 Commercial Street Elko, Nevada AAAA A-- T g EAGLE , l SERVICE SIATION Elko, Nevada 5 P P i 0 P P P F. Y. Williams ' Class of H '21 5 O P P P P f First and Idaho Streets ' ASSOCIATED Compliments of 4 ELKO DRUG COMPANY or Euro Exclusive Perfumes and Toiletries Elizabeth Arden Du Barry E STOVE AND EURNACE Bflfbqfffffrould 0IlS 5 P 5 5 P P P P P P Elko, Nevada r K O P P r r K Telephone i 2 5 O P 5 P ' 0 Iim and Ed Greqory I 4 4 ' Fountain Service Q 4 Railroad Street - Elko, Nevada A ---idk -------- ------,,-------, --,A-LLAA,----- 1 f q CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES CSL ElK0 lAMOIllE POWER COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1944 W. N. Bl0HM Your Ieweler Commercial Hotel Building Elko, Nevada Compliments of CENTRM MARKET Meats Groceries Phone 36 Elko, Nevada ,,vvvv1,rrrvvvvv Compliments of COMMERCIAl CAFE 24-Hour Service Always Elko, Nevada H. c. srfvfus co., DEPARTMENT sronf I "Prices That Will Please" I Elko, Nevada T vvvrvw q P Compliments of ElKO PACKING COMPANY AND ElKO COUNTY LIVESTOCK R. F. Caudill Elko, Nevada Compliments When in Winnemucca of MOUNTAIN mv HOTEL NNQTABOWT LUMBER CO. , Your Headquarters Ph 3119 O Elko, NGVCICACI Gus Knezvich, Managing Owner t "1 OASIS IN THE DESERT When Traveling Over Route 40 or 50, Be Sure to Stop at the TATE LINE SERVICE New, Ultra-Modern Hotel CAFE . BAR . CASINO Air-Conditioning 100 per Cent GARAGE, GAS AND OIL SERVICE Cabins in Connection Utah-Nevada State Line On Highways 40-50 Wendover, Utah - Post Office Box 37 W. F. Smith, Proprietor Y vrwvv-vv vvvvvrv vvvv vvv my Compliments of WELLS POWER COMPANY Wells, Nevada DEPENDABLE SERVICE Congratulations M 0 D E R N M A R K Graduates ElKO WHOlESAlE Meats - Groceries Birdseye Frosted Foods Emmett L. Bachman, Proprietor Phones 342 - 343 Elko, Nevada WARREN MOTOR COMPANY Standard Oil Products TOWING Telephone l65 Elko, Nevada C, W. PAUL Hinnwm - Micnmfnv 'N Telephone 101 E1ko, Nevada COMPLIMENTSOF... THE GENTLEMAN'S RESORT" uma Hom THE PMN C0- For Every Masculine Gift Day Elko, Nevada KIRSTEN PIPES ILCarter,Propr1E'iOY CIGARS AND CIGARETTES Phone 430 540 Idaho Street Telephone 412 Elko, Nevada E1ko's Leading Bank FIRST NATl0NAl BANK OF NEVADA Commercial - Savings - Trust OFFERS COMPLETE STATE WIDE SERVICE Head Office: Second and Virginia Streets, Reno, Nevada L. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION AKA44' AAA- AAx44.rAAA-- A-AAAA 1 T vvvv +1 vvvvv v'vv1 vvvv vvvv -rv-vw v rv vvvvvvv rv vvvv rvw v v :vw , wAaNfn's lui mem , CONSISTENTLY I , luTns.RnEwmx GOOD P 5 I k E1 O' Nevada 850 ldaho Street Elko, Nevada I THE LITTLE sHoP WITH BIG VALUES P ATTORNEY-AT-LAW E Henderson Bank Buildinq P Elko. Nevada Telephone 307 Elko, Nevada I ' DR- l- D- SMITH WE CAP THE CLIMAX Room 304, Henderson Bank Bldq. Elko, Nevada ' I E Complimenls of . . . I uno snof snov Elko,Nevada ' MARTHA BRUCE NUNN BUSH SHOES BUCK HECHT SHOES P P U R IT Y D A I R Y COmpiff'en'S COnqm1U'eS me SMITH'S ACCOUNTING SERVICE IQ44 Pohob Henderson Bank Building I Telephone l53 Elko, Nevada Elko, Nevada r lv1'AA4.zAAs.-+A--xr AAAA A-1 AAAAAAA- s.-s.: AAAAA AAAA 41 --A4 AAAAA Aszeee-x444As.4.: Y rvwvvrvwvvvvrvvwvvvvrvwvvvvvvvrwvvvv N1 F 4 P ELKO D ILY FREE PRESS Commercial Printers "A Paper For Every Member Of The Family" CONGRATULATIONS CLASS CF '44 1 Fourth and Idaho Streets Elko, Nevada 1, --,,-.-A--A,A,,---,A----- ----,,,--,,,---,,.-,,,.---- 1- vvvvv vvvvvvrwvvvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvv vvvvv SHEll Petroleum Products SUPER SHELL GASOLINE MOTOR OILS - FUEL OILS - GREASES MERKLEY 6. HANKINS Telephone 400 A Elko, Nevada C 0 fl Q T Cf T U l U l i 0 fl S ' CIGSS Of '44 For Satisfaction in Service Go to the H. l. BRUCE C0. 0. K. SERVICE AND Elko, Nevada M CLEANING - TAll.ORlNG LADIES APPAREL HOSE MILLINERY We Feature MOBILE Gas ElK0 LUMBER COMPANY Dealers in Building Materials - Lumber PAINT AND COAL Telephone 174 Elko, Nevada Co phm ts I of Compllm nts of 1 GRANTS CAFE ' MOUR'S El0WERS A -K Y rv-vvw vvvvv rvvvvwv-rw vvvv q Even the Young Know Where to Get the Best in Values THE PEOPlE'S MARKET Extends Heartiest Congratulations to the Class of 1944 'N Elko, Nevada GRISWOLD 8. REINHART MORLEY GRISWOLD - MILTON REINHART ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Offices: 205-206 Henderson Bank Bldq. Telephone 10 Elko, Nevada Y vvvvv vvw vvvvvvv v vf CCNGRATULATIONSTC THE CLASS OE A 1 9 4 4 fi? A. W. LHESS CO. GENERAL ELECTRIC PRODUCTS E1ko,Nevotdc1' ' ' ,,,,,,.,....4,.444..-AAs.4..-AAAA -AAAAALAJAAAAA AAA T V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V I V V L M. Film ' ARN0lD MORIUARY Vxfishes Success to the ElK0 TRANSFER Graduates Elko, Nevada AMBULANCE SERVICE HO Q d 5. Ich S P Op ,gms Telephone 358 Elko, Nevada Your Favorite Cosmetics at Our "BEAUTY SPCT" DUPONT PHARMACY FOUNTAIN SERVICE COSMETICS DRUGS Your Rexall Store in Elko, Nevada Telephone 75 Fifth and Idaho Streets of cnmmou Moron co. I SA M S TA X I DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE STUDEBAKER Sales and Service Phone 648-W S. E. Winchell, Mqr. Phone 7 Sixth and Idaho Strocts: Elko, Nevada Y vvvvrvwvvvvvrv-vv'vvvrv-wvvvrvvwvvvvvvvv.vvv1v.v-v-v-v-vv-vv-vv1 NEVADA BANK 0E COMMERCE Railroad Street Elko, Nevada GENERAL BANKING Niqht Depository for Your Convenience Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp GREETINGS TO TI-IE CLASS OE '441 C O M P L I M E N 'I' S OF I THE CITY UF ELKO 4 COMPLIME TS OF THE COUNTY ELKO AAA----nA-,,------------------AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 44.444 4444.444444444.44 444444444 444444.44 4444444444 vvvvv vvvvvvvvwvvvvv vvvvvrsvvvvvvvvvvv ElK0 STEAM LAUNDRY HUNT'S CANDY SHOP 6. DRY ClEANING Elko, Nevada I . First-Class Work Guaranteed Candies and Ice Cream . . , We Call and Deliver " H U N T F o H H U N T' S" Phone 354 Elko, Nevada ltelresli at . . . VAN LEER 6. HARRIMAN ElkO'NemdG THE SWEET SHOP International Harvester 131140, Nevgdq Machinery O Phone 92 329 Idaho Street P o p c o r n P o p C a n d y S R H 0 T E l Compliments ot S T o C K M A N ' s HEADQUARTERS ' PIONEER BAR Phone 406 Elko, Nevada 444444 I. AAA---------Y----,,,------,L,---------,,,------------ T vvvvvvrvvvvvvv P I b r BEST WTSHES TO THE CLASS OF '44 Q-I ElK0 INDEPENDENT Elko, Nevada I PRINTING AND PUBLISHING E For the Finest Groceries in Town wmpumems OI 1 I Try the NATIONMI COMMERCIAL INTER I MARKET BEAUTY SALON I Mario Ouilice, Prop. Elko Nevada Telephone 100 Elko, Nevada OVERLAND HOTEl E BUTLER MORTUARY 5, CAFE P , MILDRED B. srour ' Open Day and Night I 0 G O O D M E A I. S P P P I Telephone 40 Elko, Nevada Tclephonc 427 Elko, Novada P P n44. VVvvv CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF '44 'N J Courtesy of STOKES STUDIOS k l vvvvvvwvvvvv GLASER DAIRY Elko, Nevada We Handle Grade A Natural Milk Pasteurized Milk Cream and Buttermilk vvvvvvvvvvrvvvvvv Compliments of TIP-TOP DRESS SHOP First National Bank Bldg Elko, Nevada COMP LIMENTS OF HUNTER AND ElVADA THEATERS HUNTERGSON +444444 Elko, Nevada ,AL4.zAAAAA-AA-AAAg444 r vvvv-vvvvvvvv---vvvvvvv A v-vvvv'vv ff 'vv-vvvvvvv -vvvw vvvvv ww-vvfwy v 4 INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS WRITTEN Everything for the Home dt by D, M, jfwfll W. A. SIINSON A Room 302 Henderson Bank Building Elko Nevada PI101'19 l5l I Elko, Nevada 506 Commercial Street Compliments of the COMMERCIAL HOTEl "Elko's Leading Hotel" Elko, Nevgdg Qs 4 WE SUPPORT STUDENTS' ACTIVITIES AT ALL TIMES P 1 T 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 '5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Y I-1' 'rv-vwvvvrwvv vvvrvvv-svrvvvvvv ELKCVS BESTJDRESSED STUDENTS SHOP AT R131 HART CO PA Since 1868 vrvvvvvvvvvvvrvvvwvvvv vvvv Musical Instruments and Luggage - Money Loaned on Anything of Value .IOE YOUHE'S lOAH OEEIEE Bargains in Unredeemed Diamonds WATCHES IEWELRY AND GUNS 470 Commercial Street Telephone l 15-I DR. S. D. LAWSOH 402 Henderson Bank Bldg. O Telephone I6 Elko, Nevada Compliments of O. II. TI Milt Smith, Prop. RE SHOP O Elko, Nevada GIFTS RADIOS PAINTS LU MBER W. H. SUPP vvwvvvrwvvvvvvvvwvvvvvvvvrvvvw MAYER HOIEl Elko, Nevada O Elevator Service All Modern Conveniences GOODYEAR SHOE SHOP Excellent Shoe Repairing ALL WORK GUARANTEED O 519 Railroad Street Elko, Nevada COMPLIMENTS OF . . . Al and GEHE'S ASSOCIATED SERVICE Sixth and Idaho Sts. Elko, Nevada l. D. S. BUSINESS EOIIEOE ONE OF THE FINEST BUSINESS SCHOOLS FURNITURE PLUMBING SUPPLIES ANYWHERE AT ANY PRICE Crown Styled Commencement Announcements - Cards Diplomas iBook or Plaque? - Medals - Trophies Iosten's Class Rings 907 S.W. Ninth Avenue Portland, Oreqon , . . 'a ,E FS fs E f 1

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