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gf -A , ', 4. 1Q4,w X Q W . g 3 A K 5 bn 9 M'R:. x ' 'WP '- Af' ' J H - N b, G 'A J f . , .f""" 'wx i,...N.-Q...-,,,.-0" 2 ji t . ...J ,Z Z And in the Cobwelu of 5 Cnly the Signs of an 2 cz FIQUH ES PISC ff HRK-25 U5 TFHUR GGMIN years to come, what then? the Zodiac lcnow. W O ID Z 0 FD P 03-1 OEJBVN UUEIT O CQBOOQ SUS BHJMLI SOI giant i ,.--gl-W' 'f,-, 'll .I " f 9 Y -1 I, 9 A Q 4,1 A ff ' ,, 915, , ,Agn ,qi 1 naar f , ,251 , f-'Mr fgjiidi 'G' . K' bedzcatlvn Elko CounTy l-luqh School us qoung Th ough an era oT change a change ThaT us no doupT qoung To be TelT Through ouT The CuTy oT Elko Elko CounTy and even The enTure STaTe oT Nevada For The uncrease un educaTuonal TaculuTues soon To pe Tound un our cou'nu'nunuTy us a bug sTep Torward un The realm oT secondary educaTuon un The sTaTe Thus TacT loornung so large peTore us cannoT possuply be pasT school yea r ThereTore The only decusuon ThaT could be made Tor The deducaTuon oT our yearbook Thus year us To The people who have made all oT Thus possuple To The voTers oT Elko CounTy To uTs Taxpayers To The Elko CounTy School Board To our pruncupal To our alumnu To our Two local publucaTuons The Elko Dauly Eree Press and The Elko lndependenT To all Those who have helped creaTe Thus we The sTaTT respecTTully deducaTe The I939 POT-TOB 0 0 overlooked. IT is wuThouT doubT The ouTsTandung evenT Tn The . . . X I . Mr J A McBrde TO A PIONEER J A MCBRIDE All ol Elko Counly grneves 'rhe loss ol a man who has undeed been a bullder ol our parl of lhe Slale of Nevada and a real genlleman of The Wesl The lale J A McBride as a ploneer of Jrhe slale as fhe hrs? mayor of Ellco and lhrough hms lnfe as a man genunnely nnferesled rn cnly counlry and slafe allaurs requlres lhe respecl and admlrahon of u a As founder of Ellco Coun+y l-hgh School No I 'rhe l denfs and alumni wlll always 'rhnnlc of hum a one of Theur greafesl benelacrors We of lhe Pohob Slall humbly pay lrnbule +o lhus man nn our yearboolc and pay our respecls by lhrs page of dedncahon ,,f l sll. ' ., su- .. . . S . ?v1-ewvrd Thnrry years ago Hue fursr edaruoru of Hue Poruob appeared and now aruoHuer aruruual ws published To record oruce more sruderuu achyurles during Hue pas+ year 'Hue Hueme as Hue slqrus our Hue Zoduac duoseru for urs reYa+vorus1ulp ro Hue pasr preseruu arud ufufure i939 as a year of porerufuallrmes for all of us We are ucorruruare m luavlrug on boHu seaboards a qreaf exposuuuoru for us up vnssu and rruarvei a+ We are forruruaue un our owru communmuy for Hue erularqeruuerur out our school plarur arud educahorual ufacniufses All Huns represeruus an era of duaruge arud Hue Zod1ac ns symbolic out If 1 v n 1 ' , . 1 14dminiA tration HONORARY PRINCIPAL SCHOOL BOARD FACULTY F2 Q TED CARVILLE To l'he people of lhe Slale ol Nevada and especially Elko Counly lhe name led Carvnlle hlls lhem vvnlh admlr aluon for a man whom we know +o be capable and ellnclenl 'ro full 'rhe posmon he now holds as governor ol The One Sound Slale We of Elko and Elko Counly knowung hum as we have lhrough 'rhe years feel hum Indeed 'ro be a parl' of us As a graduale of Elko Counfy l-llqh School we lhnnk I+ only lllllng and proper lhal we guve hum due honor ln our year book and can szncerely call hum Our lvlosl llluslruous Alumnus 4 .i u . -' f 'Qi . Governor E. P. Carvllle ll ll ., .l - - - - ' - . . . . ., I1 . . I I I ' . . . ., . l. P nc oal George L Turcolf PRINCIPAL S MESSAGE TO THE STUDENT BODY II as my sincere hope Ihal Ihrs year has been a prohrable one Io you sfudenls of Elko Coun+y I-Ingh School In Ihe sense 'rhar you have gained new knowledge and experience Ihar wnll be benehcmal Io you In Ihe years Io come Thar you have made new Irnendshlps among your fellow srudenls Ihar you have had enloyable social conracrs wnlh sludenls and Ieachers Ihrough Ihe medium ol +he numerous parhes and olher galhernngs sponsored by Ihe varuous sludenl organlza Irons during Ihe year rnany advanlages Ihe local communnry and coun'ry have made available Ihrough Ihe medlum of :Is publnc schools by pro vrdrng many advanrages nof avarlable 'ro Ihe youlh of any orher nahon Finally I know Ihaf you w1ll prause Ihe splendid piece of work accomplushed by your Pohob slall ID pulhng oul Ihls annual Treasure Ihus Pohob which rellecrs so vnvudly and realushcally The hrgh leghrs of The pasr scholashc year To morrow I+ wmll be a sforehouse of golden mernornes In which your hrgh school days may be relrved rl IN . I know rhar as a whole Ihe sludenl body appreciales Ihe BCARD of EDUCATION 1' ?a ulty Mr. Jones, Mrs. Williams, Miss Gilmer, Mr. Coy Mr. Beardsley, Miss l-laulcness. Miss Dunn, Mr. Banlcolier' Mr. Parent Miss Hoclson Mr. Laibly, Miss Mason, Mr. Mills Illll x I iiiii W Clfmen SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN 0 nw, mi W I mi ,, Ill -M ., T . ,iii lf' g kt1.1':17g'lf I if ' Blair, Sabala, Miss A. Ui 1 , j' Mason, McMullen, Mr. 5 is X 5? 'i Mills SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Our four years in high school are lull of happy and proud memories lor us. Our members have been oulslanding in bolh scholarship and alhlelics. Because of our originalily and abilily in organizalion, we seem surely To have been ioslered by Leo. When Freshman, we gave a class dance and as Sophomores, a pay dance. As Juniors, we gave a very successful play, "The Ghosl Train," a class parly, and a well-planned Prom, lhe lirsf invilalional Prom in The hislory of The school. Our Senior year has been a full one-we gave a pay dance: our class play, "The Millcy Way," was again well-received, our class pariy, a lol of lun. The Senior Ball was anolher success for our record. For lhe second lime, we won The lnlerclass Baslcelball Tournament and again our members won honors for us on lhe Varsily, and lhe Traclc Team. Now, as we leave high school behind, each of us hopes lo find as aclive and successful a parf in Jrhe iulure as we have had here. Our class officers were: Joe McMullen - - - Presidenl Bob Blair - Vice Presideni Elaine Sabala - Secrelary Miss Mason Sponsor Mr. Mills - Sponsor Senw 'L .2 Top Row Jaclc Adams Emolo Barlorellu Robe-rf Blair Vnrgnma Bonlano Laura Boyd Boffom Row Roberf Bruce Edward Bufler Dommgo Calzacorla Howard Campbell Pansy Clark 0 ' fn., ,gl P ' K 2 K ' 'fi . I ,I 3 - 3 ll , I . A 'A s' ' . - 'QE f vk.4.: . Ls jf. ,A Seniv WWW XLMS 313' 1 rw Q 1600 N11 ofvw N0 were I. wo ora 0 om Row N rmwr 1 0' f our we V ar H in TH mas Hood I 5 AIX 1- 'sk J!! i rs X ,I 'rx NS ,f 3 , X K P, 2 ,KX A' fx' , Y, L vg, I 1 Jw A V: A' A .,.A 4 T KJ Yx ' 1 N ff' N ,I , K: N ,- 2 J ls? X ,M .XX ,, X w, -gn xx 1 'Lv 4 ,Xxx -TX ,I x f - Top Row: Br'yar1fC'fry Jen C mwe Jf - ' DM X , J f Ev Q. , Cc X F ' B H : 0 f Sfcmg A by Heh, J, Esf. .V :ou He ef avgm, Senior f XL ov hs Jofes orofh e 5 r pina oe Va L rem Dove Wea Moore Joe Mc:MuNen Boffom Row Forresf McQueen Leo Pav CH! Mclv1Ne Pau Be-Hy Piers Sy vesfe Pike f J X v A 4 IS. I , 1 Ylk 'P . J V L Ni. 249- ' ,.1 I , f . 1 XX Tp J TOQRMO' 4,D'!yKye,hf' 1r'sc.',f, -f lg Senlo XX ax-l M Top Row EI: Punlar Leo Puccunellu Fayella Randall Rowena Rufheffofd Elaine Sabala Bolfom Row ldona Slaqer, Arflwur Slenovnch lrwnn Swell Dewey Tauller Rae Torqerson C 1' l if fa 1 1' it X A 1 3 bl MQ., W 3. ff f' X ,' f 3 -I N X- , , x, K7 V -X H, K A 5 Q . K l ' 4. .. , . 4' - XX Y 1, 5 'l l 5 gl 3 1 b , X 3 F 7 1 1 " K N 5 X, ' ' 1 x ,f'X X " l vs 4 f lxw ' fr 'Xu Semv 'un X 5 ,11 5 '? Top Row Loss WaWNace Beubh VVaHHer Sara VVarmer Le and Wbffe, Arfbur Wm! moms Boffom Row Home-f WwYYmams George Wnmg Ddlfa Wood, Frances Young Sfanley Zununo U . ff E I , X ! x 1 . XX ' My xl A 4',,v 1 3 1 , A N A W 'xwj , ' if Q A f I A , V .Q 4o,, 3 1' I U2 A l ,V . x t ' -vt i A .. ,Q ' .' S t L X -an 4- . it .. X ff? 2 ' . K -, 41, - .. qi:-'1 Ti Q ,T Q V, xx ' Parlcer, lvlarilucln, Mr, Qu 4 'J Lailoly, Monlgomery, Miss Haulcness .. W 1, .ARE . JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY We look back willi pride on our iirsr year as upper classmen. Guided if seems, by Scorpio, we gave a class parry, 'rlwree pay dances. including 'flue colorful "Wi+cl1es' Jamboree," and we collaboraled on a very successful play, "You Can"r Talce I+ Wirlm You." Our Junior Prom, A Viennese Garden, was widely praised. Our members were on bollw Varsiry and Junior Varsily, and won honors on flue rraclc leam. Mucln credil for our accornplislimenrs was due lo: Dee Monlrgomery - - - - Presidenl Delberr Parker - Vice Presidenl Jennie Mariluclfm - Secreiary Miss l-laulcness - Sponsor Mr. Laibly Sponsor JUNIOR GIRLS Firsl' Row: Cropley, Welcli, Pacini, Pliiilips, Balclielder, I.. Sabala, Parus, Malsui, Clinlon, Hanson Second Row: Miss Haukness, Smiraldo, Brelic, Marisquirena, Dysarr, Smirn, M. Plaza, Lewis, J. Moore Third Row: Jolwnson, Sornrners, Mariluclw, Kendall, Enke, Murphy, Claylon, Larnberl, Woods, Kennedy JUNIOR BOYS Firsf Row: Dodd, Noiima, Loslra, Sanloclwi, Burler, Scolr, Lipparelli, Arrascada Clarlc, Wilson Second Row: Mr. Laibly, Plunlaerl, Norgaard, Monrqomery, Urriola, Garfeiz, McClure Woolverlon, Bellinger, Wrignl, Wise, Cornwell Tliird Row: Slenovicln, Warren, Moore, Suslaclna, Marlin, Overron, Bowers, Joe Men dive, Parker, Jolnn Mendive, Moeil, J. Aguirre Mr. Parenf, Scoff, Miss l-lodson, McFarlane McBride SOPHCDMCRE CLASS HISTORY Our fradifional vicfory on Field Day sfarfed a happy and successful year for us. Influenced by Libra, we gave fwo class parfies which were qreafly enioyed. Our members were on fhe Junior Varsify and fhe Track feam. We loolc forward fo fulfilling well our increased imporfance as upperclassmen. Cur able officers were: John McFarlane - - - - Presidenf Bonnie Scoff - Vice Presidenf Maurice McBride - Secrefary Miss l-lodson - Sponsor Mr. Parenf Sponsor SOPHOMORE GIRLS Firsf Row: M. Sabala, E. Widman, Hood, M. Hachquel, Miss Hodson, L. Widman Younes, Anderson, Frafini Second Row: J. Walfher, Owens, Wolverfon, Swell, Roloerls, H. Clark, Puccinelli C. Plaza, Horn, Beeney, Monson Third Row: Peck, Farr, Scofl, Talbot Riordan, Wilson, Enlce, Sullivan, Duffy, Bowler Nelson SOPHOMORE BOYS Firsf Row: Messerly, Heguy, Defweiler, Massey, Kennedy, N. Efchemendy, H. Efche- mendy, Efchepare, Pacini Second Row: Wines, Ford, Calkins, Gabiola, Gialy, Hanson, Sfrange, L. SCOH, F. Scorl, Woodson Third Row: McBride, Duffy, Gallagher, Dods, McFarlane, Mr. Parent Goicoechea, T. Scoll, Wragg, Lopez, Andrini ,gllllrv"'r"'W x ' - ix r g 1 S' 'i "l?Zi:iM1' . Aumqrxmilv V bfi A . x rf--V 1 we Q- A 1 1-1 3 l 'if' N ii -s' K if-i Casinelli, Miss Dunn ' l-lennen, Mr. Coy Roanfree FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY Off fo a good sfarf This year in spife of our losses on Field Day, we have done much fo improve our lowly sfafus as "Frosh." Our firsf efforf as a class, fhe Freshman parfy, was very successful. Perhaps we are under fhe guidance of Aries, for our members have also been ouf- sfanding in afhlefics. Several were on fhe Junior Varsify and fhe fraclc feam, and did well in fhe lnferclass Tournamenf. Our officers who guided us fhis year were: Roberf Roanfree - Presidenl' Marion l-lennen Vice Presidenf Wilma Cassinelli - Sponsor Miss Dunn - Sponsor Mr. Coy - Sponsor FRESHMAN GIRLS Firsr Row: Nelson, Buffer, l-lorlon, Sullivan, Keas, Gdell, Konoid, Sfrange, Woolyerlon Eager, Farr Second Row: Miss Dunn, Wing, Lower, Kenney, Larsen, Qnandia, Leberslci, Dudley C, Pappas, Chevallier, Mclvlullen, Parus Third Row: McBride, Casineli, H. l-lachguel, Burner, I-lefferson, Whipple, McCuisiion Moore, Drown, l-lennen, Pursell, Cavencler, Boilano FRESHMAN BOYS 4 Firsi Row: Lucey, Wines, Jones, A. Aguirre, Gonzales, Long, Lear, Messerly, Torger son, Marsumolo, Moore Second Row: Mr. Coy, Barry, Nichol, Roanrree, Cross, B. Gregory, Amonerle Williams, Wing, Rios, Carfer, Hernandez Third Row: Mariluch. Guisii, Laucirica, Pike, P. Gregory, Lesbo, Turcoff, Glaser Taylor 0rganQmtionA 59.35 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS BLOCK "E" G. A. A. DE LAUREOLA ENGLISH "E" FIRESIDE CIRCLE MUSIC Top Row: Pike, Gver Ton, Ivlcharlane Middle Row: lVIcMu: len, IVIonTgome-ry, E Harper, H. Harper Hood, Glaser, Goi coechea, Kennedy BoTTom Row: RoanTree McBride, HachgueT McQueen ASSOCIATED STUDENTS The sTudenT body has been TorTunaTe This year in having Thomas Hood as presidenT. The commiTTees he has chosen have been acTive and cooperaTive, having organized an assembly program Tor The second semesTer and drawn up Tire drill plans. Thomas aTTended The sTudenT body meeTing in Reno on April I4 and I5 and broughT baclc several good ideas Tor The sTudenT body. He was ably assisTed by Norman Glaser, Vice-PresidenT, and IfsTher Harper, SecreTary. A Taurus, an Aries, and a Gemini Torm a group bound To bring success To any underTalcing. Mr. Mills served as Treasurer, wiTh Ivlr. l.aibIy as advisor. The STudenT Council is composed oT The sTudenT body oTTicers. presidenTs oT The various classes, and roll call represenTaTives. Mr. Mills, Glaser, Har- ' per, Hood, Mr. Laibly Top Powzlvlonlgomery, Woolverlon, Knapp. Y H Overlon, Coach -f' Bankofier, Parker, Moell, Garleiz Bollom Row: Hach- quel, Pike, Hood, Calzacorla, McMul- len, Campbell BLOCK "E" Pourfeen boys belong +o This organizalion, making if Jrhe largesl Pr has been in years. H is an organizafion for boys who have been acfive in a cerfain number of baskefball games or who have Jraken parl in a number of Jrrack evenfs, and as a resulf, have won Their lellers. No dale has been kepl of when +he organizalion was slarfed, bu+ lhe firsl leller was given in l9I5. The Club has been guife acfive fhis year, having given an assembly, a pay dance. sponsored an infer-class baskelball lournamenl, and an infer-gym-class baskelball fournamenf. A consfilulion was drawn up lhe lalrfer par? of fhe school year. The officers are as follows: Domingo Calzacorla - Presidenf Sylvesler Pike - - Vice Presidenf Thomas l-lood Secrefary-Treasurer Mr. Bankofier - - - Sponsor YXE-Q Ulkph 00 G. A. A. Top Row: Eager, Lower, Konold, VVelch, L. Moore, B. WalTher, Dudley, Whipple, Johnson, Cassinelli, l-l. l-lachqueT, McBride, Wing, WoolverTon Middle Row: Z. Parus, Horn, N. Parus, L. Sullivan, l-lennen, G. BoiTano, ScoTT, E. Widman, M. Sullivan, RuTherTord, V. BoiTano, Lucille Enlce, Ferguson, Slrange, L. Widman, Kenney, Larson BoTTom Row: M. l'lachgueT, Pursell, l-lorTon, FraTini, C. Plaza, Pacini, Sommers, SmiTh, C. Marisguirena, Miss l'-lodson, E. l-larper, M. Plaza, F. Marisguirena Sabala, Moore, Cavendar, Hood G. A. A. One oT The oldesT and largesT organizaTions on The campus Tor girls, is The Girls' AThleTic AssociaTion. The goal oT every girl who Talces gym- nasTics is To belong To This organizaTion. ln order To be eligible, The girls have To earn a cerTain number oT poinTs in playing, reTereeing, or keeping score or Time oT an aThleTic evenT. When They become members, They sTrive Tor poinTs enough To secure Their leTTers, sweaTers. and Trophies. This organizaTion promoTes enihusiasm and sporTsmanship among The girls. This year They presenTed one oT The besT assemblies OT The year, consisTing oT a clever liTTle pep slciT in honor oT The baslceT-ball boys, beTore They leTT Tor The DisTricT TournamenT. Besides sporTs, The girls are acTive in dancing. The oTTicers are as Tollows: Candida Marisquirena - PresidenT EsTher l-larper - - Vice PresidenT Marianne SmiTh SecreTary Mary Plaza - Treasurer Miss Hodson - Sponsor Boirom Row: Blair, Knapp, Smiih, Sabala, Waliher, Dy- sari, Clary, McMullen, Wale lace, Woods, Monlgomery Middle Row: A. Williams, Moore, Keyser, Torgerson, While, Bruce, Kennedy, Hare per,Ga!lagher,Misshlaulqness Top Row: Calzacorla, l-l. Williams, Boirano, Hood, Glaser, Moell, Warren, Young, Clarlc, Enlce, Plaza DE LAUREOLA There were ren charrer members when This organizarion was srarred in 'rhe fall of I9I7. This year There are lhirly-five aclive members. ln order ro belong ro This organizarion, ir is necessary +o have an average of B in Jrhe srudies of hisrory, economics, and relared subiecls. The club has been working hard Jrhis year, having given Jrwo lnifiaiion Banguers ar which each incoming candidare gave a 'rallc on an assigned subiecr. The club sponsored a successful Senior Banguer and a pay dance. The officers are as follows: Bryani Clary - - Presideni Roberr Blair Juliana Dysari Vice Presidenr Secrelary Joe McMullen Treasurer Miss l-laulcness - Sponsor :a5Q,sf"' Top Row: Pike, Calza corfa Third Row: McQueen Mr. Laibly, Camp bell, Hood Second Row: Bruce Cornwell, Williams Blair, Clary Boflrom Row: Young Dysarf, Clark, Piers Harper, Warner ENGLISH "E" A new organizalion on 'rhe campus lhis year has made ils appear- ance, l'he English I+ is an honorary sociely, and only Those who have won Jrheir English "E" are enlirled 'lo belong. ln order lo receive This emblem. 'rhe sludenl has lo serve from I4O +o l5O hours on slage worlc, be il acling or working on crews. Every sludenl inleresled in dramarics malces This sociely his goal. There are no officers. English "E" sponsored Jrhe annual Thespian Terpsichorean Tangle To which each member invifed a guesl. New members Jrhis year were: Domingo Calzacorla, crew: Pansy Clark, crew and aclingg Tom Cornwell, aclingp Juliana Dysarl, acringy Eslher l-larper, aclingg Tom l-lood, aclingq Sylvesler Pilce, crew, l-loward Campbell, acring, and Arrhur Williams, acfing. The club is sponsored by Mr. Laibly. FIRESIDE CIRCLE Top Row: M. Pappas, C. Pappas, Woods, Whipple, Riordan, U. Boilano, Lillian Enlce, Wilson, Warner, Burner, Moore, Harper, Claylon, Miss Dunn Third Row: B. Nelson, Bowler, Cavendar, Konold, Woolverfon, G. Boilano, Owens, L. Sullivan, F. Marisquirena, Dudley, Smiraldo, Lucille Enlce, M. Sullivan, Drown, Hennen, Roberfs Second Row: Lower, Harmer, Keas, Larsen, Beeney, Cheuallier, Murphy, C. Maris- quirena, B. Walrher, Ferguson, J. Wallher, Horn, C. Plaza, Bafchelder, B. Wool- verfon, Peclc, Swell. From' Row: l-lorlon, Wing, P. Nelson, Slrange, Odell, Bufler, Young, Frafini, L. Widman, Anderson, Sfager, Malsumolo, E. Widman, Pacini, Welch, Eager FIRESIDE CIRCLE The newesl organizalion on 'rhe campus for girls is Fireside Circle, organized in Seprember, l936. The obiecl' of 'rhis organizalion is: lo form a connecling linlc berween home and school: 'ro Jrrain girls 'ro be leaders in home and communily life: To furnish opporlunilies lor righl social life: lo promole inleresl in homemalcing educalionq and +o promole high ideals for 'rhe individual and lhe home. There are sixly girls belonging To 'rhe organizalion This year. They have accomplished a greal deal and have obfained enough poinls To secure lheir gold and silver pins. Beulah Walrher, rhe lirsl-semesler president was chosen as The mos'r oursranding girl in vocalional educarion. The group allended l-lome Economics Day in Winnemucca on May 20. The officers for bolh semeslers are as follows: Beulah Wallher - - Presidenl - - Norma Anderson Candida Marisquirena - Vice Presidenl - Laura Jean Drown Margarel Ferguson - Secrelary - Kaiharine I-lorlon June Wallher - - Treasurer - - Donna Riordan Eileen Murphy - - Club Reporler - - Verlie Burner Miss Dunn ---- Sponsor ir' SEHOOA BANG BAND Bollorn Row: Marlin, Clary, Gregory, Bruhe, Blair, P. Hood, Bon BuTIer, Keye scr Lesbo, Parker, Mr. Beardsley Second Row: Bruce, Pike, N. Glaser, Wise, Krall, Drown, I-Iarper, W, SCOTT Third Row: Clark, McMullen, TurcoTT, Anionelh Calkins, Sommers, Zunino, Sabala, McCuisTon. Bowers Fouilh Row: T, I-lcod, Moell, Wilson, Cornwell, A. Glaser, Wines, Slager, Whipple, Clawson, Garleiz, ETchebe- hero, McFarlane Top Row: A. Williams, Puccinelli, John- son, B. Williams, Lear, Beverly BuTler Knapp, I-lennen, Horn, B. ScoTT,TauTer Kinney, Ballinger, McQueen The band made a very crediTable showing aT The STaTe Music EesTival in Ely and also played hosT To The disTricT TesTivaI held here in Elko. To The direcTor oT The Band, Mr. Charles Beardsley, and To The oTTicers and members, should go praise Tor The high Type oT work accomplished This year. The band has risen Trom humble beginnings, having been organized in I929. In The Tollowing Ten years, much has been accomplished. AT presenT, There are TiTTy-seven acTive members. OTTicers oT The Band are: Bill Moell - - - PresidenT Jack Bellinger - - Vice PresidenT PaT I-Iood - - - SecreTary DelberT Parker Wardrobe Manager Elko CounTy I-ligh's TirsT orchesTra was organized in I924, wiTh eleven members. Since ThaT Time, however, iT has grown considerably, now having TorTy-Two members. IT is inTeresTing To noTe ThaT The orchesTra has The correcT insTru- menTaTion Tor a symphony orchesTra, having The Tollowing sTring insTru- menlsi I4 Violins 3 Violas I I-larp 4 Cellos I STring Bass I Piano The orchesTra played on various occasions This year. Though They were unable To aTTend The STaTe EesTival aT Ely, They Took an acTive parT in The DisTricT EesTival. ... 'I Tsiljazsnrzfw' 1 ' Q . ----+, BoTTom Row: McBride, Sabala. ScoTT Drown, BaTchelder, Piers, SanTochi, Mcf CuisTon, Beverly BuT.er, Ben Buller, Brehe Middle Row: Taufer, I-lennen, Whipple, SrniTh, Odell, Enke, Long, Keyser, Mc- Mullen, Calkins, Puccinalli, T, I-lood, Harper, Burner, Cavendar, Wilson, Somrners Top Row: Ballinger, Blair, Glaser, Lesbo, Bowers, Moell, P. Hood, Wilriarns, Mr. Beardsley CRCHESTRA l A CAPPELLA CHORUS Top Row: Kennedy, Wines, Callcins, Mclvlullen, Hood SweTT, Williams, Lesbo. Dods, Mr. Beardsley Middle Row: BuTler, HorTon, BaTchelder, ScoTT, Lucille Enlce, Smilh, Pursell, War- ner, C. Plaza, STager, H. Harper FronT Row: Hennen, Mc' Mullen, Harmer, ClinTon, Piers, Brehe, G. BoiTano. Drown, Monson, Puccinelli, l3raTini, L. Sullivan A CAPPELLA CHCJRUS Elko CounTy High Schoolls newesT musical organizaTion is The A Cappella Chorus, organized in l935. This chorus consisTs oT a group oT TorTy-Tive boys and girls. They have parTicipaTed in many downTown acTiviTies. Their biggesT aTTair This year was The ChrisTmas CanTaTa. They also sponsored a series oT enioyable Sunday evening hours, and parTicipaTed in The DisTricT FesTival. GLEE CLUB The Glee Club is The oldesT musical organizaTion on The campus. For The pasT several years, iT has held a membership oT TorTy. This organizaTion consisTs enTirely oT girls. They have sung aT many school and down-Town programs. The biggesT school occasion oT The musical deparTmenT This year was The Thanlcsgiving FesTival, in which The girls were dressed as Spanish SenoriTas. These girls also Toolc an acTive parT in The DisTricT l3esTival. Mr. Beardsley is direcTor. GLEE CLUB Top Row: ScoTT, Cavendar Lillian Enlce. l:raTini, Odell C. Plaza, HorTon, Purcell Leberislci, BuTler Middle Row: E. Sabala BaTchelder, G.BoiTano,Lu ner, Drown, L. Sullivan ClinTon, Woods, Mr Beardsley FronT Row: Hennen, lvlcMul len, Harmer, Kennedy STrange, Piers, Brehe, Puc cinelli, Monson cille Enlce, C. SmiTh, Warj 141: ti1IitieA ATHLETICS COMMERCIALS DRAMATICS HONORARY PUBLICATIONS Elko 27 December 9 Carlin 5 Elko emerged vicTor'ous by a 22 poinT margin, The game being slow and Typical oT The TirsT season games. This was a oracfice game and did noT counT on The conference sTandings. Ello 26 December I7 Baffle lvIounTain I4 Playing Their firsT game away from home, The Indians easily defe-aTed The BaTTie Ivlounfain five, never losing Their Iead fhroughouf The game. Elo 24 January 6 Weils I2 The Elko boys proved Themse ves superior againsf The Wells five in The firsT game following The ChrisTmas holidays. Wells seemed To be The favoriTe because of The facf TnaT The Indians had noT had a prac- Tice in Three weeks due To consTrucTion work on The gymnasium. Elko 24 January I2 Sparks 30 Suffering Their firsT defeaT of The season, Elko played The hardesf ToughT game Thus far. Rallying from an I8 To 7 score aT The half Time, The Indians shorTened The lead buT could noT guife make The "gradefl Elko 28 January I4 Wells I8 Wells was lTaken inTo camp" for The second Time by The Elko boys, being unable To geT by our sTrong defense. Elko 28 January 2I Ivlonfello I9 In a closely conTesTed game, The favored IvIonTello five were de- feaTed by The Elko squad. The Indians pulled away in The lasT quarTer To make Their fifTh vicTory. Elko 20 January 25 Gardnerville I4 In Their firsT game of Their barnsforming Tour, Elko downed The Grardnerville Team wi+h a 6 poinT margin. Elko I6 January 26 Reno I5 For The Third Time in The hisTory of Elko I-Iigh, Elko defeafed Reno. The game was closely foughT ThroughouT, and The ouTcome was never deTermined unTil The sound of The bell. This was The firsf Time Elko has beaTen Reno in Ten years. Elko 25 January 27 Winnemucca I9 Elko ended Their barnsTorming Tour wiTh a perfecT record by winning from Their perennial rivals, Winnemucca. As iT was The end of a Tiring Trip, some doubT was expressed for The oufcome, buf The Elko boys came Through as They usually do. Elko 22 February 3 Carlin I2 IVIeeTing Their deadly rivals for The second Time, The Indians def feaTed The Carlin five in a hard foughT game. Alfrhough The Carlin boys puT up a good fighT, The Elko Team proved To be Too much for Them. Ivloe I-Forward Knapp-Forward I I 1 Elko PO February 4 Babu Ivlounlain I? Ballie lvlounlain could nol guile cope wil? our guin'e'. Many subsiilules were used. mak'ng Ine game inleresling. Elko I6 February 4 Ausrn I3 Using 'ne Junior Varsity agansl lne Auslin ive, Eko lrecf up Tne record Ina' Inc Vfirsiri E53 sol. Inv Game moved yer inrereslin . . f I 1 V Q oe rg nic and rack anfl ine end, Elko 42 February I0 Winnemucca 35 Playing one ol Ilne besf games ol Ilwe season, Elko nosed our Winne- mucca, making Inc lwfglwosl score clialked uo in a singe game. 'Ibis was Ine second meolng oi Ilwe fwo Ieams, Eko being Ine yiclor boln limes. Elko 34 February ll Eureka I9 Eureka nol being able 'ro gel Inrouglw our slrong delfense, Elko walked orl willw me game, lor Irs Ilmirleenlli viclory. Elko 38 February I7 Ely 32 Ivlaking Irs second oul-ol-conierence lrip, Elko emerged vicrorious over Ilwe Ely Bobcals by a 6 poinl margin. Elko I9 February I8 Ely 22 Playing me second game willw 'me Bobcals, Elko was nosed oul in Ilwe las? lew minules, Ely emerging Ilwe viclor. A+ Ilwe lwall, Elko was leading by a I6 'ro 5 margin and also al Ilwe Ilwird quarler, I7 To I4. I+ wasn? unlil Tlwe closing minales Ilwal Ely drove Ilwrouglw and made Ilwe winning baskels. Elko 36 February 24 Carlin I3 Alllwouglw Ilie score was onefsided, Ilne liglwl and compelilion was Ilwere, wlwiclw always accompanies games belween Ilwese Iwo Teams. Ibis is lbe llwird lime Carlin and Elko mel. Elko I6 February 25 Monlello I7 For flue llwird deleal ol me season, Elko was downed by Ilwe Mon- Iello sguad by a one poinl margin. Inis being Ine lasl game ol Ine conference, il was lward Io lake. Dis+ric+ Tournamen+ af Carlin Elko 50 March 2 Auslin 7 Elko was marclwed willw Ausrn lor Ilweir lirsl game ol Ifie Iourra- menf, The score was one sided and many subs+i+u+es were used. Elko 2I March 3 Monlello 22 In one ol Ilie lwardesl fouglil games ol Ilwe season. Ivlonlello de- lealed Elko by Ilie narrow marg'n ol 22 Io Zl. Elko could nol seem Io click, missing many baskels and foul snors. lvlonfevo oelealed Winnemucca and won Ilwe Conference Cliamoionslwip, WoolverIonfGuaro OverIon4Cen?er Top Row: Ivlariluch Lopez, Gregory Rios, Warren, Tur coll, Coach Banlco lier Bollorn Row: I-Iernan dez, Roanlree, Noii ma, Williams, Cross Pacini JUNIOR VARSITY The Junior Varsily, composed of freshmen, sophomores, and iuniors, came Ihrough Ihe season in fine order, winning Iour games and losing Ihree. Crealing 'rhe Junior Varsily lasl year, Coach Roy Banlcofier has now given 'rhe younger, less experienced player a change Io "make good" and has also an opporluniry To develop Ihe srars of Iomorrow. Coaching The "J Vees" Jrhis year was Roberl Kane, one of Ihe baslcelball sfars of las'r year. Games and ResuI+s January 6 - - Wells January I2 - Wells January I4 - Wells January 28 Winnemucca February 4 - Ausfin February IO Winnemucca February 24 - Owyhee Coach Roy Banlcoher Top Row: Campbell, Wilson, Cross, Tur- coll, Wrighl, Knapp, Rios,lvlariluch,Dodd, Nichols, Efchemendy Bolfom Row: Noiima, Parker, McClure, Andrini, lvlclvlullen, Overlon, Ford, Weighall, Woolver- lon, Coach Bankolier TRACK A squad ol Tilly men answered Coach Bankolier s call lhis year lo 'rhe cinder lrack. The caplain and slar of las'r year Domingo Calzacorfa did nor parlicipale due +o Tool iniuries. The squad is young 'rhis year and lor lhe nnosl parl inexperienced, buf 'rhey have rhe slamina and courage which make up a winning leam. The schedule consisled of a dual meel wilh Winnemucca April I5 a dual meel wilh Ely, April 22, a meel wilh Jrhe Elko Town Team April 29 +he inlerscholaslic meer in Elko on May 6, and lhe slale mee? in Fallon May I3. Manager Howard Campbell and Top Row: Boi+ano,Woods Middle Row: Rulherlord, Wallher Boflom Row: Wallace. Harper i in L. SERVICE BALL KICK BALL GIRLS' SPCDRTS A grear deal of enlhusiasm has been shown among The girl afhleles This year, lwenly-'rwo Freshmen having ioined lhe ranlcs. Some very lively encounlers have been experienced in each of lhe maior sporrs. Honors have been divided belween lhe Seniors and Sophomores, each having rwo vicfories lo lheir credil. Seniors ---- Kiclcball and Service ball Sophomores ---- Soccer and Baslselball An assembly of fun, frivolily, and enrerlainmenl was presenled ro lhe sludenl body, who accepred il enrhusiaslically. Leaders lor sporls rhis year were as follows: Kiclc Ball ---- lvlarguerife Hachquer Soccer - - Esrher Harper Service Ball - - Eva Fralini Baslcefball - - Pal Hood Baseball - - Chrislina Plaza Badminlon Candida lvlarisguirena .af '?' Top Row Bryanr Clary Margery Cupll Jean Johnson Mass Marlcey Mlddle Row Jessue Moore Peggy Phallnps Ardelle Plunlcell Beverly Sommers Ar hur Wullnams Bollom Row Hamel' Wnllnams Della Wood Frances Young Dorolhy Keyser CGMMERCIAL CONTESTANTS The annual sfafe commercial conresl held In Reno on May 2l l938 was well represenled by rhe Ellco Hugh School Through 'rhe hard worlc of 'rhe srudenls under The supervision of Mlss Caroline Marlcey a very credlrable shownng was made wn'rh The followlng srudenrs faking honors SHORTHAND I SHORTHAND H 70 W rd er mlnme Jean Johnson Isf O 5 p Alace McFarlane 2nd Ardelle Plunlcef Tued for 3rd Margery Cuprf 3rd l'larrue+ Wnllnams Tsed for 3rd TYPING I 60 words per mrnule Beverly Sommers-41h Frances Young lsf TYPING ll Della Woods 2nd Bryanf Clary-4+h .M A 2 e r f If ' x 4 'a -O r 'X 1 .4 ev ' if K r Alice Jane McFarlane L . . I I , I li bell THE MILKY WAY The consTellaTion was plainly visible on The nighTs oT OcTober 20 and 2I, when The Seniors presenTed a Three acT Tarce, "The Milky Way," by Lynn RooT and T-larry Clark. Tom l-lood, a SagiTTarius baby, who accidenTally knocked ouT The middle weighT champion, ArThur Williams, and his Trainer, l-Toward Campbell, in a sTreeT TighT, was TorceTully persuaded by RoberT Bruce, ArThur's manager, and Frances Young, a Leo, To become a proTessional boxer. ATTer a series oT "Tixed" maTches, Tom challenged ArThur Tor The middle-weighT championship in which he comes ouT The vicTor. All ends well, however, when iT becomes known ThaT Tom has beT his savings on himselT and plans on invesTing iT in a dairy wiTh dogs delivering The milk. Typical sporTs reporTers were played by BryanT Clary and Joe Mclviullen, always happening in aT The wrong Time To complicaTe maTTers. Edward BuTler porTrayed a disTinguished Chicago millionaire. The love inTeresT was supplied by ArThur Williams and BeTTy Piers. CAST OF CHARACTERS Spider fA-- l-Toward Campbell Speed McFarland - - ArThur Williams Anne WesTley - - - Frances Young Gabby Sloan - - RoberT Bruce Burleigh Sullivan - Tom T-Tood Mae Sullivan - BeTTy Piers Eddie - - f Joe McMullen Willard - - - - BryanT Clary Wilbur AusTin - - - Edward BuTler This play and The oThers were under The direcTion oT Theo. Laibly. Bruce, T-lood, Young Williams, Piers, Camp CAST OF CHARACTERS Holger, a peasanl boy f James Calkins Sleen, his younger brolher - Blaine Wines Berlel, lheir uncle - l-loward Campbell An Old Woman - f Florence Keas Angel f f - Thelma Gdell Priesl - - - Norman Glaser A Lord - - f Ben Bulier ' A Courlier - Morris Gallagher l A Lady - - Belly Nelson A Scholar - - - Bob Blair A Young Girl 7 A - Fayelle Randall The King ---- Leland While Domingo Calzacorla, Emolo Barlorelli, Syl- vesler Pike, and Bryanl Clary deserve much credil lor lhe elleclive selling and lighl- ing. Beulah Wallher and Virginia Boilano were responsible lor lhe colorlul coslumes. Gallagher, Nelson, Blair, Glaser, While. Randall, Buller, Calins, Keas WHY THE CHIMES RANG Wilh a casl ol lwelve chosen lrom lhe school al large, a very beau- lilul and impressive produclion was well received by lhe people ol Ellco al Chrislmas. ll was very appropriale lo Chrislmas Time, lelling a religious slory ol lhe Middle Ages. The lighling ellecls were especially beaulilul, crealing a sighl lhal is nol lo be lorgollen. A beaulilul musical background was lurnished by a l-lammond eleclric organ. NUTS T0 YCU "Nuls lo You," a lhree-acl comedy by Glenn l-lughes, was lhe lasl dramalic produclion ol lhe year, lhe play being presenled on May I8 by lhe public spealcing l class. Members ol lhe casl were nearly all lreshmen and sophomores. Those having roles were: Morris Gallagher, Beulah Wallher, Doris Whipple, Jaclc Adams, John Scoll, Lavelle Wid- man, Belly Owens, Rosalie Cavendar, Dan Kennedy, Maurice McBride, Donna l-lelleron, Sleve Urriola, Virginia Saxey, James Callcins, June Young, Leo Puccinelli, Tom Cornwell, Blaine Wines, Lucille Enlce, Peggy Talbol, Edwina Widman, Eva Fralini, Leo Lipparelli, Melville Paul, Bob Blair, Duane Wilson, Franlc Plunlcell. X' Tv 9 X 3 9 4 ,f 13,2 X Ma-1 Campbell, LamberT, DysarT, Clary, Phillips, WhiTe, Bruce, Dodd, Urriola, ScoTT, Jones, Warner, Williams "YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU" This ouTsTanding Broadway success which ran Tor Two conTinuous years and which was The PuliTzer Prize winner, was presenTed by The Junior Class and The Public Speaking ll Class. Elko CounTy High School was very TorTunaTe in securing This play, as iT had iusT been released Tor amaTeur producTion, making Elko one oT The TirsT groups in The counTry To produce iT. The sTory cenTered around The Sycamore Tamily and Their individual- isTic philosophy, each one having his own idea oT living, which included raising raTs, balleT dancing, making Tire works, wriTing plays, and numerous oTher hobbies. Over Tive hundred properTies ThaT were collecTed by The properTy crew, Jean Cornwell and Corrine SmiTh, were necessary Tor The pro- ducTion, making This play an exTremely large underTaking, buT very ably done. An eTTecTive seTTing and a well-Trained casT made This play one oT The mosT ouTsTanding producTions in The hisTory oT The school. CAST Penelope Sycamore - Aileen LamberT Eggie ----- Juliana DysarT Rheba - - - Paul Sycamore Mr. DePinna Ed ..-- - EsTher Harper Howard Campbell - RoberT Blair - BryanT Clary Donald - - - - Tom Cornwell MarTin VanderhoT - RoberT Bruce Alice - - - - Peggy Phillips Henderson - - - Edward BuTler Tony Kirby - Boris Kolenkov Mr. Kirby - Mrs. Kirby - - Three Federal Men Olga - - Leland WhiTe ArThur Williams - Jacob Dodd - Sara Warner - Warren ScoTT STeve Urriola OTis Jones Lillian Enke 6 Sv 'ia 3 Rae Scorr Lengh Kelley Janey Peck AWARDS and HONORS 1937 1938 V6ledIC'l'OFI6I'1 Pefer Marllugh R69 SCOH John McFarlane Salulfafoman Melvrlle Paul Leigh Kelley Arrhur Srenovnch Rolary Plaque Honors L h K II Commerclal Deparrrnenr eng e ey T l Twenhelh Cenlury Plaque Honors ypmg Peggy Phrllrps 'lanel' Peck Beverly Somrners Busrness and Prolessronal Women s Typ, 9 ll SCl10lGVSlW'P Dororhy Keyser Margaref Wilson Bryam Clary G A A Awards Shorrhand l Jacquelyn Erchebehere Ardelle Plunlcell Verna Mrlchel Kalhryn Hehferon Mary Jones Mary Urrrola Elsre Woolverron Maxine Young Myrrle Bellrnger Adelle Clrnron Eva Erahnr Par Hood Eelrsaa Marrsqurrena Eileen Murphy Nrna Parus Chrlshna Plaza Mary Plaza Bonnse Scolr Marranne Smulh Beverly Sommers Edwrna Wndman Hazel Brehe Homernalcers Club Manual Arrs Deparrmenr Berr Goff Leugh Kelley Donald Knapp George Losfra John Loslra Harrsel Wrllrarns Frances Young Shorrhand ll Jean Johnson Twenhelh Cenlury Club Awards Maxrne Young Rurh Lozar lone Parlcer Maxune Kendall Belh Clayron Helen Ho Beverly Wolverlon Berry Nelson G Es Margery Cuprr Jean Johnson Lergh Kelley Jenny Knopf Vrrgrl Larsen Ardelle Plunlcelr Rae Scorr Cafherune Sharp Mary Urrrola Silver ES Bob Bruce Arlhur Wrlluams Torn Hood Harrref Wrllrams Bryanr Clary Dororhy Keyser Eorresl Mc ueen Erances Young Rae Torgerson Bronze E Leon Borlas Janey Peck Edward Bufler Norman Warren Julrana Dysarl Brll Moell Jessre Moore Musnc Deparrmenr Gold Medal Joe Gregory Sllver Medal Bob Bruce Bryanr Clary Bronze Medals Berh Thorpe Helen Harper Torn Hood Ar+hurWrllrams Gorgas Memorral Award Bob Bruce American Legron Essay Con+es'r Leland Whale lsr Place Bob Bruce Te for 2nd Pace Julrana Dysarr Tre lor 2nd P ace Bausch and Lomb Honorary Socuery Award Lengh Kelley Sfudenr Body Award Berr Brown P. E. O. . - Q rr -Sr. . ' . , In U ' Beulah Walrher Bob Blair ' FH v' g old 'l ' " A 1 I i W-. AW' A A .-qi. ul"""' "Ft T lr sa e La B POHOB STAFF When RoberT Bruce was chosen as The edlTor oT The l939 Pohob everybody seemed To realnze ThaT a book we could be proud oT would be publsshed The eduTor chose has sTaTT on The basis oT havung one person Tor each secTuon oT The book Thus making a much smaller buT more eTTlcuenT sTaTT The busrness manager Leo Puccnnella and has assusTanT Norman Warren as ad chasers collecTed over S450 Trom adverTrsemenTs maksng The publucahon oT Thrs larger book possible Thus when a Scorpaan lRoberT Bruce and a Vurgoan Leo Puccunellu are combined The resulTnng combunahon as eTT1cuency plus The sTaTT Includes Jullana DysarT asslsTanT ednTor RoberT Blalr acTuvuTues EsTher l-larper organuzahons Maurice McBride rosTer l3orresT McQueen TeaTures SylvesTer Pike phoTographer Leland Wh1Te arT Theo l.arbly advisor Thus IS The ThnrTaeTh year oT publlcaTlon The Pohob s+ar+ed as a small pamphleT released once a monTh and slowly graduaTed :nTo The book oT Today ln speaking Tor The school, The prlnTer, and The sTaTT, please re member ThaT An annual as a greaT proposahon The school geTs The glory, The prnnTer geTs The money, The sTaTT geTs The blame 4" T V T We kr ! 4 'Q v I W A Queen Dyfrl, Bruce Q T ' ,- A Bm Pk y Mr. ra, In Pucc,ne'l Warren T '- Mr' Moe F -l s U S Q , T I x If 52' I Top Row:Mon+gomery, Scoll, Gallagher, Morrow, Ferguson Miss Mason, Amon- elle Third Row: Warner, Piers, Dysarl, Rob- eris, Williams Second Row: Johnson, Swell, Welch, Crop- ley, Slager Boliom Row: Young, Plaza, Clark, Wines SAGEBRUSH SAGA A regular class in Journalism was inlroducecl info fhe curriculum of The school Jrhis year, under lhe direclion of Miss Marie Mason. The school paper, "The Sagebrush Saga," was published every olher Friday by fhe class in mimeograph form, giving The sfudenls a variely of news and scandal. Two special prinled edifions, including culs, were issued in December and April. An assembly and pay dance were given by Jrhe class, besides a privaie parly in Jrhe form of a progressive dinner. The Slars were in favorable posiiions, lhe paper having had a suc- cessful year. Those malcing up The slafi are: Morris Gallagher, John Scoli, Mar- garelr Ferguson, Blaine Wines, Edna Roberls, Dee Monlgomery, Marion Welch, Edward Amonelle, Jean Cropley, ldona Slager, Corinne Smifh, Sara Warner, June Young, Geraldine Swell, Bill Morrow, Juliana Dysarl, Alice Johnson, l-lazel Clarlc, Chrislina Plaza, l-larriei Williams, Candida Marisguirena, and Jean Piers. Yeatu e fe- A' . ,,.. M: A , .-few' -. wp X 'Qli ,.. fr Mum zu x x- I f af , -if , if ASTROLOGICAL THE SENIORS CALENDAR SAGA EXCERPTS PERSONALITIES CAMPUS LIFE SLANT ON Z M o u ut Q C U HQUFNRIUS ES FUSC RIES FI THURUS GEMINI I AN ASTROLOGICAL SLANT ON THE SENIORS ln as much as The Theme oT This year's Pohob is The Zodiac. a survey was made oT our Seniors To illusTraTe Their dominanT TraiTs as broughT ouT in The diTTerenT asTrological groups. Born under The sign oT Aries we Tind six Seniors, Tive boys and a girl. The AsTrological course runs True enough here, Tor we Tind ThaT Domingo CalzacorTa TulTills one oT The dominanT TraiTs oT The Aries group, +ha+ oT handling aTTairs wiTh considerable energy. Norman Glaser, our vice presidenT, also exhibiTs This marlced TraiT oT The group. Melville Paul runs To Type and displays opTimism, a marked TraiT oT The group. IT would be hard To imagine a person in The Senior class ThaT would be a beTTer example oT The virTue oT guieT menTal applicaTion Than Elaine Sabala. The Aries group rounds ouT wiTh STanley Zunino and ArThur STenovich, boTh mechanically inclined, which is, convenienTly enough, one oT The Aries's good poinTs. Five more Seniors come under The sign oT Taurus, The bull. AsTrolo- gers Tell us ThaT The Typical Taurean has a paTienT, buT very Thorough mind. This is indeed The case wiTh Tom l-lood, Tor while Tom may noT Tinish his worlc in such a hurry, when iT is Tinished, iT is righT. AT TirsT sighT Jaclc Adams mighT lead one To believe ThaT his ouTsTanding TraiT was one oT The dominanT oT This group--love oT ease. BuT, if we examine TurTher, we Tind This To be overshadowed by his perserverence. A good memory is a Typical Taurean virTue, and Pansy Clarlc has proved Through her acTiviTies as prompTer in many oT our school plays, ThaT she is giTTed wiTh This. AnoTher Taurean aTTribuTe is an aThleTic body, and This is cerTainly True in The case oT Joe Mclvlullen, an ouTsTanding aThleTe in his high school days. Sara Warner has given cause To believe ThaT she mighT be inTeresTed in The liTe oT an acTress and, if This be The case, The sign oT Taurus is wiTh her, Tor people born under This sign are encouraged in This worlc. Under The sign oT Virgo we Tind persons wiTh unusual infelligence. This TiTs excepTionally well in The case oT T-larrieT Williams, Tor we all lcnow l-larrieT has one oT The TinesT minds in school. Quiclcness oT physical processes is anoTher characTerisTic oT The people oT Virgo, and iudging Trom The manner in which Johnny ETchebehere has always been a good ball player, he surely was giTTed in This manner. FayeTTa Randall possesses ThaT TacTTulness and general charm oT manner which is one oT The besT- noTed virTues oT Those born under Virgo. Leo Puccinelli inTends To pursue law as a career, and This is considered a Tavorable occupaTion Tor Those born under Virgo. Under The sign oT Libra, we have an evenly balanced aggregaTion, Three boys and a lilce number oT girls. ExTreme congenialiTy is an ad- vanTage oT This group which is mosT advanTageously displayed by Two oT The Senior girls in parTicular, Frances Young and Candida Marisguirena. Persons born under Libra are said To be naTurally inclined To be iudges. IT The manner in which OTis Jones handled his duTies as iudge in The Senior Roll Call was an indicaTion as To his real rneriT, iT would noT be surprising if TwenTy years hence iT mighT be "Judge Jones." Kindliness and imparTialiTy, TogeTher wiTh a desire Tor harmony and peace, sTamp Leo l3aoleTTi and DoroThea Moore as Typically Libraian. STill The lawyers lceep coming. ForresT McQueen has ambiTions oT becoming a lawyer, and The sign oT Libra is supposedly mosT Tavorable To This proTession. RoberT Bruce is indeed The personiTicaTion oT The perTecT Scorpian Type, Tor, To be a True son oT Scorpio, one musT have a Thoroughness which sTiclcs wiTh him in any underTal4ing. This is indeed True as The posiTion oT ediTor oT a school annual requires plenTy oT Thoroughness. ArThur Williams has said ThaT he should lilce To aTTend Annapolis, and The sign oT Scorpio is righT behind him, Tor all miliTary occupaTions are well-suiTed To Scorpians. Under SagiTTaris we have Three Seniors, Two girls and a boy. Poor boy, leTT alone wiTh Two girls, buT Emolo BarTorelli would be saTe any- where wiTh ThaT abounding sense oT independence which is a giTT To SagiTTarians. Laura Boyd is abouT as good an example oT good sporTs- manship as we have ever seen, and This Too is a SagiTTarian virTue. We always wondered where ldona STager goT all oT her opTimism, buT now we lcnow. IT is Trom The sign SagiTTarius, Tor This is anoTher pleasing parT To The malceup oT a SagiTTarian. Born under The sign oT Capricorn, we have buT Two persons in The Senior Class. They are boTh girls and run True To The Capricornian Type. Beulah WalTher is The perservering Type. This also holds True Tor her sisTer Capricornian, Virginia BoiTano. AlThough asTrologers say noThing oT iT, persons born under The sign oT Aquarius musT Tend To be blonde. They cerTainly do in The Senior Class. We ciTe BeTTy Piers and Della Wood. These Two are Tor-sure- blonde and charming in manner. While The horoscope says noThing oT The blondness oT Aguarians, iT agrees impliciTly wiTh The wriTer in ThaT They are charming. ln The lasT oT The Twelve greaT groups, we Tind Tive Seniors. The Typical Piscean has an idealisTic mind and is a greaT inTerpreTer. We Tind This True To a measure in our own Seniors as Rae Torgerson and Jean Cornwell boTh seem To be giTTed wiTh an idealisTic mind. Edward BuTler may have become a liTTle angry aT Times during his school days, buT he always managed To cool oTT in a shorT Time. Forgiveness is an ouTsTanding TeaTure oT This group. Loolcing ahead, we Tind ThaT Two oT our Seniors seemed desTined Tor worlc in creaTive arTs. George Wing has proved himselT very handy wiTh The implemenTs used in The shop, while everyone lcnows ThaT Leland WhiTe has been The moving spiriT behind many a program cover and adverTising posTer. People born under The sign oT Gemini are reasoners. They are Tond oT Tun and gaieTy buf underneaTh, are The Thinlcers oT The asTrological groups. Bob Blair, one oT our Seniors born under Gemini, runs True To Torm and displays an ouTsTanding virTue oT The group, ThaT oT Talcing an inTeresT in everyThing ThaT goes on-versaTiliTy. Persons born under Gemini are noTed Tor Their genialiTy oT charm and manner, and This de- scripTion suiTs EsTher l-larper To a BoTh according To Jacob Dodd's acTions and To his horoscope, his liTe should be one oT Thrills, Tor all Those born under Gemini are always loolcing Tor new Thrills and new inTeresTs. AlberT T-lachgueT displays exTraordinary physical coordinaTion, which is one oT The good TorTunes given To Those born under Gemini. When iT comes To TuTure occupaTions, The sign oT Gemini TiTs righT in wiTh The plans oT Three oT our Seniors: l-loward Campbell has aspiraTions oT becoming a mining engineer, and The sign oT Gemini agrees wiTh BryanT Clary's ambiTion To become an engineer, DoroThy Keyser's secre- Tarial abiliTy coincides wiTh The aTTribuTes oT The children oT Gemini. People born under The sign oT Cancer are generally oT a serious, hard-worlcing Type. An openness oT mind and recepTiviTy To new ideas are parT oT The makeup oT a Typical Cancerian ,and Dewey TauTer TiTs righT in wiTh new ideas. Kindness, an ouTsTanding virTue oT This group, is consTanTly displayed by l-lelen l-larper. Loolcing To The TuTure, we would noT be surprised if Lois Wallace mighT enTer some humaniTarian worlc as iT is one oT The occupaTions To which Cancerians are inclined. Under The sign oT Leo, The lion, we have only Two Seniors, They exempliTy The Leoian Type. SylvesTer Pilce TypiTies The generosiTy oT hearT and mind so Typically Leoian. Rowena RuTherTord is essenTially opTimisTic, anoTher virTue oT Those born under Leo. The Class of '39 has shown iTselT To be a varied group wiTh TalenTs in many Tields. Perhaps iT is ThaT They are so well represenTed in so many diTTerenT asTrological groups. CALENDAR Seplember 2-3-S-MR. TURCOTT BUSY REGISTERING STUDENTS NEW AND OLD: ALL GLAD T0 GET BACK TO WORK. 6-Wilh a sigh and groan, sludenls frooped inlo casse Tor The Tirsl day oT school. 9-EIELD DAY. A GOOD TIME HAD BY ALL BUT THE EROSH, WHO BEGAN TO ENJOY THEMA SELVES ONLY AETER THE EESTIVITIES WERE OVER. A DANCE WAS HELD IN THEIR HONOR. 23-School gol under way srnoolhly wilh The sign oT Libra replacing Virgo. 28-Tesls and more Iesls. An inlelligence 'resl was given Io +he enlire school. The Home Economics class sponsored a Good Manners Tesl, senior girls receiv ing The highesl average. 30-Senior Pay Dance. Good lime had by all. Oclober 6-DeLaureoIa Inilialion. 8-Junior Parly. Very enioyable IO--Eireside inilialion. II-Wilh old man 'ISoI" Iinally cooperaling, class pice lures were Ialcen Tor The Pohob. I4-LeTI Io Themselves, The Erosh really enioyed Their class parly. I5-The Sophomores didn? do so bad for Ihemselves, eilher, giving a bangup parly. 20-2I-THE ANNUAL SENIOR PLAY, "THE MILKY WAY," WAS PRESENTED EOR PUBLIC ATTEND- ANCE. VERY GOOD. 2I-AII The acrors and acrresses of 'rhe Senior Play, in company wilh Their admirers, enjoyed a dance which followed The play. 23-The planel Mars came inlo sway and Ihe sign oI Scorpio ruled all. 29-AMID GOBLINS AND GI-IOSTS, TI-IE JUNIORS HELD THEIR WITCII-I'S JAMBOREE. November 4-Senior Parry. A Tine Time. 7-To awaken inleresl in governmenl, a school, slraw vole, sponsored by DeLaureoIa, was Taken on The slafe, counly, and cily eIec+ion. II-Joyful news! A half day OTT Tor Armislice day pro- gram. 1'4'V' ,i .a- "'- . 'TFT . Tn. II-SENIORS SWEEP ON AND WIN FINAL GAME OF THE INTERCLASS SERIES IN BASKETBALL. II-Hard Times dance. Never saw so many bums in The gym. I 2-Fireside Circ'e dance. I8-THE BAND GOES SPANISH AND PRESENTS THE THANKSGIVING FESTIVAL IN A "BULL THROW- ING" MANNER, IB-Final day of The Tar-Tamed Senior "Whisker Cone TesT." ProT. Ivlills, oTTicial iudge. Emolo BarTorelIi. champion! 22vGROUND WAS BROKEN PREPARATORY TO THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE NEW EAST WING. 23-WiTh CareTree abandon, The school enioyed The Thanlcsgiving yaCaTion. The sign oT Scorpio wenT on iTs yaCaTion and was replaced by SagiTTarius. December 9-We Take over Carlin in a sloppy, early season game 27-5. I6-The boys are geTTing inTo The swing oT iT, Ellco 26, BaTTle lVlounTain, I4. 20- 'Why The Chimes Rang' and ChrisTmas CanTaTa. 2I-The sign oT Capricorn, ruler oT The ConTrollers, Came inTo being. QI--An all school ChrisTmas parTy and dance wiTh SanTa Claus There. January 3-School reconvenes. 6-Wells bows To The Indians, 24-I2. I2-ELKO GOT TO ROLLING JUST TOO LATE IN THE GAME. SPARKS 30, ELKO 24. I4-Wells again bows To The Redskins, 28-I8. I9-THE SIGN OF AOUARIUS, RULED BY URANUS, CAME IN WITH SUCH A START, IT SHOCKED THE SCHOOL INTO HAVING THE FIRST FIRE DRILL IN TWO YEARS. 2I-We beaT The powerTul IvIonTello Team 8 poinTs, 28-l9. 23-24-AN ASTONISI-IING REVIVAL OE LEARNING EXT-IIBITED DURING SEMESTER EXAMS. 25-26-27-The Tearn Took in a rnosT successTul road Trip, and also "Took" The Tollowing: Gardnervilfe, 2OfI4, Reno, I6-I5g Winnemucca, 24-I9. Eebruary 4-We won a double header and enioyed a dance sponsored by Block E. Elko 20, BaTTIe MounTafn I2t Elko I6, AusTin I3. II-Nice going, Elkol Indians, 42, Buckaroos 35. I2-Elko Takes over Eureka, 34-I9. I7-Junior Pay Dance. We dance while Elko wins Trorn Ely, 38-32. I9e-The second end oT The Ely series wasn'T so good. We goT Taken. Ely 22, Elko I9. IT musT have been ThaT The sign oT Pisces, which was iusT ushered in Today, was unTavorabIe To us. 24-Elko 36, Carlin I8. Looks as Though we have a real ball Team. March 2-Elko SO, AusTin 7. The TirsT game oT The DisTricT TournamenT in Carlin was iusT as one-sided as The score indicaTes. 3-C5.A,A. I-IELD AN ASSEMBLY. ENTERTAINMENT AND PEP WERE ITS CLAIM TO FAME. 3-I-lorror oT horrorsl We were beaTen by MonTeIIo. whom we had beaTen earlier in The season by B poinTs. MonTeIIo 22, Elko 21. No sTaTe TournanfienT Tor Elko. I 5ASTudenT Body Assembly. I8-Gym class baskeTbaII TournarnenT. Won by The Zebras Trom TourTh period class, 20-The planeT Mars rolled on in iTs orbiT and placed us under The sign oT Aquarius. 24-Journalism ParTy. 3I-WJUNIOR CLASS PRESENTS PLAY, "YOU CANIT TAKE IT WITH YOU." EXCELLENT PERFORM- ANCE. April 3-4-.ICI-INNY ETC!-IEBEI-IERE DISPLAYED A IISWELLI' IIVIITATION OF A HEALTHY CASE OF MUMPS. 7-IO-Spring VacaTion. Welcome relieT. f gd 5 rs X . .Xb 7 it EJ " l v I5-'THE ONE AND ONLY JUNlOR PROM! l3O allended. lo-Sociology picnic. Wo? a lime! 21-The sign of Taurus, under The plane? Virus, came in Today and found Mr. Beardsley Tranlically direcling his charges in preparalion Tor rlie Teslival. 25-Fireside assembly. 28-29-Slale Music Feslival al Ely. Band members have llxeir day. May 4iNomina+ion of sludenl body officers Tor coming school year. SY-Dance sponsored by The DeLaureola Club. 8---Primary sludenl body eleclions. I2-Campaign Ball. Candidales expound llweir ideals. I3-WE HAVE BIG WEEKEND AS COMMERCTAL CONTESTANTS GO TO RENO EOR STATE CON- TEST AND TRACK-MEN TO EALLON FOR THE STATE TRACK MEET. I5-Clwose our sfudenl body officers in Tinal eleclion. I7-HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTS DEMONSTRATE THE WONDERS OF THE UNIVERSE AT ASSEMBLY SPONSORED BY THE CHEMISTRY CLASS. I9-Public speaking l play presenled, 'Nuls To You." 20--Our Home Economics iourney lo Winnemucca for Home Economics Day Jrlriere. 2I-The Sign ol Gemini, whose sons are llwe reasoners ol 'rlne world, appears iusl in lime To find flne Seniors conniving bow lbey miglil graduale. 24-DeLaureola leles Seniors af annual banquef. 25-PUBLIC SPEAKING ASSEMBLY, EDUCATIN6. ENTERTAINING, 27-Senior Ball, beaulilul decoralions, good music, and a wonderful lime. 28-Baccalaureale Service 30-I-Exams, and louglw, loo. June I-Domeslic Science and Manual Training exliibils Visiled by many. 2-Ar long lasl: Graduafion and vacafion. SAGA EXCERPTS DR DINGBATZ DISCUSSES GABBELARIA 111 alarm 1 1 wry contag Q CI1 Pa 1 dr: 1cIuI 1 pevla tudy Hill Th fmrmrs lrm mostly Soplmnmrn Im! the malady 1 prmmllrlff rapldly umor- and Qlll r lx 1 mu JIIIY f.1t.1I to ilu -uf ercrs lt 1 Ixnomx to can e mu 1rr1 mon amon tl 11 uho llllflllllli A ISIJICWI 'III uk of Galmlvelarla 1 101 Ivy lI1r11 mllk11m111 Q a fc IFN co r tag the Xltllm ls m1IrIIy 111 1 nut to lI10 1 1 In wcoml ml U0 118 IN t Ulli 11 Ml lk llI'II Jr umm ktaffc 1 may Imcomm fllllli x10I0nt H1 1 nc ron mum tx IICII and I14 mutur mcoher vntly Hu flu takw on a IJCCUIIII bl Nl ll' erm IN no I0 1 114 Cure Ill My H1lI lm 1 1cI Ol 1 of IIN r In llll 1 14 1 mu 1 BOMBS AND MORE BOMBS m TN mly In I1 Ill Ill L lllll md qpaln Imt tI14 Slllllflfdi and mst 11110 .1 ld mn UOIIIU 0 In ly ONII CH 0 tI1111I tl 101 '1 0 FN T 0 of 1 Clln xnmms- rv ll nu tu: or I1 cr mn Fl If mm 1 Q 1112 wflttsrccl 111 awry IIIIKCIIOH Ih- 1 mer xx I10 xx 1 SIIIIKIIIIU 011 tu -ups at tlu tlmc- Imt out a 11 ood um 1110 uII 1111l mth her mor IBIIN lluttermff 111 thc lmwe racul Into Iur room ,I II I HI Iur lunch md cILC1cIuI to 4 11 ll! .1 much safml plan Nut mornmf when 0111 dm lr tc.1CIur drrnmd the XSIIIIIOXNN mmm coxerul 1s1tI1 CZIICIITOZIHI but 1 I vowrm 4 nom lfl LMI 1 me 1 Inf! thc one XSIIIIOUI L1 pam 0 1 for u IIIIIHUOII DIARY OF A HIGH SCHOOL BOY 1 141 1 to tmxn f 0 ur 1 nt tI1r01f 1 1 lldlllft C 1IIx ss u1cI rut my 'IIIOXNI r D r C Found a puturm of a Il Inmc 111 Dar N marco t f' 7 DUI 1 ullmsa 1 r' J F L Imfl toun IIN a Iot of if 1 cc I C I0 -'XttencI1rI tI1m lI1'1r1 X t ff fill :NI I nc f f I 14 r' I1 Went 10 church 0 Ill but mls 9 tho collar mx I1l1I 10 xs'1IIx I0 c' I2 'Wm 0 ll 1 f' U fnuml r 1 Took 1 Nnmr lr 011 1 1 lllll S 1111 ll W 1 1111 t1cf'fTmc'tS 0 IIN 1110011 0 2 'uc IX mf for '1 I 1 0 111113 ff 1 Illll c 1 lllf' 1 pI1n 01 r 24 D00 'IIIXIJOIIY ummm xxI1 II I fI1rI CIIII r' 1 1 n 1 fl1lIIx mm Du' 29 lllt jolm 1 G0 a 0 puc f u CAMPFIRE our 10 ffvn 1 1111 Ill Nlfllm 1411 Iurd ldXl 0 ff mce 1 ll fllll IGH S m ll llx xuIc'01u ff cam m arts HQ f'llIlIllI 0ftI10111 1 1t lI11 dmcxnz. Ilamu llIIl lm 11141 turn I1 ff r a 111 roII1c IH Uflmm on umm lJ.fIl lxslff uxth JK Grnou mouth 1 um- Nl par N up oerlakl thf hun fr 1 uh it 1 114 tI1f'w IUIOXNIIIU tm! fflllll morn Tulr q111ruI0uQ Hamm 1 1II If rc'Imr11 IT MUST TAKE COURAGE TO ucar xlnrt Ilke Morne Gal Ia 11rQ Tell jokm Ixkc Sira Warmers W1IIx Ilkm Vlry Hou Pr glllf' I1Iu ImI1tI1 Batcllclder Qtax 0111 of vhool Illu laura Hou gms Ilkm I111I.1I1 W .llthor Wmr 1IotI1m Ilkx XIITS PIJ11 1 1 1 'ith Hood Huy show for Tom Hood me Ilkm NI1 Hoc 011 ml. on IIN nus gwm 111011 rxom 1 p IXIIIU tu V411 Ionf' unclmrxuar on thi 6 llllln 1 iv 1 tI11t 11 ff at I XKIIUYHIIII J00I Ju tu! Ink? Irof 1 WHAT IS THE MOST INTEREST ING AND UNUSUAL FACT ABOUT ELKO7 as 1 0 0 mx 1110 pmoph Cu 1 xo fl ll you 1k SI 11 tc 1 bdlllll W1 Ilall 101 t IIN the hwlut num 1 fm: r Non lll ll 'I Imt 1 In ll'Il schoo 1 Ioca Imluun tln cunvlcrx 'md the ho plld S t s 1 xsorld . IIN- curpm-11t0r who had dom- Ihisi WI " RI 1 'I mt. fc-at I ar ' -' II1 - wil I ' A 'l s if K'l1QllQl'II ' '-k' g --Cl ll 1 . 'K " 'S L -. 1 ,. wI1"I I1' Inf-011 Crm-I4 -II 4 I Iu4I I.. -. ion. 's sn 'z ' -S ,' Ily ' ' ., i' ' ' - per A C S ' -' - Q. " C' '- Ivy S ' 1 tm-z1f'I1vrs. e suf- 'W " - Q S - - - h- 4 - 5 ,' V -5. Hut som IIN' IIa "ll ' i.'I1 - Y - -- ' ' I As sl -- ' - ' -S 1 tl 5 ' 2' I ' . ' I0 -I G V ' S' 0 5- It T7 ml D1--. If- NIOII " 111141 ITQHI 'ilIl11'IYxt I 1 'I I' f' I 1' I' 4 55. I 1 .- 1 1 -'-i . . it I . V 4. X bug . S ' ' f Ch nv- zum 11 1 11- IrIIl 1 ' ' ' ' l Ii ' if I' 9 ' ' arf' my 1' mrr -spo - -1 11111! lllrs-xx' a I ' I: N . H fit. -. H A 4 ' I " ' ' Dr' . 'IfDafI I1z1fI il ta ' 'iII1: if ' 5 ' V A 'A . IS If-fn I '- '- -gf 'M ml. 1 . 1 1 vi H -0. I gl X .t' g, In .tI1f- fv :I .or '. I.I C .I ,g. ' . , I ' . V ls ., 1 K K - S Q .lf I, fllfzlm- 1. 1-' 112 -- H. I vi. -,IZ ,1- fcr1 out llmi. II lf, DQ. ' ,W ll ll, 1 V. up ,I L L. .N C . D 5 2 01 " star . 5 ll S Di. I cw, 01.5 1 . 1 1 ' f Q .r x ' and on, 1 In-gin I I 'If'Il. In 1 yi .C , L, I' ' ' ' A II ' II 1 "5 'Hal 5 ' C . If' DQ. I 4- , , l L 't'.v W .' X ax I I .' ' f' I ' ' . ' S I I3uII with I10 ,irI "- . 2 Ied ' ,K . .5 H, A I , , 1'5- "lf H I ""'f4"0 ' I. ' "' in gall' WI' Jil" " "1"- f 1 Pm 1111511 -1111111 l'lQ- 1. - Y - I ' F I ' 1- . - 1 - r as ' ' D - 5 " ' ' 'A 5 ' cha gv. II , ' ' 'tion I , E. u H ml t 'gli' . . I 'V I V ' I mf" Du '- ' '- . 'ss Is . Th l' 5' t I ff 'I ' I I Dv . '-Cut claw-S. . I I W' .r , . Y - -1 SIFICI fI1sC1pI1nv on the part of tht' will, HH, girl frimd. PW u h dw .Q I' V. ' xmig SH I' I 'L' ""'r' mu' I5"r"'I l1.- 114-'111111 111111 1111- irl . ' ' ' I' . unc- - 1 study I1z1II ulvs 1' tI101 -'. l I F il -- I ll HF ' I f I HH I 'II I H Wm thc DV " Inf. ' K I- il I TQIIQ' iz first 1 I IIIF1' thv dis 4159- for il l'lCIl' ll II 1- "I '. .I ' I 5 .' ' l I . IIN- cw'-111, ll If' I 1 -,p fI Ci W S .' , 'MHS' I5 I: 1' -2Il':' 'I'z I ' . . ' , 0 . , 111-.'1 P.1S,'1 -ks .Q . II11' CI1i11vsv IlilYl'lI.I 1 1' I ' F on hi II, If 'FI' fur' Q h I the l1l's1i11g that I 's I U F ' ,I Di' film-X?LE.lg MIIB .wwf on in ll vc" ' s I 1 I. Im ful' I .iA Q P I' ' I 1 Q ' Un I'ivI11'11z1ry hwllty- ' ' I 011' ' 'l'Jh.mfl:' i V V . I-MTI' 'r ' S 0111 'lor I ' 'WY was Sl I C Imlust f ' .. that , I W I mn . 5 1 V,-in nl.-9 '. ' - '. tw MES ' 11-r's ' I I 'h U A F nw' . , 2-IIow it z 1 I1' 5 Ilad. wi- SI 2 tt "'I. QIIIII '1 I V00 .DI ' 12"-Acot I Jul, 'III mg 3 Q-g-7-WlH. - tl fe L- K ,S , 1,1 OII1 s 'f ' '1 'Ii ' I. Cla. S 1 I i K ' . . 1 NI . ' .. Q thluy rl to 3 -wig 1- I - J -I-Q .1-IH. . ISI1. - E ,IQ 1, - , ar. - , 1 1 ' Ill' 1". 1 G1 - A-1' F 1 I ' I Yl-I 11, - , -S 1191 'I I I ' I. ' . ,of Ig 's 1 ' tl 1 lr. S. . ll F, 1 I I 1kAI 111 , 11511111 1 J VV' :NE 'P' - ". ' WI ' ' s I' " I 11, S' Di N u 01' l ' - K wg 11- - , . vc-z1svrI thvir swift II'gI1l. , 6-T ' I fi' -I I 5 'Wd 1 ' 'L ' ' , 5' " Tl--1 1 '31 'zlsf' " 1-1 'f "I 'fl S' . , ' Y - , - 1. ' 'I. I. ' A . F . F Q - - H - . 11 1' , 1 ' '- . , ' A I . s - gl . 1-Its lI1v Iwi! ovn lll tI1- . , . , v , -' - - ' I 1 i ' 0- . ,Ku V ' JOE McMULLEN LELAND WHITE NORMAN WARREN BRYANT CLARY BOB BLAIR MORRIS GALLAGHER JAMES CALKINS BETTY NELSON MARGUERITA SABALA HARRIETT WILLIAMS BETTY PIERS PAT HOOD MARY PLAZA DELLA WOOD JUNE YOUNG PERSONALITIES sruoen oLu arI u e b e Po oo Iin and Ine wInn r fn I woe e sIude o EI4o I-I gh agr eo n Iu wI I e coucnes o Ihe EasIern Nevada Zone n nwrnmg Joe cIVIuIIen is IG oesI Une n schooI Ior Joe has been ch sc an III conIeIe basIceIbaI Iorward Le and Wn Ie s IIIIeroug anI cs hive noI been InduIged n In vaIn IoI boys wno g rs a Ie seemed Io IhInIc IhaI he oeseryod Ihe IIIe oI Ihe besI ma e dancer on Ihe cam us FacuIIy and sIudenIs agreed IhaI Norman Warren IS deserwng oI Ihe IIIe oI Ine oesI schoI1I among Ihe boys When II came Io choosIng Ine gre1I Iover IH our sIudenI body Ihe com eI IIon was heavy buI BryanI CIary won over aII Theve wus no gre1IdoubI aoouI who had Ihe mosI pIe1sIng personaIIIy ID hugh scnooI The choIce wenI Io Bob BIa r by a Wlde margIn a nope we re oound Ior ce-rIa n success In IIIe In so Ie oI InIs Tom I-Iood presIden oI ne sIudenI oody seemed Io have more o Ine oowers necessary Ior success Iv1orrIs GaIIagher cIaIms IhaI n s hobby s coIhes and we aII agree I-Ie was chosen is Ihe besI dressed boy In schooI LeIand WhIIe rears hIs head agaIn IU Ihe roIe oI Ihe poIIIesI boy In schooI and so we gaIher IhaI beIng a good dancer and very ooIIIe he musI necessarIIy be guIIe a GOIGS min The repuIaI on oI beIng Ihe ogges IIIFI In schooI goes Io one oI our under c as men James CaII4Ins Now we come o Ine oI er s d oI Ih ngs Ine o rs BeIIy Ne son was chosen 1 Ihe besI oomng g rI In hIgh scho ThIs goes Io snow InaI genIIemen sIIII breIer bondes and preIIy ones aI IhaI As Io wno w1sIhe besI dance wmong Ihe gn s oI Ihe hgh school Ihe e ww no dIssensIon II Ihe e was any Ma guer Ie SabaIa s Iao dancIng soon seIIIed I I-Iwrr eI WI mms has ong oeen refognwed is one oI our mosI brIIIIanI sIudenIs and now sIudenI IudgmenI conIIrrns Ihe IacI BeIIy PIGFS seems Io be doubIy popuIar wIIh Ihe mascuIIne sex as she was Ine wnner on Iwo counIs BeIIy was yoIed Ihe besI Iover and aIso Ihe besI IuIure housewIIe We all wgree wIIh Ihe person who saId IhaI PaI I-Iood s bersonaIIIy was IascIn aIIng She was chosen as Ihe g rI wIh Ihe besI oersonaIIIy Tnere were Iew who d souIed Mary PIaza s rIghI Io be caIed Ihe besI dressed o rI on Ihe camous The ooInIon was IruIy IusIIIIed GenIIemen zga n preIer bIonde DoIIy Wood was chosen as Ihe poIIIesI gIrI In schooI June Young walked away wIIh Ihe conIesI concernmg who was Ihe bIggesI IIIrI among Ihe gIrIs A I I ' ag f I IIy s Irv III was hed I y Ih n S CII I e s ra.. c-3 aoreaf on Ih7s gf K, . Tn I 'IIs I I I e I II In h Q I I ' ' lf Q I c I IVI I C' I c I I Ie . I , ' I O lf' as Q - ' hce I: - , Ic II I II I I Q I I I I , ' Q I .I . I . I , I I c I. I I I I o . I . . . I I I C' . C , I , li If I c C I K c I I I I I . I I f I I . THOMAS HOOD PIcIcIng Ihe boy mosI IIIceIy Io succeed was aIso guIIe a dI1?fcufI problem, as we II I I I I, I II . I II, , I ' I + ' 5 I . . I. , I I I , . I . C ' I . I I I Q . . . ,I L . . I I I I I I - I s , II . I I h . I e I I I JI I, I fs I II I I I oI. I I. I I 'I - I , .I . I I . c ,Y c ' I , . I rS I I . r , r I I I I I . . ,IV I I . . . I 3 'I I I O . C I A -I I . ,, - ' - I C I . . I . . 1 I I I I . I . I . I JI I . I . A I I I I s. I I I lze Qmpun W QDQ' ij? Y. 'uv ., nr ' .,. ' u v Q- i"5 'I' 2 if ' .1 K 5 ., L-25 Guess who? HI ya beauhfuh La Cucaracha lu The frernbhng Fresh!! A+ 'rhe sound of fhe bell Qun Hiding, Pike rnqumsve The Junior Prom Reach high Three Sfooqes Vxfhafxs so funny? Sock em, ldddol 5, Boys at pay Sleeping beauiy Our own Don Amecne True ioye Fronr walk ar noon Top view Triree of a kind Cnina Baby Hwqry Q73 -vi ,MW x .v lv ,,.f-ww aff if V.-fist 'L ..- a fc. ...A 'P- at g. y rar -Idsf, ii Ana!! 'c ft I. See some+ning7 2. Tne beard growing champion 3. mln Hwe Spring a young man's fancy One hour for all offenders l-leads up-heads clown Whalsa mailer, Johnny? Four snow babies The happily married couple Why so pensive? l-lold 'er, Bowers! Baslcefball banquef Guess who? Ladies in Waifing Library Caders Bafhinq Beaufies All Baba wifhour his wives In fhe Beer Garden Cardinal Glaser On srage Ladies and qenHernen: McMullen in person! Bo+'roms up! i9 -N WY 'WH'-er mil' 531 rj' ' , 5 EJ f 1 , ,ls The Barrymores Delberf Parker, a sure be? for nexr year R T' E. C. H. S. Special Soaking up Jfhe suniighf End of a perfecf day Such goings on! Where's Jrhaf smile, Mary? Yo heave ho! Come on Ehcol Order In lrhe sour? Fiesfa Mme Q --f' Av 'Q F ,rw Sfudenf Booy Presidenf and Vice-Presiden+ eNecf Wha+'s so Infereshng, Georgia? Our handsome phofographer IN APPRECIATION ll 0 mln SI lt ul- ll s In IIl.m In .14 Ylrllslls nl I IIN u lr men, 'I r 'IND IJ1 1 w . 1 I I ll Iffmls lll llll 1 ,L IIH- mo IHIIIIIHH 'I'I ' I' I fa T "QI ' Ig I - ' I- '- I'.'."z I I'-QI." '.j'II.', 0Ill'2IIIXIH0l'1 Mr. Cvo. 'I'm'c'0II. our prillvipallz 'ul I :III 0 In-rs. for In-' ' ' ' 5 ' :Ix'n' I lx 1 5 - ' GRADUATES THE ELKO LAMOILLE POWER COMPANY COMPLIMENTS YOU ON THE COMPLETION OF YOUR HIGH SCHOOL COURSE CONGRATULATIONS SCOTT and WELCH AQLHETECN EWU ENQINEERS AE VENT r P E N A Y V A fs "L f , EQ STEM' ' . E. S' N ACL? E--'H L-Rf LA i Q HART SCHAFFNER 81 MARX SUITS WALK OVER SHOES KNOX HATS REINHART COMPANY Slnce I868 There ns No Economical Subs+l+u+e for Qualify ELKO O NEVADA 2 , . xx Y V4 WELLS POWER COMPANY Dependable Service WELLS NEVADA A A MAYCOCK COMPANY P O Box 3 SALT LAKE CITY UTAH HEATING VENTILATING AIR CONDITIONING O Gymnas um and Scl'1oolAdd+ons+o Ellco Counly I-I qlw School O O O O Engineers of Healing and Venlilalinq for New I I I I . MEATS and GROCERIES Servmq EIIco for Over 20 Years Phone 234 ELKO NEVADA WISHING YOU SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS IN YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS C E HUISH Hun'l'er and Elvada Theafres CHRIS RANGEL SYLVESTER PIKE GORDON ENKE DELLA WOODS LAWRENCE MQNEIL BETTY OWENS BETTY RIERS BETTY NELSON 'A' C. E, FIUISI-I FRANCES SIEBER DOROTI-IEA G,-ETZ TOM MOORE FAYETTA RANDALL ELAINE SABALA HERBERT DUFFY JOI-IN ROWBERRY V. A. GILI-IOOL sEWEl.l.'s UNITED STORES 'WI I NEVADA BANK OF COMMERCE GENERAL BANKING SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT NlgI1+ Deposufory for Affer Banlung Hours Convemence ELKO NEVADA II You Wanf Io Be a Wnnner Play A The Choice of Hue World s Arhsls' Sold on easy Ierms by GLEN BROS MUSIC COMPANY 74 Soufh Mann S'rree+ I SaII' Lake Cufy UIaI1 O C. G. CONN INSTRUMENT ir 'k Elko Lumber Company Dealers ID Lumber Coa one I74 Elko Nevada Fashions and Fads Come and Go T J C Penney Company ELKO NEVADA H s Noi' A Home Unh I+ s 1 ELKO COUNTY TELEPHONE an TELEGRAPH COMPANY Elko 0 Nevada HARDWARE FOR EVERYBODY A W Hesson Co ELKO NEVADA f lu-V, 1" Ea' 1 :RH wmff' far- 5' '., :Tf','.1", - fl f ' fvr a Ll- v' time C' X,. Bu? Nw l.lV'ClFJN"I W' f ,r ' ' rw- -,am A, yy nm- ,W Mfr V I ,:" fum! fic. Building Maferial 0 Painl 1- A W b ff -.-.ww ' le l TRS ':'i:", "':' K H zl' affl "3 VW- aff? if serfie. Dh I i' O I -I I Qx ,L .Ac-ln. 5. full! Lak? ifk' t . I O . O cl ARMANKO OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY S P AMERICAN SEATING COMPANY A B DICK COMPANY A G SPALDING d BROTHERS f P EVERWEAR MANUFACTURING COMPANY PI g Eq KEWAUNEE MANUFACTURING COMPANY E L C SMITH 81 CORONA TYPEWRITERS INC STANDARD d PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS N RENO NENADA Iusuve Agenfs OI Eisfern Nevada Ior GRUEN LONGINES The Wo Ids Fnesf T e Peces WINTERMANTEL JeweIry and Ophcal Co S ce 2 ELKO NEVADA In our Iour years In Thus old school We ve aIways carrued The Golden Rule We ve had our IrouI3Ies and weve had our O s Now don I forge-I us SENIOR BOYS CLASS OF I939 ELKO ATHLETIC TEAMS and Their Followers Always SI'op ai' I'he HUMBOLDT HOTEL and CAFE Winnemucca O Nevada School Furnifure and up lies Shah: Texfbook Depcsifory , L Exclusive Dishibuiors in Nevada for: Exc , School FurniIure C Mimeographs and SuppIIes . . an Afhle ic Equi men! ay round uipmen? r ' I Im I Laborafory quipmenf O I ' I an . I52 orfh Virginia Sfreef in l89 I 9 0 , . I I I H L Barfleff LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Hs Produc'l's Coal e+c Gel Our Prices Now ELKO NEVADA For uallly and Service ln Cleanlng Tanlormg and Ready lo Wear Merchandise H L BRUCE COMPANY SHELL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Super Shell Gasolme Molor Oils Fue Ons Greases Phone 400 Ellco Nevada T G ROWLAND General Conlracfor Member Assocualecl General Conlraclors I558 Yale Ave Sall' Lalce Cu+y 0 Ula Y O O A Q . . t . ' . . I t . . ' ELKO O NEVADA ' x . ir ' 0 I 'I . 'lr I . h Try Our De Luxe Shurl Servnce We Use Sell Waler Troy Laundry 81 Dry Cleaning Co Specisalnsls IU All Parllcular Classes of Work If Pasfeurlzes I+ s Dependable Elko Nevada P on TEXACO Fire Chief 8: Sky Chief Gasoline For Those Who Wani' Ihe Besf D S Reynolds Phone 45 Elko Nevada lnsurance of all Kinds Wrullen by Henderson Banklng Company Morlgage Corporahon an Insurance DeparI'men'r H Ph ISI Elk N d Compllmenls of Ihe COMMERCIAL HOTEL Newlon Crunnley S A 'A' ll ' ll ll I ll , h e2I , fl A , r. i' Newlon Crurnley, Jr. Room 302, enderson Bank Building A One O, EVG 6 Reno Business College Qur Mello POSITION for Every Graduale RENO NEVADA People s Morkel' eorge Su+l'1erlancl Prop MEATS and GROCERIES ELKO NEVADA McNamara 81 Robbins AH'orneys al' Law ELKO NEVADA SEAL O SAN Gym Fmlslw Complumenls Hunhngfon Loborolorles Denver O Colorado Carlisle s RENO Prmlers Slahoners Complele Lune ol School Suoplues and Equnpmenl O M ANNOUNCEMENTS ' e , . I . MA . . 400 Lyons Building . . ir ' 'A' D I P I. A S CONGRATULATIONS Class OI I939 A Frfend THE PALM C0 The Genflemen s Resorl' Dealers CIGARS a d EDY S CHARACTER CANDIES Phone 4I2 ELKO NEVADA Elko Ice and Fuel Co Cryslal Clear Ice an Blue Blaze Coal I I59 Ra I oad Slreef ELKO NEVADA Mason Producls Company An Elko I sl ful on PASTEURIZED ELVADA BUTTER FLOWER SHOP For All O cas ons ELKO NEVADA o FOR COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS CLASS JEWELRY DIPLOMAS WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS o SEE The Masfer Engravers w F PORTLAND OREGON STAR HOTEL Phone 406 ELKO NEVADA COMPLIMENTS OF Elko General Merchandnse JOE ANACABE Prop ELKO 0 NEVADA ELKO DRUG CO ualuly Smce I899 Servuce EXCLUSIVE PERFUMES and TOILETRIES KODAKS FILMS PI-IOTO FINISHING ll I ll In n . . . . " n I I " AIR CONDITIONED REFRIGERATORS SpecIaII1Ing In Flowers and Planls Ir c I 0 0 II5 S. . ourlh Avenue . 0 'A' COMPLIMENTS OF TELESCOPE HOTEL and BOWLING ALLEYS ELKO NEVADA Wells Ho'l'el 81 Cafe Open Day and Nighl EXCELLENT FOOD WELLS NEVADA TOMMIE PARKER S BARBER SHOP Y ELKO NEVADA ELKO STEAM LAUNDRY an DRY CLEANING CO Guaranfeed F rs+ Class Work We Call For and Delwer Phone 354 Ellco Nevada HOTEL GOLDEN RENO NEVADA Nevada s Largesl' Holel Complnmerds of Duponi Pharmacy 5+I1 and Idaho Sfreels ELKO NEVADA Rupe s Pool Hall POOL and BILLIARDS Candy Clgars Cugarelles Tobacco ELKO NEVADA H C STEVENS CO Dry Goods Nonows MILLINERY READY TO WEAR Id In ELKO NEVADA O 0 I Basemenl' Ma er HofeI I I - I O I La1ICs GCTJ M759-, Llc 1--'fe Mons fund B'ys CIf,'F?r-1 and F,."vfQI"f'qs Sf - I vm P A SMI- Pwyfy '1 Tam: ani 'a 3, 14,-., .7 5,5 . 452 a o Sfreel' 'A' SCOTT STUDIO and GIFT SHOP ELKO NEVADA WARREN MOTOR CO FORD MERCURY a d LINCOLN ZEPHYR SALES cISERVlCE FIRESTONE TIRES DODGE and PLYMOUTH HULL MOTOR CO ELKO NEVADA Compllmen+s of ELKO HOTEL an CLUB ELKO Hun+ for Hun+ s Candy and Ice Cream Huni' s Candy Shop ELKO NEVADA Modern Markei' Meais and Grocerles Phones 342 343 ELKO NEVADA CENTRAL SERVICE an REPAIR SHOP SHELL PRODUCTS 6'rh and Idaho S+ree+s ELKO O NEVADA Eagle Service Siahon Inc Assocuaied Produc+s Goodrlch Tures and BaH'erues Phone I43 Elko Nevada , , n an O Phone I65 Elko, Nevada I , 0 d - O d . ' 0 ARNOLD MORTUARY Washes Success Io The Graduafes Phone 358 Elko Nevada DR J S MARTIN Hun+er Theahe Buuldnng DENTISTRY X RAY Telephone I7 ELKO NEVADA COVERS MADE FOR THE POHOBS OF 7 l939 The S K SmII'h Company CHICAGO ILLINOIS Snlver SI'a+e Moior Co CHEVROLET AND OLDSMOBILE SALES AND SERVICE 668 Commerclal S'IreeI Phone 3I4 ELKO NEVADA Erecied by GRANT H NEILSON LOGAN UTAH ELKO SHOE SHOP NUNN BUSH SHOES ELKO NEVADA GRANTS CAFE G W Turner Prop ELKO NEVADA Complnme-DTS OI AL MOUR INTERNATIONAL MARKET Beffer Food for BeHer Healfh Your Busnness ms Appreclafed Phone 270 ELKO NEVADA SmII'h Accounhng SGFVICG PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS Henderson Bank Building ELKO NEVADA ACCOUNTING INCOME TAX AUDITING APPRAISALS COMPLIMENTS OF MAYER GARAGE ELKO O NEVADA PIKE AND KENNEDY ABERDEEN and STANDARD COAL Commerclal Sfreef o Nevada I93 - I938 - bv O O BRICK WORK ON NEW ADDITIONS Complimems of I O I O O aaa ' Elk , Edward F Dunbar, D DS Henderson Bank Bldg Room 4l0 ELKO NEVADA Dr F M Poulson PHYSICIAN and suReEoN Room 204 Henderson Banl: Bldg ELKO NEVADA H U CASTLE D A CASTLE Alforneys af Law 404 406 Henderson Bank Bldg ELKO NEVADA Dr Harry M Gallagher, D D S 30l Henderson Bank Bldg ELKO NEVADA RUTH S BEAUTY Sl-TOP Grlswold and Relnharf ATTORNEYS AT LAW Offuces 205 208 Henderson Banl: Bldg Telephone I0 PENNOCK S VARIETY STORE 383 Four+h Sf ELKO NEVADA Your Pafronage us Apprecuaied a+ e H and W ROOT BEER STAND Phone 302 W Bfh and Idaho ELKO NEVADA CONGRATULAT ONS TO TT-'E GRA UATES FLINT BEAUTY SHOP BUTLER MORTUARY ELKO O NEVADA MAYER HOTEL All Modern Convenlences ELKO 0 NEVADA KQJIIIIIIIIHIJIUN nf Iln Cen+ral Markef ELKO NEVADA . 0 . 0 h . RN' 303 l'-l"'X1'1'lf'V' Banl B511 I ' T ' Phono l26 E'k': Nevada El-KO 9 NEVADA , ' ' Th ' 0 rw New 390 T-lmfef Th 'ev Bldi, 0 AT YOUR SERVICE WITH A SMILE Jay s SGFVICG Phone 3OI ELKO NEVADA VAN LEER AND HARRIMAN CHRYSLER f PLYMOUTH BUICK Sales and SGFVICG Phone 92 EIITO Nevada ELKO AUTO COURT AII Modern CoHages STEAM HEAT AND PRIVATE BATH C W Paul HARDWARE and MACHINERY ELKO NEVADA BEST WISHES GRADUATES ELKO CAMP GROUND Near FaIr Grounds W A Shnson Co EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME 526 CommercIaI Sfreef ELKO NEVADA THE CITYS NEW MUSIC CENTRE WATERS XI ROSS 533 Suffer Sfreef an Francxsco OLDS KING Top Values In FIne Planos by Reno ned Makers Cornprehenslve Sfock of MusIc for Band Orchesira Chorus and Solo Insirumenfs Perfecf Repalr Work by Exper9 Arhsans PROMPTNESS EFFICIENCY COURTESY BOWLING Bobs BowIIng Alleys ELKO NEVADA BEST WISHES TO YOU HIIIam Cosfume Shop SALT LAKE CITY UTAH Warner S'raI'Ionery OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES MAGAZINES CANDY ELKO NEVADA HALE DRUG CO PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST Phone 303 ELKO 'k NEVADA Nevada VUICBHIZIDQ Works Phone 25 ELKO NEVADA I . . I 'A' ' A S , .... FTM' .S Nwwvs I' Barry Ifsvrurnf-M HIQIM, Is Your Ben Recreahon . . .D I I I - W ' A 'A' i' Q ELKO NEWS STAND MAGAZINES I CANDY n NEWSPAPERS Harry Lnpparellu Prop ELKO NEVADA BEARDSLEY S THE LITTLE SHOP WITH THE me VALUES Phone 307 ELKO NEVADA SHELL SERVICE STATION Paul Hanluns Prop SHELL PRODUCTS n Idaho Sireefs EIITo Nevada J M CAPRIOLA LEATHER GOODS SHOE REPAIRING ELKO NEVADA ELKO MOTOR SUPPLY CQ ParIs House of Ne ada KELLY SPRINGFIELD TIRES Ed Casey Mgr ELKO NEVADA OU NUT ITF French Balcery and Foun'I'am o Phone 209 a a rs Hood RoanI'ree Secor and Moren Furs? Nahonal Banlr Bldg ELKO NEVADA All PoTn+ Lubrucahon and More Value Per Gallon Wrfh STANDARD UNSURPASSED PH ELPS STANDARD STATION Phone I 78 ELKO N EVADA VLHEN 'Xl WELLS EAT AND SLEE F17 6' ALLEN HOTEL WELLS NEVADA TON B BA ORVILLE R WILSON ATTO RN EYS AT LAW Furs? Nahonal Banlz Bulldlng ELKO f NEVADA RHYTHM KINGS ORCH ESTRA A A Dnshnchve Dance Music ELKO NEVADA I i' 'k Sfh a d , 'A' QTELC, S P. P ,DS SADDLES . HARNESSES WTS 3 WMS M THE if Elk Nev d D 0 I I E I . . . 'k L D I TP I M I L . D T 0 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NEVADA ELKO BRANCH Qlher Branches RENO CARSON CITY WINNEMUCCA SPARKS Localed al TONOPAH EALLON LAKE TAHOE LAS VEGAS Sqhl see ng Gulde And ad es and enllemen o ur 'r ou monumenf e eded asl year ln noole cause Dumb Rosale Whal does 1+ sland or7 Gusoe Doral your nk ll' would ook da sr ryrng ow wurw D you lhlnk rhal you can drve ww one hand7 deer Liura and now lhe oke Then wonl you have an aor: e7 A saulor aller placrng some flowers on a grave IU a emelery nohced an old nese Cnc 1 bowl ol e o newroy grave Th sa lor asked When oo you ekoecf your lrlend lo come up and eil The rlCe7 The old Chinese replled wlfh a sm le Same fme your rrend come UP lo mel flowers Mrs NewlyWebb Some ysl bease Slore Cerk Do you wanl large o small ones7 Mrs NewlyWebb Jusl meduum l f n My husband lakes a sze I6 o ars Do yah ge r Prol Turcoll wus do ng ms hesl lo hl has key nlo lhe lork hummlng Hbsenl mlnedly as he lhoughl ol nexl weeks exams Arler a llme 3 head emerged lhrolgh a wrndow wbove Go away you lool crled lne man u s 3 s ou re lryung lo gel nlo e wrong holse Eool yoursell' shouled back lvl Turcoll Y ure lo klng oul ol e wrong wlndow Mr lvlvlls Whal d d lhe Federal gov ernmenl oo wrlh Negroes who fled lo lhe Novlh durlng lhe Clvxl War7 Ben Burle They buf Them n Unlon surls V - I ' : ' 5 . S 3 ' , ox g r n yo rlgh y see a 4 ' r , l , ' ' 4 4 1 A r l hi k. I C lf 'N : ' X bl ' l l I , -A+ +71 klnx ly ' ' n? . . . ,. . , . V, . K ' 1 , Lf ci O N ' ' 5 Y l P I . l Jaok, w?+h guslor "Why, cerlalnly, my I f - C C I . f . , , , L r . C .I' 4,' J , l-- - v ' A plf?r,Y ' ' 1 fh 0 L .ll '. , , , M o ' o' lh Q . Chi , ea F I f , ric n a ' , C l U me K I ' l . ,. , . C I , V f 5' , 1 ri 'L l ' pun-.K v' 'BAE' f rem 1 1 o qylyhqg 33 A llll ,W-ANMMM all N 1 Ofharlesbvh Wh terocx 0 AA lx ONQQWR I 1h-K ,QA+O5g3l7eY8 6 .6 A IICCKA 0 ELKO '71 Lungs! A J A A A fanll is wash: A RvbyL QLRO V LCSDNIINLB Second largesl ln lhe Srale and lourlh largesl rn The Unuled Srares ll embraces an arca equal lo The combuned slafes of Connechcur Delaware Rhode lsland and New Jersey ll lS one ol lhe ruchesl agrucullural counlles In lhe nahon havung several lmes ranlced hr r ID lhe narnon IH lhe value of Hrs producls Formerly an nmporlanr mrnlng region wnrh such camps al Tuscarora Cornucopla Mldas Sprucemonl Aura Colurnbva lvlounlarn Cary and Jarbrldge als mane-ral produchon IS srlll ol conslderable lmporrance ln fhe Ruby lvlounlalns 'rhe largesr and rnosl rugged mounfaln mass IH Nevada as some ol lhe hnesl scenery an The slale A progressuve and enlerprlseng reglon ul has This year slarled a buuldung program whuch wall rnalce Ellco Hugh School one of lhe newe-sl and loesl equwpped IN 'rhe Sfale -'5 r r- 1 g gif."-' .iii rlll ' "" " 0 A ,-I ' ,Q 1 xx . a- y if ,N I H Q . C , . r. . -4-. ,S f A 1'-"': .'. Q " - I .z-1- .5 f ' ' ffl. ll' I l A 2- - -' SV" A . I' u y. AIM A AA :Q F N A AA A ,, j V. -tllh.: VU: mini: A I 3 V A '-1f'. -'Z D' ' A ' . A AA I A ' 0 A -1'-ff. . .H - . , ,-.. , .,,-.4 ' A . .1 ' ' ' h A 5 .. " 4 ' If-5. f ' -' cries- ' f - ,ff fx 9' '1iGQf.l-25?-1 -' 5- .f in li f i? '- 'gil' x . -I Flfifif if ' A gk . A l A A A ' A - 2:1-sf: A ' A 7 ff ' ,'1 s '1 Eyflfy.--.1-i,'u t r .. jfs-'4.,:.-.f.r-. 1255.43 ' ' -' l' -ffl' .I 'I:,. ,lgsi , -Z., 'qs 1,5-Z' 4. " " , : I '11 21.55 K - fi fi I E . S . . . . n . IP ff 5' ,. W 1.1: ,- .4 1' iz' -i P I g fmqvw - bpymyw cfc b0!LC74Z2!2 fmqvtfs - .'f,Uz,a4:w dc .y!LC14CM7 bwuyato - fmapa dc :Mayan fmiylto - :Haw4a4 dc 501141494

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Elko High School - Pohob Yearbook (Elko, NV) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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