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 - Class of 1936

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Elko High School - Pohob Yearbook (Elko, NV) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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::Z'-::.:7-1.65.4 111-:zz gust:1-wg-':-.g--.5--3-'yy.1.-.--- -- .-,..., -f, 1 1 1' -' ' ' , DU 11 Q Lug Il U11 KV 1 Of, E1 '1 Ulla XJR, inf l30H0 l936 XX-Q Published by Hue Sfude + o we ELKO COUNTY HIOH SCHOOL ELKO NEVAD A w 4 1,1 V Q, , . i ""'f,,'53?'i5'f, . ' 1.".L'..!g A I . I, ,I , I -, ,AM M I, 'E . xx ,b Y O Mfyyw, K , Q xx Q ., , , W, I.. - xl-11-'-.ny H--,J I N ' I n -, . ' . , :Q N ' 1 J Q.-.. Q X ,NA X iix A 1-Q: x-If O '- 1453-. I l V, 1 'Q K - ' f, I 2 L ng, V I ' ' 1' Q Q - neun - lu 0 U . m .U ,Lg-A u' .. Q l no u : :IU ' ls no -Q I , OC ll I ol - y - f V1 5 T f, A5 5' ' 7 wfxx, W AW V YA,- ---T - --, ,,,,,,-,, N WY, , , . ,,t,,l,1....,......... .,.... I . J i X .-,. . -- V -- - f -, Y A r.. .YV,A, , ,Ji-.la , CDEDICATION fig, On lhls four year lourney of ours lhrough hugh school lhere us one pnlol who nor only has lcepf us safely on The way buf has led olhers before us Through lhe dangers of a pernlous 'rrnp unheeclung of any perul +o herself To one who has ded1 caled lhnrfy years of her life lo school work In Elko Counly and fulleen years +o 'fhe safe lransporhng of her sludenls Jrhrough hugh school days we lhe presenf slaff and sludenl body gralefully deducafe fhe I936 Pohob -. - . .1 fs. fe 61:-!ff5L,irT1'1j3 "2 -354 ,W 'sos I -, l A Z 51 Iggy! ff :,gw..b3!f ,u an lei, -Q 5 XWW X ff! 5. SLS! -aqe' Nw 5 Q I -5' L-me 0 3 3 xxxxs , 0' A W K f bf? X XXX S X M1 X l l lllwllll lil mf r 'fx bf' Q' ' ' 'K - s L Y W i ' s ? ffl. y r 1 Q ir! l f 5 1 1 'Y l LE Q , ' 1 I , 5 V. 1 ' - - r 3 : -. l pf , l V ' . I . . 3 I . 5 1 E : ' 5 . , Q f' ' 1 ! . " ' : f 1 1 'f Ll. ' . .- 3 A , .1...""'. l 1 ' ' l :'.., l ,1- Txl . . l .I ig :T -of leer a ' y - TA 1 ,eff- -lfhl . . ,I ' '- : lf , l - L-.. K, 1' -5 . l Pi-1 if az? 5 V a 'h -ff - 13" L A ff' l V - I V ,Q ' if ' 5 i X R V -'- 'lu ll Q fi: r , "H"-"'i"' """"""" ,A J ,,- JV.: F i 1' 'T' , -,- Kaz?- - 1 4,-,fJ.?:- - --li l' lie Q5 "f my o-V ff X'Kx .-e- -- 1..lxlRsxxxsxXXXX ...fy , 5 ' 'fi 5 l::" - ,JI .1 I iff:-V 1 X l 4-D, 4, 45 ' K M l- Q Il K 551. .QQ --- A P H - Q- 1 ul - rf-472' , Q Afffaif-"-nos 4:5 " o as F15 g r. lllv- -i W -I f - Y "3f.:-.,, Y 4. J.: i.L....x ' - V -r , , K ' "' """f'T""'fgg!'-'Y --, -D C X- P , in "Q W is 4 1 Y' r fi--Q----V 'g' X if ' X . ' f 4 , 'TM N ' rl. 2 ' 4 ,,.- ,' A ' v' ' + lf: , M.,-f 1 M .- X . ,Q .' 5 ' . 'A ia. Um , V 'film ' ' . .Q r " I I ll-' .-lxll' "' rv . ll ll, l f Y-ls, -1 ' 4, ,,LXgxi-X X? : xll'll"I- ull? lr l . xx ll ll l Y Y A , '.'Ll':1ll. ' f' ' 'l A"5 ,. ,gy f ,- N 5 "7"1., ly' " N I X l ,V W K. X lfwf 1 ' l K A '?'1'f?"N"3,,, 'X W ,gl 1 ' ' frrrmr , x . .. . . Wy H- Y .lr ...- J A--M Y ' PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE O more TiTTing, colorful, imaginaTive, or inspiring Theme Than TRANSPORTATION could have been chosen Tor The I936 "Pohob." Men everywhere have come inTo conTacT wiTh ideas because man's insaTiable ThirsT Tor knowledge has led him To discover means Tor conveying ideas swiTTly Trom place To place. The High School, Too, is on The movel The evidence presenTed Througl'1ouT These pages bears ouT The conclusion ThaT This year records conTinued progress: ThaT The educaTional acTiviTy program has been one of purpose and direcTion: and ThaT in The growTh of The school may be Traced The broadening vision of America. To you, graduaTing Seniors, I exTend my hearTiesT congraTulaTionsl You have Turned in good performances and you have made worThy conTribuTions To The school. Therefore, we have learned To know and To respecT you for your several abiliTies. WiTh school days here conclusively TerminaTed, I know ThaT in spiTe of The parTings and The severing of close Ties and oT happy associaTions, The relaTionships esTablished and The Tine Triendships formed cannoT be broken or TorgoTTen. For The enTire personnel of The Elko CounTy High School, I have no higher wish Than ThaT you "Carrya1." . M141 A NMMA. .. fl' STAFF cr cr? '-Iarrm' rw Busmesl Maraoe Y uk: M fsuw ASSY us Mor A A F :ws n I B K Yee Adxfh Arrvs' cm S 'U KACrV1lJNE3'W Ruih orrson Afhur I Page 7 'Z 3 - 6 - 'cr -7 "" , ar fa' ' J x Q f Dick War'en, Ediflifj June Lani, Asskfanf Edlforg Theo. Laibly, Advisor. -b f.'h, '. .rfpem e ', .B. .TGHTI ef o. NCHKX Rosfzberryg H I ' 1' Q. if-V 1 V t J VN 2 r S. Chiu T fi 5 Q film' X., P NW W f W Fiwm' 1, wx 1 '1' 1, 'wg' PM T' Geafn, Hx, Qs im? ax-m',. Xw'V"' ,s 'fied aw: 1 ,' HQ W an X f mufgrwa lass frm' mf 1- Pvt? L., :"' "i f' ' H vefzuy VTWLUQ bw ,Wie H: Wwfi-f, " wi AAS . ,. --A . .. .ri 'mv .unit ' fo" 'HU 'Qld 'Wm Karr Avi 'Hi ig 1: L W YP 'PQ we 1: HM-fr: 1, VM- W L +'l'24Q",'f1f',fii 'vw 7, M. ' 'fx 5 2 PALULTY AND CLASSES ,I ,I M W Of xv N! FACULTY 4'- ga? sn 'W' i LORETTA DOH ERTY B, A, iowa Slate Teachers' College, Unl- vorslfy of lowa, Ulah Sfale Aqricullufal College. Gills Physical Tralninq, Busnoss l-ornns. ELSBETH DOVE 3. A. Unlversllv of Nevada, Colleqe of Pacific, San Fmnclsco Slale Teachers' College LDS. Business College. Spanlsh. MILDRED Gll.MER B. A. Monrnoulh College, Unlversily ol: Kansas, Columbia Teachers' College, Urlvefsly of Chicago, Univewlly ol Californla. Mall-ennalics. RUTH GUSTAFSON B. A. Uriversily of Iowa, M. A, Colurnlola Teaghers' College, Unlverslly ol Mlnnesola. Enqllsh. EORGHILD JOHNSON B. S. lowa Slafe College, M.A. Coluvbla Univefsily, Iowa Sfale College. Dorneslie Science. NEIL JONES B. S. Monlana Slale College, Cenfral Monfana Normal School, Mlchlqan Sfale Aufo School, Univorsify of Colorado, Unlversily ol Minnesola. Manual Avis KARL KEPPLER B. S. Unlverslly ol lowa, Ufalw Slale Aqrl- cclfufal College. Boys' Physical Traln?nQ. BERTHA KNEYMEYER B. A. Unlversily of Nevada, Universily of Calilofnla, Universily of Chicago, l-laward. German, Malhefrvaflts. Principal. THEODORE LAIBLY E. S. Ncffr' Llaxma AqricuIIuvaI Cc fn Unlvefsiry cf CoIcrado, NofIIwfQ5fQ rf Ur'Ivefs"y. ErgIIsIv, Drarwnlcs. CAROLINE MARKEY WI5consIn Siam TeacIm:rsI CCI efgzf- U'Wcrsl?y of WIsconsIn. Uniw'vslf,' 1 W,fcf'nIrf: FI. Wayne Business Cc'e3'e. COWWIQVCIGI. EEQRY MQFXNALLY 3. A. U1Ivefs'fy QI' Nevada, Unlfc' if CaIiIcrnIa, San Jose Sfafc CcIIeqe. EnqIisIw. LESTER MILLS E. A. M. A. CoIIeae of PaciIEc, Under 57W :I Caifornia. I-'Iisfory Scda Science. RUBY TILLESON B. VLH. CenifaI Sfafe Teachers' Cc 1639 UnIvofsi?y CI Wisconsin, M. A. Unhewif cfISouII1ern CaIIIornia. Librarian GEORGE TURCOTT B. A, M. A, Unfversify of Mcflara UrFve's5'v GI Callfofnfa. Scion FRANCOIS UZES B. M. Unive'sI+y of RedIands. M. M Univefsny QI Souflwern CGIIIOVFIH, Ar+is's DipIonnas Issued by Ercnc Gcvernrneni. Music, ISAEEL WILLIAMS B. A, Unwersify of IIIInoIs. Lain. SENIORS GEORGE ABEGGLEN Mounfain Cify Wildcaf AN ITA ALDAYA "giver" ARD1Tl-I ARMSTRONG "ArdIe" KAT HRYN BACHMAN "Ka'rie" WILLIAM BFARWS' A JAMES BU OW HELEN BIEGLER Coolnm CHRISTINA BOYD Jockey LOIS BREHE "Loie" DOROTHY BROWNE "Dot" PAUL BROWN 'Mary' VIRGINIA CHAMBERS 'Gfnqef' RUTH CORNWELL my DONALD DROWN Pasfy Puss MARY JANE ENGLERT M GRATIA FERGUSON Weak Tea i WALTER GARCIA Ngarku HOWARD GETZ "Dan" AU DREY GREGORY "Pai" MARJORIE GREGROY "Sfub" HERBERT HARRIMAN Herbne ANITA JAURISTI N115 JACK KEYSER Hans JUNE LAN' Fiossx Page I4 J PAULINE LIPPARELLI "PauI" DELOMA MQCORD "BIue Boy" SAM MCMULLEINI "Pansy ERNEST MU ELLER Spike FRANK PARKER Hugh Pockefs TI-I EDA Pr-IILLIPS Gossap JOE PLAZA Pepe BILL POTTER O 5 IVV 154 6 FLLEN RIORDAN "Jennie" NELLIE ROSEBERRY "Rosie" PETE SABALA "sf,bby" VERA SIMONSEN Vee ANN TAYLOR Annie JOE URRIOLA Bq Smoky JOHN U Rrzuom mf: smok, PAUL WALTHER Flaslv E Page I6 DICK WARREN BlLL YOE Pele Yo e SENIOR CLASS HISTORY HE fall of i932 saw The fulfullmenf of our ambuluons +o become hugh school sfudenls and we proudly louned The ranks as lowly Freshmen under lhe leadershup of Mary Jane Englerl Presudenf Duck Warren Vuce Presudenl and June Lanu Secrefary Parlucupalung un all sfudenl body alfaurs we were represenfed by a goodly number un all acluvulues holdung +he hughesl membershup un lhe band all Through our hugh school career Our fursl' years were fulled wu+h 'rhrulls and exculemenl especually as we became hugh and rnughly Sophomores A+ lasl we could look back a+ +he lasf rank wufh humour Duck Warren l-loward Gefz and The lasl aHaunmen'l as upper classmen finally came wulh rhe know ledge Jrhar we were Junuors under The compelenr guudance of Luculle Brown Joe Bellunger and Ardufh Armslrong The buggesl allaur of 'rhe year our Junuor Prom was a greal success bo+h lunancually and socually Funally preparung +o uoun 'rhe ummorrals as rulung Senuors we made lhe year very oulslandung bolh from a scholasluc slrandpounl as well as un Track baskelball band sludenl body officers and clubs Leadung us fhrough fhus year were Bull Yoe Sam Mclvlullen and l-lerberl l-larru man and as fron? rank we leave handung down +he lradulruons we have kepu' and lhe record we have buull up Lois Brehe reigned Thar year and membership lumped in every aclivily. Page I7 Wagga- :I wg. .'?i':"f 'I JUNIOR GIR' S K ROW ILQII Io R 1Ivr, A xo M rr' G 1 A I Q nson elm L a KI r 1 vw on 1 Gro KWH O my H 1 ma v S R JfnIws0m Thompson JUNIOR BOWS Y urg Marhn FRONT ROW BACK ROW LQII away WesII'aII Gale Crwapmfm Grew Car Com S an conf Q Iwea GrnswoId Adams vang rMuIIF-rw MIDDL ROW Mas M AnaIIy I-Iffndersom Avi WI 5 fi FRONT RCW U 3 I a 1 I1 Bfras JUNIOR CLASS I-IISTORY O m rsIw'v'r ww as Jun f ro pI Med I Many our rrfmrvff fa I 'j'I 4 lqd drami fi 'J I-'I W: VII' 1 :ss rr r r r G s 7 7 i -hx' Page I8 L BAC T I- n , ifQLvQ4I, F. Belhqef, EL Mlis I1Q'fI'S3r,WQ.,?rQfs Rafe J. J Iw . R. B I' ge: MIDDLR ROW'-Mm, 'ey, A requf A' svn 3, C 'MSN Cl, cp, O Q, A . -G-I. I, SUfIC?"IdI'Id, Lfrvl, SaI I A SIC ff' . , f I 1 fc RICgIiTI+TSI , , I , , , . Cr I Ir, b, G II' P10-Q , ' , SI' cc, M, -, E - I C , - CUM Va CREP NVf "Ie" Bwfw Iffffstrw S'X""e's Ifwv 'I nh M "V Gisef, - I-I.f'fv' F'a"'I S2 CHI' Bf:IfI1ff' I-Iwuy M WI, VVI:'q4"S fJ"if.f Lipl-,' ., W ' f' fp- we gon--"C 5Ss"'f:I" we IQQI SI Cu" dwy +0 'fake CMSQ rw. -1- , .fm As In Ie, f." AQIIJIIMS f.Q'-- If-fs ivd Iv hofwwm. ASC fa' s?cH':"f'v'Q5 iff? I'-' " is I ' fn 'f2"'af" ir IN: KECI 1vCJrvf:. New f favs, we Imam sffpruf fm? and '3',iO",- rwmv Ivirms, mf 1: , 1 S we if DEL u'e0Ifs Ii' d d:Da'e f, S "':3. We me ISO w:II 'osfescm'-'J Sn hi? THQ BIQCR HE' SCCIQW arc G. A, A. Oni- CF fu "e"ie" "ics A lyme" fpfof fiffrf. Ina- Jfbf Pfwv was of 'fc Irv: a:rIIffvsf"fr'. 1 :Jdcbd YQIIF Mvsui Ifn I u -e Iw1dI:vsHi,o IIIIS wmv Rrvfanf: Iwne, .-me ,Ivwswm vi I:- Dfesf 'fm' ami JUN: AH' :Q 1: M419 G. 'afsfn mf: MSS M Ani , Ir' -, HSSIQIHU LS -fs sncrszn, .. ' --: Nw :ya-g f- ,- r '- ' '- 1-If-' ':f"'1 ww , -. f . ' ' -f f i"r,1'3'f, 2 f V '34, ' ' , . I -. 1 ', '2: ,M ' sq ' -1. QQL K' 'I m,,1',. 1 R i??f"L.'I I P' I X X. " A .F 3593 R1 ini SOPI-IOMORE GIRLS K ROW IL I Io RIqh1 berro I-Iequy WIIIIaIm C I ounes 0 Snar vcNaIIy Kc.IIPI1er Bac? der BIOQ er TI-IIR ROW wards Trey Paws AI Cnr Prun y RI Ie or M ar uno WIson wrr 5 M 5 rn SECOND ROW JJIQQS Low rn Pers o nsor orpe rfh moe coft arpe ann I-I HQ on FRONT ROW ,I nos SOPI-IOMORE BO YS IACK RONN ILQII Io RIQIIT Nayl Goff Murdock Sus+acIIa Greqory Onanda Rmnerforo Arrasrdda Esmond Mr La bly MIDDLE ROW Losfra Kano Burner Lake Drown SCOII Lnopa r1IlI B GIaser Sa'IIIn1 Brown Enke I-RONT ROW K II y Lno P Ie MarIIucII MCC ure VIqrIoIo D Glaser Pe-Icr MarIIu-:II Adams WrIgI'wI SOPI-IOMORE HISTORY op s o 1 or Ciessnoen e a a ur d S C Io an semo s 'ro w 5 II an UI I- e ass some ca C amp OUSIIID and II Id day eyfms We are represe Ieo In The IOC S I y De A De Laureola band aIIIIcIIcs and Grarvahfs e eIf- 'eo J G Q y ores L d v MISS GIIfner and M L I y a Q ou c ass soonsors Page I9 I . ,Q - ,I I 'I . . ' I If - , A 6- x .. , I, I . , I I 'R L . 'll - , 4 7 . ' ' rn- ' ' . 4 W ,I I I - .I 5 V Y ,- .I , - ' ig I . Jw' QA , K I T " P- -I ' 'I ' ' I T I -. A ' ' A v. "T'f. vi L , ff ..w: LSL- r."71 BAC ef ' I-AI , , ' r, , R'IIfr, Y , Ru'nefI':rI p, II , - , , Iol , ', I . D -Ed , Caf , , IW I :II, I M. AI r, TayI , CF If , 'I , B' Ie, I-Ifzafon, is GFI cr. - I is Dy -, I ,J I ,TI'I B29 UrAI,S ,I-I r I2 If Q ,r . fb-, Lopez, EI'cIIobcI'Ie-re, I'A!f?c1II'I9I'S, Gardner, Sawyer PIunIceII, Knopf, Gregory, Sfalcy. U Q ' I-v A of, , I , , . 7 , ' I QQIQINQ I'f If 4' E S nowores sfand 74 'f n.. As Iow, ' I , w II vo Q of fe 'cnc' 'Q rgw.-g Qc the Im-Tvs I cI A ' f. Chief fa rg Wese a I Q 2 I fe CI 'ne ' I rc, -' r II ,II I I 'Q - 1 . 1 n I ' B If 'IE' ode? I, O. TQ, I W fg, on fofr I Idvnfg Bod Brown, -Ace-p'QsIderIIq an' M-QI 75 S'aIoI, wire-wry. ' '. ' a4bI f- f I y . A ACK PRES!-JMEN GIRLS GW WV POW M fi 5 W FN A Mx S FRESHMFN BOYS AVN! 5 RV GV! SECO NT POW r wr M N PRES!-IMEN HISTORY rf' v 225 f MSS I u I - s , . I , . V' . -4' . 0 A S ,x I 3: ' I , k ' 4 .I .-x L7 3 'W' - ' 1 ' 4 Q lug' .Q L 0 A .+ 1 . ,. x ' ,J A 4 V i V , 1 , . 41 ' ' . :WL - Y ' ,, . . g . 1 0' ' LT - - H ' I N . ' Y U N p' 5 . I in r Q I 1-1 ff , ' 1 1. of 'Q ' ., ,,! , ' ' ' . . 2. Q- ,. 1 .. .- " ' .fa '1 lfa. .. 1-vga :yi 'P 2- E X F 'Lf-5' " Rf'1LW'H--Y'f': xNNC6'+VG'S Mi'sC Sow' rc"-' Mfw In F'-":Ls'. Gush' Zf?-QMS, TH".2 -V 79 frm Mk Jfmsff Ji-fgf-f W fi X-."."fwA-' VV' A" "":-,-K" F-:.H'1'Lif-' EWU- B".f.'r- ME 'Cy'-. r, DCM! DfxA"g Mi :f':,ff Six: . mff-me KR'-,lf-', Ca'P"sc' E. Hemi' Cvw.-, Ha""'i-" NNE f:"- NNE 'ff :ZTUNW :CVM ffm-' S ,ii S'Y7" Pu", R, RAFQS M, Rlffw C rf CHS'-' fU'A"'f'd. EACV 5, 'Lf If " REF' -- -Vfvlvf-1 G" .-w 3 T',Ll"":U.i M"sf- C',.a1"'1 Sm" B'2"4wQ la' ,f"'i"' WUVW' A':Q"c-. THW .Q 9 --M1 Kes: Q' .DfbA"" ffl 5 .. - f""" '-iii Sff- P-MW' Lrw Mayo, SW-rffI:L' 'V1'.Jf"f:S. Nl, P",Vf' Q, fs VV' f' Q' l,."."f- ' MfQw.f,n Cf-', Gvlif-" J. Za."r'f W'f'- Tfnfi-' M'M.. Hf-"wif-.'. lp., x ' -5.11, 7 N Ffiv' E,'gf3" WEN: E'i3v'Lfff-'f- f . NA' f 1, PaQ. N Scif: If-v fflvd nr- 'Yr' PM-SH' fx" flfxse ff I Tufli-PM Uv- liar 11-'.. 3' Tix Vswcvw, mf '31 t"'f k'f':1f1V7 f,.v SCLW' -W--1' -.-.'f"' 5'wf'N'. Hfrws. W1-UcQdcrf'nNWf.1vf'wf1:'- if 'ww x- LJ, L""1.N "Q 175' ff. hm-Ps ff' Pwwr "W 1. XNQ "fmf:':fr1i', 'so fb G nfs, ws '. 1' f 1 V1 A' 'ff' LVWZMVI ' f1"'!Q":5 "ff fmt ffFi,Vf"T': 'f-ww is' f-Mex 'wwe " Q ffm-fu Af "f Af' 1' ' 'xii Jflfes. T' 39, :wed "JiL "ir "- :', " :is-f-"Tw "0 f'ffe'vv1" f 'V-N' PV: .""'S. Tw ew -1 '.f'r.f-' if 9'-s'W"f-f 'r " rf."': .rn 'bw ' bw., fi " " .. TU. ,r ,M ,1f?v,.,5 ,,,, .Mr 1. ,Y Hffq L., ',,,.,.. Man, 5.,,g., ,' , ,,,..,',g,.n,. 'Case' Secfewfy. Tv' may fr frm' fwff Mfs, WE 'a"e I JH ffr Mu Kf-rin.-' M". JOM 'vc M'SS CC.Q. Q 2 , Pae0 LSE! N '-,SCX W? I If I hi x 4 ff 'i 'Q I -J .iii IT Z 3+ ,di ,B-'rv'-4 I 'Y fl- A ,fxxugw AZER- ns x ml a X J' Q V kd if a fn WN L ?9"-.- H Vg' 'N ORGANIZATIGNS 2' '. T" -N ff' ' " ,X ,f x . 'r k ' Y. . -ix Q' gl R ,, Txxx-xx X , A --V 'hr-I .XX I A X LV 1. ' KX f u l l! , it f--- ,Q-, A e ., XXX X I ' - -m .f. 44 mm ,Xx X417fi1:ul T . 5. ly V . 1 Q X 'gq l 1.6-F-' v m Sk- ,I " A ' f - ir' ..V.- ' ' '-LU. .,, , "'v -. I " . - ."h ' - . ' A: .. f " . fri .W-'-'52 ' if A ., V 1, fn A1'.'4" x'1 41" A JY- .B K 0 ' Af 5 , xf. 9,! fb "git, 'Jiffy Wx. lf. f X71 1 -"' fin , f 'il A yii' 1 621, ,Hg QZVYM7., I j,,N,1x 6. 7 Q f 1 Ink? 'KL I. svn: 3 iii! FW' BACK ROW lLef+ To Rqhfl M Kepple Clalc B H Somme s G ego y Go coechea FRONT ROW lv1a+s.1 Ma lch G s old Mclvlulle Sanlna Lopez BLOCK E SOCIETY HE opennng of school found lhe Bloclc E Socuely composed of buf four mem bers Eugene Sommers Eluas Goucoeches Romano Lopez and Sam McMullen The lolloweng officers were elecled al lhe begnnnung of lhe year Eugene Sommers Presldenl' Romano Lopez Secrelary Those who have earned lheur leHer from baslcelball fhus year and have become eluguble lo loan lhe Block E Socuely are James Bell James Grnswold Joe Gregory Bob Clarlc Joe Sanhna Peler Maruluch and Yellil Malsun Wufh lhe end of lraclc many new members are expecfed lo have earned lheur lraclc lefler Mr Keppler IS sponsor 1-ui 0 ""ilfX ' lv TO RIGHT-Keys-, 'm rw, a c'a, ', M'ils, G ego y. DEBATE CLUB HE Ellco 'ream won +he fursf debafe held here wnfh Lovelock on December 7 I935 and losl' The nexf debale To Wxnnemucca held on February I3 I936 All debafes were on 'rhe same queshon lhaf of slale meducme Elko alfended fhe con fesf held In Twm Falls Idaho held rn lhe sprmg of lhe year Sax sfudenls are enrolled IH lhe club Jack Keyser Yeulcu Malsul l-lerberf l-lar rnman Waller Garcia Joe Gregory and Bull Murdock The club rs under lhe capable durechon of Lesfer Mllls New BACK ROW lLef+ 'ro Ruqhll Gefz McMullen Drown Walfhers Keyser Polfer Pursell Adams CECOND ROW Mass Tnlleson Johnson Sulherland Lang Grocl: Puers Scoff MGTSUI Garcia Urruolla Warren Sf Clasr Marhn Mass McAnally FIRST ROW Roseberry Gregory Brehe Enqlerf Lan: Yoe Armsfrong Taylor Ferguson Buegler McCord DE LAUREOLA E LAUREOLA The honorary hlsfory socuery has s+ressed The purpose of The orgamzahon +0 Tosfer and encourage The sfudy of husfory and allled sublecls Muss Knemeyer spolce on Mexlco Mlss McAnally on l-Tawau Mr Mulls on munerals Mass Johnson on Porro Rlco and Mlss Tulleson on The Gay Nlnehes Two Imhahons for The benehr of sludenfs who had fulfilled +he requnremenrs and were elecfed fo memloershup were held one In Ocfober and one In February The socnefy has pioneered In sponsorunq a funny paper dance and an avonrdu poas dance The offucers are Bull Yoe Presidenf Jack Keyser Vuce Presudenf June Lam Secrefary BIII Poffer Treasurer Mass Mcfknally Advlsor Page 24 I I 1. - I ' . , f I W Q . - Q, , l . Y ' I . 5 J' . .If M, . . .44-' ' Ia--, -A U T I I I I I I I ' 9 11 . A I I I I I I I I .I . I I I ' I I ' l I I I I . . I I . . , I I , . I . I . , f . . . . ,, . . II I I - , . l nc? 1 '3,Qf,."f. SACK ROW lLeff+oRghll P Sabala cheerleade Maclcley B nes Harr man Lppareul Sommers Pers John Urrnola Brehre Joe Urrola FIRST ROW Mefchell Be nard Knopf L Sabala Slaley PE E HE Pep E was organized by +he yell leaders Bull Beardsley and Pele Sabala for 'rhe purpose of shmulahng mleresl and aflendance of baslcelball games by hugh school sfudenls The group was al hrsl lnmlled +o a selecl number bul la+er 1+ became necessary lo enlarge upon lhe membershnp The group adopfed a snappy wearing apparel whuch dud a grea+ deal lowarcl llvenlng up lhe game spiral' The Pep E club lrled lo have some of nfs members al each oul' ol 'rown game as well as all local games f 'E 4- l A S 0 l . a fd! ,ffl h K i if l L1 xg - , 'K ' I ' - Q f . , A A , my I l I 1 , 1 , 1 g - I P 5 1 ' ,3 ' , ffl an g , ' , y ,- 3 . A 1 if jghmfx A 4 ll i L l A X . E! l -. , r: , ar , l , l ll, P as H Page 25 ,Ear 0 rr- MCMULLEN GOICOECHEA BREHE JONES STUDENT GOVERNMENT HE fursl semesrer of The 35 36 school year saw a period of varned school acluvuhes under The capable leadership of Joe Belllnger A change was made necessary by Joe s unhmely dealh buf Sam McMullen con hnued very well wnlh lhe program as ou+luned The Sludenl Body Governmenl lhls year owes nfs success 'lo The follownng ollucers besndes lhe commuffees and enhre sfudem' body Sam McMullen Presudenf Elias Goucoechea Vuce Presudenf Lois Brehe Secrelary Mr Jones Treasurer -ir- i sv" I mf' Q"-sv if-xi 9.7 HM Qing! l ,cyvyfll 1 -1-1-"" 1.34, ff! L 9'-P491 -4, 'rf' 'V' it 'H 555531 FIFJWE W? fr, r 'W 'A -5. X le -M Vfgirgs X ' f QVJ ' Yr QF? AW' gil t ,Vi b f M f W QE X ' Page 26 . . I - . ,.. . . .. . -.. .r'r' " K as ':'...1.-.., ,, .L ' .ag :- iz:-': ""7 "' I ' " . "..- 1 c ",, ' - ':- 3 . Vo. ' 3 .-:-- - - --:T ..:.,.... I . - -v 1 J- ' " --- - V V Qjnn, -i ,V Q -"""",..,,Y ., . fl' V , 1 -1',"v . --,Y,W,,...f... L, ,-- E4 ,,,, ,K V- - - , as '-- f 11" 1.3i'ff' ..4.-. A-.. 'A K J - g ,- " I - ,,,,,, ,.n......,..-I -1 1 ,h 1 . .. V, A '- 1 1 A v " HT: . 4 . ,fl H I T - . 'f'. ha--.e. - LJ IA: 7 W' ,gif ,. ",.,., 5 -,. W . - , . -e nl 1 nad'-,U -X , g iq. . ,rl u - .2 ...... ..... YK fn' ,J ,M ,,,, - r . l -. I-1 1,1 A. iv. tray: .721 , . Y --Ti ., 1 .- .. ' Nr-. - 'f ., . - .,f,. . , ,.-A ,. gc., J. "f . Y "f A'-, 5.5,-' 4 r g -, A , :: I ' F' L., ,iw-' X E lla' fgglig I ss-ji 7 'I' F X "L '4.'2,,-5 3 lj' -Q" . l y :, xv - h Q . -3 ,put , 3.3. - i ,-::.- - V. ' ., A "' . 7 L , E I a 1-1. , L . 1" -'cf r' .. J rr . , "-53,1 Q5 f 1 15,-ggkg fly. ' SQA 5. 4j .413.15Nff,g-gig' Q. ' l 4 I S., f' fi' . ,V g- --f- fur - '1f.-ff' 1 1' fy . .' 'fi' ,.- 5 s1r'i':' .- .-l 1. - r- , 41 5- . . I , , ji , ,, fl , r A 'Q "-7 ,A . .5 , . ., , --,, f,- -Y 'I l '-' ' ' 1 ' 2 ' i g' " " ' ' -' - f - -I - . Q, - ' ' ' .'-il", 'r T . . J " 'H vi E' -JVWQA 1-l V- " ' . -4 Y -ff 1 f x 2-T' ' . D , , -N , ' ' ' ,- . A- -.Q A V A' I 1- I: ff, ' i 1 .. Vg ,.s..q',I , ' - 4 1-I -9.-5:1 1'-'11 - s l -t , 1' ' by .., N X . t ' 2,1 :. , 4 l d-- . , r --,sl-Q -- A , fl, , I f. l 2-:. ax. W ,XA Y Q - -'- H X , rf .- ,J Q ' Y 'I .. 1, .-B. --ju 1 . 'Irv v , A . s - .' "'r ' '- ev.. 'r ' - n ' - -- . -- 407 - Q . 4 .1 . l 0 . 1 , 1. x . - .- v ' 1 4 vim. 3 .... V4 E- L i X ,ray-.Q y --v rn- I I- - ,. A ,Q : , X. N ',, ! pr f' 1 - Q. -x . :EH 94 ' Q1 t L,...4-Q..-:EF . - - V risk... ., cf , ' , ,f 'ec y 4-5, 4 of E ' --1'-' E 4 L awk KV,.. 111 1192 ,Q-tr-1 4 1 inf-4 4' -,Q " UQCTIVITIES -inc?" ,f"" 1:-1a.."'1 N-5. Yi -sr- A Y XY XXX VZ I NX X. iv-X - ' ' w , f . , 1 X Aff ffl ' f . . Y ' I N f 1 .f W p X QW K I 1 ax I W , 3 , K. f, X 1 ' -' N ."' , - I f V ' Q,l-:QQ ' 'jf X X -X ' V ' n V , . snug,-.3 f - , 'Y . ,K H 1 1 K ! XX , I rl X N x ,OX I -Jf- 'x ' -- A A I " ,, '44 vi' P? --' fr' . - I . X . f X . ' . ,.- ""' . '-- 1:1 M, "" 1 "' - ,Miz , K -,,,,, www. -'V - ..,-- 4 f - N V 1 v- K Yi A fr , X 44 K 1 -V 1 A xxx' . -" -AT - Q . ' ' , -... . Y ' -,- F f A 499 Gu D W GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION A A had The largesT membershup oT any school organuzaTuon I The Tall 34 gurls were unuTuaTed malcung The ToTal membershup 99 G A A sponsored several successTul sunseT dances Durung The year The gurls enuoyed duTTerenT sporTs such as lcuclc ball servus ball ba lceTball and hand ball The Teams were duvuded unTo A and B groups and each group compeTed wuTh oTher classes un ThaT group The heads oT The Team sporTs were GraTua Ferguson lcuclc ball Margery Gregory servus ball AnuTa Aldaya baslceTball The heads oT unduvudual sporTs were Mary Anxo shuTTleboard BeTh Thorpe Tennus and Bene dugTa Tourreuull horseshoes Several new unduvudual sporTs were Talcen up Thus year among Them beung darTs shuTTle coclc and badmunTon Some worlc was done un Traclc an swummung The Tollowung oTTucers worked hard To malce The year a success BenedugTa Tourreuull PresudenT Mary Anxo Vuce PresudenT Bessue Groclc SecreTary Muss DoherTy Sponsor f ROW lLelT fo Rqhfl o W n Cal: Gegor San na M Ke oe MIDDLE ROW Grs old Lopez Cap? Go coechea S McMullen BCH FRONT ROW Malsui P ler Mar luch Pele Ma lluch l-l McMullen BOYS ATHLETICS CB A S K E, T B A LL ROSPECTS for fhe I935 I936 baslcelball season loolaed poor as only lhree veleran lellermen remained Due 'ro lhe enlhusiasm and pep of The inexperienced members and The experl coaching of Karl Keppler +he squad developed info a small bul' scrappy feam in which no one man was oufsfanding buf every player a possible Threal Surprising everyone lhe Indians wenf lhrough lheir confer ence games wilh eleven vicrories and one defeal ELKO 33 EUREKA 9 ln lhe firsr game of lhe season Ellco emerged viclorious by a 33-9 margin. I+ was lypical of a firsl' season game, being learured by poor passing and a grear number of missed shols. McMullen of Ellco hir 'rhe hoop six limes for a +o+al of I2 poinls. Aller 'rhe game New? Crumley was hosl +o bolh +eams al a banguel al +he Com- mercial l-lolel. T e29 fBASKE.TBALL ELKO I9 METROPOLIS I4- AlThough The game was closely ToughT Through ouT The Elko Induans pulled away durung The lasT ew rrunuTes To wun I9 I4 Many Touls were called because cT The closely ToughT game LOVELOCK 30 ELKO 2I SuTTerlng Theur TlrsT deTeaT oT The season The Elko Team played a TasT and hard game buT losT To The Pershung CounTy boys by a score oT 30 2I The experuenced and sharp shoohng boys Trom Lovelock proved Too much Tor The Tughhnq local lads Hansen oT Lovelock was ouTsTandung chalkung up a ToTal oT I3 pounTs ELKO I9 BATTLE MOUNTAIN I2 In a sTrong deTensuve game The Induans emerged vucToruous by a score oT I9 I2 on The local courT a ung T The h IT y ore o EIkouTes were never un danger ThroughouT The resT oT The garre O 3I WELLS P Ing Theur besT game up To daTe The o lnduars Took Wells unTo camo by a 3I II marg on TT' BobcaTs courT Elko was hoT and buulT up a 20 3l lead by hauT Tume Many subsTuTuTes gof pl y houd no Thus lead Tor The rennaunder o The game ELKO 30 WINNEMUCCA 24 or Th s me n rx years Elko deTeae Wunnemucca by a 30 24 score on The Buccaroos courT BoTh Teams played a TasT hard game and The ouTcome was never decuded Tull Tne lasT munuTe when The Induans puled up a sux pour-T lead ELKO 3I CARLIN 20 Elko deTeaTed :Ts deadly rval on The ocal courT by a 3I 20 score Thus game proved To be a baTTle Tom sTarT To Tun h Goucocchea BeTT and McMullen scoreo heavuly Tor Elko whale ArThur played ha d Tor Carl n ELKO 2I MONTELLO I8 The game closely ToughT ThroughouT Elko Tunally came ouT on The long end of The score To wun 2I I8 Trom Coach Weavers boys I-TusTon T Monfello chalked up a ToTal oT Il pounTs To carry OTT hugh pounT honors ELKO 2I BATTIE MOUNTAIN I8 For The second Turne Elko deTeaTed aTTl MounTaun The score b ng 2I I8 AlThough he Lander CounTy boys were leadung aT The halT by a 76 'nargun Elko came back To Take T ea and held IT Tor The resT oT The garne ELKO 23 WINNEMUCCA 2I In one oT The mosT excuhnq games played The local courT Thus season Elko deTeaTed Wunne rn cca 23 2I V1 an overTume peuuod The game was close To The sound oT The gong The regular game peruod ended when PeTer Maruluch Tued The ore 2I 2 sun un us ree row n overfume M Mullen boke Through To Sm U1 wunnunq goal u 4 seconds T e uccaroos were noT able To T V9 Ggriln The sTubborn lnduans ELKO 25 WELLS Q ers lusl' couldnT lck and r u e In a one suded game The ouTcorne n ve oeung un doubl' ELKO 25 METROPOLIS 8 a kung up Theur elevenTh onse uTuve con Terence wun The Induans deT aTed Th MCTVODOIIS U dqg rs oy a 25 Fra an ATnoug T ToughT hard The MeTropoluTans able C Q ,vTh The sTronq Elko v E' KO 30 CARLIN 32 SuTTerung Theur TursT deTeaT un conlference compo TuT on The locas wee de eaTe V In l'C3l1"'Q Carun Raulroaders on The Carlun COIN' Cdfllfv was hoT and uusT couldnT be STODF3 3 Ar U' Walk r chalked p a ToTal 23 ooIn's Carlun To carry oTT hugh pounT hone s DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Elko wenT on To wun The Junuor Charnpuonshup cup aT Wunnemucca by deTeaTunq Eureka and ropolus by a WGVQIU sp c3Tuvely a Ter oung orced o Thus uvusuor' BaTTIe MounTaun wuTh a 20 9 n e Trs round oT plays Wunnemu ca won The on Trence Cnampuonshup by deTeaTung MeTropoIus 42 20 Carlun 42 I3 and MonTelo 32 20 AIThough The deTeaT aT The hands OT BaTTle MounTaun was appounhng The Elko I ds Took T w a nT on To ke The besT oT T durung o resT oT The TournamenT Page 30 T I T . 3 g use I d I I D T - . ' '. on . . . I -T u - '- 1 'T 'h - f , '- SC , .u,by'u'quff Th .une . I ' . I C ' k , , . ' ' , W'Th 0 ' o go. Th ' l ' B TEe he seo ' sT ' ' -I I . W I' ' ' cl I' es IT d ' Le cl' a a b a sc T II-I, The 4- ,3 ,' - ' . . - 2 -I ELK - g -Il Ch I . - C N 4: ' - -lay' ' ' , Elk ' I ' e , e ' gx . ' . ., A . ln' Sp d- I e ' -I3 - 'Q' I- ll I1 l"9Y T ul A - I ' were ni? TO To a , ' E ' . ' T o e - I , Tl e. F Q Fufu ui T 5' , ua ' ' ' ' I - ' ' . ' ' 5 V I r T d b T e ' T' I V . V D I. . - I- - , , . , " " ' ' e '. Th I I and e u OT I I TOV . I I . r ' is . ' , , I My A 3o.u5 and 4l-I6 ', ree ' r 9 ' , T 1 b ' T inT ' d' ' ' . ' , by ' ' -I score Z Th I u I T . ' Q C - T ' ' O . . . - - - : N - dig ' ' , a I lTh grin . I B 9 and we ma , I I The ' , ei - , T . -.A -J.. -dl-nb K ROW ll. fl + Rghl are no ane Naylo Ar asa a FRONT ROW Bo n Pele Ma luch Gregory Pefer Ma l ch Sam INTER CLASS BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS N rhe lnferclass Baslcefball Series played In lhe fall rhe Sopho mores defealed lhe Juniors sn 'rhe fnnal game 'ro malce xl lhree slranghl vucrornes and lo lake Jrhe lnlerclass Championship The members of Jrhe Sophomore 'ream who carruecl lhe brun+ of lhe arlaclc were Caprann Joe Gregory Berr Brown Joe Sanhna Pere and Refer Marlluch ln 'rhe free 'rhrow conresr held durnng rhe baslcerball season James Bell look lhe honors by wunmng a gold baslqerball wrrh Sam McMullen wmmng rhe srlver baskerball for second place num BETT Page 3l Lf' L R In Ffflln l -H7211 STH-fr gf' ' .1 V 'fi ' ' ii' we my f A. r- l q. 4- -, 1' 5 H- f A ' 'V' -" A, i - , Fw f L ---' q -3 -a 1 ' - -ft, 2 ' L I' f' " , 'H 'I c " ' ' A f A ffl S f! -1. I - .V f' -4 ' an V 1 .5 U , 4- ' I Q vi . ,354 ,V 12154 Q , ' ' E-1 n ' O I Y f 4 1 '. 'z , 4. ' ' -5 .. , -x 2,1 BAC e o I I-Lipp III, Li , KL , r, f 2 d . - r w , ri , , ri u r ina. ,' f : ff: W Rx? F NT ROW Mafsu cMuIIe k II g S nbu ne Younq Muelle Lopez ee TRACK OR fhe second consecuhve year Roy Young was lhe only lellerman +o reporl for lrack prachce Olher lrackmen +ha+ reporfed and were consnsfenf scorers were Swnnlourne Claylon Golcoechea McMull:n Pucclnellu Mueller Sommers and Bel lnnger ln lhe Wlnnemucca Dual meer 'fhe Buckaroos defealed Elko by 78 2 3 'ro 43 I 3 IH Wnnnemucca De Arrnela rook sux fnrsl places and lhus was The mann reason why Elko came oul on 'rhe shorl end of fhe score ln fhe B Y U Relay Carnuval held un Provo Ufah Jrhe followlng looys placed PRELIMlNARIES FINALS Mueller lsr IOO yd Dash 5+h ea? Sommers 4'rh l-lall Mule Isl' Race Mueller Isl' 200 yd Dash 6+h l-leaf Young-4+h Half Mule 2nd Race Claylon 5+h Dnscus ln +he Slale Meer held sn Reno Puccunelln hed for fnflh ID 'rhe hugh lump Young 'rook fourfh In 'Phe half mile and Swnnburne placed nn lhe pole vaull Wufh buf Two lrack leffermen Sommers and Goncoechea on lhns season s lrack 'ream prospecls are for a large and unexpernenced lrack squad The follownng sched ule for lhe res? of fhe season unless somelhnng happens l'ha+ wall aller nl us as follows Aprul I8 Duel Mee+ with Wmnemucca al Elko April 25 B Y U Relay Carnival al Provo Ulah May 2 lnferscholashc Meef a+ Elko May 9 Slale Meel al Reno , x 4 , , . V E. 'Y ' ' '-fb Y 1 I ...A f 'J 1' -.,,- - 6 : 1 C v ' D ' ' l , ,' ' 1 1 f f 5 ', .' K - it 1 i Q Y J fa A , ' 'V . - . A , ' ' ' ' , -.x . l T Y' BACK ROW lLe-ff fo Righfl-Coach Keppler, Puccinelli, Belt, Sornmergl Gregory, Claylonl Clark, Kane, RCD - L M n, Min, Bein en wi r , , L , L , -- - , - H - - ' - Page 32 INDIVIDUAL SPORTS WINNERS i Sh- bx .nta:.1:..i.i MORDAN R RAHAS MORSE ZUNINO l SABALA IGH pom+ con+es+an'rs Tor Hue followmg everfrs rn G A A are advanced shuffle board Ellen Raordan beqrnners lrmuffle board Ruby Rahas advanced horseshoes Mary Lowse Zunmo be gmners horseshoes Eumce Morse Ienms Lola Sabala JN Page 33 x Be BETT - BORJAS - BETT MINOR SPORTS sporf for every boy and every boy IU a sporl slressunq acflvxhes +ha+ may carry over sn lnce affer one hnlshes school IS lhe moHo fhal has been lrled ID The afhlehc deparlmenl 'rhns year ln order fhal many boys could compele IN some form of unframural sporl' a Doubles Horseshoe fournamenr and a Smgles Tennis lournamenr was held las? fall Forly lwo boys enlered The Horseshoe fournamenl and fhvrly boys IU The Tennus lournamenl whnch us a qreal deal more 'rhan have enlered lhese lournamenfs In prevnous years James Bell sfole fhe honors In lhese lournamenls by deleahng Donald Drown an 'rhe funals of lhe Tennus lournamenl and Then paured wnlh l-luberl Borlas fo caplure lhe l-lorseshoe lournamenf by deleahng Berf Brown and Joe Sanhna Page 34 X PACK ROW ILeff fo Rghfy Ruih Johnson Typrng Il Mary Anxo Typung I Joseph ne Barforell Bookkeepung II Margarfe Calzacoda Shorfhand Il June Lan Typ ng II Bookkeep ng II Shor+hand I FRONT ROW Ma y Sufherland Typ ng I Arloa Lang Bookkeep ng I Phyllrs OdeII Shorfhand Il Anufa Jau egu Sho Ihand I Bookkeep ng I COMMERCIAL CONTESTANTS I-IE dusfrncf commercaaI confes+ was held ID Wells May 4 I935 The confesf was enlarged 'ro uncIude bofh hrsf and second year Ioookkeepung Fave of our Elko s+uden+s pIaced ID 'rhe dnsfrucf con+es+ Thus enh'rIung Them Io compefe nn Reno May II I935 In Ihe s+a+e con'res'r a+ Reno Elko Took fhe Tollownng pIaces I Typing II June Lanu Iook hrsf pIace IU accuracy and speed In Typung I Mary Surherland 'rook hrs? pIace In accuracy and speed and Mary Anxo 'took second place an accuracy and Ih rd pIace In speed I Shorihand II PhyII1s Odell pIaced +hlrd and an Bookkeeping II June Lan: Iook second pIace Miss Caroline Markey has charge of Ihe com mercual deparfmenf She IS 'ro be hlghIy commended upon +he showuno her sfudenfs have made 5 fy 4 . 4, 4 a -1- A .2 4 I 4 , l ! , An .1-,.. 1 f I A -,--511,14 I 1 S .' :TI , . xj . If J Nfl., -s -1 , I I- , ' g , ' 1 I I, ' 1 1 , , 1, y1 , 1 , . - r , i 3 , I 3 ' , . 1 ' 1 1, 1 , 1 . , ' Z n ' I ' . n Pa e 35 . ,.- v.f,....-. fs- , Q5 , . rf , 25,1 A S ,E . ., y 4 ,F v . ' ' 1: 'L 2 is .1 f xi' M' I 'W' Ten, WARREN PALMER BACHMAN TAYLOR DRAMATICS JONESY RAMATICS had The mosT acTnve and TullesT year perhaps nn The hs Tory oT The school The season opened wnTh The hularuous Three acT comedy Jonesy presenTed by The semor class on OcTober I8 Roles were Taken by KaThryn Bachman Bonnie Palmer June Lan: PeTe Salaba l-lerberT Harrnman Bull Beardsley Duck Warren Ann Taylor Mary Jane EnglerT Donald Drown Sam Mclvlullen and Frank Parker The sTage was one oT The mosT aTTracTuve an several years Thanksguvung Blues an orzgunal Three acT play was wrlTTen and dnrecTed by Mass lVlcAnally Thrs TeaTured The annual Thanksguvlng l:esTaval sponsored by The band on November 22 Our l:oreTaThers Our Par enTs and Us was The Theme oT each acT respechvely The Tollownng sTudenTs Took parT l-lerberT l-larrurnan Bull Yoe George Abegglen Joe Gregory Bob Bruce June Lan: Sara Warner Jane Johnson BeTh Thorpe Lola Sabala Frank Parker Mary Jane EnglerT and Richard Warren The Toy Shop and ACT l oT The Fool by Channing Pollock were presenTed on December I9 The Toy Shop was an ornganal ChrnsTmas playleT consusTnng ch1eTly oT dancnng The new velour curTauns served as an eTTecTnve background Tor The colorTul cosTumes oT The dolls The char acTers were played by The Tollowung ArThur ST Clair l-larley Esmond Frank Adams l-lugh McNeully Wooden Soldiers Helen STevens Pauline E A" HD lHA'XlI-X50 J N x 'W' 'W' wld -,Q K... F Cassellu Marqarel Kelleher, Gralua Ferguson Andrey Gregory DeLo'n1 McCord, Anna Aldaya, Loss Brehe, Marlory l-lealon French Dolls. Ruoy Rahas, Julia Defdxrnnond, Mary Urriola, Lucllle Pror'y, Marjorie Slolcer- Aunl Jarnirna and Sarnbo, by Eleanor Wealhers ano Carolyn Wealhers' Jaclcfin-lhe-boxes: Lucllle Thomoson and Benedicfa Tourreull' Raqanwlllns: Lola Saoala and Belh lhoroe' accompanist June Lani. Acl I ol "The Fool" presenled one ol lhe rnosl oulslanolnq selllngs seen on lhe slage here. The chancel ol lhe Church ol lhe Nallvlly was represenled. Special llghllnq ellecls helqhlened lhe ellechveness ol lhe scene. Parls were porlrayecl by lhe following: Frances Flaroer, Mary Jane Pa d 'Y-Wx: 9545 li!! YJ' r QT f Englerl Rlla Eager VValler arcla June Lanl lalerberl l-larrlrnan John Harmer Blanche lvlaclcley Fred fxoarns Pere Sabala, and Donald Drown The annual one acf olay coniesl held on March 20 was won by The Po' Boller' a comedy l-leroerl l-larrlman Ralrh Drown Georoe Pxbeq glen Donald Drown Blanche Maclcley John l-larmer and Sara Warner nad parls 'lhvs play was aqaln rresenleo al lhe Hunler lhealre Aorll 8 fc, ralse funds lo send lhe band lo Sparks llhe lvlonlcey s Paw," a lraqeoy, wllh Graha Ferguson l-larlev Esmond Jaclc Henderson Pele Sabala, and gf 38 Tl-lr Fffffl 1EPT'il'ifll' P-fwrl' M, fwfr P fe'-I , . nr? "' .-of A as il: -1.3 fxgmvlllfv T210 rv ,, vt-J' I J In it Y, 'arming me B 1501 vc! . B A qfe 2 I 4, Q i ga" , 5 ., . I B is . 1 A tri J A 1 . Q E Q ll-l.: F . BGHQR ,QV U fflewfewfl "" Y lr Hww M, ll. Ar xxffw, RHJ RQSE ANU THE HIUE SEA' lilT TWD PEGHT 9, Cla' G'ls.ww1 Erwrf-df-' AUT- :Tw Tl-ll MONKFYS PAW Pre Aoarns and Blu ea and Red Rose a fenlesy wllh Ar hdr + Clear Ellzabe+h Belcheloer John Arrascaoa and J nn Grlswold cornpleleo The program These plays wllh The excephon of Thanlcsquvwng Blues were under The dwrechon ol: Theo Lalbly The Pool C Spealclnq II class was reseonsrole Tor nnmceurs onsl when and sel uoperhes and Crews Tor all oroduchons The Publ C Spealcrnq l classes under The supervwsuon of Mlss Mcfxnally and Mr Lalbly presenled an May The Man In The Bowler l-lal Romance ls a Raclcel The Son of lhe l-louse and The Eloxernenf ol Ellen Page 39 ' , Q' HAH, 9 ' 4. I 4 s V L -I U .. ,EW k . 4' Q x , ,FFT TC RTGP-TT -rs""o SQFQ1 H,-Mm--'ff' '- ' d l , H e S , , A il S. . ., T , , I . 1 . , . V I ' 5 ' rl , , Q . r ' s. 1 , ' . T l ' . E . 4 .. . - . .. . ,. .. .. H .. T H .. MUSIC JJ' n rs moo AND ann BAND H Th rd annual Thanks :yung an Feshval under le connoelen readershrp rancons H Uz frusr dre for and Mus Berrf Mcfxnally was held on Fruday Novem e e oro arf- wu ec uccess m a cra w a from an nlerlalnmenr slandoornl Durmq me year The b nd play d on numerous occasuons nncludrng lhe Sensor Play several cwskelball games Armrslrc Day and olher pafrrolrc occasuons On April 24 25 26 befween fhr e and four hundred sfudenls epresenhnq lhe besl musical nf of e e mel ln pars or The fhur slale musical fesfrval under lhe supervrslon o Kennefh Ball music drreclor of he Sparks Hugh School wrlh lhe Elko orqanrzalron as one o lhe mann parhcrpanfs Our band 5 Lnd r The orrecfson of Mr Francols Uzes The rrsf slate wrde meelrnq was hal In Reno n I934 under fhe drrechon of Rollo Johnson o lhe Reno Hugh School and rhe second ehng I935 s h ld n Elko wrh Don Jessop as chairman and organizer Tne personnel of Th band as composed of The following CLARINETS HORNS Armslronq Lan: Paul Efchebehere Puccunellr Pufsell G"eq0"Y P B WV' Hood Weslfall Yoe Mc ueen Swear? OBOE Prunfy Knopf Warren Garcra R Drown CQRNETS PICCOLO Abeqnlen Bruce COOWDS Parker Kelley Blegler Porler Wrllrams Glaser FLUTE D Keyser BASQOON Pursell DRUMS BARITONES Enqlerl' Thorpe Saba a Wilson Slelan D Drown Clary Adams XYLOPHONE BASSES Della Wood DRUM MAJORS ad Lo n s B lh Thor e Verna rr S+ Clan Keys r Delaxrmond ala e Mrfchel SAXAPHONES Saro Gale Harp aqer P Bown McMullen Polfer Harrrman TROMBON ES HIGH SCHOOL BAND 'Uh- .f- sq if ffffffia NDING ll.cl ar oe 3 Keys S539 TED R Do r yes 'w r' s l ORCHESTRA LKO as quule and luslly proud of :ls orcheslra of 'rwelve members which was orgamzecl lasl Seplember under lhe dnrechon of Francons H Uzes The orgamzahon mel clanly on class schedule hme as a full cred1+ sublecf The Hugh School orcheslra has enlerlauned a+ several hlgh school assemblies school plays al several cnvnc clubs sn 'rhe culy and al +he l-lunfer Thealer where I+ mel wnfh oulslandmg success Mr Uzes was former assnslanl muslcal dlreclor al' lhe Redlands Um verslly having prevnously receuved lraemng al 'rhe Conservafoure De Fon 'ramebleau an France .1 ,I jf. . ,VM 4 ,. Page 4l AWARDS AND HONORS ROTARY PLAOUE HONORS: Edward Garcia. TWENTIETI-I CENTURY PLAOUE I-IONORS: June Gale, BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL WOMEN'S CLUB: Commercial Worlr-Lorelia Marlin, and Mary Anxo. If-IOMEMAKERS CLUB: Manual Aris Deparlrnenl-Firsl, Joe Urriolat Second, John Losfra and Jarnes Belly Third. Charles Wiggins: Fourlh, Wilberf Grover and Joe Sanfina. rwmrieii-i CENTURY CLUB: Home Arls Deparlrneni-Eirsi, Lois Brehe, Barbara Callrey, Arloa Land, and Anila Juarislii Second, Hazel Brehe and June Gale. P. E. O.: Commercial Deparlmenl: Typing I,4Mary Cornish: Typing Il.-Lela Prur1fy3ShorIhar1d I. -Edward Garcia: Shrolhand ll.-June Ander- son. MUSIC DEPARTMENT: Welling Gilberr Memorial Award-Loren Pursell. Glee Club - Dorolhy Bollon. Music Apprecialion - Mary Jane Englerf. Band - Gold Medals: Loren Pursell, Phyllis Blairg Silver Medals: June Lani, Frank Parlrerg Bronze Medals: Oliver Westfall, Eugene Kelley. GOLD "E's": Anila Jauregui, Russell Claylon, June Gale, June Anderson, Doro+hy Bolion, Josephine Barforelli, Margarile Calzacorfa, Edward Garcia Harvey Johnson, Loren Pursell. SILVER "E's": June Lani, Bill Roller, Grafia Ferguson, Dick Warren. BRONZE "E's": Dorofhy Bolfon, Bill Yoe, Lois Brehe, Waller Garcia, Ardifh Armstrong, Jaclc Keyser. NATIONAL FORSENIC LEAGUE: Ross Konold, Harold Biegler. NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCI-IOLASTIC SOCIETY OF SECONDARY EDUCATION: Russell Claylon, Harold Biegler. G. A. A, AWARDS: Swealers-Isobel Bell, Alcilro Maisui, Lolila Calzacorfa, Violei Zunino, Marguerile Nichol, June Gale, Marqariie Calzacoria. STUDENT BODY AWARDS: Yell Leaders' Emblems-Pauline Liparelli and Roy Young. Presideni Gavel Charm-Ralph Michelson. QART EXHIBIT An arf exhibif, sponsored by The Tweniieih Cenlury and Hornernalrers' Clubs, was held on Oclober 24, 25, 26. The purpose of Ihis exhibif was Io raise funds Io purchase picfures for The high school. Living pictures of famous maslerpieces posed by sfudenls appropiafely coslurned added much Io Ihe program. SII6. 75 was realized. The scrool board very generously added a like arnounl. Nineieen beauiilul piclures were purchased. Mosl of Ihese have weslern Ihernes. FEATURES CPGEMS Nevada Slafe Poelry Conlesf, sponsored by rhe Chi Della Phi sororily. .1 A MUDDY STREAM Fursf Place nn Poefry Conlesl This slream ns darlc Wurh brown loam From +he farmers fields Thus sfream ns lllce A boy on hrs lourney home From a long 'lramp nn 'rhe l-hs gun dragg ng Has sfomach empfy And yef foo lazy woods GGING HOME lm gonng back lo Nevada boys For l don l lhunlc much of 'rhe Easl' I don Jr gave a fool for curses boys And lm hred of The crowded s+ree+s I love rhe sage and +he hulls boys And l love lo rude Jrhe range For fha? IS where my home was boys Now l lcnow I+ was wrong +o change And when l gel back +0 Nevada boys To fhe wade and open wes'r lll be confenled again boys To make 5,5 feef go fage, ln lhe slale lve found To be besl Doran Combs Sam McMullen ni gg' '23, sal Page 44 rd rv'v"""',' Q!-'Rf l.I FACULTY BABY PICTURES Page 45 x -1464 hip I' Ur-nm Ai PJ'-M 1... ....4-"4 V -is Ns wb A v w., P -My 'J ,wa u-mg.-fifgg :4Q:,p"Q?Yf: ..n4,,3 ' 4 4 'rj' Q' L - ' I r' 6' . m V Q v 1 , - . 3 '- I ' -b vi' .1 Q .viii ' A A" 1 . W h a A - " 5. . ' v- .- A .. .5- . V, JXJ- -I, ,.. 4' , - 1' 'fi 255- ,"- " f N V1r.J,.--f xr., , , ' af . ,' ' . - ' , , W- Y -' ' 11' . 1 -A 'L ,K 7 Q N' r Q A ' , K pb- 1 "QE . 5- fl: 5 ' I X s V , .V if ' 3 4 .Q - L.V,Q,. H L I , V I ' " " Qi- w. A 5 -I .H , I, X , ". ' ' .,. ' ' - , , A' 'X . M ' ,. 1 1, we Y . , . N K-7 1 5 Q . , 3 ,4... ,ii 1 . 15,1 ,. - V A., V 'la 4 . A , , ' Y, 11.2. Lf H, A. 4- 4 I V 0 . I 1 1' 3 ' 'f 5-ff "'- I ' , 1 . Q- v I I" . Q L 3' . I iss X, R. V ., h ,, 'A v p - . V - 7 1- is - - . ' NL" 'fi : 1 nf . ' ' 353- 1 1 Y 1 . I ' A Q, 7 'Q' 'U -9 -' 5:7 , . K -- 1 ., , 1 A 4 X L ' I . ..-Ar-.,f.., N Q- U I x V ,ix l ' gt' vi ' K . ' A' Q ala. A I A f ' .. f... 1 4. 4 f f b YL-Cf YGQS CJ 'TEQE f' GSS' 'Tf GSS 3 1 r- x .N 5ix'i v A' af 0 P Edcmv Lowe cMu1Qn I awx O rss H Cmc: 6 1 1 r' I J w "U P WAV 'W P' f A ur Trefis J Nfafrf 'W WC uf 'W r f H vr f uso fs V C nude A Wsfvonw dnf YV? Oorvx WS I esdn m RQ :rw M. b J a ov L Hfmo 'mc M on' .-1 Q Ed fb Abd fi 'S J vaude Avrvsvron vu fML, r 1 fx V' fx NC fx' fa Wwe Wasfwn 'f MIK 5 , A, . 1 wma. ik x. U U Page 48 3 ,f . V V A 51 A ' . 7' f fwf- r " ! if A 1 Y A x tv. ii-9 fly-I' " R"1"-WCY1' 'vw Mm'-v Cwaw Till--' PHT- Qfrlfszf Jf'ss7f- K' ,sw S'--fu Cfafes C. U 5.-f. ' 'M crm", 1-.f-w "fm "uir'ga'Aff Lwff' ' 1 '-' Ode- " 'UQ ff""YL Uff'-Ps '5 'S R fs af: w'.:r'f-'s. F11 Cwfh P1 1' S" f S eArtcf:'4f'. fvmn .fs..'1- 'ww :'f:'s'.-2 :w:1..fe'n: -:as ff ' 3 , Q? 39, Sq vr4c "--Mir" 'fr "Af, 4155-1-5 '5 E: 'a.-Q 'rw' r--5"-----"f f 455 f' 'E96 3906 WWC afi 192 . L"f"e-'z s:eiff :"QvQ"s "er"f"r1: ru 5'-f. W "N 'Y'-'fri f' ' . , gs. T11 C f T: QD 1.1: Anil! -'X Vx,."f'."S f"5.f?'x'l K' y ::1"' """f""S, C '1"g Yfgf r-' Ig I,- Saffe Barraw arc 's 1 :wwf f .r rar. s"'1, sffw"f- ,-.f'w'. 54" -- P'r'f5fn C' 's 'e-egfwg S' Ne. ': . J--ssfw KP sff'-S'fw-M is f.'fr1 V Lczf'1.,,- Cf1ff"r'f:, 6906-B J P vu JLJY 'cn Rfqkw ' f Eyl Fr nlf -ide G? VVQN1 Ja f. Mi Qu rj MK 'U Tfd C 'mn f -A ' N ' ., Fr , Ro --TI-5330 C' mf P' f ffv' F. E. C' ,: QV : Al! , I 1. E ff O had Nw- ni: t,-vs. Of M dass, Edwavd C '-AHC Ha rc-rcrvv bus! km r He fs 'mf Uffcd Sffwfes A, f oy wi i Q1 ' mg. C' ' - 1 Is wn?r'q hr yr 'Q nI:Tu'fe 'ras 'rms 'A Nw H 'U Trcwef Fr' ':',, Jaffes M, 'Ns 'S YM- Elko CAUVWY t wed Give Oflflff ' 4 fs V'Y'Cf 1' 534515 cys cnc K JFJVT, D' if is irc .dlf ff 'vis Iss: of ' 6 Pigs, Edi' Aho! K?d .fl Es EMEPTI in W ,i "1 , ' fwfr. 1916 ROW Heil lo Rglill eiia Oqilvie H vev ewe Esflwe No le ar Conrad Dan Filippini MDDLE ROW Howard Brenren Ceraldine Clavfon Eames? Clawson Barbara Jane Hiqqinboflwam Alfa Mae Bv ne BOTTOM ROW Hazel Francis Gladys Hicks Cveraldme Helfrich Harold Fe riald Marion Hen y MQNeer'fiee TEADlLY increasing Hue Class of 16 had fiffeen mem bers Jonas Harvey Sewell is now manager of 'rlwe in San Francisco Ernesi Clawson has a responsible pos: hon in Reno Nevada Geraldine l-leliricli Davis is living in Wells Nevada Alla Bryne Fernald resides on lime Fernald ranclw easi of Ellco Hazil Francis Parker Esilier Noble Slcelion and l-larolcl Fernald all live in Elko G l .I 0 'a TOP 1 fi 'i j 3 5. s ll f is r E i "Sewell's Uniled Groceries." Leila Ogilvie l-lauclc is living l 1926 TOP ROW lLeff fo Rrghfl 'oulse Sho? Alfred Kunne Waller Johnson Georgna Franlzen Guy Harbnn Jula Modarell Horace Wrlghl SECOND ROW BII Srapp Evelyn Sava Oma Harney Karl Volghf VuolelPl'1ullrpS Orfo Rulledge Bessie Parker THIRD ROW Gerald Kennedy Vnlafe Hulchnnson Raymond Hams Blodwyn Grffufh Dan Olnn Theresa Modarelh Eva Sue Hobbs FOURTH ROW Elhel Hlnes Alger Jacolos Elzaberh Bell Chares Paul Harry Lnpparellr Gerald Scolr Leslue W od E THE Class of 26 Blodwyn Grnflmrh Bellnnger has wandered far from home and IS now IH Chuna Ray mond Harris as working In a bank In Los Angeles Calnfornla Guy Harbln and Oma Harney are In Wells Nevada B ll Slapp IS In Wnnnemucca Waller Johnson as pruncnpal of Eureka Hugh School Dan Olsn as Elko Counry s newly aopounled Game Warden Harry Lupparelln as chamrrnan of lhe Elko Counly Hugh School Board of Educalncn Bessie Parker Slorrs Lealue Wood Horace Wrrghl Gerald Scolr Gerald Kennedy Charles Paul and Vnolel Phulllps Slemnger all llve In Elko Page 50 SENIOR VIEWPOINTS I-IEN I enfered Elko I-Iugh School as a frosh I fhoughf fhaf fhe road fo graduafuon was a long and rough one Buf now fhaf graduafuon us near I feel fhaf I have accomplushed my fursf udeal un Iufe by whaf seems now luke a shorf and smoofh road I am proud of my hugh school educafuon here af Elko I'-Iugh In my esfumafuon I couud nof have found a hugh school where I could have receuved a more fhorough fraunung Affer fwelve years of schoolung I realuze fhaf fhus graduafuon us buf fhe fursf hurdle and I musf go on uf I expect fo be successful un Iufe Sam lvlclvlullen ANNOT our school Iufe be compared wufh a book7 The fursf few pages sfumulafe our unferesf and enfhusuasm As fhe pages furn we learn fo know fhe characfers personally fheur problems and froubles are ours We sorrow for fhe characfers fhaf drop ouf buf we musf go on wufhouf fhenn We fhunk nof of fhe end buf enloy each evenf as uf unfolds Then wufh a sfarf we fund fhe pages growung scarce fhe end us near and we dread fo bud farewell fo fhose we have learned fo love As we funush fhe Iasf page we do nof close fhe book wufh a bang buf rafher lean back un our chaurs fo recall pages of rapfurous 'oy love or fraguc sorrow Is fhaf nof fhe way we Senuors feel7 We have come fo fhe end of fhus volume of our Iuves and fund uf one fo be laughed over crued over and fo be sure never forgoffen Lous Brehe OLLY I don f fhunk fhaf III know whaf fo do nexf year when I wonf have fo clumb up fhe old hull before 8 30 If lusf doesnf seem possuble You know we ve been goung fo school now for I3 years counfung kundergarfen and fhafs way back un fhe dear dead days And whafll we do when we wanf a good old free for all wufh no Prof Mulls roll call room fo have uf un7 Boy ufs beyond me Of course graduafung has ufs good pounfs foo No homework sfudues no gyms fo decorafe for Senuor Balls or any of fhe ofher forfures fhaf make a senuor s Iufe muserable Then foo well be able fo gef ouf and earn some dough fo help pay back fhe debf we owe our parenfs who have been feedung clofh ung and beddung us down Ive always fhoughf of whaf a grand feelung uf would be fo be suffung on fhe sfage and receuve fhaf old pugskun buf Im begunnung fo fhunk maybe I won f be so happy fo leave good old E C I-I Bull Yoe I-IAT are my feelungs abouf graduafuon'7 Fursf of all a feeuung of accomp Iushmenf You canf go fhrough fwelve years of school wufhouf feelung you have accomplushed somefhung Many fhunk fhey are glad fo leave school and wush fhey had been ouf long ago Ofhers are sorry and would luke fheur school Iufe fo go on for a whule longer Buf have you ever when you were small wushed Chrusfmas would come a monfh ahead of fume forgeffung fhaf half fhe fhrull of Chrusfmas was fhe expecfafuon7 On fhe ofher hand you wouldnf have Iuked uf uf Chrusfmas had never come If s fhe same wufh graduafuon I wouldnf have mussed fhe fun and experuence of fhe lasf four years of hugh school for anyfhung On fhe ofher hand I don f fhunk I could enuoy anofher year up fo fhe full In ofher words I wull be glad fo graduafe Jack Keyser Page 5I II I - I Z. fl ' i 4 P1 fa x 'LJ I gl 41: 'Wm bw 531 P-ww 52 :QQ .Q vs Q A' :. .A . r . V, 1 u r L . A v X 6,1 Y J , , ' I . ' H .lf-I - QBAVA Q 4 , 1 - I. V' ii- - M flu' ' ' 9 ' . fy 'll-it 5 A . Q '53'?' 1 , Q 5. ffl J., I ' . V 5 '3 1 1 " . V . ,f-AT. 2 0,1 p U -5 ' - .- - V I Q ,a ' f Q --, ' w 5 9 I V 'Q V. N' X A, A 1' I 'i"'1xx I A! ' ' 1, V . ' -- P. 1 4 3.7! FL 2 .. 4 1 f ' M "' aw F' if - -:+C-' ' wr X .. ff, X , if f 4, . .. Q ,' E? ! -- Q gf' ' -fri X X Q . Q-jf' L.. CALENDAR 5 CV' TT THE SVIAII SORHS TOOK THE EVEN SNALIER PROSI- OVIP IN A BIC- WAY rsr xc THI OLDER MEMBERS OE TIIE EACUITY PUT HVE NEW MLMBERS THROUGH AN UNDIL-,INIEIHJ INITIATION AT TH USUAL FACULTY RICNIC ss r S an M 'H v rr 'I DG f ar n c r L ar s A V a Cy we ra sfe sofre onsIoII rmo y by ra wr Thrry YO T ua Gnea As rrby I. S vs vomm Q Ir 9 y dxrr OCTOBER Q' Q IV GCE r'r.1sfIfs by In fa rw y nee new m m rs fere cererromousIy :uae e DeLaurc Ia V :Img Earn Qnvcn a fesfe 0 Vvm dviwa S udcm 5 er eye a vaca Ion ou TM ra ers Inshfufe SENIORS PRESENTED PLAY FOR RUBLC ATTENDANCE 25 26 STUDENTS WERE BUSY SELLING- TICKETS EOR THE ART EXHIBIT SPONSORED BY THE HOMEMAKERS CIUB AND THE TWENTIETH CENTURY CLUB P sIuofnI 0 IW so 9 moo a a 5 mv Gene aI Ass mEIy NOVEMBER I TUVPOLTS iv 'B Unny F1 BF CUE IO 5T'IJS scI'IooI Ifds THE HIGI-1 SCHOOL STUDENTS DISPLAYED THEIR IN ABILITY TO MARCH WHILE THE BAND DID ITS BEST TO PLAY ON THE SAME PIECE The CIwevroIcI deaI rs preserd G sorfe I'vqI'w Tess saTesmansTwIp bvfrre a 6encraI Assembly A A co ec ed I cons rom Qofrn Ton e Emsw y Imfmfmg Mem and serwrq popswc es e1Bruoosr-Too s suaT Qvn cake ard chnckens r --r Y,-f S Pwr H fb' TRW Page 53 CALENDAR . ' If I , 'XPS . 'HP' .,-Q, I9 law DECEMBER: 2-Capmin Kcppler qave an inTeresTinq speech abouT hls Travels. even rnalcnq The qirls wish ThaT They could loin The Nay . 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HDS f,1mI5I C x4.1rs. f lgxrctlcs, AI'IIIn.1cLII T E J IINXNIXXIIX I k 5 J , I .3 ,. , , I V Av I ,E +- -II-- --II-IiI--II-IiI-III--II-I-III..I+ 5' " " I 'I 11" ' If ' ,III- Hak2DnqgC0 Prescrlphon Spocnalasls PHONE 303 ELKO NEV PHELPS TEXACO SERVICE 8II1 and Idal1o Slreefs A Model SI I I M d p Phone I78 Elko Nevada EDWARD F DLINBAR HENDERSON BANK BLDG 4 ELKO NEVADA BUTIER MORTICIANS ELKO NEVADA ELKO NEWS STAND X Elko Steam Launclr fr Dry Cleanlng Company GUARANTEED FIRST CLASS WORK We Call and Deliver ELKO NEVADA PHONE 354 Page bl I I eff I 'Arr f: I I A V: I I a Ion wilw o ern Equi menf. ' U ' A New Meaning ln Lubricafion Service. JI". V. 2 I ' V: , ,. ' ' " I :I - .mr -V ,IV 'I fjv 1' ' I ' ' V-V I V 11 ': V f , V' v'- inTIX-TVMTIMW-1miwimiwlmivl T-YTIWTIW-7' -T Q, I , ovvwvfw f' I z H. 5,,,, Q : f1vI'.' F' 4 ':". " ': .:, '-," . H 'I l Room IO v, Q, I"' "' I '1v"v ' -'-- vf . 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I IIIIIIIIIII' L'IIIIIIIxII-IIIIQ IIIII I I I ' I N, I T I Iiup.III' XXIII'Ix , . I I . 1 I 2 f I I 2 2 I I I I I NI. XI II I E I I I - I T ,- I- I- I- I.- II- I... I- ..III- IIII ,,.II-,I,l, +I----- IIII - II-I.-I..-.II.-I.-I.- II- I- 1 I--.-I+ DQ YCDL I2 BANKING BUQINESS NVITI-I TIIQ F11 S11 Ni-IUOHHI 51331114 Elks Nevada cj mg wcccu I HI rds vom aodeci corwemefwc rw your II'wamCuaI I ansachons Overland Hotel RENO NEVADA CIean Comlo fable Roo Reaso able Raies xxx P Ra o Manage Wells Power Company CHX I x I I I 0 . . ,, I K of 9 0 !XQrweKIjcurvQIQ'I, II 'el I' . -..- ..I... -.-. .g.I-..- ,.., .,., - ,,,. - + I I I I I I I I C I I I I I I I I ' I I 5 I I -XI I I ESQ?" I I . I I , r ms rw I I I I I I I I I"-QI I I I I f L37 'f A 5-3 J. . ws n, r Under New Owr1e'sI1'p I ZEQII-I I I I I 1 -. L- 111l1i11iT - --QTL. tTTT ini., + qc 64 ELKO MOTOR SUPPLY CO Paris House of Nevada ELKO NEVADA Il KN I PIONEER BEAUTY SI-IOP U N ELKO REPAIRINO 81 MUSIC COMPANY A+ a+er Keni Radios an Domeshc Eleclrrc RSTTIQSFBIIOO ELKO NEVADA COM MERCIAI. TAXI N I K RINQ Harry M Gallagher D D S Henderson Bank Bldg PHONE 69 ELKO NEVADA WARNER STATIONERY Office and School Supplnes MAGAZ NES CANDY ELKO NEVADA A LEVY 81 J ZENTNER CO Wholesale PRODUCE AND FRUIT BIaI'z Beer Phone I94 Elko Nevada V1 Page 65 + 1,,l,,1,,..,, ,U ,Mi ..,, -,,1,.,1..,.-,.,i,+ +I,---I-y.-.I -.I .-M.-,,,,,,,1,,,i,,1,, ,-, ,Nw-U iv ' I I I I I I A I I I I I I I I I I I , X - ,,,. - ,.,. -,.,-,n-...-,- II.. - .,.. -.I-.,.- II.. ---.I--I+ 4..-,.-.,.-,,n..,..-..,.. ,,,, -,.-,,-,,-,,,,-,,,-,,.-,,,,,-H+ 'I WI -I rfv r' ' ,fr I: Vin, ,f I , ' . , , 4 M , ,V XI.XI sc .- ox MI IIfIrf1-- ww: I H -u 3 1' 5 ' rv-'w": "fr :II I MY I'f"" IMI . : 1 3, Xmx lim Xlnglxllxux I :I i 1 D 1 I'II NI Vi' IIIiU.,'IV 5 I I""I1.Z '5 19 .1 - -I,- - II-- - III- - -1,- - III- - -I,- III- - ,-,. -I.- I, vs, Q2 A- we 'f 1, , I-. : . I T-HT-'Twin ln ln Tlx Tmi.!TM!T'!T, TNTL4' I IT ' ' ' " ' " , " " 5' " - " If J. ' ., v I I , ,J , g IAM, If N, I ' ..,, j ,O t 7:51. ,, , E K ,-.IU :. W- U . l-,f.I,lL,,,: Inf,-fe., 5 ,A-. ,,. , I ' 1 U 1 I... ,.., - I... ... ,.., .. II.. .... II.. - ...I .-...-. -H,-..,.-...f. VVII:'f1XA'!.I T'm,1:' pg, e fail IQrIf'g", Iffml II.: VW- ' ' ' L.-.fa . ..,, -.,-..,- ..,. -.I-.I-.I-.,-.,-I+ V- V 1 ' Y A' -A . ,,f f,, 7, M1 . ,.,x I Il, L, V, I nm' rxxlm xlmrl sl QYICI 'EI' XII Hx SInnuI.1mIIbyuI SI . Is I"5 WI? " 1' ' V A ' 'I. II. OI1x,r, Pruly g I C, XV' Uv NV :Zi FAMAN: .F Nw 'fri' I'Imx1u -- iummcru.1I III-lvl In YY., ..,... ,,., - .,., - .,., .,., ' U ' 'I'kf-rw: I-I . :QI-' 'rv ' .ref-, -----H---.-.I-i .III -U-H1.-IL.,Ii..,T...T...T--Tug. V I I I'-rf: If "1 ff' fer' .' i r U r I C I."j III,'v1"l .I .I1.'."" "JY 1Qf1"'1 fy i Ip! 'I' 'I I 'fed QW" 17' . 5 IMI. Ufwi: Yr--I 'ra' 2 xr . I i 1 U 1 ,,,, - ,,., - ,,,. - ,,.. .. .,,. - ,,.. I A r r Mfg- "fi ' "ai: - 'Erin Ifw -.ri I .S I-.rv an of -In-...-....-...,-..,,-..-..,I1..-..,1....-.I-...-1..,1..!. ,t E : QQWA .,, A. .I :',A,, ., Di.,-4' I I 1 U 1 - - . A: Ne. " ' if' -J I AVN M: Sn- A I 2 , U , - .,.. -0- .,., ,,.. - ,,,. -. ,,.- I CBQIVIIVIUNISIVI OP IND VIDLIIXL I IBERTI WHICH? K C B TAPSCOTT AHorney a+ Law Farsi Nahonal Bank Bldg ELKO NEV ENNEYKKD McNAMARA 81 ROBBINS WIT owe Q L3 ELKO NEVADA Arnold Morfua ry I ELKO NEVADA Pioneer Servxce Station JI-IELL SERVICE I lfll I9 Hardware and Machmery ELKO NEV + ---- ---- ----1---- ----- I--------I-+ I I , X I , , , . LTJ,.i'3 'dw 55 :info Czr. 1' "H 'ffz' ' :own 'In' To 1" "1 Vt' ' V., si Q ,I I Q Y, vi ,,,:i YI wtw Z, w ' ' f 'N .II - I co ,Jo I f cy -------,--...---f .r,-----.---------- I I . . I - - I I I I " I ' HS' fo rw' I - I I , I I 4. ..I.-,...I..-I.-.,.-I.-....-,.-.,,,,,,,,i,,+ +4-N-.iwt 1--Vt 1M- ' 5 ' ri fn fnzapf I If KI A N Y An EIILO Couwfy InsIIIufIon I I' A I I I I A FII In and Cow' Shoo? I . BU, +'- -w-- - - -- - - --.-I-,.. , I I , ,Ur I IIICHII In:-xxn, I':I11w, f c' I I B I, Q I I I INQIIS B B - Neoffo 5 ' "" ' ' +I- I- I- I- -I-- I- - I- - IIII - -,.,,-,I, fljf in-,--, ----- ----N- I , 1: Y. . . :,l . I ..'....I I s -,-o E cow Mu I . 5 I I ' ' ' 1 1 ' " ' zj, " " 1 I " :,. ' 1, ' : ' 4.-M- 5.-. .,.. .,..,i ..,,,,,, Dr F M Poulsom Physucxan and Surgeon Room 2ll Henderson Bank Bldg Q Nevecm Schnoederphannacy If erm WeIIs IXI veoe Snnhs Cakkwm HOME COOKED FOODS Elko Nevada +-II- -I---'-----'--- 4. IIDIUC Y IKWVOIRTH Il AT YOUR SERVICE WITH A SMILE Jfly S Sum me Phone GRISNNCLD 81 RIHIINEI-IART IURX I EIVIILE METTET!-XL TC II I X DRS I-IOQVW RCDANTREE 8 SECOR X I RUTI-I S BEAUTY SHOP Im INE Pg 67 . . . I XIII XXII IIIII I I sr II' . . 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Our Sjmlalfx PHONI 'IZ IIKO INEV + 3 + Page 68 SQHQQI SUPPLIES OF OUALITY IIILIIIAILIVLLI I Inu ng ITITLI I I mu TL Loumnx us 1 17 L from XX l STI RN Nl XX SIIXPI K UNION DIL XLIIS SLILLLSSILII IHLISIIILSS LXITLIIKHLQ School Papers and Nofe Books Arhsfs Suppl es School Pasfes Rex o Graph DupII cafors and Suppl es WESTERN NEWSPAPER UNION SXITIARI CITX UTAH H L Bartlett LUMBER C0 LUMBER AND ITS PRODUCTS COAL ETC GET OUR PRICES ELKO NEVADA TI- ..,. -II-..- .,,. -I.,-I,-,.,- ,... -.,,-.,-...-..,-I.,-ng. -I-I---I-..I-..- .... - ,... - ,.,, - ,... .......-.,-.-.,-,.,-,..,- : I 2 I I I 5 fy. I. f ' I. I' I I ' .TIS I E I I I I I I I I I . , I Xl. .' ' lv' .III '. II I' .I' I H' ' ' A' ' UA nlls tlmmugl L ll ' ' .Um I . I Q' 2. 13 Q , g .llwgf .1v.iI.II- d' : I 5 4., 4. A A Y. , .A 4. I I I .I Q I ' I I I XII " than NL'VL'l'llI' ' of : ' ' I 2 ' I I I I I I o I I I I I E I . ' ' I and I - I I I I o I I 'I I I I I I I , I . I I I I I I I I I - . 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Q I I Q I ' Q ------- -----H-M-----H---'------- "'- .!..-....-..-...-...-..-...- .-.M.-.,..-......-..-..-..-!- Q Q Q Q - Q Q Q , 1. Y - .,, I Q I Q Q Q Q 5 U 3 C : Q I 93 Q I ,Q . I I , Q I i - Q ' ' ' . - I : Phones: 2 - 3 Ii I , Q12 lm , : ---- --- -- - ----- ---'1' .!..-....- -..- . --..-- ..-..- .-......-r Q Q Q Y I i "Hungry" "Thirsty" I U. Q I Vlccl MI" .lt Ilxc E Q I Q QQICAR ggi jr , Q H. w, Rom BEER STAND Q . 4 -344.21 - I ! , . A . ! I I'Inm.g 302-XY Iilla Si Inlalm I I Q f.',.'5'.fI.- Q Q Q Q ------ ------- - ----- -----+ ,i,,.......-. --...........-...-........-...-...... --..--.-ui. ii 101',1,-1-'1,,1-.1h1--1 ,-, ,U-,T 1.-11.1 .-. .-..-..-..-..-..-.-.-..1 .........1.u!n Q Q Q Q I Q I ,, I I I I Q iulml .md Hui Vhalcr IH l'..lIQl1 Runm i E i Q .'i' ' - ,ill'lL.l" F2 Q Q Q 1' J 2 I I 2 Q ' f . Q Nlrx. A. 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BRUCE CO w ra IaI or mg Ml wery Ladies Apparel ELKO NEVADA Warren Motor Co F O R D Sales and Servnce PHONE I65 ELKO NEVADA Pg 70 X A M d a es I 50 Iv ELKO NEJADA NV A STMBON Every+I1mg for 'flue Home ,IOIL DE MAI K WX 1:14-I--1M-.-.I iT1iTT ini-iw-.111iL....,.., I I ,,I.,,,., , ,I.,,, I I .XI4X. Iulx IICD.lIuI I European Plan Hofel WIII1 IIININL on lung ISIJI' I5I'c.1LI I II O em Convemences NIJIII- In Your Iuc.1I I5.lIxCI' I ' I I I R +I 5. I 5300 Ihllullu QU" Illm, Xu .uI.1 I I I I I ---who------WW44--Mo-MA-M---A iw., TIITHTHI? T ,,,, i, T ,,,, ,Q-NT, T ,,,, LT ,,,, i L, i, T,.,i,,,T,.- i, in .1 imi, I , I I ' I I . . I' . . H ' I I IQMKKIXIXIIIH XII SIIQIII I IIIUI, NI-x.uI.1 I I - I- -II,- .-I.- ... I.I. -I.-,,,- -,,I-I,,-.,.-,,g,, ,g,I-I.- I.. I- ..-II- .,- I- I- ,- I- ,- I- - ,,,, -I WINI Vwxx -4- WWN, IIVN - 'IXN - I1!! ,,., I Y- I I "II fum Iunv IDHIIJI Il.:I Ilffu NI VIQIVIVII 4 9x I I 1 A I J Q , . 5 5 ' ,, . . 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Xlx ILISRK ATION IPIENNNOIC IK S Il J Van Leer ff Harriman Inc CHEVROLET AND OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service PHONE 92 ELKO NEV DUPONT PHARMACY e Rea Soe Ixkill XIxS COMPLETE DRUC STORE SERVICE Lunches :LK ,D NEVAD 'X ELKO AUTO METAL SHOP I I J Fair Way Hardware uall+y Service and Prlce PHONE 328 ELKO NEVADA Bes+ In Servnce and Equupmeni Dawes Barber SI1Op ELKO NEVADA WnnrermanteI S CJFILILIIIIOH C lfts N1 III! Up KIX X XXII IIXXIII ION XX 'LTC RO N XIX uaIu+y Meafs and Grocerues P andJ CROCERY ELKO NEVADA Page -----I -I-I - -I - -"-"'-"1 -I-If +- ---- II- -I-I-I -I -I -I-I -+ I I , TI1 'I x II" I r . . I I ' I , , 7 Ssjn Eounhzin - I I I f f Q. I I X I I +I-,I-.I -I -I -I-I-I -I-.I-,I-. -I -I - I I I I. I. Il.1xxL. I':III'. H- II.. I- I- ' + IIICIIRI4 .NNI .XCIAIYIIXI XXII XIII I Ii.1LI1.x1-ur. IL-ULIL-l'. II-,LII RL-p.xir1ng I I I III IJU IIIIIHI II .I.flfl-L IMI 14 fu II I .i..-I.- II.I -.I.-..-I... I-- IIII - .-I-I.-.I-I.,.- II.1IL IMXIIIIIIIX. .XIQL .III .. ..,, - ...I ..., - .,., I . . I I , I-IRI C IIII1I' HKS I I I . ,I ' I Q ' . ' I I I E 1 - ' 1-LILLN--.I I - I I -.I-...-.....I..-.......-..!. ,!u-m-W- Iilx -W-W-pl-M--H--I-m-W-m-H- I I , ,X 9 . . . . J ' 2 I I I I'L'nciIx .md Ijurfumc I Ir.1sL-rx .md IIL- lirnw I'L'nLiIx I Num' II...-In .HMI Nurinm I I ' Nail I'uIisI1 'u In-rylluing I UI1 YQJIIP Orange Rouge I -iv--M-I---f------'-'--H--'----I-- '--f -H--M--+--u-- i.mLIy .md C,IwrL- C11rIs Ii1lLI1L'x1 L'tL'x1xlIx .UNI Kind NYBIILN +14---------I--I---H1-------'1---1-I----------- an wx SL XII'I'lX1I Q 9 -..-..-. -,I.-I.-,I.-...,-I.-...-..-...-,..-..-..I I - I +I I I nu .- 3 .I " Q 'Hrs ' . I I ' g ' II' ,.'I'.I5.-X I I I YD +.-..-. ....-..-..-......-......-...-.,............ 17 5 I .,.-..-..-.,,-..-..-..-..-.I-..-..-...-.I-I.- I I . I I Q I I ICD I I Qu I I - . I I I ! ! I 4. ....-..-..-.,....-.+ +.-,,.-...-..-...........-..-..-..-..-......-..- -1- I I9 IQ, Elko L amoille ower ompan MAKE YOURS AN ELECTRICAL I-IOME CompIeIe EIecI'ruc Servlce Eshmafes Eurmslned WIIIIOUI Oblnqafuon General Eleclruc Refrlgerafors Hoi' Poml Ranges General Eleclrsc Mazda Lamps BETTER LIGHT BETTER SIGI-IT We WIII Be PIeased To Serve You Y 33 73 I -I.-..- .-......-,. -....,I-I..-,.-,-..-,..- -..-,.-. -..-..-,.-..-. -.. 4, ARMANKO OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY ll O S 1 11 r 115 CJOITTI IN S 1 I urmturr. DIL I11 0L,r1pI1s md SuIpI s C Smith 8. C oronl Tqus rut LW lun lL70I'lKOI'W I LILIIIJIU nt A C1 Sp1Id1m, Athlern I Iuxpm nt S 'N XIRCINIA STR R nc 4.1 u 1 ITS NOT A HOME UNTIL ITS "' D Elko Counfy Telephone and Telegraph Company Elko Nevada LKO ATI-ILETIC TEAMS AND THEIR EOLLOWERS Always Sfop af fhe Il-IIUMIIBUILIT Hotel and L anfe Wmnemucca Nevada People 5 Market 'XII ATS AND GROC I RIPH ILKO N131 aux SHELL SERVICE STATION SHELL PRODUCTS 5+h and Idaho Sis Elko Nevada P9 -5. -, ,,,. .III - IIII -.,-. -. .., - I I I I P I I I "SrfmuI I 1 J -ITI41' .'11f1j1I1'.x" I I I IxyIusiu' Kvprcw111.1 - 'I r I I 5 I TX A1 c ic.m Sc.1li1 If ' 1.1 1' .'cI mmol I I I I 1X.B. "Ii Nil cjg '.r Q1 ic' ? I , , . , . I ' a I.. ' , 4 '1" crs I ,' ' ' ' : i x I f If '4 cc 1.x 4 I' I h C I 'iI'Q I: I I , , , , . . ' I l2..'1A , I'.I'.T I I 1 - , c 1, N' 'Q Ia I I I -. .-. ...... -. -...G+ .'......-. ... -. .... .... . ...... I 1 I ' , . I I I . I I . ' I I 2 I I I I : I CI . I I C01 Is? Il I : ' I ' I ! I ' rgc SlllI1Cl"I.ll1d, Proprxcl : ,. 2 I I 5. I : : Y I - I . , A I 1 I .i..-..-,- -..-n.-......-..-..-..-. -..-..- I I I 5 , I irc PIP". P F I .T ' ' Paul Hankins, Prop. 1 I I I -nm I : 1' I I I I I I I I I i E ' I 1 I -,,.-..-. -..-.,.-.....,..- .-,.-..-..-. -..-..g. +.-I.-.--I..--.-------- - -1--I-----n----- C e O K SERVICE STATION Gas a d OII Ellxo N a a Nevada VUlC3nIZIng Works III X II DRESSMAKING THE umosr IN STYLE MRS FRIEDA WILSON WELLS NEVADA Elko Auto Court ALL MODERN COTTAGES S+eam Heal and P a+e B6+l'I ELKO ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO X DR FOSTER H KING SIEVVIEILIL S muted Stores MEATS AND GROCERIES ELKO NEVADA ge 74 +-II- - - -I -I-.-,.I-..I-I- - -I,-.I,, 4..- ,III -I -II-II-I-I-I-..-II-..-.,-I- .,. I I . . I Y. UI-rlola, Prop. I I I "' I I n . d I I . I GV rIv - - - - - I- --I-III---M - -I-I.-I.,. .gl-I,-I-II-I-I.-I-.I-II- I-I-I- -IM 1' TTLT ' ' ""' 7'1" T' "III-1 Q-'I -I+ :FIT II.- in--III1.IILII1,-I1III..L-IT. TMI.-.I -1, T, , . I I I I I xx. I. III-I.-III. I-I-II,-, l E "'lIII II LSI I .X'IISl'.'Xl II N" II I I li I-LIIQ .NI-Lv. III , XI .III I I - I-I'--I-I-I- - III- - -I-- - ---- -II-III-I-I--I+ +I- III- -I-II- II-I - III- -I-- I-I- -I--II-I-I-II-I--II- -. ..I, ,.II -. I I , ffmI1jIfi1uI'I1l,I nj I I . I I ' ' I CllIII'upI'.1cmI' Ifllio. Ncxnlal ' I I -"- - II- I---..-..-,.-.,,.-,,,.., ,,,,,u,-ni, +,,,,-,,,,,,,,- ,,,, ,..,,-,,- ,.,, .....-,......,,-,,.-I...-.-- O bs ?Y Sh ve ns L en Dry Goods Nohons Mnlllnery Ready Io Wear Ladaes and Masses Lnngerxe Men s and Boys Clofhmg and furnishings Shoes for Ihe whole Family A Safe Place Io Trade and a Sure Place +o Save 4I6 IDAHO STREET Elko Nevada SHELL Petroleum Products Super Shell Gasoline MOTOR OILS FUEL OILS GREASES EIIco Nevada TOMMIE PARKER s IB HMRIBIEIR S HIOIP Specsal Affenhon Gwen Io Everyone ELKO NEVADA GARCIA SI-IOE REPAIR SI-IOP U7 J ll XI I XX ORK C L XRANTI I IJ 'N xxln Pge -""'----"'- "" "'---'-'I' .4 H. if 3 Q , . I 'mf I , , - - - - - I I ,nw I I I - I ,V 'J ,V,, I , ' ' L r ' Y - :' " - I , U , ' I I ': 1 I f- I -A: .Mil Z' I zl' ln: I I , Ij , I ,,, , ,v,,,, I U I I I I U r am vwsi . II I-'. ' 'f harry I'f..'d"15IIf'EI 1 rllw 1- II,I TIi,,,,,.T , I I5 " 'I fy- 'I' f"jV'fI S' 'fl' ' I '. I Iwuw wwlg T I-.IT III4 T ,,,, i ,,,, l ,,,, ,,,,,,,,+ LII, I . I ---1...-.I-. -.,L.,1-'i-..- H1-.1-,L-I-..I-...gn nina-u-T-.1i.'L.,1.,1....- .I-..,1.11...- .IL-ML-.1 I I ' I I I I I I I 1 W ' A ' X I ! ! I I NV, I I Imlllfm SfH'1"1lfI i9 I I I " 'sw Q is 4 n u ! ! I ' . , , 2 Izxko, . 1 ,I .I I I I I - III. -I---Y-H--'-- IIII -I...-.....,.-,.-,....,...,.-..5. 4.I-I.-...-..-..-.,.-I.-,,.-,,.-,.I-..-...-..-,.- 8 STAR HOTEL :nl I I llmm -III6 I lm Nu ILII cd ms F CHIC KINI Gsf ou s a n geo O3 S IDOL! Eagle Servuce Statncn Goodrlch Tnres and Ba+IerIes ELKO NEVADA CENTRAL SERVICE STATION Shull Qartnhgd SI sum of ILlbI'lL.1IlOI1 RONXXD TROY LAUNDRY I I AND DRY CLLANINC Laundry Depl' Phone 2I Dry Cleanung Phone 308 ELKO NEVADA Meef Your Frlends aI' 'Ihe l TOWN HOUSE WINES LIOUORS DANCING Ellro Nevada Page 76 The flllasler lfane CSI ASS IEWI I RY ANNOUNC I Nil- WTS DIPI OMAS IDII1gmIluml Inaffd IX TI-IE MASTER ENGRAVERS IORII xxn omcox A W Hesson Co ELKO NEVADA Bes+ Equupped Hardware S+ore In Eas'Iern Nevada I Complefe sfoclr of bullders hard ware, farmmg Implemen+s munmg I supplues, sfoves and ranges, Monarch I elecincal ranges, Es+a+e Heaholas I Seeds and Grain, General EIec+rIc I Refrlgerafors and General Aulo I I + Supply House .!..1..--..-.I.- -ll. -..I1..I.-.....-...I-..-.-.I......-..,.1....-mg, Q' 3 Up l , I I A ff I- :If IJ'3?f'-Iyzv "IJ ""'Iff1 I 'www-l Iwi waII:--.1 7'I'I' III -1.1 II-Iv I l , , . l ,- II.. I. 5 H -K,-YV lm! Sm. Nil- ? R,lII III I lm I . nl l I I Ir..,rl f I ' I W' 'ded vfuple hm MII'-n Inf: Irvvf I I, ,XI'r.Isf.ILl.1, l'r-Ip, Thu' ,A,A, I, WH. I ,Inv In-,VF S, I as I J D"':l'f'5 ' :H-I: I-I "U I, III "v- I- 'I 3 'IR g lQ'C wr -Qs we :wb "r, W' ' 1 3 1 I 17 I 'II ny: I I I I ,V ! "WIII'ui-- 'IIIIIJ WHIIIII is IIIIIIT7 I ' ' A ' ' Yfuv, SIII2 Cie'-TI. ' - 'And HI-fuse 'Iwi nose? rw-f Tim' I + Yours darhrvq nf: as f-:J lv". And Ifqso Iff,-I nan I f askin s I T"T"-"'-"'- "-"-"- - -"-H'-"-"'-""-ug' Yfmuvs, QI f I' ff, df: resl Shu I I ' ' I HLISIC here, youu' I,ll w fallecl In p I ! I r In mr r 'In Il'-3 Irans""" .vh I 'o an Iwrrella, Y" 'wInf2." I . . . I I I I I Q I I I I I I I I , ,, . ,, , i l i i 4 x N 4 A A .i..-..-. -. - ....-..-..-...-..-..-..-. -..-ui. : . l ,.-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-.+ I M 1 ! ! ! , ,I ,I I I I 0 I I I I f A I I i Ifluyd Swett .md cII.ll'Cl1s'C Swcrt F T I 'I , I V , I I I I I-II ' , .Ii 'I I ,I I I ' I I I " .' 2 ' . i L ! .1 , 1 .-..-.. -.. -. -...-..-..-..-..- -. -. -..-. +I-,-3 -H-,,-,,-,,-,,-,,-,,-m- ak'-n--.------1--1--1.-1..1.-1-.11-1--1..1..!, qs'-II1--11-1'-------11: --1 -H- I I I I I I I - : I I ' ' I ' I I - : - I I I I I . ' - I I ' I T I I - I I I ! ' I I Y +......... -.................-...-..-..-....... .... -..-...ja ! 1..- -..-..- .- -.,-,- -..-.- - .- - I I QAUTQGRAPHS QAUTOGRAPHS QAUTQGRAPHS Y o v PINIS Q w ' '?:iS.s'f3-'11-1:21-5'::g'rq:5-5:gzzfg-zqmlg-K-15.:53'Z1:yL3"L1:g,:-,qzfzgif..-'ji1:., :,':L:.,:1+,:Lr5,3:.-5451: -,jL31i1.',-:-..1.- ..,- .I .. ,1, --1 ., .. .. -' ' '- - .T" 1- ""'Tf'7 f- - " ' " 'T"?':!"7-'f1w'r-- PS-A . " - K . . .-. .. eg-E..-- :-4:-: ,.. 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Elko High School - Pohob Yearbook (Elko, NV) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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