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Elkland High School - Loudspeaker Yearbook (Elkland, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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sawn MAZJQWA Q i f I M 'mwyafffl .v 1 'ffl-',?'? .- D ' P ' ' if - . R ' '7 "I1 . - A 'i, Bu, . "IM .' 'ff ' E' . h . ..'- ,gq , 1.-,. ,W fl 12 3, ' ev- . Q' V, ' 'Wh , ,, fl, 1 lj V fx . T' .P ' . A - T, , ". 'f -41, -- aiggfi 1 J,-.. . " MI., - :jf 41 'Te ' wI .gy , iff' ' 1 11, . ,Q Q' ' . rl, , 3' '- '. , . 4 . 3 H I : 1: nv - gi . ,, Aj -j Lf 5.1 72. ' ,-' fm' T21 li, 1' 11. ,,.,, fm 4" 13,. ' ' '51 . U" . .Q -1 ,. ' F. tl 'if -: N!- . "1 f . ' . ' g W N if 'N , V , -:gf , .. - . f r 3 X15 V f Y I Wly fg' P S ggi 5 I A, I if :Q ff I If ,l.. If , N? f H V r L 938 IX f2ijh7?"":5 'zz' Qff Xk Q 'K' 9- iw C X21 x 7 Q P H JI '1 1 I f r' ' , Lx. f ffffffff L' FQSMSW K.-Z x f . 1' f - f H jf, ' " f 5 r J K- f ,fri 1 N' ,J N" ,' Tkff YQ w Qi l lyk 'M U, yfifzfj - ,I f 7Nf! , f V1 .fibff-Q25 L ' Z ff ' 'ff ML' ,7-53T,..,'ijKj 1. H E f- - Y "' Y i 4, 4.L:i,.. Li- .Q .A Li-Fi?-fi Y- -1-f .,. Z 1 'I S K A --,,,- j 4 'QS f 'If' .-'I' pf Wlfsfw--fi f-x.. S ,Q .X fix'-I ff 1 N , Uv W :MLA DJJ I' H017 ' X f l r E K F r i i w V K ww X, W fmmm- K 'Eg EEEE YE' 1 KM 'IWEIIE JE nv 511 1' 3 H i7'TD?7,5fl fix If ,HM MX! n 4 SETTI i E E N- AINC RCES E S r W E E NG X lkl d 'ghs 1 C C 1 1Cs N C NSORS I 7 V ' . MINORC A AC E s Un ACTS Classe E CT1oN n X C1 b X X S Calendar Alumni New s vw W W 1 1 4 BETWEEN ACTS n . Informal sn if , HISTORIC BACKGROUND X! A , K E UBLICITY X X , -d' fW u ' I, V 1 :iz IN xv WN M xv H H1 WW W' V' H W, , . -Hwy.. ---- 1vw-fy-n---- -- '- OU are about to go out into a world full of stress and unrest. Even though the times are trying ones, Ifeel sure that you will all go out and do your best to make the world safe for Democracy QM fqifff! . Q-4 ,Mme- William Whale - Training, Industrial Arts--Penn State. Josephine M. Q wis--Home Economics--Mansfield State Teachers College. Rose Surina-- lunior High Social Studies--Mansfield State Teachers College. Clark H. Wood--Supervising Principal--Mansfield State Teachers College, Bucknell, Columbia. Mary Kyofski--Junior High Math--Mansfield State Teachers College. Harriet Seamans--Freshman English, Social Problems, Latin--Mansfield State Teachers College, Albany State Teachers College. Norma E. Gamble--Commercial--Bloomsburg State Teachers College. ' Clarence M. Heck--Junior High English, Dramatic Coach, Cheerleading Advisor--Lock Haven State Teachers College. Albert C. Martin--Junior High Civics, Geography--Mansfield State Teachers College. Orlando Barocco--Science--Mansfield State Teachers College, Duke University. James Milliron--Gym, Coach, Health--Cortland State Teachers College. Mary Louise Mannino--English, Library, Yearbook--Mansfield State Teachers College, University of Columbia, Northwestern, University of Virginia. ' Richard Kinnan--Agriculture, Freshman Science--Penn State. Waldo Seamans--Music--Mansfield State Teachers College, Ithaca College. Leigh Bower--Math, History--Mansfield State Teachers College, Duke University. i Commercial and Home Ec. Our School Secretary Our Athletic Coach N. Gamble and J. Lewis M, Smith ' J, Mi11i1-on 6 , Lam, L" 1 -, - --r"'wl-I-- 'W ELKLAND Standing Frances Kenyon--Second Grade--Lock Haven State Teachers College Hilda Cleveland--Third Grade--Mansfield State Teachers College Irma Whitehill--First Grade--Mansfield State Teachers College, University of Buffalo Sarah Cardman--Fifth Grade--Mansfield State Teachers College Seated Irene Caffo--Third Grade--Mansfield State Teachers College Leone Swan--Fourth Grade--Mansfield State Teachers College Helen Swan--Second Grade--Mansfield State Teachers College Ila Lugg--Fifth and Sixth'Grade--Mansfield State Teachers College Pearl Wood--Sixth Grade--Albany State Teachers College Not in Picture Nettie Stedge--Fourth Grade--Mansfield State Teachers College Mildred Campbell--First Grade--Mansfield State Teachers College OSCEOLA NELSON Burr Hall Dorothy Gleason Fifth and Sixth Grade First and Second Grade Mansfield State Teachers College Mansfield State Teachers College A-ml Gailel' Stanley Weaver First and Second Grade Fifth and Sixth Grade Mansfleld State Teachers College Mansfield State Teachers College Hildreth Murray Kath In 1 Third and Fourth Grade , I Um gersv ' Mansfield State Teachers College Thlrd and Fourth Grade - Mansfield State Teachers College 7 , I' H ., - , ,1"'LT-A, fJ,...i....i.Lt.n4an.nndi.a.Jlm:e. A ,-- - A -A--,Mn.L.1...-. 4 fl' W.. f.: ,., W, s,,,, Standing: Dagmar Holmes, Marilyn Cool, Patsy Carter, Mahlon Davenport, Esther Davenport, Ray Dornsife Ugo Barbano Patsy Cevetre Howard Hallock Sitting: Grace Ives, Miss Mannino, Carol Davis, Sylvia Pattisonj Gail Snyder Co-Editors Adve rti sing Editor Business Manager Senior Asst. Junior Asst. Sophomore Athletic Editor Junior As st. Pe r sonality Editor s Art Editor Student Photog raphe r s Marilyn Cool Grace Ives Dagmar Holme s- Gail Snyder Esther Davenport Patsy Cevette Carol Davis Raymond Dornsife Patsy Cevette Sylvia Pattison Patricia Carter Howard Halloc k U go Barbano Mahlon Davenport Staff Advisor Miss Mary Louise Mannino Photography Dykins Studio s MX, f ma i Q 2 g 2 N n 9 I ' j I X ' 1 I ' X f x l N w K 'XQ IJINMHNUHH WK Ki ll' ,K ffjd ff! HIIIIB farm N 3 I H 5 1 X I X X E x Xx W l AX J R be V UGO L. BARBANO lloogiell "What I will, I will, and there an end" - Shakespeare President 3,4g Treasurer 23 Band 3,4g Chorus 2,3,45Cheer- leader 3,4g County Chorus 23 Junior Playg Ugo has been our president for the last two years. JAMES R. 'WATKINS llBennyn Q "On with the dance, let your joy be unconfined" - Byron Vice President 43 Band 1,Z,3, 43 Orchestra Z,3,4g Chorus 3a 4: F.F.A. Z,3,4: F.F.A. Re- porter 4g F.F.A. President-33 Baseball l,2,3,4g Basketball 2,3 ,4g "Ben" is the music maker of our class, and also one of our Stal' basketball players. ---Q --L-ur- --air--M-r--f -V ' "Barb" "Neat, not gaudy" -Lamb Secretary 2,3,4g Chorus 2,3,43 Orchestra 3,45 Band 23 County Orchestra 23 . Barbara is our very quiet and effecient secretary. , RAYMOND E. DORNSIFE llRaYll "I do love I know not what. Sometimes this and some- times that" - Herrick Treasurer 4g Chorus l,Z,3,4g County Chorus Z3 Senior Play 3,43 Soccer 2,3,45 Baseball 1, 2,3,45 Track 3,45 Basketball 19213145 Ray is our trusty treasurer and also another one of our basketball stars. -- 'r-fibrin-----A' 1- Y L li 7 ..s...',-e e - - ---r- Y -.- -. -.,., .... .,r"1f.-Y. .f. -Y , --- .r-m-- ---' 'f1"1 ---ff-'-rv-w -ill'-ff 6 , 1 ills!--" 39 if 1 3 FRANKLYN D. ALLEN "Frank" I have a heart with room for every joy" - Baily Senior Play 43 Frank has a good start as a taxi driver. During the Senior Play he used many gallons of gas to take cast members home after rehearsal. He is so good natured he will surely be successful in future jobs. I BARBARA JANE CARDMAN "Barb" "Do you not know I am a wo- man? When I think, I must speak" - Shakespeare Band l,2,3,43 Chorus l,Z,3, 43 Cheerleader 23 Jr. Play 33 Senior Playg That perky majorette you see leading our band is Barb. This talkative girl plans to be a nurse, and she'l1 surely cheer up the patients. B-.. .....,,,......,r.., ,V ..-- .... .,, .,, . A- .,- E GENE F. BUTIQEPG . "But" ' proud and "To get thine en a h- becomes him" fulness asideg o f arsjto ask, doth t to " 75y7d" 2,3,43 Herrick E f rack 3,41 F.F.A. 3,43 .F.A. freas. 3, ,2'3,45 43 F.F.A. Basketba11kVarsity Gordon class romeo. keeps the V 3,43 Basketball Z3 Baseball 1, gossips busy trying to keep up wirhhis ' love interests. . Secretary 33 Vice 43 Glee Club 1,43 Junior Playg Patsy is one of our homemakers. We think her mind drifts towards Knox- ville once in awhile. ll -know- , -----1' 2,3,43 Track 33 Soccer 43 ' Gene, another one of our Future Farmers. DE FORREST ll "The first farmer , first man, and all - bility rests on possession ' and use of 1and" - Emerson Baseball 2,3,4j Basketball Z3 Soccer 4g Track 33 F.F.A. Basketball 3 4' F.F.A. Pres ident 4 Deforrest surely makes the FFA a fine president IK be 2 MARILYN JANE COOL "Mickey" "And like another Helen, fired another Troy" Dryden . Chorus 1 2. 3 4' Orchestra l 2 3 Senior Play 4 Year book Editor County Or chestra 2 3 District Or chestra 3 Marilyn hasn t been with us long but we became friends with her immedi ately CAROLYN E. CRUTTENDEN "Carol" "O, Iam stabbed with laughter" - Shakespeare F.H.A. 2,3,4S Whenever you hear laughter in the senior room, it's just Carolyn telling another one of her many tales. ESTHER A DAVENPORT 'Nothing is ever achieve without enthusiasm Emerson Senior Play 4 Yearbook Staff Here is one of our top money makers Whenever we had a fund raising proJect Esther was always on top She put alot of spirit and good natured competition into our campaign MAHLON DEAN DAVENPORT uBoneyu "Seraphs share with thee knowledge, but Art, O man is thine alone!" Schiller Chorus 3,43 F.F.A. 35 F.F.A. Secretary 45 Farm Mechan- ics Contest at Penn State 3s A Future Farmer, and also a very promising artist. 12 VERNON R. DARTT "Skindog" "Me thought me heard a 5 voice cry sleep no more"- Shakespeare President l,23 Junior Playg Senior Playg Soccer Z3 Base- ball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,23 A veteran of both plays, Vernon is a potential artist. LEWIS D. ELLIOTT V "Lewie" "When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civi1ization" - Webster F.F.A. 3: F.F.A. Vice-Pres- ident 45 F.F.A. Basketball Varsity 35 Soccer 43 Base- ball 4g Track 33 - -- A-A'-rl-dim:-A---i 'hm' h' Y , -v n- f f- -"' -r'w"'wrv-- 'ww' 1 w 1 EDWARD F. ENDERLE "Eddie" "Sing me the songs I de- lighted to hear" - Bayly Treasurer 1,33 Chorus 3,43 Senior Play 4g Soccer 25 Baseball l,Z,3,4g J.V. Bas- ketball lg - Those sighs you hear are in response to the latest solo of Ed's. WILLIAM L. FLYNN llBi11y.Il "Silence sweeter is than speech" - Mulock Vice-President33Soccer2.,' 33 Baseball, Basketball 1, 2.3: Bill ls one of our quiet studious seniors. A certain freshman girl seems to at- tract him. GARY FISK ul,-iskyu "I am very fond of the com- pany of ladies" - Johnson Band, Chorus 1,Z,3,4g Or- . chestra 1,2,33 District Band 33 County Band 1,25 County Orchestra Z5 F.F.A. 3,43 F.F.A. Bas etball 33 Junior Playg S,oT A Zg Mf, RICHARD J. FOSTER v lIDickll "He that is of a merryheart hath a continual feast" - Proverbs Band, Chorus 1,Z,3,43 Or- chestra lg County Band 23 County Chorus 45 Dick plays the piano for the CV Stump Jumpers and clarinet in the pep band. Although he's shy, he's really a lot of fun. 13N px lid DEAN LEON FLYNN nnizzyn "Logic is logic, That's all I say" - Holmes F.F.A. Secretary 33 F.F.A. Basketball 33 F.F.A. Z,3g Junior Playg Senior Playg Soccer 35 Judging Contest F,'F.A. at Penn State 35 Dean is our serious-minded senior. ' V I 0 I' BETTY J. GOOSHAW IlBetIl "Speech is great, but silence is greater" - Carlyle Betty came to us in our jrmlor year. She is another one of our quiet seniors. We notice there's always someone to meet her at her locker after school. V ! Y A A-P MM?-MAY M U L . ..5A.-I., ,d.,,,,,4.........45,4-,...: .,,.-.... D 'li l I I l 1 ,za QW, 3 I a l 1 W 1 I 4 1 r Q ft R una.. nu. ,. X -wr fs: L? F' ff! fy? avai- .,f"t2 K HOWARD FAY HALLOCK "Hot Rod" "Art is the ath of the cre- ator to hispwork" - Emerson F.F.A. Reporter 35 Year- book 3,4g Howard's window painting won a prize for the seniors. He manages to hold a job and attend school at the same time. ROBERT F. HEITZENRATER llB0bll "Where there's music, the can't be mischief" - Cervantes Bob plays electric guitar for the CV Stump Jumpers. He's another one of our studious seniors. He can usually be found with Bill Flynn or Bill's little sister. re ff V2 HE LEN E LEANOR HOYT WALTER J. HUGIC llstubll llwaltll "l am a woman, needs must "Play up, play up, and pla I speak" - Chaucer F.H.A. 2:3143 F.H.A. Pal'- limentarian 35 Although Helen missed two months of school last year, she has been able to catch up on her school work and will graduate with us this year. Helen is never quiet a minute. -f -'-f-- 'funn-4ii4 4 the game" - Newholt F.F.A. 3,43 Soccer 35 Bas- ketball, Baseball l,2,3g Track 39 Walter is very often seen selling tick- -ets for the Athletic Association. He referees the girls' basketball games, and believe me, it takes a lot of energy to do that! 14 Y . .K .N E E, Q DAGMAR ANGIE HOLMES llDaSII "Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow ye may diet" Beymer Band l,2,3,43 Orchestra 3, 45 Chorus 2,3,45 FJ-LA. 1, 45 Junior Playg Senior Play 45 County Band 35 District Chorus 45 Yearbook Staffg E , 1 . rush. f GRACE WILMA IVES "Gracie" "Curfew must not ring to- night" - Thorpe Glee Club 3,43 Band lg Junior Playg Senior Playg Yearbook Editor Q Everyone knows Gracie! Her sense of hmnor and friendliness keep her active every moment. I bet she'll never for- get typing those essays. if KLYDA KIZER llK1ydiell Good humor makes all things tolerable" - Beecher F.H.A. 2,3,4g Chorus l,,4g F.H.A. Treasurer 39 F.H.A. President 45 Senior Playg Klyda can really play basketball. Her curly hair is the envy of many girls. ' I' EVELYN R. MCLEAN Not much talk - a great, sweet silence" - James Evelyn is a very quiet girl. You can usually find her in the senior room reading. She pals around with Dawn a lot. v ELEANOR J. MATHERS "She comes with gusts of laughter" - Carman F.H.A. l,2.,3,4g F.H.A. Song Leader 3g F.H.A. Treas- urer 45 Eleanor is a top-notch Home Ec. stu- dent. Her entries in contests have won her various prizes. Her laughter and jokes will be remembered by all. KATHRYN A. O'BRYAN llKayll "I will sit as quiet as a lamb" - Shakespeare F.H.A. Z,3,4g F.H.A. His- torian 45 Kay is the tall girl in our class. She is very quiet. Her sincerity and good disposition have won her many friends. 15 -- ---an-V-m.nn.4A..u. -- - 1'--'A PAUL A. MAROLD llFatll "The silver, snarling trum pet 'gan the chide" - Keats Band, Orchestra, Chorus 1 2.,3,4g County Band 1,23 Coun ty Orchestra 1,Z,3,4i -Tl111i01' Play, Soccerg Fat did a good job with our pop sales. He is u-umpeter in our pep band. .Al Y.. SYLVIA ANNE PATTISON llsilfl "One of the greatest plea- sures in life is conversa- tion." 4 Smith Band l,2,3,4g Orchestra 2, 3,43 J.V. Cheerleader 2,33 County Band 1,45 County Orchestra 2' Junior Play Senior Play Although Soudie is with us all Wm ter her mind drifts towards Sodus Point FRANCELLA G. R llFranll "The only way to have a friend is to be one" - Emerson Fran can be found at most of the square dances. Her many pen-pals keep her busy writing letters. GAIL LOUISE llcailll "A 'velvet flute note fell down pleasantly" - Lanier Band, Chorus, Orchestra 14, Z,3,4g County Band 13 Coun- ty Orchestra 23 District Band 2,35 District Orches- tra 45 E Gail is a fine pianist and flutist. She is one of our model students. 4---M -e--- -1---sin-saint --iles. V DAWN A. SAHRLE ' "Simplicity of character is the natural result of pro- found thought" - Hazlett Dawn is another quiet senior girl. She can usually be found reading in the senior room. We have heard it rumored I that she has a crush on a certain junior boy. BEULA E IIS' Iv!! "As merry as me day is long" - Sha eare Chorus 1,45 9 Sally is as jolly as they come. She can usually be formd studying ln the senior room during the noon hour, l6i MARY FRANCES SICILIANO "Silence is more eloquent than words" - Carlyle F.H.A. Z,3,4g F.H.A. Re- porter 33 We're glad to have Mary back with us this year. Although she's very quiet, she usually can be foxmd with Kathryn. "They say are sixty- seven ways in which a man can like a woman" - Ive s F.F.A. 2,33 F.F.A. Basket ball .2 , 35 Ted is a happy-go-lucky boy. We're always hearing about the girls in Ad- dison md Corning, where he spends a good share of his time. 1 r ' "rw--' ' ..41., , -s r ii elk N N A R5 L 5 I I F ERNEST E. WALTERS "Ernie" "Oh! how I hate to get up in the morning" - Berlin Soccer Zg Baseball 1,25 J'.V. Basketball Z3 Ernie can usually be seen tearing into the senior room about a minutebefore the bell rings. His girlfriend usually brings him to school--no wonder he's late. GENE RUMSEY Gene would have graduated with us if he had not joined the Air Force. Although he will not graduate with us, he will receive his diploma 'when the rest of us do. DONALD HENNING Donnie was with us until his senior year. Now he is train- ing at Farragut Military A- cademy in New Jersey. While in high school, Don was ac- tive in sports. Class Flower ---- --- Red and White Rose Class Co1ors--- ---- Green and Gold Class Motto ---- ---- 1 ------------ A nything worth doing at all is worth doing well. . nn n , A . ,, ' ,. ,gg, V K4 zi' f iiii B OUR SPONSOR lsss l MRS' SEAMANS OUR .DRAMATIC coAcH MR. HECK GUESS WHO? l 7 I v Y- ..,...4... .,.. .l-.,-,. .4 r... ,. . f- --wf'H1"'- v-'-'-'f"'Y'V1' zu .w,v1,fff.f.-,ay-uf far ff.-,-fhv.-1. v fn r ,- fum' 1 .-1 .4 .f nn rxfny-ffyf ,v ixfzfn p faux fffpvlf 7 Y J Jaws' ' mx 5 2 3 .1 1 15 Q 5 91 ef Q 5 Q 2 5 5 3 E humans -1 f naw ' ' ' 'ff-" -VU ,' V" 1 " 1 N-' K-U Wlf M ' 'N-'HN'-If-f vw ff gd , , . - 1 '.1.f.x.a.Wm 'f ww 'wmz5mLwess .c019.4411-.v,-,f-'Az.:.w.v f.,:f.-nw: :Aw - ff ,w'.m - ul"'N, VM K' Top f Mangus, Mileouski, L. Belletto, Smith, Warren, Hackett, Russell, Rhoades, Hendershot, Eckman, Spencer, Kirk. 4 M SAond Row: Van Cise, West, M. Walters, L. Belletto, Rupar, Avery, Thomas, S. Walters, Persing, Collins, Seely, Nageli, "1 Stewart, Wynkoop, Marlatt, Mr. Barrocco. , ,-I First Row: Schoonover, Re. Kendall, Flynn, Gleason, Cevette, Watkins, Hall, Ru.. Kendall, Warburton, Casbeer, Marzo. fb ,L I i 'lm 5? sf., 5 Q t ,,06w4'f'm : ,if -,fE,"' 5 ,Af in I 1 r , ' i asf . ffl- ff, M f W ef of M' or Res Mft - Q I V, A 4 .J A ' i .H Zh '-.f' M" k l 'r"" .L 4 . if-VJ I fy L c if ' If lll an p -Q lj ' 1 ' ' M f W' "1:': 55", ' A Y ! a l' 4 j ff ' I df 1 J I . ' .a., V -fb 'P ,ff-V f ,. .J f u " , I ,L ...,. . I i ' V ' ' f Q ' :L 1' 'I V04-X ' hvlf 'Qian-?a:w.r, .. -.-f 1 Q If SM' W ' eell President U ,,' Vice President G..WATKINS Q 0 1 E. HALL . 6' if 4,1 : .gig ,'., LV: K' I . , Q ' lf", ,Z ' X MJ fu' f1'j"' f 1 ' -.r' L . 1 tn., ,, rrlt i ' 4 " , Vf -W - .fp w . W s ecretary Class Flower ----------- - ----- - Yellow R086 Treasurer 'JJ c. GLEASON P. crsvsrn Class Colors---- ----- ------- B lue and Gold Class Mottg .... .... -----..-..----- "Success" l -----un..a-R-'W -- - --H- Z1 - ua.. . ..- we--4--A A--.4 --, , .., ...r ,.. . K' f W - 'Y 'sr'-I JJQJJU Y 916' PUM' 5.0, WUQJ if Top Row: Lugg, Borgeson, R. llunyan, Stevens, Simmonetti, D. Bartholomew, Smithers, G. Enderle, Davis, Cox, Butler, X Pond, J. Van Dusen, Gee, Marold, Cass, Olney, D. Runyan. , JP A' c nd Row: I. Enderle, Sahrle, Phelps, Weiskopff, Thurston, Van Gordon, Jeffers, Dorn, Heysham, P. Manning, Freberg, D. J Enderle, Perigo, Gooshaw, M. Manning, Manley, Sheppa, Buckingham, Dam, Mr. Bower. ust Row: A. Van Dusen, A. Bartholomew, Valenti, Hendershot, Cerchie, Davis, Button, lake, Cavagna, Kohler, Hacke . Cosler, Deacon, King. JF" fx . ' 1 . P I If . .1 A I Xblyg, Y E QA 56, 'ff riffs - 1 J fo is QUSQ56 so J V OFFICERS K x s xx . ' V ' ' " - 'ik ,I L'2. Vw Q President fm X 'g' 51:2 Vice President . 1.. BUTTON ll Q I 43g K. BLAKE , ian - QL W' W ' ' ' D! 014447 X i .K .Q Tx Secretary QS Ib X ' Q lv Treasurer ,, ,sc - - -r X akfiq, A, E. CAVAGN.-. X Q9 C. DAVIS l gg.: ve jk F 'A-rC1ass ower--- ---- Yellow Rose , -Y'Y1's+ XI 39 c1affg?g010rs--- - ...... --Green and Gold A x . -I -si at g , - , " F , L., ' Vx P .5'lt7,a ' F K Class Motto---------- "Do More, Wish Less" R xiii ,PK Q zz r..,....S. or as r l ,J . 9 J' L' N, yx f HM' 'Wyl f KW I mf Top Row: Flynn, Burfield, Phelps, Tubbs, Butler, Davenport, Nelson, Van Schaick, Schmidt, Tillinghast, Blake, Spencer, Seamans. Third Row: Mannino, L. Smith, Slocum, E. Rice, Marshall, M. Rice Calkins E. Smith S. Hall Stewart Thompson Obenther Dornslfe Stocum Moon Buckrngh m Second Row Van Gordon Baker eller D Davis Tallauda Krersler Cox Swingle W11liams Kmg Harkennder Hoyt In ff wfwhj f I, S 1 If 1, S a WM-A: .Aa ' " ,,f X ,b,,r,'ff , , I 'fp Y, 1.-"Nl ' V ' 'Tl XL ff S M tl'eleec nnss fr LH M ' :,f if XX x P . .1 - 4,,.,,f- W ,L fJf11iv?:ii'Qg-1 -fiuFzZ'::efsf f . , K' 3,35 Y ."F:,. r f in m 1. f' 11 ., HV I 'X fa: .51,,.,'fL5',,3i, ,S xr , , , , , A J, , V ,.,,,,,., , C Sa LM . 1 wx ii! il, Pres1dent 1 z H U' L G KRHSLER Q3 A bt , x f fL3fvv-up 1. cox 'LM' , 1 1, . SK. . e'-f 1 - . KPAV , :jj Y W. H fl' fl , f 4 ffff ,ff U W EQ? 3 P I W CH 5 1 x L, is in 5 1 J -fi Ji 3 T5 1 v a A A T3 A51 JK S' 'XJ f - fa-'A - . J, -N -,1 '.w,, mi 'wif .-L, -ff - Ju r if jj 5 i jf lk . . Lf! I 'ff ' ' 7 S ff K 'S t, Sec retary 25 - Hin, . I J, f M, TALLARIDA p Y Class Flower ------- ------- 7 lir- Red Rose Class Colors --------- Jl---- -ililue and White J AY: "' l 'rf f X " classmotto--"Be1lqgZw5?Q5Q6Cfire11 fsSuccessfm" V ir .yy F' F 8 I 'fllf f . I JA ,af ew fr , t t F Z3 5 J' sf , .. ,ef 1 , , ,l . RJ -gf fu, 1, Aff, 'ff 1' Il, , rf.. I Qnlldillnik- L , 95 , n.. . .A.,t , S... ' ' U . . . . . . LAM I I I I A ' X' 5 - . - - . ' I ' r v 1 ' n ' 1 ' f f First Row: Husted, Southard, Lljqga eaver, eale K Iurn,7 Jeffers, Farmelo, Hill I, ' '14 L . If v V X f 1 H f' if f 4 f ff N n OFFI, RS Cff"f""'3 t,tt,,t,,tt,t,,, M K x ' fm ,, -l ,,1:fi,1:.z,f 3 , ly 'k"" K ' ' V 5 'Z K' 'f nlt M!! 7 Mr .1 Y xx ' '-""' -' ff f ' ' f M 'ffifjf llle f ,wfjff ' H-lx ls D! f x . r p:,V, .,,, , ' - ' A Q f J W-Messe 5, .N x nt xg h ,W I ,N ,B Jjj I j U y Ewa J 4 2 S J ' f J . XJ If A asgf'-'Ir , ' ' 61314. F L Y Y if 5 aw! A rx' ri if i w-Cf N x ' K 34 1 ul X X lxf X 'rc K 5 A ,lf W y Top Row: Edwards, Reed, Johnson, Enderle, Tucker, Clark, Mattison, Tanner, Rupar, Donley. Third Row: I. Button, Rathbun, Hazlett, Manning, Williams, Andrews, Cook, Esposita, Desera, Chilson, Kyofski Second Row: Cevette, A. Button, Carr, Kline, Butler, O'Bryan, Owlett, Bailey, Swan, Avery IZA, First Row: Clark, Cruttenden, Casbeer, Dornsife, Freeland, Cooper, Homer l Z Top Row: Tallerida, Phelps, Gleason, Sherman, Potter, Mattison, M. Flynn, Slocum, McLean. Third Row: Enderle, Treat, Ferry, Shulenburg, Patterson, Wyatt, Whltsell, Van Zile, Hallet, Learn, H. Flynn Mrs. Surina Second Row: Rumsey, Van Schaick, Moyer, Willians, Mathers, I-lerforth, Van Dusen, Sheen, Gee, Standish. First Row: fa King, Harkennider, Ream, Hendershot, H. Hallet, Newman, Kirk. ' IH f' ' s 7' ,fi .jf fflagyfiq gg! AP ff in r R 1 ' i 2.4 5 1 1' 'Y"l' " Top Row: Wakely, Brimmer, Treat, Nickabocker, C. Williams, Mattison, Schultz, Bartholomew, Buck, Foster, Taft. Third Row: Fritz, Spencer, Bowers, Donley, Wells, Warburton, O'Bryan, Flynn, Carr, Quagliana, Rathbun, Mr. Heck. Second Row: Foster, Deacon, Williams, Gee, Rice, Watkins, Pattison, N. Mattison, Fish, Kreisler. First Row: Gooshaw, Davenport, Hill, Davis, VanDusen, VanGorden, McLean, Brown, Moore. Top Row: Shelansky, Colegrove, Harris, Hackett, R. Boom, Taft, Rockwell, Siciliano, Fish, Holly, Brimmer, Crawford. Third Row: Hazlett, Homer, Major, O. Boom, Kline, Kohler, Blanchard, Potter, B. Mattison, I-l. Smith, Whitsell, Wescott - ' Mr. Martin. - Z Second Row: Short, Vaughan, Bronson, Powers, Woodward, King, Sluyter, Freberg, Johnson, Perigo. pl-' First Row: Vargeson, Manley, Causer, Slociun, Ahearn, Casbeer, Rice, Covell, L. Smith, Darby. fl 4 iff or t . Last row: L. Spencer, R. Tubbs, G. Fisk, L. Stevens, N. Butler, L. Tillinghast. 3rd row: R. Gee, G. Phelps, Nor. Butler, W. Healey, E. Hoyt, I. Spencer. 2nd row: D. Bartholomew, W. Hugic, L. Button, C. Burfield, In Davis, Mr. Kinnan. lst row: L. Elliott, D. Colegrove, M. Davenport, G. Butler, I. Watkins. 1 HIS is the second year for the Elkland Chapter of Future Farmers of America. There are twenty-two -' members in the organization this year. Several boys have already distinguished themselves by re- ceiving awards for their project books and exhibits at the Mansfield Fair, and in the county project contest. Neal Butler received a first place award for his beef cattle project book and "Fort" Colegrove and "Boney" Davenport received first and third place awards respectively for vegetable garden projects. "Boney" at- tended the "F. F. A. Week" activities at Penn State College last summer. He participated in the Farm Me- chanics division of the contests there and also pitched the Tioga County Soft-ball team into the final play- off. Last spring the F. FL. A. boys set over 9,000 trees on farms in the community. The E. H., S. and F. F.A basketball team is keeping Elkland High on the map by proving that farmers can play basketball too. Nine boys represented Elkland Chapter at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show this year. Four of them-- -- .Tim Davis, 'Fort Colegrove, Lee Button, and Lawrence Spencer participated in the F. F. A. Vocational Demonstrations. Among other activities in which Elkland's Future Farmers participated are: tractor driv- ing contests, poultry and live stock judging contests and parliamentary procedure contests. V Q OUR LEADERS ze L Junior and Senior "Home Ecers" -- Integrated Teaching K x 1 Sophomore s Construction of Cotton Dresses Home mechanics Constru ----'1al"W -1-- Y --- " " fl" A VI, ,X so 4 ' A , , . if f' 12" Q-x?'f,,f . f f fl .W f 3, 5 ef n cting a layette Operating kitchen equipment Z7 m. i 2 I I INETEEN hundred and fifty-two marks the end of the fourth year that the Commercial Course has been included in the curriculum of Elkland High School. It consists of Typing I and Il, Bookkeeping, and Shorthand I and ll. The enrollment tends to increase as more and more students realize the practicality and use- fulness of this C.0urse. This year, due to the increased enrollment, it was necessary to place the Typing I and II students into two sections. The Commercial Course gives a student sufficient business training so that at graduation he has a choice of two plans. He may obtain a position in an office or further his business education by attending a business college. The high school commercial training gives a student a find back- ground for college work. Even the student who goes on to other courses in college will find the knowledge of typing and shorthand invaluable in his classwork. , I 2 8 h.Mf1---f.u-.m- e- --A A, H- , Q r CHE Industrial Arts course offers an opportunity for pupils to acquire skills which will be of great . value to boys in future life. This is the third year of Industrial Arts in Elkland. Under the direction of Mr. Whalen many in- teresting projects have been completed by the boys of the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. HIS is the second year of the Driver Training course taught by Mr. William Whalen. The course consists of classroom instruction and actual driving under all weather conditions. Many students have successfully completed the course this year, and are well trained to operate motor vehicles. We wish to extend our thanks to Frank's Chevrolet for donating the use of the 1951 Chevrolet used in the training. A P A 29 A-A - -- -,fn - - -'A --1.544.l- V+- e f f W, f I WH' f firlm lllfml 11 . X S 1 I f ' ff X I!!! ff N r l flll 'I I v ll ff fl! lkwlg Mxxxx ffff S0 ff XXW 1-111-I B i Fira 20'-4: A 5 H X ln, L45 wi x f My f f ah 4th row: D. Sheppa, M. Manning, A. Cherchie, A. Heysham, C. Freberg, I. Van Schaick, Z. Wiatt, S. Hackett, A. Bartholomew, P. Manning, L. Manley. 3rd row: G. Standish, N. Rathbun, H. Donley, C. Edwards, K. Chilson, P. Williams, R. Esposito, A. Button, C. Davis, B. Hendershot, P Dorn, M. Bailey, L. Owlett, C. Valenti, F. Deacon, A. Swan. 2nd row: G. Snyder, L. Wynkoop, B. Shotts, P. Seeley, R. Thomas, C. Gleason, P. Carter, B. Cardman, G. Ives, D. Holmes, I. Rupar, L. Belletto, P. Avery, J. West, B. Manning, M. Avery. lst row: J. Lugg, W. Milouski, E. Enderle, M. Davenport, R. Foster, P. Marold, R. Dornsife, G. Watkins, I. Watkins, U. Barbano. Accompanist: M. Cool. Violins: P. Williams, H. Donley, M. Warburton, D. Warburton, I. West, N. Bowers, A. Swan, E. Hoyt, L. Button, C. Wells, M. Spencer, W Gayley: Cellos: C. Davis, L. Manley: Flutes: G. Snyder, F. Deacon, L. Smith: Clarinets: P. Dorn, S. Pattison, R. Foster: Bass Clarinet: M. Manning: 'Saxophonesr E. Hall, M. Hill, J. O'Brien: Accordion: A. Cherchie: Bass Horn: J. Watkins: Bass Violin: G. Watkins: Tympani:K. Chilson: Bells: R. Thomas: Trumpets: G. Hackett, E. Eckman, P. Marold, B. Cass: Trombones: D. Holmes, P. Avery: Piano: B. Shorts, Drum: L. Farmelo. 32 i-fir' vw 'W - H,-H , w..-,.--,--.Y.-.W --Y, -Y---7-1-Y-v if-1-v -T 1 Q Q' 5 I 5 1 l 1 I J Q HE Elkland High School Band in their snappy new uniforms participated in the Laurel Festival, the Fourth of July Parade at Mansfield, the Firemen's Parade, and the Halloween Parade. The band composed of 65 members including 10 majorettes is under the capable direction of Mr. Waldo Searnens. , AJ if ai M Q if 1 4 Y 1 4 1 i if X i 1 A xy ,P fi-17 ,f - 31' 4 1 P 3 3 4 1 l 1 Majorettes: i Left to right: Ioan Flynn, Mary Tallarida, Mary Lou Swingle, Anna Bartholomew, Barbara Cardman, Ruth King, Phyllis Manning, Jean Flynn, Loretta Belletto, Nina Collins. 5 ! 33 4 1 i A - hu , , ., ,,,--a-r-A----kf--- -- - -4 mf-wv: K A.k:.,, . k.rz: -M. . L.: f - 3- 4 W - f f QA, ,. fi 'e-.'-A "' Zi-Eizliq' J WT 'C A W T - f A A W 1' ,,,. aids? ' ' Fi- ,. - 3,1 , I 1 '- A , 5 X ,H 'f l K' "w, , ,.h, ,T f 'T W ff M- :Q A, H KA Y' T - -' A I A ,L . '. .i 'ffEW,fqg 4 ff ' 4' ' A . 'X O f A DEMONSTRATION TEAM A ff- ,.kf-' T ,-.,' f - GW, A Wind? , , . ,, L' if 2 - I i Jpgg5:,5- -Q .M '- .. -'sm - rg 1224, , J 1.2-Jaw .. T' H - l ' ' f '," Afwwwbff .. ' 21 1 1 54? 2, 4'-. f 5 A iii mf, 3 Q V I Th 3h A E' L ,-,,. 4 T -V . 'W .4 -W5 f, , , , T H1 Q, ,, A , 4Vh,, , RELAXING AT THE FARM SHOW RINSE-BRUSH-STERILIZE V T "FORTIE" "BONEY" AT WORK 4 "BIG BUTLER YOU CALL THEM, WALT FFA VARSITY AND "COACH" WATKINS DID 11-, OR D1DN'T TT? 34 -as --v ff-yr' ' v v UR F. H. A. Club is made up of Sophomore, Junior, and Senior girls, enrolled in the Home Eco- A nomics course. Throughout the year we have enjoyed many good times together in such activities as the initiation program, preparing and serving banquets, educational field trips, our local and coun- ty chapter meetings, and conferring degrees on worthy members of our chapter. Junior Hornemakers who have our Leaders won Keys on their degrees' Sggretary --......... Nina Collins Reporter ---- Mary Helen Walters Song Leader ------ -- Joreen West HQIQUQHOW Historian ------- Kathryn O'Bryan Patricia Carter V, President ..... Patricia Cartel' Klyda Kizer Kathryn O'Bryan Eleanor Mather President ----- ----- K lyda Kizer Treasul-gr ....... E1ea.1'1OI' MafheI Parliamentarianu- Sally Casbeer Nina Collins Miss Elkland at F. H. A. Harvest Dance at ' Charleston, Pa. 35 ,.......uu......14f - ,A ,Ur A...4,,......LAi,.. .i......,,.,.,, .L..,,,,ln X ffm X af' N. x W 2 9 1 msqrffvp x 13,5 Viiigilf. pftgigyl up UC, A. "':'::' 55552:-'.:?IEf1I'5:1', S 115' ' ' 2355? Q wsigy ,. ,. , , ,M ...,.,,. ,,'. NIV , 1ru"fn,rEWM1fffl fIff X5 2. :es nk'- Q ygfm "' ' y. 5: EJU Q- gs, mv -' ,E Us f . . I ' 'I' I I ' 'gil 2 M K J WYE? iw Hi i ' gm 52 1 1 Q , K 5 2 nyf lgn? f ah 3531361 L , i ,fa , wfiipzgzm, 2 'v'i"7'9:-iI'f7 ir TL' K K 5Y"sz-iieifillw' - . ' QW ' xx: ,M ff, f rigfgymf R L:55f2?Hf:,, ' "'k52g5Til?'k wean-mii-55555?553'h'k - lZese15fwvef'2H" ' I w X W B gf ' 'X we 'i fa fv' Q' 5 f,,1,:3g,'i' 1 ' 5 I I QW' f nwl Vg ffifn MF" sv 1, y 41 Wu. lQ g: gigal Q it 3' 52315 - 1.4-ra "" :v I 'fl :Vw:.'eEi:+'1i:f' mi? 1w,,,,,,E..: .,,,,, 1 ,gi wig ziggy Eg, u , 5 W JL? 1 Xin iw M s gigs: L, -J, sp mf QL M Wm 1 H"555,94 WMM Q + ,N Q. 715' E' Q M52 S Wh- ' WM NNE a'i1,g:,4'5f f ff,,f,f 1 ,ni-...ff ,I . ""f..-Tig! W- we . fn ' fe' J ki., " I Y :ra-fffffllififfw'fm f,'?5353Z3Ml1f?'i isp l ?'?5?75fii5 2 N " ii',Ef+FT:fiff?a, ' , if ,. ,- U . 1 '5 ?5iig552 ' X f I j X,h: :VE I , , AAS KL I NN I! -u... A M., ....L, --- .4,.A.,. ---1.,...+gY4i'.,,,..- HH X 4512, ff f 8 I , ,499 lll Ill? a Second Row: Cevette, Schoonover, Enderle, Blake, Dornsife, Simonettl. First Row: Co-Captains, Russell, Watkins. E have hada considerably good season this year. Our star forwards were both crippled at games with remarkably quick recoveries and better playing than ever. Co-Captains Don Russell and Benny Watkins along with Patsy Cevette are our high scoring trio this year, while Gordon Blake and Ray Dornsife control the bankboards for rebounds. They also man- age to help out on the scoring end, too. Benny's speed, Russe11's long shots, Patsy's high scores, along with good sportsmanship and co- operation from Ray and Gordon have brought us many victories. Hats off to a swell team! E. 9. 2 2 Blossburg 56 31 Ylvlansfield 57 53 Corning Academy 54 37 'lfWellsboro 46 52 Canton 62 36 Blossburg 58 52 Troy 63 Z6 Corning Academy 59 51 Addison 64 eo 'l'C.V.J.S. 78 58 "'Galeton 86 25 Corning Northside 61 68 Corning Northside 57 62 'i'We11sboro 51 49 Coudersport 49 60 lCanton 73 61 "'C.V.J'.S. ' 43 45 '9'Galeton 83 33 Addison 6 1 3 0 4'Mansfie1d 53 44 Tr0y 54 27 Coudersport 4'Tioga County League Games 38 Www' Third Row: Farmelo, Nelson, Button, Blake, Healy. Second Row: Davenport, Runyan, Dartt. First Row: Weaver. AYBE these Freshman and Sophomore boys didn't look like much when they came on the court for the first few games this year, but, since then, we have found out that our J' V team canwin games for E. H. S. in good style. When they come out next year we shall find a better team of which we can be proud. ' Blossburg Corning Academy Canton Troy Addison '9'Ga1eton Corning Northside Coudersport "'C.V.J.S. Addison Troy 2. 2 34 Z7 '9'Mansfie1d 36 43 '9'We11sboro 42 2 1 Blossburg V20 31 Corning Academy 41 44 '9'C.V.J.S. 53 Z1 Corning Northside 17 Z5 '9'We11sboro Z5 26 Canton ' 25 30 '9'Ga1eton 39 16 '4'Mansfie1d 2.7 Z9 Coudersport '9'Tioga County League Games 39 N ,fx -7 - -7 ifYv,,? ,,,,,,, Heysham Barbano Flynn Rupar Cavagna Hendershot Freeburg Dom Hall Smith WWW W F-i-g-h-t Fight, Fight, Fight F-i-g-h-t Fight, Fight, Fight F-i-g-h-t Fight, Fight, Fight FIGHT TEAM FIGHT! my 1 a MW V--v -1 .-1, . .. , 2nd row: G. Blake, G. Butler, R. Dornsife, G. Enderle, D. Russell, R. Nelson, P. Cevette, N.-Simonettl. lst row: W. Hendershot, L. Farmelo, I. Watkins, K. Blake, G. Watkins, D. Colegrove. FTER completing a fairly good season last year the baseball team has 12 veterans coming back this year to give Elkland a good ball club. The league is trying to unite into one league with 7 teams instead of the two leagues. U2 Second Row: G. Blake, R. Domsife, D. Russell, G. Enderle, J. Smithers, K. Blake, W. Van Schaick, J. Nelson. ,MJ-P-X FX First Row: R. Cox, N. Simon tti, L. Butto , Gp Dav ort, W. jlendeyahot, G, Watkins, W. Mileouskl, 'C. Moore. M ' ,. .fg.:f5nlp lf? aiyfit-we r ,, , J ff' A 'igU9.lff' ,. ' CSRED Foster, winninglsecond pl ce, 'fell DgeLiige, wilinixg first and second places, and Don ussella ' winning second place, represented Elklancl at the 'State Track Meet at Penn State on May 19, 1952. At Athens, Elkland took one first place, three second places, and Ray Dornsife took third place in the' J J' I district meet. The Elkland team as a whole placed second in the county meet and third in the district meet. ' ' 41 A..,,:.,, ...,.-c,.,, ....... n..-......-,,., nl , , L., , ug. -MP gg g y g Mm K .V .X N G fvv . . 9 I 'A' . A1 Last row: I. Smithers, G. Hackett, R. Nelson, G. Blake, L. Farmelo, R. Olney, L. Elliott, N. Butler, .L Davis, N. Butler. lm' ,U jf ' 2nd row: W. Hendershot, K. Blake, R. Sahrle, W. Mileouski, R. Dornsife, G. Blake, D. Colegrove, D. Russell. K ,X J v ,VN .J 1St1'0Wg G. Davenport, G. Watkins, G. Butler, L. Button, L. Spencer. 1, 2 , 16" JY Magi: f x 5 , 6 2 If ff Z J Q HE school opened the season with a bang as they won three straight as Savona, Addison and Cowane sque dropped 6-4, 4-1, and 5-1 games respectively, to the local team. The downfall came over to Mansfield as the college town boys bested Elkland 3-2 and took over first place in the Tioga County race. The next game found Elkland having to play Z extra quarters to be a stubborn Tioga eleven 4-3. At Covington in the following week, the school again had an extra quarter game but this time they couldn't pull it out of the fire as the game ended Elkland Z and Covington Z. Elkland again had a three game winning streak as they outkicked Cowanesque 3-Z., then smashed Mansfield 6-0 for the surprise game of the year--at least to Mansfield! In the third game of the second winning streak they outscored Tioga Z-1. The last game of the season found Mansfield and Elkland tied up which meant that if Mansfield lost to Tioga and Elkland beat Covington, Elkland would be Champs orlvice-versa but as it was Tioga beat Mansfield Z-1 and Covington edged Elkland 3-Z. Then Elkland and Mansfield eprziz he season as Co-Cha 42 mps sr-EA am P9 Sept. ll- Seniors started their yearly magazine campaign. Sept. 17- Ward Mileouski came to school with his head bandaged. We understand he came in con- tact with a horseshoe. , Juniors started selling cards. Sept. 18- First soccer game with Savona. Score, Elkland 6, Savona 4. . Sept. 19- Mrs.. James Campbell was here taking the class officers' pictures. Sept. 21- Played soccer with Addison. Score, Elkland 4, Addison 1. Sept. 24- Bill Healey is carrying bricks around and until today we thought he was going to be a farmer instead of a bricklayer. Sept. 27- Gordon Blake scratched his eyeball in gym. Wonder if the girls thoughthe was wink- ing at them when he blinked his eye. Sept. 28- Soccer game, Elkland 5, Cowanesque l. Oct. 1- Seniors magazine drive ended. Over four hundred dollars profit was netted. Oct. 3814- FHA? Initiation. Freshman FFA boys went to Harrisburg on a field trip where they visited poultry shows. Oct. 4-FHA candlelight service in the Home Ec. room. Played games and had a lunch.. What a lot of dirty dishes! Oct. 5- Seniors had the first dance of the year, had two cake walks. Oct. 6- Soccer game with Covington. Score, Elkland 2, Covington 2. Oct. 8- We have been listening to the World Series for the last few days. Oct. 9- Seniors started selling candy. Anything you want, except gum. Oct. 10- Started selling stationery and Christmas cards. Oct. ll8:l2- Firstsix-weeks exams. Old members of the FFA held a dance in honor of the newly initiated "Greenhands." 1 Oct. 16- Played soccer game with Cowanesque. Elkland 3, Cowanesque 2. Oct. 18- Seniors gave freshman directions for their initiation. Oct. 19- Freshman initiation. The seniors held a dance for the newly initiated freshman and tea- chers. Soccer game with Mansfield. Score, Mans- field 0, Elkland 6. Oct. 22- Nina Collins represented the FFA at the Harvest Ball as the Harvest Queen from Elkland. Oct. 23- Soccer game at Tioga. Elkland 2, Tioga 1. Pictures taken for the yearbook today. ' Oct. 24- Elkland planned for their group window painting. Mrs. Lewis, Mr. Kinnan, and Mr.Wha1en accompanied the freshman to the Corning Glass Center. I Oct. 258i26- Teachers' Institute. Oct. 29- Soccer game. Elkland 2, Covington 3.Mary Tallarida came to school with a black eye. Oct. 30- Halloween parade and party. Nov, 1- Patricia Williams, 7th grade girl, was the first to order and pay for the 1952 yearbook. .44 Nov. 2- Sophomoresfheld ,a Sadie I H Nov. 6- Tickets for the Senior qii'is5alef 'V today. ' f' Jyiflli- - E Q, A' ' . Nov..9- Commercial students visitedfthe Jean A Summers Business School in Elmira. .Tuiiibrs -had a dance. ' 6 'A g 'L ' Nov. 13- FFA Father and Son Banquet. 1 . Nov. 14- Seniors had their play matinee-"lt's -a Frame-Up". Freshman'so1d many tickets for the seniors. ' Nov. 15kl6- "'It's a Frame-Up" was presentedwith great success. H Nov. 21-School out at one o'clock. Nov. 228n23- Thanksgiving Vacation. Nov. 27- First basketball game with Blossburg. The score, Elkland 56, Blossburg 31. . I Nov. 298:30- Six-weeks exams. Dec. 3- No school, first day of deer season. Dec. 4- Basketball game at Canton. Score, Elkland 62, Canton 32. Dec. 7- Basketball game. Score, Elkland 63, Troy 29. Dec. ll- Basketball game at Addison. Score, Elkland 64, Addison 60. Dec. 13- FFA basketball game with Mansfield. - Elkland 64, Mansfield 27. Dec. 14- Senior cake walk. Gary Enderle and Eleanor Mathers won the cakes. Dec. 18- Basketball game with Corning Northside. Score, Elkland 57, Corning 62. Dec. 20- Seniors are going to New York City in- stead of Washington. Dec. 22- Christmas program in the gym. Basket- ball game at Coudersport. Score, Coudersport 69, Elkland 49. ' Dec. 2ZtoJ'an. 2- Christmas vacation. Jan. 4- How the ink did fly in the senior room! Mr. Barocco looked cute cleaning it up. Basketball game at Knoxville. Score CVJS 45, Elkland 43. Jan. 7- Lee Button is hobbling around. He chipped, his ankle bone while practicing for the game at' Knoxville. ' Jan. 8- Addison played basketball here. Score, Elk- land 61, Addison 31. Dagmar Holmes made a ' good pie. Ask her about it. Jan. 10- What happened to Dagmar's cake? The Varsity had refreshments at practice, tonight. Jan. ll- The seniors had a dance and cake walk. Music by the CV Stump Jumpers. Junior High ' team beat Westfield, 33-32. Dale Potter sank two foul shots to win the game. Feb. 22- The Junior Prom. April llto14- Seniors touring New York City. p May 26- Class Night. A May 27k28- Final Exams. June 1- Baccalaureate Service. June 2- Commencement. Q June. 3- School closes. -, , 1 Thus ends another happy year at High' . School. . 4 1 5 5 I 'wi s X s I ? E91 W -iw if ai 3 bs he 3 44 2 ai :gh 5 H M v- - V - - 1' - - -' - ' ' J - x Q f 4. ..,, 1L,,.wA -ng- ,.,: ,WV ,,,, Q .1,fgf.:4+g,,iJA..u-41,,..-.,,LA, M., . my A, M---Mkfm-M--fc, H- ,,,.,., .-.tx ,,g,4N....,. g 1947 Merrill Klinger lives in Derrick City. Georgette Boughton is a nurse at Ithaca Hospital. June Snyder Morgan lives at Nyack, N.Y. Orman Surina lives in Elkland and works at Surina's Service Station. Doris Allen Farmelo is married and lives in Buffalo. Lindy Antonio was killed in Korea, October 1951. Esther Belletto Whalen is married and lives in Elkland. Ernestine Colegrove is living at home in Nelson. Philip Freeland is serving in the U. S. Air Force. Edith Hall lives in Elkland and works in Corning at Bonady'S. Clayton Kreisler is married and lives in Elkland. Walter O'Bryan is serving in the U. S. Army. John Pida is married and lives in Elkland. Thomas Rurnsey lives in Elkland and works in the Tannery. Phyllis Smith Hulbert is married and lives in Elkland. Clarence Spencer is serving in 'the U. S. Army. Robert Stebbins is servingin the U. S. Army. Anthony Yolante attends Penn State. Roger Wakely works for a contractor and lives in Nelson. Joseph Simonetti is married and lives in Galeton. 1948 Guy Tanner is serving in the U. S. Air Force. Helen Codispoti Pida is married and lives in Elkland. George Hall is living in Elkland and works in the.Tannery. Majorie Wetmore Tewksburg is a Senior at Mansfield State Teachers College Douglas Hall works in the Tannery and lives in Elkland. Carmen Forto Blend is married and lives in Elkland. Alfred Simpson is serving in the U. S. Air Force. Eleanor Miles Allen is married and lives in Elkland. Melissa Mae Ostrander lives in Corning. Lester Walters is serving in the U. S. Army. Raymond Runyan is serving in the U. S. Army. Barbara Pheleps is married and lives in Osceola. Concetta Volanti lives in Elkland and works for the Shultz Motors. Maynard Stevens is a minister at East Smithport. Ruth Outman De Sournean is married and lives in Rochester. Julian Doleski is serving in the U. S. Navy. Clyde White lives in Elmira. . Maynard Whitney is serving in the U. S. Army. Charles Johnson works in the Tannery and lives in Elkland. Roberta West Hall is married and lives in Elkland. Jack Helm is attending Penn State. Eugene Cardman is serving in the U. S. Navy. Marie Colegrove is living at home in Nelson. Earl Cass lives in Osceola and works. on a farm. Lucille Sheppa works in the Kayser Glove Factory and lives in Elkland. 1949 Elma Ascenzi Finelli is married and lives in Elkland. Mariam Blackwell is working at the bank and lives in Elkland. Silvio Cerchie attends Penn State. Alfred Cevette works at the Ingersoll Rand and livesiin Elkland. Robert Childs lives in Elkland and works at the Corning Glass Works. Leroy Colegrove works at the Ingersoll Rand and lives in Nelson. Dorothy Freberg works at Newcastle. N Beverly Freeland works at the Kayser Glove Factory and lives in Nelson. John MacLean attends Mansfield State Teachers College. Eda Marzo Cerchie is married and lives in Elkland. Barbara Milinski Strauss is married and lives in Bordon. Don McMinds is serving in the U. S. Army. Marian Owlett Mills is married and lives in Nelson. John Owlett is serving in the U. S. Air Force. Beatrice Ream Briggs is married and lives in Sabinsville. - Anne Seely is a student nurse at Rochester. Charles Smith works at the Elkland Tannery and lives in,Elkland. Betty Stebbins works at Newcastle. Allen Stoddard attends Indiana Technical College at Fort Wayne. George Tubbs attends Mansfield State Teachers College. '46 r .,.. 1 y Fat Dick Ray Sally Carolyn Coe Upham works in Valentino's Barber Shop and lives in Elkland. Donald Waite lives in Elkland and works at Surina's Service Station. Richard Wakely works at Ingersoll Rand and lives in Nelson. Joan Weaver is in training at Sayre. 1950 Jane Bianco is studying at Penn State. Lorraine Brass is attending at Mansfield State Teachers College. Olive Brown Elm is married and lives in Elkland. Gertrude Beckwith Merritt is married and lives in Osceola. Richard Cass is serving in the U. S. Navy. Richard Cardman is serving in the U. S. Marines. Loren Carr is married and lives in Corning. Elmer Doan is serving in the U. S. Marines. Daniel Dimitry is serving in the U. S. Marines. James Dimitry is living in Elkland and works in the Elkland Tannery. Victor Dartt is serving in the U. S. Marines. Kay Allen Witter is married and lives in Westfield. William Rupar is in the U. S.VAir Force. Shirley Stedge is in training at Sayre Hospital. Ellsworth Smith is working in the Elkland Tannery and lives in Nelson. Philip Whitney is working in the Elkland Tannery and lives in Nelson. Alfred Thurston is in the U. S. Army. Gerald Travis is in the U. S. Navy. Harry Russell is ,married and works in the Corning Glass Works. Teresa Forto-is working for the Parkhurst Insurance and lives in Elkland. Roberta Van Gordon Simmonds is married and lives in Williamsport. Richard Woodard is attending school in Worchester. Martha Merritt is studying at Mansfield State Teachers College. Martha Norton is living at home with her parents in Elkland. V Richard Runyan is working at the Elkland Tannery and lives in Elkland. Ernest Smith-is working at the Elkland Tannery and lives in Elkland. Dawn Hallinan Jenkins is married and lives in Osceola. 1951 Lois Appleman is attending Jean Summers Business School in Elmira. Carolyn Johnson is attending Jean Summers Business School in Elmira. Alice Preston is attending Jean Summers Business School in Elmira. William Mc Cracken lives in Elkland. JoAnne Ahearn is working at thellngersoll Rand and lives in Elkland. Josephine Ascenzi is attending Mansfield State Teachers College. Eleanor Baily Blend is married and lives in Nelson. Doris Bartholomew is working at the Ingersoll Rand and lives in Nelson. Glades Case is working at the Corning Glass Works and lives in Osceola. Charles Casbeer is working at the Elkland Journal and lives in Osceola. Theodore DeLige is working at the Ingersoll Rand and lives in Elkland. Dortha Dorn is living in Elkland. Donald Fegley is in the'U. S. Navy. Fred ,Foster is working at the Ingersoll Rand and lives in Elkland. Georgianna Hazlett is working at the Elkland Boro office and lives in Nelson. I Roberta Hendrickson is working at the Corning Glass Works and lives in Corning. Helen Hugic is working in the Elkland Tannery office and lives in Elkland. Elleveena Kaleski is working at the Elkland Journal and lives in Elkland. Theodore Kizer is living in Nelson. Wendell Kriesler is in the U. S. Army. Madeline Learn is working at thellngersoll Rand and lives in Corning. Jane Lunger is attending Columbia Hospital in Pittsburgh. Alice Owlett is working at the Elmira Artistic Card Company. June Runyan is living in Elkland. Lois Sayre is attending Kathryn Gibbs College in New York. Erma Jean Taft Schutt is married and works for the Navy Department. .Ruth Thomas is working at the Corning Glass Works and lives in Elkland. Patricia Wei skopff is working at the Kayser Glove Factory and lives in Elkland. K BABY PICTURE KEY' 6. Dean 12. Benny 18. Marilyn Barb S. 7. Hotrod 13. Grace 19. Gail Barb C. 8. Sodie 14, Mary 20. Evelyn Walt 9. Billy 15. Gene 21. Das Kathryn 10. Frankie 16. Dawn ZZ. Gary Lewie ll. Klydia 17. Bob 23. Boney Helen 1 47, Eleanor Skindog ? ? Oggie Esther Ernie Patsy Fortie Eddie Blake Ted Betty Fran S , S6 Nr xx Q-024-Q 5 gh ,ff CQRNING GLASS WORKS CORNING, NEW YORK , E ' E b L EE 'f5'9"'?" i EBERLE TANNING CO. 4 4 WESTFIELD, PA. - 49 .. -, , ,,,....an1. ,,.Q.4,.,- A .AQ N31 lwsgza-0 I ,,,,, ,V , d - A . - A .. as fi- A A - . ' 3.31623-n - - . ' , ""?,"-,x'.'r .ww :"'q.l 4 5 ' - -ee-f- -A -mf-+1-efV""" " -' A v- A ' . ,, ,R ,,, f -..,, , Af - V ---, 4, 3? --r ., 4 4 K ,,, : . , H '--1 . .A -Q - -A fix., ,. --- ' . . y ' - I 'P ' A ,, Vs? 'Q' ' ELKLAND LEATHER C0.,ING. TANNERS or PRIME OAK some LEATHER ELKLAND, PA. LEARN'S SERVICE STATION Nelson, Pa. INC-ERSOL RAND PHQNE19-R-23 PAINTED POST, N. Y. PARKHURST INSURANCE AGENCY Elkland, Pa. , Qfaff Z w f Sl N 9 F 'HENNING'S HARDWARE Q ' Esso SERVICE A 0 i wllllgxzv 1 7 'P 'Z " 5 Elkland, Pa.. wat s' 4-,x y! Nl. MANNINO 8: SONS LAWRENCEVILLE, Tioga Co., PA. A so R - "T- 1 I ADELBERT SMITH Elkland, Pa. NORTH PENN GAS COMPANY , PA. WESTFIELD MOTORS J. T. Erwin-Prop. Westfield, Pa. ,A YOUNG and CHIISON SERVICE SIAIION Lubrication - Gas - Oil -Accessories Lawrenceville. Penne. W. H. PERHAM DAIRY Elkland, Pa. PENN-ELK HOTE CARPENTER AND PRINDLE NOVAKS Elkland, Pa. Elkland, Pa. Elkland, Pa- DR. D. G. GROVER VAN'S SALES AND SERVICE DAVE NPORT 'S GARAGE Elkland, Pa. Elkland, Pa- Elkland, Pa. JOE SURINA GREEN SHINGLES King Brothers Service Station Knoxville, Pa. E11-gland, Pa. Lindlev. N. Y. MERRIT'S CUT-RATE DRUGS Lawrenceville, Pa. 'PAYLOR HOTEL Lawrenceville, Tioga Co., Pa. BILL'SE TEXACO SERVICE Lawrenceville.. Henna. Wright' s Re stau rant W. H. Edgecomb's Lumber Co. MOORE 'S MARKET Westfield, Pa. Knoxville. Pa. Elkland, Pa. ,j.4 "" ::a . -FLOYD BOSTWICK PATSY FARMELO rxvi. ,W -J' aw-. Q : M SALES AND SERWQE Elkland, Pa. ' C VILLE. PA. MARS+a.i..avsase.sa9.s.ERV'CE E GEORGE LINDER LEE REDFIELD EAGLE no-I-EL on 1'HE,S5UAm: Block Plant DD , . . Elk-land' Pa' A 'mn N Y Nelson. Pa. DR. A. B. CAREY WYNKOOP'S GROCERY STORE Elkland, Pa. Osceola, Pa- C H A R T E lf' TRAVER, MILLER, and DYE B U S S E C E Coal and Feed John J. Antonio phqmvggu Ndsan' P.. Lawrenceville, Pa. SERENO'S MARKET Elkland, Pa. SANDY FARME LO Elkland, Pa. ill. A. mates 8: Sun BUY QUALITY FEED wa-lznevsn You CAN THE CHEAPEST KNoxvu.ua, PA. MOREN'S DRESS SHOP Elkland, Pa. 51 .....lL., A -- -,-f- 4---- -xn- FRANK'S CHEVRLOET INC., MAIN STREET ELKLAND, PA. DIAL3331 sa L V W 62.10444- lrnlcegglso Low! ion Hogg.: :uf -eusvhonn 'IIIAII RIIY Ofllll CARI DYKINS STUDIO Addison, N. Y. L. H. FARMELO Elkland, Pa. HUGHES DAIRY Tioga, Pa. .N JULIUS KAYSER 8: CO. Elkland, Pa. Campbellls RED 8: WHITE Osceola, Pa. W' C gx NEIGHBORHOOD srone 0 JOB LOT BUYER DISTRIBUTOR OSCEOLA, PENNA. BE TTINGER AND NEUBAUER Kaiser-Frazer Dealer Addison, N. Y. De Sara's Beauty Salon 'Elk1and, Pa. SCHULTZ MOTOR CO. ,,INC. Telephone 2671 Ellcland, Pa. ' THE MOST POWERFUL cn IN Irs cuss: ' zlwgixh Futura Q CARS g TRUCKS sALss QND senvlc: ' 7 'B .RADIO-ELEC'l'RONlC Sales dr Service PHONE eRJ::N'J' Anfgrugmon. PA.. FBANKM. c U .1Nc. - 10-12 QUEEN srnssr - wnusnono, PA. rnuzrnounsz omcs 4146. mars Am: snnvzcs 4141 II' A 5 5 mf 5 77' ' 'NI ml, ' TIOGA VALLEY RESTAURANT LAWRENCEVILLE, PA. E Ga. 57' X STEUBEN TELEPHONE COMPANY ,f ,:5,,. ,. I .,....i ,.:. E.. Z' .ag .. V Vi.. . , , 4b,, J "'A""" """" 'no 3 3 :vf' i f LAWRENCEVILLE DINER Law renc eville, Pa . R. E. B KER 8: SONS' E HARDWARE Lawrenc eville . Pa . DODDATO'S SODA BAR HOME-MADE ICE CREAM ana CANDY WHOLESALE --- RETAIL ADDISON. N. Y. FRITZ BAKERY , iff: Elkland, Pa. X -I N-'L BEN FRANKLIN CHARLES SURINA M. H. GOOSHAW 58:10 Plumbing and Heating " ELKLAND, PA. Elklanipa' Elkland, Pa. Q HARRY WILLIAMS. M. D. D ."4v l oral CHART'S MARKET Addison, N. Y. WARREN'S PHARMACY ROSS WARREN, Prop. ELKLAND, PENNSYLVANIA W7 NEL1.1E's BEAUTY sHoP Westfield, Pa. WESTERN AUTO STORES A .L Y ' ,- ,. Addison, N. Y. V? I C ' .I I . C. BARKALOW APPLIANCE STORE ADDISON. N. Y. MQDLREENQS KIDDY SH OP Elkland, Pa. AMERICAN HOUSE II. OIIAFPILL, Imp. , tufzh Maia! PAINTED POST, N. Y. 26 UNITS ' 8 GUEST ROOMS YOUR C0111-'EE sHoP .I c C3XevPK - Addison,fN. Y. Phone 14R ADDISON, N. Y. TUTDIFWIEAIR fi X- Fon MEN fa. 'I Ano EN . TI-IE FAMILY SHOE STORE EIHUES ' RUBBERS ' HUEIERY ADDISDN, NEW YEIIQK EATON FLOUR MILLS Eff'-4 tg XIX!! llll LAWRENCEVILLE, PA. . , f . .. . L .YL L 53 Y, .. .4-A - --- -L----A I 1 5 Y 4 gi 1 A--J. ..-,.... .... . I uid 1 i L L G BALFOUR COMPANY 'ld' Class Rings and Commencement Supplies ' Ay ZZ North Franklin Street Wilke s Bar re , Pennsylvania Elmira, N. Y. FITZ WA TER Foon s. ,APPLIANCES Westfield, Pa. ELKLAND DRY CLEANER Elkland, Pa. AVERY'S RESTAURANT , S PE N C E F2 S Elkland, Pa. RE5fAU RAN1' , P . GATES EMCNINCH Elkland a HOTEL SIGNOR Westfield, Pa. Elkland, Pa. J l Davis Variety Store Buffalo Street - Elklilld M9T1'il3t'S Furniture Lawrenceville, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF M A IVV5 E L L E Beauty Shop WESTFIELD, PA. Leon Cao L ---- 'ELKl.aNd,Pa,. Sam See. l y---OSC.Cola,,Pa,. Rf ' Q P CES EA.,-SHOP L.EU.ioTT -'---- Nelsonfa. Coopers Dairy-KNoxvilLe,Pw. ' I 4 1 1 W 4 Knoxville, Pa. C Vonofs MQN Shura--'AddiSoN,N.Y T L D'-UN H ELKLAND , y ELK AN C B u SI N E s s B u RCE A u BSWCS 5mb""A""fS0"'N-Y 1 . Elkland, Pa. ULETA K. MARGRAFF GULF STQTION ACH"5""- I ' F A'S MARKET ERWWNA RESTAURANT 2 ,Q 4g ' LUMAZZ Y. 149' . - 'vffmf PA1N'l'ECf P O-912 5' ' Elkland, Pa. ' ifqfif' 4 ' ' ,QlhaL!L-Av lk F A ' 'ix"?"2ffs ff LM! r', ' fq :- ek ! T0 the Advertisers of the LOUDSPEAKER The staff wishes to express its appreciation. for the splendid cooperation shown by you business and professional people. Had it not been for your kind aid a yearbook of this caliber would not have been possible. We sincerely' trust that the space you purchased will pay off in good will. 56 vxmfffy 94 BUFFALO ' 4 113, at. M, .:. 11- Hof- , ,f 1:3 P5-Y1. PY? fi ' 1 y n- . Q 5 , 1 N- ,.-73. , ' 5 ' 43' '. Lf Q ,, , - ,.,.-' : ' 5 '-5 5-I' I 112 li ,uf 1" H '.-"W :fi 5, ,- f e-- 1 .Qi-' hp' , 4- -55 xl 'I ' ' " 3' , rr . xv' i Q15 J 5 :Q J . . 1. 1 we I .VG 1 - ,J ,. .Ii . . sr .5 'v l L1 s,. , 1 .,5 ,xg 5 . ', V, if 1 f ,U Qgqgg ,- . -gy 'EJ " A -- s' ' s A : Fr LI Y' I A K r L x Y 1 F ? Lu-f ' -f --A-1 ....-4A-L ..1..-....A.- ml

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