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 - Class of 1952

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Rv -W M YY 'YY V H "-'f"'+1-- 5 ET., N Er 1:29 ' : 5, -fb? QQ ' V-2 1 . ff' ' Q 1' XXL. r if-an xVlf?j5gy Qx YMIMQXQV, MW' Wm lfimjwf Wy WV, E M W Xxjffw dx aggf-S. l E31 , I-5 CD- 1 YQLJWU WMM Qt' -fi 7ff1u.M" , jdulfff' ,fgo,,,,,WfffzffzQJ nf. PQ nj Q w,fw0" ,,w,,,1MfW 41' iff Mfwln I, A , I A l KL " I A, . 4421. u 'fax Jzigg 'W 'ff Qff dt , We rg, 51 kj ,Ll-L, 11. Q LL' gig Yf-fx 'H 'ERR t Zig I it LA . EQ 9- I QL CV? 'Q4QfiL CJ. vw x Z-Qjj WZ' My MVN M Qwfwlifv wj,,U7- W W WM Jxjfw if 33,2 1 , KW W9 WMZ W ,fn M www Mifwf W M My V ff K OW Wjkfw? yt . fix F2 I, 2 ,A I - f 41 .- " . ,, H L Qfyzk QW., f'..Lf-,N.e?1,-Mb' W 4'-'LCN-f-L Q Rat., Ll, , Y ,A Y ,ATX mx , gg, A H M ,I ,--N X , , " A w Www W-H- LMLI "wi" 4' NWI-A Q -' ' 514,41 1 4 Q" A W. - L XQ 1 .Q X r' DW 1 .Uh Ufkkxdl' C' ",- 'N"j--'UN N-ilifw "-A "rf 5-f x 1.1 4. 'rv-4-'41,-,Ng , H I - x -- vt LFS., '1xw,b-5-Ah!! if F0 ki' '6JLb'1N.t3X. AV Ii., A Lgulla .J ' ' f CQ A Lf' X' J f if 1 . Q W -Q.: 1 E fx, xxi 1. LJ ll Aja? J? ff If-'fy' La. Lf ,pl,!.4,,L4, Ljgk,-L.--g,Lg-' Q V frki-Atl 4, W. JSfL"CM'X'?-' 5' I flu ' ' 7' fm . - .3 5 f S LL-1.1,-x,f ,. 'SQ 5 U Lf' . . X "-' J f X r.A.""d'!L if ,K A- LL .uv XV x.,,x., W2 X. I f V ' 4f!L.i5-'Q - XM' ,' . x 'A ep ,Jw yy B1 by X X N - Q ss' by . if X 'HE 9,55 ' JV' 9 J 5 ' 0 g K . x 99 M 1 Sy A-5 , -rv . "XI ' ' - Y. - - ,y , ' ' , "!1. , ' , A A" ,. -. . . .afgq-1-Mwhr-v!1vT.4.-r vxvull ,-lj. -, R ' R, V, , , . vw, , ,T r 1-, Is-iff x. 'N I , qw? 'AW P -r' , 4 14 , -1-- kgs'-A 1 , af ., "!TW't'sw 4 ' I tif' "4. 1- -Q ' . .z1"- ,. - M 1 iq?-' - glfa- ' , W ,X .- J M34 0498 ir. I ,QQ '1 '. '1 ' 1 -MI -.- IS v M, 132 , s 2 3 Q - J W-'Ef.,vu1 , ' R, fi 'Fl' W. . I "E .. ' E' fi -"z" A' i' -4. , n.,.. 1' uv .K 1 l , WQJJ 1 ,N Q '13 X -, 'P -'fviffi r ,Q V rvflf-f A w-V-lg.-X.-.H I, 551 i 'L ,v,',r'3,fA,-,I 1' I--ming . . - , 'M :VKX . j.,?1r'f,'5y-!c5.,"," ' f N . f .. . -A - , ,fa , , wf ' ' " " '- ,A .' VQIA ' -4""3W ' ' 4 'Q -' gh- ,Q fy fa'1F'T' - r R wr ,X ,l J- ,Z ft .N . 3. Q". ' ' 'N -, 1' " k-"."'-'1-.'L.f , - . ' " f 'A ' r '- 1' 55131-' 11- ,iq W 1, , :lk ' ' .V V: "N - . . X - 4 , ., . -"- " - V f., - , mil V f ., '.,,J' 'r 1 'W"f . I V ' w ' L ' A "'f.CJ 1' -M ' ' " - ww .HA . : 1 f, V fs "Jr I K +-, MM, . . mb Y J' V, ,W '1ij,.,g, Ji fl' A ' A, :ij my A ' ' ,,. N.--'t 1: kkL. 1A:i ' f': :Q an - fi A' 2 P , 'IZA-Y-n., :kg Avvlgvv.. EI' , , ,F BI , - V I K + 1. 'r -f' -' .J ' A , , ---YZ., , J-:E l ' -- 1- f:.4,,w. ,.--Q," -. vw' .,,' 1 :xr 4 ,, .:. - -'+::,nf, gb. .N 1-l 'Z' , .xg 5 L . ,V ' L fr: "" i . nf Y',3 ' Q1 E21 ' J- ' fl. 7 J: In 4 U 3--I' .Qt ti' 'QNQCA' A . ne- 4: 'H 7' ' ' "':1 "W , - .YI i 1 -T: I V .v V. SJ: I 'iii ,-I A- ,, A . L. - . - ,.. W, ,M 1 V - . , - -5, X Q -4, w gn . ?!v ,1 .r L4 . r 'YWLI , 1 . .- ' .,,- 'L' -. g 'ff "1 -,, e ' -M1 fm -, fi. ,.2 -W5 751 8 . . 'wg 4-wx-vm .1 - A' 7 , 1' , XM. QL, Hb, I '."'v,-Jw' 3' , - .' ' ,- ,1 :' .-41'-gg, Q -V ,. X ' --.Q -.,-,I 1,-f,., :-- , - ' 1 ' 4. h f 'T ,. K-,1 U .., ' -.gp x ::-, L4 7 ,Q 'Q - . -J, ,' 2 ,In U A .-4 ,gt I' .,. , :A ' A Z lg Q . ij M I ' , ., ,.. - Yj , kg 1 fn . .- . F '. , -. ,V ww, , 2 .,n 5--'W "'- ' . .," up I W J I ' - . 1, -'4 f , . ..,, , . V, 1 , .fl i 5 . , "H - "4 . 5 , 'V ., ' J 41+ qi . lj f I 1 ' X "'f ' - ,Q . - Q' If 'Lal Y A ,, '-. wi 'ff . . - -15 ,I . ,, ' N v "-, ' : . ' ' ,254 4 gq . MJ. v ,x . "JO .1191 , - V - ' V1 ew. ' U .I ,,v:':.,: ' f 5 'I ' JL-' ' U .:' n jf- T7 , 15" H' .pff ,257 - 1 , ' 1.3: 4' , " ' "I 1 - - . V J , I 5 ' 1 " ". ' ' 'l A A ' 1 -' . --fs 7 ', v, ' .,,uL'V4.'4. I A 'K 'T i I 1 X vs i "V ' 1 i ' 1, . -A f I. 4 .- . . .I y ,Y I' i, 'w ng , I. V.. P ,AT ,. , ' -. ' rv .' , -V X K f , ,,, . 4 '- ' 4 .1-fwfr," 'T' 1 .WA .X-Q.: . . , . .3 3 Q.-, "' WL 1?Q2'1g Mir, , w ju 150 Ding jllemuvg Qlarolgn .yvauuvile .Dfinhlcg tC0m6ev 9, 1934 April 19, 195' 1- Z I 952 I9 nb . Q , ' . 1 . . u I ' ' 0 , n THE TIGER FOREWORD AND DEDICATION Since the primary reason for writing a Tiger is to commemorate classes of the past and encourage classes ot the future, the Tiger staff teels that this Golden Jubilee book is one in which all students -past, present, and future-should have a distinctive port. Keeping this in mind, the staff has attempted to bring a little of the past into the book, has placed impressively much of the present which, it hopes. will be an inspiration to future students who must carry the torch to all the world. To this aim the Staff dedicates its efforts. mv" l X..-M QW mlQffKCcKC f f rg-ff' f i 5 saF-T-1 2 v if EQZ ?Qi 4-T? 'V 'L ' gxlfgw 2237, 6 I fQ EZ ,Z7 A1 131 , m f, i.-' x?,x4.i-T' N xxx V 5? Wwffflffllflg Rosen 1ef - 1- .-,I - 5 il -'- .1-1-5 Y BOARD OF EDUCATION WturTwsWr1y, Poimfm, HQHZQW, Taylor, President of Board' Brvffey, High SWCXW S mwdscv- OL Assf. Spt. of Sfhooht Johnson, Wi'moH1, Supr. of SKHOOWS fsforwdinqlt Phil'3p5 SA- . ff B4-mi H:-my Hommnn, Principal Mr. Hww ASM. pffrwffpof FACULTY First Row l. to r.: Harris, Borry, Hamilton, Canfield, Secretory: Hume, Cox, Moore. Second Row: Taylor, Beer, Tyre, Horshborger, Clerk, Vondevender, Horsey, Morris, Fest, Speicher Digrnon, Boker, Eib, Woodward, Ervin. Third Row: Moore, Nestor, Pritf, Wimer, Boiley, Phillips, While, Shelton, Sines, Gibson. TIGER STAFF S':'f-ilwq W4 M- v.: Bwuvi-M-N M""" SYN N'-V' L Cm H' Vwwuw fVk1"w A1 , TH!!-'. 1 1 l Br, sv' C 'U--'lm Nl L5 :r1:'wi'f'1v'-1 VV---V'-1. , '2 5 Q A GQ W W X XX X 902 'Wg WY. wmxxxxxxmxxxxxmx NW ...E -,- x R06 ER TE TE R X 5 CQ . ff11f , f ' W" 51aH"!5!!!,,. Illassaaimlllluuaa,axswu w Q mm. X wi 1.... AnIllIllHiE!!!!!!!!lll!!!!!1!!!U!!!!E:af!"Wlimes , X ,f X"' M 2 .Q mx Wm SENIOR HISTORY In September I948, 229 students began their careers as freshmen at Elkins High School. Though green and frightened at first, they soon learned that high school was all they had dreamed of and then some. The year was spent mostly in becoming acquainted and learning their way around. The officers were President ........,..,, Richard Shepherd Vice President ........ Betty Jean Barkley Secretary-Treasurer . . .Vincent Parmesano Student Council .....,. Roger Teter, Carol Evick, Paul Billups Cheerleader ............,... Neva Paul During the sophomore year the students be- gan to take part in various school activities. The task of sponsoring the Inter-Class Tourna- ments fell to the class. Both boy and girl teams won top honors. So ended the second year in Elkins High. The officers were President ,...,.,...... Richard Shepherd Vice President ..., .,.., K enneth Shaffer Secretary ..,... .......4 J anet Jones Treasurer ...,., ......., L uEllo Everett Student Council ..... Roger Teter, Medora Arnold, Eloise Crickard Cheerleader ................ Neva Paul The third year in high school was busy, eventful, and most memorable. The first duties were to raise money for the prom and other necessary activities. During the second semester the class operated the candy store, sponsored a donkey basketball game, sponsored a Sock Hop, and sold candy at all games. Early in February nine members were inducted into the National Honor Society. ln May they completed their biggest proiect, the Junior-Senior Prom. To carry out the theme, "Some Enchanted Even- ing", the gym was transformed into a tropic isle. As school drew to a close, the juniors dec- Page Twelve orated for the Baccalaureate Sermon and for Commencement. On May 25, tired but happy. they completed their third year at Elkins High. The officers were President ......... ..,. M edora Arnold Vice President .... Eloise Crickard Secretary ..... ,......,.... S ue Ware Treasurer ................. June Shimer Student Council . . .Medora Arnold. Marvin Carr, Hazel Kump, Carolyn Findley Cheerleader ............. Wanda Phillips Since our class now, l95l, is composed of dignified seniors, it has left thoughts of money raising and other such duties to the under- classmen and turned its thoughts to graduation and the future. On December 7, it presented the Senior Play, the hilarious Mother ls a Freshman, which has been acclaimed as one of the best senior plays presented. On Febru- ary 20, seniors were inducted into the National Honor Society. As spring approached, they looked forward to Senior Tacky Day, the Bac- calaureate Sermon, Senior Banquet, and at last Commencement. On May 28, ended the four years at Elkins High School. Officers are President ...... .... M edora Arnold Vice President ..., Eloise Crickard Secretary ...,.. ............ S ue Ware Treasurer ....,.,........... June Shimer Student Council . . .Medora Arnold, Marvin Carr, Hazel Kump, Wanda Phillips Cheerleader .................. Carol Evick CLASS MOTTO: Knowledge comes, but wis- dom lingers. CLASS COLORS: Maroon and White CLASS FLOWER: White rose CLASS SPONSORS: Mrs. Lorraine Fest, Mr. E. L. Gibson, Mr. Earl B. Sines, Miss Doro- thea Vandevender SENIOR CLASS CCUNCIL - fms Stumding W. if r.: Kwmp, Cobcriy, Gibson, Adviser: Barkley: SMQ5, Pcs? Vordovcmdov' A065454 Jmdum, Phlwps. Sum:-d I. tw r.: DEA. Wuvg-, Amdd, CI'ILS1KOV'd, SI'WilT1CF,COI'VS. I Medora Arnold Franklin L. Kinle 'africio R. Gordon ymond Binns undo Murphy I Eloise Crlcltard Monica Miller David H. Werner Joan Slaud Robert Lee Hari Carol Eviclc 7 Keith Ufz Patricia Jorda n RA 'W x ri 'V' r A QQ., e 1, S 1 mg lui C Hazel Kump Reber! Carr Clirford Phillips Delores Foy Joyce Betler Donald P. Martin Ronald Ray Doris F. Weese Q 'sa ,,.4 w E. , er- Q 7 is 5 xx i 1 'X it . Xt.-'J Rita Ann lsner Frances C. Altiere Arlyn W. Sleeth Marlyn Haddix Bruce G. Pliares f ,V 9:7 4- l . xx.-ft ffiif Y "1 R 1 'I i W .. X 4 V 4 9 'Wm , A WS- 'A k as Q . v ' 4 in 'C 3 I TQ 'V .R K I Q . x . -4 Jr, Thomas A. Barlow Julia J. Kerens Barbara Rounds Belly Barkley Glendene PriH Jean Hinclwman Beniamin Waugh Marie Tefer James L. Gordon Bernice Sweclrer Vincent Parmesano Jo Ellen Blackwood Robert Morrison Charlotte Coberly Wade N. Watrinq Roger D. Teler Janet L. Messer James R. Slmid Harrie Clingerman Janet A. Jones Frances Heclrel Paul H. Billups Alice D. Hipp Leslie Miller Carolyn Swecler f I IS iisshfxxliif ifvif i L--: - y 5354? VI Fr at ' , as I 'r Sf Sim X, W, .. 'si ,, U.. 'vi y J, , Q4 FE my "' gif '5 M A V. R ,. f ,ws T W wwf' ' H 4 ,ff 3. QA F , J. - jx we iw? , ' .,,... , ff .... "' 4 A-wa, 5' IL I 55 '- J' I ' WS' QL YY , Ii . K .I5 1 I .,., ,R ,A .-fer: Q . ilgn-X 5' I 1' x mieiifu' ' -' ' RTW Q Q, .ff Verle Hadclix Wilda M. Luzia Betty June Byrd Douglas W Moore Anna Mae Curhs Thomas H Shunaberry Lena B Howell Wilcla Newlor' Ruchard E Sarver Mary L Kirkpatrick Wirt D Hamricl: Betty Moyer Thomas W Boxell Lillian Giambro ,fi Louise Horniclr John Campbell Nyo Coberly Melvin J. Henry fiery Alice Everett 43 ,M Thurman Blizzard Constance Gauiot Jean Gooden Bayard Slnimer Anna Rutl1Eviclr Eldon R. Scott, Jr. William Rowe Ida Belle Craft .1 3 ng-gg ,- ,vfj vi . 'T - .. FV. .K .Q . fi LuElla Everett Betty Mac Day Roy L. Bright Gloria C. Cool: Frecl F. Shipp Page Twenty Frances Altiere Medora Ann Arnold Thomas A. Barlow Betty Jean Barkley Joyce Remona Betler Jerry Lou Biller Paul H. Billups Jo Ellen Blackwood Thurman Dole Blizzard William G. Bowers Thomas W. Boxell Barbara Ellen Brown Betty June Byrd Patricia Louise Cade Darlene Caloin John Campbell Ruth Canfield Eugene Carr Marvin Carr, lll Robert G. Carr Hattie Lee Clingerman Charlotte Jean Coberly Nyo Justin Coberly Wilda Marie Coberly Ethel Mae Collett Gloria Carolyn Cook Junior Conley Allen Cosner Ida Belle Cralt Eloise J. Crickard Eleanor Louise Cross Anna Mae Curtis Robert Paul Daniels Betty Mae Day Carol E. Erickson Lu Ella Everett Mary Alice Everett Anna Ruth Evick Carol Jean Evick Donna Jean Fansler Fredricka Gail Frey E. Doyle Gainer Constance E. Gauiot Muriel Warwick Gauiot Shirley M. Gauntt Lillian J. Giambrone Jean Gooden James Lee Gordon Patricia R. Gordon Noida Vonne Grose SENIOR LIST 1951-1952 Marlyn Ann Haddix Verle G. Haddix Blaine H. Hamilton Robert Joe Harman James D. Harper Gilbert Levi Hart Robert Lee Hart Frances Joan Heckel LaVonne Heckel Lois Ann Heckel Mary Frances Hedrick Phoebe C. Hickman Charlotte J. Hinchman Alice Delores Hi p Louise V. Hornicf Kenneth C. House Lena Belle Howell Sarah Jane Huber Glenna Pauline Hunt Glenna Mariiane lsner Richard Lee lsner Rita Ann lsner Fannie E. Jones Janet A. Jones Patricia Jordan Julia Jean Kerens Mary L. Kirkpatrick Nancy Ellen Kisner Wanda June Kisner Franklin L. Kirfle Hazel Turner Kump Franklin Randolph Kyle Chester Fay Lambert Dwight Linger. Jr. Willa Mae Luzier Helen Markley Charles A. Martin Donald Paul Martin Janet Louise Messer Leslie Orland Miller Monica Jane Miller Douglas Moore Martha Lou Moore Robert Milton Morrison Harriett Jean Mullenix Wanda Jean Murphy Charles Christopher My Max Elton Myers Wilda. Ruth Newlon GFS Wilda Delores O'Dell Vincent Parmesano' Neva Alene Paul Elizabeth Ann Perchan Bruce Glenn Phares Marilynn Jewell Phares Calvin E. Philli s Clifford Ray PFillips Wanda E. Phillips Marion Glendene Pritt Susan Mercur Pusey Lillie Ramsey Ronald Ray Frank Rogers Barbara Jean Rounds William Rowe Richard Eugene Sarver Eldon Richard Scott, Jr. H. Brown Scott, Jr. Kenneth Shatter James Russell Shaid Roy Phil Shitlett Ethel June Shimer George Bayard Shimer Thomas H. Shinaberry Fred F. Shipp Arlyn W. Sleeth Joan Regina Staud Janet Pauline Stoller Bernice Eileen Swecker Carolyn Lou Swecker Conrad D. Swick Phyllis l. Taylor Roger D. Teter Paul Thompson Loma Tingler William Triplett Keith Allan Utz Frances B. Vance Helen Jean Wamsley Claudette Sue Ware Wade Nelson Watring Beniamin Lloyd Waugh Doris Fay Weese Wilis L. Weese David H. Werner Rose Arveta White Deloris Jean Wimer Bennie Lee Wood SENIOR PLAY The class ol '52 chose to produce Raphael David Blau's hilarious comedy, Mother ls a Freshman, as this year's senior play. But atter many trials and tribulations on the part ol all those concerned, the play proved to be one ot the most successful ever presented. To Mrs. Knox Wilson, the director, go the class's sincere thanlcs tor a splendid iob ol directing, It also wants the sponsors to lcnow that their invaluable advice and endless patience were appreciated. Mother ls cs Freshman is the tast-moving story ol college lite concerned with the entrance ot an attractive widow as a treshman into the same small college where her daughter was a sophomore. The outcome ot the ensuing romantic and academic complications was anybody's guess. Members ot the cast were Abigail Abbott , Susan Abbott Bobo Jaclcson , Professor Michaels , , Mrs. Miller , . Sylvia . , t-tazel Kump .. Susan Pusey .James Shaid .. .l-larold Scott ., Patricia Jordan . Jo Ellen Blackwood Constance Gauiot , . Carol Eviclc . Nyo Coberly , , .Janet Stoller Medora Arnold Kenneth Shatter Bunny . , t-lelen Carrie Clara Marge . Jaclc . t-lowie , Thomas Barlow Bill , . . , . Charles Myers Dean Gillingham , ..Vincent Parmesano Page Twontyfone 1 la- xi 1 U N f 4 Q 4 1 , ,fA ' iam ' 1 ,Q if , ga- fri? 3 M ii 'E' if .QV ,I wifi I pr. Q 9' , A ll. . ,- V7 11' Ym ,ga in K I K" fl X is CLDSSES J' N V f JR fy W9 ,Qjfr Q Kr' f f mx . fx Www Q + g ' T'-:Rx -, 1- - 4 h ,A gif, in 19V :QR 54 :'2 '55 W Q l1vJ'Q , , 8,".,'1'g L Q Q S -Q 1+ Q' .. -fi ,i if f if 1 V , , ' " . - X , Q VQ5,Al gr sg ,. X' W' ,X A 6 fl 4 " 3 5 3? g M im Vgk. kiwi fk ii?" W , ' - 'Lf 1 Y ' 'Y If .3 13 A L ty V, - any ' , 'f f . ' 'fa 5 an j' 'L., 4, A :ru , ,,' u ., , Tf . ' :V wtf I- af 'ul' Q 3, QQ ,-9 Q -Q V 5 , M , , , h , .: at 1 ' . A A 7. VZ W ,i w ',., ., ., ,Q i -E. B Qu.,-Sf' X! . L Eg V' I: 'M-4: E7 " 8 M m , ., 1 ,S 1' V2 ' : " - ' n A W K - ' A Qt 4 2 " 4 3- ' m , .W Q. H, Mya.. , , gmt g.,-.-"5Q'-'- , , - 5 U4 K 2 IP. ?'4C,5v t ,fe'w'. . ."' s 'DW , u - r 4 52, 'mx-3 " 1 -0- R ' 9- 4 . Wi QQ: 44- 4 ',,-gal? Q , - . N ' , . 4, ,. . f. . Jx32,.vAf '. up - -I.. Q1 ,pf .f M 4, J J '- III .v M -1 . 1' A ' A A Q 1 , V :N I 'Ag ' 3 ' 5' A Q "xk ' Wk " N J Y .41 M , , 5' uit , 'EL A . 5, V. V , nk guru 0. F. 4 ., X ,,, K v if X vi-!5!' fa x 4 M Q 'f ly ' L P-Syffie . it-Qiiig " 'ibn in ' ,fsfif jf A-W A ' ,. w4'4 K 5 T21 'T' 3, it mv .2 9 uv Z .Y A ,f V V X ' 0 " 4 my .f 4 Jr? 5 :.g?'i..iA . I . ,lk -. X R rim al 1. 3 J: 'N 3 .. Mr 1 Fm If if x as LI' 54 54 ?5'Q!F9?E?'5 fs S 'fy wi' :AY 4g'2'l 'ti "'.., 'J ,his 4 As !Y',up,:A,q K in '65 N . ' 3. M dx Q 5, .w ill 5,,, sw Y, V f, , ,uf 4. 5 'wi ' l N. Y ti M "S K . 1: 5 , h fu W M. 5, 5- '2vQ1 52. 1 f 1 f I 4 i i 1 it 'K ,, 5 U n 1 in 1 gf!-rv? . "lf I. , ,. ' L y A ',, 'V 'lglyng 5. .V .I 3. 1 Q 2 'E' f 555 Q. 'fs 1 , 1 2 4 " - AV 1 I A ..w :-925' V V., Sim .t L 1- . I V .9-4 3 1- 'J -Uv ,,l4, . C ,. als vga , N-.1 Q I-Ci i 54-x A 'IIN ' . 4 ' ' 1- vs' 1.3 :JA Q - ,Q . U fag! W 3, X JM r ,L V, ' 2, V i 5 i " -. 'fr-V .,L'k k E he M ykikl K :di 8, 5 ' Q' A A M ff. If 4 Ui. 13 'ne I b wifi .. 4 ! SX-i-4 .g g4-aw, 'Q 'fu . Wu 51 N 1 95, 5, xi L--.21'f., my gf. H! 1' 'ax .15 g.,rLAwqA! .f 9 is Qs 'mit' N BPS 1? - -nv uf' E. M sb' , . i E R. 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K m E x I 2 3 1 5 5 7 8 IO I4 5 19 20.21 2- 24 2627128 W 2 zu 34 o 9 'To if Page Thirty-four ffl' -'l.. STUDENT COUNCIL One of the oldest organizations in Elkins High is the Student Council which was organized in I933. The purpose of the Student Council is to aid in internal adminis- tration of the school. Representatives are elected from the various classes, clubs. athletic and music departments. The Student Council has been very active this year. Among the many projects undertaken were registration of freshmen and distribution of handbooks, presentation of first assembly, printing football and basketball programs. maintaining an active lost and found service, selling paper and pencils, and welcoming new students. One of the special proiects was the writing and producing of a tive minute radio program twice a week which brought a report of the school's activities to the community. The Student Council also inaugurated a special school wide "Courtesy Week". On October 2l, 22, and 23, Marvin Carr, Wanda Phillips, David Urey, Joan Beal, Medora Arnold, and Miss Tyre attended the State Student Council Conference at Jackson's Mill. At this conference David Urey was elected to the State Vice- Presidency. In February several members attended the Youth Leadership Conference at West Virginia University. Elkins High is also active in North-Central District Stu- dent Council work. Miss Mary Tyre is the sponsor. The officers are as follows: President ...........................,....,....,..... Marvin Carr. Ill Vice President ....., . .... Wanda Phillips Secretary ..,.... ........,. .... H a zel Kump Treasurer ...., ....,...,......... ..... D a vid Urey F. H. A. The Future Homemakers of America is one of the service clubs of Elkins High School. To become a member, one must be enrolled in the Home Economics Depart- mentor have completed one year of home economics. This year the F.H.A. pledged tive-hundred dollars to the F.H.A.-F. F. A. Camp Fund, participated in the World Christmas Festival, celebrated National F. H. A. week, gave Christmas presents to the children in local hospitals, and awarded a forty dollar scholarship to a senior girl interested in this course. Activities were a Halloween party, Initiation and Election banquets, Christmas dance, and the spring formal. The officers are President .........,. . .,...... June Shimer Vice President ...... Elizabeth Wilmath Secretary ,.,... ,,,. ...... L i nda Goodwin Treasurer , ...... ,, .... ........ P eggy Droppleman Song Leader ..... ..........,,., .....,. J u ne Ann Harshbarger Student Council ...... .....,..,.......,..... B etty Jane Barkley Advisers ....,.. .,..Misses Margaret Cox, Dorothea Vandevender TRI-HI-Y . The purpose of the Tri-Hi-Y is "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character." As the sister organ- ization of the Hi-Y the two clubs worked together in decorating the Y.M.C.A. and the "Cave" for the Christmas holiday and sponsored the "Can Dance" which pro- vided food for needy families. Some of the service projects carried out by this club during the year were a Thanksgiving basket taken to a needy family, Christmas gifts to the Insane Institution at Weston, redecorating the "Cave", and giving an Easter party for the residents at the Children's Home. Delegates attended the state meeting at Jackson's Mill. Devotions were presented to the student body once a week and daily during Lent. The Tri-Hi-Y attended six different churches as a group and attended twice with the Hi-Y club. A number of social activities were en'oyed during the year: a Thanksgiving semi-formal dance, Hi-Y-Tri-Hi-Y Birthday and Valentine parties. New members were inducted into the organization at a very impressive Mother- Daughter Tea. Officers were installed at the May Banquet. The officers are President ...........,.,.......,...................... Wanda Phillips Vice President .... ...,....,..,........,. B arbara Brown Secretaries ..... ..... E loise Crickard, Elizabeth Wilmoth Treasurer ...... .. ,... . .................... Patricia Jordan Student Council .... .......... , ........,....,........... J oan Beal Advisers ......... ..... M iss Grace Taylor, Miss Mary Katherine Baker si -.--i2-.5.l:.,.m- ......l.'..s. .-Js4f51...A It 12... : ...E x L. -. fi 4. U rl i A If rg., !,:' 'nv Q55 I- ... W.. fx' .y . M .L YSWR 3 s ,.,k A if 5 F fa! 'Arcs H, Y lv-"l 57 3- . 1' ff? 4fr', 9' ELKxus TR -HAI - Y J -5 WY' J 1 xx Six! 5 J 5 Page Thirty-six A. R. D. The A. R. D. is the newest social club in Elkins High School, having as its co- sponsors, Mrs. Rex Beer and Miss Ida Mae Cantield. This year the club had thirty-three members who were selected by popular vote trom the junior and senior classes. The activities tor the year included the initiation banquet, a slumber party, the Christmas dance, the spring Formal and the installation banquet. The otticers tor the past year were President .........,......,... . ...,... Hazel Kump Vice President ................ .... M arlyn Haddix Secretary ...... .... B arbara Rounds Treasurer ....... ......., B etsey Perchan Historian ........., Wilda Ruth Newlon Student Council ........... Sue Ware B. l. P. The B. l. P. is the oldest social club at Elkins High School, being organized in l93O by Mrs. K. S. McKee, a tormer taculty member. Early in the beginning ot each school year, Mrs. Katherine Clark, the club's adviser, gives on initiation banquet. Since this club is a social one, many al its act- ivities are social in nature. But in addition to dances and slumber parties, the club carried on many civic projects such as giving a Halloween party tor the children at the West Virginia Children's Home, selling tickets tor the March at Dimes Dance, and donating to the March ot Dimes. ln order to carry on its many activities, the club sold Christmas and novelty cards. Each year tor its assembly program the club presents a play. The B. l. P. has trimmed the tree tor the Yuletide season annually since its organization. The sponsor and otticers are A Adviser ..,............. .... M rs. Katherine Clark President ,..,.., ..,,,....... N eva Paul Vice President ....., Wanda Phillips Secretary ...,,.. ...,.,.... J ocn Staud Treasurer ....,,... , .,.. La Vonne Heckel Student Council .. . ,.... Phoebe Hickman G. A. A. The Girls' Athletic Association ot Elkins High School is a long established club ot service. To gain entrance to its lolcl is an honor that many girls desire. The club is composed ot members ot the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. It is the duty ot each girl to stress sportsmanship, loyalty, and fair play in her school activities as well as her daily lite. Annual events, sponsored by the G. A. A. that are ot wide interest as well as enjoyable, are the Homecoming and May Fete. Other activities include dances, slumber parties, banquets, and a basketball team. The otticers are President ...... ..... A nna Ruth Eviclr Vice President ........ Carol Evick Secretary ..... .... B etsey Towler Treasurer ....... ..,..... .... J e well Phares Student Council . .. ..,....,.,...,. Barbara Brown Adviser .. ..,.... ..... M iss Elizabeth Harshbargdr nl t .l 44- A 6' .,,, "TP ., . if -XV '49 49' ,wt hiv MZ.. 1 '41, 'Z' -- fu ,Q fr v vu. u-if f-'-"?""""I s 1 Q IAF. vt? 1,2 cit- Q'? 73' NJ X-Lf Page Thirty-eight HI-Y The Elkins Hi-Y club, the tirst one to be tounded in the state ol West Virginia, was organized January 29, 1919, by C. H. Newland who was then General Secretary of the local Y. M. C. A. The club was tirst known as the Hi-Y Bible Class, but one year later it became the Hi-Y Club. The purpose of this organization is taken from its pledge. "To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards ol Christian char- acter." The club builds its program ol activities around its platlorm ot clean speech, clean scholarship, clean sportsmanship, and clean living. This year there are forty-tive members in the Hi-Y. During the school year several service projects were conducted, the largest one being the annual Christmas "Can Dance". Members ol this club attend one of the churches ot our cit as a group once each month and conduct the devotionals at the weekly assembly pro- grams. The annual minstrel, a banquet, and a dance were other club activities. The officers are President ...... ...... H arald Scott Vice President ...... Douglas Moore Secretary ...... ......... J ames Wilson Treasurer . . ........ . .. ..... Thomas Hume, Jr. Chaplain .......,........... ......... P aul Billups Student Council Representative .. ...... Bennie Wood Adviser ..................... .Earl B. Sines KEY 'CLUB The Key Club is one oi the more recently organized clubs ol Elkins High. lt was chartered by Key Club International in April, 1949, and is sponsored by the Elkins Kiwanis Club. This year the Ke Club assisted the Kiwanis in their annual March ot Dimes Radio Talent Show, soid Christmas trees, presented one ol the weekly assemblies, and took part in the homecoming celebration, the all-school carnival, and the May Fete. Representatives were sent to the Key Club International Convention in Miami, Florida, in June, 1951, and to the West Virginia Key Club District Convention at Fair- mont, April 19, 1952. This was the Key Club's most successtul year, and it hopes to be able to attain a higher record in the future. This club is sponsored by Hugh Nestor, .Joseph Ervin, and Charles Phillips. The otticers for 1951-52 are President ............. ....., B ennie Wood Vice President . .. ... .... Wade Watring Secretary ................... ..... M arvin Carr Treasurer ..................... ......... N eil lrons Student Council Representative . ..... Thomas Hume F. F. A. The Future Farmers of America, or F. F. A. as it is known, is the state and nation- al organization ot, by, and tor boys studying educational, non-protit farm youth or- ganization al voluntary membership, designed to develop agricultural leadership, character, thrift, scholarship, cooperation, citizenship, and patriotism. Its members learn through participating experiences how to conduct and take part in public meet- ings. to speak in public, to solve their own problems, and to assume civic responsi- bilif . The F.E.A. is an intra-curricular part ot vocational education in agriculture in the public school system. This group ol students is sponsored by Mr. Phillips, Vo- Ag instructor. The otticers this year are President ..... Vice-President . .. .Paul Daniels . . .Arlyn Sleeth Secretary ..... . . .Joe Harman Treasurer ..... Reginald Knutti Reporter ....... . . . ..... Jack Pingley Student Council ...Paul Daniels Parliamentarian .Bayard Shimer Parliamentarian Kenneth Shields 4 s if ,um ,SG f, 1 ,wx ,-'M' 9 1 if M .Q 33 if fr if ,QQ 5 4' as., Ola ,,,,...- log ,4- ,III w.4,, I'-KW! Ns: -1' 1,. .Q afgi. 7 Page Forty NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Membership in the National Honor Society represents the achievement of the highest honor which may be conferred upon an Elkins High Student. Each year in February a limited number ot students from the junior and senior classes are inducted into the organization which is known as the Fasces Chapter and was established in our high school in I933. The principles ot this national organization are Character, Service, Leadership and Scholarship, characteristics that personiiy the reasons for which schools are main- tained. Those students who most nearly obtain the goals set up by the organization are rewarded with membership. The sponsor is Mr. Hume. The otticers are President ....... ..,. C arolyn Findley Ideceasedl Vice President ..... ........... . , . . ,Bruce Phares Secretary4Treasurer .... ............ S ue Ware Student Council .... .... E Ioise Crickard CAFETERIA TIGER CUB STAFF xx, if 5,6 '.. .F Ng., Rx I ,Af '1 6 1 ' bg 'Fx 3-1 J!! Y CMI:-vb'-.ide-v K r- l Lv Birluf-X, J W W5 Ord Arno R tw Evuk Q Drwm Molwrs iihlf JTLZRET Dub Phcaws ard Bw lv S.1'fruTu MV. PAIVL C. NVVM-my H H C v M1 pOb9vT MJJT Asslsr Robm'fSH:1.-.fv'qF1!lF1 fr v C ni osswstunw ATH LETICS . ,4---4 G CE eg '15 . : ef g' 0 X I Q1 xo' Q X X X f f I Z m mWm 6 xi X 'V S Vw FOOTBALL The Elkins High Tigers had their best foot- ball season since l945. The orange and black, under Coach Wimer and Assistant Coach lrwin, lost two games but won eight. The Tigers, with ten lettermen from last year, lost to Washington Irving of Clarksburg and Allegheny of Cumber- land, Maryland. THE GREATS OF '51 AND '52 Dorse Sherman, who sparked the Tigers by his brilhant signal calling and ball handling, was selected on the Big Ten and Third All-State Teams. Dorsey is a junior and will be back to play for the Tigers next year. This was Dorseyfs third varsity year. Raymond Binns, a senior halfback, was one of the hardest fighters in spite of being the lightest man in the starting line-up. Raymond is in the Navy. James lsner, also a junior, was another standout in both offensive and defensive play. Jim will be back next year and large things will be expected from him. Robert Georgeson played his last year of eligibility this year. "Popy" was outstanding in offensive play, and near the end of the sea- son he was a standout on defensive. He will be greatly missed next year. Sammy Runner, a hard-fighting center, was injured part of the season. While Sam was in action, he gave a fine account of himself. Sam- my is a junior and will be back next year. Robert Cain, another junior, was unani- mously elected captain alter the Victory game. Bob was picked on the Big Ten team and re- ceived honorable mention on the All-State team. Bob will be back for another year and is expect- ed to make an excellent showing. David Rice played his first year of football lor Elkins this year. "Dave" is a sophomore and will have two more years of varsity ball: he should continue to be an outstanding blocker and tackler. David received honorable mention on the Big Ten and All-State Teams at the guard positions. James Welker, a junior, was most valuable on both offensive and defensive. Jim received Page Forty-tour honorable mention on the Big Ten and particu- lar honorable mention of the All-State Team: he will also be in there fighting next year. Jim played the tackle position well. David Werner, a senior tackle, played his second year of varsity ball this year and was outstanding in defensive play. David will be greatly missed next year. Neil Canfield, a junior, was a good blocker and pass receiver. Neil received honorable mention on the Big Ten Team, and great things will be expected from him next fall. Stewart f-lowell, who took over at end when injury struck, is a sophomore. Stewart was one of the best blockers on the squad. l-te also re- ceived honorable mention on the Big Ten. Pete Weese, a substitute fullback, did a swell job when called on. Pete is a sophomore and will be back next year. Bennie Wood, a senior and one of the lightest men on the squad, was a fine tackler and pass receiver. Bennie did a crack-up job when he was put into a ball game. John Canfield, another sophomore and the heaviest man on the squad, did a fine job at guard when called upon. Michael Nuccilli, also a sophomore, played his second year of varsity ball this year. Al- though he was out part of the season with an old in'ury, Mike was an excellent passer and pass defender and did a fine job at halfback when substituted. Fred Irwin, a junior quarterback, was an excellent passer and ball handler. Fred, a hard fighter, has another year of varsity ball. William Rennix, another junior, was a sub- stitute guard on both offensive and defensive. Bill also has another year of varsity play. Roy Messenger, also a junior, did a wonder- ful job at center when the regular center was injured. Roy also has one more year of varsity play left. Elmer Semones, a substitute fullback, was a good blocker and line bucker. Elmer always did his best when called upon. He also is a junior and will be back next year. ' ,www -f-, p .Wi '15 . v h V .3 m 1 . 'A .. 'l"7 M-' ,N ,Q . ibsf- , lf' ,Q -1. x ,S 5, ,vii .,I .11 iii, 2. ff-"W Jr' , .. flf Q ' ..- K X , . QF 1 a V is li 'Iii' Q X xi,gs,1' X 'V X Q x wk if " if '- + 5531 1 Ez, 5 Ml 2' ' lf'3S+' N ,FW 'mi Q " 'N' J ik. W is 55, W x ,x Q , Q f x gk iq' , ' .Ya K n , Q, ,wg A .. f 5' , , --vw J" 1 - M W Q. . 3 N , V nz, ,eg iff' 3 KWUTQ xv ' rf. , X iw - f' k' 'fp f . in -xx , Q if A g , M Q' " 4 -:fix Nj A A Q M, refs. 19 . 4.4:-, ., A K 'Sis ,W - V, T43-f as , ' .,. 4 ,gi N E Q is SIE, lk 5 vi 1 ,, V u wiv q . , -53 ' ws 1 if R - A 1 ' -f H M F225-5 NH lf' . -F21f . f"f"? un' JL-.55 f , Q . pl XA S gf Qi' "' r 1 341 . K X .- Q gm . . f' Q - ., " K - x if ,- ,- 4, ' V' ,I x i 'YQ 59,-. f gy 1. Q Q. 5 ' 3' Wfx S' Q x W fr- fig A A Egg 'N Ja ' V' - 4 . Y ,iso ' 1 'Q2E+iw' 2ks , Q f Y 1- -. Six A ' x ' ,,.WQ.f,! Q, im .gf 7 .M , Mx'-" ' -9 ' x 5 ' -yt Hell Y 541 ', - ' f K ' - , , K ,v Qgmg' I is M I .VOR its X, , N pf. , A , M, ' ,V :fm ' Q ., . if , I l Q , ' , f ' f 'K' - - A Q I K .- A 5 . . gi . , ',X,k-Jgfgjif, , M Lv v Nj ,M ' gui x g A, ,' '1' .rgfm m, l,, . 'A , fx L. fc h, ' H '- 1' m ' pf n ' 'I .px 2 , ' , I X A 'euwfi 'fiQg,,i,, :,.3.- - ,, '. ., ,A . . I," 5--2,23 J 5, 'Q 1? E-I , Bw 0' -9- ,Ji f I N , K lik K j, , ,QM 4 X Q js G M ' W ,, ., " N' afrfl 'K 7 - U j',, - ,' 4 ,.,4 ' in 'N me'+,LAAA I, X A ,. H , , . i . . , , M. A ' A A 165- , a M 1 w, Q A ' Q- -V ss? , . ff 0 Q. - '.si,g,,'!'QlaPN' rf A 6 ' ' , M - Q. ,H .f all A' , f h . - X KU +1 iq. agiwlv N 9+ E ' 1 QQ R 1'-"vi . -3 A 5 ix. H A 4- wkg Q .J xx Q. - LV rf Y t .ff Q ' Q 9 A 3 ' 1 i 4 " ,Q K X FA, XY' 1 Lgwpi. - X .N ' X A. 'Q WU, I , - nf. - 9 , 5 - xifgttgq.-giL- .. X . M lm ,qmxigi N Y-.f N " Q I -4 A .. 'bjfixg A W y . mf A p s K 'win' LA ,. ' , x. ,C Jkfu- .5 X I W -9, . A Q A Lf uk jr, J' -fs Ti. A X 'L - H , e I 41' 3 x ' w ., Y v, 41 B E, , 3 . Lt 4' V- V." , 'q 2 A, , ' ' pig Q 51 5. . , . .-1 - v 3 4,3 -1' 5 N Aww., ,IE-Egjr-P "W:-M, ,L ST LINE GQE 0. . W 'lf' F, U ti I A, A f, is - ,'Afff5: Q XR at BASKETBALL Coach Wimer, having lost seven ot the twelve letter men and three ol the tirst tive, began building what shaped into one ol the best baslcetball teams Elkins had had lor many years. Robert Morrison, a senior who played guard and was elected captain, was out' standing in his rebound worlc and last brealcing. Bob is a hard tighter and will be greatly missed next year. Bruce Phares, who played lor the tirst time with the Tigers this year, was one ol the best rebound players Ellcins has had. Bruce is a senior: his services will be missed in '53. Bayard Shimer, another senior, was an outstanding pivot man and a good ree bounder. Bayard would be an asset in any line-up. Dorsey Sherman, a iunior and a three-year letterman, is an excellent all round player and one ot the lastest athletes Ellcins has ever had. He is noted as a team player. Dale Phares, also a iunior, is the tallest man lb' 7"l ever to wear the orange and blaclc ol Elkins High. Dale was the other pivot man and was a good rebound man. Dale also has another year. Robert Cain, another iunior and a returning letterman, played good ball when called upon. lvlilce Nucilli, a sophomore, is also a lelt-over man from last years team. Mike is one ol the best shots onthe squad and has a good tighting spirit. David Werner, a senior, was a tine rebounder and was a hard tighter. David will be missed as a good substitute. Pete Weese, a sophomore, did a swell iob on the last brealc and handling the ball. Pete will be baclc next year. Franklin Wimer, also a sophomore, did a tine iob when called upon to play in a ball game. Fred lrwin, a iunior, always played a time tloor game when substituted into a ball game. Neil Cantield, also a junior, gave a good account ol himsell while in a ball game. TCURNAMENTS On Thursday, March 6, the Tigers played Parsons in the Sectional Tournament. The Tigers won in what was about the slowest game ot the year. The score was three to one at the end ot the tirst quarter in tavor ot Elkins. But the Tigers got started and went on to win 42 to 24. The Tigers placed Bayard Shimer, Dorsey Sherman, and Dale Phares on the All-Tournament team. This victory sent Elkins l-ligh to the Regional Tournament which was held at Buckhannon, West Virginia, March T4 and IS. REGIONAL TOURNAMENT The Elkins Tigers went into the regional as the favored team. The Tigers got att to a fast start to build up a ten point lead only to see the Buckhannon team come tighting back and play a "nip and tuck" ball game in the tourth quarter, as they out-scored the Tigers. The Elkins team went down to deteat in the last two minutes in one ot the roughest games the Tigers have played in a long time. Dale Phares was high point man in the tournament and was also picked on the all tourney team. The tinal score was 60 to 58 in favor of Buckhonnon. Thus Elkins High ended her T952 contest. Page Forty-seven 4181 TRACK In April ol I95I Coach Wimer started working with what he thought to be a very fine track team, The Tigers won the First Annual Inter-Mountain Relays and the Big Ten, and placed third in the Regional, in which fifteen men were qualified for the state meet and in which Elkins finished twelfth with a total of five points. Scoring points in the state meet were Neil Irvine, who tied for first in the pole vault, and John Greathouse, who finished fourth in the mile run. TRACK SCORES FIRST ANNUAL INTER-MOUNTAIN RELAYS I. Elkins . . , , . , . , 78 7X8 4, East Fairmont . 52 318 2. Washington-Irving .. 65 IXI4 5. Parsons , , . II U2 3. Morgantown .,, . .. , ., 52 5,68 6, Grafton ., IO 7, Buckhannon ..,, . .. 4...... .. . O BIG TEN MEET I. Elkins .... 75 4. Morgantown 37 I 2 2. East Fairmont .. . 66 5. Gralton .. I2 I 2 3, Washington-Irving ... 6I 6. Buckhannon 5 REGIONAL MEET I. Washington-Irving .. 69 4. East Fairmont . 4I 2. Morgantown , 68 I,'2 5. Grafton . , 20 3. Elkins . . 62 IXZ 6. Buckhannon ., 7 STATE MEET I. Stonewall Jabkson . .. ..,,. ,65 I2, Elkins ... , ...... .,,,.. , .. 5 The Iettermen are John Greathouse, captain: Denny Wood, Dorsey Sherman, Robert Georgeson, Dorman Phillips, James Isner, Harry Duggan, Bill Triplett, Ray mond Binns, Fred Irwin, Frank Rogers, Robert Coin, Bayard Shirner, Robert Morrison Neil Canfield, Don Coberly. Managers: James McColIam, Don Durrett. FOQTBALL SCORES Won 8 Lost Home Games We 2l .... ..... B elington . . 21 .... ..... B uckhannon , , . 21 .... ..... M organtown ..., I4 .,.. ,.... R oosevel+'Wilson , . . I3 .... ...,. W ashingfon-Irving .... 45 ..,. ..... P arsons ........,.. Abroad Games We I8 .... ..... V icfory ,....,. 27 .... ..... E os? Fairmont . .. 6 ..,, ..... W eston ....... 0 .... ,..., A llegheny ..., BASKETBALL SCORES Home Games We 45 ,,.. ..... A lumni ,...,. 51 .... ..... G rafton ...... 47 ,... ...., T ygarts Valley . ,. 66 .... ..,.. P arsons .,,.,..,... 5l .... ...,. W ashingfon-Irving . . . 46 .... ...., M organfown ...... 44 .,.. ...,. V ictory ...,..... 68 .... ..... W esfon ...,.. 40 .... ..... B uckhannon ..... 59 .... ...,. R oosevelf-Wilson . . . 82 .... ..... B elingfon ..,..... Games Away We 53 ..., ..... B elington .,., 40 ..,. ..... R ichwood .,.. 47 .... ..,.. B uckhannon , . . 54 .,,. ..... G raffon ..... 48 .... .,.., M orgontown . . 40 .... ..,.. T ygarfs Valley . . , 7l ..,. ,.... W esfon ..,.,...... 57 .... ..... W oshingfon-Irving . . . 72 ,... ..4., P arsons ....,....,. 65 .... ..... V icfory .... .... 2 They 6 6 7 7 ....28 ....25 They ....l3 ....2O O ,...28 They ....43 ....34 ..,.37 ....47 ....39 ..,.35 .,..36 ....32 ..,.38 .,..39 ....43 They ....44 ....39 ....44 ,...55 ....38 .,.,4I ...,43 ,...4I ....52 ....73 Page Forty-nine Page Fifty BASKETBALL RECORD The Tigers started their basketball season at Belington in what turned out to be a very sluggish game on the part of the Elkins team: however the Tigers won 53 to 44. The next en- counter was at Richwood with Elkins winning. 40 to 39, in a hard fought game. as neither team was ahead more than five points at any time. Then the Tigers played the Alumni and were also the winners of that game which was a well played game. The final score was 45 to 43. After the Alumni game the Tigers met Grafton, which was no match forthe Elkins team. The Tigers came through on top with a good fast-break which worked almost at will. The score at the end of the fourth quarter 5I to 34. Then the Tigers won over the Bulldogs of Ty- garts Valley that showed Elkins playing a slow break type of ball. The Tigers went to Buckhan- non where they played a fast game and handed the boys there their first loss of the season with a 47 to 44 score. The Parsons team also fell by the wayside as the Tigers got hot in the sec- ond hall and won by a 66 to 47 score. The first Elkins loss came after seven straight wins. The Grafton team outplayed the Tigers to squeeze out a 54 to 55 victory. The Tigers then went to Morgantown to start the come back trail and finally downed the Clydemen 48 to 38. Next the Tigers clashed with the Wash- ington-Irving Hilltoppers from Clarksburg, who could not match the fastbreak of Elkins. The Tigers dumped the Hilltoppers 51 to 39. The next game was a return match with Morgan- town. The Tigers again slowed down the at- tack, caught the Clydemen off guard, and went on to win 46 to 35. The Victory Eagles of Clarksburg came to town and played the Tigers one of the closest games of the year. Elkins won the game by holding Victory to 36 points while getting 44. The Tigers went to Mill Creek for a return game only to be beaten in the lost seventeen seconds after being behind at one time ll to 3. The Elkins team fought uphill all the way only to lose 4l to 40. The next night the Tigers started on the come back trail once again. They used the fastbreak to win decisively over the fighting Minutemen of Weston who never gave up but were defeated 68 to 32. Buckhannon played Elkins on her home court in one of the closest games of the year. Elkins managed to dump in a field goal with less than half a minute to play. The final score was El- kins 40 Buckhannon 38. Elkins then went to Weston to ploy a return game with a hard fight- ing team. Elkins again used the fastbreak to take the game by a 7l to 43 score. The Tigers' next opponent was Washington-lrving. They won over the Hilltoppers by using the fastbreak to go out ahead in the early part of the game to win 57 to 41. The Tigers played Roosevelt-Wilson also of Clarksburg in a fairly easy game. but the Presidents were quite a bit out of form. The final score was 59 to 39. The Tigers next played Parsons and were never ahead more than five points until the middle of the third quarter: when the score was 35 to 34. the Tigers pulled away to win finally 72 to 52. After six wins the Tigers were dumped by a red hot Victory team which showed very excellent shooting. The final score was Victory 73 Elkins 65. The Tigers then played Belington and used the fastbreak once again to win. Elkins won by a large margin. The Hnal score was Elkins 82 Belington 43. Thus the Elkins High School Tigers of l95l- l952 finished a very successful season winning I8 games while losing only three, winning the Big Ten Championship, and having an unde- feated home season. W 1 N g.,,, 1 X i.-few!! Q ' WWWUIIIIHWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWMIIUIHMWVM. V I '"llllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII lll'-- ., llgi--., ii' I :n:l:n::n. . I Q g .I I :.1:2:l::l:l: llllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 'I'-'u'u':'fl ::!!:u:l:l:m: W E:1::2::g2-I: f .U v s q'l ::1E:2E:2:f:l .Z ":":":"" "i"'Z "."n'v2e' "U" N' xl I5 I Q' I' ll """"'-'-' ' Nt!-"vi-'-' I xg:lu:.s:.: x::n::u:l . A -Ivflf V-. Pl "' -237: 0 ol Il ll lllllh IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIHHI Hlllml ELKINS HIGH SCHOCDL BAND Although the Elkins High School band is smaller than it was last year, the cleti- ciency in number is compensated tor by its enthusiasm. The instrumentation this year consists ot tour basses, tive horns, eight trumpets, twelve Bb clorinets, one Eb clarinet, two tlutes, tour saxes, tour trombones, two baritones, one oboe, eight snare drummers, bass drum, cymbals, eight sponsors, and two managers. The band attended various celebrations, among which were the Firemen's Par- ade at Weston where it won tirst prize: on Labor Day it went to Morgantown: it at- tended Don Wilson's Homecoming Parade at Clarksburg: it played for lootball games at Weston and Cumberland, Md. The Band Festival at Clarksburg in the spring ended the traveling season tor the band. The annual band concert was given early in April. Seniors in the T951-T952 band are Frances Altiere, sponsor: Medora Arnold, clarinet: Thomas Barlow, trumpet: Thomas Boxell, trumpet: Marvin Carr lll, clarinet: Anna Ruth Evick, tympani: Jean Hinchman, sponsor: Hazel Kump, sponsor: Martha Moore, clarinet: Vincent Parmesano, manager: Neva Paul, sponsor: Wanda Phillips, tlute and piccolo: Ronald Ray, saxophone: Barbara Rounds, clarinet: William Rowe, alto: Joan Staud, cornet: Roger Teter, baritone: Beniamin Waugh, alto: Willis Weese, bass. SENIOR BAND MEMBERS mod l, tu rx: Pnrmosono, Monogc-rp Phillips, Tolar, Boxell, Barlow Evlclx, Monro, Rounds, Nnwlon, Stowd, Avmold, Librorlom. umling l, I0 v.: Ray, VVn.'qlw, Kmmp, PmlI,Al1Em-w, llim lmmvv, Rowv, W114'sx1. Page Filly-tlwrrrc ELKINS HIGH SCHCOL CHOIR This year the Elkins High School Choir, sponsored by the Junior Department ol the Elkins' Womans Club and directed by Mr. Siedhott, is among the best choirs produced in Elkins High School. The group participated in the Christmas and Easter assemblies as well as pre' sented its annual assembly program. It sang tor the Christmas meetings ol the Rotary Club and the American Legion Auxiliary. ln addition to these activities, the choir gave its annual Spring Concert and made a visitation trip. Since the choir has been larmall or anized as a re ular school activit , it sends Y Q Q Y a representative to the Student Council. This year there are only two senior members. they are Jo Ellen Blackwood and Janet Stoller, who were presented choir pins. Otticers ol the choir are President . Jo Ellen Blackwood Vim President . James Wilson Swre-tary-Treasurer . Peggy Droppleman Stndent Cisnniil Representative Janet Stoller SNAPS 'X Q? +85 Ns S Page Fifty-six TC WHOM IT MAY CONCERN We the Class ot Fifty-Two Do hereby bequeath these things to you . . . Frances Altiere-sponsor unitorm to some lucky junior. Medora Arnold-job in band to anyone who can stand the strain. Betty Jean Barkley-cheer leading to some iunior. Thomas Barlow-penmanship to Miss Harris. Joyce Betler-good grades to Robert Georgeson. Jerry Biller-wise cackling to Levina Ward. Paul Billups-mischievousness to Johnny Watring. Jo Ellen Blackwood-manners to Emily Post. Thurman Blizzard-his poor health to any hospital. Thomas Boxell-face to a barber. William Bowers-taxi service to Cab Co. Barbara Brown-struggling ettorts in English IV to Jerry Essex. Betty Byrd-hairdo to Joan Littletwig. Patty Cade-gun to Peggy Walker. Darlene Calain-reading to Frances Bennett. John Campbell-title to royalty. Ruth Canfield-maidenly ways to the single girls. Eugene Carr-name to motor mart. Marvin Carr-bagpipes and kilt to Woody Ritter. Robert Carr-horror of girls to o bacheIor's society. Hattie Clingerman-height to the Vanscoy twins. Nyo Coberly-air mail stamps to Dotty Updike. Ethel Collett-iob to a "night owl". Charlotte Coberly-merry laughter to Mr. Gibson. Wilde Coberly-shyness to Margie Parmesano. Junior Conley-size to a "Little Twig". Gloria Cook-snittles to a rabbit. Allen Cosner-boots to a cowboy. Ida Belle Cralt-walk to John Powers' models. Eloise Crickard-sunny smile to Mr. White. Eleanor Cross-seat in English IV to some poor soul. Anna Mae Curtis-gallantry to a queen. Paul Daniels-sharpness to a tack. Betty Day-retiring manner to next year's freshman. Carol Erickson-personality to any deserving person. LuElIa Everett-pertness to June Fidler. Mary Alice Everett-quietness to the Sphinx. Anna Ruth Evick-tympani to Betsy Arnold. Carol Jean Evick-looks to Venus. Donna Jean Fansler--sayings to Betty Koontz. Fredricka Frey-hair cut to Jane Martin. Doyle Gainer-broow to E. H. S. Janitors. Connie Gauiot-ideas to Congress. Lillian Giambroni-hair cut to a dog. Shirley Gauntt-earrings to Elva and Janet Wheeler. Jean Gooden-blond haid to Billie Ann Gladwell. James Gordon-his bell-hop uniform to Mr. lrwin. Patricia Gordon-ambition to Lucille Raines. Naida Grose--iob at Murphy's to Ruby Bowers. Marlyn Haddix-housekeeping to Edith Collett. Verle Haddix-blankness to-piece of paper. Blaine Hamilton-ability to tell iokes to Coach Wimer. Robert Joe Harman-shyness to Watson Watring. James Harper-actions to James Wilson. Gilbert Hart-sense ol humor to-any crab. Robert Hart-lalse teeth to a chicken. Frances Heckel-basketball playing to Betty Fletcher. LaVonne Heckel-retined manner to Judy Wilson. Lois Ann Heckel-good disposition to-? Phoebe Hickman-walk to the ducks. Alice Hipp-hair to Veronica Lake. Jean Hinchman-daydreams to a nightmare. Louise Hornick-quietness to study hall. Kenneth House-Brooklyn Dodgers to any bum. Lena Belle Howell-red hair to Nancy Watson. Sarah Jane Huber-chemistry experiments to some unsuspecting soul. Glenna Hunt-bashlulness to Franklin Wimer. Mariiane lsner-job to any unlucky junior. Richard Lee lsner-girl friend to Floyd Bennett. Rita lsner-meekness to Cuttie Barron. Fannie Jones-giggles to a circus Calliope. Janet Jones-driving ability to Josephine Jones. Pat Jordan--freckles to Red Helmick. Julie Kerns-curls to Shirley Martin. Mary Kirkpatrick-seriousness to Molly Talbott. Nancy Kisner-height to Patty Fidler. Wanda Kisner-seat in home room to an ambitious iunior. Franklin Kittle-singing ability to Jim Welker. Hazel Kump-pep marching ability to "Prol." Seidhott. Randolph Kyle-iob to anyone with a sweet tooth. Chester Lambert-brains to Paul Fidler. Dwight Linger-rosy cheeks to Bob Church. Willa Mae Luzier-buoyancy to a balloon. Helen Markley-chewing gum to the candy store. Charles Martin-various cars to anyone who can atford them. Donald Martin-studying to a bookworm. Janet Messer-quietness to a mouse. Leslie Miller-love at eating to a horse. Monica Miller-leaves the E. H. S. tackles to Coach lrwin. Douglas Moore-promptness in English IV to Betsey Towler. Martha Moore-giggles to Elizabeth Stalnaker. Bob Morrison-driving ability to Samuel Runner. Harriet Mullinex-blond locks to Rose Marie Dugan. Wanda Murphy-shorthancl letters to Mrs. Beer. Charles Myers-parking tickets to Josie Jones. Page Filty-seven Page Fifty-eight Max Myers-weight to Dale Phares. Wilde O'Dell-gab to a newspaper. Vincent Parmesano-car to Harry's Junk Yard. Neva Paul-the l:l5 study hall to Coach Irwin. Betsey Perchan-nickname to Mary Victor I-larris. Bruce Phares-personality to anyone who can live up to it. Jewell Phares-dimples to Coach Wimer. Calvin Phillips-looks to a Greek god. Clittord Phillips-driving ability to anyone brave enough to accept it Wanda Phillips-clarinet ability to Joan Beal. Glendene Pritt-athletic ability to June Ann Harshbarger. Susie Pusey-red sox to anyone with legs. Lillie Ramsey-glasses to a bat. Ronald Ray-place in the band to two brothers. Frank Rogers-red hair to Mike Nucilli. Barbara Rounds-blushes to Norma Joan Cupp. William Rowe-musical horn to i?l Richard Sarver-right to drive his "hot rod" to David Urey. Eldon Richard Scott--blond hair to Sammy Runner. Harold Brown Scott-Confederate tlag to Lincolnia Society. Kenneth Shatter-muscles to Paul Daniels. James Shaid-love ol argument to a debating society. Roy Shitflet-quietness to Josey Jones. Bayard Shimer-height to William Sainato. June Shimer-bow legs to Pete Weese. Thomas Shinaberry-girls to a pool room. Fred Shipp-acting as the Tiger cub to James McCollum. Joan Staud-laugh to Mr. White Arlyn Sleeth-winning goals to "Bus" Phares. Janet Stoller-northern accent to Jeanne Stalnaker. Bernice Swecker-bright sweaters to Peggy Lee. Carolyn Swecker-red hair to Emogene Shepherd. Conrad Swick-love-making to Tony Curtis. Phyllis Taylor-baby-sitting to Barbara Stalnaker. Roger Teter--model trains to the Western Maryland Railroad. Paul Thompson-sisters to Eddie Cantor. Loma Tingler-good nature to anyone who needs it. William Triplett-motor bike to Bob Church. Keith Utz-girls to any man. Frances Vance-novels to a library. Helen Wamsley-"Chevy" to the General Motors Company. Sue Ware-Coalton basketball team to Judy Jones. Wade Watring-sarcastic mood to Forest Hutton. Benny Waugh-Hazel to her brother, Bill. Doris Weese-smile to a dead head. Willis Weese-little car to Miss Woodward. David Werner-crew cut to Tommy Gilmore. Arveta White-parties to a society club. Deloris Wimer-shortness to "Tree" Phares. Bennie Wood--voice to James Waugh. SENIOR FAREWELL A loolc into the past. Revealing our hours ol study. friendships, and lun. Today brings baclc memories so fond and so dear. And now that it is all over and done, We can't believe graduation is really here. Taking stock ot the tleeting present. We realize the valuable opportunities that were ours. Some were badly neglected and soon forgotten, But others within our palms devoured. lt only we could now start over and do all we lett undone! With a peep into the future we aslc: Will it be happy or sad? Full of worlc or success or of war? That depends. dear student. partly upon the ambition you had. And so, leaving these thoughts to those who follow, we bid our-Farewell. Barbara Ellen Brown Page Fifty-nine Long, Long Ago-Graduation-l902 ,, Q .W FL ' m e Q, O' G M 6 Gisli' sh' CAMERON Ring if Also S150 and 250 Kg weeding ning 12.50 . I X .BX-Agra . 1 FASHION ACADEMY AWARD A To Keepsake "for exquisite de- sign and brilliant fashion styling." A GINUIHI IIGISYIIID Keep EiliQ You won't have time to become a dia- mond expert before you buy that ring. But it will take us only a few minutes to prove that Keepsake is the diamond ring of highest quality. Your Keepsake Engagement Diamond is a registered perfect gem. S 1. This store Guaranteed by: 2. Good Housekeeping 1 3. Keepsake ANDREWS' JEWELERS VON HAVEN'S PORTRAIT STUDIO Official Photographers For Tiger Minute Market A good place for Ma to spend Pc's dough: Where Quality is high and Prices are low." Pho e ll82 Free Delivery 'CLARK'S PRINTING Printing and Lithography Phone I73 .... 200 Randolph Avenue Elkins West Virginia These Things l Offer You-Senior Class Will Pcg e Sixty-o Slow Polre-Tiger Staff COMPLIMENTS OF E L K I N S D A I R Y Pasreurized Milk Products COFFMAN'S "The Man's Store" CLOTHING ...... HATS ...... SHIRTS ...... SHOES MICHAEL-STERN CLOTHES DOBBS HATS MERIT CLOTHES FLORSHEIM SHOES MUTUAL BENEFIT OF OMAHA INSURANCE JACK HELCK-DISTRICT MANAGER ACCIDENT AND HEALTH- LIFE- FIRE Room 2 Phone I933 Professional Building Complimenis of Complimenfs of F. E. RUNNER Y, C, Page Sixty-two Running Wild-Seniors This Time oi Year One ol the Roving Kind-Vincent Parmesano WATRING GARAGE Dodge and Plymouth Cars Dodge Job-Rated Trucks "That Dependable Dodge Service All-Ways" Third and Randolph -:- PHONE 473 -:- Elkins, West Virginia A. A. A. 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE COLCgLgl'gqK'S COMPLIMENTS for OF School Supplies While in School Graduating Gifts When Leaving School Office Supplies When Starting in Business ELKINS LAUNDRY coNoRAruLAnoNss W ARD AND HAMMAN CLASS Auto Parts Company 1952 Phone 1134 ......... 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Fully accredited by State Department of Education, State University, North Central Association ot Colleges and Secondary Schools, and University ot the State ol New Yorlc. Thorough pre-pro- .lessional training tor students desiring to enter Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Nursing, Social Service, and the Ministry. Spacious, well-equipped lalooratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Engi- neering. Voice, Piano, Organ and Violin instruction, Radio Broadcasting, Drama, Glee Club and 'Orchestraz organized program ol student activities: faculty advisers tor each student. FOR INFORMATION WRITE-DR. B. R. PURDUM, PRESIDENT, ELKINS, W. VA. THE BANK OF SERVICE THE TYGART VALLEY NATIONAL BANK OF ELKINS MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM AND THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Elkins, West Virginia TRICKETT'S A Complete Food Marker THIRD STREET ELKINS. W. VA. My Gal Sal--Robert Morrison Page Sixty-seven I Almost Lost My Mind-In English IV. 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