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'93 .x 1 4 rv .Z K .,n w .-f-:L .az-2 fini 'Z-2 ' NSE N535 175, , 5, :Xl .ir Katia., W G,-V As: K.-2, fx- N1 1- S 97 1-A as- L, y gg: ., if 'ra P-E25 E3 . ,if -1 Q 'Q i v S I ELKINS H I GH TIGER .f 1 ,QL ,W -4 2 r. Qi ' r l 1 L x Q Xi' .31 -.2 FP fx -,-F1...'-11,11 - 1 1 1i,m-,V 1114 5 '11 . U' 11.51 4. 1', 1 .1ff' 'f 'f 1 .1 , 'fi A-15 . 411-1,1111 -fi 411.1 11 -11 - 4 3 .' 'T -- ,QQ '1fJ,:.1 . ' V1 . --:ps P-1'. 1-Ln 1' 1' JN 2 ' ,1 t1.'j-' 1 , "'1r'-if-1. ' . 1. V . 4, 11 L .. 1 'V " -" :L '1 19 1.111111--, 2111, V1,1V 1' 1 f. w W'-5, .--w . .1 ' V f",?l,7 5-'I Lf 1 -' 'Vt-L1' 311- .'1H"'i1 - '1-13.11 '1-9,1'1':"1'- .-a11..f11:J ,qv 11L:1.": 1' '. 1 .,e-M AVVVVV V ',V.V '.'5'y 1 .1 W -A '--Y f "" 11 M 1-.-1 y :V ' 1.-1. g '- . 111 .M1 1 4 411-Vt:-1 .1 ,111jg1:1f 1 V 1 . 13.114 -' J V 1 5 , 1. 1 yi- V - ,.VV111V.V31,V -1 , '-Ea.3W'V"'zf-E'11e11g1 1 1 1 ,VV 'N31 1- V1111gV V-1fg,1V. 1- ' --1.4!f4 1 111' '92 1111 111.-1V,v.111 111,-3. R'-,Ag 11,, 1 1 , 'Milf' "TUV 1' , 1l--1, .111 1,1 ' 1 nga- ff 1-'1 1-f 3 4.-' 1 1 5.1. Ji24:!.1g1g-rjV1V1'1QV1 - -531.11 . 1 , ,V1V . 1 . -11,v.4'-1- 1 1.-1 .1- 3 1... -"1V11"gV1.:'111V'-11g-QQ' 1rfx'f1 .-1 V, A1 1Vf1f1111'11wV-1.1-,VV '-'11!'11.I. 1 . 1 -,..,. 1 1- VV111 WHT!-11-'. 1 .-ml. - ---1--'19:f:3U.1,f11: 11 1 1,-1 ig.?VV:--5-VVV.11,,.11 , V . .. ,'l', :'.f1'1". " '5f""'.1Z.i 11 fir-. L , 3'-,.,,g1,.V.,,.11g,.,g.1 , '-19,5-fVgf1 V -.N-4,1 -fs' 11 .. .- W '-" 0 'l-x1 1j-1':-1f.'.1- 411- 1' Y,::Uf11r2:--1.3.-Va'-' ---f.-1-1 1 1- 1- 11.1-,111fw"','1W 1111, 11'-1 ' ' . A .- 11' 1. Q., .5 ' ,"y1' VV, Q-1V1.1V,.V.. .x ., 'TNV-"Q Big 132 131,15 '3.E"'7v1.- ' 1 , 1'-'F-sl' 11A fV11:.V- Vf"V1VVf 1. . V11 11 V. . .VM VV. .V L, V,1 1 X - - 111VV .11 1 in-1' .. 1: " 'I- 1..1 11 '.w1-121' 'V . V1 I :z-.11 VVVV 1111 V V M"11.1' .11?1 ..' , 11. 1 1 1 1 , . . 1 1 . .1 1-1 '. 11 1 1 , ' . VV VU. v . . 1 . V-12314 V111 . 1 VV -1 11.1 V V 1' LV.-.C -VV., V V VV 1 ,1V.,V3:y1 31 V1 - V11,.1 3 -1111-.i-gf-,1i 1 ' 1-11,-'11i'-1.14 . 1111 -,,VV11,.,.. , 1, .AV 1:1 1 .. L '1,1f11:K.4" '1 1' L' 1-11g111'iY1'-11-11.111114 -' '1 1-, - - -- M1111 a1111f11111 1 Q 11141 ' ,Q1 n V1 ,, ,1 . 1 I lk' NYM , Af , ELKINS HIGH SCHCCL ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA Wifi D fgj l-X , W t DXK 1 . XS? U.: X I a ."lwf'x vifisfzxvbrtx , ' s' ' , N I ,5.5f.'3':'k 5'-'W' 1 I, 'wl'l ac. l 1 I ,lll p I g ll n All ,qll-I l-j'J f Q I I II n, ' Im rn I: 1 is 'A 5 F I ul 9 xse ' I ' L V ,fx , x O ll O 194 V f 9 X f ' 4. : E :L-L., I c l . A r 1':.t L x p 1 X 'AR-sf --f':l:-'Qi pill , Q 1 'I 52 4 Q V. l X I 9 bd Q N V , ' Lf N 4 -Zig? NI wl K ' y ' - k If li Z l N ll L X I Ns 'fu Ill' ,. - """"k ' guuuil' WWII ,lf "f""f...-,..:+- V 1: if V if i - f Q' ' 'R'-Q4 W .HM i 52,2 FOREWORD We. The members of The Tiger STaTT. have striven To make This yearbook a 'living memory of The good Times enioyed in Elkins l-ligh School. IT is our hope ThaT in The years ThaT follow all will look Through This book and re- member The "good old days" back in "49." For all are agreed ThaT school years are The best years of a person's life even Though one doesn'T make The mosT of Them many Times. 1 WiTh These ThoughTs in mind we presenf To you The Tiger ol l949. CMT! e 4 x + ,N 'Lx ,. . ,V I -'.' 1 1 , , f aw , 4' fjlb .' qv .em f , ' X f V1 Q fm fw vzff f 1 X W Q , KN ' pm 135500 , ,W XX-X N ,,f ,flff ff- +x L- 1117 if Tcrcn BOARD OF EDUCATION i Standing, leit to right: Wamsley, Bruffey, Supervisor of High Schools: Painter, E. Wilmotln, Assistant County Superintendent oi Schools: S. Wilmoth, County Superintendent of Schools: Johnson Sitting: McVoney, Taylor, President of Board MR. HENRY HAMILTON MR. JESSIE STEWART Principal Assistant Principal E5 I? vt Fronf row, lefl lo right: Taylor, Fest, Slewarl, Hamillon, Carr, Speiclver, E. Moore Second row, left to right: Harris, Tyre, Harslwbarger, Morris, Eib, Horsey, Cox, Clarlr, Vandevender, Barry, Woodward, Beer, Slridmore, Digman Third row, left to right: Gibson, Wimer, Bailey, While, Prilf, Hume, Shelton, Nesler, C. Moore, Ervin 9 'f-I4 Q , I.. ,Mfg A 3' H ata. 'ff "i I , avg' 'Y VZ"-'J -1-5 'SMH pm, Q, E23 Awe Mn LW W WK 5.745 Mfg IA Qu: ,xfwf C-:P F MF fxx S Q l '4 1, 51 H9 X N Q f 'R xx I 9 ' -- , 1HTHm"fff'fQ.2y,Q fnmuu v. Y W- X Ps'-rzifiif ' 3 'Q Il A w A Jr. P. . ' ' Qgkx qi .W . M -'MYR g9fi9'4,1-fling, 1 4 , ' ' "1-xg ' 1 f J 3 1 wr: 'kj' A 'w, ff,-jgf .: wx 4 Q -1. - ' xg, Hg' k xx , 1 , XR A.-.. Q!x K'ErcP, SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND COUNCIL Sitting: Jo Ann Smivh, Vice Presidenfg Gussie Fisher, Presidenh Jo Ann Moore, Secretory Smnding: Nancy Jordon: Mr. WI1iIe, Miss Horsey, Miss Horshbcrger, Advisers: Lewis WiIsor1, Chris Iine Kesling, Treasurer: Boyd Moy, Rita Kyle I TIGER STAFF 3,64 hr Editor-Jo Ann Smifhg Staff Assistants-Christine Kesling, Martha Perliins, Lewis Wilson: Typist:- Martha Goiner, Rita Kyle, Patricia Willisq Sports Editor-Gussie Fisher: Artist-Keith Teter Business Staff-Marilyn Cook, Boyd May, Johnny Toompasg Adviser-Miss Digmcn 13 Jw. James A. Towler, Jr. Nancy J. Jordan Maurice Arbogas! Anna Volitis Marlha W. Gainer Richard Moore Mary Lou Dean Eugene Smith U S 5 ,,- Q Q' 7 H Pat Gladwell William Kelly Mary Parks Howard L Whetsell Boyd H. May Dixie A. Wileman Robert E. Seaman Marilyn Cook Martha Perluns Carolyn Bryant Wilson Robinson Belly Hedrlcln Gussie S. Fisher Jo Ann Smith Christine Kesling Lewis W. Wilson ...di Aix 4 4 Geraldine L. Slridmore William Clark Patricia Walden Maxine Gordon Joe M. Carlson Dorothy M. Rosier Sarah Jane Mills Phil Boolli Dorefla Haller James T. Phillips William R. Wann Mary Ruth Lough Wayne Schoonover Rnla Kyle Lorraine L McCollum James Hamman Evelyn Bender Harold Gilmore Const ance Parsons Alfred C. Varner Dale Kelley Marjorie Ross Carrol Caynor Ruby Heltzel Ernest Tarantelli Norma Jean Elbon Charles V. Keller Patricia Willis Robert P. Woodword if Geraldine L. Phares Gerald Scott Alberta Hmkle Harold K. Garner Wanda L. Calllson John Perry Mary B. cficnafd Willa Kelly John K. Toompas Patricia J. Nlenear Ervin Harman Louise Thomas Lois Thomas Herbert Boggs Helen Kerns Keith Teter Kathryn Jones James T. Sites Donna Slayman 5.4 William Va nscoy Tina Kesling Sherwood Collett Betty Martin 23' Iris E. Haddix Cecil Hull Martha E. Schoonover John Irwin Yoovne Champ Keith Pritt Caroline A. Duggan Alice B. Phares Thomas Kelly Mary L. Shimer Marie V. Gumm L... xl William Rhodes Carolyn Canfield Reginald Purdum Dorothy Wooddell Lovell Greathouse John McCoy Avanelle R. Tolbard Maurice E. Digman Vivian Hensil Charles Clinebell Betty Fansler Henry Houdyschell Mildred Ketterman Chriss Carlson Dorothy Hensil E x Q K Delores Thorne Howard W. Phillips Gertrude Hutton Charlotte Leary John Triplett Peggy Jo Overstreet Brennis Folks Jo Ann Moore Helen Rhodes Dale S. Armentrout George McBee Louise Gregg Garland Homriclr 41 S. s Edward Ambrose Maurice H. Arbogast Dale Armentrout Evelyn Bender Herbert E. Boggs Philip Booth Wanda L. Callison Carolyn J. Canfield Chriss Carlson Joe M. Carlson Carrol F. Caynor Yvonne Champ Billy B. Clark Charles L. Clinebell Sherwood Collett Marilyn B. Cook Mary Belle Crickard Henry Clay Crouch Mary Lou Dean Maurice Digman Carolyn A. Duggan Norma Jean Elbon Betty M. Fansler Eugene Eansler Gussie S. Fisher Brennis D. Folks Harold M. Gilmore Patsy J. Gladwell Maxine Gordon Lovell R. Greathouse Clara Louise Gregg Marie V. Gum lris E. Haddix James L. Hamman Garlan Hamrick Ervin G. Harman Betty L. Hedrick Ruby K. Heltzel Dorothy J. Hensil SENIOR LIST T948-'I949 Vivian R. Hensil Cecil Hill Alberta L. Hinkle Henry G. Houdyschell Gertrude C. Hutton John H. lrwin Kathryn L. Jones Nancy Jordan Charles V. Keller Dale E. Kelly Thomas J. Kelly Willa O. Kelly William W. Kelly Helen R. Kerns Christine Kesling Tina L. Kesling Mildred Ketterman Rita L. Kyle Charlotte Leary Ottis Linger, Jr. Mary Ruth Lough Betty M. Martin Boyd May George W. McBee Lorraine McCollam John S. McCoy Patricia J. Menear Sara Jane Mills Jo Ann Moore Richard W. Overstreet Mary M. Parks Constance Parsons Martha Perkins Johnny P. Perry Alice B. Phares Geraldine L. Phares Howard M. Phillips James T. Phillips 19 Keith S. Pritt Reginald Purdum Billy Lee Rhodes Helen L. Rhodes Wilson E. Robinson Dorothy M. Rosier Marjorie A. Ross Martha Schoonover Wayne E. Schoonover Gerald L. Scott Robert E. Seaman Mary L. Shimer James T. Sites Geraldine L. Skidmore Donna L. Slayman Jo Ann, Smith Ernesi Tarantelli Keith Teter Lois H. Thomas Louise E. Thomas Delores A. Thorne Harry Tingler Avanelle R. Tolbard John K. Toompas 1 James A. Towler John E. Triplett Billy Ray Vanscoy Allred C. Varner Anna T. Volitis Patricia J. Walden Howard L. Whetsell Dixie A. Wileman Patricia Ann Willis Lewis W. Wilson William R. Wonn Dorothy M. Wooddell Robert P. Woodward Thelma Yokum TIGER CUB STAFF Writers: Eileen Arbogasl, Delia Banlclwead, Darrell Robinson, Harlin Smith, James Slemoroslri, Jean Wimer, Twilu Wheeler Business Managers: Barbara Burr, Earl Canfield, Barbara Slrinner 20 'LIME ASS S K eio- ., f' J W' , W, f N f 1 . I 'f nlllypllf K if Pl vu SSX, nfl? fy. 'S 4 y WDW, .giav I Q M' . , A65 X .27 ja. fs ' Q W V M! ' f X ' V. uN.f"" 4 t I if A "VV 'N 4 1 X 1, pp x E X 1' XIX X L, 5 X Xxfk f JN 5 YM W ' NN S 'Q X .-If ' ,Yi F, X X . N E X g V ?Q:' f X " ,Ky M ' , f 1 X 4' Il' l f - f-if J, '- I W r CLASS Awww nr- g 'x Council: Barbara Burr Don Moore Joan Harper Wilma Shaffer Jean Wimer 23 SOPHOMORE .U W6- 0 Officers: TYRUS GAINER, President FREDA BODKINS, Secretary MARLENE WILMOTH, Cheerleader JOAN OVERSTREET, Vice Presidenf VIRGINIA MARTIN, Treasurer 24 CLASS FRESHMAN I Officers: DICK SHEPHERD, Presidenf VINCENT PARMESANO, Secrefary-Treasurer BETTY JEAN BARKLEY, Vice Presideni NEVA PAUL, Cheerleader 26 CLASS .fi-f ' . 'I ,. s 1 -.S ' -y- V :sg--L-' 1111, -4 Q., aff' I fi .. At -iff. ..,,, s- .N , .W 5 A.-as .xg fv- 5' W . s - ' 1 4 -. , w ' . -. , .- - 1,1 x -Q n 4. Q A gr. N. .xx 3 . 'X . zu. ks, ang. , ww -A 1- ahfr milfs' I .A y.,.,:4.4 Os". 1 , , f...:.g' . 1 ' ,- LS, LfYq,g6 -I Lf., V . ,. K A ' gf .--. - , , f . -...N - K mwruq -K 'I i-W .Ti .. lm I , V.-A . S K -Bs, f Q .L -, Nu- A , ' M ta . v mv -pn, , V .. N' . sy . K" ' ' g ,qw .kfxwg . 'v v.w- N' A F0-git 1 x ' . gk 1 W - A '-X - x' . 4 ' :F H. I, ,Q ,-.P . . HOME ECCNOMICS i"" fs-wg: CAFETERIA Q, T Q---nr-nv' M 17' 8 K A K , l A H -tw 3' 5. fn' 4 - . AMW? W we-""'I' A ... -Meme TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL Jw ww' DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION pugfi-sy wa THNYQQWIMESS' X A ,LZL ' s ' . 3, ' Xxgv 1' L. I-::':: XIX." 'Q Iufh N i"'l.'Jf'v,' ifxfkn ' H -,io fffihf I','v'4,' U4fI.n ' gl j: ff genius? a:f'!l"',:'f2':,":,-ix ,I f ' "' v 5' . ',11:-.wi-:-:A-5. if ff 1 an 'l ' ' Q 3,5--Q-'32-,ff-'gff.:.'.-rw . . , U, I .ln ,33,.Qt.1im,'m,ch.L.L I ,lNN5fl'. 4S.n'A'py .A gi: I, '- -' ' ,. -,X - s ' W j blk.: 'I l X "Q, Xf f 1 :mf L' A54 K X " AQ" ' X q S ff" ' " FQ I flf1XX '0 ff' MN KW Y iv" ' RXv,.'?iT. STUDENT COUNCIL . Elkins High School first organized its Student Government Association in I933: thus it became one of the oldest organizations in the state. Having as its purpose to aid the internal order of the school, the Student Council strives to cooperate with the faculty and entire student body. In September Miss Mary Tyre, sponsor, Lois Thomas. Earl Canfield, and Wilma Shaffer, members, attended the West Virginia Student Co-Government Association Convention at Jackson's Mill, West Virginia. This year the Student Council published a directory which contained the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all the students in the high school. The Council is made up of elected representatives from the four classes, the nine organizations, the music department, the athletic department, and a faculty member selected by the council. Officers for the past year were President .,......,.,..,... ,... L OIS THOMAS Vice President . ,. .... EARL CANFIELD Secretary . , . . . . . WILMA SHAFFER Treasurer ..., ,. . GUSSIE FISHER NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY To become a member of the National Honor Society is one of the chief aims of any student in any high school. ln Elkins High School the new members. taken from the junior and senior classes, are inducted by public ceremony into the club in February each year. The National Honor Society represents the obiectives for which schools are made and gives recognition to those who have attained most nearly the desired ends. Other honors, at the disposal of the school, recognize only specialized ability, skill or talent: but this society looks u on education as a product measured by the four dimensions of life: character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Otficers for the past year were President ..,.......,.....,............,.. MARY SHIMER Vice President .....,.,.. .,., M ARTHA PERKINS Secretary-Treasurer ...,... JAMES SITES TRI-HI-Y The purpose of the Tri-Hi-Y Club is "To create, maintain, and extend through- out the school and community, high standards of Christian character." Many projects were carried on throughout the school year to further this pur- pose. At Thanksgiving a basket was given to a needy family. During the Christmas vacation the members gave the boys and girls at the Children's Home a party. Also devotionals were presented once a week to the student body over the inter-com- munication system. In the spring the new members were inducted into the organization at a very impressive Mother-Daughter Tea. Miss Grace Taylor took Mrs. Mullens' place as the adviser and was of much assistance during the year. Officers for the past year were President ............,.... JO ANN SMITH Vice President ........... ,.... W ILLA KELLY Recording Secretary ..... ..... J OAN HARPER Corresponding Secretary . . . ..., BARBARA SKINNER Treasurer ............... .......... L OIS JONES Chaplain ...,......... ....... W ILMA SHAFFER Student Council .....,...... JEAN WIMER Adviser ......... . . . .... MISS GRACE TAYLOR 32 F5111 E 6, U9 HI-Y The Hi-Y Club is the brother organization to the Tri-Hi-Y. The main purpose of the club is to encourage clean scholarship, clean speech. and clean living among the students in our school. Although this club was not founded for social purposes, it has two bancluets each year, one in the fall of the year and the Election Banquet at the end of t e school year. At Christmas time the club sponsors the annual "Can Dance," the proceeds of which are used to help till baskets for the needy in Elkins. This year several joint meetings were held with the Tri-Hi-Y. Speakers dis- cussed boy and girl relationships, alcoholism. family lite. and many other important socicnl innovations with the members. These meetings proved to be very beneficial to a . Officers for the past year were President ............... . . . ERVIN HARMAN Vice President ........ JAMES SITES Secretary ...... . , . GEORGE PHILLIPS Treasurer ,....... ..,.. E ARL CANFIELD Chaplain ......... ........,. J OHN UREY Student Council .,.. .......... H ARLIN SMITH Sponsor .......,. MR. HARRY SHELTON F. H. A. The letters F. H.A. stand for Future Homemakers of America whose main pur- pose is to interest girls in home economics. Every year this club awards a semester's scholarshi in home economics to an outstanding senior in the club. This scholarship applies to West Virginia Uni- versity only. The head of the department of home economics at the University commended the Elkins Club highly for this generosity. This year Miss Dorothea Vandevender took Mrs. Carl h'9ore's place as one of the advisers for the club. Officers for the past year were President ................, ,..... W ILMA SHAFFER Vice President . . . . . , ........... JEAN WIMER Secretary ...... ...... C ECELIA TARANTELLI Treasurer ...,.... JEAN ANN PARMESANO Song Leader ...... ............. S UE HARMON Student Council . . . .............. JOAN HARPER Advisers ..,,.... .... M ISSES DOROTHY COX and DOROTH EA VANDEVEN DER Go Ao Ao The ideals set up by the GirI's Athletic Association are sportsmanship. loyalty. and fair play. This is a service club which promotes sports and recreation for girls in the school. One of the most successful proiects the club com leted during the year was the planning and carrying out of the homecoming celegration which took lace on the night of the East Fairmont game. Since it was so popular with the stucfents, the club has decided to make this an annual event. Each year the G. A. A. sponsors the May Fete which arouses much interest within the school as well as among the town's people. This event includes the crowning of the Queen of May who is attended by many lovely princesses and their escorts. The officers of the club for the past year were ' President ...............,...... PEGGY JO OVERSTREET Vice President . . . . . .,............ LOUISE THOMAS Secretary ....... ................. W ILLA KELLY Treasurer .......,. ...... M ARY VIRGINIA WANLESS Student Council . .. .............. CHRISTINE KESLING Adviser ......... MISS ELIZABETH HARSHBARGER 34 A-K N- JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE The purpose of the Junior Academy of Science is to promote the study and at- tempt to advance science in Elkins High School. These two things are enhanced by per arming experiments and by giving talks at the bi-monthly meetings. To be eligible to belong to the organization, o student must indicate a very de- cided interest in the science courses of Elkins High School. Occasionally this club has a social meeting which, many times, is in the form of a party. Several bake sales have been sponsored by the club to raise money for social activities and other expenses. For their assembly program the club presented the Royal Blues Orchestra with a full hour of entertaining music. The officers for the past year were President ......,.,........ ...... J AMES SITES Vice President ..,.,.... .,.. M ARJORIE ROSS Secretary and Treasurer ........ BETTY RENNIX Sponsor ............. .. . MR. CHESTER WHITE B. I. P. The B. I. P. Club is the oldest social club in Elkins High School. The members are chosen from the junior and senior classes by popular vote. At the beginning of the school year, the members held an initiation banquet at the home of Mrs. Katherine Clark, the club sponsor. A very clever "hillbilly" assembly, "Sadie Socks the Saboteursf' was presented to the student body in March. This organization carried out various successful proiects throughout the year to make money. The officers for the past year were President ...,............... ..... M ARILYN COOK Vice President . . . . . . MARY RUTH LOUGH Secretary ..... .... A VANELLE TOLBARD Treasurer ....,.. .....,.. S ARA JANE MILLS Student Council .... MARY BELLE CRICKARD Adviser . ...... MRS. KATHERINE CLARK A. R. D. The A. R. D. is a social organization for iunior and senior girls of Elkins High School. This club enioys many interesting activities and promotes various projects during the school year, among which are the annual initiation banquet. a Christmas dance, and a spring formal. This year the club also had a slumber party. a "back- wards" party, and the crowning achievement of the year, something that has not been seen in Elkins for a long time. a fashion show. This fashion show involved much work. but the club felt that the effort was well rewarded. The following people guide the work of this club: President ....,.........,...,......,.. MARTHA PERKINS Vice President ..... JO ANN MOORE Secretary ..... . . . PATRICIA WALDEN Treasurer ...... ..... A NNA VOLITIS Historian ........ .. NANCY JORDAN Student Council .... JERRY PHARES Adviser ....... .... . .. MRS. HELEN BEER 36 ah' , Wm ,M xx, - F Y tw ,W I fu I 4. ri 6. iz 1.. -,.. fe, ,,, D0 4 ! u R f'i , -.w........,,. - DRIVER'S EDUCATION -sm... 4 L . 1 9-A 95 'k,.. 7 np! 97516315 L83 um measly S W QQ ' Z? ll LINE glade? H S im If p N l XS Q I u ,lu hm 171 Q iii. 1 A 'N K 1 I, ld X 'II Z Y d X ' 75 1 E ,Wo -3 . , " A ,. Z, gmxk A ii Q 'mx A H :-lqvk f 5 Q xt 'g 5 5 IX, " ' 37 v-A E F F xx 1 POPULARITY CONTEST MOST OUTSTANDING JOAN SMITH MOST STUDIOUS BOYD MAY MOST MUSICAL MARILYN COOK BEST ATHLETES WILLIAM KELLY BEST LOOKING WILLA KELLY MOST OUTSTANDING BEST DANCER GUSSIE FISHER BEST DANCER MARY RUTH LOUGH MARTHA PERKINS LEWIS WILSON GERALDINE PHARES HAROLD GAINER A LUCKY PENNY nny Mmy Br-lle Crirlmczrd Miss llosliirs lliriv Wil vi in lxmry Williiuivi Wnnn Mr. Poly .lorries Situ is. Viirfglw Jo Ann Smith Vero Belly M i i. Viinqlv Boyd Moy Sullflli' Marilyn i Airnii Som .lone Mills Oer'r5'1inm Rim 4 iifgiq Lrwsis Wilseii Clghmnrv Mn wwvrl ir Pxrl Q l lliildrr lxvgqy .lv Ovrwrsfi rxlw l Flush .I ri C nl w L yfuvwv Chiisliiirr lseslinq lhieil fxx' is. Clilliivil C YI SENIOR CLASS PLAY This yeor's senior closs ploy proved fo be one of The most successful ever to be produced in Elkins High. The plot evolved oround 0 sixteen year old girl who sudf denly developed ci croze lor modern orf. Her parents ond friends devised mony schemes to molie her sick ol her ort ond finally succeeded. Some ol The best scenes were The eloping scene ond the scene in which the Two boys fought o duel. Mrs. Clifford Coffs deserves much proise lor the splendid job ol directing The ploy. 41 FAREWELL To those who will come alter me, The students and teachers. too: I leave my very best wishes. For fun and happiness true. For me vacation is past, It we are sad I shall not say. But here's hoping when I return, I'll not come back to stay. I shall say farewell to E.l'l.S. Where the future calls I'll go, But the joy and pain experienced here Shall abide like the friends I know. Geraldine Phares Class ot 1949 42 USB 'Em 'N 1 3X i qv xg iKxV5gM C ETX gf 7 X. .A ? G X N X 1 J! ' xv? K , , N if lf"'7 I X' N ' P a W M ' Nj?E:S5:794 ji2,w, - 'X , 1ff A iii A al:- 1 gf ! :T:- ifff Q W THE A CAPELLA CHOIR The High School A CAPELLA Choir is sponsored by the Junior Department at the Elkins Womanis Club, which has purchased the new choir robes with the orange wtoles. These beautilul new robes have really "dressed upii this organization. The choir was organized the second semester ol last year, and about all that would be accomplished was to lay the ground work lor this year. Now we have an orgoniza tion al thirtyfnine singers doing very line musical work, twentyeeight girls singing the soprano and alto parts and eleven boys singing the tenor and baritone parts. Flkini High School can well be proud ol this new musical organiration. The choir has sung lor the school assembly, lor the local Woiwtanit. Club, lar the American Legion, the Rotary Club, and the local Broadcasting Station, They wont to Parkersburg the Iourteenth ol May to sing lor the State Convention ol tho VVoman's Clubs ol West Virginia. They will also present a public concert thi' wprinqi sponsored by the Junior Department ol the Woinan's Club. Six seniors will be lost to the choir this year. Nbfilll, X 4 Qtsgga . J irq? ELKINS HIGH SCHCOL BAND The I94849 Band is o better playing organization than we have had lor several years: the instrumentation has been much improved, and the players are mostly working to be better perlormers on their individual instruments. They are still as good as in past years as a marching unit, comparing very Iavorably with the other bands. The Band has had its usually busy year ol activity, participating in the Labor Day parade and celebration at Morgantown, having been asked to lead the parade. It played lor all ol the home lootball games and went io Clarksburg lor the W, I. game: it put on hall-time shows in its usual snappy way. The Band sponsored lor Elkins a musical treat which had never been possibic at any time in the past, a Symphony Orchestra Concert, They brought the Clove- land Heights Symphony to Elkins on April I3, an orchestra ol eighty-seven musicians. The Band gave its annual spring concert, participated in the Region ll Band Festival, and in the State Band Festival in Huntington, May 5-7. The Band and Choir are under the direction ol Mr. Clark H. Siedhott. The Iollowing seniors were lost this year: Flute: Bo d Ivlay: Clarinet: Marilyn Cook, Dorothy Wooddell: Cornet: Cecil Hill, Sarah J. Mill, James Sites, Lois Thomas: Trombone: Keith Rritt, Robert Seaman, Richard Weese: Alto horn: Kathryn Jones: Bass horn: Sherwood Collett: Drums: Patsy Gladwell, Ivlariorie Ross, Louise Thomas: Sponsors: Ivlary B. Crickard, Peggy J. Qverstreet. 44 LEIFMCS? X X, 1, 1 M x V K If X X A jfz f '-LN f I X + ' 'N 1'-:1'2. -fl X KA' x f r - V ':".T'l"'.'.-I :'::'f t x XX --f' J- ' 4 Um." I 'P'-.' V1 - . 5 ..,l - S f V XX Sw , X X HN, V ' xg K i-A -7 "' D' QJxl....:...:,:.:!'.'YI-ls:-Ry. 1 K - ' L ' -1:u'u 'Q' , . A Y. 1 A K X ,Pg 1-Z 'I i Q f f 'Ze 3-2120?-fn' N ff If X , 1'-515.1 3 tl' X 'Wh NX A 1' 'vu ' 5 N , , gl!!!'l'?ff3' Y X ,s'5FfWgm!I:I Q .1..,.-igsfiffw' X - x 'X K A .X " X' XX X 7 "f'Q7,'1'3, M 4 -N E 1 :ax Igillhl N ' W -f , Efiifp fx- X ,. L f , X "seam X ,f "t:"' 4 Wfv 1 ,V Y X f., X 1 nc TI XXX RQ Xx xxx x XWXK HOME GAMES VVU U Alumni NH Belrngton 14 . Shinnstcm , 7 . East Fairmont Foofball Scores U f They ,..l9 O ., o 6 MIB O .. ,4l O,.. Westf'wn 0 . . Parsons U GAM ES AWAY ..,. Victory 6 ... Buclcfwannon 7 Morganiown I? Washington Irving 25 1 . ,,, fi Frank E. Wimer, Coach Mary Ruth Lough, Cheerleader ... ..,,,.. ... ... . Y. j i ji, sf. -sf Si l1r.i,' GRIDIRON GREATS Captain Coy Lambert, senior tackle, was probably the most valuable player on the team. Coy was given a berth on the "Big Ten," "All Valley," and the second "All-State" teams. John Irwin, while one of the lightest men on the team, played an important role on the defense and was a good blocker and pass receiver on the of- fense. John received honorable mention on the "Big Ten" team. John is a senior. Lionel jBudj Purkey filled the left guard po- sition and was noted for his defensive work. "Bud" is a junior and is expected to do great things next year. Gussie Fisher, although the lightest man on the line, held up his end of the game and was a good defensive as well as offensive player. Gussie is also on the graduation list. William Wonn was the other guard on the first eleven. Bill's outstanding work on both the offensive and the defensive made him a very valuable man on the team. Bill is a senior. Jack Dumire, the heaviest man on the team, did more than his share on the defense and offense. Jack is another boy who will be back next year and should do great things. Ed Ambrose, a senior end, was the highest scorer on the team. Ed scored two touchdowns in the Belington game and one in the East Side game. Ed was also a powerful player on the defense. Don Cross ran the team from the quarterback position on the "T" formation and was responsible for much of Elkins' gains around the ends. Don is a senior and will be missed next year. Lovell Greathouse, senior fullback, did a won- derful job backing up the line and blocking on the offense. This was his first year of varsity ball. William jBudj Kelly, senior halfback, was the "spark-plug" of the team. Although one of the lightest men on the team. "Bud" was the leading ground gainer of the team and was a good defense player. Henry Houdyschell, senior halfback, was the heaviest man in the backfield and was another leading ground gainer for the team. Henry has aspirations to attend V. P. l. James Harper was probably the best substi- tute Coach Wimer had. Jim was a substitute for the guard, tackle, and end positions. He is a junior and will be a very valuable player to the team next year. John Robinson was another second substitute and when called upon did a fine job. John is a junior. Mac lsner was a substitute quarterback and was one of the best defensive backs on the whole squad. Mac is a junior. Bob Woodward was also a substitute quarter- back. Bob was a valuable man because of his passing. Bob is a senior. James Hamman, tackle, showed much prome ise until his collarbone was fractured before the first game. James is a senior letter man. Roy Gilmer, another player to be awarded a letter. was regular quarterback until he under- went an appendectomy in mid-season. BASKETBALL GREATS Gussie Fisher, coscaptain and veteran forward played his final season on the basketball team. Gussie, a three sports man, had his best season and was one of the best shots on the team besides being a fine team player. John lrwin, co-captain of the team, was one of the best rebound men in the state and a great team player. John, due to a brolcen arm, was out for the last seven games of the regular season. John is a senior and will be missed a lot next year. Robert Woodward was the highest scorer on the team. Bob was the center man on the Tigeris fast brealc and was a valuable man on the Tiger offense. Mac lsner, star forward, ranlced second to Bob in scoring and was also a fine defensive player. Mac still has another year left for the Tigers. Brad Barnes tool: over the right guard position after lrwin brolce his arm and did a fine iob. Brad was a fine rebound man and a good long shot. Henry f-loudyschell completed the first team at the left guard position and was a standfout on the team defense. f-lenry is a senior. Darrell Robinson, tallest man on the squad, was probably the best shot on the team. Darrell will be left for another year. Donald Moore, iunior forward, was a fine substitute and should be a great help to Coach Wimer next year. Donald Cross, senior center, was probably the best substitute and was a great help to the team. Ottis Linger, whom we inherited from Barboursville, gave a good account of himself when called upon. Ottis is on the graduation list. Basketball Scores BASKETBALL SCORES AWAY GAMES 2 They 50 . ... . . Buclchannon . , Belington . .,.. 26 49 . . Washington-Irving . . . , Weston .. 50 46 .... ..... G rafton ..., . , . . Parsons . ..l9 48 ... . Morgantown . ... . Shinnston , .. 45 60, .. . Victory . 50 c-.f"i" -M ' '48 THINCLADS The Elkins l-ligh track team ol l948, led by Captain Richard Talbott. opened its season on April l7, by winning the Alumni Meet by the score of l2l to II3. The following week, on April 24, Elkins was host to the Elkins Invitational Meet. Elkins ended up in second place with 69lf2 points: East Fairmont with 76lf2 points, in first place. ln the Big Ten Meet, on May l, Elkins came in third with East Fairmont again winning top honors. The scores were as follows: East Fairmont 85lf2, Morgantown 79, Elkins 64lf2, Washington-lrving 27, Shinnston 6, Grafton 4, and Victory 2. The Sectional Meet held in Elkins was won by Elkins with 67 points: East Fair- mont was close behind with 65 points. The following boys qualified for the State meet: Captain Dick Talbott, George Booth, John lrwin, Bill Kelly, lvan Daniels, Gussie Fisher, l'lenry l'-loudyschell, Ed Ambrose. Gene Stalnaker, Gail Shinaberry. The i948 lettermen were Captain Richard Talbott, John lrwin, George Booth. William Kelly, Gussie Fisher, Lovell Greathouse, Howard Phillips, Roy Gilmer, lvan Daniels, Ed Ambrose, l-lenry Houdyschell, Gail Shinaberry, Gene Stalnaker, Dominic Portolese, Bill LaPrevotte, Elmer Proudtoot, Brent Smith, Manager. BASKETBALL SCORES HOME GAMES We They 35 ,..,.. ,.. Princeton . ...,., 32 Belington 27 ,..,. ..... A lumni .. .,..,. 21 Grafton 33 .,.. ,..,, w heeling .,. ...... 32 victory 4l .,.. ... Washington-Irving ... . ..,.. 39 Shinnston 5l .... ,.,, B uckhannon .. ..,... 20 Weston 40 ...... .... M orgontown ...... 25 Parsons THE EMD n I MN, f lf. Q 'L g f gli, "" 'Q:'y,l.ll. 'X ,ff 'X . I " ll A-I V ' S dp lvfulllll 7 2' ul V f Q-Jw fl AA if A MW Lam, Q f W Ml f :6'HH:illIl1IlH! dm' is f .. I W ,, 42 Q!W m 2'Wr?i'1' , F "---'-"'-"""" 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I SPECIAUZED PLANNING AND ENGRAVING SERVICE FOR YEARBOOK STAFFS... I I I -------------------J 53 LIGHT UP THE SKY-After the Prom B. WEES and SON SINCE 1875 DRY GOODS ---- GROCERIES ---- SEEDS ---- FERTILIZERS "HAVE A Loon" JOHN B. WILT COMPANY TYGART VALLEY FURNITURE COMPANY. INC. Plan Now To vagal our Model Rooms Display DAVIS Avenue el.luNs. wesr VIRGINIA Western Auto COPIES enuneemeurs Associa+e S+ore E742 Aofo --A Home ownen stone wml m DAVIS AVENUE CHAIN STORE PRICES" eucms, wesr VIRGINIA 200 Dow, Aye, Elkins, w, vc, mu - cmeus - PRINTING DEVELOPING ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA-Sarah J. Mills and Merlin Withrow 54 STRANGE INTERLUDE-Christmas Holidays DAVIS AND ELKINS COLLEGE A FOUR-YEAR COLLEGE OFFERING THE DEGREES OF: BACHELOR OF ARTS BACHELOR OF SCIENCE I CHELOR OF S A CIENCE IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING Majors in English, Social Science, Chemistry, Education, Biology. Physics and Mathematics. Modern Languages, Physical Education, Bible, and Philosophy. Thorough preparation ot Elementary and Secondary school teachers: one, two. and tour-year courses in Commerce with college credit. Fully accredited by State Department ot Education, State University, and by Army and Navy establishments. Thorough pre-professional training tor those students desiring to enter Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, Law, and the Ministry. Spacious, well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Voice, Piano, and Violin instruction. Glee Club and Orchestra: organized pro- gram of student activities: faculty advisers for each student. FOR INFORMATION WRITE-DR. R. B. PURDUM, PRESIDENT, ELKINS, W. VA. Barrow and Fink. Inc. Whet5elI'5 Insurance Agency 215ThirdS1'ree1' m....e 202 APPROVED GENERAL INSURANCE SANITONE SERVICE LIFE ' ACCIDENT " me sANIToNE DRY cI.EANERs ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA F. S. JOHNSTON DRUG CO. EAR'-EIS MARKET AND HOME nnssssn Mens EVERYTHING IN GROCERIES PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS sInn's EYE Fnozsn rooos ELKWS' WEST V'RG'N'A 301 TI-IIRD st. PHONE 477 ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE-Mr. Stewart and His 47, Club 55 DON'T TAKE IT TO HEART-Flunking English IV Smart Things To Wear THE MARTIN-SNYDER CO. F0'W0"'e" at HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES , Clel' if ELKINS,WEST VIRGINIA INVEST IN QUALITY THE Post-Cook INSURANCE AGENCY TYGARTS VALLEY NATIONAL BANK BUILDING ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA Sfori your Life Insurance Program early in life. See us also for Fire and Aufomobile Insurance. CLYDE POST L. L. COOK N SGI 9 S DFUQ STOFS 5- I- M h FOR "IP Y BETTER DRUGSTORE .4.. . Jeweler .,.I wmwfs- PHONE 188 J""L"' TRICKETT'S A COMPLETE FOOD MARKET THIRD STREET ELKINS, W. VA. HENRY IVI Houdyschell 56 ROMEO AND JULIET-Willa Kelly and Don Evick GEORGE H. COFFMAN "THE MAN'S STORE" CLOTHING --- HATS --- SHIRTS --- SHOES Michaels-Stern Clothes Dobb's Hats Hyde Pork Clothes Florsheim Shoes " "Q" SHO' For Better Service Today GoIdberg's Department Store . . SINCE ,gn Beautlfy the Miracle A sooo srons IN A sooo 'rowu Way HARMAN FURNITURE COMPANY QUALITY FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES AT A REASONABLE PRICE THIRD STREET PHONE I50 MILLER'S W. T. Grant Company NOTED FOR vALuEs GENERAL ELECTRIC THE HAIRY APE-Bob Woodward 57 IDIOTS DELIGHT-S ' Ply T E T E R M 0 T O R S PCNTIAC CARS - CMC TRUCKS 33 Davis Avenue Phone 1340 COMPLIMENTS of MAYFLOWER CAFE Toompas Bro+l1ers Beaufiful "Glendale" OF Home OF w.D.N.E. DR. E' Elkins' Onlytdlfizl Forfy-Ono OPTOMETRIST R. W. BISHOP-REAL ESTATE ALL GOD S CHILLUNS GOT WINGS-Lewis Wilson, Boyd May, and John Toompcs 58 HELL BENT FOR HEAVEN-Senior Class VON HAVEN'S PORTRAIT STUDIO OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR TIGER D and H Furniture Wmxxsamxxnx I22 DAVIS AVENUE ELKINS, W. VA NEW and USED FURNITURE HTHE NAME To BUY BYU ws nur. sau.. on nuns EIKIN5 WEST VIRGINIA Liberal Trade In -- Easy Terms PHONE 1606 Arnold Motor Company SALES -- SERVICE F E FOURTH STREET AND DAVIS AVENUE ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF DAVIS TRUST COMPANY ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA AS YOU LIKE IT-Thomas Twins 59 A PILLAR OF SOCIETY-Gussie Fisher COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR ELKINS THEATRES MAN OS ' ' Hippoclrome I I WHERE HITS ARE THE LITTLE HOUSE OF A HABIT I I BIG HITS COUNT ON C olebanks FOR School Supplies While in School Graduation Gifts When Leaving School Office Supplies When Starting in Business ENROLL TODAY, LEARN TO SEW After School Hours and During Summer Vocation Singer Sewing Center 125 Third Street Telephone 1041 HARSHBARGER COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF Frank E. Wilson Oil Company THE COMEDY OF ERRORS-English IV 60 DAYS WITHOUT END-School Days Edina 0numenfa!mrL5 J. ROY KELLY, Owner EVERYTHING IN MEMORIALS AND CEMETERY WORK Estimates Given On Any Material Desired CORNER JOHN AND SECOND STS PHONE 97 R I. N. HAGAN ICE CREAM COMPANY WE TELL YOU NOW: WE TOLD YOU FIFTY YEARS AGO- FQR PAINT ANp GLA55 GROCERIES-MEAT-PRODUCE SEE H. E. HARROLD, MANAGER PHONE II82 1029 S. DAVIS AVE. ELKINS, W. VA. A CAR IBiIIWonn'sI NAMED DESIRE 61 DYNAMO-M' D 9 COMPLIMENTS OF SHORT SNACK Elkins L"""d'Y soum ELRINS lcf CREAM BAR HORTON MOTORS. INC. FORD-MERCURY SALES G SERVICE rr-uno ST. PH DRIVE THE CAR OF THE YEAR PROGRESSIVE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK E FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM AND FEDERAL DEPOSIT ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA SIMMONS BROS. Refrigerated Fresh and Cured Meats Fnou rnooucsn 'ro coNsuM BOY MEETS GIRL-D SI y d K hT GHOSTS INighl Prowlersl John Irwin and Ollis Linger Kelly Foundry and Machine Company WATRING GARAGE QZBGHQ DISTRIIUTORS SINCE I926 C.IeJGk9 DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS THAT DEPENDABLE DODGE SERVICE ALL WAYS THIRD AND RANDOLPH PHONE 473 ELKINS, wssr VIRGINIA AAA-24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE FLOWERS FOR ALI. OCCASIONS Company The Flower Shop Aufhorlxed Dealers of "Egypflan Pink Memorials" I I I PARSONS-ELKINS ROAD PHONE 996J2 Elkins, West Virginia ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA WHAT EVERY WOMAN KNOWS-Men Are Scarce 63 IN SUNSHINE AND IN SHADOW-Our Advertisers Were With Us THE BANK OF SERVICE The Tygarts Valley National Bank of Elkins Member of the Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Elkins, West Virginia CENTRAL MEAT MARKET CITY RESTAURANT W. R. CROMWELL ELKINS INTER-MOUNTAIN GIBSON HARDWARE HAWLEY'S FOOD SHOPPE HESS, THE TAILOR KEIM 81 KEIM, INSURANCE MARY Boosters MAE'S BEAUTY MRS. BOYD H. MAY MELoDEE Music: SHOP MR. JOE OVERSTREET REV. GUY E. SMITH MR. BERNE TETER TEDDY'S LUNCH THE WORKINGMAN'S STORE WALLACE BAKERY ' SHOPPE Dutch Oven Bakery Central West Virginia's Newest and Finest Bakery Valley Supply Co J obbers HARDWARE. MILL. MINE SUPPLIES ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA BEYOND THE HORIZON-Graduation Day 64 -mg.. .J V: 3- ff-lf , . , , F- , 1 ,, ' ,V f V Qff ,, X. 5- ' "I f'1:f1,g til' I T., , w v ' X ..,f. ' , .41 mn-. . -1, ,'. 'nf,., .. - H w,'I'J'!: 'ij-.KV . - 'Yzffiiitz . ' ' ' ' A-.r 4 3 .LV gif!" od A -IM , A . f - my 4 , ,,,, V, 1. A' ,V . f.. . - X, -MA .X-,,.. Q. f ,-H . .. L. . , L v..1' - ' -' ,,, .I 1, w. .."...,.. . ,, N--,.. 1 ,w 'mf , . -' ' ' 'M i -V '- -I f 'f' 1 , f?.'.'vE," ' E' - - 1,-,11 !f",P,, ' V -,l , , Egg, ..1- N. X' I-.. Y ,. W - . -,-I - J H., , Jn Y 'e ' ' ' .- vit V iff'-4 ,V ,T . ' ff. Q Q - -,N - .3. f mf, ' - .nn 4. ,x j .. . qu! "-:fri ' ,M A . '1- 'X 1 .mu 1:--iw, ' .U , , E4-IN.. f',. 1, 11, .L . 4 'u' -9,- , -1. - .": 7 - 7.-,E .:s. 1- -, 'H F , , 2 , V- ffi, M .V .-'Af' N -I'-.FA 1 W. V vf. .QA a. -.Q ,'g,,3x:,- -4 ffff-, - -ggi.. una'- L. , f'fjfii5gf-:c- 'Lf 4 " 5'mE'rwrm- ,'.311i!".,5'4,f-.i.11.,f ..i ' Av., 1 ,V I -H A f 1 X JL ',1,. v ffl.-1,.:E,u.:.' Y ' 2,41 H ,gin ' W . "'.L..'e'Z f.--',f- "iv , ': '. ,3'L- e'1TE:??'51'33' '. hw:-.,,4.1:.1,2x T .51 Jil' wQgW!.Tu ' QyetfX1':j?Q:.2',15-N:,gzr. 7 i -. r ,.x. ,. . . nm, , -eu.-2.-'.1m1z'-5-.1451' :alum L--rf ' .xv ll f 1 , , . .. , Y, . ., ,, .5 N, xy T ..j A -J 1 , , v 1 V , 1 I 1.11, 3 ,f A,,J. 'aixz ' n v i Z E E : l . Q ! 5 i : . a 8 5 I n i I E I ! E ! : E 2 5 E 5 I . Q 1 i I f ! l I . . e : - 1 : s Q ! 2 s 5 E . -1-..g1r,1g.,-,.. -gmc' 24 urn-u..1-3.-qv---.,--'rf - ---- - -

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