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11 Q , ' "1 ff I 3. 3 . -fvpj-'-.ji--1:-N' ,Qi - 'suv , lf ,A ff,- ,- .1 r p X, N -..., f -Y, .- xl 4 mf 25 K 'J A if X -NNN? . JU . x J v KA ' C N 1 Sl S ix. C3 '5 N5 aw, , J XX3 xv s gf A Q . 1 V ..v., Y ,S ' ' Q 1 s ! I 1" 3, - 1. 1. df .Q 1 'J in ,gk :sw I , iff san .4 1' S l I w 3, Y r I 9 gi fa in ' W H J .fifi V 4 y Q . W, , , , if . t fihfpwv? ' M'-' f-f'f'Vn Q' 'imA5 4"'-'Ml-Q,,s, N , . Nix k.,L " . fiMQ H U 2-v,WW I -6 jp' 5W'Fg.5' wfffff V in NIL 2 rg" L rig 1" , :MJ ggi 251' X1 .I .1 y, 45 1 51 :J .thi jf ' .' 1 1, -.v , ,N fu' -. 4' ,Eff A1 54' f L' if A3 PMT Jil? 5 if .cy I gf PM siivaif WTS . ,, ks A W it f , A x r N, fi, 8, i 3, J' L! In .F Nh fx J' gf Ay swfk ,Lf w 7 s 6 www ...My Q - ,iq ,. k v. -wg Q, . ,Q X32 Q u NNN H. . ' fb ' , ,I W ff A . V f' ' . x X sb , K N2 "N .. x 21" . J .1 . , 3 xv ,J ,ks 'bv J 4: f W V 'Q' 'VX ' .pf 3 .wf1,' 1 ' . MLW 2- . ' , W 3 .- 'H-.J kk RA A f .Af It P552 Q J My f i resemting . . . X BILLY LINEBAUGI-I ROBERT ADAIR Editor in Chief Advertising Manager T'-'ETIQER I948 A WORD FROM THE MANAGEMENT Our modern world has no more graphic means of presenting its ideas than through the medium of ra- dio. It is only fitting, therefore, that such a means should be used by THE TIGER staff to portray the living picture of the school year at Cohn High. 1 ii I 1 lI lx U 41 A nime 9 IIIIIII ' l Im lllllll T"f-'urn-+E1Tf":"T,g ITM! l I lil Kimi yin 151' 1 liiilk llil ll N D ' -'E ' 1 lla I N ,I m ' Il "I I 'I I ll 'I - I I Iunmi, I Illl' II ' E L EIEIEEE M g""W Eu, I:-...--' 'E-- i -Si5n's."-f.-"-17: ,-Z" Il I li I ' I lla ' V A, I lj A - I ' E -i,,-: ii ,- i- E- I I fn II It I . xiii' TEES in A ,s 9.-33 Control Room Home of Station C.0.I-IN BROADCASTING A REVIEW OF THE MANY SCHOOL ACTIVITIES QF AN EVENTFUL YEAR Main Stu VN' Pop Brown and Coal Duck Smzth ll No Explosion Occurred Tcaclzing Them How Mr. Carle'r's Mule, Honey Parts TIME MARCHES ON .Iusl Ixvafing They I.iw'cl Happily Iiwm' Aflmwawl 1 1 1 E 1 3 3 X a 1 5 2 E ? 5 3 z f'Bu1my" joslin, "Friday" Friel, "Tubby,' Driwfr ? RELAXATION A N D F U N -V T H E N A U 5 I T I 0 N S N fix X55 Z' fn, SZ Os L Y A J I I 555' :X W 5 N LN' vp , "W, ' .ff 4, 4 35 fi I A ', , 'YW'-n1"'f 'april' 5 f? igm A' ,1 32 I I 1 L Iiigw t i-'gif-,.sx1fi , fx SIEIISIEIEE BILLY W Production Maria ger pomoimo BILLY LINEBAUGH. . . EMILY SIEGRIST . . ANN DODD ......,.. BOIIBIE JEVVEL HOUSE. . . MARJORIE RIDLEY . . . ALFRED TURNIAN . , , LEWVIS MOORE .... MARY ANN RIDLEY.. NIARY IRENA TAYLOR ROBERT ADAIR . . ROBERT BRUCE . BILLY LASHLILE ,. ...Editor in Chief . . .Associate Editor ..,Feature Editor . , .Senior Editor .,.... Club Editor .. Sophomore Editor .. Sports Editor . . , .junior Editor . . . . . . . .junior Editor . . . .Advertising Manager ..........,.,.,Seni0r Editor Associate Business Manager MALVERN RAHRRR . MRS. JEAN SMITH ..,. ....,... DONNA CRAFT .. BETTY LAWNRENCE . , . DOT RUSSELL ,...... PATRICIA GLASSFORD DOT DOTSON ...,... ROGERLYNE PAYNE , FLOYD CULLOP ..,.. IRA LOGOINS . . . MISS HOLT Mlss SMITH .... Associate Business Manager .............Typist . . . .Typist . . . .Typist , . . .Typist . . . .Typist . , . .Typist . . . .Typist . . , . .Artist .......Artist .. .Co-Sponsor ........,...............,.....Co-Sponsor Not picturml: FLOYD CULLOP and IRA LOOGINS, Artists THE TIGER STAFF This is our record of the people here . . . the fun we've had . . . and the Work we've done. With pride we present 'THE TIGER of 1948. 4 YV e Wish to express our appreciation to other mem- bers Of the student body and faculty who have CO- Operated in the production of the annual, appearing SM! Y! for the first time under the title, THE TIGER. x . as-I IWAL V ERN RAHRER Production Manager The Senior Class and TIGER stag of I9-18 dedicate this publication to Min. Elbert F. Anderson, our beloved coach. It is our wish that his sturdiness of mind, patient awareness, and rugged honesty become pei'n1,anently inteizuoven with Cohn Tradition. MQMQQQMQMZ MR. YV. R. ROCHELLE Principal FHEIHIY HOWARD ACUFF ..... Diversihecl Occupations VIRGINIA ALLEY. ,.... ....... R eglstrar-Clerk fFall Termj ELBERT F. ANDERSON .... ...., M alhemalics SCARVIA ANDERSON . . . . .Mathematics ROWENA B. ARNOLD ........, Social Sciences HELEN PATE BAIN ,,.... . YV. H. BROWN .,.. AILENE BURRIS. , , English and Speech Physical Education . .Home Economics NIERRILL S. CARTER, History, Industrial Arts YVALTER LEE CATHCART ,.......... .English NIABEL C. CEARLEY. .Mathematics and Latin EDNA DAVY .... T ...Algebra ' lxeuviwpffd SUE DORRIS .. Ross DOWDEN .,., LEOTA S. DRIVER. BIARY DUNKERLEY, . . . , . , ORVILLE EARHEART .... . IWACON FARRAR Bfssuz FRIEL JANE HARRIS ..4.. . . . .Librarian . . . Vocal Music . . . .English .Art fFall Termj .Jndustrial Arts Home Economics . . . .English . . . . . .Arithmetic SARA WARD HETHER1Nc'roN ...,..., English LEE HILLIS ..... . ....,. Instrumental Music MILDRED HOLT. . ,History, Civics, Geography MCBRYDE JONES .,.., Arithmetic and History T FA ULT THE FACULTY LUCY JOSLIN . . . .....,.. English MARGARET KERR ........ Health and History .XDIQLAIDIE W. LYON 4,.,. English fFall Tcrnzj LEWIS MAIDEN. ..,... English fSpring Terrnj DOROTHY A. XICCLANAHAN Registrar, Clerk Spring Termj JEAN NIIRANDA ..., ...Art fSjrring Terrnj NIARY R. MITCHELL ...... History and Civics MARY CECIL MORRISON .... .... C omrnerce RIZBECCIA KIOSKOVITZ ,...., Bookkeeping and Shorthand FI.ORENCE RYAN .,.. .... I fistory CHARLOTTE SANDERS 4 . . ..,. Mathematics MARIE SNIITI-I .... English IWARGARET SULLIVAN , . . , . . .Science KATHERINE SWVIFT ..,. . .History CALLIE JO XVAGGONER ., .... Health STATION EMU-WN ik V Ygersolaozlities HH mnssrs ROBERT BRUCE .. BILLY JAYNES 4 , .... MILBREY NIATTOX , . . BILLY LINEBAUGH CARL OWEN ...,.... OFFICERS ROBERT HENDRICKSON. ' . . . . , . . .President . . , Vice-President , . . . .Secretary . ..,. Treasurer ........Chaplain Sergeant at Arms SENIHH HHSS THESE- ARE THE SENIORS Few of the dignified seniors of 1948 like to remember Tuesday morning, September 8, 1942. We had all grad- uated from neighboring grammar schools-Sylvan Park, Cockrill, and Park Avenue- and felt very big. Soon this illusion vanished completely. The feeling of smallness in the enormity of the Cohn School auditorium cannot be explained easily. We were assigned homerooms and ordered to come back the next day. On Wednesday our life as low sevens began. The main problems we had were finding our classrooms and keeping out of the way of the older students. We were very timid children and looked at the seniors in fear. We were all afraid they would see us do something wrong and render deathly punishment upon us. VVe completed our first year and began our eighth- grade studies. The thrill of this second year was the junior basketball tournaments. We were allowed to get out of our sixth and seventh period classes for two days, and very few of our class members neglected this oppor- tunity. Our graduation from junior high school will always be remembered in the history of our class. On Friday morn- ing, June 8, 1945, we marched onto the stage and received our diplomas from Mr. A. K. Smithson. At this time Mr. Rochelle encouraged us to go on with our education and not to accept this as completion. Several of our class members left us then to take up technical training at Hume-Fogg. Our sophomore year presented something new at Cohn. VVe were the first sophomore class to organize and raise money. Billy jaynes was elected president, Robert Bruce, vice-presidentg and Sue jordan and Dottie Russell as secretary and treasurer, respectively. Miss Friel served as our sponsor, and under her expert guidance we gave a reception for the seniors in the library after graduation. VVe got a taste of the work ahead of us as juniors when we presented a variety show in the auditorium and a party in the gym. This was the first year our football team won the Interscholastic League trophy. Wife were espe- cially proud of our president, Billy Jaynes, who was out- standing in the backfield. V VVhen we came back to school in the fall of 1946, we felt the tingle of being juniors. Robert Bruce was elected president, and he was assisted by Malvern Rahrer, vice-presidentg Sue Jordan, secretaryg jane lfVright, treas- urerg and William Raby, sergeant at arms. Before the year was over, VVilliam left for the Army, and his office remained unfilled for the rest of the year. Miss Sullivan was elected our sponsor, and she struggled with us through the year. These ofhcers led the class in their quest for money. Early in the fall we ordered our rings and waited im- patiently until they came in May. But we had plenty to do while waiting-variety shows, gym parties, selling cokes, popularity contests-anything to raise money for the Prom. The date was set for Friday night, May 23, and the Maxwell House Hotel was selected as the site of the gala affair. Once again the football team won the Interscholastic trophy. At the beginning of the spring term five mem- bers of our class-Billy Linebaugh, Bobbie Jean Red- mond, jane Wright, Marie Giles, and Juanita Gibbons- were elected to membership in the National Honor Society. Finally the eventful night arrived after a day of deco- rations and confusion. We could tell that it was a success by the passing looks on the faces of the skeptical seniors. This ended our junior activities, and we looked forward to our senior year. We began our final year by electing new officers. Rob- ert Bruce was re-elected president, with Billy Jaynes as vice-presidentg Milbrey Mattox, secretary, Billy Line- baugh, treasurerg and Robert Hendrickson, sergeant at arms. A new office was added this year, and Carl Owen was elected chaplain. Miss Sullivan and Miss Hethering- ton were elected as our sponsors. Once again we had the privilege of starting something new. Student participation in the government of the school was put into effect, and our classmate, Billy Jaynes, was elected speaker of the house or president of the student body. Milbrey Mattox was elected congressional clerk, second highest officer. Our speaker appointed Carl Owen to serve as chaplain for the congress: and Gay Sat- terwhite, jean Allen, Robert Bruce, and Billy Linebaugh represented the senior homeroom. Betty Ann Hooper and Bill Hawkins served as congressmen from the D. O. room. The history of our class would not be complete with- out a fitting tribute to Mr. Anderson, under whose lead- ership and understanding the Cohn Tigers retired the Banner Interscholastic League Trophy by winning it for three years straight, thus giving us the championship. The senior class is very proud of Maxie Runion and Billy jaynes, co-captains of the team, as well as other senior boys, who worked hard for their victories. The year progressed until it was nearly over before we were to face the reality of graduation with the coming of our cards. May 19 was selected as Class Day, and we busily made plans for it. We all loaded on the big busses and were off for a day of fun. A highlight of the year was the junior-Senior Prom. It was held May 21 at the Maxwell House Hotel. The dinner and dance were enjoyed and appreciated by all of the seniors, because we remembered the work we had gone through the year before. Rehearsals which preceded graduation were for Miss Sullivan and Miss Hetherington headaches and worries. But no one was any prouder of us than they were when we marched down the aisle on Friday, june 4, to receive our diplomas. There were tears in our eyes as we left the stage, for we had come to the parting of the ways and we were going on-each to live his own separate life. JANE WRIGHT, Historian. EMMA MAI ACKERMAN Basketball, '46-'48. JEAN ALLEN Dramatic Club, '44-'47g Clarion Staff, '47-'48g Student Congress, '47-'48: Red Cross, '43, S. D. S. Club, '46-'48. DOROTHY ANNE BAIRD Tennis Team, '44-'46g Basketball, '44, Glee Club, '43-'44, Ensem- ble, '46g Girl Reserves, '43-'45g Wittiest Girl of Senior Class: D. Cgub, '47-'48, T. and I. Club, ' -' 8. JAMES ROBERT BRUCE Dramatic Club, '44-'48, Vice- President, '46, President, '47-'48: N. F. L., '45-'48, Treasurer, '46, Vice-President, '47-'48, Vice-Pres- ident of Sophomore Classy Presi- dent of Junior Class, President of Senior Classy Member of Student Council, Football, '46-'47g Base- ball, '45-'48, Basketball, '46-'483 "C" Club, '45-'485 Class Orator '483 Annual Staff, '48. MALCOLM CART ROBERT LEE ADAIR Band, '44-'48g Sykes Hi-Y, '45: Dramatic Club, '47-'48: Bottoms Up, '47g Ensemble, '47-'48, An- nual Staff, '48, Football, '47, "C" Club, '47, SUE ARMSTRONG TandIclub44 rR . ., ,'6-'83Gil e- sigves, '45, Band, '45g D. O. '46- FAYE BRUCE Ensemble, '46-'47, D. O. Club, '47-'48, T. and 1. Club, '47-'48. ANN IVIARIE BURRUM T. and I. Club, '47-'48, D. O. Club, '47-'48. ROBERT EUGENE CHANCE Band, '43-'47. N I JEAN INIARIE CRANDALL Girl Reserves, '42-'44, Red Cross, '42-'43, T. and I. Club, '46-'48, Vice-President, '47-'48, Chorus, '42-'43, D. 0. Club, '46-'48, ANN Donn Basketball, '47-'48, Honor Soci- ety, '47-'48, Clarion Staff, '47-'48, Annual Staff, '47-'48, Intramural Basketball Champions, '47, ARNOLD DUGAN Chorus, '44-'46, ' N ELLE DYER Intramural Basketball Champi- ons, '46, Intramural Basketball, ihampions, '47, Glee Club, '44- ' 6 MARY GASSAWAY Glec Club, '44, Chorus, '45. LOUIE DAVIDSON Baseball, '46-'47, Football, '44- '47, "C" Club, Dramatic Club, Ensemble, Octet, Quartet. DOROTHY JEAN DOTSON Latin Club, '44-'45, Spanish Club, '46-'47, Girl Reserves, '46- '47, Commercial Club, '46-'47, Band, '42-'43, R. O. H., '46-'47i Music Club, '46-'47, Girls' Glee Club, '45-'47, Typing Certificate, '46-'47, Annual Staff, '48, Clarion Staff, '47-'48, Band Council, '47- '4S. DOROTHY DURHAM junior Girl Reserves, '44, Band, 144345. DOROTHY FIELDS FRAZER Dramatic Club, '44-'47, T. and I. Club, '47, D. O. Club, '46-'48, Red Cross. BETTY JUANITA GIBBON S Girl Reserves, '42-'45, Secretary, '44, Girl Scouts, '43-'44, Red Cross, '42-'43, Clinic Staff, '44- '45, Ensemble, '45-'46, Chorus, '43-'46, Clarion Staff, '47-48, Honor Society, '47-'48, Secretary. '47-'48, T. and I. Club, '46-'48, President, '47-'48, State Secretary, '47-'48, D. O. Club, '46-'48. N ELLA MARIE GILES Girl Reserves, '42-'433 Girl Scouts, '43-'44, Red Cross, '43- '44g Band, '44-'46, T. and I. Club, '46-'48, Honor Society, '47- '48, Treasurer, '47-'48, Annual Staff, '46. DONALD RAY HAMILTON Basketball, '46, Hi-Y, '46, Vice- President, '47, President '48, lkiiost Bashful Boy, Clarion Staff, ' 8 BEVERLY HARRIS Ensemble, '46-'48, Senior Chorus, '45-'48, Office Staff, '47-'48, .XX ROBERT HENDRICKSON Football, '47-'483 Basketball, '47- '48g Baseball, '47-'48, Ensemble, '47-'48, Boys' Quartet, '47-'483 Boys' Octet, '47-'48. BARBARA HOLLAND Glee Club, '44-'45, Office Staff, '45-'46, Ensemble, '46-'-18: Clinic Staff, '44-'-45. PATRICIA GLASSFORD Clarion Staff, '47-'48g Annual Stall, '47-'48, Class Willmaker. WILLIE MAI HARGIS Clarion Staff, '47-'48, WILLIAM BOYD HAWKINS Band, '43-'46p Student Congress, '47-'48, T, and I. Club, '46-'48, D. O. Club, '46-'48. INIARY FRANK HEWITT Glee Club, '45-'46, D. O. Club, '47-'48, T. and I. Club, '47-'48: Dramatic Club, '47-'48, Red Cross, '42-'43, BETTY ANN HOOPER Band, '43-'47: Orchestra, '43-'47: Student Council, '47-'48g T. and I48CIub, '47-'48, D. 0. Club, '47- jot-IN LEONARD HORN Most Handsome Boy, Best- Groomed Boy: "C" Club, '47, Basketball, '46-'48, Football, '46- Baseball, '46-'47, Glee Club, ELISE HUFF D. O. Club, '47-'48, T. and I. Club, '47-'48, Chorus, '45-'46, Girl Reserves, '43-'45. W ILLIAM MERRIWELL JAYNES Band, '43-'45, Orchestra, '43-'45, Ensemble, '45-'48, President, '46, Quartet, '44-'46, Octet, '47, Dra- matic Club, '44-'48, Sykes Hi-Y, '43-'47, Basketball, '43-'48, jun- ior High, '43-'44, Tennis Team, '45-'48, Baseball, '45-'48, Track Team, '45, President of Sopho- more Class, '46, President of Stu- dent Council, '47-'48, Vice-Presi- dent of Senior Class, "C" Club, '44-'48, Annual Staff, '45, All- State Chorus, '47. HAYZEL KIRBY D. O. Club, '47-'48, T. and I. Club, '47-'43, ZOLA ANTHONY LAW Glee Club, '43-'45, Ensemble, '45-'48, S. D. S. Club, '46-'48, BOBBIE JEWEL HOUSE Dramatic Club, '45-'48, Girl Re- serves, '45, Band Majorette, '45- '48: Clarion Staff, '47-'48, Annual Staff, '47-'48, Red Cross, '45. ARLYNE Huss Band, '44-'46, Dramatic Club, '46-'47, "C" Club, '47-'48, Cheer- leader, '47-'48, Ensemble, '46-'48, Orchestra, '44-'46, All-State Cho- rus, '47. SUE JORDAN Dramatic Club, '46-'47, Girl Re- serves, '44-'45, Senior High Cho- rus, '45, Ensemble, '46-'48, Trio, '47, Secretary of Sophomore Class, '46, Secretary of junior Class, '47: Attendant to Football Queen, '47, Senior Cheerleader, '46-'47. YVILLIAM VANCE LASHLEE Football, '45-'47, Basketball, '44- '48, Junior High, '44-'45, Golf, '47-'48, Tennis Team, '47-'48, Band, '43-'44, "C" Club, Sykes Hi-Y, '42-'44, Prophet of Senior Class, Annual Staif, '47-'48. BETTY JEAN LAWRENCE Red Cross, '45-'47, Red Cross Treasurer, '46-'47, Glee Club, '43, Annual Staff, '47-'48. HATTIE MARIE LAWRENCE D. O. Club, '47-'48, T. and I. Club, '47-'4Sg Most Bashful Girl in Senior Class. ALICE LOCKER D. O. Club, '47-'4,8g T. and I. Club, '47-'48. NANCY JEANETTE MCCRARY Basketball, '44-'45g Queen of :Ribble High, '45, S. D. S. Club, JAMES MosELEY Junior High Cheerleader. NIILBREY DEAN MATTOX Junior High Cheerleader, '44- '45g Dramatic Club, '44-'46, Sec- retary, '47-'48g Co-Director of Junior Dramatic Club, '47-'4Sg N. F. L., '46, Secretary, '47-'48: Clarion Staff, '47-'48, Senior Cheerleader, '47-'48: Secretary of Senior Class, '48g Member of Stu- dent Congress, Congressional Clerk of Student Congress, Most Striking Personality fGirlJg At- tendant to Football Queen, '4S. BILLY SUMPTER LINEBAUGH Band, '43-'45, Sykes Hi-Y, '45, President of Senior Hi-Yg Presi- dent of Honor Societyg Treasurer of Senior Classy Junior High Bas- ketballg Senior Basketball, '47, Football, '45-'483 Clarion Stag, '47-'48g Tennis Team, '46-'48: "C" Club, '46-'47g Ensemble, '47- '48g Student Congress: Civitan Medal, Annual Staff, '47-'48. PAULINE MARTIN D. O. Club, '47-'48g T. and I. Club, '47-'48. MARTIN EDWARD MOSELEY Band, '44-'483 Junior Hi-Y, Pres- ident, '44-'45, Senior Hi-Y, '48, Clarion Staff, '47-'48, Ensemble, '47-'48, Golf Team, '47-'48: "C" Club, '47-'48g Orchestra, '45-'46, Class Musician. BILLY MATTOX Junior Hi-Y, '42-'44, Senior Hi- Y, '45-'46g Football, '46-'47, Glee Club, '44, "B" Team, Football, '46g "C" Club, '47, DORIS SMITH MIMNIS D. O. Club, '47-'48g Cheerleader, '44-'46, T. and I. Club, '47-'48. CARL NEWELL OWEN B Team Basketball 46 47 Tennls Team 45 48 N F 46 47 Dramatrc Club 45 48 Chaplam of Student Congress Chaplam of Semor Class Sykes H1Y 44 45 C Club 47 8 Ensemble 47 48 Golf Team 47 48 MARIORIE MAE PHELAN Dramatic Club 43 48 Red Cross 43 44 Clarzon Staff S D S Club 46 48 n nual Staff 48 N ELLIE MAYE RAMSEY Glee Club 44 48 Red Cross 44 I' and I Club 47 48 D O Club 47 48 TELMA GROVER Ross Football 47' Basketball 46- 48' Ensemble 46- 48' Chorus 44- '45' Sykes Hi-Y 44- 45' Quartet '47- 48' Octet 47- 48' All-State Chorus 47' C Club 47-48. DOROTHY PHELAN RUSSELL Ensemble, '47-'48g Sophomore Treasurerg Orchestra: Red Cross, '43-'44g "C" Club, '47g Clarion Staff, '47-'4Sg Dramatic Club, '43- '48g Cheerleader, '473 S. D. S. Club, '46-'48g Annual Staff, '48, CLARA BETTY CORNELIA PAYNE O Club 46 48 'I and Club 46 48 NIALVIIRN RAHRER Sykes H1 Y 44 45 Vlce Presr dent of Junror Class Vice Presx dent of H1 Y 46 C Club 46 48 Football Manager 46 48 Basketball Manager 46 Played Baseball 47 Manager Baseball 46 Most Studlous Boy MARJORIE RIDLEY Semor H1gh Chorus 44 Ensem ble 45 48 Clarwn Staff Orchestra 46 Llbrary Staff 45 Annual Staff 47 48. MAXIE RUNION Football 44- 47' Basketball 44- 47' Tennis Team 46- 47' Base- ball Team 46- 47' Sykes Hi-Y 42- 43' C Club -47' Best All-Around Boy' Most Pleasing Personality. BETTY Jo SANDERS Library staff, '45-'46. N I JAMES SANDERS Football, '45-'47, Baseball, '47, Chorus, '44-'45. HELEN ELIZABETH SEAGRAVES Red Cross, '44-'45, Library Staff, '44-'45, Ensemble, '44-'47, Clari- on Staff. BOBBIE JEAN REDMOND SMITH Honor Society, '48, Honor Roll, '44-'48, Salutatorian, '48, Cohn Medal: Most Studious Girl. JOHN TURNER Sykes Hi-Y, '43-'45, Dramatic Club, '46-'48, N. F. L., '47-'48, Vice-President of Dramatic Club, '47-'48, Most Dignified Boy of Senior Class, President of Sykes Hi-Y, '45. JANE WRIGHT Orchestra, '44-'47, Dramatic Club, '44-'47, Key Member, Co-Direc- tor of Junior Dramatic Club, '48, N. F. L., '47-'48, Honor Society, '47-'48, Vice-President of Honor Society, '48, Clarion Staff, '47-'48, Treasurer of junior Class, '46- '47, Most Dignified Girl of Senior Class, Editor of Clarion, '48, Val- edictorian of Senior Class, D. A. R. Medal, Class Historian. GAY SATTERWHITE Girl Reserves, '44-'45, Dramatic Club, '45-'48, N. F. L., '47-'48, Student Congress, Clarion Staff, '48, S. D. S. Club, '46-'48, An- nual Staff, Most Courteous Girl of Senior Class. EMILY ANNE SIEGRIST Attendant to Football Queen, '44, All-Star Queen, '45, All-State Chorus, '47, Dramatic Club, '44- '48, Ensemble, '46-'48, Band Ma- jorette, '44-'46, Cheerleader, '46- '48, "C" Club, '46-'48, Football Queen, '47, Annual Staff, '48, Clarion Staff, '47-'48, Orchestra, '44-'45, Best All-Around Girl, Prettiest Girl of Senior Class. MARIAN ESTELLE TRoxEL Girl Reserves, '44-'45, Girl Scouts, '44-'45, Band, '44-'48, Majorette, '47-'48, Orchestra, '45-'48, JUIHOY Illggh Cheerleader, Band Sponsor, WILLIAM B. W1-uTsoN Baseball, '47, Manager of Foot- ball, '47, Sykes Hi-Y, '44-'46, Basketball, '46, Clarion Staff, '46. SENIORS NOT PICTURED EDWARD ASHBURN NIALCOLM HERNDON QGQZWZQ flfeimcmk Siam V' . SENIHH SUPHHHIIVIS N SMITH B1 Medalist C JANE W RIGHT JEAN SMITH Valedictovicm Salutatorzan SUPERLATIVES Front Raw: JOHN TURNER. Poezg PATRICIA GLASSFORD, Willznakerg BILLY LASHLEE, Prophet JANE YVRIGHT, Historian. Bark row: ROBERT BRUCE, Omtorg MARTIN XIOSELEY, Nluszczan. Name ROBERT ADAIR .. ROBERT BRUCE .. MALCOLM CART BOBBY CHANCE .. LOUIE DAVIDSON . . . ARNOLD DUCAN BILL HAXVKINS . . , JOHN HORN ......... ROBERT HENDRICRSON. DONALD HAMILTON .. INIILTON JOHNSON CARL BILLY BILLY BILLY BILLY OWEN .... JAYNES . , . LASHLEE .... LINEBAUGH , . . MATTOX .... MARTIN MOSELEY JIMMY INIOSELEY . . . T. G. Ross........ MALVERN RAHRER ,. MAXIE RUNION .. JAMES SANDERS .. JOHN TURNER BILLY WHITSON ..... SUE ARMSTRONG EMIVIA MAI ACKERMAN .... JEAN ALLEN ........ DOROTHY BAIRD .. AN NE BURRUM , . JEAN CRANDALL ANN DODD ,....... DOROTHY DOTSON . . . NELLE DYER . ..,., .. DOROTHY DURHAM .. DOROTHY FRAZER . . . MARY GASSAWAY . . IUANITA GIBBONS MARIE GILES ........ YVILLIE MAI HARGIS.. BEVERLY HARRIS ..... MARY FRANK HEYVITT. BARBARA HOLLAND .. BOBBIE HOUSE .... BETTY HOOPER ARLYNE HUSS ..,. ELISE HUFF .. SUE JORDAN ...... HAZEI. KIRBY ..... BETTY LAYVRENCE .... MARIE LAIVRENCE ALICE LOCKER . , PAULINE MARTIN .. MILBREY MATTOX NANCY IVICCRARY . . . . BETTY PAYNE MARJORIE PHELAN . . . NELLIE RAMSEY .... IWARJORIE RIDLEY DOROTHY RUSSELL ,. BETTY Jo SANDERS... GAY SA'I'1'ERWH1'l'E . . . HELEN SEAGRAVES EMILY SIEGRIST .... DORIS MIMMS . . . JEAN SMITH ..... MARIAN TROXEL .. JANE WRIGIIT .....,. PATRICIA GLASSFORD . LOLA LAW ..,.,... . . . OFF THE RECORD SCRIPT Nickname Shadow ,.,.. Broadway , . Mac ..,.. Skeets ........ Ole Davy ,.., Little Dog Face ..,... Mad Mortician Hawkeye .,... Bob .,.,. Duck . . . Skeer . . . Nebbles . . . .laynie . . Badeye . . . Bo . ,,.. .Bill . . , .Mo ...., .Mimmie . . . .Chic .... Nub . . Doc ...... Rassie ..... Shakeyspear . . Blow! ,..... Susie . , . . Duchess . . . .Neanie .. Bairsus . , . Shortie . . .Jeanne . . Andy ..... D. D. T.. . , , Baby Doll . , .Dot , . , . . Dottie . . , Honey . . Nita . . .Ree . , . Willie . . . Wart . . . Frankie . . . Irma ., .Baby ., Hoop ..... Deanie ...., Shakespeare .. .Susie ....... ,Peanut ., Bugs .. Sister . .Proxie .. Polly .. .Deane ..... Miss Kid .Bit ..... Bunny , . Tugar . . . Dodgie . . Dottie , . Iudy . . .Gaye ....... Pinochinose . . Pie ........ Sweet Pea . . .Smitty . . . Pud . . .Hun . , Pat . . . .Zoola . Likes Joyce ......... Henry Morgan . . . NO papers ..... Loretta . . Eating . . Rest . , . . Girls . ,... Miss Friel . . Fun ..... Geometry . . . Mary Jane ..., Tennis . . . Groceries ,. . . , Fun .....,....... No homework Sleep ........ . Money . . Ruth . . . Loafing ....... Steak ....,...... January 29, 1948. .. Pinball machines Sleep ........,..... Eating and sleeping .. Dancing .......... Sonny , ...,......... Third period lunch. . . Bananas ........ . . . . Eats .......... ...... Dancing .......,..... Week ends in Waverly. .... Music .,,......,.,.,. Dill pickles ........ , Dating and Dancing.. Larry ..,.......,.... Car riding ,........ Parties and dancing. . . Dancing ........... To talk ..,. . Hamburgers ...,,... Going places , ...... . Pickles and pop corn. . Sleeping . ,..... . . . . . Donald . , Merrill . . . Charlie .... Week ends To eat . ..,........,...... . Mrs. Burris' Home Economics. Miss Friel's English ......... Eating ....,...,.... Eating . . ...,., . , Eating . . Sonny .... Sleeping ,. . . ,. Week ends Dug ,......... Piano ........... Dates with Buck. .. People ,..,..... .... Music and dancing .... ..., Writing letters ...... Maxie Eating .. Chester .. Eddie ...,..., Orchids ....... Classical Music . . . Frank ......... Dislikes Onions . ..,... . . March of Time, . . . Papers ......... N O Loretta ...,. Nothing .......,. Energetic people . . . Work ..........., Cops .....,........ No fun .,....,....,. Crowded lunchrooms . No money ........... Rainy days Grocery store NO fun ....,. Gettin' up ....,. Going to work .... No money ...... No Ruth ...... Working ,... . . No groceries Student passes .. Tilt ...,......, , . Work .......,.,..... Getting up and being hungry. Staying home ........ Gettin' to school on time ...... Staying home ....,... Staying home . . . No eats ....... Staying home . . , .Writing essays .. Quiet people Studying ..,.,. School . , . . Gettin' up .. . Snowy days ..,. ...... Gettin' up ..,,. ...... Bill being in the Navy. ...... . Teachers who separate good friends ..,......... Being called Wart ...., School .............. Not being able to go where I want to go ...,........... Graduating .......,., Waiting . . . Studying .... No Charlie .... Voice lessons Oysters ...,.... Fifth period No Miss Friel ., Having to wait .... Gettin' up early .... Stormy weather Reading books .... Gettin' up early .... Studying ......... No Dug .,.,... Alarm Clocks No date nights .,,. Gym class ...... Home Work .. . Bossy people Spring term School .... . . . . . Classical music .... English . .......... . . Inefiiciency ......... . Teachers who separate friends, . School .....,..,..... Saying Watch that stuff! How many are there? Catch a new one! Gollee! Did you see Davy? Can't fight it. I have to be Shovcling oil' Shake it off! Aw, quit it! John Brown! Shucks! Is that right? Aw, eat it up! Whoop it up! Got to practice. Ye gods, Roy! I'm broke! Okay, buddie. How much you want to bet? Golly, Dick! Where's my socks, Nub? Give me five Inore nickles Is this a dagger? .Oh, Heck! Golly! Aw, shucks! D-r-O-p dead! Eat 'um up! Sure, I'm sure. Golly!! Sure 'nuff??? Why, shore!! Fiddle-de-dee! Now, ain't that awful? You don't say! Reckon so. You don't say! Betcha ten bucks!! I don't know. You all. Honey. .PiH'le! Is that nice? Aw, Eddie!! Aw, go on! Honey, huslI! Shake it off! What you mean, jellybeana Shut up!! Shut up, stupid!! My country! I don't know. Gee whiz! AW, shut up!!! Ah! fiddle! I know what you mean, jellybean! Honey. Good night!! Boy, you know it's so!!! Got your English? Golly!! Oh, I thought I'd die! Aw-W-w! Ain't that awful! Cat hair! Aw, toot! Well, that's nice! I don't know! I should care! 5 Most Beautiful Girl Best Groomed EMILY SIEGRIST JOHN HORN Most Handsome Boy SUE JORDON JOHN HORN Most Dignijied JOHN TURNER JANE WRIGHT W Best All-Around Boy Witlicst MAXIE RUNION DOROTHY BAIRD Best All4Ar0und Girl BILLY LASHLEE EMILY SIEGRIST ' Most Studious MALVERN RAHRE11 JEAN SMITH Wm Wkcel Wm Most Courteous GAY SATTERWHITE BILL HAWKINS Most Pleasing Persomzlily MAXIE RUNION NIILBREY MATTOX .Most Bashful MARIE LAWRENCE DONALD HAMILTON PROPHECY Being the day before Senior Day, I decided to relax and enjoy a game of golf. As I was sitting on the bench waiting my tll1'11 to tee off, I noticed a feathery dandelion dancing in the breeze. The white seeds reminded me of our class grouped closely together, and as the wind blew them away one by one over the greens and traps I realized that our fellow classmates would be separated by our professions and duties in life in the same way. As the hrst tiny seed passed by it burst into a gay, brightly colored spectacle which, to my profound amaze- ment, seemed to be a carnival. Wonderingly I gazed at the many colored tents and the glittering lights and cos- tumes. All at once familiar voices came through the hustle and bustle of the happy crowd. My eyes sud- denly became Hxed upon a tall man talking rapidly through a small microphone. Robert Bruce was urging the people to come in and see the fearless jungle king and lion tamer in action. This was none other than Malvern Rahrer, the Tarzan of this day. As the people made a mad rush to the entrance I happened to notice the ticket seller. He was a bright-faced, redheaded chap whom I finally recognized as Carl Owen. I sauntered along, and as my gaze moved upward I saw the most daring exhibition ever performed on the high wires. There, swinging in the air, were two of my classmates, Louie Davidson and Dorothy Baird. Louie was standing on his head on this slender pole with no net, and Dorothy was swinging by her teeth. As this scene passed from my view, I found myself seated in a huge football stadium. The preliminary game was between the only two girls' teams in the world. One of these was composed entirely of former Cohn students. As I read their positions from end to end, they' were: Left end, Helen Seagravesg left tackle. Ann Burrumg left guard, lfVillie Mai Hargisg center, Pauline Marting right guard, Betty Payne, right tackle, Hazel Kirbyg right end, Dorothy Dotson. The backfield was composed of Sue Armstrong, tailbackg Betty jo Sanders, fullbackg Betty Hooper. blocking backg jean Crandallg wingback. They won easily over the opposing team, ninety-nine to two. The feature game was between two teams picked from all-time "greats" Through snatches of conversation around me I learned that those two stalwarts who made history when we were in high school were members of this star-studded squad. I hurriedly glanced at my program, and there in black letters they were-Maxie Runion and Billy Jaynes, each with a star by his name. Neither of them made an entrance until the late stages of the game. Finally I glanced up and saw them making a brilliant dash down the field. Maxie was carrying a water bucket, and -Iaynie was loaded down with nice white towels and a first-aid kit. I pushed my way to the exit of the stadium, and there, standing in the late afternoon sunlight, were Billy Whit- son and T. G. Ross, selling the pennants and colors of the two teams. After this passed from sight, I found myself on a busy street of a thriving metropolis. One particular shop on this street caught my eye. It was a tiny place, but business was good, I surmised, from the endless stream of customers. The sign particularly interested me as I noticed the names, ALLEN, RUSSELL AND PHELAN, advertising "Togs for Tiny Totsf' Upon inquiring into this business, I found that four of their best customers were Mesdames Zola Law, Doris Mimms, Bobbie jean Smith, and Dorothy Frazer, who had by now settled down to married life, and each had several children. In the background my gaze followed and settled upon a huge billboard with three familiar faces. They were Sue Jordan, Emily Seigrist, and Arleen Huss. Under these well-known smiles was a little ditty, "Don't die, try a pie and sigh." Of course it was an ad for Siegrist's pies. At a little distance up the street was a huge department store under the proprietorship of Ann Dodd, Gay Satter- white, and Milbrey Mattox. They owned a chain of stores from New York to San Francisco. Through them I learned that jane Wright was a fashion editor with the company and was in Paris at the- time speculating on the latest fashions. Also in the employment of this company were Beverly Harris, Barbara Holland, Bobbie jewel House, and Marjorie Ridley as buyers and secre- taries. Other Cohnites served as models in the various stores across the country. They were Nell Dyer, Alice Locker, and Marie Lawrence, all of whom were very successful. As this passed out of my sight small scenes danced swiftly through my mind. Robert Adair had sucessfully succeeded Mr. Carter and had brought about the outlawing of the use of tobacco in Tennessee. His chief enemies in this light to make Tennessee tobaccoless were "Blackjack" Bob Hendrickson and "Badeye" Bill Lashlee. These two had set up a hugh tobacco business by running tobacco from the "smoky states" into Tennessee. Bobby Chance was the owner of a chain of garages throughout the South. Malcolm Cart and jimmy Moseley had a new method of delivering papers on many routes at the same time. They used autogyros for quick delivery. Faye Bruce was a second Madam Curie and had dis- covered many new drugs which aided medical science. Juanita Gibbons and Marie Giles were tellers in the well-known Bank of New York. Betty Lawrence, Patricia Glassford. and Nancy McCrary had pursued the teaching profession. Betty and Patricia were teaching at their old Alma Mater, Cohn, and Nancy was a member of the Vanderbilt faculty. Jimmy Almons and Bill Hawkins now owned their own funeral home and had proven to be successful students of mortuary science. Johnny Horn owned a small stand on Fifth Avenue, and he performed his feats of magic for passers-by. Arnold Dugan and Donald Hamilton owned a chain of grocery stores which equaled the well-known A. and P. Stores. Emma Mai Ackerman and Mary Frank Hewitt owned a pet shop in a small southern town. They sold every- thing from alligators to kangaroos. Marion Troxel ran a beauty salon in the Waldorf- Astoria. Her manicurist was Dorothy Durham. The scene changes here and we Hnd Mary Gassaway and Elise Huff raising chickens on a huge ranch in the midwest. Milton johnson and james QRassyj Sanders owned a Pan-American trucking line. john Turner was the great poet of his day. His name was sure to go down in history. Billy Mattox owned a horse ranch in Wyoming. Martin Moseley was a musician in one of the popular bands of the time, and Billy Linebaugh was a chemical engineer in our own home town. ' just then I heard my name called, stepped up on the tee, and lined my ball two hundred and fifty yards down the middle. BILLY LASHLEE, Prophet. RICHARD HUNTER .. CLESSIE VINSON .... JOANNE RICHARDSON THOMAS SULLIVAN JOHN CROCKER ,.,.. OFFICERS . . . , . . .President . . . Vice-President .. . . . ,Secretary . . . . . . .Treasurer Sergeant at Arms JUNIUH UIHSS THE JUNIOR CLASS - TO1' Seazerl, front raw, Iefl to I-ight--IMOGENE BIANSFIIELD, FLOYD CULLOP, JIMBIY SANDERS, EVA SIIAVER. Back 1-ow-WILIYIA RAINEY, ANITA FORREST, ELLA NIAI ETIIRIDGE, BISTSY FULLER, 'BETTY RUTH CUZZORT. BOTTOM Back ww-HAROLD YVILLIANIS, BETTY SPEIGI-IT, JEAN XVALDEN, TH1-:LMA DAUGHERTY, GENEVA PRATT, HAROLD CIYIAAIBERS. Front row-DILLARD PUCKIZTT, BILLY GILLESPIE, HARVEY BUR- NETTE. 1+ I 52 1 I THE JUNIOR CLASS . TOP Back row-R. K. GANN, TOMMY KEEN, JERRY LUTHER, ED COLLINS. Second 1'0w-MARY ANN RIDLEY, EVELYN CURD, YVANDA PIONEYCUTT, CLARICE TOOMES. Seated-BERT KELLERI-IALS, BILLY HARBISON. BOTTOM First row-DENNIS FRIZZELL, JOHN LAXVRENCE. Second TOZU-PEGGY DALTON, EVELYN ROW- LETIE, JOYCE RAINES, DOT GRAVES. Third row-RONDALE BASKETT, ROBERT NIORRISON, JOE PAYNE. THE UNIOR CLASS TOP Back YOZU-ROBERT MILLS, DONALD TAYLOR, JAIVIES SANDERS, JAMES GRIMES, YVALTER ESTES. Front I-ow-DORIS GEORGE, ROGERLENE PAYNE, JEAN ROBINSON, JO ANNE NEELY. BOTTOM First row-BETTY JO LEIGH, LAWSON HARDWVICK, BILLY SADLER, CHARLES SCHULMAN, VIRGINIA RICE. Second row--MARY CATHERINE NICNIILLAN, BETTY VAUGHN, CHRISTINE WHITFIELD, LILLXE SULLIVAN. THE JUNIOR CLASS Front 'row-BETTY JEAN HORNAL, BETTY CARTER, BOBBYE DRAUGHON. Back T010-DONNA CRAFT, JAN BROYVN. BETTY BARNES, JOAN BLACK. DORIS DEMOSS, FRANCES BRACEY. D. BOTTOM Seated, left to right, first row-James Wilson, Audrey Fleming, Sue Kelly, Betty Fuller, Helen Barish, Sewell Flowers. Second row-June Hall, Dottie Green Austin Medlin. 1 Third row-David Greer, Maxine Ful- ler, Nancy Vickery, Helen Wienke, Donna Sanders, Bobby Davidson, Nel- lie Chisam, James Bayne. Fourth row-Lionel Wvatkins, Mary Mfeatherby, Elizabeth Lawrence, Edna Sweeney, Marilyn Reynolds, Loretta Overby, Faye Fleming, Betty Bowling, jean Morris, Charles Sadler. Fifth row-Gordon Kent, Billy Bowers, Billy Morrison, Henry Nichols, Bobby Burroughs, Elliott Kestner, Nancy Bernard, Jinimey Kirby. TOP Seated, left to right, first row-Ralph Farrel, Georgia Young, Jo Ann Wil- liams, Norma Hooper, Kathleen Hunt, Frances Ann Tyler, joan Dotson, Al- fred Turman. Second row-jack Lamb, Betty Lon Moore, Martha Sells, Sophie Schwein- ing, Frances Foster, Betty Sue Dyer, Ruth Lancaster, Georgia Lewis, Eu- nice Robertson, W. R. Spears. Third row-William Hutchinson, Mary Louise Robertson, Louise Martin, Bar- bara Lawrence, Billie Dye, Hattie Ral- stan. Fourth row-Tommy McMillan, Mary Louise Sadler, Barbara Robeson, Nel- lie Mai Sullivan, Dorothy Floyd, Peggy Gailey, Mary Sue West, Martha Hutchinson, Eugene Black. Fifth row-Lewis Moore, Charles Dix- on, Shirley McPherson, Bobbie Arm- strong, Eloise Miller, Betty Cuzzort, Romona Watkins, Joan Owen, Ruby Melba Glass. Standing-Rebecca Bruce, Ann Barnes, jo Ann Hendricks, jo Ann Brittain, Mona Burt, Mattie Sue Crocker, Mary Flla Baker. Sixth row - Bobby Bush, jimmy Greene, Barbara Murray, Gail Radar, jean Vick, Dorothy Reed, Mary Leigh, Nell Gassaway, joan Smith, Doug Hernby. Standing-Bruce Vickery, Richard Pharris, Billy Singleton, Jacob Haffner, Keith Oliphant, Ira Chandler, Homer Coggin, James Felts, Burton Booth, john Hawkins. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS THE FRESHMAN CLASS Left to right, first row-Myra Goins, Dorsey Ferrell, Dorothy Smith, Bar- bara King, Ann Dozier, Joyce Osburn, Margie Brown, Julia Hutcheson, Mary Ann Sills, Lorraine Stringfellow, Ann Mishler, Ida Hoyal, Martha Dishncr, Helen Bass, Juanita Arnold, Bonnie Wallace, Viola Sullivan, Evelyn Sny- der. Second row-Jenann Pedigo, Mary Jane Hunt, Treva Oakley, Jimmie Lee Noland, Jean Duke, Joyce McDowell, Joyce Bell, Joyce Evans, Mattie Belle Ramsey, Nancy Rahrer, Mildred VVil- liams, Dorothy Brooks, Corrine Tur- man, Dean Wallace, Jean White, Marie Lester, Helen Martin, Claudine Ham- ilton, Ruth Pittman, Sarah Hughes, Martha Hyams, Beulah Marsh. Third row-Betty Lamb, Patricia YVor- thy, Anita VVolfe, Jackie Robeson, Na- cmi Mfebb, Joy Ballew, Peggy Edmond- son, Lorine Goodman, Barbara Allen, James Burgess, Mary Gupton, Janice Castleberry, Jimmy Bates, Charles Hamilton, Billy Scott, Howard XVhit- held. Fourth row-June Demonbreun, Shir- ley Hall, Billie Teeple, Helen Eth- ridge, Mary Taylor, Daisy Lee, Betty McGrady, Dorothy Clary, Albert Bush, Billy Bales, Raymond Reynolds, Billy Barnes, Lewis Brown, Mfilliam Long- worth, Dicky Hunt, Thomas Snoddy. Fifth row-Mary lfVarf, Betty Marie Owen, June Gillespie, Margaret Hol- land, Faye Overton, Bobby Bates, Ella Pope, Lois llfinkler, Charles Felts, Charlie Strong, Billy Hartman, Rich- ard Johnson, Billy McNeely, Robert Hill, Richard Dudney, Thomas Wal- ler, J. B. Vaughn. Sixth 'row-Bobby Story, Doris Smith, Lilly Murphy, Jack Matthews, Du- ward Lawson, Billy Demonbreun, Don- ald Howser, Jack Holland, Charles Johnson, Charles Lavender, Curtis Martin, Scott Pickens, John Burham. Seventh row-Dorothy Stevens, Paula Holt, Jo Anne Hasty, Hales Carlisle, Lee Langford, Doris Foster, Bobby Plant, Billy Hinson, Ira Loggins, Collin Dugan, Doris Luckett, Jerry McCord. T O P Seated Iieft to rightj, first row-Albert Gar- vin, Ansel Stuart, Bobby Grimes, James Ed- wards, G. T. Appleton, Jimmy Dunlap, Charles Adler, Ray Graves, Hillard Inman, Elmore Hannah, Hampton Mason, Roy Smithson. Second row-Billy Smith, Ronnie Mfood, Lloyd Mayberry, Douglas Betty, Carl Ed Teal, Buddy Hickman, Preston Daniels, Harold Mitchell, Jack Lomax, Bobby Whit- son, Billy Reeves, Earl Tidwell, Jack Garner, Fred Cullop, Jimmy Sager, Sammy Cox, Talmadge Smith, Buddy Bayne. Third row -Don Wrye, Clark DeLashmitt, Virginia Biggs, Dorothy Demonbruen, Frances Row- lette, Jimmy Draper, James Cornwall, Sue Wall, Robert Daugherty, Dorothy Ragan, Lovell Ragland, Mary Biggs, Margaret Crow- ell. Fourth row-Mabel Hinson, Carolyn Campbell, Dorothy Fitzgerald, Jeanette Va- den, Doris Knowles, Henri Etta Estes, Agnes Vick, Ann Fleming, Dorothy Thompson, Ju- lia Sensing, Lois Murphy, Julia Thomas, Thomas Morris, George Curry, Richard Pratt, Frankie Ackerman. Fifth row-Bobby Crouch, Faye Woods, Mildred Longworth, Wilma Holton, Dorothy Tomes, Mamie Kinslow, Mary Nell Tyler, Barbara Burns, Anna Belle McNiel, Jim Robinson, Louise Ethridge, Dorothy Coleman. Sixth row- Ray Arnold, Agnes Lashlee, Betty Appleby, Betty Lou Anderson, Robert Hill, Christine Stockton, Patil Jorden, Carl Hinson, Nancy Lewis, James Dishman, Joanne Polk, Ray Scott, William Tweedy, Bobby 'Wall, Billy Pashal, Carolyn Horton. Seventh row-Clair Bess, Wayne Jakes, Jimmy Lawson, Joe Sad- ler, Edward Doss. YVylie Sensing, Dorothy Brooks, Devona De Graffenreid, Lorine Smith, Edward Brown, Sarah McWright, Sadie Givens, Ray Corbitt, Buddy Stockdale, Lou Hooper, Roy Foster, Ruth VVilkerson. Eighth vow-Carol Nokes, Malvin O'Riley, George Hayes, Jimmy Hudgens, Tommy Duffel, Billy Slack. Ninth row-James Braz- zell, Shirley Black, Doris Brooks, Frank l-lawks, Tommy Greene, Paschal Giles, Billy lNoodside, Billy Elmore, Floyd Batey, Wil- liam Brooks, Harry Baird, George Walker, Bobby Davidson, Sterlin Hutchison, Donald lf-Iatley, Paul Tripp, Richard Forehand. BOTTONI Seated tleft to rightj, hrs! row-Dorris Barnes, Jack Carter, Mitchell Givens, Charles lNallace, Edward Counter, Buddy Baync, Tommy Duffel, Jimmy Dunlap, Charles Ad- ler, Hershel West, Joe Terry. Second row- Harold Crocker, Donald Hedgepath, Leland Soyars, Bobby Reese, Joe Murray, Betty Jo Alvin, Dean Burns, Clara Cantrell, Jean Lewis, Jean Sartain. Standing, third row int extreme righ-tj-John Herron, Marguerite Felts, Kathryn McCullom, Ann Sullivan. Fourth row-Robert Roland, Robin Bart- lette, Norma Smith, Shirley Milligan, Shirley Muller, Carolyn Jaynes, Mary Jo Carlisle, Ann Clopton, Almeda Wall, Geraldine Thompson, Sylvia Barrish, Dorothy Barnes, Mayrene Stokes, W'ilda Cagle, Anne Ella Poe. Fifth row-Loretta Hooper, Jane Ma- riwell, Inez Curtis, Rosalind Dowd, Mary Dorsey, Geneva McWhirter, Carolyn Hirsh- brunner, Clara Armstrong, Dickey Bracey, Dorris Sharber, John Ernest Green, Geral- dine Shaver, Barbara Marable. Sixth row- Iames Fentress, Kenneth Shaver, Buddy Hud- gins, Cornelia Dillard, Joyce Hudgens, Elise Robertson, Julia Crisp, Dorothy Estes, Betty Lou Anderson, Virgie Harvillc, Betty Ann Johnson, Peggy Ladd, Kay Toombs, Marion Rucker, Judy Parnell. Seventh row-Fran- cis Rochelle, Edward McWhirter, Donald Rucker, Rita Beecham, Nola Mai Warren, Jane Moore, Marjorie Wilkerson, Martha Hatchett, Juanita Hix, Barbara Taylor, Peg- gy Joyce Hooper, Joan Johnson, Rita Crow- ell, Virginia Jones, Geraldine Shaver, Martha Rice, Charles Wright, Eighth row-Hugh March, Charles Lawrence, Carolyn Nickols, Kathryn Moore, Irene Mack, Jo Ann Polk, Shirley Higgins, Lynn Vickery, Mary Jo Maples, Shirley Austin, Viola Scoggins, Wil- ma Tanner, Rachel Collins, Faye Perkins. Ninth row-William White, Charles Felts, Evelyn Reding, June Finch, Cena Toy, Anita Vineyard, Frances Butler, Mattie Lou Wil- liarns, Claude King, Frank Morris, Jerry Horne, Pat Gentry, Royce Dozier, Bobby Denton. ADE THE EIGHTH GR J THE SEVENTH GIRLS lary Anderson laney Arnett etty Ballanfant irginia Barnes ora Jean Barnes Marie Barnes 'atti Barnett laureen Bass Joy Beecham llary Jane Berlin Betty Ann Berry Jewell Bessire Christine Binkley Yorma Jean Black Joyce Brewington Currine Bull Ruby Bull lary Burnett i uth Burgess Wilma Campbell orothy Christensen une Cole elen Coleman Nancy Coleman lizabeth Christine Cook artha Ann Crowell 'elean Davidson Joan Denson Joris Jean Denton ylvia Draughon Nlarie Dyer illy Jo Edgin etty Edgin Betty Jean Elmore ewell Evans Frances Farmer 'ola Mai Fergerson 'wendolyn Felts Dorothy Fisk 1 ancy Fitzgerald atherine Fleming Iargaret Fleming velyn Foxall Barbara Gibson Myrtle Gillespie Dimple Givens Iazel Glasgow Lileen Gonre Barbara Gray Beverley Green Elizabeth Hamm Jewel Harville Wilma Hawks Sarah Mai Henry Annette Hickman Anne Marie Hiland Pauline Howard Rosie May Hudgens Peggy Hunt Martha Jones Dorothy Keel Shirley King Peggy Sue Krantz Jean Lepley Gladys Locke Roberta Logan Georgia Marcruni Peggy Ann Martin Thelma Maxwell Imogene McMahon Pearl Mishler Mary Frank Mulloy Marie Naron Virginia Netherton Dorothy Noland Maxine Parks Shirley Patterson Barbara Pearce Martha Perry Ernestine Pewitt Iola Polk Tharon Polk Gloria Pratt Lorine Pratt Ruth Ralston Irene Ramsey Mary Robertson Doris Rosser Donna Rucker Corine Russell Carolyn Singelton Betty Sue Smith Geraldine Smith Nancy Smith Helen Smithson Bobbie Jean Spray Jo Evelyn Stanhll Shirley Story Juanita Sweeney Patty Tally Betty Taylor Betty Thompson Josephine Toy Jennie Bell Trice Charlene Underwood Shirley Vaughn Juanita Vick Shirley Vinson Imogene Mfeatherly Margaret Vllells Peggy Vllest Bonnie Sue Wvolfe Mary Woodside Mary Sue VVright BOYS Howard Abernathy Jimmy Allen Bobby Andrews Richard Arnold Roy Armstrong Tommy Arthur Don Bagwell William Baird Gayle Barnes Eldridge Binkley Thomas Brewer William Brooks Frank Bruce Charles Burrum Buddy Byrd Maness Campbell Everette Carrick Kenneth Candler Marvin Coleman Cecil Costello Roy Crouch Lloyd Curtis James Denson Thomas Dobbs Lowell Dobbs Bobby Dodd Hershall Dodson Ray Dorsey Harold Doss Winston Draughon GRADE J Herbert Dunnavant David Elrod Bobby Estes H. S. Flemming John Flowers Max Forrest Jesse Foster Odie Foxall Charles Gregory Carl Guyu Donald Haggard Thomas Halslip Harrille Hamm Joe I-lasty Willis Hatcher Hubert I-latchett James Hicks Billy Joe Higgason H. C. Hill Jack Hill Donald Hinson John Holmes James Holt Buddy Hooper Sterlin Hutchinson Donald Johnson Jimmy Johnson Walter Johnson Walter P. Johnson Charles Jones Harold Jones Robert Kelly Carl Kennedy Clayton King Billy Kinslow Billy Lamb Wayne Langford Wayman Lockwood Barney Lyles Billy Lynch Carl Martin Bobby Ray Mathis Junior McCord Robert McNVright Billy Meadows Carl Medlin Bobby Miller James Miller Raymond Mills Ernest Morgan Charles Morrison Billy Muller Charles Netherton Bobby Odom Dennis Orman Donald Prosser Royce Putt Dean Ramsey Thomas Ramsey Herman Raymer, Jr Paul Ridge Doyle Roberts Allen Robinson Donald Robertson Jam-es Robinson Barney Rogers Forrest Russell Bobby Sadler Iiugene Sadler James Scott Billy Singleton Sherdon Slater Don Smith Ralph Smith Romuald Smith J. C. Spencer Grady Staniield Glenn Stinson Archie Taylor Billy Thomas Robert Thomas Robert Threet James Thron-eberry Milton Toomhs Clifford Vaughn L. J. Vaughn Charles Edward Vearh Edward lNalker NV. D. lNalker William Warden Ray Warren Jimmy Yvarren Roy iNebb James White Thomas White Virgil White Huston Williams Allen Wolf Harry Woodside Marcus Young SENIOR BABIES 1, Bobbie Jewell House . . . 2. Malvern Rahrei' . . . 3. Marjorie Phelan. . . . 4. Beverly Harris . . . 5. Sue jordan 6. Nancy janet McCrary . . . 7. Marjorie Ridley . . . 8. jean Allen . . . 9. Billy Linebaugh . . . 10. Ann Dodd ll. Bobbie jean Smith. STUDENT CONGRESS BILLY JAYNES ..., ........... . Speaker NTILBREY lNlATTOX .... . . Congressional Clerk PEGGY DALTON , . , ........,. Secretary LEYVIS NIOORE .... .....,... T reasuref Claudie PHILLIPS. . , . . .Sergeant at Arms CARL OYVEN .. ,....... Chaplain BILLY SADLER . , . . Prwliamentarian First row-Claurlie Phillips, Billy Sadler, Peggy Dalton, Billy jaynes, Milbrey Matrox, Barbara Lawrence, Edna Sweeney, Myra Goins. Third row-Billy Lineb xugh, jean Allen, Bernard, Dennis Frizzell, Mary Catherine McMillan, Carolyn Campbell, Beyerly Greene. Bruce, Billy Kinslow, Billy Harbison, Alfred Turnian. Fifth 'row-lNI1rylrena Taylor, man, Freddie Hill, Sammie Cox, Charles Schulman, Mary Frank Malone. Lewis Moore, Carl Owen. Serond raw-Sue Wall, Gay Satrerwhile, Dorothy Floyd, Lois Winkler, Nancy Fourth r0w'Allen YVolf, Eldridge Binkley, Robert Sophie Sehweining, Mary Anne Ridley, Corrine Tur- UHEHNIZHIIHNS COHN SENIOR HI-Y First row-Martin Moseley, Robert Morrison, Christine Whitfield, Bert Kellerhals, Donald Hamilton. Second row-Betty Vaughn, jean Walton, Mary Catherine McMillan, Dennis Frizzell, Mr. Carter Csponsorj. Third row-Billy Linebaugh, W'a1ter Gillespie, Billy Harbison. SIKES HI-Y First row-Marlan O'Riley, Monte Marablc, Mr. Cathcnrt Csponsorj. Second row-Tommy McMillan, W. R. Spears, Lewis Moore, Alfred Turman. OFFICERS 'DONALD HAMILTON President BERT KELLER!-IALS V ice-President CHRISTINE WHITFIELD Secretary NIARY CATHERINE MCMILLAN Treasurer ROBERT MORRISON Chaplain lWARTIN MOSELEY Sergeant at Arms OFFICERS LEWIS NIOORE President ALFRED TURMAN V ice-President NIARLAN O'RILEY Secretary W. R. SPEARS Chaplain NIONTE lWARABLIi Sergeant at Arms HONOR SOCIETY Front row, left to right-Billy Linebaugh, Marie Giles, jane Yvright, Juanita Gibbons. Back raw-Mary Ann Ridley, Miss Sara W. Hetherington, Miss Mary Cecil Morrison, Lillie Sullivan, Charles Schulman, Marie Law- rance, jean Smith, Miss Margaret Sullivan, Donna Craft, Mrs. Leota Driver, Ann Dodd, Mr. W. R. Rochelle, GIRL SCOUTS Seated, left to right-Beverly Grccn, liilccn Goncc, Ann Dozier, Babs King, Barbara Pearce, Imogene Mc- Mahan. Standing-Joyce McDowell, Mary jane Berlin, jean Duke, Shirley Muller, Barbara Gray, Miss Farrar Qsponsorb. Principal. BOYS' SEPTET At the beginning of the spring term the Boys' Octet was leduced to thc Boys' Septet by the graduation of Louie Davidson. This group has performed at numerous high schools and functions of local civic organizations. The Septet usually performs in conjunction with the Ensemble, but it is often invited to present an individual CLINIC STAFF Left lo right, slzmding-Miss Vklaggoner, Health Counselor, Betty Lou Anderson, Sylvia Barish, Almcda Wall, Elizabeth Ann Maples, Peggy Hooper, Doris Brooks, Anita Wolf, Evelyn Foxhall, Joyce McDowell, Mrs. Margaret Higgins, School Nurse. Seated-Jean White, Collene Lawson, Robbie McGill. p rogrzun. Left to right-Richard Hunter, Billy jaynes Robert Hendrickson, T G. Ross, Ed Collins Claudio Phillips, Billy Linelpaugh. OFFICERS IUANITA GIBBONS Presiclent JEAN CRANDALL I"'il'C-P'I'65i6IU7lt NIARIE GILES SU li A RMTRONG Trezlsilrer T 81 I CLUB MEMBERS Back row, left to right-Howard Acuff, Co-ordinatorg Maston Weatherly, Donald Sawyer, Marie Giles, Marie Lawrence, Elise Huff, Joan Black, Betty Carter, Dorothy Baird, Doris Smith Mimms, Ann Burrum, Hazel Kirby, Dorothy Frazer, Harold Elkins, Bill Hawkins. Front 'row-Donna Craft, Bobbie Draughon, Juanita Gibbons, Betty Hooper, Alice Locker, Jean Crandall, Sue Armstrong, Pauline Martin. Betty Payne. OFFICE STAFF FALL AND SPRING Sealffrl, left lo- right-Geneva Pratt, Barbara Holland, Betty Bowling, Miss McClanahan, Secretary, Frances Bracey. Slamlmg-Beverly Harris, Nanry Bernard, Betty Vaughn, lean Brown, Betty lean Hornal, Ann Barnes, Dean Wallace, Corrine Turman, Eunice Robertson, Becky Bruce. Absent-Mary Ann Ridley, Sammie Jean Ackerman, Edna Sweeney. l LIBRARY STAFF Present-Dorothy Barn-es, Joyce Bell, Mary jo Carlisle, Cornell Dillard, Ann Dozier, jean Duke, Valeria Dye, Dorothy Fitzgerald, Ann Fleming, Martha Hatchett, Loretta Hooper, jane Maxwell, Shirley Milligan, Betty Lou Moore, ,Io Ann Moore, Carolyn Nichols, Fay Perkins, Jo Ann Polk, Mary Robertson, Dorothy Rowlett, Sophie Schweining, Billy Teeple, Mary Timbs, Sue lNall, Patricia N'Vo1'thy, Miss Sue Dorris, Librarian. Absent-Bobbie Bates, joy Beecham, Wilma Hawks, Loretta Overby, Betty Marie Owen, Dorothy Toms, Jean Vick. CLARION STAFF Back row, standing, left to right-john Turner, Miss Rebecca Moskovitz, Business Manager: Miss Sara Ward Hetheringtorr, Faculty Advis- or, XV. R. Spears, Patricia Glassford, Willie Mai Hargis, Alfred Turman, Robert Mor- rison, Gay Satterwhite, Martin Moseley, Sophie Schweining, Dottie Floyd, Emily Siegrist. Second row, seated - Floyd Cullop, Donald Hamilton, Mary Taylor, Lewis Moore, Helen Seagraves, Peggy Dal- ton, Jane Wright, Editor: Virginia Rice, Co-Editorg Dot Dotson, Nellie Sullivan, Jean Allen, Dottie Russell, Margie Phelan, First row, seaIed4 Bobbie jewel House, Dennis Friuell, Shirley Milligan, Ann Dodd, Sammie Ackerman, Milbrey Mattox, Marjorie Ridley. 4 1 i SENIOR CHEERLEADERS Left Zu right-Milbrey Mattox, Arlyne Huss, Clarice Toombs, Marilyn Reynolds, Emily Siegrist, C0-Captaing jo Anne Richardson, Co-Captaing Sue Jordan, jo Ann Neely, Betty Bowling. Mrs. Robert Dunkerley, sponsor, JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS Left to 'fight-Christine Pugh, Betty Ann Fuller, Ann Fleming, Homer Coggin, Donald Hawser, Dorothy Thompson, Helen Wienke, Donna Sanders. Mrs. Robert Dunkerley, sponsor. not pictured. 1 COHN HIGH SCHOOL BAND Scaled Jef! to iight jo Ann Neely Betty Cuuort Helen Barish Mary Louise Sadler Dorothy Floyd Martin Mosley Ann Doiicr M irthi Ann Dishner Jean Morris jackie Robeson Eugene Black Shirley McPherson Sammy Cox Robert Adair Lawson Hrirdwuk Rarnoni VV1tk1ns john Hawkins jo Ann johnson Joyce Rains Loretta Owerby Jo Ann YVIIIVIIHS M1r1l5n Reynolds Birbxri Robeson jon Owen Robert Rolind Joe Davis Collin Dugan Dorothy Dotson Stanrlmg Varian Troxel 1-dm Sweeney Bobby Jewell House Mary Ann Ridley Cliude King Lee Hillis jr QD1rertorj jimes Draper A11SClSlEWV'lYI Scott Pickms George Knight Bobby Burroughs Don Moore Bert Kellerhals Billy Harbison James Ingram Charles Berlin COHN HIGH ENSEMBLE '1 lie Cohn Fnsemble under the dllcction of Ross Dowden is 1 very popular ioilp lh s forty xoice choi us h is 'zppesncd mxny times since 1946 it business 'ind professional meetings. It has furnished muth pleasure for our student body at auditorium periods and in evening concerts, These gifted voices have gone afar in radio programs and in clrurch services. OFFICERS BILLY JAYNES ,........,.... ,... .,..,..,.. P 1 -csident ARLYNE HUSS .....,.,.......,.....,,.,..., Secretary T. G. ROSS .,..................,.......... T1'easu'rer BILLY LINEBAUGH ................ Publicity Director DOROTHY RUSSELL .....,.,...... Wardrobe Mmzaffcr Back mu, left to 'right-Marjorie Ridley Barbara Holland Beverly Harris, Rondalc Baskettu, Bill Hurbison Bruce Vickrey Martin Moseley Charles Pelts, jean Morris Mary Katheryn NIcMillian, jean Mclilhiney Edna Sweeney. Second row-Ann Barnes Virginia Rice Christine Mlhitfield, Joyce Rains Robert Adair Robert Hendrickson Carl Owen, Lawson Hardwick Claudie Phillips Loretta Overby Clarice Toombs Nancy Bernard. First row-Ross Dowden fflirectorj Ariyne Huss Peggy Dalton jean Redmond Smith Billy Linebaugh Richard Hunter Ed Collins T. G. Ross Billy Jaynes Sue Jordon Dorothy Russell Meiba Glass R1inon1 Yvatkins. Emily Sicgrist CXcfompanistj. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE JOHN TURNER . . . ROBERT BRUCE . . BTILBREY MATTOX CLARICE Toowuss CARL OWEN ....,. X N W , -...J ti' OFFICERS . . . . . .President . . . Vice-President . . ,.... Secretary .........Treasurer . . .Sergeant at Arms 'ihe highest number of new members was brought into the League this year, the total being twenty-one. The rule was also passed that each new member must study and participate in debate. This chapter has sponsored two tournaments this year. Q 4 X xxx 'N IDD S , Q0 1111 L J I' lb? F 2 x.,,3 :nazi lit' 1- rs! ww Iefl to right-Mrs. Helen Bain, directorg Carl Owen, Milbrey Mattox, John Turner, Clarice Toombs, Robert Bruce. Strand row Jean Vick, Christine Whitfield, Joan Williams, Sammie Ackerman, Billy Sadler, Gay Satterwhite, Dorothy Floyd, Loretta Oxerby Ldna Sweeney, jane W'right. Third row-Geneva Pratt, David Greer, Dennis Frizzell, Charles Schulman, W. R. Spears, Juanita Brown, Marilyn Reynolds, Robert Morrison, Billy Harbison, Dorothy Clary, Mary Jane Hunt, Ida Hoyal, Barbara Lawrence SENIOR gs DRAMATIC CLUB MW OFFICERS NIRS BAIR ROBERT BRUCE JOHN TURNER M1LBRaY Mrxrrox LLARICR TCOMB5 CARL OXVEN GAS SATTER W HH 11 Sponsor Preszdent Vzce Preszdent Secretary Treasurer Sergeant at Arms Program Chatrrncm Hack raw Bert Kclltrhals Dillard Putkttt Louie Davidson Beulah Marsh Robert Morrxson No1maJtan White Becky Bruce Mary Irena Taylor Jane Wrlght Next to back row Bobby Adair Joyce Rams Nlelba Glass Barbara Lawrence Brlly Jaynes Dottre Russell Margre Phelan Jean Vlck Lcurse Nlartm Frances Bracey John Lawrence Ida Hoyal Dalsy Mar Lee Lo1s Wmkler Joyce Osburne Mary Jane Hunt Juamta Brown Vext to front rou Bxlly Sadler Arlyne Huss Dorothy Floyd Barbara Brxtam Jrmmre Nolan Helen Barrsh Jo Ann Wrl llama Mary Lelgh Lxelyn Curd Wanda Lou Honeycutt Margre Brown Mattre Belle Ramsey Treva Oakley Brlly Scott Front row Bobbrc House Mary W1ll1e Warf Jean Allen John Turner Mrlbrey Mattox Robert Bruce Gay Sattervmhlte Carl Owen Clarnce Toombs Sammle Ackerman Julra Hutchmson Geneva Pratt Mrs Barn Dlrector , 5 li , 7 S! J 2: S 'J - Q H Z I l N l V .... ROBERT ADAIR ........,...,.,........ Stage Manager 1 4 Y -. ' ' 1 A X -lx 1 I 1 I ' 1 K y I 1 Q I P ' 1 1 1 Q l ' 1 I J I J ' .Y ' J . 5 1 1 I 1 ' Y 1 I x 1 1 I 7 1 l l J ' . 5 y 1 ' . . 1 '- ' , , " , ' ' , I ' , ' , ' .1 ' . 1 ' ' 1 l J ' , I , ' 1 I - "' l J . ' 1 x 5 . I 5 J A Y V 1 J 1 JUNIOR DRAMATIC CLUB i i Y l Back row-lane Wright QCO-Sponsorj, joe Sadler, Barbara Taylor, Robert Threet, Dorothy Christensen, Mary Nell Tyler, Hampton Mason, Milbrey Mattox QCD-SDOUSOTJ. Second row-Margaret Fleming, Nola Ferguson, Gloria Pratt, Juanita Vick, Joyce Sensing, Peggy Hunt. First row-Elizabeth Cook, Shirley Black, Dorothy Thompson, Ann Fleming, Sue Hall, OFFICERS SHLRLEY BLACK . A .,.... President ELIZABETH COOK . . . . . .Vice-President ANN FLEMING . . . ......,... Treasurer SUE WALL ...,.......,. .... S ergeant at Arms DOROTHY THOMPSON .... , . .Program Chairman UPAPPA IS ALL" - comedy in three acts- is the story of a Pennsylvania family who live on a farm. Mr. Aukamp, the father CRobert Brucej rules his family with an "iron hand." He dictates to his son jake QCarl Owenj, and daughter Emma fGay Satterwhitej, and his meek and gentle wife CClarice Toomhsy. , His family revolts in the end, causing a terrific climax. Others in the cast were Alfred Turman and Loretta Overby. N53 -1 S fi Q Y , ai: i H5 3 Q E ? a I f wi-W' Hlumlusf -,Iwi 3 'iiifkidiiiff WCS 35311121 'QL W? ,X 1 AeWJi1x,iLf.,2'i!s1fs wa L F awk - v171iauwH'Pfm.s,w:xm pw' ,s az rv w,w.m.ww'w Wm -, - ,MW W fm-Mwvmmuv , A M VN Num By JOHN Busts Nashville Termessemz Sporls IIf"rilf:1' Cohn Class of 1944 Continuing to hold the upper hand in the Interscholastic Football League, Cohn's Tigers sykrocketed to their third consecutive champion- ship in 1947, an accomplishment unparalleled in the history of Nashville high school athletics. The wounded Tigers, licking injuries suffered throughout the school's infancy, challenged the best teams in the city and state last year, and they lost only one game in ten encounters. Screaming up from the limbo of the league's lower division under the expert guidance of Coach Elbert Anderson, with a foursome of talented backfield performers, and boasting seven Pictured at right- BILLY JAYNES, Co-Captain, Back NIAXIE RUNION, Co-Captain, Back BILLY LASHLEE, End ROBERT HENDRICKSON, Back CLAUDIE PHILLIPS, Guard CHUCK SULLIVAN, Back JOHN CROCKER, Buck JAMES SANDERS, Back 948 ol' the leagues most feared linemen, Cohn fielded what Inany observers believed to be the best starting eleven ever to don the black and white gridiron regalia. And from the opening game it was evident that the Tigers' bid for their second "all-clear" campaign in history would be the most difficult task ever undertaken by a Cohn High athletic organization. Every school on the Tiger's sched- ule longed to become the iirst team in more than three years to whip the vaunted 'Cats in a reg- ular season contest. However, the Tiger team withstood every local challenge, and only a senior-studded eleven from Knoxville Central High School managed to solve the Interscholastic League terrors for a victory. After a week of heavy rains, Cohn's Sikes Field became a quagmire of mud, and the Tigers' narrow thirteen to seven defeat has been at- tributed to the inclement weather factor as much as anything. Father Ryan, unquestinably the Tigers' most heated rival. was the Hrst local team to test the mettle of the two-time defending champions. Playing before a throng estimated at more than PfL'lLl1T!ffl al left- DILLARD l'UCKET'l', Guurrl BILLY lWA'l'TOX, End BILLY HCOAL TRUCK" GILLESPIE, Center ED COLLINS, CEHICT T. G. Ross, Back CHARLIE "BURR" SADLER ROBERT BRUCE, Tackle BILLY LINEBAUGH, BIICIC WIALVERN QNUBQ RAHRER, BILLY WVHITSON, Managers 5,000, Cohn turned back the Irish thirteen to six to keep intact their record of never having lost to the Ryan Panthers. Churning over opponents in a methodical fashion, the Tigers unleashed the full fury of their well-oiled football machine and exploded with one-sided victories over Mlest, North, Hume- Fogg Tech, East, Donelson, Howard, and Belle- vue before the Knox Central invasion. The championship in the bag, Cohn toyed with the once violent Central Tornado in the season's final. The Tigers clipped the bitter South Nashville opponent nineteen to nothing as Maxie Runion battled his way into Cen- tral's end zone for three touchdowns-a Fitting MR. ELBERT ANDERSON, NIR. YVILLIAM BROWN, Coaches COHN'S I 947 RECORD Dale Colm Olbjmnent Score Sept. I2 13 G Sept. 19 19 At Wlest 6 Sept. 26 32 At North O Oct. 3 40 Hume-Fogg Tech 0 Oct. 10 20 0 Oct. 17 43 At Donelson 13 Oct. 24 51 Howard 0 Oct. Fil 40 Bellevue 0 Nov. 7 '7 Knox Central 13 Nov. I4 19 Nashville Central 0 Total Points. .284 Won 9 Lost I Total Points. .38 Runirm runs hfly-four yards for touchdown, Knoxville Central game climax to one of the league's most brilliant in- dividual careers. E At the conclusion of the season, awards fairly rained about the collective heads of the Tigers. Runion and Harold QGooberj Chambers were awarded positions on both All-City teams. Maxie was further selected as a member of the All-State and All-Southern squads, and both Runion and Chamber were picked as candidates for the Wil- liam Hume Award. Maxie places second in the closest balloting in the history ol the annual presentation. Runion and Billy Jaynes, tabbed Cohn's coun- terpart of Hfest Point's famous "Blanchard and Davis" combination, cast their lots for further education and athletic conquest with the Univer- sity of Tennessee's Volunteers. The two senior candidates chose U. T. over a host of Southeast- ern and Southwestern Conference schools, pre- ferring to battel S. E. C. foes alongside -rather than against H former Cohn Teammate B. Proctor. Surely the l848 Cohn eleven will tackle an even more unwelcome job than faced last year's three-time champions, but win, lose, or draw, whenever a Cohn team takes the field, there'll be those who will point with pride to the l947 team. Its spirit was all a coach or fan could desire, its talent was unsurpassed, and its championship caliber of play brought record-shattering glory to the school. "Black, Xfllhite Dynamite!" . . . Interscholastic League champions, three times in a row. Pictured at left- ROBERT ADAIR, Guard BERT KELLER1-1ALs, Tackle ROBERT SEALS, End HAROLD CHAMBERS, Tackle Jiivrivu' SANDERS, Tackle Cmssn: VINsoN LOUIE DAVIDSON JOHNNY HORN I The boys' basketball squad had only one returning regular from last year's team, but it made up for this handicap with a hght- ing spirit. XfVitl1 only one regular return- ing froni last yeafs crack teany Coach Andwym Waslmrd wnh dw bg wb M rebtulding the teanr The nucleus of the new team was Billy Jaynes, the returning regular. fXro1u1d him the team was built with such fine ball players as Robert Bruce, Grant Sadler, T. G. Ross, Billy Lashlee, and Robert Hen- drickson. W'ith these boys and the rest of the squad, the team is one to be watched. ELBERT ANDERSON, Coach BILLY IASHLEE, Captain SQUAD Robert Bruce Billy Linebaugh lid Collins T. G. Ross John Crocker Charles Sadler Robert Hendrickson Grant Sadler Billy Jaynes Robert Seals Billy Lashlee Thomas Sullivan Malvern, Rahrer, Manager BCDYS' BASKETBALL First row-Thomas Sullivan, Grant Sadler, Billy Lincbaugh, Robe rt Hendrickson. Semnd row-john Crocker, Ed Collins, Malvern Rahrer, Robert Bruce, Charlie Sadler. Third row-Billy jaynes, Robert Seals, Billy Lashlee CCapta1nJ, T. G. Ross. CORdlHP0PU Bnnmr wnh onhfoneieguhr returning from last year's Eighth District Cham- pionship team, was faced at the beginning of the season with an inexperienced group of girls. Jo Ann Richardson, who had been voted most val- uable in last year's tournament, and such girls as Treva Oakley, Clarice Toombs, Nellie Chisarn, Emma Mai Ackerman, and Ruth Lancaster made up the new team. These girls are linking hard pracdce with a nghtnag spirn and are in there playing their hearts out for "Dear Ole Cohn." SQUAD Emma Mai Ackerman, Nellie Chisam, Ann Dodd, Audrey Fleming, Nelle Gassaway, Doris Graves, Ruth Lancaster, Jean Morris, Trcva Oakley, jo Ann Richardson, Mary Anne Ridley, Sophie Schwcining, Lillie Sullivan, Clarice Toombs, Agnes Lashlec, Manager. W. H. "Por" BROWN, Coach jo ANN RICHARDSON, Captain IRLS' BASKETBALL D. O. BASKETBALL TEAM Iran! row-Hazel Kirby, Bobby Draughn. Buck row-Elise Huff, Betty Carter, Dorothy Baird, Doris Mimrns. BOYS' JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM T011 row, left to right-Raymond Russell, jimmy Sadler, Lee Langford, jack Mathews, Jimmy Bates. Bottom 'row-Charles Hamilton, Billy Hartman, Jack Lamb, Charley Strong, Louis Brown. BASEBALL X'Vhen the baseball season rolled around at Cohn in the Spring of 1947, it found the baseball team ready and raring to go. Bolstered by such returnees as Maxie Runion, Louie Davidson, Billy Jaynes, and Dan Terry, and with the addi- tion of john Crocker and a few others, Cohn was rated one of the top teams in the league. During the season they proved their claim to this rating by their hne all-around play, being strong at bat and Hawless in the field. They ended up winning seven and losing four games. This Spring of 1948 all of the team except Runion, Terry, Davidson, and Johnny Horn return. Cohn is again looking forward to an- other sueeessful baseball campaign. SCORES Cohn ... 0 North .... .... 5 Cohn . 5 Howard .... .... 4 Cohn .,. 4 West ..... .... 3 Cohn ... I Du Pont ......,.. .... 9 Cohn .. . 5 Hume-Fogg Tech ,,.... . 2 Cohn 4 T. I. S. .,........ .. 5 Cohn ... 5 North .... .... 7 Cohn . . , 8 Donelson . , . . . . 7 Cohn . . .14 Howard .... . . . . 0 Cohn .. . 5 East ..... .... 4 Cohn ..... ....... 3 Hillsboro , , . . 1 VVon 7 Lost 4 GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM ell lo right - Emma Mai flckcmmn, Emily Siegrist, luricc Toomhs, Coach Wil- iam H. CPopj Brown, Mari- yn Reynolds, .lo Ann Rich- rdson. BOYS' TENNIS TEAM eft ta 'right-Ricllzlrd Hun- er, Billy Linebaugh, Carl Jwcn, Billy jayncs, Lewis loom, Billy Lashlee, Coach Villiam H. fPopD Brown. TENNIS left lo right-Wayne jakes, Thomas Sullivan, Richard Hunter, Billy jaynes, T. G. Ross, Billy Lashlec, Martin N1 oscley. GOLF Wfith Bryant Liggett and "Chuck" Sullivan returning from last year's second place team, Cohn's golf stock rose. Coach Anderson added Billy Lashlee and Tom Marshall to this duet and produced another winning golf team. With these four talented golfers, Cohn's colors were again taken through a successful campaign which saw them defeat Duncan, YfVest,- North, Lips- comb, Hume-Fogg Tech, and Hillsboro, while losing to Du Pont, Ryan, East, and M. B. A. This year with Sullivan and Lashlee returning to bolster the team, Cohn is again expected to be well represented in golf. SCORES Cohn ..... ..... 1 GM! Duncan .... UQ Cohn ..... ..... 1 U5 VVest . . . 634, Cohn ..... ...., l 8 ' North ............... 0 Cohn ,.... ..... 1 8 Lipscomb Qforfeitj 0 Cohn ..... ..... l 8 Hume-Fogg Tech 0 Cohn . . .16 Hillsboro ........,. . . 2 Cohn ..... ... 8943 Du Pont ... S-UQ Cohn .. . 2 Ryan . . 16 Cohn ..... .... 5 LQ East .,,., 12W Cohn ..... ...... 6 M. B. A. ...,... 12 M1011 6 Lost 4 Q i I Looking through Louis G. Swiffs camera READ THE COMMERCIALS .... , . . . AND PATRONIZE OUR SPONSORS o ,ADVERTISEMENTS ca er eg peec To you, who each day Take on anew your tasks t Along the lines that speech will go Through city streets or far out Upon some mountainside Where you have blazed a trail And kept it clearg To you there comes from all Who use the wires A tribute for a job well done. For these are not just still And idle strands That stretch across a country Vast and wide But bearers Of life's friendly words And messages of high import To people everywhere. Not spectacular, your usual day, Nor in the headlines Except they be of fire, Or storm, or flood. Then a grateful nation Knows the full measure Of your skill and worth And the fine spirit of service Which puts truth and purpose In this honored creed- "The message must go throughf' SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPA INCORPORATED STINSON AERONCA BEECHCRAFT Complete Aviation Service CAPITOL AIRWAYS, Inc. 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Building NATIONAL STORES The Brightest Spot on the Square Nash11ille's Largest Cash Department Store Third and Deaderick THE SUNSHINE SHOP 5261 Third Avenue, North Phone 6-6639 Come Over to Our House NATIONAL FURNITURE STORE The Furniture Show Place of Middle Tennessee Third Avenue and Commerce Street Compliments of CROW HARDWARE 4900 Charlotte Avenue Compliments of LASHLEE GROCERY CO. 44th and Alabama Avenue GLEAVES The Prescription Store 5100 Charlotte Avenue Phone 7-5100 Compliments of SNELL MILLING CO. Fifty-First Avenue, North- Compliments of PETTY DRUG CO. 40th and Charlotte Avenue Phone 7-1347 NEIDERT'S SERVICE STATION FLOYD'S CHILI PARLOR GULF PRODUCTS 5500 Charlotte at Richland Creek Nashville 9, Tennessee FLOYD AUDREY, Proprietor Corner Ninth and Church Phone 5-9209 Compliments of KAY'S ICE CREAM CO. ELI WITT CIGAR CO., Inc. Wholesale Cigars, Cigarettes, Tohaccos 518 Third Ave., N. Phones: 4-8833-4-8834 MOTHER HAGAN'S SANDWICH SHOPPE Good Sandwiches and Food Products Since 1928 For Prompt, Courteous Service List Your Property with W. C. ALLEN Central Real Estate 109 North First Street Residence Phone 8-9726 Office Phones 2-7828-2-1149 Compliments of S LVAN PARK SERVICE STATION PAUL BASS FARM STORE Purina Cloowx-Seeds-Hardware Operator Walter L. Allan 4500 Murphy Road , Phone 8-9219 Phone 74529 HERMITAGE BRAND Distributed by Compliments of F ROBERT ORR AND CO. A FRIEND 166 Second Avenue, N. Compliments of Complimffff-V vf WILL HARPER A- J- SMITH Building and Lumber Supply C. L. STEEL CO. Gas, Oil, Coal, Furnaces Phones: 8-5240-7-0602 OSBORNE COAL CO. 4100 Charlotte Avenue Phone 7-8010 ALLEN .sr JONES LETTER SERVICE Vari-Typing and Multilillaing Mnltigraplaing-Mimeograplaing oom 527 Stahlman Bldg. Phone 6-6918 Compliments of LAVERTE SMITH GREER AND VANDERPOOL Radio Sales and Service LEVITAN FURNITURE CO. Over Thirty-Five Years of Satisfactory Service 4806 Charlotte Avenue Phone 7-5674 4906 Charlotte Avenue FRED B. CASSETTY COAL C,,,,,P,i,,,e,,,. of COMPANY A FRIEND Telephone 5-2714 816 Fourth Avenue, N. CW in and f-?i.?'Z,,S3InP'e'e me of KIMMONS sr SMITHSON 5201 Charlotte Pike Drugs and Groceries STERCHI'S Nashville's Largest Furniture Store Church At Ninth Compliments of George and Gus' Restaurant 405 Broad Street BATES FLORIST "Grown in Our Own Greenhouse" 519 26th Ave., N. ' Phone 7-3967 ,Compliments of JOHN W. STUMB FARRAR FURNITURE CO. "Where Your Business Is Appreciated Most"' 5002 Charlotte Avenue Phone 7-0581 Compliments of 1. H. CRUNK GROCERY 4011 Charlotte Avenue Telephone 7-9541 BUTTER CREAM DONUTS Fresh Daily-Hot from 12:00 Noon to 10:00 P.M. 35 Cents Per Dozen 5112 Charlotte Avenue WADE CAVEIAR, Owner and Manager Womack's N u-Way Stores "Where You Get the Most Change Bark" 3525 Charlotte Avenue Phone 7-9257 5000 Charlotte Avenue Phone 7-0943 PRATT BROS. 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Commercial and Residential Wiring 4305 Colorado Ave. ' Phone 9-2094 CUFF SERVICE STATION 51st and Charlotte Phone 8-7446 BURKITT AND SON Funeral Directors and Embalmers 4503 Charlotte Avenue Phone 8-6611 BLAZER. BROTHERS Tile-Marble-Mantels jo: Blazer 4401 Colorado Avenue Dan G. Blazer Phone 8-4912 LEWIS RESHA GROCERY 717 25th Ave., N. Phone 7-1700 ROTTERO'S FLoR1sT "We Deliver Anywhere" IVIAKE THEM HAPPY WITH FLOWERS , H. D. Slaton Grocery Fresla Meats-Groceries, and Vegetables DHY Phone 7-2135 Phone 8-6715 132 46th Ave., No. 4700 Charlotte Avenue Night Phone 5-8378 H. F. GANT AND SON W, E, LEWIS A Complete Line of Paint, Roofing, Hardware SERVICE STATION and Groceries l 5916 Charlotte Avenue Phone 8,9230 46th and Minnesota Ave. Telephone 8-9147 SHIRLEY'S Barber Shop-Drugs, Sundries 5624 Charlotte Phone 8-9209 Compliments of CROW LUMBER COMPANY LAWRENCE R. WIGGS ORCHID CLEANERS Builders of Better Homes Charlotte' at White Bridge Road 4114 Wyoming Avenue Phone 9-5709 Delivery Phone 8-5381 Compliments of CO. A A The Rexall Store Quality Service 4800 Charlotte Avenue Phone 7-0983 ,Ffh JJ AOxA Werzdell Smith Has the Spirit to Serve MW W 4 'x .Ev J flufagruphs Mwk W af' aww CLASS WILL We, the Seniors of Cohn High School, of the City of Nashville, County of Davidson, State of Tennessee, having struggled through twelve years of a great con- flict Qcommonly known as schoolj, and bepome the pride of the school, and since our graduating is an irreplaceable loss to the aforementioned school, we wish to leave some reminders and distinguished char- acteristics to certain lucky ones designated in the fol- lowing document. Thus we do ordain this the last will and testament of the Seniors of the Class of 1948. FIRST: We do hereby bequeath to Miss Sullivan and Miss Hetherington our kindest regards and sm- cere gratitude for their never-tiring efforts to serve and guide us. VVe also wish to thank Miss Friel for her patience and fortitude as our sophomore sponsor. SECOND: lafe do hereby will to Mr. W. R. Ro- chelle and the faculty our gratitude for their instruc- tion and counsel. THIRD: Wie do hereby will and bequeath to the junior class title of seniority, our place of honor in the auditorium, and our ability to have meetings. i FIFTH: lflfe, as individuals, do wish to bequeath some personal characteristics to our underclassmen and other interested parties. Emma Mai Ackerman leaves nothing to nobody in hopes that they will use it wisely as she has. Robert Adair wills his ability to be Mr. Carter's right-hand man to George Knight. 5 jean Allen, Dorothy Russell, and Marjorie Phelan leave their disorderly locker to Doris George, Betty Fuller, and Joe Ann Neely. Sue Armstrong wills her problems in the D. O. class to her sister, Bobbie. Dorothy Baird leaves her ability to get through school without working and the only piano piece she knows, "In the Moodf' to John Crocker. Robert Bruce wishes to pass on the presidential "aspirings" and also his height to Richard Hunter. Bobby Chance leaves his seat in the bandroom to David Elrod. , Jean Crandall wills her height to Donna QShortyj Craft. s Ann Dodd wills her turquoise sweater to lvanda Lou I-Ioneycutt. Dorothy Dotson leaves her place as first chair t1'O1'Il- bone to Collin Dugan . . . Poor fellow! Nelle Dyer and Betty Lawrence will their place in Mr. Carter's Hfth period mechanical drawing class to Norma jean Hooper and Betty Leigh, respectively. Dorothy Frazer leaves her ability to get married to joan Owen. Mary Gassaway leaves her home economics apron to her "little sister," Nell. Juanita Gibbons leaves her dirty saddle oxfords to Bobbye Draughon. Marie Giles wills her most precious book, "Two Easy Methods of Reducing," to Bobbye Draughon. Donald Hamilton leaves his ability to drive an automobile safely to Roy Lee Hutchinson. VVillie Mai Hargis and Patricia Glassford leave a cleaver and chain to Miss Moskovitz, so she will not have a difficult time in the future separating friends. Beverly Harris, Barbara Holland, and Bobbie House bequeath their gym suit to anyone in the junior class who is big enough to wear it. Bill Hawkins leaves his title, "Mad Morticianj' to anyone who would like to have it. He is quitting the business because it is too dead. Robert Hendrickson and Billy Lashlee will their sense of humor and ability to make a joke out of anything to "Hot" Grimes and Richard Hunter. Mary Frank Hewitt leaves her ability to tell jokes to ,Jimmie Seagraves. Betty Hooper wills the constant teasing showered on her by Mr. Carter to Joyce Rains. 'johnny Horn wills his good looks to Iohn fMiner- alsj Lawrence. i L Elise Huff wills her place in the D. O. room to Gail Rader. Arlyne Huss wills her cheerleading uniform to Melba Glass. Billy jaynes leaves all his loud shirts to Mr. Carter, so that he can scare all the crows out of his corn field. Sue jordan wills her place in the Ensemble, her ability to cheerlead, and her blue ruffled dress to Jean McKliney. Hazel Kirby wills her old reliable comb to Colleen Lawson. Betty jo Korn leaves her skill GQ in typing to Robert Morrison. Zola Law wills her violent temper to Miss Morrison. Marie Lawrence leaves her bashfulness to her sister, Elizabeth, provided she leaves enough for Marie to use. Billy Linebaugh leaves his superb athletic ability to Robert Mills. , , Alice Locker wills her D. O. folder, along with all her problems, to Faye Bracey, as she can probably find good use for them. Billy Mattox wills his ability to Hatter Miss Mor- rison to anybody that needs it. Milbrey Mattox wills her debate folder back :to Charles Schuman, the giver, that he might bestow it upon the unlucky person who takes her place on the debate team. ' 3 Nancy McCrary leaves her place in the typing room to Mary Leigh. Doris Mimms would will Ann Burrum to Dean Carrick to get through schoolgbut since she may need her later, she will just wish Dean good luck! Martin Mosley leaves his aptness for chemistry to Lewis Moore. r Carl Owen wills his acting and speaking ability to Alfred Thurman. ' Q Malvern Rahrer wills his place in the best seat, in the best room, with the best teacher, Mr. Anderson, to lfValter Gillespie. ' Nellie Ramsey wills her ability in typing to anyone who needs it. Marjorie Ridley leaves her little feet to Mary Anne Ridley. T. G. Ross wills his ability to get along with Mr. Carter to nobody, since nobody can. Maxie Runion leaves his place in Miss Friel's heart to Chuck Sullivan, whom he trusts will treasure it as he did. Gay Satterwhite wills her place in the very wonder- ful Sub Deb Sorority to Betty Bowling. Helen Seagraves leaves her love of food to Norma jean Hooper. Emily Siegrist wills to Joanne Richardson her bas- ketball tights, which Betty Perkerson gave Christine Fleming, Christine willed to jo Ann Runion, and jo willed her last year, with the hope that she will cher- ish and pass them on next year. Bobbie Jean Smith leaves her place in Mr. Car- ter's seventh period history class to Ramona Watkins. Marian Troxel wills her place before the band to -Ioan Neely. john Turner leaves his elaborate introductions in speech class to lafilliam Earnest Sadler, Esq. tHe need.s something in his speechesj jane Wright wills Doris George her blonde hair. Pauline Martin wills her seat in the D. O. room to her sister, Louise. Arnold Dugan leaves anything to nobody and noth- ing to anybody. Louie Davidson wills his witty ways to anyone that wants them. james Sanders just leaves. Miss Sullivan and Miss Hetherington leave their sympathy for the next senior sponsor. IN VV ITN ESS W'HEREOF: We hereunto subscribe our names and afiix our seal this the Nineteenth Day of May, in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty-Eight. Signed and acknowledged in the presence of THE CLASS or 1948. r-OOIOW IG-I ZIOO no V 350 N-O-ZH mg- no I-I-5? wqql-O ACM? 3 H, sxip ajkig W, Nw-X72 2' 6 , 21 , f Q, Q, - Ki, X v ! 0, A 51. fl' ., Q ' , 1 X Q 2. f 1 . S V1 , f -

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