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THE 1946 CLASS of ELKINS HIGH SCHOOL Elklns Wes? Vlrglnla I O I O I presents THE TIGER V FOREWORD , . .,,i QD. . .:.: W I, r F, , vw 14, ' IY ,Qff f ' V 1 Vv' -'-1 '. ' I ' fl' ' ' ' R.. T 1 x ' , ' If :W I ,' : ' ' f ',w - fl P: .1 "'f,' L ,KN ' J' V L w rm 1 f:iT..f ' .' mm' ': .nu f L. 4 V ' " ' ,I ' .iM xi 'YW' ' . VW 'K if" frzf' :WY VvFA:' f?s', fx L V DEDICATION L! wO THOUGHTS OF SPRING 'nl P I HU CRIM MARTIN THOMPSON b S pi 20 ,jf as 'E 1 il- -- - 'O . Y Z Ocfo er 3l, l928 e amber , l945 IflflUfll15fIf'6Lfl0lfl CM fw 0915 2' Q62-fvacw QV? L6 0 w , , l"' 'ni I f X X V' X 39355520 fjf-ff i Tenn BOARD OF EDUCATION McVaney Ware Taylor Bruffey County Superintendent of Schools Wnlmoth Asslstant County Supenntendent of Schools Johnson Wemsley 9 PRINCIPALS MR HENRY HAMILTON MR JESSE STEWART Principal ASSISTB nf Pnncupal T W , ,,.,..4---r FACULTY Frrst Row Elb Dye Wamsley Secretary Stewart Assrstant Prrncrpal Hamilton Prrncspal Spercher Woodward Dlgman Thlrd Row Barley Sredhoff Albert Putt Nestor Gibson Shelton Wnrte 11 Second Row: Baker, Sibbald, Carter, Moore, Harris, Mark, Morris, Taylor, Horsey, Tyre, Startord, Moore, Barry, Beer, Fest .S?lfL6!8l'lf ..!4CflUlilQ:f gw yfffgifv 'Ui M6 MED Qfmiigifrfx m wwf f 5 x 5 'LIE TR - NX 0 0 0 ' Km .sk XY ' fb X !r,f , 214 if Q D 2 fi' XR' " V! ' I-,-LT-fn :FB ff f HY X R ,ff ? f 71 M' f 1 Rf KV 'f J -I4 ff X s. "" 1-"" ?fY' f I x -V y ,-f N Z X K 'GD' SV X ' , A Q 'J XX 2- 1 cs f Xxx X X 7 xx I J j V' YVVKK I 1 , 1 i 1 2 'TE E 1 K ELKINS HIGH SCHOOL IS REPRESENTED BY NINE CLUBS STUDENT COUNCIL TRI HI Y WELCOME BACK MR MOORE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION H I-IIY TRI- I-Y DC A BI.P. .A at s px ,.. at V4 x g uv 41.9 ,vase -,rv fp- ARD GAA F I-I JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY O l I Ka Y' 5-' ' 'IN' "' ,' "'- z', ' ,-1 ':', 1 Wit 'Pr 1" '1" P , 1, , . ., . . , . , . .L , ,. , Q . . , , ,., , r., K . , .. vv 1 .. , I I 4.4 , ' - ,, I ' . :LI I 1" . Iv 7 I 'I' ' I V ' I T' ' - ', fl. 'I A I ' ". ' I ' I, ' V t..I. in I CAFETERIA GROUP HOME ECONOMICS Vocatuonal I-lome Economucs whuch was establushed un Ellruns I-lrgh School ru I937 provdes tor the classes of gurls by duvudung them unto two groups composed ot' the turst and second year Home Economucs students urung the turst s mestcr many changes were noted among th trst year gurls as a result of goo groomung and clothung selectuon and constructuon courses Attr selectung theur I thes the g I learned the care ot' ch Idren Durung the second semester the gurls progressed from clothung to food selectuoru preparatuon and preservatuon and then each gurl learned the proper care ot her room The turst semester ot the Home Economucs Il class s stud ed food prcseryatuon and meal prepa ratuon Followung the Thanksguyung holdays Mrs Carter who had resugned was r placed by Mrs I-lazel Prutchard an Elkurus I-lrgh alumnus Durung the s cond semest r the Home Economucs II classes made wool garments donated by class members for the Junuor Red Cross They also stud ed laundry methods housung the tam ly and consumerbuyung Work at home n relatuon tc th Home Economucs classes was accomplushed by summer projects un adclutuon to a project completed durng the school year These projects consusted ot plannung and prcparung meals tor the tamuly carrng for chuldren malrung clothung redecoraturug rooms at home home management and Iaundcrung These projects prcstntcd to the gurls tht practcal sud ct Home Eccnomucs on complctuon ot th oy ar m conom cs prcgrarv a Vora f C rt I at TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL DEPARTMENT Th Trad and Industrual Department operat d under th admunustratuon of the hgh school and t e durectuon of th tate cpartmcnt ot Vocatuoral Educatuo open d t us year wth an enrollment o suxty Iuve ull tme tra e an undustrua stu ents thurty tuve mec anuca rawurug students an twenty undustrual arts students ourscs offer d wer rc att su jects -.rt mac um voo wor ung g estor s cupatuon I-Iarv y P y Boar c E ucatuoru as s cur from t Gov rnmcnt Sur Ics aerual Admuruustraton machun shop q rpm nt valued at approurumat ly t rty tuve thcusa d dollars hune op a raurung taculrty wll ru a mcasur tal: car o th uncrcas num cf o s u n e urn y cat trarnung WELCOME BACK MR BAILEY I .gf . 1 1 ' f nu . I , A X s a R . . V , ..., i 1 y 7 D ' ' A e 4 e i f d ' ' . e ' co . urs I . ' I 4 I 60 j I 1 -v s - Q . 6 . , . Up I 7 c tw - e I-lc e E - r each gurl recfuvri-d tial e Il'c c. e e ' r . e e I ' ' I h ' ' e S 1 D1 2 . ' n, H e h u f ' u f d d ' ' l d , ' -' h ' I d , d c P Q are su' -a bas ,c E. Albf 1 he A .f a u' j Huh N1 Aduv-:'i- tied oc ' , e . Baule 4 The d t d h e ed he e ' p r M t I ' ' u ' c c u' Q ' c v.eu -A ' n It-is hoped that a mac ' sh Wulf be opened in the fall in charge of Mr. Ba ley. Thus add Ho' I t H' " u,I 7 e,. c et e ' ed be ttdetsdsug 3 tcca' 'IO vs. 'LQ HOME ECONOMICS CLASSES ,................ 455 TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS GROUP miie we , Ju Us .f R6 3 yffik, 'D' KW me mx Z 7,2 f1n,,,,,.' :ff A 'HC xf A f ' 3 4 9 H w .X rw' 'W Y ax P x x. ,wi K X ' 7 Q A A K. J 7 X ox. 6, 4 - , f' 5 7 XA, R' nm Rig X, DRUM MAJOR AND BAND SPONSORS ,M -.I 5 Oo .- .- 0 'v XJ GIRLS GLEE U 9 CCICI as 'Y vi ev CLUB v 6 fl as I . -' I ,V -Q v-,X nf ' 4, ,4 W-22' '. 'lk ' , f Q. N -M 'T' V Q z. ' 0 , I I utr . ,. . '- ,. ,, ' . - 0 - - v Q . .A 9 ,, , , 3 ..,. C c - Q ,A Q ,fy V . 1, ,E A I If 1 I Tv CVS CH C ,E 3 '-ituiu 5, Ff's. N "Wwe S f was iiwiisvc if atv-5 sity C1 'S 'eff 5"-' tv :nw cess-s. N' 'I if, :'s "f"ffff: A N,e vu 5f't' W -59" 5' 'vii V1.1 N Stfl"'1'1'fj9 i'. C ' ' 'Q 'J tr' lflrwt. Tv Hs' e- 1, wus' fwpe et,:. ' 'f1'11':e".:x LN 'itfz ' th. 1" uf Q'xt"1 ' -'i -' 'f1sfftt-'J 1 :A mv. -'V' fx' if emu-'t Cfjx -' ,151 if- :wa V- L'-:ff ' 5't'- 'N' ff-ft hps rw 1 gsm: ass-"C -'Cfil t'. ww " 1'- Q 1' -'tzi "f 1 "Lv Q' ' ' " Qui, W" A 'f if fe f-"s, Size 3 f1:L'f":T-2 '-' r"':."'t.'.' f'-:.1' ,,vQ.-'- Ee':w1E':w:S, Tn: 1' fin " fl-vvta ELKINS HIGH SCHOOL BAND nd r P11 Da 5 ool has had h ur r' r a 5 2 It rs cowr os one pI y 5 r' ww 'ra a g S USC 'TIG S W nd G OO G df' GS E S hroug Y VSD etv asons e prr g oneert h Mare an r trrp tot an es va rn Ma gh 9 ts ot the years work rough the dIg nt orts o te o dl x rary vas ma I ossr L o oan ste out rn new unrfornws whreh elp tha 3 oup to rnarntarn ts h gh stan ng nt sprrr-3 estryrt Rrehard Wrllram Andrew George Ralph TheIma Denver Geraldr As B 9 Clark Snare Drum a Carfrnan Dar n SVIQV Kelly ne Phares SENIOR MEMBERS Trornbon Snare Drum nd Tyrnpanr Trumpet ass Sponsor Trumpet Sponsor Dorothy Rams y Anna Jo Saflf I Mrehael Shanabarg r Lloyd Teter R ehard Weese Leonard Wrrght Robert Caplrnger Sponsor CIarlnet Snar Drum Barrtonr Trombone Saxophone Manag r The ba th S yea' rs by ta the best fforih FQ "af'euve'r"5 a pIay 'g I 'd that EI's I-I eh Sch in t e to y.a s th t Mr. Sredho? has drrectzd th' organr atror. p eo :t titty- , a er, Seve sponsors one dr r por nd tv-o 'nana ers, The e nn I - Irer ere on ha for II t tb II .d b Ir tbaII game t h hqrr ra X 5 I , se , Th. S n C , Qld rn h, d th, he B d F, tr I y we'e the hr - Ir h 4 ' . TLT II C T It I Y II It f dj p bIT T f I rd p ' r h ed . r r r dr r he I t' - s. ' h . 4: if . ' :III , , . , . .. e ,.. ,. . de . , .,, .... B I . .. I ..,. ' , " .xdffz Alum GQ? LJ , Wg Siilmff T ' iflY?X 3 W AL, ,, ,L ,X W LJ N 5 , 39 5,5 ' 23 X X .f , . Jizz' 4 ffff' x 'CEP-' 5 fi Y Ni S71 -i . "AET5F2 ROBERT N. BROWN COACH or An-:Lancs 194: ms FAREWELL, COACH BROWN 27 4 0 FOOTBALL SOUAD AND CHEERLEADER GRIDDERS OF 45 on c Q 1115 c: oo oo a '11 ccmpc: c fs st uf1 Q rat 5 as sm y www rg r games aga st 1 1 won VT cn L c C C '11 c sf D ram c t ta'v1s W stV1g1n cr CLA bcys op rec VT J Tmgtor' A trcu r' c' 11 rw '1 5+ Q LJ say pt C a bu 5 arc has t ar 'f a rw n 1 w Hwy H 1r1 d a w 5 w v 1 V1rto1 H an 1' W 'r a um S t ad a u annom 1- 405 sw C d E 1 Q1 a yW 5 Y assay bysa a 1, as asf B sawn Wstrr :1 T c 3 E Q I The T945 adm T tl'1 Elk H135 S F1 T T tb VT tca1 T t d 1. fir d1f, cd 13 0 1 Q V928 b 1, we 1' nc defeats. THQ Tgcs the BQ Tc C V' r1 -i Ha, p P 1, a"d were 1 cd CPC T Pvc thfcc top C . 1' Q 1 1a. O' Scotemb I4 -1 Q ' the scaso wth a 27-O y:tc'y ova' Bc 1. 17 gh sT'cv- '53 C11 xy ,T T'f5T'1f tb-3 BU gfcf wa" was 'C aff' fc' thw ,1 'wg E31 'S -ticy.-r1.TF'1-3 fc cw '-3 Sat 1 ' Sp umbw 22 tba T1g4vspcur"Qy1g:: t Cl rks 'f 1 ' A H '1 :cs-gst ga 11, of H14 S6501 but y.' .rn 251.3 fl a' l'1st1 bTvw, ' ad ga 1' S5-dc qrvud 6-O 1r 0 1: , y 15h B 1 1 -3' St dl cptufvbu 28, hc T1gQ's H TMTQ t'cubTu 1r1 d-:fc V15 B :UW by a. Cv-ir y.T'1Q"' 'Q O- Lcrg. Cctcbf' 5 Tcufd Ekfs cfay '53 we acfaat rg :Tw ' vac t va 'yaf Nrgafttfw' by a 4C-6 :cut TFC Tgc' -"- CT krg ' af C a tfvfvts a" if TS Ocuctfa' 5 '1 -:st V '5 ' a bg? 555100 C cy-3' 'full Fay. 'f'qu-K'-no ti". Omg w-3-il: aff' C' Oitcbc' T3 th- T 3-'S 1 5 v-C' CV1VTh-Q Scafffs 5'5" S' "st" ff-6. C' TF ' . Oitcbw' TS fur C ga ' at iF- 'fad rc had v- 'y tt-'t'i1bT- MT-at 'F IPM E tFa "'r'! c'dc-vs Z!-c. Tb- T q1-15 C11 ff'11q .3 age ' O'f',b-V 25 r t'1. ast Q1 Tf qaww if IF. 1 S, , D-5:11 IF- 251-0 v- P Cv-" 1 ,1 If-' gawk was a if' 5'7" stem 'F " sim TF- '-"a": t.-.i g "-, 5" YH- Eg Tf' fV1a"'L:s :ay-'J age xt 'i'-1175-'1'.1 I-ie". F 'St if . 3-'-'13 '?"es :T " VH' i'-s"1 DP Q G'-C. FIRST TEAM IN FORMATION WALLACE R CE RILEY WALDEN BAIRD WHITE WILHELM 29 SPEEDSTERS OF l945 Atta a 5:4 if 3'-Q yea' 5'5" vez? a':i 5'-fd actft-.s t'-g I945 Ekfs P 5' vsir tgam tack ::a't ' :cu "sais V3 5" swc Q' in s':'t -fa 25 ti: s::'., ' 'gas' "1-jf. Tm "s: "act 2' tw T3-3' sc'-zca'-3 has a :ma Q", in Wash 'gre' F'v'5 :5 Cawsbwg ' wh :tw the bzys 5'5" t-1a"scf Comfy t':..':'3c tra Tgws Dy a s::'a 258212 t: 49 3, Tn: fc icwtrg we-zk-and the B3 T-g' Meat was fic ' Ex's. East Fa"':'t Ca"1-3 rr wttw tes r1z'c's wth 74'2 sc sts. Wastfgtc' Y'-arg aw Nf:'ga'::f-' secyc if 66 cc 'ts' Ek 's t'a ac wth 572 Q: Pts. We 'art .-,,f-rc tems tv: Tgvs ccmcezrg ' zu Saztcfa Mez: at C'a'ksburg WF ctw 9a'ic.g'sbu'3 I-5' -in '3 cc 'ts. Was"gtc' Y'v'g trsf-,cn s-.::':1 1-it 63 cc 'ts' Ekrs ard East Fa rmcwt W rf-Q' if mv B3 Tm Mtg-gt I-,Q 53' ttvd paz- mv 42 pc 'ts tzazh' Mcrgamtcwrws 39',g Dcznts wtrfg gcsd -rough for tcuvtt' sais ard Gtgrvdttz fr st'-,O F it-: cdtar wtttw IOVVQ points, lm thus 'wget EP's quatfgd sv nw' tc' the Stata Mtg-gt -Atv :tv was Mid atCha'Wcstcr1, Thr boys WHQ 'Wada We Us tc Ctvarlestcw v.q"g Cacta 'N Jac Rtcc, G-rf Srvwcrs Jack We ale Don Wttmoth a'd Jcc R ay. Ou 'Mid cy 'day team 5:15 stag ct S"'w"C's Wxwcih Wa!'aca and Rtce, tlwshcd TT fifth spat wh :bw was gccd For fcu' cc 'ts. Captatn Je-g P cc came tn fourth tr tha hai?-mth rate avd gatmd two mm. potmts. TIM T-95's str pomts warn more than any other Movongalwela Vatltey team scored in the meet. BASKETBALL SQUAD AND FIRST LINERS y Ice rkl g TRACK SQUAD .-1-irq ...elk bt.:- COURTMEN OF I946 With Coach Wimer resuming activities at the local school after an absence of five years the I946 Elkins High School Tigers composed practically of the same boys that represented our school last year won seventeen games against three defeats in regular season play The basketball team as did the football team won the Big Ten Conference Championship with eleven wins against a lone loss to West Fairmont The Tigers opened the season on Christmas night with the usual strong Alumni team furnishing the opposition Our boys after a bitter struggle went down in defeat by a 3330 score Elkins High then started the scholastic season by easily winning from Charleston Catholic Bluefield Grafton Princeton Buckhannon and Morgantown The Polar Bears from West Fairmont snapped our winning streak the night afterthe Morgantown game by defeating us 44 35 The Tigers not to be denied started another winning streak that came close to finishing the season but Beckley turned the trick by a 47 46 score after the Elkins High School boys had won nine straight games The Tigers completed their most successful season since I94O by winning easy victories over Buckhannon and Grafton e Tigers won Section Xl basketball tournament easily by defeating Coalton and Beverly the first two games. In the final game, however, our boys, without the services of Captain Dave Steindler and after a hard fought game, defeated Belingtan High 48-40. Other teams taking part ' the tournament were Kasson, Pickens, Tygarts Valley, and Philippi. Dave Steindler, "Snorky" Stalnaker, and Jack Wallace were placed on the All-Sectional team. Barbara Woodford of Belington High and Christine Wilcox of Elkins ted for the best cheerleaders T the tournament. On March l5 the Tigers motored to Fairmont to participate in Region lll tournament. ln the first game Elkins defeated West Fairmont 40-37 to advance to the finals. Weston, by virtue of a 45- 43 over Morgantown, was the other finalist. In the final game the Minutemen from Weston upset a highly-favored Tiger Quintet 43-41 to in the r'ght to play in the finals at Morgantown. Neil Shreve, Fairmont sports writer. placed Captain Dave Steindler, reliable center, and Jack Wallace, tall guard, on the all tournament team. W LCOME BACK COACH WIMER 31 IU O E FOOTBALL SCORES HOME GAMES GAMES AWAY F HOME GAMES LFG! X GAMES AWAY 6 SHT Ulfg- 27 E' 'Q' ' 40 BL.,-raf' " 'O fv'4.f,'4q'1g, ' 47 iff 07 WLTQTE' C9 PM mir: 6 Vmjfvy QI E11 ' Eiwvww' 78 RWM in BASKETBALL SCORES Elw, 3C fa JVM EW -, 49 S ' atom ELLWQ, 55 Bm 'SAK'-'Q EM' 53 CQ' ft," EMA A, 57 Pwrxfrtorw Elirw 32 Wei E EMF, 45 Mirgaftc Ejimrv. 39 N' T Elilrww 57 rgurg: EMF 44 YJ? FEYC, Ellim O0 543-Fgfurfr LUN, 45 HJJ: FK, fr Elf 35 1 Pew" LM' W, wwsi' Ein' 39 E 1' 'I EMF c P' ' f-pr Eva"-, EE E J EWS Aw 5- -' , " fb Q-ff. V MEN OF THE TURF BASKETBALL GREATS X Q39 4 MQ? N 772 1 dy f? Cfazffied ,QBPLX A 1 ifsi bw! RALPH DARDEN JANET MacVEAN CHARLES SHOWEN MARGARET PURDUM JOAN RIGHT 35 EVELYN JUSTINE GOODE GEORGE DORSEY STALNAKER ANNAMAE R DAVIS LORNA JEAN GIBSON BARBARA ELLEN PHILLIPS DOROTHY RAMSEY KENNETH FOLKS BETTY RAE LOUDIN JOHNNY WHITMAN MARY E JOHNSON HERMAN G STUIBER FAYE L PYLES WILLIAM G ADAMSON GONDOLEEN McCLUNG JACKSON BLAIR WINTER EDNA RUTH BEAL JULE R HENSIL BETTY JEAN PHARES LAWRENCE R. FORD JENNIE DYCUS JACKLYN CRICKARD LOWELL WAYNE JACK S.- 1 JAMES D JENKINS LANO R AUDAS ALICE MARGARET KRAMER MARY FERN ISNER CUYLER TETER JEANETTE L RENNIX MARY D YORK EDITH AGNES KELLY RICHARD O HAMMAN BETTY LOU WARD ROBERT G MARTIN CARRIE A STARK EMERSON PHARES II ELOISE BONNELL WILLIAM KENNETH JAMES VERA LUCILLE HARPER ROBERT N SKINNER EDNA LOUISE WEESE DONALD LEE PERRY JANET MacVEAN ELEANOR M. CAPLINGER MELVIN A. CLARK CLARA M. SIMMONS JANET C. JAMES PAULINE S. HAMRICK CHARLOTTE ZOEFFEL RICHARD LEE WEESE LUELLA E TINGLER 'X NUMER RAY CURRENCE MAXINE KELLY ROBERT C MADDEN ROSALEE GORDON JOAN PHARES CHARLENE A TALBOT THOMAS D CHENOWETH BETTY JEANE ANDRING BRUCE WILMOTH MARY ELLEN EVANS LOUISE GIRARD DAVID STEINDLER LAUNIS FLUMLEY JAMES BAIRD it 'Ve G. 34" I 552 fify E 91: ARBUTUS M TETER RONALD WHITE ANNABE LOUGH BARBARA L BIRD VILA FULTON REBECCA PARKS MICHAEL D SHANABARGER CHRISTINE E WILCOX HARRY HOWELL HILDA GRACE DAHMER EMORY AILEEN DENNY WILLIAM P BILLIG CLEADITH M ROSENCRANCE W MORRIS BETTY JO HUGHES RICHARD DEGLER CAMPBELL DONALD K WHITE LEONA WHITEMAN KELLY ELEANOR TOTTEN RICHARD ASH BETTY LOUISE HARPER ROBERT M CAPLINGER MABEL L VANSCOY VIRGINIA MAE WHITE ANNA JO SAFFEL GERALDINE R PHARES RALPH MILES DARDEN WILMA VIOLET HEATER JAMES C TABLER JO ANN WAMSLEY GEORGE J CAMPBELL HAZEL SHIMER f 3 'Q' Sn... '-E 'lin THOMAS E WALDEN DONAJ HINKLE SHIRLEY CALLISON JUNE AGNES PLUMLEY TERRY E ARMENTROUT KATHRYN SMITH DENVER BONNER ANGELAJ TARANTELLI LEOLA ERICKSON 'VN :his Gig 5 3 fic. MARGARET ANN PURDUM LLOYD S TETER JR VELMA E WEEKS FRANK SCARFO MARJORIE G CHEWNING FRANK CARMEN TUCCI BETTY J PINGLEY GEORGE WEESE MARGARETJ SIGLER GEORGE S COFFMAN f THELMA ISNER " LEONARD R WRIGHT 'bl BILLIE JEAN TINGLER DOROTHY POLING RUBY SNYDER CHARLES R SHOWEN WANDA LEE WAMSLEY LUCILLE TRAVIS BETTY LU WHITE HAROLD STALNAKER JO ANN RIGHT HARRY O WHITE ADAMSON WILLIAM ALBURY MURPHY D ANDERSON LENNEL ANDRING BETTY JEAN ARMENTROUT TERRY ARMENTROUT WORTH ASH KENNETH RICHARD AUDAS LANO ROSE BAIRD JAMES LEWIS BEAL ELMA RUTH BILLIG WILLIAM BINNS CARMELLE BIRD BARBARA BONNELL ELOISE BONNER DENVER BRAKE OSCAR BRAKE RALPH BRIGHT BESSIE P CALLISON SHIRLEY CAMPBELL AILEEN CAMPBELL GEORGE CAPLINGER ELEANOR CAPLINGER ROBERT M CARPENTER RICHARD CHAMBERS JOHN L CHENOWETH THOMAS CHEWNING MARJORIE CLARK ANDERSON COFFMAN GEORGE COFFMAN WONEMA COONTS JACOB B II COOPER BURLEY CRICKARD JACKLYN CUNNINGHAM MAXINE CURRENCE RAY DAHMER HILDA DARDEN RALPH DAVIS ANNAMAE DEGLER RICHARD DYCUS JENNIE LOU ERICKSON LEOLA EVANS MARY ELLEN FANSLER DEWILTON FORD LAWRENCE FREY DORSEY FULTON VILA GIBSON LORNA JEAN GIRARD LOUISE GOODE EVELYN GORDON ROSALIE HAMMAN RICHARD SENIOR LIST HAMRICK PALJLINE HARPER BETTY HARPER VERA HEATER YIOLET HENSIL JLJLE HILL ALVIN HINKLE DONNA HOWELL HARRY HUGHES BETTY JO ISNER MARY ISNER THELMA JEANNE JACK WAYNE JAMES JANET JAMES KENNETH JENKINS JAMES JOHNSON MARY KELLY DENVER KELLY EDITH KELLY MAXINE KRAMER ALICE LOUGH ANNABEL LOUDIN BETTY MSEVEAN JANET MADDEN ROBERT MARTIN ROBERT MEBEE CARL MECLUNG GONDOLEEN MCELWAIN OLGA MEELWAIN YvETTE MQELWAIN YvONNE MORRIS WILLIAM PARKS REBECCA PERRY DONALD PEZZULLI FRANK PHARES BETTY JEAN PHARES EMERSON JR PHARES GERALDINE PHARES JOAN PHARES PATRICK PHILLIPS BARBARA PINGLEY BETTY PLUMLEY JUNE PLUMLEY LAUNIS POLING CHARLES POLING DOROTHY PURDUM MARGARET PYLES FAYE RAMSEY DOROTHY RENNIX JEANETTE RICE PAUL C 5 vf VI 4' GHTICG 4 RIGHT JO ANN ROSENCRANCE CLEADITH ROWE THOMAS SAFFEL ANNA JO SCARFO FRANK SHANABARGER MICHAEL SHIMER HAZEL SHOWEN CHARLES R SIGLER MARGARET SIMMONS CLARA MAE SKIDMORE LUCILLE SKINNER ROBERT STALNAKER GEORGE STALNAKER HAROLD STARK CARRIE STEINDLER DAVID STUIBER HERMAN SWICK EDWIN TABLER JAMES TALBOT CHARLENE TARANTELLI ANGELA TETER ARBUTUS TETER CUYLER TETER LLOYD TINGLER LUELLA TOTTEN ELEANOR TRAVIS LUCILLE TUCCI FRANKIE VANSCOY LAURA VANSCOY MABEL WALDEN THOMAS WARD WEEKS WEESE WEESE WEESE WEESE WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE BETTY LOU VELMA EDNA GEORGE RICHARD VICTOR LANE BETTE LU DONALD HARRY RICHARD RONALD VIRGINIA WHITEMAN LEONA WHITMAN JOHNNY WILCOX CHRISTINE WILMOTH BRUCE WINTER JACKSON WRIGHT LEONARD YORK MARY ,I ' .I PAINTERI. FRANK. JR.' WAMSLEY. JO ANN ,I - . Df I 'B y WM Im' b-:ww c e I: I III, I focus. Siandung MORRIS CAPLINGER PURDUM JAMES TETER WHITE DAHMER Suthng TALBOT McCLUNG KELLY TIGER STAFF M L. I-115 'T -I Edtf' ., . . ,. , . , Cha'-gf, Tf: Is" Pity- EC1f,'S . , GTGC-ii' . CC '3 7' Dawf' ,5'-,t.f1"'s At' -,:: Ed ty .. , . . I-any WEL. Ate: . , .. 'irc T-L Txcst . . , . . .. . he '. IC -, E- - :fix 'z Q11 ff nf' f.1'::"' fywx- X s- CLASS OF 47 twig ,f- in x' ' S v v -Y - Ns, I an ' Rcbwt P 33 Au'-.ii H 'fig' Nfvgci'-,Z E N C ll In K 3 .5'7f ff,-,'E5'. -1 Yds-1 ps' 51 ,f - . if r x . ' f wh. 3' 954 f W. 3 7 x,. Qu Q I , A , X Q rl 'li Jti llkfilf, .Yv lf ,A f'fg,Ax,L' - .1-A 1" A' -, . , ' -' L xx - I x x A z 3? X' , ?3. , V., lx ft ,PA , 'sy 1 I " .V i I X V, V A K ' 3: , I 4 A i 3 'ff 1 . 9 'ff' : infix gx 5 v s 5? 1 3 fWsas s Mm. , ,X..xij A , I 3 5 .N Q 4 v L- 7 ,, 9 ' 9 9 , Y' Qf35! ' 3? 4 Zh , ,. Y fgikgfiwx ' Q 15? 'Wi 33 AUTOGRAPHS rzwflll Dior The Tourney here ard row mu t t Ahd trrend from doaro t trrend mu t part So how we ay from ou the heart Fareweh' Though truend be :de a trnond may tand For ore turret mom rt hand rn and Yet yetd he mu t to trrne s command Farewelr' Wrth these words from the Song ot Farewell the srng ng of whroh rs a tradrtron at Elkrn I-hgh Schoof Commenoements we the sensor ot IQ46 begun the duftroutt ta T o ayrng tarewer to our te ow choohnates an o h tacuty o rn Sfhoot Indeed we are now beginning the rourney on the road of hte where we shall meet wrth ooth roy and GT apporntrnent tor though we are Pow wrth our trrends we ha soon dfpart We wr h to expre our noere gratrtude to our soon or Mr s Tyre Mrs Wood ward and Mr Ne tor for herr guidance ano hetp through tour year ot o ooeratron work aro o ra aotryrr o Mr I man we gwo earty than a t er n art a star' a o co r We tu P our thoughl: to the wonde Tu' thingf that haooened to us and the en' Toyabfe th' 1. w i during our tour yeari at Elzin, High Sohoo. Even in tuture eari 1-A 1 rr aol 'ur ,c o oo' oat, e of ne 3 T get he tie w' whom we nhared thege good trmei. ow da we eave we V f a orare 'r ou e ,o afhough each goes he -irarate way, we nope fnneoay o mee' ajai . COMPARISON ,if Llwwafif,-,,fff -Wg, ZVJ., -, 1, ' n .J :I'f5 . 2' f , V .. ,. , , ,E K, ir, Nr. ,V A, , g ' fn- ' .Z'E1T1.f:f Q' Ji, 'Q,..jr' N' Nm- f."1,, - -V-, f, Wh, , H 13 , J, , .fdckerfidenzelz fd O E O E M OG IO WHITMAN YOUR ELKINS THEATRES MANUS HIPPIJDRUME Always Flrsf Wlfh , The Llffle House The Lafesf Of Big Hlfs THE VON HAVEN STUDIO ELKINS NATIONAL BANK BUILDING ELKINS WEST VIRGINIA Porfralfs Thaf You Will Like V P g I1 MEET YOUR FRIENDS EARLE s AT Y M C A The Meahng Place In Fun and Fellowship H SWEET M STER O IFE HO IE E GOT H OUG H GH SCHOOL I I I I . I I ll - - - rr Virginia W. on Haven, hoio rap er I Where Good T ings io Eat e o ef er I O I O - n CORNER THIRD ST. AT HENRY AVE. 477 L . . A I Y . . . W V R T R H I 5 YAH--TA-TA! YAH-TA-TA! . . . WHEN CHRIS AND JERRY GET TOGETHER S. F. MURPHY ,Ea Mack Nestor 8: Co. 'Q , ,Fw DIAMONDS and kk! 'f JEWELRY Tire Recapping and Repairing W "na -' . .1 9.911 WATCHES FIRESTONE DEALER STORE . , 1 gf' I M' xmv KEEPSAKE WAYNE 203 Davis Ave. Elkins, W. Va. MATCHED SET 5350.00 ENGAGEMENT RING 5250.00 GEORGE H COFFMAN The Mans Sfore CLOTHING HATS SHIRTS SHOES MICHAELS STERN CLOTHES DOBBS HATS HYDE PARK CLOTHES FLORSHEIM SHOES Vvhehell S F S Johnston Drug Co an Insurance Agency I:am,Iy Drug 5+0,e GENERAL INSURANCE PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS ELKINS WEST VIRGINIA FIRE ACCIDENT LIFE JOHN B. WILT COMPANY Hart Schaffner and Marx Clothes Stetson and Styleparlr Hats Nunn Bush Edgerton Fortune Shoes Arrow and TruVaI Shirts WE LL CATCH YOU AT LAST TRUANT OFFICER ll I ll I "THE MAN'S QUALITY STORE" MINDS DUI-IL MINING CURPURATIUN GOLDEN RIDGE SEWELL COAL B WEES AND SON 875 DRY GOODS-GROCERIES SEEDS FERTILIZERS Have A Look MIRACLE BEAUTY SALON TRY BEAUTIFYING THE MIRACLEWAY F E RUNNER TIpI1 I Since I rr n C pI' 'c HAZEL HARNSBERGER, Owner of ee one44 PININ' . . . LET THE REST OF THE WORLD GO BY FAYE PYLES AND RICHARD WEESE DAVIS AND ELKINS COLLEGE A four year college offering the degrees of BACHELOR OF ARTS BACHELOR OF SCIENCE BACHELOR OF ARTS IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING Majors in English Social Science Chemistry Education Biology Physics and Mathematics Modern Languages Physical Education Buble and Philosophy Thorough preparation of Elementary and Secondary school teachers one two and four year courses in Commerce with college credit Fully accredited b State Department of Education State University and by Army and Navy establls ments Thorough pre professional training for those students desiring to enter Engineering Medicine Dentistry Law and the Ministry Spacious Well Equipped Laboraforles For Physics Chemlsfry, and Biology Voice Piano and Violin instruction Glee Club and Orchestra organized pro gram of student activities faculty advisers for each student For Information Write DR R B PURDUM President ELKINS WEST VIRGINIA DIAMONDS 9 U 9 HAMILTON AND ELGIN WATCHES SPODE CHINA R M Davis Ave Elluns W Va STANFORD S JEWELRY STORE FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Compliments of Moore Electric Flowermshoppe Company Phone III Elluns W Va DIDN T SLEEP A WINK LAST NIGHT THINKING ABOUT THOSE EXAMS 54 I - I Official Railroad Watch Inspectors 2 -I n, 9 eutovn 9 J': il . . I " 9 0 I 'I I Q 0 I E . MY HERO . . . DAVE STEINDLER Randolph MemorIal Co I S Au+horIzecI Dealers of ROCK OF AGES an EGYPTIAN PINK MEMORIALS WILLARD PHILLIPS-VIRGIL HAMRICK PARSONS ELKINS ROAD PHONE 95-IJ 2 WstVg CHANNELL GROCERY COMPANY GULLAND CLARKE COMPANY INCORPORATED WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS GROCERIES CONFECTIONS FLOUR FEED ROOFING MARIETTA PAINTS Phone 343 344 Elluns Wesf Vlfglhld Cash Dep'c 575 Gulf Eirlliepsplallon RANDOLPH ENTERPRISE THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE THIRD ST ELKINS W VA W BRYANT MOTORS MINUTE MARKET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC GROCERIES-MEATS PRODUCE 2zI THIRD ST PHONE H E HARROLD M9' PHONE IIB2 ELKINS WEST VIRGINIA S D W JUST A PRAYER AWAY GRADUATION 5 0 I . d Elkins, e ir inia 1 . , ro . Th,clSi. dR dIhA ---TI h 328 " PI 'I op " H" PRINTERS and PUBLISHERS Elkins, . Va. .1 l7l ' . I ' ' IOZ9 . avis Ave. Elkins, . 5 THE T HREE CABALLEROS . . . MARGARET PURDUM GONDOLEEN M CLUNG CHARLENE TALBOT Elecfricify is Your Clveapesf, Mosf Willing, and Mosf Dependable Servanf MONONGAHELA POWER CO. TETER C5 M C TRUCK CO 33 DavIs Ave Phone FOR NEW AND USED TRUCKS THAT ARE DEPENDABLE TRANSFER STORAGE NEW A C F HINCHMAN ND USED FURNITURE FOR SALE ICC PERMIT I22 DavIs Avenue TYGART VALLEY FURNITURE, INC Vauey SUPPIY CO JOBBERS STYLE FURNITURE HARDWARE MILL and MINE SUPPLIES EIKIFIS W Va DAVIS AVE ELKINS W VA LET S TAKE THE LONG WAY HOME AFTER THE PROM . Q O . i . I340 . O ' EIIcins, Wesf Virginia I'M .IUST WILD ABOUT HARRY . . . HILDA DAHMER Barrow's SaniI'one W. R. CROMWELL Cleaners INSURANCE AND ALL ITS BRANCHES EFFICIENT RELIABLE EIIuns West Vurgnnua SERVICE 2I5 ThlrcI St Phone 202 The Bank of Service The Tygar+s VaIIey Nahonal Bank of EIIuns MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Elluns West Vlrgmla READ THE ELKINS INTER MOUNTAIN The Iatesf IH Local Sfate and Naflonal News FuII Leased Umted Press Wure TRY OUR JOB DEPARTMENT PHONE I2I ELKINS W EIIclns IvIoI'ormar+ Inc 227 THIRD STREET SALES FORD SERVICE We Service All Makes McEIwee s News Agency MAGAZINES NEWSPAPERS COMIC BOOKS S d St t Elk W V Neales Drug SI'ore Of BETTER DRUG STORE SODA FOUNTAIN an LUNCHEON SERVICE PHONE I88 STRANGE MUSIC BAND II 00 A M o o and . I 0 I I Telephone B , . VA. I I f d econ ree ing, , 5, A FRIEND OF YOURS VIRGINIA WHITE COUNT ON CGI-EBANKS KEIM AND KEIM Of School Supplnes Insurance Whale In School Graduation GMS I06 SECOND ST PHONE 457 When Leavmg School Offlce Supplies I895 I946 When Starhng unto Busnness CenTraI MeaT MarIceT Adverhse Dealers rn HOME DRESSED and CURED MEATS GROCERIES FRUITS VEGETABLES Tiger 2l8D THE EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES Compllmenfs W CAM ARMENTROUT DSI IMS Too Th a se E n W Brrng Securlty Home Complrmenfs del' if of FINEST WOMEN S APPAREL SHOP ELKINS WEST VIRGINIA SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY THE VISIT TO SCHOOL NEXT YEAR F In Phone l95 avis Ave. . , i ric r. of ir . Iki s, . Ve. Phone 405 CO, "More than a Quarter of a Ceniury Serving People-Rather ihan lnsuring Lives" 7 1- FINE AND DANDY . . . "SNORKY"STALNAKER Complimenfs of and HAGANS MACHINE OO. DAIRY STORES STRONG PROGRESSIVE GROWING CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM AND FEDERAL DEPOSIT CORPORATION W t V g n e TONYS LUNCH ELKINS MUSIC OO ITALIAN SPAGHETTI OUR SPECIALTY SHEET MUSC RECORDS GOOD EATS MUSICAL MERCHANDISE 909 S D W v TONY mnoums P I 4 D They go together 'S ' ELKINS COCA COLA 4' I J' X BOTTLING OO ' " 'I1' C D ELLIFRITS Men ge Ld THERE ARE SUCH THINGS COMPLETION OF THE TIGER 5 Elkins, es ir i i I . avi: Ave. EILIM, . I. I ,opt 2 avi: Ave. Elkins, W. Va. , .2 ft'-J A I P - W- .1 If ' fx A 4 , we . IL .Q Q in V v. Ivy f ." be X 'E, .,'f O I I ' 1:2 .. L" LII Al" P'. I Damn In xl Il. . - I I I ' a r 1 9 Self Confrol Preserves Peace" WESTVIRGINIA LUMBER CG. ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF DAVIS TRUST CCMPANY ELKINS WEST VIRGINIA BCOSTERS Dr C H Bankheacl C Wood Crawford H R Hess Joe Overs'rree+ Dr H K Owens Dr L J Parmesano Dr J F Wldney S IyY THE TIGER STAFF 1 Dr. 'Fred 'Parmesano IQWAQHJMQJJ P RIN T E R S Speci l11 g Fraternity and Educational Publications ,411 Ol UA? 'a 'z'n in High School, College and University

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