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 - Class of 1942

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e z 5 1 I E I s a 1 ,v we . , .gg.1V ., .V BPKAV A- K .:A ' Tu - ,. V ' .L .- . -A , A A Mx... r,..,: .1 I P. 1 .- . V- sr . 4 ' 1? -,Q J... . I 1 X N. V. k A A if 5.5 l At Q K, W . .. yi q J , 'V U V K: Iwi ., V .gk V VL A S , .ff ' V .. ' A' f 1 , ' V' w wxfgf.: 7 '7 Q1 :YA XFN FAQ-Q L?" 1 5 1 5 f if ' L ' , ,v ' 1 5. WJ x s Q, "WY Q1-I' 7' 1 , 'Q x, 1 Y X gif X H , 4 Y-Q-ug ,e ,W ,Q F 5 . v 'V V sf: . .fi f 'f 'Q P V? -'f 5 W Y- 1 2 1 1. , V .V Q, 7 V , NT. n'.1,,V: , V - V, 5. 1' 'V ' ,lx ,jbgu-, '31 4? h V K 3 . V fp. ' 9-, A 'LVIR ., V,.. ,.v ., . V. ., ,, A , 1 - , ,V-.4 A- . - . .V X P -i.',.'1s.' ,kwa at K 4 1 is .' Q V. .A 'I .L A V " Jr ,3 ,V. 'if , V" . . . . rVV V' V V A V . F. A V V +V V- V , ' ' A-, 3- '.'.S9"' AL . ' P, QV 4 V V- , . 1 .V'4mAV. A,: 'fM' V A 1' AV A " M' A VV-.1 V -V Y A,V. VA A. AV 5 V 1 AV , f. 'Q t 5 M , V 9,3 r' ,ik s ' 7. 1 , - .. - -, ' '-5. '. . ' V ' ' - . ,. V 5 V'-M 'Ni' ' L , . if -. A .1 . an W ..:4V, , ' A V wa . W 'W' ? ' , xg' Q 'WA V T M V " - . aff ,, f ' A " A 5 V -E '-V I: ' . , .-1.1 J! 4. ,443 fit , I. vi.. - A .2 x L ,Q ,4, .af g I, N., .VM . X . . . if , , ,Q 6, , Ar VV- ' ' . .V .' V V -V it . ' A V V - ' " 1, ff -' -V . -K 1 - '. . . . it 1 - A .Q VA, ,V ,ar , - A - . 4 . ,, 'f x ' 5 ' +V .wif Q ,, 5 I V V4 1, Ii, 'F 5 Vw? ' g.,f?,- V34-.1 -1 Aj- L QW: A ff... H 54 V . . , 2 ,, 1 A. K V. 'MQ I N 'f '. V ' 3 ip ' --. ,M V1' . ,, , WV T? V .. . VE. . ' . . ff fw 'F ', 5 . 7 ' .. ' ' ' V K W 'if K J, , ,An , t .V , ,F V1-r, Jr.. -'. FQ , V af' - ' 'fn 1. 1, 1 ,, . , AW? Vi V - is V W 1663.1 1 .Eff D .A D ,gA - U. R ' AAG iv ' ' -Q' , V Q.. . W V .fx 1 V+-E-V "Q - ,f 4 , - V - 1 , ' ' ,. in .5- ' ,WW :N ' ' ' 'f'F.i'V . -3 ., ., ' L . .,,:A Vw 'Af-.. A- . ' -YV A- .ww ' , V V AV V A, , " , .. 'A I' ,ya -M., .V, ' N A " 1.14 A Q. :J -5:9215 Vx M 1:1 . 'I ,Q , --by ix . ,. . , . .LW ' -I A ' J ' V .12 SH.-1? . V ' ' . A' 4 " V , , Q , . A V- -V Q A - 4-1, 'RF' A I V..-V A ., V J, .jar , 5 V --Agag-4, ' V- ww . . .A - 1' W- V' - , V - 4 A V V: W -V , V ' 'wjf-, J it -' . 'TQ .2,,'. 34 . , ' . ' - 1 V R' V . . 2' . .1 - 'V"' . ' ' -.I-"ig i, AQQQ ' A 6'5" .x ' 1 " V 'Sf ,. , 5121.9 V g r V -551 V,-, S.. . 1365, W, V fx ,pf 9125 if l L. 1, 1. V A V W ,, U . V 'fl lea. 'fff Vf'Af.V-.,.A...', , -,4. ' AHS V , VV - , .M 3, ,VM , , V V. , Y .. ,KV - ,,V.- M, - V , VV' A j A 3' 1 V ' V V. V, . V - V A QV Qxkf '-A .fj,4fVV 'V -ifQQ,,,1.QQfs'EAtff',.gA,:,f,,i 'VV . e..,'2:, ' iff, 'R -fri x .V " . . 255,-5 V 'V 1,w,-Ark Aw- V, QV ' ' A V V :VVVAA V VVL V., 1 , R., .,.VVj H. ,U - 5.1 57,5 - x 'Ai - 4 il K ...!,5.T'fE V ,- ,iz 4,,..Vif 'Fw gg ' A 'bt 'g A 4 ' F, ' A v V 5 V 1 4 VA. R' S 'H . ' J 4V ' , .M , .t .. - , 4: . ., J , ,Vg - uf, ,y Vs, .' ,fx . Vf ' E? . ,,QL?'f I 'f 1 " Vkffl -, iz? it . 4 'v ,,--Y' ' 4' 'Q , ' LU'-. , f" Lg, w . ' 'xl V V. if V' . e - A V 1. V 'f -, . 1' VgVif'A' ' .V .iw , li, ,L V ' . A 1 r . . Ar, 'W .9 , 3- , ,uf 3 G, A J ' V- f . VM ' 'wi' . ' ,V I V A ' f ic- , JV' -SX A I n, ,. Q , Y , . . ,fl :Ml ., 'Hg x ,. ,V , . ' "':Q'V3:Z.- 4 ' t ' ' ,.' 5' N ,AL 3' V 1 ' ' - ' ' V , ffyi,'!',5 TETWV 'L ., 5112 " V' ' 5: ff' ff? fx., V ' 1' Q' 1. - . ' 1, 1 4-. 2 1 . , i fir. A , f ' , ' ,. . :W V - - flwfl PAV . , ,, ,ff VA wp Egg- T ' ' 'f ' Vafrifz :LV V. 52 rf? V ' V 3' I V V- 1' , x A v i K H'-VE N J A V J . ,, if .Vi , . , . in V- VV V V A .EV V VI 'f I' 0' . ' 1 ' V 'SS F g" 14 ,f U, - , f .. . L ,gi . , f . ,. , . Q ' ' fu 3, ' ,, ' . f:V2.f'. 'C Vf 4 J - 1 . ,' ' ,V. 7""3','e x V ff' 'M 4' 2, gn- , , I if . , A -5, ,J " . -E 2- ', ' fy 272 "ai, 1 ' I ' 1 V' 'S+ . A VV 'wr V ff A 'T' V' 1 V ,' ' F . fm . . 4 ,- . , . an ,K V , R-,XZ .A , V V , 'ff fl - ' ' kurt V L V Vs, .,fV . - V. , , VV V+ 5. A V- Q A A Q, Q.. V ' ' " A ' Vs, .. . - ,,, , 5. K . . ui 25,59 L V I,-gg K V, -it ,. , 9 ' V A W! V- . V ' VV' ff ' ' V -A VV fi- ' 4 ,qw VAL- . , V -. M , thugs, M., L. il ii A 4: , .b 3 , KI., 5. g V. . 'V.14'J".- , ' ' 'I ' 1. ' at 4 5' , , I' A . 1 '. - ,Z v Q . 1, if '4 9. 1 in . 8 .:.. Q , ,z iiljiilv. Y ' . QW .V W K ,Q R. it 4 , ' i, , W ,' . . ' V V' 1 ' 1 VI' , M . ' i 'Q 1' . V V? , A'V"sV --4 . ff . V . . wx ,I U v i , . V 4' .L ' ' f 7 K, , If - K . -W. jlglif , ' . . , . v- I, 1 il" . ' - 'A' ' , "-'VV . 'V 1' V Av - . V.V,. -1 - . -. .. 'f- A -. , xxg ww .. ,p: 'f- may - . 5 J, " A , A ,iv , ifipif u- .. '-?.,g,,"f A ,T ' . 4 A , K . EX 1.6. .CSV ,. l,.:, - 'Jig :gil ' - 'gm W x ' . 3, . X 4' - , ' f+Vf',Hf,,1 A"A ' ., . 7 , .'V 1- V- A 'sw . V '.:y V.',..VA5f,'., 'mf . fig: -1- n QV in in Vi' V y, ,- I. ,A ai Q- A r . ,'-XA V v V 'Q Vi? ,I , ,,,,,ag,:A r ' 9' Wmmg. 1- V: ,fa in W ' .l.. ' A - x ui. ,A . VH.. " . ,.,. .5 J x. Q 'V ..,.,e an ,+'f,,V:.,f..zL V." ' in V S' .VV V , if Wi l 15445 vi The Senior Class Takes Pleasure if BEER LANG KERR c:OLI.li'I"I' Nl.-XNNING lxflflcilili Ross WARD SHEETS MAXWELL 'resenting to the Student Body if Elkins High School, Elkins West Virginia, the 19-42 . . TIGER Explanation The Senior Class of 1942 has chosen through its staff an entirely new and different theme which it hopes will meet with the approval of the Student Body. The theme goes back to the artistic and fantastic era of Knights and Ladies, an age of chivalry, courtesy, and bravery. These are Fine traits in any age, and we hope they may never disappear from the earth. If this book, in its message in any way, influences any person who has the privilege of scanning its pages, the staff will not feel that its work has been placed in barren soil. THE TIGER STAFF ' ith great plemure we dedicate 'ebe 1942 Tiger to all Knzlgbztr and Ladiex wherever they may be. A King and His Court -5 ,M My - x fff ? , ,ykif L 1 Z.- 4- 7 L. l X Q XX J ,.?jl -f S WWW SUN Wm 'Wk WW ,z"....f'1"" 27? X X Z 5,- j if wr W fm! M 'I V I, 1 i - ,I N 'f11 i,iUX 5 ' IWW M Mu. l'IENRY HAMILTON MR. IAMES B. BRUFFEY Prinzipal Assistant Principal I N 1 ir l I I I I 'WV Randolph County Board of Education and County Superintcndents WARE Du. Boswoarn CHENOWETH MCVANEY Tm Lou Member' lllember President Member Member H. HAMILTON B. HAMiLToN WILMOTH Director County XI.f,f1'stanz County High Schools Superinzendenl Superintendent By an act of the West Virginia Legislature in 1933, the school boards, who had been running the school systems of each individual district independently, were put out of exis- tenceg and in their place the law-making body provided for a County Board of Education in each county with a State Board of Education to guide and help Finance schools. The Board of Education of Randolph County, as in all counties, is comprised of live members, elected at a public electiong and whose duty it is to appoint teachers and decide on other school matters for the benefit of the students and the people of their respective counties. At their First biennial meeting in Iuly the members elect a president from among themselves who acts as chairman of all board meetings and carries on other responsibilities assigned to his position. The Randolph County Board of Education members are President, Mr. Fred C. Chenowethg Mrs. T. O. McVaney, Dr. Iohn W. Bosworth, Mr. Wilson Ware, and Mr. O. H. Taylor. The County School oflicials are Superintendent, Mr. Bryan Hamiltong Assistant Su- perintendent, Miss Emily Wilmothg Director of High Schools, Mr. Henry Hamilton. XVIIITE BRUFFEY llUTToN MOORE HARRIS WHITLACH LiROl'CH 'IQRIPLETT BARRY WOODXNVARD KUMP In Science We Are Drilled Each mind is instilled with scientific fact By Whitlach, Triplett, and White. We learn our history from front to hack When Harry and Woodward add their insight. Miss Kump and plane geometry remain Inseparable in our minds. Biology without Hutton Well disdaing With Moore We learn chemicals, all kinds. Citizenship to us will recall Mr. Crouch whom we've biclden aclieug Civics, surely, and the rudiments of law, With Harris and Bruifey we pursue. lN"looim QTIIAMBERS lim Moiuus Woomokn Husrn SPEICHER Diummv 'lxnioiz Cfiasoisi Language Is Instilled Freshmen, Miss Chambers teaches And Morris and Woodford toog When taking foreign language one English Une has lun With Speicher and Gibson--or l guess you knew Miss Moore teaches English Three Where we learn what Americans w And Miss Baker and the lihrary Will never become remote. We are instructed in English Four By Taylor, Digman, and Eibg And we learn dates at least twelve And the "dope" on such authors as roteg score "Ben's Tribe STEWART SCOTT BROWN POWERS NESTOR ALBERT GOLEY BELL WESTFALL ASHBY SLEEMAN COLE MOORE We Become Skilled Powers is our distributive education teacherg Our coach is Robert Brown. Music is Mr. Westfall's special feature, With a band that's the talk of the town. Wayne Scott struts forth with hammer :md saw Miss Ashby is our secretary. Miss Bell in stenography lays down the lawg In Nestor's trade they do not tarry. Take gym with Miss Sleeman when you enrollg Mr. Stewart and bookkeeping will keep you alert. Home Ee. we take from Moore and Coleg And we draw mechanically with Mr. Albert. The Teacher Some day when the angels have garnered the records of huilders ol' men, :Xnd they open the ageless volumes to read them again and again, They will search for the stories of children in the schools where their lives To learn how their feet were directed while their souls were still innocent. .-Xnd they will hnd the work ol' the teacher in the good men ol' today, Because they were given a vision that was with them all the way, A vision of Gods great purpose, of the worth and the value of man, A vision that echoes forever the progress of some great plan. And he who so led the children to catch this impulse ol' things, To sense the unvoiced music that all through the heaven rings, VVill smile when the angels have opened the record he long ago made, Since there was nothing in all his teaching to make him the least afraid. For he felt the urge of this purpose, the promise of coming days, This moving design that the cycle of endless ages oheys, .Xnd he says the divine in teaching, in the search for eternal truth! So the angels smiled as they whispered, "Here was a leader ol youthf, were spent, Knights and Ladies ld -'F f af i 2 1 ,- -P ia. fi ' Z 5- '. 75 L.7Y,. X x XX V X Xxx X X XXX QXXQX XX X X x 2,3- MARY IIINI CIILLETT XVILLIAINI A. fJ'HRlliN IDOROTIIY IBESALES PURKEY JACK LOXVERY IQICHARD H. KERR BI3'I'sY XXAIL Russ ROBERT IVJEE fiAINOR HELEN CRRAY fjL'R'l'lS BARBARA IEANNE GILIYIIIRE NEAL DANIEL BAISI IIJSEPIIINE IRENE PENxINc:'I'rIN FRANK IWIALI. CARL IJAYNE flERALDINE CZARR IQOBERT MAxu ELL IANE IVIANNING MARY LoLIs,E NLTTTER V 'IQOLIINIY X7ENE IJ.-AVIS, R. j MARY BRYAIVI' s , IJAVID joIINsoN X' 1. A IN A I ,X 1 JK. sl! .I 1 wx' 1' KI' QIIIARLES VVILLIARI PLKIXILEY Rita! 9, J0 IZET,r,I LAVELLE Mc,:QI'AIN P6 B601 1 'J x " I losEPII NVILAIUIII Vx M.'XXIN E IXLICIE VANsI:oY v n EIUNIEST BAZZLF , 5: I F!R'I'41'E8'Ti'NE NICCREE l':'l'llliLlNIi Nitlcilili REX BEER BARBARA IXNN 'l'ABsc,:II'I"I' RALPII CIIINNINGIIAIXI MAIQX' IQLAINE IBANIELS BE'I"rY LEE C. l'Ixc:I.IiY .Xl,lsl4,1a'1' SA1N.x'ro Mun' li1.mxma'1'11 ZL'1x1ls11L'NNEN l.1,raw1al.1.YN Iv1o1uumN, IR. li.x'1'rlm'N Blil.l,li1x1Cc:l2l Sl'Ii Cxlwl. SIllLliYli 111411115 ci.XMI'l5lil.I. Do1m'1'ln' lmxli MQJCAL1. Gm' Nxamox LANG IDl'RNV.Xl4lJ lflilccslwmx In .XNN Xvlil-ISE Iilarvmw Pmvrins UIi'l"I'Y SVSAN IQRVINE l,1all.x Cilmfzla XVlIli'l'5Iil.l. f,I.IaN I.l"I'Z Uwm I,l"1'x .Km IJ.xl.la Ruin Kimnlzrm R. Svluf,f:1lr11z fslxxlxla lluma CI.x1clJN1eu llmuam' l'1l.XYOlJIJ Ones Rl"l'II N1,XXlNli NVIMER nu AL., fffao . Klum' ltl,l.1ax Im ' .14 IN-.1:ra1.l.1a Chun' SNOIJiiIl.XSh Rlmzlulm Sc:xlMEu'l'zLIzlx Nl.XR'I'II.X Rus C.x1.141Ns lslilgll M. XV11.1xlfm'1'u lxxm' I,.XI.li fjkllllikllll lmm Rlrili I'm:r:Y liixluulax' ICI.:-Qxxuxc LIIIKRINH xV.XfXI5I.liY ROlilili'l' N. l"1'1'zw.x'1'1ik IQILEEN S'1'.x1.NA14li1c IS. MORGAN ciLARK ELIZABETH IOAN CTRUVES FIENRY SCIIMERTZLER MARY RUTII WARIJ I-IOXVARD' ,FITLTZ KRDLLETT -Mx. wg. V BILLIE HABIILTON MARY IANE I.AND1S RIIBERT TAYLOR HELEN MARGARET PIIARES VERA CATHERINE SIIEETS FRANK A. IHIEDRICK BETTE JEAN PIIARES ULTA VIRGINIA CIIENOWETII ZAN WIIITE IDOROTIIY LoIIIsE CIARRETT FRANCIS T. FFAYLIJR ALICE IVIETZ VIRGINIA RLTII MIIIIIIE NEIL HI'IxII1IIREYi6X OFWW ELEANIIR cTRACE 'l'AI.Iau'I"I' . EUGENE 'l'IIoRIAs HAIxIIxIER '1'IIoIx1As DAIIMER BERTIIA MAE NICELNVEH DIINALII FEASTER BETTY JANE VVIEUANIJ MARY FRANCES IQERENS H. NEIL SKIIIRICRE fIENliVA 13. Wrmrmlms IIONVARIB I,. N1l'IlPllY MARLAND TIANC RUBY CANEIELD CIRAIG MCRCAN IQICIIT MARY LoUIsE QIAVALIER uuxikmx NIM!!-1l.lNli Clwxm S1x11'm lllc:u.x1u1 II. MIJN'I'fJNliX' I 7 N1AilIiI.lNli I .K'l'RlfIl,K X AILCIIETTU fa 1-.441 , , J ' Q I mxx,-x I,.XlllNlIiR K GUQNN 'l'Ii'I'Iili, Ik. .X1,1xl.x LM lmlm Mun' K,'x'I'mu'N Sllolelxmxleu Rl'ssla1.l, RAY Cm.1.1Ns X'l1u:lNl.x l'1a,uc1. l.xN'l'x l'.x1'1. li. SMITII l'1'I'llIiI. P,xl'L1Nra li1uc:KsoN Xl'lmlax' I'1l.lZ,Klili'l'll ci.-Xllli ctlIXRI.IiS X. lI,XRI'Iili l.ulu:.xxNl1 Mui Sxwmila R,n'Moxn Ifmllala nur: VVlfsl.liY 'I'lzlaxHsl.Y l.lafm,x cQIiliCiIlRY l'.u'1. NIANOLIUIS l.Hl'lSli cllikfili I:RIilJl.UtfK 5.XlAli.X ,'XlPlil.I..K 'IVAYIIIIQ 'l'Ill'lifXI.XN AIIi'l'Ill-LNY Im Mu: IIINKLH 51 lluclu' AXLLILN 'l'.x1.mm'1"1' Iilili'l' ciXlXIl' l5liI,l. lil-'r'1'x' In-'xx lluuus c,l.lI'l-GRD R.Xl1.II1l' NVINIVRIQU IDIQLITIKEN lilz1,1.laY Mun l,l.IA.Xl4l.lll Orem' lluu, AII.S'IAO1IK Mun' A1l'RPIIY 7 lomw VN. limums S'l'XI.N,XKliR , ELEANOIQ ELAINE HOSTETTLER CLYDE KYLE HAZEL C. RENNIX VIRGINIA DELAINE XVARD THOMAS SCHOONOVER MAIICSARET VICTORIA IRVVIN IAMES WARREN MCILAUGHLIN IZETTA ROY MARIE MILLER H.AMINIER EVERETT BUTLER PERMILLA MAE SIMMONS IAMES A. MCCSEE EDGAR GAINER DORIS MYEIQS IAMES LEE KISNER VIRGINIA IQUTII SKIDIXIURE MARTHA MAE CIATEXVOOD FRENCH ALLDEN Kl'I"FLE IULIAN ELAINE EIEDRICK CARROLL C. MAIKTIN . , , IOSEPH I. MADDEN, IR. BETTY ANNE HANOER , 2. f..-wp "4'x 1' GEORGE C. IXYLE, IR. 5 S, I- ' ..I-IP N BUENA ELSIE Hltlli A LEOTA DARLENEI POLING , 71 ' J, I CHARLES W. HARPER ' I IZETTA PHILLIPS DUGALD MAOVEAN, III PAUL PHILLIPS RUTII HOPE CALIIOIIN Ross EDWARD MARTENEX' IRAN LORRAINE LLOYD 1 I Q in Distributive Education Trade School This Night Beware By BARRY COLBERT Toa' Miller, proprietor Black Crow Inn - RUSSELL COLLINS Marthy Hawk, witch woman - - - MARY Invr COLLETT Velma Bayne, gives a ghost party - LORRAINE SNYDER Francis Mallory, her escort and guest - NEIL SKIDMORE Madame Zora, spiritualistic medium - - IANE MANNING Sulqey Simmons, Velma's darky cook - - IANET CRICKARD Lazarus lanes, Velmais darky gardner - - FRED WILMOTII Nan Carteret, beautiful young girl - HELEN PHARES Hugh Stanton, Nan's escort ----- ZAN WHITE Harriet Holclzlqiss, nervous and hysterical - BERTHA MAE MCELWEE Tommy Meadows, who Stutters ---- JOE WILMOTH The ghost of Alan Blair ---- - OWEN LUTZ On Friday night, December 12, 1941, the audience in the Elkins High School audi- torium was thrilled at the marvelous performance of members of the Senior Class in the successful mystery comedy, "This Night Bewaref' The mysterious element of the play was enhanced by the gloomy setting, a mountain inn on a stormy night. In a series of terrifying events, climaxed by the appearance of Alan Blair's ghost, Francis Mallory was brought to the confession of the robbery of which Alan Blair was accused. It was then discovered that Alan Blair had not been dead but only in hiding. Tod Miller was revealed as a detective and Marthy Hawk as his wife. Velma Bayne and Alan Blair, Nan Carteret and Hugh Stanton, Harriet Hotchkiss and Tommy Meadows announced their engagements after the happy solution of the mystery, This was the First attempt in a long while to bring to Elkins High School play-goers a mystery of this sort. It was well received and many feel this was an innovation which will be followed by more plays of this type. The play was sponsored by Miss Mary Willa Chambers and Miss Louise Sleeman, senior faculty advisers, and was coached, ably as always, by Mrs. Charles E. Albert. Arbogast, Evelyn Ardinger, Lewis Baisi, Neal Baker, Mary Ellen Barkley, Peggy Bazzle, Ernest Beer, Rex Bright, Floyd, Ir. Bryant, Mary Burke, Harold Butler, Everett Calhoun, Ruth Campbell, Bruce Campbell, Robert Canfield, Ruby Carr, Audrey Carr, Geraldine Cavalier, Louise Chenoweth, Ulta Clark, Morgan Coffman, Chester Collett, Howard Collett, Mary Iim Collins, Russell Cox, Ward Crickard, Ianet Cunningham, Ralph Curtis, Helen Dahmer, Iunior Dahmer, Leanna Daniels, Mary Erickson, Ethel Ervine, Betty Feaster, Donald Ferguson, Durward Fisher, Raymond Fitzwater, Robert F redlock, Louise Gainer, Edgar Gainor, Robert Gardner, Maxine Garrett, Dorothy Gatewood, Mae Gilmore, Barbara Gregory, Leona Groves, Ioan The Senior Class of 1942 'iff Elkins High School Elkins, Hall, Frank Hamilton, Billie Hammer, Eugene Hammer, Marie Hanger, Betty Harper, Charles A. Harper, Charles W. Harris, Betty Hedrick, Elaine Hedrick, Frank High, Beuna Hinkle, Ida Hostettler, Eleanor Humphreys, Neil Irwin, Margaret Iohnson, David, Ir. Kelly, Guinivere Kelley, Winifred Kerens, Iohn Kerns, Mary Frances Kerr, Richard Kisner, Iames Kyle, Clyde Kyle, Junior Landis, Mary lane Lang, Guy Lantz, Virginia Lloyd, Iean Lord, Alma Lowery, Iack Lutz, Olen Lutz, Owen MacVean, Dugald Madden, Ioseph, Ir. West Virginia Manning, lane Manolidis, Paul Marstiller, David Marstiller, Marie Martin, Carroll Marteney, Ross Maxwell, Robert McCall, Dorothy Ieanne McCoy, Hestel Ray McElwee, Bertha Mae McGee, Ernestine McGee, Etheline McGee, Kathryn McGee, Iames A. McGinnis, Doris McLaughlin, Iames McQuain, Izetta Metheny, Thurman Montoney, Richard Moore, Virginia Morrison, Llewellyn, Ir. Murphy, Howard Myers, Doris Nutter, Mary O'Brien, William Ours, Robert Payne, Carl Pennington, Iosephine Phares, Bette lean Phares, Helen Phillips, Paul Plumley, Charles Poling, Darlene Powers, Benton Powers, Helen Purkey, DeSales Ratliff, Clifford Reed, Ada Rennix, Hazel Rice, Iohn Right, Craig Ross, Betsy Roy, Izetta Sainato, Albert Schmertzler, Henry Schmertzler, Richard Schoonover, Thomas Sheets, Vera Shoemaker, Mary Kathryn Simmons, Permilla Skidmore, Neil Skidmore, Ruth Smith, Madeline Smith, Paul Snodgrass, Isabelle Snyder, Lorraine Sponaugle, Blair Sprecher, George Stalnaker, Eileen Stalnaker, Mary Elizabeth Tabscott, Barbara Ann Talbott, Eleanor Talbott, Harry Taylor, Francis Taylor, Robert Teter, Glenn, Ir. Tiano, Marland Trembly, Iohn Vanscoy, Maxine Vanscoy, William Varchetto, Madeline Wamsley, Eleanor Ward, Mary Ruth VVard, Virginia Weese, Io Ann Whetsell, Leila White, Zan Wiegand, Betty Iane Wilmoth, Fred Wilmoth, Ioseph Wimer, Ruth Woods, Geneva Zumbrunnen, Mary Q45 QT Q P :cf wx 1' F ix, 'e 'fi"' 51:1 -ASB. ,mx ,.Ll's - Bwix. faves iM,M?3yN 35253355 ' e A K L li Y 375 5 ix gi is may Clase K I -u ..sf,. ff" . .,,f ' Y .. A is 5 VK A YQLAA k AE , j-ff 'Aif 1 W s if A 11 f ., 2 A E, V ' J. 5 3 11545 S' 2. .' Q 'S 1 3 ' f 35' at rf Q 'i - fx . ' -. F W ' ffl? , Q 2 32 5 'wr 5 5:33 M s fis..3,2,, Q5 9 55YM"gvjg gxiigvw Q 155, X, . W f J UQ H 39.8 x'4 a"'! - I so fy xt? "ivy 'Maxi N4 X W , X X 7 fr i' . ' 'A V' XA Y fl l .. .1 -,fi AW, 1, Chas, og '45 . O 4 N f QN . A, 1' if 553' 3,575 35 S 'iam Qigjmqsxiiz gC.1.NN-Q1-x may 'Q' -N4 Q 2 W . 1-f2's-:www Swim I if Z l ,Q Qiwxikaigmikxif 'W Mania 'gf' " :A ff ' my Y . V K f ,. x' . 3 ' I " ff Q f Q. g. ' ,,. A 'a ., ' K, Ax . I i 5 X , 1-.,,v, F lmmofit Cfnss xy' 3 , M 552-41,? 4 " , 5' 5 75 ' ' EJ-1 ff 4 4 X ERISA fmqfv Class A vp 5:5373 17. Tigcr Staff Editors ROBERT MAXWELL MARY RUTH WARD ZAN WHITE Features BETSY Ross VERA SHEETS Artist CRAIG RIGHT Typist DOROTHY IEANE MCCALL Athletic Editor ROBERT MAXWELL Assistant Athletic Editor RICHARD KERR Ph oto graph er DUGALD MACVEAN, III Business Manager GUY LANG Assistants REX BEER MARY IIM COLLETT IANE MANNING KATHRYN MCGEE Typical ZAN WHITE Most KA'1'mu'N BELLE MCC lEE Most RUBERT clAlNOR Good MARY IANE LANDIS Best IACK l.oWEuY Good LORRAINE SNYDER Who's Who in '42 in Students BARHAIQA ANN TA Bsc:o'1'1' Likealole lusalfu XVILMQH ll Musical IDESALES l'UnKEv Looking IAMES M411 Ima Athletes MAxlNE VSA GARDNER Sports CARL PAYNI' Round Tabla-is 1 X -N -Q ,,-'f1.. K if M! 'Q 1 N ,A Q ff , ' 2 ,ff 11 -! 5 4' '-" 2. , " ff- ,, 24-f, -M f , ,- . - ,,,- :- If Ji, 'S 2- 2 g Jaffa, .. 2 E pf, Lxcf-xfx vw . xx V V W vw v Xx :Nx AKEN 5' . ,X ' 5 ... K---s . fx ' Fu: l 1 fl I fi! -fp'- 3 X, 4 K f 'jc ff lc -17 ,2f? Z' fl!! .LQ .. a+ N 1 5 ,A .,..f-ff" Hi-Y Club The Elkins Hi-Y Club was the lirst Hi-Y Club to be organized in the state ol' West Virginia, being organized in the year IQI7 with a membership of six boys. The present enrollment is lortyfthree boys. The purpose ol' the Hi-Y Club is taken from the pledge, "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high stand- ards of Christian character." lt builds its program of activities around the platform of "clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living." The HifY, being a service club, conducts sev- eral activities during the school year. One of these is the "Can Dance" and Christmas basket cam- paign. lt also makes an annual ailair ol' the Easter egg hunt, given at the West Virginia State Chil- dren's Home. lt sponsors two banquets each year, the last one being the Election Banquet. The I-likY Club brings various speakers and entertainers to Elkins who speak at the school's assembly pro- grams, and at the annual Father and Son Banquet held in our Y. M. C. A. The Hi-Y accepts the responsibility of leading devotionals each week in our high school assembly. The club sponsor, Mr. Carl Moore, is due con- siderable credit for the success of the club in its activities and popularity with the student body. President ---- MORGAN QTLARK Secrcflmy IAMES MCGEE Chaplain - ROBERT MAXNVELL Via' President - ZAN WHITE Trc'a.rurc'r - Ricimizn KERR Se1'geant-at-Arms IACK Lowniw WN. Student Council The Student Government Association was or- ganized in Elkins High School in 1933. The pur- pose of the association is to aid in the internal administration of the high school and consists of unifying student organizations, fostering sentiment for law, order, and school spiritg promoting scholar- ship, student activity, and a spirit of cooperation among the students. The Student Council, in which all powers of the organization are vested, is made up of people from the four classes, the nine organizations, the music department, the boys' athletic department, a member of the faculty elected by the council, and the high school principal. The group meets twice a month, but special meetings may be called by the president. The council does many things which it hopes will help to make life more pleasant for the student body. This year the main project of the council was influencing the city in paving South Davis Avenue. Other duties of the council are ushering at foot- ball and basketball games and maintaining a lost and found department which includes supervision of the locker keys. The council has been very active this year and it can be proud of the work done in fostering worth-while activities in the school. Elkins High School was represented at the West Virginia Student Co-Government Associa- tion Convention at Jacksons Mills, West Virginia, by our president, Guy Langg and Richard Kerr. a member. The Regional Convention was held in Elkins this year. Our faculty adviser is Mrs. Speicher. The oH'icers of the club are President ----- ciUY LANG Secretary ----- ZAN Wuiria Vice President MILTON HAM1i.'roN Treasurer - - IJUNALD KELLEY Tri-Hi-Y Club The Tri-Hi-Y is the girls' chapter of the Hi-Y Club. The Tri-I-Ii-Y is a comparatively new organ- ization in the state of West Virginia, but it has grown very rapidly the past few years. This year as in past years as its annual project, the Tri-Hi-Y, in cooperation with the Hi-Y Club, distributed baskets at Christmas to the needy. They also aid the Hi-Y in selling bonds for main- tenance of these clubs in West Virginia. The Tri-I-li-Y, as a good-will tribute, gives a Freshman Girls' Tea at the beginning of each school year. Some of this year's projects were Acting as big sisters to freshmen and sopho- more girls, Using two hours of each Tuesday's meeting to aid the Red Cross and Civilian Defense by roll- ing bandagesg Aiding National Defense in helping to collect paperg Learning to knit. Last but not least the purpose ol' the club is "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character." The officers of the club are President ---- KATHRYN MCGEE Corresponding Secretary - MARY IANE Limnis Treasurer ---- IANET Ciuexfuum Vice President - - - JANE HAZEL1'lNE Recording Secretary - IUESALES PURKEY Sponsor - - Miss ciLENDlNE Asnisv Future Homemakers' Association The Future Homemakers' Association is com- posed of girls chosen from the first, second, and third year home economics classes. They ITIUSK meet certain qualifications as set up by the organization. These girls have several aims toward which they strive, the more important ones being to promote homemaking and to stimulate interest in the oc- cupational opportunities of home economics. The most successful and probably the most outstanding project carried on by the organization this year. as in past years, is that of planning, pre- paring, and serving attractive hot lunches to both students and teachers. The proceeds from this project have been used largely to buy equipment for the home economics department and to repair the tables in the foods laboratory. Every year the club sends at least two delegates to the State Future Homemakers Association Convention which has been held for four consecutive years at Clarksburg in the Stonewall Iackson Hotel. The activities of the club during the year were many. A few weeks before school began, the club, including the alumnae, enjoyed a corn roast at the home of Mrs. Moore, one of the department in- structors. In October new members were taken into the club and underwent both a formal and an in- formal initiation. Late in November a farewell dance was held at the Oak Grove Tea Room in honor of Miss Patty Knaggs who was leaving for her new home in Omaha, Nebraska. Before school ended the Elkins girls were hostesses to the Regional Convention. The hnal event of the school year was the annual Election Banquet which was held at the Country Club. Miss Evelyn Cole and Mrs. Anna Moore, home economics teachers, are the sponsors. The officers of this club are President - - -- V- ELMNE Hianiuck Vice Piwizient - - Main' NUTTEIK Secretary-T1'c'asu1'cr - EMMA MAE ST.fxLNAi4Eiz The junior Academ of Science The purpose of the Iunior Academy of Science is to understand science better and to promote scientific thinking among the students of Elkins High School. The club does this by giving scien- tific programs with the members participating. The main club activity this year was to pub- lish the january issue of the "Iunior News Letter,', the state newspaper of the Iunior Academy of Science. This paper circulates among most of the high schools in the state, and because of this it was a worthy task for the Elkins Iunior Academy to undertake. The membership in this organization requires an applicant to show a decided interest in some course in science in Elkins High School. The present members hope that in the future the club will induct new members that will con- tinue to serve and carry out the programs which they have striven to uphold in the past. The sponsors of the club are Mr. White, Mr. VVhitlach, and Mr. Hutton. Officers of the club are President - - - Riciiaiua KEIKR Secrezzzry - IDONALD KELLEY Vice President - GUY LANG Treczsurcfr - ZAN WHITE B. For a decade or so "wags" about school have been probing the mystery ol Ii. I. Iys name, sug- gesting lrivolously that the letters stand for Mliig Ignorant l'alookas" or that they should be run to- gether as one word, "liip." However the true mcanf ing of Il. I. P. is a iealously guarded sorority secret, to be revealed only to the initiateg to the outside world one can proller only the information that the name has reference to the higher things of lile. 'lien years or so ago a group of lun loving junior and senior girls organized the li. I. P., a social sor- ority, with Mrs. K. S. Mcliee, instrtlctor of home economics, as sponsor. The purpose of the club was to combine the service to the school with good lun. In the years which followed the II. I. Irs gathered traditions and prosperity. VVhen Mrs. McKee retired from the school system, Miss Kathleen O'Connor succeeded her as sponsor, to be followed at her with- drawal by Miss lflizabeth Moore. lfach liall li. I. P. pledges, a number of iolly and I. P. active iunior and senior girls, who, if they prove themselves good sports and ol worthy character, are introduced to the secrets ol' the li. I. I'. alter three days of initiation. For the past two years the club has given a two months' milk supply to some needy family during the Christmas season, as well as performing such chores around school as trimming tht- Christmas tree. In addition to the big Spring lormal which the four high school sororities, MX. R. D.. Cl. A. A., 'l'ri- Hi-Y, and B. I. I'. sponsor, the li. I. I'. social year is brightly dotted with dinners, theatre parties, get- togethers, andiinformal dances, though the Spring election banquet is the brightest dot ol' all. The present othcers ol' the club are Pre.fz'dent - - - I5Aitmit.-x JXNN 'I'.ixnsr:oi"i' Sc'z'rctz1ry - - 4 IANIQ MANNING Vice Pl'C'.t'lidC'f1f Mmtv IANE I,ANlJlS 'l'1'z'a.m1'c'1' - lIl5'I"I'li IRAN IIIIARES The National Honor Society To be a member of The National Honor So- ciety is the goal of every student of Elkins High School. The Fasces Chapter of this organization was organized in Iqgpg. lts members are chosen from among those students who possess high quali- ties and abilities: and who are capable of upholding the standards of scholarship, leadership, service, and character as demonstrated in this honorable society. From among those who have been affiliated with this organization, sixty-five per cent have at- tended institutions ol higher learning and the majority of these have already graduated. Others who have not been able to attend college hold positions of trust and responsibility in their com- munities. This society has been under the very able sponsorship and instruction of Mr. I. B. Bruffey, the assistant principal of Elkins High School, for the past several years. The officers of the club are Pl'6.S'idL'7Zl ---- ROBERT GAINOR Vice President - - - RICHARD KERR Secreza1'y-T1'ea.vuref - BARBARA ANN Tfusscorr .'.z:,'.fHFf' 1gYf'w!gTn g1gv':vf-7ivve2f5Efrr"q7?, G. A. A. The ideals set up by the Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation are sportsmanship, loyalty, and fair play. To be admitted to this organization, a girl must possess all of these qualities and excel in sports. The Elkins High School cheer leader, Mary Iane Landis, is a member of this organization. For many years in the past the school cheer leader has been a member of this club. Among the many activities on the annual pro- gram enjoyed by the G. A. A. are the Alumnae Banquet, a banquet given in honor of the athletes, sponsoring a girls' basketball team, the Spring Formal, and aiding Miss Sleeman throughout the year with her gym classes. Each year the G. A. A. sponsors the May Fete, one of the most beautiful events of the year, inter- esting to both high school students and towns- people. This event includes the crowning of the queen, who is attended by eleven lovely princesses and their escorts. This is followed by a colorful pageant, written and directed by Miss Louise Slee- man, and a May Pole Dance, presented by beautiful girls from all gym classes. Miss Sleeman has been a faithful sponsor of the club for the past five years, and much of the credit of the club's success is due to her untiring efforts. The ofiicers of the G. A. A. are Presia'c'nz ---A IANE MANNING Secretary ---- MARY JANE LANDIS Vice President - - MARY Iuvi COLLETT Treasurer - - - IOAN CiROVES The A. R. D. Club The A. R. D. Club is one of the youngest social organizations of Elkins High School. The purpose of this club is to promote and advance social education in the high school, the aim is to uphold the moral standards of Elkins High School. This year the A. R. D. Club, in addition to per- forming the above aims, had completed at the end of the year many assignments given them by the American Red Cross. This club is sponsored by Miss Mary Willa Chambers, a faculty member who was chosen in September, 1941, after the former sponsor, Mrs. Robert Stafford, had resigned from our high school faculty to go to live with her husband in Alabama. Officers of this organization are President - - - BETTY IANE WIEGAND Vice President - MARIE MILLER HAMMER Secretary-Treasurer - - - BETSY Ross Troubadours -:ig ,.f-Zi ' S "L ,- ff f XX xv X X , Nix "' 2 ffilf' 1 X ' 2 Xff 'S f " ,Q ,4 ,K V'-,,. My ,N-'1 i fi! ,j fl Z' X? US MW Qi fo X2 W X - -wv,,.,,,i A gg ' F133 " 3' or-.H--V w ff- vp-w -f -1 - -r 1-qv -I-lc --y---- Highlights of Music in Elkins High School Major Banc! Pmfticizmtiom I. FOOTBALL MANEUvERs. Fanfare. Pin-wheels. An- chors. Aeroplanes. Wagon wheels. Letters for visitors and home folks. Tripped light fantas- tic to "Working on the Railroadng "Bicycle Built for Two", "Strawberry Blonde"g "School Days." II. FOREST FESTIVAL. Host to all visiting bands. "Met emg escorted 'emg fed 'em." Applause greeted the band on every corner during the Grand Feature Parade. A grand Finale to this gala affair was the night maneuvers with Hre works, lights, bicycle, and Tiger at the Forest Festival game, our high school and Buckhan- non's. III. CONCERTS. Elkins High Assembly. Annual Spring Concert. IV. BASKETBALL GAMES. Tournaments. V. BAND FESTIVALS. State Band Festival, Hunting- ton, Central West Virginia Festival, Salem. VI. MAY FETE. For the heralds four boys were chosen from the cornet section, however these boys could not be chosen in time to have their names submitted to THE TIGER. Processional for the festivities and after the pageant we heard the band in the recessional. OUTSTANDING SENIOR PERSONALITIES - - Flute and Piccolo - Drum Major and Clarinet - - - - Clarinet MORGAN CLARK ROBERT GAINOR OWEN LUTZ - DURXVARD FERGUSON - - - - Cornet DONALD WHITEMAN - - Cornet KATIIRYN MGGEE - Tympani and Percussion Instruments - Percussion Instruments - - - - - Bass IUNIOR MORRISON NEIL SKIDMORE SPONSORS Q MARY IIM COLLETT - - - "L" IANE MANNING - - "E" IOAN GRovEs - - - "I" BARBARA ANN TABSCOTT - "N" The Glee Club I. MONDAY AND THURSDAY-regularly, the Glee Club meets. II. PRESENTATIONS: Special assemblies, usually two each school year. Annual Baccalaureate Ser- mon. Annual Commencement and "Song of Farewell." May Fete on occasion. III. SPECIAL: Rotary Club program. Concentra- tions: Songs of Victor Herbert and Edward MacDowell. OUTSTANDING SENIOR PERSONALITIES DESALES PURKEY - Soprano and Accompanist ELEANOR WAMSLEY - - - Contralto Om' O1'cl9e.l7m I. SEVEN-FORTYI This hour marks rehearsals for the Elkins High School Orchestra. II. ACTIVITIES: Music Department's Assembly. Senior Play. Annual Baccalaureate Sermon. Annual Commencement. III. ALL STATE ORcHEsTRA: October-always meets in conjunction with State Education Associa- tion. Members from Elkins High School: Mor- gan Clark, Eleanor Daniels, Richard Dye, Rob- ert Gainor, Kathryn McGee. Gainor occupied First chair in clarinet section, Clark, second chair in Flute section, Dye, third chair in trom- bone section. The two girls, Kathryn McGee and Eleanor Daniels, occupied chairs in the First violin section. OUTSTANDING SENIOR PERSONALITIES DESALES PURKEY - - Piano MORGAN CLARK ----- Flute ROBERT GAINOR Clarinet OWEN LUTZ - Clarinet KATHRYN MGGEE - - Violin ELAINE HEDRICK - - Violin IUNIOR MORRISON - Percussion Instruments jousts and Tournaments ROBERT N. BROWN Couch of Athletics - . 5ClUFfiD so . .. 4 , Eff! Ne, , , --N E .e..fM cf ' Football Lettermen Dick Kmart moved, at the beginning of the sea- son, from a guard to a halfhack. Dick was probably the hardest running back on the team. His best Work was at defensive half where he was a tower of strength. Dick scored six touchdowns during the season. IALZK l.owEaY was captain and quarterback of the roar team. His excellent leadership and fiery spirit were a constant inspiration to the Tigers. His keen generalship. hard blocking, and superior punt- ing rank lack as one of the Elkins High's truly great football players, He was the unanimous choice as All Big Ten quarterback: he also received special honorable mention in the State. Inu lyltlcilili--llI1l,S accurate and consistent pass- ing from center was largely responsible for a success- ful season. His uncanny diagnosis of plays on the de- fense spelled disaster for many a Tiger opponent. lim also was honored by receiving special honorable mention by the All-State Board. Don IQELLEY was the best pass receiver on the team. Great things are expected of him next year. Uuoatns Slflllitjlllili was the largest boy on the squad. His spirit and strength played havoc with our opponents' backhelds. George made the Big Ten team and received honorable mention in the State selections. IonN HAIihIrXN was the fastest backheld man on the squad. He was the fourth leading scorer on the YCIIITI. ED C1tAwro1tD was the fastest man on the squad. With another year to play he should be a brilliant end. EUGENE FERGUSON was a tower of strength on the defense. He was "tops" in taking out the inter- ference. NVARD Cox was the best passer on the team and also accounted for many points after touchdown with his educated toe. NEAL BAISI-l1lS hard charging and vicious tackling Were responsible for Neal's selection on the All-State football team at a guard position. EaNEs'r BAZZLE was the best defensive end on the squad and was the receiver of many of Ward Coxls long passes. He received honorable mention by the State Board. HREDH RHODES was the powerhouse of the team. His line plunging and defensive play kept the Tigers in the ball game most of the time. He was the leading ground gainer of the team, piling up over five hun- dred yards during the season or an average of five yards per try. With another year to play, "Red,' should really go to town. f if lgliN'l'0N Powmis-'lGrump" was the pint-sized lullhaek ol the team. Paeking plenty of power and elusiveness, he was the third highest ground gainer on the lezllll. "Crump" made the honorable mention list in the State. lions lRXX'lN was never hrilliant hut always con- sistent. lle proved how valuahle he was to the team hy heing the unanimous choice as captain for the 11342 Tigers. ciliRALll SrxNoiaitsf"Uiitz" was the only sophof more on the team. His aggressiveness and ahility to cut down the opponents' interference made him very valuahle to the style ol play employed hy the Tigers. Gerald received honorahle mention hy the sports writers ol the State. Imax c:Xl..XlN-'dI1lL'lilS elusiveness, speed, and change ol' pace accounted lor his gaining over ,too yards during the season. lle led the team in scoring with eight touchdowns. lVlxxwi2i.1. and Ros.xNN.x showed up well when sent in to replace McGee. cZIJI.l.E'I"I', ll. NVIIITE, li. XVIIITE, and V.-tNsc:uY were substitute linemen who lilled in capahly when called upon. Football Scores W 4' H mm' Games Tha'-if 26 4 ALUMNI 7 g8 - P,-xksoNs o gg - lgl'CKlIANNUN 7 26 . lhfl0lUIAN'I'0XVN 7 26 - SmNNsToN 6 o f l.oc:AN 7 Games flwuy 1 g Virrroiu' - 22 9 WES'l'tDN o SI li. FA1k1x1oN'i' o , N wi J Y Yds iliiffl l IJ' l I 1 1 Grid Shock-Troopers Tl1e lilkins lligh Tigers went into the battle- lield for the season of ,41 with a new Commander- inytfhief, Robert N. Brown, who proved himself a s1nart and clever coach for the grid squad. The lighting Tigers met their foes nine differ- ent times and with the exception of two instance: achieved their goal and came out the victors. The whole team was a perfect example of co ordination, the fast and elusive backs with an averf age weight of 155 pounds following the mass assaults of tl1e powerful line, which averaged 177 pounds Coach Brown si11ce his appearance in Elkins lligh has made many advanced changes in the sports field. His first change was noticed in football when the grid men sported a new type of offense, stressf ing deception instead of power. Since that first ap pearance many other changes have been made which are proving advantageous. With but two blotches to mar a perfect record, the Tigers had nevertheless a very successful season, gaining about live times the ground their opponents did, 2,128 yards in comparison with the 432 yards broke by the opposition. They completed I2 out of 33 passes, compared with eight out of SI tries at- teniptcd by the opposing teams. Coach Brown had a nucleus of outstanding playf ers upon which to build his team. lack Lowery, Elk- ins' captain, quarterback, and kick specialist, who averaged 4I yards in the SI attempted, was the un- animous choice of the Big Ten selection committee for quarterback and was chosen also by the All-State Board to receive especial honorable mention. lim McGee was given especial mention by the All-State Board. Neal Baisi was honored by placement on the Big Ten team and on the third All-State team. George Sprecher was chosen on the Big Ten lineup as a tackle. Benton Powers, Don Kelley, Ernest Bazf zle, and Gerald Sanders were given honorable men, tion on the All-State list. lndividual honors ran high last year among the whole team with Robert "Red" Rhodes gaining well over live-hundred yards with his powerful body, bat- tering every opposing team. Iack Calain was the second high ground gainer, racing 383 yards for the old Alma Mater. Third high ground gainer was Benton Powers, the pint size fullback who made quite a name for himself on the gridiron torpedoing the enemies' lines for 333 yards. So goes the dope for our 1Q4I squad of whom any high school could be proud. Basketball Lettermen CARL PAYNE-Carl will go down in athletic his- tory at Elkins High School as one of the greatest basketball players ever to wear the Orange and Black. Scoring well over three hundred points for the sea- son, Captain Payne with his uncanny eye for the basket and clever ball handling, was a real inspiration to his team mates. IUNIOR KESLING-Being the only sophomore let- terman on the squad, Iunior, when called upon, was a capable substitute. With two more years of play he should rank with the best. IACK CALAIN-BfC3kiHg in as one of the Hrst ten at the second semester, lack, by his speed and ball handling, became a very able substitute and should have a great season next year. Bos IRWIN-Playing his first year as a regular, Bob is the most improved player on the squad. His defensive work under the basket has stopped many an offensive attack. With another year to play, he will rank with the best. ZAN WHITE-Although one of the smallest on the squad, Zan was perhaps the best all-around guard on the team. His ability to score made him doubly valuable. Iota WILMOTH-Breaking in as a regular his first year out for the team, Ioe, because of his excep- tional ball handling and speed, became one of the mainstays of the team. MILTON HAMILTON-Playing his first year in a Tiger uniform, Milton, because of his hard work, light, and speed, was a welcome addition to the team. DON KELLEY1iKZCkC,, was a tower of strength on the defense. His height and speed played a large part in the success of the Tigers. NEAL BAis1-Breaking in as a regular forward this year, Neal was an inspiration to the team he- cause of his spirit and determination. MARCUS WHITE-BCCHUSC of his height and of- fensive play under the basket, "Bud" became a valu- able substitute late in the season. IACK LOWERY-I2lCk was one of the best defen- sive guards Elkins High has had. His graduation at the end of the first semester left a vacancy hard to fill. Iuvr MCGEE-lim was a four-year man in bas- ketball. His experience and ability to score left a vacancy difficult to Hll when he graduated at mid- semester. ci-Wa Tiger Bombarcliers The '42 division of Tiger floor men had quite an array of talent for Coach Brown to "general" into a position, so as to deliver a fatal assault on opposing teams. The spangled roster of Elkins High cage- men was headed by Carl Payne who for two years was a regular berthman, playing any position that appeared weak in the lineup and was elected captain of the '42 squad. Heading the inceptor command was Don Kelley who played the guard position and whose adaptability to high atmosphere enabled him to get most of the rebounds from the bankboards. Along with Don were Bob Irwin, Howard Collett, lim McGee, lack Lowery, and Marcus White, all of whom got their share of the no good shotsl VVhen Elkins was on the oHense, Coach Brown could always depend 011 Milton Hamil- ton, loc Wilmoth, Iunior Kesling, Ward Cox, or Zan White to act their parts as shock troop- ers and drive spearheads into the opposing team's position to tally scores. The statistics of the Elkins High quintet this year show, for the most part, that Captain Payne, who lired at the rings about 125' times, scored more than 270 points. Captain Payne averaged IS points a game, and there is every possibility that he will be chosen for the All- State team. Ioe Wilmoth followed, netting over 120 points. Third on the list was Don Kelley, who scored around 100 points. Howard Collett held the most perfect foul shooting record, making over 80 per cent of his free throws. This is the repertoire of another GREAT team, produced by a GREAT school, directed by a GREAT coach. Basketball Scores LVL' Home Gamer They 45 5 Tygarts Valley - 16 37 5 5 Alumni - 39 59 e - Parsons - 25 51 4 Morgantown 34 63 Huntington 39 37 - Huckhannon 40 47 - 5 VVeston - 26 42 4 - Shinnston - 24 56 - - Victory . - 31 28 - Vllashington lrving 4 45 42 - West Fairmont - 29 52 - Grafton - 16 We Gamer Away They 53 - Philippi - - 31 36 5 Parsons - 38 38 Buckhannon 52 36 - Weston - 41 35 - Victory - 45 S3 - - Shinnston - - 34 27 - Washington Irving - 36 56 - Tygarts Valley - 20 33 Morgantown 20 34 - West Fairmont - 40 sg 5 The Flying Panzers The Elkins I-ligh Track Team of I94I, piloted by Coach Brown and headed hy Cap- tain Ioe Sainato, dug deep into pay dirt and tramped through with an undefeated season, winning Hrst the Alumni Meet, then the Mon- ongahela, Big Ten, Sectional, and finally threw their ring into the State Meet. The turfmen of last spring, in addition to organizing an outstanding team, displayed several satellites. Iames Rice, shining the brightest, was Elkins' high point man, scoring 7616 points during the season. Rice's points were tallied in dash and hurdle races, and broad jumping. Iack Lowery fell next in line, marking up 46162 points. His markers came from pole-vaulting and high-jumping. Captain Ioe Sainato drew "show" in his distance run- ning, tallying 43162 points. Representing Elkins in the State Meet at Morgantown were the following boys who scored seven points: Iim Rice, Bob Irwin, Iack Lowery, "Red" Rhodes, Ed. Crawford, Harry Demarest, Captain Ioe Sainato, Richard Rice, Eugene Colletr, Gerald Kopfle, Neal Raisi, Charles Rennix. Elkins High Track Lettermen for the season of 1941 are I. Rice Captain I. Sainato H. Demarest D. Kerr G. KopHe R. lrwin E. Collett E. Crawford R. Right W. Cox C. Rennix N. Baisi I. McGee I. Lowery D. Kelley R. Rice F. Kley I. Calain R0IsI3RT GAINOR . . . Every man has his fault, and A Chivalresque Conge "King Arthur, We, the 1942 Senior Class of Elkins High School, have found our institution comparable to your court in lofty thoughts and high ideals. With this comparison imprinted upon our minds, We find our melancho-ly, which is inevitable when bid- ding goodbye to that which We love, is overcome by the knowl- edge that we may return in the days of tomorrow and find Elkins High School the same, unchangeable in spirit and principles. With full realization of this enduring spirit, We launch our sails and say farewell." 1 -437 l- Senior Quotations IOE MADDEN . . . The man that blushes is not quite a brute. have finished my course. NEAL BAISI . . . He was ever precise in promise OWEN LUTZ . . . The girls all cried, "I-Ie's quite the keeping. kiCk-i' MAXINE VANSCOY . . . I have no superfluous leisure. IAMES MCGBE . . . I love my neighbor as myself. ELEANOR TALBOTT . . . The hand that hath made you fair hath made you good. Cap- MORGAN CLARK . . . As merry as the day is long. is to be one WARD Cox . . . Fight till the last gasp. IOHN KERENS . . . He's sudden if a thing comes in his gemlest heart' head- LRANNA DAHINIER . . . Her sunny locks hang on her IANET CRICKARD . . . There's language in her eye, tgmples like golden fleece' her cheek, her lip. happiness. PAUL MANOLIDIS . . . I have fought a good fight, I CARROLL MARTIN . . . I'll put that in my considering MARY IANE LANDIS . . . The only way to have a friend LEONA GREGORY . . . The mildest manners and the BETTY HARRIS . . . Magnificent spectacle of human honesty is his. DONALD FEASTER . . . Experience teaches slowly and at the cost of mistakes. BARBARA ANN TABSCOTT . . . I-Ier beautiful eyes were large and dark. BETSY Ross . . . The love light in her eye. BERTHA IVICELVVEE . . . And her face so fair stirred with her dream. IIMIXIY KISNER . . . Health and cheerfulness mutually beget each other. CARL PAYNIQ . . . My heart is in basketball, my heart is not here. RUTH CALHOUN . . . A merry heart maketh a cheer- ful countenance. MARGARET IRWIN . . . Honor lies in honest toil. HOXVARD COLLETT . . . Unconscious humor. IOSEPHINE PENNINGTON . . . I wish you all the joy that I can wish. PEGGY BARKLEY . . . Kindness is wisdom. ULTA CHENOWETH . . . I hasten to laugh at every- thing. CLYDE KYLE . . . Reading maketh a full man. ROBERT MAXWELL . . . Whatever you conceive well, you express clearlyg and words How with ease. BETTY PIIARES . . . Too busy with the crowded hour to fear, to live, or die. VIRGINIA LANTZ . . . And builded with roofs of gold my beautiful castles in Spain. LLEWELLYN MORRISON . . . I am restless, I am athirst for faraway things. LoUIsE FREDLocK . . . Hope not for impossibilities. PERMILLA SIMMoNs . . . All I ask is to be let alone. PIELEN POWERS . . . I remain mistress of mine own self and mine own soul. KATHRYN MGGEE . . . A constant influence, a pecul- iar grace. HARRY TALBOTT . . . Sense like charity begins at home. ISAEELLE SNODGRASS . . . My heart is ever at your service. DoT'rY MCCALL . . . I know my lady ffor she loves a songj. BENTON PowERs . . . See is to be seen. MADELINE SMITH . . . Sighed, and wept, and said no more. BETTY ERVINE . . . Speech is great-but silence is greater. MARLAND TIANO . . . Be silent and safe-silence never betrays you. MARY IIM COLLETT . . . On the stage she was nat- ural, simple, affecting. IOAN GRovEs . , . She had a good opinion of advice. DUGALD MACVEAN . . . Education makes people easy to lead. FRANK I-IEDRICK . . . Mistakes, errors: the discipline through which we advance. ROBERT TAYLOR . . . The cautious seldom err. OLEN LUTZ . . . Brother, brother, we are both in the wrong. ELEANOR WAMSLEY . . . Eternity forbids thee to for- get fEnglish IV., 'W " " . "'.""Wr's.'rv"""'-""I': 2'-'F i."":'H1f"'v-'C-T'1:'fv' :I .'fT.'W 'FW """w 'Uv :us -.r 1' 1:-r T R ff-vu-9 rv-ff'ff--r-vwvvrvrgn'n?f.!'r.umM?Irrmp.,-ggwer sq-rex' 1, I 'migr- IAMES MCLAUGHLIN . . . Everything comes if a man will only wait. FRANCIS TAYLOR . . . I only ask for information. RICHARD KERR . . . Hold the fort, I am coming. ZAN AND IANE . . . Oh love, let us be true to one an- other! EILEEN STALNAKER . . . With women the heart argues, not the mind. MAXINE GARDNER . . . Life is not life at all without delight. DOROTHH' GARRETT . . . The one who goes is happier than the one he leaves behind. GEORGE SPRECHER . . . The great end of life is not knowledge but action. IOHN RICE . . . Learn to live, and live to learn. Bos FITzwATER . . . What should a man do but be merry? VIRGINIA WARD . . . Thy modesty's a candle to thy merit. WINIFRED KELLEY . . . A little nonsense now and then. IOHN TREMELY . . . Why don't you speak for your- self, Iohn? FLOYD BRIGHT . . . Everything is sweetened by risk. AUDREY CARR . . . A wink is as good as a nod to the wise. BETTY HANGER . . . Love is enough, though the world be a-waning. CHARLES W. HARPER . . . Write me as one who loves his fellow-man. MARY NUTTER . . . The world is a wheel, and it will all come round right. EVELYN AREoGAsT . . . A love that took an early root. RICHARD Sci-IMERTZLER . . . Girls have curious minds. IDA HINKLE . . . In measureless content. MARY DANIELS . . . Black brows, they say, become some women best. IERRY CARR . . . The courageous captain of compli- ments. EUGENE HAMMER . . . He wears the rose of youth upon him. RALPH CUNNINGHAM . . . The owl, night's herald. BEUNA HIGH . . . Youth is full of pleasure. MARY FISHER . . . I will be a pattern of all patience. RUTH WIMER . . . Sober, steadfast, and demure. MARY BRYANT . . . Ye auburn locks, ye golden curls. RUSSELL COLLINS . . . I hate definitions. FRANK PIALL . . . Let tomorrow take care of to- morrow. IACK LOWERY . . . See, there is Iackson, standing like a stone-wall. IEAN LLOYD . . . I dream of Ieanie with the light brown hair. ALBERT SAINATO . . . Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. GLENN TETER . . . The artist is a rare, rare breed. CHARLES PLUMLEY . . . Let us do or die. ERNEST BAZZLE . . . He nothing common did, or mean. IZETTA MCLQUAIN . . . I believe that in the end truth will conquer. ERNESTINE AND ETHELINE MCGEE . . . Two heads are better than one. REx BEER . . . Help thyself, and God will help thee. HELEN CURTIS . . . I took my man Friday with me. IOE VV ILMOTH . . . Lord! I wonder what fool it was who invented kissing. NEIL HUMPHREYS . . . I am as sober as a judge. Io ANN WEESE . . . If a woman has long hair it is a glory to her. MARIE CMILLERQ HAMMER . . . Marriages are made in heaven. IUNIOR KYLE . . . People who make no noise are dangerous. LELIA WHETSELL . . . She made a virtue of necessity. EDGAR GAINER . . . My heart is wax, molded as she pleases. LORRAINE SNYDER . . . The ornament of her sex. GUY LANG . . . A finger in every pie. ELAINE HEDRICK . . . Without music life would be a mistake. VERA SHEETS . . . And kept her blue eyes blue to any weather. CRAIG RIGHT . . . He made a thousand friends. IUNIOR DAHMER . . . He is the very pine-apple of politeness. CHARLES A. HARPER . . . The groundwork of all happiness is health. DESALES PURKEY . . . Music is well said to be the speech of angels. VIRGINIA MOORE . . . Loose were her jetty locks, in wavy tresses fiowing. XVILLIAM VANSCOY . . . Going as if he trod on eggs. MARY ELLEN BAKER . . . Whistle and he'll come to you. SHIRLEY MARSTILLER . . . Real happiness is cheap enough. ETHEL ERICKSON . . . Never say more than is neces- sary. DURWARD FERGUSON . . . As upright as the cedar. FRED WILMOTH . . . I'l1 turn over a new leaf. MARY ZUMERUNNEN . . . It matters not how long we live but how. BRUCE CAMPBELL . . . He whistles as he goes. EVERETT BUTLER . . . He was the mildest manner'd man. HAROLD BURKE . . . Good manners are made up of petty sacrifices. LOUISE CAVALIER . . . You have a merry heart. MAE GATEWOOD . . . Modesty is her merit. RAYMOND FISHER . . . One's outlook is part of his virtue. CHESTER COFFMAN . . . Youth holds no society with grief. ELEANOR HOSTETTLER . . . Thy fair hair his heart enchained. WILLIAM O,BRIEN . . . In this world a man must either be anvil or hammer. ALMA LORD . . . Silence is sweeter than Speech. ROBERT OURS . . . No friend's a friend till Che shallf prove a friend. MARY FRANCES KERENS . . . Reproof on her lip, but a smile in her eye. HOWARD MURPHY . . . Discretion of speech is more than eloquence. DAVID IOHNSON . . . To be strong is to be happy. GUINIVERE KELLEY . . . Within the midnight of her beautiful hair. PAUL SMITH . . . Example is the School of mankind. MARIA MARSTILLER . . . In her experience all her friends relied. RICHARD MONTONEY . . . Who can be patient in such extreme? DORIS MYERS . . . A sweet, attractive kind of grace. DARLENE POLING . . . There is a garden in her face, where roses and white lilies blow. Ross MARTENEY . . . Yes, we must ever be friends. CLIFFORD RADCLIFF . . . True happiness resides in things unseen. NEIL SKIDMORE . . . In measureless content. BETTY IANE WIEGAND . . . Come and trip it as you go, On the light fantastic toe. RUTH SKIDMORE . . . My eyes make pictures when they are shut. ADA REED . . . The heart is its own fate. MADELINE XYARCHETTO . . . Sweets to the sweet. PAUL PHILLIPS . . . I will never desert. IZETTA ROY . . . Much learning doth make thee glad. HENRY SCHMERTLLER . . . He is the free man whom the truth makes free. THOMAS ScHooNovER . . . We have been friends to- gether in sunshine and in shower. MARY KATHERINE SHOEMAKER . . . In friendship I was early taught to believe. HENRY SHEPHERD . . . And if you mean to profit, learn to please. MARY RUTH WARD . . . A friend is never known till a man have need. RUBY CANFIELD . . . Everyday makes my gain. BARBARA GILMORE . . . A jest breaks no bones. BILLIE HAMILTON his place. . . . His time forever, everywhere DoRIs MCGINNIS . . . Imagination is the air of mind. HELEN PHARES . . . A daughter of the gods most ' divinely fair. HAZEL RENNIX . . . Silence is the mother of truth. MARY STALNAKER . . . Least said easiest mended. CVGGQWT K "2" lv., J' 'Q' I 2 'Neko' V Youth of '42 It is odd that we seniors can be gay, That the ceremony of graduation is as years before. It is odd, but it is the American way To uphold morale and keep our colors Hying throughout this war. It is not that we forget the strife, For we are saddened and sobered at the thought, But it is man's duty to forget the griefs of life And to enjoy the happiness our God has wrought. Ol Ye Oldsters, let us be gay and try to understand, We are young and emotional but not cold as you would think. When Duty calls, strongly, for Freedom we shall stand, We are Americansg into obscurity Democracy shall not sink. Y LANG, Business 'S M anuger Stag To Those Who Honored Us With Advertisements In Our Annual Greetings . . . I AX X X t ,-ffii V -f- ,7 .434 'Ur ' ,vu ,rf r -T'2i 1 , Cf- , ff? ,,-'ht c,, H, QQ .jf- fi 7 if J 1 g '- 19,5 '77k w wx MXN Z4 X?!PP1,,,.. Z it Y M NK 9 blxkwmr f X X NM O 'nuq STABILITY eu Umivwp W, vt 'ra I I 2 I g Afl LCD' ' 5 unit, Ji,s.1luu.f,,, ,"Pnm N0 w-9 fy, un X me cw" QUALITY SPHIAHZATION RESULTS 5,2 27.5, INDECO GUIDES TO BETTER ANNUALS Since the turn of the century the indianapolis Engraving Company, lnc., has maintained the highest standards of quality and intelligent cooperation, thus accounting for the continuous use of our service by many high schools, colleges and universities. lndeco quality is the finest that modern equipment and skilled craftsmen can produce. Every engraving is unconditionally guaranteed to be a perfect print- ing pl ite and to give a faithful reproduction of your engraving copy. 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Authorized Dealers of as "RocK or Aoesu AND "EGYPTIAN PINK MEMORIALS Parsons-Elkins Road ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA Elkins Dairy Company ' DAIRY SHOP Pasteurized ,ik Dairy Products Super Creamed Ice Cream Phone 68 ft ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA 204 Davis Avenue Phone 659 Where Old Friends Meet New Friends Ghz Cuinatb : 3H:JI'Du1' Central Meat Market I. B. SHREVE, Proprietor Fresh and Cured Meats of All Kinds Dancing Dinners Legal Beverages Home Sluughlered Meats a Specialty Served in Z1 Delightful Atmosphere 218 Davis Avenue Phone 195 Triekett's Count OH Q Thlrd Street Market S for Complete Food Market Third Street Phones 393 and 394 Elkins, West Virginia SCHOOL SUPPLIES While in School GRADUATION GIFTS When Leaving School OFFICE SUPPLIES When Starting Into Business The John B. Wilt Compan "The Meniv Quality Store" Clothing, Furnishing, Hats and Shoes F. S. Johnston Drug Co. BOYD WEES and Drug Store U. S. 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City Restaurant and Hotel Finest Food in Town Since 1910 Davis Avenue ROBERT BROWN, Manager Compliments of Kelley Foundry and Machine Company It Pays To Advertise In The Ti ger Elkins High School Annual DAVIS AND ELKINS COLLEGE A Four Year College Course Offering the Degrees of BACHELOR OF ARTS BACHELOR OF SCIENCE BACHELOR OF ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Majors in English, Social Science, Commerce, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathema- tics, Classical Languages and Modern Languages. The College prepares high school teachers and elementary teachers in four-year courses, and also offers a two-year normal course. ONE, TWO, and FOUR-year courses in COMMERCE, in a college atmosphere. A one-year course in Aviation, sponsored by the Civil Aeronautics Authority. This course includes Ground School and forty-live hours, flight instruction, and leads to a pilot's certificate at the termination of the course. SPACIOUS, WELL EQUIPPED LABORATORIES FOR PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, AND BIOLOGY Voice, Piano and Violin instruction. Glee Club and Orchestra, organized program of student activities, faculty advisers for each student, SUMMER SCHOOL OPENS IUNE 8 QTenmzivej FALL SESSION OPENS SEPTEMBER 16 For Information Write: R. T. L. LIsToN, PH. D., President Boosters Young Men's Christian Association Whetse11's Insurance Agency Dr. G. C. Baker Dr. V. F. Bird Dr. L. J. Parmesano Randolph Enterprise Keim and Keim Insurance Agency Thompson Furniture Company f 1 Isa.- - 71115 ", X .r-2 A ir' xi- I!-: .1 'rr ,m,..

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