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.5,f.f. v ,e 'Q- 'n, ,li .Ez . ,414-z ,. - , Sf. fN,,,,, , W x". ,9qf,,.,-Y . .- - ,,I-. if '-.-,l.,fjA - .7 gpg.-',,, 11, : ,rj - .1 .45-. : V U.. 4, Q ,lk I ,Wh-1-az : 'Ju , - I, ir: 'Lf-' ' -' ., AL '.v,,:,f ,. ,. -,yew-, N ' vc- " fi .,fHf-,T511-Ag:"". -fi?-'1 , . I :5f':?:-gag md, , Aj . 1 N, -, - Q5-' r.:.pL,,,T'aa.f ' j " 1' 3"ii'f .E W , ,N 1 . ge w .V J, .J Fx ' Q ,. -'iffw-Jw' w- Zilafilifqi- fr J' 4 .1 5 ' 'iff Q31-J V 5 4 f , + vi- -f v. if-11 'Z'-Yyxjazf ' .7-Lflza e ' 1 ' 'f 1: v. 3 W ,mg 3 J., ., , .AQ 41 , . . l.:A' ' . .v -- ,J . - -FH, K... ..f'-' -, :1.f.-'Q' -I. ' k , '1 is' ' 4 9 ' - wi . ' . v ,azibf ,. 'Q-,. if . pr .1 .C I I H3 ' i ,. ti -:f. A .,h,'z., ? ,' s. " , W., , . M I X , V, x . f',x3jMg .Q ..3.'l.-, TSW 'J : 'M fify 1, Vg. . V V, , , I iz.,-.'u, 'Vg . ' 1 ' a X k H. tifr- p 4 . f -. ' 1152, ',,s'?'4" um . . 'I' -'QRRQYQQ i,i,q:'fg"V , '.,yf K 39?-r 3'-2-51, E .55 "'L-32-Vi rillxrg' ' . n :H . .wr Q ' ', 'if Q ' ,. m- , v-- fi ,rr -'1-.f , . . X' if . , .5r..", , ,, :...g'.'g,, 1 ., I-.ff--an r lm' ".- .:.1H' ,7 ' 1 ,,- - pf, .A ' '-Ffqsf, . u .A ,' ,F '-- '- . ,, W ,. ' ' J'.1,. " , 1 , ., , ffi-'J . . 4 ,P . f ..' .v, . , ,, . 'I ,f-" a. . 0' 1.24. - , - ,Q .. , .. JJA., -L t . N .ei " ' , C'-J :bv . kg? I. , V, ,q x 1 , ' ,, . ,.-yi., .-A, ' ,,..,'5'f f,Fg:?Sii' J' - if .gg-sf? , , 'if' x'- , -'T.g'5342Zi'j: A ' - 3':3i1,5E'.55,2,j :4 14. ' .Q-.L-ul A .A4,y.x ,1 ". . ., 'f' f . .. if .fTY7.i' - 1 1,3-A.: - ., -.Qf,'j. 15,4 ,Ai :u,,3,x5?,,Q,3- wg- I V, fn ,,- -f-,,: , ,A Q .. . Vex -L-.mia , ,A , '35, V 5 e L"-A M ,. , .-ng---V--,W .,-- - ., , ni -. .. , f - 5 f- 1 . .-rs A.-ffm g- , 1- 1 1- . 1. ' 'L'-figwfig.-Q . . in V .,, 1 ' ' ik 5 353fi,Q5i 1"-Q -lv E Ili.-14, - 155. 5 .-fill: "1-'Ss' fa - L 321: 'TLJZQSZ . 1, Till? 'if . K . . :Eg ,, T ' - 7 if i'ff1,y?-?VffH'ii'.f?: bullf- 'Z P I-'f g',- ,i .,--Q-1 1 1 " -FQ! Elefg,-' ,A ' ' 'I' qizi, L---5155 W", '- ' W 52,2 :ZLg'Ewi,'.- fi .Ni 1 F1-A A f ' 'L 1 staff? 35? 4' ' fx- P 'A ' -'xi 531"' -,.., my K I " J Y .iv ' I f :A -N 3 wf:?"YJw.l-E-3,"7"" +P, ' Vg 1 2:12-19: Q., ,E , V ,, - 1 - 4.9. f, C . . .L:':-2fA'1z5T"f:- 5. 'ilgbffila ,. 'rf' ' ' A1 P!"5-ifiz:'gi,.,f. iff Y Y T7-51' , Y 4 I 4 A ., ,AJ , A 11 n --f, ..11,,.1 1 , r K , -. .w , -x -. 'ax' J A .1 'f ,-. 4 . , .-3,3-X 4- - -,f..A. , , 1 A . , .g A, - ,J L. t , L. A , .Lv-. awp. .J 5.1-,., Uv,- .A-I -2 Q ' - - 4 .. J, , -1 fy- 3 524 v .gs ' ,' gA 4 -Q .-'Na 5.5. - 'gifs' 1, 'QQ 7' " ' ' PWS ' .n 1. 1. vp-'Y--ax 7 rv -vp 1,9 fr- rip-.Fgu 1. 1 X F65 'ii' ' 0 I Af-,-:i Q j + ',-gs-gf,-' .' 1 Lf' 1 . z 7" . ' ia, ' LW. , 31 Y v 0" I ku .LiT:..q .1. . Vg iL,AQfP'Ffi'F-Ta? . fs 1 ' F ' X . "X"'.9,55?4 -Efif.-Jr' ,, . gil-'.2',f?, :Q fi?":!f- -'J 5 41155 . ega..5g.ffvqv 5 1' 4 A Q gf, o T2 - Lia 1- :gf g. --K, .. f , fi A A Q2-ms: Y I . p,.g-.gr : ' 5 .,.'. n ur The 1940 Tiger Imugg-w-,v-Iva'--Inga-rf-:fn-Q 'r I " weusrr-1' - ' ' ,Y .-Ha. 5 ,'11'-f?,- ff. ., 15,5-' . .. 1 ,,J,,,:r-up , 1. : - Tfiifi . . V ,L K I I 1., a 1 .I I D XI . - ,,, I I r , I I I i I I I I I I I 'I ig ,I v -,, lx-.. ,z .I .. E ' -". sitg' .- 'iv' -.4- 1 'L I ---sh I I I 1 --,aw ,Wy ya., " .4 K. r W Y, I 2-' - .,r I, , , 7 , V ,, 1. CT 'f' I ei"". 1 f 3 r -.f,"iA " ' V? 1 - . A I , :JM f, '-gvrg , l - wg L - 'lx Y" ll. mx ' - . IF' in-'nj x 'Q ,IN fr,-1 ' "Hr ? A, -W af" ., ' g,,,i,?,N.f'i" I I . -- -.i 'dp' 'g 7 LI 'fi 'f ,,.- V. L- ,. , f . ' "T.,.+' 1 1 . , . .x.M' '.', ' www- -an '1. .L . ,. 'l Al" ..., - ' , -' I .4::6.,Tf 'A 1135 J I 'f'. 1 x ' 'g ' ' . " al V, , , . I. .- 1 1 lf,-3,',. V ,Vf f'!P1'Qir 22. ' ' 11.-g':.4::: E V 1 :ff . - '- . V 'a 51,1-A". Y, "R, A251-1 ,, 5, f, - , if f ' 4 , J , lg!! .14 . ,, QQ. , -'we ,, . , A+. .- k , L5 'F' . . 1 cw ? guy. xp ' . lf .' v bg Q- V1 . ' 7'-Es. V- 1'--1 A xi .- ' . . ., X A V V - t .wx :bl ' L Til z' 1' . if , ' N L.-Fw 343 iq "E:-YU .51 V ' -P Q A ji , ,jf Hg " 1, '. Ugg' 3- ' '-LI. JP? ' + .Q 'I X -A . . ., A. - Jw I - 'A ,.,."- .,-1 ,.- ,-aff Y ,,..- F Under the greenwood tree Who loves to lie with me, HQ, -'A F?f,Qie1 X And turn his merry note . , l,-'-'- Unto the sweet bxrds throat. f ,.ff---'-1:4'- ll ' WY As You Luke It :L-3'1" -SHAKESPEARE -nf-,, ,4,,,.. -1, 'V l x X Qlhffx xg gawk M ZF ,,.,.:-1' ?""""" ' we -ul 3 K5 We, the Senior Class, f W are grateful for the f opportunity to present to the Student Body The 1940 Y fi V4 Q1 . l ell a ll of Elkins High ako x of Q Sohool . , Elkins, S fa West Virginia s QQ EW fit ? Ilul.Lbz R 104 sgufiu 4120354 . suww wg 26241 Foreword Iust as the beauty of Nature is symbolic of Randolph Countyg so this book stands for the aspirations and attainments of the 1940 Senior Class. We shall not forget the in- spiration of all those who in any way have helped to make this book a success. We have endeavored to portray, through word and picture, a typical Elkins High School student during his four years' sojourn in this institu- tion. We hope we have not failed. Dedication To Miss Cleo Digman, Tiger Staff adviser, we, the Senior Class, gratefully dedicate the 1940 Tiger. For the last three years her unfailingly good humor and untiring efforts in advising and encouraging the Tiger Staff have culminated in a yearbook which each class has been proud to claim. We are deeply grateful, and hope that the dedication of the 1940 Tiger will, in a small measure, show our sincere appreciation. S5 rf' fb 'eq r. .13 N5 QI! K f T Y , L K f " L xx is ' i Jie 0' pf C fi QA, fill 5 T.. zfn. -' 'Sf 41:1 W, ffwff ,Q '1'!1l'0llgl1 the battle, through defeat, Mowhg ye! and never stopping, "1'1Aona':'l'.ff U Pl'Uflt'l'I'5! "rf-",,,.. 4'l'iunccrs! U Pioneers!" -,If WALT WlilThIAN -""" Y fkiifi W n 1 'V s 4 Y V 27 .JZ-f,f':,, ff- ,ff-'H x X JAX 166: fc- 1 K q "" --M ' 'Y f "xf'3'xgX MR. HENRY HAMILTON, Principal P . Mk. I. B. BRUFFEY, Axxixtanl Principal llamtlnlpli lfuunly lltiartl ul' Erluealitm lift ,G Pun. XVILLIKMS VVu.soN XV,-vita li1xtiLv NVlLMo'rii l5ltv.xN l'i.kMlLTtlN Mio. T. O. hlf.hv.XNIiY Fiucn Cniiisoxvimi Da. Boswoitru Hexav H,uxiii.'roN MR. Pl lll. WIl.l.lAMS Mr. Phil VVilliams. member of the Rantlolph County lloartl ol' lftlucation, was born on a larm near Romney, NVest Virginia. lle lirst attentlecl the public schools ol' llampshire County: antl later was a stuclent at Ranclolph-Macon College, Front Royal, Virginia. Mr. VVilliams is at present engagecl in operat- ing coal mines, but he cherishes a secret ambition to be a larmer eventually. VVe are quite sure he woultl be successful: because he is a lover ol' horses, antl likes all outtloor sports, such as hunt- ing, lishing, anal football. In his philosophy, "Live, let live, antl be con- sitlerate of others," Mr. NVilliams illustrates a lilietime policy. He likes the "Tiger" because it gives him :ui opportunity to stutly the lives ol' the students who are preparing themselves lor a live- lihootlg it also gives the stutlents in charge an ex- perience which will be very helpliul to them throughout lilie. MRS. T. O. McVANliY Mrs. Mary Elizabeth MeVaney, member of the Randolph County lioarcl of liclucation, was born in Braxton County, on August zz, 1897. Af- ter attencling public school, she receivetl a Short Normal certificate and later attenclecl Davis- lilkins College. Mrs. MeVaney's proliession is that of home- maker. Her hobbies are reatling ancl various games, such as Chinese checkers, rook, etc. Mrs. McVaney has a philosophy which covers a multitutle ol' virtues ancl sins, anal the nice com- pliment she has paitl to our annual, the "Tiger," is certainly in this category. Her philosophy is "Do your best, skip the rest." To the "Tiger" she writes: "Here's to the Tiger, A Yearbook of note, For splendid achievements This one gets my vote." MR. WILSON WARE Mr. Wilson Ware, a member of the Ran- dolph County Board of Education, and a fonner member of the Mingo District Board of Educa- tion, is a native of Valley Head. He was educated in the Mingo district schools. Mr. Ware is an interested member of our board as he has children in both the elementary and high schools. The schools nearest Mr. Ware's heart, however, are the rural elementary ones. He hopes eventually to see them receive the necessary consideration that will make them serve the pur- pose for which they are intended. Mr. Ware is a blacksmith and miller by trade. MR. FRED CHENOWETH Mr. Fred Chenoweth, President of Randolph County Board of Education, was born in Ran- dolph County in 1874. He is a direct descendant of Iohn Hart and a great grandson of Iackson Chenoweth, Revolutionary War soldier. So it is easy to see that Mr. Chenoweth comes from a line of people who are up and doing. We are sure that Mr. Chenoweth in various ways has led as active a life as his forbears. Mr. Chenoweth prepared for his life's work, that of farmer and dairyman, by attending various West Virginia schools. His philosophy, "Life is what we make it," strikes us as being illustrative of his entire life. He believes that healthful recrea- tion is the best hobby a man can have. Mr. Chenoweth has always cooperated with Elkins High School in every way possible. We want him to know that we duly appreciate his many kindnesses to us. MISS EMILY I. WILMOTH Miss Emily I. Wilmoth, assistant superin- tendent of Randolph County Schools, was born in Wheeling, NVest Virginia. She declines to tell when, but stated it was sometime during the "Dark Agesf' Miss Wilmoth has attended the following schools: Davis-Elkins College, Columbia Univer- sity, Wisconsin University, and the University of California. She majored in foreign languages and her profession is teaching. A lover of outdoor sports Miss Wilmoth en- joys golf most of all. Her philosophy of life is "The world is so full of a number of things, I am sure we should all be as happy as kings." Miss Wilmoth, when commenting on the "Tiger," said, "Every year since the 'Tiger' was a 'Cub,' I have looked forward with pleasure to its publication, and I have never been disap- pointed." E DR. 1. L. BosWoRTH Dr. I. L. Bosworth, a senior member of the Board of Education and a prominent physician and surgeon of the county, was born in Beverly, West Virginia. To obtain his education, Dr. Bos- worth attended several well-known schools and medical colleges. Dr. Bosworth's hobbies are printing news- papers and publishing books, he having owned the Randolph Review for several years as well as being the founder of the Randolph Reveille. Dr. Bosworth has held the following political offices in Randolph County: Member of Huttons- ville District Board of Education for fourteen years, four years of which he was president. For the last four years this venerable citizen has been a member of Randolph County's Board of Educa- tion to which he was reelected in I938. His active life is reverberated in his philoso- phy, "Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you." MR. BRYAN HAMILTON Mr. Bryan Hamilton, Randolph County Su- perintendent of Schools, was born September 15, 1896, in Elkwater, West Virginia. He graduated from Davis-Elkins College and received his Mas- ter of Arts degree from West Virginia University. Although his hobby is reading, Mr. Hamil- ton believes that character is higher than intellect. He gives the following advice: "Be ashamed to die until you have done something for humanity." Mr. Hamilton has served as county superin- tendent for many years, and the high school really appreciates his Fine support during this time. MR. HENRY HAMILTON Mr. Henry Hamilton, Director of Randolph County High Schools, needs no introduction to Elkins High School students as he is their princi- pal. He was born at Elkwater, West Virginia, on Iune 17, 1904. After finishing elementary school and Mill Creek High School, he attended Davis- Elkins College from which he received a Bachelor of Arts degree. Later he earned his Master of Arts degree from West Virginia University. As principal Mr. Hamilton is every student's friend. This'fact is well illustrated in his message Lo the "Tiger": "It has always been my policy to consider stu- dents and fellow teachers as friends struggling along life's pathway, it has been my happy duty to lend a helping hand where possiblef' Mr. Hamilton's hobbies are hunting and fish- ing. We are not sure whether or not his philoso- phy of life, "Man is judged by his works," is car- ried out in the success of his hobbies, but we agree with the ideal set up in this philosophy. ,WW vNVES'l'FALL Gmsoiv EIB Droiuixx Cruixiianias lloswotuar lX"lYlill Sri-.iaM,xN XVIM ian Svralczimit NTOORE Piomaieus: Speicher. Eih, Moore, Gihson. Tina TRAIL: French, English, Latin. Iot'raNEx"s END: No student will ever he a good journalist or writer without a hackground ol' languages and literature, These classes provide for Elkins High School students the necessary equipment to cope with the future. Promeaitz Westfall. THE TRAIL: Music. Iot'rtNEY's END: Every day the sweet voices in glee cluh, the strains from orchestra. or the martial music ol' the hand float through the halls of Elkins High. These sounds come from our music department. which is under the direction ol' Mr. Leland VVestl'all. Our school is fortunate in having such an ahle and willing instructor. Piowlaieuz Baker. ilillli 'lill.'tIl.I l,ihrary. IIll'RNliY'S l'lNDZ lt would he sad to think ol' how we would have heen lost among the contracts and themes without our lihrary and our lihrarianl l'ioNieians: Digman. Chamliers, Bosworth. Tina Fl'it.ul-: English. lot'itNm"s END: Shakespeare, "Silar Marnerf' grammar,f-each one hrings memories ol' headaches and happiness. Hut 'twas lun! l'1oNiamts: Sleeman, VVimer, Myer. Tma VIQRAILZ Physical Education. lot'aNm"s END: Elkins High School has always heen outstanding in its Physical Education depart- ment. Coaches Wimer and Myer and Miss Sleeman lully carry on this tradition. P1oNmart: Cole. Tun 'ITRAILZ Home Economics. I, .VV.'Hl. ' .. ot umm s .Nn. t ct you mon .1 surprise. l tc lair maidens of our school are learning to he luetter Home-makers! The credit goes to Miss Cole who. we think, really knows her suhiect. lliltillll, HLT1'tJN NTOORE GREEN Faeull, PioNEEas: Hutton, Moore, Green. THE Timm: Sciences and Mathematics. IOURNEXMS END: No student ever entirely escapes all science and math in our high school. However the general student doesn't appear to worry too much about these courses as this trio of teachers makes them both interesting and worthwhile. PIONEERS: Goodwin, Bell, Stewart, Glasscock, Ashby. ,IQHE TRAIL: Commercial Courses. Io1irtNEv's END: Rat-t-tat-tat-Can you hear them? Itls the typing classes in action. Shorthand looks like "a lot of Greekm to most of us: but our teachers who instruct in commercial subjects are patient. In due course of time Elkins High sends out to our business men some efhcient stenographers. PIoNEEns: Harris, Woodward, Shahan, Brufifey, Barry. K L' M P 1 1 4 ' N ' J 1 ' FINE 'lii.xiL: Political Science. Iowhm I0lfRNliY'S END: Since the zoth Century has been more or less in a turmoil, high school students more than ever hnd it necessary to keep abreast of the news. In our institution we are aided by an able staff of poli- tical science teachers who are doing their hest to keep us well informed in these important affairs. P1oNEE1zs: Bailey, Scott. ,llllli TRA11.: Industrial Arts. lotv1tNEv's END! To he sure these are quite the noisiest classes in school: hut if one will visit an annual handicraft exhibit of the Industrial Arts classes, he will readily see that all the hammering and sawing have not been in vain. P1oNEEas: Kump, White, and Powers. THE Tami.: Mathematics, Science, Social Science. lotraNEa"s END: Varied are the tactics of this trio, and interesting are the times their classes have, but the students go out quite full of knowledge. WHITE SCOTT BAILEY ci0ODVVlN BELL Il uuus XVOODXV wa STEVVART GLAssc:ocK IXSHBY Su ui KN Inu IIEX BARRY ff -gli! 'Wei- 'sf ,Mia l i ,,.::- f ifg 'Tzlr a fommon proof, That lowlinc'x,r is young ambit1'0n'.f ladder, Whereto the rlimbrr upward turns his fare. ululius Caesar" -SHAKESPEARE 1,2-,,., -1,,.. rig.,- ld-,,- 'I ,,,-f-'-"---::,T- 'V "Y 'f ,- - 2 XX, ff! JAX Q i-. L SHOINHS SHOINHI SEI2IOWOHdOS SHHJ NEIWH v N if 5 :XNNI l.IeIe Rnxluumn losIzvII liIIw.IxIIII M.'xms SIIIIAII IZEIIN.-I IIAIIIH.-IN 1.015 Loma SANIIEIIS MIl.l7liIiIJ Fu' RIQ.-x WILLA IE,-IN CIIIIHIIIA' YLXIQIIINCS M.-xI.I.mv l,uUIsIe M.-xIIs'I'II.I.I2II HI'IIEII'I' Luo VVIIITH l.EI..fIII N.-xI.IeIaN VVIuI:II'I' IIIIIN I'AI'I. l7oIzNIsI..'xzI1II H.'xImI,Ix Nom. UAINIQII I".IxI'I.INIa ANI'I'.x PAYNIQ c:lI.XRLIi5 GIIIIWIN, III. N1AlilUN RI"I'II Mwilas W7.'Kl.'l'lil! Cusx Ian Q IVNE I3IzIc:II'I IVAN 'l'.n'I.oII VIRGINIA l,IaIa Fl'I.I4 .-XIINoI.lJ HINIQLIQ Rosle NIIIIIQ .'XI.'I'lIiRli MARIE .ANNE SXVIGER IBUNALD AADAMS Lo1'1DA PHILLIPS XVALLACE CELENN RouRRoL'c:u M.-XIQTII.-X BARRETT WILLI.Nh1S IOIIN FULGER Hli'l'TIli AIAE XVIIETSELL .AXMELIA PAULINE ARBm:.fxsT RoBERTA HALL HAIQIQX' I,-xc:RsoN VIQEETS I':DI'I'Il V1Rc:1N1,x STALNAKER LVKE VARc:HE'r'ro l5E'r'rx' NIOORE IVLIAN HARLAND Po'rTs N1II.DRED ROSALIE IDOERR IFIARRY R.x1xmN Sc1oT'1' EIXIMA c,jllARLO'I'TE HEli'I'Iii CIAROL WILMUTH MARY S1:o'r'1' MARVIN PAUL TAYLOR OP.NL MY'ERS E? ,J 13' ' N A ,, -.tw 'wp RosALxE ARMENTRQUT EDIJIE TuoMvsoN VIRKEINIA WITIIERS IHIADREN D. Smcnu ROSALIE FIMPLE KENNETH R. KELLY ROSALIE VIRKPINIA YOUNG HARLEH' S. MKJKJRE NULA cj.-XTIIERN c2ILMER IVIARY MARGARET C.ARRl1LL MARX' ANN INGRAINI c:LARA LAIHB , 'f IAIWES KETTERMAN ap,-5" LILLIAN RUSSELL HINKLE Euvoon G. QQAYNOR QZORNELIA QLAROLYN WlDLVER'I'l3N EDWARD SHAHIER NATALIE JEAN VTYRE 'FHOMAS U. MEREIIITII, IR. Domus MAE HALL EUGENE KITZMILLER LEONARD RAYMOND WHITE MARIE WINIIIRED HARXVOKJD WAIIE HowELL, IR. M.ADELINE VIRGINIA GIJDXVIN CLAIR ULLIJM TIIELMA MAE WEESE HARRY WILLIALI BASIL FRANCES CJPAL ERNEST FRED O'KERNlCK BETTY DEE HAAS IACK DAVIS GRACE ELIJRICE SHANNON IEARLINE C. HELTZEL WANIJA IEAN SHAW VIRGINIA WAMSLEY BLAINE TINNEY PAULINE RUSH RICHARD SCOTT SMITH c:ARlNIA HAZZLE RAYAIOND THOMAS SATTERFIELI1 MILDRED ALBINIA BoYLEs M luxrzlas Iilalms 'l'1uu Run' LYNN l'1l.IiN0ll,X RHNNIN VVll.l.ls C1Elc.xl.u KQAINER XvlRGlNl.X Gluczla llm',x'l"l'liR R li'l'.X MA li SN YI Rl'm'.um Gnome mm c:HARl.liS C1'NN1Nc:ll.xM l,l1.l.1.-xN PHXRI. XVIIITIQ lux' Ilrvv, ln. Ihalnluas S. l7Rl'l"I' XIUi.Xllli'l' RELI ,l'lll'RlX1AN Ismail .la SNVIUTKIQIK Rlriuum H.x1un,n Ym'Nr: l1lmN.x Lula Crwl IRAN ciUN wh' Nc:'I'oN A N l'l'.K ,EANN I2 ftkkl' laN'r1aR IXI CI..xl'n1e MCKIN .lilli Llaw XAVUNN Lux' Smrru, Ik. IiARlilli'I' 1.011515 Humax' F R .xx NKLIN Lula 'l'1.-xNu BENTON c:RAXVIf0RD HliLEN I-IoRNlc:K POE I.Ew1s VVoonRow ERLANDSON CQENE McD,xNIE1. DUN LEE HINKLE NTONNA cQRACIi IDAVIS SHERMAN WAYNE QIAIWPBELL SYLVIA M.NIlIE I'1l'FF PAV1. T1MoTHY KEILY XVIILGINIA ICARLE c:Il.'XRLES SANDERS N1AkY IANE MARQUETTE Xvmnnumw CHIISNUNVETII REHA LAMBERT HEIKA1,-KN HAAIKTSEI. SLAYMAN Rrm' H.'XZEl. HINCIIIA1.-KN H. cjARL CURTIS LUMA RUTH KERNS VV1Nl1fREn WANDA CROSS FRANCES PRICIIARD M.-.Rum M.NCVE.AN 4' Q.. TJ S I 5x X lCs'rE1, Lvzlhu Rom Liar: IQERNS fTIl,XRI.liS Ii1m'.x1m I'1.EMoNs l".xla Cl'NNlNc:ll.xM ctI.YUli Rt'ss1iL1. NNE!-:su Dm.m' f:0NRAD Rmnalrr XVmasr: M.-xlu' l'l.xM1xuak NrVII.l..XRlD 'l'mmNTnN XVIIITEMAN NKNITX' l1Iil.liN I'l'1'4:ll f:LEN Tuomxs SKIDINIORE limla M.xma1.1. Cmsxeuu' R.x1.l'll LIIMES l,muz,uN1z Moon IDMIMER IDIKIKSON llumiuzx R.u.vll M.'XIQS1'Il.I.Ell Vlvmx FIDIZLIA NVOODELL NLXIKION .-XNITA BOLTON llxlcl. CQOUDE ..,.. ,,..,'. .ihvewi R! 5--,ff '.s,v.,:. 1 pring Calendar Feb 29, March 1, 2-Sectional Tournament- Elkins. March 8, 9-Regional Tournament-Grafton. March 14, 15, 16-State Tournament-Morgan- town. March 22, 25-Easter Holiday-Good Friday and Monday. March 26-Annual Visit-Mountaineer-Week Team. March 29-Tygarts Valley Round Table-Buck- hannon. March 30-District Literary Contest-DHE Col- lege-Elkins. March 30-District Music Contest-Elkins. April 12-Senior Class Play. April I3-SIHIC Literary Contest-Morgantown. April 19, zo-State Secondary School Principals' Meeting-Beckley. April zo-Monongahela Valley Track Meet- Elkins. April 27-Big Ten Track Meet-Clarksburg. May 4-Sectional Track Meet-Elkins. May Ir--State Track Meet-Morgantown. May 15-Recognition Day Assembly. May 17-May Fete QG. A. AJ May 17-Iunior-Senior Prom. May 19-Class Sermon. May zo-Senior Banquet. .. May 22-Class Night. May 23-Iunior High Commencement. May za-Elkins High School Commencement. -11 A Day in To an uninitiated student in Elkins High School, the group which daily gathered in the sew- ing room at one o'clock this year proved somewhat of a mystery. For the enlightment of those who do not know, it was the meeting of some of the mem- bers of the Senior Class who publish the 1940 Tiger. Each year a group of seniors is chosen to pub- lish the Elkins High School annual under the tute- lage of Miss Digman, the yearbook adviser. The staff is selected according to their literary, artistic, and business ability for the respective positions of editors, artists, and business managers. The first work to be done in the production of an annual is to lay out a dummy, which is a picture of the book as the staff visualizes it. Next the in- dividual and group pictures are taken, and then the artistic work is done. Selection of a cover and the type of print are two of the most important duties delegated to this group. During the second semester the important and difficult task of compiling, composing, criticizing, and completing the copy for the printer must be accomplished. When the proofs are returned to the Tiger tail staff, they must be proofread and returned again to the printer. In May the finished issue of the Tiger comes off the press and is presented to the school. The work in Tiger Staff is difficult and exact- ing, but students interested in this type of work find it enjoyable. The experience in laying out an annual and in writing copy proves very helpful in later life. In Ianuary the Tiger Staff used its assembly program as a means of launching the Tiger Sub- scription Drive. A skit, "The Tiger Staff in Action," was presentedg and then the three editors explained the plan of the book and the entire campaign. When the last proofreading was done and the final copy was sent out, the Tiger Staff breathed a sigh of relief and settled back in anticipation of the final copy. Here it is. YVe are proud of it, and hope you are too. Ilsnnv Hnurzrar. NATALIE TYR1: MARTHA BARRETT WILLIAMS Editors ag X " Ni Mcllnxim. lllRk,BMLEY COFFMAN :OOD 1 1 J fc X.. ., gl Q ex F i ff t 4 Q ss It ' ntralinnal Guidance in Elkins HigliSifhi1nl lilkins High School is very fortunate in having one ol' the best trade schools dealing with carpentry. cabinet building, and millwoik in West Virginia. During the past school year our trade division has carried out its most extensive program since the inauguration ol the vocational unit in Elkins High School. liighteen boys now comprise the number allotted to this department instead of the former number-twelve. Three of these will graduate in the spring. The trade school cm- phasizes the building trade, mainly, with special attention to the use ol' modern materials, equipment, and ways of building. During the second semester a lengthy visual education program was launched. The trade school's largest project this year was the building ol' a two-story lirame addi- tion to the shop. Dealing chiefly with cabinet and millworlc, the school emphasized the old-fashioned split-bottom chairs and did a good deal of upholstering. Mr. Hailey is to be complimented on the excellent work being done in the trade school. enior Adams, Donald Altieri, Rose Arbogast, Pauline Armentrout, Rosalie Basil, Harry Bazzle, Carma Billig, Beatrice Bolton, Marion Boyles, Mildred Boyles, Wanda Bright, Iune Cade, Neil Campbell, Sherman Carpenter, Ieanne Carroll, Mary Margaret Coberly, Kate Coberly, Willa lean Conrad, Dolly Conway, Iean Corbin, Warren Corley, Virl Cosner, Warren Covington, Edna Cox, Iames Crawford, Berton Cross, Maxine Cross, Winifred Cunningham, Charles Cunningham, Fae Currence, Homer Curtis, Carl Dahmer, Lorraine Davis, Monna Dickey, Phyllis Doerr, Mildred Dornhlazer, Paul Dyer, Maxine Earle, Virginia Erlandson, Lewis Ernest, Opal Fimple, Rosalie Fitch, Helen Folger, Iohn Class of Elkins l-li h Elkins, West Virginia Gainer, Gerald Gainer, Harold Gaynor, Elwood Gilmer, Nola Godwin, Charles, Ir Godwin, Madeline Good, Carl Goode, Rudyard Goodman, Elwood Gum, Filcer Haas, Betty Hall, Doris Mae Hall, Roberta Hammer, Mary Hardwick, Richard Harman, Sarah Harwood, Marie Helmick, Dick Heltzel, Iearline Hertig, Emma Himes, Ralph Hinchman, Ruby Hinkle, Arnold Hinkle, Don Hinkle, Lillian Hovatter, Virginia Howell, Wade Ir. Huff, Marie Hupp, Ray Ingram, Mary Ann Isner, Thurman Keily, Paul Kelley, Kenneth Kerns, Frances Kerns, Iames Kerns, Rosa Kerns, Ruth Ketterman, Iames Kitrle, Richard Kitzmiller, Eugene Lamb, Clara Lambert, Reba Linn, Thad Luzier, Estel Mallow, Harding Mams, Ioseph Marquette, Mary lane Marstiller, Louise Marstiller, Ralph MacVean, Martha McDaniel, Gene Meredith, Thomas Miles, Iohn Moore, Bettie lane Moore, Harley Myers, Marion Myers, Opal Nelson, Dana Noel, Robert Lee O'Kernick, Fred O'Hara, Howard Payne, Pauline Phares, Clifford Phares, Patrick Phillips, Louida Plemons, Charles Plumley, Iames Potts, Harland Pritchard, Frances Pritt, Delores Rea, Mildred Rennix, Ruby Rexrode, Anni Lee Rohrbough, Wallace Rush, Pauline chonl Sanders, Charles Sanders, Lois Lobb Satterfield, Raymond Scott, Harry Scott, Mary Shaffer, Edward Shannon, Grace Shaw, Wanda lean Skidmore, Glen Slayman, Hartsel Smith, Claude Smith, Richard Snyder, Reta Spicer, Hadren Stalnaker, Edith Swecker, Margaret Swiger, Marie Taylor, Ivan Taylor, Marvin Teets, lack Thompson, Eddie Tiano, Franklin T inney, Blaine Tyre, Natalie Ullom, Claire Vanscoy, Mary Carmen Varchetto, Luke Wamsley, Virginia Weese, Clyde Weese, Robert VVeese, Thelma Whetsell Bettie White, Hubert White, Leonard White, Lillian Whiteman, Willard Williams, Martha Barrett Wilmoth, Carol Withers, Virginia Wolverton, Cornelia Wonn, Alice Lew Woddell, Vivian Young, Harold Young, Rosalee ,H4 1 , 5 I n V w , H1 4 ' - . f A. . , 5 - . L m 4 my ,Q 4, ,M K b-.mv .4 A . -ff 1 "'v . 1 .5 w- N , .Ms , ,.-ra-Qify' , A '- ef . G' w ,Nm I F.. L ,,. ll., E329 5, ,-.,. V., . G L.: ... ' Cla S of '41 I'r4'.fidc'nz WlLLl1KIsi MCCAULEY Vllft'-fJl'8.fI.dt?l1Z - - C1muLEsRENN1x Sa'rrc'tu1'y-lrc'a.vurc'r - - JAMES RICE Cl1c'c'1'lcadw' - - MARY NAN H.xRs1lB.-uuzlak 2 F 3 V 2 .jf . W " ' P r I E , Eg .5- W Ps. :T J. R5 Nophomorc Clasm I"rc'.videnz - - - CHAIQLES KYLE Vice-prexident - - ZAN WIIITE Secrezary-Zreuxurw' - NEIL BAISI Cf1C'C"l'!L'ddC'I' - - MARY JANE LANDIS W,-1" 1 ,M 4. Frvxlmman Ulasf I'1'z'.v1'r1'z'11f Ima H.-umwlrtk I'irc'-p1'z'x1'dw1t WIl.I.l.Khi S1'u1i1.la Swwrtury-1f'm1.f1n'w' - IDoN KELLX' frhf'l'1'fl'lltfl'I4 - PATTY Bocas Popularity Contest Most Popular PAUL DORNBLAZER SARAH HARMAN Most Typical MARY IANE MARQUETTE WALLACE ROHRBOUGH Most Slutlious CI-IARLES GODWIN VIRGINIA WAMSLEY Best-Looking MARIE I-IARWOOD IosEPII MAMS Q13 1 5 f I P K I' fb QW IQJ Sn 4 S K V Y Q L K . 1 ig s.,5g:V 5X 231 I fic 15' A Pr 9 fx 'I EEG? ? Tiger Wtaff IEARLINE HELTZEL NATALIE TX'RE MARTHA BARRETT WILLIAMS Feature Edizors MARY MARGARET CARROLL MILDRED BQYLEN HELEN FITCH CARL CURTIS Organizations TIIELMA WEESE WANDA SIIAW CHARLES CIODWIN IEANNE CARPENTER IUIIN FOLGER CLARA LAMB SARAII HARBIAN rffflllllbfiff Editor CORN ELIA VVQLVERTON Sports MARX' IANE MARQUETTE LUKE VARCI-IETTII Music IACK TEETS MILDRED DIIERR Business Managers PAUL IJORNBLAZER KENNETH KELLEY Ph ologrufvher WALLACE RoHRnoUcII Ty pisl MARIE HARWOOD 'f io 2 7 f Y f' f r fb ff Qi? S K V Q L f I1 LE 3 Ji? apr Ffa V fx E3 Rm F 1 Tigvr Slall ifx 241 dia ,J '- sf-f . .,,1l.-il' .1- , , , fwffg We have been friends together In xunxhim' and in shade. -Ziff, ,il- -I,, -CIAROLINE li. S. NORTQN ,ff "We Have Been Friends" ,As- 'V V 'Y X J 7 ,.,-f- ,if 'kai-F.-.Q Q' ,i STVDENT QIOUNCIL IQATIONAL Hamm Socuary N3 QV H01 AIAIHCIV :IO 395131103 VV9 T 6.711-1 R ua 'QSM W Ax. 'lf' k rsxa S'r1'maNT QTUUNCIL Ii. I. P. l1'N1nu Amnxlmmix' mf Smnwvu Student Government Association The Student Government Association was or- ganized in Elkins High School in 1933 by a former faculty member, Miss Emily Wilmoth. The purpose of this association is to aid in the internal adminis- tration of the high school which consists of unifying student organizaticnsg fostering sentiment for law, order, and school spiritg promoting scholarship, stu- dent activity, and a spirit of cooperation among the students. ' The Student Council, in which all the powers of the organization are vested, is made up of people from the four classes, the eight organizations, the music department, the boys' athletic department, a member of the faculty elected by the council, and the high school principal. The council does many things which they hope will make life a little more pleasant for the student body. Some of these are ushering at football and basketball games, raising money for the yearis work by operating a stand during the Forest Festivalg tak- ing charge of the lost and found department which includes supervision of the locker keys, helping to secure the moving picture machine in the magazine B. I. P. In Elkins High School one of the few social clubs is the B. I. P., an organization comprised of twenty-one junior and senior girls. The club is spon- sored by Miss Elizabeth Moore. Although the B. I. P. is principally a social club, it has some special duties which are of value to the school and the community in general. One of these is the distribution of baskets to the needy at Christ- mas time. The club also decorates the Christmas trees for the annual high school Christmas assembly. The most outstanding social affairs are the Spring Formal, held in collaboration with the Phi Omega, a town club, and the Spring Election Ban- campaign. The council also has complete charge of the running of this machine. With the assistance of the Hi-Y and the Tri-Hi-Y this organization has sponsored a clean scholarship campaign. The constitution of the organization was revised by the council in the spring of 1939, and in Novem- ber, 1939, it was ratified by the students. Since this gave the students more power, naturally it has made the members more active in school affairs. Elkins High School was represented at the West Virginia Student Co-Government Association Con- vention at St. Albans, West Virginia, by our princi- pal, Mr. Henry Hamilton, and six members of our council. The Student Government Association is truly the legislative, judicial, and executive body of the school. It is the voice of the entire student body in school affairs. The importance of such a body can not be overestimated. President ------ SARAH HARMAN Vice-president - - PAUL DORNBLAZER Secretary - - WALLACE RoHRsoUcH Treasurer - - - IERRY HELTZEL quet, a dinner dance at which the oflicers for the fol- lowing year are elected. Other activities during the year included a club Christmas party, a slumber party, two dinner-theater parties, and a W. P. A. Dance held in the gymnasium for the entire school. In recognition of its social interests the B. I. P. Club was photographed this year for the first time in formal dress. Officers of the club are: President ------ NATALIE TYRE Vice-president - - SARAH HARMAN Secretary - - BETTY HAAS Treasurer - - VIRGINIA EARLI2 Junior Academy of Science The purpose of the Iunior Academy of Science is to promote a more active interest in science in Elkins High School. Although this statement has probably been made many times before, the purpose of this organization remains the same. The goal of the scientist, in a measure, has been reached when every person is able to distinguish be- tween original truths and conclusively proved facts, and falsehoods, misbeliefs, and superstitious. If one learns not to be too dogmatic but a little skeptical unless conclusive evidence is given, he has then ob- tained a scientist's viewpoint. This club is one of the most active in our high school. It has meetings twice each month. Once each semester the members of the club take a field trip to some point of scientific interest. In order to remain in the club, each member is required to take part in a program once each semester. Occasionally this club has a social meeting which many times is in the form of a picnic. To be eligible for the organization, a stu- dent must indicate a very decided interest in the science courses of Elkins High School. The following officers steer the functions of this organization: President ----- WILLIAM MCCAULEY Vice-president - - - ANDY BARLOW Secretary - - RUTH Lmcnn Treasurer - - SARAH HARMAN lkllllx ll CLX X H Tri-Hi-Y Club The Tri-Hi-Y, Elkins High's newest club, was formed in May, I939, with twelve charter members selected by the faculty from the sophomore and junior classes. Officers were chosen at this time as follows: President, Sarah Harman, vice-president, Anna Workman, corresponding secretary, Ierry Heltzelg recording secretary, Natalie Tyre, treasurer, Virginia Wamsley. Later in the spring the club mem- bership was increased by initiating eighteen fresh- man, sophomore, and junior girls which brought the membership up to twenty-eight. The Tri-I-Ii-Y stands for the development of the members in spirit, mind, and body. It serves pri- marily three main training agencies: the home, the church, and the school. On December 1 and 2, the Elkins Tri-Hi-Y was hostess to the First West Virginia State Tri-Hi-Y Convention. Girls from practically every club in the state attended. The two days were spent in discus- sion of the problems of the clubs and in various so- cial events. A committee was appointed to plan for the 1940 Convention which will be held at Berkeley Springs. Since its organization the Tri-Hi-Y has rapidly become one of the most active clubs in the school. The Tri-Hi-Y, with the Hi-Y, assisted the Y.M.C.A. in a Bicycle Field Day, launched a Clean Scholarship Campaign in collaboration with the Hi-Y and the Student Council, and welcomed the freshman girls with tea in the gymnasium. The club basketball team lost to the women's faculty team in an exciting game, the proceeds going to the Infantile Paralysis Fund. At the beginning of school, they honored the Hi-Y with a banquet and later assisted this club with their annual bond sale. In May a Mother's Day Tea was held at the Y.M.C.A. I-li-Y Club The Hi-Y Club of Elkins High School was form- ed in 1917, and now has a membership of twenty- eight boys whose purpose is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community higher standards of Christian character. The club stands for clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living. The Hi-Y Club is a member of the State Organ- ization and of the National Federation of Hi-Y Clubs. This club carries out several projects each year which are of great service to the community. One of these several projects is the giving of baskets to the underprivileged at Christmas time. Another of its projects is the annual bond sale, which is an invest- ment in the youth of West Virginia, the interest be- ing paid hy better citizenship for the community. This club is not altogether one of serviceg for during the year it has several social functions, one of which is the semi-annual "best-girl" banquet. The club is active in organizing clubs in other schools. This part of the local club's work has been very helpful to neighboring schools. The Hi-Y Club has for its goal high ideals. We feel it has made great progress in attaining these ideals. The sponsor, Mr. Moore, has worked faithfully and has been helpful to the club in various ways. We consider the Hi-Y Club of Elkins High School a real asset to our school. The officers are: President ----- PAUL DORNBLAZER Vice-president - - - - IOE MAMS Secretary - - - WALLACE ROHRBOUGH Treasurer - - - HARRY Sc0'r'r Chaplain - - - IOHN FOLGER Girls' Athletic Association The Girls' Athletic Association is one of the most active and progressive units throughout Elkins High School. The purpose of this club is expressed well in its pledge, "As a member of the Girls' Athle- tic Association, I promise faithfully to uphold the standards of sportsmanship, loyalty, and fair play, by which I was admitted to this organization." The twenty-five girls from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes, who comprise this or- ganization, are elected on the basis of their qualifica- tions, plus the points received from participation in girls' athletics. The various intramural tournaments that are held during the year are sponsored and supervised by the G. A. A. During these tourna- ments many girls are given an opportunity to win added points which help to make them eligible for membership in this organization. The annual May Fete, which is the most spec- tacular event of the school year, is also sponsored by these twenty-five girls. A meeting was held in early May to select nine girls from the Senior Class to be candidates for the May Queen, and the remaining eight girls, with their escorts, serve as attendants to "Her Majesty." This is not altogether an athletic club as it holds many social events. During the past school year the club held several informal events, one of which was their Annual "Spring Formal." At the end of the basketball season this organiza- tion honored the team with the annual banquet held at the Y. M. C. A. At this time the captain of the 1941 basketball team was elected by the members of the entire team. The ofhcers of the G. A. A. are: President ------ MARIE HARWOOD Vice-president - - - MARY IANE MARoUE'r'rE Secretary - - - - - BETTY HAAs Treasurer - - ALICE LEW WONN x UN W! Nfx'l'loN.-xl. Hmmm Smzlmw' l"v'1'L'lu3 PIKDINIEINIAKERS IXSSOIZIATION National Honor Society The Fasccs Chapter of the National Honor Society of Elkins High School was organized in 1933. The purpose of this organization is to stimulate and encourage higher scholastic standards in secondary schools. During the past eight years more than one- hundred Elkins High School students have been ac- cepted into membership in this organization. Sixty- five per cent of this number have attended institu- tions of higher learning. Many of these have grad- uated. Those who have not been able to attend col- lege now hold responsible positions within their re- spective communities. Elkins High School is proud to claim affiliation with this organization. The offi- cers for this chapter for the year of 1939-,40 are as follows: R P,.m-dems - - PAUL DoRNaLAzI:R Ion MAMs Vice-presidents - - - IDE MAMS VIRGINIA WAMSLBY seC,,c,taries - n MARTHA BARRETT WILLIAMS WALLACE ROHRBOUGH Treasurer - - - - LUKE VARcI-IIzTTo Sponsor - ---- MR. BRUFFIIY Future Hoineniakers' Association "As our girlhood is, so shall our womanhood be" is the motto of a group of girls who form the Future I-Iomemakers' Association of our school. These girls have several objectives toward which they strive, but probably the most important are these: to promote homemaking and to stimulate in- terest in the occupational opportunities of home economics. This club has proved valuable to the school in general by serving hot lunches to both students and teachers. With some of the proceeds they purchased an electric refrigerator for use in the home economics department. In addition to the purchase of the re- frigerator this active club beautified all the home economic rooms. These rooms were made more at- tractive by the addition of furniture, pictures, hang- ings, and flowers. Every year the club sends two delegates to the State F. H. A. conference which has been held for two consecutive years at Clarksburg's Stonewall Iackson Hotel. Like all other clubs the Future Homemakers carry on several social functions during the year. In early October new members were taken into the club by being put through both formal and informal initiationsg a tureen supper was served in honor of Mrs. Anna Moore, the club's former sponsorg a semi- formal dance was held at the Oak Grove Tea Room. In April they held a spring formal which was at- tended by members and their guests. This ended the social activities of the year. The officers of this club are: President ------ BETTY ERICKSON Vice-president - - - VIRGINIA MOORE Secretary-treasurer - - BARBARA ANN TABSCOTT Goin en Seventeen By Hilda Manning Elsa, maid at the Carharts' - - - Buddy Carharz, going on seventeen -- Mrs. Kate Carhart, his mother ---- Florence Carhart, his nineteen-year-old sister Craig Vincent, a young man of mystery - Tom Williams, Florence's boy friend - Paul Shrimpic' Ioan Vincent, Florence's school chum - Lillums, her younger sister - - - Mr. Frank Carhart, head of the house H elcn . Doris friends of Florence - - Agnes friends of Buddy - - - - SARAH HARMAN WALLACE ROHRBOUGH - - REBA LAMBERT - IEANNE CARPENTER - HUBERT WHITE - HAROLD GAINEI1 KENNETH KELLEY Lewis ERLANDSON - MARIE HARWOOD - - RUBY RxsNN1x - PAUL DORNBLAZER IEARLINE HELTZEL MARY IANE MARQUETTE MARTHA WILLIAMS The 1940 Senior Class Play, "Going on Seventeen," proved to be one of the best pro- ductions ever presented in the high school. lt is the story of an adolescent and his prob- lems. The hilarious adventures, or rather misadventures, of the entire cast set the pace for an evening of delightful entertainment. Buddy Carhart and cohorts, Paul and Shrimpie, are three young boys who published a magazine, "The Harrisville Town Topics." They are definately woman haters, but this is remedied with the advent of Lillums, who visits Florence, Buddy's older sister, with her sister Ioan, who is Florence's school friend. Lillums, a sixteen-year-old siren, soon wrecks the alliance of the juvenile newspapermen with her artful wiles. In the meanwhile Buddy's father, a trusted employee in the town bank, becomes in- volved in a serious shortage. Buddy decides to solve the crime, and after a series of mis- haps and to the astonishment of the entire town, does so. "The Harrisville Town Topics" get a great scoop. The three musketeers are reunited and renew their vows of misogyny. Romantic interest, discounting Lillum, is supplied by Florence and her two young men which adds to the general confusion. The entire cast gave excellent performances. Much praise must be given to Mrs. Charles E. Albert for her skillful supervision and direction. The untiring efforts of the class sponsors, Miss Elizabeth Moore and Miss Elva Harris, proved definitely helpful in the production of a successful play. Cruwning of tho May Queen Spring Fantasy Beauty reigns juxt once a year find we exalt the time when it draws neu Bringing music, Jong and dance That lighterzs hearts and breather romanee. ? S 5 f F f r fl? 'N 94 Q1 W 'W ' Q A f S Q Kg 1 23 'x 6 59 B eff' f P9 V fw D fffkd 'Q K E he -,,f ,Zif- if ff "-K ll. - .. F find muxiz' too-dear music! that can tourh Beyond all clsc' the soul that loves it much Now heard far off xo far but to seem Like the faint, exquisite music of a dream Fiikgif JAX 5 'TS xi. ZION fieifg "Lalla Rookhn ,-311'-iii'-3 --Moons 'V ',-,,,..-f " ' o" "' I ffff':L2"-I-f--l,-L' f' 'f-' x K iwki X- v .2 I 5. Wa HEEL Band Coming to Elkins High School in 1938 from Clarksburg, our music director, Mr. Leland West- fall, has done much to improve our band. There are many members of the band who no doubt will someday turn out to be Hne musicians. The band is fortunate in having a drum major, Wal- lace Rohrbough, who is a good leader and whose strut puts vim and vigor into the band. The band participated at all football and basketball games where they went through many maneuvers that added to the enjoyment of all those present. They attended the State Band Festival at Huntington this year as well as the Central West Virginia Band Fes- tival at Salem. Many bands from West Virginia par- Glee One of the most progressive organizations in Elkins High School is our Glee Club under the di- rection of Mr. Leland Westfall. There are two divi- sions of this club totaling sixty-eight members. These divisions meet at nine and ten o'clock every Monday and Thursday mornings throughout the school year. The Glee Club, along with the orchestra, fur- nishes music for the annual graduation exercises in May, and gives two assembly programs during the year. ticipated at these festivals. Elkins High School is always proud of its band wherever it appears. The band went to Clarksburg to one football game and to Morgantown for one basketball game. They also attended the Regional Tournament at Grafton. This year Mr. Westfall used popular songs in his band. This is the first time our high school band has done much of this type of playing. We believe everyone enjoyed these songs. Another innovation introduced by Mr. Westfall was the choice of six of our high school girls to be band sponsors. With the drum major we have given these girls a place in our music division page this year in recognition of the attractiveness they add to our music unit. Club The senior girls who have taken two years of Glee Club will be awarded on Recognition Day by being given music letters. In addition to this recogni- tion the Tiger offers a salute to these girls who have taken four years of Glee Club, which places their names on the Glee Club Honor Roll. The following girls receive this particular distinction: Willa Iean Coberly Midred Doerr Doris Mae Hall Urchestra - The Elkins High School department of music strives, not only to produce a few musicians capable of filling symphonic positions, but also it tries to bring an understanding and appreciation of music to many who are interested. The orchestra comprised of twenty-eight members, although not so outstand- ing as our high school band, plays a very important part in the music world. Three mornings each week, at seven-forty, many musical minded students wan- der to the high school for an hour's rehearsal. Mr. Leland Westfall has made many improvements among this musical group. This year the orchestra appeared in two assem- bly programs at school and several concerts outside of school. In November four members were chosen to represent Elkins High School in the All State Orchestra, which met at Wheeling during the State Educational Association meeting. These with many other West Virginia orchestration groups, under the direction of Pierre Henrotte, a former concert master of the Metropolitan Opera, formed a musical unit that won high praise from all those who had an op- portunity to hear it. The ones representing Elkins High School were VVade Howell, Kenneth Kelly, Sarah Harman, and Morgan Clark. The orchestra will regret graduation time as it will lose five outstanding members, all of whom hold first chairs. Ns-. ,. ff X, f f f A ,., iw .W , if S af Wf ,Q . ' A -5 J-: Self - 9?11'I'51.Q'L5?- f h if K ' ' hwxeiikid' Q VE -, 4. A ,.AS.v: E ig . , M- A .,gXJ, ..r.w rw i " , fi .A ,V f x!'1? z 51 V W A 'ff W P ' , U- Y" 4-,f - lf"?"' 'W Nj f' X1 "".' W nu J' ' 1 Q ' Sv , Lf-f wr ' fl '4 fv 'f 'nn' 'Y l J ,f , f Q , W, F xf 311 'f gl ' . . N N -1 ' , as z' M bi' ' ' I if A A Q 'M N 1 Y' x Qu I Ah VL ' g QhM...' , 7 . vw'-wr' Q f Q, Q las 3 S gg J Q QW? 1f b e P 7 ' YQ? at E 9 M,x, M xp 2 4, 4 jg, 3 f . NJKJ X, X: Wg? Fr XE' , if g x nk . ,, AEN 9' 5 KS nu: 'Q .D "" -A-.w-.. 54' V ' W xg .ni grvf 'QW . ':.w QQ"' U 5' I 4 -5' V , ,.,.f '21 112- Sf 1..-in-1 . 1,-9 F Play fair but play hard, Win if you nm, lose if you must, But take a uflzipping without ufhimpering. -"""" fNffQ2 1 -,1'l"' -WALTER CAMP -"'3""-F -'--iii J- 'V gl if X 66 mn-E432 +--H UDCU Football Letterman CAPTAIN GLENN SKIDMORE proved to be a fine leader in rounding out his third year as a regular tackle. He was a power on both the offensive and defensive. IAMES Cox, the fleetest-footed fullback Elkins High has ever had, was rewarded by the All State Board as he was made a fullback on the second team. He received the highest number of votes of any player selected on the All "Big Ten" Conference eleven. Cox was one of Elkins High's all time greats not only because of his general allround play, but especially for his blocking. CLAIR ULLOM, although handicapped by injuries throughout the season, was one of the greatest running halfbacks we have hadg and his spirited play will long be remembered. LUKE VARCHETTO, our quarterback, was one of our most valuable players, not only for his direction of the team, but also for his superb blocking, and later in the season for his great ball carrying. IOE MAMs will be sorely missed next fall. He was a great end and very little ground was gained around his way. He was a fine blocker and was a fearless tackler. RAYMOND SATTERFIELD, one of the smallest backs ever to play here, has been a valuable player and halfback for the past three years. JACK LowERY, a sophomore, gives promise of making a Fine player before he is through school. Iack played blocking quarter. CHARLES RENNtx developed into a good center and should improve a great deal by next year. Charles is a junior. ROBERT PHILLIPS, a junior and guard on our team, was a bulwark in every game and was one of the best linemen in the Valley. Great things are expected of him next year. IAMES RICE, playing his first year as a regular, was a heady player and despite his small size was at the bottom of every play. With a little more weight next Fall he should develop into an outstanding performer. WILLARD COLLETT, a junior, played a fine game at end and was a good pass receiver He should come through next year with a bang since it will be his last chance. CLYDE CANFIELD, while only a freshman, made the team over a half-dozen boys with experience. Clyde moved to Virginia which will be a big loss to Elkins. ROBERT Comucx, a giant of a player, made the all conference team, ani: hen he was at his best, it was almost impossible to go through him. L, , fl. En Zutss, while small, was a hard playing guard and will give somebody a race for a regular berth next Fall. TOMMY GRovEs in his first year at Elkins played a strong game when called on at either guard or tackle. IOE SAINATO was the hardest tackler on the whole squad, yet he weighed only I32 pounds. Great things are expected of Ioe next year. Cox ULLOM SA1'rnnFi121.n Lowmw Znuss COLLETT CORRICK RENNIX CAPTAIN SKIDMORE ag :fsffa5fQ.2wMgJr,L,N 1 ' gfilyzrfsa- :.f:,i1ifQQ 3 gf ri Q .r w 3,-m'3'2'5?Ar 4 2 1 A , ' ii?- ' 1 ' 7f3?5',- L' 5 ' . fi-Qjkj fjrfk wig, C - 1" 1 K ' f 'H 4 in -fi - 'f1i'5tE3 13-1 A vwarxgggg as -ie: J fla g-,j WLEELSTV ' K' " J. f, . ' :Wi ." i+ i f ff' if ' 511' . L , Q -aa Q' X4 1 W, '- 2 1 ,v VA'AmIHVAVNAVAVAVAVAVAVAVN VKVAVAVAVAVHVAVAVKYAWYAVPYAVIPL 1 A Q "'-" 5 -,,,,.,.1 Mven Wusnau T Best Elfqzns Hzglz School Rerord for Last il!! Home Games We They 18 Alumni o 30 Belington 0 34 Parsons 6 6 Buckhannon 7 o Shinnston I9 IQ Farmington 7 Games Away 0 McKeesport 32 A V I2 Victory 6 18 Morgantown 0 1 2 East Fairmont 7 1 3 VVeston 7 VARCHETTO Gnovas MAMs SAINATO PHILLIPS CAN FIELD Ricn Pig. kin arriiirf On August 25 announcement of the beginning of fall sports was made. Elkins yielded its playboys and these serious candidates convened at the high school in preparation for a hard training program to meet the demands of a tough football schedule. After two weeks of physical and mental instructions a chartered bus transported the Tigers into the fighting territory of Pennsylvania. There, under a hot sun and across the battle line, the Tigers bowed to Mclieesport by a margin of 32 to o. llefeat hurts but determination conquers. The following Tuesday the Tigers met the Alumni eleven and left the field with an 18 to o victory. ln the same week on Friday night the Tigers en- countered lielington and again announced victory by a 30-o score. Un September 22, the Tucker County "Panthers" invaded our field and the Tigers hit the mark again by a score of 34-6. Refusing to accept defeat, the Tigers. for the first time in nine years and on Victory High's field amidst a conflict of rain and foe. brought the winning colors to the front by crossing the Eagles' goal line twice while the Eagles crossed the Tigers' line but once. Praised highly for its encounters with Elkins High School, the Ruckhannon team was brought to Elkins for the Forest Festival tilt. The Tigers, unable to score their extra point, saluted the Upshur Countians with a 7-6 defeat. Grieved by their loss and after a hard week of finding their weak points, the Tigers boarded a bus, calm and serious, and sought the Morgantown defenders. When the final gun was fired, the Tigers led 18-o. Un the following Friday the Tigers lTlt'l the powerful Shinnston team and were de- feated by io points to o. Un the road again the Tigers went forth to meet Fairmont East Side. Soothing a discouraged wound, they put East Fairmont in the background by a score of I2-7. Still wandering away from home to meet strange contenders. the Tigers marched into Weston where under bright welcoming lights, they met with success by over- throwing the Weston aggregation in a 13-7 victory. The 1939 football schedule came to an end when a post-season game with Farming- ton was held on the Tigers' field. The Elkins fans witnessed the last and a victorious game of the Tigers with a score of 19-7. Basketball Heree C.xP'r.-UN WILL.1XRD CTOLLETT led the Elkins High Tigers to their best record in the past few years. He regained the old form of his freshman year and was a valuable player on both offense and defense. He was picked as center on the all sectional team. Iaiuras Cox, a senior playing his second year of basketball, showed marked improve- ment and was one of the team's leading scorers. lim was a hard Fighter and deserves a lot of credit for the Fine record of the team. Rvsseri. c2AMPBELL, a very modest fellow, played outstanding ball with great re- bound work at both baskets and was a hne passer. lin Sir.-xrrfea was a hard player and came through every time he was called on. Ed is a senior. l5reaToN kilt.-XNVFORD, a tall senior, gained state-wide recognition for stopping Darl Wilmoth, 'reat Phili 5 mi ala er. Berton did a Hne 'ob durin f the last weeks of the season. ln ll l Y 1 is Iota Mmxrs, a senior, is one of the hardest fighting athletes Elkins High has had and deserves a lot of credit for his Hnc play when called upon. Ioe had wonderful school spirit and would be an asset to any athletic team. lfxmres Rrczia, a junior, played a whale of a floor game and should become a great guard when he learns to shoot a little easier ball and can feed the ball in to his front end men. Iames was all sectional tourney guard. I.-uric Loweav, a sophomore, is a hard worker and adept at intercepting opponents passes. VVhen lack improves his shooting and passing he should develop into a Fine player. lures McGee, a sophomore, was a good utility man, having filled in at every posi- tion on the team. Iames shows promise of developing into a strong player before finishing Elkins High. Roisurer Prr1L1.1Ps, a junior, has developed into a good shot and should make a strong bid for a re fular Josition next ear. iw I Y Toixrmv Meiuanrru and Hamm' Basil., managers, have been members of the athletic squads lor three years, which helped them in their duties as managers. They have been very valuable. lvlaav IANE iVlARQl'ETTE has been among our outstanding cheerleaders. a Basketball Season The Tigers had a successful season in basketball, winning seventeen games and losing only four. They were hampered at first by inexperience but rapidly improved under the tutelage of that veteran mentor, Coach Wimer, so that they won fourteen of their last fifteen games and placed second in the Big Ten Conference with ten victories and two losses. The Wimermen opened their season against Tygarts Valley at Mill Creek with a 3o- IQ victory. On Christmas night they played their First home game against a very strong Alumni team composed of college and professional stars. The Tigers fought hard but were outclassed 55-44. On December 29, the Tigers played their first Big Ten game which was won from East Fairmont 44-30. Then came a victory from Belington 38-17g and two successive setbacks at the hands of strong Big Ten rivals, Buckhannon and Wes- ton, losing to the former by a score of 34-44 and the latter by 30-35. Then came successful encounters with Parsons 31-35 and Shinnston 42-18. The Tigers really began to show their power when they defeated Buckhannon 44-41 and Weston 49-41 on these teams' own floors. Parsons fell a second time 41-23 and then Elkins lost to a fast and scrappy Davis team 41-43. A highlight of the schedule came when they defeated a highly rated and hitherto undefeated Philippi quintet 50-37. They spent a successful weekend away from home by defeating Victory 49-33 and Shinnston 37-19. At Elkins Tygarts Valley fell next with a 54-31 score, Victory bowed a second time 37-31, and Belington was easily beaten in the last home game with our boys earning 57 points to Belington's 31. Winding up the regular season with another weekend tour, the Tigers beat East Fairmont 44-25 and Morgantown 63-31. Of the seniors Iamcs Cox gave a good account of himself, fighting hard and playing a fast aggressive brand of ball in every game. Russell Campbell, although a newcomer to the Varsity team, fully earned his position. Berton Crawford, another newcomer, made his debut in the Philippi game by stopping the high scoring Darl Wilmoth and thereafter playing excellent ball. Edward Shaffer and Ioscph Mams filled in as capable reserves. In the Sectional Tournament held in Elkins February 29, March I and 2, Elkins met real opponents but showed that they were a power as no team came within ten points of them. Playing every night before a packed house, the Tigers defeated a snappy quintet from Coalton 51-37. Friday night they doubled the score on Tygarts Valley 47-22. The last night of the tournament they won the sectional championship by defeating Philippi 61-40. Rice and Collett were named on the All Tournament Team and our cheerleader, Mary lane Marquette, was voted the best in the tournament. The Elkins High Cheering Section was awarded the cheering cup for the best section including Elkins. Elkins entered the Regional Tournament which was held at Grafton on March 8 and QQ but unfortunately were overpowered in their First encounter by a fast and sharp- shooting team, the 1939 State Champions, West Fairmont five, by a score of 48-34. The Fairmont team went on to win the tournament by a score of 54-35 over Buckhannon. Track, 1939 The Elkins High School track and field squad had a very successful season during 1939. Our discus star, Elwood Goodman, filling the captain's position, broke the high school record for the discus throw: at the Alumni meet with a throw of 121.2 feetg at the Monongahela Valley Meet with a throw of 124 feet, II inches, during the Big Ten Meet throwing 130 feet, 9 inches, and at the Sectional Meet hurling II8 feet, 6 inches. Captain Goodman broke the discus record for every event in the State Meet, but later was defeated in the finals by Bob Wright, of Huntington. Elkins won the Alumni Meet 146-51. During the Monongahela Valley Meet, the Wimermen ranked first with 94 points to Morgantown,s 56.5. The Elkins speedsters proved all-powerful in the tenth Big Ten Meet with 79.5 points but were closely followed by Washington Irving with 75.5 points. The Tigers placed first in the Sectional Meet, but fell back to ninth place in the state events. The boys competing in the State Meet were Captain Goodman, Collett, Rice, Crawford, Taylor, Satterfield, Sheets, and Woods. VVe feel sure that the IQ40 Elkins High track squad will have as successful a season as last year's team. The 1939 lettermen were: Willard Collett Edward Shaffer Ernest Skidmore Iames Cox Ioe Sainato Donald Adams Iames Wood Robert Galkowski Robert Phillips Berton Crawford Iunior Sheets Arbon Lang Raymond Shatterfield George Taylor Paul Kisner Captain Elwood Goodman Managers-Lee Noel, Carl Comer, VVillard Chenoweth, Ioe Dowler, Neil Lutz. Intramural Sports .-V. .ff . Farewell Graduation Week! May Fete, Iunior-Senior Prom, Baccalaureate Sermon, Senior Banquet, Class Night, and at last, Commencement! Emo- tions are mixed, there is a "h0oray" group and a "boohoo" unit. Finally the diplomas are dis- tributed, and the Senior Class trips over the old metal foot-wiper for the last time. Parties and celebrations reign for the evening. Back in the hushed dimness of the long halls the empty lockers stare silently at each other. A breeze from a forgotten window brushes into the chemistry labratory, down through second floor, and around the stairway. It carries along all of the echoes of triumphs of the year to the big downstairs clock. "We're seni0rsl" "Merry Christmas!" "Did you pass your semester exams?" "Sectional Champs," the Prom Orchestra, and the sad, sweet strains of the "Farewell Song." Suddenly the old clock makes a wry face. "Another year has sped away. I am growing old. Some more of my seniors are gone: Some went East Some went West Some flew over the cuckoo's nest. I hope they d0n't forget us." The lockers lose some of their loneliness and whisper, "No, they won't forget us, we know they w0n't." "They'll remember," echoes back and forth, through the classrooms, auditorium, gym, and shop, and fades into all of the little crannies so faithfully occupied each year. The old building settles down for a summer's rest with the mem- ories of another Senior Class for dreams. enier Activities DONALD ADAMS fDonm'ej Band '37, '38, '39, '40 Orchestra '37, '38 Track '37, '38, '39 State Band Festival '37, '38, '39, '40 "Oh! Doctor" '37 Stunt Nite '37, '38 Central W. Va. Band Festival '39, '40 Symphony Orchestra '37 HARRY BASIL fNubbz'nj Football '37, '38, '39 Track '37, '38, '39, '40 Intramural Sports '37, '38 Basketball Manager '40 MARION BOLTON Thomas High School '37, '38, '39 National Honor Society '39, '40 Home Economics Club '38, '39 Girls' Basketball Team '37, '38, '39 Assistant First Aid Teacher '38, '39 4-H '37, '38, '39, '40 Elkins High School '40 MARY MARGARET CARROLL qMf-ffyy I Orchestra Pianist '37, '38, '39, '40 Band '39 Stunt Nite '38, '39 "Ohl Doctor" '37 May Fete '39 State Band Festival '39 4-H '37, '38 Tiger Staff '40 Central W. Va. Band Festival '39 WILLA IEAN COBERLY Glee Club '37, '38, '39 "Ohl Doctor" '37 4-H '37, '38, '39 B. I. P. '40 BERTON CRAWFORD Football '37, '38, '39, '40 Basketball '38, '39, '40 Track '37, '38, '39, '40 CARL CURTIS Tiger Staff '40 Intramural Sports '37, '38 MILDRED DOERR CMi1licj A HAROLD GAINER Glee Club '37, '38 Glee Club Pianist ,3Q, '40 Oh! Doctor" '37 May Fete '39 Tiger Staff '40 IOHN PAUL DORNBLAZER qsoufy Iunior Council '39 Senior Council '40 Iunior Academy of Science '39, '40 Hi-Y '39, '40, President '40 National Honor Society '39, '40, President '40 Student Council '39, '40, Treasurer '39, Vice-president '40 Band '37, '38, '39, '40 Orchestra '37, '38 All State Band Class A '38, '39, '40 Stunt Nite '37, '38, '39, '40 Tiger Cub '39 U. S. H. S. P. '38 Tiger Staff '40 W. Va. Student Council Convention '39 'Going on Seventeen" '40 VIRGINIA EARLE Ginn C yi National Honor Society '40 B. I. P. '39, '40, Treasurer '40 Intramural Sports '37, '38 Tri-I-Ii-Y '39, '40 'Ohl Doctor" '37 Stunt Nite '40 May Fete '37, '39, '40 4-H '37, '38, '39, '40 LEWIS ERLANDSON flxufiej State Band Festival '37, '33, '39, '40 Band '37, '38, '39, '40 Orchestra '38 Central W. Va. Band Festival '39, '40 State Solo Contest '39, Second place Iunior Academy of Science '38, '39 Going on Seventeen" '40 HELEN FITCH qoafkffy Intramural Sports '37, '38 May Fete '37 Class Cheerleader '37, '38, '39, '40 Tiger Staff '40 National Honor Society '40 RUDYARD GOODE Intramural Sports '39 Bemis High School '37, '38, '39 ELWOOD GAYNOR Band '35, '36, ,37, '38 Orchestra '36, '37 Iunior Academy of Science '36, '37 Stunt Nite '35 Student Council '37 Basketball '37, '38, ,39 Hi-Y '39, '40 Intramural Sports '37, '38 National Honor Society '40 "Going on Seventeen" '40 ELWOOD GOODMAN QBemiyj Football '36, '37, '38, '39 Basketball '36, '38 Track '37, '38, '39 CHARLES GODWIN IR. Band '37, '38, '39, '40 Orchestra '37, '38, '39 National Honor Society '39, '40 Hi-Y '39, '40 Iunior Academy of Science '37, '38, ' Student Council '39, '40 Stunt Nite '38, '39, '40 Oh! Doctor" '37 BETTY DEE HAAS Tri-Hi-Y '39, '40 G. A. A. '39, '40 Iunior Council '39 Senior Council '40 May Fete ,37, '38, '39 Stunt Nite '3Q, '40 National Honor Society '40 B. I. P. '39, '40, Secretary '40 DORIS HALL "Oh! Doctor" '37 May Fete '39 ' Glee Club '37, '38, '39, '40 Intramural Sports '37, '38 SARAH HARMAN 45413 Band '37, '38, '39, '40 All-State Band '39, '40 All-State Orchestra '40 Stunt Nite '37, '38, '39, '40 In Student Council '37, '38, Secretary President '40 Student Council Convention '40 National Honor Society '39, '40, Treasurer '40 Class President '37, '38 B. I. P. '39, '40, Vice President '40 39, '40 '393 Iunior Academy of Science '37, '38, '39, '40, Treasurer '40 Class Vice-president '39 Iunior Council '39 Senior Council '40 Business Manager Tiger Cub '39 Press Convention '38, '39 Iunior Academy of Science Convention '39 Tri-Hi-Y '39, '40, President '39, '40 Tiger Staff '40 Going on Seventeen" '40 it MARIE HARWOOD QWee Wcc-Q MARY ANN INGRAM fBuzchj B. I. P. '39, '40 G. A. A. '39, '40, President '40 Band Sponsor '39 Tiger Staff '40 May Fete '37, '38 Intramural Sports '37, '38 Literary Contest '39 Stunt Nite '37, '38, '40 'om Doctor" '37 Glee Club '37, '38 Central W. Va. Band Festival '39 State Band Festival '39 National Honor Society '40 'Going on Seventeen" '40 IEARLINE HELTZEL Ui:-rryj Iunior Council '39 Senior Council '40 B. I. P. '39, '40 Iunior Academy of Science '39, '40 National Honor Society '39, '40 Tri-Hi-Y '39, '40, Corresponding Secretary 39, .40- State Tri-H1-Y Conference '40 Student Council '4og Treasurer '40 W. Va. Student Council Convention '40 Tiger Cub Staff '39 District Press Conference '39 U. s. H. s. P. '39 Tiger Staff '40 District Literary Contest '39 D. A. R. American History Award '39 Stunt Nite '38, '39, '40 May Fete '37 Orchestra '38, '39 Going on Seventeen" '40 American Youth Forum '40 LILLIAN RUSSELL HINKLE fLiddyj Intramural Sports '37, '38, '39 May Fete '37, '38, '39 Glee Club '37, '38, '39 A Capella Choir '37, '38 WADE HOWELL, IR. Allegany High School, Cumberland, Maryland '37 President of High School Orchestra Honor Tetler Student '37 Tetler Award for Being Member of Champion Softball Team '37 Intramural Sports '37 Elkins High '38, '39, '40 State Band Festival '38, '39, '40 Class A All State Band '39, '40 All State Orchestra '39 Band '38, '39, '40 Intramural Sports '38 Stunt Nite '38, '39, '40 '37 Central W. Va. Band Festival '39, '40 Glee Club '38 Davis High '37, '38 President Class '37 Secretary Class '38 Thomas High '39 Honor Club '39 Elkins High '40 B. I. P. '40 National Honor Society '40 G. A. A. '40 KENNETH KELLEY QKelleyj Band '37, '38, '39, '40 Orchestra '37, '38, '39, '40 Intramural Sports '37, '38, '39 Stunt Nite '37, '38, '39, '40 Glee Club '38 A Capella Choir '39 Press Convention '39 Oh! Doctor" '37 Central W. Va. Band Festival State Solo Contest '39 State Band Festival '37, '38, '39 at '39, s 40 Class A All State Band '38, '39, '40 All State Orchestra '39 Tiger Staff '40 Honor Society '40 Going on Seventeen" '40 REBA LAMBERT Tri-Hi-Y '39, '40 G. A. A. '40 Band Sponsor '39, '40 4-H '37, '38 Stunt Nite '38, '40 "Oh! Doctor" '37 May Fete '37, '38 State Band Festival '39 National Honor Society '40 Central W. Va. Band Festival "Going on Seventeen" '40 IOSEPH EDWARD MAMS flocj Football '37, '38, '39, '40 Basketball '37, '38, '39, '40 Track '37, '38, '39 tr '39 Student Council '37, '38, '39, '40 National Honor Society '39, President 40 Iunior Council '39 Hi-Y '39, Vice-president '40 Senior Council '40 Secretary-treasurer Freshman Class 37 Vice-president Sophomore Class '38 President Iunior Class '39 President Senior Class '40 THOMAS MEREDITH fTomj Football '38 Basketball '38, '39 Track '37, '38, '39 Boys' State '39 MARY IANE MARQUETTE fToozsiej National Honor Society '39, '40 G. A. A. '39, '40, Vice-president '40 Student Council '40 F. H. A. '38, '39, '40 State F. H. A. Treasurer '39 State F. H. A. Convention '38, '39 Stunt Nite '39 Intramural Sports '37, '38 May Fete '37, '38 School Cheerleader '40 "Going on Seventeen" '40 BETTIE MOORE B. I. P. '39, '40 Tri-Hi-Y '39, '40 FRED O'KERNICK fFreddyj Coalton High School '37, '38, '39 Class Cheerleader '37, '38 School Cheerleader '39 4-H Club '37, '38, '39 E. H. S. '40 PAULINE PAYNE CPollyj Tri-Hi-Y '39, '40 Intramural Sports '37, '38 May Fete '37, '38 B. I. P. '40 HARLAND POTFS State Band Festival '37, '38, '39, '40 Band '37, '38, '39, '40 Orchestra '37, '38, '39, '40 "Ohl Doctor" '37 Stunt Nite '39 Intramural Sports '37, '38 May Fete '39 MILDRED REA Timmonsville High, Timmonsville, Carolina '37 E. H. S. '38 ,'39, '40 F. H. A. '39, '40 Intramural Sports '38, '39 May Fete '38, '39 WALLACE ROHRBOUGH CWallyj Band '37, '38, '39, '40 Drum Major '39, '40 District Hi-Y Convention '39, '40 Hi-Y '39, '40, Secretary '40 Student Council '38, '40Q Secretary '40 Iunior Academy of Science '38, '39, '40 Iunior Council '39 Secretary Senior Class '40 National Honor Society '40g Secretary '40 Intramural Sports '39 All-State Band '38, '39, '40 Tiger Staff '40 Stunt Nite '37, '38, '39 North - Oh! Doctor" '37 A Capella Choir '37 Symphonic Orchestra '37 Tiger Cub Staff '39 All-State Orchestra '40 ,ss Student Council Elective Comm Hi-Y State Convention '38 American Federation of Music Salem Solo Contest '40 "Going on Seventeen" '40 CHARLES SANDERS CChar1iej Vice-president Freshman Class Football '37, '38 Track '37, '38 EDWARD SHAFFER qzsddify Basketball '37, '38, '39, '40 Track '37, '38, '39, '40 Intramural Sports '37, '38 Boys' State '37 National Honor Society '40 GRACE SHANNON Adolph High School '37, '38 President Freshman Class '37 President Sophomore Class '38 E. H. S. '39, '40 HARTSEL SLAYMAN All State Band '37, '38, '39 Solo Contest '39 Band '37, '38, '39, '40 Orchestra '37, '38, '39 I-Ii-Y '39, '40 Intramural Sports '38 GLENN SKIDMORE qskiddyp '37 '37 Football '37, '38, '39, '40, Captain '40 Basketball '37, '38 Track '37, '38, '39, '40 CLAUDE SMITH IR. Tygarts Valley High '37, '38, '39 Intramural Sports '37 Elkins High School '40 Intramural Sports '40 HADREN SPICER Basketball '38, '39 Track '38, '39 Football Manager '38, '39 Graceland Elks Association '39 IACK TEETS Band '37, '38, '39 Orchestra '37, '38, '40 Student Council '37 National Honor Society '40 Central W. Va. Band Festival Stunt Nite '37, '38, '39 Tiger Staff '40 '39 ittee '40 F' jaw: FRANKLIN TIANO QBudj Basketball '36, '37, '38, Manager '39 Football '37, '38, '39, Manager '40 Track '36 '37, '38 4-H Club '39 NATALIE JEAN TYRE qzvufy National Honor Society '39, '40 Student Council '39, '40 W. Va. Student Council Convention '40 B. I. P. '39, '40, President '40 Stunt Nite '38, '39, '40 Senior Council '40 Tri-Hi-Y '39, '40, Recording Secretary '39, '40 Typing Contest '39 Tiger Staff '40 Intramural Sports '37, '38 A Capella Choir '37, '38 Tiger Cub Typist '40 State Tri-Hi-Y Conference '40 May Fete '37, '38 "Oh! Doctor" '37 4-H '37, '38, '39, '40 CLAIR ULLOM fButfhj Cameron High School '37, '38 Football '38, '39 Basketball '38 E. H. S. '39, '40 Track '39 Football '40 Basketball '39, '40 Stunt Nite '40 LUKE VARCHETTO National Honor Society '39, '40 Football '37, '38, '39, '40 VIRGINIA WAMSLEY qcffmyy BETTIE WHETSELL B. I. P. '39, '40 LEONARD WHITE Football '37, '38 Basketball '37, '38, Track '37, '38 MARTHA BARRETT Band '37, '38 Orchestra '37, '38 Stunt Nite '37, '38, '39 WILLIAMS qMaWy '39, '40 Student Council '39, '40 Student Council Convention '39 Iunior Academy of B. I. P. '39, '40 Science '38, '39, '4 National I-Ionor Society '39, '40, Secretary-treasu Tiger Staff '40 Iunior Academy of G. A. A. '40 rer '40 ' Science Convention 39 May Fete '37, '38, '39 Intramural Sports '37, '38 "Oh! Doctor" '37 4-H Club '37, '38 Glee Club '38 "Going on Seventeen" '40 VIRGINIA W ITHERS fGinnyj Parsons High School '37, '38 Pep Club '37 4-H Club '37 Dramatic Club '37, E. H. S. '39, '40 938 'CORNELIA WOLVERTON QConniej Glee Club '37, '38 G. A. A. '39, '40 Tri-Hi-Y '39, '4 National Honor Society '39, '40, Vice-presi- MaY Fefe '37, '38, dent '40 Student Council '39, '40 Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer '39, '40 Intramural Sports '37 Stunt Nite '37, '40 State Tri-Hi-Y Convention '40 Treasurer Senior Class '40 Senior Council '40 THELMA WEESE Tri-Hi-Y '39, '40 B. I. P. '40 Tiger Staff '40 LILLIAN WHITE 'fButchj May Fete '37, '38 Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38 HUBERT WHITE fWhiziej Iunior Academy of Science '37, '38 Track '36, '37 Stunt Nite '38, '39, "Ohl Doctor" '37 . it 199 40 Intramural Sports '37, '38 State Tri-Hi-Y Co Tiger Staff '40 4-H '37, '38 ALICE LEW WONN G. A. A. '39, '40, Stunt Nite '39, '40 VIVIAN WOODELL "Ohl Doctor" '37 Intramural Sports May Fete '37, '38 CAROL WILMOTH Band '38, '39, '40 American Youth C Stunt Nite '39, '40 NALEENE WRIGHT nvention '40 fflllcy Oopj SCCfCI3l'y-IICRSUYCI' '37, '38 lub '39 Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38 Intramural Sports '37, '38 "Going on Seventeen" '40 F. H. A. '39, '40 5 'Nf S- F Q fiff,QX:' si Il znlronizv Uur Arlwrlisvrs ,, ,L QS X , -,If -Y f -- f ADVERTISEMENTS Q? 15 K C W K F fb W4 fn Wi .fb lv- T QQ ell A S f Q Q g vt. .W W Q 224 3 B Ok' ew 1 N M9 C Aq , 1 Qui? -, 'PANB o' Q' Af cs MA ECHO' en one shaft K ' O un' 1'1' nl muk' may ry' lurk. Bu! u'lu-n om' T .nnl vlwrrvvlllf Auulml "fly Cau- Iuu" ix fulluzrml ilrlnmlilzlrly' by ulmIln'r- uml .nmllvrr lnllil Hwy n'jn'1'J1'nI 41 fuu- lmuum rvconl of urlvivlwvzrrrf, Huw il num' nmru "goal lln1rfunmvlsbifl." Dvlaifs of .Ure wmuufnl Canton plan uill glmlly lu' girm nlllmnl ulfllvqaliolx Io any Amuml nfilor, ur Imrrmgrr, ufm ix irllvrcslrzf. oo-uooo CT THE CAN 595,54 GRAXFING D COMDA A H10 Watts-Sartor-Lear Company CLARKSBURG and ELKINS Elkins' Quality Wornen's Shop Third Street and Kerens Avenue MIRACLE VVHETSELIXS BEAUTY SALON INSURANCE AGENCY Skin and Sfalp Speciulixts GENERAL INSURANCE HAIR STYLISTS HAZEL HARNSBERGER, Owner Fire - Automobile - Life 9 Third Street Telephone 44 Accident Compliments DISTRIBUTING CO. HIPPODROME Wholesale Candy THEATRE Elkins, West Virginia Home of MGM Picture: It Pays to Trade With L. GOLDBERG and SONS Department Store Elkins, West Virginia A GOOD STORE IN A GOOD TOWN 1912 1940 ANDERSON'S The State? Largest Restaurant For Twenty-Three Years Home of the King Steak 407 West Main Street CLARKSBURG, W. Va. ll STANFORD JEWELRY STORE Authorized Distributor BULOVA WATCH Official Watch Inspector Western Maryland and Baltimore and Ohio Railroads Christine Laundry DYRE McLAUcH1.1N, Owner Dry Cleaning Rug Cleaning Garment Storage Phone 530 Central Meat Market I. B. SHREVI-:, Proprietor Fresh and Cured Meats of all Kinds Home Slaughterezl Meat: a Speciality 218 Davis Avenue Phone 195 JACOB'S ECONOMY STORE Clothing and Shoes Compliment: of Randolph Memorial Company Phone 954-I-I Leadsville Road Elkins RANDOLPH ENTERPRISE Pioneer Paper of the County O Third Street Elkins, West Virginia TYGART PHARMACY Special Attention Given To Prescription: CIGARS SODAS SANDWICI-IES SOUPS 214 Davis Avenue Elkins, West Virginia DAVIS AND ELKINS COLLEGE A four year college course offering the degrees of BACHELOR OF ARTS BACHELOR OF SCIENCE BACHELOR OF ELEM. EDUCATION Major: in English, Social Science, Commerce, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maihematicr, and Foreign Language: Th and also oF1ers a two-year normal course. e college prepares high school teachers and elementary teachers in four year courses ONE, TWO, and FOUR-YEAR courses in commerce in a college atmosphere. A ONE-YEAR COURSE IN AVIATION sponsored by the Civil Aeronautics Authority. This course includes Ground School and 50 hours Flight instruction, and leads to a Pilot's Certificate at the termination of the course. Spacious, Well-Equipped Laboratories For All Departments of Science Voice, piano, and violin instruction. Glee club and Orchestrag organized program of student activitiesg faculty advisers for each student. SUMMER SCHOOL OPENS IUNE ro FALL SESSION OPENS SEPTEMBER 18 For infornuztzon writc, Vmoira HARRIS, Registrar The Men's Store i' 'k 'A' CLOTHING HATS SHIRTS SHOES -.., 'A' ir ir Your Home Modern? If your present home isn't as well equipped C H for modern living as you would like . . . 0 I I plan now to make your home of the future an easy, enjoyable place in which to live. SELLS-IT-FOR-LESS Monongahela System Valley Company DAIRY SHOP ,obbm of 0 Hardware, Mill, and Mine Supplies Super Creamed Ice Cream Automobile Accessories C 204 Davis Avenue Phone 659 Elkins, vvest Virginia The Compliments of RANDOLPH 320 Davis Avenue Elkins, West Virginia Electrical Service HUFFMAN' S Service Station "That Good Gulf Caroline" EXPERT LUBRICATION SERVICE Phone 9936 Bo d Wecs GENERAL STORE 0 Home of Munsing Wear Corner Randolph Avenue and Davis St. Compliments of AND HOTEL RANDOLPH F. F d . T men oo in own SUPPLY A CO SINCE 1910 Phone 139 Davis Avenue Elkins, West Virginia Rosmvr BROWN, Manager The Manhattan Restaurant Fine Steaks and Sea Foods Phones 9645 - 2627 West Pike Street Clarksburg, W. Va. We are happy to announce that we have now finished remodeling and redecorating our restaurant. These give to the public added service and comfort. Elkins Patrons Are Always Welcome We have had the pleasure of serving the Elkins High School Athletic Teams, with their coach, Frank C. Wimer, for fifteen years. Compliments of I tl MANCDS THEATRE I l i I Elkins, West Virginia DAVIS TRUST COMPANY Eimblifhed IRQQ Does a General Banking and Trust Business Your Account and Business Solicited Member of fha Fade,-az Deposit znmi-me co,-,Jorma Elkins, West Virginia Your education is not complete until you have learned to know and to do. Knowledge creates confidence 5 doing creates self-control. With confidence and self-control you reach your goal. WEST VIRGINIA LUMBER COMPANY Elkins, West Virginia Strong - 131-Ogressive For School Growing News Read the - - Elkins Citizens I M . - HICI'-' Ollf1f2l1f1 National Bank The Latest in Local, State, Member of the Federal Rc'5c'rvc System and Nvatifjnal News Fedw-al Deposit iljwnfe Corporation Full Lezzsrd ,fissol-fated P,-gf: Wire' Try Our J ob Department Elkins, West Virginia Q Q I H Phone 121 Elklns, West Virginia john B. Wilt Company "The Men's Quality Store" Clothing, Furnishings, Hats, and Shoes STYLE and QUALITY at LOW PRICE l Compliments of Compliments , ' of Q05 .4 KELLY FOUNDRY and Finest Women? Apparel Shop ELKINS, Wnsr VmcxNlA MACHINE COMPANY PERCHAN'S Pure Oil Service Store Third Street and Kerens Avenue Elkins, West Virginia AUTO-ROCK Lubrication under actual driving conditions Bumper To Bumper Service TONY'S LUNCH Italian Spaghetti Our Specialty Home of Good Food 909 South Davis Avenue Phone 9901 ToNv MARQUEWE, Prop. Earle? for Home Dressed Meats, Groceries Count on I COLE BANK' S Don't be a Packhorse--We deliver for 0 SCHOOL SUPPLIES while in school. 0 GRADUATION GIFTS when leaving Earle's Meat Market School- Third Street Phone 477 0 SUPPLIES when starting into C ompliment: of H. B. MARTIN COAL O MARTIN-SNYDER CO. Davis Avenue Elkins, West Virginia For Better Drug Store Service Visit NEALE'S Drug Store Drugs, Cigars, Restaurant Dept. Phone 188 Elkins, West Virginia BRYANT MOTOR CO. West-Mar Creamery O Oldsmobile Cadillac P . asteurzzed LaSalle DAIRY PRODUCTS SAFETY TESTED USED CARS ' Phone 68 Phone '7l Elkins, West Virginia Compliments of . O , Hazeltme S IvAN HAZELTINE, Manager "A STORE FOR WOMEN" Elkins, West Virginia Compliment: of NEHI BOTTLING CO Boltlcr: of ROYAL CROWN COLA and PAR-T-PAK BEVERAGES O. B. DURRETT, Owner Cropp-Landis Bakery Incorporated Compliments of Watring Garage MILK MAID BREAD DODGE and PLYMOUTH Distributors Phone 251 Tenth Street I h Elkins, West Virginia P one 473 Compliments Compliments of Of Gullancl-Clarke N D R Y Wholesale Grocers il- Compliments of Cupp Eleetric Compan Visit Our New Store on Davis Avenue Next to Tygart Drug Store Phone 759 Compliments of and Air Mail Service F' S' Johnsjgn Drug CO' "Call the best and forget the rest" Family Drug Store Elkins, West Virginia Phone 35 GLENN W. GMM, Mgr' PREscR1PT1oN DRUGGISTS TRICKETTS Frank E. Wilson Oil Co Third Street Market COMPLETE FOOD MARKET Third Street Phones 393 and Elkins, West Virginia SERVICE STATIONS First Street and Davis Avenue Randolph and Harrison Avenues 394 Tire Reeapping and Vulcunizing A Speciality The Bank of Service The Tygarts Valley National Bank Member Federal of Elkins Deposit Insurance Corporatton ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA CHANNEL GROCERY COMPANY Wholesale Distributors Groceries Confections Flour Feed Roofing Phones 343 and 344 Cash Department 575 ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA Phone 104 E LKI N S Builders Supply The Comlmy DARDEN Builders' Supplies Company Lumber Brick Manufacturers and Iobbcr: Sand Plaster Flour Feed Grain Cement Lime . Fleldseed Phone 640 ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA West Virginia Photo Company Parsons, West Virginia 'lr E. VON HAVEN Photographer for the 1940 Tiger Boosters of Elkins High School W. Cam Armentrout Dr. G. C. Baker Dr. C. H. Bankhead Dr. V. F. Bird E. A. Bowers Bonn Brown Dr. R. J. Condry Elkins Shoe Shop Dr. P. L. Grey Dr. C. H. Hall Keim and Keim La Belle Beauty Shoppe Marinello Beauty Parlor Dr. Harry E. McNeish Dr. S. G. Moore Dr. Blair E. Simons W. H. Weese Dr. J. U. Baker Compliments 7 of Harwood s Store Phil Williams Coal CO. Green Goods Groeerles C al and Coke Bldg. Phone 982 PHONE 765 R liiiad Ave. Elkiiii, west viigiiii 212 Davis Suse' Herald Printing House Piedmont, West Virginia af A Plant Equipped With Modern Types and Machinery Adapted for the Production of Fine Book and Commercial Printing 'k Twenty Years' Experience in Printing School Newspapers and Year Books ir Our Motto "WHAT'S WORTH PRINTING IS WORTH PRINTING WELL" af This Book Is From Our Presses tn .531 nw' ' -- fpg' 1" - . , . L-a1-,...w.l- -ew' rr. . -- n .-,-W,-f.-,ff q,g5...,-.,.' -- -, .- f , ,1-N.-' -.13 - ww'-2" -. n, , , .--1. Ji. " l - .' ."'.f7 .J '..-17-pp' ' f.. .. . - . ,a.,,,,5I .lu . --J, -- - 1 1 . L- ' L ,w Y, 1" '-.""f'5 f --- f. ' 9 ' N-fig-.---r :ZVLQ 4 . . ' A n N". f . . ..- . .., . U ' ' ,N .. , H- Y .,',:- -. ' 1 , ., . if.,- . '.1', V, " Q" . ,X . - J' . , .'.- .1-1 il-,j W 9 -' , 5 W'Quf-.n+,g'- " ' E, -,-Qin. - : . ' V .- 1 . ,V M.,-J '4?...' - ' , . M ' I. uf W L . ,P ' - , , .Q ,,..-. J , 2 , , V . - .r I -,gi-,133-rl-fif. .. Q.. -'--Jai' ' --' LY, .: , ,viz ,'- ' -- V I F' 'l -sf -7- ,U :Z - - ', x E I , 5, - , . -11,-5. gr.-Q , . -',' ,- 'l'. -iff' .' ', . -. A-. .. .4,'f, .. m 1. 75. 'Sli f' J . ' Ei.:-5 '- . fy? .. r' j S- - .- QU-i 331' . v-I. li ,-.w ,: rP'.f1.I .- wjrz .4 -.,,- -'i- 1 .',:Qf!,,j.f f', A. ' 4 l"f,:k-- v . V... -95 I- .lf-E: 'INA' 111, j .w ".- .'.!'1' ' 1 'lf a'.6-4,'?'u- J' 1 ' . r ' " it ' ,x ' .- , .- . . -, - .-'-. ,'-- -I I X A. . . 3' , 71 Q' ' . w Fffllnf-4.i. .- ,Y J. . ' - - - 4,5 , - -.gp Aff. 3 -Y' 'uf' u 5 ' ' w ' f ' 19- .J.f?.tx,' , ' 1- ..-5-f-W,-1,1 .1 . ,. -gt.. " ' T - 5 o7' 'EF' ' W .Xl ' ' I ,il .I . J. . w V Q' 1 . -5,1 ""' . . . X .4 gf. - i-.bf . TMJ- T"- 'UTQ' " w . "K" '. 1. if '--f11!5'J:i, 'I .. .31-'L v.. 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'VW f,J'1, -I . : -if 1 -. ,.-L4 --r w. ..,1 1 ,-1,1 - I ,X I ,. --.11 , 1 ...J::i. x..4.1-A' V -' .41 .. 1 ,.:Q1.t1i,l, ,T .1 . " '1'. .4'1 .' 1,-1 'I ,111 1'- l4A 1 1 1 1 . V,.,,.. 1.,,, , . . ,1. J 1- . , - , 4"" 1 vl- X 1.,. 1 4 ,1--wa ,g1.r1 -1.11, . 1 . ,ri --Y 1,3 A '1 ' , -. 111 up' 1 1 1. .1 . I .1-.la.,!iJ. . . 19 54: 1 v K' --arf. 1 r . -2, - .5-' "-s.fr:- Y x ff wt. 'Jia .u, f ...M 1

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