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N .f 7 f......W Jw-bu f A-W -,qv wa .. Y 'f J' ' N w mrfmn I , 6 6. ,,.f ,, W. 1 ,IWV ,W 1 - 'M fn . Q 1 ,K l N r J 1 . f V V -V x 1 x I x Q, S, In This ALBUM, the Tiger Staff r, ls Presents The Reniinisoenoe of the 1939 Senior Class of Elkins High School Elkins, 'West Virginia. 6 V ig. 'Page Four our Album ffls usual we present our Tiger onee more We think it's better than ever beforej 'But better or worse it's for the same end CA history of our sehool days thoughtfully penned. Not just a hook but a linlq with the pastg Not just words and snaps but live memories that last We hope all our readers will view it that way Our old fashioned Album-our hook of today! Our Foreword 'The other day we had the nicest hit of praise tve've ever heard: It was from a person who said, "I've read your yearbook-every word!" It pleased us very much indeed To lqnozv that someone would pause to read Our small contribution, which shows Our every day school life, its highs and lows. We have tried to set forth in these pages QA record of our school life, in all its stages. We shout you our classes and our teachers, Qffthletics, music, and our features We think that personihes school life in every way! :f1d17li71l.SZl'tZli071 and the Tiger Staff, Organizations-little highlights to malqe you laugh. qffnd, our biggest feature-the Tiger Queen, Who, with her aides completes the drama on our screen Of pages filled with memories of our school days. 'Please, turn them one by one-and, for a short time-stay! Tage Five TIGER Editors IEANNE M. ALBERT MARGARET MAUCK Feature Editors DOROTHY PERKINS ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM ARBON LANG Classes MARY IANE CALAIN ARETA HAMRICK OPAL MOCAULEY Organizations HAZEL MURPHY IOSEPHINE PREYSZ CHARLES ZUMBRUNNEN A etiaities BETTY JEAN KEIM Tage Six STAFF Sports ERNEST COOPER SCOTT HOCKENBERRY IACK KESLING M usie IOAN IRVINE BETTY KERR Business Managers ROBERT GROSS ROBERT SHAW BETTY ANNE DURRETT LEWIS BUZZELL Photographer AUSTIN HENNING Our Parents When we were very young, we startea' to school, yflnd-sitting gravely on a stool, L We learned to write-sister, brother- 'But best of all-father, mother. wind during those younger days QAnd all along, in so many ways, We'zfe realized just how very much Our parents mean to us, and such LA lot it is we are owing to them :And it's hard we are trying to show to them That we do appreciate the things They always do for us. It brings Us up short and leaves as hlinlging, You know you realize a lot-just thinlqing! Page Seven Ygage Eight Gur Administration Like the ojieers of cz ship Stlllluilg safely on a trip fhrefzilly ste5'ing by their course Tracing trouble to its source. Considemte of the wishes of the crew, S0 well performifzg their duties that few Ill winds or rough seas bother Never getting in a "p0ther." 'That describes our ttdmiftixtratiorz well, we thin The teachers' and pupils' connecting lirzlq. ADMINISTRATION O0 Q , Z7 S n Page Ten Principal HENRY HAMILTUN IAMES B. BRUFFEY Assistant Principal Superintendent of Schools Asst. Superintendent of Selzools Page Eleven i by 1 7f'f2!S?Z0fff1ff9 ,ff 1. 1YA5f"""' Q? fdf MEM C.E.ZC-gyfwv f I KK A5f,,,.f:f.7 if I 'f" 1' " , . 92,441 M g0"'lAl"f.l'9'5"' 2,60-.V lzng in QvB,.mM ' Q-1520! Qfzfwfgq wwjm-Pm. eww L - , 1- LLMLQW may 51,21 .1zL.,...J4 ,alma Uv ,Q ' ' ww ,fm ww, gfwmwws f I r - Q CLUZQ age Fourteen Our Classes They say that education is for the massesj Therefore we now bring you all our classes. You will view them one by one,' Some seem solemn hut they all are full of For, of eourse, we study very hard 'But-and well put, too, hy some old time bard "LAN work and no play makes luck cz dull boy." So, sharing his opinion, we fnd ez lot of joy Tucked in with our work as we progress through our elasses First as Freshmen-finally Seniors-how time passes! CLASSES QCUZQ W Q of X 0 Q99 NANCY IOIINSON HELEN CURRENCE Yjagc Sixteen BUFORD CAROL ARCPIIE VIRGINIA AUSTIN GEORGE MONTGOMERY SHOMO BECK BARKER HENNING MCL1XUG1iLIN IOE MAIQTIJA LOU WILLIABI BESSIE EUGENE DOROTI-IY IDOVVLER TALBOTT LEE SMITH WEESE FEASTER LOWERY W,ARREN RUTH LAVVRENCE MARX' TI-IOINIAS STANLEY MACOLIBEIK RENNIX XVARD POWERS Ross DANIELS WILLITXRI BETTY .ANNE IRVINE LOVVERY DURIQETT ISNER ROSALIE EDWARD CjRAVVFORD COUOHLIN WARREN DONNA MAE BILLIE ISNBK ARBOGAST ISNER LCCILLE MAX NIARY IANE CARL DUMTRE KJTZIXIILLER CALAIN MAMS HAZEL IUNIOR BEATRICE BRADY hNLOW SHEETS THOMAS WOODDELL MARY NEIL NIILDRED ROBERT A. u CTILLOOLY LUTZ HINCHhI,'XN GROSS Page Seventeen -,- . .,. ...L . I L.....,L,. . .. .. ,L CIVVENDALINE ROBERT E. IXNITA HAVEN S. DELLA MAE XVILIMOTH SIIAWV MClBEE KESLING BOYLES X7ELDEN CORA ELLEN CHARLES IOAN 'THOLIAS LINN KENT JOHNSON IRVINE CARR HIXZEL IUENVER PAULINE LENVIS IQOZELLA NIURPHY BILLER IQIGIIT BUZZELL HINKLE Page Eighteen NORMAN PHILLIPS VVILKES XVRIGIIT ELIZABETH HART IOSEPIIINE PREYSZ CILORIA NIARQUETTE I ' kmMzh':f,,?x ' ' ,fi-A ,f SCOTT MAXINE HARVARD VIRGINIA BRUCE NANCY HOCKENBERRX' CROSS MIX RICE MERO HARRIS ANNA TROY ELIZABETH JOHN MADELINE NEIL HAMILTON WILBJOTIYI KERR MILES GRAZIANI CADE GUY TALMA ARBON MARGARET IAMES VIRGINIA LANTZ ERNEST LANG MAUCK Woon CHENOXVETH RUBY VVYATT ELXVANDA GRIMES 7Jage Nineteen 'P CIiARLES IUNE EDSEL THELMA HAZEL DOROTHA CAROLYN ZUMBRUNNEN GALLAHER PHARES PAYNE LANDIS HUFFMAN COLLETT HARRIETT DALE LEONA DERRILL CARL RUTH WHETSELL WEESE LANTZ FERGUSON COMER GRIMES I HARRY DOROTHY ERNEST BETTY IEAN IUANITA KATHLEEN VIVIAN SPONAUGLE PERKINS COOPER KEIM KING HARTLEY BRIGHT age Twenty . V A 7Y..., , . L YW, QW I MAX? SV NAOLA ARETA VAIDEN ELVA MAE FLORENCE fJPAL BURKE HAMRICK CUNNINGIIAIXI LOWERY COONTZ NIC3CAULEY CJENEVIEVE NIARGIJERITE CTERALDINE DELOIKES BETTY IUNE EVELYN MILLER ARBOGAS'F IQITTLE TI IuIxIIwsoN IQITTLE LEAKE , CHRISTINE IEANNE MARGARET ELIZABETII GENE .XNN XVEESE ALBERT RAIXISEY CUNNINGIIIXIXI SQHOUNOVER RICE I Q MtJNN.A I'1INER ELIZABETH MEIQO Y-'nge 'Twenty One RUTH HOGAN THELMA P1-HLLTPS Tugc Twenty 'Two DREXIE VIRGINIA EVELYN BOOTH CTATEVVOOD SINIITH MILDRED UNA GERALDINE POLING h4CELWAIN BRINEGAR BEATRICE IEANNE NEVA BILLIG CORLEY RIGHT IUANITA COLLETT ANALEE ROHR LILLIAN MILSTEAD Trade School The purpose of Vocational Edu- cation is to train young men for useful employment. Before enter- ing this twenty-four month course, these young men must have com- pleted two yearfof high school edt? cation and selected a vocation for which they desire preparation before entering as trained craftsmen. The Elkins High School Vocational Di- vision, one of the six divisions in West Virginia, was organized dur- ing September, 1937, with eight studentsg Eve more were added last fall. After finishing the course, the student is awarded a vocational di- ploma. lf the student has also com- pleted junior English and American history, he may receive a regular high school diploma. The morning classes of the El- kins Vocational School continue from eight to eleven o'clock during which time the students study me- chanical drawing, blue print read- ing, mathematics, vocational English and wood-working science. Each individual does his own work, and a class discussion is held when neces- sary. No set time is made for the study of any certain subject, but all work must be completed by a desig- nated date. The afternoon classes begin at one and end at four o'clock. This time is spent in the Wood working shop where cabinet making and mill work are done. Students do not work on individual projects but in groups much the way industrial or- ganizations function. The Elkins Vocational School has proved to be quite successful and has become an important factor in the education of this type of student. Elkins High School is quite proud of this addition to its curriculum. .HIGH i 'Hn Wm I ,Wat VV .T J!! 'QR - . 5 .. . .' . 'f'. 4, c Y r 4 Q E, vkrrr T 5 VV.. .7. by ...,,,,- ...,..--.. .-..,.-...., E... A. img, .Y .. - J BAILEY H1oo1Ns Docotas WILL.AIiD CANFIELD CHENOXVETH Woonnow HoMER T1-IAD EARL BODKIN CURRENCE LINN IQERNS REYNOLD Hiuxotn Lnw: Cotuzrr Ylzge Tzlfenty T11 ree N N 1 . Personalities The snaps, the snaps, what would we do, Without those snaps of you-and you? The candid camera rides again, With pictures new, and way back when. If you will look, then you will see Qene Hutton's beard, and, yessirreea :A four armed something-Bob and "Boots," 'But, watch yourself-the camera shoots! fflnd now there's Harriett of the sunny smile. With wide straw hat, Iune sets the style. Tom looks cornered, well he might, While Teeney cheer lfddf-jgghll, fight, fight! Henning of the magnetic eye- ff4rbon poses-Betty is sly! Well, well, there's Keim, the blocking tackle, These are so hot the paper'll crackle! QAnd now the Moores, who look so nice,' fflnd stepping fast, Virginia Rice. ffimmy Carroll stands at ease,' There's Miljoi' Zumbrunnen, if you please! 'Dorothy, caught in a cheerful grin, Others snapped when they sh0uldn't have been- For instance, Sarah in an embarrassing pose, 14nd jimmy Woods looking down his nose. Cjlflary Margaret and loan lead the way, With Billy as Robin Hood-children must play Jldr. Hamilton looks pleasant-he always is,' There's "Sour" saying, "He'll get his!" Jlfliss Ashby, a study in highlight and shadow, Singing, "Take me down to Colorado." Two lassies clad in evening dress. Come on, lilr. Phillips--you'd better confess! Of course there are others, important, too, 73ut we'ae just had time to show a few,' For candid cameras must work fast, To get the snaps while situations last! I Elkins I-Iigh School Senior Class, Elkins, Albert, Ieanne Albright, Rex Albright, Lofton Arbogast, Donna Mae Barker, Virginia Beck, Archie Biller, Denver Booth, Drexie Boyles, Della Mae Bright, Vivian Brinegar, Geraldine Burke, Naola Buzzell, Lewis Calain, Mary lane Callison, Bobbie Callison, 'Virginia Campbell, Ernest Canfield, Douglas Carr, Maurice Carr, Thomas Carroll, Iames Chambers, Mack Chenoweth, Virginia Chenoweth, Willard Collett, Carolyn Comer, Carl Coontz, Florence Cooper, Ernest Corley, Denver C., Ir. Corley, Ieanne Corley, Virl Coughlin, Edward Crawford, Rosalie Cunningham, Elizabeth Cunningham, Vaiden Currence, Helen Daniels, Stanley Dowler, Ioe Dumire, Lucille Durrett, Betty Anne Enlow, Hazel Ernest, Talma Feaster, Eugene Ferguson, Derrill Gallaher, Iune Gatewood, Virginia Gillooly, Mary Graziani, Madeline Grimes, Elwanda Grimes, Ruth Gross, Robert Hamilton, Anna Hamrick, Areta Harris, Nancy Hart, Elizabeth Hartley, Kathleen Hayes, Robert Henning, Austin Hinchman, Mildred Hiner, Monna Hinkle, Rozella Hockenberry, Scott Hogan, Ruth Huffman, Dorotha Irvine, Ioan lsner, Billie Isner, Irvin Isner, Warren Iohnson, Charles Iohnson, Nancy Keim, Betty Iean Kelley, Helen Kent, Cora Ellen Kerr, Elizabeth Kesling, Haven King, Iuanita Kittle, Betty Iune Kittle, Geraldine Kitzmiller, Max Landis, Hazel Lang, Arbon Lantz, Guy Lantz, Leona Leake, Evelyn Linn, Velden Lowery, William Lowery, Dorothy Lowery, Elva Mae Lutz, Neil Macomber, VVarren Mams, Carl Marquette, Gloria Mauck, Margaret McBee, Anita McCauley, Opal McElwain, Una McLaughlin, George Mero, Bruce Mero, Elizabeth Miles, Iohn Miller, Genevieve Mix, Harvard Milstead, Lillian Montgomery, Buford Murphy, Hazel Murphy, Marjorie Newman, Mary Ann O'Hara, Howard Payne, Thelma Perkins, Dorothy Phares, Edsel Phillips, Norman Phillips, Thelma Poe, Eva Poling, Mildred Powers, Mary Preysz, Iosephine Ramsey, Margaret Rennix, Ruth Rice, Ann W. Va. Rice, Virginia Right, Neva Right, Pauline Rohr, Analee Ross, Thomas Schoonover, Gene Shaw, Robert E. L. Sheets, Iohn C., Ir. Shomo, Carol Smith, Evelyn Smith, William Lee Sponaugle, Harry Talbott, Martha Lou Thomas, Beatrice Thompson, Delores Vint, Robert Ward, Lawrence Weese, Dale Weese, Bessie Weese, Christine Haggerty Whetsell, Harriett Wilmoth, Gwendaline VVilmoth, Troy VVooddell, Brady Wood, Iames Wright, Dale O. Wright, Wilkes Wyatt, Ruby Zumbrunnen, Charles Page 'Twenty Fwe F lx Class of 1940 Leafing through the old family album, we land many old daguerrotypes which recall the happy mem- ories of our freshman and sophomore days in Elkins High School. VVe contributed many outstanding mem- bers to the various departments of the school in our first two years. In athletics there were Hve letter meng in the music department we sent five of our number to Huntington in the All-State Band, and some of our honor grade students prove that we have brains, Turning another page, we find our class as jun- iors publishing one of the best uTiger Cubsf, helping present the "Tiger Frolic,', and sponsoring "Stunt Nite." Ziegfield himself could not have glorihed more girls than we did that night. The Iunior Council was electedg and surely no better executive ability could be found than that shown by Ioseph Mams, Sarah Harman, Betty Haas, Geraldine Heltzel, Paul Dornblazer, Wallace Rohr- baugh and Harry Scott, the first four of these being the regular class officers. We are well represented in the band with three of our fair femmes-Reba Lam- bert, Marie Harwood and Virginia Fulk-sponsors and Wallace Rohrbaugh who expertly twirls the baton. At the time the history was written only half the school year had been completed, but we know we will present the Iunior-Senior Prom. Our class is ably guided by our sponsors, Miss Elva Harris, Miss Elizabeth Moore and Mr. Iames Green. Sophomore Class The Sophomore Class, feeling that we now 1511 an important place in Elkins High School, started the year by electing the following class officers: President, Harry Phillips, Vice-President, Charles Rennixg Secre- tary-Treasurer, Iames Rice, and cheer leader, Marjorie Lanham. We have every reason to be proud of a class that has several members on the honor roll, five lettermen in football, and won the prize given for the best stunt at Stunt Nite by presenting the play 6'Wild Nell, thc Pet of the Plainsf, Our class assisted the freshman and junior classes by helping stage this year's "Tiger Frolicf, In fact we are a class that is always on the job, and we are willing to help anytime we can. We are looking forward to an outstanding era as next year,s progressive juniors under the supervision of our class sponsors, Miss Irene Eib, Miss Mabel Wood- ward, and Mr. Carl Moore. wsu 3 1i Freshman Class On September 6, 1938, we, the largest class ever to enter Elkins High School, started our four-year journey. For the first few days we were so bewildered we could scarcely find our way around. Soon, however, we entered with a will into school life by electing our class officers as follows: President, Charles Kyleg Vice-President, Zan Whiteg Secretary- Treasurer, Carl Payne, and a bundle of energy, Lor- aine Snyder, as our cheer leader. We have accomplished much which disproves the idea held by the upperclassmen that we are below their notice. We have contributed two lettermen to the football squad, we gave a dancing act at Stunt Nite, more subscribed than any other class to the K'Tiger Cub," and in addition we have had a greater number of stu- dents on the honor roll than any other class. We firmly believe that Elkins High School should be proud of its 1939 Freshman Class. Our class advisers are Mrs. Irene C. Wimer, Mrs. Anna C. Moore and Mr. Iesse Stewart. Calendar of Events September 5, 1938 ---- School Opened September 12, 1938 - Football Season Opened November 22, 1938 ----- Tiger Frolic November 24, 1938 - Thanksgiving Holiday November 29, 1938 - - - - B. I. P. School Dance December 16, 1938 ----- Stunt Nite December 21, 1938 - - - - - Christmas Holiday December 26, 1938 Basketball Season Opened Ianuary 18-19, 1939 March 9, IO, 11, 1939 March 15, 1939 - - March 25, 1939 - - - ----- New Semester - - Sectional Tournament Literary Elimination Contest - - District Music Contest March 31, 1939 April 7, 1939 April II, 1939 April 14, 1939 April 22, 1939 - - -I Tygarts Valley Round Table - - - - - - - - Easter Holiday Annual Visit, Mountaineer Week Team - - - - -- - - - Senior Play -- Monongahela Valley Track Meet May 6, 1939 - ----- Sectional Track Meet May 1939 - - - Recognition Day Assembly May 1939 - - - - May Fete CG. A. AQ May I939 - Iunior-Senior Prom May 1939 - - Class Sermon May 1939 ---- Senior Banquet May 1939 ------ Class Night May 1939 - - - High School Commencement Those 'Who I-Iave Worked The Tiger Stalf realizes that it is impossible to write a year book that would please every one in every way. However, they have put forth their best efforts to make a book which will be of interest to the majority of people. Much credit is due to the staff which has labored the entire year to publish this book. Loud praise should be given to the edi- tors, leanne Albert and Margaret Mauck, who have worked untiring- ly doing the many tasks connected with editorship. The true credit goes to Miss Cleo Digman, supervisor of the staff, for, she is the essential figure in the publishing of the "Tiger.,l The staff was chosen by Miss Digman last fall and since that time she has worked daily in order to make the project successful. She has willingly and wisely guided the staff through the entire year, giving valuable information and help to any who need it. The Tiger Staff, as well as the Senior Class, wishes to thank Miss Digman for her kind and constant supervision in helping to make this year,s book a success. Though the entire staff should be given full recognition for all they have done, we feel that special mention should be made of Dorothy Perkins, for she, as co-editor of the feature sections, has vividly portrayed her artistic ability in planning the features of the "Tiger." She also Wrote all the poetry found in this book. The staff and the Senior Class recognize Dorothy's ability and wish to take this opportunity to thank her for her fine cooperation with the staff and her excellent contributions to the "Tiger.,, Tenge Twenty Nzne Th NAOLA BURKE Tiger Queen VIRGINIA RICE UNA MCEI.XX'AIN .Aides to Queen Yjzzge 'Thirty One GEQS H WW " -.fi of TX 0 iss g 1' r U ff f, A Qs Qc KS - 0 Q it We S 4335? Tage Thirty Two Our Organizations "Variety is the spice of life," they say Our high school has it, in every way 'Personified in our organizations-there are many, Though we'll admit, that, once, we hadn't any! National Honor Society and lunior Academy of Science for the wise, The Student Council, which faithfully tries To help in governing and improving the school. Hi-Y, the boys' club, making clean lining one of its rulesg 'B. I. P., for girls-one of the school's finest clubs. The G. A. A., for Athletic girls-their stars of today were yesterday's scrubs The F. H. A., among other things, its members cook! QAnd, last, the Tiger Staj' which writes this book. ORGANIZATIONS G Q 7 Q 0,1 SQ 17 Q Q9 Tags 'Thirty Four National Honor Society The Fasces Chapter ot the National Honor Society of Elkins High School was organ- ized during the school year of 1934 with twenty charter members. Since that time on the second Wednesday of every February, new members are taken in. These members are chosen scholastically from the upper third of the junior and senior classes. They are selected by the faculty according to scholarship, leadership, character, and service. The total membership of the society is now one hundred and oneg sixty-live of this number have continued their education in institutions of higher learning either in this or some other state. Officers for the Hrst semester were President, Margaret Mauckg Vice President, Har- riett Whetsellg Secretary, Ieanne M. Albert, Treasurer, Carl Mams. New ones were chosen for the second semester. The Student Council Although known as the Student Council, the full name of this organization is "The Student Government Association of Elkins High Schoolf' Its members are elected from the four classes and various school organizations. Mr. Hamilton, our principal, is the spon- sor, and Mr. Powers is the faculty adviser. The main endeavor of the council is to be truly representative of the school. It is always ready to assist the principal and faculty in any way possible. 4 The council has been quite active this year, not only in carrying out the routine duties such as running the Lost and Found department, ushering visitors, caring for building and grounds, but also it has revised its constitution to make the council a more effective body. Several ro'ects have been effected to raise mone for the council's ex enses. P J Y P The ofhcers are President, Arbon Lang, Vice-President, Robert Gross, Secretary, Sarah Harman, Treasurer, Paul Dornblazer. They have all done well this year and have the hearty support of the council. 'Page Thirty Five 'Page Thirly Six H1-Y The Elkins Hi-Y Club was formed in 1917 for the purpose of creating, maintaining, and extending throughout the school and community higher standards of Christian char- acter. The Hi-Y Club is now composed of twenty-three boys and a sponsor. The club stands for clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living. This club is a member of the National Fellowship, West Virginia Fellowship, and the Monongahela Council of VVest Virginia Hi-Y Clubs. Austin Henning, our club presi- dent, is also president of our council and our state organization. The Elkins Hi-Y Club has several projects that are intended to help the school and community. Among these is the conducting of the devotionals at the weekly school assem- bly. For two years the Elkins club has given food and toys at Christmas time to the needy. Also, an annual project is the sale of Hi-Y bonds as an investment for the youth of 'West Virginia. A new project this year was the abolishment of the old fashioned initiation. This was the Hrst club in our high school to abolish initiation, but we hope it will prove to be a worthy example which will be followed by the other school clubs. The club entertains with many social activities throughout the year. Among these are the semi-annual banquets which we think are highlights as they tend to foster friendship between the boys of the Hi-Y Club and their fellow students. We feel that the Hi-Y Club, at least in a few ways, attains a part of the goal intended for it to reach. The oliicers are President, Austin Henning, Vice-President, Thomas Ross, Secretary, Robert Gross, Treasurer, Carl Mams, Chaplain, Wallace Rohrbaugh. sidejat 16031 Z , a,enuJ, city. Miss. Tyre Hostess " To Tiger Staff Miss Natalie Tyre entertained the members of the Tiger staff, of the Elkins high school, last night at her home on Central street. The Tiger, the high nual, was distributed at,asse1nbly, and the viewed and discussed party last night. school an- it at the During the, evening, course was served to the follow- ing: Miss Wanda Shaw, Miss Mar- tha Barrett Williams, Luke Var- chetto, Miss Jearline Heltzel Miss Sarah Harman, Paul Dornblazer, Miss Mildred Doerr, Miss Mary Margaret Carroll, John Folger, can Curtis, Kenneth Ke1ley,,Miss Cleo Digman, advisor, and the,,ho's- tess, Miss"'T,yre. A f - Entertains Ci cel ' f A yesterday staff re- w a :salad I and lier, an for .ent, acted tories story o de- Israel e met 9 into single mon- vid's f of ns. t l eronau A administrator overlaps. resulting in confus- now ion. The safety board, lie said. "run make only a limited contribution to air satetyw as it now stands. M reover, he argued. transfer of its duties to the Civil Aeronautirs board involved a guarantee that the board would make "independ- ent investigations of aircraft acci- dent." Senator McCarran CD-Nevl, op- posing' the reorganization pro- posal, sought, ineanwliile, to oh- tain immediate Senate coiisidera- tion of the plan, but administra- tion leaders sought to delay de- bate until the reorganization com- mittee completes heariugs tomor- row. .,,.,.!.. iU"l' WDiCiS . C HGPSGN NEW YORK, May 9-t.lPJ- Howard "f're'1- one of the fr ' B. I. P. This year the B. I. P., the oldest and most prominent girls, club in high school, has had one of the most successful programs in the history ol the club. In September fourteen junior and senior girls lost their dignity for three days by being initiated into the B. I. P. Club. After the inception of new members the first thing these energetic girls did was to transform a dusty ofhce into an attractive club room. They then sponsored the jolliest of parties, a Mkiddie dancef, They Won second place in Stunt Nite when "Ferdinand, the Bulln cavorted for them. These girls trimmed the trees which brightened the auditorium for the Christmas assembly program. Through the B. I. P. certain families had a merry Christmas dinner which they otherwise would not have had. These girls and the I-Ii-Y boys held a hilarious "Time Mooches Onv party. Carrying out the custom of former years, these girls presented a good comedy for their assembly pro- gram in Ianuary. Every year the B. I. P. sponsors one of the nicest dances of the school year, the B. I. P. "Spring Formalf, They also hold an election dinner dance during May. Small Wonder that the twenty-one girls are proud to say, "I am a member of the B. I. Pf' Miss Elizabeth Moore, the sponsor, can well be proud of the Work of the club. The officers are President, Harriett Whetsellg Vice-President, Jeanne Albert, Secretary, Margaret Mauckg Treasurer, Betty Kerr. 'Page 'Thirty Seven Tjage Thirty Eight Future Homemalzers Association The Future Homemaliers Association was organized by a group of girls from the home economics classes with Anna Cheeseman Moore as sponsor and Mary lane Mar- quette as president. The club prepared cold lunches and sold them at the lunch hour. With the profits from these lunches the club sent the retiring president and the new president, Vai- den Cunningham, to represent their club at the state meeting of Future Homemakers at Oglebay Park, Wheeling, VVest Virginia. Mary Iane Marquette was elected state treas- urer for the year 1938-39. New members were taken into the club in October, 1938. To be eligible for mem- bership in this club, one must have completed or be completing two years of vocational home economics. ln October, 1938, the F. H. A. members started on a new project, that of serving hot lunches. This worthwhile project has proved successful as it has been helpful both to teachers and students who remain at school during lunch hour. The profits from this project will be used to send representatives to the state meeting again next year. A pin, characteristic of the work of the club, will be selected at that meeting. Members who have fulfilled their duties in the club work will receive a pin next fall. The oHicers are President, Vaiden Cunningham, Vice-President, Anna Moore, Sec- retary-Treasurer, Virginia Sleeth. G-. A. A.. The Girls, Athletic Association, symbolic of sportsmanship, loyalty and fairplay, has during a very short time become outstanding in the activities of Elkins High School. The G. A. A. was organized in 1935 with twenty five charter members chosen from the gym classes. These girls were selected for their sportsmanship, cooperation, and at- titude of fair play. During the school year the G. A. A. sponsors several outstanding activities, one of which is the annual May Pete. Nine senior girls are chosen by the G. A. .A. members. From these girls the student body elects the May Queeng the other eight girls are prin- cesses. Another activity this club sponsors is a A'Spring Formalf, held before the May Pete. At this time the May Queen is announced. The G. A. A. has a basketball team which has been quite outstanding this year. They also participate in other athletic contests such as volley ball, kick-pin, tennis, and basketball. Miss Louise Sleeman, girls, athletic director of Elkins High School, is the G. A. A. sponsor. The officers for the school year 1938-39 are President, Virginia Rice, Vicefpresident, Noala Burke, Secretary, Ruth Grimesg Treasurer, Dorothy Lowery. 'Page 'Thirty Nine Q 'Page F Orly Junior Academy of Science The Elkins Chapter of the West Virginia Iunior Academy of Science, one of the educational organizations of Elkins High School, was organized in 1936 by the science teachers of this school. The club is now under the supervision of Mr. Eugene Hutton, Mr. Iames Green, and Mr. Carl Moore. The purpose of this organization is to provide for further study in the Held of science among the students of Elkins High School. lts membership is available only to high ranking students who are taking or have taken a science course in high school. Included in the clubis plan of Work is a tour to some point of interest in the state. Each year the academy sends representatives to the state convention which will be held at Char- leston this year. Austin Henning, the etlicient president, has done much toward advancing the interest and Work ofthe club. He is also vice-president ot the State Iunior Academy of Science and this year had the distinction of being the only high school student to attend the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science held at Richmond, Virginia. Due to careful organization, good leadership, and increasing interest, the Elkins Chapter of the Iunior Academy of Science has taken a very prominent position among the organizations of our high school. The officers are President, Austin Henning, Vice-President, William McCauleyg Secretary-Treasurer, Ieanne M. Albert. ARETA I-IAMRICK r"""N KJPAL MCCAULEY MAIQY II-XNE CIXL.'XIN IOAN IRVINE BETTY K Eli R 'R AUSTIN I-IENNING BETTY JEAN KEIM NIARGARET MAUCK, Editor IEANNE ALBEIIT, Editor IACK KESLING SCOTT PIOCKENBERRY ERNEST COOPER HAZEL MUIQPHY IOSEPIIINE PREYSZ CHARLES ZUMBRUNNEN ROBERT GROSS ROBERT SHAW LEWIS BUZZELL BETTY ANNE DURRETT DOROTHY PERKINS ELIZABETH CUNNINGHABI ARBON LI-ING ,,,,,,Wn..-m........---W, W.,-... if V ji , 5? L,-3 I fs iff---..f-X Hzge Forty One 1 I W W I i 'Page Forty 'Two Y,YY ,YVY Y 1 Y Our Music F fwusie .voolhex the savage beast, qjmflblfl-C"5 lo jitlerhugs wha! breazl if zo year! Soft notes to soothe Loaf notes to .fmoothe Ruffled fl'C'l1-flgf or loaesielq soulx. Jlfluslf in pictures, dramazizea' xfarx' roles. The blare of the bana' ,Jflalqex everyone xtand With high-flying sp1'rz't5-hal in hand, While the oruhe5t1'a's rlasxics and harmony Would make a rlizforeee forget alimony. MUSIC 0 S ' -1- Page Forty Four O11 Parade The band stepped out in splendid marching form this year under the direction of the new instructor, Mr. Leland Westfall. They also have a new drum major, Wallace Rohrbaugh, who with his pep has given the organization plenty of snap. The band is most outstanding on the football Held. There the members parade between the halves of every game. Thus they add color and arouse enthusi- asm among the spectators. This group of musicians does not end its entertainment on the football field for it adds greatly to the gay spirit of the basketball games and the tournarnentsg plays for all high school assem- blies and aids any civic organizations when asked to do so. Y7V YY This year the band is planning to attend the State Band Festival at Huntington in early May, where it will compete with the other bands of West Virginia. Another event on the band calendar was a concert held February 23 at the central school building. At the beginning of the year six lovely girls were chosen as sponsors for the band. They wear white uniforms with orange letters spelling K'Elkins,' on the front. With their white boots and high orange plumed hats, they greatly add to the vim and vigor of the band. These sponsors are Virginia Rice, Reba Lam- bert, Marie Harwood, Naola Burke, Virginia Fulk and Ann Chambers. Elkins High School is very proud of having one of the outstanding bands in West Virginia. Girls' G-lee Club The Glee Club this year has taken a very im- portant step forward in reaching an important place in the school curriculum. In spite of getting a late start, the members learned that they are the largest Glee Club Elkins High School has had for several years. There are fifty two enrolled in this worth while project. These members were divided into two classes which meet at nine and ten o'clock on Mondays and Thursdays. The accompanists are DeSales Purkey and Mildred Doerr. The members of the Glee Club, who are seniors and who have had two years, work, will receive music letters. It is agreed, we are sure, that these girls are deserving of this reward. The attention of the student body was focused on the Glee Club when it presented two numbers on an assembly program given by the music department. Mr. Westfall, the director, is looking forward to having larger Glee Clubs next year among both boys and girls so that even more may be accomplished than has been this year. Twge Forty Five Ynage Forty Six ATHLETICS WWW Our Coach Our coach, Mr. Frank C. Wimer, started teaching in Elkins High School on December 19, 1918. He returned to West Virginia University in September, 1919, and completed his work on an A. B. Degree on February 5, 1920. After this he returned to Elkins where he again assumed his temporarily abrupted teaching duties. He start- ed coaching in the fall of 1920 in addition to his teaching. He has taught physics, chemistry, geology, algebra, history, civics, and many other subjects while he has been with us. He completed work in both Columbia and West Virginia Unive1'sities in 1936 for his Master of Arts Degree. When Mr. Wimer first started coaching at our school, we didn't have a football Held or a basketball court. Football was practiced and played in an open field back of the school house, basketball was practiced and played at the Y. M. C. A. The first few years he was coach Mr. Wimer took the boys to a football camp near Cheat River, where many learned to their dismay that profane language would not be used on an Elkins High School team. Our coach is rated as one of the best in West Virginia. He has attended coaching schools of such well known men as Knute Rockne, Walter E. Meanwell, Fielding H. Yost, Wallace Wade, H. C. Carle- son, Bernie Bierman, '4Chick', Davies, "Iock', Sutherland and "Lit- tle Sleepyw Glenn. Page Folly blgllf Our stadium was built in 1936 at a cost of about four thousand dollars. This was accomplished as a result of much work by Coach Wimer. It was named the VVimer Stadium as a compliment to our coach. Our present gymnasium was built when the high school was erected. Mr. Wimer has had several champion teams in both football and basketball. We won the football championship of VV'est Virginia in 1928 and were awarded second place in 1929, the only year the State Board of Appeals rated the teams. The basketball championship has been annexed twice since Mr. Wimer has been coaching in our school-in 1926 and 1935. We have had many other good teams during the past years. Elkins High has had many outstanding athletes. Some of which are All-American "Biggie,' Goldberg, "Big Sleepy" Glenn, "Little Sleepyi' Glenn, "Bud" Shelton, HChick7' Harding, Clay Martin, "Squintv Phares, Albert Biasi, Yost Cunningham, and many others. Coach Wimer has had nineteen successful years in our school and this yearis Tiger staff sincerely wishes for him as much glory in the future as he has had in the past. CARL MAMS, co-captain, has played regular end for three years and was all conference end this year. Carl has been one of Elkins Highis outstanding ends for the past several years. ERNEST CAMPBELL, co-captain, has played both tackle and guard and was a member of the North team in the North-South ' football classic this year. He has been a dependable all around athlete. ELWOOD GOODMAN has been the outstanding back on our team for the past three years and was regular end while a freshman. He is one of the fastest and largest backs we have ever had at Elkins High. IUNIOR SHEETS developed into a Hne guard this year and was a good blocker and fine defensive man. ROBERT HAYES played a very good game at center on both the offensive and defensive. He backed up the line well and was good at breaking up passes. His passing was above the average. SCOTT HOCKENBERRY is one of the lightest backs in the his- tory of the school, yet he was six feet tall, but very tough and never seemed to get hurt. Scott was a fine forward passer, a good blocker, a strong defensive man, and a fair ball carrier. ARCHIE BECK played a very good game when he was substituted for Cox at fullback. ROY COLLINS, playing his first football, did very well when he Wgot into the game. DERRILL FERGUSON, playing his Hrst football, showed great promise and played well when inserted into the lineup. LEE NOEL played a good game at guard and would have been in there more if he had had more experience when the season began. BRUCE MERO and HADREN SPICER were better than average managers and will be missed next fall. The following were also lettermen: Willard Collett Robert Galkowski Thurman Isner Robert Corrick Raymond Satterfield Charles Rennix Glenn Skidmore lack Lowery Neil Lothes Luke Varchetto Ioe Mams Tony Tucci Iames Cox Leland Everett Our cheerleader this year is Christine Haggerty Weese. CAPTAIN CARL MAMS, playing his third year as a regular, is one of the best defensive guards Elkins has had. His ability to intercept an opponent's pass is uncanny. Carl was picked as guard on the All-Sectional Tournament team and won second place in the foul shooting contest in the Tourney. ERNEST CAMPBELL, playing his second year as a regular, was one of our best offensive men on the fast break. He had re- markable speed and shooting ability for a man six feet three. Campbell Hnished at the mid-year. SCOTT HOCKENBERRY, while playing his first year as a regular, proved to be a fine all-round performer and when he graduated at mid-year along with Campbell our team was greatly handi- capped by lowered team scoring power. WILLARD COLLETT, a sophomore, who is playing his second year as a regular, has been the main scorer of our team during the second semester. Collett was picked on the All-Sectional Tournament team because of his improved defensive work. IAMES COX, regular forward, is playing his First basketball out- side of gym classes. Cox is the surest shot on the squad and has great speed but is somewhat handicapped by his lack of reach. IAMES RICE, sophomore forward, is a fine rebound man and a good shot but is handicapped by small size. ROBERT GALKOVVSKI, sophomore, is playing his first basketball as a regular and is one of the best fighters on the squad. He is a big, rugged boy, and should develop into a good player. ELWOOD GOODMAN, junior, has never played much until this year but has developed into a fine defensive man. His cool- ness undoubtedly won the Parsons game here. ROBERT GROSS, senior, never reported for athletics before but has made good progress. With more experience he should de- velop into a fine player. He has great speed and plenty of fight- ing spirit. IACK LOWERY, freshman, has played most of the games as a regular and should develop into a fine player before he is through school. CLAIR ULLOM, junior, who came to Elkins from Cameron High School in the middle of the year, is the fastest man on the squad and has put lots of pep into our green team. EDWARD SHAFFER, a junior, has possibilities of a fine forward with a little more experience. IOE MAMS is developing into a good guard and is one of the most scrappy players in school. FRANKLIN TIANO and DALE WEESE have proved to be good managers. CHRISTINE HAGGERTY WEESE has been a Hne cheer-leader as proved by the fact she was chosen the best cheer-leader at the Sectional Tourney and again at the Regional Tourney. 'Page Forty Nine Tags Fifty Q vj iff CSALKOVVSKI 4 f MAM s, C. ! GOODNIAN VARCHETTO MNNNNNN 'NM CORRICK MAMS, CAIMPBELL SKIDAIORE COLLE'r'r SATTERFIELD SHEETS HKDCKENBERIKX' Cox HAYES BECK Gur Basketball Team Team, we canit help it, weive got to get it off our chests- Fellows, Elkins High thinks you're the bestl You have the spirit, the spunk, and the Fight- You showed it at Grafton that eventful Friday night. We knew you were grand and you've doubly shown it now, Elkins High teamsters, before you we bowl To Captain CARL MAMS we owe an unparalleled debt. His unfaltering leadership, none of us can forget. ERNEST CAMPBELL, lanky, a Hne center and sport, IAMES RICE, forward, showing his value on every court. WILLARD COLLETT, forward, tall, slim, our "hot shots' man, ROBERT GALKOWSKI, find a better guard if you canl SCOTT HOCKENBERRY, forward, loyal, true blue, IAMES COX-we're proud of him as a forward, too. ELWOOD GOODMAN, a strong guard and sturdy playerg And ROBERT GROSS, center. Find a boy who is gayerl IACK LOWERY is an all around guard, IOSEPH MAMS, there's a boy who plays hard! EDWARD SHAFFER, forward, though not much in girth, Has, like CLAIRE ULLOM, proved his worth! And no team is complete without its managers- Ours are DALE WEESE, and FRANKLIN TIANO. And there folks, you have them-our boys are on topg You know-We all know-theyire the cream of the cropl Page Fifty One ,- - 'Page Fifty Two The Speed Sportsters The track and field squad of Elkins High School started its 1938 season very success- fully by winning over a strong Alumni squad by a score of 156k to gzw. Again the Tigers kept their record clean by defeating the strong Valley teams with 60 points while East Fairmont ran a close second with 56M points. The following week Elkins came in second among the powerful Big Ten teams. Morgantown was first with 78 points while Elkins came in second with 60 points. The last meet held in the Wimer Stadium was the Sectional Meet where the Wimermen won a decisive victory with 103 points, while Grafton was second with 77 pOlf1tS. The Tigers entered in the Annual State Track meet at Morgantown. We feel sure that Captain Elect Elwood Goodman and his co-workers will have a very successful 1939 season and we wish them the best of luck in this undertaking. liillzxlll Heroes of the Turf Elkins High School Tigers started the IQ38 football season at an early date with Charleroi, Pennsylvania, one of the few out of state teams Elkins has ever played, where they lost to the strong Pennsylvania eleven 1440. They returned to Elkins on Saturday and beat an inspired Alumni eleven I2-O on Monday. They won two victories from Bel- ington and Parsons 33-6g 38-6 respectively. Victory upset Elkins by a score of 14-13, although the yardage was in favor of Elkins. Elkins started on a winning streak by defeating a powerful Weston team I2-OQ a mighty Buckhannon team I9-7g a hard driving Shinnston team I2-6g and a Urazzle-dazzle" Davis team 26-6. Elkins, after resting one week-end, lost to a powerful Morgantown team 6-o at home. The Tigers completed one of the most successful seasons in several years by defeating a good East Side Fairmont team 26-o at the VVimer Stadium. 'Page Fifty Three Football Scores ELKINS 0 CHARLEROI 14 ELKINS I2 ALUMNI 0 ELKINS 33 BELINGTON 6 ELKINS 38 PARSONS 6 ELKINS I3 VICTORY I4 ELKINS I2 WESTON 0 ELKINS I9 BUCKHANNON 7 ELKINS I2 SHINNSTON 6 ELKINS 26 DAVIS 6 ELKINS 0 MORGANTOWN 6 ELKINS 26 EAST FAIRMONT 0 ELKINS 25 CAIVIP TYGART 0 Basketball Scores ELKINS 31 TYGARTS VALLEY 20 ELKINS 34 ALUMNI 36 ELKINS 39 EAST FAIRMONT 23 ELKINS 29 BUCKHANNON 30 ELKINS 57 WESTON 35 ELKINS 39 MORGANTOWN 20 ELKINS 35 BELINGTON 18 ELKINS 27 PARSONS 18 ELKINS 27 PHILIPPI 39 ELKINS 45 WESTON 3Q ELKINS 29 BUCKHANNON 38 ELKINS 27 PARSONS 23 ELKINS 23 SI-IINNSTON 30 ELKINS 43 BELINGTON 32 ELKINS 21 SHINNSTON 38 ELKINS 36 VICTORY 32 ELKINS 42 VICTORY 33 ELKINS 31 DAVIS 40 ELKINS 49 TYGARTS VALLEY 25 ELKINS 22 MORGANTOVVN 27 ELKINS 44 EAST FAIRMONT 39 Intramural Sports In the girls' physical education classes kick-pin, volleyball, basketball, softball, and track are featured. The girls are divided into teams which compete with each other in tournaments held at noon in the gym- nasium. Each girl receives a certain number of points on her athletic award by participating in these tourna- ments. Any girl having three hundred points re- ceives a large Eg any girl having one hundred seventy- five points receives a small E. For the boys, physical education, soccerball, volleyball, basketball, and softball are the main sports. After two months of practice in each sport each class has a tournament to determine the team to enter the inter-gym tournament. All six gym classes compete for the inter-gym championship which is held at noon in the gymnasium. These sports help our high school to take care of a state requirement-four years of physical educa- tion for every student. Tags Fifty Six n I S 'Page Fifty Seven 11 Revoir VVe, the Senior Class of Elkins High School, before saying our final good byes, wish to express our appreciation to all those who have so willingly helped us during our high school days. To our sponsors, Miss Velma Bell, Miss Marguerite Goodwin, and Mr. Eugene Hutton, who have so willingly and untiringly help- ed us at any time we requested, who have guided us wisely through our trials and tribulations, we give our heartfelt thanks. We wish to express our deep appreciation to Mr. Henry Hamil- ton, our principal, and Mr. I. B. Bruffey, our assistant principal, for providing the superior atmosphere in this our school and for their kind and everlasting guidance in times of need. No school can exist without a faculty. We think we are very fortunate in having such an excellent group of men and women for ours. We realize that they have labored long and hard in order to fit us for the future we now face. Their patience and kindness we shall never forget. Our fellow students of the junior, sophomore and freshman classes have given us, through their companionship and cooperation with us, much joy and have imbedded in our hearts a true friendship. Then there are the two custodians of our school, Mr. Boyd Lang and Mr. Hyder Phillips, to whom we owe much, for they are the ones who labor from early morning until late at night in order to keep the school clean and warm. They are always ready and willing to help us when their services are needed. The well known line, "A friend in need is a friend indeedf' suits them well. So, to you Mr. Lang and Mr. Phillips, we wish to express our profound thanks. It is with a mixed feeling of pride and joy, yet great sadness, that we say Au Revoir to our Alma Mater. On leaving- Comes now a pause- Does the world wait? It must, because 'The bustle has ahatedg Even the most hardened boy Or girl must feel that some joy Has fled--one can never recapture The atmosphere and rapture Of high school work and play, With the happiness and sorrows of every day. :And now we are standing on the threshold Of the world's mansion-it unfolds 'The carpet of life, leading to its door, .And we stand for a moment, poised, before Ufe step through into the hall within- Hesitating-for then-a new life will begin. fPage Fifty Eight IEANNE M. ALBERT CSeazueedj National Honor Society '38, '39 B. I. P. '38, '39, Vice President '39 Student Council '39 Iunior Academy of Science '36, '37, '38 Secretary '37, '38, '39. Band '36, '37, '38 All State Band '38 "Oh! Doctor" '37 Stunt Nite '37, '38, '39. Tiger Staff '39 May Fete '38 DONNA MAE ARBOGAST fDonnie Tygarts Valley High School '36, '37 Glee Club '37 . Home Ec. Club '37 Intramural Sports '37 Elkins High School '38, '39 May Fete '38 Intramural Sports '38, '39 VIRGINIA BARKER CGinniej May Fete '36, '38 Intramural Sports '36, '37 F. H. A. '38, '39 ARCHIE BECK Stunt Nite '36 Band '36 Football '37, '38, '39 Basketball '37, '38, '39 DELLA MAE BOYLES Clilondiej May Fete '36, '37, '38 Intramural Sports '36, '37 SENIOR ACTIVITIES VIVIAN BRIGHT National Honor Society '38, '39 Intramural Sports '36, '37 May Fete '36, '37, '38 , '39S NAOLA BURKE fBu1-lgeej Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38 Band Sponsor '39 Stunt Nite '36, '37 Vice President of G. A. A. '39 May Fete '36, '37, '38 Glee Club '36, '37 Iunior Academy Science '36, '37 LEWIS H. BUZZELL, IR. CBugj Basketball '36, '37, '38 Track '36, '37, '38 Track Manager '38 Tiger Staff '39 D May Fete '36 CAROLYN COLLETT B. I. P. '38, '39 Intramural Sports '37 4-H '38, '39 Tiger Cub Staff '38 National Honor Society '39 FLORENCE COONTZ CCoonzzyj Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38 Glee Club '36, '37 "Oh! Doctor" '37 ' May Fete '36, '37, '38 B. I. P. '39 Student Council '39 Allied Youth '39 ERNEST SIDNEY COOPER CE1'nz'cj Intramural Sports '36, '37 Tiger Staff '39 Orchestra '36, '37, '38 May Fete '38 Boys' State '38 IEANNE CORLEY Intramural Sports '36, '37 May Fete '37 Glee Club '36 ROSALIE CRAWFORD fF1'itzQ Intramural Sports '36, '37 Glee Club '37, '38 May Pete '36, '37, '38 ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM CSullyj Intramural Sports '36, '37 Glee Club '37 Tiger Cub Staff '38 Stunt Nite '36 Tiger Staff '39 VAIDEN CUNNINGHAM Uficlqiej Kingwood High School '36 Home Ee. Club '36 Elkins High School '37, '38, '39 May Fete '37, '38 F. H. A. '38, President '39 Intramural Sports '36, '37 HELEN CURRENCE Intramural Sports '36, '37 May Fete '36, '37 Page Fifty Nine 'Page Sixty STANLEY BROOKS DANIELS Intramural Sports '36, '37 Hi-Y '39 BETTY ANNE DURRETT fBudj Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38 May Fete '38 Stunt Nite '36, '37 Tiger Staff '39 Tiger Cub Stall '38 Iunior Academy of Science '36 Delegate to U. S. 'High School Press Convention '36 EUGENE AFEASTER CYudyj Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38 Track '37 Football '38 IUNE GALLAHER CSwz'ngyj Huntington High School '36, ' Glee Club '37 Dramatic Club '36, '37 French Club '36, '37 "Ohl Doctor" '37 Elkins High School '39 MADELINE GRAZIANI CSh0rtyj Stunt Nite '36 Intramural Sports '36, '37 Glee Club '36, '37, '38 VIRGINIA RUTH GRIMES Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38, '39 G. A. A. '38, '39 May Fete '36, '37, '38 ELWANDA L. GRIMES Band '37, '38 "Oh! Doctor" '37 G. A. A. '37, '38, '39 Intramural Sports '37, '38, '39 May Fete '36, '37, '38 Iunior Academy of Science '36 Girls' Track Meet '37 ROBERT GROSS 37' '38 Class President '37, '38, '39, Vice President '36 Student Council '37, '38, Vice President '39 Band '36, '37, '38 Orchestra '36, '37, '38 National Honor Society '38, '39 B-I-1' '39 , Tiger Staff '39 Stunt Nlte S8 a ,S s 78 s 1' 37, 3 , 39: CCYQUYY 37, 3 r 39 Stunt Nite '36, '37 MARY ELIZABETH GILLOOLY CMegj Boys, State ,37 Glee Club '36, '37, '38 Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38 May Fete '36 Senior Council '39 Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38 Track Meet '36 "Oh! Doctor" '37 "Oh! Doctor" '37 United States High School Press Conference '38 ANNA HAMILTON CShorzyj "Oh! Doctor" '37 Intramural Sports '36 G. A. A. '39 ARETA HAMRICK National Honor Society '37, '38 May Fete '36 "Oh! Doctor" '37 NANCY HART HARRIS QNanj Beverly High School '36, '37, '38 Class Cheerleader '36, '37, '38 Intramural Sports '36, '37 Elkins High School '39 Stunt Nite '39 ELIZABETH HART CBertyj Intramural Sports '38 AUSTIN HENNING Hi-Y '37, '38, '39, President '38, President Monongahela Hi-Y '39, President State Hi-Y '39 Student Council '37, '38, '39 National Honor Society '38, '39 Band '37, '38 Literary Contest '36, '37, '38, '39 Stunt Nite, '36, '37, '38, '39 Boys' State '37 Tiger Stall '39 Class Treasurer '37 Iunior Academy of Science '36, '37, '38, '39, President '37, '38, '39, Vice President of State Iunior Academy of Science '38, '39 MONNA HINER Green Bank High School '36, '37, '38 Elkins High School '39 ROZELLA HINKLE fAcej Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38, '39 Band '39 Orchestra '39 CHARLES EARL IOHNSON fChz'clqj Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38, '39 NANCY IOHNSON fNann1'ej Keyser High School '36, '37, '38, 4-H Club '36, '37 Girls' Hi-Y Club '36, '37 Pep Club '36, '37 SCOTT HOCKENBERRY flfuclqj Class President '37, Vice President U '37, '38, '39 H1-Y '37, '38, '39 Student Council '36, '37, '38, '39 National Honor Society '38, '39 Basketball '36, '37, '38, '39 Track '36, '37, '38, '39 Football '36, '37, '38, '39 Intramural Sports '37, '38 Hi-Y Executive Council BETTY JEAN KEIM 413. 1. 7 Intramural Sports '36, '37 May Fete '36 Glee Club '36 Tiger Staff '39 Tiger Staff '39 1411329 Stunt Nite '39 National Honor Society '39 RUTH HOGAN Mt. de Chantal School '36, '37, '38 Elkins High School '39 B. I. P. '39 CORA ELLEN KENT Stunt Nite '36 DORTHA DALE HUFFMAN, CD00 Intramural Sports '35, '37 Orchestra '36, '37, '38, '39 Glee Club 38 A Cappella Choir '37 Band Librarian '38, '39 ELIZABETH IANE KERR fl-Yczzyj JOAN ROSE IRVINE U05 Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38 West Fairmont High School '36, '37 Mal' Fsts '36, '37 Elkins High schooi '33, '39 L1tsr-sry Contest '37 Band 338, '39 Orshsstrs '36, '37, '38 Stunt Nite '38 WARREN CREED ISNER Iunior Academy of Science '37, '38, '39 Band '36, '37, '38, '39 B. I. P. '38, Treasurer '39 Orchestra '38 4-H Club '38, '39 "Oh! Doctor" '37 Tiger Staff '39 All State Band '38 Band Librarian '38, '39 Stunt Nite '37 National Honor Society '39 HAVEN SYLVESTER KESLING Qlaclqj Moundsville High School '36, '37 Dramatic Club '36, '37 "West Virginia" Club '36, '37 Band '36 Elkins High School '38, '39 Intramural Sports '38 Tiger Staff '39 IUANITA KING fSixj Glee Club '36, '37, '38 May Fete '36, '37, '38 A Cappella Choir '36, '37 Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38, 39 Track '36 "Oh! Doctor" '37 MAX KITZMILLER Band '36, '37, '38, '39 Orchestra '36 Stunt Nite '36, '37, '38 HAZEL BELL LANDIS Stunt Nite '36, '39 G. A. A. '39 Intramural Sports '36, '37 ARBON CARLTON LANG fPe5tj National Honor Society '38, '39 Hi-Y '37, '38, '39 Student Council '38, President '39 Senior Council '39 Boys' State '38 Football '38 Track '36, '37, '38 Tiger Staff '39 District Hi-Y Conference '38 Stunt Nite '38, '39 D. A. R. History Award '38 Winner of Golden Horseshoe Contest '36 Intramural Sports '36, '37 'Page Sixty One Page Sixty 'Two l . ,,,, GUY LANTZ Clasonj Intramural Sports '36 LEONA CATHERINE LANTZ Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38 EVELYN VIRGINIA LEAKE QK1'zlyj Intramural Sports '36, '37 VELDEN BENTON LINN Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38 Hi-Y '38, '39 Senior Council '39 DOROTHY LOWERY fT1'lZiej G. A. A. '37, '38, Treasurer '38 Vice President F. H. A. '38 Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38 May Fete '36, '37 WILLIAM FRANCIS LOWERY fBz'llj Football '36, '38 Basketball '36, '38 Track '36, '38 IAMES WARREN MAooMBER qauflqy Track '36, '37, '38 Basketball '36, '37 CARL MAMS fPanclz0j Football '36, '37, '38, '39 Basketball '36, '37, '38, '39 Track '36, '37, '38, '39 H1-Y '37, '38, '39 National Honor Society '38, '39 MARGARET MAUCK CMaggic'D National Honor Society '38, President '39 Student Council '39 B. I. P. '38, Secretary '39 Band '36, '37, '38, '39 Orchestra '36, '37, '38 All State Band '37, '38 Stunt Nite '36, '37, '38, '39 Editor Tiger Stalif '39 GLORIA IOAN MARQUETTE May Fete '36, '37, '38 Intramural Sports, '36, '37, '38 G. A. A. '38, '39 Stunt Nite '38, '39 ANITA MCBEE ' Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38 GEORGE MCLAUGHLIN fMac T. F. S. '37 Tiger Staff '37, '38 BRUCE MERO cM67'0D Stunt Nite '36 Intramural Sports '36, '37 Basketball '36, '37, '38 Track '36, '37, '38 Football Manager '38 ELIZABETH MERO fSz'da'yj Glee Club '36, '37, '38 Stunt Nite '36 "0h! Doctor" '37 Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38, May Fete '36, '37, '38 D BUFORD TALTON MONTGOMERY fB00lsj Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38, '39 Band '36, '37, '38, '39 Orchestra '36, '37, '38 All State Band '38, '39' Glee Club '38 Stunt Nite '36, '37, '38, '39 "Oh! Doctor" '37 I-IAZEL MURPHY F. H. A. '38 May Fete '36, '37 . Intramural Sports '36, '37 THELMA ANN PAYNE CTimj Glee Club '36, '37, '38 "Ol'1l Doctor" '37 DOROTHY PERKINS CDozlyj Tiger Cub Staff '38 B. I. P. '38, '39 Tiger Staff '39 Allied Youth '39, President May Fete '38 Tribute to West Virginia's Dead, Valley Forge, Pa., '38 Stunt Nite '39 NORMAN DALE PHILLIPS CBusj Care of Stage '36, '37, '38, '39 THELMA PHILLIPS Glee Club '36, '37 G. A. A. '39 Intramural Sports '38 MILDRED POLING Cliabej Intramural Sports '36, '37 MARY POWERS QSz'sj May Fete '36 Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38 F. H. A. '38 IOSEPHINE PREYSZ Haj Iunior Council '38 Senior Council '39 Band '37, '38, '39 Orchestra '37, '38 Glee Club '36, '37 May Fefe '36, '37, '38, Stunt Nite '36, '37, '38, '39 All State Band '37 Intramural Sports '36, '38, '39 Iunior-Senior Classes Cheerleader B. I. P. '38, '39 Ir. Academy of Science '36, '37, '38 Student Council '39 National Honor Society '39 RUTH RENNIX 4-H Club '38 Iunior Academy of Science '37, '38, '39 May Fete '37, '38, '39 VIRGINIA RICE fRicej Intramural Sports '37, '38, '39 May Fete '36, '37, '38 G. A. A. Treasurer '36, '37, President '39 Stunt Nite '36, '37, '38 "Her Step-Husband" '37 Student Council '39 Band Sponsor '39 THOMAS ROSS Qffomj CHRISTINE HAGGERTY WEESE Football '36 Track '37, '38 Hi-Y '37, '38, '39, Vice President '3 Student Council '37, '38, '39 Stunt Nite '36, '37 Tiger Cub Staff '38 Secretary of Class '37, '38 National Honor Society '39 ROBERT SHAW CBluebeara'j Tiger Cub Staff '38 Tiger Staff '39 Hi-Y '38, '39 Senior Council '39 ' Intramural Sports '36, '39 CAROL SHOMO May Fete '36, '37 G. A. A. '37, '38, '39 Stunt Nite '37 MARTHA LOU TALBOTT CRedj Instramural Sports '36 May Fete '36 BEATRICE THOMAS fBeaj May Fete '36 Intramural Sports '36, '37, '38 DELORES THOMPSON F. H. A. '39 LAWRENCE WARD Hi-Y '37, '38, '39 Student Council '38, '39 4-H Club '38, '39 National Honor Society '39 9 fTcenz'e7 G- A- A- '35, '35, '37, '39 Cheerleader '35, '36, '37 School Cheerleader '39 Stunt Nite '35, '36, '37 Intramural Sports '35, '36, '37, '39 May Fete '35, '36, '37 . Track '35, '36 DALE ROGER WEESE fMonIqj Intramural Sports '37, '38, '39 Football '36, '37 Basketball '36, '37 Track '36, '37 HARRIETT VVHETSELL National Honor Society '38, '39, Vice President '39 Student Council '36, '37 B. I. P. '38, '39, President '39 Iunior Academy of Science '37, '38, '39 Glee Club '36, '37, '38 Stunt Nite '36, '37, '38, '39 May Fete '36, '37 Class Vice President '37 "Ohl Doctor" '37 Literary Contest '36 BRADY VVOODDELL Intramural Sports '36, '37 CHARLES ZUMBRENNEN Band '37, '38, '39 Orchestra '37, '38, '39 Stunt Nite '37, '38 Hi-Y Club '38, '39 "Ob! Doctor" '37 Intramural Sports '38, '39 All State Band '37, '38 Fage Sixty Three Page Sixty Four Annual Senior Play, "The Prize Family" By H. EssEx and SID SCHWARTZ - MARGARET MAUCK - JAMES WOOD - IEANNE M. ALBERT - IOSEPHINE PREYSZ f - THOMAS Ross WILLIAM LOWERY - IUNIOR CORLEY - LEWIS BUZZELL CHARLES ZUMBRUNNEN - ELIZABETH KERR Bertha - BETTY JEAN KEIBI - ELIZABETH MERO BETTY ANNE DURRETT - PAULINE RIGHT HARRIETT WHETSELI. - NORMAN PHILLIPS Ma Perkins ---- Will Perkin: - U no Perlqins - "Bobby" Perlqins - Doc Piper - Kenneth Scott Pinlqie - - Boyle - - Dr. Kipper - Mary - - Lulu - - A Sobsistei' - A Camera-woman - Mrs. O'Letz1'y - - Radio Announcer - - - The story of the play centered around the Perkins family-the members of which were intent on guessing the winning titles of one hundred puzzle pictures for which the grand prize was one hundred thousand dollars. Home, school, and friends were neglected in their strenuous pursuit. Unexpectedly the author of the contest, Kenneth Scott, came to the Perkins home to room and fell in love with Una Perkins. The parents urged their daughter to get the answers from Scott by fair means or foul. To add zest to the story two gangsters, looking for easy money, followed Scott to the Perkins home where they posed as authorities on a rare flower that was being raised by Doc Piper, another roomer in the Perkins home. When the answers to the contest were stolen from Scottls room, he suspected Una and they quarreled. However, the answers were false ones prepared for such an emer- gencyg therefore none of the household compeers won. Una proved her innocence and she and Scott were sweethearts again. The Perkins family turned the gangsters over to the police, declaring they were through with contests forever, but when Bobby dashed in reading the announcement of a new contest, the whole family rushed madly for the paper and feverishly started guessing the answers. The play, skillfully directed by Mrs. Charles E. Albert, is full of delightful surprises and many comical situations. lt is especially opportune in the present day craze for con- tests. The senior play is sponsored annually by the class advisers who this year are Miss Marguerite Goodwin and Miss Velma Bell. Assembly Programs Every year Elkins High School presents some good assemblies. During 1938 and 1939 several outstanding programs have been given. One of these was a Thanksgiving play presented just before the holidays. At that time several students, under the direction of Miss Emily Barry, por- trayed the true Thanksgiving spirit in "A Thanks- giving Conspiracyf, This was a story of a grouchy old man who was disinterested in celebrating Thanksgiving, but his household finally persuad- ed him to see the true spirit of the holiday. The students always look forward to the annual Christmas play. This year Miss Elizabeth Fling directed "lust What They Wanted," which proved to be one of the best of the year. This play involved the holiday worries of an absent minded man, his young wife, and their neighbors. Presents were lost, presents were forgotten, and others were found when they were supposed to be well hidden. However, things finally worked out. Every one got just what he wanted and a Merry Christmas was had by all. Another outstanding play was given by the B. I. P. group on Ianuary 25, at which time an all girl cast presented "A Box of Trouble." This play proved to be very humorous and highly en- tertaining. Two old maids got themselves into quite a bit of trouble when they bought a box at an unclaimed auction sale. Much to their sur- prise the box contained bottles of liquid that gave one a suspicious fear, but the ladies, worries were over when the contents proved to be nothing but mange cure. These assembly programs help to show that Elkins High has a great deal of talent which is gradually being brought into the limelight. We hope that in future years dramatics will become an outstanding factor in our school. ADVERTISEMENTS Appreciation At this timc wc wish to express our sincere appreciation to the pa- trons of our school who have ad- vertised in our 1939 Tiger. 'Page Sixty Five ty .5 Originality is a quality of the imagination. lt is the abil- ity to take the usual elements of picture and story and present them to your student body in a new, different and interesting fashion. Our School Service organization r - I, has long been noted for its true origincnity an Year Boon planning. A p il' n, Zahn Mi Co. "The Ailanff Quality Store" Clothing, Furnishing, Hats, and Shoes Sfyfe M47 QMZU7 af Low page STANFORD Compliments Jewelry Store Of Davis Avenue MOORE'S . Electrical Service Watches Wzzleh Repairing Diamonds Compliments of Compliments Nehi Bottling Oo. gf H Bottlerf of nz 55 ROYAL CROWN COLA 555 WILSON'S W Q PAR-T-PAK BHVERAGES Service Station O. B. DU1uaE'1"r, Owner Davis Trust Company Established 1899 EEE Does a General Banking and Trust Business Your Account and Business Solicited Member of the Federal Deposit Inxurzznee COI'f70I'6IZf07Z Elkins, West Virginia Page Sixty S COLEBANICS PERCHAN'S Count 011 Pure Oil f Service Store or SCHOOL SUPPLIES While in Third Street and Kerens Avenue school. 555 Elkins, West Virginia 111 Your Education Is Not Complete Until You Have Learned to Utilize Properly Non-Working' Hours GRADUATION GIFTS when . , , , leaving School- West Virginia Lumber Company OFFICE SUPPLIES whensturr- BUTf1D9Y't0.BUT1'1D9I' Eikins West Virginia ing into business. SCFVICQ , Page Sixty Eight TRIOKETTS V pb! Company Third Street Market J obbers of O Hardware, Mill, and Mine Supplies Cvmplfff Fwd Mffffcff Automobile Accessories ' Third Phone ,,4 Elkins, West Virginia Elkins, West Virginia Compliments Of RANDOLPH SUPPLY CO. PHONE 139 Elkins, West Virginia For the Latest in Local-State-National News Read ffze Wilkins Zlnterzjllilnuntain Try Our Job Department Phone 121 Elkins, West Virginia HufI'man's Service Station Cropp-Landis Bakery Incorporated "That Good Gulf Gasoline" M 'lk M if Expert Z df Lubrication B J Service Car Washing fl Specialty 5 Phone 9936 Phone 251 Tenth Street Elkins, West Virginia Cor. Davis and Randolph Ave. Compliments mhz of Banhnlpb KELLY Behiem Foundry and Machine Companys 320 Davis Avenue Elkins, West Virg Compliments of aw: MANUS THEATRE Elkins, West Virginia ww' Tage Sixty Nz gS THE IlIElI'S STUHE Clothing, Hats, Shirts, and Shoes C U EE ITI H H 'S SELLS-Il TYGART PHARMACY Special Attention Given To Prescriptions Cigars Sodas Sandwiches Soups 214 Davis Avenue Elk W v g -EUH - LESS Bryant Motor Company OLDSMOBILE and INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Phone 1 7 1 Open Day and Night IISIIIIIllIZ!II!!Il55:I!!I!!Il:llI..I.....................................H........................ .' 'I""""'""""'l"""""'l! ......................................................................I.........-...................I.2Z!.I!I!!IZ!Z!!!!lI!1Z.!!!!!l!3I7!-J! M GAINER'S CAB and CREAMERY Air Mail Service Pasteurized E5 . Dairy Products C H 1' B JF g h R 0 Phone 68 Phone 35 Elkins, West Virg GLENN W. GAINER,-Mgf. 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Elk. W V. . . Pfzotogf apfzer for the 1939 Tiger ms' est lrgmla 218 Davis Avenue Phone IQS The Bank of Service City Restaurant . X is and Hotel V555 5 The Tygarts Valley National Bank ' geanfy CS-aim . ' Fine Z F od In To n 'l of Elkms 5 0 W skin and Scalp spmazzf . Hair Stylists Mevnbef' Federal Deposit Inxurance Corporation Davis Avenue HAZEL HAnNsBERcER, Ow Elkins, West ROBERT BROWN, Manager 9 Third St Teleph Seventy Two ....................................... I1222222222212113ZIZZZIIZZIIIIIZZIZZZI The Darden Company i--Manufacturers and Iobbers----- Flour Feed Grain Field Seed Elkins, West Virginia Compliments I elder? of BRIGGS and oosfr Oxy-Acetylcne and W' H' Electric Welders Phone 372 Phone 856 Phone 857 S. Railroad Avenue Elkins For Several Years We Have Had the Pleasure of Serving Coach Frank Wimer and His Athletes and Friends Elkins People Welcome Al All Times The Manhattan Restaurant P2776 Steczky and Seca Fooclf Phones 9645 and 2625 West Pike Street Clarksburg, W. Va. 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Economy Store Super Creamed Ice Cream Clothing and Shoes 0 204 Davis Avenue Phone 59 The Gulland-Clarke Company Wholesale Grocers of Quality Merchandise "The Home of Quality" Carey Roofing Mary Ann Flour Bethlehem Nails and Fence Western Ammunition - Elkins, West Virginia Tags Seventy Five avis and lkins College Your Home College Strong Courses in the Liberal Arts, Science, Teacher Training, and Commerce Leading to the B. A. and B. S. Degrees Well Equipped Laboratories A Good Faculty A Fine Library 555 College Activities of Some Kind for Every One. Each Student an Entity in a Student Body Small Enough so That All Students Get Acquainted with Each Other Better A Business School in a College Atmosphere A One Year Diploma Course in Commercial Work, a Two Years' Course in Accounting or Secretarial Science, and a Four Years, Course in Commerce Leading to a Degree It Costs Less lo Stay at Home and go to Davis and Elkins College Summer School Opens June 13 Fall Session Opens September 14 CHARLES E. ALBERT, President HARRY E. WHETSELL XJIRGIE HARRIS 555 Buszness Manager Regzstf ar 'Page Seeenly Six L E. S. Better Sigh! Lamps Are designed to give you the best of light g for most of the common seeing tasks. Seien- . . . JA?-1 'f - tzfieally deszgned, these lamps zuzll help you YS y to keep your eyes in good condition for the WT? years ahead. Monongahela System Compliments of A. 81 P. Tea Stores of Elkins Fine Quality Foods Economically Priced A. E. DROPPLEMAN C. P. POE Manager, 102 THIRD STREET Manager, IO33 DAVIS AVENUE Bo cl Woes B00 TERS of General Store . g ,K Elkms H1gh School B ' 875-Still Going St g Dr. R. J. Condry Dr. Blair Simons EEEEE!EEEEEEEEE555EEEEEEEEEEEEEESEESSEE Dr J U Cvmpfiwfffff Patmnize Keim and Keim , Dr. H. E. MCNeiSh ,,, Dr. Lawrence Parmesano HIPPGDROME D V F B, d r. . . 1r THEATRE 1 Dr. W. G. Harper ' H. A. Miller Home of MGM Piftures Pays John Mather IIIIIIIZIIIIIIIZIZZIHI222711115 I IllilillllllillllllIIIICIIIIIZIIIIIZZZIZ1212222111211121252 Hill!!223312225121IIC22122IIIC12IIIZICIIIZIZIIIII25212555 711 C-EOCDD PRINTING IS READ... .1522:HIEIlIIII222212:I2222:12222IIII2:12122IIZIIIIIIZIIZIIIIII IIIZZIIZIIIZIIIIIIW ... ..... ....... ..... .............. .......... .................... ................. , - Years' Experience in Printing of School Newspapers and Year Books This Book Is From Our Presses There is no getting away from the fact that if you Want your printed message to be read Ioy the people with the money to buy, it must he Well printed. We really pride ourselves upon turning out attractive Work. Our plant is equipped with modern machinery especial- ly adapted for the production of high class book and commercial printing. Our motto is: "What's Worth Printing Is Worth Printing Well." Phone 8221 and our representative Will call on you. Give us a trial. Herald Printing House -2- Piedmont, West Va. Seventy Sight Fl sv 1-fr ' 15' ,-,: ,VJ TQ Fi I ' ' a- 5:3 A Fig , g L , N , -4 f E 5 V 2 1

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