Elkins High School - Tiger Yearbook (Elkins, WV)

 - Class of 1930

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Q 2 Sapp? A mi, B JC Wag Q T H E TH GE R T ig? SAK I N 0 9 Q N3 g6i'Z x 1 9 GJ dw ,im-, Yb lzdby THE SENIOR CI ASS ELKINS HIGH SCHOQL CNNQSQ-52 P x a ae? - 'iv fx QM, mx, Q1 X29 QSM ww QW? QW? f ' WW J ki ' J XL M QM fm, uy my lmQm,r'9 F .... uses Q I Q. ' s Q may ..- Q jforemnrh if? at Q fa it 5 1 WEIGWWKWWJM tures and brief records of our faculty 1 and student body for the past year, 2 will be a treasury of pleasant memories for many of us in the years to come. faculty advisors, Mr. Green and Mrs. i lVIcNeish for their aid at all times in l 55 the preparation of this book. To the E5 at advertisers whose support has made M gl this publication possible, we offer E5 our sincere thanks. 3961 ,- 53051 l Ei' ESTHER DoBB1NsNEdz'for-in-Cfziqf lg GARROTT ALLEN--BuJiHEJI Manager 23 al as EQMQQMEQCZQSEQGMRDZQZQMQDFQMQEK l QHIS volume, containing the pic- w , 'ESQ f Q3 y The staff is deeply indebted to our 112 ia Ki -rm by Qt mud! ,R . X CN' I U if 'G ff v 353 my ,L S71 vmtfu 'S v1,'9S'1 1 nf! S ' ?1 LS 'dflahle of Qbantents ' 'F I W .a.",,q T 6- WA' xdxfige F A 5 -5' 1 'x 'K 5 A-W. 3 A 'U 1 FACU LTY CLASSES 'fri "'S ff... Z-HV ' ORGANIZATIONS ATHI ETICS FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS ,Nici R Y Q We lv rr X ' S.: 1- -- TW I 1 few' .7 Q' , .277 Xa ,VBS ,swwn S S .ai N- ,K-0 my , . , 1' 1 L 7 qi gf . , -iv, 'bln Any- - - ,, 4' , ' 1' in ,l7',xN-,mf gg! f Y 'fp' ' T ' S' T ' ' Q ' X ' 3 5 ISEV1- xl - Q S A ," .,1 f -NWN-gf HK uni , . ,N -' X L as wihm 11, 1 ' 1 Q ., Yi ,Q ph S ' ' - f-- . in n I A 9 Q - ' Ci? Q t V! . C "1" NL 'VW G . I wx' F M f S S - w 6.1 'S i 1 P L' 'V 55 '-xg x 'lx J ' . CY' Y 'fa " '1 - 1 we 'QS N me .4 . T M T 'gl 'X 3533 A ' X S ,- -A , - j 65,6 , 5, Q I 'Lis 16 ' , -:Wifi 'ns ,' eq . ' 5 35 K' x id is 1 K- 1' it .1 rv 1 IN gg if 4. sum W , aw 0' K J .S I . S-S if K , ,, v .H 05 H , S' U X T NVQ., T , ll' ll I fi gk mf I I 5 gat' 4 S, H I K ' 1 x Q, A A 'P .Q - 5:7 1 - ' ' w 1 gf " 5135? 'ff if is' Qfssxayi A 'S M ', V 55 p vw , ' in 4 , -wi u .1 5 '26 2 ' -X' A GS '71 4 x A, ,N . N. N V , 'Q , x V? Sm, "Y A S , X zu.. sz - J , , xx G ., Qi- 'QE A H . 'S vw 1' , S 9 1 Jxl a iq' MIR, XL yffgaigk I 5 f. gq.,?fq?ga.z 'vga' . r f ,QJ vv . :ff c5"K'v Mi N X 'Z 'yv 'w W .X..,,.,-a - ..,, - if iM. -r Sw Bebiration CXQQA VGQXU In apprecz'cztz'0n gf their yeurfzfuf efztfzuszbsm and their fieargf cooperation in all our acZz'fvz'fz'es we aleeficaze this fvofume of Me Tzger' 150 our beloved aaffvisorsw QMS. cNEISH and 6!5iVfR.QQREEN we 1 1 ' 'f 1' " u yr x If H .1 1 azulzjf , g f ' .N I gg 2" ' j V I - ! 'I Q a,,,.,?, P ' I I i' X ' 1 fl 1 -Q ,294 THE TIGER A. O Qi 9 IB 0 0 11:1 3 ' f if A, 'AV i i 4' V W A 4 VW L 9 nj E I Q WALTER RIDDLE U 4-v . I Siiperiiiteizfleiii 'i 4. I I. ! X 6 U A. B., A. M.-W. v. U. FRANK E. ARNETT Principal S.-W. Va. Wesleyan, 'I M. A.-W. V. U., ,27 EMILY WILMOTH I I Q 15 age 2,1 I o 0 5 T' TM ff' T n- ff' ng' 1 5+ Iillilliflilliflillillilflill l' 'INIIYIRPIWFDQFINFIRFIYFIQFIHFIV , Ayfixtant Principal E " I :FQ A. B.-W. v. U., QII Q Li , 1 I C E I J A ai ' yll ll 'If ' I N I v I El . Y? L u I I Y' ' il L. I f . i. A, I V L1 I f I r I f-Ev l LL I - AB. THE TIGER .B KATHERINE N. SPEICHER, A. B. Davis and Elkins College, IIQ. S fiance NBVA Fuss, A. B. W. v. U., ng. Citizemfiip and S ewin g HAZEL HARSH, A. B. Davis and Elkins Col- lege, ,245 Summer School W. V. U., '26, 27, 28. Efiglirli ELIZABETH BULLIVANT, B. S. S. Bowling Green Busi- ness University, A.B., Davis and Elkins, '27, Ty pezvritiiig and Sfzortflami VIRGINIA RIDER, A. B. W. V. U., '27. Englifli IRBNB B, EIB, A. B. Fairmont Teachers' College Englifli N. BAYARD GREEN, B. S. Davis and Elkins Col- lege, '26, Summer School W. V. U., '26, 27, 28, 29. Biology M. LEWIS VEST, B. s. Davis and Elkins College, ,27, '28. C fiemimfy and Pliyxim KATHRYN CODY, A. B. Davis and Elkins College, l27. H ivory V X , ' . f, X X' 4 R , f I ""' x ,IAMES BARNARD BRUFFEY, A. B. W. V. U., ,25. Social Scieme , , IR I Q1 iff? W 6 Il 0 5 M 'B +1 .lr T - If I 'B :EQ L J vjf X 6 .vlvnv1Vavsvnvavavuvl ' 'lvnurvvnvlvnvnvvvsvnarnv, ,J ai Qiji is ll 'Y is 'Y L J 0 51 4 l .gf M, i if ,J .1 J, l 4 u 021 I A. L , A THE TIGER law. FRANK C. WIMER, A. B. W. V. U., ,2O. Ailzletief ELLA MCDONALD, A. B. Davis and Elkins, ,IS English JESSE STEWART, A. B. Boling Green Academy, ,24. Commercial Subjeels and Algebra EDNA E. MCNElSH, A. B. Davis and Elkins, '26. Frenelz ELEANOR S. WIMER, A. B. Goueher College, ,IQ Engliflz HUBPIRT C. KELLY, B. S. Clemson A. and M., 320. Sfzop and Geometry RFATRICF H. MCKEE, A. B. W. V. U., ,2O. Cooking HOMFR KNAGGS It. H. S., ,26 Stefmgrapher O I 5 fa lw 9 l 4 Y- J' A 5 1. is. I F . 'fi lx li M CEP l1Fl1FlWfl1Fl'!l'l1Fl1l'l'l.l'l'lFl1fl lWl'l!fl'lfl!fIWfl'lF'l!fl1fl!Pl'lFl V 'J x A, A ..i. i A A - mg THE TIGER EL 1 c. B I X . X . fi ff MI IN I' !Q ' ,Q X . I- Q q w ' o 'T -J fir ,gn I. . I, 2 To V II' ,' I Q I N V A' i i I Y U . I .f, 9 , Y IGI I a h E 5 0 I Tlger Staff L II 2' 0 ' Q13 I Us ' ' I Editor-in-Chief ,.,.. , .... ,,4....,.. E STHER DoBIzINs , Auoeiale Editor ........ ..,...... B ETTY BENNETT Calendar ,,..,...,, .... L OUISE SLEEIVIAN Literary Editor ........,., RU'l'H SMITH Jokef , .... FIELDING FIDLER 1 E , Senior Slaiifties. . , . . , ........,.... .,,.. M ARY IANE WILT . 5 E, Prophecy ..,,, ..... V IVIAN BULLIVANT 45 Jr Alumni .......,... ..4....... E LIZABETH KUIVIP If Organizationf. . . ..,, MARY LOUISE FISHER lt' AI Hixlory. . , ..., HAZEL BURKE ' Wk Jr Bnxineff Manager ...... ,...,, ................... G A RROTTT ALLEN , If' Cirenlation Manager ......,.......,., .,,........ C ARL MOORE Ik 44 ' Asfiftant Cireulation Manager .... . , ,JOE WILIIIAMS ' ,B I , rf' At!ileiie'Editor ,,.....,......., ..,..... .,..,........., H E RMAN BALL 'AN if Aisiftant Atliletie Editor ,... . . ...,... HARRY SHELTON ' , . Plzotograplzs .................,..........,, MARGARE'1' KUMP ' 051 Snap Snot: ...........,., ....., L ILLIAN HELTZE1. ,QQ I A . Art Editor .,.......,... AMOS HARROLD I I JI I 8 L Q ' J .vuvavIvIvIvIvIvlvIvIvI' 'ovnvnvnvavlvuvo uvunrlxz Q .I , X V , ' '. ' 1 Y X ' f ' '- xx W '- P - - A - f , ,3 . fd556.S' 1 04' 3-iff -Qi 1 5 I" I dl-ffl, x 9' 1 . f ' NY, . 1' I ' 'f ' -' I ri "P 1' 31 is 'Y L .Y lv 'W L. gl 0 5 lt L, 4 A, l VA? ji 44' V lf 1 J G21 l A. - an THE TIGER la. BURLEY HlCKMANiPRESIDEN'F Assistant Football Manager ,283 Basketball 128, '293 Track '293 Glee Club lzq, '3og Dramatic Club ,2Q,A '3Og Operetta '295 Senior President ,2Q. "I flare fla all that may hecome a man, Wfho flare: flo more if none." MARY JANE WILT-'SECRETARY Glee Club 727, l28, lzg, 'gog Campfire Girls l28, ,293 'KDragon of Wu Fool' '28g A. V. A. ,285 Student Council 295 Music Club 7295 Girl Reserves 7293 Class Treasurer ,293 Class Secretary 'gog Junior-Senior Dramatic Club '3og Tiger Staff ,3O. "A winning way, a friendly smile, In all, a girl who ir worth while." HARRY SHELTON'TREASURER A. V. A.g President of Classg Basketball '285 Football, Basketball, Track ,293 Treasurer of Classg Tiger Staff ,3O. 'KThe reamn firm, the temperate will, Enfluranee, foreright, strength and Neill." MARGARET KUMP'VICE PRESIDENT Class Secretary '28g Class Vice President '3O3 Camp Fire '28, 7295 A. V. A. '28g Girl Reserves ,2Q,',3Oi Scribblers ,303 Tiger Staff ,303 Glee Club ,27, ,28, ,2Q. "When guextionr get a little tough, Why, jzut try a little bluff' 43 a all l 0 5 ff, +- 7 my L l If N. ta. l l V i :Ea VJ 1 X 1 9 3 -' g .vl!rovlvavuvaVlvlve1vgyu' 'L1l:j'!l'l'lfl'1fl!fl'lF'l'lfl1l'l!l'Illl. .. - A THE TIGER 5 l PAULINE OKERNICK 9 Q Basketball '27-ng, Glee crub us- '29, Stcnographic Club '3O. "Bright anrl snappy, full of fun, Q1 - L-9 ,- But wife and thoughtful when all ' if done." X , 6 fa", ISEDOR GOLDBERG Hi-Y. Tl "A fliller, a dollar, Q m A ten o'eloele .Vf'h0lflI'.,, 9 o Y LORRAINE WOODFORD ' Bcrqa College '275 Mountzlirmecrs -I Club 30. , "Markx, not men have been ,y my aim." ,Q EVELYN KELLER 0 Basketball ,275 Gym '28g Journalism 0 Club '28, Dramatic Club '29, "A gooa' pal who if always full of fun." Q WINIFRFD TRIPLETT 9 4' Orchestra '28, '29, '30, Glee Club lk ' '27, '28, '2Q? Craft Club '29, A. V. A. '3Og Operetta '28, ,L1 I' "The wisrlom of many and the Ll jr wit of one." ,L A' l J' HERMAN BALL rf 47' Football '26, '27, '28, 'zgg Student x, rg Council '29, Track 727, '28, ,2Q, QM r '30, Capt. '3og Hi-Y ,2Q, '3O. A "Jolly, happy, enthufiaftie, with l -1 a -Daft More of information upon ,, any eoneeivahle fuhjeelf' '99 A. J IYFIKFIVUWFIYFIWFIWFINFINFIVI l1fl'lfl'!fl'lfl'.fl'lfl!fl1fllPl'lflV Cy J , IO L Y , GENEVIEVE SIMMONS Journalism Club 7295 Stenographic Club '3o. "A heautiful and happy girl, VVith steps as light as summer airf' WAYNE SCOTT Shop Club ,ZQQ Biology Club '29g Mountaineers Club 330. "O Love, has she done this to thee? VVhat shall, alas! become of me?" EDNA SHIPMAN Coalton High 327, '283 Contempory Club 329. "impulsive, earnest, prompt to aet And mahe her generous thought a fact." ELOISE HALL Orchestra ,28, 729, '3OS Basketball '283 Drnmatics ,303 Glen: Club l27, '28, ,2Q, '3o. "Serene I fold my hands ana' wait." JASON MEADOWS A. V. A. Club ,283 Track 'zgg Loga- rithm Club '3Og Biology Club '28. "In stature small, But every whit a man withalf' KATHERINE SCHOONOVER Glee Club ,28-'3o5 Craft Club ,2Q. "A full rich nature free to trust Truthful and almost sternly justf J ANNA GRACE ENLOW Home Economics Club ,293 Moun- taineers Club ,30. "A violet by a mosry Jtorze, Half hidden from lhe eye." GARROTT ALLEN Track ,27, ,285 Basketball ,293 A. V. A. Club '28g Radio Club ,26-,303 Vice President of junior Class 72Q5 Business Manager of H1-'IGIERU '3O. "Thi: if the happy warriorg this ix he, That every mem in armr should wirh to hed' ROSEALYN KNOTT Glee Club '26g A. V. A. ,27, '285 Reading Club ,293 Stenographic Club ,2Q, '30, "Be Jilemf or let thy zvordf he 'worth more Khan Jilezzfef' NELLIE SUESLI Richwood High School '27g Pickens High School '28g Rootstown High School '295 E. H. S. '3o. 1 "It xeemr :he'x never lonely, Good thoughts are good frieiidx only." BETTY HARWOOD Glee Club ,27, ,2S, ,293 Music Club ,2Q. "M y dayr pax: pleamiitly azcayf, CARL MOORE HTIGERU Circulation Manager '3Og Football '28, '29g Track '28, ,293 Dramatic Club ,303 Biology Club ,2S. "Run you like hu! try to keep your breathg Work like iz man but doii't be worked to death." ,te THE TIGER lu., A ' MILDRED SMITH ' A Qi Glee Club '27, '28, '3oS Hockey K-fl '27, Iunior Cam fire '28, 329. k- ' P "VVhaf mulfl thif lovely creature V' , do againft a rletperafe man?" V 'Q O 5 EUGENE MCCUSKER U O Coalton High School '26, E. H. S. 'fl '28, '29, '30, Glee Club '29, Track , 6 '28, Biology Club '28. ' " Q "A ll great men are rleafl- Y I d0n't feel 10 well myself." n l H il Y l ' Q 4' ll L ' ' V l M I, JOYCE oLSoN In 7, I Orchestra '28, '29, go, Kodak Club w 75 '28, '29, Craft Club '3o. 5 ll . ul "She tuned her merry violin." 6' 0 4. 1 'Q' A A ,, Q A , ll 7 . AILEEN KELLEY t 3, , CHARLES SIMMONS 7 I. 5 , , ,M lf' Captain Football '29, Track '26, '27, 1 4' '28, '29, '3o3 Basketball '26, '27, 'P A '28, '29, '30, Football '26, '27, 'H H '28, '29, '30, 'Pl -4' "None of his friends will flare ' , deny it, ' 'V W1 Charley is anything hut quiet." lu, 44' ' . 'fn ff' CLORICE WILMOTH , T' Pep Club '28. 1 I 69:5 "The milfleft manner and the 1 U l ffl" gentler! hearl." 2, , l L I vlu 'X .V!l!Il'1ll1fl'1F'!l'V'l1ll!!l?lFUflWll l' lVlV'Vl lVlV'V'V'V""V BFSSIE MOUSE Mt. Hope High School ,275 Craft Club 'zqg Farewell Club '3O. "A loyal clasmzatef' RICHARD BISHOP Hi-Y '27, '28, '30, "Judge me as you will, I am what I am." MARY E. FISHER Home Economics Club ,2Q. . "Seann wer jrreparea' for work or fim And lceeps herself hwy until all if flame." GEORGIA AYFRS Campfire 'zgg Stenographic Club 'zgg Glee Club '3o. "I Jhouierl and sang with a heart as light AJ a wild rose toffea' hy lhe hraezef' ADA WAMSLEY Glee Club ,273 A. V. A. ,293 Dra- matic Club 330. "Her tapering hanfl and rozmrlefl zorift, Had facile jvozver to form a fi.vt." ALBY PHILLIPS Radio Clubfzgi Slide-Rule Club '30 "Men of few words are lhc hast men." A '1 'Hl?TI'1GLiilR ,ur MILDRED AGNES BURKE Glee Club, Music Club, Gym. "Mi!fZred is pretty, hind und true, VV ifling to work and ecfer help youf' FIFLDING FIDLICR President of Literary Society l26g Glee Club '26, EZ7, ,285 Basketball '26, Hi-Y Club ,z8, '29, Stunt Nite ,275 Tlcsrgk Staff '30, "Laugh and Ihe world laughf with you, Study and you study alonef' RITA DI BACCO A. V. A. ,283 Sophomwrc Campfire Girls ,285 Pep Club '30, junior- Senior Dramatic Club '3O. "T he hand that hath nuzde you fair hath made you good." GENEVIEVE HINKLF Glec Club ,26, '27, ,28, lzg. "Someone :uid :he was quiet, Ol what a rniftuhef' RALPH DENISON Science Club ,295 West Virginia Club '29, '3o. "Calm, cool, oolleczfed, Surely he will rise in lhe world." MARY SYLVFSTICR Coalton High School ,2'7, '28, Scribblers Club ,2Q, ,3O. "A donning fhape, an image gay, To haunt, lo .ftartle and uvzylayfy A B IQ Ego il -1 I 0 El A Qt A 1 5 it 5 4 1 ,M :QQ l'!Fl'lfl1Fl1l'l1Fl'!F'l'V'lWFl17l' lWfl'!l'!'lfl1fl!l' l'lfl'l7lil'l!Pl'lF'lV' 15 J -41-1-9--Q-. ae. THE TIGER at fi iii x ! 4 N fs W' l ,P l 1 nl UQ i Z, , . .L lw tg ti 3 i. Il, fl l A2 li l A 4, X M l , l r lr V 0 151 I gl L MARGARET JEFFERS f Glee Club ,27, '28, ,ZQ, '3og A. V. A. '28g Craft Club ,293 Dramatic 1CIlub,'3OZ PlViTsic,Club '30g Stunt ite 29, ic es 30. "Size always weary a Maile." l JOE WILLIAMS I Football '28, ,293 Basketball ,2Q, 'gog TIGER Staff '3og Biology Club ,275 Stunt Night '28. R "And :till we gazed, and still the 0 wonder grew, That one :mall fieaaf could carry all lie knewf' Y LUCILLE TALBOTT "Fair as a Jtar, zclzeri only one 1 I5 ffiiriing in tlze sky." "' f 0 ADA M. AUVIL l Parsons Hi ,27, ,28, l2Q5 junior- 0' Senior Dramatic Club '3O. "H er eye: as :tary of twilight fairg Like twiliglztlx, too, lzer ziusky lzairf, HAZEL CUTRIGHT Q , ? Upshur County High School ,27, 1 ,28, '29S Junior-Senior Dramatic , W Club 130. 1 "I-I er ambition if to have a l good time." I t lit ' 'u JOHN TRAHERN ' M, Logarithrn Club ,2Q. Ai HA boy': will ir tlze wiriafx will, Arid tlze tfiouglitf of youtlz are Y 3 t. long, long tlzouglztsf' f 'EP Q l vj j 16 J . .vtirmm-vmrmrgqpgsnlxm-wntnri' 'lvlvnvlvavl1rlvnVsvnnrlv. - ie. THE TIGER Q i . Q MARIE RFNNIX Q Journalism Club '29, Basketball '27g l Glee Club ,273 Dramatic Club '3O. "She darex he generouf, 1l'aunlleJ.v and gay." 5 RICHARD SIMMONS 0 Football l27, l28, '29, Basketball l '30, Track '28, ,2Q. l "Of all things beautiful and goml, The hinglieft if brotherhood." O RUTH PINGLEY 1 . Stunt Nite '29, Stenographic Club I ,2Q, 530. Ml 4- S L . v tn ! "Thou whore loehf outshine J U the Jun." U' Ti ,Y. ,E ESTHFR DOBBINS bil ,-' Lincoln County High, Fayetteville, 4. . ' Tenn., ,27, '28, Editor-in-Chief of l 'tTIr:I2R" ,305 Glce Club ,2Q, ,303 -0 " Scribblers Club '30, Kodak Club YZQ. ll "Our Esther is a geniuf true, l l Who never shrinks till the if thru, Her wit, her mmmon tense and ffm, Vllill bring .fueeesr 'ere life is done." 5 ' AMOS HARROLD Football 326, ,27, '28, 729Q Basket- , ball ,27, l28, 729, '30, Track l27, I A lz8, ,293 TICIZR Staff. J "Pd rather laugh zz bright-eyed Loy, I Than reign a grey-beard king." 4' I l I "' NATALINF WRIGHT M Girl Reserves ' 05 Steno ra, hic Club , 3 8 P '30, Stunt Nite ,2Q. J "A lax: 50 sweet and fair is the, From eare and worry ezfer freef' Lii 'W 3 --. 'IEP I it Ig if? Il 6 9 l I l Il J Q 0- S Lt ti jr tl' r If M FS" L J x 17 .1!I!l'I1ll'lfl'1Il1l'l1llFlPYl1l!!1ll1fi' 'l1PI'!!'lRl'l1flWPl1Pll7lRPl!Fl?llll I 0 40 gr llf' if U Q ll 1- u A THE TIGER A LOUISE PREYSZ Gym 7273 Glee Club ,283 Reading Club ,285 Courtesy Club ,30- "Srlerzt power mower tile world." MILLARD KLEIN A. V. A. Club ,2Q, '3o9 Science Club '28. "Every man if a volume you know lzow to read him." HELEN GOLEY Glee Club ,273 A. V. A. '28, Read- ing Club '29, President Stenographic Club ,3o. "U.rually quiet and alwayf cheerful." . 5 :IE iii? ll u 5 Q 0 EVELYN GREEN 0 E. H. S. Orchestra '28, '29, '30, Band ,2Q, ,3O. "How .fweel marie! Orr my life, TfZ6VB,J more of wisdom ln lt." El s HENRY WILSON 4, Hi-Y ,28, ,2Q, '30, Track '28, g Orchestra '27, 728, ,2Q, '3o- l, "BooZ'.f! 'Tlx a dull and erzdlerf A . ,, L Jtrrfe. , 4' 1 , lf ' I, I I 14 ' li, J THELMA MILLS 'N ' Coalton Hi '28, Scribblers Club ,30 N "A smile for all, a greeting glad, og, Arr amiable, jolly way flze had." M I . Ll V-'Q' X 18 L Q J .vlvuvavuvs 1ravl liravlvl' 'lvuvavnvnvlvnvo uvunrav ei ill :fg- J. o ll 9 3 . U J Ar .L 44' A 4 J '21 ll A. L - .ei p THE TIGER ie HILDA SIMMONS Glee Club '27-'30, Camp Fire '28, '299 Girl Reserves '29, '30, Stunt Night '29, Journalism '29, Junior- Senior Dramatic Club '3O. "A zvinrorne face, a rory cheek, A gentle smile where'er you pays, A graceful form, a Quiet way, In all a winsonte little lass." RAYMOND C. WHITE A. V. A. '27, '283 Manager of Bas- ketball Team '29, '30, "To :ay little and perform much ii The character of true greatnerrf' BETTY LOIS BENNETT Bridgeport High School '27, A. V. A. Club '28, ,2Q, '30, Craft Club '29, Student Council '29, Tiger Staff '30. "I only ark that fortune Jenrl A little more than I can spend." KATHRYN PHILLIPS Junior Girls' Basketball '28, A- V. A. Club '28S History Club '28, Glee Club '27, Junior-Senior Dra- matic Club '3o. "H er Quiet way anrl plearant :mile Make one thinle that life'r worth while." ROBERT KEIM Hi-Y '27, '28, '29, '3og Radio Club '28, 729. "Give grarping pomp itr double fhare, I ark hut one recumhent chair." OCIE KERENS Journalism Club 729. "She who rerzfe: 'well and ray: nothing make: claim enough." l1l'I'U'l'lfl'1FI'll'l'lFI1FI5F'91l'l'lfl v U i 'E' V' mv f I ix I9 I 9 J -V . ' . . ' ' . ,.'. ' . 9 ' . ' 'I IYIRPI IWPIVIVIYPIQIIRFIV I ,Q . I ll I i it r 5 i o ll I ri In in +I L It xi 'M l :EQ ,J ei A Il I v ln L o I I I My L, AI ,I I A I 4' ,I .A Q21 I A THE. TIGER pr GENEVA McCOLLAM Tygnrtls Valley High ,27, '28, '29, Welfare Club '3O. f'S11ffh quiet rzfzfl zlemurfzesf, cfoirl of jwrifle, Mighf hifle her faults, fhe had faulfx to hide." EDWARD DUDLEY Hi-Y 729, '30, Football ,295 Basket- ball 729. "What rare I when I can lie and rest, Kill time and false life at it: earieftf' GEORGIA POLING Glec Club '26, '27, I28, '29, Hockey ,273 Dramatic Club ,30 "The ufziwerfal agent if love, If you fZ07Z,f believe it, axle Georgia." ELDA TRIEBER W. Va. Club '303 Stunt Night '26- "lV0':c flfm't he hashfulf' RONALD HARPER Football 327, '28g Basketball ,28. "Why, oh why, dill the gods bleu a hay IfVifh meh zvrmflerful mzfzmzl 'z0a'feJ?" MARY LOUISE FISHER Glee Club '27-,303 Camp Fire ,283 Girl Reserves l2Q, '30, Junior- Senior Dramatic Club '3O. "Her voice if like the ccarzilifzg of zz Lirfl, S0 mfr, so xfveet, m flelicelely clear." FQ FE 'Q A Da 0 0 0 I I A I s. If ,hy 'Li if M F29 x lx 20 I- .I .'lfl1ll1Il1fl'!Fl1fI'U,lI!fIK.lfl1ll1fl' 'lWLl'l'lf!?lfl1flWfl1fl!7l1f!!flFllflRT. RUTH SMITH Glcc Club '27, '285 Journalism Club ,295 Junior-Senior Dramatic Club ,3O. "'Tis the mind that make: tfze body rich." MORRIS WILM OTH Parsons Hi ,27, '28g Mountaineers Club ,3o. "An honest man if one of the jew great workf Tlzat ean be .teen for nothing," VIVIAN BULLIVANT Basketball ,27',29s Glcc Club ,27- '303 Camp Fire '28, ,295 junior- Scnior Dramatic Club ,305 Girl Rc- serves '3O5 Tiger Staff '30. "Site lives a life of joy and fun A loyal friend to everyone." VERGIE HARTMAN Craft Club 'zgg Personality Club l3O "Now you all Quit tearing Vergie. Slzelr little." HARRY GARDNER UNO man like lzim the lzorn eonlfz found Ann' fzill, and valley rang with glee." MARGUERITE DUCKWORTH Craft Club 'zqg Scribblers Club '3og Stunt Night ,29- "Her friendr tfzere are many, Her forex are tlzere zzny?H - le THE TIGER ,ts I si lglll Q51 2- ' Un ll if ' ff , 22 i IU v 1 W1 g 5? , l ' Q. rl ,ll i ,x, 6 . 2 'i ii l r I W . r l f-25 I LI L ELIZABETH KUMP Girl Reserves '29, '30, Inter-Class Tournament '27-'30, Glee Club '27- '3O3' Campfire '28, '29, Pep Club '29, junior-Senior Dramatic Club '30, "Blue were her eye: ax the fairy- flax, Her eheele: like the dawn of day." THURMAN HODGES Football '27, '28, '29, Basketball '29, '30, lnter-Class Tournament '283 Slide Rule Club '285 Radio Club '28, Hi-Y '2Q, '3o. "Too much education eauses worry, I'rn carefree as a lark." WINIFRED STEELE Glee Club '28g Orchestra '28, '29, '30, A. V. A. '30, Stunt Night '28. "My idea of an agreeable perfon is one who agrees with me." EVELYN YOKUM Mill Creek Hi '27, '28, '29, Elkins Hi '3o. "Her ways are charming, sweet and hind, A hetter friend you'll ne-ver find." DONALD DYE Vice President Hi-Y '29, '30, Class Cheer Leader '28, '30S Biology Club '28, Glee Club '27, '28, Stunt Nite '28. "Thing will happen anyway, why worry, All things come to those who wait, why hurry?" THERESA HAMMER Stunt Nite '27, Typewriting Club '28 "A man? Where? Shh, l want to eatch him." I 'Q l I We ,, . il -I O 0 B me L I xl L lr! wx! is 'si M HE'-f l1fl1fI'!fl'll'l!l'I1fl!fl1fl!Y l'lflV v-gf X 22 J .VI!IlWllWflQFI1fl1ll!IlFC!11ll1fl' " ' . ' ' f ' , A 4 - -' - 8 Ili I I I li I I Q? pr v .E 4. l f' i D 3 , A. 'HT .4 V l ,A +I 4 '25 ll LL U ow In . . - -L Aw T E H ER . A - U I HAZFL BURKE Campfire '28g A. V. A. '295 Read- ing Club '29g Tiger Staff '30. "VVlzatef'er if grafefnl if virtuous, IVht1fE'Z'67' is cfiriuous if grac.efuf." JOE DAVIS Shop Club '29, Senior Dramatics '30 "Tlzcre': a good time coming, boyf. Why worry?" MARY ELLEN MOSS Journalism Club '28S Scribblers Club '29, '3o. "Gentle and quiet if she we find Her thoughts are true and lzer words are kind." WILLIAM HALL Orchestra '27, Basketball '28, Foot- ball Manager '293 Radio Club '28, 'z9. "Of all the good wirtuex that 'ere we know, Good naturednef: xtandf in the very first row." GUY MALLOW Football '28, '29, Track '28, 'z9. "In when cheek the rare leaf blufhetlzf' LOUISE SLEEMAN Glee Club '27, '28, Campfire '28, '29, Girl Reserves '28, 729. '3Og Tiger Staff, Student Council '29. "Gaily if tlze 50ul'.f lzeafllif' VI1l'l'lFI'lflWI'l1fl1Fl'!Fl'5f'!1."lWfl i 23 I. " A . '. . ' ' , ' . , . ' . - L--i . ' 'IQYIYIRPIQPIQIIMIMIQPIQIRPIV I gn 1. 0 O I I I I Q I i 4 Q I in HW I 4, ll . 5 TI vi IU L lf' o ,Mi 'M 4 I I U 1 o 1 Ce'-'I l fs if :ffl . aa. THEA TIGER at LILLIAN HFLTZEL Class Secretary '28, ,295 Glee Club '27-,3o, Camp Fire ,28, '29, Girl Reserves 729, ,303 Tiger Staff ,29, Alournalism Club ,293 junior-Senior Dramatic Club '30, Vice President A. V. A. '28. "Her hair 'war thiah with many zz curl, That 6lH.ffE1'6IZ around her hermff' ax I . Qu Y? o l' 9 9 W . ' Class History lik QXQ l FRESHMAN YFAR1'IQ26-1927 ls., Almost four years ago we, one hundred and ninety prospective students, entered the 0 I liigh school building to look it over. VVe were delighted with our surroundings and imme- diately proceeded to elect Amos Harrold, president, Mary Louise Fisher, secretary, and Q, Harry Gardner, treasurer. Desiring to show our little streak of egotism we carried away N all the available trophies of the inter-class tournament. l E SOPHOMORE-1927-1928 Another school year having dawned wc again began our daily grind. This time we l elected Harry Shelton, president, Richard Buzzel, vice president, Margaret Kurnp, secre- l tary, and Lillian Heltzel, treasurer. The important victory of this year was the boys Winning the inter-class tournament. The girls, less fortunate, lost. Q in xl ll JUNIOR-1928-1929 1 This year started with a bang. Our officers elected were: Carol Talbott, president, 'h, Garrott Allen, vice president, Lillian Heltzel, secretary, and Mary jane Wilt, treasurer. Tl, Clubs and classes willingly participated in Stunt Night, putting it over in great style. The ,L Seniors of 729, captured the prize, scoring another mark for their class- Another great 1 feature of our Junior year was the cake-walk and carnival. V lk! ' SENIOR YEAR--1929-1930 'N At last Wefhave come to the final year of our high school courses. Our officers for if the first semester were: Burley Hickman, president, Margaret Kump, vice president? Mary ' .lane Wilt, secretary, and Harry Shelton, treasurer. The only change in the officers for oh the second semester was that made in the presidency to which Herman Ball was elected. ta: A. l I I lx 24 I. J 'VYlill'lFl'lfI'!I'I'!l'l1!l!!l1l'?11!l'!fl' 'l1fl'!fl?!fl1l'lQl'l'llI!7IWf!!PllP7l5l ,J Iii Qsg! A IQ i. oi 0 H il' it A 1 wx .4 .1 i A' 44' M, J G21 l Li Ei - la. . ' E TIGER if at Senior's Farewell era The time has come to part, my friend, And travel different ways, Perhaps we'll meet again, sometime, To talk of olden days. If not, perhaps our fancies will Recall good times and fun? And memories will rise to fill Our thoughts with things once done. We cannot always travel life Together, hand in hand, Our footsteps are compelled to press Apart upon the sand. There're things to be encountered that A man must meet alone, There's problems he must solve, himself, Concerning life and home. The leaves must quit their branches, As the colors fade from the rose, All flower petals wither away, But why-God only knows. You see 'tis truly nature for Beloved things to part, And we must follow nature,s way, Although it pains the heart. Farewell! the time is nearing now, And comes the close of day, The sun is sinking, sinking fast And we must go our way. -AMOS HARROLD. I ' IQ ij? Z ll Yi I A 5 +1 'fi 7 IT! H i 'M i ng! im Qt if :Ea N I- J Vl1l'l'lFl'lfl'1I'I1fl 'lFl'lf'l'U'I1l'I1Fl l!fl'!!'l'U'l'lfl!l'l'lF'l'lfl1fl'U'l'lflV' E! X C Q I' ,. QI?-0301 , lv R ve-L be , Qtfslll GD 0 o Q- f - r-A ,A A ' ' ' ' -fZ"-- -ra-135-v-fEvf1C --Lf'-A-4-0' V 4 0 o NAME NICKNAME FAVORITE SAYING l HANGOUT iWEAKNESS HOBBY AMBITION . 5 A 1 A M444 W4 U A 4 M Ai A Garrett Allen "Prexie" i"Oh, yeah?' Library ,Hobby horses Studying Eng. IV To be a Senator Ada Auvil 'fjohnnyn ffoh, yeah?" IA,-Ends ikeifgmnihilfxgirs Flirting To learn how to dance Georgia Ayers "Russ" "Oh, yeah?" iArcade First Street Basketball TOPIESC: Star basketball , L Herman Ball "C1audie" "That's too bad." joycels Restaurant Women Eating To be Paul Whiteman II S1 f Betty Bennett "Dick' "Hoot! Mon! l !Scott Building Asking questions Walking To swim the Atlantic 'Tw Richard Bishop Hniek' ffrieuo, gsodieokingv Uxfeade Blondes Delivering feed To mam' Z' b1'7"ic and ' maybe more Vivian Bullivant "Red" "Gee-o! ' WY" A "Brown Eyesl' Baskdball To get married . , . . . - . N Hazel Burke "P P ' "You don't say." Methodist Church Singing Arigzgitsne S Tzr?,enidfi2iQi2rmlSsI0n E Mildred Burke "Mid" "Well, the dune!" Home Sweet Home Laughing 4 Playing With babili To travel - 2 Hazel Cutright "Babs', itwhatis the use Studying, Neale's Drug Store Teasing Hiking To grow a double chin M N when you can have fun? : Us Joe Davis "JOE, "Sure1y!', lH21rCli11g The women Studying To rival Einstein ', E i Ralph Dennison "Denny" "Yca!" lE. H. S. English IV Reading To pass English IV fr 1 Rita Dmncco ,,Baccie, HMY COWP Family Drug Store Faguehald-headed Arguing Toubgelusome big dacidyvs M Esther Dobbins "Professor" "Oh! I saw someone!" Road to Laurel Mt. lBlue eyes Cafdlirlg bugs To be a great musician . m l cc n , l Edward Dudley "Ed' 'Have you got one? ' iSm0uSe'S Blondes Playing polo Tocliliq gil! man for 1 , , ' ' ' ...ll Donalzl Dye "Jim', "No foolinm Lqlit tisilelgn ngglt m Hot fudge Sundays Tennis Dye 31 Goldberg- See Q19 'nm' y rug tore ' us for refreshments tl, Anna Grace Enlow "Gracious" "Oh, Say!" Home Studying Horse back riding To be Q1 science teacher Fielding Fidlcr "Fid" "Pm in love!" Smouse's 3Big automobiles Driving one To own one Mary Louise Fishe "Tooter" "Oh, Holy!" lTiger Room iChevrolets Singing Towigikgr social S Nice Mary Elizabeth Fisher t'Betty" l"Aw, really?" !Kerens ,Eating Studying To be a chemist Harry Gardner "Fatty" i"The devil!U iFu nace room lwntching the sun Playing bass To play in the Marine . 1 N 1 go down R dn d band Helen Goley 'fGole " "For Heavenls sake! ' ,Randolph Avenue iMakin H's ea ms an To be a steno ra her y g studying g P ,L ee e Je 4. A-A A A A - , - - 3135... .g.g.15sg-e-43.-egg ..f.A4-,-'Q Q 0 ' ' c " on I fire rin ' 'QD 9 0 0 1' ' "VII ' '3' I ' T7:f'w !IfI!fl'lll'lfliFI iI'I1Fl'lF'llflWfl l' 'IWl'l'lfl'lfl1P'lYfl"lfl!7l lW.Fl1!l!l I-, I 59 Q11 O o 1 -0 EE in 4 1 V X 4' 1 4 .LAY E5 ' " 'W THE T IG . . AL - 32 E D U5 3.9 WE .eg C wig 5.5 EP 'a .2 4.5.9, ... --.u H .,, vm , gg-m 'IQ U5 Q-G gg.: ki 3 5 s Q A -52g -5.210 wc '50 232.20 -Q-1 3 Q .M 3 E' 9353114552 f"22Zo2 Zkigi F Oo... vw 'EO HM :LE E ..:: 2 -"' L- Q ,.. ' ca ou 9. 4.4 . 5, U QP' vt., C ,.....,,,w -wjl ..: ,J ,U as o CQ U Q ' ra 50 huns.: Q15 'U ,Q in 'H rd s.. .. ra um.- -C Q ..c .. x: :S C On. --1 .M vi . 5 we mu .,. ,cc -A L: O bn mn,-4 ,Q 0 m ,,, ' 5.10-1 -Q2-2 w-1' m,'::.c3--Q': M3 .C Msn- U +-' N 5: -... . ,.. 0 tt Q Q cow 'Dm us-,,Qf!,,'-' 55.0-. .E 52065 E S UF: f P' l-QE., Q91 -OboEq,3f.'S ww? H -E423 0 -- 4: XG E., ...mbopu O 51 m bo vs 4- 31: fa l-4 gomow ,,,1,a.-gg, E wjgnn E :LE 3,501 f: E-' E., o-'OIC S-E, ,, fu 3 'C .-. E" E.. 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HARVEY DAILY I I a 6.3 5 I MARSHALL OWENTA WILSON BILLER - Ia In I I' W E I Q KATHLEEN N IQOXIE I I, GOODWIN I ' PHILLIPS I .L I N :I I I pw .ri I ' . 4 N Y A++ ' BEATRICE STANLEY ' GRIMES BONNELL 1 L 'E' , ll L' L 'Q US' j X VD' 30 L J .ill1ll1FlWflf!'l'!l'I1lliPYlFl!l1llifl' 'lWLl'l'!fl5.fl1l'l'fl'lll'l"liI'!!F IHFIV ,...l-1-1 - V ,T A. . T E IGER ' M 1 I l X I '. 1, ii lv ' ,N ' Q r, :SY xo' 5. F., 44 K," Xu" 1 xr , J I L-XCLAIIA al YV 4 DAVIS gl . NNN I ' LLOYD A I SIIAID O I 9 L. FT, HAIIIIIET fy MARTIN 'Q' s o on I x ME if I A ill I DONALD I w ' WILMOTH 3 ' ELIZABETH I SMOUSE if J. 4 ,J V I ,A F1 LIINA J NUTTER 'Sw ll Lu GEORGE VANSCOY EDWINA BUZZELL LESTER HILL PHILIPINE BOWERS JAMES GREEN, JR NELLIE ADAMS 'VI1l'l'lFlWfl1Fl'!l'l1FlQF'l57f5flQFl IWl'l'lfl'V'lWflWfl'lF'l!fl1I'l!I'I'lFI5f 'CW E 31 I L J ,, A THE. TIGER R ,J s,, di , in EMMA TRD VINT WILMOTH QQ! ggi? , A' CLIFFORD DOROTHY A ISNER WARD 11 0 0 In A HELLEN ' GERALD L HODGES COONTZ M A GRADY DOROTHY I WVHITMAN RARTGIS fl T f 3 L4 'YX Rf ' T HESTER ROSCOE T CAPLINGER MARTIN .M li U +A P 1-NN W' 'Q ' WINIFRED FREDA R NEALE SCHOONOVER Q, I A-I 5 J K 3 i . .vnmruvfvsvlvavlvlvevivl 'l I'lfl!fI!!'l!.l'l'lIl'lPlNV!!l'l?lP?lV. A THE TIGER M E - .... . .. - " JMM . A 5 A LOUISE HAGGEETY QQ! 4 O DONALD E ISNEE to f E J, VIRGINIA ,Z MOORE l li Y A A . THOMAS HODGES 5, , , w ELIZABETH L BAKER if N 11 44 Vu ff ANN LINGAMFELTER fi: I Q I L THOMAS GREEN EDNA KERENS HARRY KOONTZ HELEN XNANELEY JOHN CHENOWETH JOYCE DAUGHERTY il DW ,E l 5? 6 :Nw w 21 1 I Y F r J, O 0 5 O5 '+L F' L. I' QT' 54 if FEI' V-14 X 33 A J .!lI1l!'l!ll'lfl1!l1fl'NllFV'?IFlLl?t1ll1fl' 'lvnvoVuVnVlvlvnVu l1rl. THE TIGER SOPHOMORE CLASS H TI-IE TIGER The Sophomore Class txfxba Prerideul ..,.....,. ..... . , ...... . -CHESTER POVVERS Seeretery ....,.,...... ...., . ......... , . . ,HALFRED LANG Treerurer .....,.. ...........,.. P AUI, SNEDEGER Clzeer Leader: REGINA VEST, VICTOR MARINE The plays presented by the Sophomore Class on Stunt Nite were very successful, and those who took part in them are to be congratulated. We also wish to express our appre- ciation to those who attended the Sectional Tournament and helped toawin the cheering cup and boost our team on to victory. We hope that this school spirit will always pre- vail in Elkins High School. The Sophomore Class carried on a Popularity Contest and the results are recorded below: Most Popular. ., ...,.. Kathryn Watring and james Talbott Most Studious. ...Eleanor Von Allmen and Halfred Lang Best Looking. . . ,....,... James Talbott and Leoda jones Fattest .....,.,....... .. . Betty Thompson and George Goldberg Best Dressed ..,......... ,.,... F rances Russell and John Buckley Best All-Around Student ,.., .........,........... H alfred Lang Most Courteous ...,..... ...,. D onna Durrett Most Athletic .,... .... D onald Coberly Best Sport .....,. .... D onald Coberly Most Talkative ...... . . .Frances Russell Best Actor or Actress.. ...... .,.. J ames Talbott GXRSD The Freshman Class 5991: On September 9, IQZQ, the members of the eighth grade class entered the portals of Elkins High School. Many were bewildered upon their entry into this mysterious jungle, but to most of them it was just a realization of the things they had heard. They found it necessary to protect themselves against the remarks and slights of older Tigers. They met at the jungle Ineeting-ground end selected as their leaders the following: Prefiderrt ,...,........,,..........,..,,.....,.. ....,. C HARLES ALLEN Viee President ,..,....,..... .,,..,,.. V IRGINIA BAKER Secretary and Trearurer .... ,....,... L OUIS LOUGHRAN Cheer Leader .,.,...... ...,.. F MMETT SIMMONS Afsifmrzl Cfzeer Leader ,,......,.. RICHARD STALNAKFR Before the Cubs had learned the intricate paths of the jungle, the cheer leader, obeying the clamoring voices of the upper classmen, proclaimed that, on the eve of the Elkins-Charleston football game, all Freshmen were to appear at Central Building, dressed in pajamas. Under the blows of Sophomores they bravely performed the snake dance without loss of life or limb on the Sophomore side. Later in the year the Freshmen proved their worth when the Freshman-Sophomore Dramatic Club, composed mainly of Freshmen, won the first prize in Stunt Nite. ln the various activities of the school, the Cubs have shown that they are good sports and that they are fast becoming loyal Tigers of Elkins High School. 35 II93o I THE TIGER FRESHMAN CLASS 36 if l1930l N 1 1 X ' f -' '- if av Or mzzzfzfzom' I A gi' f N I I ,lj . 5 1 . i':- ' I A " TJ7'L?,f.f.f'LI-.f-.Il12.lQ ,,,. A,.k . "' Y L ' V ' ' . , . V 1 7 A I- l . -. ,X A V I X If Tw-A qw I4 qw- vm' -'fur r -1 '-1,7 THE TIGER The Hi-Y Club Pmidmr ...,,,... . . GEORGE V Vice Prefident. . .......... IDONALD IDYI Secretary ,..... . . . . .HI'lNliY C. WILSON Tremurer ........ .,... W OODROXV WII,SON Cfzeer Leader, . . . GRADY WHI'I'MAN Spmzmr .,... . .BAYARD GRIAQI-IV Spamor, , . . .LEWIS VICSI' MEMBERS HERMAN BALI. RICHARD BISHOP EDWARD DUDLIiY FIELDING FIDLER GERALD GAINER JAMES GREEN THOMAS GREEN HARRY HARSBARCIER RAY HILL ' LICSTER HILL TIIURMAN HOIJKJIAIS CLARENCE KING ROBERT KEIM AUDRED LEAKI4: CIIARLES MAXXV1'II.I WARD PERRY ARTHUR POLING DURWARD TAI.l3KJ'I' WILLIAM TAI.I3O'I' 57 AIAMICS TA1,l3lJ'l' Hman TALLMAN KIcNNIa'I'II THOMAS tIOHN WARD CIHARLES WEESE DARWIN WINli1fll4Il.lJ IDONALD WIIIMlJ'1'lI MARSHALL WII,SON HOWARD VVDLITE ANSCOY THE TIGER Junior-Senior Dramatic Club 23? Spomor .....,.. , .,..,,.... Mus. MCNEISIi Prwiflezzl ,......... , . . .MARY Loulsic F1s11L:1z Vice Preriffelzt ,.,, , ....... , . .L11,L1AN H15L'1'Z1c1, The unior-Senior Dramatic Club was or anizecl last fall for the ur ose of trainin 1 1 1 1 1 g 1 1 P P g those interested m Cll'Il1l12lflCS 1n both act1n and d1rect1n lavs. The Club has alreadv ' gu g P .Q . . resented two lavs 111 assernblv: a antonnne "Wanted a W1fe" and a Chmstmas lav, P P , l 1 P 1 ' 1 . . P . "Ho e Foster's Christmas Star." The latter was 11'en with the hcl of Miss Harsh's P l 8 P Freshman-Sophomore Dramatic Club. As this goes to press, plans are being made for a Valentine play, and u play to be given at Philippi High School. These plays are under student direction. 3 3 , if I 19301 su XAADS 11652515 Freshman-Sophomore Dramatic Club The Freshman-Sophomore Dramatic Club was organized this year for the purpose of training and developing students along dramatic lines. During the first semester the Club gave special attention to gestures and voice work. A pageant, "The Tree of Memory", was presented for an Armistice Day program, and at Christmas time, "Hope Fosterls Christmas Star" was given by this Club and Mrs. lVlcNeish's Dramatic Club. Plans have been made to study ten important phases of Dramatic Art during the second semester. Also the club will present "The Mj'5l6fiUuf Vlfilln, "The Lamp VVMLI Out" "The lizmgafofu Bride" and various one-act plays and pantomines directed by some of the members. OFFICERS Pferiffent ...,.,..... ......,... . . .,,,. PHYLLIS DAVIES Vice Presifiefzf, . . ,...,... WALDO WARD Secretary ,,.,.., ...,..,..,,, V IRGINIA BAKER Treafurer ,....,... MARC5UERI'1'E Goonwm Sergeant-at-Army .STANLEY STovER Sponsor. . ,Miss I'IARSH 39 if 1 1930i Q4 THE TIGER. A. V. A. Purpose: To become familiar with Latin customs, myths and modern applications and the language through plays, games and other activities. OFFICERS Cwz.vu!,r .......,... ,..... D oRo'1'HY BAR'rc1s AND HARRY MAM1N Snribrz ......... ...,....,....., H ELEN CONNICR Qzmefmr. . . ,....,..........,.. CHARLES ALLEN COMMITTEE HEADS Program ,... ...,..........,......,,,,. W INIFRED S'rr:1ct,E Sfmiaf ...,,,....,..,. .... IVI ARY GAMBLE KUMP Loft and Fozfmf. , , .....,. KIQNNETH SELL Pint ....... . ,...,,... H12Li-:N CONNER ACTIVITIES The A. V. A. had fifteen meetings the first semester. The first meeting was spent in orgnnizationg the second in initiation of new members. Two social meetings were held, one of which was Z1 Christmas Party. The other eleven meetings were used in giving Latin pI:1ys, chnrndes, pantomines, games, readings, songs and project making. Next semester the Club plains to have zi tournament and other activities of interest to Latin students. . 40 6155! Senior Girls' Glee Club Qflfa OFFICERS President .....,..,... ............. ...... V I VIAN BULLIVANT Viee President ,... ..., ....,..,. V I RGINIA MooRI5 Secretary ...... , . . . . ........... LILLIAN HELTZEL Trearurer , . . ,..... . . .MARY LOUISE FISHER Mzisie Courzeilor. . , . . .MIL DAVIES ACTIVITIES The Senior Girls' Glee Club is made up of girls from the Sophomore, Junior :ind Senior classes, meeting twice a Week in the High School Auditorium. Some of the difficult music that they have accomplished is: "Anitrn,s Dancea' by Greig, "Slumber" by Korsakof, and they also presented the operetta "Pickles" during the first semester. The Club plans to attend every State Music Meet, if it is not held at too great a distance from Elkins. QNINQ 10:00 o'Clock Girls' Glee Club GX9 OFFICERS "3 UMM Prexirlenl .....,...,........ . . . .....,..,.. ......... L OUISE I-IAGGERTY Vice Prexident ...........,... ,.....,. V IRGINIA BAKER Secretary and Treasurer .,.. , . .DOROTHY BARTGIS Music Councilor. , . . . . .MR. DAVIES ACTIVITIES The IOZOO olclock Girls' Glee Club Work consists of three-part compositions Written by some of the world's greatest artists. High soprano, second soprano and alto voices are developing well under the direction of our Music Councilor, Mr. Davies. This group of girls co-operates with the Senior Girls' Glee Club in its activities. f A Lowe-THE BAND l?el0wATHE ORCHESTRA 4.2 l1930l fx THE TIGER Abow4SENIOR GLICE CLUB l3elou'FFRESHMAN GLFF CLUB l'1930l YHA- 1,..- I- q,..-- -.W -, 'Huy -I r -- -- uv THE TIGER Girl Reserves EVE Presiffent .,.,....A.. ...... M AROARI-:'I KL MP Vice Prexifferzt. . . . . , . , ,LOUISE SLEEMAN Treasurer ..... ...... I fLIzAnE'I'H KUMP Secretary .... . . LILLIAN Hb11,TZEL Spomor, , . MRS. WIMER MEMBERS ELIZABETH BAKER PIIILLIPINE BOWERS x7IVIAN BULLIVANI' EDXVINA BUZZEL HEI,EN CONNER JOYCE DAUIQIIERTY MARY LOUISE FISHER KA'FHI.LI111N GOODXVIN LOUIs1-: HACICERTY EILEEN MARTIN VVINIERED NEALE 44 JOYCE OLSON HILDA SIMMONS DOR'I'HA WARD NA1'AI.INI5 WRIGlI'I G. M. C. The G. IVI. C. is one of Elkins I-Iigh,s best dramatic clubs. The name is known only to the members. On December, the nineteenth, we had a Christmas party at the home of our Sponsor, Miss Mary Elizabeth Poling. Each member brought gifts which were Wrapped and addressed to the children of the West Virginia Chil'dren's Home. Our Club periods are spent in studying and discussing the staging of plays. The members will each be given a chance to display his ability as an actor before the student body some time during the year. OFFICERS Prefifient .i.....,.,. ,.,,..... - ..,....,..,..... M ARY COIZERLY Vice Preriffezzt . . . ..,. KA'TIII.EEN GOODWIN Secretary ..., . . .HELEN SIMMONS Spomor. . . , .Miss POLING Stenographic Club The Stenographie Club, Whose purpose is to help its members become good business workers, was formed on the twenty-first of September, nineteen hundred and tweny-nine, with Miss Bullivant as Sponsor. At this time the following officers Were elected from the thirteen members, all of which are girls: Preriflent ...,....,.. , . , .......,,.... HELEN GOLEY Vice President ..,. .... .... R o sEALYN KNO'TT Sezretary .,,.,,. ..,. N ATALINE WRIGHT Treasurer. . . . . , . . .GEORGIA AYERs Various activities have been planned and carried out, While others are planned for the second semester. On Wednesday, December 18, IQZQ, the Club presented an assembly play called "Di0gmef Loafer for a SBl7fE1fd7'j7,,. The scene was that of an office, which was in keeping with the Work of the Club. Before the Christmas holidays, the club members sold Christmas cards and made a profit of eight dollars for their treasury. On Tuesday, January 14, 1930, the Club conducted a Typewriting Contest. There were twenty-four contestants. Prizes were presented to the Winners in accuracy and speed in both Typewriting I and II. The Winners in Typewriting I Were: Speed, Ronald Harper, Accuracy, Vera Gilmore. In Typewriting II: Speed, Elda Trieberg Accuracy, Ruth Pingley. ' The members of the Club are: Helen Goley, Rosealyn Knott, Nataline Wright, Georgia Ayers, Elizabeth Haddix, Goldie Sponaugle, Willetta Beathe, Ruth Pingley, Pauline O,Kernick, Thelma Hinchman, lVIamie Marshall, Beatrice Harvey and Genevieve Simmons. 45 , ZTTWS " THE. TIGER :VL L IL Il Q in 11 1: in any Welfare Club 9 Prefident ..,,,. ,.,... .,..., E v ELYN YOKUM Vice President .... .,... ...,.. B E ssIE MOUSE Secretary-Treasurer ..,. .,....,,.. E MMA VINT Spomor ..... , , .KATHERINE CODY MEMBERS OPAL THOMAS DOROTHY MAXWELL BESSIE MoUsE MARGARET ERVINE EMMA VINT EVELYN YOKUM FREDA ROY GENEVA MCCOLLOM MISS CODY MARGARET ISNER KATHERINE BRYDON ALICE WHITE Q,lf-D ACTIVITIES The aim of our Club is to keep those who are in poverty and distress well cared for. We feel that we have accomplished a great deal, for instance: we distributed clothes to those in need. At Christmas time with the help of the Red Cross, we sent a box to Glady, W. Va., which consisted of clothes, fruits and toys. The children who received thc box had never known what Christmas meant before. We are now sewing on clothes for the benefit of needy school children. We hope to accomplish other things in the near future. We are planning for our Club to become I National Girl Reserves. 46 if l 19301 Q2 g, -LQ? 1 ' ff - '- y A M - If N f .Ii . li ' I fhlefzw 9 a A ir " ' fix -' - ' 1 N 'Eg ' H 1 ur j ' vu ' 1 "YI'2I,f'ff-A.2?'.l7"'..Lf.'l,1Y, .,'.L: g. A 1 A' ' 1 ' 1 v 1 ' , P X bl , , 1 THE TIGER A History of Athletics in Elkins High Vcfx' Q N HE first athletic team of any kind ever to represent Elkins High School was a basketball team organized in November, 1910, and was coached by C. W- . l 3- 43. 59,4 Jackson, former Ohio State player. The team was granted the Y. M. C. A. 'fgztmflffll floor on which to practice on Tuesday and Thursday of each week from f5+ff "AF 2:30 to 4:00 p. m. At this time the total enrollment was eighty-one students. The first game was played with the Y. M. C. A. Cubs on january IO, 1911. Following is the line-up and score of that game: Elkins High--30 Position Cubs-24 Dick Hammil Forward Wilbur Lawton Dave Barry Forward Wilson Ward Charles Whetsell Center Harry Adamson Frank Wimer Guard Ross Leader Clay Whetsell Guard Gilbert Overholt Chalmer Gifford Substitute Ray Cost Elkins High won the series of three games from the Cubs and that completed the schedule for the season. The first game played away from home was that with Buckhannon High in February, 1912- The score of this game was E. H. S. 32-B. H. S. 8. This team also won the State Championship that year with eight victories and no defeats. The next year the team won eight games and last two. The team of ,I4 was the first E. H. S. team to play its Alumni, and defeated them 76 to 21. Again Elkins High won the State Championship by winning the First State Tourney at Buckhannon. Now the students decided to do something else new. In the fall of 1915, a small group of industrious boys got together and organized a football team. This team played two games and lost them both, one to D-E Reserves, I2 to 0, and the other to Parsons, 7 to 6. The next two years saw successful teams in football and basketball, and the first Inter-Class Tournament was held in 1917, and was won by the Juniors. During the season of 1917 and 1918, the basketball team was coached by Howard Ellifrits. The following year H. H. Speicher accepted the position as Athletic Coach and held this position until 1920. During these two years a track team was organized and athletics came to stay. Frank C- Wimer was next to accept the position as Coach of Athletics in Elkins High School. He began with the football season of 1920, in which he won 5 games, lost 2 and tied 1. Since Wimer has been Coach at Elkins High, his teams have won two Sectional Basketball Championships, the State Championship in 1926, and was runner-up in 1929. Seven Sectional Track Meets have been won as well as the football championship in 1928, and second place in 1929. During the ten years that Coach Wimer has been here he has won 72, lost 18, and tied I2 football game, won 184 and lost 57 basketball games. Can you show us a better record than this? Wimer-coached men who have made the All-State teams are: All-State Football-"Big Sleepy" Glenn, ,22, '23, 7243 Myrl Kepner, ,273 Charles Zirbs, '28, Ward Rice, '28, Charles Simmons, Captain, 329. All-State Basketball-"Little Sleepyl' Glenn, Captain, ,265 Clay Martin, ,2Q. Elkins High has always been a tough opponent for all of the teams she has met, and we know she will continue to be such. 2 A 41 4. Q ... . if ' Football LKINS 7-PARKFRSBURG 6. Thus ended Il most successful season of 1929, with eight victories, two ties and one defeat. The cause? Seven fighting, hard charging Tiger linemen followed by four snarling Tiger backs gs -and all were coached by the best coach in the state, Frank C. Wimer. "'::' WUT On September 1, Coach Wimer issued the call for candidates for the foot- ball team. Thirty-nine huskies reported for action the first day. Out of this group only four were members of the team of '28. This was the Ugreenestn bunch of igskin chasers ever to report to Coach VVi1ner- Out of these thirty-nine scrappers was moldfed one of the best teams the school has ever had, and the second best in the State-Fairmont being de- clared Champs and Elkins second. The season started off with a bang. F. H. S. 7-Alumni 0. The next game, with Parsons, proved to be easy prey for the Tigers who won 4,3 to O. Who's next? None other than our own "Sleepyn Glenn and his Capitol City Warriors. The game was almost over when "Budn Shelton tossed a beautiful pass to Captain Simmons who galloped 43 yards for the six-pointer that won the game 6 to o. Are we lucky or has Coach ccGlOO1HY,, Wimer molded a real team out of this bunch of Hgreeniesvf 48 if I l930I sa THE TIGER What's this? Rlki-ns 6-Fast Side O. l believe the boys can play a little anyhow Wasnlt that a nice pass "Bud,' heaved? , Ouchl Weston 64Flkins 0. Oh, Well, anyhow the boys certainly fought hard and were not disgraced by that score, and whatls more on the following Saturday they trounced Buckhannon 33 to 6. I hope they get going next Saturday. Well, llm satisfied, are you? H. S. 6-Shinnston 6. Although they were out- weighed 30 pounds to the man, and on a wet field besides, the Tigers outplayed them in every section of the game and would have won, We believe, if the field had been dry. B-r-r-r. Again those greedy Tigers found a victim in their lair. After playing on foreign soil for three weeks they returned home and defeated Philippi IQ to 0. The next week they tied Morgantown 6 to 6, and next Grafton was romped on for a 42 to D 6 score in the final home appearance of the year. - - -X -F.-l.-+...-, Oh boy! What a Thanksgiving! Elkins ' ig ? 7WParkersburg 6. "Simmie" returned 'Ve ' a. punt 45 yards for a touchdown, and W kicked the extra point to go into the lead J! ef' N 'Q X with four minutes to play. - 4 v 'f Q l. So the season ended. The following 7 .Xu Q players were selected on the various All- K 'ff M,.t""kg-, ' F State and All-Valley teams: T V3 fffiu 3- ,"t Stansburyls All-State-Simmons, Q. B. gf and Captain? Shelton, second team, Ball A WML and Collett, honorable mention. " fgixlfvf Riagieyrs A11-state-Bari. gg xx All-Valley-Shelton and Ball. Second 4' 'L T -U A H team--C. Simmons and Collett- 40 if I 19301 ee Elkins High School Basketball A week after the close of the football season the call was issued for basketball practice to begin. The outlook at this point was bleak, for there were only three men left from the first ten of the last year's team, and one regular. Two men, Charles Simmons and Amos Harrold, were left over until the second semester. The team was first placed under fire at Mill Creek. The game was hard fought and brought the fact that perhaps a team could be made from this bunch. The Tigers progressed better from there on. They defeated what looked like an unbeatable bunch of Alumni on Christmas night. As the season progressed they continued to win until Fairmont offered the stump in their row. Fairmont came here with a fine team and gave Flkins the first defeat she had had in the Elkins High Gym. The conference gave more interest in the games this year, and to better their standing every team in the conference fought harder to win every game. After the first setback the Tigers went after it and won the Grafton, Buckhannon, Weston and Philippi games. Then came the big game of the year-Shinnstonl At the end of a fast and furious struggle the Tigers lost by a 35-29 count. This made the second defeat of the season and lowered them considerably in the conference ranking. The Tigers passed through the rest of the season with only two more defeats, Shinnston and Fairmont West Side administering one each. Flkins landed Cl fourth place in the conference. On March 7 and 8, the first sectional tournament ever held in Elkins arrived. Flkins drew the Belington team the first round and defeated them 40-I. ln the second round the Wzzlkersxfille team, :1 team that Elkins had never played before, was defeated 58-9. A real 50 if 119301 sa 3 THE TIGER threat was offered by Philippi, but finally the Tigers pulled through with a ZI to Il score. In the final game with Buckhannon, the Tigers upset them to the tune of 38 to 11. Elkins also won the cheering cup. Between tournaments the Tigers defeated Fair- mont, East Side, 37 to 19. The State Tournament-Elkins had it tough in the drawing, by not only having to play a preliminary game with Hinton. but also by having Wheeling and Shinnston one right after another if the Tigers should win. One Thursday afternoon the Tigers met and defeated Hinton 22 to 7. The next day one of the most important contests Elkins ever entered was held, because Wheeling, State Champions, for two consecutive years, had never lost a game for three years to a West Virginia team. Elkins gained a revenge in a 24 to IS score. Shinnston was to be met the same night. Shinnston had beaten the Tigers twice in the season, and Elkins was conceded small chance of winning. However, the Tigers won in a thrilling game by 37 to 19. Hundred was the downfall of the Elkins team after the fine playing against Shinnston. This team defeated Elkins by the lop-sided score of 31 to 12. Saturday night as a preliminary to the finals, Elkins played Williamson in the consolation game and returned to their old form by defeating them 36 to 12. Hundred won over Washington-lrving in the finals, 30 to 24. Elkins won the cheering cup and third place in the tournament. They also placed a man on the first and second teams. ELKINS HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL SCHEDULE FOR 1929-1930. Frank C. Wimer-Coach Harry Shelton-Captain Raymond White-Manager ABROAD AT HOME December IQ-Mill Creek ...,, 21-12 December 25-Alumni .. 26 18 January 24-Buckhannon . , , , .27-16 January 4-Martinsburg . 25 I7 January ZSTWCSIOH . . , . , , 17-12 january 9-Philippi . . . . 29 I7 February 6-Philippi . . , . . .31-20 January 11-Fairmont , . 20 ZI February -Morgantown . .... 19-12 january 18-Grafton , . , 44-14 February v-Fairmont . , , , ,23-27 january 31m-Bl1Ciih3l11'lOl1 36 23 February -Shinnston . . . 19-33 Februarv 8-Shinnston , 29-35 February -East Sidew ,.., 30-17 February I2-Mill Creek 44-15 February IS'WCSt0H . . . 29 21 March 1-Morgantown . . 36 IS MARCH 7 AND 8-SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT ELKINS VISI'fOR ScoRE 40 ....,, . .... Belington . , . . . 1 37 ,... .... I fast Side , , , . . IQ 38 .... .... W alkersville . . . . 9 21 .... .... P hilippi ..,. . , 1 1 38 . . . .....,,..,. Buckhannon ,.......,....., , . I1 STATE TOURNAMENT AT BUCKHANNON Elkins ..,.,,.r..,... 22-Hinton ...,...,,...... 7 Elkins. . , . . . 24-Wheeling . . i , . I5 Elkins. . . . 37-Shinnston , , . . , IQ Elkins, . , , , , 12-Hundred , . . . 31 Elkins. . . . . . 36-Williamson . . I2 SI llIIlIIllI " Q! I ' TElIiIlII THE TIGER Track HE Track season of 1929, opened with the annual inter-class meet which was won by the Juniors who scored a total of 68119 points. The Seniors had a tough proposition to nose out the Sophomores 27 to 25112. The next meet was that with the Alumni who was defeated 78 to 48. Things began to 5"4'L3C'7T'93'g' look pretty good for a successful team, and the Tigers journeyed over to Parsons and trounced them 96 to 46. Next came the First Annual Monongahela Valley Meet, which was held at Elkins, with Washington-Irving, Grafton, Fairmont, Parsons and Ehkins participating. This meet proved to be a thriller and was not decided until the final event, the 440 relay, was run. This was the most thrilling race we have ever seen on the local field, and Elkins won it after a hard struggle. The final scores are as follows: Elkins 54g45, Washington- lrving, SZMSQ Grafton, 203 Fairmont, 15, Parsons, 4. On the following Saturday, Elkins easily won the State Sectional Meet, scoring 65W points. Scores of the other teams entered are as follows: Grafton, 36363 Parsons, 213 Aurora, 8, Upshur County High, 73 Philippi, 6, Terra Alta, 0- Elkins qualified twelve men, the largest number possible, to go to the State Meet at Morgantown. Martin, Harrold, Rice, Captain Fretwell and Ball showed up best in this meet, in which Elkins was placed fifth. This team also partici- pated in the Twenty-second Inter-Scholastic Meet held in the Pitt Stadium at Pittsburg, and took ninth place. The Tigers have not lost a dual or sectional meet for four years, and we hope for their continued success. CAPT. GUY FRE CLAY MARTIN HERMAN BALL HARRY SHELTON TWELL 6X9 LETTER MEN WOODROW WILSON CHEsTr:R PHILLIPS, WARD RICE AMos HARROLD 52 CHARLES SIMMONS MGR. RICHARD SIMMONS CHARLES ZIRBS HARRY LOUGH Q 1930 1 ' 1 1 ' 'f 1' '- s , , r x Ji f I ELZZLZIVES '. r - v I is N 5 9 0 4 C79 D w ' A 4 j N "" V f V f 1 :Z I 'T A ?'r"A i-T "V .' ,Q ITIS .ghn . . .. ., fl., .,, UL..- L I ' . ' I, i ' 1. fl 1 5 ls. 1:4 -A .1 up qu. -ly 93 if 119301 . THE TIGER THE TIGER 54 I l930I fll P 6 1- 'T THE TIGER -g y, .HIL .IL ith .-I .ni U- " ' 7,..-- W... ,,.- qu... --Ty wg' "air -'I' -ff "1 Prophesy of the Class of '30 one evening when the fire had burned to embers, I sat thinking yearstfrompnow. ",3'D,k!i1 Suddenly I noticed a coal which seemed not only to grow larger and larger but brighter and brighter. Then I noticed a small door and soon it opened. Who should appear but ' d' f the Kin of the Golden River In his hand he 'Z' a little man, rather remin ing one o g . . l held a little shiny book. I was frightened at first, but he spoke and told me that in the book which he carried with him was written the future of every man. Of course m to reveal to me the future of every member in our I immediately became very interested and asked hi CLASS OF '3o. I was astonished when I heard him read the following: Garrott Allen will become the greatest magician in the world and will accomplish many tricks which Houdini failed in. Ada Auvil and Nataline Wright will be models for the Franklin, Simon and Co. in New York City. Georgia Ayers will be directress of games on the ocean lines, "Mauretania'l. "Dick" Bishop will open a branch establishment of the Bishop Lumber Co. in Washington, D. C. Betty Bennett will be hostess of a naughty night club in Harding, W. Va. Mildred Burke will be happily married to the Prince of Wales. Hazel Burke will be in Africa teaching the cannibals table manners. Herman Ball will make his home on the Philippine Islands. Marguerite Shaffer, Vivian Bullivant and Ruth Pingley will be working for a large corporation demonstrating the effects of henna on the flowing locks of the young maidenhood of Australia. Donald Dye will become president of the Hart, Shaffner and Marx Clothing Company. Ralph Dennison will be construction engineer on the South Pole. Hazel Cutright will open a kindergarten in Philadelphia. Rita DiBacco will be a noted comedienne on Broadway. Esther Dobbins will be the head of the English Department in Columbia University. "Ed" Dudley will revive the old song "Walking With Susie". Joe Davis, a noted lawyer, will invent a new system which will do away with all fraud in voting. Marguerite Duckworth will establish a school of Geology on Laurel Mountain. Anna Grace Enlow will he Dean of Women at Vassar College. Mary Louise Fisher, after her marriage, will live in Russia. Fielding Fidler will give private dancing lessons in the movie stars in Hollywood. Margaret Kump will preside over the juvenile court in Denver, Colorado. Mary Elizabeth Fisher will be a graduate nurse of the John Hopkins Hospital, and will vamp one of the millionaire patients whom she will marry. Louise Sleeman, after touring Europe with her handsome, rich husband, will return to her beautiful home on Long Island. Eloise Hall will receive S500 an hour singing and playing for the National Broadcasting Company. Lucille Talbott will live in Lawrence, Kansas, where her husband will be coach of athletics in the Haskall Institute. Betty Harwood and Theresa Hammer will be ballet dancers in Paris. Isadore Goldberg will be proprietor of the Baltimore Bargain House. Georgia Poling will be leading lady in the Follies of 1940. Evelyn Green will pose for Burley Hickman, who will be the greatest artist in London. Vergie Hartman will be married and will live on a large farm between Elkins and Beverly. Helen Goley will be president of the Literary Guild of America. Thurman Hodges will be elected mayor of Evenwood in 1946. A Lillian Heltzel will set up a flower shop in Third Street and will sell all sorts of pretty "Buds". Amos Harrold will challenge the champion heavyweight of South America for a bout to be staged in Chicago. "Red" Harper will light the way for strangers through the Black Forests of Germany. "Bill" Hall will be sports writer for the New York Times. Genevieve Hinkle will devote her life to evangelistic singing. Margaret Jeffers will clerk in a large department store in Philadelphia. Hilda Simmons will rear a "Coxey's', army. Henry Wilson will take up tickets in the Roxie Theatre. Ocie Kerns will wile in luxury, having made her fortune by inventing a new kind of curling iron which will be sold in all the lo cent stores in America. 55 W HL L AL I n ii' il in im! 'mn TIGER Evelyn Keller will travel with "Barn-ham Baled-hay Side Showsn as the fattest woman in the World, and her barker will be none other than Guy Mallow. Aileen Kelly will be seamstress for Lady Astor. Robert Keim will be proprietor of the Murphy loc store, Rosealyn Knott will tint Christmas cards for a large greeting card company. Carl Moore will be assistant professor of Physics at Yale. Geneva McCollom will reside in Webster Springs where her husband will be employed. Katherine Schoonover will be traveling companion for a multimillionaire widow. Mary Jane Wilt will go to China to teach the Chinese the latest dance steps. Marie Moss will be saleslady for the "Delicious Sweetsl' Candy Company in Boston. Gertrude Suesli will belgoverness for the children of Mr. and Mrs. john Coolidge. "Dick" Simmons will be third assistant in the Gray Front Grocery Store in Elkins, W. Va. Pauline O'Kernick will be traveling demonstrator of the "May Bloom" toilet articles. Charles Simmons will be coach of athletics in the Parsons High School. Mary Sylvester will run a bus between Norton and Elkins High School. ' Winifred Steele will be governor of the Hawaiian Islands. Kathryn Phillips will inherit f3,000,000.00 from her rich uncle who formerly lived in Mill Creek. Raymond Whitelwill be warden in Sing' Sing Prison. Bessie Mouse and her husband will set up a beauty parlor in Oakland, Maryland. Ruth Smith will make hand-made neckties for the Artistic Neckwear Manufacturing Company. Lorraine Woodford will become rich from her orange groves in Siberia. Ada Wamsley and Clorice VVilmoth will be social service workers in the slums of Elkins. Marie Rennix will graduate from West Virginia Business College, and will be a stenographer in Philadelphia. Eugene McCusker will be ambassador to Egypt. Evelyn Yokum will become principal of the Go Easy High School. Alby Phillips will be the best shoemaker in Elkwater. Elda Trieber will spend her life trying to teach a "Scotchman,' to be thrifty. Genevieve Simmons will teach typewriting in Rider College in Trenton, New jersey. Mildred Smith will be head waitress in the Tygart Hotel. Jason Meadows will head the Chemistry Department at Carnegie Tech. Winifred Triplett will become a noted chemist and will be employed by the Dupont Company. Wayne Scott will raise pigs on a large farm in Pennsylvania. John Trahern will be a chef in the Hamilton Hotel in Bermuda. I Elizabeth Kump will receive countless proposals, but being unable to decide among them will die an old maid. Millard Klein will be choosing wise-cracks for the "Pathfinder,'. Harry Shelton will direct traffic on Broadway. Edna Shipman will make a scientific study of 'iWhy men prefer blondsl' and will report her findings in a syndicated newspaper. th C joe Williams, because of his love for "Chickys" will have a poultry farm near Elkins.. Morris Wilmoth will make a remarkable discovery that ice is cold. Thelma Mills will live in Nevada on a large ranch given to her by her great uncle. Joyce Olson will be a noted concert artist and will tour France. Hale Taylor will finally "Gain-'er,'. And so after completing the prophesy the queer little man closed the little book and disappeared into flames, thus ending the Prophesy of the CLASS OF '3o. 56 THE TIGER E Senior Class Will 4275. Elkins High School, know ye that: We, the Class of 1930, of the Elkins High School, Elkins West Virginia, being of sound mind, do hereby make and publish this, our last will and testament We do hereby will, grant and bequeath: Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Grady Whitman, Garrott Allenls magic. Rosalie Poling, Ada Auvil's sex appeal. Dorothy Bartgis, Georgia Ayer's lisp. John Chenoweth, Herman Ball's curls. William Conner, Richard Bishopls big voice. Virginia Moore, Vivian Bullivant's pepiness. Helen Connor, Hazel Burke's brown eyes. Phyllis Davies, Mildred Burke's shyness. Lena Antoline, Hazel Cutright's love for fun. , some lucky guy, Joe Davis' knowledge of Chemistry. Ann Lingamfelter, Rita Di Baccols good standing with the football boys. next year's editor, Esther Dobbins' ability as TIGER Editor. Aileen Harper, Marguerite Duckworth's good grades in Worl.l History. Harold O'De1l, Edward Dud1ey's Stacomb. Ray Hill, Donald Dye's position as Senior cheer leader. Edwina Buzzell, Anna Grace Enlowls reserve. "Sol" Goldberg, Fielding Fidler's giggle. Eileen Martin, Mary Louise Fisher's compact. "Susie'l Martin, Helen Goley's good grades. Harry Mamin, Isadore Goldbe1'g's tardy marks. Dorotha Ward, Evelyn Green's good looks. Virginia Harshbarger, Eloise Hall's musical talent. Alan Green, Ronald Harper's hair. Louise Haggerty, Mary Elizabeth Fisherls "spa-csv. Jimmy Talbott, Harry Gardner's horn. V-Etgr Marine, William Hall's bluffing. Mary Frances Donohoe, Theresa Hammer's figure. Rudolph Zirbs, Amos Harrold's artistic ability. Owenta Biller, Betty Harwood's walk. the President of Class of '31, Burley Hickman's efficiency. Gladys Riley, Lillian Heltzel's sweet disposition. Kenneth Sell, Thurman Hodges' feet. Cliva Hart, Genevieve Hink1e's smile. Mary Gamble Kump, Evelyn Kellarls thinness. Jerome York, Robert Keim's dignified air. "Whitey,' Nichols, Millard Klein's voice. Mildred Trickett, Rosealyn Knottls talkativeness. Beatrice Grimes, Elizabeth Kump's smile. Elizabeth Baker, Margaret Kump's power of argument. Donald Wilmoth, Guy Mal1ow's Ford. Gary Cooper, Eugene McCusker's acting. Ted Wilmoth, Jason Meadow's tallness. "Jake" Vanscoy, Carl Moore's hair tonic. Gerald Gainer, Marie Moss' studiousness. Regina Vest, Bessie Mouse's make-up. Mr. Arnett, Pauline O'Kernick's lipstick. "Bud" Wingfield, Joyce Olson's baby-blue eyes. Guy Godwin, Ruth Smith's ear-rings. Donna Durrett, Marie Rennix's freckles. Kathleen Goodwin, Louise Preysz's long hair. Frances Russell, Georgia Poling's chewing gum. Marshall Wilson, Alby Phillips' quietness. Edythe Hinkle, Ruth Pingley's blush. mum null ,lnluulln 57 1 liiiuliill- I il ' lllllllllll- THE TIGER, I Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Unto Louise Haggerty, Katherine Phillips' quiet way. anybody who will have it, Margaret Jeffers' brilliancy. Hester Caplinger, Mildred Smith's blonclness. Frances Russell, Betty Bennett's walking ability. Lester Hill, Ralph Dennison's bashfulness. Harry Koontz, Harry Shelton's popularity. Walter Lee, John Trahern's vanity. Mandane Olson, Mary Jane Wilt's natural wave. Regina Osborn, Vergie Hartman's art for talking. Grace Florentino, Genevieve Simmons' eye lashes. Irene Hooker, Winifred Steele's violin. Ward Perry, Gertrude Ray's position in Woolworth's. Grady Whitman, Lorraine Woodford's tinyness. Katherine Isner, Winifred Triplett's grin. "Betty" Arnold, Nataline Wright's winning disposition. Leola Wills, Elda Trieber's raven locks. Gertrude Crawford, Ada Warnsley's surplus height. John Ringer, Wayne Scott's weight. Charles Arbogast, Morris Wilmoth's dates. Elizabeth Daft, Nellie Suesli's loquocity. Chester Powers, Charles Simmons' ambition. Miss Fuss, Louise Sleeman's love for cats. the cradle, Joe Willianls' "Chicky". Taylor Gilmore, Katherine Schoonover's pleasant expression. Beatrice Grimes, Richard Simmons' partiality. Pauline Dye, Raymond White's affection for "jail birds". Robert Allen, Edna Shipman's H's. John Ward, Aileen Kelly's forwardness. Regina Steele, Hilda Simmons' "drug store" complexion. Chester Collett, Clorice Wilmoth's dimples. Maime Marshall, Mary Sy1vester's boisterousness. Dolly Pritt, Marguerite Shaffer's "pug" nose. Junior Isner, Lucille Talbott's beauty prizes. Martha Stiffler, Ocie Kerens' attention in English IV Class. George Brannon, Geneva McCollam's seriousness. Winifred Allendar, the twinkle in Evelyn Yokum's eyes. Kay Dye, Henry Wilson's clothes. Mr. Bruffey, Cecil Day's red sweater. Charles Allen, Hale Taylor's girl. some one who can see in the dark, Thelma Mills' locker. the Juniors, our dignity, which we hope they will keep throughout their Senior year, our seats in Chapel, left us by the Class of '29, our 95,8 in English IV. To the Sophomores, we leave our ambition, our pep, and our wisdom. Unto the Freshmen we leave our ability to skip classes, our tardy marks, and our skill at bluffing 58 Faculty Popularity Contest for 1930 Best Vamp or Sheik. . . . . Prettiest Eyes ,..., ,... Prettiest Hair ,..,... ..... Prettiest Complexion ....,.. Highest Grader .,... ,.... Best Disposition . , . . . . . . Best Sport ....... , , . . . Most Dignified . .. . . . . . Most Kiddish ............ Nearest Married ..., 1 ..,.. Strictest Disciplinarian ..,.. Most Easy Going .......... Lengthiest Speaker . . . . . Most Athletic .... . . . QJQ MEN Mr. Stewart . , . Mr. Green , . Mr. Green .... Mr. Green .,,. Mr. Bruffey ..,. Mr. Bruffey ,,.. Mr. Bruffey .... Mr. Vest ....,. Mr. Arnett ..,, Mr. Vest ..,. Mr. Vest ,..... Mr. Speicher. . . Mr. Bruffey . . , Mr. Wimer . . , VGET9 Senior Popularity Contest Most Popular ,.......... . Best Looking ,... ........ Typical E. H. S. Student. . . Laziest E. H. S. Student, .. Most Talkative .........., Biggest Nuisance . . . . Most Athletic . . . , , , . Best Vamp ,.,,...... . , . Best Actor and Actress, . , Most Literary .... . . , Fattest ......, . . . Leanest .,.. ......... . Wittiest .............,... Best Qualities of Leadership, Most Dependable . ,... .... Most Dignified . . . . . . GNR9 BOYS Harry Shelton . . Edward Dudley . , . . . . Harry Shelton .,., . . . Isadore Goldberg Millard Klein .. ffnaaw Bishop .... ,... Harry Shelton , . Fielding' Fidler . Fielding Fidler . , , . . . William Hall. , . Guy Mallow . . . Wayne Scott . . . Millard Klein . . Burley Hickman Garrott Allen . . Robert Kiem . . . WOMEN Miss Barry Miss Barry Mrs. McNeish Mrs. McNeish Miss Cody Mrs. McNeish Miss Wilmoth Mrs. McKee, Miss McDonald Miss Barry Miss Cody Miss McDonald Miss Barry Mrs- Wimer Miss Wilmoth for 1930 GIRLS Lillian Heltzel Mary Jane Wilt Mary Wilt, Louise Sleeman Betty Harwood, Eloise Hall Ada Wamlsley Georgia Poling Louise Sleeman Ada Auvil Ada Auvil Margaret Kump Genevieve Hinkle Louise Sleeman Vivian Bullivant Margaret Kump Margaret Kump Mary Jane Wilt R VVOufdn't a Teacher Be Ideal Who Had- Miss Barryls eyes. Mr. Bruffeyls blush. Miss Poling's voice. Miss Harsh's complexion. Mr. Arnettls hair. Miss Fuss, size. Miss Wilmoth's neck. Mr. Wimer's feet. Miss Rideris temper. Mr- Kelly's S.uthern accent. Mr. Speicherls newspaper. Bu! One Would Be Much Belief PVILU Hari- . Mr. Vest's philosophy. lVIiss Bullivant's typcvvriting ability. Mrs. McNeish's disposition. Mr. SteWz1rt's bashfulness. Mr. Naggls dignified air. Mr. Green's love for insects. Miss McDonaldls neatness. Mrs. Wimer's knowledge. Miss Eib's femininity. Miss Cody's smile- Mrs. McKee's conscicntiousness. Mrs. Speicher's originality. fR. S. 60 if I 1930! ee -- THE TIGER .ug x .L i in Tu in 11 in 1117 Stunt Night fi' 'WB TUNT NIGHT, sponsored by the Junior Class, was held in the Elkins High ing comedies, and tap dancing made up the program. The different classes 'B' and clubs of the school had their own special acts, and every performance was an illustrious achievement of the members of the cast and sponsors. The Senior Class presented a play entitled 'iliollyls Heron, a successful comedy, played by a very eminent cast. Herman Ball was the hero and Mary -lane Wilt the heroine. The Junior Class put on a blackface comedy entitled "Haman Pops the Questionn. Lester Hill and Katheline Goodwin played the leading parts. Jimmy Talbott and Donna Durrett danced and sang their way through a sentimental play sponsored by the Sophomore Class. Between acts "Mose" Brown entertained the audience with tap dancing. The A. V. A. Club presented a play representing the Roman gods and goddesses, who directed mild jokes at several of the students and teachers of the school. The Junior-Senior Dramatic Club put on a play for the kindergarten children, "Mother Goose's Schoolroomn. The Freshman-Sophomore Dramatic Club, sponsored by Miss Harsh, exhibited fine speciments of male legs in a ludicrous and grotesque representation of "The Breakaway". To this group Ray Hill, president of the Junior Class, presented a silver loving cup award-ed to the best and most original act. fn-g,xQl'7 School Auditorium Friday, February 21, 1930. Sentimental plays, rollick- tc l 4? Q I ,, ., 5 l Pk Pk Pk Pls Pk Collett fpointing at a barn about three miles offj: "Do you see that fly walking on that roof over there?" Herman: "No, 'Ches', but l hear the shingles crealcing as he strolls along." Pls PF Pk Pk Pls Some Scientific Definitiom Earth-A solid substance much desired by the sea sick. Cauliflower-A cabbage with a college education. Kiss-Nothing divided by two. Hug-A round about way of expressing affection. Fly-A familiar summer boarder, who mingles with the cream of society, gets stuck in the butter, and creates a general all around disturbance. Pk Pk :lf Pk ll' Mr. Vest: "I am almost tempted to give this class a test." Class: "Yield not to temptation." Pls Pk Plf PK Pk Ed Dudley: "Susie told me l was an answer to a maiden's prayerf Fid: "Well, she didn't ask for much." as ak wk as wk "She did me wrong,', wailed the Algebra problem as Lillian handed in her eXam paper. :of bk wk ak wk "Any abnormal students in your class?" inquired the High School inspector. "Yes,l' replied Mr. Green, "two of them have good manners." THE TIGER V Z f f m 7 f W Z A Q I5 NWISQ cracxs from a A Pliioon. .Sargent A.. O X - A f 11 f ,ev I UNMC? 1'9OOkjSGt3xf am, X Af x ff Q7 1 1 Shnrt Qxx ff f U T ' ua ' ' ff f K7 42 M if l A' wllxullywl, J E xv X X J Wi m ' f 4-4' ' , A Q W 1 SLS 00955 wh bc1u?:xF9?rv:V ggi-,xSQf"1','l ' 1 S oi? un 2 ---- Q NA Q + WWX X x N mgfdggg SVOSQFA- N X wxwx Tlgzfufrtas-k ' ' , A -f " ,.- , E yi X. o fm -- 2,5 Gsm I Ni asx for mushy f W H-gl fx f WWZS QM M Sw 5 W WWD W A M Em 9355 g wry, 'L In ,N 'Q N Q 6 VV ,s wf M MQ! f x m CUS1HlM5aflI 'N'To 'Help H19 Tiger bg gy fx., Best SQ! mr" QL Ami " I-WVOKA ik eTq W we all -Fzelev YxI K AMOSJNK CMQ SJK 131 Wggdw Wkxj i You CAN Gggvll HOW ' TGKQ 6. bum pnc1urc?" 'W THE EVE SOCK n 'Wm 257 DiRpW'NG FFR f . HESE l X 5 Q34 PICT ' '- f '53 QR-F3 BW Ur QQ? X'H0wa fr ' I X., K1 I N y ' V QQTINJ 'SW Wwe mm .x. LHEAD 'N THE 1, Awww N 4UlV9Ry B43 62 mm' I xl 'qlgilllllllw T1-11-: TIGER Alumni me CLASS OF 1922 James Fidler-Married, studying at Louisville, Kentucky. Dow Strader-Working at Springfield, Massachusetts. Nellie Irvin-Teaching grade schools, Elkins, West Virginia. Harding Bankheacl-Working with State Road Comm., Keyser, W. Va. Bayard Green-Teaching high school at Elkins, West Virginia. Ralph Henry-Working at filling station, Elkins, West Virginia. Wilard Daniels-Doctor at Washington, D. C. CLASS OF 1923 Katherine Cody-Teaching high school at Elkins, West Virginia. Polly Irons Barnes-Married, keeping house at Elkins, West Virginia. Oid Shreve-Attending school, D. Sc E., Elkins, West Virginia. John Wallace-Working at Wallacels Bakery, Elkins, West Virginia. Lewis Vest-Teaching high school, Elkins, West Virginia. CLASS OF 1924 Cyrus Kump-Studying law at W. V. U., Morgantown, West Virginia. Albert Glenn-Married, coach of high school, Charleston, West Virginia. Christine Yokum-Teaching grade school at Coalton, West Virginia. Kenneth Butt-Working on farm near Elkins, West Virginia. Gerald Dougherty-Working in Elkins, West Virginia. lnez Mae Perry Blankenship-Married, keeping house in Charleston, W. Va. Homer Naggs-Teaching high school at Elkins, West Virginia. CLASS OF 1 925 Fredrick Barron-Attending school, W. SL L., Lexington, Virginia. Robert Brown-Attending school. D. Sl E., Elkins, West Virginia. Mary Elizabeth Poling-Librarian at E. H. S., Elkins, West Virginia. Carl McDonald-Attending University of Pa., Philadelphia, Pa. Marguerite Channell Moore-Married, keeping house at Elkins, West Virginia. Harold Coberly+Working at Washington, D. C. Lula Grace Fisher-Teaching at l. O. O. E., Elkins, West Virginia. Leona Dougherty-At home, Elkins, West Virginia. George Rodgers-Attending school, George Washington U., Washington, D. C CLASS OF 1926 Byron Shelton-Attending school. D. Sc E., Elkins, West Virginia. William Cromwell-Attending school, D. 8: E., Elkins, West Virginia. Margaret Glenn-Teaching in grade school, Elkins, West Virginia. Mary Tallman-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, ,West Virginia. Marshall Glenn-Married, attending school, W. V. U., Morgantown, W. Va. Genevieve Bullivant-Attending training school, Baltimore, Md. Ada Ward-Attending school, Kansas City, Kansas. Sam Hoover-Attending school, D. 85 E., Elkins, West. Virginia. Carol Ashby-Attending school. W. V. U., Morgantown, West Virginia. Louise Buzzard-Attending school, D. 8: E., Elkins, West Virginia. fp-,K . THE TIGER Elizabeth Fling-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Notley Bernard-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Ronald Earle-Working at Earle,s Meat Market, Elkins, West Virginia. , CLASS OF IQ27 Harwood Ritter-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Kathrine Baker-Attending school, D. St E., Elkins, West Virginia. Kernble Manning-Attending School, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. George Painter-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Frances Kump-Attending school, W. V. U., Morgantown, West Virginia. Frances Baker-Attending School, D, 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Dorothy Wilson-4-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. John Sleeman-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Leland Brown-Attending school, W. V. U., Morgantown, West Virginia. Philip Harness-Attending school, W. V. U., Morgantown, West Virginia. Sarah Haffner-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. James Wallace-Attending school, D. 8c E., Elkins, West Virginia. CLASS OF IQ28 Harry Moore-MMarried, working Kerner's Shop, Elkins, West Virginia. blames Allen-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Carrie Virginia Wilt-Attending School, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Langley Cobb-Attending School, D. 81. E., Elkins, West Virginia. Virginia KratZerHAttending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Glenn Watring-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Neil Daniels-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Mary Lingamfelter-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Dorwin Talbott-Marrier, working Talbott P. 81 G., Elkins, West Virginia. Virginia Woodford Talbott-Married, keeping house, Elkins, West Virginia. -lenning Marshall-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Ruth Summers-Attending school, D. 81'E., Elkins, West Virginia. Ellis Vest-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Bonn Brown-Attending school, W. V. U., Morgantown, West Virginia. CLASS OF IQZQ Velma Durrett-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Dorothy Gwinn-Attending school, Murfreesboro, Tenn. Willetta Green-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Dan Baker-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Geraldine Trickett-Working at Trickettls Store, Elkins, West Virginia. Harriet PerrykAttending School, D. gl E., Elkins, West Virginia. Elizabeth Cole-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Harold Woodford-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Pauline McCusker-Working for Montgomery 81 Ward, Elkins, West Virginia. Clay Martin-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Patricia Radcliffe-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Kenneth' Cole-Working for Fair Company, Elkins, West Virginia. Ruth Wolverton-Attending School, W. V. U., Morgantown, West Virginia. Ada McCauley-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. Agnes Hamlin-Attending school, D. 81 E., Elkins, West Virginia. 64 if I l930I sa I E3,45f3,4E,,45, THE'HGER jokes Fashion decrees that skirts will be longer in 1930. They'll almost have to be or they won't be skirts any longer. l- THE TIGER -- What Barnum missed: Cat kills mother rat and then adopts orphan mice. i- THE TIGER - Wife: "Dear, I need a new dress." Husband: "What happened to the dress I bought last week?' Wife: "A moth atq itf' '---- THE TIGER -l Low Bridge! A little moonlight, now and then, will marry off the best of men. -- THE TIGER 1- Kav D ez "Mother, is it correct to sav that vou 'water a horse, when he is thirst ?" . Y J . Y Mrs. Dye: "Yes, Kay." Kay: "Well, then, give me a dish, I'm going to milk the cat.', THE TIGER ml- Ada Auvil: "Thurman, what size shoe do you wear?" Thurman H.: "I really wear tens, but elevens feel so good that I always buy twelves. --- THE TIGER 1- Jerome York: "How do the football players get the mud off their uniforms?l' Vic Marine: "You're a dumb guy! What do you think they have the scrub team for? " i- THE TIGER - Speicher: "Did your wife drag you to the masquerade, too?" Wimer: "Yes, I went like a clown." --- THE TIGER 1- Green at the Game She: "Did you think I would Inarry you without any argument?" Bike: 'KYeh, I thought they came later." ---- THE TIGER -- Spike Moore: "Gee, there are an awful lot of girls stuck on me." Joe Williams: "Yeah, they must be an AWFUL lotf' --1 THE TIGER -- Betty: "Did Ed threaten you when he kissed you?', Susie: "Yes, He said, 'If you scream, Illl never kiss you again." --- THE TIGER Mrs. Wimer: "William, will yoII please leave the roomfl' "Billv Hall: "Yes, Ma'am, I had no intention of taking it with me? ---- THE TIGER -- ake: "When we reach that bend in the road, I'm oin to kiss ou." , Q g g Y Tutor: "Isnlt that going a little too far?" l THE TIGER -- "Waiter, about half an hour ago I ordered a drink. Now, did you bring it, did l drink it or didn't I order it?" 65 if I 19301 sa U THE TIGER. S Calendar for 1929 QJQ SEPTEMBER Registration. Don't the Seniors look dignified? "FreshiesU and Sophomores enroll for Sing Sing, too. First chapel. Found out what we can and cannot do. Mostly cannot do. Gosh, the assignments are getting long already. Friday! Thank goodness, one week less of school. So hard to settle down after settling up all summer. 2 More trouble! Extra periods today. We have to suffer until 4. olclock on Tuesdays. "Sleepy Valleyl' is dedicated to Mrs. McNeish in chapel. I Girl Reserves organize. New members discussed. Hi-Y organizes, also. E. H. S. 79-Alumni O. Our team looks pretty good this year. New Hi-Y members taken in. Mr. and Mrs. Theman give a concert. ln costume 'n' everything. "Prof," Koontz gives us a lecture. D. H. D. organize in Neale's Drug Store. We have our doubts about this club. The letters suggests lots of things. E. H. S. 43--Parsons o. Nice way to end the week. Back to the old grind. OCTOBER E. H. S. 6-Charleston O. Our little "country boysl' pulled one over on the city guys. They all need more spirit. E. H. S. 6-E. S. Fairmont O. "Baby Elephantv sure tore off a mean one. Shrines invade the town. "Did you all see 'Fattylfu Six weeks tests in full swing. What did you make on your English IV? Everyone studying hard. Report cards Monday! Whew! "Get this one! Weston 6-Elkins O. Can you beat that? Help! Report cards! Anyone: "Well, Mother, l did try to make a good grade, buti' Everyone practicing forgery. Girl Reserves Dance. "What,s all the light for?" Still sleepin!! Thank heavens, this is Friday! Goin' to Buckhannon tomorrow? E. H. S. 32-Huckhannon 6. What was Homer doing over at Buckhannon until I:2o? just another day wasted away. Four olclock again today. Darn these extra periods any how! Chapel. Mr. Arnett tunes in on a filial conversation. NOVEMBER "I get the blues when it rainsf' E. H. S. 6-Shinnston 6. Back to jail! Oh, dear! Four more days until Friday. Best chapel program so far. A memorial service to the soldiers. "Get a bid to Hi-Y Banquet and Dance? 35 66 .:, !il930I Q: G THE TIGER E Mr. Carr tells us how to get a thrill. E. H. S. 19-Philippi o. Hi-Y Banquet-Dance. Holiday! That is one good thing our Governor has done. Still holidaying. Chapel-"Wanted a Wifefl Well, he got it. Tiger Staff has a tea and Senior Class Advisors change their names. E. H. S. 6-Morgantown 6. Blue Monday. Quite an exciting time in chapel. "Lessy' surely is a fast worker. Tiger Staff meeting. Out for another breathing spell. E. H. S. 42-'Gf8fIOH 6. One month until Christmas. Orders for Senior pins and rings are being taken. Mr. Vest gives us a heart to heart talk in chapel. Football boys leave for Parkersburg. My turkey 'tis of thee, sweet bird of cranberry. DECEMBER ' Everybody must have had too much turkey. Bad newsl Report cards! "Now let me see if I make an H next six weeks." "Silence, pleaseln Married life must be great! Do you like "Pickles,'? North Central Association examiners come to visit us. Friday, the 13th. The only lucky thing that happened today was our getting out at 3. just four more days until the holidays. Whoever invented these extra-curricular periods cught to get a rope around his neck for Christmas. They even beat us out of Chapel today. We have to wait until Friday. The basketball team journeys to Mill Creek and beats them 21-12. A nice beginning. Well, see you all next year. E. H. S. beats the Alumni 25-IQ in a fast one. JANUARY, 1930 How did Santa Claus treat you? Everybody breaking their resolutions. E. H. S. beat Martinsburg 26-18, in one of the cleanest games ever played here Everybody in the dumps. Seniors sporting their pins and rings around before the envious eyes of the Freshmen. "Chink', Ayers shows us how they dance in Hollywood and on Broadway in Chapel today. The Hi-Y Club presents the Ziegfield Follies of IQ3O. E. H. S. 29-Philippi 17. The T. V. C. pledges entertain us during the half. Another week gone. Fairmont defeats Elkins 21-20 in a thriller, and a heart-breakerl Everybody a bit blue after Saturday night. The Tiger Staff watched the birdie today. That picture is going to be worth seeing! Reverend Hart and Mr. Darden talk in chapel. Mr. Darden recalled some happen- ings in "the good ole, days." E. H. S. 44-Grafton 15. The girls entertained during the half with a "Crab Soccerv game. Everyone studying hard for a change. if I ISSOI sa Exemption lists read. Funny. there were so few names on the list. Exams! All aboard to destruction. Report cards! "How many did you flunk?H Registration. About 80 new members for the Cradle Roll. E. H. S. 27-Buckhannon 16. E. H. 17- Westcn I2. No cne listed in on the "huddle" over there. Rain and slushl More rain and slush. Don and Elizabeth give us a portrayal of the insane in "Lunatics" in chapel today. Not a thing happened! FEBRUARY E. H. S. 36-Buckhannon 23. The fellows 'ghuddlen without a single interruption. What's all that stuff on the bulletin board? We found out. Today dragged. We didn,t have chapel. Everybody out giving "sales talksv. The "Greens" seem to be ahead. "Going to the game tomorrow night?" Say, talk about thrills! E. H. S. 29--Shinnston 35. Blue Monday. "Miss Hittyl' may have been a valentine to Matthew, but to us she'd make a good dish washer. All the Freshmen girls are blushing over their valentines. E. H. S. 29-WCSIOH 21. Boy, did you see those long shots? E. H. S. IQ-MOfg3Hf0WH 12. West Fairmont 27-E. H. S. 23. K'Stunt Nitel'-Freshman-Sophomore Dramatic Club takes the cup. E. H. S. 18-Shinnston 33. "Dick" Simmons is exposed as a dangerous "heart breakeru. Girls, bewarel Miss Harsh is riding in a Stutz now! Ray Hill throws a party for the -luniors and Seniors at the "Gayety Club". A good time was had by alll And how? Hi-Y holds their first devotional meeting this morning. E. H. S. 37-East Side Fairmont 19. MARCH E. H. S. 34-Morgantown 15. Big Thuse in Gym. We learn the old high school yell. Big Pep Meeting. Faculty gives us their idea of a "preppy time". Mr. Green would make a good orator, wouldnlt he? Elkins draws Belington for first game. First day of the Elkins Sectional Tournament. Elkins going strong. Elkins winners of the Tourney! Chapel instead of extra curricular today to tell us who won the Tournament. Senior Tacky Day! Some clothes! E. H. S. 37-East Side Fairmont 19. We had some areal' music in chapel today. DeNcal Morris, Leona Daugherty and Elmer Fiorentino entertain. ' Elkins beats Hinton in the preliminary game of the State Tourney. Elkins beats Wheeling. And Shinnstonl 68 R lt l930I G THE TIGER lflkins wins third place in the Tournamentg gets the cheering cup, and g'Bucl" Shel- ton on the first team, and .loc Williams on the second. We didn't do sn badly after all. Instead of club period today, Coach told all the jokes on the boys who were at the State Tourney. We had some entertainers from the grades in chapel today. lnter-Class Tourney. Senior girls and Freshmen boys win. The Sophonwres yell the loudest. APRIL April Fool. President Allen talks in chapel today. Senior Day. MAY "Big Ten" Track Meet at Morgantown. State Sectional Track and Field Meet at Elkins. '. State Track and Field Meet at Morgantown. Annual Sermon to the Graduating Class. Class Night. Graduation, and the struggle is OVER. 69 , THE TIGER L L AL ll I1 1 in in in im! x X 1 .- xx Q-fx ii 'TB The Presse-, ,fff - Q. :ve 9fQ KN fi?- 2 5 5,55 1 Q ' , FACU ' e emrods DESK i 7 AT Tl 5 wmzwx mm1N S Fav. usgiil-?fENERAL J Cf6.55.f..:aVVlll5 PHOTOGRAPHS m1sceLL4NEouS Eg ' "BLM " I 1 i ,, 3 g 7 E59 77 W f A Q U R ....... .. I fm 70 " i+ff w : 1 f 5 X If " " ' dwrfzsers , ! f I jx .1 ' . 553.4 x " -2 b 5 "1 .' 1 X ff ' ' .- f 1 w THE DARDEN COMPANY ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA Manufacturers of the Darco Line of Poultry, Dairy and Stock Feeds. -Iobbers of the Purina Line of High Grade Feeds for All Stock, and the Reliable "Pine Tree" Field Seeds Come to us with all your Seeding and Planting Problems. We know how, and it's free for the asking. Service to the public since 1894. 1,111 1 1 1 1 101101 inioioizminivcpui 1 101:11 :ui 1 :ni 1 1 3 ELKINS BUILDERS' SUPPLY CO. Everything in Builders' Supplies WIlfJl,ESAl.I'1 AND RIc'I'AIL COAL -:- -:- LUMISER BELL llIIoN15 640-641 NI'1Ali Davis IVIICMORIAI, HIJSl'l'l'AL l'iI.KINs, W. VA. -I,...,-.I-I,-.y-.,-.I- - : :..-..-.,:.,:.,:..:......-II:.,-.,-..-.- -..-.,-.,-.,-.,-a- QlQlD4lQllQll IQllllCllllllll,lQQanD Davis and Elkin College ELIIINS, WI-:sr vIIaGINI,i JAMES LQDVVAIID AI,I,ICN, LL. D., President QS? Graduates from Iflkins High School have uniliorrnly done very creditable work at Davis and Iilkins College. We l110St cordially welcome serious-minded, ambitious students. College is for students only. Davis and Iilkins College can give you standard work that will be recognized in this and other states, and the cost for the four years need not exceed the cost of one year if you had to go away from home. ' We had rather have a large local patronage than a large patronage from the outside. I advise early registration this year. The twenty-seventh session opens September 17. VIRGIIC HARRIS, RIccQIs'I4RAI: 11103011xiuiuiocruiuaroiwioiui xzoxoioiox 1 1 1 1 1 xxx ivinioioic 3 1 1 1 1- cpoioiuqpuz ini:Ii:Iiuioiuinioioximii112 ici 1 2 in 1 1 1 in 1 10111020111101010102 inincpuqmriuix 10111301 1 1:11110 10111 1 3113211111141 1 1 111: 1 1 it 3 1:1 1111111 1 3 1:4114 Gold Bar Califomia Fruits Channell Grocery Co. DISTRIBUTORS 1111111 1 11111111111 101 1 11111 11-c 1111111 1111111 W. IR., IIFBIIKIIDIIIQIWVIIBIIIQIIIQ GENERAL INSURANCE, REAL ICSTATIC AND SURETY BONDS USED? 'IAIIE FAIR CJOMPANY I3L'11,D1wca ICLKINS, VV. VA. ri lui: ioimioiuz 1 1 1 1: 1 21302: 1 1 1:1 1 1 ioiuiuizxiniuinq VALLEY SUPPLY COMPANY UDISTRIBUTORS NATIONALLY ADVERTISED LINES" -IOBIEISRS OR HARDWARIC, MILL AND MINI? SUPPLIES AND AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES ICLKINS, WICST VIRGINIA 01405 riuzuiozuinznxr:incpcaimrinxi:invi:1ioimriuioioioimxxni 1 101 0:0 v::nin:o1u:-.4 izvixivz 3 E ! 9 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! G 1.4 Q 1110.0 :: ini 14111 11101 1 101011riniuiuxmxiuxpuiuzu: xi 1 gui 1: 1 3 2 1010444 THE PENN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. A INIJliI'ILNDENC1'I SQUARE PIIILADELPIIIA PRNNSYLVANIA U 3 3 W. N. SNEDICGAR, Genera! Agezlf rI'ROY E. HAIQDMAN RAl.I'II F. MA'1"1'1soN MR. AND MRS. H. B. SIIAVER "Bark of Your l1z1!ej1e1zf!e111'e Sftlllffj the Palm MZAfZldZ,, 0:4 Q I I I U l I U I Souza 3044 1 101110101 C 101 1010101 1 10101011101 1 111110101 1 1 1 1 1 Northwestern National Life Insurance Company Profit Sharing, Low Cost Insurance rXI,l3lCR'I4 WII,'f, Cezzenzf Agent IiROXYNI,I-LIL WII.'l', Cafkier G 'limi FAIR CIOMPANY I3U11,DiNc: ELKINS, W. YA. ,-,..,-.,-..-..-.,...:.,:.,- ...Z :.- :.: I : : - I.: : :.-.,:.,...,-.,:.,:.,- 41101011 1fx:0q:n10101a 114 1010101010101111010101o1n1o1o1o1 10101011 NASH LICADS THIC WORLD IN MOTOR CAR X ALUIC SPIRVICIC, STORAGIC, GAS AND OILS, RICPAIRING RANDOLPH GARAGE 1NcoR11oRA'rED "Your StIfi.ffdI'fiUll Om' Aimn PHONE 370 x101o10101x1 10101 1 1 1 101 1 1:1 1:1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1n1o101010 111111111.1111-111111111111111114 GICT IT AT THE Centra! emi zlrleei "It's Better" You sHoULn TRY out SAUSAGE srrcur AT'IIIiNTlON 'ro CHILDREN 218 Drwis Avicxviz Priomg 195 ICLKINS, WICST VIRGINIA 14:111111111-11111111111 1-11111111 111131211 1 in 1 1 xo: ininixxiuinioimri1111 1 3 11111 1 1 3 11:11:11 2 1 2021rioioioiuinioizri:111rioixxxnicuiuininq11:1 1 1 1 in wMpL1M14:Nfrs Ol" H. B. MARTIN COAL COMPANY UV5 IMINS, ww- VIRGINIA 111111202 2 2-iii 1 :mini 111111 1:1 2111 131 1:1-zu: 0111312 5111113131znznixiiiiiiiiiixiua Cars Trucks SPEED POWER COMFORT SERVICE LOW COST LOW UPKEEP '1 Clarkson otor Sales PHONE 8 ICLRINS, VV. YA. MORRISON GROSS 86 COMPANY Mine Timber WICST VIRGINIA COAL AND COKIC BUILDING 1 1:4920 I n U I H I u of' is zuznz-1111110101 ini I :ir U14 ul-ui min: :ui 0 U: aio: 0:1 Loi 1101-aiu o 0.0 . anna U 10- ,IC ri 1 1 1 1 if 1 1 3 Z 1 c1i4r2u:o3u1u1n3:x111mi 1 1 iris: 1 1 1111 COMPLI MISNTS OF THE VALLEY CHEMICAL CO. Y M an ll. faetu re rs of Detholeuc 2 1 1 1 1 1 1:11:11 1 iii 1 1:-in-1 1 1:1411-1114110111 2 1:3 ini 1 M. M. BROWN D. D. BROWN M. M. 86 D. D. BROWN D. D. BROWN SL'Rv1v1Nc: PARTNIQR MANUFACTURERS OF BAND SAWN LUMBICR BASS, OAK, C1I1'IS'l'NL7'1', POPLAR, Asn, MAPLE Shipping Point, Brown! Siding, W. Ya. Randolph County Sales Office and Telegraph Address, Elkins, W. Yu. ICLKINS, W. VA. 10111 in1n2n1n1nznzu101:14:14: xoxox 10111101010101010: 2:2 2 is IILDQGDGMIESHRS M. 4BHL9A.ilRiIK LQ' MULTIGRAPH ING AND ADDRICSSOG RAPHI NG COMPLl'I'I'lC PROCICSSICD LI'IT'1'l'1R "WHEN YOUR BATTERY I"VON'T BATH-BRING 17' TO THE Elkin Battery Service IQANDOLPII AVENU3 L. W. FIDLICR, Mg1'. Fmciws, W. VA. uzoiozoiuiuiug 1 3 1 1 1:3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1010111 zuiuiuiuiuioiu ri 141101 if1101010101:11010101 1010101 2 1 1-1 -1 1 inioioinioiui :cz 1 1 1 2 1 1 mimi 11:21:11:iozoiuioz:mini 1 3111311111102 via: 1 3 11101 :odvin:winingrin:mxiuxuiuinixxiuinir1:30111 1 1 HINSURE AND BE SUREUWSM US TODAY WHETSELL'S INSURANCE AGENCY 'W ALL KINDS or 1NsUR,xNcL AND BONDS COMPLIMICNTS OF ELKINS INTER-MOUNTAIN Printer and Publisher :oi1zzzziciuzzzii111121111iii-'ii asizkm 05. Co. Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers TO SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES SEER , CATALOG ON REQUEST 3010 BASTIAN BLDG. ROCHESTER, N -.,:.,:.,:- :--: : : I I -- :-.-.,-....: :--: :-.: : init: 1 1 1 2 111 ini 111 1 imiuiuiuiui 1:1 1:1 1 212:11 311 COMPLIMICNTS OF lIl5llRCYAlINll llHllQ4klIlfllllIllllQCllHDlINll County Superintendent of Schools Randolph County, West Virginia QF! "God, keep mc truc to those who trust mc, May l nc'cr their trust bctrayg But grant that they will find Inc Always constant as the day. Lord, kccp Inc always open-hearted, That others' joys and pains I'll sharcg And grant a kind deed doing May lighten SOI11COI1ClS carcf' lll9llHIllD6lIHDS Nestor Studi IS A GUARANTEE OF GUUD WORK JK-Q' I ELIQINS, WEST VIRGINIA nfgrzogr 1 1 1 1 xozocmmzoxr1aprvioxxmxogoxogoxozoz ix101010irlininioiuioi S gc oz LIST OF MEMBERS ELKINS Business MEN,S ASSOCIATION, Incorporated Gulland-Clarke Company Wholesalers Bryan Hamilton County Superintendent Harper Gas and Oil Co. Gasoline and Oil 'Iacolfs Economy Store Clothing Johnston Drug Co. Drugs, Etc. Keim 8c Keim Insurance C. H. Kerner Electragist Main Street Store General Merchandise, Etc. Mose Mamin Clothing, Etc. H. B. Martin Coal Dealer Martin-Snyder Co. Furniture and Hardware Claude W. Maxwell Attorney Guy McMillen Groceries A. C. Merrill ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA Randolph Garage, Inc. Nash Automobiles Randolph Review Publishers F. E. Runner Funeral Director C. I. Saffel Real Estate Seneca Trail Lines Bus Service Aaron Schmertzler Penn Fruit Market Dr. Blair E. Simons Elkins Builders Supply Building Supplies Elkins Cash Grocery Co. Department Store Elkins City Hospital General Hospital Elkins Furniture and Hardware Furniture and Hardware Elkins Hotel Hotel Elkins Laundry Company Laundry and Dry Cleaning Elkins National Bank Co. - Bankers Denim! Elkins Provision 85 Storage Co. Arcade Soda Grill VVQQZCMZUS C0nf5Cfi0'1ef3' Ervinc Ice 8a Coal Co. W. C. Armentrout Coal and Ice Insurance The Fair Company Art Millinery Department Store Millinery Goods Family Drug Store Dr. G. C. Baker Drugs, Etc. Dentist C. H. Bankhead Dentist N. Barnhard Plurnbing, Etc. Dr. H. L. Goldberg 8: Sons Department Store Grove Feed 85 Storage Feed and Flour W. N. Snedegar Co. U. S. District Clerk Dr. V. F. Bird Insurance Monongahela West Penn Public Optometrist L. D. Stcmple Service Co. R. W. Bishop Groceries Public Utility Building Supplies and Feed Dr. D. F. Strock Montgomery Ward 8: Company E. A. Bowers Dentist Department Store Attorney Talbott 8c Hoover Morgan Radio Co. A. Spates Brady Attorneys Radios Coal Operator Teter Publishing Co. Morrison-Gross 8a Company Briggs 8c Cost Publishers Manufacturers Ilardzcoods Welders Third Street Market Mountain State Garage Central Meat Market Meats and Groceries Hudson-Essex Automobiles Meats and Groceries Valley Supply Company G. C. Murphy Co. Citizens National Bank Wholesalers 5c and loc Store Bankers Walker New River Mining Co. Jos. A. Nallen Channell Grocery Co. Coal Minivzg Delznonte Hotel Wholesalers J. Wallace ' Neale's Drug Store Clarkson Motor Sales Bakery Drugs, Etc. Ford and Lincoln Automobiles S- H. Watring P. H. Nefflen Geo. H. Coffman Chrysler Automobiles Jewelery and Victrolas Men's Clothing Watts-Sartor-Lear Co. New System Bakery W. R. Cromwell Clothing Specialities Bakery Insurance Boyd Wees Dr. H. K. Owens Lee Crouch Department Store Physician Banker L. C. Weese Dr. L. Parmesano C. 81 A. Gas Appliance Co. Tires and Repair Dentist Gas Appliances Whetsell Insurance Agency V. Parmcsano, Jr. Davis Trust Company Insurance Wholesale Fruits, Etc. Bankers W. L. Willhide Peoples National Bank The Darden Company Furniture and Hardware Bankers Coal, Grain and Feed Frank E. Wilson Dr. O. L. Perry D. A. Earle Service Station Physician Meats and Groceries Merritt Wilson C. H. Roemsch Davis Memorial Hospital President Wilson Lbr. Co. Roernsch Handle Co. General Hospital M. N. Wilson Raine Lumber Sales Corporation I. K. Dye Treas. and Gen. Mgr. Wilson Lumber Sales Iron Dealer Lbr. Co. Phillips Motor Company J. H. Elder West Virginia Flooring Company Pontiac and Oakland Autos Books and Stationery Manufacturers Flooring Randolph Chevrolet Company Elkins Battery Service john B. Wilt Company Chevrolet Automobiles Batteries and Repairs Me.n's Clothing KDQ!IQiFQKYQIlQtD1IQOQOQ11,11,I7,1DQUQOQUQUQOQUQUQ QUQUQOQUQUQUQQFQUQOQUQ Davis Trust Company f' D Four Per Cent Interest on Savings D Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent We invite your Banlcing Business 0 ATES BRAD Big Vein Roaring Creek Foal ri 3 3 iii 111 1 31 1:1 1:1 imiuiui 111131: 1 1 1 1 1010: 1 31:1 111 in qi isI11nisxinzoiogoioioirri 1:1 111 1 1 ini if eoMvL1M1cN'1's or WILSON LUMBER COMPANY Hard and Soft Woods r:L1q1Ns, wvnsr YlRGlN1A Z 111 1 3 ici 3 in110101011111110101111014xi it 111 ini 1 1:11 1101411 101014110101111010101010 1101 114 14114110101111010101n1010c1101010101010101 1411o101m1111101n101o1111a Oldest Paper in the County-Alistnblished May, 1874. Iiiglit Pages livery Week. 51.50 tx Year and Worth the lVIoney. Circulation Over 2500. A FIRST CLASS PAPER IN A FIRST CLASS TOWN The Randolph Enterprise Published livery Thursday All Kinds of blob Printing, That Cnn't Be Rent Unless You Cheat. The Rest Advertising Medium in the Largest County in the State SLl111ci.1, Bkoww, Effilor and Mfzzzflgez' IILKINS, W. VA. 1101 11 101 1011101 11111111411 11114114 1010141 11111 1 14 11 111-101 Randolph Supply Company Flour, Feed and Farm Supplies AUTOIVIOBILIC TIRICS AND 'I'UBI'fS--PARMAK RADIOS PnoNI-1 13., 1101:11:110.1:1 1 1 1-101 11111: ICLKINS, W. VA. 1: 1 1 111 1 1 in 1 11 101411o1n1s1101o1 101111111 11111111 an-1 1:1 111 1. 1 1 1 1 1011111 101 14.1 1111.11 Peopllegs National Bank Elkins, W. Va. 1101 1411111 10111 1 1-1 1 as' 1u1141101u1u10101 1010101 1101010 BRIGGS Sc COST OXY-ACICTYLICNIC WICLDING, CUTTING AND BRAZING Portable Outfits. Resale Agents for Linde Oxygen South IRQIIIYOLILI Ave. Phone 372-R ,-.,..1-..- -..-....- - Q..- -.-QM... 11 1 as up 11:-1 1:11111 1 1 111:11 101:0101111111111111r110101010101o10 ICAT FRUITS AND VlCGI'fI'ABLIiS And Iinjoy Good Health Penn Fruit Market CMN Bruuca., DAVIS Ave. I'HoNif: 622 Opposite Tygart Hotel ICLKINS, W. VA. 411 1 1 1o1i11n1i1101u1o111 1 101 101u10101u1411011 101014 H. G. KUMP, Preriffenz E. W. CHANNELL, Vine Presiflezzl ul.-XS. P. HFLTZEL, Cardin' FRED VANSCOY, .4.f.fiJta11Z Carhier The Citizens National Bank ISLKINS, WEST VIRGINIA Capital and Surplus . . 5I5115,000.00 Undivided Profits . . 55 15,000.00 STRONG PRoGa14:ss1yn GROWING ACCOUNTS soL1c1T1an 110101 11101 1010101011-11 11 1 11011 1 1 111101 ip 1 1o1o1u1u1u1 1411 0111101111:11010111101 'n1o1n1o1n1rr1ix1n1iwirs1u1o1o1o1o1o1n1c114110101 Shepherd College State Normal Sellirooll This is a .lunior Teachers College of the highest standards, offering the two-year Stand- ard Normal Course. The three-year course leading to the High School Certificate and toward the A. H. degree. The school is rated Class "AU by the American Association. Fine Debating Teams represent the school in the State Forensics. A11 forms of athletics sup- ported. Students should reserve dormitory room in advance to insure accommodations. hlusic, Art, Home Economics, Physical Education, Public Speaking. Summer School Opens Monday, 'Iune 16, 1930. Fall Semester Opens Tuesday, September 16, 1930. Write for catalog. W. H. S. WHITF, A. B., A. M., l'1ucs1n14:N'1' fini: 10111111111 110101011114110111101x1n1o1n1n:1n1v1 1111111111 1 1 39111 1 1 111: 1 1 1 1x1o1o1u1o1n111:11411 1 1 1 111 111 1 1 1111 D i.frr11.f.ri1zg Sarfhfzrilz Mr. Vest: "joe, what is five hundred times sweeter than sugarfw -loe funhesitatinglyj: U 'Chickielfl He: "What kind of skins do they use to make slippers out off" She: "I donlt know. VVhat do they uscfll He: "Banana skins." Pls 21 Pl! Pk Pls :If She flooking at the big letter "I'i"j: 'II reckon you play on the football team?" "Bill" Hall fhesitatinglyl: "Well, yes. l do the aerial workfl She: "What's thatfl' HI3ill": I blow up the footballsf' 14 ininioinioioxoiui 1 11 1 11111111 10101 D 1 1 1:1 1 1 101: 1 101010111101010101111' br 1 COIVIPLIMENTS OF SautIte1rIE1eIIdI9s Barber Shop EXPERT TONSORIAL WORK FOR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN ,THREE Germ IIARMQRS 'ILM Ddffe Do It" 1111 101110111 1 10101010101 11010111 1 11111 111 11111 1 as Show Cards HUGH M. PHILLIPS ELKINS, W. VA. 10111, 11:1 1 1:1 11111 1:1 1 10 10 "THE STUDENT'S FRIEND" W. CAM A11MEN'm0UT, Supervisor Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U. S. I'1l"I'TON I3u1l,l11Nc:, ITQHIRD S'1'R1c1i'1' 10141 10101 1010101011110101901 1 :I ELKINS, W. VA 10101 1 1 1 1110101010101..1 115:11 11111111111 1 1 1 1 1 101 FUNERAL HOJWE F. E. RUNNER ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA an-1141111 11 1 14 11101 141141101414:-11101x11010101: 11 1: 1 11 10101 111 1 1010101010111 1 1 1 1:11 101010101010101x1 111 1 1 11101010101 MAXIESTI C ATWATER K ENT SPARTON MOIRGANQS IRADIIO SIERVIICIE DAY AND NIGHT rI'1i1,13P11oN14: 4,56 10: 1 10101 111111011 11111, 111 1 11 1 1 1115 11 ELKINS, W. YA 1 10101010i0101: . 101,111 1:11111 -p an 11 up up epn10v,v 0101101014I.mI4pn1II:II:01-I4-wx:101 1049111 S i "A Strong High Salma! Backer" M GX7lN'S ND ' II H A I- J It , CA IILS, TOBACCO TRAIL LINES i gg INcoRPoI1A'rIcn T H E U H II i School teachers' and pupils' monthly 3 G tickets half fare. Children, 6 to I2 Q ! R C A D E years, half fare if accompanied by Q parents Q U l U SODA GRILL AND SANDWICH H E SHOPPIC H i - I I I I 3 Q - "THA VEL Tfllf INDIAN TRAILSU i U PHIL xl. GOLDIVIAN, PROP. Yom SEE 'rIIIc COUNTRY AND You SAVE MONEY s A ICLKINS, WRST VIRGINIA ! H O CYIIOOLS are supported largely bylocal merchants and business men. Deal with local in- dependent merchants and protect your schools. Stempllegs Sanitary Store Opposite Elkins Hi 1021113 11-111 I 1 1 1: 1020111 1 1 1 1 121 1111: 1-1 1 1014 o rea Q ? 4 K 9.0 I U Q I Q ! 004 1 .0 1 3111101 111:11 1 1 1111: 1 3:1020 armani 1-11:11:11 14111111 111111201 I I IF0 So JOHNSON Ui o 3 3 COMPLIMENTS OF U I And Family Drug store jlgylhlym BC, WiHm I i I I II I 55 I 2 U I TWO REXALL STORES I i I I U i S2 T Q I 5 SPIQCIAL ,TTTIQNTION TO Q Q I,RI'ISCRIIVIxION VVANTS . 2 ! THE SAN-TQX DRUG STORE fflgersonal SerKvz'c'e" THE MOST MODERN AND SANITARY SODA FOUNTAIN IN THE CITY EXQUISITE PERFUME AND COSMETIC DEPARTMENT REST CANDY MADE IN THE SOUTH HEADQUARTERS FOR PIPES, CIGARS AND TOBACCO HOME MADE ICE CREAM CNQD IVE CALL FOR AND DELIVER PRESCRIPTIONS Tygaurtt Drug Ccommpaumy 110103021111 1111 1 11 112:01 ii 1 1 11141 32:1 1 11:11 01212 11 iwboioiiiiixi 11: 11 2 21211 iv: 1 1 1 iz: Looking Info flze Future 7 A little money saroecl is first aid in the right clireetiori ' I 0 r ib' .ig .g, E1- 12'-'S' sis i The Elkins National llllernmlki Elkins, W. Va. RAINE LUMBER SALES CORPORATION Lumber lWiCl,lLU-fC1,C2f'lLf7'67'S oricl Wholesalers HARDWOODS, SPRUCIC, HBMLOCK, WHITE PINIC lil.lilNS, WEST VIRGINIA I D 201: 0:0 0: :ixioi ioiui n ui 1101111 mini: nzni 1n1uio1u1u14 u ini iii 0:0 vie q Q :ba 21:01 in1013110101030101010111 10.101011 1 1 1 1 1 ini 1 1:1 :roxy Officer: 'llrlcyl Where d'yuh think youlrc going?" Dr. McNcish: 4'l'lcz1sc, officer, hc easy on mc. This is thc Wifc along to tcll mcf, :xi Dk Dk Pk if nk Coach: "Did you take il shower bath?" Guy lVl41llow2 "No. ls one goncfl' is Pk ve is wk Mrs. Wcimcri Uliud, your recitation reminds mc of Quchccfl Bud W.: MHOW come? " Mrs. Wcimcr: ulluilt on n bluff." time l havcn't 10101 1 mx 30301 111034 1 if 3 3 :ui 1 1 1 21:11 2 ni 1 ai 1 ,101 ,z, LKINS QH E COYLOWER QQITY XXX . THE CENTER OF THE Low Sugbfzur, non-timber, high beat zmzt Afezvrziver coal ofZVortl9er1z UT V a. f Tfze oest potato growzozg section in toe State and the most enjoyable climate in the Appalachian Mountains. Write for information to- CLAUDE W. MAXWELL, Mayor. JOHN W. GRAHAM, Clerk. iuiiiixirziiiiiiioii:111:111r11ziir121 1 1:11 iririni 9 v 9.0 'i 0.4 101021lQ0i1li0i0i011ll0llIl0i0QUQUlUilIQUQUQIYQOQUQUQIYD01 1 1 it 1010101 v One of our prominent faculty members i was walking along a street when he saw a U THANK YOU-CALL AGAIN 1 crowd of boys sitting in a ring with a small dog in the eenter. "What :" ' I ' "th th d il' U 1' II 1 ne you tomg vu e og S U he asked. ' i ll "VVhoever tells the biggest lie gets the E R B If R S H O P dog vi : ' e ' , . II "lm surprised at you boys. When I H - was your age I never told a lie." U Q There was a moments silence, then one Q IJAVIS rIIRl'S'1' CQ, BL'ILDINlg L of the boys said: "Give him the dogfy I x:o:o1ui1nin1o1u1 02020241itrioiIx:I:Ji1ri4111ri1ri1nie31iioioiuxiiioicnzoiuiigo :fi:ir1u10:41zuznzuzuznzuznznz 10:0:ein14130111014i-14I:-igtrzuzoioxngogenge II IF IT'S INSURANCE YOU WANT, WIC HAYIC IT. YOUR INQUIRIES WILL BIC , . , , . ll APPRLLIA I I',D E I II I 108 Siceoivn S'l'RlCli'I' ES'I'AI3I.ISIIliD 1895 IILKINS, W. VA. II I iinioioinioii10101 1mi11itrinr:oio3n1n1o1o1o141141it1is111riuioimiioioioioiiA Qnqtsqngoznquqpuguqpt,gumtcm-qmmpu-pt-.'Q' vi1:4iq-,qtqt1:1.qtI.ptI101010-uiqnqpuquqnaQ0 I H I In this particular family there was an H incredible number of small children. : I Little Willie, age 6, with five younger ! ! brothers and sisters, was taken in one U ., II morning to see his father, who happened i i to be laid up With the influenza. E Q H Little Willie was quiet, almost reverent, 1 . , G in the sieltroom. When it was time for Q Comphmenlj Ur Q him to go he Went up to his father's bed- H side and said: "I bin good, ain't I popfll Q DR. U. IgtXKFR U "Yes son,U the old man Whispered. II ,. Q "Then, pop,'l coaxed little Willie, "kin ! Q IDR. C' H. l3ixNKHP1jxIJ H I see the babyill i ! H E U F. IC. TALLIVIAN nk wk wk Pk i H , 5 ii J. G. MADDIQN Robert, aged six, ardently desired a M Q N Q sister, and was told that if he prayed for : DR' 5' CJ' MOORII' - one a baby might come. So he added to U ! his nightly prayers a petition for a baby ! 1: sister. Results not coming as soon as he . ll wished, one night he added, "If you have i i a baby almost finished don't wait to put i II E in her tonsils or her appendix, as they f 5 usually have to eut them out anyway." g 2 ., . miciiui itvio3o3n1o1n211101010101430 gfgvuiuinitvioinzuiuioimiininxuiuzoitgo GREATER SERVICEALOWER cosy' C onsider . . . the fact that in a few years use- fulness of electricity in everyday life has increased a thousand-fold. Little more than a decade ago electric lights at a few wide- ly-separated places in the home represented the total utility of electricity. Today there is scarcely a task in the home, office, store or industrial plant that electricity does not do at reasonable rates. While the uses of electricity have increas- ed miraculously, figures reveal a constant reduction in its cost. In other words, as it became more valuable to men's needs, electricity, unlike every other commodity, became easier to obtain at a lower price. Existing rates today provide lowest cost for greatest use. MONONGAHELA WEST PENN PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY "IIE Vafne Your Ff'ieflff.fhijv .-If IfVe D0 Your Pdfl'0llr1gEH oxoioioioioioioi rioioioioiui QQDXSSZSQQQIZSQL Tfze Elkins Young M67Z,J Cfl7Z.5ZZ'd7Z A7s.v0cz'atz'0n Offers Social, Religious, Educational and Physical advantages thru its Dormitories, Social and Committee Rooms, Gym, Auditorium, Bowling Alley and Swimming Pool. MEMBERSIIIP FEE RE.-lSONA15'LE fm- -1 1 1 1 1:2 211 1 111111911 1 1 1 1 14.1o1o1o1n1o1 1 141 10:4 4: 10111 1 1 1 1 1:1 1:1 1 111 2 ,.1,1 1 :o1o1o: -1 1- 1- 1- T 1 1 1 1 1 1 "THE TIGER" A PRODUCT OF THE QYGDIIIIIINIIIIET llDIlRlIIlINlI5lII'lIIlININ13f GRID.. iroairotlesm-t, mr. Makfm gf SCHOOL ANNUALS CATALOGS BROADSIDES 020313133342111111111112ziinzsiixiiiosvui KMC' W 1flal140lr P E.RSoNAL1T 'Unusual 'Beauhy' ' ff .f an' 'I :thRH r V I -: 2 I N Sake ana lgecifscgmf' - , Y 511 1' obffli ell! V fzfl 746 f fmt' . X 11, JAR ,m:.,w,,, M fl ff QISVILLE Ky My '55 7 L if W4 W X 1 QP' Q ,K cifgoughaaelgervlcgs o 'A itl f , gf If ITZQ, ,l,' ' Kziglxiis f "" 'fl 7f'Q1",.1 ff Wi 'fl '1 ,,'5!i2.f" ,ffzSQf vMif i 1' fm' WW1, QQZWM' 'gp :Qu It!!! pg I af ,g' J", 11, X .Efwi . 12? nd A fu l 5, Www 'A wXI"T fn XX Alu". lEl gSl NX X i A Q z "1 w llllm: -Q ,. Ulm WX , Q X M wk KM MN W H 'Y-sw M fivfff X X Q'-742 M sf J ' -1 Y X X ..X'. x .' Q Q . 4 ' ' xX..D ' gk-61 bs, .. T Q

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