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,TVN I.. firs- . . , I' ,L- - -'f ry.. , Y, ' I I 1-.--. 1 -"'. 13. W A 1 I I 1 4 4 4 1 v 1 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgg U I3 51 U U I E3 U E U U E C1 U U 13 U 13 I3 E1 U U U 1:1 U U E ' ' UE ElmmmmmmmUUEJUUUUDUUUUUDUUEJUUEUEDUD THE TIGER 192 E PUBLISHED BY THE " E Q Senior Class, Elkins High School M lj El ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA E E U E l D UE DIZ! CIETEENWITF7CIDf7lTI-1EIIljI1lDIlC1UDlIClEC!oEl1llj '1 f" 111. , I V971 ii TTTTTT W T HE TIGER '25 SHI I " " '----- '--- - - .. I 291' 'II' Uvv igx N, gl ! -""' u'w mm-L--ye, " -. cedlicamifion WE, THE SENIOR CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE DEDICATE TI-IIS ANNUAL TO THE BONDERS WHO HAVE MADE IT PossIBLE. kwa THE TIGER, '25 L L' -2:--J --"' Hmwsuv:--1 v---+---------1-f---' ----f,- ------------.4 ,.,-. .--- ...4- ' ' ' ' ,,A , 51315 ... ... 1 , . 1 11- -VQ e r W' -as Greeting Students, the school year is over Vlfith all of its work and its fun, And we want to present you "The Tiger" As a record of what you have done. VV e have Watched you all through the school year With critical, discerning eyes, We've woven your actions together. Made a story of your lives. And SE'W'f1S1'1 your school life is over And your "old gang" has drifted away, It's then you will treasure your "Tiger" As a memory of high-school days. Three A 'A l THEETIGER 'i2'5 lg.. ..,.,.,, L.. ..',.. l --L. -- ..4,,. ,,V: if ----- -1---'-N V -,1,1- 4-1-iv1 Faculty Diary MONDAY, JANUARY 26-The Hrst day after the exams--Blue Monday. Everyday everybody that flunked is blaming it on to us poor teachers. Oh, if I could only tell some of them what poor dumb-bells they are! TUESDAY, JANUARY 27-Same old grind! If I have to be in the same class with Fred Riley for another semester---???!!!?? WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 28-Assembly. Mr. Riddle lectured on Hunking and tried to impress the others with how awful it really is to Hunk. But you couldn't stir those people with a bomb. They had the same indifferent looks on their faces. THURSDAY, JANUARY 29-Tried to keep' study hall to-day but it was a hard job as "Cap" and "Shorts" were posing as the center of attraction. The smaller, the meaner. FRIDAY, JANUARY 30-Had to grade papers and SUCH papers. "Jeff " Whet- sell evidently thought that by writing so I couldn't read it, I'd fail to discover how little he really knew. SATURDAY, JANUARY 31-Made out test questions to-day. Didn't make as hard ones as I wanted to, as I didn't want to show up their ignorance too much. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 1-Blessed relief from those school pests. Guess I'll go to see my girl. I s'pose even she'll insist on discussing those young dumb-bells We're trying to beat some knowledge into. Will I ever get away from them? And they think we teachers lead an easy life!! Four THE TIGER '25 I k r H! A V .. ,..1.........h . .,,... ..,.L. ,,. , ... ..K....,.,..,,,...,h . h...,.,.1. L fill. QQ ' -4 ll aou know l whal nl' means qOne ul' alime, 11' you please' How Iels have ll f X. FACULTY "Well people, favor uf qou ll keep q,uxe'r 'Youll do ma cl lf qou cant behave Leh Cul oul url here ! N -. -1 .11 wx l 1ubx 2J THE TIGER 25 ' 1 5' 7 s ,: . JJ' ,,,4,, , ,,,E i- 36:55 N V... ...., - LTQLZJJI Qi .QLQEHI--'lu-QL-4zwu-'ull' -','-----'----- 1-mu: "" Q 1 -----f-f------1f ui f---.-.-f W- - -..v---11-.-- --yv -- ,. ..,. . ..,m.u.u . H lm "" U "" "'-- - in nm-aw WLLLIAM WOODSON TRENT, A. B., A. M. West Virginia University. Columbia University Superintendent of Schools "To be great is to be misunderstood " EMILY J. W'lLMOTH, A. B. West Virginia University Latin "A perfect woman. nohly planm-il. To warn, to comfort, t11c'omrnmivl." Si x WALTER RIDDLE, A. B. West Virginia University Principal of High School "The best thing aboui many a man is his wife" MAY L. WILT, B. S. Davis and Elkins Collogc Mathvmativs "To those who know thee nut. no words can paint. And thow whu know thec kmm' all words are faint THE TIGER '25 mf QW: ,Qi R ,WXA Lai .::. . Q - I SNK l - is 5 xi 'Q ' ff ff' f 1.. A ...., ,,,,. . 2 . .xgi?.g,f'Qi,1llls'x- W: f .",J!,"l'L"'iiL1i3 '-!i"'2:g gg:""mI-'-2-xzuumw'1 ---f :. ---',- -L-11-1-mv.,..----H""J--14.--..i..-.W..........,...,..uQII.. is , ' Y'- f,Gm ,. ,, '21 ELEANOR STRIEBY. A. B. Goucher College English " VVOman: at best a contradic'tifm" ELEANOR MORELAND, A. M. Yvest Virginia University Scivncu Mingle a little fullv with vour wisdom' A little nonsense now anrl then is pleasant" ELIZABETH CUDDY, A. B. VV:-st Virginia Universitx' English She spreads around that silent spell That makes all spirits love her well" ANNA GILL, B. F. S. Bowling Grfgln Businpss University I ommercial H ' flie How:-r of meekness on thr strm of grace Seven 1 .,. if Wa 41 TX .- THE TIQ ER 25 XS ,, , A s. . ' -- .. 3 - ...... ,V -.1 'H-......,,,Hm h T4 ' """ ..... FRANK C. WIMER, A. B. West Virginia University Athletics "Find me a man that woman hath not made a 1001 of" THOMAS R. HORNOR, A. B. VVest Virginia Wesleyan History "The hairs of my head arc numbeicd " Eigllf BESSIE BURNS BENNETT, B. S. Johns-Hopkins University French and Spanish "You must scale the mountain, if you would view the plain " BEATRICE HALL MCKEE, A. B. Vifest Virginia University Home Economics "Her love never changes " THE TIGER 11- Z f- 1 ff -L .,,l 3 El NX '.:i lim ,,d44qAL hw Kg-we W W 9 5 57' iwxxx - in , N 2 5 I ,,,-ei-A ,X ' ,, .. ,.,.- .- ., N' ' , ,Z 'vilti '31 .. --'fA-"'4' . llv'.- - 1-.' y L-H' WL-" " ' '-"mmm " "" """'-"5'--""j'j'!''w-'HH-Lmrl-' ------ ey --,---' 1 --f-f -::N,,..,-'- ill. .. 1 mmim 'n.. ix j x "VT: 51,33 11--. L 4 ' fmflfm...-......n.. -""""' 21 GLADYS IRENE YOKUINL A. B. Ottcrhcin College- Botany "Quality, not quantiiyu JESSE J. STEWART, A. B. Vllestcrn Kentucky 'l'czu-liers' College Ogden Collcgr Mathcmatics 'Wvith all thy faultq, WL- lun- Uwe- still' "Tl1Qrs's nnthing ill can dwell in Such MILDRED CODY, A. B. West Virginia University Algebra and English ELLA MrDONALIJ. A. B. Davis :mil Elkins Cullen:- Engliwh and Latin a temple" "A n'mn:ln's wvgrk, grave sirF. is ne-vcr clone" N-ine gzfvggx w 4 K Eg-MQW' Q: 44 WN I it bb 2J THE TIGER 25 ff' I f i f-., " +- :.l'4li-'fy-'l .. V "1 --TQV..iU,luuLQy-- " ..,, ..,. . ...,., uw, .,.. .... .. ..., ., ,. "'-' ......l -1., i -V 4 ' lu-uninunnnn.-unxxxx ix' KATHERINE VVILLHIDE, A. B. Davis and Elkins Collcgo Foreign Languagvs "ls she not passing fair? " ARTHUR B. COULD, B. S. VVest Vilginia VVesleyzm Collegi- General Science and Ocvupatiovis "As modest and attentive as a hlushimg 'rn maid " 5 EIWIILY BARRY. A. B. Davis and Elkins Fwllvgu Histifry Tlw em-cvtest things gcnvrally umm- in small packages' ' HOMER KNAGGS Ell:ins4High School Librarian "True merit is like a river, The deeper it is. mhe less noise it makes" THE TIGER f fail l f f-1004? f"'3 .. . ' .xx-Q 9 2 ix - - .JA ,i 1, ' -gf " 1. E '. ' ', ,Q-'FM " u1',e-'H 1-1-12,21-1-- H - --' - '- - ---------------H--gf-1m ---Q -4------- 1--if----we-1--nuff.:5,,...--'--' ... . . .. fmmliun. ' f Y "-ai .:.:m.-H M Q-TT! WL: ,.-f i1ff,,,,....,. ..,....-- KATHERINE WILVERDING, A. B. Davis and Elkins College- - History 'Txs hard to be in love :md be wise" NEVA FUSS, A. B. 'Wcst Virginia. Univc rsitv Home Economics ' " Shoft, but sweet " Eleven L LE ' E 'fy THE TIGER '25 The Seniors OFFICERS FREDERICK M. BARRON. . . .......,.... .... .,.. .... P r e sident IRL C. ScHooNovER ..,.. ...... F irst Vice President RoBER'r N. BROWN .... .... S econd Vice President XIELMA SHREVE ..,. .... S ecretary BERNICE HAMLIN ..... ,.,. T reasurer FACULTY ADv1soRs Miss Cuddy Miss Strieby Morro-" Hitch your wagon to a star, Keep your seat and there you are." COLORS-Jblaroon and Vl'hz'te FLOW'ER'-R056 Twelve f"R' LN: THE TIGER 'Q . V ' QFX , 4 nga- . Y .-r RSX. F X N f X J 1 ' 1 1 . , ,MHWAX fy lL W- .4-T-ll'-fly yu - -----I---'-1--H--u1uy li Hgiiuufu. Imv,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.......HQ-5:I-ww'---yuggliu1"!'m""'1i--- V - Adlii 27 "Zapp, Q NI ZEQ, E Class x of hiv. 42 - gf ' , Ltr" W. J X35 II NWA ' I ., " v .. X71 G off TI! rf 4 zgfqfgx 5, .241 THE TIGER '25 .-. -xxx 1 ,',A.',, Q 4,,,,,--'- ,, ,-, .. ,, , an 4 A,A R ,R R FREDERICK BARRON 'I like thc- girlsfthat is. when they will let me" BERNICE HAMLIN "When she would talk. ye gods None knew what she'd say, next" IRL SCHOONOVER "The girls all say I am a rare jewel" NANCY DEAL "She has a well-developed fac- ulty for bluH'img" Fourteen VELMA SHREVE "And so she laughs. and sings, and acts" ROBERT BROWN "YVhu let ME loose?" JOSEPHINE VVEESE "So rlear is her talent in every T line l hat nothmg to her in unnt- ting" JOHN MOORE There must be some good in himg none comes out" THE TIGER '25 rg, sm:- J, XX x "..,i K ,fuf 3 Q--fi MRL 1 f , . X x ' 'r -Y K ' H J ""' . .- i -2. ..., " "-3!"- M 1 . .... . gg .4 Q.g. ll- W-:N A-- - f--J -7- -- W A -W Y ....i,,...T.... Sai- H ,G f,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,m, -:z I .A,, ,,.. . -- .gY. .V+ H-, '2Zv1f,-my-.........,..-wi.. ..,..- MELBA VVATERS "VVhat is lighter than the wind? The lightness of this woman's mind" RUTH ELDER "She is as good as she is fair. To know her is to love her" DOROTHY KLEIN "In maiden meditation, fancy free" ROBERT SHAVER "Some day, Bobby, you'll be President " CARL 15lcDONALD " Wise from the top of his head sup.. FREDA FLANAGAN "There is a garden inlher face, Wherein all pleasant fruits do grow" HELEN CROUCH "Her modest looks a cottage might adorn. Sweet as the primrose peeps beneath the thorn" REBA KENNEDY "Woman needs no eulogy, She speaks for herself" F ffleen .an ,-. ix ,I QS. . g 5 L THE TIGER '25 ls h - shls E "U "L" H+... .gg -..ue ""I-"" J 'u "'. ,!..,'Y!L7!'L"'5s ' .,,,A ---' ----'-' '-'-'- ' -wg-wyg ROSALIE BAKER HERBERT MEARNS "Who chooses me shall gain "Why is it that these little ones What many men desire" are so bramy?" MARGUERITE CHANNELL AGNES SCHMIDLEN "Her min? is bright ,, "Her looks are those of mild- HE1' heart S an fight ness and meekness" LEONA DAUGHERTY ELIZABETH MURDOCK "A girl Of partswwith eyes a- 'LA dearest and darlingest girl" twmkle all" JOHN LUKENS INIARGARET MacVEAN ll "What doth the sweet child in Mn-thinks I heafyaxmaiculine this wicked place? " Voice Sixivvn I , s , . , nf l if THE TIGER z., i. L ., ..4.A. ....Q,.,4.. ...- -",' , - Hp S 2' ' 4, .... ..,. - Fijglgllhi : H-5 -ggx---- -'-' g:muw:"'m "-1 ' -" "1 -'-a 1 --'-'-"-' 1 '--' , 21 "" -"' L '-"--" : -:"" ' I l,.. .---'4 4 wwliv ' " 'Him ' ""' N LQVQA ..'!?411M""'Hwg 'QW .,,,,,,,,,. ....... --w--- -----' ' "" ' ' ' " ' OPAL GODDIN WILMA RAY "Little said-'much accomplished " NELSON KNAGGS "O, iffs a drendnl thing-In ho a hon among the laclwsn THERESA TRIM BOLI "A noticcable maid with large, brown cycs" HAZEL KNAGGS "To be slow in speech is wom- an's only v1rtue" "Her friends, there are many, Her foes, are there any?" KATHRYN WOLFE " Let the women vote. Also, let them get married" BERNICE SHAFFER "The life of the classg lots of excitement when she's around" GLENOKA PHILLIPS "She is a Winsome wee thing" Sewnleen an ,-. six A lj 3 Fi '-KXXQ-X., . u L! an J' S. THE TIGER '25 I I "Xl x ...- v---!' - .. .W .,..-. A 1- i. ..,,,, Af.,.,....,... ... .,. . .,.. .. ,. WALTER HEDRICK 'To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step toward knowledge " MILDRED BULLIV ANT "Pure and chaste as the falling snow" BERYL CRAWTORD RIFFLE "She is exveedingly bright and ful of wit. And always on hand to do her bit" BEATRICE SCOTT "And virtues hath she many more. Than I with pen have skill to show" Eiglzlfrn mm? MARY KONGAVITZ "You know I say just whatll think, and nothing more or less" GRACE FERGUSON " lVhen found, make a rx0t,e3f',' LULA GRACE FISHER "Tell ynu what I like best? Like to get out and rest, And not work at nothing else' MARY COLLIER "A good-looking girl with lots of pep, And quite the jolliest we have met " 1 1 ffl -1 4 5 4. THE TIGER '25 ? - ' L-gy' - -1-umgamvfus ""'1 -----'-----------1- 3 -Av--'- ----v--------- Q J -4'-- ---- L r 1-...., ,W --.- ,..., - -- ,f Q, EDITH HOPSON "Bur a smooth and steadfast mind, Gentle thoughts and calm de- sires" LILLIAN KELLY "Studious and kind and a right good sport, E. H. S. needs more of her sort" LELA SINSEL She was jes' the quiep kind, VVh0se nature never varies." INA HODGES " It's guid to be merry and wise It's guid to be honest and true" LOUISE WILLIAMS "Merry maid of many wiles. We like your ways, we like -your smi1es" MARY FLORENTINO "Falseness cannot come from thee" AUDREY LEE BRANNON "The mildest manners and the gentlest heart " HESTER WAMSLEY "She's quiet, that's peculiar" N-i n eleen i --L-2. THE TIGER '25 " . ...' 4 . ..,,, l.... . .,l ..., A...., ...,... , .... 2 ...,.. .....,. 2 A l ..,. i HAROLD COBERLY "He knows about it all. He KNOWS he knows" BERYL MARSHALL "O, mirth and innocence! 0, milk and water!" GEORGE RODGERS "Life is a jest, and all things show it, I tho't so once, and now I know it" MARY ELIZABETH POLING "Has anybody here seen Jim- mm?" Tm-nty OPAL FANSLER "So sweet in temper that the very stars shxne soft upon her" FRANCIS MARTIN "Gully, ain't I wicked? " ALTA CANFIELD "No finer c-lassmate We know than she, WVl1oever knows her, her friend shall be" KARL PARRISH "The world's a njloon. and I'm the man m lt" i fha . 1 -' LI THE TIGER '25 fbi' 5, r ' ...... ...., ....4.. . . -,ww-4 '-"' -"' 2 rx: "" "" 1 "" "'---'--- "" .'.' -'.l gf ,,.. .--'-' Y Au ---f Q-fJiLw11s'usus'L-41,-NL- ':6 u"1!'1ur-1- HERBERT WVILLS "Another fellow with a line for the girls" HELEN DAVIS "She has no time for men nor fame, - - I H mere diploma is her aim PEARL FERGUSON "Her winning smiles make friends for her ' VELMA PETERS "Go right forward and be hapvyu HELEN HICKMAN Her lively looks, a quick mind indicates" PEARL TRIPLETT So free, so kind, po apt, so blessed a disposition " PEARL POWERS "Oh, that wicked marcel wave' RETA PHARES Her live-ly looks a quick mind indicates" Twfwzly-one 1 ,-. ,N ,-gr' -: ,i I ' .ixgxy-xs,x E I ug X 7 J 'lf g ,, THE TIGER '25 M ... ... ,HL ...... .....,,...,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,4 - , KENNETH TALBOTT "He's a great fcllow" MAISIE OSBORNE "She stuns them with a glance" NOTLEY BERNARD u I'm noble and I've got the head to prove it" MILDRED OPEL "Theres little of the melan- choly element in her" 7N'ZL'C'11f-V-f'il'!J N JOAN MOORE "Hers is not to do or die, Hers is but to question why" FLOYD WHETSELL "Nothing achieved, nothing done: Not much money, lots of fun HAZEL WHITE "Her every look, her every smile Shot right and left a score of arrows" GLENN WVOLFE "The empty train-of cars makes the most noise." , . , p 1 THE TIGER '25 E ' "Hu: "-' 1' "'+1'i'!2 """' "" 1 '.""" "1 '1""1" ' -""" "', "1""' , ' .,.. - -- A4Y' ' Prison Life ABY THE SEN1oRs 1 ilflost Ilidely Discussed Book of the Dag' CHAPTER I In the good old year of nineteen twenty-one, we were arrested and ,tried on the charge of lack of education. We were found guilty and were sentenced to four years of hard labor in the Elkins High Penitentiary. ' Z A dejected crowd of Freshies, we filed into the cells of E. H. P. The dear old beans, Miss Cuddy, Miss Robinson, and Miss Bennett, were appointed our wardens. A deep and dark conspiracy was concocted, the result of which was: President, Guy Caplingerg Vice President, Harold Coberlyg Secretary, Velma Shreveg Treas- urer, "Jim" Sleeth. We took these steps. feeling that we could better defend ourselves, being organized. We made our debut into prison society by an open-air feed, at which We were closely guarded. An exciting baseball game was played between the male and female prisoners, the stronger 'QFD sex strutting oli' with the laurels Cfor oncej. After stuffing ourselves on bread and water .till we were helpless, we sat around the blazing Hre and sent shivers up and down each other's spines by telling crook stories. ' ' At nine o'clock our wardens discovered it was time for the prison gates to close, and marched us back in a hurry. Everyone agreed in a loud voice that it had been one swell spree. . VVe Freshies, wishing to strut our-onions in athletics, entered the inter-convict tournament. The girls waltzed off with the loving cup. presented by Mr. George Coffman, a man who takes a great interest in prison reform. The male crooks were left somewhere in the rear. Having-served the first term of our sentence, we were let loose for a brief three months of rest. CHAPTER .II W'e were dragged back to our second term of imprisonment. Our wardens for this year were Miss Cuddy, Miss Sanderson, and Miss Streiby. We laid a plot to obtain our freedom and chose: President. George Rogersg Vice President, Bernice Hamling Secretary-and Treasurer, Caroline Bradyg Representative Pris- oners' Council, Ellis VVoodg THE TIGER, Reba Kennedyg The Cub, Harold Coberly. A prisoners' masquerade was given at Halloween. Fortune telling and games of ball and chain furnished amusement. Our next event was a banquet for the convicts and their guards, held in the Y. Coungj M. fensj C . Qonvictj A. Cssociationj auditorium. The first snowstorm brought with it a sleigh-ride to Beverly, in which all the convicts took part. Armed guards accompanied us. In order to cheer our dark lives up a bit, the talented prisoners put on two plays, "The Economical Boomerang," and "The Maker of Dreams." Being thoroughly exhausted by this terrible winter, we were again set free for three months to recuperate.. Twenty-three as:-,WP ' . , ,iss is ,., THE TIGER '25 el."'nfa p ........ t , --. ,,,,... . . , A , I . CHAPTER III Many of our fellow-convicts, being overcome by the hard work, fell by the wayside. We replaced our old leaders with: President, Harold Coberlyg Vice President, Robert Browng Secretary, Bernice Hamlin, Treasurer, Velma Shreve. We were given charge of The Cub, E. H. P.'s weekly paper. We brightened up the prison a bit with an old-fashioned box supper. Then we had a "lock-step" walk and the lucky convict won the cake. Prizes were awarded for the fanciest box and the most hard-boiled looking couple. Soon after this one of our wardens, Miss Sanderson, left us to become a fellow- Warden with Mr. Gruber in the Matrimonial Prison. Miss Getrost was ap- pointed to fill her position. As it was snowing, we had another hilarious prisoners' sleigh-ride. Two of our fellow convicts brought honor to E. H. P. by Winning first place in the prisoners' literary society at Grafton. Next we had a banquet for the Senior convicts in celebration of their impend- ing release. A complete nervous breakdown resulted, and we were hustled off for another three months' rest. CHAPTER IV lVe entered our fourth term with joy, for we knew at the end was-freedom! Miss Cuddy and Miss Streibv were our wardens, and our leaders were: President, Fred Barron, First Vice President, lrl Schoonoverg Second Vice President, Robert Browng Secretary, Velma Shreve, Treasurer, Bernice Hamlin. VVe were allowed a couple of peeps at the great outdoors, by a hike to Beverly and a coasting party on VVeese's hill. Next we entertained the E. H. P. Basket Ball team. Before Christmas the convicts visited Mr, Nestor, to have their pictures taken that they might be placed in the rogues' gallery. A standard seal was adopted to take the place of finger prints. Then the Senior prisoners took a flyer in dramatics and made quite a success. As the end of our sentence drew near, we were entertained by our envious fellow inmates, and on June second, 1925, we were released-the most reformed bunch of crooks that ever left old E. H. P. VVe were glad to leave, but rather sorry, too, for prison life really isn't so bad, you know. ' FINIS M. E. P., '25 Tweniy-four fa: ' me N sy, THE TIGER '25 , - .,--- -vhv - 'A :, 2 N +'-!+ Q -'--- "'i'!i!"i """'-"'V' '-'-- 1 ----'-'-'4 2'-'11 -"-' '-'X-' "-'- 2 '144 - ' ,.,. .'f--" ' ' ' T -" '--'--1---- 1 Palms Read By Miss FLIPPY-FLAPPER Prices l'VOHZ61l'v8.50Q M eu-'l1'4.5C 63.50 for reading palm. 334.00 for privilege of seeing Miss Flapperj Howdy, Mr. Knaggs. Well, old dear, I see you're going to be a remarkable cabaret dancer. You'1l get a lot of free publicity as "The Only Human String Bean in Existence." Miss Baker, you will receive countless proposals, and being unable to decide among them, you will die an old maid. Miss Daugherty, your life will be full of "ups" and "downs" and "bills," both big and little. Miss Elder, you will declare an eternal war on bedbugs, and finally die for the cause, having been bitten by an especially large one. Miss Ferguson, you and your sister, Grace, will be widely known as "Nip and Tuck," the famous horse-trainers. Miss Florentino, you will sell cigarettes to American tourists in a cabaret in the Montmartre district in Paris. Mr. Rodgers, you will be a living advertisement for Peach Blossom Rouge. Come around some day, and I 'll buy some. Miss Hickman, you will sell shares of stock in the pot of gold which you hope to find at the foot of the rainbow. Miss Hodges, you will arouse the scientific world by discovering that the sun is not gold, but brass. Miss Hopson, you will establish a home for orphan mosquitoes. Be careful you don't get stung. Mr. Barnard, uh-huh! Oh, so you're going to be one of those sheiks you always see dancing at the Ritz at tea time. Miss Kelly, you'll fall for Ben Turpin, but he'll let you lie. Miss White, you will be the future star in the famous comedy, "Abie's Little. Rose." You remember it-the company that got arrested at Elkins a short time ago. Miss Brannon, you will be cast among the cannibals, and after you convert. the population, they will boil you in oil. Oh-ho! A new one! A preacher's son. Mr. Barron, you will always be: attempting to do things, but never succeed-not even in getting married. Miss Bullivant, you will be a demonstrator for "Golden Glint Shampoo" among the colored folks. Miss Canfield, you will be a traveling agent for "VVhiz Bang" magazine. Nice life for a lady! Miss MacVean, you will win great fame as a gold digger in little ole New York. Ah, here comes that marvelous athlete with the flaming coconut-Mr. Red Brown. You will be a famous athlete and cause an epidemic of sore throat from too enthusiastic rooting over your performances. Miss Channell, you will take in washings and be known as "Maggie of Our Alley. " g Twenty-five A 4. 1 , , THE TIGER '25 A, vgwsii- . V- .... .. .... .... r W. . . A . ....., .. ,4....AQ.....A,.,.. ,..,.. , 4........... .,.. . . . Miss Collier, you will take the world by storm as the star in "Beautiful, But Dumb," a Heavener production. Miss Trimboli, you will be a fake artist and lead a gay social life in the Latin quarter of Paris. Good morning, Mr. Coberly. It is plainly written in your hand, "Satire, thy name is Harold Coberly!" C Miss Triplett, you will run through your ancestral fortune gambling at Monte arlo. Miss Waters, you will be sent to jail for trying to smuggle French-imported clothes past the custom officers. Miss VVamsley, you will travel through hick towns demonstrating "Kiss-proof " lipstick. Mr. Gilmore, you're evidently a business man. You will sell corn cob pipes to the nobility on the bowery, at a profit of 355.00 per corn cob. Miss lVees, you will be a sprightly chorus girl-and don't let the fat million- aires poke phony jewels off on youf h Miss Williams, you will get a terrible malady of the jaws from excessive gum c ewing. Miss VVolfe, you'll be aiii Eskimo vamp and feed your victims "whale on toast. " Mr. McDonald-aha!-you'll never wander far astray, for you'll be securely anchored to a rose-covered bungalow and a sweet little wife, Miss Fisher, you will broadcast from Station C U S S your famous song, "If No One Loves a Fat Girl, VVhy Do the Boys Love Me?" Miss Marshall, you will be a pirate on the Spanish Main and rule the bold, bad seamen with an iron hand. Miss Goddin, you will make speeches in the Senate on "The Way to a Man's Heart is Through His Stomach." Mr. Mearns, the lines on your palm say that you will invent a gas to keep girls from giggling. Miss Klein, you will establish a school to teach lame mules to do the Hula-Hula. Miss Knaggs, you will invent an anti-chap cream for bees knees. Miss Kongavitz, you'll spend your future busting bronchos in the wild and woolly West. Ah! Mr. john B. Moore. You'll be the head of a large bootlegging concern, and will make enough money to buy all the pretty chorus girls jewels. Miss Opel, you will keep the home fires burning down in Hades. Misg Murdock, you'll marry a man you do not love-but then, he'll have a "For !" Miss Osborne, you will pose as a bathing beauty for picture post cards. Mr. VVolfe, you will make the remarkable discovery that water is wet. Miss Phares, you will be a housewife, and after many lessons, will learn to boil water without burning it. Miss Poling, you will get a degree of M. D. and sell castor oil to sick Whales. So this is Mr. Lukens, huh? VVell! So you're going to write a knockout novel-"I Am a Man-That Is, I Wear Pants." Miss Helen Crouch, you will travel with the "Breezy Carnival" as a fluffy- haired kewpie. Miss Davis, having lost your "meal ticket," you will spend the rest of your life rattling around in your Ford looking for "him, " Tuwnty-six THE TIGER '25 L , , , W . 1 . . , . . ,. . A . . ., . .Lg Miss Deal, your future will be spent in the underworld of New York, where you will be known as "Nance, the Diamond Thief, " Ah, Mr. Parrish I see! You've "some" blufiing power-in other words, you will get your threebmeals a day selling fake oil stock. Mrs. Rifile, you will write the jazz song hit of the season: "I Want a Man All My Own, I'm Tired of Living Alone"-a song written from personal experience. Miss Fansler, you will be official' attendant on the monkeys in the "Rack and Ruin" Circus. Miss Phillips, you will own and operate a "still " and make the best moonshine for miles around. Mr. Schoonover, you will be cast on a desert island and become a Sheik among the dusky beauties. Miss Powers, you will be engaged to a dashing young gallant, who will present you with a diamond from the "F ive and Ten. " Miss Ray, you will be janitor at the Grand Theatre and sweep out "Peanut Heaven. " Miss Schmidlen, you will be a "man-trap. " O, you blondes! Mr. Shaver, you will continue to be a radio bug-a nice big fat one! Miss Scott, you will establish ,an asylum for insane catfish. Miss Sinsel, you will tour America lecturing on "How to Cure Giraffes of Sore Throat. " Miss Shaffer, you will be the best rolling pin shot in the world, you will never miss the male at wshom you aim. Mr. Talbott, you will become famous in athletics, your main feat being to ride the "greased pig. " ' . Miss Shreve, you will be reporter for the scandal sheet of the Sunday paper, and ruin many people's reputations. Mr. VV ills, you will be an aviator and fly high, which will be the nearest you will ever get to the home of the angels. Mr. Martin, you will have charge of the most notorious opium den in San Francisco's Chinatown. Miss Kennedy and Miss Hamlin, you will spend your futures in Africa pur- suing "Tigers" through the jungle. Mr. Hedrick, you will be sent to jail for stealing kisses from fair maids. Miss Moore, you will be the proud possessor of the "Million Dollar Wobble. " Mr. Whetsell, you will pose as an a1'tist's model for the portarit, "Love's Young Dream. " FINIS R. K. B. H. Twenty-seven an is ., THE TIGER '25 .... , 1. ....... .ysg , . ..... . ....... so 0 . Q2 S . Q3 Twenty-eight Horoscope Name ldentzfed by A e ear Type Hobby " Si1" Baker ......,... Beverly pins. . . . "I wish I was a single girl again". Good-natured. . . . Going to Beverlv "Todd " Brannon ...... Wisdom .,.,. . "I ain't got nobody to love". . . . Care-free ...., . . . Playing polo " Mil" Bullivant. . . . . Quietness .... . "Why couldn't it have been poor I little me?" .... . . . ......... Mild. ..,. . . . Working hard J "Al" Canfield. , . . . . . Red hair ,... . " Nobody knows what a red-head- ed mama can do' ...,.., . . . Ambitious .... . . . Being with her pet dog Y " Maggie" Channell. . . Dutch ...,.. . " In a little rendezvous" ........ Happy-go-lucky ,... Doing something exciting 'A Mike" Collier. ...... Eyelashe '. . . . . . , . "Obi how I love my darling" .... Pretty ....,..,.... Riding in a red Buick " Nance" Deal. ...... Business-lik mien . . . "Th drinking song" ...,..,,... Blufiing. . . ....... Giving orders ' Farmer' Daugherty. . Dimples. . . . .,.. . "Hot stuff" .... .... ,,.. .... I o l ly ..,,. . . . Doing anything "peppy" "black" Elder. . ..,. . Fair complexion. , . . "Where's my sweetie hiding?' . . . Angelic . . . . . Selling books " Pug" Fansler ..,..... Innocent eyes. . . . "Thinking of you" ..., . . .... Sedate. . . . . Teaching "Twin I" Ferguson. . . Twin II ..... . . "I'm lonely and blue". . . . . . . , Modest . . . . Driving a car 'ATwin II" Ferguson. . . Twin I.. . . "How come you do me like you do?" .. D P icing f 'i0ly pi " "Peg" Fisher. .. . . Petiteness. . . . "What's today got to do with - tomorrow?". . . . Cute Exercising to grow tall "Peenie" Flanagan. . . Neatness . "When my ship comes sailing Home" ..........,.......... industrious .... . . . Curling hair "Teenie" F lorentino. . . Height. ..,,. ,..... . "Spain" ...................... Brunette .... . . . Coaxin' the keys ' Skinny" H9-miifl ---'- AHYOIIG in high school . . . "Tiger Rag" ........,,. . . . Talkativc. . . . . . . . Pleasing others " Inie" Hodges. . . . . Sober expression . . . . . "The blues have got me". . . Conscienti us .... Arguing for women'S ability " Ed " I-Iopson ..... . . Grades. . . . . . . . "All men are sinners". . . . Studious ..... . . Ministering to others "Ked" Kelly. . . ..... Her Pop, . . . "I must have company" .... . . . Innocent . . . . . Being a chorus girl "Sheba" Kennedy ,.... Brains!!. . . . "What'll I do?" ................ Likeable, . . . . . Writing for monthlies "Dot" Klein, , . . . . . Nose ..,. . . . . "You're just a fiower from an old boucluet" .....,.... .... . . . Versatile. . . . . . Arguing with Iohn Moore HH3ZYH KUa8gS ..... . Her brother. . . . "I'rn Happy". . . . . . . . Quiet ....... . . . Sleeping l H Fritz" KOUZHVULZ- - . Refi SWCMCI' . . . "just that one hour". . . . . , Speedy ......., . . . Singing in Grand Opera H PCESYHT MHCVCRH ---- Chewing Sum. I - . "I need some pettin' " ..... . . . Sophisticated ...... Ropin' 'em in "Lib" Murdock ....... Curls. . . ..... . "Do you still love me?" ..... . . . Brunette ..... . . . Driving "I-Iudsons" " Ed I1 " Opel ...., . . . Hick shoes. . . . . . . . . . "Save alittle dram for me" ..... Who knows?. . . . . . Being on time always "j1ggs" Osborne. . . " Maggie" ....... . . . . . "Me and the boy friend" ....... Borneo girl. . ..... Reducing "Ret" Phares ......... Her next-door neighbor. . . "I'm somebody nobody loves' . . . High-tempered ..... Roller skating , "Jonas II" Poling ..... Baby face ....... . . . . , "-Iimtown Blues" .........,.... Studious ......... Car riding--r' " Pqil" Powers ........ Red middy. . . . "I'm a good gal' . . ............ Independent. . . . . . Studying English IV "W1ll' Ray. . ...... . Long hair ........ . "I might be your once-in-a-while". Old maid .... . . . Selling groceries "Aggie" Schmidlen .... Gold teeth ......... . "It had to be you" ....... .... Q uiet ..... . . . Being like Nazimova "Bee" Scott ...... .. Her common sense. .. . "Nobody knows but my pillow and me" ...........,........ Intelligent .... . . . Raising chickens 1 Us .4 .- , 5? 2 E' -U 5 O .3 Cv., E Es.. "bu vlan: U I1 no-.w Hwmgu ,,, '-'Sigh E' -.9."Ifi.::':i: SU' .Q +1 'gygU.f. 'dw SCF-C .M rn O V""'!". .Maw Q 'U A - 'saw ' -Gam? 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This caused a general panic, for the thought struck them all that their guaranteed Scotch was-wood alcohol! They im- mediately began to prepare for the next world. Their first act was to summon the class lawyers, I. Bootleg and U. Moonshine, and execute their last will and testament, which was as follows: We, the class of twenty-five, having barely survived the ravages of four years among the savages, feel that having accomplished so much, we are at last en- titled to continued rest, and, therefore, do make our last will and testament. To the faculty we express the greatest of thanks for their co-operation in edu- cating such an inhuman group. May theirs be the glory hereafter! ' To the juniors we leave our seats, which isn't so much since the Board of Education spent all their money on the TIGER and had none left for repairs: also our dignity, which you have tried your best to exterminate. To the Sophomores We offer the pleasure of reconstructing the system in some of the classes, where teachers felt it their sublime duty to preserve order and quiet. To the Freshmen and their underlings, the Subs, we leave the goal which we have vacated, and though you will no doubt find it no bed of roses, just keep on a-going. May we also make the following bequests: That soon a time will come when a student may have something to say be- sides his daily recitations. That every speaker in Assembly should pass the Pennsylvania Board of Censors. May the architects provide for breathing room in the new high school. We also make the following donations: Fred Barron's goofiness to Bill Downs. Nancy Deal's bluiiing ways and crazy ideas to some carnival. The exalted ideas of most of the Seniors to some asylum. Neil Chenoweth's voice to the Squee-Gee Recording Co. Rusty Bright's illumination to the wilds of Africa. Bob BroWn's bashfulness to a chorus girl. Ted Knagg's trousers to Shorts Coberly. Desperate Wolfe's pull with cops to some bootlegger. Carl McDonald's gab and dashing ways to Pat O'Malley. Notley Barnard's belief in free speech to Coach VVimer. Beryl Crawford Rilfle's housekeeping ability to a practical use. Lulu Grace Fisher's height to Mr. Gould. Josephine VVees' brunette beauty to Pearl VVhite. Freda Flanagan's fear of speeches to William Jennings Bryan. Karl Parish's bluff and sophistication to the Soviets. Jeff VVhetsel1's size Clength and breadthj to some high work. Opal Goddin's oratory to the Legislature. The Murdock and Daugherty duet to some traveling troupe. Lillian Kelly's weight to Bebe Daniels. Thirty f"Ri THE TIGER-'25 4 .2 Elm :E Q wi lil A 2 -- f- ff4'2!f T i E' ...... ....,, ..,. , 2. y 5. JN.-:gl ' - ...,.. .,.... . ... . ,A.. . 7 : " Bernice Hamlin's business management to the Lyceum Course. Francis Martin's life to teaching parrots. ' Hester Wamsley's henna locks to Miss Cody. Alta Canfield's brand of hair dye to Mr. Hornor. Marguerite Channell's avoirdupois to a baby elephant. Helen Crouch's maidenly actions to Barney Veithmeyer. Kenneth Talbott's love affairs to the Elkins Laundry. The fool's chair and the honor of poet laureate to Fred Riley. Mary Elizabeth Poling's ambition to Eugene Debs. Velma Shreve's girlish ways to Mrs. Hamill's pupils. Irl Schoonover's football ability to Nestor. The cover and cost of the TIGER to Professor Trent. Bob Shaver's egotism to the Progressive Party, To the library a set of the latest novels. - Mildred Opa1's gas to some filling station. Hyder Gilmore's speed to Paavo Nurmi. Walter Hedrick's typewriting ability to Slidell Brown. Audrey Lee Brannon's credits to Bill Sleeman. Rosalie Baker's alarm to some ship for a distress signal Mary Collier's good looks to Quasimodo. Herbert Mearn's unassuming ways to Marshall Glenn. John Lukens' face to some barber. I joan Moore's gracefulness to Will Rogers. Mildred Bullivant's quietness to "Gassy" Watring. Helen Davis' affectionate disposition for the masculine element to Olive Hopson. Ruth.Elder's taste for literature to an ostrich. Opal Fansler's "decided blondeness" to "Peanut" Seitz. The Ferguson's twins' resemblance to each other to "Cap" Coffman and "Pete" Earle. Mary Florentino's talent for music to a hoot owl. Helen Hickman's long hair to the British Museum as a rare antique. Ina Hodges' love of eating to Leander Mullins. Edith Hopson's religious fervor to John Sleeman. Reba Kennedy's flights of imagination to Ben Turpin. Dorothy Klein's precise ways to Louise Fazenda. Hazel Knaggs' pleasant remarks to a cat. john Moore's gallantry toward the ladies to Don Quixote. Mary Kongavitz's frankness to Miss Lawson. Margaret MacVean's cherished sophistication to Pola Negri. Maisie Osborne's acting ability to Ethel Barrymore. Reta Phares' athletic ability to Helen Wills. Harold Coberly's blankness to a sheet of paper. Glenoka Phillips' elfishness to jimmy Wallace. Pearl Powers' stenographic ability to Tillie, the Toiler. Hazel White's gold digging to Fagot, dean of pickpockets. VVilma Ray's blushing ability to "Red" Crim. Agnes Schmidlen's loquacity to Billy Sunday. Beatrice Scott's love for the great outdoors to' Sammy Hammer. T hirty-one .- ' ,Q gk I if 1 ff' 1 l i vi UL THE TIGER 25 ' ..., ..'.',, iii.QQigggLp..,i:A- .. ,, . ,.l.1.. .. ,...,, ,...... . ..,...m.,. , A,,4 ,A ,,,,,., ,A .,A .,,,. . , , , Lela Sinsel's giggle to the circus calliope. Bernice Shaf'fer's boisterousness to Mr. Gould. Theresa Trimboli's flashing dark eyes to Virginia Reitz. Pearl Triplett's smooth locks to the Stacomb Company. Melba VVaters' clothes to Venus de Milo. Louise Williams' sense of humor to a crab. Kathryn VVolfe's name to the zoo. Beryl Marshall's dancing to Pavlovva. Velma Peters' quietness to a boiler factory. To the student body we leave: The Seniors who have not the power of blutiing. Our qualities of endurance, which have been well tested by the hard-boiled faculty. Our "multitude" of Senior privileges. Our well-beloved book store. Clt is delicate, and must be carefully cared for.j We, I. Moonshine and U. Bootleg, hereby certify that the foregoing will of the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and twenty-five was declared by said Senior Class to be its last will and statement, and which will was signed by the testator in our presence and the presence of each of us. And the said testator declared the same to be its last will and testimony. CSignedD SENIOR CLASS OF '25, I. MOONSHINE, U. Boo'rLEG. Given under my hand the second day of june, nineteen hundred and twenty- five. J. H. C., '25 Thirty-i'1c'o am THE TIGER '25 ,. , A Day in the Life of One of Owr Busy Seniors 8:15-After "Mom" called me for the seventh time, I finally managed to open one eye and crawl out. Ate seven buckwheat cakes and made a nose dive for my 8:40 class. . 8:45-Landed in class with no breath to spare. Miss Streiby was in the midst of picking some fool poet to pieces. She had the nerve to ask me what an Alexandrine was, told her I thought he fought a battle, and she wouldn't even give me a grade. She assigned 51 pages in Halleck and a couple hundred in the Twelve Century, and announced that we might have a test tomorrow. Oh, well! mere mortals weren't expected to pass English IV, anyway. 9:30-Hustled into American History to get my French and Cicero lessons. Mr. Hornor interrupted me three times asking me to recite, but after I told him for the third time I didn't know anything, he rang off. Once he pulled one of his jokes, at least I s'pose it was a joke, he laughed long enough. 10:20-Mosied into Cicero and ate four pieces of candy before Miss Wilmoth made her appearance. Gosh! that woman's slow. Got called on un- expectedly, and had a terrible time finding the place on the paper. 11:10-Went to French and took a little nap after that awful exertion. Thought that idiotic gong would never ring. Finally did after about a hundred years, and I made a hundred-yard dash for home and dinner. 12 :00-Noon hour. Crammed. 1:00-No class. Went up tovm and shot pool and drank-a coke. 1:50-VVent to Chemistrv and had a lot more of those darned old formulas. Goshl I hate 'em'! Miss Moreland does have a sense of humor, which is more than the most of 'em have. 2:40-Went down to my locker to get some books, and Mr. Hornor popped out and dragged me into the Study Hall. Guess he thought I was boot- leggin' or somethin'. 3:30-6:00-Out with a bunch of fellows. Rambled uptown and loafed around. Finally managed to bum a car ride, but the fool fiivver broke down, and we had to walk in. 6:00-Got home and ate. Ate! I'll say. Some appetite. 7:00-9:00-Practiced basket ball at "Y. " "Coach" sure knows how to bawl you out. ' 9:00-12:00-Loafed at the pool room, kidded some of the girls as they Went by. VVent up to' a guy's house and shot craps 'til the coo-coo clock yipped out midnight, then I meandered home. 12:00-Hit the hay. Forgot to study, as usual. Got a bad memory. Good- night, sleep tight, so the bedbugs don't bite. R. K., B. H. Thirty-three ffm .H1 . .. 'g5.ggpg4.1.Q . . - .,. .. .l . . ..,. , .l....,. . .. , .. ,,.K... ..,.,..,...,.,A... . . , ...,, 'F- 'ivsfx , , W ,, ,,,4 , .IIAVII T HE TIGER 25 E- lt., w is 'mig,fw. 1 ,.., , " -.44.,"" , , 4, ft. f I LJ l-J Q mL11,:'qQ'3c6sJLOeffi Tl f N Z fs 'I 73. 2: 1 NX If A My- l U' gl 3 ' . h ' LX. THE TIGER '25 .--4- A -7- '--x Wm- .- -J' -mug -"'-'1" it """"""""" 1 ""'-""" Q-I-um f'-4'f--------- 11-H ---' 3 ---L- Q -4--4- l ,.,.-1- -A ------ ----- -f------I'-n v::..1Ann:u I 1 -'X . f x fufgmu vu g . X . ill VZ 'C -T , X u DC A N. ... Z D '-w Thirlyfve KN-1 "T fi- M 'E' --. sg di .... THEKTIGER T295 . W, , , , . Q4 .. .,.. . . , . .. ,. . ............. . . ,. . junior Class The Junior Class began its career by holding a class meeting and electing the following officers: President, Margaret Glenng Vice President, Walter Downs, Treasurer, Mary Tallman: Secretary, Leona Skidmore. This is one of the most athletic classes that ever entered high school. It had several representatives on the 1924 football squad, Marshall Glenn being a star player. "Bill" Downs, Dick Collett, and Marshall Glenn, represented the class in basket ball. The Juniors won the boys' and girls' championship in the inter-class basket ball tournament, which is the first time it has happened in the history of the school. The class was too busy with other things to do much in a social Way but they stepped out once, and gave a big party to the basket ball team. We had one representative to the district literary contest at Phillipi, Louise Byron. Next year we will take the present Seniors' places and we'l1 try to do our best for old E. H. S. Thirty-six fi, .' 1 THE TIGER '25 L a . - , - M0713 ' Y 3 -3- .Q1-:"f: "1" M2313 """' ""' ""' 1 ""' "",'1""' """ """ 1 '1" ' i 'QQ ,,.. H -4" IQ Calendar 25 SEPTEMBER rlflonday, 8-School begins to start to commence. Tuesday, 9-"Freshies " enroll and make our school cheerful with "green." Wednesday, I0-First Chapel--beginning of many such pleasant t?J experiences. Thursday, 11-Well started on the nine months' grind. Forgot we ever had a vacation. Friday, 12-First week-end heaves in view. Everybody waitin' anxiously. llefonday, I5-Blue as indigo. Got "Fall" fever. Tuesday, 16-Two-thirds of the school get schedules changed, awful uproar. Wednesday, 17'-Senior Girls' Book Store has formal opening. Everybody with any cash wel- comed warmly. Thursday, 18-Book Store starts bank account. High finance in the air! Friday, 19-Kids begin to realize there's such a thing as book-reports and make mad rush for library. Monday, 22-Students, making the startling discovery that the Hrst six weeks is nearly half over, take a little peep into their books. Tuesday, 28-Everyone begins marking up books so teachers won't notice how new they look and get suspicious. Wednesday, 24-Yawned through one of " Paw" Trent's speeches. Thursday, 25-just a common, ordinary, usual, hum-drum, monotonous day! Friday, 26'-Girls make decisions concerning two new men teachers and air them. Monday, 29-Everybody eatin' chestnuts-some gettin' caught! Tuesday, 30-Camp fire circles organize. OCTOBER Wednesday, I-Awful windy these days. Everybody's knowledge blowin' out of their heads. Thursday, 2-Mr. Hornor loses temper and can't find it, so kicks some poor suffering mortals out of Civics. Frida , 3-Miss Streiby picks TIGER Staff-laziest kids in High School. Mondhy, 6'-Ted Knaggs is elected cheer leader. Rah! Rah! Tuesday, 7'-Mourned for our old friend "The Cub" who died of starvation. Wednesday, 8-Pool-Rooms thronged with skippers from chapel. ' Thursday, .9-Student council elected, with a ballot box 'n everything. Friday, 10-2 :40 loafing hour at book store sadly interrupted by Mr. Riddle's objections. Monday, 13-Nice day for six weeks tests to start! Tuesday, 14-Under orders of Mr. Riddle, a sign prohibiting all male visitors was posted at the book-store. Uh-huh! Somebody caught neckin'! Wednesday, 15-A. V. A.'S have preliminary initiation. Was bad enough for a full-fledged one. Thursday, 16'-Fight over standard rings. Some battle. Friday, 17-A sheik visits the Tiger staff and vamps it into giving him the contract. Monday, 20-Test papers graded. Several emergency cases at the hospital. Tuesday, 21-New report cards announce that conduct includes courtesy toward teachers. Live and learn! Wednesday, 22-Report cards out " Did you get 'C '? The old geezer only gave me 'D'. " Thursday, 23-School resolves to study next six weeks QD ' Friday, 24-Going to the football game to-morrow? e Monday, 27--Candy sale! " Little less noise out there, please, or the sales must be stopped." Tuesday, 28-Featherhead patrols the hall all afternoon. Wednesday, 29-W. H. O.'s have chapel-Best one this year. Thursday. 30-Bob Brown gets a studious streak and worries Mr. Hornor bald-headed trying to prepare his lessons in History Class. Friday, 31-TIGER Stal? gets down to work. NOVEMBER November, 3-November's with us-gray old month! Tuesday, 4-T00 many late again. Mr. Riddle whacks down on 'em. Wednesday, 5-Sang dear old "Barney Google" with the usual pep. tThere's some more of it-look 'till you find it.J Thirty-seven T i"?F.l l 1 4 4 I l 4 l 4 1,39 IJ 2.55 THE TIGER mf -1- v '1 1 A 'X " 1- ' d- x --:L My:-lssmx " - ..,. ..., , ll- .3 N Q' ..... 'i!'i: Tl: 55.3-X1-Ligld 'xH ':h lQ""" "" """""""':'L.-1:-2" ' ..,A41--www-'11 '---f--4--'- --...... . ..:...i......U -v.v .-fn.,-.2 -,-- --U......,....-.....f,.. --vf QMODE ,A lndllh-1 Wim "J'3QgQffw Th 1'I'f'V-l'1.glIf r 5 H fn 'U SI JPHOMURE CLASS N S N. 1 N: . : , ' 1 X 41 Nfl, igl : -s o ,D THE TIGER '25 .. ..,,,,. A l .. ... . . . ,....... . .,., ....., .,... 2 ..,. . ..,......,,... , Sophomore Class Our main reason for liking our Sophomore year is, we are able to make fun of the Freshies. We elected "Barney" to ill our presidentfs chair, and under his leader- ship we have had a zippy year. "Barney " and " Pud" upheld our honor both in football and basket ball. As soon as camphre was started in the high school, our girls organized a circle and did some good work during the year. Desiring to show our interest in the intellectual side of life we put Catherine Baker up as a defender of our honor in the literary contest. She was put out in the finals at Chapel, but she fought a good fight and we are proud of her. At the inter-class tournament we generously gave the honors to the upper- classmen, but we intend to reap our rewards later on. But we're mighty glad vacation's here, and we can get away from all the rules and regulations of school. For Kipling expresses our sentiments in "Ship me somewhere's East of Suez, VVhere the best is like the worst, Where there are no Ten Commandments, And a man can raise a thirst!" Forty , ,.... , ,.... -. ' fyl, '52 , ., .., ..,. ..A.A ., ..., ... . , . ...... . .4.. .. . . . .-4 ,,... gg .....4 ....... . . , is ,J THE TIGER 25 20.5 gfli-:SQ FKQEZMMENS. i 4 P i - f tl t Ge milf , S M y g Freshman Class History On September the eleventh, 1924, at one o'clock P. M., the Elkins High School building was crowded with " Freshies, " as we are called by the upper class members. They also played many jokes on us and initiated us. VVe elected our class officers, who are: FINLEY COLLIER-'Pf65l.d81Zf JLfN1oR GORDEN-Secretary JOSEPH NALLEN-Vice President NIERLE KEPNER-Treasurer Carrie Virginia VVilt was elected for Student Council, and Delphia Love as Cheer Leader. We had a lot of pep, always had a large delegation at the games, several Fresh- men tried to enter the games, and we had four Erst-year members in the orchestra. We chose our class colors Coriginal onesj black and White. W'e had several class meetings, which proved to be successful. Once we went on a picnic and another time on a sleigh ride. On the twenty-seventh of january the "Subs" entered high school. We ourselves helped to initiate them. We, the Freshmen, have had a fine time as "Freshies" this year, but next year we expect to step under the old Orange and Black and enter into the real spirit of E. H. S. Hoping to appreciate our high school more as "Sophs, " Yours forever, OLD '28 R. M. A. Forty-one an 4- fx i f-A THE TIGER 25 E I Hr JN? - E Iivrtjutrcv CLASS NRXN ESH FR 52 if 1 9 v .sf v . THE TIGILR 24, .ggi A h f- fffgfie'?',M E-.. "-" """""4'!"""""""""""" """""""'""'""'"""'lu"":""""'""'w"'w'1v'::w'-3:-,,.----"" 'iirll I unsun g Fnrflx'-lllref' 11? , THE TIGER 25 I !, Q -1 U NF: 5 9 C ' fffwflxi - . - 4- ,E A ...- ..:,, ,., H4110 H -'f,"...:iI....... ,...... . . ' ' ' ' "" "" 1- "" ' "" ' ' 'ag rt-v fo ur A... 'K-.X-1 8 MAIL ,Lg-W M13 THE TIGER '25 Fc rty-five .,- I nrt 'az Q3 'E -N THE TIGER : .ww .... .. A. f 1 v , , A , jx I s , .A. . ..,.,...,.,.,. ,,,,A,,,,,. ,. 1A.....A, . A. .,.. ... ,...., , ? .4f5' umtlwzna1g,5, 09 FW, UWM jj . we ' il-VFX R i 6 X W 7 - g . X - Will- Q o Is i 1 r 4 S ' I I I 1 I I, Su of-1.cRAvvF0RD rv- v I .Y THE TIGER 'ef 1114, ,V f ? X 1 x .J I -.. ,. L 1 X. ,, 4. u 5 I llhl, .....,.. ....... . . W A ,,- H llllllrulluullllnnunll "H I I I I C M FOOTBALL TEA '11 3 54 Q V. Zi as .- 37 ' L THE TIGER '25 . . .....! ., , ...... , .. .,1,AA, .4 , AA. ...A,,,,4, 4.,i4,,,,,,,, AA ,A ,, . , . ,,, , , . - Football Results of IQ24 Season Opponent E. H. S. Alumni .... .... 6 .... . . . 6 Thomas .... 0 .... ....27 Charleston .... .... 3 5 .... . . . 0 Huntington ..... .... 2 7 .... . . . 0 Parsons .....,. 0 .... 0 Buckhannon .... .... 1 3 .... , . . 0 Morgantown ..., . 7. . . . . 6 Grafton ..... 0 .... ....12 Weston ..... 6 .... ....32 Fairmont... ...O Points 'scored by Elkins Pla3'c'rs.' Touchdowns P. fl. T. Total Points Glenn ...... ..... 5 ..... ..... 5 ...., ..... 3 5 Viethmeyer .,.. . . . 3 .... . . . . . . . .18 Talbott ..... .....12 Hutson ..... ...6 Hedrick .... ...6 Shaver... ..,1 ....... ...6 Marshall Glenn was chosen as quarterback on the all-state third team. Robert Shaver, Irl Schoonover, and Kenneth Talbott received honorable mention. All during the year the team was good on defense and someone has said that we had the "best little line in the state." The olfense was not so good in the first of the year, but improved as the season wore on. The backfield did some fine work the last of the season. K. T. '25 Forty-e-ight F32 ' THE TIGER 25 - MMV, 'tw If AX , , ,atm .-.- f' Hr -3 -"" -1 R11 12'-fJHI' f .. .... H J.-L .. 1 ........... X -L Q fjfvfi , .1.:::.........Mu.,, W- 1 ,.... . - , .- . ........ . 1110, "H .. ...........- Forty- nine 1925 BASKET BALL TEAM 11 ,ff 1- tix! :gl THE TIGER '25 11-K'-' ---- -'--'-' 3' ' --.. ,gg-I "': 1: -"-4"r'-- v A--4 1 f'-----f"--- wi f-'- V it 1---f1--'v- '1--.L- ------ I .W ,--mmm. Basket Ball Results TEAM VEITHMEYER Col ..... ............ ...,..... . ...... G 1 uard BROWN ..,,. . . . .,.,.... .,....... F onward Dowxs ..., ..... If 'onward COLLET .......,..,,.,...... ....,...,...... G 'ulard GLENN ..,.....,.........A......................,....... Center Talbott, Barron, Marshall. and Hutson were subs all during the season. Opponent E. H. S. Fairmont, West Side ...,. ....... 1 4 .... ....,... 1 7 Grafton ..........,.., .,... 1 9 .... ...... 2 1 Buckhannon ........ . . . 17 .,.. . . . 19 Buckhannon... 23,... 9 Weston. ,........ .., 12 .... ... 15 Washington Irving. . . 16 ,... . , . 19 Wellsburg ....,.. .,... . . . 18 .,.. . . , 25 Grafton .......,.,...... . . . 20 .... . . . 16 Fairmont, VVest Side ..... , . . 16 ,.,. . . . 9 Washington Irving. .... . . . 12 .... . . . 15 Fairmont, East Side .... . . . 11 ..,, . . . 19 Weston ..... ........ . . 9 ..,, . . . 33 Mill Creek ......... . . 5 .... . . . 29 Mill Creek ........, ....,, . . 8 .,.. . . . 43 Parsons ....... .,.. ,,....,. , . 5 .... . . . 26 Total, counting T. games ....,.......,...,. 253 .,.. .... 3 78 TOURNAMENTS Opponents E. H. S, Burnsville ..... ....,,.....,.,.. 7 .... ,,,,,, 2 8 Buckhannon ....,.. . . . 21 .... , , , 18 Washington, Pa ....... ..... 2 0 .... , , , 17 Points made by players: F . G. Fgulg Glenn ..............,... ,..., 6 0 .... .... 2 4-61 Brown ...... ..... 3 0. . . ,... 16-40 Downs ..... ..... 1 5 .... . . , 8-32 Collet ...... ..... 1 5. . . . . . 6-22 Veithmeyer. . . ..... 10 .... , . , 3-24 Talbott ..... ..... 1 1 .... , , , 5-21 Barron ..... . . . 9 .... , , , 3-15 Marshall ..... . . , 3 .... , , , 2- 5 Hutson ..... ..... O .... ,,,, 0 - 1 Total ..... ..., 1 53 .... .......... 7 2-221 F -i fly K. T., '25 , .K+ W pl 15 -iz THE TIGER '25 , f- AMPK? '-,, -3-. ., ...,., ,.,. -.. 92 x.4"':3al'3- 1 '," ,MKEV ? F 'fly-cnc . - , In M, THE TIGER ,25 -- 1 1 s . ........ ..... ,, . y . A . .... ...... A Tournaments PHILIPPI Contrary to custom, sectional tournaments were held this year instead of the time-honored Buckhannon tournament. Elkins went to Philippi and there drew Burnsville for the first game. After a hard fight we beat them and then faced Buckhannon as our next opponent. They defeated us by three points, but the game was one grand struggle from beginning to end. All the way through we were good sports and our yelling was of the best, so we marched off exultantly with the beautiful cheering cup and came home almost satisfied. WAYNESBURG Wishing to be different and strut our stuff in foreign territory, our team accepted an invitation to enter the tri-state tournament at Waynesburg, Ohio. The team motored to Grafton and Went from there to VVaynesburg by rail. We drew Vlfashington, Pennsylvania for our first game which proved to be our last and only, as the score was 20-17 with us on short end. But the team had a good time and gained lots of experience for which we are glad. ' I NTER-C1.Ass - March 27 witnessed the usual eruption of class spirit over the Inter-class Tour- nament. The Sophomore and Junior girls headed the bill with a spirited battle in which the Juniors came out on top. Next the Seniors played the Freshmen and- miracle of miracles-beat 'eml Then the boys followed in a Senior-Sophomore game, with the lower classmen victorious. In the junior-Freshmen game, the junior boys won. The next game was the final one for the championship between the junior and Senior girls, in which the Seniors were badly demolished. Equally exciting was the Junior-Sophomore boys' game and the Juniors again held the supremacy. In the meantime, all the class delegations yelled lustily. VVhen the presentation of the cheering cup came, everyone held his breath and a wild hurrah went up when it was given to the Seniors. Letters and certificates of merit were awarded to the varsity basket ball boys for their faithful service during the year. F i fly-tivo f"33 "Q THE TIGER 25 SWK A 1 9 5 'Y J- . V- -- ' "" - 2 . fl MLS : 41,-Q -3 '-v---",' --'- 1 wwf:-"' """"" "" 1 "' ,zzz ""' "" - Q 'V "-" +'----- '--4 4 -- A-u 4:-J':-N. 14-' " 0422115-1 ----- -I IIAEQQEII- Qyiirwgfgigpgu zug ,V .,.. F 'i fly-til ree TRACK TEAM 1924 .-"A '11 .1 ,Q 1 3 D THE TIGER '25 .1.A, fi. 1... .'. - .,A,,. . ,A... . . i . ,.... . l4 ...4.,,. ....,, .. .,., .4.,.,.,, , . . . ., . . ,,,., . ., . CALENDAR-Continued Thursday, 6'-Faculty meeting. Wonder what poor kids they smashed to pieces this time? I Friday, 7'-Mr. Trent comes up and looks around. Shivers of terror play tag up and down our s ines. p Monday, 10-Snowin'-oh, you hick boots-and shirts! Tuesday, 11-Everybody plans a sleigh-ride. Snow melts. Wednesday, 12-Campaign for subscriptions for TIGER started. Faint response-very faint. VVhere's the old high school spirit anyway? Thursday, 13-Seems like every teacher in school chooses this day for a quiz. just like 'em! Friday, 14-Everybody agitated over this new high school business-everybody exceptin' Seniors! lllonday, 17'-Some heatin' system they've got here-some rooms make you think you're up at the North pole and others make you think you're in1??!! Tuesday, 18-Mr. Stewart gets slightly peeved and invites a few of the students to make an exit from Advanced Arithmetic. Wednesday, I9-Cross-word puzzles everywhere! Kids all look crosseyed from workin' 'em. Thursday, 20-"Blue Moon" rehearsals on full blast. Friday, 21-Mr. Gould's gettin' used to us. He doesn't blush more than a dozen times a day now. Zllonday, 24-Tiger meeting-main feature was snowball battle on roof. Tuesday, 25-"Coach " and Miss Streiby seem to have a lot of business to transact in the 9:30 studyahall. A-hem! . Wednesday, 26-Homer posts lists of library lines. Grand dives for pocketbooks. Thursda y, 27'-Hooray-Thanksgiving! " Ain't you thankful we've got a holiday to be thank- ful for? " Friday, 28-'Nother holiday. DECEMBER Monday, 1-Many absences from school on account of too much turkey. Tuesday, 2--No more holidays 'til Christmas. Git down to work fellas! Wednesday, 3-Coach VVimer appropriate-s the book store and gets all the Senior girls down on him. Thursday, 4-No place to loaf. Gosh, we miss that book store. Friday, 5-Meeting of Basket ball boys-"Coach" announces that boys can't play basket ball, and be chorus girls both-meaning no " Blue Moon"'for the athletes. Illonday, 8-Everybody's got a cold. Some swell blowoutsl Tuesday, .9-Making some terrible stuff down in chemistry. Smells mighty like a skunk. Wednesday, 10-Glee Llub sang-Shades of Farrar! Thursday, 1 1-Rumor hath it that the Merchants are going to give no ads to Tiger. Everyone scared stiff. Friday, lr?-Rumor verihed. Panic everywhere. "Won't there be a Tiger?" Monday, I5-Blood-curdling "Tiger" meeting held. Staff puts up a despairing struggle for "Tiger." Mr. Trent and Mr. Riddle finally give in. Everyone promises to help. Now, let's see who sticks! Tuesday, 16'-Some boys caught smoking. Naughty! Naughty! Wednesday, 17'-Last chapel before Christmas. Mr. Riddle warns us all to study hard over the holidays. You bet! Thursday, 18-Teachers give us six weeks' tests for Christmas presents. just their idea of a jolly Christmas. Friday, 19:-w-:Merry Christmas, everybody! YVonder what Santa'll bring you? December, 20-January, 5-Christmas holidays! Too much happening to tell about. Monday, 5-How can we ever get back to this grind? Finals in sight to cheer us up. " Educa- tion, thy name is torture." Tuesday, 6'-We note a result of the holidays-Miss Streiby's wearing a knockout sparkler- Congratulations, Coach! Wednesday, T'-Yells for " Mrs. Homor " are heard in Chapel. The groom receives many tokens of affection OJ from the loving OJ Seniors. Thursday, S-New Year isn't going right. All our 'esolutions goin' Huooy! Friday, 9-Preparing for first basket ball game of the season. May the Gods of Luck be with us! Monday, I2-Still rejoicing over lickin' Fairmont. Tuesday, 13-Another one of those unlucky thirteenths, everything gone wrong. Wednesday, 14-Beginning to realize the finals are almost here. Everyone preparing for some deep cramming. Thursday, 15-Seniors go coasting. Must be in their second childhood. Friday, 16-Music Department presents "Once In a Blue Moon." Some actors we've got! CThere's some more, Keep lookingj Fifty-four 1. - 1 Q? THE TIGER '25 fi ' Q, ".Q:ff?W2 :. 2 . ,r ........, ........ f Xu mf .4U'm,, STUDENTKACTIVITIES I s IIA I - S 1 ff' I F' "Iv Q,A.. fa R -- ' . XXX I----Q-1?--1' f 'W "' 'Y' if L f , r -' 2 'Y6 N6 f 'Y' 'ibx M -WNW " -"" "'A 'fl ff . if ' fiz ff'-My A . Flti ,-lo o.dJ bl yl. ., 0 M - 4 il'flWW, ?i :,.-. ' XX .G f . ,hw ' ff' Q y - . ., 'in 9 a ,,, -,-. '-,, 9 9090 O o c' C' F zftyi five lux 4 Q ,ifysx w-95 XQJ L ., T H E TIG E R r 2 5 1 ' . ., - ,,444,. A ., ., . .., .,... ., l A. V. A. Club At the beginning of the year, the club had a meeting and elected: Mary Eliza- beth Poling, Consul: Reba Kennedy, Pro-Consulg Bernice Hamlin, Scribag Robert Brown, Quaestor. A large number of new members desired entrance, so a preliminary initiation was planned, in which the aspirants furnished a royal feast for the old members, who afterwards showed their appreciation by blind-folding them and treating them as roughly as possible. Later the "children" went through a stiff cross-examination, and after pass- ing this and surviving thc decorations which accompanied it, they became mem- bers of the high and mighty A. V, A,, and were allowed to wear the pins. This is a long-established club of deep mystery, and to gain entrance to its fold is an honor that many desire. Its colors are royal purple and white, and its symbol is the skull and cross-bones. l"ifly'xi.x' SVN:- P' fe!! .:' awry THE TIGER '20 . - ,. K- f' f-"'1"fff" ' , ., , ..A , . ......A .. ,1,.,, ..,.... .. ioiii . orili . or , i A A fl S W. H. O. Club This was the first club established in the Senior class this year. Our motto is: "Stick To It," and our hobby is having celebrations. Miss Yokum is our sponsor, and she can't be beat. Sky blue, yellow, and red are our colors, and little "divils" are our symbol. President ......,. . . ........... . . .USKINNYH HAMLIN Secretary .... . . ."MAGGIE " CHANNELL Treasurer .......... ...... ' 'FARMERU DAUGHERTY F12 fty-seven 1' l -'v 1 - gl,,f 'PHE 'riolsa '25 - ..... , . 3 ..... . ,.Q 1 . . A W . . . . "" f'- -1 . .... . .,,.,,A,,,,, Wim- Camp Fire Something which had never before been attempted in the High School is a Camp Fire Circle. The Seniors as usual, wishing to experiment with anything new, took it up first and passed it on to the other classes. Now, there are four circles in the high school, one in each class, and all have been very successful. The Ladies' Parlor at the Y. M. C. A. has been the meeting place for the weekly meetings of each circle. Miss Katie Hartman is Senior guardian, Miss "Happy" Daniels, Juniorg Miss Yokum, Sophomore, and Bess Crouch, Freshman. Several council fires at which all the circles met were held. The ceremony was very beautiful, there being no light except that of the HTS, all the girls were in cos- ttune. Very exemplary things have been done by the different circles, The girls showed themselves to be good financiers by making a great deal of money during the course of the year. Much charity work was done in the name of the Camp Fire. VVe hope this good work will be continued by the others and be handed down from generation unto generation to the descendant of the last meek little Freshman. F1fty-e1'gl1t PHE TIGER 2' A :J --in ----'L" --'- : " -1 """' """""1 "---'------- "-- 2-L '--'-- "v! -X 1 n 3' i x 7 6 5 1 .av-' 1 I N 1' A ,l -'- , i '- ....,,, -' Hyffqff - , 1 --4 -.- - iw I . I I I in nm.-in 5 5 fa 'Wilma .. vyi- 'sim I I 1? I". 1, Z pi Well win all fame anal Make T-1 YlHTllC for flliins l-lig M usic CTHIIC of " Too Tired" and "On The Road To Ma'ndalay" mixedj VVhcn the high school opened its season, Miss Lawson was right on the spotg And began organizing her Glee Clubs, And her orchestra soon reached the top. For you know although music has harms, It also has plenty of charms. Next came our masculine quartette, Of Neil, "Deppy," Homer, and Tedg They rendered us much snappy music. lVhich was quite the berries, all said. Wie owe them much thanks and much praise For fun to our hard-working days. 'iBlue Moon" was quite a production Of comedy, humor and art, Velma was quite a rare Hirt V And won every handsome man's heart. And so when all is said and done, It really wasn't very bum. F zlfty-nirze :fic lim: THE TIGER 25 if Xin, . lf: ' l 1 J , - 'i 1 'T WN-f X ' . ,ye i!1'iu', 5!-:.' 'M197...H1l...!....i.l..., -... .... ., ,,,, ., .......... i ,.,4 llrl - - - V -Q13 -- - - Sixty Class Poem This poem is not to sing the praise Of dear old 'twenty-five. It's only just to let you know Our spirit's still alive. lVe leave the praise to teachers dear, And to our classmates true, VVe'll only try to tell you now, Just what we've loved to do. VVe yelled our yells, we sang our songs, VV e backed old Elkins High, VVe've all skipped class, and chewed " Beechnut, " VVe've even told a lie. But then it's in the game you know To do these little things, VVe're something like our teachers dear, VVe none of us have wings. It's all been fun, we've no regrets We didn't study more: For after all you're young but once. N ow, high school life is o'er, We leave our place to other folks, To classes high and low, And may they always have the luck That gave us pep and go! H gf PHE TIGER 25 ,mai M' I I 5 ' 1 .7-' - ixfgy , . gg 3 I ggi, ....... ,' Twlqji ,ly 3- - 3. 1:31 Il'-f : -ui -Q-'uw' 1''uummiu-ra'-'- "''I-H-1'-1" """"UI'.""'w--'- -f--- uv- -1 ----- g1'rl"L','f-,..--f-4"' "" all H Hmmif f'-H !!!! 'i' Nonsense Pages MATRIMONIAL BUREAU I would like to correspond with some nice young lady with a view toward matri- mony. I would prefer a red-headed girl with a good complexion and deep blue eyes. She must have lots of pep and be able to stay out all night. She must know how to smoke and drink a little now and then. She does not need to know how to keep house as we will have a modern apartment and eat at the restaurant.-JOHN MOORE. I would like to correspond with a nice young lady with a view toward matri- mony. I would prefer a small woman with long brown hair and meek blue eyes. She must be good-natured and home-loving. She must also be economical and a good housekeeper, willing to listen to me any time I want to talk. As a wedding gift I will give her a dictionary so she will be able to comprehend I'I'lC.'hIOHN LUKENS. I would like to correspond with a nice young man with a view toward matri- mony. I would prefer a Sheik with slick black hair and with wicked black eyes He must be able to dance well, and always be dressed in the latest fashion. He does not need to have much money as I will supply that. I will require strict allegiance and will stand for no flirting with other ladies.-DOROTHY KLEIN. I would like to correspond with a nice young man with a view toward matri- mony. I would prefer a middle-aged man, in well-to-do circumstances. He must be dignified and settled, and must never be out later than ten o'clock. He must have a taste for classic literature, especially for Dickens. He must be good- natured and never contradict 1'1'16.-IYIARGARET IX'QIACVEAN. I would like to correspond with a nice young lady with a View toward matri- mony. I would prefer a young woman of out-door type, who likes to hike, and hunt. She must like dogs and not object to pipes. She positively must not use powder and paint nor waste money on fancy clothes. I would like her to have a friendly grin and freckles on her nose.-JEFF WHETSELL. Sixty-one F l.. 5 52' no THE TIGER '25 f... 1.l i '4,A... -l A4,4,,. I 1. ,. .. .. A,.. 4.4 .,, .. A ,Y .... HEAD READINGS By Miss XVILMOTH Mr. Coberly, the shape of your head indicates that you are of the " I Love Me" type. You have no great affection for the ladies except those who Hatter you. You are very lazy and seem to take it for granted that everyone enjoys waiting on you. Here is a bump which indicates that you are a great genius, but then it might only indicate that you have had a recent fall. Altogether, your head is quite the berries and tells quite a number of interesting things. Mr. Brown, you have a strangely shaped skull. It shows that you are easily influenced and have great ability for bluffing. 'I find very few indications of brains, but you have plenty of good-nature to cover it up. You like the opposite sex, but you are rather bashful through lack of experience. But you'll live and learn. Mr. Martin, your head tells many things. You have a reckless disposition and believe in doing as you please. You steer clear of the women-except just now and then. .You have a hot temper and like speed of all kinds. You have a great ability for getting into scrapes, but then your Irish tongue always carries you out of them. Mr. Talbott, the shape of your head shows that you are especially attentive to the weaker sex, but you love ,athletics rnore. You are quite a cave-man and make tender hearts ache. You have a very jealous disposition and get quite green-eyed at times. . But you're a regular fellow and are well-liked by the boys, which is a real test. Si.rt-v-t'zc'0 THE TIGER 25 fag.. N f I , 4, Q 1 1 V 7 -7' N 'a H X ""- , E. , .....- - -1----- IH, , "f-'1' init 'xx 1' I- 4' ..f -K-5l1gV,J,Hix- fs.:- '"y'uuw!""1" """ "-'Mui---" -'-'---- - A--- --M---'--1---u"euu --'- 111211 ---- -4 ---- w1----'-'-- W :L----A----H -ff H- mmgun-I.. X -ga 'w"+'::5, .1Eunnm.... ' T ' i ' ' ' W " 411,,w.f.,.,...... .... ----H ' " V F 1 I i Sixty-llzree 1. 1 La...,,,, ,2- 1- 9 ip trip L THE TIGER 25 gf 4 I, . ,...Kf.. ......,,, . ...,. , H ul' "UL, t'L.!r'Jii"!u-i in " -.., , ""'1" Q '! "4""""""" -"-'- gg Iff1f'v1f--':'fv----'f '-llff-1n----- I v-f--1 gpg-guy The Philosophy of a Hobo Yu see, it's this way, 'tisn't that I got any special dislike fer work, but somehow, I jes' never git around to ut. Money? Whadda I need o' money? All I hafta do is show my handsome mug at some lady's door and she hands me out some swell feed. 'Course there was the time I ran into that ole crank that made me chop wood fer my dinner, but, b' gosh, I steer clear 0' them kind, now. An' look how much I git to travel! 'Why, bo, onct I bummed my way clean out ter Colerady on a freight, before th' brakeman lamped me, 'n then he pitched me onter a nice soft placwnone o' them there cinders like they usually land ye on. As fer clothes, yu can sneak 'em off a clothes line 'most any ole time, if yer slick enufl. Yu kin make one suit last a coon's age, if ye jist tie it up wid a lil string now an' 'nen. An' I jinerally go barefooted to save shoe leather. Some folks object to my whiskers, but they come in real handy sometimes, keepin' my face from gittin' sunburned, fer instance. I did saw 'em off onct with a jack-knife, but it looked kinda funny, so I jist let 'em grow ever since. Had a purp oncet, cutest li'l' critter you ever see'd. But it et pisoned meat an' died. Some people don't seem ter appreciate high-class dorgs at all. Got in one of dese here fool towns onct where dey don't like us ramblin' gin- tlemen, an' de cops landed me in de coop. An' would you b'lieve it, buddy, dey made me work on de roads fer six weeks. Lawdy Moses, I never wint through sich a time. When I got out, I felt like I'd had tuberculosis er hydriphobey, er some of dem other turrible diseases. I'm stickin' to jints what appreciate me these days. I cal'clate as how dis here ole pipe am me bes' friend. It sticks by me in all kinds of weather an' it's always jist th' same. May not be so much on looks, but, b' gosh, it's there when it comes to smokin'. Well, bo, I guess I gotter be ramblin'. Wanta catch de next freight outa dis berg, but before I go, I wanta recite yu a little potry: The rich man rides in a limousine, A poor man rides on the train, The hobo walks the railroad track, But he gets there just the same. ll Nobody knows his address, Nobody knows his name, Nobody knows where he gits his clothes, But he gits 'em just the same. "The rich man drinks his whiskey, The poor man drinks his wine, The hobo drinks his own home brew, And thinks it's just as Hue." Sixly-four f"3, Hn. 2 . V 1 xf' K J THE TIGER '25 Q. t , ,,,,,, ,., ,.... .... . .. . , . ,. . .... ,..,., ,,,,A.,,.,,,, ,,,,. y , ,,, .,,4 y y, .,,, ,,,Q -, -'-4 "1 " " The "Poor Woiking Gail" and Her Views on Men " Sure, the men are all right for meal-tickets and to show you around and spend jack on you, but after that-nix. Be a little pal to 'em, and laugh and dance with 'em, but when they start to get serious, why, tell 'em whatfs what, an' leave 'em flat. VVe females 'ave been playthings long enough for the big brutes. and it's time we're showin' 'em that two can play the game. That lovin' and leavin' stuff don't go for men only , it's for us clingin' vines, too. None of this marriage line for me. I'm not marryin' any guy and washin' dishes and cookin' for 'im, while he walks out with some other jane. The way it is now,I got me a good job, and when I want a man I go out and round one up, and when I don't, I leave 'em alone. I'm my own boss and don't have to listen to any man. No man's gonna put anything over on me and get away with it. This chicken knows her way around and any John that tries anything I don't like. gets sot on good and hard. I got a sweet little temper all my own and I sure can use it when necessary. I play the game square myself and as long as the man does too, it's all all right, but if he don't, it ain't." Recipe for a "Necking Party" I ugredients 2 masculine arms 2 feminine eyes 1 feminine waist 2 tablespoons loving expression 2 masculine eyes 1 pair feminine lips 1 pair masculine lips Directions Mix masculine arms thoroughly with feminine waist. Stir loving expression into two pairs of eyes. Beat lips together until a kiss is formed. Then mix all ingredients together and place on a park bench to bake for three hours. Have the moon at 600 F. This recipe has been tested many times and has never been known to fail, Sixty-five .1 . I 1' ,f.-f ggi , THE TIGER '25 .,. ..' ...'.'... A, Q . . L Q . ....., it . .. , .. .A.A . . . One Side of a Flappefs Telephone Conversation "Hello, Bubbles." "Sure, I'd be dee-lighted to come over tonight. Is the whole crowd gonna come?" "Are you going to wear your little blue silk?" "Say, I saw the best lookin' dress up town today. It was lipstick red crepe de chine, with a tan jabot on itg only cost fifty berries. They sure do believe in charging you around this burg." "Yeh, that is a cute piece. I got a new record for the Vic today. It's a hum- dinger. Goes like this: tum-tum-tum-best dance record I 've heard for ages. " "Aw, don't let him kid you. jack was trying to feed me a line something like that last night. I pretended like I was eatin' it up, but I was laughin' up my sleeve all the time, you can bet." "You're right, he is cute lookin'-that wavy hair and those eyes. VVhe-e-wi" Bob's teachin' me a new dance step-awful cute, but kinda complicated. " "Got me a new hat yesterdayg just plain, but awful smart lookin'. " "Yes, that's the one, didn't you think it was nifty?" "Oh, he's a pill, but he's got one good lookin' car. " "Oh, say, 'Mom' caught me smokin' a cigarette last night. For a while it looked like there was gonna be war in the family. She's about cooled off by this time, though." "Have you been readin' that new book, 'Singed VVings'? I stayed up 'til two last night to finish it. Sure was a hot one." ' "Yes, I've got it. I'll lend it to you if you want it. " "I got me one of those kiss-proof lipsticks yesterday, and say, you know they live up to their name. " - "I'm never gonna give that prune another date, he's a perfect bore. VVhy, he sat here and discussed evolution all evening. Can you imagine that?" "Stingy! That's his middle name. Brought me a one-pound box of candy one night. " "I dropped my watch and smashed it all to smithereens. Don't know whether I can have it fixed or not. " "Are you going to May's bridge party Friday night? Don't know whether I will or not. Her parties are such awful bores. " "Doesn't Anne think she's the vamp? Oughta seen her makin' eyes at Ronny Farrington the other night l " "Heard the latest scandal?" "Well, it's too long to tell you about now. I'll tell you tonight." "Did you know Bobbie Dillsworth ran her car into some man's flivver this morning and broke her head lights and bent her fender, and Lord knows what all? Bet she don't get to drive again for a while. " "Honestl VVell, I never would have thought it! Always thought he was one of these quiet sissies. " P A "Have you got him out of jail yet?" "I told Bill to lay off this bootleg stuff, that he'd get killed yet, but he thinks this is real Scotch. I have my doubts, though. " "Gee, there's 'Mom' yellin' for me to set the table. This is the rnaid's night out. Never get any peace around this house. Gosh! don't you wish something exciting would happen?" R. K.. "Well, so long, see you later." B. H. ll Sixty-six ,, fd' ss' THE TIGER '25 ,, 3 1 --------x--- 1- 4-'- -'w""" Liu! '-'--"- 1 ----"+-"--:f------ -'---'-- -:t' - --'- 1 - H ---- 41 --'---"' .,,f--' ' 'fkf '-l-1'-.'!-----. CALENDAR-Continued Monday, 1.9-" Say, did'ja hear we beat Grafton all to smash, Saturday? " Tuesday, 20-Finals in full swing. Groans and lamentations everywhere. Friday, 23-Seniors sporting new rings. Boy, they're good-looking! Monday, 26'-Editors of Tiger receive permanent dismissal from civics. Instructor doesn't seem to have any appreciation of high literary qualities. Tuesday, 27-Everybody gettin' settled for second semester. Wednesday, 28-Mr. Riddle's statistics show that half the school Hunkcd. Nice record, yep, we're improving! Thursday, 29-Getting ready for basket ball trip. Goin' to Buckhannon and Weston, don't you know? Friday, 30-Start on trip. "Bring home the bacon, boys! " FEBRUARY ' Monday, 2-Buckhannon beat us-but we beat Weston-half-and-half. ' Tuesday, 3-Seniors order cards. Steppin' out! Wednesday, 4-Radio-program in Chapel-Broadcasted from station-S-E-W-I-N -G R-O-O-M T hursday, 5-Mr. Hornor walks his beat-hall, study-hall, and office. Friday, 6'-Comin' to the game to-morrow? Washington Irving plays. Gonna be a lot of good- lookin' fellows. Monday, .9-Everyone feeling puffed up 'cause we trimmed Washington-Irving. Tuesday, 10-Camp fire circles have council fire. Awful mysterious 'neverythingx Wednesday, I1-"Coach" Wimer orates on Wellsburg game for Saturday. 'Coach', y0u're Cicero's only rival." Thursday, I2-Flaring notices posted that students can't use inside door to ofice. The Faculty has to have some privileges. Friday, 13-Black cats, broken looking-glasses, 'neverythingf Jlflonday, 16-Hooray, we defeated Wellsburg! " 'Bugs' Bell, you're good, but 'Coach' is bet- ter." Tuesday, 17-Bill Sleeman got kicked out of Occupations. Mr. Gould oughta be a chorus girl by the way he kicks. Wednesday, 8-Miss Wiggin plays in Assembly. She sure can tickle the ivories. Thursday, 19-"Say, did you hear the latest! Beryl and Bruce are married! VVouldn't that jar you? " Q Friday, 20-lVe got beat in first game on trip to Grafton, Fairmont, and Washington. " lfVell, boys, just 'cause Grafton beat us, no sign the rest can. Brace up!" Monday, 23-Back from trip. Too bad Fairmont beat us but then we beat Washington-Irving. Tuesday, 24-Cop comes up to school looking for Miss Wilmoth. Oh, it wa.sn't so awful bad, her dog just bit a man. But you'd better watch your step, Faculty. Wednesday, 25-Team gets invited to Senior party to be given Saturday and start on diet immediately. Thursday, 26-Misses Wilt and Wilmoth go on observation trip. Their classes behaved like- angels. Ha, Ha-thought we were going to say something awful, didn't you? Friday, 27'-Game with Fairmont. "Coach" lets everyone in for 10 cents. Gym is packed. O, you bargain hunters! MARCH Monday, 2-Everybody's got tummy ache from eatin' too much at Senior party. "Who won the peanut race?" Tuesday, 3-Seniors begin to demand Senior privileges. Not much forthcoming. Wednesday, 4-English teachers start preachin' about Literary. Now is the time to rejoice that you don't have brains. Thursday, 5-Elkins draws Burnsville. Strut your stuff, boys. Friday, 6'-First day of Sectional Tournament at Philippi. Elkinsbeats Burnsville. Hurrah! Jlflonday, .9-VVell, we didn't get the championship but we got the cheering cup. Trust us to march off with something. Tuesday, 10-Who buys your shoes, Mr. Hornor? You must get 'em wholesale the way you chase the kids around. Wednesday, 11-Somebody made a speech-had a very soothing voice, everybody went to sleep. Continued an Page 69 Sixty-seven -L -jx ' ii +25 THE TIGER '25 f 4t.tsf?f25- -Q - - rgl i Let.'s see how well the prophecies made for last year's Seniors have come true: how the world is treating them and how they are treating the worldg if they have tried their wings yet or if they are still safe in the home nest. "Sis" Keplinger, "Skeeter" Marshall, Mary Margaret Dalton, "Beany " Dye, Lucille Tallman, "Bud" Vllagoner, "Titty" Yokum, lVilburta Cornwell, Gerald Daugherty, Elsie Durett, "Josie" F lorentino. Harry Douglass, Ersel Stevens, "Cam" Marstiller, Mary Vlleese, 'LPeg" lVillhide, Oscar Kendall, "Nick" Knott Miriam Miller, Margaret Raines, Ellis lVood, Inez Mae Perry, Hobart. Vlfhite. Evelyn lVilliams, Gladys Roeder, "Fritz" Hetzel, "Ted" Hloodward, "Dizzy" McIntosh, Denver Watriiig, "Fussy" Barnes, "Gasoline" Goddin, and Clarence VVorkman, are decorating the halls of D. 8 E. "Bill " Bankhead and "Cy" Kump have transferred their brilliance to V, M. I. Vlfinifred Burke, Virginia McElwee, Hilda Phares and Cinda Clark have given over their lives to making fond hubbies happy. Edna Corder and Carrie Mae Clark are rooting for Wesleyan College this year. Mary Lawson and Ed Opel have carried our orange and black to Berea College, Kentucky. Mary Morris, Evelyn Hamlin, "Gin " Thomas, Camille Trimboli, Nancy Unger, llilarguerite Hartley, Ted Moore, Gladys Pingley, Louise Scott., Helen C offman, and Catherine Brown are trying to transfer their vast knowledge tothe oflspring of the various hick towns 'round about. Lillian Currence, "RustyII" Bright, Calora Dotson,and "Shorty" Reitz are causing a commotion at Fairmont State Normal. S1'.rty-vigil! fffjgp .4 :z . XX ff! L -Lfhfl 'K THE TIGER '25 , 'A lkl- ,,..... , fuk i Monzel Tyre is employed in making the insides of cars go 'round. 'LDoc" Butt has trailed his clouds of glory to the University of Virginia. Lyle Harding is busy measuring off goods for bargain hunters at the Fair Company. Roy Messenger is sheikin' it up at the Grand Theater. Alma Hilborn, Beulah Nine, and Donna Vanscoy are keeping doting mothers company. Martha Dann is our sole representative at Fairfax Hall, Virginia. Ruth Cunningham is struttin' her onions at Goucher. "Big Sleepy" Glenn has taken his wife and departed to W. V. U.,where his athletic ability is still undimmed. Homer Knaggs is keeping the books-and kids-straight in the library of "dear old Elkins High." '- Eugenia Jones is loafing in Halloway, Ohio. , . Mary Daniels is preparing for the cruel business world at Parkersburg Business School f Harold Stell, Juanite Harris, Grace McCloud, Hazel Hoiifman, and Maud Bartlett-wherabouts unknown. "Where is my wandering boy to-night ? " ' So goes the world! One year they are united and the next scattered to the four winds that blow. Well, we wish them the best of luck and all the good things there are, but here's hoping they don't forget Elkins High. V. S. '25, CALENDAR-Continued Thursday, 12-D. Sc E. observers flood the high-school. It's a wonder seeing us doesn't make 'em give up all ideas of teaching. Friday, 13-Preliminary tryouts for Literary. Eight lucky QD kids won. Jllauday, 16'-VVe actually beat Parsons and Mill Creek. VVe're high-steppers. Tuesday, I7-All Senior girls sewing hard-things they make look like they just came from Paris. lr'Vedncsday, I S-Louise Byron, Harold Coberly, Nancy Deal, and George Rodgers win in literary finals. Thursday, 19-Team goes to Waynesburg, Pa. to tri-state tournament. Frida y, .ZUM-Little Washington beat us. And that's that. .lIrmday, 23-Begin practising for Inter-Class Tournament. Now for the real fights. Tuesday, 24-"Barney" and Bruce go to Canton, 0hio. These married men have to work. Wednesday, 25-Senior T acky Day. Harold, Bob, and Micky won't dress up 'cause they're afraid of ruining their good looks. Thursday, 26-Girl Reserves have Banquet for Hi-Y. , Friday, 27-Inter-Class Tournament. Here the " TIGER " goes to press, so guess we can't put down any more dates. But there's one more date were certain of, and that is, that some of the Seniors will graduate on june 2. ROBERT N. BROWN, '25 S1'xly-nine , l 1 3- K r 111 THE TIGER 25 ,f 'W' 1 9 .r. Q 'H 'ff' 'i M 'ifxx - -I 2 .2 , :Mk-Q-Jji f., ' H In uyulllgjr-'f Ki-Q' ...TQIyngumiumtii.Luu...:..J,Y" lliu ... ,.,.,, .,,,,... l .-4-x---1Lgg- .... ,...:..,,....,.,.., .M .1., .1 ,,,, - ,M 19, 1L,.lsg..,m U., frv- Seventj' 'FE ww ixf""ll J I . I N THE TIGER '25 3 . ,, . ,,,,.,,,.A,, ,.,............ . . ....,... ....,... . ...........,............... ,4.....A. . ..4l. ....,4,4,......., ,. . .. A4... ..,- i ,,,.. i . .1. .. .. i 1 W -- o on rr' ffff l N llllll I iillmllll Jrsrtr M EDITORS PLEA If you don't like these jokes, And their dryness makes you groan. just stroll around occasionally, lvith some good ones of your own. Pat Martin-"I loved a girl once Who made a fool out of me." Fred Barron-'S Gee, some girls make a lasting impression." PROGRESS Freshman-"I don't know." Sophomore-"I am not prepared." junior-"I do not remember." Senior-"I don't believe I can add anything to what has been said." Mary Elizabeth-" lVhat is the most dangerous part of an automobile? " Reba Cwith a look at Velmaj-"The driver." Miss Barry-"VVhat would happen if you were to break one of the Ten Commandments ? " Notley-"VVell, then there would be nine." "Are you laghing at me?" de- manded Mr. Gould of his class. "No," came the answer in chorus. "VVell," he insisted, "What else is there in the room to laugh at F " Richard Kiem-" How much did the assessor tax you on your automobile?" Homer Moore-"Nothing, YVl1en I showed him the car, he took out. his pocket book and gave me ten dollars." Helen Kendall Cbride, to the butcherl -"lVhat. sort of a roast do you think would go well with a perfectly darling blue an white dinner set?" Millard Klein-" I'm not going to school any more." Father-' ' VVhy ? " Millard-" 'Cause I'll never learn to spell. The teacher keeps changing the words every day. " Leona D.-"There goes Elizabeth Murdock to another game. She goes to all of them non: She must have some end in view." Melba-" It isn't an end-it's a half- back." Seiwlfy-wie W l A I I. 5 L THE TIGER '25 . , . .p, , . - ....y .... ......... . , I . ..... . . . . , , .......... . Bob Brown-"Is that a particular friend of yours you just spoke to?" Va. Reita-"Why, yes." Bob-"VVhy don't you ask him to join us, then? " Va-"Oh, this is so suddenf He's the new minister." During test in occupations class: One of the kids-"Well, Mr. Gould, I don't believe the answers to these questions are in the book." VVoodv Little-" I know they're not. I just looked V' Edith Hopson-"Jonas, what is your favorite hymn?" Jonas-"W'hy, jim, of course." Coach IVimer Qin Geologyj-"I would now like to take up the moon, but I don't believe I can get to it." and the class laughed. Melba VVaters Centering History class and concealing knickers by coatj. John Moore-"Hey, teacher, make Melba take her coat off." Melba-" No, I won't E " Johnny-"VVhy? What you got on ' " Melba-" Oh-nothing. " Miss Bennett-"Parlez-vous Fran- cais?" Micky McDonald-" Oui, Oui, Mad- amoiselle, Chevrolet Coupe." English IV students studying aero- plane service: Miss Streiby-"VVhen I was at Goucher I received a letter by aero- plane. I was very much surprised." Notley Bernard-"Oh, did they have aeroplanes then?" Things we might have said Clook on page 981. Sf"i'l'1llj'-lTL'U Miss Streiby asks Hyder Gilmore a question while he is trying to take notes on an essay: Hyder-"I don't know. I was tak- ing notes and I can't do two things in the same once't." A Mr. Gould-'iFrancis, please give me a definition for mud." Francis Hamlin-"It's dust all balled up. " Heard in Tiger Staff meeting- 'i' Hey, Nance, what was that other tunny thing I said ? " Laugh and the teacher laughs with you, Laugh and you laugh alone. The first when the joke's the teacher's, The other when the joke's your own. Dorothy Klein-"I am grateful to you for all I know." Mr. Hornor-"Don't mention it, it's only a trifle." , Seven ways to hear a lecture course: 1-with a ticket 2-7-VVithout a ticket. VVhat does jack mean when he says "I slide a slippery heel?" "You mustn't 'mind him, That's just his slangy way. What he means is that you wobble a vicious hoof." Peggy MacVean-"You remind me of Venus de Milo." Pat Martin-"But I have arms." Peggy-" Oh, have you ? " "Iddy" Fling-"Well, Stinnie, I saw you out driving yesterday with Kenny T. and he appeared to have only one arm. Is that all he has?" Stinnie-" Oh no, the other arm was around-somewhere. ' ' THE TIGER 25 F31 1 -:s gf l J SM , - x. I-7 yi ii A' V ..:- -I la . .n. 1, ,.4. . , 2- f-"aff" 'xi it '7 .. ..,,. .,., -. W ,miga .- ..,.., .... ,... L... -' .. ...,.,..:E:.. -Y -A'-7 A f - -f . - f 9:30+10:2O-"The Children's Hour" -Mr. Hornor's History Class. . t'Jeff" IVhetsell-"China is a very musical country." L Mr. Hornor-"IVhy I ". "Jeff"-" It's full of Sings." "Pete" Boxwcll-"Mr. Gould, you know there's just two stages in a woman's life when you can't tell any- thing about her." ' Mr. Gould-"VVhat are they?" " Pete "-" Before she is married and after she is married. " "Cap" Coffman-"Mn Hornor, did you have any trouble getting your marriage license?" Mr. Hornor-"No, not a bit." "Cap"-"I didn't think you would if you took your hat off." THE TALE OF A FLUNKER Registration Initiation Participation jollification Intoxication Procrastination Compilation Investigation Disintegration Evaporation " Goof" Wilmoth-"As soon as schoo1's out I'm going to have my head shaved." ' "Coach "-"That's one way of showing that you have a head." Heres to the faculty Long may they live Even as long as Thc lessons they give! A SHORT TRAGEDY Reckless Hugh Car New 'Whistle Blew Cried "Phoohg" Drove Through Train Flew Funeral at Two. Bob Brown-" I just love to dance. " ,Ioan Moore-"VVhy don't you learn ? " Harold C.-"I :flunked this exam. cold." Hyder G.-" I thought it was easy." Harold-"It was, but I had vaseline on my hair and my mind slipped." Miss VVilmoth was frantically run- ning around in a five and ten cent store. She seemed to be hunting for a clerk and was in a great hurry. "Can't somebody get me a mouse- trap? I have to catch a train,',' "The secret of health," says a phy- sician, "is the eating of onions." The trouble, of course, is to keep it a secret. " No, Mickey, you don't have to get a hunting license for shooting pool? Notley Bernard Cin English IVJ- "Mr. Micawber, in Dickens' 'David Copperfieldf liked to harangue his. family." " Buck " Rodgers-" That's stuff you put on pie." A LITTLE PHILOSOPHY. Any school will go to the dogs if it has too many social hounds. There are 72 other good jokes on pages 14 to 22. N. V. D. '25 Seventy-three' .l 4 -1 I 5 ': . : w .4 1 1 I . 05 , ' N xgfr-X. QKE- ll ' SK 4-1 . .. Vi 555 4 ff 1" 1, THE TIGER 1 ky-Asif, y x K - "Ti-,Q-if.: .-' - - .. " ' . U. ' 3,4-.,k :,:ggr.,LN:.. V h V' K . r ,F . 5,g.,gg,hfxy55.-z-5,17 . ,- . Q ., , . -- .: , If 1 " 'fs' ,'1':l,!,:' I ' - HGQTQ 7 ' v M " lwja1sw"A'Qg?, , YQ f1,g1" il'i . ,,wl1IQ,l!!1'Efl2f,,f . -3 j,x,, - f, f: X, -cw 1 1733 '11 , ' . ,- ,..1fMx,gQjA .' My M xgffk-N ,fwn ' -I ffl: ,,'lQ','2Y1Qi,f' ' sQN"fWg ,ijlgix-41 3 ?'?f,7f P . A " ,g p ' -f1.Xw'N4 . .gylx Q--P'-.7 A -, ,, 1 ' - . 'WW 1 1-'.-M' -Yzwlawz, - , -. , w.'S,4.. My V . ,KM 3:-Mya w 5 . ' .QMQF .Qzg l 1' - ck - ' nXW5,SX5 W S 4 I wp. 2 , F 1. ffm" ww ' - 'Ya' "U" Wu 3: - 55541 V ' UL ' " 1- 'Q' Ej'147fH-1 - -x Ifllggig '- Jus . J' .145 5. " 'ff XX 'kqxi ' 1 -V1 ' SEM: 5, l A' N ' WI- ' , R ' g -.jj .,,1fi,.,5i. X W XX- y .gi , . ' :vei:1yr.,. .2 W, '4N!m,q,N,, . , , .-QA-fi-, iff-.-. 5 t 1, j., ,j. " :,f:u,L -,. xii :XI I . . V. : ,K . ma- Hx- ,Y -' fy 1.4 3 . A . 1' '. .' A TE. "::'x5Qf1- '11 'mlm WIN. ' 'G P' 5-:Qg..,f1.,gl9 .K , '--.MW '35 Q, , ..g::gg.g'wE:ie,z'.-M - I. .fffw Hizfeifxi'--Mft f .. ,, V S we 1,9 '- "sf, v,-,misgffgiil .. 1 :.m-..,ff""x-fff-ffr Q' Q 9.7 -Yr? -15" :L -,..- -31 fy :if - IWW. - , . fl 1 - V .1--J. lA,v..u. I ff.-Q 9. hi., 1' : A 3 , ' k "-.f"X-4515" 'f:-S'. Z - - Q f..r-.f .v-- Y, DlW".A:!" ' ,I ,, -- A - ' - Q - 1-'W Xxx . fn, luis Ng ' ' , - fi 3 TQ. - 11 ' lY7'lU'Q: f . . V uyx- ,x wi-1' - .,,f7g9.,, Q' ' ., ,,..,. f, , A ., mf H f i!!ff. -fins.. 9 ff '- -, W 5.f3f755'4W 'A A 555 . ' F K l1'?ffxx wg 51,31 4-, - -- W -' -Q fffiwa I 1 - 1: f' -JL 57, A - -,,,:.y- - - 1- w '1- 1 N X - - 1 1i.4,f, Q, i Seventy-four 1- THE TIGER 25 ,mai 5 uf 'te . . 4.-N -, , . .. - N ..- . . . ,.'-'fgye ' , Si-. "3 M .. !l ' 9 . . ,.,,,.,. ., .,., , . - ' -ef ,. - l -alfa - Y . -4 - ---- - r ...-,. .Lu .,.. ...., T mu.. 1, ....- T 5- 1- x!h A4 ...Elm FOR RENT One corn cob pipe. Been used five years and still good. Apply to HYDER GILMORE. One large attic unfurnished.-Apply to "GooF " WILMOTH. One quart moonshine. Best Kelly Mountain Brand.-Apply to PAT MARTIN. One man's hat, latest style.-Apply to FRED BARRON. Paints of all shades and kinds.-Apply to HAZEL WHITE. One curling iron. Owner can testify to good results.-Apply to UIWARBH GLENN. One husband. 'Brand new and in good condition.-Apply to Mrs. "BUMP" RIFFLE. LOST One wedding ring-"BARNEv's BETTER HALF." One devilish grin.-" KENNY " TALBOTT. One quart of LCSIS.-USTINNIEH Con- ERLY. One set of false teeth.-MARY Cou.lER. Common sense. Large reward to find- er.-"SIL" BAKER. All decent chapels. Have been hunting all year and failed to iind th8IH.1WH0LE DARN SCHOOL. l Sense of humor. Return at once, as it is badly needed.-"JOHNNY" LUKENS. ' WANTED A young, new, good-looking faculty. CPositively no bald-headed ones wantedj STUDENT BODY. A little neckin'.-PEGGY MACVEAN. A rest.-TIGER Staff. A hat big enough for my head.-" DEP- PY" WOLFE. A harem: must be Ziegfield Follies' only I'iV8l.'JOHN MooRE. Toys for one-year-old baby girl.- "RxcH1E" Co1.1.ETT. Less dirt and more tips.-THE JANITOR FOUND An attack of spring fever.-MOST OF Us. A man. If owner does not apply in five days, will keep him.-CARRIE NASH. One empty pocket book, between Rec- reation Billiard Parlor and Elm Street. Owner please apply to me in person- VELMA SHREVE. A kiss. Owner please claim it at once. -"JoN.xs" POLING. A love letter addressed to Marguerite Channell.-"BUCK " RoDGERs. O Seventy-five J: 'E J 24,1 3 2- ull PM TZJJ THE TIGER 25 . w - M , -L- ,v f, ,. 4 N Q 4 1 ' .-I l ' .R wp-X Y. .... , ' -x ,1-i., ,,' 'fa-, , !..r.....F., QL' yghf-.,,.,......l.w.... L.4,m.,.w. -- ,, ""'---...,...., 1- ,.....,...1....,m X When you waht your Kodak F zmshzng CUFF 'S 220 Randolph Avenue ESTOR' The STUDIO that puts ART in Photography U lj Elkins West Virginia West Virginia Wesleyan College Buckhannon, West Virginia SC HOLARSHIP CHARACTER SERVICE A. B. Degree B. S. Degree Business Administration Summfr School School of Fine Arts Pre-Engineering Pre-Medical Conservatory ef Music Elkins Shoe Shine Parlor '1'1w,,1m-Q that in School oi' Exzwression 5 4 - 9 7 Standard Normal Pre-Law Pre-Dental ' Campus spacious and level Climate ideal lj E Emma Gu' CUTSH x1.x.,A.lXl.,B.D.,Ph.D. Pl'f3rlCli'11f Buckhanncn West Virginia Davis Avenue Elkins, W. Va. .h'f'T'l'llf-Y-.YIVX rss THE TIGER 25 'xi So Qgiiq lla' i 'Y 3 ' .7-' 8 N K, 3' x- l',,l -... 1- , Y L s- fr ff-W 4- 'T 1 -:1 .. ""' g "'-w ' ,i-JH - , - 2 ' -'iw f-l'.- f. .fw 1 ,Q ,IX-A Xa! .. .,............................. N L , V' as .t1m.. . ':?: Y f - -f ZZ-va,-,,,H...,...,.........-- Compliments of lVloore-Keppel or Company , ELLAHIORE, VV. VA. The Gullancl-Clarke Co. Wholesale Grocers flour mind feed Sunkist Fruits Ceresota Flour Carnation Milk Guaranteed Flour Cherokee Tomatoes Patriot Flour Cherokee Corn Frenclfs Spices Virginia, Rose Peas Purity Nut OLEO Blue Label Canned Goods f Cigars and Tobacco H The House of Quality" S I FI Z. .31-' 1- 1 i L 1 -P THE TIGER '25 " . .4. . ...., . ..... V. .,.... ..V,.A ,,,.,4 1 ...' .A. A ... ...A... . . . . L , 4 4,. ,,,, ,.,:, ,ii, . , , X T 0 the Class of 195 Davis and Elkins College invites your serious attention to its catalog and to other information if you are preparing to go forward from high school work into serious work in college. The facilities of this institution are standard, and successful graduates are representing it all over the state in the professions and in business. Recent gifts of property and money make the assets of this College nearly 351,000,000 NINE WEEKS SUMMER ScHooL Very Moderate Charges Address-JAMES E. ALLEN, L. L. D., Preside-nt ELKINS, NVEST VIRGINI.A. Sewnly-ezfght PHE TIGER 25 . 1 r A - i n , -. if' in ,gn 'v'.i,:.QT' U' 'R f ! -S' W l is 4 L c k , ffy,E xl L Tl ,Ill - T mr . .. 5' -6 TT.. 'sy BUICK Tygarts Valley Motor Company Elkins West Virginia DAVE SATTERFIELD'S Barber Shop " NUF SED" RECREATION BILLIARD PARLOR Come here when you want a good time JOHN L. THOMAS, Prop. Davis Ave. Give life to your old Shoes by bringing them to the MODERN SHOE SHOP CITY PRODUCE CO. Everything fresh and of the best Third Street Elkin , W. Va. RANDOLPH ENTERPRISE "The paper that tells the news" J. SLIDELL BROWN, Editor Third Street Elkins, W. Va. CITY RESTAURANT "Good Eats" Davis Ave. JONAS POLING, Prop. HINKLE'S GROCERY STORE Sells best known brands of groceries, and its green goods are Alweys Fresh Henry Ave. Elkins, W. Va. Seventy-nine L....,, FHL IIGILR 2 WNW 5 xt? it-, X 5 , .1 E 9 f" -1 r 1 r 1 '1 1 s x' il A- 1 4 - l ' 1 v-is rms. r w --' ,I 1 -v A .,.. .,.,,, uluv V I I v. fe - -u Q ' '3 X. H., ...V,.y5.--4-5 Y-L riff...-...Win J-im -. .,. ...m.L.,Q. - .. ...! .,......,..,r,., ,.... .,,..,..r,f. mm- ...,,,,, I Y K - ...........t.MS I mpormrzzflmzouneement for Hzglz Sclzool Gradznztes Special classes for High School gradu- ates. Classes conducted by experts, ln- struetors university trained. Employ- ment Department organized along voca- tional lines. Satisfactory Positions for All Graduates E UUE SUEDE We wish to thank the advertisers who came to our aid when we lacked funds, because of the refusal of the members of School in session all summer. Call. phone, or write nearest school for par- ticulars in regard to our special propo- sition. . West Virginia Business College T. B. CAIN, President Fairmont CLARKSBURG Grafton the Merchants' Association to advertise. UUMUU EEE U Fraternity, College The Elliin and Class Jewelry S Garage Commencement Annotmcements H . H SCIWZCB and Invitations Jeweler to the Senior C lass of A150 a Complete line , . . , f di Cl lull-:ins High behool O Hi IOS ,an radio equip- lTi CUT l... G. Balfour Co. Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers U Attleboro Massachusetts Third Street - SK ANY COLLECE GREEK , A ' Elkins, West Va. Eighty THE TIGER '25 .fsi RQ 5 xii i '55 R, :' VA ' L , fi xffffqf- ' Y l 'E'- ' ' ' I ..'-??:,'ii,M'14'-5' ,,.. 4 ----- X--- 1 -' H "" J 5"' """""" 'iw ""' """'4"" " ""' "" ' """' ' " "f:.,,..- H 1 "'-"' Q--1eL1w'Qw!uvI,fiQ 5,. 471 '4iQIII5I415fg:v1- ,,,,., .,......... - -- ----' ""' ' - LEATI-IERMAN'S E 6 d k School Supplies 'very 0 y now! Books cc as Magazines Novelties He sells newspapers both daily and weekly Stutioned by "Peanut VVag1on CENTRAL MEAT MARKET Jerry Marstiller D E Fresh and Cured Meats and Groceries Davis Ave. Elkins, W. Va. Davis Avenue Elkins, W. Va. NANCY V. DEAL, Mgr. RvEB.A KENNEDY, BI-JRNICE HAANILIN, Clerks Senior Girls' Book Store Dealers hz Second-hand Books Hours-8:40 A. M.-3:30 P. M. I "The Place to Loaf" Eiglzty-one Q , , . K gp., ' 9 .x ' - 3 6 - fz1fw ' -ww X, S ,...- ., U.. N 29, I 'illf ' Q . NS THE TIGER 25 ,I r V Q ii',:YQ,,,,,I,MS , kgqa qfisii . Q .tm . - .f L. V ' I - gg-ix 'ff- il i . iQQ if fQ ' "' l !i: a ni 1 ' 1 RED ' GR' v 5531 AV RY nine sEpHaNEH nv me mI m iNAQ?1R5 Xf,VE mega Ncus ARUN ' Ass rs n A A v Asswalr A 3.11 EFtum0ScoPe EU, ,mms MEN gas beef movvw . ER N AP si ws W , X' M f ELs,9,N my ' 5 7 'f L1 N9 f" nfl' if ' NYY THE TIGER '25 1.5 g , ,,,,,., ,...A ... .K..... .......,...., ..,.., . , .. ..4.. .,.. , 1... .. . . . . ,.4,. .... as-1-.-qg:'3'Q.'Q.ff "'u' 'x In Owr Defense Perhaps you will criticize this annual and think it is not all that it ought to be. We admit it is not all that we would like to have had it, but under the circiunstances it was the best that we could do. In the first place we did not have sufficient backing, and in the second place we were lacking in finances, and were forced to economize drastically. Our faculty advisors and staff have done their best, of course, but we were all handicapped. A Each part of it, however poor, has required innnite toil and labor. An annual isn't the production of a few minutes work. However small, it is an immense under- faking. So think of the good intentions behind it., and not of the mistakes you find in it. Please don't criticize it too severely and say a good word for it whenever you can.. THE EDITORS Eighty-three l 'FX THE TIGER 25 r g?-'-lb lx 105, 5. I -eb An Annual is a work of Arte' the perfection of Book Making l K? OR over onefquarter of a cen- SQ2, tury, the creation of better An' nuals has been our aim. "gg" We will help your staff or' ganize its work, help you plan your book, advise with your editorial and business departments, deliver you a beautifully printed and bound book, and insure your school a successful and satisfactory Annual, of which you can well be proud. Tvventyflive years of service to An' nual staffs gives us a broad experience which will be of immense value to you. THE COLLEGE PRINTING CO. Incorporated Louisville, Kentucky Eighty-four MW for?--N lx 2 WS wx m mmf ww ----Q QX 4 'fl Nf I N f K4 aw N1 I SSM ig. wx IX A Y f Q . I I A NQ' :aww X N X QQ 6' w Qw Wm W if 'A 1 2 Sl .FQ Q 1" W S 1 - 4 .f IWW ' " f . x"' 4 BUSH-KREBS Co . NCQNpQRAT5D 408 XV.Main Louisville, Ky. S'pec1alizirx8 in Hxcc desigrxinl erxqrmhng and production of diglirxcfixfe onrxuo1s ,fi ' Wa 5 . 4 W egg? ll ' ' N-ea +w'w. .y as :M fr. QS AQ? b Wlfqffllkaflwllg L: K, .4..+.H "M ' X ,Q wi gs xv fz-SW? 03? N51-1 9394 Q 22 : ' Q 7 f 1' W2 ggi ' I ' lun' K -' Wi 5"u w' 'QF' JIM I N - - Q xx M f :QW , Q W Wg '7 W W2 kg as Jie, THE TIGER '25 , ,flQ,LQL,. , . a 4 prlrl . . .,.. , p Eighty-six F avewell Now if you've read our "Tiger" through And seen it all, not missed a bit, VVe hope you've done it, as a friend, Liked the pictures, loved the wit. You don't care if we put in jokes, And things you thought that no one knew They helped to give it spice and pep, You're really glad we did, aren't you? It's time to leave our high school home, CAnd after all school days aren't badj, Let's give a "Rah" for old time's sake And all the good times that we've had! .N ....u.'... V... 1 e-- ... V.-..'.- vi., Qi THE TIGER 2 ,gi M1 :M CWC!" .5 . . .X . x 1 9 , 5 ,fag J- -:WIN 1 QX f 1 . ' N. pw fu :T- ...... . ,hp X , -. --N .f ff w - .- ' .....,.m-4 - -- - QM, . "X2Ei""' FAQ Eighty-seven un:-.za un u:.n - 71:1-:gnu 1: r.1.L.-.1-n.-uw ,-.g.-H - nu....4-c , .azz xx ..- 'qm -me -'wh ,LT - W: '+'-- QM- - 4 11- ' ... " ' Q-2 . 1 'f1.'.,,.-5 ' - . -' - ,1 , f ' ?f ' , '-L. F" . -'Q ..4.i"'.Tf '-1Vv11:E1 A1 ' 1 L T ,.g "J C ,Y I T 3 - ,....-' - L. ,L - F qi F 'TJ 3.1 Lg my -,. 2 LJ: . -IH .1 V- 1.1 A-.Q .,q Nfl .1 .1 .- ,F ,glg , .. .+,', ,f-.ur N ' - '-l'l.'-' . fl. . .. NIJ" 1' V: lpn. . . . . 'H-I JSF' lui- ' . -,fx - I. ,- I.1""-- "i 4.1.3 1.44:-.mt , . an I ,.. M is . 1 '4-A ' - "' K A - I-Q-. 'H' -4. -215, fu--.N ,cn -.. :1 I--L K?-, n I 6 "f-.'-, -.---- , - 4 - 1-,-:,,, ,,, .tw ., 4. A -. sr. f--1 . 14.874 ' ,"-,V-1 .JJ -f ,,, ,., '4' -' Wa- A , 5" ,Q ' , -L :'G.qI..1. T Q.: rni.-:Till Q., .5 :1 . - TY, - J '.h. - x xt If. -5 :-V '1-'fn A.,H- -A bail. ,T-r M.. , -. but '-512g f" R -?h:5"3"?A' '? -V -- 5-6-laE'.4'T7t, L :NJ-Y J Akin ' ri. ,1,:tft-'Pl:lE'P QDPQQE..-, -A -E J ,. r -.-15' F-ai -3 ' T" 2 . lf v E-.1 -'Q 1, , ,- 1 1' Isis: 1' 'A -is-" -- 1 .- - . - qt. V A, I 4l5""- . g -. .3-.: .- 4- - .4 - 15' H :NFEILF xlsvj' -1 . ,,r it . j. '4-5"'L,-n""g..f 1 'P r .,,-,,-14- .- ,,. ,I 5 " " q:"JY'A" ' ,.n, . .-? w 51 ' 'H' ,W 'fp -0 .. H1-Ev--s-" s' ' ' ,.-- , 1 Y, uf - Q 'a LM ' 'fn .f 5 . " x ""4'q. 1 'i"J!:5 -Fr "q-'W I r-A 5' .I gur u.. I ':-I5 - 1 ' , ' ,.' I.-, FLY' ggy I. II N - V':"::l-r'a -'- ' V V .V1f5.5'-'C1-vs'-':- V. ' -"w.9.- . , , ""-ii:-I f,IIIl591Q,. 5:35-if . - :EIR ' 'das-1 'Qs-'. fl -5' ,,..gjE .451- K' 6' '5P-- -1.-.1 -. -,li-E.fL,.'.j-. H7-145'- f IVVV .Vv-- -, Vq'-'T-V1 II. V.:-I.-.L,g V- . , ,pam-f,. . .I I ' ' -V -,-: , va- -V-1-7 --, ---Z.-VV 1-??-'M '- .V -1.1 'I' I . ,C -1Eg'HiftV- '---LV -1 4'-4. 'J' V , I--'f . . - . 7. 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Suggestions in the Elkins High School - Tiger Yearbook (Elkins, WV) collection:

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