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EL K ' Elkin High School I Elkin, N.C. Volume 32 Elk Society l oo Elk Educators Q W 'I W E Elk P3l'tlClP3tl0n Accompllshments Elk Teams Patrons Md? Ji' fi: if-22. 26?-' Mn 1 ,x ,- N . , ,, w - - , L . . . . 7 L, A - h 3 V V . l Ml by , I ,,,r:Z:.SSX V if 1 If V ' V 'V '. ,.,. . ,ffffviz-Q ,H - -1, "'- A ,A ,..fA, ,f-:j-a5,-l r- J h--' fl - - ,,,,,..mfw , xii, . - I ff Z gwww ,.., A -I i f ' "J l , W " K ' Y fir, c M cll L 1, Q .. , H - Dedicated to Mr. Lester Ward The Elk seniors of 1978 are proud to dedicate the yearbook to Mr. Lester Ward. His unique sense of humor and help with our various projects have meant a great fri deal. Whether he is in 'ti it front of the class, working with the wrestling team, fi E ag performing a lab experiment, or running ' with the track team, he A has proven himself a friend whose intelligence we appreciate and whose character we respect. W Q Z2 z X Dedication m 9' ' , W,. 1 L . ff X j ,i 2 , A, If iz pg. , ,s -3 5 TifgQiLl5:'l9'E 5 T f V X, STE 5' m LL'- kmm, , V :ul , X - ::'g 'Jfi , . -'Tig-341: .V " Q Z 4. - R 5 'w-S5.1- ssl' 1, ' ,115 A : , ff V A' ?iQ55iwI " Q V ' I T' J MS? ,fn W fav: ' l s' 152, xii' ,, , A , - :git Wi ,31.fn:f,W4zi iv,-'W If ? is gg. .Af f ' A S , m 1-M , ' ,-1423-W., 3' I if 4 fi ff f 2225 3 f " , . . iw: 1 f- ng' wg, ..h, 'ig -gum? I-. - ' . ,. , H " 4' ' , -' - Q ,ff N m 'rs -' J,,. ii KNDQ 5 ff - - A - - , . f A 4 -.g '5 1 W 'Y 142'-JQSN A- fi v i: .. . - , 'fha' K -A "' . x "Y pg 1, .fi lb L Q -,' ' .. S+ n ' 1 W N' -.... ' H t - fx X A K E " - Rf --f f J , 3 V' A . , ' L - ,- Eiggqglg.-qs: ' fa S-.e- 52. " ff "f1if',x QQ:-:1.:1:2+:X Q:-:f:'1.LL.--vzfzfzf 'K it . 6 Y K . .. .. I :Q-i 5: ,K ,,-5, N ' ,, - H TV V V , V - . X . B 'wi A3 a V 1 s - A y X .. -Q x - + I ll' Qi w A ,,1,, V37 5 ,,,, :Qv . EF I LQ- ' V' I 4 ,,'- A "':f fs .f,, , 1 'L' LT haf ? r fm, 'jig f X Vh" ' a xiii ,V I A it E' fx I w vt A:,g ' ' ' x' '." t n V' 5,215 x A 5Lz,iav G iga' A' 5 .A A -, W,,,. i " f ,X Q r W fb T E' dvd ,,. ALJ V n 4 X School Life 2? Kea ...M-f"""". is.,-P N,-f-f"""Mgw. ,,.-x 5 fr 5 "You sheltered me from harm, kept me warm. You gave my life to me, set me free. The finest years I ever knew Were all the years I had with you.' , School Life I 5 SFF "Scattered pictures light the smiles we left behind. Smiles we gave to one another for the way we were S0 itis the laughter we will remember, Whenever we remember the way we were." M vwf,z1f -1 - .. 1, N . 5 1 in 'V ,..,' 'V 2 fl A pEQfff:z,4 X , .wrv Je '., 1? -' fAf ffv-'V a ,, ,gg Lf"Qg'iif3 "1 mg W -f A2 12 41 ,, .wwfi L m 1 'W . ' wg J," ini--"un .fqff 4 W 1 1+ -wx A -' V ,, ': 4' maya. 3' " 5 3 qi, ,iw x Q. nf 1 42 4.9 5 J L 321- z 'f 53,2-4. If . .ff 'QSC' f I . 1-?,"4 5-nj' Ein i Q 1 1' I I U L 3 E X g' f i O 8 I School Life rm "Reflections of the way life used to be. Looking through the window of lost time. Looking over my yesterdays, I never lived in vain." . School Life X 9 X IO! -53.964 "I can remember like it was yesterday. Like children playing childrenis games, We joked and laughed at every passing day. Pm so much older, things have changed. I hear the laughter echoing through my brain. I hear the laughter, then Pm alone again " .4""!f:'Y School Lil' my H' 4 iw "' 'N Q 1 f 1 '?f sk I F 3 gi 'wav gif iq gf f 15 O W Q F ! 1 V at' -1 K LW ,ff ,iq , W qx X: ,G I A '. 3' 4 ' ' A W .i:f 'l 1. l, L' , JM MQW Y lf 40 'X' f if School Life! ll JJ-fi :PB t'Those were such happy times and not so long ago - how I wondered where they'd gone. All my best memories come back clearly to me They can even make me cry just like before, It's yesterday once more? 12 X School Life "'U'b Mis Q K xp W X Wifi' A --an , -4 JM. 4, I 4 gf vi ie, 'vim' , 7 M, K ggllgfii . I ' 5155 A wa i -,. 5, v - Q ' , ei 'fm ggi' ,RJ hu ww?-M, W-A 1 ' f Aw Q Y ,',w,w4 -- .U s f! v X A' 5 :L , Q Wf f ? L f 5 " ' fL ' Elk Educators 131 Gladys Clanton Secretary Jeffrey Seaford Principal 25' ,. 1. -Tm G Ralph Beshears Assistant Principal I8 X Administration Frances Simpson Clerical Aide ' 1 Mary Reaves Clerical - Financial Aide l"' ""' 1 x Administration Secures Grant The School Board: Chairman. Dr. Eldon Parks: Mrs. Elizabeth Callaway: Mr. Fred Nor- John Anderson man: Mr. Keith Combs: Mr. Jack Sloop. K . l l l Assistant Superintendent A 215403.38600 grant for remodeling and improvements to EHS was the highlight of the year for the school board and administration. The successful project application to the federal government represented a great deal of work and will result in a new look for the school. The administration. along with the faculty. have enriched the minds and the lives of the high school students with offering a better education and a comfortable atmosphere in which to learn. David Thrift Superintendent Administration f I9 The help to prepare . . . Lester Ward Linda Shelton Bud Hall Julia Holthouser Science Science Science Social Studies VM , . 3224 5' T52 , Q L t we Q , , f vi, , .. 0 i , Q L ,l ,-.. YK 1 4 .foe N ' ht... .wuunqun--Q, -V e:-, A 1' G Na". Q , ,.. ,, g ,. I , ,T i Q Q A -,ig Katherine Moran Suzanne Nance Jewell Brown Barbara Storms Study Hall Reading Lab Learning Lab Library 20 X Faculty as 4 ,,,, S il 'Je' ..,, 4" ' C in' Q Q.' U of' ,Z,.,f iw, e ' 'f' W E, Franklin Cecil Social Studies -ilu 'f 'f-- 11. ' '-.T J ' W, . I f ,,f,, W .5fff"wF,f: ir' 'f K vw' ' l gli 5 X 1 :gg ,'li -1 'Eff KN ,. V ,H , - x , ,L . V ly I, V, :iff ' A.f...,f -.5 ,,.44--M VW ,ir Vkyk WMM Brent Steelman Linda Steelman Larry Kallam Social Studies French and English Spanish V iii 1 1, ?j 1' if ,ri 'ff' . m f W .,. I -4 ilil enne 1 gift, , 1-4- 5 A . f,. Q - if Betty Tesh Carolyn Baker Judy Transou Lake Haynes 1 vl' h Enflish English Guidance Counselor Em, is 3, For the future . . . Hilda McDonald Judy Snyder Rick Hagwood Mathematics Mathematics Business Education 3975! F51 5235 Brenda Couch Business!Office Education H-asv' fw- -al 1 S ' Jane Anthony Dale Aldridge Dallas Nance Home Economics Shop!Drafting D.E. 22 X Faculty c cttyi a i ,,cc M, it as cccil Sam Tesh l.C.T. John Charles Mike Rogers Drivers' Education Band!Chorus Director HealthfP.E. Phyllis Wagoner Larry McCann Health!P.E. YE?" 'x fl A Fred Chatham Ruth Martin Emiko Goodman Deborah Finney 'I Oli. Student TeaeherfHistory Student TcacherfP. E. Ai Faculty X 23 Elk Society , o 78 Seniors The Class of '78 will take with it some great years here. We will leave with one thought in memories of Elkin High School. As we go out mind - Elkin High School is the best school into the world next year, we know we will be anywhere. prepared. Our magazine sales, prom, and the se- Billy Merlo nior play have been the highlights of our five Luther Houser, Treasurerg Dawn Temple, Secretaryg Franklin Amburn, Vice-presidentg Billy Merlo, President. Franklin Hayes Amburn Janet Carol Bogus David Denning Boren 26 X Seniors Cindy Ann Branon Jeffery Lee Brendle Barbara Ralphine Carter N ,....., Nancy Gail Casstevens Lisa Dawn Cockerham Theresa Lynn Cockerham Thomas Ray Comer Richard Donnie Darnell Terry Dale Darnell 28 l Seniors Bobby James Dimmette Billy Ray Durham Donna Lynn Edwards Amy Greene Eidson James Pinkney Eldridge Henrietta Carol Everidge Larry Dean Gentry Olivia Anne Gentry Teresa Nadine Gilreath James Scott Glover Barbara Diane Golden Alice Page Gwyn Sherry Diane Hanes kg John Mark Harris Phillip Ray Harris Jeffery Clyde Hayes si xl, CIX Q9 Sen Robin Suzanne Hayes Lisa Jill Haynes , Luther Edward Houser 'xx Ronnie Lewis Houser Joe Edwin Ipock William Allen Johnson i U i,A.,g,W..Mw""" - f-v Stacey Ann Jones DeAnna Leigh Kanak Tammie Teresa Key Thomas Allen Key Michael John Landry aa ,ff ",, , Grace Elaine Lassiter William Gregory Lay '78 Mascots Carrie Nixon and Michael Ball X Cynthia Carol Layell Kenneth Allen Ledbetter Karen Jean Lyles Seniors X 31 32 X Sen Creston Monroe Mason, Jr Kendall Tucker McCann Christopher Darren McKinley Tammy Renee Mendenhall William Henry Merlo Willena Kim Miles Cynthia Marie Muncus Boyce Andrew Myers Fred Louis Neaves Charles Ronald Pack W ma 'ii QE? if? 1 ' .si Sherri Lynn Pardue Gina Renee Pennell Melody Denise Propst - leo ,11' Mary Kim Ratledge Van Gray Royall Avery Charles Settle Seniors X 33 34 X Seniors Terry Dickson Settle Keith Olinger Simpson Danny Ray Slawter 'N-. EX Q it Sandra Denise Sloop Cynthia Anne Smith Alan Randolph Steele Marilyn Marie Steele Paul Michael Stokes Teresa Lynn Swaim Andrea Dawn Temple Roberta DiAnne Trivette x Barbara Lynn Tulbert June Ellen Walters Deana Lynn Weatherman Lisa Dawn White Rick Hagwood, class coordinator E- .zz .. ,, W-- V, is Class Sponsors: Julia Holthouser, Barbara Storms, Lester Ward, Larry Kallam Randy Timothy Wiles Seniors X 35 78 Juniors This year the Junior Class was involved in many activities. After much hard work, we were delighted when our Homecoming Float, -IUUS-.1 IAV 30 ' ,,f 5 . 1 , 1 M Af 5, le Q' 3 4- ,. JL W 4-Q, , Q -1, y if 1+ ,W ie Y xi' in ., my ,t ssli p "' t V' J, .w.,.L'g' 1 Q" P t. I , P, ir hr N ig V in 35,1 1 1 I .J , n the ' K ' ,ff . E' H is 6 mr X 5 J 3 ' t e "Pinocchio Nose the Elks are Great,', came in first place. We topped the last magazine sales record at SS12,l 17.95. Getting our class rings was exciting, but the highlight of the year was the prom, S'You Light Up My Life," on May 6th. Rod Darnell Rod Darnell, president, Frankie Young, vice president, Ellen Lethcoe, secretary, Jane Calloway, Treasurer. ...,c41,.4.,., -:ag .ul -W.L Vicki Adams Gambill Aldridge Cynthia Allen James Anderson Libby Anderson Jeff Ball Mike Bovender 36 I Juniors .41 -.J 'rf -A - 5 K K , ,f ff. , ,sf 1 '- 11. t f ,V , ,.... ii. 5 ik. ,. ,E W, ,IW fs ,,.k . -. s -J e ' ffl J A Tim Brown David Byrd Jane Calloway Frances Campbell Louise Campbell Renee Campbell J Tonia Caudle Jimmy Chappell Ann Charles Jay Cockerham Sherry Coe Bob Copeland John Comer Gretchen Couch Nancy Crouse 35, Q NW Xf Sandra Crowell Stanley Crump Kim Darnell R05 Darnell X Stan Darnell J unio rs!37 4,5 km! 5: xy A ,,,,,, , f , gg? I 'X r , ,"' H--f' F im x E. Rocky Duncan Tony Duncan Jeff Eidson Laura Eldridge Becky Everidge Lisa Foster Nancy Fulp Tommy Gambill Butchie Grayson Lorri Gwyn Eddie Harris Mary Harris Connie Haynes Charles Hinshaw Debbie Hinson f 2 ,QE iri J 5 J J 'N if fb Anita Holcomb Patricia Holloway Jim Hughes Amanda Hume Johnny Hunter 38 ! Juniors i ss S S l 2-ws 'fv E X 3.5" 'I Keith Hurt me " Sherry Hurt Juniors take lst place Tom James Sally Johnson Sherry Johnson Gordon Jones Kathy Landry Ellen Lethcoe Susan Long Curtis Macemore Dennis Money Pam Myers Juniors l 39 w ef ,i xi ixirifls, 'XV MEM '3 'L "" . H vEi'P:fQ11'Px. iii? -1 , , .. - , 'L a S - 'f ll if a Sally Myers Greg Newman KX Wifif f i , . 'QJRCJ H a f, V ' f, "2 'Q' S as +144 -w?'5i'+f- f Q 1, f' .5 '-2+'f1Q .Q as 1 JH regime P 'W I-1 Top Six Salesmen: Ellen Lethcoe, Jeff Eidson, Rod Darnell, Renee Campbell, Gary Wmebarger, Shawnee Sloop. Charles Propst Daryl Rumple Andy Smith Joe Saylor Jody Simpson ,arf S Melinda Sloop Shawnee Sloop Lynn Smith Dave Smith Shane Sparks 40 I Juniors Jay Sprinkle Karen Stanley Mark Steele Lynn Sullivan Sam Swift Tammy Tesh Bobby Trivette Bobby Tysinger Stephen Vestal Roberta Walker 'V ,, off' Chris Watson Mark Weatherman Jody Whitaker Garry Winebarger .lill Yarboro Frankie Young Juniors X 41 Tammy Adams Steve Anderson Rod Atwood Reece Bates Jimmy Billings ,,,,,,. .,., , . . My 5.1.1, V, . .Vg if 6 lv N ' V "'i.,f l I V .V ' Z. 42 X Sophomores qw-' Beth Bryant Greg Campbell Donald Cain Beverly Carter Derek Carter g'VV, "li 2,ff ,gi , . .-rn? - ' Y ' 'V4 tw tw 4 , 1 lf Robin Brendle Jana Brown Robert Bogus Jeff Bruce Ronald Burchette '7 8 Sophomores Since we first came to Elkin High School, the Sophomore Class has been very satisfied with its role in school life. Our class is well represented in school activities. We show our support by our large participation in clubs, cheerleading, and bandg two first-place Homecoming floats, and our large representation in all fields of athletics. Without a doubt, I believe, our class will have two more very successful years at Elkin High School. Tom Harvey Tom Harvey, Presidentg Mark Transou, Vice President, Kevin Kimrey, Treasurer, Melonie Rust, Secretary. . Ja. 'X . -if ." '51, Lanny Dezern Angela Dobson Robert Dudley ,gg Al Evans Judy Forseutt air' 'by'-ww' ye ,Mm . , Marty Gamhill Teresa Gilmore Gordon Hall Jeff Hall Jeff Hanks R 1 eff, Q lll1ll Q lljll it lHll -iv' w ww ww Y' Limf....fnnAl Q lt flat, ,, fi H 'Q' A. Abbye Chappell Lillie Mae Choate Jeff Clanton Dennis Colbert Carolyn Couch R 't -f ytellttll ea 35-Q ,iiz 1 C ,SE JU VIW. g 3 If Ei K , , ,,,, : aff if , ,:v.:. I ' 'e'l ' M r't' tl , Gwyn Couch A Regina Crouse if Pam Culberson f' Abbye Darnell e W , r " . X Scotty Darnell 1 gs, '- J 4 5' 'WN I Qu, 3-,M 'hs S, 'VSV Robert Harris Mary Hiers Tom Harvey Kenneth Howard Sammy Hayes Dana Hinshaw Billy Haynes Ann Hunter Lori Haynes Robin Hurt Sophomores f 43 fig? K 5,01 If ' , A f, L, tg, W i . f fum, f -X V ,- QI 4 JJ-Z on-. -tw 45' . MS' ,.. I, T ' tm ' l 5. 't"'f":1 Hr if fag? if ,, J-W.. af f . .rw-,, iv' , .xg . , . . I X is X a N,. I 4 K A Becky Johnson David Landry Tim .Iohnson Valerie Layell Kevin Kimrey Kim Little 44 X Sophomores fx. Renee Lomax Tanya Lomax Bobby Long Laura Lukasik Denise Lyon Mike Marion Jeff Mash K-eyna Mathis Timmy Minton Charlie Moore nv' W .. ,EA sf f 'Q K ks r K LX we fklee ef rttt g April Myers Debbie Nichols Jeff Nixon Missy Nixon Foley Norman Lark Park Michelle Poindexter Teresa Poplin Melonie Rust Teresa Scales , , , esfifjvi N it Qi KX if . 'Qc id-f I EN ik? 4 X TN l i 2 X f x,? I Sri wx T " Debbie Shaw Bryan Smith Tennzl Smith Jeff Snow Sheliu Sparks r .,,,, 1? I T Rebecca Thompson Mark Transou Dalephine Van Eaton Dwayne Wagoner Kerry Wagoner -, A I: - 11. .i i , . - ka ' x. - , t i ii i X xx A t ex 'le fx- N- ,Q . W km- ,. Y T ' 'EY Ab..- Mike Wagoner Lane Weutherman Steve Wilson Danny Winebarger Scott Winebarger ,J 'h..lx.. X. Nail 1- T A I iii . ,.:' to iT S A. 4' Q of-if eei in Pam Spear A '1 Kim Spencer ' l 1-' Ad Susan Taylor f - 'ii Iii , ,--, X'-A ' I . , Q Becky Tetrick , .. 5- V Todd Tharington J A f 'S jx V , Patricia Woodruff Scott Woodruff Mike Walker Sophomores X 45 As freshmen, this year seems quite different from the eighth grade year. I think the Freshman Class has shown a lot of spirit and has given a 8 great deal of support to Elkin Patricia Allen Keith Alexander Billy Amburn Belinda Barker Evelyn Barker Lisa Blackwell Roberta Blanton Robert Boren Sharon Bovender Shirley Campbell Mark Cockerham Dee Coley William Collins Todd Craig David Creech David Dew David Dickson Ellen Dimmette Darren Dobson Lisa Duncan Cindy Edwards 46! Freshmen High. I believe that, in the future, our class is capable of being one that our school and community will be proud of. Perry Teague , V,-9 Perry Teague, Presidentg Terry Osier, Vice Presidentg Jill Harris, Secretaryg Martha Sloop, Treasurer. Mix lt K! 9 'N I ia Q--1: 5 s- s' i M L f T ai y 11,5 X If W it l 3. ' .- f -V7 ft- - K nr- of X V 5 ""' 'N ,a 4. 'fx 3 l 1 A at .,, ,, Steve Edwards Jeff Eldridge Sarah Everitt Charles Felts Todd Garner Sandy Gentry Beth Gilliam Denise Gilliam Kevin Groce Jill Harris A1 f is f we A sseei 'f ' My R i si 'J fy etll '-,,. -. K ,f-,. if Qt :fue 5 'EA -Q w 5 4 . , N , .5 t its if. M -A ,, K, . . gf, -- . . :o,,,,:s QE is 'S x X Xhllnnuf 2 ' 'N 1 Ginger Hayes Scotty Hayes Lynn Haynes Michael Hester John Hiers Cheryl Holbrook Richard Horton Mark Howell Tonia Jennings Greg Johnson Tony Johnson Ralph King Steve Lay Kelly Leonard Julia Lethcoe Vicki Lewis Dale Long Michael Lyons Jerry Mabe Jimmy Marsh Jamie Massey Marion McDonald Rebecca McGlamery Bill Mendenhall Lisa Miller Scott Miller Timmy Minton Debbie Money Ronnie Money Alan Moxley Freshmen X 47 Genna Shirley Tammy Shore Donna Shumate Melissa Simmons Mark Slawter Martha Sloop Karen Smith Pam Smith Warney Smith Scoot Snow Todd Southard Robin Stanley Todd Stimpson Robin St. John Jennifer Taylor Jimmy Taylor Keith Taylor Renee Taylor Perry Teague Sherri Tester Lore Tetrick Amalie Walker Brian Williams Kevin Wilson Sherry Wilmoth Deda Winebarger Becky Van Eaton Dwayne Van Eaton Not Pictured: Melanie Durham 48 X Freshmen 5 Chris Newman Terry Osier Tina Pardue Sherri Pritchard Mitzi Richardson Mark Reese Scott Reynolds Michele Rust Lucinda Salley Tommy Settle X I AJ it This has been a good year, that we can do, but there are because as eighth graders, it still things we can not do. has given us a good start in Perhaps next year we can do high school We have found some of them 5 4 I , , that there are a lot of things Rex Walker 8 Grade ' il an ' Terry Adams . ir I , it l 1, 'vb Will Gwyn, Treasurerg Rex Walker, Presidentg Beth Vestal, Vice Presidentg Nancy Lukasik, Secretary. " ESQ: ff. x1r,igfgg:q5. 1 .. '- lim.: 7 5, M ,y,,.,. Q, 4 A Q, riff flfi-:f f x 1 5 ,gag 'RS 1 f f. -:gf-exfv, wa ctt ' r tt ta s x if it Xu . lf s f l f' XJ tr i I X ix l X 1 'i's il M. fx X D is Mg 5. Jeff Alexander Gary Anderson John Barnes Bonnie Bauguess Paula Bauguess Sarah Bickley Mark Billings Leslie Brown Robin Burchette Kevin Carter Melinda Cline Tammy Cockerham Cicely Coley Jimmy Collins Martha Collins Billy Cosby David Culler Dennis Darnell Aaron Dobson Mark Dobson Eighth Grade X 49 Tico Donayre Angela Dowell Brenda Duncan Kim Durham Angie Edwards Robin Edwards Mahalia Everidge Mike Franklin Danny Freeman Debbie Foreman Holli Gilreath Liz Gower Laura Green Keith Groce Will Gwyn Wanda Hawks Sherry Hanes Kim Hensley Amy Holbrook Gina Holder Ann James Doug Jernigan David Johnson Denise Key Deneane Kidd Elisha King Kenneth Luffman Sonia Luffman Sharon Luffman Nancy Lukasik Charles Mabe Tina Mahan Lisa Martin Paula Martin Keevin Mathis Lori McCoin Kevin McDaniel Drake Miles Connie Moore Richard Morrison Jeff Mounce Sheila Newman 50 X Eighth Grade 1 ,,,,,. :W 5 W . 1 VJ' ' if-iw ' I1 f , 2513? i 1 if rg! F E . l ff ,,,,, ,. ,li I", XV! i txilxitllxx xi X 2 i 6' 1 -,Q-ff Q, ti f 2 4+ A A MW milzi W? t wtf? 'au , fa X i ethT'Vhicker ft 't-. it s Ricky Wilson Ginger Wyatt Pat Nichols Jamie Nicholson John Pardue Brit Phillips Donna Pritchard Mike Rumple Roberta Shaw Mark Simmons James Simpson Tiger Sloop Roger Smith Steve Snow Chris Southard Robin Spencer Tammy Stanley Tony Stanley Barney Sullivan Shawda Taylor Tracy Temple Chris Tharington Terry Tilly John Tucker Ronnie Turner Beth legal Mitch Vestal Rex Walker Gina Walters Eighth Grade I 51 J ! I I i 4 . 3 , 3 . f " A V H ,wa-7 "W , I 2m ' 1 I I , r Elk Participation :'s,,Scho0l Band E .,,,.,,,,, .E E Li With the coming of Director Michael Rogers, the band program at Elkin High took a new turn. Mr. Rogers introduced new ideas and techniques that were quite beneficial to the program. The results of the program's combined efforts were a proven success after the Band dominated the divisional competition at the Central Carolina Marching Spectacular, held at Concord, North Carolina. The high point of the year came when the band was accepted as a participant in the National Cherry Blossom Festival at Washington D.C. Under the direction of Mr. Rogers, the Band was able to continue itls great reputation of providing fine performances. The Band Members are: Jeff Ball, Jeff Bruce, Bonnie Baugus, Robin Burchette, Jane Calloway, Frances Campbell, Greg Campbell, Louise Campbell, Shirley Campbell, Billy Cosby, Carolyn Couch, Gretchen Couch, Gwyn Couch, Todd Craig, Donnie Darnell, Terry Darnell, Scotty Darnell, David Dickson, Tico Donayre, Angie Ed- wards, Cindy Edwards, Amy Eidson, Nancy Fulp, Holli Gilreath, Terri Gilreath, Laura Green, Kevin Groce, Alice Gwyn, Mark Harris, Robert Harris, Ginger Hayes, Michael Hester, Mark Howell, Tonya Jennings, Gordon Jones, De- - -. as f , ng. nam neanne Kidd, Greg Lay, Steve Lay, Cynthia Layell, Val- erie Layell, Ellen Lethcoe, Julia Lethcoe, Marion McDonald, Bill Mendenhall, Charlie Moore, Connie Moore, Chris Newman, Foley Norman, Terry Osier, Lark Park, Melonie Rust, Michelle Rust, Mark Simmons, Melissa Simmons, Keith Simpson, Dave Smith, Pam Spear, Susan Taylor, Sherri Tester, Chris Tharington, Ronnie Turner, Rex Walker, Gary Winebarger, Ginger Wyatt. Z' W1 l.. "Nun, x .vi V-4 ,ls I Members ofthe band council, First Row: Melonie Rust, Greg Lay, President. Donnie Darnell, Frances Campbell. Greg Campbell. Ellen Lethcoe. Carolyn Couch. Second Row: Terri Gilreath, Cynthia Layell. Vice President, Louise Campbell, Holli Gilreath, Steve Lay, April Myers, Valerie Layell, Susan Taylor, Anita Holcomb. Terri Gilreath. Drum Major. Mr. Rogers, Terri Gilreath and Melonie Rust dis- cuss plans for the band. Stage band members are. First Row: Chris Tharington, Ronnie Turner. M is f- g ' .1 A ' t,gl's Francis Campbell. Second Row: Scottie Darnell. Cynthia Layell. Fllen . lf . ,iiisi , T Y Lethcoe. Ginger Hayes. Third Row: Terry Osier. Kevin Groce. Fourth Thx b' d Q lx 4 h M -I x Y Row: Mark Howell. Gordon Jones. Robert Dudley. Charlie Moore. L fm Wems many Ulm P"'U'Un5' Dave Smith. Fifth Row: Dee Coley. Bill Mendenhall. Greg Campbell. Donnie Darnell. Not pictured: Robert Harris. Nancy Fulp. Band X 55 Majorettes are Lynn Tulbert April Myers, Lynn Smith. Color Guard members are, First Row: Nancy Lucasik. Regina Crouse, Teena Smith, Laura Lucasik, Michelle Poindexter. Second Row: Martha Sloop. Janet Bogus. Pam Culberson, Renee Campbell, Susan ng, Sally John Gail Casste- vens, linda Sloop, Genn Shirley, Kim Little, Cindy Branon, Anita Holcomb, Rene Taylor. Mixed Chorus mem- bers are, First Row: DiAnne Trivette, Lynn Swaim, Stacey Jones, Renee Campbell, Anita Hol- comb, Lynn Smith. Nancy Pulp, Nancy Crouse, Lisa Miller. Back Row: Deda Winebarger, Vicki Lewis, Paula Bauguess, Mahalia Everidge, Amy Hol- brook, Kim Durham, Sonya Luffman, Jeff Alexander, Keith Taylor. Not pictured: Shirley Prichard, Tammy Stanley, Melanie Durham. The Monogram Club sponsored a Powderpuff Football game on October the fourth. The senior and sophomore girls were playing against the junior and freshman girls, with the eighth grade divided between them. The senior and sophomore team, with the help of their eighth grade players, came out on top. The Monogram Club officers for this year were: Jeff Hayes, President: Stan Darnell, Vice President: US21 Haygesg, Secretary: I1.t1,',Q1,er,l-l,,Q,Q.s,Qrl, TreEl?.ElI5?Ig 'ts l Monogram Q C D' Monogram Club members are, First Row: Garry Winebarger, David Landry, Bob Cope- land, Timmy Brown, Chip Mason, Bobby Tysinger, Keith Hurt. Second Row: Donna Edwards, Robert Har- ris, Chuckie Settle, Danny Slawter, Tommy Key, Daryl Rumple, Greg Lay. Third Row: Sherri Pardue, Tammy Men- denhall, Tony Dun- can, Stan Darnell, Debbie Hinson, Eddie Harris. Fourth Row: Dana Hinshaw, Randy Wiles, Jeff Hayes, Phil Harris, Barbara Carter, Derek Carter, DiAnne Trivette, Tonia Caudill. Fifth Row: Kendall McCann, Perry Teague, Tammy Tesh, Roberta Walker, Jill Yarboro, Greg Campbell, ,fL-when Hlmser. Sixth Row: Tom James, Billy Merlo, Marty Gam- bill, Lynn Tulbert, Alice Gwyn, Jim Hughes. Seventh Row: Jimmy Chap- pell, Alan Steele, Chris McKinley, Fred Neaves. Kim Rat- ledge, DeAnna Kanak, Shane Sparks. Monogram Club X 57 The Student Council, as Festival. 4-I ,' an organization to serve Other activities have : Councll the student body, set its included car washes, the Q9 goals highly this year. The annual Christmas presents 'U orll year began with the idea of for a special family, and I ,j lftr making it a very successful many successful disco 4-5 and enjoyable year. dances after the ball m yyyy l The year has been games. highlighted with the The Council provides success of a fantastic activities for everyone, and Homecoming and the Spirit is developed to improve Week held before it. The relations with school, Council worked on the faculty, and community. It Thanksgiving food for the has achieved many goals needy families in the this year and has well community and also an served Elkin High. enjoyable Winter Sports Terry Darnell. President Gordon Jones. Vice-President Lisa Haynes. Treasurer Gina Pennell. Secret ny -W-.... if e. Students enjoy the dances sponsored by the Student Council. Mr. Beshears. Advisor. 58 1 Student Council l ff, at J bi iighth grade members, First Row: Ginger Wyatt, Lori Freshmen members, from left to right: Melissa Simmons, Martha fIcCoin, Nancy Lucasik, Debbie Foreman. Second Sloop, Lisa Duncan. Mark Howell, Trish Allen, Jimmy Marsh, low: Beth Vestal, Denise Key, Sarah Bickley, David Steve Lay. Not pictured: Scott Miller. Iuller. Sophomore members, from left to right: Denise Lyons, Greg Campbell, Mary Hiers, Lark eff Hayes, parliamentarian. Park, Marty Gambill, Jana Brown. Not pictured: Melonie Rust, Shelia Sparks. ..-ns, UN K Mt Junior members, First Row: Rod Darnell, Renee Campbell, Senior Members Seated: Barbara Carter, Janet Bogus. Back Eddie Harris. Second Row: Jane Calloway, Jill Yarboro, Row: DiAnne Trivette, Chris McKinley, Alice Gwyn, Fred Pam Myers, Sherry Hurt. Not pictured: Frankie Young. Neaves, Lynn Tulbert, Diane Golden. Student Council I 59 X Beta Slave Day activities included the tin man, hula girl and a circus actress. Junior Beta members, First Row: Louise Campbell, Shawnee Sloop, Lori Gwyn, Debbie Hinson. Second Row: Kathy Landry, Susan Long, Sally Myers, Patricia Holloway. Third Row: Ellen Lethcoe, Jane Calloway, Cynthia Allen, Frances Campbell. Fourth Row: Gary Lynn Cnckefnafn Winebarger, Jeff Ball, Bobby Tysinger, David Byrd, Rod Darnell. President H yi A I Y , g i , MM' q S x 2 l f " if , v r 1 7 . l 'J 1 L f Beta.Club members participate in party for Beta Club advisors: Mrs. Couch, Mrs. Tryouts for the Gong l12il1dlCHDD6d- Transou. were as interesting as show itself. 60! Beta For the first time a 93 average was required of all new members entering the Beta Club this year. The seniors still maintained their 90 average. The Beta Club is a service organization whose purpose is the promotion of scholarship, leadership, and good citizenship at Elkin High and service to Franklin Amburn Vice-President Q i 5 the school and community. Some activities this year included selling drinks at J.V. football games, a Thanksgiving party for the Handicapped Center, decorating Christmas trees at the nursing home. observing National Beta Club Week and selling concessions at baseball games. Lisa Cockerham Secretary Beta Q I C' Lynn Tulbert Terry Darnell Treasurer Parliamentarian .-...qui Senior Beta Members, First Row: Lisa White, Lynn Tulbert, Amy Eidson, Alice Gwyn, Dawn Temple, June Walters. Second Row: Sandy Sloop. Janet Bogus, Donna Edwards, Marilyn Steele, Jim Eldridge, Kim Ratledge, Di- Anne Trivette, Cynthia Layell. Third Row: Lynn Coc- kerham, Fred Neaves, Franklin Amburn, Terry Darnell, Scott Glover, Sherri Par- due. Fourth Row: Lisa Cockerham. Billy Merlo. David Boren, Tommy Key, Joe lpock. Beta f' 61 Elkin FHA sponsored a Christmas tea for their parents. ' - The goals of the the F.H.A. are to learn cooperation, take responsibility, develop leadership, and give service. F.H.A.'s first trip was to the District Rally in Mocksville. The F.H.A. participated in a leadership workshop in Taylorsville, and two of the officers attended a vocational meeting in Dobson. Gther activities included a bake sale, and a tour of Sunbeam Appliance Company. F.H.A. week was a busy one. They made Valentine cards for the handicapped center, wore red and white, and F.H.A. buttons, gave a snack to the teachers, distributed peppermint carnations, cleaned up around the campus, and had a recipe swap. FHA officers are: Miss Jane Anthony, advisor: Lisa Cockerham, president, DiAnne Trivette, vice-president: Cynthia Layell, secretary, Lynn Cockerham, treasurer, Marilyn Steele, historian: Valerie Layell, reporter, Lynn Tulbert, parliamentariang Melinda Sloop. song leader. I. ssssir i ., q Hilti 933 thi HE' F xfklfiif 7 . . ,.,... 62! FHA r el .I 'vw' S... in-ni' . akamai lli fl f I N-.... . will! First Row: Roberta , Blanton, Karen Smith, Martha Sloop, Cindy Edwards, Robin St. John, Kelly Leonard, Tina Par- due, Marion McDonald, Patricia Woodruff, Michelle Rust, Amalie Walker. Second Row: Sherry Hurt, Sherri Pardue, Sherry Johnson, Lillie Mae Choate, Robin Hurt, Beth Gilliam, Julia Lethcoe, Lisa Blackwell, Lisa Mil- ler, Sherri Tester, Lisa Duncan, Donna Shumate. As in years past, this year's Chain Gang kept up the tradition of publishing a school literary book which stored the thoughts and feelings of many EHS Students. This year's officers were: Janet Bogus, proficient omniscientg and Billy Haynes. ambitious amanuensis. The peer counselors or big brothers and sisters, are a group ofjuniors who act as counselors for the eighth graders. Each counselor had a group of "little brothers or sisters" and they met periodically to discuss their adjustments to high school life. 3 , 5 f J 1 Q X Chain Gang 'U ro cn -s O CD Ct' I5 Z CD .J Q "1 CID Chain Gang members are: Billy Haynes. Lane Weatherman. Lori Haynes. Janet Bogus. Lynn Coc- kerham. Lisa Coc- kerham. The peer counselors are: First Row: Jane Calloway. Ellen Lethcoe, Melinda Sloop. Susan Long. Back Row: Frankie Young, Tim Brown. Andy Smith. Bobby Tysinger. Stan Dar- nell. Rod Darnell. Not pictured: Anita Hol- comb. Jeff Ball. Sherry Hurt, Tammy Tesh. Daryl Rumple. Sandra Crowell. Chain Gang. Peer Counselors J 63 gg Staff Q Q -Q :- C5 aa P' Griginality was instituted in all aspects of hard Work and determination. The class learned techniques for selling ads, cropping pictures, and writing copy. The yearbook staff, Sitting: Terri Gilreath, Amy Edison, Alice Gwyn, Gail Cass- tevens. Next Row: Cynthia Layell, Tammy Mendenhall, Marilyn Steele, Lynn Cockerham, Lisa Cockerham, Diane Golden, Barbara Carter. Laura Eldridge, Amanda Hume. Back Row: Franklin Amburn, Billy Merlo. Greg Lay and Frankie Young. 'Nita ian: 4 A 5:4 Tammy Mendenhall, news editor Lisa Cockerham, feature editor Fred Neaves, layout editor Sherry Hurt, literary editor 64 X Joumalism Mrs. Transou, The Elk Antler advisor. was "1 Q 41 hx' s 3 Ne Q Nj. ! 'Yi i"i Q , l Jim Eldridge, photography editor, Tammy Tommy Key, The Key, Sports editor, Lynn Cockerham, and Elk Antler editor Jim Hughes, photographers. u Mr. Rick Hagvvood, financial advisor, Mrs. Julia Holthouser, Elk '78 advisor. ni 0swsa-hr Ma:--,W--A The class committee works Lisa Cockerham, Elk '78 editor. on layout. ,H .dill A I .L I The purpose of the Q Antler Staff is to publish a school paper that reports news, has interesting features, and is representative of the whole school. Articles included this year were Reath Raps, Surry Sportsman, Student Profile, and Teacher Feature. "' 2 5 E, The Elk Antler Staff. First Row: Cindy Branon, Dawn Temple, DeAnna Kanak F75 Anita Holcomb. Second Row: Tommy Key, Donnie Darnell, .lim Eldridge, Gordon Jones, Fred Neaves, Jim Hughes. Third Row: Sherry Hurt, Terri Gil- reath, Lynn Cockerham, Lisa Cockerham, Tammy Mendenhall, Journalism X 65 1 4 U Club P-1 P VICA officers are, First Row: Johnny Hunter, vice-president, Andy Myers, president, Larry Gentry, parliamentar- ian: Second Row: Mr. Tesh e 'sor' Tammy Tesh, treasurer, photographer: Danny Slawter, report- 6 Phil Harris, District VII President. The Elkin VICA club has completed another successful year. We began by directing the parking at home football and basketball games as part of our "Safety First" campaign. We entered our Queen in the Homecoming parade, and had several of our girls in a Christmas parade. Then we prepared for the Leadership and Skill contests - entering our students in a variety of contests from parliamentary procedure to club display. The highlight of the year was Convention time in Asheville, and bringing honors home. At our final "Bosses Night" in the spring, we all realized that each day of work had built a year we would never forget! Mr. Tesh Andy Myers and Johnny Hunter partici- pate in VICA week. er, Lisa Haynes, secretary. I x, gf- ig? VICA members are, First Row: Dale Long, Keith Hurt, Terry Settle, Chris McKinley, Lisa White, Fourth Mike Landry, Mike Wagoner, William Collins, Kenny ow: John Comer,fBobby Dimmette, Phil Harris, David Ledbetter, Missy Nixon, Sally Myers, Teresa Poplin, Becky Everidgeg Second Row: Billy Haynes, Keith Simpson, Tommy Gambill, Stanley Crump, Charles Hin- shaw, Dennis Money, Chuckie Settle, Third Row: Ta n Tesh, Andy Myers, Janet Bogus, Lisa Haynes, Boren, Larry Gentry, Danny Slawter, Scott Glover, Fifth Row: Jay Cockerhan, Randy Wiles, Rocky Duncan, Sam Swift, Chris Watson, Terry Porterfield, Jeff Brendle, Henny Everidge. The Elkin High DECA At the District DECA Chapter enjoyed a Conference Meeting, Q prosperous, and fun year. January 31, 1978, where Six E The members participated the Elkin High Chapter G- in several events, and won many honors. The two most exciting achievements the members participated in were the two Blood Mobiles, one in October of 1977 and the other in February of 1978. the State DECA Convention. hosted all the District chapters for contest, many students won honors. March 16,17, and 18 were three fun-filled days for many students that went to DECA officers are, First Row: Willena Miles, treasurer, Patricia Hol- loway, vice-president, Mr. Nance, advisor, Gina Pennell, secretary, Ronnie Houser, president. Second Row: Curtis Macemore, photo- grapherg Sherry Coe, parliamentariang Donna Edwards, reporter. Joe Ipock stocks the shelves of Revco. DECA members are, First Row: Keyna Mathis, Pat Hollo- way, Libby Anderson, June Walters, Vickie Adamsg Sec ond Row: Melody Propst, Kim Ratledge, Donna Edwards Gina Pennell, Willena Miles, Sherry Hanes, Karen Stanley, Sherry Coe, Jodie Whitaker, Mike Bovender, Alan Steele, QE-r'i'1 1 as Third Row: Libby Gentry, Luther Houser, Billy Johnson, Van Royall, Mike Stokes, Joe Ipock, James Anderson, Thomas Comer, Charles Propst, Ronnie Houser, Curtis Macemore. DECA ! 67 ch Q i: c' Fren Mrs. Stceleman is the French teacher and club advisor. 234 5 391331 567718 2232425 Cette annee Le Circle elementaire sur France. Francais a presente un Aussi, nous avons eu un programe pour 6 ecole diner. Students enjoy their French classes. MW lm 'R French Club members are, First Row: Teresa Gilmore, Lark Park, April Myers, Renee Lomax, Robin Hayes, Bobby Dimmette, Debbie Hinson, Barbara Carter, Pam Myers, Keith Simpson, Tammy Mendenhall, Lynn Tulbert, Joe Saylor, Lori Gwyn, Kendall McCann, Sherry Hurt, 68 X French ,, -v-- -vt.-V ' :N.A Derek Carter. Second Row: Nancy Crouse, Lynn Sullivan, Donna Edwards, Lynn Smith, Lisa Cockerham, Daryl Rumple, Stan Darnell, David Boren, Roberta Walker, Tommy Key, Kim Darnell, Deana Weatherman, Ronald Pack, Sammy Hayes. El club de espanol es un interes que siete van con el grupo de alumnos que senor Kallam y su esposa a tienen interes en el estudio Mexico durante las del espanol. Hay tanto vacaciones. Those who visited Mexico were, First Row: Garry Winebarger, Rod Darnell. Second Row: Jeff Ball, Scott Glover. Third Row: Jeff Eidson. Fred Neavcs. Mr. Kallam, Spanish teacher and club advisor. .:.,-uhs..a n Spanish Q C1 U' Spanish Club officers are: Fred Neaves, President: Renee Campbell, Secretary-Treasurer: Jim Eldridge, Vice President. is Spanish Club Members are. First Row: Mary Hiers, Abby Winebarger, Cynthia Layell, Marilyn Steele. Mr. Kallam. Darnell, Susan Taylor, Valerie Layell, Renee Campbell, Lynn Cockerham, Fred Neaves,Jim Eldridge, Dave Smith, Jane Calloway, Lane Weatherman. Second Row: Garry Denise Lyon. Spanish I 69 -5 Services There are some people who go unnoticed at Elkin High, but we know that these people play an important role in the functions of Elkin High School. Office assistants are Left. front to back: Karen Smith. Our lunchroom has had some big changes this year A salad bar has been added, with tea, fruit drinks. and an assortment of sandwiches and pies available. Becky Tetrick, Sharon Bovender, Robin Hurt. Right, front Stage Crew members are: Chris McKinley, Thomas to back: Kim Spencer, Becky Johnson, Shawnee Sloop, Comer, Van Royall, Billy Merlo, Scott Glover, David Bo Keyna Steele. ren, and Jim Eldridge. 1-1.4 ' S 'if' Q . 9 , Q is 9 ,Q Ka... 4, a 'J P x 2 X ,' E I . , ' 5,217 3 - Q Q .. , 1 S c l . t fr : k 1 - he 5 V, 5 ,g rl" vi ,Yr ,sf nm, Li, es. s. .., C, Cafeteria workers are: Pauline Lewis, Elizabeth Stockton, Bev Richardson, Betty Edwards. Vesta Simmons, Grace Swaim, and Faye Couch. 70 X School Services 5. A new absentee system was adopted this year. A master list was compiled from first period absentees. then a list distributed to each teacher. If a student was absent and not on the Elkin High. list, then the teacher Bus Drivers, First Row: Shane Sparks. Bobby Trivette, Bobby Dimmette. Ronald Pack. Second Row: Phil Harris, Nancy Crouse. L Kenny Ledbetter, Ronnie Houser. Alan Steele. Third Row: Landry. E: - Sw . ,,.. . I eff School CD FD "S 4 io 0 CD W ynn Smith. Scott Glover. Michael 1 Custodians are: Ray Smith and Larry Welborn. Not pic- Cafeteria workers are: Donna Shumate, Mrs. Mary tured: Robert Walker. Reavesy Cindy Sallgyl School Services X 71 ' Elk Accom lishments 6 V 74!H 737 7 02669 gay GMM 5322101 Qgygclkfzrfnnf Czflomfoffe QS5W12w4wf COX O f l'AQl'lJ 11561 fgwklfrfllzf ,, QJMQTAQXQ Wm GMFQJAYH an O 7l'0!QNf H omccomi n g!75 Haag CEZQQ, KQXQCIQ QQJZYZQMQZWI' 'ln ffffxwiw Qggmm' girl f7Cm7Z0477?f 76 X Homecoming i'f4fW CSQPPAP 2241 Wm QQ1mm4m f CWIQQWI g1w72cffQiWLfeWrfzQfn! .gno- 940070 Cgfkn CQmn0ynfnm O52Q7Lmz0ff1ozlf Zfm QVMMQYK 5269204 WMA CJEQLQWQQIWX .fj"""' J QQQLQMQQIWI CC fqignfy 011430 11 CWIIIHLJA an CO!ffPl?fI4I7?f H g!77 Cjglifylwj Offcycgpffffwfefzfflfzf in Mlffffh G' Qycmuf QQAYQMYQQIMI 78 X Homecoming 690111 mfmffff ,.-r 14-,.. Lynn Cockerham 4...4.'.w"f'm:2mr,.: David Boren Top Five , -up U, i WJ rv , ', fa Y V ' . It ,. ,5.w,ig,,QwM ,, ., , , M, ,V swf' , Y' U ,J A M -i I . "W ,z N, , f " M Y ',,, LI ,V .,., -, .5 ' S li f 1 1,152 V fi . ' I 4' 1 f f Q 1 f Y J w ,-,K ,Q 6, mf , , 'QM' H Q" 1. a 'Va fe 0' ' w Q , My gait, qv and W Q ' tw W K my 1' ghwgwi F 1 ,S 'M ff 1 K lx Q " ja r' A 5 iifwl. ,Lg 1,5 .W .Mags in fe 1 wi- i ' M " ga- . 3 - j, 9 1 ' f X- ' L-ii' f 1 9323 .4 . . . My , lim i -f A i i':Jf'f-ff?'1w1' ,A xy., - ,, I xl ,X V, A. i. L'u!1"Hf, 49, 5 "fl Tw 394 , , , i ,M ,- in ,NJ . Vwigw V if TW? ff 'A ."' ,. if , flibifl .i':,g?u iz jg ,Q kt A, -QQ ,g-Qgffifu, 4' 5:31 , 5:3 -1 .AK-3 '-z ' 4,-5 fl fl YH' fl-may an-4' ' ffi2'fvfi'f5 V if ,gV,,3,6. I VA,,,wk4j,, V ,, V - 'VW' 551' 'lff ff ' '-, f- V ' fl ,Tw 'Y , ,-Q. 1' x R ,ff W A,!, 1,1 '46, . lu if 2, ,v U, -H fx i . -.lf 9. , , 1 Amy Eidson Billy Merlo Alice Gwyn Top Fivc Seniors I 79 --d6'U'9"it' Uutstanding Seniors l. Jeff Hayes A true athlete, good in every sport in which he participates, is Jeff Hayes. He is a serious person who works hard at everything he undertakes, but who sees the humorous side of things. He has brought honor to himself as well as Elkin High School. 2. Alice Gwyn Lively, involved, active - Alice has been one of the busiest members of the Class of 1978. Whether working on the prom, playing tennis, or studying for a test, Alice gives her best effort and encourages others with her enthusiasm. 3. Phil Harris A very popular student with a great personality, Phil has many interests in and out of school. He has participated in wrestling and VICA leadership, and spends a lot of time traveling to horse shows throughout several states. He is an accomplished craftsman and a most versatile person. 4. Barbara Carter Active and spirited are words that best describe Barbara. Athletics are her particular interest, with four years, participation in sports and cheerleading. She is one of the better-known members of the class, and popular with her fellow school mates. 80 X Top I6 king Jay!!! , , - ,iii ,hf gfi . if f- ,, gm Y I M ' Y' 1 . t 11 l. Amy Eidson Amy always seems to find time to be nice to everyone, even though she is involved in many activities. She is an excellent student, and a very efficient and attractive person. Music plays a major role for her, though she has many other interests. 3. DiAnne Trivette Well-known by everyone, DiAnne has been involved in music, drama, and cheerleading throughout high school. She played "Mame" in the senior play and showed the same dedication and accomplishment that has come to be expected of her. 2. Greg Lay A person who has been very much in demand for responsible jobs is Greg Lay. His classmates have depended on him for leadership and hard work on many projects. He will be especially remembered as a photographer for The Elk this year. 4. Terri Gilreath Laughing and joking in the halls, and serious and business-like in front of the band, Terri combines a happy personality with serious dedication to her responsibilities. She has gained much recognition as a drum major and been an invaluable asset to the band and its achievements. Top l6 X 81 nag - ' 1 l. David Boren The world needs more intelligent, mature, concerned citizens like David. He has shown leadership in many areas where his independent thinking and good judgment can be relied on. David has varied accomplishments, including a trip to Europe on a scholarship, and a trip to Winston on foot. 2. Lynn Tulbert Contributing hours of time and her special abilities to many activities, Lynn has been an indispensable member of the senior class. As a majorette, statistician, and club and class officer she has done a good job of whatever she undertook. 9 3. Lisa Cockerham Because Lisa is sympathetic, kind, and always aware of other people and their feelings, she has been an important person in Elkin High School. She is interested in art and literature and has used her talents in those areas in the Chain Gang, the newspaper, and as editor of The Elk. Her understanding, gentle manner, and dedication to her responsibility have made her successful as a student and as a leader. 4. Dawn Temple Dawn is a person who has done everything she could to help her class. In her quiet way, she is most efficient and responsible. One of her main interests is art, in which she is very talented. X2 I Top I6 ,K , H' ,, .. ', . t x .M f v , I pug., ' rf' 'I'Mv. z ew, 'mr XP-ii Na-f 3 is 51? 3 Y' ' 45 ff' ilir s 14 'H Q6 ' 'W f -f .df l 12,-S., 2 K- 1 N-f 9 3 News . 2 I 35" 1 -,A I l. Lynn Cockerham Lynn is someone who does well at everything she attempts, and who has been hard-working and responsible in many activities. Because of her intelligence, judgement, and ability to relate to people, she is a most influential person, on Whom others depend, and whose happy nature gives pleasure to those around her. 3. Cynthia Layell Cynthia plays the piano beautifully, laughs easily, studies diligently, and has many friends. Music plays a major role for her, and no doubt being music director ofthe senior play will be a highlight of her high school years. 2. Billy Merlo It's rather unusual for someone as relaxed and easy-going as Billy to be such a good student. He is also a good athlete and very well liked by his classmates who chose him class president this year. 4. Terry Darnell Poise and an easy, natural manner have helped Terry do a good job in leading the student council and working with students. His ability to organize and follow through has enabled him to carry a heavy schedule and still enjoy music and other outside interests. Top 16 ,' 83 Ellen Lethcoe, Chief t' Junior Marshals v ,nl ll S0 bie Hin -Q cu Q .M he 84 I Junior David Byrd ll se Campbe Loui loop S CC Il Shaw Ji' 3, N. X1 ,ff ,f ga MJ A r' F K 1 X 1 'X X. Y Rod Darnell ' yep: a .xzjn v S 1' fif, 4 ' , If 'E '. ,-.' ,K is J, . Q fa 'if-. In fit, if .. . -f . QAVA :Q . 'kL, fi wg 4 ig - "QF ,,1 i.. Q . A A Jane Calloway .N ing, ,Bl ,I eff Ball Junior Marshals f' 85 Q2 Lynn Coekerham. Billy Merlo. David Boren. Morehead Nominees. Tommy Key, Appointed to U.S. Military Academy. Belinda Barker. Freshmai Girls' Basketball Team. W 'Tl -A Sill '-',, 1 l Ellen Lethcoe. Governor's School. Lisa Cockerham, D.A.R. Good Citizen Award. Jell Hayes. Giant ln Aid - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Cindy Branon. Lynn Coekerham. Girls' State. Bill Mendenhall. Terri Gil- reath, 27th Lancers. Drum and Bugle Corps. Lynn Tulbert. Girls' VK Baskethall Team. . Lynn Coekerham. Aubrey Lee Brooks Nominee. l l Michele Rust, Freshman Boys' Basket- ball Team. . DiAnne Trivette, Wrestling Team. Winter Sports Queen. Winter Sports Festival Queen DiAnne Trivette was crowned at half-time ceremonies at the last home basketball game. Winter Sports Festival Barbara Carter. J.V. Basketball Team. Alice Gwyn, Boys' Varsity Basketball Team. Ellen Letheoe. Cynthia Layell. All-State Band. wit, ZZ Lisa Haynes, Holiday Queen. Q mi . V, M, . , ., . , , K V gif Qi +11 W 4 vw 1593554 ,MH VW W, ,, . A Z 3' QAAHAEQ X Q. 'F N Elk Teams :ii -mv N.: a sir' my wif' F B f Ea l 24, Wt W ru 'Y ..:-QQ-2-.' on-P cu 1 I- 'ff mf' 01 aff: L. ' ' .. will h PUC Fi? -f 4 is-f U-1 'Q Q3 E.. Q3 U5 D-1-Q 2 2132 We U cu -I 4-9 O 4-5 cu .E P' ffm ball Foot N if q lx IX ox cu ff: 'OUQJ CU, mfs: :GSO f:EfQ Q-5:0 Enom Q---.- ogg, +-4 262 'UO 4-01.- 'U 559 UO 0.0 Pa.: :CID no EL ,E-' ood I ,gm ra .C SDE 22 4-:VJ ' fig!! X, -wx A3 E Q. 422 we xx. az- . X I1 SO FC-S621 mp hard 'cs cu E :cs L1 4-3 'D .E -5.5! 3:0 55.0 W2 gm Q-3 'Um its R 32 +523 550.2 2-.-C Cl-O ays. them, as alw IAS playe W with ne OD C O Tn CD C1 achi C0 HCW 3 HS W YC the by led WHS ff staff. The sta '5 cu U .E E s: Fra ach CO head ass stant coaches Fred ..- and die d FC F and ham HI Ch Wl'1. TO B red F h Coac S Ass ,.. DD C ': :S 'O cn s.. KD 'O' L. O cf: OJ tant atham giv .c U U7 ..- GJ E cv on 0 .r: 4-3 5 si 3 O :- CD CD 15 on-o C1 'c I 'U s: O .cn mE C-.M E9 ad E4 3m cu L-1 LL. 4: o as O U 4-3 f: as +4 ED 'as 'iw ,, Q 5 X E .Q ... o o Lz. P1 f: Cl: L- Q- P va Pm O on W? , 1' . ,dF" r,e, A H d"F' ,, r." Q1 Q X Y U W e Vw F V 4 V, 1 V .12 I ' ', ,A,z K fl , r F f ' F . ff ea 27 Q L ',', Y 52 fgisim riwiiqdfik -' K2 ' fi 12 ., fi f, -5 . ' :' ' .22 cu .r: E 22 U 3 M U av C1 0 E L.. CU Q-4 55 Q CU N Q O Q cg -C 0 3 U 4: II C "' H 4-I 4-a ,':.' 1: FC QQ g.. 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Akwv Mm,-.,,,. .Mm CU5"'U G-5C?1?u'O'U .-OMECCUO .Ea '-am' xg- KU 352-za Q E2 moz ooh UCD UQ? di QQ..- 4-am'-' N : FUJE 5 O +-0 'U L- E F O Cl: Q o M .Z 5-1 E 'U L. td .C 4-v D O W xxiggrn Reggie? Eggmiog . yxcbi-C-JIU SzQEQ.Q Ex M'LH 04 Q22 lb NSEC mmm m bn-I D' E cm cs- : rgw miguoog Q HExEE E 3:oP:f0 owomwfp MmwD22m VJ V3 o x 5, 8 3 - Q- 'S :QE +2313 cam IQE . OQJ x-'Dox- Bgsm va-C+-'FC COLO X-wm HMSO E HU Fved C3 cu E-4 .52 G C cu F W l 3-1 01 FC- e Gwyn stretches to Alic ,-. x-E, SQ: m,, ofgdgo SGMQS .QQ-TE: w S- 0 H145 M 1,3 o 5 a.: E563 dow 534 OF: Ps Jo. .M .Za CI,-I cu DQ? Sherri Pardue Debbie Hinson Ann Charles E 'cs SEE m3 M E-S 3-I Secs 9 .iS 15 'Hr Q ..O.'.T..' 4-3 B GJ gon 'Tl' SE no. 9 EE 0 msn -as s: Pu as +a E I1 -OZ W gg 26 we EQ. TJEE at ,oo ag 'Ecu E53 so 'QCD this, 21l'1 ore th tm es. 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Box 1009 Crafts - Supplies Dance -- Drama Elkin, N.C. 28621 111 W. Market St. Phone: Office 835-1976 Home 835-5393 Weddings Anniversaries Receptions Birthdays Quality Photography Proms Graduations ffioffrtcwij YZOLL X' CL ' 660,049 s 5Y'A.J iff!! gm 4 J, ZQM, -fi ybfrfky Q4-J ,KJ U!! mv ,.. F - dfxfoc' J LXWQQ, CQ-!f,L,Q-, dj I Ma f 4 5- ' UNEEANI APPLIANCE COMPANY X61-' 'W funn PLANT - P.o.aox sas - sunnmomu cimounn zsszi - 19191835-5123 940061 afacdi X-,Q Q65 04,0 . JMMLUW2 eww Ratledge Florist 126 Commerce St. Elkin, N.C. 28621 Phone 835-2607 JOHN-BOY'S BAR-B-Q AND DAIRY BAR Highway 67 Jonesville, N.C. 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Country Ham Hot Biscuits Pit Cooked Barbeque TRI-COUNTY CURB MARKET 84 GROCERY Open 24 Hours Daily 523 North Bridge Street Elkin, North Carolina US FIBER CORPORATION Insulation for Home and Industry Hagan Manufacturing Company YADKIN GRANITE READY-MIX CONCRETE INC. 468 N. Bridge Street Phone 19193 835-4549 Jonesville, N.C. The one to pick to be sure. 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WEST PARK SHOPPING CENTER NORTH WILKESBORO, N.C. Product Lines Include: Adidas Russell Athletic Converse Spalding Riddell Wilson Rawlings Pennsylvania Dunlop Rackets Sand Knit Southern Athletic Davis Support Your Local Recreation Department! SHOP COOK'S - WE TRY HARDER - STEVE MASTIN JAMES COOK PHONE 838-5441 Z RALPH HARRIS LEATHER Rt. l, Box 336 State Road, N.C. 28676 874-2100 Bill's Trim 84 Upholstery Shop P.O. Box 3 Elkin, North Carolina 28621 Phone 835-5409 Electronic Service Center 772 N.C. 268 West Elkin, North Carolina 28621 Phone t919l 835-5421 TV - CB - Electronics Sales 8 Service STATE ROAD HARDWARE COMPANY Hardware, Paints, Sporting Goods and General Repair Service Phone 874-2307 State Road, North Carolina NEW AND USED CARS AND TRUCKS Yii- Giang otors, nc. 827 North Bridge Street Elkin, N.C. Bill Smith and Harvey Smith Telephone Office-83 5-2 317 Industrial Office Supply Company Office Needs 8L Art Supplies 127 West Main Street Elkin, North Carolina Earl Blackburn Doris Burch WATSON'S FLORIST Fresh Cut Flowers For All Occasions Elkin, North Carolina 919-835-5245 Cards and Gifts For All Occasions ALADDIN'S HALLMARK SHOP Elkin Village, Elkin, N.C. When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best SMITHEY'S DEPARTMENT STORE 246 East IVIain Street Elkin, North Carolina "Quality With Ecomony' G 81 B OIL COMPANY 667 North Bridge Street Elkin, North Carolina Phone 835-3607 SPEAS HOME AND AUTO, INC. Firestone Tires VILLAGE BAR'B'QUE Front End Alignment , , Wheel Balancing Jonesvtlle, North Carolina Complete Car Service 8352420 427 N. Bridge St. jonesville, N.C. 28621 - H CoKER-WINDSOR INC. ALEXAKIXEQEEEQQIURC C. House of Fashion FUNERAL HOME, IN Elkin, North Carolina PIO. BOX 389 Phone 835-3254 Elkin, N.C. 28621 I f I , QUT Llkooo LLLLIW Ewa. CNW O B Wu I IIUQQCE WELL DRILLING XI BIIIIIIIE LUG W I, QLQDQ + HEAVIER EQUIPMENT ' , A 'I WELLS II PUNIPSf Q Go LIJEM CLI AUILI-X35 v0 HOMES -TIJHWIIIS - FARIIIIIS- Ufm . G, I E INDUSTRIES I w Im O s bI e IVI , - Ci' COMPLETEPUMPSERVICE BY ' CDUL - I ' K T I X - 'pgftj Warlggiwlrs V W way 21 Sou I I- dm j- M ALSO I.IOneSVIIIe, E A OLDSMOBILE IVR FREE ESTIMATES . YIM 1 8 3 5-49 I 4 Sales 1- Servlce NIGHTS - SUNDAY 84 HOLIDAYS - 835-5742 TGIGPIWOTIG I919I 835-1599 IF NO ANSWEFI - 835-4816 NEWMAN BROTHERS WEEE zmzezitzzzzriifcfi 909 Highway 268 West I Elkin, North Carolina 1-W "There Is No Substitute For Water" W. E. Sale 8. Sons, Inc. A Complete Line of Building Supplies Headquarter Dealer U.S. Plywood Weldwood Products Elk Car Wash Standard Street, Elkin, N .C. Owned 8: Operated by Mrs. Ed Snyder Eight Bays For Your Convenience With Automatic Tire Cleaner New High Pressure Equipment in All Bays 122 CQkewMAQPWiWWfwMU M XX CM ,Ll-,ffm hunk JILL JL!-LEL,L.LLLNQ,, QA yfugmpl Wm M Jgm Avy., Jwwvwxwmgfb MLQK JM-l will kemjfi ,Kwvi . -, Uwxuvxxumupwliliny 5,-CWQCL 1 L ,fWNQ,5Lfxk , f A111161-Ulmxzq, X CALL ANL Jil-ix My fgfc, JL jhxugwq I yank jxawl VMLCLSLE7 YQ, Vjmicigk 4E,Ul4fwL lc ,mil UMM Tjpccwa ,cvwdx wma QfC' -Cfc,UwcL ffm-9.fQ.uM1, CQ yaxk V JWlfXCL2k nmfwwfl yum VL34 gwy if f WML Meame JQLMJW yay MYR 'Ujpiib JCWXCL JUK Q cjlxll jjvbmykfffflfm! L l WML Wah ,Qi-+l6bZZL 32,Q,QfGJ9,L1 Lg, L4i..gTfdJ.vQKl H cur? Ck MWVEMN, 'CWWK K QP MLCUVCZLG frm If 1 , K M A V l A A K , I ?3?QWQw iwifa My DWF Q gov? A ntify the same product 123 5 - x U . X x Y . x B! N X X xi A Y AX L 4 . . 5 X ' fr fg ' xx PQ. lffrg 'QRAQY A x. x i ' W ' X. 5 Q x i i xg frex X X XX x X, we , , ,R i ' y x X 'ix ern en tor X x NSX F x EI , t roI'a' S5323 E RER. J. C. Penney Downtown Elkin Open Daily 9:30 til 5:30 Friday 9:30 til 9:00 Shop Penney's Catalog 835-7501 Remember you can CHARGE IT! ROYALL DRUG COMPANY, INC. 128 W. Main Street Elkin, N.C. Two Registered Pharmacists Edwin Royall, Gill Ripley BRIDGE STREET PHARMACY, INR 187 N. Bridge Street Elkin, N.C. Two Registered Pharmacists David Morrison, Bruce Goodson 124 Compliments of MARTIN PAINT 81 DECORATING Starmgunt Plaza Jonesville, NC 835-5353 M For all your decorating needs PONTIAC BUICK Prowler - alfl Travel Trailer Sales and Service 24 Hr. Wrecker Service Phone Sales - 835-1831 Service - 835-2020 Night - 855-4871 Elkin - -Ionesville CAKES OF H DISTINCTION ella!!! il BY CAKE DELLA POPLIN SHOP JML Decorated yr r.f Qitx Mints 'ie , xv BY Omer EOR ALL OCCASIONS-MADE T0 ORDER 835-1630 SPECIALIZING-WEDDING CATERING POPLAR SPRINGS STATE ROAD, N.C. Main Street Amoco Complete Service and Clean Up 302 E. Main Street Phone - 835-4710 Bret Davis OwnerfManager 125 WHITE'S HOME 81 AUTO SUPPLY Hardware Appliances TV 81 Stereo Tires 124 North Bridge St. Jonesville, N.C. MAFiY'S FASHION CORNER Jonesville Shopping Center 835-6109 Jonesville, N.C. Du n-Well Cleaners THE TOAD STOOL 1162 Elk SPU1' Ext- "lt's Done Well at Dun-Well!" ' 7 Elkin, Nc, 1 - 835 2505 Phone 335-4065 Winebarger Motor, Co. 850 N. Bridge St. Elkin, N.C. Ford and Mercury Sales and Service BILL DAVIDSON CHEVROLET INC. Corner Bridge 8a Market Street Elkin, N.C. "Serving You Is Our Pleasure" Cakes, Pastries 8: Breads Cake Supplies Catering Service 85 Cakes On Display CB WALLACE'S BAKE SHOP ' Chef Betty Lou Wallace PWM' I Mountain Park, N.C. "Cakes For All Occasions" Birthdays Weddings Anniversaries Phone C9195 874-2912 Good Eating JONESVILLE, N. C. 28642 PHONE I909J B35-1424 SME! li "THE HOME OF QUALITY FURNITURE FOR LESS MONEY" Serving the Tri-County for over 40 years Downtown Elkin, N.C. HK F QE? N. DARNELL PLUMBING 8L HEATING 301 Blue Ridge Avenue Elkin, N.C. 28621 F8LH WINDOW CO. 640 S. Main St., Arlington Free Estimates on Burlington House Furniture United Division A Division of Burlington Industries Home Chair Plant Aluminum Siding, Storm Doors, Windows, Awnings, Ronda NC' Carports, Seamless Gutters Fred Finney 835-1372 Owner Elkin Furniture Company Highway 268 East Elkin, N.C. 28621 835-1711 SPEEDY CHEF Chefburgers Ice Cream Slush John R. 8L Francis Hall 835-4403 WINEBARGERIS GROCERY AND PACKAGE STORE LAWRENCE DRY CLEANERS 221 West Main Street 835-3139 Leo Hardy - Insurance CA ll K indsb You nj ndependenf Insurance AGENT SERVES YOU FIRST E QUALITY FASHION FABRICS 238 North Bridge St. Jonesville, N.C. 28642 North Elkin Ph: 335-3908 511355 Bfidal 331531533 ELKIN VALLEY APPAREL CO., INC. AND EMPLOYEES Highway 268 West Elkin, North Carolina 28621 P.O. Box 651 C9195 835-6406 Bus, Phone 1919i 835-1000 ' ' ' Kawasaki Griffin s Res. Phone 835-1740 Ultimo, Inc. C l 84 S t C t . . ye e CO0 er en er Gifts, China, Crystal Jay Holder 2116 N. Bridge Street Owner Elkin, N,C. 28621 Sporting Goods Office Supplies Precision Built Motorcycles 129 DW f9f5'0?W0?0w"7!"A 0md.fJ5 1 ef- W ' .awww QIJWQ' L' I 6 Elkin, North Caron a Phone 835-3211 HOME FURNITURE COMPANY Fine Quality Furniture Telephone 835-2856 Elkin N .C. JONESVILLE HARDWARE Jonesville, N.C. Phone 835-3727 QIDIAMOND SPECIALISYS FOR OVER 50 YEARS 114 West Main Street - Elkin, NC 28621 3 er""fEV"T n j Y Of ',! airtime 1 7 i i 1 if ii if iii ul si i silsi i ri i i 3 V - . ,K -' ' - Q -Y - -t 1- -.-- ."+ - 'w- 'E ' ' --Q ..,, ' if-n..-- M ., , ,Lu -, STORE LOCATIONS Eikin Village Shopping Center Highway 21, North Bridge Street Starmount Plaza Shopping Center Elkin, North Carolina Jonesville, North Carolina 130 ! Qfvhfiyfgfu., QJPZLM IAQ ,kafwefkolfu 5fAM,,Qft,L.7L,A,cJ M if remlulue is 01 ' SF? North Carolina res? e with locations ' A-LVL 04,fElkingINIQtliSalem - , ckory, wMvf Lgy-d.f1A JL Charlotte, and Kingsport, Tenn. , ,L7 69,4-A, Qful, GQ TERRY BLACKBURN AUTO SALES FIT 1, BOX 255 JONESVILLE, N C 28642 HOME PHONE BUSINESS PHONE 19191835-6070 19191835-7101 COLONIAL DISTRIBUTORS, INC. Distributors of Gulf Oil Products john D. Hall, Mgr. 133 Bluff Street Jonesville, N.C. 28621 Telephone 835-4919 jLfwCQ4Uf-c:cJC,4fC9M, ,byyecfdf CMA: ct ABITI Abitibi Corporation Highway 268 P.O. Box 98 Roaring River, North Carolina 28669 131 D 1S Sportsmlnded FOR THE TEAM . . . FOR THE FAMILY . . . BOCOCK-STROUD OFFERS THE VERY BEST IN SPORTS EQUIPMENT... AND HAS FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS. WINSTON-SALEM GREENSBORO Downtown 0 Thruway Friendly Center Team Division Team Division 171 S. Stratford Road 700 Carnegie Place 7 Sli ER TIRE SERVICE 689 NORTH BRIDGE STREET PHONE 835-4444 ELKIN, N. C. 28621 "lf You Can't See The Tread, See Fred" y vtllllf ' ' a- 9. Umted Savings . . V0. 5 And Loan Assocnation Where we care about your home - buying problems Elkin, Mt. Airy, and King Q QQ White Brothers Blocks and Building Supplies lldhwlfffllli 546 Winston Road l jonesville, N.C. 28642 P li DARNELL PARTS SERVICE, INC. 456 North Bridge St. 28642 Area Code 919 - Phone 835-5044 Jonesville, N.C. 28642 Carl Rose 8a Sons, Inc on W Asphalt Paving W, geplqti P.O. Box 786 9 042. 5 'il' 3 Hgwy. 67 'f Elkin, N.C. -,,,,,,,v 835-7506 Serving The Tri-Counties For 20 Years 2 Plants to Better Serve N. Wilkesboro Elkin No Job Too Large or Small 5 - T.8LS. Construction Phone 835-1370 - 835-5521 Elkin, North Carolina 28621 COCKERHAM BARBER SHOP "lt pays to look well!" Compliments of ROYALL-COX AGENCY, INC. Bill Cox Ben Shelton 134 MAKE TRACKS TO NORTH CAROLINA NATIONAL UARD DET. 1 CO.C 2ND Battalion Post Office Box 265 Elkin. N.C. 28621 CAUDILL BROS, INC. 137 SOUTH BRIDGE STREET ELKIN, NORTH CAROLINA 28621 ELKIN FARM AND GARDEN CENTER Phone 835-1511 - 146 S. Bridge St. - Elkin. N.C. 28621 Feeds-Seeds Fertilizers 1 Farm Chemicals QUALITY c 'H"""' Farm8LHome Supplies Dealer Agent Paints 135 in . 921 i IZZQ 2 Eben ZYIA Also Serving The F :nest In ' paghettl , Lasagna t g V1-f i4 HOURS 77l8AI'98SFlll3t' A'.'A lr IZZ ElkinVi1lag -N B'dg St Elkin Ph 835-2090 . 0 I I ' , I Xa ' E ,, , . . f f 4 ' 1' I ' ' Q . ' S . . . ,, sy- ' - . 4 s i 9 1 g 5 Q .5 . v I f Q iv- .. 5 .- Q 'Q ' . A' 1 , g .J '57 ,pf ' -As! n.-I, V ,. 4 - 5. , 0 Sandwlches Mon Thru Thull1A M 11 PM Fn sn Il A M 12 Mum-gn gg , . ,, Sunday 4 P M 11 P M . Holidays 5 P M 11 P M e . n e ., one WMV I ' I , St 9' f?5i'- W V7 .1 ,I 'T t F513 F' Qoomen Cwean local industry creating job opportunities UJQNK M3056 Jtwof itw -Jfwfifowdlwbm Offaly away VJ5L?'?fJ,6J'JC, PW lfjxlp t he WL miie Wad bww tl M1 l 35 wt l Wil if I QS- Eicnx-l vcofigil' Little Rebel my Specializing ln Foods of Superb Quality pen Monday thru Wednesday X 9333. M omddlidaklfll cfdan, .JVMMA CKWJAQM 2,9621 Your Savings 84 Home Loan Specialists . Mutual Savings 8m Loan Serving Elkin, Yadkinville, Dobson, and Jonesville MIN VALLEY lui id lhsl UMW idk. Dedicated to providing complete financial service to the Surry, Wilkes, Yadkin, Tri-County Community Yadkin Valley Bank 85 Trust Company Elkin, North Carolina Branch Bank - Branch Bank - Ronda, North Carolina jonesville, North Carolina I I THE' Member F.D.I.C. 1 140 Xwf PM X . G 3 N qollobcliijggljbll iUiQiiifGT5bo?'xc1 B Q Q 11 -Kfliwjf QQDCMMPO X X ll X0 NX Q40-74 1 S?9X590bQff ll? Xj.b, 5 X X Q50 X5 X Dlx QQONXQjlbQfOXxlXX. 5 jfggbll S658 Q gfok-gxvvxgfy Q SMG 55 065550 Q6f51?O . U QQ! NQJ Vx 1 Q 55L'E'fM27 lb QQ X ' 14 RNPARC A www? Sv 43 W 1 Sem: QIOSS Dv e ro g1ebNB:9?lgu'S Q! lvyv Q6 X W 12 1 X ,X A " H M 1:21, 3 af 6 Q 'X G35-2 9 O l:g:,':,,,,,.,lU,i AgZ,1,,,M1gy,-,,1,1,l?gX wi " ' ' ' 1 M M D 1 Q1 . 'S rVe S 0 0 e ass ?nS K' 'Mmm ma r all e 1 Q X ' K0 bk KY X. cb ox OO G X X Q 4 . XO CCE? WWE? bybwfl A gb Q bOJW Q! 0 YU CJ X EX X S7 1'7XxX 10 QQ NV XF 1 Us L TD. UL U 275 5114111 U WN. PARK , M. 51 Compliments of: 243 214 A 301 441 COIFFURE Elmgre' 3 --1::i .... ,.q:lQl M BQUTIQUE 5 """'E:,f 'S Yadkinville, stare ll Zig ' OPEN Tues - sn. J H ? - sm 'Slwvins 43115 1,11 orannngonnmg i ' 'whim 'K CALL Q. 835-6405 J' nusv MARTIN UWNER G OPERATOR 2l5Vz E Mm sr. man NC I Live and work s - - in places tourists only visit. " ' ' jf: C "QW XNXNNSXN 5 , ,I W' l Vfltxfggis 1 N so GERMANY W ii yxli?kKNF5 Ni+SiXilf14ftCfi' ' , . Lv xv of-lE', 'lf ' f ' fl i r' ily! W f' i'-1, ' zu ra. 1 7 'I' J x ws. , , f 4 ,r -ll 'fl y ff Q t fr I f Asn' f., ffl I, .2 y x' f, X X 1 qftiii x , if f'fVL?,25,5 f 1 7 ' X ' :, fLLxi.,,, X A Vllll MII . ar f , f lllln When you enlist for Europe, you're there to do ajob first, and frolic at the Oktoberfest second. If you qualify, you can choose to learn ajob in supply, missiles, aviation, infantry, artillery, armor, administration maintenance, medical, or many other fields. And we'll guarantee it in writing before you enlist. Once you get to Europe you'll earn a minimum of S397 a month, before deductions. Then, besides your normal time off. you'll get 30 days paid vacation a year. And that's plenty of time to see Europe. Call Army Opportunities 789-3088 in Mount Airy Join the people who've joined the Army. An Equal Opportunity Employer S-MT Elk Clothiers Inc. Elkin Village Fine Selection of Mens Wear Style - Quality - Comfort SPONSORS Lewis Alexander American Furniture Dr. Thomas Austin Dr. Sam Bickley Bridge Street Exxon Bryan's Dr. C.C. Dudley Dr. Woody Faulk Dr. Lin Fincannon Finger 8L Park Bruce Goodson Dr. .lim Harrell Jr. Dr. Jim Harrell Harris Electric Henderson Sc Allen Dr. Claude McNeill Dr. Richard Merlo David Morrison Avery Neaves Charles Neaves N. Elkin Radio 84 TV Dr. Yung Ho Park Dr. Eldon Parks Surry Tractor Dr. V.W. Taylor e e ee e ee .l i 6 w X me X mx? ,Pyle rj ,Mx V N ' Y WWW 5 w pf QQ' JQSMWXM of W fg5 r is 1J SUR R B . Ml Mi I l 52,9 N5 haw rymsvyggr' M Mfg WV pa W my by OUR wdjsgsfgyy dry . A r I S x rw v9 W V , X9 ex Q NV, W N QP r P' rr rr Q QSNQJFWS W M VVWM yy NP WW Weil? Ew a im M rw vvj W by 'Q A wmv 1 ee re e X Q-f 'LE . L! ' If r Q Sri MQ, CM MQ, XN'5YW0V e Q01 xx WWSJ UQ' 01164 , r BW is XEJLQ X IMLIIXAU 5 J Ol 6'5X l lf f li 5 A r .f fxjlm k we r rag PM rr rf r Q rf K XGG is x M 0' W 9 9i5jMM3' ' e 5f f . g 9 he S fy d A the future draws near h g h ldh d d y member the past, W g p g h A d 'll I h 'h h Y f h f d h I L Ckh d 978 ' Xxgxxx X f7fZVwgiY3Y79Q'WWwM77n , fWfQ W?Ww!WigM?l MMM Wj Qjmw W,f!O!i0gff!fWbjf CWf1 MWA WW UMW? Mwlwfgw f M W ww Wrwf WW Q J WM W K Q CHWWM K fJQW,3fMA WM GOWN gfembocm gp QSOWQ LKQCMV5 bggbdde HMM wh Q ' O dwg CEM' XFMC5 1,9055 Sqiop QXQQ mn JCLAOOX S+' UCL! 7zAm!1fNP'Qn OgQf,5J Hk5,hf-jgul 06171 5 W M 1 GH Uf96,f CO3 ' JMIM JNL gf QM is Q5 Q!! we ! New QD Q 716 Onknk Idgfeffz buff cp 743 7196 . 65,1239 lf liver fag? 5145177 Q1 Q00 Obqi X, 66274 5 ffgfs! 'I Q0 Of M .S KWOOJ 625007, SCCQACVOX N72 Q56 lf6lS7l May! I W7 ' ' UWC! 55 Q E! Afgnggaif 566 Lddffif xijkQEJQ,d! 5 UMM mf A K gfffvgf ' Wow M171 D6 ff 70a 61157 W af ff 0 fend Of wmedne IQCWQ M 741 Afg Aeida 6,00 gd Wf?ci n ZMW5 5 me of I 305741 PM 76 bw b We SQL? CQQQAI -WHS Em Q Ljigjm lg Q9 n YPQ wwe EGM UF W Hs, X7 Zyofgbefgf 374 ef l f Mmm O fe m i? W0 3 is MW. 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TBS Jawa uli D3,UJblLu t'1mrp2X9 Sl, Ufvmq 1-nlypq N011 rvuj-Lqpq I-mug? SRU hndgj 1z,T 7b'9m-vs oQQWQjivUbo ULUMWJQ Q4 bww W-Ef,N,l ,235 MAD E 'fwofwmw sy pswwx 'mmm . ' X +94 H H21 H733 ,WPDvDnvlfv DMS QvJ29v'9ZDpt+Q3w:Eggqil,4?i?,,i: +wm HWQP FMU mcg Jmlfz Lwm Jgbfdjb, gm, ,Wx qw 'mb I Sum? ZWW WWQ Y Jq'W2+jO DOW wwf 960930514 unix! W Q+.3'O'b' 'BQ +x'X'W' 98" but Sump fp ' QQ - emma r uw we PW -N M39 JO UMW: if QPh1+faO Q9 r swf mos Qfwrnpmp ,VDD bm gm I MW ug? Jzwwm 1? 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