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ffl 0,03 0'f"78 " ,if ff! t fpiijl WQJ LZ? Wffgww W ,, f' ,mf MMV' t ff4WV9fWmf5,W V44 27702 p5"Wf2L 4149 jp VO Mg 1 WW M4217 fvwf Wy? f . W up W f9Qjj??Dmcf759W77,2fwQ WWMWYWU WWWFWAH wwf AMIWMMV Wy?-fn? M1027 XQVMD Q J . ' fp Va 1 ",, - 25, A4 W I X X X . X 'x X ll E EIE 77 Elkin High School Elkin, North We, the graduating class of 1977, dedi- cate the Elk '77 to Mr. Jeffrey B. Sea- ford. Since his arrival three years ago, we feel that he has given of himself one hundred percent, not only to the Seniors, DCCllC3tCd IO Mf. Jefffey Seaford but to the entire student body. 2 l Dedication i I Old days, good times I remember Fun days, filled with simple pleasures 15 - I 4 nr gi ei Y' R . , 1 7 ' M My M 9 wr M 7' WWW., A r Pl1'DMCiM4 f Drive-in movies, English books and blue jeaiis Howdy Doody, baseball games and birthdays Take me back to a World gone away Memories seem like yesterday 1 r,..i-uw, , ,, Old days, good times I remember Gold days, days I'll always treasure Funny faces, full of love and laughter Sunny places, cool fall nights and football -...QQ w t of N , A Q K 1 " 1 1 4 J "5 , .7 ' H .X,. a 1 ' .9 E 'f'A 'AXV if fl It fy., i, ' 'v-r-... , . f aft ' v-vnu-q...?,, 'vu- J -,,.Q...,.., ,K if 2 0 A 'gl fm 'fun-.v.....L,,,w, . qs' x g, , . 5.,. yu-Q... mv-5... ,XTX-' li f , aa f : ff? ff? Y f f 1gy.,,,4e 5 ,wg it fii ky Take me back, to a world gone away E y Q 0h those memories, seem like yesterday r Old days in my heart forever i . . , 5 Old days m my mmd Ive gone to yesterday t Y 6, mn' -A 5 A Q A-. K Q 4 , 1, , , Q x . . L ' P W V' f' im A.. W y nik Q .4 1 f,xg,l"igm'v A X 9 N Q ,, x , , - Vu 2, L 1.5 ', ,vygwfsw A 1 If ' .EH ' in 3' ,aw ., N .L Vx vu X -N., ? 5 'F- if 6 Q fqtgiw Q' x EW M if-.. VP in 'N-. S "Nw, H-sr Homecoming Queed Sarah Partin M ix? q XX! Sarah Partin Lynn Cockerham Junior Attendant Senior Attendant Renee Campbell Sophomore Attendant lk! :J Denise Lyon T Freshman Attendant Homecomin gl,13 14 f Homecom joanie Hayes DECA Attendant Patricia Allen Eighth Grade Attendant Lisa Haynes French Club Attendant Cynthia Smith VICA Attendant Sherry Martin AFS Attendant Vickie Cockerham Band Attendant Barbara Chatham Monogram Club Attendant .ax , Q ' 1 4 . x " f .L ,Y Cathy Williams FHA Attendant W 11,51 D, ki 1W."'?' ,.4..1w4-vw-'MQ' 1 .515 '. --Q.. 4 Q. Nw " , il -a I w vu Q . 1.11 'U my ry , ' s v., Jw., W 111ss.11..,,Q .un Wi 1112 - 1 fy K 2519721 -' X5 JW 1 1 5,55 111111115 1 1 1 MMW11 ge 11 1 1. 5 5111 W1 111 fi? A111111 1 1 411 1.111 M 11 Q11 .Q 1 1 5' M111 11 1,5411 111511, 55511 47 5 1 W, 1 EM 1 1 11 1 111 17 I 1 1:1 " 1-1 rg N M' ' 1111 1 11, 1 1 11 11 ,17 1110131111 1 183 11111115517 ,1 1, 1 1 1 11151135 ,W - 11 -1 1,111 F 141.5 X11 1111113 51511 11101 1 13111119 11 11 111 W 111411, 1:51 ' ""111::1f'if 1 111111111 ,1, 111,111 11111. '- , 11111 1 1111111119 -1 15 1111111111111 1111111 11 1 Vfy, W ,,,. 1.M W, 111 11 111111 1 1 .111 111111611221 11111111g:1K111,111 111111111 11111411211-1.-1155911111-1 ,,f31,.., M, 11 111 11.1 1' ' 11 1 11121141 1 1111 1' 111111 , 111111,.!11N.,1: 1T'1111,1i?111JL 111 111'm1:1'ff ' 11 11 -11 L11.1f,'11,111'11'11111'1 ',," W",GVl111N11 1'11W1' A 1221291 111 If 5111.2:,.f.ifv!Y1':. MW' '1 111152 112 1111131141rG1111111111111111'1: ' 1 1111 1111 1111 1,1 ' 111:12f,1r'1111 11 1 211 111111 1111 12112 1 11,, .1 1111, 11111, , H115 1'zfZ11k1'w 411214 '1 Qfzf' 9151" bfi 11 1 '1 1 1111111111119 11131111111Wf111111J+111i g,51m1111111111 111: W1?1g:1,:1?': 111T,1111'11 "MLC 1 1 11 111111111tQ1111111111111111111111111 1111111111 , 11 1311, 'SEQ7L1f,:1,11,1f' '111'11111r11112M:1111' 1' 1 1 1 11 1 N1 11 1 ff 1 1 111'1 1 1 1 1 71 1111, 1 1 Y 111 V1 1 111' 1 11 1 W 111 N 1 1 1 ' .1 1 W11!,g1,1 X1 'UI ' 'H h 211, 1 1 1 f NW' 1 1 1 1 1 112111511 1'f'11g5 111 1 1 111 1 1 fe 111 11 f 1 1 211 1 1? 1 1 11111 1 1 1 1 53.1 1 1 ff: 1 f 93' M ff S 111' 111112.11 Or Au! AG A , Z 'fi 'Y Lfial 'i v' f 'Qaff c 'Q s attst "" R K J 1 . X, -:., The week of October 4-8 was one of great anticipation Elkin High students. Floats were being constructed and p were being completed for the parade and dance. These pi were suddenly postponed due to rainy conditions. Howe' rain didnlt dampen the spirits of Elkin High students, and dance was held on schedule. The parade and game were k Monday. During halftime festivities, Sarah Partin ' crowned Homecoming Queen. , QM M , ff f Homecoming X 16 b ' fi if ,, in -la K fr wall? aw 1 44 My ' Q? 3 N i 'V ., f I f. Qf ' ' , ,gy 7f:,'Q.fzm Q , . fffi . 'Ah .V ' Y iw A , 1. :Q 'QS' .i If Q. J , .1 ch, .A Q A 1 Q ,4- t A . x, k 5 5 bg ' . V ,, 4 . .sf f ' 4 egg, I E i 'Q , ,. 4 4 , ffm f, , fi K . ,i , w. 54, e 32 ,, 1. 1. , v 4. , 1 ,rw 7 L'-'1 QQ Q? .-:-f , Q ft V H36 ' fi .-3 aw fM.,3"' 4, fire ff fl ' H 91 fl tx'-5 LX kind BAM I I gn V 'I I Top ive Seniors 1 . Kim Harper 2 . Anne Atwell 3 . Cathy Eaton 4 . Cathy Williams 5 . Melanie Eldridge 18 !Top Five Seniors utstanding Seniors Cathy Williams Cathy Williams is one who has the qualities of dedication and dignity. She displays sweetness and simplicity in her own special way to all who know her. Mark Brown Mark Brown, a student who was seen continually in and lround the set of The Man of La Vlancha, was the Senior Play scenic designer. His special field nf interest is art fibers, and he las exhibited in local art gal- eries and as far away as Atlanta, Heorgia. Sherry Martin Sherry Martin has shown de- pendability and determination through her support as a Buckin' Elks cheerleader, and in her work as the editor of The Elk Antler. Sherry is a sincere per- son who cares about her fellow students. Ricky Hurt An E.H.S. athlete who is well respected and well liked by everyone is Ricky Hurt. Ricky is self-motivated and always strives to do his best. He is an excep- tional athlete whose dedication is shown through his playing abilities and team leadership. Outstanding Seniors f 19 Timmy Gentry Timmy Gentry has, for five years, displayed much strength and aggressiveness in a sport he loves, wrestling. He is a very outgoing person and strives to do his very best at what he at- tempts. 201 Outstanding Seniors L...- Anne Atwell Intellectual, industrious, and reliable are the qualities which can be used to describe Anne Atwell. She has been active in many aspects of life surrounding E.H.S. and is well respected by teachers and students alike. Craig Bruce Craig Bruce has been a very active participant in the music program at E,H.S. He is a mos' considerate person and alwayl ready and Willing to lend a help? ing hand to those who need it. Vickie Cockerham A very versatile and energetic person among E.H.S. students if Vickie Cockerham. This show through her participation in thd Student Council and other school activities. She does he best to insure the well being oi others. Fran Dudley Fran Dudley is a very capable and hard-working person. Her easygoing and considerate per- sonality shows through in her re- lationships with teachers and students. Barbara Chatham A familiar figure leading the cheers for the Buckin' Elks at football and basketball games is Barbara Chatham. Barbara has a sparkling personality and is a friend to all. She has participated in many aspects of school life such as Beta Club, Annual Staff, and tennis. Sharon Guyer Patience is a quality that is often hard to find in the charac- ter of a person. However, this quality can be seen in Sharon Guyer. Sharon is an industrious and very artistic person. She is well-liked by all. i Kirk Lawrence Kirk Lawrence is known by both teachers and students as a dependable, enthusiastic, and re- sponsible person. His talents ex- tend to many areas and are en- hanced by his qualities of lead- ership. Outstanding Seniors! 21 Cathy Eaton The E.H.S. band plays an im- portant part in the life of Cathy Eaton. She is a very talented person in the field of music. She is an outgoing and fun-loving person, who dedicates herself to her work. 22 ! Outstanding Seniors Kim Harper Cheering at Pep Rallies, foot- ball and basketball games, Kim Harper has displayed many times the school spirit of the true Buckin' Elk. Kim has a depth of friendliness to all who know her. She participated in many aspects of school life such as F.H.A., French Club, and Student Council. Cynthia Cothren Dedication, determination, and the sense of quiet leadership are important characteristics possessed by Cynthia Cothren. She is an easygoing person who is respected and liked by all who know her. " an f W . 5415? if K. 1 5-if Q M al , ' s .5 ,-AI ' ,gt W k . . fi. f ' Robin Watson A person who was in very much demand by the Annual Staff this year was Robin Wat- son, the editor of the Elk 77. Robins happy attitude seems to influence everyone who is around her. She has been a member of the Beta Club, Chain Gang, and Annual Staff. Individual Honors il" , iff i Governor's School Nominees: Amy Eidson, David Boren, and Cynthia Layell. Sherry Martin, Aubrey Lee Brooks Scholarship Nominee. Morehead Nominees: Kim Harper, Fran Dudley, Anne Arwell, and Kirk Lawrence. All American Music Hall of Fame Sharon Guyer, 1976 Holiday Queen Winners: Kirk Lawrence and Terry Gilreath nr- 19 'Q ' L iine 1 L A so ' mf Q is Q ix af er All State Band Nominees: Amy Eidson, Ellen ' 1 W li Lethcoe, and Cynthia Layell. Barbara Chatham, DAR Good Citizen Award Individual Honors f 23 Junior Marshals David Boren Q wil 24 ljunior Marshals Lynn Cockerham, Chief W., 'xx Amy Eidson Billy Me-no Janet Bogus AHCS GWYU Franklin Amburn inline 'gsx Q I K! 'J X June Walters junior Marshals f 25 Q 1 my W' I I A . ww W v fx., ky , M" Q-fx..,w . -.., ---.wh K my P' we ik fl? at IB We ...gnu- XX. -r L9 is N , p 1 4 N ,sa xc? 5-,yr rx I A vc' w v. Q 'Q s kg- Q '-ef" 4,1 CY'- 4'-fif 5. ,,g,a".t . .r...+L!. x4. is C., '- 'c' 9: ,. 4 ' ,e ,V rw 1 e"'7f!" v fl y',fs.i Q ffl- 1.0 fl, 1 1' X54 gC,x,,x.s ,ve nw ,vi .gig ,gm sfffiir '- ,'f.gli'-if - 'E 'K 1-Y 51" .7 Zilla' any - -. ..,.,.f if . f Nm- im of - B.,-4,':5,,,..j I vt +-az . v ,, 'pl mg 'K f"g-'-r'1't,1 .'. 'B - fin, N 2--S. Qgffzfzwv of Q 2 A A nm. N 'v Y Ml' ' iiiwst 13. nn 14.14 - v Comer, Scott Glover sborne, Thomas O Dana Harry Jennings, Shane Sparks, rtl Row: Coach 5 ny Slawter, an McKinley, D urt, Chris I-I ayes, Bobby Trivette, Keith H Row: Chucky Settle, jeff lst 11 1-Ctptai rtinsou, Cc '1 4CJpta n Ricky Hurt, Hal Key , Co Y anny Norm an, Tom ni ouser, D H ther Lu hes, Co-Captain US mH rainer Ji w:T ttle. Zml Ro Terry Se 0 all R 2111 V SI harlcs Prop C l, Darnel 2111 St Carter. Y aptain B -C Co pictured Coach Butl Hall. Nxt Mike Key Jay Sprinkle, Andy Smith, Paul Fincannon, Tom lpock, joe S E 'S E E 1-1 C. 3 O L.. D3 by E E il H, an 'U c is we 2 fi 9- -Sd .2 od 9... ,ima X fx Au Q V 5 if ir-Q 3 5 5 Zwfff-H ' Q' 5 Q mm' .4 D I r. gegznr- r,fQf1 . ,M ,. - f. 5 'L ' -- ' vw E, . K X 13' ' QW 'f??2ef5'T3f7il ,- -K . wg . f ,.1, , ,L QQ3m.....w , 'aw ,- v . .4 QQ, A r Vw 5 WA 1 , , k-Vrk X N ff' J I K LVVV ' "W ., L f' , x ' M A "L i M L5f7fIfL-iffx ffwsr Q tif I I 4 1 :fir fm 1 ,A V. 9 , 49 a' f' MQ? fe 4? fs ' f 04? r ri, aa, 91 Q83 N x L ,, my , "VH I 1 Freshman Football Smith breaks another tackle. iii? :CI Row li Manager, Derek Carterg Wfayne Evans: Bryan Srnithg Scotty Hayes: Al Evansg Brian Willitxrnsg Mike Mariong Co-Captain, jeff Clantong john Hiers1 Wfilliam Collins. Row 2: Scott Win- bargerg Lanny Dezerng Mark Cockerhamg Greg johnsong Reece Batesg Co-Captain, Kevin Kimreyg Co-Captain, Tom Harveyg Scott Millerg Richard Horton: Warney Smithg Danny Wineluarger. Row 3: jeff Eltlritlgeg Tim johnsong jimmy Billingsg Dwayne Wagonerg Bobby Bogusg Co- Captain, Mark Transoug Sammy llayesg Scott Reynolilsg David Dew: Kerry Wagcmiierg Scott Snowg Coach Brent Steelman. Kimrey races for a touchdown. Q ANN We .i J , 'Y was 'N-ttett"'f we Q:-it 2 t SL YJ ig :ii ,f J: Q. V Q3 tt, -QQ w4,,cA sp .if ,, li'-sf QE ctw X -. Girls' Tennis Row 1: Laura Eldridge, Tammy Key, Lark Park, jill Yarboro. Row 2: Alice Gwyn, Barbara Chatham, Debbie Hin- son, Cynthia Allen, Sarah Partin, Coach Phyllis Wagoner. Alice Gwyn shows good concentration. Q H, ' Q 1 Nqz' 'fini M: ' W A Barbara Chatham , ,,, ,zii ft 11 ,N ,,,, Q rf'-7, I Z sets up for an ace. ,se A G, A ,,ff iititts 1 A' :' , esess -: yr- at l A MPPP- ' in ,GK is , W: ,. 4 s'2 1,0 es Si 2 ,,,A 5 , iiiie Fofbushi ,t 4 I 5' -""' 3 South' Stokesjf 4 ry Central 2 Forbush 7 C Girls' Tennis f 33 ' w v bf! I O - K ,,' 1, 1' 1 1,5-W I .lf . , " H af n uf' 9. .tw li V 22 J 4 'F wig' ,W W 9 '13 7 ?. 1. L QQ-fgt f V3 .. Q 4x , 1 BJ if, Ame. VE W4 i f 1 mm, 'Y 16? I A, G . 1 ' U. 1 -Q f ,,,, 1-1. k .,,f 5-,r ww, , S if , , F k 1 A' 934911 Z 'IV' 4 , v 1 5 ? 3 Q bf 'Hs ,fl I A.: Row 1: Kevin Hortong Co-Captain, Ricky Alexanderg Mike Bookerg Walt Transoua C0-Captain, RiCkv Hurts Billy Carrera Neil Walker: Manager Tayloeg jeff Hayes. Row 2: Coach Brent Steelmang Mike Keyg Hal Perry Teague. Ni! +G s - f " Boys' Varsity "" Basketball After beginning a good season by winning 6 of their first seven games, the Elks suffered a mid- season slump. Although the Buckin' Elks finished with a 11-9 regular season record, this did not re- flect their performance throughout the year. Most of the Elk's games were very close, and many were lost by only 2 or 5 points. sig Tayloe breaks away for a layup. Boys' Varsity Basketball f 37 ,ff 4V'f? ,WW mga., 1 L,7, x V. W? , ! Surry 4 QRUHT5 Carter soars above defenders. Alexander in heavy trafflc. Hayes tries for two. Carter dribbles clowncourt. K 4 . it v '--i X Here comes the Blueg Here comes the Gold. Varsity Basketball f 39 Q 3 :ii 'N Q 35, xi W 'b .4 l Z ..--'fi H N. f L uf f O Row 1: Jay Cockerham, Charles Hinshaw, Charles Propst, Bobby Trivette, John Comer. Row 2: Coach Grady Shore, Danny Norman, Bobby Tysinger, Tony Duncan, Mark Weatherman. Junior Varsity Basketball Row 1: Denita Royster, Beverly Carter, Tammy Key, Dana Hin- shaw, Connie Haynes. Row 2: Tonia Caudill, Captain Elizabeth Felts, Barbara Carter, Kim Dar- nell, Sandra Crowell. JV Basketball 141 Opp East Surry Surry Central Starrnounr North Surry r 72 Y I, rff yggf- ,411 ' W' 'K ' . ap, A if I 4, Q .,f,,1: , I Row 1: Lynn Haynes, Lori Hayn- es, Gay Metz. Row 2: Robinette Stuart, Lark Park, Cindy Salley, Angela Dobson. Row 3: Marian McDonald, Mitzi Richardson, Renee Lomax. t Freshman Basketball Row 1: Billy Amburn, Scotty Hayes, Charlie Moore, Robert Duclley, Richard Horton, Brian at II' ' ' ifyif Smith. Row 2: Greg johnson, jimmy Marsh, Ralph King, Kevin 'L f 1 Kimrey, Warney Smith, Derek Carter, Mark Transou. a Freshman Basketball X43 Gentry stuggles for a takedown. Elkin High Wrestlers A Buckin, Elk goes for the pin. The Elks wrestling team this year showed a change from the usual. They had a tremendous amount of teamwork in their 4 victories, one of which was a win over Starmount for the first time in many years. Coach Ward was greatly impressed with the teamwork, along with the individual dedication. Row 1: Jerry Moore, Mike Mar- ion, Garry Winebarger, David Landry, Mark Steele, Billy Hayn- es. Row 2: Coach Lester Ward, Timmy Gentry, Randy Wiles, Gwyn Couch, Billy Merlo, Robert Bogus, Scott Glover, Sam Swift. 5. 1 ,5 ,K I J i.f 3 A K wb 'v Softball Team nthusiastic Haynes anticipates a high pitch. Batter up! 'WK' N ., .. W f . tt, ' i at t lx Elks' hopes rely on fielding. Row 1: Tammy Key, Angela Dobson, Beverly Carter, Lori Haynes, Tanya Hayes, Gay Metz, Melonie Rust, Row 2: Barbara Carter, Teresa Gilmore, Sherri Pardue, Lori Gwyn, Roberta Walker, Renee Lomax, Robinette Stuart, Pam Culberson. Row 3: Donna Edwards, Diane Golden, Tonia Caudill, Kim Royall, Elizabeth Felts, Rebecca Thompson, Tammy Tesh, Lil- lie Mae Choate. 46 f Softball Y .RW Y Pardue scoops a low toss. 1,m.w- ,A,,,,,ff f pf x if - ' 4' Yi l wt , -fii f 4 . 'lf x'Y7,fQ, Q -, Track I-Iurt's determination proves helpful in meets. ,MMG Nrw. .. . ,, M 1 ffa. , yr,- , ,Ag , - H ., J- , 7 'Ta '14, Z' few! i was wa, ,f Q-gt-'3 ,Q Q? iQwxf'5l95-'IS' ass E 4, -X, 1, N .r -A.-Off, 'X 3, E' xx A 06 'ht ,un iii? .1 ,Q gkesdk A -gems? A , ' - lisa. M5- .219 x , , , 1-ff., txt . A 1 hub.:-f is I, , tkrk , 2' 'e-t if B' ii is ff L K ' """ w. , fa k l ,-X' Qi 1 A . . Wi z. -we-.. fx j, "f-wt. -, L45 I . . A--ll... 1, -- , ' 7 X, f " Q '--. X- ljlT'NTw--3 '-f 'IT X 1 kk.. .3 Ia-gif 'B' 5 A fal??,Tai L:-.xr tx -. .',,P...Qlw,+M3'L3 A .-1,,,- 7, it ' T T we Q 6 3 ng gyrcw M " k ,N 'X 'Mg t lk' N as .1 fel Tiff f ' 4 4 -:sw-..""Hmi Ile, rxiiswxa ' A 53. ..,, i - V-:L 3,1-, ,-':. f ,,-.,t. , , T -' eff? T Q- W E-af' - Q'ygg'33s-,"- ff r, f , zkgw-',, - j ajtgv.. Z- -- - I in 'v..":'z 2 EA-'Q'.': ' f. 'rw 'ff' .Y V Q , v--J? 1. fi. Row 1: Manager Todd Tharington, Steve Lay, Todd Garner, Michael Wagoner, Stanley Crump, Tommy Gambill, Manager Lane Weatherman. Row 2: Coach Lester Wartl, Kirk Lawrence, Chip Campbell, Andy Smith, Greg Campbell, Eddie Harris, Robert Harris, Perry Teague, Keith Hurt. Elks train hard in practice. N. V 'sa a. wa' Tm ' ..f- .Q w ' .f.. Dedication is made more enjoyable by team IDHECS. ,- v-if Row 3: Gambill Aldridge, Bobby Dimmette, Danny Norman, Tommy Key, Greg Newman, Kerry Wagoner, jimmy Billings, Greg Lay, Bobby Tysinger,jeff Snow, Bobby Bogus, Ricky Hurt. Track X 47 Row 1: Danny Slawter, Charlie Moore, Scott Winebarger, Foley Norman, , Gentry, Ronald Pack, Bob Copeland, Daryl Rumple, Tony Duncan Coach john Comer, Gordon joneshlames Anderson. Row 2: Walt Tayloe, Timmy Bud Hall. v 4 'S Qu! 1 K 'N '- A f .... - .- Golf The EHS Golf Team anticipates another good season this year with a great deal of experience in their return- ing starters. If the linksmen can combine their experi- ence with their depth and ability, they will be heading for a conference championship. 5 i . M , r In 1335, ,, ,, t ,. "5,npg4,g0iKy, 1, V,,?.15 sm. " . s 1 M 2' nxt! I if A Q A ., fw"Y.fz Gentry concentrates on a short putt Elkin's "ffl" netter strides into a backhand. Boys' Varsity Tennis The tennis team is expecting a spectacular M season this year because of a lot of returning it talent in some important sports. The team has a lot more hustle and confidence than in years past. They feel this will help tremendously. -3+ W' 4 if Neaves proves his bacl-:hand is efficient. ow 1: jimmy Eldridge, Fred Neaves, Tom Harvey, Stan Darnell, Rod son, Kendall McCann. Not pictured: Billy Merlo, Charles Hinshaw, Fran- arnell, Al Evans. Row 2: Coach Mike Church, Dale Edwards, Chris kie Young, Garry Winebarger. Coley, Mark Miller, Butch Grayson, David Boren, Dave Smith, jeff Eid- Boys' Varsity Tennis I 49 W ww-nw. My 5 no ' , Wglllbll 'df 4 4 H 4 Q it I ,,.w,,: fme-Qi. b-15.425 1 W K 11 2 6 EQ O-3 'Sta' OD-4 Si W3 Qcn cz E: 0:1 'IICE .Sj- v 0.9. M04 ,QE cu 'gm -OE U-1.8 was '-4N Nz: Qu-1 Li cu E. cu gig -18 'ffm 30 if M2 Ov-4 CD UD -A -EL M 4 Q2 w ,, ., , M .5 ? KE., 1731 , L.LL VL ,, as C-4 :H x 3-Sogg Q--1K0 1-4?-r:."T.,' nvvg I-4 B P1 I-4 .Mi 73 ,3N'Ts'a.a MEZZ 33.54 ul-A Qwagg M2522 a-., 30 WQAM eFfF3g fG '- 2254.592 Si gg C'-"'n-.wad dau.- Gogh? ULD:-.mm -5-,QI 0 14 q,q',,,f"', 3.E.Ef5 "'5 o..I-MEM 2 S 3 '53 n.3.c:5 UU-'..'9. Samet UUQUD are-EU .:::::m.r:.g UD "wa , . , s ,X X A -. -Q I 6 fi!! 1 ' .-fi: r 'Y 1-Q 1 'va iq , 'Wh T AS qwlglfxfk X 'pq ,aw ,f 'Eb .K WWQQWWW' N .. , if ., he w th k i :Q W' X, y A N f Band Council Members arei lst rowi Cynthia johnson, Sharon Guyer, Michele Rust, Robert Dudley, Fran Dudley, Equipment Manager, Alice Gwyn, Librarian. 2nd row: Terri Gilreath, Drum Major, Craig Bruce, President, Cathy Eaton, Equipment Manager, Mike Gentry, Kirk Lawrence, Vice-president, Cynthia Layell, Librarian, Gordon jones. Terri Gilreath: Drum Major ....,... . ...L Band Members are: Cathy Eaton, Alice Gwyn, Valerie Layell, Louise Campbell, Ginger Hayes, Gretchen Couch, Sherri Tester, Melissa Sim- mons, Cindy Edwards, Ellen Lethcoe, Fran Dudley, Cynthia Layell, Terri Gilreath, Franklin Amburn, Mark Harris, jane Callaway, Carolyn Couch, Susan Taylor, Regina Crouse, jimmy Roth, Pam Spear, Shirley Campbell, Keith Simpson, jeff Bruce, Gay Metz, Gwyn Couch, Tammy Tesh, Lark Park, Nancy Fulp, Cindy Brannon, Kevin Groce, Scotty Darnell, Greg Campbell, Frances Campbell, Gordon jones, Mark Howell, Michael Hes- ter, Luis Donayre, Mark Simmons, Patricia Allen, Melonie Rust, julia Lethcoe, Billy Amburn, Mike Gentry, David Smith, Robert Harris, Thomas Comer, Robert Dudley, Charlie Moore, Terry Darnell, Steve Lay, Danny Norman, Greg Lay, Tom Crowell, Amy Eidson, Michele Rust, Mar- ion McDonald, Bill Mendenhall, Dee Coley, Gary Winebarger, jeff Ball, Todd Craig, jeff Payne, Jody Simpson, David Dickson, Butch Grayson, Perry Teague, Neal Walker, Foley Norman, Craig Bruce, Kirk Lawrence, Donnie Darnell. Stage Band Members are: lst Row: Terry Osier, Mr. Miles, Scotty Darnell, Kevin Groce, Greg Lay, Terry Darnell, Dave Smith, Robert Harris, Robert Dudley, Steve Lay. 2nd Row: Mike Gentry, Mark Howell, Frances Campbell, Greg Campbell, Donnie Darnell. Not pictured: Craig Bruce, Kirk Lawrence, Nancy Fulp, Cindy Branon. ng .nur 1 . ,,..nn.. ,Ea M. M - mm:tnWwmM 'v,- 'J17fu"w'fQli il' " My N- EI-IS BAN The Southeastern Band Festival at Bristol was a triumph for the Elkin High School Marching Band. They received a superior rating. The drum major received first place divisional honors, and the specialty corps received second place honors. The band also participated in the Richmond County Festival where they received an excellent rating and second place honors in the Cary Band Day Festival. In addition to contests, the band also performed at half-time during football season and supported the team with a lot of enthusiasm. Band f 55 The Ren The Rifle Corps members are: Vickie Coc- kerham, Captain, Sandra Crowell, Sharon Guyer. Not 56 f Band Flag Corps members are: Anita Holcomb, Chrissie Walters, Captain, Judy Walters, Michelle Poindexter, Cynthia johnson, Susan Long ee Campbell, janet Bogus, Tina Smith. Not pictured: Pam Culberson. pictured: Brenda McGrady. it members if? The Majorette Squad are: Gina Pennell, Pam Myers, Feature Twirlerg Captaing April Myers, Lynn Smith, Lynn Tulbert. Mixed Chorus The Mixed Chorus members are: Nancy Crouse, Tonya Jennings, Lillie Mae Choate, Tamm Mendenhall Lisa Miller, Marilyn Steele, Melinda Sloop, Amalielwalker, Chrissie Walters, Evelyn Barker, Roberta Blanton, Lisa Duncan, Sarah Everitt, jill Harris, Lynne Haynes, Cheryl Holbrook, Kelly Leonard, Tanya Lomax, Penny Marion, Rebecca McGlamery, Debbie Nichols, Tina Pardue, Martha Sloop, Donna Shumate, Donna Tilley, Deda Winebarger, Ellen Dimmette, Melanie Eldridge, Sandy Gentry, Denise Gilliam, Becky johnson, Ellen Lethcoe, Vicki Lewis, Rhonda Mitchell, Tammy Shores, Karen Smith, Pam Smith, Robin St. John, Robinette Stuart, Marty Gambill, Stuart Hanes, jerry Mabe, Alan Moxley, Todd Stimpson. f,.,,,,a-, L, Q-.--gslf .Xxx K ii A Christmas Concert, under the direc- tion of Richard Miles, was the first activ- ity of the Mixed Chorus. They presented spiritual, classical, and popular music. During the second semester, the chorus was under the direction of Cathy Adkins. They plan to present another concert in the spring. The Mixed Chorus members agree that they have learned to appreciate the value of music. """"""'- Chorus f 57 ,1 The annual carnival was the first project of the Student Council this year. Second was Homecom- ing and Spirit Week which was highlighted by the Homecoming Dance "Colour My World." The council also sponsored many after-game dances which were Student Council truly enjoyed by the students. They also supported the commu- nity by sponsoring a needy family at Thanksgiving. The Student Council this year, under the lead- ership of its officers and Mr. Beshears, continued to serve the students. President: Vickie Cockerham ra: ,. .si L iii if if i ,ai iw- A- Senior members are: Cynthia Cothren, Cynthia johnson, Beth Freed, Chrissie Walters, Chip Campbell, Brenda lNlcGrady, Kim Harper, Wiilt Tayloe, Rfk Sn? junior members are: Alice Gwyn, Fred Neavcs, Lynn Cockerham, Lynn Tulbert, jeff Hayes, Willenzi Miles, Lisa Cockerham, Danny Slawter. 58 f Student Council ' ft X in yni,t j y W 553 Vice-President: Terry Darnell Secretary: Gina Pennell , if'-', Treasurer: David Boren Parlmmentarian: B. Chatham x'9"f'V'H'mee,fv , Sophomore members are: Darrell Rumple, Tony Duncan, jane Callo- 4 way, Lynn Smith, Susan Long, Debbie Hinson, Sherri Coe, Frankie Young. ff f Freshman members are: Beverly Carter ise Lyon Sheila Sparks, Tommy Harvey, jeff Bruc e Rust, Marty Gambill. Eighth grade members are: Steve Lay, Martha Sloop, Patricia Allen, jimmy Marsh, john Hiers, Wartiey' Smith, Davitl Dickson, Scott Reynolds. Student Council f 59 junior Members: lst row: Deanna Kanak, June Walters, Lisa White, Sherri Pardue, Dawn Temple. 2nd row: Billy Merlo, Donna Edwards, Kim Ratledge, Lynn Tulbert, DiAnne Trivette. 3rd row: Lisa Cockerham, Lynn Cockerham, Marilyn Steele, Amy Eidson, Alice Gwyn. 4th row: Cynthia Layell, Franklin Amburn, Joe Ipock,Janet Bogus, David Boren, Scott Glover. Sth row: Tommy Key Terry Darnell, Fred Neaves, jimmy Eldridge. Not Pictured: Sandy Sloop. v 3 I I fl 5 4 i 2 4 1 Z K , . WL .gm 8 K K E. , , Qian.: Senior Members: lst row: Tawana Jackson, Fran Dudley, Tammy Harris, Elaine Evans, Sharon Guyer, Chris- sie Walters, Anne Atwell. 2nd row: Debbie Shumate, Renee Haynes, Cathy Eaton, Sarah Partin. 3rd row: Robin Watson, Beth Fulp, Vickie Cockerham, Billy Carter. 4th row: Cathy Williams, Cindy Goodwin, Diane Hampton, Dale Edwards. 5th row: Melanie Eldridge, Beth Freed, Mike Key, Paul Fincannon, Mark Miller. 6th row: Craig Bruce, Timmy Gentry, Chris Coley, Kirk Lawrence, Chip Campbell. Not Pictured: Kim Harper, Barbara Chatham, Sherry Martin, Diane Allen, Donna Pack. 60 I Beta Club President: Paul Fincannon 7 Vice-President: Anne Atwell Beta Club Sixty Elkin High School juniors and seniors earned and maintained a 90 point average during the l976-77 year to qualify as members of the Beta Club. ln addi- tion to being an academic organization it is also a ser- vice one. Secretairy:7Cathy Bilton Treasurer: Fran Dudley Parliarnentarian: Mike Key Qy.J,.A,c,, J!-LC fry.,fwfx,.p- V 1 AFA- l'V'xw Beta Club 7 61 'U Renee Haynes, Barbara Chatham, and Dale Edwards discuss copy for the yearbook. '--W., 'mr me 5 ,W-wM"" P' ...Q-Mf K ,Mi vc I ga -...,,N 4' iff-X Staff members are: Sharon Guyer, Robin Propst, Debbie Shumate, Barbara Chatham, , x HOKU.E'6 Renee Haynes, james Key, Robert Walker, Walt Tayloe, Sarah Partin, Diane Allen, joe Curtis, Dale Edwards, Mark K Miller, Mike Key, Chip 5 Campbell, Robin Watson, Craig Bruce, Melanie Eldridge, Jeff Payne. Q New Diane Allen, Craig Bruce, Sharon Guyer discuss pictures. 62 X Yearbook Yearbool Copy, layout, and photography are a tools used in producing a yearbook. i trip to Hunter Publishing Company was helpful experience in compiling The El 1977. To the staff, the purpose of th yearbook is to preserve memories and t present the school to others. Robin Watson: Editor Mr. Hagwood, Business Manager, Mrs. Holt ouser, Advisor, and Chip Cambell, photograph discuss proofs. fIrs. Transou and Editor Sherry Martin discuss plans for maper. Ii X api K... the K Paper Staff Craig Bruce and Fran Dudley work on the Elk Antler. ,Vila Informing the students about current events, news, and school life is the purpose of the newspaper staff. These students have an opportunity for a new and unusual learning experience. It gives them a chance to break away from the average student load, in that journalism is one of the few classes that does not deal directly with academics. Staff Members are: Anne Atwell, Craig Bruce, Dawn Cockerham, Lisa Cockerharn, Vickie Coc- kerham, Cynthia Cothren, Bobby Dimmette, Fran Dudley, Dale Edwards, Elizabeth Felts, Paul Fincannon, Mike Gentry, Tim Gentry, Terri Gilreath, Renee Haynes, Tommy Key, Mike Landry, Kirk Lawrence, Sherry Martin, Chrissie Walters. Paper f 63 :alt rvii 'L' DECA Club The DECA Club had a very successful year, winning many honors and participating in club and community activities. The week of No- vember l4-2O, National DECA Week, was observed by the EHS DECA Club very suc- cessfully. Each member of the club was in- volved in some way. Beth Fulp was elected District Parliamentar- ian, and in district competition Elkin placed in all categories. Jackie johnson placed first overall in Apparel and Accessories. DECA Winners are: Donna Pack, Tammy Harris, Tawana jackson, Gay Wyatt, Reid Lawrence, jackie johnson. Not pictured: Beth Fulp, Joanie Hayes, DECA Members are: Billy Car- ter, Billy Durham, Libby Gentry, Ronnie Houser, Luther Houser, Jackie Johnson, Billy johnson, Donna Pack, Willena Miles, Alan Steele, Ricky Propst, Dorothea Blankley, Donnie Harris, Beth Fulp, Laureen Taylor, joanie Hayes, Ronnie Anthony, Reid Lawrence, Tammy Harris, Mike Pardue, Tawana jackson, Gay Wyatt, Randy Neese, Clarice Postell, Bret Davis. NNN- E I is -fi-vnu., 1 i DECA Officers are: Reid Lawrence, Jackie johnson, Co-Presidents, Tammy Harris, Photf grapherg Gay Wyatt, Vice-President, Willena Miles, Historian, Tawana jackson, Secretar Clarice Postell, Historian, Ronnie Anthony, Reporter. Not Pictured: joanie Hayes, Treasu er, Beth Fulp, Parliamentarian. ni 64 f DECA 6 alt VICA Club ICA Members are: lst Row: jamie Felts, Kim Royall, Elaine Lassiter, Elaine KCUHY Leilbeffefi JOIWHUY Clifton, Shelly SPECT, Billy' HOWHFJ, Cliff01'Ll Jang, Diane Hampton, Tim Murray, Danny Slawtef, Qnd ROW: I-Ial'1"l-ansouy Franklin, 3rd Row: Kevin Horton, Phil Harris, Andy Myers, Ronald Pack. Q sis s t A i if VK , 3 .2 Q ii"-if .. 7 .V it . ,..' ,lg L32 A.: The 1976-77 Vica Club had a great enss at ear. Two members received high honors y being elected district officers. Karen yles was elected treasurer and Diane lampton secretary. In the fall the Club ad a picnic with the Deca Club at which xey played softball, football, and horse- toes. A Christmas party was given for eedy children with each member buying t s si toy for a child. grunt .7 A wrtn Q ,AJ Individual assignments characterize VICA work. Officers are: Hal Transou, Treasurerg Cynthia Smith, Secretary, Franklin, Editor, Kim Royall, Vice-Presidentg jeff Holcomb, Pres- Ricky Alexander, Parliamentarian. VICA 7 65 Spanish Club Spanish Club members are: lst Row: Craig Bruce, President, Anne Arwell, Vice-President, Cathy Wil- liams, Secretary, Cynthia Layell, Treasurer. 2nd Row: Cynthia Cothern, Kathy Landry, Sharon Guyer, Renee Haynes, Sherry Martin, Fran Dudley. 3rd Row: Vickie Cockerham, Cathy Eaton, jane Calloway, Sandra Crowell, Marilyn Steele, Lynn Cockerham, Sherri Pardue. 4th Row: DiAnne Trivette, Elizabeth Felts, Mark Miller, Danny Norman. 5th Row: Chip Campbell, joe Ipock, jimmy Eldridge, Garry Winebarger, Fred Neaves. French Club A trip to the Biltmore House in Asheville was a memorable experience for the French Club. Members also saw and learned a lot about French culture dur- ing the year in other ways. They went to Greensboro to see an authenic French play, entitled "La Double Incanstancef' Other proj- ects were the selling of Christmas candles and a di- nner. fx Fifty-two members and guests the Spanish Club went to Guilfor College in February to see a pe formance of the Flaminco Balle Other projects of the Club were t preparing and serving of a Spanis dinner and the purchase of T-Shirt saying dQuien Sabe? -lnn.mw- .,.. ...Q French Club members are: 1st Row: june Walters, Kim Harper, Diane Allen. 2nd Row: Lynn Smith, Nancy Flup, J Saylor, Deana Weatherman, Tammy Key, h.ha-ll, Cynthia Allen, Debbie Hinson, Pam Myers, Ly Tulbert, Billy Merlo, Sherry Hanes, Keith Simpson. 3rd Row: Lisa Cockerham, jill Yarboro, Sherri Hurt, Lori G Gina Pennell, Chris McKinley, Lisa Haynes, Diane Golden, Barbara Carter, ,KimiRatledge, jeff Hayes, Stan Darn 4th Row: Chip Mason, Kendall McCann, DeAnna Kanak, David Boren, Bobby Dimette, Bob Copeland. lonogram Club Members are: lst row: Dale Edwards, Barbara Chatham like Pardue, Ricky Alexander, Vice-President, Ricky Hurt, President, ilice Gwyn, Treasurer, Sarah Parting Secretary, Tim Murray, Ronald Pack 'ommy Key. 2nd row: Walt Tayloe, Robert Walker, james Key, Mike Har .s, Tim Gentry, Danny Slawter, Mike Key, Fred Neaves, Dana Osborne Je Curtis, Chip Mason. 3rd row: KimWRatledge, Billy Merlo, Chris Coley Chris McKinley, Hal Transou, Billy Carter, Mike Booker, Chuckie Settle ,........,..4.g:. :mr 3 Roberta Walker, Sherry Martin, Kim Harper, DiAnne Trivette. 4th row: Deana Weatherman, Elizabeth Felts, Tammy Key, Diane Golden, Lynn Sul- livan, Barbara Carter, jeff Hayes, Greg Lay, Bobby Dimmette, Chip Campbell. 5th row: Douglas Mitchell, XLan,.Ro.yall, Tony Duncan, jim Hughes, Paul Fincannon. 6th row: Daryl Rumple, jay Sprinkle, Bobby Trivette, Shane Sparks, Lori Gwyn, Scott Glover, Cynthia Smith, Mark Steele, Andy Smith, Keith Hurt. 'he Powder Puff football game Was a uge success, raising over 3500 for the Ionogram Club. This was the first time 1 several years a game like this has been layed at Elkin. The game was highligh- ed with male cheerleaders and male ma- Jrettes. The club also ordered jackets nd sweaters for their members, with the roceeds from the game helping to pay pr them. i rs Monogram lub cQWWJ Utd' fifgwot WMM AF S Club The American Field Service is a club de- signed to arouse interest among the EqH.S. students in the international exchange pro- gram. It helps students to better under- stand the customs and traditions of stu- dents in the other parts of the world. S Members are: Pam Myers, Fran Dudley, President, Jane Calloway, Sherry Martin, .-Tres., , Craig Bruce, Donna Edwards. Monogram 1 67 FHA Club National FHA Week in February was an active week for the FHA Club, with such things as Valentine flower arrangements for the lunchroom tables, refreshments for teachers, and a school clean up. They also had a prom fashion show for any in- terested girls. Members also attended the State FHA Convention in Greensboro in March. FHA Members are: lst Row: Regina Crouse, Song Leader-Chaplaing Cynthia Layell, Historian, Marilyn Steele, Parliamentariang Dawn Coc- kerham, Reporter, Debbie Deborde, Treasurer, Cynthia Cothren, Presi- dent, DiAnne Trivette, Vice- President. 2nd Row: Abbye Darnell, Michelle Poindexter, Teresa Gilmore, Tamm Mendenhall, Lillie Mae 1 oate, Debbie Shaw, Pamela Culber- son, Renee Campbell, A,QQ Pam Myers, Lori Haynes. 3rd Row: Kenya Mathis, Patrica Holloway, Sherry johnson, Becky johnson, Pat- ricia Wootlruff, Beth Bryant, Susan Taylor, Cynthia Muncus, Kim Harper, Robin Propst, Debbie Shumate, Cindy Goodwin, Melanie Eldridge, Valerie Layell, Teresa Poplin. Chain Gang The Chain Gang is a group of stu- dents dedicated to literature, who meet to share their writings. They believe it is important to try to ex- press ideas and feelings in words. Some of their works are published in a magazine for the students, Links. 68 X FHA tx 7 N- Chain Gang Members are: lst Row: Lisa Blackwell, Billy Haynes, Lane Weatherman, Cindy Bra. Dawn Cockerham. 2nd Row: Tammy Tesh, janet Bogus, Cindy Goodwin, Beth Freed, Donna wards. 3rd Row: Mark Brown, Lynn Cockerham, Lisa Cockerham, Chip Campbell. ffice Occupations I 1, Cindy Goodwin, Kim Royall. g Brothers!Big Sisters are: lst Row: janet Bogus, Alice Gwyn, Chris McKinley, anna Edwards. Znd Row: Lisa Cockerharn, Amy Eidson, Diane Golden, joe lpoclc, ff Hayes. 3rd Row: Lynn Cockerham, Terry Darnell, jimmy Eldridge, Billy Merlo, avid Boren. V .' .'.fggfg.7i re M... K' . Eight E.H.S. girls meet for class two hours each day to learn various office proce- dures. They are taught to operate business machines, fill out tax forms, and other useful skills. Several of them are employed at downtown businesses. Occupations members are: Tammy Southard, Elaine Evans, Debbie DeBorde, Cynthia Jackson, Tawana Big Brothers X Big Sisters Big brothers and sisters are a group of ju- niors Who help introduce the eighth graders into high school. They help them adjust to school life by holding periodic meetings with them and just being there if they need some- one. This program was designed to help put new students more at ease during their first year at Elkin High School. Office Occupations X 69 Bus Drivers Bus Drivers are: Mike Landry, Van Royal, Kenny Ledbetter, Ricky Hurt, Curtis Macemore, Bobby Dimmette, Phil Harris, Ronald Pack, Alan Steele. Cafeteria Workers Cafeteria Workers are: Mrs. Faye Couch, Manager, Mrs. Vesta Sim- mons, Mrs. Belva Simmons, Mrs. Betty Edwards. l i - rv Office Assistants are: lst Row: Belinda Barker, Tammy Southard, Debbie DeBorde, Sherry Hanes, Lisa White. Znd Row: Becky Tetrick, Lynn Cockerham, Robin Watson, Sandy Sloop, Tammy Mendenhall. ' ' Office Assistants 701 School Services Custodians Larry Welborn and Bob Walker 1!v,,r 2 Mm? ,- Z i '.,. Dm 44, I V s,si'3""' 2 W M wi x 'tl YY v is 'Hi 1 iiimi .pil I' F N A, 1' 1 M .I D+ ' Q ' na, if ,A , V . , AM, ,, , ,E A -,, ww ..,, , ig , 'b ,. I WMV fLe,,Me ,1,,nkLs?, , J, ,fi f J G V x !! V,,k .Vx I n iw ,Hwy K My Q44 293, I M 1 if 433,412 fvmmla kwvmgpw 4 ' , Y I if ' ? Ty 1 ' F N x7 X 1 66 4, I W E fwa X E W f if r , 4 , 4 I W 9 i Q 5 3' ,ff I f 2 ea 5 X Q K1 BN m 5? Q 115' ,--' 43 Q 4' 5' RU ' W :W Q , r ,, 1- , was 'w my M V "' 8 its, .f Q is 5 if at fi? Q is 3 ig 5 wie! QQ , twig gl dk Jewell 'r5--w.f:fig,,- 7-1 1 ,,N,,w, , 'S l Harry Jsifguigsl Betty Tesh Hilda McDonald 74 K Faculty sf fe' julia Holthouser Y V 'A ' ""Y" ' W H """ 1' ""' '-' ' 'SLS H W, 'T-""'2..,, ,,,,,, I l s dy Transou ""'l ll-nal---" ' Y " 'f "1'9"l was-11 V7 I-l The Elkin High School faculty consists of 18 women and 12 men - a group of varied backgrounds, interests, and personalities. It is partly through the interaction of these people with the students that teaching and learning take place. An important part of the educational experience of EHS students is their relationship with their teachers. 1 C Y 7 .4....i.i..a..sl--n l Elkin High School L.. Faculty f 7 5 I Q---1 -. ,.-.-N-W...-ii,.....e.-,e1-gf, ,f f--f, ,:--.....-: in --g LQ: 1,-,-b -Mn f...- Dixon Auditorium lluxul fi' w Carolyn Baker , Emiko Goodman Richard Miles Linda Steelman Brent Steelman 7 6 f Faculty if ,.,,V 1 a. to c 1 , Q X , 5 LQ Cathy Adkins Lake Haynes Dallas Nance ,,,. sam, 1-11- Barbara Storms Ign----.--Q. Larry McCann Phyllis Wagoner Although the faculty is a group of individuals with different backgrounds and teaching methods, they have at least one thing in common - helping the students further their knowledge. Since EHS is a small school, there is a close, friendly atmosphere. The teachers work hard and do their best, although their job is not always easy. I I I DianICooley Sam -esh I I I John Charles I -i ar , P, 1 rl rw gm 1. r H ll ,, ll 1. ,, r. :E ll ll fl li ,y si fb Faculty l 77 5 : Elkin City Schools Administration Elkin School Board members are: Dr. Eldon Parks, jack Sloop, Mrs. Elizabeth Callaway, Cstandingb Keith Combs, Fred Norman. 78 f Administration David Thrift: Superintendent john Anderson: Administrative Assistant Although it is not always apparent, the school board is a very important part of EHS. Its role is to make decisions concerning the school system. Its members meet once a month in a public meeting. This year a major question was the re- scheduling of school days lost due to snow. Fi- nancial policies, such as the budget and extra equipment purchases, are set by the board. Other areas they are concerned with are per- sonnel and school regulations. af" ni Jeffrey Seaford, Principal This year EHS had four stu- dent teachers. They were: Kathy Fleming, under the supervision of Judy Snyderg Grady Shore, under the super- vision of john Charlesg Owen Jones, under the supervision of Lake Haynesg Deborah Finney, under the supervision of Jane Anthonyg and Jay Lowe, under the supervision of Dale Al- dridge. This was a learning ex- perience for everyone in- volved. Ralph Beshears, Assistant Principal ft-1 5,1 Gladys Clanton, Secretary-Bookkeeper 'Q 0 Owen jones Frances Simpson: Clerical aide, Receptionist 11 V: 1 A . A B 'Q FQ fa X. T' ,...-- wg e T at Grady Shore X., z Q' . I L x in Kathy Fleming Administration X 79 1 4. ,21 if ,WW nv S 1 V5 ' u W ty, 1 ,J ' fi 'H Aff . ff QQQQWJ , ::- , ,PV French Mixed Chorus "Y I w 80 f Curriculum Physical Education M., an J ,l""""' -wa N" Fr W " 1. Typing , ,..- V-f"""-J ggi' Office Occupations W c ,,-'M Chemistry Biology Sth Grade History World Studies I L...- Q'- General Industries Yearbook journalism 7 4 Career Explorations I lil Curriculum Senior Class of 1977 Jeffreyke Adams Class Officers: Kirk Lawrence, Presldentg Mike Key, Billy Carter, Vice-Presidentsg Barbara Chatham, Ri'CkY Wailer Alexafldef Secretaryg Sarah Partin, Treasurer. Diane FraI1C1S Allen 82 X Senior X 'lv , ,plus-Q. an -ies Tk' ROUIUC I-Yflfl Af1fhO1W Anne Elizabeth Atwell 'Sw 1. .V , ..,:' L' ui--If" Dwane Riley Campbell, jr. james Thomas Campbell, jr. William Ralph Carter Q--1-+ KM Michael Anthony Booker Mark Edward Brown William Craig Bruce Vlfg Barbara Anne Chatham johnny Wayne Clifton Susan Dawn Cockerham uy"""'X - Senior l 83 'QR na, C' ru WQKYQ on .lt Ss! I 1 AM? ? Frances Blythe Dudley William McKinley Dudley Cathy Louise Eaton . X vm, aw E - . 'Ns 5 - vw. ' i 1-libf' A, 4 rj, it , 9, it 'Q Dale Adams Edwards Melanie Diane Eldridge Janice Elaine Evans is Elizabeth Jane Felts john Paul Fincannon Clifford Ralph Franklin Laura Elizabeth Freed Beverly jane Fulp Michael Kevin Gentry Qu? h9f1 3 Senior f 85 Timothy Dwayne Gentry Wendy Francis Glace Cindy Lou Goodwin 86 f Senior ' MM, Nancy Diane Hampton Michael Lee Hanks Kimberly Ann Harper Q' Peter Lee Graham Rocky Dean Guyer Sharon Marie Guyer JY.. ,av 'fu ax ,, Michael Lee Harris 1977 Class Mascots Tammy JO Harris Travis Chipman n Q, Nichole Weedon """"h---..., of Sojoana Arlene Hayes Dawn Renee Haynes Jeffrey Howard Holcomb Carla Elizabeth Hume Senior f 87 rggviffp Richard Thomas Hurt S R Tawana Jane Jackson R Cynthia Elizabeth Johnson R S ar 0 :N Mr. Dallas Nance Class Co-ordinator '7fr'i' N 1 s Xl 1 Eff'-fl! -I . 'N fv . 1 "x" C . 1 s as ',.S'-,N - 1 'EQRM '75 james Arnold Key X is 88 f Senior Billy Michael Key Robert Kirk Lawrence Reid Douglas Lawrence -If 'fig' 'vi' ..,,"-r Edith Kelly Maines Sherry Lee Martin Timothy Lee McCoin Brenda Sue McGrady Elks are Planting a Sweet Vic tree Mk! 8.2 V Gr Mark Walter Miller Randy Dean Neese Wilham Dana Osborne Senior f 89 Fi- 90 f Senior Q-yu-sw, tis Donna YaVon Pack Sarah Moseley Partin Clarice Hickerson Postell Patricia Mabe Slawter jeffrey Alan Payne Robin Lynn Propsr M Q RW Ricky Jerome Propst Kimberely Ruth Royall Myra Gail Sexton iw Debra Lynn Shumate Steve Allen Summer Walter Sidney Tayloe Tamra jane Sourhard Shelly Dee Spicer so-. 'URW' J Hal Warren Transou Neal Joseph Walker Robert Fernald Walker Ina Lucrecia Walters Senior ! 91 9 - Where Do We Go from Here T3-7 f 1 .1 v ,, 5 4 -. -.. ,N 1 . aa 5 LEE.: 'V I N . s kr n 1 , I 4 ,W ' I on ,v Robin Lynn Watson Catherine Elizabeth Williams Molly Gay Wyatt 92 X Senior 'Srl Franklin Amburn Dorthca Blankley janet Bogus David Boren IT!" ,4 QR Larry Gentry Libby Gentry Terri Gilreath Scott Glover www- N X gf' 504 gp-.-..... ,f x y Mark Harris Phil Harris jeffrey Hayes Robin Hayes -urffrf' gi' . Kevin Horton joe Ipock Billy johnson Stacey Jones Top Six Magazine Salesmen X 4 Un- ! m fx! -1 1 1 , -iw Lisa Haynes Yvonne Haynes DiAnne Trivette, janet Bogus, Alice Gwyn, Amy Eidson, Cynthia Layell, Fred Neaves. Luther I-Iouser ' Ronnie Houserfks fy, ...-i...- junior l 95 - 'X wnqr. 'rv-" 'til' 'M DeAnna Kanak Tammy Key Tommy Key Mike Landry 96 fjunior Q -.,, rx -s Chcryl Lanning Elaine Lassiter Greg Lay Cynthia Layell ,vw- NEW! X cfw'-v. if han? i up 'iw L Qgpnf'--r' Kendall McCann Chris McKinley Billy Meng hall N'-. ali!-4-' Kenny Ledbetter Karen Lyles Bobby Mahan Chip Mason up-v-., qw.-f-' ' if Andy Myers Fred Neaves Ronald Pack Sherri Pardue it ' 552.1 4y,...., ,..... Willem Miles J,- Douglas Mitchell Cindy Muncus , Tim Murray g' ,RN "Elks are King of the field, 'No Lion' "! ..n""F KSA' Xw I s -My M aaey Gina Pennell Kim Rarledge Melody Propst Van Royall junior f 97 Alu, Us 'N Chuckie Settle Terry Settle David Sikes Keith Simpson Prom: A New Experience DiAnne Trivette Lynn Tulbert ,H cs- i"':'!b 4 4 a . . ' ' xc y x 0 , 1 4 , . . ' a 3 .9 n , Stephen Vestal june Walters Deana Weatherman Lisa White Randy Wiles junior f 99 Sophomore Class , , "N f' 1 If Y V, ! ,X , , N Vickie Adams l A X fi Class Officers: Cynthia Allen, Treasurerg jill Yarboro, Secreraryg XAknl1 Charles, iVicej H 8 Teresa Adams ,Presiding Rod Darnell, President. -1: ' 'Cul' Y ' is - Gambill Aldridge Z f,,,f' Cynthia Allen james Anderson Libby Anderson 100 ! Sophomore Xi., y ., P , R 'HP' 095 are fi -JM H A Wi, ., J' Y r -, ,ywvs r ,z et, sad 7' c 4' bf jeff Ball David Byrd Louise Campbell jimmy Chappell Mike Bovender jane Calloway Renee Campbell Anngljiarlga Timmy Brown Frances Campbell Tonia Caudill jay' Cockerham Sandra Crowell Stanley Crump Kim Darnell Rod Darnell Rocky Duncan .L Sherry Coe Bob Copeland john Comer Gretchen Couch Nancy Crouse Qi I is-' ,ff Ilia -si von. 'X Q""v g,-...- Wir s' ,, "Elks Are Roaring for a Victory" QPR in in.. am Q... Tony Duncan Nancy Fulp Lori Gwyn jeff Eidson Tommy Gambill Donnie Harris Laura Eldridge Butchie Grayson Eddie Harris Becky Everidge Lisa Foster Sophomore f 101 m 41 Pat Holloway jim Hughes ohnny Hunter Keith Hurt 'H-it .0 Mary Harris Connie Haynes Charles Hinshaw Debbie Hinson Anita Holcomb 102 l Sophomore 3 'F 13, Mg. fx' 1 V7 s , X Gordon jones Kathy Landry Ellen Lethcoe Susan Long Anne Luffman to e i ygx 'UN 1 , 'K ', - , Q , i Vfyb A . N.. t gi' .. rrr 2.13: fll 1 X U' I I H if 'r Sherry Hurt we I Pennie Hutson M R Tom james .- V AZL . - C Sally johnson 'gy lf U ,t Sherryjohnson iff- . , -r- . i , tr :Kiwi 1. JU- ar "' Richard Luffman Curtis Macemore Judy Mitchell Dennis Money Pam Myers l N Sally Myers Greg Newman Danny Norman Kevin Phillips Charles Propst ,K xx l .4-, Shayne Settle 'fb g,...fr 8' Barry Sigmon Jody Simpson Melinda Sloop Shawnee Sloop 'IPF--. 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A is -SH L. A s,,, -... 'gifs' 5 . 'iv .ss 1,. Q' M- 'X ,N Kill' New Experiences, New Friends 'N Brian Williams Sherry Wilmoth Kevin Wilson Dede Winebarger Ronnie Mitchell Debbie Money Ronnie Money Alan Moxley Tina Pardue Mark Reese Scott Reynolds Mitzi Richardson jimmy Roth Michele Rust Lucinda Salley Genna Shirley Tammy Shores Donna Shumate Mark Simmons Melissa Simmons Mark Slawter Martha Sloop Karen Smith Pam Smith Warney Smith Scott Snow Todd Southard Todd Stimpson Robin Stjohn Robinette Stuart Keith Taylor Perry Teague Sherri Tester Lore Tetrick Keith Vandall Becky Van Eaton Dwayne Van Eaton Amalie Walker Craig Weatherman Eighth f 111 --1... if f K "N, MR F e fl 51, ,, Km. '4 1 a f 6' ...M ,L if-ff' Mwnmh 'v vffk I., , M""'-.A msg? I x CQK9 ww Wflfffe-441-f fb Qaagasaqawwx 'QW TCESWW 1 ' E5 cv 35122-MQ qw A V95 +9-P9 WMU? QCXQ will W9 ig WEL? 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PONTIAC BUICK Prowler - ffl Travel Trailer 8 taitt 'H tft 4 E li i ri rf' 7 t t tttiilrirri ..i,...All Vi.. .1 i r i i i t rtt ll ! c 2 sf Q 5 4 I ,.:, 1- - A -r .Q 1 3 Q ,. ,, , 095' " "Win " , 52" :rr 'I t A Q' ..,., fr f:,,: -, ' BLACKWELDER FURNITURE CO. 58165 and Sefvifle "The Home of quality furniture for less money' 24 Hr. Wrecker Service Phone Sales - 835-1831 Service - 835-2020 Night - 835-4871 Elkin - .Ionesville Jonesville, North Carolina 28642 Phone: C9193 835-1424 Pianos by Kimball Wurlitzer Henry F. lVlilIer and others COLONIAL DISTRIBUTORS, INC. Distributors of Gulf Oil Products John D. Hall, Mgr. 153 Bluff Street jonesville, N.C. 28621 Telephone 835-4919 SPEAS HOME AND AUTO, INC. Firestone Tires Front End Alignment Wheel Balancing Complete Car Service 427 N. Bridge St. Jonesville, N.C. 28621 ELKIN VALLEY APPAREL CO., INC. AND EMPLOYEES Highway 268 West Elkin, North Carolina 28621 P.O. Box 651 NEW AND USED CARS AND TRUCKS 711.-COUHU Mtors, LIC. 827 North Bridge Street Elkin, N.C. C9193 835-6406 Bill Smifh and Harvey Smith Telephone Office-835-2317 Iafuels Le. PeniKiQlPTfA A U X X I STATE Roma 'D xi, G LFXSERVICE HARDWARE COMPANY fe- K3 il-5 , - XX-5 P.O. ox Hardware, Paints, Sporting Goods y kJiX X 5 Ronda, . .2867iQ and General Repair Service ' I ,X X Phone 874-2307 4 X, ' State Road, North Carolina MOSELEY AND REECE, INC. Wholesale Grocers 1019 North Bridge Street Elkin, North Carolina CARL Rose S. soNs, mc. Asphalt St Paving P.O. Box 786 - Telephone 835-7506 ELKIN, N.C. VESTAL EQUIPMENT COMPANY Route 1 Jonesville, N.C. - 28642 - Phone 835-2728 John Deere Agricultural Equipment Du n-Well Cleaners "lt's Done Well at Dun-Well!" Phone 835-4065 ' flaw p MQW 252 W H W www um Ie " ere ost o sTra el" Md WMI .uf can t' fgionp, A 6 6I0'16fP.o1IVgZX L NL 'dei Roaring Ri ort a 0 a 2 6 I JW TILLEY MOTOR COMPANY RT 1 BOX 425 PHONE l919l 874f'2231 STATE ROAD, N. C. 28676 DOUG TILLEY OW E YOUR nlfpalmr Imaam flGUlTl -.-.nl v... gn- Chappell Agency, Inc. Insurance - Real Estate 220 West Main Street Elkin, N.C. 28621 Ed Chappell Phone: 835-2759 Winebarger Motor, Co. f ff CARD'N GIFT SHOP 118 E. Main Street Elkin, N.C. 28621 When you care enough to send the very best N. Bridge Stivx , or-X A 1, Eikin, N.C.fT" ,f ' Q ll rr ' 1 L l' lexan er - uw? 1 X Ford and Mercury ' j Q X Sales anri!Service ,LQ pf g J ' Rex V,,' A . KJ yt ry .V 1 i ! V L n e y l K P' wwf . M ' u n era 0 m e, n c i f V A LQ! fiffl Xxx f l . y l ne i 1 X f P, P.0. Box 389 A 2 L Jef' f if Elkin N. C. 28621 ff , a 5 ZA ffl f if! A r . ll X n V ,' ,' ' l ,f fin xiifii If i f 'X ff ff A ' f' " ' Yadkin Finance Corporation Auto Loans Financing Refinancing Insurance Consumer Loans Telephone: 83 5 -4622 124 West Main Street Elkin, N.C. 28621 W. E. Sale 8. Sons, Inc. A Complete Line of Building Supplies Headquarter Dealer U.S. Plywood Weldwood Products I I f , f ' I' 'Y ' 9 , ." - f - ,f M 'bw' - ,,4." ' , . . , V. , v- --. v j..,i ,':."lf"-: kffux-2 -., N gxfkf Nz-gy' ,".4 , .yd 4", 1 7- - ,A, Ig v-vs- 1- if-s . ' h 4 H XL , -5 .-xv. Q , r , ' ,A Q . . ' ' I :br I' if . 1 . A .7-L ,wi -rf- , - - - , 'x' x N, , , f - Q - b I D , ,, ,. - x. I 'bfxl .- Y 4 1 i l 1 V4 Q- -5, ,, . gs-:: ,N -Lf -on 5 Q , 2 J . .- 1 L' 'fx ,-' v -v Qui 4 , -gm ., 'gf lie-. . nv., Q. . n -1- -Rf - , f' x : r l 5 ' Q? I I i r U ls -V-..,'.,, ' - K- 5 J . Q .4 f W f r l X, rm r n'-J u-'u, '- P x P" fl' , ... , ' 1- l - , . . I " 'P' ,,,, 5 1 . N , . l . ,X - I. -5 1-5.-' -x ... v..,Af -- Al l' ' Q ' if -s 1 - . .-'- f 'L I " 'Q L-. 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GENT RV S U FIRST lll Rlfdependenf rug fx hs' Joe G. Bivins Wynne D. Dillon JOHNSON FUNERAL HOME 615 West Main Street Elkin, North Carolina Phone 835-3211 WATSON'S FLORIST AND PLANT WORLD Floral Arrangements for all occasions North Bridge Street Telephone - 835-5245 ROYALL DRUG COMPANY, INC. 128 W. Main Street Elkin, N.C. Two Registered Pharmacists Edwin Royall, Gill Ripley BRIDGE STREET PHARMACY, INC 187 N. Bridge Street Elkin, N.C. Two Registered Pharmacists David Morrison, Bruce Goodson SMlTHEY'S DEPARTMENT STORE 246 East Main Street Elkin, North Carolina "Quality With Ecomony" 120 Holcomb Brothers 119 W. Main Street Elkin, North Carolina Phone 855-1251 HOME FURNITURE COMPANY Fine Quality Furniture Telephone 835-2856 Elkin N.C. ISENHOUR'S JEWELRY "Gifts That Last" Nlain Street Elkin, N.C. 'C-Aff'71llQ71'V9w'lf?'L'Y5 YZQCY' ll'H1f,f7'7"' Tum COCKERHAM PEST CoNTRoL INC. 'iohfmgrfwfi 1685 North Bridge Street N gy,-',W.,, I Eikm Ne ,MW Umm f,,,f, ,W 91059. ifg-wi Phone 835-3914 ' - ' O12 aelogzp, Locally Owned ' ll? . 1 Free Inspection VXUOG 'Q ' f 0 I- A ZAUWM-vm , - 4 , :I 0 ' YD Elk Theaters REEVE'S THEATER 835-4705 VALLEY DRIVE-IN 835-5718 "For the finest in film entertainment" WTO 0551710122 TWOOAM mfr? 7'2- QHMW afetwe-ter Fw www mm: NW, Tff16UWW"Qw FRCT w2nl'0 imp QWWWWWMWW pe 'f7W'Ul07f0fUfif' O,fOg Cftmpzwipfw +nONpqXmq Elk1n Air Service, Inc. 'mf ew WDW UWWV PWD TOWW ie Wtpmwm WWFDQWP 'l2ff'C0QbO:p ft7U'1ufD2'CflJIoZg'rnfv'v'Lf5 121 WEST ELKIN SHELL Quality Service with a Smile Your Happy Shopping Store Kawasakl B Ph i ' Res. Ph 835 1740 C9193 835 1600 S Q Elkin, N653 GNSUYN W Ultimo, Inc. OD D Oil, A 'Z EL Cycle 84 Scooter Center VX QNX 5 gpm JD Q9 3 - a ner der 512116 Bridge si 1 Q O My AKD My 25621 N-UL V We D55 .i Six QV x ESX qw X 'NJN Ui- A W fmifgwikqmwgligp iii, Mfg iswiijgggjwe DPJ Q p X S his we C0mmeSe Si am? ,J-jk' Em' S lin ton Fqgiilfi-liture L xpy A g?iljd Division WU' Ely ww www WSWS 3 3 leg? MeL ewise QQ M' gi 'I izM2TBl?gEQfX'iC A QW iii C WX i Y yxl , f ,. ' X YV . LX-QQA Igflii ofB in n dusmffkjsg ' ' x i j f f ' mg hai Pla i J N'f 1 S ui in u i Ona .. i 11411 ii S 95 J N MQ ton Roa H 0 l f LQ NEC. 28642 H L , N i Nkf D gjJX!XIXJPrecision Paints - Pl b' g Supplies - Hardw 122 X . jNJ 5 GNN V I My "S 'n You I e sure" . akes,P tr Bre s I, a dl nd For Q e Su pli s tering S rv , L O 1 b 85 C es n ispl ,J LLIQA ' P ua A C s A E H I KM EI N C f.Betty a Wal I Y a ' ' ' ' ountain ' I . ' h 4 U ag, ' OU A "Ca dr A Occasi s' ose e r est rthfla eddings A ive s tes 'A h C 195 8 12 Good E tlng f 1. NEWMAN BROTHERS WELL DRILLING CO. Well Drilling New Fast Boring - Pumps For Homes, Towns, and lndustry Elkin, N.C. Drills Wells and Pumps ELKIN CASH 84 CARRY SUPERNIARKET, lNC. Highway 268 P.O. Box 596 Western Choice Beef Fancy 8t Staple Groceries Phone 835-4914 Arthur and Silas Newman, Owners Produce Fresh Daily Elkin, N.C. f ALLS . AAWELERS Nl t A N . C. , , Our' 'ry' NORMAN s MEN s SHOP North Wilkesboro' N ' C' Men's and Stuclent's Wear I . 113 West Main Street Christiansburg, Va. Elkin, N.C. Botany 500 suits Van Heusen shirts pUlElSkl, Va. Bostonian Shoes Radford, Va. WIFM COCKERHAM BARBER SHOP Music - News - Sports 'll ' Leon D. Reece, IVlgr. "lt pays to look well Midway Tire G Marine Sales Inc Compliments of TOM HARVEY Photographer Congratulations to the Class of 77 BOATING AND CAMPING SUPPLIES IQQM U EY J U.S. 21 South jonesville, N.C. 28642 Phone Area 919-835-4750 Compliments of Sunbeam Corporation and Their Employees The Best Electric Appliances Made Congratulations and Best Wishes To The Class of 77 tae, New 9 Q X y an I I , QQW WQAQX 0+1Dk?Q,C?Yb Dyk 502' QS je :RTD Qs 29' 30 N T QQ X, 65 KS' Q3 Q ' XC ' Q B NXNRUQ yi? F6555 0 UQ SQ 07 C UQ! 05 'SQX X 'J ,W Lf U QQOQN xg x 2, V, , jf ye, , 'S Kr I 2 X Ego, Q YQ QW 5 4 QRS w TO WW - 1-an-ww5',,, - . . -.. swf l N. She' .. R A -1 ffnnafff: N K . -. . .........,.. ..,:.t-vga. .A .. .,.. W. 1-ins..-f...5w,...,,..-,.,,,,, -ne-W-..........,..9,,.g ,, .. ' : ' , ' ' , -af. ,K - - M' 'A V"" 'fiffr' -ffuwwe.-a, , . . . . ' , 55125. A . H I i Y 'ut' 'TT' 1.14: ' ,,,.'L fk371f:i'L'"k'i2'Iw'i?1 K , gh, f"f- ," S :X 1, if -4 44 1 we V. , , " E ,K,. - 1 :-.- I 1 x V K 2 ' - , " Z 2 Little Rebel Specializing In Foods of Superb Quality Open Monday thru Wednesday 7:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M. Thursday thru Saturday 9:00,A.M. - 10:00 P.M. Come By To See US! Buddy Vestal, Manager , WQVFVJMQ ! Q WQQTYQNM W' ffhilfwfifff AlVIod Dp S Elk N hC I Mm M 'mwmma gm Mag? Id 'iggqf , me H ' 0 1 QRIYQYX .A NO WWW QWWTWWW T WWW W WMM NWUWVQWYK XSNYQMQ-Om h f0'mm,QQg5bwfxv03OWmV WNY , ASW ' kMmc 1mnd King, C. of QTY mwmWmwvmwmmwWxQ?' WWW Xpwpffbwfiwfgfpximfwkm 7? Wm www Q U-Qgjfymw' X qv, v '5vgU7NYfTVL'QfOQ5 XWWY WmWm 1" v uw will gonmmvffymwkgggwww W SQ. Q-95 A U QNLMN O, WXMJK Agent Ovvkdl .AJ-A-2.x ful WL www , We Wilijfegdk zo-Uvx -LLASL BQMLM N76 bww fwwvwg www . Mmm fgutx ,U-JXQ., DUL mesa 689 NORTH BRIDGE STREET PHONE 835-4444 ' if ELK 2862l Abi? Qwowvvwfl. gem-me "lf YOU Can't See The Tread, See Fred" NDUSTRIAL OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY 1 Office Needs 84 Art Supplies 127 West Main Street : A I W E!-ltr Elkin, North Carolina ff I jACK'S OF JONESVILLE Men's Clothing Jonesville Shopping Center Jonesville, North Carolina Telephone: 835-6808 , 'four smfw Mum The Differencefn E.t,t,hl,fw1'.,.!,..!?.,BwEg.w... 127 3 --'-'W' 1-1' 4,4951 bn out OULAUKLJC wC .4 Gunnar-f-iwhateylfuqvuantt ..., Ge I QW CMU hw I QQWN UQM Nm Omron' 194519 Qrcloe AUYM-LUX amd OQMOL QQU LL 0, f W rm Mfrrmilime 'NN VX i peflsloooft Q Q -VOQJL Q LLIL I J I-If DLL QAQIA Og A dbg IQ Q W' we've GotYourSoIi!aire I+ sm QW I win Tsdzisisaiesganoiiziii C, lemma Cl' 8353527 QLJC +8 rvxqte, mpie apcltelegfxerngliatz hive ir h i iz ' il - . ofioljhaiavai ar3qluise,gp y Id r Mm LL HMO Frei. I ight blow. I wp W . Jirssfzgdsi 'g,51,gep.LI-fifignka D 1 Bmw Lgs HSIGI' arge or ayaway. PMN im' ft Jvwot Kylix TRI-COUNTY MARY'S FASHION CORNER Jonesville Shopping Center 835-6109 Jonesville, N.C. CURB MARKET 81 GROCERY 523 North Bridge Street Elkin, North Carolina Compliments of MARTIN PAINT 85 DECORATING Starmount Plaza jonesville, N.C. 835-53 53 For all your decorating needs THE COKER-WINDSOR SHOP House of Fashion Elkin, North Carolina Phone 835-3254 128 4 WAGONERIS MEN'S STQRE, INC. Curlee and Cricketeer Clothes H.I.S., Izod, Florsheim Shoes Manhattan Shirts Elkin's Leading Clothier .B 81 D SUPPLY CO., INC. 473 North Bridge Street Jonesville, N.C. 28642 855-1521 Wholesale Auto Parts Complete Machine Shop Service CAKES OF I ii D'ST'g5T'ON effafi WHITE'S HOME 8. AUTO SUPPLY CAKE DELLA POPLIN Sl-lop Hardware gm. il -r ' I Appliances Decorated Vg A 'kigifal TV s. stereo IVIIIWS - 4: g I ' Tires By Ofdef EOR ALL OCCASIONS-IVIADE TO ORDER 835-1630 SPECIALIZING-WEDDING CATERING POPLAR SPRINGS STATE ROAD, N.C. 124 North Bridge St. Jonesville, N.C. J. C. Penney Downtown Elkin Open Daily 9:30 til 5:30 Friday 9:30 til 9:00 Shop Penney's Catalog 835-7501 Remember you can CHARGE IT! Griffin's Gifts, China, Crystal Sporting Goods Office Supplies Q 1S Sportsminded FOR THE TEAM . . . FOR THE FAMILY . . . BOCOCK-STROUD OFFERS THE VERY BEST IN SPORTS EQUIPMENT. . . AND HAS FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS. WINSTON-SALEM GREENSBORO Downtown 0 Thruway Friendly Center Team Division Team Division 171 S. Stratford Road 700 Carnegie Place Electronic Service Center 772 N.C. 268 West Elkin, North Carolina 28621 Phone 19191835-5421 EON G 81 B OIL COMPANY 667 North Bridge Street Elkin, North Carolina Phone 835-3607 F 81 H WINDOW CO. Center Road - Arlington Free Estimates on TV - CB - Electronics Sales 81 Service Aluminum Siding, Storm Doors Windows, Awnings, Carports, Seamless Gutters Fred Finney 835-1372 Owner WINEBARGERS GROCERY AND PACKAGE STORE TURNER OIL COMPANY Your Sunoco Dealer State 'R ca , ' a Phone 874-2812 Q X Professional Photography tudio ne P.O. Box 1009 Ellen, N.C. 28621 111 W. Market St. Phone: Office 835-1976 Home 835-5393 Weddings Anniversaries Receptions -'-- '--Birthrt Quality Photography Proms Graduations Elk Car Wash Standard Street, Elkin, N.C. Owned 8: Operated by Mrs. Ed Snyder Eight Bays For Your Convenience With Automatic Tire Cleaner New High Pressure Equipment in All Bays Leo Hardy - Insurance U-XII Kinds? Insurance AGENT SERVES YOU FIRST YO U R l7dE,08l7d8llf ig' North Elkin Ph: 835-3908 '302' E. Main St. mage: i ? , - -1 1,1 Member ofthe Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation The Northwestern Bank Elkin a J0neSvil1e,NOriii Carolina g rfl 7 V ,,4f6zf ' , 'nn 3 5' lf! f , 0 M191 Your Savings 84 Home Loan Specialists in ' , i f are s,, 4 Q X - as - as Mutual Saw ngsaioan Serving Elkin, Yadkinvilie, Dobson, and Jonesville 133 OUTHEASTERN ETALS NC. jake N. M. Guyer President P.O. Box 769 Telephone ' 19195 366-4500 Elm, Nc. 28621 THE YADKIN ENTERPRISE Serving the Tri-County Area Jonesville, N .C . ELK PHARMACY Luke, Dwayne, and Larry lrvvin Phone 835-2621 "Always at Your Service" Compliments of Johnson Brothers Truckers Inc. Elkin, N.C. 919-835-3311 Serving Central and Western North Carolina from the East 7 X Kentucky fi'ied Jkicken, 1 .5933 -A' 1 gk fe or Qiil A Q if LAWRENCE DRY CLEANERS 221 West Main Street 835-3139 I Compliments of ROYALL-COX AGENCY, INC PEPSI - COLA BOTTLING CO. Bm COX Ben Shelton Highway 67 Jonesville -- Elkin, N.C. 134 iii vw gqwdjlhsl- Dedicated to providing complete financial service to the Surry, Wilkes, Yadkin, Tri-County Community Yadkin Valley Bank 8: Trust Company Elkin, North Carolina Branch Bank - Branch Bank - Ronda, North Carolina jonesville, North Carolina ' at ' Ma MM fe fo ta ,,,,,L,,7c,4,afc.9A2.a,.aC,94,JQ.f ,AJ- zaa,7aW.mafAMJ4a0f .Ae-mefagof WWW-any is-at R W' SZLMQQX '3MgkvQ x A Qfvwx , Elk Clothiers Inc. -I Ci W-V C i Fine Selection of Mens Wear Style - Quality - Comfort 135 Also Servi A k X ng TheFznestIn , 0 paghettl. SL - S! I . Sandwlches Ma ile ' V HOURS TheAreasF1nest' A '-'- 7 '- IZZ Elkinvauage-N Bridges: Euan Ph 835-2090 Eat 0ut ln Style Famzly Ctyle Mi Feafunng Home Sfyle Cookmg E07 we Elkm s Newest and Fmesl' Sfeaks and Seafoods Speclals Each and Every Monday Tuesday Wednesday Evemng Fresh Baked Pies Daily Cakes for Special Occasions Birthdays Anniversaries Etc Absol f ly No Alcohol B ges' C Village Inn Restaurant Elkm Vlllage Shoppmg Center Hlghway 21 Elkm N C 835 6101 e n a ' , X .. v Q ? S . I ' if 4 J N? . . 5 I 41, fb ty .. I -5 1' i - y , 1 ' A-, Y 1' ' as ' . I W K ' Q ' ' fs 'I 1 A Q f Y' s :A E J . . o I Mon rum rr-uf 11 AM 11 P rn Su 11 AM 12 Mmm U , . ,, sum-y 4 P Nl Il P N1 . M 11 .vs 5 PM 11 P . -, one a ! W O if j 0 0 0 -L x IC " , A . L' .ffl ' , , . ll' all rr' my Ns g G 'Q o ,gs -1g 4 ' . ' -1 ff as ye- f 1 ! L 1 . , A - ,ff f xl ' A ' , XY N " 2' N LA 1 ' .l ' s 1 V? - ' X , , 7 ' 1 ,Q ' I W X' ' KA-kfglg-V - 'W V ' Q O . . . . , . U e ic evera . e 1 1 ' ' ' C'Bre es 1 f 'WW A AW 1 Qfwjlfg Ay ,1Q,1,f1ff Hi! W QW s 16? arolina residents with 10faf10ns UMW WUI! W1qM?!gFAa nsb0f0, Durham, a C1 A h 11 W2 11 - 5 A TGrcrssTGreek-Farm W Sealtest Dairy Products Home Delivery Ph e 835 5999 835 4155 If ou choose the Marines, ma ,be i ou ll choose Computers, too. The Marine Corps believes that every young man wants to point himself in the right direction -toward the kind of work that will suit him best, the kind of skills that will stick with him for life. So if you've got what it takes to be a Marine. and you can qualify for our new option programs, well let you choose the right direction. If it's computer programming and operations, you'll be on your way as soon as you complete recruit training Theres also electronics, combat support. aviation technology, food services...and many other directions , ,Ml you can go. Come in and look over the list. You tell us what you're interested in. Well tell you if we can 4 get you there. We're looking for a few good men ...to choose their own directions. 1411.440 - ' ffff ' V9 WH I I r ' N 'J ,M ,' 11 J A ff f 5 my 'Kill Kai? 'd i' , N, 5,5 I ' -of ' Q Ulf!!! "" Q I . ' M' Ng UOMM5 mid' f L o A BIL ' ff h La, ,ALAAQ 1.05, rr rv Wsflflz? If I f,Q,f,QgJ,kL6 I fi-v WULQMVOK I nj , N i ' ' - ' 1 I ,AQ f , W I if Surry Hardware and ' r gpg pw: Building Y P Supply Co. Inc. WK u V ' , 2 2 F anCe E1km,N.C. 'H' .NJ Q31 9 Had Ph 835 7676 X 'a ' lynx V: 5-4403 Build s pl Ph 8357171 YA ' F Iv' A k . W M .7 'Cu "MP X n the Scene ! STAR ENGRAVING COMPANY Don Moore P. O. Box 82 Rutherfordton, N. C. 28139 Phone: 704 I 287-3485 Diplomas-Invitations Caps and Gowns-Band Uniforms fi? Sig? QNQ fl sPoNsoRs Q fire fig Dr. Richard Adams gk cN ill l fg Lewis Alexander Wt. ph Me w - Allen, Henderson, Alle rg? D red ' r QQ Dr. Tom Austin Ave y a es Beverage House Cha Nea Dr. Samuel T. Bickley lr E ' Rad' ig? Bryan's Qsc K9 . Yo g Hojggilax Fran Dudley ' XQ ffl -Dr. on Parks Q R lie Duncan X Q . L.l?5wQlrr Kgfqp D n Fincannon r. E. . c ' l' Goodson X660 D Hal rt . fs Finger and Park SQ r. V.W. CK6-QQ Fran's Mini Mart X ' u ract r o. wt EO Graham Oil Co. A fig .Q mPle . Dr J A Harrell jr ago he est r t Dr J A Harrell X550 Q M W fe xly 623550 Harris Electric fo K' dl R man iQ3kgi'5Rman Ofgdsgga , fxifiisgliiffffjrffrftirifr Weiser fir fl fi frfgkiil frfgcmio , My wfafyigei iff? rl alfa? ffgolrfrsi fiiffrlffsl rffgifl fri? Man of La Mancha Cast Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote, Alonso Quijana - Kirk Lawrence flu P05 Ricky Alexander Manservant QSancho Panzab - Craig Bruce Aldonza CDulcineaD - joanie Hayes Governor - Paul Fincannon Duke, Dr. Carrasco, Knight of the Mirrors Muleteers - Billy Carter 4 oley, joe urtis, Dale Edwards, Mike Harris, Ricky Hurt, eff Payne Mark Miller Innkeeper, Padre - Chip amp ell Captain of the Inquisition - Mike Key Maria - Anne Atwell Housekeeper - Barbara Chatham Barber - Tim Gentry Moors - Mike Booker, Dana Osborne, Walt Tayloe, Hal Transou Moorish Girl - Kim Harper Chorus - Diane Allen, Dawn Cockerham, Vickie Cockerham, Cynthia Cothern, Melanie Eldridge, Beth Freed, Diane Hampton, Tammy Harris, Renee Haynes, Cynthia johnson, Brenda McGrady, Sarah Partin, Clarice Postell, Tammy Southard, Chrissie Walters, Cathy Williams, Gay Wyfatt, johnny Clifton, Clifford Franklin, Rocky Guyer, Jeff Holcomb, james Key, Shelly Spicer, Robert Walker, Tim McCoin 142 To Dream The Impossible Dream vi, N .1 ' ,sl yy, kg 0 V it y :Qi Si ' J rv ,1 4 if: 0: If 'K . ,x N y E- V i f ,, f Y W 5' Q a 1 I, 'C L Q' at 'W fe' 1 , f 3 1' 25 ' f . 2 , gg , A 'N 'Q ,4 1. 1 Q 'H!giig.,".f I1 Qfqqa , W as Mhlggvfb, 3, , ' H ' 1 61 ,. 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