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M15 U ,g,wf '! 4 '..fQ I 5E fl! "" W f ' V ..A- if t za' 4 MQGCPYI-fa USU . if ',.- .lijff A aff A E . i ai ff if " 5' 5, - f !C7QTf?1 1.f,!iLQ9,jZ!1SC 3 , M if ,ywffff ,Za ' ,,-ii3'2ff9Jf 1? 'P' , ' 'A ' X gem-C QU 'f J iubbtlilmx f . 4 , . 41.3209-9-ff' ft?-5' 'Q' 'WW' X 'mf H , QI, 'll ' I V ' Wy-f"?'!. F J is ,.,, , ,vb ,Q CJ gkjvlf-Af if Lf' ' S fix' lui. , , . '7 ' A -ff A '-' if , ,V-'J-'Y A , , fgywf fr Y A fa'-"""" Zyl Li , " I .G, ' I ,A ' w"!x.,! 4 f H 'J va A A Q I. H N,! If f we 6 JWN' ' ' .N A 5 4 f f 1 W D , N' 41 B Kg J ' M ,Q L ' WgQ, V g ,si gf! LA l UbW,Nfff"fJ u ' A6 ' D J ' ,fi-if ' , L vi' VI Ll,,wfQNf -XXQTLJM 'dm .33 , Z ' 1 ' da Q ' , ,i yo ,111 -, 0 X . , u ' Q fp e l' , 1 I 6,9 2! l X ' Q . V WMP ' fl I A , llwc Q. ,x ... 2, -irjfi' " . . ' w k , . x. .f ' ' pw"-'S f' " ' 'ix I , QQ wh a t bg k f ,I A D .. . P-' Aa, -Qmsfm g ' 1, N vs ' A -, .- , , ' . f' 'X 5:Jf44ffF",Qfi f. f w hx ' M' - K5""1- rm., -wwf "'- Hwfgg- ww., ' n, ', 7 "' 55. ,..z lik: 5 :, .5 Q .mp .,. 4,,V Mg: N . ld J , N 3 'wax Q f.,N . -,, Q .'... 'ii ' 'E 'H i' Fw WAWVW aM,.j147AflL-Mvr-Q. 1,,,,.faa,-b.,M-paw WM. JQZMJ i1,Q,e,,40lu-1-flfwfo QZLALWL 4ffMwZ171,.,Q 06 wwf. UWM? 1,SD,B," QM QZQQQQQI M4 Mlm ff AJ 57610 ,gdfdfu f M iam hwy 9 I ' , AML 6w , Miiwpk ' 1c.,Qf ,JZ 74 572 5,XmG!!n f 9162- ,iff M ff NX ON THE AIR WAVES H STATION E-L-K Published by the 'Senior Class of ELKI-IORN I-IIGI-I SCHOOL ELK:-IQRN, WISCONSIN NNN 6' ,pn--. Basin Announcing On the pages which follow, the editors and their staff try to present the highlights of the school year of 1949-50, along with the individuals and groups responsible for mak- ing this a fine and pleasant high school to attend. In an effort to avert from the bore- dom which cold facts sometimes carry, we decided to plan our book as if our high school was one massive radio station oper- ating five days a week. The faculty and school board operate from the control room with the student body forming the audience and the special events and highlights taking place on stage. We hope the reader will be pleased with the record of the accomplishments of this year, and that in years to come it will bring back to mind many pleasant recollections of personal experiences. ED. Table of Contents Board of Education . Faculty . . . Classes . , Class Will . . . Musical Direction . . Social Events . . Honor Students . . Organizations . . . Cavalcade of Sports . . md Zin illirmnrg IOHN R. RATHBUN Mere words cannot express the sorrow in our hearts that we who knew him well have for "Iack." To those who did not know him he is only the big, tall boy with the coal black hair for whom there will be no graduation-ever. So it is here that we of station E-L-K pause for a moment to pay tribute to our departed class- mate, Iack Rathbun, with the dedication of our nineteen-fifty annual. Board of Supervisors Iohn Voss Dean Enloe Dr. E. D. Sorenson Arthur Iones Rev. C. A. Burmeister The backbone of our radio station is the board of super- visors, composed of five members. They do a great deal of work in order to keep our school system running smoothly. It has occurred to us that most of the time their efforts go un- noticed by the student body, so at this time we would like to thank the school board for everything they have done to aid both the school and the students. DIRECTGRS Chief Engineer To Mr. Helms, as Chief Engineer of E-L-K, belongs the credit for keeping our station on the air. His gui- dance and personal interest in our problems has brought our high school career to a successful conclusion. STANLEY B. HELMS, Superintend t B.E.. MJ-X., Oshk h Teachers Colleg Un ty f Iowa. QQEQEKQ Z 70M Mug VZAXZXWML Meme W rf MW ,GZ ?7:VZA,,z,-XA!!! geA.,t,.4Z-:,:.,.!' 1,Z,,p al'-af' W Z"eCa5wf27lwff44dwf7f54fff25' WU' A ee A Mwwmffww Jw WM Winerfipfyzzpawffbf Cfwufr W -iff - W Aja Uzzacffja-L7 Qvfpfnvdf Secretary ELMA OLSEN During her tive years in Elkhorn High School, Miss Olsen has kept very busy in the office. She acts as personal secretary to our chief engineer and keeps all the school records. She can always spare a minute to help a stu- dent, and never a day passes that she doesn't have a friendly smile. Assistant Engineer DONALD DISRUD B.Ed., Platteville State Teachers College Principal, Mathematics For the past four years Mr. Disrud, our assistant engineer, has guided us successfully through our hardships and accomplishments. The network of E. H. S., through its students, has cov- ered a Vast area. This of course could not have been done without the aid of our assistant engineer, to whom, at this time, we wish to show our appre- ciation for his guiding hand. 7 In Charge of 0n The Air ORLAN ANDERSON B.M.E. Augustana College. Chicago Musical College. Vocal Music. LOIS DALTON B.S. University of Wisconsin. Home Economics. IOYCE FLUGUM B.S. University of Wisconsin. 8 Girls' Physical Education, LAWRENCE BAXTER B,E. Oshkosh and LaCrosse State Teachers College. Boys' Physical Education, Coach. IOHN HASTINGS B.A. Lawrence College, Washington University. Physics, Chemistry, Senior Math, m MRS. ANGELA BYRNES Montana State University, George Washington University. Typing I, General Math. MRS. RUTH DUNBAR R.N. Sherman Hospital, University of Iowa, Colorado State College. School Nurse. HARRY HAUFSCHILD B.S. University of Wisconsin. General Science, Biology. ELIZABETH HUBBS B.S. University of Wisconsin. English, Speech. Dramalics. LUCILE MILLER B.E. Whitewater State Teachers College. Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typing ll. MARSHALL PAULSON B.E. Oshkosh State Teachers College, University of Wisconsin. Manual Arts. The Air Studio Controls CHARLES KAMINSKI Ph.B. Marquette University. American History, Social Science. LAWRENCE STEIDL B.M. Lawrence College, Columbia University. Instrumental Music. ELAINE KUEHI. B.S. Milwaukee State Teachers College. Laiin, English, Library. BETTY O'BRIEN B.A. University of Wisconsin. English, Spanish. BURR TOLLES B.S., M.S. Platteville State Teachers College. University oi Wisconsin. Economics, World History, Guidance. Script Writers R011 BLD BOW' PNP cfffdll Q! WM 09669 251101 Our 1949-50 scrapbook has been dili- gently kept by our script Writers for pos- terity. Under the guidance of Miss Miller and the efforts of our Editor, Bill Getzen, and Co-Editor, Ronnie Borland, our staff has tried to present the high lights of the past school year. Much able assistance came from our business managers, Mary Matheson and Ierry Cervenka, who started out the year with a big campaign to sell our 1950 Elk. Gerry Waltman served Well as our art editor. Phyllis Anderson and Peggy Deacon were our photographers, and two underclassrnen, Murray Wheeler and Eugene Frank, deserve much credit for working with them to turn out the pictures for our 1950 record. 10 Seated: I. Samuelson, I. Cervenka, R. Clauer, W. Getzen, Miss Miller. 2nd Row: M. Sperry, G. Wellman, I. Dunlap, B. Bowyer, H. Iohnson, G. Fuchs. 3rd Row: G. Peterson, P. Deacon, D. Vincent, R. Borland, M. Matheson, P. Anderson. Q 5' I ax Q .., 4 gb 4 Q .Y Y 5 -2' :E."5A. ,QQ Ho Class S- -D SP-Wtfo 'Clown W1 -1 X095 yxesaden Ce Preslvfiio SENIQRS Qfflcers NALD NG Sec, B031-'IN N5 95811 GIQIY O TKe650 THELMA ADAMS Modesty is a bright dish cov- er, which makes us fancy there is something very nice underneath. Librarian, 3, 4: Librarian Club 3, 4: Hi Lites 4. Q' ' PHYLLIS ANDERSON "Phyl" For through the South the cus- tom still commands the gen- tlemen to kiss the ladies' hands. McKinley IHS, Racine l: Class Secretary 2: Acappella 2, 3: Hi Lites 3: Girl's State 3: Class Play 4: Elk 4. ,. .I i I 3 ,,t, I 1 ' ',,,, E It RICHARD AMES "Dick" The opinion of the strongest is always the best. Band l, 2, 3: Football 3, 4. RUTH BARNES "Barnesy" Patience and gentleness is power. Delavan 1, 213: Acappella 3: G.A.A. 3, 4. We earne here as Freshmen green To gaze upon the high school scene: This was the year for as to afreanz, For football then did reign supreme. JAMES BIAGI "lay" A self made man? Yes---and worships his creator. Latin Club 1. 2: Tennis l, 2: Class Vice President 3: Prom King 3: Football 1. 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. MARION BLESER People who know little are usually neat talkers, while those who know much say little. Acappella 2, 3: Hi Lites 3, 4: Attendance Monitor 3, 4. WILLIAM BIAGI "Be-joe" HUUY is only admissible in catching flies. Football 1, Z: Acappella 3, 4, RONALD BORLAND "Iunior" The greatest fault of a pene- tratinq wit is to go beyond the mark. Attendance Monitor 2: Boys State 3: Hi Lites 3: Class Play 3, 4: Basketball 1, 3, 4: Football 2, 4: Tennis l, 2, 3, 4: Class Secretary 4: Elk Co-Editor 4. BETTY BOWYEB "Boinger" 1 shall never permit myself to stoop so low as to hate any man. GJ-LA. 1, 2, 3, 4: Librarian 1: Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4: Acap- pella 3: Hi Lites 3, 4: Class, Play 4: Elk 4. ROBERT CLAUER "Rusty" Any fool can tell the truth, but it requires a man of some sense to be able to lie well. Band 1: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4: Acappela 2, 3: Class Play 3, 4: At- tendance Monitor 2: Elk 4. Then came tlze year of forty-sefoeng Tho we yielded not as good an 'eleven' We fared quite well on the hardwood court, :Staff -we KL 14 'IERRY CERVENKA "Cervenk" Great men are not always wise. Acappella l, 2. 3. 4: Class Play 3: Elk 4. CHARLES COLEMAN I always voted at the demo- crat's call, which shows I never think lor myself at all. Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Badger Boy's State 3: Spanish Club 3, 4. And gafoe the school our hearty support. PEGGY RAY DEACON What is mind? N o matter. What is matter? Never mind. Southern IHS, Louisville, Ken- tucky l: Girl's High, Louis- ville, Kentucky 2: Forensic Play 3: Class Secretary 3: G.A.A. 3, 4: Class Play 3. 4: Librarian 3, 4: Acappella 3, 4: Cheerleader 3: Elk 4. GERALDIN E DUNLAP "Ierry" I hasten to laugh at every- thing, lor fear of being obliged to weep. Forensics 1: Latin Club 1, 2: Homecoming Court 2: Cheer- leader 1, 2, 3: Hi Lites 3: Class President 3: Class Play 3, 4: Acappella 2, 3, 4: Attendance Monitor 3: Prom Queen 3: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Elk 4. JAMES DIVAN R "Dinqer" Did nothing in particular and did it very well. MILDRED FEHGE I have often regretted my speech, but never my si- lence. Acappella 3, 4. lt Q 1 f s t. -if :' ' W" L is - .--. 2 sf 4 ' , if t 4 BARTLEY FITZGERALD "lim" Now sir, blame not the shark but the cards. Fenwick, Chicago, Illinois 1: Oak Park. Illinois, 2, 3: Class Play 4: Football 4: Basketball 4. GLORIA FUCHS A pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck. Latin Club 1, 2: Librarian 3: Attendance Monitor 4: Elk 4. 1 Qs: .mi 4 :el 2:52 iam 2' at ft ,nes-lsr it .2242 As Father Time brought the next year to pass, We found ourselfzves in an upgoerclass: In athletics we again answered the call, And coped with society with no trouble LOUIS HARDING "Doggy" Every dog has his day. Latin Club l: Class Vice Presi- dent 2: Acappella 2, 4: Hi Lites 3: Spanish Club 3: Class Treasurer 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Baseball 4. WILLIAM JENSEN "Bill" We can never have too much of a good thing. Basketball 1: Latin Club 1, 2: Football l. 2: 3, 4: Home- coming King 4. WILLIAM IACOBSEN "lake" I am valued either too highly or not highly enough. I am never taken at my real worth. Band 1: Class Treasurer 1: Class President 2: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Baseball 4. HAZEL IOHNSON "Pal" In the classroom she is cle- mure, but outside-- we're not so sure. Spanish Club 3: Cheerleader 3: Attendance Monitor 4. DONALD FRY "Don" A closed mouth catches no flies. Baseball 1, 2, 4: Football 2, 3. WILLIAM GETZEN "Getz" It takes a real brain to be a darn fool. Class President 1: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Hi Lites Editor 3: Class Play 3: Badger Boy's State 3: Elk Editor 4: Foren- sics 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. K 7 at all. GERALD KEHOE "Ieny" The greatest men may ask U foolish question now and then. Football 3: Tennis 3, 4: Span. ish Club 4. ROGER LARSEN "Hayseed" A gentleman is often seen but seldom heard to laugh. Baseball 1, 2, 4: Football 3, 4. MARIETTA KYLE "Mary" Ah mefso much to do- so little done. Harvard, Illinois l, 2, 3. KEITH LAUDERDALE A witty saying proves noth- ing. Vice President 1: Acappella 4. At our Sadie Haiolzins Dfznee everything went jine, As did onr class play, "Come Rain or Shine". In the spring we hir our s0eieZy's crest, For it was the Junior Prom, when we did our best. 'Wi' ' aes . ' if - flifiii: V I I . - fs. A ' f 'Q 16 CAROL LIGHTFIELD I think that l shall never scan a tree as lovely as a Mann. G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3: Hi Lites 3: Class Play 4. MARY MATHESON l have never found any per- son of good sense, save those who agree with me. G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Band l, 2, 3. 4: Latin Club l, 2: Foren- sics 3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Hi Lites 3: Elk 4. CURTIS MARTIN "Curt" The world's no better if we worry. Lite's no longer it we hurry. Darlington 1: Football 2, 3, 4: Class Play 4. IAMES MURPHY "lim" All the things I like to do are either immoral, illegal, or expensive. Football l: Spanish Club 1, 2. HARRY NIENDORF "Fearless" The more we study the more we discover our ignorance. AUDREY PETERS "Pete" It silence was golden l'd be a millionaire. St. Iohn's H.S. Marshfield 1, 2: Attendance Monitor 3. J: , 9 Xfiffilj sr By the end of that year we had yhown our worth, And were fully prepared for the next highe In the fall of forty-nine, we had reached the top, We then were Seniory, hat we didn't stop. PATRICIA PFAFFENBERGER "Pat" Quiet, modest, true. MARILYN RAGLAND Ah, but, she has her serious moments, too. Rockton, Illinois 1, 2, 3: Li- brarian 3, 4: Acappella 3: Class Play 4: Homecoming Court 4. NORMAN QUASS "Paulus" He combs and combs and still his hair, persistent, is stand- ing in the air. F0OfbGl1 1. 2, 3. 4: Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4: Treasurer 3. ALBERT REED "Brub" Discontent is the first step in the progress ol a man. Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 4: Baseball 3, 4. BETTY PERIMAN "Peanuts" Birds sing, bees hum, but all I do is buzz. Woodstock, Illinois 1, 2. GLORIA PETERSON "Petie" I can live for two months on a good compliment. Latin Club 1: G.A.A. 1, 2. 3. 4: Acappella 1. 3. 4: Hi- Lites Co-Editor 3: Class Play 3, 4: Elk 4. st berth. DARLENE REED "Reedo" She has occasional flashes of silence, which make con- versation periectly delight. tul. Librarian 3: Hi Lites 3, 4: At. tendcmce Monitor 4: Home. coming Court 4. EARL SHELDON "Little Earl" We only part to meet again. IOHN SAMUELSON "Sam" He is the mildest mannered man that ever scuttled a ship or slit a throat. Herscher, Illinois 1, 2: BGS- ketball 3, 4: Class Presi- dent 4: Baseball 3. 4: ACCP- pella 4: Class Play 4: Foot- ball 45 Elk 4. MARILYN SPERRY It's nice to be natural - when you're naturally nice. G.A.A. 1, 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi Lites 3: Class Play 3, 4: Elk 4. Our domination in athletics could be seen at a glance, On the social level we started with the Honzeconzing Dance: At our class play was a larger audience tlzan normal, ll, And nznclz enjoyment was procured at our lffinter F 18 DONNA STOFLET "Stoii' Little boats should keep near shore. Acappella 1: Attendance Mon- itor 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3: Hi Lites 3, 4: Homecoming Court 1. DONNA VINCENT There are forty kinds of luna- cy, but only one kind of common sense. Secretary 1: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Majorette 1. 2, 3, 4: Hi Lites 3: Class Play 3: Homecom- ing Court 3: Elk 4. GERTRUDE VS' STOLZER "Gertie" Happy go lucky, fair and free, nothing there is that bothers me. Librarian 1: Attendance Moni- tor 1: G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Acappella 3, 4. ARLEN VOLDNESS The wrong way always seems more reasonable. Genoa City 1: Hebron, Illinois, 1, 2, 3. WW GERALDINE WALTMAN "Gerry" Tritles make perfection and perfection is no triile. Hobby Club 1: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi Lites 3: Annual Staff 4. EDWARD WELCH "Ted" , at :,: A SMI? Well, he's always out ll ,,'L - nights. - J Basketball 1, 2: 1-'aafban 1, 2, Q ' 3: Forensics 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi A,,A , Lifes 3- w . Vkk, V. ,V,,V sosa 3 it it a'o ,,,, I j , . I l oa,a A At COWZ77l671C67lZ611f H7116 QVOLL .Yflfw U5 P6155 ALDEN WAY He too serves a certain pur- pose who only stands and cheers. Acappella 1, 2, 3. RICHARD WHEELER Never borrow trouble: borrovrt money and trouble will come ot its own. Football 4. The last time together as one renown class: But we did not league, with our goals yet to be attained, Pffithont fall eonhdenee in those that remained. DONALD WILSON "Don" He has an oar in every man's boat and a finger in every pie. Baseball 1. 2, 3: Football 1. 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Play 4. RONALD WILSON "Buckey" Beware: I may yet do some- thing sensational. Football l, 2, 3, 4: Basketbal 1, Z, 3, 4: Tennis 2, 3. 19 Radio Script 0f The Nifty Fifties This is radio station ELK, broadcasting from the roof of Elkhorn High School, over- looking busy Iackson Avenue: cross-roads of the universe. A news flash hot off the wire has just been handed me. It states, "At 8:31 this evening, Iune 2, the Senior Class of Elkhorn High School passed on. Their last will and testament, which was written While they were attending Elkhorn's ivy-covered portals of learning, was published immediately. They chose to present to the Iuniors, their ability to cooperate and their initiative: the Sophomores receive their brains and good looks, and to the Freshmen they leave their brilliant and successful career. To the faculty they return their unusued demerits to be passed around individually. ALDEN WAY leaves his eye lash curler to Le Roy tLaddJ Frietag. DONNIE WILSON bequeaths his one and only famous saying of "Cry-Yi" to Wally Papenfus. DONNA STOFLET contributes her broth- ers and sisters to George Larsen, so he won't get lonesome. CURTIS MARTIN leaves his toothpicks to Doggey's sister, Ianet Harding. BUCKY WILSON wills his football abili- ties to Eugene Frank. LOUIS HARDING leaves his "Dog and determination to do school work" to David Beattie. MARILYN RAGLAND bequeaths her broken garter to Nancy L. Iacobsen. The lamp which PHYLLIS ANDERSON burns until the wee small hours was be- queathed to Iim Dismore. Phyllis used it for studying. MARY MATHESON relinquishes her Brooklyn Dodgers to any member of the Iunior class who will take them. RUTH BARNE'S position at the county jail is given to Donald Krueger. RONNIE fSir Ayresl BORLAND Wills his wise remarks to Ruth Mildorfer. CHARLIE COLEMAN, after careful con- sideration, leaves his duty of supporting the Democrats to Mary Harrington. MARILYN SPERRY wills her ability to go with out-of-town boys to Marianne Hirn. IERRY DUNLAP'S front porch swing is left to Ierome Hart. Her back porch swing, too. DON CFrenchieJ FRY leaves his taste for fish to Alice Burpee. HARRY NIENDORF leaves his guns, bows and arrows, sling shots, bean shooter, pins and needles, and tremendous shooting eye to Sally Konst. ARLEN VOLDNESS leaves. BILL JENSEN leaves his charge account at the Red Diamond to Nancy Reid. RUSTY CLAUER leaves his priority at the pinball machine at Haybeck's to Eddie Bass - TILT. Richard Harry is the fortunate receiver of IIM MURPHY'S extra nights on detention. PEGGY RAY DEACON wills her grace- ful dancing abilities to Charles Darwin. Iimmy Stoflet acquires IIM BIAGI'S bi- ceps. The Senior Class wills IOHN SAMUEL- SON to the Iunior girls-they sure tried long enough. The cinder in BETTY PERIMAN'S eye is left to Willard Lauderdale. NORMAN QUASS leaves his New York Adventures to Richard Kennedy. MILDRED FERGE bequeaths her gift of gab to Patsy Goodhand. CAROL LIGH'I'FIELD'S big brown eyes are bestowed upon George CTobyl Clauer- four eyes are better than two they say. DICK AMES gives David Desing a book, boldly entitled "How to dance in 17 easy lessons". The third freckle from the upper portion of THELMA ADAM'S left cheek is pasted on the tip of Wayne Welch's nose. A small portion of GLORIA PETERSON'S interest in the stronger sex was instilled in Marjorie Hartwell. A few locks of GLORIA FUCH'S straight hair was accepted by Eileen Periman. She can wear them as bangs. The ability to sprint up and down stairs and dash around halls was left to Wally Abell by BILL BIAGI. BILL GETZEN has a weakness for blondes and now Don Meracle is beginning to feel rather weak. REGGIE WELCH leaves his faithful old Green Parrot to Kenny Fell. "Feed her on Seagrams for best results", said he. DARLENE REED bequeaths her flighty ways to Ronald Erdman. Careful you don't fly away!! IERRY CERVENKA leaves his stream- lined model A to Loretta Lynn and Ieannette Eisentraut. The spare wheel on IIM DIVAN'S future racing car goes to Edna Hintz. DONNA VINCENT willingly gives her overnight "slumber parties" to Donna Miller. BETTY BOWYER relinquishes her ability to get what she wants to Alice Tomaszewski and Mary Alice Ague. TRUDY STOLZER feels that she can leave at least 1X5 of her giggle to Bob Ryan, care- ful Bob, it can be catching. ALBERT REED leaves his "experience with life" to Mary lo Christner. Arden Brabazon is the soul recipient of AUDREY PETER'S bashfulness. Maybe it will come in handy with the girls, Arden. Pat Ryan and Donna Kexel are the lucky receivers of the athletic figure of HAZEL IOHNSON. ROGER LARSEN leaves his crutch to Nancy Ann lacobsen. See that it slows you down a bit, Nancy. MARIETTA KYLE leaves her ability to polka to Kenny Matheson. Lessons free of charge, Ken. EARL SHELDON announces that, due to the bequest of his devilishness, it is soon to be seen in the actions of Ruth Wolf and Doris Wright. DICK "Nob" WHEELER wants to leave Elkhorn High School in the worst way. He's done a pretty good job so far. IERRY KEHOE'S bulging biceps and massive chest expansion remaining with him for self protection purposes. BILL IACOBSEN a great hunter from Elk- horn and also a great kicker for the E.H.S. football team, wills his great abilities to Charlotte, Davis. lust what she needs. Five packages of Henna Red rinse are left by GERALDINE WALTMAN to be divid- ed up evenly between Lois Amon and lean Baker. I BARTHOLOMEW IAMES IOSEPH FITZ- GERALD Ir. leaves his "Iohn Henry" to Dorothy Bolton. PAT PFAFFENBERGER'S loud booming voice is bequeathed to Darlene Bell. KEITH LAUDERDALE'S carload of girls is left to Frank Lauta to be put in the back of his Chevrolet truck. The right lens of MARION BLESER'S glasses is to be worn as a monicle by Lloyd Bourenske. I say there, olde chappie. And with the conclusion of our last will and testament, we of the class of nineteen hundred and fifty regretfully sign off and quietly move from the roof of E.H.S. and prepare to go out into the Great Beyond. Busy Iackson Avenue has become a quiet country lane. The entire town of Elkhorn has settled down to recuperate and return to a peaceful life. Q W 'SW 1: A I 1 gg I 'F ' ,, , 3 1 X X X f X gg , F A ' 'I' . wx N Z Hum IG- Wo E 06 Pr 53055 . dent 64-ide!!! W : 3 A ,fmdlf -ig f V Q1 : fix - Q W xg ak? ' If KENNE Segret Qc' X P1851 JUNICDRS CFFICGFS X509 P-B 'fzeosutet 15,9 3 fav "lb'LN 527' Seated: R. Wolff, W. Welch, I. Hart, Miss Hubbs. 2nd Row: E. Stoilet, I. Eisentraut, R. Mildorfer, I. Brownlie, N. Reid. 3rd Row: D. Bolton, L. Freitag, F. Lauta, R. Kennedy, M. Christner, N. Jacobsen. 4th Row: E. Hintz, S. Konst, D. Bell, L. Amon, I. Harding, W. Papenfus. 2 'Dv f UV? Seated: N. Iacobsen, I. Baker, M. Hirn, G. Larsen, E. Frank. 2nd Row: D. Miller, D. Kexel, P. Ryan, M. Hartwell, M. Ague, C. Davis, Miss O'Brien. V? '.,, ,. . ,M J, 3rd Row: D. Wright, L. Lynn, A. Tomaszewski, M. Harrington, P. Goodhand, A. Burpee, F. Periman. K 1 K Q Q W. 'img an-.. Seated: D. Beattie, G. Clauer, Mr. Paulson, K. Matheson, C. Darwin. 2nd Row: E. Bass, D. Desing, I. Dismore, D. Meracle, W. Lauderdale. 3rd Row: D. Krueger, W. Abell, K. Fell, A. Brcrbazon, R. Erdman. R. Harry. . Of 1 has me O he B Z t ? 'Y HY? Pros cmd Cons G so Belle e raw! which on Y' MU! Lo ok Whar I Iust a couple of Hams 4 en . got" Cheeeeeeese!! Who' Hopp sapiens Mighty Ice Young! Wheeeeee ' H Em 'I Dead EYE Oops, wrong room. ' 01 Evil? 2 Lives, Brownies ,,WhO menu "Yes, you!" ,xg The fellas Blow, Gabriel, Blow! Action Shot - Cut A f' , X0 59 f if .f 7 A ' ' ,law 4, ply - 4 3, ' 1 'L ' 5 " 3 . " ,Af V' gn ' s A 1, AL, 'dm 7, Q ' ,f 5 , s M , M, ,l,r W - ,gl "Home TOWN Band Class dl" Ygaeff Woe Zwffc '55 G51 Pres-idea? SGP!-ICDMORES Cfflcers E X958 LEANOH OB QNX ei B edglli Seerefaly SOM TI 26 Seated: B. Behrens, S. Borkhuis, M. Barnes. Miss Flugum. 2nd Row: E. Evenson, P. Flynn, I. Gray, I. Iacobson, B. Hull, C. Ellsworth. 3rd Row: H. Iongetjes, B. Iacobson, G. Erdman, B. Kehoe, H. Harry, I. Brellenthin. 41h Row: C. Barnes, M. Huebner, S. Angus, E. Lange, P. Howard, I. Babcock. Seated: T. Cooper. I. Norton, K. Vileta. Mr. Hastings. 2nd Row: M. Schinke, D. Lauderdale, D. Walkman, K. Seymour, H. Border. ' 3rd Row: M. Ralhbun, D. Gtuenwald. S. Paddock, K. Krueger, P. Baker, R. Augustine. 4th Row: I. Shepard, D. Weston. I. Potter, N. Marsh. R. Wilbur, I. Grieble. 'lv' Via' ze-We Y X vw -ww ' -,nh Q Seated: Mr. Haufschild, G. Church, D. Coon, H. Xones, K. MacKenzie. 2nd How: I. Pudddck, M. Ware, I. Pelerson, L. Vincent, E. Newman. 3rd How: B. Bartelson, B. Zweig, D. Swutek, R. Smith, I. Snyder, M. Wheeler. 4th How: C. Thorson, F. Puhl. G. Sheldon, S. Ryan, R. Adams, R. Knill, K. Redenz. ...nn f'ix1'!F,.,, 1 3 4 Y PiCI1'10 Legg Kenny and ws "May I have this f Bunch of bums QNX! 4 5 5'-Q L Me xx G Cpvec Id If W Yxfyxe S118 W, J ,,,, Bah ' Tarzan Y Smer ,,., , , 11 -1- A QM .,k,- gi ' Q56 ff , f K'-L 4 '-,L 1' , '--' 1 , W fi -- , H sbiisim. ,, t ,fmvi 'Q -TffsifQfLfiQ5'2v? f .: Z5 41u1W7?fA 37: T. .Q 1'V7-'lf727f571"f'-f - Qi-,117 7 '- L " k "g.s:-lfkgef ,F ' .f,EJi:if f' -" A' " " L ' Dr. Kildare Camera ham! QS ure it K , enn Y YN oodchopp eis 1 W 1 1 Q X, weve. vos gaefx' Pres Class 341219 A Io H4 HA Ce P HD, felsfdelv FRESI-IMEN Cfficers 005 GERALD S E YPSD Se W4 rg Ufefqtyl K XB P892 edsuiei 1 133-me "' -:sf Q' 41' Haw' an '25 F -ef Seated: P. Fell, C. Anderson, R. Kexel. M. Iensen, E. Wright, Miss Dalton. 2nd How: E. Adams, I. Kyle, S. Babcock, I. Desinq, M. Slack, I. Mildorier, M. Heusser. 3rd Row: I. Lauta, M. Mayhew, G. Christner, G. Iongetjes, S. Martin, B. Harding, M. Froehlke. 4th How: L. Frank, C. Cantwell, E. Brockman, M. Klebe, C. Holliday, B. Loomer, S. Milbrath. Seated: R. Koentopp, R. Ragland, D. Ames, S. Swanson, Mr. Kaminski. 2nd Row: V. Walbrandt, B. Collins, G. Breber, W. Brownlie, R. Gruenwald, R. Beatlie, I. Paddock. 3rd Row: G. Swatek, C. French, B. Weaver, B. Schienke, G. Schoenbeck, I. Papenfus, W. Kehoe, R. Wolfe. 4th Row: N. Steele, C. Puhl, C. Iones, B. O'Donne1l, S. Tomaszewski, N. Perlman, S. Robinson, S. Babcock. Seated: G. Welch, F. Neindorf, I. Yures, R. Lightfield, T, Belk, Mr. Baxter. 2nd Row: D. Angus, I. Moore, K. Collins, S. Way, E. Thompson, R. Beaver, S. Green, F. Sioilet, D. Griebel. 3rd Row: F. Ycmke, D. Kirkhcrm, T. Bcrtleson, E. Stuecklen, R. Horn, D. Recknogel, R. Riese, R. Rcrdtke. N k':'gg1jQ .. L ' , f' Q? ij., . W ff -,k' J, 'E 5 H L,.. f .,s-' .V 33 Wall flower Ioe's Bar 8: Grill S as "ARF" Betsy Ross? Scrounges Slip showing Vocalists i Seated: A. Burpee, M. Iensen, R. Kexel, C. Anderson, E. Wright, I. Potter, D. Bolton, C. MacKenzie. 2nd Row: E. Adams, P. Flynn, D. Kexel, I. Paddock, I. Iacobsen, D. Miller, M. Hartwell, P. Ryan. 3rd How: M. Slack, C. Puhl, B. Loomer, S. Milbrath, M. Heusser, M. Huebner, C. Thorson, E. Newman, B. Iacobson. 4th Row: W. Way, E. Stoflet, D. Desing, R. Wilbur, S. Paddock, I. Griebel, R. Ragland. Sth How: T. Cooper, I. Welch, L. Harding, I. Samuelson, S. Swanson, H. Iones. Our studio choir under the direction of Mr. Anderson has completed a very successful program. The choir participated in a beau- tiful Christmas Concert with the band and also sang at the World Day of Prayer Ser- vices. They performed at neighboring schools and participated in various activities both in school and about town. Sam Paddock was elected President of the I choir, with other officers being: Ruth Barnes, Vice President, and Wayne Welch, Trea- surer. The choir closed the year with it annual presentation of "Music Under the Stars", held MR- ANDERSON in the bandshell. 34 Seated: Mr. Anderson, M. Christner, G. hew, L. Frank, C. Davis, P. Howard, G I. Brellenthin, N. Marsh, I. Babcock, M. tag, R. Zwieg, D. Meracle. 5th Row: I. Peterson, R. Barnes, P. Deacon, D. Dunlap, M. Ferge. 2nd How: M. May- . Stolzer, I. Desing, I. Paddock, D. Waltman. 3rd Row: L. Amon, H. Harry, Harrington, N. Reid, M. Ague. 4th Row: T. Belk, R. Ryan, W. Biagi, L. Frei Hart, G. Clauer, I. Cervenka, W. Welch, R. Kennedy, K. Lauderdale. Musicians Ist Row: derdale. well, C. C. Puhl, 36 E, Frank, I. Harding, M. Christner, E. Evenson, C. Holliday. 2nd Row: K. Seymour, S. Hcxmpel, D. Lau G. Erdmcm, S. Martin, M. Hurry, I. Anderson, D. Ycxres, D. Desing. 3rd Row: M. Klebe, L. Petrie, C. Cant- Bames, G. Breber. 4th Row: C. Coleman, R. Wolff, N. Icxcobsen, I. Peterson, L. Bourenske, S. Babcock Mr. Steidl, D. Ames, G. Sheldon, F. Ldutcr, I. Hart. Y, lst Row: N. Reid, I. Babcock, C. Thorson, I. Desing. 2nd Row: M. Sperry, S. Ryan, I. Baker, C. Iones N Steele B Harding, P. Goodhand. 3rd Row: B. Bartelson, W. Papenius, S. Robinson, B. Beattie, B. Weaver 4th Row B Kehoe, G. Christner, I. Lauta, M. Froehlke, D. Bolton, L. Vincent. Standing: B. Bowyer, D. Vincent D Gnebel M Matheson, D, Walbrandt, I. Norton. From the orchestra pit comes the strains of the Elkhorn High School musicians under the direction of Mr. Steidl. The band pre- sented many enjoyable concerts, the first of which was the Christmas Concert on Decem- ber 20. Following were the Iunior-Senior Concert on March 7 and the Spring Concert on May 2. Many of the band members par- ticipated in the solo and ensemble contest at Whitewater on March 25 and mass band at Lake Geneva on Ianuary 30. MR. STEIDL Pep Band lst Row: M. Christner, L. Bourenske, R. Wolff, E. Frank, I. Norton. 2nd Row: E. Evenson, S. Babcock. M. Sperry. N. Reid, I. Babcock, M. Klebe. 3rd Row: I. Anderson, M. Matheson, D. Desing, W. Papenfus, C. Coleman, D. Bolton, F. Lauto. 4th How: D. Walbrandt, P. Goodhand, K. Seymour, S. Robinson, B. Kehoe, S. Ryan, I. Harding, G. Christner. 38 l TWIRLERS B. BOWYER, I. HART. D. VINCENT. The Pep Band has done a swell job this year and deserves a lot of credit. They played at the basketball games and some of the pep meetings. The pep band is under the direction of Mr. Steidl. It consists of volunteer members from the regular band. So let's all get together and give them or hand for a job Well done this year. TI-IE SOCIAL HOUR Homecoming Royalty i, ave e0 Huw XN OXH The festivities of Homecoming week were started on October 24 with the building of a huge Homecoming pile of refuse, which was prematurely burned by some arsonists of unidentified origin early on the morning of October 27. Many students were involved in the reconstruction of the new pile, which eventually dwarfed the former pile. After a pep meeting, which was held in the auditor- ium, the bonfire was lit on schedule. Many of the oldsters claimed this to be the largest bonfire in the history of Elkhorn High School. A Homecoming parade was held on the Friday afternoon of the game and displayed the fact that the students put forth a whole- hearted effort toward the construction of their floats. At the game that night the Elks showed their superiority over Harvard by the tune of 20-B. The Homecoming festivities were con- cluded With the annual Homecoming dance, over which Bill Iensen and Ruth Wolff reigned as King and Queen . l l 40 QUEEN'S COURT H. Hurry, M. Ragland, R. Wolff, I. Baker, D. Reed, I. Paddock. F ,, fM""'!w'-'ranking' Elkhorn 20 Ilarvard 6 -W A A V, ,M,,WM,,,.wf' KN. Winter Formal , lt, W l 1IP-" ,,,....-I 42 N '- On the evening of Ianuary 28, the Seniors put on the annual Winter Formal in the school gym- nasium. The gym was illuminated with reflections from the crystal ball on blue and white streamers and snowflakes, which adorned the walls and ceiling. Everyone was very much pleased with the music, which was furnished by Howard Emerson's orchestra. The dance was well attended by stu- dents as well as alumni. Junior Prom 1 QUEEN EDNA HINTZ It was on the evening of May 20 that the big social event of the year was held, it being the annual Iunior Prom. The Iuniors chose as their king for the big affair, LeRoy Freitag. He, in turn, picked as his queen to reign beside him, Edna Hintz. KING LEROY FREITAG The theme, around which the decorations were built, was "Dutch Dream". The Iuniors monopolized on every opportunity to carry out this theme, which, when coupled with the fine dance rnusic of Bob Stevens and his eight-piece orchestra, led to a very beauti- ful and equally enjoyable evening. Curtain Time SENIOR CLASS PLAY Under the direction of Miss Bette Hubbs 8:00 P.M. December 7, 1949 Municipal Auditorium Characters Iudy Foster ....... Ierry Dunlap Melvin Foster . . . . Ronnie Borland Dora Foster . . . Marilyn Ragland Randolph Foster . . . . Don Wilson Hannah ....... Mary Matheson Barbara Winsocket . . . Gloria Peterson Oogie Pringle . . . . Bob Clauer Mitzi Hoffman . . . Carol Lightfield Mr. Martindale . . . lim Fitzgerald Mrs. Hotchkiss . . . . Peggy Deacon Eloise Hotchkiss .... Marilyn Sperry Mrs. Shlutzhammer . . Phyllis Anderson Rexford Meredith O'Conner ..... . . . . . . . . .Iohn Samuelson Susie ......... Betty Bowyer "A Date With Iudy" was a modern three act comedy, familiar to everyone since it has been an outstanding radio program for sev- eral years. Iudy Foster, the teen-age daugh- ter, was determined to beat Tootsie White- man by soliciting contributions to the com- munity Relief Fund and, therefore, become Queen of the school dance. Soliciting was too slow, however, so she entered contests involving her parents and friends. The re- sults were disastrous and amusing, espe- cially since Randolph, Iudy's precocious kid brother, was constantly badgering Iudy in the project. The audience was introduced to the Fosters and their friends throughout this play and learned to understand the problems of each of them. It was a heart warming story that appealed to young and old alike. Seated: M. Sperry, I. Dunlap, R. Borland, M. Ragland, D. Wilson, C. Lightfield, B. Bowyer. Standing: B. Clauer P. Deacon, I. Fitzgerald, M. Matheson, I. Samuelson, G. Peterson, P. Anderson, Miss Hubbs. 0n Stage JUNIOR CLASS PLAY "And Came The Spring" April 20. Cast Midge ....... Mrs. Hartman . . Mr. Hartman . . Virginia . . Elliott . . . Carolyn . . . Buzz . Clancy Edna . . . Gabby . . Freddie . . Keith . . . Mrs Field . . Mr. Field . Alan . . Christine . 1950 . . Donna Kexel . Marianne Hirn . Wayne Welch . . . lean Baker . Arden Brabazon Nancy L. Iacobsen . . Toby Clauer . . Don Meracle Alice Tomaszewski . . Nancy Reid . . Eddie Bass . Eugene Frank . Ianet Harding . Dick Kennedy . Ierome Hart . . Ruth Wolff "And Came The Spring" was a humorous, straight-forward story of the Hartmans, a typical American family, who enjoyed a reasonable amount of quiet and peace until spring arrived and with it vacation, com- pany, and young love Midge, the young teen-ager of the Hartman family, involved her family, her friends and the entire neigh- borhood to impress Buzz Lindsay, the young man in her life. As the story progressed you found you became acquainted with every member of the Hartman household, and their problems and interests became yours. The story seemed so real because the incidents portrayed in this play could happen in any American home. Honor Students 1 William Getzen Ierry Dunlap Marilyn Sperry Nancy Reid Senior Senior Senior Iunior Frank Lauta Ierome Hart Gilbert Church Donna Weston ll1I1iOI Iunior Sophomore Sophomore 46 R Carol Thorson I-0TCIiI1e Frdnk Ralph Ragland IOAIHI Desinq Sgphomgfe Freshman Freshman Freshman PUBLIC SERVICE Hi -Lites Scripts OFFICERS AND ADVISORS Seated: M. Hartwell, P. Ryan, M. Him. Standing: Miss Dalton, E. Frank, N. Reid, T. Belk, I. Griebel, Miss O'Brien. The Hi-Lites Staff this year was composed of members from all classes, and again they did a fine job under the supervision of Miss Dalton and Miss O'Brien. At the beginning of the year the staff was selected with Mar- gie Hartwell and Patsy Ryan as editors: Iohn Griebel, business manager: Nancy Reid and Ruth Wolff, girls' sports editors: and Don Meracle, boys' sports editor. Besides printing the Hi-Lites in the Weekly Elkhorn Independent, monthly school edi- tions were put out on Fridays. Special edi- tions were printed for Thanksgiving, Christ- mas and Easter. This year, different from previous years, the Hi-Lite reporters were assigned to speci- fic teachers to report on classroom activities. Due to the cooperation of all, the school news was printed for everyone to read in the much-enjoyed copies of the Hi-Lites. AN... 'Z Seated: Miss O'Brien, R. Kennedy, E. Frank, S. Swanson. R. Yares, Miss Dalton. 2nd Row: D. Kexel, M. Hartwell. P. Ryan, D. Wright. I. Eisentraut. W. Way, C. Puhl, L. Lynn, N. Steele. 3rd How: M. Bleser, D. Meracle, I. Griebel, I. Baker, T. Belk, M. Hirn, M. Christner. C. Anderson, R. Wolff. 4th Row: C. Cantwell, T. Adams, N. Reid, E. Hintz, M. Heusser, S. Tomaszewski. B. Bowyer, P. Goodhand. D. Bell. 48 Ll Seated: M. Klebe, M. Ragland, R. Wolff, Miss Kuehl. 2nd Row: E. Adams, D. Wright, I. Eisentraut, T. Adams, S. Milbrath. Standing: C. Cantwell, D. Bell, B. Harding, P. Deacon, I. Papenfus. Monitors The librarians have been doing a wonderful job in keeping the library in order. We especially appreciate their friendly help and co- operation in finding books and locating material on certain topics. A club was organized at the beginning of the year. Thelma Adams was elected president: Ioanne Papenfus, vice-president: and Marlene Klebe, secretary. Their ac- tivities throughout the year included a field trip to Mil- waukee and a Christmas party. The club met once ct month. Studio Maintenance Librarians These people were ap- pointed as monitors at the beginning of the year by the study hall teachers. The monitors work in pairs each hour, it being their duty to collect attendance records from each class room and turn them into the office. These people receive very little credit for their efforts, but wewant them to know that we appre- ciated the time they gave from their study periods to perform these duties. QQ ..,i Y i f , U , I Seated: H. Harry, M. Bleser, N. Iacobsen, R. Wolff. 2nd Row: C. Davis, D, Wright. D. Stoflet, G. Fuchs. Standing: D. Reed, H. Iohn- 49 Public Speakers . 5 .Y-. Seated: Miss O'Brien, I. Griebel, K. Krueger, R. Lightiield, T. Welch, D. Vincent, M. Matheson, M. Ragland. 2nd Row: C. Puhl, S. Babcock, M. Ware, D. Kexel, G. Waltman, L. Frank, W. Way, S. Milbrath, B. Loomer. 3rd Row: G. Sheldon, F. Puhl, P. Goodhand, E. Wright, S. Robinson, M. Froehlke, G. Erdman, I. Brellenthin, D. Weston, P. Howard. 4th How: M. Mayhew, D. Cantwell, N. Steele, M. Klebe, C. Iones, N. Reid, M. Harrington, G. Christner, C. Thorson, H. Harry. Sth Row: R. Yares, S. Paddock, T. Belk, I. Baker, M. Christner, R. Wolff, G. Church, S. Swanson, E. Frank, R. Borland, B. Clauer, B. Getzen. Forensics The Forensics program be- gan this year with a one act play which was directed by Miss O'Brien. The play was a comedy entitled, "The Dear T. 'N- Departed". . The cast of characters was as follows: Mrs. Slater . . Pat Goodhand Mrs. Iordan . . . . Nancy Reid Henry Slater . . . Kenneth Krueger Ben Iordan . . . . Gary Sheldon Victoria Slater .... Carol Puhl Abel Merryweather . . Eugene Frank The forensic speech work began in Ianuary with many people participating in all divi- sions. The league contest was held on March 20 in Elkhorn, while the district contest, on April l, was held in Fort At- kinson. The state contest was held in Madison on April 15. FORENSIC PLAY cAs'r Elkhorn 1102411 PCYFUCIPUHTS H1 G11 seared: K. Krueger, c. Puhl, G. shemon, N. Reid. 2nd Row: P. coodhfmd. contests this year. E. Frank, Miss o'Brien. 50 El Club Espanol The Spanish club, "El Club Espanol", is made up of both first and second year Spanish students. Each member is re- quired to complete one project by the end of each semester. There was a broad selection of projects to choose from, includ- ing maps of Spain and Latin America, scrap books, and foreign correspondence. In addition to the purchase of a new linguaphone series, the Spanish newspaper, "El Eco", was subscribed for. The club had a very good time at the several picnics they had during the year. 1st Row: A. Brabazon, R. Yates, G. Church, Miss Kuehl. 2nd Row: B. Col- lins, M. Hartwell, D. Weston, B. Harding, C. Anderson. 3rd Row: S. Toma- szewski, C. Thorson, R. Kexel, M. Iensen, F. Periman, R. Knill. Ist Row: Miss O'Brien, I. Murphy, R. Clauer, R. Ryan, I. Kehoe. 2nd Row: W. Brownlie, P. Ryan, I. Brownlie, D. Weston, P. Howard, P. Iohnson. Standing: D. Reed, A. Burpee, R. Wilson, D. Bolton, M. Hirn, A. Reed, C. Coleman. Latin Club "Labor omnia vincit," the motto of the Latin club, which means "labor conquers all things", has led them through a very successful year. During the week of April 17 to 24 a banquet was held in honor of National Latin Week. Bulletin boards in the halls and library were decorated with pic- tures and articles showing vari- ous Roman customs and dress. The officers of the club are: President, Donna Weston: Vice President, Gilbert Church: and Secretary-Treasurer, Carol Thorson. 51 In the llrchestra Pit . . . Stardusters At the beginning of the year, these six. ambitious musicians got together and un- precedentedly started an all-school dance orchestra with the assistance of the school band director, Mr. Steidl. Since that time they have played at school for various dances as well as playing for numerous non-school functions. They had the added distinction of Winning first place on an amateur television show contest in Milwaukee. It should be noted that the only organized practice they had was attained through the relinquishment of two noon hour periods a week. lst Row: R. Barlelson, E. Frank, R. Clauer. 2nd Row: D. Beattie, I. Hart, A. Brabazon, M. Him. CAVALCADE of SPORTS 53 Football t Is! Row: I. Griebel, B. Bcxrtelson. 2nd Row: B. Iccobsen, C. Martin, I. Hart, R. Borland. T. Clcxuer. B. Cluuer, B. Iensen, D. Ames. 3rd Row: Mr. Baxter, L. Harding. N. Ouczss, I. Biaqi, D. Beattie, G. Larsen, H. Niendort, I. Sam- uelson, K. Matheson, Mr. Hastings. 4th Row: L. Frietcrg, K. Fell, D. Swcztek, W. Welch, D. Wilson, I. Fitzgerald, A. Reed, R. Wilson. ke Murenqo Lgeniva DSICIVU11 wmot 43-5 13' 266 Harvard KN W1 20-6 MCH 26-Uenry ll ul-lingto hitewate - B-26 U-O Won: 6 Tied: 1 Lost: 1 54 38-20 Milton ' 44-34 29-30 Albert Reed Bill Jacobsen Jim Pnzgemd 33-32 Lake 42-32 Geneva 40-33 A Toby Clczuer Mt Horeb 31-48 ,Mcxren o 9' 40-35 ' Don Wilson Ierome Hart lim 'Biogi' 56 Iohn Samuelson Louis Harding Ron Borland LeRoy Frietag Bob Clauer Norman Quass Coach Baxter and Manager Griebel hitewate 39-40 Burlingtor 44-46 Lake Geneva 53-34 Delavan 57-37 Harvard 55-26 Marengo 37-49 Fort Atkinson 48-41 REGIONAL TOURNAMEN Milton 37-3 1 Ianesville 44-43 Beloit 32-49 57 Ist Row R Augustine G Babcock R Bartelson H. Zweig, D. Angus W Brownlxe 2nd Row Mr Kam1nsk1 F Shepard K Redenz W Kehoe R Smith M Wheeler, F. Niendori, G. Welch D Coon H Iones R Wllber SEASON'S RECORD . . Milton . . . Wilmot . . McHenry . . . Whitewater . . Burlington . . . Lake Geneva . . Delavan . . . Harvard . . . Marengo . . . McHenry . . . Whitewater . . Burlington . . . Lake Geneva . . Delavan . . . Harvard . . . Mazengo . . The tennis team had five games scheduled this year. They started prac- tice in early April and by the end of the season had compiled a very com- mendable record in the won and lost column. The three teams that they played were Lake Geneva, North- western Military Academy, and Fort Atkinson. T iff rx X , .S P T5 53 gn -L wef l we ig yfiq., .jf F , Tennis QQ if Y if Q S r f'i Sealed R Borland G Clauer I. Hart, Mr. Haufschild. 2nd Row: M. Wheeler, B. Fitzgerald, I. Kehoe, R. Wilson, 59 Baseball sxwgesr ' . W, If . QW - E ' 12:-:':',:' AfZ3a31155fIl5ffg:7:," . , , , K W.-t. We - L -' - V ,,.. 1 : 1"'Wffl Y 2- fWQffff1:f:21M:15'Q figfwsw-:s5tf:g21 Us - -' I t' Q W' Q ' Q ,ew .l.., ref.-tLpi,,, , , -...V a - V, f it? sy A J Q'-0 ww . A z Q45 5, ' 3 'sf , is N f -M Q if jpg .4 , K ,Z 3 ' J g g ji ,- ' - A f mfwff2,r:,w4f, f . ,u'g,.,e, . -, I 5 - aisles 3. my ,, W 1. 60 Q K Wrlilfdmqr Coach Kaminski had a fine nucleus around which to build this year's team. Early practice was called for loosening up the arms and getting into condition in the gymnasium. Since spring comes so late each year, very little actual practice can be had before the schedule gets underway. Since the games are played so late in the year, we do not have a record of the results, but here is the schedule for 1950. May 2 Whitewater . Here May 9 Whitewater . . . There May 12 Lake Geneva . There May 16 Delavan tNightl There May 23 Delavan . . Here May 26 Lake Geneva Here 1 Cheerleaders DONNA KEXEL NANCY REID, MARY HARRINGTON DELORES WALTMAN, IANE PETERSON "B" TEAM CHEERLEADERS Kneeling: E. Newman, C. Anderson, K. Seymour. Stand- ing: P. Goodhcmd, B. Wolff, N. Steele. RITA KEXEL, PATSY FLYNN 61 G. A. A. G.A.A. OFFICERS Seated: Miss Flugum, P. Anderson, R. Wolff. Standing: N. Reid, D. Vincent, M. Him, M. Matheson, A. Tomaszewski. Sealed: R. Kexel, R. Barnes, P. Deacon, D. Vincent, P. Ryan, S. Tomaszewski, Miss Flugum. 2nd Row: E. Even- son, P. Flynn, G. Waliman, I. Gray, C. Ellsworth. T. Stolzer, M. Slack, I. Peterson, K. Seymour. M. Heusser, N. Steele. I. Babcock, I. Desing. 3rd Row: P. Goodhand, G. Iongetjes, B. Harding, C. Anderson, C. Thorson, M. Froehlke, S. Robinson, S. Martin, E. Newman, H. Harry, B. Kehoe, G. Erdman. 4th Row: C. Iones, E. Wright. L. Frank, H. Ionget- jes, D. Weston, A. Tomaszewski, S. Milbrath. N. Reid, M. Harrington. I. Dunlap. B. Bowyer, B. Loomer, S, Konst. 5th Row: I. Harding. P. Anderson, A. Burpee, M. Matheson, M. Iensen. M. Ragland, I. Baker, S. Borkhuis, M. Hirn, N. 62 Iacobsen, R, Wolff, M. Barnes. K. MacKenzie. ? W G.A.A. 4 4 1 1 L I r There's the door. lim Murphy Y Howdchado? Handsome Dick Schmu1tz's Fish Market Rubenstein and Fxcmkenstein Yckker Club Hair today, gone tomorrow Phy11's Brew Party john Fred Bob Morning line-up xxx SEMI S X 4,3 - , X F' IBZI 4 Q 4:33 Wx? 4 ssli ERSMNTHMORTMEYER CO LWAUKEE .A. HAMM MI N U, S Ll THO I . K V ,fwivv-.1 f?9ZdLfff-fiifi , C1.f-5+45zCD Qu L-A1WLu,QsMN,Jf N-L1N4lAFx,o-' HM f ls., WJ -u -limit! L an-3' -God ' 9311--1.1 Nfwwaiyw xv-Q 21.4.1-,,,,.J ,Q-.,4.,L vu-Lai K, 'N' km'-0 HH 46m-QW JM.. du.: dw MJ. YM 'MJ' 'Fm Q aku G,.J1 5,frJzLcz., .W 97345 V U v-'WJ-50 M,,Qui.Jd www XuJu.ufw.:..,J OAL 'ggwl OKNL, 4,11 fNt'JWQ4G-lQA4boiBwlv03-uni-NL-diab jf 4110 wi-a..:-d,..,L ' uw .' f 3 u 4' A i ,4 , , 'U """u 4+ , l,L,.a - L I1.,4Q .!,4, AMJ. ,A dd' A' N --S' Mn A JU ,Q , J , ,ff--.Q 4 QA -ndlv V-' 4 ,:AJ,,4 q,,,,K1L.,,,Jy - QLAAJ P 5'-Q , X ' s.JL.:..- f k .Q . A 1, M -N -'-'+.- +L,':nx kj X 1, I- ri W . NX ,X X 1 M s W , 9 G N' ' gm KIM ' K F . i u-"ka ' ? A ' H 31 S, X L , E 9,53-'-4 IICVMJ - ' B N JJ Q 4 ' lt 'N' , . C. '. 0 W 1 , . r . x -fx ' . ' , . . x .4 X4'Sl,x .fx 4 . f ,D A . T3 Q . gf , , KL V Mn, . ,D Q ML Q I Q 5 Q. K R X ZA , I I , 6 ' . m v , I 3 f I xy LJ S N . vi Q ' X Bukit. mu 1-Lu -M-JAJF - -L 4544 Awww' ' SL:-1.-gy' E 'lA,,ziAJ w 1 i. A, ? A -- f 4.3, r 10

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