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f I x M' H 1 'W 5 . 'D e ' X WX! NC X MQ ,vl I 5 x ' Whiz 'Lf yin-Q Q M , M? 49' rf, I C77 f ' J' 'ow M gi f MQQP' ?3CffkfWQfY my ,fgffgiif W2 9? by .r J. 'gs XMB' 5 6,'W,LiJf+'0c"Jm '--, ,L Nw, Q25 KNy,,eJf" Aff pk. ' WDW U5 pw? 'byj ,FSU-J a , I . V x,."' ' . -ff . K: f':4'f 5 R QU' Jig 5- '- My W gk L , jMJq,g,, O-fb' Sy-5 07 iff' . h Mk wi ,f fff"""Ww N all 4 . BREW? ' M A ASL XPMZQNOHAY ,cb Q, -. I- A H N2 , ig 5 a, 33, ,gf , I . . 4..., A , , V 5, ff? X 1. 7 7 " 7 1 K Q QL, , , A- 4' ZA , 1 Ti- .Q 5' V ..-J 1 - . 1 . . , ' W-if ,N Q "I . W +, 1 dlp J 15,0 WW W MQW 9 fflazp Wigwu 227 ,,.,Y+M A,M-Wg .J W ,,. S,,.fJ5 f Q"1f22ff'M4 Q 3, WW' M'qw!M1f Sujifjrrjypw ' 1 if Wwfimviff Wfjwfwjx ,Q + W IE, ly VW Q W . . , , K . .J 3-4ai,"2 . A5 , . ' j , 1 f .' '. ' , -A Y ,lflv 'fi 'T . Y , h ', . ' ' I ' f V l ' art' 1 ' I ' X .' .- ' ' H . I' 61 . . ' . ,pgzhml .A - X j X ' - fmlg, -f' ' X . I V J. ., ' J Xj kg 'L' V Y , , - H' W J: , -X v, ,'-' 1' 4- 15 W' J '-"- f'-- ,Q 'Q,1'1'. -' 1 . ,J A -.,. 4, . ,l A , - 'H Q 5 ' I T." fi uf: 35124 g' ' if X 'HM f-f - U f 11f-Wrfu,fuv1, m, , . W A. nr' Ax '. ',,Q,rQg-gtg' KL 'S W H 1 3' I fi 'sl' W gQwQfv ,fd wx f ,,x V Q fip fffijiiyw ,CW W 0 4 I KQQYNQA YQAHGJ, 05? CK M Q X a I K 'K 45 ,iw f6'p" ily' X5-N ffiigxooga X5 ' Nec gf' XX 'L 9 Bf wb vpy,?+Q 564033 X x ' A xl! aft! N 9-4--of-'95 P alil SU an-Jdiivla-M!!uV4JQ+4ff ff .sf 'fs fWWfMWM f i77fWJw"7"NA'Q 7W?1:42i1f' may fi! 7-'X - , "-J f Published by the ff- Senior Class ,ras ELKHORN HIGH SCHOOL ELKHORN, WISCONSIN X,... X 2 Xxx 0.440 V'4l', P'a--,....,444 10.4, 5 ga we HNMB Wj,,fm ii W if'-Q, F 5 I X24 , 4 IM , A m P 3 A.A, f"m' , Ffi'J x 'mmmmvavimv ' WW? ,H X 5 Q I , Q s Y' 0 1 ., 4 M j ?,f.fkWwM -:nga 31 Q ,-5 Q m -4 ,-I H, 2 , , A , Q,?fx i 5- 3 o 3 9, g pf 5 g Ep? 5 H f- S vm 0 5 9 ig' N ' ur 5 ,, S. 2 2' ... 3' 3 .. . W-m., k,4,. Z f - QgW-,aww-wow 5 G Av C" ff E 5 9 5 s f 5 as .am ro- F. I-I I vc, , '42 2 ,.,, M CL Q gi - 6 X Q""- 5 x i o n U' g 5 Q 'E 5 v-Q . 5 H '1' 7 M Egfoiszsagafawf? f 'W ' Q 2QfE'a55':rLEveE'-2' , oy u Q 2 E Q S , mW.WW,.,,,3m "4 Q. rn g E E :1 2 N. Q tr' " 5 Mb "1bwa .Q,,v.,,,M,W,, "' S 0 g :1 -cz' g 9, M '-.- , H 5 ZZ 5 ,4 Q P' 0 3 E- nl - ,.:, , , -1 A 3 Q ... Fu' n 3-5 ! ' i Q gvx 3 ,... 8 Q Lo 2. 2- 5 Q gi 4 vwgmi . U cl, 9' 5, :r n 5 E ,U my 5 xf E 3 E.. '53 ..-. 0 cn gf m 5 Q2 E 5 5204 S'--3 "A--fvf 5 5. 1 po- 9-0. m CD x C 5 E 5 ii Q F D- O . vii ,p 0 n H O Q 1 gg m So C H CD L0 8 pl .Q 2 "" I-Q f f 5 -Q52 gs 22 2 5- .AE-Sh 5 :X 5 0z""""'v'D,-29-f A' :fm 5 ix 5 5 5 3 ' 5 M : b A q"""""WM-W 5 , A , gwwmmm ,W 5 f I Q x N . 'fl W PM may 3 wxffwqff A lv? by Q P AA, lf' class wtll 1 nwar ' I, ol' ' ' ,f J 'J A I 1"' I e MISSOURI n I' el 1 I U ul ' 0 e e .fqll I 1 u on 0 H . INDEPENDENCE' l . I I I u I I ' , ' we leave H+ sa halls te f A 1 never 1 1 1 e .B -' 1 The mm e sought then' ld and bullion und 4-I l or su to travel trav t th dusty trail at led em eu goal an ' not rea then' end -- lucceu must ne - -----1 As they did in bl , -- For the , - yur column " ut a moment e de in gushing this hte we m e be mu That care and tion be our -- 'd With this ,, 1 rm- stan makes gsofpride een Schmid ORTY UI N' ' - A 9' e mms see D 1' gg I e. MR. STANLEY B. HELMS, Superintendent B.E., MA., Oshkosh Teachers College University ot Iowa DONALD DISRUD B.Ed. Platteville State Teachers College Principal, Mathematics Mr. Disrud has helped a great deal in keeping Elkhorn High School func- tioning so smoothly. He spends much time and patience in keeping track of absences and detentions. Yet he al- ways tinds time to help students with their many problems. We appreciate all he has done tor us. 49 f66AZW?f,Z:L1,zZer JJQWWQUMWLMMM Ffzbmwamsgndsfm !mfdI4Ub Mew A4M!i?7,6s.4f,,!4LWc,LmV4 fgvrflf-1f,Qywf4f7'fvf!CZ'rf1frfw4fw riffs Cziffggf Y 421+ Q-2-LYQ,2S12mM.4z.,T,r- 4!a1.,z.i,1,, - 5343 ,Ayr fine. f Zio M1 gf-M1404-.-,C-Z , Www The graduating class of 1949 wishes to thank Mr. Helms for his many help- ful suggestions and the guidance which he has so willingly given us. We are sure the entire high school will agree that Mr. Helms has helped keep our school standards high. n ups-. 'vs ' ,,,,-f ll . . ,..mv l I Q f"Xl- i ts-.. 4 5 A l J'-F' Dr, :X-S tr- I X Iohn Voss, Dean Enloe,, Arthur l0Tl95f Rev. C. Burmeister, At this time we wish to thank the school have made our school life more pleasant. board for the many improvements they have We appreciate their efforts put forth for the made possible during the past years. They betterment of Elkhorn High School. ELMA OLSEN, Secretary To Miss Olsen we wish to express our sincere "thanks" for her willing- ness to cooperate with all the students. During her three short years at Elkhorn she has won many friends, and the graduating students of 1949 will never forget her cheery smile and friendli- ness. -A5: Q fix Jr E. D. Sorenson X J 'f M. 5 .!, M! , if ' 5. Facultq ,, MARSHALL PAULSON CARI- LUTHER B.S. oshkosh same Teachers College. Ph-B-I U--H Marquette University- Mammj ANS American History, Social Science ELIZABETH HUBBS BETTY O'BRIEN ELAINE KUEHL B.S. Universit of Wisconsin. B.A. University of Wisconsin B.S. Milwaukee State Teachers College English, Spe h . English, Spanis Latin, Senior English, Library W Wy!-. JOHN HASTINGS HARRY HAUFSCHILD MRS. RUTH DUNBAR B.A. Lawrence College. B.S. University ol Wisconsin. RN. Sherman Hospital. Phvsicsi Chemlsffih General Science, Biology SCIIOOI Nurse General Mathematics Tea X 447' ' C M4 il! V7 fa- ,"?""" L hifeiu LUCILE MILLER MRS. MARY GENE ALDER I-O15 DALTONW BE. Whitewater State Teachers B,E. Whitewater State Teachers B.S. University of is si . College. College. Home Economics Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typing II Typing I, General Mathematics .af 1 Q LESTER SCHULZ LAWRENCE STEIDL IOYCE HOLMES B.M. Lawrence College. B.M. Lawrence College. BIS- Milwgukee Slgle Teqcherg College, Choir Band An rklyfffr f X IEAN HAYEK LAWRENCE BAXTER BA, Carthage College. B.E. La Crosse State Teachers College. Girls' Physical Education Boys' Physical Education, Coach ss DALTON HL, Q YQ.. '51 RN if? .""'. Q ,JW ff ,Q 3293 9 , -5, , ,N :. - ...V ,. , I L - ,f.L U - - 9 . Q-133 wg. 1 4.,,j -251: glizsggif-.fn ' . Ju..-.,,: , . . 2 -v - gh-W'-f VL, r", U win .ed 4, V V -" A fgl,,.mEi1i 1 .N " 'rf' ' ' t fl lb x ',f,,,' ,, - .- ' 'T'-'I," f' ,L ,r 4 1 imltasisv. 'Rt-11 V fr "'f T " tl -'f'-' Maltz - f ' " "' v V r r - f-an .-wf--' ' " I ,."-. ..-i. Sjvivi-Y '-vi! "" W' 'NE . 4. .. xhi :L.,z..,f.. it , was i -W: . -r-A-fr-0. e if , M- I Q A , ., -f. 1 K -V-1 44-wp-,art 1 e A. I '- - . I 1 I ::.- , . . .. fe..-mf?-ft- 1 -. -..x -41+ , 1.17 , V71 f gn-gun' N2 Hx it ,a -:ff ' . , if-522 " vii-1. ' 4 4 Du, V -i -W ir, flfgw- '. VM Mg,-.-4,j3i.'. .+ '. , sf , ,, ' " 5 ' 0 ' ,..f -r ., 4 , 1 with l. :FCEQ ,I N144 N A --Mahi 32159 ,J-V ALF! . .nl uv.'..'i f it i Y 1 ui 4 Q Z -Q 4 f i . . Q - ss. - Q . X ff- -'ivv 7'-'f 'M A f f LpxQ.l'f K4 -J W . " -7.53 .- Q. WA' 5 - I .Kev Xu r' . la'-' . '. 5 G . . 4 W .Z . ,'.' l 14- n' . "5-kr. - Q I N .I .vii ,Ni -M' . it Tnfiyb- it Mt. H0-,:.4s3,,4 as., vs 1,-. 'gt 1, ,A . ,PI ' pn I . . ,-.--, cgi?-A . ..:-.'y,.,'3ffI'i' ,,:'.Q2: .ffm "f',3jv:'4. ff... 'W'-.g.3,'ey,,' ,Fw ,.'- ,Lf . 'li 1 .- i r---, sg, , .. ,. Mya rg 51-j..?,.. ,lt',fe:g:L.!,ggi:. Music soothes the raging beast, .4-' 'z-- .mt yn.. , afltdlgfl , w Wm ' 1' ' fl!S'7f-av....' ..... And entertains milady at a wedding feast, Whether it be spirit at a football game, Or at the great Messia, a song ot tame, We're proud ol our great chorus And the band that stands up tor us. They each practice many hours, Yes, we're glad to say they're ours. IHUSIC Seated: E. Newman. P. Howard, T. Stolzer, I. Grunewald, M. Hirn, N, Iacobsen, M. Swatek. 2nd Row: L. Schuster I. Paddock, P. Ryan, P. Baker, D. Kexel, D. Miller, M. Hartwell, E. Hintz. 3rd How: P. Anderson, M. Reed M Harrington, S. Konst, A. Burpee. M. Ague, A. Cusack, 1. Lauta. 4th Row: H. Waite. D. Brellenthin, R. Ryan A Way. B. Biagi. D. Meracle, L. Frietag, l.. Burns. Sth Row: B. Harrington, P. Iones, M. Gray, R. Holliday, B Clauer D. Brellenthin. I. Cervenka, T. Clauer. '4- Choir Under the direction of Mr. Lester Schulz the 1948- 49 A Capella Choir began its season with the Armistice Day Program on November 11. The following week, on November 18, they sang tor the County Historical Society Meeting. On December 8 and 13 the patrons of the Sprague Theatre were entertained by the music of the choir. With the aid of several of the alumni the choir presented the very difficult Handel's "Messiah" as their Christmas concert. The gym was beautifully decorated for the occasion. On February 3 the Pure Milk Association played host to the choir and gave them lunch. Several ot the members were chosen to attend the Massed Choir which was held at Lake Geneva February 28. Faure's "Requiem" was presented by the group on April 10, at the Kinne Gymnasium. On May 3, the A Capella choir entered the Music Festival at Whitewater. The choir brought a spectacular close to their season of activities with their annual "Music Under The Stars" on Iune 6, at the Band Shell. sd: B. Bowyer. H. Zwieg, N. Marsh, K. Krueger, S. Paddock, T. Cooper, M. Ferge. 2nd Row: R. Mishler, C. s, D. Desing, I. Griebel, B. Robson, L. Amon, H. Harry, I. Brellenthin. 3rd Row: B. Dunlop, I. Dunlap, G. ion, B, Lost. K. Knapp, P. Deacon, M. Bleser. M. Babcock. 4th Row: M. Heisley, P. Munn, M. Ragland, I. e, M. Doebert. I. Hart, E. Frank, B. Mitchell, M. Genens, M. Foster. Ffh Q, 52,8 .wg x YQ ,Z IZA- wl PAF' M' r fx.:-r 'Q'JF6?Arg A? X r 'L --4- rm t A V . gf fi jqxf f,' fi. F . . Xa x Y X .L ..L, A -V . P :""'---. rt Row: I. Babcock, C. Thorson, N. Reid. M. Babcock. 2nd Row: D. Bolton, R. Latta. G. Wilkinson, R. Bartelson Dorn. A. York, M. Sperry. 3rd How: B. Bartelson, D. Desing, P. Goodhand, W. Papenlus, B. Harding, N Steele Anderson, G. Christner, B. Kehoe, C. Lightfield. Standing: I. Norton, D. Walbrandt, M. Matheson, D Vincent Bowyer, A. Cusack. Band This year. new uniforms were a great addition to the band. They boosted the moral of the members and added to the appearance of the group. For the first time the group elected officers for the purpose of making many of the major decisions for the band. They were as follows: President-Mary Ellen Babcock, Vice-President-Charles Coleman, Sec- retary-Nancy Reid, Treasurer-Mary Matheson. During the year they gave a dance for the neigh- boring schools with the hope that the project will be continued in the future. New music was added through- out the year to give a wider selection of marches and overtures as well as popular music. The following are important dates for the band: December 16-Christmas Concert, Ianuary 31-Mass Band at Lake Geneva, April 9-Solo contest at Whitewater, May 7-Band tournament at Whitewater, March 4-Dance sponsored by the Elkhorn band. Pep Band Seated: I. Harding, C. Coleman, R, Latta, M. Babcock, B. Bartelson, M. Dorn. 2nd Row: E. Evenson, D. Wcxltman K. Seymour, I. Peterson, C, Thorson, M. Sperry, H. Hull, D, Desinq, 3rd Row: N. Reid, P. Goodhand, I. Babcock W. Papenius, B. Kehoe, S. Ryan, A. York, I, Grove, 4th Row: C. Liqhtfield, M. Matheson, D, Bolton, Nl. Christner I. Norton, E, Frank, M. Doebert, Mr. Stiedl. Tunrlers sr-mon-li .E D. Vincent, A. Cusack, B. Bowyer I5 xr K up me - . Society, thou Maiden lair, All is well when you are there. Each ol us, we must serve you Kind to all, and not ci few. Society, thou Morden lair. All lor you the honors bear. Bless us in this life we lead, Save us all from social greed. 5 5 x I' lv-L. . V u 4 V K lv ,J V WIS- Ji Q A fziwl '10-V 'gl 2+ N . I v.. 1 HIGH LIGHTS v ,. R, wA., ff QI I 4. as 'X , an '53 X 3 Xu ., V , W ' fu. ' lp, www: ' 'A"'K??f7faeQ.ffzgf2z x Q. " vw in . 1 , L f gl 3,41 151' .V A QV' X4 hx C,,V,,,,,EK, -I AX I XXX 1 asf" 4,1 KW --o. 1 5 mm f' ws, I: A 15 -1- nity W qu Q54 -1 fx 1 I 6 gn 1 X ll G' A . R i 'z 0009 so u .vim- sf w my L, ,, , ,. 5 1- X -:Lf X- 11. ' 1 Q-."i,fV'k sl 1 A . . A . .7 ZX ...K ,V f y Q " 5, I 'X 4 W . sm, k ,W 0.5152 'fu " 'V' ' 9 I if Q' .3-'X ' -aw W . H Q 1, 1 , Ha? Y ft - ' IM FX . Y f .f.1 - W mulaxzv, , X, -Y -V IL. fr.: ' ,rf J 4 ,. we S 1 5' 'V v :gif N 2'4" ...... M ...XA ' -N- : "fr: f Y r 1 X 4- .R ' W M uf' '- "A 8 , ' - f, -l i ,Ja ,V ' -:ps ' , .1 Smndmq: I.. Schustex, I3 Vincent, if Hmtz, M. Shepard, H Mxshler, Seated: B. Iulte, L. Hurry 'Q I QUEEN, BETTY IUTTE KING, LEROY HARRY lliinter Formal rx C9950 we oi' wat xl SG' On the night of Ianuary 15, 1949, the Senior Class of Elkhorn proudly presented the winter formal. They followed the theme of "Winter Wonderland" by decorating the gym with sparkling snowflakes. The snowflakes adorned the ceiling and added color to every table. Every- thing was in white, with only blue lights for radiant rays of winter fun. We danced to the smooth music of Lennie Layton and his orchestra. Everyone went home pleased with the success of our efforts. ........A., 2 1 Junior Prom X- , xl vf' . X V .N 1 1"" KING. IIM BIAGI - QUEEN, IERRY DUNLAP Junior Class PL-113 Seated: R. Clauer. G. Peterson, D. Ludebeck, K. Knapp, A. Cusack. Standing: I. Rathbun. D. Vincent, R. Borland I. Cervenka, M. Sperry. M. Matheson, B. Getzen, I. Dunlap, Miss Hubbs, D. Stollet, P. Deacon. Iac Grayson ............. Glenn Grayson, Ir. .. Mrs. Lillian Grayson Mr. Glenn Grayson . COME RAIN OR SHINE ,.,....Ierry Dunlap Clauer ............Audrey Cusack ...............Ierry Cervenka Rosemary Marsh ....... ........, G loria Peterson Dan Lyons ......,.,...... Irene Holden ....,... Agnes Holden .,...... ..........Ronnie Borland .............Marilyn Sperry Donna Ludebeck The Gra sons were at the lake for their Iulia March ..Mary Matheson Helen ................... .....,... P eggy Deacon Dick Clements ,,,,,,.,,,, Bill Getzen Anne Barry Mrs. Sparks ......Donna Stotlet Catherine Knapp Ella Stone ....... ........ D onna Vincent Fred ........... ......Iack Rathbun Y usual summer vacation. Mr. Grayson was the editor of the town paper, but he had little control over it because the owner, Iulia March, was always filling his head with orders. Iulia had a very spoiled daugh- ter named Rosemary. At the request oi her mother she was to stay with the Graysons for the summer. Glenn Grayson, Ir., was secretly in love with Rosemary for several summers. Their neighbor, Mrs. Sparks, be- ing a typical gossip, informs the Graysons of a playhouse being built in an old mill. She lets them know how she feels about the morals of acting. Surprisingly enough the director of the play, Dan Lyons, was hired by none other than Iulia March. Throughout the play there are several love afairs between-Iac Grayson, Dan Lyons, Glenn Grayson, Ir., Agnes Holden and Rosemary March. Feelings were hurt when Anne Barry enters and tells of her secret engagement to Dan Lyons. But the play ended happily as Iac Gray- son leaves with Dick Clements and Glenn Grayson, Ir., with Agnes Holden. Iulia March gives Mr. Grayson the paper, while spoiled little Rosemary is left all alone. 5' Senior Class Plaq PIGTAILS Pigtails Marilyn Babcock Primrose White . H Katie Knapp Kenyon Campbell . Don Matheson Norma Kirk , ., , ..Pamela Baker Mrs. Campbell , , ,Iris Grove Brenda Baynes L .. Ida Bulow Mr. Campbell , , Phil Iones Watt Manners , . ...,..,, Mike Gray Florabelle Campbell . ,, Beverly Last Ursula Iames ,,,..... o,.....o M arion Genens Ann Campbell , . . Sally Gregerson Thurlow Ladd o,,r.......,,,i oo,.. R oger Holliday The Senior Class Play of 1949 called "Pig- tails" was the story of a little western girl who came to stay with some friends in a large New England city. She gets them into several major incidents but of course there is a happy ending. Under the very capable direction of Miss Elizabeth Hubbs the play was performed excellently. The ones who really made the play suc- cessful were all behind stage. This included Trevor Anderson as stage manager, Bob Harrington and Darrell Brellenthin as prop- erty chairmen, Bob Schmidt as publicity chairman, Dick Waite took care of lighting, Dale Heisley was the ticket sales chairman, tickets and programs by Carol Flynn, Marie Swatek, Nell Ames and Betty Lauderdale. Prompters were Carol Flynn and Barbara Peterson. Makeup was skillfully put on by Maribel Heisley, Barbara Mitchell, Betty Iutte, and Ioan Wolters. Usherettes included Nell Ames, Hazel Hull, Betty Lauderdale, and Arlene York. The play took place at 8:00 P.M. in the Municipal Auditorium on April 7. s PV ,QW 3 Q' .1 19' -an--an ill'- Mm H 4 QQ 'Q wg, . Q ww! -MW if 'Q' a Us fri 4 1 5 Va J e lgljl 7 I UID. 'Ulm 'Ill 5' 4 ' 4 . s X 5 I .4 as l'l: il? ,., . tm Q, I K' P! . fi? - .x . 1 ff 6 s., W -QQNQ' A iarl- ? .' U' 'x"b"V r :A an 1 1 . t. ' x I' .Q ' 'A' v 4 ' . -yls vu.i"f 'M ,M-vw? A 'tk , t. .ii-Q.. ' N., rs' ".'.- 5 .M,'4WM04M' v-N' y 2 Ah, the athletes of today have earned their way in lame, As the gallant knights of yore defended a lamous name. The knight would enter battle in some lamous revo- lution, Our sport gets into action on a nameless substitution. The knight bears on his shining mail, a crest: The athlete ol today has but a number on his chest P ' .5 . f r if ,, f - Q '- rl " -' ' iv . M. 4 lit I S 'F ' - WA tgmwwvww ' 'PAL ."T'..,- .1-gy vjp- 'k'l:' A SPORTS wi L ' 5 S ' - t Y H 75 I 5 K .., xm V , , W I . X . .E Q rs W J E Soccer Champs 5. V. X '1 I The Girls Athletic Association started its season by the election of officers. Chosen as president, Sally Gregerson accepted the responsibility of helping organize sports of various season. The managers for the different seasons were: Fall, Betty Iacobseng Winter, lerry Dunlap: and Spring, Phyllis An- derson. At the end of each year it is customary to give awards to those participants who have earned the re- quired amount of points. In order to receive a letter yoii must earn 1500 points: a medal. 2000 points. These points are recorded by the point secrev taries Barbara Mitchell and Geraldine Waltman. The following people have earned letters in G.A.A. in 1949: Dar- lene Wales, Barbara Mitchell, Betty Iacobsen and Ierry Dunlap. The fol- lowing people have earned medals in 1949: Sally Gregerson, Betty Iacobsen, Barbara Mitchell and Darlene Wales. The faculty member in charge of G.A.A. is Miss lean Hayek. We wish to thank her for her help in guiding our organization. Volleyball Champs lntramural Basketball Champs Class Basketball Champs Q ootball I6 f-30ss2s..22a-JSS Seated: I. Hart, I. Rathbun, H. Clauer, I. Meyer, C. Marti n, B. Iensen, D. Brellenthin, W. Iacobsen, B. Ames. 2nd' Row: Coach Baxter, Manager Iones, S. Schranz, W. Welch, L. Harding, R. Harrington, D. Matheson, L. Harry, D. Brellenthin, I. Kehoe, I. Biagi, Manager Clauer, Manager Borland, Coach Hastings. 3rd Row: M. Walbrandt, D. Wilson, L. Frietag, R. Larsen, R. Wilson, K. Fell, T. Welch, R. Rvan, H. Neindori, I. Vogt, L. Schmidt, D. Beattie. .'x I N, ,Q lst Row: H. Clauer, S. Schranz, L. Harry, D. Matheson, R. Harrington, W. Iacobsen, L. Harding. Znd Row: L. Schmidt, R. Wilson, I. Biagi, D. Brellenthin, D. Wilson, I. Vogt. .Lak S U y-P' ' I' .- 1 f A' I' 'Fl' Y' l f. l , ' if li' -2 R ,lt - , lf. I ' -,-fr P7 " 1 rf ' A , J, . ' ' V ' A-H 5, VI - -1 , ,, f 27 gs ,J -WIT W..-T ..t,..- .M,,,..L, '- nt, Tl fri, ww-r -ff 'w'4"Y' ' 2 s 5 5 7' 'Tit' ,:g.3, - I-0:7 ,,,.t wr A by 0- J x.."'5 ,,-i. u. - ' 'f.:f,'Sv-4 3, - Qp,..,- QV D Second Squad Ist Row: I. Hart, R, Larsen, C. Martin, W, Welch, T. Welch, R. Ames, W. Iensen I Meyer 2nd Row R Ryan I. Rathbun, M. Walbrandt, K, Fell, D. Brellenthin, I. Kehoe, D, Beattie, L. Frietaq H Neindort Elks Elks Elks Elks Elks Elks Elks I-AR. Elks- 7 1948 RECORD Racine B. Whitewater 7. X 1 Burlington Lake Geneva Delavan . , . Harvard . , . Marengo . , McHenry - 1 1 6 U 3 6 9 0 9 7 ' Q Q" 4 .3',,,' I u-- ur 91 'AN' 'v x -Q. v 46 mi. , rj.gf 1' v "' 4 km M-m--K EM, - J . J aw 1 .M M ,H ,M K r 1 Vale v . .A 4, i ,nf Aw . ,,,,,, www . IW' M W1 xx vf 4 x fzleiwabsgil Mwmw-,, . nj M. an L Hur Q 7 i M: T Tiiffl' 5' f 5 E f T' 4 -' ' - 4-1 W - ,2 A . 1 ' i ah.: J ' -- - .. Y A 'Xf i s nl l vi, W L N- . ' , A. , I r , v Y -' - . , A l 'J X 1.,T,,-.4 1 -3 ---- ---- D. Wilson N. Quass 1, Han 'Q R f' . I 1 R- Wilson R. Harrington Avalanche ,. ..l...... ,-,o,,4,,, 1, or .W . .,.,..f.,.,,.. -wqmw W Jjmm l Q ' RECORD Elkhorn . , .... 49 McHenry . . . Elkhorn . . .... 31 Whilewaler Elkhorn .. .,.. 46 Burlington . . Elkhorn . . ,..32 Lake Geneva Elkhorn . . .... 53 Delcrvon . . , Elkhorn .. ..,.33 Mcxrenqo ... Elkhorn .. ..., 46 Harvard . .. Elkhorn ,. .,.. 57 Morenqo . . . Elkhorn , . ..,. 47 McHenry . . . TOURNAMENT Beloit .... .... 4 9 Delavun ....41 L. Harding l i Tennis Seated: H. Holliday, Mr, Hclufschild, I, Hart. Stcmdmg: I. Biuqi, M. Gray, H. Borland. 'gm' , A af , 3? . I x N- . I M. 9 FQ wa, 4.4 I .. """""""""""5X VW'-'H QA, J I F ' .W-M--V JK 1 ' ,, 15 'I J' 4 I ' ii ' 1' X' 1 yi' , ii ,F 5 .. ,X gal 1 Q W ,fungus - 5 I .' , ,Q Gy f ,, I 4. J T Q 5 .Ee . i A 5 5 i e e . fi Cheerleaders el, . . W W ,, , WW., e W! me i 1. ,. GN 5 T -L ,,, 1' - --Q l.N..,,..i. -:ss 5 5 --F.-.M P. Anderson P. Deacon 1, Dunlap 1 5 H. Iohnson x .. , 'QQ T 5 1 5 f 9? e 'W We Q Q I We SW e,.e W4 ,..........A..T,...... -S.-,-.Q:x.." x L 1, , if Q 155 35 gag : - L ' 775 , f e f 'e'f" . ,aww 35 I 1' I "Q Jr er . ..-., And now wc-'rc proud to present A word Irom our speakers, Who ure wlllmg for any even! To duspluy thmr par! rn speech. FOICHSICS members, hke any tecrm, Mus! work wnh greatest ol ease. for skrll fha! performs llke rx dream, We present our speakers for Ibis, , ' -1 DQ Q x f X 4 . X. xo Q , ,li ' g K WVJ h ,-....---v-- DRG AN IZ AT ION S VJ' J Seated: D. Vincent, C. Lightfield, P. Anderson, M. Matheson, A. Cusack, Miss O'Brien. 2nd Row: E. Liebnow, G. Waltman. D. Stotlet, D. Reed, D. Ludebeck, B. Bowyer, M. Bleser, I. Griebel. 3rd Row: R. Ryan, T. Welch, D. Deden, R. Borland, B. Getzen, L. Burns, Miss Dalton. l-ll H LITES This year, as has been customary in the ast, several members of the junior class ave taken it upon themselves to keep tab rt the local school news by editing a sec- on of the Elkhorn Independent entitled "Hi- ttes". Much of the interest of the school udents was centered in this section of the aper as it rolled off the presses every Thurs- ay. These elected officers presided over the ii'Lites staff for the current school year: Bill fetzen-Editor, Gloria Petersonfllssistant ditor, Ted Welch-Business Manager, Mary IathesonfCirculation Manager, Ronald Orland-Boy's Sports, Donna Vincent- firl's Sports. Added credit should be given to the num- rous typists who spent much of their time 'ping the material to be printed. Last but y no means least, recognition should be iven to our Hi-Lites advisors, Miss O'Brien nd Miss Dalton, who acquired more than ne grey hair in keeping us working. Editorial Board Sealed: D. Vincent, T. Welch, B. Gelzen, M, Mqthgson Standing: Miss Dalton, A. Cusack, D. Luclebeck, M155 O'Brien. .ibraridns 55 0- 3 3 5-- -gr as 'C' i L Monitors Scmvd: G. Fuchs, P, Goodhond, D. Bell, P. Deacon, 2nd How: H Llebnow, C Thorson, T. Adams, E. Hmtz, Miss Keulxl. Ifyd How. l Loulcx, N. Ames, N. Iucobsen, M. Hmm, N. Icxcobsen. "1- 'i vs. tb N. W' T lbs Seated: I. Dunlop, P. Goodhcmd, B. Peterson, D. Wales. 2nd How: D. Wright, I. Flisentmut, M. Babcock, D. Stollel. 3rd How: D, Bell, M. Bleser, B. Icxcobsen, B. Iutte, B. Lauderdale, Forensics Seafed: N. Reid, I. Grove, 2nd How: C. Thorson, E. Liebnow, Miss O'Brien, I. Griebel, D. Grunewald. 3rd How: P. Goodhand, l, Lauta, N. Marsh, M. Matheson, D. Weston. 4th Row: M, Swatek, E. Frank, S. Borkhuis, L. Burns. Many students have entered forensics this a primary elimination contest, the winners year. The different divisions are: Serious or entered the league contest on March 9. Those humorous declamations, original or non-ori- who received "A" ratings in this contest ginal orations, extenporaneous reading or went to the district contest at Whitewater, speaking, and four-minute speeches. After April 9. I5 77 1 Seated: E. Frank, Miss O'Brien, I.. Iones. 2nd How: P. Deacon, K. Knapp, I. Grove. ti LUBS Romani Hodiorni The Latin Club, under the spon- sorship of Miss Kuehl, has been ex- ceptionally busy this year. They won the homecoming float prize with their float carrying Gilbert Uulius Caesarl Church, digging a spear in- to Donna CDELAVANJ Kexel with a sign reading "Veni, Cedi, Vici", which means "I came, I saw, I con- quered". They divide their time between the Latin newspaper "Res Gestae", and the translating of various plays, stories, and other articles. The offi- cers of the club are President, Roy Blackwood: Treasurer, Iohn Meyer: And secretary, Donna Kexel. 37 Debate The debate squad had a very pro- fitable year of training, under the direction of Mr. Luther. The squad was divided into teams. The affirma- tive was made up of Evelyn Liebnow and Ted Welch. The negative con- sisted of Mary Matheson, Carol Thorson, and Donna Weston. They arranged practice debates with sev- eral of the surrounding towns. Spanish First hour each Friday, the Span- ish Club had its meeting and served refreshments. All members sub- scribed to the Spanish newspaper "El Eco" which they read during the meetings. The school purchased a group of records to help the stu- dents learn to pronounce the lang- uage better. During the course of the year, the group saw various movies on South America. Some had the narration in Spanish. At the end of the year the advanced members of the club had a Spanish banquet. QV n.L. M ,Q -...... Sling 7 - 9- 'R rf Q ,uni . . ll .I I 'F , ' 7' ',. n . ui - A... t OFFICERS I. BABCOCK, H. GUNYON, I. NORTON Freshmen From the ranks of the class which held the The theme was "The Mardi Gras." The highest scholastic record of the school, lack evening was danced away to the tunes of Norton was elected president: Homer Gun- Bud Wilber's orchestra. YOU' ViC9'PfeSident7 10CelYn Babcock, Secfe' At the end of the first year, having suc- tUfY'tfeG5uf9f- cessfully passed their period of probation, The Freshmen social lite began February the Freshmen moved to the ranks of the 25 when they sponsored a spring dance. upper classmen. Seated: H. Gunyon, H. Rcthbun, D. Lanser, R. Knill, K. Hedenz, Mr. Baxter. 2nd Row: G. Sheldon, M. Schienke, F. Hozell, L. Vincent, R. Wilbur, I. Shepard, R. Border, F. Puhl. 3rd Row: K. Krueger, T. Cooper, G. Stolzer, C. Colbert, S. Theimer, H. Augustine, R. Schmidt, D. Swatek. 9 N-v Y 35- 'uf 6 si -rf -2 lf-A -C 'U' 'QT Seated: E. Lange, E. Newman, I. Babcock, B, Kehoe, Mlxs Dalton, 2nd Haw: P. Flynn, E. Evenson, I. Paddock. D. Lauderclale, I Clay, C- EllSW0Ylh- .Nd HOW., P- Howard' S4 Angus, K. Seymour, G. Erdman, I. Brellenthln, H. Harry. 41h How, N. Marsh, K. lVlacKc-nzie, C. Foster, S. Borkhuls, P. Flnley, B B3l1IPI1S- 4 iv I ,-v T 401 9, -Q 4-Q DS Cv Seated: I. Griebel, D. Grunewald, D. Weslon, M. Huebner, Mr. Luther. 2nd How: C, Thorson, Nl. Ware, D. Waltman, L. Schuster. I. Peterson, I, Potter. 3rd Row: R. Adams, L. Welch, R. Bartelson, Fl. Zwieq, S. Ryan. S. Paddock. 4th How: ll. Kane, R. Kelnholer, M. Wheeler, D. C . N oon, I anon, F, Eisentraut, K. Viletc, G. Church dur' ,, , I yqsf.-. Li T. CLAUEH, E. BASS, I. HARDING, R. KENNEDY. Sophomore-as Lead by President Eddie Bass, who was ably assisted by Vice-President Toby Clauer, the Sophomore class of fifty-three members commenced activities. The highlight of the year was the all-school dance held April 27, which served as a pre-prom. gy rw. . N, x Aw.- During the course of the year several red letter days were instituted by the more out- standing members of the class. An example of this was "Pumpkin Head Day." These figures were compiled by Ianet Harding and Dick Kennedy, class treasurer and secretary ...-.---.r..11l-- , 4 ,tt-, ,,, , G uf. -A y . W ....,,r 1 .t , e 71,2 m-I--in X 1 y ,., 411' L' my E' I li 153' .ii . A Seated: I. Stoflet, D. Bell. I. Harding, L. Frietag, V. Huesser, Mr. Hastings. 2nd Row: N. Reid, D. Desing, W. Papenfus, D. Meracle, S. Konst, D. Wright. 3rd Row: K. Fell, G. Larsen, G. Clauer, I. Hart, N. Iacobsen, W. Abell, F. Lauta. -4 vm 1 ff! 'EU' up F W A. r 3 I eff X 11-4 OFFICERS-I. BIAGI, P. DEACON, I. DUNLAP, N. QUASS Juniors This year's class, the graduating class of 1950, started out as did most classes by electing their class officers. Miss Ierry Dun- lap was chosen to the position of presidency, with Mr. Iames Biagi as vice president, the secretarial office was taken over by Miss Peggy Ray Deacon, and Mr. Norman Quass was elected treasurer. It seems that the young ladies of the junior class are the more athletic, for all of the cheerleaders were juniors. The Iunior class had a fine representation in the field of ath- letics. After much work and practice the Iunior class play "Come Rain or Shine" was given and pronounced a success by a well-satis- fied audience. After presenting the annual Sadie Haw- kins dance which as usual was an informal gathering and fun for all, and then their Iunior prom, which met with everyone's ap- proval. Seated: P. Andersan, M. Matheson, M. Ragland, D. Wilson, Miss Hubbs. 2nd How: T. Stolzer, M. Sperry, I. Dunlap, P. Deacon. G. Peterson, C. Liqhtlield. 3rd Row: N. Qucrss, B. Iensen, I. Cervenka, B. Getzen, A. Way. Q 3 46. or JS' 'bf 1 1 D l i -J. A 1 Seated: D. Ludebeck, A. Cusack, G. Fuchs, B. Bowyer, E. Eisentraul. 2nd How: G. Wallman, D. Stoflet, B. Periman, T. Adams, D. Reed, Miss O'Brien. p-5 E 3rd How: A. Peters, K. Lauderdale, L. Harding, I. Biaqi, P. Picrllenberger, C. Colman. Q -1 W - A 'I' W' I I t '1 0 5 1- . XXXXXXXXXXX X l ...- Y 47 i Vx . Q A Q -1? .+. ' S- g if 6:3 5 ' , ? l 'x' V . , f ' gli 1 -y ' P x xl nl' E g 2 . Q-Y' - "-----4, ' - .- 44" x C yi... 1 vw I fll ,J I n 11 -1 1 . f j I Q' fh .Q 1 w ,,. A ' 1' " , x :fr fr-as 5 r , 'J i 1 LK' x'- lfvz-ry yr-ur Ihr-y qrfzdunlc Thr- Sf-nmr Clussj pr-rpetuuto Thr- Sumo old src-nes ccrh ynfrr, Thr- Vulhz.-r's pride, G job wc-ll done, Iam-ly moth:-r's happy rr-nr, Slurlf-nl rr-In-f, Ihr: Imnlf- won. Worrrr-rl frown on hmrhr-r's hmw, Whofw Io hs-lp wzth homework now? Huw flu Ihr-y If-4-I rhf- qlrl or boy. Thr- U'Jfl'1'fS ol lhzs sprrnqtrmrv joy. And wh:-n Ihr-y sp:-nk wrth vmrf- rmpmrrrd Alum-:I lhzrlk wr- qu! Ihr-m sfflrf-d, '!'h:-yr! rrxlhr-r fum- 'most any Ibhqhf Hu! rm! Ihr- wrnwri ronrrrvc-r11'r-nn-nf mqhf, l w V. Pres, C. WIGHTMAN: Sec., BETH ROBSON: Pres., L. SCHMIDT: Treas., L, IONES. The "49-ers" began the social activities of their final year at Elkhorn High by giving the Homecoming Dance in October. A large crowd attended to see Betty Iutte and LeRoy Harry reign as queen and king of home- coming. In Ianuary the "Winter Wonder- land" formal was sponsored by the class. During the year the Seniors sold refresh- ! ments at games to raise money for their class. In the spring the Class Play took the spotlight. The many dramatic talents of the seniors were demonstrated on that night. The class of 1949 made its final appear- ance at the Commencement exercises held in Iune. l 5 S Advisors Miss Miller, Mr. Tolles, Miss Kuehl. -cf-. ix' 'A 1 i NELL AMES "Nellie" Ready for anything you might aslr. Be it fun, or be it a task. Knitting Club 1: Pep Club 1: Girl's Glee Club 1: Librarian 4, O'- "Me-Me" How do l love him. lust can't count the ways. Forensics l: Librarian 1: Girl's Glee Club 1: Latin Club 1, 2: G.A.A. l, 2. 3: Band 1, 2, 3. 4: Dramatics Club 1: Knitting Club 2: Acapella-2, 3. 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Hi-Lites 3: Pep Band 3, 4. ROY BLACKWOOD "Woody" Men of few words are the best men. Lane Tech, Chicago, lllinois 1, 2: Latin Club 3, 4: Hi-Lites 3. TREVOR ANDERSON "Cleaver" A good bluff saveth many a battle. Archery Club 1. 2: Football 1: Hi- Lites 3: Class Play 3: Elk 4. vvfyw PAMELA BAKER "Pamie" Caesar was short, Napoleon was short, and l'm not so tall myself. Knitting Club 1: G.A,A. 1: Dramatics Club 1, 2: Forensics 1, 2, 3, 4: Span- ish Club 3: Acapella 3, 4: Elk 4, CAROL BRELLENTHIN Gentle, gay, and fair ot face. Shorthand and typing will win her place. Girl's Glee Club 1: Pep Club 1: At- tendance Monitor 1, 2, 3: Dramatics Club 2, Elk 4. is nmacocic "Gabby" No woman is happy who does not think herself so. Knitting Club 1: Pep Club 1: G.A.A. 2, 3: Hi-Lites 3: Class Play 3: At- tendance Monitor 4: Elk 4. BARBARA BARTELSON "Bobby" A ring on the finger is worth two on the phone. G.A.A. 1, 2: Latin Club 1, 2: Girl's Glee Club 1: Pep Club 1: Acapella 1, 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Librarian 1, 2: Forensics 2, 3: Hi-Lites 3. ..DinkY.. Here l stand, l can do no otherwise God help me, Amen. Band 1, 2, 3: Football l, Z, 3, 4 Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2 3, 4: Acapella 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3: Hi-Lites 3. DONALD BRELLENTI-IIN "Beaver" The surest way to hit a woman's heart is to take aim kneeling. Photography Club l: Band 1. 2. 3: Acapella l, 2, 3, 4: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball l, 2, 3. 4: Hi-Lites 3. CAROL COLLINS "Shaggie" As the saying goes, l've got the wolt by the ears. Band l, 2, 3: G.A.A. 2, 3: Dramatics Club 2, 3. l Nt! WILLIAM DORAN "Bill" All play and no work makes Bill a mere toy. Oak Park, Ill. l, 2, 3. Y IDA BULOW "Shorty" Birds sing, bees hum, but all I do is buzz. Delavan 1: Acapella 2: Dramatics Club 2: Librarian 2, 3: G.A.A. 3: Hi. Lites 3: Elk 4. . ,gi-ggygxx . ,,. , , .AVA "'i A F I ,':' fi. A IAMES COLLINS "Hound" God made him and therefore let him pass tor a man. Fish and Game Club l: Rille Club 1: Spanish Club 3: Prom King 3. MARION DORN You're nerves are tough as fishing line. But, sir, have some regard tor mine. Knitting Club l. 2: Drarnatics Club l, 2: Band l, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 2, 3. l 3. LAWRENCE BURNS "Larry" Better be ignorant ot a matter than hall know it. Cheerleader 1: Golf Club 1: Forensic Play 1: Band l: Pep Club 1: Tennis l: Forensics 1, 2, 3, 4: Acapella I. 3, 4: Hi-Lites 1, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3: Elk 4. MARTIN DOEBERT "Marty" Sir, l would rather be right than president. Gaenslen. Milwaukee I, 2: Band 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4. W BEVERLY DUNLAP "Bev" Better to wear out than to rust out. Knitting Club l: Girls Glee Club I: Archery Club l. G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club l. 2: Forensics l. 2: At- tendance Monitor 3: Hi-Lites 3: Class Play 3: Acapella 2, 3, 4: Elk 4. fi'-5cP'f CAROL FLYNN Lite is a joke, let's lauqh. I MARY FOSTER Patience is the best remedy tor all Acappella 2. Hi-Lites 3: G.A.A. 1, ffouble' 2, 3, 4: Elk 4. Q Yorkville, Ill. 1, 2. 3: Latin Club 4: Spanish Club 4: Acapella 4: Elk 4. ll . CHARLES GRANT "Charlie" elif' MERLYN D. GRAY "Mike" M051 'Fen U79 bad' buf fm UH GX' l have hardly ever known a mathe- cephon. 4'- IRIS GROVE "Mad" There is no qreat genius without some touch of madness. Delavan 1: Latin Club 2: Dramatics Club 2: Forensics 2, 3, 4: Band 2. 3, 4: Acapella 2, 3, 4: Hi-Lites 3: Class Play 3: Forensic Play 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 4. ma.1cian who was capable ot rea- soning. Antlers Club 1: Forensics Play 1: Band 1, 2, 3: Acapella 2, 3, 4: Class Play 3: Tennis 3, 4: Elk 3, 4. l 42.-.. IANE E. GRUNEWALD "Ianie" Quite often when l think my mind is growing broader, it's only my conscience stretching. Knitting Club 1: Forensics 1: Gir1's Glee Club 1: Archery Club 1: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3: Pep Band 2, 3: Acapella 2. 3, 4: Hi-Lites 3: Elk 4. at MARION GENEN S "Moose" She has been blessed with big brown eyes wherein cr world ol mischiel lies. Girls Glee Club 1: Band 1, 2: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Forensics 2: Pep Band Z: Acctpella Z, 3, 4: Hi-Lites 3: Elk 4. SALLY GREGERSON ,.Sa1,. The word impossible is not in my dictionary. Archery Club 1: Girls Glee Club: 13 Dramatic Club 2: Latin Club 1, 2: Knitting Club 2: Acapella 3: Hi-Lites 3: Gir1's State 3: Class Play 3: Forensic Play 2: G.A.A. 1, 2. 3, 4: G.A.A. President 4: Elk Editor 4. A-an sb- tl v 1 . RUTH HAMMEL "Ruthie" Seen, but seldom heard. Pep Club 1: Girl's Glee Club 1 Attendance Monitor 2. . I . , WK ' 'TAI 'Q-I 'PP :,. .. . 4 4 ,i ROBERT HARRINGTON "Bob" The answer to a maiden's prayer. Archery Club 1: Class Vice-Presi- dent 1: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 3, 4: Acapella 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3: Hi-Lites 3: Class Play 3: Class Treas- urer 3. Q' MARIBEL HEISLEY Finds little time for recreation be- cause she values education. Polk, Ohio 1, 2: Latin Club 3: Span- ish Club 4. LEROY HARRY "Buster" Why hurry? Why worry? The world goes on just the same. Archery Club l, 2: Football l, 2. 3, 4: Basketball 2. 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Homecoming King 4. ,g 1 g was E K ..g. x l ,V . : ,t ROGER HOLLIDAY "Rogie" I don't care what suits the rest, I like tennis and dancing best. Basketball l: Band l, 2, 3: Latin Club l, 2: Forensics 2, 3: Acapella 2, 3, 4: Football Z: Tennis 2, 3, 4: Hi-Lites 3: Pep Band 3: Class Play 3: Elk 3, 4. 'H t M 2... :llim f , V SSH' . A K' fig . . . T 4- Q '- ,.. , , r ..,,.. ft E "" T BETTY IACOBSEN LEON IONES "lake" "Edgill" Are blonds always so cheerful? Pep Club 1: Knitting Club 1, 2: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. 4: Spanish Club 3. 4: Attendance Monitor 3, 4: Elk 4. Red is always master of poise, King of verbosity, Master of noise. Fish and Game Club 1. Z: Antlers Club 1, 2: Baseball 2, 3: Spanish Club 3, 4: Hi-Lites 3: Football 3: Class Treasurer 4. . 4 X 1 ,M DALE HEISLEY He never takes the slightest chances. He always knows the latest dances. Polk, Ohio l, 2: Latin Club 3. ,fy , , I 4"-', '-,V :ff'," Xiyqlv, 1 4 y i f'-iff , A 0. if O HAZEL BETTY HULL "Hazel-Betty" The society oi women is the founda- tion ot good manners, Dramatics Club 1: Girl's Glee Club 1: Archery Club l: Acapella 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3: Hi-Lites 3: Elk 4. G' 'WZ PHILIP IONES "Phil" All the world is queer save thee and me, and even thou art a little queer. Band 1: Football 1, 2, 3: Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Acapella 2, 3, 4: Hi-Lites 3: Elk Sports Editor 4. Q,- 5 Q la BETTY IUTTE "Butch" l DONALD KEHL "Milo" Tau and very dmk 7:5 she' me I never let studies interfere with my Senior's claim to royalty. education. Forman High. Chicago. Ill. 1, 25 Fish and Game Club 1. 2: Rifle Club 1: Class Treasurer 1: Archery Club Acapella 3. 4: Hi-Lites 3: Class Secretary 3: Homecoming Court 3: Homecoming Queen 4: Elk 4. 1 'es ,Z CATHERINE KNAPP "Katie" Spare your breath to cool your porridqe. Knitting Club 1: Librarian 1: Dra- matics Club 1: G.A.A. 1. 2: Hobby Club 2: Forensics Play 2, 4: Span- ish Club 3: Acapella 3, 4: Hi-Lites 3: Class Play 3. Jil ALICE LARSON She's here! I hear her giqgle! -A . I 'X X BEVERLY LAST "Bubbles" Pep Club 1: Girls Glee club 1: Ai. F U11 ,Of hm- and always on hand tendance Monitor 3. IRENE LAUTA "Choo-Choo" Diligence is the mother of good lortune. Forensics 3: Hi-Lites 3: Acapella 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 4: Librarian 4. with a car to run. Dramatics Club 1: Girl's Glee Club 1: G.A.A. 1, 2. 3. 4: Forensics l, 2: Librarian 1: Band 1. 2, 3: Latin Club 2: Pep Band 1. 2. 3: Hi-Lites 3: Acapella 2, 3, 4: Elk 4. EVELYN LIEBNOW "Hotshot" All I know is that I know nothing. Girl's Glee Club 1: G.A.A. l, 2: Latin Club 1, 2: Librarian 1, 2. 3. 4: Attendance Monitor 2, 3: Spanish Club 3, 4: Hi-Lites 3. 4: Forensics 3. 4: Elk 4. BETTY LOU LAUDERDALE "Betsy Lou" Blessed are the hard workers lor they shall inherit the good marks. Pep Club 1: Knitting Club 2: Hi- Lites 3: Girls State 3: Attendance Monitor 4: Elk Assistant Business Manager 4. ARTHUR LUEBKE ..An.. A recent comer, but always wel come. Whitewater 1, 2. 3. all 6' N ,V i' 1 1 nrt' .f f' MARGARET ANN MANN DONALD MATHESON IOHN MEYER upeggy.. All the world's a stage, and all I want to do is to be a character. Girl's Glee Club 1: Pep Club 2: G.A.A. 2, 3. 4: Acapella 2. 3, 4: Dramatic Club 2: Hi-Lites 3. R A MISHLER Q2Rosie" All, I have heasftthat blushes are not innocent. Pep Club 1: Girl's Glee Club l: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Latin Club 2: Aca- pella Z, 3, 4: Attendance Monitor 3: Homecoming Court 4: Elk 4. 2, ,gave Nj i 1 , . . 1: ' . .rt -x,'-lI ggi- 5. 'f" I1 x . :ik HERBERT PAPENFUS "Herb' "Butch" 'Tis as cheap sitting as standing. Fish and Game Club 1: Football 1, 2. 3, 4: Basketball 2. 3, 4: Baseball l, 2, 3. 4: Class Secretary 2: Class President 3: Hi-Lites 3: Class Play 3: Boy's State 3: Forensics 3: Elk Associate Editor 4. if 6 Qt , J DONALD OLSON "Swede" Hlohnny.. Independence now and forever. Football l, 2. 4: Basketball l, 2, 3: Baseball 1. 2: Class President 1: Archery Club 2: Acapella 2, 3, 4: Hi-Lites 3: Class Play 3: Latin Club 4. 'Q' f 5' if 25 ? f l S ff. i 'i f tcll 1, , ia t. 2 ,y RAYMOND PADDOCK URCY.. One will be a wreck if one doesn't of Course its foolish to Change keep out of them. horses in midstream, you should Fish and Game Club 1: Rifle Club 90 bY boa'- 1: Spanish Club 3, 4. it BARBARA PETERSON ' 'Pete " Fish and Game Club l: Rifle Club 2: Class Vice President 3. . J, MILDRED REED "Millie" lexpect that women will be the last When asked llef favorite ffllif to A woman's work, grave sirs, is thing civilized by man. relate, she softly murmured "Oh! never done. "'s"da'e"' Pep Club 1: Girl's Glee Club 1: Delavan 1, 2: Class Play 3: Attend- Acapella 2, 4. ance Monitor 4: Elk 4. -Q: ELIZABETH ROBSON "Beth" ll silence was golden l"d be a mil- lionaire. Band 1, 2. 3: Acapella 2, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 3: Hi-Lites 3: Class Secretary 4: Elk 4. 6 Q. MARY LOU SHEPARD "Lou-Lou" It we can believe all we hear, she'Il make marriage her career. Knitting Club 2: Pep Club 1: G.A.A. 1, 2. 3: Band 1, 2. 3: Librarian Z: Pep Band 3: Hi-Litea 3, Homecoming Court 4. 1 r 1- it ww' ROGER TEBLUNEN "Roger-Dodger" He who travels far, travels in a Ford. Palatine H. S., Palatine, Ill. 1, 2. LAVEEN SCHMIDT "Schmitty" All the girls they smile at me when coming through the hall. Band 1: Archery Club 1: Basketball 1: Football 1. 2. 3, 4: Baseball 1: Hi-Lites 3: Class President 4: Elk 4. ll -1 1, 'K Q If -. Aw . I WILLIAM SIGMUND "Siggie" l was always late on the principle, my principle being that punctual- ity is the thief ol time. Fish and Game Club 1, 2: Riile Club 1: Elk 4. ,Q ., s Q.: xi. 'v , tl. . STEVEN SCHRANZ "Nathan" He stopped St. Peter's roll-call to aslr a question. Football 1. 2. 3. 4: Basketball Man- ager 3. 4: Elk Business Manager 4. She's an expert has a man eating out Girl's Glee Club 1: Librarian Knitting Club 2: Forensic 2: pella 2, 4: Dramatics Club 2: Attend- ance Monitor 3: Hi-Lites 3:' Elk 4. ..-me IOHN VOGT RICHARD WRITE "Iohnny' "Dick" MY OUIY books Wefe Woman'-9 books Disguise our bondage as we will. and f0HY'5 U11 fheY'Ve fauqhf me- 'Tis woman. woman rules us still. Football 2. 3. 4. Archery Club 1: Hi-Lites 3: Antlers Club 1, 2: Acapella 3, 4: Elk 4. . , Q zz" ,Q as 34: M .ii 4 it , A it f 5 " l ,, ..-f . f, MARVIN WALBRANDT "Big-Boy" Were there no woman he might live like a king. Fish and Game Club 2: Football 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4. u .rf IOAN WOLTERS "Wiggles" A man! A man! My kingdom lor a man! Knitting Club 1: Girl's Glee Club 1: Archery Club 1: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3: Latin Club 1, 2: Forensics 1, 2. 3: Acae pella 2, 3: Prom Queen 3: Hi-Lites 3. lx s DARLENE WALES ' HD.. l like work, it fascinates me, the idea of getting rid of it nearly breaks my heart, G.A.A. l, 2, 3. 4: Band l, 2, 3: Pep Band 2, 3: Homecoming Court 2: Typing Club 2: Attendance Monitor 3, 4: Hi-Lites 3. fllltfpym, 1 ll Vi f ig ,,...M V , ' Ifv ',., . ii I 1 I l f WILLIAM WUTTKE "Bill" A man after his own heart. Lake Geneva 1: Football 2, 3, 4: Class Vice President 2. X NN "OVER THE HUMP " 1 df X ,,- S f I CHARLES WIGHTMAN "Chuck" Thou hast made him a little lower than the angels. Band 1, 2: Pep Band l, 2: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Class Vice President 4. ARLENE YORK Women are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of men. Pep Club 1: Band 2, 3. 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 4: Librarian 4. 4LL07x! rv., h1p4aQg, ,lb 'Al ' sd '17 N-HN X. ,- 1 in-il A lOl. 'N l 'vs 5' AI' STUDENTS AT M70 1 f Q U. 4 'MNC ECJM' fi . ':"x V 2 Y t. ' sn.- 'f .T TH e' QRAWQQ Q i xp 1' wk R r1oME'Ff00"' Q lx' I 1 L msn J I xx X " 5' urge o it-mfs 'T' 'f5q. G o T53 Nmlfptio I 'Hfilll .FL-'Pz' "4!1.-pl-XA 'GG' fff, 4 c LA s s 1 'H up ILL, ,V N -3 Q-4'-2 The wind howled wickedly around Elkhorn's famed Wiggly building on this cold Decem- ber day. We find the offices of Iones 6. Iones occupying the forty-ninth floor. Mildred Reed has just given an important scroll to the director, Philip Iones. This, she explains, is the day appointed for the reading of the Forty-niners class will. They immediately open the document and find the following: Maribel Heisley leaves her gift of slow speech tc Earl Sheldon. Peggy Mann gives Carol Lightfield her permission. Roger Terlunen bequeaths his green Ford to Keith Lauderdale. Charles Wightman leaves his quiet good manners lin schooll to Dean Twist. Marie Swatek leaves some of her con- tinual talking to Charles Coleman, because he is such a quiet little boy. Bill Sigmund leaves his little car to Bill Iabobsen. Barbara Petersen and Iohn Vogt vacate their places in the senior class so that Mar- ion Bleser and Roger Larsen may enter. Hazel Betty Hull leaves her fear of light Mercurys to Ierry Cervenka. Leon Iones bequeaths his national guard uniform and all honors to Harry Neindorf. fDon't go to any basketball games on Tues- day nights.l Beverly Last, last but not least, leaves her UNFINISHED bown sweater to the one and only Curtis Martin. Irene Lauta bequeaths her love for "CHOO-CHOO" trains to Pat Pfaffenberger. Alice Larsen leaves her noisy way to Don- na Stoflet. Rosalie Mishler bequeaths her love for Navy Blue to Mary Matheson. Don Olsen and Herbert Papenfus will their evasive abilities to Don Fry. Beth Robson leaves her artistic ability to Donald Lang. Laveen Schmidt wills his writing ability to Iames Divan. Donald Matheson leaves his interest in cheerleaders to Ronald Wilson. Betty Iacobsen leaves her ability to play football to Ronald Borland. Ioan Wolters bequeaths her steady hand at the soda fountain to Ierry Kehoe. Art Luebke and Steve Schranz leave their basketball playing ability to Bill Iensen. Barbara Bartelson wills her collection of rings to Gloria Fuchs. Larry Burns leaves his ability to tell tall tales to Louis Harding. Marion Genens gives a portion of her height to Donald Wilson. Dale Heisley leaves his telephone num- ber in Delavan to Donald Deden. Don Kehl bequeaths his late working hours to Ierry Dunlap. Marvin Walbrandt wills his curly hair to Ray Avery. Ray Paddock leaves his love for his school work to lim Murphy. Arlene York leaves her telephone number to Norman Quass and his friends. Mildred Reed and Richard Waite give to the class of 1950 a certain amount of their encouragement. tWe hope it helps.l Catherine Knapp bequeaths her dramatic ability to someone who is in the depths of despair and is trying to be a shooting star. Darlene Wales leaves her dimples and smile to Hazel Iohnson. tMake the most of it I-Iazel.l Betty Lauderdale wills her position as as- sistant business manager of the annual to anyone who likes to work hard. Evelyn Liebnow and Mary Lou Shepard combine their height and give it to Betty Periman just as a friendly gesture. Bill Wuttke just loves to leave. Nell Ames bequeaths her coffee nerves to Gertrude Stolzer. LeRoy Harry bequeaths his perpetual mo- tion to Marilyn Sperry. Trevor Anderson leaves his lovable rec- ord of not missing a single night with the flower, to Albert Reed. Marilyn Babcock wills her gift of "Gab" to Ellen Eisentraut. Ruth Hummel relinquishes her conserva- tive, quiet attitude to Ted Welch and Ierry Collins. Mary Ellen Babcock relinquishes her pho- togenic features to any junior who would like a good class picture next year. Pamela Baker wills her philosophy of life to Thelma Adains. Roy Blackwood bequeaths his knowledge of foreign languages to any poor soul who desires it. Maybe, Donna Vincent. Bob Harrington leaves his permanent bus ticket to Kenosha to Rusty Clauer. Iane Grunewald leaves some of her good characteristics to Iack Rathbun. Iris Grove wills her fine optomistic quali- ties to Geraldine Waltman and Ruth Bames. Roger Holliday and Mike Gray will their dark room techniques to Dick Ames and Ald- en Way. Charles Grant relinquishes his harem to Dick Wheeler. Betty Iutte leaves her vocal talents to .Marilyn Ragland. Mary Foster leaves her even temper to Bill Biagi. Carold Flynn bequeaths her job as gir1's sports editor to Betty Bowyer. Carol Brellenthin wills her love for "Green" to Peggy Deacon. Donald and Darrell Brellenthin bequeath their subtle sense of humor to Darlene Reed. Ida Bulow leaves her position as manager of Senior sales at games. to Audrey Cusack. Phil Iones wills his "convict haircut" to Iohn Samuelson. Carol Collins bequeaths her nickname "Shag" to Mildred Ferge. Bill Doran leaves his place in the Senior class to Ed Doran. Martin Doebert relinquishes his ability to get where he is going to Bob Ryan. Iim Collins wills his title of "King" to Iim Biagi. Marion Dorn wishes the best of luck to Gloria Peterson on her becoming a senior. Beverly Dunlap leaves Arden in the good hands of Audrey Peters. Iohn Meyer leaves his typing ability to Bill Getzen. As our class mortician, Phil Iones, and his secretary, Mildred Reed, file away the of- ficial draft of the 1949 Will, they heave a sigh of relief. Phil jumps into his Rolls Royce, takes Mildred home, and then leaves for his forty room mansion. f. , 1 Q eo L - 1 7 .I-:yeh li J Vin .1399 13, .- QITEIH! CLASS -.-Q PROPHECU Sf! gg- ., f 9 'vi'-:by f ,. ?' c,,.1v-M On the 20th floor of the New Super Bell Telephone Company of Elkhorn we find head operator MISS BEVERLY DUNLAP, speaking to assistant manager, MISS BEV- ERLY IBUBBLESJ LAST. As they sit deeply engrossed in conversation they are interrupt- ed by the operator's warning bell. "Number please." "Long Distance, calling 417." "Here's your party." "Mann Sister's Con- struction Company, PEGGY MANN, head grease monkey speaking. What can I do for you?" "Hello! This is the SCHMIDT G WAITE Construction Company. Your ma- chine which we borrowed to build our one way alley between Elkhorn and Reno, twhich is not wide enough for trucks and too rough for carsl has broken down." "Okay, I'll be right out." Having overheard this conversation be- tween several of their old classmates, the operators begin to think of the changes that have taken place since graduation. "Did you ever realize how far our class has gone in the world?" "You know that HERBERT PAPENFUS has taken over Power's Models and has changed it to 'Herbies Models'." "Yes, and I hear CHUCK WIGHTMAN has two more discoveries to add to the agency, CAROL COLLINS and IOAN WOLTERS." Beverly interrupts, "Have you seen BETTY IUTTE and MARVIN WALBRANDT in 'Ro- meo and Iutte'?" "Yes, I read about that in the New York Times. And just think, SALLY GREGERSON is now the editor of the Times and famous for her 'blue sheet' comic strip." "Speaking of newspapers, ROGER HOLLI- DAY is the new crime photographer for a small newspaper in Gu1liver's Gulch. Yes, our class has done pretty well in the news- paper business. I hear DON MATHESON ' has made a large fortune on his comic strip 'Lill' Andy 6: Big Sam', and also has done well with his book 'How to Mix Drinks With Scotch.' They say he has acquired the pen name, Lavish McTavish." The operator's warning bell rings and again it is another '49 graduate CAROL BRELLENTHIN. "Would you connect me with VOGT df ROBSON interior decorators". "Hello, Vogt 6' Robson, interior decorators. CAROL FLYNN, secretary speaking." "Hello, you recently papered my living room pea- green with orange stripes. The stripes were supposed to go up and down, but instead they go around. This must be taken care of immediately!" "I'll speak to DALE HEIS- LEY who is in charge of paper hanging." A deep lull comes over the telephone of- fice until Bev says "Speaking of our former classmates, some of them really have gone places. Take those fellows that now own the Spanish Cocktail Lounge-LARRY BURNS. IIM COLLINS, and DON KEHL. They have MIKE QGRAYJ and his Merry Musicians play- ing there nightly. DON BRELLENTHIN is vocalist with the band, and BARBARA BAR- TEI.-SON is featured on the french horn." Bubbles continues "Someone else who has nrogressed is ROY BLACKWOOD. I hear he is managing the LAUTA and LIEBNOW Trucking and Engineering Company. Thev have just begun to sponsor the "Ma Perkins" radio serial program. KATIE KNAPP is still playing the part of "Ma". "Katie always did have a knack for dramatics, didn't she, Bub- bles? "Say," Beverly continued, "l ran into CHARLES GRANT last week, and he is an engineer over at the new radio station. He said Bill Wuttke is an announcer now. He has been broadcasting the races from Arl- ington Park". Bubbles interrupts, "And I heard that MARIBEL HEISLEY is a veteri- narian down there at Arlington. I wonder if she makes money on her long-shots? And Beverly, guess what I heard on the radio the other day? You remember LEROY HARRY and BOB HARRINGTON, don't you? Well, I heard them broadcasting. "Yes," answered Beverly, "I heard them once, too. Their spon- sor is the lake-kist tsilent crunch! celery farm owned by BETTY IACOBSEN. Her farm is near the headquarters for the famous Drum and Bugle Corps that "Dinky" DARRELL BRELLENTHIN has charge of now. They all broadcast over station Q.U.E.E.R., you know. "Yes, I heard the 'Thespian Hour' after work the other night. I didn't know PAM BAKER was president of the National Thespians, did you? The Thespian hour is sponsored by BILL DORAN'S Gambel Store. "I did know, though, that MARY ELLEN BABCOCK composed their theme song "Waite Till the Sun Shines Me-Me". RAY PADDOCK is chief engineer for all the programs on Q.U.E.E.R.. and NELL AMES is his assistant. "Do you remember the day we went to Janesville and saw MARION DORN'S school on the way? She was out there teaching all the little ones to drop their hankies and run for their lives! We noticed DON OLSEN'S convertible parked out in back of Haybecks. that day and wondered why it was there. Now I know! He polishes spitoons and does all the janitor work up there. "Oh, did you know-lust a minute", inter- rupted Bev, "I'd better answer this light on my board. Number Please." "Would you give me the Railroad Depot please?" "Here you are ma'am." "Who was it Bev?" "MAR- ION GENENS. I think I'll listen, she's pro- bably going on another moose hunting trip to Canada. I wonder who she will leave to manage the watermelon farm. ALICE LAR- SON and RUTH HAMMEL are in charge of the people who pick the seeds out of the watermelons, so I suppose they will take over don't you?" "Yes, I suppose they will. They always are quite capable, you know. until they start laughing and can't stop. "I remember when BETTY LAUDERDALE and I were in Home Ec. together," remarked Bubbles. "She cooks out at Nutty Knoll now you know." "That's the new asylum for mad people isn't ,it?" "Yes, you know IRIS GROVE is the proprietor and her friend STEVE SCHRANZ is head baker there. IDA BULOW is the Doctor for those mentally mad ones. I hope the atmosphere out there doesn't affect Betty. I think she should take that job MARY LOU SHEPARD offered her as chief cook at one of her eat shops. She bought a whole chain of restaurants and named them Mary Lou's Eat Shops. I talk- ed to ART LUEBKE, the famous wrestler, he says he gets all his vitamins from Mary Lou's vitaminized food. He's still a bachelor, you know." "Last week on my day off we went to Mil- waukee," remarked Bubbles. "My girl friend and I went down to Third and Wells and saw BARBARA PETERSON and ROSALIE MISHIER selling school sweaters at Johnnie Walkers. That was the day we took in MARY FOSTER'S one ringed circus, featur- ing 'Bo-Bo' CIANE GRUNEWALDJ with her mystic powers from the north end. MARTIN DOEBERT is chief bouncer at the elephant circus. Mary told me she was thinking of auitting the circus business and accepting the position offered her by Walt Disney. MARIE SWATEK is already in Hollywood writing for the Disney Studios. I suppose she writes only about 'Woodchucks'." "Do you remember last week's paper? I think it was Sunday when we read about the Stork Club being robbed? Well I just heard today that BETTY HULL was involved in it! I knew that she was in New York but I didn't think she worked at the Stork Club." "Why, of course, Betty is hat check girl. I heard that she got the most money from IOHN MEYER. Evidently his new invention 'The Meyer Mobile' has been a huge suc- cess. But what is he doing so far from Flint, Michigan?" "Oh, did you know that ARLENE YORK and MARILYN BABCOCK tGabbyl were go- ing to buy out the White Cab Company. Of course, they're still hoping for the same pas- senger." "lust a minute," remarked BEV, "here's a call from the IONES G IONES Pallbearers, Funeral Directors, grave-diggers and expert monument makers, office on the east side. Their motto is 'just drop dead and we will do the rest'. I think I'd better listen in on this one. Oh, it's Phil's secretary MILDRED REED calling long distance to the African Iungle in hopes of finding NIGGIE, talias DARLENE WALES? unoccupied. Niggie how- ever is busy at the moment looking over a shipment of used cars that just arrived from "TERLUNEN G SIGMUND Used Car Agen- cy." BUBBLES interrupts "here come Donna Vincent and Phyllis Anderson to take our place. I'll have to hurry home to relieve my baby sitter." 2 tember 8 -Extensive initia- on was carried on. Classes 'ere shortened for an assem- ly. tember 10 -- Football boys :d dental and physical ex- minations. 'ember 13-Class meetings :ld for purpose of selecting .ass officers. Seniors decided t annual theme. ember 14 -G.A.A. members 'ffl U meeling to organize air activities. Sally Greger- n was elected president. ember 15-- Our first assem- Y program. Mr. Cane talks "Self-Pity." ember 17 ---First football :me with Racine Horlick Our victory with a score 19-6. ember 21- Tryouts for cheer- zders held. Hazel Iohnson, iggy Deacon, Ierry Dunlap td Phyllis Anderson being lected. Senior pictures were cen. ember 23 -The G.A.A. Girls id their first soccer practice. ember 24 - Elkhorn defeated hitewater with a score of I. Bob Schmidt made the ly touch-down. :wer 1--Senior class meet- for Homecoming Commit- s. Seniors returned proofs photographer and had re- es. Burlington won football ne with Elkhorn 12-0. ver 7 --All classes had class etings to vote on a home- iing court. er 8 -Football game with e Geneva. Elkhorn lost -- re 6-0. -er 11 -The football team iointed LeRoy Harry as necoming King. He select- Betty Iutte to reign as his zen. :er 14 We were honored assembly with Dr. Slutz o gave a short talk. A huge ifire was burned in the ent of homecoming after a i rally in the gym. er 15--The football game s held with Elkhorn meet- Delavan. Delavan's vic- ' 19-13. The game was :wed by the dance with a d turnout. er 22-A musical assembly gram was enjoyed by all. iorri met Harvard in a ball game. Score 0-O. Re- -A brawl. .9 4 u'i'9 Rs.:-17' 1-fs -S, October 29 The identity of Pumpkin Head was disclosed with our hero of the day be- ing Wally Abell. Elkhorn was victorious over Marengo 12- 9. A mixer was held after the game. November 1 Twirp Season start- ed. tBoy asks girl for a date. Woman Is Requested To Pay.J November 3 After a short pep meeting school was dismissed for vacation. fTeacher's Con- ventionl game with McHenry our victory 21-6. November 8 Elkhorn enjoyed an assembly with musical stu- dents from Carthage College entertaining. November 10 A list of all boys eligible for dates to the Sadie Hawkins dance was posted. November 11 School dismissed at 11:00 a.m. for an Armistice Program. November 12 Forensic play was given before the student body at 3:00 p.m. Sadie Haw- kins Dance with the music of Bud Wilber. November 15 The forensic play contest was held with partici- pants from Elkhorn, Milton, and Wilmot. November 19 Basketball game with Delavan Deaf. Our vic- tory 48-40. November 24 School was dis- missed for Thanksgiving vaca- tion. November 30 Whitewater de- feated Elkhorn 32-3O in a bas- ketball game. December 3 Another basketball defeat with Burlington, 40-23. December 7 Basketball game Nathan Hale 44, Elkhorn 34. December 9 The Iunior Class gave their class play "Come Rain or Shine." Nice work. Kids! December 10 there was an as- sembly program with histori- cal slides. December 17 Santa Claus pre- sided over an assembly in the main room before dismissal of classes for vacation. December 19 The mixed choir did a splendid job with "The Messiah." December 31 Elkhorn defeated Nathan Hale 36-34. Ianuary 3 Everyone came back to school too excited from the long vacation to study. January S A warming hut is being built near the ice pond for happy skaters. I L ...'-- gl? -X i Q A Q Seated: B. Peterson, B. Lauderdale, M. Swatek, M. Babcock. P. Mann. S. Gregerson, B. Iutte. 2nd How: E. Liebnow, P. Baker, R. Hammel, C. Flynn, B. Robson, I. Bulow, M. Babcock. R. Mishler, C. Collins. ltrd How: B. Hull, A. Larsen, C. Brellenthin B. Last, I. Gruenwald, I. Wolters, D. Wales, A. York. 41h How. B. Bartelson, I. Laixta, M. Genens, B. Mitchell, B. Iacobsen, M. Foster, L. Burns, I. Grove, B. Sigmund. blh How: B Schmidt, D. Waite, T. Anderson, H. Holliday, P. Iones, M. Gray, L. Iones, D. Matheson. When school started this year, so did the annual staff. With the receiving of their special assignments they commenced work filling these pages with in- teresting memos of the school year "48" and "49". It was because of the efforts of these people, led by our editors Sally Gregerson and Don Matheson, that the preceding pages were completed and presented to you. The staffs' special thanks go to Miss Miller who has guided us all the way to the presses. Q '1'-"""s.'L."f- . . .,., NR 'Q BX . EDITORIAL STAFF Sealed: P. Iones, S. Gregerson, Miss Miller. 2nd Jtow: B. Robson, D. Matheson, C. Flynn. . AXX 4? 1 . ,WJ Q I 53. BUSINESS STAFF Semedi I. Wolters. H. Holliday B. Lauderdale. Standing: S. Schranz, M. Gray. M. YOU nw- QUR B0 L in QQQQO? M ff E W gl! ff EL 0 Q QWQ MIM , ' E? fjfff My M 1 0 K 1 ff M ' 1 0 Q ET X A fqwkn AXLJI : ifvifp ' 5 U emi. A ji-, ,2k, 1 .lQ ff x l ' N 7. A i A -. - -4- X f' 'x N. W r . J ,." ' J Al- TT' xff' .xxfiffh x "2'4T?293V yfwy i X: I W M MW frlyf Vvglfl ,fps fx ,f' ! jr, fMa,, K ,Q W fwjfiqf I W ff QQ , QQ f W' ,pf ff ix WQWMMJ-Jwxlfdyff 35 BJ s f 32 W2 ww QMMMYVW M4 Orff Us M. S? l 1 I b , X052 x 1 My ' , Qvnx . w .wx I . ' ll, V s ff Af .. SN V W WV, 5, wif fX U of RMI ' Q ' fu WFS' Q, 1 - N 4: S,'? ' M X 'yjtivxl Q IIXUI Q , Eff! 99 " 'A A . N P I Q .ff Q . h K' X H' Q X X :1 . 'f fvlfsf S x N' :qi Yes U! . Q -' ff, 'A x 'i iS! if S . " 'lm - N Xi ' X ' lvl' ' 'wx Q Sxfgpf! , . N Q E if Q X ,flmlri W .Sf 1 U , :fM'W f M W I 1 f , ' ' All Alix V pffw , EV, 4 ,K MWW,fMiMMW Qjgfiiiqi QQWMMEM WM W' ,. K -VL ,.., 1 ,fx V ,f A if AQ A ,x, P ,- A 1 mf' I' Q1-' , I J f I ff q..ll ' Q - L V f - QM! 'A A,' -b'qv' F -T5 3 . 5 Q Nj . ,A A ' A X A "EJ . p Q5 N 8 ' E5 ff 4 . ' Q A4 1? 2 : JP J SK 'WMM 5 M3 FHA? ' I j fdddmdk QMS?

Suggestions in the Elkhorn High School - Elk Yearbook (Elkhorn, WI) collection:

Elkhorn High School - Elk Yearbook (Elkhorn, WI) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Elkhorn High School - Elk Yearbook (Elkhorn, WI) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Elkhorn High School - Elk Yearbook (Elkhorn, WI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Elkhorn High School - Elk Yearbook (Elkhorn, WI) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Elkhorn High School - Elk Yearbook (Elkhorn, WI) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Elkhorn High School - Elk Yearbook (Elkhorn, WI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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