Elkhorn High School - Elk Yearbook (Elkhorn, WI)

 - Class of 1946

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Elkhorn High School - Elk Yearbook (Elkhorn, WI) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1946 volume:

, WM WM Qkgffwf J ff ,fn',Q4j 5 ax by ff! X, - , BP HV ' ,yw Mgpilwiwwj fkbww Ayr K - kj V ' 5 U2 Www w,WiwqW Mfg Nj Q 'df K X ww wpfiiw i P74 ' M MV SX Wg? 3 'VQZ im 'H wfw X 1 if . 1 vp, RK fix Q Qggifggg ff Ji Q2 if gf K 'wg fs W M WW MW X ywfwfff EW iffy? yi M Mfg! W QIJMMK ,V WWVCFQPQJLM MJ, Wy ww.mWL, Wg? Egg w,i2 ,,,,L . Ejifjjjlffgd ZW gj a?Si!2g X ykfw O yi? Wwiwf aj Wi' QM 1 x 'u e5x fpfdfffif , Wy? Qeifzpw 2ig?fQESifffMQ WM' M J wmffw W 513 W Waif UMW W N wif Vi! ,M W 5551? w W fm Q5 WWF My S! YMX495 01 Lf? , M Mi YM 3 mffzfvfi il My Vjfff' .4274 fi A sh ' . 5 X- 3, 1" Lf N , fxbff 0, , , 1 140- " , V ' F! W .lt had Wififwf f'f4'f1'Z'ff'fZfV U 44:-4. -A 'xfriXq .X ' P f ,JV V Q' , x , A ' ' 17 XJJBQ il i., ,may ,I I Sq .SQ 6.12 I . L, 1 .BP f I' get T1 it U 'J Q ' NSR J R ' N 1 E, ffg 5 R ii x 4 D J qi Lx 1 ' L. '-1 -Ax ? LL.. 62:6 F X Q, 1. -5 X 3 , . ji La . . ii' x3NA'N:f puffuied fy tie 3211101 glad: if 45 1, ig 'vf 4 x QUJ h will Q ELKHORN I-nel-I sc:-lool. ELKHORN wwf + + WISCONSIN 27 ff Q '- 'F-,531 V f P -11 fx? Q? N Q? 5' X f 5 My if -gs, 'fy 0.0 gy 5' 4' TA if f ' 2' ff X a , BJ 6 E, dAW WM 22, WM Q JWMSXSG mf f x is My M x W 55 ZYQWTJ W2 M XS 0 ' A W H 00 Z U Eg Eiga! 'W ' . Q bf-,X P 1 -X lb simsgiiisiis P34 Sealed: E. Tess, C. Darn, D. Arnold, Miss Sullivan, L. Goodhand. W x 1- s Q 9 if D S 5 2 5 First Row: D. Schafbuch, B. Seymour, N. Ryan, V. Finley, J. Vogel, C. Voght, B. Newman, B. Van Scotler. Second Row: J. Messerschmidl, C. Dunbar, C. Maclean, K. Thum, B. Clauer, B. Seaver. Third Row: R. Brown, H. Bowyer, G. Hirn. 568 PN 90 B. Seymour, B. Augustine, D. Schafbuch, B. Van C. Dorn, Miss Sullivan, l.. Goodhand, E. Tess, D. Arnold. sagem MJM Mig? WW M MPM off' Ji? W N W W ,QP mg . gncfg' ffm glgiiffygi W W QM W' fu ff f3f"iM ww, Wg my X' Joy .Of 'jo ff 55? wfgivw my fffgf , NN fmyfm VNO6 Iliff we wyf R SUPT. H. G. KNUDTSON + A, .TQQYVYXC I X Pyggndlsiiili' ' 'YY"lr1. Qdvw YYVL. ' dvnbomh Bn. gefmi-,n,,vU'fV vrwrwfimg B HW , lk wk gre-rinAnf+newv1Pl-T119 Jwwvvvgn ik?- jdxe I . - - I 6 Yuma JV1 Iixwv my my-,-.G-AMG W MJF- E- '-m.-lwed, Jaws. c,91eeJu.a ,aww-X'-1 NXOMV' Aw Ayn, -urVvSJIl:-Qfn-eel ihe. hwnju ax M16 M' 4Q,,.,Hal-1-l.,,,.,.,,.J-.ruvl:al,, 'X,Ue,w-GYM 11"-EAAJ' 5 x mvevqfwvgs, CLK: nrowxw WK eww AD' ' 7- -dm J l MQW . U12 ,aww- Diff' NE. Rn. mfg - -ii' Ofkwiv jg, Hdw, ,,..w--ni-2--f-W'-N ' .L QWW ., A ' -S1 W -""""""' A,A ,, .,' W ,,eVb... V. V ' f 4 M 7 I ,f!,,y.y. 1 V, Y --PT A DY k CQ-PR1Nu.-f ,-.--- mf A . 1, Q 2 .. gfzagg i Wm. fi X Q 1 -A iii Y - " ,Az-V 51 MR. BAQE E R Q1 5 t r i w , ff W, S t an 3- ,M 34 '-'lr' 3? K f M--'f W- 5.TF'Pl .,,1 ,.. , 5 iii? H 'VQA 5 , Iv j f ? I MN ff X 7 1 Sf X ,ax If W 9 X Fw GN ' Q 5 Z3 M4 9 9 2 QINX ff 'p ' ii' X X! - j T-T!-XX H 411 A all k fiiliiiik ggi! am A... f W 2, 2 if 4 Y, If X, GQ f T: as f J M540 Mig N Q, yy Q W 5v'::g,5f9'.xJ, OJ 3 Cz ye, bf W Q, yn ff db M., Afffwffgw . M S of vw , MQ- , 56 wok D 65, wwf M Wlfffw N wwyffff x 'ou 96' aff 'D Qyvgsgfwynfxgw ., ut S42 f wi wi WA FW ,fy wx " PRISCILLA AMON You can't always tell about these quiet girls Sub Deb l, Knitting Club 2-4, Pep club 2, G.A.A. 2. ROBERT AUGUSTINE If l don't look important, my looks deceive me Aeronautics Club l, Football 4, Baseball 2-3-4, Class Sec. and Treas. l, Antler Club 3-4, Pho- tography 3. SALLY BARTELSON A rare mixture of frolic and fun G.A.A. l-3, Girls' Chorus 2, Pep lub I-2, Dramatic Club 3, Hi ites 4, Sub Deb 2, Red Cross Club 3. LEONARD BLESER Conversation seems to tire me Band l- mera Club l- 2. Q r. ks HAZEL BOWYER Why worry, tomorrow today will be yesterday G.A.A. l-2-3-4, Girls' Chorus 1-2-3, Hi Lites 4, Acapella 2-3,. gub Deb I-2, Annual Staff, Antlers Club 4, Pep Club 'I-2, Class Vice-Pres. 2, Declamations JW ROSEMARY BROWN She has a personality all her own G.A.A. l-2-3-4, Hi Lites 3, An- nuol Staff, Dramatic Club 4, Pep Club 'l-2-3-4, Hobby Club 2, Conservation Club l, Jr. Class Play, Bond Drum Moiorette I-2- 3-4, Extemporaneous Reading 2. DONALD ARNOLD Alibiology is his fav- subiect Elk Editor, Radio Club l lography Club 2, Rifle C Hi Liles 4, Golf Club 4, nautics Club 3, Jr. Clas: Sr. Class Play, Class Se Treas. 4. A f l L 1 I 1 ff' Is, 72 GENE BURSON rare l may yet do s me thing sen ll 1....E,.,,g,Qy 'ugh . ' . W JOHN DOBRICK Quietly he goes his way in and out, day by day Fish and Game Club l-4, Aero- nautics Club 2. CAROLYN DORN Her mind like the moon ever changes, but there is always a man in il G.A.A. l-2-3-4, Band l-2-3-4, Hi Liles 3, Jr. Class Play, Girls' Chorus l-2-3, Class Vice Pres. l, Acapella 1-2-3-4, Knitting Club l, Leathercraft Club 2, Asst. Editor of Annual. CHARLOTTE DUNIAR Her smile for many is lust for fun, because we know there is only one G.A.A., 2-3-4, Treble Clef 3, Girls' Chorus 4, Hi Liles 4, Jr. Class Play, Camera Club l-2, Declamatiohs l-2, Extempora- neous Reading I-2, Acapella 4. RAY EISENTRAUT l'm hunting for the guy who invented work Fish and Game Club l. VERONICA FINLEY Quiet at first-Take another look Pep Club 2, Sub Deb Club l-2, Hi Liles 3-4, Homecoming Queen 4, Anllers 4-. l fini .lg Xxx? Lg l 1 , x ' BETTY CLAUER " She looks like an angel and acts like one too, but you never can tell what an angel will do Annual Staff, Acapella 2-3-4, Girls' Chorus l-2-3, G.A.A. 'l- 2-3-4, Pep Club I-2, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Sub Deb Club 2-3, Dramatic Club 2-3, Homecoming Court of Honor l, Hi Liles 3-4, Band I-2-3-4, Prom Court ol Honor 3, Pep Band 2-3-4. DONALD GETZEN A woman hater so they say, but never mind, there'lI come a day Basketball l-2-3-4, Aeronautics Club l, Baseball 2-3-4, Ath- letic Council 3, Collectors Club 3. DONNA Unassuming-Always friendly G.A.A. l-2-3-4, Dramatic Club 2. SYLVlA GRIFFIN Witty and clever, Silent never Dramatic Club 4, G.A.A. 4, Sr. Class Play, Transferred from Holy Angels Academy, Mil- waukee, Wisconsin. PHYLLIS HAMMEL She seems a quiet lass, until we see her out of class Knitting Club l, Conservation Club 2,-Hi Lites 3-4, librarian 2-3. NORMA HARDING She does well, who does her best Knitting Club l, G.A.A. l, Band l-2-3-4. International Club l, Pep Band 2-3-4, Dec- lamations 2, Jr. Class Play, Debate and Oratory 3, Hi Lites 3, Librarian 3, Dramatic Club 2-3. GERTRUDE HIRN She goes as she pleases and pleases as she goes Band l-2-3, Pep Band l-2-3, Sub Deb Club 2, Hobby Club 1-2, G.A.A. l-2-3-4, Hi lites 3-4, Antlers Club 4, Acapella 3, Class Sec. and Treas. 2-3. LOIS GOODHA ln the classroom she'e but outside we're no' Girls Chorus I-2, Acal G.A.A. l-2-3-4, Ho Court of Honor 3, Pr of Honor 3, Hi Lites Editor of Annual, Spa 4, Antlers Club 4, Play, Sr. Class Play, tions 4, Dramatic C librarian 3-4. wi .4- .5 RICHARD HOBBS er a care, never a hurry, Jeanie is his only worry netball l, Football 3-4, Co- or Hi Liles 4, Class Vice- . 4, Annual Staff, trans- ad from Roosevelt High vol, Chicago, Ill. f,7 WW fl t 1, kiln' 210' rf ' f GENEVIEVE KISTLER Behind her calm exterior lies a bit of mischief G.A.A. I-3-4, International Club l, Hi Lites 3, Dramatic Club 3-4, Girls Glee Club l, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Declamatory 4, Transferred from Neptune High School, Ocean Grove, New Jersey. JOHN KIERALDO I step forward into the world- Woe is me! Transferred from Fenger High School, Chicago, Ill. 4 K ,,l,- ,gmc uf fain!! LAAJ ,f .' LL'-U2 WW , 1 j2fa.tffp7?affP"f"fl,6"1jjj GERALD LAST He never lets his studies inter- fere with his work Radio Club l, Aeronautics Club 3, Camera Club 2, Fish and Game Club 4, Hi lites 4, Sr. Class Play. CATHERINE MACLEAN It's her laugh that gets you G.A.A. l-2-3-4, Hi Lites 3-4, Camera Club l, Collectors Club 3, Pep Club l, Art Club 2, Declamations l, Acapella 2-3, Girls Chorus I-2-3, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Homecom- ing Court of Honor 4. 03 JOYCE MESSERSCHMIDT Speech is great, but silence is greater Girls Glee Club 2-3-4, Acapel- la 2-3-4, Knitting Club l, Con- servation Club 2, Dramatic Club 3-4, Treble Clef 'I, An- nual Staff. DONALD MlLLARD All great men are dying, I don't feel so well myself Football 2-3-4, Basketball l-2-3-4, Baieba l Camera Club 2-3 Hi Fish and Ga e l. 1 ,SJW llflbvvsgl l l CARL MILLER He likes his school and helps it too, but likes it best whenft there's nothing to do l Aeronautics Club Intern - tional Club l, B etba , Football 4, Photo phy I 3. in i .LW if' 3 WILLIAM MORRISSEY Girls like the twinkle of this athletic star Football l-2-3-4, Basketball l-2-3-4, Baseball I-2-3-4, Band l-2-3-4, Boy's Chorus 'l, Sr. Class Play, International Club l-2, Rifle Club l, Class Vice-Pres. 3, Athletic Council l-2. BEVERLY NEWMAN 'l'hey'll do away with the hoarse when Bubbles be- comes a nurse G.A.A. 'l-2-3-4, G.A.A. Pres. 4, Band 1-2-3-4, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Homecom- ing Court of Honor 2, Knitting Club I-2, Librarian 3-4, Sub Deb Club 2, Class Sec. and Treas. 2, Dramatic Club 3. IETTY JO PHILIY Life is a lake, let's laugh Conservation Club 2, Hi Lites 3-4, Transferred from Center- ' e High School, Centerville, owa. s s MARIAN RECKNAGLE l'm not as bashful as I seem Knitting Club l, Conservation X club 2-3. ,NN 'x ri fx, cf WARREN RIECK lt's in the books, why bother it? Fish and Game Club l, Camera Club 2, Audubon Club 2, Ant- lers Club 3-4, Rifle Club 4, Baseball, Football. MARY MILLER Studying doesn't tak her time Knitting Club l, Pep CI Red Crass Club 3. K, NORMA RYAN ynamite comes in small packages pella 2-3-4, Girls Glee a l-2-3-4, G.A.A. 1-2-3-4. Lites 3-4, Antlers Club 4, matic Club 3, Pep Club -4, Sub Deb Club 2, Home- ing Court of Honor 4, Jr. ss Play, Sr. Class Play, erleader 4, Prom Court of nor 3. Q If I A ' 4,41 f l ' 1 . J. 1 DONALD SCHAFBUCH i g and acting, he's had g and rumor has it he also can sing! Club 'l, Audubon Club 2, Collectors Club 3, Antlers' Club 4, Sr. Class Play, Asst. Business Manager of Annual. ,lsr A W Noisy as a mouse 9 tion Club l, Audubon Club 2. M -. . Q ' Knittin Club l-4, Conserva- Wg x ,G N 1 LU WILLIAM SEAVER There surely must be some hard work in him because none's ever come out! Radio Club l, International Club ,l,'Pep Club 2, Cheerlead- er 2, Hi Liles 3-4, Collectors Club 3, Golf Club 4, Annual Staff. JEAN SELTMANN Worry decays the mind- so why worry? Acapella 2, Knitting Club l, Red Cross Club 3, Hi Liles 4, Dramatic Club l-3. WILLIAM SEYMOUR Smart and o-o-o-oh those shoulders Football l-2-3-4, Basketball 'l-2-3-4, Baseball l, Tennis 4, Fish and Game Club l, Inter- national Club 2, Aeronautic Club 3, Golf Club 4, Class Pres. 2-3, Athletic Council 4, Business Manager of Annual, .lr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play. VIOLA STARDY A girl worth knowing Dramatic Club 2-3-4, Spanish Club 2, Acapella 3-4, Girls Glee Club 3-4, Treble Clef l-2, Jr. Class Play, Declamations 4. .Jl W iw ,1f"""" MAE STEINBICER She's an all around good "skate" Sub Deb 1, Pep Club 2, Band 1-2-3-4, G.A.A. 2, Pep Band 3-4. KATHRYN THUM Happy ga lucky, fair and free, nothing there is that bothers me Girls Chorus 1-2-3-4, Acapella 2-3-4, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Dramatic Club 2-3-4, Hi Lites 3-4, Annual Staff 4, Pep Club 1-2, G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, Sub Deb 1-2, Prom Court of Honor 3. KL I l fail' QV' JVQWOT' A 91 1 ELLEN TESS lt's nice to be natural, i' naturally nice Annual Staff 4, Band 1 Acapella 2-3-4, Girls 1-2-3-4, Cheerleader G.A.A. 2-3-4, Jr. Clas Sr. Class Play, Pep Clw Dramatic Club 1, Art 1 Sub Deb 2, Leather Crc 2, Pep Band 2-3. . ROBERT VAN SCOT Study is my favorite s could sit all day and w Football 1-2-3-4, Ba: 1-2, Baseball 3, Fis Game Club 1, Hobby 1 Annual Staff 4, Asst. I Manager of Annual, Ho ing King 4. M1 Q. wig JEAN VOGEL If its within her power to help, she will, and gladly Pep Club 1, Girls Glee Club 1, G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, Cheerleader 1, Sub Deb 2, Acapella 2-3, Hobby Club 2, Girls Chorus 3, Prom Court of Honor 3, Annual Staff 4, Hi Lites 3-4. CAROL VOGHT k'ng-she knows not what -she knows not why G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, Pep Club 1-2, Sub Deb 2-3, Photography Club 1-2, Dramatic Club 2-3, Girls Glee Club 2-3, Hi Lites 3-4, Antlers 4, Librarian 1-2-4, Annual Staff 4, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play. NORMAN WAITE He appears quiet, but we wonder Rifle Club 1, Archery Club 2, Fish and Game Club 4, Antlers Club 4. DONALD WALTMAN Be wise-Have a good time all the time International Club 1, Antlers Club 3, Fish and Game Club 2, Football 1-2, Basketball 1-2, Aeronautics Club 2. S e .3 Ei r if P QSM. 0 '- Y. C q'n"YO S9w?9 Sdwwc wwf LM 51 'Rome Slvgbicd ? 45, j3.f,95f1 AP' 96' wi M 'fb W' Q. GPM' we ! W ' ' 'N wb' .app ' ' 50Q3,,ff+" ,awk 0,3 ew? 1 93" oc -ew fx- Ksvmixxgdgieff, MQW Qi xiffrcapfofw, Bn Qipfywoy A dxf? V., NS W P5350 53009 M ' QA! . 'JC' .WW 0 v ON QQQVMM L C. Strong, B. Sorenson, President H. Schmidt, V. Boss Seated: D. Bartelson, M. Dill, P. Sanders, Miss Karberg, Mr. Paulson, V. Cervenko, M. Harding. First Row: V. Bass, B. Plautz, D. Andstedt, L. Walbrandt, H. Woodman, D. Icke, B. Sommers, P. Share. Second Row: B. Weaver, R. Marsh, M. Desing, V. Becker, L. Rupp, N. Larsen, M. Brockmann, P. Sanders. Third Row: P. Butler, F. Eames, D. Seymour, J. Paddock, M. Reed, W. Skoine, J. Fuchs, J. Holden. 2 Q 1 - s f - Seated: D. Bellfield, B. Patek, B. Hart, Miss Martin, A. Kirchhoff, B. Morrissey, E. Papenfus. First Row: B. Dewart, H. Burns, G. Kurick, A. Gregerson, M. Roetter, D. Forrest, A. Leach. Second Row: D. Jones, J. Remer, J. Potter, C. Strong, J. Lee, J. McGahey, H. Schmidt, H. Travis. Third Row: D. Johnson, E. Pfaffenberger, P. Dasher, D. Dexter, H. Grunewald, B. Stoflet, B. Sorenson, B. Palenshus, M Hastings. W -2 vg My S04 JQQNNM se 'CQ ff' QU' Qi? QU fy ,ifxfow gg,wggiLjl Q Y? wwf? Q0-yru QANPN. 'SW gpm? 455 pry? 0' 9 my Sw" by Qf"A,,695,,w ivy gif 'N fy fgixiwfowx X ff? W ,, ff' L Seated: J. Weaver, D. Amann, Mr. Stiedl, Mr. Disrud, A. Hobbs, J. Matheson. First Rovvi: M. Harris, M. Matheson, V. Reed, V. Tomaszewski, P. Brown, M. Drew, V. Hintz. Second Row: C. Ellsworth, J. Seymour, B. Dunbar, M. Genens, E. Freitag, G. Redenz, D. Mann, D. Vincent Third Row: R. Boker, R. Arnold, R. Pierce, B. Temlitz, H. Nelson, H. Heusser, H. Wheeler. Fourth Row: W. Jacobsen, J. Ames, R. Jacobsen, J. Weaver, C. Seaver, R. Hanny, J. Cusack. Seated: P. Enright, D. Belk, Miss Mertens, Miss White, B. Newman, C. Tess, A. lauta. First Row: F. Bleser, M. Piper, C. Goodhand, P. McKenzie, J. Martin, D. Grundmonn, L. Belk. Second Row: K. Schmidt, T. Christensen, M. Catlin, B. Erickson, J. lcke, R. Thompson, D. Sanders. Third Row: M. Schultz, D. Van Scotter, K. Amon, B. Bigelow, R. Paddock, D. Burns, M. Vaughn. Fourth Row: S. Diels, D. Coerper, B. Clauer, C. Kurtz, M. Lauta, B. Crosby. C. Schmoling, J. Jacobsen. EAN? KP WE, ffm .Q ef ' Vx Q 914295 afltff fffwffwfb' ww by QWQWPQ if Www W L 550 Igloo. PP ob' M sex 5' 9+ Ayr we YV ox xc? ,Ji QP' U,,0"X Presiden! J. Meyers, D. Kehl, B, Harrington is Wa gi ' '2j.4 -Vi drrifff' nf RWM Yuma S-. 'Y' Y ,Dx 'K' OW-G "' ' W ., 9 X " Qgexl 3 be W Nw ' 'gy I ' M an 'KMC T im' 2 Q in We in X Q1 s M .3 .avg f Q ' I' wi K ,mac 6 wx MW 'WX UN -Afannuvb in Lb- mmf- 'RWM' ,i 1 wa , ur E .1"wf-1 'usik i Mya M R.. L Ere? 5 .Qxg-fha 5 94 0'-W 5 '?:J3We m'? 5? ig., 4:4555 3wW,L-14, M-WW ,Av 'Rwiimaf Jw-i'f""" Qi gmac Jaw? 9 M , ,swf 9.5 QW Qbgivaviy pf? J' M Lb..-.ray 'SW I ef ,gf fa' W Q A355552 ,wifi QM? , P9 PX 'JH yob' fda Qpfjgidw ,Sify Jar' A QNX ,gy Q O W W 4:2 i 1 E Mr. Hashngs, B. Sorenson 0-W5 x COA OWN T Jif lkjey fffiwjffm xy mour, Mr. Disrud, J. Meyers. 44 C OUNQL 574717 AWLETIL I Q " 1 l. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. ,SK F. Eames, H. Schmidt, W. Skoine. 21 28, 5, 12, 19, 26, 1, Elks Elks Elks Elks Elks Elks Elks O Oconomowoc 7 Lake Mills O Lake Geneva 7 Harvard 6 Delavan 0 Burlington 25 Whitewater V 3 A , m Morrissey, B. Seymou Millard, D. Hobbs, B. Van S 12 19 25 14 7 7 O First Row: B. Jacobson, B Harrington F Eames B Van Scotter J Cusack B Morrrssey B Seymour D Hobbs W Skolne D Millard, Manager T O Conner Second Row: Coach Mr. Hastungs D Brellenthm B Wllklns B Huesser B Hanny H Schmidt M Reed .I Weaver D Jones B. Dunbar, E. Krauklls K Amon Coach Mr Baxter Third Row: Manager D. Van Scatter D Matheson L Schmxdt D Brellenthln J Weaver B Palenshus J Fuchs B Bragu J Meyers, P. Jones, D Wheeler L Harry B. Dunbar, B. Huesser, Cusack, J. Weaver. 4 4 uf. pf V if 4 S' Hes-if Jigga L Z' Qin' ky' kk up me W1 W ' I ,J ,, ei WM, ,,:. ,.... . X ww- 4.1 ,st if ,L M I z f 1 S 2 rt W1 f Y My M5wa'r0'VK3: KVM' A ..-If gf Wwvmmnf 'WB 1 1 pf" fp 'WWW ., Jl.Q5fQ5Lv?Qi'fW.. J 0 'QI oHpf,pM3g.v li? ff 5TqQb"WV'.1QM Lt. sfigfffyffm Q .fwfr i 96599.00 10 P My ,MX lted: V. Bass, C. Flynn, E. Liebnow, R. Mishler, l. Walbrandt, N. Ryan, J. Vogel, P. McKenzie, C. Goodhand, B. Sommer. at Row: R. Potter, V. Hintz, C. Dunbar, G. Hirn, A. Gregerson, Miss Mertens, B. Newman, B. Mitchell, P. Butler, S. Gregerson. ond Row: P. Share, C. Voght, R. Marsh, B. Weaver, B. last, M. Desing, M. Catlin, B. Erickson, C. Dorn, E. Tess. rd Row: D. Wales, K. Thum, J. Pratt, B. Dunlap, J. Grunowald, M. Babcock, J. Wolters, N. Larsen, D. Bartelson, M. Dill, M. Piper K. Schmidt, B. Clauer, lrth Row: B. Clauer, M. Vaughn, C. Tess, V. Reed, B. Newman, C. Maclean, B. Plautz, G. Kistler, P. Enright, P. Brown, V. Tomas- zewski, B. Bartelson, l. Goodhand. h Row: A. leach, A. Kirchhoff, B. Hart, M. Harris, M. Genens, R. Brown. M. Genens, H. Bowyer, J. Matheson, D. Green, B. Jacobson, P. Dasher, M. Matheson, D. Forrest. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS First Row: B. .Sommers, P. Share, L. Wclbrandl, B. Weaver, R. Marsh, M. Dill, P. Butler. Second Row: D. Barlelson, A. Gregerson, D. Forresl, A. Leach, B. Harl, A. Kirchhoff, P. Dasher. SOCCER CHAIN Firsl Row: P. McKenz Goodhand, M. Collin Piper, B. Erickson, K. Sc B. Clcuer, P. Enrigh Vaughn. Second Row: P. Brown, B. mon, V. Tomoszewslm Hinlz, V. Reed, M. N son, M. Harris, M. G4 J. Matheson. , f ' V i .E QE 9.1 .fs 'TT' FISH AND GAME CLUB First Row: B. Sigmund, D. Oleson, D. Kehl, R. Paddock, K. Amon, B. Crosby, B. Patek. Second Row: F. Eames, J. Paddock, M. Reed, B. Morrissey, A. Hobbs, G. Last, B. Palenshus. Third Row: B. Stofiet, D. Matheson, H. Coeper, H. Nelson, J. Fuchs, B. Dewart, Mr. Hastings Fourth Row: Aiiiii'cLuB 'ii G. Burson, F. Krehofi, D. Amann, J. Weaver, N. Waite, W. Jacobsen, B. Sorenson Seated: P. Enright, A. Gregerson,, V. Cervenka, C. Tess. Standing: C. Kurtz, Miss Gessert, L. Anderson, R. Thompson, PEP CLUB First Row: R. Potter, L. Rupp, B. Bigelow, Miss Mertens, B. Erickson, M. Desing, J. Ike. Second Row: R. Mishler, E. Liebnow, J. Martin, D. Grundmann, R. Hammel, C. Flynn, V. Bass, M. Shepard. Third Row: N. Larson, H. Woodman, D. Ike, M. Babcock, A. Larsen, M. Reed, B. Sommers, J. Cooper, C. Brellenthin. Fourth Row: B. Mitchell, B. Bartelson, N. Ames, B. Clauer, P. Brown, C. Tess, P. Enright, P. Mann, H. Burns, C. Goodhond. Fifth Row: B. Temlitz, P. Dosher, C. Ellsworth, R. Brown, P Sanders, A. York, V. Hintz, S. Diels, B. Lauderdale. Z E i v f E 2 CHEERLEADERS E. Tess, P. McKenzie, N. Ryan, L. Burns. salad: P. Hammel, G. Hirn, B. Seaver, D. Millard, J. Vogel, C. Dunbar, C. Voghl. rsl Row: Miss Martin, N. Ryan, V. Finley, B. Sommers, H. Woodman, P. Share, R. Thompson, K. Thum, B. Clauer, Miss Sullivan :cond Row: N. Larsen, B, Bigelow, B. Clauer, J. Sellrnann, S. Barlelson. wird Row: L. RuPP. D. Barlelson, C. Maclean, S. Diels, R. Holliday, B. Sheldon, P. Butler, R. Palek, L. Burns. :vurlh Row: H. Bowyer, M. Gray, L. Goodhand. C. Slrong, D. Arnold. el We 1 1 B. Seaver, J. Vogel, D. Millard. LIBRARIANS Sealed: M. Swalek, B. Barielson, M. Schulz, C. Voghf, B. last, E. Pfaffenberger. Standing: K. Knapp, M. Babcock, C. Goodhond, Miss Oliva, M. Desing, L. Goodhand, R. Thompson ATTENDANCE MONITORS Seaied: C. Tess, P. Enright, H. Bowyer, G. Hirn. Standing: H. Woodman, J. Vogel, C. Kur1z,, D. Schoenbeck, L. Rupp. O N- 6, L ,, .' 'F sux if 0' ' jsmlgft sw A N, gm: f, '1' Nm 'WM' f as A E S R' Hanny J. Cusack B. Huesser , B. Sorenson D' Millard Bwlgcrlmu Wilmot . State School Milton. . Jefferson . Walworth Jefferson . Walworth State School NON-CONFERENCE 21 Elks . . 25 Elks . . 23 Elks . . 31 Elks . . 19 Elks . 29 Elks . 50 Elks . . 37 Elks . . REGIONAL TOURNAMEN Burlington . Beloit. . . Oconomowoc W. Morrissey sz if!! CONFERENCE elovcm . . 23 Elks . 34 'hilewclter . 20 Elks . . 37 l i lrlington , 27 Elks . . 38 lke Geneva . 29 Elks . . 39 ,sl A"' ' elavan . . 30 Elks . . 35 U in 'hllewcler . I8 Elks . . 42 ' f ix? lrlington . 32 Elks . . 50 .- 5 lke Geneva . 31 Elks . . 37 if 3 D. Jones 5 ' l-lAMploN5l-llP ,,., , Elks , . . 39 2 "" ' s, s Elks . . . 54 Elks . . . 37 i v Q zl: .... M ,Es , 5' :ij .,,, dl- , Z.-AE H K M' Reed lk E f s s S..- 2 x . aff' S A 6 -.,. , R. Morrissey 1, B. Seymour H. Schmidt J. Weaver Coach Disrud X xi' tru, gf 5' dxf' xii I , N , 1 I 5? ,ww 'UK' M 5 W aff: M 1 Q 'damp 'imc X W 1 V 5, il i if KW Seated: H. Schmidt, B. Harrington, B. Dunbar, D. Van Scotter, P. Jones, B. Jacobsen. Standing: D. Brellenthin, W. Skoine, D. Seymour, J. Meyer, C. Seaver, F. Eames, B. Arnold, D. Burns. ,X ,.Ji....,..e . .. ,. x a ,Af .L CANDY BAR CHAMPS :irst Row: H. Bowyer, L. Walbrandt, K, Schmidt G- Him' econd Row: V. Tomaszewski, B. Last, B. Mitchell, J. Mqfheson. 'ff fi lt B. Seymour, P. Builer, B. Sorenson, D. Bartelson, I.. Burns. First Row: M. Vaughn, V. Reed, K. Thum, A. Kirchhoif, M. Piper, D. Forresi. Second Row: C. Knapp, M. Babcock, L. Goadhand, B. Newman, Miss Karberg, M. Dill, C. Maclean P. Sanders. Third Row: J. Grunewald, B. Dunlap, J. Wolters, V. Slardy, B. Erickson, T. Christensen, G. Kistier. 'B Ogjfjqyv' Q f MVK awww' F' , Jem if Ybwwf Awwibcw 'N 0,.,MM' R5-T' Q0'Migp,,s5- QP? ' Gm ww X .Nz gfg3,f?5fBi'f?5MW Haw www ww' f .gay W QM-Wf'2't wwf, , W W ,z,eM i3Q.jW,f,w Arwen Bw 'mf' -go sf , . W fp 523583 iwxe., SWF RWM if-A57 '75, D KQMQ' Seated: H. Grunewald, C. Strong, B. Hari, K. Thum. Sfunding: G. Kisfler, N. Harding, D. Ike, L. Goodhund, B. Plaufz, Miss Kcrberg. DRAMATIC CLUB 1 THE TRYSTING PI Firsl Row: K. KnuPP, P. Baker. Second Row: M. Babcock, B. Dunlap, S. C Third Row: l. Anderson, J. Wolters, J. G Seated: L. Jones, J. Holden, D. Mann, G. Hirn, A. Gregerson, B. Augustine, Mr. Toiles. First Row: V. Bass, N. Ryan, V. Finley, C. Voght, D. Sanders, K. Amon, M. Brockmonn. Second Row: E. Pafenpus, P. Sanders, V. Cervenku, P. Sanders, V. Becker, L. Goodhond, D. Van Scotter, R. Waite Third Row: B. Hort, D. Schofbuch, C. Strong, J. Remer, H. Bowyer, J. lee, D. Dexter, D. Johnson. A VAIN EFFORT ALL'S FAIR First Row: M. Kexel, D. Grundmonn. First Row: R. Brown, K. Thum. Second Row: D. Schufbuch, B. Erickson. Second Row: L. Goodhand, P. Brown, G. Kistler. Third Row: B. Hull, M. Dorn, B. Dewart. Third Row: V. Stardy, P. Dasher, J. Messerschmidt. Fourth Row: P. Monn, B. Boker. Flrst Row: M. Piper, B. Newman, B. Clauer, M. Harris, K. Schmidt, M. Dill, C. Maclean, M. Vaughn. Second Row: H. Woodman, V. Reed, C. Goodhand, J. Woiters, J. Grunewald, M. Schulz, M. Dorn, C. Kurtz, P. Baker. Third Raw: L. Andstedt, M. Babcock, M. Desing, K. Knapp, D. Andstedt, B. Jacobsen, B. Dunlap, S. Gregerson, J Pratt, B. Hull, M. Babcock. Four Row: L. Rupp, Miss White, M. Swatek, R. Potter, J. Seymour. 6 First low: B. Newman, V. Tomaszewski, B. Newman. d R : J. M th on, M. Matheson, K. Schmidt, M. Vaughn, B. Clauer. itzirdn Roxy M. Dill, as Tess, D. Bartelson, P. MacKenzie, B. Temlitz, C. Ellsworth, V. Reed. Fourth Row: J. Seymour, Miss Oliva. Q92 , fwfr J Of? 9f'4gfPXXfefQ'EffQf,?fQ2wfL','JlSff1yp Jygxebwfy if WM Y W N' ff' -35533 Q sf? Mm ffjzfbkffw, QM C'f?WQJ"'xfQL9eQ' Q2 ?KQX piQ Q f'T3Qiif ff xv' .L ,MQVVEWN ,xc fl ww' VRF feim W5 ,SS ,SP pwwwlyf WK fy' ' Way 'np' cf if LMSTXQW M ..2,,2,4ff! ff WA .. '- 1 . fi ,.f,f'ldj!7.. , J mffu fifffgff' , -'W ' " f ,I - , . In ,pg QQ, !, iff , prf' - if - ' .-'Z Af' if "fu ' I 'A "' . ..f" 1 I , f M ' ,. ,,.- Q ff ,fyw ft- J fi ,ff 41 ' ' " i t - YY flimffify' Mzfifqiwr . '7 . , ,ll V . -' ' . . e 'f1i flu' rf 1 , , j Vx' . " f .L ' .if fin f 1 .- 1' if 'ww 4 f , ' f ., i fi' f -45i':'i . 'A..w: iklgij-,g,,..,T4 ,JZ ' L, i f I 4' t 1 M, mi..-,."g, J C, M., J , o V . .14 1 B ,J or , f ,jf , ff .. .4 ,if-' f "' t 17' , 1 4 1 I 1 , , fy... NJ 1 " .af fi' ' .J ' "A"U',fA-'F' if .gi 1 ,if 1 if 'AVLIQ gf: f' 'Y : 3 l , Q F E55 -'k , 2553: 5 A "lf J 2 f F 2 .. .,i I f ' . gift! 'I if f JV , " l 1 . VV .2-fi""' J lx . 'Nic A i W f . 'X A ,sf rg.. CLABQJETS: B. Clauer, E. Tess, R. Marsh, D. Bartelsi J ffl v"-H' M. Harding, P. Share, M. Catlin, D. Forrest, Matheson, J. Matheson, L. Walbrcmdt, D. Wal C. Collins, T. Christensen, P. McKenzie, E. Pfaffn berger. , 4 f'ffCORNETS: B. Sheldon, H. Grunewald, B. Sorenson, 5 Bleser, M. Kexel, J. Potter, P. Jones, M. Gray, Brellenthin. HORNS:f N. Harding, B. Newman, P. Butler, B. Weav ,j.,.gAMf' Roetter. BASS: J. Ames. :eve 'S QR-OXN FLUTES: B. Ploufz, G. Kurick. OBOE: C. Dorn. SAXOPHONES: D. Brellenthin, M. Steinbicer, F. Bleser, D. Vincent, B. Lost. TROMBONES: A. Kirchhoff, D. Belk, M. Genens, H. Travis. BARITONES: V. Tomoszewski, A. Leoch, R. Holliday. PERCUSSION: B. Morrissey, C. Wighfmcn, A. Braba- zon, J. Collins. DRUM MAJORETTE: R. Brown. TWIRLERS: V. Reed, L. Burns. 7' . R195 wide F0 'S rle URN First Row: A. Brabazon, J. Collins, B. Plautz, D. Bartelsan, P. Share, R. Marsh, M. Kexel. Second Row: G. Kurick, B. Last, C. Wightman, B. Weaver, M. Roetter, T Christensen, M. Catlin. Th' d Row: D. Belk, B. Clauer, M. Harding, M. Genens, P. Butler, N. Hllrding, A. Leach, M. Steinbicer, V. Tomaszewski. lr Fourth Row: J. Ames, B. Sheldon, J. Potter, D. Forrest, A. Kirchhoff, E. Pfaffenberger, H. Grunewald, M. Gray, Mr. Sleidl. .. , -sw-............ .1 of GIRLS First Row: J. Grunewald, J. Pratt, Mrs. Aldrich, J. Wolters, P. Munn, Sefond Row: M- SheP0"d, P- Baker, E. Liebnow, R. Hammel, R. Mishler, M. Kexel, :bird Row: J. Cooper, C. Brellenthin, B. Hull, L. Anderson, B. Last, B. Dunlap. cum' Row: V' Hmlz' B' Mvchelll N- Ames, M- SWGYGK, S. Gregerson, M. Genens, M. Babcock. First Row: M. Harris, M. Genens, A. Leach, D. Forrest, Mrs. Aldrich, A. Kirchholt, B. Hart, P. Dasher, C, Ellsworth. Second Row: V. Bass, l.. Belk, D. Grundmonn, N. Ryan, J. Martin, B. Plautz, P. McKenzie, B. Sommers, P. Share, B Weaver. Third Row: A. Gregerson, R. Marsh, V. Stardy, B. Erickscn, K. Thum, D. Bartelson, K. Schmidt, C. Dorn, T. Christensen E. Tess, C. Dunbar, B. Clauer. Fourth Row: B. Clauer, N. Larsen, M. Dill, H. Burns, G. Kurick, P. Sanders, J. Messerschmidt, P. Sanders, V. Cervenka M. Roetter, P. Butler, E. Pfaffenberger. Fifth Row: D. Belk, H. Coeper, B. Dunbar, F. Eames, J. Potter, B. Sorenson, M. Gray, J. Weaver, H. Grunewald, B Sheldon. . W.s.f.w,,V......., . H -A First Row: J. Messerschmidt, P. Butler, A. Gregerson, Mrs. Aldrich, V. Cervenka, M. Roetter, D. Forrest. Setond ROW: V. Boss, L. Belk, D. Grundmann, N. Ryan, J. Martin, B. Plautz, P. McKenzie, B. Sommers. Third Row: P. Share, R. Marsh, B. Weaver, V. Stardy, B. Erickson, K. Thum, D. Bartelson, K. Schmidt. Fourth ROW: T. Christensen, E. Tess, C. Dunbar, N. Larsen, M. Dill, H. Burns, G. Kurick, B. Clauer. Fifth Row: M. Harris, M. Genen A. L h s, eac , B. Hart, A. Krchholf, P. Dasher, E. Paffenberger. W 03? wwf? " ww by .,-ffm QMJGJS wt JF,f'!Q65,gUfJfU X 5921335 W QU? M I M lQ?X3'QdagW'WJgMf-PR iii? AML, ESQ? VM qgf. QM , WWQQA WW My WY . ,Na 6M - ww First low: M. Swatok, J. Wolters, B. Dunlap, J. Grunawald, I. Hull, J. hyar. Second Row: T. Anderson, T. 0'Conner, B. Biagi, B. Harrington, B. Schmidt, S. Gregerson. Third Row: E. Freitag, G. Redenz, J. Holden, J. Meyers, R. Waite, Miss Speaker. First Raw: V. Reed, M. Vaughn, M. Dill, B. Newman, M. Piper, A. lauta, D. Burns. Second Row: D. Mann, J. Fuchs, L. Burns, D. Seymour, F. Eames, B. Morrissey, M. Harris, Mr. Disrud. Third Row: B. Arnold, J. Kieraldo, R. Pierce, B. Dunbar, J. Weaver, E. Freitag, G. Redenz, J. Holden. Fourth Row: B. Sorenson, B. Seymour, B. Seaver, D. Arnold, B. Jacobsen, C. Seaver, B. Hanny, J. Cusack, B. Huesser - fx CX-995 19 .xy-X, f N lx, l 4, sf ! I' 'MTNX We the class of '46 being of sound mind l??l do hereby bequeath our multiple charms, talents, and great possibilities to those unfor- tunate characters who were not lucky enough to be members of this outstanding, unforgettable, unexcelled senior class. Collectively we leave our-let's not say mercenary, but rather our money making in- stincts to the class of '47. lf you're as broke as we were at the beginning of the year, you'll need them. Individually then: Don Millard leaves his basketball publicity to Vivian Bass. llt's all because of your height, Viv.l Cathy Maclean leaves her "Grocery Bill" to Patty Share. Bill Morrissey gives lwith reliefl his harem to Mike Reed. We know you'll appreciate it, Mike, you always did like the weaker sex. Beverly Newman leaves Don Jones and not with relief either. Jean Seltmann leaves her red hair to the Sanders Twins. You don't get the temper though, kids. Bill Seymour leaves his concientious ways and executive ability to brother Danny. Viola Stardy wills her dark hair and com- plexion to Marilyn Desing in the event that "Gentlemen no longer prefer blondes." Mae Steinbicer leaves her white roller skates to Ann Gregerson and Patti Butler-one to each--she can't risk rivalry out there. Ellen Tess leaves lwith pleasurel her hard work on the annual to Barbara Hart and Bar- bara Weaver. lOh, that India ink, you lucky kidsl. Kay Thum wills her snails pace to Marianne Dill. Jeanne Vogel wills her navy "blues" to Doris Bartelson. Donna Green leaves her short and colorful name to Eleanor Pfaffenberger. Carol Voght leaves her "shorts" to Harold Schmidt to be used when his pants rip in future games. Sally Bartelson wills the family station wagon to Harvey Travis to substitute ,for his horse. Hazel Bowyer leaves her "dashing" dimples to Lorraine Walbrandt. Gene Burson leaves his enviable position as custodian of "Silent City" to the Tombstone Boys who have spent some time there in the past, we understand. Charlotte Dunbar leaves her "Tiny" friend to Delores Anstedt, Helen Burns, and Margaret Roetter. She firmly believes that there is safety in numbers. Lois Goodhand leaves 'her special interest in editors to Beverly Sommers. Get your bid in early of "47's" editor, Bev. Gert Hirn leaves her bluff to Vivian Becker. lt'll get you by with murder if used correctly. Genevieve Kistler leaves her lofty ambitions to Jimmy Holden. Gerald Last leaves his excused absences to Lillian Rupp. Maybe with yours added to them you iust won't have to come to school, Lillian. Carl Miller leaves his nasty cracks at "Louie" to Bill Dewart. May you amuse yourself with them. Priscilla Amon leaves her short hair to Alice Kirchhoff. Don Arnold leaves all his pep to Charles Strong so that he can be a cheerleader next. year. Bob Augustine leaves his nationally known popularity to Robert Patek and Jimmy Potter. He has enough for both of them. Leonard Bleser gives his mathematical abil- ity to John Fuchs. Rosemary Brown wills her athletic ability to Helen Woodman, only don't knock Miss Mer- tens around, Helen. John Dobrick leaves his knowledge of "cats", both two and four legged to Jimmy Lee. Veronica Finley and Norma Ryan add their height together and leave it to Earl Papenfus so that he may be the star of next year's bas- kletball team. Don Getzen leaves his "cold shoulder to all girls" to Bill Stoflet and Walter Skoine. Phyllis Hammel leaves her iob at the Na- tional Tea to Nannette Larsen to fill up the spare time she has left from the Chicago Store. Norma Harding leaves her subtle sense of humor to James Paddock. Dick Hobbs leaves his little "Rae" of sun- shine to Melvin Brockman. John Kieraldo leaves his spotted calf "Aug- gie" to Bob Morrissey. Joyce Messerschmidt wills to Violette Cer- yenka and Phyliss Dasher her quiet and unas- suming ways. Don Schafbuch leaves his surefire salesman- ship to Bud Palenshus. It should come in handy in the store. Doris Schoenbeck leaves her study habits to Don Johnson. You should get a straight A with those, Don. Bob Van Scotter leaves his position as Publicity Chairman for "Augie Week" to Frank Eames and Harold Grunewald. It will take both of you to handle it as efficiently as Bob did. Norman Waite leaves his bow and arrow to Jacque Remer and Douglas Dexter. Don Waltman leaves his little Ford to Betty Plautz. Betty Jo Philby leaves her tales of the Walworth County Looney Bin to Ruth Marsh. Carol Dorn leaves!! Period. Ray Eisentraut leaves his experience in the army to Don Bellfield. Mary Miller leaves her big plans to Donna Forrest and Mary Harding and o-oh, what they are!! Bill Seaver wills his tattooed "B. S." to Bob Sorenson. Don't get excited Bob, you don't get all the muscle, too. Betty Clauer engraved the famous Clauer name on a plaque and leaves it in care of Geraldine Kurick and Agnes Leach to be passed on to the rest of a long line. Marian Recknagle wills her famous question "Does the spelling count?" to Donna Ike--to be used especially in shorthand. JOJ-1,8 ,'ui- bww The setting is the office of the Jackson Monument Corporation where MRS. D. JONES is iust finishing the gigantic task of typing out invitations to the 1959 reunion of the class of I946 to be held at the "VAN SCOTTER'S Swanky Sport Spot" on Beautiful Lake Como. BILL SEYMOUR, using his brawn instead of his brain during his summer vacation from his duties as professor of sociology at Vassar, limps deiectedly up the walk with the mail bag on his shoulders. Guess he can't take it anymore. BEVERLY hails BILL with, "You're iust the one I want to see. l've finished the invitations and they're ready to send out." The scene now changes and we look in on a few of the class of '46 as they receive their invitations. The first one is received by CHARLOTTE DUNBAR and DON MILLARD. An extra stamp was saved in sending these together because it's sure CHARLOTTE is still following DON pretty closely as he pursues his professional basketball career. DON'S manager is none other than the one and only "AUGlE" who, due to an iniury received while riding over Niagara Falls in a barrel, is unable to play, but he can still impart his imexcelled advice. In New York City, our invitation is received in the Gilt Edged office of "LAST, Goldberg and Goldstein", Certified Public Accountants. The efficient secretary in the outer office is none other than GERTRUDE HIRN who is ably assisted at the switch board by SALLY BARTELSON. Strange noises are heard from the 22nd floor of the same building where DON GETZEN is rehearsing his famous recording orchestra featuring DON SCHAFBUCH as vocalist and CARL MILLER on the drums. If N. B. C. will give them time off they'lI surely attend the big reunion. This building is just full of old " '46 Grads". In the Bomb Proof Basement we find the BURSON Chemical Works, with that Wizard of the test tubes working on the 99th Element. One of our old classmates has the responsibility of flying the precious invitations to Washington D. C. This able pilot is WARREN RIECK. A messenger, JOHN KIERALDO, interrupts the Filibustering Speech of the Senator from the First District of Wisconsin, that powerful statesman, our old friend and classmate LEONARD BLESER, to bring him his invitation. His personal secretary, and the real brain behind his dynamic speeches is JOYCE MESSERSCHMIDT. From here MR. JOHN KIERALDO travels to the Library of Congress where the worlds foremost debators, SYLVIA GRIFFEN and NORMA HARDING are doing research work on the subiect for the coming professional debate season. The subiect this year is "Resolved that Meat Balls Taste Better on Friday than on Tuesday". A few more invitations are to be delivered in Washington, one to the Under Secretary of the Navy RICHARD D. HOBBS. Word has it that he and his diminutive wife, the former JEANNE VOGEL, have set a new high in social success. The high light of DICK and JEANNES last dinner party was a brilliant vocalist who is fast becoming the favorite songbird of the air waves, VIOLA STARDY. The meal was expertly planned by the President's personal dietitian, DONNA LOU GREEN. Our next invitation didn't have as far to travel as some of the others but was received iust as enthusiastically at "DORN'S Double Duty Dime to a Dollar Store", where CAROL is trying to make the citizens of Millard conscious of her low prices and outstanding bargains. A few miles down the road another successful enterprise, "WAlTE and DOBRICK Institution for Wayward Livestock", receive the most welcome invitation while they are developing a Gerstein cow that is guaranteed to give 99 7. cream. Our next invitation travels to Chicago. It is received at Sinn High School by Principal DON WALTMAN'S personal secretary BETTY .IO PHILBY. MISS PHILBY takes the message to Principal WALTMAN who is in one faculty member's room. This faculty member is none other than MISS BETTY CLAUER, who is teaching "Poise, Posture and Popularity." PRISCILLA AMON is instructing the Physical Education Classes in the newest tumbling techniques. The Husky Five coached by ROSEMARY BROWN has been winning all their games this season. The boys seem to be doing better since they have a woman coach. More invitations travel westward. The next one finds itself on the way to Bushnell, Nebraska, where we find HAZEL BOWYER writing her three column article giving advice to the Love Lorn through the "Daily Bla" of which RAY EISENTRAUT is the efficient editor. A member of his staff is DORIS SCHOENBECK, the Sports Editor. We're wondering if our invitation will reach BILL MORRISSEY, as he is now residing in "The Cave of the Mounds". They say he is almost finished with his new "Morrissey System of Spelling", which will do away with that old outmoded Webster model dictionary. In Cucamonga, Colorado, our invitation reaches "The ARNOLD Ozone Company". DON generates Ozones and sells them to the Arabs in the Sahara Desert. He is considered very wealthy. Farther west, an invitation is eagerly opened by that Comedian WILLIAM "CRASH" SEAVER. He is doing so well in Hollywood that he has now taken "Snoz" Durante's place. MARY MILLER, MAE STEINBICER, and MARIAN RECKNAGLE also seem to be in the lights of Hollywood. They compose that famous dance trio "MasterfuI Merry Makers". The next invitation was sent ten days early to MISS KATHRYN ODIONNE THUM, so she would read, reread, and fully understand when, where, why and how the .reunion would be held. Of course, we realize she is industriously applying herself to her duties as an assistant to Director Alfred Hitchcock, .lr. The Last Frontier Hotel in Reno, Nevada is the address of our next invited guest. Her name is Mrs. CATHERINE M. MACLEAN, O'BRlEN, MURPHY FINNIGAN. She always did admire the Irish. Her eye seems to be pealed for that millionaire Alexander MacTavish. Of course it takes sometime for three legal divorces to go through the courts. Returning again to our Local Yokels, we find VERONICA FINLEY running the farm and keeping her brothers on the straight and narrow path. She'Il be sure to come to our big shindig and maybe even bring her famous husband. As she busily goes through her mail, the well trained and experienced manager of the Super Duper National Tea Market, PHYLISS HAMMEL excitedly opens her invitation. Her business is rapidly expanding. She already has five stores in Elkhorn. Our only hope is that she won't be too busy to attend the reunion. In South America, our invitations are accepted by LOIS GOODHAND, who is engaged in pick- ing coffee beans on a plantation. She must have a beautiful tan by now. In Bolivia, GENEVIEVE KISTLER is teaching English to the little natives. CAROL VOGHT is too busy in the physio-therapist school in Milwaukee trying to improve peoples knock knees and bowed legs to bother to attend our reunion. The night club down on Peach Tree Lane in Atlanta is honored with the Queen of the Beauty Contest held at Skunks Hollow. This noted character is none other than our old classmate, JEAN SELTMANN. Certainly She will come to our reunion. Our next invitation was sent to ELLEN TESS in Paris, France and will take quite a while to get there. ELLEN certainly will be a big help in the decorations for our reunion as she is studying art in Paris, you know. Our last invitation, but not the'least was sent to that tiny tot NORMA RYAN, who has her name in Neon Lights above the Spragia Theater. Good for "Barrel"!! We knew that some day he'd get some good entertainment for his "hang-out". As we leave our friends to meditate upon their possibilities of reuniting and having one of the best class reunions ever held, we see BILL SEYMOUR trudge slowly up the street on his daily tour as BEVERLY quietly closes the door of the Jackson Monument Corporation. 1 GT,-,nvbx -Qwwl-sz Yw.'5 4-W ,www dw MW' 'Vf',0fvUffX, A- f Q. 1. V Q , . W N! M Z V sam OWVQXM few Q Q 90.4 .Te-wfw Q, ,Ld-5? .XLII1 Qm I may 'ik .mcxnrvbb ,Ji 1. , WMM. C9-m.pJ,J2:m4 5 1 if 4 -A:, , X ,M fY'b My J 1 5 , N-E MWA 5, xx Q AIG' H,-nl"" lf ' aw M NA JYWX www 'mwqfl 3' Q59 zu, 4 Km- " A We gw ,Wi Gab. E. Guia OJ 'let jo 9421, ww Wim wk' hw? Nw 'm'h"'b' ffm., 112-UGA-L vt MWNW. 'H ' : Sgww KW xi eww :ufixh Ike. uaom-if-I-K-H1 www -we. ,ace LaMi'JfMV9W"'f"'J' Vpuli ji!-U'-V""Zf ,g,m,d.d'.lL.?s. 'qbrub-1-IJ' 'gxvzefav-md-JU 1,9-wfl:,a,cJfr.o-o 'Uwe -0-8 '1L"'d'L"'ci:L: M-mw Jvwd.. gi: M ' 'Hmm mme ro JJQJ. vctoodlnac Io .efnez 'vvveaa Jbl,o.AAf .apo-rru J grfne .fic-e-H. 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Q ' 'WI' 141 . Xen., E i 1 I, L .- L9 Eff! Q L ' 1" ,555 45 Q' ' Vi' "Lax I ' . - f-'W eww 'gf' . WWA' ii ff? 5722, ,I gf 4 rfxfv 11" JIL N ll ' ,??7fl"l,4,f' 't"'!,,.,g3'a' 717A '50 jf hwrg, ,Q ' ' :bf f n ffwv, w N Y ffws ' ' 5 Am'mJ?'? ff .. W 1 X ,V Ai :L.- 45 K ,, all ,Tvlqf 'W ,I . X Lfjfv ,V 3 px i - V X 1 , ff' 1 X N- - 0 N ' gi if Q vffwfw 555 Wfjlffffjj mf? jwifgfl Q4

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