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Wifi , Af. Q K Qi , .N flu ,XI ' ' :EM M1 xy ' Y xv W R' Mr QQQMQYWW 9 PW 5 yy' Ji ,QNX DBYWM? -wwf? Qs W 51sWffWf f W Wd Q wx W' Q Egg? bxwylijygd Wim gf Vg, X Qy1fygi?5fffj N3 My 0 AW 9937134 W ar i 7 n072rrPlv' X. A m ww W ,7A ff""' ' v Mgpwm ffffgw A 64 WQMW S- Ex Kyiv 612 2955 X3 QE Mfg-4 4 P A I .1 U., . U 53714-wwfywxmatvgzk 1yu,,,, .. ,Hui , R, E . Y , . ,L A Q, U, ,, I . ' 1.-3 , . V f. X' ..1x,,.' X A .,!1:. vq,:L il ,Q, ,gf:.,', in 2, ,A V V. ,, 1 ,e inf. V fl 5.6 , , 3713 y 2 ,WI N N' :M w .M M V VA-, A l ,K 13- 3 , R . . . 1 .4-,' I fi! . .f'..X,. 1-, . .- . - . - X 14 11 f-A Q 0 .mv fav' AA Q Y V uk -1 . ,1. n . . no I ., i . . 5 .M ,L , .I - 1 'V V , - , 4: - V, .. . 1 , :W Q-Mya A., .K t x . V . V . . -X fM"!?W'fM2ffm za. 5 e 1, is U N 5-12 ' ""' 4 . , X H ZLi'f-'UW' auZZ7wiAQAL. x fif, l I - . G , ' -7?iu52,!Q Wk A I jj! ff ff "" D4 , ' if 1 -f ff' f A"!"L . A . ,Jjlf Ca' 1 ' I A' A J :wg ga,iUm,ff4fw- ' - j' ,' 'gf' ,av , fgifr , Wh 1 , 1,6-F1 Ili! "M", " 'FJ ,Aff ., frxlf.-f-Adi 4 I Or!! 5l!iffe'?"L 3 5 . NXQ silwlx fig QS? E5 33333 X x3 H W Mil S X? M, , Mew , , 1 if 'l,,Q xii git? 1 , J. My JJ,1f KJ , 1 .- YV, Z, X Q 'C-Q, ' v 1 ?5c 15Qf,. 'W ' --if .L -an ,Q-TJ' fr., f ' W4 xi W5 if N if gifflfikf W.. i7 f ,JL cies, Q gr Ki! XLR' I, f , if f 'f"" I A . - f H' ,f . If , , X , ' , I - , , A ,H+ " 1 f ' ' . A. f f f, I 'a ri , .f , I , Y KIM X ,I If I . r 4 fl 1 L Z " F 1 i f 'Y'- f a - 4 nwwd 44, are sam ezw ELKIIURN HIGH SUHO0L Fllllllwllllll . . . -was -an K ' llllllllllllllllllllf l me -. A L... .mn L., 2 x,. A x.. vw -mn m 1 ,ss 7 + , , yy, A Iulu I Enter with us through these wide portals to the familiar halls of learning and enioy with our staff, this school year of nineteen hundred and forty-four and forty-five. llElllCl'l'lllll In recognition of their service and loyalty to us, we the class of l945 dedicate the 1945 ELK to our parents. They con- sistently toresow our need and made both our elementary and secondary education possible. lt was through their earnest co- operation that these twelve years have been made productive, enjoyable, and worthy of remembrance. llllllllL llllilllll A very important element in any school system is that group of five public-spirited citizens technically called the school board. On their shoulders rest the responsibility of hiring the teachers, paying the bills, considering new ideas, eliminating some of the old, and, in general, seeing that the school is running smoothly. Their iob is one that requires lots of thought and work and very little thanks. The students would like to take this opportunity to extend their deepest appreciation and an earnest "thank you" 'to them. , ss:.x.S?EXY3ii.. 5 LELAND K. FORREST SUPERINTENDENT B.A. Eau Claire State Teachers College M.A. University of Iowa Additional study at Oshkosh State Teachers College and University of Wisconsin The success of a high school and the future of its students rest primarily upon the Superintendent. We have been fortunate in having a Superintendent who is always willing to give advice and who is interested in all of our activities. It is unusual to find a person with a good sense of humor, who is also an effectual disciplinarian when nec- essary. We, the class of " '45", wish to extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Forrest. if VICE PRINCIPALS E. GIESE D. DISRUD HELEN WARD, Secretary ELK STAFF . A .se 1 W xfefsxwax- of - A ' s NY si- fl q., -5. .. , -fe..-....,. . - .N.. xx: . awww Q Mic, Q 4? Seated: J. Campbell, J. Harkness, D. Clouer, R. McCabe D Brendenbach Second Row: S. Martin, S. Gardner, A. Waltman N Ba nderson 0 ct V Co V. Raesser, A. Hull, Miss Sullivan. Third Row: J. Harrington, J. Brellenthin, D. Godtre r nsen Fourth Row.: D. Wales, N. Zastrow, C. Peters, se azman G Nelson Williams, M. Rathbun, C. Larsen, F. Schranz EDITOR . . ASSISTANT EDITORS ADVISOR . . . BUSINESS MANAGER ASSISTANT BUSINESS Photography . E. Athletics . G.A.A. . Classes . . S. Faculty , Music . Clubs Typing STAFF . . . . R. McCabe . . D. Clauer, J. Harkness . . . . Miss Sullivan . . . . J. Campbell MANAGERS . D. Breidenbach D. Godfrey Bleser, J. Brellenthin, D. Godfrey J. Harrington, D. Wales . D. Breidenbach, I. Alder Bob Christensen, F. Schranz . . L. Anderson, M. Rathbun J. Dowse, A. Waltman Gardner, M. Williams, S. Martin L. Vincent, N. Biagi S. Nelson, V. Cody . . . R. Conner, B. Harry . G. Nelson, C. Peters, A. Hull C. Larsen, N. Zastrow, A. Stoflet .0535-ri. VOCATIONAL Mary Gene Sullivan Commercial Whitewater State Teachers Col lege Beatrice White Home Economics S ut lnstltute BS Graduate work at University ol Wiscon- sin. Marshall T. Paulson-Manual Arts, Oshkosh State Teachers College, B.E. Graduate work at Univer- sity of Wisconsin. 1 . l 'mf' '1S9f. "?23t'Wf Facuhy SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS John Hastings-Physics, Chemistry Geography, Senior Science, law rence College, B.A. Amerette Van Epps-Biology ani General Science, Beloit College University of Wisconsin, B.A. Donald Disrud-Mathematics Platteville State Teachers Col lege, B.E. ki X7 i Y UM ylil, ifJ1, vi"V H,fik,ifi3 . J 'ff' -1 ,fi X., ' f' 'll . 'lu V' , XJ," qv ,r ' V' I. yjx .3 K js is J' , ' I-7 I W J' . , ,+ 4fVLANGuAbEiV Y fi. :ry 5 Adeline E. Goetch-Englilshgviltatirl Librarian, Central State .Teachers College, Stevens Point, Wiscorl sin, Post Graduate at University of Wisconsin, B.S. ? ,r xv Kathryn E. Karberg -- English, Spanish, Speech, University ol Wisconsin, 5.5. Glendy Chapin-English, Central State Teachers College, B.S. Faculty soclAL SCIENCE Edward R. Giese-History and Social Science, Central Stale Teachers College, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, B.E. Burr E. Tolles-History and Eco- nomics, Platteville State Teach- ers College, 8.5. l' is '--' X 1- ff 'Q E as it . . . I FINE ARTS Marion Gessert - Art, Mount Mary, Milwaukee State, B.S. Edith Mae Wolters-Vocal Music, Milwaukee State Teachers Col- lege, 5.5. Attended Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and Wis- consin College ol Music. Lawrence Steidl-Instrumental and Vocal Music, lawrence College, B.M. HEALTH Ruth Dunbar--School Nurse, Sher- man Hospital, Elgin, Illinois, R.N. Lorraine E. Merlens--Girls' Physi- cal Education, la Crosse Slate Teachers College, B.S. Lawrence E, Baxter-Boys' Phy,i. cal Education, la Crosse Slate College, B.E. 1 in --X-....,,,,-,W.f,k V, H, W -M .. .N ...Q M 2: - - .. Y w w' - Q ...Aw- .QM .. xx. , . V .K Q ,mf , wwf S -X MM,- ,:.,L.2 f f 'ff' . ,git Hi 1 Nik K .,X:,,,Q, 1 - im x,., ,. ,X ,W . .aug 1 .. M ' 'EEZ' J as K f-s . Q 'X ' TQ JJ'- X ' N F, , 'A f f .. .L ,' 1 'I he ,W-'fig Q11 Q 5 5 S s Q' X sag 1 , ,. . , a 5 J, I 6 if CI: fb 1? 2' W? Q A . ,l l . .Q A, J x 2 MCU' 4 1, ',"'Z9 1 we 5 Du? 5 'hu- IQ 4 "1 gguphqnvmf , ,WM ,m:,g. .1 Wrvya b wi 5 Q 'S' ,fR,.,,,, SHIRLEY NELSON-ViCe.P,-esideng JOHN HARRINGTON-President VIRGINIA CODY--Secretary S R-Ii 9 , , - ' DON BREIDENBACH-Athletic NAN BIAGI-Cheerleader f Council Member ,E MR. TOLLES-MISS GOETCH-MR. FORREST O F F i c e r s lVAN ALDER Class Secretary 'l, Football l- 3-4, Basketball I-2-3, Tennis 2, Rifle Club 2, Hi-litels Sports Editor 4, Annual Stall. LEORA ANDERSON Class Treasurer l, G.A.A. l-2. 3-4, Archery Club 3, Pep Club 2-3-4, Hobby Club 3, Corre- spondence Club 4. JUNE BIGELOW G.A.A. 2-3-4, Knitting Club 2, Spanish Club 3, Red Cross 4, Transferred from Whitewater High School in Sophomore year. DON BREIDENBACH Class President l, Basketball l-2-3-1, Baseball l-2-3-4, Football 3-4, Athletic Council 2-3-4, Rifle Club 2, Conserva- tion Club 2, Assistant Bu ness Manager for Annual. new 0.9" 91' ., e ,. l' JPFK 1. -5' " 5, 'dv Q sl XY' .sf rw ,asf s,Q.,,,f5:'- .., , ..,. ,. .- W li . is A - KRW? A ,L .. is y . ' ' -Q its - , l S sms fy-x."sff-f .ffyfli-S 1 52: . 'Sings' Y' gtg. -fi?-wikis -O- f Ai' RICHARD AMON Rille Club 2, Conservatio Club 3. NAN BIAGI G.A,A. l-2-3-4, Glee Club I-2-3-4, A Cappella 3-4, Cheerleader 2-3-4, Hi-lites 4, Sub Deb 3, Jr. Class Play 3, Pep Club 3-4, Dramatic Club 3, Forensics 3-4. EDWARD BLESER Band l-2-3-4, Boys' Chorus 3-4, A Cappella 3-4, Camera Club 2-3, Archery Club 3-4, Hi-Liles 4. VERON BRELLENTHIN Football l-2-3-4, Basketball I-2-3-4, Baseball l-2-3-4, Band l-2-3-4, Boys' Chorus 2-3-4, A Cappella 2-3-4, Swing Band 2-3, Junior Class Play, Music Club 2-3, Cue Club Play 2-3, Hi-Liles Co- Editor 4, Annual Staft 4 15625, 0 er 3-4, Tennis l-2-3-4, llille A12 OWML JAMES CAMPBELL Football l, Basketball 3, Man- 09 Club 2, Radio Club 2, Aeronau- lics Club 3-4, Annual Business Manager. N DONNA CLAUER A Cappella l-2-3-4, Girls' Chorus 4, Girls' Glee Club I-2-3, G.A.A. l-2-3-4, Sub Deb Club 3, Pep Club 2-4, G.A.A. President 4, Junior Class Play, Correspondence Club 4, Dramatic Club 2, Homecoming Court ol Honor 4, Assistant Editor of the Annual. VIRGINIA CODY Girls' Chorus l, G.A.A. 'l-4, Dramatic Club 2-3, COHGS pondence Club 4, Class Treas- urer 3, Class Secretary 4, Forensics l-2-3-4, Hi-Lites 3. Annual Stall. ELZY COOPER- Tennis I-2, Collectors Club 4, A Cappella 2-3-4, Boys' Chorus 2-3-4, Junior Class Play, Oratory 3-4, One Act Play 4. O X xs . VC be Q . T S13-wig - J C., PA-, -RFB ROBERT CHRISTENSEN Tennis 2-3-4, Basketball 2-3-4, P w Rifle Club 2, International ' ,Q Club 3. 'Z 'X i .sg 1 ELEANOR CLAUER S A A 1 A Cappella 4, Girls' Glee Club . 1-4, Hobby Club 2, Knitting " 53" Club 3, Sub Deb Club 3-4, G.A.A. 2-3, Hi-Liles 4, Pep b Club 4. 'x 'i Qi B -u if rwfw' ! ,f ROBERT CONNER Band l-2-3-4, Class President 3, A Cappella 2-3-4, Boys' Chorus 2-3-4, Football 2-3, Basketball l-2-3-4, Baseball l-2-3-4, Hi-Liles 3-4, Music Club 2, Swing Band l-2-3, Pep Band l-2-3-4, Junior Class Play, Dramatic Club Play 2, Prom King 3, Aeronautics Club 4, Annual Stall. is ' 117645 N6 E JU gf? . no K, '. hills Il: 's J A DORIS DOBRICK Knitting Club 2, Pep Club 3 Spanish Club 3. JANET DOWSE G.A.A. l-2, Pep Club 2, Audu- bon Club 3, Knitting Club 2, Hi-Lites Statf 4, Annual Stall. RUDY EVENSON Football l-2, Basketball l-2, International Club 2-3. 'fl-'ircfl-E I? DICK GODFREY Debate I-2, Tennis l-2-3-4, Basketball l-2-3-4, Band 1-2- 3-4, Football 2-3, Football Manager 4, Photography 2-3- 4, Vice-President 3, Speech 3, Assistant Business Manager for Annual 4. Dgjbabl JOHN HARRINGTON Band 'I-2-3-4, Archery Club 3, Rifle Club 2, Football 3-4, Football Captain 4, Dramatic Club 2-3, Class President 4, Baseball 3. - I! 6,6 H46 li P ' wt " .fs Q V+ as I ,ML . -'td 3 X X X x NM ,.... 1319 pf, A 't' . 4 . , t , 1 ad? , . J ,X ,, .,, N E xx A M72 XXX v .. S1 F M N ft-. H , , A -s 2 5 .1 1 A ' 3 'Q- fi? 2 ,X ,X 'XQQ it Ed vi- HPS M150 BERNICE ELLSWORTH G.A.A. l-2-3-4, Pep Club 2-E 4, Knitting Club 3-4. SHIRLEE GARDNER A Cappella l-2-3-4, Girl: Glee Club l-2-3-4, Sub De 2-3-4, Cue Club 2-3, Hi-Lite 4, Annual Stall, Cue Club Pla 2, Junior Class Play 3, Vice President 2, G.A.A. I-2-3-4 Drum Maiorette l-2-3-4. l JAMES HARKNESS Football l-2-3-4, 'Baslxetbal I-2-3-4, Baseball l, Rifle Clu 2, Aeronautics Club 3, Assist ant Editor of Annual. BRUCE HARRY Band l-2-3-4, Football 2-3-4 Swing Band 2-3, Music Clul 2-3-4, Boys' Chorus 3-4, A Cappella 3-4, Press Club 3 President of Band 4. THEODORE HEUSSER Foolball I-2-4, Baslzelball l- 2-3-4, Baseball l, Class Presi- denl 2, Rifle Club 2, lnler- nalional Club 3, Class Sgl. ul Arms 4. 17374 fwfr? EUNICE KATZMAN Band l-2-3-4, Pep Club 2, Sub Deb Club 3, Camera Club 4, A Cappella 2-3-4, Glee Club 2-3-4, G.A.A. l-2, Prom C I IH 3. our o onor , i Q I ' -W! W mf- M, 'A' r , PM ff? ff' gf' A CORIS LARSEN A Cappella 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, Girls' Chorus l-2-3-4, G.A.A. l-2-3, Knilfing Club 2, Pep Club 2-3, Hi-Liles 4, Sub Deb Club 3-4, Band l, Dra- malics Club 2-3, Annual Slaff. Ilia ,vw-,serv JAMES MacPHAlL Foolball l-2, Camera Club 3, Rifle Club 2, Baseball Man- ager l, lnlernalional Club 2, Dramafics Club 3. Q p ow-""' fx fi 4""'U ll iff" 'li "5" T.'..':f: -- MJ , ALICE HULL Girls' Chorus l-2-3, A Cappella 4, Hi-lifes 4, Pep Club 2, Hobby Club 2, Dramalic Club 3, Sub Deb Club 3, Annual Slafl. JAYNE KRUEGER A Cappella 2-3-4, Girls' Chorus l-2, Girls' Glee Club l-2-3-4, Junior Class Play 3, One Ad Play Canlesl 4, Hi-Lifes 2-4, Sub Deb Club 2-3-4, Dramallc Club 2-3-4. ROBERT MCCABE Rifle Club 2, Archery 3, Base- ball l-2-3-4, Foolball 2-3-4, Vice-Presidenl l, Edifor of Annual. Ilia. aff? 6 6:17 SHIRLEY MARTIN GA.A. l-2-3-4, Girls' Chorus 2-3, A Cappella 4, Sub Deb Club 3, Cue Club 2, Press Club 4, Knilling Club 2, Pep Club 3-4, Annual Slalf. OSCAR MOY ER . -4, A A T..-as Football l-2-3-4, Archery Club w 2 " ' ,aw -4 , ,Q X If my ll FRANK NAPPE P m l -- ' camera Club l-2, Football 2. ' . 1 s 'A' W a' I ' is , 1 , ' ., ,.,- K I 4 'lil g ,il 'A E2 ,im 3 li 1 ,AA SHIRLEY NELSON Band l-2-3-4, Pep Band 2-3-4, Mixed Chorus l, A Cappella 2-3-4, Girls' Glee Club l-2-3- 4, Cue Club 3-4, Cue Club Play 3, G.A.A. l, Forensics 1-2-3, Hi-Liles 3-4, Prom Queen 3, Homecoming Queen 4, Class Vice-President 3-4, Annual Stall. MARY RATHBUN G.A.A. l-2-3-4, Pep Club 2-3-4, Sub Deb Club 3. Knitting Club 2, Hi-Lites 4, Annual Staff. - 1' ILM , 0-A ' I 'V Af 'E' 'UF' me ny, '62 l 4 S. 11" MARIE MUKANSKY Archery Club 2, Dramatic C 2-3, Sub Deb Club 2-3 G.A.A. 2-3, Hi-lites 4, F Club 4. GERALDINE NELSON Cue Club 2-3, Cue Club Pl 2, Hi-lites 4, G.A.A. 2-3 A Cappella 3-4, Glee Club Sub Deb' Club 3-4, Foren: 2-3-4, Annual Staff. x be jj! CAROLYN PETERS G.A,A. l-2-3-4, Cue Club 2- Glee Club l-2-3-4, A Cappel 3-4, Cue Club Play 2, Hi-Lit 4, Sub Deb Club 2-3- Forencics I-2-3-4, Class Ph 3, One Act Play 4, Annu Staff. VIVIANNE ROESSER Class President l, Orchestra G.A.A. l, A Cappella 2-3- Sports Editor 2-3, libfflfi 2-3, Hi-Liles 4, Girls' Gl Club 4, Annual Staff. Trot ferred from Augustana ACC emy, South Dakota, in Sen year. GEORGE SAKAMOTO jband 3-4, Baseball 3-4, ilaslmetball 4. Transferred tram 'liMorgan Hill, Calilorina, in Junior year. ANNYCE STOFLET Audubon Club 3, Knitting Club 2, Conservation Club 2, Hn- uites Stall 4, Annual Stall. k r DARRELL WALES Tennis l-2-3-4, Basketball l-2, Rille Club 2, Football 2. MARGERY WILLIAMS Glee Club l-2-3-4, A Cappella 3-4, Junior Class Play, One Act Play Contest 4, Assistant Director at Cue Club Play 2, Class Secretary 2-3, Forensics l-2-4, Hi-lite: 4, G.A,A. I-2- 3-4, Sub Deb 2-3-4, Cue Club 2-3, Annual Stall. Y ....,,.... ...U ...K F., , .Y To ,.,C,,,,,,,,,f, if wi Siva! sa, - -if R M, 3 E 5 N ,, e L ll 5, ,f 5 , l t- .. ' xlib? ' if M L -Qzaapglii i f ,- ig-5-.N3 gg , by il , sszsmula 5 mi ' .xr my N Q-, - uri- A: , MM- - .,., Q z., Q .,... it 'Sol wr FRED SCHRANZ Football 3-4, Band 2-3-4, Baseball 2-3-4. LOUISE VINCENT 30nd l-2-3-4, A Cappella 3-4, Girls' Glee Club 3-4, Knitting Club 2, Sub Deb Club 3, Camera Club 3, G.A.A. l-2-3, Annual Stall. ARLENE WALTMAN Band l-2, Girls Glee Club 3-4, A Cappella 3-4, Knitting Club '2, Sub Deb Club 3-4, Hi-Litas 4, Pep Band l, G.A.A. I-2-3-4, Annual Statt. .P-P S 2 Q 6 NORMA ZASTROW Home Economics Club l, Knit. ll"9 Club 2, Audubon Club 2, Sub Deb Club 3, Hi-Liles Stall, Annual Stott. Tranxterred from Delovan High School in Sophg. i-ore year. SENIOR CLASS PLAY First Row: C. Peters, J. Krueger, L. Anderson, J. Harrington, E. Cooper. Second Row: M. Williams, B. Conner, E. Bleser. BERTHA THE BEAUTIFUL TYPEWRITER Daniel D. Desmond David Desmond . . Bertha Bancroft . . Glenwood Garfield . Skeets Skinner Blanche Bancroft . Bridget O'Cosey Clurice Clcyburne Solly Silverthorne . . 18 GIRL . Elzy Cooper Jock Brellenthin Joyne Krueger Bob Conner . Ed. Bleser Leorc Anderson John Harrington Marge Williams Carolyn, Peters .w Hi NM X gy-' Seated: G. Hirn, W. Seymour, E. Tess. Standing: D. Getzen, W. Morrissey. JUNIOR CLASS Fifty-nine students enrolled as Juniors in the fall of 1944. When votes were counted after election, it was announced that Bill Seymour was victorious in campaign for president. Bill Morrissey received the office of vice-president, and Gertrude Hirn became keeper of records and money. Don Getzen was appointed Athletic Council representative and Ellen Tess cheerleader. The Junior 'class play, "Johnny On the Spot.", with Bill Seymour and Kay Thum carrying the leads proved to their audience that the Juniors were talented actors and actresses. The play was one of the high lights of the school year. Early in the school year the Juniors selected their class rings which are to be of one design. The rings are similar to those of the class of "45". ln November the Juniors sponsored the annual "Sadie Hawkins" dance which is becoming a tradition of the school. The Junior Prom of i945 was a huge success. The orchestra was Raye Block, a band which we have had before, and which now plays on numerous radio programs. The decorations were unique and cleverly carried out. The Grand March was very impressive, led by King Bill Seymour and his Queen, Shirlee Gardner. The Junior and Senior Reception with the Juniors acting as host to the graduating Seniors was a gala occasion despite the fact that several members of both classes were absent due to their joining the armed forces. This was the finale of the Juniors' eventful school year. CLASS OF '46 First Row: Miss Sullivan, G. Hirn, R. Brown, D. Green, M. Steinbicer, H. Bowyer, Miss Chapin. Second Row: V. Finley, P. Amon, N. Ryan, J, Vogel, C. Voght, J. Sellmon, S. Bartelson, M. Miller. Third Row: M. Recknagel, V. Sturdy, K. Thum, C. Darn, C. Maclean, B. Clauer, G. Kistler, L. Goodhand, Fourth Raw: B. Newman, C. Dunbar, C. Tess, D. Schoenbeck, B. Philby, P. Hummel, J. Mmserschmidt, N. Harding. First Row: Mr. Giese, W. Seaver, W. Seymour, R. Eisentraut, B. Meyer, D. Millard, Mr. Baxter. Serond Row: H. Thompson, W. Burns, D. Johnson, G. Last, R. VonScotter, W. Morrissey, D. Getzen, D. Arnold. Third Row: J. Dobrick, C. Miller, L. Bleser, R. Augustine, W. Reick, D. Schafbuch, G. Burson, N. Waite. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY First Row: C. Dorn, N. Harding, Miss Chapin, B. Newman, E. Tess. Second Row: 'D. Arnold, G. Kistler, R. Brown, V. Stardy, K. Thum, B. Seymour. Third Row: B. Clauer, N. Ryan, C. Dunbar, C. Maclean, C. Voght. "JOHNNY ON THE SPOT" A comedy in three acts. Presented in October l944 CAST Johnny Williams, a temporary hero . Melinda, his mother .... . Grandma, his grandmother . . Wayne, his lady killer brother . . Dee, the cheering twin . . . Danny, the ieering twin . . Julie, a young hero worshiper . Bubbles, her flattering friend . Marge, her noisy friend . . . Sherry Lee, a young radio singer . . Nadine, an authority on hats . Wilma, a young reporter . . Sal, a young photographer . Christie, a hat-shop siren . . Katie, Danny's little shadow . . DEE'S GANG Marie Eda Joyce Patty . Ruth . Bill Seymour Charlotte Dunbar Norma Harding . Don Arnold Beverly Newman Earl Marquart Lois Goodhand . Viola Stardy Cathy Maclean . Kay Thum Aletha Crase . Ellen Tess Rosemary Brown Genevieve Kistler . Norma Ryan . Carol Voght Carol Dorn . Betty Clauer . :zz 2. -. Lk .W X fm, mmf wh ,L 1 2 , 'X .sf A ' . giifiif- : f avg L Q 34? 'E . NN-Xi.-gf? Y, vu 2 . f .V ,-..... 'Q wwf 'V mr-Q-. if-F Ja if . 1 9? Ag 1 vnym nr . ,. U. , ,itfw k hw ,W ' ,E V- ,V ...::i...: f-Maw' M, K' A. , xx in :xl w ggi.. . .,,.. ' I V 2.1 lei ff -y '- , V - """Q: :,.'- .. ',:,. I if 6 Seated: A. Leach, D. Dexter, V. Bass. Standing: P. Field, F. Eames. SOPHOMORE CLASS Weathering their first year of High School, the "Sophs" continue to carry on with the same success they had in their Freshmen year. At the beginning of the year, they elected Douglas Dexter, a newcomer to Elkhorn, as their president along with Agnes Leach as vice-president. Vivian Bass was elected Secretary-Treasurer. Frank Eames was chosen to represent them on the Athletic Council and Phyllis Field won out as Cheerleader to help keep up our school spirit. To help them in time of need and strife, Mrs. Van Epps, Miss Karberg, Mr. Hastings and Mr. Paulson are their able class advisors, As is the usual custom, the "Sophs" honored the other classes with an all school party, April seventh. Although they have been with us but a short time, the "Sophs" are well along in gaining honor for their class what with their members taking part in several school activities including Music, Sports, Forensics and Dramatics. Several of their girls were chosen to take part in the all-school play. Many of them have brought home honors in Music, Debate, and Dramatics in competition with other schools. Not to be outdone by any class, these twenty-seven boys and thirty-five girls seem to more than enioy their share of popularity. They have traveled only half the way to their goal, and we know that in their last two years they will continue to show more of their ability and success. CLASS OF l l i 1 as First Row: Mrs. Van Epps, D. Forrest, A. Leach, A. Kirchhoff, B. Hart, E. Plaffenberger, P. Dasher, Miss Karberg. Second Row: V. Bass, l.. Walbrandt, B. Sommers, P. Field, B. Plautz, P. Share, H. Woodman, B Weaver, M. Desing. Third Row: N. Larsen, J. Foster, L. Rupp, V. Becker, R. Marsh, D. Barlelson, M. Dill, P. Sanders H. Burns. r Fourth Row: G. Kurick, I. Juettner, P. Sanders, V. Cervenka, M. Harding, A. Gregerson, P. Butler G. Johnson, M. Roetter. 1 2 5 . A-, 1-at Fab? as' First Row: Mr. Paulson, J. Lee, D. Jones, R. Sorenson, D. Dexter, Mr. Hastings. Serond Row: R. Patek, E. Papenlus, D. Seymour, M. Brockmann, H. Ansledt, J. Holden, 8. Stollet. Third Row: M. Reed, J. Paddock, F. Eames, J. Fuchs, W. Skoine, B. Dewart, R. Morrissey, H. Palenshus. Fourth Roi: G. McGahey, J. Potter, C. Strong, J. Remer, G. Kraulrlis, D. Johnson, H. Gruenwald. . .Qt lku Seated: C. Tess, M. Piper, P. McKenzie. Standing: B. Dunbar, B. Erickson. FRESHMAN CLASS On the first day of school Elkhorn High was proud to open its doors to one of the largest classes for many years, the class of "48". lt was composed of 67 "Freshies", 33 boys and 34 girls. Under the able assistance of their "Big Brothers" and "Big Sisters", the upper-classmen, they soon became accustomed to life at Elkhorn High. Mary Piper was the winner of the election for President. Assisting Mary were Carol Tess, vice-president, Betty Erickson, secretary, Bill Dunbar, Athletic Council Representative, and Phyllis McKenzie, Cheerleader. Many of their members soon became active in band, chorus, and many of the other school activities. The Freshman class as a whole seems well interested in sports and many of them show great promise in the field of basketball, baseball, and football. Romance and dates prosper in every class and this class of "48" was no exception as we soon found out at the all-school party given in honor of the Freshman soon .after the opening of school. The "Freshies" now became a part of the social life at Elkhorn High and entertained at an all-school party on May 25 which was well attended and much enioyed by all present. Under the able assistance of Miss Mertens, Miss White, Mr. Steidl, and Mr. Disrud, Freshman class advisors, the Frosh are well along the way to success and we are proud to say to them, "Welcome to Elkhorn High." .swmnw qu.-M.,.,,,W CLASS OF -N. f an First Row: Miss Mertens, M. Genens, J. Matheson, C. Ellsworth, M. Matheson, M. Harris, P. Murphy, Miss White. Second Row: L. Belk, D. Grundman, J. Martin, R. Thompson, M. Piper, C. Goodhand, P. McKenzie, M. Catlin, B. Erickson. Third Row: B. Bigelow, K. Schmidt, T. Christiansan, B. Newman, P. Enright, B. Clauer, M. Schultz, P. Seltmann, M. Vaughn. Fourth Row: C. Kurtz, S. Diehls, V. Hintz, C. Tess, P. Brown, V. Tomaszewski, V. Reed, M. Drew, K, Lange. First Row: Mr. Steidl, J. Weaver, W. Jacobsen, R. Jacobson, F. Krehoff, J. Ames, C. Seaver, Mr. Disrud. Second Row: F. llleser, D. Sanders, A. Lauda, D. Burns, K. Amon, D. Van Scotter, D. Belk, R. Sakamota, J. Jacobson. Third Row: M. Louda, J. Paddock, B. Crosbey, R. Pierce, R. Arnold, D. Vincent, D. Vorpagel, D. Amann, E. Freitag. Fourth Row: G. Redenz, D. Mann, J. Weaver, B. Dunbar, H. Heusser, R. Hanny, H. Wheeler, A. Hobbs, J. Cussack. FEW 'li I If A ii - . ,, -.. Yi 1 Q M l 51" is as E in - h we SSH? . 3 3 X ' X '-mf-w....,.N Q 5' , ,ww -'gunna Q, F QQ Q' "ar iF il-uf -v-""' A . :- A 5Ama-so ww X wk Wx! WHS x LN K . gr S T - :I -5? ' "EQ, if S.. X 4 X gif? iff A A X f f vN,. P! if kgs, J. HASTINGS-L. BAXTER, Football soswx ' P4 Uzso OXSVMOI M Baslf e'boll A A . Mm . FMR Seated. D. Breidenbach, D. Getzen, Mr. Hastings, Mr. Forrest, F. Eames. Standing: B. Dunbar, Mr. Baxter, Mr. Disrud, Mr. Paulson. ATHLETIC COUNCIL For the past three years our Athletic Program has been under the guidance of the Athletic Council. The Council governs the four maior sports, basketball, baseball, football, and tennis and sets the requirements of earning letters, pro- viding training rules for the athletics, and so forth. The group includes all the coaches, the principal, and a boy selected from each of the four classes. Presid- ing over the council this year is Mr. Hastings and the Secretary is Mr. Disrud. W... ,, , J 9 .. 1 , at v 1' ,3 icgi yr:- i ,gg 5 my R Yu tc -2, Q. in .. -f MQ fir- ie s tsl? 'N .1 wa iq. K 2 TIS' qv rf fif gs WT' :Way ,, 'neo' -tl Managers: D. VanScotter, A. Hobbs, D. Burns. Seated: R. Pierce, J. Weaver, G. Redenz, D. Breidenbach, H. Schmidt, W. Skoine, R. Morrissey, J. Harrington, H. Heusser, F. Eames, B. Morrissey, R. VanScotter, D. Hobbs, B. Dunbar, J. Fuchs, J. Weaver. Standing: Mr. Hastings, H. Wheeler, F. Krehall, R. Conner, R. McCabe, O. Moyer, R. Sorenson, D. Millard, J. Brellenthin, T. Heusser, B. Harry, F. Schranz, J. Harkness, D. Jones, B. Seymour, D. Dexter, R. Hanny, J. Ames, D. Godfrey, Mr. Baxter. , FOOTBALL 19144 The 1944 Elkhorn football squad completed its season with four games won and three games lost. The team was well balanced in both line and backfield. The fine work of Coach Baxter and his able assistant John Hastings showed on more than one occasion. The team's drive and fighting spirit amassed a total of 103 points to their opponents 92. At a banquet following the final game, John Harrington was elected honorary captain. Elkhorn 19 . East Troy 0 Elkhorn 12 Whitewater 6 Elkhorn 27 . . Delavon O. Elkhorn 7 . Lake Geneva 14 Elkhorn 19 . Delavon Deaf 12 Elkhorn 12 . Burlington 46 Elkhorn 7 . . . Waterford 14 ,ff Qi if M,mm.- '. W QWQEQA '1 'ffl x ' ,N All A W ,axwkf Conner R. Sorenson R' HBH Seated: R. Morrissey, M. Reed, B. Hanny, B. Seymour, H. Heusser, D. Geizen, D. Jones. Siandingz W. Skoine, B. Meyer, B. Jacobson, Mr. Paulson, C. Seaver, J. Cusack, F. Eames. FRESHMAN TEAM D. Burns, D. VanScot?er, R. Sakamofo, J. Fuchs, J. Weayer, B. Dunbar, G. McGahey J Weaver Mr. Baxter. ' ' BASEBALL nf -ns- N? an Firsl Row: F. Krehoff, R. McCabe, R. Sorenson, R. Conner, D. Millard, Mr. Boxler. Second Row: D. Sanders, D. Belk, K. Amon, R. Crosby, G. Sokomolo, F. Schronz. Third Row: H. Heusser, R. Morrissey, W. Morrissey, R. Hanney, D. Gelzen. 'M ,- . Fourth Row: H. Wheeler, H. Schmidt, J. Harrington, D. Breidenbuch, J. Brellenlhin, E. Cooper. TENNIS -... Firsl Row: F. Nuppe, Mr. Hcslings, D. Godfrey, D. Jones, E. Bleser. Second Row: B. Christensen, G. Redenz, D. Wales, I. Alder, J. Campbell. CHEERLEADERS N. Bicgi, E. Tess, P. Field, P. McKenzie. BASKETBALL CHAMPS BOWLING CHAMPS E. Cooper. F- Nvppe. J- HUHU1955, D- Wales. J- Campbell, sounding. M. williams, C. Pew., G. Neuwn, N. Biagi. B. Burns. Kneeling: A. Wcltman, S. Gardner. T fr: .LN J Y-Ma. Af 'Nl , , WW M f .WMM v 1? Q m, w 51 X W ,R 5 52? MGP' Q -L. ,159 'hmm www' ... 3 4-'ff' mr 1 , 3 .,,.QA X G AWWM-2 x 'Ev :aww . e , .A .g. -f-vi---w -F. .,-.-- . 5 f . . .,..s.,,sa.f...s.....,..., - -W . .. s i Z 4 nv- 4 l G.A.A H. W.3...e.,.i . .ci , , , First Row: A. Kirchholf, B. Hart, D. Clauer, M. Rathbun, Miss Mertens, B. Ellsworth, D. Green, E. Ptaffenberger, H. Bowyer, P. Dasher. Second Row: V. Bass, S. Martin, L. Belk, J. Martin, N. Ryan, J. Vogel, L. Walbrandt, B. Sommers, M. Piper, C. Goodhand, B. Plautz. Third Row: P. McKenzie, P. Share, M. Catlin, B. Bigelow, K. Schmidt, C. Voght, N. Biagi, C, Dorn, C. Mclean, R. Marsh, B. Weaver, V. Cody. Fourth Row: L. Anderson, A. Waltman, S. Gardner, G. Kistler, N. Larsen, K. Thum, B. Clauer, E. Tess, B, Clauer, P. Enright, P. Brown, B 'Fifth Row: V. Cervenka, L. Goodhand Nelson, V. Reed, V. Tomaszewski, 1 Newman, R. Brown. C. Peters, B. Newman, C. Dunbar, D. Bartelson, M. Dill G 1 . Under the able direction of Miss Lorraine Mertens G.A.A. sports are destined to be more popular with girls. During the season of i944-45 tournaments were conducted for soccer, basketball, and tennis. The sports were directed by seasonal managers. Winter sports, which included basketball and bowling were under the direction of Rosemary Brown. Ellen Tess directed Fall sports which were soccer and volleyball. Spring sports, basketball and'tennis, were under the direction of Lois Good- hand. One of the proiects of the year was Athletic Banquet which the G.A.A. served and partly financed. The Annual Playday was held at Elkhorn year. The G.A.A. playing hostess to East Troy, Delavan, Delavan Deaf, Whitewater, Lake Geneva, and Darien. The day was spent in playing basketball and other entertainment which was furnished by some of the girls. the this This ended a very eventful and happy G.A.A. Year. A. Gregerson, G. Hirn, M. Williams, D. Forrest, A. leach. SOCCER CHAMPS The G.A.A. soccer tournament wi favored with mild weather so all tl games played were enioyed. In an dition we had a new soccer fie which the Seniors made during the Phy. Ed. classes. The winning honor was carried o by the Senior team when they be- the Junior team in a close game. First Row: M. Rathbun, D. Clauer, Gardner. Second Row: S. Martin, L. Anderson, B. Ell worth, G. Nelson. Third Row: Miss Mertens, V. Cody, M. Wi liams, C. Peters. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS A strong Junior team carried 0 the honors of Champs by defeatin the Senior by the score of 49 to 4 for the Championship. Both the Seniors and Juniors wel undefeated until the final gami Each having defeated the Freshma and Sophomores in previous game First Row: C. MacLean, C. Dunbar, L. Goa hand, B. Newman, E. Tess. Second Row: C. Voght, G. Kistler, D. Gree G. Hirn. Third Row: Miss Mertens, R. Brown, K. Thu N. Ryan. BASKETBALL CHAMPS The G.A.A. basketball season v brought to a close this year with t Junior team having the honor championship. They played very close but exe ing games, edging out their opp nents by a small margin each tin The Juniors had a very quick a alert team. First Row: C. MacLean, B. Newman, N, Ryan C. Dorn. Second Row: Miss Mertens, G. Hirn, I Green, E. Tess, R. Brown. . X X ' 55 4 aim, . s K K A Q Qi' .L ,,-Q w"""JL '1' S El' X 2 . if ..x K my , 'Nw ,wr Wiqwnw' A 5 Fl' , V m bf, 5 ii. I 'ww 51" 9' ' C 1 we ,Jr , I "WN SL :Ah 'gg arova Homecoming King OSCAR MOYER and Queen SHIRLEY NELSON 4 A. - , X R il is J WW Prom King BILL SEYMOUR and Queen SHIRLEE GARDNER ,pf gg, PEP BAND First Row. B. Sheldon, F. Graft, E. Pfaffenberger, B. Clauer, M. Harding, R. Marsh, N. Harding, P. Butler. Second Row: Mr. Steidl, D. Bartelson, J. Potter, H. Gruenwald, V. Tomaszewski, B, Plautz, H, Schmidt. Third Row: E. Katzman, B. Conner, J. Harrington, D. Van Scotter. B. Harrv, S. Nelson. A. Kirchholt, DRUM MAJORETTES R. Brown, S. Gardner, V. Reed .l f TREBLE CLEFF CLUB l Firsi Row: M. Drew, Second Row: V. Boss V, Hinlz, C. Ellsworth, M. Genens, P. Dasher, Miss Wolters. , L. Belk, D. Grundman, J. Marlin, B. Sommers, C. Voghl. Third Row: B. Erickson, K. Schmidt, M. Vaughn, N. Larsen, P. Sellmcn, H. Burns. Fourfh Row: V. Becker, J, Foster, C. Dunbar, P. Sanders, V. Cervenko, V. Reed. GIRLS CHORUS Firsl Row: H. Bowyer, E. Plcffenberger, Second Row: M. Piper, P. McKenzie, P. Third Row: E. Kalzmon, V. Roesser, T. Wollmun. F Fifth Row: A. Leach, D. Forrest, M. Wi Clouer, E. Tess. eson, C. Larsen, D. Clover, S. Nelson. I Field, P. Share, Miss Wollers, B. Pluulz, J. Vogel, N. Ryan, S. Marlin. B. Harl, A. Kirchhofl, M. Moth Christiansen, V. Sturdy, C. Dorn, B. Weaver, R. Marsh, 5. Gardner, N. Biogi, A. ourfh Row: M. Harris, M. Dill, D. Borlelson, C. Pelers, K. Thum, E. Clouer, B. Clouer, G. Kurick, A. Hull. lliums, G. Hirn, A. Gregerson, l. Vincent, J. Messerschmidl, P. Bvller, G. Nelson, B. DECLAMATORY Seated: N. Biagi, P. McKenzie, M. Piper, M. Vaughn, B. Clauer, Miss Goetch. Standing: M. Dill, V. Cody, C. Peters, G. Nelson, P. Sanders, V. Reed, M. Williams, D. Forrest A. Kirchhofi, B. Hart. DEBATE AND ORATORY i First Row: Mr. Tolles, B. Weaver, I. Juettner, P. Dasher, A. Gregerson, V. Reed, P. Brown. Second Row: M. Harding, D. Burtelson, 1. Matheson, B. Sorenson, E. Cooper, N. Harding, T. Christian sen, M. Piper. ' r NOBODY SLEEPS x. 1,.gip.s s i 2 M Q 4 f . .W ..-,. . ..-..,..,...........,.... -.......r.,......,a,.,MA. . 5 , . 5 . L. .,. ..xX6 ...,,.a.,........... i s S. . .Q . , . S ag L.. is Q5 , 93 Y Q es? 4 , QM r 5? A Sealed: Margery Williams, Carolyn Pelers. Standing: Mary Harding, Elly Cooper. NINE GIRLS Q"'v na -qv- Seoiedz D. Barielson, A. Kirchhoff, M. Piper, C. Tess. Standing: Miss Chapin, N. Harding, S. Nelson, R. Marsh, P. Brown, M. Harding. LIBRARIANS Seated: l. Anderson, B. Weaver, S. Martin, L, Goodhond, A. Stoflet, I. Juettner, Miss Goetch. Standing: P. Hamrnel, B. Clauer, B. Newman, E. Katlmon, M. Harding, N. Harding, M. Rathbun, J. Matheson, A. Kirchhoff. ff. 'W PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Y ,W sed' 90" YK a- 'N ,U we ami' If px. xd 1 ,ni 5190 gui 5- Y. - Scovev . BM son . O- qos ef' Gi 'd'm9' LW 0 ,Gogh eff' OXXX 1 0 ,I Gov' ei I 0' YNQSWX w- oi WV' Developing pictures and learning to thread and operate a movie machine occupied the time of this club. on' Under the guidance of Mr. Disrud the Aeronautic's Club has become popular with many boys interested in fly- ing. The nine members chose Bob Colvin for President, and Bill Seymour for Secretary. They have four booklets for information, some of which are Navigation and Airplane Structure. CORRESPONDENCE CLUB Corresponding with boys and girls in foreign countries is the very inter- esting and educational activity of this club. AERONAUTICS CLUB . I t Q P' it t lw.f,eg:, se UI Sfqhded P Seated: J. Campbell, J. lee, D. Arnold,, W. Seymour, Mr. Digrud, Standing: J. Weaver, Last, F. Eames. ALJ f 1 i f X ,fi I iyj.A.,,1x M I 4 4 S "'9.- and H- wel" 1, And mon eqo , l. kuppjtiu Crue 'S' A' ,Wald 1 0 rber 9, . V. M' Mulnceh I f o o"'f,v. i Q00 lr. ARCHERY First Row: M. laude, R. Hanny, R. Jacobson, R, Sakamoto. Second Row: D. Vincent, R. Pierce, D. Mann, K. Amon, l.. Bleser, W. Burns, R. Patek. Third Row: R. Arnold, F. Krehoff, E. Bleser, W. Jacobson, E. Frietag, Mr. Baxter. The skill ot using the bow and arrow was acquired by members of this club. NATURE CLUB Mrs. Van Epps, M. Piper, V. Tomaszewski, M. Harris, J. Ames, A. Lauda, K. Schmidt. Activities consisted of field trips, collecting leaves and building a bird feeding station which has been erected on the school grounds. HI LITES First Row: I. Alder, E. Bleser, R. Connor, R. Brown, H. Bowyer, Miss Sullivan, C. Strong, W. Seaver. Second Row: S. Martin, V. Finley, N, Ryan, J. Vogel, B. Sommerg, P. Share, S. Gardner, A. Waltman Third Row: C. Voght, N. Biagi, C. Dorn, C. Maclean, W. Burns, A. Statlet, V. Roesser, A. Hull. Fourth Row: N. Larsen, N. Zastrow, E. Clauer, K. Thum, C. Peters, G. Kistler, J. Dowse, B. Philby, P. Hammel. Fifth Row: G. Nelson, B. Clauer, G. Hirn, P. Butler, N. Harding, M. VVilliams, D. Forrest, M. Rathbun J. Brellenthin. The Press Club this year is under the diligent leadership of Miss Sullivan. At the first meeting Bob Connor and Jack Brellenthin were elected co-editors, and Ivan Alder, sports editor. lt is the duty of the club to see that the school news is typed and taken down to the Independ- ent office by five o'clock on the Monday that they meet. This year they excluded all gossip from the regular Hi Lites and published it in a monthly school paper, which the Press Club sends outialso. ln this paper all the school gossip and happenings plus spe- cial features that fit in with the time are put. We take our hats off to Miss Sullivan and this year's Press Club. B. CONNER, J. BRELLENTHIN, Co-Editors I. ALDER, Sports Editor ART CLUB The attractive poster around school advertising plays, dances and schoo activities are all made b' the Art Club. We would lik- to thank their advisor Mis Gessert, and the member for their grand work whicl displays ingenuity and tal ent. The officers are: Carc Tess, President, Ellen Tess Vice-President, and Aleth Crase, Secretary. Seated: l. Belk, Miss Gessert, E. Tess, I.. Vincent. Standing: R. Thompson, P. Enright, C. Tess, C. Ellsworth, M. Schultz. The Red Cross at school, under the supervision of Miss Beatrice White and Mr. Marshall Paulson is an extension ofthe Junior Red Cross. The Girls make quilted slippers and knit- ted afghans, which will be used for wounded soldiers, while the Boys work on lamps, ash trays, and scrap books for hospitals. RED CROSS CLUB ...,...,,,. -. x....Qi-f First Raw: M. Catlin, B. Bigelow, S. Bartelsan, J. Seltmann, Miss White, W. Skoine, J. Pot K. Lange. Second Row: T. Christianson, V. Cody, B. Clauer, D. Johnson, J. Weaver, J. Reimer, Weaver, H. Schmidt, Mr. Paulson. Third Row: J. Jacobson, E. Papenfus, M. Brockman, D. Seymour, D. Sanders. The Civics Club, under the direction of Mr.'Giese, is in- terested in discussing mod- ern world problems. They have debates on current events during their meet- ings and have become very proficient debaters. They have gone on field trips to Wisconsin institutions and have profited greatly from learning how to express themselves concerning re- cent events. CIVICS CLUB Seated: T. Christianson, V. Tomaszewski, P. Brown, B. Erickson, Mr. C-eise. Standing: B. Clauer, M. Catlin, P. McKenzie, K. Schmidt, F. Bleser. SUB-DEB CLUB of as Fl", ROW! M- DOSFHQ, M. Piper, B. Newman, P. Seltmann, M. Vaughn. Second Row: V. Reed, M. Drew, M. Matheson, C. Larsen, M. Harris, Miss Goetch With Miss Goetsch ad- vising them, the Sub-Debs are in the know as far as etiquette on the social graces. Their activities in- cluded knowledge on pos- ture, personality, poise, and dancing every other Monday during their meet- ings. They gave an all- school Christmas dance and gave a tea for their mothers. -V- - - -- -V-in H YY ...Y .ff ., , ,. COLLECTORS CLUB 1 First Row: Mr. Tolles, C. Strong, J. Lee, H. Gruenwcld, E. Cooper, D. Dexter. Second Row: B. Crosbey, M. Brockmunn, V, Becker, L. Rupp, C. MacLean, P. Sanders, V. Cervenka. Third Row: G. Johnson, J. Fuchs, W. Skoine, W. Dewart, D. Schofbuck, W. Reik, H. Schmidt. For the display of various collections of newspapers, coins, etc., the trophy case in the lower hall, this past year, we thank this industrious club. LATIN CLUB Seated: C. Strong, D. Forrest, Miss Goetch, B. Plautz, H. Gruenwuld. Standing: M. Harding, A. Leach, G. Kurick, P. Dosher, R. Marsh, A. Kirchoft, B. Weaver, A. Gregerson F, Eames. M g 4l DRAMATIC CLUB .N sf.. ,. , First Row: A. leach, A. Kirchott, Miss Chapin, B. Hart, G. Kistler. Second Row: N. Ryan, B. Sommers, R. Marsh, C. Voght, B. Weaver, V. Sturdy. Third Row: L. Goodhand, D. Bartelson, M. Dill, N. Larsen, K. Thum, B. Clauer, P. Sanders. l Fourth Row: C. Tess, M. Harding, A. Gregerson, P. Butler, J. Messerschmidt, N. Harding, D. Forrest. The Dramatic Club, under the supervi- sion of Miss Chapin, and the very cooper- ating club members have done a very good iob in organizing and putting on plays during the year. The club has put on "Nine Girls" an all-school play which went over as a success. The girls were in charge of the stage, property committees and all the make up. Money from this play will go in the Dramatic Club treasury. They have also decorated a room in the basement of the hi'gh school as a dramatic room for meetings and for make up. Club members have worked very hard painting it and redecorating it themselves. During the whole year they had nine plays and the pupils acted and put them on themselves, also under student direc- tion. During Christmas the club put on a very interesting play called, "The Per- fect Gift". lt was enioyed by all. First Row D Clauer B Ellsworth M Rathbun R Brown M. Roetter, P. Dasher, Miss M'ertens. Second Row V Bass S Martin J Martin I. Walbrant P Field, L. Anderson, P. McKenzie, M. Catlin, ard Row M Desing N Biagi V ody E Cauer Clouer, P. Enright, E. Tess, P. Brown. The school spirit is reflected back to the Pep Club and for their achievements we say a very grateful "thanks". The Club composed of twenty- two members, chose Leora Anderson as president, and Miss Lorraine Mertens is their director. Among the many activities of the Pep Club the most important is instilling school spirit into the student body. To maintain this spirit, which is the encouragement to our teams, the members are always composing rousing cheers and are respon- sible for the pep meetings. One of their accomplishments of the year was the annual homecoming program. Starting with a mass pep meeting, snake dance and free movie, it came to a climax with the homecoming dance and coronation of the homecoming king and queen. Homecoming was a great success. X. a X ii? X r . . if if 1 'fn , x - iii. -' ,A .-Xx , y Q- R- X . Q. Qx :gm A:4g":,, Q .. N5 v M Q X X 4 ei 35, A w R S .5 X s '35 'F PA E, '- w .rm f f if 5 Q x -- ff W A 5 f . .kV1" X 3 'Q Q x 2 E ' '556 Q Ywrml . X Q Q35 ...W-ww X x If wax ,..f FX R , 4 if midi-2 11' -ig mg Qww, , Q 'E ,Q 8 ,gkxrliw MN w www WM":'w'M-w.. 'ww .tml 5. I sul S If MM-A , Wm. gag vfiiswmk l""! y ,ah 1 rw Q? I N gs kk AQ Ai Geaiinh .w....,.M Q, 'ht' x , fin ww ,mp if SQ? U0 JE A A, .Q ,N if . 1 If . x K 5 .vf x .i ,l HAMMEPSMITH-KORTMEY ER CO. MILWAUKE ,MQZU 'f dv.. Q WW MM Yfv Wa 3 2 ' ZMMJ953 Qfffjffffffffw WWW Q. ? . , S AL- W M'L2MA'f MMM EKMVM W 'JM' """' HV' ' f,x,41,, is 'S AX, ff X1 - f'-Yi N M dx M Q , x- N M ' Y. X. X. . X, wi, X. 2. - 'L x 'u , X A V c Y' iv' 1 N4 kk, ' qw Ffa! - wx. A3 'V .3 x -1' 1? "J QB:-U ffv K v X. - I T'-, W Lg AY j 5. X n A - ,X :ir 1 1

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