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Elkhorn High School - Elk Yearbook (Elkhorn, WI) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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vi. L:- ..,. .7 - -'-- AA !' V-V V VV V'LV , VV ,V i f-T VVTVEVL-VV 'f A 'A A Aff ' ' AA 7 " A F -... A V V V A V -V VV,V Vrfj ,A 1 A . A VKVVN A! 1 T944-3': 1 A ', fl- J" I A f I A., f., v ,A 'A FMD' ' H+ -' Q,.AS.3: l,-.QA: . AAA 'A ' ' VA ,.A .. V VV V A A' Y . A, V A ,, V AA.Af..ZV? ,-VVAVV V A V A V VVJAVEA VV1 ,,"AN 'VA ' V' V .,-. gf A A - -V . AA A ' -' ff fm, A AMF- A Ai.-...if A z fi A A . A vt A A. A A 'iv .,.' - , . A, VVVVV V' ':V if A AVUVVV l,VV V V V .VVV A V VV'L.V"TV V VVV KA:l XVV AV .V M -7 V, 5 lA VV Va 4 V , -f AAI. Vx A A V VA! , V V V V V- VEV bf .VA Vlf AVVVM4' A V. . 5 ' " 1 - NAT A- J V -A ' " A ' . ' 'f V , A VV .14. V V V V V .V A V VV 1 i A A A A A f .A AA A - fL 1 14 ' . A, QA, A, , A. U ' : , ,Viwfg A A 9 ,," V' A ' VV V V A "" A A -A A A 'A AA A' ' l AA A V Q A A T' Alfff ' g- Q .f-if 'l fl! 'A V Q A 4 A ' A A ,LMgx,5A 'A ' f V A ' v A A ig V VV V V fVViV.f 'V , V 5 - A V'A 2 V 5-frfif' A A ,Qs WN - . 'Ai"21?Af JARIA A if A' - . AW A Aff Vgpsw A. if ' 4 A -V v w k ,M - 1 ffm Exif As. A A A fm A A dx A 'I ':f' i,iri.',v,' 1 'X A .-- . . ,. I - A AA A . A A ,, . QQ, AQ.. XA' A AA .NA Af f A' . NA AA 3 N A - A AA' f A jf WU RAAAAAQ Ai 41, A . -4-AAAg AAfAp7A:Aifq1'E? -VQA '4 H A b A A AA A jf A V A ,A-. l.V -V . A F QQLV A' ' AV V A .A A . . V A,A- 53571: v-,l. , V VV V V11 V ,-,VA,VfA Y.E.V:I:. . V V,VVV,.,V:M? 31- " ' " A ' "', AA A F ' A 'Tla ' ff? , T5 A Awzzl LMT - 1. - .7 ' A A- H --- ,A 'A ' if - A- A- A'f?:A'giR'. A A AA-A + r , A A 955 r,,y:'s'gA 5. .,-,LL ' .- -,AAA A.- L A, . L.- A AA- -.4 A. . A , . ' . f,..3g.A ,A 1. 'i Vfffi 4 f1ff.?fA, .' A ' H 'if T '-,- V - A . , 5 L? A '2--- ST'-,Iii V' 11:.'1V,Qi?E-ii- 'A1 . "5X Q A Q - A A . - A A ,--Q - is 55 A .. V ,, , . ,V i : .7..., V VA . fig' ff 11711.31 ' F " 4-AAA55'-A417"A A " - - ' - 4 ' 1 . kg" " ' V - - . I V ' -- - N. "" ' , 'A FAAAQ'-A A-1 5 A ' :A '?ArA f" A LA -"f,Sz 'E--L - A . 4 L - A A - A N ."'.'i - ,. . 5: 'A ' ,SQL fy A A-KA A A A A A A A , :Aq,,..A g. ,j4,1.xV Fi . 3 ,- ,VAX QV: 4, V V , ,V VVVA .V . , , V V VViV,V . .,A Q1-.V .gi -:Ap ma A A- -A A :AA . A ., A, A A AA A A A A 'A , - 'A A. AA A -AA.. AA A A 47 A A ' , . -V ' A A. AA ,' .V ul - A 'A 'LA ,. -, 1' Aff www M94 M , , :WM imllfff M qw W ff, Q zMW x WZZJQZQM hwq j 7mT,Zf5Q17W Q W ff wJWii5,Mf3QfffAQ W Wei izezffffjfhfff NM! A yff' ff fy ff Wyxgxwv . ji..QN Kff , Xin ik W ff Wgiwf 1 f 1 . , 1,3 5 A -fir" 1 ' 'fi' f ., ' N... 1' 1 xx f-Q W! iffy? ff ' MWWM Wjjjf Wgiffl Q' gif 456,55 W f iff ,ff M MM Thu!-K Cpubfiahecf but the .Senlon CQCLM V' ELKHURN HIGH SCHUUL FUHEWUHIQI . . . May you, our readers, see in this book a picture of the days we have all spent together in Elkhorn High, days of work and play and days of disappointment and triumph, and may you 3 have as much fun in reading The Elk as we of the Staff have had in making it. O IIEIIIC Tlll This book is affectionately dedicated to our classmate, Shirley Nelson, whose absence be- cause of illness has left a vacant place in many a class and activity, a place not readily filled. Although she will not graduate with us and could not contribute to The Elk, we want her to know that it is her book as well as ours. Arthur Jones A C Peters, Henry Breidenbach, Secretary, Blanche Kinne Vice president E D Board of Education The citizens of Elkhorn, in general elec- tion, place the direction of their schools in the hands ofa Board of Education con- sisting of five members. This Board, in turn, appoints for the administration of the schools a Superintendent who serves as the direct link between the Board and the school. I .ff ' 'Sp 4 t l L s it 5 LELAND K. FORREST, Superintendent B.A. Eau Claire State Teachers' College M.A. University of Iowa Additional study at Oshkosh State Teachers' College and University of Wisconsin lt is the duty of the Superintendent of Schools to devise and administer, with the aid of his faculty, a program of education in ac- cordance with the philosophy of the Board of Education. Because of his boundless enthusiasm in all our school and community activities and be- cause of his profound interest in the students and their future, we look with respect to our superintendent, Mr. Forrest. "4ueagfl"G4,k 1 AIA' llfwm HENRY M- TALL, VlCe'Pfl"'ClP0l DONALD DISRUD, Asst. Vice-Principal Ph-B- UnlVef5llY of Chicago B.E. Platteville State Teachers' College M.A. University of Colorado Additional Study at Beloit College E9 0 2 'UW' sv- ' HELEN WARD, Secretary H-QQ. nj. ...Eh S 'Nt X f I 'a 'RSM fe- 'N 'Syd Faculty SOCIAL SCIENCE Henry M. Tall, History and Social Science, University of Chicago, B.A., Univers- ity of Colorado, M.A. Additional study at Beloit College. Burr E. Tolles, History and Economics, Platteville State Teachers' College, B.S. SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS Donald Disrud, Mathematics, Plateville State Teachers' College, B.E. Dorothy Turner, Biology and General Science, Mac- Murray College, B. A. Graduate work at Uni- versity of Wisconsin. John Hastings, P h y s i c s , Chemistry, Geography, Senior Science, Lawrence College, B.A. LANGUAGE Jeanne Bennett, English, Spanish, Marquette Uni- versity, B.A. Elizabeth S. Williams, Eng- lish, Latin, Librarian, Mil- waukee-Downer College, B.A. Graduate work at University of Wisconsin. Glendy Chapin, English, Central State Teachers' College, B.S. Faculty VOCATIONAL Mary Gene Sullivan, Com- mercial, Whitewater State Teachers' College, B.E. Beatrice White, Home Eco- nomics, Stout Institute, B.S. Graduate work at University- of Wisconsin. Marshall T. Paulson, Manual Arts, Oshkosh State Teachers' ' College, B.E. Graduate work at Uni- versity of Wisconsin. FINE ARTS Alice Torhorst, Vocal Music Lawrence College, B.M. Lawrence Steidl, Instrumen- tal and Vocal Music, Lawrence College, B.M. Cleo Du Bois, Art, Platte- ville State Teachers' Col- lege, B.E., Graduate work at American Academy of Art, Chicago, Colorado State College of Educa- tion, Univ. of Wisconsin. HEALTH Lorraine Mertens, G i r I s ' Physical Education, La- Crosse State Teachers' College, B.S. Karl Ulichny, Boys' Physical Education, LaCrosse State Teachers College, B.S. Ruth Dunbar, School Nurse, Sherman Hospital, Elgin, Illinois, R.N. fx f x if i I6 I i i Standing: Mr. Forrest, Miss White, Mr. Disrud. Seated: T. Jones, M. Zwiebel, E. Casey, I. Bronson, B. Burns. Class of 1944 President ...... Ed Casey Vice-President . Mary Alice Zwiebel Secretary-Treasurer . Isabel Bronson Athletic Council Representative . . f Trevor Jones Cheerleader . . Bette Anne Burns Advisors ..... Miss White, K, Mr. Forrest, Mr. Disrud as Q .V l Donald Enright, U.S.N. .lack Millard, U.S.N. We dedicate this page to our four graduates who spent their senior year in the service of our country. Gorden Redenz, U.S.N. Robert Schneck U.S.A. DONALD BABCOCK-Fish and Game 3, Speech 4, Tennis 2. NANCY BARTELSON-Treble Clef I-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus l, Music Club 4, Knitting 3, Pep 3, G.A.A. 1-2-3. ISABEL BRONSON-Band l-2-3-4, Swing Band 2-3-4, Pep Band l-2-3-4, A Cap- pella l-2-3-4, Treble Clef 2-3-4, Music Masters 4, Press 4, latin Club l, Knitting 4, Pep l, lnternational 3, G.A.A. 2, Cheer Leader 2, Class Secretary- Treasurer 4, Homecoming Court of Honor 3, Senior Class Play, Elk Staff. BETTE ANNE BURNS-A Cappella l-2-4, Treble Clef 1-2-4, Girls' Chorus 2, Archery 3-4, Aeronautic 3-4, Latin Club l, Knitting 3, Pep l-3, G.A.A. l-2-3-4, Cheer Leader l-2-4, Class Secretary 3, Senior Class Play, Elk Staff. NORMA BURNS-Band 2-3-4, Swing Band 2-3-4, Pep Band l-2-3, A Cappella 2-3-4, Treble Clef 2-3-4, ,Press 4, Hobby 4, lnternational 3, G.A.A. 3, Elk Staff. EDWARD CASEY-A Cappella 2-3, Boys' Chorus 3-4, Camera 2-3, International 4, Basketball l-2-3, Debate 3, Oratory 3 Junior Class Play, Class President 4, Elk Staff. NANCY CORY-Band l-2-3, Mixed Chorus l, Press 3-4, Pep 3, International 3, Latin Club l, G.A.A. 2-3-4, Extempo- raneous Reading 3-4, Declamatory 2, Junior Class Play, One-act Play Contest 3, Class Vice-president 2, Co- Valedictorian, Elk Editor. ROBERT EISTEDT-Camera 4, Fish and Game 3. MARIAN ENRIGHT--A Cappella 3-4, Mixed Chorus l, Treble Clef 2-3-4, Girls' Chorus 2, Press 3, Dramatic 4, Hobby 4, Rifle 3, Pep 3, G.A.A. l-2-3-4, Prom Queen 3, Senior Class Play, Elk Staff. MARY FERGUSON-A Cappella 2-3-4, Treble Clef 2-3-4, Pep 3, Hobby 4, Sub Deb 4, G.A.A. l-2-3-4, Elk Staff. CLARENCE FREITAG-Fish and Game 3, Aeronautic 4, Football l-2-3-4, Basketball l-2-3-4, U.S.A. March I944. DELORME GETCHELL-Radio 3, Aeronautic 3-4, Class President 3. ROBERT GETZEN-Fish and Game 3, Aeronautic 3-4, Baseball l-2-3-4, Elk Staff. JOANE HAMPEL-Treble Clef I-2-3-4, A Cappella 'l-2-3-4, Hobby 4, Sub Deb 4, Music Club 4, Latin Club l, Cue 3, Rifle 3, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Elk Staff. DORIS HARRY-A Cappella 3-4, Mixed Chorus l, Treble Clef 3-4, Girls' Chorus 2, Press 3-4, Sub Deb 3, Dramatic 4, latin Club l, G.A.A. l-2-3, Senior Class Play, Elk Staff. RUTH IVES--Girls' Chorus 2, A Cappella 4, PGP 3, Declama- tory 4, Elk Staff. TREVOR JONES-Aeronautics 3-4, Athletic COUHCU 4, Basket- ball l-2-3-4, Baseball 4, Football l-2-3-4, Senior Class Play, Elk Staff. 4- I Q . H1 we 'pc-. .im wwf . WN -- x :Vwi xxk, Q--' + TX Mi N. il' ,, 5 Q Mivqsar..-1 fy -,,. .Q-'A' .JJ v DOREEN KARGES-Hobby 4, Knitting 3, Home Economics 1-2, Elk Staff. LORRAINE KARGES-Hobby 4, Knitting 3, Home Economics 1-2, Elk Staff. KENNETHVKEHL-Aeronautic 3-4, Elk Staff. ROBERT KOONS--Fish and Game 3, Camera 3-4. TILLIE KOOPMAN-Rifle 3, Conservation 4, Pep 3, Sub Deb 3, Camera 3, G.A.A. 3. RENA LASCH-A Cappella 1-3-4, Treble Clef 1-3-4, Cue 3, Press 4, Cue Club Play 3, Class Secretary 2, Elk Staff. DOROTHY LOUKOTA-Conservation 3-4, Leathercraft 4, Pep 3, G.A.A. 1-2-3-4. WILLIS LUDTKE-Fish and Game 3, Camera 3, Aeronautic 4, Football 1-2-3, Basketball 2-3-4, Baseball 2-3-4, Class President 1, Elk Staff. JUNE McCABE-Pep 3, Home Economics 1-2, Sub Deb 3, Hobby 4, G.A.A. 1-2-3-4. IONE McKENZIE-A Cappella 1-2-3-4, Treble Clef 1-2-3-4, Latin Club 1, Hobby 3-4, Cue 3, Pep 3, Sub Deb 4, G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, Declamatory 1-2-3-4, Extem- poraneous Reading 1-2, Junior Class Play, Cue Club Play 3, Senior Class Play, Cheer Leader 3, Homecoming Court of Honor 4, Elk Staff. ALICE MCVICAR-A Cappella 3-4, Treble Clef 3-4, Hobby 4, Rifle 3, G.A.A. 3-4, Co-Valedictorian, Elk Staff. Transferred from Wilmot Union Free High School in sophomore year. JAMES MILLER-Band 1-2-3-4, Swing.Band 3-4, Boys' Chorus 3, A Cappella 3, Debate 3, Class Treasurer 2, U.S.A. February 1944. JOE NEWMAN-Speech 4, Fish and Game 3, International 3, Oratory 2, Senior Class Play. JUNE NEWMAN-Knitting 3, Conservation 3-4, Elk Staff. GLEN OLSON--Fish and Game 3, Camera 4, Boys' Chorus 4, Mixed Chorus 1-2. MARILYN OPITZ-Mixed Chorus' 1, Treble Clef 1-2, Latin Club 1, Aeronautic 3, Pep 1-3, Hobby 4, Camera 2, Press 4, 'G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, Elk Assistant Editor. HELEN PALENSHUS-Treble Clef 1-4, A Cappella 1-4, Rifle 3, Pep 2, Hobby 4, Press 4, G.A.A. 1-2-3-4, Junior Class Play, Elk Staff. ..l.... - 1,,fI" a , Z ' wwfk it Qu 'vm '?"f HILDA PAPENFUS-Hobby 3-4, Declamatory 2, Elk Staff. GENE PIERCE--Band l-2-3-4, A Cappella l-2-3-4, Boys' Glee Club 'l-2-3-4, Fish and Game 3, Camera 3, Dramatic 4, Football l-2-3-4, Elk Staff. noasnr REED-Band 1-2-3-4, Pep sand 1-2-3-4, swing sane' 2-3-4, Music Masters 3, Boys' Glee Club 3-4, A Cappella 4, Speech 4, Football 4, Basketball 2-3-4, Tennis 4, Junior: Class Play, Senior Class Play, Elk Staff. r . .I gf! if ,app jf , .df I! if 1' fy , .. fljvlin Q .L 5,-gi! , I JOHN RIDGWAY-Boys' Glee Club 3-4, Mixed Chorus l-2-3-4, Fishand Game 3, Football l-2-3-4. WILMA SCHMIDT-Pep 3, Leathercraft 4, Conservation 4, G.A.A. l-2-3. RUTH SCHOENBECK-Pep 3, Sub Deb 3, Camera 3, Conservation 4. GLORIA SCHRAMEK4-Treble Clef l-2, A Cappella l-2, Latin Club 'l-2, Cue 3, Dramatic 4, Hobby 4, G.A.A. l, Declamatory l-2-3-4, Extemporaneaous Reading 3, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Elk Staff. ELEANOR SCHULZ-Sub Deb 3, Pep 3, Conservation 4. NANCY SELTMANN-Pep 3, Rifle 3, Sub Deb 4. Transferred from Austin High School, Chicago, in sophomore year. WAYNE STEARNS--Fish and Game 3, Camera 4, Baseball I-2-3-4, Basketball 2. CLARENCE THOMPSON-Radio 3, Camera 4. MARILYN VOGLE-A Cappella I-2-3-4, Girls' Chorus l-2-3-4, Treble Clef l-2-3, Sub Deb 3, Press 3-4, Music 4, G.A.A. l-2-3, Elk Staff. DORIS WARREN--Mixed Chorus l-2, Latin Club l, Pep 2-3, Cue 3, Dramatic 4, G.A.A. I-2-3-4, Declamatory l, Junior Class Play, Class Vice-president l, Homecoming Court of Honor 4, Elk Staff. GORDON WEAVER-Band 2, Hi-Y l, International 3, Dramatic 4, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Elk Staff. PHIL WELSH-Band 'l-2-3-4, Pep Band 'l-2-3-4, Swing Band 2 3 4, Music Masters 3, A Cappella 3-4, Boys' Chorus 3-4, Football 4, Tennis 3-4, Junior Class Play, Class Presi- dent 2, Elk Staff. BEULAH WOODMAN--Girls' Chorus l-3, A Cappella 3-4, ' Treble Clef 4, Camera 3, Pep 3, Hobby 4, Elk Staff. MARY ALICE ZWIEBEL-Band l-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus l, A Cappella 3-4, Treble Clef 'l-2-3-4, Archery 3, Cue 3, Knitting 3, Hobby 4, Press 4, G.A.A. l-2-3-4, Class Vice-president 4, Homecoming Queen 4, D.A.R. Award 4, Elk Assistant Editor. L ,fif ' g i y T :W L: . f x L. Q 91' u 'A' K s i ' - B' QS I af ,M is-wwifw ,gs-x gf' 5 M Q, - Nl' Xb 1 N-if g fl' :- z 5.1. fx Eff, ! fu, Class Will Judging ourselves to be of sound mind and realizing that the time for our departure has drawn nigh, we, the Senior Class of the Elkhorn High School, Elkhorn, Wisconsin, i944 A. D., do hereby set forth our last will and testament. Collectively, to the Juniors we bequeath a shin- ing example, to the Sophomores we bequeath our loyalty, to the Freshmen we bequeath our lofty ambitions. Individually we bequeath our abilities as follows: Don Babcock leaves his knowledge of one- arm driving to Fred Schranz. Nancy Bartelson leaves her love of the opposite sex to Janet Dowse. Isabel Bronson wills her gift of "gab" to Bob McCabe and Annyce Stoflet, to be divided equally between them. Bette Anne Burns leaves her nimble foot- work in basketball to Ted Heusser. Norma Jean Burns leaves her inexhaustible vitality to Coris Larsen. Edward Casey leaves his collection of fiery orations to Elmer Eisentraut, so that Elmer can further his dram r. Nancy Cory enormous appetite to Tubby MacPhai Robert Eistedt es a "warrening" to Jack Brellenthin. , Marian Enright leaves her struggle for per- fection to Billy Burns. Mary Ferguson leaves a season ticket to the Delavan Roller Rink to Arlene Waltman. Clarence Freitag leaves his flashy wardrobe to Charles Tall. Delorme Getchell leaves his wavy hair to Mariorie Williams because of the shortage of metal curlers. Robert Getzen, a citizen of Elkhorn High School, leaves his right to "Voght" to Glenn Redenz. Joane Hampel leaves her sophistication to June Bigelow. Doris Harry leaves her bottle of peroxide to Nan Biagi. Ruth Ives leaves her friendly smile to Carolyn Peters. Trevor Jones leaves his love of self to Elzy Cooper. Doreen Karges wills her "fickleness" to Jayne Krueger. Lorraine Karges wills her short skirts to Donna Clauer. Kenneth Kehl leaves his "Charles Atlas" physique to Darrel Wales. Robert Koons signs over his paper route to Dick Godfrey. Dick will have to use his own bicycle. Tillie Koopman wills to Bernice Ellsworth her quiet disposition. Rena Lasch wills her book of "How to Get a Man" to Virginia Cody. Results are guar- anteed. Dorothy Loukota wills her activities in gym class to Louise Vincent. Willis Ludtke leaves his undying faithfulness to Rudy Evenson. June McCabe leaves her home management ability to Eunice Katzman. lone McKenzie wills her striding gate to Shirley Gardner.. Alice McVicar leaves her soda ierking tech- nique to Frank Nappe. Watch that waistline Frank! James Miller leaves his G. I. haircut to lvan Alder. June Newman leaves her high I. Q. to Lester Hann. Don't overwork it. . Joe Newman surrenders his little black book to Ross Katzman to be kept strictly confidential. The flat feet that Glenn Olsen acquired as an usher at the Sprague Theater, are gladly given to Herb Sigmund. Bruce Harry, that boy of one expression, receives Marilyn Opitz's collection of facial exercises. Helen Palenshus leaves her flighty ways to Oscar Moyer. Careful you don't take off, Oscar! Hilda Papenfus leaves her quick temper to Norma Zastrow. Gene Pierce leaves his love of older girls to James Harkness. Bob Reed hands over his collection of hot Harry James records to Carol Knapp to be used on a cold evening. John Ridgway gives his dimples to Harriette Johnson, who may turn them on and off at will. Wilma Schmidt passes on her Milwaukee escapades to Shirley Mastin. Careful, Shirley! Ruth Shoenbeck gives 4" of her height to Richard Amon. Just call him lanky. Gloria Schramek bundles up a big pile of old silk hose and presents them to Bob Walker to take to the nearest Salvation Army. Eleanor Schulz leaves her roller skates to Bob Conner, plus a first-aid kit. Nancy Seltmann makes a gift of her huge red hairbow to Doris Dobrick to use when she goes deer hunting. Wayne Stearns leaves his bashfulness to John Harrington. Hope it doesn't cramp your style John. Clarence Thompson wills his ration book and four good tires to Bob Christensen for emerg- encies only! , Marilyn Vogle, the songbird of the Senior Class, divides her vocal talents between Alice Hull and Marie Mukansky so they may sing duets in their spare time. Doris Warren has finally agreed to give up her male rogues' gallery and the lucky receiver is Eleanor Clauer. Gordon Weaver gives his "natch" to Henry loukota with hope that Henry will give it the good use it has been accustomed to. XX Phil Welsh wills his ability to collect blondes to Jim Campbell. Beulah Woodman leaves the three freckles on her nose to Ed Bleser to add to his collec- tion. Mary Alice Zwiebel bestows her determina- tion to get what she wants on Don Breidenbach. lt comes in very handy, Don. Robert Schneck gives Gerry Nelson and l.eora Anderson six written lessons on how to ride horseback without acquiring bruises. Gordon Redenz, who knows all the ropes after his training on board ships, leaves some of his valuable information to Warren Newman. Don Enright gives his blond hair and dimples to Mary Rathbun. Danny Millard leaves his athletic ability to Bob Colvin. ln witness, whereof, the parties aforesaid have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals on the year above written. wi 61--rv-...d"""-' What Happened To The Class Of '44 In the merry month of May in the spring of '54 my colleagues and I had a wild urge to return to Elkhorn and see what our former classmates were doing. The war being over, we had plenty of gasoline and tires to make the trip. L As we reached the city limits a siren sounded and a police car drew up beside us. To our astonishment we saw it was "ZlTCH" RIDGWAY, chief of police of Elkhorn, welcoming us back to the scenes of our childhood pranks. We asked "Zitch" what NORMA BURNS was doing, and he informed us that RENA LASCH and NORMA were in Hollywood resting after their third big hit with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. After leaving the chief we went in search of a lodging for the night. We decided to stay at the Hotel Weaver, formerly the Loraine Hotel. We were met at the door by the owner GORDON WEAVER, and found he was doing a prosperous business. .lust then MARY FERGUSON, his as- sistant, popped in to show us to our rooms. When we had unpacked our bags we went in search ofa beauty salon. Just down the street the "Do-Re Salon" caught our eye. Upon entering we were greeted by the KARGES twins, LORRAINE and DOREEN. After a facial and manicure we said goodbye to the twins. Outside, the aroma of food wafted on the spring breeze, sharpened our appetites, and we were forced to make a decision. should we patronize The Villa or the Eat Shop? We compromised and decided to have dinner at the Villa and to lunch at the Eat Shop the next day. We walked into the Villa and IONE McKENZlE, Elkhorn's number one hash-slinger, came up to take our order. As we were paying the bill we asked who had made the delicious pie. lone informed us that our old classmate, HELEN PALENSHUS, had been chief cook and bottle washer at the Villa for the past five years. We left the Villa and thought we would bowl a game. RUTH SCHOENBECK and TILLIE KOOPMAN were running the bowling alley as partners. They told us that the fact their business was dropping off was explained by the competition of the pool hall across the street, owned by BOB EISTEDT and CLARENCE THOMPSON. We found that our pin boy was Clarence Freitag Jr., son of our former classmate, the DEACON. His work proved iust as satisfactory as his father's had. A wild yell issued from the next alley and we saw that the red head who had iust made a strike was MARIAN ENRIGHT, another member of the class of '44, We weren't surprised to see that RUTH IVES and DORIS HARRY were the other bowlers. We greeted e 1 ther ioyously and on inquiring, found that the three were nurses at the Walworth County Hos al and were spending their evening off duty in Elkhorn. They told us that we must see the movie that was showing because DELORME GETCHELL, current screen idol, had the lead. We arrived in time for the second show. The girl in the ticket office was BEULAH WOODMAN, with a sparkling diamond on her left hand. We offered our congratulations and asked her who the lucky boy was. She wouIdn't tell us his name but confessed that he was another member of our graduating class. GLEN OLSEN, owner of the theater, greeted us at the door and took our tickets. He told us that he had remodeled the building two years ago and the seating capacity was now doubled. An usher came to show us to our seats and it was none other than BOB KOONS. The movie was exceedingly good and we were very proudiof our old classmate, DELORME. Out on the street again, the gay lights ofthe "Juke Joint" caught our eye. We were glad to find that the ice cream parlors and drug store stayed open until midnight, a great improve- ment over the old days when we were in high school. We felt like having a double rich choco- late malted and went in. The proprietor, BILL LUDTKE was behind the counter. He insisted on treating us and led us to -a table. The girl who came to take our orders was DORIS WARREN. Bill confided that she had been working for him for a year and was the best soda ierk he had ever had. By this time we were tired and the comfort of our hotel room was inviting. In a few min- utes we were in deep slumber. A tap at the door awaked us next morning and Mary Ferguson brought in our breakfast on a tray. We were eager to examine the tray and found a weekly edition of the "Elkhorn lndependent", now edited by NANCY CORY. After breakfast and a shower we decided to go out to the "Schneck Dairy Ranch." We had already heard about BOB'S latest book entitled "Three Easy Ways to Milk a Cow." A drive in the country at this hour of the day was most invigorating. As we progressed we heard the hum of airplanes. To our right was the "Loupitz Airport." We drew up to the side of the road and watched a plane come in for a landing. Pilots MARILYN OPITZ and DOROTHY LOUKOTA stepped out of the plane. Our time was short so we speeded on. All of a sudden a boy dashed into our path after a stray baseball. We swerved to miss him and struck a telephone pole. Luckily, we were un- iniured, but the car was badly damaged. The frightened boy told us his name was Johnny Pierce. Because of the resemblence we knew that he must be the son of GENE PIERCE, now a prosperous farmer. We went into the farmhouse and called a garageman to come for our car. When a wrecker arrived, who should be at the wheel but KEN KEHL. He told us that he now owned the Standard Service Station. A farm truck came down the road and the driver offered us a ride to Elkhorn. lt was another old schoolmate, DON BABCOCK. After a breath- taking ride he deposited us at our hotel. This eventful morning had gone fast and it was lunchtime. We had an enormous appetite and hoped that the Eat Shop served good food. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw who was running the place. lt was those three former sailors, GORDON REDENZ, DON EN- RIGHT, and DANNY MILLARD. GORDON was the manager, DON did the cooking, and DANNY took care of the money. They told us that this combination had been working fine for three years. As we left the Eat Shop we felt that we should see a doctor for a check-up after our accident. We walked along and saw the name Dr. ROBERT GETZEN, M.D., on a shingle. Well, well, so BOB was a doctor, we'd have to go up and see him. He checked us over and declared that we had not been iniured in any way. He also advised us to go and see ED CASEY if we wanted a good lawyer. We weren't surprised that ED was defending people because he always had liked to argue, but our insurance company would take care of the damages so we had no need for Ed's services. Back at the hotel again, everyone proceeded to write letters and cards. We walked to the post office to mail them and JIMMY MILLER greeted us through the bars of the stamp win- dow. It reminded us of the good old days when JIM used to deliver mail. As we turned to leave, the door lettered Postmaster opened and a young woman came out. We couldn't be- lieve our eyes, but it really was GLORIA SCHRAMEK, postmistress of Elkhorn. The JONES' monument works was still situated next to the post office. TREVOR was lifting a small tombstone as we passed by. He informed us that he had half interest in the business. It seemed that he and BOB REED had a business agreement. BOB was running a funeral home and the two professions worked very well together. As we walked along we noticed the printing on a window which read, ISABEL BRONSON, "Advice given in all matters." At last IZZIE had found an outlet for her ideas. We went in and found her sitting behind a desk and looking very businesslike. lt seemed only gave advice but also knew all the news in town. She told us we shouldn't gram at the Municipal Building that evening, for there would be many important pe That evening we went to the Municipal Building and found a seat in the theater. The mistress of ceremonies turned out to be NANCY SELTMANN, who had been touring the country and speaking to the Women's Clubs of America. With a snappy speech she introduced Elkhorn's mayor, the honorable PHILLIP WELSH. He was the youngest mayor that Elkhorn had ever elected. lt was rumored that the women's vote had put him into office. Judge JOE NEWMAN followed the mayor with an inspiring speech in which he demanded a law to prevent heli- copters from landing in the city park. This concluded the serious side of the program and it was time for the big attraction. WAYNE STEARNS and his All Girl Orchestra had been playing at the Riverside in Milwaukee and had traveled to Elkhorn for this program. lt was quite an honor for the city because WAYNE'S orchestra was in demand in the most exclusive night spots of the country. Singing with the orchestra were the "Swing Sisters," better known to us as MARY ALICE ZWEIBEL, MARILYN VOGLE, and JOANE HAMPEL. When the "Swing Sisters" finished several selections came the featured attractions. ALICE McVICAR began to beat it out on the drums and WILMA SCHMIDT and JUNE McCABE stepped into the spotlight to do their famous dance, "The Barrel House Boogie." When the dance finished we took time to look over the other members of the orches- tra. ELEANOR SCHULZ was slappin' the bass, BETTE ANNE BURNS was givin' out on a licorice stick, NANCY BARTELSON was blowin' a mean trumpet, HILDA PAPENFUS was literally all over the piano, and JUNE NEWMAN was playing a sweet sax. With all these accomplished artists we knew why Wayne's band was such a success. The program was over at eleven and we hurried to our hotel to pack, for the next day we had to leave Elkhorn. We were up bright and early the following morning. GORDON brought our car to the front of the hotel. As we drove away we were filled with satisfaction, for our mission had been successful. The knowledge of WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CLASS OF '44 was ours. First Row: Miss Mertens, C. Peters, G. Nelson, M. Williams, L. Vincent, Miss Williams. Second Row: J. Krueger, S. Mortin, J. Bigelow, N. Biagi, A. Wolfman, S. Gardner, L. Anderson. Third Row: A. Stoflet, H. Johnson, V. Cody, N. Zastrow, J. Dowse, A. Hull, E. Clauer. Fourth Rauf: M. Mukanslmy, C. Knapp, M. Rathbun, D. Clauer, B. Ellsworth, C. Larsen, D. Dobrick. Class of 19 5 .x A . First Row: Mr. Steidl, B. Horry, B. Christensen, D. Breiden'aach, F. Knappe, H. loukota, Mr. Tolles. Second Row: B. Burns, R. Walker, D. Wales, R. Amon, W. Newman, J. Harrington, I. Alder, J. McPhoil. Third Row: F. Schronz, H. Sigmund, J. Campbell, R. Colvin, R. Evenson, E. Scheiby, J. Harkness, l.. Hann. Fourth Row: C. Toll, J. Brellenthin, R. McCabe, E. Cooper, TI' Heusser, E. Bleser, E. Eisentraut, O. Moyer, D. Godfrey. 1, Mmiie Williams, Sec y Don Breidenbach, Alh. Council .,...x..,v..M -www Miss Williams, Advisor Non Biogi, Cheerleader fo 'Vfo 'is' I l ,I-frtzvf 'f'Cv.::'.l5 fk4wixSx4x Q . 5 5 Dick Godfrey, Vice-pres. i v ,V,., A 1 W mph-.N I .: 2,,N. was wiv C Virginia Cody, Treas. Miss Mertens, Advisor Miss Sullivan, E. Tess, P. Hummel, B. Philby, C. Dunbar, J. Messerschmidt, Miss Chapin. Second Row: P. Amon, V. Finley, L. Heckert, J. Vogel, C. Voght, V. Stardy, A. Crase. I Third Row: M. Recknagel, S. Bartelson, M. Miller, C, Dorn, B. Newman, C. Maclean, D. Gums, K. Thum Fourth Row: B. Clauer, N. Harding, G. Hirn, R. Brown, D. Greene, M. Steinbicer, H. Bowyer. Class of 1946 N IN-N First Row: Mr. Tall, R. Eisentraut, B. Seymour, B. Meyer, D. Millard, Mr. Ulichny. Second Row: H. Thompson, R. Johnson, L. Eggleston, L. Bleser, E. Sterkin, D. Beaver. Third Row: B. Van Scoter, B. Augustine, D. Schafbuch, R. Kotzman, C. Miller, B, Morrissey, G. Burson. Fourth Row: D. Arnold, D. Getzen, D. Waltman, N. Waite, J. Edmondson, B. Seaver. n SOPHS Mr. Tall, Miss Sullivan, Mr. Uliphny, Advisors I ,.-f-""'r,. 1 Miss Chapin, Advisor ei Sv l sfxce-91 srl? N e ws' gi l Wmon X B0 ' Sec ry Q1-e . la r,,,osg is Bill Secver, Cheerleader Bill Seymour, Pres. Bill Morrisey Alh. Council '52 'Ii -5 , ws First Row: L. Rupp, l. Juettner, B. Weaver, P. Butler, M. Desing, V. Cervenka, G. Johnson, M. Harding. Second Row: B. Sommers, P. Shure, B. Plautz, H. Woodman, P. Field, R. Marsh, Patricia Sanders, Priscilla Sanders Third Row: N. Larsen, D. Bartelson, A. Gregerson, N. Miller, M. Dill, H. Burns, G. Kurick, J. Foster, V. Becker. Fourth Row: Miss Bennett, A. Leach, D. Forrest, B. Hurt, A. Kirchhoff, E. Pfaffenberger, P. Dasher, Miss Turner. Class of 1947 First Row: Mr. Paulson, B. Sloflet, J. Remer, J. Lee, B. Sorenson, W. Skoine, Mr. Hastings. Second Row: E. Papenfus, A. Krueger, F. Eames, R. Morrissey, D. Seymour, M. Reed, M. Brocliman. Third Row: B. Palenshus, J. Paddock, J. Tall, F. Holden, J. Fuchs, J. loukota, D. Fell. Fourth Row: W. Dewart, C. Strong, H. Schmidt, D. Johnson, R. Seeger, J. Potter, H. Grunwald, D. Jones. l W LX -Q L if X L-"Y 1 xg fqkw ff nw' Mr. Hastings Mr. Paulson Miss Turner Miss Bennett Advisors def Off . Cxxeefxeo Ruth Laurier WXXGY' Om, ' 'es ,.-'K XAOQCW ' MCexp A fes. H9058 v 5 X ve- Frank Eames, Ath. Council AVBgy5YqkraMWe5Qeff SQc5yQ Don Jones, Treus. CLARINETS Solo- Phil Welsh Bob Conner lsl- Isabel Bronson Gene Pierce nd - Belly Clauer Ellen Tess Doris Bartelson Jim Tall Senior Band Ruth Marsh Phyllis McKenzie Eleanor Pfaffen- berger Mary Harding Pal Share Donna Forrest Marilyn Catlin 5- Gardner v. Reed R. Brown N. Miner M. Zwiebel Eb CLARINET-Thelma Christenson ALTO CLARINET-Louise Vincent BASS CLARINET-Charles Tall OBOE-Carol Dorn FLUTE lsl- Belly Plaulz 2nd - Geraldine Kurick SAXOPHONES Alto- Eunice Kalzman Moe Steinbicer Tenor- Nan Biagi Tenor Alto - Jack Brellenlhin l l if 5:11 ri- i i TROMBONES Solo - 'lst - 2nd - 3rd - BARITONE Solo - lst - L ,IA .' W1 Bruce Harry Norma Burns Alice Kirchhoff Edward Bleser Jim Miller Velma Tomaszewski CORNET5 FRENCH HORNS Som' Bob Reed Solo lst- Norma Harding lst- Harold Gruenwald Qndu- Gemude Him Bob Sorenson 3rd-- Beverly Newman 2nd- Leonard Bleser JClmeS Pofler DRUMS Bill Morrissey Bill Sheldon Elmer Scheiby John Harrington Dorothy Gums Dick Godfrey Pep Band First Row: G. Pierce, I. Bronson, E. Pfatfenberger, M. Harding, B. Clauer, E. Tess. Second Row: B. Plautz, G. Hirn, N. Harding, B. Sheldon, F. Graff. Third Row: P. Welsh, D. Gums, N. Burns, V. Tamaszewslmi, B. Harry, Mr. Steidl. Fourth Row: E. Scheiby, J. Harrington, J. Miller, A. Kirchhott, H. Grunewald. The Pep Band aids greatly in ' Sf spurring our team on to victory. We have called it the right arm of 4 the cheering section, and it has well 7 earned its name. Q NW 41 , I x First Row: B. Reed, N. Burns, I. Bronson, J. Brellerrthin. Second Row: H. Grunewald, B Harry, E. Scheiby, P. Welsh. Swing Band l i fl? l 4 i l i 4 l 4 Q 4 ' A BFMI 'T i A Cappella Choir First Row: P. Field, J, Krueger, A. Wallrnan, J. Vogel, M. Williams, C. Strong, F. Eames, J. Messerschmidt, P. Share, D. Bartelson, L. Vincent, Miss Tarhorst. Second Row: E. Tess, B. Clauer, M. Vogle, H. Palenshus, M. Zwiebel, C. Dorn, E. Scheiby, E. Cooper, C. Peters, G Nelson, J. Hampel, B. Plautz. Third Row: A. McVicar, S. Gardner, R. Lasch, D, Forrest, R. lves, B. Harry, P. Welsh, B. Meyer, R. Reed, R, Morrissey, A Kirchhotl, R. Marsh, K. Thom, I. McKenzie, B. Burns. Fourth Row: N. Biagi, A. Crase, E. Pfaffenberger, N. Burns, l. Bronson, J. Brellenthin, R. Sorenson, G. Pierce, J. Rid way, J. Tall, H. Grunewald, E. Bleser, M. Enright, D. Harry, M. Ferguson, D. Clover. 9 Girls Choruses First Row: N. Biagi, P. Field, J. Krueger, B. Weaver, M. Harding, M. Williams, Cf Dorn, S. Marlin, N. Larsen, Becker, P. Share, S. Barlelson, B. Plautz, Miss Torhorst. Second Row: S. Gardner, A. Waltman, B. Clauer, M. Vogle, H. Palenshus, M. Zwiebel, B, Sommer, P. Sanders, Bartelson, V. Stardy, l. McKenzie, L. Vincent. V D Third Row: A. McVicar, P. Butler, E. Tess, D. Forresl, M. Dill, V. Cervenlro, A. Hull, A. Gregerson, A. Kirchhotf, R. Marsh K. Thum, B. Burns, C. Peters. Q Fourth Row: N. Bartelson, E. Pfoffenberger, I. Bronson, R. Lasch, N. Burns, C. Larsen, H. Bowyer, B. Hart, C. Maclean J. Messerschmidt, M. Enright, D. Harry, M. Ferguson, J. Hampel, D. Clauer. OUR PROM KING AND HIS QUEEN Q., Sl-musv NELSON BOB CONNER ,ff af W " 'S Qi c.4N'mENwu.L ,SV QF! . S' Ny. Gai vi-9' A 0.5 "faMZfSIg. BE Es'rAnL1sann1 ,dis Qqifebg ws Cx' mg 'imap 3' S 'bf S 'f.f"'S1 MUNICIPAL BUILD 923 ge 4 - grfi mov' S 'Owe 4, 0 S001 ---- -Q55 Q9 me Piwssla in ,, 50 'z,f"A0 S O , The high mmm .wanna Q, 2 SU' Quioln' th gk!-015 5 'f's0e"J' k' 4 ' 'Quits who have been ma 5' ,ve 996 uifff 6 555256 '95 Q'QQq","'ef"XOJl1-o,Q1,v in for a Teen Canteen in A S , , 'Yoavgixxqb 4 7 - -gd . 'Q jqefq 01' J,-352,'5b,,0 rn,were granted permit 4 day, gp xg ' ' 4" ' 93, 49- 8, oo 6,9 Q, at e the auditorium U1 'due 1 1- - -Gb 40. 1 5' QS' ' 0 A '-.'31ofq0'v6Qo we 0164600 .' al building? N .50 Erma -f S 010 , . I . 4 Q 66 Q - -C., 0 e , g . pq 0100 jj, 'S ZfSo,'f3fSQ ,jjj JUNI01e 515 XS Elks Homecommf vc- '71'j4f"+mm"0 SJ 'SBU CROSS . O t T011 Tam S011 at? WA ay, Firm-HOMS pponen S 8'-Q: 5' ' gl The ONT E ""'f' Sz 'ferr 0 , 'Sven x4C'1'1v S ed 74 Points u .. ?l.sg'Hno1qtng opponents? fl ffm '-qv, fig' 2:51 mm I xeffzrzgnopgalems In Past reneva Bere . f 4.-Z, -S mom fa2'ff,,G35f'To..,h 31, Friday NM' " . S' , iv?- 5 ,lfem-12:02-guidmg, Y I S I Tig S Z bftbiiqa 5605010 Q9 W Q U 4 s,Cf5'6X AGSSM 4 has ,, ,W 0 QS , I em on we 1599969 pxgfg. M590 qs. 9 Q """1"-"-""-"- :ey Gam . Q. NZQAGYSLQ og Q 4499-Q' V C Gd . U9 'W 04520 " SSSSSL ASSEMBLY Elias 2'f9f""'111 Tk wfsif fov xg! . A J? 0 'mas ARMY FLYER K.. -' AZ age 4,035-9,9 G QL Q 1 of the Elkhorn High 25, 0 S , . 91ot9'w,q4s' ,QI 0 1m11mr1s.eP 0 ' 940 f Sv PP Y PP 01 -0 ,go aw Q of S0 S' S-S "wma b Way "sf 0 Wm ga . Q "gh school at 4X . . jqqv Q Q91 'f'3gh321?Z4Slf::f24,bl'S15Z,S"1'lf,',,P0f1f, Aifdf fm' nyfqin Q-600 65? B tl!! ,wiiitzqglgzrzedfizli scragpehefleg 8625211 S y 24 I 559' , X . E 985 ha auf! Xefepygp. - W "x 5 I A s S cf 00' 'Y' ,SSh.,Sfed,Q3SfS"'f - liveryrh' ' fb' 'ff' L2 QP "ebisS1Z"'Q 349' . X mg Set 4 ' ' 0 ' U if QS 41? 01' at Q4 xxeloci, 'Wkgf0'm for Homecoming? cb Q X sv i but .1 . A Q R99 .,d . 'S--. Qc S- W'?'ZQ?:i5f'zQ, ogyifwcz Cadet ,,v1fxi'E3z:fief2SiSfn Zclgfk Friday: Lp ,beg 66 ,Af-2 4'?e,60t 0 ation wxekofltoxviiivjoweff.. 'Dothan anihorn if ' -Ge, -3, W 1 cod o -- "Set 1' ' EX 55 A?'6q.qA3,q'9 Z b:9505X,-B ces . ifglieczxg. fe sy qw' S --SS' ' xet 5 qtxswg 'W woe S X10 n 1? hop, QQQQQC YQ If I f My Y -ff M315 seven I. 9Y' Qvgvv Ad -N A ,vinu 40a , Q, 45-OQXASS S3 +53 S HS" ' S 'YOWBT' X 1 MY"'9Sn Vdmw 49 GY' QS eS"'qfS 91? x glloldv-1 in D:-L, , if V- 5685 Feet bw' 6 Flexi 0 . "' F SBIG QW' S"'5" , S Si Sz Sf Q! ga? Y1??MEC0Mnggci:Ess FRIDAY Sizing: zgfnaififggxjf 0:4 'Sm W w- foe Sfm H94 effvme 'ffm WS? Q49 ,f ff. ' -ev a f 523, "Si '05s jk Cafavan Pkofgzffrwes 'w:Si'f!"S '12, 5 415. ofa' P 323. 4 V11-?jsealilHVDA2R 431 gf'9p6 Q0 f -ow "ff SSS? 9 8 . "2z,5,"S .fm WA Sz, 've Sv +V 39,0 75 Choi? Q X ng.fi'LQ,A 4 g .war C398 will Ynpb Ee be"1qel:?' lyeckleqra Q-6 0 0 Be Bonn ' S gy bg 1 I 11, Q IQ. 4 gf'e'..cbCo?o0a.X6' A0 dab- F9139 of ... r02lLu.nZ..eit'd ta- 'Par ,. In ff' fl' 305 kk .Que f9d. ' Qaqfb- Carol Ndw, The 'Tia the 'WWII dance Band x Friday, sdrnimsion he 113 whose riding whose usic hobby is she hopes Ideal tall blonde, She dish Mae blue-vziyed, pegt senior girl stands Sl 1550 in her stocking feet an tips the geaie at 104. Her favorite sport is 'kiiballpand she plays on the Her favorite color is blue, vs V . lll-f Q ' The .Aammbly Program was put an by the Saab Deb club. fifruth or Gonna qnfneed' was the program. This made 9'-.i 1 Elkhorn cores 36-Zgl Victor Over De a 525: " "'.f..'l..':AfYf'.f',:.'l5l lSlKll0l'll 'I Elkhorn-0-Elkhorn high askuiball team kept in the run im: Im' il possible tie for the ,Q,,, ,,, m,L.. mm,b , Q mmA, Southern State if "'k" T c o n f e r ence r I c h ampionship it "" 'ff' A h by sinking Del f avzm hem 11: night H50 J m-,' ' It was the 5 ffg,-4 ".' K QE' seccmd victory of the season F for Coach Dzm ,,, Disrud's Elks over the arch- rivai from Del- QVHH, the Elks " ' a v i I1 g wud Disfud their i , With I2 with M xi Don Sm Sf hor n 0 . 01052 int fx wwf' Wh omgxais free kept Henry Af! into "fn, rare-Q 19 lead at the end the "fu1 ' :und then outpointed W "Hey ' in the final period. ' 'v'n's play was 11I13!'y, mf: f mcni guests of Tfwurney sg:-or lourr Du men Here mat dgo by coming Q4 'a T- Among those nights pro-iourm 1 folluwinptt C k Wann, BNC 5 5 T, ly, f fs K K x " .4 Morris, iff satisfaction for me as FTW... .rs lxgtog' 0, Independent that Elkhorn had b lorenson' Delavzm bi ' Q A jf educg a comm , X0 'W' H score," 33 x Q' J 3 C k wZ"fAj5:g2t 31 A from the ' 'J f ' Manson. N?nu15 n A X h 4 rexsserved ci ,. Ne' i "Whig C0 PX' 'Q l8Ck f , 'sam help F n.x, 5? Rxxk up, Ifrlxff' '5 S . NHS 'f .wut em ' Off" S 11 M112 g..f"x X Q ' "' :ci zslphab X Bfrimi, an m, fi Cb, h to me-et ig A Qt A Qi ,, 5:32 . H - A x - f'1' '4WW' C Static., A. ,-- ' I Mm Q U gf, 5 ' ' 7523? f a 'mf 'bf . QPQS a kieenex running ing nbses. Blow, Qnvvnv ' ' - f 'Q H ARACTERISTIC Q ie, VW: want Hsin-yn "Georg-ia." McKenzie A W ,. Cody 'Tm Nobody's Babyf Lokotn A-x-f "He's A4 in The' Hampe1W"He 'T' ' Cory. Lil- ruce VVelsh S05 Forevem Waltz." in the Am f New YI with Band p HOW. nickles of Dimes. um hfnm 6+ wiv! hp married N DOM was dor the S1 me girl cd. T' -cises c 1 instx' 'ted its fd be COHUE' Mention Your not isn t. jus' overg a la out v her bi Phil V qec T' Caro' Buwa' HI-LITE digg' 5 ou xurt e up? can hal Y pra txt' class g OIWD18 and sh of rm'Or.tnbe letterfoga. X Red xl 81115. We can. use boyso ly ome news. report Cory, everything is going strong on tho front. ' ........k... 1-'rg , 'Z 'f' ' CLUBQ f E V E Q x Q' Q Girls' Glee Club y Y ? Miss Torhor 35 ' is I W Y' af officers. :W i I h ,q Larsen' . ,Q X . -giver, Sec ' "L' t R . ' ff N r's biology .md- : today. Such things as ts' nests, winter bouf potted plants, ax' butterfiy nets were turned in. C thing of pa' " interest is sweet potatr The bar o . an cmd Wm the offic W-A '1 d ff 'he Pl Q-se 1 iii pro-- . game Bur- . Club of the and and good Am- roll? N05 WWQ To date the our Y upon a throne C0-EDITORS Imbel Bronson and Norma Burns TYPISTS Rena Lasch and Elaine CHARACTERISTIC SONGS Rena Lasch N K-K-K-Katy wmmmtx Club Qhow Don various Home gettmg ready for mokw th xt an bettm than xt be the lights? Dark do all the The Junior girls came back to tie Q the Seniors at two all in the opener of 1 the GAA soccer tournament last folet coming? Could it he Plant I Virginia Cody, Nancy Cory, Marilyn Xian I L l .....i....... W xl s iid!! ,, REPORTERS had ! Opltz, Rena Lasch, Lil- ,, as Q 2 K fgsp if Sis ' 5 5 W g E Jr '-"Nw :hs t .fl f ui US ni :xfQi2j'f- h , Ili A 4 x . I Pf,,u ,, Chvlrz The Christmas sm f""""""' IOHQ Mclienzicfg C'hx'istnms FLY Fflfher Uoheriyg distribut by Santa Llhms, 'va vhnvxe r C0 F171 TURN lsulwl Bromaou ind Nnrru x Burns 'X X I INT Kunz Iam!! Darin Hurry and L Klnrihn logh N' ANNUXI 914.1411 -. H KS BEEN NAMED f x the annua as been SG CC QXQS Edxtox Ivmq C my Asst Fdximw xllllfjfl Opn? and Mary Ax! Ivlwe I S 'Qin M al land X V ""'m'M'8 "m'5', Hurllp xx 'g A "inn Rupp, 1, E! A ag. , ng, lining! Puls-n V S h ldn 'L 1,11 if :sun and ii prrrpmy hmg, mn. s lf' vwngf "" nr .L-f'lX'ir1hQ ng hus,i ww uv left but 5 Qtudwntsm, Fudng ns thx deadlixze Qs XVGYOE! 35, Alice zf thx' were Mrs. and api n- Tillie Kc give up one party, BQdQ,,,f3I' dance gh which so our brothers and fathezroving time fight wil! out mb fclkkn by M1 germ trips. ' "' 5 C0101 SPN, and rm.. of the :mm sem, durirw It Often' ing' :L Mass !lL!"F'fiTiLf, ceopumtivo nwmhlxrs ui form to their utmoaet to 0. ,, :attention nf others :md S!K'iXyf'W attention instead of giving it lu fuivisors or officfvrs. If vot't.:xirxIy sf 'll bauxi- H, Tea a B, N nal Na also . His about h L ite eport, M It seem. very favor Tolles. He . a great deal, very students. all me ls g Burns made a I Codv ing forward to their first game. The Junior High wxll have a good team this year if all the boys will come out every night. They are look-' Ml.. using school , rlence And PPQ4 Vice on Mr. likes Elkhorn at the people are also believes tha' Elkhorn has A ne school and r' GRADE SCHOOL The Sth grade has charge grade been different weze follows: Prey Cheer two chief C0ll.lIY1l'l Sec' The nlay ELKHORN ENTERTAIIN. The Southern 'vvleconsin Conferene spom-ored nn English Clinic and round table at. Elkhorn meeting was held was closed by a f room of the El Elizabeth Wi English Der S sion. Topic f grammar literntv The d8.hf Trf this vv Q tioipating X, are the better issue in that cramming: and the e .Q 1 . 12. The ration board i horn and has tryf So you see and practical. Elk- coun- impor- Scow Can Prof of the Vim Sec' Tre! WEDNESDA --A., lie we vi. Jo and the Home l. Miss Elkhorn senl AUYVD er way are en- m xy glasses important phe looks during .chem papers l 4 most of came to class of till. BGA All The ing last Wednesday. Mr. Fr sided becaus f 1 k f 608.8008 for class offi PRCC? r, the s ,uid be the main elaine boys The senior Q al event in many on Ser are out for 7511- The VV'm' Bond and Stamp sale in School has dropped conside With the Fourth 'Nat Loan canfpaign coming up we should going L d Misa Bennett thinks we Yot bettex. The grade school I, mv 'mods and efe""'+ f ihan ' .1 SC ' e on! X A WOR! . 55. 3, nons uhs Eubs hax X girls are in 1 and A sum tm 1. lv- ed from Shin V A ne 1 of our Hi-L i Ae ir. 'fu-ner, 'Phe' poem, to 5 lie W l in ll. I-Il-Lltes, is 1 is' room on the l cl. gmanh It is 9. fine px ry K lthe War and K6 l are glad that 8 iings. her writing a U, -,. We. we are glad, too, to be able to report that, Stine, although sun a patient in the ortho! vualin llfnmnilnl in Lfnriianvx aka in fwnln., wger. we giwb 5 Stamp. ,J wht Seated: Mr. Tall, Mr. Forrest, Mr. Ulichny, Ml. Disrud, Mr, Paulson, Standing: T. Jones, D. Brcidcnbach, Mr. Hastings, 8. Morrissey, F. Eames. Athletic Council The Athletic Council has control over the four maior sports in the high school. These are football, basketball, baseball, cmd tennis. The Council, which makes and enforces the training rules, awards letters, and tries to better the athletic program in all ways, is composed of the Principal, the coaches of the four sports, and a boy elected from each class. X I, McKenz:e, D. Warren, M. Zwuebei, N, L B Newman, wp wiv Q Qi . ,p x gi I 'Q ik' an DMEEUNINI7 Football 1943i The i943 football team was o light and inexperienced one with only three veterans. E0-14. we The boys initiated their new football uniforms in fitting style by winning their first game, fxfj, t o oy- r :tz 'hu l I D. Millard - f' R. McCabe Xl: .. -J G. Pierce O. Moye F' fi 0 3 D 0 x S. 3 s.. gm 55522225 -Q:QQ'Q:!"n 2 QR4:.'4 +Qf339S3 ggsi S54 0-oo 2 Q' 0 Q -0. I .0.. . 3 Q 0 O .E'. 3 CD Q OOOOOWWOQ l "l "'L!iN2LJUJCJ-""'5' bJNJh'O4'0l9-5-2 zownocnogfg onnnnnuu 4..--.-Q-. 00000033 BVVUXZBQ U"'222'w"1U-U- 5 00 'W 11 Kiki" I0-" QJ'O7Ql11Q-'P-Nl P, iii' stun G' 7 X1 M X u'qixm'k R 'fl "Af7w7?i"5"m 4 'WE h F , ,Sim 311 , Q ' ., 1 'I V rut -H not tot 'af his wi in wwf ,-i 'nf M if f l lx f A ' Af . V . l i in r t QW ' N v " , 1 , f , E o A W- -'A-""" 1' I - 'Q gg. ,A , Q -. l " 5 Qu- L 'Z 3' 'e I tl 1 r ,,f osx E Q nl 3' fa '-'b' F: O . f 5 ,QYI-my 1 rg " ' 4: Q.: 4 5' ' I, Aldon' R. Reed D. Godfrey J, Brellenthln C. Freitag F. Eames J, Post R. Morrissey 'wx Ri K r 1? 6,7 M R d T J 79 Y X . 'Q N ' V' 1 if y . N Q.-5,2 5 hs W7 X 1 W. Morrissey gi l If gil I " i , ' f' L 7 ymour QQ 5 5 H ngfon u ,Z 5 R V nScoter ' ' ' 1 , J magway Q R. Sorenson J. Harkness B H y M W N , y J! 1 x M - N Y A ff ! U E ,ff " M 'J 5' J y '54 N 'gi Q 5 y if E ' ' s N Q3 0.2 -: 5 . -v if, I ' , Q -ff Q., or of ... 2' X : ' 6 1- ' ' Q Q 4-I D Jones H. Schmndt D. Wcifmon D 5 ymqw C. To!! J. Tull Coqqh Hqgfingg Co h P I Couch Ulich y lu QQ vgxaxsiw "Av maui .dass eidenbuch .nuns-w W, Seymour IS44 B an 'Ui T. Jones Q...- -'f,,-pai' 2 ,,.gvl' C. Freitag i J- C0""'Pb0ll First Row: Mr. Paulson, D. Jones, D. Millard, B. Sorenson, D. Getun, B. Von Scoler. Second low: M. Reed, B. Chrixlensen, I. Alder, F. Eames, I. Morrissey. Third Row: M. Brockmcn, J. Toll, C. Tull, W. Skoine, J. Loukola, 'D. Seymour, J. Campbell Baseball 1944 First Row: D. Mil!ard,:B. Getzen, D. Breidenbcch, J. Brellenthin, B. McCabe, B. Morrissey, Coach Disrud. S nd Row: A. Krueger, R. Morrissey, J. Loukota, J. Toll, C. Freitag, B. Dewort, B. Augustine, H. Schmidt. eco Third Row: H. Loukota, J. Lee, W. Stearns, T. Jones, B, Ludtke, J. Harrington, D. Getzen, B. Sorenson, B. Seymour. E C0098 1 Hee dvd' .Dew B' - xefweni C00 Carts Notes. A. 9 r et . gum? sewn Q. V' 0 WS' 'il gow '- 5e'l Tennis 1943 Won 3--Lake Geneva ltwicel Lost 2-Lake Geneva Whitewater LETTERMEN 1943 lawrence Reid Phil Welsh Dick Godfrey Elzy Cooper Bob Christensen . 1' xslt' LV ul First Row: A. Gregerson, C. Knapp, A. Leach, G. Hirn, M. Rothbun, B, Ellsworth, M. Opitz, H. Williams, Miss Mertens. Second Row: S. Martin, B. Sommers, P. Share, B. Plautz, J. Vogel, R. Marsh, J. Bigelow, C. Voght, N. Biagi, C. Dorn A. Waltman. Third Row: S. Gardner, N. Larsen, L. Rupp, B. Burns, L. McKenzie, L. Anderson, D. Loukota, D. Barlelson, M. Dill, K Thom, M. Zwieble. Fourth Row: H. Palenshus, A. McVicar, B, Newman, C. Maclean, B. Clauer, J. McCabe, L. Vincent, C, Dunbar, E. Tess C. Peters, G. Nelson. Fifth Row: R. Brown, M. Enright, C. Larsen, M. Ferguson, A. Kirchhoff, B. Hart, D. Green, H. Bowyer, P. Dasher D. Clover. Girls Athletic Association The purpose of this organization is to en- courage all girls to participate in various activities from the standpoint of enioyment rather than reward, and to foster a spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship in all activities. Mert Volleyball First Row: J. McCabe, H. Palenshus, I. McKenzie, B. Burns, M. Zwiebel, Coach Merlens. Second Row: M. Ferguson, M. Enright, M. Opilz, A. McVicar, D. Loukoia. ps Basketball Sealed: D. Loukola, B. Woodman, M. Zwiebel, H. Palenslws, B. Burns. Slandingz J. McCabe, M. Ferguson, I. McKenzie, M. Opilz, A. McVicar. Forensics DECLAMATORY Standing: A. Crase, P. Butler, N. Harding, A. Kirchhoif, B. Hart, I. McKenzie, G. Schramek, C. Dunbar, R. Ives, V. Cody. Seated: Miss Bennlgtt. I' Not in Picture: C. Peters, D. Forrest, N. Biagi. ORATORY EXTEMPORANEOUS READING Mr. Toiies, B. Sorenson. A. Crase, Miss Bennett, C, Dunbar, R, Brown. Not in Picture: E. Cooper. Not in Picture: N. Cory, N. Harding. Librarians Searedz M. Rathbun, Miss Williams, B. Burns, N. Cory. ' Standing: P. Amon, E. Clauer, D. Warren, G. Schramek, L. Anderson, P. Hammel 1.1- Q ,,,..:l"' N J Clubs Aeronautics Seated: K. Kehl, R. Colvin, T. Jones, J. Campbell, B. Burns. Standing: C. Freitag, B. Ludtke, Mr. Disrud, R. Getzen, J. Harkness. Archery Seated: J. Loukota, M. Brockman, E. Papenfus, l. Anderson, A. Gregersen. Second Row: Mr. Ulichny, W. Skoine, E. Bleser, A. Kirchhoff, E. Ptaftenberger, G. Burns. Third Row: B. Dewart, J. Remer, E. Scheiby, D. Seymour, M. Reed, R. McCabe, H. Schmi N. Waite. Audubon Club Purpose: To further increase the knowledge of nature, with special emphasis on birds-their habits, nests, identifications. l 3 E 3 . l . g Seated: P. Sanders, Miss Turner, G. Burson. Standing: M. Recknagel, L. Rupp, R. Katzman, J. Messerschmidt, D. Schafbuch, P. Sanders, W. Newman. Camera Club Activities: Enlarging films and taking pictures. c 'an Seated: Mr. Hastings, D. Millard, A. Gregerson, D. Godfrey, E. Bleser, N. Larsen. Standing: J. Paddock, F. Eames, R. Seeger, A. Kirchhott, C. Dunbar, A. Crase. Activities: Assembly program-FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!- a one-act play Practice and demonstration in make-up Reports on current plays One-act play contest within club Recordings of famous actors Movie appreciation Dramatic Club Seated: J. Harrington, J. Brellenthin, M. Williams. Standing: S. Gardner, G. Nelson, C. Peters, D. Warren G. Schramek. l 4 First Row: G. Pierce, Miss Chapin, D. Harry, C. Larsen, M. Enright,'G. Weaver, P. Welsh. Second Row: B. Somers, J. Krueger, N. Biagi, V. Cody, V. Stardy, K. Thum, N. Larsen, M. Dill. Third Row: C. Maclean, B. CIauer,, E. Tess, M. Mulransky, A. Hull, N. Harding, A. Leach, D. Forrest. Senior Class Play May, 1944 Municipal Building THE PROFESSOR PROPOSES by Evelyn Northrop CAST Geraldine Flint, a scatterbrained iunior . Emily Gilmore, her long-suffering roommate . Betty Todd ....... who are inseparable Belle Hadley ....... Bob Flint, Geraldine's freshman brother . Arthur Lewis, GeraIdine's beau-at-the-moment Bert Cornell, Glendale's football hero . . Miss Martha Crawford, dean and matron . Mildred, the maid at Ashby Hall . . . John Burr McKenny, the new Professor of History' Rose McKenny, a damsel in distress .... lone McKenzie Joane Hampel Isabel Bronson Bette Anne Burns Gordon Weaver Trevor Jones Joe Newman Gloria Schramek . Doris Harry . Bob Reed Marian Enright Place: The parlor at Ashby Hall, a girls' dormitory at Glendale College. Time: The present. Fall. Junior Class Play November, 1943 Municipal Building BROTHER GOOSE by William Davidson CAST Jeff, "brother goose" . Carol . . . Wes . . Hyacinth . Helen, who quits .... Peggy, who comes to the rescue Eve, a Southern charmer . . Sarah, a colored maid . lenore, who has "plans" . . Mrs. Trimmer, of the Wee Blue Inns Truck Driver, who is plenty .mad . Elzy Cooper Marjorie Williams Jack Brellenthin . Nan Biagi Carol Knapp Shirley Gardner Jayne Krueger Donna Clauer Carolyn Peters Elaine Lowery . Bob Conner Place: The living-room in the Adams' home in the Midwestern town of Ashton. Time: The present. Early fall. Leathercraft Club Seated: D. Gums, Mrs. Du Bois, C. Maclean, C. Dorn. Standing: A. Krueger, H. Thompson, L. Eggleston, M, Harding. Pep Club Flrst Row: B. Seaver, P. McKenzie, N. Miller, B. Burns, L. Burns, N. Biogi. Second Row: Miss Mertens, H. Woodman, S. Martin, R. Marsh, M. Miller, V. Becker, H. Woodman P. Dasher. Third Row: R. Brown, M. Rothbun, B. Ellsworth, B, Hart, C. Voght, G. Johnson, M. Desing. Press Club Sealed: L. Rupp, N. Burns, R. Lasch, Miss Williams, I. Bronson. Second Row: N. Cory, H. Palenshus, M. Zwiebel, V. Cody, M. Opilz, M. Vogle, D. Harry Third Row: E. Scheiby, B. Harry, P. Welsh. Radio Club F. Holden, D. Fell, D. Beaver, D. Johnson, L. Millard, Mr. Paulson. l I .gf 1 'A H. Grune Spanish Club Motto: "Andar y ver que el mundo es grande." l"Go forth and see that the world is great"l. O N. Harding, C. Strong, Miss Bennett. Speech Club Purpose: To create a desire for better speech in both private and public speaking. Sub - Deb Club THE ELK- First law: G. Nelson, I. McKenzie, J. Hompel, L. Vincent, C. Peters, Miss Sullivan, M. Williams, C. Knapp, A. Leach, P. Field. Second low: P. Ammon, J. Krueger, S. Martin, V. Finley, L. Heckert, B. Sammers, P. Share, B. Plautz J. Vogel, C. Voghl. Third low: N. Biagi, C. Dorn, A. Wallman, S. Gardner, H. Woodman, M. Desing, H. Johnson H. Burns, V. Becker, S. Bartelson, N. Zaslrow. Fourth low: D. Borlelson, N. Miller, M. Dill, K. Thum, B. Clauer, E. Tess, B. Newman, E. Clauer P. Butler, M. Mukansky, H. Johnson. Fifth low: M. Ralhbun, D. Forrest, G. Hirn, C. Larsen, M. Ferguson, D. Green, M. Steinbicer, H. Bowyer P. Dasher, D. Clauer. ACTIVITIES Fourth War Loan Dance Hayride Party and Roller Skating Valentine Party Reading Sub-Deb Pamphlets Dancing Writing letters to Servicemen Mother and Daughter Tea f Seated: D. Karges, H. Palenshus, M. Zwiebel, Miss Williams, M. Opitz, M. Ferguson, R. Ives, L. Karges, H. Papenfus. Row I: I. Bronson, M. Vogle, D. Harry, A. McVicar, J. N.ewman, B. Woodman, R. Lasch, N. Burns, G. Schramek, J. Hampel, T. Koopman, D. Warren, I. McKenzie, B. Burns. Row 2: G. Pierce, T. Jones, B. Reed, G. Olsen, P. Welsh, B. Getzen, G. Weaver, C. Freitag, W. ludtke, E. Casey. l x 4 -,-,.--nf fr Ckl Efkx X Elk Staff Editor . . . Nancy Col Assistant Editors . Marilyn Opit Mary Alice Zwiebel Business Manager . . . Phil WeI: Assistant Business Manager . Iona McKenz Clubs ..... Helen Palenshu Joane Hampel, Bette Burns, Glen Olsen Athletics . . Trevor Jones, Willis ludtlc Bob Getzen, Mary Ferguson, Marian Enrig Music ..... Isabel Bronsa Norma Burns, Gene Pierce, Bob Reed Forensics . Gloria Schramek, Doris Warr Photography . . Doreen Karges, Ed Case Marilyn Vogle, Ruth lves, Ken Kehl Servicemen .... Gordon Weav Prophecy and Will .... Alice McVic4 Rena Lasch, Beulah Woodman, Loraine Karg Typing . . June Newman, Tillie Koopmc Hilda Papenfus, Doris Harry Advisor .... Elizabeth S. Willia R9 QS X QQ 3 .......,,. ,K 'fx s 'lb R x . ,iw '5 ,. . 1 If X f ff., Q kw 0 ix 3 ..,,....m. 5 .. -:-1 -,-f . , ..., .Q .,...... n-.-N... wi -.. """r- f-"'Q7""' LAW - f x - - ff? T. Q ww-Qi wfiiivjlfi ' 55 -QQ: Wi . 4? 22 " Ngo' M vw-w -uv ww N A - w f ,xg ii XL: .sf - X N xii. 4 Q . 2 N, A 15 A 4 Qi. bgwk, A .4 x N ,N as , xx . www 21' W-, N ,Wg ,QW K 5 k ' Q fl -fv ills 1' 1 . X 1 is R .. X ,, 1 - - ff : 41. Ns Q ' Fix 1 :xxx J , ir. f I x 1 . 'fi I Y' QA r y, if ii S 5 E 2 S S 5 Si 5 S S E -'R S 2 5 2 S? S R E 5 Q S Q ik.,,.N.,.-,,.xM , , . 'fi if 'W WWW W' fffgw 9353? fmfwafcfmh? A ff H W wwf 1 G M, MJ' WW WW wisp V595 X X. X' QQMUM X 1 ofa .ff ,mm f W W M M -., ,j'fQ"'f"ivi ww Gpgyfykkf v7Z24g, .,,Q,, ..! ,K A nd ,v , Y i .- ufxr Vflxf-L 1'qJ fgjg QP.-,,,,,,, , f I 1 -Uwwwdfpmvwm , ,,l, GRE? NWVN, ' ?x.,M5Mj,u Cw JV'f,i7C' mW ffM f' 7ywQ, f 1 I n l

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