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3 'M V pzvv' rl .. 1 rl ' A I , 1 1 ,gf MLM! I iIyAjl.fJf ff ' . X' Uff -QL F5 m ' lf 2 2 6 ,,,Kw ' "el :1 4- ... 'Y n I Y V 44. ' ' w Mk' 1356. fwfr 3? KFC 132 2 ff iffkwf f fgw WW W'Wf?5f21f?.i 2? MSM WWW 1" X X 3. , XNJ2 3i5 SJXJNM' Wffgd if CW? C . wx X .X ' VN xg - 1 Ng , X K W" ' " I wiv K7 ' I K CR W f 3 1 Al. -Kuff ' ,QI ,, 4 X - X , jj X. in f , f- -. G' G 4,6 A Wy' QQ' -' ww 1 QWEWWM bWLjjf,QjfZ WWW fV5 f6wfW W M MZ ,W My A 1 W 1 I Q A , 4i,f THE ELK H943 Published by the Senior Class ELKI-IORN HIGH SCI-ICDCDL ELKHQRN WISCONSIN FOREWORD . 'K We of the Annual staff have been unified in purpose. Our goal has been the perfection of the '43 Annual. As you page through The Elk, We sincerely hope that our dreams of per- fection will be revealed to you as a reality. DEDICATION . . This Elk is most reverently dedicated to the gallant boys and girls who have left these halls of learning to serve in the armed forces of the Uni- ted States. Dr. E. D. Sorenson Mr. Charles Lyon President The Board of Education The deciding factor in the management of the affairs of the school must be placed with a group possessing the qualities of administration, sincerity. and a broad knowledge of young people. We are indeed fortunate in placing our problems in the hands of a group so willing to serve, and so capable of service. Mr' Affhuf Iones Mr. Henry Breidenbach Secretary Miss Blanche Kinne Vice-president Cno picturel VICE-PRINCIPAL HENRY TALL Ph.B. University of Chicago MA. University of Colorado Mr. Tall, our storehouse of knowledge and understanding, is relied upon by the faculty and entire student body. His willing se v' cmd abilities, always in constant demas41,,1QZ ll available to au. ,f f , ji rx fl ll, ll Aft fl lil l ,Nj lt xt' 'J SUPERINTENDENT L. K. Forrest B.A. Eau Claire State Teachers' College MA. University of Iowa The services of our school superintendent are many, but we shall remember most his apt- ness in dealing with the problems of various natures which have confronted all of us. For his sincere interest in our behalf, we of the class of 1943 wish to extend our gratitude and appreciation. MRS. DUNBAR, SCHOOL NURSE R.N. Sherman Hospital, Elgin, Illinois To Mrs. Ruth Dunbar, our charming school nurse, who through friendliness has won the respect and admiration of the entire student body, we offer our humble "thank you" for her many services and acts of kindness. , ,fff M W W fp XSECRETARY HELEN WARD Miss Ward, the petite brunette whose serv- ices are extended to everyone, is our indus- trious secretary and treasurer. Her friendly smile and cheerful voice have given courage to many a confused student. For her helpfulness, her friendly smile, and her gracious manner we simply say, "Thank you." fa 'Q' Seated: L. Mann, D. Eames, I. Strong, H. Grabow, Miss Williams, I. Morrissey. First Row, Standing: M. Dewart, I. Ryan, M. Schmidt, V. Eggleston, G. Mukansky. M. Schmidt. R. Dowse. Second Row, Standing: I. Wiesenthal, B. DeVoy, E. Trickey, R. Zabel, I. Dunham, V. Schatbuch, D. Hart, D. Millard. Third Row, Standing: C. Dunlap, I. Kurick, I. Walters, C. Beetow. Annual Staff Cartoons and Art Work . Wallace Schulz, Classes . , Iune Dunham, Rispah Dowse D01'iS Millard' Charles BSGIOW Sports . . . Ioe Walters, Charles Dunlap Clubs ...... Virginia Schafbuch Snapshots ,,,,,, Marian Dewart ' Ruth 201391, MCIYY SChmidl Loretta Mann, Ieanette Ryan Typists . Ioyce Wiesenthal, Beirerly DeVoy, Construction .... . Iames Kurick, Marlene Schmidt, Dorris Hart, Helen Elizabeth Trickey, Vivian Eggleston, Watson, Gloria Mukansky Ruth Ferguson EDITORIAL STAFF Miss Elizabeth Williams Adviser Irene Strong Editor-in-chief Donna Eames Assistant Editor Harry Grabow Assistant Editor 3 f ."' 1 4? 43.53. . Vocational Russell Iaycox, com- in e r c i a if VVhitewater 'State Teachers, B. fi. lldna Ehert, h vme economics: Stout Insti- tute, B.S. Ioan Whipple, com- mercial, University ot VV1sc0nsin, BA. Raymond McNo.1qh- ton, Manual Arts, ,Stout lnstitute, BS. Language Elizabeth S. Williams, English, Latin a id li- b r a r x a nf Milwaukee- Downer College, ELA. Helen Maier, Eng- lish: Marquette Univer- sity, Ph.B. Social Science Henry M. Tall, his- tory and economics: University ot Chicago, Ph.B., University of Colorado, M.A. Paul D. Uhl, eco- n o mic s and history: Eau Claire State l'each- ers, B.S. lean Bennett, Civics, English, Spanish' Mar- quette University, BA. Fine Arts Cleo Gerhke DuBois, art: Platteville State Teachers College, B,E. Alice Torhorst, vocal music: Lawrence Col- lege, B.M. i t lied' JJ mtl M Ziff' Science and Mathematics A r t h u r Walsdort. p h y sic s, chemistry, geography, and senior science: River F a l l s State Teachers College, B. E. and Northwestern University, M.1-X. Dorothy Turner, biol' ogy and general sci- ence: MacMurray Col- lege, B.A. Donald Disrud, Ma- thematics, Platteville State Teachers' Col- lege, B.E. Physical Education Frances Abendroth, LaCrosse State Teach- ers College, B.S. Karl Ulichny, La- Crosse State Teachers College, B.S. 77' 0,2,.,Z4iApcf f 09 f0f,,,,fQQvf ' ""' ff? Lf,Y.f-391-f'-""'4'4 'K . .H aww Wa, K mf 1 , 15? 3 4, x. , 3' 5. N l . , ,Nfl An 1, .hh- J 45' -"' lil, , , AM' ,,,V I ,X ff W V.,, ,, J ' . 1, ..f 4 ' ,,:"""'- , --"-f', .vm ENN! , , 52 .JL lv I lk, J ' if . , hc, 1 -. 1. we s 1' A ,dE'l!'f"' .9 JPN. -X" .- 9" .. K Qfghm .xfy l ' I. 'J Ualggw W. lu- vin ""'m-+ ' ' X' v , X in ., .. v V 15,3 .1 A ff, hiri n g. .'x:1 F1M:,h , 'F' vs . ,, i E ' . 3-Mx 4 """Q' JUj , .g.3 ' 4 ' +. u g --g,e ,A I' f H' YI. VI! 154 Dj! N x I X n Lg JDK LU! Fl 0 wr' Q Bottom Row: N. Burns, H. Palenshus, H. Lasch, S. Nelson. T. Koopman, N. Bartelson, D. Harry, Second Row: L. Karges, I. Gillespie, E. Schultz, H. Papenius, D. Karges, M. Vogle, I. Bronson, W. Schmidt. Third Row: B. Burns, M. Zwiebel, D. Warren, B. Woodman, D. Loulcota, I. McKenzie, I. Hampel, I. McCabe, Miss Ebe Top Row: N. Seltman, M. Opitz, M. Enright, M. Ferguson, G. Shramek, N. Cory, R. Shoenbech, Miss Bennett. Junior Class President . Delorme Getchell Vice-President . . Shirley Nelson Secretary and Treasurer ....... Betty Burns Advisers . . Mrs. Whipple, Miss Maier, Mr. Tall, Mr. Ulichny Bottom How: D. Getchell, E. Casey, Mr. Iaycox, Mr. Disrud, R. Schnek, T. Iones, H, Koons. Second How: C. Thompson, C. Freitag, W. Stearns, G, Redenz, D. Babcock, G. Weaver, G. Olsen, D. Millard, Ludtke. Top Row: K. Kehl, B. Getzen, B. Reed, D. Enright, G. Pierce, I. Ridgeway. I. Newman. I. Miller, I. Carlson. Il. W 5 .aaa fri f - l 5 , K .yv vm ucv' ii Q ? 1 E is is M-1 Bottom Row: M. Hall, C. Knapp, E. Katsman, L. Vincent, I. Dowse, Miss Williams. Second Row: I, Krueger, S. Martin, A. Drew, I. Bigelow, A. Walkman, N. Biaqi, S. Gardner. Third Row: L. Anderson, A, Stoflet, M. Williams, E. Clauer, G. Nelson, C, Peters, V. Cody. Top How: D. Dobrick, M. Rathbun, B. Ellsworth, C. Larson, D. Clauer, Miss Abendroth. Sophomore Class President . . , Ted Heusser Vice-President . Shirley Gardner Secretary-Treasurer ....... Marjory Williams Advisers . Mr. Uhl, Mr. McNaughton, Miss Abendroth, Miss Williams Bottom Row: Mr. McNauqhton, I. Brellenthin, I. Alder, B. Harry, E. Blaser, C. Tall, Mr. Uhl. Second Row: B. Burris, B, Walker, W. Newman, G. Redenz, I. Campbell, H. Loukota. Third Row: D. Breidenbach, I. Harrington, E. Schieby, F. Kriappe, R. Katsman, B. Christenson, R. Evenson, I. Leach Top Row: F. Shranz, E. Cooper. I. Harkness, G. Schmidt, E. Eisentraut, T. Heusser, R. McCabe, R. Connor. D. Godfrey .mucwi ' ni. wa:: 1 .v.. -on A 'sw- Bottom Row: D. Gums, G. Kistler, C. Dunbar, E. Tess, H. Bowtyer, M. Steinbicer. Second How: P. Amon, V. Finley, N. Ryan, D. Messerschmidt, L. Heckert, C. MacLean. F. Vogel. Third Row: M. Reckncxgel, C. Voqhl, I. Seltmcnn, A. Cruse, S. Bartelson, C. Dorn, K. Thum, M. Miller. Top How: B. Newman, P. Hummel. D. Schoenbech, N. Harding. I. Messerschmidt, R. Brown, Mrs. Whipple, Miss Maier Freshman Class President . Ted Pczvelsek Vice-President . . Carol Dorn Secretary-Treasurer ....... Bob Augustine Advisers . . Mrs. Whipple, Miss Maier, Mr. Tall, Mr. Ulichney Bottom Row: Mr. Tull, D. Schufbuch, N. Wcxite, R. Eisenircit, B. Morrissey, D. Wczltmcm, Mr. Ulichny. Second Row: H. Gillespie, C. Thompson, D. Johnson, E. Sterkin, G. Last, R. Augustine, L. Bleser. Third How: D. Beaver, G. Burson, D. Getzen, I. Edmunson, B. Von Scooter, C. Miller, I. Dobrick, I. Post. Top Row: F. Holden, B. Secrver, D. Arnold, L. Waite, B. Seymour, B. Meyer, D. Millard, it 5' if Football C9425 The 1942 Elkhorn football team was fairly successful although it did not finish high in the conference standings. Coach Karl Ulichny was in his first year as head coach, and his assistants were Russell Iaycox and Donald Disrud. The Elks were just below the .500 mark, as they won three games while losing five. Two of the three wins were at the end of the season, and thus you can see that the team was at its peak when finishing its schedule. Elkhorn opened its schedule against Walworth and came out on the short end of a 20-6 score. The locals then traveled to East Troy and easily won by a score of 26-12. The team next went to Lake Geneva for the first conference tilt and was beaten by a score of 25-13. The next game was also a conference game and the Elks played their worst game of the year, being defeated by a score of 40-6. Iefferson was the next stop for the local eleven and they lost 8-0 to the Rock Valley Champs. Next came the crucial game with Delavan. The game was fairly even in the first half, but the Comets showed too much power in the second half and won 19-O. The Whitewater game was to see who was to be in the cellar of the conference. The Elkhorn boys decided they weren't going to be and played their best game of the season in defeating the red and white 6-0 in the homecoming game. The final game of the season was played with the Delavan Deaf, and the Elks won 7-0. LETTERMEN D. Ellsworth Co-Captain, I. Walters Co-Captain, E. Sorenson, B. Belknap, C. Dunlap, L. Reid, C. Byrnes, H. Gunyon, R. Nitschke, R. Connor, T. Huesser, H. Pavelsek, G. Pierce, O. Moyer, I. Millard, I. Brellenthin, B. Morrissey, G. Rednez and Manager Walker. iii mfmhttclrs The high spot of the football season was reached on October 30 with the gaieties of Homecoming The fun be- gan on October 29 with the bonfire, speeches and a snake dance which ended at the theater On Friday at two PM the largest parade ever witnessed by the Elkhorn Homecoming fans proceeded according to schedule in a heavy downpour. The football game with Whitewater was the keynote of the season, and even the weather could not dampen the spirits of the team and spectators. During the half Helen Watson was "'f ' ' f 1- ' wi r -.,, ,' ,- WM""'f,f,',Q,I., W " " .M r ,rf 'M l f 19 si , wt 4 3 4 ' r r crowned Homecoming Queen by May- or Thorson. She was attended by her court of honor, Margaret Lanser, Bev- erly De Voy, Isabelle Bronson, Ioan lVlcQuality, and Betty Clauer. The game became spectacular dur- ing the last two minutes when Robert Nitschke made a touchdown bringing Elkhorn through on top with a score of 6-U. Alumni and students made a great turnout for the dance that evening when Don Ellsworth was crowned Helen's king. Don had been chosen in the locker room by the football boys after the game because of his brilliant P C1Ymg. ,. My 4 f .,,, if 'Wk I U ir, Q41 1 - ' ' F ,,.. , , , ft tt 1 K , , ,pf f A ,Q "', L, ,,r7 ' ,Uv V, in ti """" 'f f r Nw ffh 1 , "rag W I ' WM i"'h-..,, if li l -M , '32 , 76 'Q Seated: Mr. McNaughton, Mr. Tall, D. Ellsworth, L. K. Forrest. Mr, Disrud. Standing: D. Millard, B. Morrissey, Mr. Iaycox, D. Briedenbach, Mr Ulichny. Athletic Program This year in Elkhorn we have an athletic council which rules over all major sports. This council is composed of the coaches of the sports, an elected member from each class, and the principal. Its duties include awarding of letters, making and enforcing training rules, and bettering the athletic program of the school. Elkhorn now has a thoroughly developed athletic program, taking in the grade school and the high school. Boys from the third grade up are taught the fundamentals of the various sports. This plan makes it much easier for the high school coaches, as the boys are already partially trained. In the high school there are four major sports in which the boys participate. These are football, basketball, baseball, and tennis. A boy rnust participate in one-third of the quarters, innings, or sets of football, basketball, baseball, and tennis to earn a letter. 1 www- """"'-su.. -...tb 'X COACHES xx Left to Right: Mr. lVlcNaughton, Freshman Basketball and Baseball: Mr. Ulichny, Football and Tennis: f X Mr. Iaycox, Basketball and I Football: Mr, Disrud, Second Team Basketball and Baseball I K FSA e " F ft , tl Q ' 'f ? Z7-1e El f, W0 ON THE CA RPET si ,"it,z,m-2 AIVV Seated: C. Dunlap, D. Eames, I. Strong. R. Dowse, I. Krueger. - Standing: Miss Williams, N. Cory, S. Nelson, V. Eggleston, I. Morrissey, M. Enright, D. Harry, M. Vogle. M- Sflhmldf- Press Club ml It one were to look into room 218 from 3:00 P.M. to 3:30 on Mondays the fourteen members of the Press Club could be seen gathering bits of gossip cmd news to be used for their Hi-Lites column. During Monday club period, these budding journalists go from room to room and interview the teachers for news of their clubs and class activities. Ill HH I an This year those whose contributions were most frequently accepted for the paper received Press Club Pins. zvtny Mon niowr xr 3:30 :lseek Bottom: I. Krueger, A. Drew, E. Schultz, N. Biagi, S. Gardner, M. Vogle, V. Eggleston. Second Row: M. Williams, C. Peters, H. Watson, B. DeVoy, I. Wiesenthal, M. Dewart, I. McCabe. Top Row: F. Krueger, M. Leach. R. Zabel, I. Dunham, D. Harry, T. Koopman, R. Shoenbeck, Mrs, Whipple. iw? 0 Q , - Z Qs S W a 'I ' 'I X' . 4 1, tj, -1 at tl - I Sub Deb Club FM, l PM me The socialites of Elkhorn High School are the Sub- fmgvutw 'ice Debs. They learn what to do at the proper time and Dltikfqil? also what not to do. I ZQSIIYTH Rn Personal appearance and social behavior are rl" ' -1 XV stressed through lectures and discussions. These girls r x also aid the local Red Cross sewing chapter. 7 Xq g fl t t Bottom Row: D. Gums, G. Kistler, B. Newman, E. Clauer. E. Shinke. G. Mukansky, N. Harding. L. Vincent. Second Row: P. Amon, S. Martin, D. Messerschmidt, L. Karges, H. Pcrpentus, D. Karges, B. Burns, M. Zwiebel. Third Row: A. Waltman, C. Dorn, I. Seltman, A. Crase, E. Divan, I. Dom, G. Nelson, I. McKenzie. Top Row: R. Zabel, D. Dobrick. I. Messerschmidt, E. Trickey, N. Bartelson, C. Larson, D. Hart, V. Schafbuch, Miss Ebert. 1 -if at 5 Manu wr Avo youve KOIl'T'hU6 THAT 55 1 vzeuw. '14-ug., JUJU' if .Att ' ,Annssuu ,Ov-sv v'-z 1 punt E' gli Kn1t One Purl Two IS the theme of the E.H.S. knitters The Knitting Club IS one of the largest or- ganizatlons in the school with 1ts forty-five members. These girls rn an attempt to rmprove their artistic ability and be ot real servrce have been very active rn Red Cross work throughout the year H1 ,-, 2'- rn I . :mt nice nun: Knitting Club ww B xv Q . . . . . g ' I . . . aa T I J M . ' ' Bottom Row: I. Hampel, D. Wales, I. Harrington. B. Christenson. I. Leach. C. Tall. I. Harkness Center Row: H. Palenshus. I. Campbell, N. Seltman, R. Katsman, N. Waite. I. Kehoe. Top Row: Mr. Tall, H. Loukota, R. Steinbicer. K. Ellsworth, D. Ellsworth, T. Heusser, F. Opitz The Rule Club Future hunters and Annie Oakleys are getting the fundamentals of sharp-shooting from Mr. Tall. These students are learning the do's and don't's which are necessary to know when one is handling a rifle. They develop their aim in a subterranean rifle range located beneath the new high school building. These boys and girls, as a result of their careful study and instruction, will be more careful and skill- ful marksmen. UW 5 u -"' 1YH7!TFoR ,mane -K, ln 1 t' N-t f .z1sv,ga11fsa..:'fw , .Ms1.,+,q Wir? ,.., mf fr. 4: f -f, ggw ., X, K -3? ff - 1 all nf , Ngag f -f N Qxjkig,-gg, . mm, n Hr 'N 1 QD? N 3 BASKETBALL SCORES Elks 18-Delavan Deaf 25 ll-Oconomowoc 30 10-Oconomowoc 21 22--Burlington 30 23--Delavan 22 19--Walworth 17 28-Walworth 30 23-Iefferson 3 l 41-Whitewater 18 26-Lake Geneva 31 25-Burlington 26 17-Lake Geneva 20 31-Iefferson 51 36-Delavan Deaf 28 30-Delavan 48 22-Milton Union 25 17-Whitewater 24 Top Row: T. Iones, Forward: I. Walters, Center: B. Connor, Forward: C. Dunlap, Guard: D. Millard, Guard. Mft 1943 Basketball IF J Elkhorn High School's 1942-43 basketball season is now history. The team was eliminated from the Elkhorn Regional tournament when they were defeated by Milton Union by a score of 25-22. The Elks finished in the cellar of the Southern State Conference with two wins and six losses. The season, however, did have its high spots. On the night of December llth the Elks defeated the mighty Comets from Delavan. It was the first time in seven years that Elkhorn had been able to lick its keen rival. The game was won in the last few minutes of play when the Elks put on the pressure. The team had one of the strongest outfits in this part of the state, but lost many games in the last half by close scores. The season ended with four wins and thirteen losses. The Elks scored 399 points to 477 for the oppon- ents. Ioe Walters was high scorer for the season with 115 points. Sorenson followed with 82, Iones 73, and Belknap 55. Bottom Row: W. Ludtke, Center: E. Sorenson, Forward: I. Brellenthin, Guard: L. Ried, Guard: R. Belknap, Guard. x lr ' Second Team Front How: B. Christensen, I. Alder, D. Breidenbach, C. Freitag, I. Harrington. Second Row: I. Harkness, B. Morrissey, D. Godfrey, T. Heusser, I. Brellenthin. Mr. Disrud. Freshman Team Bottom Row: T. Pavelsek. I. Post. B. Millard, B. Seymour. B. Van Scooter, D. Getzen. Top Row: D. Wales, I. Miller, F. Schranz, D. Millard, R. Evenson, D. Beaver, D. Waltmcm, Mr. McNaughton ,, . xi-'-121. QQ' Debate Club The Pros and Cons of all contemporary problems are brought up and discussed by Mr. Uh1's debaters during the half-hour club periods. Fiery remarks are directed at the opposition, and tempers are aroused as the negative and affirmative struggle with this year's question: Resolved--That a Federal World Gov- ernment Should Be Established. These students, through their experience in debate work, have acquired the technique of argumentation and have developed an alertness for current issues. f PROS AND CONS Affirmative Team Mr. Uhl H. Grabow I. Pollard I. Miller ... Uf'BMTfNl ,J 51' Downy 44 0 Fen "FV: ' , 'nr' r ' 1 G lb t- 'wat KT ff 1 PROS AND CONS Negative Team E. Slattery F. Opitz R. Dowse Mr. Uhl D. Godfrey ,IU Mr. Uhl, Iames Pollard, Clarence Byrnes, Edward Casey. Declamatory and Oratory Those students taking part in serious, and humorous declamation, and oratory have received their training from Miss Ieanne Bennett and Mr. Paul Uhl. Through their experience in forensic Work, they have become better acquainted with good literature. The study of diction and pronunciation have aided the group in presenting their readings. Audience-contact and self-control have been developed in the after-school classes at which time all of their training has taken place. Seated: M. Lanser, C. MacLean, V. Cody, M. Williams. Standing: G. Schramek, I. McKenzie, C. Peters. Miss Bennett. 427 lf' if 'M " Seated: G. Nelson. S. Nelson, C. Dunbar, A. Crase. Standing: Miss Bennett, H. Grabow, E, Slattery, N. Cory, Mr. Uhl. Extemporaneous Speaking and Reading Mr. Paul Uhl heads the extemporaneous speaking group this year, and Miss Ieanne Bennett is in charge of the reading group. With the help of Mr. Uhl, the students have gathered much information on various subjects of current importance, which will be used as background material for their extemporaneous speeches. Not being able to prepare a definite speech ahead of time, the students, therefore, have become a well-read group on international affairs. Miss Bennett's readers have worked toward mastery in reading inter- pretation with emphasis this year on current news. 28 4 , s Q Bottom Row: C. Voght, B. Woodman, R. Nitschke. Second Row: C. MacLean, L. Mann, D. Warren, L. Bleser, I. Kurick. Third Row: E. Marquardt, I. Ryan, C. Dunbar, C. Byrnes, G. Redenz, E. Bleser, F. Knappe. Top Row: Mr. Walsdorf, R. Koons, W. Ludtke, G. Pierce, E. Casey, H. Gunyon, D. Millard Photography Club Cameras have become second nature to the "cam- era clickersf' They have learned almost all there is to know about the internal and external functions of photography. Much of their experience was gained through the taking of snapshots and portraits for The 1943 Elk, and every member of the annual staff takes this op- portunity to express his appreciation for this invalu- able help. Bottom Row: C. Dunlap, E. Slattery, V. Cody. G. Shramek, M. Zwiebel. Second How: M. Lanser, S. Gardner, D. Eames, I. Strong, D. Warren, M. Williams, C. Peters. Third Row: G. Nelson, B. DeVoy, I. Morrissey, I. McKenzie, F. Krueger, I. Hampel, R. Lasch. Top Row: S. Nelson, I. Dunham, R. Dowse, I. Pollard, I. Brellenthin, C. Beetow, B. Belknap. Miss Maier. Cue Club All students who are drama-minded find recreation at the Monday and Wednesday gatherings ot the Cue Club. Current play reviews keep the members posted on who and what is currently playing on Broadway. One of the dramatic club activities was the presentation of the three-act play "Letters To Lucern," which was given in March. The history oi drama up to the present period has been studied, and all of the activities connected with the theater have been investigated and discussed. Letters to Lucerne By Fritz Hotter and Allen Vincent CAST Olga. a Polish girl-fCaro1yn Peters Erna, a German girl-Shirley Gardner Bingo, an American girl '-t- Rispah Dowse Marion, an English girl-Rena Lasch Sally, al Southern girl--Margaret Lanser Felice, a French girl H-Gerry Nelson Miss Linder, a school teacher- Shirley Nelson Mrs. Hunter, school mistress' - lone McKenzie Margarethe, middle-aged cook e Beverly DeVoy Hans, a German youth--Iack Brellenthin Gustav, a handymanff Ed Slat- tery Koppler. a Swiss policeman - Ioe Walters Francois, mailman' -lim Pollard On the Floor: G. Nelson, M. Lanser, R. Dowse. Seated: B. DeVoy. R. Lasch. C. Peters, S. Gardner. Standing: E. Slattery, S. Nelson, I. Brellenthin, 1. Pollard, I. McKenzie. I. Walters 'MTE lunior Class Play The Sunshine Twins-Dana Thomas CAST Glen - Connie Gabby . Mrs. Robinson Norma . Mrs. Ellis . Mr. Robinson Bebe . Vail Porter Leo Prather Miss Doyle Senior Class Play Seven Keys to Baldpate by George M. Cohan I J Edward Casey Doris Warren Gordon Weaver Helen Palenshus Iocme Hampel Nancy Cory . Robert Reed lone McKenzie . Phil Welch . Iirnmy Miller Gloria Schramek Seated: R. Belknap, I. Strong, C. Schmidt, R. Ferguson, I. Morrissey, E. Sorenson, H. Gunyon. Standing: C. Byrnes, L. Reid, I. Walters, K. Ellsworth, D. Ellsworth, I. Pollard. Bottom Row: I. Wiesenthal, I. McKenzie, I. McCabe, A. Hull, M. Schmidt, G. Mukansky, M. Schmidt, C. Knapp, Miss Abendroth, Second Row: V. Finley, N. Ryan, E. Schmidt, L. Heckert, I. Gillespie, I. Vogel, A. Drew, I. Bigelow, M, Lanser. Third Row: E. Schulz, N. Biagi, W. Schmidt, D. Loukota. L. Anderson, S. Bartelson, K. Thum, E. Tess, H. Watson, M. Dewart. Fourth Row: I. Dowse, M. Leach, M. Hathbun, B. Ellsworth, R. Brown, T. Koopman, N. Bartelson, N. Seltman, M. Opitz. Fifth How: C. Smith, M. Enright, M, Ferguson, N. Cory, C. Larson, M. Steinbicer, H. Boyer, R. Shoenbeck, D. Clauer. Pep Club Yells and songs led by the cheer leaders echo cmd re-echo throughout the school building during the weekly meetings of the Pep Club. These girls maintain the quality of the school spirit, which is the essence of school life. Some of the club's activities have included the writing of several new pep songs and yells, which were later introduced to the student body during the pep rallies. Tumbling and modern dancing are also included in the second semester program. Cheerleaders Kneeling M. Lanser I. Vogel I. McKenzie Standing N. Biagi IToLD HAT F snwm alan sl-:eb Have 75 use, THAT MEGAPHONE PHL 7Bf77Msl5He0vER D10 . P a .gi A ,H -ar 1 lu . B- ji qi 'S fa ' ll 1 Radio Club The boys whose interests lie in the development of modern methods of com- munication belong to Mr. Iaycox's radio club. A better understanding of the intricate mechanisms is gained through c a r e f u 1 study, and actual experimen- tation with radios. A correspondence course, magazines, and books re- garding all phases of the subject are at the disposal of the students. Sealed? G- I-Gil' B- Walker' C- Th0mPS0nf D- Seated: I. Anderson, L. Reid. B. Getzen, D. Getchell. Beaver' First How, Standing: E. Sterkin. G, Last, G. Burson, I. Ed- First Row, Standing: Thompson, G. Burson. D. mundgon, D, Gefzen' M, Opitz. Arnold. Second How: I. Dobrick, I. Campbell, D. Schatbuch, Waite, Second Row: Mr. Iaycox, K. Ellsworth, D. Ells- K. Kehl. worth, B. Meyer, D. Getchell. Airplane Club The conditions prevailing make it valuable for the youth of today to have a broad knowl- edge of airplanes, their con- struction, and use. Under Mr. McNaughton's supervision the members con- struct government models and experiment with actual motor models. The theory of flight is also touched upon during the course of their study. Third Row: R. Schneck, M. Zwiebel, T. Iones, B. Seymour, Mr. McNauqhton. '1---5 --1--4. ' . 'if Basketball Champs The sharp-shooting senior girls ended up with the basketball honors this season. The crucial game was played between the mighty junior team and the senior five. It was a struggle all the way and the final score ll-8 was reached in an excit- ing overtime. Front Row: D. Millard, I. Wiesenthal, E. Schmidt. Second Row: M. Schmidt, I. Dunham, B. DeVoy, V. Schafbuch. Third How: H. Watson, M. Schmidt, G. Mukansky, Miss Abendroth. Soccer Champs The Iunior Soccer team carried off the honors in the G.A.1-X. tournament of 1942- 43 by defeating the Sophomore Team by the score of 3-2. Being evenly matched, the two teams played one of the best games of the sea- son. First Row: I. McKenzie, B, Woodman, D. Loukota, D. Warren. Second Row: Miss Abendroth, B. Burns, H. Palen- shus. M. Zwiebel, M. Opitz. Third How: M. Ferguson, M. Enright, W. Schmidt, I. McCabe, A. McVicar. tc- Volleyball Champs The juniors once more carry off the honors by defeating the sophomore eleven by the close score of 32-27 for the championship. The sophs and juniors were evenly matched in all sports, but the extra year of experience aided the juniors to their victory in the tournament. Sealed: M. Opitz, M. Zwiebel. H. Palenshus, I. Mc- Kenzie. Standing: D. Loukota, R. Ives, D. Harry, A. Mc- Vicar, B. Burns. First Row: M. Schmidt, I. Dowse. H. Palenshus, L. Vincent, N. Harding, Miss Abendroth, E. Katsman, C. Knapp M. Schmidt, M. Leach, M. Rathbun, B. Ellsworth. Second How: S. Martin, N. Ryan, E. Schmidt, D. Messerschmidt, L. Heckert. C. MacLean, I. Vogel, A. Drew, I. Bigelow, A. Waltman, C. Voght, M. Vogel. M. Lanser. Third Row: N. Biagi, S. Gardner. D. Eames, B. Burns, L. Anderson, D. Warren, l. Strong, G. Nelson, M. Williams, C. Peters, B. Bartelson, C. Dorn, B. Woodman, V. Cody. Fourth Row: W. Schmidt, D. Loukota, K. Thum, B. Newman, E. Clauer, A. Hull, B. DeVoy, M. Zwiebel, H. Watson I. Morrissey, I. McKenzie, I. McCabe, D. Gums, G. Kistler. Fifth Row: R. Brown, T. Koopman, N. Bartelson, D. Harry, M. Opitz, M. Enright, M. Ferguson, C. Larson, C. Smith N. Cory, M. Steinbicer, H. Boyer, V. Schaibuch, D. Clauer. The Girls' Athletic Association The Girls' Athletic Association was founded by our former coach, Iack Beattie in 1940. A point system was established whereby the girls were given a definite number of points for participating in the various sports activities. Upon reaching the total of points required the girls receive a G.A.A. letter. The senior girls are required to have 900 points before receiving a letter and 1500 points for a medal. All members ot the other classes have to accumulate 1500 points for an "E" and 2000 points for a medal. Points are awarded for participation in soccer, volley ball, basketball, baseball, and bowling. The girls on the winning team receive 25 extra points plus the 100 points given for taking part in the sport. The 2nd place winners receive 20 extra points, members of the third team 15 extra points, and players in the fourth place group receive 10 extra points. Points are also awarded for participation in any of the other G.A.A. activities, such as hikes, ice skating, and tobogganing. I as A-1 . - it 'ff V 4 'A 2 in E, 4 5 V , 1 if -w A x If Y , ,uw ' iw" L 1, 5 1 .iw . f l , H 4 1 I J. if D' X ,N 3 A29 ,mw,..n.wzdgqemu4givr 990 'W . 1- 'E My W V ' Y- ' jf"7 2. ' 'Q' . L 6' 'P x L 'f' Q k " - fm el.Kuoi1ii corfllfwff lu. S 'K 5, ms CL K 'N ' " fs 3 x WMM f 3, 'Viv C nw Q . i5iwif? fZf"1,, ' fm ' " f -'z .- , 1 ' A J' 1 4 'ff . .Q L , W ,,,:,N, ,, ' K 1 'iZV'?5i " ' . 1, 541222 541' ' aww, ,M ff A ,H .Ly - .- I Mft , W A iw .Q , " 2. E t -: 4 "1 i"' 2, . ' 1 ' xi ' el, A f A , an 1 1164 9? ii' 1 ww' AV 4 ,- qi. 'lf 41 M-wg' if Q 1 Y .' 3.47 i . 'imap WWW ,gy ' 'Q , J1i7jg',,f1 . ,- ,"" L W 4, X ,fv- pw, ,Y f 125 1 Q ix Q 1 ,I , f Y ' 4 f a r' Q-'1 , w i 1, ,, 1 f -m2',pzWw'g- J N 1M,V9Xf ' i'a"W7,. L ,. 4 Q A , Q,p1W,,a,,,QA,,,.gL.,3,,, I Yeif f w ' f q . W FL, H . fl y i NV ,s V' I I , "3 gg: -5? E1 5 , N in my A v B K fa 3, 4 M . 1 if QA., Y QQ 3 x f ' , 5325 h ,gf 1 J, q , iw iris, W- 63 ,4415 ,kkwgkw Y! Q Q M192- X Standing: S. Gardner, M. Zwiebel, I. Harrington, First Row: B. Connor, I. Bronson, N. Cory, N. Harding. Second Row: E. Tess. G. Pierce, I. Tall, D. Bartelson. I, Pollard, H. Grunewald, G. Mukansky. Third Row: P. McKenzie, R. Marsh. E. Plaiienberger, M. Harding. B. Reed, I. Walters. I, Carlson ROBERT SCHROEDER, B.M. LAWRENCE STEIDL, B.M. BCIHCI Instructor Band Instructor Milwaukee State Teachers College Lawrence College an . Standing: R. Zabel, D. Millard, E. Schieby, D. Godfrey, B. Morrissey, C. Brabazon. First Row: C. Dorn, G. Kurick, B. Plautz, S. Nelson, L. Reid. Second Row: I. Brellenthin, H. Watson, E. Katsman, L. Vincent, F. Opitz, C. Tall. Third Row: I. Miller, E. Bleser, A. Kirchott, N. Burns, B. Harry. . Band The Elkhorn High School Band has progressed creditably through the last years. Under the direction of Robert Schroeder, the band attained its highest reward at the tournament by placing in division one in marching, sight reading, and concert. At present, there are fifty members in the senior band, which rehearses twice a week. There are private lessons given by Mr. Steidl. Mr. L. Steidl took over the duties of band director in Feb. when Mr. Robert Schroeder was called to service in the U. S. Navy. Throughout the course of the year four concerts were given by this high school musical group. TWIRLERS S. Gardner and M. Zwiebel Saxes: I. Brellenthin, B. Connor, E. Katsman. Drums: E. Schieby. Trombones: B. Harry, N. Burns. Comets: I. Walters, B. Reed. Bass Fiddles: I. Miller, D. Millard. Piano: I. Bronson. Music Masters Club The interpreters of the four "B's", Brahms, Beethoven, Bach, and "Boogie Woogie" are the members of the Music Masters Club. The swing band, which is one of their activities, provides entertainment for the swing- sters and the student body alike. Both swing and sweet are studied by the group in an attempt to build up their musical appreciation. BRASS SEXTET GIRLS SEXTET Left to Right: I. Pollard, N. Burns, A. Kirchoif, G. Muk- Front Row: M. Lanser. B. DeVoy, S. Gardner, Cmsky' R' Heed' I' Carlson' Middle Row: Miss Torhorst. Back How: I. Morrissey, H. Watson, F. Krueger. 12? -g I A CAPPELLA First Row: L. Mann, R. Lasch, S. Nelson, M. Leach, I. Dunham, D. Hart, F. Krueger, Miss Torhorst. Second How: I. Krueger, M. Lanser, S. Gardner, M. Vogel, I. Strong, C. Dorn, D. Eames, I. Bronson, M. Zwiebel. Third Row: C. Smith, B. DeVoy, I. Morrissey, I. McKenzie, H. Watson, E. Marquardt, B. Woodman, M. Schmidt, N. Burns, I. Hampel. Fourth Row: D. Clauer, M. Ferguson, I. Pollard, I. Brellenthin, E. Casey, C. Beetow, D. Harry. M. Enright. Fifth Row: B. Belknap, L. Reid, B. Meyer, H. Grobow. I. Ridgeway, G. Pierce, I. Walters. Vocal Music The vocal organizations of 1943 have carried on the tradition of good music in Elkhorn High. The A Cappella choir is the largest group consisting of forty-six members. The group has appeared very successfully in four concert performances. Miss Torhorst also has the direction of the Girls' Chorus. This group has been given rec- ognition for excellent tournament and concert performances. A smaller organization, in pre- paration for members in the choir and chorus, was formed this year. In order to give the boys and equal chance with the girls, a new organization, the Boys' Chorus, was started this year with assistance from Mr. Robert Schroeder. After Mr. Schroed- er left for naval duties, Mr. Lawrence Steidl took over the group. Although they did not go to the tournament they turned in several fine local performances. Time, effort, and talent combined have resulted in excellent vocal demonstrations. -mf 1 -V Girls' Chorus Seated: Miss Torhorst, D. Hart, C. Smith, I. Dunham, D. Harry, M, Enright, M. Ferguson, D. Clauer. Second Row: I. Krueger, S. Martin, D. Messerschmidt, M. Lanser, I. Seltman, N. Biagi, S. Gardner, D. Eames, M. Vogel. Third How: A. Crase, I, Strong, C, Dorn, I. Bronson, M. Zwiebel, M. Williams, B. DeVoy, I. Morrissey, I, McKenzie, M, Leach, Fourth Row: H. Watson, C. Peters, E. Marquardt, B. Woodman, M, Schmidt, N. Burns, I. Hompel, F. Krueger, L. Mann, R. Lasch, S. Nelson. Boys' Chorus Front How: I. Pollard, I, Kurick, I. Brellenthin, E. Casey, R. Nitschke, C. Beetow. Back Row: B. Belknap, L. Reid, B. Meyer. H. Grabow, I. Ridgeway, G. Pierce, I. Walters. ,N Seated: M. Zwiebel, B. Burns, E. Schmidt. V. Schatbuch. Standing: M. Schmidt, C. Dunbar, E. Clauer, H. Papentus, E. Divan. N. Bums. International Club Miss Bennett, organizer ot the International Club, realized the necessity of closer contact with our foreign neighbors. Those be- longing to this educational club indulge in a study ot the different customs, sports, foods, and types of products typical of each indi- vidual nation, and people of for- eign lands. One of the chief aims of the club is to stimulate interest in the South American countries. Librarians The management ot our school library depends upon the capable work of our librarians. Perched upon their stools be- hind the counter, they charge the students with the many fine books and magazines our library posses- ses. Behind the closed door of the library, the librarians are kept busy recording new books and keeping the old ones in repair. Library science is being studied by several of the girls for credit towards graduation. The others work in the library during their free periods. Sealed: G. Kistler, D. Gums, N. Harding, Miss Bennett. First Row, Standing: D. Iohnson, B. Burns, I. Bronson, N. Burns C. Miller. Second How: I. Post, B. Morrissey, D. Waltman, G. Weaver, R Evenson, I. Alder. Third Row: B. Seaver, I. McPhaiI, I. Ridgeway, I. Newman, I Carlson. I A . Seated: K. Ellsworth, D. Godfrey. T. Iones, R. Burns. Second Row: R. Christiansen, P. Welch, R. Reed, B. Seymour, L. Reid. Third Row: D. Wales, E. Cooper, C. Tall, R. Evenson, B. Burns. Archery Club Dan Cupid has nothing on the members of the Archery Club. On a Monday or Wednesday, weather permitting, one will find the William Tells of Elkhorn High School behind the school practicing up on their shots. One of their duties is to complete a bow and six arrows during the course of the year. This work is carried on when the archers are not able to be out-of-doors. The Tennis Team Coach Karl Ulichny has charge ot the 1943 tennis squad. Larry Reid, Dick God- frey and Elzy Cooper are the only lettermen back on the team this year. Last season was the first time Elkhorn has tak- en part in tennis competi- tion, however, the boys had a fairly successful record. With lettermen returning again this year the boys should be able to hold their own. Practice sets are played on the courts behind the school between members of the squad to keep them in condition for the games with Geneva, Delavan, and Whitewater. Mr. Ulichny, B. Belknap, I. Kurick, R. Fell, C. Beetow, l First Row: D. Millard, I. Walters, R. Connor, E. Sorenson, R. McCabe, R. Belknap. Second How: D. Waltman, D. Breidenbach, B. Morrissey, R. Van Scotter, C. Freitag, T. Pavelsek, Mr. Disrud. Third Row: B. Getsen, W. Ludtke, E. Slattery, D. Millard, I. Brellenthin, I. Harrington, W. Stearns. Baseball . Baseball this year is under the direction of Donald Disrud. This year's team includes eleven lettermen, who contribute previous experience. They are Butch Belknap, lack Brellen- thin, Don Breidenbach, Bob Connor, Chuck Dunlap, Bob Getzen, Ted Heusser, Bob McCabe, lack Millard, Red Sorenson, and Ioe Walters. The 1943 games are scheduled with Walworth, Iefferson, Wilmot, Williams Bay, and East Troy. At this writing no dates have been arranged. The pitchers are Bob Connor, Butch Belknap, lack Millard and Bob McCabe. Don Breid- enbach, Iack Brellenthin, Red Sorenson, Butch Belknap, and Chuck Dunlap handle infield assignments, while Ioe Walters and lack Brellenthin will do the catching. Outfielders in- clude Iack Millard, Bob McCabe, Bob Getzen,Ted Heusser, and Bill Morrissey. BASEBALL SCORES OF 1942 April 28, Iefferson-2, Elkhorn-10 Cherel May 1, Whitewater-0, Elkhorn-ll Kherel May 5, Beloit-7, Elkhorn-2 Kherel May 8, Walworth-1, Elkhorn-16 lherel May 12, Beloit-1, Elkhorn-0 Ctherel May 19, Delavan-3, Elkhorn-2 Cherel May 22, Walworth-7, Elkhorn-15 Ctherel May 26, Delavan-9, Elkhorn-8 ltherel Seated: E. Cooper, C. Brabazon, Mr. Disrud, G. Schmidt, R. Becker, First Row: W. Stearns, W. Newman, B. Van Scotter, C. Freitag, F Holden. Second Row: C. Sigmund, R. Eisentraut, D. Babcock, D. Enright, G Olsen, E. Eisentraut. Conservation Club An increased knowledge of soil, forests, and wild life is sought after by the conserva- tion-minded students in our school. Miss Turner has secured in- formation regarding the work of our state and national gov- e r n m e n t conservation pro- grams, which has contributed to the students research pro- jects. During the course of their study, several hikes have been enjoyed by the group. Actual contact with nature has made the club more conscious of the need for conservation in Wis- consin and the entire world. his 9 , 'Q :Xin j 238719-9 gs- 'Z . :I 'fi- J: 'J '4x'i'S ' gi f'5"' 5 -yin!! WA55" fini.. fifths!! Fish and Game Club Mr. Disrud has furthered the interest in hunt- ing and fishing through the organization of the Fish and Game Club. The methods of handling weapons of all types with the greatest safety is stressed as a part of their curriculum. Some of the time during their club periods is spent in the making of artificial- baits, includ- ing flies and plugs. The characteristics and natural habitats of various fish and animals are investigated and studied by the members. Seated: H. Gillespie, M. Miller, P. Hammel, Miss Turner. First Row: R. Amon, A. Crase, M. Recknagel, A. Stoflet. Second How: D. Breidenbach, C. Dunbar, D. Schoenbeck, G. Redenz. .aq- The Prom -- 1943 """9' KING DELORME GETCHELL QUEEN MARIAN ENRIGHT M W'f?f',:f1f? 1 41 MW 24 QHELK is XMZLQV 'R Q Qi E Qiggixfik iw im 3 ifigswggg QE Ex rf Qgmfjfff wwf? RGJWM i4J QifJwf MM WWWQIWWV QQ School Diary Sept. 9-10-School was unofficially opened for the purpose of registration. At this time the students paid their book rent, planned classes and received their books. Sept. 14--On Monday school once again was in session for 1942-43 term. Sept. 18-The football season was opened with the Walworth eleven playing the Elks in the first game of the year. Sept. 25-The second game was played at East Troy and was the first win of the season. The seniors entertained at an all school party which marked the open- ing of the social activities. Oct. 1-The De Wello concert group entertained the student body with songs and music. Oct. 2-The football team traveled to Lake Geneva and was defeated in the third game of the season under the lights. Oct. 9-The Burlington football game is one to be forgotten by all: however, it took place on Oct. 9. Oct. 13-The fall band and vocal concert was held in the school auditorium. Oct. 16-The favorite rivals, the Delavan Comets, played the Elks on our home gridiron. Oct. 23-The purple and gold Elks were defeated at Iefferson. Oct. 27-The junior class presented the play "Sunshine Twins" un'der the direction of Miss Maier. Oct. 30-An exciting game following the parade, between Elkhom and White- water made Homecoming a big success. The Elks defeated the red and white by the score 6-0. Nov. 5-6-Teachers Convention. Nov. 13-A "Sadie Hawkins" dance given by the junior class was given in the school gym. Nov. 17-The One Act Play Contest was held at the Municipal Building. The Elkhorn group received an "A" rating from the judge. Nov. 21-The Basketball season was officially opened when the Elkhorn boys played the Delavan Deaf School. Nov. 26-27-Thanksgiving vacation. Nov. 27-The Elk-Cooney Basketball game was held at Oconomowoc. School Diary Dec. l-A return game between Cooney and Elkhorn was played in the Kinne Gym. Dec. 4-Coach Iaycox and his Elks traveled to Burlington. Dec. 11-The greatest event of the year-The Elks defeated the Delavan Comets by an exciting score of 23-22. Dec. 15--The Christmas music concert under the direction of Miss Torhorst and Robert Schroeder was presented to the public. Dec. 18-Walworth was defeated by the Elkhorn five in a home game. Dec. 19-Ian. 3-Christmas vacation. Ian. 4-The opening of school after Christmas vacation. Ian. 7-A lyceum number was presented. Mr. Macon presented his monkey and bird circus. Ian. 8-A return basketball match was played at Walworth. Ian. 12-The Iefferson five played the Elks in the Elkhorn gym. Ian. 15-Whitewater fell to a powerful Elkhorn team by the score of 41-18. Ian. 22-The game between Lake Genava was a heart-breaker. The Elks were defeated 20-17. Ian. 29-The second game with Burlington was played and the Elks were defeated in another thriller by the score of 26-27. SECOND SEMESTER Feb. 5-The Elks played host to Lake Geneva, again meeting defeat, after spectacular playing. Feb. 9-The squad played a return match with Iefferson. Feb. 19-Enthusiastic students followed the team to Delavan. Feb. 24-The Elks bowed to Milton Union, thus eliminating Elkhorn from the Regional Tourney. Feb. 26-The last conference game of the season was played at Whitewater. Mar. 4, 5, 6-Elkhorn again played host to neighboring schools in the Regional Basketball Tournament. Excellent basketball games were witnessed and Oconomowoc came out on top. School Diary Mar. 16-After weeks of preparation the school's readers took part in the All- School Forensic Contest. Mar. 19-A St. Patrick's Day Party. given by the sophomores, was agreed upon as the best dance of the year. Mar. 22--An inspiring speech was given the student body by Mr. Delos Walker. Mar. 25-"Letters to Lucerne," a three act war tragedy, was presented by the Cue Club under the direction of Miss Maier. Mar. 26-An all school instrument solo contest was held in the auditorium. Outstanding contestants were awarded letters. Mar. 30-Miss Torhorst's vocal students participated in an elimination contest. Awards were made to the winners. April 8-A Lyceum number was given by I. A. Zell. April 10-Soloists and ensembles traveled to Geneva to the Music Tournament. April 20-Pre-tournament concert was held in the gym. April 23-26-A breathing space from strenuous activity as students enjoy Easter vacation. May 1-The Band and Chorus Tournament was held at Lake Geneva. May 7-The great social event of the year-Iunior Prom. DeLorme Getchell, Prom King, and his queen, Marian Enright, led the 1943 Iunior Prom. May 17-The Senior Class Play matinee was held in the Municipal Building. May 18-"Seven Keys to Baldpate" by G. M. Cohan was given by the senior class. A May 21-Freshmen entertained at an all-school party. May 27-Iuniors entertained the Seniors at the Iunior-Senior Reception., May 30-Baccalaureate exercises were held in the auditorium. Rev. Clarence Lund gave the address. Iune l-Seniors participated in Class Night Exercises. Iune 3-Seniors were awarded their diplomas. Iune 4-The last day of school of the 1943 term. Hooray! 6 , V wi 1 SENICDIQS 4 Books With Apologies to Rudyard Kipling, whose poem "Boots" has so enthralled the Class of '43. We've heads crammed, crammed, crammed, crammin' over Algebra Head, head, head, head achin' o'er phenomena- Books, books, books, books goin' in and out with us. Now we'1l go forth to serve! A, B, C, D, there's not a single F today. g Sophomores, Iuniors, we've reached seniority some way. Books, books, books, books goin' in and out with us- Now we'11 go forth to serve! Schmidt, Schmidt, Schmidt, Schmidt, Sigmund,Smith, and Slattery. Iune, Ken, Ruth, Ralph, Belknap, Beetow, Brabazon- Byrnes, Burns, Dowse, Dorn, Opitz, Eames, and Wiesenthal- Now we'1l go forth to serve! lack, Iim, Iames, Ioe, Kimball, Krueger, Morrissey- Dewart, Divan, Eggleston, and Ferguson- Grabow, Gunyon, Gordon, Hart, and Sorenson- Now we'1l go forth to serve! Books Lanser, Leach, Ryan, Reid, and Steinbicer- Nitschke, Schinke, Becker, Watson, and Irene- Trickey, Holden, Zwiebel, Schulz, and Gloria- Now we'll go forth to serve! Ellsworth, Dunlap, Grundmann, and Beverly- Marquardt, Pollard, Millard, and Mann make history, Books, books, books, books going in and out with us Now we'll go forth to serve! Teachers, trainers, lecturers, prolocutors- Mentors, pedaqogues, apostles, expositors, Books, books, books, books going in and out with us Now we'll go forth to serve! Shorthand, physics, English, Spanish, Geometry- Phi. Ed., Econ., Latin, and geography, Books, books, books, books going in and out with us- Now we'll go forth to serve! f fir 1-Bl' -ff! W ' ,.,,,,-ft" 3' CLARENCE BYRNES HOLLIS GUNYON Forensics 3-4, Football 4, Class President 4, Bgsketbgll 1.2, Football 1-2-3-4, Class Secre CC1U191'CIC1Ub 4- tary and Treasurer 4, Camera Club 2-3-4 IRENE STRONG Radio Club 4, Rifle Club 4. Girls' Glee Club 1-2-3-4, A Cappella 2-3-4, Mixed Chorus l, Class Vice President 4, Class Treasurer 2, Annual Staff 4, Press Club 3-4, Cue Club 4, G.A.A. 2-3-4, Pep Club 1, Horne EC. Club 2. DON ELLSWORTH MARGARET LANSER Football 1-2-3-4, Class President 2, Radio Club Girls' Glee Club l-2-3-4, A Cappella 2-3-4. 4, Rifle Club 4, Chairman of Athletic Council 4. Forensics 3-4, Mixed Chorus 1-2, Class Sec- retary 1, Cheerleader 4, Pep Club 2-4, Dra- matic Club l, G.A.A. 2-3-4, Cue Club 4, Prom Queen 2. F F L I A C 3 E R S C S CHARLES BEETOW Boys' Glee Club 4, A Cappella 3-4, Basket- IACK ANDERSON ball 1-3, Football 1, A, Annual Staff 4, Arch- 1fP1Qne Club 4- ery Club 4, cue Club 4, Press Club 3, Latin Club 1-2, Mixed Chor- us l. - v , 1 ,'y' 4' gf, ROBERT BELKNAP 1 I Boys' Glee Club 4, A 1' ' Cappella 1-2-3-4, Bas- ketball l-2-3-4, Base- RAYMOND BECKER ball 1-2-3-4, Football 1- Rifle Club 4. 2-3-4, Archery 4, Hi Y 3, Cue Club 4, Rifle 4. ROBERT BURNS U Basketball 2, Football Blind 1-2-3-4. Tennls 3- 1, Tennis 1, Rifle Club 4. CHARLES BRABAZON BEVERLY DEVOY Girls' Glee Club l-2-3- MARIAN DEWART 4, A Cappella 2-3-4, Mixed Chorus 1' For- Annual Staff 4, G.A.A. ensics 2, Annual Staff 3-4. Sub Deb Club 4, 4, Sub Deb Club 4, P9P Club 4- Cue Club 4, G.A.A. 2- 3-4, Pep Club 4. ELEANOR DIVAN Knitting Club 4. RISPAH DOWSE Forensics 3-4, Pep Club 1, G.A.A. 2-3, De- bate 3-4, Press Club 3-4, Photography Club 1, Horne Ec. Club 1, Dramatic Club 4, An- nual Staff 4. CHARLES DUNLAP Boys' Glee Club 1, Basketball 1-2-3-4, Baseball 1-2-3-4, Foot- ball l-2-3-4, Annual Staff 4, Press Club 3- 4, Cue Club 4. VIVIAN EGGLESTON Forensics 2-3-4, An- nual Staff 4, Press Club 4, Sub-Deb Club 4 IOYCE DORN Girls' Glee Club 1-3, Knitting Club 4, Home Ec. Club 2, Sub-Deb Club 4, Library Work 4. I UNE DUNHAM Girls' Glee Club 3-4, A Cappella Chorus 3- 4, Forensics 2, Mixed Chorus 1-2, Annual Staff 4, Home Ec. Club 2, Sub-Deb Club 4, Press Club 3, Cue Club 4, G.A.A. 2-3-4, Pep Club 1, Dramatic Club l. DONNA EAMES Girls' Glee Club 1-2-3- 4, A Cappella Chorus 1-2-3-4, Forensics 2, Class Vice President 2, Annual Staff 4, Cheer Leader l-2-3, G.A.A. 2-3-4, Press Club 3-4, Dramatic Club l-4, Pep Club. KENNETH ELL SWORTH Basketball 1, Baseball 1, Tennis l, Radio 4, Rifle 4. X will W RUTH FERGUSON Class Secretary 3, Class Treasurer l, An- RALPH FELL nual Staff 4, Mixed Archery Club 4. Chorus 1, 2, Sub-Deb Club 4, Dramatic Club 1-4, G.A.A. 2-3-4, Pep Club 1. HARRY GRABOW Boys' Glee Club 4, A Cappella l-2-3-4, Fo- rensics 2-4, Annual Staff 4, Debate 4, Press Club 3. GEORGE GRUNDMAN N Rifle Club 4. DORIS HART Girls' Giee Club 1-2-3- TOM HOLDEN 4, A Cappella Chorus Radio Club 4, Band 1- 4, Annual Staff 4, Sub- 2-3-4, Enlisted in U.S. Deb Club 41 Knitting Navy December, 1943. Club 4, G.A.A. 2. IAMES KEHOE RICHARD KIMBALI. Class Vice President 3, Rifle Club 4. P Air lane Club 4. WW FLORENCE KRUEGER P Cl b l S b IAMES KURICK Boys' Glee Club 4 A ep u , u -Deb ' Club 4' A Cappella 1- Cappella 1-2-3, Basket- - - - , ball l-2-3, Football 1-2- 4?'1rg.AiEje 3, Annual Staff 4, Cam- Cue Club 4. MARY LEACH Girls' Glee Club 1-2- 3-4, A Cappella Chor- us 1-2-3-4, Forensics 2, Sub-Deb Club 4, Pep Club 1-4, G.A.A. 2-3-4. Dramatic Club 1, Home Ec. Club 1, Orchestra 1. ELAINE MARQUARDT Girls' Glee Club 4, A Cappella Chorus 2-4, Knitting Club 4, Cam- Ec. Club 4, Home 2, Mixed Chor s J Pep Club 1. X era Club 1-2-3-4, Mixed Chorus l-2, Press Club 3, Archery 4. LORETTA MANN Girls' Glee Club 1-2- 3-4, A Cappella Chor- us l-2-3-4, Annual Staff 4, Camera Club 4, G. A.A. 2-3, Knitting Club 4, Home Ec. Club 2-3. DORIS MILLARD Band 4, Girls' Glee Club l, Annual Staff 4, G.A.A. 2-3-4, Or- chestra 1-2, Music Masters' Club 4, Home Ec. Club 2-3, Latin Club 2-3, S ing Band , Mi rus 1. 4 'ANE W ffgfufl S VIOR IS EY GLORIA MUKA SKY Sirls' Glee Club l-2- Band 1-2-3-4, Band Sec 3-4, A Cappella 3-4, retary 4, Annual Staff Vlixed Chorus 1-2, G- 4, G.A.A.2, Mixed Cho- A.A. 2-3-4, Class Vice us 1, Pep Club 4, Knit- President 1. AIIHIIGI ting Club 4, Latin Club Staff 4. Prom Queen 1-2, Latin Club Secre- 5. PISSS Club 4, C119 tary 1-2, Librarian 3. Zlub 4, Latin Club 1-2, GORDON NEWMAN Fish and Game Club 4. FLETCHER OPITZ Rifle Club 4, Debate Club 2-3-4, Class President 3, Band 1-2- 3-4, Boys' Glee Club 4, Tennis 3. LARRY REID Band 3-4, Basketball 3-4, A Cappella 4, Boys' Glee Club 4, Footb 3-4, Tennis 3-4, o Airplane Cl n is VIRGINIA SCHAFBUCH Girls' Glee Club l, An- nual Staff 4, Knitting Club 4, G.A.A. 2-3-4. Home Ec. Club 2, Sub- Deb Club 4, Library Wo k 3-4. , ,kj it ,I i ROBERT NITSCHKE Boys' Glee Club 4, A Cappella 2-3, Basket- ball 1-2-3, Football 1- 2-3-4, Mixed Chorus l- 2-3, Photography Club 4 IAMES POLLARD Band l-2-3-4, A Cap- pella 3-4, Forensics 2- 4, Class Treasurer 3, Annual Staff 4, Boys' Glee Club 4, Debate 4, Cue Club 4, Press Club 3. IEANETTE RYAN Girls' Glee Club 1-2- 3, A Cappella 1-2-3, Annual Staff 4, Knit- ting Club 4, G.A.A. 2, Photography 4, Home EC. Club 2-3, Mixed Chorus l-2-3. ELVIRA SCHINKE Knitting Club 4, Home Ec. Club 2-3. all fc' ,QW CAROL SCHMIDT Band 1-2-3-4, Girls' Glee Club 1-2, Mixed Chorus 1-2, Madrigal 1, Annual Staff 4, Mu- sic Club 4, Model Air- plane Club 4, Knitting Club 4, Latin Club l-2, 'Pep Club 1, G.A.A. 2. MARLENE SCHMIDT Girls' Glee Club l, Pe P Club 4, G.A.A. 2-3-4, Annual Staff 4. WALLACE SCHULTZ Press Club 3-4, Cam- era Club 1. EDWARD SLATTERY Forensics 3-4, Basket- ball l-2-3, Baseball l- 2-3-4, Debate 4, Cue Club 4, Latin Club 1-2, Press Club 3. EVELYN SCHMIDT Girls' Glee Club l-2, G.A.A. 2-3-4, Pep Club 4. MARY SCHMIDT Girls' Glee Club 1-2- 3-4, A Cappella Cho- rus 1-2-4, Annual Staff 4, Press Club 4, G.A. A. 2-3-4, Pep Club 4. Home Ec. Club 3. CHARLES SIGMUND Fish and Game Club 4. CAROL SMITH Girls' Glee Club 1-2-3 4, A Cappella Chorus 4, G.A.A. 2-3-4, Knit- ting Club 4, Pep Club 4. EDMUND SORENSON B d1,B ktbll 1- 233714, Baseisglf 1f2-3-4, RCBERT STEINBICER room-111 1-2-3-4, Fish H1f1e Club 4- and Game Club 4, Rifle Club 4. IOE WALTERS ELIZABETH TRICKEY Band 1-4, BOYS, Glee Forensics 3, Knitting Club 4, A Cappella 1- Club 4, Annual Staff 4, Basketball l-2-3-4, 4, Latin Club 2-3. Baseball 1-2-3-4, Foot- Home EC. Club 1-2. ball 1-2-3-4, Class G.A.A. 2, DramCIiiC President l, Annual Club 1. Staff 4, Music Club 4, Hi-Y 3, Cue Club 4. HELEN WATSON Band 2-3-4, Girls' Glee I Club 1-2-3-4, A CUP- Mixed Chorus l-2, pella Chorus 1-2-3-4, Sub.Deb Club 4, Pep Class Secretary 2, Club 1-4, Press Club 3, Sub-Deb Club 4. PGP Home Ec. Club 2, G. Club 1-4, G.A.A. l-2- ILA, 2, 3-4. IOYCE WIESENTHAL RUTH ZABEL Band 4, Forensics 2-3, MILTQN ZWIEBEL Annual Staff 4, Sub- Deb Club 4, Knitting Club 4, Press Club 2-3. -X Q . u - I y I, ff .:, ffm 53 in-Z . "' E if Q, '46 ui 'v-- " ' - 0 2 If za 1.65 . .... PI .erm 1 . - . . .f J"f:q7Lr 'M' file: rg -"W" ., V.:,,V ,Dawn 4 7 W 1- 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 25' 7' 9244! 2 Xqxft l x 4 v . , 4 3:3 X V ,, At Robert Belknap Ianet Morrissey Fletcher Opitz Wallace Schultz Iames Kurick Mary Schmidt Elvira Shinke Eleanor Divan Carol Schmidt Irene Strong Hollis Gunyon Charles Dunlap W to it . J' Q n ,V Remember ? 13. Mary Leach 26 14. Iames Pollard 27 15. Doris Millard 28 16. Virginia Schafbuch 29 17. Ieanette Ryan 30 18. Beverly DeVoy 31 19. Helen Watson 32 20. Margaret Lanser 33 21. Ioe Walters 34 22. Donna Eames 35 23. Vivian Eggleston 36 24. Ioyce Dorn 37 25. Larry Reid F1087 7, Ly ' if V f . .-ff gf lf, M ly , - 5 , ., , Ed Sorenson Iune Dunham Ruth Zabel Carol Smith Gloria Mukansky Ruth Ferguson Marlene Schmidt Ioyce Wiesenthal Florence Krueger Charles Beetow Iames Kehoe Evelyn Schmidt ef .ltr . ,M Vw. , , V , ., ...Y ...S re q..s'. , ,.f,':a.z ' " 2if'.Ls1'm:m.'xciKi7.uxa. u'.m.g.Mi,.m-,4x:'.m.m" ,-MA' -mi -Y -'vM:"1 " 'niwltff A " ,R ibwaamximidbai Wm. F 1 WMWWMQQQEE ' QE 1f'w ' '? fm fff2,Q?7f?Wfff 1 ff Q2 Qs 2.725 Nw H, ' if - sw QfQ7fAWW,VQWZVQf'?WyTmf,pf2 M Www may W 925416 55, , , QJQ . kWQ Mpj?Ax 7 . ' A A .4 N www gfgww Wfjifjawfggfflfwf f"?7f,Jff, AMW? .Z'il, 7Mlm'uf4fQTil,,U1'MZ M3 Www WQQN W i -Q6 H 5 ff. E2 'r TE V fu ,5f'.7 4, 1 'Q Z dwg Z :- Y - L. ,W-0 ,,c.,.x, Wx :A,f4,.g,,,,,, AL., Lcd' ,,,,5,A-f ,,.-.-My M'ff'4U if-7 HMG- VM Y ff4'ff"'f"f b'.A' 4f' y g,l4,4tJ - ,M If ,-c!'r-rt-4.1 ,'r'-'v0'4"4'f l you' YJQ ,.,-,,-gg., ,gjpfdf QM? C""70' fwf "f"'1l"' W .. fic WM 74-4,4 fm ,f-MQ MM-wwf ' V , b if I Q7 S M if

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