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 - Class of 1956

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Elkhart High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Elkhart, KS) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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i' 'ff C, 10 1 1' 'Q A 1 ,vf ,M . -PW n 5 ,s., V. lg, x P" M5 is ,. 'Sin' ' ?'swf,xf-f- A, ' ,six .v 8 La kiwi? ,If N W V , W wsu F "' in ww Q, K, ir 0- .,, L .t, Mak' 4 f gig, is 51 114' as .4, ' 4. Y , it., If Y' . tah -I 3 'E ls in-isbn. alla: --sua' will .dv Q dv-' ,dt- k 'wi Vylth the passmg of tlme the echoes of our school hfe w111 grow famter and fa1nter and then dxe away Gone forever W111 be the routme of school hfe the fun we had and the fr1er1ds We made It 15 the hope of the 1956 W1ldcat Staff that as you glance through th1s book rn the years to some you W111 remember those moments and the echoes w111 begm agam REMEMBER WW R ,-p0l' FAA 244' AQ! 5 "W E71 H' Q1 rr. v Y v i Q Y s 1' ,,' 'Y V' Y '51 1'-di N114 24' '-2. 'ski IW I avi'-Q3 aim -.NHQ1-1 'Swv A? 5 I O Z Remember the man who devoted himself to helping all of us, not only as a source of knowledge, but as an example and advisor. We are extremely grateful for his encouragement and enthusiasm at the times when our zeal was gone. The 1956 Wildcat staff proudly dedicates this book to our "coach", Mr. Charles H. Garten emem5ez7 Sponsored by NORMAN'S IMPLEMENT AND AUTO STORE " .ff x, 7 X5 ff" ,........--- X l 8? HNF E1kha,t P Ublic 5 P - Ch . 1'CSldCUfiJ.j. Hajgilll Administrator and sky. TFCBSUI-ethandiCflOO1BO31'd: Daniq C ' A2 ' eonard R I . Bra YFHBH Clcr ndllcr S , ' k, ' Upefllllende nf: Bamg ,V Bloodharr I O l This was the year when our superinten- dent and school board took a long loc..c at the future of public education in Elkhart and saw the need of more and better school rooms. A four-fold program was outlined and the wheels of expansion were set in motion. This was also the year when school atten dance came nearer than ever before to per- fection under Mr. Brandner's watchful eye. The office was brightened by Mrs. Menefee's cheerful smile, but those who violated the school rules approached the inner sanctum with trembling foot and troubled heart for this was the place where discipline was just, but stern. Sponsored by C, S, MCCLUNG ? -as , sv, fx, X' ,if 5' -. A I ills, . A -gau- 'Rzs K ' , I ' off.-, , A '.. .P-5 --. ,7:f, XX' ' y ',-Li., ', I V ":'l'q,: r 14, b X C3 - ' ,, . - if Y 'Y' QQ., ' ,, A 5.12, , r I ,' - i. ememlm am acuity? KENNETH FOWLER Shop and Agriculture, B,A, in Agriculture, Panhandle A, 8LM,, Goodwell, Oklahoma, Graduate Work Oklahoma A, SLM., Stillwater, Oklahoma, CHARLES H, GARTEN Coach, Physical Education, Histor ,B,S, in Education, Central State College, Edmond, Oklahoma, M.A. in school Administration, Denver University, Denver, Colorado, LOLA D, MAJORS Home Arts and Library, B.A. in Home Economics, Peru State Teachers College, Peru, Nebraska, M,A, in Home Economics, Colorado State College of Education: Greeley, Colorado, ALT.-X MENEFEE Office and Shorthand A,B,, Panhandle A. SLM., Goodwell, Oklahoma, Graduate Work, Colorado State College of Education, Greeley, Colorado, and Adams State, Alamosa, Colorado. CLARENCE F. NEWMAN Social Science, A. B, Social Science, Southwestern College, Winfield, Kansas, M.S, in Education, Emporia State Teachers College, Emporia, Kansas, Graduate Work, University of Wichita, Wichita, Kansas, Kansas State College, Manhattan, Kansas, ORPAH E. SMITH Commerce, B,A, in English, Panhandle A,8LM, College, Goodwell, Oklahoma, BOB Q. SMITH Band and Music, B,M, in Music, Panhandle A,8.:M, College, Goodwell, Oklahoma, M,S., Texas A,8cI, Kingsville, Texas, WAYNE J. STUART English and Journalism, B,S, in Education, Phillips University, Enid, Oklahoma, Graduate Work, Phillips University, Enid Oklahoma, HARRY A. VETTER Mathematics, A.B, in Math, Northwestern College, Alva, Oklahoma, Southwestem College, Weatherford, Oklahoma, Western College of Education, Bellirrrgham, Washington, M,A, in Math, University of Oklahoma, orman, Oklahoma, JACK L. VORE Chemistry and Science, B,A, in Math, B,S, in Science, Northwestern College, Alva, Oklahoma, Anderson College, Anderson, Indiana, emem5ez7 Sponsored by ELKHART TELEPHONE CO, Nsvlfvv FIN? tl X QF"-? ii- ., 4Q'S ,Jia 7 E 'QL- ag'-' Ez' mit' r-" 'L , I Qrudulltes ,--0-,Q XS MXSN 3'b QIVYUP5 vN"f' -hvflfb Q:- X Q QQ, AX Q55 KKNY A ""-4. 4".- ,r,f A..-1 .,.a -349, Qs 'D EVW X fp- g x x X P X X Y MA BEL JEAN RIVES Salutatoriang Student Council lg Glee Club 1, 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Major Plays 3, 45 Girls State 35 Editor of Annual 45 Paper Staff 3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Pep Club Officer 45 Citizenship Award 45 National Honor Society. J. W. PRIEST Football 1,25 Basketball lg Track l,2,35 Paper Staff 3,45 Annual Staff 4. DON COEN Basketball 2,3,45 Track 25 Glee Club National Honor Society5 Paper Staff 3. FRED CRAIG Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Track 35 Major Plays 35 lg Major Plays 35 Class Officer 1,35 Glee Club 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Paper Staff 35 Student Council 2. DICK AKERS Paper Staff 3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track 1,25 Band l,2,3,45 Major Plays 45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Annual Staff 4. Sponsored by EQUITY EXCHANGE .K ri' 1 ff -'J' JOYCE BOALDIN GleeCiub l,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g Band l,2,3g Pep Club l,2,3,4g Pep Club Officer 45 Major Plays 15,43 Paper Staff 3. JAMES MCCREA Paper Staff 33 Major Plays 3. MILFORD RANK IN Football l,2,3,4g Track 3g Paper Staff 3. JIM TOADVINE Class Officer 1,25 Student Council 3g Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3p Track l,2g Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4g Major Plays 3g Paper Staff3 DARRELL REAZIN Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track l,2g Major Plays 3,4g Paper Staff 3,-1. Sponsored by RIVES DRUG CO, 7 Football 2,35 Track l,2g Mixed Chorus 3,4g G1eeC1ub 3,45 dictorian address 3 b ' Dwight High Vaie Salulalorian address by Mabei Jed.. ,, Senior sp onsox ioOki ng io: a nandoni. The F arnous Duel. Spoflsore d b I-3D1TH.S SHOPLE The iarg I 1 X 8 e ciass of g, iris. ig S. Tw o studious o i i oking The Senior Concession Stand aol, if '47, 1 M fi i W ..1h..:,1n:,.- '-S-V-33.1. iii: underclussmen 5 I .sv 0 ...-9... -N is l 1 , ' "X fr?-t-A ff! J X, l"'D r f Qi 157.7 ememlel 546 and 0 A f D ,f V ' 0 sv x A Se 0 Q Q KN U'-N ' Y 6 "- ' 6 " 24 a "' ' t B s. 5 ' - wk 'ff 5 is lr ' , xl -l' K Q' X LylHlC Gene Bob Larry Larry Gene Jeanne Don Addrngton Brimer Brwaldin Capaneky Coen oper Fufldfnburlf G1 pig x x, Q! PK I qi 'N 'ivy Q. q H "' y hs -5. G 'V C. ', 6 , if x ' - 'C' ' ' 1 I .. A Ns.. n 4 F x IAQ Barbara Everr A Lice Therberz Pmr If ennerh mrdy Grasz Gross G-ymon Harney Mujer Mitchell Pmce' Zi g 6 ' - 1 Q g' " - N 'x Lx t A - . , X F , - A , 1 7 I A Mary Jim JB -., r 1 Mary Rau Jacf Lane Rodriguez Sagebre. sermon Srpes Taroerz T.rr,a:, 7 Amer X J sg Howard Murray Weatherford Wright SPOnsOI'ed by . O . 'RAINCE C ' - DER DSU BLRT EL J ememde, me elmo 0 5577 av I x A ' 41 A. C. 'P ' ',"x" 'N' ' sl 5 Y 2 ' 4x x X 1 ' A l X. , l x l X Harold Bill Ronnie Karma wayne Avis lvlarrha Gan Abbott Ayres BSYHGS Byrd Cooke Craig Craver arr ln 'd Til 5 - U 19, 5, r 6- W-ffx "' 5 ' 1' X X s 1 M ' Ke Q., f 'r and f Fil . ' Larry lerry Byron Kleris Raymond lo Ann Verlee Gillespie Harvey Johnson Kelly lineeland McCrea Mobray f ev Q4 C3 nr. u YW , joyce Beverly Leona im Howard Par Edward Pare Raney Ross Ryman Smith Smith SOOICY fu ' 6' 5 is 1 , 'lk ' t1 ' H ff I 5 '- ' V f - t , ' ' 1 '. 1 4 ,AM- Curtis Ralph Sue Berry Sue Gail Kennerh Karen Sherwood Srudebaker Surron Talborr Thacker Turner Turner WCKSCV SP0I1So1-ed by BLOODHART DRUG CO 10 5 . ememfel me Wada 0 K Q - f - 0' ' .Q IES -' ' - 4- 'P 1' .L Q- AX V P V' ' 1 -q ""' , T N vu . ,M3 I QNX 1 K Shirley Robert Allen Joe ,loe Robert Barbara Billy Glenda Adams Beasley Bennett liitncr Bremer llroce Creasser Easley so ax .' I , I , A 5' xl Q A . l X 3 G, 1:5 ' . .' 4.x t - f - 1 F E54 'if I' V ' Q 1 f xg ' D X ' X l 1' 4 fi- 1 ix X k , l . . efeflii 1 X. if Ernest Pat Jake Larry Gary Charles Dariel Farrington Fletcher Grayhill Green Higli Hincb Hinsdale ' 9 Y as .y Q' s., -vs Q--x is r "l ,Xu f x 1' f' L t Carl Pat Gene Carolyn Annice Jo Danny Karen Hitchcock Hubbard Kallaus Ketchum Landruni LaRue Loepp Q1 gf V Q. 1 L . TE 5" I Linda Carol Jack Esther Larry Pat Dickie R0gel' McClung Morgan Newhouse Petit Rane-y Riley Rodriguez Smith L EUIHCE Glenda Tum'-'I' e ' Vandervort , :im dbY Sponsore 5 RAYMONDGATE 6 me 7 Made mme 07455 gmdea 46 eaten!!! P 7 FlRST ROW Betty Moore Lrnda Thompson Neva Smrth Karen Humphrey Karen Lrttle Ethel Hartley Sherry Baber Glorra Webb Myrna Talbott Roberta Thomas SECOND ROW Karen Boaldrn Nancy Howell Mary Eaves Connre Kallaus Wrlma Grbbons Karen Robertson and Betty Grllaspre Sharon Ward Mary Wrnebaugh De Ann Flowers Doralou Osborn THLRD ROW Marrlyn La Rue lvan Srpes Torn Grllespre Denver Buck Jerry Akers M1chaelBloodhart Gary Hrggrns Deryl Loepp Larry Wteden Corky Guymon Marsha Danrels Clrfford Garrett Ronnre Mrller Douglas Sherwood FIRST ROW Deanna Morgan Carolyn Menefee Annette Ratlref Lourse Wrley Karherrne Chambers Reba Shaver Karen Rrley Ardrth Kelly Lavrna Grllespre Bobbre Petrt SECOND ROW Douglas Vandervort Gary Thompson Kenneth Lawrence jerry Kreklau Roger Moore Thomas johnson Vrrgrl Beasley George Broce Charles Burket Brll Barker Kerth Whrsenand, Olrver Webb Harvey Johnson Tl-HRD ROW Danny Talbott Larry Thompson Glenda Grrffrth Evelyn Studebaker Crana Buckmaster Connre Young Betty Hrnsdale June Thacker, Davrd Rodrrquez, Gary Patterson, Irm Reeves SPOHSO1-ed b OOD STO I 1 l I f 7 H ,fy LR , , 1 Q' ' X 4 A ': ' . A . n . ' '. V . I V D I I D ' A 2 A I ' 'V V v ' n I N. I V I I I ' I Q I I I II ' Z Y I I A I ' I I I I I I , ' 1 1 Ii v I 1 I v A n , . 1 5 u o I v I I v A I I I I ' I I ' I I I I I 5 r 1 l 1 Y I D I I I I ' I I 1 1 2 v 9 . I I 4 I r I I I RE y X 1. 52 X j Zmemdei am 77 664457 2, fe 655' 'T fi kk fi, D ' A -'74 L. -l. K7 -ff FIRST RON: Marylkwdrlguez, June Pate, Janrce CIBWREY, Joyce Pate, Glenda Easley. I JECUIJD RCW: jr,-1.11IifXlCCI633, gavrna Grllespre, Deanna Morgan, Berry lnrnsdale, 1-iaren Riley, Glenda Grrffrtri, Jrne Tlracrrer, Evelyn wtudenalfqer, Ardrtll Kelly, Patsy liuobaro, Reba Shaver, l-Qarez. goepp. Tlrllllij RUN: Mn. Menefee, Annette Ratlref, Ciana buofrxaster, Carolyn Menefee, Bobbie Petri, Karen Capanrry, Carol Morgan, Ezrher Pam, Barbara Broce, Glenda Vandervort, Pat Fletcher, Marana Daniels. FOURTH ROW: EDU106 Jo Landrum, Neva Smith, Georgra Smrtn, Snrrley Adams, Par:yRr1ey, Helen Reazrn, Maoe3Jeaz1Rr'.'eg, Karen Rooertaon, Karen itrnpnrey, wilnxa Grbbonb, Ethel Hartley, Connre Kallaug, Sue muon. FIFTH RO'-'-'p Karen Boaldrn, Linda Tllornpson, .luis Cralg, :a.lC6 Gayrtior., Eanrce Turner, Carolyn Ketcngrrr., Karen Little, Berry Gnlaspre, :naron -'-ard, Marilyn Laliae, betty Moore, IiancyHowe.1, Glorra '-'-ebb, SIXTH RO' -'v' 1 Doralol Osborn, Gal. Farr, Karrna Byrd, Yerlee Mobray, Billie Raney, Sae Tnacrier Joyce Boaldrr., Pat Srniri, -"' anda Reeves, Lrnda l-icCL:r,g, Myrna Talbott. 1 2 x ' ' 3 Q 5, 3 2 1 Q l . V 5 x . 5 1 A X 4 v 4 .Af va i I f jqnror Hxih Cheerleaders: lane Thacser. Elance Griffith, Marsha Danrels, Sharon A-Taro, Rare: Hpiipnrejr. Sponsored bl' Semor Hail Cheerleeze... ' "' "::.'-e e OLIVER IB1PI..ERiENT 13 Glenda Easlif, f,:e Fare. Cds? UMM ZWGMZZQ aan Seine! apex? ELKHART TIES FOR LEAD B lmon -ked Lak- beate n ght, as li with a jirtue of Tildcats tie for npion- hard with about light they ls to also HTT- VVO in tirst downs oy 12 to Elkhart's 10. Riley led the pack with an average of 4. l yards per c a r r y , and Miller and Cochran were close behind with 3.7 and 5.4, respec- tively. Elkhart drew fi blood midway inthe quarter as th a 13 ..-0 EDITING OFSCHOOL NEWS By June Pate Following the editor of the school paper around the week of publication you would find that there is quite a bit of work involved in printing a paper for the students of E,l-LS, Not only is there work on the editor's part but the whole journalism c la s s is kept real busy. You would find that a week's routine would go something like this: The week would begin on Friday with the editor checking the school calen- dar for all events that might be news worthy. These stories are then posted in the journalism room and assigned to th' journalism students wi Tuesday, 3:45 P, M, as ' ' deadline. On Monday the rs porters are very busy get- ting information on their assignments, writing their iries, and covering their ts for additional news, oenings, on points of est some teacher may printed. ews for the downtown is typed on carbon oyread on Tuesday, iginal copy is sent n to the paper and on is kept on re- the school paper. Sponsored by ELKHART INSURANCE AGENCY 14 THE STAFF OF THE PAPER This paper is pub- lished by the journa - lism class of Elkhart High School. Members of the Wild- cat Tales Staff were June Pate as Editor. Dick Akers, Jack Salmon, Darrell Reazin, Janice Crawley, Mabel Jean Rives, J. W. Priest, Jim Riley, and George Hinch were reporters. EDITI RAPER lCont.b I 'ay of typing on l' th the car- bc typed ide gra pled tog ers are p students bet out on Friday a ememfefz tie aweaz' and teena that went on a weaken? eafzfaak 7 A lot oft1me and work was spent on thms annual to make It enjoyaole to you The Staff worked hard wr1t1ng stones and takmg p1ctures and we hope lt w111 brmg pack many happy TTICTDOTICS Our Staff th1s year consxsted of Mabel Jean R1ves Ed1tor Mxke Cochran Ass1stantEd1tor George Hmch Busmess Manager Dlck Akers ASS1StaHt Busmess Manager June Pate Typ1st Jamce Kay, Crawley and J W Prmest photo graphers Kenneth M1tChe11 and Jack Salmon Jumor Representa tues Mr Mayne Stuart was our sponsor I ll 6,1 Qof 1...-h a1TTING Jack balmo Ixennethkuchet Iau1cekayCraw1e5 MaoetJeanR1e M1keCochran June Pate George I-imch aT-XNDLNG J ks Prlet Dxcx Aker Mr utuart Sponsored my MORTON HOTEL 15 Q I I 0 7 . . l ' . Y . A i f . . H . ' X - ', 'x Y I i ' I 1 2 - ' . , . Z . hs , ' ' 1 I D l ' ' ' ' 00. '70 . ' lp 51 , H Sava fdfwf, 1 ' ' '31-J 'Y ' , o . 01776 A I, I . C, CQ. lic c . 2 ' ' 2 fi Q , ' ,P B - M, ' 1 W Il , " ' 4 K f 1 4 ' .' : ' H. ' J' Nl. V ' ' '. ' - V 5- ' ' . ' . .' ' : . '. ' 5 . ' ' A S. - A - . . . GWZMKZG . time mme am Wanna Slvcdenta H155 gwxgm X165 man Mabel lean Rx Mxke COC lack 'Salmon The Nat1onal Honor Socmety 1S made up of 570 of the Jumor Class and 2070 of the Sen1or Class They are chosen by havmg no less than a 'B average all through h1gh school The Jumor member of th1S organ1zat1on 1n our school IS Jack Salmon Semors are Dw1ght I-hgh Mxke Cochran Mabel Jean Rlves and Don Coen A fl X79 7 Sponsored by MOBIL SERVICE STATION 16 n D00 Coe ll J .11l7"lU 'Ill' I I x I as I , M ii F I Xkj jr 'wi 'W ' I , I ll ' . . 6 h . . . , , V . . , l Q , . , X - J he eww am Student Zacwccf ememfefz N CO .lack Xe Chien Whou Mary Rodnguele Gail lshggens TRI X 4 gg ,Li..,.,, I "'w--fx 1X3l'en IXB1' Riley en loe ST PP K AINDUNG Mr Ggneth fvllfchelj J 311611 B UNL P ob Boaldlll Killenelflke t Tumi. r Th1s was the year that the Student Counc1l went to a school at Dodge C1ty 1n order that they rmght learn to serve the student body 1U ary way pos slble and that they m1ght make the school days more enyoyable They sponsored all school part1es for the purpose of acquamtmg new students w1th pre sent students and prov1ded a gettogether for the students who have been schoolmates through the xears The Student Counc1l sponsored students 1n a dru 1ng school ln order that they rmght learn safe dr1v1ng hab1ts and therefore be of serwce to the school by teachmng other students the values of safe dr1v1ng When the Student C0unc1l's serx lces to the school were f1n1shed at the end of the year, sm1les of sat1sfact1on on the student's faces and a feelxng of gratltude throughout bu all who were served, was a satlsfymg reward to the Student Counc1l Sponsored by STATE CHEVROLET CO. 17 I f I I I Q. K. ' 4-srl 99.4 T if 0 ,t 'A ' K 7 . . fxeif -. 11 ul- 5 ef " - Y" .5 1','ftLQq A V- J' 'YS' 'v-:Fw as I K ' k', .. , t, 5 V kg s L' f V . ' 1. n J .f KAL - I I lv ' tl v 4' 1 : . I 1 . ,Vx I -xx ' -NX :MA FIRST ROW: Georgia Smith, Lynne Addington, Jeanne Funderburk, Beverly Raney, Shirley Adams, SECOND Joyce Pate, Mabel Jean Rives. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Ketchum, Glenda Easley, Jo Ann McCrea, Janice Michael Bloodhart, Doralou Osborn, Linda Thompson, Neva Smith, Jim Toadvine, Verlee Mobray, Karma Jack Newhouse, Deryl Loepp, Jack Salmon, Mike Cochran, FIFTH ROW: Mr, Smith, Corky Guymon, Sue ememfm tie Zami? JM' Sponsored by SHELLY GRAYBILL 18 Y N -ig ROW June Pate Alrce Guymon Annrce Jo Landrum Karen Loepp Denver Buck Drck Akers Myrna Talbott Crawley Marsha Damels Ralph Studebaker Kletrs Kelly Larry Green Lrnda McClung FOURTH ROW Byrd Robert Bressler Allen Bennett Gary Hrggrns Jerry Akers Tommy Sooter Jun Ryman Roger Smrrh Sutton Brllre Raney Karen Boaldrn Gary I-hgh Patsy Rrley Helen Reazm Dwrght Hrgh Larry Raney 'ii Sponsored by wk TRI STATE NEWS 19 enfe 77 E ' Q GI . '5 'S Q Y , X W - , 'iff -X E I N X X ' ' 5 - 5 3 .1 5 ' A 'lr at -. ,V A 3 ws V' G7 Y I -f.. , 0 f'cf' f5't FlRbT ROM Doralou O born Lrnda Tlromp on Nlarx M rnebauub karen M elscb luclx Owen Bern urllabpre lamee Crawwlex Eunree, lurner Nexa :muh Mabel Rlxes anrlex Adam :ue :uuon Roberta Tlromaf Joxee Boaldrn Parsy Hubbard :ECOND ROM De -Xnn Flowers :baron M ard Io Ann NluCrea leanne Funderburk Barbara UFS: Par blmih X-H168 NMCNM. Cawlwu kerubum Lxnne Addrnuron Barbara Broee karen llumphrex Bexerlx Ranex :baron Flow-ers Nlanba Damels Georbra amrrb YHRD ROM Marrlxn LaRue Bern Nloore bberrx Saber Pat Flereber vue Thacker M anda Reexes karen Lrrrle Par Rrlex karma Br rd Nlarrha Craxer karen Roberrson Helen Reazrn karen Loepp -Xnnreelo Landrum Nerlee Nlobrax Arr, Crarb June Pate ulenda Ea ley Mr brnuh 4 f A 9 9 59 E 'fl In tj., P f .6 B " v FlRbT ROM hm Ryman Carl Hrtebuoelr hm Toadw me kennerh Turner lake Graybrll Cum: uherv-ood Brllx Creakser :ECOND ROM lerrs Haney Howard :muh Ronme Barney kennerh Nhtebell laek aalmon Phrl Nhller Robert Breksler Charles l-lxneb xndx kb d hm Rxlex uarx Hrgb Allen Bennerr M ayne Cooke Drclx Akers X, 3 nuh Nlrke Coebran Lane Turner ueoree Hrneb Dames M.:Crea uene Cooper Dx-rum Hrub Nlr :nurh S ponsored b 0 4 , .' f. v 1 - 4 I' ' S A v 5 v ' 'z s , ' A s ,. ' ' 1, ' , ' '-z. ". .' j. j ,Q lj . '. ', . . . . -. . . , - ' x ' - ' ' 'I' -1 ' s '. .' ' . ' vi' ? is -F Q ' ' ' L N r h ' f -X .' J 1 r A .QL gf, f O X' P G .. A ' .. N V. , x, x L K . v n " .A --. '- -L- X' I I I Z ' ' Q ' ' - . ..' ' 1 . ' I . - ' ' - '. - , ' . . - v ', . , . V ' ' ' u , - ' - , v v vw ' ' ' Q n J' Q v I 1 n - v A A u . 1' " o cs, A ' j, ' I' 'Q' , . , ' ' ', ' ' ,Roger '1 ' ' ' ' ' ' . . . , . . . ' 1 w A ' ' b 5 . . . Pow-EL v L CLEANERS 4 Ei Ns 'T' ff- Off' 0 P f'hf'tlY'4qh7'f All 1 IRST ROW Doralou Os rn Georgta Smr Karen Wels h M c arrlyn LaRue Betty Moore Ann Flow P ers als Hubbard Marsha Danrels Sherry Baber Sharon Ward Lmda T ompson Mary Wrnebaugh Shrrley Adams Roberta Thomas Sue Sutton Sharon Flowe s SECOIND ROW ParFletcher Mary Rodrrguez Barbara Grasz PatSm1th Jeanne Funderburk Jud Owen Pans Rrle Eunrce Turner Neva Smith Lynne Addrngton artha C raver Karen Loepp Annlce Jo Landrum Avzs Crarg Sue T acker Glen ar mrth Jake Graybrll Car1H1tchcock Curt Sh 15 erwood June Pate Karen Lrttle Betty Grllaspze Lmda McClung Janrce Craw e aren Robertson Carolyn Ketchum Karen Humphrey Karma Byrd Jo Ann 'v1cCrea B b ar ara Broce Mabel Jean Rrves Helen Reazm Beverly Rane Verlee Mobra Jo ce Y Boaldm FOURTH ROW flffl R H1811 I H y erry arvey Ronnre Barnes Kenneth Mttchell Jack S I amon Jlm Toadvme GaryH1gh Allen nnett lfvayne Cooke Drck Akers Roger Smtth 'vlrke Cochran Lane Turner Geor H h e mc James McCrea enneth Turner Gene C ooper Charles Hrnch DwrghtHzgh Ph11Mtller J1mR11ey AndyRhodes Robe Bressler Brl1yCreasSer Smrth s and the boy fectv 1r1S outshogemakes pe!-at The 3 Practlc at Dodge ved that 1' rating st fol 0 te t gg geftlng Ei MuS1C ionrazllng this sat tl-1C k t e re Stl the D15 boys too buta the he dly nd is good natalie blggest a lowe belng bY 1Sf1ed loudest onsored byORD AGE R321-:RGER F E MLNCY H 21 ACY K N N .'4,7'.C,.g. 4 'A f' ' ' . 4 3 'X ue - in U . ' v N 1' ' ' F 1 bo . ' Th. , ' . . De . y . ' . . . ' F. ' I . ' . . ' . . Y 5. Y ' Y. ' . ' . ' . M . . ' . ' ' . h . 11-2 Easley, Wanda Reeves, THIRD ROW: How d S ' , ' , ' , ' . . ' . ' ' . ' . ' I Y. K . , . . - . . 1 ' . ' . Y. . Y ' . - ' . . g ' . .K . I . I D A I h I I . . I I . A .ML ' . 11 ' . ' .r KR, " Bur Mrs. Menzies- - -! rr Slumber Parry Rumor and Senior grrh Q x,,J- ' FP' P' xg , x J' "Promise you'U give us all an , Nr. Eowker "Cream rms mess up good! "Come on and gem ro work, Crawreyj' 71 r Coach giving armeric awards. -,Come On' prank, we yusr w-ani Yom pigmre ior me armua1." " somebody srore my horse, Coach." Sponso red by 2? I Q 57 A, 4.4 ' 1 .,: , ,Q 1-. tv- , f. dm I-x 5 A',g,3f,. , limj, .Sit A' 9 Clk W. 5 :r+'5lw 9' I .VX E" gl ' - Q"1QR Zi H2122 1 . ll., a 1 , 0 la? "fa ogy' vi' 'ir in fo .af ' r, 6 . .,,.0J? , , Q ...fn FIRST ROW: Charles Hinch, Curtis Sherwood, Larry Raney, Harold Abbott, Jake Graybill, Dick ROW: Jim Sagebiel, Andy Rhodes, Fred Craig, Larry Coen, Jack Salmon, Byron Johnson, Kenneth Garten, Lane Turner, Gene Cooper, Darrell Reazin, Jack Tuman, Mike Cochran, George Hinch, Tucker. REMEMBER that wonderful 1955 football season when the E, H, S, Wildcats emerged with a three-way tie for the Hi-Plains League Champ- ionship? We lost 2 games and won 7 as one of the finest teams in years played their hearts out in every game. Sublette was the first opponent to go down as Gene Cooper blocked a kick in the end zone to provide the important two points of the 9-7 score. Cochran and Boaldin scored at Satanta to rack up win number 2, by a 12-O score. Texhoma pitched a curve to the 'Cats and tromped to a 25-12 victory at Texhoma. Tuman and Cochran pushed over but just couldn't infect the team with scorin fever. Libera1's "B" team came to Elkimart and absorbed a 31-12 mauling from a vengeful Wildcat team. Cooper, Mitchell, Cochran, and Riley all romped over the goal line. At Plains the Plainsmen stopped a last minute drive on their 12 yard line to edge the 'Cats 18-14 in the Elkhart eleven's only league loss, Sponsored by FEDERA TED STORE ll' 'S l Aqlgw. .6 'f y Y' i .14 . I C 4 Q gf' 'ell --959.1 at Bild . .. ,. . 1 --. L. , - ' i ' .1!,','+wgQnv 3- .-I, -- ' - 14 --"W ' H- 7- fe - 01"-Ill? ff- sz- fa.-.fini--',.1nJ81,:f'3Q.Sr3'Q-, Rodriguez, Gary High, Billy Creasser, Roger Smith, Robert Bressler, Allen Bennett, SECOND Turner, Bob Boaldin, Don Gillaspie, Jim Riley, Jim Toadvine, THIRD ROW: Coach Charles Kenneth Mitchell, Milford Rankin, Phil Miller, Dick Akers, Assistant Coach Jack Vore, Allen D The gods of fortune smiled on the Wildcats and gave them a 7-6 vic- tory over Lakin in a real thriller on the Elkhart gridiron. A penalty canceled Lakin's extra point try. Johnson bowed easily in a 39-6 contest on the Elkhart field as Mitchell, Miller, Cochran, and Tuman hung up touchdowns. For the first time in eight years Elkhart cleaned the Hugoton Eagles in a 34-6 struggle on the Wildcat field. Mike Cochran romped over for all five touchdowns behind fine blocking by linemen and backs, Elkhart ruined Hookers' Homecoming with a 42-6 slaughter on a muddy field. Despite a need for waterwings, the Wildcat squad moved like a well- oiled machine. Coach Charles Garten said "This years' team had the one thing that separates a mediocre team from a championship club--desire. They wanted to win and they paid the price to win. They showed good sportsmanship, were good football players and well deserved their championship, It was a privilege to have been associated with them." 60260145677 .6 Qs Sponsored by X FIRST STATE BANK zewtemd 67 0603 2445665466 7096 564006 7mm 64014 7 ,,,.-4-0-',..f--4' ,Q-H' 2 P6 - Y 4 -ef'-Ib Mr' 514095 FlRbT ROW Larry Raney jerry Harvey Ralph Studebaker Allen Bennett Thelbert Hartley Billy Creasser loe Bitner Charles Hrnch Gary High SECOND ROW Butch Rneeland lack Newhouse Robert Brebsler Gene Kallaub Gail Turner Dick Rodriguez Carl Hitchcock lake Graybrll THIRD ROW Coach Charles Garten Darrell Reazrn Dick Aker: Bob Boaldrn Mike Cochran Roger Smith Lack Salmon Robert Beasley Assistant Coach lack Vore QQ 71494 7mm '22 t 38 l FIRST ROW 1 Larry Thompson Virgil Beasley lerry Akers Corky Guymon Danny Talbott, Clifford Garrett, Kenneth Lawrence, Douglas Sherwood, Keith Whisenand. SECOND ROW: Coach Clarence Newman, Ronnie Miller, Deryl Loepp, lvan Sipes, Denver Buck, Gary Higgins, Torn Gillespie, Michael Bloodhart, Larry Weeden. 5POnso1-ed B by ULTMAN BUTANE Darrell Realm Jack Tumau Mike Cochran REMEMBER the '56 Basketball season when Roger Smith Jim Sagebiel the Wildcat squad hung up a won 7, lost 9 record, Although the 'Cats were beaten more times than they won, the losses were close games. High point on the season's ticket was a 55-53 , win over our arch-rivals, the Hugoton Eagles, The game was free for the taking, with that im- portant two-pointer coming in the last 10 sec- onds. Boaldin, Cochran, Reazin, Tuman, Sagebiel, Akers, Gillaspie, and Salmon all lettered that year, Smith and Kneeland didn't quite make it, but sure helped with their cheering and clutch playing, All told, it was a very good season. emem5m7 Dick Akers Butch Kneeland Sponsored by FISHERS INC. Bob Boaldin Don Gillaspie f N ' F Q M X Af' iff BA '45 c, X' Q, A anaemia am mae emma? 05.1 54" FIRST ROW Wayne Cooke Bob Boaldm Andy Rhodes Larry Raney SECOND ROW Lane Turner Kenneth Mrtchell Phrl Mrller M1ke Cochran REMEMBER the 1956 track season when a squad of about 15 boys placed well up 1n several of the brggest meets 1n western Kansas Among therr b1ggest tak1ng po1nts was a th1rd place award at the Sterl1ng Relays when they took thxrd place rn a f1eld of 658 compet rtors from all over western Kansas Then there was the fourth place mn the Garden Crty Relays taken rn a freld of 22 schools Syracuse gave fourth place rn the1r meet to the W1ldcats although 23 schools were there Syracuse was also the scene of trxumph for M1ke Cochran who set records rn the 100 and 220 yard dashes H15 trme 1n the hundred was 10 25 and he clocked the 220 1n 23 9 for the new record Elkharts' 880 relay team also set a record that day runnlng the half mrle drstance rn 1 36 The 880 team d1d well all year tak1ng several frrsts and many seconds The medley relay team also had a good year takmg several frrsts and seconds Fleld events were the weakest pomt mn the track team but they were well taken care of cons1der1ng the s1ze of the squad Jack Tuman took honors at several meets wrth h1s best h1gh Jump gomg to 5'8 112 Lane Turner took several places mn the shot put, h1s best mark bemg out at 40'6 Jack Salmon and Andy Rhodes tossed the Javelm for the W1ldcats Andy heavrng at 128' and Jack tossmg at 148'8 1!2' Elkhart opened themr track season at Lakln March 21 Later meets were held at Sterllng Garden Crty Clmarron Syracuse Satanta and Scott C1ty Sponsored by BUCKMASTER CLINIC 29 3 H' .f- 'i . , . . f .1 .1 .4--bf V r 1 4 ' ,.... .xi -1. ,- ,.. .- Y .:""'-'3'c"3"J' -- A ', ." ' 'Z f Sf ' n n 1 ' 5 s I I 9 , - . , . , , . . , . . U . 0 I Y , . , . I l I . . . . . H , . H . . . . . ' I P I . I Y I 1 FIRST ROW Jerry Harvey Brlly Creasser Joe Brtner SECOND ROW Jack Salmon Gary Hrgh Larry Green .607 am 4-we me z P' gr 'Q un? 880 Relay Team Mrke Cochran Ph11 Mxller Lane Turner Kenneth Muchell Phrl Mrller runnrng hurdles Jack Tuman hrgh jumpmg Sponsored by QUATTLEBAUM HOME GAS 2 2, ' 2 ' as N'?15 'ilctiuities ff' ',f"':' ggax .00 ememdez Me ZnZezL'ammeaz'e7 Chnstmas Cantata Sc-ff,k-351: f own! , 4 -1... Band Mothers Mmsuel Speech C lass Play I Sponsored by TRI STATE HOSPITAL CLINIC l 0 f- I j I av- an , ul V. 4. , . "1-is NT ,B . 1 . I ' -S K .f 1 5 5 -' 1 ,-,f5'Y'A af- . I ' il ' -if 'I in ',,A 'I I I 'Wk ' f " i 5' A f N Sal Q", ff Y I 9' - ' 'iii - f ,S V I ' - . I ' f Pememdm, .. me Pate aww E Wamewmaq Zaeea Sp ored by SOUTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE hae caeze 467 iltendanta . . , emem5ez7 Mary Rodrrguez Junror C andrdate Karen Loepp Freshman C andrdate -7 In Jrm Rrley and Bob Boaldrn are escortxng june off the Football freld Crana Buckmaster Seventh Grade Candrdate Sponsored by FARMERS AND LAWYERS TITLE CO 33 1. Beverly Raney Sophomore Candldate Conme Kallaus Exghrh Grade Candldate Aw whY don't You Pick on 50619099 YOU' Own Sue' jf' H -J:-4. 1-V' yur K ,, ,1 M Recogm e an es 5 Yea Ewhan' ke u your mmd Xiarm Humj up YU 'P W eH Xeast they Xook busy ,l S iogxsored 34 A O OD STORE Wen, lheard :hat ememfez tie cmccvz cmd emma Zcmgaet' I I ln! I s X :.::l1n l xnxx ik: ' 'XKQXXX Q7 7 9 -. . ,. :Q L E , h . E 1 ,Q E uw Q . A. ' f ' EF' J? F, ' ' . . 3 EF Z it ' A I 21 5 ai 5 ,+ . . ji -7 L CQ, 7' x A ii fx 'T' Q 2 .4 E. v f. 5 5 ' g ' ' 4 ff 4 D , 9 X . I I jf f A , - ' I 12. 1 S 15- C 2 Eg if 5 E - A 3 L- 'li . 'f Q - - ' Q ff s ' sg Q 1- 3 V ' ' Af "I: " ' 'i -1 fl 212. 3 3.5 ' 11 Z4 Q 2 F . 2 Y Q 35: Fl Y ' 3 U 3 5 3 7 Q . Z0 ' 5 Eg jr: J if S-in . W . ,, we 5: N4 I ,, Q . . -.X-I s . . . 1 - n ' . I Q - I . l-qs q pit Q. A QQ. -- . X , s. , x- .-Az., 1 , 1. 5 . . . ! ' I -, ' 4- Q V, 1 n l 0 P: 5: " Q ...l- ,l'5f . , -wxw ie"xx xx I ' - - ll W' 1 541 I' J' . ' f5sO7 0- 3:122- , . QF' 1 --T I 1 , C9 -1 R29 -Er- K S ix , .':::1 'f"'-:x ll Q .5 ra :0"xx yg QA... Q -Illi- lfll 151 11 4 Q J 11 ind 0 Q mlxl ul p BL U S.: SAND in owns url 111 x ot IL Rc ll mtl 1 11. NR' MJ IFS Sug-lr Spy Q XI Ex ying Nxce 13x lm Fmdx Shop lxtcpcr Che ol xtc Dlp md 'wlxllry XX 13 K Nl One y s e Jumor Semor Banquet, Apr1l 13 The .Tumors chose Candyland as th e1r theme and carr1ed It out durxng the entlre f6St1V1t1CS The H1gh School study hall was decked out 1n cand y canes castles and candy trees Bob Boaldm acted as Master of Ce remon1es durlng the evemng Jack Salmon welcomed the Semor Class and George Hmch gave the response J1m Sageb1el pa1d tr1bute to the 1956 Seruors M1ke Cochran and Jamce Ka C l y raw ey sang a duet dur1ng the program Mary Rodmquez sang a solo After the Banquet mus1c for dancm was g prov1ded for by a Ulysses band of the lmportant h1gh l1ghts of the ear wa th I The Ulysses Da uma- nee Ba EveYYone had 3 20 nd Sponsored by CITIES SERVICE STATION Zaye? I-IO S P'S CA NDLESTICKS CAST Evert G ry Rodrlguez Howard Weatherford ross Ma ' ememfez tie endow ?Z4q7 The Class of 1956 presents HOLIDAY HUUSE A Three Act Comedy ELKHART HIGH SCHOOL AUDITURIUM APRlL1D,1956 8:00 P.M. CAST Bradley Hunter Mike Cochran Jan Hunter . . June Pate Pete Parson . . , Dick Akers Paula Parson Joyce Boaldin Jasper Oxenrider . . Jim Riley Minnie Oxenrider . Janice Crawley Clarabelle Oxenrider . . Mabel Jean Rives Buck Hammerstein . . Darrell Reazin Announcer . George Hinch Stage Manager . James McC rea Sponsored by ELKHART LUMBER CO. 602601557 S end az Sneak Za Wm, gdeam 0. Packed and KGBGY 'O 3 Sleepy? Ponralba Apartments Raise you a nickel. Sr. Louis Cathedral Hotel Colomal rn Shreveport Trouble? S POUBO1' d b WILLIAMS END ZONS Wish we 'Y efx' knew the owner A New Orlean s park. Q. 10.5 Q L On Board the President, The President, A 31 Now I ca ghbseeillg b03f, n say I've b een in the Gulf. A CHDIZOD 0 An 015 Spanish Fort 011 n Ship's Island bY s0red ORE S5232 SHOE ST ANDE jp's Island. 7 ememfez tie gczccalczazeate ewdce. L22 Kc KCHWS Revered N Mrxed Chorus smgrng Lherr numbers pr deuvgri Yu 1 nXOUf he get U K Sponsored by KEMP -PRIEST OIL CO. BAGCALAUREATZ Methodist Church sumiay xray zo. 1956 8i00 PM 'Prrweusioual March from "Ania" Yr-nh ln Jenn mmm. orgnnut lnvm'aLXon Rev li I. Wrll- Hylnn "4'mxn- Thou .Xlmighly Kruk" .Kv.d1.,. ua by Mr Bob Q. Smith I R Came, non Anrugmy rang Help ur ny nune Ro sing, Harp un zo prun- I-Ether all glorious. O'er All Vlcmrtmu. mme, and reign over ur, Arrrxrrn nf Day, 2 Coma Thou Intnrnhle W'orY1 crm on 'rny Mighty -word. mr prnynr mana Nome, um 'my pmpre mm, ,md gwe Thy word rum-err sprm or mmm. On IIA d1'!lf'tnd Sr-ripturn Readrng: Fame new Commner, 'rny sarred wlmm neu. In mm. gl-a hour, 'rnr-rr who Almighty ur. -:M me an every heart -.rm new-r from ua aww, .-I-me m Pwnr. 4 : 'run gnu One rn 'rnm rivwnffi pramen br, Hence 1-verrrrore. 'my swrf-.gn mnjeny, May we rn glory ne. .Arm rn 1-xemny Inv: Arm adore Mr. lhrxv Ka"'w,l "SHOW Me Thy Yvhy! 0 Lord" NOYHCYI "Thlnkl Be To God" DICKIIOIX Svrmull NM' D. .X NI.-K-'Hvlx Mlnl!l0r NHZILYQHP f'hllrrh Yrwzql S010 Thr Rv-.Hilrnlm ' HH1,,,,,. Jnnlce :cry crrwrfy H-'lxi'di!'li0h RPN' ff I. NK'-W' 'Recensional Mun-h from 4'Aiuia' Y.-ru Mr. :wr mmm., orpmrr 'Remain Standing for Pmcesnronal lnd Recenional :Pu The graduating class marching out ' nl ememdez Me ammenceme COMMENCEMENT Hxgh School Gymnusmm 815 PM l ro Dkhld Hlgh 55071001 BA-hd M! Bob Q Ylmllh dlreclur Niven :I Lho Danube mad Pvc Bsen Working on the Hall The Band Invmntmn lr Viral Hnnvmble lr Umncellor Lnl Wxke C01 hrln Nupl lr vfmny ul Kanau lvuuovlcl Prod klnl ll Ln xp az' Sewcce Xlurplu shermnx Ence OI' Mu! l l l s ea Phy from IH lk' e Kansas U supmnundem mmrm school- 111 Ver 51 ty Was I e N I eomlr l x umm 1 xv rl Clerk Board of Educlllon X nx x P Wotll Dmernble lu- las 14-'ml 1 hun L Hrv- Nlru nr lin lfnrl Chas nn l 1 ss of 1956 b The graduatmg c a Sponsored y DAIRY KREEM Vocal ens emble smgmg ' Now IS the Hour I O '1'...l,l1..5 Al., Ll! mms 1' .NU ,1 ri-1l,lQg...,w.AN-I." ' -' ', ' U H. llolmn Inu ll Nvv.-1 Wal' Al-,xl-V ll-rg:-u Ml-in-M I , lfrmz' . . lm,-.ll sul.. f:r...n.mll.l1 Ima" .' Ch ,. l'r.-M-mluml 1.1 4 lm- .' U llr. n-luv: U 9 , . P lf ,I 1-.N ... ..f llxplw . , .xr . . lax-my - n "fl ' sTlx 'I .lr -' ' liwm-4 mm fx I ' ,I ' 'lin -:N llxll I lu 1 '--ll" Ur'-up X Y fememfez tie Qfzcwle Zammeacement. d by TRI STATE SALES CO 42 l T SS or These Eighth Graders will soon be Freshmen in high school. SP Dk. 'x L. , f,i , '.1r' 1,-.f":n 3- Q ' 1. - ,e. f? Y X,- ,ffm xf ,ff f 4 h , ax X iix Xff"""'- i h XT XX J z'uff6"'w7 e 564006 S ez 546 good zememg S ma 4,4464 Q '39 45' 'g Ii FIRST ROW: Cynthia Baird, Lecinda Dilks, Rebecca Lybarger, Earlene Jiles, Susan Holmes, Jere White Susan Barnes, Nancy Capansky, Lana FOX, Janice Shultz, Marsha Henry, jean Sims. SECOND ROW Miss Rice, teacher, Bobby Smith, Dallas McKellips, Francis Forbes, Johnny Day, Billy Tedder, jimm Fulkerson, Raymond Penick, Donald Anderson, Jimmie Merritt, Craig Radloff, Douglas Cyr. THIRD ROW Jimmie Sims, Terry Yoder, Robert McEwen, Paul Gene Riley, Steve Roberts, Donald Talbert, Dennis Carlile, Bobby Glenn Bales FIRST ROW Bonita Wee Cynthia Wagoner Sandra Elder Connie Tedder Sheryl Swaperty Mona Daniels Sandra Lillie Sharon Goodwin Stephanie Perkins Linda Sue Cooke Norma lean Wribht Martha Jo Hancock SECOND ROW Mrs Garten teacher Lenny Kreklau Johnny Price John Stoops Douglas Burrow Steve Ridenour Ronald Randolph Steve Riley Bobby Bellomy Harold Simmons IXEIII Gates Dicky Hall THIRD ROW Wesley Heinlein Randy Ray Riley Ricky Anderson Bill Stewa jack Robertson Ralph Green Carl Vore bv' Sponsored EL ROYA L HOT 'O smwww x M, 'YQ K 113 fx sv -Nn"l' 785 X Rohn Cherry sue huns FXRST ROW Deaune McCrary Cawrn Canton Madonna Moore ay e g Barbara W ood Ann Srpes Cheryr Mene ee Wayman Shackeriord Ray Dabney Srmmre Vore SECOND ROW Mrs Sutton teacher Roger Burns Kay Rodgers Mary Ann Keepers Deona Carme Lana Whrte Becky Ryman Arma Whey Vrckte Bah 'Yrnker Waybrr ht Scott Shrauner THXRD ROW Lane Mobray Berry Smtth Tommy Schnurr Kenneth Hunter Dw rght Peut Marvrn oke d Davrd Weeden Kenneth Horton Larry Evans Gary Lockwoo if r sam a vm aww 5' EKRST ROW Mrke Swa errty, MeryrXEennett,3oy1adene Bales, Phyhrs Srpes, Pamara Orth, Krrs Arheart, fa Dean Fox, Lynniiaterson, BrUGrayb111. SECOND ROW Mrs 1-hgh, teacher, Charkey Howeh, Barbara Wrnebaugh, Vrckre Roberts, Gwen Hankey, Carta McGrnnre,ShadXey Smrth, Nancy Landrum, Bonme D ld Petrt Shackeriord, Denms Crrtser. Tr-HRD ROW. Doyre Seymour, Clyde Stoops, Srmmy Bellomy, ona , hm Anderson, Crarg Murray, Dougras Roth. S pon S O l -5 Ji, CA X K t ,Q si ii. W' - " gf 915 V' 'X X I :Z K . I, t K u 1' V 1 YQ., Qs. 1 :- , Z ' I - 'I A 1,6 V V ' Q Wi A I n v K ' ' ' V I ' I 1 . ' ' ' y ' . v . . ' ' . qg I. I' I. Co i , X I ' ' . I gals R 1 fx' 1 X f E ' X ' K ' xt Y' K Dx Y ', X X L R RA D.c FIRS T ROW A 717 Funderb 'N y Burk udy Wtlb urk Sylua Btgle Chllds tea ur Shtrle y AgnesF L ter D017 Ar 1tl1 y Fatt Judy Kay St or es Carol Ross G ald Lockwoo Larr Nusser Cathy Grlff Wtllzanls B ewart Glenms Rtle eneva Day lame C yH1nsdale onrqu ztlz Norma Mc ell lazne .st John Ke Mlchae rlen FIRS y tc arlrle SECOND RO V e Coen Susan Bennett Cynthta Nusser tps Galy Turner R H Young Jr THIRD ROW Steven nny Jenkzns K e Martm Lynn Lowrey Vtctor Trent Dona ld Morgan -Ox T ROW NM 431 il Mrs Newln n teach Sandr K Marttn G SECO er Sher lenda S ND ROW rr Po tng Sandra Raney Yvonne Turner Im cca Rutledge Pamela Talb Tommy Lttke Leonard Guymon Lttrle Susan Ryman Sandra Moore B RO Martzn Farrtngton StubbIef1 Ltnda Ra ott Ltes get Vander 111 Studeb Ernest B e Del tltef 13 Brodte Karen Coe vort Ruth nn Mc e u s Anna aker Stephen Brttt Bo yCILnkmbeard THIRD arnes c ard 11Ier Marvm Slmrlz Gary Beasl rt Chapman Er1cPerk1ns Cratg Wrllrams ey .lohnnze d bY AFE Spiszofm C DR L J 8: 16, aww '4 'Xa fd fm MPS? N "Fu-P, Ax sn I LA EXRST ROW Maune Warner Sherry Nhrcheu Deanna bhrauner Barbara Y arr Barbara 'YayXor Myrleua Cnesnur Shana EXder Bonnre Roberts Marsha Meneiee Nhcnaha Buckrnasrer SECOND ROW Mrs Sonprser reaches Sackxe Vore Pam Davrd W ade Larr Lybarger Dean T axberr Dennrs Garharr Lrnda Coen Wmrarn Grriirrn Serry Sr Kohn Max W arsn brave brewarr THXRD ROW Dennrs Xdurnpnre Daren Coen d O Br en Wa ne Harrre MrcnaeYYhornas CharXesRodrrgnez Donakd bouprser Ronard Sonprser Ra :non r y rdarord Terry Moms Gmaspre, Leon Eurs, Gary LaRue , Charlene R X R d nel. v WRST ROW Don Gian' au le O ng OW Nm yohnson, 1eacner,?aurcra Hands, ECONO R B , Ch 3 Nxmm , Gerr Snyder, Lors Srpes. S an . Karen or - ' gg dn Smewarr, Lana N5ObY8Y . Linda Goodwm' enne H ww 510095. rqomre Turner, Soe Yorges, Berry Behorny, Leroy W aybrrgnt. 'Yornrnre Terry Anderson, a Rnuedg,e,G1.enn Day - K ' :, -gy C A T. I V ' I - Dk . . ' 'I A- dv 5 4 L R IO 5 'R W W T ,, , .. W 'R A MX ' .. I 3, , ff' fi' 'X - Y . f . 1 N N . I ' A K R: xi n O 'X N 'Rf' fc. i - - 7S"Y" 36' X A 3 . 'I V 1 I I , . , ' Y ' ' I I ' ' -- ' . X1 ' . y . ' . LM Ae .Vx I J ,, . A l xv - -Q '29, X: ff 3 Q Sponsor KEL ed by LY OIL CQ. -H4 S5114 Q' 'S-.- FIRST ROW: Jeanette Smith, Sally Sutton, Sandra Robertson, Janice Raney, La Jean Stewart, Patti Bogart Glenda Hinsdale, Shirley Lawrence, Nancy Graybill, Vicki Higgins, Peggy Grasz. SECOND ROW Majors, teacher: John Keepers, Gerald Howell, Ma Ellen Carter, Sue Petit, Bonnie St. John, Sandra Se mo Janet Sipes, Melinda Bloodhart, Vicki Thompson, Robert Lowrey, Billy Smith. THIRD ROW: Eugene Adams Ted Lillie, Dwight McCrary, Robert Johnson, Gary Little, Shirley Hartley, Richard Trent, Jerry Newhouse Dan Clinkenbeard, Rick Herzberger, Stanley Wellborn d bv' s sP0nf3cgaePRODUCT ARD STAND 47 Wlvfvyyqt' - 'B 03 5 YEARIOOKS Z AN oldfftr' 1,1 PF' L, , ,.... ., :pn - ' 'Fifa rm-R. Q glmuinin . ...-,mar 1251-.-H ?.-3 if Y in 'r .W- A-'17r4"w lb 5 . n -A ' . D 'Sf' of Q is ,"'w5,. mf . 's, L., V. , if

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