Elkhart High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Elkhart, KS)

 - Class of 1955

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Elkhart High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Elkhart, KS) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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lllll UI' II ll ll L Xl- 3 'flk'll,1f'.jflI1flljlvjj fl Pll4,hl1:'- wha .1'7t'Ilf his SL hmql :alwsax s lzhrf El sxrt-.gu.'lfl1Q71l xlrxdvr- hllillflllljl ol Il1c'LI'I1L'vQ415. fa sllllslvmhg hmppirxl-ss 2. 'llfSlI'XX1JI'li, Azul ri. lJpplfr'Il111ltu-s lim' Ll5i'llll ll-.l1'11l11g3. N1 -V -1 1 N, M-.A A .13 ills slllwo L xx .I lx .xhlmlt ugh.: lIl..ll l-:.l Q- nh lim icleglls, Yhl- lLIllJ1'fw nl lwhcklur, lxucl ll1t'ilIYllJllllJll5 ol .all hllplls X.Vl1lJUI1lk'I' Us class- "'vx,llI.5. fxl.ly this sghwul l1.v.'llys L-zxjwy El uulrllally hl-.plul In-lzltlomslulpwithp.1m'hls, 1I.UI'LlSI'll121l !hl- hvsr lI1lm'I'Q5YSL,Jl tllvl1'nhLlLlr'eh lllily be els lm In l-lv sulcvuzlrclccl. A .1 - x uv,- fklely 'uv hoard ml Qdxlczirllazx, thy l luzqhs, ll1t'TL'i1LlLL'I'S, and thi- puplls Qlevclop al pflllt' 111 thzs sn huul which will prouulie' thc- l1lgl'1fSSlC1LlQll 125, ul 1Il5lI'l1L'KllJI1 and sl-howl spirit. Fxlziy this school serve to Fkflllllil old and ymlug alike of Aruerifa's Cwlllllllllllg indebted- ness to its free systcrh of pllbluf snhuols open tu all the nhilclre-rm ul' all thy peuple, Corhplinu-urs ul FlRS'l' Sl AT F E ANR di :lx Ili QE. Her strength has made us strong. Her confidence has rendered us confident. Her honor has compelled our honesty. Her devotion has inspired our devotion. Strength, confidence, honor, devotion. These things she gave to us. These things we take with us, and so to Orpha E. Smith A teacher who has truly dedicated herself, We proudly dedicate the 1955 Wildcat. Sponsored by SENIOR CLASS K W wmrm y M . 1, . v . N I if W ff ,A .... .X John Srnith . . . Gilbert Rodriguez Wayne Studebaker. Karen McClung . Barbara Leaton . Marilyn Walsh . . Barbara Sagebiel . . Wesley Bressler . Mike Cochran . . Mr. Wayne Stuart ' . Sponsored by TRI STATE NEWS L . . . .Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager . . . .Typist . . .Typist . Photographer . Photographer . Photographer . Junior Representative- . . . Sprnwur fx,x ATIO AL IIO 0Il SUCIETY vu "' -7- I Jax' L? Q' ,Wx lilo: 'I John Smith Barbara Leaton Gilbert Rodriguez Bonnie Glover Wayne Studebaker Mike Cochran VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN 4 - - I K 'O vp ii J0hf1 Smith r A K- - Gilbert Rodriguez I X "l'NS."r1 - - I o I . illlsxfll' ALL ROUND BOY ALL ROUND GIRL CITIZENSHIP BOY CITIZENSHIP GIRL ' i? fx '. -Y Q - I , ' , I X P X ' ' faq , . - . ' I I ,T ' ' 7 7 X H -. 'L xffff John Smith Barbara Sagebiel Gilbert Rodriguez Barbara Barnes BOY'S STATE DELEGATES GIRL'S STATE DELEGATE Mike Cochran George Hinch Mabel Jean Rives 1 l' Q ,g Sponsored by ' 4' STAR '-' ' LUMBER CO. .' -1 A . S ff?45:f-,Q I I--nf' I I T air' .'. Q fm, ,., ADMINISTRATION ,144 fy- 'min Pu 1 1 ' J +,' . V" '- 'Wf a . -, ,, - 'Z' me ILKMAIY runuc acnoou -Q-nr mv-rv -n . -uw-:1...n ...tn Q ...mu """"""' Eumuzr, cumue x 1 Qzmnl ,fl Hi' ' , ---1, gov 651- , 4,171 474146 Ai ffyff WLofrL6vrA.z J' ff f 'A , .tx W Mum -Q ,L eff A-ffl LM 4 f jay zz, ff, ,, wry.. if-Af jf- r- L , 1, ff -.,4 ,,g,. Z x""""Y gfgzft, ffl?-OL ' 4 IAVAL X 1 , ., LJJA0 if v"'0-4.1. g2,,.4, ff". 44 'ff , ,ov-141 f A .V 74 ,11,4,Q ,W I4,IL-fu, J ,.,,,, 'vi rsofjqfcwff- ff f e A - U J H ef ef f 71 uw 1,-pull to -5"Z2w ,5' J ficlv MOV? O U IM ,MAI f f' ' W ,wffv fu, lpn'-"'f' J Daniel C. Brandner, Superintendentg B.S. A 5 ,AL 7"'A4'4 . . , , , 1,4,fA.f4f ,,L,,rf, rn Izducauong Kansas State Teachers V, 1 f f . College, Emporiag M.A, Northwestern Tv M W , MH! jZ,e.,74aLL7 114, - U 't, Evanst , I11.g Add'ti 1 l , ,, , "ff" 'K 'f xnrwtrsl Y ' on 1 1' ona f-L , 4 M al Ydwfj ,.,,,J,4.t,,LA Graduate Work, Unrversxty of Mrnnesotag fri fly ZA b frbf. .1 University of Wyomingg University of 'MVC ' 7 4 -47 M14 Denvur. 4' 'ZJWJ' J , j 40 J 'sc-cdr, - f ,J Vyyrwxfjffvlu, J, ,fvffyc M, M4 YM Us-few? ZQ4wrX,L. A VM' fr- A .x fx 'VN if E. R. Herzberger o pf x ' -, ,v .Q ' ,lv L ' ' '!?,,sf..v'-: V st ", N ,E M, r... J" 4 ,fa if ' gf 31: A ' J U ii' W1 H H ,, , Q me . Q ww Director Hard I. 3.0 Ry sv, 3' S. 689561 Clerk 'Us V ouoor nom Sponsored by RAYMOND GATES 8: FAIRWAY FOOD STORES X.. X5 'R it-. X J :wi 5 'wa -.xt ,- ' 0 , ,V 'VN 'Rv X 'I 1 LOLA D, MAJORS Home Arts and Library, B. A. in Home Economics, Peru State Teachers College, Peru, Nebraska, M.A, in Home Economics, Colorado State College of Education, Greeley, Colorado. CHARLES H. GARTEN Coach, Physical Education, History, B. S. in Education, Central State College, Edmond, Oklahoma, Graduate Work, Denver University, Denver, Colorado. ORPAH E. SMITH Commerce, B,A, in English, Panhandle A. 8: M, College, Goodwell, Oklahoma. KENNETH FOWLER Shop and Agriculture, B. A. in Agriculture, Panhandle A. 8, M., Goodwell, Oklahoma, Graduate Work Oklahoma A. 8: M., Stillwater, Oklahoma. JACK L. VORE Chemistry and Science, B. A. in Math, B. S. in Sci- ence, Northwestern College, Alva, Oklahoma, Anderson College, Anderson, Indiana. HARRY A. VETTER Mathematics, A. B. in Math, Northwestem College, Alva, Oklahoma, Southwestern College, Weather- ford, Oklahoma, Western College of Education, Bellingham, Washington, M.A. in Math, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma. CLARENCE F. NEWMAN Social Science, A. B. Social Science, Southwestern College, Winfield, Kansas, M. S. in Education, Emporia State Teacher College, Emporia, Kansas, Graduate Work, University of Wichita, Wichita, Kansas, Kansas State College, Manhattan, Kansas. WAYNE J. STUART English and Spanish, B. S. in Education, Phillips University, Enid, Oklahoma, Graduate Work, Phillips University, Enid, Oklahoma. WILLIAM F. CARTER . Band and Music, B. M.E., Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kansas State Teacher College, Emporia, Kansas. VIRGINIA STEARNS Office and Shorthand, 8.5. in Education, Central State College, Edmond, Oklahoma. nf." f -Q. ,ov I FACULTY UQ S ' ar X t 3 'N X ...nf I -gn ,fs '4 ,!,vX , . . I .. 9 .fr 47 'ix 4-as f UUCL' J: -of f Q ,.- IW 5 'DS gn- ,pf SENIORS We Z"':' fl x J A X LA TWILLA IITESTAME 'I' We the Sen1or Class of 1955 mn the County of Morton State of Kansas berng sound mmd and body hereby revoklng all former W11lS and testamentary lnstruments of every k1nd do hereby declare th1s to be our last w1ll and testament of Elkhart Hlgh School F1rst After the payment of our just debts and expenses we g1ve bequeath and dev1se our pos1t1on 1n Soc1ety to next years Semor Class Second The members of the Sen1or Class w1ll the followmg propert1es to the follow1ng 1nd1v1duals Barbara Barnes W1lls her typmg ab1l1ty to Gene Cooper Wesley Bressler leaves h1s speed records to Howard Weatherford Mary Ann Bryant doesn't leave anythlng she's scottlsh Dave Coll1ns wxlls h1s ab1l1t to argue for Chevrolets to J W Pr1est st1ck up for them J W there are a lot o Ford men 1n town Barbara Coult1ce w1lls her qulet nature to George H1nch Abner Delay w1lls h1s tatoo w1th the except1on of Jan1ese's name to D1ck Akers Bonn1e Glover w1lls her red ha1r and ab1l1ty to catch a man to Jo Ann McCrea Barbara Leaton wllls her s1ng1ng ab1l1ty to Jan1ce Kay Crawley Jamese Martln leaves her good sense of humor to Carolyn Ketchum Karen McClung wllls her h1gh Jumplng sklll to Jack Tuman Edna Mae M1ller leaves her ab1l1ty to yell loudest at ball games to Martha Craver W1ley Osborn w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to get h1s lessons at the last mxnute to anyone that can t Gxlbert Rodr1guez leaves h1s ab1l1ty to stay away from g1rls to Kenny M1tchel1 Joe Rodnguez says 1f they'll just let h1m out of school he'll leave anythmg Barbara Sageb1el w1lls her ab1l1ty to become engaged to Joyce Boaldm John Sm1th leaves h1s Job as Annual Ed1tor and Senlor Class Pres1dent to any nut who has plenty of 1ron nerves Wayne Studebaker w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to make rotten egg gas to any next years chem rstry student who 1S w1ll1ng to run the r1sk Marllyn Walsh w1lls her ab1l1tv to get along wlth the teachers to Byron Johnson Dan W1tcher leaves h1s football su1t to Jmm Toadv1ne keep grow1ng J1m you'll make lt yet Alberta Morgan leaves her poor degenerated fountam pen to any of M1ss Stearn's future shorthand students Sponsored SINC LAIR SERVICE STATION '. . '.. . ' . D of J J . lx J X ull 5 1 3' ' ' Tx! f- by . ll K E l0Il lllllllllllll GILBERT RODRIGUEZ JOHN SMITH Valedictorian, All-Round Boy 4, Major Plays 3, 4, Glee Club 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, Boys State 3, Citizenship Award 3, Class Officer 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, V,F,W, Award 3rd, Place, 2nd, Place in Indus- trial Arts Contest at Goodwell, National Honor Society 3, 4. 'SQ A ,A Salutatorian, Citizenship Award 4, National Honor Society 4, Major 0 Plays 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Mixed fs Q Chorus 3, 4, Boys State 3, Class , Officer 1, 2, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, 'N ,I Annual Staff 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, E-ff' Basketball 2, 3, 4, All Conference l Guard in Football 3, 4, 3rd, Place Q in Spanish at Emporia Contest. .,, I f ' p KAREN MCCLUNG , aa- -. aj Class Officer 4, Major Plays 3, 4, , ' Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, V1ce'P'es1dem Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 3, 4, Queen Attendant 4, Annual Staff 4. 'TA X7 6' Secretary-Treasurer BARBARA ANN BARNES Citizenship Award 4, Major Plays 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Mixed Chor- us 1, 3, 4, V, F, W, Award 2nd, Plac Officer Pep Club 4, Class Officer 1, 2, 3, 4. ei WAYNE E. STUDEBAKER National Honor Society 4, Major Plays 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Basketball 2, Track 2, 3, Ann ual Staff 4, V,F,w, Award lst. Place, Class Officer 2, 4. Sponsored BY C. s. MCCLUNG LAND co. 'ln fi y ASK -:N 1 ' - 7 -9" A ,. President ID If Student Council A as N 13 'Te- 4 , 4 1. a ,C Vi 5: , 4, , I Q A X K ,- P U Student Council WESLEY BRESSLER Major Plays 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, Foot- ball 2, 3, Track 2, Annual Staff 4. DAVE COLLINS Honorable Mention in Book- keeping in Emporia Contest, Major Plays 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 4, Basketball l, 2: Class Officer 1. ABNER DELAY Major Plays 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3,4g Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, Class Officer 3, All Conference in Football 4, Shop Contest as Goodwell lst. Place. Sponsored NORMAN S IMPLEMENT and AUTO STORE ll l0Il fi Yi' R 'W' va BONNIE GLOVER National Honor Society 4, Pep Club 4, Glee Club 4, Mixed Chorus 4, First place in Shorthand at Goodwell Contest, Second place in Typing ll in Emporia State Teachers' College Scholarship Contest. EDNA MAE GUYMON MILLER Major Plays 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, Class Off- icer 1, BARBARA LEATON National Honor Society 4, Major Plays 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 3, 4, Queen Attendant 3, Annual Staff 4. '1 Q 3 " JANIESE MARTIN "" QQ Major Plays 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, L Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club QX MQ 1, 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Class , Officer 1, Officer Pep Club 4. 'X -ff .f , . J V T ,Q 311' 'Q s - f . f ALBERTA MORGAN MORGAN Honorable Mention in Short- hand in Emporia State Contest. Major Plays 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Sponsored by WESTERN AUTO STORE 19N xx f-Us Q E l0ll .-Q ,. N 'Q Tire .3 5 N N4 X .ill JOE RODRIGUEZ Major Plays 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Track 1, 2, WILEY OSBORN Q ,hx Major Plays 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Foot- K ' X ball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Off- fi icer 1. P N-F BARBARA SAGEBIEL Major Plays 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 1. 'Wh 'wr-M J 4- MARILYN WALSH 4 5, S Major Plays 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, , - gn Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club Q -an 1, Annual Staff 4. X. .xy r fd DAN WITCHER Major Plays 3, 4, Glee Club 3,4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 1, All Conference in Football 4, Athletic Award 4. Sponsored by ELKHART TELEPHONE CO. Ivgg '0 .4-Q A .ments The nights after ball games. L 1 Oaf' . Th chemistry 674931. mg In the halls e REMEMIIER .- AIIQ The pep assemblies and The Senior Stand The Junior-Senior Banquet class parties cr Second hour study hall The plav I 5 X OPP , px-ac U pop tori P t1ces and pl ' XC ays Sponsored by SCONY-VACUUM OIL CO. 81 GLEN'S SERVICE . .-.L '. Y, , 1 f . . .0 1 i ty? 1 2 . ,,, . 1 1 1 - X' Htl 5' .I ' 67 3 I .. Q, f' ' ' l fi X gui?- Q S V"'Su -" , .af ,. - ' S' l 'Ji qc S,-m.,,.A-J 5 93" UNDERCLASSMEN .1'?""1 et EW ULlSS -.--:zu-ll Janice Kay Crawley Student Council Dick Akers James McCrea I Erma Abbott Secretary -Treasurer UFFICERS Jimmy Anderson Fred Craig President Vice-President J U I 0 R, George Hinch Editor School Paper Jimmy Toadvine Joyce Boaldin June Pate l l Buddy Brown J, W, Priest Jun Riley Mike Cockran Billie Raul-y Darrell Rl-azin Mabel jean Rives Compliments of RIVES DRUG CO. Student Council Donald Coen Milford Rankin GLASS DFFICER Mary Rodriguez Student Council Lynn Addington J The lbert Hartley Charles Sipes Jack Salmon George Dicky President Vice-President ornomnm M Jamie McKee Reporter Kenneth Mitchell Secretary -Treasurer Bobby Boaldin Smdent Council Larry Coen Gene Cooper 1- i Earlene Carlile Barbara GIBSZ N Alice Guymon Jerry Perkins Maxine Petit Y l it r l Sharon Hitchcock Jack Riley 'Jimmy Sagebiel 6 Not Picmred U MSIY jack Tuman Murray wright Sponsored Larry by QUATTLEBAUM HOME GAS of il Harold Abbott 05? Kletis kelly Helen Reazin 3 in Gale Turner xo , -.:.4 I I Ronnie Barnes 5 5-0 5 Shirley Little ,nr I 1 - I Leona Ross if W . - Sue Thacker '27-'I' - A f "tx ' ld . ,1 V?"-is '-'75'r' x '3F'b' 1 . K .ad x , ' . A Q' 1 1. Lab, ll I I r . Jimmy Castor : Nicky Cooke Martha Craver Johnnie Davis 1 . , - , . E' Verlce Mobray Jo Ann McCrea Jackie Mitchell Clifford Rankin ..,..I -1 - 1 ' x10 vs '.,' I I Y "r 6 l IL' X F21 .1 -n l Virgil Garnett . 'V Beverly Raney QF l Jimmie Ryman ' 1 Curtis Sherwood Howard Smith Sue Sutton Betty Talbott N ' -va Karen Welch 4 . x, I fx Q6 W X l' M1 I x , 5 1 , - GN Q. 4- V , - ,Q ng. ', -' 4 -r -v 5 4' R X - . .wr 1 Q 4 - X ' Q r R 2 f ' A . -, - A li Shirley Adams Robert Beasley Allen Bennett . Robert Btessler Verlon Childs ' Verlona Childs Billy Creasset V I J I 1 . gg .-- ni -1 - ,- , ' 3 ' 0' "rv 'ff-nl .Q-,F Gas "',' gi fm: , J 'X ' , , 1 K 'U' 7:0 'dx Ind' I I ' Bernard X S -' ' ' ' ' . G - G ' 'b Farrington Ernest Farrington Larry Green y Jake Graybill Glenn Horton : Rowena Horton Gene Kallaus -.-.-.--.. 4.- 4 , , 7, r--mn Q., . Q.. Z- -J 4? 2, ,T -- 4. 1- A -v 'F . 5 X V . I' 2 ' A Y , - ,f - G' .- X i 3 f R si . f V s 1 f , . Caroln 'wiv' Y U ' Ketchum Annice Landrum Dan LaRue dl Evelyn Lawrence Karen loepp Carol Morgan Lmda !wicC1un 4 Q. ' 31: K I, Esther Petit Q Larry Raney N I Glenda Vandervort I I il ' v . v K 2: 'R "lbs Bruce Anderson "1 'ui .ia - 3, ,Y .., I 'mifwf ,X V karl Gilbert , 2 Michael Bloodhart f , X wif x Betty Gillaspie iv ,, x ,vw ,a .o'U- I v It 1r I -1 4 -v- '? , "' V' H Y j I V, liagryw- . -. , - , Sv ' 1 '. fa P! V Denver Buck t Carol Sue Castorl 'I 4. A- .Q 1- ', X . . 1 l'hfrnas Gillespie Corl-cy Guymon f,.r vu ,Jr v 6 YG "X fx 5. 3 x' 1 if x I X Karen Little Deryl boepp Jhirle y Davis ,A A Q fi 5 P Ethel Hartley , .N -QIQQ -.. L vw-t l :haron Neill Jimmie Dai. . -- -. ,.,. X 'f rt 'V' ' l , f t , S K Q Gary Higgins fr ' ,., - Karen Robertson 1 J v"" ,J 1 G, , , 91 'Q XJ Will: -1 Gibbons a-J -fi 5 . 4 1- Esau Nancy Howell 41' UO,.-lrz. QIMOO 'W we -.,,v Y g-. 7 W ' 1 Connie Kallaus , Marilyn LaRue .E ,Q 77 fy - , N i if ' ,Q A, l Y 1 Q, 'a . 'x .fi.L fa Ivan Sipcs 1 Neva Smith Erizia Taoert Myrna Talbott Melvin Terry L.noa Thifpgaf. Bl Gil IQ l 'L ia Kay QQ all-13138 lt 1 A Bm '? IJ' Y ..., 3 Fl. T 4'-S f T V What Cha doingg Q.,- "Aw right, who done it?" -11-1 Q ' a -x 'Lx -W fl ffif 6re's "Coffee tlme one Wrong- " "Look at the birdie. " - 'Es' 320, .K v m,unW'. if 'fs XHWKN U dner"' "It looks very nice" "June what M . Bran ' , d H 'Not so fast, T Sponsored by BOMUD you 0? Q "' ,ff Q IU :: IN I: vor: jfs JOHNSON 0 RGA NI ZATI NS , f' fl' X Z-5 2 ix WW ,X 5 N X X , X j l'-5 TUIIENT CIIUNCIL The Student Council, the student body policy-making group has a representative form of organization. Each of the Senior High classes elects one boy and one girl to represent their class and one student is elected from each ofthe Junior High classes. The Council sponsors student elections, the all-school parties, student assemblies and awarding of honors. The largest project of the Student Council this year was the sponsoring of Homecoming Week. The officers are elected within the Student Council, by se- cret ballot Waync Studebaker is President Jim Toadvine is 'vice President and Karen McClunO is Secretary Treasurer The Student Council is sponsored by the principal Mr Brandner .J gr c I L. L F43 " V U' e , -,E but 3 Kc, 5, HQ Cro- VI Bumper Mars". Da 16 1 :po so Vvli. "S 5 S NS so-4 ELKHAHT HIGH IHXII wilt. Twirlers fleft to rightl Georgia Srttith, Linda McClung, Shirley Adams, Drurn Majoretteg Barbara Sagebiel FIRST ROW: Mike Cochran, Jack Salmon, Dick Akers, Jim Toadvine, 'Wayne Studebaker, George Dickey, Eana Mae Miller, SECOND ROW: Barbara Barnes, 'Yerlee Mobray, Allan .Toe Bennett, Larry Green, Xletis Rt-llex, Janiese Martin, Karen McClung. THIRD RO'-V: Mabel ,kan Rives, Robert Bressler, Mlph stude- Faktr, Jo Ann MeCrea, Glenda Easley, Carolyn Xftchxiiti, Jax-cc Fate, FOURTH ROMI June Pate, Karen bacpp. FIFTH RON: Barbara Qoulnce, Barbara lfcarsn, Annice Joe garidrurr., Kenneth Turner, Larry P-AUCY. H0103 RS-Hifi. Sue Sutton, Farsi' Riley, Ii: Rvnian, Jovce Bcaldin, Direc'or: Mr. Billy Floyd Carter CNN: Picturcdi Sponsored by KELLY OIL CO. 20 v GIRL ' Ullllll UPU r ,wwf i 51 fag N FIRST ROW fleft to ughtj Edna Mae Mrller May Rodnguez June Pate Mabel Jean Rrves Joyce Pate GertrudeColl1ns B111eyRaney SECOND ROW Beverly Raney Glenda Easley Bonme Glover Patsy Rrley Barbara Leaton Barbara Barnes Verlee Mobray Karen McClung, Helen Reazm, Sue Sutton, Shxrley Adams Georgla Smuh THIRD ROW Lrnda McClung, Eumce Turner Carolyn Ket h c um., Jamre McKee Iamce Kay Crawley Mary Ann Bryant, Lynn Addmgton, Leona Ross Ahce Guymon Sponsored by WESTERN IMPLEMENT CO 21 ,4 . .4 , AY F - -'1 :iff rx If ' Q f.. T -t A C I 4 ' - ,xr I. I K, fn,-ff xl is JT Tcl 'T JJ , ni H 2 rd, ' fff F 1 ' 5 if-l , l b A 4' , P ' I :.fA wi, jf' l xl' ,fy ,Hy M + w xl t,X g ' Kill I-!'2F!:al V ' l 5 I 4 . . kg Billy Raney Mike Cochran Janice Kay Crawley Vocal Soloist Vocal Soloist Vocal Soloist I rating at district Sponsored by ADDINGTON JEWELRY and state festivals. www N' Barbara Leaton P1ano Solo -Q i .Tune Pate P1ano Solo K-X Mary Rodmguez Vocal So1o1st Edna Mae M11ler --44 Vocal So1o1st Sponsored 5 M1ke Cochran T rombone Solo I L 'ULU XAQSF , f 4 f ' f, 4-, Q! Ag it I1 fl N V -Q 1 ' . Y . Xi! 1 . ' " V ' K 4 I ,Q B AV r 4 1 ' Q l '4. . N D V ' 1 A , ff , by .I H IDEALFOODSTORE ' PEP CLUB Mi Jung Pate Barbara Sageblel .wfvocfn 'Umar' M5911 FRONT ROW Cleft mo rightj Nancy Howell, Doralou Osborn, Marsha Danxels Georg1a Smlth Sue Thacker Shlrley Adams Karen Boaldin, Sue Castor, Betty Moore Manlyn LaRue Lmda Thompson Wrlma Grbbons SECOND ROW Helen Reazm, Verlee Mobray Avis Craig, Conme Kallous, Carol Morgan, Karen Humphrey Neva Smxth Jean Jones Gemude Collms B1ll1e Raney Joyce Boal din Beverly Raney THIRD ROW Barbara Grasz Sue Sutton, Manlyn Walsh, Barbara Barnes Karen McClung, Martha Craver Esther Petit, Mabel Jean Rives, Betty Grllespie Patsy Rrley Anmce Joe Landrum Karen beopp Barbara Couluce Ethel Hartley FOURTH ROW Joyce Pate Janiese Marun, Barbara Leaton, Glenda Vandervort, Lmda McClung, Maxme Peut, Bonnxe Glover Eunice Tumer, Karen Robertson, Alice Guymon, Iamre McKee Lynn Addmgton Alberta Morgan, Mary Ann Bryant Edna Mae M1ller Mary Rodriguez Jamce Kay Crawley Sponsored by FISI-IERS INC 1 x , X - Q 1 1 ' t , ' , fl It V Y A . -, xl. f Q lm- 4 X A W '1 .4 ' J N 1 A , 4- ,lf , 'mf nz -N '-Q' A. f n . 'U .ya v I ,, 15' . M1 gf'-.-Q , ' -' Q 4. AI 4 I - A "1 ' -- f' ""'. A m , Y , I Q .y i. 1 . . . ' Rx ,A -1'K?, I ' ' "' ' 9.1. ' , "' s . -. , ' ' 1 X-'. , 1 ' , 1- ' ' H, U aj' A . .N I , 0 mtg? ,I . ,yu -' , 'P' ' -. X. .u-:Ji - PO ls- .- ,,. Q1 Q -., 1 , A S . , I hit., .V 1 : . . 1 Y - . ' u V di M ' .. t 1 , h Y, I N 4 ' ' B ,M I-: f '4- .liyy . fb, ,X-I-ff'J . K ' '.,f. 'W -' ". 'OM' "' ' ' ak f-A. ' ii , . 1 A . 4-'V Q , .. .1 Q-. , -H 5 . I -Q, , , In , 1 If ,li .1 1' . qi 2 ' ' L . ' .44 "rf -A Q 5 1 Q , if I JJ up .,f..s. .V . l in tx """"' x ' ' ., ' Y if , QQ' nf- ' . ' ' Q' Q I L , 5,1 x fy! Xffrx f l -P--'P' l+00TlllLI t0liFll0lllll The W1ldcats opened thexr l954 football Season at 3pr1ngf1eld Colorado The game was very exc1t1ng w1th the W1ldcats commg from behlnd tw1ce to w1n Z0 9 Jlm Sageb1el opened the scormg by takxng a 35 yard pass from Mxke Cochran and crossmg the goal lme Dan Wltcher scored a 5 yard u and M ke ocnran ended the scorlng w1th a 45 yard burst up the m1ddle The W1ldcats opened at home thelr next game aga1nstSatanta and won a hard fought battle IZ O After a scoreless f1rst half the W1ldcats broke the 1ce on a 12 yard pass Cochran to Sage b1el Late IH the f1nal per1od Jlm R1ley romped over from the 10 yard l1ne to f1n1sh the scorlng The W1ldcats moved on to Sublette and were downed 28 7 1n hard fought game that saw the Cochran to Sageb1el combmatmon cl1ck aga1n for our only score The W1ldcats returned to the1r home f1eld where they met the Texhoma Red Dev11s and were beaten l9 7 Jlm R1ley Scored the only touchdown on a 10 yard burst off tackle The game w1th Plams had one of the w1ldestf1n1shes seen mn Elkhart for years Although Plamns won 1D the last seconds of the game the W1ldcats were 1n the game all the way and except for a couple of bad breaks would have won Cochran opened the scor mg on the f1rst play that the W1ldcats ran by takmg a pass from Wxtcher and scamper1ng 80 yards for the fxrst score Late mn the 3rd quarter after a 45 yard dr1ve Wltcher slashed off tackle or 8 yards and the touchdown Wxth Z mlnutes to go 1n the game and the W1ldcats 6 po1nts behlnd Cochran took the k1ckoff on h1s own 8 yard lxne and traveled 94 yards to score That t1ed the score and seconds later Pla1ns scored aga1n to beat us The game w1th Lakm was a very frustratmg game as the W1ldcats had 2 touchdowns called back because of penalt1es and the game ended 1n a 6 6 t1e W1tcher scored on a 3 yard plunge off tackle The Wxlcats played Johnson on the1r fleld and af er fumblmg and drawmo penaltles the f1rst half of the game they settled down to beat Johnson 26 13 W1tcher scored 2 touchdowns on a 3 yard plunge and a 50 yard screen pass play Cochran scored the fznal two touchdowns on a couple of 10 yard end runs The Beaver Dusters came to the W1ldcat's f1eld and after a rnxghty b1g scare emerged a Z8 13 vrctor The W1ldcats scored f1rst on a 64 yard punt return by Cochran and late 10d W1tcher took a screen pass from Cochran and slashed 46 yards for the T D Beaver scored Z touchdowns 1n the last quarter to pull out the w1n A very rough game was on tap w1th Bolse Cxty as the W1ldcats ga1ned another t1e 7 7 The only W1ldcat score was a Z yard plunge by Cochran The fxnal game wxth Hugoton was a thrxl ler as the Eagles came out on top of a 20 Z6 battle Dan Wltcher capped a brlllxant sen1or season by scormg all 3 W1ldcat touchdowns A number of boys other than the above ln the 3rd per R l914 Sprlngfle ld Satanta Sublette Texhorna Pla1ns Lakm Johnson Beaver ECURD W1ldcats W1ldcats W1ldcats W1ldcats W1ldcats W1ldcats W1ldcats W1ldcats SL rl!! D vp l. Sponsored fl ,.' . If l .gf ' vzfgsll' BUCKMASTER CLINIC n s Q ' mentwned were outstand1ng Those bemg Bob Boaldm Lane Turner Mxlford Rankmn George Hmch John Smlth Abner Delay and G11bert Rodrlguez Delay Wxtcher and Rodrxguez Boxse Cxty Hugoton were chosen on the All Conference Team v by Coach Garten 'Q Wzldcats W1ldcats F' W 1 y 1 y 1 1 l 7 1 4 . . - , a 7 . . - , - gf? N . . '. . . ' fe N . ' . f 1 I. , . .-J , . .- ' ' .' . f H , - 2 . . 44 . - . n . nm A M, ' - . . L y .... y M . . , Z0 ' 0 ' 12 . Z8 ' 7 ' ' ' - 19 ' 1 - ' Z4 ' 18 . . . . . , 6 , 6 ' ' - 13 ' Z6 ' Z8 ' 13 ' ' . ' ' ' 7 ' 7 ' . g , ' ' .U ze ' zo F00 BALL QUAD J. FQ, Qi , s . FIRST ROW: Qleft to rightj Manager, Dave Collins, George Dickey, Joe Rodriguez, Kenneth Turner, Byron Johnson, Harold Abbott, Clifford Rankin, Ronnie Barnes, Curtis Sherwood, Howard Smith, Jimmy Castor, Kleris Kelly, Manager: LW. Priest SECOND ROW: Jerry Perkins, Kenneth Mitchell, Darrell Reazin, Dick Akers, Fred Craig, Gilbert Rodriguez, Bob Boaldin, Abner Delay, Larry Coen, Wiley Osbom, Jim Riley, Jim Toadvine, Larry Gillespie. THIRD ROW: Assistant Coachg Jack L. Vore, Jack Salmon, Milford Rankin, Gene Cooper, Dan Witcher, Lane Turner, Mike Cochran, Buddy Brown, George Hinch, Jack Tuman, Jim Sagebiel, John Smith, Coach, Charles Garten. vf mx Abner Delay All-Conference Guard Co-Captain W P Rodriguez erence Guard for two years .f .V , Dan Wi c er C0mP1iI1'1CI1tS All-Conference Back Of Co-Captain BERT ELDER INSURANCE Bob Boaldin Darrell Reazin Gene Cooper Quarterback Center Left Tackle 'Q J . 'vi I ,gl Jim Riley J Turner Right Hauback Right End .,. M Tackle 1 .14 These Se De lay, xe 292229 I 1 ' 1- 1 P 1 X . ff- N' -e" ' V s , . are-, Joe Rodriguez moss will be lrsr from the Squad, Gilbert Rndriguez, Ab John irzirh, ice Rodriguez, Dan '-Yircher, and iley Osbom. 1.-1-4 ,. nt ef 1 A 9 "'-al:-EIS' '-in --.f.-K- - , A-,'.. - .. aders at a ballgame. J erry Perkins Mike and Dick at :he Sp:-zrzgfield game. ,- .1 4.. ,, ,---- --:,--.-- I ack Salrnon v- - -.W AEYLEIS 1. ...FEET Szczszref :ir O'ain'EX'S 'ff-E.I.IT'.' ani SLE?-.?.lT'I'S CAFE Karen McC1ung Semor Atten Glenda Easley Spear Bearer a i ll0MECOMI G 'B--F Georgla Smlth dant Freshman Attendant Jamce Kay Crawley Homecommg Queen Sponsored by BLOODHART DRUG COMPANY Doralou Osborn Spear Bearer ll0MECOMl G AP "" ho Jan1ce Kay after be1ng They did-UW know W crowned Queen. EVerY0He is hap the Queen was ' PY' 1 9' '? Eff - . 1 ' I A 5 , The Seniors being introduced. BUS Mertes, head coach at Dan enjoys the banquet K-State and Coach Garten deep in thought. What do you see, Joe? Sponsored by CHARLOTTE SHOP and ELKHART BEAUTY PARLOR 19a1195' 1111 1xI1Tl111LL CHEIIIIE The W1ldcats started the season off on the r1ght foot by dumplng Walsh 46 31 They dropped the1r next two games to Moscow and Plams They bounced back to defeat Yarbrough 43 42 after tra1l1ng by twenty po1nts at one tlme ln the game They traveled on to Syracuse where they won thexr th1rd game 54 46 That was the last v1ctory for the W1ldcats The rest of the games were well played but the Wxldcats just couldn get the range After lead1ng Satanta nearly all the game the lnd1ans scored several pomts 1n the last few mmutes to defeat the Wmldcats by two pomts That was typ1cal of a lot of the games M1ke Cochran was the lead1ng scorer for the W1ldcats th1s season Mlke Cochran Dan V111tcher Jack Tuman Darrell Reazln D1ck Akers J1m Sageb1el George D1ckey and Bob Boaldln all played out stand1ng ball for the W11dcats th1s year Only one player w1ll be lost from the squad that be1ng semor Dan W1tcher Next years team w1ll have the benef1t of th1S years exper1ence and they w1ll have depth W1th the depth and exper1ence the W1ldcats should have a very f1ne season next year Walsh Mo scow Pla1ns Yarbrough Syracuse Moscow Hugoton Rolla Johnson Lak1n Johnson Walsh Satanta Rolla Sublette Ulysse s 19.14 19.15 1199111111 Wlldcats W1ldcats Wxldcats Wlldcats W1ldcats W1ldcats W1ldcats W1ldcats W1ldC8tS W1ldcats W1ldcats Wlldcats W1ldcats W1ldcats W11dcats W11dcats LEAGUE TOURNAMENT Rolla W11dcats DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Tr1bune 58 W1ldcats Sponsored by STANDARD MILLING CO. F X T v J 1 . K 6 J . . It V 1 31 ' 46 45 ' 39 ' 59 ' 38 42 ' 43 46 ' 54 57 ' 44 52 ' 46 70 ' 40 73 ' 47 ' 55 ' 42 61 ' 44 74 ' 57 53 ' 5l 43 ' Z9 63 ' 35 77 ' 36 50 ' 31 ' ' 36 Q X'cf1 r V x D21 I1 W itclxcr J :ic k 'I' umalx Mike Cochran Darrell Reazin D1L1N.xkerS Cvuzird I orwurd Cfcutcr Forward Guard fgxa ,ab- -qnm .XYJ Www . 4' FIRST ROW: Ucft to righrj Dick Akurs, Jack Tuman, Miko Cockran, Jim wagr-blrl, Buddy Brown, .NIAQONU RO I Jack Vore, Jack Salmon, Darru1lRcazir1, Dan Witchcr, George Dickwy, Nickcy Cooks. --H-we-veg ' 1, f l:':: EW' ,F 1 ., ' .- P , ' . 'R U N- .,, is F 1 .N gxgfkggx W :JI ol. V355 ' M W' ' 39535. No .x 'sg X .f, 'W , ' , Va., f George Dickey f A. .T IIN Sngcbml Guard Forward xdn Lenfer orxx . Buddy Brown Jac i -K .1 x H ..x'Nvx.xN bnom ornd bx DAIRX IXREKEXI , ' i , , . ' H-I lllllll Jai 11 1 , . fl , m W4 , ,, . .DM I . . no , 'las C' "I FIRbT ROW Qleft to rrghtj John bmrth Donald Coen Buddy Brown, Darrell Rcazrn George Drckey SLCOND ROW Coach Charles Garten, Jack salmon, Grlbert Rodrrguez Gale Turner Nrcky Cooke Jrm Toadvrne JH FII OP I,.23' 'mm f qu:say,.,..,"iK- FIRST ROW fleft to rrghtj Douglas Sherwood Mrchael Bloodhart Jake Graybrll Gary I-Irgglns Jerry Akers Corky Guymon bECOND ROW Ivan Srpes Butch HltChCOCk Robert Bressler Glen Horton Allen Joe Bennett, Denver Buck THIRD ROW Coach Charles Garten Larry Raney Gene Kallous Verlon Chrlds Dan LaRue Larry Green Drck Rodrrguez Robert Beasley 34 1H l11L 1959 tr iclx season W is a good one for the V11ldcats Wlth several good pc 1fo rm 1111 L lNll1XL C OL1ll 111 srored 111 all the ten meets plac1ng 1n the 100 ZZO relaxs and broad Jump Kenneth M1t1hell was a f1ne performer 111 the half m1le w1th h1s best performance 1011111115 as a Z 10 effort at the C1marron Relays .lack F1 uman cons1ste11tly won the h111hJump w1th h1s best effort be 1n 5 fect 10 lnches at the K U Relays Dall W1tcher 1n add1t1on to runnmg 1n the relays always placed 1n he top 4 111 the 1axel1n throw Ph11 M1ller ran the low hurdles the 880 yard run and the quarter m1le 1n the medley relay George D1ckey placed th1rd 1n the pole vault1n the league meet and ran 1n the m1le relay Cnlbert Rodriguez ran 111 the m1le relay .T W Pr1est ran 1D the m1le relay along W1th Kenneth Turner JIITI Sageblel Lane Turner and Bob Boaldm m1ssed most of the season w1th 1nJur1es Thay all ran the 440 and 22,0 .lack Salmon as a bophomore made a f1ne ShOW1Hg IU the 5avel1n throw W1ley Osborn made a f1ne show1ng 1n the 880 and medley relay Cochran M1tc11c ll Osborn M1ller and Tuman represented Elk l1art at the state track meet at Lawrence sponsored by CASSE1. DRILLING co af BULTMAN BUTAN15 and EQUIPMENT co 35 '11111'11 " 11111111 1 J 1 1 1 .g 2. . . .. . . . .- t ' jf' . I fn JF 1 g ff- 'I'lHI'I1 UUIWII 1111111111111 w Q di va 1111111 111111 1911 11111 111 up 1 1 N 11911 V1 BJIII 1 1 L x I 1 L 1 X D 51 111 vu 1 3 6 2' 5 ,A 1 75, , ,X r 'a H261 xox-1: C1 f 11 my P111 1 zk 5 1 , G1 xf"'I1iLY, 1m 1' JJ' , "'111-111.1 W1 A luhsjy OSU . wIiCQOIi'lROWLCOJCI1 Charl 'S G41rtA11, Jacl'T1111.V1, M114 ' C11 'h1'41n, D311 Vitchcr, .1111 2111.1-1, J lhg R1 '1'1g11 L, ir- ,- ' ACTIVITIES TM Etta Moten, "Porgy and Bess" star, entertains. The play cast for the Freshman assembly, Mary Rodriguez is doing the entertaining at a pep assembly. TLEMHLIE. Barbara Barnes, Karen Mc- Clung, and Mary Ann Bryant singing"Shortin'Bread" at the Senior assembly. 13 .Lvl , it An assembly in the office. Wes and Ab, the two darkies, in the Senior assembly. Part of the faculty at a pep rally. F3 N This lady told us about Japan. Sponsored by TRI STATE SALES The cheerleaders are in the huddle. fir' THE SENIOR CLASS OF ELKHART HIGH SCHOCDL Mr. Morlock Mrs Morlock Mary Morlock Jessica Morlock CAST John Smith Barbara Lelaton Barbara Sagebiel Marilyn XValsh Presents Mildred Karen McClung Joe Lanconi David Collins Luigi Lanconi Gilbert Roclriqucz Martha Lanroni Alberta Morgan Lucifer Dan Witcher Miss Akers Barbara Barnes By George Flew Wayne Studebaker Mrs. Schmaltz Janiese Martin Donald Payton Dr. Brown Abner Delay Mr. Black WVesley Bressler Jake Wiley Osborn Mrs. Frink Barbara Coultice Stage Manager Joe Rodriquez March ll, 1955 Difectol' Mr. Kenneth Fowler 8:00 Assistant Director Miss Virginia Stearns Sponsored by POWELL CLEANERS :4'! I i 1 Mable Jean RIVGS Mrs Weatherburg IPNIUR CIIYY PRFYFNTY THRFE UWB ICT PIIYY Cast: Blllle Raney lun IHHY If Hunt Mak? MP Laugh Janlce Kay Crawley Ern a Abbott Joyce Boaldlr Donald Coen M1ke Cochran Stage Crew Cast H1g 1 School Curl I-hgl School Glrl Mot mer College Curl Hollywood Scout Hlgn School Boy Cast: George H1HCll Jlm Toadvlne Buddy Brown Darrell Reaz1n JIITV Rlley James McCrea Thr llant YldIYS Just S1X college boys puttlng on a play June Pate Mrs Weatherburg's s1ster Fred Cra1g D1ck Akers Mllford Rankln J W Pr1est Edna Mae M1ller The She r1ff Stage Manage r Adve rtlser Advertlser Announcer Spec1a1 Muslc by Blllle Raney M1chael Cochran Janlce Kay Crawley Lui ihy ese snaps are from "Blue Jeans Curl Sponsored by BEULAH'S BEAUTY SHOPPE JU l0li- Il l0Il BA IIUET C 'N URPENTAL -11 :P3f':5l: -. .117'j',"g-:-f -:J-l-win L ,1...-. " ff ' PRooRAM MENU .5 33 l. V Talker: Muchee: Fuy Tu Yu. : ' . Cherry Blossoms chop-"Chop5uCk Melodies" i AT rj7f53'W up 1 x 1 S -"Soo Happeeu H ' T -...I-himkee, Honorable Ones.. . n A w QW Chicken Chow Mein Jade Gems I -"I Singee Mucheeu c 'ANA Lotus Blossom Salad C..CUf.5.. - n uclus Ong Fruit of the Good Earth K --"Kozow to Our Honored Ones" KS ' ' J '- Q :gl 1' Poppy Seed Rolls Chopsticks S -"See No Evil" - "Hear No Evil" , t 4, "Speak No Evil" "By Honorable Vfisc Ones" Emperors Delight Cantonese Tea On April 29th. the Seniors were the guests of the Juniors at the Junior-Senior Banquet. The study hall was very attractively arranged. ln fact you would have thought that you were anywhere except in the study hall. The snaps at the bottom of the page show how the study hall was decorated. The Oriental theme was followed throughout. The Master of Ceremonies for the event was George Hinch. Jim Toadvine gave the Welcome and John Smith followed with the Response. Mabel Jean Rives gave a speech on what the Senior Class had accomplished the past four years. Coach Charles Garten was the main speaker for the evening. Mike Cochran, Jim Toadvine, Janice Kay Crawley, and Billy Raney sang several songs. Linda McC1ung played Oriental music on the piano throughout the evening. Sponsored by KEMP-PRIEST OIL Melinda Bloodhart and Stanley Welborn doing one of their popular numbers These three young ladies are doing a fine job of entertaining, Janice Kay and Mike doing one of their skits. Everyone had plenty to eat. Part of the boxes. KREEM BURGERS ' 1138. Lo..-T .ip - 1:-I' " .J -.JN ' 'K ll Nearly every student visits the Dairy Kreem once a day. Sponsored by DAIRY KREEM AIHIU ll UIHIUL What? Eating again. V 'Vp ,. Mr. Brandner wins ugliest man contest. ' f'1f'y' ,f """ 171.1 .......-, , A 1 1 ,W L 5 I V, 1 A- ..Jl.V'wiI -1. lv Anybody want a hotdog? '.EiHfgf"f I A V' , - , A , . A A-T-' I x " Y ,..- ' -Y K ' 1- ' If' 7 , 5,-5--A fffff' L. .y AA . ,f A? Scandal! Scandal! Wink eff 59 U 'Q YW T ' '. I , 4 .1 gn.. .. 4, wang ' ' T ,, f...,,- ' I u i 5 The new style. Tramps in school '? 0 gl' 'N' A couple of chemistry students goofing. Mattie and Mrs. Neill dishing out chow. Sponsored by TRI STATE HOSPITAL CLINIC .13- Luke "The Librarian" .ENHIR TRIP T0 DENVER ' s .J I , I - H f. -fi M, - r J .A ' wi if 4 " .9 .. Nffff: Seniors had a surprise party for Mr. and Mrs. Vore on their 10th Wedding Anniver- sary. X14 fi. 'SS J? X, ,. 1 f V n 264 Wi 1 if 1 - Q .im Mrs. Vore feeding Mr. A couple of buddies. Vore the first piece of Cake. W' x T X I V K J V' Alberta, how did you What a hat! Anybody care for some pie? end up down there. Sponsored by SOUTHWESTERN PUBLIC and FARMER'S and LAWYERS TITLE CO. , INC. fp SAP 0F S EAK V' 'J' xxx N x '3 nl? QQ 0- ! inf qv1b'a7 . Almost ready to go! In the bottom of Royal Gorge. N 55' "Oh Hum" Favorite pastime in the "Gossiping" Shirley Savoy. 4,.f 5 - Our Sponsors 44 I Say there, whats going on? BAUCALA REATE HIGH SCHOOL CYMNASIUM sunday, May 15, 1955 8:00 P. M. Processional? "Pomp and Circumstance" Elgar June Pate and Linda MCClung Invocation Rev. R. L. Wells Hymn "Come Thou Almighty King" Audience Led by Billy Floyd Carter l. Z. Come, Thou Almighty King Help us Thy name to sing, Help us to praise: Father, all glorious, O'er All Victorious, Come, and reign over Ancient of Days. 3. Come Holy Comforter Thy Sacred witness beiar, In this glad hour, Thou who Almighty art, Now rule in every heart, And ne'er from us depart, Spirit of Power. Scripture Reading Father Henry Balster, Come Thou lncarnate Word, Cvird on Thy mighty sword, Our prayer attend: Come, and Thy people bless And give Thy word success: Spirit of holiness, On us descend. 4. To Thee, great One in Three Eternal praises be, Hence evermore. Thy Sov'reign majesty, Ma we in glory see, And, to Eternity, Love and adore. Romans, I, 18-Z5 St. Joan of Arc Church "Dear Land of Home" Sibelius "Now Let Every Tongue Adore Thee" Bach Mixed Chorus directed by Mr. Carter Sermon -- "Co-ordination Between Religion and Reason" Father Balster "From The Throne So High" Gluck "The Year Will Soon Be Ended Schultz Girls Glee Club directed by Mr. Carter Benediction Rev. Wells Recessionalff "Pomp and Circumstance" Elgar June Pate and Linda McClung :1fRemain Standing for Processional and Recessional QW, Q Q gm The seniors after marching in for the Father Balster delivering the Baccalau reate Sermon To the left IS Rev Wells n or d b ELKHART INSURANCE AGENCY and to the fight is Mr' Brandner UUMME UEME 'I' HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM Monday, May 16, 1955 8:15 P. M. Processional "Coronation March" Skornicka Elkhart High School Band Billy Floyd Carter, Director "The Golden Eagle" Walters "Gypsy Baron" Strauss The Band Invocation Rev. Millard Carlton Minister, First Baptist Church "Ha1ls of Ivy" Arr. by Claude Williams Vocal Ensemble Address "If I Could Start Again" Philip B. Gilliam Judge, The Juvenile Court Denver, Colorado Vocal Solo "I'll Walk With God" Brodszky Billie Raney Presentation of Class Daniel C. Brandner Superintendent of Schools Presentation of Diplomas E, R. Herzberger Board of Education "Now is the Hour" Stewart Vocal Ensemble Benediction Rev. Carlton Recessional "Coronation March" Skornicka The Band -..HN GRADE Cll00L CIIMME CEME 'l' High School Gymnasium Tllt'SLlilj', May lf, 1955 8:00 P. M. l'1'oc'4-ssioiizilii t'l'U1'4lll2lliHll Mziiwli' Skoriiirlizi Elkhart Junior High Band Billy Floyd L':ii'Ioi', Dlll2l'lUl' lnvovation Rl-v. Millard Carlton Minister, First Baptist Church l,lilllO duet HCHIIIID of Glory' Holst Michael Bloodhart and Denver Buck Vowal trio "I Believe" Arr. by VVilson Linda McClung, Glenda Easley and Carolyn Ketchum Address "The Ladder of Life" Rev. R. L. Wells, Minister, Methodist Church "Fairvst Lord Jesus" Unknown Sixth Grade Chorus Billy Floyd Carter, Director l'i'esviir:itimi of Flaws JA LA VON' Class SPOUSOY' Class Sponsor l'iw-wiitntioii of' lliplonms llzniiel ff lirandne-r Superintendent of Schools IL-iimlii-film ROV. Carlton Rf't'4'SSl0ll2ll:x "f7oi'oii:i1ion llarvlin Skoriiivka The Junior High Band " Remain Standing for Processional and Recessional F 1 1 These Eighth Graders are about to become Freshmen. AP 0F HIGH 0ll00L UIIMMENU MENT I' The Seniors come marching in as George Hinch and Erma Abbott lead the way. ifffr c h.. The mixed chorus is singing at the Baccalaureate Services. 'ii Mary Ann Bryant receiving her diploma from Mr. Herzberger. The band is playing for the Seniors as they march in. Judge Phillip B. Gilliam giving his ad dress "Ifl Could Start Again." The Seniors after receiving their diplomas. Sponsored by MORTON HOTEL DISTRICT SCHO 11 ,- SCIIWI. BUS 54 'rf'-if-wi 5,4 GRADE aww X , I-X F-Ars L, xg FIR T RRARR FRONT ROW Qleft to rightj Sandra Crawford, Cherry Sue Wilkins, Linda Riggs, Pamala Orth, Susan Higgins, Leona Carlile, Mary Ann Keepers, Phyllis Sipes, Joyce Smith, SECOND ROW: Mike Swagerty, Roger Burns, Gary Gamand, Donny Yearby, Mike Crone, Teddy Gilbert, Gary lockwood, Marvin Cooke, Bill Graybill, Kenneth Hunter, Scott Shrauner, Mrs. Elgy Smith. FIR T GRADE Sponsored by TRI-STATE CHEVROLET FRONT ROW fleft to righty Ann Sipes, Linda Roelfsema, Gayle Harris, Alma Wiley, Lana White, Dixie McCormack, Becky Ryman, Beverly Plummer, Madonna Moore. SECOND ROW: Mrs, Mary Ruth Garten, Dwight Petit, James Ray Dabney, Wayman Earl Shackelford, Kenneth Horton, Kris Arheart, Lane Mobray, Jimmy Vore, Deaune McCrary, Calvin Carlton, Mervil Bennett. r . l l I t I .sic . bt' ,!Qgpif,y.2q1': I l ll! ill lll lll , 1. . l ,,, v U.. , .. . ., , . - , -f A- , ,qs , 4 ., . .- rf" .'4. '. f Q - . ' 1 ', g V ,, J il- ,X - :,,,1-A W tit- -. - ,th-,N lf , 1 1 - a ' v r p' -VW144 Q -s Nu' .' 4 y " v -fa", :W--1 1-v ,..1- . ',1:Q-1-,.,,,- g- N-,', 1-,lr jk' -f1f'1N3 "4"- 'va' f s"'M,v-4 Q 11 "vf"f A: V . b , I .4 . h sk. dy-H ' . X. .V ., FRONT ROW fleft to rightj Geneva Day, Kay Bauer, Carol Ross, Nancy Landrum, Cynthia Nusser, Rexanna Moore, Susan Bennett, Shadley Smith, Sandra Brown, Norma McKe1lips, Susan Burket, Janie Carlile, Vicke Roberts, Agnes Forbes, Karen Castor, Barbara Winebaugh. SECOND ROW: R, H. Young, Charles Howell, Dennis Critser, Donald Morgan, Kyle Martin, Jerry Gose, Donald Petit, Clyde Stoops, Gary Childs, Duane Harris, Gary Turner, Doyle Seymour, Mrs. Jo Anna Soupiset. Tlllllll GRADE Sponsored by SHELLY GRAYBILL flilii 314411 liiil lllll FRONT ROW Qleft to rightj Patsy Talbott, Maxine Warner, Jackie Vore, Eric Perkins, Alan Smith, Roy Chandler, Bobby Clinkingbeard, Roger Vandervort. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Anna Mae Childs, Larry Lybarger, Billy Studebaker, Rebecca Rutledge, Susan Ryman, Deanna Shrauner, Myrletta Chestnut, Yvonne Turner, Sharla Elder, Sandra Moore, Sharon Garnand, Sandra Raney, Ernest Craig Williams. THIRD ROW: Dean Talbert, Ronnie Soupiset. Johnnie Stubblefield, Mike Thomas Johnnie Filonowich, Wayne Hartley, Marvin Smith, Leroy Wiley, Charles Rodriguez, Ernest Bames, Billy Ray Griffith, Leonard Guymon. 'QM 1.1 1 ll 1111 .3113 5 U1 A All all i-.l I riil ll ill ' li .. A I A-11 All? A I A I iq A! si, A f- ., f-1 - 1-me-even,-, s.v 4- ,xfahxifvg ' K A -AXA-as -. ra .pea A f ,ass-5 FRONT ROW Qleft to rightj Michaila Buckmaster, Judy Stewart, Bonnie Roberts, Barbara Taylor, Cathy Griffith, Linda Hamilton, Anita Little, Ruthanne McKellips, Sandra Martin, Ardith Nusser, Glennis Riley, Bonnie Shackclford. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Iva Lee Stevens, Steven Stewart, Steven Williams, Paul Wade, Martin Farrington, Dennis Humphrey, Junior Shuss, Donald Soupiset, Gary Beasley, Jimmy Anderson, Richard Bauer, Donald Lockwood, Craig Murray. EDD D A D TDIRD DRADE FRONT ROW Qleft to rightj Joe Forbes, Rosetta Farrington, Shirley Winebaugh, Lois Sipes Robbin Ryman, Micky Walsh, Patricia Hands, Cindy Crawley, Linda Goodwin, Sharla Murray Lana Mobray, Geri Snyder, Carmen Landrum, Raulie Rodriguez, Mr. Clayton Majors. SECOND ROW Leon Ellis, Mike Shane, James Graybill, Morris Gillaspie, Harold Stoops, Harold Terry Don Grasz, Tom Rutledge, Glen Day, Jerry Bellamy, Ronald Turner, Gary LaRue, Ken Stewart, Terry Anderson, Gary Riley. 'l l 4, EDERTD Ai DRADE Sponsored ELKHART IMPLEMENT CO. FRONT ROW fleft L0 rightj Melinda F5 C5 GRADE Bloodhart, Lajean Stewart, Sally Sutton, Vicki Thompson, Sue Petit, Shirley Lawrence, Glenda Hinsdale, Janet Sipes, Mrs. Nora Johnson. SECOND ROW: Stanley Welborn, Dwight lvicCrary, Daniel Clinkingbeard, Gerald Howell, John Keepers, Edward Rankin, Eugene Adams, Peggy Grasz, Carol Taylor. THIRD ROW: Jeanette Smith, Nancy Horton, Carolyn Horn, Sandra Robertson, Sandra Seymore, Carol Fairchild, Vicki Higgins, Nancy Graybill, Richard Herzberger, Gary Little. IXTH GRADE Sponsored by ROBERTSON GROCERY FRONT ROW fleft to right J Douglas Vandervort, Scotty Talbert, Deanna Morgan, June Thacker, Evelyn Studebaker, Lavina Gillespie, Archie Day, Mrs. Agnes Newman. SECOND ROW: Bobbie Petit, Karen Riley, Reba Shaver, Glenda Griffith, Ardith Kelly, Ronald Chandler, Kenneth Law- rence, Keith Whisenand, Danny Talbott, David Rodriguez, THIRD ROW: Sue McKee, Betty Hinsdale Ciana Buckmaster, Catherine Potter, James fiirr, Virgil Beasley, David Dickey, Larry Thompson, Charles Burker, Roger Moore, Gary Thompson. gn. A .5 ' 'Ii 4 1. YEARIUUKS If AM dwffgfwf-

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