Elkhart High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Elkhart, KS)

 - Class of 1953

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Elkhart High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Elkhart, KS) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 64 of the 1953 volume:

IIHIIIIAIIII We the 1953 W1ldcat Staff w1sh to ded1cate the 1953 W1ldcat to the c1t1zens of th1s cornmun1ty who have so courageously bonded themselves to the extent that we mlght have better educatxonal us a vote of confldence In solemn trmbute therefore we dedxcate th1s volume 1n acknowledgement of the famth thus ev1denced May t1me and the txde of c1rcumstance prove us r1ght Sponsored by TRI STATE NEWS opportunities here in our community. We feel that you have given IHI WHIHIAI SIAH IH '53 M The Senlor Class of Elkhart Hlgh School proudly presents the '53 W1ldcat Mr Harrlson Jo Anne Warner Shlrley Strobel B11ly Boald1n Lloyd Haar Paul Gore Lynn Crosley Vernon Dreyer Verna S1rnrnons Eldon R1ley Benny Pate Sandy B1bler Charlene Dean Asst Bus1ness Manager Asst Typlst Asst Bus1ness Manager Bus1ness Manager Asst Cartoonrst Photographer Asst Edltor Junlor Representatlve Asst Photographer Ed1tor Cartoonlst Typ1St Sponsored by B AND H HOME AUTO AND SUPPLY STORE 2. - . . 1 L . svsw w,..,,,,,,,,,, - - z. rl . 'Divo 5' '19, , gh- - . . ' . . . . . . . ' .... . . . . . .Advisor Xww fd A X, X 4...--W ..,... . . . -.-2' 52.53 , . , . ?3'r.'.'.'.'I.'.'p'.'-'Q'-'fn'-'A'.'-'-'n'u'-'u'v'I'l"""' ' ..-.. ' .'-'1'-'-'n'u'n'n'n In u'-'-'n'n'w'r'c'-Z 'v'l'l"' 4- V...-.-.-.-1-1-1-1-H33523232525222552555IZIEIEIZIZIIIWIZ'if1:51'1'iii,ll.iii:-1-:lzlszrzgngirigiiiigig'"'I'1'2'1'1-I-1-1:111:29riziririiiriifiiir l"""' ll SIIHIHII IHIARII ,Z i RAYMOND HARRISON Superumtendent of Schools Cllfford H1gg1HS R1chard Akers Ed I-Ierzberger Raymond Harrlson Superlntendent 39 Clerk T reasurer Dlrector of Schools Sponsored by RIVES DRUG 3 ICIIU Shlrley Strobel Vernon Dreyer Eldon Reazxn Verna Simmons Janxese Martxn Wayne Studebaker Mabel Rxves Mlke Cochran not Mary Rodrlquez Verlee Mobray Raymond Harr1son Sen1or Jun1or Sophomore shown Freshman Sponsored by IDEAL FOOD STORE 4 Representauves Representatlves Representauves Representahve s E1ghth Grade Representatxve Seventh Grade Representahve Advlsor ff -n"5 , 1 MR, DRAKE MRS. SMITH Science CommeQR' Sponsored By FISI-IER'S INC. M-R. FIELDS MRS, FIELDS Industrial Am English Q49 R. 'QQFI 'DVI J MRS, MAJORS Home Economics FAIIIIHY .0 MZ ki 4, MISS CARPENTER Mathematics MISS PIT TMAN Office I 3 I ' I MR, GOULD Music MR, GARTEN History and Athletics MASS PRUPHICY Ill 53 As we look lnto the future we see Sandra B1bler st1ll study1ng day and n1ght try1ng to get that Dr Degree B1ll Boald1n Stlll has h1s horse and rope chas1ng the rodeos Tlllle Carter can be heard by l1sten1ng to rad1o stat1on EXZYZ as d1SC Jockey Lynn Crosely's red headed boys can be seen peddl1ng the1r father paper The Elkhart Da1ly Tr1 State News on any street corner Charlene Dean 15 happ1ly ra1s1ng turkeys on the Thrash Ranch west of Elkhart Vernon Dreyer can st1ll be seen batch1ng on the Dreyer Ranch Paul Gore can st1ll be seen dr1v1ng h1s Chev1e although It 1S almost a wreck Lloyd Haar and Jo Anne Warner are well started on the1r football team w1th s1x boys Mar1e Hartley 15 personal manager for the Don Randolph Overs1zed Shoe Factory 1n Elkhart Oklahoma C A Hayes IS runn1ng a New and Used Car Lot IH Elkhart Eldon Rlley has taken up the profess1on of a Foot Doctor 1n order to save money Wlth B1ll1e Jean as h1s nurse Ann Papay can be seen 1n Los Angeles st1ll try1ng to catch a cr1m1nal after e1ght years 1n a Pr1vate Detect1ve School Benny Pate 1S work1ng 1n Topeka as Pres1dent of the Myers and Co Inc Yearbook Publ1she1-s Barbara Perk1ns IS the Wlfe of a b1g rancher 1n Odessa Texas Sh1rley Strobel 15 try1ng to get through Nurse s School w1th a farnlly of four ch1ldren Beverly Weathers 1S manager of the Ideal Meat Markets Jo Ann Wh1te 15 a stockholder 1n the Fowler and Sons Ranch Maynard Ullorn 1S Professor 1n Engllsh at P A M C Joyce Vandervort 15 keep1ng house and golng to college at the Elkhart Jun1or College Sponsored by ELKHART IMPLEMENT CO 6 9 . . ,S l - I ' , . u . . . . , Colorado. , . I - , . , . . . . , . . K SANDRA BIBLER "Sandy" llcr will to use midnight oil to Harlan Cooke. BILL BOALDIN "Billy" His ability to get his girls home before their folks In Don Fisher. LYLELIA CARTER "Tillie" Ht-r rcd hair to Billie Raney. s 554 ig L O ' 'A L L E! T ,J et I Q.. T I f X Sl IIIRS X A -5' 70s G29 LYNN CROSLEY "Red" His ability to sing to Boyd Sherwood, CHARLENE DEAN -af' Her ability to keep quiet to Edna Mae Guymon. VERNON DREYER "Tub" His weight to Sammie Gamble PA UL GORE "Pau1f0rd " His ability to get dates to Kelvin Coen. Sponsored by ROYAL HOTEL I", Pg 94"- -o-'f' X . BILLIE MCCREIGHT :QQ I ig' 5 fi-1 X '-..- -in 'Q 'liege , Her sparkling eyes to Shirley Grasz. ANN PAPAY Her ability to play hookey and get away with it to Pete Walsh. BENNY PATE "Big Ben" His position as Editor of the annual to any fool who WSIIIS il , BARBARA PERKINS " Perky" Her cheer leaders uniform to Mary Rodriquez. Sponsored by E. fJ. MCCREIGHT LLOYD H.-XAR "Hare" iiis athletic ability to Lester Smith MARIE HARTLEY All her excuses to leave .luring sr-Eiooii .v i Richre rbe rg, C, A, HAYES "Boog" All his cars to Abner Delay QDon't wreck them Abnerj Sl IIIRS Qi DUN R.XNlJOl.Pll "Raimi" ills mg feet to Rex Stutlelml-:err fjI,DUN Rll.EY "Ceif" llrs t'LiIllL:l'Zl to liuxt years aaiiiual pimtngrapiiar, nlllzil LY sl Rtllilll. "Squirrelj."' lrvr history :mswfrs to Norma Milan, JUYCQF YANDERVORT "l oy" llcr tibility to keep lii.7llSC and go io school to Alp juan llexicry, Sl lllIlS S 5 i MAYNARD ULLOM "lOl1li" His car to Milford Ranlfiu, JO ANNE WARNER "Jo" Her drum majorctte suit to Barbara Sagchiel. BEVERLY WEATHERS "Bev" Her ability to work and go to school to Pat Walsh. JO ANN WHITE "Annie" Her ability to get engaged to Janet Boaz. Sponsored by PIONEER MEN'S STORE 5. 5 'X Q. 1, T' isrv .III Illll CIASS P 6-'I 'lb-1 SJ 1 gqx ..1"L l X A 6 Y 9 s ms .- rm . . . ji Vice-President . . X 5 Secretary-Treasurer . Student Council . . . 'Vi r A-,. 1 '-Ta. 45. 7 ste 5 I ' 15 'is Q, T as C4 A7 l D if is aa-" ... Alfred Bennet Charla Childs Kelvin Coen Harlan Cooke Don Fisher Sammie Gamble Mary Garnett Shirley Grasz Donna Ketchum Kay McCreight Eldon Reazin Sammy Gamble Boyd Sherwood . Alice Sagebiel . Eldon Reazin Ve rna Simmons Sharon Richterburg Bill Riley Alice Sagebiel Verna Simmons Boyd Sherwood Pat Shrauner Lester Smith Neva Smith Rex Studebaker Bob Swafford Bobby Walsh N G- VR- T F v ., President . Gilbert Rodriquez "' E Q' VICC President . . . John Smith '45 Secretary Treasurer . . Barbara Barnes QQ 1 Student Council . . Janiese Martin ' H 7 Wayne Studebaker T5 ' X el 21 4 Barbara Barnes ' 6- X 2 1 Janet Boaz - Wesley Bressler Mary Bryant E Barbara Coultice Abner Delay Alpha Henry Barbara Johnson Ts' Barbara Leaton Janiese Martin Karen McClung Norma Milan 'X A Alberta Morgan Wiley Osborn Katherine Petit I 3' Milford Rankin 5, ,QL - Gilbert Rodriquez Joe Rodriquez D Barbara Sagebiel Janis Skeen John Smith Wayne Studebaker Q- Marilyn Walsh , ,L 4 " Pat Walsh " 1' ' - 1 En' Dan Wltcher I. qt 'O Sponsored by WESTERN AUTO STORE , V :ff " U- -N 0- , N h -K H ,B -so SIIPHIIMURI MASS HHSHMA FN ee L. 1x,... 15' L. '73 ' Oi 'XX V 1 . hu. Y' im Yr '-1 .fe ll 5 'C' 'I by f- ft 6 .' B 5-r' u 4'5- Q Kiln' kb 1 C President . . Vice -President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Student Council p 'Y in "' Q 5. . J im Toadxine . Janice C1 iwley Mabel Jean Rives Erma Abbott Dickie Akers Joyce Boaldin Bob Chaney Mike Cochran Donald Coen Janice Crawley Charles Ellis Lou Finley Edna Guymon Pat Handlin Judy Lambert James MCC rea June Pate J. W. Priest Billie Raney Clifford Rankin Darrell Reazin Jim Riley Mabel Rives Harold Smith Jim Toadvine Sponsored by N HANDLIN BARBER SHOP N and ELKHART CO-OP EQUITY EXCHANGE 759 air, .an ,1 12 F .fx ls Presxdent Jack Salmon V1ce Presldent Bob Boaldln Secretary Jack Tuman Treasurer Ruth Ross Student Counc1l Mary Rodrlquez HGHIH GRADE MASS Lynne Acldlngton Q? x X Q 6 "QM S+ -38 'N .M "" ' ' -:Q QS? 2-V 1 FY! 4 :,,t " I ' . tv V VN, 1 I 1 I V 'V ' ' n W. .xv M " A n l ........ Q ' 0, ,, Q - ' ...... ' eq G' 44. H I' . 5 ........ ' U , -. ..... nQL'LL 8- f -Q - J: :al is lf ,-h -- 1 - 1 in f is 'G '- . j ' w Bob Boaldm U J J N l e l 3,4 G l S 2 QS n 54 'I N 4 I 5 I - : 'mf 'st . . if , 4 fl, 'L fl" ' S 3 l .l llc." 1' I A ..-J -N A , ly' M" A' - Q-g - T? v - Q' 2 1 Z G fo X 3r3.l an . Fl . at T 5- - 'V' Y ,Q Us x Q my 13 i if - -' . Sponsored by Earlene Carllle Phyllls Carter Larry Coen Manuel Day George D1ckey Ernest Forbes Larry G1llesp1e Barbara Grasz Allce Guymon Thelbert Hartley Ruby Hlnes Sharon Hltchcock JaCk1e M1tchell .Terry Perklns Maxme Pet1t Mary Rodrlquez Ruth Ross Jack Salmon Mary Talbert Jack Tuman Glenn Webb Murray Wflght QUATTLEBAUM HOME GAS Q Q., P Q fi s.. A-'1 Wis- 'T SQL G v vga... 'Hs 3 CS 114 ag., 4 L ga Q: President. . Vice -President Secretary. . Treasurer . Student Council .Georgia Smith . Byron Johnson . . Joyce Pate . . Leona Ross . Verlee Mobray SIVI IH GRADE MASS 6 ,L- tb' I, . "if 6. Q- 6 f , fl X, L. U "" 'S , MDD? Ad, :ummm 4- i .Si my .A ' 'q 'H luv mil 1155.3 0'- 3-5. H 4- , Q .. gm W 5. 5 s.. 'J ,,,.,.ng1QiWb'q A 0. v 5' ' ls' M ' ' 'ii' W ,. . ,n X' g. i ..: S, STA-CJ in - Q 'ti. 14 X Harold Abbott Nicky Cooke Martha Ann Craver Patsy Finley Gail Garnett Virgil Garnett Byron Johnson Kletis Kelly Margaret MCC rea Verlee Mobray Rex Morgan Gary Nelson Joyce Pate Beverly Raney Helen Reazin Leona Ross Jimmie Ryman Jimmy Sagebiel Curtis Sherwood Georgia Smith Ralph Studebaker Suella Sutton Betty Talbot Gale Turner Kenneth Turner Paul Webb Karen Welsch Sponsored by KELLY OIL COMPI l 1 fl XL w XXxx yi? f we w. fe'- 5 ug. Sin L 0 .1 H ' 'A X -..-r s I X O 1 'fe' -s i Y SQUAD ik. , 23,5 4 5 I VV' 'I--G' A I 7 44 v s sf TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dick Akers, Clifford Rankin, Wesly Bressler, Mike Cochran, Bob Chaney, Jim Riley, Wayne Studebaker lim Toadvine, J, W, Priest, Darrel Reazin. SECOND ROW, Coach Garten, C,A, Hayes, Lynn Crosley, Sam Gamble, Paul Gore, Bill Boaldin, Eldon Reazin, Don Fisher, Milford Rankin, Bob Boaldin. Sponsored by BURKET BARBER AND RADIO SHOP Ui '53 'I t 9 Q f ' , X 1 . E ' 1 is .V V 5 Q I K! 2 THIRD ROW, Rex Studebaker, Alfred Bennett, Boyd Sherwood, Maynard Ullom, Lloyd Haar, Benny Pate, Vemon Dreyer, Eldon Riley, Don Randolph. FOURTH ROW: Wiley Osborn, Joe Rod- riquez, Dan Witcher, Abner Delay, Gilbert Rodriquez, John Smith. Sponsored by FEDERATED STORE 17 -sv K- ' tri! , K E, 5 526, ,- ' . ,,. . WV , 3, 5? ' 4 Basketball player-Ha! Two points! Betcha Malt! Too far out! ,t 'Efif' - . Q-kg . al 4 asf. , 14. v' L "fin- , A I Pk? 3-1 lvl 34 of Shut your Atta boy, lefty! mouth! OWEN VARIETY TZTZTATE BASKHBAH Graceful ain't he? I'm open, Mole! How'd he get here? Two seconds left! 'il 3 'V A A M ? '--'I 0 . .V h I A Wi wr- P. 5' Q -. 41 A -1. , .I 5' ,. - V 6 m- . , ,W A b A: .im b J' , f A i :J ' fl gmwwm ,, ,-. SNAPS Sponsored by DONIC 81 SOUTHWEST Machine Shop f 1 J J . r 1 -N 0? "' K. ' rj if T A f 1 YI - 1 i J. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RICH Slreen, Pat Slira Walsh, ' T. Billie Rane y, Sandy Bibl uner, Edna Guymon, Mr, Go Janice Cra wley, Mary Blyan er, Judy Lanz ert M uld, instructer, SEC I. Alberfa Morgan B , abel Rives, Janis OND ROW flint' Pate, Alpha , arbara Johnson, TOP ROW, LEFT T0 RIGHT, Karen Welsh, Sue Sutton, Helen Reazin, Geor ' Guymon, Betty Talbott, Joann McCrea, Patsy Finley, SECOND ROW Pate, Verlee Mobray, Martha Craver, Barbara Grasz, Marv ' Hitchcock, Mr. Gould, instructor, THIRD ROW. P ' Earlene Carlile, L ,vnn Addington, Leona R gta Sfni . Wand I Rodri f1yll1S C oss, M th, Al a Gar quez, B after ary T ice dner, Joyce everly Raney, Sharon , Jackie Mitchell, Ru albeit. th ROSS, I i bY red SPPEQZSESTSIIZJE U R Sgsblc SE P TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Donald Randolph, Billie Jean McCreight, Sue Sutton, Barbara Sagebiel, Alice Sagebiel, Io Anne Wamer, Norma Milan, Barbara Perkins, Sandra Bibler, Joyce Boaldin, SECOND ROW, Wayne Studebaker, Edna Guymon, Jackie Salmon, Mike Cochran, Alfred Bennett, Rex Studebaker, George Dickey, Barbara Bames, Mary Ann Brynat, Sammie Gamble, THIRD ROW, Alice Guymon, Sponsored by BAND BOX SHOPPE Z4 -5 ,if Betty Talbott, Verlee Mobray, Leona Ross, Marilyn Walsh, Verna Simmons, Dickie Akers, Pat Shrauner, Bob Chaney, Jimmie Toad- vine, Joyce Pate, Mable Jean Rives, Mr, Gould, Instructor, FOURTH ROW, Shirley Strobel, Charlene Dean, Janiese Martin, Karen Mc- Clung, Barbara Leaton, Barbara Coultice, Janice Crawley, June Pate, Ruth Ross, Billie Raney, Sharon Hitchcock, Sponsored by C. S. MCCLUNG LAND CO Z5 .T -5 ve" .Janice Kay C rawley 6 Alice Sagebiel PH' 9 if? 1, Q I y Y, fi LEFT TO RIGHT: TOP ROW: Sue Sutton, Georgia Smith, Joyce Pate, Joyce Boaldin, Beverly Weathers, Phyllis Carter, Pat Shrauner, Betty, Tolbott, Helen Reazin, SECOND ROW: Edna Guymon, Billie Raney, Shirley Strobel, Alice Guymon, Janet White, Karen McClung, Verna Simmons, Charla Childs, Marilyn Walsh, JoAnne Wamer, Barbara Grasz, Judy Lambert, Sandy Bibler. THIRD ROW: Mrs, Majors, Janice Sponsored by WESTERN IMPLEMENT CO. Z6 f?f HUB M 1 3 2, 9' Sheen, Verlee Mobray, Kay McCreight, Billie McCreight, Janiesce Martin, Barbara Barnes, Lynn Addington, Donna Ketchum, June Pate, Mabel Rives, Beverly Raney, Miss Carpenter, BOTTOM ROW: Earlene Carlyle, Ann Papy, Barbara Coultice, Alberta Morgan, Mary Bryant, Barbara Leaton, Barbara Johnson, Sharon Richterberg, Alpha Jean Walsh, Barbara Perkins Barbara Sagebiel Sponsored by BEAULAI-I'S BEAUTY SHOP AND ELKHART BEAUTY PARLOR 27 X if Xvff' xg M, A 2 -af.. Wfflvn ffffw A I P ,WR XV . Sponsored by IRST STATE B F AN JU IIIR PIAY Sponsored by ELKHART INSURANCE AGENCY -img JUNIOR James Carr , Anne Carr . Larry Carr . Jody Carr . Marilyn Bain . Phil Dargan. . T. F. Dowd . . Gertrude Dowd Mary Lou Dowd Mrs. Clurnp . Barlow . . Jack Decker . Lester Finch . Lori . . . PLAY . Sammie Gamble . Kay McCreight . Rex Studebaker . . Pat Shrauner Sharon Richterberg . . Bob Swafford . Boyd Sherwood . Donna Ketchum . . Charla Childs . . Shirley Grasz . Harlan Cooke . Kelvin Coen . Alfred Bennett . .Alice Sagebiel ner.. M., Qtr Q X ...f T. ., ,A l T r- mi , ,A 'fgggy : .1 ,M i gffl' gs ,te QA ' 3 if, va 3 31 ,A M-Mk - i 111 ' 4.5 ' 3s,45i,f'-:aw I - ' -1 1 ' ap, iyfi, '. .1 A T' A - Q 1' , Q ed S' 1-3 if ,Ai 'Z Q ' I 4 - if, .a-, ARUIINII SIIHUIH Sponsored by STAR LUMBER CO HASSRIIIIM S APS -MW 'EXW-4' li T- ls! M x ......,,,,-. ! W-.-.1 X 'L Y i 1 , f fx 1' A I - 4 - A ' 'TA -. I Q nr. f . . E, , JA T H xf x 5 . . P -7 hz 0000 0000 Sponsored by RI STATE CHEVROLET D ff :F gf"-uv3i'x15Y.i?,eN" :nf fl wax 'Mi-?f4fQ'5i 'L' 'ware 13 I ' - 'Q Y, Ren- ' QM' ' ,3,,g 1 3 1- 3151- Q 1 , ,,,. , , , -5 -M .r if-2311A 2 "P-eM+f:vr1P 4. Mm-- . WAN.-K' . vw. 9 a-..Q-1:-'flfx ,. 1' ' .L JR. MASS Sponsored by KETCHUMS SERVICE STATION CARI.. 81 CHARLIE KETCHUM Glen Garrmet ff' if 'ML 54-Ya 9949 '- n -W. f it 4 fi 133 '35 G--, IHI SIIIIIENIS SMHY PAIRUl -1 F, 'UN 4, k x 'F 'Q QCP QV! Sp d by RAYMOND GATES 33 P 'nl' f 5 3 EL a Aw' IIHIIW HMI vi E' A 1 NV Sponsored by ELKHART TELEPHONE co. is 1:- iii... r-J' '?5ii51 ,d I ,4L:Q? 9 1 r,,,pfS f .N ,JJ -,1 . E. e . i H E x , CLAYTON L. MAJORS, NORA JOHNSON JO ANNA SOUPISET Principal and 6th grade 5th grade 4th grade GRADE SCH00l fACUlIY f""4 'Z' ANNA MAE CHILDS 3rd grade X xx if 1 w l A f , ,, 1 li a mV OUIDA KAISER Znd grade Sponsored by NORMAN'S IMPLEMENT 8: AUTO SERVICE , Cl j' ' '92 . .V 1 '- 'HM r' L f. EULOUISE SPIESS lst grade sake x. ' 9 6 -Q Q li .3 Q ,SUS 'Bt Milli ' is in A lithA Il5t GRAMS W- , aid as . i nn-gf' SIXTH GRADE, TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Larry Green, Carol Morgan, Verna Ohnick, Danny LaRue, Marie Carter, Larry Raney, Shirley Adams, Allan Jo Bennett. SECOND ROW, Clayton L, Majors, Annjce Jo Landrum, Eunice Turner, Glenda Vandervort, Carolyn Ketchum, Eugene Kallaus, Evelyn Lawrence, Esther Petit, THIRD ROW, Charles Brown, Carl Hitchcock, Richard Rodriquez, Larry Davolt, Robert Bressler, Jacob Graybill, Alan Harrison, FIFTH GRADE, TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Kathleen Wilson, Sharon Neill, Connie Kallaus, Jimmie Day, Karen Boaldin, Ethel Hartley, Neva Smith, Marsha Daniels, Linda Thompson, Myma Talbott, Wilma Gibbons, SECOND ROW, Michael Bloodhart, Thomas Gillispie, Denver Buck, Jimmie Hamilton, Karen Robertson, Frances Ryman, Gary Higgins, Ivan Slpes, Jerry Akers. THIRD ROW, Johnnie Cordovla, Betty Moore, Hansel Guyman, Emma Talbert, Doralou Osborn, Nancy Howell, Marilyn LaRue, Tommie Joe Johnson. sf- ..--f-- 11 f , - ,, W lgil Sponsored by BLOODHART DRUG STORE 4thA ll3rd GRADES it if A xp' f V! TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Lynn Griffith, Ciana Bftmuier, Charles Bttrket Louise Wiley James Burr, Larry Thompson, David Dickey, Kenneth Lawrence, Jo Anna Soupiset SECOND ROW, Freddie Bames, Bobbie Petit, Larry Nelscn, Karen Riley, Roger Moore Gary Thompson Danny Talbott, David Rodriquez, THIRD ROW, Deanna Morgan, Joyce Gardner Scotty Talbert, Ardith Kelly, Lavina Gellispie, Douglas Vandervort, Evelyn Studebaker Archie Day. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Vickie Higgins, Dwight McCrary, Peggy Grasz, Carolyn Horn, Shirley Hartley, Sandra Seymour, Sandra Robertson, Leonard Henry, Jeanette Smith, Robert Johnson, Janice Raney, Nancy Graybill, Richard Herzberger, SECOND ROW, Richard Wiley, Vickie Thompson, Johnny Keepers, Gerald Howell, Gloria Sue Petit, Carol Fairchild, Shirley Lawrence, Carol Taylor, Mary Ellen Carter, Rosa Ryman, Robert Wilson, Mrs. Childs THIRD ROW, Saundra Bay, Stanley Wellbom, La Jean Stewart, Eugene Adams, Danny Clinkingbeard, Curtis Brown, Marian Harrison, Sally Sutton, Melinda Bloodhart, Melvina Johnson. 'Nu IS. riff: ww L 1 '-111. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Raulie Rodriquez, Cinda Crawley, Mike Shane, Nancy Simmons, Micky Walsh, Micheal O'Brien, Kathleen O'Brien, Geri Snyder, LeRoy Wiley, Gary Lnn Riley, Ronnie Gardner, Mrs, Kaiser, SECOND ROW, Gary LaRue, Lana Mobray, Lois Sipes, Carmen Landrum, Harold Terry, Glenn Day, Sharla Murray Robbin Ryman, Joe Forbes, THIRD ROW, Max Cardova, Judy Davis, Jimmy Graybill, Donnie Grasz, Ronnie Turner, Loyetta Skeen, Gary Milon, Leon Ellis, Kennith Brown, TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Maxine Wamer, Jimmy Carter, Max Walsh, Harold Johnson, Eric Perkins, Sandra Raney, Robert Clinkingbeard, Craig Williams, Billy Studebaker, Stephen Britt, Glenda Smith, Patricia Talbott, Sherry Mitchell, Louey Cordorva, Roger Vandervort, Michaila Buckmaster, Miss, Spiess, SECOND ROW, Leonard Guymon, Sharla Elder, Sandra Moore, Ronnie Soupiset, Myrletta Chesnut, Susan Ryman, Donnie Soupiset, Barbara Taylor, Elynn Morris, Larry LyLarger, THIRD ROW, Charles Rodriquez, Deanna Shrauner, Marvin Smith, Lois Henry, Wayne Hartley, Ralph Williams, Ernest Bames, Ruthanne McKel1ips, Yvonne Turner, Sandra Martin, ,y .V X " I n.1tr.nr.f4t ima' 2ndA Illst GRADES 552, ISU 5321 -,nf Ig Ev N In Sponsored by MURRAY'S RED AND WHITE GROCERY GRAIII SNAPS STANDARD OIL CO. v. ' - fi 1, If' ' N1 fff Mvlalzsduf IFZYEARBOOKS MYERS AND C0 INC TOPEKA, KANSAS o".. 4' if: 0, 'of' If : 91" 90 A 1: :."o 9 ,' 0.,'v.':s IHF PA.CEN1fUxfRS OF QIJAIIH .. :.o,.':,0Q t O. 'J 0. '- S ""f 'J'-Ps-4 " ,x 1'ff:,P"'+1-99' -f .wr- K "uf, ,':.1f VV .-' ' ",i -31252263 is -"i'-121''23T5"..if'i'11":- 'FV'--E4:5J1-'ff I"2 - 1':: riff: ,-5.-CZ, - .. -L',..Q5-L4"f'?1f-539'ITP?-?fh".2'.-ff' 311.5 L. -' r."- .A U 5 3 f r y . . Z5 .J ,.J :I M 'J-. . 'Il ' j. . JE .5 4 Sf. c

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