Elkhart High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Elkhart, KS)

 - Class of 1950

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Elkhart High School - Wildcat Yearbook (Elkhart, KS) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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2 dvi' I Q, .a,-N53 -.J . ,am-11 -H' , V Tiz? " 'H - - ,. Qz'9?57FT'x ,Vg he -fa I X V .li xfx if Il fihiif ' 'ig '33-at 1' .- A - ' 4 '14 5,11 A .' . .- ft, A - QQLX Q Yi!" . . -'K' 4 ...D- . ,YV 1 D v 4 V I-,vs on' , . " ,A ' ' .1 ,QF A-,. -,, ,- 11, I av.. .av Q.. - ,1" . 61, - 3 l "gk," fi'-I fm. .- V. i s . " 9-ff 'G' E .W's'?1.'.av,S:f' ei:-..-U vKRiU4' hy' -A will 5 ' PHE 1950 SENIQR CLASS ELKHARI HIGH SCHOOL PROUDLY PRESENTS 'sex xox-f-saf' S. f OFQLUOI' Memor1es po1gnant and exc1t1ng of your h1gh school l1fe and ours dates that you ll always cher1sh thr1ll1ng games that you ll never forget teachers classes and act1v1t1es that enr1ched each day and of frlends that you ll keep forever Some day 1n future years you w1ll turn the pages of th1s book and mt w1ll recall for you these treasured memor1es of your Elkhart H1gh and the happy days you spent there When that t1me comes we shall have achleved our purpose rl .. i KA XXX FX-wk T 1 XXX . ,N xx 4 X XV' x 5 x K Xt Ei: xx! . x Q .,- -- k , y XX X ,f s K , KM D H " - ff . N ,A ' ff Q K, H X X S 'ss .Q Xxx N X h W X - 7 l fy ' X 4-,.' - H l X 1 Y X l . xxx ' X E V 1 .f we X' ' ' -U 'x S'-' il! ff I". I QQ lCCl!l0l'l To Raymond Harmson our supermtendent and adv1sor we dedxcate th1s the 1950 W1ldcat 1n apprematxon of h1s understandmg helpfulness that has endeared him to all of us 2 Yflifclmf ,Si Edltor Ass1stant Edxtor Bus1ness Manager Asslstant Manager Typ1st Photographer Ass1stant Photographer Cartoomst Ass1stant Cartoomst Junior Representative Martha Pate Johnme Boaldm B1ll Sleeper Twylah Gore Ila Mae Sloan Irma Ross Marvm Turner Elleen Rlchterberg Mary McClung . Allen Tucker Sponsored by ADDINGTON ENTERPRISES -4- if RAYMOND H HARRISON SUPERINTENDENT "-SQ. .xdclnzinidfrafion SCHOOL BOARD RICHARD AKERS BYRON LEATON TREASURER PRESIDENT CLIFFORD HIGGINS CLERK ful .45 my Q-' Sponsored by ROBERTSON GRO 8: MARKET 4 S 9 15 Ill' GCI! DELBERT A COLLINS ATHLETICS JOY G DRAKE SPEECH JAMES A DRAKE SCIENCE ORPAH E SMITH COMMERCE DAVID V EULTZ HISTORY LOLA D MAJORS HOME ECONOMICS ROYCE E LOSHBAUGH MATHEMATICS HELEN L GOULD ENGLISH STANLEY B GOULD MUSIC Sponsored by WESTERN 5 AUTO '.H.IlP N, I I If 1 I ,M ,Q lp 'Nb-5 QFLLOI' JOY DRAKE SPONSOR JOHNNY BOALDIN PRESIDENT PAT WHITE STUDENT OUNcIL R H HARRISON SPONSOR MARTHA PATE SEC 8a TREAS BILL SLEEPER VICE PRES RALPH COEN STUDENT COUNCIL Well gollyll-Iere Iam a sen1or w1th my 1950 W1ldcat 1n my hand'1Can hardly bel1ef1e 1t why It seems l1ke only yes terday that we twenty mne freshmen entered the doors of E H S to begm our h1gh school career How I remember that September 1946" From the twenty two of them were rn that group All year we had a perfectly wonderful t1me as the school bab1es I remember espec1ally that p1cn1c we had when all the freshmen dashed out to W1lburton Br1dge ln f1ve d1fferent cars and got every one of them stuck After pay1ng the wrecker for pull1ng us out we had only twenty f1ve cents left to start our Sophomore year But that dldn t hold us back' We started to school as usual the next September elect1ngSharlene Cochran Donme Sleeper Martha Pate and lla Mae Sloan as class off1cers w1th Mr Lowery as our sponsor It was th1s year too that the glee club took an excellent at the Dodge C1ty Fest1val And the W1ldcats won the1r f1rst football game s1nce about seven years Then there was Open House 1n the spr1ng when we Sophomores gave a rrotous Sklt show1ng Our verslon of World H1story Of course 1f we were thrllled to become sophomores we were overjoyed when we came back 1n 1948 as Jun1ors A Date W1th Judy was presented by th1rteen Jun1ors dlrected by Mrs Majors and Mr Mlller Velma Sm1th as M1tz1 and Deryl Learrung as Randolph made lt h1lar1ous from beg1nn1ng to end' And natch one of the outstandmg events of the year was the Jr Sr Banquet 1n a colon1al garden settmg w1th Southern food and lav1sh decorat1ons Then 1n the spr1ng we recelved our class rmgs and were dehghted w1th the thoughts of be1ng the graduatmng class of 50 And now here Iam a sen1or w1th all the happemngs of another year to hold dear and happ1ly and I wouldn t have had 1t otherw1se Sponsored by ELKHART COOP EQUITY EXCHANGE O -P 1 K -, f 1 -es r . , I , s . C S . . , 3 , , .' , - .5 , . , . , , - . . -- y . . - . . 7 - I I ' 3 , .. ' D D . Q members of our graduating class, nineteen Oh, how 1 remember the Junior Play! ' tl ' V1 . . . , , . . . i . , , . I I . , . . . Y ! . l J 3 l IL ii ' ' I Y 4I5 'ali eil l0I'J MINNIE LOU BREWER JANUARY I3 3 MAJOR PLAYS U BAND I 2 3 MAJORETTE U GLEE UB I JOHNNY BOALDIN AUGUST lj I932 MAJOR PLAYS U FOOTBALL 2 3 M BASKETBALL TRACN U CLASS OFFICER I ANNUAL STAFF I4 SHARLENE COCHRAN RIL IO I9 2 MA OR PLAYS B ND 2 3 U GLEE CL I 2, U TROUBADOURS 2 3 U PEP CLUB I 2 3 N CHEERLEADER N MUSIC AwARD 2 CLASS OFFICER I RALPH COEN SEPTEMBER 28 l932 MAJOR PLAYS 3 U CLASS OFFICER 1+ TWYLAH GORE FEBRUARY 214 I932' MAJOR PLAYS 3 14 II' BAND 1,2 3,145 GL UB I II: TOUBADOURS 35 PEP CLUB , 3 74g Hor-4E c. AHARD 2' ANNUAL STAFF U. Sponsored by POWELL 7 CLEANERS li di , ij' I'-5 f . Q b . i 3 en iam MARY MCCLUNG SEPTEMBER 20, 19325 MAJOR PLAYS 3,Ng MASK AND GAVEL 35 G.A.A 2,3g Y-TEEN I,2,35 ANNUAL STAFF U. MARTHA PATE JANUARY IN, I9335 MAJOR PLAYS 3,33 BAND l,2,3,U: GLEE CLUB I,2,3,Ug TROUBADOURS 2 3,Ng PEP CLUB I,2,3,Ng CHCERLEADER 2 AWARDS 2,3,3,3,Ug ANNUAL STAFF U5 CLASS OFFICER l,2,3,U EILEEN RICHTERBURG APRIL I, I932: MAJOR PLAYS 3,Ug GLEE CLUB I: PEP CLUB 2,3,M IRMA LEE ROSS JANUARY 3, I933g MAJOR PLAYS U,U5 BAND l,2,M5 GLEE CLUB l,3, PEP CLUB 3,145 TYP1Nc AWARD 3. MARVIN SIPES FEBRUARY IY, 19315 FOOTBALL N, BASKETBALL 3,Up TRACK 3,h. Sponsored by BOB REED INSURANCE SERVICE 1673, 'f?'T1,' - I Tx , X ki eniorfi ILA MAE SLOAN APRIL I3, I932g MAJOR PLAYS 3,U,Ug GLEE CLUB I,2,3,Hg TROUBADOURS 2,3,Ng PEP CLUB I,2,3,hg CHEERLEADER 35 CLASS OFFICER I,2,33 SCIENCE AwARD 35 G.A.A. Ig ANNUAL STAFF N. BILL SLEEPER DECEMBER I8, I932g MAJOR PLAYS 3,Mg BAND I,2,3,u1 CLASS OFFICER 2,3,M3 FOOTBALL 2,3,Ng BASKETBALL 2,3,Ug ANNUAL STAFF U5 TPACK 2,3,h. VELMA SMITH NOVEMBER I9, I93Ip MAJOR PLAYS 3,U5 GLEE CLUB l,2,3,Ug TROUBADOURS 2,3,Ug PEP CLUB I,2,3,h5 CLASS OFFICER 3. UHAIN STEINKUEHLER AUGUST 22, l93Ig MAJOR PLAYS 3,Ug BAND I,2,3,U5 MATH AwARD 2,3. DON STROUD NOVEMBER 5, 19325 FOOTBALL Ig BAND lp MAJOR PLAY U. i Sponsored by Stroud's Cafe I av'1jI' ,I 157 fur f "'i ,,,v1l' 'Wx Y-Six 'C ,l c 3 ell l 015 LLOYD TUCKER DECEMBE MAJOR P AYS ANo I FOOTBALL 3 N IVA LEE TVYMAN OCTOBER 8 l93I MAJOR PLAYS 3 3 U PEP CLUB 3 ESSAY AWARD 3 LOA LEE WALSH DECEMMBER I3 I932 MAJOR PLAY U, BAND I 2 GLEE CLUB I CLASS OFFICER N PEP CLUB I 2 MARVIN TURNER NOVEMBER 26 I932 ANNUAL STAFF U MAJOR PLAY U PAT VEATHERS JANUARY 20 I932 MAJOR PLAYS 3 3 U BAND I 2 3 N GLE Lua I TROUBADOURS 2 3 P CLUB I 2 CNEERLEADER N CLASS OFFICER 3 N ELVA HHITE JULY I, l932 MAJOR PLAYS 3 N BAND 2 3 U, GLEE CLUB 2 3 M PEP CLUB I 2 3 U TRouBAoouRs 2,3,N .1 a ' ., 9 Sponsored by Fu-st State B I 1 9 xS?llJel'lf 6060161 r- Q T7 FIRST ROV, Lsrr T0 RIGHT PAT VEATHERS, ssnlon, DIXIE CLAnPeTT SOPHOMORE, BARBARA VEATHERFORD, JUNIOR, BARBARA SAQEBIEL, 7TH GRADE, TILLIE CARTER, FRESHMAN SECOND ROV, LEFT TO RIGHT DAN Hvnzs, STH GRADE, RALPH Coen, SENAOR, L C SLEEPER, soPRoMoR:, VlcToR CLAMPITT, JUNIOR, R H HARRISON, ADvls0R Sponsored by Rives Drug Co. ll unior L. D. Majors Sponsor L MARY Lou WARNER . . BARBARA VEATHERFORD NORMA SLOAN .... ALLEN TUCKER. . VILLARD REAZIN. . VICTOR CLAMPITT . Sponsored by Morton Hotel Umm . . .SECRETARY STUDENT COUNCIL . . .TREASURER VICE-PRESIDENT . . .PRESIDENT .STUDENT COUNCIL H. L. Gould Sponsor ""' ' "- . iq i -ii ,a .ii lr avli- U ' "" l v'-'81 : q 41 '1 l Q "alr3 36 xr 1' xa uniora. . . FIRST ROV: DANNA DENNING, PATSY BIBLER, NELDA SMITH, PAT TVYMAN, RUTH GILLESPIE, VERA NESTER, SHIRLEY S. MILLER, KATHLEEN STEARNS. SECOND ROV: MRS. LoLA MAJoRs, LYNN FOWLER, MARY Lou VARNER, BAR- BARA VEATHERFORD, NORMA SLOAN, NORMA JEAN ULLOM, DoLoREs SMITH, Zo ANN TUCKER, TRUMAN SANDERS, MRS. HELEN GOULD. THIRD ROV: ALLEN TUCHER, JUNIOR HAYES, BERNARD PENICK, ELDON HORTON, LEE SToNExINc, VILLARD REAZIN, VICTOR CLAMPITT, HAYNE STEINKUEHLER. Sponsored by Bloodhart Drug Co. 13 Stanley Gould 0l'l'l Ol' Sponsor "w,,.. ug' 'ayfk ' E .sf .-I -.f . '- - J , I If: 4133? sig Q, 11- . QE? 1 'iff if. SHIRLEY VALSH GRACE CRAVER. DIXIE CLAMPITT. . IVAN SIMMONS- MYRLEN CHESNUT. . L. C. SLEEPER JIM AUSLEY. . GENE BALES. . O Sponsored by Snack Shack . . . TREASURER . . . .REPORTER STUDENT COUNCIL . . . PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT STUDENT COUNCIL . . . SECRETARY . .REPORTER 'fi ihja. D. A. Collins Sponsor H.,-...nun-gap-.npr 'Q ff K 5 M- xM,' ' it f W.. L! uns", If U- If I, lk. -mg. -1 --f -Y I4 4' , W . f --.J "3'g,'X,f'5fl I-F ff- -11.5, ' ' 'mf -' v- '-'S -A-.'f': " :' . ..,,- . Y - ,UA '.u.'gg,,.,f,pi-' Q .I . - ' -I 'H ' - -- 1.-4'ar - -.' 1 9 .1 '-. -,- . .. ' f 1, E - vc'ff7I. -2-'ME ,,.I,,.jnr ,.I-sa, . , A xf . . . I A- " 1 ' 'Y A 'M"-, ,f.'..'1 I ",- ' ' ,, , I. f . 4 . Jr, VIISQBT-Sl!! IJ-rl D 4' .I -W ' Lil' Q f ' : 'fu-A+' - ,I ' ul' 0I'l'l0I'e5. Q A FIRST ROV: YvoNNE TWYMAN, RUTH BREwEN, JONICE Ossorm, Jo ANN MITCHELL, NORMA GREGORY, JANICE RANKIN, Doms SIPES, MARY FERGU- soN. SECOND ROV: DELaERT COLLINS, LAREE GREEN, EVELYN GRIFFITN, GLYNDA HARVEY, JOCELYN MAYBERRY, MYRNA FRANKLIN, DARLENE ELLIOTT, VIL- LENA STEwART, DIXIE CLAMPITT, GRACE CRAVER, SHIRLEY VALSN, STAN- LEY GOULD. THIRD ROV: BUDDY LEI-IIs, HARRY NICHOLS, BILL SIPEs, NEAL WMISE' NAND, IVAN SIMMONS, WARREN TUCKER, L. C. SLEEPER, GENE UNITE, LLOYD KEITH, MYRLEN CHEsNu'r, RONALD CROSLEY, GI.-IYN THIusH, JUNIOR DAY, DON VITCHER, GENE BALES, TonANcE STEELE, JIMMY AUSLEY. Sponsored by Owen's Variety 15 1. 3 I" JAITLQFL ake wut:-V 1 . H .,Qg3fd n TILLIE CARTER . . LLOYD HAAR. . . BILL BOALDIN. . . SANDRA BlBLER . . Sponsored by Ideal Food Store Umm, . . STUDENT Councu. ' . . . . .VICE-PRESIDENY . . . . . . . . . PRESIDENT . . SECRETARY AND TREASURER E R. E. Sponsor ...Q fx kt --5 . , V I A. V,-' , .J ., , , ,. . .I -.V A ,A l-.lk A 'I a V , .,, . , U ..4 . , . I 4- - ., 11 ,,,,f I 1:4jL. ' ri - - . , gf ' - rf 4 gl' L 'A y .. Xu P4 3 "f 3-11, N- PQJ fflelfl .. . FIRST ROW: SANDRA BIBLER, JO ANN WHITE, SHIRLEY STROBEL, JOAN WARNER, TILLIE CARTER, BARBARA PERKINS, NADINE WHISENAND, CHARLENE DEAN, CAROLYN RILEY, PEGGY ELLIOTT, SHIRLEY CLARK. SECOND ROW: JAMES A. DRAKE, DONALD RANDOLPH, LYNN CROSLEY, BENNY PATE, JOYCE MITCHELL, DELLA DAY, BEVERLY WEATHERS. ANN PAPAY, MARIE HARTLEY, C. A. HAYES, PAUL GORE, BILL STEARN5, ROYCE LOSHBAUGH THIRD ROW: LEROY FERGUSON, RONALD HALEY, MAYNARD ULLOM, DEAN GLODCN, RAYMOND RANKIN, CARL WALSH, DONALD JOHNSON, LYNN SPARRMAN, LLOYD HAAR, BILL BOALDIN. Sponsored by ROYAL HOTEL 17 tflgAfA Q-Q Q FIRST ROV SHARRON UNITE SHARON RICHTERBURG, PAT SHRAUHER PAuLnHE DOLL BARBARA BLAHELEY SHIRLEY GRAsz, PAT Blown, MAxuHE NESTER GARNETT, HELEN RAHHIH ELSIE GRACE TAYLOR VIRGINIA GILLASPIE DAVID FuLTz THIRD ROV PETE WALSH REx STUDEBAKER ELDON REAZIH Llnnon BLAHELEV DAN HYHES ALFRED BENNETT CHARLES FORBES, Bovo SHERVOOD HARLAH COOKE LAuH SPARKMAN SAMMY GAHBLE D V FU TZ SPONSOR Sponsored by KETCHUM SERVICE 18 O I . . . , SECOND RCU: En Coon, DONNA KETcHuH, BELVA GlLLAsr1E, ALICE SAcEnaEL, VERNA Snnnous, MARY I 3 I ' : I I I I I I I I I ' . . L 211011 QUJQ FIRST ROV BARBARA JOHNSON DONNA Coox, ALBERTA NORTON KAREN MCCLUNG VENITA SIPES MARY ANN BRYANT SHIRLEY PRESSON, SUE COFFHAN BARBARA LEATON SECOND ROV NoRHA MILAN, SHIRL CHATHELL MARILYN WALSH JUANIYA KALLAUS JANIESE MARTIN ALPHA JEAN HENRY, ALBERTA MORGAN BARBARA SAGEaIEL, BARBARA BARNES PATSY THIRD ROV WAYNE STUDEBANER TQHMY WELSH MILFORD RANNIN TOHMY TUCKER Jo: RODRIQUEZ HARoLo SMITH WAYNE TuRNER GILBERT RODRIQUEZ DAN UITCHER Sponsored Dy KEMP 81 PRIEST OIL COMPANY 19 O E SM H SPONSOR 2 n I A 1 I I ' I 1 , Y I 1 I WALSH, KATHERINE PETIT, MARY DENNING. . ' Y D D D I . . . - . . IT X ... 8,9 viuvv CHEERLEADERS SHARLENE COCHRAN, PAT WEATHERS RUTH GILLESPIE FIRST RCM ALICE SAGEBIEL, PEGGY ELLIOTT ALBERTA NORTON, PAT SHRAUNER, BELVA GILLASRTE MINNIE LOU BRERER, VIRGINIA GILLASPIE, BARBARA BLAKELEY, SHIRLEY GRASZ ELSIE TAYLOR SHARRON WHITE, MAxINE NESTER SUE COFFMAN SECOND ROV DARLENE ELLIOTT, VILLENA STEHART, DIXIE CLAMPITT, GRACE CRAVER SANDRA BIB LEY, BARBARA SAGEBIEL, MARY ANN BRYANT, DONNA Coox, PAY WALSH, MARY DENNING, VENITA SIPES, BARBARA JOHNSON THIRD ROV KAREN MCCLUNG, DONNA KETCHUM, ILA MAE SLOAN, BARBARA BARNES, ANN PAPA' SHARON RICHTERBURG, CHARLENE DEAN, BEVERLY HEATHERS, DANA DENNINQ, TIL IE CARTER, JoAN HARNER BARBARA PERKINS, JONICE OSBORNE, GLYNDA HARVEY JOLLY MAYBERQV MARY Log VARNER, Zo ANN TUCKER, BARBARA VEATHERFCRD, NORHA SLoAN, EILEEN RICHTERBURG, IRHA Ross FOURTH ROV NADINE UHISENAND, JANIESE MARTIN, PAT BRcwN, BARBARA LEATQN HELEN RANRIN NORMA GREGORY, MYRNA FRANKLIN, JOYCE MITCHELL, SHIRLEY CLARK, Jo ANN MITCHELL, VERNA SIMMONS, ELVA VHITE, SHIRLEY WALSH, NELDA SMITH, L A LEE MALSH, VELNA SMITH, CAROLYN RILEY, LAREE GREEN, IvA LEE THYMAN, YvoNNE TAYNAN NQRHA JEAN ULLOM, THYLAH GORE, MARTHA FATE, DELLA DAY Sponsored by SIPES SERVICE STATION Z1 : . - 2 I . I I 1 , . LER, Jo ANN VHITE, RUTH BREWER, VERA NESTER, SHIRLEY STROBEL, PAULINE DILL, MARIE HART- 2 Y I I ' 1 . I , A C . l I oQ'o Q o- J .,"f6, na 9'3.q. 93'?,f"4f.w9r . wfwflzao wffoia 1.9,49vnf'9'wf,l-"'w"24f.3w " H959 ur 4 n9,,,,g39xg2Ew6.g avg 24 wi K' MM "'3'.9'i46 If-315335 ' H' Wf,3K"e4-2 'few-2. M- N. one 0 ww Q0'Q'Cg,3.'. ,W 3 'A 49 'Af f J 69- '33'?v74-'Q-2 "A-,41 of , 4, 'U 7490, ae QI, 1 C ' Go Q, Po I-.g lm Oo Q 1'-4w,0oL:,,n eq. pas J Li Q M A005 'S cats Wm Opener bf'-V Q "- IFAQQQF . fbi 'Om Mfmter Q, '11, "wa UQ X' k"??jZU"2,, 'b We v- x, QJ' v- . - - .9 1' ' c9"'vXxE:ycV 9' Q foklete Obi' 'peaqdqaiatah B9 Cl ' e' 00' In Q0 PQI, -- 'J vIeXc0"' 'Nu 4. ' r' ' . . '0' , ' ' -M - , F W .iixsgikbgxx gf xnxx 1 I 4 K-V NAX Cen, B ' lu " " x6 351 Q .3 517 a 'B E Xxx' Q . Xb 1 FAQ , . 296 5 xaw " I' 't 5 Q , fr' gf Q ,fy he A ! 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Twirlers enjoy practicing on warm days KQHCJ .!4C!LUl!lQ.'5 We t E H S are proud of the way ln whlch our band has Lmproved durmg the past year Under the dlrectlon of Stanley Gould the band has played an m portant part ln school actlvltxes The pep band added a great deal to the festxve mosphere at both basketball and football games and always seemed to help to bolster the school splrlt when we were losxng Aslde from playlng at ball games the band together wlth the glrls chorus presenteda Chrlstmas program and together they went to the HL Flve League Muslc Festlval at Sublette Several parades were attended lncludlng our own Frontler Blondes celebratlon but the hlghlxght of our muslcal year was the sprlng concert glven Ln the school audltortum There we were vxven the opportun lty to show the Commumty what we had accompllshed Certalnly the trlps we took and thlngs we dxd Ln band wlll be among our most pleasant hugh school memorles We have fun too Sharon Whlte Pep band plays on the stage at basketball games parade at I-Iugoton Gascapades Ah? Sponsored by CORNELL JEWELRY Sr WALTER A COOKE Sz SONS 31 O O I , a . . ., ' ' . . ' ,c . . , Y i - - . at- 5, , . , . l , , 1 Z - , . Our band joins the , . ' I L -wc-1' ,J ,- . - " it , . I ',, 41 0 5 lldffef GENE B LE5 D N WITCH R IVAN SIMMONS MYRLEN CHESNUT tri, KC!! AIDRA BIBLER K BR W TH R w I I CART DIxI CLAMPITT GRACE CRAVER SHARLENE COCHRAN DARLENE ELLIOTT RUTH GXLLES RIE TWYLAH GORE MARIE HARTLEY JOLLY MAYBERRY JONICE OSBBRNE NN PAPAY, MARTHA PATE BARBARA PERKINS DJRIS SIPES ILA MAE SLOAN NELDA SMIT , VELMA SMITH, WILLENA STEWART, SHIRLEY STRCBEL, YVONNE TWYMAN, NCRMA JEAN ULLOM, SHIRLEY WALSH, JOAN WARNER, NADINE WHISENAND, ELVA WHITE, JU ANN WHITE, PAT WEATHERS, GLYNDA HARVEY, IVA LEE TWYMAN, OA LEE WALSH. Sponsored by CO-OP GROCERY 8: MARKET 32 221.2 MP 5FaeecA Cfaaa pfaya . HIE omin' gun f7Le 7W0,,mfam " Marvin Turner lla Mae Sloan. Eldon Horton . Twylah Gore . Gene Bales . Loa Lee Walsh Irma Lee Ross . . Pap Judkins . Daisy .Tuclkins . Zeke Bemis . . Maw Iudkins . . . Carey Newbold . ..... Dynamite Ann . . . Hortense Belmont-Cliff Kathleen Stearns ...... Millicent Lovell 315256-UL lboinga .2411 we G'o.45roa A Velma Smith . . . .Laurinda Kerplunk Lloyd Tucker . . . Augustus Kerplunk Carl Walsh .... . . . .Tack Dalton Dwain Steinkuehler . . . Bartholamew Wow Yvonne Twyman . . . .Theodosia Tadpole Sponsored by DORIC THEATREQ Bill Coop, Mgr 33 6L!4l,U'l! 3 AQ QOQJ Z 06011 v Me Thi - ladee' . S tfe UNO be ilamd-ke ,em good kill her Ojtment will eit new cookee. M21 Cuff? he1-,.. her flied lice' eeeeeeeek! jlree .xdcf Gme g P25011 0 g 2l'll0l' G55 Aunt Tillie Trask fan eccentric old maidl . . , lrma Ross Lucinda Talbot fher maidl ...... . . .Velma Smith Pamela Marsh fher niecej ......,.. lla Mae Sloan Lizzie Parsons fa young novelistl . . Eileen Richterberg Ellen Neeland ......... . . Sharlene Cochran Ronald Howland ......... . Johnnie Boaldin Luther Lorrimer fRonald's employerl .... Marvin Turner l Mervin Tucker fposing as Aunt Tilliel . . Dwain Steinkuehler Charlie One Lung fa Chinese cookl . . . . . Lloyd Tucker Mrs. Tillie Tucker fRonald's auntl . . . . Martha Pate Dr. Hattie Bing fa chiropracterl ...... Iva Lee Twyman Sponsored by KELLY OIL CO 6 rumd Cibealln v jkree P25211 fed! Sheldon Harley Paula Bailey . Jules ..,. Newton Cooper Mrs. Gillette . Mrs. Oakley . Celeste . . . Eugenia Bowles Dr. Cameron . Amelia Gillette .!4Cll dferg gy Junior C4155 . Willard Reazin . Mary Lou Warner . . Allen Tucker . . Eldon Horton . . Nelda Smith . . .Norma Jean Ullom . . Norma Sloan . Danna Denning . Lynn Fowler . Ruth Gillespie Sponsored by the STAR LUMBER CO 35 I"0lfU'l 3400! ""' Hotdogs Cokes Coffer Famrllar Elkhart Scenery An alert J Sophomore Engllsh Class M" Glrl s gym class enjoys tmme out Sponsored by ELKHART ICE CO 37 hge ,JM i' V-rf, Next' Classy hmbs No Dr 1 Cam 5 SaY Same, S HO Shppln A round llgday H Z" Culpa 5,-Qi A af" Sponsored by SOUTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE 38 CAM ,W Vle the Semors of E H S Ln the county of Morton and state of Kansas hcrrby declxrt thxs to be our last wlll and testament hereby revokmg 111 former xulls and testamentary lnstruments of every klnd made by us Flrst lhe Scnmor Class of 1950 wxlls all specxal prlvlleges to the class of 1951 We hope they can make use of them as we have Second The followxno Lndxvxduals wlll the followlng propertles to varlous p artlc S Elva Whlte Wxlls the football queenshlp to next year s senlor candx date Elleen Rlchterberg leaves her ablllty to tell Jokes to Glynda Harvey ln case ofa bubble gum shortage lva Lee Twyman left a plece under the back chair xn the thlrd row ln Mr Fultz s room Twylah Core leaves her chemlstry book wlth all the answers frlght or wrong to next year s vxctlm Iva Lee Twyman ind Marvxn Turner leave the concesslons to the class of 51 Blll Sleeper and Lloyd Tucker leave the lab we hope' lla Mae Sloan and Martha Pate leave thexr abxllty to thlnk of mean things to do to Barbara Perklns and Jolly Mayberry Pat Weathers and Mary McClung leave thexr ablllty to catch a man permanentlyl to Norma Sloan Velma Smlth and Loa Lee Walsh leave thelr perfect 'U attendance records to Barbara Weatherford and Ruth Glllesple Ralph Coen the tlght wad wouldn t leave anythmg Mmnnle Lou leaves Myrlen to the Sophomore glrls Sharlene Cochran leaves Elkhart mn favor of Manhattan Don Stroud leaves hxs lnltlals on the study hall table Johnny Boaldxn leaves hxs basketball sult to Lloyd Haar Hope lt looks as nlce on you Lloyd Irma Lee Ross leaves her posxtxon on the annual staff to Mary Lou Warner Dwam Stelnkuehler leaves lns sllde rule to Gene Bales Learn how to use It Gene .Tack Gregory leaves several exerc1ses of bookkeepmg to make up to Eldon Horton When Marvln Slpes gets to leave he s taklng everythlng with htm Sponsored by NORMAN'S IMPLEMENT CO 39 I , , . 1 , . , . . . ..., , C ffl 1 x , 1 f , L5 K' , . 1 f , , . , . ' o . V r ,X , 1 .. r - - . , . . 4 , . . . . , 1 J , . . Z t . ' , ! I ' i . , . . . , . . . . , . CAQIJAAQLJ Wemoried g .'-' lt seemed this time would never come, But the day is here at last, When we must face the future, With memories of the past. 7. r'f,iQ'g",:--W. .. The beloved words of "Auld Lang Syne," I ,. 3, .',', Many voices sing, f '. ,rg .,ki-,E ' 1. "Good Luck, Good Health, To your Success 1 -' en' ' 'ff l" , Other voices ring. " V Our hands are clasped in parting, r Nw L 4 ' '-" ' Warm tears fill our eyes, And each minute it gets harder, To say those last goodbyes, But pleasant thoughts within our hearts, Will never, never die. Instead, they will be cherished, As the fleeting years gO by. Rita Swantek Sponsored by Floyd Breeding MORTON COUNTY REPRESENTATIVE I CTORIAL YE BOOHS cusrou vsp MYERS C . A. rw T fl lv A lutolvollvli vovnu. Inu. ef IH!!! ll!!! ,155:Hf,.,f.-,-1 ...9-k:.,'r. P',s In ,. . 523-Q". ' , ,L Q 0 J 0 Eiiii ll! h-JMS?-u ' 1 5 in lllli lllll 'll lllil IIIII Ill!! lllll 'F- fits.. ' if . A f.. 'I fl ' 1 . ,4 r L , . . 1 1 . 1 1 ' - s 1 .v-m N ' 'W 'W K , ".A . l I- V - 'rn--rv, I K A I ' x uw. 1 5 'I , - 1 1,5 V . ., .I Z V . 3, O , ,.,. I 1 . . I A Y 3 . . K . g ' - 'M' lg ' 4 Oli... 4- 9 : ., .. ! ' " ' v ,JEL 'Ly' fsfif , Juan' 'f' .Q ., ,. H . -1, . A , . ' ' ' "nf, ' one - . , - , vin - - 4 - .Phi b 4 -

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