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:Uno-urv-f,.r-, . ' Hr- -"ur NT-1i.,...f and no matter how you figure it 1 Y f V i Q 1 i 1 5 1 I W 1 1 I Y 1 I I 1 W 4 1 1 4 I ! , Q x f"""?-I ,M , 5 Yuv- 531, 2 3 QU .fs ,, g"'? ii +5 . as 5:1-f ii EQ. spiie of lhe mahyp criiicisms l'oday's progressive Schools. wellind lhal' we have 'lo work hard lo meel' EHS slandards. We oflen com- plain aboul' "fha loads leachers pile on'l'o us". bul' whenwe are given our diplomas. we realiie thai' hard work has i'l's rewards. 1 P. Dolph and D. Callahan experimenl' ,wllh pulleys. one of the six simple machines. A wiv' J' , l. , n - r Q is . 21 3 44 5 fs xg , W. 2 ,, e, 5 i 5 M ,, ., ,, ,. . 'M W Q if-1+ , . gk Q, we If X Tha? special evenl: ihe football queen. The elafion of a vic- lory afler 'lhe 'lense final seconds of a game in 'lhe Norfhside Gym . . . 'lhe ioy of shared enihusiasm and final achievemenl' . . . li'l"l'le momenls wi'l'h lha-l' special person . . . 'lhe lilfing music, sof'l ligh'l's, romance and splendor of a formal dance . . . and mosl' of all. 'lhe 'lhrill of being young and wonder- fully alive. sometimes it Thai special pep session: Milf Campbell. ' .sw ,l W C L Thai' special gesture: his boulonniere. was thrilling . . . That special person and dlconverfible. 39- 6 f L' 1 , A 3, , kugfzgb a u- g . x X, ,Q 5 n ik Vi? xr, Q? :ii x ,R W. 5 s EQ x x 54 sk 2 'Q ,xg 1 gf w 5 Mi . , V f - K A , -- W. . Q :EY 3 ' ' 1-4 ' ff ' . , f '- ' X ' j -- ry , A X fig! -X ffm f ti. -35 if A , 'wf X f 1 Q 5' ! ,1 4 x .i xii: . M. .awk ,. if . ,vt -2, , 3 sing X 1 'A ' fi ,. If f' .Q Ls 'f f 4 , An nf' Q21 7 xf? 'Q A A , .Q- . ,fn wif V Z' ' ,, ' Q' Qi r 533 4. . N ,, ' 4 W 1 X' K -' .Ag ' 5 1 Y , M- k If if , 7 I -z A, . 5, .5 sr , 533235:-x ' - .., ., V, X, 'V Jon wilh June. wonderful . W Here al' EHS we know disappoinfmenl and happi- ness. cooperalion and comradeship, lroubles and re- l wards. Here we have made new friends. have shared our responsibililies, and have fell' achievemenl. Here we learn 'many lessons-lhose in books and 'l'hose noi . in books. .y All 'lhese experiences and emolions have made our year a wonderful year. wifh gradualion as a wonder- ful climax lo our high school days. Our memories of EHS are very dear 'lo us. "These are fhe 'lhings we shan'l' forge'I"'. Mos? happy fella Mos? useful: Triple L's who decorafe halls. '57, like every other year " f ww.. ...... was a good year for learning . f"N '-SF lf , Vw, . -A ' " se: 'g 5,445 - f NXK 'IL X, ,An , 9 Zig , .53 lv Our 'leachers expecl' us lo do our besl: our school has high sfandards of grading. As a resuli. we work hard al' school and al' home. and find ourselves growing each day foward l'he knowl- edge 'lhal' is power. U V xl A 1. 4 ,- Am. L xi .,.e,L if if V ,E i ii, A I' t. .. :LW e4 , 1 , f si- sl ,. E 9 5 A fg ww 'T' as ' 5 1 YJ " f A J- 'ff I v, 5 y VA . ,A fi A ' lQ g12ff2. Q 1, -P ..f,M',.i' Q L, fi .51 E' I.. V Q J ti' 5 QQ M. J .4 f.,-'z ' vg-HERE af' N 'Nw .X J' 9 J. Milchell and C. Grossman slave on chem. BOOKS GUIDE US, TEACH US, INSPIRE US OUR SCHOOL LIBRARY IS WELL-EOUIPPED AND a quie-I, allracfive place 'Io sfudy. For reference work or reading, a wealfh of malerial is available. Miss Book and her assislanls do everylhing 'Ihey can 'lo help us find informa- 'I'ion. Allraclive poslers and displays lead us 'Io read more and Io browse around. In spile of whal many people Ihink, 'Ihe maiorily of sludenls really work bofh in school and aI home. One fhing aboul' our crowded school is 'lhal' 'Ihere are few quiel' places Io sludy or falk, especially during 'Ihe noon hour. Before school or afler, Iwosomes gel' Iogeiher +o compare chem charls or work on Irig. Recenfly fwo reading courses have been made avail- able I'o EHS s+uden+s. One is a remedial course which is designed for non-readers who may be having Irouble wilh Ihe mas+ery of fhe subiecf mailer in Iheir fexlbooks. The ofher reading course, called DEVELOPMENTAL READING, is offered Io aid 'Ihose sludenis who wanl' 'lo read 'fas'I'er, belrler and wiI'h a keener grasp of Ihe prinled page. Because of our crowded condifions. 'Ihese reading courses are oHered in +he "Sheri House" where specially 'Irained 'Ieachers and special books, machines and equip- men'I' facililale learning. Learning lo comprehend wha? we read. 19 L. Flora reeds a passage from Burns in English LH' W. Pannalaecker end L. Turner do a spof commercial. ENGLISH HELPS US EXPRESS OURSELVES WHEN A SENIOR CHOOSES HIS ENGLISH COURSE FOR HIS LAST year in EHS, he finds if hard fo decide. Should he fake 12D and learn fhe fechniques of dramafics producfions or BIBLE. a book he feels he'd like fo know beH-er? If he's college-bound, he plans fo fake WRITING LAB: if he wanfs a fufure in radio or TV, he will sign up for SPEECH WORKSHOP. A senior mighf elecf MODERN LIT., a 'Iwo-semesfer course in reading modern novels, plays, non-ficfion, or fake ENGLISH 12A where he'll gef fo know fhe besf in English Iiferafure. Juniors also have fo make choices, when, as sophomores, 'I-hey plan I-heir elevenfh year. ENGLISH 11 combines fhe J. Burfon gels a fest in Commercial English. sfudy of American liferafure wifh furfher drill in funda- menfals. ENGLISH IIS is designed for iuniors inferesfed in speech: IID for fhose who enioy fhe sfudy of dramafics and HJ for fhose iuniors who wanf fo specialize in journal- ism. Each of fhe laffer courses also includes American Iif, as iuniors are af fhe same fime sfudying U. S. Hisfory. When a sophomore enfers EHS, he finds his ENGLISH course for fhe fenfh year already prescribed for him. This course is a kind of orienfafion course, giving him some work in speech, some in grammar and fundamenfals, and some in liferafure. Wifh a differenf 'Iexf for each course, and a differenf feacher, he finds himself rofafing from one of fhese fhree fields fo fhe nexf. ,.. . , S. Cerfer learns siege appearance in Soph Speech. E. Gonzalez, foreign ex- change sludenf, shows a design. THROUGH LANGUAGES, WE LEARN 0F OTHER LANDS S. Wir? explains an ariicle in modern lil. AT PRESENT FOUR LANGUAGE COURSES ARE OFFERED AT EHS: FRENCH, SPANISH, LATIN, and GER- MAN. The sludy of languages may begin in The nin+h grade in iunior high or in fhe ienfh year. Mos'l' sfudenis fake fwo years of language buf four years are offered in Lafin, and ano+her year would be offered in French or Spanish if There was a demand. German is new io EHS fhis year: nexf year an advanced course will be offered. ln each language, The use of records and conversafional meihods makes 'lhe course an inferesfing modern shady. "Voici le papier," says J. Lochmandy lo C. Horswell. ll P. Johnson learns ihaf German is rough. 5 . , u' 5 "S 1 Lnfin praiech N. Hogendoblar. E. Sfouf, D. Sfemm, B. Woodard, V. Campifi, N. Shreiner. and E. Maas 23 Parking can be a probleml WE LEARN ALL EHS STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE AMERICAN PROBLEMS, a course dealing wi'ih American governmenf and America's social and economic problems, and UNITED STATES HISTORY, where juniors learn +o ap- preciare our American herifage. Besides ihese, a sfudenf may choose one of +he follow- ing social sfudies: EFFECTIVE LIVING, a course dealing wiih 'ihe problems of youfh and adulihoodg CADET TEACH- ING, a course designed 'lo give seniors inieresied in +he leaching profession ideas abour such careers: WORLD HISTORY, a course in which 'ihe pupils sfudy ancient medieval, and modern hisforyp or CONSUMER EDUCA- TION, a course which feaches how 'Io be smarf, effeciive buyers. A DRIVER TRAINING course is offered +o all siudenis who wani 'io learn how Io drive. I L. Frederick, B.iSIuIsman, T. Kidder, and J. Mohr, a commiHee in EHecIive Living. Q P. Carpe reporls on Ihe Observer in American Problems. ABOUT WORLD AFFAIRS IN SOCIAL STUDIES A A I'UI,I.IgIllIx IIUI,nlI'N ' V . emocrai ' ' 1' IIIII ' ' I J. lu an , A fIepubIIccIqIi ILA L. ScoH and W. Cullen are chocied on Iho poII books by "sIneriFFs" D. M. Maloney pufs up a posfer for Cadef Teaching. Mum and G. McNeal in November "eIec+ion". B. Brane works on frig. Yes, malh is hard. WE STUDY Juniors sfruggle wifh algebra-geomefry. 26 MATH AND LEARN T0 REASON MATHEMATICS, IN SOME FORM, IS ESSENTIAL TO ALL. EHS offers a varie-Iy of maih courses. Seniors 'Iaking TRIGONOMETRY and fourlh year AL- GEBRA are beHer able 'Io undersland 'The problems of engineers and archirecfs. MATH 12T, dealing wilh pracri- cal ma+hema+ics applied 'Io fechnical work, is essenfial 'Io a s'Iuden'I' in indusfrial courses. Third year ALGEBRA and SOLID GEOMETRY include Ihe algebra expanded considerably 'From 'Ihe firsl' year course, and geomeiry, which is an associaiion of solid wifh plane geomefry. Sophomores choose PLANE GEOMETRY Io learn 'I'ecI1- niques of formal proof and cons+ruc'Iion of geomeiric figures. Learning 'Ihe principles of mafh is Ihe basis of MATH 106. Arifhmeiic, simple algebra and geomefry comprise fhis course. Mr. Ehrsam shows B. KBHTHEIQ J Perrin, W. Crise, and B. Thomp- son flie use of a fransif. 53 When Hue going geis tough, Mr. Harvey lends a hand fo J. Bloss, C. Himes, and M Sims 27 "The formula is . . . " easily forgoffen. Aquaiic animals are fuscinaiing shldy in biology 28 P. Lenaburg dissecls a frog. SCIENCE GIVES WHEN A SENIOR EXPRESSES AN INTEREST IN SCIENCE, HE selecfs CHEMISTRY. This is a s'I'udy of fhe composiiion and of +he changes in composifion of Ihe Ihings Ihaf fhe world and 'I'ha'I' we are made of. In 'Ihe classroom, 'rhe fheory of chemis+ry is faugh+, while in fhe Iabora+ory, pracfical experience in Ihis subieci, Irhrough ex- perimenfafion and demonsfrafion, is learned. In fhe iunior year, 'Phe sfudeni' has his choice of PHYS- ICS or PHYSICAL SCIENCE. Physics deals wifh fhe physi- cal forces and laws of nafureg such as, Iigh'I', heal, elecfrical energy, sound, gravify, simple machines, and +he principles of mirrors and lenses. This is a laborafory science: our lab- orafory is equipped fo s+udy each phase fhoroughly. Physi- The microscope reveals new worlds Io 5. Parmafer. US KNOWLEDGE OF OUR WORLD cal science is for 'Ihose s+udenI's who do no'I plan fo en'Ier a career in Ihe science field. In 'rhis class, fhe basic princi- ples of physics, chemis+ry, and earlh science are faughi. Thus, a good general knowledge of science is acquired by fhe sludenl' who may use his credil from Ihis course fo 'ful- fill fhe science requiremenf for high school. For a sophomore, BIOLOGY is Ihe science choice. This subieci' is a sfudy of living fhings. During +he course of +he year, +he pupil learns of fhe cycles of life and of his role in Na+ure's plan. Living or dead animals and planfs are sfudied individually and whole new worlds are revealed under Ihe microscope. Sfudenfs are encouraged Io work on proiecls af home: growing planfs, incuba'Iing mold culfures, doing experimenfs. Lenses and lighf--an experimenf in physics. 2 9 B. Owens sculpfing. ANY PUPIL WHO PLAYS A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT is eligible Io parIicipa'Ie in our marching BAND during Ihe foollaall season and in Ihe concer'I band la'Ier in 'Ihe year. S'IudenI's may also play in ORCHESTRA. This EHS organizalion plays music expecied only from professional groups. OUR CREATIVE SELVES EMERGE IN THE FINE ARTS Classes in MUSIC THEORY and MUSIC APPRECI- ATION are ofliered 'Io sfudenis wishing 'Io learn 'funda- menials of music. Four groups comprise CHOIR. THE A CAPELLA CHOIR, represenfing Ihe besi voices of EHS, is 'Ihe goal of mosi members. A s+udenI inferesfed in arf may eleci GENERAL ART, designed +o develop ariisfic a++i+udes. In ART WORK- SHOP, Ihe advanced class, Ihe individual works in his own medium. SIudenIs form mosiacs in arI workshop. u , 5'-JZ KX. VX, xgbx 5 2, ? Q' 5 I . N f I .. f -55 K W . h P ff h"' - v A - VY rbi . H .,lgg - -i k'-. , 'k,x ' fi, K S L 4 H X I - . ..f.f4 ' , : . QM R 4' x "' - if X h . 'A ',:G Q K ' k , 5 P . wk Q I V' KZ-sri K k I . A Vrgk my 5 f L ' JL L Q ' ag, , - '1: 53j. x 5 j wig? ,K V i , in - INDUSTRIAL ARTS WHERE WE ACQUIRE SKIllS IF A STUDENT IS INTERESTED IN A VOCATIONAL FIELD, he has many differenl' classes Io choose from. He mighl' elecl' +o fake AUTO MECHANICS, which is eifher a sophomore or a iunior course. In Ihis class, work is done on modern au+omobiIe engines which are in running condi- +ion. A derailed s+udy is made of more in+rica+e mechan- isms of +he au'I'omobiIe: carbureiors, wheel bearings, gen- era+ors, and sl-ar+ers. Because welding is largely used in Ihe repair of au+o- mobiles, a phase of +his uni'I is devo+ed 'Io 'Ihe learning of fhe process of oxy-acerylene welding. Pupils in 'fhis class are also permiHed +o do work on their own cars. i l J. Slrukel, S. Lylle, M. Main and A. Mccloughan plan wardrobes. Rooffop carpenfers, C. Sumpier and N. Luce. ELECTRICITY is offered during all 'rhree years of high school. In ihese years, a s+uden+ learns of elecfrical Iheory and Ihe use of fools and ma+erials. He also learns 'Ihe op- erafion and cons+ruc+ion of radios. The s'Iuden+s wilh infer- es+ in 'Ihis field are allowed +o work as "hams", learning code and fhe opera+ion of +ransmiHers. Finally +he class covers coniracl' work in I'he pupiI's field of inI'eres+: wiring hook- ups, Iighl mainienance, conduii wiring, mo'Ior conlrol, or swilches. BUILDING TRADES is a prac+icaI course in carpenlry. If possible, as in Ihe pas+ year, sfudenis work on the ac+uaI cons'IrucI'ion and repair of a house. They learn Ihe 'Pech- niques of building and 'I'he uses of all Ihe I'ooIs Ihal' may be needed in such work. P. Johnson and I. Culp overhaul an engine. A. Huelier in Ihe background 33 M. Companion works on Ihe Iaihe WE LEARN TRADES The Carpeniry class checks fheir blue prinf. +v-Q-. Men and machines-learning for iomorrow. Drafling fakes skill. AND HOMEMAKING Working on projecls in eleciricify. DRAFTING, A COURSE IN ARCHITECTURE, IS DE- SIGNED +o give lhe sludenf some knowledge in planning a house or a building. He learns +o draw derails of walls, doors, windows, and +o consrruci floor plans. If a sfudenl' is inferesfed in working wilh wood, WOOD- WORKING is fhe class he would eleci. The iype of con- s'l'ruc+ion merhods and praclices in producrion of furniiure, cabinefs, and oiher ariicles of wood are siudied. Proiecis are ihen designed and buiI'I by 'ihe pupil. VOCATIONAL MACHINE SHOP meefs rhree hours each day wi+h one hour dedicafed fo relared +raining: a review of shop mafhemafics, precision inslrumenfs, and grinding and precision finishes. The remaining hours are spenr in 'lhe machine shop. PRINTING is a class given +o insfruci- 'lhe srudenis in Malching plaids: K. Helfrick and G. Burler. all ihe various phases of ihis field. Mosf of fhe work con- sisfs of priniing school forms and programs, care and mainienance of 'lhe prinfing equipmen+, and sfudying prini- ing operafions. Pupils who 'rake VOCATIONAL DRAWING learn io draw diliierenr paris of a machine. Affer masfering +his, fhe srudeni designs one of The various 'iypes of small machines, such as, drill press, jig saw, or a small bench grinder. The dream of mos+ girls is fo evenrually gel' married and raise a family. To prepare for 'lhis career, a course in HOME ECONOMICS is offered io all EHS girls. The sophomore course in homemaking is designed +o give girls a basic knowledge of homemaking: juniors and seniors may 'lake a second or ihird year of homemaking. Take Iwo cups . . . C. Schooley, M. Johnson. a +P Il: N. Moon, J. Haney and J. Hummel sfudy budgers. 35 S. Scoll and D. Kreiscli- mer on office praclice iobs. P. Shank balances fhe books, 'S I . Ad Personal fyping aids college prep sfudenfs. 36 BUSINESS SKILLS FOR TOMORROW ARE LEARNED TODAY A VARIETY OF COMMERCIAL COURSES ARE OF- FERED TO THOSE sfudenls going info business. GENERAL BUSINESS acquainls 'I'l1e sfudenl' wiih Ihe business world: SHORTHAND is a source consisling of speed building and pre-+ranscrip+ion Irainingg Iraining in keeping records sfraighl' is received in BOOKKEEPING: CLERICAL PRACTICE consisls of classroom work and praclical oflice work: skills in puncfuafion and le'H'er wri-ling are learned in BUSINESS ENGLISH: knowledge of sales 'rransaclions and slore policies, in MERCHANDISING. Learning 'lo make business and personal lefler forms consfifufe a course in TYPEWRITING: sluclenfs wl1o wanl' 'lo learn Io 'I'ype for personal use may lake PERSONAL TYPEWRITING. l From speedboals Io vilaminsl J. Elmore and G. Menges learn selling poinls. 1' 1' i -..' .'N f S. Lyile and J. Vargo demonsfrafe good buying procedure fo Carol Landon, Sharon Conner, and Winifred Beadle. 37 W 1 w w w l in '57, activities both N w 2 x X OIG CIIIC NSW, Were WOl1del"l'Ul A sei Conceris. dances. parfies. plays. feas. suppers-'lhese and many ol'her aiairs give zesl' and sparkle fo 'lhe dull roufines of 'lhe day. Ac'l'ivi'l'ies enrich our school year, leaving us many glowing memories. 1- 1 Mr. Maier and The assembly ccmmiHee: Miss Shideler, Miss Whife. Mrs. Fox, Mr. Rogers, Mrs. Burlrhardf, Mr. Crosier, and Mr. Mahan Senior librarians W. Powell. N. Hogendobler, and B. Kuhn ind a G. Scofi shows fhe Hi Fi +o C. Mufzl and M. Fey reference 40 THURSDAYS ARE FOR MEETING, PLANNING Club meefings, formerly diTTiculT To schedule affer school, are now held on Thursday mornings. The new plan was inifiafed lasT fall by Wilbur Mafer, chairman of scheduling, and The members of The Acfivifies CommiT+ee. On Thursday The school day does nof begin unTil 8:30: homerooms do noT meef on ThaT day. STuclenTs have Their choices of aTTending a club meefing, or coming To school and going To a s+udy hall, or of coming af 8:30. AT firsf, everyone forgoT, and came To school as usual: soon, however, almosf everyone caughf on, and excepT for Those who shivered oufside on cold mornings, The club program was a success. Mr. Mafer lcepT The schedule running smooThly. The new plan permiTs sTudenTs who have afTer-school jobs or boys who are ouT for sporis To aTTend club meefingsg This means increased membership, aTTendance, inTeresT. Now clubs are scheduled To mee-T Twice a monTh on alTernaTe Thursdays. This plan was no+ compulsory, however. Some clubs sTill prefer To meeT affer school. or in The evening, af The homes of members. Some new clubs were organized, like The Physics and Hi Fi clubs, and ofher new ones will probably follow, as The plan confinues. The plan also gives cabinefs, commi'Hees, and groups Time To meeT and plan for coming evenTs. TiclreT sales, posTers, Trips, decorafions-all The necessary defails can be discussed aT The Thursday morning sessions. More Time for pre-planning means more successful affairs: This year we have enioyed some very good parTies, Trips, dances, and programs. lT's acTiviTies ThaT puT The spice in The dull rouTine of lessons, boolcs and sfudyg iT's acTiviTies ThaT make The school go 'round. E. STouT adverfises The League dance C. Berlney and T. Harfman look over a communicafions receiver Waifing for The 8:30 bell on a cold Thursday morning 41 GAY AFFAIRS, CLEVER IDEAS, AND FUN COME FROM THURSDAY CLUB MEETINGS In mos'I' every club, 'I'he cabinel' or ofiicers meer one week: Ihen 'Ihe en+ire group, The nexr. WiI'h more people aH'ending, beHer resulls are assured. Wi+h more people present more ideas originafed, beHer discussions were held, and "The more Ihe merrier" came +rue. Plans are discussed, perfecfeclg 'Ihen Ihe president chair- man, or sponsor reads 'I'he lisI' and The commiflees begin 'Io work. How shall we decorale 'I'he cafeleria or Ihe gym? WhaI'lI we have for enI'er'Iainmen+7 Who's making posfers? Who's doing The announcemenis? Are The refreshmenfs ordered? And who's going Io clean up afferwards? Some of our affairs are iusl' for fun, like parfies or dances: some are planned fo honor seniors, parenrs, guesls. Oflen we see films or hear 'Ialks given by -Ihe very coopera- five Elkharlans who are generous wi+h 'Iheir 'lime and 'Talent Somefimes Ihe whole group fakes a frip +o Chicago on Sarurday I-o a play, a museum, or +o some place of mu+uaI in'Ieres+. We learn a greai' deal from all of Ihese, buf whai' we really learn is +o work fogelher, 'Io do our share, Io see a iob lhrough. In clubs we also learn 'Io know our 'Ieachers beH'er as we work wifh 'Ihem informally. AcI'iviI'ies are edu- ca+ional, are fun, are worfh-while. N. Shreiner and B. Marlin reign af 'fhe Lafin Safurnalia 42 - Q A. 'uv' The N.H.S. members arrange Iheir Brofherhood display al Templin's Les serveuse ai' ihe French Club supper 3' - v 5? W k M., PP' . ,. 4 .4 'ai v-ii i' as V Tk Q- ii , N 1 ,- ffl -. A im ' . 'q.,- , , Q.. ,.... ami Q iw ' -... Officers L-R: Secy., Phoebe Complonl Pres., Tom Ailrinsp V. P., Larry Fihsim- mons: Trees., Dan Seng a Cl I"Cll5 STUDENT COUNCIL The S'l'uden+ Council, supervised by Mrs. Fox and Mr. Updilre, consisfs of forly- eighf members, each represenling a homeroom. Problems and proiecfs concerning EHS are discussed in The monlhly meerings, held in +he audi'l'orium. The Council slrives +o develop leadership among +he s+uden+s, high, ideals of cifizenship, and cooperarive good spiril' Through pep sessions and discussions in homeroom, where +he "voice of +he school" is represenfed. Senior Rena Levinslcy had 'Phe honor of being 'lhe firsr Homecoming Queen al' The Ellrharl'-Goshen 'foofball game, an evenl' begun fhis year by +he Council. Her courr was comprised of Pa+ Srrawser, junior, and Bev Flauding, sophomore. Anorher new projecf for 'l'he Council was 'rhe Circus held in April. This acfivify helped earn +he necessary money fo bring nex-r year's foreign s+udenis fo EHS. Slanding commi'Hees and chairmen were Hall Traffic, Joanne Benhamg Foreign Scholarship, John Gildeag Pep Session, Jan Cummins and Wally Wells: Assembly Planning CommiH'ee, Sonia Bradley: and, Homeroom Topics, Ann Cleveland. R. Sfoui lells plans of fhe Brofherhood proiecf fo fha Council 44 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Nafional Honor Socieiy is an honorary organizafion devofed 'l'o creafing an enfhusiasm for scholarship, s+imula+ing a desire +o render service, promofing worihy leadership, and encouraging fhe developmeni' of charac+er in 'Phe sfudenrs a+ EHS. The members who are in fhe upper quarfer of 'rhe senior class work 'logefher wiih The assisrance of Miss Busche on various proiecirsg such as +he annual supper, held on March 4, and helping fhe Guidance Council wi+h College Night Commi'H'ees fundioning 'lhroughouf +he year were 'The Tu+oring Commil-lee, chair- man, Dave Cocanowerg 'Phe Finance CommiH'ee, chairman, Liz Lusher: 'The Scholarship CommiHee, chairman, Ann Goldsberry, and Ci+izenship Commifree, chairman, Jean Amsden. The Sociefy serves fhe school by iuforing, emphasizing +he imporlance of Brofh- erhood Week, and acknowledging oufsfanding a'H'endance records and scholasric achievemenfs 'Through nofes +o sfudenfs in their homerooms. The las+ ac+ivi+y of +he year for The Sociely is +he induciion of selecfed iuniors as members of ihe nex+ year's Nafional Honor Sociefy. Oflicers L-R: Secy., Judy Hooley, Pres., S+an Burden: V. P., Sally Haines, Treas., Joel Russell Ue ran 6 D. Cocanower gives ruforing assignments fo his commiHee: L. Hayes. S. Scott, and S. Minelli 45 6 H. sf-0'5" ? 0 i I Oiiicers L-R: Treas., Gary Mills: Pres., John Gildea: Secy., Sian Hooley: V. P., Toni Moores BOYS LEAGUE All boys who a'H'end Elkhari High School belong 'lo lhe Boys League. The main purpose of +he club is +o have programs and acfivilies of inieresi' +o all boys. The League Cabinef and Advisory Council mei lhe iirsi and 'ihird Fridays of each monih wiih iheir sponsor, Mr. Rogers. A+ +hese meeiings, fuiure evenis and programs m0"'be'r were planned for 'ihe eniire league. Many school programs were sponsored by 'ihe Boys League lhis year: ihe Glen Cunningham assembly, and 'lhe Engineering assembly. The Boys and Girls League worked fogeiher and sponsored 'ihe "Sno Ball" and all-school picnic. A "Round-up" was given early in 'lhe year in order 'For 'the members of Boys League fo become acquainfed. Besides ihe many school aciiviiies and proiecis, Chrisimas baskels were delivered and ihe Polio Dime Line was manned by League members. Commifiees of Boys League in acfion 'ihroughoui' +he school year included: +he Hosf Commi'Hee. Bill Sirawser, Chm.: 'lhe Dime Line Commil-ree, Ed Borneman, Chm. J. Gildea reporfs on ihe Cunningham assembly 46 Omcers L-R: Secy., Cafhy Delbridge: Pres., Joyce Monlieihg V. P., Judy Rogers: Trees., Marylouise Kaniz GIRLS LEAGUE The Girls League, sponsored by Miss Shideler, is all-inclusive: all girls in The school are members and +he purpose of fhe club is +o serve The needs of all girls, as well as +hose of all 'khe school. ln mon+hly meefings in fhe audi+orium girls are informed of 'The club proiech and problems, +hese having previously been discussed by ihe Advisory Council which acls as a policy-making group wi+hin 1-he club. Informal affairs for girls were fhe Kid parfy, colre pariies and suppers. Ai' The coke parries, on class levels, +he girls discussed 'l'he maH'ers of grooming, prom clofhes, dal-ing and manners. Togerher wifh fhe Boys League, +he Girls League sponsored 'Iwo annual affairs +ha'I' are rapidly growing in populariry: +he all-school dance and all-school picnic. These are looked forward 'lo by everyone who enioys dancing, sporfs and fun. A Vesper Service, honoring seniors, ferminafes each year's League ac'l'ivil'ies. The Girls Advisory Council hears a reporl on The College Tea e PICMG waS 15 U "' -foo. 47 hall EUCP' 'Sir w we as 21" fthe SUM 'l carH3""'i',,a1s- Oliicers L-R: Soc. chm., Carolyn Frame: Secy., Valerie Hawkins: V. P., Pal' Mc- Micheelg Pres., Brenda Slruble: Treas., Rila Hoak: Sgt-af-arms. Nancy Arisman TRIPLE-l Triple-L is a school service club. Any girl in EHS is eligible +o become a member. Twenfy-'lhree girls, under lhe sponsorship of Mrs. Dorofhy Burkhardl, are organized 'fo promole Learning, Loyalfy, and Leadership, and 'lo develop planned cooperalion in group aciivilies for ihe benefif of +he school. Triple-L meeis ihe second and fourih Thursday of each monih in room 207. Eve- ning meeiings and pariies are held in lhe homes of The members of fhe club. A+ 'fhese meelings, fhe members +ry io pursue +he inieresfs of 'lhe individual girls belong- ing +o ihe club. The library oflen provided enjoyable films for members 'lo see. During ihe '56-'57 school year, Triple-L has worked on lhe Polio fund-raising Dime Line, kepl' 'lhe second-floor bulleiin board decoraled, and furnished a Chrisfmas baskei for a needy family of Elkhart Some of lhe Triple-L girls served as hosiesses for College Nighl. The members of Triple-L repaired renlal books as a service fo lhe sfudenls of Elkharl' High School and al' 'iourney 'lime Triple-L girls also sold while carnaiions, each wilh a blue "E" in ihe cenler. A square dance-fun for Triple-L members 48 Spanish dancers perform ai ihe Mexican supper SPANISH CLUB El Circulo Espanol is comprised of 'foriy-eighi' members who are sfudying or who have siudied Spanish, wifh Miss King as +heir sponsor. The club sponsors fhe Spanish Naiional Honor Sociefy, in recognifion of Spanish Club members of good class sfanding. The purposes of 'I'he club are 'io promofe a beHer rela'l'ionship befween sfudenis, 'io promofe ihe oral use of 'ihe Spanish language. 'io become acquainfed wi+h cus- foms of Spanish-speaking lands, and +o promoie a beHer siudenf-'i'eacher relafionship. El Circulo Espanol held iis meeiings once a monih in ihe homes of iis members. Many inieresfing programs were presenied 'ro Hue club members fhis year: 'ihe Zarria family from Ecuador showed piciures of iheir naiive counfry, and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Snell spoke of iheir experiences as missionaries among +he indians of Peru, illus+ra+ing +he 'laik wiih exhibiis of arficles from Peru. The club heard 'Pallas on 'lrips fo foreign couniries and saw slides of iravels fo Spanish-speaking coun+ries. ln fhe spring, 'ihe members 'ioured ihe Mexican secfions of Chicago. The Spanish Club's money-making proieci' +his year was fhe Mexican Supper, held February fourfh. h C290 I"v?S,' ed UH' . . if N pe. Mdjro. Officers L-R: Soc. Chm., Chrisiy Mui'zl7 V. P., Marilyn Fey: Pres., Larry Converse: Secy., Carolyn Bono: Treas., Kay Rader 51 J. Cummins explains a new uri' proiecl' gill iw' " ovf, ree Ci" siff' i PAINT AND PALETTE The purpose of 'I'he Painl' and Paleife Club is +o give lhose inieresfed in ari' a chance fo parficipare in arf aclivifies. During lhe club meeiings, which were held fhe second and fourih Thursdays of each mon+h, fhe members discussed business wifh 'iheir sponsor, Mr. James. The group lisfened fo speakers and planned and crealed arf proiecis. Using several differeni' media, lhe members achieved varied elifecis in design. The speakers 'lhis year were Mr. Tharp and Mr. Bob Kinsey, who discussed lhe arf of in+erior decorafing. Panels of s'luden+ members were held discussing realisfic versus modern art Fufure proiecis ulilized lhe ideas which were broughl' our of fhese discussions. Trips were iaken lhis year 'io ihe Chicago Ari lnsfiiuie, and 'io 'rhe Souih Bend Ari Associa-Hon. As a service +o 'lhe communify, 'l'he members of Paini' and Pale'He Club pre- pared Pilgrim favors for +he Hospi+al's Thanksgiving dinner. The club made an unusual hall decorai-ion +his year of a modernislic Chrisimas free. Throughoul' fhe year, The club worked on scenery, posiers, and olher school proiecis. Officers L-R: Pres., Jan Cummins: Treas,, Jan Smilhg V. P., Marcia Garden: Secy., Lila Myers 52 Camera Club members working in The darkroom CAMERA CLUB The purpose of +he Camera Club is fo promoie an in+eres+ in phofography in fhe club, in The school, and in +he communify. Under 'Phe sponsorship of Mr. Morgan, fhe members of the Camera Club have donafed fheir services +o bofh 'lhe school and +o 'Phe communiiy. The club me+ during fhe homeroom period each second and fourfh Thursday of The monih. Members spenf addiiional lime, iaken from s+udy periods, fo develop and fo prini' picfures in fhe Camera Club darkroom. As a communify proieci-, each week one of +he club members wen? fo +he Humane Shelfer where rhey +ook +he piciures of dogs who were available for adopfion. Then, fhe "Dog of +he Week" pic+ure appeared in rhe Elkharf Trufh. The mosi' oufs+anding service of the Camera Club was 'lhe +aking of picrures for fhe Pennanf Weekly and for +he Pennanr Annual. Prinis of fhese pic+ures were lafer sold fo siudenisg ihe proceeds financed new equipment Camera Club mem- bers cooperafed wi+h 'rhe Fu'l'ure Teachers of America in preparing sludenf pho- fographers for 1-he F.T.A.'s brolherhood proiec+. Besides iaking pic+ures and making displays of school acfiviiies, +he club ofien had bullefin board displays of good prize-winning picfures. Officers: Pres., Dave Russell: Secy.-Treas., Sally Herring 53 'I' Ou ati? PC PM I' lniiialing new members info F.H.A. On mmf U33 kg'l'S ogg since fggbh L75 found FUTURE HOMEMAKERS 0F AMERICA The Fufure Homemalcers of America Club, under 'the sponsorship of Miss Mc- Keehan and Miss Kallner, is an organizafion for girls who are in+eres+ed in home economics. The chief purposes of +his club are fo worl: for good 'times and good family life 'for all, and +o 'Fosier +he developmenr of creafive leadership in home and communify life. The forfy-one members of fhe F.H.A. mel in room 332 every firs+ and ihird Thursday mornings. The firsf Thursday was reserved 'for business, and +he 'lhird Thursday fea+ured programs concerning family life. Ac+ivi+ies of 'lhe club were serving 'lhe dinner on College Nigh+: enioying a Chrisfmas pariy: giving a Chrislmas baslcei' lo a needy family: affencling Disfric+ and Sia+e conveniions: operaiing a dime line: serving al' facul+y leas: and, dis- 'rribu+ing May baslceis filled wi+h sweeis. A 'lea honoring moihers and a Double- Da+e Nighl' dinner ended ihe year's aciiviiies. Officers L-R: Treas., Kay Schroclc: V. P., Sue Helfrich: Song Leader, Penny Robbins: Pres., Nancy Williams: Parliamenlarian, Kay Baer: Secy., Jo Ellen Schuelke: Hisiorian, Sue Brannan: Edilor, Lynn 'Francisco 54 J. Bloss demonsiraies F.T.A.'s Brofherhoocl proiecf FUTURE TEACHERS 0F AMERICA To furfher pupils' inferesi' in leaching and 'lo learn more aboui' ihe 'leaching profession are The purposes of 'l'he Fu+ure Teachers Club. This year l'wen+y-live members of 1-he F.T.A., under 'The sponsorship of Miss Jones, visifed +he Ellcharf elemen+ary schools and a++ended one Elkharf Teachers Associarion meefing. The Fufure Teachers Club honored EHS 'Teachers wi+h favors on S+. Valen'l'ine's Day, and, lafer, wifh a lea. Two panels, one comprised of new 'Teachers in +he Ell:har+ School Sys'rem, were presen+ed 'lo The club. Miss Kallner and Mr. Wysong spoke ai' one F.T.A. mee+ing. The club par+icipa+ed in fhe Brorherhood Week program and in fhe observ- ance of ihe Nafional Educafion Associa+ion's Cen'l'ennial Year. Commiifees and chairmen ac+ive 'lhroughoui ihe year were +he Program CommiHee, Sharon Foush 'I'he Brofherhood Week Commifiee, Jim Bickel: and Commifree for Observa+ion of American Educa+ion Week, Nancy Arisman. Olilicers L-R: V. P., Sharon Foush Pres., Gary Yoder: Secy.-Trees.. Carolyn Frame U hef5 imxnlsne 2PPles s find 'frgzgygd Mr. D. Newby 'lells club members abou? elTeclive window displays om8 Bfld gllendccl The Stafe mlzil S . DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION The Dis+ribu'l'ive Educa+ion Club, under 'Phe sponsorship of Miss Kirkland, works +o furiher in+eres+ in +he dis-lribuiive occupafions, fo parlicipale in s'la+e and nalional con'les+s, and mosl' of all 'lo develop leadership. On 'rhe second and 'fourlh Thursdays, +he club holds i+s mee+ings. The imporfanl' business periains 'lo s+al'e and nalional club aciivilies. A+ various limes, speakers from differenr 'fields of disfribulive educalion visi'l and 'lalk +o 'lhe club. Among lhese speakers were Elkhari' businessmen-Roberl Schnuck, Browne Kincheloe, Roy Jones, and Don Newby-who provided beneficial informalion for The whole club. Because if is a class as well as a club, and is composed of boys and girls who have iobs a'H'er school, few proiecls are possible. Some of The special even+s, however, were The S+a+e Council Meeling held ai' Indianapolis on Oclober 8 and 'rhe Slale Conlesl' ai Indiana Universily on March 9. The Program CommiH'ee, ac+ive all year, consisled of Jeff Elmore, chairman, Norma Moon, Gerry Schlosser, and Judy Feller. Olilicers L-R: Soc. chm., Marcia Deuelg Secy., Jean Miller: V. P., JeH Elmore: Pres., Sonia Bradley: Trees., Carol Miers' Hislorian, Marilyn Armsfrong ix N W. Cullen demonsirales a new recorder fo fhe Vis. Ed. boys VISUAL EDUCATION CLUB Providing +he classes in EHS wifh audio visual malerials is +he purpose of fhe Visual Educalion Club. The boys show scheduled films in all classes and 'lake care of all Vis-Ed equipment This club also supplies o+her school clubs wil'h films or equipmenl when requeslecl fo do so or shows films for civic groups. Twenly members mel every Wednesday morning wifh +heir sponsor, Mr. Maier, fo discuss business and plan 'lhe daily film schedule: members of +he club relinquished +heir sludy periods +o show films +o classes. As a money raising proiecr, 'lo defray +he club's expenses, 'll-ne boys showed movies in 'lhe audiforium lo s+uden+s 'from srudy halls. Ofher school aclivilies of lhe club included giving lwo parlies, and presenling an award +o 'lhe oulslancling senior member a+ lhe end of 'lhe year. As lhe scope of EHS's ac+ivi+ies grows larger each year, l'he Visual Educa+ion Club is able fo serve +he school in more ways. These Visual Educalion boys and Mr. Maler play an imporlanl parl in lhe program of Elkhari High School. rS r QOVJ-E ms f 0 I film ou' P I 'Zim' llyob. Officers L-R: V. P., Don Sanderson: Secy.. Dick Kidder: Treas., Dave Bonlrager: Pres., Lance Hayes G. McNeal and The lnduslrial Club discuss The operaiion of spur gears Ulf' fiffmas we repaired 5. INDUSTRIAL CLUB The lnduslrial Club, for sludenls of induslrial classes, is formed 'Io 'luriher knowledge of indusfry. and of available iobs in induslry. Induslrial Club mei every oiher Thursday: films were shown, and speakers on indusfry were heard. Speakers fhis year were Mr. Moore, direcfor of Acme School of Die Design Engineering: Mr. Slallfer, from Norrhern Indiana Brass: and Mr. Nicolini, from The Employmen+ Agency. This year, lnduslrial Club collecied broken Ioys, repaired rhem, and brighfened The Chrisfmases of many poor children. The main proiecl of Ihe lndusl-rial Club was helping wifh lnduslrial Fair Display. This ac+ivi+y is a display of The obiecfs made in +he various shops during I'he year and is open Io Ihe public. Each shop provides a demonsfra- lion for Ihe display. This year's Fair was larger 'Ihan Ihaf of any previous year. Club members helped prepare a display for communify which was shown in May a+ Ihe Firsl Na+ional Bank. The Indusfrial Club, composed of for+y boys, mer under +he sponsorship of The draffing Ieacher. Mr. DuVall. Officers L-R: Treas., Charles Ray: Pres., George McNeal: V.P., Jerry Ehreh Secy., Don Bowman: Social Chm., Dick Wifhers D. Cocanower and D. Lloyd demonsfrafe elecfromagnefic induciion JUNIOR ACADEMY 0F SCIENCE The Junior Academy of Science Club was composed of +wenfy members. This club, sponsored by Mr. Herbsf and Mr. Mahan, promoies inieresl' in +he various fields of science, and provides ways and means 'for fhe members +o work 'roge+her on science proiecis. The club mei' every firsi' and ihird Thursdays of 'l'he monfh. A+ meefings, 'I'he members carried on fhe necessary business, heard club members' reporis, and lis+ened +o speakers. Films were shown concerning recen+ scieniific innovafionsg such as +hermodynamics, and 'the impor+ance of afomic energy. Some of fhe Science Club members prepared and submiifed proiecls +o science displays. David Cocanower received a recognifion award 'From Bausch and Lomb Op+ical Company 'for his worlx on ihe relaiion befween 'lhe niirogen surface area and fhe con'l'ac+ noise of painied carbon film resisfors. This is re- Ialed fo fhe size o'F +he par+icle of +he radio resisfor. The Trip CommiH-ee, headed by Joel Russell, planned several acfivifies for fhe club. Trips This year included Conn's, 'lhe Goshen and S'l'a+e Fairs, and rhe fradilional senior 'lrip in ,lune.' Officers L-R: Treas., Peler Lundi: Secy., Ann Wilfroufq V. P., David Lloyd: Pres., David Cocanower uf Digger' on hon ce display 17 IJ his 'scien Oliicers L-R: V.P., Jerry Morehouse: Pres., Dave Bonfragerg Secy-Trees., Terry Morehouse HI-Y DILVDMIE IIB The purpose of Phe Hi-Y club is +o creaie, mainfain, and exPend 'Phe high sfandards of Chrisfian charac+er Phroughoui' 'Phe home, school, and communi'Py. I' J,-Nfe. This year, Phe Hi-Y club had Pwelve ac'Pive members. These boys me'P ai' Phe lo Y.M.C.A. on Phe firsl' and Phird Thursday mornings of 'Phe monPh. The sponsors of Hi-Y club were Mr. Morgan and Mr. Jim Warriclr, 'Phe Y.M. Boy's Secre'Pary. AP Hi-Y mee+ings, Phe members discussed business, played ping-pong and pool, and viewed movies, using 'Phe facililies of 'Phe Y.M.C.A. As a service proiec'P 'for Phe communi'ry, club members worked on a Dime Line. ln November four represenfaiives of 'Phe EHS Hi-Y club affended a 'Phree-day disfricP meefing in Muncie. The purposes and goals of Hi-Y were discussed, and Popics for fufure local meefings were ouilined. In 'Phe spring Phe Hi-Y S+a+e Meefing was aHended in Indianapolis. D. Bonfrager and club members discuss Indianapolis siafe meefing 60 Officers L-R: Devoiions Chm., Kay Helf- rich, Program Chm., Lynn Bowers: Secy., Jan Cummins: Pres., Shirley Merchanf: V.P, S' H'k-Tr . P+ Ld'- , usne ic s, eas. a u wig, Service Chm., Marcia Kendall Y-TEENS The eigh+y-live members of Y-Teens hold iheir meefings every Thursday nighf in +he Y.W.C.A. Their purposes are ro grow as persons. fo grow in 'friendship wifh people of all races, religions, and na'rionali+ies, and +o grow in knowledge and love of God. Each week fhey hold a business meefing +o plan social ac+ivi'l'ies and service proiecrs and To provide programs cenrered around rheir purpose. The Y-Teens many service projecfs include: ringing bells for ihe Salvarion Army, supervising a dime line for 'rhe March of Dimes, and holding an annual pariy for +he Rehabili+a+ion Cen+er in April. The club also sponsored fhe "Swee'l'hear+ Swing", rhe annual Valenfine dance for EHS couples. Miss Kalhryn Rowe is fhe Teen-Age Program Direcror. The advisors are Mrs. James Tidwell, Mrs. Raymond Gregg, and Mrs. Richard Boynfon. EHS couples enioy fhe big dance: ihe "Swing" MIC 3" U0 5 H, Easter Pa , A n cf-rf' 'llof -rcgildrgn. 61 Thespians worlz, busily planning a producfion avfi as chy,fCh rvuf wahgr Plails I of' 5. 62 NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY The Nafional Thespian Sociefy had forfy-nine members ihis year. To become a Thespian, a Junior Thespian had fo acquire iwenfy poinis. Mr. Jeneary sponsored fhe club. The purpose of ihe club is fo promoie an aciive inieresi in fhe dramaric aris in Ellxhari High School. Meerings in which members became 'Familiar wi'l'h +he club's consiiiuiion were held 'lhe firsl and 'Third Thursday of each monih. To become be'Her acquainfed, The club held poi' luck suppers and a Halloween parly. The members served 'Their communiiy by giving plays +o +he various organizafions who requesied +hem. Plays were presenred a+ Easier fo various church groups. Thespians served fhe school by par+icipa+ing in school assemblies. The ou'l's+anding social even+ of The year was 'rhe iniiiaiion ceremony, where 'Phe Junior Thespians became Thespians. An informal supper followed 'The induciion. Officers L-R: Soc. chm., Rachel Culp: Recorder, Chris Eyerg Trees., Beryl Siuismang Pres., Al Husredg V. P., Jean Lyileg Secy., Lynn Flora: Soc. chm., Bill Cullen C. DsWees presenls a dramalic inferproiaiion fo N.F.L. members NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE The Nafional Forensic League's main purpose is fo sponsor speech acfivifies in EHS and fo recognize pupils who excel in speech work. N.F.L. mei' on fhe second and 'fourih Thursdays of each monfh in room 109, wirh fheir sponsor, Mr. Wenger: 'rhey planned con+es+s, parries, and speech aclivifies. As a service fo +he school, N.F.L. broadcasi' morning announcemeni-s and pre- sen+ecl several assemblies. Serving 'rhe communify, N.F.L. spoke fo local groups. Aciivifies of N.F.L. included: a Halloween par+y, a Chrisfmas par+y, an annual banque+, 'The Voice of Democracy Conlesf, The Rofary Confesf, Howe coniesis, Purdue Legislafive Assembly, Ball S+a1'e Confesi, and dis'rric+ and s+a+e meefs, and winning many oufsianding awards. The N.F.L. is a combina+ion of The Speech Club and N.F.L. in one ac+ive group wifh +wo classes of members: N.F.L. and iunior members. d 5'l'5. we do -H16 clailrj be Ca Officers L-R: Sealed, V. F., Par De- Grooie: Pres., Dick Hummel: Soc. chm.. Carol DeWees: Secy., Chris Eyer: Trees., Joanne Benham: Co-soc. chm., Nancy Shreinerg Coniesl manager, Marilyn Fey: Sgf.-ai'-arms, Pe+er Grille 63 Council members L-R: Rena Levinslzy, Tom Evsrfs, Harry Levinslry, Phoebe Cornpron, Judy McCombs, Rhea Belinlry, Gary Everis, Barb Birlew, and Wally Wells 5 onsor we? e dances Y - DANCE COUNCIL The Y-Dance Council, wi+h Miss Kafhryn Rowe as sponsor, provides recrearion 'for rhe sfudenr of EHS. The Council mei each Wednesday afrer school al 'ihe YWCA 'io plan dances following foofball and baskerball games or oiher sporrs even'rs. Olher school reams and fans are invired +o +he dances as guesrs. Srreamers of blue and while crepe paper hung as a canopy over 'ihe Y gym floor for mosl of rhe dances. A+ +he Elkhar+-Goshen baskeiball game, however, red and blue srreamers were used, in honor of our long-'time school rivalry. Among lhe bands which played 'for ihese dances were The Rhyfhmaires, Tom Gore's Red Toppers, Kenny Powers, Chuck Srewarr, Lew Goree, The Collegians, and Paul Russell's Foursome. When a band wasn'+ available, records were furnished by fhe iulce box. The proceeds 'From rhe admissions fees of 'lhe dances are generally used 'io hire anorher band, or ufilized for orher YWCA aciiviries. However, 'rhis year, +he Y-Dance Council presenied a sum of money +o ihe Salvafion Army of Ellcharf. The commiiiees in acrion ihroughoui' rhe year were 'the Band Commilree, wiih Jim Ziems as chairman, and Wally Wells, advisor, and ihe Decoraling Commi'Hee, wi+h Judy McCombs as chairman. All of 'ihe members of 'ihe Dance Council willingly donared +ime and efforr in decoraring fhe gym for ihe dances. A Chris+mas par+y was given This year for 'ihe Y-Dance Council and 'iheir guesrs. The parry was in 'ihe Willowdale Pavilion. A pos?-game dance for EHS couples and guesls 64 -,T r5"?' ,,.F. , I lf. . -vi .42 I., L. Taylor, assisfanf advsrriiing manager, and S. Scorl, adverfising manager On June 1, 1200 copies of lhe book were published, lhe Annual appearing in a disfindive grey cover, wilh lhe school seal in gold. The slaff consisled of Ann Goldsberry and Lance Hayes, co-edilors: Mary Jean Sims, Liz Lusher, and Nancy Diehl, assislanl' edifors: Wally Wells, business manager: Dan Hamilfon, assisfanl business manager: Sally ScoH, adverlising manager: La Marr Taylor and Judy Bloss, assisfanl' adverfising managers: Greg Hollz, sporfs edilorg Rulh Sfouf, Sandra Abplanalp. and Bill Cullen, arl sfalf. This group had special pro- grams, permiffing lhem +o work fogefher in lhe pub- lica+ions office each day during ihe sevenfh hour. From fheir ideas, a dummy was prepared, sfaff dulies were assigned, and work began in Ocl-ober. l Sharp senior salesmen who solicifed subscriplions in EHS homsrooms THE PENNANT ANNUAL The +heme of fhe '57 yearbook s+a+es, 'lhaf "No mailer how you look ai il, '57 was a wonderful year." ln picfures and in copy, fhe s+al'f 'lried lo porlray 'lhe usual and un- usual evenls fhal make up a lypical year a+ EHS. Under 'lhe direcfion of Miss Kelly, many seniors spen'l' many exlra hours on Salurday and afler school working, wrifing, mounl- ing piclures, and lyping malerial for ihe Annual. Afler oblaining informalion aboul each school organiza- lion, lhe club commi-Hee prepared copy 'for 'l'he acliviry seclion of lhe Annual. This commil-fee included: Nancy Rolh, Mary Johnson, Jean Amsden, Nancy Shreiner, Linda Fred- ericks, Carolyn Bono, and Judy McCullough. 66 The commiHee members wriling fhe copy for 'the mu- sical aclivifies of EHS were Shirley Poniius, band: Bonnie Darling, orcheslrag and Joanne Benham, choir. Affer sfudenf picfures were faken and disfribuled. the senior and underclass commiflees began work. These com- miH-ees sorfed picfures and moun+ed each in lhe proper class seclion. Pal DeGrooi'e, Janel' Smilh, Anila Wilder, Lorella Kre+scl1mer, and Karen Whifmyer worked wilh lhe panels of senior class members' piciures: Mary Swank, Janef Newcomer, Connie Baer, Shirley Merchanf, and Gay Befh Wrighf mounred 'lhe picfures of members of 'lhe sophomore and fhe iunior classes for fhe underclass panels. 1 1 I 1 l F L E I L I E I I E G. Holh, sporfs edilorg N. Diehl, M. J. Sims, and E. Lusher, assislanl ediforsg and W. Cullen, arf edilor D. Hamilfon, assisianl' business manager, and W. Wells, business manager The ad sfafl, selling a loial of more 'lhan S4000 worlh of ads, were Norma Moon, Evan Mollenkoph, Sonia Brad- ley, Barb Backerf, Jeff Elmore, Sharon FeHer, S'I'eve Wirf, Andrey Brandenburg, Mary Lilly, Jim Ziems, Margarei Ward, Jim Mohr, Rose Marie Hasse, and Larry Geeris. Working in pairs, members of lhe sales sfaff canvassed fhe homerooms of EHS, selling yearbook subscriplions. The s+aff included: Ted Luckenbill, Jean Ann Renlsch, Dick Golden, Becky Evans, Bill Sfrawser, Pal Ludwig, Marge Sims, Sonia Bradley, Jean Gilbert Toby Kidder, Kay Neff, Dave Adams, Sandy Wysong, Lana Behrens, Mary Johnson, Jean Amsden, Jon Howard, Ann Folh, Judy FeHer, and Janef Paulus. A. Goldsberry and L. Hayes. co-edilors JUNIOR F0llIES On Ociober 13, 1956, The class of 1958 presenied iheir Junior Follies, HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR. The lheme was based on holidays lhaf occur during each monih of ihe year. An appropriafely dressed "calendar girl" and a bul- bous-nosed carfoon figure inlroduced each monlh. Sprinkled fhrough 'lhe program were: modern dancing by Pal' Sfrawser, Jim Hemminger, Melanie Adams and Alex Perez: insirumenfal solos by Carolyn Frame and Gail Troykag and olher musical numbers by choral groups and band and orcheslra ensembles. Feafured acfs were: +he appearance of Yelserp Sivle by Chuck Reed, a magic acl by Jim Flickinger, and fhe boys' chorus line, "Rocl1in' Ghos'l"' and lhe girls' "Pomp and Circums+ance" chorus line. The sieering commiHee consisfed of Chrisrine Horswell, Bob Hilligoss, Jim Hun+ingion, Jim Smi+h, Omer Young, Sue Cormican, Pal- Srrawser, Mary Farring+on, Liz S+ou'I', George Foriino, Sue Tuescher, Gail Troylca, and Susie Hicks. Gordon Temple was in charge of The band and or- chesira. Besides class sponsors, facully consul+an1's were: Mr. James, Mrs. Siclrels, Mr. Crosier, Miss While, Mr. Davies, and Mr. Gowdy. Giving Thanks . . . sfanding: D. Dillon, B. Wine, B. Petit T Brooks, R. Reasoner, L. Fihsimmons, seaied: C. Muhl, M Myers, C. DeWees, P. Compion, S. Cormican, M. Fey The "Rocking Gl1os+" . . . B. Spirilo, G. Forlino, A. Perez, L. Raifsnider, G. Helm, J. Felmlee, B. Paff, T. Moores. R. Adams, V. Conner, S. Moyer The beail Two, fhree . . . A. Mann, P. Collins, C. Eyer, L. Zenfz, P. Compion, K. Kemble, G. Troylra, C. Muhl, P. Shaw- ser, J. McKnighf, L. Mills, J. Quirin "Singin' in fhe Rain" . . . M. Traulmen, C. Muhl. P. Campion, C. DeWees, S. Cormican, S. Wenger 68 E 2 ls'-vc Q63 mb kwl gq'5llsf5 06 V953 S Sealed: L. Scribner, Feaiure ediforg and M. Kendall, edilor. Sfanclingz B. Tolls, A. Willroul, and L. Sfoul, assisfanf edifors THE PENNANT WEEKLY Every Friday morning mosl of us slop al' a "newss+and" 'lo pick up an issue of fhe Pennanf Weekly and fo read fhe news and chaHer of lhe school aclivilies. Four seniors were chiefly responsible for lhe news: Marcia Kendall, edifor, ably assisled by Barbara Tofh and Ann Wilfrouh and Liz Scribner, fealure edilor. Assisfanfs fo lhe ediiors proved +o be invaluable in helping proof-read and correcl' ihe news. Liz Sloul, dealing wi+h sfraighf copy, and John Lundquisl, wilh sporl' copy, worked closely wilh fheir edifors fo compile 'Phe news. The business slaff was headed by Sluarl' Gruber and Ernie Walker: ads, by Barbara Berry and her sfaff. Pele Parmafer headed 'lhe sporls sfalil. Many underclassmen served as reporfers and as special wrilers. The Weekly's purpose is 'lo publish all worfhwhile school news and +o supporf all worlhwhile school proiecfs. The Pennanl' Weekly is by 'lhe s+uden+s, of lhe sludenls, and for 'lhe srudenfs of EHS: we are very proud of lhe facl' +ha+ if is wriH'en, linoiyped, and prinled by EHS sfudenfs. Under fhe direclion of Mr. Kennefh Harding, prini' shop insl'ruc'l'or, +he boys in lhe EHS prinl shop linolype, sei' up ads, make up lhe paper, and run 'lhe presses. 1000 copies are prin+ed and disfribuied by a special circulalion s+aff. Special issues of lhe Weekly were published al Chrisfmas, al' Sec+ional lourney Hme, and af graduation lime. Olher special issues lhis year were an underclass issue and an April Fool issue. A+ -lhe lime of 'l'he Recognilion Assembly, lhe Weekly published an addilional awards page. Miss Doroihy Kelly direcls lhe Weekly's publicafion. B. Berry, advertising manager: P. Parmaier, sporls edilor: S. Gruber, business manager: J. Lundquisl, assisianf sporls edifor: and E. Walker, assislanl' business manager 69 "Well, l've never been so insulted . . ." D. Hummel, B. Owen, D. Zimmerman, C. Eyer. THE JUNIOR CLASS PLAY LADY BE GOOD was +he offering of lhe class of '58 for 'I'heir iunior play, April 26+h. The seH'ing was 'ihaf of ihe library of fhe Coll' home locafed on Park Avenue in New York. A+ +he beginning of 'ihe play, The servanls quif, due lo lhe fiery femper of "+he Park Avenue firecracker", Paiience Coll. Pa'l'ience's exlremely Bohemian behavior soon led her, in order +o spi+e her falher, +o marry a man she had known less ihan live minules, Bill Trainor, her newly-acquired buflerg however, Pa-Hence, who was used io seeking exiremes fo gel' her own way, 'Found +ha'l' ihe marriage was one exireme siluafion fhai she couldn"f gel' our of easily. Wiih 'Phe linal cur'l'ain, Paiience realized lhai she ac+ually loved Bill: her 'faiher discovered 'lhal' Bill was +he inven-lor of a machine vilal 'io his company: and all, risking +ri+eness, lived happily ever afier. The cas? included Bill Owen as Bill Trainor: Melanie Adams as Paiience Coll: Dick Hummel as John Colt and Dave Zimmerman as George Gresham. Olhers in +he cas? were Chris Eyer, Rachel Culp, Ron Fields, Mary Hamlin, Carlene Benander, Elaine Mass and Siuarl' Gruber. Top: "l'm serving noiice, Jennings!" R. Fields, M. Hamlin. Bofiom lefi: "Pub me down, you apel" B. Owen, M. Adams. BoHom righl: "l do love you, Bill." M. Adams, B. Owen. 70 3:3 Q5 5 6 fill 3325 5-is 3 5'-W' 2 F 3 H2233 q i ' ii? " D f Aivi g W1 f Q9 ai E g, is Q? Q wif? Vg A '33 a Q l' 3 if Y-V V N4 f 'Y ' v v A 'I ff 5 E G 6 0 ,. 0, 'H' 'P 5 3 2 Q s 5 5 6 p Q 9 5' ...f 3' F' 5' 'S 23 sv ig? Q 5 1 I 1 D S '57 was a good year og i,v ' wig F 'R 5 ,i'f'Y ::.g3 i 2 -4' Q Dui 5 1 '.. za I il M 2 EE Q ff: r ' 'Q' PWS, -Q Xfj' 4 in e.h.s. sports from any viewpoint .'-X4 ww . if Y cuff,-,-k', , ',i,g??', ,B N N l ' - , -1 is -so f a e si, A '31-gil V e-l',',5f'. -Y ' ' . x ,fy is ,N"' -'i"5fH'I,' "' x by ' ,-'W' ' 'A 'fll'-,FLSA -"fix" J' 'iiruris 'ff Jxl . - l'Lpi'Ef:l'kg - A' "lf I J W -'vi '.Q'.:Q.4' lava .Cv lx l lf .. Qi? ,Sami-,ig , I -- A nk .alan , ky., . ' s wi- sv' ' ' v :en as ' ' ' ' 'i W ' ' 1" 'ez 1' ' ' 512 J 8 , -.-- ' 5 ,,"' H . V ' ' n - ., -. ., . . g ....-N - .5 L : C1 ' ' X tially 1 M 1 .L . 1 5 ' 'xi ' W an eg.. e sr ' K L X? X - in gf' M 4 9 will Many of our biggesl' fhrills come from seeing our Blazer 'leams win viciories-on Rice Field or in fhe Norfhside Gym. We have ofher 'l'hrills of achievemenl and en'l'husi- asm. buf school spiril' is al' i'l's high- es'l when our al'hlel'es defeal' a rival feam, and lhe Blue and While comes lhrough. vicforious. Senior foofball managers: B. Wilmore and R. Yeager. THE '56-'57 BLAZERS To sfarf fhe sporfs calendar ai' EHS, fhe 1956 ediiion of 'ihe Elkhari' Blue Blazers made 'iheir debui' af Rice Field in The flashy fashion fypical of This year's aihlefes. The resulf of +his opening was an impressive 38 +o O viciory over 'Phe hapless Hunfingfon Vikings. Blazer squads scored similar vicfories af Norfh Side Gym and fennis cour+s of Mc- Naughlon Park. Cross counfry, fhe remaining fall sporf, had anoiher successful year. Joe Harvey +ook 'The coaching reigns from Mail' Ronzone and did a commendable iob in +raining fhe harriers. There were oiher changes in fhe coach- ing sfaff ai EHS in fhe 1956-57 period. Bob Ehrsam, long fime baseball coach and assisfanf baskefball coach, was replaced by Jerry Hosfefler. Mr. Ehrsam fhen fool: over +he +ask of seHing up 'l'he in+ramural sysiem on a larger basis. Golf and bowling will be included in +his expansion. The Blazer 'Track feam. coached by MaH' Ronzone . . . broke records and cap+ured new honors. Foofball coaches: T. Campagnoli, J. Janzurak, L. Button, M. Ronzone. 82 THEY START STRDNG The foofball season is considered To sfar'T on or around 'The fiffeenfh of Augusf. Bu'T fo have a successful season, as 'The Blazers did 'This year, 'The candidafes for 'The varsiTy musf keep in shape fhroughouf The summer monfhs and reporf 'To Coach Janzurak in perfecf condi'Tion. The coaching s'Taff 'This year was again headed by The capable hand of John Janzurak wifh Tony Campagnoli and Lyle BuT'Ton aiding him wi'Th fhe varsify. Mah' Ronzone and Max Bell coached fhe B-Team 'To a successful season. These coaches, along wifh some 4,000 Elkharf fans, wafched fhe Blazers roll up 350 yards and 38 poinfs 'To down Hunfingfon in a one-sided baffle. The en'Tire Elkharf squad saw acfion in This firsf oufing wifh Jon Howard and Sferling Moyer scoring 'Three and Two 'Touchdowns respecfively. Ray Adams converfed wifh Rollie Huffman for anofher Elkhar'T Tally. Vern Conners, iunior halfback, raced 40 yards for 'The final Blazer score. Dick Garrifson converfed Twice for The Blazers. The foofball season was climaxed by 'The 'Thirfiefh Annual Foofball Banquef given for 'The Blazers by 'The Lions Club. George Terlep was 'The main speaker wifh S'Tan Warner ac'T- ing as 'Toas'Tmasfer. Jon Howard received 'The Mosf Valuable Player Award from Tom Sfephenson, sporfs edifor of 'The Elkharf Trufh. "Yea, Elkharf . . ." J. BurTon, L. Bowers. J. RenTsch, and E. Bleiler The crowd cheers af The pep session before The Goshen game. 83 ! . -S "3 IQ 4. fa , - is is , -,uf -.x, Y, Y . A M x mf K if 1 xl 'Pg wa Q AND PICK UP STEAM The second oufing of fhe Blazers was fo play hosf fo fhe Redskins of Forf Wayne Norfh. Norfh Side, a sfafe rafed eleven, fook an early lead of 13 poinfs. The Blazers came back in fhe second half however and complefely dominafed play in fhaf period. Jon Howard led fhe Blazers' affack and scored fheir only fouchdown on a six yard sprinf around end. Elkharf's defensive unif led by Kiefer, Himes and Templin held fhe Redskins fo 116 yards on fhe ground. The final score was 13-6, Norfh. The Blazers made fheir firsf frip of fhe season fo Mishawaka, where fhey fangled wifh fhe powerful Cavemen. The ouf-manned Blazers were easy prey for fhe hard charging Maroons. Wifkoski and Manual led fhe onslaughf for fhe Cavemen wifh Howard and Forfino leading fhe Blazers offensively. Mishawaka fook fhe final decision, 39-13. The Big Blue, running well behind a varied ai-rack under fhe direcfion of Ray Adams, came from behind fo hand Washingfon a 13-7 defeaf. This Triumph was 'lhe firsf in four years for fhe Blazers over fhe Soufh Bend school. Rollie Huffman and Sferling Moyer fallied for fhe Blazers. Forfino added fhe poinf affer. The Slicers of LaPorl'e proved foo much for fhe Elkharf Blazers in a conference baHle af Topper Field. The Blazers opened sfrong by blocking a LaPorfe punf and scored four plays affer on a one yard plunge by Howard. All-conference quarferback, Wayne Davission, led fhe Slicers aHack. An Adams-fo-Huffman pass was good for 80 yards and fhe final Elkharf score. Displaying one of fhe mosf brillianf comebacks in recenf hisfory, Elkharf ran up 21 poinfs in fhe las+ half fo win over Riley of Soufh Bend 21-13. The Blazer backs, behind seven hard charging linemen, ran roughshod over fhe helpless Wildcafs in fhe second half. The real furning poinf can be alffribufed fo fhe fimely infercepfion of Rollie Huffman and fhe fouchdown fhaf followed. George Forfino converfed fhree fimes for fhe Elkharf cause. Jan and Lyle look I-he sifuafion over. R. Huffman eludes would-be Fori Wayne Ceniral facklars. 85 FOOTBALL SCORES Elkharf 38 ....... Hunfingfon Elkharf 6 Forf Wayne Norfh Elliharf 13 ..A,.., Mishawalra Ellnharf 13 .... S. B. Washingfon Ellrharf 12 .......... LaPorfe Ellmharf 21 vv,,.... S. B. Riley Elhhari 27 ..,. Forf Wayne Cenfral Elkharf 25 ..,...... Goshen Elkharf 6 ....,. S. B. Adams Ellrharf 13 .... Michigan Cify G. Hahn, J. Barfleff, and L. Kiefer close 86 A FEW MISTAKES HURT The Blazers, led by George Forfino and using near-perfeci line play, ground ouf a mefhodical 27-0 win over Forf Wayne Cenfral. This was win number 4 for fhe Blazers. Elkharf scored, affer six plays, wifh Forfino carrying fhe mail. Howard and Moyer also aided fhe Ellcharf cause wifh runs of 7 and 12 yards, respecfively, for fouchdowns. The defense used by fhe Blazers was impregnable, as fhe Wildcafs from Cenfral picked up buf 5 yards rushing. Himes, Bar+leH', Kiefer, Daugherfy and Nifong were among de- fensive sfandoufs for fhe Blazers. The 55fh annual foofball game befween Ellcharf and Goshen was played before some 10,000 fans af beaufiful Rice Field. The Blazers, hoping fo avenge a 13-7 loss suffered in fhe 1955 campaign, were sef back by a firsf play fouchdown run by John Fidler. Ellxharf fhen proceeded fo roll up 363 yards while Goshen was limifed fo 298. Howard and Moyer scored fwo fouchdowns apiece for fhe Blazers wifh Rollie Huffman and Jon Templin sfanding ouf on defense. Half fime fesfivifies included fhe crowning of fhe foofball queen and her affendanfs. The Blazers fool: fhe final decision 25-12. Conference champs, Adams of Soufh Bend, hosfed fhe Blazers af School Field and won fheir sixfh conference game. The Eagles led by Gene Philips and Barry Grady, proved fheir sfafe-rafing +o be no accidenf. Howard scored fhe lone Ellcharf fouch- down on a five yard plunge buf los-I fo fhe powerful Eagles, 34-6. Only fhree seconds separafed Elkharf High School's foofball feam from ifs firsf winning season since 1953 in fhe game againsf Michigan Cify. Buf quarferbacl: Schlegelmilch of Cify woke fhe Blazers wifh a series of passes ending in a 37 yards fouchdown heave. Howard and Moyer scored for fhe Blazers wifh Forfino adding fhe exfra poinf. The Blazers oufgained fhe Red Devils some 100 yards buf fell on a lasf second play. J. Howard, J. Templin, and C. Himes up-end Riley back. Y The Elkharf aifack moves wi+h S. Moyer. G. Holh and R. Garrifson cause a Huntingfon fumble A. Perez goes for a 'lirsf down. 88 BLAZERS BREAK EVEN The dads of 'lhe EHS varsify foofball feam go+ a ground view look af 'their sons in acfion againsl' fhe Riley Wildcals of Soulh Bend. The youihful Blazers did noi disappoinl' 'lhe older generalion and +amed 'lhe Souih Bend eleven 21-13. The dads were inlroduced al' half 'lime and were recognized by fhe 6,000 'fans presenlz The Riley Wildcafs were bu+ one of 'rhe five 'reams +o fall +o fhe spiri+ed Blazers in The eleven week long campaign. Souih Bend Washingion. Hunfinglon. Fori' Wayne Cen+ral and Goshen provided Elkharl wiih i+s ofher vic+ories. There were nine senior le'Her winners and sevenfeen underclass award winners. Jon Howard was 'lhe scoring leader and was chosen Mos? Valuable Player by his +eamma+es. Larry Kiefer, senior guard. was elecfed caplain of lhe squad. This year's season was a success from any view point Noi' since 1954, has an Ellcharl' foolball +eam finished wifh a be'Her season record. ON SEASON RECDRD 3115 , i F iw f ., ,.,, 4 1957 Blazer foofball squad. Boifomz Coach M. Bell. G. Forlino, R. Papa, D. Bowser, S. Moyer, T. Jackson, L. Rilchie, P. Campagnoli, D Kiefer, V. Conners, Coach L. Burien. Second Row: Coach M. Ronzone, J. Slabaugh, K. Miller, R. Briggs, C. Himes, J. Zellmer, G. Hollz, D Mann, R. Garriison, J. Howard, Coach S. A. Campagnoli. Third Row: Coach J. Janzurak, S. Rezuflxo, J. Barflelf, R. Huffman, L. Kiefer, H PeFfley. G. Daugheriy, R. Adams, G. Hahn, J. Templin, A. Perez. Fourlh Row: J. Reclcl, D. Huichison, P. Turnock, C. Zalinsly, D. Nifong, L Raifsnyder, B. Tweslon, G. Mann, T. Moores, J. Ellis. Players host dads with A 21-13 vicfory over Riley. 89 Max gives advice. 90 K. Eafon hifs fwo. BIG BLUE WIN FIRST FIVE Max Bell greefed four refurning leffermen af fhe sfarf of +l1e 1956-57 basketball season. Ted Luckenbill being 'lhe only regular back from fhe sfafe round of four feams, Coach Bell had a rebuilding iob fo do. Affer much experimenfing and many hours on fhe pracfice courf, Bell chose his varsify. Ken Hudkins. Kyle Eafon, Jim Barfleff and Dave Donovan were chosen fo handle fhe guard dufies. Toby Kidder, Tom McDowell and Max Eby nailed down varsify forward jobs. The pivof men for fhis year's Blazers were Ted Luckenbill and Jim Lichfenberger. Two B-feam regulars were moved up fo varsify posifions during fhe course of fhe long season due fo sick- ness of regulars. Jim Swafhwood af guard and Sfeve Riem al' forward fook fheir new varsify posifions. Joe Harvey again aided Coach Bell wifh fhe varsify and Jerry Hosfefler menfored fhe B-feam. On November 23, 1956, fhe Elkharf Blazers played hosf fo fhe Wildcafs of Easf Chicago. The Big Blue, led by all-sfafe cenfer Ted Luckenbill, racked up vicfory number one by a fen poinf margin. Nappanee, Elkharf's counfy rival, was 'Ihe nexf 'Ieam fo fesf fhe Blazers on 'Iheir home courf. The Bulldogs, boasfing a previous win over Elkharf in fhe 1955 secfionals, were easy prey for fhe Bellmen. Ted Luckenbill held Lakins of Nappanee fo fwo field goals in fhe enfire game. Ken Hudkins and Max Eby sparked fhe Blazers fo fhe 51-33 friumph. The firsf conference game of fhe young season was played on December 7 and piffed fhe Blazers againsf a rangy LaPor+e five. The game was close fhroughouf fhe firsf half buf fhe powerful Blue dominafed play in fhe final sfanza fo come away wifh fheir firsl' conference win and fhird sfraighf season vicfory. Luckenbill was high for fhe Blazers wifh 27 poinfs. The final score was 70-52. BASKETBALL SCORES ELKHART ....,..., EAST CHICAGO ROOSEVELT 4b ELKHART --- ......,,..,,..... NAPPANEE 33 ELKHART W- .,....,E LaPORTE 45 ELKHART --- ..... COLUMBUS 43 ELKHART -- ....... MISHAWAKA 70 ELKHART W ,E.,,... LOGANSPORT 57 ELKHART --- ..E,. MUNCIE CENTRAL 49 ELKHART U, ...,.... HAMMOND 43 ELKHART -, ..... MISHAWAKA 41 ELKHART ,- ...A,...,...,EE.E FRANKFORT 47 ELKHART ..,..,,A...... FORT WAYNE SOUTH 44 ELKHART ..,,.,, SOUTH BEND WASHINGTON 44 ELKHART --- ..,.. FORT WAYNE CENTRAL 54 ELKHART --- L,,...... MICHIGAN CITY 61 ELKHART --- v,,L FORT WAYNE NORTH 41 ELKHART L- .... WASHINGTON CLAY 41 ELKHART ,,- .... SOUTH BEND ADAMS 40 ELKHART .........L.. SOUTH BEND CENTRAL 53 SECTIONALS ELKHART -- ,........ SHIPSHEWANA-SCOTT 45 ELKHART --- ......,..., NAPPANEE 38 ELKHART --- ..... NEW PARIS 39 ELKHART ,,........,.,,......,.. WAKARUSA 32 REGIONALS ELKHART L-, -W ..,L SOUTH BEND CENTRAL 66 M. Eby drives. T. Luckenbill and T. Kidder sfop Goshen .l -.... 3--or S CHEERBLOCK FORMATIONS BACK BLAZERS SENIOR CHEERBLOCK MEMBERS: J. Amsden, S. Baer, M. BarneH', C. Becker, J. Benham, P. Berger, C. Bozzo, J. Bouo, B. Brane, C. Brown N. Chrislner, L. Clindaniel, M. Corden, J. Cummins, B. Darling, J. Delp, M. Demas, S. Eller, B. Evans, A. Folh, A. Goldsberry, S. Greenawall S. Haines, E. Hasiings, V. Hawkins, P. Heiden, J. Horn, J. Jessup, M. Johnson, M. Keil, M. Kendall, N. Kirkman, L. Krelschmer, J. Kuehl, R Levinsky, J. Loney, P. Ludwig, B. McCloughan, J. McCullough, M. Maloney, S. Mayhousen, S. Merchani D. Myers P. Myers K Neff J New comer, L. Oswalf, J. Paulus, J. Rogers, L. Schlosser, S. Schneider, L. Scribner, N. Shreiner, M. Sims, J. 'Smi+h, R. Slouf, B. Siru-ble, Swank. L. Turner, V. Vance, V. Wade, K. Whiimyer, A. Wilirour, L. Wingeari. JUNIOR CHEERBLOCK MEMBERS: J. Alm, C. Anderson, L. Andresen, S. Ariley, K. Baer, L. Balls, M. Baskerville, C. Benander, M. Bicknell D. Blair, B. Bozzo, J. Bradley, K. Burnham, J. Burlon, G. Bufler, M. Buller, C. Colagrossi, D. Colvard, L. Complon, P. Compion, R. Culp, C. De Wees, T. Dufhie, J. Edelman, K. Ernsberger, C. Eyer, M. Faber, M. Farringfon, L. Ferrel. S. Fields, P. Fisher, C. Frame, P. Freed, R. Funell L. Gardner, C. Geerfs, E. Gonzalez, C. Good, J. Guy, M. Hamlin, N. Hariman, J. Haifield, K. Helfrick, S. Herring, S. Hicks, L. Higbie, B Hillman, G. Holdeman, S. Holycross, V. Hosfefler, E. Huff, M. lanigro, P. Johnson, L. Jones, B. Jump, M. Kaniz, M. Kauffman, K. Kemble, B Kershner, M. Crofoor, D. Krefschmer, S. Lenaburg, M. Losee, S. Lyile, A. McClcughan, J. McCombs, J. McKnigl11', L. Madlem, J. Maier, A Mann, N. Mass, S. Miller, L. Mills, P. Monschein, H. Morlensen, C. Mulzl, L. Myers, M. Myers, B. Nagy, M. Newman, D. Norris, J. Nuslaaum P. Olsen, D. Pendill, L. Pixley, J. Quirin, A. Robbins, R. Rodewald, R. Rogers, V. Revoir, N. Scarlelf, K. Schrock, P Slough P Sfeele M Sfewarf, J. Sioner, L. Sfoui, J. Slow, P. Sirawser, B. Sfreeier, A. Swift S. Teusher, M. Trauiman, K. Troyer, G. Troyka: J. Wagner, S. Weller S. Wenger, J. While, L. Zenh. SOPHOMORE CHEERBLOCK MEMBERS: C. Anderson, S. Brannan, S. Beech, R. Belinky, B. Bibler, S. Binkley, B. Birlew A Bodell C Bridges J. Brown, J. Brown, S. Bufcher, C. Campbell, E. Campbell, C. Caranasios, S. Carfer, F. Chaplin, J. Ciiiadine, L. Clements: A: Clevelhnd. D. Col- vard, S. Conner, L. Cormican, P. Corns, P. Crain, M. Craig, B. Dalrymple, M. Davis, R. Davy, B. Deal, C. Delbridge, S. Derbin, J. Drake J Eger, J. Edwards, A. Feddersen, M. Flke, D. Fischer, R. Fisher, B. Flauding, J. Forry, L. Francisco, N. Frank, N. Freed M Fulwider M Gallo: way, P. Geeris, E. Golden, J. Goldsberry, D. Graff, C. Greenleaf, M. Grove, M. Hapner, M. Harper, L. Hariranfr, L. Harlzler, K. Hayden, L Hayden, A. Hendrickson, J. Holycross, P. Jay, B. Johnson, J. Johnson, L Johnson, R. Juday, J. Kambs, M. Kelsey, S. Kensill, J. Kincaide, B King, C. Kramer, K. Krumpefz, P. Law, P, Lambdin, S. Lambdin, S. Lambdin, M. Lemmon, H. Linder, P. Lifke, D. Longacre, P. Luckey, M. Mc Infire, C. McLain, B. Marfin, J. Miller, M. Miller, V. Mifchell, S. Morse, V. Morse, C. Neece, P. Neece, M. Neff, P. Nelson, B. Newman, K Newman, W. Overdyk, S. Parmaier, S. Pasion, J Pearson M. Peierson, M Poffer J. Price, L Rodino P. Ruple, M Ruhlin S. Sam son J . , . . . . . g, p , Schusfer, P. Shank, L. Shock, S. Shorf, P. Shreiner, J. Singleion, M. Slayfon, K. Slemmons, B. Smiih, L. Srnilh, M. Soli, D. Srringer, S. Sfubbins D. Subsianley, J. Taylor, N. Teal, J. Thompson, P. Truax, N. Van PaHen. B. Vance, M. Wallace, S. Warsfler, S. Wear, J. Weaiherlon, L W .... .... . earner, L. Whlfcomb, M. Wiley, L. Williams, B. Wills, R. Wllsey, J. Wilson, J. Wolf, J. Wood, A. Wrrghf, J. Wysong, M. Yeakey, G. Yoder J. Zollinger. 92 i BLAZERS AGAIN WIN HOLIDAY TOURNEY The Blazers, yer 'Io be Iesfed on a foreign cour+, iourneyed +o Columbus for Iheir Iirsl' road game. The Bellmen, showing a sirong defense, defealed +he Bulldogs 51-43. Hudkins and Kidder sparked Ihe Blazer Iive. ElkharI"s firsi' season loss and iniiial conference selback came al- 'I-he hands of Ihe Mishawaka Cavemen. Leroy Johnson, lanky Maroon cenier, led +he onslaught Ken Hudkins led 'Ihe Blazers wilh 14 poinls and fine floor work buf fhe Big Blue fell: loss number one 70-52. However, Elkharf Blazers rebounded from Ihis loss and downed 'Ihe Logansporl Loganberries 71-43 in Iheir nexl' game. Ted Luckenbill and Ken Hudkins scored 23 and 12 poinfs respec+iveIy. The Blazers' defense held fhe Berries Io 17 field goals. The Bearcafs of Muncie Cen+ral, raled number Ihree in rhe sIa+e, were +he nex'r foes for 'Ihe Bellmen. This was Ihe hardes+ fough+ game of 'Ihe season, wifh bolh 'Ieams showing much life and de+ermina+ion. Cenfral, however, pulled away +o a 'Ihree poin+ lead wirh seconds remaining and 'Ihe Blazers were unable io cafch 'Ihe undefealed Bearcais. Luckenbill and Eby led Ihe Blazers oliensively. The Iinal +ally was 49-46, Muncie. The Ihird annual Holiday Tournameni' was held a+ 'Ihe Norfh Side Gym on December 28 and 29. The hosi' school, Elkharf, invi'Ied Hammond High, Vincennes and old rival Mishawaka 'Io a'Hend Ihis Iourney. ln fhe firsl nigh+'s acfion, Mishawaka downed Vincennes and Elkharl' defea+ed Hammond High 69-43. The following nighl, Hammond High handed Vincennes i+s second loss of +he Iournamenl. ln +he championship game, Elkharl played for Ihe second +ime 'rhe highly fouled Cavemen of Mishawaka. The Blazers avenged 'the early season loss. Max Eby and Ted Luckenbill 'rallied 21 and 19 poinfs respeclively. The Blazer defense held +he Maroons +o 41 poinfs. . I , 1 is K . 7 Us 5' 1 I ' fi W . 1wffg3H1z'ii7ll 71 K X . ' ear'a II.. x . N-A ' I I fi Mrs. Fox and Miss Kendall pull for Elk harl. T. Kidder scores 93 Eldy and Don fell fhe slory. END 0F SEASON SLUMP Affer successfully defending fheir holiday fournamenf crown, fhe Blazers wenf on fhe road fo meef fhe Frankforf Hofdogs. The small Frank five puf up a baffle before falling 48-47 in an overfime. The Blazers fhen hosfed Forf Wayne Soufh Archers and handed fhem fheir sixfh defeal' of fhe season. Luckenbill and Eby led fhe Blazers in scoring. Soufh Bend Washingfon and Forf Wayne Cenfral fell fo fhe Blazers on January 11 and 12 respecfively. Soufh Bend Washingfon provided Elkharf wifh fheir fhird conference win. The Blazers rolled up 74 poinfs in furning back Forf Wayne Cenfral. The Red Devils of Michigan Cify evaded Elkharf in an affempf fo knock off fhe highly foufed Blazers. The Blazers, however, had ofher plans and won in a fhrilling overfime 62-61. The hapless Redskins of Forf Wayne Norfh Side gave Elkharl' fheir fiffh conference win 71-41. l Elkhart High School coaching sfaff: Firsf Row: Janzuralr, Ronzone, Campagnoli, Silcoff, Hosiefler. Second Row: Buffon, Walker, Harvey, Bell. 94 MARS RECORD The Goshen Redskins, unsuccessful in 33 affempfs fo defeaf fhe Blazers, were drubbed by fhe fasf moving Bellmen. Luckenbill, Eby and Hudkins led fhe Blazers in scoring. Eafon and Kidder played heads-up defensive ball. The final score was 82-41. The Riley Wildcafs of Soufh Bend baffled fhe Blazers for fhree quarfers falling 67-47. This was Elkharf's fiffh conference win. The Blazers, minus Ted Luckenbill, besfed fhe Clay Colonials by 43 poinfs. Tom McDowell led wifh 13 poinfs in fhe 82 fo 41 assaulf. Soufh Bend Adams played 'lhe Spoilers and upsef fhe Blazers on fheir home courf. This gave Elkharf ifs fhird conference loss and eliminafed fhem from fhe running. This game was also played wifhouf fhe services of Ted Luckenbill. The Soufh Bend Cenfral Bears broughf a 19 game winning sfreak info Norfh Side gym on Friday, February 22. The powerful Bruins, rafed number one in fhe sfafe, handed Elk- harf fheir fourfh loss of fhe season and gave Elkharf a final conference record of six wins and fhree losses. This was fhe lasf game of fhe regular season for fhe Blazers who had esfablished sixfeen vicfories againsf four defeafs. The Elkharf secfional opened wifh Brisfol losing fo Jefferson in a close ball game. Elkharf, however, did nof swing info acfion unfil fhe second day when fhey eliminafed Shipshe-Scoff in a lop-sided confesf. The Blazers fook fhe final decision 70-45. Nappanee defeafed Goshen fhus gaining a chance fo fesf fhe favored Blazers. The Elkharf squad, minus Ted Luckenbill, defeafed fhe Bulldogs. Hudkins again led fhe Blazers offensively wifh Eby and Kidder confrolling fhe backboards. McDowell hifs from fha oufsido. Capf. Hudkins goes sfraighf up TOURNEY WINS, PLUS BANQUET, CLIMAX SEASON New Paris provided ihe mosl' exci'l'ing game of +he l'ourna- menl' by holding Ellrharl' lo 41 poin'l's. Allhough Ellzhari led all +he way, fhis game was decided in fhe final seconds of play. The Blazers capi+alized on a New Paris error and sfaved off +he lasl minufe drive. The Cubs of New Paris fell 41 +0 39. The championship game was played befween +he hosl' school, Ellcharf, and Wakarusa. Ted Luckenbill made his firsf appearance of +he sec+ional +ourney and iurned in a fine performance. The Blazers rolled up 70 poinis while +he Walrarusa lndians were held fo 32. Hudkins, Eby and Mc- Dowell were forced io leave 'l'he game because of leg cramps. The Elkharl bench provided 'lhe final punch in our seven+een+h secfional championship. The Blazers played 'lhe Cen+ral Bears in 'lfhe af+ernoon game of 'fhe Elkharf regional. The Bears, led by Herber+ Lee, elimina+ed +he Bellmen from 'rhe fournamenf. Ted Luclcenbill was high 'For 'lhe game wilh 24 poinls. Afler de- fea+ing 'lhe Blue Blazers 66-55, fhe Bruins ran rough shod over 'lhe Pierce+on Tigers 89-38, 'lo win ihe Elluharl Regional. Climaxing fhe 1956-'57 baslzeiball season was lhe annual Lions Club Banquef. George Milcan, 'Former Laker slar, delivered an inspiring and enlighfening +allc. Ted Luckenbill received 'lhe cove+ed Mosl Valuable Player award. Ken Hudkins, winner of +he free +hrow +rophy. was named cap'l'ain of l'his year's Blazers. Head Coach Bell, Joe Harvey, and Jerry Hosfeller were honored along wiih fhe gradual- ing seniors. George Milran congraiulales mosf valuable T. Luclrenbill and Capt K. Hudkins as coach Bell loolrs on. 96 wwf L XXQWVI 5 f 6. 13 q H.. 5 V 4., 4 . ,, Aj: 9 Q, 45, in M- . f .7 N Y A , - Y ' ' 7 f K Q' V - ' f N521 ' win - ' f -z- K , -- I v 1 , Q 1 -. . Q 5 ' X1 f f Q N n N ? 4 E5 . if 5 A f ff If 23 'isa 6 WH I 55 JH M140 , u HARRIERS HUSTLE FOR NEW COACH The cross coun'I'ry feam, under new coach Joe Harvey, had a successful season. Reiurning leHer winners were John Gildea, Denny Denman, Gary Mills, Dave Donovan, Jerry MaH'hews and Ted Luclrenbill. The ieam losl' fheir opening 'Triangular meei' 'io LaPorl'e and Mishawalca. Affer fhis opening loss, Elkhari' wenl- on +o defeal Howe, Goshen, Michigan Ci+y and Benfon Harbor, in fhaf order. The husiling Blazers fhen splil' a +riangular meel' wifh Soufh Bend Adams and Sou+h Bend Riley. The conference meel' was 'lhe nexi' fesf for Joe Harvey's Harriers. Dave Bonfrager finished lirsl' for fhe Blazers and 'l'hirl'een'l'h in fhe mee+. Ofher men placing were Dave Donovan, Sian Hooley, Jerry Maifhews and Roger Simpson. The secfional meer was held Ocfober 26 in Mishawaka. Roger Simpson and Sian Hooley led fhe Harriers 'lo a fiffh place our of fwenfy-seven schools. Joe Harvey, in his lirsf year as coach, had a 7-4 record. Denny Denman was elecfed capfain and Dave Bonfrager was fhe number one runner on fhis year's cross counfry feam. The cross counfry feam along wifh 'l'he foofball and +ennis 'ieams were guesfs ai' ihe 'Fool'- ball banquet Number one man D. Bonlrager, Capiain D. Denman. 1957 Cross Counfry Team. Firsf Row: T. K. Williams, M. Rose, C. Middleion, S. Hooley, R. Sim son, S. Emmerl, R. Richmond. J. Merril, D. Pfisier, B. Raflree, S. Reim, D. Former, B. Rice, D. Smifh. Second Row: L. Fifzsimmons, R. Whifehead, J. Maffhews, R. Sfswarf, D. Kleinfeldi, D. Donovan, T. Conway, T. McDowell, Coach J. Harvey. Third Row: J. Gildea, K. Eaion, D. Denman, T. Luckenbill, T. Kidder, M. Eby, G. Mills, M. Dider, S. Burden. 98 NETMEN HAVE FINE SEASON Coach Charley Walker greeied four reiurning lei-iermen lasl' fall. Dan Seng, Dave Till, Bob Marlin and John Lund- quisi' made up lhis quarrel' of relurnees. Soufh Bend Cen- i'ral's Bears were fhe firsl opponenls of lhe nefmen. The Bruins blasled our Blazers 5-0. ln 'I'heir firsi' home mafch of 'lhe '57 season, 'lhe ne'H'ers handed LaPor'le a 4-1 loss. Dan Seng and Bob Marlin 'look rhe singles rriumphs and ihe Seng-Darling, Marlin-Hudkins doubles combinafions downed 'lhe LaPor+e duo's. Seng, Darling, Marlin, Till helped hand Fori' Wayne Norlh a similar 4-1 defeat Goshen, Souih Bend Riley and Souih Bend Adams all besled 'lhe Blazers by slighi' margins. The final march of 'lhe season was held in Michigan Cify on Ocfober 9. The improved Blazers overpowered fhe Red Devils 5-0. Seng, Darling and Marlin plus bo+l1 doubles combinaiions spared fhe neH'ers. Dave Till was elecied capfain of ihis year's leam. He suc- ceeds Dan Seng lo lhis posifion of honor. The 'leam will sulier The loss of the Seng and Till plus Ken Hudkins, iennis rookie. The 'team was honored by +he Lions Club a+ fhe annual banque+ for 'fall sporis. Coach C. Walker congralulaies seniors D. Seng and D. Till 1957 Tennis Team. J. Szobody, J. Lundquisl. K. Hudkins, B. Marlin. cipfain D. Till, D. Seng. SPEEDY TRACKSTERS SHOW POTENTIAL "" " Sirengihened by +welve refurning le'Hermen, Coach MaH Ronzone's lraclc feam should provide sfiff opposiiion for i+s opponenfs. Since fhe 'Track season has been limifed by inclemenl weafher condi+ions, 'The assislance Thai new frack prospecls will give ihe feam has noi' been defermined. However, fhe ouilook is promising. ln realiiy, ihe Blazers appear excep- lionally sfrong in 'lhe running evenfs and show greai' pro- mise in 'lhe field evenfs. The Flying Blazers are scheduled io face some rigid com- pe+i+ion in Their meefs. lmporfani' scheduled mee+s are the Goshen Relays, 'The ENIHSC meei, The Easi'-Wesi' NIHSC mee+, +he Secfional a+ Elkhari, Regional a+ Forf Wayne, and lhe Sfafe Mee+ ai' Indianapolis. EV The Blazers pos+ed splendid performers in 'lwo of 'The , preceding evenls. The Goshen Relays crown fell fo The 'f ig ki' iii- K ng in migh+y Ronzonemen for ihe firsf 'lime in +wen+y years. The if ,T A 1 Q-Fj jif g, J .f fraclcslers oul'-scored fhe Calumel' schools 'lo win by 8-113 Pole vaulfer Tony Moores. POTHTS- On April 26, 'The conference mee? was held and The Blazers fool: second place honors. 1957 Track Team. Piciured above from left fo righf, Hrs! row: D. Klaus, A. Campoli. S. Emmerf, S. Moyer, T. Jackson, S. Hooley, M. Rose, D. Bonfrager, R. Simpson. Second row: T. Borneman, J. Howard, J. 'Gildea, K. Eaion, V. Connors, D. Denman, R. Huffman, D. Garrilson, M. Dider. S. Reim. A. Perez, J. Slaybaugh. Third row: M. Ronzone, D. Huichinson, D. Golden, L Fihsimmons, C. Gordon, C. Middlefon, L Deuel. D. Smifh. T. McDowell, G. Hahn, T. Wesilalne, J. Ellis, H. Peffley, R. Fapa, J. Janzaruk. Fourih row: R. Twesion, D. Turnock. D. Nifong, J. Griffin, T. Moores, P. Turnoclr, P. Parmafer, R. Whiiehead, R. Adams, P. Campagnoli, G. Mann, R. Richmond, J. Johnsion, T. Ruifer. T00 NEW COACH GREETS BASEBALLERS Elkhari"s baseball feam is under a new coach This year. Men'I'or Jerry Hosfefler replaces Bob Ehrsam as -The direcfor of The diamond crew. Joe Harvey is assisianf +o Mr. Hosie+ler. Reiurning Ie'Hermen +o fhis year's squad are Ken Eafon, George Forfino, Jim Bar+leH and Toby Kidder. As we go +o press, 'l'he scores 'lo dafe are as follows: Niles 4-Ellcharl 3: Mishawaka 3-Ellzharl' O: Michigan Ciiy 5-Elkhari' 0. The baseballers were hampered by ihe loss of infielder Ken Hudkins and ouffielder Max Eby in 'ihe final games. The remaining games io be played are as follows: Goshen ........................... April 26 "'S. B. Cenfral ..... --- April 30 "S. B. Washinglon .... --- May 3 i Mighawaka ,------ --- May 7 G. Foriino hus+les info first LaPor+e ..... .... M ay 10 'Middlebury --- .... May 14 S. B. Adams .... .... M ay 17 "'S. B. Riley .,.. .... M ay 21 'Goshen ..... .... M ay 24 1957 Baseball Team. Firsr Row: D. Troyer, J. Barfleff, B. Shuperi, J. Merrill, D. Kleinfeldh L. Gard. J. Swafhwood, L. Taylor, Manager B Roose. Second Row: Coach J. Hosieller, E. Mollenlropf, T. Churchill, D. Keller, M. Eby, T. Kidder, K. Welsch, K. Hudkins, K. Eafon, G. Foriino Coach Max gives P. Grillo and T. Conway a few fips. NEW SPORT IS SUCCESSFUL AT EHS Golf, a new sporf af EHS, was quife successful in ifs firsf varsify year. The sporl' was infroduced lasf year, al- fhough no le'H'ers were given. Refurning from lasf sea- son's feam are fhree juniors: Tom Conway, Larry Miller and Dave Lough. Max Bell, veferan baslcefball coach, will handle fhe linksmen. The feam will use fhe Ellc's golf course for pracfice and home meefs. Pro Gene Conway, will also help fufor fhe young golfers. The Blazers will play five conference foes fhis firsf year. Ofher meefs are fenfafive. Michigan Cify was fhe firsf foes and fell fo fhe Blazer golfers 11-4. Tom Conway was low for Elkharf, shoofing a 79. Ofher poinf geffers were Larry Miller and Dave Lough wifh idenfical 8T's. Bob Moenich and Pefe Grillo shof 82 and 90 respecfively. The Elltharf linlcsmen clefeafed Soufh Bend John Adams on fheir second oufing. Tom Conway, Larry Miller, Dave Lough, Bob Moenich and Fefe Grillo all scored well in -this meef. The conference mafches and sfafe meef will climax fhe inifial golf season for Elkhart No dafe has as yef been sef. The young golfers showed much improvemenf in fhe firsf few meefs. The feam, lecl by an array of iuniors, will be a definife fhreaf fhis year and nexf. T. Conway, L. Miller and D. Lough fee off. 102 P. Grillo sfudies puff. INTRAMURAL ACTIVITIES EXPAND Bob Ehrsam, EHS mafh feacher and former baseball coach, did an excelleni' iob in expanding fhe inframural sysfem here af Ellcharf High School. Previous fo 'lhis year. baslcefball was fhe only sporf receiving inframural affenfion. However, golf, fennis, and bowling have now been added. Wresfling was also sfarfed. The Red Crown Bowling Alleys served as a home for +he sfudenf bowlers. Mr. Ehrsam 'Iaughf 'lhe fundamenfals of fhe game 'Io all fhose inferesfed. The alleys were available af leasf once a week for high school use. Golf, being an oufdoor sporf, was difficull' fo gef under way. Bul' affer much hard worlc, 'Ihe inframural golf feam was a realify. Lilce fhe varsify golf squad, fhe inframural enfhusiasfs used fhe Ellcs golf course. Two nighfs a week were open fo fhe school. Wresfling was pracficed on an inframural basis fhis year. If is hoped, however, fhaf 'Ihe grapplers will be admiH'ed 'Io fhe conference nexf year. One sef of mafches was held in fhe high school gym. Foofball coach. John Janzuralc, was in charge of 'Ihe mal' pounders. If is believed fhaf fhe addifion of fhese sporls will in- crease 'I'he caliber of varsify afhlefics. Valuable confri- bufions will also be made foward fhe general healfh of 'I'he sfudenf body. A INTRAMURAL :sruliifg Inlramural direcfor Bob Ehrsam. Wresflers give exhibiiion. ,-C' , . Officers L-R: V. P. Al Campoli: Sg+.-ai-arms, Jon Howard: Pres., Ted Luckenbill: Trens., Dave Till: Secy., Jim Barflefl. VARSITY CLUB The purposes of fhe Varsify Club are fo direcr +he group's highesr loyallies 'lo fhe school ra+her 'lhan 'lo any group or person: 'lo encourage closer fellowship among players: 'fo ioin in solving feam problems: and lo mainiain a high sfandard of cifizenship in school morale. The club, having a membership of 54, meefs lhe 'lirsf and 'lhird Thursday of every monlh in Room 18. Every major leHerman in sporis or in managing is aufomafically a mem- ber of 'Phe Varsify Club. Ai' fhe meelings, repor+s are given, and business is discussed. The members serve 'lheir school by helping +o organize pep sessions and by promoring afhleiics and ci+izenship. They serve 'lfheir communiiy by operafing dime lines. The club's aciiviiies included a fall, win'l'er, and spring parfy and dance, +he promo+ion of +he fooiball queen elec- +ion, an open house 'For all preseni' and pas+ leH'ermen al' +he Norih Side Gym over +he Chrisfmas vacafion, a dime line, and lhe sponsoring of 'lhe "Will-Be-Has-Been" baske? ball game, which is held afler 'lhe inframural and regular baskeiball season. Mr. Glen Silcoh' is sponsor of ihe Varsi+y Club. All olher coaches are honorary members. 1957 VARSITY CLUB-Leif io righf: Us? rowl K. Eaion, G. Daugheriy, A. Campoli, G. Holh, C. Himes, J. Howard, B. Briggs, K. Miller, L. Kiefer, J. Zelmer, W. Croxall. l2nd rowl P. Turnock, B. Mar+in, J. Gi.dea, J. Templin, D. Seng, G. Foriino, R. Adums, K. Hudkins, D. Till, E. Mollenliopf, D. Bonlrager, J. Barllell, lfhird rowl B. Twesion, S. Hooley, D. Darling, D. Nifong, M. Eby, T. Luclrenbill, D. Garrifson, M. Dider, K. Eabon, R. Huffman, D. Denman, l4fh rowl J. Slabaugh, G. Mills, D. Klaus, H. Paliley, S. Moyer, A. Perez, D. Klienfslf, P. Campagnoli, D. Donovan, R. Simpson, E. Borneman. 104 GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Girls Aihlelic Associaiion is a club organized +o pro- mo+e high physical efliciency among 'Ihe girls of EHS by offering faciliiies, organizafion, and ins+ruc+ion in a variely of aclivilies. The associalion aims +o s+mula+e parlicipalion for every girl in some form of wholesome physical recrea- fion. The club plans 'Io give sufficienl' oppor+uniI'y 'Io each girl +o develop her own I'alen'I Io ifs 'fullesr and +o her own sa'I'isfacIion. The +hir'ry-+hree members of 'Ihe club mei' once a monlh in 'Ihe girI's gym 'Io discuss plans for 'Ihe club's acfivilies. The members mel' affer school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays for 'Iwo-hour pradice sessions Io improve slcill in various sporls: baslcerball, archery, badminfon, and Iennis. The members of GAA compefed wiih o+her schools in volleyball and in sofiball. On Wednesday aflernoons follow- ing school, 'Ihe girls improved Iheir bowling slxill. The GAA cooperaied wi+h girls 'From olher schools 'lo parIicipa+e in several oufside ac+ivi'Iies, including: 'Ihe Lead- ership Training Camp, Ocfober I3 and 14: a volleyball playday a+ Mishawalca, November 3: 'Ihe Dislricl' camp in Ihe spring: and 'lhe Plaque playday al' DePauw Universi'I'y. The club's sponsor is Miss Mary Kendall. i Officers L-R: Treas., Pal' Lenaburgg Pres., JoAnn Kuehlg V. P.. Gayle Zenhz Treas., Nancy Harfman. G.A.A. members play baslcefball. 105 the people of e.h.s ., ,jg make any year wonderful iv ' -H225 . W1 ' "We. 'Ihe people." of EHS . . . noi ius'l' l'he "wheeIs" of all 'l'he organiza- 'l'ions, seen here wiih Woody. our prin- cipal. buf all 'lhe people-'I'eachers. sl'udenl's, cusiodians, coaches. admin- isfrafors. secreiaries -working 'l'o- gefher. playing iogefher. faking success and failurel frying 'lo make fhe mos'I' of each day. frying io make every year wonderful. ABLE ADMINISTRATORS: SUPERINTENDENT AND SCHOOL BOARD Mr. Rice wifh his secreiary, Miss Puier- baugh. IO 8 Superiniendeni' J. C. Rice The man largely responsible 'For 'lhe elificieni operafion of +he Elkhar+ schools is our superinlendenl, Mr. J. C. Rice. His iob is +o inform 'lhe public of 'lhe school program, and 'io plan, wil-h The Board of Trusfees, all +he clefails fhai' concern 'fhe school program, and io work wifh principals and feachers. He always says, "The schools help 'lhe parenis educafe 'iheir children." Because of 'lhe iremendous building program necessary in Elkhart Mr. Rice spends mosl' of his 'lime on school finances. He sfrives fo pui' fhe fax funds 'lo +he besi' use in improving our schools' mainfenance, equipment remodeling and re- building. Each week Mr. Rice publishes a small house-organ, "From +he Home of 'I'he Green Carpe'l'." This leaflel' keeps all ihe schools informed on facfual maH'er and gives ihem a glimpse of his humor and his philosophy. Alihough he's noi' closely connecied wilh 'ihe high school, he is always inieresied in our curriculum ancl in our special proiecfs like our irip 'io 'lhe lndiana Legislaiure. He is also much in+eres+ed in our spor+s program: he is a 'Familiar figure a+ our high school games. Sfudenfs who come in coniacf lwiih fhis man find him a pleasant sof+-spoken genfleman. His friendly manner and helpful a'Hi'iude make him very easy 'lo ialk fo. Besides being a leader in school adminisfralion, Mr. Rice is also inferesied in civic aiiiairs. He is much respec+ed by 'lhe communiiy as a leader. We are foriunaie in having such a capable man a+ 'lhe head oi our schools. Our School Board: Mr. Howard Chrislner, Mr. ChesPer Huffman, Mrs. Phyllis Cormican, Mr. Sianley Raymer, and Mr, Eldon Lundquisi Each Monday nighi' during 'Phe school year lwi'Pl1 Pheir meelings now on -Phe airl 'Phe Board of Trus'Pees mee'Ps wifh Mr. Rice, Mr. Burns and Mr. Wollenweber. AP Phese regu- lar meefings Phe business of building, financing, and run- ning Phe schools is carried on. No ma'rPer is 'Poo big or 'Poo small: from Phe building of a 51,332,500 school 'Po Phe care of one refarded child. Raising 'Phe sPandards of 'Phe Ellcl1arP schools and main- 'Paining Pheir already fine ra'Ping are Phe concern of 'Phese five cilizens. The facl' Pha'P 'Phe Elkhar-P High School has been 'For Phe pasP fiffy years a member of Phe Nor'Pl1 CenPral Associafion is an indicaiion of 'Phe splendid work done by adminisPraPors and school boards Phrough Phe years. Mr. Wm. Wollenweber is Phe School CiPy's very capable main+enance supervisor. During 'Phe pas+ year he was bor- rowed by 'Phe S'PaPe Building Deparimen-P 'Po help Phem on cons'PrucPion defails. Alfhough ii' was an honor, il' added much work 'Po Phis busy man's schedule. The business manager of our schools is Mr. Maurice Burns. He insPrucPs all of Phe Preasurers and business man- agers of school organizaPions in handling of Pinances. One of his big iobs is managing affairs held in 'Phe NorPh Side Gym. Mr. Burns and Mr. Wollonweber. I 0 9 Joel Russell and Mr, Updilre. Principal C. P. Woodruxcf OUR GUIDES AND FRIENDS We seniors have come lo realize 'l'ha'l' one of our besl' friends is our principal, Mr. Woodruff. He is very much inlereslred in 'lhe sfudenfs and is glad +o help lhem wilh lheir problems al' any lime. His informal manner makes boih sludenls and 'leachers comforlable in his presence. Woody perhaps seems closesi' fo lhe seniors. Because 'lhey have been wilh him for 'lhree years, 'lhe seniors have learned 'lhal' Mr. Woodruff can be depended upon 'lo help solve +heir problems, as a group and as individuals. During lhis year, he made a poinl' of visiling each senior homeroom. His visil gave us an oppor+unil'y lo ask queslions abou? 'l'he aclivifies and +he operalion of EHS. We apprecialed his sincerily and honesly in answering our queslions. Mr. Woodruff believes lhal everyone who is inleresfed should have a voice in running lhe school. He is willing lo lis'l'en lo consirucfive crilicism of our school and welcomes suggeslions for i+s improvement Woody also likes 'lo have lhe sludenfs malce lheir own decisions abou? 'lhe operalion of 'Phe school. He very willingly assisls commiHees in an advisory capacily bu+ wanls 'lhe sludenfs fhemselves fo decide wha+ is bes+. Sfudenls also lake parl' in planning guidance sessions, pep sessions and assembly programs. Because of his inferesl' in 'l'he sludenfs and his conscieniious adminisrraling, all of us respecl Woody, bolh as a principal and as a man. Our Counsellors: Mr. McH-argue, Miss Sharp, Mr. Kauffman, Miss Jarvis, Miss Deal, Mr. Hari. The Guidance S'ia'Ff of EHS is headed by 'lhe principal, assisrani principal, cleans and counsellors. The Guidance Commiilee. composed of fhis sfalif and fhe homeroom chairmen, is headed by Mr. Kauffman. Developing +he homeroom program and 'Forming policies 'lhaf regula+e all social acfivifies are +he concern of +he Guidance Com- miH'ee. For each grade level, special homeroom programs are prepared. Sophomores are orienfed info rhe acfivifies, 'ira- di+ions and rules of fhe school, iuniors are helped in plan- ning vocaiionsg seniors plan for college careers. Counsellors aid in selecfing programs +o 'Follow each s+uden'i's in+eres'l's and in personal problems and adiusf- men'ls. When a sfudenl needs help of any kind, he goes 'lo 208, "+he home of our 'lwo deans," Miss Shideler and Mr. Rogers. They always have 'lime for a few quesfions or a long con- ference. Personal problems, aflendance problems and social adiusimenfs are an impor+an+ parl of fheir worlc. Our assisfanl' principal, Mr. Updilce, is fhe permaneni' adviser of fhe Sfudenl' Council. He has charge of all scholarships, schedules all fesfs in +he 1'es'l'ing program and helps Mr. Woodruff wifh adminislralive defails. Miss Shideler, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Updilre 111 r l EHS FACULTY ADAMS, NORVAI., B.S., M.S. . Biology, Science Chairman ADDISON, WILLIAM, B.S., M.S. Commerce AMSBAUGH, ANNA. B.S.. M.S. Homemaking, Homsmaking Chairman AVERY. FRANCES. B.S.. M.A. French BELL, JOE, B.S.. M.A. Commerce BELL, MAX, B.S., M.S. General Business, Typing, Baskefball Coach BENBOW, LOUISE, B.S.. M.A. Reading Improvemeni BOOK, ORPHA, A.B., 8.5. in L.S. Librarian BROUGHTON. RUTH, B.S., M.A. English, Language Chairman BURKHARDT, DOROTHY, A.B. English BUSCHE, LOUISE. B.A., M.S. English BUTTON, LYLE. B.S. Physical Educaiion, Fooiball Coach, Drivers' Training CAMPAGNOLI. ANTHONY. B.S.. M.A. Physical Educaiion, Social Siudies CROSIER, WILLIAM L. B.S. Indusirial Arfs DAVIES, JOHN, B.'M.E., M.M.E. Director of Insirumenfal Music DEAL, JUNE, B.S., M.S. Commerce, Counselling DILLEN, CHRISTINE, B.A., M.A. V English DuVALL. JOHN. B.S., M.A. Inclusfrial Aris EHRSAM, ROBERT, A.B., M.S. Maihemaiics, Iniramural Direcior FOX, ALICE, A.B., M.A. Mafhemafics, Laiin GILL, IVAN, B.S., M.A. Chemisfry, Ticker Manager EHS FACULTY GOWDY, WILLIAM, B.S.M., M.M. Direcfor of Vocal Music: Music Chairman HARDING, KENNETH, B.S. Indusfrial Aris HART, GLEN, B.S., M.S. HARVEY, REX, B.S., M.S. Mafhemaiics, Malhsmaiics Chairman Indusirial Arts: Counselling HERBST, EUGENE, B.S., M.S. Physical Science, Maihemafics JAMES, HOWARD, B.F.A., M.S. JANZARUK, JOHN, B.S. Ari Physical Educafion, Foofball Coach, Drivers' Training JARVIS, KATHRYN, B.A., M.A. Maihemafics, Counselling JENEARY, DELMAR T., B.F.A., M.A.E. JERSILD, ARTHUR A., B.S. Eleciricify English, Dramaiics JOHNSON. JULIA, R.N. School Nurse JONES, FLORENCE, B.S.. M.S. JORDAN, RILEY, B.A., M.A. Social Sfudies, Social Sfudies Chairman ' Social Sfudies, Cadet Teaching KALLNER, JO ANN, 8.5. Homemaling KAUFFMAN, LEWIS, B.S., M.S. KELLY, DOROTHY. B.A., M.A. English, Publicaiions Social Sfudies, Counselling KENDALL, MARY, B.S., M.S. Physical Educafion KERR. LESTER, B.S., M.A. KING, GLADYS, B.A., M.A. Spanish M aih em alics KIRKLAND, HELEN, Ph.B., M.A. Disfrilauiive Educalion, Job Flacemenl LUTY, EDITH, B.A., M.S. English H- EHS FACULTY MAHAN, ROBERT. B.S., M.S. Biology and Physical Science MATER. WILBUR, B.A.. M.A. Social Studies McHARGUE. GLEN, B.S.. M.S. Social Siudies, Counselling McKEEHAN, ALICE, B.S. Homemalcing MILLER. EVELYN, B.A.. M.A. Biology MORGAN. JOHN. B.S. Inclusfrial Arfs ORGAN, E. T. Direcior of Vocaiional and Adulf Educaiion ROHRER, STANLEY E., B.S. Physics RUSSELL, ISBELI., A.B. Developmenial Reading, English SANDS. W. E.. B.A.. M.A. Social Sfudies SAWYER, MARGUERITE, B.A., M.A. Lafin, English SCHER, JOSEPH, B.S.. M.A. Commerce SCHWARTZ, DONALD, B.S. Indusfrial Ads SHARP. MARIE. B.A.. M.A. English, Counselling SICKELS, ADA. Pl1.B.. M.S. English SILCOTT, GLEN, B.S., M.A. Direcfor of Aihlefics, Healih and Physical Educafion Chairman SPROULL, RAYMOND, B.S.. M.S. Social S+udies WENGER. GALEN, A.B., M.A. Direcfor of Speech and Radio Workshop WHITE, VIOLET E., B.S., M.S. Commerce WSSONG. RICHARD M.. B.S. lndusirial Aris HISTORY OF THE CLASS 0F We, fhe class of '57, enfered EHS as sophomores in Sepfember 1954. Surrounded by sfrange walls, confusing schedules and upperclassmen, we felf losf and bewildered. Affer adiusfing ourselves, we se'Hled down +o a regular roufine. Elecfing officers and planning our class parfy were our acfivi-lies fhis firsf year. ln -Phe fall of '55 we began immediafely fo prepare for our Junior Follies, SAINTS AND SINNERS. The follies were successfully presenfed on Ocfober 15. Our class parfy, held in January, was our nexf acfivify. ln fhe seffing of a TV sfudio we all enioyed fhe music and enferfainmenf. Before long we found ourselves preparing for our Junior Class Play. We chose MEET A BODY as 'lhe play which was presenfed on April 21. As fhe high spof of our iunior year, we presenfed fhe Junior-Senior Prom. Using SEA OF DREAMS as fhe fheme, we fell' 'lhaf our prom provided a perfecf evening fo honor fhe deparfing class of '56. Because Mrs. Swhier was leaving EHS, we chose Miss Lufy as sponsor wifh Mr. Addison. Lasf fall we came fo EHS experienced, confidenf seniors. We elecfed as our officers Dick Garrifson, president Greg Holfz, vice presidenf: Shirley Minelli, Secre- faryg Mike Plank, freasurer: Ann Folfz and Willard Croxall, social chairmen. Our class play, DRUMS OF DEATH, was presenfed on November 9. A full house alfernafely chuckled and frembled as our play reached a fhrilling climax. Buying cards and announcemenfs in January made us realize fhaf our high school days were soon coming fo a close. We began fo work harder and fo appreciafe our school. We began fo 'rhink abouf fhe fufure, abouf colleges or careers. On March 15 we had our final fling af our class parfy. Held in fhe high school gym, based on fhe fheme of Wind-Up Romp, we had a good informal evening. Before long we were in fhe middle of senior acfivifies. Senior Day, fhe banquef, Baccalaureafe and Commencemenf came, climaxing fhree wonderful years af EHS. Senior class officers: Greg Holh, vice-presidenlg Willard Croxall, boys' social chairman: Mike Plank, freasurer: Ann Folh, girls' social chairman: Shirley Minelli, secrefaryg Richard Garrifson, presideni. 1957 Senior class sponsors Miss Lufy and Mr. Ad- dison. 115 CLASS OF ABPLANALP, SANDRA ADAMS, DAVID ALLER, JANET ALLER, JERRY ALLMAN, JANICE ALWINE. KAY AMSDEN, JEAN AMSDEN, JERRY ANDERSON. RONALD ATKINS, TOM BACKERT, BARBARA BAER, CONNIE BAER, SHARON BAKER, CAROL BALE, SUSAN BARNES, JOAN BARNETT. MARGARET BARTLETT, JIM BARTON, CHARLES BEADLE, LARRY 1957 BEATTIE. PATSY BECKER. CAROL BEHRENS. LANA BENDER, PAT BENDER, RICHARD BENHAM. JOANNE BERGER. PEGGY BLEILER, SANDRA BLOSS, JUDY BONTRAGER. DAVID BOURDONQDALE BOWERS, LYNN BOWMAN, DONALD BOYD, DOROTHEA BOZZO, CAROLYN BOZZO, JOSEPHINE BRADLEY, SONIA BRANE, BRENDA BRANDENBURG, AUDREY BRIGGS, ROBERT CLASS OF BROWN, CAROL BRUMBAUGH, LARRY BRYANT. ERNEST BURDEN. STANLEY CADY, LARRY CAMPOLI, ALBERT CATALDO, SAM CHAFFEE. ROSEMARY CHRISTNER. NANCY CLEM. JOHN CLINDANIEL, LOIS COCANOWER, DAVID COFFIN, JO ANN COLEMAN, ANN COMPANION, MACE CONLEY, SANDRA CORDEN, MARCIA CORPE, PAUL COX, CHARLES CRISE, WAYNE 1957 CROXALL, WILLARD CULLEN, WILLIAM CULP, NORMAN CUMMINS. JAN CURRY, TALMER DARLING, BONNIE JO DAUGHERTY, GORDON DeGEYTER, MICHAEL DeGROOTE, PAT DELP, JANICE DEMAS, MARY DENMAN. DENNY DEUEL, MARCIA DIDER, MARTIN DIEHL. NANCY DIMAN, JUNE DOLPH, MARVIN DONOVAN, MICHAEL DONNELL, JIM DUBBERT. DICK S- CLASS 0F DUBBERT, JIM DULL, ROGER EARL, DON EATON, KENNETH EATON, KYLE EBY, KAREN EBY, MAX ELDER, JUDY ELLER, SALLY ELMORE, JEFFRY EMBRY, WILLIAM EVANS. BECKY FAGER. RONALD FETTER, JUDY FETTER, SHARON FILE. TOM FLORA. LYNN FOLT1. ANN FOUST. SHARON FOWLER, JANICE I957 FRANKENBERGER, JOHN FREDERICK, LINDA FRIEDAUER, IRMGARD FRISBY. MARY SUE FRUCHEY, FRANCES FUNK, WALTER GALLOWAY, JOEANN GARRITSON, RICHARD GANG,-ER, MARY GASPELIN, WALTER GEERTS, LARRY GILBERT, JEAN GILDEA, JOHN GILLESPIE. PENNY GLICK. LARRY GOLDEN, DICK GOLDSBERRY, ANN GRAY, BARBARA GREENAWALT, SHERRIE GREGORY, MARY CLASS OF GRIEB, JIM GRILLO, PETE GROSSMAN, CAROL GUSTIN, ROSEMARY HAINES, SALLY HAMILTON. DAN HARDY, DAN HARGROVE, BETTY ANN HASSE, ROSE MARIE HASTINGS. ELAINE HAWKINS. VALERIE HAYES, BETTY HAYES, LANCE HEIDEN, PAT HEINTZ, CLAUDETTE HESS. DEAN HIMES. CHARLES HOGENDOBLER, NANCY HOLT, HELEN HOLTZ, GREG 1957 HOOLEY, JUDY HOOLEY. PAUL HORN, JANET HOUSTON, NEVIN HOWARD. JON HUDKINS, KENNETH HUETTER. ADAM HUFFMAN, FREDERICK HUMMEL, JUDY HUNSBERGER, RICHARD HUNSBERGER, SHARON HUNTER, KAREN HUSTED, ALBERT IRVING, CLEMENTINE JESSUP, JANET JESSUP, RICHARD JOHNSON, MARLENE JOHNSON, MARY JOHNSON. PAUL JOHNSON, TOM CLASS OF JOHNSTON. MIKE JONES, ARTHUR JUDAY, HAROLD KAISER, TOM KAUFFMAN, KAREN KEIL, MARTHA KENDALL, MARCIA KENTNER, BRUCE KENTNER, JANET KERSHNER. DARLENE KIDDER, RICHARD KIDDER, TOBY KIEFER, LARRY KINCAID, ROBERT KIRKMAN. NANCY KLAUS, DOUGLAS KLEYKAMP, ALICE KREIGBAUM. JANET KRETSCHMER, LORETTA KRIDER. DAVID 1957 KROHN, DORA KUEHL, JoANN KUHN, BARBARA KYLE, JANET KYLE, JOYCE LATZKE, WALTER LAWSON, JOAN LEONARD, OUENTON LEVINSKY, RENA LILLY, MARY LINDEMANN, JANET LINDSEY, WAYNE LLOYD, DAVID LOCKWOOD, PAUL LONEY, JANET LONGFELLOW, ARNOLD LUCCHESE, FRANK LUCE. NEAL LUCKENBILL. TED LUDWIG, PAT CLASS OF LUSHER. ELIZABETH LYTLE, JEAN MAIER, ROBERT MALONEY, MARTHA MANN, DAVID MANN, DELBERT MANN, DONALD MARTIN, JoELLEN MATHIS, MARILYN MAYHOUSEN. SHARON McCLOUGHAN, BETTY McCULLOUGH, JUDY McLAIN, SHIRLEY McNEAL, GEORGE MEADOWS, PATSY MENGES. GARY MERCHANT. SHIRLEY MIERS. CAROL MESSNER. LINDA MILLER. JEANNINE l957 MILLER, KIRK MILLER, SHARON MILLS, GARY MINELLI. SHIRLEY MISHLER, MERLENE MITCHELL, JOHN MOHR, JAMES MOLLENKOPH, EVAN MONTEITH, JOYCE MOON. NORMA MOORE, TED PERKINS, PHILLIP MORRIS, GEORGE MOYER, JANE MURRELL, JOHN MYERS, DARLENE MYERS, PATRICIA MYERS, SALLY NEFF, KAY NEWCOMER. JANET ,CLASS 0F NICCUM. ANNE NOFFSINGER, JEANNINE NOLEN, JOHN ' OAKES, PAUL OSWALT. LINDA OWEN. DAVID PANNABECKER, WILLARD PAULUS. JANET PAWLING, SONDRA PENNINGER, RAY PERRIN, JERRY PHILLIPS, DAVID PLANK, MIKE PONTIUS, SHIRLEY POWELL, WANDA PRICE, LEANN POWERS, LORRAINE RAEDER, GARY REEDER, LAVOYT RAY, CHARLES 1957 REID, SHIRLEY REID, NORMA RENTSCH, JEAN ANN RHODES. DAVID RIDSLEY, JAMES RIEBS, GEORGE ROGERS, JUDY ROGERS, LANNY ROLL, NORMAN ROTH, NANCY RUSSELL, JOEL SCHEUER. KATHLEEN SCHICK, LINDA SCHLOSSER, GERALDINE SCHLOSSER. LOIS SCHNEIDER, SHERRIE SCHOOLEY, CAROL SCOTT, SALLY SCOTT, SANDRA SCRIBNER, ELIZABETH 3 CLASS OF SEEGERS. RICHARD SENC-3, DAN SHANK. SALLY SHAVER, MARLENE SHORT, DAVID SHREINER, NANCY SIMS, MARGIE SIMS, MARY JEAN SKAIFE. LARRY SMITH. JANET SMITH, SUZANNE SNEDIKER, WAYNE SNYDER, STEVE SPICER, DONALD STEMM, GARY STEWART, JEANNE STOLL. FRANKLIN STORK, DAN STORMS, JUDY STOUT, RUTH ANN I957 STRAWSER, WILLIAM STRUBLE, BRENDA STUMP, LAURETTA STUTSMAN, BERYL SUMPTER, CHARLES SURLS. BETTY SWANK, MARY SWARTZLANDER, ELLA SWATHWOOD, JEANNE SWIHART, JANICE TAYLOR, LaMARR TEMPLE. CAROLYN TEMPLIN, JON THOMPSON. BERTON THOMPSON, JUDY THORPE, CARLTON TILL, DAVID TOM, DONALD TOTH, BARBARA TURNER, GEORGE CLASS OF TURNER, LAURA VANCE, VIRGINIA VARGO, GERALDINE WADE, VERNICE WALTERS, CARLENE WANKE, WALTER WARD, MARGARET WARE, SARA WELLS, WALTER WELTER, ED WENT, CHEDRICK WETHERBEE, DAVID WHITMER, JEAN WHITMYER, KAREN WILDER, ANITA WILEY. DENNIS WILLIAMS. JUDY WILSON, ROGER WILMORE, ROBERT WILMORE, RaNAY 1957 WILTROUT. ANN WINEGATE, LYNNE WISE, ANNE WITT, BARBARA WIRT, STEVE WRIGHT, GAY BETH WYSONG, SANDRA WYSONG, PHIL YEAGER, RICHARD YEAGER, RAY YODER, GARY ZELDIN, BERNICE ZELLMER, JERRY ZENTZ, GAYLE ZIEMS. JAMES GRADUATING. BUT NOT PICTURED HAZEL GOODMAN MICHEAL ROBINSON PICTURED. BUT NOT GRADUATING DON BOWMAN BRUCE KENTNER BETTY SuRLs NEVIN HOUSTON JOAN LAWSON CHARLES su-MPTER TOM JOHNSON LORRAINE POWERS JEAN WHITMER SHIRLEY REID HISTORY OF THE .IUNIUR CLASS On Sepfember 4, we came back fo EHS wifh greaf ex- pecfafions for fhe many excifing acfivifies scheduled for our Junior year. Affer meefing our old friends and ioining fhe organizafions of our choice, we seHled down fo fhe business of selecfing our new class sponsors and officers. For our sponsors, we chose Mr. Campagnoli and Miss McKeehan fo help us in planning our acfivifies of fhe year. For our officers we chose fhe following: presidenf, George Forfinog vice presidenf, Rollie Huffman: secrefary, Sue Teusherg freasurer, Dave Keller: boys' social chairman, Tom Conway, girls' social chairman, Judy McCombs. On Ocfober 13, we presenfed our Junior Follies, HOLI- DAY SPECTACULAR. We found fhaf all our work had nof been wasfed, because our Follies were a greaf success. We had iusf refurned from our spring vacafion fo find fhaf if was fime for our class parly. This was held on April 6, wifh a fheme of THE GAY 9O'S. Closely following our class parfy, was fhe class play, enfifled LADY, BE GOOD. I+ was direcfed by Mr. Jeneary, wifh fhe casf as follows: Ron Fields, Mary Hamlin, Dave Zimmerman, Chris Eyer, Rachel Culp, Melanie Adams, Dick Hummel, Bill Owen, Sfuarl Gruber, Carlene Benander, Elaine Maas. On May 18, fhe biggesf evenf of fhe year was held af fhe Norfh Side Gym. This was fhe Junior-Senior Prom. The decorafions were in keeping wifh fhe fheme of SYM- PHONY IN BLUE. The sfeering commiffee of Carol De- Wees, George Scoff, Chrisfy Mufzl, Bob Shuperf, Larry Fil-zsimmons, Mary Kanfz, Mary Hamlin, Dave Donovan, Darrell Nifong, Judy Alm, Gary Everfs, Rev Rogers, Linda Andreson, Phyllis Ward, Sally Herring, Linda Bails, Tom Churchill, and fheir helpers, did a job worfh being proud of and helped make fhe prom one of fhe mosf memorable occasions of fhe year. Before we knew if, fhe resf of fhe year had passed in a flash of hurried acfivifies and we are able fo look back fo our Junior year as a very special and happy parf of our high school life. Junior Class Officers L-R: T. Conway, boys' social chairman: D. Keller. freasurerg Mr. Campagnoli, sponsor: S. Teusher, secrefary: G. Forlino, presidenf: Miss McKeehan, sponsor: J. McCombs, girls' social chairman: R. Huffman, vice president. 134 'il' " an F T xx ,xml 9- P -sw I . aw Ck JUNIORS Adams, M.: Adams, R.: Liechfy. L.: Alm J.: Anderson, C. Andresan, L.: Lough, D.: Arisman, N. Armsfrong, M.: Arfley, S. Pefiif, B. Richmond T.: Barnes, J.: Baskerville, M.: Becker, K.: Beery. D. Benander, C.: Trulli, T.: Berry, B.: Bickel, D.: Bicknell, M. Bigelow, M.: Billecke, S.: Blackwell, J.: Blair, D.: Blah, F. Bleiler, E.: Blosser. S.: Boomershine, E.: Bowers, J.: Bornsman, E. Bono, B.: Bradley, B.: Bradley. J.: Brooks T.: Turner, H. 135 Pefer, A.: Baer, K.: Bails, L.: Baker, B.: JUNIORS Brower, B.: Brown, C.: Brown, T.: Over- holf, H.: Burton, J. Burton, J.: Buller, G.: Buller, M.: Bush- . ong, J.: BuH'e, A. Calahan, D.: Wunderlicll, R.: Campbell J.: Yoder, K.: Campill, V. Carl, T.: Young, O.: Zalinski, C.: Zenlz L.: Charlslon, H. Zimmerman. D.: Chris-Hansen, B.: Chupp, D.: Churchill, T.: Clark, N. Colagrossl. C.: Collins. P.: Colvard, D. Compion, L.: Campion, P. Campion, S.: Conner, V.: Conway, T., Converse, L.: Zimmerman, J. Cormicen, S.: Carson, R.: Cox, J.: Cox, R.: Crofoof, M. I 3 6 ., fy.. , 's 15' Q is ,Z Q 1 l ' :Q tiki' , , ' . 'A D '1 f2f'f?i. .,r: Zen l 'N Q- l gEgl,7 11- Sr? 'wh 35. 8 . -1 iv- if li ff.,m x. lf. . 1 ' 3 . an mf' ff I ,- Y Q af- vt' H, U If , 3 . v V A 31 Y f U gig!-Y X ' -. 5' A a s .4 ik: fi. "F . :w x . 5. 5., . E .- ' Q53 ,mhfQ'xl 'f la ul l .n llis , I -A s f. 111 '- wg ,. Jw... .n. .. gliia . ,Il T Qf JUNIORS Harlan, W.: Harfman. N.: Harlman, T.: Hafheld. J.: Helfrick, K. Helfrich, S.: Hendrix, L.: Herring, S.: Hlbshman, D.: Hicks, S. Higbie, L.: Hill, S.: Hilligoss, man, B.: Himebeugh, C. R.: Hill- Hoalr, R.: Holdeman, G.: Holi, B.: Holr- zinger, D.: Horswell, C. Plummer, L.: Huffman, R. Hull, E.: Hummel, D.: Hunfingfon, J.: Hufchison, D.: lanigro, M. Inbody. T.: Irvin, R.: Irving, son, P.: Jones, L. Jones, J.: Jump, B.: Kanh, M.: M.: Keller. D. D.: John Kauffman 139 Hosle+ler, J.: Hosleiler, V.: Howard, L.: W JUNIDRS Keller, V.: Kemble, K.: Kershner, B.: Kidder, M.: Kidder, R. Kidder, V.: Kilmer, B.: Kirkwood, J. Kline, T.: Kneile, R. Kreischmer, D.: Koslzie, T.: Kurfz, J. Lenh. J.: Leer, L Leer, S.: Lenaburg, P.: Lenaburg, S.. Lewis, J.: Lichienberger, J. Lievense, N.: Lochmancly, J.: Losee, M.: Louchs, A.: Lovely, S. Lundquisf, J.: Lundf, P.: Lyfle, S.: Mc- Cloughan, A.: McCombs, J. McDowell, T.: McKnight, J.: McMichael, P.: Maas, E.: Maddux, R. Madlem, L: Meier, J.: Maier, S.: Main, M.: Mann, A. 140 ' 9 " ,Q :f 4 'S S F fY'f . IAM... 1 . x x si? W Q ff :, ' 'ff Q 1. S fx. S ., . Q ,W.. H S 1 . up 1 ' 2: 1 345' 52352: 'SIE 5 M . . , 'T Q if ' .,,, - R 1 :mf f' .4 - b, Bi?-25 'R 1 Q7 JUNIORS Mann, S.: Marks, P.: Marks, P.: Marra, D.: Marshall, S. Marshall, S.: Marfin, B.: Marfin, T.: Mass, N.: Massing, D. Mefthews, J.: Miller. L.: Miller. S.: Miller, T.: Mills, L. MiI+on. D.: Moclr. Y.: Monroe, D.: Moores, T.: Morehouse. T. Morgan, G.: Morfensen, H.: Moyer. S.: Muhl, C.: Myers, L. Myers. M.: Newman, M.: Newson, M.: Nickler, B.: Nifong, D. Norris. D.: Nusbaum, J.: Oakes, M.: Oclrer, M.: Olsen, P. Or+on, S.: Overion. O.: Owen, B.: Pad- geh. D.: Puff. B. 141 .IUNIORS Parrnahar, P.: Pavuls, J.: Peffley, H. Pendill, D.: Perez, A. Peierson, F.: Pfisier. R.: Phillips, N. Pinkharn, M.: Pixley, L. Quirin, J.: Rader, K.: Raifsnider, L. Ramsey. S.: Ray, L. Reasoner, B.: Reed, C.: Reed, D.: Reid, M.: Subsfanley, D. Replogle. J.: Replogle, K.: Revoir, V.: Rice, R.: Richards, B. Richey, D.: Ringenburg, T.: Rifchie, C.: Rix, N.: Robbins, A. Robbins, P.: Roberfs, G.: Rodewald, R. Rogers, R.: Saclman, L. Sanders, L.: Savary, S.: Scarlet N.: Schofield, J.: Schrock, K. 142 J - if ' 14, -- : "uf L 4 , Ki 'H 5 1 s is X 1 my ,.. ,..... . --ww.. .N 'Q " 5 V , ,-1, . 1 :Q Q: Q ..- F E 3 Pb .. 'gil . X' K F w.l1 Tet. ,.L...:YQI"J 1" 9 ies if Q 'a ,, A, A M 4 F Q " 'GE ,. I' ggi 9' Q , JUNIURS Schyellze, J.: ScoH, C.: Scoii, E.: Scoff, G.: Shank. B. Q Shanholl. D.: Sheler, J.: Sheler, J.: Shelly. T.: Shelf. L Sherman, J.: Shulfz. J.: Shupsri, B.: Sip- ress, T.: Slough, P. Smeilzer, S.: Smifh, C.: Smiih, J.: Smifh, J.: Smiih, M. Smoof, B.: Snyder, E.: Sommer, D.: Spears, B.: Spirifo, B. Sfamafovick. D.: Sfamp, J.: Sismm, D.: Siewarf, J.: Sfswarh M. Sfewarf, R.: Sfoner. J.: Storm, J.: Sioui. L.: Sfow, J. Sfrawser, P.: Sfreeier, B.: Sfrulxel, J.: Sweezy, B.: Swiff, A. 143 .IUNIORS Szobody. J.: Taslra, G.: Temple, G. Terlep. M.: Teusher, S. Q61 Tlleobald, L.: Tompkins, J.: Tolh, R. Traulman. M.: Trindle, T. Troyer, D.: Troyer, K.: Troylca, G.: Trulli. T.: Twesfon. R. Vanlile, R.: Wagner, J.: Walker, E. Walh. J.: Ward, P. Ware, C.: Warforcl, D.: Warllcl, J. Warlick, S.: Werner, C. Weaver, D.: Weaver, R.: Weaver, R. Welsch, K.: Weller, S. While, J.: Wlmilelweed, A.: Wlwiielmead R.: Wlmifmer, J.: Whybrew, L. Williams, N.: Williams, R.: Wine, W. Wiseman, C.: Wood, T. 144 , H.. W-LWW EWUWWWH umm 9 2. 1 if J f il' FJ' LQ? V ,rf 1, xl 1' Sw. W Y, v I HM k Abc e Ju 'r b fo e Clock se Sophomo a J Ed a ds F Moriensen J Sfow and P Parmafer Af 'A N '31 . 1 SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY On September 4, Elkhart High School opened its doors to our class of nearly tive hundred confused, excited sophomores. We wandered around for several weeks, but with some help from our teachers, counselors, and upper- classmen, we eventually reached our destinations. We be- gan to feel a part of the school as we could now attend post-game dances, pep sessions, participate in the clubs of our choice and in other school activities. In November, we held our first class election, in which we chose our class ofticers and class sponsors. We elected the following people to be our class leaders: Phil Campag- noli, president: Cathy Delbridge, vice president: Ann Cleve- land, secretary: Judy Goldsberry, treasurer: Rhea Belinky. girls' social chairman and Bill Raftree, boys' social chairman. For our class sponsors, we chose Miss Amsbaugh and Mr. Harding, aided by sophomore homeroom teachers. During the second semester, we had speakers come to talk to us about our plans concerning iobs and college. Our counselors, Miss Deal and Mr. Kautfmann, helped us plan our programs for the next year. We decorated the bulletin boards in our homerooms with information pertaining to iobs and colleges. On Friday, May 10, many of us worked to sell conces- sions at the Sectional Track Meet, at Rice Field. We all had fun and helped build up our class treasury. One of our biggest events of the year was our class party. lt was held on Saturday, May 4, in the Elkhart High School gym. We appointed the following committees: re- freshments, Julie Yeknik and Harriet Lerner: tickets, Steve Harrison: theme, Jack Cittadine: decorations, Betty Vance: chaperones, Sue Stubbins and Ron Papa: clean-up, Gary Mann: entertainment, Steve Emmert and Judy Wolf: pub- licity, Bob Juhl. We all had a wonderful time and the evening passed by much too soon. Before we realized it, our tirst year at EHS was almost over. lt has been an enioyable and educational year for all. We are now looking 'forward to coming back next September as iuniors, no longer as the frantic frustrated sophomores. Sophomore Class Omcers L-R: P. Campagnoli. president: B. Rafttree, boys' social chairman: J. Goldsberry, treasurer: C. Delbridge, vice president: Miss Amsbaugh, sponsor: Mr. Harding, sponsor: R. Belinky, Girls' social chairman: A. Cleveland, secretary. 146 Q 1 we 5 A 1 .. ., 1 . 2, x -M . :asv 4 A lk: Q x e ' .E . 4 a. of L M 51" . 1 TQ? , A S f s Y A ' ' A J 'vu- 'X e 1. 'sw "' I QQ 2 sg. ,.k.vm.. .. H v EA 5 l ' 'I slllxN 'j-l A "-1 ' 2 sf k'f5'i . .wh . ff NJ 0 Pie i ,,,, M , 53. A fig f Q'l' .1 4 or W. X1 for ,f . 41-V J... r , K gr A iii! W .. SOPHOMORES Adams, G.: Albaugh, M.: Alford, D.: Anderson C.: Anderson, M.: Angelo, S. Angle, L.: Arisman, J.: AHl:isson, G.: Ausfin, N. Ballard, T.: Balfpurvins, M. Bardo, M.: Barnes, T.: Barreff, T.: Baskerville, R. Beadle, W.: Beech, S. Belinley, R.: Bender, W.: Benham, B.: Benn, G.: Bergman, M.: Benfly, R. Berzins, A.: Bibler, B.: Bickel, J.: Binkley, S.: Birlew, P.: Bonfiglio, J. Bleiler, S.: Blessing, B.: Bocl, J.: Bodell, A.: Bolan, P.: Boniglio, J. Bonirager, B.: Books, C.: Bools, R.: Bools, S.: Borosh, A.: Boussom, D. Bowers, W.: Bowser, J.: Brennan, S.: Brenneman, T.: Bridges, C.: Briggs, E. Brown, B.: Brown, J.: Brown, J.: Brown, J.: Bryson, J.: Bucl:mas+er, E. Burner, B.: Burns, N.: Bufcher, S.: Builer, T.: Cam- pagnoli, P.: Campbell, C. Campbell, E.: Campbell, T.: Carfer. S.: Cafaldo, L.: Chaplin, F.: Cifiacline, J. Ciffadine, S.: Clark, J.: Clem, N.: Clemenh, L: Cleveland, A.: Clipp, J. 147 SOPHOMORES Colvarcl, D.: Compron, W.: Conn, J.: Connor, S.: Cormican, L.: Cornelius, N. Corns, M.: Cox, S.: Craig, M.: Crain, P.: Crombic, L.: Crouf, J. Cunningham, R.: Cunningham, 'S.: Czoch. M.: Dalrymple, B.: Dalrymple, K.: Donner, W. Davidson, W.: Davis, M.: Davy, R.: Deal, B.: Decker, D.: Decker, R. Delbridge, C.: Delkegno, J.: Demas, J.: Demas, J.: Depufy, T.: Derbin, S. Deuel, T.: DeVore, K.: Dibberf, F.: Diclrerhoof, D. Dowell, B.: Drake, J. Drexler, R.: Dunirlman, S.: Edwards, J.: Eger, J Elli, J.: Ellis, J. ' Ellison, F.: Ellison, G.: Emmerf, S.: Evans, T Everfs, T.: Fairfield, L. Feddersen, A.: Feldman, D.: Fenimore, B.: FeH'ers, K.: Filce, M. Fischer, D. Fisher, J.: Fisner, R.: Flauding, B.: Flora, B.: Flynn, M.: Flynn, S. Fodroczi, N.: Foley, D.: Fonner, D.: Forbregd, D.: Forry, J.: Forry, M. Fosier, D.: Fosfer, J.: Francisco, T.: Franlr, N.: Freed, N.: Freed, T. 148 we 2 iifii ' :fr en Q fl R f 9' . - , .L.5.f, 4: X ' J ...ff 5 1 Q - 'er 1. .M SUPHOMORES Friesner, B.: Froeiich, M.: Frye, D.: Fulford, D. Fulwider, M.: Galloway, M. Gardner, M.: Geeris, P.: Geiger, S.: Ginnel, P. Golden, E.: Goldsberry, J. Graff, D.: Granl, T.: Grailien, M.: Green, T. Greenleaf, C.: Grieb, J. Griffin, J.: Grillo, B.: Grissom, J.: Gross, P. Grove, M.: Guslafson, E. Haines, M.: Haines, M.: Hansborouglr, H.: Hap- ner, M.: Happer, P.: Harrison, S. Harirenlf, J.: Harhler, L.: Hayden, J.: Hayden, K. Hayden, L.: Headley, J. Heier, B.: Heiliger, R.: Hellrick, J.: Hempel, J. Hendrickson, A.: Hipskind, L. Hogenclobler, P.: Huffman, R.: Holycross, I.: Holy- cress, J.: Hooley, D.: Hooley, S. Hobson, H.: Hosler, T.: Hosfdler, B.: Hoslefler B.: Hulbert D.: Hulbert L. Hunsberger, J.: Hurd, J.: Husrer, J.: lnbody, J. lrming, C.: Jackson, T. James, D.: Jay, P.: Jenkins, D.: Jenks, C.: Johnson B.: Johnson, J. Jolnnson, J.: Johnson, T.: Jones. E.: Jones, M. Juday, R.: Juhl, B. 149 SOPHDMORES Kambs, J.: Kash, S.: Keller, R.: Kelly, T.: Kelsey M.: Kennedy, P. Q 'ia 1. Kensill, S.: Keni, R.: Kenf, R.: Keogan, J.: Kiefer D.: Kilbase, B. Kinceide, J.: King, B.: Kirlzendahl, F.: Kling, G. Kramer, C.: Krolm, L. Krumpelz, K.: Kryder, C.: Lembdin, P.: Lambdin. S.: Lambdin, S.: Landon, C. Lahlce, H.: Lauer, M.: Law, P.: Learoy, D.: Leh man, G.: Leisf, J. Lemmon, P.: Lemmon, R.: Lerch, J.: Lerner, H. Levinsky, H.:,Lewis, R. Lilxins. J.: Linder, H.: Liilxe, P.: Loney, W.: Long- acre. D.: Lofi, l. Loucis, B.: Lovelady, P.: Luclrey, P.: Lucchese, T. Lufes, J.: Luh. V. x Lynch, F.: Magnuson, B.: Malmburg, R.: Mann, G. Mann, J.: Mapes, J. Marker, D.: Markle, T.: Marlin, B.: Marlin, D. Marlin, P.: Mahhews, D. Maurer, R.: Maurer, S.: Maxwell, B.: McLane, J.: McCreary, D.: McFalI, S. Mclnfire. M.: McLain. C.: McNeely, D.: Mercer, K.: Merrill, J.: Middaugh. B. 150 .QE Q' W if 'A wi: M V . iw if Q' 3' m 2, . ,M .. . idw' n K A .. if 5 . pg IE. x, . id . gf.. P4 Q ,J r 2 'K .lsr in 3",f Q.. .Q I we ,. 'E -Rifssix 1 .f- 4 if 5 WUK in 'if' any 5 :uf l i Q , xi 'Q if ig.: We .1 , W ,gl i . 5. we Q ig ? 3: l 4 S I I Pie' K1 ' 35? M Q.-. Nb 'S X F 1 1 w sf 5? 1 i 3 S R I nk if infix . , ,e , wif.. TE 4 is if .J - is , rf "N 'ii if ape: W .Q . . if K.. 6 , vez Q if 'F 1. . X Q. I 23 E sm A M' QPU' aw 2. 9 iff. , - ig. M wg? X 5 1' I 4 lf .ws 35..- fk- Y 'W Z. ' . M 2' 'K SOPHOMORES Middlefon. C.: Miler. D.: Miller. D.: Miller, G.: Miller, G.: Miller, J. Miller, K.: Miller, M.: Miller, R.: Miller, V.: Mifls- paugh, L: Milsfeed, P. Minser, S.: Miichell, V.: Moenich, R.: Manger. E.: Morgan. W.: Mooris, C. Morse, S.: Morse, V.: Murray. P.: Neel, P.: Nsece, C.: Neece, P. Neff, M.: Neff, P.: Nelson, P.: Newman. B.: New- man, K.: Nicholls. J. Niclrler, L.: Niece, P.: Nolan, C.: Nye. S.: Osfrom, C.: Overdyk, W. Overholser, L.: Page, B.: Papa, R.: Parmaier, S.: Parsley, J.: Parsley. K. Pearson, J.: Pedler, D.: Perry, G.: Feferson, J.: Peferson, M.: Zollinger, J. Pfeiffer, J.: Pfisier, D.: Phillips, J.: Phoebus, L.: PiHs, D.: Podawilfz, L. Pollom, J.: Poffer. M.: Price, J.: Price, R.: Quar- andillo, B.: Quarandillo. J. Rafiree, W.: Ramsey, R.: Ravenscfoff, C.: Redd, J.: Reeder, A.: Reims, S. Rezufko, S.: Rice, W.: Richmond. K.: Roberis, J.: Rodino, L.: Roose, W. 151 SOPHDMORES .W Q I, EF Rose, M.: Ross, N.: Roy, M.: Ruhling, M.: Rum- '-A mel, C.: Runlrle, F. Ruple, P.: Sager, K.: Sampson, S.: Sands, W.: Schmidf, L.: Shulh, T. Schusrer, J.: Schusfer, L.: Schweiger, L.: Shanholi J.: Shank, P.: Shock. L. Shelton, D.: Shoemaker, E.: Sheri, S.: Shreiner, P. Sigsbee, T.: Simonson, J. Simpson, R.: Sims, R.: Singery. W.: Singlelon, J. Sinon, W.: Slebaugll, J. Slayion, M.: Slemmons, K.: Sloai, E.: Smead, T. Smii, H.: Smiih, B. Smilh, D.: Smiih, L.: Smifh. T.: Snyder, T.: Soli M.: Spearon, S. Sranlsy, B.: Sfaub, K.: Sieinke, T.: Srenberg, D. Sfewari, J.: Sfone, D. Shinger, D.: Sirulzel, B.: Slrukel, C.: Sfrulrel, G. Siubbins, S.: Reid, M. Subsranley, D.: Swarm, C.: Swifr, D.: Swoape, S. Taylor, J.: Taylor, K. Tenison, J.: Thompson, J.: Thorne, V.: Thorpe, C. Trigg- R.: Tromer, J. Troyer, R.: Tulley, L.: Turnock, D.: Turnock, P. Twa, K.: Twyford, M. 152 I wg l Q , I J " 'c 4 we 'E 20, qw rv' J gr SOPHOMORES Upshaw, L.: Vance, B.: VanDerKarr, R.: Van Heldorf, H.: VanPaMen, N.: Wallace, M. Wals+on. J.: Ward, L.: Warfel, T.: Warsiler. S. Watkins, C.: Wahon. C. Wear, S.: Weaiherion, J.: Weaver, B.: Weaver J.: Weimar, L.: Welch, R. Wenger. J.: Wenger. S.: Wenner, S.: Wesilake, T.: Whaley, R.: Whifcomb, L. Whifehead, R.: Whifmer, J.: Whybrew, S.: Wien- hof+. M.: Wiggins, M.: Wiley. M. Williams. L: Williams, M.: Wills, B.: Wilsey, R.: Wilson, J.: Wifman. R. Wolf, J.: Wood, J.: Woodruff, C.: Wordalman. W.: Work, A.: Wright A. Wrighi, J.: Wright J.: Wysong, J.: Yeager, J.: Yeakey, A.: Yelznik, J. Yoder, G.: Yoder, K.: Young, D.: Young. F.: Young, L.: Zink, D. I 153 X. Y gg ,.,.. . -..f'-' umm L 4 1 ia: W' Jan' 57 was cl good year 2 ,. "' Yer? ,H l f., , 1:27 . nik if ,, , .5 ,gf M fi'3'1if':5 L: - 1' x , 'N V- H V 2? 'i - DJ 4 gav- f' X J, 5. for our advertisers-and for us fe 1' As siudenis. we are aware of 'I'I1e communiiy in many ways. We iake par? in civic affairs: men and women from fhe communify are aciive in our school aifairs. Elkharfs warm inieresi' in us is shown in 'their suppori of our games. conceris. plays. publicaiions. Pacemaker Trailer Co.--- Adams and Wesflake Company-- Anderson Cusfom Welding ....... Ari-ley Manufacfuring Company-- Berman Sporfing Goods ---------- Bill's Lumber and Supply Company--- Bob Wilson's Supermarkei' -------- Borneman's Hardware -----.------ Buddy Mobile Homes ..--.--------- Buescher Band Insirumenf Company--- Burns1'ine's -------,--------,-,,- Burrell Lumber and Supply ---..-- Calverf Coal and Oil ---,-,,-,--- Chicago Telephone Supply Corp.-- Clnderella Shop ----- - ----------, - - Conn Reiail Sfore ---------- , ---- Confinenfal Can Company -------- Cusiom Boo+h Manufaciuring Company ---- ---- Dave s Drive Inn ------,,--------,-,, Days Transfer ------------------,- DoMore Chair Co. lnc. ------ Drake's Elkhari' Elkharf Elkharl' Amusemen+ Company ----- Auio Dealers Associaiion ---- Bedding Company ------ Elkhari Brass Mfg. Co. lnc. ---- Elkharl' Bridge and Iron --.-- - Elkharf Business Universi+y ---------- Elkhari' Clearing House Associa+ion--- Elkharf Gravel Corporafion .-.---- Elkharf lce Cream Company ---- Elkharf Lumber and Sawmill ---- Elkharr Milk Council --.----- Elkharl' Packing Company ----- Elkharl' Pafiern Works ------------ Elkhari' Phofographers Associaiion ----- Elkharf Trufh ----------------------, Elkhari Welding and Boiler Works, lnc. El Paco --------------------------- Emeco, lnc. --------------------- Ernest Holdeman and Collei, lnc. ---- Excel Corp, lnc. ------ Federal Press ---.-.-- Ferndelle Food Shoppe .--- Finnell Sysfem, lnc.--- Funeral Homes ------ Garbers ------.-- Gas Company ------- Goldberg's ----------- Guyco I 5 6 Mfg. Company ---- mnlax High Dive Pool ------ Hofel Elkhar+ ------------ J 8: S Fac+ory Ou+le+ ----. Judd's Drug S'l'ores ----- Keene s ------------. Kegerreis Supply lnc.-- Kennairack Corp.- -- - Kiefer 8: Son, lnc.--- Ligge'H Supply and Equipmeni' Co Marlin Band lnsfrumenf Company- Mahke's Floral .-.-------------- Maury's Aufo Sales ----- Me'l'al Forming ----------- Miles Laborai-ories, lnc. ----- Moore's Cleaners --.------ Mo+or Supply -..---.--- Myers Men's Wear ----- New Mefhod Cleaners ---- Norfhern Indiana Brass ---- Nickles Bakery --------. Perry's 5 8: 109 S+ores ---- Prairie Schooner, lnc.--- Rapp Company -------- Rible+ Producis, lnc. ------ Richardson Homes Corp. ---- Rollie Williams Painf Spol' ---- Russell +l1e Coalman ------ Schull- Trailer -------------.--- Sears, Roebuck and Company ---- Selmer Band Insfrumeni ------- Service Press .----------- Shreiner Parmafer ----- Schulfz Agency ----- Skyline Coach .----- Sorg's Jewelers --------- Souih Side Cleaners ---- Sfar Machine ----.--- S+ephenson's -.-.--- Sfyle Shop ---.---.-- Superior Hone Corp.--- Thompson Screw ----- Tip Top Drive lnn ---- Tom Toy Siudio ..-.- W. W. WiH', lnc. ----- Woody and lrma's .------------ Wray's lce Cream .----------.-- Yoder Ready Mix Concreie Company . Zlesels ----.---. .. .,-- . .--..--- 0111! .SZVLCQPZ Ql'L9l"61,flftf6lfl:0l'If:5 anal Biff WJAZJ lf0 THEELASS UE '57 PRAIRIE SEHUUNER, INII. MAIN UEEIEE ANU PLANT 1503 WEST RRISTUL STREET PARTS ANTI ACCESSORIES RIVISIIJN 1323 PRINEETIJN BLVD one of Me Auf . . . me of me Anealf Our Bas! Wzshes Z0 the Class of 1957 L0 z c- RNE51 Howe MAN a. CQLLET' "N MACHINE TOOLS Congratulalzbns to the Class of FMyfSever1 from L- C U Q UT U 70 C O CD -I O T l'l1 U5 IN ELKHART 1007 W. FRANKLIN ni DRUGS gwwmm 707 BOWER GOSHEN WARS-AW HI-WAY 33 WEST 102 E, CENTER GOSHEN SHOPPING CENTER Congmtulalzbns rom fBURNSTINE'S OVER 53 YEARS SERVING ELKHART AND 25 MILE AREA Home Appliances 0 Television o Glass o Wheel Goods Toys 0 Home lmprovemenfs 0 Tires 0 BaH'eries 0 Hardware A X W0 maflfer Aow you -.3 figure . . . omiom :fi fa poinlf me way fo fif -i3 f1f P l 4 , gtk, G STEPHENSUNB -Q ' Ha sizes Fon JUNlORS...5fo15 4 35 ae, S Sgt' STEPHENSUN S 211 SOUTH MAIN STREET 159 gZAcwL3 jncbana IS A WONDERFUL PLACE T0 LIVE No matter how new. No matter how old. The best safety device in time car is you. Drive like lightning. Crash Liice thunder. Keep it up and you won't Live much Longer. Use good judgment. Start easy, be a good driver. Be courteous at all times, which Largely saves accidents. Look out for children. Never exceed speed Limits. Stop at aLL stop signs. Be a friendly driver. Never get mad. Just keep smiling. It costs nothing to be polite. But it pays dividends. AM. lbw. swlmmlua PO0L li relies plenty nl nnnrisliing lend ln raise e Seninr Mrs. Donald Bowers and Lynn, EHS Senior Cheerleader. And wise is the ninther who slinps at Wills where there is always "Mere for All-fer Less M55 if l Q luv ,V 5 W ,ap i ,gg - - 'ug-.' :LU-UJ-LUILT-I 7 SUPER .meewff . fi i x . i.l..:wuL'i Ns -:..5s-ig 1 5 l V4 Serving Wu ls Our Plouuri fllhlii INDVQNA 161 Congmtulatzbns I0 Ike Senzbrs of 5 7 Make Keene your headq f your clo h g d f d - now d h y K SHI? For Quality at th R ght P udge Taylor shops at Keene's, nahzh. Stop - Shop - Save LIQUID VELVET wiI'h ALKI-THERM A NAME YOU LL WANT T0 REMEMBER' GREATEST PAINT SENSATION IN 5 0 Y EA R S! Easy to use-with brush or roller. One coat covers-dries quickly. Use on any surface-won t chip. Odorless type-paint anytime Rich xelvety washable finish. Wide range of colors. 224 SO. MAIN STREET ELKHART O O . , I . I ' , 0 Economical-costs less per job. I GARBERS, INC. COMPLETE RUNNING GEAR FOR THE TRAILER COACH INDUSTRY - assembled, precision adjusted and lubricated ready for installation. S4352 LIGGETT SUPPLY Gu. EQUIPMENT CO. 2030 SO. MAIN ST. ELKHART, INDIANA I63 GngralfaLLfi0n5 fo me CVM of 195 7 THE EUPPEE BURNER HUTEL ELHHAHT Congratulations to Class of '5 7 YODER READY MIXED CONCRETE AND ASPHALT CO., INC. 1 What Richarclson's modern pgmf jaciffied Mean to the FUTURE HQME MAKER Richardsons large. modern plani' facili'l'ies assure a beH'er buili' mobile home. One fhai is backed by a company wiih years of experience and produced in a plani' 'lhal' is one of 'lhe largesi' in lhe indusfry. From ifs modesi' beginning eleven years ago, Richardson has kepf pace wilh fhe +llCllAlliUl + 3"IlllIll!ilIllIl' 6 - growing communify. Today, Richardson covers an eniire 'ihirieen acres and includes such modern feafures as an experimenfal and research depari- men? where homes of 'lomorrow will be developed for fuiure homemalxers. I I g 1 C K N HOMES oRPoRA1'uo ELKHART, INDIANA 165 y when Yfoa Kay Calvert Coal and Ui! you 6110, the 6eAt CALVERT CCAL AND CIL COMPANY 901 LAFAYETTE PHONE 2-0794 c0Mgl'dfllldfi0h.6 and Kat 1lliAlaeA td the C7444 of S7 CLISTDQLD SOUTH SIDE CLEANERS LARGE OR SMALL SUPERIOR MAKES THEM ALL' MODEL "VH" MD-1 MANDREL DRIVER MODEL "AL" HONING MACHINE MODEL "HM" HONEMASTER Improved Confrol 0 Greafer Accuracy MODEL "ICP" BENCH-TYPE HONING MACHINE SUPERIOR IIDNE CDBPDRBTI ON 1605 ELRENO STREET ELKHART. INDIANA 167 Courses MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNICIAN DENTAL LABORATORY TECHNICIAN MEDICAL ASSISTANTIX-RAY TECHNICIAN MEDICAL SECRETARY DENTAL NURSE THERE'S NO DOUBT ABOUT TOMORROW These happy B. U. students can afford to be optimistic about their future. Wouldn't you if you had all this? FREE LIFETIME PLACEMENT service wherever you go-whenever you need it. REGISTRATION and CERTIFICATION by leading professional organizations. DIPLOMA PRESTIGE and employer recognition anywhere in the country. SPECIALIZATION with its benefits of job security and consistently higher incomes. UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITIES in rapidly expanding fields where there is already a critical shortage of trained personnel. PERSONAL SATISFACTION that comes from doing work that contributes to the health and happiness of your fellow beings. SUPERIOR TRAINING that equips you to equal and surpass job competitors. ' LIFETIME REFRESHER and counseling serviceg you can return to E. U. free of charge to brush up and keep abreast of the latest techniques and developments in your fields. Vocational and problem counseling. UNIVERSITY OF MEDICAL AND DENTAL TECHNIQUE NOW CELEBRATING OUR 75TH ANNIVERSARY ongrafufafionfi an Mai MAA ea blk CEM of 1957 FINNELL SYSTEM Over 25 Famous Name Brands! S H O E S FOR MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN At Savings up to SOM rAc ronv ourllar TOMORROW'S HOMEMAKERS ARE LEARNING GA sPe'ME'II5Io K s BETTER . . . FASTER . . . COSTS lESS GAS COMPANY NORTHERN lN'DIANA PUBLIC SERVICE CO. 169 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '57 6Aoo5e wifk Conkolence M Y E R S Mews wun fongratulations from THOMPSON SCREW PRODUCTS INC. SOQCONNAVE. EA! W5 ea Kar Me CALM 0 57 DICK GARRITSON. GREG HOLTZ, Pfeiiderlf Vice-President SHIRLEY MINELLI MIKE PLANK. Secrefary Treasurer K - k . jr 2-i Ill lllll +g106Q4p U' i O WINK CROXALL. ANN FOLTZ, Boys' Soc. Chm. Girls' Soc. Chm. T U Y, umczdlfer iQA0f0gralo er , L q f. I V Be Smart ana' Tlrrwy Too Sulimgjj xl.. I Always Shop Czrralerella W TP For The Newest Fashions ,,, Q' JMMJ 4 l l s Your Clothes Dollar Buys More AI . Home of the Famous SWEATER CLUB g"n f 1 ' v iv vw s Plan Now to fozrr zrr fab! .7339 Comphments of BORNEMAN'S HARDWARE o 80 Years of Hardware Peggy Johnsfon, Ed Borneman 172 K in 6 S 'W me X 7 ex C' we WWW lnSTfUmeMS f r o m H 81A ,5PlIIlPl' Inf. ELKHART, INDIANA d emenf was prepared for Selmer by Sharon Feffer of Pe nnan 'r Annual Adverh 173 Moy you have happy motoring through lzfe. . , Elkhart Auto Dealers Association Rena Levinsky, Sonia Bradley, Fudge Taylor, and Larry Kiefer. BALL SERVICE, INC. ROY CULVER MOTORS, INC. DODGE-PLYMOUTH OLDSMOBILE-CADILLAC VERNON M. BALL, INC. ENYART-BATTJES CHEVROLET, INC. DeSOTO-PLYMOUTH CHEVROLET BERGERON MOTOR CO., INC. WECKEL-KRAL LINCOLN-MERCURY CO. CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH LINCOLN-MERCURY CHATTEN MOTOR SALES, INC. LOCHMANDY BUICK SALES, INC. FORD BUICK HIGGINS PONTIAC CO. PONTIAC 114 IT DOESNT COST IT PAYS TO PAINT sooo w FRANKLIN ACRES OF FREE PARKING 59" 175 CONN ORGANS are "Firsl' Choice" ln Tone, Per- formance and Slyling, in any selling whelher ll be The home, church, audilorium or school. CONN BAND AND ORCHESTRA insfrumenls are +he "Choice of The Ar+is+s", developed by lhe only full-Hme research laboralories in lhe band inslrumeml induslry. ' -IIHUIISE DUNN, and YUU CHUUSE WISELY- HEADQUARTERS C. G. CONN LTD. sv RETAIL STORE 1201 E. Beardsley Ave. TRIUMPH IN TQNE Comlvlimenls of the STYLE SHOP ElHmrt'5 Most Complete Fcz5l1z'0r1 Cenler for Women Congralulczlzbns G Best Wkhes I0 the 195 7 Gmcfuczlzkzg Class DQMORE CHAIR CCDMPANY, INC. EHS TYPING CLASSES USE DOMORE CHAIRS ELKHART, INDIANA DCDMORE CHAIR CO., INC ,4 lad fo QOOJ xy 061,64 THE ELI-IIIAIIT MILK IIIIUNIIII. Kyle Eafon, EHS Basketball Player. BEST WISHES ELKHART AMUSEMENT CORPORATION OPERATING Une of the Few Theatres Equipped with Extra Wide Screen Completely Equipped to Bring You True Cinemascope and High Fidelity and Stereophonic Sound R.C.A. High Fidelity Magnetic Sound THE FINEST THEATRES IN NORTHERN INDIANA SHOWING THE BEST IN MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT 178 ray? PINE ICE CREAMS Joyce Monieith, George McNeal, Paul Oakes, Martha Maloney. No Better Food No Greater Treat dxf Service Eress Qornoration Fine Commercial Printing Since 1927 LETTERPRESS 81 IIFFSET 1005 North Nappanee Street Phone 3-0800 On the 112 By-Pass Elkhart ee Cream Made Exclusively from EIKHART COUNTY'S FINEST DAIRY PRODUCTS 14oo PRINCETON STREET Q ELKHART, INDIANA I SPORT SPECIALISTS SERVING ELKHARTS SCHOOL SYSTEM FOR 36 YEARS E RMAN S AL I 123 souru MAIN STREET Md, Eby, EHS b,STe+EaTT player. SSS BEN SWE ANDY Co-HEN 180 5 Pudge Taylor, Evan Mollenkopf, Kirk Miller, Larry Searls, EHS seniors, eaiing fhose Ysllowcreek hofdogs. I O 1 Z06044.. and best wishes for your continued success and happiness! just a moment before you go . . . Remember the hard-fought basketball games in the new gym . . . and those mighty good hot dogs that you consumed? They were made with Yellow Creek Wieners-the finest that money can buy. If in the future you want to he assured of eating enjoyment just specify "Yellow Creek". You'll get the best in meat- every time! ' IsI.IcI-IAIIr PACKING coup. . IsI.IcI-IAIIT, INDIANA 181 ' C'ongmtulativnA to the C7444 of 5 7 Jane! Newcomer, Ann Folh, Pai Heiden, EHS seniors. COMMERCIAL IOOTHS AND FURNITURE B T ps and Sfools Home Kikhen Furnifure C mercial Furniiure Formica Tables I d + ial Furniiure Plasiic Leafherefle LAMPS 0 WROUGHT IRON FURNITURE AND NOVELTIES NORTHERN INDIANACT LARGEST SELECTION OF DINETTT' FURNITURE CUSTOM BOOTH MANUFACTURING CORP. 2027 So. Main ELKHART, INDIANA Phone 2-3299 182 C0f1graIuIczlz'0n5 I0 the Clam of 195 7 WHITE CHARLES WALLEY WESTBRCJGK WM. STEMM I-IARTZLERGUTERMUTH FUNERAL I-IGMES COI'l'll06l'l'lel'li5 of Biltmore Studio Herring Studio R. S. Sutula Studio Tom Toy Studio ELKHART PHOTGGRAPHERS ASSOCIATICDN 183 One of lncIiana's Largest Selections of C H I N A C R Y STA I. S I LV E R AT D , we Ju'-'Y Fe"':h:r:',5i::"',,3,::t::-.EHSi,3f1?'0'S jig-af gongrafufafiona ana! Ea! llfuakea fo Me Cfadd 0 5 7 SEARS, ROEBUCK, AND C0. 216 S. MAIN I EI.KIIAR'I' INDIANA 184 With Education you can reach the TOP with hard work you can climb the heights with the right attitude you build the proper A S i Q A - iiii iff . framework i ,Q t oi lite 05 5 u I D i i- 1 ?"r ' viva? 4 at E uno? CONGRATULATIONS - CLASS OF 1957 BOCKS BRAK-l.OK'D TOPS STRATO-TOWER DIVISIONS ELKHART WELDING 61 BOILER WORKS, INC Phone2-3969 185 EIINEHATULATIUNS Tll THE CLASS IIE '57 TAKING STEPS TU BETTER EHIQIIIMINE NEW ME CLEANE Jim Barileff, Sonia Bradley, Shirley Merchanf, EHS seniors. NEW METHOD CLEANERS A N D E R S 0 N Custom Welding I CRANE SERVICE and FXCAVATING Sfffl EREITORS - MACHINERY MOVl-'RS 917 FREMONT ST ELKHART IND 186 .. , Um . , X... ,..:, f1. ' x"'3. . .,,k -1: , ITH' ::-Ef.1.:5ifsv':- A 2 -5355 :"' ,::" 2': k 5 4 s VZ: - 1 55 4.,.-: ii.. . :SM i - V - ',-" jf I if:i,."ff .A,' ,, ffj5i22f.: Z ff- 'Q , " 5 Q,. , f- i " ' t if. 1' z 21 2 A 1 if ,Z .... 'V I Q ' A """ A,',. ' -' : -2 A i ','Q. 1 A", ' :1-: . tff2f2f2TEf :- t tfiEffi., . - ' f VA" L' ,, :':'f eat 11' . 2 , E, ,, , .. '1 N 3 121, .eff V11. Aria. Q llithi 1 1 ff.f2 '5': ' '- A L 1' 5 .- i.,,f 1gi3 ,-f . 'f 22251 ' 'Lf' arse , Q 'M uAnyway You Look at It" ...thru the Eyes of Youth or Adult I ...N . J40tAe1zrL- ff , ie is a Good Place .,...,tf , ix I 'tj ttw op ' Af ,,f, Q The Shopping Center for Northern Indian? and Southern Michigan K . or Over 52 Years. f .f:,: ea R?-555255551 W. COMPLIMENTS OF NICKLES BAKERY Bakers nf Iluality Products EI BREAD-ROLLS-CAKES-COOKIES AND BUNS AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL GROCERS OR YOUR DOOR TO DOOR NICKLES SALESMAN ADDRESS-600 HARRISON PHONE-22804 SKYLINE FOR 1957 Enjoy more worthwhile features than ever in the fahulous new Skyline All1el'iCG'S Besl' Buy! SKYLINE COACH CO., INC. BY PASS 112 0 ELKHART. INDIANA 188 ?' 'Y Y ' W CON6RAl'UlAl'l0N.S' T0 THE CIASS 0I-' '57 Maury Z Auto Sala, Jnc. MDSIESI' I-'OR YOUR 010 CAR O GUARANTEED USED CARS DIAL 32899 DIAL 29665 ELKHART. INDIANA Congrafufafiond, Cfadri of N57 I ESTMILISHEII 1374 324 SO. MAIN ST. E lkharfs largest store for men Home of. .. HART, SCHAFFNER 25 MARX CLOTHES. ARROW SHIRTS, DOBBS HATS, BOSTONIAN SHOES. f INTERWOVEN SOCKS, MCGREGOR SPORTSWEAR. S Jon Howard and Salesman. HICKOK BELTS, WEMBLEY TIE , DONEGAL SPORT SHIRTS 0 AFTER-SIX TUXEDOS 189 Roeann Aydelotte, of drake's sportswear department showing Norma Moon and Sally Haines, EHS seniors some of their favorite skirts . . . from their favorite makers. Visit drake's sportswear department Separates from drake's are mixable . . . matchable . . . magnificent! fusl come in our doorway-tomorrow or anytime for GOOD COFFEE CONGENIAL COMPAJVX GOOD SER VICE GOOD FOOD WOODY 86 IRMA'S SNACK BAR 190 Compliments of Days Transfer, Inc. ELKHART, INDIANA Compliments of K' I' I .J LUMBER Gm SUPPLY CO. WM. HEINHUIS E6 SON 1017 CASSGPOLIS ST. PHONE 3 5808 ELKHART, IND. 191 1 Congratulations from EMECO, INC. Mobile Homes Manufacturefs Supplies 361 South Elkhart Ave. Nm, bool- will Upen ff 'lfvu Knock Hard fnougla ELKHHRT PATTERN WUBKS 717 BEARDSLEY O ELKHART, IND. Comlagntenfri O! ELKHART CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION FIRST NATIONAL BANK ST. JOSEPH VALLEY BANK FIRST OLD STATE BANK Members of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp ELKHART, INDIANA Csmpgmenfa 0 FEHNDELLE FUUD SHUPPE BDI W. LEXINETUN AVE. ELHHAHT, INDIANA 193 C0mplz'me11Is of CTX-.ZQIYD Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co., Inc. C0l'l'l,96l'l'lel'lf5 of C. S. KEGERREIS SUPPLY, INC. futting Tools Industrial Suppies Factory Equipment 108 STATE STREET ELKHART, INDIANA Ph 3 1740 I94 R. L. PERRY 5-llly' STURE5 R15 5. Main Street and 129 Easy Shnppinq Plane FREE PARKING UPEN EVENINRS MOTOR SUPPLY CO., INC. 134 South Elkhart Avenue C Replacemenf Paris for all Cars and Trucks .SD e5f wifikefi for a faromifiing fufure - where fha gm, gaihsrs . . . TIP TIJP DRIVE INN THREE PUINTS, JUST WEST UF ELHHART UN US. EU cjze jLLll8I"5 of t!L8 L H nd OEAQI' Aedfbttlfbtf jkfdf .!4"I"6ll'L98l0'L2l'Lf from RICHARD B. MATZHE ii SHULTZ INSURANCE AGENCY COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE F0 AUTO 0 HOME 0 BUSINESS i U The Personal Ser u9 va HIGH ST. PHONE 2-H64 WW SHULTZ REALTY CO.. INC. OMPLETE REAL ESTATE SE OPE F PIERRE AG FOR BU OMES Y Kimi Homes 1 vice Agency ROBERT SKILLEN RUSSELL THE COALMAN HOME OF HEAT SATISFACTION El 5 s EMI, 05 I for NETE CELSVSZETE MASON SUPPLIES BLOCKS CEMENT BLOCKS 30? MMI' ml WOJQIWL ..N0l'l'le5 197 'ZuWa5kfzV5i Miles Scholarship Winners and Ahernaiss, 1955 Front row, l. to r.: James Pelerson, Barbara Shank, John Marramno, Sally Wilhelm, Ted Firzsimmonx and Sue Kraybill. Back row, l. ia r.: Thomas Renaldi, Sally Grillo, Ronald Bock, Janet Marlin, Jacob Raab and Sally Adams. - - - lts Youth, Achievement and Future Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time. Let us, then, be up and doing, j f' With a heart for any fateg ji,-5- fi-1713 Still achieving, still pursuing, F317 Learn to labour and to wait. X T 1.4 7 J 1 Y , "A Psalm of Life"- Q' l Q, 1 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow , -, ,gill 0 0 Alka-S ll all Mules Laboratories Inc. ' Elkhart, Indiana Makers of fine qualify producls Alka-Seltzerg ' Bactineg ' Tabcinw - One-A-Days' iBrandl Vitamins ' Milesm Nervine Our Bef! Vwlvhes Z0 the Class of 195 7 Excel. CCRPORATION Good Lucie to the Claw of 1957 SCHULT CGRPORATION ELKHART, INDIANA f'Z'Z'2'I'. I'I'Z'I'l'l'ZOZC'E-I-Z-2-I-I-I-1-1524'Z'I-Z-2-If'Z'2-2'2'I'E-I-I-I'I'2'Z'Z'Z-2+Z-I-I-3-5I-I-I-1-2-I-I-I-I-1-2-32-2-2-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-5Z-I-I-I-I-2-1-I-2-2'2-2-2'Z'I-:'I-I'f'I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-Z-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-5-2-I-I':':':'f'!':'3'!0U0g 4 1 n , -. Q-. fr al ' l th I0 I cl We e :sp aqmq e wr e E5 5 1 5 nm " I 51 , , Q. gi 5' " I F., Ae- J fi? nd E. ' 5, I 3 'J - L 1 ,'-' ta.. A q I -' ' gif I :II 'E I "J It .LI I gg gi. , i 1- ' .. -A R . E 5,-EE If ifg xg . 'I v:" --- -I " E if.: ' k!x- I ' f f - zz"- ,.,.:.,.:.:.:.1.:.:. ..::: A .-'wp .:.,: .g::.::S::.:.:.,.,:.'H.. 35, 1 ..... ............ . . , 4 ,- .:5,. .,..,,5:,.-.--.-. ?513f11?21i55231rf335k" Qui'-14-U, I. 1 'G' -i-2-1 -:251525132255151215351513522321 iiirirfririrzrmkirkri?-:'5:1i - , -1 rf ,.gg515:5:51g5:5:5:5:5:5:3:5:3:55 52513223152322:ir12?S52Er?:r:'-.-2Ea2:-:::-:-:-:- 324-2.-, - F E- r.: -. N. . -1 ,- A '--:-:-:-:-..-:-:-:--.:. -.5:5:1Q5:3:3:2:3:3:3 riss: f:1'3:1:2:Y:5:!:221:5E2"'?:2""":1:-':2:2'2:1:2:1"' ' "SE 'QL . "T-- :5"'I:3'352'3'5'tR:-.gr-.'.-.. , - " "'1:1:!:3."2:M:-5 '.'-555:-.2:1:1:2:1:3:!:-:-:-:-:-:' " Ig:::::::s::: ::::: 5 " ' 11 -' ' ' ..522:ses:s:a:e:s:z:z:s:s:s:s:...... t2:-:I:2:!:!:2:2:-.-.- -. :I '2'1:2" . " ' ' -' . " .iz "'2:2:-.1:2:2:1:2:2:2:, ., -:-:-:-:::- ' ''-:-:-.-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:::::::::::::-. 1.3.3.g.g.:.g.'.:.g.'.-.,.g.g.,. ' ... ,g. ,.,.,.g.g.,., .., ,.,.. ,.,.,...'.,., ., ., .,. .,.,.,.,...... ..:.:.:-....:.:.:-1-Q.: '. ' .1.,-5.3-1-Q-1.9pg.,-,-,-2.1-5-2-1-1-2:1-'-1-253,-,:,-,-,-,: asszrssk::s3:::r:r3:ri-.4655: 1:z2:2s:r:::?-f'-I--1-24+:rf1Z2-3::5?s?Z5:r:arms-1-2-2-rar:1:22:11-3:3 I 1 I :-:-:-r-'-'-'-'-2-f-'-'-'-W'-'-41'--s:e:f:Ei5:: C.. . - . - -A.. . - . . . .--4-3... .,-,.,,.,. . . - A , - Q QM,-, . . . . . PACEMAKER TRAILER C0. PHONE 3-4110 ongrafufafiorw fo fke Cfadri 0 157 . . KIEFER 1613 CASSOPOLIS 0 ELKHART. INDIANA 202 ,SEVLCQIWQQ MooRE's CLEANERS INC AND EMPLOYEES ELKHART BEDDING Bef! Wkhes I0 the Class of 5 7 UAVIY5 DRIVE INN Jae lzrkcf Ar any lbafe DAVIFIS DRIVE INN Complimen M of FEDERAL PRESS C0 Manufacturers 0pen Buck Inclinuble Punch Presses 204 0 FOR BEST PAINTING RESULTS EMPLOY A RELIABLE PAINTER Consulf THE PAINT SPOT USE MOORE PAINT . ' 'ffwf ROLLIE WILLIAMS 203 W- -IIGKSOII AIvIays Plenty of Parking Dial 2-0499 A Complete Line of Quezlity Lumber and Buz'la'z'f1g Sulvgplies SHREINER PARMATER LUMBER CO., INC. Our Szhcere Congralulalzbns ana' B551 Wkhes to the Class of 5 7 THE ADAMS 81 WESTLAKE COMPANY Our Szhcere Congralulatzbns Ana' Best Wshes To The Class of 57 ELKHART GRAVEL CORPORATION CECIL WARD CLAYTON CRISMAN JOHN LITKE tiki ms ii Xiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii U7 .3 1+ 'P 70 3 'P 65 I Z 111 2 Q7 Qlfagrcclfoafcalfiolfzgf fo ffm ,glniorgf tttttitiikittkttitttttttt Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '57 METAL FGRMING CGRP Rapp's of Elkhart We Ouzy97 the Fa 61 Best Wishes for the Class of 1957 COI'l'll0Al'l'lel'l fd of CHICAGO TELEPHONE SUPPLY CORPORATION C'ongratulationA to the gl-4:14 of S7 BUDDY MOBILE HOMES INC. 1601 W. BRISTOL ELKHART, INDIANA Congratulations to the graduating class of 1957 and our best wishes for a successful future It Lx 'Q ESQ UAIQQ Ye X I PK. L T Iq I'ty perf tpitch ' an c 1 lply g d I gl r gd blty k Artlyth deul h I std! profes- I Ply Anly... d lyy fplound I Iyer ongralfwialfiond an Mui ,MAJ emi Ar me jwfnre O CONTINENTAL CAN COMPANY, INC ROBERT GAIR DIVISION ELKHART FOLDING CARTON PLANT ., 7 best wishes to the class ol '5 7 from BIIRBELI. LIIMBER HND SUPPLY good Zack As you cross the bridge Between your school days And the future- Elkhart Bridge and Iron Co. and Miller Steel and Supply Co., Inc. Elkhart, Indiana 212 RIBLET PRODUCTS, INC V GUYCO MANUFACTURING, INC. V 150 the gI' af 1957 2-A GOOD PLACE T0 WORK NORTHERN INDIANA BRASS CO. 0 D ' PLUM STREET 0 ELKHART, INDIANA 214 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1957 Kennalracn CORPORATION ELKHART INDIANA Elkhart Lumber and Sawmill Bo. Inc. MANUFACTURERS, WHOLESALERS AND RETAILERS OF HARD AND SOFTWOOD LUMBER EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDER ONE PIECE OR A CARLOAD ELKHART INDIANA Phone 2-8973 PUIIDERIIIG YUUR FUTURE ? Of course you are-every near-graduate is pondering his or her future. And you began your deliberations as far back as your freshman year . . . and perhaps you are still trying to come to a decision. We have a suggestion. Weid like to throw our hat into your ring! Look to the newspaper, radio or television Helds. There are literally dozens of possible directions you can turn within these fields. You may be inclined to writing . . . all three media need writers. Per- haps youire planning a sales career . . . all three media depend on sales personnel for their existence. Thought about advertising? The smartest advertising minds in the country are employed in mass communications media. Maybe you're mechanically, or electronically inclined . . . ever seen a newspaper press or a radio or television control room? W'e,ve only touched the surface. But this we know-for a most satis- fying existence, for a dynamic, even glamorous fbacked with hard work? career, any one or a combination of the above suggestions is within your grasp. Like to know more about work in these fields? Ask your counsellor to arrange a meeting for you with someone from TRUTH PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC. THE ELKHART TRUTH - WTRB AMIFM - WSJV CHANNEL 52 meet TABCI N0. 157 TENOR SAXOPHONE In the Few musicians of any generation earn the designation of master of an instrument. Sigurd Rascher is one of these. Universally acclaimed as the greatest master of the saxophone, he has earned his unique reputation as a guest soloist with leading symphony orchestras of both Europe and America. His great artistry is also placed at the disposal of music edu- cators in conducting clinics for the benefit of music students. For his unique expression of music of the masters, Mr. Rascher chooses the instrument built by Buescher. Known as the standard of saxophone quality, Buescher saxophones bring to the master performer equally unique mastery of design and craftsmanship. The Buescher saxophones shown in the illustration are the latest in the Buescher tradition of fine musical instruments. Retain- ing Buescher's traditional saxophone sound and intonation, these two new Aristocrats bring to the performer a new dimension in music. Their sound is rich, full-bodied and versatile. They are truly instruments that can bring out to the fullest the musical expressions of a master. These new instru- ments are now available for your inspection at Buescher dealers everywhere. BUESCHER BAND INSTRUMENT COMPANY Elkhart, lndlana Echo of Greatness Although hls cllnlc schedule ls a full one, Mr Rascher has a few open dates in this school year. For Information, write Mr. Sigurd M. Rascher, Shushan, New York. 217 PATRONS A. B. Z. Buffet Restaurant 503 S. Main Ace Cab 125 E. Franklin Adams Typewriter Agency 131 N. Main Ambrose Shoe Repair 109 E. Franklin A 25 R Television Specialists 760 E. Beardsley Y5 100 S. Main Artley's 214 S. Main Associated Typewriter 111 W. Marion Auspro Mfg. Co. 1310 W. Bristol Barger Box '55 Printing Corp. 802 W. Beardsley Bel1's Drug Store 952 E. Jackson Bender's Neon Products Co. 900 Harrison Blessing's Musician Supply 25 Repair Bontrager Corp. Johnson Presses 'EG Road Building Carmien Radio 401 E. Jackson City Roof 'ZS Coal Co. 115 E. Jackson Concord Machine Shop 3290 S. Main Concrete Step Co. 1116 N. Nappanee 218 Cone-Crete Products 1500 W. Bristol Conkey Jewelers 513 S. Main Cottage Drive-In A Delightful Spot for a Tasty Snack Davidson's Metal Co. Ferrous '65 Non-Ferrous Scrap Dr. K. G. Cleveland 214W W. Marion Dr. Robert M. Gates 515 M S. Main Dr. L. D. Jackson Optometrist Drs. W. W. Lansche '25 T. E. Optometrists Dr. Wm. H. Miller Dentist Dygert's Trim Z5 Body Seat Covers if Auto Glass Ed's Appliance Store 522 S. Main Elkhart Camera Center 513 S. Main Elkhart Cleaners Inc. 201 N. Main Elkhart County Abstract Abstracts-Title Insurance Elkhart Drapery Shop 1035 S. Main Elkhart Products Corp. 1255 Oak Emmert Trailer Corp. 614-618 Mishawaka Artley Co. PATRONS Favorite Barber Shop 112 E. Franklin Fisher's Swiss Kitchen 717 Bower Fred's Market 130 W. Franklin Fred V. Gentsch 1500 W. Bristol Handy Food Shop 1005 W. Franklin Harold's Mobile Service Third '55 Lexington Hermie's Dixie Restaurant 600 S. Main Houseworth Central 225 S. Main Isbell Lumber 'id Coal Co. 1410 S. Tenth Jack's Record Shop 127 S. Main James A. Bell Co. 113 S. Main Joe the Tailor Paris Cleaners Juhl Advertising Agency Harrison T5 Second Kiddies Klothes Shop 126 W. Franklin Klem Supply Inc. 129 N. Second Knox Auto Electric lll E. Lexington K 26 W Electric Sales YS Service 124 W. Franklin Launderette 116 E. Jackson Lexington Book Store 113 E. Lexington Main Lumber and Plywood 816 S. Main Martin Feed Store 116 W. Jackson Mid-City Supply Co. Inc. Wholesale Plbg. '25 Htg. Supplies Miller-Jones Shoe Store 203 S. Main Misener's Flowers 405 James Mitchell Shell Service 1229 W. Franklin Modern Cleaners 425 S. Second Nickles Bakery 600-614 Harrison Personett Sales 8 Service 121 Commercial Rader Heating 25 Sheet Metal Phone 2-3270 Rentsch '55 Son 365 S. Elkhart Rey's Jewelers 514 S. Main Russ Upson 3442 S. Main SchilT's Big Shoe Store Shoes for the Family Scott's Drug Store 531 S. Main 2 PATRONS Simonton Lake Drugs Troyer Cleaners 4318 Cassopolis 1130 S. Main Singer Sewing Machine Co. Walker's Jewelers 417 S. Main 406 S. Main Stanton's Dress Shop Welter Coal Co. 304 S. Main 601 E. Beardsley Stationers Westview Floral Co. 223 S. Main 1717 Cassopolis Steele's Jewelers W. F. Lilly 55 Company 326 S. Main Wholesalers Stock's Dress Shop W. H. Dreves Inc. 507 S. Main 216 S. Second Sunthimer's Hardware W. J. Niblock Machinery Co. 220 S. Main 1002 Johnson Superior Tool '55 Die White Manufacturing Co. 2325 S. Nappanee 1227 W .Beardsley Syke's Jewelers Y '55 S Floor Covering 102 S. Main 1017 S. Main .!Q'Ll'L0lfUL6!g8l'l'lf8l7,f:5 . . . In finishing up fhe lasl pages in This book, we wish io acknowledge our grafifude for fhe help of many leachers and sfudenfs. We also wish +o +hanlc fhe following: The Indianapolis Engraving Company: Mr. Fred Noer, Mr. Richard Brier. The Fori' Wayne Typese'H'ing Company: Mr. Ed de Beaumont. S. K. Smilh Cover Company: Mr. Jack Bundy. Service Press, Ellcharh Mr. D. C. Albin, Mr. Chef Carlson, Mr. Wil- liam Bergsfrom, Mr. Tony Dwyer. Phol'ographers: Chei' Geberf, Elkharl' Trulhg Mr. Morgan, and our Camera Club workers. 220 SENIOR INDEX ABPLANALP, S.-p. 116: Pennant Annual p. 66. ADAMS, D.-p. 116. ALLER, J.-p. 116: Pennant Weekly p. 69. ALLE11, J.-P. 116: ALLMAN, J.-p. 116: Florence Nightingale Lamp Club p. 49. ALWINE, K.-P. 116: choir P. 19. AMSDEN, J.-p. 116: Pennant Annual p. 66: National Honor Society p. 45: French Club p. 50. AMSDEN. J.-p. 116. ANDERSON. R.-p. 116: Pennant Weekly p. 69. ATKINS. T.-p. 116: Band p. 72: Orchestra p. 74: National Honor Society p. 45: National Forensic League p. 63: Student Council. President p. 44. BACKERT. 8.-p. 116: Pennant Annual p. 66. BAER, C.-p. 116: Pennant Annual p. 66. BAER. S.-p. 116: French Club p. 50: National Honor Society p. 45: Cheerblock p. 92. BAKER, C.-p. 116: Choir p. 79. BALE, S.-p. 116. BARNES, J.-p. 116: Pennant Annual p. 66: Future Homemakers ot America p. 54. BARNETT, M.-p. 116: Cheerblock p. 92. BARTTETT, J.-E. 116: Football p. 89: Basketball p. 97: Baseball p. 101: Varsity Clu . Secretary p. 104. BARTON. C.-p. 116: Junior Academy ot Science p. 59. BEADLE, L.-p. 116: Industrial Club p. 58. BEATTIE. P.-p. 117. BECKER. C.-p. 117: Cheerblock p. 92. BEHRENS, L.-p. 117: Pennant Annual p. 66: Spanish Club p. 51. BENDER, P.-p. 117. BENDER. R.-p. 111. BENHAM. J.-p. 117: Cheerblock p. 92: Choir p. 76: Hi-Fi Club: National Forensic League p. 63: Girls' League Advisory Council p. 47. BERGER. P.-p. 117: Choir p. 79: Thespians p. 62: Cheerblock p. 92. BLEILER, S.-p. 117: Orchestra p. 74. BLOSS, J.-p. 117: Pennant Annual p. 66: National Honor Society p. 45: Future Teachers Club p. 55. BONTRAGER. D.-p. 117: Track p. 100: Cross Country p. 98: Hi-Y. President: Vis Ed., Treasurer: Student Council p. 44. sou RDEN. D.-P. 111. BOWERS, L.-p. 117: Varsity Cheerleader p. 83: Cheerblock p. 92: National Honor Society p. 45: Y-teens, Program chairman p. 61. BOWMAN, D.-p. 117: Industrial Club, Secretary p. 58. BOYD, D.-p. 117. BOZZO. C.-p.117: Pennant Annual p. 66: National Honor Society BOZZO. C.-p. 117: Pennant Annual p. 66: National Honor Society p. 45: Future Teachers Club p. 55: Spanish Club, Secretary p. 51: Cheerblocl: p. 92. aozzo, J.-p. 111. BRADLEY, S.-p. 117: Pennant Annual p. 66: Distributive Ed., President p. 56: Student Council p. 44: Bowling. BRANE. B.-p. 117: Cheerblock p. 92: Band p. 72: Orchestra p. 74: National Honor Society p. 45: Girls' League Advisory Council p. 47. BRANDENBURG, A.-p. 117. BRIGGS. B.-p. 117: Football p. 89. sRowN, c.-p. 118: GAA P. 105. BRUMBAUGH, L.-p. 118. BRYANT. E.-p. 118. BURDEN. S.-p. 118: Cross Country p. 98: National Honor Society. President p. 45. CADY. 1.-P. 11s. CAMPOLI, A.-p. 118: Football p. 89: Track p. 100: Varsity Club, Vice President p. 104. CATALDO, s.-p. 11a. CHAFFEE, R.-p. 118. Choir p. 79: Florence Nightingale Lamp Club p. 49. CHRISTNER, N.-p. 118: Band p. 72: Orchestra p. 74: Future Teachers Club p. 55: Choerblock p. 92. CLEM, J.-p. 118. CLINDANIEL, L.-p. 118: Junior Academy ot Science. President p. 59: National Honor Society p. 45. COCANOWER, D.-p. 118: Junior Acad. of Science, President p. 59: National Honor Society p. 45. COFFIN. J.-p. 118: Paint and Palette p. 52. COLEMAN. A.-p. 118: Choir p. 79. COMPANION. M.-p. 118. CONELY, S.-p. 118. CORDEN. M.-p. 118: Paint and Palette, Vice President p. 52: Y-Teens p. 61. cours, P.-P. 118. cox, c.-P. ua. cause, w.-P. 118. CROXALL. W.-p. 119: Varsity Club p. 104: Basketball Manager p. 97: Boys' Social Chairman of Senior Class p. 115. CULLEN. W.-p. 119: Pennant Annual p. 66: Senior Class Play p. 11. CULP, N.-p. 119. CUMMINS, J.-p. 119: Choir p. 76: Paint and Palette, President p. 52: Y-Teens. Secretary p. 61: Cheerblock p. 92. CURRY, T.-p. 119. DARLING, B.-p. 119: Orchestra, President p. 74: Pennant Annual p. 66: Future Teachers Club p. 55: Y-Teens p. 61: National Honor Society p. 45. DAUGHERTY. G.-p. 119: Football p. 89: Varsity Club p. 104. DeGeyter, M.-p. 119: Baseball p. 101: Industrial Club p. 58. DeGROOTE. P.-p. 119: National Forensic League, Vice-President p. ' 63: National Honor Society p. 45: Girls' League Advisory Council p. 47: Paint and Palette p. 52. DELP. J.-p. 119. DEMAS, M.-p. 119: Cheerblock p. 92. DENMAN, D.-p. 119: Cross Country p. 98: Track p. 100: Varsity Club p. 104. DEUEL, M.-p. 119: Choir p. 79: Y-Teens p. 61: Distributive Ed.. Social Chairman p. 56. DIDER, M.-p. 119: Track p. 100: Cross Country p. 98: Varsity Club p. 104. DIEHL, N.-p. 119: Assistant Editor ot Pennant Annual p. 66: Y-Teens p. 61. Hi-Fi. DIMAN, J.-p. 119: Pennant Annual p. 66: Choir p. 76: Girls' League Advisory Council p. 47: National Honor Society p. 45: Thespians p. 62. DOLPH. M.-p. 119. DONNELL. J.-p. 119. Donovan. M.-p. 119:Tl1espians p. 62: National Forensic League p. 63: Student Council p. 44. DUBBERT, R.-p. 119. DUBBERT. J.-p. 120. DULL, R.-p. 120: Boys' League Advisory Council p. 46. EARL, D.-p. 120. 221 SENIOR INDEX EATON, K.-p. 120: Baseball p. 101: Varsity Club p. 104. EATON, K.-p. 120: Cross Country p. 98: Track p. 100: Baseball p. 97: Varsity Club p. 104. EBY. K.-p. 120: Hi-Fi. EBY, M.-p. 120: Cross Country p. 98: Basketball p. 97: Varsity Club p. 104. ELDER, J.-p. 120: Choir p. 76: Future Teachers Club p. 55. ELLER, S.-p. 120: GAA p. 105: Thespians p. 62: Cheerbloclr p. 92: Senior Class Play p. 71. 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GARRITSON, R.-p. 121: President ot Senior Class p. 115: Football p. 89: Track p. 100: National Honor Society p. 451 National Forensic League p. 63: Varsity Club p. 104: Student Council p. 44. GASPELIN. W.-p. 121 . GEERTS, L.-p. 121: Pennant Annual p. 66. GILBERT, J.--p. 121: Choir p. 79: Pennant Annual p. 66: Y-Teens p. 61. GILDEA, J.-p. 121: Cross Country p. 98: Track p. 100: Boys' League. President p. 46: Varsity Club p. 104: National Honor Society p. 45: Student Council p. 44: Choir p. 76. GILLESPIE, P.-p. 121: Thespians p. 62: Choir p. 79. GLICK, L.-p. 121: Band p. 72. GOLDEN, D.-p. 121. GOLDSBERRY, A.-p. 121: Co-Editor ot Pennant Annual p. 66: Student Council p. 44: Cheerbloclx p. 92: National Honor Society p. 45. GRAY. B.-p. 121. GREENAWALT, S.-p. 121: Choir p. 79: Cheerblock p. 92. GREGORY, M.-p. 121: Future Homemakers p. 54. GRIEB, J.-p. 122: Industrial Club p. 58. GRILLO, P.-p. 122: Choir p. 76: Speech Club: Hi-Fi Club. GROSSMAN. C.-p. 122: National Forensic League p. 63. GUSTIN, R.-p. 122: Florence Nightingale Lamp Club p. 49. HAINES, S.-p. 122: Choir p. 76: National Honor Society, Vice Presi- dent p. 45: Cheerblock p. 92: Y-Teens p. 61: Hi-Fi Club. HAMILTON. D.-p. 122: Pennant Annual, Assistant Business Manager p. 66: Junior Acad. ot Science p. 59: Physics Club. HARDY, D.-P. 122. HARGROVE. B.-p. 122. HASSE. R.-p. 122: Pennant Annual p. 66: National Honor Society p. 45: Future Teachers Club p. 55. 222 HASTINGS, E.-p. 122: Choir p. 76: Chaerblock p. 92: National Honor Society p. 45. HAWKINS, V.-p. 122: Triple-L, Secretary, p. 48: Florence Nightingale Lamp Club p. 49. HAYES, 11.-P. 122. HAYES, L.-p. 122: Band, President p. 72: Orchestra p. 74: Co-editor of Pennant Annual p. 66: Vis. Ed, President p. 57: National Honor Society p. 45: Thespians p. 62: Boys' League Advisory Council p. 46: Senior Class Play p. 71. HEIDEN, P.-p. 122: Cheerblock p. 92. 1-1e1N1z, c.-P. 122. HESS, D.-p. 122: Choir p. 76. HINIES, C.-p. 122: Football p. 89: Varsity Club p. 104. HOGENDOBLER, N.-p. 122: Student Library Club, President. HOLT, H.-p. 122: Pennant Weekly p. 69. HOLTZ, G.-p. 122: Football p. 89: Sports Editor ot Pennant Annual p. 66: Varisty Club p. 104: National Forensic League p. 63: Vice President ot Senior Class p. 115. HOOLEY, J.-p. 123: Student Council p. 44: National Honor Society, Secretary p. 45: Choir p. 76: Thespians p. 62. HOOLEY, P.-p. 123. HORN, J.-p. 123: Cheerbloct p. 92. HOUSTON, N.-p. 123. HOWARD, J.-p. 123: Football p. so. HUDKINS, K.-p. 123: Tennis p. 99: Baslretball p. 97: Baseball p. 101: Varsity Club p. 104: National Honor Society p. 45. HUETTER, A.-p. 123. HUFFMAN, F.-p. 123. HUMMEL, J.-p. 123. HUNSBERGER, R.-p. 123: Industrial p. 58. HUNSBERGER, S.-p. 123: Band p. 72: Orchestra p. 74. HUNTER, K.-p. 123. Band p. 72. HUSTED, A.-p. 123: Thespians, President p. 62: Student Council p. 44. IRVING, C.-p. 123. JESSUP, J.-p. 123: Cheerbloclz p. 92. JESSUP, R.-p. 123. JOHNSON, M.-p. 123: Florence Nightingale Lamp Club, President p. 49: National Honor Society p. 45. JOHNSON, M.-p. 123: Orchestra, Vice President p. 74: Pennant Annual p. 66: French Club, Secretary p. 50: Hi-Fi Club. JOHNSON, P.-p. 123: Band p. 72: Orchestra p. 74. JOHNSON, T.-p. 123. JOHNSTON, M.-p. 124. JONES, A.-p. 124: Junior Acad. ot Science p. 59. JUDAY, H.-p. 124. KAISER, T.-p. 124: Hi-Fi Club. KAUFFMAN, K.-p. 124: Bible Club, Secretary. KEIL, M.-p. 124: Cheerbloch p. 92: Choir p. 79. KENDALL, M.-p. 124: Editor ot Pennant Weekly p. 69: Y-Teens p. 61: National Honor Society p. 45: Cheerbloclc p. 92. KENTNER, B.-p. 124. KENTNER, J.-p. 124: Band p. 72: Orchestra p. 74. KERSHNER, D.-p. 124: Future Homemalrers Club p. 54. KIDDER, R.-p. 124: Choir p. 76: Vis. Ed., Secretary p. 57. KIDDER, T.-p. 124: Cross Country p. 98: Basketball p. 97: Baseball p. 101: Varsity Club p. 104. KIEFER, L.-p. 124: Football, Captain p. 89: Varsity Club p. 104. KINCAID, R.-p. 124: Choir p. 76: Hi-Fi Club. KIRKMAN, N.-p. 124: Spanish Club p. 51: Speech Club. KLAUS. D.-p. 124: Cross Country p. 98: Traclr p. 100: Varsity Club p. 104. SENIOR INDEX KLEYKAMP, A.-p. 124. KREIGBAUM, J.-p. 124. KRETSCHMER. L.-p. 124: Cheerbloch p. 92. KRIDER, D.-p. 124. KROHN, D.-p. 125. KUEHL, J.-p. 125: Cheerblock p. 92: GAA, Presidenf p. 105. KUHN. B.-p. 125: Sludenl Librarians Club, Secrelary-Treasurer. KYLE, J.-p. 125: Dish-ibuiive Ed. p. 56. KYLE, J.-p. 125: Dislribulive Ed. p. 56. LATZKE, W.-p. 125. LAWSON, T.-p. 125. LEONARD, Q.-p. 125. LEVINSKY, R.-p. 125: Cheerblock p. 92. LILLY, M.-p. 125: Painl and PaIeHe p. 52: Pennanf Annual p. 66. LINDEMANN, J.-p. 125: Sfudenl' Council p. 44. LINDSEY, W.-p. 125. LLOYD, D.-p. 125: Speech Club: Junior Acad. of Science, Vice- Presidenl' p. 59. LOCKWOOD, P.-p. 125: Choir p. 76: Nalional Honor Sociefy p. 45. LONEY, J.-p. 125: Choir p. 79: Spanish Club p. 51: Cheerblock p. 92: Thespians p. 62. LONGFELLOW, A.-P. 125. Luccusse, F.-p. 125. Luce, N.-P. 125. LUCKENBILL, T.-p. 125: Cross Counlry p. 98: Baslneiball p. 97: Track p. 100: Pennanf Annual p. 66: Varsify Club, Presidenl' p. 104: Boys' League Advisory Council p. 46: Nafional Honor Sociefy p. 45. LUDWIG, P.-p. 125: Pennanf Annual p. 66: Cheerblock p. 92: Y-Teens, Treasurer p. 61. LUSHER, E.-p. 126: Assisfanl Ediior ol Pennant Annual p. 66: Spanish Club p. 51: Fulure Teachers Club p. 55: Naiional Honor Sociefy p. 45: Sludeni' Council p. 44: Girls' League Advisory Council p. 47. LYTLE, J.- . 126: Band p. 72: Thespians, Vice-Presiden+ p. 62: Senior Class Plnay p. 71. MAIER, R.-p. 126. MALONEY, M.-p. 126: Band p. 72: Orcheslra p. 74: French Club, President p. 50: Fuiure Teachers Club p. 55: Nafional Honor Sociefy p. 45: Cheerblock p. 92: Siudenl' Council p. 44. MANN, D.-p. 126: Foofball p. 89: Choir, Presidenf p. 76: Nalional Honor Sociefy p. 45: Varsify Club p. 104. MANN, D.-p. 126. MANN, D.-p. 126. MARTIN, J.-P. 126. MATHIS, M.-p. 126: Band p. 72: Orchesfra p. 74. MAYHOUSEN, S.-p. 126: Band p. 72: Cheerbloclu p. 92. McCLOUGHAN, B.-p. 126: Cheerblocl p. 92. McCULLOUGH, J.-p. 126: Pennant Annual p. 66: Fufure Teachers Club p. 55: Cheerblock p. 92. McLain, S.-p. 126: Band p. 72. McNEAL, G.-p. 126: Indusfrial Club, Presidenl p. 58: Boys' League Advisor yCounciI p. 46. MEADOWS, P.-p. 126. MENGES, G.-p. 126: Choir p. 76: Speech Club. MERCHANT, S.-p. 126: Y-Teens, Presidenf p. 61: Cheerbloclr p. 92: Choir, Secrelary p. 76: Hi-Fi Club. MESSNER, L-p. 126. MIERS, C.-p. 126: Choir p. 79: Disfribu+ive Ed., Treasurer p. 56. MILLER, J.-p. 126. MILLER, K.-p. 127: Foolball p. 89: Varsily Club p. 104. MILLER, S.-p. 127: Choir, Treasurer p. 79. MILLS, G.-p. 127: Cross Counlry p. 98: Track p. 100: Varsily Club p. 104: Boys' League, Treasurer p. 46. MINELLI, S.-p. 127: National Honor Sociely p. 45: Y-Teens p. 61: Secre+ary of Senior Class p. 115. MISHLER, M.-p. 127: Choir p. 79. MITCHELL, J.-p. 127: Band, Vice-Presidenl' p. 72: Orcheslra p. 74. 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WYSONB, P.-p. 133: Band p. 72. YEAGER, R.-p. 133. YEAGER, R.-p. 133. YODERESG.-p. 133: Choir p. 76: Future Teachers Club, President p. . ZELDIN, B.-p. 133: Thespians p. 62. ZELLMER, J.--p. 133: Football p. 89: Varsity Club p. 104: Student Council p. 44. ZENTZ, G.-p. 133: Choir p. 79: GAA, Vice President p. 105. ZIEMS, J.-p. 133: Choir p. 76: Pennant Annual p. 66. 'QM at iv fa 9 Q 'un gk 1 ,kr .9 x ' Us ?g . WW' E Aga, MW "Qs, ." -f 0377 u ' , WM 411-9' f'?il4f1,Z'fj Q25 4 , , ,A M V., 1 ,u,. Y x 1' Y 113-fifv-127 ' 2 Ja-A 1'-:f,45,:sf'a:ff ,W U ,, , - . , . , r we 'i I, , , I I l Q he-fu ' qt? ' ' f,,.,.,n9 A 2425 1 51. A 5 M eg" ' 4 N 5 NDQ QIFLE-AN . ' - d , . A I 1 pl Jffllffk LLQV - UEEEU Xl H If Q H ' CQ ?3Q'6i Q 1 ,,.'A.A N- A ,A A.vtl 4, 'vix I I ' - 5 i ? ' . ' ., ,,., 1 ,',.1,.' V F' lb Y - - L 0 ' , ' Eg 1 "" X ' "V' ff I T 1 if N A' 5 10 ' " -, v " Y , "'V ' F . H . , O l ' 1 I Q Q .f ' A fn, - ' Kg f lv , A - 1 .K 5 , lh .A - Azqvqb 4 - i I , A x .VR f . .. 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FX N' fx . 3, ,i ' My-P 'Aa T I -xx fv- f "fb , " '-?f .f . 1 9, , , 'ri Q xg? xi .. 2' S AFJUEX A yi" , 5. -' . xx .Z ':.n U 1. 1 I - ,- . L W, , . -Y - ' . s ' "1-1C"'!., 4 - 'Z-fn. L ,J f N! . if I - , 4 xi- 4 , y A ! 'X :gl CLA" N X it ' fl, 4 53' le - + f HJ' A ' ' " , - ' ' ,A zz? A . A as " jf .x if .. 2: gf , H ',.. , ' xjfxi, ' ,ffl I ', y fm f M, ' " 1 , -.a'i.:Qw , -.-QF? x , " - ' , Q , : , ' , 4' , nf' " .:- KQV 4 J -:-ff .5'471T"'N".47 faA' ' W: 'qw' , ' ' ' Nr! 1 . ' I' 'X yx .E WGN. rf.. --xh 61 'X , , , A ,k ,, gm . V N V M -ff-ensgra-svvffv-1v,fe'1s5,er,"'-1' W S 'PJJ-ff fl' ' WWE, .?,., 'A H2 e -. ' I M. A. 'LQLF q.- 'G " 7'-2 '14 Y 1 Y- , , H' . , .' I. '. a.. . in---,-M A.-s--Y--1 - ,W Lal

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