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13:2..mmmN,,,f.fmvg,qg4,V5Q-1g,,,yqf2v qaMWy,w,,d,,,Z ,A,A, - M, A , A,,A V,VAA , f. ,m,f.m,,,f4. M M , , A ,W,.,.,,U,N.m, , , , .,.. M, . . , , . .. . , , . f - - --f K 1 8 f'5"Q?Q:7 I RXVXQ E332 Q me 1956 PENNANI A ELKHART HIGH SCHOOL ELKHART, INDIANA NNUAL QQWWZEMQWW 3 4 X f 1 K 3 E K ,Y AT ELKHART HIGH SCHOOL WHERE KNOWLEDGE IS POWER 4 r 1 B- mg-U9 51 ,A mm.--F A . -Wm W' i I s 1 -.-1,1 an ' 1 v '1 Q V- Nh .. k . A affix--Q 2 A z ik ditfljrvv TQ' 'V ' 'ff 'IT-'lflff-fWfJa9l5",.s -f' ..g M W V' f E arf Wiir-g,,,.+ R 1121 M if "-1 wk wif sf 1 if, , 4 U' xx " Q5 '41 'J 1 ,dw 5 QWWWZXQ in M :MM h,,'f,.ggs?2s Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 1 11 x Q w,J'14 ,S 55 Xglimm W XX? 1?gdAgz,m15fbvxu1WE?,Q1 N, 1 4 gl QL mem gh, mf arg, ' f :yi fy q1?gfigA1g5S1?gfwg?2515ggg'ggQ1553112, 'ggfgffi ' A L M , an--.J - gf 3. Ym,g5Qi,m55g .. ,Q . 5 1 V,- .mf g ly' .. if '-3" 5 . if " J :arf 1 'f f L Q 3 my 2, if 4.514 Q rgjwfwix f 1l',x,f ' SQ , Af t ,ji rx Ugg: Egg 5 A , W5 -145 Z yy y M f15z5fffQ:wriQa11 1ai gf, ,fl ,,,. ,,,,, ,gnu A 1 1, .S L, ,Xi i,,.,8a.,, ,M,,5,,.,.W--sf if' s qi W YA 951, 1 , 59 KJ A ' My ' "W 'f 'wfiv-,bw yt gywi-wgig, 1' 9? S". his T1 sf 39 ' - Y 4 Q f 'NI 'F' H? 45 I, , , K , 3 was 5 J- 5:11525 WL Q sm ,W LV kg -' ' 1 2 wi M55 ' D91 A S 9-N W-WWW!-W W A , , 3 , Y 5332" . 1 wviirfiww Wu. .:S2zm.. h ,, rf ' .f w fa +12 ,. SJ f ,.-un ini... . - .. k M, W 5 Lg I my F' . ,Q 'Wu , 3 4, . 2' ff. 1 f Xwfvg, 2 2 5 gf.,'fiff1 ' . Q f 1 ?P:fS'zifQ I , Zzfgv. Wg A, . In 3 ,K ,wwf X f afffkgi i f fi f my K Ei 1 2 X, P ' I y I 4 5 ,S .- E is i K: ' ,Tj w, Q if , 1? fzv ffggf 1 I 5, Q, ir ' ' -, ff 5521557 Y' T 3 7 . , 3 , 5 15 A vm f 4 N24 -SQMEA - - g ' Q 4 sNw', Q5 .Y .nf My rg? V 2 ff: f-2 ff' we 4 -4i'?f'A33155l9i'? r ' K I 3 . 5: i f 534- -I S ,Q if HQ? tg .A,... QE? ? QE Q nf-V1 . , :'f.. 955135 1. , ' 4 ' 5 'ir is 4 WR life 017811 to SCHOLARSHIP Pages LEADERSHIP Pages SPORTSMANSHIP Pages EIIIENIJSIIIP Pages CITIZENSHIP Pages ,I ' V 3 4 5 1 . . 16- 33 . . . 34- 77 . 7 8 - 101 . . . . 102-147 . . . 148- R N I N G We live in a world of books. ln books we find rhe besl' of man's +l1inlcing. From +l'1eir pages we gel' learning, enioymenf, apprecialion, and inspirafion Boolcs open doors ro new worlds. Learning . . . in flue reading lab S K I Things lhai' seemed impossible yesferday give us a 'Feeling of accomplishmeni' foday, when we have acquired fhe skill lo do 1'hem. Skill, pracficed foday, wil lead 'ro perfecfion fomorrow. l essenfial in percussion. 7 K N 0 w I. E D G E Sludy enables us 'lo aHain knowledge, unfolding 'llne mys+eries of flue world. Knowledge conquers our fears, overrules our misconceplions, and gives us new ideas. Wi+h knowledge comes l'l1e power 'l'o move ahead Knowledge . . . found in our quief book-lined libre y 8 U N DE R S T A N D I N G Today, as never before, we undersiand oiher people's +hough+s and feelings. Through 'Friends 'From oiher coun+ries and A.F.S."' irips +o o+her lands, we learn +ha+ people are much 'rhe same everywhere. Underslanding . . . gained by our four seniors fhrough 'American Field Service 'irp to make a better worlzb Knowing and living with students' trom other lands, we gain knowledge and understanding that enables us to work tor and to look 'Forward to a tree and peaceful world in which man's dreams come true. I0 WMM! 'Paola Fassio 'From Italy and Georges Goetschel from France. to malre u better Americap Thinking ot our desires, tears, and attempts to live in harmony with our neighbors and brothers, we strive tor brotherhood ot all men. Each ot us should respect the other's rights to his ideas opinions, and beliets. Toler- ance cannot grow in an atmosphere ot prejudice. ssem y- rank Wogoman, Sally Grille, speech workshop group, and Bev. to malre a better fllrlmrtp Living in a tree shaded, democratic town, we feel a sense ot pride in Ellchart's beauty and progress. And yet we also 'Feel a determination to be good citizens, to learn what good citizens should know, and to help malce our town better. Miss Deal, senior counselor, and Dreama American problems students visiting tratfic court to malre a better sclmol Wishing to grow into the best possible kinds ot adults, each ot us takes his curricular and personal questions to his counselors. These counselors guide us trom our sophomore to our diploma days, helping in all ot our problems, little or large. I W at college: We make our plans +o aHend 'rhe school of our choice, learning aboul 1'es1's, scholarships, requiremenis. Mr. Updilxe wilh applicanfs for Merif Scholarships-Dan Searles, John Mar- raffino, Jacob Raab, Ted Fifzsimmons and Carol Arnold. in a cureerg We learn from professional men lhe advanlages offered and 'rhe fraining needed in 'rheir vocahons 'sf F' iv: iz J ra if 12 or in vocations. We discover from ap+i+ude iesfs our naiural abilifies and capabiliiies in various vocalional fields. Miss Kirkland, Mr. Niccolini, Carolyn Scliuellre and Ronnie Cress wiih ap+ifude +esfs for jobs. 13 a xx I 5 . Aww 5 , .Q If 1 Q if ' 5 'QS-'S ' ' . ' ' S , K It ":'f Q If 'E Q1 xi F , Q Q 3 5 3 ,ss 5' 5 -, , MQ 3 aw-ff,f,fwfgg iv 4, . M, N - ,,. A:'ibh' 9. , K X -- 1?-f.. -,,v...? . 4. 6 Y ..- Qg, ,.. v-1-5--, Egkm .ex 1 i I F ,f ,fu W 4 wifi!- mWMW.1,,.M,,k ,., V M . . ,, ' L ' -. tif vmflfks ws 1-Qf,Qi54' am fe .V k " ' V 4n3mHvwm Y4amiQilkMw'5f.wL-v,6w....:0,i.QfQ2il1l7w5w X. l JA .aununun.....,....,....m ' Q gg, A1 4, Q- 1221 Tim' :NE 'Q r f HE , 4 X Y M V.. I ,....a,., 1,350 of us en+ered Elkharl' High School 'rhis year, each of us wH'h differenl ambi+ions, diFferen+ desires. We worked foward 'rhese goals by doing our besl' in l'he courses of sl'udy we had chosen. ln our sludies in prinfing, lileralure, homemalcing, or cadel 'reaching we were encouraged +o really learn and +o make lhe besf grades of which we were capable. hers, lundergar+ners, af Mary Daly. 17 R 4 E S E 5 N. B' .P . f X. !X49'x 'X Mr. Ehrsam making mafh graphic. Sophs indenfifying leaves in biology class Learning To budgeT and buy. ,Y Q0 fr, 1 " I' 1 C 'l! The floors are open for sophomores. Sophomores, as beginners in high school, geT a TasTe of many oT The subiecTs ThaT will Talce on greaTer significance laTer. The pracTical aspecTs oT maThemaTics are emphasized in maTh 10-G. This course gives a sTudenT a compleTe review oT The principles oT ariThmeTic, as well as inTroducing simple algebra and geomeTry. ATTer The principles of maTh are undersTood, pracTical problems in The carpenTering and building, power, meTal, and elecTrical Trades are worked. AnoTher ma+h course Tor sophomores, geomeTry, inTro- duces someThing very TundamenTal-The cause and resulT Type oT Thinking. AT TirsT, a large amounT oT Time is spenT on Tormal proof involving The relaTionship and measuremenT oT lines, angles, areas and congruenT, equivalenT, and similar Tigures. GeomeTry is The ToundaTion oT all professions depending upon measuremenT and Tormp such as, engineer- ing, archiTecTure, draTTing, or conTracTing. Learning by experience is The common pracTice in The biology classes. TransTormaTion inTo The realm of The minuTe becomes an exciTing personal experience Through The Tacili- Ties oT The sTudenT's microscope. He is also able To grow and waTch The conTrolled specimens oT mold, bacTeria, and Tungus, which are lcepT in The lab's careTully-regulaTed in- cubaTors. BudgeT problems are solved in consumer educaTion. FacTs abouT goods and services ThaT are discovered in This course develop good TasTe and sound iudgmenT in money budgeTing, saving, invesTing, and buying. 19 2 ! i 4 Mrs. Black making 'rhe charac+ers in Silas Marner real 'Z An up-fo-dale mefhod of learning French-using fhe lape recorder. .FEYM Anolher modern class-music apprecialion-lisfening fo classical records. K-V U Q tx 31' 'F f f c X l f The floors are open for Sopllomores. Languages, including English, play a role of imporlance in +he life of a sophomore. Cul+ural subiecrs, such as rhese, poini' +he way +o informed adulrhood. One +hing all sophomores have in common is English, everybody +alces rhe same course, in cycles. Usually rhere are commen+s of surprise when English furns ou+ +o be no+ only English grammar, bu+ divisions of speech, li+era+ure, and grammar, which srudenfs s'l'udy al+erna+ely. "lci, on parle francais." Nof only do s+udenl's in French classes speak French, bul' 'rhey also learn fhe cusroms of +he French, and gain a beH'er undersfanding of people in o+her counfries. Music becomes more meaningful +o sfudenfs in music apprecialion by s+udying fhe composers, by crirical lisfening +o records, and by demonsfrafions of differenr musical sounds and rechniques. Sludy of +he ancienf and modern cul+ures of fhe world helps s+uden+s undersrand +he cullure of which lhey are a par'l'. Our underslanding of our own place in 'rhe world is based on our sludy of hisfory. The 'lrends hislory has 'lalcen in fhe pasi' predici' rhings +o come. Currenl' evenrs are also sludied +hrough +he use of a weekly newspaper. Mr. Maier-world hisfory. 21 if 331:33 , U K if ag 'Q ,,k,,,Mi,WfEgSg Z f 15 RZ? R 55 ,EE V X fl-f,,:gfzgmg, M2324 gig, W, J5M,m.-mM,.Qii5sf2 En Z 3 3 S 1 3 2 AHS E E . T w In 'Foods ciass, Miss McKeehan siressing balanced dieis. Mr. Schwariz helping beginning drafismen. Learning a pracfical aspeci of wiring. .gin An excifing ball game in gym class. IQX 329 fcfl llre floors are open for Soplromores. Vocafional rraining provides more poinred preparafion 'For 'I'he iobs 'lhaf are +o come. Fu+ure draffsmen gel +heir s1'ari's in drawing 10. The sfudenrs learn +0 read and wri1'e +he graphic language of indusfry, +0 draw quickly and nearly, and +o do leH'ering and freehand drawing. All +he wiring and labor cos+s for a small house are planned and worked ou'l' by s'l'uclen+s in elecfricily 10 affer rhey have sfudied +he main principles of wiring, vol'l'age, curren+, and resisrance. While +he sophomore boys are learning 'l'rades, sopho- more girls learn lhe skills of homemaking. Planning ancl managemeni' of 'l'ime are some of 'lhe problems 'ihal' girls face while learning 'lhe simple 'lechniques of sewing, or preparing and serving meals. Gym classes, required of all sophomores, are made more enioyable by +he playing of games. Such games 'reach valuable lessons in coordinarion and cooperarion which cannor be learned from books. Elemenrs like fhese make 'l'he sophomore of 'roday The iunior of fomorrow. Carpenfry class in aciion. 23 emi M. Plank reporfing 'ro H19 U.S. hisfory class. R. S+ou+ reading a Spanish sfory. 1 ,,., n,.f"?m., at aw 244 BS-in Typing af high speed wilh no mislakes. 9 PS The doors ore open y 5 -. . . , l for Juniors. ., Juniors, having spenf one year a+ Elkhar+ High School, go in for more specializa+ion in +heir basic courses of s'I'udy. An awareness of our American herilage comes from sfudying +he his+ory of fhe Uniled S'ra+es. Happenings in 'l'he Unifed Sfales con+ribu+e 'lo and are involved in many oiher even+s in +he world. Reading a weekly news magazine keeps us in rouch wilh currenl' affairs. As cifizens of +he U.S. we carry rhe responsibiliry of learning abou+ our nex'r-door neighbors. S+uden+s +aking second year Spanish learn +he skills of self-expression in rhe language, and become acquain+ed wi+h lhe cul+ures +ha+ are 'lhe background of Spanish-speaking people. ln 11+h grade English, grammar, composilion, and lirera- +ure are offered, buf specialized courses give each junior a chance +o +ake fhe one which in+eres+s him mos+. Speech sfudenls can choose a course which s+resses speech ac+ivi- lies, 'lhe 'fufure secrefaries +ake commercial English, iournal- ism s+uden+s 'rake a special course in +ha+ field: drama s'I'uden+s enroll in a special drama class, and lhose who do noi' have any special in1'eres+s 'lake +he regular English classes. Many iuniors lake 'ryping along wi+h 'iheir o+her subiecrs in preparalion for college or a job. T. Afkins giving his original oralion. 1 , Q WF 1, Q s ?Qi M ,V g K law? ff?'vA'f x 'fi f W, an gg ,ef K , ,J ,ML A qfhifg Ni 45 1 F-l-lu 1 f ww-eww K . A xx Y V9 ,,g-.xx Mrs. Fox reading a problem. Planning a layoui' for a posler in prinfing. Mrs. Johnson checking vision. ff TI: ll e oors are open K y A for Juniors. Science-conscious juniors are found in physics, bui- physics is impor'ran'I' 'lo all of us. Opening a door, driving +o school, reading a book wi+h fhe help of correcfional glasses -all +hese everyday experiences are based on scienrific principles. Mafh is essenlial +0 science as il' is +o many o+her subiecfs. Juniors who are faking algebra-geome+ry learn +0 examine crifically and +o s+a+e conclusions clearly as im- porfanl' obiecfives of fhe course. ln vocalional prin+ing ihe sfudenl' chooses cer+ain ma- chines and operafions upon which he wishes +0 specialize. Mosi' of 'rhe 'Forms and blanks used in school are made by +hese boys. Sfudenfs plan and carry our proiecfs using hand and machine fools in woodwork 11. These may include simple uphols+ering, repairing, and refinishing. Having masfered 'ihe fundamenlals, fhe iunior of foday becomes +he senior of +omorrow. Woodworking boys learning fo handle lools. Mr. Gill demonsirafing a lab experiment .1 .4 28 Taking didafion in shodhand The doors are open lil, for Seniors. f Seniors, realizing +ha+ lhis is rheir las+ year a+ Elkharf High School, seH'le down +o serious s'l'udy, finding rhis year's subiecls require more work. Whal' are we made of? Chemislry provides +he answarf Hs obiec+ive is +o give over-all in'Forma+ion regarding 'lhe composilion of lhe world around us. Laboralory and class- room work in chemis'l'ry encourage lhe pupil +o use +he scienlific approach and procedure in sludying 'rhe composi- lion, properlies, and uses of numerous subslances. ln a daily +wo-hour class 'fulure clerical workers learn cerrain skills for 'lhe dulies performed by general clerical workers. Two praclice se+s musl' be compleled by 'lhe s+uden'l'g one is a 'Filing praclice sei' used +o give 'l'he sludenl a working knowledge of lhe elemenls of filing. The second sei' consisls of one hundred and len difierenl 'Forms used in businesses loday. Trigonomefry and a fourlh semesler of algebra are a valuable inlroduclion 'lo lhe malh l'ha+ will be sludied in college. The solulion of 'l'riangles, complex numbers, lheory of equarion, and calculus are all covered during lhe year. Through lhis sludy, we undersland lhe problems confronling +he builder, lhe engineer, and 'l'he archilecl. S. Emmerl explaining a lrig problem. Harrell and McKee working on a mofor. 30 C. Daub lelling how 'ro sell hosiery. Dis+ribu'l'ive educa'I'ion is a course in selling. The psy- chology of selling, and +he praciical knowledge of sales procedure is sfudied in +he classroom. Then +he sfudenl' goes oul on a job +o pu? his learning info pracfice. A number of businessmen cooperafe wi+h +he 'l'eacher, so +ha+ +he grade given in fhe course is a combinalion of fhe classroom grade and fhe ra+ing given by +he merchant Adver+ising, including window displays, is a par'l' of +he course s+udy. Q? Mehwswemm fag hrhwws Ml ,FQQE Vifrlf It Voca+ional subiec+s direcfly prepare s+uden+s for jobs. Pracfical problems on real cars wi+h +ex+ book s'l'udy give boys in aufo mechanics a good background as me- chanics. ln 'This more advanced course in aufo mechanics, a pupil has a chance +o work on his own car if he wishes. Some +ime is also devofed +o acefylene welding. The general objeclive of machine shop is +o have every s+uden+ become familiar wilh, and learn +o opera+e, as efficienfly as possible, every machine in +he shop. The class meeis 'Three hours daily wi+h one hour spenf in relafed fraining and 'lwo hours speni' in machine work. Vocafional drawing is a course designed for siudenis expecfing 'io enfer induslry. The work begins wifh very simple drawings of machine paris used in machine shops and progresses un+il a boy is able 'I'o draw some small machine, such as a iig saw or a drill press. Mr. BuHon demonsfraiing parking. 31 isa -11,51 5 625 Z5 Z 57 , pi Wi' I A' The doors are open for Seniors. The grea+es+ Book in 'lhe world is +he +ex+ book in Bible classes. Boih 'lhe Old Tes'iamen+ and New Tes+amen+ are sfudied. ln 'l'his s+udy of +he lives and cus+oms of +he Jews and +he 'reachings and life of Jesus and his disciples, Bible sfories are rela+ed +o everyday life si+ua+ions. Crea+ive feeling is expressed in arl' workshop. Aspecls of design and sfudy of many ar+ media develop +he indi- vidual pupil in +he basic concepfs of ar+. Pencils, pens, +ypewri+ers, and minds of s+uden+s in wri+ing labora+ory are confinually busy. Prac+ice drills on mechanics, and wrifing assignmenls in narralion, exposilion, clescriplion, and a source lheme provide a good back- ground in wrifing 'For anyone planning 'I'o go +o college. A semesler of English al+erna+ed wi+h wrifing lab presen'l's a cri+ical s+udy of some of 'lhe besl' 'lhai' has been wriHen in England since 1750. The s'l'uden1's in+erpre+ lhe philosophy of au+hors, learn +0 observe nafure lhrough +he eyes of wrilers, and memorize some poe'I'ic selecfions which +hey consider oulsfanding. Soon seniors will be vo+ersg fherefore 'I'hey should know how fo use governmen+ services and should undersfand our sys+em of government American problems gives fhem +his basic knowledge. Enrichmemk of our socie+y and life comes from sfudying ancien+ languages and cusfoms. One oufcome of Lafin is an increase of vocabulary gained +hrough a sfudy of word roo+s. So wi+h a iob well done, 1'he senior becomes 'l'he graduaie. 3 2 Poinfing oui +he Holy Land, scene of Bible his+ory. Ar? s+uden+s working on designs V. DeDario inferprefing a seleclion from English lileralure. L .ff .Y f M' A 1 . ' , N ,nw Group planning in American problems. Learning abou? +he Romans in Lafin 12. 33 'W M-wmsiw J A Fi' . ai QL MW UAL 4141144 fl 22, , 25755 mfg . .,,,,': A V... IM A - 5 , , ,- .,...afa-- .- -- W-' - .31 ' , J . :fx V 22 .2 ' ffm' 5 ' wg 1 5, gy, K w 52 Q wi www- ,, , , V, Q "I ,J .V " A . V A I V I .2 ' - 1 f -' mf - . EQ , ' -f. .5v,g " ,L "31?"3 Y f 1 3 5 5 ' 'V " Y' X' 'K ' ' has .aww ' , .4 . Taking +he lead, Leagues sfand for acfive parficipafion in all school affairs. Clubs and organizalions gave us chances +o show our leadership abililies or +o be acfive followers in lhe ac'rivi+y of our choice. ln rhese ac+ivi+ies we had fun and learned much abou+ geHing along wifh olhers. Leagues commi++ee planning informal dance if 2229535 3' M --qs ,,, wi N 'Qi , ,wig ,Q Q9 5' M Activities open cloors to fan and frienclshlh through concerts, plays, social affairs .... Activities . . . these are the really vital part ot our school. Every clay the P.A. announces meetings, programs, concerts, and parties . . . a rehearsal tor the Saturnalia . . . special speaker at the next Speech Club meeting . . . tickets on sale tor the "Last Class Blast" . . . Pennant subscriptions . . . play practice tonight on the stage . . . meeting ot the Student Council sign committee. Effective leadership in activities is stimulated in leadership training sessions held during homeroom time. Secretaries are taught how to keep minutes, presidents, how to conduct meetings, treasurers, how to handle tinancial matter. All learn how to work with people, how to be responsible and de- pendable. We all take part. Some ot us are presidents: others, committee members who decorate, clean- up or who serve refreshments, arrange entertain- ment, wash dishes. We plan, we publicize coming events. We pertorm or write scripts. We listen attentively during guidance assemblies. Our halls are alive with posters, someone's al- ways selling tickets to some attair. There's a buzz ot activity going on all the time at EHS. Student Librarians: laround the tablel Marlorle Smith, Barbara Kuhn, Nancy Hogendcbler, Janet Neff Mar Lou Hibshman Stanle Savor Leah Wait JoAnne Lantz C l D b W d P Il BYO H BU , an 5 OWS , I Y Y Y Y Mary Swank, Phyllis Cady, President. 37 Grand March ai Leagues' dance. Hos+esses ai fhe French Club Supper 38 'Wav- Teddy bears and lollypops ai' +l'1e Girls' League Kid Par+y. Mr. Kauffmann, Mike Plank, George Forfino, Rev. L. LaCour, our guidance assembly speake Magazine drive workers, Sandra Haid, Ca+l1y Jean Sekora. Jack Dou be rfeen wifh r. Redwick, JoAnn Fair, 39 Ted Luckenbill, vice-presidenlg Dennis Tepe, 'lreasurerg Kenny Hudkins, secrelaryg Morey Mowal, presideni. Boy's League Advisory Council. LEAGUES UNITE T0 SPONSOR The Boy's League provides for each boy 'lhe feeling of belonging lo al' leasl one organizalion in high school. This organizalion lends 'lo promo'I'e a closer uni'l'y among l'he boys of EHS. The Advisory Council, which consisls of Five boys elecled from each class, plans 'rhe dances, parlies and League serv- ices. The Council also discusses lhe business meelings and programs. Speakers for l'he boys' meelings included Bill Milliner, former baskelball coach, and an ex-convicl, Charles Lindsley. During Thanksgiving vacalion, lhe League had a coke parly for EHS boys who were home from college. A panel from Purdue presenled a Brolherhood assembly in April. A Calholic, a Proleslanl, a Jew and a Negro were members of l'his Panel of Americans. As services 'lo lhe school and communily, 'lhe League delivered Thanksgiving and Chrislmas baskels, collecled clolhing and worked on +he Dime Line. The Boys' and Girls' League worked logelher in sponsor- ing an all-school dance in February. Plans for 'lhe spring included an all-school picnic. Mr. Dorrance Rogers is lhe sponsor of +his League. 40 S PROGRAMS, SPEAKERS, DANCES All rhe girls in Elkhar+ High School belong +o 'l'he Girls' League. The purposes of rhis organiza+ion are: +o define and inspire s+rong characier, +0 provide democraric means 'For1'he girls of EHS +o express lheir ideas, and +o encourage a greafer number of girls ro par+icipa1'e. One of 'lhe mosi' enioyable assembly programs sponsored by rhe League for rhe girls of +he school was rhe "har woman," Mrs. Lloyd Whire, who gave a rollicking ialk, full of sane philosophy. The Advisory Council, rhe governing body of +he League, is composed of ren elecred girls from every class and +he chairmen of rhe sianding commi'Hees. Meerings are held once a mon+h +o decide on imporranr issues. The Advisory Council held a pol'-luck supper meering on January 12. The Girls' League sponsored several 'reas and coke parries for rhe girls ro gel' acquainred and 'Talk over school problems. The League also sraged +wo assemblies, in co- operarion wirh 'lhe Boys' League and sponsored an all- school dance and an all-school picnic in May. Some of rhe service proiecrs of rhe League +his year were: colleciing and disrriburing clorhes and +oys, sending symparhy and gel'-well cards and helping wirh +he 'faculry leas. These proiec+s were direcred by Miss Shideler, sponsor. A'I' 'l'he end of +he year a Vesper service was held. Fronr row: Susan Haines, president Second row: Joyce Monreifh +reasurerg Janer Payne, vice-presidenl. Third row: Carol DeWeese secre+ary. Girls' League Advisory Council 41 Commiffees in acfion-Slandingz Jacob Raab, Don Weaver, Dick 2nd +able: Lynn Bowers, Dave Till, Ann Nlicum, Pal DeGroo+e. 3rd Roih. Isl lable: Sue Kraybill, Sue Haines, Barbara Shank, Bob Depufy. +able: Pal Slrawser, Dick Garrilson, Paul Wilsey. STUDENT CDUNCIL UNITES HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES The S+uden+ Council is represenfed by one s+uden+ from each homeroom. The Council s'I'rives +o bring aboul' a beHer undersfanding berween +he pupils and fhe faculfy. Through The Council 'I'he sfudenls can 'rake an acfive par+ in manag- ing our school and solving our school problems. The Council organized several commiHees Io fake care of problems concerning Ihe school: Ihe Hall Traffic Com- mi++ee, +he Foreign Scholarship CommiH'ee and The Hand- book CommiH'ee. These groups worked 'rogefher all year. This year each member of 'Ihe Council had charge of a program one Wednesday each mon+h in his homeroom. A+ +his +ime he repor+ed Ihe ac+ivi+ies of +he Council and discussed a special Topic chosen in Council discussions. The Council members decided +o en+er a na+ion-wide con+es+ for Sludenl Councils. Each member of +he Council wro+e a summary of Ihe homeroom programs. Members of +he Foreign Scholarship Commilree wro+e reporrs on 'rhe commiHee's acfions, +he purpose of all Ihis being 'Io gain recognilion. The Iwo Ieacher advisers of I'he Council were Mr. Updike and Mr. Kauffmann. 42 Ted Fifzsimmons, president Larry Fiizsimmons, freasurerg David Kolla+ vice-presidenfg Sue Kraybill, secrefary. Marlene Plank, secrefaryg John Reirh, presidenfg Jon Leipolcl, freasurerg Lynn Lauby, vice-president Second semesier officers: Greg Cooper, presiclenfg Ru+h Rash, vice presidenrg Jane? Dillon, secre+aryg Max Schmidt Treasurer. N.H.S. UPH0lDS STANDARDS Scholarship, leadership, service, and characler make up l'he qualificarions 'For membership in rhe Nafional Honor Sociely. The goals of 'lhis club, sponsored by Miss Busche and Miss Broughron, are +o creafe enrhusiasm for scholar- ship, +0 s'l'imula+e a desire lo render service, 'lo promole worfhy leadership and +o encourage 'lhe developmenl' of characrer. The N.H.S. holds regular business meelings on ihe second and 'Four+h Tuesdays of every monfh. Some of The service proiecls for +he year were: sending congralulalory cards 'lo srudenrs making +hree A's and no grade lower 'rhan a B and +0 'lhose who were neirher absenl nor lardy, infroducing college nigh? speakers, grading slandardized +es'I's, planning a brolherhood proiecl' and in- ducfing new club members. The money making proiecl' for fhis year was a Chicken- Pie Supper on February 20. lni+ia+ion of new members in May closed +he year's ac+ivi'I'ies. Brofherhood display-Jack Douberleen, Dick Rofh, Charles Carlson, Ted Filzsimmons. 43 ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL Firsi' Violin: Phoebe Compfon, Carolyn Frame, Pa+ricia Hodgen, Janef Huffman, Mary Johnson, Sue Koehler, Jan- eH'e Marlin, Peggy Olsen, Reverie Rogers, John Wiswell. Second Violin: Marilyn Arms+rong, Carol Baker, Sandra Bleiler, Jane+ Dillon, Tom File, Palricia Fisher, Lynn Higbie, Earl LaCoun+e, Debbie Mack, Joel Russell, Be'I'sy S1'ree'I'er, Carol Weaver, Judy Williams, Bernice Woodard, Dorolhy Woodard, Karen Yoder. Cello: Sally Herring, Ru+h Ann Holmes, Marlene Plank, George Riebs, David Russell, Gordon Temple. Viola: Carol Arnold, Bonnie Jo Darling, Elaine Maas, Lana Sue Mills, Mary Jean Sims, Suzanne Smi'l'h, Carol Sul+, Janel' Zimmerman. Bass Viol: John Bowers, Danny Kalk, Roberl' Marlin, Dora Norris, Evelyn Snearly. Harp: Nancy Schreckengasl. Flu'I'e: Brenda Brane, Glen Gould, Kay Neff, Eugenia Russell. Obe: Kay Ernsberger, Rifa Hoak. Bassoon: David Cox, Sandra Haid, David Miller. Clarine+: Shirley Crofoo+, Nafalie Dodge, Janel' Housour, Larry Thompson. French Horn: Carolyn Larimer, John Rie+h, Joan Shearer, Carolyn Temple, Sue Nell Zimmerman. Corner-Trumpet John Mi'l'chell, Charles Moore, Dick Sawyer, James Searcy. Trombone: James Murphy, Mike Plank, Richard S+ewar+, Terry Wampler. Bass: Roberf MerriH', David Wagoner. Percussion: Jim Cox, Paul Johnson, George Meyer, Dennis Monroe, Paul Oakes. Janef Huffman, presidenh Bonnie Darling, secrefaryg John Wiswell vice-president E. H.S. Symphony Orchesira Violins rehearsing. E. H. S. GRCHESTRA REACHES SYMPHONY STANDARD SIZE The EHS Orchesira s+ar+ed Hs season by playing in +he Nor+h Cenrral Orches+ra in Souih Bend on Ocrober 27, 1955. The EHS Band played for all 'Phe home foorball games and presenfed a special show al' Builer Universi'I'y during fhe foorball season. During lhe baslcelball season, a pep band consisiing of 32 band members played 'For all +he games. On November 18 fhe orchesrra and band presenred 'rheir au+umn concert A special feafure of +his concerl' was "Musicarama." Musicarama combines music played by fhe orchesrra or band wifh a background of appropriafe colored slides and colored lighls. For i+s "Musicarama" +he orchesira played "lndian Summer" and 'lhe band played "Salu'I'e +o rhe Big Ten." Carolyn Temple and Larry Thompson were narrafors. ln March 'rhe second conceri' of +he orchesfra and band again fearured a "Musicarama." The orcheslra performed +he "Grand Canyon Suii-e" and +he band, "The Pines of Rome." Playing +o a full house, 'Phe musicians had +he feel- ing +ha'l' fhis was one of fhe besl' concerrs in recenl' years. This year, 'Phe band and orchesira won T28 firsl' ra'l'ings al' fhe S+a+e Music Con+es+ in lndianapolis, seH'ing a new record for EHS musicians. The musical year ended for fhe EHS Orchesrra and Band wifh 'ihe senior conceri' on May 25. The seniors were hon- ored al' ihis concerr, many of +l1em playing solos or ensemble numbers. Clarinel' sec+ion rehearsing. CALENDAR OF EVENTS BAND PERSONNEL Nor+h Cen+ral Orchesira A .,,E,,,.,.. Oclober 27. Aul'umn Conceri' ...,,,... November 18, Local Piano Coniesi' ,,.., -U January 5, Local lns+rumen'ral Con'l'es+ sw, -M January 12 Disfrici' Piano Conresl' ,,,, .. - , , , K , January 28 Dis+ric+ lnslrumenial Confesl' ---M ,,u. February 4, All-School Play a,,.. was ,.... ,,.f F ebruary 16 S+a+e Con+es+ ,,,,,,...., S W, ,,.. February 18 Spring Conceri' ,...,,,,,,,,N NW, H- March 2 S'l'a+e Con+es'r 'For Organizalions ,,,, April 14 Elk's Club Parry ,,,,,, , ,., ,,e, ,,,, A pril 27 Trip +o Chicago , A ,,,, We LW, ,, April 28 All-Ci'I'y lnslrumenral Fesfival W, We , May 5 Conceri' Tour ,,,,,, , ..,,,,,, W, May 11 Senior Concer+ H , May 25, 1955 1955 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 Flu1'e: Carol Bowers, Brenda Brane, Janelr Fischer, Glen Gould, Mary Louise Kanfz, Sharon Mayhousen, Kay Neff, Jeannine NolTsinger, Eugenia Russell, Sherrie Schneider. Obe: Kay Ernsberger, Ri+a Hoak. Al'I'o Clarine+: Kay Schroclx, Pafricia Slough. Bass Clarine+: Marrha Maloney. Bassoon: David Cox, Sandra Haid, David Miller. Al+o Saxophone: Tom Aflcins, Judy Rogers, Jeff Sherman, Phillip Wysong. Tenor Saxophone: Sharon Hunsberger. Barirone Saxophone: Doris Williams. Clarine+: Nancy Arisman, Sharlene Blosser, JeaneH'e Bowers, Nancy Chrisrner, Shirley Crofooi, Shirley Curry, Nalalie Dodge, Jerry Felmlee, Ronald Fields, Janel' Fisher, Frances Fruchey, Darlene Glenn, Claude++e Hein+z, Gloria Slandingz Jim Murphy, vice-presidenl. Sealed: Dick Sawyer, presidenfg Brenda Brane, secrelary. Sai EHS BAND WINS HONORS, GIVES SPECIAL CONCERTS Holdeman, Janel' Housour, Karen Hunler, Marlene Losee, Jean Lylle, Sharon Marshall, Marilyn Ma'l'his, Jacquelyn Scholfield, Carolyn Schuelke, Judy Shulrz, Beverly Temple- Ion, Larry Thompson, Geraldine Vargo, Charles Wiley, Sandra Wysong, Margarel' Zonker. French Horn: Bruce Kenlner, Carolyn Larimer, John Rielh, Joan Shearer, Carolyn Temple, Sue Nell Zimmerman. Corner-Trumpet Slephen Billecke, Richard Edmonds, Charles Himebaugh, Janel Kenfner, John Milchell, Charles Moore, Dave Phillips, Shirley Ponfius, Donald Sanderson, Dick Sawyer, James Searcy, June Shearer, Laura Turner. Trombone: Sarah Blue, Sleven Cook, Kennefh DeDario, Nevin Houslon, Bruce Kilmer, Wayne McFarland, James Murphy, Terry OH, Arlhur Pe'l'er, Mike Plank, Douglas Slephens, Richard Sl'ewar+, Terry Wampler. Bari+one: Larry Geerls, Larry Glick, David Kleinfelclf, RaNay Wilmore. Bass: Paul Johnson, Roberl' Marlin, Roberl' MerriH', Gary Myers, Gordon Temple, David Wagoner. Marimba: Carol Arnold, Shirley McLain, Evelyn Snearly. Percussion: Jim Cox, Jerry Ehre+, Lance Hayes, Bob Kneile, George Meyer, Dennis Monroe, Paul Oakes, Terry Trindle. Maioreflesz Ann Folh, Janel Pedler, Drum Maiorg Nancy Rolh, Ella Swarfzlander, Beverly Weaver: Janel' Cou+s, Mascof. E.H.S. Concerf Band. THE CHOIR Soprano: Lorella Adams, Roeann Aydeloll, Joan Bickel, Anna Brown, Sue Emmerl, Pal Heiden, Lynda Volheim, Iris Kane, Karen Kensill, Lynn Lauby, Joan Miller, Grace Mollal, Gloria Neal, Melcenia Peler, Colleen Sackman, Beryl Sluls- man, Sally Wilhelm, Anne Wise. Tenor: Jim Barllell, Ronald Bock, Nyla Brooks, Richard Brown, Greg Cooper, Vince DeDario, Ted Filzsimmons, Dean Hess, Judy Hirsch, Paul Lockwood, Gary Menges, Charles Renn, Bill Slrawser, Leslie Sluck, Carlos Warner. Allo: Joanne Benham, Sara Brannan, Linda Bruce, June Diman, Sue Eichelberg, Marlene Grillilh, Sally Haines, Sally Hauenslein, Sherill Heskelh, Judy Hooley, Sue Kraybill, Karen Masl, Shirley Merchanl, Anne Niccum, Barbara Pollard, Marianne Schlosser, Barbara Shank, Sally Shank, Marjorie Sims, Sally Wheeler, Sally Wise. Bass: Doug Braun, John Clem, Jell Elmore, John Gildea, Peler Grillo, Mike Hyde, Dick Kidder, Bob Kincaid, David Mann, Roger Nusbaum, Jim Pelerson, David Rhodes, John Slinkard, Donald Weaver, Waller Wells, Waller Wol- schlager, Jim Ziems. 48 The Choir. THE GIRLS' CHOIR Soprano: Joanne Aller, Kay Alwine, Susan Bale, Elaine Bleiler, Beverly Burson, Lucille Causey, Susan Cormican, Rachel Culp, Marcia Duel, Jo Edelman, Mary Farringlon, LaDonna Ferrel, Marilyn Fey, Sharon Fousl, Jean Gilberl, Mary Gregory, Mary Hamlin, Rose Hasse, Kay Helfrich, Diana Hollman, Sharon Hulchison, Barbara Keck, Aurelia Loucks, Pamela Manslield, Carol Miers, Jeanine Miller, Mary Ann Miller, Sharon Miller, Grelchen Morgan, Chrisliana Mulzl, Diane Pendill, Lorraine Powers, Lee Ann Price, Karen Replogle, Anne Robbins, Carolyn Scoll, Marlene Shaver, Jeanne Swalhwood, Gail Troyka, Adelaide Walers, Sue Weller, Sherry Wenger, Nancy Wise, Eleanor Wollinger. Allo: Judy Alm, Linda Andresen, Joan Barnes, Marcia Bicknell, Glenda Buller, Phoebe Complon, Jan Cummins, Carol DeWees, Judy Earl, Judy Elder, Janel Fisher, Elaine Hasings, Delores Hibshman, Belly Hillman, Marlha Keil, Joyce Monlielh, Sally Myers, Arlene Poller, Judy Quirin, Mary Reid, Janice Ross, Saundra Smilh, Jean Spesshardl, Naomi Slevens, Marilyn Traulman, Mary Jane Wallz, Sandra Warlick, Gail Wesl, Marilyn Whellen, Anila Wilder, Shelby Wrighl, Sandra Zollinger. FOUR CHOIRS PLEASE AUDIENCES AND CIVIC GROUPS The Elkhar+ High School Choir groups under +he direc- lion of William L. Gowdy had a very successful and ac+ive year which s+ar'red wi+h +he opening of school. The Girls' Chorus, +he Mixed Chorus, +he Choir and +he Girls' Choir which mer firsr, second, +hird and sevenrh hours, respec+ively, s+ar'red +he year by elecring officers. Those elecled were: Janice Sleward, Virginia Hos+e+ler, Sharon Ar'rley, Vickey Kidder, Mike Donovan, Par Sfrawser, Lynn Lauby, John Gildea, Marlene GriFfi+h, Mike Hyde, Sharon Miller, Susan Bale, Linda Andresen and Phoebe Comp+on. A group of singers from 'l'he Choir parricipafed in +he Norrh Cen+ral Chorus which sang for +he Teachers' Con- ven+ion on Ocrober 27, wi+h Dr. Harry Wilson direcring. La+e in Oclober +he 261 members of rhe four choral groups began work on 'I'he annual Chris+mas Concert December 9-10. The concer+s feafured 'rhe candlelighl' pro- cession and rhe "human Chris+mas free." This year all lhe members of +he free wore me+allic cosrumes. Also fea+ured were: "The Twelve Days of Chris+mas" and +he 'finale wifh lhe combined choirs and EHS Orchesfra. The Girls' Choir. La+er in +he Chrisfmas season 'rhe Choir presen-red noon programs for rhe Rolary and Kiwanis Clubs on December 19 and 20, respec+ively. They also sang Chris+mas carols al' +he S+. Joseph Valley Bank a+ noon during +he week pre- ceding Chris+mas. The Carol Sing and parry on December 19 and 1'he Chrisfmas Broadcas+ on December 22 complefed fhe evenfs of 1955 for +he EHS choirs. The firsf evenfs of 1956 were +he vocal con+es1's. Richard Schoenbohm from Valparaiso Universi+y judged +he local confesl' on January 5. Those who received a firsl' rafing wenl' +o +he dis'rric+ confesi' a+ Warsaw on January 28. Winners of firsl' ra+ing wen+ on +o 'rhe s1'a+e confesl' on February 18 a+ indianapolis. Two solos and +wo ensembles received firs+ ra+ings ai' +he s+a+e con'l'es1'. The Junior-Senior High School Choral Fes+ival was held in +he high school audi+orium on February 21. Each group of lhe iunior high schools and 'rhe 'Four groups of +he senior high school sang a number of ifs own. Then all +he groups combined for several numbers. On March 2 +he Choir, as in pasl years, presen+ed one number in +he Win+er Conceri' of +he band and orchesrra. 49 This year +he Ellcharl'-Goshen-LaPorle-Michigan Cily Choral Fes+ivaI was held in March in Goshen wi'l'h George Krueger of Indiana Universi+y direcfing. The day, spen+ in rehearsals, was climaxed by an evening concerl. On Good Friday 'Ihe Choir and +he Girls' Choir Ioolc par+ in +he Good Friday Service a+ +he Elco Theafer. On April 20 +he choir sang a+ +he Griffilh High School HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR Nor+h Cenlral Chorus ,,,, , , , . Oc+. 27, Chrislmas Concerl' H ,, , ,W Dec. 9-10, Ro+ary Club , .H , , Dec. 19, Carol Sing and Par+y , , Dec. 19 Kiwanis Club , ,. Dec. 20, Chrislmas Assembly , , ,, , W S, Dec. 22 Local Vocal Con+es+ ,L , , ,, , , Jan. 5 Dis+ric+ Solo and Ensemble Confesl H , ,- Jan. 28, S'l'a're Solo and Ensemble Con+es+ ,,,,,, Feb. 18 Feb. 21 Junior-Senior High School Choral Fes+ivaI H , Band and Orcheslra Concerl , .H on W March 2 Elkharf-Goshen-LaPor're-Michigan CiI'y Choral Feslival ,, , , , H , March 23, Lions Club H , , , ,, March 28, Good Friday Services ai' Elco , , March 30, WSJV-TV Easier Day , H- April 1 Griffilh High School , ,, , . April 20 Spring Concerf Y, ,, May 3-4 Choir Banquel' , I May 25 BaccaIaurea+e ,H June 3, 50 1955 1955 1955 1955 1955 1955 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 1956 The Mixed Chorus in GriFFi+h, Indiana, presen+ing one concer+ in 'rhe af+ernoon for fhe sludenl' body and anolher concerl' in +he evening for +he public. On April 27 Ihe Choir, Band and Orcheslra were enler- 'Iained a+ 'Ihe annual EIIc's Club par+y. Final plans were made for Ihe Spring Concer+s which were given on May 3 and 4 in 'rhe high school audi+orium. Milre Donovan, presidenf, 2nd hour, Lynn Lauby, secrefary, 3rd hour: Don Weaver, presidenf, 3rd hour: John Gildea, freasurer, 3rd hour, Marlene Griffifh, girls' social chairman, 3rd hour, Sharon Miller, presi- denf, 7+h hour: Milne Hyde, boys' social chairman, 3rd hour, Janice S+ewarl', president 1s+ hour. THE GIRLS' CHORUS Soprano: Sharon Ar'Iley, Jackie Bradley, Carol Cola- grossi, Doris Colvard, Peggy Dolph, Ha'H'ie Gary, Jennie Haven, Susanne Helfrick, Rober'I'a Kidder, Laverne Lusk, Pal' McMichael, Sharon Mishler, YveH'e Mock, Nancy ScarleH', Janice SI'ewar+. Al+o: Pa+rica Abner, Jackie Burlon, Lois Clindaniel, Roberia Corson, Janice Gen'I-Lhorn, Sonia Holycross, Vir- ginia Hos+e+ler, Vicki Kidder, Sandra Mann, Sally Miller, Myrean Newsome, Wanda Powell, Elaine ScoH', Beafrice Smoof, LaureHa Sfump. Affer singing 'rhe Schuberf Mass, in Ihis spring concer+, +he combined groups in 'Formal aHire sang excerpls from 'l'he 'famed Broadway musical, "Roberl'a". Afler being infro- duced +o +he audience, +he seniors sang 'rhe +radi+ional "Halls of Ivy." The Choir Banquel' on May 25 and +he singing for Bac- calaureafe services on June 3 closed +he year's acrivifies. The accompanisfs 'For lhe year were Mrs. Florence Sawyer and Mrs. Delores Rhoads. The Girls' Chorus. THE MIXED CHORUS Soprano: Carolyn Anderson, Margarel' BarneH', Joan Benne'H', Yslela Gluck, Jennie Guy, Clemenline Irving, Bonnie Kershner, Judy Kirkwood, Dora Krohn, Joan Lawson, Sylvia Lenaburg, Janel' Loney, LoreH'a Madlem, Ann Mann, Pa'Hy Marks, Judy McKnigh+, Marlene Mishler, Pal' Mon- schein, Jane Moyer, Jeanne SI'ewarl', Pal' Sfrawser, Arlene Swif'l', Susan Teusher, Virginia Vance, Deanna Weaver, Jean Whifmer. Al'I'o: Franchelle Ballowe, Palsy BeaHie, Peggy Berger, Barbara Berry, Sonia Bradley, Rosemary Chaffee, Ann Cole- man, Lynne Flora, Peggy Freed, Penny Gillespie, Mary Graves, Sherrie Greenawal+, Dorolhy Humphrey, Kay Kem- ble, Mona McCombs, Melodie Myers, Delicia Overholser, Charlene Smilh, Judy Slow, Mary Swank, Vernice Wade, Lynn Zen'I'z. Tenor: Lewis Crow, John Dalrymple, Denny Denman, Dallas Dillon, Larry Liechfy, Bruce PaFF, George Pearson, Ben PeH'i+, Jay Rice, Thomas Shehan, Horace Turner, Wil- ber'I' Wine, Roberl' Reasoner. Bass: Tom Brooks, Michael Donovan, Bill Embry, Larry Fiizsimmons, Richard Hummel, Harold Myers, Terry Shelly, Jim S'rewar'r, Alan Whiiehead, Gary Yoder, Tyron lnbody. 51 SENIORS PUBLISH '56 YEARBOGK WITH DOORWAY THEME Co-edi+ors, Bob Depu+y and Jan Marlin. The 'rheme for our 1956 PENNANT ANNUAL is "Door- ways +o Tomorrow." This +heme was developed lasl' summer a+ Indiana Universily, where lhe co-edilors allended classes lo learn how lo plan a yearbook. They made a rough dummy of +he Annual from which we have developed our 1956 PENNANT ANNUAL. The yearbook is divided info five major seclionsz scholarship, leadership, sporlsmanship, friendship and cifizenship, each porlraying a doorway lo opporlunily. Our cover lhis year is aclually an in+roduc+ion 'Io +he lheme, "Doorways +0 Tomorrow", since il has an engraving of l'he main door of EHS which bears 'lhe moH'o "Knowledge is Power." A rich blue in color, 'rhe cover design was es- pecially made for l'he yearbook s'l'aFF. Twelve hundred copies were prinled, 'rhe second color being sepia. Headed by Jan Marlin and Bob Depuly, co-edilors, 'lhe Pennanl Annual slaff consisls of: Susan Ball, Liz Cullen, Jane Pelerson and Jim Pe+erson, assislanl' edilors, John Wiswell, business manager, Jon Leipold, assis+an+ business manager, Sue Emmerl, ad manager, Mike Hyde, assislanl ad manager, Sian Blough, pholographer, Dick Ro+h, arl' edilor. Various s+aFFs and commiH-ees, such as, sales slaff, ad slalif, sporls s+a'Ff, senior commillee, underclass commiH'ee, club commil'+ee, music and drama wrilers, worked on lhe yearbook. These s+aFF members pul' in many exlra hours, including Salurdays, bul' gave lheir lime willingly. Advising 'lhe slafl on lhe many delails of producing a yearbook, inspiring, pushing and prodding was our hard- working sponsor, Miss Kelly. Jon Leipold, assislanf business manager, Sue Emmerl, ad manager, John Wiswell, business manager. M 2 Jim Peferson, Jane Peferson, Liz Cullen, assis+an+ ediiorsg Dick Rofh, arf ediforg Shan Bough, pho+ogr-apherg Sue Ball, club edi+or, qqgnnw-vw' , J ,,. iil1lvm,,,,,,, , 1153! -nw QW. 'am """"'4' in mv , -9, ,. W Z f EQ ig ' , .i E 1 Carol Arnold, 'fea'rure edi'rorg Frank Buzolifs, sporis ediforg Connie Wells, edifor. 54 SPECIAL EDITIONS SPICE WEEKLY ISSUES The Pennan-I' Weekly, under 'lhe sponsorship of Miss Dorolhy Kelly, is published weekly by l'he s+udenl's of EHS. The Weekly Iries Io reflecl' l'he besl' in s'I'uden+ Ihinking, repor+ school ac+ivi+ies accura'I'ely, encourage sporlsman- ship, coopera'I'ion and undersfanding in EHS and +o promole a democrafic spiril' in 'l'he school. Any sludenf in EHS is eligible Io lryoul as a reporler, fealure wriI'er, ad solicilor, sporls wriler, or circulalion s+aFF member for I'he Pennanl' Weekly slaff. Two members of Ihe Weekly sI'aFF, Connie Wells, ediI'or and Marcia Kendall, assisfanl' edi'I'or, aH'ended +he Journalism Workshop on +he l.U. campus lasl' summer. They planned layoufs, edilorials and special proiec+s. Olher sl'a'FF members go+ Their posi- Iions by advancing from minor iobs, and passing 'Iry-ou+ +esl's. Working on Ihe Pennanl' Weekly under Ihe direclion of 'rhe edifors and 'rhe managers were: +wen+y reporlers, seven fealure wrilers, five sporls wri+ers, seven ad solici'l'ors and a circulalion s+aFf of six+een, headed by Roy Jenks and Dreama Wiseman. The Pennanl' Weekly s+aFF published several special issues 'Ihroughoul' Ihe year. Special issues were a six page Chris'I'- mas issue, a Blue and Whi+e baske+ball fournamenl issue, +he annual nul' issue which is issued near April Fools' Day, a special iunior issue and Ihe l'radi+ional senior issue. The Pennanl' Weekly is prin+ed in 'rhe EHS prinfshop under Ihe direclion of Mr. Kenne+h Harding. Lance Hayes and Liz Scribner, assislanl 'lealure ediforsg Marcia Kendall and Ann Goldsberry, assisfanl' edilors. Sally Scofl, assislanl acl manager, Jean Guzzo, ad manager, Walfer Wells, assisfanl business manager, Dave Wagoner, business manager. 11 Slandingz Sally Herring, 'rreasurerg Jim Lewis, Camera Club pholog- rapherg Slanley Blough, Annual pho- Iographerg Susan Haines, secreiary. Sea+ed: Ronnie Cress, president I STUDENT PHOTDGRAPHERS PICTURE SCHOOL ACTIVITIES The Elkharl' High School Camera Club 'lakes piclures for Ihe Pennanf Weekly and Ihe Pennanl' Annual. The club also develops an inl'eres+ in pholography 'For sludenls. The Camera Club meels on Ihe Iirsl' and Ihird Thursdays of Ihe monrh in The darkroom and on Ihe second and fourlh Tuesdays of The monlh during homeroom in room 132. The business meelings are held on Tuesday and on Thursday rhe 'lundamenrals of pholography are laughin Club members are busy Iaking picrures of orher club affairs and of all school evenls. There are seven members in Ihe club. Anyone inleresled in pholography is invifed 'Io join. The club has i'Is own camera, lighls and darkroom. Alrhough Ihe Camera Club is mainly a service club, Ihey have succeeded in slimulaling an in'Ieres'I in pho+og- raphy and also increased Iheir knowledge by raking and making pic'I'ures and by posling pholographic displays. Sponsored by Mr. John Morgan, Ihe club has Iaken piclures regularly 'for Ihe Pennanr Weekly, supplying shors of school ac+iviI'ies for lhe fronl page of each issue. They have Iaken picrures of all Ihe school plays and parries, sup- plying prinls a'I' cosl' 'Io sludenls. Jim Lewis, Sally Herring, Ron Cress. .C.C.. SCIENTISTS SPONSOR PROJECTS The purpose of 'Phe Junior Academy of Science is +o increase scienrific in+eres'r by performing experimenfs no+ included in class work and by visifing places of scien+ific inleresi. There are fiffeen members in +he club. Anyone who is inreresfed in science is invired +o ioin 'I'he Junior Academy of Science. The purpose of +l1e mee+ings is +o carry on 'rhe necessary business and +o sfimulafe scieniific in1'eres'I' by means of a program concerning one of lhe many divisions of science. The programs do noi' include +alks on jusl' biology, physics or chemis+ry, bul' on a variefy of subiecis, depending upon +he member's in+eres+s and desires. One of +he club's accomplishmen+s +l1is year was +he complere dissecrion of a frog. Some of The oulslanding even+s of +he year have been aifending 1'he Counry Science Fair, +he Regional Science Fair, 'The Na+ion Science Fair, +alcing fhe senior irip, hear- ing a +alk by Docror Milo Lundf and seeing mofion picfures. Club members who spoke on fheir own science proiecfs provided some of +he programs ai' regular meelings. Mr. Mahan and Mr. Herbs? are +he club sponsors. Jacob Raab, vice-presidenlg Joan Compfon, presidenfg Ronald Bock, secretary, David Lloyd, Treasurer. Sfanding: Mr. Mahan, Jim Peferson, Pefer Lundl, Mr. Herbsf. Sealed Dan Searles, Ronnie Bock, Ann Wilfroul, David Lloyd, Jacob Raab 57 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB Miss Kirkland is +he sponsor of The Disl'ribu+ive Educa'I'ion Club which consis+s of +wen+y-six members. The purpose of +he club is lo develop leadership of +he club members. Dis lribu+ive Educalion helps furlher +he inferesl' of l'he mem bers in 'I'he differenl phases of relailing and +o keep up wi+h +he curren+ developmen+s of dis+ribu+ion Club meefings are held 'rhe second and four+h Fridays of each mon+h. S1'a+e and nafional club business is discussed WINS STATE HONORS On February 8, 1956 members of 1'he club aHended fhe s+a+e con+es+ also al' lndiana Universily. lris Kane was elecled s+a+e secre+ary of 'rhe Dis +ribu+ive Educa+ion Clubs of lndiana A+ +he s+a+e con+es+, +he members placed second in job applica+ion and ad layou+, +hird in merchandise man uals and sales demons+ra+ion iudging Sandra Weldy, secrelaryg Alice Schuler Treasurer: Roger Nusbaum, vice-presidenl lris Kane, hisforiang Max Chidclisfer, presi denfg Roger Sheels, social chairman. 58 MQW' Mr. James Garber felling club members abou+ his business. ATTENDS STATE MEET Various speakers from +he dislribuhve 'Field vlsrl' and +alk +o +he club The commiHee in achon +hroughou+ +he year was +he bullehn board commi++ee This commiHee consisled of Barbara Lewis Sandra Warner Mona McCombs and Harold Milchell The Dis+ribu'ive Educallon local officers affended +he Execuhve Council meehng Oc+ober 8 1955 al' lndiana Universiiy Sealed: Beverly Dull, edifor: Sandra Haid, vice-presidenfg June Shearer, president Joan Bennanf, hisforiang Carolyn Schuelke, president Sfandingz Barbara Pollard, song leader, Sally Hauens+ein, Parliamen- qf +ariang Carolyn Larimer, freas- urer. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA PLAN FACULTY TEAS The +wen'I'y-rwo members of +he Fufure Homemakers of America mee+ in room 332 on rhe 'iirs+ and 'Third Wednes- days of every monfh. Each monih 'Phe club dedicafes one meefing +0 business and one meeiing +o a program. The Fufure Homemakers of America Club is open +o all high school girls who have had ai' leasf one year of high school homemaking or are 'raking if. The purpose of +he club is +o 'furfher fhe individual's inferesl' in home economics by promo+ing an appreciafion of fhe joys and safisfadions of homemaking 'rhrough ac+ivi+ies. Each monih +he club acfed as hosfesses for +he facuH'y Double-Da+e nighf, club members and parenis. rea, decoraring fhe fable, and making and serving refresh- menis. On November 16, Paola Fassio had charge of fhe pro- gram. She showed fhe group how fo make ravioli while she spoke abouf her na+ive coun+ry, Haly. The annual Chrisimas caroling parfy was held on Decem- ber 18. Af+er 1'he caroling, refreshmenrs were served a+ +he home of Miss Richardson. February 29 was fhe da'l'e for +he annual Double-Dafe nigh'l'. On +his occasion, second semesfer members were ini+ia-red and emblems of merii' were presenfed. Miss Alice McKeehan is +he club sponsor. 1-T' Healfh Careers Nighf-Mrs. Elmer Koehler, Lillian Vrydagh, Sue Cormican, Theresa Schneider, Jocye Beerer, LoreHa Glanl, Mary Alice Renn, Mrs. R. S. Bolin. F.N.l. LOOKS AHEAD T0 UNIFORMS AND CAPS The Florence Nighringale Lamp Club is organized +o provide and develop a be+1'er undersianding of 'rhe nursing profession for ihose in+eres+ed in nursing. Praciical experience is gained by helping lalce care of minor emergencies in 'rhe dispensary. Club members and o+her inieresred s'ruden+s serve one hour a day assis+ing +he school nurse. Some of fhe ou'l's'l'anding even+s for ihe year were sponsoring Healfh Careers Nighl' a+ which fulure nurses heard +alks from seven hospiral represenraiives on rherapy, denial hygiene, professional nursing, clie+e+ics and denial hygiene, hearing speakers on cancer and me-n+al healrhg giving a Morher-Daugh+er Tea: and 'raking a +rip +o Norman BeaH'y Hospifal. Ofher ac+ivi+ies of 'rhe club were a Pol' Luck Sup- per a+ which +he Obsieirical Supervisor from Elkharl' General Hospi+al was speaker, a Chrisrmas par+y and a clemons+ra+ion on ar+ificial respirarion by ihe Elkhari' Fire Deparfmenlz The year ended wirh a June picnic. Mrs. Julia Johnson is +he club sponsor. 60 Marlene Johnson, +reasurerg Jackie Schollield, secrefaryg Janice Al man, vice-presidenfg LoreH'a Glanr, presidenf. Mending books-Joan Miller, Paffi Springer, Joyce Markus, Sue Zimmerman, LoreHa Glanl, Marfha Maloney. Louise Poorbaugh, presidenfg Joan Shearer, vice-presidenh Marlene Plank, secrefaryg Shirley Sassaman, freasurerg Naomi Sfevens, sergeanf- af-arms, Sue Zimmerman, social chairman. TRIPLE l SERVES SCHOOL The purpose of Triple L Club of +wen+y girls is 'lo encourage scholarship, promo+e leadership and serve school and communify. Sponsored by Mrs. Black, +he club mee+s ei+her in room 14 or a+ a member's home on +he firsi' and 'l'hird Tuesdays of every mon+h. The firsi' meering of every mon+h is a business meering and +he sec- ond is a combinafion of business, program and social hour. The LLL sold P.T.A. calendar books, helped ar "Back 'ro School Nigh+" and "College Night" sen'I' baskefs 'lo needy 'Families ai' Thanksgiving and Chrisfmas, worked on +he dime line for 'l'he polio fund, cleaned +he +rophy case, made favors for hospiial +rays al' Easier and held a Moiher-Daughfer Tea on April 22. As a money-making proiecl and as a service +o 'I'he school, 'l'he Triple L girls have mended all of 'rhe renfal +ex'rs which book inspec+ion revealed as in bad repair. Srudenfs paid 'ren cen+s a book for +hese repairs. Having been 'irained by librarians, +he girls mend books each Thursday afler school. A par+y honoring senior members was held in May. 61 Sally Grillo, confesi' manager: Sue Eichelburg, vice-presidenh Peier Grillo, sergeanf-al'-arms: Bev Weaver, presidenh Jacob Raab, 'ireasurerp Carol Grossman, secrefary. Regular club meefings are held 'rhe firs+ and +hird Fridays of each monfh in room 109. Besides 'l'he business meelings, educa+ional and en+er+aining programs are enjoyed. Bev Weaver conduciing Speech Club meeiing. MEMBERS OF SPEECH CLUBS Approxima+ely sixfy sfudenfs belong +0 +he Speech Club, which has as i+s purpose 'ihe sponsoring of speech ac+ivi+ies in exiemporaneous speaking, oraiory, declama+ion, discus- sions, poe+ry reading and radio speech work. The club makes il' possible for any member who wishes +0 fake pari' in any of 'ihese areas +o enier confesis and gain experience in speaking. ln November fhe speech sfudenls were hosls 'lo a junior Town Hall mee+ing in +he audi+orium, broadcasl' by WOWO. An EHS feam debafed wi+h a Warsaw feam on lhe subieci' of popular music. The biggesl' speech eveni' of 'ihe year was ihe 'irip 'io Purdue, when EHS speech siudenfs compeied wi+h many o+her schools in +he Purdue Legisla+ive Conference. They broughl' home many honors +his year. Meanwhile, speech s'ruden+s were carrying on lheir many and varied speech ac+ivi+ies. The mosl' fime-consuming proiecf was fhe weekly broadcas+ over +he local radio s+a+ion of a fiffeen-minufe program, en+i+led "Your Schools." On Sa+urday The s+uden+s broadcasf a record show, "Teen Turnl'able." Speech s+uden'rs +ake 'iurns reading +he daily announcemen+s over +he PA sys+emg fhey are responsible for +he in+roduc+ion of assembly speakers and make +he an- nouncemenis a+ games. All fhese club and speech ac'I'ivi+ies are supervised by ihe very capable direc+or, Mr. Wenger. l 62 WIN MANY HONORS AND AWARDS The Nafional Forensic League, sponsored by Mr. Wenger, is composed of +wen'l'y-five Speech Club members who have earned 'rwenfy speaking poin+s in communify or inferscholasfic speech evenfs and +en poinfs a year +0 remain as members. The purpose of 'rhe Nafional Forensic League is +o arouse in'I'eres'I' in forensics and develop fhe forensic falenrs of i+s members. Mee+ings are held monfhly al' fhe homes of cerrain members. The purpose and fype of regular meerings is +o organize various speech ac+ivi+ies, such as con'l'es'rs, or +o enioy social acfivifies. The publicily commiH'ee, chairman Jan Marrin, was ac+ive fhroughoul' 'I'he year. The Na+ional Forensic League works in coniunc+ion wi'l'h 'l'he Speech Club, sharing in +he social affairs and ini+ia+ion ceremonies. The speech banque+ in May climaxed a year of success- 'Ful speech ac+ivi+ies. TROPHIES WON BY Voice of Democracy - Bev Weaver. Annual Rofary Conlesf - Sue Eichelberg. Purdue Legisla+ive Assembly-Bev Weaver, John Marraf- fino, Sue Eichelberg, Carol Grossman, Dick Hummel. Peru Speech N.F.L. members admiring frophies. Sally Grillo, presidenfg Linda Zeigler, secrefaryq Jane Peferson, vice- presidenfg Jacob Raab, freasurer. SPEECH STUDENTS Confesf-Firsf place. Elmhursf Speech Mee+-5 ribbon winners: Melanie Adams, Dick Hummel, Sue Eichelberg, Dick Garri+son, Linda Zeigler. Howe llnexperiencedl-Third place. l 6 3 El CIRCULO ESPANOL LEARNS EI Circulo Espanol, wi+h Miss King as sponsor, consis+s of +hir+y s+uden+s who have s'I'udied or are s+udying Spanish. The club encourages 'rhe use of oral Spanish in social seH'ing, 'foslers beH'er relafionships be'l'ween +he Spanish s+uden+s and promofes a beH'er unclersianding of Spanish-speaking lands 'Through conlacf wi+h local residenrs from +hose couniries. Meelings are held +he 'l'hird Wednesday of every mon'I'h, eifher in 'rhe homes of members or a'l' school. The club had many in'I'eres'ling programs 1'his year. Edmundo Zarria, nafive of Equador, spoke +o 1'he club and showed picrures of his counfry. Mr. David Lozano, who speni years in Bolivia, was 'lhe speaker al' ihe induclion of +en new members info La Sociedad Hispanicia, Spanish Na+ional Honor Socie+y. The sponsoring of 'lhis Sociedad is a major proieci of 'l'he club. ln March Laura Turner showed picfures of Sou'l'h America. The major acfivifies of lhe club included a +rip +o 'lhe Mexican seciions of Chicago, +o see "Exeahona" and eal' al' Mexican Lindo, and "lnvi+a+ions" dance, where Mexican folk dances were learned. 64 Spanish Club members playing Spanish version of BINGO. SPANISH CUSTOMS Peggy Berger, freasurerg Lynn Flora, vice-president Tom Renaldi presidenh Sharon FeHer, social chairman: Nancy Bushong, secre+ary CLUB BUILDS FRIENDSHIPS Le Cercle Francais is organized 'For 'lhe purpose of offer- ing s+uden'I's 'lhe molives and +he means 'ro a beHer under- sfanding of 'I'he French people, +heir language and cusloms. The club also helps +0 esrablish friendship and +o creale underslanding 'foward fhe people of o'rher counlries. Our 'Foreign s+uden'l's are always honorary members, ihe club making every eFFor+ +o help 'rhem feel a+ home in EHS. Mrs. Francis Avery is 'rhe club sponsor. The French Club mee+s every +hird Tuesday of +he mon+h in +he school cafereria. Members are s+uden+s who +alce French or who are inferesled in 'l'he club's ac+ivi+ies. Many inferesfing programs were presenred lhis year. Susan Haines spoke of her experiences in Swiherlandg Barbara Shank, in Germany, and Sue Kraybill, in Sweden. These s+uden'rs who had 'Traveled abroad, sponsored by A.F.S. lasl' summer, showed slides illus+ra+ing 'l'heir +rips. George Goelschel spoke of his school life in Paris al' a parly in his honor. The special ac+ivi+ies of 'lhe club included lhe annual spagheH'i supper and fhe "Soiree Francaise" in April, wi+h club members presenfing an enferiaining program of songs, French Club members rehearsing for lhe Soiree Barb Shank, presidenfg Sally Haines, social chairman, Milne Donovan, vice-president Marfha Maloney, secrelaryg Evelyn Snearly, lreasurer dances, a dramafic slcil' "Paris ln+erlude," a French play aboul' 'l'wo American s+uden+s in Paris. A 'farewell +o senior club members in May closed lhe club program for fhe year. ,, , .,, . . , g 5,555 ,K . sw I ,. MEWGIS-,vw-8 65 Firsf row: Linda Zeigler, ireasurerg Lynn Flora, girls' social chairman, Janef Huffman, president Second row: Lance Hayes, secrefary: Mike Donovan, vice-presidenh AI Husred, boys' social chairman. DRAMA CLUBS SPONSOR PLAYS The fifry members of Wig and Cue hold +heir meerings a'H'er school on fhe firsr and +hird Tuesdays of every mon'l'h. The firsf meefing of 'l'he monfh is s+ric+ly of a business narureg 'lhe second meefing combines business wi'l'h a pro- gram and refreshmenrs. During +he Chrisfmas season, Wig and Cue members gave 'l'wen'ry-+wo Chris+mas programs, which included a Chrisfmas play wi+h a choir of seven+een members. A+ Easfer, a play was presen+ed for a school assembly. This play and ofher Easier readings were presenfed before many organiza+ions fhroughouf Elkhart The purpose of Wig and Cue is +o 'furnish opporfuniries for +he advancemenl' of individual drama+ic falenl' and acfs. By giving plays and readings, members have gained experi- ence in acquiring poise and self-confidence which will en- able rhem +o face any si+ua+ion in life. Poinfs foward mem- bership in Thespians are also earned by fhese presen'I'a+ions of plays and readings +0 school, church and civic groups. The Wig and Cue Club is sponsored by Mrs. Dillen. Wig and Cue members presen+ing a skit 66 FOR SCHOOLS AND COMMUNITY The Nafional Thespian Sociefy sponsored by Mrs. Dillen is a dramafic club of fiffeen members. To be a Thespian, members musf earn fwenfy poinfs while in Wig and Cue by appearing before audiences in plays or performing readings. The purposes of fhe Thespian Sociefy are fo develop a spirif of acfive and infelligenf inferesf in dramafics, fo en- courage sfudenfs fo gain a beffer masfery of fhe language, fo develop poise and self-confrol and fo learn 'lo appreciafe dramafic liferafure. This year +he Thespian Banquef was held on May 5. The Thespians fook parf in Chrisfmas and Easfer programs. A field frip fhrough WSJV was also scheduled along wifh a frip fo fhe Sfafe Regional Conference. During fhe week of Jan. 18-23, fhe sixfh annual Nafional Thespian Conference was held af Indiana Universify. During fhe course of fhe year, Thespians have ac- complished a greaf deal. They have learned how fo fake all kinds of crificismg fhey have gained poise and self- confidence: fhey have developed a beffer undersfanding of dramafic liferafure as well as giving many excellenf performances. ACTIVITIES OF DRAMA CLUBS Chrisfmas Readings by Drama Club Members Chrisfmas Plays Presenfed fo local groups All-School Play Presenfed by Drama Clubs Easfer Play ISIMON, THE LEPPERI Drama Clubs and Classes Easfer Readings by Drama Club Members Mofhers Day Readings by Drama Club Members Thespian Banquef lnifiafion Ceremony "T" signifying Thespia ns Vince DeDario, presidenf: Linda Zeigler, freasurer Jane Peferson secrefaryg Grace Moffaf, vice-presidenf we S Top: "This is Mr. Shields of Chicago and of Paris . . . " Rachel Culp, beloved . . . " Vince DeDario, Al Husfed, Bev Weaver, Diclr Purvis, Beryl Sfufsman, Vince DeDario, Lance Hayes. Boffom: "Chesfer, my Lance Hayes. Righf: "Here l am . . . " Diclc Purvis. I9 EHS CLUBS WORK TOGETHE Take John Emerson's and Anifa Loos's fhree-acf farce, THE WHOLE TOWN'S TALKING, add fhe co-operafion of ninefeen EHS clubs, along wifh an ambifious casf, and an equally ambifious direcfor and fhe resulf is a good all-school play, fhe school's fenfh producfion. The play was given on a winfry nighf, February 16, 1956. The plol' concerned a wealfhy manufacfurer, Henry Simmons, who was also a wily mafch-maker. His scheme was fo promofe a romance befween his daughfer and his rafher dull business parfner, Chesfer Binney. There was also a sub- plof in which Simmons' wife suspecfed him of having anofher romance wifh a local dance-hall queen. The plof became more involved wifh fhe appearance of fhe daughfer's ON All-SCHOOL PLAY currenl' boy friend, a confinenfal fype of man who wows all fhe local girls wifh his Parisian manners. Complicafion re- sulfed when fhe glamorous movie sfar who had been an- nounced as Binney's old flame acfually arrived on 'I'he scene. Affer many amusing sifuafions, Binney's fangled romance wi+h Efhel was successful. The leading roles were played by Lance Hayes as Mr. Simmons, Dick Purvis as Chesfer, and Beryl Sfufsman as Simmon's claughfer Efhel. Ofhers in 'rhe casf were Rachel Culp, Naomi Sfevens, Bill Cullen, Vince DeDario, Chris Eyer, Barbara Pollard, Barbara Burnsfine, Bernice Zeldin, Al Husfed and Bev Weaver. 69 Rx. TSN XL, if : WSL , A gy ,L fffffff' Q I 70 Safan's liffle devils . . . Jean Ansden, Judy Hooley, Becky Evans, Jean Ann Renfsch, Jeannine Noffsinger, Jan Cummins. ST. PETER AND SATAN APPEAR IN JUNIOR FOLLIES On Ocfober 15, 1956, fhe class of '57 presenfed ifs Junior Follies, SAINTS AND SINNERS. The plof revolved around a young couple, Tony and Lola, who were separafed on iudgmenf day. When fhe curfain rose, fhe gafes of heaven and hades appeared on fhe opposife sides of fhe sfage. As each morfal came fo be iudged, a iury of sainfs proclaimed him eifher "Sainf" or "Sinner," One of fhe 'Iop nofch acfs feafured in fhe Follies was a rendifion of "Sf. Louis Blues" by Tom Afkins. The golden gafes of heaven opened as Sandra Abplanalp performed a graceful ballef. Hades was well represenfed by a modern dance group composed of 'rwenfy-six devilish juniors, an- nouncing fhe enfrance of Safan. Soff lighfs and romance came info 'Ihe show when Jean Gilberf sang "Love ls A Many Splendored Thing" followed by an all fime favorife "Blow Gabriel Blow" wifh John Mifchell playing frumpef. Affer numerous ofher acfs and musical numbers, fhe class of 1957 broughf fhe Junior Follies fo a sparkling finale. The casf included Lancy Hayes as Safan, Mike Donovan as Tony, Dora Krohn as Lola, John Clem as Sf. Pefer and a variefy of numbers made up of fhe resf of fhe Junior Class. Top: Heavenly board of review . . . Paul Lockwood, Grizelfa Ponder, Bernice Zeldin, John Clem, Lana Behrens, Linda Fredrick. Middle: Paul Oakes Band . . . Larry Glick, Wayne McFarland, Phillip Wysong, Paul Oakes, Tom Afkins, John Mifchell. Boffom: Heaven or Hades? . . . Gary Menges, John Clem, Dora Krohn, Mike Donovan, Lance Hayes. Painfing scenery . . . Linda Oswalf, Bill Cullen, Al Husfed. .IUNIDRS PRESENT MYSTERY On Safurday evening April 22 fhe class of '57 presenfed fhe annual Junior Class Play. This year's producfion was Jane Hin'l'on's mysfery, MEET A BODY. Mr. Charles Hamp- fon, of fhe Roosevelf faculfy, direcfed fhe play. The scene was laid in a cheap funeral parlor run by fhe kind-hearfed MacGregors, whose "S70 special" covered everyfhing, including silver handles and door crepe. Five years previously, Lanzeffi, an insane dancer, had been convicfed of murder on evidence given by fhe Mac- Gregors. Having escaped from fhe asylum wifh 'l'he aid of a mysferious genfleman, he fhreafened fo gel' fhe Mac- Gregors. Presenfly a man resembling fhis genfleman ap- peared. However, he was Evereff T. George, fhe nofed invenfor. He broughf a coffin, ordered his own funeral, and puf down S10,000. As George's will was read, four people became heirs under unusual condifions. Buf as each died as he fulfilled 'lhese condifions, fhese deafhs buill' fhe show up fo a fense and climacfic final scene. Playing fhe leading roles were Denny Denman and Jean Lyfle as John and Margaref MacGregor, Bill Cullin as Nanny, 'rheir friendly neighbor. The fine supporfing casf consisfed of Tom Richmond, Penny Gillespie, Lance Hayes, Paul Oakes, Ann Wilfrouf, Bernice Zeldon, Lynn Flora, David Lloyd, Phil Wysong, and Al Husfed. Top: Forfune hunfers . . . Al Husfed, Lynne Flora. Middle: Tension mounfs . . . Seafed: Al Husfed, Penny Gillespie, Lynne Flora. Sfanding: Bill Cullen, Jean Lyfle, Denny Denman. Boffom: "Who laid ouf fhe corpse?" . . . Lynne Flora, Lance Hayes, Paul Oakes, Bill Cullen, Denny Denman, Jean Lyfle, Al Husfed. HI-Y OPENS BLUE NOTE CLUB To creaTe, mainTain and exTend The high sTandards oT ChrisTian characTer ThroughouT The home, school and com- muniTy are The purposes of The HI-Y. Members meeT every oTher Thursday aT The Y.M.C.A. The big proiecT was running The Blazer Blue NoTe. Early in The Tall, recognizing The need Tor a noon hour recreaTion cenTer, The HI-Y Club was insTrumenTal in pro- viding one in The basemenT of The Y.M.C.A. The boys did much of The painTing, decoraTing and equipping. The STudenT Council members of The home rooms sold TickeTs To The high school and iunior high sTudenTs. The room, named The "Blazer Blue NoTe," was equipped wiTh a soda TounTain and a record player. ln providing This place, The HI-Y has been greaTly helped by PTA moThers, who have chaperoned The members during The noon hour and aTTer school. The aTTendance has been good, The club Teels well repaid Tor iTs sponsorship oT This proiecT. The club sponsored aTTer-game dances aT The Y, kepT The Blue NoTe clean, puT new pool covers on The pool Tables in The Boy's Room and reiuvenaTed The ping-pong room. Swims, movies, ping pong, pool games and a Trip To Chicago Tor a ball game were only a 'Few of The Hl-Y many acTiviTies Tor The year. Mr. Morgan is sponsor oT The club. 72 SeaTed: Dale Hooper, Paul Wilsey, Mr. Warrick, Mr. Morgan. STand- ing: Bill STrawser, Terry Morehouse, Tom RoTh, Jon Templin, Don PaTTi, Gene Sheler, Dale Hooper, sergeanT-aT-arms: Paul Wilse Howard, Karl Swank, Dick Jerry Morehouse. y, secreTary-Treasurer: Dick RoTh, presidenh Karl Swank, vice-presidenT. Firsf row: Joan Compfon, service chairman, Par Collins, second vice- presidenfg Melody Myers, assis+an+ social chairman. Second row: Linda Forney, president Jan Cummins, publicify chairman, Shirley Merchanf, Y-TEENS WORK FOR OTHERS To grow as a person, +o grow in 'Friendship wi+h people of all religions, narionaliries and races, +o grow in +he knowiedge and love of God-+hese are +he goals of one hundred and fiffy high school Y-Teens. Every Thursday evening a+ 7:30 a meering is held in rhe Y.W.C.A. where many service proiecrs are formularedz bell ringing for fhe Salvalion Army Dime Line, organizing li+era+ure for +he March of Dimes, decoraring +he Chrisrmas 'free in rhe children's ward a+ +he hospiral, assembling lifera- 'l'ure for CROP, and holding a parly for 'ihe Crippled Chil- dren in 'rhe spring and serving as hosfesses for rhe Norrhern lndiana Conference held here February 4. Anorher major proiecr of 'rhe club was Hobo Daze, a day organized +o do odd jobs for people. The members of +he club also enioyed speeches by Rawzi Car+er of Lebanon, a hair siylisr, a panel discussion on brorherhood by +he exchange s+uden+s and a flower show presenfed by Wes+view Florisrs. The year was highlighred by 'rwo dances: The Sweelshop Hop in November and The Sweefhearl Swing in February. A recognilion +ea for seniors in May and a re+rea1' June 9 concluded 'rhe proiec+s of +he club for +he year. Mrs. Barbara Gregg, Miss Ka+y Rowe and Mrs. Doro+hy Tidewell are +he sponsors. vice-presidenlg Peggy Vearch, secrefary. Third row: Lynn Bowers. social chairman, Sally Haines, program chairman, Becky Evans. Cle- vo+ionaI chairman: Marcia Kendall, rreasurer. Swing commi++ee-Judy Sioner, Miss Ka+y Rowe, Sponsor, Susie Hiclrs Trudy Dufhie, Revie Rogers. 1 73 VISUAL EDUCATION BOYS SERVICE FILMS AND PROIECTORS The purpose of Ihe Visual Educafion Club is Io provide audio-visual maferials for classes. This year eleven iunior boys and I'weIve senior boys belonged I'o I'he club which is sponsored by Mr. Mafer. This club has been very busy Ihis year since a larger number of audio-visual maferials are being used in Ihe various classes. Each day Mr. MaI'er and 'I'he boys make a schedule for showing films. The boys use Iheir sIudy periods +o show +hese Iilms Io 'I'he classes. During Ihe year, +he club sponsored 'rwo movies in 'Ihe audiforium. SI'udenI's could see 'these 'Films during Iheir sI'udy periods if 'Ihey wished. From 'I'he money made on 'Ihese films an award was given +o I'he ou+s'Ianding senior boy, and leHers were given +o I'he club members. This money also helped 'Io pay for Ihe club par+ies. George Myers, Ireasurerg Don Paffi, presidenh Claylon Davis secre- Iary, Ed Hager, vice-presideni. 74 CLUB STUDIES ART ASPECTS The purpose of 'lhe Painl' and PaleH'e Club is +o furfher lhe knowledge, undersfanding and appreciafion of arf in all fields. Members work wi+h various media, such as clay, oHs and sHk screening. The programs of +Hs dub conshf of headng oufdde speakers, or working on arf projecls. During lhe year fhe club members work on various pro- iecls. Oulslanding proiecls of +he club lhis year were making Chris'l'mas decoralions 'For l'he second 'Floor hall, and making poslers and program covers for +he all-school play. The big evenl' of The club is lhe annual 'lrip +o Chicago. A+ lhis 'lime members visil' several arf museums and ar+ shows The club's sponsor is Mr. Howard James. Margo Hummel, vice-presidenlg Leslie Sluck, presidenfg Joyce Markus, secrefary-freasurer. Slanding: Eleanor Clyde, Joyce Markus, Donna Culp, Judy Kidder Elizabe+h Sfouf, Paola Fassio, Margo Hummel, Frank S+oll Rosario Lodge. Sealed: Karen Sfuck, Frances Wrighl, Leslie Sluck. illll P"'...swr U - X NI L. cd It .T ...ag M... FaculTy Tea hosTesses-Carolyn Larimer, Marie DiCamiIlo, Lynn Lauby. GuesTs-Mr. Mahan, Mrs. Swhier. FUTURE TEACHERS PLAN CAREERS IN EDUCATION Sue Koehler, Treasurer: Carolyn Larimer, presidenTg Judy Bloss, librarian. STanding: Larry McCullough, vice-presidenT. FuTure Teachers, sponsored by Miss Jones, has TwenTy- seven members. The purpose oT The club is To promoTe inTeresT in Teaching. The meeTings are The TourTh Tuesday oT every monTh in The evening in The caTeTeria or aT one oT The elemenTary schools. Some meeTings are all business: in oThers, programs give The members aspecTs and ideas on The Teaching proTession. The program commiTTee, consisTing of Larry McCullough, chairman: Lynn Lauby, Sally Adams, and Sharon FousT, acTs all year. The FuTure Teachers Club helped celebraTe NaTionaI EducaTion Week in November. In February, They gave apple ValenTines To The Teachers. A Teacher's Tea was held in March. Miss Lulce, PresidenT oT The Indiana Classroom Teachers, spoke To The club. Members have also heard special panels on Teaching. Some oT The members aTTended The Indiana FuTure Teachers of America sTaTe meeTing in Terre HauTe, April 14. On March 18, They aTTended The DeITa Kappa Gamma Tea Tor prospecTive Teachers aT Nappanee. MEMBERS OF INDUSTRIAL CLUB TAKE FIELD TRIP Any s'I'uden+ enrolled in an indus+riaI class is eligible for membership in Ihe lndusfrial Club. To remain in Ihe club a s+uden+ mus+ make good grades and be a good school ci+izen. The purposes of Ihe Indusfrial Club are 'Io furlher Ihe sI'uden+s' knowledge of various induslries, Io help prepare Ihe members for employmen+ a'F+er +heir graduaiion and 'Io promo+e a be+'I'er unclers+anding and friendship beI'ween I'he sludenf and Ieacher. The Indusfrial Club, organized aboul Ien years ago, was inacfive mosl of Ihis year bu+ finally organized in Ihe sec- ond semesfer and held regular meelings. Ac+ivi+ies of fhe club planned for Ihis year were a picnic in Ihe spring and a 'rrip +o Ford Museum in De+roiI' or Io Ihe Museum of Science and Induslry in Chicago. Mr. Broadbenl' and Mr. Isbell are Ihe sponsors. Slandingz Harold Judy, vice-presidenfg Dave Shanholi, Ireasurerg Ronnie Feehrer, presidenf. Sealed: Ron Weaver, secrefary. Mr. Broadbenf conduc+ing a meeling. 77 wifi. g g 33 ,Y cqfgjnvgp ,X ,. ff, L,,. ,, ,. f ,fwfr , -9:21, Q AK it-, ' 1 X fm , f 'N fmfgfg w f f 4 ,W 4 XN1 'il , , S gf nf wif' .xv .1 4532 wg ft .sr ,. M. x f-A 1. e, A ,Q W .9 W' Am' ' k P , an -"1 ' Wig ' 2 K ' 1 :S W- , ii.: PM if 445: 3? X Amir fx W -.ni A, A X . is , .TQ 'LN 55:9 ,gs 3 i W Ai' Rice Field, in fhe Norfh Side Gym, or in our own high school gym we cheered for our afhlefic 'reams. Through vicfory or defea+ we warched our boys display good sporfsmanship. Coaches, players, cheerleaders, and cheerbloclc inspired us unfil we were filled wifh 'rhaf s'I'rong proud en- +husiasm lcnown as school spiri+. C h Bell, championship Blazers, g e i W' Top: Underclass Backs: Moyer, Howard, Klaus, Robinson and Campoli. Lower: Jan checking PAT combinaiion of Randall and Shank. EHS boas'I's one of +he fines+ a+hle+ic fields in +he The s1'ory of foofball on crisp Ocioloer nighis cannof be coun+ry: we have good bleachers, a well-equipped field- wriH'en wi+hou+ praising The marching band, wifh 'lheir house, a beauiiful scenic loca+ion along The river . . . a 'flood smoo'l'h maneuvers, precision marching, and spiriied music. ligh'l'ed +urf, and a modern broadcasfing boo'l'h. 80 Inexperience Hampers Blazers in '55 Season A+ Rice Field foofball begins in Augusf. Even in norfhern Indiana, Augusl' is a hol' monfh, buf fhe boys and coaches come ouf in a variely of dress and undress, and pracfice sessions begin in earnesf. Some can'+ fake if: af fhe begin- ning Jan had 82 come ouf for fry-oufsg by Sepfember 1, fhe number had simmered down fo 50. As fhe season began, Coach Janzaruk was faced wifh fhe difficulf fask of replacing fhe many key men losf fhrough graduafion. Opening fhe season by using eighf seniors in fhe sfarfing line-ups, Jan soon found 'rhaf he had fo use underclassmen, in fhe hope of sfrengfhening his squad and af fhe same fime giving fhe rookies valuable game experience. The Blazers opened fheir 1955 foofball season on Sep- fember 6, fying fhe Hunfingfon Vikings, 19-19. Bofh 'reams exchanged early scores. Hunfingfon scored shorfly affer fhe opening kickoff and Douberfeen scored fhe firsf Blazer fouchdown a few minufes lafer. Seniors in pre-season warmups. Boffom: Davis, Paffi, Howard, Prugh, McCullough: Top: Deshone, Douberfeen, and Randall. Barfleff and Douber-Teen added fhe lasf fwo TD's, Bari'- leH"s coming on a 38 yard run affer he blocked a punf. Douberfeen's fouchdown gave Elkharl' ifs only lead, buf Hunfingfon scored in fhe lasl' fhree minufes fo gain a fie. Three days lafer fhe Blazers journeyed fo Forf Wayne where fhey suffered fheir firsl' conference loss, 13-0 af 'I'he hands of a large and powerful Norfh Side feam. The following Firday, Sepfember 16, a sfrong sfarl' and a weak finish spelled downfall for fhe Blazers as Mishawaka dumped fhem 26-7. The Blazers scored firsf on a 15 yard plunge by Douber- feen. Buf fhe sfrong Maroon foofball machine began fo roll, and wifh 'l'he help of 'I'wo long runs by Wifkowski, complefely overwhelmed fhe Blazers. Alfhough showing definife signs of improvemenf, fhe Blazers losf fo a sfrong Soufh Bend Washingfon feam, 20-7, in fheir second home game of fhe year. Elkhar+'s only score . 151. - g fs 81 Maroons haul down Garriison aHer a firsi down In fhe Mishawaka game. Elkhar+ Elkhar+ Elkhar+ EIkhar+ Elkharf Ellrharf Elkhari Elkhar+ Elkharf Elkharf 82 19 O 7 7 6 0 14 6 6 18 SCORES Hunfingfon For+ Wayne Norfh Mishawaka N , S. B. Washlng+on - La Porfe ,W ,,,, S. B. Riiey , For? Wayne Cenfral , . ,W ,,,,,,, Goshen ,,,, S. B. Adams .. ,,,, Michigan Cify Douberfeen ploughs fhrough Hunfingfon line UNDERCLASSMEN SEE ACTIUN came in fhe fourfh quarfer when Larry Randall wenf over from fhirfy yards ouf. On Sepfember 30, +he LaPorfe Slicers fraveled fo Elk- harf fo meef fhe Blazers. The game furned info a disas- frous defeaf for fhe Blazers wifh LaPorfe scoring fhe firsf fime fhey gof fhe ball. Four of fhe five Slicer fouchdowns came on runs of forfy yards or more. ln fhe final quarfer, fullback Carlfon Thorpe crashed over from fhe one yard line, affer a long pass from Adams fo Robinson. Final score 32-6. The Riley Wildcafs were nexf on fhe Blazer schedule. The Blazers complefely dominafed play, marching from one end of fhe field fo fhe ofher and piling up 16 firsf downs and 180 yards on fhe ground. However, fhe Blazers never penefrafed fhe "promised land." Meanwhile fhe Wildcafs scored on fhe infercepfed pass and a long pass of fheir own for a 14-0 win. On Ocfober 14, fhe Blazers faced a powerful Forf Wayne Cenfral ouffif. The game was possibly fhe besf offensive efforf of fhe season for fhe Blazers. Bofh feams scored fwice in fhe firsf half, wifh Jon Howard scoring on runs of 65 and 85 yards. The high poinf of fhe Blazer affack was fhe fine blocking Janzaruk and Ronzone check weak spofs in Blazer affack. 1955 Blazer foofball squad. Boffom: H. Robinson, G. Holfz, J. Zellmer, A. Campoli, D. Garrifson, R. Adams, S. Moyer, Coach Buffon. Second Row: Assisfanf Coach Campagnoli, D. Mann, L. McCullough, L. Randall, F. Shank, N. Sawyer, T. Howard, B. Bowdin, J. Douberfeen. Third Row: Assisfanf Coach Bell, A. Perez, K. Miller, L. Keifer, K. Davis, D. Paffi, S. Prugh, M. Yeakey, J. Howard, Head Coach Janzaruk. Fourfh Row: G. Daugherfy, J. Barfleff, C. Thorpe, B. Briggs, J. Templin, F. Lucchese, F. Huffman, C. Himes, G. Hahn, R. Huffman. .imma DeShone pulled down in Goshen game. Ball deflecied ou? of Bar+le++'s hands by Goshen back. 84 Jon Howard off on 85 yard T.D. iaunl' againsl' Forf Wayne Cenlral. Sideline scene of 'the Blazers af For? Wayne Norfh. BlAll-'RS IMPRUVE, BUT l0.S'E of +he oul'-weighed Blazer line which enabled +he backs 'io punch oui' long gains all evening. The score ended 14-14. Then came 'rhe climacric game wifh Goshen. The Redskins, afrer recovering a Blazer fumble, passed for a T.D. and led 7-0. Again, wiih fwo minu+es lefl' in 'lhe half, fhe Redskins passed for anorher T.D. and led 13-0 al' infermission. The Blazers were able +o push over a 'Touchdown in +he 'Third quar+er on a pass 'From Adams +o Robinson. Final score 13-6. On Ocfober 28, ihe Blazers played hosl' +0 undefeaied and unfied Soufh Bend Adams. The Blazers pu+ on prob- ably 'rheir bes+ show of +he season againsi' +he Eagles. The Blazers opened 'lhe scoring in 'Phe iirsi' quar+er when Douberreen pushed over from 'rhe one. However fhe Eagles came back and scored, near fhe end of +he half and led 7-6. ln fhe second half, +he Blazers were able +o pene+ra're fhe Adam's defense only +0 'l'he 11 yard line. Midway 'lhrough 'I'he fhird quarfer, Baird scored his second T.D. 'For Adams on a 25 yard iaun+. Final score: Adams 13, Elkhari' 6. -.., e il 1 yr F Q W . ' -Tifli' , U - .,:,..wza: K . 7 Y., 'A 'N 'Al 3 l ! I 2.1 To E fi 5 Q- E is 1 Q ' R Vvi .' li " 1,1 U , 3 9' 1 V T .M - - ' .Maw . J... , .,,. . W f ., V- , , -.- ' . , k. V- Vw V ,. . ,. , 1-, lg , IL Wm A Q 1. ".,, 4- . A ji n by qgvyg . 85 GRIDDER5 DRUP C1055 GAMES For fhe lasf game of fhe season fhe Blazers fraveled fo Michigan Cify fo meef fhe Red Devils. On fhe Blazer's firsf play from scrimmage, Douberfeen galloped 46 yards for a fouchdown: however fhe Red Devils came righf back and scored affer a 50 yard drive. The Red Devils scored fheir second fouchdown midway fhrough fhe second period on a long pass and led af infermission 14-6. ln fhe fhird quarfer, Douberfeen dashed over fhe goal line from fen yards ouf, buf fhe Devils sfill led 14-12, coming baclc fo score again as fhe quarfer ended. The Blazers were able fo push over one more fouchdown in fhe lasf quarfer when Robinson sprinfed 39 yards fo fhe four, scoring on fhe nexf play. However fhe Devils were sfill 2 poinfs ahead as fhe gun ended fhe season. Thus came 'lhe end of an unsuccessful season buf fhe Blazers, wifh liffle maferial, playing in fhe foughesf con- ference in years showed sfeady improvemenf and puf in good performances againsf sfrong Forf Wayne Cenfral and conference champions Soufh Bend Adams. The underclass- men, who received much experience fhis year, are expecfed fo malce nexf year's foofball sfory a much differenf one. 86 Douberfeen fripped up affer a shorf gain Goshen sfops Robinson. lION5 HONOR ATHLETES, CUACHES Al' ANNUAL BANGIIH' Nearly 300 persons, one of fhe largesl lurnouls ever fo honor an Elkhar'r High School foo+ball +eam, aHended 'rhe 31s+ annual grid banquef for +he 1955 edirion of fhe Blue Blazers. The dinner was held on December 1, in 'lhe Alhenian Room of 'l'he Hofel Elkharf. Former Blazer baskelball coach, Bill Milliner, ac+ed as foasfmasfer. He in+roduced head coach, John Janzaruk, and 'rhe main speaker, Slu Holcomb. Coach Janzaruk infroduced Tom Howard, who was chosen cap+ain by his Blazer feammafes. Keilh Davis was awarded 'lhe Elkharl' Tru+h's mosl' valuable player 'Trophy by Tru+h spor'r's edi+or, Tom Slephenson. Holcomb, former Purdue foofball coach and recen+ly appoinfed as a+hle+ic direc'l'or ai' Nor+hwes+ern, falked on his career as a coach al' Findley College, Wes+ Poin+, and Purdue. Erich Barnes, former halfback 'From Elkharl' now Keilh Davis receives Mosl Valuable Trophy from Slu Holcomb as loasl- masler Bill Milliner, capiain Tom Howard, Coach Jan Janzaruk and H, P. Berkey look on. li z gf, al' Purdue, was praised by Holcomb for his fine showing in foo+ball. The enfire 1955 squad, bofh maior and minor leH'er winners, were inlroduced along wi+h +he coaches of 'rhe feam and junior high +eams. High school coaches included Lyle BuH'on, Tony Campagnoli, Max Bell, and Mall' Ronzone. Members of +he fall lennis and cross-counlry +eams, along wifh +heir coaches, Charles Walker for 'l'ennis and Mall Ronzone for cross-counfry, were also inlroduced. All in all, i+ was a 'Fine finish fo a ra'l'her dismal foo+ball season af EHS. Nexl' Augusl' al' Rice Field, Coach Jan will welcome nine leH'ermen in hope of improving fhis year's record. As usual, +he Blazers will face a 'rough +en-game schedule s+ar'I'ing in early Sep+ember. 87 6100, ix -,Q K ggi J' 23: Q? ' 'v 4' v 'ffm Ji, f - A 1 , , Qi V if gf ,. W5 2 M Vx -.-1. 0ff to u Good Start, Blazers Win irst our The Elkharf Blue Blazer baskefball feam opened ifs 1955- 56 season November 24, againsl' fhe Easl' Chicago Roosevell' Rough Riders al' fhe Norfh Side gym. Dennis Tepe led fhe Blazers fo a friumph wifh a 24 poinf scoring spree. The following Friday, 'lhe Blazers made if 33 in a row over arch-rival, Goshen, wifh a 70-46 vicfory. The Elkharf affack was led by Ted Luckenbill and Dave Kollal' wifh 29 and 17 poinfs respecfively. The nex+ nighl' 'lhe Blazers swamped fhe Terre Haufe Wiley Red Sfreaks, 68-34, as Ted Luckenbill again led fhe way wifh 26 poinfs. ln 'lheir firsf ENIHSC game fans began 'lo look af Coach BeII's sfarfing five wifh new respecf as fhey dropped sfafe- ra'l'ed, LaPorfe, 66-60. On December 14, 'rhe Blazers fraveled fo Logansporl' where fhey suffered 'lheir firsl' defeal' of fhe season af fhe hands of fhe Logan Berries 74-61. Two days lafer fhe Blazers ouf-foughl' a bigger Misha- waka feam 'lo win fheir second conference game 73-55. The Blazers had very liffle frouble in fheir quesl' for vicfory number six over-running fhe Frankforl' Hofdogs 60- 44. The highlighf of fhe game was Dave Kolla'l"s 65 fool' baskel' af fhe end of fhe second quarfer. Back again on fheir home floor af fhe Norfh Side gym, 'lhe Blazers foughf an up-hill baffle before nipping Muncie Cenfral 51-49. The Blazers frailed fhroughouf mosl' of fhe game before forging info fhe lead wifh only seconds remaining. The second annual Elkharl' holiday fourney piffed Elwood againsf Elkharf in fhe opener, which 'lhe Blazers won handily 74-54, as Dick Barkman banged in 19 poinfs. ln fhe second game, sfafe-rafed Seymour, walloped Mishawaka, 67-51. The Blazers besf efforf of fhe season came in fhe championship game as fhe Blazers baffled +o a lasf second vicfory wifh Dave Kolla+'s long one-hander providing 'lhe margin of Vicfory. Dennis Tepe and Dave Kollaf combined for 43 poinfs 'ro lead 'lhe Blazer affack. ui 44 Varsily baskefball feam: fopz Ted Luckenbill, Dick Barkman, Travis Burleson, Dave Kollaf and Dennis Tepe. Boffom: Jim Lifchenberger, Larry Linfon, Jim Barfleff, Kenny Hudkins and Toby Kidder. -if JF BACKING THE BLAZER! . . On January 6, +he Blazers refurned +o conference ac+ion 'ro defeal' Soulh Bend Washinglon, 65-53. Ted Luclcenbill led The Blazers wi'1'h 22 poin+s. One weelc lafer Elkharl squealced pasf Michigan Ciiy 54-51. Af+er hailing mosf of +he game, Elkharl' finished wifh a fourfh quar+er spurl' 'l'ha+ pu+ fhe game ou+ of reach of +he Devils. The 'following nigh+ 'lhe Blazers downed Auburn, 70-51, as Dick Barlcman scored 21 poinfs. ln 'rheir nex'l' game 'lhe Blazers defealed an inspired For'r Wayne Norlh +eam 63-60. All of +he Blazer regulars hi'r in double figures wi+h Barlcman leading 'rhe way wifh 18. 90 Ellchari' High School cheerbloclr in formaiion. GIRL 5, GIRI S, GIRLS This year's varsily cheerleaders: Lynn Bowers, Pam Pauley, Sonia W head, Jann Miller, Jean Ann Renfsch. INDI VIDUALS' SHOW IMPRO Vl-'MENT Dave Kollaf and Ted Luclcenbill led fhe Blazers fo fheir 'rhirfy-fourfh sfraighf vicfory over Goshen wifh 21 and 19 poinfs respecfively. Score, 68-52. The Lafaye'He Jefferson Broncos fossed in 42 poinfs in 'I'he second half +o fopple a fen-game Blazer winning sfrealc 63-53. Alfhough ouf-scored from 'rhe field by fhree baslcefs, fhe Broncos hif 25 of 31 free fhrows for fhe margin of vicfory. Nexf, wi+h Dick Barkman having his besf nighf of fhe year, confribuling 28 poinfs, fhe Blazers swamped Soufh Bend Riley 79-52. Travis Burleson and Ted Luclcenbill added 16 poinfs each fo 'rhe Blazer cause. Warsaw's surprising Tigers overcame a 16-poinl' Blazer lead in fhe +hird quarfer fo score a king-sized upsei' over fhe s+a+e-rafed Blazers. The Tigers hir 467, of fheir shofs fo regisfer fhe 59-52 vicfory. The Blazers downed Soulh Bend Adams 90-70 in fheir besf offensive efforf of fhe season. All five of fhe Elkhar-r regulars scored in double figures as fhe Blazers hil' 4670 of 'rheir shofs from fhe field and 32 of 39 free +hrows. Affer cinching +he conference championship wifh fhe vicfory over Adams, +he Blazers were soundly beafen 77-62 by Soufh Bend Cenfral in fhe final game of fhe season. The Bears hif a phenomenal 5670 of fheir shofs which leff liffle doubf abouf fhe oufcome of fhe game. February 22 fhe Elkharf Blue Blazers opened fheir 1956 secfionals by defeafing Shipshewana Scol-r 63-50. Dave Tepe lays one in. l Kollaf iumps for fwo poinfs. Kollaf, Dennis Tepe, and Ted Luclcenbill led fhe Blazer affack wifh 14, 14, and 12 poinfs respecfively. ln fheir second secfional encounfer, fhe Blazers slaughf- ered Millersburg 55-27 as all 'ren of fhe Blazers saw con- siderable acfion. Elkharf was led in scoring by Ted Lucken- bill who fallied 22 poinfs. The championship game was a perfecl' climax fo one of Barkman hifs on hook shof. Burleson hils in Cenlral game. A5 SEASDN PRUGRESSES Bill lhe mosr exci+ing seclionals held in 'rhis area for many years. The Middlebury Middies, displaying def+ ball handling and fine shooring, led +hroughou+ mosi' of The game. Middlebury hi+ a rerrific 5270 of 'Their sho+s and 'rhe Blazers hi+ a good 4270 of 'Their shors. Elkhari' was led by Kollaf and Lucken- bill wi+h 12 poin'1's each. A break in The final 30 seconds of The game gave fhe Blazers 'rhe Viclory as Travis Burleson in+ercep+ed a Middie pass and hir rhe winning baske+ making +he final score 37-35. The nex+ slep along +he +ournamen'r +rail was +he regionals, March 3, which 'l'he Blazers won only affer 'rwo very close ba++les. In rhe af+ernoon games Elkharf defeared Lapaz, 71-55, and Soufh Bend Cenfral downed Warsaw 51-48. ln 'This regional con+es+, 'lhe Blazers had a rerrific firs+ half agains+ The Vikings, as fhey scored 30 poinrs in +he second quarrer +o lead 46-19 ai' 'rhe half. The Vikings changed +he game from a complere rou+ +o a respecrable con+es+ as 'rhey ourscored 'The Blazers 36-25 in +he second half by employing a very closely-kni+ press defense agains+ 'rhe Blazers. Thar evening Elkharl' mel' +he Soulh Bend Ce-n+ral five in a 'rhrilling con+es+. A'Her rrailing by nine poinrs, lale in fhe second quarfer +he Blazers came back wi+h a blazing second half and pulled away 'l'o win 59-53. The Bears managed +o ge+ wifhin 'Four poinls of 'rhe Blazers several fimes during 'The second half bu+ +he Blazer's Barkman grabs rebound from Seymour. Kidder and Hudkins wreslle for fhe ball. Dl-'VH UPES A C1055-KNIT Tl-'AM well balanced affack was foo much for Cenfral. For fhe Blazers, Barkman and Kollaf led fhe scoring wifh 16 poinfs apiece. Burleson and Tepe had 10, while Lucken- bill gafhered 7, proving again as fhey have all season fhaf feam co-ordinafion and balance is a fremendous facfor in Elkharf's success. Moving info fhe semi-finals af Forf Wayne, fhe Elkharf Blue Blazers won fheir 22nd game of fhe season in fhe second game, wifh a spine-fingling 72-69 vicfory over fhe Marion Gianfs. Marion employed a very effecfive press defense fhrough- ouf mosf of fhe game, which kepf fhe confesf close and had fhe Blazers on fheir foes all of fhe fime. Travis Burleson again came fhrough in fhe clufch as he hif fwo free fhrows in fhe lasf 20 seconds fo "ice" fhe confesf. Four of fhe Blazers hif in double figures, Burleson led fhe way wifh 20 followed by Tepe and Luckenbill wifh 18 each and Barkman wifh 13 poinfs. Thaf nighf, for fhe second fime in baskefball hisfory Elkharf crashed info fhe finals by beafing Forf Wayne Soufh Below: coaches Harvey and Bell. Righf-Soufh fouls Luclrenbill in baffle for fhe rebound, BH-'S l00K 6000 FOR Nl-'X T YEAR 70-64 in fhe championship game of fhe Forf Wayne semi- finals. The Blazers, sparked by fhe brillianf firsf half shoofing of Burleson and Kollaf, fhreafened fo furn fhe game info a complefe rouf by romping fo a 36-23 halffime score. ln fhe fhird quarfer Soufh employed an old Blazer nemesis, fhe full courf press, and broke loose for nine sfraighf poinfs. Wifh fhe fourfh quarfer came seemingly bad luck as Ted Luckenbill and Dick Barkman bofh fouled ouf. Buf Toby Kidder and Ken Hudkins came off fhe bench fo play superb ball. Kidder confribufed 8 poinfs and Hudkins 4, fo fhe Blazer cause. On March 17 af fhe Bufler Fieldhouse in fhe sfafe finals, fhe Blazers were edged 54-52 by a craffy Lafayeffe Jeff feam. The game was one of fhe mosf excifing seen in many years of fournamenf play. The score was fied 13 fimes and fhe lead changed hands 13 fimes before Jeff finally ended up on fop. The Blazers played fhe smoofhesf game of any of -fhe feams during fhe day, commiffing only four errors, and alfhough fhey losf fhe game on free fhrows, fhey were nof ouf played, showing a beffer percenfage of field goal shoofing, while playing a clean hard game. The rousing welcome home given Coach Bell and fhe feam showed fhaf fhe communify felf proud of fhe Blazers. 94 B-feam Baskefball-Sfanding: Coach, Jerry Hosfefler, Gene Hahn, Tom Richmond, Jim Lifchenberger, Tom McDowell, Bill Brower. Kneel- ing: Kyle Eafon, Randy Whifehead, Manager Pefe Parmafer, Dave Donovan, Jerry Maffhews. Burleson hifs a close one. HON0lil CHAMPIDNSHIPS l-'ND SUCCESSFUL SEASUN Beiween 400 and 500 persons arfended 'ihe Jaycees annual banquei honoring E.H.S.'s 5-+i+le baskeiball ieam on March 29. All 'Four of 'rhe Blazer seniors shared in +he honors. Dennis Tepe, ihe only EHS player in his+ory io play in +wo s+a+e final games, received 'rhe highesi' individual baske+ball honor, 'rhe Arfhur L. Tresier Award, Travis Burleson was chosen honorary 'ream capraing Dave Kollal' received 'rhe Paul Emmerr free ihrow irophy wiih a 70.3 average, and Dick Barkman was voied ihe Mosl' Valuable Player Trophy by his reammaies. However, fhe seniors were noi +he only ones honored. Max Bell was vofed Coach Of The Year by +he spor+swri+ers and cas+ers of +he siaie. Ted Luckenbill, Dennis Tepe and Dick Barkman were picked on 'rhe all-s+a+e ieam and will receive whiie sweafers. Tom McDowell won +he B-ieam free- +hrow medallion. All five of 'Phe Blazer s+ar+ers finished +he season wiih a double digi+ average, accouniing for a large pari' of +eam's success. A+ +he end of +he season +he Blazers owned an unbeafen home floor record of 18 sfraighi' vic+ories. All in all, 'rhe banquei' was a fine finish +o ferrific baske+ball season ai' EHS. Afhlefic commissioner L. V. Phillips congraiulaies Dennis Tepe for winning fhe Tresfer Award and Max Bell for being named Coach of 'Phe Year. Blazers a+ Baskefball Banque+-Dave Kolla+, Free Throw Trophy: Dick Barkman, Mosf Valuable: Max Bell, Coach of ihe Year: Afhleiic Direc- ior, Mr. Brechler of Iowa, Head Speakerg Ted Luckenbill, All-Siaieg Travis Burleson, Honorary Capiain and Dennis Tepe, Tresier Award Wlnner. 95 l i i L i 5 No. 1 man in fhe Blazer a++ack, Dan Seng. Tennis squad: BoHom row, Bob Marrin, John Lundquisf, Bud Ernsl, Ron Fields. Top row, Dan Seng, Dave Till, Jack Flora, and Coach Charley Walker. GREEN NETTER5' SHOW PRDMISE The 1955 fennis ream was made up en+irely of under- classmen. Coach Charlie Walker had only one re+urning leH'erman, Dan Seng, from las+ year. ln rheir firsf fhree mee+s +he neHers were dropped by LaPor+e, Sou+h Bend Cenfral and Michigan Cify 5-0. Noi' discouraged by +hese defea'I's, Dan Seng, Dave Till and Denny Flora won fheir singles mafches wi+h Mishawaka and led +he +eam +o a 3-2 vic+ory. Al+hough losing +heir las? five mafches, +he neHers managed +0 work our s+rong doubles combinaiions which will aid fhem grearly nexi' year. On +heir big 'rrip of 'Hue year 'the ream proved +ha+ +hese defears had +augh+1'hem a greai' deal. A+ Kalamazoo, agains+ a feam a+ +he +op of fhe Michigan conference ladder, fhe Blazers 'look +wo of +he seven ma+ches. Coach Walker looks 'Forward +0 nexf year, since he will have five re+urning leHermen: Dan Seng, Dave Till, Denny Flora, Bob Mar+in and John Lundquisr. A ,I 4 Cross coun+ry squad: bo++om row, lef+ +o righi, L. Goodrich, R. Dal- son J Gildea D Denman J Maffhews J Lnchfenberger T Kidder T rymple, B. Shuper+, D. Reed, R. Whiiehead, J. Troyer, E. Welfer, M. Luclrenbill D McClelland D Berkman T McDowell D Golden K Degeyferg second row: R. Minichillo, D. Kleinfeldf, G. Harper, L Hudkins K Eafon head coach Ma'H Ronzone Higgens, D. Rofh, D. Kollaf, D. Tepe, D. Donovan. Top row: T. Burle- HARRII-'RS WIN SIX MH-'15 Early 'rhis fall coach MaH' Ronzone greefed '1hir+y boys who were 'io represenf Elkharl' in cross coun+ry. Elkharf opened Hs season af LaPor1'e in a friangular meer wi+h 'lhe Slicers and Mishawaka. Ellchari' dumped LaPor1'e 20-42, bu'l' losl' +o Mishawaka 19-40. The Blazers 'firsl' home mee'I' was December 29, againsi Forf Wayne Nor+h Side and Sou'rh Bend Cen+ral. Elkharf losi' +o Nor+h Side 19-37, buf edged Cenfral 27-32. Benron Harbor visifed Elkhari' on Ocfober 4, and losl' io +he Blazers 20-43. Ocfober 6, The Thinlies iourneyed 'l'o Michigan Cify for a iriangular mee? wi+h Ci+y and Goshen. Ellchar+ los+ +0 Ciry 15-42, bui' dropped Goshen 20-43. Nex+ fhe Blazers hosfed Niles in a dual meei' in which +he Blazers won 25-36. On Ocfober 13, The Blazers closed 'I'heir regular season by spilling Soufh Bend Adams 15-47, and losing +o Soufh Bend Riley 18-43. Ellchari' weni' +o LaPor+e +0 compe+e in fhe N.l.H.S.C. meef and placed eighfh ou+ of 22 schools. ln 'I'he sec+ionals fhe Blazers finished eighfh our of 20 schools. The leading runners 'For Ellchari' were Dave Kollaf, John Gildea, and Capt Dennis Tepe. The ouilook for nexr year looks very good wi+h seven refurning leHermen +o 'rhe harrier squad. 97 1956 Track Team-Top: Coach Jan Janzaruk, Templin, J.: Peffley, H.: McClelland, D.: Luckenbill, T.: McDowell, T.: Dider, M.: Gordon, C.: Campoli, A.: Howard, J.: Cox, D.: Head Coach Marr Ronzone. Second row: Plank, M.: Hulifman, R.: Golden, D.: Crowe, L.: Zelinski, C.: Con- nors, V.: Hahn, G.: Wilmore, B.: Rofh, D.: Adams, D.: Mann, D.: Manager Liechiy, L.: Moyer, S.: Klaus, D.: Tepe, D.: Shank, F.: Sawyer, N.: Denman, D.: Garriison, D.: Prez, A.: Gildea, J.: Manager Toby Borneman. TRACK TEAM FACES STII-'F SLATE 1956 mAcK SCHEDULE Upon opening 'rhis year's frack season, Coach Ma'H' April 3 Fori' Wayne Sourh Side Ronzone was faced wi+h +he problem of building a winning April 10ee ff-f Niles ff -H H- -f-H feam affer losing many oursfanding runners from las+ year's sstlisrgazoo Cenlral H' w H-, H, Slale runnerup leam' April 21W . ,,,. Goshen Relays N- Opening 'rhe season wi'I'h only five refurning leH'ermen April 24 Mishawaka H-H John Gildea, Dennis Tepe, Dick Garri+son, Doug Klaus, and f'Apr'l 23 lE:JNll:SC W' nn' Capfain Neal Sawyer. The biggesf ioib facing fhe Blazers M31 5 E621-Syeq, fin was 'lo defend fhelr s+a+e championship in 'rhe mile relay, May 9 Culver ing ,HMM a firle which rhey have held for +he pasi' 'lwo years. May 11 Secl-ional ,,,, , ,nn Several big mee'rs were scheduled for Elkhar-r, including may Egni 'nslzgllzajkgl Ferl- Wayne +he ENIHSC mee+, +he Easi' and Wesl' IHSC meer, and +he May 24.7-Djsiiisou-fh Bend wit secrionals. May 26-.. ,e,,.. S+a+e-Indianapolis s- Neal Sawyer and Dick Garri+son "bring home 'Phe bacon" for +he Blazers. 98 N.. Varsify baseball feam-Sfanding: Campbell, K.: Head Coach Bob Ehrsam, Randall, L.: Forfino, G.: Deslione, J.: Mollenlcopf, E.: Kidder, T.: Pringle, J.: Burleson, T.: Johnson, L.: Hudkins, K.: Barfleff, J.: Eafon, K.: Padgef, D.: Kneeling: Manager Maurer, L.: Buzolifs, F.: Kollaf, D.: McLaughlin, E.: Rickey, J.: Taylor, L.: Manager Larry Brown. BASEBALI SQUAD INCLUDES FIGHT RFTURNING LETTERMEN The baseball feam began oufdoor pracfices on March 28 wifh Coach Bob Ehrsam welcoming back eighf refurning leffermen. Back fo hold down fwo ouffield posfs were Larry Randall and Jack DeShone, along wifh firsf year man, Jim Barfleff, fhe leading candidafe for fhe ofher ouffield posifion. The infield is made up enfirely of refurning leffermen. Earl McLaughlin, a fhird baseman: LeVar Johnson, a second baseman and shorfsfop: Ken Hudkins, a shorfsfop and fhird baseman: Dave Kollaf, a second baseman, and Toby Kidder, a firsf baseman, all won leffers af fhese posfs fhe previous years. George Forfino and Evan Mollenkopf, fwo firsf year men, alfernafe fhe cafching chores. Travis Burleson, a fwo-leffer winner, was fhe only re- furning pifcher. Travis had a fhree and one record lasf year. Several promising prospecfs up from fhe B-feam help Burleson wifh fhe pifching chores, Pringle being one. Chances for finishing high up fhe conference ladder were considered good af fhe beginning of fhe season. The feam faced a sfiff sevenfeen game schedule including a fwelve game conference slafe. The Blazers played all 17 of fheir games in fhe space of only 33 days. Refurning Leffermen: Larry Randall, Dave Kollaf, LeVar Johnson, Coach Bob Ehrsam, Trav Burleson, Toby Kidder, Jack De-Sl-lone, Earl McLaugh- lin and Ken Hudkins. E MEN AMAS5 HIGH TOTAL IN P0lI0 DIME LINE Every major le+'l'erman in sporrs or in managing is a member of The Varsify Club, which mee+s every second and fourfh Tuesday of 'l'he monrh in rhe gym. All members musr uphold The purposes of 1'he club: +o direc'l' rhe club's highesi' loyalfies and services 'ro rhe school: +o encourage +he besr efforr of any afhlere in spor'l's, in scholasric sranding and in cirizen- ship: +o encourage a closer fellowship among players: ro join in solving 'l'eam problems: +o direcl' 'I'he club's highesr boy a+hle+es 'l'o 'rhe school rarher +han ro any group of persons: and fo develop a high s'I'andard of school and menral morale. Upon earning his firsl' major leH'er, any arhlere is eligible 'I'o join +he club. An E Man may earn his major leH'er in a number of ways. ln foofball, rhe arhle-re mus'I' play 14 quarfers. ln baskerball he musl' play regularly wi'rh 'I'he varsiry squad. ln rraclc a boy musl' make 15 poinrs in varsiry meers. Baseball, cross counrry and 'I'ennis have similar sysrems. Wi+h +he earning of his firsl' leHer, a boy may buy an E jacket The club's ac+ivi+ies included an open house for all presenr and pasi' leH'ermen a+ Norrhside gym during Chrisrmas vacarion, a dime line for lhe March of Dimes and a picnic and dance in 'lhe spring near 'lhe close of 'The school year for all varsi'l'y club members, rheir parenrs and dares. Mr. Glen SilcoH' is sponsor of rhe Varsiry Club. All coaches are honorary members. 100 Row 1 sfanding: J. Barflerr, J. Howard, G. Forfino, T. Kidder, C. Himes. T. Luclcenbill, J. Maffhews, L. Kiefer, F. Shank, G. Daugherry, R. Adams. Row 2: D. Donovan, T. Burleson, D. Tepe, J. DeShone, M. Yealry, D. Denman, D. Mann, J. Gildea, K. Hudkins, D. Garrirson D. Seng. Row 3: T. Howard, J. Marrafino, R. Dexrer, J. Douberfeen K. Davis, D. Paffi, N. Sawyer, L Randall, S. Prugh, B. Ribler, D. Bark- man. Row 4: L. Brown, G. Meyers, D. Till, D. Flora, E. McLaughlin, J. Lundquisf, B. Marfin, B. Wilmore, R. Yeager. Bill Ribler, heasurer: Larry Randall, presidenf: Neal Sawyer, vice presidenf: Sfeve Prugh, secrelary. Phyllis Cripe, presidenlg Delicia Overholser, vice-presidenfg Sharon Marshall, lreasurerg Gayle Zenh, secrelary. Gayle Zenlz, JoAnn Kuehl, Gail Troyer, Sharon Marshall, Delicia Over- holser, Phyllis Cripe. GAA. 5PON.S'0R5 GIRLS' SPURIS The purpose of l'he Girls' Alhlelic Associalion is lo offer facililies, organiza'l'ion, and insrruclion in a variely of aclivi- +ies in order lhal' each girl can parlicipale in some form of physical recrealion. This year members of 'l'he club 'rraveled lo lhe Slare Leadership Training Camp, +o Madison and Soulh Bend Cenlral for volleyball games, 'ro a weekend camp and 'ro 'rhe Plaque Playday al Indiana S+a+e Teachers College. Olher aclivilies included lhe Dislricl' Baskelball Playday, in which lhe Ellcharl' G.A.A. was hosl' and +wo ice-slcaling parlies. The associalion also provided an opporl'uni+y for lhe girls 'lo bowl each Thursday a'F+er school. Each year l'he G.A.A. ends ils aclivilies wilh a banquel al which awards are made. The 'Firsl' le'H'er a girl wins is a blue E wil'h l'he club name: 'lhe second, a while E. Senior members are especially honored. Miss Mary Kendall is 'lhe sponsor of 'lhis club. 101 Xb Q N2 Q, i 4, .--as Q ,,,.,,w igpgitii l,..,.w-wi tm-or af' www' 51 O O I All of us came in 'rhrough 'rhese doorways 'ro fomorrow. ln classrooms, in acrivifies, we worked and learned +oge'rher. We a're lunch +oge+her, wen+ +o meefings rogefher, and sfudied +oge+her. Each day we learned a li'r+le more aboul' geHing along wi'rh people. Our of fhis came 'rhe friend- ships which provided fhe sympalhy, +he under- sfanding, and +he enioymenf +ha+ make our high school days unforgeflable. fhe open doors, you'll find all of us. THE ABU' ADMINIS TIM l'0R.S' Few of lhe sludenls a+ EHS have +he pleasure of knowing our superinlendenl, J. C. Rice, personally. Bul lhose who do, know him +o be friendly and helpful. He is a genial man, bul mos'I' of all, he is an e'FFicien+ adminis+ra+or. He has lhe immense 'raslc of inferprefing fhe school program +o lhe public so +ha+ +ax funds are avail- able +o main+ain +he s+a+us of our presenl' schools and +o build new schools. Mr. Rice is a leader nor only in our schools, buf also in civic and church affairs. He believes in uniling +he schools and +he communily so 'rhai' lhey funclion +oge1'her. Mr. Wollenweber is responsible for supervising 'lhe cus- fodial care of 17 schools, and +heir main+enanceg such as, pain+ing, clocks, furni+ure, supplies and school playgrounds. Mr. Burns manages +he business affairs of our schools. H is he who buys +he fexlbooks and ofher supplies, and handles all 'lhe ex'l'ra-curricular funds. Mr. J. C. Rice, our Superinfendenf of Schools. Mr. Maurice Burns, Mr. William Wallenweber. WHO CUNDIICT THE BUSINESS 0F UUR .ffH00l.f . . The Board of School Truslees is a group of prominenl' '7AK people in our communify who head a corporafion lcnown as l'he School Cily of Elkhart ll' is 'l'he imporlanl' iob of 'rhese +rus+ees +o conduc+ 'lhe business of 'lhe Elkharf Cify Schools. The school board meels every Monday nighl' 'lo discuss school ma'Hersg such as, housing, The welfare of l'he schools, and fhe hiring of leachers. They are also concerned wilh such maHers as summer school classes, nighl school for adulls, schools for handicapped children, and cus'I'odial care of l'he buildings. The School Board is a group of civic minded cifizens who devole 'lheir 'lime unselfishly lo our schools. These Elkharlans deserve a lol' of credil' for 'l'he laudable and elificienl' job 'lhey are doing, bul' usually lhey receive only complainls. The Board of School Truslees is a fine example of good cilizenshipz a group of people giving unsellishly of 'lheir lime for lhe be'H'ermen'l' of our schools and our . Mr. Rice and League presidenls, Sue Haines and Morey Mowaf. commumly. School Board members: Howard F. Chrislner, Sr., Chesler A Huffman, Mrs. H. L. Cormican, Slanley A. Raymer, Mr. Eldon F. Lundquisl. 105 THE MEN AND WOMl-'N WHO gk- i Mr. Woodruff, Ted Fihsimmons, Dave Kollaf. All of fhe seniors remember when Woody came fo our homerooms fhis year for brief quesfion-answer periods. We were encouraged +o crificize anyfhing fhaf we didn"I' like and were free fo make suggesfions for improving our school. This is one of fhe many ways in which Mr. Woodruff, our principal, works for and wifh fhe sfudenfs +o make us feel fhaf fhis is our school, nof his. Any EHS sfudenf who has ever soughf Mr. Woodruff's advice appreciafes fhe facf fhaf Woody's door is always open, he is glad +o help us wifh our problems anyfime. Woody can be depended upon fo give us sincere and helpful solufions fo our problems. His informalify makes nof only sfudenfs, buf also parenfs and feachers feel com- forfable in his presence. Woody believes in leffing fhe sfudenfs fake parf in managing school affairs as is revealed by fhe facf fhaf fhere are sfudenfs on every sfanding faculfy commiffeep sfudenfs fake parf in planning guidance sessions, pep sessions, in buying assembly programs, and in many ofher acfivifies. Mr. Woodruff likes fo fhink of every EHS sfudenf as a friend and all of us should fhink of him as our friend. lf's people like Woody, fogefher wifh fhe faculfy, fhaf creafe fhe fine spirif of EHS. Mr. C. P. Woodruff, our principal. are 3 i s I yggg HHP IIS OPEN THE DO0R.S' T0 THE I-'llfllkf . . Through our years in high school, we have had ihe assisfance of our capable counselors. They have helped us choose +he course of s'l'udy +o prepare us 'For la+er life. The seniors have become accusfomed +o conferring wi+h Miss Deal and Mr. Kauffmann aboui' any and all problems: courses, college plans, or personal problems. Counselors have +he iob of preparing course eleclives for more +han 1400 s'luden+s each year. Alfhough allowed one hour per day for guidance work, +heir iobs require many, many ex+ra hours, for each has a heavy leaching schedule. Our assisfanl' principal, Mr. Updike, is always glad 'l'o help us decide which college +o aHend, and whal' fo fake 'l'here. Mr. Updike advises +he seniors on scholarships: he also has charge of +he +es+ing program. An efficieni' ad- minis'l'ra+or, Mr. Updilce becomes acfing principal in case of Mr. WoodruFi's absence or illness. Mr. Rogers, our dean of boys, is a sl'ern buf fair man whose iudgmenf is respec+ed by all who know him. He handles 'fhe boy's aHendance problems and sponsors +he Boy's League. Miss Shideler, our dean of girls, is a warm and under- s+anding woman who is able fo 'rallc +0 The girls in +heir own language. Girls' aH'endance problems are her responsi- bilify. Miss Shideler is 'lhe sponsor of +he Girls' League. Mr. McHargue, Miss Sharp, Mr. Kaul-fmann, Miss Jarvis Miss Deal Miss Shideler, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Updilre gg . , X 5 Q I f X I , II I I3 THE FACUHY. . . ADAMS, NORVAL, B.S., M.S. Biology, Science Chairman ADDISON, WILLIAM, B.S., M.S. Commerce AMSBAUGH, ANNA, B.S., M.S, Homemalring, Homemalcing Chairman AVERY, FRANCES. B.A.. M.A. French BELL, JOE, B.S., M.A. Commerce BELL. MAX. B.S., M.S. General Business, Typing 11, Baskeflaall Coach BLACK, LAURA LEA, A.B. English BOOK, ORPHA, A.B., B.S. in L.S. Librarian BROADBENT, JAMES, B.S. in E.D Aufomofive Mechanics and General shop BROUGHTON, RUTH, B.S., M.A. English, Language Chairman SWHIER, PATRICIA ANN, B.S. Commerce BU RKHARDT, DOROTHY, A.B. English BUSCHE, LOUISE, B.A., M.A. English BUTTON, LYLE. B.S. Physical Educafion, Foofball Coach, Drivers' Training CAMPAGNOLI, ANTHONY, B.S M.A. Physical Eclucafion COOPER, HARRY, B.S., M.A. Commerce DAVIES, JOHN, B.M.E., M.M.E. Direclor of Inslrumenfal Music DEAL, JUNE, B.S., M.S. Commerce, Counselling DILLEN, CHRISTINE, B.A., M.A. English, Dramafics EHRSAM, ROBERT, A.B., M.S. Mafhemalics, Baseball Coach Inframural Direclor FOX, ALICE, A.B., M.A. Mafhemalics 0llR TEACHERS AND FRIENDS GILL, IVAN, B.S., M.S. Chemisfry, Ticlrei' Manager GOWDY, WILLIAM, B.S.M., M.M. Direclor of Vocal Music, Music Chairman HAMILTON, WILLIAM. B.S. Inclusfrial Arfs, Counselling HARDING, KENNETH, B.S. IncIusI'riaI Arfs HART, GLEN, B.S., M.S. Indusfrial Aris, Counselling HARVEY, REX, B.S., M.S. MaIhema+ics, Mafhemafics Chairman HERBST, EUGENE, B.S., M.S. Physical Science, Ma+hemaIics ISBELL, WELFORD, A.B., M.S. Indusfrial Ar'rs JAMES, HOWARD, B.F.A., M.S. Arf JANZARUK, JOHN, B.S. Physical EducaI'ion, Foofball Coach, Drivers' Training JARVIS, KATHRYN, B.A., M.A. MaI'hema+ics, Counselling JOHNSON, JULIA, R.N. School Nurse JONES, FLORENCE, B.S., M.S. Social SI'udies, Caclef Teaching JORDAN, RILEY, B.A., M.A. Social S+ucIies, Social S+udies Chairman KAUFFMANN, LEWIS, B.S., M.S Social Siuclies, Counselling KELLY, DOROTHY, B.A., M.A. English, PubIica+ions KENDALL, MARY, B.S., M.S. Physical EcIucaI'ion KERR, LESTER. B.S.. M.A. Malhemafics KING, GLADYS, B.A., M.A. Spanish KIRKLAND, HELEN, Ph.B., M.A. Disfribufive Educa+ion, Job Placemenf LIKINS, VIRGIL, B.EcI., M.S. Physics LUTY, EDITH, B.A., M.S. English MAHAN, ROBERT, B.S.. M.S. Biology and Physical Science McHARGUE, GLEN, B.S., M.S. Social Sfudies, Counselling MATER, WILBER, B.A., M.A. Social Sludies McKEEHAN, ALICE, B.S. Homemaking MORGAN, JOHN, B.S. Indusfrial Arls ORGAN, E. T. MILLER, EVELYN, B.A., M.A. Biology Direclor of Voca+ionaI ancl Ad ull Eclucafion RUSSELL, ISBELL, A.B. Developmenf Reading RICHARDSON, MARILYN, B.S. Homemaking SANDS, W. E., B.A.. M.A. Social Sfudies SCHWARTZ, DONALD, B.S. Indusfrial Aris SAWYER, MARGUERITE, B.A. M.A. Lafin, English SHARP, MARIE, B.A., M.A. English, Counselling SILCOTT, GLEN, B.S., M.A. Direcior of A+hIe'Iics, Heallh and Physical Educalion Chairman SICKELS, ADA, Ph.B., M.S. English SPROULL, RAYMOND, B.S.. M.S. Social Sfuclies WENGER, GALEN, A.B., M.A. Direclor of Speech and Radio Workshop WHITNER, WILLIAM, B.S., M.Ed. Eleclriciiy Wham, Cecilia Elias and Mr. Joe Bell Mr. Davies, off in his privafe plane Yes, teachers are people . . . While we see our feachers every clay in classes and know fhem besl' as feachers, mos+ of us know many of our leachers in 'rheir more informal mo- men+s-momen+s when +hey worlc individually wi'rh us on special proiecfs or when +hey are enjoying fheir own hobbies and fheir own families. Bedfime a+ +he Coopers. Mrs. Brower and Mr. Ma+er. Miss Busche and Ronnie Weaver ll' Senior class sponsor, Mr. Harding and Jon Armsfrong. Senior class sponsor, Mrs. Fox. HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1956 We, fhe class of '56, began our sophomore year in Sepfember, 1953, by meefing new friends, feachers, and subiecfs. Af firsf we felf Iosf in fhe maze of upperclassmen buf soon became acquainfed. Our firsf imporfanf iob was fo gel' ourselves organized. To lead our class in our acfivifies, we elecfed class officers: presidenf, Jack Douberfeeng vice-presidenf, Dennis Tepeg freasurer, Beverly Wilkinson: secrefary, Ted Fihsimmonsg boys' social chairman, Morey Mowaf: girls' social chairman, Rufh Raafz. Rufh and Morey planned a good class parfy, which was held on April 10. Miss Morey and Mr. Harding were chosen as our sponsors. Miss Deal and Mr. Kauffmann were our counsellors. We began our iunior year wifh fhe elecfion of class officers. Ted Fifzsimmons was chosen as presidenf, Morey Mowaf as vice-presidenf, Susan Haines as secrefary, Vince DeDario as freasurer, and Janef Huffman and Dave Boussom as girls' and boys' social chairmen. On Ocfober 12 our class rings arrived. We displayed fhem proudly, feeling like full-fledged juniors. Our firsf big proiecf of fhe year was presenfing fhe Junior Follies. The fheme for fhe Follies was BEHIND THE FOOTLIGHTS. Days and monfhs passed quickly. We soon found our- selves preparing for fhe Junior Class Play. We chose fhe play ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN and sef April 29 as fhe dafe of performance. A casf of giffed iunior acfors showed fheir abilifyg ofhers helped behind scenes. The nexf, and biggesf, evenf of fhe year was fhe Junior- Senior Prom which was held on May 12. We mef fhe chal- lenge of decorafing fhe new Norfhside Gym successfully by creafing an EVENING IN PARIS fheme wifh wall murals, Sfanding: Jack Douberfeen, presidenfg Jon Armsfrong, freasurerg Jim Murphy, boys' social chairman. Seafed: Don Weaver, vice-presidenfg Bev Wilkinson, girls' social chairman: Peggy Veafch, secrefary. sidewalk cafes and a replica of fhe Eiffel Tower. We felf fhaf fhe firsf prom in fhe new gym was a greaf success. Lasf fall we sfarfed our senior year. We were sorry 'I'o see Miss Morey leave affer working wifh her for fwo years. However, Mrs. Fox capably began working wifh Mr. Hard- ing and fhe senior class. Our firsf big proiecf was our class play, YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU. We all worked hard, since fhis was our lasf chance fo help swell our class finances. The play was performed successfully by a falenfed casf. A+ 1-he end of fhe firsf semesfer we all gave a sigh of relief. Some of us were beginning fo feel fhaf we wouldn"l' be as eager fo leave EHS as we had anficipafed. We had become quife affached fo our school and our feachers, in spife of our peffy mumblings. The firsf week in March we had our lasf senior parfy, fhe LAST CLASS BLAST af Sfudebaker Park. H' was well- planned and well-affended. As Commencemenf drew near, clofhes and acfivifies were a consfanf source of worry and conversafion. We found ourselves geffing busier and busier as fhe days flew pasf. Then came Senior Day, Senior Tea, Senior Banquef, and af lasf Commencemenf, a fruly happy climax fo a busy fhree years. As we furned in our caps and gowns, we were sad fo close fhe happiness we had known as fhe class of '56. 113 ,lm 1' 114 '. 9' , '03 257' 'Er if -qu-nf I A-mf RN-,whiz - ,li 1 xy? k Q. F f f 'A , 9 'ef 'ZTQM' , . ' f 4' -'-' 1 5 CLASS 0F ADAMS, LORETTA ADAMS, SALLY AYDELOTT, ROEANN AKE, MYLA JO ALLEN, BONNIE ALLEN, EUGENE ALT, BEVERLY ANDERSON, BARBARA ARMSTRONG, JON ARNOLD, CAROL BAER, DAVE BAILEY, BUD BAKER, JOHN BALL, SUSAN BALLOWE, FRANCHELLE BALYEAT, TONY D. BARFELL, LARRY BARKMAN, RICHARD L. BARNES, ODESSA BARRENTINE, WAYNE 1956 BASKERVILLE, JOEL A. BEHRENS, GAYLE BENNETT, JOAN BERGERSON, RICHARD BICKEL, JOAN BICKEL, LOREN BLATZ, DAVID BLESSING, THOMAS A. BLOOM, DON BLOUGH, STANLEY R. BOCK, RONALD BOOKS, NATHAN BOUSSOM, DAVID BOWDOIN, ROBERT EDWIN BOWER, DONALD BOWERS, CAROL BOWERS, JOHN BOWYER, JULIUS BOYLAND, JIM BRADLEY, THOMAS ROSS 'Ns 2 L , fx s 5 w . ,, :f?'v- 1 ' 14 c CLASS OF BRANNAN, SARA L. BRAUN, DOUG BRIDGE, BARBARA BROOKS, NYLA JANE BROWN, ANNA BROWN, LARRY BROWN, RICHARD D. BROWN, SALLY JO BRUBAKER, KAY BRUCE, LINDA LEE BUCHER, DOUGLAS BRYANT, MARILYN BURLESON, TRAVIS BURNSTINE, BARB BURSON, BEVERLY J. BURTON, KEITH BUSHONG, NANCY BUZOLITS, FRANK CADY, PHYLLIS JOAN CAMPBELL, KEITH E. 1956 CARLSON, CHARLES CARPENTER, JUDY CASSELMAN, GLORIA DARLENE CATALDO, JOSEPHINE CAUSEY, LUCILLE CHAVIS, WARDELL CHIDDISTER, MAX R. CHRIS, BILL CHRISTIANSEN, BARBARA J. ARCHINAL, LOIS COFFIN, BARBARA COLLINS, EDWARD COMER, KURT COMER, SHIRLEY COMPTON, JOAN COOPER, GREGORY M. COX, DAVID L. CRESS, RON CRIPE, ANTHONY CRIPE, PHYLLIS 'ss--di :3 ,asp nw I x CLASS OF CRIST, CARL J. CROFOOT, SHIRLEY CULLEN, ELIZABETH ANN CULP, DONNA CURRY, SHIRLEY DAUB, CAROLYN DAVIS, BARBARA DAVIS. CLAYTON DAVIS, KEITH DAVIS, THOMAS DeDARIO, VINCENT DENMAN, FRED DEPUTY, ROBERT DeSHONE, JACK DEUEL, WALTER DEXTER, RICHARD E. DICAMILLO, MARIE DICK, NANCY LEE DILLON, JANET K. DODGE, NATALIE 1956 DOLPH, ARLENE DONNELL, BOB DOUBERTEEN, JACK F. EBY, SAM EICHELBERG, SUE ELIAS, CECELIA A. ELLI, MARY ELLEN EMGE, ERNEST WILLIAM EMMERT, SUSAN CAROL ENFIELD, RAY FAIR, JO ANN FEEHRER, RONALD FIEDLER, VIRGINIA FILBERT, JEANINE KAY FISCHER, JANET FISHER, JANET FITZSIMMONS, TED FLOWERS, DONALD FOLTZ, JOHN W. FORNEY, LINDA ANNE f .W f m E 1 I 42? 5 I 'J' ff' 120 CLASS OF FUNK, CAROLYN FUNK, MARY LOU GARDNER, JAMES H. GLANT, LORETTA GOOD, WAYNE GOULD, GLEN GORNIK, CAROLYN GRAFT, FRANK GRIFFITH, MARLENE ANN GRILLO, SALLY GUZZO, JEAN ELIZABETH GYGI, LeROY HAGER, EDWIN D. HAID, SANDRA HAINES, SUSAN HANOVER, RICHARD F. HAUENSTEIN, SALLY ANN HARRELL, LARRY G. HARRIS, ALBERT J. HASTY, JERRY 1956 HENRIKSEN, BOB HERTSEL, JEANENE HESKETH, SHERRILL HICKMAN, RONNIE E. HIGH, CHARLES HODGEN, PAT HOLMES, RUTH ANN HOLYCROSS, PATRICIA HOOPER, DALE LAWRENCE HOUSOUR, JANET HOWARD, TOM HUDKINS, WALTER HUFFMAN, JANET HUMMEL, MARGO HUMPHREY, DOROTHY HUSS, MARY JO HUTCHISON, SHARON H. HYDE, MIKE JACOBS, SHIRLEY JENKS, ROY , 121 CLASS OF JESSE, JACK JOHNSON, BURTON JOHNSON, LARRY D. JOHNSON, LAVAR L. JOHNSON, NORMAN A. JONES, NORMA LEA KALK, DANNY KANE, IRIS KECK, BARBARA KEELEY, JOHN R. KELLER, JOHN KELLER, MARILYN KENSILL, KAREN KIEFER, JIM KIDDER, JUDITH L. KIMBROUGH, CHARLE F. KING, SUE KOEHLER, SUE KOLLAT, DAVID T. KOSKI, SANDRA KATHRYN I 9 5 6 KRAYBILL, SUE KRETSCHMER, BERNARD C. KRIDER, SANDRA KAY KULP, JANICE LEE LaCOUNTE, EARL LANTZ, NANCY M. LARIMER, CAROLYN LAUBY, LYNN LEERS, JOAN GLORIA LEIPOLD, JON LEWIS, BARBARA LINN, LARRY J. LOVE, BERNICE LOVE, ROGER LUKE, SALLY LYONS, BONNIE RUTH MANLEY, NANCY LOU MAPES, GEORGE MARKUS, JOYCE I 'IW 53 L is ,g I' 3 if , as .435 kiff QEY7 " SAI '. CQTJEQ f W A..-A sf' . .E ' R x .I - ' 2, " wwf- .I 1 -fi - W.: ig '-v--n,,q3wfffff?2??1 123 'I ...I M, am 124 I, CLASS 0F MARRAFFINO, JOHN MARSHALL, DICK MARTIN, JANETTE S. MARTIN, MARY LOUISE MAST, KAREN ANN MASTEN, SHIRLEY MAURER, LAWRENCE McCAVIT, MARCIA MCCLANE, ROBERT L. MCCOMBS, MONA McCULLOUGH, LARRY McKEE, PAUL MCLAUGHLIN, EARL MCMICHAEL, JEAN MERRITT, BOB MEYER, GEORGE MILLER, BARBARA MILLER, JANN MILLER, JOAN MILLER, LARRY 1956 MILLER, LESTER I. MILLER, MIKE MILLER, SHIRLEY MINICHILLO, RONNIE MITCHELL, HAROLD MOFFAT, GRACE MOORE, CHARLES MOWAT, MOREY MULCAHEY, JOAN MURPHY, JAMES B. MYERS, GARY LEE MYERS, JAN MYERS, NANCY NAGY, JOHN NEAL, GLORIA NEFF, JANET LOUISE NOLEN, JOHN NUSBAUM, ROGER L. OLSEN, JANET LOU OGAR, RICHARD .H 'W M .1 . fi, 6 NSE If Q Q!! 126 CLASS OF OTT, TERRY LEE OVERHOLSER, DELICIA PAGEDAS, ATHENA CONSTANTINOS PALMER, DUANE PATTI, DON PAYNE, JANET PEDLER, JAN PEFFLY, SHELBA PETER, MELCENIA PETERSON, JAMES PETERSON, JANE PHOEBUS, LARRY PINKHAM, ANNE PLANK, MARLENE JO POLLARD, BARBARA POORBAUGH, LOUISE POTTER, ARLENE PRINGLE, JIM PRUGH, DIANE PRUGH, STEVE I956 PUTT, SALLY JO PURVIS, DICK RAAB, JACOB RAATZ, RUTH RANDALL, LARRY RAVENSCROFT, DON REASONER, THELMA RENALDI, TOM REPLOGLE, DONNA RENN, JOHN CHARLES REVOIR, RENA RHODES, RICHARD WILLIAM RIBLET, WILLIAM RICHMOND, NANCY RICKEY, JERRY RIETH, JOHN RITTER, RONALD E. ROBINSON, PAT RODWICK, CATHY ROGERS, LARRY xg J wi' I i f I f' NWN' CLASS OF ROSS, JANICE ROTH, RICHARD RUSSO, BARBARA SACKMAN, COLLEEN LYNNE SANDERSON, RICHARD SASSAMAN, SHIRLEY ANN SAWYER, NEAL SAWYER, DICK SCHLITZ, M. GENE SCHLOSSER, MARIANNE SCHMIDT, MAX SCHRECKENGAST, NANCY SCHROCK, JR., MORRIS SCHUELKE, CAROLYN SCHULER, ALICE ANN SCHULER, SHARON SCOTT, JON V. SEARCY, JIM SEARLES, DAN SEKORA, JEAN 1956 SHANK, BARB SHANK, FRITZ SHAW, DICK E. SHEARER. JOAN SHEARER, JUNE SHEETS, ROGER SHELTON, PHYLLIS E. SCHOEMANN, CAROL A SINCLAIR, PAUL SLABAUGH, SHONNE SLACK. MARJORIE SLESSMAN, ERNEST SLINKARD, JOHN SMITH, LORETTA SMITH, MARTIN L. SMITH, SAUNDRA SMITLY, DICK SNEARLY, EVELYN SNYDER, ELLEN maxi' Wil' 594: I' -H' -.f - 1 -p81 '5- kw" If 'I v wx? iv: a ,n 9: ,uni 4 ,nun , . ' 17155 f Hfnrlff ' ' ' nuul, 9' fgfsrxrff' 130 W Lf5S!!Q'f1fI CLASS OF SNYDER, WILLIAM T. SPESSHARDT, JEAN C. SPRINGER, PATTI ROSE SPRY, DONALD A. STEINER, DAVID STEMM, ALAN STEPHENS, WILLIAM DOUGLAS STEVENS, NAOMI MAE STEWART, CHUCK STIVER, CAROL STUCK, KAREN STUCK, LESLIE ELAINE SUGGETT, MARTHANA SWARTZ, FRED SWIHART, DALE SZOBODY, DIANE TEMPLETON, BEV TEPE, DENNIS TERLEP, ROBERT THATCHER, PAUL E. I956 THOMPSON, LARRY L. THOMPSON, MERLE L. TROYER, DAVE TROYER, GWEN TUSING, RONALD E. Van ALSTINE, KAY VEATCH, PEGGY VINCENT, DORIS VOLHEIM, LYNDA WAGNER, ARTHUR WAGONER, DAVE WAGNER, ELSIE WAGNER, LARRY EUGENE WAGNER, LINDA WALTZ, MARY JANE WAMPLER, TERRY LEE WARD, JOHN A. WARNER, SANDRA WATERMAN, CLARK WATERS, ADELAIDE ANN CLASS OF WEAVER, BEV WEAVER, CAROL WEAVER, DONALD EUGENE WEAVER, RONNIE WEAVER, SHARON LEE WELDY, SANDRA WELLS, CONSTANCE ANN WENZEL, JERRY WESTLAKE, BILL WHEELER, SALLY WHETTEN, MARILYN WHICKER, SONNIE WHITEHEAD, SONJA WICHMAN, JIM WIEGNER, MARTHA WIENER, JAYNE WILHELM, SALLY ANN WILKINSON. BEV WILKINSON, CHARLYN 1956 WILLIAMS, CLYDE WILLIAMS, DORIS WILSEY, PAUL E. WILSON, RONALD WISE, NANCY RUTH WISE, SALLY WISEMAN, DREAMA GAY WISWELL, JOHN B. WOGMAN, FRANK WOLSCHLAGER, WALTER WRIGHT, FRANCES WRIGHT, SHELBY WYMAN, ANN YEAKEY, MIKE YOUNG, LAWRENCE ZEIGLER, LINDA ANN ZIMMERMAN, SUE ZOLLINGER, SANDRA GRADUATING, BUT NOT PICTURED: WAYQ',fBQQV"Q,Rgf,2RESS RAL"HJf,'1fQ,Ef,AQMS,Qf,BAUGH PICTURED, BUT NOT GRADUATING: NANCY sus HARRIS PATRICIA JEAN SMITH LOIS ARcI-IINAL DON BOWER MARY FUNK DORIS LUTZ T. S. JARL UILKEMA DONALD BLOOM WARDELL CHAVIS JANET OLSON GEORGE CHARLES WOOD MARTIN SMITH BILL WESTLAKE 133 HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1957 1+ was a grea'1' 'rhrill 'io come back fo EHS +his year. We weren'1' +he youngesi' anymore. Now fhe sophs looked up 'l'o us, and even 'rhe seniors began +0 ac'1 as if we were fif +o associafe wi+h. As Sepfember and Ocfober hurried by, we organized our old gangs, joined new clubs, wenf +0 pep sessions, sup- porled our feams and wenl' +o fhe Y-dances. Mrs. Swhier and Mr. Addison were back +o guide us in planning our impor1'an'1' class ac1'ivi'l'ies. To help '1hem, we elecfed fhe following officers: Mike Plank, presidenfp John Gildea, vice-presiden'I'g Bonnie Darling, secre+aryg Wally Wells, lreasurer: Jean Amsden, girls' social chairman, Lance Hayes, boys' social chairman. We hurriedly s+ar+ed +o work on our Follies, SAINTS AND SINNERS. To carry oul' fhe Theme, aclors and chorus line dressed in cosfumes 1i'Hing +he +i+le. On 'The nighl' of Ocfober 15, we worried over all 1'he lasl'-minule de'1'ails: spo+ligh+s, props, curlains and audience. Then, as 'lhe 'Fool- ligh+s dimmed, we wa+ched our +alen+ perform and realized +ha+ our Follies were a hit Afler a busy Chrislmas vacafion was over, we planned a class parfy, which was held on January 7, in +he high school gym. H' seemed +ha1' we were in a real TV sfudio, since all +he decora'I'ions and program were planned around 134 Junior class sponsors, Mr. Addison and Mrs. Swhier. uni 'STH' Prom commiHee--sfandingz Sally Shank, Nancy Diehl, Karen Whifmyer, Laura Turner. Fronl: Sally Scolf, Jan Smiih, Ann Goldsberry, Jan Cummins. Sealed: Bonnie Darling, secrelaryg John Gildea, vice-presidenfg Jean Amsden, girls' social chairman. Sfanding: Mike Plank, presidenli Lance Hayes, boys' social chairman, Waller Wells, Treasurer. This lheme. TV cameras filmed lhe whole parly. We danced and ale during 'rhe enlerlainmenl' which consis'l'ed of quiz programs paH'erned afler aclual TV shows. ln March, we were busy going 'ro all lhe baskelball games. We worried aboul' season lickel' bookbacksg girls searched high and low for E-sweafers. ln April, we worked hard on our Junior Class Play, MEET A BODY, which was presenled April 21, in lhe audiforium, under lhe direclion of Mr. Charles Hamplon. On +he same day a special Junior Pennanl was pub- lished by Marcia Kendall, and a slalif of iunior iournalisfs. We wenl all oul' +o make lhe Junior-Senior Prom lhe besi' ever. On +he day of 'rhe prom, May 19, we were af l'he Nor+h Side Gym early in lhe morning, decoraling in keeping wi+h our 'rheme which was SEA OF DREAMS. To carry ou'l' our lheme 'the queen's +hrone was a large clam shell. We were rewarded 'For all our hard work by a perfecl' evening. We fell' 1-hal' our prom was a final fribure +o +he deparling seniors. We've heard il said, "The junior year is The mos'r fun of all," and we agree wholehearledly. 135 -. V: 1:h '- ,." - Y- f A i f V ,7 , . gm 7 .K V f . . Q , . J .ggi.gQ , --qb .- ' J. : 5 .. gg ,, . .LAA .. A he in All ,, , ,H QM, J 4' ie . V V-,:: . V. ., L,1l, ...fi 'luq mf uf' A if if I .. ,,. J E , kg r E V . . -2 F wr "g' , , ' . 14. 4 , A f A iw . EY -- ,.,E j ., - E ea! , -32' 'ff- EM Y . 3 , i ..g W.,k,. I 'Q L . sr J fi 4 1. "f s- , .. 3.7 1 , if 136 L 'U 'S .1 ...K . V Q ,af 5' t . ?2, .Ex we Q , ,F ml W? 'il gk . .. ea .ya -3 J' A 1' if . L ..-:B H' if Y 5. J ei K ' I . . if ff... . 3. 'fi dll, ' 13. H' Ai 1 svn , ,X in if at . 5 . Q: y, W "' J T . if il Q.. .nX 3 wr 5 'H if rig? iff lmib .i if .s .mp -MMR - 3... W. if .5. I ig.. J , qg E! 1. .5 l " ' , .J CLASS OF Abplanalp, S.: Adams, D.: Aller, J.: Aller, J. Allman, J.: Alwine, K. Amsden, J.: Amsden, J.: Anderson, R.: Aslleford L.: Allcins, T.: Babbif, B. V Backerf, B.: Baer, C.: Baer, S.: Baker, C.: Bake C.: Baker, J. Bale, S.: Barne'H', M.: Barion, C.: Beadle, L BeaHie, P.: Behrens, L. Bender, P.: Bender, R.: Benham, J.: Berger, P Blaclrmore, J.: Blaclrwell, J. Bleiler, S.: Bloss, J.: Bonlrager, D.: Bordon, Bowers, L.: Bowlby, B. Bowman, D. Bozzo, C.: Bozzo, J.: Bradley, Brandenburg, A.: Brane, B. Briesaclrer, G.: Briggs, B.: Brown, C.: Brumbau L.: Brusdahl, K.: Bryanf, E. Buday, G.: Cady, L.: Campoli, A.: Caialdo, Chaffee, R.: Chandler, J. Chrislner, N.: Clem, J.: Clindaniel, L.: Cocano D.: Coffin, J.: Companion, M. Cook, S.: Corden, M.: Corpe, P.: Cox. C.: C W.: Cullen, B. Culp, I.: Culp, N.: Cummins, J.: Curry, T.: ling, B.: DeGey1'er, M. I957 DeGra'Ff, S.: DeGroo'l'e, P.: Delp, J.: Demas, Denman, D.: Denman, D. Delwiler, L.: Deuel, M.: Deuel, N.: Diehl, Diman, J.: Docfor, T. Dolph, M.: Donnell, J.: Donovan, M.: Dubberl, Dubberl, D.: Dull, R. Earl, D.: Ealon, K.: Elcler, J.: Eller, S.: Elmore, Embry, B. Evans, B.: Fager, R.: Fashbaugh, J.: Fassio, FeH'er, S.: File, T. Flora, L.: Follz, A.: Fousf, S.: Fowler, J.: Franlz, Franlxenberger, J. redriclx, L.: Friedaver, l.: Frlsby, S.: Fruche, unlr, W.: Galloway, J. anger, M.: Garrilson, D.: Geerfs, L.: Giggy, illaerl, J.: Gilclea, J. illespie, P.: Glenn, J.: Glick, L.: Goldsberry, ray, B.: Greenawal+, S. regory, M.: Grieb, J.: Grillo, P.: Grossman, uslin, R.: Haines, S. amillon, D.: Haney, J.: Hapner, H.: Hardy, arvey, F.: Hasse, R. awlcins, V.: Hayes, L.: Heiclen, P.: Heiliger, ess, D.: Himes, C. W-has -N 4 J' Q i. M M Q , ! Q.. . , 'W' I xv.. ,rig , wk - 4 af uk .1 ...if 'Y .4 Q' MJ' .,,. I na . E - L 'L I yn? Vyrl V ,, . i . VM Q , ,.,. 4 Q . o r H .. .Ea Z l A.-.'-- 1 .. , 1. .V 4,5 g s . Q' .,'.l 2' , l -... xl if I ,1- fu lfm ' .1 3' ,E .,, W Af . y,y , Q . ELDL9 TT DLDL f E. J -:a:-'- L r H' ,. . 04, , is ag. J' v f . y, , ,,.,, f a ..., - HA K .fn , -if W -WEN-.R l ll ll . D N or I ' g i , Q ,..- K . " 'l'71- I .I y .I y, I' , .J ' lll .. ... ,I . vl , .,,., I' f , K R. f ":- Q-mi J J : e 137 :K f use . . 1? 2 2 , AA we . F ffl K ' 'E if . ff J' in .., A, 6-6 .M 'D wi." .W ,. 138 'sf A, . .,- -F in g 14- o . . y , r J 5' Y f ifx 4 if 'R I-, , Q.: Q- 35' H 4, if . 32. M 1 S'- . .f fb w l!iEL 'fem V 5 I . .-eff' L A. A X Q , .YQ Q We AQ. ' , 3 xv it Y. gi r'f ,B l if J -. 1 by ' . 3 5 4 M 'Q ' .Q 'E if . 1 'x ni . , .W ,, if V . if . 'i ,. , . V ' 55.1 .Q J ' :.., . - 'Q . . L A 1 i M ,. if 'Zi .A :r . A Wwjm CLASS OF Hirsch, J.: Hoeflinger, D.: Hogandobler, N. Holmes, C.: Holi, H.: Holfz, G. Hooley, J.: Hooley, P.: Horn, J.: Housfon, N. Howard, J.: Hudkins, K. Hulloerf, D.: Hummel, J.: Hunslaerger, S.: Hunfer K.: Husfed, A.: Jessup, J. Johnson, T.: Johnsfon, M. Jones, A.: Juday, H.: Kaiser, T.: Kauffman, K.: Keil, M.: Kendall, M. Kenfner, B.: Kirshner, D.: Kidder, D.: Kiefer, L. Kincaid, B.: Klaus, D. Kleylramp, A.: Kramer, D.: Kreigbaum, J.: Krelsch mer, L.: Krohn, D.: Kuehl, J. Kuhn, B.: Kyle, J.: Kyle, J.: Lahlxe, W.: Lawson, J Leonard, B. Levinslry, R.: Lilly, M.: Lindermann, J.: Lockwoo P.: Lindsay, W.: Lloyd, D. Loney, J.: Longfellow, A.: Lucchesse, F.: Luce, Ludwig, P.: Lusher, L. Ly+le, J.: Maier, B.: Maloney, M.: Mann, Mann, D.: Mann, D. Marshall, S.: Marlin, J.: Marlin, R.: Mafhis, Mayhousen, S.: Mccloughan, B. Jessup, R.: Johnson, L.: Johnson, M.: Johnson, M.: 1957 McCullough, J.: McFarland, W.: McLain, McNeal, G.: Meadows, P.: Menges, G. Merchanr, S.: Messner, L.: Miers, C.: Miller, Miller, R.: Miller, S. Mills, G.: Minelli, S.: Mifchell, J.: Mohr, Mon+ei+h, J.: Moon, N. Moore, T.: Morris, F.: Moyer, J.: Murrell, Myers, D.: Myers, P. Myers, S.: Neff, K.: Newcomer, J.: Miccum, Niclnler, B.: Noffsinger, J. Nolan, D.: Oakes, P.: Oswalf, L.: Owen, Pauley, P.: Paulus, J. awling, S.: Penninger, R.: Perkins, P.: Perrin lank, M.: Poniius, S. owell, W.: Powers, L.: Ray, C.: Reames, eeder, L.: Renfsch, J. evoir, B.: Rhodes, D.: Rice, R.: Richmond, idgley, J.: Riebs, G. ogers, J.: Rogers, L.: Rofh, N.: Russell, nderson, D.: Savory, S. hiuer, K.: Schiclz, L.: Schlosser, G.: Schlosser, hneider, S.: Schooley, C. hooley, E.: Scoff, S.: ScoH, S.: Scribner, eger, D.: Seng, D. .1 W. A A X 'Q is K Y F 'A' ii V Q .4 . 2 er. s g 'il ix-.fe-H: J i J-f L 1 , .V . N .. K 6 "' .Eff 3' f 5- ef -, Q. M .AAV f . V .J Z 'L W uiffk 1 if H i Mi i, .A 1- 1 s A J ' ,e .,,. .J 4 ' K. nl Q 2 f if . ,-vw., .lb AN :-A 521: C ' ii ie r . f .. 1- L Jern if J ,,,, ,,,,. , ,,., H . .....,, Q6 ,,..,..,..,., 4 ' v " 3' .1-.1 V r x .., .. , .li iilii . . . 5 : e , ,XMAS E 1 E 95' - i 9 if X' J xx 'M 1 is L . 7 V . 1 139 L 9 .fi .Ti LEX' A .farm in 'K -A E i .1 " 5 S Qi Q , .1 -5 Q H! ' we ' " f I TK .VA i Xu 155, if! J .1 4 is .W fi-Q. , ,, .Q Q lf' '43 3 N fx. .x L5 . .v,, , CLASS 0F 1957 Shank, S., Shauer, M., Shreiner, N., Sims, M. Sims, M., Slcaife, L. Sledge, O., Smelfzer, S., Smilh, J., Smifh, M. Smifh, S., Snedilcer, W. Snyder, S., Spicer, D., Sfewarf, J., Sioll, F., Sforlc D., Sforms, J. Sfoul, R., Sfrawser, W., Sfruble, B., Slump, L. Slufsman, B., Sufion, C. Swank, M., Swarfzlander, E., Swiharl, J., Synave, J. Taylor, L., Temple, C. Templin, J., Thompson, B., Thompson, J., Thorpe C., Till, D., Tom, D. Tofh, B., Trulli, T., Trumpcwer, T., Turner, G. Turner, L., Vance, J. Vargo, G., VerBerkmoes, B., Vincenf, V., Wade, V Wai+, L., Wallers, C. Wanlre, W., Ware, S., Warner, C., Wells, W Wel+er, E., Wenf, C. Werbinslcyi, J., Wefherbee, D., Whifmer, J., Whi myer, K., Wilder, A., Wiley, C. Williams, B., Williams, J., Wilmore, R., Wilson, Wilfroul, A., Wirf, S. Wise, A., Wi++, B., Wrighf, G., Wysong, P., song, S., Yeager, R. Yeager, D., Yoder, G., Zeldin, B., Zellmer, Zenfz, G., Ziems, J. Members of class no? picfured: Dider, M., Feffer, J., Lodge, R., Mishler, M. TN f .1 Siandingz Dave Keller, Mr. Cooper, George Forlino. Sealed: Ed Borneman, Sue Teusher, Miss Amsbaugh, Reverie Rogers. .aut HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1958 We enfered EHS in Sepfember, feeling confused and excifed. However, we seHled down afrer a few weeks and began a year of work and play. We began aH'ending games, dances, and orher school funcfions. We also joined clubs, according +o our in+eres+s, and aH'ended meefings. Soon we organized, choosing class officers and sponsors. We elec'red fhese people 'io guide us: presidenf, George For+inog vice-presiden+, Gary Ever+sg secrerary, Susan Teusherg freasurer, Dave Keller, girls' social chairman, Reverie Rogers, and boys' social chairman, Ed Borneman. Homeroom chairmen, Miss Amsbaugh and Mr. Cooper, were our sponsors. Soon we began fo feel a parl' of 'Phe school ac+ivi+ies, accepred as full-'fledged members of fhe sfudenl' body. The monfhs wen+ by quickly. We kep+ busy wi+h school work, games, and ac+ivi+ies. ln April, we held a class parfy, planned by our social chairmen, which was a lol' of fun and a huge success. When we ordered our class rings in fhe spring, we fell' +ha+ we really belonged a'l' Elkhar+ High School. As our sophomore year came 'I'o a close, we looked forward +o +he nex+ year, hoping 'rhal' il' would be as mem- orable and enjoyable as our 'iirs'1 year a+ EHS. 141 Q av 1 VA V K, A A . V Z5 ,,., ' R, , . A, 7 . xx , . ii o.c . J: f- in r H I I 1 .J . , y A t yy y if iv, ' f Q H fa.: . A .wqimQ.:af:w l .AXA 'B 'xr . 'fs .r .. 'Q 1 i Ill'-" .X li k.: , , , ff . . . . We . 3, . 2 MQ. A- s ' V + . J 12' Ax... 4- A B lf ' QQ' g! 'Qfi fo 4 3 fir. - ' , 1 .... M 2 V ML lx i ,f V .BB J fl r .W 2 1...,., Q ,Q 4 L F : ,f.,.. x K s q ' K Am Q k:-. H Q. 1 ik 1 f' E 1 f - . ll . S 6' K Z an dggk get M2 L. .' Q' CLASS 0F Adams, M.: Adams, R.: Allen, B.: Allen, E.: Aller J.: Alm, J. Anderson, C.: Anclresen, L.: Anglemyer, M.: Aris- man, N.: Armslrong, M.: Arfley, S. Barlell, S. Baskerville, M.: Beery, D.: Benander, C.: Berkey C.: Berry, B.: Blair, D. Bickle, D.: Bicknell, M.: Bigelow, M.: Billecke, S.: Blah, F.: Bleiler, E. Blosser, S.: Boomershine, J.: Borneman, E.: Bowers, J.: Bozzo, B.: Bradley, B. Bradley, J.: Braun, T.: Brooks, T.: Brower, B.: Brown, C.: Brown, L. Burnham, K.: Burson, R.: Burlon, J.: Burlon, J.: Bushong, J.: Buller, C. Bufler, M.: BuHe, A.: Bynum, S.: Calahan, D.: Caldwell, J.: Campbell, G. Campbell, J.: Campili, V.: Carl, T.: Carpenfer, S.: Carrick, B.: Casselman, J. Causey, M.: Charlslon, H.: Chilcole, M.: Chupp, D.: Churchill, T.: Colagross, G. Collins, P.: Colvard, D.: Complon, L.: Compfon, P.: Complon, S.: Conner, V. Asher, B.: Baer, K.: Bails, L.: Baker, B.: Baker, N.' 1 9 5 3 , Converse, L.: Conway, T.: Cormican, S.: Corson W is Wylie i R.: Cox, J.: Cox, R. in A , ,y A I Q. , i ii 1 .L M ii ' 3 im' X L 4 - if ,,,, Q A I L Crow, L.: Culp, R.: Cummins, P.: Dalrymple, gi , ' jf' , Q! .. A 7 ' :'x . 4' Wa Daugherfy, J.: Davidson, A. gi :,r n g: " J .gag 4,326 - H .. Davis, J.: DeDario, K.: Deford, L.: DeHays, ' Q ' D HH .5 5 fir . 5 Denman, K.: Denny, C. EQ' ,.V!,. 5 I " -. J A Q ' ,- H K x ' y . as ie. R'-A 91 , Q ' ' DeWeese, C.: Dillon, D.: Dishong, P.: Donovan, ' . . 51 gi ' y .Q J D.: Dull. B.: Dufhie, T. 43? ,..:: . . . J N-an 1' ' N' , 'X or A Earl, J.: Edelman, J.: Edmonds, R.: Edsall, Gy N ' Th , 01 Eggerr, U.: Ehre+, J. in K' Lb.. M-fa . .L i - - Elias, E.: Elias, J.: Ellsworfh, D.: Emericlr, gf' , Erickson, D.: Ernsberger, K. -:Y I R, , V. 4 My-Uh.-he sigx 'X " : If 14 l Ernsf, E.: Esch, C.: Everfs, G.: Eyer, C.: Farri Q 6 53 ly 6, lon, M.: Felmlee, J. iv in I , E : W l V ' DNR iw. .A "A 2 .x ix Q. . - -f vf, Ferrel, L.: Fey, M.: Fields, L.: Fields, R.: Fields, Q i I ,K Fisher, J. 4 iii g 7 K 'f i . 5 A . ...Ii KJ Zlhekm Ask ' Fisher, J.: Fisher, P.: Fifzsimmons, L.: Fliclrenger, 'E f. F 'IL ' ' V Flora, D.: Flynn, B. if: E l ' L W i rp. 3 . 7 M Fogleson, L.: Follz, D.: Forfino, G.: Frame, Freed, P.: Fuzzell, R. Gard, L.: Gardner, L.: Gary, H.: Gaslxill, eerls, C.: Genfzhorn, J. eyer, R.: Gibbs, R.: Gilberl, S.: Glendening, lenn, D.: Gluck, Y. it Q' . H? . V I Q 9 ,,i i V . -. ig .f , x. X .e J ,U 5 . . - -4 of .....,, . H . .,,. "1 1 'P' . yxffib- ,, , 'Y 143 if .2 'Ks ., 'H A 9' , M -if A J LL H., , sf. .S 1 W ' iii.: VS .lf .. .KS vi: Q G if I ' w, .. fn x 1 A P ...ue md' M. -' sg fi if 2-If we 5 A V. SN 'Q . il 'lf 4 44' :hm . 7 mf, " .M ..,V. iw, ff ., ieioiev V fr, V AW A 1 lfl . if :si v Sz..-, V,kV I :-, I ai r QV .' -A B ' B an e,. . :?. 1 C an x .Q 1-...A .7 I Z Aylbl i n ,,,-,:,- : ...,.,L:i V . v 1 ,, -, :AV .af Z ' , ,f'lff22, gi . - . f ' i .M 2 . 1 ,f . H VI ,.,. , , . L ! ,E:' f gg K G-., Tk: 1, Q, . I I A Q-f 'J .: S fy S ., ee. ' L L L4 A ef L' an f . .5 .lv ,,:A 6 E -gg gviggj A S M. :M Se A EE i lk ' W. :12 N' an in 3 I 4 4 ,1 l J. J ....... . SN, 32 2 Q? '51 xg' .IVE ,ff A . Qi., J, .. Q., M J M, - .,:A: Vg, CLASS OF Good, C.: Gordon, C.: Groves, M.: Gray, J.: Gruber, S.: Guslafson, B. Hahn, G.: Hall, M.: Hamlin, M.: Harlan, B.: Harper, G.: Harlman, N. Harlman, T.: Halfield, J.: Helfriclr, K.: Helfriclr S.: Hendrix, L.: Herring, S. Hibsliman, D.: Hibslaman, M.: Hibslwman, P.: Hicks S.: Higbie, L.: Hill, S. Hilligoss, B.: Hillman, B.: Himebaugh, C.: Hoalr R.: Hoeflinger, P.: Holdeman, G. Holi, B.: Holfzinger, D.: Holycross, S.: Hoover D.: Horswell, C.: Hosleller, J. Hosleller, V.: Howard, L.: Huffman, R.: Hull, E. Hummel, D.: Hunlinglon, J. Hurd, J.: Hulclnison, D.: lanigro, M.: lmus, l. lnbody, T.: Irving, D. Irvin, R.: Zonlzer, M.: Jones, L.: Johnson, P. Jenlcins, L.: Kaniz, M. Kauffman, M.: Keller, D.: Keller, V.: Kemble, K. Kerslwner, B.: Kidder, M. Kidcler, R.: Kilmer, B.: King, J.: Kirkwood, J. Kleninfeldl, D.: Klemm, B. Kline, T.: Kneile, B.: Koslxi, T.: Krelsclwmer, D. Kurlz, J.: Lanh, J. 958 Leer, L.: Leer, S.: Lenaburg, P.: Lenaburg, S. Lievense, N.: Lewis, J. Licl1+enberger, J.: Liech+y, L.: Linf, L.: Loch mandy, J.: Losee, M.: Loucks, A. Lough, D.: Ludwicli, J.: Lundf, P.: Lundy, B.: Lundgren, D.: Lundquisi' R. Luslx, L.: Ly+le, S.: Maas, E.: Mack, D.: Maier, J. Maier, S.: Mann, A.: Mansfield, P.: Marlrs, P.: Marks, P. Marra, D.: Marshall, Marfin, T.: Mass, N. S.: Marlin, B.: Madlem, L. Mariner, D. Marlin, R. .. of .lp 1 ' .3 -if ,Q we w - 5 K, ' .. I - f,, Ray ,Xxx 1 'tix SUM? ,. ., J W , as ,, - .4 ei Q V 2 1 1 , Q. ii' J I . T L, W., -f.' ii , -S fx ..... -W T .N 'Wi , -. 'f I iiiiiii i 6 . P .lf ..'. an S , I. , af, ' nj . , 3 aw .. I , . - iaii nc ' ' ' ' e J Messing, D.: M6i+h6WS, J.: McCloughan, A.: M Combs, J.: McDowell, T.: McKnighi, J. C. McLain, P.: McMicheal, P.: Menges, D.: Miller, D.: Miller, D.: Miller, L. Miller, M.: Miller, S.: Mills, L.: Mil+on, D.: Mock Y.: Monschein, P. Moores, T.: Morehouse, J.: Morehouse, T.: Morgan G.: Moyer, S.: Mufzl, C. MYSVS. H-I MYCFS. M-I Myers, L.: Myers, W. Nagy, B.: Neice, R. Newman. M-7 Newsome. M.: Nichols, W.: Nifong D-7 Norris, D.: Nusbaum, J. U., 21" 'Na IK 'K I 1 I or . 2, , . Y 1, .If . .Q y 5.1-1 E V: 1 ,J -H? J AX if 'S- ,, ,. ,, . W .I VVV ,. ik . if as X-L.. ,,, -sf gk 2 6 K mf . ,Qs gb 'mc ., . Y' .- 2... , LAL Lyyy . ix. a T . . ... ,,,:. S Aw ef " ' I Q X, V jig N' is 'ak E of LX y, V4 Wax ,WK T '11 1 ,.. wil, 4. Q' SH' ,ua T 145 SKF wg, PWS lER nf ,x S S yy y L yy ., y y A ' ' ' ' 'i' iw - . ,I -Q1' . , . sgggw . - V , 1 . 1 :3 l 2 l , , X it my f . .iff ve, Q KF gf L Q f .. ...,v! A Mir! ,:,z W . . , . , . :, .H .t -QQ 5, K ..,' . ,LV i I l v i , KL .. g . ,k,.- f Q , . , ' K an S y I A .,, . . me N A , ,..' K . " , . P ' .NT jg- an , , . - A A .ga 1 V k . 'f'- Nl L A pf 5 ' 4 5' fe- 3 .ET s,afs:f W, .. 'N , .. ,: - w I ' A K 'Q S l ",, .,.. ' . ' R ' " ls' K? -, W 'fi 4 :',, A - . ..,,., 'Vx' 1. L. KA A ' in : is L .:f- -. 'li J , " ' . , 1 , ,m A fy LJMMQRW Qsmmilgul . y Kay! fa , ' W' 'JK YN. 'x of . ! A: 'L V .A , -if 'r .. .gg 'f f ., y y A . ..:., Q my Z: 4' 3 "'Q' QM , , W- . 4 4? Q 2: uk' X Wg Z JA 146 5 up Q in 'W UF' ' M :Z If if 19, ffm? ala x in I I A LL- .9 ",' CLASS OF Oaks, M.: Oclxer, M.: Olsen, P.: Orlon, Overholf, H.: Owen, W. Padgeff, D.: Palif, B.: Parmafer, P.: Parsons, Pafli, D.: Pavuls, J. Peffley, C.: Peffley, H.: Pendill, D.: Pefer, Peferson, F.: PeHi+, B. Plisfer, R.: Phillips, N.: Pinlcham, M.: Pixley, Price, M.: PuH, D. Quirin, J.: Rader, K.: Raifsnider, L.: Reasoner Reed, C.: Reed, D. Reid, H.: Relil, B.: Replogle, J.: Replogle, Reser, D.: Revoir, V. Richmond, T.: Riclzey, D.: Rininger, C.: Rifchie Rix, N.: Robbins, A. Roberls, J.: Rodewald, R.: Roeder, J.: Rogers Rofh, D.: Rowlison, R. Russell, D.: Russell, E.: Saclzman, L.: ScarleH, Schenk, N.: Scholfield, J. Schroclr, K.: Schuelke, J.: Schull, N.: Scoif, Scoff, C.: Scofl, E. ScoH, G.: Shanholf, D.: Shulfz, J.: Sheler, Sheler, J.: Shelly, T. Shelf, L.: Sherman, J.: Shuperl, R.: Simmons Slough, P.: Smifh, J. Smiih, J.: Smifh, M.: Smoof, B.: Szobody, Snyder, E.: Sommer, D. l958 Spears, B.: Spirifo, B.: Sfamp, J.: Sfeele, P. Siemm, D.: Sfeller, S. Slevens, S.: Slewarf, D.: Sfewarf, J.: Sfewarf, J. Sfewarf, M.: Slover, J. Sfouf, E.: Sfow, J.: Sfrawser, P.: Slreefer, B. Sfruclcel, J.: Subsfanley, D. Sull, C.: Swaihwood, D.: Swan, C.: Swank, K. Swanson, P.: Swifl, A. Taslca, G.: Temple, G.: Terlep, M.: Theobald, L. Tompkins, J.: Toflw, R. Traufman, M.: Trindle, T.: Troyer, G.: Troyer, K. Troylca, G.: Trulli, T. Teusher, S.: Turner, H.: Turnock, D.: Twesfer, B. Vidmar, G.: Walker, E. Walfz, J.: Ward, M.: Ward, P.: Ware, C.: War ford, D.: Warlick, J. Warliclr, S.: Weaver, D.: Weaver, R.: Weaver, R. Wells, K.: Welsch, K. Weller, S.: Wenger, S.: While, J.: Whifehead, R. Wlnifner, V.: Whilmer, J. Whybrew, L.: Wilhoif, D.: Williams, N.: Wiseman, C.: Wolfinger, H.: Wolfinger, E. Wunderliclr, R.: Wood, T.: Woodard, B.: Woodard D.: Woodward, C.: Yoder, K. Young, O.: Zalinslci, C.: Zenlz, L.: Zimmerman, D. Zimmerman, J.: Zipser, L. : ,..,,., VV , A.. , , S e + V .V , , fr ::. 3 .. V I l. r 8 :xrll s :rr V . V ' V ,,-.,, V . M S . S ' mf! 4 W? vivil A . A. V e J gal. ,..l' -. :ss . or if: :Tel ler :Q ssss.. - . . :sre ... ..e,. , , Q. ,,- A .rre 7 . .. A fa: . , V V . .,,, - e: H ii:': H ' iff' :T J J VV I D . -V VVVVVV FVVVV VVVV .,.'7 V , IZ is I V'-P kg A .--'zfw' KK i 4 i . fvf' "-EZ .-f. Y' ' ' ,' L , ii. ' L ,., L N , S f , M. ...- we J.. s +34 2 I S j I iii ,,.,4.:,M3Y . V V V V ..---' 3, ,,.., .V,VV ,V A Q ,fr f V 2 E for ... -2 , A S ,T of , .,li p. K .. . . .. J s--e T 5: ff fi: . ,Zi ,gk iiii . illi ' W- . A. . ...., VV ,. VVVVVVVNLVV V V VV , VVVV ' K "VVV f ,,.," VV . an ":: L . '-" . -':' J ' I',. L l 'r if L ri S A .2 . , -fe' of .. ,':., . V , V V .. V V ' r T 1 . ,,., . e ii V V A , , f -.' A' i s S S . T l ., ,.,. l ' sf 2' V G VVJJ A VV 'SKIN J , . H..-. ,V Vx VVV , V VV v V., V r ' I J . el . QA VV ga? - . Q V , V-Z. . ' ' x -':'-- Y , 1.2 - 1 . r , A li , - .,,,. . V9 V VVVVV VV VV-,. , V .,. .3 147 u....x....+.,..M X ,Q-.,,, O O I I O The doorways +0 +omorrow lead us +0 places in Elkharf as workers and as consumers. From our con+ac+s wi'rh our adver+isers, we learned many pracfical 'I'hings which we need fo know when we become cifizens of Elkhart These businessmen of our communify noi' only gave us iheir financial sup- porf bu+ also much advice, cooperafion, and help. "Sfuden?s foday, cifizens fomorrow," says Mr. Jones, Credi+ Bureau Adams and Wesllake Company M- ----161 American Coa+ing Mills ...,.... .... 2 08 Berman Sporling Goods ,,.......s --.- 1 86 BiII's Lumber and Supply Company -,- ----191 E. K. Blessing Company ........,, .... 1 92 Blessing Shoe Slore .s...v Borneman s ss.s.,..,aY,s Buddy Mobile ,,..,,......, Bueschers Band lnslrumenl' ,e,s Burnslines ....... - s..... - V a---185 H4202 --,-195 a,--153 -.,-179 182 Calverl- Coal .................e - e f - - Chicago Telephone Supply Corp. --- -H-208 168 Cinderella ....se.,.....s... .... --.. Conn Relail Slore ...,.,, Cusiom Boofh Mfg. Corp. -- Dave's Drive lnn .,,a..,. Days Transfer ...,,s.. Do-More Chair Co. lnc. ....,. s---197 ----209 --s-175 --s-176 ----173 Elkharl' Amusemenl' Company H- 74-714 Elkharf Au'l'o Dealers Assoc. ,.s. Elkharl' Bedding Company -W Ellcharl' Brass Mfg. Co. lnc. Elkhari' Business Universi-ly N- Elkhari Clearing House Assoc. - Elkharl Gravel Corp. ..,,....s Elkharl' lce Cream Company ,... Elkharl' Packing Company ,,,,, Elkharl' PaH'ern Works .,.,.. Elkharl' Phofographers Assoc. an a---188 ----162 e-,-164 ----186 ----182 ---,157 - .e.. 185 -,--155 ----159 -- .... 176 Elkharl' Trul'h .e,...,..s............. .... 1 54 Elkhari' Welding and Boiler Works, lnc. --- ..s. 196 EI Paco .....,,,,,,.......s.,.... ,... 1 73 Emeco, lnc. ,A .... 183 Emmerl' Trailer ..sv,s,,.e..... .... 2 02 Ernesf, Holdeman and ColIe+, lnc. - ,... 184 Excel Corp. lnc. ....,,..,..... ,... 1 81 Federal Press ,,,, Ferndelle Food an Funeral Homes ss- Garbers .,,,,,, Goldbergs ,,.. .. ..ss,, , Guyco Mfg. Company ss, High Dive Pool s,.,,,,,, Hoosier Music Sfore H Ho'l'el Elkharl' w,,... Johnson Machine ,W Judd's Drug Siore ,,., 150 s,s,175 s,s-192 ,---190 ----177 -..--164 -e--159 ----169 ----201 H6190 HN152 184 X Keenes ,,sA,,,s,. ., ,,,..eY,, Kegerreis, C. S., Supply lnc. ,...s Kiefer s,,.,,,,,, , .,,,,...,,,, LiggeH- Supply and Equipmenl' Co Lux Co. .,,,,,s,,,,,se,,,,sA., Mar'l'in Band lnsfrumenl' Company Mal'zke's Floral ,v,,s, or ...,e..s A Maury's Aufo Sales ..,, Mefal Forming ..,,.A.. Miles Laboralories, lnc. -- Miller Sfeel ..,, ,,.,--, Milk Council Y- Moores ....,, Mo'I'or Supply av un, Myers a,,,,as,.s..,,,, Norlhern Indiana Brass -ws Norfhern lnd. Public ..,, Pacemaker ,,..,,. Painl' Spol' .A,.,, Paulson's Cafeleria G. L. Perry -.,,,,,-,,, Prairie Schooner, lnc. , Rapp Company ,V Riblel' Welding ,V Russell The Coalman , Richardson ,,..,,, Schull' Trailer .,,.s,s. Sears, Roebuck 8: Co. .,,. Selmer Band lns'I'rumen+ ,,,, Shreiner Parme'l'er ,,,,, Shulh Agency -H Sky Line Coach ss,, Sorgs Jewelers ,,ss S+ar Machine --, Sl'ephenson's -., S'ryle Shop s,s.s,,.. Superior Hone Corp. ,-- Sulula ,,,,....,,,.. Thompson Screw W, Tip Top Drive ln s,,,, Travelmasler Coach s,..,,. Wilson's, Bob, Supermarkel ss- W. W. Will, lnc. ,V,,e,.,. Woody and lrma's -,- .,,, sn, Wrays lce Cream ..,,,,es,v... Yoder Ready Mix Concrele Company Ziesels ,e.. ,S ,,s.,,e,,s ,A ,,.sess All '4DoorWays" at Elkhartfs Shopping Center Lead to a World of Fashion and Happiness for you and Every Member of the family . . . hop where Style, Quality and Value ave been the "key word" to housands of satisfied Customers ver since Ziese1's Doors opened he morning of September 4, 1904. Elevators to Dow nstairs, Second and Third Floors at Ziese1's l Jldielcdf 19 'fa . r it '1'-"'- "'.-'?- CCDNGRATULATIONS CLASS CDF 1956 I 4 "" ,www If L , f , , Q13 Q F "I X X S is ! N xx if s f 4' A ' 1 . I if Q3 I a A I 1 I V if vt ,sf I I , ,L I I, , I , , , A f-m I , 1 QW ? ,kry M-nf '1'f- v'--- ,N f I I A N I M-ff I , ' v I I N 1 I . ..,-N:, 1 .,-, M " ,4,,, WIN, ' . , 4 Y w , A '.-.f e,q,- , ' I , :'- I , I fs' - OBI X 'S' STRAIGHT SIDE GAP JOHNSON MACHINE 81 PRESS CORP ELKHART, INDIANA BUILDERS OI-' PUNCH PRI-'.S.S'I"S FROM I6 T0 I50 TONS CAPACITY 152 55 GREAT NEW rv QSHOWL Lawrence Welk sri-ues A and his an-2 :sail SEX SGCLIOI1 JACK MARTIN Alto, Soprano ond Baritone DICK DALE Alto BILL PAGE Alto, Soprano and Baritone GEORGE AUBRY Tenor ORI AMODEO Tenor LAWRENCE WELK Alfa BUESCI-IER BAND INSTRUMENT CO., ELKHART, INDIANA 200 consecutive vveeks at the Aragon. More than 2.100 network radio shows over ABC . . . and now their region11lTV show for California Dodge Dealers goes coast to coast for Dodge. How do they do it? Take live of the nation's top sax men - :ill playing Buescher - put them with the man Calso a Buescher artistl who combines sparkling originality with solid musicianship . .. and you've got the latest chapter in one of the gre.1test dance band success stories of all time. To a man, the Welk sax section gives Buescher credit for being 1110 l:cr1.Tone,plt1ying ease, endurance - everything these top players look for, they lind in Buescher. You can hncl these things, too - in a Buescher - at your dealers. Try one for a thrilling musical experience. MADE BY MASTERS T Y ' PLAYED BY ARTISTS jx T? 'KM 1?- X ON GIVING! 14 ou. give Auf AHL wden you give o your ,9o55e55ionJ. jf I5 wdvn you glue o yozxraey fdaf you llfllg 9iue.H KAHLII. CIBRAN. H883-19311 To The Graduating Class: Congratulations! Youire one step further along on your career. Your car- eer may take you to far distant places, it may locate you right here in Elkhart. But wherever you go, whatever you do, you will find, as your parents, your teachers, your ministers have found, that the more of your SELF you put into your work, or your service to your community, your church or your family, the more personal satisfaction you will realize. And un-noticed by you. your own personality will broaden, your own welfare will improve. The publishing, broadcasting and television business is devoted to service to others. The business of gathering, reporting, editorializing o11 the news of the day is a large responsibility. And it is only through constant effort to do a better job that the Truth Publishing Company can continue to merit the respect and confidence of its readers, listeners and viewers. The Truth Publishing Company likewise knows that it is Hwhen you give of yourself that you truly give." Best Wishes to every member of the Class of '56! TRUTH PUBLISHING COMPANY, IIIC. uit uxnuu rnuui - wuu: AMIFM - wsu CHANNEL 52 C7 we-ff "Yum, yum," say fhe gals af Sue Emmeri's spread. wzgzemhlwm eadafw . . and best Wishes for your continued success and happiness! just a moment before you go . . . Remember the hard-fought basketball games in the new gym . . . and those mighty good hot dogs that you consumed? They were made with Yellow Creek Wieners-the finest that money can buy. If in the future you want to be assured of eating enjoyment just specify "Yellow Creek". You'll get the best in meat- every time! LKHART PACKING CORP. o ELKHART, INDIANA I55 my? PINE ICE CREAMS After The Y-Teen meefing, the gang meets at Wray's. No Better Food N0 Greater Tree govd Zack As you cross the bridge Between your school days And the future- Elkhart Bridge and Iron Co. and Miller Steel and Supply Co., Inc Elkhart, Indiana 1 s 6 Qur Szhcere C011 gmiulzzlzbns A na' B651 Wkhes To The Class of 56 ELKHART GRAVEL CORPORATION CECIL VVARD CLAYTON CRISMAN JOHN LITKE I dm, boar Will Upen If Zfou Knock Hard fnougla ELNHI-IRT PATTERN WUBKS Congratulations to Class of '56 ED SHAW GUYCO MANUFACTURING, INC. OW Sncere C21fLgr0LfoLALf.i01fL5 unc! E51 WJAQ6 fo THE ELASS UE ,SS PRAIRIE SIIHUIJNER, INE. 20111 .fdnnzfuerdary MAIN UEEIEE ANU PLANT ISU? WESI RRISTUL STREET PARTS ANII AEEESSURIES IIIVISIUN T323 PRINEETUN BLVD 01018 of fA8 Alfzilf . . . 0119 of 1fAe A108515 Qur Szhaere C0l1gI'lll'LlIdl'ZbI15 and Best Wshes I0 the Class of 56 HE ADAMS 81 WESTLAKE COMPANY 161 SWCQPQQ MOORE'S CLEANERS INC AND EMPLOYEES ELKHART BEDDING Best Wsshes I0 the Class of 56 cs? 7211540 , ,'. A M. ,4 y,I', I .rf . ' .. "W:w,, .M ,1 ,S :Q " 1 FQ, I ff A A29 www I 1 , W , A I I NP? ' - - v 5, Mx MMF I, , Qf ff 1955 NORTHERN INDIANA BRASS CO. 0 0 A GOOD PLACE T0 WORK PLUM STREET 1 ELKHART, INDIANA COWPIZIIHEHIS of CIYQQIYD Elkharc Brass Mfg. CQ, IHC, ongrafufafionfi, 661,65 0 I ESTABLISHED H174 324 SO. MAIN ST. Elkharfs largest store for men Thai Goldberg label convinces Milne Hyde. Home Of . . . HART, SCHAFFNER 25 MARX CLOTHES. ARROW SHIRTS, DOBBS HATS, BOSTONIAN SHOES, INTERWOVEN SOCKS, MCGREGOR SPORTSWEAR, HICKOK BELTS, WEMBLEY TIES. PALM BEACH SUITS 0 AFTER-SIX TUXEDOS 164 2507? ' , defzzbfyf fiff ff I . I ' i GHG AITSFHGTGS, IYOO 0 I 4 0 0 Muy each step be better than the lust! 1 ' , . . , Having just completed a wonderful experience, ! you are crossing the threshold into a better one. I Your future will be what you want to make it. V 1 l I And collectively, your future will be that of your country. So, l1ere's wishing you Coocl Luck and Success i11 your chosen endeavor. ,,'- M I I es La looratorles, In c. All?-Seltzer Elkhart, Indiana ,fazafffwf Makers of fine qualify products Alka-Seltzerg ' Bactineg ' Tabcinm ' One-A-Dayw lBrandl Vitamins ' Milesw Nervine Qngrafzfafafiond fo Me Sgniord STAR MAG-IINE, INC. COlfl'l,9Al'l'lQlflf5 of C. S. KEGERREIS SUPPLY, INC. futting Tools Industrial .S'uppHes Factory fqulhment 108 STATE STREET ELKHART INDIAN Ph 3 1740 166 .T-...T 1 COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE FOR AUTO o HOME o BUSINESS HARRY SHULTZ KEITH HOLMES SH L 2 Z A GENCY 119 W. HIGH ST .... 21164 -SHULTZ REALTY CO., INC. DEVELOPERS OF PIERRE MORAN VILLAGE BUILDERS OF FINE HOMES FOR MODERN IVING SELLING OF RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL G KENNETH SHULTZ ROBERT SKILLEN Congratulations to Class of '56 ODER READY MIXED CUNCRETE C0., INC 167 -SHULTZ INSURANCE AGENCY-- CINDERELLA O F E L K H A R T Home of the Criginal Sweater Club CINDERELLA OF ELKHART Join the Smart Girls who know where to get their moneys? worth S. Fousf, S. Teusher, B. Weaver, S. Brown. CINDERELLA OF ELKHART Always A Complete Stylish Stock for Every Size CINDERELLA OF ELKHART You're Always Welcome! Come In and Look Around 421 SOUTH MAIN PHONE 2-329 168 57dAow1f jneguna IS A wounsnrul mc: ro uv: It Costs nothing in EIIcI1art to Iearn to swim at tI1e High Dive Swimming PooI. Not even for dressing rooms, wire baskets, Checked at main Counter. Swimming and diving is tile best IcincI of exercise and pay dividends in I1eaItI1 and Iiappiness. If you Icnow how to swim, you wiII not be afraid of the water and if you go often you will soon Iearn as your body is onIy a few pounds Iieavier than water. You wiII never forget Ilow to swim after you once Iearn. TRY THE HIGH DIVE IN 1956. o4!gA lbw swlmmmc Pool Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '56 METAL FGRMING CCRP The Rapp Company We Ouwk the Fam bf FOR BEST PAINTING RESULTS EMPLOY A RELIABLE PAINTER Consulf THE PAINT SPDT USE MOORE PAINT . ,7W, . f N7 Rom: wlLuAMs 203 W- JGGKSOII AlvIays P enly of Parking Dial 2-0499 A Complete Line of Quezlily Lumber and Buz'ldz'r1g Sulvplies SHREINER PARMATER LUMBER CO., INC. .gnceredf wifilzefi Ar a loromifiing fufure - where fhe gang gamers . . . TIP TRP DRIVE INN THREE PRINTS, JUST WEST UF ELHHART UN UB. EU 61748 SAWQP5 of fA8 meg H CLVLCJ 0fA8l" Aedblfflffftf jifdf .!g'!"6LlfL99l4fLelfLf:5 from RICHARD R. MATZRE IT DOESN'T COST-IT PAYS T0 PAINT ' A1 1 IQMQ ELPACO'S NEW STORE-3000 W. FRANKLIN STREET On Us. 33+WeSf+AcfeS of FREE PARKING "Hou Cannvt Kay 14 Ketter Paint dt Nm, Price" A complete line of unfinished and ready-to-paint fumitu Qur C011 gralulalzbny I0 the 1956 Gradualzhg Claw DQMGRE CHAIR COMPANY, INC. DO MORE ELKHART, INDIANA 173 joadf fo QOOCI THE ELHH HT MILK IIUU IIII. Dick Barlzman, Baskefball Player. BEST WISHES ELKHART AMUSEMENT CORPORATION OPERATING One of the Few Equipped with Elkhart's Theatres Extra Wide Screen Family Theatre Completely Equipped and Two Big to Bring You True R.C.A. High Fidelity Features Cinemascope Magnetic Sound on Every and Program High Fidelity Stereophonic Sound THE FINEST THEATRES IN NORTHERN INDIANA SHOWING THE BEST IN MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT 174 IIAVHS UIIIVE INN we grief Ar any lbafe D!-IVES DRIVE INN Complimen tA of EDERAI. PRESS CC Manufacturers 0pen Back Inclinuble Punclr Presses 175 Compliments of Hays Transfer, Inc. ELKHART INDIANA 60011960180 fd of Tom Toy Studio Herring Studio R. S. Sutula Studio Biltmore Studio ELKHART PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSGCIATIO 176 LIQUID VEl wiI'h ALKI-THERM A NAME YOU'LL WANT T0 REMEMBER! EE, i? GREATEST PAINT SENSATION "Q' I . I ,TI IN so YEARS! II If 0 Easy to use-with brush or roller. 3 One coat cover?-dries qaickgfy. i- Liql uf my - use on any sur ace-won c lp. Ig AAZQA, ,.'- 52' O Odorless WPG-Paint anytime. 0 Rich velvety, Washable fmish. ll, - Economical-mfs less psf Tob- H """ "1 "' "'1 T 0 XVide range of colors. GARBERS, INC. 224 SO. MAIN STREET ELKHART LIGGETT OMPLETE RUNNING GEAR EOR THE TRAILER COACH INDUSTRY assembled, precision adjusted and lubricated ready for installation. R52 LIGGETT SUPPLY 61 EQUIPMENT CO O30 SO. MAIN ST. ELKHART, INDIANA VET C011 gmiulaizbrzs I0 the Senzbrs of 56 Make Keene y headqu f your clo h g d f d - now d h y Kl5 Sill? For Quality at th R'c1h P ' ed Fifzsimmons shops af Keene's. Stop - Shop - Save if 5 1 . - ,jf1555.:.51f 1-1-11 53-ff - .1-1-1+1-1.1-1-1-1- ,...,.,.:.,.,,, 1 , ,, H -11 g A ,- M j'A''"5:I"'1g5:1-lE5fE:f:E:1:f: :: 5 g:5:2:1:1:f:5:1111111E:E:2:5:1214 -. .... - rf xii". 1. . . . . :,:::::11121:::::1::1 .3.1.:.g:::::3:1:g:c:::.:.:.:.5. ,,.4 .I V 2 " v , , 1,1:1,1,5gQgigZ-3 fi25532E1515SEE5551E:5r5:5:3:?:5E5551g1g1:1 1 1 1,,.,.,.-, . . .. 1 ' :-1-:-14:-A-:-1-11:-.4-.- .... . - - -- . 1:1121:1:1: 1:1:1::::15:1f1f-212512121I1rg:11133333339221:1:15121:1:1:1:g:1:1:Q:fffgrggigsggg-:-:-11.-.-.1 ...,. . . 1 . - 41 , W: .fm A Q Q 11115551523rE.5111.i2?.515:E:E5Eg1z::1:::,1:1,1:1:1,1 ,.,.,,. 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' " 0' 5 ..,, N " ' f:1:2:2:1' ' .1f1,-5:gr1:1-1.1:1:1:-f- , , , H , , A f...1-..5S5E5EM1iE?Si2915fzf?3?:252fi-rr3-2113125.2:95.2:1ZFEFZES-11.1:1512151:1i12s:1:si1f1f1:12:11''' 1:f:s:s:s:s:s:s:s:5:s 1111,,. . . . - - - - - - -1.-1111111111-1-11r1'1:1:sm,. .,1,1,1,1,1,1:1:1,1:1:1531515551 x-:-:1:1:Y:f:f:5:?1I-I-:-r1:- , 1 1 1 ..., - -rrfrr . ,,1,,,,,,, . -ffrf . ,4 Chgwmmmwu -.-.-:1:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:':-:-:-:-:-1-'-:-. ':1121:1':'f -:-.:-:-:-:1:51r.:1::5:::5:::g:::-:-:5 I1ffl11Eriiiriziriiiliririiiiriri:E:E11121211121f?3ErMrE:E:?vH:f52E2EfSi15f9 rg151:11111:1:-:1:1:11,1:1,1,151g1515111:11r1r.:..,,.,.,.,. - .....-.- . 5::gc::::g3:1:::g:g::g,:.-:,. 5:-I-I ,.-.v . . M. . . ,V , -1-111r111:12s1:+:--1-1-1-13115-1-111. 111, EF? .1111 -,-.-,-1-1-,3.:.,.1.1.1.ga1.1:1:1:5:1:5:,,.:.:.1.:::::153::::1.1.,.:.f.x.:.:.:.- ,:- ,--.1.:.:.-:-- f 1 Y 1 My xv 1--' . f. N. 1rg,,:-'-'51-51''.z11r-25:11 I : '- 151E2iz55E5255555555151515132151E151? ""W1232751:F Iff iririririiifffifif.-I ' ' - 1 -:-:- - X-2+ , -. :1:5:1:I1I-Ig: :1:-:-'----a:49k-g,5g:g:-:-:-:-- TOT71 BURNSTINE S OVER 52 YEARS SERVING ELKHART AND '25 MILE AREA Home Appliances 0 Television 0 Glass 0 Wheel Goods 0 maffer ow you igowe . . . lfmiom STEPHE SU 211 SOUTH MAIN STREET ,JJ 1. :WW abs-Mrw o.-'iffy I , mil" R 4. 4 xv' siwzrrl 'Vx N-,v lf 04" 'Q an 4 4 A. N ' 'Tw A M V 1 -6 'ITN' 9? Q! 1 YQ' 'fr Q af 8 'X Twig'-'etc Q v 5 N 4 11, F 3,1 ' 1 ' if2G"'f'f:1:5Ff-1 15552"'flfffsrii''f1:1:Sf'1ff1:1:i'1f55r1v.?55If f'355?f':if555ffI51 I 'V 55f5f:':i5:1 x:11 -.1,1,51:1:1S1151:1111 H3151-1 ,.1:,15i: -I1:1,g:1.11:1:g?E:.--1-1E?E:1:,.:1gg: 1' - Toys 0 Home Improvemenls 0 Tires 0 BaH'eries 0 Hardware I 1' I 51 jjfs: - in fi --f1.f'fi1-5 '51 I 'fi 4 file, ' 151 ' sf 3 ' YH foomlf If e way fo f1 f - .3 11 :ff 111 Ifzigfqiffffffrfrfg 7 4 1 4 K 1 at , 91 5' :F ,Z i q 4 gi , 4 .G K if f 9' Q v "ifJ"3'a '12 - 'fa A A 951' xg. 5, + 1 v 4 ar sg Yf 7 65 4 xy 1 q 5 n 36 'I I , ,N 5 if F W 5 .ll 'I 43 , ,I 545 1 ,WX gag: . f 'I 1 E -1, Q Wwfw-sv,1,ua'fc4,". juz, + 1 11 q 1. '58 ' W nr X it 5 rv'iv+ ,Jr QQ, AAC' 1 f f,.."1i ff." RS 5+o15 QQ at sums Q ,Q Q 4 1 oy 'gc 7 Hu- vwq 141, 'fa T1 ,wwf ian ',f4.T,3,+,1 64E 'nik' 1 .5 W . , 6, I ,Sk-Q I . qi iq 1 9 I I ii L PRODUCTS FOR INDUSTRY FDR PRECISIUN WORK MODEL SA SUPERIOR HONE CORPORATION 0 O Our Best Wkhes I0 Ike Claw of 1956 EXCEL CORPORATICN When 'lfou Kay Calvert Cm! you 6119 the 6eAt CALVERT CCAL COMPANY "Elkharf's Besf Coal Yard" - D I A L 2 0 7 9 4 - C0l'l'll96l'Yl0l'lt:5 of ELKHART CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION FIRST NATIONAL BANK ST. IOSEPH VALLEY BANK FIRST OLD STATE BANK Members of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. ELKHART, INDIANA Congratulations from EMECO, INC. Mobile Homes Manufacturefs Supplies 361 South Elkhart Ave. pgllfjwg :J CAFETERIA Congratulations Class of 1956 ERNEST, HOLDEMAN and C0llET, INC 820 NORTH WARD ELKHART INDIANA UCC.. ,U bm no f: Cx UI ga l'l'f7ClSSOfFfl'L1 x JUDD'S DRUG STORES IN ELKHART 1007 W. FRANKLIN 817 SO. MAIN NEW, USED G SPECIAL MACHINE TOOLS C rlr S fo 184 707 BOWER GOSHEN WARSAW HI-WAY 33 WEST 102 E CENTER GOSI-IEN SHOPPING CENTER Elkhart Cream Made fxclusively from ELKHART COUNTY'S FINEST DAIRY PRODUCTS 14oo PR1NcEToN STREET Q ELKHART, INDIANA r , I- r rs rs I I e rs I rs r- r- .-SL:-.oo FG dt QOFQ Northern Indiana's Leading Shoe Store - Newest Styles For All Occasions Neal Luce, Iris Kane, Janet HuFfman, Jon Leipold. 185 UNIVERSITY OF MEDICAL AND DENTAL TECHNIQUE Approved by: Amer. Assn. of Commercial Colleges American Registry of Medical Technologists Indiana State Board of Vocational Education American Assn. of hfedictll Technology Schools THERE'S NO DOUBT ABOUT TOMORROW These happy E. U. students can afford to be optimistic about their future. VC'ouldn't you if you had all this? FREE LIFETIME PLACEMENT service wherever you go-whenev you need it. REGISTRATION and CERTIFICATION by leading professio organizations. DIPLOMA PRESTIGE and employer recognition anywhere in country. SPECIALIZATION with its benefits of job security and consisten higher incomes. UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITIES in rapidly expanding fields wh there is already a critical shortage of trained personnel. PERSONAL SATISFACTION that comes from doing work t contributes to the health and happiness of your fellow beings. SUPERIOR TRAINING that equips you to equal and surpass competitors. LIFETIME REFRESHER and counseling serviceg you can return E. U. free of charge to brush up and keep abreast of the la techniques and developments in your helds. Vocational and prob counseling. Courses MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 0 X-RAY TECHNICIAN GRADUATE MEDICAL SECRETARY 0 COMMERCIAL SECRETARY DENTAL LABORATORY TECHNICIAN 0 DENTAL NURSING Baske+baII Player, Dennis Tepe. PORT PECIALI SERVING ELKHART'S SCHOOL SYSTEM FOR 35 YEARS I X I 5 M RMANS XILQSILIN. 0 TTT" -"r ii -ll: 123 SOUTH MAIN STREET BEN SIVIQ ANDY CGI-IEN ii takes nieniy ni nnnrishinq fend in raise a Seninr Mrs. John Riffer and Barb, EHS Senior. And Wise is the rnniher Whn shnps ai Wiiis Where there is always "Mare inr All-inr Less" f ,qyllln-.. 1 -' -Q -' I A 4a'i1ff,ni,d X43 5 l.U'l.U'UJ ILT-1 i 'f1Q'f"f 0' super: manner lj i'5'!i5i"5ff 1' If 1 -f- c'3l'.7,.".'.5",f."?'1 Z'L'l'l'25',EiCE' ' Magi? ' 3 "'1 -4 . ' X i X Y X 'Su wind Vou ii Our Ulsaxuro s U fllNAE1, uND:ArsA 187 Moy you have happy motoring through fzfe, , . Elkhart Auto Dealers Association Ad s+aFF salesmen: R. Bock, S. Emmerh J. Hasfy and H. Miichell. BALL SERVICE. INC. ROY CULVER MOTORS. INC. DODGE-PLYMOUTH OLDSMOBILE-CADILLAC VERNON M. BALL. INC. ENYART-BATTJES CHEVROLET. INC. DQSOTO-PLYMOUTH CHEVROLET BEROERON MOTOR CO.. INC. NVECKEL-KRAL LINCOLN-MERCURY CO. CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH LINCOLNfMERCURY CHATTEN MOTOR SALES. INC. LOCI-IMANDY BUICK SALES, INC. FORD BUICK HIGGINS PONTIAC CO, PONTIAC 188 CONGRATUlATIONS CLASS OF '56 CAOOJQ wifk Conhalence M Y E R S Mews wma Congratulations from THOMPSON SCREW PRODUCTS INC. 809 CONN AVE. I89 l Gngrafnfafiond xg film CVM M1956 THE EUFPEE BURNER HUTEL ELHHAHT C0f1gmIulaIz'0r1s I0 H15 Class of 1956 WHITE CHARLES WALLE WESTBRQQK WM. STEMM HARTZLEILGUTERMUTH FUNERAL HCMES BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OF '56 AS'S 8 - "si mise o o o Q ZjL3:" 173: :" i By the expert handling of tone colors i Travelmaster ha p d d eal beauty j of a mobile hom O d o bedroom xy' . d 1 ff d h 46 42 nd ' 35 f d l d b d plan in V' h 30 foot. Ler us tell you more about h p ticular Travelmaster for your needs. I fmbfzazffef T336 TRAVELMASTER 1241 NAPPANEE STREET Compliments of I .J K' I' LUMBER Gm SUPPLY CO. XVM. HEINHUIS S6 SON O17 CASSOPOLIS ST. PHONE 3-5808 ELKHART, IND. 191 ' FOR YEARS ',5Qm I S G 1 ,,, ' .,, top musicians have agreed ANNIVERSARY 'N 1 742: 5 , ' 99 fi, 621' NSTR I ,, .,,, A '::"., ..,, 'AZ' , .A,e A f0I' , I ,i .. 1.i,,: America's finest EWEMQ a a aa a aa ,a Q a 1a a eaa if a aL aaa A 0 CORNETS - mumrns yo ERAFQO ',.k ' a e a O E, +--: g -nl, Q I .11,, 4 ga. ...., 'VAQDI .V,,V,,,.,. , ,..,, .. everyw ere ,N 6 ETWK.1tLESSING CO., INC., Elkhart, Indiana CE xq Ol0fL!O6lfIfL8lfL E15 0 EEE BELLE EUUD SHUPPE EU1 W. LEXINETUN AVE. ELEHAHT, INDIANA I92 2 e. TRI-LEVEL ' 5 ' Jian' g g' My --. fa -.-.-.esac-'-7'2?...9QEf5 l llhffigfl f gm, 2:1 me-5-:-:C-iiwwwwr nu I 1 :.,?: ,, TV? -- ig: E my wggw iw E Z jaw 11 23:12:23 ' E lu I ul -f 'A .:.:.:Zg 5-rzrzrzr. " 1 .5:5:5:5: ' ""3f3f5f5:3:!:5:-:-:- .- iv Q .... , :.-'Z-"g.:q5f"i'-if , 4 .3f1f3f1f1f5fi 22225152525IEIEIEIEIEIEIEI -E1E1E':'E2E2EfE1i2i1:- - -.-:-.-.-.- .... ' I-ifffffff ,. . , , ,.,., .,.,., , . ,. ,.,., .,.,. , ,sais 9 : 94 ff , ' .'- gi., 'I'fl5EfE5EfEQ.,.f.:.-E5:5:j PACEMAKER TRAILER CO. ELKHART, INDIANA PHONE 3-4110 Congrafufafiond fo fAe CKCLJ5 0 K. M. KIEFER 613 CASSOPOLIS 0 ELKHART. INDIANA 193 W fL0LL0gr0Ll0A,e1f Ar lfA 1956 jznnanf ,fgfanwozf H. 5. SUTULA ZKLAQPL jnagana One of IncIiana's Largest Selections of CHINA CRYSTAL SILVER A T , me j1..fw7' Hummel chooses I1er silver paiiern, Barb Pollard looking on. C'ongmtulationA to the grand of S6 BUDDY MOBILE HOMES INC. 1601 W. BRISTOL ELKHART INDIANA I95 Best wishes to the class af I956 HERE'S HGPING YOU ALL REACH ,THE TOP STRATO-TOWER HYDRAULIC PERSONNEL LIFTS ARE HELPING WORKMEN ALL OVER THE WORLD TO GET TO THE TOP ON DIFFICULT OVERHEAD JOBS. SFRA T0-T0 WER DI VISIDN ELKHART WELDING AND BOILER WORKS. INC. 0 ELKHART, INDIANA 196 ? S, f-,-RTUMPH IN TONE CONN ORGANS are "FirsJr Choice" in Tone, Per- formance and Slyling, In any selling whelher H' loe lhe home, church, audilorlum or school. CONN BAND AND ORCHESTRA Inslrumenls are Jrhe "Choice of The Arrisfsu, developed by lhe only lull-lime research laboralories in lhe band inslrumenl induslry. -BHUUSE DUNN, and YUU EHUUSE WISELY- HEADQUARTERS 7466 C. G. CONN LTD. RETAIL STORE 1201 E. Beardsley Ave. B rbara Bridge, Sally Puff, Alice Schuler. fm! come 1.71 our doorway - tomorrow or af1yI1'me GOOD COFFEE, CONGENIAI. COMPANY GOOD SERVICE, GOOD FOOD WOODY 86 IRMACS SNACK BAR 197 E. I.. PEHHY 5-lllf' STUHE5 B15 5. Main Street and 129 Easy Shopping Place - 4-MQ.a:f'.2.31Sim??M"?W f . :. W M A , - . ' A E S E A - . .4 EHEE PARKING UPEN EVENINI35 MOTCR SUPPLY CO., INC. 134 South Elkhart Avenue I Replacement Paris for all Cars and Trucks Congrafufafiond anal Azad Zlhiashzgb CQQMINWE6 SEARS, ROEBUCK, AND CO. I6 S. MAIN I ELKHART, INDIANA OMORRO 'S HOMEMAKERS ARE LEARNING Jo Ake and Jean Grino, seniors. BETTER . . . FASTER . . . COSTS LESS GAS COMPANY NORTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE CO. 199 Complzmenzf af zlze S T Y L E S H CD P ElH1ezrl'5 1W05l Complete FJSJTZIOH Center for Women RUSSELL THE COALMAN HOME OF HEAT SATISFACTION DIAL 2-0385 w COAL COAL BURNERS CELQVSZETE MASON SUPPLIES BLOCKS CEMENT BLOCKS jar your nw modern Eivlomed 2OO Congratulations from Sid Pedlefs Hoosier Music Store CCJNC-RATULATIONS CLASS OF '56 CLJSTDXD RIBLET WELDING 81 MFG CORP 20 CCDNGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1956 EMMERT TRAILER CQRP. SEMI-TRAIHR5 TRUCK BODIES' ELKHART INDIANA TRUCK EQUIPMENT 202 Roy Jenks, senior, on Hue iob af Borneman's. CompUments of BORNEMAN'S HARDWARE 79 Years of Hardware EUNBBAT5 TU MAX BELL ANB HT5 BBEAT 55-5B BABBETBALL TEAM U-EW J LAI ::,,:,..:: ,:,,5 x i ii ? " SKYLINE IIUAEH WWF' , Mei 204 What Richardsolfs modern pfoufzf gacigfiw Mean to the FUTURE I-IGME MAKER Richardsons large, modern planl' facilifies assure a beHer buill' mobile home. One +ha+ is backed by a company wi'rh years of experience and produced in a planl' +ha+ is one of fhe largesf in +he indusiry. From i1's modes'r beginning fen years ago, Richardson has lcepf pace wilh fhe grow ing communify. Today, Richardson covers an eniire +hir1'een acres and includes such modern feafures as an experimenial and research deparl' men+ where homes of fomorrow will be developed for fufure homemalcers. 1' , gn HUMES CORPORATl0N ELKHART, INDIANA zriama ,Nss ' " C0r1gmIuIalz'0r15 I0 Class of 56 Wally Wells and friends inspecl' a Schull frailer. SCI-IULT TRAILER 205 206 CIarine+ secIIon, E.I'I.S. band. mic 01081015 LLAQ cfoor Ifo loiaanre fo enfoymenf fo i1fL5loi1f'aLli01fL H s. A mc. MAKERS OF FINE WOODWINDS AND BRASS IN PRICE RANGES T0 FIT ANY PURSE THIS ADVERTISEMENT PREPARED FOR SELMER BY THE PENNANT ANNUAL ADVERTISING STAFF CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '56 AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FINE JOB THE BLUE BLAZERS HAVE DONE , G , Nix r O SEMI, ff lllaarqli Nato Sala, Inc. I M MOSTEST I-'UR YOUR 0lD CAR Q GUARANTEED USED CARS DIAL 32899 DIAL 29665 ELKHART. INDIANA I Congratulations to the Blazers who moppezl up many honors in '56 AND SPEAKING OF MOPS, THE BEST ONES COME FROM THE LUX CO. 315 W. FRANKLIN 207 Best Wishes for the Class of 1956 C0l'lfll9Al'YlQIflif5 O! CHICAGO TELEPHONE SUPPLY CORPORATIEN he "Coating Mz'Ils' ' We also hope t ROBERT GAIR CO. INC. cvhgfdfdfdfivhl to the C1444 of S6 I E 5 I Nyle Brooks, Sally Adams, seniors. ' COMMERCIAL BOOTHS AND FURNITURE s 'rp ds+l H :uh F + c IF + F Tbl lafls + PII' L'I'h ++ LAMPS 0 WROUGHT IRON FURNITURE AND NOVELTIES NORTHERN INDIANA 3' IARGESI' SEIECTION OF DINETTE FURNITURE USTOM BOOTH MANUFACTURING CORP. O27 so. Main ELKHART, INDIANA Phone 2-3299 209 PATRONS A '55 R Television Specialists 102 N. Main, Phone 2-4384 Adams Typewriter Agency 131 N. Main Allied Industries, Inc. 2820 W, Franklin A1t's Clothing Store 2200 Cassopolis St. Artleys Children Shop 214 S. Main Barger Box and Printing 802 W. Beardsley Bells Drug Store 952 E. Jackson Carl Apt's Barber Shop 105 Monger Bldg. Carmiern Radio 401 E. Jackson Concord Machine Shop 3290 S. Main Cone Crete 1500 W. Bristol De Boni Neighborhood Bakery 202 E. Indiana Ave. Dr. K. G. Cleveland 214k W. Marion Dr. Higgason and Warner Optometrists Dr. Leonard E. Svvihart 214 W. Marion 210 Elkhart Products Corp. 1255 Oak St. Favorite Barber Shop 112 E. Franklin Fred V. Cuentsch Inc. 1500 W. Bristol St. Houseworth Central 225 S. Main Hummer Welding 4008 Cassopolis St. Juhl Advertising Agency Harrison at Second Knox Auto Electric 111 E. Lexington Launderette 116 E. Jackson Blvd. Lexington Book Store 113 E. Lexington Linton Sunoco Service 1643 W. Franklin Machine '55 Tool Specialties 1621 E1 Reno Mac's Furniture, Inc. 129 N. Main Mark's Cafe 118 S. Main Michael Heintz 1020 Lake Drive Miller-J ones Shoe Store 203 S. Main Miller Paper '55 Supply 125 State St. Mitchell Shell Service 1229 W. Franklin Modern Cleaners 425 S. Second W. J. Niblock Machinery Co. 1002 Johnson St. North End Restaurant 117 S. Main Robbins Plastic Machinery Co. 1430 Mishawaka Road Rosen Brothers 424 S. Main PATRONS Schiffs Big Shoe Store 221 S. Main Stationers 223 S. Main St. Sunthimers Hardware 220 S. Main Trovatore Grocery 1500 Cassopolis Wade's Florist 118 S. Second St. Westview Floral Co. 1717 Cassopolis Wheatley's 320 S. Main White Manufacturing 1227 W. Beardsley ..!dCAl'L0lfUA6!g8l4fL8l'Llf.'5 . . . We'd like +o 'rhank +he following people wi+hou'r whose inferesl' +his book would never have grown from an idea +o a reali'ry: us in The Indianapolis Engraving Company: Mr. Fred Noer. The Forf Wayne TypeseH'ing Company: Mr. Ed de Beaumonl. S. K. Smi+h Cover Company: Mr. Jack Bundy. Service Press, Elkharfz Mr. D. C. Albin, Mr. Chel' Carlson, Mr. Wm. Bergsfrom. Photographers: Mr. Russell Benson, Mr. Duncan Scheid+, Chei Geberf, and our Camera Club workers. We'd also like fo rhank all ihe feachers and sluclenfs who have helped so many ways. SENIOR INDEX ADAMS, L.-p. 114: Choir p. 48: Pennanl Annual p. 52: Dis'Iribu+ive Educalion p. 58. ADAMS, S.-p. 114: F.T.A. p. 76: Cheerblock p. 90. AYDELOTT, R.-p. 114: Choir p. 48. AKE, M.-p. 114. ALLEN, B.-p. 114. ALLEN, E.-p. 114: Vis. Ed. p. 74. ALT, B.-p. 114: Cheerblock p. 90. ANDERSON, B.-p. 114. ARMSTRONG, J.-p. 114: Pennanl Annual p. 52: Senior Class Treas- urer p. 113. ARNOLD, C.-p. 114: Band p. 44: Orcheslra p. 46: Pennanl' Weekly Feafure Edifor p. 54: N.H.S. p. 43. BAER, D.-p. 114. BAILEY. B.-p. 114: Vis. Ed. p. 74. BAKER, J.-p. 114. BALL, S.-p.114: Pennanl' Annual Assislanl' Edilor p. 52: Cheerblock p. 90: Y-Teens: Painf 'n Palelfe. BALLOWE, F.-p. 114: Choir p. 48. 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BOWERS, J.-p. 115: Orcheslra p. 46: Visual Educafion p. 74. BOWYER, J.-p. 115. BOYLAND, J.-p. 115. BRADLEY, T.-p. 115. BRANNAN, S.-p. 116: Choir p. 48: Fulure Teachers p. 76: Y-Teens p. 73. BRAUN, D.-p. 116: Choir p. 48. BRIDGE, B.-p. 116: Y-Teens p. 73: Cheerblock p. 90. BROOKS, N.-p. 116: Choir p. 48. BROWN, A.-p. 116: Choir p. 48: Disfribufive Educafion p. 58: Cheerblock p. 90. BROWN, L.-p. 116: Varsily Club p. 100: Baseball Manager p. 99. BROWN, R.-p. 116: Choir p. 48: Varsily Club p. 100. BROWN, S.-p. 116: Pennanl Annual p. 52: Fufure Teachers p. 76: Cheerblock p. 90. BRUBAKER, K.-p. 116. BRUCE, L.-p. 116: Choir p. 48: Cheerblock p. 90. BRYANT, M.-p. 116. BUCHER, D.-p. 116: Visual Educalion p. 74. BURLESON, T.-p. 116: Cross Counlry p. 97: Baskelball p. 89: Base- ball p. 99: Varsify Club p. 100. 212 BURNSTINE, B.-p. 116: Wig 'n Cue p. 66: Thespians p. 67: French Club p. 65. BURSON. B.-p. 116: Girls Choir p. 49. BURTON, K.-p. 116. BUSHONG, N.-p. 116: Spanish Club p. 64. 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GRIFFITH, M.-p. 120: Choir p. 48: Pennanf Annual p. 52: Y-Teens p. 73: Cheerblock p. 90: Srudenf Council p. 42. GRILLO, S.-p. 120: Pennan+ Weekly p. 54: Nafional Honor Sociely p. 43: Speech Club p. 62: Nafional Forensic League, Presidenl p. 60. GUZZO, J.-p. 120: Pennan+ Weekly, Ad Manager p. 54: Florence Nighfingale Lamp Club p. 63: Y-Teens p. 73: Cheerblock p. 90. GYGI, L.-p. 120. HAGER, E.--p. 120: Visual Educafion p. 74. HAID, S.-p. 120: Band p. 44: Orchesrra p. 46: Fulure Homemakers p. 59: Triple L p. 61. HAINES, S.-p. 120: Girls League, Presidenf p. 41: French Club p. 65: Nafional Honor Sociel-y p. 43: Wig 'n Cue p. 66: Thespians p. 67: Camera Club p. 56: Cheerblock p. 90. HANOVER, R.-p. 120: Senior Class Play p. 68. HAUENSTEIN, S.-p. 120: Choir p. 48: Fu+ure Homemakers p. 59. HARRIS, A.-p. 120. HARRIS N.-p. 120. HASTY, J.-p. 120: Pennanf Annual p. 52. HENRIKSEN, R.-p. 121. HERTSEL, J.-p. 121: e.A.A. p. 101. HESKETH, S.-p. 121: Choir p. 48: Pennan+ Annual p. 52: Cheerblock p. 90: Y-Teens p. 73. HICKMAN, R.-p. 121. HIGH, C.-p. 121: Sludenl' Council p. 42. HODGEN, P.-p. 121: Disfribulive Educafion p. 58: Orchesfra p. 46. HOLMES, R.-p. 121: Orcheslra p. 46. HOOPER, D.-p. 121: Pennanr Annual p. 52: High-Y p. 72: French Club p. 65: Wig 'n Cue p. 66. HOUSOUR, J.-p. 121: Band p. 44: Orchesfra p. 46: Pennanl' Annual p. 52. OWARD, T.-p. 121: Foo+ball p. 83: Varsi+y Club p. 100: Boys League Adv. Council p. 40. UDKINS, W.-p. 121. UFFMAN, J.-p. 121: Orchesfra, Presidenl p. 46: Wig 'n Cue. Presidenf p. 66: Thespians p. 67: Cheerblock p. 90: Spanish Club p. 64: Girls League Advisory Council p. 41: Sludenf Council p. 41. UMMEL, M.-p. 121: Painl 'n Paleffe p. 75: S+uden+ Council p. 42. HUMPHREY, D.-p. 121: Mixed Chorus p. 49: Pennanl' Weekly p. 54. HUSS, M.-p. 121: Cheerblock p. 90. HUTCHISON, S.-p. 121: Girls Choir p. 49. HYDE, M.-p. 121: Choir p. 48: Pennani' Annual p. 52: Boys' League Advisory Council p. 40: Senior Class Play p. 68. JACOBS. s.-P. 121. JENKS, R.-p. 121: Pennant Weekly p. 54: Pennani' Annual p. 52: Nafional Honor Socieiy p. 43. . JESSE, J.-p. 122. JOHNSON, B.-p. 122. JOHNSON, L.-p. 122: Baseball p. 99: Varsify Club p. 100. JOHNSON, N.-p. 122. JONES. N.-p. 122. KALK, D.-p. 122: Orches+ra p. 46: Pennanl Annual p. 52: Nafional Honor Socie+y p. 43. KANE, I.-p. 122: Choir p. 48: Pennanf Annual p. 52: Disfribulive Eclucalion p. 58: Y-Teens p. 73: Cheerblock p. 90: Senior Class Play p. 68. KECK, B.-p. 122: Girls Choir p. 49: Y-Teens p. 73: Cheerblock p. 90. KEELEY, J.-p. 122: Speech Club p. 62: Wig 'n Cue p. 66: Thespians p. 67: Senior Class Play p. 68. KELLER, J.-p. 122. KELLER, M.-p. 122: Y-Teens p. 73: Girls League Advisory Council p. 41. KENSILL, K.-p. 122: Choir p. 48: Pennan+ Weekly p. 54: Pennan+ Annual p. 52: Y-Teens p. 73: Wig 'n Cue p. 66: Cheerblock p. 90: Senior Class Play p. 68. KIEFER, J.-p. 122. KIDDER, J.-p. 122: Y-Teens p. 73: Fufure Teachers p. 76: Painf 'n Pale'He p. 75. KIMBROUGH, C.-p. 122. KING, S.-p. 122: Y-Teens p. 73. KOEHLER, S.-p. 122: Orchesfra p. 46: Pennanl' Weekly p. 54: Fufure Teachers of America p. 76: Na+ional Honor Sociery p. 43: Pennani Annual p. 52. KOLLAT, D.-p. 122: Baskerball p. 89: Baseball p. 99: Cross Counfry p. 97: Varsiry Club p. 100: Sfudenr Council, Vice-presidenf p. 42. KOSKI, S.-p. 122: Pennanf Weekly p. 54. KRAYBILL, S.-p. 123. KRETSCHMER, B.-p. 123. KRIDER, S.-p. 123. KULP, J.-p. 123: Dis+ribuIive Educa+ion p. 58. LaCOUNTE, E.-p. 123. LANTZ, N.-p. 123: Pennan+ Annual p. 52: Cheerblock p. 90. LARIMER, C.-p. 123: Band p. 44: Orchesfra p. 46: Pennanl' Annual p. 52: Fu+ure Homemakers p. 59: Fulure Teachers, Presidenf p. 76: Nalional Honor Socie+y p. 43. LAUBY, L.-p. 123: Choir p. 48: Nalional Honor Sociefy, Vice- presidenf p. 43: Speech Club p. 62: Fufure Teachers p. 76. LEERS, J.--p. 123. LEIPOLD, J.-p. 123: Pennanl Annual, Assi. Bus. Manager p. 52: Na- fional Honor Sociefy p. 43. LEWIS, B.-p. 123: Disfribufive Educafion p. 58. LINN, L.--p. 123. LOVE, B.-p. 123. LOVE, R.-p. 123. LUKE, S.-p. 123: Pennanl' Annual p. 52. LYONS, B.-p. 123. MANLEY, N.-p. 123: Girls' League Advisory Council p. 41: Cheer- block p. 90: Y-Teens p. 73. MAPES, G.-p. 123: Foo+ball p. 85. MARKUS, J.-p. 123: Triple L p. 61: Y-Teens p. 73: Painl' 'n PaleH'e p. 75: Fufure Teachers p. 76. MARRAFFINO, J.-p. 124: Speech Club p. 62: Nafional Honor Sociefy p. 43. MARSHALL, D.-p. 124. MARTIN, J.-p. 124: Orcheslra p. 46: Pennanl Annual, Co-edifor p. 52: Speech Club p. 62: Nalional Forensic League p. 63: Nafional Honor Sociefy p. 43: Y-Teens p. 73: Sfudenr Council p. 42: Cheerblock p. 90. 213 SENIOR INDEX MARTIN, M.-p. 124. MAST, K.-p. 124: Choir p. 48: Y-Teens p. 73. MASTEN, S.-p. 124. MAURER, L.-p. 124: Baseball, Manager p. 99. MCCAVIT, M.-p. 124: Cheerblock p. 90: Pennanl' Annual p. 52: Pen- nani' Annual p. 54. McCLANE, R.-p. 124. McCOMBS, M.-p. 124: Mixed Chorus p. 50: Y-Teens p. 73: Cheer- block p. 90: Disrribulive Educalion p. 58. McCULLOUGH, L.-p. 124: Foolball p. 83: Fulure Teachers, Vice- presidenf p. 76. McKEE, P.-p. 124. McLAUGHLlN, E.-p. 124: Baseball p. 99: Varsily Club p. 100. MCMICHAEL, J.-p. 124. MERRITT, B.-p. 124: Band p. 44: Orchesha p. 46. MEYERS, G.-p. 124: Band p. 44: Orcheslra p. 46: Visual Educafion p. 74. MILLER, B.-p. 124. MILLER, J.-p. 124: Varsily Cheerleader p. 79: Pennanl' Annual p. 52: Y-Teens p. 73: Na+ionaI Honor Sociery p. 43. MILLER, J.-p. 124: Choir p. 48: Triple L p. 61: Disfribulive Educa- fion p. 58. MILLER, L.-p. 124: Foo'I'balI p. 83. MILLER, L.--p. 125. MILLER, M.-p. 125. MILLER, S.-p. 125. MINICHILLO, R.-p. 125: Track p. 98: Cross Coun'I'ry p. 97. MITCHELL, H.-p. 125: Foofball p. 83: Pennanf Annual p. 52: Visual Educalion p. 74. MOFFAT, G.-p. 125: Choir p. 48: French Club p. 65: Wig 'n Cue p. 66: Thespians, Vice-presiden+ p. 67: Nalional Honor Sociefy p. 43: Cheerblock p. 90. MOORE, C.-p. 125: Band p. 44: Orchesfra p. 46. MOWAT, M.-p. 125: Boys' League, Presideni- p. 40: Sludenl Council p. 42: Hi-Y p. 12. MULCAHEY, J.-p. 125. MURPHY, J.-p. 125: Band, Vice-presidenl p. 44: Orchesfra p. 46: Boys' Social Chairman of Senior Class p. 113. MYERS, G.-p. 125: Band p. 44. MYERS, J.-p. 125: Choir p. 48: Pennanl' Weekly p. 54: Y-Teens p. 73: French Club p. 65. MYERS, N.-p. 125. NAGY, J.-p. 12s. NEAL, G.-p. 125: Choir p. 48: Triple L p. 61: Nalional Honor Sociefy p. 43. NEFF, J.-p. 125. NOLEN, J.-p. 125. NUSBAUM, R.--p. 125: Choir p. 48: Disribulive Educaion, Vice- presidenl p. 58. OGAR, R.-p. 125: Baseball p. 99: Visual Educalion p. 74. OLSEN, J.-p. 125: Choir p. 48: Pennanl Annual p. 52: Dislribuiive Educafion p. 58. OTT, T.-p. 126: Band p. 44. OVERHOLSER, D.-p. 126: Mixed Chorus p. 50: G.A.A., Vice- presidenl p. 101. PAGEDAS, A.-p. 126: Y-Teens p. 73: Florence Nighringale Lamp Club p. 60: Cheerblock p. 90. PALMER, D.-p. 126. PATTI, D.-p. 126: Foolball p. 83: Visual Educalion, Presidenl p. 74: Boys' League Advisory Council p. 40: Hi-Y p. 72. PAYNE, J.-p. 126: Pennanr Annual p. 52: Pennanl' Weekly p. 54: Y-Teens p. 73: Cheerblock p. 90: Furure Teachers p. 76: Nafional Honor Sociely p. 43: Girls' League, Vice-presidenl p. 41. PEDLER. J.-p. 126: Band p. 44. PEFFLEY, S.-p. 126. PETER, M.-p. 126: Choir p. 48: Cheerblock p. 90. PETERSON, J.-p. 126: Choir p. 48: Pennanf Annual, Assisfanf Edilor p. 52: Junior Academy of Science p. 57. 214 PETERSON, J.-p. 126: Pennanl' Annual, Assisfanf Edifor p. 52:. Speech Club p. 62: Na+ionaI Forensic League, Vice-Presidenl p. 63: Thespians p. 67: Wig 'n Cue p. 66: Nalional Honor Sociefy p. 43. PHOEBUS, L.-p. 126: PINKHAM, A.-p. 126: Fufure Teachers p. 76: Cheerblock p. 90. PLANK, M.-p. 126: Band p. 44: Orcheslra p. 46: Nalional Honor Sociely p. 43: Triple L p. 61: Girls League Advisory Council p. 41. POLLARD, B.-p. 126: Choir p. 48: Wig 'n Cue p. 66: Thespians p. 67: Fu+ure Homemakers p. 59: Cheerblock p. 90: All School Play p. 69. POORBAUGH, L.-p. 126: Triple L, Presiden+ p. 61: Nalional Honor Sociely p. 43: Florence Nighlingale Lamp Club p. 60. POTTER, A.-p. 126: Cheerblock p. 90: Dis+ribuI'ive Educalion p. 58. PRINGLE, J.-p. 126: Baseball p. 99. PRUGH, D.-p. 126. FRUGH, S.-p. 126: Foofball p. 83: Varsily Club p. 100. PUTT, S.-p. 127: Pennanl Annual p. 52: Pennani' Weekly p. 54: Y- Teens p. 73: Cheerblock p. 90. PURVIS, D.-p. 127: Wig 'n Cue p. 66: Thespians p. 67: Senior Class Play p. 68: All School Play p. 69. RAAB, J.-p. 127: Speech Club p. 62: Junior Academy of Science, Vice-presideni' p. 57. RAA1Z, R.-p. 127: Nafional Honor Sociely p. 43: Cheerblock p. 90. RANDALL, L.--p. 127: Fooiball p. 83: Baseball p. 99: Varsily Club, Presidenl p. 100. RAVENSCROFT, D.-p. 127. REASONER, T.-p. 127: Florence Nighlingale Lamp Club p. 60. RENALDI, T.-p. 127: Pennanr Annual p. 52: Spanish Club, Presidenl p. 64: Nalional Honor Sociely p. 43. REPLOGLE, D.-p. 127. RENN, J.-p. 127: Choir p. 48. REVIOR, R.-p. 127. RHODES, R.-p. 127. RIBLET, W.-p. 127: Baskelball, Manager p. 89: Varsiry Club p. 100: Nalional Honor Sociely p. 43. RICHMOND, N.-p. 127. RICKEY, J.-p. 127. RIETH, J.--p. 127: Orchesira p. 46: Band p. 44: Spanish Club p. 64: Nalional Honor Sociefy, Presidenl p. 43: S+uden+ Council p. 42. RITTER, R.-p. 127. ROBINSON, P.-p. 127: Pennan+ Annual p. 52: Y-Teens p. 73: Cheer- block p. 90. RODWICK, C.-p. 127: Pennanl' Weekly p. 54. ROGERS, L.-p. 127. ROSS, J.-p. 128: Girls Choir p. 49. ROTH, R.-p. 128: Cross Counfry p. 97: Pennanl Annual, Ar? Edilor p. 52: Hi-Y, Presidenl' p. 72: Sludenl Council p. 42: Visual Educa- 'rion p. 74: National Honor Sociely p. 43: Boys' League Advisory Council p. 40. RUSSO, B.-p. 128: Cheerblock p. 90: Y-Teens p. 73. SACKMAN, C.-p. 123. choir p. 48. SANDERSON, R.-p. 128. SASSAMAN, S.-p. 128: Triple L p. 61. SAWYER, D.-p. 128: Band, Presidenl p. 44: Orchesfra p. 46: Boys' League Advisory Council p. 40. SAWYER, N.-p. 128: Foolball p. 83: Track p. 65: Varsily Club, Vice- presidenf p. 100. SCHILTZ, G.-p. 128. SCHLOSSER, M.-p. 128: Choir p. 48: Fulure Teachers of America p. 76: Cheerblock p. 90: Y-Teens p. 73. SCHMIDT, M.-p. 128: Pennanr Annual p. 52: Narional Honor Sociely p. 43: S+uden+ Counicl p. 42. SCHRECKENGAST, N.-p. 128: Orcheslra p. 46: Spanish Club p. 64 SCHROCK, M.-p. 128: Dislribulive Educalion p. 58. SCHUELKE, C.-p. 128: Band p. 44: Fulure Homemakers p. 59. SCHULER, A.-p. 128: Pennanf Weekly p. 54: Y-Teens p. 73: Dis +ribuIive Educarion p. 58. SCHULER, S.-p. 128: Cheerblock p. 90: Y-Teens p. 73. SCOTT, J.-p. 128. SEARCY, J.-p. 128: Band p. 44: Orcheslra p. 46. SEARLES, D.-p. 128: Nalional Honor Sociefy p. 43. SENIOR INDEX SEKORA, J.-p. 128: Spanish Club p. 64. SHANK, B.-p. 129. SHANK, F.-p. 129: Fooiball p. 83: Track p. 98: Varsi+y Club p. 100. SHAW, D.-p. 129. SHEARER, J.-p. 129: Band p. 44: Orchesira p. 46: Naiional Honor Socieiy p. 43: Triple L, Presidenf p. 61. SHEARER, J.-p. 129: Band p. 44: Nafional Honor Sociefy p. 43: Fu+ure Homemakers, Presideni p. 59. SHEETS, R.-p. 129: Dis+ribu+ive Educaiion p. 58. SHELTON, P.-p. 129: Library Assis+an'I' p. 77. SCHOEMANN, C.-p. 129: Cheerblock p. 90. SINCLAIR, P.-p. 129. SLABOUGH, S.-p. 129: Pennani- Annual p. 52: Cheerblock p. 90: Y-Teens p. 73. SLACK, M.-p. 129: French Club p. 65: Narional Forensic League p. 63. SLESSMAN, E.-p. 129. SLINKARD, J.-p. 129: Choir p. 48. SMITH, L.-p. 129. SMITH, M.-p. 129: Choir p. 48. SMITH, S.-p. 129. SMITLY, R.-p. 129. SNEARLY, E.-p. 129: Band p. 44: Orchesira p. 46: French Club p. 65: Triple L p. 61: Naiional Honor Sociefy p. 43. SNYDER, E.-p. 129: Triple L p. 61. SNYDER, W.-p. 130: Band p. 44. 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WEAVER, C.--p. 132: Orchesira p. 46: Speech Club p. 62: Naiional Forensic League p. 63: Dislribufive Educaiion p. 58. WEAVER, D.-p. 132: Choir, Presidenf p. 48: Pennani' Annual p. 52: Vice-presideni of Senior Class p. 113: Siudenr Council p. 42: Senior Class Play p. 68. WEAVER, R.-p. 132: Nafional Honor Socieiy p. 43. WEAVER. S.-p. 132. WELDY, S.-p. 132: Disrribufive Educarion p. 58: Cheerblock p. 90. WELLS, C.-p. 132: Pennanl' Weekly, Edifor p. 54: Wig 'n Cue p. 66: Thespians p. 67: French Club p. 65: Naiional Honor Sociery p. 43: Cheerblock p. 90: Y-Teens p. 73. WENZEL, J.-p. 132. WESTLAKE, W.--p. 132. WHEELER, S.-p. 132: Choir p. 48: Cheerblock p. 90: Y-Teens p. 73. WHETTEN, M.-p. 132: Girls Choir p. 49. WHICHER, S.-p. 132: WHITEHEAD, S.-p. 132: Varsify Cheerleader p. 90: Naiional Honor Sociery p. 43: Y-Teens p. 73. WICHMAN. J.-p. 132. WIEGNER, M.-p. 132: Fufure Teachers p. 76. WIENER, J.-p. 132. WILHELM, S.-p. 132: Choir p. 48: Naiional Honor Socieiy p. 43: Naiional Forensic League p. 63: Speech Club p. 62: Thespians p. 67: Wig 'n Cue p. 66: French Club p. 65. WILKINSON, B.-p. 132. WILKINSON, C.-p. 132. WILLIAMS, C.-p. 133. WILLIAMS, D.--p. 133: Band p. 44. WILSEY, P.-p. 133: Siudenl' Council p. 42: Hi-Y p. 72. WILSON, R.-p. 133. WISE, N.-p. 133: Girls Choir p. 51: Cheerblock p. 90: Y-Teens p. 73. WISE, S.-p. 133: Choir p. 48: Naiional Honor Socieiy p. 43. WISEMAN, D.-p. 133: Pennanl' Weekly p. 54: Girls League Advisory Council p. 41: Srudeni Council p. 42. WISEWELL, J.-p. 133: Orchesira, Vice-presideni p. 46: Pennani' Annual, Business Manager p. 52: Thespians p. 67. WOGOMAN, F.-p. 133: Speech Club p. 62. WOLSCHLAGER, W.-p. 133: Choir p. 48. WRIGHT, F.-p. 133: Band p. 44: Paini 'n Palerfe p. 75. WRIGHT, S.-p. 133. WYMAN, A.-p. 133. YEAKEY, M.-p. 133: Fooiball p. 83: Varsiiy Club p. 100. YOUNG, L.-p. 133. ZEIGLER, L.-p. 133: Wig 'n Cue p. 66: Thespians p. 67: Speech Club p. 62: Naiional Forensic League p. 63: Senior Class Play p. 68. ZIMMERMAN, S.-p. 133: Band p. 44: Orchesfra p. 46: Pennani An- nual p. 52: Triple L p. 61: National Honor Socieiy p. 43. ZOLLINGER, S.-p. 133: Girls Choir p. 49: Cheerblock p. 90. ' 2 o! '55 I x J 4' 1 x V' I ! K .,,, if' AUTOGRAPHS lx -XC . 1- Nj ig ,, .X NL Q3 C., I 'YZ 5 K.: " cial, fig " 5-,536 T35

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