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0-5-. .Q V t ELKHART3 x 2. In tag "'-'Z' V -E e s. - ' Wg' X- vb I Q, - se 'so-named because flue lndlans fllougllf flle Island looked like an elk's llearf ELKHART IS A BEAUTIFUL CI The S+. Joe and ihe Elkhari' rivers flow quieily 'rhrough our +own, iheir sireams winding pasi faciories parks and homes. The homes, modesi or prefeniious, line free-shaded sireeis wiih backyards and gardens sloping down +0 fhe river. Our parks, large and numerous, are beaufifully planied wi+h frees and flowers. Faciories are numerous, +his being an indusirial 'rown, wifh modern well-lighied buildings. Spires of churches are li'F+ed foward +he sky, many churches, we are a church-going iown. Driving ihrough Elkhari, one is aware of +he naiural beaufy of our fown, Hs many scenic views, wha'rever +he season, and fhe evidences of +he pride and civic-mindedness of i+s cifizens. Our iown is a beaufiiul fown and we love ii. Quief. peaceful Riverside Drive Q n .Q Q in ' 9 . Q ,. fi .Q 4+ Q, J J QQ. .Q Y .6 ,f is M -4 il? 1 A -I av - A 5 .2 x swg' 11,4 J' an ,.,o ,,: ?g,,A '5 T'5"L5 S . .Ld - , Q3-I ' if 2 I "An ' 'W .a.. V 5h,...'. '55 it E5 x . qv T wr, 1 A, x . ,, .. .s- ur rt f f, A1 W av 1 f will if Y ,ifavr mb .yi :suv v .32 auf. , :IN 'O f G" Q4 4' ' o A 'H -1. fl. xxx 1 ' Y o as 1 ' ."l5.'iQ .. 4 . ,-.4-. . "X- ' 1 u ,l: .-55: 1 W 1 l fin, X a Y Wx . , 1 W5 " 'qvvwr Cha - rt ' Svcs 9'i9f'ii2, :QQ-dF,,. X eXq,Wg?g2y. wi? -,-Q, r Iv . . , ff- S X mga! -uw N, gl. Q W ' Wuwdex QQMNQ' vf s K vs W, Q 3,19 09' V nv, - 'iiigfif 312. wf- CQ A , im -X 'iv-.. es V13 5 Y 'Mm ZQLW ' ' and ELKHART IS A Pnoen:sTfvE cur. Q22 Band insfrumenf cenfer of flle world Producls labeled Elkhart Indiana, go all over lhe world. This is especially lrue of musical insfrumenfs. Sixly-five per cenl' of all lhe musical inslrumenls made in flue world are manufaclured here. A lown of nearly 40,000, Elkharl is a busy, evergrowing progressive cily. a- A life Ellchar+'s indus+ries are varied and numerous. More 'rhan 200 induslrial planfs, mos? of +hem locally owned, produce everyfhing from one-inch T.V. 'rubes lo 38-fool' +railers. Formerly a railroad cen+er, Ellcharl' is s+ill a ferminal. Wirh a home-owned newspaper and a radio s'ra+ion +ha+ operares eighreen hours daily, Ellcharl' keeps in louch wi+h world affairs. Culfurally, our +own is aferf, foo. We have our own symphony, municipal band, ar+ league and an exfensive public library. Bur mosfly, if is 'rhe spirif of a ci+y rhal 'rells 'rhe s'rory and fhe alerfness, progressiveness, and happiness of The communily are evidence fhal' Elkharl' is abreasl' of +he fimes. line of fhe counfry From vifamins fo sedafives A GREAT PLACE T0 khart: VVORK IKND P Surrounded by lakes for swimming, fishing and winler sporfs, Elkharl' offers many kinds of recrealion. Sfudebaker and McNaugh+on parks are supervised and available for children in summer: accessible parks have well-kepf fennis courfs. Swimming pools and many picnic spols aHrac'r family and club groups, while nearby lakes offer ideal vaca+ion pleasures. Elkharfans can and do have fun. Fun on Hle McNaughfon Park fennis courf LAY.. Jusf a lazy affernoon Phyllis Harfley and Mrs. Conley, her bookshop boss Elkharl' has always been a lown where jobs were plen+i'Ful and working condifions good. The cily governmenl' serves lhe people well. The public schools are nofed for fheir high slandards and excellenf leaching slaff. An efiicienl police, fire, and lraffic deparlmenl is always on duly. Besides +he hospilals, many charilable organizalions are un- firing in 'rheir efforfs lo care for fhe ill, +he handicapped and fhe needy. Rog. fhe friendly cop The Morgans, new-comers. are welcomed by fhe Organs 'NMFA ,wf?QwHEw 'mf Mwmmwwmwwww A WMMW' wwww D Mimi' ':. fi "fi X H , M Fw 8109! lib!! gggggllain . A kdl1nCDCICi funn! X ,W - KQBHQ ' Mawl1Y0"' . 3 W Q Q 9'l Q Kqnt aw Q Q 9 i ,W I 11, I -A iam m1n q':::q 4 Q n K 0 Q i., 1 'gifs . 'Q0Q5.'.s L-Q... i950 unun mon season ,gm swag.-5' Li V ,f w,n,m 'Q fi if 'Sv 'ef ., W K X xy 3 ,. 3 ,Qt x. v-. ,,, f W3 My fl: ' as , Q , Q Wg , , .4f' +V K,wi'ax -,, 4 'Wx 5 ,,E in 9. s . w, S Q2 'wk Q wo ,,,,,-:1m 5"' x-,, 'We like ii' here ai' E H S ioo. ElK Mr. Chesfer Huffman HARTANS SERVING THE CITY SCHOOLS AH'hough each is busy wi'rh his iob or profession lhese 'five cifizens devo+e many ex+ra hours +o fhe many problems of +he ci+y schools. The lasl' 'rhree years in parficular have been harcl because of +he building program. These civic-minded people olevo+e +heir 1'ime unselfishly because, as Mr. Lerner said, "We do if 'For +he boys and girls." Mr. Sfanley Raymer Mr. Vernon Ball Mrs. Margaref Ford Mr. Walfer Lerner THE B MQ! OARD OF TRUSTEES, ELKHART CITY SCHO Each Monday nighf fhe school board meels wi'rh Mr. Rice for a long session of planning, organizing, and discussing. Malerials are scarce and rhere are many legal res'rric'rions 'ro add 'ro 'rheir problems. Wifh 'rwo new grade schools and 'rhree buildings remodeled, fhe board now looks ahead 'ro 'rhe big iob of building l'he new Junior High. Lefl' +o righ+: Mr. Walier Lerner, lreasurerg Mr. S'ranley Raymer, secrelaryg Mr. Vernon Ball, presidenfg Mr. Joseph C. Rice, Superinfendenl' of Schools, Mr. Chesfer Huffman, and Mrs. Margarei' Ford. 0lS Alfhough Supf. Rice's job has been a hard one, he evidenfly likes if here foo, as he has signed his confracf for anofher fhree years in Elkharf. Supf. J. C. Rice I2 Mosf of us in high school clon'f know him personally, buf given brief glimpses, we have found him friendly, pleasanf, and good nafured. He does like sporfs. ELKHART SCH00l. ADMINISTRATORS Mr. Wm. Wollenweber, Supf. of Buildings and Grounds, Mr. Maurice Burns Business Manager Mr. Hendrickson, principal. shows fhe por 'Phe proposed unifs for Rice School BUILD, PLAN and DREAM Each of lhe lhirleen grade schools in Elkharl' is facing fhe problem of increased enrollmenls. In all 'rhe problems of +he schools, principals like Mr. Hendrickson labovel find lhe P.T.A. members a grea'r help. From lhe mommies who bake cookies for kindergarfen parfies, up ihrough fhe grades +o lhe fafhers who lake par+ in panel discussions a+ high school P.T.A. meelings, 'rhe parenls and aclminislralors loin in 'rhe work of 'rhe Elkharf schools. Mr. C. P. Woodruff, principal HIGH SCHOOL ADMIHISTRATORS One of +he reasons ihe s1'uden+s like H' here a+ EHS is because of +he wonderful principal, Mr. Woodruff, or "Woody" as he is offen called. Sfanding for a democraiic school, he carries oui his 'iheory by healing everyone equally. Besides doing his official dulies as a principal, he 'fakes lime ouf +o be a pal +o ihe kids, 'ro help +he s+uden+ body wifh Hs problems. Wiihouf his friendly smile, hearly laugh, and helpful manner, EHS iusf wouldn'1' be +he same. Miss Myngle Dorseh' and Mr. Glenn Updike. deans THE GUIDANCE STAFF S Very hard working people in EHS are 'rhese counsellors. Each fall lhey spend many hours planning rhe programs of each sludenl. These six people give fheir lime unselfishly in helping The sludenls wilh lheir problems of choosing courses, picking eleclives and solving ofher difficullies. Il a sfudenl' has any doubls, he knows lhal he can lurn lo his counsellor 'for help. Anolher very necessary person is Mrs. Schreiner, our school nurse. Whenever an ache or a pain makes an appearance, i+ can be cured or a+ leasf, helped in Mrs. Schreiner, . , . Mrs. Schreiner s dispensary. Supervisor of sch,-,og nu,-Se Lefl' lo righf: Mr. Lesfer Kerr. Miss Kalhryn Jarvis, Mr. lvan Gill. Miss Helen Kirkland, Miss Marie Sharp and Mr. Glen Harf J VF' Y -, ,sA,,sa:.. .- 1 a w. 4 5,2-fswrlw 5 ' 1-i'5'is5'-2 1-was Q... W L. .,, par. ,. ,,7.,..Las-f.s6..p ' Y?P ,2Y'iif'f" , P" ' ifiilffl5f55f9?1?3-ffI - fm Sz fx wh- C-an THE EHS FACULTY... ADAMS, NORVAL, B.S., M.S.-Biology, Science Chairman: AMSBAUGH, ANNA, B.A., M.S.-Home- making: ANDERSON, CARL J., B.S.-Indusfriai Aris: AVERY, FRANCIS, B.A., M.A.-English, French. BOOK, ORPHA, B.A., B.S., in L.S.-Librarian: BROUGHTON, RUTH, B.A., M.A.-English Language Chairman: BUSCHE, LOUISE, B.A., M.A.-Engiishg BYELENE, MICHAEL, B.S.-Physicai Eciucafion. CAMPAGNOLI, ANTHONY, B.S., M.A.-Physical Educaiion: COOPER, HARRY, B.S.-Commerce: DEAL, JUNE E., B.S., M.S.-Commerce: DEFEW, BERTHA, B.S., M.A.-Homemaking Chairman. DILLEN, CHRISTINE HUGHES, B.A., M.A.-English, Dramaiicsg ELMQUIST, BETTY, M.M.-Orches+ra Di- recfor: GILL, IVAN, B.S., M.S.--Chemis+ry, Junior Counselor: GOWDY, WILLIAM, B.S.M., M.M.-Direc+or of Vocal Music, Music Chairman. THE EHS FACULTY... HART, GLEN, B.S., M.S.-Indus+rieI Arfs, Sophomore Counsellor: HAMILTON, WILLIAM, B.S.-Indusfrial Arfsg HARVEY, REX, B.S., M.S.-Mallaemaficsg HARDING, KENNETH, B.S,-Indusfrial Ar'rs. HINES, HARRIET, B.S., M.B.A.-Commerce: ISBELL, WELFORD, A.B.-Inclusfrial Arfsg JAMES HOWARD, B.F.A.-Arif JARVIS, KATHRYN, B.A., M.A.-Maihemalics, Sophomore Counse1or. JONES. FLORENCE, M.S.-Social Sludlesg JORDON, RILEY, B.A.. M.A.-Social Sfudies, Chairmang KELLY, DOROTHY, B.A., M.A.-Engllslw, Journalism, Publlcalionsg KENDALL, MARY, B.A.-Physical Educallon. KERR, LESTER, B.S., M.A.-Mafhemalics, Senior Counselor: KING, GLADYS, B.A., M.A.-Spanish, Maflae- malics: KIRKLAND, HELEN, M.A., Ph. B.-Commerce: KLINE, ALBERT, B.S.-Induslrial Arfs. THE EHS FACULTY... LIKENS, VIRGIL, B.Ed., M.S.-Science: LOWE, PAUL, B.A.-English: MATER, WILBUR, B.S., M.S.-So cial Sfudiesg MILLINER, WILLIAM, 5.5.-Physical Educafion, Baslcefball Coach. MORGAN, JOHN, B.S.-Induslrial Ar'rs: ORGAN, E. T.-Direclor of Vocafional and Adulf Eclucalion ROGERS, DORRANCE, B.S., M.S.-Social Sfudies, Driver Training: RALSTON, ROBERT, B.S.-Band Direcfor SANDS, W. E., B.S., M.A.-Social Sludiesg SAWYER, MARGUERITE, B.A., M.A.-La'Iin, English: SCHNEE- BELI, JOYCE, B.S.-Physical Science: SCHREINER, HELEN, R.N., B.S.-Supervisor of School Nurses. SHARP, MARIE, B.A., M.A.-English, Senior Counsellor: SICKELS, ADA, Ph.B.-English, SILCOTT, GLENN, B.S., M.A.-Diredor of Aihleiics, Heallh and Physical Educalion Chairman: SINER, N. MARIE, B.A., M.A.-Commercial Deparfmenf Chairman. SPROULL, RAYMOND, B.S., M.S.-Social Sfudiesg WAGONER, EVELYN J., B.A., M.A.-Science: WEN- GER, GALEN, M.A., A.B.-Direcfor of Speech and Radio Workshop, WINNE, DONALD, A.B., M.A.- Social Siudies. Are Parents Necessary? Reading Clockwise: Sylvia Donavon, Wayne Gruber. Mrs. Riffenllouse. Mrs. Gulll, Mrs. Sfemm, Mr. Reibs, Mrs. Swarfs, Mr. Peferson. Mr. Tillman. Lou Ann Adams, Sharon Lyfell. ..AND THE P.T.A. A very imporlam' parl' of 'lhe school is +he P. T. A. Among olher proiecls, lhe P. T. A. eslablished a sfudenl loan fund eleven years ago. ln fhe pasl +wo years, lhree sludenls have applied for fhe fund. Al' ihe beginning of lhe school year, lhe members of lhe P. T. A. sold calendars +o raise money for 'rhe loan. Several of fhe programs 'I'his year consisfed of panels such as 'Phe one piclured above. These panels presenl 'lhe views of bolh parenls and sludenls. The mofhers, Mr. Woodruff, and fhe cleans spend many affernoons in sludy groups, discussing fhe problems of high school life and how lo solve fhem. A baclc +o school nighl' in lhe 'Fall and a 'lea for lhe leachers in lhe spring are planned fo bring Teachers and paren'I's closer iogelher. S E N I H E R E Russell pracfices Sheila experimenfs wifll H250 I I O Mary arranges fhe neckwear counfer af Drake s and fears back af fhe end of her noon hour for her nexf class Sue puzzles over Na:SO,, in fhe chem lab. Dave nn sfudy hall, is worrying abouf his vigneffe for wrlhng lab Joan and Sally are planning fheir discussion for effecfuve living and fhe speech kids are rehearsing for fomorrow nighf's speech workshop broadcasf-and fhaf s a senior s life Going fo fhe foofball games in fhe hazy aufumn evenings selling concessions For fhe senior class, having fun af class parfies, yelling af fhe baskefball games worrying abouf geffing a fickef for fhe secfionals, reglonals and semi-finals, and planning fhaf wonderful graduafuon week are all parf of fhe big senior year. Exfra curricular acfivifies fake up a big share of a senior's fime foo. Sporfs, music, deparfmenf clubs fhe Pennanf Weekly and Annual, fhe senior play Nahonal Honor Sociefy and many ofher organizafions leave a senior wifh liffle spare fime. By fhe fime a sfudenf becomes a senior, he has learned fo know his feachers as friends, nof iusf as insfrucfors He has overcome his fear of fhem and found fhem fo be pleasanf, helpful and friendly. Alfhough busy, and af fimes franfic, wifh fhe help of feachers and friends, seniors find fime fo have fun af EHS. No wonder fhey like if here. i his selling fecllniques . . . ,155 , . J Q K S g I One of fhe field irips, fo 'Phe Crippled Childrerfs Cenfer Alfhough if isn'+ required, elifecfive living is laken by many seniors. This subieci helps one learn how 'lo ge+ along wi+h olhers, how 'lo live effecfively, how io improve his personalily and how +0 'l'hink. Panel discussions, movies and special speakers make ihis an inieresling course. On fhe air for speech workshop ln speech class sludcnls learn many essenlial facls aboul public speaking, radio work and parliamen+ary procedure. They gain valuable experience from fheir radio broadcas+s and also from 'lrips 'ro differenf speech confesfs. 21 Par . -. Carefulness means accuracy. 'x -V... SENIORS DEVEl0P SKILLS One of +he elec+ives seniors especially enjoy is arl workshop. Here +hey use iheir creaiive abiliiy in making such ihings as ihe siage props for ihe Chrisimas choir conceri, ceramics, and designs of Their own choosing. As 'rhis is a workshop 'I'he siuclenls are allowed +0 use 'their own iniliaiive and depend on lheir individualiiy for ideas. ln EHS, seniors lake such courses as auio mechanics, clrafiing and eleciriciiy. By 'ihe 'rime a senior has compleied one of +he shop courses, he hes gained much valuable 'lraining for ihal fuiure job. Checking on fhose pisfons. ,f Ideas and designs fake shape. Examining Hle innermosf parfs. -Lil Typing calls for concenfrafion. I HERE... Sandy lakes lypingg she's on l'he commercial course. Dick lakes journalism, one of lhe six choices a junior has in English. Bill enjoys his lhree-hour course in The prinl' shop, buf Kale-well, physics is lough. Homemaking is fun 'For Jane. Why wouldn'l il be, in lhe beauliful new home ec. kilchen? And so, a junior's life rolls along. People oflen say lhal' lhe junior year is lhe biggesl year in high school: many of lhe juniors around EHS agree on lhis. Being in lhe follies, acling or working in 'lhe class play and planning lhal' exlra special prom are some of lhe big affairs of lhe year. Alrhough some of lhe subjecls in lhe junior year are much harder fhan before, lhey are numerous and varied enough for all +he s+uden+s fo be salisfied. Besides all of lhese choices and 'rhe class acliviliesi lhere are many olher 'faclors which cause juniors io like il' here. Whaf s Hle lafesf? 'Sl Q FN Q. X X, , ' E2 ' ' h by ,A ' Q" Q F1 b M - i 1 9 I N .Q f-: :JZ A Q 1 .45 ,H . an 1 " 4 ly 41 9 Q 58' 331 A "" ll Ks, 5 'sw "...i I A , Xb S3 jf ew' E' . 5 www, :aww swag ' 1 v 1 1 A--...,...-,. fu f is QQQWWT' nv-"""""""a Here's how i1's done. NNING FOR THE ,JSA HOMES OF TOMORROW One semes+er of homemaking is spenf in 'ihe beauiiful new home ec. kifchen. Here ihe girls develop an abili'ry +0 unders'rand and solve 'ihe problems which arise from fhe 'family food budgefs. They gel a greal deal of experience from working wi+h food, canning, making jams and jellies and 'Phe general principles of cooking are pracficed by +he siudenfs. A semes'rer on cloihing provides +he girls who wan+ more experience in clolhing problems, an oppor'I'uni+y 'lo do advanced work. Wi+h a knowledge of how 'fibers and fabrics diFFer, fhey have an increased abilify +o evalua+e qualiiy in 'l'he ma+erials of hand made and ready made clofhes. A sfifch in Hme . . ,. ..s,. ,M , QW., .. K 1, if X if XS vii-aw 4 fi Q' Q ., 'M.X,..,., ,. . 'N Bag? Q I., . 2 .,.,,m,X'n.Q1. "' 1 E' b f ! -Q - ' , Q QV .Q 'fx ' ,Pkg if l IQ 4' fm P J' S99 Q S A Q DL fy J' V,.. u fm 5 . . UMW 1 W ,ZZ Q '- . Q -- .' iff , Lu If- - , ff 1. 5152+ if f I - he ?slseq. 2 i 1 . " '-3 X xxx A X - b 'Qi L' T A 3 L 'i,,.,.C, Aw. ff,- LTU NW ,iq A vm 5 Wy 1 I' ' ' is ,,:L N N, ,,-V-N341, V, W X-My V V :V - A SOPHOM How Hue Romans did if . . . T HERE... . . . or should, wifh all 'I'he many courses he is olifered. Sieve +akes speech and has his firs+ experience in hearing his own voiceg Nancy finds lha+ Lafin isn'1' all coniugalions. Alihough finding dozens of leaves, flowers, and bugs isn"I' easy, s+ill biology is fun for Ann. Tom +hinks maih is easy: Barb doesn'1', bu'r she iusf loves French. And so, a soph's life begins. When a sophomore comes +o EHS, a+ Firs+ he is confused and offen discouraged, bui' as 'lime goes on, he discovers +he friendliness of 'leachers and upper-classmen, and adius+s +o 'I'he new and exci+ing place called high school. Joining clubs, going ou+ for sporls, playing in +he band and orchesira are all par'I' of ihe sophomore year. Becoming a pari' of +he siudenl' body is one of +he biggesi +hrills +ha+ a soph can have. AH'hough i+'s a li'r+le s+range a+ firsi wiih so many decisions 'ro make, and so many new 'I'hings 'I'o learn, mos+ sophs, by +he end of 'rhe 'lirsf year, like ii here. His masfer's voice was Q . A, X xv W 1 w, if ig af if 15" Q, f 4' If Q 'fi -nf Q . X. fx QW gb I xg, W K K , New fx- fwm- g Qfg K ?f?2Qi33if55f5?J I ms f.w.f2f23Qg,1 ifpic- lf! si? 0 0 ' a -.J . I gg.. 3 11 an f .: . 1 H' K qs Xkffifx . I Seeing for ourselves . whaf 'Hue books have fo say MAKING COURSES REAL Bugs and biology are 'iwo of 'rhe mos? used words in a soph's vocabulary. Finding ihe specimens, bugs, flowers. and leaves, 'lakes up many long hours. The s+uden'r learns io recognize his dependence upon o'l'her living lhings and fo undersfand his place in ihe scheme of nafure. . 1 Lf sv' QQ ,,.. zf,..y.. -Vs firf , , , . . A.. , G A in L . 4 .- ,W jf . . r fa fb Q. 2 XS Q Yi is gwg I six Q, . xx. ,gl x, W2 .gg 'Mi . .. . ,W g y 3 W.: ' W , WW 1 ,pf i iv"- " -Z l -T U ' I '1051 of us go fo school af EHS. and mosf of us like H' here. Le'f'r +0 righlz Sealed, Miss June Deal, sponsor: Dave Thomas, presidenlg Maxine Hoadley, girls' social chairman: Jim Plank, Treasurer. Sland ing, Jim Shuler, boys' social chairman: Bud Wenlz, vice-presidenf: Mr. Glen Har+, sponsor. HIGHLIGHTS 0F THE '52 COMMENCEMENT FLOWER: Yellow Rose COLORS:YelIow and Blue MOTTO: "Knowledge Comes Bul' Wisdom Lingers". FLOWER AND COLOR COMMITTEE: Sue Updilce, Darlene Weimer, Bernice Galasso and Barbara Goode. MOTTO COMMITTEE: Judy Arnold, Sandra Lauby, Bob Pelerson and Jerry SmiI'h. GIFT COMMITTEE: Gerry He-ber+, Roland Snearly, Gene McGlasson, Eleanor Slcaife and Verna Sikora. APRIL 8-Senior Coke Parfy, Girls' League. MAY 8-Senior Concerl, Band and Orches+ra, 8:00. MAY I7-Junior-Senior Prom, Holel Elkharl, 8:30. Theme-"Moon Mis+". MAY 22-Choir Concerf. MAY 29-Senior Day, 9:00 a.m. Sfeering CommiH'ee: Kay Farr, Clara Mu+zI, Burch Wa+erman, John Richard and Rosalie Adams. JUNE I-Baccalaureale, 4:00 p.m. Speaker-Rev. Cleon Swarls. JUNE 2-A.A.U.W. Tea, Presbylerian Church. JUNE 3-Senior Banquer, Holel Elkharl, 6:30 p.m. Menu, Miss Deal: Decora+ions, Maxine Headley: Program, Jean Hamman: Talenl and Music, Grace McDonnell: Gues'rs, Cl1ris+ine Paulson: Will, Sue Swar+s: Prophecy, Henry Guzzo and Wayne Gruber. JUNE 4-Commencement 7:30 p.m., Rice Field. CLASS OF '52 ' i2 Enfering Elkharf High School in Sepfember of '49 was a momenlous experience for our class of '52. Our firsi few weeks were heclic and con- fused as we franiically hun+ed class rooms, Ieachers, and books. How- ever, as +he mon+I1s passed, we began Io find our place in EHS life. "ny, '99 N. Why xgff 'III 'J f ' L A 5 mr ,S J.E.Y One of our imporfanf bul' s'Irenu- ous classes was biology. I+ Iook us oufdoors in fall fo gafher leaves for a scrapbook and +o ca+ch bugs for observa+ion. Indoors, we were ex- pecfed 'ro s+udy and recognize IOO birds, mosfly from Ihe Uniied S+a'res. Our las? ouiside assignmen'I was Io ga'fI'1er and classify IOO flowers. So fhe busy days rolled past wH'I1 les- sons, games and ac+ivi+ies. L. ADAMS M. ADAMS B. ALWINE R. ADAMS B. AMSDEN V. ARKO D. ANDERSON R. ARISMAN J. ATKINSON J. ARNOLD A. ARTER B. ARTER W BADER D BAKER G BAILEY B BAKER W. BELL R. BARBARO J. BARKER B. BARNES B. BERON B. BENDER C. BILLINGS W. BICKEL K. BINKLEY V. BLESSIN6 D. BLOSSER J. BOSS D. BOWERS V. BOWMAN L. BREZGER T. BREWER B. BRUGGNER V. BRANCHICK S. BROWN M. CANEN S. CLICK B. CHESTER R. CHESTER J. CLARK . 4 I e. cooK D. cox c. cms R. cRlPE is ,Q L. DAUGHERTY e. cuLP B. DILLS B. Dei-ioFF CLASS WHOWAQ fo' 9.25 ' CLP-55 P if Elecfion of class officers came shorfly affer Chrisfmas vacalion. We chose +he following: Dave Thomas, presidenh Jerry Smiih, vice-presi- denh Kay Miller, secreiaryp Rudy Paque'l'+e, lreasurerg Marilyn Canen and Bruce Lund, social chairmen. We also selecred Miss June Deal and Mr. Glen Hari' for our class sponsors. A picnic ai' McNaughl'on Park closed our firsi' year al' EHS. fl.,--C.,-GX' jj,-1 fc Wfffffiss .XV Qyyf- ,X J 'Sf K Z ll JL. rf In Sepfember of '50 we found our- selves iuniors al' iasi' wifh a busy, happy year ahead of us. We pre- senfed our iunior follies, "Myslic lsle" on Oclober I9. The various acls came ou+ of a "dry ice" misi +o per- form for +he marooned sailor, Dave Thomas. Our own iunior orchesfra helped +o make our follies a never- +0-be-forgoH'en evening. OF I952 7 W lm X 'X I A ffl .si-9 The lure of a fooiball game ai' Rice Field was more ihan enough io induce us ou+ info +he sharp Ocfober air fo yell "pop-corn, ice cream, and pop." Many of us sold several Friday nighis in succession for our various clubs and classes which were in charge of concessions. We were proud of fhe juniors of our class who made fhe varsiiy ieam. ,F 1 7,11 . EYKT' 'mg nm!!! 'ZTWW f . 3 O I . I ye 53.9- Af ihe half-way mark of fhe lasi' semes+er, we decided ii was fime +o do some iniensive sludy before +he mad rush of spring social ac+ivi+ies. Wifh subjecfs such as Lalin, physics, iournalism, dramafics, U. S. hisiory, and commercial subiecis, we had pleniy fo do. Varied by many acfivi- fies, fhough, school was fun. K. DILORENZO J. DOERING R. DOYLE D. DOUGLAS C. DUNLAP P. DUNCAN S. DIBLEY S. EICHELBERG L. ELLISON C. ERB 6. FARNSWORTH K. FARR L. FARCUS H. FISHER J. FERM S. FITZSIMMONS G. FREEMAN K. FREEBY B. FRANCISCO R. FUNK M. FURFARO A. GALASSO B. GALASSO J. GANGER CLASS 5:22. LED Y B. GALL B. GAY L. GILDNER S. GERNON CLASS RING' O L. GILLMAN J. GODSHALK W. GRUBER B. GOOD P. GUHL H. GUZZO J. HAID E. HAINES J. HAINES F. HALEY J. HALL R. HAMPEL J.YHAlv1MAN P. HAPNER P. HARTLEY G. HASSE W 1 .... 1 f f Q .L ... 3 J. HAYDEN K. HATFIELD J. HAYES P. HEID fin CU 32 Ol0 .E 7 As proof fhaf we were really jun- iors, we ordered our class rings and waifed eagerly for 'rhem 'ro come. Whai is more, +hey were perfecf fo give fo our "one and only". They will always remain a symbol of our happy days in Ellchari' High School. 1. .J l y xx 'xx L 2 i ,Q l x, l . 5' if J,5.F. Bruce Lund played fhe parf of 'rhe Hoosier Schoolmasfer in our junior class play of 'ihe same name. We presenied 'ihe play on Friday, April I3, 'lhe same day our iunior issue of 'rhe Pennanr Weekly came ou+ wifh Jane+ Moran as edifor. Bofh were a success and gave us a glimpse of +he fun ahead in our senior year. OF 1952 ,, wx fi We QQ A-3.9 The Prom, lhe big evenl' on our social calendar, was held in lhe Afhenian Ballroom of Holel Elkharl on May I9. We worked long and hard on our decora+ions, +heme and many defails. We dedicaled The fheme, "Over lhe Rainbow," +o ihe deparfing seniors. G. HEBERT J. HENTHORN M. HERALD M. HIGGASON D. HERSHBERGER J. HICKMAN M. HOADLEY J. HOSTETLER H. JONES R. HURLEY "-'Zi".n.-f. M. HOSLER L. HUMMER I i ,X I, ,Q-...X mmm: , so my ou N, 4 . 0 H!l'!RIT1l i RM 5 - . ,J X ll m .LLB Buried is righ+! Tha+'s +he way all seniors feel who +alce wrifing lab or American Problems. We found +ha+ wrifing a source lheme was no picnic. Af+er endless hips +o lhe library and hours of organizing malerial, we finally handed in a paper on which we had really worked. We could only hope 'lha+ E+ wasn'+ a fore+as'l'e of college s+udying. R. JOHNSON R. JOHNSON J. KEMNITZ J. KERSHNER P. KIDDER J. KISER W. KREIGHBAUM J. LAMB M. LAMBDIN J. LAU S. LAUBY J. LINIUN P. LITKE C. LINN C. LOCKWOOD P. LUEBKE J. LIVINGHOUSE B. LUND E. LUEFLING R. LUT1 T. LUTZ M. MAHAR D. MANN E. MASS F. McCLANE E. McCLOUGHAN G. MCDONNELL S. MCELROY T MCELROY N McINTlRE 6 MCGLASSON R MclNTIRE W. McLAUGHLIN C. MILLER , ' R. MOORE F. MEYERS CLASS uomi T ALL THE WPY 40" Class p9'aS'OEN-F -S- Elec+ions 'For our senior year were even more imporl'an'I' +han fhe +wo preceding years had been. Buf Dave had done a prelly good iob of lead- ing our class, so he headed +he officer lis+: Dave Thomas, presidenh Bud Wenh, vice - presidenh Chrisiine Paulson, secre+aryg Jim Plank, +reas- urerg Maxine Hoadley and Jim Shuler, social chairmen. 'F 'Nr aff' ln November our guidance council provided a very worlhwhile program for seniors in lhe form of College Night Colleges were represenled from Indiana, Iliinois, Michigan and several o+her siales. Affer 'lhe panel discussion abouf general campus in- formalion in 'rhe audilorium, we pro- ceeded l'o various class rooms for smaller conferences wilh specific col- lege represen+a'lives. OF I952 XD SEMO"-5 s. MONSCHEIN J. MORAN K. Morz C. MUTZL 5:6472 gr S Jsjxpg T N Jus'r before our round of parries and club ac+ivi'I'ies rela+ing +o +he Chrisfmas season began, we pre- senfed our senior class play, "June Mad." I+ was a rollicking humorous produciion, direc+ed by Mrs. Chris- fine Dillen. Shirley Eichelberg, 'rhe leading characfer, was a 'reen-ager who ran inlo problems we all face. ll' was anofher success for +he Class of '52, Gliesdw gi .yr . c MAN B I I Pug? A xi - ' 'Pr-.59 A ' .ef- Black Tuesday is righrl Three +imes a semesfer or six fimes per year we wakened +o repori card day wi+h all i+s anxie'I'ies, disappoinlmenis and once in awhile, an unexpecfed sfrealc of luck. Teachers as well as sfudenrs dreaded 'ihe day. Affer all, offices mus+ have records: 'leachers mus+ rare s+uden+s and siudenis musr carry home repor+ cards. B. NEELY B. NIESEN S. NELSON J. PADMAN L. NEU T. PAGEDAS S. PALUMBO A. PAPA F. PALMER R. PAQUETTE J. PAPA M. YOUNG C. PAULSON J. PAULUS R. PEARSEY L. PEEPLES M. PERU D. PETERSON R. PETERSON J. PLANK 6 R. PONTIUS G. PRICE B. PRIBBLE J. PRIMAVERA D. RASP J. REAFSNYDER C. RHODES L. RICH J. RICHARD D. RHODES M. ROOSE A. ZOLLINGER ,. S. RILEY S. ROSE R. ROSENAU J. ROUTSON K. ROWE R. ROWE G. SARANTOS J. SHANK P. SALISBURY L SAILOR L. SERAFINO N. 5.1-I.A.i5.ER CLA S S ff iv me Ness fl Ticlcefsl Tickers! was our cry during 'rhe secfionals, regionals, and semi- finals. Through il' all, 'Ihe seniors were in evidence: Ihey were +he bes+ men on +he squad, ihe loudesl girls in ihe cheering seciion, +he biggesl gripers aboui' +iclce+s, and fhe mos+ failhful fans on oul' of Iown Irips. I .I ,I was vcr if T ll IL C 3 O 51,9- Two excellenf local falenl' assem- blies were presenied by our band and orches'I'ra respecfively. Our band helped us 'rhrough games all year. They were always on hand for pep sessions, +oo. The orcheslra per- formed al' plays and gave wonderful concer'l's. We are proud of our musi- cally giffed seniors. OF 1952 42 F an V L. SHEA H T ' Q? i i ' '5-E 65,1-. A'F+er +he fhrill and excilemenl of baslcelball season died down, we dug in for fhe las+ round of sfudying be- fore school was over. For some of us il' was 'lhe lasl sludying we would ever do in school. However, for fhose of us going io college, if was only 'The end before lhe beginning. C. SHOCK I TX H. SKATVOLD 2 l 1 W WS Q.lLBiy.L-Smne vwAfwuA-Ji--gm Spring vacafion came iusl in 'lime lo cure a bad case of spring 'Fever which was spreading rapidly fhrough lhe senior class. Before we knew if, fhough, we were back doing +he lasl' round of ac'l'ivi+ies 'For ihe lasl' +ime. R. SNEARLY J. SOPTICH .:I.n- V if , Si? Spring awakened several fhings be- side flowers, love, and birds around EHS +his year. Baseball and 'lraclc came info lheir own in 'lhe firs'l' weelc in April. Many of +he senior boys wen? our for lhese sporfs and ofhers. J. SHULER C. SHANTZ C. SHULTZ L. SILVER V. SIKORA E. SKAIFE J. SMITH J. SMITH M. SNYDER P. SMITH J. STEALY J. STEPHENS C. STEPHENSON M. STONE S. SWARTS 1 Q i fi' g'i 1'1w,frz I. I A, . yy.. y.. "' :em c. srmesv O. SWINEHART B. TEETER D. THOMAS CLASS 0F 1952 W E. TROYER B. TRUEX H. UNGER T. UPSON f ,f In caps and gowns we marched 'fo +he music of "Pomp and Circum- s1'ance". Yes, we were going 'Through +he maze of senior ac'rivi+ies - ban- B. VICKERS J. VLAEMINCK E. VAN DIEPENBOS P. WALTZ quet ,real baccalaureate' and finally Commencement Our days in EHS are over: however, we'll be dropping in, because - "We like ii here". D. WALLACE H. WATERMAN R. WARE D. WEIMER I l X -J C J 559' E. WEAVER H. WELSCH M. WILSEY M. WHEELER Graduafing buf noi' pidrured! JOHN BENO DON GAUSE SHIRLEY MAST ALLEN RUSSELL GORDON SCHAMBER SAM SUTTON LARRY YODER C. WENTZ P. WIEST B. WILKINSON V. WELCH FRANK WILLARD JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Lef? fo righl: Johnson, B., boys' social chairman: Mrs. Sickels, sponsor: Bueler, J., girls' social chair- man, Cappelleffi, P., vice-presidenf, Whiff, J., secrelaryg Hale, R., presidenfg Mr. Harvey, sponsor. CLASS Wifh a feeling of imporfance and exhilarafion, we 'lrooped back fo Elkharf High School in Sepfember of '5l as iuniors, for our besf year fhus far. We were looking forward fo fhe follies, fhe play and besf of all, lhe prom. No longer were we iusf "green sophs" frying fo gel' acquainfedg we belonged. To gef acfivifies sfarfed, we elecled fhe following officers: Richard Hale, presidenfg Paf Cappellefli, vice-presidenf, Jane Whi++, secrefary: Max Heiden, lreasurer: Joanne Buefer and Bud Johnson, social chairmen. Mrs. Sickels and Mr. Harvey, our well-liked sponsors, were back fo help us plan our special evenfs. On Ocfober l8, we presenfed our Junior Follies, "Counfy Fair". Earl Poorbaugh was fhe barker for 'lhe side show while Dave Smifh acfed as masfer of ceremonies of fhe "Home Town Culfure Club". The scripl' was wriffen by Ross Paulson. Our spring acfivifies included our class play "Adorable Spendfhrif'r". lf was presenfed on Friday, May 2, in 'l'he audiforium under fhe direcfion of Mrs. Chrisfine Dillen. However, our big affair of fhe year was fhe Junior-Senior Prom held on May I7 in fhe Afhenian Ballroom of Hofel Elkharf. We dedicafed fhe fheme, "Moon Misl"' fo fhe deparfing seniors. F1953 The commiffee on decorafions for fhe prom was as follows: Cleofa Reed, chairman, Jim Rieff, Helen Ong, Wayne Reber, Ginny O'Connell, Jim Lyfle, Pal' Niesen, Joyce Noffsinger, Barbara Yeafer, Shirley Weaver, Jane Whi++, Coleffe Waferman, Paf Chrispyn, Joan Braffon Barbara Brouwer, Della Canfrell, Joan Buefer, Charles Chandler, Elva Downing, Jeri Emmerf, Dick Lough, Carlee DeDario, Joyce Doering, Shirley DeFreese, Sandy Lyfell, Judy Lilly, Virginia Leonard. Also, Joan Markley, Ross Paulson, Jane Mallock, Mac Myers, Pal Rusf, Barbara Sfeele, Marlene Bowman, Rufh Sfrombeck, Gail Alm, Joanne Lanfz, Palsy Hobson, Nancy Prugh, Kay Peferson, Joanne Rich, Liz Beck, Margaref Garrifson, Nancy Fuller, Beverly Fox, Lolly Gause Carol Garber, Palm Forfino, Dave Fruchey, Joyce Beerer, Barbara Boles, Arlene Alwine, Rowena Blubaugh, Carol Sfiff, Verna Tavernier, Joan Turnock, Befh Anderson, Sandy Troyer, Mary Taska, and Beffy Van Zile. The invifafion commiffee was: Ann Riffenhouse, chairman, Nancy McDowell, Herfa Riedel, Lois Russell, Sfanley Simms, Joan Phillips, Shirley Pershing, Mariorie Thompson, and Anne Jeaneffe Fechner. Our annual class picnic af Sfudebaker Park, May 23, climaxed a delighlrful year. We are anficipafing our refurn nexf fall fo be fhe seniors of EHS. NIO ROW I: Abernallwy, C.: Allen, D.: Alm, G.: Alwine, A.: Anderson, B.: Anderson, L.: Balwr, D.: Baker, K: Baker, M.: ROW 2: Barella, S.: Bargeron, W: Barnard, H.: Barnharf, B: Beck, E.: Beerer, J.: Bender, J.: Bigelow, A.: Bion, J: ROW 3: Blubaugh, R.: Boles, B.: Boraslw, R.: Borrner, C.: Bowen, M.: Bowman, M.: Boyer, R.: Boyland, R: Brafion, J: ROW 4: Brigani, N.: Brooks, B.: Brouwer, B.: Buefer, J.: Buller, M.: Canrrell, D.: CappelleHi, P.: Chandler, C.: Chavis, G.: ROW 5: Cl1eccl1io, R.: Checkley, J.: Clwilcofe, R.: Chrispyn, P.: Clark, N.: Clouse, D.: Coleman, C.: Colman, K.: Comer, D.: ROW 6: Cook. R.: Cooper, J.: Cooper, P.: Coney, P.: Cornish, S.: Corpe, A.: Culp, D.: Culp, G.: Cummins, M.: ROW 7: Curell, A.: Curry, C.: Curfis, H.: Darena, F.: Daugl1er+y, B.: Davis, E.: DeDario, C.: DeFreese, S.: DeGraff, J.: ROW 8: Dick, J.: Dillon, D.: Doering, J.: Douglas, S.: Downing, E.: Dunmire, C.: Egolf, R.: Geary, P.: Holdren, D. NIO ROW I: EI1re1', L.: Emmeri, J.: Ericson, C.: Erwin, C.: EscI1, E.: Eyer, C.: Fair, C.: Feclwner, Ferguson, W.: ROW 2: Ferm, A.: Ferro, M.: Fike, S.: Fisher, R.: For+ino, P.: Fosfer, B.: Fox, B.: Frederick, D.: Free, ROW 3: Fruclrey, D.: Fuller, N.: Ganger, M.: Garber, C.: Garriison, M.: Gaskill, M.: Gause, Goodman, L.: Goodsene, K.: ROW 4: Graber, E.: Greenleaf, E.: Griffin, A.: Hager, T.: Haines, B.: Hakes, K.: Hakes, K.: Hale Hansbrough, C.: ROW 5: Harness, J.: Hariman, D.: Haifield, N.: Hauensiein, R.: Hayes, E.: Hayes, V.: Heberi, Heiden, M.: Heigl, C.: ROW 6: Hendricks, R.: Henry, S.: Herron, D.: Heverling, A.: Hobson, J.: Hobson, P.: Hodge, Hoeppner, H.: Holdeman, R.: ROW 7: Homan, R.: Hooley, C.: Horn, V.: Howard, J.: Huber, J.: Huneryager, K.: Iavagnilio, Irving, E.: Isbell, S.: ROW 8: Jackson, L.: Jacobson, C.: James, H.: James, H.: Jesse, K.: Johnson, C.: Johnson, Jolly, J.: Jones, T. C. R. J: E.. H.: I A.: R.: R.: NIO ROW I: Kaser, B.: Kenr, M.: Kesler, G.: Kidder, S.: Kiebel, F.: Kiefer, N.: Kimes, K.: Kirby, N. Kisfler, S.: IEOW Klein, R.: Kline, L.: Knight S.: Kreiss, M.: Krichbaum, R.: Kuriz, D.: LaBelle, C.: Lamberson, J anfz, . ROW 3: Lears, D.: Lee, H.: Leege, P.: Leers, R.: Leib, R.: Leonard, V.: Lighf, B.: Lilly, J.: Livings+on, V. ROW 4: Longacre, K.: Lough, R.: Lucas, R.: Luce, D.: Lueblre, N.: Luke, J.: Lyiell, S.: Lyile, J.: Mallock, J.: ROW 5: Malone, B.: Mapes, B.: Markley, J.: Marks, I.: Marquis, D.: Mason, D.: McClellan, E. McCraner, B.: McDowell, N.: ROW 6: McFarland, M.: Miller, K.: Miller, N.: Monk, D.: Monfeiflw, M.: Morris, B.: Moyer, L. Moyer, N.: Perrin, J: ROW 7: Moyer, R.: Murray, L: Myers, M.: Neely, F.: Newcomer, F.: Niclrler, H.: Niesen, P.: Noff singer, J.: Norris, R.: ROW 8: Null, P.: Nye, C.: O'Connell, V.: Ong, H.: Overmyer, G.: Pavuls, R.: Paulson, R.: Pedler, J. Pero, F. NIO ROW I: Pershing, S.: Peferson, K.: Pefriella, J.: Phelps, L.: Phillips, J.: Piclnerell, C.: Plaff, J.: Pleicher, R.: Plummer, J.: ROW 2: Poling, G.: Ponfius, D.: Poorbaugh, E.: Porier, M.: Prugh, N.: Reber, D.: Ramsey, S.: Reber, W.: Reed, C.: ROW 3: Reed, C.: Riedel, H.: Reiff, J.: Rhodes, R.: Rich, J.: Richards, O.: Rink, M.: Riilenhouse, A.: Ri'Henhouse, J.: ROW 4: Rodebaugh, J.: Rodwiclr, J.: Russell, L.: Rusf, P.: Sailor, B.: Scanflen, B.: Schafif, B.: Schick, D.: Schlabaugh, D.: ROW 5: SchmiH, T.: Schoclr, K.: Schrader, R.: Schuler, R.: Sellers, L.: Shaner, P.: Shearer, L.: Shelly, R.: Sherman, C.: ROW 6: Shreiner, S.: Shuliz, J.: Shuperi, T.: Silver, S.: Sims, S.: Simms, J.: Sixbey, S.: Slack, R.: Sloa+, B.: ROW 7: Slough, D.: Smelfzer, H.: Shuford, H.: Smilh, B.: Smifh, D.: Smifh, D.: Smifh, l.: Spesshardi, R.: Spirilo, E.: ROW 8: Spirifo, T.: Sleele, B.: SHH, C.: Sfreeier, D.: Sfrombecll, R.: Sfroud, R.: Sluclr, C.: Sulion, M.: Sweazy, C.: NIO ROW I: Taslca, M.: Tavernier, V.: Taylor, C.: Temple, R.: Templin, W.: Thompson, Timbrook, B.: Torolr, R.: ROW 2: Torolc, S.: Troyer, S.: Tuclrer, W.: Tulley, P.: Turnoclx, J.: Ullery, B.: Ullery, Van Zile, B.: ROW 3: Waggoner, S.: Walslon, V.: Walfers, J.: Waller, R.: Ward, M.: Ward Warren, R.: Waferman, C.: ROW 4: Weaver, B.: Weaver, S.: Whilbeclr, R.: While, W.: Wl'1iH, J.: Williams Windbigler, R.: Wise, l.: M.: Tillman, R.: Van Horn , W.: Wing, , D.: Wilson, ROW 5: Wiswell, H.: Woolsey, L.: Worden, N.: Wriglsf, K.: Wrigl1+, M.: Wrighf, S.: Wyman Yea+er, B.: Yeafer, B.: ROW 6: Unger, B.: Huneryager, L.: Runnion, V.: Yoder, S.: Young, S. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Left fo righf: Guzzo, M., girls' social chairman, Mr. Hamilfon, sponsor, Brubaker, N., secrefaryg Miller, D., boys' social chairman, Bohs, G., vice-presidenfg Kelly, B., freasurerg Miss Jones, sponsor. lNof picfured, Ray Everfs, presidenf.l CLASS OF I954 Being fhe largesf class fo enfer Elkharf High School for many years, we caused a real housing problem. We nof only filled fhe fwo large home rooms, 220 and 320, buf also required six addifional home rooms. However, a lof of careful planning beforehand helped us gef seffled wifhouf mishap. We spenf our firsf few weeks endeavoring fo find our way around and frying fo learn fhe "ropes" of EHS life. Our feachers, counselors, and fellow-classmafes were undersfanding when we made blunders or misfakes. Moreover, fhe classes, fypes of sfudy, and acfivifies infrigued us. Our big job was fo gef organized. Therefore, our fall home room programs were especially designed fo help us choose compefenf leaders. Several feachers discussed fhe qualifies of good leadership wifh us before we acfually selecfed our class officers. ln Novebmer I95I we held our class elecfiong we chose fhe following: Ray Everfs, presidenfg Gordy Bohs, vice-presidenfg Nancy Brubaker, secrefaryg Bob Kelly, freasurerg Mary Ann Guzzo and Doug Miller, social chairmen. Miss Florence Jones and Mr. William Hamilfon were chosen fo be our class sponsors. We plunged info sfudies, wenf fo fhe games, and worked hard in our various clubs and acfivifies. Too, we 'look especial pride wifh our home room bullefin boards in sfudy halls 220 and 320. We kepf ourselves alerf wifh our novel bullefin board displays in keeping wi+h fhe seasons. Since we had a greaf deal of arfisfic falenf as well as originalify in our class, we wenf all ouf fo adverfise our firsf class parfy. If was held Safurday, March 29, af Sfudebaker Park. Our social chairmen planned a lively program which kepf everyone having a good fime all evening During fhe second semesfer, our home room programs dealf wifh fhe problem of courses for our junior year. We had fo decide whefher we would branch ouf fo fake dramafics or journalism or fake regular English classes. Some of us chose fo keep a sfraighf college preparafory course while ofhers wanfed fo work on advanced commercial and indusfrial courses. On May 9 we had a good fime selling concessions for fhe secfional frack meef held af Rice Field. The lasf few weeks of school we nofed fhe fradifions of EHS in graduafion acfivifies. We purposed in our hearfs and minds fhe posifions we wanfed fo hold and fhe fhings we wanfed fo do in fhe nexf fwo years. Now fhaf our days of adiusfmenf and geffing acquainfed are over, we are anficipafing our iunior year wifh ifs excifing acfivifies. SOPHOMORES ROW I: Abplanalp, O.: Adams, C.: Aifken, C.: Albaugh, N.: Alber, W.: Alberson, E.: Alexander, S.: Allen, M.: Anderson, J.: ROW 2: Anderson, J.: Anglin, T.: Andresen, J.: Applewhiie, S.: Arkinson, M.: Bader, l.: Baker, J.: Baker, J.: Baker, H.: ROW 3: Ball, R.: Barber, W.: Barnes, E.: BarreH, R.: BarreH, V.: Barfon, T.: Basse, M.: Beadle, C.: Beaver, E.: ROW E: Beers, E.: Beers, L.: Bender, T.: Berry, R.: Bibbo, M.: Blackwell, F.: Blenner, K.: Bloomingdale, E.: Bo s, G.: ROW 5: Boss, J.: Boulle, P.: Bourdon, F.: Bowdish, J.: Bowers, S.: Bowlby, S.: Boyer, S.: Boynfon, S.: Bozzufio, B. ROW 6: Brawley, S.: Briifon, C.: Brown, R.: Brubaker, N.: Bryanf, P.: Bucher, N.: Buckendorf, L.: Buesche, F.: Bullock, G. ROW 7: Burkhead, M.: Burf, R.: Bussard, D.: Builer, S.: Cambron, A.: Campbell, L.: Campbell, T.: Canen, R.: Cary, J. ROW 8: Casey, B.: Caialdo, R.: Clxesier, J.: Clausen, C.: Clemeniz, J.: Coleman, B.: Coley, J.: Comer, D.: Comer, L. ROW 9: Companion, L.: Comp+on, C.: Compion, P.: Cook, J.: Cook, P.: Cook, R.: Copenhaver, G.: Coplen, M.: Cornelius, M. S O P H 0 M 0 R E S ROW I: Cox, V.: Craff, A.: Cranmer, H.: Cripe, M.: Crow, C.: Croxall, T.: Culp, J.: Ualrymple, D. Daugherry, L.: ROW 2: David, R.: DeBow, G.: Decker, K.: Decker, R.: DeMaris, P.: Denman, J.: DeRosa, M.: De'fer+ D.: Duel, R.: ROW 3: Deering, D.: Doering, S.: Dolph, R.: Doyle, H.: Dunlxer, H.: Eagon, S.: Earnhari, L.: Earon, E. Edelman, D.: ROW 4: Ehrel, M.: Ehrsam, S.: Ellar, D.: Ellis, B.: Ellison, P.: Emerson, D.: Emmerf, F.: Erickson, A Everrs, R.: ROW 5: Erwin, C.: Fink, D.: Fisher, O.: Flauding, K.: Flora, J.: Franlzenberger, F.: Freshour, R.: Frey, T Frisby, J.: Gray, J.: Gregg, C. Haney, C.: Hawkins, L.: Heiliger, F. ROW 6: Frye, J.: Frye, R.: Galbreaih, R.: Gang, S.: Gardner, G.: Garner, L.: Gaslrill, J.: Gearis, S ' Glassburn, D. ROW 7: Godshallc, S.: Goelnner, R.: Goldy. K.: Gordon, B.: Gordon, J.: Gordon, M.: Gould, P' ROW 8: Grillo, J.: Grillo, P.: Grimes, P.: Grise, H.: Grove, B.: Gruber, G.: Guzzo, M.: Hall, H.: ROW 9: Haney, J.: Harness, J.: Harlman, L.: Harlman, M.: Harlman, T.: Hariman, W.: Haselwood, D.: SOPHOMORES ROW I: Heis+, B.: Heis+, E.: Heppner, B.: Hershberger, M.: Hess, S.: Hickman, B.: Hoak, D.: Holdeman, G.: Horn, C. ROW 2: Horn, J.: Hosacir, B.: Hosler, C.: Hosier, J.: Hossler, W.: Hosfefler, R.: Howard, C.: Hunery- ager, R.: lemma, S. ROW 3: Irving, G.: Isbell, E.: JeIIre, S.: Jessup, H.: Johnson, M.: Johnson, V.: Jones, L.: Jordon, B.: Jump, H.: ROW 4: Jump, R.: Kafha, M.: Kanfz, V.: Kauffman, J.: Keene, J.: Keller, N.: Kelly, B.: Kelsey, L.: Ken+, H. ROW 5: Kesler, N.: Kidder, G.: Kidder, J.: Kilbace, R.: Kimbrough, A.: Kindle, J.: King, K.: Kinsey, M.: Klaus, J. ROW 6: Kling, R.: Knudson, J.: Koonh, J.: Kraybill, S.: Kreischmer, K.: Kuhn, K.: Kyle, W.: Lambdin, D.: Larson, K. ROW 7: Leafherman, J.: Lehman, H.: LeRoy, R.: Liechfy, H.: Linfon, D.: Linfon, J.: Lirke, R.: Locklin B.: Lockwood, R. ROW B: Long, R.: Louclrs, J.: Loufzenhiser, J.: LuceI1ese, L.: Lusher, R.: Lufz, G.: Lyons, P.: Mabie, S: Mauley, R.: ROW 9: Mann, B.: Mann, R.: Marling, R.: Marquand+, S.: Marquandf, S.: Masfen, M.: Maure, F. Maxwell, B.: McCar'Iy, D. SOPHOMORES ROVV I: McClane, P.: McClougl1an, C.: McKee. J.: Mellmus, D.: Miller, D.: Miller, E.: ROW 2: Miller, H.: Miller, K.: Miller, L.: Miller, M.: Miller, R.: Miniclzillo, R.: ROW 3: Mishlrin, M.: Mifclwell, R.: Monsclmein, D.: Monleiflw, R.: Morgan, C.: Morse, J.: ROW 4: Murray, R.: Neal. N.: Neely, L.: Neher, S.: Neiberf, M.: P.: Niilra, B.: ROW 5: Nusbaum, F.: Oaks, E.: Oclcer, J.: Olclfaiher, R.: Olsen, J.: Parmafer, J.: Messner, R.: Messner, S.: Miller, C. Miller, W.: Miller, W.: Minegar, P. Moran, P.: Morgan, A.: Morgan, B. Newman, J.: Newman, S.: Nicholson J.: Palermo, J.: Palmer, W.: Parcell ROW 6: Pafclieff, D.: Pafierson, S.: Paul, P.: Perkins, R.: Pe'Hi+, P.: Plisfer, J.: Pfisfer, J.: Phelps. J Phelps, R.: ROW 7: Posey, S.: Pressler, G.: Prough, B.: Prugh, J.: Quin, R.: Raab. A.: Raisor, B.: Ransboifom, R Reavis, B.: ROW 8: Reed, J.: Reiff, S.: Replogle, F.: Rhinehari, S.: Rice. D.: Rice, J.: Richfer, M.: Rickey, R Riebs, A.: ROW 9: Rieilw, D.: Riggle, J.: Rinlr, S.: Rifclnie, F.: Rifclwie, M.: Robbins, C.: Robinson, N.: Rogers, H' Rowe, R. SOPHOMORES ROW I: Rush, J.: Russell, D.: Russo, R.: Sampsell, B.: Sanders, J.: Sarlaer, B.: Sargeni, J.: Sarver, L. Schalliol, S.: ROW 2: Scharrer, D.: Schliiz, C.: Schlosser, M.: Schlosser, N.: Schroclx, V.: Schull, D.: ScoH, J.: ScoH L.: Seng, K.: ROW 3: Severns, B.: Shafer, M.: Shank, S.: Sharlxey, R.: Shaver, L.: Shea, M.: Sheers, M.: Francisco, S. Sherman, L.: ROW 4: Shidaker, J.: Sidell, P.: Sigerfoos, L.: Sigsbee, C.: Silver, B.: Sims, C.: Singer, N.: Sipress, L.: Burlrey, L:: ROW 5: Slraivold, E.: Slinkard, C.: Smeizer, D.: Smi+h, L.: Smi+h, L.: Smi+h, M.: Smifh, P.: Smiih, P. Smifh, R.: ROW 6: Smiih, T.: Shavely, J.: Snyder, A.: Spangler, R.: Sfafon, D.: Sfealy, R.: Sfemm, C.: Sfepanelr C.: S+ephens, M.: ROW 7: Siolrely, A.: Sfork, R.: Slow, J.: Sfulsman, D.: Swanson, S.: Swarfz, S.: Sweazy, J.: Swiharf, L. Talberf, S.: ROW 8: Tappero, K.: Tarnecy, S.: Taslro, N.: Tavernier, J.: Taylor, S.: Teerer, S.: Temple, D.: Thomp- son, N.: Throne, J.: ROW 9: Tillman, R.: Traufman, D.: Troup, A.: Trouf, D.: Troveiore, J.: Troyer, K.: Troyer, L.: Truex. R. Truex. W. S O P H 0 M 0 R E S ROW I: Umiclrer, J.: VanDerWay, l.: VanTilburg, S.: VanWormer, J.: Vealclw, G.:Vealcl'1, R.: Vesler Vidmar, L.: Vogl, B.: ROW 2: Vorliis, R.: Vredingburgli, R.: Wade, R.: Wagner, J.: Wagner, R.: Walller, A.: Wallin, Wallers, J.: Warner, T.: ROW 3: Warren, N.: Wealheread, J.: Weaver, J.: Weaver, W.: Welch, H.: Weldy, R.: Wesllalre, Wheeler, L.: Whilcomla, B.: ROW 4: Whifcomb, R.: Wienholf, B.: Wiesf, S.: Wilder, S.: Wilkes, D.: Williams, A.: Williams, Wilson, S.: Wise, C.: ROW 5: Wilman, T.: Woldl, M.: Wood, P.: Woodward, T.: Wriglwl, D.: Wyland, H.: Yoder, Yoder, M.: Yoder, T.: ROW 6: Zilm, G.: Zimmerman, K.: Zipser, W.: Zoolc, H. 5 E 5 FWS' 1!I?F1"3 fn" -We 5-1: A , i 'Those exfra-currlcular acflvlfles which cause us fo really like lf llere. SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER iY.X.X SEPTEMBER 4+h-Back +o school 5+h-N.H.S. Booksale 6-L George Saranfos helps flle Grillo boys wifll regisfrafion 6i'h-PTA "Jacke+ Clubs" Panel 7'fh-Firs+ pep session. Columbus foo+ball I0+h I 3+h I4+h game--we won! -Herla Riedel arrived from Vienna -Firsl Sludenl Council Meeling. Juniors gol +heir class rings -Riley foolball game Zlsl'-Forl Wayne foolball game 23rd -Karel Verhille arrived from An'I'werp 25+h-Elecled Junior Class Officers- Hale's second 'rerm '- Gruber inspires fllaf go-gel-'em spiril' 28+h-LaPor+e game: 'firsl Pennanl came oul OCTOBER Isl'-Firsl' paid assembly-Harrier Smilh and movies of her "Treasure House" 4+h-Seniors pose for pix: Railroad Cenlennial 5+h-Goshen pep session and game 8+h-Girls' League served 'FacuH'y lea. Ilfh-Band show-new uniforms were Snappy I2+h-Michigan Ci+y foolball game I3l'h-Junior Academy picked apples l6+h-Magazine drive was slarled al assembly ?" Jr. Academy kids on fheir annual apple-picking proiecl' l8+h-Junior Follies, "Coun+y Fair", was a selloull I9+h-Cenlral foolball game 23rd-Firs+ reporl cards, ugh! 25+h 8: 26'lh-Teachers' Meeling-go'l' oul' of school-goody goody! 26+h-Adams foolball game 30+h-Underclass piclures lalcen. 3ls+-Halloween parly a+ school. Free cider and doughnuls 'For alll +1-1Hale wows 'em af flle Junior Follies NOVEMBER Isl'-Magazine drive ended 2nd-Malloon game-we won! 3rd-Junior Academy wen+ 'ro slale mee? al Indianapolis-David Thomas elecled besl' boy scien'lisi'. College Nlghf-Learning abouf 'lheley school of our choice 8+h-College Nighl'-Spanish Class had breakfasl IOH1-Triple-L had Foolball Hop Illh 'ro I8+h-YMCA Cenlennial Kay Farr gol D.A.R. Cilizenship award I6+h-Band and Orcheslra Concerl 22nd 8: 23rd-Thanksgiving vacalion- s+uFfed ourselves wilh 'rurkey 23rd-Jimlown game-leam looked super 25lh-Sophs have hearing 'lesls-eh? 27+h-Jack Landon spoke +o F.N.L. 30fh-Goshen game-we scalped 'em. l4+h- Spanish classes serve la 'luenfe de la- iovenlud fo Hue faculfy DECEMBER Isl-New Albany game-our firsf loss Speech sludenls alfended Purdue Legislalive Assembl y. 4+h-Firs+ dancing class 5+h-Foolball Banquei'-Gruber gol' "mosi' valuable foolball award". 6+h-Senior Class Play, "June Mad" 71h-LaPorle game French Club serves supper - , ooh la la! I2lh-Seniors yodel al HR Sing I3+h-Choir Concerl-+rip lhrough Toyland I4+h-French spaghelfi supper before 'lhe Mishawaka game l8'rh-Annual Chrislmas play-frees pul up by Sludenl Council were lighied 2Isl'-Choir and Radio Workshop presenled Chrislmas broadcast French classes sang French Chrislmas carols in 'lhe halls. Marfinsville game-vacalion s+ar+ed. Chrisfmas Concerf-a 'lrip fo 3 Toyland NOVEMBER and DECEMBER JANUARY and FEBRUARY JANUARY Isf-Holiday Tourney-Ellrharf came in second! 2nd-Back fo fhe salf mines 4+h-Pep session before Washingfon game Sfh-Auburn game. We re-pefed wifhouf 4. big Pefe Mrs. Campagnoli rehearses fhe grand march wifh fhe dancing class 7'rh-Lafin safurnalia-lo, lo!! Ilfh-Michigan Cify game I2fh-Speech and Drama confesf af Ball Sfafe Ibfh-Disfribufive Educafion aucfion sale -gof rid of losf-and-founds l8fh--Forf Wayne Norfh Side game Zlsf-Triple-L dime line 22nd -lnsfrumenfal Confesfg Na ppanee game 23rd-Vocal confesf 25fh-Goshen game 3lsf-Seniors were measured for caps and .4.l- gowns: Y-Teen Flower Show Lafin sfudenfs in Roman array for fhe Safurnalia FEBRUARY 7fh-Drama Play "Take Care of My Lif'He Girl" Sfh-Adams game-We beaf 'em fo 9+h- cinch fhe conference fifle Hammond Speech Tourney Ilfh-Dress-up dancing class wifh Bonfrager's Band l2fh-Pennanf Annual subscripfion drive sfarfedg Girls' League Advisory Council had pol'-luck supper l5fh-Cenfral game-firsf conference loss lbfh-Sweefhearf Swing-Kafie Rowe made a darling queeng Mr. Wenger elecfed presidenf of fhe Indiana Associafion of Speech Teachers 491 Disfribufive Educafion pracfices fheir salesmanship I 9fh-Seniors ordered commencemenf invifafions and name cards 2Ofh-Gary Emerson game 2 lsf- Band gave us a concerf 26fh-Anofher of fhose NCA meefings and we slepf lafeg Girls' League Forum on Fads 28fh-Special pep session before feam 29+h- wenf fo Nappanee for secfionals Annual launched ad drive: Choir fesfival-Junior Hi and Hi-School Choirs 4-T" Through fhe arch af fhe Y-Teens Sweefhearf Swing MARCH Isl-Tillman clinched l'he sec+ionals in an over+ime lhriller 6+h-Y-Teens learned how fo coolxl?l a+ cooking school Who has more parfies fhan 'ihe --Q, dramafics kids? 8l'h-Came ouf of fhe regionals unbeafen I3lh-Band and Orcheslra had a slcafing parly l4'ih-Big ouldoor pep session fo send +he 'leam off +0 LafayeH'e l5+h-Fans 'Floclced +o La'FayeH'e for 'ihe semis I7+h-Big recogniiion rally for +he 'ream- gol ouf of school. 'fool 2Is+-Band and Orchesfra concerh N.H.S. spaghelrli supper Woody gives Big Pefe fhe ENIHSC- , Conference Championship baskefball frophy 26l'h-Tool: ap'ri+ude .fesfs-more .funl Baslcelball Banquef-Big Pele vo+ed "mos+ valuable" baskeiball player 29+h-Sophs raise roof a+ Class Pariy APRIL Isl-Peanul Issue lefl us wealc from laughler Vocafional Day - we learned -L5 many new fhings 3rd-Twelve members of Junior Advisory Council of Recreafion affendecl lhe Governor's Conference on Recrealion in Indianapolis. Three of our choirs wenl' 'ro a choral feslival a+ Goshen 7+h-Dr. Russell Humberf, Presidenl of DePauw, spoke 'io us in assembly 8'l'h-Senior Coke Parfy 91h-Easier Play I0+h-Eas+er assembly by choir and afferwards-vaca+ion! I Hh-Choir sang af Good Friday services l9l'h-Goshen Relays-we came in lhirdl 25'I'h-"Une Soiree Francaise" was presenfed by +he French Club 30'lh-Roman Banquel-and a cena bona was had by all Speech Workshop winds up a suc- -.-3 cessful year wifh ifs final broadcasf MARCH and APRIL MAY and lUNE 91 Girls' League commiffees meef MAY fo eal and reporf 2nd-Junior Class Play, "The Adorable Spend+hrif+" 6+h-Thespian Ba nquel' 8+h- Band and Orcheslra Concerl 9+h-Track Seclional and Dance Bernice Galasso reigned as queen II+h-Triple-L Molher-Daughfer Tea I3+h-Home Ec girls pul' on a sfyle show l51'h-Senior French siudenls were honored a+ a brealcfasl Honor Socie'l'y lnduclion Iblh-Elks' Banquef l7'rh-Junior Prom was heavenly--bu+- were our +oo+sies sore! 41- FNL members and moflvers af 'lllelr annual Mofller 8 Daughfer Tea l9+h-Awards Assembiy 20+h-Americanism Day 22nd-"Song of America" was superb ai' Choir's Spring Concerl 23rd-Juniors held a Class Pariy 4--' One of fhe big evenfs of 'lhe year - 'Hue Jr.-Sr. Prom 29+h-Senior Day-+hose lucky seniors goi JUNE ou+ of school. Choir Banque? Seniors pu+ ou+ 'rhe Weekly Isl-Baccalaureale 3rd--Senior Banquel 4+h-Commencement Good bye, seniors- We'll miss you. 5+h-Gol our Iasi' repori' cards-Look, Ma, I passed!! fl' Baccalaureafe - we don our graduafing garb Leff fo righf: Firsf row, Blaclcwell, F., Isbell, S., Bowman, M., Yoder, J., Wienhoff, B., Trovafore, J., Leonard, V., Paul, P., Phillips, J., Horn, J. Second row, Farr, K., Rowe, K., Bailey, G., Robbins, C., Croxall, T., Comer, L., Compfon, C., Raab, A., Kraybill, S., Kesfer, D., Replogle, K. Third row, Weimer, D., Chiispyn, P., Goodsene, K., Ericson, C., Emmerf, J., Bruggner, B., Hasse, G., Hall, J., Niesen B., Updilre, S. Fourfh row, Eller, D., Saranfos, G., Luce, D., Gruber, W., Russo, T., Weaver, B., Paqueffe, R., Plefcher, D., McGlas- son, G., Thomas, D. Fiffh row, Wenfz, C., Templin, B., Worden, N., Ponfius, B., Richard, J., Peferson, D., Slack, R., Mishluin, My Gillman, I.., Rasp, D. STUDENT COUNCIL Every sorf of gripe, from ice on fhe MC sfeps fo school much was learned abouf why our spirif wasn"r up fo spirif af pep sessions, is aired in fhis, our sfudenf par, and sfeps were falcen fo remedy fhis sifuafion. self-governing organizafion. Every sorf of service fo fhe Thfoi +d,.+ h fh Sfd +C 'I d school, from Chrisfmas frees fo hall fraffic, is planned here. e or gn S u pn S W Om e u en ouncl sponsore fhis year were: Herfa Riedel from Vienna, Ausfria and Each homeroom sends a represenfafive fo fhe sfudenf Karel Verhille from Anfwerp, Belgium. council fo voice fhe opinions of fhe kids. Meefings are held fhe second Tuesday of each monfh under fhe guidance of sponsors, Mr. Updike and Mr. Lowe. Acfivifies of fhe pasf year have included sponsoring foreign sfudenfs coming fo EHS, publishing a handbook for freshmen, selling concessions, sponsoring a Track Dance, sending repre- senfafives fo fhe Sfafe Sfudenf Council meef af lndianapolis, and faking care of many sfudenf problems. When frouble came up abouf school spirif af pep sessions, fhe Sfudenf Council formed commiffees fo find ouf whaf was wrong. Meefings were held wifh fhe cheerleaders and coaches, from fhese discussions of our yells and cheerleaders, OFFICERS Leff fo righf: Gruber, W., presidenf, Chrispyn. P., freasurer, Updilce, S., secrefary, Wenfz B., vice-presidenfg Mr. Updilre, sponsor. Nof picfured: Everfs, R., sergeanf-af-arms. Lefl Io righf: Firs'r row, Slraiie, E.: Teefer, B.: Heber+, G.: Riedel,H.: Swar+s, S.: McDonnell, G.: Balmer, B. Second row, Pribble, B.: Eichelberg, S.: Mcln+ire, N.: Hasse, G.: Funk, R.: Wilsey, M.: Adams, R. Third row, Updilre, S.: Anderson, D.: Harfley, P.: Farr, K.: Silrora, V.: Lauby, S.: Arnold, J.: Guhl, P. Fourfh row, Verhille, K.: Snearly, R.: Gruber, W.: Pagedas, T.: Richard, J.: McGlasson, G.: Thomas, D.: Rasp, D.: Shuler, J. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Lefl +o righf: Slcaife, E., vice-presidenf: Sikora, V., Ireasurer: Miss Broughion, sponsor: Rasp, D., presidenl: Miss Busche, sponsor: Wilsey, M., secrefary. Selling concessions, helping wirh College Night 'luloring s+uden+s who need help, conduc+ing I'he annual book sale, sponsoring a spaghelrli supper, Ihese have been a few of +he acfivifies of 'rhe Nafional Honor Socieiy during Ihe pasl year. This organizalion, under 'Ihe sponsorship of Miss Broughlon and Miss Busche, serves Ellcharl' High School in many ways. The purpose of Nafional Honor Socie+y is 'ro creafe in+eres+ in scholarship, slimulale desire 'Io render service, promp+ leadership, and encourage developmen+ of characler. The club mee+s Ihe second and fourlh Tuesdays of each monlh. Each year Ihe Richard D. Hively Scholarship of SIO0 is awarded +o some member on +he basis of leadership, scholarship, and personalily. This year nine members applied 'For 'rhe Honor Socie'Iy's Narional Scholarship. The induclion of new members was held in 'Ihe high school cafe+eria Ihe evening of May l5. Affer a formal induc+ion ceremony, refreshmenls were served. Lefl lo righl: Firsl row, Mallock, J.: Smilh, M,: Phillips, J.: Thompson, M.: Sleel, B.: Comer, L.: Williams, S.: Slokely, A.: Francisco, S.: Barnard, H. Second row, Posey, S.: Rillenhouse, A.: Sfueels, M.: Sims, J.: Eichelberg, S.: Adams, R.: Lusher, R.: Mclnfire, N.: Kraybill, S. Third row, Slroud, B.: Nilka, B.: Schlosser, M.: Woldl, M.: Goehner, R.: Farnsworlh, G.: Rasp, D.: Guzzo, H.: DeRosa, M.: Hale, R.: Paulson, R. Fourlh row, Hendrickson, R.: Bigelow, A.: Dillon, D.: James, R.: Linlon, J.: Marquis, D.: Smifh, D.: Poor- baugh, E.: Kesler, G.: Schock, K. SPE Doubled membership, greafer par+icipa+ion, many honors - 'rhis has been a good year for lhe Speech Club. One of 'lhese honors was The highesl speech honor possible: membership in lhe Nalional Forensic League, earned solely by service and compelilive speaking. Elkharl speakers won firsl place al' lhe Howe Mililary School individual Speech Meel on November 27, I95l, al Howe, Indiana. On November 30, and December I, lhree sludenls won lop places al' lhe Purdue Legislalive Assembly and Exlemp Speaking Conlesl. On January I I, l952, 'lwo more placed in lhe finals al lhe Ball Slale Individual Evenls Tourney. Allogelher Elkharl parlicipaled in some eighl inlerschool conlesls. Members also enlered lhe Rolary Conlesl, a Junior Town Meeling wilh LaGrange, and 'rhe Indiana High School Forensic Associalion finals al' Hunlinglon. On March 29, lwenly speech sludenls allended 'lhe Solo Evenls Tourney al Howe Mili'l'ary School and on April 5 +he Radio Workshop a'Hended lhe drama feslival al Ball Slale. The club helped in many school aclivilies: members read announcemenis over lhc P. A. syslem and inlroduced assembly speakers. The year was closed wi+h lhe Speech Co-op Banquel' on May I6 in 'rhe High School Cafeleria. Awards ECH CLUB were presenfed for Teen Turnlable, and "Your Schools series: lellers were given for speech achievemenl. OFFICERS Lefl lo riqhlz Marquis, D., lreasurer: Mr. Wenger, sponsor: Mclnhre N., secrelary: Paulson, R., presidenl: Mulzl, C., vice-presidenl. Lefl 'fo righ+: Firsl row, McLoughlin, W.: Ponlius, D.: Coleman, C.: Rasp, D.: Krieghbaum, B.: Dillon, D. Second row, Null, P.: Hooley, C.: Walfers, J.: Holdeman, R.: Johnsfon, R.: Hummer, R. Third row, Hauensrein, R.: Ponlius, B.: Hobson, J.: Pedler, J.: Williams, D.: DeGra'lfe, J. VISUAL ED Picfures, bolh srills and movies, are 'rhe chief business of 'lhis service club. Mosl' of lhe movies 'lhaf are shown in classes are run by some member of +he Visual Educalion Club. Since +he club has purchased a camera, +he Vis Ed boys are available af any lime +o lake picrures of games, ,V 'v vc OFFICERS UCATHJN parlies, dances and oiher club affairs. They make +heir own prin'rs: 'lhe sale of copies helps mainlain film and clark room cos+s. The publicafions sfaffs are greafly indebied +o members of 'rhis group and +heir genial sponsor, Don Winne, for lhe many piclures 'laken for +his book and lhe Pennanl Weekly. The eighreen members in 'rhe club meef each morning in 'rheir own homeroom. By having all 'rhe members in 'rhe same homeroom each day, assignmen+s can be given ro +he boys For fhe showing of movies during lhe day. Proieclors and films are dislribuled 'lo lhe various class rooms and a schedule is arranged so +ha+ lhere will be a member able 'ro show a movie a+ almosl' any lime. Wifh The direcfion of Their sponsor, Mr. Winne, +he boys learn aboul' proiecfors, Films, piclure developing and enlarging, and olher phofographic skills. The ac+ivi+ies of rhe club for lhe pas? year consislecl of a movie shown during sludy halls on March 25, and a par+y held in room 233. This spring 'rhe club has been able +o purchase a speed lighl and a second camera. Lefl 'ro righ+: Mr. Winne, sponsor: Coleman, C., ireasurer: Ponlius, B., vice-presidenl: lfirsl semeslerl: Williams, D., vice-president lseconcl semesrerl: Hooley, C., secrefary: Dillon, D,, presidenf: Krieghbaum, B., secrelary: lsecond semesierl. Leif Io righlz Firsl row, Rief, D., McNiel, D., Truex, D., Sherman, L., Gardner, G., Blackwell, F. Second row, Olson, J., Miller, N., Moyer, N., Boyer, S., Free, C., Brown, R. Third row, Bahr, D., Thomas, D., Henry, S., Sarber, J., Mccloughan, C. Fourfh row, Doering, S., Johnson, V., Mislrin, M., Troul, D., Lambdin, D., Zilm, G., Mifchell, D. JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE From apple picking on a sunshiny fall day, +o sleepless nighfs recording s+a+is- Iics on fruit flies - fhese are Ihe special aciivifies of fhis club of fulure scien+is+s. This has been a good year for Ihe mem- bers of 'rhe Academy, Ihey have learned many Ihings concerning 'rhe field of science and +he opporlunifies for scien+is+s in +he fu+ure. Special programs included: an X-ray Iechnician speaking +o fhe club, a chemisl explaining drug produclion. In order lo raise money, Ihe club held +heir annual apple-picking project Several s+udenIs exhibiled proiecls al' 'Ihe Purdue Universily Science-Ma+h Assem- bly on April I9. David Thomas was elecled presidenl' of Ihe S'ra'l'e Academy. One of Ihe mos? ourslanding members of +he club, David Thomas, was one of 'Ihe winners of +he Weslinghouse Science Talenl search and displayed his proiecl al 'rhe Junior Scien+is+s' Assembly in Indianapolis, where he won high honors. The annual 'Irip in honor of graduafing seniors closed The year. The club leased Camp Friendly in McCormicIx's Creek Slale Park and slayed overnighl on May I0 and I I. OFFICERS Leif Io righlz Slandingz Hamman, J., secrelary-lreasurer, Henry, S., presidenl llirsl semeslerl, Miller, N., vice presidenl lsecond semeslerl, Free, M., vice- presiclcnl llirsl scrneslerl. Scaled: Miss Wagoner, sponsor, Barr, R,, presidenl lsecond semeslcrl. JUNIOR AND SENIOR Y-TEENS Leff fo righfz Firsf row, Prugh, N., Goodsene, K., Sfrombeck, R., Lyfell, S., Rusf, P., O'Connell, V., Alwine, A., Cooper, P., Leonard, V., Mann, D., Sailor, B. Second row, Markley, J., Fox, B., Isbell, S., Paulus, R., Douglas, S., Troyer, S., Boles, B., Ong, H., Anderson, E., Reed, C., Whiff, J., Roose, M., Pribble, B. Third row, Overmyer, G., Brouwer, B., Weaver, S., Alm, G., Lilly, J., Lamberson, J., Riedel, H., Beerer, J., Downing, E., Briganf, N., Bowman, M., Shock, C. Fourfh row, Yeafer, B., Gause, R., Heigl, C., Bowen, M., Beck, E., Bailey, G., Ericson, C., Weimer, D., Farr, K., Allen, D., Ganger, M., Lauby, S., Rowe, K. Y-TEENS OFFICERS Leff 'Io righfz lSeafedl Mann, D., social chairman, Pribble, B., Ireasurer, Whiff, J., secrefary, Rowe, K., presidenf, Bowman, M., vice-presidenf, Heigl, C., program chairman. lSfandingl Miss Eason, sponsor, Hoadley, M., social chairman, Teefers, S., second vice-presidenf, Downing, E., religious chairman, Yeafer, B., ser- geanf-af-arms, Kraybill, S., sophomore represenfalive, Reed, C., news chairman. Candy bars for children in Finland, hearfs and kisses af fhe Sweefhearf Swing, seals af Easfer and good gef-fogefhers every Thursday . . . +ha+'s whaf Y-Teens means fo nearly fwo hundred high school girls. The purpose of Y-Teens is fo grow as a person, fo grow in friendship wifh people of all races, religions, and nafionalifies, and fo grow in fhe knowledge and love of God. Togefher Y-Teens seek fo enrich fheir own lives and fo do fheir share in building a beffer communify. Meefings are held every Thursday af fhe YWCA. The club is open fo any high school girl. Many variefies of programs were presenfed during fhe year. A falk and film aboul' fhe crippled children of Elkharf were presenfed by Mrs. Roberf Anderson. A flower show was given by Wades' Flower Shop. A cooking clemonsfrafion was given by a represenfafive from Indiana and Michigan Elecfric Co. SOPHOMORE Y-TEENS Leff fo righfz Firsf row, Comer, L.: Williams, S.: Horn, J.: Gordo n, B.: Williams, S.: Bufler, S.: Reed, J.: Denman, J.: Wienhofr, B.: Teerers, S.: Perif, P.: Olson, J.: Richfer, M. Second row, Hosler, J.: Unziclcer, J.: Kraybill, S.: Jessup, H.: Francisco, S.: Replogle, K.: Schalliol, S.: Yoder, J.: Zipser, W.: Monschein, S.: LeRoy, R.: Horn, C.: Guzzo, M.: Wrigh+, D. Third row, Bowers, S.: Long, R.: Sfokely, A.: Cripe, M.: Clausen, C.: Niika, B.: Slough, M.: Woldf, M.: Rush, J.: Neher, S.: Smifh, M.: Blenner, K.: Gordon, M.: 5coH, J. Fourfh row, Grove, B.: Hosler, C.: Nicholson, P.: Miller, W.: Howard, K.: Krelschmer, K.: Rice, J.: Burkehead, M.: Swiharl, L.: Ehrsam, S.: Weaver, J.: Wood, P.: Sfephens, P.: Robbins, C.: Bru baker, M.: Wilkes, D.: Croxall, T. Y-TEENS Movies were shown on ballef, and "One God", which explained abour diFFeren+ re- ligions, cusloms, and beliefs. Coach Bill Milliner Spoke ...O fha Club in .the Lefl +o righf: lS+andingl Canlrell, D., presidenl: Coleman, B., secrefary: Palmer, L., vice-presidenfg lseafedl Ware, R., freasurer: Mrs. H. M. Tolson, sponsor. BTW Y-TEEN OFFICERS The club accomplished i+s main proiecl 'For The year: +he making of a club consrifurion. They also held +heir annual Chapel Assembly in The spring. Presidenl Ka+y Rowe and vice-president Marlene Bowman, represen+ed Elkhar'r's Y- Teens a+ fhe Narional YWCA convenrion. B. T. W. Y-TEENS The B.T.W. Y-Teens year began in Sepiem- ber wi'l'h +he elecfion of officers for 'rhe year. The ac+ivi+ies of +he year were planned by a commirree headed by Wyonnie Palmer. The commiHee planned monfhly acfivilies. The main evenrs of +he year included: a Fall Fes+ival in Seprember, a Chris+mas play, "Lo, He ls Born" in December, a Slyle Review in which spring and summer apparel were shown, and fhe closing ac+ivi+y of +he year, a spring formal dance given in honor of The senior girls. Left lo righf: Firsf row, Mallock, J.: McDonnell, G.: Hamman, J.: Eichelberg, S.: Farnsworfh, G.: Turnocln, J.: Adams, R. Second l6w,LLilly, J.: Bueier, J.: Troyer, S.: Lamberson, J.: Walerman, C.: Pearsey, R.: Beck, E. Third row, Douglas S.: Brouwer, B.: Saranlos yfle, J.: Lund, B.: Weimer, D.: Arnold, J.: Rich, J. THESPIANS Dramalics sludenls who have sa+isfied 'rhe requiremenls of fhe Nafional Thespian Club, are awarded lhe highes+ honor possible in EHS OFFICERS Turnoclr J, vice-presidenl: Weimer, D., presidenl: Saranfos, G., secrefary: Mrs. Chris+ine Dillen, sponsor. dramafics when fhey become Thespians. They are enlilled fo wear +he club emblem, The blue "T" wi'rh +he smiling and frowning masks. Bu+ Thespians do noi' resi on +heir laurels: fhey mus+ mainlain eligibilify by parlicipaling in plays, giving readings, or pulling on one-acl plays. During lhe year, fhe Thespians have held a candy sale, held par+ies wi'I'h fhe Wig 'n Cue, and presen+ed various dramalic aclivilies for +he benefif of ou+side organizarions. On February 7, Thespians and Wig 'n Cue produced "Take Care of My LiHle Girl". Several of +he Thespians parlicipaled in 'rhe speech lournamenl al' Howe Mililary on March 29. Darlene Weimer, Bruce Lund, George Saranlos, Jacque Livinghouse, Jerry Smilh and Gloria Farnsworlh were casl in "The Dear Depar'red", which was presenfed at lhe iniliaiion. The main social aclivily for 'lhe year was ihe annual formal banquel, held May 6, al The Holel Elkhart Al' lhal lime, formal iniiialion was held for new Thespian members. Mrs. Chrisiine Dillen is sponsor of Thespians. Leff fo righf: Firsf row, McDonnell, G.: Hamman, J.: Gang, S.: Pershing, S.: Turnock, J.: Cambron, A.: Wilkes, D.: Rush, J.: Wrighf, D.: Horn, J. Second row, Eichelberg, S.: Farnsworfh, G.: Eldelman, D.: Isbell, E.: Boynfon, S.: Wagner, J.: Swiharf, L.: Russell, L.: Lamberson, J.: Peferson, K.: Waferman, C. Third row, Buefer, J.: Troyer, S.: Douglas, S.: Brouwer, B.: Lilly, J.: Downing, E.: Miller, M.: Adams, R.: Henry, S.: Arnold, J.: Bourdon, F. Fourfh row, Saranfos, G.: Campbell, T.: Beck, E.: Pearsey, R.: Weirner, D.: Baker, K.: Rich, J.: Lund, B.: Lyfle, J.: Bicke Donning fheir wigs and make-up, fhese dramafic-minded club members are always on cue. The purpose of fhe club is fo learn more abouf dramafics, fo creafe an inferesf in all fhings concerning fhe drama, and fo give sfudenfs a chance fo presenf plays and do dramafic readings. This year Wig 'n Cue had a membership of forfy-five. Meefings were held regularly fhe firsf Friday of each monfh. Many acfivifies were planned and carried ouf by members. Af fhe firsf of fhe year, new members presenfed an enferfaining program for fhe old members, followed by a parfy. ln December, Mrs. Fox gave a play review of "Member of fhe Wedding". This proved very inferesfing and enferfaining. In January, fhe club sponsored a candy sale wifh fhe Thespians. They again OFFICERS Leff fo righfz Lyfle, J., boys' social chairman: Buefer, J., freasurer: Pearsey, R., vice-presidenf: Mrs. Dillen, sponsor: Peferson, K., secrefary: Troyer, S., girls' social chairman: Lund, B., presidenf. WIG 'N CUE combined wifh Thespians in March fo hold a Calendar Dinner Parfy. During baskefball season, fhe club sold concessions af games. This was a lof of fun and hard work, buf ended profifebly. On February 7, Wig 'n Cue sponsored wifh fhe Thespians fhe all-school dramafic play: "Take Care of My LiH'le Girl". A few weeks following fhe play, a parfy was held fo honor fhe casf and all ofhers who helped in producfion. The year was closed wifh a 'rea and fhe Annual Banquef and formal inifiafion af fhe Hofel Elkharf. Lefr lo righf: Firsf row, Thompson, N.: Miller, E.: Reafsnyder, J.: Throne, J.: Ransboflom, R.: Shafer, M.: Dick, J.: Wenger, P. Second row, Ellis, B.: Shicby, C.: Unzicker, J.: Weisf, S.: Davis, U.: Maybe, S.: l'leisl', J.: Kenner, N. Third row, Paflerson, S.: Alexander, Shanlz, C.: Rhineharf, S.: Hickman, D.: Lockman, B.: Seclzman, J.: Thompson, S. Fourlh row, Louclrs, J.: Sipress, L.: Sixby, S.: Siulsman D.: E kback, M.: Kanlz, V.: Koonlz, J.: Coney, P. G To promofc high physical efficiency among +l1e girls of Elkharl' High School by offering facilifies, organizafion and insfrucfion in a variefy of acfivifies, 'rhe Girls' Afhlefic OFFICERS Leff io righfz Miss Kendall, sponsor: Reafsnyder, J., presidenf: Ransboflom, R., secrelary: Slrieby, C., vice-presideni: Shanfz, C., lreasurer. A . Associafion aims +o s+imula+e parficipafion for every girl in some form of physical recreafion and +0 give an opporfunify for fhe girl wifh special falenl' To develop il' fo her own safisfacfion. This year's ac+ivi+ies began wiih +he ini+ia+ion of new members on +he 'fhird Tuesday of 'rhe school year in 'lhe gymnasium. The sporfs council, composed of fhe officers and fhe heads of all sporfs mel' on 'rhe firsf and fhird Tuesday of each monfh during home-room period 'ro organize and sei-up fhe spor'rs calendar for +he year. This year's acfivifies sfarfed wi+h bowling and soffball. Ofher sporfs offered during +he year were fennis, archery, badminfon, baskelball, volleyball, fumbling and fraclc. This year 'rhe girls became members of lhe Nafional Junior Bowling Associafion. Highlighfs of +he year included: fwo volleyball games wifh Soufh Bend Cenfral, a soffball game wi+h Madison High School, a Plaque Playday al' DePauw Universify, a s+a'l'e camp, and an awards banquel' al' 'lhe end of +he year when monograms, leHers, plaques and awards were given fo members earning sufficienf poinls. Medals were presenfed +o l'ournamen'I' winners in archery, badminfon, bowling and baslce+ball. Miss Kendall is fhe club sponsor. Leff fo righfz Firsf row, Erla, C.: Luebke, P.: Murry, L.: Bargeron, W.: Doyle, H.: Miller, C.: Olson, J.: Ocker, J.: Cooper, P. Second row, Higgason, M.: Pribble, B.: Beerer, J.: Lamberson, J.: Horn, C.: Bion, J.: Daugherly, B.: Wager, J.: Kreiss, M.: Knudson, J. Third row, Luebke, N.: Neeley, B.: Hakes, K.: Miller, M.: Hakes, K.: Lambdin, M.: Eafen, E.: G-anger, S.: Newman, J.: Pfisfer, J. Fourfh row, Mclnrire, N.: Shullz, J.: Hobson, P.: Cripe, R.: Minnger, P.: Marquardf, S.: Walker, A.: Howard, K.: Ganger, M.: Vanderway, l. Special ac+ivi+ies of F. N. L. during +he pasl' year have been: Chrislmas Parry on December I8, Molher-Daugh+er Tea in April, Spring Parly in May honoring 'lhe senior members, a four lhrough +he Soulh Bend Children's Hospi+al. The club also visired 'rhe Child Welfare S+a+ion and +he Baby Clinic. ln Ociober 'rhe club picked apples in Brisfol. During baskelball season +hey sold concessions a+ one of lhe games. F. N. L., in i+s lhird year of exisfence, has proven successful and helpful fo everyone lhroughoul lhe school. Some members work in The dispensary, assisling rhe school nurse during lheir sludy periods. Every second Tuesday in 'rhe monlh, al' 3:30, business meerings are held. On 'lhe fourlh Tuesday, meefings are held a+ 7:30 in 'rhe high school cafeferia. A+ evening mee+ings lhis year, some of 'rhe speakers were: Jack Landon, who demons1'ra'I'ed many new me+hods in arlificial respirafion and le+ 'rhe girls pracfice whal' 'rhey had learned: Miss Showaller, who spoke on hospi+al die+e+ics and some of her experiences in Elhiopia: Dorolhy Gilman, an occupalional +herapis+, who lallced aboul' her work wilh crippled children, and F. N. l. Nancy Mclnfire, one of fhe F. N. L. members who 'l'Old of her European 'trip las+ summer. Mrs. Schreiner, fhe school nurse, is +he club sponsor. OFFICERS Luebke, P., vice-presidenl: Hakes, K., lreasurer: Mrs. Schreiner, sponsor: Lambdin M., presidenfg Beerer, J., secrefary. Leff lo righl, Firsl row, Herold, M.: Clarlr, N.: Jolly, J.: lavagnilio, E.: Phillips, J.: Thompson, M.: Raefsnyder, J.: Teelers, B.: Slcaife, E.: Barnard, H. Second row, Adams, R.: Unger, H.: Furlaro, M.: Kisfler, S.: Russell, L.: Anderson, D.: Waferman, C.: Riedel, H.: Hasse, G.: Wilsey, M.: Moyer, R. Third row, Kershner, J.: Malloclr, J.: Hoeppner, J.: Dunmire, C.: Silrora, V.: Mclnlyre, N.: Lambdin, M.: Tudor, J.: Shoclc, C.: Lauby, S.: Farnsworlh, G. Fourfh row, Tavenier, V.: Baker, M.: Roose, M.: While, E.: Pershing, S.: Henry, S.: Rose, S.: Fihsimons, S.: Haid, J.: Adams, L. T R l P l. E OFFICERS Lefl fo righl: Firsl row, Adams, R., vice-presidenl: Anderson, D., program chair- man: Hasse, G., presidenl: Miss Siner, sponsor. Second row, Hoeppner, J., secrelaryg Haid, J., Treasurer. Dime lines for lhe polio fund, Chris+mas baskels for +l1e poor, Easier baskefs for lhe crippled children, ushering on College and "Back 'ro School" nigh+s, polishing lhe frophies, cleaning +he showcases . . . lhese have been some of lhe aclivilies of 'lhe Triple-L for 'rhe pasl' year. Members also sold s+a+ionery, PTA calendars, sponsored a dance, "The Foolball Hop", sold concessions a+ 'fhe Riley baslcelball game, sponsored a pep session for 'fhe Soulh Bend Cenlral baslcelball game, and passed ou+ Blazer s'l'iclcers for 'lhe semi-finals. On lhe social side, 'rhe club had a formal inilialion, a box-lunch supper, several informal gel-+oge+hers, a special April Isl mee+ing +o which all sophomore and iunior girls were inviled, a Molher-Daughler Tea, and 'lhe Annual Picnic a+ which 'rhe presidenl for nex+ year was elecled. The club's main purpose is supporfing lhe lhree L's on which 'rhe all-girl club is based: Learning, Loyally, and Leadership. Miss Siner, our club sponsor, is a wonderful help in lhe organizafion. She helps members wilh lheir problems, shares in lheir lriumphs, and helps 'rhem 'lo be be++er s+udenl's, since a "C" average musl' be mainlained +0 remain in +he club. Leff fo righ+: Firsf row, Rieiif, J.: Luce, D.: Tillman, D., Johnson, H., Plaff, J.: VanHorn, J. Second row, Ludlow, E.: Pleicher, D.: Poor- baugh, E., Wiswell, E., Lighi, B.: Lough, D. Third row, Hobson, J., Templin, B.: Johnson, C., Kline, R., Vogf, B., Tillman, J., Reber, W. To creaie, mainiain and exrend high siandards of characier rhroughoui' rhe school and communi+y is +he main obiecfive of +he Hi-Y. Wi+h rhe Fine guidance of Mr. Hershel Riley and Mr. Donald Wells, Their sponsors, +he club has done a greai deal roward accomplishing 'rheir goal. Sfanley Tebbels, YMCA Boys' Direc+or also helps 'rhe boys plan +heir ac+ivi+ies. The membership is open +o all high school boys. The club reorganized in +he fall and elecied fheir new officers. Then 'rhey began planning fheir aciivifies for 'The year. These ac'rivi+ies included: sponsoring pos+-game dances, selling decals for car windows, ushering a+ 'rhe YMCA Cenrennial Week, and holding a par+y a+ Camp Eberhari. Some of fhe programs which were held +his year were: Miss Eason's 'rravel pic+ures of Europe, a 'ralk by 'ihe YMCA secre'rary from Soufh Bend. They enferrained rhe Jimfown Hi-Y a+ one meeiing. The club's "bigges1' momen'r" came during November when 'rhe YMCA held a Cenrennial Week, celebraring +he hundredrh birlhday of ihe YMCA. During +his week, +he YMCA was open +o visirors and Hi-Y boys ushered 'Phe visiiors +hrough +he YMCA. To conclude The week, a free dance was held. During Cenfenniel Week, 'rhe HI-Y YMCA was open fo all boys, free of cos+. The club meefs every Monday a+ 7:30 a+ +he YMCA. OFFICERS Leif fo righ+: Sranding, Johnson, C., chaplain, Luce, D., presidenig Lough, D., freasurerg Mr. Riley, sponsor, Templin, B., secreiaryp Reber, W., program chairman, Mr'. Wells, sponsor. Seafed, Tillman, J., vice-p-residenf. 77 GIRLS' LEAGUE ADVISORY COUNCIL Leff fo righfz Firsf row, Erb, C.: Reafsnycler, J.: Posey, S.: Kesfer, D.: Paul, P.: Thompson, M.: Phillips, J.: Jolly, J. Second row, Sfrom- beck, R.: Galasso, A.: Comer, L.: Wilkes, D.: McDonnell, G.: Kraybill, S.: Compfon, C.: Raab, A. Third row, Bowen, M.: Galasso, B.: Rose, S.: Swanson, S.: Adams, R.: Robbins, C.: Bruggner, B.: Hasse, G. Fourfh row, Haid, J.: Rowe, K.: Farr, K.: Ericson, C.: Lambdin, M.: Lauby, S.: Shock, C. GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS Leif fo righf: Galasso, A., freasurer: Ericson, D., vice-presidenf: Miss Dorseff, sponsor: llarr, K., presidenf: Paul, P., secrefary. The Girls' League had ifs fiffh birfhday in EHS fhis spring. The purpose of fhe League is fhe same fhroughouf 'rhe Unifed Sfafes, in fhaf if is fhe organizafion 'rhrough which fhe Dean of Girls works wifh fhe girls' sfudenf body fo help develop programs, acfivifies and social funcfions fhaf will help define fhe besf pracfices in living in our presenl' sociefy, fo inspire girls fo be more infelligenf women, fo fhink before fhey acf and above all, fo be willing fo assume responsibilify for fheir own behavior. Through 'rhe League's varied acfivifies, girls are offered opporfunifies fo express ideas, meef new friends and learn some of fhe social skills. The work of fhe League is a cooperafive affair, wifh over fhree hundred girls on commiffees, and forfy girls elecfed by fheir class mafes fo assisf fhe officers in planning programs and proiecfs. Programs for fhe year included: falks on good grooming, fhe meaning of eclucafion ancl fhe imporfance of having faifh and frusf in people and God, social sfandards in Elkharf, fhe role of fhe feenager in communify life, and 'rho Girls' League Creed. On fhe social side, fhe League sponsored mixers, forums, and 'rhe senior coke parfy af which fhe proper clofhes for senior acfivifies were modeled. All girls have an opporfunify fo gain much fhrough League acfivifies and fo become more aware of fhe way in which group work can be inferesfing and effecfive. Leif ro righ+: Firsi row, Paulson, R., Poorbaugh, E., Slow, J., Emmerf, F. Second row, Thomas, D., Peferson, D., Slack, R., Kidder, P. Third row, Boyer, R., Hall, H., Pressler, G. Fourlh row, Hale, R., Johnson, R., Russo, T. Fiffh row, Luce, D., Shuler, J.: Copenhaver, G.: Glassburn, D. Sixrh row, Wenfz, B.: Plefcher, D., McClar1e, F. Sevenfh row, Sop+ic'1, J.g Miller, C.g Mislwkin, M. Eighlh row, DeGraFF, J., Pagedas, T. BOY The Boys' League, organized in I95O, is one of +he newesi clubs of EHS. The membership of five hundred boys includes every boy in high school. The purpose of Boys' League is +o furiher acfivilies of +he boys, +o promofe qualiiies of good charac+er, 'io promore a means of self-improvemeni and beHer social adiuslmeni. On Oc+ober 3I, +he League sponsored Glen Cunningham, ihe famous Track s+ar, in a school assembly program. Mr. Cunningham's ialk was a high ligh+ of ihe year. ln Ociober, 'ihe League presenfed a panel discussion on "Your Manners" in which local businessmen and s1'uden+s pariicipaled. During Chris+mas +he boys collec+ed money for welfare baslcefs. Ofher programs included a discussion on "Alcoholics Anonymous" by Reverend L. S. Olsen, and a discussion of +he Naval Reserve program in Elkhari by Mr. Cooper and Mr. TebbeHs. On March 5, fhe League program was a series of colored slides presenred by Dr. Herberr Schlosser on his African hunling 'I'rip. Proceeds from a ialenr show and a dance laler in +he year were presenied +o 'l'he League for nex+ year's ac'rivi+ies. S' LEAGUE OFFICERS Lef+ fo right Sfow, J., lreasurerg Paulson, R., sec'elaryg Poor baugh, E., vice-presidenlg Mr. Rogers, sponsor, Peferson, D. president Lell lo righl: Firsl row, McCloughan, C.: Hamman, J.: Snyder, M.: Brezger, L. Second row, Talberl, S.: Bion, J.: McDonnell, G.: Beron, B.: Fisher, H. Third row, Eyer, C.: Hakes, K.: Hakes, K.: Smilh, P.: Molz, K. PAINT AND PALETTE OFFICERS Lell lo righl: Slanding, Mr. James, sponsor: Hamman, J., presidenl: Hakes, K., lreasurer. Sealed, McCloughan, C., secrelary: Bion, J., vice-presiclenl. I....i 80 The Painl and Palelle, lhe oldesl club in EHS, has iusl Finished ils lhirly-lirsl year ol aclivily. The purpose ol lhe club is lo slimulale inleresl in arl. Meelings are held lwice a monlh aller school. These are lhe kids who made signs lor lhe bullelin boards and poslers lor dances and olher school aclivilies. Remember lhe huge papier-mache Sanla Claus lhal was on lhe slage al Chrislmas lime? Members ol lhe club spenl many hours wilh lheir sponsor, Mr. James, conslrucling and painling il. ll was really "Jimmie's" idea bul all lhe kids loved il and everyone pilched in and helped even if help consisled only ol pasling a lew pieces ol papier-mache on lhe wire lramework. This proiecl was kepl a secrel as long as possible. The Sanla Claus was called everylhing from a pigeon lrap lo a snow man before il began lo lake lorm. On January I7, members look a lrip lo Soulh Bend lo hear a lalk on Modern Arl in Relalion lo Science. The group also visiled lhe gallery ol lhe Soulh Bend Arl Associalion. This year lhe club purchased a painling lo be hung in lhe school's halls. LeH +o righfz Firsf row, Parcell, E.: Daugherly, L.: Sfone, M.: Smith, P.: Dilorenzo, K.: Mann, D. Second row, DeHoT'f, B.: Alwine, B.: Wiesl, P.: Unger, H.: Hosleller, J.: Rowe, R.: Vickers, B. Third row, Welsch, H.: Bender, B.: McLoughlin, W.: Smilh, J.: Doyle, R. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION To develop successful leadership in rerailing, io help sfudenls make an inlelligenl choice and use fheir abililies +o The besl advanlage in The 'field of merchandising and +o encourage +he use of high elhical slandards in business are The goals of The Dislribulive Educalion Club. All pupils enrolled in 'rhe Vocalional Merchandising Course aufomalically become members of The local organiza+ion. Since all of lhese pupils are working par+ +ime, class lime is Taken for +he regular meelings which are held every o+her Friday. The programs for The meelings consisl of skils, films, panel discussions, and 'ralks given by merchanls and olher business people. Money-making proiecls of l'he club during 'lhe year were: homemade candy sale, losl and found aucfion sale, and concessions a+ 'The Goshen baskelball game. The club mainlains acfive membership in The s'ra'l'e and nalional Dislribulive Educalion Club. On January I9, four s+uden+s a'Hended +he slale convenlion a+ Buller Universify, Indianapolis. Russell Doyle was elecled slale vice-president Delegales were also senl +o +he Nalional D.E.C.A. meeling in Wichi'ra, Kansas, in April. The sponsor, Miss Kirkland, 'reaches members 'The fundamenlals of selling and serves as coordinaror for on-'rhe-job Training. OFFICERS Leif +0 righlz Firsl row, Rowe, R., social chairman: Mann, D., presi denl: Miss Kirkland, sponsor. Second row, Doyle, R., vice-presidenl Welsch, H., Treasurer: Dilorenzo, K., secrefary. Leif io righ+: Firsf row, Jame, D., Harness, R., Perkins, P., Manly, D., Kling, R., Mann, B., Comer, K. Second row, Perkins, R., Troup, A., Blessing, D., Mason, D., Mann, D., Berkey, E. USHERS' CLUB OFFICERS Lefl lo righ'f: Sealed, Perkins, R., vice-presidenf, Mr. Cooper, sponsor, Mason, D., presidenf. Sfanding, Troup, A., program chair- man, Mann, D., secrelary-freasurer. Where's my coa+? GoHa 'telephone here? Where is U2? Usher, have you seen a liHle boy? Hundreds of fhese ques+ions are asked of 'lhe hardworking boys in +he Ushers' Club. Members are recognized by lhe blue and whi+e caps wifh "USHER" wri++en on fhem. The boys also wear leHers received for +heir service in 1'he club. Among +he several duiies performed for +he school by +his club were: ushering a+ foofball and baske+ball games, opera+ing a check room af baskefball games, ushering for +he choir concerfs and senior aclivifies and being ready for lhe hundred ofher ac+ivi+ies +ha1' happen during fhe school year. The Ushers' Club has 'Taken par? in quife a 'few acfivifies 'lhis year: 1'he club has made +rips 'ro Hun+ing1on, for +he Holiday Tourney and +he annual spring frip for lhe club which was a frip 'io Defroif, where 'rhe club spen+ Their +ime seeing +he Dearborn Museum and a major league ball game. Ofher ac+ivi+ies of +he club +his year were +he selling of 'rhe now 'famous "Blazer BuHons", which inciden+ally will become an annual proiecf of lfhe club. They also sponsored busses of ihe Semi-Final af Lafayefle. Mr. Cooper is 'rhe sponsor of +he Ushers' Club. Leff fo righf: Firsf row, Furfaro, M., Zipser, W., Long, R., LeRoy, R., Beclu, E., Hosler, J.g Dilorenzo, K., Mann, D. Second row, Krsller S., Wood, P., Sellers, L., Thompson, N., Nicholson, P., Jellce, S., Sfephens, P., Emmerf, J. Third row, Niesen, P., Dunmire, C n H., Anderson, B., Kimes, K., Ericson, C., Heberf, R. Fourfh row, Guhl, P., Sampsell, B., Smifh, J., Mclnfyre, D., Boulle, P., Garner P., Talberf, S., Harfley, P. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS "Le Cercle Francais", fhe French club of Ellcharf High School, fhis year had among ifs fwenfy-six new members Pierre Boulle, a foreign sfudenf from Paris, France. Pierre helped members fo a beffer undersfanding of French and fhe French people. Chrisfmas carols in French were sung by club members during fhe week before Chrisfmas. Af a pre-game spagheffi supper, a French fheme was carried ouf by fhe waifresses and chefs who were dressed in French cosfumes. On April 25, fhe annual "Une Soiree Francais', a French evening, was presenfed by fhe club, Af fhis program, all of fhe enferfainmenf was in French. The program consisfed of a vocal quarfef, vocal duef, fap dance, insfrumenfal numbers, and a chorus line. The firsf year French class presonfed a play, "Franches Lippees", which was enfirely in French. The casf included: Larry Garner, Pierre Boulle, Shirley Talberf, Wanda Zipser, Befh Anderson, and Kay Blenner. The second year class also presenfed a play, "La Femme Parle Francais", for fhe French Evening. The casf was: Jacque Livinghouse, Jerry Smifh, Mary Furfaro and Barbara Daugherfy. Forfy-one members of Le Cercle Francais meef fhe firsf Friday of every monfh fo improve in conversafional French and fo obfain a more fhorough knowledge of fhe French people. Mrs. Frances Avery is fhe sponsor of French Club OFFICERS Leff fo righf: Harfley, P., freasurer, Beclr, E., presidenf, Mrs Avery sponsor, Furfaro, M., secrefary, Kimes, K., vice-presidenf, Reed C social chairman. We're bolh lambs, baaa. Ain'f love grand? 1-"' fr' is if Jusl' one more fo go. The glory of a fral' pin. "TAKE CARE OF MY LITTLE GIRl" The Dramafics Deparfmenf play, "Take Care of My Liffle Girl", was presenfed on February 7, I952. The plof revolved around Liz Ericson, a freshman al' Midwesfern Universify. Liz wenf fo college hoping fo become a member of fhe Queens, a sororify fo which her mofher had belonged. Led by Dallas and Merry, fwo very sophisficafed sororify members, fhe Queens vofed fo accepf Liz as a pledge buf reiecfed Liz's friend, Becky. During fhe excifemenf of pledging and making new sororify friends, Liz neglecfed bofh her sfudies and her old friends. Liz was rescued from her academic problems by Becky and Joe, fwo of her home 'lown friends, however, Liz confinued fo follow fhe Queen paffern by accepfing Chad's frafernify pin. Suddenly, on inifiafion nighf, Liz realized how unkind she had been 'ro Becky and Joe. Refurning her pledge pin, Liz said fhaf she no longer wanfed fo be a sororify member. Liz also refurned Chad's frafernify pin Comedy was provided by Ad, a girl from Tucson, and Casey, fhe sororify infellecfual. The casl' was as follows: Grace McDonnell, Joyce Beerer, Joan Turnock, Kay Baker, Elva Downing, Darlene Weimer, Sharon Kraybill, Mary Furfaro, Gloria Farnsworfh, Sfanley Sims, Jim Lyfle, Don Dillen, Henry Guzzo. Bul' Dad, ll' only cosfs . . . The handyman. Mr. Tuflle. One phase of puppy love The pesl' from nexl door. SENIOR CLASS PLAY "June Mad", wri++en by Florence Ryerson and Colin Clemenls, was presenled on December 6, l952, and was well received by approximalely I,500 alfending adulls and sludenls. The slory concerned Penny Wood, Shirley Eichelberg, and Chuck Harris, David Rasp, +he boy nexl door, as +hey wen'I' abou? 'rhe frequenlly difficull' bul' always amusing business of growing up. When Penny's Uncle Mervyn, Herb Skalvold, only five years older lhan she, broughl Roger Van Vleck, Wayne Bickel, a senior and a killer-diller, home from college, she forgol To be a man-haler and succumbed +o an aH'ack of puppy love which was degrees worse 'lhan measles, ln her eliforls +o make herself aHrac+ive +o lhe fascinaling Roger, she almosl disrupled +wo families, bul lhe discovery 'lha+ Roger double-crossed Mervyn by 'lrying 'lo sleal his girl, broughl her back lo normal and incidenlally 'ro Chuck. The casl included: Penny Wood, Shirley Eichelbergg Chuck Harris, David Raspg Mrs. Wood, Darlene Weimerg Elmer Tu+'lle, Henry Guzzog Dr. Wood, David Thomas: Effie, Clara Mulzelg Milly Lou, Susan Swar+sg Mervyn Roberls, Herb Ska+vold: Roger Van Vleck, Wayne Bickelg Mr, Harris, Larry Gilman, Shirley Wenlworlh, Genevieve Hasseg Ralph Wenlworlh, Jim Kemnilzg Julie Harris, Grace McDonnell. The slage se+ was designed by Grace McDonnell and program cover by Jean Hammon. The play was direcled by Mrs. Chrisline H. Dillen. The prompler was Julia Haid. YP Choosing fhe play: Mrs. Dillen, Jr. Class sponsors, judges, Rehearsing: Sari gefs info characfer. class members selecf fhe play. Trying auf: The judges choose fhe casf. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY The Junior Class Play, "The Adorable Spend+hriH", was presenled on May 2, I952. Tryou+s were held March 24 and 26. Mrs. Dillen, Mrs. Sickels, Mr. Harvey and Miss Brough+on were lhe group who chose and cas+ 'rhe play. Shirley Waggoner and S+anley Sims also helped +o choose +he play. The sei' was designed by lhe l2D class and painled by The IID class. The play is aboul Hardy Mason, who wenl' abroad and proposed +0 a fascinaling French girl, Sari, asking lhal she follow him 'io America for lheir wedding. On her arrival, Sari is coldly received by Hardy's family. Mrs. Mason and daugh+er lrene regard her as a social hindrance. Also, she finds a rival in Helen Reeves-Allon, who, now +ha+ Hardy is rich, finds him eligible. Sari sees 'rhal lheir money is making +he 'family an easy mark 'for parasiles- chief among +hem Senalor Pollard and Leroy Morlon, a 86 for+une hunier who praclices his wiles on lrene. Hardy goes away and enlrusfs Sari wilh 550,000 and several blank checks, signed. Sari disposes of The money by backing lhe servanls in various enlerprises. Sari 'l'ries fo make lhe family undersland l'he reason why she did il, buf fails. Sari pays +hem back from her own money, for if comes ou+ 'lhal' she's a Counless. A+ lhis poinl one of +he bullers who has benefi+ed by Sari's generosily lells lhem +ha+ he has inves+ed his money in oil and slruck il' rich: he declared Hardy as his parfner. Hardy wins Sari back and all ends well. The casf included: Dick Bahr. Carol SliH', Gordon Kesler, Sally Cornish, Joan Turnock, Don Harfman, Roger Klein, Sandradean Silver, Sonny Douglas, Dick Ple+cher, Howard James, Judy Lilly, Nancy Fuller, and Don Marquis. Those Merry Milkmaids . . . 'lhe chorus line: songs by Marquis: Kay Pelerson al fhe pianog Don Dillon and his magic: a melody by Belly Kaser. lUNIOR F0llIES On Oclober I8, l95I, lhe Class of '53 presenled fhe Junior Follies. "Counly Fair" was +he lheme for fhe Follies of '53, The Follies opened wi+h an early morning scene al lhe midway of a coun+y fair. While lhe show progressed, 'lhe day also passed and lhe finale was a nighl scene before rhe "fair" closed. David Smifh was Masler of Ceremonies and Earl Poorbaugh, Barker. Throughouf lhe program lhe lwo fried 'fo "ou'ldo" one anolher wi+h ralenl 'From rheir rival side-shows. Wi+h +he Junior Class Chorus, piano solos, square dancing, vocal solos, a lwo-piano duel, lap dancing, a panlomime, chorus lines, vaudeville acls, and inslrumenlal solos-lhe iuniors presenfed a very enlerfaining show. Gordon Kesler was general chairman, Ross Paulson and David Smilh wrole lhe scripl. Richard Hendricks, Howard James, Don Marquis and Myrl McFarland rounded-up lalenf. The program was designed by Cleola Reed and prinled by Howard James and Jerry Beudelle. During +he inlermission, Karl Schock enlerlained al' +he organ. Mrs. Ada Sickels and Mr. Rex Harvey are +he Junior Class sponsors. Under 'rheir supervision, lhe largesl' lickel' sale on record packed 'lhe house wi+h an enlhusiaslic audience. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC DEPARTMENT Leff fo righf: Fred Meyers, femporary direcfor of fhe lnsfrumenfal Music Deparfmenfg Roberf Ralsfon, direcfor of fhe High School Band, Howard Kilberf, associafe direcfor of fhe High School Band: Beffy Elmquisf, direcfor of fhe High School Orchesfrag Arfhur Hill, associafe direcfor of fhe High School Orchesfra. MUSIC DEPARTMENT The lnsfrumenfal Music Deparfmenf consisfs of organizafions on bofh fhe high school and iunior high levels. Junior high bands and orchesfras acf as "feeder sysfems" for fhe high school organizafions. In fhe spring each of fhese organizafions gives a concerf which shows fhe resulf of much hard work on fhe parf of fhe direcfors who spend many hours affer school and on Safurdays rehearsing. Taking over in fhe midyear, Mr. Ralsfon and Miss BAND MAJORETTES Leff fo righf: Phillips, J., Lifke, P., Folfz, A., Vesfer, J., Boss, J., Miller, Kimes, K. Elmquisf have molded fhe orchesfra and band info organizafions fo be proud of. Headed by Harold Auld, presidenf, fhe Music Parenfs Club works fogefher all year long for fhe purpose of helping fhe band and orchesfra. One of fheir proiecfs fhis year was fo help finance fhe new band uniforms. ln fhe fall fhey sold concessions and fickefs for fhe band show which raised funds for fhe uniforms. M.. BAND AND ORCHESTRA CONCERTS 1951-'I952 November 16 ........................ Fall Concerf February 21 ...................... Band Assembly March 7 .................. Orchesfra Assembly March 21 ....... .............. W infer Concerf May 8 .......... ............. S enior Concerf EHS BAND AND ORCHESTRA "A musical educaiion for each s+uden+" is fhe moH'o of fhe band. The acliviiies of fhe band fhis year included: an appreciaiion concerf for +he grade schools, a hip io Cassopolis, half-'lime shows for lhe foolball games, music for fhe baslnefball games, music for many pep sessions, 'four slcafing parries and a parly a'Her each concert Mr. Fred Muller, band direcfor for The pasf ihree years, resigned in January lo worlr for The Schirmer Publishing Co. A farewell parly was given in his honor by 'lhe band and orchesfra. Mr. Roberi' Ralslon direc+ed The band for +he remainder of lhe year. Many band members pariicipaled in +he local conlesl' in Ellrharl, lhen in +he disiricl coniesl in Souih Bend. Some won superior rafings af Soulh Bend and were able fo aHend ihe s1'a+e confesl' ai' Bu+ler Universily a+ Indianapolis. The conceris for fhe year were: Fall Concerl held on November lb, Winfer Conceri' on March 2I, fhe Senior Concerl' on May 8, and a concerl played for 'lhe high school s+uden+ body on February 2l. ORCHESTRA ln addiiion 'io working hard a+ rehearsals fhis year, orchesfra members did a good deal of playing in ouiside music ac+ivi+iesg for insiance, several members pariicipaied in fhe Teachers' Conference orchesfra in Souih Bend and some wenf 'io Manchesfer College on March 29 for The annual Siring Feslival. Members also pariicipaied in 'lhe local, dis+ric'l', and siaie conlesls. Among 'rhe orches+ra's many social ac+ivi+ies of 'lhe year were The parries held a'F+er each regular conceri OFFICERS Le'F'r +o righi: Firsl row, Cox, D., social chairman: Balmer, K., secrefary-freasurerg Tudor, J.. vice-president Wilsey, M., president Second row, Graber, E., soloisf: Mann, B., social chairman. a+ which en+er+ainmen+ was presen+ed by members of fhe orcheslra. Alihough fhe orcheslra did a good deal of enferiaining, members were also enierfained. ln May 'they were guesls of fhe Elks af fhe sixih annual "Ellcs' Banquel". Miss Belly Elmquisl' is The conducfor of The orchesira. The concer+s of +he orchesira 'ihis year consisfed of four concer1's: The Fall concerl, a Pops Concerf, Winfer Concerf, and ihe Senior Concert BAND OFFICERS Leif 'lo righl: Kesler, G., boys' social chairman: Filzsimmons, S., girls' social chairman: Peferson, K., secrefaryg Snearly, R., presidenfg Sims, S., vice-president Mr. Ralsfon, direcior. Flufes Mariorie Thompson Una Cox Rose Loclrwood Dick Holdeman Clarinefs Rufh Pearsey Kay Peierson Lois Russell Nancy Clark Ronald Brown Chalmer Erwin Helen Barnard Shirley Gang Tom Jones Donna Sfuisman Joann Rich Emily Heisf Bassoons Jack Linion Jean Knudson Joan Knudson Alfo Clarinefs Judy Arnold Faiih Bourdon The band poses in fheir new uniforms. HS BAND ROBERT RALSTON. Dlrecfor Bass Clarlnefs Myrl McFarland Dennis McNeil Cornefs Vernon Hayes Sue Filzsimmons Virginia Blessing Kenneih Coleman Ransom Norris Virginia Kanfz Jack Flora Sharon Rose Sian Boyer Sandra Alexander Louis Buckendorf Jack Kindle Alfo Saxophones Doris Anderson Marilyn Coplen Diane Kesler Sharon Williams Coleile Waferman Larry Huneryager Tenor Saxophone Shirley Pairerson Barifone Saxophones David Dalrym ple John Richards Confro Boss Clarinef Howard James French Horns Donna Slough Ann RiHenhouse Lois Sellers Larry Ehrel David Trauiman Edward Williams Richard Bahr Barifones Roland Snearly Dale Culp David Reiih Gordon Kesler Doris Emerson Trombones Mike Free Bill Weaver Sian Sims Jim Klaus Tubas Gene McGlasson Dale Hoak Weldon Ward Sfring Boss Janei Newman Marimbas Louann Adams Fern Newcomber Sara Henry Sally Wilson David Rice Snare Drums Charles Fair Richard Miichell Bass Drum Don Haselwood Cymbals Sian Hess Carol Sfiii Accessories Richard Truex Larry Sherman Tympani Kenneih Binlrley Violins Mila Wilsey Kay Baker Carolyn Horn Genevieve Hasse Larry Garner Elinore Esch Gloria Farnsworlh Joan Olsen Julia Haid Palsy Guhl Kay Farr Rosalie Adams Lois Russell The orchesfra in Concerf arrangemenf. Violas Eleanor Graber Eslher Greenleaf Elinor While Cellos Donna Cox Judy Pfisler Cynlhia Complon Shirley Pershing Sfring Bass Janel Newman Karl Schock Kaly Rowe Sue Isbell Dale Hoak Linda Sipress Elsie Van Diepenbos Hales Lois MUVNY Mariorie Thompson Howard James Rose Lockwood Carol Dunmire Una Cox Joan Trovafore Dick Holdeman E H S 0 R C H E S BETTY ELMQUIST. Direcfor Oboe Bruce Mann Clarinefs Rulh Pearsey Myrl McFarland Nancy Clark Doris Anderson Alfa Clorinel' Judy Arnold Bassoons Jack Linlon Sandra Kisller Joan Knudson Jean Knudson French Horns Ann Rillenhouse Lois Sellers David Traulman TRA Trumpefs Vernon Hayes Ransom Norris Sharon Rose Trombones Roland Snearly Mike Free Jim Klaus Tuba Gene McGlasson Tympani Kennefh Hinkley Percussion Slanley Hess Dick Milchell Dick Truex Larry Sherman is Q 5 22322 H 5 as sag, as3'i0i'-2 P Qw A I ' if ' . .., f.. gkiii A -f ' -A 4 -i 5.5 A 'am vw 'A my sf D: . A . -a .a f . f- . M rj v rfk ?i4 g L W W W-Q Q E 2 -2 Q 5 'bww QQ 5 Q " Y' ,Q E 4Eg ',g Q Q vi 0' ii. E E E1 ef 5 3.,,e ' sl l Q fi f Top - Girls' Chorus accompanied by 'rhe Girls' Choir. Good Friday, lhe EHS Choir sang a+ fhe Good Friday service, held a+ +he Elco rheafre. The Spring Concerl was given on May 22. All lhe choirs parlicipaledz +he main aHrac'rion was lhe "Song of America," a song s+ory of 'lhe hisiory of EHS CHDIRS WILLAM GOWDY, direcfor ROBERTA ESCH, accompanisl Boffom - Girls' Choir America, sung by +he EHS Choir, accompanied by 'ihe EHS Orcheslra. The choir banque+ was held on May 29. T.eHers and pins for service in lhe choir were presenled al' rhis +ime. The lasl' even+ of +he year was singing for Baccalaureale on June I. OFFICERS Lefl lo righlz Allen, M., presidenl of Girls' Chorus: Erb, C., secrelary ol EHS Choir, Blackwell, F., presiclenl of Mixed Chorus, Mulzl, C., presidenl of EHS Choir: Balmer, B., girls' social chairman of EHS Choir: Slrombeck, R., presidenf of Girls' Choir, Mr. Gowdy, direciorg Ullery, B., boys' social chairman ol EHS Choir, Swarfs, S., Treasurer of EHS Choir. 93 - fsufsia fi - ' i.aw'W' ,pf Leff fo righh Waferman, H., sporfs ediforg Guhl, P., ediforg Shuler. J., assisfanf business manager: Shulfz, C., assisfanf edifor. PENNANT ANNUAL Le'F+ fo righl: Barker, J., business manager: Plank, J., ar+ edilorg Hariley, P., assisfanf ediror. The rheme for This year's annual, "We Like I+ Here", domonsrrafes why we are proud of Elkharr and Elkharl' High School. The complere s'rory of a year ai EHS including classes, ac+ivi+ies, sporrs, 'fold in picrures and informal shois of kids in rheir leisure +ime is rhe basis of +he book. Everyone on +he Annual slafi and members of all commiHees worked hard +o measure up +o +he highesf yearbook honor, 'lhe All-American ra+ing which +he Pennani Annual has received for ihe pasf Twelve years. AH'hough our special picrures are professional, 'rhe s+ahc is grea+ly indeb+ed +0 Mr. Winne and Bob Pon+ius of +he Visual Educa+ion Club and Cher Geber+ of +he TRUTH 'for The many informal pic'I'ures in 'lhe book Under rhe guidance of Miss Kelly as adviser and Pafsy Guhl, ediior, +he s+aff conduc+ed fhe subscriprion drive, sold ads, and spenl' mosr of rheir weekends and spring vacarion geHing copy ready +o go. Ofher members of +he edi+orial and business sraffs were: Phyllis Harfley and Carlee Shulrz, assisranf ediiors Harold Wa+erman, spor+s ediforg Jim Plank, arf edirorg Jim Barker, business manager: Jim Shuler, assis+an+ business manager: Elva Downing, junior s+aFF member, assis+ed ihe regular s'l'aFf members. Many orher seniors gave generously of +heir +ime wrifing copy, selling ads, and ryping for 'Phe year book. Leff fo righfz Downing, E., assisianl 'lealure edilorg Henry, S., assisfanf edilorg Moran, J., ediforg Heid, P., fealure edilorg Beck, E., associale ediforg Reed, C., assisfanf fealure edilor. PENNANT WEEKLY To 'fry +0 reporl' worlh while school news accuralely, and reflecl The besl' of s+uden+ lhinkingg fo encourage spor+smanship, cooperafion, undersfanding, and a democrafic spiri+ in our school-'lhis is 'rhe pla'l"Form The Pennan+ has been published every 'rwo weeks +his year due lo a change in fhe prinlshop slaff. Mr. Reifh, formerly 'lhe prin+ing leacher, leff Elkharl and was femporarily replaced during +he firs+ semesler by Mr. Dallas Pearsey. Al' lhe beginning of +he second semesler, Mr. Kennelh Harding became 'rhe permanen+ prinling Teacher. The edi+orial sraff consisled of: Janef Moran, edilorg Liz Beck, associafe edilor: Barbara Brouwer, Sandra Troyer, Kafhleen Kimes, Sara Henry, assisl'an+ edilorsg Pali Heid, fealure edilorg Cleo+a Reed, assis+an'rg Jim Reiff, Jim PlaH, business managers: Kale Goodsene, ad manager, Dick Plefcher, sporfs edi+or. of 'lhe Pennan+ Weekly. A slaff of eighly-eigh+ sludenls worked on +he Pennanl' +his year. They were especially proud of fheir lwo six-page issues: The Chrisfmas issue and +he Blue and Whi+e Tournameni issue. leff fo righf: Brouwer, B., assis+an+ edilorp Pleicher, D., sporls edilorg Wiswell, E., sporis wrilerg Troyer, S., assislanf edilorg Kimes, K., assisfanf edilorg Hobson, J., sporfs wriler. K f Sh if af 1' . ,fi Q k A ff Y. ff 4? , 14 C 'Q wx -x , V-A. . V- ,fm .a,,M.fmm::,,iw 1 T ,V Q 7, Wm L, 2 2W,QJ,f,, , A. ,V in ng 2 K M .XV V vgmmf-ww . ,. . .wfw ilk X 2,4 ,,,L,,, -,,vQm-Kmwf'3Q, ,nw ,MI iii? , ,. .1 .M ,. WA 7 1 ., ,,Mi I iw f-1 ,gf ,. wiv :ggi - .1- .n .V 5- i ff -1- , -gk? fp.. we 'w,5w ,, ,. A - ' ' M, M5-fi Q , 4, ' N, ' --'fs' . We Ejgiiilsw A LW? M ,QQ A , - . . E','f5sTAfgff-gkiwqgxfvfivz-:iii ' A ., ff: N '- ,eva-x5givggL,.asU,fw - ai " :Qi , ..::.2 ' 'WL , I ' M-h+iBP25+ u My ' id if 'Lf ff :FYI - 4 fsfsgm-f?ss,3 2 1 M ,I nf, e siia4f f gFg'e"f?gaQ. ' ' Qi 52'- mxw im ' A ,L ' if gyisp gf, , ii 1 4 I C X K Ai N XT 3 Lili l 1 li "'Sporfs: adulfs and sfudenfs alike loyally follow the Blazer feams. a.. Back fo fhe Field House af half fime. Mr. Wiley has a word wifh fhe gang before fhe Goshen game. 98 EHS FOOTBALL SEASON Ellchar1"s Foolball Blazers opened lheir season againsl Columbus' Bulldogs of +he Souihern Indiana Conference wi+h a I3-O win. By pushing across a louchdown in each of lhe firsi' +wo quarlersz 'lhe Blazers were able lo send mos+ of fhe 6:5O0 fans home happy. Larry Shea climaxed a 67 yard march by scooling around righl' end for seven yards and 'rhe Blazers' inilial score. The Bulldogs suffered a bad break Iaie in +he 'Firsf quarfer when fheir quarferback, Bob Suma, iniured his leg. Elkharfs second lally was scored Confinued on page 99 It ,M v-nr CHEERLEADERS-VARSITY Leff fo righf: Jeri Emmerl, Judy Lily, Marlene Bowman, Delores Mann, Sandy McElroy. E.H.S. COACHING STAFF-FOOTBALL Lefr fo righf: Milre Byelene, Henry Morris, Glenn Silcofi, Loren Evans, Tony Campagnoli, Earl Arnold, Bill Milliner. by Wayne Gruber on a quarferback sneak. The drive for fha? score sfarfed on fhe I2 yard line and was feafured by Gruber's passing and Shea's running. Blazer end Joe Soplich lciclced one of +wo conversions. ELKHART-6 RILEY-39 Af+er holding +he hos'r Riley Wildcafs fo I3 poin+s in 'rhe firsr half, rhe Blue Blazers' defense failed +o hold and 26 more Riley poinfs surged across +he Blazer goal line before +he 'final gun. Twen+y of lhese came in +he final Eve mInu+es of +he ball game. The Blue and Confinued on page 100 99 EHS Varsify and B-squad before Hle opening of flxeir season schedule. Whife poinf oufpuf was limifed fo 6 poinfs. A Gruber-fo-Slack pass in fhe lasl' quarfer gave fhe Blazers 'lheir only score. All-Conference Half-back Blackie Moffs was fhe Wildcaf's chief ground gainer, averaging I5 yards in I3 fries, including an 87 yard run +o a fouchdown on Riley's firsf play from scrimmage. Gruber received fhe nexf kickoff and refurned if fo fhe Wildcaf I6 before being broughl' down from behind. The Blazers carried fhe ball fo fhe vicl'or's one foof line before losing if. ELKHART I2 FORT WAYNE NORTH I3 ln fhe Norfh Side Forl' Wayne game fhe Blazer foofball forfunes improved fremendously, as fhey fully exfended fhe Norfhmen before bowing I3-l2. The Blazer fallies were by fullback Bud Wenfz who bolfed I9 yards for fhe score affer a Gruber-fo-Miller pass went' 'round Hgh' end' puf fhe ball in scoring ferrifory. Elkharf's second score of fhe ball game came in fhe lasf quarfer wifh Ben Barnes going over from fhe five affer Gil Cook and Jim De Graff had carried fhe brunf of fhe Blue a++ack down fhe field. Leff halfback Froncie Gufman carried a greaf share of fhe Forf Wayne affack and was insfrumenfal in fhe Redskins I3 poinf score in fhe fhird quarfer. ELKHART 7 LAPORTE 20 Defensive misfakes and four Elkharf fumbles cosf fhe Blazers 'lheir fhird loss of fhe season. Wayne Glassman, All-Sfafe fullback, who scored all fhree Slicer fouchdowns, was fhe offensive highlighf Mi ,JFS 'iK,9..5-vid? 1 BLAZERS-VARSITY Miller, Carl-End Peiriella. Joe-End Poorbaugh. Earl-Guard Pressler, Gerald-Tackle Shea. Larry-Halfback Slack, Ray-End Sopfich, Joe-End Wen'I'z, Bud-Fullback W 35 V i s 2 2 BLAZERS-VARSITY McClane. Floyd-Guard Abernaihy, Charles-Tackle Barnes. Ben-Halfback Cappellehi. Pai'-Halfback Checkley. Joe-Cenfer Cook, Gil-Fullback DeGraE, Jim-Halfback Glassburn, Doyne-Quarferback SEASON'S RECORD of fhe nighf. The Blazers only score came in 'Ihe fhird quarfer when Gruber pifched fo Ben Barnes on fhe IO. Ben shook off Iwo or fhree facklers and wenl' over for fhe fally. Joe Sopl'ich's fry for exfra poinf was good and af fhis poinl' of fhe ball game 'rhe score was knoffed 7-7. A few minufes Iafer Gruber faded fo pass buf was rushed and fumbled. Glassman picked up fhe ball and ran 63 yards 'Io fhe Elkharf 7. Two plays Iafer he smashed over for his second TD of 'rhe nighl' and minufes lafer he had his fhird. ELKHART 7 GOSHEN I3 A fhird quarfer Blazer fumble on fheir own nine yard line cosf Elkharf a I3-7 loss 'ro fheir arch-rivals. The game played al' Goshen was wifnessed by an overflow crowd of more fhan 7,000 fans. Bofh feams scored in fhe firsl' quarfer and fhey remained fied unfil fhe fafed fumble. The Blazers moved 65 yards in fhree minufes fo score. Jim De Graff raced 20 yards on a reverse fo lally fhe lone Blazer marker. In fhe drive Bud Wenfz' 3l yard solo efforf was fhe big push. Pug Hoover, Goshen's Ieff half scored bofh Reclskin fouchdowns. ELKHART 7 MICHIGAN CITY I3 An inspired Blazer fooflnall feam foughf wifh all ifs sfrengfh on hosi' Michigan Cify's Ames field before yielding I3-7 fo fhe heavily favored home feam. Affer frailing 6-0 af half fime fhe Blues banded fogefher for an all-ouf efforf and senf Larry Shea around end Iafe in fhe fhird quarfer fo score. Sopfich's conversion was good and fhe Blazers were ahead 7-6. Wifh less fhan six minufes Cify broke Jackie Wilson away on a 6I yard sprinf 'ro pay dirf and a lead fhey never relinquished. The Blazers fried desperafely and were on fhe Michigan Cify eighf yard line when an infercepfed forward pass sfopped fheir drive. A+ 'rhis poinf, wifh only 30 seconds leff: fhere was no more scoring in 'rhe confesf. ELKHART 6 SOUTH BEND CENTRAL 35 Alfhough hampered by l00 yards in penalfies, fhe Soufh Cenfral Bears, Easf Division Norfhern Indiana Champs, smashed fo a 35-6 win on fhe Blazers home field. The Bears falliecl once in fhe firsf quarfer, fwice in fhe second. and fwice in fhe fourfh, Governor Grady and Sfan Davis scored fwice each for fhe Bears. Grady also kicked 5 conversions. The Blazers six poinfs came when Paul Kidder scooped up a Cenfral fumble and raced info fhe end zone. The Blazers fhreafened several more fimes buf were unable fo push fhe ball over for a score. Ben is sfopped for no gain. Down on fhe 15 yard line Where are you going? ELKHART 6 SOUTH BEND ADAMS 6 Wi+h bofh ieams in 'ihe league cellar a slim crowd of 3,800 gafhered 'lo wa'I'ch +he Blazers and lhe visifing John Adams Eagles decide who was 'l'he "Cellar Dweller". ln fhe firsi quarfer Gruber re'I'urned an Adams pun+ +o his Ib: and, on fhe nex+ play, his pass was infercep'red and run back 29 yards for an Adams TD. The Blazers fally was T made in 'ihe second period when Adams EHS VARSITY FOOTBALL lcont.l EHS Foofball Sludeni Managers, Jack Gaslcill, Emery Spirifo and Bob Sfroud was forced +o punr +o The Blazer 40. Doyne Glassburn re+urned +o The 25 and five plays la+er Barnes scored. The PAT appeared good bu'I' was wide and lhe score knoH'ed. The ieams baffled evenly for fhe res? of The game and +he final gun wenf oFF finding bo+h 'Teams wiih six poinfs and a lie for fhe cellar. ELKHART 20 MATTOON 0 The seniors and underclassmen combined in ihe las'I' game of +he season fo give The Blazers a 20-0 vic'rory. The game was played in sub-zero wealher and less 'lhan 2,000 fans wiinessed 'rhe con+es+. lf was +he firsl' lime in The school his+ory fhaf Elkhar'I' had played a Ma'Hoon, Illinois +eam. All 'I'he Blazers TD's were scored by seniors wi'rh Shea scoring 2 and Sopiich I. Those seniors playing 'l'heir lasl' game 'For Ellcharl were Cap'l'ain Floyd McClane, Ends Joe Sopiich and Carl Miller, Halfbaclxs Larry Shea and Ben Barnes, Quarferbaclc Wayne Gruber and Fullbaclcs Bud Wen+z and Gilford Cook. BLAIERS-VARSITY Gruber, Wayne-Quarferback Heiden, Max-Guard Herald. Dick-Halfback Homan. Bob-Tackle Howard, Jim-Cenfer Kidder. Paul-Tackle Longacre, Ken'l'-Guard Lough, Dick-Fullback ik My M N .2 555' ,ELL ,M . , , r .Eff 2 . Q , W ' 1'iii53515151323-?5Qi5g?fi?Mig, L n.-W i. . , A 'gjilfy Q -ffY'1511724iliiibggelksgQiL:f2i::fg35 'f3iYraQw ssslgg bu Q .. 5 .. 2'l:i14siZsi5E Ap. .. ' ,Nga ff, Q mm-1 PM , , W . ,. K, , C M qi -5, 2 " 9 ifil K 1 ' 5.31, mfmg My fy , my 2 594' ff' 9: 4 x w Q , P Q , fvktsf' A196 , Ng ww X 1 9,0 Q " 'fag s at . R Q, 6 a PH K, Q K K Q I M N ga if E if 5? QS 52 S5 EHS BASKETBALL SEASON The Blazers opened lheir I95I-52 baskefball season November 23 againsl' lhe Jimfown Jimmies. A record number of 75 'fouls were called againsf +he +wo leams. The Blazers led al each quarler and 58-28 al lhe end of Ihe game. On November 30, Goshen's Redskins were lhe firsl' foe faced by 'rhe Blazers away from home. Showing superior heighl and shooling skill, 'lhe Blazers delealed lhe Redmen 49-36, H' was Elkhar+'s 2Is'r conseculive win over Goshen. The nexl nighl, afler lravelling 275 miles +o New Albany on 'rhe banks of lhe Ohio, 'rhe Blazers were lnealen 54-70. The game was nip and luck unlil fhe Blazers Iosl some of lheir rebounding slrenglh. Bob Pelerson and Jack Tillman were 'lhe main offensive 'lhreals for 'l'he Blazers. ' Grover Wllifehead. Roberf Ellrsam. Henry Morris, Bill Milliner. Earl Arnold, Loren Evans Herschel Riley. Oh, please. CONFERENCE GAMES BEGIN . . . Wilh Duane Pelerson pushing 'Ihrough 25 poinls +o lead Eldhar'I"s versalile oFIense, lhe Blazers had lillle Irouble in downing a repuledly slrong Laporle ball club 56-30. If was lhe Blazers firsl' conference game. On December I4, reserve defensive slrenglh and a couple of high scoring underclassmen helped l'he hosl Blazers beal Mishawaka's Maroons 64-43. The Blazers lraveled 90 miles in lhe sub-zero wealher of December I5 'ro down 'rhe Roosevell f Rough Riders of Easl Chicago 64-50. we did H' On December 2I lhe hosl' Blazers ran away T from Mar'Iinsville's Arlesians 66-35. The Blazers beal Auburn 47-43 buf losl lo Forl' Wayne Cenlral 46-43 in Ihe Blazers Iwo games al lhe Hunlinglon Tourney on January I. 107 Firsf row, leff fo righl, Bob Peferson, Wayne Reber, Wayne Gruber, Dick Lough, Jack Tillman. Bill Templin. Back row. Don Rhodes, Doyne Glassburn, Ron Lucas, Duane Peferson, Ray Ball, Bob Homan, Coach Bill Milliner. EHS VARSITY BASKETBALL lcont.l The hos+ Blazers beal' Souih Bend Washing+on's Panihers 55-47 on January 4. The Blues showed a well-balanced offensive in xfinning lheir fhird sfraighf ENIHSC fill The nex+ nighl +he Blazers bea'r Auburn 49-47 in 'rhe EHS gym. They had done 'rhe same fhing lusi 'Five days before af Huniingfon. Jn January Il, lhe Blazers blasfed 'lheir way pasi Michigan Ci+y's Red Devils 54-33, on scoring spuris and a slrong defense. A senior and an underclassman helped 'rhe Blazers sink I-or+ Wayne Rhodes and Templin prepare for a road frip. M? if .buf BLAZERS-VARSITY Norfh 62-44, on January I8. Senior Wayne Gruber led a sfrong Blazer defense while underclassman Ron Lucas scored I8 poin1's. Four days lafer, +he Blazers invaded 'The Nappanee Bulldog's home floor and bea+ fhe hosf +eam 69-5I. Bolh 'reams hif over .400 'From The floor in fhe sizzling affair. On January 25 'lhe hos'l' Blazers beal lhe Goshen Redskins 58-36. The Redskins worked The ball around carefully and only a good EHS shoo+ing percenfage kep'l' fhe game from being close. The Blazers beaf an unyielding Riley Wildcai +eam 62-55 on February I in a nip and fuck baHle. The nexi' nighi' +he Blazers nipped ihe Warsaw Tigers 56-55. The winning EHS baskei' was scored wifh 25 seconds +o play in +he game. On February 8, wilh fhe pressure on fhem, 'Phe Blazers whipped The John Adams Eagles 50-45 a+ fhe Adams gym. Lucas, Ron-Forward g Murray, Dick-Forward Peierson, Bob-Forward Peferson, Duane-Cenfer Reber, Wayne-Guard Tillman. Jack-Guard Tillman passes of fo Gruber. BLAZERS-VARSITY One week la+er, +he Blazers mei a Bred-up Soufh Bend Cenfral +eam and fell before 'l'he Bears 48-4I. The loss gave 'Phe Blazers an 8-I record for 'l'he conference. The Blazers bounced back on February 20 +o defeaf an under-average Gary Emerson 'ream 63-39. SECTIONALS Elkhar+ opened fhe second day's games ai ihe Nappanee sec'I'ional by defeafing +he Millers of Millersburg 59-39. Every man on +he Blazer squad scorecl in 'Phe raggedly-played game. The same nigh+ +he Blazers played one of fheir besf games of fhe season in bea'I'ing Goshen 63-38. Duane Peferson broke lhe single game scoring record of +he seciional by puHing 35 poinls Through lhe hoop. The Blue and Whi'I'e downed Walcarusa 69-43 in +he affernoon semi-final game ai' Nappanee. Bob Peierson and Ray Ball led +he Blazers in fhe scoring column. Ball, Ray-Forward Boyer. Ralph-Guard Gruber, Wayne-Guard Glassburn. Doyne-Forward Homan, Bob-Cenfer Lough, Dick-Guard Ball scores on a jump shof. u l,g I li Q Q i,.,,,,.-ul X '--.xx 'u.....4 'Gs-4 ll a Q" AKHAA Fronf row: Leff fo righi, Bob Kelly, Barry Sampsell, Mike Yoder. Second row: Leff fo righ'r, Dick Fedell, Erich Barnes, Don Ellar, Gordon Copenhaver. Third row, Leif fc righ'I', Coach Bob Ehrsam, Pai Moran, Dick Davis, Ron Slork, Keifh King, Dick Murray. Lefl fo righf: Wayne Gruber, Emmerf Free Throw Trophy Winner, Duane Pe+erson, Mosf Valuable Player: Bob Peferson, Team Capfain. The Blazers and Nappanee's Bulldogs baH'led info a 47-45 over+ime in +he secfional championship game. The game was one of fhe hardesl' foughf ball games ihal' many a'H'ending wrifers, exper+s, and fans had ever seen. REGIONALS Afrer a nip-and-fuck baH'le 'rhrough lhe firsl' 'rhree quar+ers, 'lhe Blazers pulled away from a dogged Riley ball club 53-45 in +he second aflernoon game al 'rhe Soulh Bend Regional A+ nighl lhe Blazers won fheir second s+raigh+ regional +i+le by bearing an underdog Knox Indian ieam 62-48 wilhoul' much 'I'rouble. SEMI-FINALS The Blazers lesi minufe rally 'Fell shorl as fhe Blue and While los+ +o Lafayerle Jefferson 39-37 in 'I'he second afrernoon game of lhe LafayeH'e Semi-finals. lil 335: 3555 TEE lil! Around Hle furn. EHS TRACK SCHEDULE March 29-Easfern Div. Indoor ........ April April April April April April April May May May May May May May 7-Sou'l'h Side Fori' Wayne ........ 9-Norlh Side Fori Wayne ...... 'I7-Niles ................................... 19-Goshen Relays ....... 22-Goshen ................................... 26-Easlern Division Ouldoor ........ 29-Mishawaka ............................. 3-Norfhern Indiana Meel ....... 6-Riley ............................... 9-Seclionals ................................ . I3-Mishawaka, Riley, and Elk I7-Regional ............................... ....... 20-Adams ..... 24-S'IaI'e ....... Clleckly losses fhe SIIOT. .......a'l' Purdue ..........Here .......Here .............Here ......aI' Goshen ..........Here ................Here ,..................Here ......aI' Mishawaka ................Here ..................Here ......a-I' Mishawalia al' For? Wayne ...................Here ........a+ Indianapolis VARSITY TRACK Murray clears file bar. Up and over fhe hurdles Leff Io righlz Firsf row, Manager Leon- ard Lucchese, Bob Li+Ime, Gordon Bohs, Bruce Weaver, Don Rhodes, Dale Blos- ser, Manager Pele DeMarro. Second row, Marvin Misliin, Herb Jones, Charley Nye, Chuck Swea1y, Jack Snavely, Bob Minichillo, Coach Mali Ronzone. Third row, Roland Snearly, Jerry Smifh, Ray Ball, Jaclx Slump, Hugh Hall, Ralph Boyer, Larry Kline. SPRING SPORT COACHES Lef+ 'Io righf: Tony Campagnoli, Henry Morris, Bill Milliner, Bob Ehrsam, Loren Evans and MaH Ronzone. CROSS COUNTRY The firsl cross coun+ry meef in I95I was held in EIIuhar+ af Rice Field. The 'reams compe+ing were EIkhar+, LaPorIe, and Goshen. EIkhar+ Ios+ '+o LaPor+e 25-30, buf won over Goshen 45-I5. EHS, S. B. Riley and For+ Wayne Norfh compe+ed in +he second varsi'I'y mee+. Nor+h placed ahead. of Ellcharl wifh 38-2I, bul' EHS wenf ahead of Riley wi+h a 34-23 score. Elkharf won Ihe Ihird meer wi+h Mishawaka and S. B. Cenfral. I+ was EHS over Cenfral 39-20, and over Mishawalca 29-28. EHS also swepr 'Ihe meer in which +hey were involved wifh S. B. Adams and S. B. Washingion. The score: Elkharl 40-I9 over Adams and Ellcharl' 42-I7 over Washinglon. On a rainy Salurday, Elkharl mel Ben'Ion Harbor and Ios'r I9-36. The nexl' was a B +eam mee+, belween EHS and Nappanee, held on +he EHS course. EIIcharI' won Ihe meer 55-I7. On Oc+ober I9 Ihe cross counfry Ieam Iraveled 'ro LaPor+e 'ro compefe in +he NIHSCC mee+. Elkhari' finished 6+h our of 20 Ieams. In Ihe Secfional cross counfry meer, held in Mishawalca on Oc+ober 23, Elkharl placed 3rd ouI' of I7 schools. Elkharl' wen'r on +o Ihe S'ra+e meef in Indianapolis and placed 2OIh. II3 SEASON'S RECORD Fall of '5I EHS OPP. 5 ............ Forf Wayne Norfh--2 3 ---..-.--..................... Goshen-2 5 .............. S. B. John Adams-0 4 ----........................ S. B. Riley-'I 3 ......... ............ M ichigan-2 4 ...................... S. B. Cenfral-I 5 ............ Kalamazoo Cenfral-3 5 -----......................... LaPor'I'e-0 3 ......... ..... M ishawaka-2 VARSITY TENNIS i i I LeI+ Io righl: Sealed, Jim Shuler, Coach Herschel Riley, Jim Lau. Lefi' lo righh Sianding, Delmar Luce, Pai Moran, Gordon Kesler, Roger Klein, Phil Leege. Lower left Jim Lau. Lower righl: Jim Shuler. Ellcharl' High SchooI's Iennis Ieam won +he ENIHSC championship al McNaughlon Parlc on Oclober 9, ending Mishawalca's four year dominance as nel' ruler wilh a 3-I. ln Sepfember, I95l, Herschel Riley, a 'former high school and college alhlele, was named Iennis coach, afler "re+iring" as school's allendance direclor. No+ only did Coach Riley's velerans sweep Ihrough lheir conference schedule wilhoul a hilch, bui' Ihey dumped one of Michigan's Class A powers. The Blazers s+opped Kalamazoo Ceniral, 5-3. Seniors Jimmy Shuler and Jim Lau, one-'lime Indiana boys' doubles 'l'i+lis+s, once again held lhe upper hand for Elkhart The pair was unbealable in singles and doubles in 'rhe fall season. Afier Iheir win in +he Easl' Division 'Ihe Blazers won +he championship of The NIHSC by defealing Hammond Tech 5-0. Jim Shuler, Jim Lau, and Roger Klein all won Iheir singles malches while I'he doubles Ieams of Lou-Shuler and Moran-Luce also won Iheir championship ma'I'ches. SEASON April l5, April I7 April is April 22 April 24 April 25 April 29 SCHEDULE S. B. Calholic Niles S. B. Adams , S. B. Cenlral Laporfe S. B. Riley S. B. Washinglon May 2, Michigan Cily May 6, Mishawaka May 7, Niles May 9, Laporle May May May May I3. I4, I6, 20. S. B. Adams S. B. Calholic S. B. Cenlral S. B. Riley Paqueffe warms up Y,",,.....-f 8.4! 3 Vorsify and Rookies line up for on early season feam picfure. EHS VARSITY BASEBALL This year's Blazer baseballers are led by a veleran ballery and four olher relurning lellermen, Those relurning from las+ year's squad are, Mike Ferro, Wayne Gruber, Bob Homan, Rudy Paquelle Jack Tillman, and Vic Arlco. Gruber and Paque'He formed lhe senior ballery, Homan was 'rhe 'Firs+ saclcer, Tillman and Arlco combined wilh one more man 'ro round ou+ lhe infield while Ferro palroled one of 'rhe oulfield posilions. Backsfop Gruber Keeping in shape GIRLS' SPORTS Girls' Physical Educalion in EHS is handicapped by fhe lack of gym space and leacher personnel. Sophomore girls are required io lake gym classes bu+ 'rhere +he classes slop. These sophomore classes are supplemenled by heallh classes which 'fulfill 'lhe s+a'I'e requirement Girls' gym classes are held in a room buili across 'rhe alley in +he Merhodisi Church. Some+imes 'rhe girls have a chance +0 use lhe boys' gym. They do, however, have +heir own shower room. ln order io make up for 'rhis deficiency 'lhe G.A.A. has iried +o plan a sporis' program which will give every girl a chance +o par+icipa+e. This year +he club ioined +he Junior Bowling Associa+ion and 'Formed ieams. La+er 'ihis year +he Up and over winning 'ream will receive a lrophy for fhe mosi number of games won. ln February leams enlered lhe Cily Junior Bowling Tournamenl' for +he firsl lime. This is an al+erna+ing sporfs' schedule so lhe same spor+ is noi played every six weeks. Schedule Monday Bowling Tuesday Volleyball Tuesday So'i+ball Wednesday Baske+ball Wednesday Badmin+on Caplains Sharon Sixbey Marilyn Shafer Shirley Pallerson Jeannine Kooniz Pa+ Coney On your mark: Pal' Nicholson, Janie Hosler, Trudy Campbell, Jeannine Koonlz, Sharon App lewhife. A new sporl adopled 'rhis year for lhe gym classes is swimming. ll is nol' compulsory bul a large number of girls parlicipafe. The classes are held every Friday in lhe Y. M. C. A. Miss Kendall organized lhe classes and Mrs. Pixley is +he ins+ruc+or. Anolher inleresfing aclivify of lhe G.A.A. was lhe annual lrip +o 'I'he Slale G.A.A. Camp al Delphi for 'rhree days. Thfs year four girls, accompanied by Miss Kendall, made lhe +rip: Carol Slrieby, Carol Shanfz, Jane Reafsnyder, and Jeannine Koonlz. A program of games, sporls and enlerlainmenl was enjoyed by many girls from lhe norlhern parl' of lhe slale. Earlier in fhe year 'lhree girls and Miss Kendall a++ended a play day, held a+ De Pauw Universily in Greencaslle, Indiana, for slale plaque winners. Those allending were Carol Shanlz, Caroi Slrieby, and Jane Reafsnyder. This year inslead of 'lhe annual banquel The girls held a sporls club parly al' which chevrons and le++ers were given. The '5.A.A. encourages parlicipalion in girls' sporls by giving awards. Monograms are given for 250 poinls. Minor E's, given in 'lhe second year, 350 poinlsg chevrons, for varsily leam membership. Funds 'lo pay for lhese awards are made by selling concessions and membership dues. All of fhe girls' sporls program is approved by lhe Physical Eclucafion Commillee which is composed of Mrs. Shreiner, Mr. Silco++, Mrs. Salome Wise, and Miss Mary Kendall. Q' 'L k f' Q Z, 2 Q. Xfl 5 .3 f my 5 it R if , Mira-A Z' ,, 55 ig? K , Vx. , ,,.,, , Morin: z NL A -qw , i M4 . :ie ,, -- f4'THra2'1'W1i?I511?!mii1!iSQi IW ,l. J The merchandising class plans a window dlsplay-a fyplcal lnsfance of fhe cooperaflon befween our adverflsers and fhe school. Y a, 2 L--l- 'The merehanfs and manufaclurers who help fo make our publlcaflons posslble Fhm Name Ace Cab .gA,,, Adams-Wesilake . .,.. 7 s , American Coa+ing Mills --- Aufo Sales WW, san, Bell Drug S'I'ore .,- nh- Bermans Sporfing Goods H Blessing Shoe Sfore ,o,o Blessing, E. K. Co. L Borneman's and Sons ..... Buescher's Band lns+rumen+ Burrell's Lumber Co. Supply Calveri' Coal Co. ..,s,..s,,, Carmeln Radio ,,---,s,,s,,- Cavanagh Rug and Linoleum Chicago Telephone ,,,,.., Cinderella Shop ,M Conn lns'rrumen+s W. Cus+om Boofh H Days' Transfer -. ....,s,. Dobbins Manufacfuring Co. Do More Chair ,,.,.,.. Drake's ,,,.. ,S s..,., - Universify s.............. - - - Elkhari' Amusemenl' Co. W Elkharl' Au+o Dealers Assoc. -, Elkhar+ Bridge and Iron Works -- Elkhari Brass ..,.s.,,.s.s.,. Elkharl Clearing House W Elkharf Cleaners -.---- Elkharf lce Cream Co. ,Ms Elkhari Gravel Corpora'I'ion --- Elkhari Packing Co. ..,..s.. a Elkharl' Pain'r and Wallpaper --- Elkharl Pa++ern Works ---- Elkharl Sandwich Shop -- Elkharf Elkharl' Welding and Boiler Works Excel ...s..A.............c..... - - - Ferndell Food Shoppe -M Finnell 120 Sysiem Inc. ..,,s INDEX Page I3l I3O l50 I65 I34 I49 I59 I28 l22 I47 l52 I66 I37 I49 I2b I36 l6I I5I I64 I27 I40 l2l l23 I67 l58 l33 I39 I28 I32 I35 I57 I40 I55 l3l I43 I23 I24 I37 l60 Fhm Name Fieldhouse Real Es'l'a+e W Funeral Homes ..,,. - Garber's Vs, Goldberg's L- Ho+el Elkharl' H. W- Judd's Drug Slores was Keene's ,..,....,,s Krau Coal Co. L L and J Press --, LiggeH's .,ss Mark's Cafe .,....s , Mar+in Band lnsfrumenl' - Miles Laboralories ,,.,, Miller Sleel 8: Supply Co. H, Molor Supply .,..s,.,,, Myers ..,...,. ., ,,,,, Norlhern Indiana Brass - Norlhern Indiana Public S The Painl' Spof ..sv,,s -. Paulson's ,,., Pedler's -- Perry's ,,.,,,,., Prairie Schooner ,,... Richardson Trailer Co. - Russell The Coalman We ScoH's Drug Sfore -H Sfamp Furnifure H, Sigmund-Sorg .s., Slyle Shop .... Sufula Sludio .... Templin's ,,.. Tom Toy ,,.. Travelmasfer --- Wambaugh's - Whisler's .,...s.a Welsch and Sons ..., W. W. Will- ..,.. Woody and lrma's Wray's ,.,...,... Ziesel's -- ervice Co. Page I45 I64 I32 I42 I34 l52 I62 I44 I29 I63 l29 l6I I48 I58 I56 I47 I25 l35 l53 l4l l60 l42 l4I I46 l38 l58 l33 l53 I56 I36 I43 I46 I38 l62 I55 l63 I26 l59 I39 l54 I Deiores Niann and Pat Smith are mocieiing two Cracker crisp cotlons from ou High School Shop, second iioor. hiiss Biann is shown in a meion coioreci Teena- Paige ciressg iwiiss Smith has on a striped Shiriey Lee ciress in hiacic anti while Youiii find NEVVS fprice and fashioni, always, in our High School Shop. mf W6 Q6 fo fke cwfs 0 ' m51 ' 0' Glkharf Safes! Sfofe Ri! MN R E i Ue,, Our but wishes to the C1444 of SZ QXQCND Elkhart Amusement EU. Uperatin ' ElC0-ORPHEUM-BUCKlEN THEATRES Best Mslres for tlre Class af C52 comumurs or ELKHART WELDING AND BOILER WORKS O Our Best Wshes to the Class of 1952 EXCEL Co., INc cs? Yfofho Ed: .. -. U C Ev a h I A ev' X Q 1 O I if GY 152 NORTHERN INDIANA BRASS I co.--- A GOOD PLACE TO WORK PLUM STREET O ELKHART, INDIANA Follow dw Crowd to ,7 ,gg o f EVERY DAY Low Pmcss 'Q-F 1 , wServing You is Our Pleas Best Wishes for the Class of 1952 60l'l'll0Al9'lel'lf5 of CHICAGO TELEPHONE SUPPLY CORPORATION Congrafufafiond from DUBBIN5 0 bt I0 2 I" A L ff SPRAYERS-DUSTERS PQWER SPRAYERS lluhhins Manufacturing En. ELHHABT, INUIANA 127 Congmlulalzbns to the Graduatzhg Clays of 1952 ELKHART CLEANERS un ' THE HOME OF SANITONE Americafs Finest Dry Cleaning Phone 26186 201 N. Ma O bl ck north of post office fllcbbmq of Hlzade Band .flnntlzunmnta 1301 West Beardsley 1 bgggfyjfilw A MAH1-fs CAFE NS N We Specialize Chinese Funds 118 S. MAIN PHONE 4-0530 Congrafufafiono A"0l'l'L L SL I PRESS CGRPCJRATICN plll'lCA prejjeif .SYM l9l0 129 Qur Szhcere C011 gmlulaizbns and Best Washes I0 the Class of 52 THE ADAMS 81 WESTLAKE COMPANY ACE CAB key Cjongrafufafiona fo fAe Cfaaa of 1952 I-ihart Sandwlc EUMPLIMENTS OF L K H A R T The ICE CREAM Supreme Specialists in Fancy ICE CREAMS 1400 PRINCETON STREET ELKHART, INDIANA GlffS Art Supplles GARBERS INC Pictures . Picture Framing O'Brien Paints-United Wallpaper , o 224 . I aiu St. lon - 3 I 132 Comivlzmerzis of CCiCZ fD Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co., Inc. STAM P -tg-. COMPLETE HOMEFURNISHINGS TYPEWRITERS RENTED, REPAIRED AND SOLD 540 Sh S P1 2 3801 133 Congratulations Elaas nt ,SE Bell Drug Stare C Per High Seheul Banquets and Dances .-.. .4g.iQt,g,.- . ., Uur Facilities Are Unexeelled HUTEL ELKHAHT future lmmemulrers should remember- the new automatic GAS RANGES COOK BETTER FASTER . . . COST LESS! NORTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY C'ongratalativnA and Kat 1lfiAlaeA to the Clam of SZ ELKHART GRAVEL CORPORATION NAPPANEE STREET AND WEST BEARDSLEY AVENUE PHONE 2-0003 135 Be Smart - Be Thrifty - Buy At C I N D E R E L L A Home of the Original Sweater Club C I N D E R E L L A You're Always Welcome! Come ln and Look Around C I N D E R E L L A Always A Complete Stylish Stock For Every Size C I N D E R E L L A Where Your Dollar Buys More For Less C I N D E R E L L A 534 SO. MAIN PHONE 2-3297 gow! laorfraifd neec! nof Le exlaendiue R. S. SUTULA, phatographer 136 RADIUS-PHQNQGRAPHS i TELEVISION SQUND SYSTEMS SALES AND RENTALS MOTOROLA PHILCO ' p. as Q GENERAL ELECTRIC 'Z -, 1 1- RADIO PARTS STORE 401 EAST JACKSON C0r1graIulaIz'0115, Class of 1952 Porodoll Food Shoppe 601 W. LEXINGTON 'Tina Foodsn 137 RUSSELL THE CDALMAN "Home of Heaf Safisfadionu COAL BUILDERS' SUPPLIES 0 jfauefmaafer Best Wishes to the Class of '52 TRAVELMASTER jke Cami of liafincfion ann! Effer caving l24I NAPPANEE STREET 138 Ciomiogmenfd of ELKHART CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION First National Bank St. Joseph Valley Bank First Old State Bank Members of the Federal Deposit Insurance C p ELKH ART INDIANA Wrayaf Pine Ite Dream if 710 Ketter food We greater Treat 139 EIKHART PAINT AND WALLPAPER CO., INC. SO. MAIN ST. PHONE 2-0582 The Store EXTENDS TO YOU BEST WISHE5 You Are Always Welcome At Our Store PAINTS - CHRISTIAN GIFTS - WALLPAPERS ART SUPPLIES - PICTURES - PICTURE FRAMING AWN INGS - VEN ETIAN BLINDS SHADES - LINOLEUM mo! more POSTURE CHAIRS MU DOMORE CHAIR COMPANY, INC. ELKHART, INDIANA pdllIAOM 'A CAFETER mm FROM Hom mmm , Congratulations Class of 1952 Op 1100 t 90010 E ydybtCh f PRAIRIE SIIHIIUNEH, INC Main Oflace and Plant-1503 W. Bristol St. l l A D P Bl cl OPEN EVENINGS 'TIL 9 815 So. Main St. South of the Tracks ongrafufafiona, Cfaad 0 352 GOLllBERG' Est. 1874 324 SO. MAIN ST. EIkhart's largest store for men Home of . . . HART, SCHAFFNER 81 MARX CLOTHES, ARROW SHIRTS, DOBBS HATS, BOSTONIAN SHOES, INTERWOVEN SOCKS, MCGREGOR SPORTSWEAR, HICKOK BELTS, BEAU BRUMMEL TIES, PALM BEACH SUITS 142 C'lwoAe a Career or Zi e . . . not jaAt af 06 for Today! For successful careers in fields which abound with opportunity, We offer these courses: - BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND - DENTAI. L.ABoleA'1'oRY 'I'IiCHNlCIAN HIGHER ACCUUNTING - MEDICAL SECRETARYELABORA- . EXECUTIVE SECREMIQIAE TORY TECHNICIAN q.10m1,Inef1y - MEDICAL SECREMIQIAE - CLERKMSTENOGRAPHER . DENTAL ASSISTANT . CLERK.-TYPIST o MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNICIAN ELKI-IART UNIVERSITY Fully Accredited EstaIJIisI1erl 18812 EGR A BRIGI-ITER FUTURE . . . PREPARE YOURSEIF T E M P L I N ' S S I 4- A I I,I IIICIC i X Congralulalzbng, Class of 52 14 310171 fA2 QFCLCI6 of Mdfelildy 30 ik? QPQCJ5 of ELDY LUNDQUIST .... VIC DANIELSQN . . . 0 FUEL UIL COAL CCDKE DIAL Z-1380 115 E JACKSON BLVD ibiue wimming poo! A modern canoe today weighs only ahout 50 pounds, hut in the water it will Hoat more than ten times its weight. The canoe,s origin dates hack to the dawn of civilization and was the first means of traveiing the waterways. it has played an amazing part in the discovery of remote places on earth, more than any other factor. Lasaiie, with his followers, paddled from Lake Michigan in the month of Decemher, 1671, to the piace South Bend is now located, and from there carried canoes westward ahout nine miles to a stream which Hoated their canoes to the Vvaioash and Wiississippi Rivers. Do not go in deep water with a canoe, uniess you are ahie to swim. Every canoeist should realize that sometime or other he is going to upset. After you know how to swim, you will enjoy canoeing and boating much more, on our many lakes and streams in this district, and you will never forget how to swim after you once learn. It costs nothing to learn to swim at the High Dive Swimming Pool, not even for dressing rooms and wire baskets, checked at main counter and if you go alone, you will make new friends at the High Dive Swim- ming Pool. wwf ' " V' .g ,4,. 1 g .-., .-,. , zfilgi fg i -. E1:f:-.' .4-..1E:i?fEf?'rE:g.,ga .-... . .- -9 " - , .,.: 'Iii-' .- c ..,f Ei'?" fS '- d i f f - - 4V a f . . . . . f ,. ., X .... .. . ..... ,.,..... .....,,.,... . -..,,, .. ....,....v A.,., ..... . . .,...,.,. , mer I . E74 . , ...... . . I ,,,, , ,,,, . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.----A. H .... my I,- ifi '!"flE1f . -:P OI" I N 1: x N K lx 'W Q up of f' ff' 2":g::: .:g:,:,9.gS:: ' , ,.,,53: . ,,,. 5 MAKE AN APPOINTMENT ik' ::t 'l:':' I .:.g.,f...g I. ,.., .,.. . . , .,,.,.f .,sm,.,., Q. .. ,.,., -.-, z 155,-'I , ..,.. ,R 1 4-I-I+ 4 14' 3 WITH 2. ,O .Q .5113 'X 0 73 Q S I a4fER:cA ' E lart S State E Nationa Awarcl of lVlerit Photographer ,:-:1:-:,-:-:- ' rs:- -QL .-.. Q: 5:-:5:3:f...jg: zgzfaf-s:5:g:-153325 b -' 53. 'f,ig5:,5g:513:1:,. 11515: f""'w,, ' ' A f""3 .1 I an ., I 62 I .I , , 1 I 55905 Y, ,,,,, ,,,, 3 ,u.Z '. 2 .. x. 13525 ff? iAQf3'v13:1B9: azz?-lffwfi 'xfimiitsiivm and ffmmiwad .fs mm af:,s,.Au6 wr exhwiaxm 4- 3,933 ifomrerz.xSxm Sfzgwsb H. my - - 5:1151 J 4. . . 533 -:-::- -zer H.R' CA'I'E 52 Dial 5--1603 IO5 VV. Lexington ""' i5fQf5,'sQ'f?2?lE55ff ififf I ' ' "22sS'..'f'1fiiE 131' , Q :rar .--rs:-1.... '-:HQ 1 easrifiiiaifiz -. 4: 2-' , ,..i -1 f2:1EiKi.,i4iS 1 f .v 5' J Q N 13 xl 2 f X z 5 fy -38 ad"6N,c 4 Maman SX 2N5',:v 55, XXII? R4 , an ,Q QQ II 2 I f 5' , 5 1 I I x wi M W ,Q S : f ,rf f In ff ,ff an A Q, 3, Q s 5 , I I5 S. 'XZ bf" fx' ,nt 1 O Q' 2 zx' 'Q 'N ' 4 A f ff' M 'X' X , J 2 ,WM VIE' 6 'N ,wg 1 viii' 1 xfxvf :I 1 Q x 0, N 1 1 'K' 'IQ iffy 5 1-4, ,ws .0 wx, ,xnxx I R 5 ,, fl f 4' 3 get V 4 , Y T., of , ' Q I fs " I "' I ff, 34 av- Wg K Ks 5-,gix 4 wx J, , X I ,N 5 Z P Q ex f V' ig Q x Q ,z 3: ' X . YV 'I , - I' 5.gQigff2f2:':i:2'1 - A,:::1:1?-,:--:::::,.i.,.:.gf,::g . , :- :,,.: va, -- -1 - - . 5,5 H 3 . .... ..,.... M , A ,.,. ..... . . .. A---., 51 :,g:::',j,gE2f5:g:5:g1-pf55is:35:I:gg555-5V:-5::gs1:5:5:55:2zrzgzgfrzrlg-A15:r.155212511531-552:25-:-:fr::55.251':55:.,5 Q g:-'-5n--:-5?f:jZj---'gE5QjE5f:Q5Q5E5Q2'-.-fl. 3 .IEZ,rzgagsgggegsgsg.,1q.gig:5:31fgQ15:2g1Q:::2g1gs5el1g2i3:::1'.,'.4:.si2:,1:f,f?52,15Ei: 5321.521 195 j',..L1:f-I: 1 'If?532If,-5:I-1551"-221512-1: -:.Q2sIs:5232Ei'2:Z 4' 4'221E513??f51'?EVE:Zii1f5EZZi2iiEEE.51i.5.:'112sEis5sg:gsEags: I--..225'3f3ii2Zi5Z52Z:55','i2-2515-E2i25sZ:gs?s:s5 gie:525""" ' 'If f-3--ifgs52:1E55eZ-:fgQ'."---- .EfEff5-Izlfzi' " "'i5521-551225: Y'-f ig-2f2EiEs?s:J''1'1zfE2isee5fs:fsk'-1-'isfe:a:1:1:::ssv1I1'gzf2s2sia21:z:h:a:'-IssE::::s11::i1:fs.-1: ferns s..--xf152f1f1f2z:122: -ff-frff-f'f:2' f-f':2s2--5-Sgzi... . ..'A ,E :Egg ELKHART, INDIA NIA Congralulalions fo lhe Class of '52 W, I I fir, . I 3 iifl, I jkQ,f4,gi. 2 ff RICHARDSON TRAILER MFG. CO., INC. Builders of Precision Builf Trailer Coaches 146 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WHSHES TO THE CLASS OF '52 mf Home of the Famous H4OOH Family of Fine Instruments MEA BAND Ann ORCHESTRA ,uecTme INSTRUMENTS IiI.KHAR'l', INDIANA Frank Myers Mmfs Stare CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 5- M3555 "Always Something New" 147 Miles Laboratories Enjoys Its Part In Every EI-IS. Commencement lxliles Seliolclrsl XXIYIICIIPYGF c'ommenr'ement time draws near, the lollis at Miles Lahoratories watrh eagerly tor the awarding of Miles scholarships to leading memloers ot the senior rlass at Elkhart High. :Xhove are the seniors who won distinction one year ago. In the front row are winners Paul Liliins, Paul Cowen. Philip Fox, Barhara Slaclc, Nancy Shields, and Helen Fox. The alternates, standing in haclc, are Patricia Phillips, Ruth Putman, Anna 3, R 2' 3 1. .3 , V, .5 t e Q , .1 y .ggzw nip Vvinners of 1951 Seilert, Gary Busenhurg, James R. Miller, and Tom Pagedas. Two ot the 1951 alternates, under the rules. ohtained stholarship henetits. Again this June the roster of students, assisted hy the Miles Company to ohtain a higher education, will he increased. No Hstringsu are attached to the winners. They Continue to progress in whatever fields appeal to them most. But the folks at Miles always follow with interest the success of these fine young people in later lite. MILES LABORATGRIES, INC., Elkhart, Indiana Makers of Alba-Seltzer, One-A-Day lbrunflj Vitamins, Tabcin, Bactine, and Miles Nervine 148 105N 2d fo Carlaefing M0 CAVANAUGH Fpkg lim Lau M Tennis Team Tennis far Beginners Tennis for llunnpians Unly at Bermanys rim you get the selerlion lo suit your particular needs. For Everyfhing in Sporf Goods see ME RMAN S L91 XC'-, f. ' M 123 SOUTH MAIN srnnm Y 7 Subsidiary of Robert Gail' Company, Inc. Um' .gncerefsf Ea! flfualwa Zur fAe duccedd of fAe CAM of 1952 Cuz tam 'Zuilt-In " BREAKFAST NOOKS and BREAKFAST SETS or the Home 9411-niture for .oao RESTAURANTS SHUE STORES TAVERNS RECEPTION RGOMS SODA FOUNTAINS DOCTORS' OFFICES BEAUTY SALONS DENTISTS' OFFICES NIILLINERY SHOPS HUNTES, SCHOQLS, ETC. CUSTOM BOOTH MANUFACTURING CURP. 2027 So. Main ELKHART, IND. Phone 2-5299 151 ongrafufafiond ana! Exif llffirfed fo Me 66166 o 552 BUHHEI.I.'S LUMBEH IIIJ. SUPPLY C g t I tions to the Class of ,52 from JUDD'S DRUG STGRES THVRI3 IS X Il DD DRUG SIORE IN YOUR Nl IL HBQRHOOD 152 Everybody Else Trades with SIYMUHJ , mc: 7-mf DG YGU? FOR BEST PAINTING RESULTS EMPLOY A RELIABLE PAINTER CONSULT THE PAINT SPOT Use Moore Paint - 11 l- Rollie Williams DIAL I I RH Nl I IND 153 EDM YL Young and Old alike! ffnff 1 ff' f ,' AA,A-' 1 1 .' - I A e ieee V A is? , "', yo 97" f ffl' KWQ i X no ff 25, x i s, if Ri 5 l vw , yy! ' K J Z! L ,Z , I Northern lmliunaff Most Modern Department Store . . . 5, z0fAe'L J Serving the fommunity for Over Forty-Se Ven Years! QV 3' Y 'E "We like it l1ere'f.. is a remark that comes from C0l'l'll0Al'l'l8l'lf6 0 . . . I. L. Whisler SL Sons Packers and Wholesalers of Whisler Brand Bacon, Beef, Smoked and Cold Meats Best Wishes for Successful Careers to the Class of 1952 ELKHART PATTERN WGRKS 7 1 7 Be ardsley Elkhart, Indiana MOTOR UPPLY CO., INC. 134 S. Elkhart Avenue Replacemenf Paris for all Cars and Trucks : g 5 dloecaa, y 201' on lvlq -- f H ' '1' 1L YOUNG SMART EASHIONS : 1 FGR EVERY OCCASION ,.1.: 191- ' - ie' For Career, school, or fun .W ff Ns gi N5 '-Ab Y0u,H find the newest, Q W 5450 2 smartest, young fashions A 3? Egg 'll 1 to meet your every need ,gg gg gg ff I at THE STYLE SHOP. S' Q A 3 2 QSM? gf it ' V- . . .- , 5' .-.- .Ir Q.,.f.- H .'7 .' 7' '-" ' '.-f' ' x --' "'- ' 515 S. MAIN ST. .Af ,,l Jai" ' .,,, - .swf 'r, .f E s.. -if .-2--" - "-" 71.rN','P -,,- -z.-f' 31. 'I ,x 11 1'-122' 'Y .-.,:-.'.- -:'+:-:s-- -. , ' 'fy' 1,1 '. mf 5: '- Y J- 95. 5-:gif :fr X--1:5 4 1. 114.-1, sq: 'L 1 0 , .- iv: "if , 4' 2 Q iw 'gg - M 'ir 'T ' js:-fhgxizfel-efff :-11-za, rf . .gin 'F f 0- gn , WL. JPY. MVR..-1745 FH. ' I 1' 'Q "XL s 4 I 54 VH 181 hifi 2 4, 3, w 5 'iv 0, 'if '6 sz '54 1 if Q 43, 5 15345: 92 lg S Q 3' 3 z 7 " ' X Q TY? S X bouble your eating pleawure 1, . V la- 1 if 1 141W 12 3 M14 S " My 'U Y xi ,K lx ' ii ,EE, Twn Gund Heasuns fur Buying YELLUW CREEK MEAT5 ELHH!-HIT P!-HIKING IIIIMPANY Part of Your Gang Work with Our Gang To Serve Your Gang SlIll'I'T'S DRUG STUHE MAIN 8 HAHHISIIN good luck As you cross the bridge Between your school days And the future - Elkhart Bridge and Iron Co. and Miller Steel and Supply Co., In 158 Elkhart, Indiana C . . Blessing S. Suns Elleharfs leading shoe store, which handles all High School and College sportswear stgles that are approved hy Champions e Adv if Aera Where all the gang gets together WOODY 8. lRMA's MONGIER BUILDING SYSTEM INC. '2f1w:.q.thinq fm 31001: 'l71ab1fmance" POLISHERS WAXES SCRUBBERS SOAPS ACCESSORIES SEALERS ST. ELKHART, INDIANA THE PEDLER COMPANY -:- EIKHART, INDIANA Cudfomguig WOODWINDS Superior Quagfg 160 . . . clarinets . . flutes . . oboes piccolos Connsonata is the newest and scientifically the most advanced ENJOY i of all electronic organs. Church and home models available. START NOW Q 61 Y CONN BAND INSTRUMENTS W PAN-AMERICAN BAND INSTRUMENTS AMERICAS FINEST LEEDY DRUMS and MARIMBAS Q Complete Line of Instrument Accessories g f-i mc? S 132' 4 eww! HEADQUARTER The Factory Music Store" IIIJNN RETAIL STUHE 1201 BEARDSLEY AVE. is .. ' clr es at . G'ff d, A . for extra range HEQLQQQQE it if . EXTRA PUWER . . . 4' " Follow the lead of top trumpet stars . . . Get behind a new Martin Committee Model. This is the trumpet designed for easier highs. . . for an effortless flow of power in all ' Q ' ranges. A " R by 6 B if IJ B t BY y Bro dy ' N Tr-urn, r 'fh wx Churli B 1 For descriptive folder and the name Martin Band Instrument Co., Elkhart, Ind of your nearest dealer, write B G Q , H uds , 1, -. '-:sg W 1 nm ' r 11 im E 'sf'-:L Billy Marsh ll, S rllu ' lu' .'l " I' I HOLLYWOOD to NEW YORK- in radio and recording studios, in swing and "Ieg't orchestras . . .top stars play Martin-the extra range trumpet MARTIN Deluxe -V COMMITTEE MODEL 161 Best Wishes from amhauqh Industries HARVEY WAMBAUEH, INII. Buick Automobiles and Prigidaires Oil and Gas Heating, Air Conditioning WAMBAUEII SANITARY lVIII.Ii CII. The Grade A Milk in the Pure Pak Container You'll always ind a complete collection of smart shoes for your selection at KEENEXS Congratulations Seniors of '5 2 Big Pete selects his smart shoes at Keene's KLUIHES Q B001 SHOP MODERN KITCHEN UNITS STORE DISPLAYS I E. G. Welsch 81 Son manufacturers I 2120 W. Franklin ELKHART. INDIANA Phone 3-0505 COMPLETE RUNNING GEAR EOR THE TRAILER COACH INDUSTRY - assembled, precision adjusted and lubricated ready for installation. Q LIGGETT SUPPLY Gm EQUIPMENT CO. 2030 SO. MAIN ST. 3636 DAWSON ROAD ELKHART, INDIANA TULSA, OKLAHOMA 163 Compliments of Days Transfer, Inc. ELKHART INDIANA C011 grain lalzbns I0 the Claw of 1952 WHITE WALLEY WESTBRCGK ZELLE FUNERAL I-ICDMES Stop and Sho -WHh MAUHY Ji Y+ 1411 to S'aleA O To the Class of 52 , , , Our Szhcere Congratulalzbns Ana' Our Best Wishes CALVERT COAL CDMPANY "Elkharf's Besf Coal Yard" I66 Concgraluhzlzbny Z0 The Class of 1952 Elkhart Auto Dealers' Association May you always have pleasant molorzhg through lk. PATRONS Adams Typewriter, Inc. 131 N. Main Street Artley's Children's Store 214 S. Main Associated Typewriter Co. 111 W. Marion Auto Specialties Co., Inc. 216 Tyler Ave. Barger Box 8 Printing Co. 802 W. Beardsley Barry's Jewelers 529 S. Main Bell Printing Company 113 S. Main Best Restaurant 835 E. Lusher Ave. Bevans Bootery 306 S. Main Bevens ,lust Good Food Biltmore Studio 128 S. Main Blessings Musician Supply 3 Repair 1030 S. Main Street Boston Store 601 S. Main St. Checker Lunch 211 N. Main Dr. K. G. Cleveland 12715 W. Marion Cone-Crete Products 1500 W. Bristol Conkey Jewelers 127 W. Marion Dolly Madison Shop 500 S. Main 168 W. H. Dreves, Inc. 216 N. Second Ed's Appliance Store 522 5. Main Elkhart Floral Co. 208 N. Main Elkhart Motor Coach Corp. l 19 E. Franklin Emmert Trailer Corp. 614 Mishawaka Fabric Mart 206 S. Main Family Shoe Shop Footwear For The Family Fashion Cleaners 320 N. Main Flanders Jewelers 406 S. Main Foster Bottle Gas 8 Appliances 116 S. Main General Credit Corp. Monger Bldg. Handy Food Shop 1005 W. Franklin Hart Pressed Steel 3306 Hammond Heilman Coal Co. 911 Plum Street Dr. H. C. Higgason 414 S. Main Hoosier Cleaners 921 Plum St. Hossick Bakery 604 Harrison Houseworth Bros. 225 S. Main PATRONS W. E. Hutschenreuter Feeds 116 W. Jackson Blvd. Industrial Plastics Corp. 802 W. Beardsley Isbell Lumber Y5 Coal Co. 1410 S. 10th Dr. L. D. Jackson 136 Monger Building Jenner's Drug Store 201 S. Main Jimmie's Food Shop 1201 Johnson Kauffman's Consumer Coal Supply 738 S. 1Vlain Kelley's Grocery 1600 S. Strong Ave. Kiser Furniture 121 S. Main Knox Auto Electric 111 E. Lexington Lane's Hat Shop 113 E. Franklin Lexington Book Store 113 W. Lexington Ave. W. F. Lilly 25 Co. Wholesalers Long Auto Service, Inc. 116 W. Jefferson Main Lumber 3 Plywood Co. 816 S. Main Mary Jean Sweet Shop 520 S. Main Matzke, Richard B., Florist 501 S. lVlain Melvin's Grocery 1109 W. Beardsley Ave. Misener's Floral Shop 4-05 James St. Modern Stoves 110 S. Main Mutual Finance Corporation 318 S. lVlain New Method Cleaners 115 E. Franklin Ohmers Electric Shop 106 S. Main Pacemaker Trailer Co. 110 S. Elkhart Ave. Tony Papa and his Orchestra Wfower Recordsa, Park Shoe Service Main at Jackson Personett Sales, Inc. 121 Commercial Platt Trailer Co., Inc. 530 McDonald St. Pritchett's U. s. 20 The Rapp Co. 119 W. High Red Crown Bowling 117 E. Lexington Ave. Rodino Coal Company 1555 W. Lusher Rosen Bros. 424 S. Main Schiffs-Big Shoe Store 221 S. Main St. Sears Roebuck Y5 Co. 216 S. Main Service Press Corp. 117 W. Lexington Shaum Electric 1047 South Main Shultz-Forney Insurance Agency, Inc. 119 W. High Smith-Alsop 208 S. Main Smith Drug Store 801 S. Main South Side Cold Storage 111 E. Lusher Stationers, The 223 S. Main Stemm Insurance Agency 4-31 Monger Building Stephenson's 211 S. Main Sterling Shoes 4-05 S. Main Stock's Dress Shop 128 W. Marion PATRONS Strom Brass Foundry 2646 S. Main Sunthimers Hardware 220 S. Main Troyer Cleaners 1130 s. Main The Elkhart Truth Your HOME Newspaper Turnock Equipment Co 1612 W. Lexington Ave. Van Dor Dress Shop 111 E. Franklin Wade's Flower Shop 118 S. Second Street Warfel Plumbing '55 Heatlng 1029-1031 S. Main Westview Floral Co. 316 S. Main Whitcomb's Linoleum 803.805 s. Main ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS.. fghofograyahg: lV1r.R.R. Bensomlndianapolis Engraving Co. ' Mr. Chet Gehherd, Ellchart Truth Mr. Vves. Felmlee, Vis Aids director, Ellchart City Schools ' lV1r. and Mrs Maurice Frinlc, Jr. ' Mr. lvlarlc Cowen, Director of Recreation and Park Department Don Vvinne, B011 Pontius and the hoys of the Vis Ed Cluh, Ellchart Hlh School .lcfmicaf .fdnluice am! lndianapolis Engraving Co., Engravers ' lV1r. Edward deBeaumont, Typesettlng Fort Wayne Typesetting Co. ' Mr. Rohert Rust, Printer, Culver Citizen Press We also wish to aclcnowledge our indehtedness to the many faculty memhers clown town husinessmen, students, parents and office girls who have helped us in many different ways and with many different prohlems. 170 SENIOR INDEX ADAMS, LOUANN-Siudeni Council, p. 65: Band, girls' social chair- man, p. 90: Triple L, p. 76. ADAMS, MARILYN JOAN. ADAMS, ROSALIE-Girls' League Advisory Council. p. 78: Triple L, vice-presidenf, p. 76: Orchesfra, p. 9I: Speech Club, p. 67: Wig 'n Cue, p. 73: Thespians, p. 72: Nafional Honor Sociely, p. 66. ALWINE, MARY ELIZABETH-Dis+ribu+ive Educalion, p. 8I. 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A., p. 74: Dislribuiive Educaiion Club, p. BI. WILKINSON, BARBARA. WILLARD, FRANK-choir, p. 92. WILSEY, MITA LOUISE-Naiional Honor Socieiy, secreiary. p. 66: Orclwesira, presidenf, p. 89: Triple L, p. 76. YOUNG. GEORGE MORRIS. ZOLLINGER, ARLENE RUTH. 173 I 1 AUTOGRAPHS ' x 1 3 xi xx - Xxx NX I x v I N J Y 1 .. sr 1 Y 1:2 Q . K -ZR ' ' , XA 4. 9,4 1- 61' L S 1 R 1"-ff '-1' 9' " 3'-ffffff ,- -1, , ..,. ,, 4 2' H 1 'gf . ' ' he " ' ' ', 'zufl " F.. 'J,l 53' "1"' L- - J"'s. . ,, , . , .QQQ Q, .Q QQQ Q Q,Q1 Q QQ ,Q Q. J. 4 1 - ' X ' 4 '. -4 ' ' ' . , 3 . . 1 Q ' .7 sv 4" 4 1. Q Q .Q . g'Q Q' ffl, Q , Q - -, ,, . . ,.,Q QQ -. yn-Q QQ 'Q 7QQ .Q ,, - Q Q QQ ,Q Q QQ Q Q Q Q QQ Q. QQ .Q ., Q QQQQYQ, QQQQ QQ QQ .Q. , Q .Q Q Q - ' QQ Q, , -Q Q: Q-, ':, ,rica Q.-1- . -QQQ "QQ Q -. 1. -K '- '- , 'J ' ' A ,LQ i '. ' ' . ' - Q, 4 ME.. ' up' -., .L .L .---, +, . . , Q. ,, Q 5 Q . ' ' 1 . 1 , . mt ' .QQ ' f. '-1 EQ-'. Q ., Q g ff' ' A' 1 f' -.115 Q f .2 , :QQ , ", n 3' 75' 1 ,. . .' . 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Suggestions in the Elkhart High School - Pennant Yearbook (Elkhart, IN) collection:

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