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, gf X g. pp, ,Q 1 .Q gy", A ,Qyifils .3.f?72, ' .2?Q,ZlL:h5525i:?? I -, ,Jw m . -f., 4,3 ,Wim ,-13. ' , L 7 ,234 iz ' . 14.1. K 4, Qui 1 , A , K K M.. ,..,.. A ,JH 2. f' wil---'5 fgw :MA W- , , ., Nw T, A M, , , W. fi! 1. 1,51 I I I -Q ' , v ' :WQA i tg, Q 2 K VM, f,fQilLf71f if ,. ,, ,, K , y at L KVVA . g,X,, 1 f' 'gr,-4.g,,,41.N,4,W I , f'QffF?Sw ,..,vew,.M - 2 :fr NSS 5-f 'ef'7 305, f5f"i J ,I f K .M 1 3 5' ,gysff w Q 1 A s 5 ' 2 Ji? W al x 2 7, .Ky . 5 X :.--, X in I ' 1 X fi' ky I n ff f ff r Q AM Vi! A X fx C7 fm A My : . 5 . ,,9,,, f THE UAL 1950 TI-IE PENNANT ANNUAL 1950 ELKHART HIGH SCHOOL? ELKHART, INDIA 1 M E ' X X WWW A A u f ff? " 'f 25 U 1 ,MX 'W-' f 3 ' , .f I '44 F ,ff X J X' I s , V , X If' 1 , 1 X ' a f 'iiffffifd 'Q S 1 W W f if f ' ' 1 'f' ',., W' ..,,,:,1:. .,.- 'l ' T ' - N - Xxx 0 .- 2 V , V , .'z.Y.N2 6 A js.. I , L, , Q ,. fame A ,-.ff Pr,!,,w"" : , ' ' . K ' - ,.A"f ' 1' L 5. M lf WMM' Q W ,Q If f , ,M f ,f , AX gy , - M, 1 V f"f f 3 SLE N, ., 15 x , ,AL-L ,K . WL f A 1 . FW , ' ful " 5 f' wwf X 1 V ' ,a1fL1 1 P "' I xg , 1 X 8 ' 4 i . i L F 'MM'-"""'W"1 STORY CDF MUSIC . 1 I 1 4 P 1 !!Sff'fYi'f'9if!Q 'f'Wl'I'f 5 . X S2'...........'w'-13-57: 1 ,,, k V 1' s w.'Y F - - N i v -,ii Q' :- K " Y - .Y X R,,, ff" 3 fm 'lv Y -.5 4 ,f",r' '-Y--it ' ' i Y vffv f S - 2 - ,H+-W y ' Yzfzf . ft fnfy - N Q - W... 1 ,r-ff , K , I r ff ffl, If J ' . ff fig? cf-'gy w I X 'vrif' A , 1 M4 g + M' ff Q A 2 3 xxilp h 1- if .Li ' J .M:g" Q "f . I 1 ' 4 1' A 1. . if fm . in LK. Y, XX ' ,Q ,. Xi bk 1- , l fx 'X 'Y X E X 94 + . ' X , 4 3 H y . L ,ff n " "TZ , 'f7:','f:"'1k, 1532 .g','5.f'.f"'f"5 'EFMQP "Jw: Qi. bc , , ' . ',. f,'.'.?:f' 7. ,xg-,,La.,.fS,., ' , , . .f Q c , ,.,,,-., ,.,,-. - H- ,,,, ...Q .qvuvciiwiv-ixiln 'ngqug-pa"t -2 ' xx im X F ', 5 "d 1 - gs -g ,Q-' ' N - "-' gif x 5,5 5 m yyillxg I Fgffa. ia? V 1-f Q wg- QQ-1 N 'ef , x k -W , 8. Av f N Sv X ' X " "f ' 39 MC" 5 x X 'b""" " 'R nf! -an: nf- I a , A 56,7 V, , X - , .' , . ,, ' ' - ' w ' A grade sr-lluul 1-lmms. The Flmmlem Lroudt-usr. 3355 . Ilofmfs of Hum-nny, the rfmmps. COMMUNITY LIFE It is natural for us to think in terms of music, for music is all around us. The people of our town love music. The nselt outsn at concerts, the interest in the Elkhart Sym- ptlany Orchestra, and in the many groups organ- ized for playing and singing. show that Elkhart is music-loving. From the festivals and open-air concerts in sum- mer to the Crowded calendar of events in winter, theres umusic in the air" in Elkhart. I, ,UW H sf .N g-"W"Srffw I 1, ffwrwm,-r. my wif .9 W 2S5if5g2gs11,af fagsfsswi Efff +'fJQ2f QBF5f51 v .Q-fee A Qzwgz ' M" ' ' 'bi' " .qvzztcf ", ,' ' f? Y' 3 sf:w?i'sS2ff1 A 11 if . 5 , L. A ::gi1?eg?:Af5. ' Q4 Ekpgzzv ffifv 'fa . ' 3 jig .: Q 7' fzmb, ,I i I " . .f , -ri: .. .2 Q' .nf M, A A. s 1: .4 : I ',vxJ5" k"' Q.-4-V" 1 X1 f, f 3 3 ,K all ' M X , M ' , x -.X 1, X N ff: K , H f VX. AL , f X .Q W 'Sf ' - NN fvc- A W X"?5e2?i?v?" H XV , ,X 1, iv , EXE mike: v 1' HN :J ggi 4 ' 6 Q1 'kff' taxi. 'fn J- Ny: .JPL K- M wwf is 1 ,I X YE.. -'H' N , 5-f x ' 4 yx ,m'LmMLhL".'-,iv 'Ng V ' ' 1 w V K ' ' V RX . , 1 a W ' 1' 4 rc W, W M . ,za . ff, L Q is -. K ,lf Q 5: gw M A ' six . S gf g My fy ,. . . Q..-uv" 3 X s A xb - . A v. - gs. "-... Ilmms, Iiirlwiq and Lmlwig FACTORIES P91111-rs f- 1 I MI1SiCHl instruments marie in our town are na- tionally anci internationally lcnown. Sicillecl craftsmen give each instrument that same liinisil wiiicii tile composer has given tlie composi- tion anfi wiiicii time player gives to tile periormance. So we have not only tile love oi music but tile love of aciiievement as a characteristic oi Elicliart, time musical instrument Ucapitoln of America. The gleam oi indiviciual acilievement siiines in every instrument macle in our town,-'tile song of ac- com lisilment, tile song of pricle. P LISTENING . . . the Diehl family enjoy U lelevisiun show: Music? is all around us. E I ,, 1 um uma wr QE53WQ Leif? f Egg: I 'igf ig 1-1EREfs MUSIC IN 0 ?wTmT?f ffm 3 "x, :he gang gathers for Q plane' session at Kuy's. LEISURE, For ati great music tiiere must ine creative iis- teners. Appreciation is an art, too, and tiiose of us who cannot sing or play can give music life by our listening. Recordings and radio iiroacicasts, as well as ac- tuai concerts, give our leisure ilours mucii pleasure. Whatever our taste or choice, we have today tile privilege of iiearing tire greatest of artists, orchestras and performances witilout leaving our own com- tortaimie living rooms. Music is a vital part of our leisure moments. Q. N' - - va..f-.V-Mx, w.,: E S 'E gn 2. ' ? Q' 5 S if X .Q F 1 3 ' . an W l sf Q v f A W M 1 . t N A 8 ' Y . 1' Es Q 1 Q !Q'5 N x Y- 4 ' s 11 8 Y' ' 'K 4 is A n"P2 lm. A ee . . N' W .F A Y , TW N ' XA , 's he , 5 ' , 5 W A 'F Q 2 Cx' N E '-11 1 f 551 an , l3'2+'f?fR f km x ,pg Y- X X K X V xl X Xj , ,' as r I ,, A "M .bum , f 1 J F , V P4 x a X A fy X N A X I x I .N , xy . x H V My-wb. ' A 3 , 7Tf5'fgEAg 3 4 ...xi-, rc' ' whiiwgw fm: F' , - . v ,A I 1 gf' V 5fMA,,,,,.......W-.1.,f6xxx' -. 4 ,ff i ,. i ' l ' . 3' Q A X. ' ' , favs" ' 'f .. xg 'x ,H n A 1 ww' ' fl,-""' ' f' . sz- ff , I 1 A N f . I , I w f ' M, f .L f J ff'-, , .3,f X' Z I' :QW IJ, ' f , f H 4, ,ff s . K I Milf... fs I A ' , fxx. . , f- v. ox 6, N ,fk fr X - f A N XB 1 X f X X ' I ' ff 1 v - ' ' ' X ,J X N v,.- X :f V, . Us . ,yt ., 1 A .-ff' 1- " W' J ,f f 0115351 W, , ,. Xp ' Q ' W '. W N z , fir' 4- 'D ' ,AY 1 . 1'- x. g x 'J , . - gg.. ..,- S 1- ' , Q 1 'M A U If . X X! 5 5 THE? STORY OF MUSIC . Q W 'Q 1 x i 'xi -M-A' A vv iyv "-vs X L Q V I I 1.1 t it 'K ,HN .g , NJ s . A :..1,V45!.XIX ., I i, + f 1 + ' f, X z Iwi, I' 'V' V- , " 1 ' y x sQs,." X 'f-Yl,Y-x , 1 T' gf 'X h X 5-X. iv, 'QW I ke! . . Q - ' . ,Nj N X W- -.V ..- ,, .- ljff I K l . if, Y' ' QN , W Q G I : xv " xi? "fro . 'X 3 2 f lj A ij X17 :T I . .MW I B . E Q i ' -5+ 4 , 5 V ' s rw .. 'rf . X L if ,yt X T - 7. W' ,, ' I ,uf , , 4 4' X, g X ' X' J L X ff! .LB I V, T -, N 1 Y THE THEME VARIES ' T H 1 l Representzhg Course Patterns: Betty Fortier, Home Economics Hamid Winesberg. College Preparatory Susie Swarts, College Preparatory Tom Lamb, Vocational Niavliine Stlop Ciaran Patrick, General iviax Robinson, Vocational Printing Piiyiiis Herencieen, Vocational Business Biii Young, Vocational Drafting Biii Nance, Industrial Electricity Waiter Lueiaice. Industrial Auto Machines Lawrence Covey, Industrial Aircraft Roberta Rude, Stenograpitic I Take the Home EC. Course . , wtiicti includes many units in tiome-making and gives me a ctnance to iearn about many kinds ot modern appiiances. Ot' course, i tiicinit spend ati my time in our izneautitui new tlome ec. rooms. tive taicen Engiisim, sociat stuciies, mattl anct science, wiwicti inciucied a speciat course in tiousetioici ptlysics. As an etective i tooic an art course, trecause i ttiinic any txome-maicer can use ti1at. in balancing time budget. ptanning menus anci interior ctecorating, t'm sure my home wiii retiect ttie timings i've iearnezi. Hisemy me only concerns the past, bm also che present. Br-My Forrim. 5 .L 'IIA l fl C-vnu-...M ,yli'fi1iffi LF .-! mmm. W I A I x E is 5 , XY4, K X x' iy D is 3 -mg' W s-' J "The ,,m,,pf may of W,.,L1,.f1 is mm." Ilamld Xwnesbwg. H11 on the College Prep Course and now tilat iim ii senior. sciwoi is pretty rough i sure burn that midnigtit oii. Ot course chem takes tile most time iwut ti1ere's writing iaiu, American Proioiems and drafting. in ciiem Mr. Giii not oniy teamimes us about atoms and ions but aiso stresses ti'1C vaiue of xxoric and neatness. And in American Proioiems if one re1iiy digs into it, i1e discovers tixat tiiere are a iol of questions tint canit tie answered as sureiy as a math proixiem On this course, i'm taicing two vears of ianguage tiiree years of math, and lime required units ni soriai studies science, and Engiisiw. wiiere i wiii laice up agriculture "Up, up. my fmwl, u J qr 1 vm r imonie After i get that dipioma, i'm piannmfr to go to Purdue 1.4.-fe' ..,,,,. JE' QM., 0- 5" H My +4339 ,wh Z1 5 , , ff' Z 1 fx .,. 'rf S f Q 9 y' " ' iv i- ff' 'N Y , 94 Y T.-- ' . s is ? ? z E ,, ,- -f-.. ,R .,.i ,. 7521, 'FTM " f C! fr .M ,ji Q ,-.- -V?" . x Mm 'ff-iii-2245... Q- fxwairw - mingle, f f ' 'S+ - N' ..,- A, , N , Y f fm on the College Prep C0ur5e log just a sophomore. struggling with biology collections. math and Latin. At the same time rm trying to ciecide - -- - - ' f .1 which extra-curricular activities to go mto, Ive sure oun out you can't do all of them. Ot' course. we get more out of geometry than just facts about angles, circles and parallels: geometry really teaches ' ' ' I ' I h iso has plenty on us to think straight. Our bl0 ogy a a the hall, with mociern equipment and toads of hooks. IH Febfukfy OUT SOPII counsellors helped US plall DUI' courses for the next two years. All my majors and minors are worked out. Now all I have to do is to make those grades. Susan Swans. An uncivnt Roman mmpulr. T!-me zmzble theorem - xl, E A QQ r I lv an -' Qs flfg ...ffl f A 53 QL' M -2 mm--U. if-. . - ff x, A -in r5wff 1. ,, f 9---Q-.. 'Qai y . ' if Tom Lamb. Vocalzbnczl Macfizhe Shop ILS' M y Majbr . . which means that i spenci three hours a day at a universal miiiing machine or iathe, iearning about toois and equip- ment. i iearn to bring to reaiity the ideas of the drattsman, which means that i have to woric to .0001 oi an inch. To rhecic our woric we have among our equipment an in- strument which can detect variations oi oneemiiiionth of an inch. Ot' course math is my most important hooic subject. Here we iearn to figure aiiowances anci other practicai prohiems. Physics anci Engiish are aiso inciudeci on my course. "Practice :nukes perfect." Q i wr.-1 ,. Jyix WV D x tx .X X . v " uv 1 fMV z Vx, ...., ,. in ' Q ,Q ,,L, l ' W f , uf' . ,X M V C Iamn Parrish. We Follow Ilia? General Course Pattern, which gives us a lot ol clmoices, and includes, we tliinlc, some of time loesl courses in sclrool, like tlie classes in elleciive living and modern lit. Boys on the general course can talce industrial courses sucli as woodworking, macliine shop ancl pattern making, while the girls can talce business courses. liomemalcing. and art. Of course time subjects ol math, science and social stuclies are not forgotten, ancl if we lilce, we can include a language course, lilce Spanish. All in all, tlme general course gives us a pretty well rounrlecl loaclrground. Sounds Jiffrfrwra nr Sprmislrq rlfwmr ir? Learning wlmfs sumlr of the border. 26 'QQEKJQ1 2 'wfsffwesf f psig . F4! s xA.: gg Q mliv.-, 1 ZX- S ew i imp' ...,,.-JH" ' 5355: -Q .gn - 1 n -Q g .-,b , '??F55353"'v UNB ff, ' .A Flax Ruliinsn fm 61 Przhlfholzn Major. . Rnllinq our :lm Xvovlely, just a galley slave. For three hours every day, l live in the midst ol the hum ol the presses, the claclc ol the linotype and the jumlmle ol' pi. lrl-hen lor recreation, l go out after school and worlc three more hours in a small job printing shopll ln addition to the Pennant Vveel-ily. Central Spirit and Ju-Hi-An, we have turned out literally hundreds ol print jobs lor the srhool. I have talcen English, including journalism, geometry. chemistry, social studies and a special art course whirh helps me with layouts and lettering. lt's a good deal, Yvhen l graduate, lvll have u trade that l like and one that pays well. An is u necessary Imfkgrmmd for prinling Flmm ur ilu' lnmrvpv. Mimwgmphing is :easy :Ins way, Vocatzbnal Buszizess or Uv. . . means that we are preparing tor jobs in ottifes, stores, and tactories. VX7e have stuctied setting. bookkeeping. type- writing. stlorttlanrt anti speCiat courses in tnusiness English. We team ttie use of att tcincis of ottice machines: ttle ftictapiwne, computational mactwines, electrical typewriters and ctupticating mactlines. As a special requirement, we spend one tiour each ctay hon the join" in one ot the school otztices or a ctowntown store. This on the iota training con- fronts us with proiatems we woutctntt meet ottwerwise. Nve ttminti ttnis is ttne tnest tcinci ot teaming-teaming by doing. when we graduate we hope to tlinct jotms as bootstceepers, clerics or secretaries. Business English and Iioukheepmg are ff-quam! on my mme, .QGMGWXSA ' . V . 9 fum... .WH m.m:..:.4...,. mg:..a..4..M., 3 Jw:-saw. . VKQMILNQQQ I , , ,' '5"U'i"'t v J, 1 - 1-'VW'-bn--f, u-:pe.4........ , ..1iv4-vnu,-qw, . , ? , ana-.-...W,.. : , '4'00'0Hww. na-A-.wguxmg i 5 A . Mmwnmw., K Q M ,iw . gefy-vgs-umm. f,.....H.......,, '-??t?s 'L ...W ' ' v WY , , gm 2 .. WEE H I .Q 1-S' ' 1 N 'hw 4 X ' 5 A fig? G 8 55551 X .. 4 O i, N. Q' V X , ' I i 4. 3 : A Y 5 ' .QEQ '.: '5' 111 . , V: . ,Z 5: V, . . 2,1 L u iiffifeaafari' 1' h ' Ilglitr 1 q3:z'433gEF ,,, 'FZ .... I , "Sq tif. I I - f" L' K N. M- 1 3 y lin MA-, Bl- M b -- 32 IL Z: T.: X K -- ' I 'zz' ,sf 'X :I f q U 3-mxv., x i "' I f 1 22 'i 1 11. 3 Q I 23? .34 a hi ,Q 5 2 95 ii ca. a.. Ss W ,,,' "1 3.4, 5: M a ,J . , x 3' 'iiif 'W'-77, ff: as AJ, - v .. Y va ., . ' -1 : 'ff if -if V , , . :x ,5ggQ . :f V: me 'N'-44,-W. 1 N-f,'1Wf-fi: " Sw - way w .1 .f-1?- , mv 3:2 -'gg-yf "ft .X x-f,1i1f?fEkf N guy. XX , W 'u 1 .QE "nz: 5 x ' 'gn X mx Sxxg , E . mu v0.i..,, Using our mmlpm mscmmr-H S U p I ,111 011 cz Vocatzbruzl Drahzhg Course, . . and my world is a world ol lines and letters. Drafting is a pretty good line, here in Elkhart. ln every industry thereis a need for a fellow who can design tools and ma- chines. For three hours a day l learn to express my ideas in the language ol industry. Our drafting rlass has visited many local factories to see exactly what our tuture jot: will consist ol, Vve have also invited industrial officials to tell us what is expected ol us. Of course math is very important. In our math class we learn the practical application ol' the theory to the worlc we do. Soon t'lt he in industry myself, creating new machines tor new products. 1 ff mmm! pxpefipmf. ,W ,pw -.4 Gerling rid of some homework Architepts ny' lomorrvw. We Take Induslrzkzl Courses. , , which include electricity, radio and auto mechanics, A fellow on this course can get good vocational training lout taice more electives than if he is on one ol the three- hour vocational courses. He can play in the hand or taice a special English course like the speech woricshop, Of course, he takes many oi the required courses, liicc physics, social studies, math and American Problems. Vviiiie not concentrating so much on industrial subjects, we are still ready to fill our niche in industry when we graduate. Bill Mmfe. Making wnnmnms. lfifrmsn in flzsumw? Dm-mm in imp? Q. , 1"- : s . , my xx s . .y . ,. 1'! x nxn 0 . .,.i I, - Ns - ,:, J: ., ,,.- ,.... .,. . .T.........:-.. l i ' ' ' -?33'L-.. ,...,,.,..W ' ' "W . ,-- V , 'f 'fmt , gf X , X .4 1 - 1 f gm -qv 1. xii M , Asn' ot 1 J . M Ll! y 1 1 ew' I Y ' " 5 FA 'wi him suit 4? ' 1 4 , fi? dw 2 Q 5, 4 an X. W. M55 ,fi 1 gh Q ' uivZa'i?2 - , mt ln? -.- ' .41 ,' , L EWIQEAX ' A7 f A I' vt, wg X4 Z.. 5 5 ' ' X 'Y 3 , " ffl' 1 X ,M , , ,., Q, 1 a u GQ ,f x --. .f A Q 1 :A , ff iv. r, he -- M W . ew ga?" V , I .xx ix N. ,T "" Vx: XXX? ,,. L-Q W. 45954 5:43 Q K. x3.,,9j,3' Q ling- 5 ,rtfar . A f??'i?1'. M ' - .,,, F : :Ev-f".: Qmwymh, x ' f f 1fi4?'5f,'f1M Tesling cn nzlo engine. i Lawrence cmy. 3 6 My Course 13 Based on Azrcraji and is one ot the newest courses ottered in vocational training. A Link trainer and a Jacobs engine give us practical equipment to iearn from. A teiiow starts out ily taking gf-nerai stlop. Here he iearns about ati the stxop courses and cilooses time one i1e prefers. Then tle starts to specialize. in ti1e tieid of air- craft, pre-Higiut aeronautics gives i1im ti1e tileory, wimiie aircraft mechanics teaciles i1im tile meciwanicai details. Before tie taices aircraft. tle ims to tue prepared by taicing auto mectranics and machine siwop. Engiistl. sociai studies. mattl and pilysics maice up tire rest ot i1is course. Vvtxen tle graduates, i1e iias a tread start on getting a jot: in time aircraft industry. Studying Bible as luemcure, ' g- , f if ig W i, y4,4,'- x cf-1,41 k if- ei , f f ' Kp-1 I 'f 3 . 'L M ' ,yi,,,,gi: n? . f , K J' 5 K , ' 'gale' f NX ' J , 4 , - F ' Q 1 , ' - - Nj I ,. X, fag-f'g I X lies-Q A ' I '4 1, XA , " ht-'11, ' f If"vFf, ' E vi qw a.. 'I-222521 , g V 1 ' L . ti ' 1 f' N-Qi K a 1 ,nf ,Cl , V A 4 i gi ,b V173 3 , ,gs 4, X' sw fx 'bf' k yy 'S , , ', , A , , ,ax 'X UF, x M -4 D .' 'V "z -J vw, E. ,Q -. ., s 1 bg mi! f A 4, r 5 1 0 ' jx wtf' " , 5' l A X I , we ,-YQ ' f ,ii ing ' M ax xgtzv 1' X' I N' ' ' I K' 'Vis 01' 3 la' ,.-' dm- 'A ' '- l' - af ' , P , 6.4. A ' , 45' . N ,' f'- 0' B' It 4 Q r g,q..,. y v f 4 , f .J .f . ve I f , 5a 3 ff I , f,, Q. :Hx x:m1'.! K 4- 4 , O ft, X, Mx.. -.'x fi' 1. Y 5475 i , .X - . . br' -.. I 111 Graduatzhg on the Vocalzbmzl Slenographzt Course and hope to get a goocl jot: in an olztice this June. lvly type- writing, shorthancl and English courses have all tween planned towards that goal. ln typing we start out hy learning how to manipulate the machine: then we type lzusiness letters and l-orms: and finally, practice typing from shorthand notes. But l've hacl time to get some other courses in loo. French, for instance. Then lvve lalcen the requirecl classes in English, social stuflies, math ancl science. As a part ol our guidance program, we had Career Night, when several E. H. S. alumni came haclc and tallied to us about what they were doing on the joh. Next year, maylse l'll he one ol those alums. Iisant a' vue. md? - , , , J' W u, - . . ' 'lx , , Ig -fl: 5 ffl fy - :ff A 4 fx asektf , , -pri.. ,f5:..,, fffv- 1g 'L " .Lrg ' :vu-g,'1jfj "cv " 1' Axg fswigk Y - ' y 'Iver ,Ml 23 ki ' sw 1 and .3 K m , 4 -if -ap 3 'S if , ,nfifs T? sb X LQ . 8 A If ff , nv' l 6 1 Q ' Qggf Xff k Max dmgmms rm English sf-mmfp. We Came I0 Elkhari Hgh School and enroiied for various classes wiiirh we thought would he most helpful to us. I, Gaiorieiia, speciaiized in commercial courses in hooiciceep- ing and shorthand. You see i hope to he ahie to get a join in an American embassy or some American firm when I get hack to itaiy. Then i took English and American prohiems so l would know more ahout your country and people, I, Max, chose just what I thought would heip me most hecause this year will not count toward graduation in my school anyhow. So i took American iit., American problems, U. S. history, algebra-geometry, and physics. Do we need to say that in these Ciasses we learned many things that are not in the hook-and that we hope you did, too? Paulson, ruunril pmsidmn. with our first Iwo foreign SIHJPIIIS Gabriella eells utzoul Chrismms in 1:01 . Y + n A , ff-'ff X... 3, :S 'ia W 2' :Y .311 4 X Mug. I Jef 3552 EET' rf ' L13 mfg PQ 1 52' . ,, , , Wm. M ' if I' fx: 7 M Q a1 , ii Ki 0 1 sy 8 K X A+ 3: , X, 1 X ' 5 3 2 T ' 1 A, i a K. ,z X 3 , 4 vs 5 ' iii? 4 ,av .. Q ggi .. :.Y ,, J Eeifgml . -H ,vwmxff ,T ATC.. 1g.::-Nm:-?' .Jig ,.. ni 0 U , ., A vi ,, ..4 ' Q: -. f- hz, . 34?5mBy,E1 ,,.1:ff5 1-Nic: 1' "'i'EE:a'1 gl' ' 'Q:3?E' "0 M ' 2 .K , , x g,-V., f5..,1' .Sky s. . ..,. , 'fn - . 4:'3fv .. f' swat 'efwfzis '1- 'W . ,ax ff .he 1 . . . f. -fm.-xv , zersw-ggmefmg :'f'5'rh , ,asa ' K :ravi-x:42G2'f Q ...v5:1,....mqg,,:. - - ... , wwf- fn ,V 1' ,,.,.2qgc:! : ' iw W V Ugg 'ki.vr'1f.- -' 1 11- -'riigex f'r1ff0:, . ' n?ix'Q1' Q45 X, ,V f V ::1:fff.:1r.: a-:aaa .. lam, me ' 1, w V573 " "1111,f22f3TxfLsr12fPF3:f5?:5axi'i1.m2f'f'sa2e:2?ffk Zim' f SW -Exifizipzqiziiii... 932559 53:35 f 1532315 1 z't'1?2iTr ' 4:::zi'f24'1w 4- W "1::z:.w"'s- '.-Jw z , ,N-11,2-azizf., -- .t f , .,3,g,, ,. eaef1'Eef a "Q iii12eSf2?2?? 2535 2 f ' 'zzz 5 1 Q ik , , F ,., M- . 4 I 1' Lx? jk , , K 'JK' 6 74 X z X ' 1 X fn: fx 7 ,yr f -X , jf' , R A fs y v ' X-K! 4 ,f?if?"ff1i .,.- fl" 1 s ff X :.. ' YN X .' K X Q 1 . rm, x- in A 1 . .,k . 1 1 'A' X N AN f ' ,Y-0 ,,f.ff"' X x , ff r if i O ,Q I . fry v J A it Q Z Alf! ff 4- . -:,,,f""'!' ,f" f , ff ' ,,,.ff" f f 'lab 6 ff", .V , n.,..v 1,5 'W M V , I 'HSN' 8 'N I its- . fig fl 1 wx ,.' 1 5 'N IJ f, as , XR . Vr N YQ' . t U" x :lfw L. 4: tw. . ,, yi'-ffvl' 1 Y. 1 H4 . A' , , X ' N 5 f x ff' mn? Y A' X A . Q 1 STORY OF MUSIC Q Q x A " -W -ax X V-Y v 1 I A' A 1 1 'xiii dk I ,, wg 1 T s ' E v , - ' v x 'Q ' v '4 " ' V I Y -1 W 1 1 5 i Y W ' v 5.-,Vx , : 5 Swv ' fi l Y r','- 'IZAXKX' X E +1 "T X .""'f'5 Kr vivyy X , J 'i 'V'-N, '- 'T-vlv 1 fwfff 'I X ' x ' SM ",,'Q - , -4--w ' my 'fx R ' ,V W ' Jw W frfq. , Q - Q--Mew H ff M ff! ',," ww? If ' L i I . H 4- ah ,ig , , .. " A Axb, .14 Q k Y 9 X. ' n f f if f 5' I ' 4 i r 0 K A gt! tl ,A,. H 'pf'-N. Q A W , 1STif3 ' I A ' 1 ,KN A " 77 Q ,- xx . fw , - ' v A Pk T. ' ' u y 4, I 'W s U' i- 4' ' 4 , f , :rw 5 x 5 'Q TI-IE MELODY IS CLEAR AND TRUE 1 l 1 G 1 44 "Wheels" zh E H S Organz2alzbr15: Gary Rutledge. Senior ciass presirient Wir. Gowdy, Ciiairman of the music rie- partment Xuan" Simmons. Editor of the Pennant Weekly Mariies Douglas, Presifient of the Y-Teens Miss Dorsell, Girls' League sponsor anci President Pat Dairympie Mr. Vvinne, lr. Class and Blue Iacizets sponsor Niiss Busiwe, Nationai Honor Soc. spon- sor and Plesicient Doug Vviison Dave Farley, Ir. class president Mr. French. Siurieni Council sponsor and President Lee Paulson Dave Thomas, Soph. ciass president Colleen Roe, Senior cheerleader Jane Jones, school organist FM x,,,f 1 I Qgv. f-X 'gif 'r 1. I E :Q , , k 'V 'W , . ,nf 'H 'QK" f' A V r' ,A ,J EN . Ai V fwwx.. .f ll 1 'fffif 1116 li0ll0VViI'lg OH:tCf!l'S Were Cl10SEl'l l-Ol' the f'tl"Sl and second SCHl9Stel'SI President ....,. Vicefpresident-,, Secretary ...... Treasurer ,...... Sergeant-at-arms .... -,--Lee Paulson ----A---Bill Lamia ----Shirley Leonard -----,,,.iim Everts ----Carl ixliller Reporter .,,,.... ,... ,... ..,.. ..., J u n e Roose Sponsors ol the Student Council Doyle French and Wir. Rex Harvey. in order to carry out its program, has organized a numiaer of active these are: concessions, all school session, nominating, point system this year were: Mr. the Student Council committees. Some of party, manual, pep steering, magazine, eligiluility, loclcer and hall, stamps and savings, assemialy planning, awards, and hall traffic. The Curtis Circulation Company presented our school with a trophy lor outstanding accomplishment in the magazine drive which was conducted ioy the council last fall. in Septemlmer ol' each year, the Student Council ar- ranges an orientation program lor incoming sophomores. On .ianuary 14, the Student Council sponsored an all school party. Entertainment consisted ol round and square dancing, games, movies, and ping pong. ln April the Council launched their second drive for funds lor two foreign scholarships lor next year. THE ELKHART HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL Iucizson raises a question. 47 Auf. come un: twy u innate. And wlwm um you going? NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Semester Officers Second Semester Dougias Vviison--. .... President .... . ,..,... Joan Lioyci Roiperta Young ...,.. Vice-president ....,.. iviyrtis Becicer June Tiieoioaici .... , .... Secretary ....,.., Joanne Sciwocic Richard Anderson ..... Treasurer .... . .,,,,,, Kaye iViotz Time Nationai Honor Society. under ttie ieaciersi1ip of Miss Louise Busctxe anci Miss Ruth Broughton. is one of the important organizations in our sciwooi. The purpose of time Honor Society is to create an en- thusiasm tor sci1oiarsi1ip, to stimulate a ciesire tor render- ing service, to prompt worttiy ieafiersimip. anti to encour- age time rieveiopment oi character. Tiiis year's activities inciucieci: tile used iuooic saie in September. Concessions at ti1e Niistiawaica-Eiictlart iootiuaii game on September 25, anci a pep session on February 3, a spaghetti supper ot Feivruary 9, Coiiege Day, anti an assemimiy sicit on study habits. Tiie society participated in seiecting a person for time Haii ot Fame oi Great Americans, XVi'liCi1 is iocateci at New York University in New Yoric City. An induction service for new members was tleifi in the raieteria on May 17. A -'5'??1ii3F3?f?5 -55 L . ,' ' 4, . . vlx: ft Q2 K f H gag?E3Q" AK ,wf ' ' .l se 4' A 'da f rr gil 4F' 'h 555' ,fix .,,, 1 T5 E s., Q, ish K' W 'iw Elegy I0 W :?5??5l!:'fn-M, -N 1 55, 4 - .1 r kk f 5 A-fa . f .f1f4'!Dh.iM-.G PAINT AND PALETTE CLUB The Paint and Palette Club, having just tinished its twenty-ninth year ot activity, is the oldest active clutm in Elkhart High School. Paint and Palette was organized in order that all stu- dents interested in art might have a chance to get to- gether. The club turthers students' interest in art. Meetings ot Paint and Palette are held twice a month alter school. This year. the club has twenty-tive active members, One ot the most important activities ot the Paint and Palette Club is decorating the bulletin boards around school. All material to toe placed in the bulletin luoards is tirst sent to the Paint and palette Club: then, clulo memhers arrange this material. ln April, members ot the Paint and Palette Cluh toolc a field trip to Fort Vvayne. Yvhile in Fort Xvayne, they visited the Fort Vvayne Art School. Mr. Howard James, high school art teacher, is sponsor ol the Paint and Palette Club. Officers tor the year were: President ........ .... IV tary lvliller Vice-president ..... ..... K ay Leipold Secretary-treasurer-- ..... Dorothy Weiss Our guiding liglir. s Aiursgs of tomorrow, FLORENCE NIGI-ITINGALE LAMP CLUB The girls who worlc in the dispensary belong to the Florence Nightingale Lamp Club. Although the newest vluh in school, the F. N. L, already boasts forty-two memhers. F. N. L. was organized this year for the purpose ot planning programs which will give members a lnetter knowledge ot health and first aid, giving memloers a lwetter understanding and knowledge ol the nursing pro- fession, and providing social and recreational activities. Besides their regular meetings, members of the Florence Nightingale Lamp had an initiation service on November IO, a Christmas Party on December 15, and a mother and daughter tea on Apiil 23. Other activities for the year consisted of the following: delivering llowers lor patients in the hospital for National Flower VVeelc, selling Herb Jones Products, and sharing Concessions with the Hi-Y Club. Mrs. Helen Schreiner is sponsor of the Florence Night. ingale Lamp. Officers FOI' the yea! VVEYBZ President .,..., ..,.......... - --Vera Snellenberger Vice-president--- ..... Mary Eclcstein Secretary ..... .L., J aclcie Bushong Treasurer--- ,..,Dlll"eCH Drinkall ffw, a 1 ,A x WX' x y 'Ax '32, , li rw- 4 ,. :3 4 fa A . QQ f 3 xgy fi: : 'Ill 'Q 4 'WH vu THE DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB Officers President ...,.. Nancy Dcshone Vice-president ...,. Norman Cox Secretary ..,. .,.. M ary Thorpe Treasurer .,..... Susan Johnson Social Chairman ............ -----,-------Lucille lvagnilio The Distrihutive Education Club was organized last year un- der the national constitution For the Distrilautive Education Clulos of the United States. The clulavs purpose is to de- velop leadership in retailing, to encourage the use of high ethical standards in business. to acquaint me-mhers with business leaders, and to increase interest in all phases ol retailing. lxflemloers study laasic selling principles in class: then, they go into downtown stores to practice what they have learned. Regular club programs for the year included the following speakers: Nl. Nl. Dewey, Paul Thomas. and Herhert Joseph. Other programs were round tahle discussions and demonstrations hy club memhers. Miss Helen Kirkland is spon- sor ol' the club. Sponsor and Officvrsp XV? lenm the coffee: selling nrelhoiis. Annum Sale. X, A. I " I fini K ???i225SS?2Q1P E S flaifgaggmg Vw 5 5 6 Q U , 1 5 A ,' Q 1 2 x ,. ,. fx- Q X., 11 I X .gf The hoys get mgerhm. THE BLUE JACKETS Until February. 1950, the Blue Jaclcets Cluh was lcnown as the Docs Cluln. At this time, the lxoys otliicially Changed their name. The purpose ol the Blue .laclcets is to clevelop character and respunsihility, to encourage high scholastic achieve- ment, to cievelop the ahility to loe at ease socially, ancl to provicle activities for sell-expression and recreation. Meetings ol the Blue .laclcets Cluh are held once a weelc either alter school or in the evening, One ol the most outstancling activities oi the Blue .laclcets Cluh was sponsoring huses lor the out-ol-town games. This service to the school allowed many more stu- flents to attencl these games. Sponsors ol the Blue Jaclxets this year were: lVlr. Donald Vvinne, Mr. VV. H. Hamilton. and lVlr. Rohert Sanclers, a stuclent teacher lrom lncliana University. The following semester: Presifleni .,.. Vice-presiclent--- Secretary .... Treasurer ....... L., .,... oliliicers were electecl during the First ---Pere Yvilson ----James Isbell ----Bryce Bressler ------------------Bill Nance Sergeants-at-arms--- ---Tom Sipress, Franlc lVlcGlassen Bigrwigs of the Blue jackets. t .f,f.g.,, I 6" -fy Q P as : .gl-.::g3wrffSf!3n, ' f 1':j?!fL.ffJ-is 31,5 .,-34 .mwzf Q .Mb ,gq,4::55,.:gyaQ' 22? ,k5....vvf.x W g2C'3ff-f1'2'43n , 'Aon "V c 'A afg,,1:r'555fQ q::3f??f?e?,h fir: eng -. ' -J .,, Qi-rx.. .. ESQ. yy. 'wif' Nab. Y o 1 W.. -2 . Y-. f rf- if Q14 W: 555,41 Q A A . . x,..,.-ne., ' .x N QQ Q. W mmmgul Q 9"'immm,sig,Q , H. I -m K ' , 3: M... 'II 2 Plans. plans. plans. Careers, parent-youth prohlems. l-uture citizens and world fellowship, manners and grooming, and hoy and girl rela- tions. Ollifers who were elected lor 1949-50 were: President .......,.........,,,,....... Marlies Douglas Vice-presiclent .......,. ,... R owena Pietcher Second vice-president .... ....... K atie Rowe -Kay Zimmerman Secretary ,,........,... -- Treasurer ......... .... B etty Biioiao Social Chairman .... .... M aria Platz Service Chairman ...,, .... Nl ariau Strom Puiolicity Chairman .,,. ....... S ylvia Diehl Nlusic Chairman ,..... .....,- .I oan Robinson Devotions ............... ---lxlarjorie Broaclinent Sophomore Representative--- ----- Delores lxflann Cabinet meening nt Mrs. Tolswfs. BOOKER T, WASHINGTON CLUB The Booker T. Vvashington Y-Teens had a lull schedule this year. Their activities inclucletiz a get together party, 21 hot dog special. and a Tom Thumh wedding. On Decemioer 21, the girls had a Christmas party. Alter a gilt exchange, refreshments were served. The girls also sent gilts to sivia people at Christmas time. On Fehruary 10. the Booker T. Vvashington Y-Teens held their Valentine Glance. Barilara Burson and her escort were chosen sweethearts oi the dance. The girls plan all ol the meetings with the aicl ol their sponsor, lVirs. Tolson. Officers lor this year were as follows: Pl'CSldEnl Y............-YYv.......-.-.. Barbara Burson Vice-president--- ---- Verna Hanshorough Secretary ....-.----. ---- A lhertha Vvashington Assistant Secretary ---- ------ A nna Jane Atlcins Treasurer ----------- ----Niariiyn Jean Atlcins Sergeant-alfarms-0 ---- Ethel I-ee Irving 57 Mind your mnnners. THE GIRLS' LEAGUE Offi cers in union. Officers President ..... ........, - --Patricia Dalrymple Vice-president .... .... N orma l.ytell Secretary .,.., ---Jacqueline Lamb Treasurer ..-- ---Kay Armstrong The Girls' League was estahlished lor the purpose ol having one organization to which every girl in high school could l'Jel0Hg. r , iv: 1' EE aa Nici . ,gr : 3 5 12' -'. ..f 2 2 "sei, E? 2 1" 22225 2 V ? 592 The purpose ol Girls' League is to pro- vide a democratic means tor girls to ex- press their ideas, to develop a program that will allow girls to thinl: more seri- ously and express their thoughts more seriously, to develop a program which leads to self-improvement and under- standing ol: that behavior which is so- cially acceptahle. This year the programs lor the Girls' I-eague included a panel discussion and slcit on courtesy, the l-aculty teas each month, a mixer party. a mother and daughter tea, and a senior girls colxe party. Dr. Ruth Pancost spolce to the league in April. The traditional Christ- mas tea was given lor all girls ol last year's graduating class who were home from College lor the holidays. The annual vocational conference, held on April 27, included representatives from heauty schools, trade schools. model- ing schools, nursing schools, and husiness schools. lvliss Myngle Dorsett is the cluh spon- sor. 58 Tlw tmmumml boys. mul their officers. THE VOCATIONAL CLUB The Vocational Cluln is a fairly new club in Elkhart High School. It was organized during 1 purpose ot turinging the hoys in industr closer Contact with industry. 947-48, lor the iat classes into Vvith their sponsor, lVlr. y Robert l.. lshell, the tmoys elected the following ottieers tor the ensuing year, 1049-50: President Vice-president ,.... --- Secretary ....... --- Treasurer ....A.....,.,,,........,,,,,. Any student in E. H. S, taking a vocat -Bill Bergstrom ,,lVtarion Scott -Nlaurive Linn Charles Freetry ional education course is eligible tor membership in the Vocational Club. The club has time for worlc, the third Thursday ot' every month during the home room hour, and a time tor pleasure, a dads party in February and a trip to the Ford Plant at Dearlaorn, Ntichigan. To help tultlill the clutfs obligation as a school cluta, members made and sold chains. Ntoney from this project went to the foreign student fund. The purpose ot' the Vocational Cluh is: to prepare stu- dents as much as possihle tor employment alter graduation, to help students learn more about various industries, and to help students learn what is expected ot men in industry. 59 'W Wi A E Q wmv' If :Q '. y , L g, W,? Q3 Q if S. 'Q' 1. S3 it W' fall-P' Y' - , 5 ' Q A 'S ,,.,.. f. "Uv I 1' .QQ ,fu A 1' ...W . I 35 X f' fig A I ff TI-IE USI-IERS CLUB The Elkhart High School Ushers Ciuh is quictcly tae- coming a hooster cluh as well as a leading service cluh in the schooi, The Ushers Ciuh consists ot twenty-tive memhers, who meet with their sponsor, Ntr. Harry Cooper on ciays preceding home games and other school activities at which they usher. During the year. the Ushers Ciuh ushered at all ot the home games, at all school parties, senior day, and other special occasions. The ciuh has supported the iootiaali and hasiielioaii teams at out-ot-town games. one ot the trips the tnoys marie was the trip to the Fort Vvayne Northsicie game. lxiemhers ot the Ushers Club not only prol-it through service and recreation, hut they receive service awarcis. These service awarcts are white circuinr chenille emhlems hearing the cluhys insignia. They are worn on navy hiuc sweaters. Other services are inciicateci hy chevrons worn on the tetnt sieeve. 61 Tim uslu-rs line up, This years officers tor the Ushers Ctuh were: President -,------ ----- - U .,., James Miller Secretary-treasurer--- .--- Edward Lilfltl Cooper explains :he setup. The invaluable guys and gals behind :he nuff. THE PENNANT ANNUAL STAFF Tlrie 1930 Pennant Annual carries tlie tl1eme of music witli time statement, Mlwiie story ol Ellcluart High Srlmool is tlie story ol music: it lias a tlweme, melody. and rlmytlmmfi Pictures ol musical lavtories and community organizations, as well as liigli scliool groups, illustrate tl1e opening sec- tion. A variation in tl1e school lille section is tlie use ol' tliirteen students and tl1eir classes to illustrate our various types ol diploma patterns. One tliousand copies ol' tl1e looolc, Consisting ol two liundred pages, were printed and bound in a lnlue leatlrier cover witli a moclernistic design. Blue is used as a sec- ondary color tlirougliout tl1e looolc. 62 Tlme Annual Staff inclucles: Thomas Buelcley ......,.s,, .,,, N 'lanaging Editor Jolqn Tliomas A,........v,.. ,A .......,, Associate Editor EldOl1IlB SellCl'S, Diane SWVSFICIEITIHII, Doreen RCPIOEIS-- ---c,---------,,,--------,,,,-----Asslstant Editors Pete Berlxey ..,, ..,,,.. S ports Editor Jack Stout .,... ..,,,..... B usiness lwlanager Russell Cripe ...v --,Assistant Business Manager Patricia lViurpl1y-,- ......, Advertising lvlanager .lim Hawialitzel and Ervin Losee did special drawing and lettering jolos. Dennis Sigerlloos tool: special pictures for tlie laoolc. lvlemloers ol time senior committee were: Barbara Berlx- sl1ire, clxm., lxflary Tliorpe, Colleen Roe. Shirley lVlaitl1ews, and Belly Checlcly. Tire underclass committee included: Mollie .lo Smiili, cl'1m., Margaret Cox, Sandra Storms, Joyce VVilson, Vera Vvlmitmer, and Carol Maiies. Club committee memlmers were: Belly Brezger. elim., Plmyllis Herendeen, Ruill Berlcsliire, Sally Pease, .lunelle Hagar, and Joanne Reed. Girls on tl1e music commiltee were: lxlyrlis Beclcer, lxlary Ellen Lockwood, and lvlarilyn Sliver. Beverly Hoot and Sylvia Hasty worlced on il1e drama committee. Sports wriiers were: Clarenfe lVlcClane. Pat lVlon- fagano, Gary Rutledge, Louis Lamlrdin, and lxflartin Stover. The advertising staff included: lVlaclonna Miles, lVlari- lyn Rolwerlson. Marian Strom, lvlarla Plaiz, Beverly Coolf, lxflartlia Simons. Nancy Gollmer, Jaclcie Zeman, Jean Clanders, Norma Lytell, Colleen Jones, Jerry Owens, Jerry Williams, and Harold VX7ineslJurg. The yearlnoolc adviser is Miss Dorollxy Kelly. Tim financial wizards. 1-P ,,-as x ... Q.. N ll lllx Aho? ,-,,,,.. .- J-au"-""'ff"' N . 64 KIUH I , X -, , M W 3',i""'X"I T2 f7'f'f??!H"Fifii1A'I' '1f.r ,011 DELIVER 58955 Ian and the sniff in fm ediimial Im TI-IE PENNANT WEEKLY The Pennant Nveelcly was published Idifmonthly this year until alter spring vacation. Then, tor the llirst time since helore the war. the VVeeIcIy was puhlisheci once a weelc, The school print shop riici the printing. During the year several special issues ol' the VVeeIcIy were puhlishecl. These incluriecl: a Christmas issue, the traditional junior issue, and the nut issue. The purpose ol' the Pennant Vveelcly is to publicize all worthwhile school activities. The stalzl meets every clay cluring the seconcl hour with their sponsor, IVIiss Dorothy Kelly. The VVeeIcIy Stall was composed ot the Iollowing: EDITOR: Janice Simmons. ASSISTANT EDITORS: IVIarj0rie Reisll. lwlarjoric Broadbent, Pat Eppers, Nlary Xvhitt, Doris Thorup. REPORTERS: Judy Arnolcl, Iwlary K. Eclcstein. Pat Berlin, Anne Happer. I.ouann Adams, Vvava Riley, ixflartha Sarantos. Colleen Jones. Pat Phillips, pat Bales, Patsy Guilt, Charlene Hale. Betty Iiruggner. Katie Rowe, Clara Iwlutzl. Lucille Ivagnilio. Barlwara LeRoy, Geraldine Bailey, IVIariIyn Nlann, lVIariIyn Pawling. .Iean Gampher, Helen I'Iasse, LeRoy Hummer, Kathryn Ort. FEATURE EDITOR: Barham Kay Scott. FEATURE VVRITERS: Elloween lVIeIIcus, Kay Farr, .Ieannc Vtfargon. Carla Randall, Pat Throne, Nlary Beu- ter, Karl Crisler, Betty Biluho, .Ioan Robinson. SPORTS EDITOR: Tom Buckley, lst semester: Iim Tntman, Qnci. 95.0 ddle. Cupimlmf. fm Jmibi. SPORTS XVRITERS: .Iim Totman, Gary Culp. Dirk IVIcIntire, Tom Young. AD IVIANAGERS: Nlary Ann XViIrIer, Phyllis Richter. AD STAFF: Norma Plummer, I-inrla Rich, Jaclcie I..amlJ, Angela Papa. Pat I'IeitI. Kate Dilorenzo. .Ieri Primavera, Iiarlaara Francisco. Delores iwlann, Sylvia Diehl, Beverly Neison, IVIaxine Hoaclly, Rowena Pletchcr. BUSINESS MANAGER: Ray Douglas. CI ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER: Jim Gian- EFS. CIRCULATION MANAGER: Beverly Cook. "Nui: Silencieuxg O Same Nun .,.. " LE CERCLE FRANCAIS This year the French ciasses organized into a French ciuto. The ciuh consists ot torty-two memhers anct three honorary members: iviax Bouchet, Gahrietia Gisci. and Sheiia Dihiey. The purpose of Le Cercie Francais is to oiiter an in- centive to improve in French conversation, to ohtain a more thorough icnowiedge of the ianguage, to iearn ahout characters and customs of France, anct to etltect friendship anti companionship among the memhers who participate in the stuciies and programs. The meetings are heici the third Xvectnesriay ot' each month in the high schooi cafeteria. Some ot the programs this year were: Decemher 18. Max Bouchet taiicing ahout schoois in France: January 18, Cahrietia Gisci taiicing about srhoois in itaiy: February 13. ivirs. Schreiner tatic- ing anct showing pictures ot her traveis through France and the Scandinavian countries, Other activities this year were: singing Christmas carots in French in the high schooi hatis and maicing recorctings ot these carols. Niany French songs are iearned in ciassg then they are sung at the riuh meetings. On Aprii Qt, a piay, nRosaiie," was given in the high schooi cafeteria. Niemhers oi the cast were: ixfiax Bouchet, .ierrie Richards, and Vera Sneiienherger. Other memhers ot- Le Cercie Francais heipert on committees. Nirs. Frances Avery is sponsor of Le Cercie Francais. OrfiCCrS of Le CCYKIIC F'l'DI'lCHiS XVSICZ President Vice-pres Secretary FIATCFISUTCF--- The advisory councii consisted Swencteman and Heicn Fox. icient ,... -s------.ierrie Richarcts -,,-iX'iariiyn Robertson ----iViary Ann Vviicter --------,--Betty Bihho ot: iwiax Bouchet, Diane mlt-mlm ar larfqtwp, W? K 'w4 A I 5 M ii 552555 xxx f i , Q Q'i 3 We X:-.sw ,....-4 ip,',A",,,. gi: 15 SENIOR CLASS PLAY Whumde, che man who mme lo dimer. the e A S . as W: ff X 535- iff? Cust mms rn. "The Man Who Came To Dinner." by George S. Kaufman was presented as the senior class play on No- vember 19. In the absence of Miss G. Christine Hughes, Mrs. Eleanor Lutz directed the play. "The ixflan Who Came To Dinner" is the story of Sheridan Whiteside, who. having dined at the home of the Stanieys, slips on their doorstep and breaks his hip. During his stay. Whiteside monopoiizes the Stanley living room and library. When Maggie. his secretary, fails in love with Bert Jefferson, Vvhiteside summons a glamorous actress, Lore raine Sheldon, to win the affection of the young man. After a number of complications, everything gets straightened out. Whiteside departs from the Staniey's home triumphantly, but a second later, he screams-he has slipped again. Members of the cast included: Dick Lytie. Donita Bradford, Louis Hemmers, Cleo Sailor, John Thomas, Sylvia Hasty. Bryce Bressier, Kari Crisier. Jacicie Bushong, Barry Bedenicop, Beverly Hoot, Jerry Maloney, Martin Stover, Pat Litlce, Lee Paulson, Jack Stout, Joan Lloyd, Evelyn Jessup, Mariies Douglas. Pete Bericey. Jerry Vvil- liams, Gary Rutledge, Ray Douglas. Kaye Motz, Darrel Notes. Jerry Owens. Bill Bergstrom, Norman Cox, Keeth Miiier, Bill Moore, John Nicholson, Bill Stemm, Dirclc Meengs, Stan Kiser. 67 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY On Ntarch 17, the junior ctass ptay, Hcuctcoos on the Hearth." ivy Partcer Pennetty, was presented in the high schoot auditorium. The ptay. which was a mystery comedy, was directed toy twtiss G. Christine Hughes. The ptot was untotrieci hy a narrator, Atotuy Rodicti. The ptay cieats with the tives ot tVtr. anci Mrs. Don Carlton who tive in a tonety house in tvtaine. Vvhen it is necessary tor tytr. Cartton to go to Vvashington on a business trip, he teaves the house in charge ot' his young wife anti his cousin Lutu Pung. Xvhite Wir. Cartton is away, three mysterious men come to his house. Mrs. Cartton, atthough she is very frightened, is forced to attow the men to stay at the house. Atso staying at the Carlton house is novetist, Lacioc Grimes, who is wortcing 68 blwnff Preble kfwps em catered. t on a toootc. The audience never tcnows who the reat vittain is untit the tinat curtain tatts. Then, it is Sheriff Pretate who is the maniac strangter. Members ot the ptay cast inctuzieci: Ettoween tvtettcus, Rowena Ptetcher, Dictc Hoffman, Bruce Anderson, Davict Petit, Frantc Suttey, Richard Reamer, Paut Cowen, Nancy Shietris, Ann Seifert, Stattorct Vvittuourne, Diane Possott. "Hpllo . . . hello, , . Tle "I.inerrrerr," The dance line inlet-s ii born. JUNIOR FOLLIES l Tap 'rr raw' with Charlie. "Dial 1950" was the tlieme of tlrie Junior Follies on Ocloloer 7. The narrators, Dave Farley and Slafford Vvil- lwourne, Called llie actors on the dial leleplwne. some of tlie numbers tlwe lnoys Called were: a Hawaiian Chorus line, a mztrimba duet, a tap dance uct, the ULine- menf' a looys chorus line, and several vottalizers. Tbose who toolc part in the lollies were: Pal Auld. Betty Fair, Fred Stow, Jewel Larimer, Bob Stow, Bonnie Landis, Slrirley Leonard, Vvillodean Teetor, Rielrard Reamer, Bill Blessing, Jnlrn Pavoni. Betty Zimmerman, Elinor Sbaum, Pat Bollero, Jerrie Clanger, Jean Gleason, Janet Magnu- sen, June Rouse, Mary Miller. Carol Jolly, Sylvia Dielrl, and Joyce lxliller. Otber menrbers of tbe lollies east were: Mary lVlcl..ain, Bob Cripe, Doug Grant, Brure Anderson, Ralph Kaulle rnan, Roger O'Herron, Don Campbell, Jack Clevenger. Jim Eyerts. Betty Bibbo, Nlarjorie Broadbent, Janet Bleiler, Pat linpers. lVlary Beufer, Elloween Nlellcus, Joan Robinson, Doris Tborup, Jeanne Wargorr, Sharon Doty, lwlary Wlritt, Barbara Sebuler, Pat Phillips, rlaclfie Robr, Joan Taylor, Larry Barrett, Barbara Burson, Judy Xvtnese burn, Janet Delrong. Beth Ann Evans, Cbarlie Tlrornpson, and Sam Sutton. 69 E. I-I. S. Mr. Mrrlle INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC DEPARTMENT 1949-1950 hee been n busy and successful year for the Elkhart High School Symphonic Bend, the Marching Band, end the Symphony Orehescrn, under the direction of J. Frederick Mutter. Orchestra activities for tiwis year included: a concert for the North Central Teachers' Convention on October 27 Tlw band officers ut one of their more sr-nous mompms. and 28: an appearance at t11e Nortllern lndiana Fall Clinic ol New lV1usic on November 195 tlle annual Cllristmas broadcast, wit11 tlie clwoirs and speech worlcslwp, on De- cemluer 22: a trip to Adrian and Hudson, lvlicliigan on January 205 trips to local and slate contests on Felaruary 2 and April 13. Band activities for the year were: a telecast performance in Detroit on October 45 a concert lor tlie Sunday Evening Clulx on Decemlaer 4: a lV1usic Appreciation Concert on December 13: a uYour Schools" loroadcast on December 20: and a state solo and ensemble contest in Nappanee on Felnruary 18. Tlne loand and orclxestra were comlmined to give tlmrce regular concerts. Time Vvinter Concert was presented on Decemloer 0: MSay It VVit11 lV1usic.H tlleir second concert, was given on Felzruary Og t11e linal concert, on lVlay 26. was the Senior Concert. Orchestra officers luke time mn. Orchestra officers were: President ..... Vice-president ,.... Secretary-treasurer .,.... Girls' Social Clxairman .... Boys' Social C1xairman,-, The following were loand olliicersz President ....... Vice-president ..., Secretarytreasurer .,,., Girls, Social C11airman-,- Boys' Social Clxairman .... Student Conductor ..., Assistant Conductor ..,. ----P11y11is Heeter ---Sharon Doty ------,Kay Farr Nlary JBUE JOIICS ,---George Sarantos ---Charlie Frenclm ---,Norman Heaton -,,-Joan Lloyd ---Jewel Larimer ,-,Ralp11 Cortas -----,Ben Yeager ----Norman Heaton J. Fredericlc lvluller is Director ol tlie Band and Or- cllestra, lloward Killoert and Fred C. lvlyers are Associate Directors ol time Band. lwliss Betty Elmquist is Associate Director ol tlre Orcllestra. 71 A fl N luhw, Smurly, mum: solwsrs. A 1 I f fine mum' nn, THE ELKHART HIGH SCHOOL SYMPHONIC BAND BAND PERSONNEL The Following students rompose the Ellclmrl High School Band: Ofzoes: 'gliennelh Brady, Bill Nance. Frank 1VlcGlasson Flutes: Mackie Vvhybrew, Carolyn Jones, Jewel Lari- mer, Paul Nloniiellr, June Roosc, Alla Clarinols: JkBryce Bressler. Joyce Truex, Judy Are nold. Bass Clarinets: gshirley Troup, w5Iax Robinson, Phyl- lis Pettit. Contra Bass Clarinet: 3kLouis Hemmers. Bassoons: Sandra Kistler, Ronald Lerner Contra Bassoon: Jaclc Linton. Alto Saxophones: iklxlancy De Slmne, Doris Anderson. Betty Finlc, Donald Butler, Duane Peterson, Gayol South- wortii, Tenor Saxoplionesz Doris Roiulzins, Juanita Slieluan, Russell Doyle, Janet Biclcel. Baritone Saxopliones: .loim Riitlaard, Barbara Louglw. Clarinets: 'kRalpl1 Cortas, akliay Armstrong. 'l'Naomi Alnernatlly. 'klxflyrtis Beclier, ikpliyllis Holdread. 'klxlary Ellen Loclcwood, 3Douglas Vvilson, gflosepli Parlc, Allred Adams, Donna Bails, VVayne Biclcel, Tom Brewer, Ruth Pearsey, Tony Pagedas, Ann Seifert, Bonnie Viclcers. French Horns: 'llloan Lloyd, iktfetty Roberts, yklwlarilyn Stiver. .lerrie Dick, Clark Rhodes. Tromtmones: Wl.ois Newromer, Paul Wlitcliell, Garnet Borror, James tsluell. Cornels: ikctiarlie Frenclx, 'kliverett Cox, Tom Beaver. Virginia Blessing, Sue Fitzsimmons, Joyce Canger, Ben Yeager, Gene lvlitclane, Fred Onsting, Sharon Rose. Carla Randall, Donna Slougli. Barilones: igcarl Cummings, Roland Snearly, Tom Sie press, Betty De-Holi. Larry Yoder, The ifllzlmrt TUIJIISI Dale COTniSil, IDUIIIBIJ, Gene NICGIHSSOII. lvlarimtvasr ikRutl1 Nadolny, Pat Auld, Betty Fair, Lou ADH 4'xdBITtS. String Basses: 'kiloyce Balyeat, apliyllis Heeter, Sllaron Doty, Pliilip Fox. Percussion: klxlorman Heaton, akvvayne King, 'icilicliard Hoadley, David lVliller, Keith Blisliler, Donald Cause, Kennetli Binlcley. Vvarren Dlrlfrill. Tympimif Jai-lf Kim. Cliiniesf lvlaiilyn Slough. Bells. tl-lelen Hasse. Drum Major: Judy Xvinesbuig, lvlasi-of: Joi. iili e Phillips. Batons: igxvava Riley, .lane Boss, Roloerta Funlc, ixlari- lyn Pawling. Flags: Janet DeLong, Beth Ann Evans, Phyllis Lillie. Kathleen Kimes. Color Guarrl: 'l'l-ouis Hemmers, ikljiclc Lytle, Ronald Lerner, Bill Nanize. ,klndicates senior memluers of tile loand. Hgli siimui s,.,.,,i.i,,..c Biiiiil, THE ELKHART HIGH SCHOOL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA ORCHESTRA PEIISCDNNEL First Violins: ykilat Longacre, 'kifeveriy Hool, xnfiarionna Wiiies, 3kRei1euca Vvrigiri, Kay Farr, Kay Baicer, Gloria Farnsworth, Patsy Guhi, Genevieve Haase, Sue Upciiice, Genevieve Knisiey. Second Violins: Rosaiie Aciams, .iuiia Haid, iViariiyn Haices, Catherine Lovicwoori. iviary Alice ixfiiiier, George Sarantos, Judy Tucior, Elsie Van Diepeniaos, Niita Vviisey. Violas: 'kixfiary Jane Jones, ESii18f Greenleaf, Doris ixiiiier, 'kirrances Nelerer, akjoanne Sciwrocic, igiloiyerta Young, Juan Vvixile. Ceiios: :kRuii1 Bericsiuire, iiHeien Hasse, QEIAEEII1 Gordon. Miriam Boyer, Donna Cox. String Basses: iiioyce Baiyeai, ikjacicie Timorup, ikphyiiis Heeter. iwiariiyn Herscilier, Sharon Doiy, Piliiip Fox. Flutes: qiiamticie Vviryiorew, Caroiyn Jones, .iewei Lari- mer, Paui iwionieitiw, June Rouse. Oboes: akiienneiix Braciy, Biii Nance, Franic ixicciiasson Clarineis: 'kRaipi1 Cortas, 'kniyriis Becker, :kKay Arm- strong. 'kixiary Eiien Locicwood, 'kljougias Xviison. Bassoons: Ronaici Lerner, Sandra Kisiier. Frenrir Horns: gkiwariiyn Siiver, :Uoan l.ioyci, Jerrie Dick. W Comets: 'gcinariie French, Tom Beaver, Ben Yeager Sue Fiizsimmons, Joyce Ganger. - 55 3 5, xii 1 F 1 1 ff ,. ,...4 , 'Nh ! 'uuu"" 'ia , Xl.. '1- 1 I , 1 v 2 g 7 . :A ' , x gf S , ap ug ge' 5 5,4 va 'K Q ,V '-q Ea v ' z ALEX -, ,,.5ff" rf'Q.,5, ' Fifi' X .U ,wig fzfi lk X ' f' I ff 4' ff I 'Sk f .3 Q I . f i H f .ff L THE ELKHART HIGH SCHOOL CHOIRS Tlw mbmez in session. The Choir. Choral activity is centered in three major organizations: The Choir, the Nlixed Chorus and the Girls' Choir. The Choir, under the direction ol' lwlr. Vvilliam L. Cowdy, lnegan its activities singing lor the North Central Teachers' Convention in South Bend in October. On Decemlxer 15, the choirs presented a lxflusic Ap- preciation Concert lor the lourth, lilth, and sixth grade pupils ol the city schools. The following evening, De- Cemlaer 16, the choirs were Comhinecl to give their Christmas concert. This concert was highlighted lay the candle-light procession and human Christmas tree which was illuminated with lalaflc light. lxflemloers ol the comhined choirs joined the Community Chorus in its presentation ol llandel's hlxlessiahn on Defemher 28. Also during the Christmas season. ensemlbles lrom the choirs were aslced to sing in the downtown stores. On Feloruary 5, the Choir sang lor the Sunday Eve- ning Cluh: on Fehruary 20, lor the Rotary Cluh. The Stale Solo and Ensemble Contest was held on Feloruary IS. lxflany soloists and ensemhles lrom the choirs partici- pated in this contest. Elkhart was host to the Elkhart, Goshen, Laporte, Wliehigan City Choral Festival on Nlarch 51. Peter Tlrach, Supervisor ol lwlusie in lvlinneapolis. was guest conductor. The Choir made a trip to Terre Haute, lndiana, on April 19, to give a convocation lor the students ol the lndiana State Teachers' College. A choral lestival was held on The mixed chorus. April 28. Tins festival included ati of the tligtx srtixooi The ctloir cabinet consistect ot ttle following: ctioirs pius time Roosevelt and Central choirs. Pfwident Of the CI'10if--- ---- '---------- D arfel Notes Vice-president ,.... .... N tariiyn Robertson Tile comiainefi ctxoirs gave ttieir Spring Convert on Secmlaryrtreasurer YYAY ----- A Ve,-jlla Tyuex Play 5. Wiusic VVeeic was higiwiigtiteci wiliw a program tae- Boys' Social Chai,-,m 1,,--- ----- F fed Stow fore the Kiwanis Club on May' I6, On June 2, liwe Girls' Social Chairman ---,-, ,,,,- C oileen Roe choirs heid ttleir annuai banquet. Tile iast periormanfe Oi President oi ttic Ciris' Ct10ir--- ..., iwariiyn Canen the Ciloir was at ttie baccalaureate service on .tune 4, President oi tire Niixed Chorus--- ----- Herman Curry The girls' choir. 1 Y 5 9 If A Q ,, N x " W, wx f71 .1 X f ,- gfgeiaf' 1 A, fp 'ii Q ,L - .K . my 'PK 35 vt - , I ,Jw l AY' I Q ff 'f ' ,lf 1 x N jk if -N , wx ,fl X if NN I 'izlffwfffvx 4 " 61 - Ji ? , . . ., . K , " ,nw gm W. ip? xx -i Qi! - ,kilsi A .V ff . SIN " LQ . , , , i . , . ff fm ,, f u ff Y J.: P : S px' ygx P ii., 't ' X . , .xx - 5 ft W 1 Afwbg XX JD x x H ., .1 ,. sg: -Rr' ' A 3 K' . 4 -4. if C Q - Q- I f M'+1 ' q......,......---. THE STORY OF MUSIC . M,,,,...,.-.,..,.. .,. A Q s Y nn K I, , , , 5 . ' Y f iff , + Q mf ff 'gf' 3, Ut Jr f V . - I, K 1 .V '4' 'V X ' ' '-SNS' 'Lvl ' V f A ,Z - Xf If - , jf , i W . I 1 :YQ 9 Y' I f SX if if r X -P Q M. 2 ,K lj , rj , K T? -U-I K ' yy ELI 'ir x : f, . xltzgf' Q V+ 1 'V 1 Q V v P b .L . L av ff-N K Whgx fi I ' l X " 21 X Q4 'X D 0' A , Y , Y Y : , '-of ji W L, , 54" TI-IE RHYTHM IS STRONG AND CLEAR N V1 7 n -19 " av . . u 4 -1 --- , .- ' 51, 'z,al?"u2"- ' if R P i .'f-fide.-te, , . 'v giilit' ' . L 5 ' 52, A xl ' 'fm ja' N- Athletzk Persomzlzlzles zh E H S Mr. Likins, gatemnn Mr. Gill. gateman Marylin Robertson, senior cheerleader Nlary Ann Wilder. senior cheerleader Pat Montagano. senior athlete Paul Lilcins, "most valuable" in Basketball "Matty" Ronzone, E. H. S. track coach Mr, Campagnoli, ass't football coach Mr. Updike. ticket manager Mr. Hart, head timer Gene Hany, cross-country aid Mr. Milliner. basketball coach 81 Camp, Mun, and Glenn discuss rr nvw play. COACHING STAFF The Athletic Department is headed lay Athletic Director and Head Football Coafh Glen Silcotl. He is assisted hy Line Coach, S. A. Campagnoli. and a newromer, Thurmond Owens. Bill lViillincr is head tnaslcellzall coarh and Bob Erhsaln coaches the HB" team and is head hasetmall coach. Matt Ronzone is head trafic coach. Mr. Updilce handles the difficult position ol the athletic ticlcet sales. Our junior high coaches are Loren Evans at Roosevelt, and Grover Vxlhilehead at Central. O'Cmm?l, llfwfzng, Hp!! and llnlmrs 1-lm-L nm elm squipmsnl. E H S Alhlelzr Department Newsome receives :he most valuable if-ualmll player nwfml. AND MANAGERS These athletic managers give their time and receive very little recognition. Besides sorting all the equipment tor the games, they must see that every article is accounted lor. If a player has a minor injury, the manager is called on to talic care ot it. Y czfiiiggzzgsag Hs. .. ., . ' ,r :m:5:e::::2:::'3f,. r Q W if ' fl ,4 'tk F " 2 lf. x . '-s..... Y ' 1 s if G-vs.-.9 S ew. lun Klwprlpmlfre C Rm M B lmler anrl P .I A it . K- ,S . i W H M' "kai ig f-- sf , 4' 4 ,R ,s ,-f 1 ,,,,, f, b fig : 9 ' ' 'A Ns? ' tis .. I 9' . ' 0 ig' V 2' 15 A T ' ' f, '.fA up A ,v A - ,ik . if - frifvs 1 fw Blazers on mlm sidelzn TI-IE 1949 BLAZER FOOTBALL SEASON Since two of the Fort VX7ayne schools had to cancel their games with E. H. S. and Washington ol South Bend, the first Ellchart game was hurriedly scheduled with VVashington. ln this lsirst tussle hoth teams played rugged footloall through all four quarters. hut the Vvash- ington Panthers won out in the end lay a score ol 21-6. The following Friday the Blazers hit the road lor Goshen. The Redslcins seemed to have more than the Blazers could cope with. Alter a hard fought hall game, the score board read Goshen 21, Elkhart 13. With two defeats staring them in the lace. the Blazers met Nlishawalca on heautilul Rice Field. The Blazers were out to get the Cavemen and they did. Our lirst win of the season was accomplished hy healing the lwlishawalca gridders, 54-21. The Blazers dropped the next two games to South Bend Washington and South Bend Riley hy scores ol 21-7 and 31-6, respectively. During the weelc hetween the Riley game and the Jett game something happened to this tour times defeated Blazer team. The Blazers came on to the Field that Friday night to play the Bronchos ol Lafayette Jefferson, The Bronchos were a 14-point favorite when the starting whistle blew: however, as the game went into the fourth quarter. everyone realized that the Blazers hadnlt read the papers. And as the linal gun sounded the score stood: Ellchart 21, Jefferson of Lafayette 7. The Blazers were again the underdog when they trav- elled to Laporte: however, playing their hest game of the season, they turned in another upset hy heating Laporte, 14-6. Un November 4 the Blazers were host to the Rensselaer Bombers. The Blazers, showing the caliluer ol their tough Northern Indiana Conference, rolled over the Bomloers with great precision. At half time Elkhart led lay a score ol' IO-0. ln the second half the Blazers doubled the score, Hill skins end. as everyone on the Blazer bench got to play. As the final gun laoomed, the score was E.H.S. 59 and Rensselaer 0. The llinal game ol' the year was played against Bloom- ington on Rice Field. The weather was line for foolhall with the exception ol the warm temperature. Both teams played hard, malcing a score almost impossible: however. the Bloomington Panthers were alnle to complete a touch- down pass for 6 points in the second quarter. This was the only score during the entire game, leaving the final score at 6-0 in favor ol the Panthers. The outloolc lor next year's team seems to loe, for the most part, lavorahle. NVith seven returning lettermen, the coaching staff is loolcing forward to an improved team. This, ol course, will depend upon the development of ample reserve strength, a high caliher of squad morale and the desire to win, which is a characteristic of all out- standing foothall teams. 83 The E H S Grzklders Vdfilbl and B Squad B Squad Record 19494950 E, H. S, Opp. l9--l.nporte ,,...... --- 0 I9,,lVliCl1igan City ,,.,.. --- 6 'Sl-,Soutln Bend Central -v, --,5I 3'5--Goslnen ,,.......,, ,,-'i3 6-,,lolm Adams , --- 6 25--Niles ..,,,,, ,W25 Q0,-Riley ,,,,.....,,,,..... , ,--20 Totals: Xvon 5: Tied 2: Lost 0. The Entire Blazer Football Squad FIRST ROW. R. Ridgley, K. Millpf, l. Tlum-fy, C. Owens, B. Cfasmfm, P. Ivlfmmgmm, P, Slmilzley, li. l.ufkl.wd, G. lmlpdyp, B. Pmgl., 1. 'l'mma0w. SECOND ROXV: R. Gfmgvr, F. Stowe, L Jackson. M. Linn, D. Xvilleinf sun, M, Updilw, D. lpngnmf, I. Shank, C. Ill-igl, IJ. Slnrrwr. R. Kauffman. D. IX'ewsmnn. F. Sutton. THIRD ROXV: H1-ad Cum-If C Sill-vu: Linn Foul-lx S. A. Cflmpugnuli D. ldmflis, I. Jwurton, I. XVimlbigler, l. May, S. liurm-5, li, Hmmm, C' Millar, B, Hill, XV. Gruber, H. Knapp:-llelri, Asst. lbfwll Mun Ronznno FOURTH RUXV: Mgr. I. llfmring, Mgr. B. Bell, XV. Almurornvr, li Ppmrson, C. XVr-nn, R. R1-mm-r, li. lima, D. Boalmun, H. XX'ulvrnmu, l. Shea, Sr. Mgr. Furl l'l0lmes. Sr. Mgr, lm-L O'f'0mwll fa Q . ,J . Delvin Landis KFBI 'Z' -1 Q. ff. x f I Boll Cappellelli flnl Fw Sam Barnes KRT! q.., -4 .-q Q 9 nw. Gary Rutledge fRGl Ronnie Gangor fffj Dave Negwsome Pal Monlagano A Xu A K. fm", Corny Owens REI Dick Keeth Miller A ...Q 3 , 1 ,' X xx I . 1 gr' Hvml loe Trovalore '01 Wg f J 1 . K -' f"" Ag -A Q NVQ' ,J 101' Tluvlvrv , CX . W3 J, I . 130L5Cffgf.mn fR11y l t' 5, Bob Rirlgley KREI F10yd sunfm rFBJ ff fj 'Bob Hffl rum 'J KLGI m Prugh fRGl Dave ILT! Blazers lil Achim "uf f3?i3.J'ff Capp culs .H behind 1.5 .nwffpfpnci-. filklmn strikes llirouglv :he mr f, . , Q W f, -.ftfxr 'fr' bis' 'rf' 5,4 . ' i 5' " ' " ' Q ' - ' Rice fieldlmuse. Season's Record I 9 4 9 E. H. 5. Opp. 6--SOLlth Bend Vvasiiingion --- ,---2I l5--GosI1en ,,,,-,g...,.,..W- ,.,, 2 l 34--iVlisi1awalcu .,.,...,,,,w,. ,,,, 2 l 7--Souti1 Bend, Washington --- ----2l 8--Souli1 Bend Riley .,..,,,. ,,,, 5 l 2l-,Jefferson. Lafayette .... .... 7 l4-,Laporte .,,..,...... .,,, 6 59--Rensselear ,-- ---- 0 Bloomington -,- ---- 6 134 Yvon 4: Tied 0: Lost 5. la , N' 1 3 K kg. xi ,Wigs-, wp ibmexg , M Grunt ml.-as mime jump. THE 194960 BLAZER BASKETBALL SEASON Coach Bill iNliliiner's team, composed mostly ol under! rlassmen, linislmed second in time string EIXHHSC. Elkhart wound up witlm a season record oi' I6 wins out of 24 games. Alter dropping its first three games to Jinmtown, 40-'36, Bristol. 33-42, and Gary Emerson. 40-'57, time rapidly im- proving Blazers gained their liirst victory against a strong XVarsaw quintet, 40-53. Vvimh much inspiration from their lirst victory. time Blazers tlmen rolled over Goshen, 35-25. Paul Likins led time scoring with I7 points. The lollowing game with Scott ol Toledo made timree in a row lor lime Blazers. Elkhartis tail front line controlled time imoards while time guards exhilaited some stylish long range to give time Blazers a 33-29 triumph. An up and clown South Bend Xvashington team he- canme Elkharfs llirst conference victim by a score ol 43-52. ixiinus their lmot shot, Jim Troup, the Blazers loroke tlmeir winning streak hy losing to state-rated East Chicago Roosevelt, Sl-50. However the Elkhart High School Blue Blazers worm their second conlerence game in a nip and luck lmattle against arc-im-rival, Laporte, 3552. .lim Troup and Paul i.ikins rebounded with supreme accuracy, time latter leading time olztense with lifteerm points. Drawing a strong Bloomington Higim School team, the Blazers came out victorious in time holiday tournament at Laporte imy a score of 36-35. lmm tlme evening time story was different: a tired Eiklmart llive lost a thriller to Laljorte. '59-37. With Ralph Kauffman ieading the way witlm his out- standing rebounding and shooting, time Blazers liinally subdued a big lviicimigan City llive, 42-40. for their third conference win. ln defeating Auburn. Coach Nlilliner used the entire squad and commanded time lead from the opening tip olil. Time linal score was Elkhart 42, Auburn 28, Picking up steam on their winning streak, the Blazers upset a heavily lavored lvlislmawaka live, -10-38. Vvitlm time Blazers rebounding savagely and hitting time laasket from all angles, time hall game could have gone either way until the liinal three minutes: then the Blazers, with reserve Dim-k Starner showing a lot of tight, took the lead and never again were headed, l.ikins outclassed the ixlarnon giants, Benjamin and Tracy, to capture the scoring lmonors with sixteen points. South Bend Riley proved poor competition lor the Blazers, going down tmelore their onslaught, 43-QB. With time help ol an overtime, the Blazers kept right omm rolling in time spacious Fort Vw'ayne North Side gym. Am the liinal gun the score was tied. 464-'IOQ then Pal Blon- tagano made a well faked hook-shot and Bolo Cappelletti made a lree throw to put the game on ice, Big Paul Likimms tlmrew in seventeen points For time scoring lmommors. CConrinued on Page 'Hy 91 f f Ralph Kauffman ,V z 9 1' ' Delvin Lnmlis Xie -K xx Q Y' 5 f f' Q Pal Nlonlagano I im Everis NK' at Ki Duck qlamor tner '57 Q. ii x X ' 5 'rx P f x X Q, 41 -..... X .7 1 '-7' f "' ' Iim Troup fx, Q . ,V va Tom Pagerlas Y Bob Cappellelli Plllll LI IYIS Doug Grant a W' :P .TW 'lei E 1 W as ' fx N , V x YX '27 if i 91 V A, ve A V ini "H J' 3 Q fiffffis? Q 1 17 Y' F A 'vw : 34 ..., ,JA .V A? ,L A , . I , x ax V I XL if X Q 4,,,,, ., 1 Taxi 'sv da . - 'C . . 4 sg L H K af' y M . 5 231 , we 5 , Q V' M- : W , ". ,. 'I av fl I f lk' , VW 6:30 K. XF' 152 ' . ' ' + f- I 4 wx R, , ,D li4i i 4? , ,W . ,g as . z z 1 3 .X i .1 X ,Qi .VM ...WI fa ., '5 V 2225592 'yszi-911:55 . -A X 1 1: I if 33 ,z ,ef . 35 Q, fg .:. . I . '73 : :::::z5f 5: fiffzff g,:,',:::: 3 3, D N, 4. :2ga.5EA:, ' 2 HB" squad Basketball Record Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Totals: 9 lost l 27 .... ..... i iimtown I2 38 --- ........ Bristol I2 54 --, --- Gary Emerson 20 34 .... .......... VV arsaw 29 27 ...,.i......... Goshen 20 50 ...... S. B. Vvashington 18 25 -,-. .,..,..... Laporte 22 30 --- ---Mit-higan City '53 I7 --- ......, Auhurn 23 55 ,i..,,...... lvlishawaka 21 39 ......,.,a,. B. Riley 24 41 .... Fort Vvayne N. Side 24 I7 ...-.....,e. lvlishawaka 26 32 .... .,e. P lymouth 24 50 --- ....,,. Nappanee 23 49 .... --- S. B. Central 23 54 .......,,,..... Goshen 5l 2I .,.,.,..e.. S. B. Aolams 20 Vvon I5 lost 33 Conference won rleowr ROXY1 P. Kim. rn. cs,....i. rx. c'..,,,,.,l!.,iif. 1. lf..-fi.. T. lfpqfftut.. ln. 1......1i.. MCA Row. P. M.,,.i..gt...0. R. K....fi'.,,..n. fs. raw. lf. limi... 11, st..f,wr. cami. mil wlfflim.-. Coach Bois Ehrsamls HB" squacl shoulcl he given murh crcclit tor the very line recorci afhieverl this year. ln regu- lar season play, Ehrsamls hoys won I5 games losing only 5. in conierenre play their record was unequalerl. VX7inning 0 games anti only losing one, Elkhart placecl first in the MB" team conierenve. This yearls squad was marie up oi sophomores ancl freshmen. Vwlayne Gruher anti Carl lxliller, two Capahle guarcls clicl a line join this year. Bolo Peterson ami Ronnie Linton helcl clown the iorwarci positions, At center was a ircshman. Boh Homan, who helpecl the team consicler- ahly. .ierry Smith. Rucly tjaquette, annt HBucl" Vventz, were three wilualile suhstitules. tilting in lor Ronnie Linton, who was injured cluring the season. These hoys also helpecl out consicierahly at other positions. XVitli the Utilsu iine recorcl this year, next year's var- sity should have a great cleat oi help. rleowr Row. n, l,.,..,,l.. P, f'..,,,,..1laii. slfvoxra Row. C. Xvvnlz, ci Miller, is. ll.,........ w. c:f..l,.,f. ie. 1,f,.i,,,.. THIRD ROVVJ Mgr, n, le1..,...l.,5. W. Rplwr, ls. llama... cimml. iil.m,,.., 1, iuziimm R. asm-r. R. lm... lim Lau lim Svhuler Mmm Stover Direk Meengs The 1949-50 E. H. S. Tennis Squad Returning to the courts tast fait, "Hap" Sorensen's Blazer netmen made an enviahte record of seven wins and one defeat. Placing second in the conference, Elkhart tost only to Ntishawatca in a close match. 5-2. FRONT ROVW M. Sinner, B. Bedenlzop, D. Meengs. Coach Ray Sorenson. BACK ROXV: I, Scholar, I. Lau. D. Anderson. The Btazer netmen began the season hy defeating South Bend Adams, 5-2. The next test was played on the Notre Dame courts, where E. H. S. submerged South Bend Riley, 5-0. Playing on the home courts. McNaughton Park, the Blazers downed Michigan City, 5-2, and South Bend Cen- trat, 5-2. The next victim was LaPorte, who felt to the Blazers, 5-0. The defending con- ference champions, Mishawaka. then handed the Blazers their first and onty toss hy the close score of 5-2. Elkhart then defeated Fort Wayne North, 5-0, and Goshen, 5-0, to elqd a Very successtut season. Along with the two returning tettermen, Dirck Meengs and .lim Shuter. Martin Stover. Jim Lau, Kick Anderson. Paul Cowen and Barry Bedentcop, also made letters. Roger Klein, Phit Legge. Keith Mishter, Joe Ditto, Ed Lantz. and Keith Dunlap re- ceived monograms. TRACK TRACK YRACK ROW' I: "C'0my" Owens: Sum liumgs: llolm Cuppvlleui: Gary liusf-nbmg, Pat Munmganu: Bob Ilillg Dale Ballon: Dinh Storuvr: larry Shea. ROXV 2: Hr-ml Fmulr, Man Ronznne: lim ljpflmfl: Cm-I Miller: Max Upclilee: Iiill lmnlw: Dump Lungurrvq lne Clwtzbly: "Burl" Xventzq Dun Rlmazls: lim lfmfrls, Asst. Gmrlx, Tlmmmnd Ownes. ROXV 3: l:rerl Stowe: liugom- luclesnn: lit-star lillisong Gilfnnl Circle: lin Sigmloosq Mgr. Dirk lin-sslpr. Time Ellclwart Blazer traclc team, uncler the hands ol' tlleir new coacll, Nlatt Ronzone. slmwecl steacly improvement tlwrouglwout the season. Tlmis ycarls team was made up ol mostly unclerclassmen. uCorny" Owens anti Pat lxlontagano, returning senior lettermen, clicl very well in time high jump anti pole vault- ing events, respectively. Blazer claslm men, Bolo Hill, Dale Bolton. ancl l.arry Shea, also showed very well. .lim Defirall, n lresliman, provecl liimsell good in tile 440 The E. I-I, S. f Track Team lVlarc'l124--fguaci. meet, Notre Dame April l-E. Div, at Purdue April ll'-Fort Vvayne Soutlw Side April lTFFort Nvayne Nortll Sirle April 20M-l-riangular meet April 22-fiuslien Relays April 26-Goslxen April 27-'Riley April 20-E. Div. at lVlisl1, Nlay 6-N. l. Cunlerencc Niay 12-Sectional Nlay ltiyrllriangular at Nlislm. Nlay 20-Regionals at Kokomo Nlay 23'-Goshen Nlay 27-State M li-,Ilan glirlvs Uv.-f dw Ifmfs. flwens 1-It-ms it again, anlugwfm sm-rflws for gfmzpr In-igln. I.. Slim: limb Hill, lim llvfimll. Dain Bolton, 1 lslmllq liol, Kisrlvrq Rlclmrfl Rusvrwau: Ronnie Snmrlv: Lullrer Iuclesonq Dennis yard dash. Time Blazers started out tl1e season with the annual quadrangle meet at Notre Dame. ln time meet Ellcllart fame tlirouglw witix tluirci place. As tire weatlxerman brought l1eavy rains tliis spring. several ol tile lirst meets were postponed. Vvitli a good supply ol: unclerclassmen returning, Ellc- lmart simoulrl l1ave a goocl team next year. ffffiymm WW fx. 1 '5?fF:L'.::' , 9'-V-, x I f' ' 1 5 I Q In . WI if w K ' Af , - T KM f KHW E .i 'f' A Ki ' ff fi.xMKHf4 f xLK'4f535 ,vW"1 3 ' W L 5 5 M 1. Q :, 3? 4 . , Q V ,S ml. H ly , 'tx ' fn 1 sz. 3 -1919.2 M f A, :f . .vsp - .. V , f..,, 3 ' k' fyrf V " ' 5 r 'x 'B wifi f ky' 1 Q If , Qs x' . 4 ' ' -4 f, , ' fawgfft 1'fZ5f5"ii4f ' 4l .., 1 X va '53 71: ik, if M, ., .4 L -di 1' ad' Sf , ,lpn 0 xx W 531: TI. ,ix g E?" r'Z5lp3,5g-1-,Q J . ? f QU! gsfzifzffsfg 82. .Q :C :si4?9':' 'im rw 'fm ' . 'X xgi:i?H:,f.g. - ' 9" 9 fi ' ' 'Q'v'f'W's5c::::::,, . 3 'mpg-, - Q ' " 1 5 at ,A ,K , , f Fx X - ' fnmzj K K fn jf: v ' ' : ' j 1 Wg k 1.1" ,f k AfiiQ.i,:4:ik: -':. ""55:gwM:. H " ' Wf' . nf. W H-'F 'Q 3 Q 1 ,Q Q Ag3g5gg,5.5,:191,f ,Q 3, " , 4 .f ,. - 1754? Q- 'aff ,, f Q fax? V :Q "rf 15? 3'7.,,W . ' " . VI Q' '3 ,,.ZffESfcf'S21Jaf555' 'i:5'E3"P'9 '-2535353132-i1v,?if .Q . , ' - ff-' ' 'z q'g'fj1 -., , f,e.f,f .E Agiga1,g 1 , ' .. .Y , ' ' Y":1, X :,,... ,r X11-g3t:z:'i-g-g -y.QQiA:f 9 :ff . r.:":':'.y-11 ,525 fm W ' Y K - W 1, In :::f'f:4:a::.::' 151532: :.:::'z.:,:5::.w' , ' ' fuf ff" ' ' ,,s:f:s1. w ' ,:w 4Qffs2e4efsass3?5fi:Qr??5' :Mis ' J: A I-L ' ' + - r - A : '43?gE5E?fE::1, 3:2352:.a:::1ff5:::::.E?35f3? 'f frlig r f 'xiii "TESL "" ' Qiiagseil - WQ - 75.5555 -ifffv 71.k1Q'2f.':f7ff4f1ff?f?fiffiff .Lx:'rfi26S5g5gz5zs?w?5:sasx:fng5glg:??'?5 ' 491' ag, gl," 'V-23x1lI,E3, .- V :..55g,g5?g5g5fEgg:g:44 "'::f:f::4: . .ffx:1.:9f::r:.-2.',,L:!?g?.1Z5?IE"253:w -' ' ,. . Q1???""2:?fT-ig, A . 4, .W 5. ' xfggiggp? "'fif"f3s5f':'f'3 ,, Rus2?z:a.?f:'sesff:Re1s'bmy 219 "'Qf,,,"' iw ' x a me V - ' K gf .iff ' -115-'5?2g2ffif?2 s:..g1g, Kim 3? ,,..- iii.. , L Q ' ' " f' ' f , ffifmw -' ' '??f"":'4'55,r N Qz3:'nms659J9'1"' W .A ' ffxmwww- z,, N ...Qu G. A. A. The officers for the year are as follows: President: Kay Jessup Vice-president: Joan Shantz Corresponding secretary: Barbara Slaclc Recording Secretary: Donna Carlson Treasurer: Ferro out-offiwunds play. The Girls, Athletic Association. under the leadership ol their sponsor, Miss Mary Kendall. provides time and healthful recreation for all girls ot Ellchart High School, who wish to participate. ln the second weelc ot' the school year, an initiation was held in the gymnasium. Following this a npotluclcn supper was held in the school cafeteria. The activities for the year included a camping trip to lVlcCormiclc Creek State Parlc in May, the UBunny Hop" dance in Nlarch, playdays, inter-school basketball, and many other sports. At the end ot' the school year awards are presented to the girls for their participation in sports. This year, Kay Jessup, won a bronze name engraved plaque. which is a state award. Kay will also attend a hanquet held lay the VVomen's Athletic Association at Ball State Teachers' College. This is the highest award given to high school girls. The G. A. A. Council holds its meetings every first and third Tuesdays ot' the month during homeroom. Recrea- tional sports are held after school at 5:30. The SIOIDI of Elkharz hhgh School 13 the S1001 of Musik OUR SONG tells the story of the people: the citizen, the Worker, the singer, the player, the listener, the teacher, the student- sings the song of democracy, for our theme is the idea that the individual counts'-1 carries a melody that is strong and true-1 Ivlencls into a symphony of youth and strength, a symphony of life. THE THEME.. THE MELODY THE RHYTHM Superintendent C. Rice. The School Board is made up ol' Messrs. J. L. Ullery, president, Vernon Nl. Ball. secretary: Vvalter Lerner, treas- urer: lVlrs. Margaret Ford and Stanley Raymer. Together with Mr. Rice, the Board plans improvements. maintenance and expenditures for the schools in Elk- hart. One ot their new projects tor this year was the Mary Daly school, which opened last fall. Mr. Maurice Burns, the business man- ager for the school, and Mr. William Vvollenweher, supervisor of lnuildings and grounds, help the Board to carry out its projects. Principal C. P. Woodruff. OUR ADMINISTRATGRS The new superintendent ot schools, lxflr. il. C. Rice, came to Ellchart from Franlctort, indiana where he had loeen superintendent ot' schools since 1946. He moved into his office in the new administration building last tall. Mr. Rice is a graduate ol indiana University, having received his M. S. there in 1956. He has been a high school teacher as well as a principal in his many years in school lite. Although most students don't come in Contact with him, personally, we have already lound that he is genial. smiling and a friend to all. Board of Snlmol Trustees: Messprs. Stanley Rrrympr, Xtiuller B. l.ernr1r, Vernon M Bal Pres. I. I.. Ullery. Mrs. ltflurgurel Ford. Our principal, C. P. Vvoodrutt, or Woody. as he is affectionately called lay many teachers and students, is an energetic capable man. He puts many hours ol hard worlc into the millions ot details which are involved in running a large high school, Among his other duties, C. P. has just tinished service on the N. C. A. State Committee and the Reviewing Committee. He has served on these committees tor three years. Even though we lcid him, we respect him: he's a swell guy. OUR GUIDANCE STAFF lxfliss Dorsett, our ellllicient Dean ol Girls. has many duties to perlorm, too. Besides teaching her Elzlective Living class, she sponsors the Girls' League, which is a hig joh. She helps the League president with the dilzlerent projects ol the League: the teas, programs, Vocational Night, and mixer parties. She helps the girls with their personal and social prohlems. lvliss Dorset! serves as chairman ol the Guidance Coun- cil and conducts a leadership training program lor the presidents ol all organizations. She is a gracious example ol the philosophy that she teaches. .,.,,-qi Counsellors: Mr. Organ. lwiss liiriiis, Mr, Gill, Miss Kirkland, bliss Sliiifp. Mi. Km, mil Mr. Rpiili, Our Assistant Principal, Mr. French, has a tremendous jolo to do in Elkhart High School. He is the Director ol Tests and Measurements. This spring lVlr. French is planning a new and enlarged testing program. Besides serving as the chairman of the Curriculum Committee, he sponsors the Student Council. Ol course, when the principal, lxflr. Vvoodruft, is out ol town, lvlr, French has to talxe on the jolo ol running the school. along with his other johs. As Dean ol Boys, he has many responsihilities: all in all, we don't know what we'd do without Doyle T. Miss lwynglo Dorspll, Dsiiii of Girls. The Ellchart High School counselling stall is composed ol seven capalale mem- hers ol the faculty. ln their new ollices on the lirst lloor are the women counsellors: lVliss Kirlicland, senior girls' counsellor: lvliss Jarvis, junior girls' counsellor: and lxfliss Sharp, sophomore girls' counsellor. On the second l'loor are located the men counsellors: lxflr. Gill. senior counsellor: Mr. Reith, junior counsellor: and lvlr. Kerr, sophomore counsellor. lVlr. E. T. Organ is the vocational counsellor. These counsellors help the students with their program and vocational problems. Mi, Doyle T. lfii-nrli, Assistant Principal. 1 IN IN I flm Cuff um-.1 Cmmf-1 1 i ins Kp ly, 1 if. Fri-nnli. Miss King, Mr. Vt mm, Mrs, Sclveinpr, Miss Dnrseu, Mr, XX uw ruff. .tiss Kirkland, Miss Book, Mr. Gill, Miss Siner. TI-IE GUIDANCE PROG The Guidance Program planned hy the Guidance Com- mittee is carried out hy the counsellors and the home room teachers. Counsellors plan the course ol study lor each student and conlter with students on hoth personal and program prohlems. Home room teachers. in addition to talcing care ol the attendance, carry out the three-year program: orientation in the school and its activities lor the sophomores, a study ol vocations lor the juniors, and college and career prep- Mrs. St-limim-r, Supervisor of Scimol Nurses. RA M aration for the seniors. Each month a lengthened home mom gives the Guidance Council a chance to plan special programs. The preparation for the future for seniors is carried out hy tallxs that students hear on careers. College Day. also lor seniors and some juniors, is designed lor the students who wish to attend colleges. Students go to three twenty- minute conferences with representatives from the schools that they wish to attend. ln addition. home room programs also include pupil-planned programs ol a lighter nature. The school nurse, Nlrs. Schreiner, formerly a public health nurse in Cleveland. came to Elkhart after her overf seas service as a U. S. Army nurse. Her duties here are many and varied: she is the Supervisor of School Nurses: she gives various health tests in the grade school hesides caring for illness and emergency cases in the high school. To give the girls an interest in nursing. she has or- ganized the Florence Nightingale Lamp Clulo, She also lets one girl help her in the dispensary for an hour each day to acquaint the girls with the duties of a nurse. OUR FACULTY ADAMS, NORVAI. E., HS., NIS. Sfiwfg Ibepzm Clmirmfm AMSBAUGH, ANNA, B.A. flame liwfwmifs Dept. NNDLRSQN C KRL B S ll! llvlflll rle IIXVLRY FRANCIS BA MA I anquuqp Depl Bcnk Onpux BA HS Ill IIQOUGHTON RUTH BA NIA l..m,..f.f,.- IJ. pl f l,...,,....,. IXURNQ MAURICL Bb limunew 'Vlqr or Smlmol fzlv o I Hmrl Tram u l'xlra Curmu ur rumfx Buscm: LOUNL BA WTA Fnqluh LAMPAGNCJLI ANTHONY BS Plxvmu fdumtmu Qoovuc INIARRY M B S Cmnmmml lisp: IDEAL JUNL F B S NIA Ummm-U 70,11 DEPEW BERTIIK BS MA rfomp 1m...,.,..L, mp' Cl.u.,,...m DORSETT NIYNGIF BA Nl A Dvanu Cure fxmdann- FELMLFE J VV BA WTA lmlustrml Arts IJ: u Aur1oXmml 4 PRLNCII Dovlcrl' BA MA Am u.a.f,..1.... mu, Dm lhrmur 0 'hm and Nlpmmpmpnrs CJILI IVANC BS NIS Cuunweflur sf..,,.w opp, COWDY WILLIAM B BNI M M hr:-'dur 0 um we ummm U Mmm Dppr HINFY HARRILT A B S Comms-rrml Dep! Swv .. 4. ,-af R. 3.5. I .f me' X i 4, .. ,,.:'- OUR FACULTY HAMILTON, WILLIAM, B.S. lnclustrial Arls HART, GLEN, B.S., NLS. Ind-.Smal Am HARVEY, REX E.. BS.. M.S. Matlucmalics HUGHES, G. CIIRISTINE, B.A., MA. Drumuucs: English ISBELL, ROBERT L. Vocational Mncliine Shop JAMES, HOWARD A., B.F.A. Ari Dept. JARVIS, KATHRYN, B,A,, IVLA. Counsellor: MutlI. Dvpt. JORDAN, RILEY R., HA.. M.A. Smal Smilies Depz. KELLY, DUROTHY, BA., M.A. English: lunmalism, Pnblimxmns. Wrnmg Lab. KENDALL, MARY, B.A. Physiml Ediwamm KERR, LESTER. BS., M.A. Counsellor: Mach. Dept. KING, GLADYS, B.A., M.A. Language Dept. KIRKLAND, PIELEN, M.A., PILB. Counsellor: Commercial Dept, IIIKINS, VIRGIL, BEJ., M.S. Science Depc. MATER, xfVlLBUR, BS., NLS. Social Studies Dept MILLINER, WILLIABI J., B.S. Physical Education: Basketball Coach MULLER, J. FREDERICK, BS.. M.A. Dir. of Insrmmenml Musicg Dir. of Symphonic Band and Orclmslrn ORGAN, E. T. Dir. of Vamrmnal and Adull Edumnion OUR FACULTY REBA, JOHN G.. BS, Ama Meclmnics: Airplane Mech. REITll, CLAUDE, B.S., M.S. lnduscrial Ang SANDS, VV. E., BS. Social Sundays Dem. SAWYER, IVIARGUERITE. B.A., M.A. Laun SCHREINER. HEl.EN, R.N., B.S. Snpnrvisor of School Nurses SHARP MARIE BA MA Counsellor I' qlnsfu SIICOTT CVLENN BS MA Ar-gnc Ibmmor I-aoelmll Cmrh SIINER N MARIE BA MA Cummcrcuzl Dcpl SORFNSON RAYMOND B S M A Pxyvzcnl Fdmalwn Te rus Couch SPROULL RAYMOND BS M5 som sl iles new UPDIKE C-LENNH BS MS Phymcul Sue:-ce Al our Assncmrmn Bm en Mgr sf., fe Dppz XVAGONER EVELYN J MA BA Srwma Depz WILEY J F MA PHB lznq :sh WENGER CJALI-Nl MA lm, sh Speech XVINNE DONALD F 'XB smal sludwe Assembly rmgmms XKVOLLENWEBFR XVIILIAM Supl o B nl mgs and bran VVISE SALUME B P E P .ww I1 ucnhon + laJi"'ff Qlx Aff! SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Sept. 3. 1947. Dear Diary: This morning l looiced into the mirror and l said to myf self. "Today l am a sophomore." Then l scurried down to E. H. S., where l, along with 402 other sophs was herded into two hig rooms, 320 ancl 220. Some teacher failed us a uguinea pign class. l hope that she said it iaecause we were the first sophomore class to he put into the two hig home rooms. Jan. 22. 1948. Vxfe elected our class officers today. Now we are a real class, just lilce the juniors and seniors. Gary Rutledge ta real dreamhoati is our President. Lee Paulson theis cute, tooi is Vice-President. Kay Zimmerman is Secre- tary and Roberta Young is Treasurer. tTl'1ey're ali right. tooi. Jerry Owens and pat Dalrymple are the Social Chairmen. tl'll het that we have some good parties.i Our sponsors are lwlrs. Sicicels and Nlr. Hughes. tiliheyirc swell! Aprit 24. 1948. i.ast night was our class party. l had a simply uscrump- tiousn time. Since it was a hard times party. 1 wore my oldest jeans and plaid shirt. We had a swell iioor show which showed some oi our talent. Vve ate and danced and danced and ate: as l have said loetore, we had a wonderful time. This was the tirst time our class got to- gether informally. tt certainly was swell being alole to talic to all the lcids .... .lune 3, 1948. Tomorrow is the last day ol school. l got my Pennant Annual and iound my picture in the panels. l certainly loot: awlul. lim glad the pictures are small. E. H. S. has heen empty these last iew days since the seniors have ielt. 1 canit wait 'til next tall when we come inaclc as JUNIORSI Goodbye, you scared sophs: hello. you know' it-all juniors. A ,mn of every seniofs tile , . . time chemistry pwlrlmns. Sept. 7, 1948. Dear Diary: Bach to the larain factory-this time as a junior. Now l can loolc down on the sophomores tjust as the seniors lootc down on usi. l have a lot more interest in the games this year because of the junior hoys who are playing, The teachers are so friendly. l guess it is hecause i lcnow them better. 1 even feel more grownup this year: it must loe the atmosphere around here .... Oct. 15. 1948. l was chosen to help nominate the junior class officers. Xve eiectecl Bill Anderson, President: Phyllis Heeter, Vice-President: Janice Simmons, Secretary: Ralph Cortas, Treasurerg and Ora lVlato and Nancy Deshone as Social Chairmen. Vtfe certainly have a swell hunch of oiiiicers. Our sponsors are lV1rs. Siclcels and lxir. Hughes. Vvhen lVlr. Hughes ieit E. H. S. at the end oi the year, we chose lwir. .iordan to replace him .... Nov. 19, 1948. The hest part oi the Junior Follies tonight was the chorus line-fl was in it. it certainly was a lot ol fun dancing with the rest oi the icids. trying to lceep in step. Our theme was Hlramily Alhumu. it was quite a cute idea ii l do say so myseli, and l do. We have a lot ot undiscovered talent in our class .,.. Mar. 11. 1949. l went to see the .iunior Class Play tonight. lt was HGeorge Vvashington Slept Here." lt was a scream. Even though l wasnit in it. l had just as much fun selling ticlcets. l was certainly proud ot the dramatic talent oi the whole cast. lVlay 29, 1949. l certainly will rernemher the date, lvlay 28. The Junior- Senior Prom was held last night. lt was dreamy. Dale Higgins played lor us. The theme ustairway to the Stars" was dreamy. too. After the Prom we went out to a cottage tor a party. it certainly was fun. P. S. l got my First orchid. l can hardly realize that next year l'll he a senior. l just lcnow that our class is going to he Hlaig wheelsn around here, Sept. 7, 1940. Dear Diary: Today is the clay-l am a senior. Xvhen l see those poor littie sophomores trying to lincl their way around. l wonder it l loolced that sitly two years ago. l met the gang at Suels ioclcer. They say that chemistry is pretty tough: l hope l can get through it all right. Vve elected our officers tor our last vcar. Cary Rutiedge is Presidentg Jackie Bushong, Vice-President: Ray Zim- merman. Secretary: Raioh Cortas, Treasurer. The Social Chairmen are Ruth Nadolny and Ora lviato. Mrs. Sicltels and hir. .lordan will see us through to commencement. l guess. Nov. 19, 1949. l had a hit part in the Senior Class play tonight. The name oi the play was mi-he lVlan Vvho Came to Dinnern. lr made a twig hit with everyone. l may not have had a lot to say lout l put plenty oi expression in what l did '35 Senior- Class Officers and Sponsors: llwsirlmz, Gary lfrnlwlgpq X"mfYlfmzr1m1, larvlap lirrslwngg Secretary. Kay Zmmmmmn: -lreusurer, Ralph Corus, Girls Smal Chairman, Ru1I1Narlalnv, liovs' Sm-ial Chairman, Urn Maw. Hu- smnsors arr- , 1 Mrs. Snflails and Mr. Ionian. say. XVQ- gave lxlrs. Lutz a gilt lor the swell jolx that she did on taking over the play when lxlrs. Hughes got siclc. lVlar. 14, 1030. The name cards fame today: l spent most ol the day exchanging rards with all the other lcids. Next xveelc l have lo order announcements. VX7e got measured for caps and gowns yesterday. l have to order my Pennant Annual. too. it seems as if everything comes in lwlarch. l Certainly will he lousy these next lew months getting ready lor graduation. lxflay 21. 1930. Vvent to the Prom last night. It was lun loeing a guest instead ol having to worry and worlc. l lcnew all alyout the receiving line this year: l didnlt get mixed up once. Nliss Dorsett had showed us how. The theme was cute. Not as rute as last years lout il was cute. This will he the last time lor me to write in here lor a lew weelcs. You see. the next two weelcs will he awlully luusy ones lor me and my classmates. l'm on the program Committee lor Senior Day. lVle, lim not talented in any way. lyut l can watch the slcit ol time laest Senior Class that ever went through June 7, 1950. This is the last time l will write in you as a E. H. S. student. Tonight l'll get my diploma. NVQ- rehearsed at Rice Field this alternoon. l felt serious when they lined us up and told us what to do tonight. Tomorrow l'll he an E. H. alumni and go lo the Alumni Dante lwilh Disk, ol coursel. Gee. when l thinlc ol all the things that have happened l canlt laelieve that lim really leaving. But as the sfhool song goes: "ln our memories will remain, The hope ol coming laaclc again." SENIOR CLASS Row 1 ABERNATHY, NAOMI J. Home Economics Jr. Ar-urlurny ol Sri:-nm: Y-'lk-i-ns: Triple l..: FN.l.,: Bunrl, ADAMO. CONCETTA R. College Preparatory Jr. Ar-nrlerny nl Sr-ifenro: Y-Yllvviisg GAA.: luninr lfnllies: Pi-nnixnl Annual. IALDANIS. llome Economifis Clnrir: G.A.A, Ruin 2 ALLEN, BARBARA J. Home Economics ANDERSON. RICHARD VV, Auto-Aircraft National Honor Sunil-xy. Trunsurer: lli-Y, Prvsiclf-nl: Surrlsni Cnunril: Vnrsiiv Pllcnnis, ARCHAIVIBAULT. JOSEPH Noi Graduating Row 5 ARMSTRONG, ROSELYN KAY College Preparatory Siurlr-ni Council: F.T.A,: Cnrlei blbesimliers: Nniinnnl Honor Snfieiy: Pennnni Vhr-lslv: Girls' lfnrgrns. Trens- nrvr: Girls' Aalvisury Council: Girls' lfxccutixf- Connnii- iee: linnd: lllriple l.: On-ln-sim: lr. Advisory Bunrd. ATKINS, ANNA JANE Home Economics Cr.A.A.: Y-Flvens. AUGUSTINE, EARL KENNETH Not Graclualing Rnui 4 BAILEY, DALE A. Anzo-Aircraft BAKER. VIOLET Nl, Home Economics F.N.L.: Glue fllulr. BALES, RODNEY Genrn-ul lnlerr-lnss Basks-llrull: Tennis. Ruur 5 BALYEAT, JOYCE ANN General Bnnrl: Orfiwurn. i-M.. BARNARD. BARBARA GRACE Home Economics BEAUDETTE, RAY Nol Gracluuling Ruuf 6 BECKER, lVlYRTlS College Preparatory Band: Orr-lrvslrn: Triple I.: Nalionul llnnnr Snr-iviy, Yir-er Presideni: Girls' Adrisnry Counril: lf.'l'.A.: Siurlrrnl Courn-il. BEDENKOP, BARRY THAYNE College Preparatory Ushers: Forurn Clulw: VVig 'n Cue: Tlrespians: Jr. Arurlerny of Sr-is-rim-: Junior Follies: lurnor Class Play: Senior Class Play: Varsily Tennis: Blue Jai-lu-is: "Smil- ing 'l'lrru." BEILSMITH. MARY LOU General spmi. Clulmz Ynur sfimi Sr-ries. OF 1950 Row I BERGSTROM, VVILLIAM Vocational Printing Vote-tlional Clulo, Pres.: Cltoir: Cross Country, lVlgr.: Trac-lr, Nlgr. BERKEY, JAMES HARRISON College Preparatory Football: Bnseliall: Student Council: Hi-Y, State Vice- Pres.s Interclass Basketball: Pennant Annual. Sports Iiriitur: Jr. Follies: Sr. Class Play: A Cappella Clteir. BERKSHIRE, BARBARA College Preparatory Triple I.: A Cappella Choir: Pennant Annual: National Honor Society: GirIs' League: Spvccll Club: Student Council: Speeelt Vvnrlcslmp, Row 2 BERKSHIRE. RUTH ANN College Preparatory Orcliestra: VVig In Cue: Y-Teena: Caclet Teaching: F.T,A.: Junior FoIIies. BLENNEF, KXRMAND Vocational Printing Voeationa Cub. BLOCHER, ERNEST LEE Auto-Aircraft Rom 3 BOCK, PHYLLIS ANN Vocational Stenograpliic BOHS, DOROTHY Noi Graduating BOWEN, FRANK KEITH General Inlerclass Basketball. Raw 4 BOYLAND, BARBARA ALICE Noi Gracluating Cliuir: Triple L: F.N.L.: Senior Class Play. BOZZACCO, STELLA C. T Home Economics Y- er-ns. BRADFORD, DONITA RUTH Home Economics Cltoir: Triple L: Senior Class Play, Row 5 BRADY, KENNETH WILLIAM College Preparatory Jr, Academy ol Science. Vice-Pres.: Honor Society: Band: Orclicstra: Blue Jackets, Sec. BRESSLER, BRYCE BERNARD College Preparatory Band: Orclieslm: A Cappella Cltnir: Hi-Y: Forum Cluln. Sqteat-Anus: Blue Jackets, Set-.. Pres.i Vvig 'xv Cue: Tltespians: National Honor Society: .Ir. Class Play: Jr. ITnIlies: "Smiling Tltrun: Your Sclionl Series: Basketball, Mgr,: Student Council: Sr. Class Plays Jr. Aearlt-my of ' ' I Cllo P Plwl' Rlt' C 'I Science: Speect ,tx . res.: u tc eatons nmnu- teei Supl. Advisory Counril. BREZGER, BETTY JEAN College Preparatory Triple L: National Ilnnor Soclely: F,N.I.. Roni 6 BRUMBAUGH, MARILYN General Vocational Merchandising Clula. BUCKLEY. THOMAS HUGH College Preparatory Hi-Y: Jr. Follies: Pennant NX'celrly. Sports Editor: Pen- nant Annual, Editor: lnterclnss Basketball. BURKHEAD, CATHERINE General G,A.A.: Y-Teens. SENIOR CLASS Row I BURKHEAD, CATHLEEN ANN Not Graduating BURTON, SHARON ANNE ,Gunn-ai Llrmr Lalwinel, Ser.: Y-Ter-ns: A Cnppelln Clrnirr fnrls Advisory Council. BUSHONG, JACQUILYN LEEY R ocafional Stenograpltic Sr. Cluss, Vir,r--Pri-5.1 Sluclenl Cuunr-il: F.N.L., Sec.: Clwoir: Jr. Fullir-sz lr. Class Play: Sr, Class Plny. Row 2 CALABRESE, PETE AulneAirm1ft Uslu-rs Cluln Inn-relnss llnsliellzall. CANEN. VERA l. Vocational Clerical G.A.A. CARLSON, NORMAN AutofAircraft Rnur 3 CARTNVRIGHT, LORETTA MAE Home Economics Girls' Exe.-uiire Cnunniner-. Clwoir. CHAlVlBERl,AND, JOHN M. College Preparatory CHECKLEY, BETTY H General Pennant Vx eelxly: Pcnnnnl Annual: Y-Feens. Row 4 CLARK. HUGH lVl. AutosAircraft Bancl: Orrlu-slra. CLINDANIEL, FRANK E. Auto-Aircraft COOK, BEVERLY ANN General ifenrnnr Annual: Pennant weekly. Cnculniion Mgr.. Y-Teens: Disiribuiive Edueniiun Club. Row 5 COOK, CECIL A. General COOK, JOAN YVONNE General Girls' Advisory Council. COOPER, DONALD J. lnflustrial Row 6 COOPER, WILLIAIVI G. Vocational Machine Shop COR SON, RICHARD ARTHUR Auto-Aircraft lnierelnss Basketball. CORTAS, RALPH E. College Preparatory Band, Vice-Pres.. Siurlr-ni Cunclueior, Social Clnrnr. Orehesirsz Siudenritfnuneil: lr. Class, Trens.: Sr. Class. Treas.: Speeclx Cluls: Nulmnal Honor Society: Jr. Follies. OF 1950 Row l COVEY, LAWRENCE Auto-Aircraft lntercluss Basltetbnll. COX, EVERETI' DEAN College Preparatory Concert Bnnrl: Jr. Acnrleiny ol Science: Trark: Blue Jackets, Tn-as.: Vursiiy Cross Country. COX. MARGARET JEAN College Preparatory VVig 'n Cue: G.A.A.: Pr-nnanl Annual: Frenclt Club: Choir: Jr. Acncleniy ut Science. Rauf 2 COX, NORIVIAN BOYD Industrial Printing Dislrilaulive Education Club, Vice-Pres.: Choir, CRAIVINER, RICHARD C. Vocational Printing Vccntinnnl Club. CRIPE. RUSSELL College Preparatory Student Cnuncrl: Pennant Annual, Asst. Bus. Mgr.: A Cappella Clmir, Row 5 CRISLER, KARL RAYMOND College Preparatory Speech Club, Sgt.-nt-Anns: Nntipnnl llenur Society: VVig 'n Cue: Fllltespians: Pennant Weekly: Jr, Follies: Sr. Class Play: Spanisli Clulw. CRISMAN. ROBERT W. Vocational Machine Sltop Fuutbpll. CRIST, DALE E. Vocational Machine Sliop Vocational Club. Row 4 CUIVIIVIINGS, CARL Industrial Electricity Band: A.V.A. CUIVIIVIINS, ALICE General CUPPY, ROBERT DUANE General lnterclnss Basketball. Row 5 DALRYIVIPLE. PATRICIA College Preparatory G.A.A.: Soplm. Class Girls' Social Clmrm.: Girls' Advisory Council: Girls' Executive Cnntmiltee: Girls' League, Pics.: Triple L: F.N.L.: Nntiunel Honor Sociely: A Cappella Clipir: Student Council. DASCOLI, SANITA HELEN Vocational Booltlzeeping DEGRAFF, ELSIE M. General Raw 6 DELONG, RICHARD ALLAN Vocational Drafting Vocational Club. DENNISON. NORIVIA LOU College Preparatory DESHONE, NANCY Merchandising Band: Jr. Follies: lr. Class Play: .lr. Class Girls' Social Cl1mt.: G.A,A.: Girls' Aclvisory Council: Jr. Academy of Science: Triple L: Distrilzvulive Education Club, Pres, SENIOR CLASS Row I DESONIA, BARBARA L. College Preparatory Cltoir: Triple I.: F.N.I.. DOUGLAS. IVIARLIES College Preparatory Y-Tet-ns, Pres.: VVig 'n Cue. Trees.: 'l'lu-spiuns: Nntitinnl llonnr Society: Girls' Executive Catttntillee: Girls' Ad' vtsory Council: Sluclenl Council: l'renrlt Club: .lr. Inl- lies: Jr. Class Plny: Sr. cilttss Play: Spceclt Cluli: Speeclt NX'urksli0p: Cltoir: Pennnnt VVQ-ckly. DOUGLAS, RAYMOND College Preparatory Pennant XM-ekly, Business Blur.: Student Council: Jr. Class Plriyi Sr. Class Plny: lnterelnss Basketball. Rniii 2 DOYLE, EDITH General DRINKALL. DOREEN Home Economics F.N.L.. Tre-ns.: Y-Teens: Lilirnry Asst. ECKSTEIN, lVlARY KATHERINE General Jr. Acutleiiiy ul Science: Y-Teens: A Cappella Cltoir: lf.N,l.., Vice-Pres.: Pennant XVeekly: Girls Advisory Council, Cr.A.A., Jr. I-nlltes. Row 3 EGGLESTON, EARL ROBERT Vocational Machine Sltop Clrnir, ERVIN, RAYMOND VV. Auto-Aircraft Audie-Visual Aid. See.: Band, Baggage Boy. FITCH, GEORGE A. College Preparatory Row 4 FREEBY, CHARLES R. Vocational Printing Varsity Busebnll: Vocational Club, Tiens. FREED, JOAN CATHERINE Home Economics Paint and Palette. FRENCH, CHARLIE N. College Preparaiory Bend, Pres., Asst. Student Director: Orchestra: Student Council: Jr. Follies, Roni 3 FROST. RICHARD ALLAN Vocational Printing Blue Jackets: Vufatierinl Club, Football, Cross Country. FUZZELL. CAROLYN c.A.A.i Triple L. Y.Ts.,ns. GLANDERS, JEAN C. GGYIGTGI b I Vocational Stenograpltic Y-leens. Row 6 GAUSE. ElVlEl.INE lVl. General GOLLJVIER, NANCY K. General Y-Teens: Pennant VVeeltly: P GORDON. LEAH J. oiftissimi G.A.A.i Girls' AJ enttan General Y-Teens. OF 1950 Ruur I HAGER, PRUE JUNELLE College Preparatory Clinir: F.T.A.: Crulei -lleauliingz Pr-unrrnr Annual: Y-Tr-ons. HAMPEL, JERRY Not Graduating HANSBOROUGH, VERNA MAE General G.A.A.: Y-Teens. Row 2 HARBAUGH. DAVID N. Auie'Aireraft Aunlin,Virunl Aicl Clrrli. HARNESS, Gl.ENN J. General Audie-Visurrl Aid Club: Merrlurnrliring. HASSE, HELEN JOANNE Vocational Stenograpllic Jr. Acnrlerny ol Sr-ic-ncc. Src.-Trr-ur.: Spccclr Cluli. Sec.: Orclrrrrrn: Bnnrl: National Hpnur Sucieiy: Triple I.: Siuulr-nn Crruru-il: Jr. Fcllirr: Your Sclrppls Series: Pen- nnnl Vveelrly. Row 3 HASTY, SYLVIA LORRAINE College Preparatory Penrurnr Wcrlrly: National Honor Sncieiy: Sr. Clues Pluy: VVig ln Cue: "Smiling Vlllrrullc Sludent Council: Pennuni Annual: Fuiure -lleziclii-rs: Orrlrr-snug Y-'l'ecrrs: Spuniclr Club. HAXVBLITZEL, JAMES General Vurnucnel Clulr. HEATON, NORMAN, Inclusn-iul Drafting Buncl. Nice-Pres., Siruleni Drrcciru: Orr-liesirn: .lr. Ifnllrer. Rprn 4 HEETER, PHYLLIS J. College Preparatory Orr-lresiru. Vice-Pres., Pres., Seciul Clrrnr.: Bundr -ltriple L: National llunur Society: Jr. Clues. ViceYPrer.r Stuclen! Council. HEIGL, CARL JOHN Vovational Drafting Tlrrcslrulcl: Vursiiy Feerlurll. HElVllVlERS, LOUIS E. Vocational Printing Specrli Llulo. Trenr.: Your Sr-lruplr Series: Public Rr-- lniipnr Cprnnrinee: Jr. Clues Play: Sr. Class Plny: Msmiling Tlrru": Jr. Follies: Wig ln Cue: Tllespiansi Orclrcsirn: Bnnrl: Vurniipnnl Clulrr Blue Juclreis. Raw 5 HENDERSHOTT, MARCETTA SONYA Home Economics Y-Teens: Paint uncl Palr-lle. HERENDEEN, PHYLLIS J. Vocational Clerical Y-Teens: Pennant Annual, HIMEBAUGH, RALPH G. Auto-Aircraft Band and Orchestra, Baggage Buy. Row 6 HOAGLAND, DOROTHY IRENE College Preparatory HOLCOMB. GLORIA MAE General Y-Teens: A Cappella Choir, HOLDREAD, PHYLLIS JOAN General Ban . SENIOR CLASS Row I HOLIVIES, KARL DEAN General Claoir: Foolball. Mgr. HOOT. BEVERLEY THELIVIA College Preparatory Y-'Tm-ns: NVig 'n Cue: Ii.N.L,: .lr. Class Play: Sr, Class Play: Tliespians: Oriliesira. HOOVER, BETTY BELLE Home Economics Row 2 HORN. HELEN General GAA.: Vin-aiinnnl lVlr-raliandising Club: Clioir. HOSTETLER. IVIARJORIE General NVig ln Cue: Clmiv: Your Schools Series: Speocli Club. HOSTETLER, IVIARY ALICE Home Economics G.A.A.1 Vncaziunal Merchandising Club. Row 3 HOSTETLER, IVIINOTTA General Y-Teens: Pennant VVeelcly. HUNERYAGER, WILLIAM A. Vocational Band and Orcliesira, Baggage- Boy, IAVANILIO, LUCILLE General G.A.A,: Y-Teens: Pennanl NVr-elrly: Uislrilsulive Eclu- caliun Club, Social Cllrm. Raw 4 IHNKEN. RICHARD D. lnflustrial Drafting INBODY. DANA L. Vocational Drafting Vocallonal Club. JEFFRIES, VVILLIAM Noi Graduating Row 5 JESSUP. EVELYN N. Vocational Slenagrapldc G,A.A.i Sr, Class Play. JESSUP. KAY J. General GAA., Vice-Pres, Pres.: Girls' Advisory Cnunril: Girls' Executive Commillee. JOHNSON, SUSIE Home Economics Distriltnulive Education Club, Trrrrs. Row 6 JONES. COLLEEN RAE Vocational Stcnograpllic Y-Teens: Pennanl VW-elrly: Jr. Follies: Choir. JONES, IDA College Preparatory C-.A.A.p Jr. Acnrlniny ul Srzierife. JONES, IVIARYWJANE Callege Preparatory Y-leans, Nlusn' Llrnn.. Jr. Follxes. Ofgamst. bluclenl Council: Orcliesirn. Sec., Girls' Social Chrnr. OF 1950 Row l JONES. NANCY CAROLYN A HOWl9 ECOTIOIYUC Y-'I anus. KEISER, MARILYN ELIZABETH Boolelzeeping KIDDER, VVILLIANI Aulofflircraft Raw 2 KING, WAYNE C. General Basalnall. KISER, STANLEY AutnfAircrafl Fnntliall. Basketball, KISTLER, ROBERT College Preparatory Hi-Y: Band: 'lmrki Basketball. lVIgr.: Jr. Follies. Rnnr 3 KITNER, EUGENE M. Vocational Machine Sltop Vocalionul Club: Chair: Vztrsily Basketball. KREISS, MARIAN General KRUEGER. LAVONE M. Home Economics Roni 4 LAMB, THOMAS EUGENE Vocational Nlaclline Shop Vocational Cluli. LAIYIB, Vx7II.I.IAM E. College Preparatory Student Council, Vice-Pres.: lnterelnss Basketball: Vnrl sity Cross Counlry, LAMBDIN, LOUIS College Preparatory Varsity Baseball. Row 5 LAVERY, RICHARD G. Auto-Aircraft Ushers Club. LIGHTFOOT, MARILYN ,IOANN Vocaiional lvlercllamlising Paint :incl Pali-tie: Chair: Distriliutive Edufanian Clulm. LITKE. PATRICIA ANN Home Economics Sr. Class Play: Pennant W1-ekly: Your Selmals Series. Row 6 LLOYD. JOAN EVELYN College Preparaforv Band, Sec.-Treas.: Orclteslru: 'l'l-ireslmldq lr. Follies: Sr. Class Plays Pennant Annual: Pennant VVeeklyg Na- tional Honor Society, Pras.: Y-Teens. LOCKVVOOD, BURTON College Preparatory Varsity Fentliall, Capt.: Studi-nt Council. MCCAVIT, PATRICIA Y. General Band: Orrliestra. SENIOR CLASS Row I LOCKVVOOD, MARY ELLEN College Preparatory Triple Lp F.I'.A.g Cadet Teacliingg Band: Orchestra. LONC-ACRE. PATRICIA M. General Triple I., 0rai.esira, French Clair. LOSEE, ERVIN General Cross Csurrfrv- Baseball: lruerelass Baslielball. Raw 2 LOUGH, JACK College Preparatory Baseballi lnierelass Basketball. LUEBKE. WALTER H. General Audie Visual Aid Club. Viee-Pres, LUCKEY, WILLIAM College Prepurulory Jr. Aradeuiy of Sr-ieriee, Pres., Var-e-Pres. Rour 5 LUND, ARTHUR College Preparatory LYTLE, RICHARD W. College Preparatory VVig 'ri Cui-1 'lliespiarisi Audio Visual Aids: Blue Jaclcels: Uslu-rs Clulr: Siege Crallg Jr. Class Play: Sr. Class Play. LYTELL. NORIVIA JEAN Vocational Stenograpllic Girls' League, Vice-pres.: Y-Teens: Pennant VVe-elcly: Chair: Pennant Annual. Row 4 IVIAHONEY, BENNY lnfluslrial Machine Sliop IVIALIVIGREN, LOIS ELOISE College Preparatory Y-Teens: Triple L: Frencli Club. MALONEY, GERARD A. General Auclio Visual Aid Club, Pres., Vice-Pres.: Band and Carclueslra, Baggage Bay: Your Sclioals Series: Sr, Class Pay. Row 5 IVIANN, MARILYN Vocational Slenographic Peruiarii XNeelcly: Y-Teens. IVIANN. PHILLIP Vocational Printing MASTERS, JACK R. Vocational Machine Sliop Vocalional Clulx, Row 6 IVIATO. ORA S. Auto-Aircraft Football: .lr. Class. Boys' Sonial CIurri.1 Sr. Class Boys' Social Clirm, MATTES, CAROL JUNE Vocational Boolelzeeping GAA.: Pennaui Annuals Y-Teens. Library Asst.: Lie brary Club, Sec. IVIATTHEVVS, SHIRLEY Vocational Stenograpliic Y-Teens: Pennant Annual. OF 1950 Row I lVlAY. JACK Vocational Machine Shop lVleCAVlT, JACQUELINE Home Economics GAA. MCCLANE, CLARENCE J. Vocational Macluine Shop Veeeiierml Club: Jr. Follies, lriiereless Basketball: Ushers Club, Pres.. See.. Trees. Row 2 McCl.OUC-HAN, ROBERT R. lnclustrial Printing lVlcCOLLOUGH, DEVON J. Not Graduating MCCOLLOUGH. KEITH Industrial Drafting Raw 5 JOAN General MCDONALD, IMOGENE General G.A.A. NICGLASSON. JACK C. Not Graduating Raw 4 NIETZGER. VVlLlVlA General Nisiiarial Honor Society: Paine and Piilene: Clmir, MILES. MADONNA KAY College Preparatory Jr, Aeerleiiiy of Science: Y-Teens: F.'I'.A,s F.N.L.s Oreln-sim. lVlll.l,ER. KEETH College Preparatory Chairs HiYY: Varsity trootluall: Varsiiy Track. Roar 5 lVllNEl.l.l, PAT Industrial Printing MISENER. MARY LOU Vocational Stenograplmic MOLLENHOUR. ROGER General Perrin arid Palette, Row 6 MONTAGANO. PATRICK General Jr. Advisory Cauneil. Siudeni Courii-ili Varsiiy Fimzliell: Varsity Baslfcellvall: Track. MOORE, Wll.LlAlVl Not Graduating MOSIER. MARY ALICE Vocational lwercliandising GAA.: Cadet Teaching: Distrilzulive Ediireiion Club, SENIOR CLASS Roar I IVIOTZ, KAYE L. College Preparalory Noiional Honor Sociely, Trense Slucienl Coonoil: Speech Club: Your Selrool Series: lr. Follesr Sr. Class Plny. MURPHY. PATRICIA J. College Preparatory Y-Teens, Publiciiy Clrrrn.: Pr-nnnni XX!-elrly: Pennant Annual, Advertising Nlgr. MURRAY. GLADYS Vocational Boolzleeeping Row 2 NIURRAY, PAUL VV. Noi Graduating IVIUTZL, MARGARET Vocalional Sienograpliic Pninl and Paleiu-1 Speeclx Clnlr: Clroir. NADOLNY, RUTH M. General lr. Follies: NVig 'xi Cue: Tliespinns, Pros., Trens.1 Bnnrlg Senior Clnss, Girls Social Clrrrne Disirilnniive Education Clulm: Jr, Class Plny. Row 3 NEAL, KENNETH I 1 College Preparalory Ili-Y: Nnlronal Honor Soriely. NETERER, FRANCES E. Vocalional Slenograpliic G.A.A.. Turns.: Nniionnl llunnr Sorieiy: Orelresirn. NENVCOIVIER, I.OIS General Jr. Ar-nfl.-rny ol Soienr-er lf.N.l,.: Bnnrlr Orrlrosirrrr Jr. Follies. Row 4 NICHOLSON, JOHN DANIEL College Preparatory Nalionnl Honor Soi-ieiy: Clroir. NOLES, DARREI. A. College Preparatory Clroir, Pres.: XVig 'n Cue: Boys' Sorinl Climi.: Tlres- pians, Boys' Social Clurm.: Sr. Clnss Play: lr. Follies: Nzilional Honor Socielv: Jr. Arnrlerny ul Sr-renee: Froneli Club: Pennoni Vkleelrlly. OCONNELL. JACK College Preparatory l-noilonll, Mgr.: Bnselonllr inrerr-lass Bnlrerirrrii. Roar 5 ORT. KATHRYN LOUISE General Y-locus: Pennnnl XX ooklyr lennrxnl Annanl. OWENS. JERROLD RICHARD College Preparatory lr. Follies: Sr. Class Play: Soplr. Class, Buys' Sorial Clmn. PACKER. DORIS Clerical GAA.: Jr. Follies: Yfleensr Dislrilnulive Ecluciilion Cu r. Row 6 PALUIVIBO, IVIADELON A Vocaiional Slenograpliic Y-'I vens. PARK. JOSEPHINE Vocational Sienograpliic Bnnol. PATRICK, CLARAN General Y-Teens. OF195O Row I PAULSON, ROGER LEE College Preparatory Sopln. Class, Vice-Pres.: lr. Class Play: Sr, Class Play: Student Council, Trens., Pres. PEASE, SALLY Vocational Stenograpllic Y-'lk-ons: Ponnnnt Annual: Choir. PEFFLY, JAMES J. Vocational Drafling Vocational Club: lnterr-loss Bnskeibnll. Roni 2 PEGO, MARY ELLEN Clerical Trip e L. PHELPS, JENNY Not Graduating PHOEBUS, PHYLLIS General Pnint and Pnlotle: Y-Toons: Triple L, Roni 3 PICKRELL, MARY O. General qlerieal PLATZ, MARLA JEAN Student Council, Seo.: Girls' Advisory Council Girs Executive Comniillco: Y-Ter-ns. Social Chrnr.: Jr, Fol- lies: Ponnunt Annual, PLUMMER. ARLENE Clerical Triple L. Row 4 PRUGH, ROBERT A. Vocational Drawing lfnotbnlli Vooritiunul Club: lnir-rrlrrss Basliellzmll. REED, JOANNE ADELLE Clerical Y-Teens: Pennant Annual. REID, THOMAS lvot Graduating Football: vllliresliolclg Audio-Visual Aids Club. Row 5 REISH, lVlARJORlE College Preparatory Pt-nnunt XVpelily, Asst. Editor: Triple Li Y-Toons. REPLOGLE, DOREEN V W 1 Vocaiional Slenograpliic Pliresliuld, Sluclenl Council, Pennnnt Annual, Asst. Eolitor. RICHMOND, REGINALD R. Vocational lwaclline Sliop Roni 6 RICHTER, PHYLLIS College Preparatory Pennant Nveelcly. Ad. lVlgr.: Y-Teens: Jr, Follies. RIDGLEY, ROBERT D. b H Vocational lvlaclline Sllop Fool a . RILEY, WAVA JEAN Vocational Boolzlzeeping Baton Club: G.A.A.: Pennant VV:-r-lcly: Bunrl. SENIOR CLASS Row 1 ROBERTS. BETTY ANN General Bun . ROBERTSON, MARILYN College Preparalory Pennant Weekly: Cltoir. Sec., Trees.: Girls' Advisory Council: Yell Leader: Jr. Follies: A Cappella Chair. See., Vice-Pres.: Y-Teens: l'lmncl't Club. Vice-Pres.: Pennant Annual: Choir Cabinet. ROBERTSON. SHIRLEY SUE Home Economics G.A.A.: A Cappella Clioir: Choir: Jr. Follies. Row 2 ROBINSON, MAX A. Vocalional Prinling Stage Craft, Mgr.: Band: Vocational Cluln. ROE, COLLEEN ADAIRE College Preparalory YfI'oens: Cltoir, Social Clmn,: Frenclt Club: Pennant Annual: Pennnnt VVeekly: Yell Leader: Codet Teacher: If.T,A.: Jr. Follies. ROLL, LOUIS WILLIAIVI General Audio Visual Aids Club: Choir, Trvas, Rauf 3 ROTH. IVIARILYN Vocational Sienograpliic Triple L, Vice-Pres.: Nntionol I--lonnr Society: Y-Teens, RU-PLEDGE, GARY College Preparatory National Honor Society: Student Council: Football. Qapt.: Trnek: Pennant Annual: Sr. Class Plny: Sopli. Class, Pres.: Senior Class, Pres. SAILOR, CLEO JOAN College Pleparalory lennnnt Annual, ,lr. Atunlenty ol Science, Jr. Lluss Play: Pnint and Palette: VN'ig 'n Cue: Clioir: A Cnppelln Choir: Spnnisli Club: illltesplan. Row 4 SANDS. VIRGINIA General Band: F.N.L.: GAA. SARANTOS, MARTHA Vocalional Slenograpltic Triple L. Trees.: Paint and Palette: Pennant Vveekly. SAYGER, JOAN DAE Vocalional Slenograpltic Y-Teens: G.A.A.: Band: Orclteslru. Row 5 SCHAEFFER, DAVID Vocational Prinling Vocalional Club. SCHIEBER, RICHARD General SCHLIETER, DARRYL College Preparatory Jr. Follies. Row 6 SCHIVIIDT, IVI. FRANCES Clerical Y-Teens: Triple L: Bend: Point nnrl Palette. SCHIVIUCKER, PAT Vocational Clerical G.A.A.: Distributive Education Clull. SCHIVIUCKER, SHIRLEY Home Economics CF 1950 Row l SCHMUHL, DORIS Home Economics SCHROCK, JOANNE College preparalory NVig ln Cue: uldlxespiansp Nnlionnl llonor Society. Sec.: Y-Teens: Jr. Follies: Orclreslra. SCOTT, KARLEY Vocational Slenograpltic X-1'eerTQ Pninx and Pr-Ir-ne: Pennant Xveelclyp Ponnunt YIIIUR . Row 2 SELLERS, ELDONNA College Preparatory Prnnnnr VVef-kly, Asst. Editor: ljennanl Annunl, Asst. Erlilor: Girls' League, Sec.: lr. Clnss Play: Y-Teens: Frr-nrvli Club. SEWELl,. HELEN JEAN Home Economics Triple l,: Pr-nnnnt XM-ekly: Distribarive Erluoation Club, SHIARKKEY. BOB General Row 3 SHAVER, NEVVELL Aulo-Aircraft SHAW, MANNS Home Economics Blue Jackets: Hi-Y, Social Clirru., Trens.: Jr. Follies: A Cnppelln Clioir. SHEETS, SHARON N V Voeulional Slenograpltic Y-leens: Pennant VX eelcly: flrresliolcl. Row 4 ' SHEHAN, ALICE Home Economics SHEIBLEY, PAUL WAYNE College Preparatory Football: Baslreibnll. SHOECRAFT, BEVERLY General Row 5 SIMMONS. JANICE C. College Preparalory Pcnnanl Wleekly, Editor: Y-Teens: National Honor So' ciely: Girls' Advisory Council: Girls' Execulive Corn- miltee: lr. Follies: .lr. Class, Sec. SIMONS, ALBERT General Ushers Cluln. SIMMONS, RICHARD General Industrial Clloir. Row 6 SIMONS, MARTHA General Y-Teens: Girls' League. Vive-Pres.: Girls' Exeruiive Coninunee: Girls' Advisory Council: Pennanl Vkleelrlyz Pennant Annual. SLOAT. MARILYN Home Economics STONE, JACK Vocational Student Council: Vocational Club, SENIOR CLASS Row 1 SMEAD, RICHARD VIA. General lnclustrial SMITH, GLORIA General Y-Teens, Program Clirni.: Cliair: GAA, SMITH, HERMAN General Row 2 SIVIITH, IVIOLLIE JOANNE Stenograpllic Tlnesliald: Pennant Annunl: National Honor Sarieiy. SNELLENBERGER. VERA College Preparatory Triple L: Girls' Executive Cnnnniiii-ez Girls' Aulvisnry Council: Choir: F.N.L., Pres.: Fu-neli Club: National Honor Saeieiy. SRIISSISHARDT, THOMAS E. General Row 3 SPIRITO, JOE Vocational Printing lnierelass Bnskeibnll. SPRINGER, DOREEN RAE General STAMM, NORMAN DOUGLAS Vocational Printing lnierflnss Baskeilaall, Row 4 STEIVIIW, VVILLIAM Auto-Aircraft Choir. STINE, AUDREY Not Graduating STIVER, MARILYN JEAN Vocational Stenograpllic Band: Orrliesira: Triple L4 Pennnni Annual: Nsiiunnl H S 'I ana: -urie y. Rein 5 STOFFER, JAMES General STORM, VELMA JUNE Vocational Stenograpliic G.A.A.: Y-Teens. STORMS, SANDRA Vocational Stenograpliic Y-Teens: Jr. Follies: Pennant VVr-elrly: Pennani Annual: Jr, Acacleniy. Rani 6 STOUT, IVI. JACK College Preparatory Pennsni Annual, Business Nlgr.: cada iesrii.r.g: sr. Class Play: isrna: Oreliesirs: ir. Follies. STOVER. IVIARTIN College Preparatory HiYY: Pennnni VVeelrIy, Sporls Editor: Pennsni Annual: I Cl Pl J F II' S Cl Pl V 'i r. .ass ay: r. ones: -r, ass ay: arsiy Tennis: Trnek: National llenai- Serieiy. STROM, MARIAN Clerical Y-Teens, Service Clnni.: Pennant NVeekly: Pennsni Annual : Jr. Follies. OF 1950 Row I STUIVIP, LalN'lAR General Audio Visual Aicls Clulu. STSIZWIAN, JACK Auto-Aircraft SVVENDEIVIAN, DIANE College Preparatory Ile-nnanl XVeekly, Assi. Ediuer: Y-'I'es-ns: Nnlional Honor Society: Pennnnn Annual, Assn. fiililnr: Ji. Class Play: I-ieneli Clulw. Rein 2 TARNECY. JOE College Rreparalory Vnrsilv Ifnnrlinll. Tl-IEOBALD, JOHANNA JUNE Vocational Slenograplmic Triple L, Pies.: Nalionul Hnnnf Sneieny, See.: Chen. THOMAS, JOHN PAUL College Preparatory Studi-nn Council: VVig 'n Cue: Tlu-sninns. Vice-Pies.. See.: Ii. Aesrlerny ol Srienrfr: Ps-nnnni Annual, Associ- nle Erlimi: Si. Class Plny: Pennant VW-i-lily: lnieielnss Baslwllanll. Row 5 THORPE, MARY ALICE ' I Voealioaul Slenagrapllic Girls Aclusory Cnuniil, Dismlauim- Eflurnlwn Clulr. Sec.: Ji. Follies: Y-Teens: Pennant Annual: Pennnnl Vx'f-1-lily: Cru-lei Teneliinn: F.T.A. THORUP. JACQUELINE Vocalional lxlercllamlising Onwliesmig Y-Te:-ns: Pennnnl VVeekly: Ji. Follies. TRAINOR, PATRICIA Vocational Slenograpllic G.A.A.: Orilu-sua. Row 4 TREGIDGO, JEAN Clerical YeTi-ens TROUP, SHIRLEY ANN General Triple L: Band: Pennant VVeelily. TROVATORE. JOE General Foollza I. Rein 5 TRUAX, AVERILLA Vocational Slenograpllic YYTQ-ens. Chnii. Sei-.eTrens.1 Sludenl Council. ULERY, HERBERT Voralional Prlnling Vorational Clu . UNCER, JOAN College Preparatory Jr. Acnclemy ol Science: Y-Teens: Penn:-ml VVee-lily: French Club: F.N.L. Row 6 UIJDIKE, MAX College Preparatory Band: Foollrall: Sr. Class Play. VANDIEPONBOS. NELLIE Home Economics VANTINE. NEVA Vocational Clerical Y-Teens: A Cappella Clioirz Speech Vxlorlcslxopz VVlg ln Cue. SENICDR CLASS Row I VAN VLECK, DELORES General VREDINGBURGH, CHARLES General lntrrcluss Basketball. VVARD, HARRY LEE Auto-Aircraft Raw 2 VVARFEL, JERRY General WVEBB, VVARNER College Preparatory Pc nnan t VVQ-ekly: lntt-rflnss Basketball. VVEISS, DOTTY ANNE General Painl and Palette, bee.: G.A.A, Raw 3 VVENGER, AUDREY Home Economics VVHEELER, LORETTA ANN College Preparalory Y-Teens: Triple L: Cliair. XVHITMER, VERA JANE Vocational Bookkeeping G.A.A.: Pennanl Annual, Raw 4 WHYBREW, JACKIE E. Home Economics Band: Orchestra. NVILDER, MARY ANN College Preparatory Pennant Wleekly, Ad. Nlgr.: Y-Teens: Student Council: Jr. Follies: Girls' Advisory Council: Yell Leader: Frencl: Club, Sec. VVILKINSON, DONALD Vocational lVlacl1ine Slzop lntereluss Basketball: Varsity Football: Vocational Club. Row 5 VVII ,LARD, ELLA lVlAY Vocalional lwercllandising GAA.: Dislrilmutivc Education Club. OF 1950 Row I VVILLIAMS. DELORES E. Vocational Slenograpiiic G,A.A.: YYTr-uns. WILLIAMS. JERRY lx.. College Preparatory Bnnrl: Fooulonlls Bpeerli Klub: lr. linllu-si ,lr, Play: Sr, Play. VVILSON, DOUGLAS JAMES College Preparatory Bnnrls Orrlu-sirng Siurlnni Cnunril: Nallonal llurunr Su- ciety. Pres. Ruin 2 VVILSON. JOYCE ELAINE I A I Vocational Slenograpllic 'Q-nnarii rrnun. VVILSON, RICHARD DQVON College Preparatory VVINESBURG. HAROLD ALLEN College Preparatory Blue Jnclreis, Sergeanl-al-Anus: Siurlr-ni Cuuncil. Row 3 WISOLEK, MARGARET ANN V NI Y T College Preparatory VVITMER. GARNET J UNE Home Economics WRIGHT. REBECCA I.. General Row 4 YOUNG, ROBERTA College Preparalory Sopliomore Class. Trr-ns.: illriple-L, Sen.: Orcliesirn, Girls' 'or-inl .irrn.: Naional unor Snowy, ics, ,rnsi eng 5 Cl I H i V I d 0 Jr. lullies. Student Council. furls Aclyisory Lnunrrl, Y-Teens: lvlunicipnl Jr. Recreairnn Criuru-il. YOUNG, VVILLIAM EINVOOD V I CI I Vocational Drafting oraliona .u 1. ZEIVIAN, JACQUELINE Vocational lvlercllandising l-'ennnni Annuiil, Pennnni Yveelclyz Girls' Adi-isnry Council: Disiribuiiye Edu--niinn Clulu: Y-Tei-ns: Choir. Raw 5 ZIMMERMAN. KAY Vocalional Slenograpizic Sopliouiore Class. See.: Y-Teens, Sec.: Jr. Fnlliess Pen- I VV lily P i A .l, Sr. Cluss, Ser.: Painl ec : enunn nnua cl Palelle: Girls' Advisory Council. GRADUATING BUT Nm' PICTURED: Jolmn Bencler Riclrarcl Demeyer Galuriella Gisci .lames Haggerty Barry .Iaclcson Eugene .laclcson Roloert .lolmson I..elVlar Kyle Ricluarrl Loclc Patrick Lynclx El . 2' f 1, is James lxflurpliy David Newsome Cornelius Owens rlolin Poorlmaugli Robert Russell lvlarian Scolt Raymond Slcinner Floyd Sutton V 'SA 1, K, X . . " mn W , . H, V: ' f W' 1fsss1: f fsz i .d fxiffw ' W r V A , ffgfg?g : .. ,, f .iv ..1....,..:: , 4 :z -f .,,..,, .. 'X .,Px X -1 Class of '51 Row 1: Adams, A.: Aman C.: Amos, L.: Ander- son. B.: Atkins, M. Auld, P. 1 Bailey. M. Baker, M. Row 2: Baldwin. R.: Bales, P.: Bollero. P.: Boucllei, lVl.: Biclcel, J.: Beclnel. B. Row 5: Benjamin, M.: Beno, J.: Berlcslnire, B.: Berlin, V.: Berlin, P.: Biblao. B.: Biggs, J.: Bisluey, R. Row 4: Blieler, J.: Bless- ing, VV.: Boalman, D.: Bock, J.: Bolton, D.: Boi-mr, G.: Boss. B.: Bowers, J. Row 5: Bowers, J.: Bowl- luy, lvl.: Branclon, B.: Bressler, R.: Britton, D.: Broadlaent. M.: Bmse. Cv.: Bueter, lVl. Row 6: Burleson, D.: Burleson. M.: Burson. B.: Busenburg, G.: Bul- ler, D.: Campbell. D.: Cappellelli, R.: Carl- son, D. Row 7: Casselman, C.: Chnsiophel, V.: Clair. R.: Clarlc, J.: Clevenf ger, J.: Cornish, D.: Carpe, J.: Collins, J. Row 8: Clybum. R.: Cow- en, P.: Cripe, R.: Cripe. R.: Davis. J.: Cuzshaw. J.: Davis, T.: Daugh- erly, B. Row 9: Delrreese, D.: De- Long, J.: Diclc, J.: Diehl. S.: Diller, E.: Donn, D.: Dolpli, T.: Doncaster, E 131 Barlell, R.: Barreil, L.: Class of '5 l Row I: Doly, S.: Duncan. .l.: Dunlap, K.: Dralcer. XV.: Easlu, B.: Elay. G.: Edmonds, D.: Eppers. P. Row 2: Erwin. K.: En- line, D.: Evans. B.: Evens. J.: Eykhnh, E.: Fnger. G.: Fan, B.: Farley, D. Row 3: Fl-rm, Nl.: Fink. B.: Forlwcs, H.: Forlier, B.: Fnrlier, P.: Foucle. R.: Fox, H.: Fox. P. Row 4: Freed. N.: Full- mer, P.: Gallagher, J.: Gamplmer, J.: Ganger. C.: Ganger, G.: Gan- ger, R.: Gardner. R. Row 5: Garner, R.: Glan- clers, J.: Gleason, J.: flrani, D.: Gnlfnh, D.: Alenclorl. N.: Hakes. Nl.: Hall, M, Row of Hnds, R.: Happen A.: Hanns, J.: Hnnis, R.: Hams, V.: Han- man, .l.: l-lenl, R.: Her- bert. G, Rnw 7: Heign, B.: Hrrrli. C.: Henan, R.: Hall, R.: Handley, R.: Hollmnn, M.: Holy-moss. P.: Hos- zenler, N. Rnw B: Hosuenler. R. Huffman, R.: Isbell, J. Jackson, L.: James, M. .Inn:is0n, J.: Jenkins, R. Johnson, K. Row 9: Jolly, C.: .lones C.: Jones. G.: Keene P.: Kerr, J.: Kell. .l. Parker, A,: Kerby, M, Class of '51 Row I: Kirchner, B.: Knisely, G.: Kauffman. R.: Koontz. D.: Kretsch- mer, E.: Krelschmer, M.: Krichbaum, P.: Landis, D. Row 2: Landis, B.: Lnri- mer, J.: Larsen, A.: Lnntz. E.: Lanlz, M.: Laws, J.: Leege, M.: Leonard. J. Row 5: Ifonard. S.: Le- Roy, B.: Lerner, R.: Lei: pold. K.: Lakans, P.: Linn. M.: Wazripler, D.. Lisi, J. Row 4: Lyzen, B.: Sigs- Lie, F.: Long. H.: Long- acre, D.: Lough, B.: Nlagnusen, J.: lwaloney. R.: Marlin, B. Row 5: Markel. R.: Mar- lin, D.: Messing, R.: May, J.: McCavn, K.: McNeal, D.: MCGIHSY Son, F.: Melkus, E. Row 6: Merrick, D.. Luiz. B.: Reid. M.: Miller, D.: Miller, D.. Maller, J.: Maller, J.: Miller. J. Row 7: Miller, J.: Miller. M.: Miller, T.: Nliles. T.: Millenberger, B.: Minichillo. A.: Murphy. R.: Munch. E. Row S: Monleilh, P.: Mer- gan, G.: Moore, M.: Nlnore, R.: Nance, W.: Nelson, J.: Nihart, L.: Nulf, R. Row 9: O'Herren, R.: Overholser, D.: Owens, O.: Pagedas, T.: Paul. R.: E1-fieId.R.. Pawlmg. M.: Pavoni, J. 133 J , an x . ffl . :Nj 'kg , :Q ,Q 4' 134 Class of '51 Row 1: Peeples, D.: Per- mnen, R.: Penn, D.: Phillips, P.: Plan, H.: Pletcher, R.: Pohng, J.: Post, XV. Row 2: Prugh. S.: Pos: Ravenscmfl, D.: Ream- er, R.: Reynolds, N. Row S: Richards, J.: Rin- gos, J.: Rink, R.: Rn- lenhouse, D.: Robbins D.: Rnbisun, J.: Roda- lmugh. C.: Rodwick, Jf. Row 4: Rody, XV.: Rohr J.: Rohrbaugh, J.: Rouse J.: Rose, R.: Rosentre- ner. E.: Romsun, J. Roch, E. Row 5: Rowe. S.: Rude R.: Rusk, M.: Sargenl F.: Scamlen. B.: Scan A.: Sven, B.: Scott: I3 Row 6: Scan, G.: Sclxmck R.: Schroqk, T. Schuelke, T.: Schulm B.: Seiien, A.: Shank J.: Shamz. J. Row 7: Shawn. E.: Shaw M.: Shplmn, J.: Sl-elef J.: Shields. N.: Shuey C.: Sigcrfoos: D.: Sm phenson, W. Row 8: Sipress, T.: Slack B.: Smilh. E.: Souuh: worth, G.: Slnley. S. Stelfey, A.: Slamer, R. Slemm, P. Row Q: Slow:-, R.: Stowe F.: Slutsman, XV.: Sm Iey, F.: Sullon. S.: Tay lor. J.: Teelers, B. Tharp. G, salt, D.: Preston, M.: Pulnam, R.: Reader, B.- ROW ROVV ROVV RONV ROW' ROW' Thorpe. M.: Tlmrup, Toyne, J.: Tremaine. Vander Reyden, K.: Class of '51 D.: Thorne, P.: Tice. B.: Tolxxplcins, R.: Toruk, R.: Torrance, D.: Totman, J, D.: Troeger, L.: Troup. J.: True-x, J.: Dill, J.: Ulery. J.: VanDoehren, J. Vanline, N.: Vidmar. D.: Vincenl. Volkman. L.: Voras, V.: Vullmalmn. P.: Chaffee, E. Ward, H.: Vvargon. J.: VVamer, M.: Washington. A.: NYeimer, J.: Vkfehrly. P.: VVI-innery, J.: Nvlwile, T. Whm. M.: Whanak Wiser, S.: VVorden. er, J.: VViIbume. S.: VVilcl. D.: Vkfindbigler, R.: Windmillcr, H.: Winesburg. J.: Vx'ise, M S.: Yarbrough, N.: Yates, R.. Yeager, B.: Yoder, L.. Young, T.: Nvinclbigler, B. .,.c Marilyn Cunpn, Social Chuimmm Rudy llaffnwm. 'lhusurerq Kay Miller, Smmiuryq David Thomas, Pri-vsidpnt: lmy Small, Vac.1YPre-siflpnzq Bmw land, Smal Chairman SOPI-IOMORE CLASS HISTORY There were nearly tour hundred sophomores who en- tered Ellchart High School in the tall ot 319. We were a little shy and bewildered, and more than a little envious ot the ease with which the upperclassmen found their way around. It wasnvt long, however. until we also were ahle to wander around without getting lost and open our loclcers on the first try. Vve were the third group to occupy the study halls 520 and 220 as homerooms. and we made the most ol' the programs which were planned to tell us aloout our school and its people. At Christmas time the two homerooms united and we had our first big party. Vve loolxed over the group and when we came hack in January we chose our class leaders: David Thomas, President: Jerry Smith, Vice-President: Kay Miller, Secretary: Rudy Pacquette, Treasurer: Mari- lyn Canen and Bruce Lund, Social Chairmen. Vve had 136 some ditliculty Choosing our sponsors, hut tinally ixliss .lune Deal and Nlr. Glenn Hart consented to lead our Class. During the second semester we began to get into ac- tivities. Our counselors helped us plan our programs for the next year and we had several programs in the audif torium which were planned to help us in our lite at E. H. S. On lwlay I2 we showed our ability to malce money try selling concessions at the trafzlx meet at Rice Field. On May 20 we had a Class picnic at lVlcNaughton Parte. Vwlhen we come haclc in the tall well start where we are leaving otf now, malcing the class ol '52 a class to he remembered. Now that we are acquainted and or- ganized, we expect lo malce a name for ourselves in E. H. S. Class of '52 Row I: Acosla. J.: Adams. L.: Anlams. M.: Adams. R.: Allsaugli, D.: Alden- Jorf, N.: Alwine, B.: Amsden. B. Row 2: Anders, B.: An- clerson, D.: Arisman. R.: Arlen, V.: Arnold. J.: After. A.: Arler. B.: Arkmsm., J. Row '51 Bader. W.: Bailey. G.: Bails, D.: Balcer. B.: Balmer, C.: Baker, D.: Barlzaro, R.: Barker. J. Row 4: Barnes. B.: Bar- ren. E.: Bam, F.: Bnuglrman, D.: Beam. L.: Bell, VV.: Bender. B.: Bencler, D. Row 5: Beron, B.: Berry. L.: Bielrel, VV.: Billings. C.: Binlclcy. K.: Bless- ing. V.: Blosser. D.: Bock, S. Row 6. Boss, J.: Bowdisli. R.: Bowers. D.: Bow- man, P.: Boyer, M: Brancliicli, V.: Brewer, T.: Brezger. L. Row 7: Brown, S.: Linlon. R.: Bruggner, B.: Bus- snrd, B.: Butler, B.: Canen. M.: Chaplin, G.: Clark, J. Row S: Click. S.: Cook. G.: Compton, M.: Cor- nislr. C.: Cox. D.: Cripe. C.: Cripe, D.: Cripe, R. Row 9: Crussemeyer. B.: l Culp, D.: Culp. E.: Culp. G.: Curry. H.: Curry. T.: Defenlzauglm. H.: DeHollf, B. Row IO: Devvitt. M.: Diller, O.: Dills, B.: Dilorenm, K.: Doerinq. J.: Douglas, D.: Doyle, R.: Duclfrarme. R. 137 Class of '52 Row 1: Dunlap, C.: Dun- can, P.: Duncan, P.: Eiclnelberg, S.: Ellison. L.: Erb. C.: Gruber. NV.: Farms, L. Row 2: Farnsworllx, G.: Farr, K.: Ferm, J.: Fewell, D.: Fisher. H.: Filzsimmons. S.: Fran- cisco, B.: Franlcenluerger. M. Row 5: Freaericls, P.: Freelny. K.: Freeman. G.: Funls, R.: Furlaro. M.: Fuzzell, M.: Gnll. B.: Gangcr, J. Row 4: Gauss. D.: Gny. B.: Gernon, S.: Gild- ner, L.: Gildner, L.: Gillrnun. L.: Godshallc, J.: Good. H. Row 5: Goode. B.: Gulrl. P.: Guzzo, H.: Hnid, J.: Haines. E.: Haines. J.: Hale, C.: Haley, E. Row 6: Hnll, J.: Ham- mon, J.: Harnpel, R.: Hanover, M.: Hartley. P.: Hasl-mn, R.: Hesse. G.: Hatfield, K. Row 7: Hayes. J.: Hay- clen, J.: Heaclley: D: Held, P.: Henlhorn. J.: Heralcl, M.: Herslrluerger. D.: Higgason, M, Row 8: Handley. M.: Ho:- ler. M.: Hosleller, J. lwiclxels. N.: Hummer L.: Hurley. R.: Jones H.: Jolwnson. A. Row 9: Jolmson. D.: Jolm- son. R.: Kiser, J.: Kersh- ner, J.: Kiclder. T. Lockwood. K.: K:-sigh. bnunn, B.: Lamb, J. Row I0: Lamludin. M. Lau, J.: Laulny, S. Laudennan, D.: Leallner- man. J.: Lemon. P.: Lin- mn. J.: Luke, P. Class of '52 Row I: Livinghouse. J.: Luebke. P.: Lueiiing, E.: Lund, B.: Luiz. T.: Mo- lmar. M.: Mann, D.: Marlin, B. Row 2: Mass. E.: Ran- dell, C.: Mask. S.: Mc- Clougluan. E.: McDon- nell, G.: McElroy, S.: McElroy. T.: McClos- son. G. Row 3: Mclniire, N.: Mc- lnlire. R.: McKinney. B.: lVlcKrill. WV.: Mc- Lain, M.: McClane, F.: lVlcClane, R. : Mc- Laughlin, W. Row 4: Misener, N.: Mel- linger, F.: Miller, C.: Miller, K.: Miller, M.: Mishler. K.: Munschein. S.: Moran, J. Row 5: Morehouse, N.: lVlolz. K.: Mulzl, C.: Meyers, F.: Nelson. S.: Neu, L.: Newcomer. W.: Nichols. B. Row 6: Nichols. J.: Nissen. B.: Noifsinger, W.: Null, M.: Palumbo, S.: Papa, A.: Papa, I.: Paquene. R. Row 7: Parcell. E.: Paul- son. C.: Pcarsey, R.: Peek, B.: Pero. M.: Pe- lerson. B.: Peterson, D.: Phillips, J. Row 8: Plummer, N.: Plank, J.: Prilulzie, B.: Price. G.: Primavera. J.: Rnsp, D.: Reafsnycler. J.: Reiff. J. Row 9: Rhodes, C.: Rhodes, D.: Rich. L.: Ricimrcls. J.: Riley. S.: Kermm. J.: Roll, C.: Ronge. J. Row IO: Roose. M.: Rose S.: Rosenau. R.: Rowe K.: Rowe, R.: Rowe W.: Russell, A.: Rus sell, C. 139 A A , W. 5 -1 Qty : , " 3 - ' A' Z ,"' 1 H7 .. f 1 , : La. Q s g ' v ' Q 4 Q ' J ig . 4- '. 3g!?r:4:w ' :aff :W V ' 5.4 . . , "W fgf , J 2: , : Q . '1 I -- . J ': ,. 3 5' ' 3- . 1':..:j. , .5523 ,X , N. " ,M ,.: ,,x' , 1 A 2. 12: f . :. . ff, .awe .: V fr- :M 'V I Sf' I ng, 'bfm X My -H. Y r .F 3 1 ,su .:1g u.-,w wmmn , ., K .N ' . : 'L'-'Lg' ' .1 51" 'ff2 r1:'f may 3 .. i' 3 bf 'lg ': A .4 5' ET? 1: if kj If . : . D , . , , H , ,T , I D M, . . ,V . L. ,, , . ET if-,g, f m? Iafsfl at QS W ' 1.1159 fi kr ' f A X -x J ' " x i- -' I " " ' ' fu- ' . J 35" , ' ' I 2 xl. my -fgg: , fi- 1 .P - ' ' . '. V zz FI. W V J ' ::.:?' 1 gig? "f:!i55?g " Wei if mf: ,. w l f :g V: 1 1 7. 3' ', qv 5 ISE: :' ': 3 11" Q.. fl ff T . ., .. .,,. f - , :'...' serif . : 5- 1 gg, . - . ' R f 122 g Q. r' ' ' J I ' 'reign : 5 '- as :ir Q L I ti . .N s ,EQ " 1 m V I 1, it : n.-A " r:-33: ' :L 1 " 'iff 'Z J 3 , " " - ' A 5 Y' :g 1 - ,ET gf. : 52 V: 13954 . Jiffy . ' fwz: Y' 1 f i? 4- zsww h i f-' ,,f:s::.::A' ,Q f . M -g . 'sg' . A :ff . I 1 'S ww J' :1 ' fi' " Jffilffhi? 3 . x f 1 2. -x. , " -if ' l if- ' Q gi. ': " ' 'M Q If :E ' . a tj: a 1 , ' 'f 5 , 4 'i , .Qi "KI gf .3 ' ' ' 'Uif ff' ki. .J , 735 f, 2:3 "film, :v M2335 f?5?3?ilf ' f f ji 15:-., - . 53,5 .2 - if . ' : 25:4 . 9 Ss J' J ' J X Q" " -JV '1 fi ?35Q!:'f :.:::: ' A 'FJ' I -fiiw J ,..s f ?-4 ' . : . - vi ra "2 Y! ,. ,' -Q? :: , J " 1. tt.: 3 1 :, : 2 2 ' ,. , . I ' : gr: 5 i 5 ' Qs", 1 ,. .ju ,qg,..:.? 2 '1 'fvff : ex, Ag.: a X? f JS . ?"" 'e. . . ai. : av: 5 Y J fe 24: 2: f ff T : 'QQ fx ., 4, . ' 2, imsggl S , B ' A wi :f A.::5fNm -A K . Q K' , ,yy - , r,..,,,: AE, Q . : V x 1 . ,yi ' :viva - , ggi' 453:23 ' . : 142: 1 f . , Q fee: W: Q T1 4 ' :Aw n J Esau ' +5'8'gv"f 3- ' 'A' 'i 3 ' 5' ,MQ-,-W., -.2235 iiij. : V - V: I TJ ' rg ' 1 if J ' V34 -.5 . K' '31 . 140 Class of '52 Row I: Sailor, L.: Rus- sell, J.: Sabin, J.: Salis bury, P.: Sanders. J. Semfino, C: Schrader R.: Shafer, N. Row 2: Shank, J.: Slmnlz C.: Shea, C.: Shepherd. B.: Shock. C.: Shulef. J.: Shultz, C.: Sikom, V, Row 3: Silver: L.: Skaife. E.: Skalvuld, H.: Smith. J.: Smith. J.: Smith, ,I.: Sunil., P.: Smead. A. Row 4. s.....ly, R., 1'..,y.... G.: swf... M.: P.: Spangler, M. Staley, J.: Straub, L. Saeffen, A, Row 5: Sleplm-ns, J.: Ste- pl C: S.: Slone, M.: Swim. lmn. J.: Swineharl. R. Row 0. Taylo., s,: Ted.. B.: Pagedas, D., T... N.: T.:l:1:l., D.: Tm.. E.: Tmyer. w.: 'rum B, Row 7: Truax, M.: Un- ger. H,: Updike, S. VnnDiepenb0:. lj. Vemch. R.: Vickers, IB. Vlaeminek. J.: Wallace. D. Row 8: Xvullin. G. VV::hz, P.: VVm-d, R, VVare, R.: VVatenuan. H.: Vveaver. E.: NVei- me., D.. weldy, .L Raw 0: Welsch, JI,: Wemz. B.: Wheeler, M.: whine. J.: whine. L.: Paulus, J.: Wann. P.: WaIkzn:0::, B. Row l0: VVillard. F.: VVJISPY- M.: XN'il:0n. B.: Yoder, L.: Young. M.: Znllinger, A.: Zip- ser. H. uenson. C.: Strieluy. ,.: Sulwell, J.: Swnnz. wx "Oh, Elkhart High, we will he true Forever to your white and Hue" . . . The music of our school song is a part of our lives. A part ot our lives, too, is the harmony between the schools and our stores, factories, and business firms. As we have met these advertisers we have discovered that they are our friends, and that they have a keen interest in our school and in our publications. The money from these ads is very essential to our huclget, lout this attitude of friendly cooperation means even more to us. Vvevre really in tune with these advertisers. 141 Firm Nome Ace Cab Co, .,...... - Adams and VVestlake---- American Coating Mills---- Berman's Sporting Goods---- Biltmore Studio s.,.. -- Blessing's ....... --- Borneman's and Son s......... - Bueseher's Band lnstrument Co.--- Calvert Coal ............Y... -- Cavanagh Rug and l-inoleum----- Conn Retail Stor Q... .,,. - - Custom Bootl1---- Day's Transfer-- Deal Gravel Co. ............, Dobbins Manufacturing Co.---- Doflxflore Chair Co. ....... Dralcels ...........,.,., Elkhart Amusement Co.---- Elkhart Auto Sale s.....A.,... - Elkhart Auto Dealers Assoeiation- Elkhart Bridge and Iron Works---- Elkhart Bra ss...,,..,.,..,,. Elkhart Business University---U Elkhart Clearing House .... -- Elkhart Credit Bureau .... - Elkhart lee Cream Co.--- Elkhart Milk Council ,... Elkhart lvlotor Corporation--- Elkhart Packing Co. ....... Elkhart Paint and Wallpaper--- Elkhart Pattern Work a---- - INDEX Page -----157 -----151 -----169 -----180 -----175 -----188 -----185 -----161 -----174 -----163 -----173 -----164 -----I4S -----177 -----146 -----163 -----190 -----159 -------192 154-155 -----167 157 -----171 -----168 -----186 -----166 -----145 -----166 -----147 -----172 -----148 Elltltart Sanclwictt Slwp ............. .-..- l 88 Elkhart Welding and Boiler Works ---- ----- l 60 Excel --------------------------- Ferndell Food Shoppe--- Fielcllmouse Real Estate--- GBfbCf.S ....-.......- General Creclit ----- 142 -----172 -----173 -----176 -----160 -----182 Firm Nante Getz Drug s----- G0lcllJerg's ---- Heilman Coal---- Herringls Studio-- Judd's Drugstore- Keene's ----- - Krau Coal ----- l- 5 J Pre ss--- Liggetts --- Lytell's ----- - lVlark's Cal e---- lVlartin's -------- Page ----170 ----180 ----l86 ----170 ----132 ----167 ----150 ----133 ----180 ----180 ----l9l ----I38 lvliles Laboratory ----- ---- I Sl Ddodern Cjeaners ......--... ---- 159 Northern lndiana Brass Co. .....V-Y- ---- l 55 Nortltern lndiana Pulolic Service Co.--- ----149 Paint Spot ------- - Paulsonls -- Pedlers - Perry's ------ Prairie Sehooner-- - Riverview Grocery-- Russell the Coalman Templin's ---- - Shaum Eleetrie--- Stamp Furnitur e--- Style Shop ---- Sutula Studios- Walker's ----- -- Walley, Charle s--- Vvamloaugltls - VVltisler's ---- - Vvelseh Fr Sons-- W. W. Wilt ---- Witmer-lVleNeese Vvoody and lrmals- XNHayE -.------- Ziesells -- ----181 103 ----l7l ----185 ----184 ---179 -Y ---- 183 ----165 l'7 ---- 1 ----178 ----168 ----187 ----149 ----152 ----182 ----175 ----155 ----l84 ----l62 I7O ----178 ----158 Adams Typewriter Agency 151 N. Main Street Amy Allen Hotel Buclclen Associated Typewriter Co. 115 VV. Marion Street Barger Box Co. lnc. 802 VV. Bearclsley Ave. Bells Printing Co. 115 South Main Street Boston Shoe Store 601 South Main Street Burrell Lumber 55 Supply Co. 205 Jackson Blvd. Central Drug Store 225 South Main Street Coalburn Jewelry 23 Camera Shop 515 South Main Street Conkey Jewelers 127 VV. Marion Street Dorothy's Beauty Shop 1400 Canton Shop W. H. Dreves, lnc. 216 S. Second Street Eckerds Drug Store 415 South Main Street Ed's Appliance Store 522 South lvlain Street Elkhart Floral Co, 209 North Main Street PATRONS Elkhart Foundry if Machine Co. 518 South Elkhart Ave. Electric Sales '55 Service Inc. 124 VV. Franklin Street Emmert Trailer Corp. 614-618 lVlisl1awaka Ave. Firestone Drum Studio 921 Prairie St. Flanders Jewelers 406 S. lVlain Foster Bottle Gas 8 Appliances 116 S. Main Hart Pressed Steel 5506 Hammond Ave. Hartman Pharmacy 200 E, lndiana Ave. Dr. H. C. Higgason COptometristj 414 S. Main St. Hixon Studio 217 Franklin Hossick Bakery 604 Harrison St. Hoosier Cleaners '25 Laundry 921 Plum Hotel Elkhart Ellchartis Center of Activities W. E. Hutschenreuter Feeds 116 VV. Jackson Blvd. Isbell Lumber Co. Phone 24208 143 PATRONS Jenner's Drug Store 201 South Main Street A. J. Keyser 106 Monger Bldg. Kiser's Furniture 121 South Main Street Kauffman Consumer Coal 26 Supply Co., Inc. 758 South Main Street Knox Auto Electric 111 East Lexington Lesher's Restaurant 1509 Cassopolis St. Long Auto Service 116 West Jetterson Street Main Lumber 26 Plywood 816 South Main Matzkes 501 South Main Street Misner's Flower Shop 405 James Street Modern Stoves 25 Company Your Hotpoint Dealer Montgomery Ward 3 Company 512 South Main Street Frank Meyers Men's Wear 1 16 West Franklin Street New Method Cleaners 1 15 East Franklin Street 144 Ohmer's Electric Shop 106 South Main Street Parks Shoe Service Main at Jacltson Payless Drugs 425 South Main Street John C. Grace Dr. Pepper Bottling Co., 163 E. Marion Personnett's Bicycle, Radio Sales Y5 Service, Inc. Platz Auto Sales 820 South Main Street Quality Beverages 411 Brady The Rapp Company 409 South Main Company Rosen Brothers 424 South Main Street Sears Leather 55 Pet Supply 200 South Main Street The Service Press Printers 1 17 West High Street The Service Candy Co. 618 South Main Street Shultz-Forney Insurance Agency 126 West Lexington Smith Drug Store South Main at St. Joe St. PATRONS South Side Super Market Turnock Equipment Co. 1221 South Main Street Harclware, Paint, Plumhing, Electric Supplies Stanton Dress Shop Wade's Flowers 504 South Main Street 118 South Second Street The Stationers Warfel Plumbing 26 Heating 225 South Main Street 1029 South Main Street Stevens Camera Shop Whitcomb's Linoleum 25 Carpets 5600 South Main Street 805-805 South Main Street Stocks Dress Shop White Funeral Home 128 West Marion 115 West Lexington Street Strom Brass Work Office Supply Co. 2646 South Main Street 520 South Main Street Troyer Cleaners Zelle-Hartzler Funeral Home 1150 South Main Street 405 West Franklin Street DRINK - A quart a day and Keep the Doctor away GOOD HEALTH MEANS Better Work Better Play Better Contacts Better Success More Personality Charm and Happiness Milk Makes Our Athletes Strong lim Troup, Basketball Cupmm ELKHART MILK CDUNCIL 145 Congrafufafiond fron'- HUBBIN5 I bl, ,U 0 I" A l ff Sp y Dusters Power Sprayers P1 t rs llnhhins Manufacturing Eu. ELHHAHT, INDIANA 146 We of the . . . Elkhart Packing Company Congratulate the Claw vf 1950 9250 YELLUW EHEEH BRAND Hams, Bacon, Ready-to-Eat Meats T F A Best Wishes for Successful Careers to the Class of 1950 ELKHART PATTERN WORKS 1324 Princeton Blvd. Elkh I cl Compliments of Days Transfer, Inc. ELKHART, INDIANA Wore wan 26,000, 000 American .H0memaLera 1284, ga for Cooking NIDRTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY gow! loorfraifd neec! nof Ae exlaenziiue R. S. SUTULA, photographer 206 S. Main Phone 3-2609 jl'0l'l'L the GFGCI5 of Mdfelday jo tL2 GPGJ5 of ELDY LUNDQUIST .... VIC DANIELSON .... FUEL OIL COAL COKE DIAL 138 115 E. JACKSON BLVD 150 Congralulalzbns I0 The Class of 50 THE ADAMS 81 WESTLAKE COMPANY 151 Congratulations to the Class of '50 from JUDD'S DRUG STORES THERE IS A JUDD DRUG STORE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD 1007 W. Franklin 707 Bower St. 817 So. Main and Warsaw, Indiana .. 'J' UE SP5 'Q Lffljf Iqmke 'DFL E I N 'Wi' A L 1 -2 1 2 I3 u mov I '25 UQ gmfflflf I g :img YP ,QM . WUC ,,l,MKER,. X WEsTcLox lmllsoll N 6,4 3 U THE PKECISION WATCH 3? M11 R M HElBROS WS X I I j WWR HIIIVIILTIIN 'Sunbeam Appliances lu CLASS OF '133" 1847 ROGERS Jacquw GENERAL ELECTRIC .K R QAW15 SHEAFFER GO 18811i0g,,,S XXQXWQS Fostoria Crystal 771444 152 It pays to walk to Wa1ker's Congra fufafiona hom LSLJ PRESS CORPORATION pllnfk pl'e5505 Sm 1910 DERN KITCHEN UNITS STORE DISPLAYS O E. G. Welsch 81 Son Manufacturers W. Franklin Sf. ELKHART, INDIANA Ph 0505 1 5 3 ELHHAHT AUTH Williams, Owens and Their Harem Congrafufafiond fo THE CLASS UF 1950 g yOU Cl,!,U6lg5 AQUQ l9Ld66ll'lf I'l'L0f0l'il'lg tAl"0ugA M. IIE LEHS' ASS' BALL SERVICE, INC. 2016 Vvest FranIc1in Street ..... VERNON M. BALL, INC. 519 East Street .............. BERGERON MOTOR CO., INC. 215 North IV1ain Street .......... CHAMPION MOTOR CO., INC. 501 East Jackson Bou1evarc1 .... - . CHATTEN MOTOR SALES. INC. 518 South Second Street .......... ROY CULVER MOTORS, INC. 1147 Center Street ................. ELKHART LINCOLN-MERCURY, INC. 510 South Second Street .............. ENYART-BATFJES CHEVROLET, INC. 165 East Marion Street ................ LUSHER MOTOR CO., INC. 361 E1Ic11art Avenue ........ VV. VV. LUSHER, INC. 500 East Street ....... I. A. MILLER, INC. 154 East I:ranIc1in Street .... NIBLOCK NASH SALES 522 VVest Indiana Avenue--- SUPER MOTORS, INC. 426 North 1V1ain Street ------ HARVEY VVAMBAUGH, INC. 618 South Third Street -------- MEMBERS ----KAISER-FRAZER ----DeSOTO-PLYMOUTH ------CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH -----STUDEBAKER -- - -FORD OLDSMOBILE-CADILLAC -----LINCOLN-MERCURY -----CHEVROLET -----DODGE-PLYMOUTH -----PACKARD ----PONTIAC , , - -NASH ----HUDSON -----BUICK 155 X , 0 xx Irs a Magic Touch... Yes, just a touch of the torch and you have a neat installation that reflects top crafts- manship. Nibco fittings and valves give you the pride of a job well done. Nihco offers everything you need for high grade johs in plumbing, heating., air conditioning and re- frigeration. Build more business, protect your profit and assure customer satisfaction by standardizing on Nibco Wrot Fittings, with these specific advantages: Full Strength Design Quality Control Complete Installation Pressure Tested ASA 8. MSS Standards Tagged 8x Packaged Patent Protected Valves 81 Fittings Fittings from Tubes Properly Cataloged Mail Coupon Now for catalog with complete information on the Nibco line. "-"'1-"'1""i'-""'-'1""""l NORTHERN INDIANA BRASS CO. I Plum Street, Elkhart, Indiana Gentlemen: Without obligation to us please send catalog l of Nilxco Valves and Fillings. I Name l l Street I City State l WHEN YOU USE IBCD WROT COPPER FITTINGS New l l H y,.. E I E s f .. eefr 't'l Lll. E y. Keri i f C0r11lvl1'mer1I5 of CIKQQ-YD Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co., Inc Congrafufafiono fo fAe Cfaaa of 1950 ke' ACE CAB 157 . , "'. Z fx, '-:,'j'-gvi-.mt -,Af . 'A 1 ,'-,, --'--'- 1 VI: ' :gg + I ' ""' E .v . 1 v,.., , .v,: .Z ..,.,..,: I V 49 I u p III ' wg + I QXTZ 'I 0 I . nI Il I I pf I I nII I I 'I VKX I I ' I I Il f f' I QQ' A SYMPI-IQNY IN M591 wtf? I LIVING! 1 all year round and round E- X and round . . . in aff -A ZIESEL FASHIONS Jzolkecb for Young Men and Vvomen l X Elkhartys Shopping Center 158 Send your dry cleaning to . . . Modern Cleaners The Wise Senior Knows That Appearance Is Important olll' but wiAlaeA to the C7444 of 50 Q Q D Elkhart Amusement EU. Op t g E1 -O ph m-Buckle Th t ,T Q Elkhart Welding and Boiler Works P H C N E Z - 3 9 6 9 Chassis Alignment Service WHEEL BALANCING Does away with shimmy and uneven wear Gifts . Art Supplies Pictures . Picture Framing O'Brien Paints -1- United Wallpaper . . . your satisfaction is our first objective GARBERS, INC. 160 CONTRIBUTING TO: MGRE ENJOYABLE LIVING Pictured in the foreground are ttmree veteran Crattsmen in time Buesctier engraving department, Lett to right: Ctiaries Teriep, Harvey Crawford and Ed. Christman. in actctition to saxoptiones shown above, Buesctler is notect tor its compiete iine ot txrass and woodwind instruments, Pride in fine wortcmanstup on the part of its personnel has heipect maize Buesctier a ceieioratect name in the band instrument tieid. Whenever you see a toanct marctring by, you can be aimost certain ttlat musical instruments macte in Etictlart are on paracte. Your tlome town has the enviatmie reputation ot being ttie "band instru- ment capitai ot tile woridf' Many ot your triencts and neighbors, pertnaps even memtsers ot your own family, have helped maice ti1iS possiiote. Manufacturers of famous Buescizer H4000 Buesctler is particutariy proud ot ttie record es- tatniistied toy time memtmers ot its own organization. Ttnrougtl constant application ot imowiectge and siciit, Buescher personnei produce ttiousancts ot ttle tinest quality band and orchestra instruments eacti year. Ttiese instruments help maize living more enjoyatmie tor miiiions of peopie ttrrougiwut the Worict. and Elkhart tmanci and orchestra instruments. 161 WITMER McNEASE STUDIOS Margaret E Mt:Nease PIGHO Qtudred :Infant rl ptnyo un er Mnllre Mnrguln and utnhrr Crtnr K rrrr n IN uerrnl Cullege npu lar prnrnr under Arnu Qrmtterl Inrt XX nvne Iul nne men ut ngu X uxun n cpe- n1str't organ IIug!ItIrt1e SI1entuatINIu4tr idrnnl pnpu ar fu-gnu Arnn Qnruru rt At prvivnt ucrnnnt te1cher 1nd 1luz'IzntnI I n lnlnl-kv SIts'rxtooI Iwustr irImnI .Iohn L Uackl Wttmer VIOIIII Studred vu rn Iur .rx 1e-nr: untIu 5uwtn Brenntn nnd :rx ,eur nrth Fdnrn H11rrne xI4o reetned hre Nunn1 1 or nrth Hwwtter I1 S-.Ile Sehnnl oI NIuitn al SouIIt I5encI I-ne yen: DI wytnpIt0nw orc e1tr1 1nd II1rrc Ven d1nfe h1nrI nxpnnente Quperh pdtrence utah egrnnerr Expenerne teacher efore nrmy -ernme- Margaret E Mah ease Mary M Treckelo VOICE Iynr fopmno stu red wrth Hazel G Hume 1t the SouIIt Bend Inner-nrtnry nl 'Vluerc Mndnrne Hrttre De-ure: of Chrmgu Ie1fhe1 Appeured nr guest enlnret mth qoul r Br-nd Syrrplrony Irtwmuw 1. 1n nu Iy nrenther 5nutIt Bend Quneervntun nhnf fart Vkrtrrurr I.eIa R Wrtgltt Expression an Dramatic Art Drmtxltc wteung under tutelage late Inuree Wrnternrtr eenerl Iwo 11 mrs n drreetnr F khnrt 4 hrldrnn e Theater aclne tn ra rn Dmmwhcs nrth Inn grnunr n produung eurnplete r1drn 1I1nn1 H1r nppenre 0 t tIIs tn :Ingo prudumttons und I5 Irequenly nu ed upon tu I engage rnnntq 11 1 xIram'tItc rf-nler Spefrnl trunrng boo nrnn 'Wennurn M Kathryn Wttmer Votce and Plano Dratnaltn soprano etudred votre mth the I1te Vnrln Fenner Qtrerttor Il mms A wwe rnuyrrr un er A 9 I1I'zerwoIc 11 fin hen Iratntng mth Vln nrne Tlse H Arn t Clurngo IIItnots itudrcd prunn mth IVIurtIta Innes 'Numn IIItnoN 'IIt0'xIr0 CIttc1go IIImots ltgmont G Gaska College Norma' Vzo tn an VloIa Beesre Le won Strnator III A refresher wuree 1t Sher-nnnd Muerr Qelrnu rneuded 'lheunr under I"mxtrtw Keyaer Nurrner ptann work 1ntI tl rld rn-e no ng, under Rnhertn Sulvr M 5 Vhtlvner rs the nngrn1mr ut the 'Wuuer Kun erg1rten tn Flkhnrt XX el Icnutxn thrnughuut thu part oI the tounlrw ue an extellent te-utter .nlnret 1nd tnndurtur Hue tdugItl for rn1ny yenn 1t South Bend and hw producer many nutetrndrng no tn an nun stu ents Is conductor I 5nuIIt Bend Junror Syrrrphnny an tue Flkhnrt Svrnphnny On resume We are Adapted to Furmsh Accompamst-Dramatu' Arlrsts-Muszmans or Soclal an Publ C fnferiamments A A NORRIS BUILDING 208 W MARION ST E H IVICNFASE MGR DIAL 2 8009-5 2256 M - -,I d r - , RI 1 2 Ilngx , -, 1' 7 1, li Cm .1,--i Cnr fctlfr.--'.i 1: S -r It :H,f ': -. .r gk Qfil 3 , - . Y' lr- ,. X- -rt H , In V I A. u . J I ITrenrIt,Qrerxnan,f5pnnisIt.nnrII.alin.VXIIIII1-ucI1pnpuIar nr trtarsrrr. . uk I f ,. . 1 , , dl fE.l, jk ' -r .f -' f '- ln'-II Isl , e '1 .cI 1 . r1.j- I, - U . .' 4j' '.if 1 1 ' -'le nfl V-1 rt , ea. - eat. , V-t - , ' - p - f - .1 r 2 - . DR. . . L I . . 1 - - W 162 DOIMORE POS TURB CHAIRS 9229 DQIMORE CHAIR COMPANY, INC Elkhart, Indiana For Besf Painfing Resulfs Employ A Reliable Painler Consul! THE PAINT SPOT Use Moore Paint ROLLIE VV I LLIAM DI C'uAtom 'Kuilt-In " BREAKFAST NOOKS and BREAKFAST SETS or the Home I Home Economics Room, KemIaIIviIIe High ScI1ooI ?ul-nitare fn- . . . . RESTAURANTS SHOE STORES TAVERNS CI UBS RECEPTION ROOIVI SODA FOUNTAINS DOCTORS OFFICES BEAUTY SALONS DENTIST'S OFFICES IVIILLINERY SHOPS HOIVIES, SCHOOLS, ETC. CUSTOM BOOTH MANUFACTURING CORP. 2057 South Maill ELKHART, IND. Phone 2-5299 164 Russell The Coalman U, T742 JJW .,fJ,.1,,U,f5'.,,fi,fU,,ff.,,,,f 1 'fff' z Build a Comfortable Fire-Safe 4- Home of Your Own and CELQSZETE Heat it with Coal CEMENT BLCCKS 252 E. Jackson Blvcl. Plwne 2-0585 We Also Clean Rugs in Your Home On Your Floors Ph 5-2005 Cauanaglz .ibeduera flue 9200614 1o51Q2ifh Qna st COI'I'Ll0Al'l'lQl'Lf5 of L K H A R 1' The ICE CREAM Supreme Specialists in Idmcy Ice Cream 1400 Princeton Street TeIepI1one 2625 Elkharf, Indiana ELKHART MOTOR COACH CORP. 119 E. FRANKLIN STREET, ELKHART, INDIANA 166 You'll Always Sing a Happy Tune in Fine Clothing from KEENE'S Seniors of l950 l MMM' nlnrnrs n soul snnr Hand ofurlz, As you cross the bridge Between your school days And the future- Elkhart Bridge and Iron Co. Miller Steel and Supply Co., Inc Elkhart, Indiana 167 Congratulations to You Elkhart Clearing I-louse Association First National Bank St. Joseph Valley Bank First Qld State Bank Members ofthe Federal Deposit Insurance ceep. ELKHART, INDIANA COMPLETE HOMEFURNISHINGS TYPEVVRHWERS RENTED, REPPJRED AND SOLD 540 Sherman St. Phone 2-0582 168 Y Division of Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Um' .gncereal Ed wakea hw fke aucceaa of flue Cfaafs of 1950 169 A ' A mica 1 Q, - fl' 5 0791415 fo Me Cfaaa of 150 "GHZ, THE DRUG MAN" T Congrafufafiona ana! Ed waded CETZ DRUG STORE Whefe You Know YOU' Dmggisf CET7 CUT RATE 121041212 VV. Fran1c1in and S L 14 Phone 24165 You Dfugyisf Knows YO Ph 2 0747 7 Our Leaf widkea fo fAe Cfadd o 50 221 W. Main St. 1039 S. Main St 170 COMPLETE BUSINESS TRAINING COURSES O SECRETARIAL O REFRESHER I ACCOUNTING O BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION O SHORTHAND O FEDERAL TAX I TYPEVVRITING 0 SALESIVIANSHIP-VVI1eeIer Short Course AND SPECIALIZED TRAINING COURSES IN DENTAL LABORATORY TECHNIQUE F- DENTAL NURSING -1 MEDICAL SECRETARIAL ARTS AII Courses Approved for G, I. Training ELKHART BUSINESS UNIVERSITY FuIIy Accredited "The Heart of Downtown EIIzI1art" g .Acroai Lam .jvlofef gyglzarf T 01 I I I Qwfifgfff i S OO Q ? ' few 3 x I x Y Ig ongratu atlons LII:-U I ' Class of 1950 X . E'lqK T QmUwmMMR COM PANY INC. X! 310 SO. MAIN ST. PHONE 2-0581 The Store EXTENDS TO YOU BEST WISHES YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT OUR STORE PAINTS - CHRISTIAN GIFTS - WALLPAPERS ART SUPPLIES - PICTURES - PICTURE FRAMING AWNINGS - VENETIAN BLINDS SHADES - LINOLEUM omlagmen td 0 CQiCZ?YD Excel En., Inc. 172 Conns h st and sczenhhcally the mo d d 5 T of all elect Church and Home rn If t I tml C O I G A N 0, ,N,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I CONN BAND INSTRUMENTS PAN-AMERICAN BAND INSTRUMENTS LEEDY DRUMS and MARIMBAS Complete Line ot Instrument Accessories I X Z A commm uns: 'I HEADQUARTERS I-The Factory Music Store" W N Q EUIIIIII IIETAIL 51111112 mmtws 1201 BEARDSLEY AVE. Q3 PX C0r1gmlulalz'0r1,g Class of 1950 Ferndell Fund Shoppe 601 W. LEXINGTON We can give you no better actvice than your own Class Motto: "What you will be, you are now becoming" 173 O Our Szhcere Congmtulatzbns and B651 VVZfhe.v to the Class of 50" CALVERT COAL COMPANY "Elkharf's Besf Coal Yard" 174 Biltmore Studio 128 SO. MAIN ST. PHONE 2-5804 fix Qualzgl Photographs RW PoPIILAR PRICES WEDDINGS f PoRTRAITURE + COMMERCIAL C0l'l'll0Al'l'l0l'lf5 0 . . J. L. Whisler SL Sons Packers and Wholesalers of Whisler Brand Bacon, Beef, Smoked and Cold Meats 175 Swimming is the hest of exercise and pays dividends in health and happi- ness. If you learn how to swim, you will not he afraid of the Water. When you are not the ieast afraid, it is easy to iearn, for your hody is only a few pounds heavier than water and when you conquer that difference, you know how to swim. If you are afraid of water, wade out where the water is about two feet deep. Get down on your knees, hold your nose and slowly place your head completely under water for aioout one minute. While under, open your eyes and look around. After you do this a number of times, the fear of the water will ieave you and you wiii feei more at home in the water. Then stand on your hands and start kicking your feet as long as you can and do it often. Then wade out in deeper water, iiii your lungs with air and try to sink to the bottom. You Wiii find that you cannot go to the bottom. When you find you do not go to the bottom, you can swim and after you swim a few strokes, the rest comes easy. Try this some day ali hy yourself, without any help, hut always go to- wards shore. After you know how to swim, you Wiii enjoy your annuai vacation more than those who don't know how. You wiii never forget how to swim after you once learn. it costs nothing at the High Dive Swimming Pool, not even for dress- ing rooms and wire baskets. Go as many times as you wish. If you have to go alone, you will make many friends at the High Dive Pool. Just follow Christiana Creek and it will take you there, as the mouth of the stream is iess than 800 feet from the High Dive Swimming Pool. .J PIANOS RADIQPHQNOGRAPHS egfii-ze Q XI f Recomlf . . . Muszk k Muszkal Instrument: E iff ' 50 ,2 will ,,':: 2 i Vbiu Q fi :V,.-', I Yi .-'::,1', .--1rV1:: M if glib TELEVISION Q j 2 , . -112r:1fQ: 1 lf! , .. ,, . ,, ,X, 3 TEMPLINS Home of General Electric, Keivinator, Niaytag Er Benciix Home Appliances J J' 508 S. MAIN Conipgfnenid 0 DEAL GRAVEL COMPANY C. C. DEAL, Owner Nappanee Street and Vvest Bearcisiey Ave. Phone 2-0005 177 Compliments of SHAUM ELECTRIC CO., INC BEST WISHES TO The Class of 1950 Wrap Fine Ice Cream ir nv 4 ,ffef 9004 no grew Tre f 78 Doctors eat here: they know what,s heaIthy Lawyers eat here: they know what's smart Business men eat here: they know a good deal, and Kids eat here: they know whatys hest. D WIIUIIY5 and IHIVI!-I'S, nf lznursre. PRAIRIE SIIHIIIJNEH, INC Main Office and Plant ,-1 1501 VV. Bristol Street Parts and Accessories Division ,-1 1525 Princeton Blvd. ELKHART, INDANA CLASS JACKETS Corduroys - Satins Gabardines - Wools Lettering, Too! yfmy Erksnen and Jun L1 Congrafufafiond fo flle Cfafnri of S50 Jxqgnsnnv 9 76 H' 5 i ::LllBERG'S 324 SO. MAIN ST. Sl ICE 1874-Tlll PLACE T0 G0 FOR TIIE BRANDS YOU KNOW Home of. .. HART SCHAFFNER Ev MARX CLOTHES ARROW SHIRTS 0 DOBBS HATS 0 MCGREGOR SPORTSWEAR 180 Elkhart I-Iigh School's 1949 Miles Scholarship Winners THI-I VVINNERS THE ALTERNATES Ihr-Ima! XVnlnm. Kr-in Carlson. Ruynmnfl Slulsumn, ,lm-n Vogt, Carolyn Peterson. Patricia Haselwnml, Ixlariun Russell, VViIIiam Nye Phyllis Adams and inmli 'I'lmmmn 'Ik-ny Smith nmI Rmmld VVaImn Miles Lahoratories, Inc., has other interests beyond the manu- facture and sate of its long line of medicinal products. It is also interestecl in the development of Elhhartis youth. To that encl, Miles has established its annual scholarships, which have been so intelligently usect hy E. H. S. graduates for the past seven years. Miles Laboratories, Inc.ffEIkhart, Indiana MAKERS OF ALKA-SEI.'l'ZER, ONE-A-DAY tbmndj VITAMINS, MILES NERVINE, TABCIN ANTI-HISTAIVIINIC COMPOUND TABLETS, AND BACTINE ESTABI .ISIIED IN 1884 The Charles Walley Funeral Home 126 SOUTH SECOND STREET fa:-:Q:fuH:s Hgh:-., hm E if lmrsll 1 ef is S L 1 7 1 Hag fzwzrik 'H1 , :-:-ax-: ' -Lf' .X MC-:Ziff 17f:i.:'iYSEf5'f1i"?KZ :...'.'.'.'m.a..f ,Ein , 1 JW' he . I I'Af'fff'f:11i1sg5:E:-.g.4 . ,qaggwgan ' ' 1 .'71-f12-:A:4f21:21fSi3:5e151:g:g W1 , ,A 3 I f ,, ,,. ,-5-3-5.-as lmmyu .m rw WTI -Y: -,4 5715 ' ' 'g- 1 M112 M 3 121 51 1 V lgQ5'?cgR1'lLl:s w1IEzy,1Q l-A::., .lg ,,,,, 1 ,la . ,-- -mf' ' ' Wir-"':a'ax..:-212 f....,. 1 f1i?'2f3'1k'-""'1? 2 'EE - Q " N11 'LH' 'Wf 121-23 - rkfi: yvFq 1-fl 'Tv - --:E-E51 1 '-:A -N Air!! 15:51 W Ma" H v 'ral .J U ---::5:: ::::I1i51Z - Y' 1545- eLs"-a-'- - iq ' .:f , "5 ' in-N air -,ul ,,,,, '- X- f-f -:en , ' 1 ,vf,4- eww'-1 Telephone 3-1175 Ambulance Service Lady Assistant oanri ana! liacounfd General Credit Eurpnratinn 5th Floor Monger Bldg. Phone 3-0574 182 Congrafufafionri TU THE CLASS UF '50 Riverview Ereeery Open Evenings 'Til 9 815 So. Main St. South of the Tracks ' R X I Q2 9 HERE'S wanna 4 5 me f rg X You an wlurr , nnnn YQIPRE Arran... , x ,gg The largest variety of line foods in Elkhart at DAILY LOW PRICES Courteous Eflicient Service Reclucing yo food bin ' 3 ' . ' Q, A is our husiness w . w ' w S E57 -' " '5"5? f A nAv'5 BI? N, MAIN M' 184 an suns WK mm P E D I. E R co. ..nKHAnr, INDIANA Gaotovnb-u.L6f WOODWINDS - C'omplimentA of IIEILMAN COAL CO. "Where tlnri ty people buy Coal" FRED VAUGHN JHVI VAUGHN Plum St. at G VV. R. R. Home of ORIGINAL POCAIIONTAS PIPELINE COAL BURNER FULLY AUTOMATIC I-IEAT WITH COAL E. H. S. Graduates working at the ELKI-IART CREDIT BUREAU, INC. Delores fsctnusterf Ort '47, supervisor: instructing operators, Ellen Holcleman '40 J C It Jones ,50. 186 j!Le Summer Sfory- gif gy gif Shorts, skirts, Iaras. westlut and cover-up Inoiero. Mixed or matcI1ecI . . . they spell Iun uncier the sun. Assemble enougii to Iceep you saiI- ing smartly tI1r0ugI1 an active summer. The Style Shep Best Wishes From Wamhauqh Industries HARVEY WAIVIIIAUGII, INII. Buick Automobiles and Frigidaires .., ...q4Qy:,. ..- WAMIIAUEII SANITARY 1VIII.Ii CU. The Grade A Milk in the Pure Pax Container 187 Halls ELHHAHT SANDWICH SHUP WE FEED A S W E Li! I, K E T O BE FED Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, French Fries, Short Orders and Sea Foods We Cater to Parties 125 SO. MAIN ST. PHONE 2-9154 Lafesf Sfyles in Teen-age Shoes My A.,,..,,.,f,,....,, fwury xxnlflpf. 1.11-L cl.,.f.w,.,,0.- F. A. Blessing 61 Sons Fine Footwear Elkhart, Indiana 188 LIGGETT C omplefe Running Gear LIGGE1T SUPPLY Gm EQUIPMENT CO. 2030 So. Main St. 3 Elkhart, Ind. 636 Dawson Rd. Tulsa, Gkla. Best Wishes! To the Class of '50 915115 fruuu. Floor Covering The Best Quality at the Right Price From Lytell's Floor Covering S mm Inferior 189 Qlgfkggzmk? F30 Glkhart b,2?esr .wr lf? Mufieie x i. xt 'un Sxmm and MBAR P B7 A by L' an numb Cf . ct Pick 21 We ymmer WCM tor smaft Su Gay Young Cottons Left: N i ove white drawn work emiaroiciery Crosses time bodice of ti1is dainty dress. Xvear it anywhere-itis aiways right. Siiicspun Bates comioeci yarn cimaminray -saniorizeci to tuio iiixe a iwanciicerciwiei. Fluted ruci1- ing trims necic and tiny semi-sieeves. Seif-sasii tops a pieated sicirt. Brown, iniue, pink. aqua, wine, green. 7-15. 8.98 Right: Tile iaeautifui iaare-armed iooio-one-piece eharmer-iiuge patcii pocicets on tile bodice of Finest combed yarn cotton broaciciotii. Peari iouttons lo tile waist. Sweeping sicirt topped wiiim seii-taiiored iueii, Aqua, green, maize, copper, 7415, 3.08 1 18 S. Main V rg We Specialize in Chinese Foods Phone4-0530 THE 1950 PENNANT ANNUAL 6ngrauing5 Comloodfion prinfing . Couergi . .fgCLI'l0Il!gJg2I'l'lelLt5! INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING COMPANY, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Photography - R. R. Benson FORT WAYNE TYPESETTING COMPANY, FORT WAYNE, INDIANA WILLIAM A. DIDIER 81 SONS, INC., FORT WAYNE, INDIANA S. K. SMITH COMPANY, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 191 Stop and Shu 'WHh MAUHY Nato Sala

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