Elkhart High School - Pennant Yearbook (Elkhart, IN)

 - Class of 1949

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Elkhart High School - Pennant Yearbook (Elkhart, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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1 1 in A' ' ' Q Q L S'-3 Ts. Q a A -:'., l u' Q E i- w 5 5 5 , - v Q' fi EE ,Q W I " . ' 1 - ss ' Q w N "X .A 4 fix- o U, "'. Y Q fn, 1 ' - THE PENN NNU!-1 '194' 'El UQ K O N ..- I 1 B U . A 4 as r ' . 0 A ' 0 , . K X 5 ELKHHHT HIGH i'Q liHUliig,'fEjJi1i 2xHT, mn. , . , -. . , -an-...Q..' ,LW -, A FS If I I Xxx-.uk I ,f fl! X 1 .13 P 1 I 1 . I Elkhart High School, Enillarl, Indiana -l, S 1 r I If J' 1 If Qyf' THE ENNANT ' NNUAI.-1949 records the story of our growing up in Elkhart. Here, in this beautiful town with wide rivers winding through tree-shaded streetspand lovely parlcs, the years ol our lives have flowed swiftly along. p As we graduate we look back, remembering much that has happened: we recall our first days of school: We remember "the many lessons that .we've learned", games, friends, and many incidents and experiences. I And looking haclc we see that it isn't just that we're higger, nor that we've learned a lot, but that we've changed in many other ways. Our thoughts and atti- tudes, our ideas and loeliels, our emotions,-fall these have grown and altered. And so, we recall our school days, and those 'experiences that were a part of our growing up. ' i i 5 il " sggggifar, - 5 I I ref g gdw .bb -A ' ' Il, r 5. 1 1 - g . Y '- or :Q IT A Bi AN WHEN WE 12 gPLE N' f xt at git? X A in Kindergarten which was a new and excit- ing experience. It was frightening at first, but we soon forgot our fears and we learned to love and to enjoy every minute of school. Most of our time was spent playing games, taking naps, listening to stories and learning to count.-but in general, teaming to use our minds and bodies and to get along with people. lt was here we began to grow in many ways. xg 91. XXQbx wi 2? f 2 . , 5 X . www 3 , . X XXW Q-XsX.X RX wx S 9 fi g K X X jx if Q X 4 Ku. Sli .L.L. .X 5 .X A A ' : Xi.. L2 .wN. fjix ,::fXQN-.w-STS RXQQNX SN N X X XX XXX X X .ff 5 ' v ' ' 3 . X N X . X2 32555 6 oft? Q 5 9 , Sag. ,Q---- IN THE Lnwlar. BH!-tllEgiZf3fl :MMF K THUBBLEB WITH LUNG IJIVISI NIJ LUST UU WFISH WAYS -. i -' q 6 and feit a growing importance in the lite of time sciiooi. VV e were given small duties to perform: watering the Howers, cleaning the erasers, and washing the Hack- iaoards. VV e appeared on radio programs, played in the band or in song-fiute classes, acted in plays, took part in assembly programs, ran errands for the teachers and worked in the library. VV e served as patrol boys and girls, sold tickets for school affairs and learned to taice care of the money. Now that we were big boys and girls, we fourid that there were many exciting things, besides lessons, to do at sciiooi, and we loved it. S ,X X Q 5 v Q ifs F 3, Q, .- , nk l Cuncenlmlion . , mnlposilinn . . conlpeiition 1 , Q, In ffffm swf ll " t gf f IN JUNIIJH HIGH WE WE ff-IHINB PAH THE LIFE IIE -.4 si ...- I where we considered ourselves really important. Now we Imew ttiat atttiougtl school was fun, ttlere was a serious sicte, too. Qui' texts. Iessons anct ctiscussions were more grown-up: our part in time sct1ooI's activities was a share in the pianning as welt as the doing. We took more interest in outside affairs, too: we read magazines, time news- papers anct went to shows. VV e had our first ciatesg we felt independ- ent and essential. Anct so the Iimusy days Hew past. VVe lmrinelors learn tn sew. THE SIIHUUI. NVQ- slruggle willn algolmrn wwf -2 ,,,, x , M , N M N N N N s Xvv plan clisrussions on vriliml drinking' Xxx SEREYBSQES' 3 R mln ow vxsxorl no mmsncl gi HN N' X own gguhif HW l oW?"'m. W" ami - -X. sum ng vm ,N ,X we mem X V , 1 if . ,Mrk :ZS AS WE BREW UP, 5 EH!-lNBPfg?fi N M!-lN 5 . . A fi " if lj ,r' . es, our I1 . and clislik s o N lui s ancl club Emfg sg! p xo K Wfiii dsgpi, nt ll t I1 g .ff - ' - X' Xi! I e 0 essl n T our I f es f axour Qt ire n I -V fE'5A er 5 Ev'?eTyt ngxvas an e pt as 1 lfljkaiig v iged by, s l I L ' X L J ig lm xi 1 x x x x V E NK as a e C an Ii didggfheans of fl' pi- Poftatiofl- Eff C7 V. " A Y 'x 'T JW, ' ilg x x ,L wg, X X: XX XXX. ' QA : XX if Nik X. X X5 if K K RA 5 ' ..Xh X X mn K ii ' V x XX X xii XX 5 Wsfw 'T 1 -X S ' X X ' XX A fix I A A J X B 5 X Q S Q X Q Q 5 -- X tEL X :ix X X Y-.S-XN KKEYXHF-,KX X. X X XXXXX was X .X X.. X X Noni? XQXXX aw XXX. W mx X X KX X .X A K ' gms XXX X X xX AM,.,X,.X., .X.X,,,.X - W Xia ! xxx X NL... X X. S, N S -Q? A-X ., Nw -lu 5 Sm . X 3 E X .XXX'-, XXX1 X klqmsvf' X X fri! 3 Q13-5 'A Q 0 QQ E ' UIU X K N 5 U Y T '- t E B E xx :OA 4 x p 615.21 , 0' ff"- bp ' p fl ef f Y 1, ' . where we had loo oxrwar o eing, an where we found that every day was fitted with studies, sports, pro- grams, rehearsals, ciuh and class activities . . . work and fun. Now we were really grown up. Now we were really important. Xfve helped the faculty run the school: we sat on committeesg we taught classes: we managed conf cessions and directed programsg we met new situations and helped make decisions. School, with its lessons and activities and, most im- portant of all perhaps, its setting for those dates and friendships, ahsorhed most of our time. P 1 X Zgkx Y , 1 , X. fx X : , i X ESI? X i 5 x If S- . Y. - .A K , :' 'I A N 1 Q S ww 1 f .. j Q' W ' - Net-A ' ws xx k N -1. a AUD main SW? Q RQ X i 5 -X Im' X kqi -2- S L X .Q KR .Q W , Q E .. K, sf' f - N x :L ,X R-Q. if X . x. -.. , 4 .WM ,W N Q , W if , if fi . Qi .. s X :QS as S as ,f x t K FM K X. 'K 1 .S XX M SS ' Nxvli. , Q' x Film- '111fff'f"! E i Law Q if as ,lx R Wx Z2 N x -X L, MW A sxg - G X Q E YQ if Q A ,u x " ,WWW .. J x . -wxx Www --'ifwi 5,535 f 3' t "? X 'Y Q 1? ff f N Q: , Ng, Ez Q M . Q X N Q i ' NY K X X K m -ik m X ..,.. ' ' LKQQX f ff S if - I , E gi K X g . A X 5 Q.-M. kk, ..,,,. f X 4 N 2 . ' 0 as x X kc ,Qi .3 S9 1 X535 f x J X F gxxfig , Q, 3515? XSS ISRNK x. xXX f X 5' . 5 Facing new horizons UST HUWINH P . HAD A LOT TO DO VVITH OUR THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS AND FEELINGS. ., , XXI! From the days when a penny X 1 Iootced big and an' ice-cream cone I was our only immediate desire, to time times I when we earned o first totding money X - and Iooiced forward to new horizons, we txave experienced many emotions. Gut ambitions have changed, our selfishness has grown H into understanding, our Iessons and our philosophies Iiave enlarged, our club, ctiurctl and sociat activities have altered . . . in many ways we are as different in feeling as we are in our stature and in our appearance. OUR GROVVING UP VVAS A LOT OF LITTLE THINGS, AND A LOT OF BIG ONES, TOO AS YOU VVILL SEE IN THE FOLLOVVING PAGES .... 15 UNIIE IIUH WUHLII WAS I-1 SMALL WUHLD. . . WAHM, SHELTEHED, LIMITED when even crossing the street was a hazard, and we needed protection. Going downtown was an adventure, and the world outside our schooiroom and our home was strange and bewildering. Now, our world is big. Vve cannot see its limits in these days of fast planes and scientific discoveries. Our world includes the whole worldg then again, it narrows to plans for our own futures. And so. as we face this big wide world, we are eager and excited. hut we are also uncertain and a little frightened. Growing up has brought many problems. Ili who-.Q x fffwwm .. z ,bw N K f, X .. xmkmmgpfx 12- 1. .-,gkx 1 ' N A. . ' L m.Qx 3k xxx 'Q Q a -M ., M .- 1 -155 ..x.k X W k ' N vigrx . ' -zmwwmsgyxw, , A :MQ- ix X X Q Q .L X . . - x X N EN 3 awww . ,HS-. .w-... ., ' x f x,- .' ' kk A ' Y . Q ,kill I ,, . , . , 'WN-Nw XX-- W 1.x 'Q QNNxm5.x,,X. Xmw-v QW -- Qi wwi kxwiax N ? .. -Q. 2' 5 S cw h W K' K X - .ax . X sw- ' wif, Ex X Q K NN Q X A X - .5 gig .. ' ' 5 - X ' - ww - -Q - sf. ew W" AR l 2 i Q , M .. XX 6 .gg fr YQ' X m x 3' ' 4 Y X w 4 QQ X - - 1 X K S gf at - Q X Q 5 xm- .ixkx XX . - XX XSS . XX' SX. X . XE . X- .. Q1 -X :gy N - f -.X-XX.. X? M S Q X -Xi? E .is X Xi - . - XX . . X - X . X X XF X - . - - X is . its X X X . . X . . .X - X. X . . -.Xa .Nw - X X X X X - - 2 . - XX - - X .- .- X X. 4. .. --XXX-XX X XWXN X - . . X. .XXX .- . Q . X .X .N xg X. X . X2 A - . . X- Q X X .:. YE XX- XXXXXX. .. X X. X . XXXX k.X.X.X.- Q X X X - - . XX X s x X XXX.-' A EX -. XX g X X ..X. N, X R . .. XWS5 Q--XGLLXX5 .fly ' X ,S 5. .. X - XX X X XXX X XX X S 'E .SX X N X X X X XX S QX XX XXX X - X - .XX X SSX 1. 1- X X- - -. X I XXX 1X N . XXX. KXS X -. .NXXXNX X - ' X-X XX X XX X X W X X S X X X X X SX XX X X X X XXX XX Xg X -Q 5 X -: 57' K X X- is . -X- e X XX X -XXX XX .. X2siXX -XXXX X . 5 N X -- E . X X X if S EXX . 3. X8 1 Q A. - .-- .WNWX .. K .X.X XX x 1 .5 :ist XSS X .. XS: X . Q X W' W w,,WMW,m X XX :-5? 5 . - Q Q X f . .. f . -SXX 1:1 'i N' Y :E X.. X N X X X in X5 i- . ...Q .. S E. X. .few- X. 'S .X Q .Xelf ri si HE!-XLIZINE TH!-XT WE WILL SUUN BE IIITIZENS AND VUTEB5 . . . i 'utingu in time ijresicionliai election. N i i we try. in our ciasses. to unciersianci the worici and ils many problems. in our 1 1 sophomore and junior years, we stuciy worici history anci American history, in orcier to see ilow our ancestors iiveci. in this way we iearn. from the experience of 3 other generations, ilow to meet time worlds proiniems more inteiiigentiy. i in time senior year, in studying time governments of both time United States and V 1 time State of indiana. we taiie up the sociai anti economic questions of our Country w tociay. j 1 4 Not ali our iessons are iearneci from text books. X-Ve learn about elections by l staging our own. Vwfe visit a court session to learn, first-ilanci. what goes on: we N visit banks to iearn how money is ilandieci. Thus we prepare for our future as citizens of America anci of time worici. 1 1 Niaicing maps in Wir. Jorcian's class. 19 1 X N X bt. X x X xx . X. . ? S x E Q Q. -Q 2 ' Y ,, IWW, s S -Q QS ga .S -X X x X N X X ij X E E . '. iam .- X: - 'gs -12. - --. N S . K .5-aj j j- xr- 1-X 2 - W ' Q- si- - K - is T N . - Q 5 -X -- 3231 . ' X -5- .1 X if -il S. Q Q - -is - ---.Q .:.1 . . R X. .3 ' ' ff- X Q . g X -QE - .. ' x - X . X-...Ag .Q S 2- . -N-N A . ii--wx X . , . A .. .wk X . ,-- S sf -.S - ' -. Q1 f .xp .X X - . 5 J 2 K? X- KS 4 K . S - X Q' - ' wi A . . , . .V Q..?Q,egQ K .. . - 1-.K .. .1 .XE Q55-.J T .-.-....,.,gw--....,,,, 5 - ...W MMM E ....,. ,. ,wummwuwmqhg if E 3 X .....,...,A,...N-5. ,,,,,....N--...W f ' ,..,..,,,.ww.., K. Q .iii M7 4 Mis Q x 5 3 s i ix X s S15 E S: E X 1 P . 1 2- I X Q.. 5 9 fi- . yXx.1 'e X -Q f .5- : Sis 22 .. T N5 iifibfii -1 'k" - Q -1 -. Q . -- . -- . 5-X . 'x Ng. . zz " .M . ,N .. ,L - 5 I I - l. -A S 5 1 S F g fig- - X x fi 1 S Xi' Fei 3 5 ,iii 2-- KS? .: " Ekizsgx . 5 ' Q 233 T? Q " -ik. iii gfs fl ' - M52-5 ? .. .. M. 2-ff xx . 1 ' rf . .. -. SN x YK R -X.-. MX W . it . . E? 5, K x K x Q X x X iv 5 s J f g F g S fy- X 4 X A ,X f -0 1 J. Q . . v - of f' Al SQA- X' . XU xx it . . 5338... ' 'xx-ik X iii Q: af 5 sg Lfkwia.. s .Y X X X S. 18N -- in gy. me doors swing open: tht- doors swing out." NIL XY:-ngvr gives .Ioe the ct ll' WE LEARN TU USE THEIII-IDII1 Here at E. H. S., we have our own radio hroadcasting system. Il is one of the few in the slate to broadcast directly from the schooi. The Speech Vforicshop sponsors a fifteen-minute program every Tuesday of every month: TEEN TQPICS are discussed: the RADIO JOURNAL broad- casts schooI news: XVORKSI-IOP DRAINIA and MUSIC IN THE AIR are the other topics. The speech students Iearn how to interpret and write scripts, take and give cues. and use sound effects. In this picture n group is discussing the question: "Am Comics Detriinentai to Youth?" 22 AND THE PRINCIPLES UI' PHYSICS Young women tociay are becoming more and more independent hy Iearning to take care of their own equipment. The girIs in this practicaI physics cIass will not have to depend on men when they want the iron, sweeper or percoiator repaired. They are taught how to tai-ze apart, repair and put together eIectricaI home appliances: at the same time, taught the Iaws and principles of physics. In this way, girIs may use their science Icn0wIecIge to heIp soIve everyday household problems. Fixing the hutplate . . . v fibmfr X MQW Wh gf Q T f xA's , ,Q sk xxx X 5 t -M X. s A WW W1 Q X 1- K x Na QS, xk,: x Six N 5 N S ,. X X x -iX in. Sf 2 X Q A is S?-X K 5 ks' f SQA ' K live ' Nl N iv K I' SW S X X ww' w 'Q X X X X X -wzli' X K X X X ..Xs PX . ' - XX. if E.. X -z :XX-.M -.,-:N N . .. .ik .G -Fi Q a A X Q 5 X S X W5 XX XX xx XXQX N XX XX Elx X X X N e:.::.5X. . E' ' X N N x K. ix 5 XX X E X Q X X X 'immwww s .XXXL .. X X xxxx X X X X.. My if X 3 .. " I' . 5 .SQ -fl .X f SXT K N . . ...Ira Xaqg.-:Q . - XX - N-13 -XNX1 f:..k K K X L XX - A . .X.. W x mv' . .f X N . X XX. .X S 1 W . i X X SX - Xi S m XX. L .tiar a 'E X -'if F1X'YT X .Q -.:X- f- xXx :Sf E? Q.. . - . NX 'ii 5 ' - X X 3 3 xx xx -X X W, X xxx NS NQXXKQQXWX XNXQANQ KWH - 5 XX -ssf-XXX--Xwwfwwkvf Q -X- M- fwxxxx, M -- -- X X EPM XXXX --,, fxv- xxxA x... - . X ,X X W wg-V .... ' ' ,ws X x A X Y xi Q 5 Q '- '- h S XL A 5 - 'X .Xi H -- " ' A -- ' A X ' X 5 X X 5-KN XX Q QF X X mx X X gs 2. Q - X N- X 4-X X X: f X X X -X XX- X - X .Q-. - . .,,,,,N, -X X .,,, , X A X . .X N M XX we ww - " K - ,X -X x XQ X S - X K 1 x- F xli- - X-XX 5 X XX.-X--,X Y X .fi A A A X A g x.3Q X' XX N K 1-. N. h NX "f ::- X-5-2 X " - -Y - 'ix' ' 'NX N xg '- K -- P--fri X '31-Swim-: :Sm x , .EX-I , X NQ X A X - 'lf . X . -X A - -." 1 5 We-1 ' XX- .X X - X - -- X LL.A X X 1 - X Y A - - A 21 'I X 'JW Q H 'F'K -Q ..,. - - X F S- T X - -f X firj- Q. Q' X NN . . X S X Xu 1 X Q A X X X - A XX 3 ' ' ' ' ' Q X - f wx X X X - f X ' S L X X - -- X Q 5 Xxw' ,- :a 2 - S K E i X S X X Nr X A ..x- - x wt k .Ya S Q 9 is X 1 X Fix i Q A ,XM "SEQ-25:2-X X Es X X - - X- -X X X S x N NN:-ff X , 1X5:f,w,-fQxx-.-- - 1- X K - -wks -X Nw- 1 . X . X Q-X E ' W X - M- gg X Q-X, E-Asrw. QQ - i K , X il X X- E XSS -ig g ,ff 2 51--K X X ix ff Q- NS S X KE X X X X- X XQX , ,X -:N-f.g- x .Q X -- W My - - 1 xmas XXXXXXX X Q1 X - max XXXXX XX xg A X --Wx M" ww-Q N K Q - -fy - X Wmxmi -X N ' - XX.X, f . . X X -P if , fr. S ' -X-X - f- :X :X-ffm A ' - K x 5 xx ES XXX X 65 XX X Q3 XS N XX X 5. - X if .. X XX ,Xx :,. - . A .L X N X A L x A . we i fl. X1 XX 5 X-X mwwx 5. Q F ,X XX :K KNXNXXX X Xzi' Y' T X X HEN WE WERE EHY UUNB . our ambitions were mostly dreams. VV e ctreameci oi being an aviator or an en- gineer or a movie star, with no worries about our ability or talent for such a career. All of these dreams were based on hero worship. Now as we grow up, we are helped hy our teachers and counsellors to see that we must measure our capacities and consicter the training and skin essential to the joio we would most like to have. ln high school we begin to chart our careers in a businessliice and practical way. Many oi our courses, haseci on learning skills, help us to pre- pare for those careers. . . and deed - F' ' " A "' ""X----- - -- x.,. . ..., ,X MW X -X- X X f - X X XX X . NX X 5 X Q XXXXXXXXXXQX XXXX X XXX XX xXxX X XX XXX XXXXXXXX X . XX ' X - - X 3 XX X -- 'H X- -X X - X 5' E J - M XX X"'l1lTmQ.XXX'XXX'wWk "S Q XX X X- , XXXXX-N1 X X X X X Q X X X XX ----1 ---X -XXX X' - XWS-XXX-XXXiXX SE 'X X X X k X, -.X -X KS QNXXXQX X XSS-XX X X X -X X XXXXX- X- XX X XX X. XXQX--X v X - X X - ' XX .XsX.-X--XF XXX X .X XX -if- Xa-X X ,XX XX . X --XX XX X X X X X i N- X -XF X X X X- XXX k X XX in K A X X XXX. K X QX Q : X. . X . . X X X-'S .. XXgX- -"- X 1 X iiX K X -X S -- -X :X G " X- ' ' X X - SQ 6 X fx - - X 3 X -X X ' X S-1 - ,R X - ' X X 6 K K XX k X 1, X f-XX XX Qxgsfj X XX X5 XX- ' X' - 5 XX-X X .X . X -i -XX X 'ii M -X - .X : XXL L' X 'XXX - XX Q s Xg-Q X X,X,. -X h -QX X - X: -- XX Q X X, X' -XX' K X XX-X - f X -XX X X X X X :X XX XXXXX -XXX XX X Xl- X XXXXXM X ,XXX X X XX XX- XXX - XXX XX -. X X X S X X X -XX X XX - XX 5 XX XXX X--XXX-ga -X XR -XX-15 XX -XX XXX - X-XX Xx 5 Xsfzziik X X XXX-'N-XXX - ' - X X- X - XX XXXX-X- X X X W- -X XX X X X Q XXXXXXXXXX XXXXX Xu-XXXX ,X ,A X -wMXxS-- X XX A XXXXXX X -X J- k X X XX- X Q XSXWX NX XX A X X X -QNX X --X-MXXXXXX XXj- X. L, '- XX X5 X 1 Q XX X XX- X -X -X X -- - X RA- -lf' X AM.. XX Nw XX XX - X---X . X . X- XX .FX X X X-XNX-X X X X X Y- .X.. . X. - X' xv .XX X -- X XXXXX . X kv X X XXXX X 1 X A S, X- X X- xX Q. X, XXX,Xi'1 X Q XXX X --X X X- A 6 X X 5: A XX X XX X ww-X. M Ne X, :X g vi NMMA R X X XXX X- 3 X , XJ". X Xf I X X95 -X X SFXX X 3 5' X iX X ,QS x XX ' XXXX t .tg XX X - X ' Y Es: X XX XX R X ff X? X X- i, Y 'X - Y f XX Xi S S -QNX- X X Y XX :X X 15. gf S . Xa- gas: i 1 5 'X is X gg N X XX W E X Xi rf X 3 is X ,X XXX X XX., X. X X - X X k X XXX X' X wi X . k X , X XXXXX X R X X X - KX-fe , X K X, X Q x 3-X -NW XXX X 3 f K. XXRX 5 1 HX I-Xx, X XX XX fy - 5'jf.X: NX. ix- X X Xi? SSE X XE-XX Q'X'fsXfXX'X13kji r X zgk XX SX XX, f-XX 5 X X XX X is X 'X - XS L9 XXX XX Xi A -- XX- X X X ,S X X X S5 X. XX 1 X 5-X Q5 X wwf X - -X X,-X. .5-X X X X Er-3835 -XXX XX- X X,--XX Xi X-eg g X XX- XX- X XX - 5- Xf- x XX-3 XXX- QE -5 X Qi x A-MQ - E 'i -X S XX X- X X X 1 XXX-XXX gs X SNK- :X X X X X X XX S X 'A -A K Q S X X M552 25 X M ew .:.f Q wk- x ..., NX X x X N ? Vi. N.,-1 , KSA X K -R+ S S Xi X X X N X 2 R X X 3 'N 1 i hx xS NQ we XX Q2 2 3 .. NN X 'Q M 3 Y A X N X X K X X Y f 1 ' E X 'r f A 5 f X 5 N :X gl 3 . f i-S + Q X x P X 5 B x A A - -. Q? S A V6 E y K W-.,.W.. 1 Q Q M . Q S i R . NX X K k X .XX 0--ww 3 S . K X R Xf 1 A g R A f f 2 X " M .f X ,X N K- , QS X s N.....,,,................M - WN - ' 'R' M .... X A Q k ,sQizi.:1QQg W. "Q r 24 W . ff -1 W ,if 5 Q f Ciwfwf L ,ff if P - :Z .. .. ' T 'XA Q .ig fi-Q2"S??F'9E U X Q W r K A A A s Sig - ' Si L L ,Q Q f 5 f ,M Y. x N . sw fx W 1 A A g. .. x. . kk Q - my XX vi , ,f M in - - 1 ' X X X . 'W - X XX iif-AS X' X s-N-QNX X ' - A 5 X .W wr S .Sf -+ .N x ww X E' W N-X .. X - .. xxx. THE GUIDANCE PHUGH1-iM stresses the growth oi the pupii in ati phases: in his iiie here at schooi anct in his future in a democratic society. The juniors have concentratect this year on choosing their vocations. During the months of October and November. each home room toot: the Kuder Preference Test anci then ctiscusseci the resuits with their home room teachers. Fiims anci iitmrary materiais suppiementeci these tinciings. Next, the pupiis in each home room were grouped accorciing to the areas of interest: ciericai, nurses, training, setting, teaching. etc. These groups, often join- ing with those in other home rooms, got together to stuciy anci ciiscuss the proiaiems of their chosen vocations. in February anct iwarch, pupiis heard taiics, arrangfeci hy ixiiss Siner anct ixirs. Siciceis, by students who were aireaciy woricingf at vocations. in Aprii. juniors wrote themes on the topic, uchoosing iyty Career." This conciucieci their stuciy of vocations. Holllerooln II5 taiees the Kucier preference lest iss iioois shows us the hiv nt Yttfiltlllllili muh-riuis. 31 L 4 lxiiss iwlyngle Dorsett, Clean ol girls. lylr. C. P. Vvooiirull, prinripni. Alf. NDUYIO l:l'l'Xll'll, ilsst. Iirilin Clvilll UI! luiys. NIIE E IIMMITTEE AND is really a sort of 'lscllool wellareu committee. Everything lrom tlre achieving of a grade A rating in the school cafeteria to the blue ancl white ribbons on diplomas is reviewed, ap- praised and planned lay tliese guides ol our scliool life. Tliey are intereslecl in everylaocly and everytlxingg tlrey lrave a "linger in every pie." For the seniors, lX"liss Dorsett and lrer com- mittee pianned programs loaseci on plans lor time future. Home rooms were divided on tlie basis ol college or career plans. Nliss Dorseli and lVlr. French tallied over college problems with students who are college-bound. Nlrs. Avery, lVlr. Hart and Wir. Grgan arranged talks ancl discussions of career-mindeci seniors. "How to Succeed on tlre Jola. at School, With People" was tlsie tlreme of these programs. Per-- sonality rating sheets were used as a basis for some of these programs. The Guidance Council also steers llie iunior and sophomore trome room programs and super- vises tlre extra-curricular activities program. Betty, Virginia, Nlary Lou . . . Ilre real guicies around liere. THE l:nUN5ELLnP.5 The counselling staff in E. H. S. consists of seven ellicient faculty members who help the stuclents with program and vocational problems. The girls' counsellors are: Miss Marie Sharp, senior class: lVIiss Katherine Jarvis, sophomore class: Miss Kirlclancl, junior class. Because of illness. Nliss Kirkland had to he replacecl hy lX"lrs. Hines in the latter part of the year. The boys' counsellors are: Nlr. Kerr, seriior class: Nlr. Gill, junior class: Mr. Rieth, sophomore class. Vvhen the class of '49 entered high school as sopho- mores, a new counselling plan was inauguratecl. Previ- ously, the counsellors were assigned positions according to class ratings. For example. one faculty memher was girls' counsellor for all the senior classes, one for the junior classes. etc. ln this way, each class changccl counsellors as they arlvancecl a grade. ln the new sys- tem. one faculty memher was counsellor for the girls is s SQ il in a class through their sophomore. junior, and senior years. This new system enahlecl the counsellors to he- come hetter acquaintecl with the incliviclual stuclents and their problems. The class of ,419 was the l-irst class to he assignecl counsellors who woulcl follow them through three years. lX"liss Sharp is the girls' counsellor ancl lxflr. Kerr. the hoysf As a part of the guiclance program, a three-year plan for college or career futures has heen set up. Beginning with the sophomore year, the counselling staff, assisted hy the home room teachers, has plannecl a program that culminates in the senior year with linal choices. ln aclclition to this planning for the future, counsellors are available for help with personal problems. Each counsellor malces ancl maintains a three-year curricular program for each looy ancl girl on any one of the 15 available courses. The E. H. S. Counselling Staff: E. T. Organ, vocational counsellor: Nliss Jarvis, sophomores: hir. Gill, juniors: lvliss Kirlilancl, juniors: Bliss Sharp, seniors: Nlr. Kerr, seniors, ancl hir. Rielh, sophomores. Aclvice lrom tliose wlio know, on nursing and llusiness sclmols. SHALL WE EHUUSE it CAREER All tlirougll tlie year, tile iromeroom programs stressecl plans lor tlie luture. Films, bulletin laoarcl clis- plays. library material ancl tallis gave pupils time cliance to stucly vocations ancl to malce up tlieir minds about time lutures in wliicli tlley were especially interestecl. Early in tlie year, seniors were clivicleci into groups ol tliose going to college anci tliose planning careers. Tliese groups llearcl tallcs on plans for college. scllolar- slmips. careers, applications, ancl requirements. ln .ian- uary. February, ancl lxflarcli, tile senior homeroom pro- grams were luuilt on tile tlieme, UHOW to Succeed--on tlie tlolm, at College, witll Peoplef' This program was EO, LW' WWW ww 49: WW? WWW! startecl lwy tlie stucly ol personality ancl time marking ol a personality reacting street wiiicli was cievisecl lay tile counseling stalil. As a follow-up, several talks were liearci on time importance ol llealtli ancl grooming, time use oi leisure time, the estalalislnnent ol' creciit, anti tile lnasic neecls lor a well-rouncieci life. lxflrs. Avery. lVlr. Hart, and lwir. Organ, as senior cliairnien. inauguratecl tliese pro- grams. Career Night was llelcl time evening of Tuesday. November 23. at 7:50 P.lVt. Tire purpose ol this con- ference was to lielp looys and girls wllo are considering business colleges and girls wlio are considering nurses training scllools. Tliis conference was lor sopliomores. juniors, seniors. and tlieir parents. Over one liunclrecl stuclents. parents. ami stall memlaers attencieci. Following a lialf-lmour general session, sliort group conferences were arranged so tlrat stuclents ancl tlicir parents liacl an opportunity to confer witll several repre- sentatives. Tile general session for business scliools was leci by tlie cliairman ol tlie commercial department: tile nurses training section, lay tile supervising nurse of city sclioois. Students servecl as liostesses. servecl coffee to tile guests, acted as cllairmen ol all sections. and reportecl all conferences. Career in Action lxirs. Slireiner iiemonslrates a scliool nurse's job. 34 UH IIULLEEE? College Day is an annual affair in Ellchart High School. its purpose is lo acquaint the students with the various accredited colleges and universities: thus they are helter prepared to choose the school which they wish to attend alter graduation from high school. This year. College Day was held on Tuesday. November 9. The program was begun by Wir. Xvoodruli. who gave the greetings. Bill Nye. the president of the senior class. introduced Dick Xvalton. the chairman of the panel discussion. Dick presented the six student members and the live college representatives. The students were: Dick Vvalton, Phil Smith, Ronald Vval- ton. Sarah Thornton. Barbara Bailey. and Pat Hasel- wood. The college representatives were: lxflr. Carl Cooper, from Vvestern lxflichigan College: Nlr. Cole Bremheclc, from lxlanchester College: lxilr. Alhert Xvil- son, lrom University ol' Chicago: hir. Leo Nl. Haupt- man, from Ball Stale Teachers' College: hir. Sunder- man, from Arthur Jordan Conservatory ol lN"lusic. . The questions used on this panel were chosen from those turned in hy seniors at a group meeting. Some ol the prohlems discussed were: the advantages ol a large school versus a small school, and a co-ed school versus a hoys' or girls' school: the desirahility of transferring from one school to another: the nature of a liberal arts course and what it prepared one lor: the housing short- age: the difference between high school credits and college hours: the desirability of worlcing in college or hefore going to college: the difficulty of getting good grades in college: the use of the lecture method of teaching: college entrance requirements: the desirability ol enlisting hetqore going to college: the exemption ol college students from the dralt. College H1911 glvlf US SONIC Villlltllili' p0llllPl' Alter the panel discussion. students were allowed three twenty-minute periods in which to attend group conferences with the various representatives. Those students desiring more information than already oh- tained could lnalce an appointment with the representa- tive from the specified college: parents were invited to attend these individual conferences. This year, College Day was sponsored lay the Na- tional Honor Society. Student hosts and hostesses greeted the guests. A check room and a guide service was furnished to direct the students and visitors. The National Honor Society also designed a map showing the locations of many prominent colleges and universities in the mid-west. Nlr. Vvhite tells us about Purdue. X. rlhe sophs practice introcluctions. HIJMEHIJIJM PHUBHAMS Llllll-i Tll THE FUTURE The sophomore homeroom programs lor this year, uncler the supervision ol' lxliss Amshaugh ancl lxliss ljeal. have liven lguilt arouncl the theme. "Knowing lxlysell uncl Nly School!! This incluciecl informative programs on tardy ancl absence slips, the report card, the significance ol a cumulative record ancl school ac- tivities. The counsellors explained the requirements lor grarluation with the major ancl minor sulaiecls. A stucly ol grooming ancl manners. ol the use ol leisure lime ancl nn evaluation ol' their programs encleci the year. These sophomore programs were the lirst ol' a three- part plan lor huileling a well-roundecl pupil. who would he equippecl lor his place in lile as a citizen, worlcer. taxpayer, voter ancl consumer. The seconcl step. in the junior year. emphasizes the choice ol a career, while the seniors concentrate on heing a success. Following the choice ol' a career and the stucly ol what it talces to get a job ancl to succeecl in that career. are the acljuslments ancl lcnowleclge necessary to the wise use of leisure time, the importance ol' a goocl per- sonality ancl ol' lcnowing how to get along with people ancl settling on a philosophy which will malce for a happy life. Nlany men ancl women ol our community helpecl us in Carrying out this Ulife-acljustment eclucationn. Qur own gracluates ancl parents, the professional and bus- iness men ancl women gave their time ancl energy lay coming in to give tallts, malce clemonstrations ancl answer questions. Turning to a more immediate need, all juniors ancl seniors home rooms eoncentratecl on prololems of dress ancl etiquette in the months ol lvlay and June. These homeroom programs plannecl lay lvliss Dorsett ancl the Girls League, clemonstratecl proper concluct ancl appropriate apparel lor the prom and graduation affairs. BX X P tx X X XX QQ 'S g , X X X K X X X . Q - XX. . . XXXQXSSQX. X SN--XX. X X wk XX X M . A X X ' X Q! Q - X X LT . x Q XX is X X W XXXS ' Xi 08 A-X, if XXX, 5 A-nw X X X . sgf .X X x Q- 5 w f f wfwfwf M g. X 'X if I 'P Sum XX . XXX WE IIIINSIDEB TEACHING AND The Future Teachers' Association. of which hlrs. Hines is sponsor, meets monthly in the high school cafeteria: outside speakers and student-teacher panel discussions furnish programs. Special programs are also arranged throughout the year, such as a trip to Nlisha- walca High School. Eleven members of the club accepted the invitation and went to hear a lallc given hy an A cadet must linow the answers. l memhers with their sponsor, Ftrs. Hines. exchange teacher who had recently returned from Lon- don, England. The only officer for the year is Carolyn Peterson. secretary: various F. T. A. memhers have the responsi- bility of heing chairmen ol the meetings. A topic ol interest to the student on teaching is presented to the cluh each meeting. Five members ol F. T. A. have had actual classroom training through the cadet teaching program. A plan is heing devised so that students will he given credit lor this type ot xvorlc. The purpose of the cadet teaching program is to acquaint students with the teaching profession and to give them practical experience under the supervision ol a slcilled teacher. The cadets are given time to study the methods and qualifications of a teacher and to observe their super- visors at worlc. VN7hile observing, the cadet learns to adjust to the age and intelligence level of the group and to meet the individual needs ol the children: the pro- gram enahles qualillied students to consider carefully the teaching field as a vocation. The following students have heen participating in the program this year: lxlary Chester. Pat Haselwood, Jaclcie Stover. Joanne Jordan. Rosie Reiner, Beclty Romherger. Betty Emhry. Helen Daily, and .lane Stringliellow. Reaciing anri ciiscussiug personaiity proiaienms. STUDY EUR EEEEETIVE LIVING Time effective iiving course was outiineci by Niiss Dorsett to give tiie stucients a better uncierstanciing of timemseives anci otimer peopie. An intensive stuciy was marie oi imow to provicie experiemmces wimicim wiii awaicen an interest in securing' information about time use and vaiue oi psycimoiogy for imappy imommme reiationsimips. Also ouiiineci was time study oi escapes anci oi cieiense mecim- anisms wiiicim we use wimen we face oimstaciesg inciucieci in timis are ciaycireanming, imysteria, temper tantrums. stealing, ciieating, and tying. A wicieiy ciiscussemi topic was time appreciation oi time importance oi time iamiiy as a unit in society anci as a tooi to gain nmore imowiecige for a successful imomne iiiie. Uncier timis imeaciing commme time responsiimiiities oi time parent to time cimiici, anci time crises imm iamiiy iiie tociay. Heaitim. ieisure, illlfi ieisure pursuits are requireci for us to aciequateiy meet our neecis. iVIany opportunities may be iounci in Eiitimart wimicim we cionit iuiiy appre- ciate. Xve simouici mmmaice more use of timese ieisure op- portunities to enricim our iives. A civic ieatier spoice to time stucients omm timis vaiue. Time ciasses iearneci to appreciate time fact timat iiie is a series oi associations anci constant acijustments. Time stucients ciescriioeci tiie peopie wilim wimoln timey associated every ciay. anci inciicateci timeir outstanding traits. Time eiiieclive iiving course is aiso informative on time cimaracteristics anci neecis oi teen-age peopie in time iieici oi sociai imygiene. tl is recognizeci timat information omm sex questions is a normami. graciuai and commtimmuous stuciy. A taiit by time scimooi nurse anci a panei oi' parents of young cimiiriren was useci as anotimer means oi re- ceiving information. Last omm time outiine is time stuciy of time necessity of iinciing somne type oi soiitary recreation. Since time iiie of tociay is speeciy anci reciciess. more time simouici be spent in our private pieasures-mmmusic. imoiaioies. garcien- ing. anct iisiming. Timis eiiiective iiving course rose so quiciciy in popu- iarity in E. H. S. limat next year it wiii be oiiereci as a iuii two-semester course. WE LEARN SELLING The selling or merchanclising 'class meets one hour claily. The class consists of twenty-three stuclents who not only have this regular class hour at school. but who must also work at least one hour claily in one of the downtown stores. Their grarles and creclits are a com- laination ol their class gracle ancl the grade given hy the employer. Students have jobs in all liincls of stores: retail, drug stores, groceries. rlress shops. and many of these leacl into permanent careers. In the classroom. the stuclents learn about their mer- chandise. about the way to treat customers. ancl about methocls useci in selling ancl aclvertising. During the course of the year, speakers give the class the other side ol the merchandising field. Fielcl trips and demonstra- tions malte the course practical, giving the pupils a chance to see actual selling operations. On the job, the stuflent puts into practice the things he has learnecl in the classroom. bringing laaclc problems which he encounters for class cliscussion. This course. originated hy Bliss Kirkland three years ago, has proveci to he very heneiicial to the stuclents. who have been fortunate enough to have this valuable training before graduating ancl going out on jobs. "Special on those. SIL., says George. persuasively. l LIU liuolilcee Jin f xresents I L I pmctical prolrlems. A 'll IILEHIEI-tL SKILLS The students in a commercial course talce typing for The stuctents who take typing as an elective usually two years along with hoolclceeping. shorthancl, com- want it for personal use. hlany ol them are college mercial law. and other relatecl courses. ln the lirst semes- preparatory stuctents. talcing it lo matte their college ter, the stuclents learn how to manipulate the machine: writing easier and neater. These stuclents usually take in the seconcl semester, they hegin to type letters ancl typing for one year only. various business forms. The whole seconct year is usu- A two-semester course in hoolilceeping gives stuclents ally spent typing out translations from shorthanct. This a practical course lor a career in husiness. gives the stuclent practice in shorthanct, as well as ac- curacy in typing. Dictation nncl clrill mulie goncl typists. srixsssas, hludeling the results nt our own sleill and patience. HIJMEMAHING PHEPAHES Flllt THE The very elticient homemalcing department helps the girl to develop ahility to contribute toward a satisfactory solution to some ot the problems that exist in her family in relation to foods, lahrics. and clothing. First ot all, the girl lists her own and her l:amily's clothing needs. As a class project, each girl linds out what colors and types of clothing best suit her indi- vidualty. Then she analyzes her own wardrobe and decides what should he discarded, remodeled or altered. Alter the student has done this, she may wort: individually in the clothing room with whatever type of sewing she wants to do. As she sews, she learns how to louy and use patterns and materials, and how to use sewing machines and various machine attachments. She learns to mend. darn. press and make clothifig budgets. ln this way. girls acquire slcill in using time. equipment and in planning and evaluating work done in this phase of homemalcing. tn consumer education, she learns to test materials. to recognize good materials. to watch for evidences ot good worlnnanshipg thus, she is able to do purchasing for her family when she becomes a housewife. HOlHCUlHliiIl22' may he elected as a regular course from the ninth to the twelfth grades. Homemaliing 9 gives the pupil a chance to meet real situations in relation to her personal. food. and clothing needs. Homemalcing 10 helps the pupil understand her share of responsi- bility toward family happiness and continues the worlc begun in the first year with foods and clothing. This course also helps the 200 girls understand efficient ways to store and use food and equipment. ln the third year homemalcing course, the pupil has an opportunity to do advanced wort: in foods and clothingg however, this course is open only to eleventh and twelfth grade pupils who have credit for home- malcing 10. Homemalcing I2 is offered to all pupils in the senior year. The pupils in this course learn how to meet the responsihilities that go with successful mar- riage and family life. They also study child guidance. home nursing, and home furnishings. "Never underestimate the power of a womann who has studied homemalcing courses in E. H. S. HUME5 UP TIJMIJHHUW The heactline news concerning the homemalcing clepart- ment for this year is the hanclsome, re-huitt foocts room, lea- turing six unit kitchens. Each unit has its own clouhle-basin sinlc, lull size range, steel cabinets, ancl ciinette tahles ancl chairs: one even contains an electrical clisposal unit anct electric dishwasher. An automatic washer, clryer. and ironer constitute a moclern, efficient launctry unit. Pupils in Elkhart High School now have the goocl fortune of being able to wort: in one ot the most attractive anti mociern homemalcing rooms in the state. The moclernizing program inclucles re- ctecorating the rooms ancl provicling new equipment. Next in line lor this improvement is the clothing room. The long- range moriernizing ol the home economics department will he completed with the furnishing of a third room to he used lor social occasions. class cliscussions and ciemonstrations. The Home Economics Department often prepares noon luncheons for the faculty and out-ot-town guests. On April 7 the new lcitchens were open tor inspection when the vo- cational shops held P. T. A. open house. On April 4, the Home Economics department servecl tea to the faculty, when the regular faculty meeting was helcl in their newly-ciecorateii rooms. A style show in the spring has become an annual ll0I'l1ClTlHlitIlg' ciepartment event. This style show. held on Nlay 26, gives parents and lriencls the chance to see the articles of Clothing made by the girls. Demonstrating new equipment. At present, the ctepartment incluctes a dining room, cloth- ing laboratory, and Fitting room. The central anal senior high 1 classes have heen taught this year hy Ntiss Anna Amshaugh. lvlrs. Zora Patton, lttrs. Grace Hile, anct Nliss Bertha Depew, 5 w who is the department chairman. "Before anct Alter" . . . the otct kitchens, ancl the new 2 hir. hlishlcr supervises Gnry nt the linotypc. PRINTING HEUUIHES NINIBLE FINEEHS . . The printing classes ol our industrial department play n very important part here ut E. H. S. The hoys in these classes print nlmost all of the printeci papers nnci forms usccl hy the school. These projects include: concert programs, tickets. the pennant Vveelciy, all lcincis ol hlnnlcs, passes. report carcls. filing sheets. uncl many other projects lor the city schools. This year. the hoys printecl The Central Spirit. anct the Ju-Hi-An, u new Central year laoolc. This hoolc is on the same orcter as the Threshold. the only exception being that there are pic- tures in it. They also printecl the Threshold in lVlay ancl the curriculum laoolcs. ln this class ol three hours a clay, approximately 14 boys are in the arivancecl worlx. The hoys taking this course are requirecl to talce nrt uncl journalism in addi- tion to the printing class. . . . AND DHILI. PHESSE5, I-t STE!-tlJY HAND Every clay tlxe boys in tl1ese slmop classes meet prola- lems ol a very real nature: practical training lits tllese pupils for places in tl1e inclustrial world as capable workmen. lwlorcover, tlxe lnclustrial Department lieeps in clbse toucll witl1 tlie inclustries ol' Ellclxart. Tlme lnctustrial Club encourages tlie ambition ancl slcill of our slmop stuctents by awarcling a prize at tlle cncl ol eacll sclmool year to tlle top-notclx boy in eacln sliop, ancl lay enter- taining stuclents ancl teacllers at an Industrial banquet. Also as a part of tlme industrial program, a number of men. and women. in Elltllart takes special courses in tlme niglit classes olzlerecl for aclults eacll winter, and many men and boys avail themselves of tlie special apprentice classes in our slmps cacll Saturday morning. Skills in lianelling macliines oi all types, like tliese latlies, are learneil liy time laoys in tlie sliop classes. SHUP EUUHSES ABE PRACTICAL . .. Sliop courses in H. S. inclucie training in aero- nautics. Tile stuclents worlcing in auto aireralt classes are tauglit time operation, construction, and maintenance ol' tiillerent lill1flS ol aircralt. engines. ignition anel ily- clraulic systems, carlmuretion, instruments ancl propellors. Tile very complete ancl assortecl line oi tools and main- tenance equipment gives tlle stuclent invalualmle prac- tical experience wliicli is required in orcler to lollow auto or aircraft meclmanics as a career. Time Linli trainer lnas marie il possible lor time stuclents ol prelliglit to receive basic orientation and elementary lliglit practice. Tllis moclel plane will rio everything a real plane will clo except loop ancl roll. ln tliis way, stuclents get practice comparalale to time lirst few lxours ol lliglit instruction. Tlley learn tlie lunclamentals ol' llying SllCll as strato conclitions, tile complete nomen- clature ol planes, and tlie llleory oi lligllt. Also in tllis sllop, tire study oi auto mecllanics is oiiierecl. Tlie stuclents stucly moclels oi engines and learn tile iunclamentals of tlieir repair. Tllell tlmey tear clown anal relauilcl lxrolcen motors. Stuclents are allowecl to lnring in tlieir own Cars wllose motors they repair or relauilcl. By tliis metliocl of teaclling, tile stuclents gain mucli practical experience witll ancl valuable linowleclge about a variety of motors. XVl1ile repairing llie various motors lJI'0llglll in, tliey igecome acquaintecl witli almost all makes and morlels oi motors. Alter iinisliing tliis course, tlue stuclents are ready to go to worlc as auto mecllanics. Nvllile worliing, tliey receive aclclitional training anci liave time opportunity to lgxecome lligiily slcillecl meclianies. ... FITTING EACH BUY Nietai lathes. drill presses, and a metat saw are among the many machines found in the top-rate nia- chine shop of our high school. Improvements are lmeing made constantly to matte this shop a better place to iearn in. in lxiay, three iathes were replaced hy new nine-inch South Bend quick change iathes. There is now 5100.000 worth of equipment in this shop. After the boys ieave the sophomore Class in which they learn the simple fundamentals ot' a machine shop. they go into a three hour vocational machine shop for their junior and senior years. if they don't preler to go into the three hour vocation, the laoys may laice another FUR A .IDB one hour course which is called machine shop eleven. If none ol these courses appeals to the boys, they may specialize in auto, woodwork, or drafting. The incoming freshmen spend an hour a day learning from the holtom up how to use machines. Then within the next three years students specialize in the course of their choice. Niost of these courses are three hours in length so that a boy spends most oln his time in one of these shops taking only two other courses in "hook subjects." IF at alt possible he has a special program which enables him to get some Hon the john training. in this way, his courses and his join combine teaming and practice. Xviison and Beckett can fix nnytining . . . ainxost. WE LEARN HBUUT TIIULS, EIJUIPMENT, Stucients in tire electricity classes imave a variety oi equipment and projects to work on. Wir. Feimiee, the instructor, gives ctemonstrations and explains to time stucients iiow to do practivai work in tire iieici of electricity. A Une very important piece of equipment useci by time Classes is the "Radio Breaciboarcif' Xwimen working' on raciios, time students use tiris HbTEilClb0Zll'dU to maize sure their iwoii-ups are wired right and to ciiecic other parts. Tirese classes cio work useful to the wiioie school by repairing tile visual eciucation equipment. They also woric on time various amplification systems used tilrougim- out tile scirooig in tiie above picture. tiiey are working with a smaii micropirone system. Equipment is practicni, up-to-date. FUNDAMENTALS AND MACHINES Seven silop ieacilers. beginning at seven eacil morning, teacil boys to use lllilCIlillCS iiice this eiectricai saw, used in wood working. NICCilHIliCi1I drawing. a four-year course, is offered in our industrial department. in tile first of tilese four years caiied general siiop. tire iaoys learn tile fundamentals of drawing. in time second year, drawing IO, tiiey learn time underlying principles and also rnaiie one. two. and tixree view, isometric and oblique drawings. This year time student iiad a cimance to taice arciuitecturai drawing. Time project for time year in this ciass was for time student lo create iris own pians for a ilouse and tiien maize a modei or perspective drawing. Seniors may eiecl a speciai vocational drawing Course in wilicix they spend tiiree ilours a day doing only machine drawing. XNIIICH finisiled with tilis course, tire iaoys are pre- pared to go out on tile job and do practical work in industry. Wir. Hamiiton is time capable man responsiigie for teaching tile students of drawing and isiue-print reading. UB HUWINB P iiacl a lot to do witli getting along with people. Vviien we were little, we actecl just tile way we felt. We slloweci our feelings plainly: we sullced, we lost our tempers: we threw tllings, we cried, yelleci ancl made faces at eacll otlier. But as we grew up, we found out, sometimes the liarcl way, that we neecl to learn to work witll people. to live with people. Tliis meant that we must study tlie social conventions, practice good manners, and learn to control our emotions anci actions. Our clubs and school activities give us every opportunity to learn this most important lesson of all our lessons . . . how to get along with people. Practicing had manners . or learning good 0 i ,Sf . . . 3 Qi... Xa ' r .1 Q Sk- 'x XX gi M X GN f 4 Ns xxx 'N-X- X . Wwwm X - - My Enrouruging goori sporlsmunsiiip. Sc-iiing pencils is nnoliier aciivily. STUDENT EUUNIIII.. Tile following officers wixo were eiecleci for lile year al tile beginning of liie first semester guided lime organization iiirougiiout lime year. Tiieir iiinai achievement was launching a cirive lo raise 352500. lo finance lwo foreign students in our sciiooi next year. President: Kent Paulson Vice-President: Raipii Joiinson Secretary: Nlaria Piaiz Treasurer: Lee Pauison Sergeant-at-Arms: David Farley Bill gives his point of view. E. H. 5. SELF-EUVEHNING UHBANIZATIUN Our Student Council is the organization in which we learn to govern ourselves and our fellow students. The Student Council has heen very active this year. The council hegan the school year with their lirst project which was the Orientation Day program held for the incoming sophomores a few days helore school started. Alter the school year was under way. the Council was faced with finding a Student Council office: room 225 was decided upon. School supplies, such as pencils and papers. have been sold there most of the year. The Council accomplished many purposes during this school year. A committee was appointed to revise the Handbook which was printed and given to the incoming sophomores on lVlay 5. This is the first time since 1946 that the Handbook has been revised. Other projects accomplished were: improving the conduct of students at the games and getting a reserved section for the senior high school students. The Council has also been interested in having more pep sessionsg therefore. a pep session committee was appointed. All sessions were required to go through this committee before they toolc place. Another project was the two-weelc contest for the Blue Blazer emblem. The Council also held an all school partyg Carolyn Peterson acted as chairman of the party committee. School auction of lost ami louml articles. TRIPLE-I. CLUB The Triple-L club, signifying loyalty. leaclership ancl learning, slarlecl its '48-'49 meetings with a formal initia- lion ol twenty-eight new members. Temporary oliicers presiclecl at this meeting which was held in the high school cafeteria on Septemher 13. The following ollicers were electecl at that meeting: Presiclent: Nancy Xvhitt Vice-President: Phyllis Adams Secretary: Roberta Young Treasurer: Shirley Kilmer Social Chairman: Irene Dunlee Parliamentarian: Barbara Shuler The first hig event ol the year was the sponsoring of the semi-formal clance. "The Snow Ballf' which was held in the Empire Room of Hotel Elkhart on 'De- cemher sl. 54 These olficers guicle the Triple-L activities. Other activities ol the club incluclecl the selling ol concessions at a football game, lceeping a sewing lcil in the Dispensary liillecl and holding auctions for the lost and founcl articles. The members of Triple-L concluded the year's ac- tivities with a lVlother-Daughter Tea held on April 241. Vvith the help of their sponsor, Miss Deal, the club has made a very successful year of 1949. PAINT AND PALETTE CLUB Anottier year has rotted arounrt tor time Paint anct Palette. Getting off to a granct start, tile ctutn nomi- natect officers at ttwe first meeting on September 28. At tire next meeting tile tottowingf officers were etectectr President: Jackie Stover V Vice-President: Henry Pavoni Secretary-Treasurer: Donna Vvittuurne Tire members ot time vtutw, in orcter to be considered active. must earn 50 points cturing time year. Ttrese points may be earneci by special projects: at tire enct of time year a pin is awarctect time ctuta members wtmo ilave earnect tireir 50 points. To make ttle meetings more interesting, speakers were invitect to tatic to ttie ctuta about actvertising. art. ptrotograptiy, window ctisptay and ottrer occupations wtlictl wouici be interesting to ttrose in ti1e tietci of art. Fir. Hat Bessmer, txtrs. Hasetwooct anct Ntr. H. Roustx were guest speakers. Xvitti ttxe imetp of their sponsor, Wir. James, time art ctuta tras tract a successfut year. Stover teacts tile business meeting. 55 its X News Am n facility tea Xvmmdy rezmrimes for mm dougimnul. THE GIRLS' LEAGUE Our Niiss D. imeads time receiving line. 55 Ailimougim it is still a ratimer new organization. time Giris' League provides many opportunities for all time giris in imigim scimooi. Time varied programn gives a cimance to express limeir ideas. to simow timeir ability, and to gain seii-improvement. Time program timis year consisted of an installation service, a panel discussion on personal problems, an outside speaker and a mottmer and daugtmter tea. it was a project of time League timis year to serve a faculty tea eaclm montim at time regular teacimers' meeting. Girls, too. took turns in ptanning time refresimments, serving, and time receiving iine. Also, sometiming new wimicim we imope will ioeconme a tradition. was a tea given at Cimristmas time for ali time giris in iast springs graduating class wimo were imonme from coiiege for time imoiidays, A vocational conference was imeid eariy in time year. Representa- tives fronm severai business scimoois and imospitais came to taiic to ali time girls interested in timese iieids. Time Advisory Council and time Executive Committee, planning boards for time League, met each montim for timeir reguiar business meetings. in time fait, time Executive Committee was entertained at a tea. and time Advisory Council had a picnic supper. Officers oi time League ttmis year were: President: Pimyilis Jennings Vice-President: Niartima Simons Secretary-Treasurer: Nieiima Leege Pat Banks, ixiarttma Simons, Pat Dairympie, Nancy Vvimitt and Eidonna Setters eactm served as cimairman for one of time League pro- granms timis year. Nliss Nlyrmgie Dorsett was sponsor of time organization timis year as sime was in time first year time League was organized in E. H. S. SH xx' Xi E XXAIMX XV M ,Mm . M fffw - .M.,,.W,m H , WWW mwwwwy s -f - Q .Q-wi' W x ff QQ? rv A N-L LL ig K . . X x ,AL L5 L K 1 XXLXQ S L LL X L 9 L S X X :f' S1r 5 x K: LL- LL QW' C 1 -X Lf S L gk gx L L X X. K E 5- LL -...N L r S X E S 1 v X A 63 L S , L LLLLL LL LLLL LL,, M L it gn N 3, Q f ' ' it ' wifi - Q 2 Q A X L X K L QL ,LLL K L LAL K - 1 LLL. M L X X N w LL , KM 1 ...L ., R . .L at A K K qw s..v w w N LL..L - L h. Y-tf" LQLL 1 'f5tf'r X ' ' K X., NN X 'W ,LL N -NX I K g L L RW." 5 v . E 1 , L 2 . e Y Q . . NL. L if Q L 'B -R Q if x ': '::.5Sw.'-5.3. . QL --LL Q . X is L L Lf - X X K L L L e 'XL X Rosie SIIONYS ll0XV to lllnke H sale. IIISTHIBUTIYE EIIUEATIIIN CLUB Tlmis year llme Vocational lxlerclianclisilig class or- ganized as a elulq lor itie purpose ol encouraging tlle principles ol selling. Tlmis was tlle Distrilgutive Eclu- cation Club. Time ctula was organizecl uncler tlme national constitution lor time Dislrilmulive Ectuvation Ctulas ot llme Unilecl States. Regular club programs lor time year consisted ol' lallis by local retailers on tlme subjects ol aclvertising zmnct salesmansliip. Otlmer activities ineluclect conces- sions at one ol ilme lmaslcetlaall games. One ol' time liiglmligllts ol time year was ttle state convention wliiclm was lmelct at indiana University on February 5. Time delegates from Ellclmart were Helen Sutterlay. Carol Lantz. lxlary Ann lVleGullin, Joan Vwiogoman. George Klingaman, Gene llmnlcen. George 58 Vveaver anct Carol Swartz. Carol Lantz was electecl state treasurer and attenclect tlre national Convention wtmicli was lielct in Vviellita, Kansas. in April. lxfliss Kirkland served as sponsor of time clula during tlme lirst semester. ln time seconcl semester, tlie sponsor- sl1ip was talien over lay a capable new teactier, lxlr. Aclclison. Tlie ollicers lor time tirst semester were: President. George Vkfeaverg Vice-Presictent, Doris Nicliler: Secre- tary, Carol Swartz: Treasurer, Helen Sutterlmy: Social Ctmairman. Gene ltmlcen. The seconct semester olticers were: Presictent, George Lehman: Vice-President, Doris Niclilerg Secretary, Carol Swartz: Treasurer, Helen Sutterlayg Social Chair- man, Gene ltmnlcen. JUNIIIH ACADEMY UE SCIENCE Tlie Junior Academy ot Science lias a motto UGO Places and See Things." This year the club lias lot- lowecl time motto laotli literally ancl figuratively. By way of stuclent projects tlie memtaers Hvisiteclu in preliistoric times ancl "saw" tile dinosaurs: uwentn to Antarctica and stucliecl weattier conditions: "sawn conservation at worli. Ftrs. Slireiner tool: us on a Htourn tlrrouglw cancerous tissue. anct Nlr. V. V. Clark ol time Bristol Fruit Hills let us "look" into weatlier conclitions in 1070. He also talked to ttie cluti on uixpplf' SHIICKLH Actual trips incluflecl tlle State Acaclemy meeting at lntliana University. Senior fielcl trip to Chicago. ancl two days ot apple picking at Bristol Fruit Hills. Officers for time year were: First semester-f Presiclent ...... ---Delores lVlcCuen Vice-President .... ..... P at Ricliter Secretary-Treasurer--- .... Phyllis Adams Second semester.-1 Presiclent ......... ---Jane Niles Vice-President ---- ------ B ill l-uclty Secretary-Treasurer--- ---- Pliyllis Aclams Studying' PTP-lliSt0l'll' animals--matting n scrnptioolc-tile guts tmnclc ul it ull. 59 tiresicte chat with their sponsor. Y-TEENS The Y-Teens Club has had another successful year with a series of variecl and interesting pro- grams. These programs incluclecl tallcs on groom- ing, personality. ancl music. Que of the most outstanding events of the year was the annual Valentine clancel "The Sweetheart Swingf, which was held on February l2. Other projects were informal dances, the Crippled Chil- clren's party, a halce sale, Christmas caroling, and a style show. A recognition ceremony was helcl on February 6, honoring thirty-live girls who hacl earnecl a minimum of lilteen points for service rendered to the vlulo. The meetings were helcl at the Y. VXI. C. A. every Thursday cluring the afternoon or evening. lX"lrs. Vvilliam Frinlc served as Y-Teen Director for the year. lxflrs. James Lytle was aclviser. The following officers were chosen early in the spring of 1948: President, Jeri Vvatermang Vice- Presiclent. lVIarlies Douglas: Second Vice-Presi- dent, Rowena Pletcher: Secretary, Nancy Stahrg Treasurer, Sarah Thornton: Committee Chair- men, Pat Haselwooct. Jane Niles, Jo Anne Nloderau, lxlary Jane Jones, Dorothy Lorenz, Janice Simmons and Sylvia Dielil. The ollicers for the B.T.VV. were: Presiclent, Oneiclicv Owens: Vice-President. Anna .lane Atkins: Secretary, lrma Lee Cantrell: Treasure-r, .lnyce Phillips: Committee Chairmen: Anna Jane Atkins anfl Verna Hanslmrougli. I Hi-Y in session. HI-Y To create, maintain anct extenct throughout the schoot and community high stanctarcts ot charac- ter is the purpose of the Hi-Y. Along with some oi the activities cturing the year. the Hi-Y sponsored a dime iine. using the proceeds to send Christmas tnastcets to the neecty in Elkhart. Xvith the hetp of the sponsors. Dir. Cooper anti hir. Tebtmets and the Y-Teens, the ctuh pianned the Spring Conference. This conference hetct April IS was the biggest event ot the year. The theme ot the conference was, uttts Your Life." Att the Hi-Y ctutms in District No. 2 were invitect. The Y-Teens assisteci in entertaining the guests. Their ctuh was atso represented at two other conferences hetci at New Cariiste anci Evansvitie. The otticers for the tirst semester were: Presi- dent. Ectgar Vvetciyg Vice-President, Dircic Nleengsg Secretary. David Overhatser: Treasurer. Jonathan Stahrg Sociat Chairman. Nlanns Straw. The seconct semester otiicers were: Presictent Edgar Xveiciy: Vice-Presicient, Dick Anderson Secretary, Pete Bericey: Treasurer. Paul Stemm Social Chairman. James Konract: Program Chair man. Dick Vvatton. . WW' . X 51109 nnlmt YM Vocational Clulr lxoys line up lor lxlr. B. VUE!-KTIUNI-XL CLUB The Vocational Club was formed cluring the year 1947-48. Although the club is young. it cloes a great many things to help the young men ol toclay prepare lor tomorrow. ln orcler to understand the occupations in the inclus- lries, the clulo lalces trips lo factories ancl engages speakers to tallc to the memloers about various occupa- tions in the inclustrial llielcl. The club meets twice a month, although their worlc is completed in the shops. Any student in E. H. S. is eligible lor memlaership in the Vocational Clula providing he is on a vocational eclucation course. The purposes of the clulu are: To prepare these stu- clents as much as possilgle for employment alter gradu- ation: to learn more about various incluslriesg to learn what is expected of them in their worli. The officers for the year were: President, Max Boyer: Vice-President, Nlarion Scotty Secretary, Bill Bergstrom: Treasurer, Tom Ball. AUIJIIJ-VISUAL EDUEATIUN CLUB Fir. Feinmiee's A-V boys are time Auciio-Visuai Eciuca- iion Ciuim, consisting of twelve seniors anci fifteen juniors. No ciouiat, timis imonme roonm is time imarciest wori-:ing imome room in E. H. S. Timese boys arerm't preparing for some Uuitinmate goain but are now working ilarci anci proving timemseives imonest and lrustwortimy. Now for a giinmpse into wimat nworiiingu is. A-V means ueciuvatiomm lay seeing anci imearingf' 0F course, limis means mainiy fiims. Time boys laice care of an average of five films a clay. Timese twenty-seven boys are responsible for aii time iiimmms wimirim Come lo time Eiiaimarl scimoois. Timey run lime stiii projectors. motion picture projectors. siicie pro- jectors, opaque iammtern. wire recorcier. ciise recorcier. pimono- piay iaacics and take care of a puimiic aciciress system. Time officers for time year were: President, Joimn Beckett: Vice-President, Nlac Boyer: Secretary, Ricimarci Greeng Treasurer, Cimaries Troyerg Film Recorder. Dick Lytieg Fiim 'IAIN' IIOYS XVIII! fllll till' FCOIS. Niaiiimmg. Ray Ervin: Preparation for ixiaiiing. Louis Rott: Film Notices. ixiaimiomm Vviisong Pimolos. Divic ixiutzi, Jerry iviaioney. ixiaimion Xwiisonz ixfiacimine lX"'IElilliCIlRIlCC, Joimn XNIRITCII, HONN'HfCl Kyle. Time eyes anti time ears lmciminfi time recis, out S - omcr-rs Illgvr I o pjnn, The Docs line up. IIUES CLUB The Docs Club is a fairly new addition to E, H. S. which is now in the second year of its existence. it was organized for the purpose of being a school service ciuh. The ciuh has rendered services by running a conces- sion stand during the foothaii season on the visitors side, by chartering buses for out-of-town games. hy do- nating funds and other worthwhile activities. The Docs. however. is not entirety a service ciuh but also a sociai organization. Some of the parties they held are: a Halloween party which was heid at Fish Lake: a trip to Bait State College where they saw the Bait Slate vs. iwianchester foothaii game: and a roller-skating party which was held at ixiishawaica. The informal initiation was held this year at Nicixtaughton Park, a very momentous occasion to the new Docs members. The oid members tooic format initiation at the YMCA on November 21. The meaning of the word Docs is: D for Dependa- hiiity, O for Obedience, C for Character. S for Schot- arship. The officers for the first semester were: president, Bryce Bressier: Vice-President, Richard Hoiiyg Secre- tary, Fred Rohinsong Treasurer, Everett Cox. The officers for the second semester were: President, Pete Vviisonp Vice-President. Fred Robinson: Secre- tary. Bryce Bressierg Treasurer, Richard Hoiiy. The sponsorship of the ciuh was under four capahie teachers. They were: Wir. Donald Vvinne, Wir. Claude Reith, ivir. Vviiiiam VVoiienweher and ixfir. Howard James. B4 i USHEH5' CLUB Tire Usilers' Club is one of time most industrious ciubs in time scilooi. This club consists oi lweive mem- bers wiio meet every Vvecinesciay after sciiooi witix lileir sponsor, ixir. Upciiice. lo make cieiinite pians for liieir activities. Tile ciuties of time viuia infiucie llSil6l'il1Q at aii ibasicet- bail anti iootioaii games. in aciciiiion. time ciuim mem- bers maintain a check room service for basiceliaaii games anci special events. suvil as Senior Day anti Aii Sciiooi parties. This year tire members aiso usiiereci at two inriepentienl games wiiivii were ileici in tile iligil scilooi gym. Service awarcis given are wiiite circular cileniiie eminiems bearing tixe ciuiais insignia, wilicil time boys wear on navy imiue sweaters. Aciciitionai services are inciivaleci ily cilevrons worn on time ieit sieeye. Oiiiirers for time year were: Presicienl, David Court: Vice-Presifient, Dirk Simmons: Secretary-Treasurer, Clarence F'icLane. Tom anti Dave iaiic it over wilil liieir sponsor Cieaning hnci cilecicing up aiter a game. The Threshold tcicts setect the best, THE THHESHIILII ST!-RPF Because printing difficulties prevented the puhtica- tion of the Christmas issue of the Threshold. a Hhigger and better" issue was compitect in the spring. The pages of the hook were printed in two columns anct a photo- graphic cover was used. Short stories, essays, poems, humor anct a feature section on seniors matte up the contents. hlateriat for the magazine was written hy English stuctents and Cotteetect hy the staff with the hetp of eleven Engtish teachers. This year, for the First time, the ectitoriat staff, heactect hy Catherine Lcege, was ctivictect into two groups: these groups wortcect the seconct and thirct hours. The staff also ctecictect to do the work of a business anct sales staff. The seconct hour staff inctuctectz Ntottie Jo Smith, Doreen Reptogte, Jim Flora, hlarian Russett, Jerry Qwens, Catherine Leegeg the thirct hour stat-t were: Sharon Sheets, Joan Lloyd, Ntarjorie Broadbent and Tom Reict. Yin THE PENNANT WEEKLY Because ol llxe limilecl nmounl of paper allollecl lor use, Tlxe Pennant' Vveelily was ngnin pulglislxerl on n lui-monlluly lonsis. Tlxis year, l-or llle lirsl lime. llle Pennnnl Xveelily lmns been prinlecl by llle lligflm sclmol print sllop willl llie able llelp ol Nlr. Grover Nlislmler ancl lxlr. Clnucle Rielli, and llle nineteen issues lmve been pulmlisllecl. in- cluding llle iunior nncl senior eclilions. a special Clxrisl- mas issue nncl mlllme Pennul XV:-elclyu wlmiclm came out April I. Tlxe slnll lor llmis yenr was ns follows: C0-Eclilors--Donnn lfnrr, Connie lirye. Assislunl Eililors-.lnnice Sinunons, Elqlonnn Sellers. Diane Swencle- mann, Nlnrjoric Reisli. Reporlers-Colleen slones. ilnnv Niles. Ann Hnpper, Nvnvn Jenn Rai.-y, .lonn Unger. Bnrlwnrn Bailey. lxlhflllil Snrnnlus. Rolwrln Rucle. .lerrie Ganga-r. Sllirley Troup. Cnllxerinv l3llflill0illl. 'Pnl Berlin. liillllvfllll' Orl. Pnl Pluillips, Kny Armstrong. Genevieve Knisley. lxlnrlics Di5ll2lilS, H1'll'll Sewell. FIQOIII lQl'01l, Klly Zllllllll'l'lllilli, lxlilflllil SllllUllS. Fealure Erlilnr-Nnnry Slinlsnrcl. lreulurv Xvrilvrs--Bnrlwnrn Kay Stoll. Gloria IBONYIIINII, Smulrn Norms. Alive' Hvlhnnnspergfer, .lnrlcie Llllllilll, follven Rue, Doris 'l lmrup, lnni lxliles, Vern Cainer, lorry Hmilli. Nancy Cnmplwell. Sports lfililur-lxlnrlin Slover. Spllrfs NX,ri'Pr5"'l5Ul, llvill, Rillpll .IUIIIISUIL I4f'l' l,lllll50Il, .l0llll lllnoinaus. All Flunugr-r-Flnry Ann Xvilcler. .flssislunl--ljllyllis Rirlnlvr. Press conlere Business slnll looks over llxe lnnolcs. fxlll'l'TllSlllg Slufl--Nlnrinn Slrom, Beverly lwooli, Pnl Nlurplny, Mullin Leege, Nnnry Gnllmer, Knrlvy Scott, .lnclciv Vlllmornp, .lenn XVnrgon, Rosie 'lucslwr. Business lllnnnger-lin! Ollf-ll. Cirmlnlion Manager-Beverly Cook. Prinlecl lry lf. H. S. Prinl Sllop--Enlirc voenlionnl clnss umler llll' ilirvclion ol Nlr. Grover lxlisliler mul Nlr. Clnucle Rielll. nec ol llxe nc-xl issue. News x .f.. 5 X u A part of ilu' crew of busy lxooli lsuilcters. THE PENN!-XNT ANNUAL ln October seniors interesteci in llie Annual stall signecl application lwlanlcs wllicll were approvcct lay a faculty committee consisting ol' tlie class sponsors ancl tlie publication aclviser. The following were cllosen: editors, Jackie Stover and Pat Haselwooclg senior panels, Sarall Tliorntonz activities, Nancy Stalirz unclerclass panels, Pai Haselwooci. The business managers for tlie laoola were Bruce Deering and Eel Buckley. Jim Nlerclmant was sports editor with Dave Cavanaglr as liis assistant and Barbara Bailey was acl manager. As a tlleine for tlie '49 yearlnooli, tl1e staff cliose "Growing Up in Ellcliartf' Eacli section is introduced lay a contrast picture wlricli slrows grade or junior liiglm and lligli scliool activities. Tile opening section illus- trates tliis tlieme plrotograplmically. Pictures were talren at Rice, Hawthorne, Samuel Strong and Roosevelt. The encl slleets picture our school and time ad section, our town as seen from tlie air. The laoolc of 200 pages was bound in a blue and grey cover. N X ,WX N X xx X Q X .R jxxygx, M . N .X A A WM - NFS F ex 1 S QUSXS1 I .X .1 KX X ing gim- 'Q K K . 1 X Q. ,,., .Q wh Q ., X- x. .X SE X Ei Ei mmwwf Wzfmmfwx E55 ESQ E55 4 HG? Iii? fa. S SQSNS. x si vg 5 M as 3 .ix 3 l N X X 'iIfXfH1X N. X 1 S. ff- X5-'Q Qi xg R' XS Xe xv Kr 'L xv X Xe xg X NS Rs XF NXIXXXXW -X . X XX. Xa X S E XXX 5 A XSS X X X, S X Xg Q s X Fx." X i! .Xl ff , W W X , 'WMM AW! mf S Q Q X X X F X A 1 X , X X . Q ix S S Xw X '- -:'i:1i' X. X NS Q 3 Xll .X is A S5 XXXXXXXX T f 1 X XXQ.. X X X 5 X S X . X X X XX .,L..:,: MW 5 JUNIIIH ELI-155 PL!-KY A three-act comedy was presenteci Friday, Niarch ll. 1949, lay the Junior Class, entitleci "George Nvashington Slept Here." The play was ciirecteii lay lwiiss Christine Hughes. A The story begins when Newton Fuller huys a winclowless. wateriess and almost rooiless house on the countryside in Pennsylvania. His wife, Anna- belle. doesrft lilce the iciea, but their daughter. ihlacige, is very exviteci about their new house. Trouble starts: no water, rebellious servants and a Cantanlcerous neighbor who owns the water supply and the roaci that leafls to the house from the highway: a supposeclly well-to-cio uncle comes to pay a visit, but ali turns out weii in the enci. The principal parts were played lay: Nancy De- Shone, Nlartin Stover. Bryce Bressler. Jackie Busliong ancl Bill Anderson. Qther parts were taken hy: Cleo Sailor. Dircli Nieengs, Niarieis Douglas. Beverly Hoot. Ruth Nacioniy. Barry Becienkop, Dielc Lytle. Lee Paulson. Jerry VX-'iliiams. Diane Swencie- man, Elcionna Sellers and Louis Hemmers. The program covers were ciesigneci hy Roger Lee lvl0ll8Ill10IIT'. Q The class sponsors are: hits. Asia Siclcels anfl lxlr. Riley Jordan. The entire cnsi takes a how. K ow - " lncle Smnlcy .lov nnrl luis cliorus girls. Bntliing lwnutics nl l050. lxlalmrajali ancl liis liarem .IUNIUH FULLIES "Family Album" was tlie tlieme of tlie Junior Follies staged on Novemlier IO, 1948. For tlie first time time Class of 1950 was given an opportunity to present to time scllool and tlie pulnlic tlle unusual talents possessed by its members. As Dirclclweengs and Jackie Busllong, in authentic costumes of tlie '20's. turned llle pages ol tlie family album. tlie pictures in the book came to life in sixteen acts. Vocal solos, duets. trios, and a quartette: a marimlaa solo, baton twirling. a piano cluet, ancl E1 lmnflg a square ciance of tlxe Civil Vvar periocl: a bejeweleci lxflaliarajall witli llis clancing maiclens. ancl inevitable cllorus line of lovelies: low and liigli comecly acts, ancl an unlorgettalale urencleringn of Hcasey at tlie Bath: tlie serious, rliyming confessions of tile two family black sheep, wlio were not allowecl in tlie album-4 tliese were time proucl offerings of tlie Junior Follies. WIIS AND CUE The VV'ig and Cue Dramatic Cluh ol Elkhart High School was lirst organized in the school year 1945-44 hy Nliss Ruth Agnew and students interested in dramatics. Since then the cluh has grown to a membership ol lorty- two students. bliss G. Christine Hughes is now the spon- sor ol the cluh and the oflicers for this year were: President. Joan Vogt: Vice-President. Ronald Evertsg Secretary, Joan Neu: Treasurer, lvlarlies Douglas: Girls' Social Chairman, Pat Richter: Boys' Social Chairman, Ronald Vvalton. ln order to hecome a member of X-Vig and Cue. a hoy or girl must learn and interpret twenty lines of Shake- speare in a way that is acceptahle to a group of judges composed of the officers ol' the National Thespian Or- ganization. The purpose of Xvig and Cue Dramatic Cluh is to furnish opportunity for the advancement of individual dra- matic talent and of dramatic arts in Elkhart High School. The purpose of the Thespian Cluh. which is Troupe No. 655 of the National Thespian Society, is uto create a spirit ol' active and intelligent interest in dramatics among boys and girls ol secondary schools." The Thespians supervise the activities of the Vvig and Cue and help with dramatic productions at E. H. S. They also held a banquet on Nlay I8 at the Hotel Elk- hart. at which they received twenty new members. This year several Thespian memhers went to Canter- lnury College for a speech arts conference and saw per- formances ol Gilbert and Sullivaifs operetta HTrial By AND THESPIANS Jury" and Edward Chodroxfs "Kind Lady." ln Nlarch. group saw the lxlishawalca junior class play entitle ucucltoos On The Hearth." The olticers lor the year were: President: Ronald Xvalton Vice-President: John Thomas Secretary: Virginia Thulis Treasurer: Ruth Nadonly Xvig and Cue paint scenery. Thespians read their lines 2 -X S 5 X S XXX NN wi MM X i X X N XX A X :X if, SY X X X Q-SSN 22253 3 XX Y K x K gg:-X Q . X X EX X X X x X- - -X XX K Q gif? Y X X W X an Q, X X ' X X ' X -wk X X: Xa ' X! K XX X X t X , .X X X X X X X, X X , A . KX. E X X X X X : - X, X X X X ' X X as f-X 7 E . I W1 X XT X3 X XXX i 9 Q S X LX XXX X bi S L- - Q , 'XXX ' 1 S -59 'r l X E X XEX X - WX X N SEX - X 1 X X X XXXvguuwNmXv,unhXN S ,XX XY! 2 E EX Q X gf X X 2 ' 2 X X X R N V X E X 'X -P . XX X X X ig, XWXX 1? X X hwy ,Ei NX 5 X-sr - Ye X: XXLXPXX X x X :X X? X-: -:su x -X N E xx -X-XX ' ...X S X X XXX. ,Q M Q S X X XX X 2 X A f M f X X X X 5 X KY X 5 ., - X Q 8 Swv! 3 S A ' X XX i 2' NSSEQ X - 5+ X- ' Q' 3 t A K . K.. XX.. at l X X Sf inf N X X X 2 ' gg X S X5 XX W ig X X f , X , X X Q 1 XX Q . WXW in X R h XX X! , 3. X ,X Xxx T E X. umvixx X " Xi PQ X "N if X Q A X X - . XX X XAX XXX XX - fig x fi" ' f' N XNXX -XY 5? ' X, X wb. , XX XX X X 1: X X X S XEXX .SSmX,,X,XXw 4- 2 X SN ' Sri : Q ' A x X XX X XXX X X 5 X X X N SX xx X X X X Q Q A Q XX sn.. 3' XX A M QQKNKKKXL W X s XNNV ' S X Ffa XS ff' 'X XX f X XXJF 3? X .MXN xx? XX XXX Qiw- ,X . XTX XX Xa X X XXX E1 sz Q Eif- X W xx X X X if T. 5 X wwf: X ' ,Xsszm N X 53 Q xg? 25- f' L X X Xxx + 3 Lung anrt lmrcl practice pays oil. MUSIC 'IN E.H.5. One of the most active departments in our school is the music department. They are not only lousy with their regular classes, concerts and rehearsals hut they are also lcept lousy taking part in the community activ- ities. Vvhether they are performing lor a local club. welcoming a presiclential cancliclate, or marching in the Easter Parade, our musicians are always preparecl to give a line show. lxlr. J. Freclericlc lxluller came to Ellchart from Sum- mitt. New Jersey alter fifteen years of public school teaching. hir. lxluller has hart a very successful year lmeing well receivecl hy hoth the school and community. Assisting lxlr. Nluller in all of the instrumental music worlc ancl training gracle ancl junior high school mu- sicians lor their futures in the high school hancl ancl orchestra are: lxliss Betty Elmquist, Nlr. Frerl C. lxlyers. ancl hir. Howarrl Kilhert. Mr. lxiuller with his Symphonic Bnncl. One achievement this year lor the junior high groups was the purchase ol' uniforms. P. T. A. anct the Nlusic Parents' Club helped to raise luncis for these uniforms. hir. Gowcly, heaci ol the vocal music clepartment, gives two public concerts each year as well as pre- senting his group in many school and civic programs. in aclclition, he teaches the course in Nlusic Apprecia- tion. The symphonic hanrl and the symphony orchestra presenlecl tour major concerts in the Elkhart High School Auditorium. The clates oi these concerts were: The Vvelcome Concert, Friday, December IO. 1948: Trihute to Democracy. Friclay. February 4, 1949: Say It Xvith Nlusic, Friclay. lVlarch 27, 10403 The Senior Concert, Friclayl Nlay 27. l040. 75 THE ELHHAHT HIGH SIIHUU tVtr. J. Frecterictc tVtutter's first year as director ot ttle Ettctxart' Higti Sctxoot Banct tias been very successfut. Ttxe marctming tmanct not onty ptayect at att ttie tootbatt games, taut atso marctiect to ttxe raitroad station ttlree times: to meet Presictent Truman, time G. O. P. candi- ctate. Ttiomas E. Dewey, and ttme Frencti gratitude train. The llHlI'Ctltllg tJanct's program is in ttle trancts ot Ntr. Ntutter and ttie Associate Directors. Wir. Frect txtyers and tVtr. Howarct Kittuert. Ttie tmanct gave actctitionat paracte performances ttiis year wtien ttiey participated in ttie Horace Heidt wetcome paracte and title twtemoriat Day cetetzration. Besictes ttxe tour regutar concerts. ttte symptlonic tmanct gave ttlirty-minute concerts for time tottowing' or- ganizations: ttle Boy Scouts and ttie Sunday Evening Ctutm on November 21 anct tvItll't'tl I3. Ttmis year inctividuat members ot ttie musicat or- ganizations in Ettctxart sctioots entered in State, District and Locat Soto and Ensemtnte Contests. To enter ttie District Contest txetct at Fort Vvayne on February 19, I9-19. eacti sotoist anct ensemtate tract to ptace in time first Ltivision cturing ttle Locat Contests wtlictl were tletct at Ettitmart Higti Sctloot on January 5i, 1940. To enter the State Contest tietct at tnctianapotis on Ntarctx 26. I049, att contestants were requirect to ptace in ttie ttirst ctivision at ttie District Contests. Ttmrougtmout ttie year ttle sotoists and smatt ensem- tates gave performances for many sociat anct ctiurcti organizations. E tn Uctotmer, ttie tganct etectect ttie tottowing otticers: Presictent. Roctney Roctcwettg Vice-Presictent, Ratptl Cortas: Secretary. Kay Armstrong: Treasurer, Raymond Stutsman: Girts' Sociat Ctiairman, .terry Dictcg Boys' Sociat Ctlairman, Jotin Stiuttz. On an audition basis. Student Director Ratpti Cortas and Assistant Student Director Ctmrtes Frenctx won ttme tiigtrest tionors and served ttwe Band wett. L A ws-Q K li . " " X . Ag.- LQ ,L fL 55 L my S as L if L ? f I f' ' " L s L f-'Q L T i :Lia LT ff-L 'Y ff W X W 1 if I , . L LL 5 L ,N ' VL ' t E KL Q X' - fix ' - Ax .Q R ' ht, 1 W Eg A t LL px i sv L. v L'-1. jg k S iff? ff? 2 :S Q - 'Q ix W A - ' .r 'K xg' . L J' ' J x f m L E LR L Y f A K ,-L ,ff SQ 5 L 1 - f L P 1 1. L. gf RL, L.. Q A L S L Y X X.LL K L L ly X L L R i . Q L3 9 Q- Y 5,35 1 I LIP' L EN, k.n,., Ng fy' .. , : X L g ,Q ' ' L LL,-L if ,ff fm X 8, L LX L A . R LL Q if ' Nm X if x ,sux AN 4 L I nm I E If A i .LQLL A ' 'XX L L 5 L -- I- " I LL 1 K X.-f L J K if L WMS, c LE X LQ ' Ax L R KXLL A J, L af .L o Q2-M F - . - N f - L L I ff ' L ,. ' X LL ' LL P, kg xf-1 - K V -I L. Rik SL L K In Q rL3Lq:',s:2i1TgLg., Y s - f Ab.L L if? Q MW U A R 2 5 L if 3 ,f L S, , E Q. LE - 3:13-Q xxxAv S f --g.LiL1Lv 7 Y .5 A -- wiv' -1-Q -,,u.yn-3 4--5 .MMA-v""'-v fad ilinvvlilmugr Wwwm is :SSW W X-assault! your 'lhv'iiw"i ""IEl'lv H f-"g:f1::':7R'Jil"::':u3:.n55"::in':"5q:"":": pf 'ggi' sll":"""Nnr l9'mm"NQwi'-Q Nwsffwiltf , J J J 5 ,-u, mfg- -5-...X af' ,-s ,..a-un.. uv'--.N-. -v'------ ,wr 'Inga' WN .rl"""" nr p1"'imvf - :H-.nuns , K :Ag ,pf ..g.- 4... ,,,,,,,.g:.4Q 'npwwmmwu jl Nxxmwxwx-as , wq3mL X -QL--.K LKEXB5 R :M txkikck A A ' NN XA v .L A LL LL M L, L ,X ,L X 'X KN I Sm N.W..W..,ff"TNf6R - .WNW , - 5 ggmmu a x 4 - fx Q ' i ,N is N K i ix W ig Q Q A Q 3 X . Q K K X ff' . K S X LS S xg i Q Y Q L K , N X in x I liii 3 .b JAX tx! 4, L N .,..,L m - iq k Hfi K 4, Y ,X S f' ix h R ixz 5 Axxxh Q +452 1 l 4 ' is . NL A xx.xL A -f M .M ...N X A ..X.. .. ....-- X Wm wkkx N Qkkvhlktk kbkkxk 3 . Q X X Q A. .,X ., , ,., ,. W wi- QQ ' q q "' , , f?TTii1i::i::p E-Y fffx Q X eQNN , 3 E 5 ' 11, Q X x XX ...xX. . M- h .. 3 A X S 1 ,MF-gn:-+ -A Sxxx x.,vXi1wMm 5 Wa' - A Y X X Xi X, " N m wmwNf A A . -- --.-wmv sf ' " K X gmaeif 'NX wmsglmuanr Hlllmwunumvmnm 'W'-'PX M A -ww QQ-M--r-'Q-Q N' gms-5wxwm Mm- ---- SN X RQR - .,xx. N ., UM ,1ff?,,, .ggiiimn k A :annum 5 L -I--3 QSLRHARU Q. 8 SF, 33355 9 f YW 2lpf, K an ' f ' i'gs gfE E ff? 'R Q R QA. Ea NX 3 5 X , SQ XS Q 'ii 3 wx X ei A 4 I y :Zi if A g Vg g Q ' LX K' ' fgg a x ..:S X k YL 'I gs? .X 452' . -. .N X h Eg Q 1 w g 3 4 i . 1' S I 5 l jf X 12 1 A J J up-nnlill Q, xg Wig J if 'f' Ai D avg 0 xx I Xliiisgg i I li X 2 Y lf Ss me Q 5.- .N Q X x "' y S 3 s N' , r x 1 ' - QX, ' -: ' K ,psi gs Q ff 3 A XR Q i xii . . X 1 Q , L x 8 Fig, . ,.f+0"""x ,..-f',kt ff!!! A--f "M Q f' W,.,w- I fx 2 yum-NNmwwNMww..MQ Nx...x . Xl i X! NX iys I W v f' menu wmwfmkww ,gn -'-g """-isa-gs'-'Is n-,"',1S':wNg:gg'XL'j,'p'ufif?X' .25 '-22555 :"',,.-4-"",,pn"" Lwwm.'f,hnnNxwMWW 4,- KSN SS yt xxx I I x M. if K xi' fl VNN N X. . i Q K E x N Q ' 5 'S ,Q 15 -if Q43 , . -42 gg 5 S - Y 'Ni 5 S xl X k S Q Q "' fb Q L S., N .X uk um ' v fy ff 5- , x if 33 ig is S The A Capella Choir uncler the ciirection ol' Nlr. Gowciy. Hlllll. IIHUIH5 Following the Christmas vacation the season openeci with an appearance helore the Sunclay Evening Club on February t33 the seconcl big event was the choirs al- tenciance at a choral festival Nlarch 25th at Laporte, cli- recteci by Noble Cain. A junior-senior high choral festival was helcl on April lst. The Easter Auditorium program. featuring Joseph XV. Clolcey,s Cantata HFO1' He ls Risen," was presentecl on April lft. The year,s climax, the Spring Concert, was helcl on lvlay IQ.. The choir once again brought home honors this year from the state solo ami ensemble contest. First ciivision soloists were: Gay Smith. Nancy Slinlcarcl, Lois Hem- mers. Colleen Roe. and Darrell Notes. lxlarilyn Robert- son. Colleen Roe. Larry Clem ancl .Darrell Notes won lirst division in ensembles. Social lite was not neglected hy the choir this year. The choir's annual Christmas Sing anti party was helct on December 25: the choir banquet, lxlay 20. This was a proucl occasion for all those winning letters or titles from the hand ol toaslmaster Darrell Notes. The choirs, linal appearance was the Baccalaureate services on June 5. This performance wrote linis to a year of choral music that E.. H. S. will long remember. The ollicers ol the songsters: Hlough. Rohertson, Clem, Slinliarcl, IN r f onu rlql'llQX, B0l'l'ZE'y illld EX'CFlS. B1 S E HEW P, UUH GAMES CHANGED, THU c. from clolls ancl roller slcates, games of catch ancl liopscotcll, through tile tree-house ancl cave-stages into organized teams at scllool. Ellcixart is a laaslcetluall town, like most Indiana towns, so our grade school boys start playing basketball early. Tile girls talce their place as tlle inspiration for tliese competitive sports, cheering wilclly from time sidelines. By tile time we are in high school, time higlx spot in most of our week- ends is the football or loaslcetloall game, or tile track meets in spring. Anci among our most arclent fans are the grown-ups of tlie town, who follow tlle blue and wliite teams season after season. Quill? - dw :X SH X N .X Q ag? big A 'Vg S. X Q AK R135 LJ is . slk Qm" ' X X S X MN 42 X X X X X XX L RR? X A S W m' - X X.rX.t X W x x ' SS 1 K 5 x N Y Ry RF MSX I -5 K X X X H X S' X N ix 'N . W X ' H X f S X s V N Nf A W SX XX X- X U N ,X X A .XX XXX X X X - 1 K 1 X - X ' X x S ' -'-: X " ' ' ' VX L.LxL fx LX ' X X jk X Q .K i X gr Mx X Y E5 X x br: Q X X Q LX X M X Q X 5 X 1 X X X Q SA? wi W Q Xs, 5 5 Xg Mg X XQN x -Q R. Q F Qs, X , Q Q X A X M XXZX X X X f A ww I ,Q 1 N ,S Q52 ,X gf? XJ' .iw ,. My if ,X ,X X a X i www. S , i A I 1 X 3 :E 4 Q ,X W N, wl A CHEERLEADERS: Gienora Staley. senior: Marilyn Robertson, junior: Betty EIlll7Fj', senior: Ninry Ann Vviicier. junior: Colleen Roe. junior. SENIOR NIANAGERS: Larry Abel. basketball: Dave Cavannugii. football: Bob Veseiiia. ivasicelimii: Jim Mc-rcimnt. iootimii. ATHLETIC AIIIES Tile Ciieering Squad, coaciieci by Bliss Kendall, ciici an unusuaiiy fine job of keeping up the school morale tiiis year. Tire girls invented several new twists and adaptations of songs anti yeiis, and at time games they were alert, keeping time student body back of tile boys all time time. . Among time ciuties of the cileering squad was time once-a-week training of tile prospects for time next year's ciieerieaciers. The atixietic managers are responsible for tile cure of tile equipment, time preparation of players for games. time care oi minor injuries. the checking in and out of supplies, and the recorci of tiie players' quarters piayeci, and act as general Stooges for whatever tile coaches and players need. Uncierciass managers are trained ioy senior managers 'S 3' 4 I 1 n and promoted into senior positions as tile grads leave. Two boys are in training for each sport. 4- ' ,,,,,,,, , i THE PHYSICAL EIIUEATIUN DEPARTMENT Not enouglm can be saicl to express time importance of time coaching staff of E. H. S. Very few schools are as fortunate as Ellcllart, for we llave one of the best lineups of coaches in indiana. The main purpose of tlie Physical Education Department is to builil up time bodies ancl tlie health of time students from time youngest in time gracles up to tlle seniors in liigli scliool. The fact tlmat our physical education program runs so smootlxly is clue to tlie eliiciency and tlie enclless work ol tlmese fine men. Time instructors for time grades are Jolm Deiber and Grover Xvlxitelxeaclz Lorin Evans and lVlatt Ronzone are time Coaclmes lor the ireslimen. The liigli scliool coavlxes are Glenn Silcott. Tony Campagnoli, ancl Nlatt Ronzone wlio instruct football wlxile Bill Nlilliner anfl Bolo Elxrsam COHCII basketball. Wir. Elirsam is also time lmearl Coacll for baseball. Clielse Boone cloes time roaclling in time trncl-: ancl vross country iielcls ancl Raymonci Sorenson roarlmes tennis. V in tlie miclst of clissatislartion from time fact tliat ticlcets are too few to go arouncl, Wir. Glenn Upclilce continues time teclious job of fairly distribut- ing tickets to all sports fans. lxlr. Upnlilce cleserves a large amount of creciit for performing tllis taslc. Tile brains laeliinci tlie lmrnwn THE lf, H. S. COACHING STAFF: lst row: G. Silcott, lootlaullg Bl. Ronzone. ass't lootlmll: B. Nlilliner. llaslietlxall. 2nd row: R. Sorenson tennis li. C. Boone. trna-lc nncl cross rnuntry: B, Elxrsmn. lmselmll. Srcl row: J. Deilwr. elenu-ntnry rerreuliunc T. Cmnpngnoli. ass't lonllmll: G. Up 1 9 tivl-Lets: L. Evens. lrfllill lootlmll: G. xN'llih'll1"HKl, .lunior Higll Sports. 1 1 Smit plunges around right end. THE 1948 BLAZER PUIITBALL SE!-XSUN FOOTBALL SCHEDULE i048-i040 L. H. S. Opp. l5--Fort Xvnyne. North Side .... I5 26--ChiCago Senn .............. 19 20--tVlichigan City .... .... 2 0 Ifi--l-aPorte .......... -- 7 6--South Bend, Riley .......... I5 l0--iVtishnwatm ............... - 6 Q7--F0rt Xvayne. South Side .... I4 6--Goshen ............... -- 2 0-..South Bend. Vvashington .... I2 After tieing' their tirst game ot the season with Fort Nvayne North Side. I5 to 15, the Blazer squad caused il tot of tan: as to what the team might shape up to this year. But, at the end of the season the smatt hut mighty squad, under the excellent training ot Coach Siieott finished fourth in the Conference, winning five, losing two and tieing two. The seasonys record was the hest since l942 and it is the first time since 1958 that the Btazers were un- defeated on their home tietd. The fans unanimously decided that the game ot the year was the thrilling battle against Fort Vvayne South Side. Elkhart, the underdog, defeated the targe Fort Yvayne team which gave F. VV. their only toss for the year. Row One: Coach M. Ronzone. C. Schrock. M. Scott, D. Stackhouse, H. Hostetler, J. Davis. Coach G. Silcott. O. Nlato. B. Becht, G. Owens. J. Bozzutlo. B. Paulson. D. Tait. Coach T. Campagnoli. Row Two: D. Landis. F. Ivagnelio. D. Newsome. D. Slarner, J. Pindell, E. Vveldy. P. lklontagano. D. Glanders. B. Prugh, G. Rutledge. J. Trovatore. G. lhnken. S. Barnes. Rohv Three: J. Comer. P. Davis, F. Sutton, B. Anderson. B. Cappelletti, E. Light. K. hliller. B. Lockwood, R. Ganger. B. Ridgely. R. VValiers. J. Xvi iams. Row Four: Nl. Updike. .l. Lough. tl. Vvilliams. R. Reamer, C. Heigl. D. son. R. Kauffman. R. Skinner. D, Hill. D. Farley. G. lxlorgan. G. Ringos, Stowe. L. Jackson. THE 1948 SE!-XSUN At the second game of the year the Blazers were host to Senn High School ol Chicago. After Senn had edged ahead in the first half, Howard NX" Hostetler went over for the Blazers' first touchdown. The Silcott- men came back from out of the fieldhouse with a new spirit. They gave out with a powerful second hall with Dick Stackhouse, John Davis and Dick Tait donating three touchdowns for the hoys in blue. Pat lxflontagano. extra point kicker, added two points to the score which made the Final tally E. H. S. 26 and Senn 19. After the outstanding showing against the strong Chicago team, the Elkhart fans had great expectations for the small hut mighty E. H. S. team. The following Friday the boys were enthused in breaking the Nlichi- gan City jinx. The Blazers didn,t look so good in the first half. The Red Devils scored thirteen points, the Elkharts none. But in the second period quarterback Davis hurled one of his famous passes to Tait. This score was followed hy two quick TD's hy Stackhouse and Hostetler. This tied up the game and soon after the tie was made. the gun hellowed and the score was 20-20. The Blazers hit the road to lace the mighty Laporte Slicers. No score was accomplished until in the last quarter when Johnny Davis plunged over LaPorte's four yard line. Immediately alter this TD the Slicers went over Elkharfs terra firma lor six counters. Both extra points were made and the two teams were all tied up. Johnny Davis again plowed into pay dirt and lxflontagano booted one for the extra conversion. As the gun sounded the Slicers were threatening the Blazers on their one yard line. The final score was Elkhart I4 and Laporte 7. Longacre. P. Shiehley. P. Berkey. J. Tarnecy, B. Crisman, D. Vvilkin- Nl. Linn, B. Mccloughan. B. Personelt, P. Lynch. R. Ranshurger, F. Silcottls hoys faced their first defeat when they battled with Riley of South Bend. The first quarter was scoreless hut in the second Riley pushed the pigskin across to take a seven to nothing lead at hall time. In the third Davis hit paydirt for Elkharfs only score of fcontinued on Page 901 Dick Stackhouse, captain ol the l948 loothall squad. E ? 2 R Q if R2 Q 3 S S R S S X S is N E x S S S 3 3 X E E ss S E 5 5 Q gg E5 s 5 3 E S! EN 9 if Q, 3 Q S S E1 EN 2 sw s 3 s 3 E 1 5 3 i Q Q E S E E: 3 E U, S ! I 1 N g -1 X 0 I F or LL EA M-UTY 20 x R1 2' 50:6 QR 9? 5 Si X 'QRS 'S my 'gs rms Q 1 . .. Y ls. Q X s Q ie X X vi N. X f ,X Q i NS Nb. -xv-sf X51 fx XNSXQQ X - Q . X v s fair -ANNA ' X X5 X f x ' Nw Q Six N W i ff , I . Q wx A x Q x . Q L . Y SJ . , ,R . . . i 5 X. x A . Qs fic: . + .wil x ' Qi 3 . 1 X N . - ,K 5 .es w - . 'ii .K I . 5 X i 'X u N .K Q . . Q? 5 x 31 X . N QF? ,Q S X 5255. - .R 5585 N kxfiiigxr X' .sb Q X Q. X Sf s, S 39 ...SIM X 2 K 'fi 8 .X -X x.A. figs . ,lk K . S. X if' 1, xi: im . ' x x . - ' . Q .V . -1 -. -. k s ' pw..- ,Y H 5 i f X 'X 1N..s,. .- J.. 1 gi, ' Q x x Q RQ X Sky A . M 51 Q, X X 5 X . S SSX M x X , - X K ' x X X X X ' ,pr af' FX X 5 gg . X 1- X X 1. ,X ' 4 K x X a x - T-W X -i 2 Q 5 fb if '32 5 l' N ' 'N W- ' ' f ' R' if X V' ET-:X Xe i . . X X .,S,,: s .Q X XX ig -1-Gprs 3 rg G- ,AQ X - Q X ,gf xg-i ,, X , ' Q' K K LX - XX - X 'Hy K bhk .X X Q A A - V - ' X D x ef X 5 X Q. X - 51 X s 1 ' wil Q -' I ,S L L X XX X XX ' - XX 1 05 X ' ft K K MX- W saw , X f ,Y X Y ff X X X g-'X A - XX Q X 'SQYGXSYQ' QQ f Jaxx Q X 5 X X THE 1948-49 HLAZE BASKETBALL SEASUN . . . This year, Elkhart High welcomecl a new coach to talce over the job helcl lor nearly two clecacles by John Longfellow, now heacl basketball coach at lncliana State College. The new coach, Bill lxlilliner, clicl a fine job of assuming the tremendous taslc of keeping up the basketball tradition here at E. H. S. Although the win- loss total was far from the par ot previous years, the boys worlced harcl on the big job of changing their style from a slow, cleliberate. set-play game to a fast-brealc technique. The Blazers clroppecl quite a few close ones this year but with the "B" team's line recorcl, they show great promise of a goocl season lor next year. Coach lwlilliner worlcecl several sophomores into var- sity positions. He built up his squacl which had only one letterman to start with. This player was John Davis. who hacl hacl two years on the varsity. Bottom Row: Bch Cappella-tti, ,loo Pinciell, Dick Starlchnuse. Dicli Tait. Dvlvin Lanflis. John Davis. The Blue Blazers openecl the season with a 38-'54 win over the Jimtown Jimmies as Staclihouse scored twelve points. ln our next game which was with Bristol. Pinclell scorecl eleven points as the Pirates gave us a scare before going clown 34-28. Xvith our lirst loss ol the season. which was to Gary Emerson 37-30, we also lost high-scorer, Joe pinclell because of a baclly sprainecl anlile. Ellchart clroppecl its second game in four starts to Xvarsaw. 32-29. In our first ol' two games with Goshen, the Blazer fans were slightly nlownhearteci throughout the entire game until in theglast few seconcls. when Staclchouse brolie the cleaclloclci with a controversial marlcer. causing Elkhart to win 58-56. in the next game, juniors, Pete Davis ancl Roger Vvalters with nine ancl eight points respectively, lecl the Blazers to cleteat Toledo Xvaite '37-35. Top Row: Bob Vs-sellm, lxlgr., Karl Davis. Clair Schrocli. Dick Vvalton. Dick Staruer, Pat Nlonlagano, Larry Able, Blgr. VARSITY GAMES After taicing tour out ol six games the Blazers slumped into one of the worst Ull0lCll'l.llIlSN they have seen in several years. The lirst game that started the Blazers on their downhill ride was the hattie with Vvashington of South Bend. The E. H. S. five howed to the Hpanthersn with the score ol' 42-55. Sophomore Bohhy Cappetletti scored thirteen points lor top honors in this game. The losing streaic continued through the next six games. The next game which was with Laporte. proved to he another fatal stroke to the struggling hiiiliner hoys. The Slicers cut the Blazers short with a score ol' -I5-54. The ioilowing weela the iwiichigan City five threw Ellchart lior another loss with the iinal score ol 5-1-54. hliiiiner and his hoys hit the road to lace the undefeated Auburn team. The Blazers tailed once again as the Red Devils slaughtered us 55-55. ixlishawaica. the conference co-champs. thrashed the downhearted E. H. S. team hy the margin of 25 points. The score was -1-1-Qt. The iasl two games in the "Elkhart Curse" were with South Bend Riley and Fort Vvayne North Side. The scores were, 46-59 and 52-44, respectively. Putting out ol their stump. the Blazers poured ati oi their power on Nappanee to keep a thirteen year intact record with the Bulldogs. Vvith Pindell scoring t5 and Tait and Staciihouse IQ, they defeated the Bulldogs, 58-52. The Blazer fans had great hopes for the next game even though it was with the State Finalists. South Vlilll' lT0yS UH till' llttlllfll I'l't'l'iY0 illt Pyvlwlll. Bend Centrai. Although the Blazers showed a good light in the first haii. the Bears puiled away lor a 48-26 win. On a return match with Goshen. in a conference duet, the hoys in blue caught tire in the second quarter to massacre the Redskins for the sixteenth straight time. This score was victorious hy a pieasing 4 point margin. 57-55. The Blazers ended the season with a hetter all-round team with more tire and class than at any time he-fore in the past games oi' the season. Although the Biazers Joe Pindeil Dick Staclahouse John Davis tiki sift ff? 4- is A, V. 1 W' 4 f W mf, J X -My FW. .msc M . . was-A: fri'-?"'L--'-fi: .X-if " 'N' x .M N . V- X 4 if X V ,,.,,, 'tw .... ' ' . - 525: Q X Q K X X X X X W X w ,Q- Q . 'Fi ' xx ,N 'in ww 3 A ' Q X X w f E X Nix x Mx 1 IE R ' f xv V. as X Qaf x Xa xx 3 X X 5 'X I X J X ,O Q fi H 5 x X S gs .V ANNE' x AQ, gv 9-,Mg ,., F Q K x a, 4 M' 01 , 4 :pf x X li Q25 gm ss. N J 25' if Y f eff E ..,.. 23: x X 35' 5 K , 19 I f :df ' Q . TT A , X Rf. , - A 5 Top: Vvallon In Dawis. Bullom: lfs xx jump: Slnriilluusc Irics for n swisllvr. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE-1948-1949 ll. 5, Ol 58 .... ,lilnhiwn 5-'I .... Brisiol ..--- 50 .... Gary, lfnu-rsun 20 .... Nvursnw ........ -- 58 .... Goslwn .............. 57 .... FIXOIUCIO, Xvnilc-Y .......... ..... 57 .... Sunil: Bvnrl. Xvuslxinglon 55 .... East Chicago, Ruosvvvli L... --- 54 .... Luporiv .............. -10 .... Ixtirlligun Ciiy --- --- 55 .... Auburn ......... ll ..,. IX'IiSIlllVK'ilkkl ........ 50 .... Souill Bond, Riley-- ,,,. E. H. s. opp. 54 44 .... Fork Xvaync, Norlin Side' ......,. 52 28 58 .... Nnppanc-e ............ ---52 57 '26 .... South Bend, Central -- ---LIS 52 57 .... Goshen .................. ---55 56 52 .... Suulll Bond, .lolm Adams ........ 54 QQ SECFIONAL TOURNEY 42 I7 .... New Paris ................. -55 TOTAL POINTS 35 071 778 44 TOTAL. SEASON RECORD 46 6 xlN'ViI'lS'-'15 Losses tsl Row: N. Linn: G. Buzonhnrgf. 2nd Row: J. Evcrls: R. Cripo: R. Knuftninn: .t. Troup: D. Grant: P. Kitnor. 3rd Row: Couch Ehrsann: V. Vorns: J. Ringosp P. tjtiins: B. Porsoncttg A. .tontiinsg htgr. tj. Stonnn. The "B" Squad, which has had an excettent record this past year. should result in an improved varsity tine-up next year. Under the fine coaching of Bch Ehrsam, the junior Blazers won I2 out ot I6 games in the conference openers, and placed second in the second team conference rating. tn a squad made up atmost entirety of sophs. one junior, Jim Troup, turned in severat fine performances. Along with Ratph Kauffman. Doug Grant and Jim Everts. Troup was a main spark. Three very tatt boys. Bot: Cripe. pant Litcins and Jim Ringos, covered the center position. alternating. Several other underctass- men showed promise for the coming year. E THE BLAZER "B" SUUAD -..--., ..... . H S. 23 .... .tilntown .. 29 ,,.. Bristot --- Zl .... Gary. Emerson IO .... Yvamaw --- 9.6 .... Goshen ......... 29 .... S. B., Vttashingfton - 26 .... Lnpode ......... 51 .... hhdngan Cny - I6 .... Auhurn ...... 20 .... htkhawmhn --- ---- 27 .... S.t3q Rney ....... - I0 .... North Side, Fort Xvaync - 32 ..-. S. B., Central ..... - 50 .... Nnppanec ..... 36 ,,.. Goshen ........ - 34 .... S.t1,John.Adnnw - Slmnvr pivots ns Rindvtt docs his guarding. Opp. ----l4 ----l4 ----l9 ----l9 ----I3 ---22 ---24 ---26 ---50 -----2l -----20 -----5O -----2l ----2l 22 ---26 , Tennis Squad, lst Row: Anderson, Stover, Nleengs, Lau und Shuler. 2nd row: Landman, Cowen. Coach Sorenson, Br-dcncop and Luelling. Indi- vidual. lop right: Shuler slams n lnaclchandcr. Bottom, lelt to right: Lau with a foreliand swing: Anderson sets one oil: Stover throws one up: Nleengs swings into action. THE E. H. 5. TENNIS TEAM The E. H. S. tennis squad. with Coach Hap Soren- son, made a fine showing this year, considering the fact that they diclnlt have any returning lettermen. It was an inexperienced team that really worked hard, trying to maintain the line tradition ol championship teams which Hap has established for all E. H. S. tennis squads, The netmen started their season on Sept. 4 by travel- ing to North Side of Fort Vvayne, and laringing hack their first victory in a fairly easy match, 5-0. The Blazers were then host to the Goshen Redskins, and added another victory to their list. Score 5-0. lwishawalca was the next stop, in a match that ran through two days and ended with a 2-5 score, Ellchart on the bottom. On Sept. 21, the Laporte squad gave the Blazers another victory, hy a -1-1 score. On Sept. 28, the raclceteers were the guests ol' their old rivals, Central of South Bend. This was another two-day match, with E. H. S. coming out on the short end of a 2-3 score. The following matches showed the E. H. S. team vic- torious: lvlichigan City, 4-lg Riley, 5-03 Adams, 4-1. The season ended with a commendable record of 6 wins and 2 losses. The netmen placed third in the NTHSC conference standings. individual records were as follows: Capt. Phil Smith, I5 wins-2 losses: lxfleengs, 12 wins-I loss: Kauffman, 4 wins-5 losses: Shuler, 6 Wins-5 losses. Jim Konrad and John Davenport saw action in doubles play. Six men won varsity letters. In the 'spring the tennis team plays a numher of practice games, mainly to keep in shape for the fall conference matches. The spring sch Cdlllei April 8 lialnnmzoo Central, Nlay -Kalamazoo, here 'ew IVI ' N'l . , l April I2 Fort VVaync. lierc NIM Kllos mm I A .I ,. D Y .r I ay namazoo, tiere pri I J ovs agmc, t mere April 29 Peru, there May Kalamazoo, there Nlay 3 Goshen, there Nlay Goshen, here HB I THE E. H. S. TH!-tllli TEAM Elkhart opened its unusually tough track season with an annual quadrangular meet at Notre Dame, and finished third. as expected. Elkhartls Gene Hany set a new all-time E. H. S. mile record for both indoor and outdoor meets lay touring the distance in 4:36.5, nearly four seconds faster than the old record. Bill Nye turned in the laiggest upset of the day when he nosecl out LaPorte's Zook in the excellent time of 2:O4.5 for the half mile. Vvindy Culp, who won the 440 in 54.6 seconds. looks like a good het to continue Reg Phillips' dominance of the 440. , On the following Saturday at Notre Dame, Elkhart showed unexpected strength lay placing third in the East NIHS conference indoor meet. Hany again won the mile easily and Culp won the 440. Nye won the second heat of the 880 to give Elkhart valuable points. The first dual meet of the season was held at Goshen where lllkhart came off with a two-point victory, 55'-53. Elkhart pulled one ol the big upsets of the year when the Boonemen whipped the outstanding team from North Side of Fort Vvayne. 58 to 51. This victory was accomplished lay the scoring ol smashing' wins in lmoth relays. As a promise to future teams, more than hall' of Elkharfs points in individual events were scored hy sophomores. The Blazers were handed their lirst defeat of the season by the Archers of South Side. 67-42. Vveakness in the relays and the field events spelled defeat lor E. H. S. Hany and Schrock were on the sideline with injuries, although Schrock competed in the mile relay. Captain Dick Stackhouse ran for the first time this year and came off with a first in the low hurdles. Hampered lay injuries to key men, Elkhart hopes to make a good showing in the sectionals and the state meets. The schedule lor this year is as follows: April T--Fort XNYHYIIP, North Sith-. hi-rc. April 12-Fort Xvuyne, South Side, hcrc. April '25-Goshen. there. April 26-Sioshen. here. Flay 3 i hshi-malta, there. l lxlay I5-Sectional lxleet, hero. Track group picture. Row I: Ge-no Hany, Bill Nye, Clair Schrock, Capt. Dick Staekhousc. Xvendnll Culp, Dirk Tait, Don Glick, Don .li-ssup. Row 2: Coach Chelse Boone. Dirk Bressler. Dave Newsome, Pat Montagano. Boll Kisler. Gary Rutledge. Lee Paulson, Bill Bergstrom. Row 3: Larry Shea. Luther Jackson. Sam Barnes, Dick Starncr, Bob Hill, B. Bolten. Boh Cappelletti. Gary Busenhurg. lxlontagano catches the step .... Nye mines in on the last lap .... Culp Sprints around the curve .... Stackhouse takes a low one THE E. H. 5. BASEBALL TEAM VVl1en Coach Elirsam issuecl time call for baseball tliis spring about forty boys slioweci up for practice, among tllem six lettermen. Tlxese returning players were: Dick Talbott, Dick VValton. Joe Pinciell, Jolm Davis, Larry Abel, Rollie Cook and Deivin Landis. Vvitlm this line-up of candidates and experienced boys, tlle prospects for tlle '49 season loolc good. The only boys missing from last year's squaci are tlie gracluates, Lamlaclin, Campbell, Gorclon ancl Hostetler. Eigllt games were sclleclulecl for tlie weelcs following spring vacation, as follows: April 20--Laporte, tllere Nlny I 3- lxlay 3-Aciams, lien: IN iny I .' -f Niay A 6-Central, llerc Play 20- Nay I0--Riley, Illerc Nay ' xNyllSllilIgt0Il, tllvrv h'1il'iliQHll City, tluerc lx'IiSlltlXX'l'lliR, lxorc Howe. llerc Baseball, Row l: Landis. D.: Talbott, D.: Pinriell. J.: Duvis, J.: Cook. R.: Abel, L. Row 2: O'Conncl, lp Tlionms, O.: Gruber, H.: Bill, B.: Stephenson, B.: Gardner, R.: Young, T. Row 5: Coaclx Elrrsamg Arlco, B.g Louglr, J.: Berlcey. P.: Frcebc, XV.: Lmntgdin, T.: Pcrsoneit. B.: Losee, I.: Davis, K.: Linn, Nl. Talbot prepares for u snag .... Out at lirsl, courtesy oi Vvalton .... Jolin and Joe talk over tlxe game .... Abel launting. lllll IIHUSS IIIIUNTHY SHUI-ill A strong cross country team ieci by Captain Gene Hany came through with a gooci record of 7 wins and 4 losses at the emi of the fail season,'the usuai good showing' marie by Coach Boones harriers. Captain Hany ieci the team ali year with the ahie assistance of Donald Jessup. Roiiie Cook. Vvaiter Giidner, Larrie Kirioie, Glen Douglas. Vviiiiam Nye anci VVencieli Culp. All of the preceding boys were major ietter winners and ati but one are seniors. Captain Hany was high point man, and also turneci in a fine performance, running' two mites in 10:05. Out of nine teams, Cheise's finished fifth in the conference. In the iast conference meet of the season, Laporte edged out Elkhart, 27 to 28. with a thrilling ciuei being staged hy Eikharfs Hany and LaPorte's Zooic. Zooic staveci off a final drive by Hany and Laporte won the meet. This loss was typical of all the Boone- men's defeats: they are never defeated hy more than one or two points. In the sectional meet, the Boonemen placed third. Gene Hany was Elicharfs representative in the state cross country held at Indianapolis. Although hampered by a had leg, Hany overtook 58 boys in the iast one and one-half mites, to finish a respectable twelfth. Hany was also named as all-sectional and all-conference. lxflanagers for this year's team were Lee Paulson, Bill Bergstrom, Dick Bressiar, and Vic Voras. Because he had the best record of the uncterciassmen. Xvait Giiciner will captain next year's team. Cross Country: Group I thottomi Coach Boone: Hany, G.: Jessup, Don: Cook, R.: Gilciner. XV.: Paulson, K.: Kirlaie. L.: Douglas, G.: Nye, B.: Culp. NV.: Nlanagers, Paulson. L.. and Bergstrom, B. Crop, Pauison and Bergstrom set the boys off for a sprint. H BIBLE' SPUHTS . A An inmporlnnl park ol uGrowing Up in Ellclmarln is learning lmow lo play. Tlme Girls' Allmlelic Association. uncler llme sponsorslmip ol lVliss lxlary Kemmflall. provicles linme zmncl lmenlllmlul recreation on llmis lmsis. Tlme aclivilies lor llmis year incluclecl am lrip lo llme slnle G. A. A. camp at Polaagon Slnle Pnrlc imm Ocloluer, numerous inler-sclmool lmslcellmll nncl volleyball ganmes. in "play clay" in llmmuary, zmncl llw nwamrcls ussenmloly ami llme encl ol llme yeamr. Tlme C. A. A. lmolcls ils council lmmeelings on llle lirsl and lllircl Tuesclamys ol eamclm mnonllm cluring lmonme room anal carries on llme nllmleiic evenls nller sclmool nl 5:50. Tlme ollicers for llme year are as lollows: Presiclenl: Norma Elmrel Vice-Presiclenl: Kay Jessup Corresponcling Secrelary: Nlargarel Pelliler Q , 4 , Recorcling Secretary: lxlary Carusillo l'ramnces Nels-rer. lXny Jessup. Norma lilmrel, Nlzmrgnrel Pelliler, lxliss Kvmlnll nnxl lxlnry furusillo luulc over usporlingly Yours." T1fl'ilSlll'Cl'2 FFHIICGS N9lEl'6T. Tlme G. A. A. girls play a last game of lmslcellmll. Ill? ,,....f--.---w ? we A gi Sink vi X Wx 5. . YN 1 x 1 X .. Q 15:5 1 f x fm Xu, 2 3513? " Q Q . S xg! X' X E ks xx X K X WW WWW? N X eww NN V S ii N -- X. -w S S? 1 .- XV is k f E X-sw. X, A N SAQNQ m L m Q A A . -m Q. N , X 5 K 5 i Q: X QQ Q mx NSWS x- XS S x NNIIQNW xy Q N i R X' .Q ,N xuxkk M ww. QN A .WM--W 'ww M M... W xgggxwwwlf K M X ' . .A wsu 5 X .,:. Q Q. SM 5 -X w i, X X Xe x as fx :E :Q xx 5 X X Q s P N gk xg X s i CLASSES AND Z-UQIMINISTHHTIUN 4? - H 'Ll U v W T 5: 5- 5 2- ,52 .. 3 2 P1 Q fp CD o U 1 5- O ca. :. ,,, 5 5 5- 2 fb E, Q 9- 5' 52- 'H -H 2,2 -1 rn 2. S 2. 2 C -1 "" ga -1 5 .., U1 EH on cn X '1 5' L O'o,' X E.. C0 ' Q9 F? nv ED D 2 V' Q' r E7 V 5 Pg rn 9 0 o E- E. Q 2 E ff 2 5' fu 2 FD - 3 : Q- 5 n E 5 E' ,Eg 5 3 Q. Q' 1 2 12' Q, .- cr 2 ' X 1 E " 2 'Q NX I' :J Z Z' w Q N 2' 2' O . UQ , 5' 5. 5 5 O -1. FD -1 ng VJ VJ Q V2 UD O O 5 2 fb 5 O 2 O C1 '1 2 'E 3- 95 O gi Q- 3 Q- CT' fb fs. 5 FP' O T' D O 2 FY' D' CD FO' 53" E. Z O 'FH best for us. all that goes in a big modern school. We move into the exciting ,f ? f events of the junior year, and before we know it, our J I 5 ,gif c. he twelve years of school arefa a nd and we are graduating. At last we have come into our own. 105 SUPlfRlNTENDIiN'l' H. H. CHURCH I-HIMINIBTHIXTIUN The man responsible lor many ol our school improvements is Dr. H. H. Church, superinlenclenl ol schools. XX-lith the help ol the school lgoarcl, he plans new uncl better ways to improve and motl- ernize our schools. Among this year's achievements is the lmuilnling ol the lxlary Daly school. This is the lwirst ol the huilcling necessary to talce care ol our city,s rapiclly growing school enrollment. Dr. Churclfs most outstanding project cluring the past year was his worla on the lncliana Stufly Commission. a survey ol all schools in the state. The Boarcl ol School Tiustees consists ol .l. l.. Ullery, presiclentg Vernon lN"l. Ball, secretary: Xvnller B. Lerner. treasurer: lVlrs. lx"'larg'aret Forrl and Stanley Raymer. The executive ollicer of the Bonrcl is Dr. Harolll H. Church who, with the Hoarcl, plans the curriculum. malces improvements, ancl provicles equipment lor the various schools. BOARD OF llDUCA'l1lON: lxlessrs. Rnymer, Lerner. Ball, Ullery, nncl Nlrs. Foul. UUE TEIIEHEHS, FRIENDS I-IND SUIIIES Row l : ADAMS. NORVAL E., BS.. NS. Srivnvv Depurtnn-nt. Ctmirmuu ANSBAUGH, ANNA. B.A. Home Ifmnmuivs ANQERSON. CARI-. B.S. Im ustrtu Arts AVERY, FRANCES. B.A., NIA. IJIIIQIIUQP De-pnrtnwut BOOK. ORPHA. B.A., B.S.. in I..S. I.itn'nrinn BROUOHTON. RUTH, B.A., NA IAIIIQIIGQP Dvpurtlnvnl. C'lllll'tlllIll Row 2: ' BURNS. MAURICE, BE.. N Ifusinnss Iwnnnger for 54-lmot City of tztkt of l3.YIT1l'CllTTIFIIIKlf ,:lUlKIS BUFOIGIE. LOUISE, B.A.. MA. ing is I COOPER. HARRY M.. B.S. Cammerriaf Department DEAL, JUNE E., B.S., NA. c70tI'lIlIPTl'It'lJ IDPPIITIYIIPIII DEPEXV. BERTHA. BS., BIA. Home Ifrounmirs Department, Ctmirmun DORSETT. MYNGLE. B.A., MA. 1. w. IDPHII of CIIVIS, KIIHIIKIIICP Row 5: ELMQUIST-. BETTY, B.S. Blume Dvpartmpnl . FELMLEE. J. XV.. BA., MA. ImIustrmI Arts FRENCH. DOYIE T., BA.. BIA. Assistant Principal, Ctluirnmn of Iwntlwmntics Dy t I Dirvctor of Tvsts nncI INIPIISIITPIIIPIIIS GILL. IVAN C., B.S., NS. C I' Q ' D 1 I I GOXVDY, XNIILLIAIVI. B.S.IVI., lN'I.P-'I Director of Vocal Iwueir IIINES. HARRIET A.. BS. Comnwrciat Dvpnrtnwnt HUB TEAIIHEH5, FRIENDS I-IND GUIDES HAMILTON, VVILLIAM. PLS. ImIustnuI Arts HART, GLEN, B.S., NS. Imiustrinl Arts HAKRYEY, REX E., BS., MS. 'at lernatics HUGHES, G. CHRISTINE. B.A., N.A. Drmnntivs, English ISISELL, ROBERT L. Vocational AVIKIUIIIIIQ' Shop JAMES. HOXVARD A., B.F.A. Art Depurtlnvllt Row 2: JARVIS. KATHRYN. B.A., M.A. Counsviior, Aicxtiwrllntics Department JORDAN, RILEY R., B.A., NIA. Social Studies Department KELLY, DOROTHY, HA., 1N'I.A. Engiislx, Iournufism, Pnipticutinns, Yvriting IIIB Iabornt KENDALL, MARY E., B.A. Physical Education KERR, LESTER, M.A. Cnnnsviior. IWutImmalws Department KING, GLADYS, B.A., NIA. Language Department Row 5 : KIRKLAND, HELEN, PH.B., MA. Counsellor, Connnerciaf Department LIKINS, VIRGIL, B.Ed., NLS. Science Department MATER, VVILBUR, B.S., MS. Social Studies Department TVIILLINER. XVILLIAIVI LI., BS. Physical Education, Basketball Conch MULLER, J. FREDERICK, B.S., IVLA Director of the Department of Instrumental M1151 Director of Sympixonic Band and Orchestra TVIYERS, FREDERICK Associated Director of Nlusic Departm t IIUH TEAEHEH5, FRIENDS AND GUIDES Row l : ORCAN. E. T. Dirvclnr of Vocafional and Adult Edu RIETHGCLAUDE, B.S., MS. Inrluslrml Arls SANDS, VV. E.. BS., MA. Social Shufivs Dc-parhnvnl SAXVYER. IVIARGUERITE. B. Language SHARP. MARIE. B.A.. N.A. Counsellor, English SICQKELS. ADA, Ph.B. English Row 2: calim A., MA. SILCOTT, GLENN, B.S., M.A. Atmvtic Director, Football Coach SINER, N. IVIARIE, B.A., NIA. Commercial Department SORENSEN. RAYMOND. B.S., NA Pllysu-ul Ifmfurulion, Tounis Coach SPROEJLIH RAYMOND, B.S., NS. Sucio Slurias UPQIKE. GLENN H.. PLS., MS. hcwru.'a Dvpurhnenf, Almvfw Dcparlnwnt, Bush XVAGONER. EVELYN J.. B.S. bCI8lICl! Dvlmrlmvnl Row 3: XVILEY, J. F., PILB.. N.A. English NVENGER, GALEN L., BS., N.A. Enqlislr, IASSIFIIIIJIV Program, Spovrln VVIQNNIE, l?ONALD E., AB., M.A. . ocia lm ies XVISE. SALOME, B.P.E. Physical Ecfuvaiion VVQKIFLEINXVEBER, VVILLIAM. B.E. n uslria rls K in K.. 9:3- - X - M X . K . X. K..-Na F X. .R . Q - J M w .K X A1 Y KX K... 9. f .Q . W . . :QW .Q -- .. gr. - NK K KE V.. Q - xv-wk 1 f i X ,X-.X. .K Q 4 X X ww vswisl Q . S XX ix A . K Q .. Q. . . xKK.25'g X .K w - X Xw . xx KX I. xx .. K 525-Ikzi xsgff .1 Qi t N X x XSX X X 25. 3 .wx 5 .:. if 1 Kai S .. X Q K X fi' 5 iii Q . X -QA .X .. . S k"' .. X- ' NN X. .. :K Q K K . K: gw im' Xml .. W . 4. ii.. X N X " K K K K -xxx X . - -- i. gf my x -. Klu x ' KK KK X 4 A K A L. K K Q: 3- W - + -.... X6 . . YM.-NN--1-.wsu fi-f K x . W. .. . -- Q: QQ ffm . .. .. K ..K. KKK K.. ,Reg . V ..K K..K K .W N- --h,, M . . .. . N - KK ' sf: " X - 'Q gif M -K -. - same.. 5.- -.NM x1...f.:-W, ,Q f f, - ,,. ,,,.k1Q .. ...M Y ,. . K, few... S. N545 ' '- MILE! .. K. :Ri , , .:,f,.,- -. ' Lf' " 2 ' fflf--:' T Y . Q - 1 "-Q F- 3 , - 'Y SE XS? X55 - f ' wgi Q1".0 5 Y S. . wg is timis time way time tassei goes? "WE KNEW EACH UTHEH WHEN" Time next page bore time imeading. concessions at sec- tionai tracic meet, ivtay 16, 1947. Timat was our tirst money-matting project, and our iast oiticiai activity, as sopimonmores. Vve returned to E.. H. S. as proud juniors. it was wonderful not to ime time youngest and greenest ciass any nmore. Time brown record tmooii went on recording time imistory of our ciass .... Junior ciass otticers: President, tVtarvin Scott: Vice-President, Joimn Davis: Secretary. Caroiyn Peterson: Treasurer, Ronaici Vvaitong Sociat Cimairnmen, Betty Emiary, Howard Hostetierg Sponsors. Nliss Saw- yer, Nlr. Vtfoiienweioer. Time Junior Foiiies was given Friday. Qctoiaer IT, 19117. Time timenme was deveioped around a iuxury iiner en route to New Yoric from Soutim America .... Famous peopte were traveiing on time simip. Rememtmer Jack Bennyis vioiin soio? . . . Vera Vague and Bob Hope? . . . Nelson Eddy? . . . Remember imow proud we were to imave a seiiout at time Foiiies? Time Junior Ciass Party, January 51, I9-IS. was caiied time Junior Jamboree. Time eiass piay, "Time Figtmting Littiesf' wimicim was given February I9 and 20. Time big occasion oi our junior year. time Junior-Senior Prom. was imeici ixiay I5 in time Atimenian Baiiroonm at Hotei Eiicimart. Time Prom was tmuiit around a Spanisim fiesta timeme. Doc Boies orcimestra piayed. Fatt canme again, and we were otticiaiiy seniors. Re- nmemimer imow strange tmeing iooiceci up to by underciass- men ieit7 X-Ve found it imard to iaeiieve ttlat we were spending our iast year at E. H. S. Time senior ciass officers were iisted in time record tmooics as ioiiows: President, Biii Nye: Vice-President, Joimn Davis: Secretary. Eiien Hoidenmang Treasurer, Howard Hostetierg Social Cimairnmen, Nancy Vvtmitt, Joe Pindeii. "Arsenic and Old Lacei' was our senior piay, witim Caroiyn Biougim and Donna Farr as time two sweet oid iadies. ixiore events were recorded in time book .... Coiiege Day, witim its soienmn atnmospimere of iooiiing-to-time- future .... Career nigimt .... Time Cimristnmas assenmtmiy. . . . Time imoiidays .... Time Roman Banquet, Miirinmai- cimiois Dinner Partyu . . . ctmoosing our caps and gowns . . . ordering mmanme cards and graduation announce- ments . . . time Prom, given in our imonor timis year . . . time ciay time '49 annuai, our yeartmooii. came out . . . time magazine drive . . . time iast pep session . . . section- ais . . . our track queen. . . . Time record imooic was iiiieci witim piain facts, records, but to us, ieating limrougim it. time records Lmrougimt baci-1 reai, tive nmemories. Xve ttmougimt of Senior Day . . . Baccaiaureate . . . time Senior Banquet . . . time tea . . . Conmnmencenmenl. and time dipiomas wimicim we received proudiy . . . ati time ciasses, assenmimiies, and activities were a part oi time past. and now it is time tor us to iooic to time future. Row I BAILEY, BARBARA Collage Preparatory Yfllccns: Sluclcnl Council: N. Hon. Socielyg Pcnnnnl NN-lcelclyg Clxoirz G.A.A.: Pcnnunl Annual, Afl Mgr. BAILEY, RICHARD L. Vocational Printing VocnIioxmI Clula. BAILS, JOAN General Row 2 BALES, H. RICHARD General BALL, TOIVI Vocalional lx'1ClClIll10 Sllop Vocational Club. Trcas. BANKS, PATRICIA A. College Praparalory xv-YIIPCIISZ Jr. IJOIIIPSQ Ijellllillll IAIIIIIIHI. Row 5 IIANNING, EUGENE College Preparalory IIIPIHIISZ I'II'Yvi LJSIIOI' Clulvq yvlilll' SIIDDI SCTICS1 SIUCICIII Council. BARBER, THOMAS ' 1..f1u.a.-ral BARGER, HARGLD General Visual Ecl. IR GRADUATES Row l ABBOTT, ROGER K. General ABEL, LARRY D. Vocaiional lwavlrine SIIOP Vocniiunaxl Club: Vnrsily lim-ball: I5nsIu'IlmII Blgr.: Inlcrcluss BnsIic-tlmull. ADAIVIS, BGB Iuflaslrial Eleclricily Row 2 ADAMS, PHYLLIS A. General N. Hon. Sociciyg .lr. Avail. ul Scivxwu: Triple I., View Pres.: G.A.A.: Spnrls Mgr.: Clmir: SIIIKIOIII Council: Y-Teens. ALBAUGH, BETTY General ALLMAN, NORMAN General Row 5 AIVIAN, NANCY Voculional Clerical Y-'I'cr-ns: G.A.A. ANDERSON, BEATRICE D. General ARTER, JOHN EARL Vocational Printing UP 1949 Row l BARRETT. JANET LOU General N. Honor Society. BATES. KEITH E. lmlustrial BECHT, BURNS General Varsity Football. Ron' 2 BECKETT. JOHN E. lnfluslrial Electricity Visual Eel., Pres. BECKMAN. JOSEPH R. College Preparatory Your Scllool Sc-ries: Jr. Follies: Sr. Class Play. BIGLER, JEAN College Preparatory Y-Teens: Q.A.A. Row 5 BISEL. GORDON L. College Preparatory Pennant Annual: lnlvrrlnss Bnslxellmll. BLOUGH, CAROLYN Clerical Practice A Cappella Clnoir, Treas.: Xxlig nncl Cue: Tlxespians: Sr. Class Play. BOCK, NQRNIA Slenogropllir Slunlent Council: Bancl. ..,. .... --.. ..., .... .Y .. Row 1 BQRROR, PEARL 1. General Bancl: Orchestra: F.T.A. BORTNER, THQNIAS General BOVVLBY. BYERL O. General Row 2 BOVVNAN. GLORIA Vocational Slenograpliic Jr. Class Play: Jr. Follies: Pennant Weekly: G.A.A.: Xv'rI19e11S. BOYER. HELEN NADINE General Y-Teens: Cluoirc Pennant Xveelily. BOYER, NIAC Vocational llflaclline Shop Voltniiom-ml Clulm, Pres.: Visual Erl., Vice-Pres. ROIU 3 BOZZJJTO. JOE Vocational Printing Varsity Football: Vocational Club: Stuclent Council. BRENVER, BOB H. Vocational Machine Shop Vocational Club: Stuclent Council. BRIGANT, ANN ROSE General 113 Row I - I CARUSILLO, MARY M. Vocational Stenograpliic G.A.A.: Bnncl: .Ir. Follies: CARLSON, KENT N. Hon. Society, Treas. CHESTER, MARY Orcliestrac .lr. Follies: P rlveacliing. Row 2 CLEM. LARRY Clloir, Viceprcs. COMER, JACK R. I. aint Girls' Aclvisory Council. College Preparatory College Preparatory ancl Palette: F.'I'.A.: Camlet lnrlustriul Electricity Vocational Drafting Vocational Club: Football: Interclass Baslcc-tlaall. COCK. ROLLIN General Varsity Baseball: Varsity Cross Country: Uslier Clulr: Intervlass Basluetloallz Stuclent Counfil. RUII' 3 COPENHAV ER. LOLA J EANNETTE Home Economics Clioirz G.A.A.: Yfllcensz Jr. Follies. COSTIC, PATRICIA A. College Preparatory Triple L, Sgt.-at-Arms: Banrl: G.A.A.: Yy'T00llS2 .lr. Follies I PEHIHIIII Xveelcl y- COURT, DAVID RGBERT College Preparatory Bancl: Orcliestra: Uslier Clula. Vice-Pres., Pres.: Sr. Class Play: Speecli Play: Jr. Follies: Stuclent Council. U4 GRADUATES Row I YUNKER, CAROLYN General Stuclvnt Council. BROWN, EMMA LOU Home Economics Bancl: Y-Teens: Pennant Xveelily. BRUBAKER. GLEA Home lxflaleing Row 2 BUCKLEY, EDVVARD R. College Preparatory Pennant Annual, Ass't Bus. Llgr.: tlr. Follies: Hi-Y. BUETER, VVILLIE Industrial lx'lClClll7l8 Sllop BUGH, BILL College Preparatory Tlmspians: Clioirg .lr. Class Play: Sr. Class Play: Pew nant Annual. Row 5 CALABRESE. JOE General Interrlnss Baslietlaall. CAlN'lPBELL, NANCY College Preparatory Paint antl Palette. Vive-pres.: .lr. Follies: Sr. Class Play: A Cappella Clmir: N. Hon. Society: Jr. Aracl. ol Srionrc: Pennant Annual. CAV ANAGH, DAVE General Stuclent Council: Varsity Footloall: .lr. Follies: lrootluall Nlgr.: Pennant Annual: Speecll Clulm. UF 1949 Row I CRESS, DICK Vocational Printing Vocational CIuI1: Irootllnllz Interclass Baslietlmll. CRIPE. ELIZABETH ANN Band: Orrllestrn. Vocational Stenograpllic CULP. XVENDELL Vocaiional Nlacliine Sliop Varsity Ilirnvli: Varsity Cross Country: Intcrflass Baslwt- ball. Row 2 DALLY, HELEN GEN Gffll Sr. Class Play: Carle! Teaching: F.-IIA.: Stucient Coun- cil: Pennant Annual: Pennant Xvvolily. Ass't Eli.: .Ir. Follies: G.A.A. DARLING. XVEBSTER Vocafional lvlaclrine Slzop Vorational CIuI1: Irootlmll. DAVENPORT. JOHN EDNVARD Varsity Tennis: Iii-Y. Rom 5 College Preparn iory DAVIS. JOHN SHELDON lnclusirial Auto Nlecliainics Stucient Council : Va rsity I I:00Il3HIIZ BHSIQQQITRIIZ BRSPITEIIIZ N. I'Ion. Society: .r. Follies: Jr. Class, Vivo-Pros.: Sr. Class, Vive-Pres. DEHOFF. JEAN G9I'IGl'Gl Y-Teens: Pennant Xvvclilyz Brunel: Triple I-: G.A.A. DENMAN, SYLVIA IVI. Girls' Clioir: A Cappella ut-Arms: Jr. Follies: Jr. Girls' Advisory Council: College Preparatory Clioir: Y-Teens: G.A.A.. Sgt.- Class Play: Pcnnnnt NVQ-clilyz Student Council. Row I DILLS. LORRAINE E. General G.A.A. DOERING, BRUCE College Preparatory Eennarrt Annual, Bus. Ixlgr.: Hi-Y: Ati Stoll: Stuclent ounci . DOERING, DORIS JEAN General Paint nncl Palette. Soo. Cllr.: Clioir: Y-Teens. Row 2 DOTY, VVILLIAIVI JAMES General Industry Docs, II1I'0ilS.C CJIIOII: PPIIIIHZII Alllllllll. DC3IfI?', JANIES S. College Preparatory DOUGLAS, GLEN College Preparatory Tracie: Cross Country. Row 5 DRINKALL. THOIVIAS General DIQFIIARIVIE, LORAINE Business DUNFEE, M. IRENE Vocational Stenograpllic G.A.A., Soc. Cllr.: Y-Teens: Tliresliolci: Girls' Advisory Council: Triple L.. Soc. Clir. 115 Ron' l FODROCZI, LOUIS General FOLEY, HAZEL General Triple L.: Pninl anfl Palvlle: A Cappella Clioir. FORTINO. ROSE Vocalional lwerclianclising 'rlll"9Sll0lCl. Ron' 2 FRANCISCO, RONALD College preparatory Siucleni Council. FRCEfDRlCK, PHYLLIS Vocational Clerical FRYE. CONNIE LOUISE College Preparaiory Y-Teens: G.A.A.: Pennani Xveelily, Assll Etl.. Co-Ecli- ior: .lr. Follies: .lr. Class Play: N. Hon. Soriely: Girls' Aclvisory Council: Girls' Exec. Com. Row 5 GALLAY, OSCAR P. General Visual Ed.: Stucleni Council. GANG, RQFIERT D. Vocational Drawing localiona u . GAROUTTE, HORACE. JR. General IE GRADUATES Row I EARNHART, BETTY B. Y-11-1-mg G.A.A. Vocational Clerical ECKERT, NERL H. Vocational Club. Vocalional lwacliine Slrop EHRET, NORlVlA .l. College Preparaiory G.A.A., Soc. Cllr., pres.: N. Hon. Socieiy: Triple l.: Girls' Exon Conn.: Sluclenl Council: Y-Teens: Clioir. Row 2 EMBRY. BETTY JEAN College Preparalory Yell Lencler: Y-Teens: Carle! Toacliiml: .lr. Follies: Clioir: G.A,A.: N. Hon. Sociely: Pennant XVN-lily: P4-nnnnl Annual: l'. l .A.: Fr. Class. Nw. Clir. EVERTS. R0lXlALD College Preparalory Clioir, Pres.: Xyig anti Cue, Vivo-Pres.: 'lllu-spians: N. Hon. Sorieiy: Your Scllool Series. FARR. DONNA LEE General Siuelent Council: Pennani Xxlcelily. Co-Eclilor: Y-Teens: .lr. Class Play: Sr. Class Play: .lr. Follies: Girls' Exec. Com. Row 5 FARRELL, COLLEEN E. College Preparalory G.A.A.: Banrl: .lr. Avacl. ol Science. FETTERS. SHIRLEY A. G.A.A.q Y-Teens. Voca tional Boolelzeeping FLORA, .lAlVlES College Preparalory Hi-Y: SlllCl0I1l Counfil: llllrreslnolclg ilr. Follies: Varsily Cross Country: Varsily lrooilmall. Ill? 1949 Row I CAUSE. ELAINE Business Choir: G.A.A.: Y-'Ile-ens. GENG. JEAN HELEN General Y-'I'ea-ns: .Ir. I:oIIies: G.A,A.: 'IIIlrm'sIl0Icl. GLANDERS. DAVID General Vnrsiiy I7o0tImII. Row 2 A CLICK, DON College Preparatory 'I'mrIx: IntorcInss BnsIwtIxnII. CQODNEVELYN Home Eoonomivq L-II0ll'I X - I 66115. GOOD. XVILLARD D. Vocalional AIGCIIIIIQ Slnop Rau' 3 GORDON. CHARLES lnrlusfrial Aulo GREEN. RICHARD Vovalional Drawing VisunI EQI.. Pres.: Vu--mimml LNIIIIJC Docs. GRAY, VIDA Vocalional lxlercllarlrlisirlg Ny-IIIUOIISI C.A.A.: 'I'ripIe I... Row I GROXVCOCK, MARY College Preparatory SIucIenI CounCiI, Sec.: N. Hon. SOCieI': Jr. FoIIiesg BIIIKII xr-YIIQQIISI IIT. CIEISS Plilyi Sr. CIass IPIay. GULLION, CLARENCE K College Preparatory CIIOIF. GYGI. VVAUNETA PAULINE Vocational Clerical Row 2 HAGER. JO LOU College Preparatory Y-Teens: A Cappella CI10ir. HAIVIILTCN, MARILYN ROSE Vocational Stenograpluic Pennant VVeeIcIy. HANY, EUGENE C. General lnclusirial Varsity Cross Cnuniry. Capt.: Varsity Track: Inkerclass Basketball. Row 5 HANKS. DGROTHY VIGLA College Preparatory Studeni Coum'iI: Sr. Class PIny: G.A.A. HASELXVOOD. PATRICIA A. College Preparatory Cadet TeurI1ing: I7.rII.A.: Slucleni CounCiI: Cv.A.A.: Pen- llanl XVeeIfIy, Ass'I Ecl.: Pennant AnnuaI. C0-Ed.: .Ir. I'oIIies: N. Hon. Society: Y-Teens, Prog. CI1r.: Band: 0rcI1esIra. HATCH, D. IVIARCELLA General Choir, Pres.: .Ir. I:oIIies: G.A.A. 117 Row 1 HOLDElVlAN, JAY E. General Varsity Bust-lmll: lnterclnss Bnslcetlaall: Pennant XX-wekly. HOLLEY, RICHARD ODA Vocational Printing Visual Exl.z Docs, Vive-Prvsg Vocational Clulm. HOOVER. BONNIE Not Graduating Ron' 2 HORN, RALPH E. General HOSTETLER, CAROLYN Clerical A Cappella Clioir: .lr. Follies: Y-Teens. HOSTETLER. HONVARD General Jr. Class, Boys' Soc, Chr.: Sr. Class. Trans.: Footlmll, Acting Capt.: lnterelnss Boslcetlmllg Varsity Trneli: Hi-Y: Student Council: Bnselxnll: Jr. Follies. Row 5 HOVVARD, ROBERT NV. General HUGGINS, lX"lARLENE J. General Y-Teens: Girls' Arlvisory Council: A Cappella Clmir: Yell Lender: Pennant Annual: Tlireslrolcl: .lr. Follies. HUlVllVlEL, OLIVE Bookkeeping lm GRADUATES Row I l'lAUSlX'lAN, RALPH C. General HAN"'ENS. S. Gelleral HAXVBLITZEL. BETTY LEE General Ron' 2 0 HLQEVQIEN, College Igrepaffllory HEINER. ELVVOOD General l'lElX'llVlERS, LOIS ELEANOR General A Cappella Clxuir. Row 3 l'lETTlX"lAlXlSPERE:ER. .ALICE General G.A.A.: Y-'-leens: Yell L1-nrler: .lr. Follies: Pennant Xveelclyg Pennant Annual. HOFFMAN. MARGARET B. J. College Preparatory Y-Teens: Girls' Aclvisory Council: Banrl: Orfliestrnz Jr. Follies: Sr. Clnss Plny, HOLDEMAN, ELLEN Vocational Stenograplzie Student Council: .lr, Follies: Girls' League. Vice-Pres.: Y-Teens: Sr, Class. Svc.: Bnnml: N. Hon. Society. UF1949 Rom 1 HUNERYAGER, TOM General US1lL'l' Clull. I IAVAGNILIO. FRANK ROBERT General Varsity Footlaallz lntervlass Basketball. IHNKEN, EUGENE General lfnotlmllz Future Retailers ol America. Suv. Cllr. Row 2 JACKSON. PHYLLIS General JARVIS, BERNADETTE E. General Y-Teens: G,A.A. JARVIS. BERNADINE lVl. General Y-'live-ns: G.A.A. Row 5 IENNINGS, PHYLLIS General Soplmnxore Class, Girls' Soc. Clin: Stuclent Council, Trees.: llnncl. Soc. Cllr.: Orclmestm: Oirls' Lf-nguo. Pres.: G.A.A,: N. Hon, Society: Jr. Follies. JESSUP. DONALD Vocational lvlacllinv Sllop Vursilv tllrnrlra Vnrsitv Cross Counlrv. JOHNSON, BARBARA R. Vocational Booleleeeping G.A,A.: YeTee-ne. Row l JOg'1lElSON, DELORES L. General JOHNSON, GERALD A. Vocational Drafting JOHNSON, NIARLENE JOYCE Vocational Stenogmplmic G.A,A.: Y-Ter-ns: Cnclet r1l9RlZ'lIlllgl F.T.A.: Triple L. Rnlll JOHNSON. RALPH College Preparatory Stuclent Council. Vice-Pres.: A Cappella Clmir: Hi-Y: Jr. Follies: Sr. Class Play: Pennant Vveelcly. JONES, BILL - Vocational lvlecll anical Drawing JORDAN, BARBARA JEAN College Preparatory Y-Teens: N. Hon. Society: Triple L.: G.A.A. Row 5 JORDAN, JOANNE E. General A Cappella Clroir: Cadet rlleaclling. KAUFFMAN, DOUGLAS College Preparatory Hi-Y: Varsity Tennis. JESSIBELLE General 119 Row I LANTZ. CAROL JOAN General Triple L: Clxoir. LAVERY. HELEN General LOVVRANCE. BILL General Row 2 LEEGE. CATHERINE Vocational Stenograpliic Y-Teens: G.A.A.: Tresliolrl. Ecl.: Sr. Class Plny: Shale-nt Counci . LEHIVIAN. GEORGE General Distriloutive Ed. Club, Pres. 2ml sein. LEMMON, PATRICIA Vocational StenograpI1ic Y-Teens: Pennant Annual: Choir: G.A.A.: Triple L. Row 5 LEWIS. VVlI..LIAIVI A. General LIGHT, EARL Vocational Drafting Varsity Football. LORENZ, DOROTHY General Sr. Class Play: Jr. Follies: Pemmnt Annual: Paint and gtarktlffz Clloirg Jr. Class Play: G.A.A.: Sturlonl Council: - eens. IH Vi GRADUATES Row 1 KERN, KENNETH E. Vocational Ivlacliine Sllop LlSl'lt'l' Cllllil Vlbl'illIIIllIll KILIVIER. SHIRLEY G. General Band: Orclxvstru: Girls' Advisory Uounvil: Exec. Conn.: N. Han. Society: Triple l,, Trans. KIRBY, LAVVRENCE DAVID Vocational Iwaclwine Sllop Vornlionul Clulm. Row 2 KLEINM RICHARD D. General .lr. Fo ics. KLINGAMAN. GEORGE L. Vocational Boolelaeeping Distrilnilivc Eml. Clulm, Pres. Ist sem. KLINGLER. JACK E. College Preparatory Clmir. Ron' 3 KONRAD, .IAIVIES H. College Preparatory Hi-Y. Soc. Cllr.: Your School Series: Bnncl: Orchestra: .Ir. Class Play: Tennis: Student Council. KRAVNHEC, DOLORES FRANCES General Y-Teens: G.A.A. KREIGHBAUIVI. MARY ELLEN General Yfl-'eensg Triple I... UF 1949 Row 1 LUCCHESE. JOSEPHINE Vocalional Stenograpllic' MACK. DEVERE General Y-Vllecnsz .lr. Follies: Xvig and Cue: 'Hn-spiuns: Sr. Class Play: Your Si'll00l Sf'Tll'S. lVlANN, VVll.l.lAlVl General Row 2 - lVl1-ANN. DAVID NV. Vovalional Prinling Clmir: Visual Erl.. Pres, MARTIN, JGSEPHINE ILLENE Clerival Prarlive Y-'lll'l'llSC MASTER. BARBARA C. N M Vocaiionalwslenograplaic' N. Hon. burielyz lriplv L: Nuclvnt Lllllllllll Y-llovnsz Tln-spiams: l:.T.A. Row 5 lVlcCAVV, PATRICIA D. General Ml-CUTCHAN. PHYLLIS Vocational Sienograplaiv lX"lvGUFFlN. FIARIANN Home Economics N' . ..x..Xx S . ...,e...,,,h . . . . h k . Row I Ml-KINNEY, BELVA Vocaiional Slenograplnic Siudcnl Council. NlElNKE, BRUCE F. General MEIAKLJS, FRED L, General lnrluslries Row 2 - lX"lERCHANT, JlNl General lloollmll lxlgr.: Spoecll Clulm, Vive-Pres.: Siuclenl Cuunvil: Pennuni Vveelqly: Pm-nnnnl Annual. Sports Ella' Jr. Follies. MERRICK. FORREST E. General lncluslrial lVllCEl.l. GLORIA General Y-Teens: .lr. Class Play: .lr. lfallivs. Row 5 NICHALS, DORGTHY L. , Vocational Boolelzeeping Sllulvnl Couucilg Y-Teens: Triple L. MILLER, AUDREY Vocational Stenograpliic lN'1lki.l?Rgl BARBARA JEAN General 121 Row I F'lONTAGANO, DOROTHY A. General G.A.A.: Y-Teens. MORNINGSTAR. VIOLA C. IRIOIYIP Econonllf' Y-Tm-ns: G,A,A. MURRAY. NARIAN JOYCE Vocational Stenograpll ic Girls' Choir. Row 2 lVlUTZL, DICK General Visual Ed. NEFF, VVAVA Nl. Vocational Stenograplzic NELSON. KATHERINE Nl. General Bmul: G.A.A. Row 5 NICKLER. DORIS E. General G.A.A,: Dislrilmtive lfdluvution. Vice-Pres.: Choir. NIESEN. FRANK College Preparatory Hi-Y: lnlerrluss Bnsliellmll: Bnselsall: Travla. NEU. JOAN College Preparatory Xvig ancl Cue. Sec.: 'lqlu-spiuns: Jr. Class Play: Y-Teens: Ofl'lll'S'TXl, Pres., Vive-Pres.: Baml and Orchestra Stall. RE GRADUATES Row l lVllLLER. BARBARA JO Vocational Stenograplaic Choir. MILLER. DON J. lnclustrial Auto Vocational Clulmg lnterclnss Baslietlmll. MILLER. ESTHER MARIE Vocational Stenograpluir Row Q' lVllLLER. VERLAJEAN General MILLS. BETTY S. General G-A.A.: Blllld: Sr. Clilis Play. lVllNlCHlLl-O, LENA College Preparatory Row 5 MINICHILLO, MIKE Vocational VOCnlional Club. MODERAU. JO ANNE College Preparatory E-Tgens. Sou. Cllr.: Jr, Follies: F.T.A.: Sr, Class Play: an . NIOHR, JACK A. General UP 1949 Row I NILES, JANE College Preparatory G.A.A.: Jr. Acad. ol Science. Sec.: Y-Teens. Service Cllr.: Xvig oncl Cue: Tliespians: Jr. Follies: Jr. Class Play: Pennant NVQ-elcly: Pennant Annual: Sr. Class Play: Clioir. NINE, .IANIES College Preparatory NOFFSINGER. DELORES Vocational Stenograpliiv Pennant VVS-elcly: Student Council: Girls' Arlvisory Coun- cil: l7.T,A.: Y-Teens: G.A.A.: N. Hon. Society: Jr. Aracl. ol' Scienre. Row 'Z NOLAN. PAT Vocational lwaclzine Slzop Vocational Club. NORTON, THOMAS P. College Preparatory NYE. VVILLIANI College Preparatory Student Council. Sgt.-at-Arnis: N. Hon, Society: Jr. Follies: Sr. Class Play: Sr. Class. Pres.: Varsity Cross Country: Varsity Track. Row 5 O'DELL. JACK Vocational Drafting Vocational Club: Truck, O'DELL. PAT Vocational Clerical Student Counril: Sopli. Class. Ser.: Girls' lfxec. Com.: G.A.A.: Y-Teens: Pennant xxleelily. Bus. Mgr.: Tliresli- olcl: N. Hon. Soviety: Girls' Aclvisory Council. CTDONNELL. PATRICIA College Preparatory Band: Orclxeslra: Y-Teens: Jr. Follies: Pennant Nveelcly: Pennant Annual. -.,..4-lf? Row I OLSEN. HAROLD College Preparatory Crosi Country: Visual Ext.: Jr. Acad. of Science: Hi-Y: Trac '. OWEN, NVILLIAIVI E. General Baseball: Football: lnlerclass Baslwtlmll. OXVENS. GORDON General Industrial Hi-Y: Jr. Follies: Football: lnterflass Basketball. Row 2 PQCKERI, FEQBERT H. Vocational Printing ocntiona C u v. PAPA. .IININIY General Industrial PAULSON, BERT General Football: Basketball. Row 5 PAULSON. KENT College Preparatory Hi-Y: Supli. Class. Vice-Pres.: Tliresllold, Bus. lVIgr.: Jr. Follies: Jr. Class Play: Sr. Class Play: F.T.A.: Student Soullrcil: N. Hon. Suviety: Varsity Cross Country: Varsity rar . PENNINGTON. JACK Auto Industrial Baslietloalla Football: Hi-Y. PETERSON, CAROLYN College Preparatory Y-Teens: G.A.A.: P.T.A.. Sec.: Stuclent Council: Jr. Follies: Jr. Class. Sec.: Jr. Class Play: Sr. Class Play: Pennant Annual. 123 Row I REINER. ROSEIVIARIE College Preparatory Y-Toons: Caclet 'I'eacl1il1g'g G.A.A.: .lr. Follies: Pennant xxyeckly: PPIIIIHIIK Arlnllul: l:.'l'.4A. RICHARDSON. IRENE JANE Ganaral X7-11801182 GITIS, rAKlVlS0l'y CUllIll'IlC l,K'IllllIlll fxllltllilll 'lllll'PSIl0lCl1 .lr. l:0lllt'SI .lr. cwltlSS Pltlyr RICHTER, PATRICIA A. General G.A.A.: Y-Teens: Xvig mul Cue. Girls' Social Cln.: Tliespians: Jr. Avail, ol Scivncv, Pres.. Vice-Pres.: Jr. Follies: Jr. Class Play: Sr. Class Play: l,l'IlIHlIll Annual. Row 2 Q RIEBS, DON College preparatory Hi-Y. 'lin-as.: Stuclent Council: Pennant NYM-lily: Pen- nant Annual: Uslier Clulm: Sr. Class Play: Jr. Follies. RITCHIE, GEORGE NV. Eleclriciiy ROBERTSON, BETTY ANN Vocational Clerical YfI'i-ons: lwluoirg Jr. Follies: Sr. Class Play. Row 5 ROBISON. FREDERICK A. Vocaiional Priniing Docs, Sec.: Visual Eil. ROBCIEVVELL. RODNEY General an , Pres. RODEXVALD. JOYCE ELAINE YT Vocational Clerical E4 GRADUATES Roll' I PETTIFER, MARGARET ELLEN General G.A.A., Sec.: Bn nd. PIETZKO. HERBERT Vocational Printing Vocational Cluln. varsity Baseball: Sopli. Class. 'Ilrca naut Xvcolcly. Ron' 2 PLATZ. LOLA PINDELL. JOE QUINBY Varsitv Basliotlmll: Varsity Footlaallz S.: Selllnl' ClllSS. IIOYSI POORBAUGH. JOHN Jr. Avail. ol Sci:-I POPER, BOB Banil: Orclxestrn. Row 5 ICP. PO'I'I'ERBAUM. EUGENE College Footlnall: lnterclass Baslu-tlmll: Jr. Acacl. ol Science: Stu- clent Council: Hi-Y. PRICE. ERVIN VVAYNE Vocational lwaclnine Slnop Vocational Clulm. RAY. DONNADEAN C. College ClPll9l'l1l Soc. Cllr.: Pen- GQIIBFGZ GGIIGFGI General Preparalory Preparaiory Y-Teens: G.A.A.: NN-'ig mul Cue: Girls' Aclvisory Coun- ril: Tlireslxoltl: Pennant Xveelilyz Sr. Class Play. I X MAA 0121949 Ron- I ROMBERGER, REBECCA C. H 1 1 . 1 icollege Preparatory Y-leens: C.-aclei rlenclung: l-fl .A.: Jr. Follies. ROSENBERGER, JANE ANN College Preparalory Pennant Vveclily: Pennant Annual: Y-Teens: G.A.A.: ilr. Follies: N. Hon. Sock-ly: Band: Tliresllolclz F. T. A: Siucleni Council: Tliresliolcl: Sr. Class Play. ROSS, ROBERT VV. General Ron' 2 ROSSI, MARY ELIZABETH General Y-Teens: G.A.A.: Clmir. RUMFELT, DELVIN G. General RUSSELL. lN'lARlAN College Preparafory G.A.A.Z X'-FIQBCIISZ Blind! OITIIPSURC JF. Follies: ilf. Class lilily: Sr. Class Play: Student Council: Triple L: Tliresln- U . Row 5 SAILOR. RICHARD J. Voeaiional Drawing Uslier flulm. See.-Trens.: Vocniionnl Club. SCHAFFER, NELLIE Vocalional Slenograplnie Senior Class Play: G.A.A.: Clloir. L. Vocational Clerical J.. i 1 1 Row I SCHLOTTERBACK, SHIRLEY ANN GGYIQTGI Y-Teens: .lr, Follies: G,A.A.: Your School Series, Sec.: Clnoir. SCHMUHL. O. DELORES Vocafional lxlerellanclising lfuiure Reinilers ol Ainerivu. SCHROCK, CLAIR B. General Vnrsily Foollmll: Vnrsiiy Bnslieilmll: Trurli. Row 2 SCHUELKE, RICHARD General SCHULER. ROBERT G. General Hi-Y: Slufleui Council: Clmir: .lr. Follies: lnterclass Bas- lcellmll: Your Sclmol Series. SCHULTZ. JOHN General Bnncl: Orflleslm. Row 5 SCH2Niii'B. PHIL Vocalional Drawing Basel va . SCOTT, lN"lARVlN E. College Preparatory Sopli. Class, pres.: .lr. Class, Pres.: Siuclenk Council: N. Hon. Soeielyz Varsity Footlmll. SCOVILLE, NANCY LOU College Preparatory Clmir: Yflieens. 125 Ron- I SIVIITH. GAY General Clioir: Yflconsc Shulcnl Council. SNIITH. NELDA Vocational Booleleeeping G.A,A.q Y-'lui-ons. SIVIITH. PHILIP LEE College Preparatory Sluzlm-nl Council: Hi-Y, SQL-al-Arms: N. Ilon. Sovivly, Pres.: Varsity lvnnis. Ron' 2 SNIITH. STANLEY College Preparatory Hi-Y: Siurlvnl Counril: Ilirvslmlrl: pennant Annual. SIN'IITI'I. TERRY College Preparalory Siuflvnl Council: Sr. Class Play: .Ir. Follies: Forman! Xveelcly. Assit Ecl.: .Ir. Town Ivlm-ling: Varsity Debate: Irorum Clulx Clmir: l:.'I1.A.: Your Srliool Series. SNAVELXQ DEAN G. General Clair: nn. Row 3 SOVINE. H. RAYMOND College Preparalory SPORE, PATRICIA General Xyig ami Cue: Y-Teens: Buml: .lr. Follies: .lr. Class Play: Sr. Class Plny: Tlxcspieins. STACKHOUSE. RICHARD F. College Preparatory Foollmll, CnpI.: Baskeilmll: Tmcli, Captg Sopli, Class. Boys' Soc. Cllr.: .Ir. Follies. 125 IQHAIJUATIES Row I SEKORA. MARY A. General N. Hou. Sorivly: Triple I-: G.A.A. SHEA. SHIRLEY Vocalional Clerical G.A,A.: Clioir. SHEETS. ALICE JANE General Bnncl: Orvlieslrn. Ron' 2 SHROYER. CHARLES E. Vocational Drafling Visual Irons.: Surge Cralic Voralional Clulv. SHULER. BARBARA General Ilr. Acml. ol Scif-rife: G.A.A.: Y-Teens: Triple L, SQL- al-Arms: .IL Class Play: Sr. Class Play: N. Hon. Society. SILVER, JOAN Y. General G.A.A.: Y-Teens: Triple I.. Row 5 SLINKARD, NANCY LOU College Preparalory Clioir, Snr. Cllr.: Y-Teens: G.A.A.: Pennant NYM-lily, Fvalure Ecl.: .Ir. I"oIlivs: Girls' Acivisory Council. SIVIITH, ALICE Vocational Clerical Y-Teens: G.A.A.: Paint ancl Pali-Ile: Pennanl Annual. SIVIITl'I, DQEXIALD Auto-Aircrafl Incluslrial Ban 3 lr. Iiu ies. UF 1949 Run' I STAHR, NANCY J. General Slutienl Counril: Girls' Exec. Com.: Girls' Aclvisory Counril: Pe-mmnl Vveelxly, Ass'l Ecl.: Pennant Annual, Ass'l Emi.: Y-Teens, Sec., Trans.: Jr. Follies: Clmir. STALEY, GLENORA Vocalional Booleleeeping Y-Teens: G.A.A.: Yell Leaclvr. STANLEY. OLIVE A. General Pain! anal Palellc. Row 2 STEELE. JOAN M. General Y-Teens: G.A.A. STEELE. RALPH General Pninl anti Palette: Pennanl Annual. STOKELY, DAVID VVRIGHT College Preparatory Forum Cluly. Pres.: Jr. Acacl. ol Science: N. I'lon. Society. Row '5 STOLLER. JACK Arr STOVERMIACQUELINE L. ' General P-r API.. P ST YT uru- Rlll an a C ey res.. Pennant Annual, Co-Emi CC: TEES.: ' UPIISQ rr. 10 1951 ilor: F.I'.A.: Caclcl Ieacliing. STRINGFELLOVV, JANE A. Girls' Clroir: Y-Teens: Pennant Nveelcly, Ass'i Ed.. .Ir. Follies: N. Hon. Sofia-ly. Svc.: Pemmn! Annuul: Caulcl llqvncluing' lr Class Pliw College Preparatory Ron' I STRONG, GARY DEAN General STUTSMAN. RAYMOND S. College Bancl: Orclloslmz Hi-Y: Jr. Acacl. ol Science, Pres.: N. H N lx l l ll Prepara tory on. Curie fi . r. To ivs. SUTTER BY, HELEN I. General Clloir: G.A.A.: I --l ez-ns. Row 2 SXVARTZ, CAROL JANE X Vocational lwerclianclising I-Teens. SVVIHART. DICK lnrlustrial Electricity Docs. SXVIKERT. V. DALE Vocalional Drafting Voralionnl Club. Row 5 SVVINEHART, CLYDE Vocational lwacliine Slwp Vovnlionnl Clulm. TAIT. RICHARD lncluslrial lX1flClIlllQ Slrop Varsily Bnsliellmll: Varsity Foolloall. TALBOTT. RICHARD VVILLIAIVIS College Preparatory Siuclenl Council, Sgl.-at-Arms: Varsity Baseball: Inter- class Baslicllnallg Jr. Follies. 127 RON! l VOGT, JOAN MARGARET College Preparatory Vvig ancl Cuv. Pros.: Ilnnmlz Orclieslra: Slucls-ni Council: Jr. Follies: Jr. Clnss Play: Sr. Class Play: Spar-rli Play: Pennnnl VXI:-olaly: IJQ-nnnnl Annual: Tliespians. VANITILBURG. BETTY F. General Trip e L. UNGER, THERESA R. Vocalional Slanograpliif' G.A.A.: Girls' Arlvisory Council: Y-Teens: Pvnnnnl An- nual: Pnini uncl Polvliv. Row 2 XVAGGONER, LAINIAR E. General VVALTON, RICHARD E. Collage Preparalory Varsily Basliellmlli Vnrsily Iiusehnllg Hi-Y, Prog. Cllr.: N, Hon. Socielyc Slurlenl Council. NVALTON, RONALD E. College Preparalory cjrflleslrfl, SOC, Lillnl Bnlld nnrl Orfllvslrll Sliil-ll, IJYCS-i Jr. Class, Trans.: Xvig nnrl Cue-, Soc. Cllr.: Tliespinns. Tn-as.. N. Hon. Society. Vice-Pres.: Jr. Class Play: Sr. Class Play: Spvvfli Play: Pm-nnniil Annual: F.T,A.: Siu- clvnl Council. Row 3 XVARBLE. CHARLES E. General Bancl: Orchestra: Jr. Ifollivs. VVARD, ARDITH LOUISE Vocational Boolelzeeping Bancl: Y-Teens: Pennant Annual: Slucls-nl Council: Girls' Arlvisory Council. Vw' ARE. ETHEL EVELYN Vocational Boolqleeeping Jr, Clioir, Sec.: Y-Tevns: Tlireslxolcl. 123 GRADUATES Ill? 1949 ROII' I TAPPERO. A. JEAN G9ll.9l'G SI7PPCll plliyl .III LilRSS lJlRy2 l,C'l1lIiilll Ixllllllill. TAYLOR. J. STUART College Preparatory Hi-Y: Docs: Uslwr Clulm: Bnncl. THORNTON. SARAH College Preparalory N. Hon. Souiely: Y-Teens, Trefas.: Jr. Follies: Jr. floss Ph-y: Sr. Class Play: Pennant Annual. Ass'I J r Eli.: lvnnnni XX vvlcly, Ass'I Erl. Rom Q THULIS. VIRGINIA Voralional Clerical N. Hon. Sorivlyt Avi! ancl Cnr: Y-Tvvns: p0l1Ilk!lll Avon-lily: Jr, Follies: Jr, Class Play: Sr. Class T VILINIA MARY TROUP. BETTY Ron' 3 TRUEX. LOIS I. Home Triple L: Fulure Rclailors ol Ann-rira. TUCKER. BILLY N. Vocational Vocational Clulm. VESELKA. ROBERT IVI. Buslcollmll, Mgr.: Hi-Y: Buml. Play. G9ll9FGl GPIIQTGI Maleing Printing General EH!-llQlU!-lTE5 Ulf 1949 Row l VVARNER, GENE LANARR Vocational llluclrino Sliop Vocnlionnl Cluli. XVARREN. JOHN ALLEN Gem-ml Visual lid.: Docs. XVATERMAN, .lliRl Vomlionnl lioolclcvvping XXIIQCCIIS, PfPS.Q PPIIIIHIIR Anlillall Blllifll ilf. Follics: N. Hon. Sociely: Girls' Aclvisory Counvil: Girls' Exec Coin.: Sluclvnl Courr nl. XVEAVER. GEORGE R, Gem-ml Dislrilmulive Eclucaliuns Clulm. Pros.: lnlor- rluss Bnslicllwnll. Ron' 2 XYEISS, ELEANOR Vorulionnl Slcnogrnpliic Y-Teens: Girls' Aclvisory Connril: Ci.A.A. XYELDY, EDGAR ALLEN Gem-ml Hi-Y, Pres.: Varsity Foollvnll: Sluclont Council: N. Hon. Sovivlyz linslwtlmllg ln- lramural Baxslcellmnll. XVENT. JOYCE A. College Propnrnlory N. Hon. Sorivly: Xvig nnil Crm: llllws- pinns: Your Scliool Series. Pre-s.: .lr. floss Play. XVENTZ, GREITA JUNE Gvnvrnl Bnncl: Y-Toons: G.A.A.: Jr. Follies: .lr. Afnrl. ol Sficnfv. Row 5 XVHl'l4lf. Cl.ll:l:ORD Vomlional Drawing Hi-Y: llxrcslrolfl, Bus. blgr.: Vovalional Club. XVl'llTE, JO.-KN Vocalionul Clerical Orclieslmc Girls' Aclvisory Council. XK"Hl'l'NYRE, PHYLLIS JANE Vocaliunnl Sfvnogrupllic Stuflonl Counril: Triple L. ' XN'Hl'l'I', NANCY L. Gem-ml Sluclc-nl Counril: Y-Tr-4-rms: G.A.A.: Triplv L. Pros.: Sr. Class, Girls' Soc. Cllr.: Clmir: N. Hon. Sovioly: Girls' Aclyisory Coun- cil: Girls' Exvc. Com. 1 5 l Al left: Top Row, If-lt lo riglil: Dirlr Xvallonz Sarali Tlwrnlon Brute Dovring mul liis girl lurivml. Mirlcllv. lcll lo riglil: Bill Bugli Burlmra lorxlnn. l30ll0lll Row, lell lo riglll: .loan Vogt: Sliirlcy Xvallon ullvslyn, Dirk Nvallonz Nun Slalir. At riglilz Top Row, lell lo riglilz lmclr row, lell to riglxl, Skippy Nlollnl, Ricli Boynton, Dave Benrrlsley, Bill Bugli, .lr-mel Nirely. Fmnl row, lcll lo riglil, Knrvn Hnnson, Bill Boclwin, Bill Anclcrson: lnexl piflurcl Terry Sinilli. lxliclclle, .lolmnio Frye mul Connie Frye. Btllllllll Row. lell lo riglil: .lnnc Ros:-nln-rgor: .lonniv Slnlir nncl Nan Slnlrr. Bollom Row: .Iim t.IIiVElIIil2Il, Dave LIHYIIIIHHIII .Iuyvv Xvc-nl. E 5 Graduates uf 19119 Ron' I XN'II,BURNE. DONNA MAE Com-ruI 'IIripIo I.: Paint und PnIvIh', Svr., Tr:-ns.: Sr. Clnss I"Iny: Ilvnnunl An- llllnl: slr. I:0IIIt'S: Jr. cwliigi ljlixy. A NVILKINSON, I5E'l'I'Y JOAN Gone-ruI NY'Vl1l'f'nS. XVILLIAMS, .IOIIN If. Couvgv Prvpumlury Vursily Ifoulbnllq Vnrsily 'I'rawIi: Iulvr- 1'Iuss I?msIwlI1uII. NVILI..IAIXIS, I'IIYI.I.IS JOAN IIOIIII' liflllllllllllb Y-Te-vxmsz G.A.A. Row 2 XVILSEY. THOMAS R. Vorulinnul IIo0IeIzva-ping XVILSON, MAI-ILON H. XIOFIIHOYIUI Drawing Sludenl Counrilz Pennant AnnuuI: Choir: Visual Ed. XVOGONAN. DOROTHY .IOAN cT!?lIl'fll' G.A.A. XVOODARD. VENETA ANN CIOIIUTIII Y-YIIDCIIS. Row 5 XVORDEN, DXYIGIIT Voruli0uuI Printing Sludcnl CuunciI: Hi-Y: Vnrsily Fool- IMII, XVRIGIIVII, ROBERT GunvruI ImIusIriuI YOUNG, LEONA INI. Cvuvrul YOUNGBLOUD, VVAYNE Gmwrul Gmdnming But N01 Pifvmrf-J-A'I'KINS, ALICE MARIE: BALES. ROBERT E.: BROOKS, ROBERT S.: BURSON, RALPH ARTHUR: CHAVIS. OLLIE H.: CORPE, LEVVIS T.: DAVENPORT. DONALD P.: GANS. IDA DELL: JACKSON. PHYLLIS N.: LUNSFORD, HERBERT ALLAN: INIANN. LEROY: NILLOY. XVILLIAM G.: ROTH, CHARLES DEAN: VVELDON. LOXVELL J. AI rigI1I: Top Row: I'IuwnrrI IIUSIPIIPTI Dick SIIlCkI1UllSC, Pm IIusvIwmu AI If-II: Top: Surah Thurnlon. .Iunc Rosonberger, Sandm Lvvill, GIoriu Resnick, IxIurIivs Resnick, Pm O'DonneII, Gay Smith, Robin Burke, .Iu IVImIcrau. Phyllis Admins. INInrIcne Huggins, Judy Bailey, Pm Coslic, Pai I'Ia1sc-Iwouv:I: Gay Sluilh. Bottom Row: Bud INIaI0y. ,Io-Anne NImIernu, NInrI1-ne Huggins, Hvrm D'IOL'Il'l'Hll2 .Iim IVIercI1anl. CLASS UF '5IQl The junior ollirers lalie time out llmm a husy xx ur Coming laaclc to the familiar halls ol E. H. S. last fall, we seleclecl our junior class ollieersz Presiclenl, Bill Anclerson: Vive-Presiclent. Phyllis Heeter: See- retary, Janice Simmons: Treasurer. Ralph Cortasg Social Chairmen. Nancy DeShone and Ora hlalo. Our sophomore class sponsors were lVlrs. Sicliels ami hir. Hughes: however, since hir. Hughes left at the encl of our sophomore year. we vhose hir. .lorclan to talce his place. s. 1 s s s . ...- The fourth annual Junior Follies, with a family alhum setting. was presented on November IO. On ixlarch ll, our ciramalie talent was displayed by our class play, "George Vvashington Slept Here," which was clireclecl hy Nliss C, Hughes. The climax ol our activities was the Junior-Senior Prom, helcl in the Athenian Room ol the Hotel Ellchart on Nlay QS. Dale Higginss Band playecl for the clancing, Class nf '5ll Row I: Abernathy. N., Adamo, C.: Adams, A.: Allen, B.: VK-'ilner, G.: Anders, H.: Anderson, B.: Anderson, D. Row 2: Arclmmlmull, J. Armsirong, K.: Vvriglll R.: Alkins, A.: Young B.: Augilstinc, A.: Bailey D.: Baker. D. Row 5: Bulc. R.: Bulyenl J.: Barnard. B.: Bcuudeltc. R.: Becker, M.: Beclen kop. B.: Beilsmillx, NI. Bcrgslruln. B. Row 4: Bc-rkcy, P.: Bork shire, B.: Berlisllirc, R. Blenner. A.: Blocluer. B. Bock, P.: Bolns, D. Bowen, F. Row 5: Bozzncco, S.: Brad ford. D.: Brady. K. Bressler. B.: Brezger, B. Bflllllblillgll, BllCklCy, T. : Burlcllcnd. C. Row 6: Burkllcad. C.: Bur- E lon. S.: Buslvong. J. Calubrcezc, P.: Canon V.: Cnnlrcll. E.: Carlson. N.: CRTlSN'IiQllt, L. Row 7: Clncclcly. B.: Clark H.: Clindaniul, F.: Cripe R.: Companion. T.: Cook B.: Cook, C.: Cooper, B Row S: Cooper, D.: Hun- ' ernger, B.: Corkas, R. Covey. L.: Cox. E.: Cox Fl.: Cox, N.: Craig. D. Row 9: Cranmer. R.: Cris- ler, K.: Crisman. R. Crisl, D.: Cummings, C.: Cummins. A.: Cuppy, R.: Dnlrylnple, P. 132 ik-:S M .-.ig N sl? f . . -Q - -N W. "'f.. . N. . . .A 5 Q-N.. . . X X x N I D - - . 4... . Q-.. .Y ,Ney - .iq , 2 ix iw R: 31. if ,X X 1 f 2 .Jw S . N T...-1. 1: 5 S. 'Q h-A ah... 2-9 sw ks K 2. ' YN S X YS sr. . K .5....: . fi- - E . s X v -. N x we.. 1 ss... S: Xa. N x X ev' .KA sv... ...iw .N .55 V '., ,sp .4 .. is :R . '. I, X 1 :ff iss. . Q 1' Q - f . . . i ' a Class nf '50 Row I: Dnscoii. S.: Davis P.: Dr-Graff, E.: Dc-Long J.: DeMr-yor, D.: Danni son. N.: Desimno. N. Desoniu, B. Row 2: Douglas. Ni.: Drink- illlu D.: DQIIQIIHS, R. Doyle. E.: Ecicslein. Ni. Eggleston. E.: Ervin, R. Elciley. VV. Raw 3: Fnrrnii. S.: Filclx. G.: Fr:-ciricicson. R.: Free- lfy, C-1 Freed, J.: Ff?nCll C.: Frosi. D.: Fuzzeii. C. Gslllsc. E-I Glnnders, J. v Goiimer. N.: Gordon. L.: Hager. J.: Hagerty. J.: Hagerty. T. Row 5: Hnmpci, J.: H005- imrougil. Hnrixougix. D.: Harness. G.: Hass:-. H.: Hnsser. V.: Hnsly. S.: Hnwixiitzvi, J. Row 6: Heaton. N.: Heder. P.: Hcigi. C.: Henuners. L.: Hcnriersholl. Ni.: Her- vnriecn, P.: Herscixier. Ni.: Himeimugln, R. Row 7: Hoagland. D.: Hal: zireaci. P.: Holmes, K.: Hoover. B.: Horn. H.: Hosta-Iicr. IW.: Hosletier, Ni.: Gnilsrenlix. L Row 8: Hoot. B.: Carson. D.: limiicn. R.: lmimoriy, D.: irving, Ni.: lnvagnilio. L.: Jefferies. B.: Jessup, E. Row O: Jessup. K.: Joimson, B.: Johnson. S.: Jones. C.: Jones, I.: Jones. J.: Jones, N.: Kapy. P. 133 Row 4: Hosts.-tier, Ni.: Ill:-iss nf '50 Row I: Kaiser, NI.: Kendall. C.: Gonllx, H.: Kiddvr, B4 Kialalvr, E.: Kim-lxfcr, G.: Kisvr. S.: Kisllor. R. Row 2: Kilnvr. P.: Klein. I KIIKIIYII, Ig.: KllCTl'lTlll'r, E.: Krviss. bf: Krlu-ga-r. IA.: Kylix. IMC Iiilllll. Row '31 lillllliflill, L.: Ln- ve-ry. A.: Liglulfool. Pl.: Lilkv, ll.: Lluyd, J.: Lark. , ly.: I.0fkNVllllil, B.: Lorli- -- ' .MI xx! HN il Nl IQ NIU I Ill 1 r u Flu on x nnn N A mn x 5 n 1 m 1 A nlix x 'N us mill I lxl L NIA mglmn D mug, I l A I IL I It Jlllllt ow T: 'lr Janulml. I Y IN UL, r I l lx I l r ix 1 All PIII r ' : n mur, . A our '. .X U Z, V.: X on 'u nn 1, ,g ' , . . urg lly. I .: ll rrwy. i, lu my, I . ow 0: lxlull . IN .: nt 0 ny .C I 'l. ,Z ' . .2 'CC , 1.2 ' 'Y'I', :. Nl'XX'l'17llll'f, -. I Nt'NX'Sl!lllU D. 134 N N X ef 2 5 : X XXX ,,. ,N , ,. 'ix X RQ X E.: .Y wg X SX . A 8:5315 . .3 ' . X Q x,,.. X . K xv, . Q Skis., in x W NSN. .Qf! 2355.5 LXxXAf,L 1 . N Q ...gms SX. hs . X X 'SNN W ix 5- T. ills- 'XXX-F ... K i XR: :wwf ' X . g. . v .. -sw s X . V .Mk K .. 5. .. ...Q :sg- N. :KR Class nf '50 Row i: Nicimison. .i.: Noios D.: O'Conm-ii. .i.: Oisvn B.: Ori, K.: Owens, OXX'l'llS, J.: ijilfkff, Row 2: PRilllllll0. iq.: Puri! .i.: Pnlririi. C.: Pnuison i..: Xviiylnrow, J.: Pens:- S.: Ps-iii:-y. .i.: P.-gg, Ni Il Row 75: Piwi ps. .i.: Pime- imns. P.: Picicrc-ii, Fi.: Piniz. ix i.: Plummer. A.: Prugil. B.: Roc-ri. J.: Rift-sv. L. ' Row 4: R04-sc. L.: Rvifi. T.: Reisil. Ni.: Rvpiogie. D.. Ricimmnci. R.: Riciiler. P.: Rimigivy. R.: Riivy. XV. Row 5: Roiwrls. B.: Roim- vrlson, Ni.: Roiwerlsnn. S.: Rniyinsun. Ni.: Ron, C.: Roii. L.: Rulii. Bi.: Roupp. T Row 0: Rulivcigfc-, G.: Sail- or, C.: Sunnis. V.: Sumn- lns, ixi.: Snygfor. -i.: Sim- vvr, N.: Scinu-fvr. D.: Sfilil IT, Row 7: Sciliviwr. D.: Srixiiw ICI. Z Sfillllifh, F.: Sriimuriwr, P.: Scinnurii- or. S.: Srimniili. D.: Sfiirnrii, .i.: Smit, K. Row S: Smli, Ni.: Sviiers, E-I SPYVUH, Sililrkvyf R.: Simw. Ni.: Siievls, S.: Siwiion. A.: Sin-iiuiey. P. Row 0: Simvrruiii. B.: Sim- mons, .i.: Simmons, R.: Simons, ixi.: Skinner, R.: Sinai, ixi.: Smiiim, G.: Smilil. H. 135 Class nf '5Il Row I: Smillx. bl.: Snellvn- Lerger. V.: Spf-sslmrclt, T.: Spiriio, J.: Springer. D. Shxley, S.: Sfllllllll, N.: Shfllllll, B. Row 2: Stephenson, D.: Sliver. Nl.: Sinner. J. Sham, TNI.: Slum-. J. Slorm. V.: Storms, S. Sloui. J. Row 5: Slovvr, BI.: slump L.: Sluiznmn. J.: Sullon lj.: SNVGIKIOIIIRIX, DJ 'VHF' lll'l'y. :IJ AIKICIQSUII, '11t'llSIlt'l', R . RUNX' 42 FIWIICUIIHILI, J.: VIQIIOIII- ns, J.: Thorpe, NI.: Thor- up, J.: 'l'min0r. P.: Tre- giclgn, .l.: Troup. J.: Troup S. Row 5: Truux, A.: Trova- iurv, J.: Ulvry. H.: Unger J.: Upclilw. IW.: Vuwh-r xx"-I Nlllll xllllfk. DJ xyilll- lim-, N, Row 0: Vnn Dim-pcnlmos, N. Vrulinglnxrgln. C.: Xvul- h-rs, R.: xxjlilllllllllgll. S. Xxvllfll. I1.: NXYUTYCI, J. XX'0l1b. XV.: Xveltz. D. Row T 1 Xvvngrr, XN7lll'0ll'l', T.: XNVIINIIIGI' V.: Xvilder. M.: XViIkin- sun, D.: Xvillnrrl, E. Vvilliums. D.: xX,iHilllll5 H. Now 8: Xvinimns. l.: XVII' limns. rl.: Xvilson. D. Xvilsnn, J.: Vvilsun. J. Xvilsun. R.: Xvinvslmrg H.: Vvisolvli, Row 0: Young. R.: Zvnmn. .l.: Zimmvrnmn. K. 135 v - Powmte-ring liwir infos wilii sunstline. EL!-155 Ill? 1951 Nearly four iiundrect sophomores entered E. H. S. in September, 1948. Tile class organized January 20t11 and chose 1X'1r. Donald VVinne and Niiss Anna Arnstaaugii as class sponsors. The toiiowing otiicers were elected: President, Dave Farley: Vice-Presi- cient. Shirley Leonard: Secretary, Rowena Pietctierg Treasurer, Detvin 1.anc1is: Social Cixairmen, Roberta Rude anci Freci Stowe. Soon after tile first of time year, time ctass jeweiry was setectect by tire following committee: 1V1ary Xviiitt, 1X'1ari1yn Kretscixmer, Ronaici Granger and Gail Tiiarp. Also early in the year, Captains coi- iecled class dues anci turneci tixem in to time treasurer. Deivin Landis. Tire sophomore ciass tract charge of time Concessions for time Sectional Track 1X'1eet which was 116111 1V1ay 15. Tile Class of 1951 imaci its first party on tile night of Niay I4 at Stuctetmaicer Park. These sopii officers begin ciass duties. 137 Class nf '51 IQOXY IZ AfIillllS, A.: AlCli'llll0fr, NJ Alwine. R.: Alwinr, S.: Annum. C.: Amlmrose, B.: Amos. L.: Anclvrsun, B. Row 2: Atkins, NI.: Auld, P.: Boch, J.: Builoy. bl.: Bukvr, Nl.: Bnltlwin, R.: Bulvs. P.: Bnrfnl. D. Row 5: Burn:-s. S.: Burrell. L.: Bvully. K NI.: Bechtel. B.: B1-rkslliro, B.: Bur- Iin, B.: Berlin. P.: Biblio, B. Rnw 4: Biclwl. J.: Biggs. .l.: Bislwy. B.: Blessing. B.: Bla-ilvr. J.: Bolle-ro, lJ.I Bilrfllr. 15055, lg. lzoxv 51 ISUNVPII. C.: Bflxxifxrs. nl.: l?N'HVl'fS. .l.: Hoya-r, NI.: Bownmy, IW.: Boy- K IHHJ, xl.: lsfllllllllll, l3l'l'SSIl'I', Row hz Brilhm. D.: Brmulln-ni, Fl.: Brucv. U.: Blu-h-r, TNI.: Pmnn, IW.: l3lll'SUll. lgllSl'lllllll'Q4. c:,1 lSll'Il'l" D. Row 7: Culnplwll, D.: Cnppvllvlli. B.: . Cnrlsnn, D.: Cnssvlmnn, C.: Clxnffvv. lf.: Clnilmlv. .l.: Ulxrislopllvl. V. lilnrk, 1. Conn-r, G.: Coney. J.: fxornislr, D. Corpv, J.: Urunu-r. B.: Cripc, B. Row 0: Fripv. R.: Culslmw. J.: Jumi- - sun, J.: Duuglu-riy. B.: Davis. J. IQOXV SI ciII'X'1'llQt'l', .IJ cxlyllllrll. 'el y. MSN. :Si www' L.: QQ. N X X Q X rx SHP is gy N x X QQ .. :Rx X Davis, T.: Dvrrovsv. Dvovylvr. 1. Row 10: Dc-l.nngf, I.: Zillllllvflllllll. B. Dick, D.: Du-I:. J.: Dick. R.: Divlll w - , - B.: Dlllvr. IL.: Dunn. D. Row ll: Dolplx. T.: Doncuslvr. Daly. S.: Drnlu-r, B.: Duncan. J. Enslu, B.: lfluy, G.: l2fllll0lIfIS. D. 133 X N X X X X S .. S-QQ?-I X N X wx X :. - .. :X X x X. X NW S N xg X ix 's ..jgj:.5l.S. I X5 3i5Xiiim Q-' f . 'G :f.."1.5 - Ny f : WESQ 'Q A-..s..:' 1 ' .1 A ' Q x Qs Q ,, , .gf 1 5 -we .. ' . X X S x f.: x :wax 1 -5- :F 5x Q Vw GQ X YN. Class nf '51 Row I: Erufif-ld, R.: Eppm-rs. P.: Erwin. IX.: ltllluxv, D.: Evans, B.: ltvnns, J.: lfvvrls, J.: Eyklloll. E. Row 2: Fugvr, G.: Fuir. B.: Farley D.: Ferro, bl.: Fink. B.: Flllkv. B.: lsnrlws, Forhfr. P. Row 5: Forth-r. B.: Fox. P.: Fox. H.: ITTUPKI, N-I Irlllllllfxr, P.: Gnu, Xxy.: Cnllnglwr. J.: Cnnnplwr. B. Row 4: Gnngvr, C.: Gnngfvr. G.- t:flllgf'l'. G8Ilgt'f, Gilrll9f. D.: t:RfClIIl'l'. R.: l1f'l"lPll. CJ GIHIIIIUIS Row 5: Glvnsnn, J.: Grant, D.: Gm- lmill. F.: Grin-itll. D.: Hnrk. R.: Hnkvs. Hall. Hupprr, A. Row li: Harms. J.: Hnrris. R.: Harris. V.: Hurtumn. J.: Hawkins. L.: Heal, B.: Hvign. B.: Herron. R. Row 7: Hilvs. VV.: Hin. B.: Hill. V.: Iillilfuvyn .ld lrlllnxlllllll, bl: lrltllyg KTOSS, P.: I-,0plTOS, IFIOFII. tw, Row 8: Hoslvilvr, N.: Hoslvller. R.: Irlllnvnlnrl, D.: lsllell, nl.: nlnckson, I4v: .lmnPs, Nl.: Jvlier. E.: Jenkins. R. Row 0: .IOIIYISOIL Jolly. C.: Jones. F.: Jones. F.: Kuuffnmn. R.: Ke'- nngjn. I.: Kirsluner. I.: Kvrr, J. Row IO: Kirslmvr. B.: Kirlxy. NI.: Kirrlnnun. B.: Klnvr. B.: Knnniz. D.: Kmwltvlr. G.: Kn-lsvlllnvr. IW.: Landis. B. Row Il: Landis. D.: Lnnlz. E.: Lxmlz. M.: Lnrimf-r. .l.: Laws, J.: Le-vga, M.: Lvipnlrl. K.: Lvnnnrcl. S. 139 Class nf '51 Row l: Lerner. R.: Leroy. B.: Liliins. P.: Linde- lmrg. L.: Linn. C.: Linn. Nl.: Lisi. J.: Arilvy. E.: Collins, J. Row 2: Long. H.: Long- ncre. D.: Longln. B.: Luslier. B.: Luiz. B.: Ly- zvn, B.: Nlaccrcnry. B.: Nlngnuscn. J.: Nvliiic. XV. Row 5: lvlnnn. T.: Nlnrel. D.: Nlnrlin. D.: Nlnrtin. B.: Mnscoln. J.: MHSSHIE. D.: Nlny. -I.: Nlrcnviti. K.: VVliilt, Nl. Row 4: NlcClcllnn, E.: IWC- COIIGKIQII, J.: 15'lcGlnsson. F.: NlCKiluwy. B.: Nlc- Lnin. Nl.: lX'lrNcil. D.: Nlellius. Nlengcs, J.: XN'ild, D. Row 5: Nlorrirlc. D.: Miller, D.: Miller, D.: Nliller. J.: Nlillnr, J.: Nliller, J.: Nliller. J.: Nlillrr, Nl.: Vsfillnirnv. S. Row 6: Millvr. R.: Millvr. Nlinvgnr. G.: lwlinirliillo C.: Nlilclwll. J.: Nlontivtln, P.: Nlonrv, D.: Vvincl- miller. H. Row 7: Nloorv. Nl.: lxlnrgnn. G.: Nlorion. J.: Nlunili E.: Nlurplxy. B.: Nunn- B.: Nelson. J.: Nicely. J.: Nvinvslaurg, J. Row S: Nilmrl, L.: Null' R.: O'Hermn. R.: Over- lmlsvr. D.: Owens, O. Puvnni. J.: Pnvoni. I-I. Pnwling, Nl.: Xvilsou. I-I Row 0: Polingf. J.: Peoples D.: Person:-li. B.: Phillips N.: Phillips. P.: Plnll. H. Pleiclicr. R.: Pruglx. S. Nvintlliigler. J. Row 10: Paul. R.: Pruitt S.: Rllfllef, B.: RllX'l'llS- troll. D.: RQ'Rlll1'f. R. R:-1-cl. Nl.: Rm-ynnlcl. N. Riclmrtl. J.: Xvimllmiglvr J. Row ll: Ringns. J.: Rink R.: Rilh-nlmusv. D.: Rolm' lmins. D.: Robison. J. Roclvlmugll. J.: Roclriclc F.: Rody. B.: Vvise, L. 140 T.: Milk-nlwrgm-r. B. ' 1 . SHS .xg Ng.. . . FSS , 1 QT? f:i a . ss SRS Tiggl .I f- zmixsi . SQ Q. - 1 : s sm Q 1 : ,fm . fi . X . X sxs g X ... ...Egg Y X is S 8 f Q - g-wg: - -. . X: o .3.f,gg'. F? X: X 1 A3 E . .,,. . o f m :"' Qf.xssa 1- . ' : Q Q: Nfx.-' fs.-3 Class nf '51 Row I: Rollr. J.: Rollr- buugln, J.: Rouse, F.: Rose. R.: Rnsenlrulcr. E.: Rolll. E.: RUN5'e, S.: Ikudcg Rf: XN'iso, M. Row 2: Sailor. J.: Sargcnl. F.: Sluroclc. R.: Sclnroclc. T.: S1-unilcn, B.: Srlxuollie, T.: Scoli, A.: Scroll. B.: Xvisur, S. Row 3: Scoll. B.: Scolt. G.: Scoll. S.: Sellers, L.: Sei- ferl. A.: Slmnlc, J.: Slmnlz. J.: Slmunl. E.: Vvluillulier. J. Row -1: Slwlmn. J.: Shields. N.: Sllclcr, J.: Slluey, C.: Scllulcr, B.: Sigerlnoos, D.: Sigsbee, F.: Singlclon, 1...: XVorclcn, ' S. Row 5: Sipress, T.: Slack, B.: Slough. B1.: Smilll. E.: Souilnvurlh, G.: Sla- cler. J.: Slufxr. J.: Slam-ner. D.: Young, T. Row oz Sluub, L.: Slellcy. A.: Skemm, P.: Stevenson, B.: Stow. B.: Slow, F.: Sluclc, L.: Slulsmnn. B.: Yates. R. Row 7: Suiley. F.: Taylor, J.: Teelcr. VV.: Tlmrp, G.: Thorpe. DJ.: Tluorup. D.: Throne. P.: Tice. B.: Yeager, B. Row S: Torok, D.: Temp' lcins. D.: Torrance. D.: Tohnnn. J.: Toyne, J.: Trenmine, D.: Troeger. L.: Truex, J-1 Ynrbrougll, N. Row 9: Ulcry, J.: Van Doelxrcn. J.: Vander Rey- clen. K.: Van Horn, J.: Vun Tilburg, J.: Vanline. N.: Van VVunncr. B.: Viclnmr. D.: Yarlxrough, C. Raw IO: Vinson. R.: Vin- cent, E.: Vo1lcman. L.: Voras, V.: Vullmalnn, P.: NVarc1, H.: Nvargon. J.: Xvnrner, M.: Yoclcr. L. Row ll: Nvaslxinglon, A.: Webb. H.: VVe1lr1y, P.: Xveimer. J.: Xvlxeeler, A.: Xvllinnery, J.: Vvllile, B.: Xvlxiie, T.: Zimmerman. D. 141 I.liHf-KHT, NDI!-RNA. the town in which we grew up and are growing up, is a typical American town: prosperous, thriving, progressive industrial city. Most of us, having grown up, stay here. or come tmaclc here after finding out that itis a good town to live in, to do business in. The two rivers, forming the heart-shaped land that gave Elkhart its name, makes our town a beautiful one scenically. Nearby lakes and many parlcs provide us with places for recreation. Nationally-lcnown products manufactured in up-to-date factories, specialized stores, railroads.-1 these make Elkhart famous. Our town has grown-up too. The business district is slowly changing. interesting and pic- turesque olcl louildings are giving way to modern store fronts. The main street ot 1877 has changed in appearance. Elkhart is growing in population, civic-awareness and importance. lxluin Stn-vt in llw days ol the horse car .... . and in the a gf' 142 i Rum 'Q 'mx INN -Ili If SP' J sd X, f-ns? FN X XX X-we x YH? QX Qi S' A Q i JMR mf m gc , gm was N Esifswb.-'53, X ww N ix ffm N 39' N M-.rr-4 QIQQ 125'-, 1. NSN S M QMEET Ni Q E, N S S ei f ,sr X Sw PATHUNS Acme Pattern Works 717 VV. Beardsley Ave. Adams Typewriter Agency, Inc. 151 N. Main St. Associated Typewriter Co. 115 VV. Marion St. Auto Parts Co. 529 S. Main Si. ' Auto Sales Co. CW. Weinsteinj Jackson St. Band city on co. 719 E. lncliana Ave. ' Barger Box Co., Inc. 802 VV. Beardsiey Ave. Batherick 25 Palmer Machine Co. 1517 Princeton Blvd. Beauty Bar 426 S. Second St. Blue's Building Supply Co. 509 Sherman Bonilield Motor Sales 2545 Cassopolis Bontrager Construction Co. 618 VV. lndiana Ave. Burrell Lumber '55 Supply Co. 205 E. Jackson Blvd. Central Drug Store 225 S. Main St. Coalburn Jewelry 26 Camera Shop 515 S. Main St. Conkey Jewelers 127 VV. Marion St. Crystal Ice '56 Fuel, lnc. 401 Baldwin Frank W. Dally 205 Equity Bldg. W. H. Dreves, Inc. 216 S. Second St. Elkhart Floral Co. 209 N. Main Sl. Elkhart Lbr. 8 Sawmill Co., Inc 2100 Johnson St. Elkhart Plumbing '55 Heating Supply 2656 lvlain St. Elkhart Rubber Works Elkhart, lndiana Elmer's Top E5 Body Shop 215 S. Elkhart Ave. Emmert Trailer Corp. 614-618 lV1isl1awalca Ave. Dr. Claude Fleming Dr. Homer Swihart 121 VV. Marion Si. Hart Pressed Steel 5506 Hammond Ave. Hartman Pharmacy 200 E. lncliana Ave. Dr. H. C. Higgason 414 S. Main St. Helfrick's Men's Wear 519 S. Main St. Hossick Bakery 604 Harrison St. Hotel Elkhart Elkhartis Center oi Activities' P!-ITHUN5 Instrument City Foundry 7I5 Taylor St. Ai Isbell Lumber '55 Coal Co. l0il1 St. 6' NYC Railroad - Jenner's Drug Store i 201 S. Main St. . Kauffman Consumers Coal 3 Supply Co. 758 S. lVlainN,St. Knox Auto Electric III E. Lexington St. Lexington Book Store I I5 VV. Lexington Ave. Q W. P. Lilly is co. IIS E. Franlclin St. Long Auto Service ' II6 VV. tlellerson Si. 1 1 Main Electric Hardware I027 S. Main SI. Main Upholstering Co. 105 Division, Phone 545 Mark's Cafe IIS S. Main St. Martin Band Instruments 451 Baldwin Misener's Floral Shop The Beauty ol Our Business ls Flowers Modern Stoves Your Hotpoint Dealer Monteith Bros., Inc.. ISI N. Elkhart Ave. Montgomery Ward E5 Co. 512 S. Main Sl. in Frank Myers Men's Wear I II6 VV. Franklin Si. - ' Newport Steel Corporation I I00 VV. Bearclsley - Nib's Auto Sales. S09 Johnson St. Niblock Machinery Co. 1002 Johnson Sl. North End Restaurant II7 S. Ivlain Si. A North Side' Tool. '25 Engineering Inc. 1751 Cassopolis Ohmer's Electric Shop I06 S. Main SL Paul's .Ieweler Sales 25 Repair 126 VV. Lexington ' Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. 165 E. lVIarion Parks Shoe Service Main at .Iaclcson Personnetts Bicycle, Radio Sales '25 Service, Inc. Pritchetts Steak House Steal: I'louse-Smorgashord Our Specialty PATHIJNS Quality Beverages Spies, George, Industries Bottlers of B ancl R Beverages Chicago, Illinois Niblock Nash Auto Sales Stanton Dress Shop 522 VV. lncliana 504 S. Main St. The Rapp Co. The Stationers 409 S. Main St. 225 S. Main St. Rosen Bros. Troy Cleaners 424 S. Main St. 1150 S. Main St. Sailors Jewelry Store Turnock Equipment Co. 709 Bower Si. Harolware, Paint, Plumhing, Electric Supplies Shreiner Q5 Sons, Inc. Up-Two Lunch 116 VV- High 118 VV. Jackson Blvd. Shultz Forney Insurance Agency Wade's Flowers 126 VV- Lexington 118 S. Seconcl St. South Side Plating Works, Inc. Westbrook Funeral Home 2208 S- M8111 Sf- H29 S. Prairie Sl. Smith Drug Store Whitcomb's Linoleums S6 Carpets S. Main at St. Joe so5-sos S. Main Sr. Smith-Alsop Elkhart Paint Co. White Funeral Hgme 208 S- Nlfiin St- ll5 VV. Lexington St. Stack Paper House Rollie Williams Paint Spot 118 E- Franklin St- Phone 66, Second anti Jackson The Service Press Printers Work Office Supply Co. ll7 VV. High Sl., Phone 5560 520 Main St. Sykes Jewelers Yoders Ready-Mixed Concrete Co 102 S. Main St. West Bearclsley ancl 21st H. R. Terry-Berry Co. Zelle-I-Iartzler Funeral Home GranciRapicls 4, Michigan 405 VV. Franklin COI1'Ll0Al'I'leI'lf5 of E L K H A R T The ICE CREAM Supreme Specialists in Fancy Ice Cream P S Tlh 2 E lkharf, Indiana A Congrafufafiomi hom LSLI PRESS CORPORATION ELKHART, INDIANA M94 Quagiy punck pf-eaaea .SEM 1910 C'0mlvlz'm5nls of QZXDCXQQ Excel Co., Inc. ELKHART MGTOR CGACH CORP 119 E. FRANKLIN STREET, ELKI-IART, INDIANA Welcome to E. H. S. Grads All Elkhart High School Graduates in plan- ning their future, are always Welcome to visit with any of the oflicers of the Elkhart Banks. Build your banking contacts now and be pre- pared for your financial program-Whatever it may be. FIRST OLD STATE BANK FIRST NATICDNAL BANK ST. JCSEPI-I VALLEY BANK Members Federal Reserve System Members Federal Deposit lnsurance Corporali 9" UE CQ? S3570 ki? LWEmm'Z fWWN EU E9 Q wmfvfwf I gow Z- W I xevim , WESTCLOX R0 I " IKE!" 'Z WMEW ,GRUEN Q59 WSW mm Helsnos AW . ROGERS ib HAMILTUN Sunbeam Appliances lu NI CLASS OF 'I33" .af - if Jaqw uvlvl Sef'1fff?"Lj'7f Na 1847 MGERS GENERAL ELECTRIC QJSEYWI FORSINER SHEAFFER GO7H,qM 881 Wm 966 Fostoria Crystal Girls, We Keep a Record of Your Silve d Crystal Patter El:K T fUTwmMMR p NCOIVLPEQXNY INC. 310 so. MAIN ST. PHONE 54 The Store EXTENDS TO YOU BEST WISHES YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT OUR STORE PAINTS f CHRISTIAN GIFTS f WALLPAPERS ART SUPPLIES f PICTURES f PICTURE FRAMING AWNINGS f VENETIAN BLINDS SHADES f LINOLEUM I5lI SELECTED FOR THE AMAZING NEW TERRACE PLAZA HOTEL IBC TERRACE PLAZA HOTEL Skidmore Owings 8. Merrill Architects Jaros, Baum 8. Bolles, Engineers- Frank Messer 81 Sons, lnc., Cincinnati: General Contractors - E. J. Nolan Corporation, Cin- cinnati: Plumbing 8. Heating Contractors - Carrier Corporation: Air Conditioning 81 Refrigeration-Mutual Mfg. 81 Supply Ca., Cincinnati: Wholesale Distributor. NORTHERN INDIANA BRASS COMPANY, COPPER TUBE FITTINGS and COPPER DRAINAGE FITTINGS "Nothing but the best," was the rigid rule when the new Terrace Plaza in Cincinnati was planned. The most advanced ideas in structure and service facilities, the finest embodiment of those ideas in materials and equipment-these were the policies of the builders of this most modern hotel in the country. That's why it means so much that Nib- co fittings with copper tube were used throughout-for the heating, air condition- ing and water lines and for the copper drainage fittings. Nibco fittings in sizes up to 6 inches were installed in this job by the E. J. Nolan Corporation and the Carrier Corporation, and were supplied by the Mutual Manufacturing and Supply Co., Nibco distributors in Cincinnati. Over 7 miles of piping were required for the system which heats-and cools- the hotel, with individual controls in every room. Materials throughout were chosen to cut maintenance costs to the bone. Nibco fittings were chosen for quality first, and for completeness of the line to meet all needs. For every job-large or small-it will pay you to standardize on Nibco fittings. They help speed the job and insure cus- tomer satisfaction. PLUM STREET, ELKHART, INDUIANA Gmmmhwm md Kat Winlaea wde UWAMZW Sears, Roebuck 8 EU. BORNEMAN AND SONS -nn 540 Sh SIFLHLIIIW gl COMPLETE HOMEFURNISHINGS TYPEWRITERS RENTED, REPAIRED AND SOLD S Ph 451 ?YD Complimen M af atrial Blnlll-ier OPEN EVENINGS 'TIL 9 Tlfralp . . . Pine Ice Cream Q 710 Ketter ?ood 710 Q' t 'I' t 154 b I AMERICAN C01-ITING MILLS Division of Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Our Sncereaf Ea! makea Zu- Me auccefsa of flee Cfafsa of 1949 155 I THE PE co...zucHAnr, WOODWI W? ag fwfr, an X ff Keasfmake DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING 'I'mdeMork Registered "Proud? My head's way up in the clouds! Happy? Then-e's a catch in my throat . . . stardust in my eyes . . . and sheer glory in my heart . . it's I Keepsake, the most treasured of all diamond rings." . . . As Author- ized Keepsake Dealers, this store displays a fine selection of the new an beautiful Keepsake Matched Sets. Make your choice with confidence, for the Keepsake Certificate of Per- manent Registration and Guarantee is part of your purchase. I ff u l'F1.li fi E' 'i lli E ae i I lu 4 'i "All the Names You Can Tr 00509 IELUHERS IIK. 525 50- mmn STA From the Store You Can Trust" 155 WIHIDY ANI! IHMZYS SN!-XIII-i HAH WHERE THE GANG GATHERS AT NOON Compliments to... The Class of ' 49 YELLGW CAB CC. H lElkh B ld g Ph 830 157 l 9 eene slum clowns m Q' V' Kun rut- W Juli ll 074 I 1 ' E316 Clolhzhg for You . Now and 151 the Future Congratulations to you Seniors of '49 6 6 ll 2' Hand, Junk, As you cross the bridge Between your school days And the future- Elkhart Bridge and Iron Co. and Miller Steel and Supply Co., Inc. ' Elkhart, Ind 153 iana O Our Szhcere Congraiulalzbns and Best Wshes T 0 the Class of '49 CALVERT COAL COMPANY "Elkharf's Besf Caal Yard" 159 C mpliments of .... HUME I-IPPLIANEE EENTEH "First In Television" A ND Ilizzn's Television Lahnralnrins EEEEEE E 2071204 S. Main ELKHA INDI A C0r11plz'me11I5 of uwpg-yn Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co., Inc IBII gl'0l7l fAe gfablrf O! Mtfteldag jo fhe gm!! O! joclay ELDY LUNDQUIST .... VIC DANIELSCN .... Q CCAL CCDKE Winkler Stokers .... Warm Morning Stoves 151 Congmtulalzbns to The Class of '49 from RUTLEDGES Compliments of PRAIRIE SCHO0NER, INC B2 Built for Dzftzhg Beauty- ADLAKE Aluminum Windows O MINIMUM AIR INFILTRAf TION, because of nonfmetallic weather stripping and serrated guides I FINGERTIP CONTROL 0 NO WARP, ROT, RATTLE, stick or swell, ever O SOLID, LUSTROUS ALUMIf NUM construction, requires no painting C NO MAINTENANCE required, except routine washing O EASE OF INSTALLATION is a dominant feature Expertly designed for a lifetime of service, Adlake Aluminum Windows bring lasting beauty to any building, modern or traditional. Built of lustrous aluminum, they do away with the cost of painting and maintenance. You install them, you forget them! They look lovely and operate smoothly for years and years. Only Adlake VVindows combine wovenfpile weather stripping and serrated guides to assure a minimum air infiltration and absolute fingertip control. And because of their construction fsee diagramj, Adlake Win' dows never warp, rot, rattle, stick or swell. Installation is phenomenally easy-you can complete all exterior work iirst and then simply set the window in place! Truly, Adlake Aluminum Windows fulfill your every requirement for appearance and service. If you plan to build or remodel, why not drop us a post card today for complete data? Address: 1116 N. Michigan, Elkhart, Ind. No obligation, of course. The ADAMS 85 WESTLAKE COMPANY Established 1857 - Elkhart, Indiana New York - Chicago Furnishers of WINDOWS TO THE TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY FOR OVER 30 YEARS 153 Russell The Coalman Q? The JJOW of .zueaf .S'afz6!affz.m" Build a Comfortable Eire Safe Home of Your Own and CELOCRETE ,afnd CEMENT BLOCKS Heat it with Coal 252 E. Jackson Blvd. Phone 2-0385 EUSTER SAS AND APPLIANEES NURSE - SIRSIIN SAS S. ELEETRIE RANGES, REERISERATURS, WATER HEATERS HGME LAUNDRY 0 DRYERS 0 WASHERS, IRONERS HOME HEATERS 0 QUAKER 25 NORGE BUT-L-GAS for HOMES and TRAILERS Phone Vvalnul 5555 ll6 So. Main St., Elkhart 154 I W w 1 1 1 w 4 w l ELKI-IART'S MUSICAL HEADQUARTERS Since 1905 TEMP LINKS Home of Kelvinator, Maytag and Bendix Home Appliances NEVV LOCATION - 508 S. MAIN COMPLETE BUSINESS TRAINING COURSES SECRETARIAL ACCOUNTING SHORTHAND TYPEXNRITINO REFRESHER BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FEDERAL TAX O SALESIVIANSHIP-VVI1eeIer Care AND SPECIALIZED TRAINING COURSES IN DENTAL LABORATORY TECHNIQUE ,. DENTAL NURSING .. MEDICAL SECRETARIAL ARTS ELKI-IART BUSINESS UNIVERSITY Full y Accredited "The Heart of Downtown E.IIzI1art" IBB I Congrafufafiond from IJUBBINS Elkhart Factory I lfl, I0 0 I" A l gt Sprayers -Dusters Power Sprayers Planters llnhhins Manufacturing IIu.' ELHHAHT, INDIANA 157 COMPLIMENTS GF SHAUM ELECTRIC CC. INC BEST WISHES TO The Class of 1949 Compliments of IIEILMAN CUHI. CU. "Where thrifty pevple My Coal " A .6W. R. R. Home of ORIGIN!-II. PUCAIIONTHS PIPIIIIINII COAL BURNER FUI-I-Y AUTGMHTIC HEAT WITII CUBI- 153 l I r AMERICAS GREATESTCOAT VALUE! 1 1 I P Q g"""W5N I . 7 x Q, - I' R ' U sf uif lw I I' ,. xv - P . lv Q Ig' J A p I ff ' , I . I K fly ff, .QQ rf R f ff! .A lp X ,Q fr, 1 summers Q P f' , ? P ' X ' 1 , ' v U BRIEFER 5, to if ,fi , a ' 1' L I I 3-ff" if ' fl :if ' . li fl - ,if . THE BIGGEST BUY POR ITS PRICE! 'I V" I, Perfect Companion for Everything , ' , riff' from Slacks to Formals for Travel, " Y, Q! " Vacation or City Wear! if l'Z,1"' . . . 1 if X iff Masterftailored oi finest quality ' W . ' fig' 31 Australian virgin wools, with fin' 'I I 1" ' 1 'Q est quality linings. White, Picasso Pink, Black, Titian Red. Misses' sizes 8 to 16. Exclusive Witli G'hQ.s59..!Lfa 6 6'1kha1'fB,3e.s'f Sforv 0. Save Floor Space with SINGLE AND DOUBLE SIIDING DOOR TRACKS Ior every interior house door 1 fx , . f SPACE SAVING KENNATRACK OPENS THE DOOR TO NEW IDEAS EOR MODERN HOMES Jay 93 mcgennd' 'gnc' SP I fgsfal Ioly HHNIM I I ELKHART, INDIANA 9 .Ang pface ,945 .jwlome in A SCHULT TRAILER SCHULT CORPORATION ELKHART, INDIANA 17II C'uA tom 'Kuilt-In " BREAKFAST NOOKS and BREAKFAST SETS or the Home A Home Economics Room, Kendallville High School ?urniture for .... RESTAURANTS SHOE STORES TAVERNS, CLUBS RECEPTION ROOM SODA FOUNTAINS DOCTORS OFFICES BEAUTY SALONS DENTISTS AOFFICES MTLLTNERY SHOPS HOMES, SCHOOLS, ETC. CUSTOM BUUTH MANUFACTURING CORP. 14th and Blaine ELKHART, IND. Phone 684 171 .fdcrodd A001 Congratulations, Class of 1949 : fl I l . 9 c'A'3E6iEI? ' ssas O O Q X ,qir I ii V,A , G . l . ag, Il' X 11 Q C Q l El IE Ni 1 J i i Viva i 3 ,, YW ' i I - Ei ..l, f. WA JUJZ ELKHART SANDWICH snor Come in and try our famous tarts Individually filled before your eyes VVE SERVE ALL KINDS OF DINNERS, SANDVVICHES AND FOUNTAIN ORDERS Yes, we also cater to parties Hot Coffee and Santlwiclles Deliverecl. Call Us -1 Wal. 9520 ' 125 So. Main St. WE FEED AS WE LIKE TO BE FED I l T0 MAKE ELKHART A MORE BEAUTIFUL PLACE T0 LIVE One may talce any xacant property and lmproxe xt w 1th trees fruit trees for lnstance It talces a Northern qpy apple tree 15 years to hear fruit from the date It IS started and most people o not loolc that far ahead Years go past fast w hen one loolcs haclt an xl you haxe no trees to show you have missed something on lute s hrghw ay The hest way to plant a tree IS from the seed as It then grows according to all conclltlons and needs less attention hecause grown the natural w ay A local man once bought several acres alongslde a flowing stream He planted sex en differ ten years he w as offered S10 000 00 for the property just as a building slte for a residence as it could not he upllcated elsewhere There are many people w ho destroy trees w ho nes er plant any There IS no hetter monu ment to leave along highways and streams than trees planted for people to enjoy for many future wears Ex en lf you plant them from the seed they are apt to grow at least some of them and If you plant a few each year one w ill haxe much pleasure through life watchmg them grow mto beautiful landscapes LIELDHO E REAL E TATE A LJ V n a 1 o u n 7 n 7 . ' , . .. ' 'Y . ent varieties of evergreen trees over it and had much pleasure watching them grow. ln less than . d ' f . ,Y f 'I ' ' - . r L, . .7 ' I . I :Y . I Y , , 7. Y . Y . W . Congrafufafiond ana! Ed ?fM:5AeA To The Class Cf '49 "Getz, The Drug Man" Where You Know Your Druggist And Your Druggist Knows You GETZ DRUG STORE GETZ CUT-RATE l2l0-l2l2 VV. Franklin St. Simonton Lake Phone 429 Phone X-9010 White Manufacturing Co. Manufacturers of Construction and Road Building Machinery Elkhart Indiana 174 PI 470 RICHARD B. IVIATZKE ZYZWM Main al Ma EIIXI1 I I GI Compliments of fcleerdA DRUG STORE C 415 S. Main Street Elkhart, Indiana 175 Best VW hey I0 the Class f 49 REX BE DERS TCI-IERY 1-r-':1:f:2:f5 S3 l.--Q:5'3iff:iii A 'Q-Q.-gxgrhlz' Rtgg.-9. www. w.KN-.N :sig S 5.52515 -:-.:-:.:,Q.,., .-1-:IEr5515f55:5:5::1::::':" H -...X-:Q:25555E5i5.5f ...bw ......-.Q:1:w:f-W ' :SP , ""'3'S:3:Qf:f:f:f:X , Efi 5-S I+., . ' f:f::., 'X ' - '. Q . ' zi: , "iii: , . .... .., . ...,. , 'QNX ' . ' :-.g.-,.-:2RE2E2Ef' 1' -,giikgh N' U 1 2' - - : -Q " :S3i:F:1:-:-:-.-..., wif., :K K "X-:N'3Efx:1:-.-. .- t'13Tf.f3:,'QEg55'f:3555:'F 'fEE5EE5E5E5i1Er:-1-.-.. .- Xfx ml- Wahl- - :uf- 4'--.s:.E:sN..:K2:s.... - ' Q ...ff IS-N IQ' 5' g if v51'6j'jIFi15?SEQ'.g.,! .p.5E5E5EffS' fe-55':'E51'E5Eg5:jf-4r3z'2- I "X5'E'Rf:p 'Ei :ErI-.'E5Ef3EE5E52:QSEEE25E1:., . ' -: ., , . - Y ' ga- ' " -I-QI-' 5, -T.--1-. fri- ' , 2:-: X- V- - ' - 'g.,.,:g:g:g:-..:3.,gzgvzg:-: 1fQtl,Q:x 1 f'fff2:1f21" -12:S:..fi'..:-125559Q..-.3 fi' ' "1 N' "4:'I:'-I-1 --qw '3:ff2'2f::5i ',-.::1.' ,E- ':-:-:.E:E:Erf" 25.3.-: '. ' . 'LII-ISI" 'fr' ':?'ffI'Yf'Z1-.E -1 4. gy ' . 1 'gif' I. 11115:-" :.5E555E:f--155q.l.x,-.:QLII,' "" -g.5jE5E-255i'jyffjrgzjjiz'".,33ggfj i-ff' ,I -, -r 1555153555351-.it .,.:w- ,9.w .-wx. Sc?-RX fseiiiis. - 1 '- --fig", X.--.,,5,g-:,, qi... -Y: 2-'g:jgg.r.,,.153315:-2:1-'' :Q 5. A vi..-:I .5:r:5:5155-.5.5y15q,, f:"' f' "' 'ENQSTEE5xii?-.:f:?sf:'K"i51f' 55' 'fy' 'Q Y" ::QR:3i'Qf ' ' ' 'ffifl P ::s:f::.., ----iii..-. -,.-:if'.:si? 'J .5532-'f:.: 51.-i29Q :Fw 'X .. fi S"'.'f1" ' .5'5523?1ft.s":?f':?i?Ef3liflf' " ' 'WN-.. O C I X sf U s -' ix J'-gf? wr! 23lfwBN.g0," .aj 1' mx ,Ni xx R f+"ifxa- K My xxx 'o x'm3"aN wx X 'Q 'KN Edge Nu xi' W .X NNW -.xx 'X 'x'.X'x M .aww BN xxx Q X ww. mx N-.XX . ,awww N N X W-lwwvw. x NN MA X. XXX X . zkgxqgx X. Qisigxgmxsx X Gm M' w x AF' .-. xx . QXXQ N 'Q . . x Q X x Q-. XBN .X X N x N N we mb ax W N RSX 175 THINK OF... .14N s- I as - f"l -, ,I ' , - .-' -' ' "V" -5 - AA. I 0 Y 4 3191 l' X 0 o . 1 sit " 4 f X XXX N 0 I 0 o I sd- 0 SRV 0 0 O 1 NX X X o -- I ' ' 2 XXX " X . O rl O " X O .x O , 0 c O 0 . 5 .. 2 -'O an .5 rx S fe-,:::-1-:- 0 S S x5 f " o x X vs: . rf-,."-..i- - 'Q E 5 O-- ...- 0 Q55 Q53 K,-f'5'?cwN ' ff' J r ' ,try gras -X K ":.',Rri . xxgxe-L ' ,x c 4" . J" '-LL-Fifi? 'lf Ir: -:TE-,1 ,fe J ' ff mbsf Qg:i.r:L--322 ff' x'3-IE 'xslze-?:i,g5i? f '31 I3"'2"T"4'-'.?.'l ' 5225 S'-': '2: ii-'::""-: :'-r ""' . . f -.-ia - ie I 'T-522 5 f ":.- ' 2'-'--r: I ating-p-Qp? '11 : ig -:'-IZI5' E d 4 big : Q -:.f,' I 2 :Eff -sc.: 1. I .4 .J f 2' f 1,5 ' 45 ,'- .4 - ', ' 1 I? f", Q1 31:15. . I. I. 11' ,51j, -' ri x - 45 d, . .. ,. . ifa l ,:.. -- L 1 I .522 lt? fi' ...gg -I v:l 4 - ,J ...- S 3 s e fl R. 3 I K' , N S -fu We : lb xf sf f I ww - x X, I N I xfs I I' . -. sz?-'J 'I 4 h 2113 - M 71. N lf f ' : : -F4 ' 5 - 5 -' ' - f ' 53, 8 I xxx 2, X it lka-Seltzer ga V Satan x x? ' .,' I 4 X XTX 'fj',"o,' d Q I v I lj.-3f,"?f,"' X xx 4 l!'?7'J"v4 ,xxx 'Q N ,I-'.7,j4,,h. ffqc , ' ' ""' MU: -"' YK if ''W'7A':::"'-'----,--w-f-'fwssslfi 'ms ll,,' A QM 1-,MK Na 'I im ' I' ' I1 f L J ' ua 1ty IS t e essence 0 ea ers IP The secret of AlkR'S6ltZBflS success is found in every Alka-Seltzer tablet. Throughout the years these tablets, used for headache, colds, stomach distress and muscular aches, have delivered the kind of relief expected from Quality manufacture. ' 'iently identified with this work. E. H. S. alumni are promn MILES LABGRATORIES, INC. ELKHART, INDIANA Oar but wialaen to the C7444 of YI9 CiDCbi9 Elkhart Anrosernent Co. Op 'gE1 oph B141 Th oanri ana! ibiacoun ia General Credit Corporation 5th Floor Monger Bldg. Phone 1375 173 g We of the .... I ELKHART COLD STORAGE Congratulate the Class of 1949 COLD STORAGE LOCKERS U IMEAT PROCESSING FROZEN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES MODERN KITCHEN UNITS STORE DISPLAYS I O E. G. Welsch 81 Son Manufacturers O 2120 W. FRANKLIN ST. ELKHART, INDIANA PHONE 5518 17 Elkhart Teams aff Berman Equipped We are proud to give this service E RMAN 5 AL Cfooeas 'i-. A i'Believe it or not-'there are Ellclmrt players 'Z' ti" 123 SOUTH MAIN STREET in this picturei' ongrafufafiond fo jke Cfaaa of 1949 HEHHINH STUDII15 IBIJ We of the . . . Elkhart Packing Company Congratulate the clam vf l949 U50 YELLUW EHEEH BRAND Hams, Bacon, Ready-to-Eat Meats T t F' A ' Latest Styles in TEENAGE SHOES fl ggaaing S' Sona FINE FOOTWEAR Elkl rt Indiana gona! laorfraifd neec! nof Ae expenaiue R. S. SUTULA, photographer 206 S. Main Phone 4098 Ewieseess Th H Style Shop fashion passions of 1949 hy famous names CARLYE , elm l t pffffnff mn wumns . .. lik F ak ir coats: KLINGRITE 'k suits: HI-HO i' dresses: MARY MUFFET DEBUTANTE A LAURA LEE A EXTACEE 'lf J ULIANA i' lingerie: IT'S AN ..!dl'L6!8I'58l'L MAH OWL!!! .os l i' in -R V .. 4. ,tr :-QAQQS .452 .ig e, QA E A W-N A.. -rfiqs w e F r it 'r 13 so -. w i g I r , I , X , W N.-'ffffzt lllml' AA W fil m' t 'A - e' 'S ,- Y- 3, ..,-5:5 -1 til, U, 4.1 . 1 3 n gf ' 'll- , ' , 1 6.55 I 1 .il I J ,WY , r Q ,Q V , ,, J ,eggs is -. f ' . fs - 1. I - 'F A 'Q' 9: li-ew. .- v-:Qt f 4 Y - f ,' -as snr. l 1 v N 3' ,is 1 IA IILNQQ .fel 1 ' N, - -' ,TL . .1 'Q ' fr .. , I e Q 1- vi if Z- "E E ".- 'QQ' . t Wi A mx s K : .... . 'U L Q " ' Q -.. ' -- . A A may J - 0. Q sax! I1 NK :E if -" ,est-rl FF' so 'e n Pl 5 A " gy, ' 3 - :sits -f A A ' s 717 13 l I I J, V , Y 7. .Q ,ea A l - ss ing? ssh! ,ski in X' ix 5 ' -'Verse' dd : gli: X 'N X Q' M-F ,Q N 1- " ti--' 5-Q . is Sits ful' Pi'!":-'sf-.gfs5"isz-z X sssss fN 1 f" .X X Qcfure Wm ow Fon YOUR New HOME Besides bringing in sunshine and fresh air, your windows must also frame the lovely view of your lawn and garden or nearby scenery. Let us help you plan a PICTURE WINDOW for your new home. Yes, here's an interesting WINDOWALL installation in which you have two Andersen Casement sash with a fixed sash "picture" window between them. The whole WINDOWALL is a single prefabricated unit- just one of many we can show you. Come in soon. fjf-5,4 irxwgxg 'Ax 1 J - ' LUMBE ' 8' PLYWOOD CO. 816 SOUTH MAIN ST., ELKHART, IND. PHONE 15 133 Complimenw New Method Cleaners EFkl P Compliments of Days Transfer, Inc. ELKHART INDIANA A Complete High School Shop for Teen Age Girls A 214 So. Main WAL-5032 C0nCgmtulatz'0r1.g Class of 1949 Perndell Fund Shoppe 601 VV. LEXINGTON Mayyoul ykpbf y h k ldg h y k tfl hdj bg 185 E rs' PY, Elkhart Welding and Boiler Works Phone 3008 Chassis Alignment Service WHEEL BALANCING Does away with shimmy and uneven wear C0l'l'l,9Al'l'l2l'lf6 . . . I. L. Whisler SL Sons Packers 'and Wholesalers of Whisler Brand Bacon, Beef, Smoked and Cold Meats 135 B DOIMORE POS T URE CHAIRS DOI ORE CHAIR COMPANY, INC. Elkhart, Indiana A.. ., .,. 'N - I . . .-.-I ..f:s:2kQ25P?ff-12 kept pace while I .1,. ., - I I YOU Grew Up 1n Wl uq :,, 'Y bf 'fi V... gi 2 . V C, UM ELKHART I 1,5 1-aQ - j Iv f ..1' .- , 1 . . . taking care of ' Q,i..7.:.f 'E 'LQ Your everY need. -' E .,..,, .:11: 2 It's ZIESEL BROTHERS ffor Over 40 Years Elkhart's ,ll 1 f I 'I -,-1 3155"412322121:1Ef33E2E2Ef?f1 iE52E'I3f: .. Shopping Centerj for Family and Home Needs! Vw-4' .,n-. -. I I .swim 9 cf 4...A5:q.X:lXs:, -I A '-4,'-' M' I IX" ' .N . , Q 12, -. If s:-.'- ' "" 33"-:EI I 1 'I-1-.-i ..,' :g ' ' " 'I "ff,-9 'cfzfl +862 ' ' ' SX f N5 2 IWNNII 5 X I2 Q5 M' X x X NN -. X I s- X. f" N 4' s Ngzziqak, N f N' , 4' 12.1 xi-xx ,x W QQ Nb Q W N X x xxx ive ' me 2 x N N . iwzqzx , ' ',,,::'Q-54 ' .- I -. 511321 Z, 55 2. Q5IR3Ea.2.w 2 -- Q ' 2:5 ,.:,-gg, f 3 2-.Q 3 2, M I :,:,:3::. K -:.:- 3 - gk. '-:1i,:g:,'g:gg- .. . I Ng- 2 " , -- -ga 'rw A f -ffl lfifffi 55321: fl If . ' 122-, I'f7fEff: 55, 'I - 2 Q- Issue -iff: f:5I?Nf':fNf5f .1E2'i-2--ar:-1r.12E2' '?:51f. 55551. '- .2 sex .. - ' '- If ,I ""2 3512? '212E2:- :il ..: ' 'K' ' x x QQ: ,gg:5g:x:2- 135: ,gisf .. Nag 5' - 2. A 2 1 '-: 3 ir- '-:-:. :::2., ., f3:21:.2.,3.T,, .gjzi W- , .SE kmgfgij CASQNQQE, fEf2:5k2E5' .2Er: 315'-.Q. gf: 3:3 ':Q"'3'Q,':3"5 -' I-N: 12:2:2s:'-e'q:,Q:g -- PN -N212-1-QS-:rr-.z-x .-+1-at I -, -P-'-ikkxxic-S-212: ' If:-Iv -..-. 137 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I dnl ELKHAHT AUTH Anderson and the gang in an Elcar, 1923 Congrafufafiond fo THE CLASS UF 1949 may you afwaga Lowe laiaaanf moforing V V fLrougA , .--. . .. 3- - . .. 1 183 IIE LEH5' ASS' BALL SERVICE. INC. 2016 EranIcIin St. ....... VERNON M. BALL, INC. 519 East Street ........... BERGERON MOTOR CO. 215 N. Main St. ............. BONIFIELD MOTOR SALES 2345 CassopoIis ............... CHAMPION MOTORS, INC. 501 E. Jackson ............. CHATTEN MOTOR SALES 518 S. Second ...................... ELKHART LINCOLN-MERCURY, INC. 510 S. Sec0ncI ....................... HARVEY VVAMBAUGH, INC. 618 S. Third ................. I. A. MILLER, INC. 154 E. FranIcIin .... LUSHER MOTOR CO. 561 EIIcI1art Ave. ........... MODERN CHEVROLET, INC. 165 E. Marion St. ............ - NIBLOCK NASH SALES 522 VV. Indiana ................ ROY CULVER MOTORS, INC. 1147 Center St. ................ SUPER MOTORS. INC. 426 N. Main St. ........ W. W. I-USHER, INC. 500 East St. ............ SCHERER AUTO SALES XNIHICHFUSH, ........-.. SMITH CHEVROLET, INC. VVaIcarusa, Incl. ........... MEMBERS ----KAISER-FRAZER -----DE SOTO-PLYMOUTH -----CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH -- -----VVILLYS -----STUDEBAKER -----FORD ----LINCOLN-MERCURY --- -BUICK - --- -PONTIAC ----DODGEQPLYMOUTH ----CHEVROLET ---------------------NASH OLDSMOBILE-CADILLAC ------HUDSON -----PACKARD ----DODGE-PLYMOUTH --- -CHEVROLET 189 The Charles Walley Funeral Home ,,- .mix :xg-sffeqzgiff-. g3'lQ :Ein - .-sfzgfle . re-. I lluhvfhf -E 1.1 I . If -if? f EA 1 ll 1 ' I fait I"fEs'22IEf Zyl' Rpm, X 5.5 -:f'1:i:3:3'P .l'i'2'f-:l5'F:3t1:-. 1145: Al7,f'.a.'i:l.f.1Q.' .Q.:f'fQ' ',l:I:f:.:: .. ff! ,, A--m Q..-:-5, ffxl-.513--P1 ""- : S-fa-'.'.-. If .-2233ZgZgfgI'f'I'fjSffj: VWITG up ',' .aiz41:12:21f:1:f:2zer?f:1gr:1:f I ,iff I-if ' ' - -Rf-1-:Af-:fr::g:1s:f3 . , 2 , Q :lQ23t5:'-1-25Z5I5Z3t5:f:r- ,ul-"gi j 'f V . 'Ig--1-1v-fl:-:c'xgj.Qf:-qgzg-Q5:2:Q:3 Z,'?u uuum if "LINE ,'Ki '.vM.xgEL't, '1'+4'j.flum ' --mu 4,4 ' fi, n wi I I -li: 9 M i'l - vffr . 'Iii .'-?l'i,1yt!E.'. ,i f ' '51 'E PiQ,?"1"vi-fl -A f A : .. -H1 jg , -, .,,,,. I. K . I at-A ,SS -CHA I .,., ,-lla. E, A,,1s+.z:t ,,:i'1Ei':::alr I eeee I 15 ,155 35.56-F5' 9 1-Qigtibg:-: -i:nlmeu11,..m... E E 'fig --QTY' '-5' ' 2 if-, '24,-. 1 . --1 '1-. I ,f '21 Q ' :gg lies: n I E A 'Q r-nw 41-.5 - s-n,,j- '.f--- -'am.V--- -vi -..,--..qi .VQTSQ NE-52 29,1 J:-:egg srl LIEE5: 2 Silfjf-Qfitfgngifri 'mfffi-14 :-1,:a5J 4 :22.'---Ef---iL-.'-':g:.:. f' , ' 1' faEH'FaEiFa:ei:?:2eEE: - ,ig 151 - 9 -H-'wiiszaa-Eaxfiix ': .':1 f- 'E-wfihhatia-5-23:-Har-2522 M-. - , -f - V-I-Iiifu s-:::rI :i53-21695mp':RT-7333? . X A I I , T-LR3::?'r1f-1 ----'- --Hs-2 ,-- f-' -1' -W ' .. Telephone 626 Ambulance Service Lady Assistant Compliments of SU THIMER' ELKHART HARDWARE HARDWARE 0 PLUMBING 0 ELECTRICAL 220 SGUTH MAIN STREET ELKHART, INDIANA 1Slll 'Ti IIADINDRFF SPINET PIANOS 6i7Ae .xgriafocraf of 5ma!!lZano5,, l -- -.-.li- 0 Connsonata, Americas ! Finest Electronic Organ 0 Straube Spinet Pianos 0 Conn Band Instruments, "Pianos of Distinction" Choice of the Artists 1 "The Factory Music Storey' C. G. CONN LTD. RETAIL STORE Best Wishes for successful careers to the Class of 1949 ELKHART PATTERN WORKS 1324 Princeton Blvd. Elkhart, Indiana 191 Send your dry cleaning to . . . V X Modern Cleaners The Wise Senior knows that appearance is important Best Wishes From Wamhanqh Industries --o-o-o-v-e- Harvey Walnhanqh, Inc. BUICK AUTOMGBILES AND FRIGIDAIRES --Q4-Q-Q-oi. Wamhanqh Sanitary Milk Cn. The Grade A Milk in the Pure-Pak Container 192 p p Where you'll always Hnd the latest jewelers O Szfversmz' hs 5111111111159 911111 Quallty COSTS LESS IN THE LONG RUN OBRIEN PAINTS 0 WALLPAPER 0 GIFTS P1ctures 0 Greetmg Cards G a r b e r s COLOR HEADQUARTERS o 4 4 4 1 ' Y Y 224 South Main Street 193 Wore jkan 25,000,000 .American .jwlomemaLer5 19,-QL, ga for Cooking NMITIIEIIN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY W A Cle R in Y H On Y F C6lUal'l6lgA 225.08125 tk? gucci! 194 ILIGGETT Compleie Running Gear LIGGETT SUPPLY Gm EQUIPMENT CO. 2030 so. Main st. 3636 Dawson Rd. Elkhart, Ind. Tulsa, Okla. Comlvlimerzis of ELKHART CLEANERS, INC P I 1 f ' ' 195 Gund Luck tn uw 131355 of '49 IIE BUNI HAIGEIIIBES, INC. NEIGHBORHOCD BAKERY SWISS KITCHEN 202 E. Ind. Ave. 717 Bower St. I jIMMY'S BAKE SHOP DCWNTOWN BRANCH fSouth Side Super Mkt., Uet White, 1219f21 S Main St. 205 S. Main St. AUTG AND INDUSTRIAL PARTS EguQ9menlfMz7l Sulvplzks Visit our new machine shop. Piston grinding, cylinder boring and over 50 other operations. I MCJTCR SUPPLY CO., INC. 134 S. Elkhart Ave. 19h I Congrafufafiono fo fLe Kfaaa of 1949 ke? HOTEL BUCKLEN BUILDING B PHoNE 21 sm DRINK - A quart a day A and leeep the Doctor away GOOD HEALTH MEANS- Better Work Better Play Better Contacts Better Success More Personality Charm and Happiness M17le Makes Our Athletes Strong ELKHART MILK CCDUNCIL 197 To the Slucienlf of E H "Get all the education you can, kids. I didn't and l've been sorry. You don't realize it, but school offers you a Wonderful opportunity. Use every cent you can for your education and then look around for one cent more." Ana' Wlzen You Need Servzke Come To DUTCI-TS, INC. CFor1nerly Dutch's Garagej focus on the gineaf PLATT TRAILER CO., INC. There is a JUDD DRUG STORE in your neighborhood 14 good place to meet 14 good place to eat 1007 W. Franklin St. 817 S. Main St. 707 Bower St. ELHHAHT5 largest store . . . for Men and Boys since 1074 x N w ' S 324 sour:-n MAIN sr. 0 XE X w wmxwx we ..xx . . Q, .,xx., Q, x,f,: The plane to go . . . for the brands you know 199 ,f'X Biltmore Studio 128 SO. MAIN ST. ' PHONE 447 PHOTOGRAPHERS QUALITY POR TRAITURE 'plaofograplw cave joreuer COMMERCIAL S WEDDINGS , FAMILY GROUPS gngrauing Komlaogiifion prinfing . 60Uel'5 . . EIIII THE 1949 PENNANT ANNUAL .fdCLI'l0lUAJg.en1,ell td! . . . . INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING COMPANY, INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA . . . FORT WAYNE TYPESETTING COMPANY, FORT WAYNE, INDIANA . . . . WILLIAM A. DIDIER 81 SONS, INC., FORT WAYNE, INDIANA S. K. SMITH COMPANY, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS L.....4.a.i... Aw Q-Qi 24 .2540 ymqq My waggswx- xkxliif 5- xv 1:12 Vs., XX -ff -. M9-35 1 SSSFQYQN -Sf N2 Q X .--. 5 -Q .- , C x -xigkxf' w x I xff NX.-x :K X . x wif ' - A il 4 ff . .e3N.5Q.XN Rm.-ASN Ni, NYC35Qi .- wg- R .-SX MSN x XS. 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Q . .nxnvlfiv 5 X - f X .gym---S--Q.-' - - , X -K 5 . X . . A- N 4 .. - . --NWN ' ' . 'h . Q ,. . X frm--'-'QQ-. Q X X I QS 3 ' Y . .. , X - - . Q- .QNsX.X..N,. .. - --W.-fm. X. , . f 325515-'xf4 5 . Tf .. --Ef1f-ffvf---f-L-A-1 mf' s ' X X. -- -- i e K Q.. . A Keg- N - .. - -. Kg. .-Q-sgggggii-g X ' --gg... i 2: - N . . - 'N K . X x ' . . . . - 255,-as, 'ww--55 ex .-. Q,25ggv--ix Wjfx ' x - N.-. . A - . N " ' ' R f X-X ww- x wie'-Qggffgg 3, X X NS "5 .. --ll., --.. . NN. .. u - .- 1.1.-. fs? 5 fs.-SY swwmaimmmwwmmwxs- .. .. . ...., X .,..,. . . N. . . -:Q W 5 4 im! -N Wi W . mf Ac? , X...qQQ,.. ., .....,5 NN-W , 'R-.Q A- N A N' 4 N . -1 X - 5 L N X K5 f. .... - , 'QL , QM- N 23912. , ,W--s' ,K .4 , as '- :A , 43' -, 'A ,--fhfj T5 ' X ' V ig? Q., , . "ff-': s-W iff? ' z 1' fi: . 1' ' . 1 T544-' 1 pf-M , J?-,f,:. '-3 ,, L, ' . :wiv ' iiif 1 .-if: .-,mv 1 :if f . 14:2 - fx F ' - 28:5 Z. 'Fit- .1 ' Q 91' .Ui 1 , 4.-,Q " 2. .ef-' ,ga-1 "P L'-7 +,,- gglz-'1711,Lff,1"' 1' , A ,,VvJ547'fgS1 ':' , . 1 1 fn"'4:iLL Mn., .g.i"' "fi-gw'.. 1- ...P y,":g . ff:.13.1.Jff:.g 11' any ' A l' Ffh". 'ui , .,z 1 tg ,,..:,5'. 3' .ftlw ' fs .. 4-5 -1.5 'E PQ... - W1-4 .- . Lg: ig ,I ,.,,,..'A 1, 11 3- ' .,,.4 ..e,x- :SF -I -'cf Ywf' -V ' V-Q :. 5. .1 -:,.,,'-:ff ., ,rn AM n . ,. "V 1 fl-, 4.4.1 . A ..,. . qi, , . U' wr '4 "wb.: . fl- 5 , 1914 5 'I-F53 1- L' T : -A 2 w- V .H h . , ,Wi 1 , F "ff: - ff? P37 1 w 'W' , X? lj 'L at :UZ - ' 7. - nf ' .1 -11,31 J ,nw 1 NE: 4, x ,wi ', f".A ,' 0 f 'f - 'figs , f, . 1, ,Ji .',,.,.r M, . -. ,.-. . M .. LTJQI :Ir 427. V rv 1 l 'qftx f .4 .aw . - M Af ,H ,auf . ., 45"-EQ?" 77- - .1 fh- ,Yi A , ,I ..v,,,. YEL

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