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QWWWW I .lila-J a ll ELKHART HIGH SCHOOL "l 6 Q E Q l T l wi T. 1 L lhll-ll if lg Q fl, yr Ll lp LN' lEl1l7 at Elkhart High School, Elkhart, lndiana ELHHAHT N THESE pages you witt see a wtiote year at Etta- tlart High Sctloot. Youitt review a year just tile way it tzappensg yolftt watt? in tile ctoor on tile first ctay in Sep- tember anct see tile events, in orcter, as tile VflOYltllS go tJy. Youtt tearn atzout our ctutns, ctasses, worte. anct week-emts. As tire year rotts on. you,tt meet tt10 peopte of our scinoot, tile people wtlo matee ttle Sctloot what it is. Tile 19-17' PEANIINIANT AN- NUAL is different from its pre- ctecessors in tayout, taut to us, ttzis seemect tile togicat way to tett tile story of a sctloot year. ADMIN ISTDATIDN Suptt H. H. Ctlurctl and ttie Board ot Education--- 04 Prin. C. P. Nvooctrutlt and the Counsehng Statt--- 7-9 Facutly ...... .e............ ELASSES ..- ...... Qlfgx Seniors -- --- OS-IIT Juniors -- IIS-I24 Soptwomores -- I26-l3l DDDANIZATIDNS Honor Society. Student Council ...... ...... 3 .6.70 BHHCI.CJfC'tlCStfi1.CtlKJtf ..... -- 20. 23, 32-33. 3l, 77 Jr. ,XFEKIPIHY ot Science ......... -Y ..... 27. 77 Discotmotus. Paint amt Puttette -- --- 38. 30. I23 Y-Teens. Hi'Y .................. --- 30, 32. 33. 70 Nvig anct Cue, Ttmespiims. Spec-ctw Ijutbtications .......,. --- -- Triple I.. t3Iue Jackets --- Ushers. Vis-Ed. .... ATHLETIES Ijoottmtt ..... Bastieltmtt .,.. Spring Sports --- SEHDDI. LIEE Ctassroom Scenes--- I0-I3, 17, 30 ------ 40. 4I . 56. 87 A43 33 ,--- 42. . -- 74. 63. -- 64. H. IJI 71, l3l 3004 - 37-63 I w- -, 50-bg 3l.-I6-48. 67 . 72. 73 Speciznt Occasion --- 18. 36. 37. 36. 67. 73, 76 Features -I .... lo. 26, 28, 38. 44. oo. Ts. as ADVEDTISINE Index ......... Tie-ups ...... Disfbtzly' Acts -- - .8991 ,00. 92 ------ 134 ---- I 33. 156 ---- 137-ISS HIGH SEHDDL ' ELHHADT, INDIANA I Q s i f 3 1 1 I i 2 . I E E 5 s l i 3 2 E 1 2 I 5 f E i I L I 'X "ir llillwr 'tsfiffk 1 Sri? Y igiallffl Q SSX 3-If lxiffi-?Y X1w75TXJ 4-nf f . NWS. ,4 X K 5 l lxfriis' fi 1 V-1 l T Fl W if V 3 gl i lift? In l.w , , use Q el, Another Year HUHB 'Hound Septemlnelfs lmere and lnaclx to srllool we come . . . lmacslc from worlx and play, from yafation lrips. from loaling at the lalie . . . lracli lo sclrool, I500 ol us. lo slarl anollier year ol llle slucly ancl fun lllal rome only cluring Hsclrool claysn. Flosl ol us clon't minfl roming lnaclig we,ve missecl the gangs, llle gossip. llre games ancl llle gaiely. Here we are: the soplrs llewilclered yel eagerg llle juniors, coclcy anal conliclenlg llle seniors, now seasoned veleransg tlle leavlrers, looking rested from llsneir vacaiions . . . llxe people ol Ellclrart Higlr. Tlle ramlaling old builrling llas lxacl ils lace lille-cl cluring the summer monlllsg painling ancl repairs have made the place lool: prefiy good. The prospects ol a - goocl year lie alleacl. ancl we leel enilrusiaslic' as anotlrer scllool year gels uncler way. The Ellelmrl Higlr School IUIIGIP tlKYlflIl'I1'flfjl' is Pourvru 'lt I I L f Q M uf 5 ff: v4 'T Z -E if ' fwff M? 5 if is 25? M 1 . i Ng if eff 5532 'fi' ,n-.7 If '14 gy A H it fm Il tl ll 5. 91 .. .. .0 ,. UH ol the year. the ivalional Honor Society opens its second-hand lyoola store in the Emergency Room. This last-moving hunch really gets the jump on the rest ol the school hy netting S00 in the lirst two weelis lronl the sale ol 900 hoolxs. They arenit the type that drag their leet the rest ol the year. either. lor they have committees worlaing already on dances. tutoring, concessions, and their annual chop suey supper. ltis along ahout this time that the president ol the Student Council, Henry Denman, hegjins tallcingj over plans lor the year with our principal, C. lj. Xvoodrull. Hanla was elected ,way luacli in the spring ol i-I0 and so hens all set to Qo when the lirst day comes along. The Student Council. the studentis own governing hocly ol EHS. starts the year oft right hy appointing committees to set up the yearqs hall trallic system. This year the Coune cil will he holding lull-hour meetings every two weelxs. This plan gives the Council an opportunity lor real discussion ol the prolnlerns that come up during the school year. It also gives increased lime lor the sttanding committees to lunction. These connniltees are: courtesy. hall trallic. constitution. yell and conduct. manual, handhoolf. point system, salety. assemhly planning. announcements. and concessions. Xvorlxing with teachers in these groups. the students help in the government ol the school. So as the lirst day comes and goes, the year gets oll to a real start. . . Xvoocly mul Hunk do 41 little early planning t,, W WOM .L . ' ' 1 ' '15-:tg i fa-,,. 44 A K A ,, 'if . . in-575 f K sf". AQQVKIHF-I' : rw .. - s f'-gQ'f..2-QIJ T 1 I rm5ggzseLfg'iXsaga , U gg! . ' "'?nv Plotting lim your for EHS imys Vllglflk is a husy one lor the hoys' counselors. seen here in a conference with the Dean ot Nlen, Doyle T. French. hir. Gill. senior counselor, Fir. Cvemmelte, junior coun- selor, and hir. Kerr. sophomore counselor, have as their joh the straightening out ol the programs of all the hoys in their respect- ive classes. The joh of co-ordinating the programs of all these lieliows is one which talies many hours, and as the programs have heen made out according to the choices of the stuclents rnacle last spring. there are always many changes to he made. H On top ol trying to lceep all these sluclenls happy, these men have to lceep the teachers happy. hy halancing classes and hy getting all changes macle as soon as possihle. The counseloris joh doesnit encl when these programs are settlecl, anol the stuclents are well startecl on the routine of classes. for then comes the time for vocational guidance in the form of tests. films. and personal interviews. All this is a real- joh. and the men who perform it in EHS are alert, competent, ancl interested in the hoys they worlc with. E is. 3- 4 gg, . 5 if - is.,-. , ,M--W.. 4' ' -f1- "fi -fm'-:,,, 1. 1.1: ,W , 5? 4 2 25 M... iitmfgxi an Sas.. final rnulcing plums lor ilu' qirls Wliss Dorsetl. clean ol girls. iieacls llie stalli oli girls' counsellors, will: Niiss Slmarp aciyising tlie soplloinores: Niiss Jarvis. lime juniors. anti nliss Kiriilanci. time seniors. Tllese counsellors llaye lirequent conlerences witlm time girls in their groups in malls-rs ol tlie clwoice ol sciiool courses. in exlra-curricular aclivilies. ami in personal proimlexns. 'lille 'icumulative recorci card" gives a ratiier complete picture ol eacli girlis ilealtil. lier ranking in tests. lier sclloiastic anti acliyities aciiievements. anti imer general iwislory. Tliese carfis. marie lmy tlie counsellor anci lime llome rooin leaciier. are a part ol tlie counselling liiles. -i-iliS year time stall' iias especially slresseci llie clioice ol time rigiil yocalion: a program was planueci lxeginning will: sopiwol more girls. fsenior girls iieipecl counsel lliese groupsl in wilicll eyery aicl possilxle is given eacli girl concerning time liuture lor wlvicii sile seems lmesl litteci. College Day anci Career Day are a part ol illis plan. in wliicll time counselling stall leacis tile iwome room teacliers in a wellfrouncieci guiclance program. l 1 A r t ltluus colin' lmrtl in Xxvritillg Int, Ulll' l-ll'Sl F'L'DUl'l FEIFCIS. Vlqltf' t'lt1SS6S Clllfl 0l1lliCCl'S. lllt' ClLIlJS Elrtllltlil school get husy. and wc-'re oll to a good start . . . and spealting ol lessons, here's a place where ltw assignments really pile up, in Nliss Kc-lly's Xvriting liah classes. Uescriptions yignettes. punctuation drills. those sentence structure headaches autolJi0,graphies. source themes . . . tht- assignments seein never- ending. lths a tough course. hut itqll come in mighty handy next year at college when we have lreshnian comp at college. So we dig in. This course in college-prep composition is only one ol the thirty-lour English classes which meet daily at EHS. like the rest ol the courses. our English classes are titled to our special needs. ln the junior year, lor instance live different divisions permit us to choose just the course we want. The-se English courses are widely varied. including everything lrom an in- tensive study ol classics to newly-initiated speech courses. and this streamlined course in writing. which we call tlit- Xvriting 11 Lah. A iittiv lliQll'lJVl'SSllI'C cooizing foitows a program tittect espe- ciaity to imis own capaimiiities and amiditions. it timese amimitions imappen to toe in time iieict ot science, tme may ine in one ot time pimysics ciasses during tmis junior year. Perimaps time student is a giri, iottowing one ot ttme I0 Home EC courses wtmicim attract T75 ot time giris in tligim scimoot. it ttmis is time case. sime may ine tearn- ing to operate a pressure cooker in a iioocts ctass or to sew a French seam in a ciotiming ciass. Timese courses are tceyect to moctern iiving, witim acivice on tmuctgets. quaiity purcimasingf. anct 1E generat tmints on imow to keep a tmappy tmome. Dietetics. tmome nurs- ing and ctomestic proiaiems ati a part oi' time Home EC curricuium. Time science department is one of severai EHS departments ttxat is run on two ieveis. academic anct gfenerai. in pimysics, for exampie, time stuctents stucty time imasic timeories ot pimysics, and itiustrate timem Wittm experiments. wtmite time HCT stuctents stucty time practical apptications ot timese timeories anct tmow ttmey appiy in time iiie of average citizen. ixfiociernty-equippect iaims and study rooms are avaitaiote to ati time stucients in time science annum-P 31' in u iluyis routine courses. XX'llClll0l' or HGH Films fnncl extensive clemonstrative zippflrutlls are also availulmle ancl constitute an important part ol llme teaeluing plan. At some time cluringj tlie clay, every student ut EHS limls llimsell in one ol tlme two lvig stucly lmlls. xvliere lie Cuts clown tlmt ul10ll1ClJ0lll1Clu time nncl eatclmes lasteminule cletails lor impencling tests. As tlie year luegins. tlme ligllts in tliese slucly lmlls are ineanclesvent ancl yielcl il maximum ol lour loot-vanclles ot liglml near tl1e xvincloxvs nncl only one loot cunclle in tlle Cen- ter ol llue room. Tlie lfoarcl ol Scllool Trustees lias tulcen action on tlmis very acute prolnlem, lroyvever. ancl ln-lore time lirst semes- ter is over. tlle stucly lmalls will lme equippecl witlw lluoreseent llixtures yielding tllirly-live loot ranclles ol solt. clittusecl urtiticial clayliglut. Alter all. say xve. no point in risliing Neye strain., xvllile getting ulJl'illll-Stfiitlllu. 13 .uv- 'TTEE-f2?'fifuq R' Y' X Mws. .V ' ' 1 . M f frhfrm, ' .741 . ,sr , :M has 'Y .l L iff? 14 A 5, 'iirlw sv SMH .lull lvllllllllll lu svll fine ol' llu' nc-wesl mul most popular ol' llu- :nurses in llw Connnerfinl llc-purllnenl is Bliss lsirlilunclis Course in vuunv lionul Nl6'l'1llill1CliSlllQ.NYllllill was slnrlvcl 3 years algo. ll uppvuls lu lliosf' wlm xxisli llmf' praulifill Yilllli' ol real svllingj Pxpmivluv in zluwnlown slores. rllu- pupils in lllis Course lmve- llle usunl llour in llu'c'lussro01n. nnrl lllen Ht lllvir learning ln uflual Wurli- ing ronclilions lmy spvnrling ex minimum ol I3 llours ei wvelli in lllc- local slorc-s. Vliliis vullualule expvric-1u'e'. uncle-r lllf' supervision ol an lraine-cl lllSll'LlCl0l' lo wlxom llu- sluclf-nls fun Q0 willi llu-ir l'lll'l'lXllilIlfliSil'1Lf prolmlc-ms, prepares llwnn lor en lyellvr july wlwn Ql'Z!fllIilll0ll F0llS ilfllllllfl. ' -S li0lll'SP Elf? lllilfltx l:l'0Ill Elll ilY8l'ilQP ul llli' ClilSN C-reulr-s lol lln xx'orl4 clone fluringj 4-ufli six-ww-li periocl mul llle progfrvss ol llu sluclvnl as il1CliI'illl'illlylllPPI1lDl0y6l'il1 il lllfllllllly reporl lo Bliss Kirlilunrl. EllllJlllB'i'l'S llave clone- il splvnclitl iolm ol! c'o-npvrilling wllll llu- srl ing course-. iool in selling up mul maintaining llmis ple-rrlmnclis 50 lulrv wc Qu. on our wiclvly-vzxriecl clsnily SCllQClllll'S. . 15 ,- f -I X S . Q- l lr li f x v,c,"-":"-.- ,f l , . .5 rl is l c- gqr ziggy C Ci ti .lcfliyltl l Atl- -e -, fi All? Tailored for Us the curriculum ot this progressive school. Sure, thatls the lolurln we get whenever the city council is trying to malie excuses tor the increased taxes-hut what is a progressive school? Vvell, a progressive school is one that is entirely ditterent lrom the old-style school. ln the old days, when a person went to school he learned the three Rls, some Latin, some composition, and some ancient history. Vvhether he intended to he a doctor, an engineer, a journalist, or what have you, he still tool: the same hasic course all the way through high school. It wasnlt until atter high school that the various vocations split up in their training. The Curricum tum ln other words, the old theory was that the student was fitted into a rigid high school curriculum, with no allowance made for what he was or what he hoped to loeg hut now that theory is considered old-fashioned. in a progressive school, lilce EHS, the wants and needs of the students are determined in advance hy a program of tests and interviews, and then an attempt is made to huild a curriculum to these needs and satisty these desires. The curriculum, then. is titted to the indi- vidual student. The student is offered a wide range ot sulojects, and, loest, ot all. he is given the opportunity and the guidance to choose from these sulojects the ones which will malce him the happiest and the most successful citizen possilale. Up-To-Date Co urses Letls have a loolc at some ol' these up-to-date courses that are offered in EHS. .lust line up any ot the courses in the voca- tional line and talie your piclc. ln these courses, which teach lay actual practice, using actual equipment, a laoy can see what a joh is lilce, learn to do it well. and malce contacts which are valuahle in selecting a jolo tor his tuture. And the vocational courses arenlt the only ones that give these advantages. Just talie a loolc at some ot the commercial courses which teach us to type, write shorthand, lieep husiness records, and do many lil other valualole things, which under the old system would have had to he learned in a secretarial school or during an apprentice period alter graduation. Tli e Student-Taitorect Curriculum lt all comes down to this: lt used to he that a student made no detinite move toward a vocation until alter his tormal educa- tion. whether is was six, eight, twelve years was over. Now the student starts to malce choices in his freshman year ot high school. They are not tinal choices, so that he canst change his mind. hut they are choices that narrow down the scope ol edu- cation which he will tollow each year, as the looy or girl goes through high school. ln this way, the student teels that he is something special, that his program is one which is receiving special attention, and that he can get whatever he wants out ot his school. The End-Product But atter all, a school is supposed to give a person more than training tor malcing a living. Xwhat ahout the higher values, the cultural things like music, and art. and literature? Courses in vocal and instrumental music, music appreciation. art, Eng- lish and American literature, US. and world history. dramatics and speech are among the many courses availalole along these lines. Figures show that the students o nour college prep. course are given excellent loasic training in math, English Composition and other suhjects especially provided tor them. You see. there is nothing one-sided alaout an EHS education. tor the whole pro- gram is set up in such a way that the end product will he a well-rounded person. So this is what progressive education means. We had thought that it was merely a high-sounding term applied to schools when they were out to raise money. Now' we can see that it means education geared to hring out the lnest in each individual and to cause him to grow into a real person, prepared tor the place in lite he is laest-suited to till. Sure, grades are important for atter all. the world will judge us hy results. But our high school success is not to he judged hy grades alone. ltls what we are, and what welre prepared to do thatls important. FUI' Example . Herels what welve loeen saying ahout the curriculum in EHS. This picture ot the Speech Vvorlishop shows how students rehearse and produce their own radio shows. These are the shows that are heard over the local radio station, VVTRC, every Vvednesday on the mYour Schoolsu series hroadcasts. Xvith real equipment, and a qualified director, these students are getting valuahle experience in radio techniques. A special course to meet a special need . . . hlailored tor us., thats EHS! 71 -ww '-1-w--S -.......,, f ws, ' H 6 I -S, f 4 E al Q a 5 ki 3 gifxfw S Sfgfgzqa F4 A .5 1 V f e 5 R 3 5 ,N 'V -L,..4:35Si V , .. 3 .K 1 'ws U W 'U' Meigs ig x X'- Y :fr ,,,.,,, ini ,SL f j I 'K ,,h,, , -' . k- ' gy' M ff- gg . K x 1 4 L+ '-,mfgggrj 1 ' ' , ' ,V 1 . ,, 3' A' R, A 2 wwmk ii? as W- -ff rX,,,g jf.- N......., . Q-.f -5 'lille nrugu comes out . . K IM A,-anna-. Klllll llrflllt IIKIIHUS . . . Xve go to tile dance. VK H p eiioyfttl V .5 S l A X 1' -eff' f l we mf , WH o... i N Qs. YW -Q 'A .il 'i 'l is V, l, RRRA kwa 'ix wif ff 1 X j YFYMYAQ if J Wig? J .I .. l as It doesnit talxe long lor tlle lirsl weelx to roll or any other weeli. lor that matter. First tlling you ltnow. itis Friday and Friday is a special day. All day long. in spite ol assignments tllat tlie teacliers pile onto us. we lmave a llappy-go-lucliy leeling. Tliereis a lloliday air in tlle liallsg everyone is malxing plans for suppers lnelore tlie games. lor dances alter tlie games. lor ttie weelxend good times. Cyn Friday morning tlie Pennant Vveelily comes out in ttie llome room and everyone turns lirst to tlie gossip column. and tllen to read news ol tlie scliool, wllicll Katie and ller stalt liave pulnlislied. Also during tlie liomeroom llour come tlie ticlxet sales lor tlle game tliat niglit. witll ixlr. Updyltes' lilttlllvlll llelpers. Jody and Di. managaing tlle selling ol tlle ticlxets. l.ater in tlie day. we go to a pep session in tlle gym. and laugli at a nutty slxit or practice our yells. witli ljmarlu Roe sliowing us a couple ot new ones. ln classes tliat alternoon. our minds lxeep wandering. How can we lie really concerned almout Slwelleyts plmilosoplzy or ttie Treaty ol Verdun wlmen we are so appreliensive almout tlle out- come ol tlie lootlmall game. Xve dream almout tlle evening allead. and answer Ml donst lcnowu to tlie teaclieris sudden question alnout Silas ixlarm-r's gold. At long last. tlie lmell rings and we are lree. As we leave tlie building we yell. HSee you at tlie clancef' Tllese dances alter ttle games at one ol tlie cliurclmes, or sponsored tlle E.Y.R.C. in our gym, are great altairs. lfverylmdyss tliere. ttie visiting team included. and we ttlillli weire pretty lucliy to l'1ave our own organizations lor sponsoring lliese alter-game dances. Qur teacliers and parents i't'1Z1Df?V0ll9. or just drop in to sllow ttieyire interested. and llre end ol tlle day leaves all ol us witll a pretty good leeling. But tlle laig tlirill ol Friday doesnt come during tlie scllool day. or in tlle gay noisy luall ruslsi, nor even at ltie dances, lor it,s tlie lootljall season. 19 Al llie fioocllights send their beams onto the deep green ol the grassy tielcl . . . cars coast clown the willow- lined road, their headlights sending shadows into the trees and hushes along the river . . . high up in the staclium the hright lights of the hroaolcasting booth shine clown on the colorful outtits of the spectators . . . in the lielclhouse the tenseness and EU excitement as managers tape and equip the players tor the game aheacl . . . linesmen, relerees and the other ollicial loench-warmers join the coaches on the sidelines . . . yell-leaders in their snappy hlue ancl white suils are warming up lhe crowd . . . the hand lines up in straight rows, near the Hag-pole, the hugle hrings the noisy crowd to attention. the first strains of the national anthem 'iv Football Suores 145-'47 llonl out on llle soit tall air . . . unotller Ellilmrl High Footlmll game is about lo lmegin. Tllese games. on lllis lJeauliiully-situatecl nlliletic fielcl, nllrnvl large Crovvcls oi spevtators. lyolll lmecause oi lime lllrills vvl1icl1 lime games iurnisli. mul tl1e svvell slloxv time lmml puts on. Fir. HLlLfil8S ancl time marrlming lmncl worlc out maneuvers wlmicll are well-executetl. snappy :incl very ellllefiive. The gfnocl-looliing uniforms. line sllining instruments, llle smart alppenrzinue ol tide clrum major and lpaton twirlers . . . all tllese maize un impressive picture. From tide iirst moment, vvlien llie plavers come pouring out oi tire Field House ln tile gun wliicoll encls time lust quarter. our iootlmll games give time fans their moneyls xvorlli. El if J' ,S mg 3 V l rfb '-Q Q l , , .tw , M EHS. Opp. 24 F. XV. Norllm Side ,e.. -- I2 0 Xvlm- ol 'lbledo ss ---So 6 Vxktsli., East Chi ftti go ..... is I0 lmlorre ...... --,32 6 Blu-lngfm City -H 0,20 Nlaslmvv-aka s,eeel,... s,-l3 32 .lolm Adams. S,BQ.1d--- 7 I4 fioslmen ........... -.-lil ' XXlilSll.. S. B fxiit I--- ---52 Qt J M! fra it 8:1713 ' L L ? gulls! 16' ,522 1 - . tellm 5' ill A New Euach Takes Uver This year saw a new coach talce over the reins ol loothall at Ellchart High. ln stepping into this enormous tasli, Cllenn Sil- cott should he given much credit, lor he turned what might have heen a handicap lo athletics into a decided asset. The 19116 Blazers were comparatively small, hut extremely aggressive, and estahlished lor themselves a season record of 3 wins, 5 losses and 1 tie. The opener was a hig success, and a winning season was in everyoneys mind around E.H.S. Showing a slashing ground attacli and capitalizing on the opponentls mistalces, Ellchart trounced North Side ol Fort Vvayne 26 to 12. Highlighting the Blue and Nvhite into the loothall season was a 36-yard touch- down run hy .lim Broadhent on a heautilully intercepted pass. Ellchart ran into one of the most powerful ol all 1946 high school teams in their next game. The Blazer eleven travelled to Toledo to meet VVaite High, year-alter-year State Champs of Qhio. Our hoys were wallced over and scored on at will hy the hig. almost professional gridclers of Waite. VVe limped away from that encounter on the short end ol a 56 to 0 score. A weelt ol hard practice sent a much smoother-operating Blue and White aggregation against Washington oi East Chicago. The Senators had too much, however, mostly in the lorm ot a couple ol haclclield Hlguddy Youngsu. The Vvashington griclders really lcnew they had played loothall when the final gun went off, hut they still trotted oft the held with a victory under their helts to the tune ol 38 to 6. Ellchartys lone tally was made hy quarterhaclc John Burt late in the third quarter, thus avoiding a shut-out. The Blazerss came haclc strong the next weelc, and gave the hig conference champs from Laporte a real scare. The second hall slowed up a hit and All-State quarterhaclc, Diclc Alhan, ended the Blazers, hope of victory. Fullhaclc Diclc Simons scored twice on power plays and Diclc nl'lawlc,' Berliclc, playing a lot ot loothall at end for Elkhart, caught a pass in the end-zone thus giving our gang 19 points to 32 tallied hy the Slicers. Ellchart got hacli in the winning column the next weelc with a 20 to 13 shellacing of a hard-lighting hlishawalca team. Showing plenty ol drive in every quarter, the Blazers loolied a little lilce the teams ol 1938 and 1939. All departments were vastly improved over the Laporte game. As expected. the next weelc saw a decided let-up in the llashy hrand ol hall played against the Bulldogs. Alter a 6 to 6 halftime score, the Red Devils from Michigan City, with the expert pass- ing ot Ciolelc, scored tour times and held EHS. pointless. Full- haclc Diclc Simons again scored the lone tirst hall touchdown EE GI 'AYGKV 'JUN l'- enn Sitcott, EHS. Foottmil Couch IIHPI' t 'e MA' Q' Dum Herring Left to right, lcneeling: lvlilee Pulumlw, Herman lvlocleruu, Don Sellers, Dave Herring, ixlurvin Roilwicle. Dean Nlurpliy, Diclz Berliciz. Standing: lim lirourltzent, Dirk Iinle, Dicle Simons, Don Fuller. lor Elkhart, and the final score was 26 to 6. The third victim ot the Silcott hoys was John Adams ol South Bend. Elkhart was smashing in all departments and drulohed the South Benders 32 to 7. Don Fuller, Junior Ray Reher. John Burt and Dick Berlifk all scored at least once. Fuller and Reber ran wild all night and collected lor themselves 12 points apiece. Simons kicked two conversions. ln the uGame of the Yearn with Goshen, Elkhart tailed to let the Redskins leave Rice Field victorious, and held the heavily favored Goshenites to a 14 to I4 tie. The game was a hard, rough affair with hoth teams playing all- out foothall. Blazers Simons and Fuller got a touchdown each and Dick kicked the two perfect conversions. ln the statistic department Elkhart should have won, since they managed more tirst downs and yardage gained. But some- how the Blazers Could only put the hall into that all-important end zone twice and had to he satisfied with a tie hall game. continuerl next page llorrn ltlorlvruu Sian Vv7orleing0r Miki' Plllllll I Imle linrl II U E-J QL,...f ft,,wrlJ,,,,', yi, if, ,.:9W,'9,d,, l fik f I 5 A Ai Ai VI, Q I V . . Ar A f r Y f 4. 1 i xx , I K , ' Mk Rf -If if sf' if K ,373 N' K A K . K . X, . A Y Qi, Y. L K kk .. , - X ., m. . is .4 ff ' V if -'i W 'L' .......q Q. Q K, if iQ J' 'L E if 'K Y Q.3"L if X' kfiwif if' if . . vf 'QA , iliilfgf. my Relic-r E4 Left lo riglit: Assisiuni Coucli lxluii Ronzone, li. Xvaliers, G. DeG0lier, P. Xvargon, H, lvloclvruu, lluri, Coaclz Glenn Silcoli, D. Fuller, D, Simons, S. Xxlorlzinger, Broaclluent, D. Berliclz, flssisiunl fioarlu Qual row: lvlariin, iw. Rorluiclc, Pelvrson, D. Linle, H. Gurl, N. Xvallers, D. Sellers, R. Isflllfllfl-Z, P. Cnrusillo, D. Mills, l:, Cuppvllelii, lvl. l,uluvnlJo, rl. ljarquetle. 5rcl row: B. Ingram, li, Finle, R. Relwr, ll. Wlurpliy, S, llencler, D, Herring, D. lwlurpliy, D. flnppvllviii, I. Doncaster, HlIllSl7lJFOlIfjlI, lvlerricle, Curnpoli, Kilnes. 4ll1 row: E. ligllf, M. Scott, Davis, D, Siurleliouse, G, fjwens, Flora, B, Daly, H. Hosleiler, li. Harlranlt, B. Rinle, D. Ccuinnagli, C, Sitliroirle, lf, Paulson, Seelig. itll row: D. XXIOFKIPII, Sirulzlv, lvlgr, lj. Hartman, lvlgr. Wlerclmnl, Mgr. T. Roinlmrgor, lxlgr. li, Iolznson, Mgr, B. Biclmri, Mgr, Sctluuili, C. Xvlzile, lj. llvclit, l.. Kirby. Tlle next weelc saw tlme Blazers Varsity iclle Blazers a disappointing sellpacli willl a 32 lo 7 - anrl the underclass squacl travelling to Howe Nlilitary Academy to lace llie Catlells lirsl learn. The future Blazers slfloweel plenty ol the spark lloiat it talces to play winning loollmall and turnecl lJacl4 the caclets on their own stamping grounol witlm a I2 to 0 score. SCOVC. Stanclout in tlme line in lliis ancl previous games was rigllt guarcl, Don Sellers. His Cl'E1Sl'llHg taclcling ancl lbeaulilul ollensive was tlie cause for liim lo be Cliosen All Conference Cluarcl, in a posl season awarcl. Don was also Curnpugnoli. Ellcllart just clidnlt txave wl1al it loolc in llle last game of time season against lime veteran laclen South Bencl Xvasliington club. Storing in all tour quarters, tlie Pantliers lianclecl llde given lxonoralole mention on tlie All-State Eleven. Also given luonoralble mention lor tlie All-State team-lqalllbaclf Don Fuller ancl Dicli Simons. Fullbaeli. Clarence Hansboroug -WWW' Bolm llinle Dick Simons Ur-un lvlurpluy ....,.. .. ' -M. '.-, A, k. A-AM W"- W-'MW " " W' A"W""""""A"' 'ML' 7"""""" - 5 ' ,ff ,,,,,.,.., . ,.,,.. ., WM W' W., N .my .-.L f A -2 Elsa 1 ,5 . O W. d A f . ,.. A. Q A W A . W -3 , . 1 -. , ' 'P A1 - - ',,fg4ig35W L"ri' V ,fl , --75 . 5A2if:?iglYTQfi1'gb"i:.., 'fi' Cf2s:dVA5r,fL V W-V : :1f 'Af' . SAK' :iff if. M . , fi,-,'4,1f'f'g E-W. .fjf 1f'..,, ' LQQ, ' ., . , "j41 2.53 ,EF ' ' e V 'QQ :Er :..:: . 'Q gf' ,V if ,f..s1 . A , g,.,, Lifu,-v.fj1A 'y ,z ,Q...iZiq F '.wf2iV '? f , Ai .lf fil,-,., L- , -, H .. -- L ' ' K .f '- , L., p rw 'A - 2. - - w.LM..,v 1 , , W . L, .,. A ...Ia 1 . ,f1.,g'Li?g2n,.., S -.-:K A .. gm..-, - ' W , ' -'AN 'Q' 12' A - A1 7,4 ' - 'x 51 .2 f. ff ,Q . . , V , fy ' - M. - Aga., 'Q fwfr , M.-ww.. 1 -A' 1-I ix . ara-gpm. . fix -'Y' A , Y , Lf'-if hw 11. , f 5 Av , - ,, ' V v.. im.::'9':'. .1 "' I"':" " +'f..: f f - '. ', 'Jf' ,g"?1 4 ,1,:1 'Ag-' UW .4 J .Af A . . X w . , f " -A - if F 1 , uififwiig ' fiivififiif Q5-1' ' ,--Qi-Aiflfffm'vaz.3,:'w5f353Am - W xg in -m,'-W ye- --ww Qz.g-'vgfmk A '- . , , mmggigi gn - .. km ,Ui Q , 11' ,, A , -f:'h?'1Q' .' Q.. W-"?7"5m ,-,..Wf'--vwll ,-,Q i" , .--fiziifsiiiizf..fi':fA-ffm'' -,z .vw mi KM 5 MA-"fi'23x.A-. 31... 'L A . -fif- , . A .. ' A - L Q. Qin i,-gif.-i-'AQ,,, "W 535: - L ,,.M 5.k5,,T?,Q2Vgi.. . .K I .K ,Ty , A . ., K SIM . . . I X .K V, V , M' M 7, V A . k ' I . . . .L .Q . ,- , 4 A X , ,X 4, it A 75. an . . . . 1 fi W ' ' 3 li m . N if 5221-mx I Q za g 13 1 f .-1 Fi-fl A ,, 1,-.AQ .-M..-.1 1 ' k -, 55"-F ,K , . K :ei 4- Q' . Af - A ' 43, - . .ff 'A A . gt -- A A. -- ' ,. -' . A-.g'..f'.-,,'w . . ,Aff : , , . . ' h',,,g,.:A- .- , ff jx. Q .. . -. ti H .YM gggguwxw L ff., A -x -- 5 - Y ' A ,- Qu-mf x 11 1 .. 1. . .. A A' . ..v, w, 5 -rf .fi " ' HA 5' . , , -, , 4 .W a . Q ,, A ,mi ,K V I . W :V .355 . . A ., . ' M pg! f 'lf K 314' ' , ffzz.-H354 f' 3 ..'. , . ' fs.: : 1 y ,x fy A HX, ,' A 'K .. A Ak - Q AQ' . n A ' . . ' A -A , L ,.., A A - 1 , .1 'pg ' ,Qw 3 - ,X K ,A v ' - 1 ' ' X ' 11 w -Y ' - xl is ., Q . 5 A 3 , ? 4 - ' fm M gg. A. . -, 5, ,X 1... Ja A Wi! ' ' .. QQ: X L: A H X uw? A 5 'X if v K . f , ui 5 X., ,,.. YA x -M' MK ' .. I .Vw L . . - 1-5. ' B A egg M fi .f 1" WA mf 'L'w..L, V , K lm N I 5' . f W .A if . . K .. f . 5, - 3. V , 3 . ., . - W M , A -' xii ,kj A-A wig, .- .A Az .pw -Lg 5' .A - 531-' ' " .,- W. . ,A-V 3 -. . Aw.--5 ... .A 7"' ' aff W, ...AMSHAQEM . A R - L W-wg ggi? gf QV Q vw 5. nh .. Nw ' A I A . - .,i,5,g.m,A -'+.w, NA- imfim., K W.-.nw . . .. M e ,M .. ,V.k .. ., 3 .VVV x I A if Y Af 5 i f A. Pr 'fr S B H 1 ifng X .W VT Then Un Saturday ego to X l shop fo I th XV ll y 'N We ahh, Q fm-T. .' if Frou: ntuurn 'lit mfuwfs: lnrulv un upptv in Illia long clay. members tll i n It that poumts ronsumect is equal to or greater than poumts pictcect. that they are performing a vntllulute service. tmtll to the club Nvtmt an sweet way to spend a tmot September Snturctaxy. with E7 and Nlr. Clark. owner of the Bristol Orftmrcts. taut well 'Jet El tlunctrect 'bucks ttlrown int CN 'VIN A f' 'wcyxfxrvlf - P M-N f Nw fx N www 'f xx, - T W ff i, ,lslx sf- A ll WHAW- fl i I r ' -A I y . 4 5 yn, WQag7'g.,lgx, wi as E i i X , E Ea BQ H We EU To Church ln Ellxlmrl, youilm is a parl of the Clnlllffll nncl llie Cliurrll is an pzxrl ol youild. Noi only do most old us allencl ilie regular services. lnul we also go to tlue Cl'llll'Cl1 lor recrea- iion. During llie past year many ol ilie cliurclmes lmve opened llieir cloors lor dancing and recreation. as wi-II as lor Sunclay evening get-toggekllers. Since tlie lovvn luis no youilm rerrenlion center. some of these are open on Fricluy nigliis filler llie games many of the Cllurclwes coopemlecl in lrying lo give llie lyoys and girls wholesome goocl limes. All ol us leel that llle Cllurcli plays El vilnl part ol our lives, EH 9""'m 5-gm aww' Q'-hw Nunn? 5 w 'QF up 'l"lPf 1 is TT eg x ff A ire I i l 1 ' X fini? X Sl EX 4 A 1 l 11 1 :flu I N X 1 All ' NYVJ, N ul my X X fy Monday Morning inevitably Comes and iiys lyaclq to llle salt lnines. Alter weelcencls ol games and dances, we clrag laaclc to our llome-rooms and classes. Tlre loig press in llre printing room lmegins lo roll, and llre sewing maclmines on the Home Er lloor lnegin lo clmaller. ln ilne meclianical clrawing room, we piclc up our pencils and pens and begin lo scratch away on plans. All over sclmol, classes luegin worlc Where we liglmlliearteclly clroppecl ii on Friday. Of Course. some smart people talce some worlq lrome over time weelcvencl, but for tlme most part, we spencl our week-encls in a carefree manner, and scliool is all lmul lorgfollen until llre alarm goes off al seven a. m. Blonclay. WVU rl:-aft rlelailerl plans NVQ print a sclwol program. . . . . . . or sou' fl firm seam 9 A-4' we 15- 55 -5? n S 'Q 9 is 333-+2 f WZMWQ vwwew 'gi 3 HH!! MWF 3 , ah M Y re 5 f. Q-fa-PS ,, ik 1. f 4 I 4 the music department is planning tor the lirst ol the tour annual concerts. lxlusic has added much to the community lite ot Elkhart during the past year through the ellorts ot the directors and students ol the Elkhart High School Band and Qrchestra. lxlemhers ol these organizations conlrihuted their time and talents to many civic functions. in addition to the preparation ol a series ol concerts given through! out the year. The activities ot the hand and orchestra were numerous. Four concerts were presented on: Novemher 15, January I6. lxlarch 28. and on Nlay 23, the traditional Senior Concert. Soloists appearing at these concerts were: Pat Gmfbonnelt, T. J. De shone. Keith lxtccavit, Betty Phillips, Torn Owens, Anne Cline. llloyd Fittio, Ralph Cortas, Pat Haselwood, Etizaheth Konrad, Ted Johnson, Byron Kistler. Alice Rhodes, and Leland Slough. The hand played lor Sunday Evening Cluh on lxlarch IO. and the orchestra on Fehruary 16. The orchestra also gave an Appreciation Concert tor the grade schools on Ntarch 21. s! Qther activities ot the hand included playing at loothall and hasliethall games. htemhers ot the orchestra played at South Pmend in the Northern Indiana Teachers Convention Clrchestra. A musical worlcshop was held on Fehruary 21 and 22 with IST hand and orchestra directors attending. The guest conductor was ,loseph Sliorniclca ol lxlilwaulaee. Xxtisconsin. The l.ocal Contest was held on Btarch lft and the winners proceeded to the State Contest at Fort Xvayne on htarch 29. flutstanding event ol the year was a trip to indianapolis made hy the hand on April 9 and l0. Several memhers ot the orches- tra also went to indianapolis to play in the All State Cbrchestra. lvr. twyers, ixtiss Ettnquist, txtr. Hughes, Air. Kittwrt, txtiss Diclz Qn Flay 8 a hanquet was given tor the hand and orchestra hy the Benevolent and Protective Order of at the Hotel till-:hart in gratitude lor the inspiration the music had given to the community. The music department closed its season hy playing lor Baccalaureate services on June t, and for the Commencement exercises on June 5. The hand and orchestra slalt is made up ot the olticers ot the two organizations. its purpose is to discuss the prohlems and needs ol the students with the lacutty. the instrumental htusic Department, and the Blusic Parents Ctuh. Stalt Personnel: Pres., Alice Rhodesg V. Pres.. Ted .ioimsoitg Sec., Leland Sloughg Treas., Tom Owensg Shirley Rhein- heimerg Lloyd Filio: Byron Kistlerg Lynn Xfan Doreng John Bornemang Elizaheth Konradg Dorothy .lennerg Ronald Xvalton. lxtuch ot the credit lor the success ol the music activities ol the hand and orchestra goes to the tnstrumentat ftusic Parents Cluh. C2l:ticers ol the Executive Committee are: K. J. Shamoryg 'Edward Costicg Floyd Peterson: lxlrs. .larnes htilesg Ntrs. R. C. Youngg T. C. Brouwerg lvlrs. Roy Sheetsg htrs. K. Kistterg Dr. H. C. Higgason. The teachers in the lxlusic Department are: ADavid Hughes, Director of instrumental lxtusic and Chair- man ol the Blusic Committeeg Fred Flyers. Associate Director ol' lnstrumentat htusic' HW flril 'hmm Howard Kilhert, Associate Director ot ln- strumentat htusic: Betty Elmquistp Associ- ate Director ol instrumental lxlusic. Tlw liuml and f2rchestra officers 32 s . ' 3 sections re ufurse R ' 1 ,I X , SQ.. ,. 1 n .5 'M . I Q J S? Q !. 5 J i X .. 1 2 1 A xv Ns MW MQ: - 4 M W 5 ' M 5: mmid k J XMM, 'gig 'M It in fwfr, M yi' , ww I Qi' ff If f. u h 44, -K "lks"f22, QQ gi' '49' a .awk wx mf' ,Lb 1.5 1, 16 . gi' .Q .lg W ., Q' x V5 , mis W, su. A 521 2 . wif A . Fl fa Qi , 'P 1 , 13 K if 'rp Qvmg- if-eff, ? ,. . ' ,Ag ' A 2- Q , " 7 ' .fhi'i-Slifeikbxif .. 'Hip an LN. , wg, .11 F ' "Q -' ' ' , ' "J ,hx '1 'fPQQ7'f.?jiQA' 'ff' . - ' rw .- 1 ,. p 11 s 39 "' EA iq Z A .lt,,, 1 40 f ,L 4 7, 2' A Ski? 2273 5. ,gm 5 The Cnneert Bend enrl tlrellestrn Band Personnel Flutes: Anne Cline. Patricia CD,Donnell. ljoris Killinger Eloine Arnold. Patricia hlccayit, Toni l-ansche. Patricia Costic. Ohoes: hlarian Russell, .loan Sayger, English Horn: lxlarian Russell. Ciarinets: Ralph Cortas. Lynn Van Doren. Joan loop. Pearl Horror. Boh Xxlesselholt, .loan Essig, hlartha Hip- sher. Allen Sheets, Jane Rosenherger, Xvilhur Losee, Ellen Holderman. Nlary Crowcoclc, lvlyrtis Beclier, Allred Adams. T. tl, De shone, .leri Xvaterman. ,losephine ljarlc, Nlax Rolxinson. Norma Boclc, Betty hlills, Patricia Spore. Alto Clririnets: Bryce Bressler. Evelyn Estes. Bass Clarinotsz Eleanor Reynolds, Nlarilyn Hotlman, lxlarijane Parlc. Bassoons: Henry Denman. Anne Arhogast, Phyllis ,len- nings, Nlildrecl Rhoads. Contra Bassoon: Henry Denman. Contra Hass Clarinet: Shirley Vvyalton. Alto Saxopliones: lxlarilynn Edmonds, Doris Anderson Carol .lean Dills. Tenor Suxoplionesz Patricia l'laselxyo0cl. Gretta Xventz, Roloert Kistler. Baritone Saxophone: Alhert De Holly. French Horns: Shirley Rheinheimer, lxlarian Grove, Ron- ald Betts, David Court, Shirley Kilmer. Nadine Nicholson. lVlax Upclilce. tlanice Cioshorn, Kay Harthill. Cornets: Donna Borror. Keith Nlccavit, Carol De Vvitt, Joyce Gerher. Bill Fronlce. Bernard Slough, John Schultz. Christine Rockwell, ,lerry Xvilliams, Alice Sheets. Tromhonos: Byron Kistler. Hollis Becker. James Konrad Phil Stiver, Raymond Stutsman, Colleen Farrell, Betty Kauffman. Baritonosz Lloyd Fillio. Tom 0yy'ens, Carl Cumming Audrey l-iChtenherger. Rohert Kane. Tulms: .lerry payyling, Chester Thompson. Paul Fredericlc, Jerry Owens, Donald Smith, Donald Loetller. String Basses: Blonclell Burson, Stanley Dascalolt. lvlarimhcisz Patricia Naclolny. Betsy Goodrich. Charlotte Niclcerson, Katherine Nelson. Harp: hlargaret l'loitman. Celeste: Suzanne Young. Tympcini: Leland Slough. Buss ljfltltli .lacli Stout. Cymlmls: Xvayne King. Sifle Drums: Rohert Bressler, Charles Xvarhle. Drum lxflnjorz Betty Xvarnhaugh. Flag Twirlers: .lane ljatriclc, Janet Patricli, Xvaya .lean Riley. Baton Twirlers: Norma Shaver, Barhara VX7ine-shurg, Vivian Pmalier, .lucly Vvineshurg. Color Guards: Henry Denman. Bill Boyclen. Stuart Tay- lor. Xvilhur Losee. StUCl01l.l C?OllflU.CtOl'SC l..ClEtlld SlOUgll, HGHTY DGIIITIHII '3 A Ureliestre Personnel lst Violins: Ted Johnson. Alice Rhodes. Bonnie Phillips. Thelma Farrell. .loan Neu. Ronald Xvalton. .loan Neil. .loan Yvhite, lxlarilyfi Xvhite, Betty Phillips, Dorothy Hullman. Col- leen Shamory. Qncl Violins: .loan Statler. .lanet Bleiler. Rehecca Xvright. lieverly Olseii. Patricia Phillips. Patricia l.ongacre. Cllvale Harthill, Beverly Hoot. Juanita Cooli. hladonna hliles. Blar- garet Ross, Norma Dance. Gloria Farnsworth, Susan Upclilie, Sylvia Hastey. Violas: Elizaheth Konrad. Carol Dietz. Dorothy Jenner, Doro- thy Zinn. lda Neill, hlary .lane Jones. Frances Neterer, Nlary Hasse. 1 e XZ ,i f x gh A A 5 13 , -:gg 3 -Ai, 4 off ' f -Y ww my-Q lf' if 9 f-Q0 ff rv X ww ,X , , J . yu lx JK, ff ! ,ff ,f ? .si 'Q 'ff JI H-. new .ml -. X ,A rg K ff uf. A 'g 1,55 ff 5 fi? j' law 5,55 1 fx as f . 'wif ixffi f. fs a f fff X QM ' Wx ff ' , gf AWE, flffi qs fnnvf, K, M i ' r . , x ,, gn- af' V 'N W VW- w ,X f pvc, fr-fs., ' , ,k ' , A , A ' , 'mu . 4 f' A' '- f . x ,, , , , A', X , N MY. ,Q V, V t W 4, , , Av 15' Q , Z J 4 1 -A, .M f-M . . Y j ff' iiesi N M f I . nf .... , Q Yf , g I , , A ., 4 'Sig Q ,hy , ' m L 4',4L X m ' , yi 1 4 X 'QQ,,,,. M, ' ....,, ... ,wif-Q-u-'--.-"-,,,-gf' Aw'ww '- 'V' LFETS-GQ ' :-I...-'33-5' '-'14-'-A V5 'isis ,..,.5 p ini '?g fi:- 6 if if i Z , g. ,.g g..4e,,11 q ,QQ 6,45 1 -?f1?-f ,4'3Qgi 4 5 Z 1, 4 " , . 3 K is A' '.'4qf', 'gg' X Q-3:-Lf: WL-S 582-. .ff J ,S a ' fi' ' NW' " 3 X W Q- il Q-'5w.fi.5?1f1ef W f ' .. H QM I - '5??lef.,EflT?i, f V V ' nw,1g25fN f ,, f - Ti, gf. ,f ., 5 Q , ifulg 1-r"'..H f ' v 'Q ' 1 ' YW , f If M 2 I ...Q-. .... . W-4"w .ffpswlu pl + ff 'a.": gunz., 'ml' ' ' ,.M,.., .M -. v, , , 5- - . - ' M - - M. W""Ww'-w y . . .J .. mzf"',g'2T'5f.E,??wE"Q-2EY1?fEn'5':i5M-Edgy? " 5----' '---:--'--."' -'M---""" "-'-A ---' """f'-'f 3153 --Q , , e 1 . ,...........a-.1 It A -::-:...n-':-.:.- ' v gggfrf' --- -0" K , 1 ju if ' fbft 1:35 i 3 . Ml 'J or l l 'Xt Xffr Ag tram Athletics to Zimttlqy i-me ilie iiiiiviiies of EHS cluhs. No matter what oneis particular interests are, he can linct a joh with one ol our organizations. ln our classes. we learn to thinlf, to use tools, lmoth tools ol linoxvleclge ancl tools ol sliill. hut a great deal oi our success in lite will clepencl on how well we can get along with people. Ancl thatis where our cluhs ancl activities come in. lxlost ol us helong to two or three organizations so that we,re always huzz- ing from one meeting to another. Nve may he in the Natioilzil Honor Society. or the Junior Academy ol Science, where meet- ings mean points. or we may helong to the Xvig ancl Cue, where meetings are rehearsals, or to Discoioolus, where they are games or tournaments. Xve get into these activities hecause they are lung we enjoy The Da Dues Ut them. As a matter ol tact, although we clongt want the faculty to tinol it out, many ol us really come to school just hecause these activities malce the clays so interesting. But these things which are lun also teach us a lot. Since people have to Worlc together to put over a cluh activity, We learn cooperation: We learn to put asicle personal leelingsg we learn to appear lairly calm in front ol an audience or a microphoneg ancl we learn to give ancl talce in meetings or conlerences . . in short, we learn to get along with people. This all souncls lilce our cluhs were organized lor the sole purpose or matting politicians or social hutterllies out of us alt, hut there is not one cluln in the twenty oclcl at EHS that cloes not perlorm some uselul lunction, either in the school or in the community itself. Sure, we have parties ancl flances, and sell things at games, and generally have lun, hut we also have dime lines and sell tags lor charities, we pulqlish our newspaper ancl yearhoolc. we usher ancl checlc wraps lor people who come into our iauilcling, we do ocld joins arouncl the school lilce showing the movies lor the Auclio-Visual Aids Department or lnuilcling the sets lor the class plays ancl operating the lights lor assemblies. Not all ol our activities are for the purpose ol service. nor are they all social, lor we talfe part in such things as tielcl trips, plays, hroaclcasts, games, and many other eclucational events. The Paint and Pallette Cluh is an example ol one ol our clulas whose activities inclucle service. eclucation. and recreation. i l Paint unit Pnllette leccps one jump ullcuil of events HH End With the 3:30 Belt, ter Then Activities Heqiim Supervising time imaii imuiietin ipoards. painting sets ior ciass piays. decorating civic Cimrislnmas trees, and nmaicing iiundreds oi' post- ers are inul a iew oi' time activities in wimicim time ciuim participates. 'iiimis year time .-Xrt Department sponsored a Scimoiastic Art Award Regionai Contest to aii EHS students. Time tweiye win- ning entries wiii ime puimiisimed on a caiendar. Timey aiso exiiiipited sixtyftwo prize winning pictures from 1040 National Higim Scimooi Pimotograpimic Awards, including tweive major prize winners and iiiity ixierit Award winners. Representing time finest in .iuveniie pimotograpimy, time snapsimots on eximiimition were time imest oi tirousammds oi entries in iast springis nationwide imigim scimooi picture competition sponsored imy time Eastman Kodak Company. xx totai oi 553.000 in casim prizes was offered to iieip students iurlimer timeir education as weii as acimieve nationai recognition iior timeir pictures. Cjne oi time ciuimis nmost enjoyaimie events was time trip lo Cimicago on November 0. Before making time trip. time ciuim was simown siides oi time pictures and displays. pertaining mostiy to time imacicground of American painting wimicii wouid ine seen. Xvimiie imm Cimicago. tite ciuim not oniy visited time Art ixiuseunm imut aiso time Biuseum oi Science and industry, and time Field ixiuseum. Anotimer oi time ciuims timal we join ior tire fun oi' it, and spend a iot oi' time and energy in. is time Discoimoius. Here we iearn iiow to Upiay time ganmef, in iiaii itis imowiing, soccer, and soitiyaiiz in winter, arcimery. imasicetimaii, and imowiingg and in spring, soitiiaii, voiiey imaii. imadminton, and swimming. Tile activities oi time ciuim got under way timis year witism an iniormai weiconme to their new sponsor, Bliss txiary Kendaii, and time eiection oi oiiiicers. Time initiation oi seventy new memioers. wimo provided time oid menmimers witii a potiucic supper. was ileid Septenmimer 6 in time scimooi caiieteria. An inter-ciass imasicelinaii tourney, an EYRC dance. conces- sions at time city grade scimooi tracic meet, aiormg witim time imeavy sports scimeduie. icepl memimers imusy. Tire annual awards imarmquet was given on txiay' I0 in time Empire Room oi time Hotel Eiidmart. witil seventy--iiive eiuim menmimers attending. Awards in imowiinsj. imasiietimaii and inad- minton were presented to tite winners oi time tourney. Cimevrons and enmimiems were given to time giris timat earned eigimty-tive points or more imy participating in one sport per season. imy attending att regular meetings, and imy silowing good sports- mansimip at ati tinmes. One sport per season counted twenty points: good sportsmansimip counted ten: and attendance at meetings counted iiiiteen. . , t Hpiuy Buiiu, with the Diseoizoius 39 iff Miss Hughes criticizes Cl sei for Wig and Cue members Sgts, and readings are the chief proiects of the Vvig and Cue, a ciuia organized hy and for dramatics students. This ciuh has come to be recognized as a ciuh that serves other ciuios, The third year ot this growing organization has tween unusuaiiy successful under the direction oi our otiicers: Tom Brubaker, Janeth iwcizaughiin, Betty Phillips, Dorothy Huffman, Janeen Schmidt, and Norman Snaveiy. ixfiany programs have heen given as a service to various civic groups. A lypicai production was the piayiet, 'iNot Such hX Goosem, directed toy Tom Bruioaicer and presented tive times at civic aitairs. The ciulp is proud oi its memhers who participated in the speech tournaments at La Porte and Howe Niiiitary Academy and especiaiiy so oi the three who hrought ioacic honors: Tom Bruhaicer, Janeth Mcizaughiin, and Niariiyn Rish. The requirements for membership in Vvig and Cue are high. Ati prospective members are required to iearn and interpret twenty lines oi Shakespeare in a manner that is acceptahie to a committee ot judges from the Thespian Society. iwiemhership in this ciuin is not ati work. On December 14, the ciuh sponsored a trip to Chicago to see Biaurice Evans in nHamietH. in ixfiarch they planned the gay and unique dance, Wig and Cue Wiggle at the Coke in Nut Grove. in April many members ot the ciuh helped with the production of niianu- ary Thawn. E Uirvdor Brulluieer coacires n fellow Tirespinn Troupe number B53 time 10631 ciiapter of time National Tirespian Society, as- sociated witii time ciramatifs Ciuilg it is now iinisii- ing its seconci successful year. ixfiemimers can easily ine rerognizeci ily tiieir siiver and iviue pins in time form oi stage masks. in oiyseryanfe oi National Dranllzi Xveeii, tire ciuiv presented an assemibiy February I l. Tile pro- gram consistent oi a piayiet given iny Bob Kane. Eleanor Cripe. Janeen Sfiimicit. Tom Brubaker, and Donna Rae Hickey and readings by Tom Bruipaicer and Janetil b'ICI..HUQiliil1. The president. Roger Kiinger, was master oi Ceremonies. Ciimaxing events oi tile Year were tire SPCCCII department piay. Ianuary Timm. and time annual banquet in Slay. Qiiiicers for tire year were Roger Kiinger, Niari- iyn Risir, Katiiieen niarics. Fiariiyn Berger. Rose- mary Angiin. and Norman Snayeiy. fm' 9' m i' I '4 . J X -m-QQ 41 swww N WNQQQ ww,-we ammssf fi Q35 as E, 3 if f 132 iiie S332 Wikia Aka' fax fx 1 . QL! is ,. gf, fi if P. Q Sr f 3 if QA W' X sig M T73 gr 5 f . ,W .ll ll, 1 K ref f E cf fe ms. L X 1 . '-mi., H.-.,,,,,,, I wrism A ,5 ,g, T l SFFMA: gfvzw IXIIHUCII Siflnv YHUIHIJPTS, Ilfllll at IUOTL US USUCI that worlxs with Bliss Kelly in puln- lishing the yearhooli, Anytime. from morning 'lil late al night, Nlonclay through Saturclay, the Pennant olllice is always a husy place. Pete can he louncl cloing anything lrom holcling lights lor lxlr. Benson to scrilahling in the clummy: Carolyn ancl Pat. chasing alter the ineyitahle liicis who try to ayoici haying their class pictures talieng Flarilyn. planning cluh pictures anal cloing their Writeups: Bill anrl Yennis. maliing all the encls meet: Di ancl ,locly, with their harcl-worliing stalll. totaling a new high in selling ails: Joe, lceeping traclf of all those games we won: and John. talcing pictures. trailing Yocler, ancl tinlaeiing constantly with layouts. Nlany other seniors helpecl us get the yearhooli out: .loan lfstes. Betty Xxlillllljilllgll, Sue Stephenson. Glaclys Galhreath, ,laneth Nlclitughlin, Nancy fiehrannl. Gloria Xvalton. hlary Kiticier, .lean Xvright, Connie Roclino. lrene Damhrosia. and Phyllis Ort. 43 ,-V441 X K K y X I A M.. Tit tail Even at ight our huilding is constantly in use. There is seldom an evening when the lights do not go on at night for some community or school event: tor night classes, rehearsals, games, concerts or meetings. Vvhen the regular school day ends, most ot the students and teachers leave. The halls grow quiet, only the mutliect shouts from the gym, where a practice session is going on. or the voices of teachers or secretaries worlcing late can he heard. Then lights go on, and the huitding comes to lite as the eve- ningis activities start. There are sounds ol music, or machinery, or voices in meetings or classes. It is usually midnight helore the halls are quiet again, and then only the night watchman, hir. Vvyatt, is around until the engineer and those unluclcy students and teachers who have seven oycloclc classes come in the next morning. Off-Campus Purdue Classes Something new in E.H.S .... Purdue Extension classes. Postwar conditions on the Purdue campus, as on every other college campus, made it impossihle for them to admit the many veterans who wanted to enroll as freshmen. As a solution, several schools in the state, Elkhart among them, were aslced to estahlish lull-credit oft-campus classes. Seventy students, most ot them veterans, are enrolled here: they attend daily two-hour classes in one ot the four courses ottered: freshman English, history, mathematics and chemistry. Three ol our own teachers, in addition to two professors from nearhy colleges, qualilied as instructors for these courses, using the outlines and texts required hy the university. Attendance and punctuality in these classes are remarlcahle, according to hir. Qrgan, director of the school: almost all ol the sixty-two students will have earned their college freshman standing when these two semesters are over. Adult Night School Each year housewives, husiness men, secretaries, lahorers and salesmen come loaclc to school. The high school otters a variety ot night school classes for these men and women who want more training or education. Usually some three hundred Elli- hartans talie advantage ol this otter, enrolling in classes in which they learn everything from heginning Spanish to how to matte slip covers. The sulojects ottered in these evening classes depend upon the interest shown: If enough people indicate an interest in a class, Miss Benner and Mr. Qrgan, directors, find a teacher and plan a course. An enrollment lee of two dollars is charged. Home Economics courses have proved popular this year, with classes in sewing and malcing-over, in coolcing and serving, in malcing slip covers and doing household tinkering, a class in which practical worlc on household equipment is taught. Shop 44 courses are also welt attended, some ol these being given in cooperation with the Veteranss Administration program. Span- ish and English classes are taught and a class in art gives adults a chance to develop an interesting hohhy. Two semes- ters ol these classes are ottered and attendance is usually pretty regular. iweetings and School Affairs ln addition to the classes held at night, the school huilding is used almost every night lor some affair on our lull and varied activities program. Concerts and plays, with their many re- spective rehearsals, haslcethatt games and the teams, practice sessions, school dances and parties, the nopen houseu affairs which are a part ol a recreation program ot the city . . . all these matte the school a lively place at night. As lor meetings. they are. to use a trite phrase. too numerous to mention, including meetings and conlerences, the regular Nlonclay night meetings ol the Board of Education. the study groups and regular monthly meetings ol the P.-l-.A., as well as the twice a year HBaclt to School!! nights, at which the teach- ers meet the parents ot the p.T.A. and the many clulo meetings held at night. Then, every weelc, there are several community groups holding meetings here hecause the huilding is so centrally located. The Community Uses The School The citizens ol Elkhart naturally are a part ot many ol these school classes and affairs, hut this year 54 community atlairs must also he held in the high school auditorium, since the city has no civic auditorium, and the high school has the largest seating capacity lor these plays, concerts or meetings. The schedule tor the use ot this auditorium, kept in the superin- tendentys ollice, loolcs lilce a train-dispatcheris chart: school attairs, lectures, plays, rehearsals, meetings, and concerts crowd the calendar. The Sunday Evening Cluh has a rnemhership ol more than eighteen hundred: this group has a series ot eight lectures flur- ing the fall and winter season. Each lecture is preceded hy a halt-hour musical program in which the choir, the orchestra or hand, or the municipal hand is featured. These meetings are held once a month at four oycloclc on Sunday afternoon. The Civic Music Association also presents its concerts in the high school auditorium. The AAUVV frequently sponsors plays, childrenys shows, or dance recitats. Schuut Goes Un . tell the passerhy that usomethingis going on tonight in the high school huild- ingu, as usual. Vvhether itgs a night school class, a haslcethalt game, a Civic hlusic Program or a hand and orchestra concert, or just the regular meeting of the Board of Education on Monday night, the high school huilding is really the center ot community lite. if fg 1: 2 Q wi ff? S 15. ei 5 gv1f'ffa,m,f.m-?.ww .www I f - . - V I' f f--ww-'www ' ' " - - - f 7' ' - ' Wm'-' f ' A--A ,Q iw.. -W ,, " M 'mx ffzmw 'L mi X ,A 53,55 S54 5 5 VL. if 5.1 as Q -Q ,f 1 AAA Q A I V 7 1 SZ, -: . u ,,., 'f... '11 ,,,. I I ff 4 1 2? 'I DF'- x E X 'U X me as 2 QMS Q 5 I 5 xv.. 6 . MQW mg ,M 4n.w.w if M I EH k A ' - --WLM 'Mes' ' - 1 - win Q K1 'Wx . 2 A , Iqb- 5: 'fiifwifga gs 2 ,, . 1 iff - TX-5' Y 5 I V 4 P' -ag A ...- ,W A v Y 3 , , 5 -0... 3 9 i ::,X,?Lu . , -was-.N W I--w4z.wy.,:wA.-,,m.i ML , . Q 5 ' , s I r k 'R E' Q LH .,4-'Qi , pf 5 "1" l"J.M. sth it A . 'UL' falkaaesmsmmm M fl ,W - y mwwwwzzzmsywwi, M1 N wSa.wmVw.'AwQ +w K K 4 , ,Q Mmwm mmm? iW3fQ iff t ' j-1'-j"33z3j5.1 'iff 'gy-f,,'i5'! ' ' - H fig k ' ka gr M iw ., I . v V A . Q A S s Eg w 2 if Q wry? aw... 'M i H zhzifia igtt it if 1 i iff' E, 'P QW ,J,,g.f I 9 5 Awww -I O. e QM YW X vWF' itiiss ii vxpiuins imow Engiisim fits into tim picture. Since time Eurriljutum of time Elkhart High school is imuiit to mneet time needs oi time students, our Course oi study is in am vonstant state oi fimange. revision, improvement. As time worid rimanges, time needs oi imigim seimoi students cimangeg tor instanre, during time war, our pimysieai fitness courses became necessary. NoxV'that we are in time post-war worici, our imigim scimooi curricuium must again ime revised to prepare us to meet present-day situations. Gur new courses in radio, eiectricity and aviation are evidences oi sucim Curricuium Cimanges to tit new needs. Xvimen Fir. Cimurcim imecame superintendent oi time Eiicimart scimoois, ime encouraged time iirst imig curricuiunm revision, a Cimange in wimieim aii time teacimers, working timrougim comnnmittees, planned a greatiy-improved course of study. Timis currieuiurn imad undergone some necessary cimanges timrougim time yearsg now, in time spring of 1947, time imigim scimooi iaeuity is issuing a new Curricuium simeet, witim many cimanges and revisions. Cjur own iacuity nmemimers are weii quaiiiieci to do timis wort: oi setting up time curricuium, imecause timey iinow our needs and our aimiiities. Nioreover timey are greatiy concerned, aii of timem, timat time suimjects taugimt, and time way time suimject matter is presented simaii ime just wimat we require. Eacim department con- scicntiousiy examines its Courses: timen time imeads oi time depart- mmments mmmeet, time after time, to spend many weary imours iitting time courses togetimer into time wimoie picture. in timis way. earim teacimcr imas a Cimance to mnaiie a contriiaution and to imave a vote Stl in time decisions timat concern imis own Course and timose oi time entire scimooi. Time new curriruiunm imas imeen imuiit upon time annuai promo- tion pian. wittm eafim unit taicing a scimooi year oi nine and one- imaii nmontims. Eaeim suiajeet imas imeen assigned a singie Course numimer to indicate time woric ior time year, and Wimerever possiimie, semester suimjects imave imeen grouped togetimer to iornm one oi timese ummits. For instance, Engiisim i.it.. iormeriy iqnown as Eng- iisim 8, and Xvriting Laid imave imeen grouped togetimem' and iisted as Engiisim IQA. Severai new courses imave imeen added as time new pians were made. Language Courses wiii now inciude Frencim, as weii as Spanisim and Latin. Advanced fourses dranmatics and speecim imave imeen pianneci as eievtives in time tweittim year, and import- ant cimanges made in time science. imome ec and industriai cie- partments. Time Curricuium Committee consists oi time ioiiowing imeads oi departments and counseiiors: ixir. Adams, Biiss Brougimton, iVir. Burns, Niiss De Pew, Niiss Dorsett, ixfir. Cemnmecixe, Wir. Citi. iVir. Hugimes, iviiss Jarvis, Wiiss Kiricianoi, ixfir. Kerr. iyir. Longieiiow. Fir. Qrgan, Wir. Rogers, Niiss Simarp, and Wir. Frencim, Cimairnman of time committee. Timey imave prepared a imandimooic wimicim gives a desfription oi eacim Course, piots Course patterns. iists requirements ior graduation. and Cieiines majors ammd minors for eacim department. Before we tarmw it Ehristrnas is near are Qllilll' is reliearsnxg lor tlie QIli'lStINilS concert. l'or tlns concert, lmolll tlze regular 1 lioir ancl time girls' clmorus are cornlJinecl. Vlgliis rliorus is matte up ol soplmomore girls anct meets tlie seconcl llour wllile time clioir meets tlle tllircl llour. rlqlll' many activities ot ttte clloir incluctect: Uc'tolJer 24, part ol tlne clloir welll to Soutli Hemi lo sing in tlie Norttl Central lnctiana CllOt'LlS uncter tlle clirection ot Russell Nlorgan: No- vemlaer 27. a inixecl ensemble sang TtlHHi4SQiX'illQ music on HYour Sclloolsu lnroactcaslq Decemlper 6, lyottd ttle A Cappella Cluoir ancl tlle girls' ctxorus gave a music appreciation -Concert lor cllil- ctren in ttre lilitli ancl sixtlm gractes from all llle gracle sclmoolsg lJl'K'l"IHlJCi' IS. tlxe annual Ctlristmas concertg December 20. llle A Cappella Clmoir sang on tlie lwroactcast ol our all-sclmool Clnristmas program assembly: December 25. a mixed ensemlmle sang carols at time Rotary Clulfs party tor neecty cliildreng Felzru- ary I6, tile ctioir sang for tile Sunctay Evening Club: Nlarctl, 31, ttle clloir appearecl at llie Rotary Clulag April 3. a serious Easter prograrn was given in ttie auclitorium tor llle stuctentsg April -I. time clioir sang lor time all-city Cioocl Friclav olmservance at tile lilco Vlilreatre: .Xpril N. ttie clioir sponsorecl an assemlJlv sing: play 2. tlle annual spring concert: anct June I, tllev sang lor liaccalaureate service. A local vocal music contest was lielcl on Blarclr I I. at wtiicli Rolvert Xvlrite ol East Clxicago was tile iuclge. Several ot our soloists anal ensemldles gained lirsl rlivision ratings. anct went on to Fort Ykfavne lor tlle stale vocal contest wtieie lvour soloists anct two ensen1lJles receivect tirst clivision ratings. Un play 20, tlre sc-concl annual clmoir luanquet was given. At ttris lime, awarct certilicates trorn tile contests were given, ancl recognition was given several outstantling rnemlwers. Time ollicers tor tiene A Cappella Clloir were: presiclenl, Nancy Geliranclz vicefpresictent. l.yle Liclltenlwergerg secretary-treasurer, Ruth Bearct: social ctlairmen. Joan .laclcson anct Paola Kaser. Tim comtiineci ctmirs uwuit Director Couwivis entrance 51 A smatt guest is motto happy ul the Christnms party. A5 in the tatt, a rumor was titying around that there woutct no tonger he any Girt Reserves. The truth ot the matter was that Ciirt Reserves were changing their otet- tashionect inappropriate name tor an up-to-state anct tilting new one--Y-Teens. The Y-Teens opened the tatt semester with a programfptan- ning conterenee hetrt at Camp Kit-Lo-fQua which the newty etectect otticers attenctect. These otticers were Jean Xvrighl. Nancy COttt6I', CElTOtyH RONX'P, ROSCIHHTQ' Ctafti, B6X'Ert5' ytllfptly, Dax'is, Shirtey Xvatton and Pat Korn. 52 Y-Teens meetings startect with a hang. Betore tong they were husy sponsoring the Mt-urtcey Trotu. the Cripptect Chitctrents Party. the nFoot-Batt., the Pie Pounct partym, anct the :Sweet- heart Swingu. They atso macte cancttes for Potanct. sotd cancer tags in a city-wide campaign, sent hastiets to the needy at Christmas, sponsored Hi-Y dancing tessons, and sotd Christmas wrappings. The Northern Indiana Y-Teens Conference, which was hetct on txtarch 20. was prohahty the hightight ot their activities tor the year which endeot with the Senior Farewett, on txtay 18. 2. 2 ,.. wg i llm llireslwlzl Null proofs llze flirisfnms issue is a specialty will: tlle Tliresliolcl stall. Drop into I I5 any seventtl llour lo watell tlle stall in an-lion. Vlglllly can lne seen reacting. ectiting material. prooling. typing. or just tliinlxing up more icleas to malce a lmigfger ancl lmetter TllTl'Sll- old. vignettes. essays, poems. limeriflis. ancl impressions are lmut a liew ol tlle many types ol writings in tlle magazine. Tlle De- feinlver issue leaturecl: 'il l.oye Bly Parents But-U. sopll auto- lmiogjrapluies. lxoola reviews anfl a special QTl1l'lSllTlil5 contest will: prizes lor tlie winners. Slttill sections as uixlean Xviclclle lyiclsu, 'iFiye Tliings I Vvyoulcl 'lqalce Xvilll Nle ll l Xvere Slranclect fjn A Desert lslanclu. ancl uSeniors' Farewell". were inc-luclecl in tlre Spring issue. 'lille liard worlxing stall nmeinlmers, lieaclerl lay eclilor l.eonore Knoelmlmer ancl ller assistant erlilor. Gloria fiocllrey. ronsist ol lliree representatives lrom earl: class. Vl4ll9S6 representatives were Donna Rae llic lcey. .laneen Setnnicll. Norma llainlet. Bill Jellries. Catllerine l.eege. Stanley Srnilll. ancl Norman .-Xlman. replacing Dean Xvallcer wlxo nnoyect to Calilornia. 53 UPU! limi ciime on ilu' line .... U fi . ancl Lcarningn is llie motto ol tlre Triple L, a girls' service clulb in 0ltic'ers were eleclecl lor llme scliool year at tl'1e lirst meeting ol tlie cluln in Septemlner ancl tlrose electecl were: Pat Ritter, presiclentg Elizalmetlm Konracl, yice presiclenlg Belly Nelson, Secretaryg Nancy Swartz. treasurerg Jane Patriclc ancl lxlary Xvargon, social clrairmeng and Norma Nletzler, sergeant at arms. Un Septemlmer 28, torty-live girls were acceptecl into tlme clula at an initiation in tlwe scliool cafeteria. 54 Tire Nlyslic ljall, a semi-lormal clance, was sponsored lay tlwe cluln in Novemlyer at tlie YXVCA. HTl1e Snow Slrulllew, a post game dance. was also sponsorecl lay time clulp late in January. Contrilmutions totaling S130 were receivecl wlren tlme Triple l. sponsorefl a clime line tor tlie polio drive. Higlrligliting tlue activities lor tlle year were tlre spring style slzow iven in the aurlitorium in cooperation with Ziesel Brotlw- Q ers and time lwlotlwer-Daugliter Banquet lVlay 12. 'B' gt 1: we .. . we ,, N Q 'Sigh tt? QAI e A is Q 5 l X mrlre tuuse is worlhyg rim chili, ruillirrgf' initiating new members olllicers started the year rolling lor the Hi-Y. ffllticers electecl in Septemher and electing were: Presiclent. Ray Xvhartong Secretary, Dan Swihart: Treas- urer, .lohn Hull: Social Chairman. Vennis Voges: Program Chairman. Roger Artley. These ollicers. along with several other cluly memhers. attenclecl the State Conlerence at Koliomo in Novemher. The annual Hi-Y Christmas Party lor unclerprivilegeci chil- clren was helcl in llecemher and was macle possihle hy the pro- ceeds lrom the clime-line which totalecl almost 8200. Fehruary hrought the election ol these second semester ollicers: ljresiclenl. Bill lxlonteithq Vice Presiclent, Davicl Billington: Secretary, Bch Nlainsg Treasurer. Don Riehs: Social Chairman. Roger Artley: Program Chairman, Charles Reecl. An EYRC clance was sponsorecl lay the cluh. ancl the presentation ol the State Charter. the Father and Son Banquet. a Senior outing in Nlay. and the annual clate party in Nlay were other activities ol this lmusy cluh. 55 I! xiii, ,. .- uk -c--J AFR ' f V :- gg 5 Q 'A - ?f3fM"f1'i4K"?'N,'1:g5"1'i'. K ' " A 'TT M T ' rf lil- ' Q X 1 ' V . ' ---, ,ns . X 'j,7f'I'W' Sir f giifiafilas 1 . 'EEE F ' j ' V fi - ' ' E 9 I TQ? D' k K V1 Ijlq gf' ', , is I - Y I my F-?3'5Q 3 A " -fl-fd: ffyji f Yi Q, - u W IQw.,mfJM,f1 a:i552fQw,zz.iQg,.ag,., 71 -f In ' 1 3' 3' 4 Q2f?'.-'i , 1 ,. ' ' ' ' w,,,kgf3rf,.AA4 emu: gigjx-kg - ...,, 2 .,,wLEQw?f'-f"1.g-' . 3.43, 4 ffwlfgx Am 11, ,1 ,545 ' ng x vi-give-5 ' A 955 iilim. 9' ' ffgzf Qjgiilzg-109 TH 1:5 329 w' f fQ,f.32t'1 -3+ A -A - I . , f k 'V " u . ., ,,, ,rl 4f,wwg5g4-' - L 9 2 ' ir fw fff' nj . , R ,. , . , , f N A 5 it m f Il lilflfl f H853 A K I A A' - W, ' " . , f -. - 5 ' ' .. f xp -. f , X "F , '., 1 2- 41 ' V :Si 4 L' I - W S Q' LA rd, h -A., ! A .4 I 'E - g f rm I fi? w?'l Q 3 i k gpg? . f ' 1 X Q .. I 4 1, ' A 3 3 M wwf J, L in K i 'Q' of ,f f'1ggy, 23iM ,g , QP 5 'Q' ' . if W 4 In iv 4 A ,, R Sf ' fig, s ' 5 7-ag C pin, , I , if 3 --. vy- ing Q " BASKETBALL SEHEUULE E.H.S. Opp 32 Bristol ---- A... -17 Q8 Jnntown -- -- 26 20 Cfnry Emerson --- ---33 5,1 Vvarsaw - - - 31 48 Goshen -- ..... I8 48 Vvaile ..... -23 35 S. B. Vvasliinglon ..,.... 42 52 E. Cln. Roosevelt ,...... 30 58 La Po.-te ..... ---30 44 lxlicluigzm C11y--- -----F12 37 Anlonfn - ---20 42 Blisltnwnltn -- -----47 48 SB. Riley -- .... ..... 2 S 39 FW. North Sicle--- -32 39 lxlappimee --- -----21 35 SB. Central .... ---3-1 52 Goshen ....... ---22 43 SB. John Adams ........ 31 HAMMCND TOURNEY 41 Honnnonol Clnrlt --- ---31 39 S.B. Central ......... --37 SECTIONAL 33 Bristol --- -----21 43 Coneofd --- .... -23 30 .limfown -------- ---28 REGIGNAL 34 Vvinamac -- ----- 52 30 SB. Central --------- 33 Xfvon-19: Lcsl-6 linfln-L lo I-inn . . , rznrl Eel puis il openecl ttie 1946-47 season t3v cleleal- ing Bristolts quintet. 32 to 17. Tlie returning lettermen trom last vearts strong squad were seniors .lim l,inn, Diets Berticli, Clitt Nlurrav. ancl llarolct Heeler. Tire Blue and Xvlrite lllen lurnecl luarlc a slulvliorn .iimtown team, 28 to 26, atter a see-saw Contest cluring xvlrieti neitlrer team was alieacl liv more tlian tive points. Time Blazers liirst loss ot tlie season came at tlle liancls ol a tall ancl experienced Gary Emerson clulm, 29 to 33. The Blazer live travelecl to Xvarsaw tlre same weeli and got liarli into tlle win column luv cleleating tlie Tigers, in a game, 3-1 to 31. tn tt'1eir next game, llle Blazers macle it eleven straigtit wins over rival Coslien lny liowling over time Reflsliins, 48 to 18. Belore tlle game tlie Goslienites tract lmeen given a 30-30 elianee ot clowning ttie Blazers. Fighting lrarfl to avenge time tootlmall cleteal sutterect earlier in tlle year. tlie Blazers trouneecl Xvaite 01:71-oleclo. 48 to 23. Tlie 13lazer's lirst eonlerence loss fame at tlie liancls ol a strong Soutli Benct XX7ilSll1llQlO1'1 team, 33 to -12. Smarting lrom tlxat costly cleleat, Ellillart came tlirougtl towin. 32 to 30. trom a trot East Ctiieago Roosevelt team. Ricling on tlie ticle ot six wins ancl two losses, t11e Blazers movecl in on tlie invitational lioliclav tourney at Hammoncl ancl clownect Hammond Claris in tlle tirst atternoon game. -11 to 31. rllllff tiinal game pittecl tlre Blazers against llie last-lmrealiing Cen- tral quintet, wliielr cletealecl Hammond Higll in its atternoon game. 30 to 33. lfllilrart ptavenl an inspiregl lnranct of lwall ancl oullastecl Central. 39 to 37. Xvinning tt1is tourney was pro1JalJty ttxe liiggest triumpli 1or ttie 1946-47 Blue Blazers. Tire Blazers llien droppect tlreir seeonct conference game ol tlle season, 38 to 39. to an experienced l.a Porte team lliat went on to lie a conterenee Co-titlisl. Tlie next weelx saw tlre Blazers tlolcling oil a Blietiigan City last quarter rally ancl cleleating time Recl Devils, 44 to -12. Traveling in one ot tire worst snowslorms ol tlie winter, time Blazer tuaslieteers visitecl Aulwurn ancl tleleatecl llieir liatl Clulm. 37 to 28. Tlie Blazer quintet lllen tell luetore flisliawalia. -12 to 117, atter teacling lay seven points cturing intermission. V1-lie Blue amt Xvtiite seorect tlreir seeonct Conference win luv ctrulytning a Soutlr Benel Riley live. 48 to 29. Time Blazers won tlreir next two conterence games luv scores ol 39 to 32 ancl 39 to 21, trom Fort Xvavne Xortlr Sicle anel Nap- panee, respectively. SOlllll Bencl Centralts revenge-seelcing Bears trouneecl tlie Blazers tlie tollowing weelc. 3-1 to 22. Tile Blazers next seorecl llieir twetttli straigtit vietorv over a scrappy 1Jut inaeeurate Goslicrri tive lay winning, 32 to 22. This margin ot tliirtv points equatlecl tlie margin tav wliicll tlie Blazers tract previously lnealen tlle Rectslcins. Tlie Blue ancl Xvllite won ttieir ltinal regular season game. 43 to 31 tirom Soutll Bencl Aclams. T110 1-17 vursliv Squarl: Row 1, Retief, I.ll!Yl, fongtelloui: Row 2, Hr-vtvr, Davis, Berlifk. ivurrav, Frrrrxlzlrvtl: Ron' 3, listierg, lllgr., fllillllllt, Ciflrllit I.0llg1Pll0H', lllllllltllll, Bt'l'llul'rl, 59 1 ?,, wi. R ., E if r sf its CH X af 1 ' V 33 ru I, i r f J 1 L Kg :Q Barlick, C Hemi-, G. Reber, G. Lunxixlin, Davis, G. G. For the second straight year, fre Blazers drew the easier three game sectional hracket. This put Elkhart up against a not too strong Nappanee team in their lirst contest. The Blazer five downed the Bulldog quintet, in listless fashion, 33 to 21. Neither team played an aggressive hrand of hall hut hoth teams resorted to a slow deliberate style of playing which found the Blazers leading at every point of the game. This victory matched the Blue and Vvhite against an aggres- sive Concord tive in the first semi-llinal game. The Blazers ex- perienced little difficulty in downing the Nlinutemen, 45 to 23. Concord engineered an early 4 to l lead which whittled in rapid fashion as the score lound the Blue and Vvhite leading at every intermission. The final game pitted the favored Elkhart five against a strong Jimtown quintet. Both teams played slowly and carefully and the first half ended with the score standing at 14 to 12, Elkhart. Although a low scoring game, it was packed full of thrills and scares lor the Elkhart fans, and ended when a Jimmy desperation shot fell off the rim as the gun sounded and EHS had won their sectional championship. The scorehoard read 30 to 28 in favor ol the Blue and Nvhite. Linn and Berlick led the Blazers with twelve and ten points, respectively. The Blazers were matched against a strong Vvinamac five in the llirst afternoon game of the regionals which South Bend Cen- tral met Culver in the second game. These four teams were the same ones that appeared in the 1946 regionals. ln a spectacular hair-raiser that was in douht until the final gun, the Blazers fought off a heroic hand of Vvinamac indians, 34 to 32. Linn led the Blazer attack in the see-saw contest with fourteen points. Since Central whipped Culver, 48 to 39, in the final afternoon game, the Bears were matched against the Blazers in the final night game for the third during the season. As they went into the final game, the Central five was favored over Elkhart hy ten or Fifteen points. However, the Blue and Vvhite played the inspired hrand of hall characteristic of that which caused them to win the Hammond Holiday Tourney. The first half was a see-saw affair which ended with the score tied at I8 all. Linn fouled out in the opening minutes of the second half hut Lamh- din turned in an ahle joh ol substitution as the Hnever say idie! H Blazers continued to wage their offensive battle throughout the second half. The Bears, however, converted live more free throws than the underdog Blazer hasketeers and the final gun found Elkhart at the short end ol a 33 to 30 score. lxflurray and Berlick led the Blazer offensive during this final game with eleven and eight points, respectively. Thus ended a season that turned out to he much more suc- cessful than was expected, with the Blazers winning the invita- tional Hammond Tourney and also the sectionals. At the first "All Sportsn hanquet, the mernhers of the team elected Linn as honorary captain and Berlick as Most Valuable for the 546-547 season. BU Linn, lwurmy, F. I.ongfr'ilow, F Campbell, G Gordon, F. E5 is sg . Ji Q TX W . za w gk i W .Ami Jrdff 1 4, N . S216 . Mi QE? Y ggggg, fiisif 7 1 , W , P 3' , .Q , vi wfwiig ,LQ , ,W A1 vm ot the lvappanee game. J. t-. Longfellow. the Blazer Coavh lor the last eighteen years, was honorect. He was presentect with a trophy that hact engravect on it att ol his championship teams. tVtrs. Longfellow was presented a ctozen roses. At least one memher of each ot his eighteen teams was introctucect. tn tohnys eighteen years at the Blazer helm. his teams have won eighteen Championships. c.i0ili'll Pmoh Ehrsamts seronct team steactity improyect cturing the season as they won T of their I0 games. They lost hoth their games in an invitational tourney at Ntishawatia. However. they upset the ronlerence champion, .lohn Adams anct won 3 ot their I0 conterence games. Ntcctoughan and Staflchouse lcd the Shorttettowts scoring cturing the season. These two hoys along with htCNeit and Tait shoutct provide Coarh Longfellow with some ample replace- ments tor next yearts varsity, Srcorzrt Town: Rom l, Pimlett, Schautz, Scott. Row 2, Atzet, Taft, lVlvNeat, twcctnughan, Slarlzhouse, Davis, Vetesiea. Row 5, l.igl1r, Vvetrty, Schrocie, Vvfalfon, Paulson, Boyrten, Couch Etlrsrun. EE Bottom Row, Spirilo, Lumtnztin, Bowen. Seconct Row, Kistlvy, Axlfciiullgllggllll,Sfollv,AXIILIUTSOH,l:r1't'tJy',iX'1C'l'llgjS,ISFPSSIPV,Brice, Top Row. Ruftmtgv. Ptugh, Kishu-r, Couch Ronzone, Heigl, Iirnwrn. Hnmpvl, y A S, hiatt Ronzonets third team, experi- encect an up anct ctown season that saw the 9th Qracters win 0 ot their I3 games. This Freshman team witt furnish Ehrsamis seconft team next year with some capahte materiat and even- luatty witt he huitt into the varsity squact. Three girls and three hoys macte up the '47 Varsity Cheering Squact. with Barham Roe as head cheer teacier. tfncier the supervision ot Bliss Kenciatt. this squact nievetopect numherous yetts ami the girts received new uniforms. These Qirts' uniforms consistect ot white sweaters anct. tor the tirst time in the schootvs history. skirts. Because onty tive cheer teacters were needed. Hitt Ntonteith anct Bitt Yantjatten suhstitutect tor each other every' other game. CJHIPI' Cileel' iPilii?l'S XYPFC i.yi6 Niily6l'. lDOl'Ott1y .IGHDCT Cj.i3if'l'l'0l1. EHS. FFGSIIIYIQIII SBEISOII IQPCOTCI Opp. EHS. 24 tx taciison .......... 4 20 Xvaicarusa . ,....A. I 3 I6 Goshen ........... 23 I 3 Laporte .c....A... IS li' Concorct .......... IS 21 5 tishawatxa .,...-,. 33 22 Goshen ..,......,e 30 Q2 Laporte --- - ......, 2-'1 TIN- Yeti Lerutvrs in action: Ivnnvr, ftlonfvilln, Roc, itiuys-r, O'Herrrm. thiaciison ....,c,.,. illllt ,IEIIIE Opp. 3 iyappanee ........ 21 Concorct ....,.,.., I0 Laporte ........... 34 C3oshen ......,.... 28 B tichiqan City Nappanee .... -----28 ---HEI .. ,.ml,tiWlm IPD!! H-wus. A YTIUJ TUSIL tfl tllli CIIGCIQ VOOIH much more smoothly. the hoys with the taig laadges and the friendly smiles. members ot the UStl6l'S. Ctuh tceep everyone moving in the right direction at every tunction from class plays to loothatt games. tn order to matte ushering easier, the hoys have divided the auditorium, the gymnasium, and Rice Field stadium into sec- tions. Each usher must tcnow exactly where att reserved seats in his section are, the quicliest and easiest Way to get to each part ot the section, and the tire drill instructions for the assigned section. The worti of the Ushers, Cluh often includes guiding visitors and parents through our halts and Finding our hidden rooms. The College and Career Day programs ran much more smoothly hecause oi the ettlicient service ot these hoys. Not only must they tcnow where to locate teachers, rooms and points ot interest, hut they must also tmow something ot the equipment and worlc ot each department they are touring. The tlshers, Ctutp maintains a chectc room service. Since the falling coat hangers and the last checti tags have tween eliminated hy the new racics, purchased in htarch. the checking process has timeen speected up considerahty. tilt The Ushers' Cluta is always on hand at school functions help lceep the aisles Clear, to chectc oneis coat, and to guide to his reserved seat. Although they are one ot the hardest yy ing groups in our school, their worlx went otticialty unrecogn tor several years. This year, however, awards are toeing g tor their services. Darts tntue sweaters torm the hactqground lor white emhtems. which are circular chenille patches with Ushers' Ctuh insignia. Additional service is indicated tJy che rons worn on the tett steeveg one yearys service in most tunctioa qualities memhers tor an award. This ctuto is unique in the duties ot the Vice-President. t must scout all lunctions to he ushered and act as general ova seer, then appoint a chairman who lists the hoys to usher, assign sections and to direct the actual ushering. Giving eat tooy a chance to tatie charge develops leadership, initiative. ar dependahitity. First semester otticers were: President. La Verne Disne Vice-President. .tim Dinehartg Secretary-Treasurer, Eugen Dinehart. Second semesters were: President, .tim ixteetierg Vic President, Bot: Kane: Secretarvftreasurer, Leland Slough. A bus ul our service, weirv Ulf lo Ilw ganle. Eh H to an out-oi-town lootioall or iJZlSliCtiJElll game. Sl1OXViI1Q oi films in tile auditorium during tile luneil ilour, and llaving CllElTg8 oi concessions at tile E.H.S.-lxiiciligan City football game and tile E.i'i.S.-Nappanee ioaslxetlball game were a iew of tile activities wlaicil lcept tile Blue .iaclxets CIUID ilusy tilrougiloul time year. Qiiicers were electecl al the lirst meeting ol tile clull in Septemiler. Tile looys elected were: .iim Nye, presirientg ljiclc Eilret, vice-presidentg Tom Armstrong, secretaryg Du-It lxlason, treasurerg anci Lloyd Fillio, social cllairman. Tile initiation of new memllers was ilelcl in tile tilird weelc in Septelllller, tile initiation being ilotil iniormal and formal. Four oi llle oliiicers ol tile Cluiy gave an aciciress lo ti1C new memilers. ln January, tile eleftion oi olliicers lor tile spring semester was llelcl. Tile iloys elerteci were: Lyle ljclltenilerger. president: Dirk Elaret, vice-presiclentg Tom Armstrong. secretary: Bill Doty, treasurerg anti Dial: Cumpper, social cilairnlan. Tile iilue .larlxels Clull is prouci ol the electric Clocli XVi1iCi1 tlwey presenteci to tile lligil sclllool. Tile clock will ile plavecl in tile newly- clecoratecl auditorium. Tilis year tile club l'lilS been uncier tile sponsorship oi Fir. ixiiller, wllo was cilosen upon tile resignation of lxlr. Harvey. Q fff li WW 1 I of 5- 4 W B5 tit :num I X Rite 'QW N S S 3 3 Q it I N , lf ' hmm irq I f ,J l tit t , "' H 5 Hman A 'Q xclgizs. ugh With the Second Semester everyloody gets husier and husier . . . every day is crowded with lessons, meetings, assemhlies, practicesg every evening is crammedg lite is one grand rush, mayhe not so grand at times. Letvs talce an average day. the municipal husses unload us at the door, at eight o,cloclc and we dash to homeroom, pausing for a minute or two at our loclcers, to talce oft our hoots and tind out who what with whom last night. Homeroom time ttwenty minutesi is spent in tilting out a htanlc tor the ottice, listening to the daily announcements, and getting an ahsence slip. txlayhe we try to sneali in a few minutes ot studying tor that next-hour test. The Routine of a Day Now we start the routine ot classes, study hall, lunch and afternoon classes, with mayhe an hour out today tor a special assemhly program. Effective Living classes are holding a group discussion: hiology students are dissecting frogs and studying anatomyg chem students are worlcing in the lah malcing sulphur dioxide and hrealcing test tuhesg English classes are listening to the Crsen Vvelles recording of Julius Caesar, or struggling with written compositiong over in the shops the printers are putting out one ot their swell programs for a concert or the drafting classes are drawing up house ptansg we can hear the voices of the choir, the hum of machinery, the cticlc of typewriters, the rumhte ot classroom recitations: we smell the appetizing odors from the school cateteriag we see the husy secretaries and super- visors in olztices . . . it's a school in action, a live, husy place. After School . . . After school therevs even more rush and huhhuhg everywhere somethings louzzing. The Honor Society meeting in tVtiss Busche, room is planning an assemhly slcitg thereis a play re- hearsal in the dramatics room one of the one-acts ot the Vvig and Cue puts on for the program of an outside organizationg the orchestra is rehearsing in the auditoriumg the HYour Schoolsu cast is getting ready for a hroadcast in the speech studiog chem students are worlcing late in the lahg a teachers committee is con- ferring on departmental prohlemsg the Triple L Girls are holding a nLost and Foundw exhihit in 209g with txfliss Siner the junior BE officers are planning a ticlcet saleg the puhtications staffs are rushing in and out of the Pennant Office. Student Council officers are in conference with txliss Dorsett in her otticeg the haslcethall squad is practicing in the gymg here and there are a teacher and student matting up worlc or an Honor Society tutor helping a student with his Latin or math: art students are matting posters or planning a stage set tor a class ptayg the lihrarian is helping a student tind some research material for a source themeg foods class girls are finishing the sandwiches they will send out as a part ot the catering service: and a vocal quartette is warhling in the cafeteria hecause thereis no place else to do it . . . anyplace we go, any where we look, someone is husy doing something, from eight in the morning until tive at night. The Right Iota . . . This semester the counselling staff has especially stressed vocational guidance, helping students to lcnow and train for the work for which they are hest titted, using the homeroom for dis- cussions and individual conferences. These have heen centered around the results ot tests ttowa, Kuder Preference, and the O.C.A.b which were given, and the material which the lilorary has gathered for the study ot each vocation. During the second semester Dr. C. E. Damon and Dr. Elizaheth XVilson, hoth of the Purdue Uliiversity were here to advise and help us. Dr. Damon tallced to the juniors ahout choosing a vocation: ljr. Vtfilson held a guidance clinic tor the teachers: and then Dr. Damon came haclc to tall: to seniors on Career Day. Also of great help in this vocational study were the films shown hy the Visual Education department. These movies, held during the homeroom hour, showed us how to measure our ahility, how to prepare tor a joh, how to get a joh what pay we might expect and what opportunities we would find in that field. Xvith our regular classroom work, and the studying it requires, plus all the activities ot the cluhs and classes and games, the year realty rolls around. We Leek Ahead Dr. Clarence E. Damon, Director, ot Admissions. Purdue 'University tells us that the ghosts oi what we might have heen will never come to haunt us it we matte the proper choices for the future. and prepare our- selves tor those vocations. This emphasis on choosing the right career was a vital part ot the second semester program. Xve prepare today for tomorrow. 4 , , i QS W2 Q JM K ..,.., Vvfl -. 'A , V .QE .gg..gg .. 1 5 Z .A.' 1 A A 1 , in ,Q Q5 Q A X VV ' 194 Y 1,4 W A if hysy . jf In b i Q M3 1 QQ E gsm N A V :E2 Q QQE i ,g g ,--..' ZEV. 5 X 3, K- - , , 1 1 mr K hx my Q is Q95 KN. 9 5' Q' , A H-6: ,, -1 f .f 2 4' .ix if QW Q' tio! R y ggi is V. gg 1-1' CLASSES SU U UA.,AN Atl rtuy, every day, the electricity sizop is buzzing In the adults oi the United States have heen taught the possihitities and comforts which can he secured at the Hip of a switch hy an increasing use of Electricity. No longer need a race of mothers heat ctolhes on the rocks ot a river hanii or ruh them on a hoard to make them ctean. No more need wortr and piay hours he limited hy a setting sun. No more need a peopte grope in sociat darkness tor tack of communication. Electric power can wash ctothes, press them, and do a thousand other tastcsg tights can turn night into day and guard our sight through research in seeingg telephone, tete- grph, and radio can tie the minds of the peoptes of the wortd together. Classes in etectronics meet the uses of etectric power, hy tearning to tcnow what it has been and is. The work it does: the moving of materials, rotating of many kinds of machines, and transmitting ot power, iascinates most students and interests att. SB it is not diiticutt to connect a few wires so that a few facts can he heard from room to room over tetegraph, tetephone and radio. Familiarity and understanding bring confidence: and the hoy in ctass launches out into new paths to harness these eiectrons to heavy hurdens. He wilt tatce his ptace in society as a capahte Workman. This is what we mean by the practical trend of our curricutum. Every day the hoys in these ctasses meet proiotems of a very reat nature. The story of a ctass in etectricity is the story of a peopte harnessing the etectrons. Every day uses are found for that mysterious force catted etectricity which provides an easy, con- tinuous tiow of power to whatever ptace may need it. Today in the United States every person has at his command 18 symhoti- cat horsesg the numher ot hurden-hearing symhoticat animats can he muttiptied as fast as peopte demand and etectricity stands hy as the transmitter of that power. LUB5 CARRY U THEIR AETIVITIEE ft tlunce in tim nmnicinq lamps. anct all time ottmer equip- mmmemmt mmecesasary tor a clance are lurnisimect lmy time EYRC. conme posect ol time presictents ol Vliriple l., Time Student Council. Y- Vlieens. iii-Y. 'iilme Blue Jackets. Ttme Janm .iar. time Junior anti Sopimommmore classes, ammct time ectitor ot time Pennant Xveeltly. Time sponsors ol? eimclm ol ttmese organizations. togetlmer wittm Bir. Xvoottruil. fir. Frermclm. anct Fiiss Dorsett. complete time council. Last year. time stuttent menmlmers ot EYRC ctid all time planning and ctirecting ol our sctmoot clances: lmoweyer. ttmis year. insteact ot time Council menmlmers ttmemseives imeing in ctmarge ot time ctances. inctiyiclual Cluims in time sctmool were given amm opportunity to sponsor time rlances. Not only coulcl time ctuims cto a service tor time sclmool imy sponsoring a stance lmut tlmey coutft nmatxe a little nmoney tmesictes. Beiore long. some unusual clances. suctm as Mlqlme .iam Jar Jive". uxvig anct Cue Xviggteii. "B.Y.D. Spring Fling' emnci time 'Bunny Hopi' were uncler way. int time imeginning ol? time lirst semester. time Council electect im lew ollicers to nmalce ttmeir worlt rumm nmore snmoottmty: Jean Xvriglmt, ctlairnmarmg Katlmerine Keene. secrelaryg anct Pat Ritter. treasurer. :X stuctent anct an zutyisor were appoints-ct to suepryise eaclm EYRC project. .-Xltlmouglm time Council leels llmat tlmey lmaye acconmplislmert muctm tlmis year, ttmey still tmamve nmany timings wlmiclm tlmey woulcl like to see camrriect on anct worlcecl out in time tuture. Tlmey woulct litce to lmaye am large. welleselectect lilmrary ol recorcls. an etticient anti lair metlmoct ol talfing care ol all visitors at time ctances, anct em yariecl. unlimmmitect progrnnm oi recreation. Time lollowing seryect as conmnmittee clmairnmen tlmrouglmout time year: Diclc Ciumpper, .lean Xvrigtmt, Pal Ritter. Betty Xvam- tmaugtm. Daye Herring. Kattmarine Keene. Henry Dennman. Bill Nlonteitlm. anct Niary t.ou Bowen. E9 Geiiranli vxpiuins tile point system io Gumpper As clubs elect thelr Utticers for the second ter, a situation often comes up in wiiicii an oiliicer-eiect must maiie a ci1oice ioetween two oitices in order to avoid a contiict with time point system. Tile point SYStCl1l committee, composed oi Nancy Getiranci. Ci'lEliI'lTlZH1. Biii Nye, Phil Lux, and Betsy Cooctricti, has assigned point vaiues to various otiices anci positions in sctiooi organiza- tions in proportion to ttie amount of time, work, and responsi- iviiity inyoiyed. tlncier tile new system, a sluctent is aiiowect to iioi ciottices totaiing tiiree points. For instance, Dicic Gumpper 7U Pres. iwonleiiil accepts iiie Hi Yis new cimrlcr is ctiecicing with Nancy trying to decide between two ttxreeepoint offices, tile presidency ot tide Honor Society and that oi Jr. Academy. Also taking piace at tiiis time ot year is time Hi-Y Charter Presentation, NYi1iCi'1 is tile yeariy renewai ot tile state ciiarter, iweici at a candle iight service in a ctmurcti. This year, tiie format service tooi4 place at time Trinity iyietiwdist Ctnurctn. Tide State Associate-Secretary of ttwe YDiCA presented time charter to Biii Nionteitii, tile presicient ot tiwe ciuiu. at ie Vis-Fri boys lug up and set up for a biology movie the hoys of the Visual Education Cluh are grouped together in Room 233. This enahles them to meet every day and malce plans and assignments lor the day. The lbovs operate the motion picture projectors. which are used to show lilms in different classes. Repairing lilms or splic- ing them when they are hrolcen is hut one iota among many lor the lnovs. who have charge ol amplifiers lor assemblies and pep, sessions. the lighting lor assemhlies, the slide projectors, and some stage work. fjperators ol' the movie projectors are called upon to show lilms lor P.T.A., Sunday Evening Club, night school classes. and other organizations. A lmoy must have good grades in order to stay in the cluh, as well as technical sliill. An opproved emblem is given to any hov in the cluh when he proves himself worthy to wear it. A chevron is given lor each year ot service in the First semester ollmicers were: President, Dave lwlann. Vice President. ,laclc Rowe: Secretary, Chester Thompson: Treasurer, Bill Shroyer. Second semester olhcers were: President, John Beckett: Vice President. Allen Sheets: Treasurer. Bill Shroyerg Secretary, Chester Thompson. 71 W f M 'Www-A WQMMW MW L- . ., ww .Q '- " ' .WHWW ,Q ,,,,sq,R'? , Q-5 , 'if Mw'wM'Ww-.-..A xwleww VL gf' '::,l:, Ma A ,x ' guy' ,.. ' ff 1 M K A ' I .. ., .. , ,.,g ' 3' '77 :QL . . ,. 5 Q 4 Q if K 12" 5 -- ,sew ,,,,, 0 :.-VN. 1 Q ,, ' as gf UC Y Q, 9 2 4 I :!l,ZfT?.i3f'ff . ,Q g 15 , I , ' -W 1 Hx? Q5 , V K E355 MW: X A my-1 ' ' ' . , i! 1 ,Q X1 f W' 5 'QI P w SQ., -Q s 5 .6 521 x -. 17-37Lf - W K .gil ,, -- - gm, www -JFS' u-J my ,gi .. , L Q if X Q 'i Q-,NRM , asa X Lf 5,5 wh 1 S' . Arkv ., if :- g GI' Mm! M W . .,.:: i Sq Q . W L J .,.,, 'A . , la V159 QIQQESWT - sa W My Q Q ,Q . 2 '99 513: .: . ' 'L 7 5. .fjggfm - fk ,few . 1' :ff - '?m?'l1 V fwlffi, , ,.,.. I K? W - . . 3,5-"' A 3522 3 eg Q Qs wffBf'wz'mWe, i ' K 2 2 - W- Mm . I ,A L,.. EFS if imix, Mi X dv 'K 945' 1 xi , . A fx ,, R i 2 ,t 1,5259 -..- , www ! ! 150- ' 1 4 T --:.- V-gf K . Q Kinky! I ' 6 Q , A Jw' li it fag S 1 E -1 Q A i 'K uk K Qu- -.. W Mx. k ' A K his 'Www . Wx if W. X. sw 'HM x if Y s R hh .. uv RN my 1, .,..,,q if if , - ..,, L, v,,, ,,,, ' 5 rgiliwfrr using me fl A a tllree-act comedy, was presentecl on Tliursclay and Friolay, lVlarcl1 6 ancl 7, lay tlie .lunior Class. The play. clirectecl by lVliss I-l.l1Ql'l8S, talces place in ll1e living room ol tlle Foster liome in a micl-west town. rl-l1e slory involves tlme complications resulting wlwen Jucly tries to ldeat a rival in collecting lunrls lo tlle Community Relief Funcl. Qlucly manages to get liersell into many messes lout some-A luow, witli llle aicl ol lmer lriencls. always seems to wiggle out of tllem. 76 L3 rg SW f' Hulk, is H' L' ' ', 5,5 l' ,,, , ' A . '42 SOI ig of lone" Principal parts were playecl lJy Pat Ixlye, Jolln Juclcl, Rose- mary Anglin, rlolm 'Bornemarr and Boll Biclcert. Cltller 'parts were playecl by Carol Patton. Patricia ljuesler, lvlarilyn Vvllite. David Billington. George Freclericlc, Nlarva Flyers. Patricia Broacllnent. ancl Donna Dalena. Cliairmen ol tlme committees wlio llelpecl to malfe llle play a success were: .lanet lwicely. Beverly lwurpliy. Betty Bollero, Paul Swanilz, Ricllarcl lfliret, Artlla lDenman. Xvayne Tlreolaold, and Carol Ketclmum. The programs were clesignecl lny Vvayne Freelvy. N I 1 4 4 ' -'T 1 V 3 ' : i X f wiv X' X ,vs an Af drink X '. gy. . ,grQ55:ffiQ X tg attgttywrqb 1 f xg: lf. E billing: Hg? ' A ' .,,rr,r92.,'gf.s,g.,ggA,., A -V .Wg f 3 ... - .sg at !!tt!'!!tt??g?4f.555i5 f ...--v- ------ K K : I - 51 V v ""' li "" :' '- 'i""l"'--- .1 L' "lf . Sudrieiil its Spring and it is suddent Things slowed up atter the hasttethalt season, taut now everyoneis heginning to pert: up. ltis an important time of year for everyhody: the seniors are beginning to thinlc aloout commencement and admission to college next iallg the juniors are husy planning for the Prom and The .lunior Foltiesg the sophomores, newly-organized and toy now loeginning to feel at home in their new surroundings, are matting arrangements tor their tlirst class party. tt always seems to us that the teachers hegin to lay it on a title hit heavier as spring loegins to come along. lwayhe theyyre just trying to get caught up on winter's worlc that they have let slip. or it may he their remedy tor spring lever, sort ot an edu- cational dose ot sulphur and molasses. Ar any rate, we tind our- selves staying away a tot of extra hours on source themes. note- hoolcs. reports, and outlines, and looliing lorward to April and spring vacation as a time' to uget caught upu. Spring Sports Start The first thing we lxnow, the managers are out in the Field house. dusting oft the tootloall equipment lor spring practice, checlcing over tract: and hasehatt supplies, and getting the tirst aid liit in order. Coach Boone is out at Rice Field putting the tracli and cross country teams through their paces, getting the winter lcnots out ot those running legs. Xve hegin to run the mile and halt-mile in Phys. Ed. classes, tearing around the streets in the vicinity ot the school. Then as we get into con- dition. we hegin to run the dreaded two and a halt, out to the Hospital and haclc. Vve run it ahout once every two weelts, and alter the first tew times, we surprise ourselves at the comparative ease with which we lceep going over the entire course. Part ot the accelerated program ot Physical Fitness which the war forced E.H.S. to adopt, this test is the cause of much groaning among most ot the fellows, hut when we stop to thinlc aloout it, the stamina which it develops proves to he a valuatole asset, particularly to those who will go into the service. Vve watch the snow disappear from the ground, go through a tew days ot muddiness . . . and there it ist The sun comes out and talces the winter chill out ol things, and hetore we lcnow it. we,re having classes with the windows open, the art students are out-ot-doors stretching the greening landscape, and the memhers ot the loiology classes, intent on their taxonomy credits, are seelcing spring liowers and hugs in the tields near the town. Yeurys-end Activities Begin Spring is the time tor rides in a convertihle with the top down. picnics along Latte Michigan, moonlight drives to the laltes, time to thintc ahout Prom and graduation, hut aside from 7B all these. it is a time of hustling activity as the year scramhles to a close. The Pennant Annual and the Threshold hegin their suhscription drives, the Vveelcty comes out with special issues, the hand and orchestra, together with the choir. get tuned up for their spring concerts and music contests. The cast for the Speech Departments spring play is chosen and gets started on its rehearsals, and the orators and deloators have their spring tournaments. Que ot the laiggest things that happens in the spring is the Career Day sponsored hy the Guidance Council. Groups oi us. divided according to our vocational preferences, interview local husiness and professional men. astcing them questions, and learning the ins and outs oi their particular vocations. Rice Fietzt is the center of things Vvith the lirst traclc meet on our own Cinder traclc, the center ot interest shifts lrom the gym to Rice Field. in recent years, the Athletics Department has heen trying to stimulate spectator' interest in the spring sports. The very sport in which we have won the most honors as a school is the least attended at its matches. Tennis teams have won the Northern indiana Conf ference Championship for the last tive years, and yet it seems that fewer people in are interested in tennis than in any other sport. Tract: and loasehail draw somewhat larger crowds, even these events are not well attended. tn the last tew years, the Sectional Tractc meet, along with the Pageant that is pre- sented with it. has attracted a really good crowd, and when we do go out to watch these events, we are often surprised at the reai loeauty of the place, and we realize how lucky we are to have such a heautitul athletic field. Spring is a time for planning During the spring months, the administration begins to malce its final checlc on this year, and to look ahead. planning for next year. inventories are talcen, supplies are checlced and requisitions are made. Equipment is ordered and plans are made for the remodeling. redecorating, and improving ot all the city school buildings and grounds. A piece of equipment recently added in preparation tor the emphasis on education for the Air Age is the Linlc Trainer, which the school acquired through the Army Surplus Property Commission. Another part of this planning for the future is the project ot matting the Haggerty property into a Home Economics and recreation lauilding. which will toe a more attractive place for our luncheons, meetings, and parties in the future. SPRING . . . a time for planning, daydreaming, loving and Irving. Arid a Young arts Faris Even the senior president, is not immune when spring hits E.H,S. Qi course, we donyt really sit around on the stairs getting datty ahout daffodils, hut mayhe you get the idea that our thoughts turn lightly .... Love isn,t the only thing that we thinlc ot, in springg thereys tennis. traclc. taasehall, plays, and eventually the prom. I nf - xiifw ' J ,XP ,ff 1 if ff' ' I I I 9 i f 2 5 K1 i , Z Q' fa if f-ffl i 'hw showed unexpected power hy winning their fifth straight conference crown. XVith the only returning ietlermen, Capt. Ray Xvharton and Ed Beaver, a championship team was formed. Hard practice and expert coaching hy coach ui-lap" Sorensen deveioped Boh Kaser, Bert iwiacirariane, and a junior Norman Enos to form the remainder of the team. On September IO, the Biazers were put to their First test hy Fort Vvayne North Side. Ati of the three singies and hoth douiyies were copped hy our iooys, maicing the score 5-0. fmt? ti' f I r If L 3 Foiiowing in the smoixe of their first fauitiess match, the Racketeers fought on to win 8 more times without a ioss. in their iast match. the Blazers whipped South Bend John Adams 5-0 to taice the Eastern Division Championship. The iinai piayoii at Xvhiting with the Vvestern Diw'isi0n Champs put the veteran squad Hammond High, winners over iast yearis East Chicago Rooseveit, against E.H.S. A ciean sweep oi all matches made the score 5-0 and Sorense-n's netmen had Won the Northern indiana High Schooi Championship for the fifth successive time. Coach Sorensen with his NIHS champs ut Rice Field ij.Ui:1Eii HUUH,S Ti1iI1iiES werfffacefl with one of the iargest anci toughest season scheciuies in tracic history at E.i"i.S. Prospects were oniy fair, with six returning iettermen of the strong '46 squaci. These inoys, Kaiio, Rociino, Barger, Hans- horough, iwiurray and Lux, carried the iaurcien oi the NIHSC scheciuie for '47. Some sixty eager recruits turned out for the first practice in the gym. The squad captaineci ioy Ciiili Murray, a high jump speciaiist, had a very successiui season, ending with the winning of the Sectional Championship. The 1947 Tracie Squacl 100-yarci ciash-Hansinorough, Stacichouse, Daieyg 220 yarci dash-Stacichouse, Vinsong 440 yard ciash-Lantz, Rociino, Vinson, Barger, Heeter, Nyeg 880 yard dash-Kaiiy, Rodino, Nyeg iViiie Run-Freehy, Higiey, Reherg 120 yarci high hurdles-f Hansinorough, Longieiiow, Niurrayg 220 yarci iow hurdies-f Hansioorough, Longieiiow, Niurrayg High Jump-Lux. Murray, Luii, Reiyerg Broad jump-Hamiay, iavagniiio, Longfeiiow, Luxg Shot put-Siough, Zimmerman, Scottg Poie vauit'-iavagniiio, Niontagano, Freeioyg Haif miie reiayf-Vinson, Lux, Stacichouse, Reiaerg iwiiie reiay-Lantz, ixiurray, Rociino, Kaiia. The Tiziniies worie out as the season begins nmmuwmummtweim. mmmm cross country team had run its tinal race in dual competition at Kalamazoo. hlichie gan, it had completed a line record and a very successful season. The Harriers had won 12, lost 2. and tied 2 meets in tough competition. The teams two losses came at the hands ol lxlisha- walca and Kalamazoo Central. state champs ot indiana and lxlichigan, respectively. Heading the paclc throughout the season were Howard Bus! sard, a junior, and hlarvin Kath, a senior. Closely lollowing these two were Sam Rodino, Cliii lVlurray, Vvayne Freehy, and rwunugger ivercimnt sets the N-bi' 'R ,PO Richard Laughman, all seniors. The nucleus ot the next squad will he huilt around Howard Barger and Leo Vinson, hoth 1946 letter winners. For the lirst time in history, indiana held a state cross Country meet in indianapolis. Elkhart, running in the taster ol' two heals, placed sixth in its heat. Al the Northen indiana Conference held at East Chicago, indiana, Elkhart managed the No. 7 spot. The conference was won hy Hammond High, who, in the stale meet, heat out Elkhart lor fifth hy a scant one point. ys for a. uurm-up sprint 1 C 4 " Yf 'M' r:f., - f ff E. .f ' V 1 .MMM V , 4 .. x, Link takes the kinks out of his pitctiin' arm Ulliy ihI'EE returning lettermen, Jim Linn, Diek Link, and Gene Lambdin, tbe spring edition of the 1947 E.l-l.S. baseball team looked ratber gloomy. Gone from tbe ranks, due to graduation, of tbe blue and grey are such standonta as Tom Kern, Diek Brown, Jim Swarts, Lou Bigler, Bob Primavera, and other regulars of tbe 1946 aqnad. Opening practice at tbe Rice Fieici diamond, Coach Bob Ebrsam found new baseball aspirants, each eager to till a posi- tion on time starting nine. Among time most experienceci and prom- ising are Strouse, Campbell, Gordon and Vvbisier. Along with time tbree lettermen, tbese boys will probably contribute most to time Blazer cause. AltI'1OUgI1 tire Blazer nine lacks veterans, tbese iess experienced boys bave sbown they have tbe makings of a first rate bali' ciub by edging out Laporte in time opener 5 to 4. This energetic get up-and-go quality of bail bas always been cbaracteristic of l,inn's out on u close one Ebrsamys bali clubs. However, tbe aireaciy tougb scbeciuie tbis year bas been doubted with tire Blazers piaying I4 games, 7 bome and 7 away. Besides baseball, other spring sports include track, tennis and archery. iwiany girls participate in tennis and HTCIICTY with beautiful Rice Field accommodating all of our outdoor sports adequately. Aitbougb E.H.S. bas one of tbe most complete and weii organized atbietic programs, other sports, sucb as golf and swimming, bave been mentioned by tbe stucients in bopes of expanding our present system. Golf, at present, would be almost impossible to organize, bowever, because of time lack of compe- tition anci a place to play. A swimming team, along tire same line, would be difficult to build up, because most boys cannot afford a 'NYU membership and E.H.S. bas no pool of its own in which to practice. 5 a s 1 EU!-XEHES FRONT ROXV: R. Eilrsarn, iiusetmii unit itasieettzuii Assistant: R. A. Sorenson, Tennis unit inlmnnirai Busiectiruii: iviuson ifuuns, l:ootin1ii Assistant and junior Higiz Bustwttmii ami Tmcizg Glen Upciitze, Business iwuiuigvrg iw. A. Ronzone Asdstnnt Footizaii, Buster-limit unit Tracie: S, A. Curnlmgnoii, Footimii Assistant and intlamumi ttrxsiqetimit. BACK Rflxv: I., i.ongteiion', Atixietic Director unci Bnsieettmii: Iuiln Deiizvr, Footimuii unri Tracie Assistant unci Gracie Atiiietimsg F. C. Boone, Tracie unit Cross Country and intrumurui ltustevttvuiiz fiivn Siicott, Foottmii unit Bustzvtimii Assistant. EHIJ55 EUUNTHY TENNIS ,- SEASON RECORD SEASON RECORD EHS. OPP. Sept. I9 24 Jotmn Adams .................. 33 E-H-5' Sept. 24 10 Centrat Cattl. tFt. Xvaynet ..... 40 Sept. I0 3 Ft. Xvayne Nortia .... Sept- 23 to Riley ------------------------ 59 Sept. I2 3 tvtistoiawatca ....... - Sept. 28 23 North Side tFt. Vvaynet ....... 33 Sept' I7 .5 Goshen --- Fiif' J? tif IEEHSQTYT.3'iii1i1ii"i iiijii Sept 19 S Lapoffe 1-1-+- Gd. 3 22 Goshen ----H--------Qu ----36 Sept. 26 .J S. B. Centrat -- 0ct. 3 28 North Side ttjt. Xvaynet ....... 33 Oct' I 4 Nlichigan City ---- Oct. T 40 NttSt'l8VViliiEl ............ .... t S Gd- 5 4 S- B- Rttffy ----- Oct. 8 20 Katamazoo Centrat .... .... 3 3 Qct, 8 S S, B, John Adg1mg,-- Oct. I0 I9 Benton Harzor ..... .... 3 9 Qcln 12 3 Hammond High -- Oct. 2l I3 B. Centrat -- S... 43 Oct. 22 I3 .IOt1I1 Adams -- .... 43 Oct. 23 20 Costmen .... .... 3 0 1 1 0.1. 28 27 Laporte ----------- ---- Q 3 BASLBALL SEHEUULE Oct. 30 39 Kaiamazoo Central .... .... 2 0 RQUNID :Xprit I3 i.aPort0 H txtarctl 29 Division indoor :Xprii 24 B. .totm Adams April I8 S. B. john Adams T April 8 Ft. VV. South Side Avril 26 titlmfie Relays April 22 S' pm Cmlml rl- Aprit ll Ft. XV. Nrarth Sidi. ixltftl Adams April 23 S' B. Riley H Aprit I3 fjostxen 53 Closllgrjslon Aprit 29 S. B. Xvastmington H :txprit IO Goshen Retays flax. I6 SH-llonal Stay 2 ixtifilifjiltt City T .Xprit 22 Upen Stay 24 State Stay 3 ftistmwatia T OPP ----0 ----0 ----0 ----2 ----2 ----l ----I ----0 ----0 ROUND 2 Stay 7 twtay 9 txiay I2 Stay 14 Stay I6 Stay 20 Stay 23 H5 In the SECUHI1 ggmggtgr the Speed. workshop group lincls time to revive ctehating lor which E.H.S. was lamous helore the war. There has heen no varsity ctehale squacl tor several years, hut with Dan Dunlap ancl Tom Bruhalier on the atllirmative. and fXnne Cline anct .laneth hlclaughlin, negative, the Ellihart team won the District Championship in a tourna- ment at Goshen, fleleating lwappanee, Silver Lalfe, Vytaterloo, anct Gvoshen. ln the zone eliminations helcl here on hlarch IT these ctehaters howecl to a seasonecl South Benct Central squacl who went on to the state tournament. The question this year was, Httesolvecl That the Fecteral fiovernment Should lvlalce a Complete System ol hleclical Care Availahle to All Citizens at Puhlic Expensef' Another speech activity now consicterecl a regular event is the .lunior Town lxleeting recorctecl hy station XVOVVU lor ractio hroaclcasting. This year six Ellihart spealcers visitecl Concorclia High School ot Fort Xvayne on Fehruary 26. Janeth thlc- Laughlin on the negative ancl Tom Bruhalcer on the allirmative were Elliharlts spolcesmen, with Anne Arhogast. Patricia Ritter. Rosemary Anglin. ancl .lohn Lunct as questioners. The suhject was HShoulct hlarriage ancl Family Prohlems Be Stucliect in the Puhlic School?" The local station carriect a rehroaclcast ot the program, lollowing the original lrom XVQXVG. Several trips to speech tournaments at South Bencl. Nlisha- watia. Laporte. Purclue ttniversity. and Howe htilitary School have given incliviclual stuclents a chance to participate in spealc- ing contests. Special citations, rihhon awards and certilicates ol excellence earnecl hy our stuctents include the lollowing: Tom Bruhalier. certillicathe ol merit in stuclent senate at Purclue anct lirst in ctramatic reacting at Laporte: Janeth hlcl-aughlin. lirst in clramatic ancl humorous reacting at Laporte ancl seconcl in humorous reacting at Howeg lvlarilyn Rish, lirst at Laporte anct second at Howe in poetry reaclingg ancl lxlarilyn Crootveld, lilth in humorous reacting at Howe. The speech worlcshop also trains stuclents in introctucing assemhly spealkers ancl furnishes talent tor community cluhs as part ol the talent hureau serivce, in aclclition to assisting with the puhlicity, liclcets, ancl programs lor the speech play, Gilanuary Thawf, Clue ot the lew high schools in the state to enjoy the lacilities ancl co-operation ot a radio station is our own li.l'l.S., with a weelcly ractio series loroaclcast on Xweclnesday evenings over XVTRC. This HYour Schoolsn program. a puhlic relations project tor all ol Ellcharts schools. has evolvect from experimental heginnings until the present group ot raclio stuclents in a newly organized speech worlishop proctuces well tcnown stories lrom literature, interviews with the taculty ancl stuclents. music. variety and news ahout school events. Such scripts as HLegencl ol Sleepy Hollow., and HFecleral hleclicineu are representative. The series runs from Ocloher through Fehruary uncler hlr. Xvengerts clirection. As a gesture ol appreciation the raclio stuclents were given a clinner in hlarch hy the Boarct ol School Trustees. An article on the worli ot this worlcshop appeared in the AER Journal. national puhlication ol the Association tor Eclu- cation hy Raclio. A souncl-proot stuctio acldecl to Room 100 cluring the summer ol: 1046. malies possihle more ettective re- hearsals than hetore, and hy next year this stuctio will he equipped lor clirect wire hroactcasts, as a result ol a special actministrative appropriation lolloyving a visit to the Pontiac, lxlichigan, raclio worlcshop. The final speech activity each year is the annual intramural oratorical contest open to all students and held each lyiay since IOIO. The senior class ot that year clonatecl a large loving cup with space lor engraving names ol: winners. with specitic clirec- tions lor this annual altlair. Still a covetect honor is the right to have onets name inscrihect on this trophy, which is now almost completely covered. .laneth lVlcLaughlin won lirst place last yearg this year Tom Bruhalier won the honor. All speech activities are clirectecl hy hlr. Galen l.. Xvenger, in cooperation with lVliss Ci. Christine Hughes. Iunetll, orutoricul ll'tIllIPI' . . . mul her KIOt7f,1tC-tlitlllltllg teumfmates ,N 'qkulut ". v t me 'x 1 Mi' N. Xvig unrt Cue, Clrimgu troumt, to sew A.HUITllPl'. this year for the first time. presented a play to the puhtic in orcter to malce some money lor its treasury. The Cast was selected from sopho- mores. juniors. anct seniors who were interestect in trying out. Ianuary Thaw. the ptay what-h was chosen, is a story of the Complications and humorous events that talie plaCe when the Gages' once-happy housellolct is invactect hy an eccentric olcl couple who claim that the house is theirs, clue to a certain Clause in the cteerl to the property. The tast- moving action anct witty ctialogue liept the auctience laughing throughout the entire play. - Principals in the Cast were John Borneman. Janeen Svhmictl, .laneth ixICl-ilUQi1lifl, amt Tom Bruhalier. Other parts were ptayect hy Elizatneth Lorena, Doris Reese, pat Ritter, Ellsworth lxloyer, George Frectriflis, Nlarilyn Rish, Bert ixlacirartane, Norman Snavely, and Boh Kane. txliss Hughes ctirectect the playg tylr. Vvenger managecl the saies anct puhlicity. Another artivity ol the speech department was the trip to Chicago, in Defemher, to see the stage play, Hamlet. Buctesfugo ami onstage ul the Specclr Dept. play, Ulanuury Tizawu The Haggerty dwelling was purchased last year, hut the scarcity ol huilding material has made the changes in this ljuilding impos- sihle as yet. Xvhen these changes and renovations can he made, the Haggerty Houes will he used as a home economics practice house. Rooms will he made into a model apartment, with loectrooms and living rooms, as well as the lcitchens and dining rooms now maintained lay this department. Plans include a recreation room. not large enough lor parties and dances, lout lor small groups to hold meetings. Nvhen the home economics department moves into their new quarters, the third floor ol the annex will he occupied hy the music department which, lor several years, has heen overflowing its quarters. WW. ivliss llvpew and Supl. CIIIIFLTII checle Haggerty House plans is 3 phrase which has ljegn 5, part of the children ol- Ellchart. ln all ol these plans, the Board ol Edu- every American dream lor the past six years, whether it is the lalue print ol a small cottage or the design lor a new factory, To the Elkhart High School Administrators, the phrase has heen the hasis ol an expansion program which includes at least two buildings: the construction oi the new junior high school, and the remodeling ot the Haggerty House at Third and Franlclin streets. The new junior high, as yet in the dream stage. would malce possihle the expansion ol the high school into the part of the lnuilding now occupied hy the Central Junior High School. It would also malce possihle a larger gym lor loaslfethall games. The carrying out ol these plans, to ease crowded conditions in a high school lauilt lor six hundred and now accommodating twice that numlaer, will malce an enriched program possilale for cation, loattling the county tax hoard and many local critics. have the wellare ol the students ol today and tomorrow con- stantly in mind. This intensive curriculum and up-to-date equipment, together with our well-trained laculty, matte our North Central Association rating IA. ln these days when many schools in cities near us are losing their North Central Associa- tion standings, it is much to the credit ol our administrators that our own rating is so high. Although the high school building is old, our equipment is as new and as good as it can possilnly ine. Qur lar-sighted Board ol Trustees are always lacing the future and planning lor tomorrow. Vvith the purchase ol an Army Surplus Linli Trainer, the Air Age has really come into its own in ln Oc'tolJer oi 1943 a surplus P-40 was delivered to the Auto mechanics shop to he used in the study of structure and design. The Linli Trainer, however. is the only piece ol actual training equipment owned lay the high school. ln the Linlq Trainer, it is possillle lor the students in the pretlight aeronautics course to receive lyasic orientation and elementary llight practice comparalole to that received in the first few hours ot actual llight instruction. It is possihle that, in the luture, actual flight time will loe incorporated in the aeronautics course. so that a student could quality lor a pilotgs license at the end ol a yearls Worlq. BB Ramona Torolz tests tlie new Linlels controls ef Q 1. A liurlrling journalists gel lim lout :lawn on ilu' newspaper lmusinvss from lwr. ltlurfin of lim Trulli was tlme time-me ol tlue Career Day lielcl April lirsl. as a part ol llle Counselling Stallis empliasis on guiding us toxvarcl llle lulure. Xvitll Bliss Kirlclancl, senior girls' counsellor in cilmarge. a plan was set up in NVlliC'll eacll girl or lloy could learn more alyout tlie join in xvlrnicli l1e was interestecl. Dr. Damon openecl tllis meeting xvitll a straigllt tallc alyout preparing oneis self lor the future: tl1en tlie seniors met in groups xvitla student clmairmen in clxarge ol eacl1. These groups llelcl conferences witll lmusiness ancl professional men ancl women. Tliese lilliliartans toolc time lrom tlleir lmusy clavs to lallx almout ll1eir joins, ancl to answer questions wlmicll stuclents lliiffillf liave concerning llie pay. tlle preparation. tlme cliances lor aclvancenlenl. and tlie aclvantages in lllat particular lielcl. Career Day was a new project and a very xvortlnvllile one judging luv llle response ol tlie seniors to tl1e plan. Tllis is anotller example ol practical values wl1icl1 our scl1ool gives us, a real H9 lmelp in planning lor tomorrow. i ti' lf! Q , , gp ,af t e My imnIIl"l"mlf A ' 'N ,, , 41 As the Year H0115 Un and commencement nears, the Ellchart High school falls into a traditional pattern. Vve do things in the same way, year after year, each graduating class ohserving the ceremonies in the same way that classes have done for the past fifteen or twenty years. Many of these way may seem queer to outsiders hut even the most modern-minded of us find that we do not want to change from the usual procedure. The Iunior-Senior Prom The first ol these occasions, and perhaps the most enjoyahle is the Junior-Senior Prom. This dance, held at the Hotel Ellc- hart, is given loy the juniors with the graduating class as guests. The decorative theme of the dance, the programs, the crowning of the Prom Queen--all these are part oi a heautilul formal affair. Also traditional are the prom hrealdast parties which follow. Groups of friends enjoy lorealcfast parties, often held at some- one,s lalce cottage, and if the weather permits, swimming and hoating are likely to he a part of the aiter-prom parties, which last far into the next day. One custom which delights the heart of every graduate is the practice of excusing from classes every senior whose worlc is completed. during the last weelc of school. VVith all tests, note- hoolcs, source themes, experiments and prohlems completed, the seniors can devote their time to the prparation for the commence- ment festivities. Award Day Another program which the seniors share with the whole school during that last weelc is the day which we call Award Day. Qn this day, initiated loy hir. Vvoodruili and the Awards Committee, all those students who have won special honors during the year are recognized. wearers, those who have earned major letters in athletics or lnusic, are aslied to wear their sweaters or jaclcetsg all insignia are on display, and the assemhly program honors all those who have not previously received puhlic mention: journalism letters, honor society pins, scholarship awards, speech cups, and rihloons. This ceremonial day has he- come another custom at E.H.S. Une ol the Elkhart High traditions is the appointment of two class sponsors who act as advisers to the class from the sophomore year to graduation. These long-suffering faculty memhers do everything from coolcing wieners for concessions at games to lining us up for diplomasg they worlc hard at ticlcet sales for class plays, they see us through parties and proms, they worrlc over class finances, and rejoice at our successes, they are a comhination oi parent and pal. and seldom get hall? the credit and thanlcs they deserve. The Baccalaureate Service Gur Baccalaureate services are held on the Sunday helore commencement, in the high school auditorium at four oyclocli QU in the afternoon. Un this occasion seniors wear caps and gowns, as they do for all the conmmencement affairs. The processional, led hy the junior oliticers, opens the service. to which friends, parents and faculty memloers are invited. Une ol the ministers of the city is aslfed to give the address of the day: flowers and spe- cial music hy our own choir and orchestra memhers give the candle-lighted service a heautiiul atmosphere. Not all of the commencement affairs are serious. During the last weeli of school, the seniors have a speical day and a special program in which they may caricature their facuty friends, recall the events ol their high school days, and display their talents. One of our traditions on this day is that the seniors wear llowers which carry out their class colors. The Senior Banquet is rather informal, too. This is the last time the memhers oi the class get together. Class sponsors, and teachers who have heen a part ol the class activities are honored. The class will and prophecy are read, and the gifts from the class to the school are formally presented to Mr. VX7oodruti. Commencement All weelc, as seniors meet to rehearse for graduation night, or to plan for the hanquet or any of the senior affairs, the chief topic of conversation and concern is the weather. If the weather is good, commencement can he held at Rice Field which is a heautiful setting lor this event. If the weather is rainy, com- mencement must he held indoors, and this creates prohlems, since the auditorium is not large enough to seat all the relatives and friends of the graduated. Commencement night is almost sure to loe very hot, too, and this malces everyone all the more eager to have the exercises held at Rice Field, where there is room for everyone, and everyone can he comlortahly cool. At Rice Field. a platform with seats for graduates is placed in the center of the Field under the Hoodlights. Thereys a special place lor the orchestra which hir. Hughes assemhles for the occasion and a puhlic address system for spealcers. Friends and relatives sit in the stadium, the seniors, in caps and gowns, start the processional at the top ol the hill, and come slowly down to talce their places on the platform. Here they listen to the com- mencement address, to the malcing of special awards, and here they line up, some four hundred oi them to receive their diplomas. Commencement is over, the school year is over. Seniors are now alumni, and as such are special guests at the last laig alzlair in a hig weelc, the Alumni Dance. This dance, held at the Hotel Ellchart is often preceded hy dinners and meetings oi the memhers of every graduating class since 1895. The receiving line is composed oi officers oi the Alumni Association, high school lactulty memhers, and officers of the graduating class. The newly-graduated students are welcomed into the Associationg now they are a part oi the hundreds of E.H.S. Alumni. The next day. school closes. Grade cards are given out, loclcers: are emptied. red tape is wound up, and, except for those who' will attend summer school classes, another year at E.H.S. has. rolled to an end. U TU the Junior Prom The scene is the hallroom on the ninth lioor of the Hotel Elkhart. The time is the night of the junior-senior prom, an annual affair at E.H.S. Boys and girls in lormal attire, a good dance hand, Howers. soft lights, and the thrill of the yearls higgest affair all comhine to, malce this a very special occasion. .f""" f 5,wi'w,: A' f "F?'?'f5MTJS!'5vSiii JFK. ,Fm M -M wwf? 1. gan M . W. We 1 ZZ., .-.. 'W:i'V6f " Z gi M ., . f-wwf '- if ' , ,awww 1 ' ima ' N bMf'fQ'1ff"f"L',,,f.,-5 ,. .f :mg Q gm 1? fix Y fl, fx u .av-1 i 4.0-v' " H- M, Aff, ,M vvswi3ff??f .writ -f-2-FF-fffefsfcoo fv 0 o o -. 171' 'l"'i',"i'Kq 1 u X 9 I -,A uums'miYism'amssmmTwNXKXNNXN'iiXiiEiii'lEi5iLiiif5 5 ii Egg! CMI 'mx fxxfy :JI 171.12 -I ffE'NLAA?1':,,C'Sx-l' 7-D,-W - A if wal- if f iv: f,i- n af! ti? Xiwix ri if f n ggi Q,-Ai Shi 14,1 tv: -Esta ,X 9 NF ff -.Tu-I 1 ,x ,- QNX gym JN Aix- " Uiigmjxxxrg 11:51 ill Xx 1 it ir X Eu jisswflxlixix' 'Yr S, giifglt-gl, Q.Il'f I X. , ANU THESE ARE THE PEUPLE UE E.H.S. . . In is here the foiiowing pages, We, the people of E.H.S. are iormaiiy pictured, with some iniormai snaps, for a Iittie variety. Everyone from Supt. H. H. Church, and the Board of Education, to the newest sophomore who enroIIed just this semester. In the iacuity pages, there are the ciassroom teachers, the coaches. the counseiiors, and the teachers who do speciai johs. In the ciass sections are the sponsors and officers, then the memhers of each ciass, In our cIuIJ pages, the names of the ioiiowing students were omitted: STUDENT EUUNEIL FALL SEMESTER President ............. Henry Denmanok Vice President .......... Caroiyn Rowe? Secretary ....... ...... D orothy Jenner Treasurer ..... .... J im Eshergig Sgt.-at-Arms .............. Dick Taihot SPRING SEMSETER President ............. Henry Denmanak Vice President .......... Caroiyn Roweg Secretary ....... ...... D orothy Jenner Treasurer ..... ..... B etsy Goodrich Sgt.-at-Arms ................. Bill Nye STANDING COMMITTEES : I'IaII Committee: Janeth IVICI-aughiinii' and Shiriey Vvaitonig. co-ch., Marcia Conn, Jacic Snyder, BOIJ Rink. Yeii and Conduct Committee: Pat Rit- terik, ch., Jim Esioergx, Biii Johnsonik, Biii Van Patten. Courtesy Committee: Phyiiis Ort? and Shariee Bestik, co-ch., Vvayne Ciem, Howard Vancex, Nancy Stahr, Ixfiar- jorie Murray, I-yIe Lichtenhergerik. Urder of Eiections Committee: Nancy Gehrandik, ch., Phil I.ux?, Bill Nye, Betsy Goodrich. PUBLIE HELATIUNS HAUIU EUIVIIVIITTEE IVir. VVenger, chairman, Mr. Hughes, iviiss I'IaverStocIc, Niiss Keiiy, Ivir. IVIiIier, Ixiiss Neison, hir. Rogers, Dan Duniapak, Patricia Nye, Miss Benner, Mrs. Haines, Ixiiss Hughes, Ixfir. I-arimer, IVIrs. Neds, Air. Organ, hir. Vvoodruilf, Janeth IVIC- I-aughiinek. 'kindicatvs sen AWARDS EUIVIIVIITTEE iyir. Vvoodruizf, chairman, Ixiiss Keiiy, IX'Ir. I-ongieiiow, Katharine Keene? Jim Esiaergg, Biiss Kendaii, INIr. Hughes, Jean Vveidydi, Henry Denmansi. Administration . . S4- S7 Seniors . . SS-IIS Juniors . . IEU-IES Sophomores ..... IES-ISE Iniormals. . . IIS, 127, ISS NATIUNAL HUNUH SUEIETY FALL SEMESTER Vice President ........ Tom Armstrong? Secretary ............. Sue Stephensonx Treasurer--- .......... Jim Nyea SPRING SEMESTER President .............. Dicic Gumpperik Vice President .......... Dick Bernarda: Secreary .............. Rosemary Ciaricig Treasurer--- ..... LIOIIII aiphaimeticaiiy arranged. ASSEMBLY EUIVIMITTEE hir. Vvenger, chairman, Ixiiss Brough- ton, hir. Gemmecice, IVIr. Feimiee, Betty Xvamiyaugiix, C a r o I y n Rowesc, iVIr. Adams, IVIr. Rogers, Ixiiss Jarvis, Dorothy Jenner. Jo Ann Estesg, I-yie Lichten- hergerig. JUNIOR AEAUEMY UE SEIENEE FAI-L SEMESTER President .............. Dick Gumpperik Yyice president .............. John Huiiik Sec., Treas. .......... I-eonard Johnson? SPRING SEMESTER President .................. Saiiy Davis Vice President ............. John Huiiik Sec., Treas. .......... I-eonard Johnsons? DIEEUBULUS - FALL SEMESTER President ........... Giadys Gaiiareathsc Vice President ........ Mary I-ou Bowen Secretary ......... Shiriey Rheinheimerg Treasurer--- ---- Nancy Gehrandac Sociai Ch.--- -------- Pat Ritterii' Sgt.-at-Arms ----------- Syivia Denman SPRING SEMESTER President ----------- Giadys Gaiioreathig Vice president --..-------- Ixiary I-erner Secretary -----...-.---- Iviaxine Janiaiigp Treasurer ------...--- Barhara Corneiius Sociai Ch. --..- -------- N orma Ehret Sgt.-at-Arms .-.. -.--- S hiriey Neterer S3 l l 1 l BOKIVCI HIPITIIKJTS BCH, Llltery, H1141 IsPTl1Pl' tll The Board ol School Trustees has accomplished several lpig projects ancl lxas macle many plans for tlme future during the past year. I!xltl'lOUgl'1 tlle plans for tlme new junior lsiiglsi scliool Coulcl not loe Completed tllis year, tlie high school auditorium lsnas lneen redecoratecl, a project estimatecl at 558.000, ancl a lwo room aclclition ldas loeen macle a Beardsley Sclwool. Besicles tlue new junior high sclrool, future plans concern tlre renovation ol Roosevelt Gracle ancl Junior High Scliool and tlie Haggerty House, wliiclo is lo lie usecl lpy tlie liiglsi scliool Home Economics Department. E14 over construction rleiuils with Supl, Clrurclr Tlie Boarcl ot Scllool Trustees consists ot J. L. Ullery, presi- clentg Vernon lVl. Ball. secretary, and Vvalter R. Lerner, treas- urer. Tlie executive officer ol tlie Boarcl ancl Superinlenclent ol tlme Ellcliart Public Sclrools is Dr. Harolcl H. Cldurcli, wlwo, Witli tlie Board, plans tloe curriculum, malces improvements and pro- vicles equipment for tlne various scliools. Tlsris last year llas lueen one ol intensive planning so that in time future, lnetter facilities as well as a lnetter curriculum may lie had. Row I ADAMS. NORVAL E., B.S., MS. Biology, Cimirruan of Science ABISBAUGH, ANNA, B.A. Home Economics. ANDERSON. CARI., BS. inciusiriai Ads. Row 2 AVERY. FRANCES, BA., M.A. Engiisir. Luiin. BOOK, ORPHA, B.A., BS. in L.S. Liiurnrian. BOONE. ZELLA, B.A. ixlliliill-'IllEliifS. Row 5 BROUGHTON, RUTH. B.A., M.A. Biivie, Engiisim, Cimairnmn of Language Department. BURNS, MAURICE, B.E. Connnerce, Ciiuinnan of Connnvrcini Department, Treasurer of Exim- Curricuiar Fund. BUSCHE. LOUISE, B.A., MA. ifngiisir. Row 4 CATHCART, STELLA N., BA.. Pirysics. DEAL, JUNE Bs., MA, CQUIIIIHCYCC. DEPEXV, BERTHA, BS., BIA. Home Ecnnfnnics. Row 5 DORSETF, MYNGLE, BA.. BIA. American Proiyicrns, Eiieclivc- Lixing, Dean oi Girls. ELMC QL? I ST, BETTY, BS. Assoliaie Dirvcior ui insirunlenini ixiusic. EVANS, RUPERT N., BS. Voralionai ixillfllillif gimp. Row 6 FELMLEE, J. XV., BA., BLA. Eiedriciiy. visuai fxiris. FOX, ALICE, B,A., BLA. Engiish, yIiliiIt'lllEliiL'S, FRENCH, DOYLE T., BA., FLA. Assistant Principai, fiminnan IN ioneurenients. embers uf the 1947 E. H. 5. Facult Department. M.A. oi iyiaiinernalics, Dircclor of 'iicsls ami Row l GEIVIIYIECKE, RICHARD H., BS., IVIA. Cimirman of Social Studies Department, CounseIIor. GILI., IVAN C,, BS., M.S. Cixemistry, CounseIIor. GOVVDY, VVILLIAM, B.S.M., M.M. Cilorai Music. Row 2 HAMILTON, NVILLIAM, B.S. Drawing. HART, GLEN, BS. Ixiaciiine Shop HARVEY, REX E., B.S., MS. Nintiiematics. Row 5 HUGHES, DAVID, BS. Cimirman oi IX'Iusic Department, Director oi Instrumentai Iviusinr. HUGHES, G. CHRISTINE, B.A., M.A. Dramatics, Speecii. JARVIS, KATHRYN, B.A,, M.A, IX Iatiiematics, Counseiior. Row 4 JORDAN, RILEY R., B.A., M.A. History. KELLY, DOROTHY, B.A., M.A. Engiisix, IIOIITHZIIISIII. Puioiications, Nvriting I-aIJoratory. KENDALL, MARY E., BS. PI1 ysicai Education. Row 5 KERR, LESTER, BS., M.A. IVIatIiematics, Counseiior. KILBERT, HOWARD, B. Music Ed., M.M, Associate Director of Instrumentai Iviusic, Harmony. KING, GLADYS, B.A. Spanish, Review Iviatiuenmtics. Row 6 KIRKLAND, HELEN, PILB., M,A. Effective Living, Counseiior, Simortiianci, Vocationai Iviercimanciising. LIKINS, VIRGIL. B.EcI., MS. Cilemistry, Pilysics. LONGFELLOVV, JOHN L., B,A, Director of I'IeaItI1, PI1ysicaI Education ami Atiiietics, Basicetixaii Coacir Row 7 BIATER, VVILBUR, B.A. Sociai Science. MILLER, ELWYN, BELI. Sociai Studies. Row I MYER S, FREDERICK Associate Director of lnstruinc-nt Aiusic. NELSON. HAZEL, BA. Sllortllancl, Typing. ORCAN, E. T. Dire-ftor ol' Vorationul and Aclult Eclurution. Row 2 PATIAON, ZORA, B.A. Home Economics. RlE'l'Il, Clauilf-, BS., NS. Printing, ROGERS, DALLAS, BS. Art. Row 5 SANDS. XV. E., BA., M.A. Social Stuflics. SAXYYER. MARGUERITE, BA., NA. Englibli, Latin. SHARP, MARII-Q, BA., MA. English, Counsellor. Row at SICKELS, ADA. Ph.B. Iil'lQ'li5ll. SlLC'O'l'l', GLENN, BS., M.A. fonrliing, ljliysical ifclucation. SINER. N. MARIE, BA., MA. Boolilieeping, Cljllllllt-'ffiill Law, General Business R ow 5 SORENSEN, RAYMOND, BS., NA. cillillllillg, Pllysical Eclufation. SPROULL. RAYMOND, BA., MS. Somial Stuclics. UPDIKE. GLENN H., BS., MS. Biology, Pliysits. Row 6 XVAGOXER, EYFLYN J., BA. Biology. XVENGER, GALEN L., BA., M.A. Lngliilm, Spot-Ill. XVILICY, J. F., Pl-.B., MA. Lnglirli. Row T XVISE, SALOME, B.P.E. Pllysical Erlucation. XVOLI-ENVVEBIiR, VVIILIAM, BE. Auto anal Airplane ixivrlranics, lnciustrial Arts. i january class officers step out for u stroil . . . History-Class Ut 1947 Vve wandered into Elkhart High Schooi in August ot 1944 to he shown around the schooi hy a group ot students. Vve didnt pay too much attention to what was heing said or to where we were heing shown. Vve were more interested in hearing ahout our friends, vacations and seeing who our new classmates would he. The next Tuesday, we received our programs. Xve reaiiy didnit care what our ciasses were: the kids who were to he in them were more important. Aiter having heen the ioig guns at Central and Rooseveit, we suddeniy tett iike chiidren as we iooked to the upper ciass- men for ieadership. Xve would envy the senior giris lor their smoothness and the senior hoys,-weii, they were just okay. Vve looked forward to the ciass ptays and proms, those hig events for upperclassmen. Senior day and commencement seemed so tar ottg we couldnt reaiize then how soon those activities wouid arrive for us. At mid-semester, we tinaily organized the sophomore ciass, choosing iVtrs. Sickels and Nir. Hart tor our ciass sponsors. tive eiected as our lirst president. Tom Armstrong, whom we elected again as our junior ciass president. Other oiticers were: Pat Korn, vice-president: Jean Kreighhaum. secretaryg Botm ijition. treasurer: .ianeth Ntct-aughiin and Dick Beriick, sociai chairman. Vyte were the iirst class to choose ciass rings as sophomores. Joe Bail, Betty Xvamhaugh, Pat Korn, Sue Stephenson. Bch Diiion, .lean Kreighhanm and Joel Atwine composed the ring committee, which met in early spring ot that year to select our insignia. QB a Our tirst activity as sophomores was our ciass party, which we caited the Hhtay iVtaneuversH. it was heid in the cateteria on May 4 and a May Poie was used as the theme. Those who worked with the social chairmen for the party were: Diana Voras, Decorationsg Dee Lieherenz, reireshmentsg and Pete Fieming, puhiicity. That was the year most ot us saw our tirst track meet, the sectional meet at Rice Fieid. Vve heiped eiect a senior giri as track queen, hut we were right proud to have Betts Xvam- haugh and Diana Voras as the two soph attendants to the queen. Vve returned the next fait as confident juniorsg we were determined to he the hest junior class yet. Those whom we eiected as ciass otlzicers, other than Tom Armstrong, were: Don Fuiier, vice-presidentg Jean Kreighioaum, secretary: Bot: Diiton, treasurerg and Nancy Ek and Henry Denman, sociai chairmen. Our lirst activity alter election was our Sadie Hawkins Day Party tor which neariy everyone dressed Dogpatch styie. The entertainment was provided hy three hitt-ioiity hands, representing three diilterent ciuhs. The party was heid in the gym on Noyemher 3. Qn Fehruary 14, 1046 we presented the second annuai .lunior Follies. Rita Holtz and Pat Korn were generai chair- man and assistant, respectiveiy. The show inciuded ati junior talentg such as, Janeth htciaaughiin, Nan Tompkins, Aiice Rhodes, Shiriey Gordon, Ted Johnson, Bots Kaser, a sixteen girt chorus tine. and an att iooys hand directed hy Hank Den- man. A skit litied, Hit Vviit Be Ati Right Un The Night,,, was given hy an att junior cast. to compiete the program. Shorty alter the Foiiies, tryouts and rehearsals started lor wtmiie time otticers taiie time air ieisun-ty, our ctass ptay, Hcome Rain or Stmineu, directed by ixtiss Ruttm Agnew. and wimicim was given omm Aprit I2 in time auditorium. .ianettm Ntctimugtmtimm. Roimertine Btattmis. Btarityn Ristm. Pat Ritter, Nancti Etc, Henry Denman, and Tom Bruimatier tooti time teading rotes.. Time Junior Pennant came out time same day as time ptay wittm Kattmarine Keene as junior editor and an att-junior statt. Htfrmderwater Fantasyn was time ttmeme ot time Junior-Senior Prom wtmicti was tmetd on ixiay I8 in time Atimenian Battroonm ot ttme Hotet Ettctmart. .timmy Xvittmur and tmis tvand provided time music. Xve danced. stood in tine tor pictures. and watctmed time crowning ot time taing and queen. Committee ctmairmen tor time Prom were: Jean Vvrigtmt and Rosie Ctartc. decorationsg Janettm Ntcisaugtmtin, entertainment: Pete Fteming, putmticityg Bob Ditton and Caroiyn Rowe. tictcetsg Jean Kreigtitmaum, iiowersg and Betty Xvamtmaugim. programs and invitations. Time summer seemed unusuatiy stmort. taut we were glad to tae imactc in sctmoot in Septemtmer, and wittm att tire tcids. Time ctass separated into time January and .iune Ctassesg ttmen. we eiected otticers. Time January seniors ctmose Don Futter. presi- dentg Stmariee Best, vice-presidentg Stmirtey Rtmeintmeimer, sec- retaryq ,io Ann Xveaver. treasurerg Bitt Jotmnson and fiiadys Ciatimreattm. sociat cimairnmen. Xvard fierctmant was eiectect to tead time June Seniors, atong wittm Rosemary Ctartc. vice- presidentg Jean Kreigtmtmaum. secretary: Dictc Simons. treas- urer: Rita Hottz and ilicic Berticii, sociat ctmairmen. Vvimen we werent imusy doing sctmootworic. we went lo time tootimati games. worked on Councit projects, in ctuim activities. on Annual jotms. and went to ptay practices. On Novemimer I and 2. I946. we presented Hstage Doorn as our ctass ptay. wittm ixtiss Hugtmes directing. Time principat parts were ptayed by Ctoria Xvatton. ixtarityn Ristm. Eteanor Cripe. Pete Ftenm- ing, Han Duntap. and Tom Brutmatcer. .Xtttmougtm we ttmougtmt we were going to imaye an extra iong Cimristnmas vacation tmecause ot time coat stritce, we got atong on time usuat tengttm ot time, time January Seniors imegan worti on ttmeir senior day stcit after time tmotidays. Even ttmougti most of time .ianuary seniors tooti post-grad worti. we were sorry to see time ottmers teave. As we got into time swing ot timings tor our tinat semester, we reatized ttmat sermior activities were ctose at tmand. Vve wortced tmard on our ctmemistry, struggted to time tast on writing tain stuttg tinatty, senior committees were appointed. Time cap and gown committee wtmictm was composed ot Betty Ntitter, Diana Voras, Jo Ann Xveaver, Carotyn Rowe. Tom Lang, and Vernie Ntartin, met eartier in time spring and cimose wimite tor time girts and tmtue tor time tmoysz tmowever, we received word tater. timat we couidnit get wtiite roimes. Time ottmer senior com- mittees and ttmeir cimairmen were: Ctass cotors, .iane Patrictcg Ctass motto, Ed iieaverg Banquet, Pat Korng and tmanquet IJYOQYUIH. Pimyttis Clrl. Xve went to time .tunior-Senior Prom on Saturday, Ntay 2-1. Time senior girts attended time annuai tea: timen. senior day stcit. tmaccataureate. senior imanquet and iast. commencemnent exercises, wtlere 423 ot time original ctass ot 650 ot us received our dipionmas. .Ks we sing our sctmoot tmymn tor time tast time. we recatt att time good times we tmave tmad since ttiat tirst day at Ettdmart Higtm. way tmactc in '44 Xve feet sad atmout teaving. tmut we icnow timat our sctmooi witt continue in time same swett way. Xmve tinow. too, ttmal we witt atways ine a part ot scimoot and ttmat our sctmoot days witt atways tme a part ot our nmemories. Q9 Row I ADAlVlO, CHRISTINE, College Preparatory Language. .lr. Acaclemy ol Science, Discolnolus, Triple l... Senior Class Play, National Honor Society. ADAMO, MARGARET MARY, General. ADANlS, THEO., Vocational Printing. Row 2 ALVVINE, JOEL, Vocational Boolekeeping. Art Clulo. ANTONELl,.l, SANITA, Home Economics Y-Teens. ARMSTRONG, LOIS, Home Economw: Row 5 ARMSTRONG, TOM, College Preparatory Language. Soplm. ancl Jr. Class, Pres.: Stuclent Council, Treas.3 I-Ii-Y, Sec.: Blue lacliet, Sec.: National Honor Society, Vice Pres. BABCOCK, MARY ELLEN, Home Economics. BAUER, ERWIN, Vocational Maclwine shop. Row 4 BAILEY, GLENN C., Vocational Machine Slmp. WBAKER, JACK B., General lnrlnstrial. BAKER, ROBERT, Vocational Nlnclwine Slwp. Row 5 BALL, JOE, College Preparatory Language. Pennant Annual, Sports Ecl.: National Honor Society: Raclio Speeclxg Varsity Footlnall: Basketball, Mgr. HOHIU ECOHOUIICS. BARNES. BARBARA JEANNE, College Preparatory. tlr. Acaclemy ol Science, Disccxliolus, tlr. Follies, A Cappella Clloir, Triple L, National Honor Society. Row 6 E., Vocational Clerical. Triple L, Y-Teens, Pennant Annual, Discolmolus. LEE, Vocational Drawing. Banml, Orcliestra, Hi-Y, Baseball, lvlgr. BAUM, l., College preparatory language. lr. Acaclemy ol Science, Triple L: tlr. Class Play, Stuclent Director, Y-Teens. Row 7 BEAVER, JOHN EDXVARD, College Preparatory Language, Varsity Tennis, .lr. Acaclemy, Hi-Y, Stuclent Council, lr. Class Play, Sr. CIZISS Play, V-Fl1I'E5Sll0lCl, PQHHZXHI NNVCCIYIY, Allllllill. BECK, JAMES, General. BEARD, RUTH, College Preparatory Language. A Cappella Clloir, Se-c.g Student Council, National Honor Society. Row I xBECK, IWARGARET, Home lfwnomics. HOLLIS, College Prepuralury. Band, OfL'll6SlfH, Blue .lar-ken, I-lifY. REX D., General lntluslrial. Row 2 BERGER, MARILYN DE VERE, Vocational Clerical. Wig ancl Cue: Tliespians, Treas.: Siuclent Council, Discolvolusg Senior Class Play. . BERLICK. RICHARD. General, .lune Senior Class, Soc. Cin.: Sturlc-nt Council: Calle-l rlleacliing, Varsily lfoolluallg Varsity Baslietlnull, Nlost Valualnle Player. BERNARD. RICHARD PAUL, College Preparatory Language. National Honor Society, Yice-Pres.: Hi-Y, Program Cir: Bnslif-ilzaall, lxlgr., Pm-nnani Annual. Row 5 BEST, SHARLEE, College Preparulory Language. Y-Teens: Discoliiolus, Vice-Pros.: January Sr. Class, Vice-'Pres.g Vvig nncl Cueg .lr. Class Play, Sluclent Direciorg Caclet Teafliing. BETVIAS, RONALD, College Preparatory. Bancl: Orchestra: Hi-YQ Jr. Acaclemy ol Science: Pennant Vvee-lcly, Ass'l. Bus. lvlgr. pHYvl-l-lS, HUHIQ ECOIIUIIIICS Discolmolus. Row 4 Blcfis, SHIRLEY. General. Siuclent Council, .lr. Follies, Disrolaolus, Y-Teens. BLOONI, CAROLE, Vocational Stenograpllic. Triple L, Discolmlus. BOND, XYILLIE, Vorulional lxlucliine Sliop. Row 5 BOOMERSHINE, BURTON, General. Varsity Foollaall, Varsity Track. , BORNEMAN, MARJORIE, General. lr. Follies, A Cappella Clmir. BCJRlQOR, A., College Prepurulory. Bancl, Orclieslra. Row 6 BOVVEN. ANNIE, Home Economics. Discoluolus. BOXYERS, CARL, General lmlustriul. Ili-Y. BfJN,XlBlAN, SALLY, General. Y-Teens, Discoloolus. Row T QBOXVNIAN, VVILLIAM, General. BOYLAFHD, l'lome lfronomics. QPBROADBENT, JAMES H.. General lrnluszrial. Hi-Y, Vnrsily Foollaall. 7 ...f- I .f f W' md' '54 .,3, ?f. - . Mg . -a my I i 12 1 f.r- . , E . . . XR! K 1 i .L Y 2' W' Z. A l v .is ,ge : . l 5 fe E 4. H '65 A l ,Q rr :L .Q ff W vw? H lii' f 342511 Wg f ,erwzr .wus ..1.g:gre,,g, 7 ml 2 115 5 f Q, :ry ..-r,.'- ,wee ug K Q fe, All . vf-f wi gi .1:r1-fx.. 1 . .7 sl ff? . Uv "' if .9 ff iQ Si -'.. .-- P r naww+w mw gwki .,.. 1 ,Jn Ii Q 1' :ar r K V. ,Q .. .fr .mr li . awww -L AQQER yawn? Row I BROOKS, BARBARA, Home Economic BRUBAKER, MARY LEE, Home Ecoiwnncs BRUBAKER, Tl'lOlNlAS E., College Preparatory Language. Wig and Cue, Pres.: Tliespians, lpest Tllespian ol tlle year, '45-'46, ilr. Class Play: Sr. Class Play: Raclio Speech: Qratorical Contest. ow 2 BRYNER. NED R.. College Prepumtorv Blue Qlaclcets, Student Council. BUETER, VIRGINIA, College Preparatory. Discoluolus, Tliresliolcl. BURK, ROBIN, General. Art Clulo, Y-Teens, .lr, Academy ol Sciomc R o W 5 BURSON, BLONDELL. Home Economic Orcliestra, Bancl, Y-Teens. BURT, JOHN D., College Preparatory Language. Varsity Footlaall, Student Council. Pennant Annual. CANEN, IDA MAE, KNOT GRADUATINGJ Rn-,v 4 CAPPl::l.l.E'l4'-lil, DELORES, Home Economics. Disfolwolus. CART, G. EVELYN, Home Economrrs Discolwolus. CHECCHIO, NETTA. Vocational. Disc-cwlvolus. Row 3 CHRISTOPHEL, JUNE, Home Eronomzcs Discolvolus, Paint and Pallette. CIFELLI, SANITA Nl., General. CLARK, ROSENIARY, Vocational Stenogrupliic. Y-Teens, Sec.: Honor Society, Sec.: .lune Senior Class, Vice-Pres.: Stuilent Council: Jr. Class Play, Student Director, Row 6 Cl.lNE, ANNE, College Preparatory Language. Y-Teens: Bancl: Orchestra: Delmate: Honor Society: Triple L: Jr. Class Play, Student Director: Radio Speecll. COLLIER, NANCY, College Preparatory Language. lr. Acaclemy ol Science: .lr. Class Play, Stuclent Director: Triple l.: Sturlent Council: Y-Teens, Vice-Pres.g National Honor Society. CONLEY, EUGENE, General lnrlustrial. Pennant Xveelclyz Blue Jackets, Sec.: Uslicrs Clulnz Stuclent Council: Baslietlnallz Cross Country. Row 7 RAY, General lnflustriul. CORNELIUS. EDXVARD. General. Clloir. CORSON, CLAUDE, General. Senior Class Play, Pennant Annual, Caclet Teacliing. Row I CORTAS, SUZANNE, General. Discolmolus, Y-Teens. COVEY, RUTH, Vocational Clerical. CRIPE, ELEANOR, College Preparatory Language. Discolaolus, tlr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Vvig and Cue, Canlel Tcaclling Row 2 CRIPE, IVIARCIA, Vocational Stenograplzic. Discolbolus. CUIVIIVIINGS, DORIS, Home Economics. DAMBROSIA, IRENE, Home Economics. Y-Teens, Discobolus. Row 3 DASCALOFF. STANLEY, General Industrial. Bancl, Orcllestra, National Honor Society. DAUB, SHIRLEY A., Vocational Stenograpliic. DAVENPORT, PATRICIA I-.. General. Row 4 DAVIS, MARION, General. Y-TGPHS, JF. AC3.Cl9IlIy ol Science, Discolnolus. DE CEAULT, CLARENCE VVILLIAM, College Preparatory. DECKARD, DORIS. College Preparatory Language Y-Teens, Discolxolus, Student Council. Row 5 DECKARD, JOE, General DE FREES, LOUIS, Vocational lxlacliine Slxop. DE FREES, IVIARY ALICE, Vocational lvlercliamlising. Discolnolus, Triple I... Row 6 DE GOLIER, GENE. General. Hi-Y, Bancl, Varsity Football. DEHOFI7. ALBERT FRED, General. Bflrlfl. DENNIAN, HENRY, College Preparatory Language. Hi-Y: Band and Orcli., Stall lll9lIll3El"2 lr. Class Play: Sr. Play: Honor Society: EYRC: Pennant Annual: Student Council, Pres. Row 7 DETTVVEILER, BARBARA JEAN, General. Clloir. DIENER. RICHARD, College Preparatory. National Honor Society, Key Clulu. WDILLON. ROBERT, General. Sopln, Class, Treasg Jr. Class, Trees.: Student Council: Rmlio Speccll. Row 1 DINEHART, EUGENE E., Vocational Maclzine Slaop. Usllers Clulo, Sec., Treas.g Blue Jackets. DINEHART, JAMES E., Vocational Macliine Sliop. Usliers Club, Sec., Treas., Vice-Pres.: Blue Jackets. DISNEY, JUDITH ANN, College Preparatory Language. Clioir, Pennant Vveelily, Triple l... Row 2 DISNEY. LAVERNE VV., JR., College Preparatory Language. Uslmers Clulo, Vice-Pres., Pres.: Stuclent Council. DUNLAP. DAN lu., College Preparatory. Dramatic Clulm, Tllespians, Radio Speecli, lr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Debate, Oratorical Contest. DUVVELIUS, ' ISABELLE, General. ' Orchestra, Tlxresliolcl, Discoluolus, Row 3 DUXVELIUS, JAMES, Gprwrrrl lmluslrial. Football. l.Vlgr.: Track. EARKJK, Home Economics Art Club, Treas.: Discolwolus. NANCY, College Preparatory Language. Vvig and Cue: Tlmespiansg .lr. Class. Soc. clrg Honor Society: Jr. Class Play: Band: Discolvolus: Pennant Vveelcly, Asslt. Ad Mgr. Row 4 EDlxlONDS, lVlARlLYN, College Preparatory Language. Band, Orcllestra, Student Council. EMBRY, DOROT HY, General. ESBERG, JAMES. College Preparatory. Student Council, Treas.: Basketball, Nlgng lnterclnss Baslcetlnallp Pennant Vveelcly. Row 5 ESTES. JO ANN, Vocational Boolzleeeping, Y-Teens, Stuclent Council, Jr. Follies, Pennant Annual. EVANS, GEORGE, General. QEVERETTE, LEONA J., Home Economics. Row 6 FARREl,l,, E., College Preparatory Language. Discolnolus, Jr. Academy, Triple L, Orcluestra. FARRINGTON, ARTHUR R., General lmlustrial. Cross Country. FEDELL. DELORES JEAN, Vocational lxlerclmmlising. Discolzolus. Row 7 FlLl,lO. LLOYD JAMES, College Preparatory Language, Hi-Y, Blue laclcets, Honor Society, Bancl, Bancl and Orclxestra Stall, Uslxers Clulu, Stuclent Council. FINK, VVlLLlAlVl, Vocational Nlucliine Slzop. Student Council. FISHER, PATRICIA, General. Pennant Annual. Row l FLEENER, AIARY LOU, Vocational Stenograplzic. Y-Teens, Pennant Annual. l7LENllNCv, PETER, College Preparatory Language, Tlrresliolclg Jr. Class Play, Senior Class Play: Raclio Speeclig Honor Society: Pennant Annual, Eclitor. FRl.'lDERlCK, PAUL, JR., College Preparatory. Usln-rs Clulv, Blue larlcets, Bancl, Hi-Y. llc OXV 2 FREEBY, VVAYNE A., Vocational Printing. Varsity Cross Country, Varsity -lfilfli. QFREED, RILEY, General. FRINK, SUSlE,Ceneral. Discolmolus. Paint ancl Palette, T-Teens. Pennant Vveelcly, Pennant Annual, lr. Acaclerny ol Science. Row 3 WFULLER, DON E., General lnclustrial. Stuclent Council: Varsity Football, Co-Capt.g Varsity Traclc: .lr, Class, yllCE'IJfCS.Z ,lilllllilfy Sf. ClHSS, PFQS. GALBREATH, GLADYS, General. Discolwolus, Pres.: National Honor Societyg Triple L: Art Clulag Pennant Xvec-lily: Girls Executive Committee. CARL, HARLEY G., Vocational lwacliine Sliop. Hi-Y, Varsity Football. 5 ., :at J ff' is W . X E Row 4 - -A E QIASKILL, Hollis Economics. I .Qigi.' l l GEDNEY, MARGARET ELAINE, College Preparatory Language. I -I Yflleens, Senior Class Play. fl z ,l l t I GEHRAND, NANCY. J., cami. Discolwolus, Treas.: Triple L: A Cappella Clioir, Pre-s.g Stuclent Council: "-M Honor Society: Art Clulop Pennant Annual. 1 5 Row 5 GENTZHORN, HELEN El.l7lABE'l4l'l, Home Economics '. GERBER, JOYCE, Home Economics. 'mfr Banrl, Orclic-stra. GIBSON, JOYCE, College Preparatory Language. Art Cluln, Sec.: Tlxreslxolcl. Row 6 . , GILDNER, RAYAIOND, Vocational Macliirizf Sliop. 5 Q Stuclent Council. CNAGY, CAROL A., csenemi. svzy GOOD, FlARGARET lNOT GRADUATINGJ K Row 7 GOODXXllN, E., General. ' V ooreoow, SHIRLEY cAw11Li-E. Ge.wml. A 5? Pennant Xxleelcly: Paint anfl Palette: A Cappella Clioir, Pianist. - 'z z GRABIU., JAMES, C011e,,e P.-I-,m.mf,'. A ' ' Blue larliets, Stuclent Counril, Hi-Y, Dramatics Clulo, Pennant Xveelcly, Tracli. Stage Crafts :af ..,E ' ,,-e, fir vAk..Vfz 1..- urr , Ac. ' 1 Q' I ll , gf 4? y gf Y . , 5 ' V I -', . :li 6 M' :F-ga., :et .M if 'xl , ,H Wag if mm. MQ V, ,.., ,k, sv A. V ..z,'v F ee, ,, . 3184? 't e vfjw - X ve ,, . Z 4' if V ff' 752 aft ,.,, ,D f W e 4 -1- - .g r it J: Q7 'Wliu 5 ,iwf lggfx Q ' ' 7' -':' 11' . - J 'if -' Z .4 I Y ,J lU5 Row I DICKEROFF, JOAN, Vocational Stenograpliic. Y-Teens, TripIe I.. GRAFF, BEVERLY, College Preparatory Language. TripIe I... DiscoIJoIus. GRAVENDER. DICK, INOT GRADUATINGJ. Band, Vice Pres.: Stage Craft, Mgr. Row 2 GRINDLAY, HILARY, QNOT XGRADUATINGJ. GRIIVIES, DOLORES, Vocational Cierical. GRISAIVIER, JOAN, Home Economics Row 5 GROOTVELD, IVIARILYN, College Preparatory Language, Y-Teens, DiscoIooIus, Jr. Academy of Science, Pennant VVeeIiIy, Radio Speech, OratoricaI Contest. GROVE, MARION, Vocational Stenographic. TripIe L, DiscoIooIus, Band, Orchestra. GUIVIPPER, RICHARD, Coiiege Preparatory Language. Jr. Acactemy ot Science, Vicerpres., Pres.: Honor Society, Pres: Iti-Y, Btue Jackets, Sec., Treasg Choir: Student CounciIg EYRC. Row 4 HAMILTON, RANDALL, General Industrial. HARFI-ER, JOANN, COIIege Preparatory. Y-Teens, I HEADLEY, CAROL JEAN. Vocational Stenograpnic. DiscoI3oIus, Tripte L, Student CounciI. Row 5 HEETER, HAROLD, Coltege Preparatory. Student CounciI, Hi-Y, BIue Jackets, Varsity BaseI:aII, Varsity BasI4etIJaII. HELVIE, JOAN LOU. Vocational Bookkeeping. HENDRICKSON, HELEN, College Preparatory Language, Y-Teens: Senior CIass PIayg Pennant VVeeIcIy, Ass'i Ed.: Dramatics CIUIL Row 6 HERRLI, DORIS, Vocational Clerical. HICKEY, DONNA, College Preparatory Language. TripIe L, Choir, TI1resI1oIcI, DiscoIJ0Ius, Vvig and Cue, Senior CIass PIay. HIGLEY, CARL, General. Pennant Annual. Row 7 HILLMAN, FREDERICK, QNOT GRADUATINGI. HIIVIEBAUGH, PATRICIA, Home Economics. HITES, PHYLLIS, V0cutionaI Stenograptiic. Kow l HOGENDOBLER, DOROTHY, Vocational Clerical. HOLTZ, RITA, General, Clwoirg Pennant Xfvec-lily: Pennant Annual: Stuolent Council, .lune Senior Class, Soc. Cl1.g Banfl. Disfolmolus. HOMAN. MARGARET, General. Baml, Pennant Annual. Row 2 HORN, MARGARET J., General. Disoolwolus, Clloir. HOSTETLER, DEAN E.. General Industrial. HOSTETLER. .lA5lES E., College Preparatory Language Row 5 HOUGHTON, GEORGE. General lmlusiriul. Pennant Annual. l'lUl.lJ. JOHN A., College Preparatory Language. .lr. Acaclemy ol Science, Sec.: Vice-Pres.: Hi-Y: Honor Society, Treas.. Blue .laclcetsg A Cappella Clmir: Pennant Annual: Radio Speerll. HUNBARGER, JULES, General Industrial. lraclc. Row 4 JOHNSON, THEODORE. College Preparatory Language. National Honor Sociely, Orrlwstra, Vice-Pres.: Bancl: Hi-Y: Blue .laclcetsz Uslxers Clulw. JACKSON. VERNE. General. Foollmall. .lANlAK, NlAXlNE Bl., Vocational Stenograplwic. Disrolmolus, Triple l., Pennant Xveelily. Row 5 lOl'lNSON. LEONARD XV., College Preparatory. lr. Araclemy ol Science, Sect., Tr:-ns.: lnlurvlaw Baslcetlvallg Key Clula, Sec., Pres. NlAR,lORlE. Homr' Econonu Discoloolus, Caclet Teaclling. JOHNSON. XVll.l.lA3l H., follege Preparatory Language. Foollvall, lxlgr.: .lanuary Senior Class, Sou Cir., Stuclenl Council. Row 6 2,lOHNS'l'ON, Xxlilliam, College Preparatory llunguagv. JOLLY, BETTY LOU, General. llwreslnolnl, Pc-nnanl Xveelxly, Banrl, Discnlmlus. JONES, EARL XV., Vomiionnl A'PTClItlHlll5llIfI. lion' T JONES, VVARREN. General. Vocational lx1HClllll8 Slmp. KALB, General lmlusiriul. Sturls-nl Counril, Varsity lracli, Varsity Cross Country, Row 1 KANE, ROBERT, General. Uslrers Cluln, Vice-Pres.: Bancl, Soc. Cla., Hi-Yg Vvig and Cue, Blue Jackets: Pennant Vveelcly, KASER, ROBERT, College Preparatory Language. Choir, Soc. Cll.: Varsity Tennis. KAUFFNIAN, BETTY tl., Vocational Boolzlzeeping. Band. Row 2 KEENE, KATHERINE, College Preparatory Language. Yell-eens: Tlrespiansz Honor Society: Pennant Vveelcly, Asslt Eel., Eclitorg EYRC, Sec.: Stuclent Council, Girls' Exec. Com.: Vvig and Cue. KlEl:ER, PHYl.LlS J., Vocational Boolzlzeeping. KEITH, MELVIN, General lmlustrial. Varsity Football. Row 3 KEMNITZ, JEANNE, Home Economics. KIDDER, IVIARY, College Preparatory Language. Y-Teens, A Cappella Clroir. KILE, PHYLLIS, General. Caclet Teaclring, Discolnolus. Row 4 KILLINGER, DORlS, College Preparatory. Discolaolus, Band, Orchestra, Jr, Acaclemy of Science, Triple L, Pennant Weekly. KIRBY, MARLIN, General. KIRBY, THOMAS, General lnrlustrial. Row 5 KISER, PATRlClA, Vocational Stenograpliic. KISTLER, BYRON C., College Preparatory Language. Hi-Y, Bancl, Orcllestra, Blue Jaclcets. Kl,lNGER, ROGER, College Preparatory Language. Vxlig and Cue, Prog Ch.: Tlaespians, Treas., Pres.: Pennant Vveelclyg Senior Class Play. Row 6 KLEIN, NORMA JEAN, Vocational Boolzlzeeping. 'kKl-lNG, WAYNE L., General lnalustrial. Cross Country. KLOSE, LYLE, General lnclustrial. Row 7 KNOEBBER, LENORE, College Preparatory. Y-Teens: Pennant Xxleelclyg ll-lareslrolcl, Eclitorg Discoloolusq Senior Class Play: Triple l... HOITIQ El'0l'tOTl'l.ll'S KOENIG, LEO, General. lnterclass Baslcetloall, Baseball, Cross Country. Row 1 KONRAD. ELIZABETH, College Preparatory llanguage. Orrliestra. Ser.: Triple l., Vice-Pres.: .lr. Acaclcmy ol Science Honor Society: Raclio Speeclig Caclet Training. KORN, PATRICIA, College Preparatory Language. XX'ig and Cue, Treas.: Y-Teens, Service Cir.: Pennant Xveclcly can mt Annual, Ass't Ed.: Stuclent Council: Junior Follies. KRElGHBAUlXl, EARLENE, Vocational Clerical. Row 2 I-CREIGHBAUBI, JEAN, College Preparatory Language. Class Secretary, Sopli., .lr., June Senior, KRICHBAUBI, HELEN LOUISE, Home lfconornrcs Discoloolus. KUNCE, .lANlS DlANPl, Vocational Stenograpliic. Row 5 LANG, NIAHOAIAS, College Preparatory Language. Football, Stuclent Council, Pennant Annual. LANSCHE, AN'l'OlNE'l'l'E, Home lfconomics. Y-Teens, Bancl, Clioir. LANTZ, ROGER, General. Hi-Y, Devotional Cir.: 'llraclcg Varsity Cross Country. Row 4 l..AUGHlVlAN, RICHARD, Vocational Drawing. Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Traclc. LEEGE, JOSEPHINE, College Preparatory Language. Pennant VVM-lily. Ass't Eel., Triple Lg Yflleens: Discolmlus. LEER, D. CLEO, General. Row 5 l..EH5lAN, ANNE, Home Economics. LENINA, NVADE, General. Hi-Y, Pennant Annual, lnterclass Baslietlnall. LERNER, CHARLENE, Vocational Str-nograpliic. Y-Teens, Art Club. Row 6 LE'l'NlfR, l'lAflfl. l"Alf, General. LEXVIS, DONNA, General. LEVVIS. XVILLIAM M., General. Banrl, Vice-Pres.: Orrliestrag Bancl aml Orcliestra Stall Row 7 LICHTENBERGER, LYLE, College Preparatory. Blue lacliets, pres.: Ciilfllf, Vice-Pres. lxl., Vocational SlPll0gl'Uf7lllC. Pennant Xveelily, Asslt Ed.: Y-'llc-ons: .lr. Follies. l.lGH-lll:OO'll, Nl. JIBINIIIZ, Vocational lxlaclaine Slmp. USIli'fS Cillll. -llfeil 73" Q ft' Row I LINK, RICHARD, College Preparatory. Varsity Footlxall, Varsity Baslcetloall. LINN, JAMES, General. Varsity Baslcetloall, Capt., Free Tllrow Tropliy, Varsity Baseball. LOCKVVOOD, CLYDE E., General. Row 2 LONG, DAVID, College Preparatory Language. Caclet Teaching. LONG, DON, General. LONG, ROBERT, General. Blue rlaclcets. Row 5 LONGACRE. VALORIS, J . Y-Teens, Art Cluln. LORENZ, ELIZABETH, College Preparatory, Y-Teens: Tlrespiansg Stuclent Council: Pennant Xxleelily, Assit Ed.: Vvig ancl Cue: Jr. Academy ol Science: lr. Class Play: DiscolJolus, Art, LUELL, CHARLES, College Preparatory Language. Traclc, Cross Country, Hi-Y, Student Council, Pennant Row 4 LUSHER, JAMES F., College Preparatory. LUX, PHILIP, General. Student Council, Varsity Traclc, Cross Country, Jr. Class Basketball, Pennant Annual. LYNCH, MARY ANN, General. Allflllill. Play, lnterclass Discoloolus, Pennant Vveelily, Yflqeens, Jr. Follies, Sr. Class Play. Row 5 MAC FARLANE, BERT, College Preparatory. Varsity Tennis, Pennant Annual, Sr. Class Play, Raclio lnterclass Baslietlsall. MrCLINTlC, ARLENE MAE, Home Economics. MCDONALD, MARILYN VV., Vocational Booleleeeping. Row 6 Speecll, Hi-Y IVICLAUGHLIN, JANETH Nl., College Preparatory Language. Yflqeens, Vvig anfl Cue, Tliespians, Pennant Vveelcly, S Honor Society, Jr. Class Play, Delfnate, Oratorical, Radio. MCMURRAY, EDVVARD C., Vovational Machine Slrop. MADLEM, VIRGINIA ANNE, Vocational Stenograpllic. Triple L, Vvig ancl Cue, Y-Teens, Clwoir, Discolsolus. Row 7 MAHAR, PATRICIA, Home Economics. IVIAINS, ROBERT L., Vocational Drawing. Hi-Y, Sec., Traclcg Cross Countryg lnterclass Baslcetliall. AMARKLEY, ANNADEE, General. Tlrresluolcl. tuflent Council Row I NIARKS, KATHLEEN lVlARCEll.., Vocational Stenograplzic. VVig anal Cue: Tliespians, Sec. lVlARTlN, LOIS, College Preparatory Language. Pennant Vveelcly, Dramatics Cluln, Sr. Class Play. ixlARTlN, VERNON, College Preparatory Langauge. Varsity Footlaall. Row 2 a'lXlASON, RICHARD DONALD, Vocational lvlaclline Sliop. Ushers Clulng Blue Jaclcets, Treas. lNlASSEY, VVILMA. Home Economics. Clioir, Discoluolus. Triple L. MATHIS, ROBERTINE, General. Xvig and Cue, slr. Class Play, .lr. Follies, National Honor Society, Pen- nant Vveelcly. Row 5 lVlAYER, K. LYLE, Vocational Maclline SIIOP. Usllers Clulzz, Hi-Y, Varsity Clieer Leailer. lVlEAD, R. VVILLIANL General. MEEKER, rlAlVlES D., Vocational Drawing. Usliers Cluln, Pres.: Hi-Y: Student Council. Row 4 lVlERCHANT. VVARD, College Preparatory Language. Hi-Y: Student Council: Traclc ancl Cross Country, Mgr.: lnterclass Bas lietlaallp Pennant Annual: Honor Society: .lune Sr. Class, Pres, MESSNER, JANET RAE. Vocational Stenograpllic. Xvig anal Cue, Discoluolus, Y-Teens. Stuclent Council. lVlETZLER, NGRMA .l., College Preparatory. Triple L, Discolaolus, Pennant Xveelcly, Banrl. Row 5 MICHELS, RALPH E., General. Debate. MILLER, BETTY LOUISE, General. Triple L. Stuclent Council, Discolwolus, Pennant Vveelcly, Vvig ancl Cue Bancl, Orcli, .lr. Acaclemy ol Science. lVllLLER, DAVID E., Vocational Machine Sliop. Row 6 lVllLLER, O, DEAN, General lnllustrial. :kNllLLER, DONNA LOU, Vocational Boolzleeeping. Discotaolus. MILLER, KENNETH L., General. Row 7 LHNKER, JERRY, Vocational lllerclzanclising, Discolmolus. A Cappella Clioir, Triple L, Jr. Follies. QkyllSENER, RAYMOND, General lnclustrial. 5klVlODEREALi, HELEN L., Home Economics Row 1 IVIODERAU, HERMAN, General. Band, Orcliestra, Varsity Football. IVIONTAGANO, JOSEPHINE, General. Yflleens, Discoluolus. IVIONl-lil'lql'l, VVILLIAIVI, College Preparatory Language. Hi-Y, Sec., Treas., Pres.: Bancl: Tllresluolfl, Bus. Mgr.: Pennant Annual, Ass't Bus, Mgr., Stuclent Council: EYRCg Varsity Clieer Leaolerg Rnclio Spec-cll. Row 2 IVIOORE, NOEL, General. Clmoir. :l'NlOREl'lOUSE, PAT, Home Economics. Y-Teens. IVIORNINGSTAR, PHYLLIS JEAN, Home Economics Discoloolus, Y-Teens. Row 3 NIORTOFF, MARY JANE, Vocational Nlerclzamlising. Discolxolus. lVlOYER, AUDRA E. Vocational Boolelzeeping. Vvig anrl Cue. Clioir, Y-Teens, Discolnolus, tlr. Follies. IVIOYER, ELLSVVORTH, General. Row 4 IVIUNZ, BARBARA lvl., Vocational Boolzleeeping. Triple L, Clioir. IVIUNZENMAIER, LAVVRENCE, College Preparatory. Hi-Y, Student Council, lnterclass Baslietlxall, Band. MURRAY, CATHERINE, General. Discoloolus. Row 5 MURRAY, CLIFFORD, College Preparatory. Stuclent Council: Varsity Baslietluallz Varsity Tmclc, Capt.: Varsity Cross Country, Capt. NADOLNY, PATRICIA A., College Preparatory Language. Y-Teens, Student Council, Bancl, Discolaolus, Pennant Annual. NEFF, JOAN, College Preparatory Language. elr. Acaclemy ol Science, Triple L, Discoloolus, Bancl, Orclwestra, Y-Teens. Row 6 . g NELIJST, EDVVARD VV., College Preparatory. Hi-Y, Publicity Ch.: Pennant Vveelily, Bus. lVlgr.: Caclet Teacliing. QNELSON, HAROLD, General industrial. NELSGN, BETTY, College Preparatory. Discolaolusg Art Clulog Y-Teens, Pulolicity CI1: Triple L, Sec. I I T lx ow 7 - iiNEVN'MAN, BElYl'Y, Home Economics. Pennant Xveelcly, Student Council, Discoloolus, Banfl. NICHOLSON, IVIARY LOUISE, College Preparatory Language. Discolnolus. Y-Teens, Triple L, Sr. Class Play, Radio Speech, Cadet Teacliing. NlCl'IOLSON, NADINE, Vocational Boolelzeeping. Triple L, Bancl, Orcliestra. Row 1 MNOIJIQSINGER, GERAID E., Vocational lVlacl1ine Slrop. NYE, FREDERICK P., Genernl. NYE, NNI., CKJIIBQH rJI'Pp!1t'0lOY'y l4G,I'lgltU.Q0. Student Council: Blue Jafliets, Vice-Pres., Pres.: Ili-Y: Honor Society, lreas.: tlslrers Clulxq EYRCQ Cluoir. Row 2 GKLITZ, KATHLEEN, College Preparatory Language. Y-Teens, Discolmlus. iFOLIYE, BE-VICE, Home Economics. OLIVE, NORINIA IEANNE, Home Evonorric Row 5 OR'I', PHYLLIS JEAN. Vocational Stenogrupliic. I I '-'f-- MRC 2731 i 5' rv, 1 t if .9 hi' - if I if M, , jx 2+ 1, Y-'I eens, National Honor Society, Clioir, Stuclvnt Council, Junior Ijo , - 3',i:,s I . . Discoloolus, Pennant Annual. ORT, RICHARD, QNOT GRADUATINGI YOSBORNE, DOROTHY, General. Pennant Xveelcly, Stuclent Council. Row 4 OFIT, FRANCES JEAN, General. OVVENS, THOMAS DAVID, College Preparatory Language. Usliers ClulJ, National Honor Society, Band, Hi-Y, Blue Jackets. OVVENS, VIVIAN, Home Economics. Row 5 PACKER, JOYCE IVI., Home Economics. 'EPARK GENNEE, Vocational Boolzleeeping. Discolbolus. PATRICK, JANE, College Preparatory Language. Discolaolus, Sgt. at Arms: Triple I.., Social Clmirrnnn: National Honor Society, Banclg Circlet Teaclling. Row 6 PATRICK, JANET, General. Discolnolus, Triple L, Band. PACIAIN, CARI.. EDVVIN, Vocational Drawing. PAVVLING, GERALD, Vocational Drawing. Bancl, Orcliestm. R ow T PEASE. JOHN C., College Preparatory. l'IiAY, Blue Jaclzets, Junior Class Play, Key C PEEK, STELLA NIARILYN, Vocational Clerical. TIIARP, DALE, General lmlustrial. lllb, USll6I'S Clllb wait re " .H if as Q2 'I' 1 W J, 4 Aw, 1- My if ,fl Y' we Mfg is x?fA f Q l 55 rig 1' f I ., z 1 if J Row 1 PETERSON, JOHN, General. Varsity Footlpall, lnterclass Baslcetlnall. PE-l'RlELLA, FRANCES, Home Economics Clroir. PLATZ, ROBERTA CAROL, Home Economies Row 2 PCIDHEROY. BEVERLY ANN. Vocational Clerical. Art Clulu, Discolnolus, Y-Teens. PRlClf, JO ANNE, Vocational Stenograplzic. Discolvolus. REED, CHARLES V.. College Preparatory Language. Hi-Y, Vive Pres., Treas.: Stuclf-nt Council. Row 5 REAS, RAYMOND, General lnilustrial. REESE, DORlS, College Preparatory Language. Discoloolus. Wig ancl Cue, Senior Class Play, Oratorical Contest l5rcl placej, Pennant Annual. REINER. CARL XV., Vocational Rlucliine Slrop. Row 4 REYNOLDS, ELEANOR, lNOT GRADUATINC-J. BEHICI, OfCll9Slra, Discoloolus. RHEINHEIMER, SHIRLEY, Vocational Szerwgraplry. Jr. Acacleiny ol Science: Honor Society: January Sr. Class. Sec.: Dis- coloolus, Sec.: Stuclent Council: Triple L: Y-Teens: Banclg Orclrg Jr. RHODES. ALICE, College Preparatory. Orchestra, Vice-Pres., Pres.: Bancl: Dramatics Clulu: Senior Class Play' Triple L: National Honor Society. Row 5 RICHARDSON, ELEANORE, Home Economics. Pennant Vveelily, Y-Teens, Paint and Palette, Sec., Pres.: Triple L. RICHARDSON, NORMA ANN, General. Discolnolus, Triple L, Y-Teens, Paint and Palette, Soc. Clr.: Vllllreslrolcl, Pennant Vveelcly. RIDGLEY, NORMA JEAN, College Preparatory Language. Discoluolus. Triple L. Row 6 RINEHART, EUGENE R., General lmlustrial. RISH, lVlARlLYN, College Preparatory Language. 'lll1espians, Viceepres., Pres.: Y-Teens: Honor Society: Pennant Annual, Asslt. Eel.: Jr. Class Play: Sr. Class Play: Raclio Speecllg Oratoricul. RITTER. PATRICIA A.. College Preparatory Language. Honor Society: Triple L, Pres.: Discobolus, Soc. Cl1.: EYRC, rllrcas.: Stuclent Council: Jr. ancl Sr. Class Play: Raolio Speech. Row 7 RITTER, RAIVIAH, General. Clroir, Orcllestra, Paint ancl Palette. ROBBINS, CAROL MAE, Vocational Booleleeeping. Clroir, Jr. Follies. RODINO, CONCETFA M., General. Y-Teens, Student Council, Discolmolus, Pennant Annual. Row l RODINO, SAlVlUlfla JOSEPH, College Preparatory Language. Varsity Traclc, Varsity Cross Country, Student Council. J., General lnrluslrial. Varsity Footlmll. ROE, BARBARA J., College Preparatory. Y-Teens, Vvig nncl Cue, Discolwolus, Junior lrollies, Stuflcnl Council, Varsity Clieer Leacler. Row 2 , ,W ROMBERGER, THOMAS, College Preparatory Language. Q lfootlmall, lxlgr.: Pennant Annual. gg ROSE, JOHN, College Preparatory Language. if " Hi-Y, Pennant Vveelcly, Raclio Speecli, W ee ROWE, CAROLYN SUE, College Preparatory Language. -.,. 1 Y-Teens, Vice-Pres.: Stuclent Council, Vice-Pres.: Pennant Xxleelcly, Asslt. f. ' A Eel., Pennant Annual, Ass't. Ent.: Girls' Exec. Com. 5 J' Row 3 RONYE, THOMAS, JR., KNOT GRADUATINGJ RUSSELL, BETTY, College Preparatory Language. Discolgolus. Triple L, Y-Teens, National Honor Society, Stuclvnl Council, Carla-t Teaching. 'DRLTSSELL ROGER VAUS, General, Row 4 SCSACRO, ROBERT A., General lmlustriul. SANDS. VV.. General lmlustrial. Hi-Y. SANFORD, BEVERLY, General. qv-TCEIIS. Row 5 SCl'llL'l-Z. JOHN, College Preparatory. Hi-Y. SCHMIDT, JANEEN, College Preparatory Language. t Y-Teens: Triple L: Vvig and Cue, Social Cliairnlang Tliespians: Tlwres- liolclg Sc-nior Class Play: Discolgolus. SCHOOLEY, FREDITH, Home Economies. Discolaolus. Row 0 SCIIULT, ERNEST K.. General. Clioir. SCHULTZ. BETJJY. General. Disfoluolus, Y-Teens. SCHUSTER, DELORES, Vocational Bookkeeping. Band. Row 7 SEEGERS, JEAN, Vocational Bookkeeping. Clioir. SEEJJG, BONITA, Vocational llflerclzanclising. JSELLERS, DGNALD VV., General Industrial. HieYg Varsity Footloall, Co-Capt.: Student Council. iam: 1 -If Row I SHANTZ. RICHARD Football, Track, In SHAVV, MOZELL, H DARREL, Voraiional Macliirle Sliop. terclass Baslictlnall. ome Economics. Orcliestra, Y-Teens. SHEARER, BETTY LO Row 2 SHULTZ, DOLORES U, General. M., College Preparatory. Art Clulv, Triple L. SIMONS, RICHARD. June Senior Class, Player. SINNING, MARILYN Vvig and Cue, T AHIIUFAI. Row 5 SLOAT, JUNE. Gene SLOUGH. LELAND. Band and Orclwestr Sec., Treas. SMELTZER. DEAN E. Row 4 SIVIITH, NORIVIA .IEA a Stall, Sec.: Blue Jackets, General industrial. Treasurer, Traclc: Varsity Football, Ivlost Valunlple J., College Preparatory Language, liespians, Y-Teens, Triple L, Discolmlus, Pennant ml. Vocational Macliine Shop. Parlg Hi-Y, Usliers Clulr, , College Preparatory. N. Home Economics. Discolvolus, Student Council, Clloir. E SNYDER, DONNA .I Vvig and Cue, D Class Play. STEMM, JAMES E.. Hi-Y. Row 5 STEPHENSON, SUE lr. Follies 3 Y-Teens: National Honor So STEVENS. DALE VX Hi-Y, Band, STIVER, PHIL ROBE Visual Eclucation, Row 6 STOCKVVELL, HERB STROUD, COLLEEN A Cappella Clxoir, STROUSE. THOMAS I Internlass Baslcetlma Row 7 SUTTON, BETTY JE Orcliestra. SVVARTZ. NANCY, V Discolnolusz Y-Teen SVVIHART, DANNY. Hi-Y, Sec., Treas.: AYIIIUHL Sec., Treasq Hi-YQ Bancl: Blue AN, Vocational Clerical. iscoinolus, Student Council, YA'-lqeens, .lr. Folios, .lr. Vocational Bookkeeping. ANN, College Preparatory Language. Stuclent Council: Cadet Teacliingg Pennant Annual: ciety, Sec. 'liNDELL, General. RT, General. Jackets. ERT, General lnalustrial. B1-y GPHPTUI. Paint ancl Palette, .lr. Follies. CEDRIC, General. l, Varsity Baseloall. AN, HOHIG ECOUOIIIILS ocationul Stenogropliic. sg Triple L, Treas. College Preparatory Language. lnterclass Basketloall: Stuclent Council, Pennant R nw l l SVVll'lARVll, 'l'llOlVlAS Llil-I, College ljrvpurulury l.angnugo. V HE-Y, .lr. Acnllelny ol SI'lC'IIi'C, Nnlionnl llunor Socicly, Vllrncli, Fooilmll. 'l'HORNBLfRG, EVELYN Fl., Home lfwimmifs. . 3 .I N f Q 'Qs in 3 mg , ' s , DlSfOl7tJlllS. TIIORPE, Al.l"Rl,fD li., Gmeml. llff ., in Row 2 College ljrvpuralory ,LlIllgillUg0. National Honor Society, Sturlent Council, Pennant Annual, Pennant Xyeelcly, ,luninr Follies, -lllireslmolcl. 'Vl'OlNl, GLEN E., Vocational lvlaclline Sliop. Blue Jafkm, TOROK, RABIONA, General, ll ow 5 TROUP, NORMA, General. Clioir PAL.'l-, CJl'Il?fHl 1llllllSll'lUl. Visual Eclnfnlion, Vice-l7rs's.g Usliers fllulwg Oulu-sim. TXVEEDY, JOANNE, Voculionul Boolekecping. Banfl. f .1 n nf .1'ss..f l dwg I' R ow 4 l'NGER, Voc-ulianal Slvnugrapluc. Discoldollls, Pennant NVQ-kly, Y-Teens. I TPI JNGER, R OBERT, Gvmfml. VANCE, HOVVARD L., College' Preparatory llunguugv. Slucleni Count-il, Pennant Annual, Zn, , . Row 5 VEROXY, XVll,l.lABl, Vocational lxlucliinv Slzop. VESCELUS, IWARGAREI' ANN, General. VEFVFER, Home Ecunonnl A' Yfl-cc-ns. Discolbolus, Triple l.. R uw 6 XVll..l.A, x'Y0CGllUIItIl lloolzlzeeping. Y--l-vc-ns, VOGES, VENNIS HERNAN. College ljrvpumtory Languagv. Hi-Y, Sorinl Cliairman: Junior Acatlmny ol Science: .lunior Class Play Senior Class Play: Pe-rnmnk Xwfeklyg Pennant Annual, Business lvlanagc-rg Raclio Spvecli. VULKIXIAN, PA'lARlClA, Home Econof nm Ruw T VORAS, DIANA, College llrepurulory l.angnagv. Vvig ancl Cuff: Tllespians: .lunior Class ljlnyz Senior Class ljluyg Nzxlicmiizi Honor Socticlyg Pennant VV:-vlcly: Pr-nnzint Annual, All Nlznnager. XVALDREF, NORVAL GENE. General lmlustriul. Foollaall, .luniur Follies, Slurlvnl Counnil. XYALKER, Al.lCE 3lAY, Vuculional Stenugrupliic. Senior Class Play, Dir'cmlxulus, Y-Teens. 1 .2 ff 117 Row l XVALTERS, FRED, General lnclustrial, Varsity Footluall. XVALTERS, NOLE, General. VVALTON, Vocational Clerical. Discolnolus, Xvig ancl Cue, Tliespians. Orcliestra, Senior Class Play, Pennant Annual, Oratorical Contest. NVALTON. SHIRLEY JEAN, College Preparatory Language. Triple la: Y-Teens, Soc. Ch.: Jr. Acaclc-my of Science, Discolnolusg Bancl, Soc. Ch.: Stuflent Council, Honor Society. Row 2 VVALTZ. DARVVIN. General. College Preparatory Lanauage. Y-Teens: Bancl, Drum Nlaiorz Stuclent Council: Jr. Folliesg Pennant Xveelclyg Sr. Class Play, Pennant Annual. NVARE, NlARY. Home Economics. VVARGON, lVlARY ELLEN. Vocational Ste-nnqrnpliic. Tlireslroldg Band: Pennant Weeklyrz Triple l-, Soc, Cla.: JF. Class Play: Sf. Class Play. R ow 5 XVARGON, PAUL CHARLES, Vommrrrnl Mar-lnne Sltop. Footlwall, lnterclass Baslcetlaall. VVATROUS, JOAN ANGELENE. General. VVEAVER. JO ANN, College Preparatory Language. Discolxolus: Tllespiansz Sr. Class. Tre-as.: Honor Society: Pennant Vveelilyg Pennant Annual Arl lxlgr.: Jr. ancl Sr. Class Play. NYELDY, JEAN. Vocational Clerical. Discolnolus, Stuclent Council. Y-Teens. R ow sl a'XVEl,SCH. EARNEST. Vocational Drawing. Hi-Y, Baslietlwall, Baselnall. Tracli. NVESTBROOK. JANET. lNOT GRADUATINGJ. WXVHARTON. RAY. Cleneral. Hi-Y, Pres.: EYRC: Stuclent Council, Honor Society: Pennant Vveelclyg lnterclass Baslcetlnall: Varsity Tennis, Capt. XVHlSl,ER. LEON. General lnrlustriul. Baselmall, lnterclass Baslcetlvall, Row 5 VVHISLER. RUSSELL. General. Clioir, I-botlwall. XVILSON, DON E. JR., General. VVILSON, DORIS, Home Economies. VVILSON, EUGENE, Voanionnl Mrrrlrine Slmp. R ow 6 VVll.'l'ROUT, EVELYN. General. Discoluolus, Pennant Vveelcly, Pennant Annual, Junior Follies. VVOOD, BEVERLY JEAN, College Preparatory Language. Discolmolus. Vvig ancl Cue. 'WVORKINGEK STANLEY E., College Preparatory. Hi-Y, Pennant Annual, Varsity Footlrall, Bancl. XVORJJNGER, DEAN, General Irnlnszrml. Row 7 VX'RlGl'lrl', JEAN, General. Y-Teens, Pres.: Student Council: EYRC, Ch., Vvig ancl Cue, Discolaolusg Honor Society: pennant Xveelclyg Senior Class Playg Girls' Exec. Com. YARBROUGH, PAULlNE. Home Economics. lN7lll.DRED, Vocational Clerical. WYESBERC-ER, LEONARD A., Variational Maclrirle Slrop. alzlnclicates January Graduates. N.. .Q 5 M 4 I K i 8 2 2 f""?M M s Q ' in 1 Q 5 I K4 3 , ,':: VII, , J fe? Fil? 'Kfi' .P A . ' E I 2 , :sis 53' Wir f- r 4 X 31 X Wk new? Su junior officers confer with sponsors Siner and Sprouii History-Class uf 1948 The class oi '48, after organizing as sophomores, chose lxfiiss Siner and lVir. Sproull as their sponsors. To see them- selves through their llirst year difficulties and help as they hecame accustomed to their surroundings, the class elected the following oiiicers: President, Dave Herring? Vice Presi- dent. Dick Nlurphyg Secretary, Susie Youngg Treasurer, Don Spilman: Boys, Social Chairman. Dicic Campbell: Girls' Social Chairman, Betty Clrove. The liirst class meeting was held January IS, 1046, in the auditorium. The purpose oi this meeting was to introduce the oilicers and sponsors to the class. A committee was ap- pointed for the selectionfoi the traditional class rings and pins. As the year wore on, the sopohomores acquired a feeling oi helonging hy entering into school activities and hecoming acquainted with their classmates. ulxfly Suppressed.DesireU, the first annuat ciass party. was held April 27, 1946, in the high school gym. This was the sophomores iirst hig event as a class, lViany class memhers were given the opportunity of working on committees. ln order to malce money for the treasury. the class spon- sored the concessions at the tracic meet and the dance follow- ing lim meet. Betty Grove and Dorothy .ienner were among the nominees ior Traclc f2ueen oi the 1946 meet. Although they iun in their sophomore year. the class oi ,48 eagerly loolced forward to the coming iall when they would hecome iull-lieged juniors. The Junior Class was organized early in the iali oi '46. Un Septemher 24. the following oiiicers were elected during IEU the home room hour: President, Dave Herringg Vice President, Dick Carnphellg Secretary, Ed Longiellowg Treasurer. Don Spilmang Social Chairmen. Jane O'Herron and Roh Bicicart. The class met on Vvednesday, Octoher 30. for its lvirst junior meeting. The Junior Follies and class play were dis- cussed. The new officers were introduced to the class and plans for the coming year were presented. The ctass party, "The New Year Premieru, was heid on January 4, in the high school gym. Dancing and a slcit made up the eveningis entertainment. Boh Bicltart and Jane O'Her- ron were the general chairmen. Other committee chairmen were: Sue Darr, Entertainmentg Roherta Esch, Decorationsg Roger Artley, Chaperonesg Paul Rose. Refreshments. A Almost heiore they ltnew it, the time had come to start preparing for the Junior Class Play. An appointed committee chose the play, TA Date Vvith Judyf, The piay was success- fully presented heiore a full house on two consecutive nights, January 6 and 7. The piay was directed hy lviiss Hughes, the dramatics teacher. The Junior Follies, which have ioecome a traditionai pres- entation olh the Junior Class, were given April 26. The Follies were presented in iour parts: the Cay Ninetiesg vaudeville- IQ20g the Flapper Era-i950 and the lvlodern Age. The long-awaited prom was held hiay 24. 1947. in the Athenian Ballroom of the Hotel Elkhart. The theme for the prom was the "Big Top., Ball. Doc Bowles and his orchestra furnished the music for dancing from 9 to IQ. The prom completed the activities for the class oi '48 as juniors. They look forward to returning in the fall as the upperclassmen of E. H. IQUXV If Ixuilfll, PJ AHl'll, AIWN'iIl4N, S.: AlTlllI'0Sf', C.: .AllIICfS, N13 AZXIICIUFSUYI, C. Ron 2: Anglin, R.: Anlum-Hi, Bl.: Arbogank, A.: .Aflltllil - Artley, RJ Ashley, J. FEHFQPTOII, Bf'Ill'l'llS, K. Row 5: Allxinsun. D.: Bulwrorli, R.: Balivr, V.: Bargvr, H., .7 uf Row 4: li.-Il, I.: B4-'mlm-r, S.: B4-nm-H, L.: Bvrry. D.: BQ-si, Bibbo, ' HF Row 5: Biskurl, R.: Ifillingion, D.: Bliss, B.: Bergstrom, L. Bollf-ro, B.: Boulmgvr, D. IQUNV 61 I30f'l1l'lllilll, i.I IEUSL IBONVCU, I.iUyPI', l.2 Ig0yE'T, IHC BFHl'ISl1llNN', IA. IQUNY TZ I3I'l'SSIl'I', R.: HWIWXVI, B.: Igf0ilfHlC'lli, l,.Q BUS0llI7llTQ, SI. ISUSS, lX.C BUSSHTLI, Row S: Hlllfvrfield, I.: fiZl'.Illl?1l1, H.: Calnly, C.: CllIIlIDlJl'II, R. Cumpoli, R.: Canon, Row 9: fvnppr-Helli. If.: CappPHn-Hi, R.: Fnrusino, P.: tvillll fart, R.: filwster, XI.: Cllilcohx T. Row 10: Clark, D.: fulurli, B.: CNIFIII, XV.: f1lt'lllPHtZ, J.: Colv, A.: Collins, XV. if R4 29 A 1 fc wr? - . I -2 x if K. V c H 'QV 2. "5 ..,... , . .1 A W mf W qw. . 'V in H' 3' ww Q.",i1. .x .V f fifgg :-::-: Wil' A K fm Q N A F ki 'FL' V .1. .fi 'A sz, if all L '2 1 X' .A 1 'Y .XA 5 wr . . . .5 g Q ff Y P Y S x ,1 f. , i m x l ' I' s i' R ig! if 1 s , Q I y f 3- ' 0 i 1' .. , Q 1,A. i 3' 7 . K 'V vw ,V -.X ..,-wi: H W r ,xy , .Ay . V V xivh. 1 ' I, 23 Q 1 K 'uf f', f , 'IIMZFSL ,:. . 3 1 . .ff ,..,.,.., s f 'S' K . ., 22 , . hi ii dig ' ' 'fI::IfF3?iS?.1?: A 1 gy.. iix i if Qi ii k K 1' if W' 5 i as IQ i. K Q L 7' ff: ""' .W,. . . ., Q ,. . Ex -L, KI ix 'Q' S -Q1 X29 .., , ..5.I...:: .... F .A,, . 2 3 E Q ' R 1 5 HF ,QE :wa 3. . f 1 . QE, x f K . if Q, S-r .x .LSID ,:,Q S Row iz Conn. IW.: Cook, J.: Cook, S.: Corn:-iius, B.: Corson D.: Craig, VV. Row 2: frisi, Nl.: Cross. Crusscmeycr, D.: Cullvn, J.: Cum ninginzmn, R.: Daley, B. Row 5: Dun, S.: Dnlcnzx, D.: Dax'is, S.: Davis, VV.: Di-l"rvs'sc J.: Dr-mmm, A. Rovx 4: Dvslmiu-, R.: Drvorc, R.: Dexyillc, DL'y'Ln, I-: Dills, C.: D11ii1fusic'r, ROVV Dl!lll'ilSllxf, iI.Q IJOIIDVBH, J.: DIIPSIPT, PJ DllnCall, MI DUHFZIII, IJ.: DUll'vl'l', Row 6: Enrirk, P.: Enrnlrarl, J.: Easil. R.: knlon, J.: Iiggivslon, H.: Fllrei, R. Row T: ifisc-imlwiss, C.: Enos, N.: Ericson, L.: Escll, R.: Esme- man, C.: Essig, Nl. Row S: Elfiwy, R.: Fager, N.: Fager, R.: f"z1!e-s, C.: limi:-ll, B.: Flanders, .l. Row 9: Vlorvnlino, S.: Finelioui, R.: r:i5Il0l', if.: l:i5I1"r- R-2 Foriier, G., rosie-I, B. Row 10: Fowlcli-s, VV.: Frederick, P.: Fri-cle-ririi, G.: lfroniao, J.: I:rufllb'y, Ijrllfllffy, J Row I: fvallmrvnlln, B.: fmuyrvnllx, G.: Gals-y, I.: fumnger, ll.: " A Gurlwrirk, XY.: Gonllurvy. G. , ROW' 22 CJOOCIHIII, BJ chliifl. DJ c:UO1lSQ'IlL', BJ c1UffIOll, ix.: COSIIITFII, J.: c1l'K'l"IlHNV2lh, D. Row 3: Gregg, R,: Grmv, H.: Urmuurk, H.: Gullion, IW.: , Cygi, V.: Hngm-rty, 4- : x S Row -I: Han, CHIIIIWV B.: Hamlvf, Hurmull, B' "',- W, HnlllllY1'I, J.: llilllihnflillgll, Row 5: Harris. N.: Hnrlnmn, I'-.3 Hnrlmzm, P.: Hnrirann, R.: Hnssi, IW.: Havens, N, ' fi' 11. : Y -fx Row 6: Hval, D.: !'lt'i!lIllli4, Hg Hcrring, D.: Hx-llslxmnspvrgvr. 13.1 XIICIUHHII, IIIH, C. 3 Ng: T . 69, I B 1 fd' ' J' X N .Q V Y? ' QE? DP 3 . Hi R ' .f . , 4 if 1 - - ,.' , i . . . L Q ,Zz , an ,F 4 , 'S- -4- 3 2 ins... -.' X : r N Elf. K.. . H . aff . .. ...... 4 J. Row T: Hoff, XV.: Hnmrmul, D.: Huppes, S.: Hom, R.: Ag Q' .,-- A . Q wi? Hnslvller, G.: Hosletlvr, K. I , I 5. X . . ' 'g X. ik f ' 1 H L s . Row 3: Hoslvllvr, bl.: Huwanl, D.: llllulllilll, D.: Hunvrv: r " my J.: lnlrmly, P.: lngrmn, R. .iff ' V 4 . V . miie? , .vf Q 5 ' V X.: " V' Row 0: Iaxvaqllilio, T.: l.n'.1g11iIiu, FI.: i2lKkSfk1l, I.: 'f-Hriws, T.: 'F J X 'S' Y 5? . 1 - .lc-nnvr, D.: lllilliy, IX. 5 M '- W . ' , 4 - .. v v.'-v Z2 .. .V sf ' .E Q ' x Row 10: JIILILI, I.: Killllfllliill, S.: Km-Ivy, E.: Kvlrlmln, C- . , V Kim:-s, Kirby, bl. ykhh it V I Qk ,V-'vV if if . K4 '? i Q 'E . .. U x' 45 S. A 4 .2 sf: .-1 3: 2. me 'ilu T fa ug v-, xv , -3 5 W 9 A W . 3: avi' J : 'vii N X - Q 52 E5 : . ' : 1221 if 7 ZSS 5 ' 'Q "'3 :,.Z .,, I K .3 . - -A ii 5 . V 5 X K , 'K XX X: . k g4,,.sm'q. 4. ., ,MiL7.? ' A' ,xiii In 'k'. Y . . . ..AA: i " . - ' H .H V, u ub R. , if 4 . in ' ' A Q 2. 7. ::- ., A 'V A.A. . A,,,, A ' -qz .. 2 ff' 1 '33 4 wif ' ez 'gf Rfk 3 1 1 x Wk .2 ,, ...M Z. 1' ' 'A E.. F ,- .. ,,.,- ! H! 124 M4 '54 9' ar A . i 5 2 f X .2 . A 'Q ...gf 3 f gzwiygg ff l 1 L- msiw .. . Lwliiliifi . -. 'fe . J? 15? 5 1 64 ! K, X . . V. U ll. ,, i ' " A 14.5 Q5 iff Q Q 3 wb - Q, A ., 3555 .. - ' . - I - - . i ,. . 12 . Q. V . L lx K X . S f K :Q ' H. W. F, 1. . 1 i : : Z, . 5 . aw W K vga? ef fi-'F Q f :Q .1 urea wg 9' 1 25305 ga!-is 2? L'-' Eff? :f H 5 - :Vg 3.5 . wx . . . , no X N WHS ig ki' . I v N. j' 5 2. fi . Row lz Kiscr, D.: Kmfft, J.: Lakncr, A.: Lanllxclin, G.: Lau R.: Lelunan, A. Row 2: Lciler, G.: Leonard, A.: Lepara, NI.: Lerner, M. Liclwlenlue-rger, A.: Lie-Iberenz, B. Row 5: Lisi, A.: Lockhart, R.: Locmer, D.: Long, R.: Longnrre J.: Longfellow, E. Row 4: Loop, J.: Loscv, VV.: Lough, R.: Lucchese, NI.: Luml J.: Lunsford, H. Row 5: Lylell, J.: Nlccaul, B.: b',IlCIOLIgI'lZllU, R.: Dlclniire, R.: Nfclnlosll, J.: Tippel, NI. ROYK' 62 IXIHHII, B.: IXIEIIIII, DJ Bklllli, PJ BJIHISIIIIH, BLIS- colo, bl.: Nlason, L. Row 7: Nlnst, L.: Nlnllhews, NI.: Nlcndows, P.: Nlcnger, B.: Nlerrifk, F.: Nlerrick, F. Row 8: Bliner, C.: Ixliller, G.: Nlincr, blillvr, FI.: Nlngln, J.: Nloore, IW. Row 9: Floore, R.: Tippei, B.: Iquwery, J.: Nhllllnickel, NI.: ylunzvnmaier, D.: lxlurplly, B. Row 10: BIUIIIIIY, D.: Iwurphy, R.: Nlurray, E.: Nlnrmy, NI.: Myers, M.. Neff, 1. Row I: Xeiervr, S.: Xlrely, J.: Nlfklllll, A.: ixoffsumgc-r, D.: Ncmrinrlx. D.: Nye, P. - Row 2: fylgrivlx, BI.: fJ'Brivn, P.: CTH1-rron, J.: Cblililz, B.: Olclluie-ffl, B.: fjlsen, Row 3: Palma:-ru. l'auIumIm, NI.: llilllllt-'Ht', A.: Paklom-, puulin, P.: Pvirie-Ho, T. Row-1: Phillips. B.: Phillips, B.: phillips, R.: Plelulwr, H.: IJIUIIIIIIPT, P.: Potter, Row 3: Quivr. D.: Runs, P.: R4-Iver, R.: Rersv, R4-ynolcls B.: Rlmacls, BI. Row 0: Rolvinmn, P.: Rofkwg-H, Rmlwiflc, R.: Roflwivk, Rusv, P.: Ros:-ndale. 51. Row T: Rowr, I.: Russo, D.: Sclnnifh, R.: Srlxmifl, B.: SVIIOQII, LMI SIRIIFRCIPY, D. ROW' 82 Sl'llf0l'li. AJ SKIIIIPICIU, Slkllllh, Im: Shdlllilfy, SIIEIHIK, SIILIYET, Row 0: Slum, R.: Slum-ax, R.: Sllvvts, A.: She-ll:-y, XY.: Sflorli D.: Slmlin, ,Q .., if' .Q ...J T. ,I . In I' sq' xg ' , , W. Ca Q A XXL, f ,E 'M 53? K A w 5. 'iii E iv D - 1 , ASQ: ' . ' Row IO: Sllriva-r, P.: Sllroyer, B.: Slmlgll, B.: Smillx, NT.: A 'Q Slllilll, V.: Smith, XY. 1 L ,x , W f ,f ,iq ,W x 1 4 6 " A' 9 : f 'Y Q 6 :T K K 3 S. Q, 3 fi h 'N A K ' . Q 6 ? s I Z 3 - . f gp. .,., , if Q31 db' 3 g if a 3- I, A V f 5 ,ff ,--gy.. .f f f f g '4g,',.a.i 1, 96 A.. .lk : f ..,,4. I :KX .9 . :f 53 - ' A , 'Fr Jg, . 'r - ' 'S Q . .L 5557 ' 'Q . A , in f- -'Y W1 .: : gf, 'x .1 .J x . aw w wx Q M. 4 Q h , ,Q-. ' 5 . 5 0 Si' 5 kv i if ,QQ . Y Y 5 ,Q xx. L .. -A I ' f A L . A A A f - . y y f '::A 'F' Q - f f r r 2" f r f ' r 1 2 . :rg if r fi --h. , W 13 ,A gk :G IEE Row l: Sllliill, Y.: Snyclm-r, A.: Snynlor, H.: Snyclrr, J.: Snymlvr, BI.: Solliil, ROW 2: Spilmun, Spiriio, R.: Slzrley, S.: Slvvlc, lvl.: Sh'Hllll, S.: Slorm, N. Row 5: Siruble, J.: slump, J.: Slrublc, J.: Surls, BI.: Swanilz, PJ rrlll'0l7Hld, Row 4: Thomas, B.: Tllornion, P.: Tirllgelzmr, C.: Tilfwufll, D.: Todd, lvl.: Tracy, Row 5: Troup, L.: Ulf-ry, J.: Vnnrkxrsclan, N.: Vnnclegrifi, J.: Vanljorvn, C.: Vnnpnlion, Row 6: Yidmar, F.: VinS0n, L.: XXOHKIIIHH, E.: Xvnmrvr, Ii.: XX7CFlYCI', C.: xvvznvvr, XV. Row 7: Vvebb, J.: XV:-is, NI.: Xvcllz, R.: NKYE'SSQH'1Oft, R.: Xvllislc-r, J.: Vflrile, B. Row S: Xvllile, H.: Vvllile, BI.: Judd, A.: Xviunur, Vviuces, D.: xvinnrml, J. Row 9: Vxvilliams, B.: Xvilson, B.: Xxyilson, O.: Vfilldbigler T.: XNHIIPSIJLIIQ. B.: Xvolf, J. Row 10: Vvood, R.: Xvoodcock, D.: Xvrigllt, G.: Yeats-r, P. Yoder, C.: Yoder, Nl, Row ll: Yoder, S.: Young, ZilllIllC1'll1ElI'l, D.: Zimmermwn ,: -i1n, D.: Zulaer, R. PERS K- 3. .Af , Liflii, 'L ,.,,L, uf, ,A J alll, 7 W N sk , if F, P -w if - Ja..,.,..,.. -' r .s 4: if Q ' Q V, A Q Af? f A QS' 1, xl ' Q' Ig Hvliy am! llzv offirv vfovfc: Ur. Xvilson uml Ilw rozmsvlors: HH gy 'nn' 2 2 Km L "Pop NWI Pyl H1056 t.SliiII6d lEllJ0l'i'l'S.H Hilrt, Xx'70HPllXY9lJf3r, illlll IQVEUISI HSIIOXVIHOIIIKIH HHrX'f?Q'I Uiscolyolus Exe-c'ulix'v Commillce session: Sophs Culcill up on their Houlside rc-znclinlgf' k nv: 1. mn if 5 "SUN hi Fluirnuv rwrflvzcous of Sophomore officers mul sponsors History-Class uf 1949 As more than lour hundred seniors leave this year, lour hundred sophomores are coming up to lalce the seniors' places. These sophomores came in last lall lrom Central and Roose- velt ,lunior High Schools. Unlamiliar laces, new teachers, unlinown surroundings-these were lbut a lew ol the things to he overcome lJy this class. Late in getting organized, the Sophomore Class didnit elect their sponsors and olzllicers until Fehruary. Xvhen they organize, as a class. hliss Sawyer and Nlr. Nliller were chosen as their sponsors. The lollowing officers were electecl to repre- sent the class ol 719: President, lvlarvin Scott, Vice President, Kent ljaulsong Secretary, Pat O,Dellg Treasurer, Joe Pindellg Ciirls, Social Chairman, Phyllis Jenningsg Boys' Social Chair- man, Diclc Slaclchouse. The class jewelry was selected lay the lollowing committee: Phil Smith, ,lo Ann Steele. Dicli Tallaot. Nancy Xvhitt. Sally Alwine, .lim hlerchant and .lane Richardson. This sophomore class, lilce all sophomore classes preceding them. had a class party. The ul-layseecl Hop" was helcl hlarch 22, HMT, in the high school gym. Entertainment incluclecl dancing, ping-pong. and cards. The hig event ol the evening was a program with Bill Nye acting as lvlaster ol Ceremonies. The program included a girls, chorus line composed ol Gay Smith. Sylvia Denman, Betty Earnhart, Alice Hettsman- herger, Nancy Stahr. Connie Frye, lVlarlene Huggins and Donnaclean Ray. a piano solo lay Nancy Slinlxhart, a novelty song loy Hostetler, a looy and girl chorus line composed ol: ,lim hlerchant. Johnny Xvilliams, MENU Hostetler, Joe pin- 128 dell, Helen Dally, Sylvia Denman, Becky Romluerger and Dorothy Lorenz, and a solo loy Bill Hugh. The chaperons were lVlr. and lVlrs. Felmlee, lwr. French and lxliss Xvagoner. Prizes lor the lJest-dressed hayseeds went lo Connie Frye and Bill Boyclen. The committees lor the party were: Entertainment. Ronald VX7alton, Bill Nye, Dorothy Lorenz, lwancy Stahr: Refresh- ments, Barluara lxlaster, Jeri Vvaterman, lvlarlene Huggins, lxlary Ellen Kreighhaum, Beclcy Romlaergerg Decorations, Dave Cavanaugh, Sylvia Denman. Donna Farr. Cay Smith: Pulrlicity, Jim lxlerchant, Virginia Thulis, Connie Frye, .loyce Rodewalcl and Edgar Vveldy. To help this class to hecorne accustomed to the school ancl its activities, the Girls, Executive Board held several assem- lolies lor the sophomore girls. The girls were divided into twelve groups. Each group was headed hy a senior girl who actecl as advisor to that group. f2uestions such as grades, future jolns. curriculum activities, school laehavior. alnsences and other prolmlems that might coniront the average sophomore girl were discussed, Representatives ol the Sophomore Class on the Girls' Executive Board are Pat 0'Dell ancl Phyllis Jennings. Although the class ol 549 has had some dillicullies in get- ting started. welre sure that they will get into the swing ol things and return next year as enthusiastic juniors. Already the sophomores are laecoming a part ol the school. They have contrihutecl some good athletes, musicians and promising leaders. As their liirst money-malcing project, the Sophomore Class had the concession at the Sectional Traclt lVleet. Row I: Alqlmli, R4 Ah.-I, L.: Aqlnms, B.: Aclaxms P,: Allmuglu. B.: Alcler, S.: Allnmn, N.: Alwinv, S Row 2: Aman, Ng Azul:-rsnn, B.: Arla-r, .l.: Bailey B.: I5..ilvy, R.: limlg, ,l,: Banker. D.: Bales, R. IQOVV .52 Billl, VIA.: lgillllllllg, BEIIIIUF, T.Q BQITQPT, H.: BLllt'S, K.: ISUEHII, BPClll, B?l'lxlllZlIl, J Row -1: Doiy', .l.: Bigler, .l.: Ihlimifo, Nl: Bm-I, Blougflr, C.: Bosli, N.: Horror, P.: Bows-rs, R. Row 5: Bowllby, B.: Bw man, U.: Boynlcn, B. Boyvr, H.: Boym-r, Bl.: Buyion, R.: Brigamni, A. Brooks, G. IQONV OZ l5l'OYVIl, Bf0YX'l1, rl-.Q BHlllillil'T, Blllxler XAYJ Igllgll, B., BUYSUII, CillilllfH5C, ,IQ Qfiirl- SOII, .l. 'KOH' TI CKITYOH, CafllSlllll, CilX'ZlI1UlIQll, CllElX'IS, O.: f.llI'Sl?l', C0lllI'r, J.: Cillili, R. Coopvr, L. Row 8: Cope-nlmvf-n, L: Cnsiic, P.: Courl, D., Covey, B.: Crm-ss, R.: Crips, E.: Culp, XV.: D:xlly', H. Row U: Darling, VV.: lgavcnporl, D.: Dm enporl. J.: DnX'is. l.: Duvif, R.: D4:llull, J.: Dills, L.: Den- man, S. Dflllkmlll. 14.1 DllCil!HfIIlK', I..1 Dlllll'l'l', LQ DlIlll1llC'k, F.: lillfllllilfl, B. Row II: llfllerl, XXI.: Egglvslon, A.: Elm-I, N.: Emlrry, B.: Eu-rls, R.: ljarr, D.: Fans-ll, C,: FGTTIT, Rnw ll: l'e'lh:rs, Flora, .l.: Fluurs, lfmlroczi, L- lulrx' II.: llrrlino, R.: Framisco, R,: lreslx- Olll, R. V Row IU: Dovring. B.: D11l11'usler, ll: Duly, XV.: . 'F 1 l . ga A 5 f K f.'f"-'wifi 3 A. N. 5 S Q 5 ig, A -3 - S-743215152 if .- '.i'.5:l25Qi?fi n. Q, - X . . . Wil., ,, . , 1151 1- fi , ,,,. g '- .i Q :,:,: 5' F ei ' I 'N Q I I ,.. 'i-3 2 V. l ' . 5 : . 5 A Q 72: . if-ff: 2, ' A A-, 'I zz M-J f-'-if M' if if . lim- 6 11- 3 J.. 1, 'H f Q... Q. an: my Xl 1 f.. . - , , 3,92 if iv , .., if . Q7 C.: i ' l -' Af ,V ST. YQ 1 in 5 V ,, ! ,, . 5 K V ,. ,. .1 ,A sq is-Q J . llv 9 A l : , . A I 'K i ,..: i. i f H . Nh W ' ' A , 3 L z"AA' fi ' Q 1 Ilp Kf ' S IP: D . Q in f . i aj , t A 5 : '-' 3 - Qt: 1 f i' I - .' F... H W xx : : .. r r.r. . ,: , . iff i ix H 3 S, IV Q2 I' ... ,PE : I A L 8 'V x , In , .. 2 A " Xa, 4 1 Q , . X 4, "' .ai a. ' if I f"'1.,, ig 'Y K as .- Q s S ,E 1 a. X f x 1 . I ef A ' I f 5 if . .... Q ,X Q IQ' H, . . -. . v h W '1'L I in Q 1.M.- r . ', E . H' 130 wi Q. -! Q... 'F as if : 9? G 2 I A .g Sr :L ., M as " 9 12:1 M S I M X 'Ya Q 1 N -L fx: 91' '9 .3 ,J Qi I " 'P 'z F J '?.. gh 3 'Q S mf E' -QQ 9 , Row I: Frye, C.: Fuller, A.: Ciniicy, O.: Gang, R. Guns, I.g Cvzxrouklc, H.: Gause, if.: Gang, J. Row 2: Gimrisi, T.: Giirk, D.: Gooni, E.: Good, XV. Gorrion, C.: Crovnv, D.: Cvreen, R.: Griiiilils, Nl Row 5: Groiimunci, J.: Growcock. NI.: Guiiion, C. Gygi, VXA: Hagvr, J.: Hagerly, J.: Hamilton, NI. Hunks, D. Row -1: Hany, E.: llnpnc-r, Bi.: Haseiwooci, P.. Hnlrii. Nl.: Hausnman, R.: Haymivn, J.: Heiinmn- gpm-rfjs-r, A.: Hipsimr, FI. Row 3: iiofinmn, Fi.: Hoicieinan, E.: Hoicieman, J. Hush-llor, Hunmu-I, U.: Hum-ryager, T.: iavangniiio, F.: Jzxrks, B.: Jackson, P. Row T: Jarvis, B.: Jarvis, B.: Jennings, P.: Jessup, DJ il0ilIlSOll, BJ ,l0i1llS0fl, D.: rI0ilIlS0l'l, CLI JOIIII' x son, Ni. Row 8: Johnson, R.: Jones, J.: Jones, NV.: Jordon, Ig.: IOTCIUH, .lj Killllll, J.: IQKILIHYIHEIII, DJ KSII1, J. Row 0: Kern, Kelhfring, Kiinwr, S.: Kirizy, L.: Klein, D.: KIingjer,,J.: Konmfi, J.: Kmwierii, D. Row IO: Kreigilimurn, NI.: Krctsrinnvr, BI.: Lnnri- riv, ff: Lantz, C.: Lauginnan, BI.: Lavery, H.: i.c-4-gc-, C.: Lenvr, .i. Row I I : Leiunan, C.: Lemmon, P.: Leonard, P.: Light, E.: Lioyri, M.: Lockhart, R.: Lorenz, D.: Luvriwse, J. Row 12: Niccaw, P.: Nlccuicimn, P.: iN'IcGulTin, M.: Jackson, B.: Mzack, D.: Mzujery, D.: Niann, VV.: Niartin, J. Hull:-y, R.: Hoon-r, B.: Horn, G.: Hosiernxan, J.: Row tug Hosta-tier, H.: Houghton, R.: Huggins, BI.: Rim I: Blnvuln, ,l,: lxlnwlvr, B.: lxleinlw, ll.: Blvl- I M uf, Lu., F.: ixlcnlmnl, .l,: lxlvlxlcr, H.: llvmim-rs, L.: xi Mn'-gli, G. Ruw 2: lxlirlmls, lxlillvr, A.: lxlillvr, xlillvl A ,E t lf.: Blillvr, D.: lxlille-r, D.: 5lillc:r, Ixlillvr, in ', K' V fd . Q, 5, Ja? x Row 5: Ixlillvr, V.: ixlills, ls.: ixlills, IW.: Ixliniiliillu, 1, :v- I l..: Bloclc-mu, l.: Flolur, l.: Xlurilugmm, U.: Flow- fm I i 7 ingsiur, V. 'f V,., 75, ff , A., 3 .vg Row -l: Blulilnimlwl, l:.: xlllffiiy, Nl.: xliilvl, R.: , se Nlyc-rs, li.: Ni-II, XY.: Nl'lslJll, E.: N1-lion, K.: Q! Y + NUII, J. . . ,,: Rim 5: Niilu-rsun, C.: Nivliln-r, D.: Nim-uv, ll.: Niles, I " I K N - l.: Ninn-, ,l.: Nollsingcr, D.: Nolan, ll.: Nyv, XV. Q' V as . W., Qui' :" : -'-: m . . . 1 i Row 6: O'D--ll, .l.: O'Di-ll. P.: Q'lDunm-Il, P.: I fllsvn, ll.: flxxon, B.: fjwi-ns, Piltlivl, BJ is l'...k,x1. 1 . H ' Rem T: liippvixgn-r, D,: llnulson, B.: lluulson, Kg he lJ4'I'lIliI1glUI!, .l.: Pvicrson, fx.: ljeliifer, Nl.: ljivlzliu, Q W' ll.,: Pinclvll, .l. fit' L i D Lg , . 2 Row 8: Pluiv, l..: Poorlmziuglu, .l.: Paper, R.: Pot- f lm-rlmum, lf.: Price, VV.: Rzunsvy, J.: Ray, D.: . , ,L Rt-iner, R. 2 i ' M . In I 5 H i .gi . 1: im ic mm on is mr Il 1 in Q m VV QE le Vo. R'-I. 1. ,J.. R'-li-, P.. R'-1s,D.:R' I., " A R.: Rilfluii-, fn.: Rolwrisun, B.: Rolvmsnn, Eg E A lellLlC'XYiIlKl, i Row IO: Rmnlu-rg:-r, RJ Rusvnlwrger, .l.: Rossi, Bl.: Ruwr. R.: Russell, Bl.: Sailor, R.: Snmlcrs, P.: Silmlller, N. Row ll: Sf-In-iii.-l, B.: Sflilollerlhaflc, S.: Sclimulil, , D.: SC,lll'0fli, CT.: SCflIIll'llif', 1 Si'llUlt'I', Q lv Scluullz, .l.: Sllupert, D. A6 Row I2: Sfllwull, P.: Sault, Nl.: Scoville, N.: See- lig, J.: Selwm, lXl,: Sliver, S.: Sliee-IS, Sllroyer, Q . . A -. I f 1 , ,.,, 3 . ygwfzy 3 11 Rf' M z ws: as 1' .. .Qi ,if h-.45 V .1 155 h li 4. Q . Y 'M 4 :' W . . g . p. n .M "' s z , QL gs X. Y . 1. X If 3 if .f. K 'Qi ' i . 2: if ...V L . , 1, I . i iq. ., 1. If P it ,P E -- E..-lg f.-ug 5 1. . li.. K 4' 9 if 5 f. f H' i"i 'P' V yr li ,ff V 1 gf 'F Y iam A X ' r-4' ' -' ii "f M I at A 1 x .ff Wfiiaivi : "..!m.....E.:.. .,,.:g- 4 . . :E li.. 5 .3 ms- f fa ' , . my K s f 1 x, . ,iv . -J' A f,.'9Nw Bb --- A tgsf A 6 K 1? wt, . I 4, . N . y n . I. 9 1 ' ,, J mW? V S J 4 ,,.. 1 f . .9 9 .. . 2: Je! My 4.15 E A ., J :f 1: 5 Y 75: :' Y K gf. . if ' g 1, if in V. 9 : if - I s 1 3 I1 'Mft S Qu -xt. .W I, Q Q? ..w W! E... Q. Q....A is vt.: 'H' if wi E ,sm . ., f' 39' 'J Q 5 ,qs 2 ' E ' X '-'P' -5 " 'Sf 4: -Q . 5, 1. Q K, .. A , kk . . . N 5 J :,. n ' gf X J 1- To Y: .,::, . ': , QF, ,. S :VV - ' x . K ' Ty x 132 'vt I 1: 7 Q. E FJ, 1-if gd 2 y sf 6. VJ. J .5 545' S Q4 x U' 4? ROW 1: SIILIICF, B.: Silver, J.: Sisson, B.: Slinliarfl, N.: Stunt, Fl.: Smead, R.: Smith, A.: Smith, D. Row 2: Smittl, G.: Smith, N.: Smith. P.: Smith, S.: Smitty, T.: Sovincf, H.: Spore, P.: Spry, V. Row 5: Stnctituouse, R.: Statnr, N.: Staley, G.: Stan- ley, O.: Steele, H.: Stools, J.: Store-tc, R.: Steptnens, L. Row 4: Stakrrty, D.: Stounr, J.: Stoner, VV.: String- fctlow, J.: Strong, G.: Stutsman, R.: Swartz, B.: Swartz, C. Row 5: Swilmrt, R.: Switccrt, D.: Swinetmrt. C.: Stutterby, H.: Tait, R.: Talbott, R.: Tappcro, A.: Taylor, J. Row 6: Ttmrnton. S.: TIIIIJJS, V.: Torok, V.: Tow- I'iSS, 1 rl-QIOUIJ, Q ,J1I'lll'X, IA.: PIWUCJCCF, Q Unger, T. Row 7: Vngis, G.: VanTiIlourg. B.: Veseltca, R.: Vogt. J.: Xvuggoner, L.: XVz1Hin, J.: Xvattin, J.: Vvatton, R. , J RDXN' 83 XXJHHOH, WHfbIC, C.: Xxyiifd, AJ xxyitfe. E.: Xvnrncr, G.: Xvarrvn, J.: XXYHYCIIIIHH, J.: NVQ-aver, G. Row 9: VVPISS, E.: VVeIcty, E.: Vvent, J.: Xvvntz G.: Nyc-sttake, J.: Xvllite, C.: XVt1ite, J.: Xvtmit- IIIYTP, P. Row IO: Xvtuitt, N.: Vvillnurne, D.: Vvyilliinsozm, E, Xvittianms, J.: Xyiniams, P.: Xvitsey, T.: Xxyilson DI.: Xviiv, Row ll: Vvogoman, J.: Vvonrtarfl, V.: Xvordcn, D. Vvrigtxt, R.: Yeater, R.: Young, P.: Yuntcer, C. Zook, B. viii 'Q ,tg ....4vX -1, 3 'fl U ' ,,..-f- ,::.,.- f .. K y Aim 5.9 - ,JS ., , Q QQ lf., 33535 ak, A E' Q r 5 EH My I :wgi Q., ,.. fx el. gfqfq. 1' sis, 7, mm ' , , V33,,4,-1: hp N, , WV B ' mszw--Wifi 7 ff r We".- wmv' V gi 1 3' i . 1"" a fx rl : 2 f l ' f V s ,my f ig s Xinllx X y ' X 11 - " E' J rr it i 5 fe? I J "ii Uur Business Uistriet comlmines tlme new and tlme old. Streamlined store fronts are found next door to old laslmioned lyuildingsg neon liglmts con- trast witlm yesterdayls designsg clean Wllite lyuilclings crowd grimy grey onesg tlme railroad station is antiquated, even tlmouglm very modern New Yorlt Central trains speed tlmrouglm our town, lmut in contrast, we tmave two airports: as we wallc along tlme street, wlmiclm stretclmes from time country clulo on tlme nortlm almost to tlme sulaurlms ol Goslmen we see attractive window displays and crowded jumlnles ol merclmandise. The old is slowly reced- ing, tlme new is lmecoming nmore and more evident, The I3L1.Sil'lGSSfYl0l'l of Our TOUIYI Time old-taslmioned exteriors are in no case clmaracteristic of tlme Ellclmart lausiness nmen. Headed lmy an up-to-date Clmamlmer ot Commerce and J.A.C., tlmey are progressive and alert: Elltlmart lceeps almreast ol llme times. Sometimes tlme young people tall: aloout getting away trom a place wlmere tlmerels mmotlming to do, lmut tlmey usually end up lmy coming lmaclc tmere to liveg tlmis was especially true ol time veterans most ol wlmom lmave settled down contenledly witlm new lnusinesses, and in many cases, new lamily ties. Noxv tlmey run lor ollice and talte an interest in civic alltairsg lrmaving seen a lot ot ttme rest ot tlme worlcl, tlmey tlminlc Ellclmart isnyt so Sometimes tlme newspaper prints letters or editorials wlmiclm malce a plea for clmanges in Nlain Street, lor an overpass at tlme railroad crossing or a luridge at Prairie Street, lout except for tlmese occasional fault-linclers, most Elltlmartans lilce ttme town just tlme way it is: cliaracteristically Nliddle Xvestg clmaracter- istically American. 134 Clur ltlorlern lnclustries Away lroin the lousiness district in several industrial sites, lie tlme factories, tlme industries ot our town. Tlmese factory buildings are, tor tlme most part. new and extremely attractive, witlm tlme very latest equipment, witlm liglmt large air-cooled offices and slmops. Here tlme musical instruments, tlme trailers. tlme medicines and time many otlmer products tlmat lmave made Elltlmart famous are manu- lacturecl. Elltlmart is primarily an industrial town, Httmrivingu time Clmamloer ol Commerce looolclet descrilbes it, and it is lmecause of ot tlme tmusiness men in ttiese industries, and tlme worlting confli- tions in these tactories tlmat Ellclmart is considered a good town. lylany products ttiat carry the Umacle in Ellctiartv lalmel are na- tionally lamous, and some ot tlmem, especially tlme musical in- struments, go to all parts of tlme world. Tlie Beauty of Elteliart Downtown Alain Street gives llme stranger no real idea of tlme lmeauty ol lflltlmart. Out in tlme residential sections, wlmiclm follow time winding rivers, are time parlts and time scenic lmeauty, Wtliclm mmmalfe tlme Ellilmart really lovely. Xvlmatever tlme season-winter, witlm ice and snow on tlme limuslmes and trees along tlme streams: spring, with all its green and wlmite. or fall witlm its red and gold coloring. Elltlmart is a lmeautitul city. Tlme wide streets, tlme well- ltept lawns, tlme many trees, and tlme lalueness ot ttie lazy St. Joe River all malce it a town to tae proud ol, and we are proud ot it. The People of Our Town Elltlmart is quiet, conservative . . . tlmere are nmany clmurclmes, well-attendeclg people live simply, worliing lmarcl and lmowling, playing goll or tislming tor recreation: family lite is important, many ot us moving to one ot tlme nearlmy lalces in summer so tlmat tlme lamily can spend tlme vacation montlms togetlmer. Mein Street, Ell-ilmert, lrmilieime as seen lrom tlme top ot tlme Hotel Ellclmart. looltilmg toward the nortlmg we can see time tlmeaters, lmanlcs, stores and business tirms on tlme main street ol our town, a tlmriv- ing industrial city ot 34.000, a typically American town in time lVliddle VVest. if M r A h . sf f 5f if 9' PQM-wm.,.s2Q1 ,M i if -Q fer -M. ,,,. n-n.,...,f..., A A -......,,. ,MM F M. . mm if ,,x 1 Fir-na Name Adams and Vvesttatte---- Arneriran Coating txtitts----- Ballour--- --- Ball, Vvernon M. .... Bergeron txtotor Co. .... - Berrnanys Sporting C-oods---- Bornernan and Sons----- Buesoher's Band Inst. Co.---- Burt,s I-unch .....-.-- Ctlampion txtotor Co. .--- Coca-Cota Bottling Co. .... D681 CTFHVCI CO. .......... Dobbins txtanutacturing Co.- - Dolly Madison --------- -- Do-tVtore Chair Co.--- Drake's ------------------- - Dygert Trim and Body Shop-- Eleotrie Sates and Serviee---- Etktmart Amusement Co. .--- Ettctiart Brass lyttg. Co. .-..-. Page No. ------179 -----150 ----184 -----170 -----178 ----177 ----156 ----155 ----142 -----185 -----165 -----110 ------171 -----146 -----173 -----141 ------162 -----178 -----144 -----163 Ettitlart Bridge and tron Vvortcs ...... 181 Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Clearing House ---- Credit Bureau--- .teweters Association-- Btotor Coach Corp.-- Packing Co. ....-.- Paint anct Vvattpaper- Elkhart Rutmtaer Vvorks ----- 1313 -----145 -----165 -----154 ------156 -----175 ------152 ----167 Index et Advertisers Firm Name Page No. Ettcttart Sandwictet Shop ----- ..---- Etktuart NVetding anct Boiter VVorks-- Fietcttaouse Realestate ..... -..- G8Tt36r,S ............ General Credit Corp. -.... -.-- Gotdtmergfs .-...----- Herring Studios-- .tennerys Drug Store .--- Jessen tvtanutacturing Co.-- ---- Judd's Drug Store a----- Kauthnan Consurners--- Krau Coat Co.--- 1--eone Studio-- Lux-Viset lnr. ----- - Ntain Auto Trad e---- tvtites lahoratories Ntitter, l. A. ---- Modern Cleaners lxftonteitti Bros.- txteyer, XValter--- tVtusic Center .--- New txtetttod Cteaners-- Norttl End Restaurant ----- .--. Northern Indiana Brass Co. .-----..- Norttlern tndiana Putdtif Service Co.- Pecttens -- Perry, G. 1-. ---- 174 185 161 180 169 166 157 140 158 146 174 155 140 159 186 145 166 182 142 147 140 148 168 185 160 182 187 Firnt Nanre Picttrettys Flowers-- Platt Trailer Co., lne.-- Rayts Ntartcet ------- Russell The Coat 1Vtan-- Rutledge Bakery ----- - Scttutt Traiter Corporation- S ears Roebuck and Co.-- Secretariat Service Snark Bar --------- --- Sollitt Construction Co.-- Star Maehin e--- ----- - Stephensons Dress Shop- Sterling Shoes-- Super tvtotors lne.--- Temptinys .-..-....- Truth Publishing Co. ---- Truth Radio Corp. ----- Walley Funeral Horne--- Vvamtoaugtm, Harvev--- Vveaver, Harm on.--- Vvhisler and Son s----- -- Xvtaite txtanutacturing Co. -- - Vvittts ----------------- VVray's tce Cream ----- Page No. -----144 -----176 -----148 -----184 -----160 -----167 -----176 -----164 -----164 -----150 -----169 -----187 -----154 -----180 -----177 -----175 -----175 -----172 -----150 -----151 -----172 -----186 -----152 -----162 VV. T. R. C. ---- ------- ----- 1 7 3 Zette-Hartzter Funerat Home --.----- 181 Zieset Bros. .-... ...... -.--- 1 5 8 As Another Ye ar Bolls 'Bound the following firms have indicated their interest in the students and activities of the Elkhart Hioh S hool hy their friendly support of our puhlications AMY ALLEN UIPTS L. HELPBIEH S SUN Hotel Bucklen SIB-SIB South Main BABUEB BUX EU., INE. BB. H. E. HIUUASUN, UPTUMETBIST BUB W. Beardsley Ave. 4111 South Main, Phone-SUSB BUBBELL LUMBEB S SUPPLY EU. HUSSIEIG BAIZIEBY BUS E. Jackson Blvd. UU4 Harrison EENTBAL BBUS STUBE, INE. W. E. HUTSEHENBEUTEB BBS South Main St. Martin Eeed Store S Mill BEE'S PASHIUNS INUIANA ASSUEIATEU IELLPHUNE EUBP SU7 South Main IIB W. Eranklin BBEVES PLUMBINB EU. A. .I. HEYSEB IIB South Second Iloorn IUS-IU7, Monqer Bldg ELHHABT BUSINESS UNIVEBSITY UEU. E. HISTNEB 8 SUN 334 South Main PEBMANS INE. SUB South Main HANUY BANUY SEB South Second Elkhart, Indiana HNUX AUTU ELEETBIE 111 East Lexington BB. W. W. LANSEHE UPTUMETBIST LUNS AUTU SEBVIEE, INE. IIS Jefferson Street MARTIN STURES SMITH-ALSUP, ELRHART PAINT CU. SUS South Main EUR S. Main MILLER-JUNES CU. SMITH URUU STURE Your Earuily Shoe Store S. Main St., at St. .Ioe MISENER'S ELURAL SHUP STANTUNS 4US Jarues SU4 S. Main St. MUUERN STUVES CU. STATE AUTU INSURANCE ASS'N Your Hotpoint Uealer LIUIM S, Main MUURES INC. UP TWU LUNCH Eine Ury Cleaning IIS W. Jackson Rlvd. MUTUAL EINANCE CURP. WEST VIEW ELURAL CU. ISUM5 S. Main HaroId's Elowers ERANH MYERS MENS WEAR RULLIE WILLIAMS PAINT SPUT III W. Franklin Phone SS Second 8 Jackson THE RAPP CU. YUUER'S REAUY-MIXEU CUNCRETE CU. LIUS S. Main St. West ReardsIey S Rlst SASSAMAN'S ELURIST YUUNU MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSUCIATIUN IIU S. Second St. Ph. EUUS EES W. Eranklin I EREU RERSUNETTS BICYCLE 8 RAUIU SALES 8 SERVICE IIS E. Lexington 1 AMERICAN C01-ITING MILLS The Smart Gal Buys Her Cosmetics at Jenner's it Revlon Yardley H 1161117 ut Lucien Lelong Bayer U pjohzz Abbott Bristol-Myers DR G sToRE Prescriptions - Toiletries - Fountain Service , ing. OF COURSE, YGU KNOW THEY'RE AT Across from the Crpheum f in the center of things Lconorp Knoelmimr um! Ian 00:1 Sclunirif, iisfening t H - Pat Volfemtm, m the jewelry bay demonstrates the lvleezserrtg ejj7ezer1t servzee ez customer jimfs m every department at 69m55i9.Lra 260+ Ellchezrf 3295! Store e "BUHT5" The New Home of the "Burt-Burger" ELKHARTS POPULAR DRIVE-IN MAIN Ed HICKORY JOHN M, BURT PROP ,gllft SPFFES Lux Ullll IHS Qllllg. Best Wz'5he5 lo the Clays of '47 MONTEITI-I BROTHERS, INC. 142 pu! Rutter picks up fire sam g my l b I e we come fifualenffi The banks of Elkhart are materially interested in the welfare of all high school students. We are eager to know you better and would ap' preciate opportunities to council with you from time to time. Build your banking contacts now and then you'll be better prepared when financial assistance is needed. First Old State Bank First National Bank St. Joseph Valley Bank Members Federal Reserve System Members Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Quia Ea! lmialaea fo Me Cfaaa of X17 !l"0l'l'L ik? Elkhart Amusement Company OPERATING: ELCO-URPHEUNI-BUCKLEN mmmm m Pickrelfs 1 Fashzbn 111 Flowers Rillhiiffl B. MZHZKB 1946 Miles Scholarship Wiiiimers -Left to right, Richard Rish, James Swarts, Diana Johnson, Rohcrt Billingtou, Byron Haines, and Phyllis Gouker. ll!ileA 14601-atoriea 141-e In tel-eA ted in ou E. H. S. Alumni are held in high esteem by the management of Miles Laboratories. To further the education of highfranking students, six Miles scholarships are awarded each June at the comf mencement exercises. Each of these scholarships has a value of three hundred dollars per year for four years. The awards are made by joint action of the high school princif pal, the superintendent of schools, and the judge of the Elkhart Superior Court. We are happy to show on this page the winners of the 1946 scholarships, and hope that the future of these and all other winners will be brightened by this tangible means of recognizing students who have made the most of their high school education. O 1946 Alternate Wll1l16ESvLCff to right, Joanne Bigelow, Anthony Lambo, Betty Elkins, Mildred Goard, Gordon Anderson, and Craig Davis. Miles Laboratories, Inc. f f Elkhart, Indiana Manufacturing Chemists for Over Sixty Years OMF .S2IlCel'e q A l Congrafufafiond S S., we 7 h i M Mi 64155 of 1947 mmm N M 5-HCP 'fare inatincj, fafhionf ' H OT E L E L K H A R T J DHS DRUG STUHES Three Stores 1007 W. Franklin Street 817 S. Main Street 707 Bower Street "There is a Judd Drug Store in your neighborhood" Walter G. Meyer Funeral Director HMBULHNCE SERVICE - PHONE 68 Bernice Keene Meyer, R. N. ' Lady Attendant 216 West High Street Qpposite Main High School Entrance C011 gmiulalzbm To The Fortyfseven Class RAY'S MARKET ' Butterheld Porfrczif by R. S. Sllflllll o xvwbt 2 t 0 O we ' b v 'MJ A R. S. loiofogralag 00 . Formerly Leone Studxo 206 So. Main Phone 4098 149 forly and Dr express ilmfr approval geffer guy facial' Harvey Wambaugh, Inc. 618 So. Third Street BUICK CARS -- FRIGIDAIRE -- DELCO HEAT Our Aa'Vz'ce' to the Claw of '4 7 Bui1d for the Future Sollitl Construction Company, Inc. General Contractors ISU 1 uf ' K F D ll I fi S Ll A5 another year rolls around we salute another gracfmzlzhg 611155 JOHN W. WEAVER HARMON J . WEAVER 151 ARTIST SUPPLIES CHRISTIAN GIFT SUPPLIES PICTURES + AWNINGS WALLPAPERS + PAINTS + L1NoLEUM EzV6fTL13K5e7' PAINT QWALL PAPER C Mp . . O QJNY INC 310 So. Main St. Phone 54 EOLLCW THE CROWD T0 W. W. WILT Super YWW-Lex 31244 N. Main St. "High Quality Food Low Prices ALL THRU THE STGRE ALL THRU THE WEEK" ISE - jl'0l'l'l tke QPGJJ of ye6f2I'6lCly 30 fke gl'ClJ6 of ELDY LUNDQUIS13 f f f f f VIC DANIELSGN CGAL CGKE - Winkler Stokers f f f Warm Morning Stoves The Smart Senzbr b u y s STERLING SHOES 405 So, Mziixm Street THE HOME OF . . AW C011 gratulalzbm and Best Wkhes DC Elkhart Jewelers Association 1 w 1 N I H5 We have a ' Weigh of selling you only the best. ' BUHNEMHN 8. SUNS Johbers and Retailers of HARDWARE, PLUMBING, PACTCRY and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Phones: 34 and 35 228230 South Main Street Elkhart, Ililililflllil IILIII-IHRT MOTOR CGRPORI-ITION "ELKI-IART CITY BUS LINES" GARAGE AND OFFICE-518 so. sEcoND ST. ELKHART, INDIANA 1 Couch Glenn Silcott Another year rolls oronno' with onother swell floss groo'notz'ng, Gohotogroloheo' hy Hemncg of couryej ono' o new Conch, who 3 gozng to heelo those rftctories rolling 'ronno', . , . Herring Camera Shops ROLL NORTH TO 221 N. MAIN RGLL SCUTH TO 1039 S. MAIN -if-A Mil: it f ' JESSE MANUPAETUHI E IIU., I E. -Est. 1923- SCREW MACHINE PRODUCTS Centerless Grinding - Honeing - Broaching Cur capacity from 1 f 16 to 5 1X4 any kinds of material I JW fha! Elkhart's Shopping Center for over 40 Years, continues to grow on the fundamentals on which it was founded . . . 'Courtesy' '...' Reliability . . . "Quality' '... and 'kValues"! wr. . M ,lilo Slioppmq. you foo, will fuul rt u pleasure Io MSIIOIJH ul Zieselysf I . 'Hume of El'l'lill'lvS l Younger Crouul AISIIKIIDFIUAJ Those IIIITIIIIVOFIJFLQ Luxfvisel lulmrers Congratulations to the Class of '47 and best Wishes to all the people of E. H. S. LUXfVISEL Inc T 6152, Z?uf.,A" E A T S KLJLCJQQ is M8061 Rutledge Bakery Food Shoppe 423 So. Ma1n St. Phone 379 More than 20,000,000 American I-Iomemakers Half gain for 6004019 NIIRTIIERN INIIIIINII PIIRLIE SERVICE EIIMPIINY ISU T REALESTATE ..., 13 the foundalzbn of all wealth Buy a lor coday Plan your house tomorrow Save part of your earnings And build before you grow old Which is one form of life insurance While We live Let us live In a home All our own ?ieldlwuAe Realm tate 111 WEST LEXINGTON AVENUE llil Wray 11 e FINE IEE DREAMS 144 beliciozw dA fee Cream Can Ke On Sale at Quality-Minded Dealers E-'hi Seat Covers 4 G1 Automobile ass Upholstering bqgert 71-im if Kodq Shop P ONE 507E J KSON IEQ - Comlzyliments of Elkhart Bran Manufaclurz'ng Company, Ina From a Graduate of '41 To the Grads of '47 ,IAAJADQQ you .gyuccefia SECRETARIAL SERVICE Mimeographing Vari-Type 308 Equity Bldg. Phone 396 IoAnn Hurlcr, Virginia Hvnlvr, loan Krufl. -faleryhdy Zulu Uur food- HSNAEH BAR' "Have a Coke" , X f It's the li friendly high-sign TRADE MARK EUISTERED 1kX l-qi LR W NX There's one American custom you run into almost anywhere - the pause that rcfreslzvs with ice-cold Coca-Cola. Have TA 3, a Coke is the same friendly invitation i in Costa Rica as in Connecticut. In many lands around the globe, Coca-Cola has become a high-sign of friendliness- just ' ' 't is in your own home. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCAACOLA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF SOUTH BEND K .if ,Iliff M . 2 -N W' J' .4222 'gn i . -2-Jig 37 mv x ' : SX?g'.J , LV MLM' A for ', A, V 2, , V fi-'Vx 1-ig zfgfsi 3 1 :: , 'E 2 E si EE 'E 5: 3 5 gf si: 3, .' :,'g ' 1' '. gfcx 1 :3 ' .:- in : - OU, GU? Cl goo SCHUUL RECUBD It ls Now Time To Establish A Good Credit Record USE YOUR CREDIT -- PAY AS AGREED ELKIIHRT CREDIT BUREAU I. A. MILLER, Inc. PONTIAC AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE 134 East Franklin St. Elkhart, Indiana Best Wishes For Success to the CLASS OE 1947 GOl.DBERG'S 324 sour:-1 MAIN sr. The plate to go For the Branch you know - COMPLIMENTS H A ,.,,.,, is ,4,A .,,., SCI-IULT CORPCRATION 1800 S. Main Elkhart, Indiana 1904-1947 machinery made of RUBBER Rubber replacements, maintenance and operating supplies for industrial plants ELKIIRRT RUBBER WURKS ELKI-IART, INDIANA Hxvlxnfs yoursfw she usles lim Zwclntosll, Vern Dluriin, Dave Long. They know . . that whatever they order will be good because they're at LOUIE'S NORTH END CAFE 1 we Home of Qullgtg .7006 ana! .ibieri STAR MACHINE Inc. oami ana! idcounfd general Credit Corporation 5th Floor Monger Building Telephone 1375 jalfe UOLLI' Cal' i0-1 .1 4 e L li ssh , " M fl- n b Kii f iff v M B ee """"' ' " Sakai ana! .Sli-vice .. .A 4 ,. Y A Y iw Y i m'M-""'TW+ J ' , h44V'.N..AA i .'Q."'1 ...m,...N,,,,W.M,, 519 East St. ' Ph 1804 K K 'V wi 42?lSf' bikini: I A W FIFEQW illll Arh zdD1 DSr Ply th Success and Happ1'ness I0 the Class of '47 DEAL GRAVEL COMPANY C. C. Deal, Cwner Sand 25 Gravel Ready-Mixed Concrete West Beardsley Ave. Phone 8 UU HIIBBI uloergiff Sprayers - Dusters Power Sprayers - Planters Hnhhins Manufacturing lfn. General Oflices Factories: Elkhart, Incl Elkhart, Indiana North St. Paul, Minn l7l The Charles Walle F y uneral Home 126 SOUTH SECOND STREET , 4 .2 - 5 ' S . .f-S : 1 Ffa f .-:I'2g'+ f :, aa. !'."?5:1:'I- 222-zf. .4'I'Z" I-f ,-,-,q.'2w..j '-.,'s?f4a'- .s'.'.'.'.v w.-.-'-'NIS-.'1-. -1 'S 0 I U 6 0 A I A A fl .u,n.. uve: fee.-.'.'. 1 -,H yfQ.'A..a+.g: N?-.-.'. 1 1220. - 1 f ' A- , . 1 -1. - Jnfgfv 1 M 'kb' gnu-4, V. . "f 12'-+1-'H ........n.... . , gg , A-,:.4...o.o,.f..:,n.gv.o,l F if t5.g.7'.'.'.'.'.'Y' 'WSJ I ,fafsvf "'-' fs- f EW' Q-1 "HW-I-m-. 1. - " ' 'f " M 1 ,pil igg en LE 55 - .gsfvf .Hifi 9254 r+z:45771 T7' 5 -:-5-ra-4 1 6 'X '- L v. 1- - ffl- ..-- ---. lik- - ------------ - I E '-,' f x V-Y ig'ifggiifg-159:3!9E.::a3gg: r.1iE31E: :r1r:::45EfQ? .55 -P+ ' - .41 MQ -W-d "gilt . -1 -iggc.. Ambulance Service Lady Assistant Telephone 626 omla imenffi 0 . J. L. Whisler SL Sons Packers and Wh olesalers of Whisler Brand Bacon, Beef, Smoked and Cold Meats D Q l M 0 R E PosTURE CHAIRS DollVlore Chair Company, Inc. ELKHART, INDIANA The Truth and WTRC A newspaperfradio combination which hrings you all the news and the best in entertainment. Both newspaper and radio station are definitely operated in the interests of our entire community. The Elkhart Truth Your HOME Newspaper W T R C Your NBC Station Qur MOIIO.' To Feed Lzfee We Lzfee To Be Feel lN1f'. Qllllllby, IUYI ESLPVQ, CIPYYI IOIIIISOH, 1,lIl IXUTH, BPCLY IQUIIIIPPTQPF flllll c lxlllfrlly Hamburgers, Sundaes, Home Made Chili, Malted Milks, Short Grders ELKHART SANDWICH SHOP Qur C0r1grezIulezIzbr15 I0 Ihe Clem of 194 7 CGNSUMERS COAL 8 SUPPLY CO., INC. Quality Coal - Coke Builders Supplies l71l 602, of the, fllzlwmi fn. gmmmzaa tha gm ug 7947 YELLOW EHEEE BRAND ayamd, gacon, lgeaclg-fo-eaf Weak jaafe jine .xdnfffime Elkhart Packing Company C011 gmlulalzbns and Best Wshes I0 the Class of '47 QXDCQD D Seal-A, Koebuclz if Company as D l or C Trailer i See the uew Platt traller coaches at your nearest-Pl d l Pl f h trallers are deslgned and bullt for comfortable and lux l g O t C The interior pictured above illustrates Platt qual y d g cl k F U T U R El manship- Platt Trailer Co., Inc. 730 MCDONALD ST., ELKHART, INDIANA "IT PHYS T0 PLHY . . " We've Supplied Sports Equipment to Their Majesties The Boys and Girls of Elkhart High Since 19 20 VJ E'V E ENJQYED IT Q x, cc Ben Sive - "Andy" Cohen limi. Pomeroy, Peggy fwclney n Pianos Electric Crgans Radio-Phonographs Records Musical Intrurnents Music Musical Accessories Electrical and Gas Home Appliances Gifts...Lamps . ..Toys . . .Cabinets - r T e m p l 1 n s 220 SGUTH MAIN "OUR 42ND YEAR 177 Ph ne 517 124 W. Fran Qbirecf - .!4ufA0rizec! J Q Argdfer -- fymoufk . -,Timou+h C u - J Q 9 leafel' BERGERDN MOTU!! C0., INC 510 So, Second St. Phone 4087 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of ,47 gdcfric Sago ana! .Service Westinghouse Electrical Appliances Repairing and Electrical Contracting 9? kl St A ,, f -v + S W gQiApCD5TWARDETAILS ,,3 ., . A A .. A' , A ,l x " an is X 2 "': '-f i 'R if , , gall ,I 'ts nw----a ' V A ,E 'A 2 i e K H "'. Y MAA. x A V N"'f"r', ' "'f"W'xiLW"7""" XX A m y ,. ',-- ' ,P fi M 3 A A 1 '1., :f s-. Z? Q-MA A A 1 ' V -Q ,. ,... A ..,, . ,Af A ,Vi 4 A " MEETING .1,,. A A -A.-W 1- "" .-v"- Af' A l i A 42,2-11.Sn A 1 ., . , A - P' , z "" H A. A ., ,, - - T II- Izz V ' ,--. - , ja ',.,, 4 'Q ng' ., -- J fmfx w A-'Ik A , . A A f A A. fb-A ---- -' M V G-A ' JFi"'bs A "N 'A" A ! f f f F' ' ' W, K .1,,g,ffwr"2 ' Pl . -.G+ gn J - 'MMM H VY ww -w'.g,f f' ily ,Y 1 I Yi PN-wggif' X jlww VHQXXTM VfWw5.,flQMQ,f' ,I I., N Z.: , 14 A A A A X Q- W , ,... ::e: A Q S , 1. L 0 Q10 ,Wy-W , K . -A - A -ae.-:.aNT AUTHOQITATXVE suuwvey ' INOXCATES TMAT ALUMINUM Doubm,-Hume A ,,.:i,,,...W, W --- Q PNN ' Wmooxvs Ame. E-.5Ps5.c.sAx..L.Y ,ADAPTAPJLE ' A72 A , A A 'B ' FOP- SCHOOLS -- Q - ' EMMA'-f-4 A VENTILA noni CAN be. CONTROLLED KN ' AXA g A A Amos? Pr2.Ac:.TLc.A.L... MA:-XNEPN eff MOUNTING 1 A - , 1 Tue z2o1.1.aa::. sumvzs AT 1-YiALjWSCALEQDE:TA L LS QQDGUKJLE GLMS Suowrwb Tue. MfEETiNG'i2A!LS. . . . . A A 'A A A 1 A1 if P ADLAKE, Auumsmum !X!v,j,,f'T,,,,,,, , Ei .' : fmww --'- X25 -Qqlqgi A ' .nz 1 ""' "' ' ow Tuem. Nom METALLIC ga 'MW 'WF' XVEATI-nav sTRmPP1Nr3 THAT A A Cs.uz..D cz.:-N OPERATE Tuem . A V , Pg NME- izgwguu, 7 . - A wx'guouT D1ffzc:uL.TNf ADLAKE ALUMWNUM Douema-1-lows, Wlmczaoxvs Ana A SELF-LKQUSDATSNG , lb 2 I ' Xvsmooxvs canoe so 1:-:A'5xL.Y Q tx pw 4 g 0 0 4 4 aJAMb- QMULLKONQ A o n n Q 4 0 ol X . 5 F ici x if Y 5 A A LU M 1 N U M D 'Il T X L. . -' ' - -: - XX! 3 N QQW 5 TUE ADAMS ANDNVEST LAKE CO.,w4um2T,mD.,m.s.Ak your Juuvbvn fibeazwf 426d1gi1?h3Ijf, S Where Quality starts with a Capital 66 H O'BRIEN PAINTS - UN ITIZED WALLPAPER G I F T S PICTURES AND PICTURE FRAMING GREETING CARDS Garbers 1HU T Hand, luck, As you cross the bridge Between your school days And the future- Elkhart Bridge and Iron Co. Miller Steel and Supply Co., Inc Elkhart, Indiana . 4 .-+""" Compliments of Zelle-Hartzler Funeral Home 03 WEST FRANKLIN ST. PHONE 9 The Wise Senior Knows that appearance is important Send your dry cleaning to- lllodern Cleanel-A 425 S. Second T ,IEE 45' EE Chassis Alignment Service WHEEL BALANCING Does away with shimmy and uneven wear ELKHART WELDING AND BQILER WORKS Phone 3000 2132 S. Main St. Elkhart ?i1-At 64, far with a Put War Car I 1947's Newest Automobile I STUDEBAKER Champion Motor Company 501 E. jackson Blvd. Phone 1200 183 CLASS JEWELRY Beautiful and distinctive designs Hr moderate prices. Long wear and satisfaction For every owner. Rings of sturdy construction, unequaled in craftsmanship and Reflecting quality and service. OTHER BALEOUR SERVICES PERSONAL CALLING CARDS ANNOUNCEMENTS - INVITATIONS CLUB INSIGNIA MEDALS AND TROPI-IIES MEMORIAL TABLETS i e o our resi en ia tate Manager for informat We invite you to wr t t d t l S Jesse E. Greene Daleville, Indiana CELOCRETE ,anfzd CEMENT BLOCKS Russell The Cuulmun H Home ol Heal Satisfaction Build a comfortable Home of Your Own and Heat it with Coal HQQJ 232 E. Jackson Blvd. 184 Phone 41 WX ww? .... ' l L J as .,VflV X YOU LL FIND COPPER PLUMBING WITH N I Bco wnor FITTINGS! . f ,sw-"' Q A RECENT survey reveals 'l'ha'l' nearly 15'!o of 'I'he na'l'ion's families plan 'l'o build new homes af'l'er l'he war . . . wi'l'h a 'lo'l'al proiecled invesfmenl' of l'wenl'y-one billion dollars. There's our marke'l'! And fhey wan'I' new and beH'er healing and living arrangemen'l's in fhe homes l'hey plan 'lo build. Techniques and produc'l'ion facilifies born of war's demands will place fhe finesl' copper plumbing wil'h NIBCO Valves and Fillings, au'l'omal'ic heal- ing and ol'her mechanical conveniences easily wilhin l'he reach of all. There will be more and finer NIBCO producls when 'I'he war is won. I. A ...I A, Best Wishes to the Class of '47 C5475 MAIN AUTO TRADE 317 N. Main St, Phone 4577 WHITE MANUFACTURING CUMPI-INY Manufacturers of CONSTRUCTION AND ROAD BUILDING MACHINERY Elkhart Indiana 185 s eases n as i Wishing all the gracls of E.l-LS. che best Q43 G, L. Perry 815 South Main Whether you are a Senior girl who goes a dancing, Whether you are a Junior girl Who goes a prancing, Or a Sophomore who goes about romancing. You'll always look enhancing, In a frock from . . . ' STEPHENSUNS DRESS SHUP L THE STAFF OF THE '47 PENNANT ANNUAL WISHES TO THANK our Miss K. T an ,THT and " A our other friends in the graphic arts for their skill, advice and friendly interest. Builders of Six AllfAmerican Pennant Annuals MR. K. G. CQOLEY, MR. ED KASE MR. FRED C. NGER' S K SMITH CO CHICAGO INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING CO. ' ' " 222 E Oh' 285 7 North Western Ave. lndianapciis, lnilciana MR. R. R. BENsoN, PHoToGRAPHER MR- HERMAN P- TRAXLER 500 Marion Bldg, FQRT WAYNE TYPSETTING CQ. Indianapolis, Indiana Fort Wayne, Indiana MR. GEORGE ABEL THE ICE BUDD BINDERY SERVICE PRESS South Bend, Indiana Elkhartlildialla 1

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