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,, pl www nl qu 1 i 4 I1 R-L1 1 1 R i l XXX ,11- ..,,--..- Nvf ' 4 X qi, 5 Y A rl 'fgif E NX - vii! '64 'QRQ :XIX 1 V fm -? U 1 ' 'E N16 Q' 49 f 2 ,aw XXX - 1 Nllixqoff if . A W4 n kk nj? '14 f f MS 45 ' fb L - N xx f , , .5 Q X I VN 5 Sf ff 6 0 I ! f ' ' R 'f In Q: I .f- Q Yi QE eff? 3- W 1 Q-0 fx M ' fn ult' ly ' N gg, 6l L6 Cl, dc 00 ' X xmzihgilii 4 9 Q ' fr U 5' X, 3 0 0 1 ' T N F KK , 7, '75 .V ,f I I fel ff! -W-,.,-.f 3 l Pj. gif iff , .Fl , 1 L,:!5ufi,3 r' if-klqf 'QA Jw J .. 5, ,f 3- g77Q.72Z 'ff , Wi, f 3 ff f X, , , . , , L, I ff' 7' If If Qs? lx-,F 2.57, -, if!! 1 l is , 1 b ,' , 1 MLK f I W! KW? gm A if, F, - ,J , V:-"XV In ' X rf mf X, 445 vw ,f,, . " L'-' . A wx, fl-J, v "' 'fix L !!37s,.Vx 1 I b -,WX ' f ffg Q ,fm rr ,tb A l f : 1 - !',1f',l,f:i,.' ' .V fj. .ff MN--'ww-mmf..-Q-1 wgwdfawffff Aman:--:gf mlm mAwwfmm.:m1ma,:eww:wsmw..mwm -4 A a -'nr 'pgs' ,Q vi.: , R91 'Ax .As Qing x mi 4 l A , w . 82 0 -, raw? . . ,yi K K J, A .,hf.,g3 K .,,, ,N A K xg, . 5 if WEE as ,M - , Ks , E , 123 . , Ng Q Q' A X 'P ,, . ig ,KN N 15, Y-N-img -W ,xqgig -Q ' 7 , 1. ,, W. Q - ' ' 5 tg 1 X N, , 5 , :fgyw xi xg! t ig 5 ... fax- -1 'V ' ' , x- ig ,x .1 X ,A L K I N , ' f Vx. Q fn NL. '-- - A VHP- .-W- -A f . .f-QV. - ' ' .1 . gn-gig? E V 31 s . N .' in E 19' '- ' 1-fu:"f'Hf'? 'N-'55 MIM ,-45' -F K , I 3' 4 5. Kg ith, 1. ,yy . .JK . W ,.' ': - fm 11 '- 1 , ,".,s x "9-i. gm K x " 'lt . Q' ' f ' V x xiii' 1 ? . x f BW V 'L ' - I 4541 . ' f"i3 -gf f-g jg. nw Xu - Q, fn! Q 1,-it vs! ,Vx X 4 W , V, , . , ,Q 'ff' M X A , .,,, ff 71 3 A - ,yy-N , .,, . N- M V J .A l A - .f QA wiffiag, gi! M 2 N V, ' I QQ , JK 4' , ' -.rv ,. . , A ., A ' Q U, 1 V, .1 - ,. - X X ' -, "' M Q 1 Mx . e A '- ,, -Q . -- ' v . Q t W W px . ' fe - X' K. 'ww-Q M Y '- ,. .A , Q 1 . w -N ' 4 X .W j -sg , 'wk -tr f A - + . 5 - , , , U . 1 X . E I N . A ' if ' - A, .K kt , 0 I 3 .,?,., J,,y.M . JZ Q' ' 1 yfw N K Q .t . , 4- V , 4: 1 .Al fx w 2- V ' L-.f 4 ' X A. ff J- -, fm,-- ix W , J-- ,, ., fsfg 'J Sf, K iffdff fi' km, E. 5 .fig N. ' f 'H if 4 J favs Uv' WN E? . K., . M Ak g f , W ,, Vs N if f 'N V, ,T .nzfiyga .Al Y Q 1 1 L Q N iv Q , x f .femw-Q , X New W gg Ei 5 E QV gap I 5 5? gi gr. ,J X ' xg, E' 1' 5 Q , K .nk , iii' -7-Dx ' ' N . Q ,..x 571555. . .Wjgf . kg 11927: ki A . . . GUYS AND GALS . . . COACHES AND PLAYERS . . . SPONSCRS SAND CLASSES AND . . . AND JUST PUPILS CHARACTERS f W M EN VVHO 1 M EN VVHO PLAN . , . '14 A K ADVISE . .. Ac 00 ' M E N VVHO MEN XVHO DIRECT . . . SUPPORT' NVQNIEN XVHO XVQIWEN NNIHQ 551575 ' Q ' .jg f INSPIRE . . . ACAUQ W 0lfl'lQI'l XVQMEN XX Vx OMEN WHO LOVE . . . GUIDE. rl Ganges are characferiafic of our dckooz jkeir congre- gafing jam5 fda aeconolfior LJ! oo! id Licld, 0 . . . kids who are friends-the pals, the gangs, the turtle' dove twosomes who have dated for years, the inseparf ables, the confidential chums, the jacketed clubs, the Blazer brothers . . . . . . kids Whose friendship is the impelling force which X ff" J ich ana! .14 famigar 5cene any clay af 3:30 cuban uariouo commiffeeo meef fo chacudo zickoof affaim. f86LC!L8lf'5 . . A real school knows the spirit of cooperation, of sharing responsibilities, of v,.ae-W" Working together-that to' getherness is a tradition with us. Pupils are members of all committees: when groups are listed to plan, or prof Davis and War I'lI Board push stamp I Bigelow tells the Public Relations Board about Janie's latest. laeola e wolf ing f0gefA8lf' mote, or improve, or decide on a policy, pupils are there to voice their ideas in those groups. This sharing, this democratic Way of doing, this "We" feeling, makes our activities successful. The War Finance Board planned and carried out our wartime projects. Adult advisers ass The Public Relations Board plans the radio series and pub' licity. Our Youth Recreation Council plans dances and parties. ul..et's do it", not "You do it", or uThe faculty has decided" is our slogan at Elkhart High School. o E Y RC schemes. .... -. - I -f:, mua1mxn1nnma,1x... ea, a Jckoof id peolo e, anal fke filoirif . . the spirit of friendship . . the spirit of inspiration Mramey . . . the spirit of understanding 'hm 'ggi' 'i" g S' between coach and players. . . . the spirit of cooperation in doing things together, and Owens, Coach Ronzane, and Stephic in 11 post-game hurldle. ri 1.1 ft fir 'S 3-.Mi ' 1 VM. . "' fi' 4 r 5 K- f: A . .m y -. i 5 - .,,,,,: 9 rf 5, A ,, gl - '.m?1,1..N , -- ff -Q g i W :W lx ? ix fiigfl X f H 3, 5 R W Q if O' f K J ' 57 .T n -. f f .:f.f52gfw f. , .- 'f 515455 12 15 35 E-.gif .f 31 f3' 54YiilI.5-if A , f .gi . ,, Mm . . x,.A 3. f Q. -.W 'K' 3111, 'sf 's5":.W. , .A .. .Quay if? "Qg1'fLf3fi ,- ,. . ...., ,Nm .H kS..,...,Ax . .1 :zfv MU 4 X f W. 9 J is 5 1 r . . , .., . 'YEL .. ,W nz IT? , 5235? 2 Mi -V JJ, '.,, y rw.. AGVYXX, 5. 5 E 2 Pl sv QlTf'?'i V , 2 ' El it A 299' . f X 4 :EX X U , 'gm ffi, A Q , stgv Q ,, L ,A Q 1 ,-,, ' gb ' 'I A I , X 'U' fl:- V K . A V "-.1T'g q?.-"' 3 ' or gf ' W J 4 7 Q 0 ff-if Q i c-if-9 Ttwxii 7 4 sw L X - i' P 1 5 A A N 5.5. .o.:' A K I I k ' i a my 1 X ,Q K ' -' x ...a , 0 I f W X 0 A school is people . .Zac em an laulai 5' together, in classes, learning and doing. Any student who graduates without having made at least one faculty friend has missed the best part of his education: he has failed toisee that learn' ing is something bigger than books. I For some students, this friend is Miss Cole, a gracious personality who for years has been a culf tural influence in Elkhart High School. When teachers are like her, the spirit of inspiration and achievement prevails in classes. X e X XRHM '32 A 1 2 ' ,f ,,.,.,.,Q Qu , Q r saw ,, Wg, X' ,mx- fw -mf .- . 223 ..: 'gs Q ,..f ,uf 3 P JP! 'e .4 1 AV ADAMS, NORVAL E. B.S., M.S. Biology, Chairman of Science Department. AGNEW, RUTH B.A. English, Dramatics. AMSBAUGH, ANNA B.A. Home Economics. ANDERSON, CARL J. B.S. ' Blue Print Reading, Pattern Making, General Shop Mechanical Drawing. AVERY, FRANCES B.A., Professor's Degree in French Latin, English. BOOK, ORPHA B.A., B.L.S. Librarian. BOONE, ZELLA B.A. Geometry, Mathematics. BROUGHTON, RUTH B.A.. M.A. English, Bible, Chairman of Language Department. BUSCHE, LOUISE B.A., M.A. English. CART, FLORA B.S. Physical Education, Girls' Athletics. CATHCART, STELLA B.A., M.A. Physics. CLENDENEN, GERTRUDE B.A., M.A. English. COLE, EVA Art, Chairman of Art Department. COURTNEY, CHARLES Auto Mechanics, Air Mechanics, General Shop. DEAL, JUNE B.S. General Business, Typing. - DEPEW, BERTHA B.S., M.A. Home Economics, Chairman of Home Economics Depart- ment. DORSETT, MYNGLE B.A., M.A. American Problems, Effective Living, Dean of Girls. ESSOCK, ALFRED B.Ed.. M.A. Typing, Bookkeeping, Clerical Practice, Chairman of Commercial Department, Director of Extra-Curricular Funds. EVANS, CLIFFORD B.S., I.E. Machine Shop. FELMLEE, J. WESLEY B.A.. M.A. History, Electricity, Visual Education. FOX. ALICE B.A., M.A. Geometry, Mathematics. FRENCH, DOYLE M.S. Assistant Principal, Chairman of Mathematics Depart- ment, Testing Chairman. GEMMECKE. RICHARD M.A. American Problems, History, International Relations, Chairman of Social Studies Department, Counsellor. GOUDY, WILLIAM B.S.M., M.M. Choir. GILL, IVAN C. B.S.. M.S. Chemistry, Counsellor. HAMILTON, WILLIAM B.S. Mechanical Drawing, General Shop. HARVEY, REX B.S., M.S. Algebra, Trigonometry, Physics. HART, GLENN B.S. Machine Shop. General Shop. Sixteen HILL, FLORENCE Ed.B., Ph.B. American Problems, History. HUGHES, DAVID B.M. Director of Instrumental Music. JARVIS, KATHRYN B.A. Geometry, Consumer Mathematics, Counsellor. JORDAN, RILEY B.A., M.A. American Problems, History, Athletic Business Manager. KELLY, DOROTHY B.A., M.A. English, Writing Laboratory, Journalism, Publications. KERR. LESTER B.S., M.A. Algebra, Mathematics, Counsellor. KING, GLADYS B.A. Spanish, Review Mathematics. KIRKLAND, HELEN Ph.B., M.A. Shorthand, Transcription, Vocational Merchandising Counsellor. LIKINS, VIRGIL B.Ed., MS. Physics, Household Chemistry, Pre-Flight Aeronautics. LONGFELLOW, .IOHN B.A. Physical Fitness, Physical Education, Chairman of Physi- cal Education and Athletics, Basketball Coach. MATER, WILBUR B.A. American Problems. ORGAN, E. T. Blue Print Reading, Vocational Coordinator, Vocational Director. id feac em PATTON, ZORA B.A. Home Economics. RIETH. CLAUDE B.S., M.S. Printing, General Shop, Mechanical Drawing. RONZONE, MATTHEW B.S1, M.S. Physical Fitness, Physical Education, Football Co-Coach. SANDS, W. E. B.A., M.A. History, American Problems. SAWYER. MARGUERITE B.A., M.A. Latin, English. SCHEIDLER, HELEN B. Ed. Shorthand, Typing. SHARP, MARIE B.A., M.A. English, Counsellor. SICKELS, A DA Ph.B. English. SINER, MARIE V B.A., M.A. Commercial Law, Commercial Geography, Bookkeeping, General Business. SORENSON, RAYMOND B.A. Physical Fitness, Tennis Coach. SPROULL. RAYMOND B.A. Hisjtory. American Problems. UPEIKE, GLENN B.S., M.S. Biology. Household Science. WAG ON ER, EVELYN B.A. Biology. WENCER, GALEN B.A.. M.A. Evlnglish, Speech, Debate, Radio. WILEY, .I. F. B.A., M.A. Iifnglish. WISE. SALOME B.P.E. lfhysical Education. l I V ', Seventeen X , I I I t.. 9 Bryant gets some friendly advice from sponsor Jordan. eniom are fke moof imiaorfanf c arid, o coume, Lecauoe we Aaue degun fo faLe on realaondidihfied, anal fo Lego wifk fde acfiuifiea o fLe Jchoof Judi aa we are eauing, we Legin fo appre- ciafe jk? Cfafiff of AOLJ LCICL . . . "Last name, first" . . . thafs the way we came into this school, and that's the way we line up for our sheep- skins, as we leave the class of 19446. Twelve long years ago, taking a nap meant resting on our little kindergarden rugs instead of snatching a snooze in study hall and classes. Since those carefree days we have come a long, long way, we have changed schools, changed in habits and ideas, changed in physical sizes and appearance, we have lost old friends and made new ones. Yet when the class of '46 graduates, many of us will have gone to school together for twelve or thirteen years. The last three of these years we have spent together as' an organized class in the halls of this big, rambling, active place-the Elkhart High School. Wllhe public schools are, getting awfully publicf' teachers said in the fall of '43, when some 600 of us came in wandering and wondering, however, we eventually convinced them that we were not so bad and they decided to let us stay. So we organized with the help of our good friend Mrs. Fox, who has stuck faithfully by us ever since and lVlr. G. Wioodruff. We elected Bob Brown as president, and getting into a rut which for once was a good one, kept him there until he finished his duties on January 25, 1946. Gordan Anderson, an all-around guy, was our vice-president, Pat Cullen, secretary, Margaret Doll, treasurer, and Harriet Holdeman and Bob Holder- man, social chairmen. VVe felt that school would be a pretty dull place just studying, so we held our first party "The Flannel Fling" Eighteen in the school cafeteria. Natch, we wore the latest style: plaid shirts. All in all, we were gradually getting to feel that we were part of the school, yelling at games, loafing in halls, taking part in things. We struggled through our Sophomore year with such things as geometry, biology, Latin. "Well, we made itn, we said to ourselves as the school year ended. During the summer We held a picnic at lVlcNaughton Park. ln spite of the fact that many of the class did not come, we had a good time. Swarts and Primavera still boast about the baseball game. Then came the month of September and school. We were juniors, in grade school we had dreamed of being important high school kids and now we felt sure we were, we really belonged. We joined everything, we helped run everything. Didn't that swell class jewelry prove that we were it? As Juniors we kept the same sponso1's and chose the following students to take the lead in our activities: President, Bob Brown, vice-president, Kenneth Ingram: secretary, Byron Haines, treasurer, Margaret Doll, social chairmen, By the I Pat Cullen and Bob Holderman. , time we were organized we were feeling our oats, we were the best class E. H. S. had ever seen, we l admitted freely. Look us over, in athletics there were Brown, Bugh, Hoffman, Primavera, Swartsg in music, Bliss, Ingram, Anderson, Higgasong in dramatics and radio, Simmons, Estes, Holdermang publications, Troyer, Thompson, Cullen, Cadman, Black, Club activities, Doll, Bilancio, Couker-the juniors were-well, how could the school get along without us ? We realized that we were a good class, which we had always secretly known, and we knew we had talent, not just talent, but good talent, so we got a brainy idea. We would put on a variety show, which would display our talent. We devoted -considerable time to it and suc- cessfully presented "The Junior Follies of 1945" on March 8. Another big event of the year was our class play uJunior Missw, a three-act comedy given on April 13. That our class had good talent was proved in this pro- duction given on April 13. Then came May the month for the Junior-Senior prom, '4Celestial Balln. This was the other big event of the year. We worked, we planned, we devoted a lot of time to the prom and on May 26 all our weeks of discuss- ing what to wear who was datinff whom where we'd gobafterward came to a climax. D , Even though we felt that we were grown up, the Seniors lld " l'ttl b't,'.S ' t' t d ' iziinimr Lblasgllbiilityl "TheIEl3iat's tlfiiigrlixflflq iii: liijlgia gcalii silly time. Weill never fOl'g8t Cullen as 'fthe woman who paysw 1n the Truth And Consequences skit. But we burned that mid-night oil on Spanish, on those fsmellyj source themes, on outlines, notebooks, physics, tests, reports. Somehow most of us got through but there were manv casualties. As we watched the senior day exercises for the '45 class, we looked up to the seniors with admiration, dream- ing of the day when we would be doing the same thing, walking down the aisle, two by two. Now we were the seniors, the upper classmen. It had taken us twelve years of giving and taking, losing and learning, to achieve our goal. Our numbers had gradu- ally diminishedg some have moved away or taken jobs and quite a number of our boys have left to enter some branch of the service. Some have quit school for jobs. But we were still a strong well organized class' in Sep- tember. As we enrolled, the girls went to 220 and the boys to 320. That -in itself was a thrill: to be in Senior homeroom. As underclassmen, we were organized together but now were divided into January and June groups. At the first meeting of the January seniors, officers were elected. Bob Brown was chosen once more as presi- dent, Sam Miller, vice-president, Verlane Reber, treasurer, Joyce King, secretary, Betty Neff and Charles Pease, social chairmen. This class, eighty in number- finshed their activities with a party senior day. Some of them left for college or a job and some of them entered the service, but many of them stayed for the second semester with the rest of us in the June class. This June class was headed by the following officers: president, Tony Lambog vice-president, Bob Primaverag treasurer, Margaret Doll, secretary, Gloria Bilanciog social chairmen, Jim Swarts and Pat Cullen. As we got back into the general swing of school, some of us were members of the National Honor Society, some were in Student Council and some were members of the E. Y. R. C. Council. Our senior class play, :'Headed For Edenn, was pre- sented November 9. The usual Prom, Banquet, Baccalaureate, and Alumni reception closed our senior festivities. And so, on June 6, we will line up for the last time. "Last name, firstn. Moving slowly along, two by two, to get our diplomas, we recall these last three years. Certain scenes and people and events stand out . . . and as we think of these things, we feel a little sadness knowing that a good time has come to an end and that the class of '46, although scattered, will always be part of the school as the school will be part of us. Those senior officers and sponsors: Mrs. Fox, Tony Lambo, Margaret Doll, Bob Primavera, Betty Neff, Sam Miller, Joyce King, Chuck Pease, Gloria Bilancio, Mr. Jordan., Pat Cullen., and Verlaine Reber. N inezeen There are three kinds of seniors O ell L Ord BEVINGTON, MARILYN General Pennant Weekly. BORTNER, DONNA General Discobolus, Girl Reserves. BOWERS, MERLE JR. General BROWN, ROBERT YVOODS College Preparatory Class President '43, '44, '4-5, Student Council, Track, Pennant Weekly fSports Ed.J, National Honor Society. ' CRIPE, JEANNE Vocational Stenograplzical Triple L, Girl Reserves. ELKINS, BETTY ANN College Preparatory Student Council. ENGELHARDT, IRENE Vocational Clerical Girl Reserves, Triple L, Discobolus. ERICKSON, BARBARA Vocational ESTES, LILLIAN Wig and Cue, Discobolus, Girl Reserves. FLUKE, EDSON Vocational lllaclline Shop FORD, BARBARA JANE College Preparatory Triple L, Girl Reserves, National Honor Society, Jr. Academy of Science, Dramatics Club, Student Council. GORNEY, BETTY College Preparatory Student Council. those Who date and stay out late GEERTS, MERLE General Interclass Basketball. HARTMAN, MYRTLE Business Girl Reserves, Pennant Weekly. HORN, MARILYN l"'0Cllfll0Illll Stenographic HUFF, PAULINE General IVINS, PATRICIA ANN Home Economics JENNINGS. LILLIAN College Preparatory Student Council. KINDIG, LOIS ELLEN Home Economics Choir. KING, JOYCE J. College Preparatory Girl Reserves, Triple L, Senior Class fSect.l, Student Council, A Capella Choir. KLINGLER, RICHARD Inrlustrial Football. LANG, JACK W. Vocational Machine Shop MERRICK, FIRMER Industrial Interclass Basketball, Football. MIDDLETON, VERNON Industrial A Capella Choir, Ushers Club. Twenty 1 l l l I E66 of 216 li-IlLLiER. SAM General Senior Class QVice-Pres.J NEFFl BETTY KATHRYN College Preparatory Girl Reserves CTreas.l, National Honor Society fVice-Pres.D, Tlireshold fEditorJ, Triple L, Senior Class CProgram Chrm.J, Sttldent Council. NELSON, GERALDINE Commercial l NELSCiN, JANE HELEN College Preparatory Stirdent Council, Pennant Weekly, Threshold, Girl Reserves iPro- grarn Chrm.I, Discobolus, Senior Class Play. ' OTIERRON, DAVID College Preparatory OWENS, DOROTHY College Preparatory l PARK, 4 AVID Commercial PEASE. CHARLES General Band, Orchestra, Blue Jackets fSocial Chrm.l, Hi-Y, Senior Class CSocial Chrm.j PERO, GLORIA General GirlxReserves, Discoholus, Triple L, Student Council. l REBER,lVERLAINE JEAN cerrerrrz , Senior Class fSect.J, Triple L, Girl Reserves, Student Council, DiscrTbolus. RICHTER, JEAN General Student Council, Girl Reserves, Threshold, Discoholus, Triple L. ROGERSQ MARTHA Home Economics l i those who loaf and congregate and those who-graduate. The class l ROSS, CHRISTINA M. Home Economics SANDS, B RBARA General Art Club CSect.l, Pennant Weekly, Triple L. SAWYER, LIAMES General , Track. 1 SCHROED R, BETTY General Discohoius, Girl Reserves. 4 A 4 SLEEPER, GEORGIA Home Economics SNYDER, .IDI-IN Industrial Visual Education. STACKHOLEE, JEAN College Preparatory Girl Resprves, Triple L, Discoholus, National Honor Society. SUPER, JAMES SWIHART, COLLEEN College Preparatory Discobol s. W VITEK. FRAlNK Industrial , Track. l WHITEMAN,l GEORGE cerrrrrrz WILSEY, RICHARD E. General Ushers Cub, Visual Education fPres.J The following will graduate but are not pictured: Barnes, Ella Maeg Brigant, Frani: E.g Bowman, Frank, Cook, Rogerg Dickey, La Marg Dively, Williamg Fisher, Pat, Gans, Walter DeVong Gravencler, Richard Max, Hoaglarid, .limmieg Locke, Betty Joan, Mann, Jerald Joeg Mills, , Jack, Replogle, Dang Robinson, Marshallg Tidd, Lester, Witman, Helen Marguerite. 3 l I i l T wenty-one l eniom . ADAMO. ANTHONY Vocational Machine Shop Football. ALENDORF, MARILYN Home Economics ANDERSON, BILLIE Commercial Girl Reserves. ANDERSON, GORDON College Preparatory Band CPres., Treas.J, Orchestra, Student Council fPres., Treas.J, National Honor Society KPres.J , Sophomore class fVice-Pres.l. ANDRESEN, PAUL General Cboir fSocial Chrm.J, Basketball, Football, Pennant Annual, Hi-Y, Junior Class Play. ARBOGAST, BRUCE A. College Preparatory National Honor Society, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Band. AUGUSTINE, LOUISE Vocational Merchandising BADER, ERNEST Vocational Mechanical Drawing Band, Orchestra, I-IiY, Bluejackets, Interclass Basketball, Track, Pennant Annual. BAILEY, AUDREY General Girl Reserves, Student Council. BARKER, KEITH R. College Preparatory Pennant Annual. BIBBO, ROSE M. Vocational Clerical Girl Reserves, Discobolus. BIDDLE, HELEN L. Vocational Stenographic of '46, we admit is the best class ever to graduate from this or any BIGELOW, JOANNE General Pennant Annual CAsst. ECU, Triple L, Girl Reserves, Student Council. BIGLER, LEWIS R. Industrial Baseball, Cross Country, Track, Visual Education. BILANCIO, GLORIA General Girl Reserves fP1'ogram Chrm., Sect.l, Senior Class CSect.J , Student Council CSect.J, Triple L iSocial Chrm.J, Discobolus lSocial Chrm.J, Junior Class Play, Pennant Annual. BILLINGTON, ROBERT College Preparatory National Honor Society QVice-Pres.J, Blue Jackets lSect.5, Junior Class Play, Band, Threshold. BITTINGER, NANCY Vocational Booklteeping Girl Reserves, Discobolus, Pennant Weekly CCirculation Mgr.J. BLACK, ERIS College Preparatory Pennant Weekly fAsst. Ed.l, Pennant Annual fAsst. Ed.fb, National Honor Society, Student Council, Art Club, Girl Reserves. BLACK, RAYMOND J. JR. College Preparatory BLISS, ROBERT College Preparatory National Honor Society fSect.J, Band, Orchestra, Pennant Weekly. BLOOM, BETSEY General Discobolus. BLY, JOSEPH J. College Preparatory Wig and Cue. Pennant Weekly, Paint and Pallette CPres.l . BOHS, WILLIAM JR. Vocational Machine Shop Hi-Y, Cross Country fCo-Captaini, Track, Interclass Basketball, Student Council. . KLEIN, HELEN Home Economics t T wen ty-two "1 A . CAM of 216 , BRAN'I?, MAY Home Economics N BRICKMAN, HENRY E. Vocational Merchandising Ushers Club, Blue Jackets Club, Interclass Basketball. l BROTHERS, DOROTHY VIRGINIA Home Eocnomics Triple L, Discobolus, Orchestra. BROWN, RICHARD Industrial Ba'ketball, Track, Baseball. BRYA T, CHARLES OSCAR College Preparatory Vi ual Education fVice-Pres.J, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Yell Leader, National Honor Society, Pennant Annual CAdv. Mgr.J, Blile Jackets, Student Council. BUET R, ELIZABETH General Stl dent Council, Girl Reserves, Triple L, Pennant Weekly. BUET R, SUE Home Economics Pehnant Annual, Triple L, Girl Reserves, Student Council. BUGHJ ROBERT College Preparatory Tennis, Track, Senior Class Play, Hi-Y, Junior Class Play, Student Conncil, Basketball. I BURCIEI, MARY ESTHER Home Economics BURNS, CLARENCE Vocational Machine Shop BUSENBURG, BETTY Vocational bookkeeping National Honor Society, Triple L, Discobolus, Junior Class Play. BUSENBURG, DELORES Commercial Stlident Council, Girl Reserves, Discobolus. 1 ,L 7 7 , other high school. QAren t Weiglacl We re us?j Look at the record 4 l l BUTTERFIELD, OLGA JANE College Preparatory Girl Reserves, Discobolus, Pennant Weekly, Pennant Annual, Junior Achdemy of Science. CADMJXN, JOAN College Preparatory Pennant Weekly fAsst. Edd, Pennant Annual CAsst. Ed.l, Paint and Pallette fProgram Chrm.J, Senior Class Play, Junior Class Play, Discobolus, Girl Reserves. l CALVIQRT. JOHN E. College Preparatory National Honor Society, Pennant Weekly, Pennant Annual, Hi-Y, Us ters Club, Blue Jackets, Threshold. CAM PANELLO, ANGELA CNet Graduatingb CARUSILLO, JOHN Vocatimmz tracking shop Foptball, Track. CAVANAUGH, JAMES General l l CAVANAUGH, RUTH Home Economics Clioir. l CHILCEOTE, RICHARD W. Vocational Machine Shop Vifual Education CSect.J LAV E Y, ROBERT G. College Preparatory B ,id and Orchestra fSocial Chrm., Treas.J, Blue Jackets. el CLICIC, ELLA MAE General Triple L, Orchestra, Pennant Weekly. COOLEY, ERNESTINE General f COST JANE College Preparatory Girl Reserves, Triple L, Jr, Academy of Science, National Honor Sofiety. l w Twenty-three eniord COUTS, FRED A. JR. College Preparatory Junior Academy of Science, Blue Jackets, Band, Orchestra. CRABTREE, REVA iNot Graduatingl CULLEN, PAT College Preparatory Pennant Weekly lAsst. Ed.7, Discobolus QVice Pres., Sect.J, Soph. Class fSect.J, Junior Class CProgram Chrm.J, Senior Class tProgram Chrm.J, Student Council fSect.J, Art Club, Girl Reserves, Junior Academy of Science. DARLING, CHARLES D. General Football, Basketball. DATENA, ANN V General Girl Reserves, Discobolus. DAVIS, CRAIG College Preparatory Visual Education, Junior Class Play, Blue Jackets CPresidentl, National Honor Society, National Thespian Society, Wig and Cue, Senior Class, Track, Pennant Annual. DAVIS, HAZEL Home Economics DELUCA, VIRGINIA Vocational Stenograplzical Discobolus. DEMOREST, HOUSTON College Preparatory Hi-Y, Blue Jackets, Ushers Club fPres.J, Pennant Annual, Pennant Weekly. DENLINGER, ELMER College Preparatory Tennis, Yell Leaders, Orchestra, Blue Jackets, Junior Class Play. Senior Class Play, Interclass Basketball. DEVITO, LUCY Vocational Stenographical Girl Reserves, Discobolus. DEYOUNG. BETTY LOU Vocational Slenographical Girl Reserves, Discobolus. artists, actors, athletes, musicians, journalists, an occasional DICKERHOFF, PHYLLIS Commercial Girl Reserves, Triple L fVice-PresidentJ. DIENER, CHARLES K. College Preparatory ' Junior Academy of Science, Pennant Weekly, Track, Student Council, Interclass Basketball. DOLL, MARGARET A. College Preparatory Student Council, Band, Class Treasurer U-44, '45, ,46l, Discobolus CPres.J , Junior Academy of Science, Girl Reserves tP1'es.l, National Honor Society. DONCASTER, DONNA Home Economics DOVEL, GORDON Vocational Machine Shop DOWNEY, ROBERT JOHN Vocational Mechanical Drawing Band, Orchestra. ' DRAKER, DUANE J. General Ushers Club lVice-Pres.l, Blue Jackets, Art Club lVice-P1'es.l. DUNLAVEY, EDWARD O. College Preparatory ECKSTEIN. NORMA JEAN General Choir fSect., Treas.J, Girl Reserves, Triple L, Junior Academy of Science, Pennant Annual. EICHOLTZ, PATRICIA L. General Triple L, Band. EPPERS, JOSEPH I-I. Vocational Machine Shop Track. ERNST, MARGARET College Preparatory Choir, Triple L. Twent y- four i I 'w I X 7 C6144 o 46 X EiVANS, JOSEPH Vocational Mechanical Drawing FRCEY, ROSEMARY Home Economics M Discoholus Club. FPQGER, PEGGY Home Economics X Discobolus, Girl Reserves, Triple L. PONTIUS, MARY LOU General Choir, Triple L. l FARRINGTON, ROSE Commercial Jr. Academy of Science. FRANCISCO. ROSEMARY Commercial Cll0ll' fSec.-Treas.l, Girl Reserves, Discobolus Club. l l Q FRYEQ DAVID CRAIG College Preparatory Hi-F, Football. FULLER, BETTY Commercial GANNON, EMMA NEAL General Choir, Band, Girl Reserves, Discobolus. i GARDNEF. WAYNE JR. General Hi-Y .CSergeant-at-Armsl, Track, Inter-Class Basketball. GARL. MARJORIE JEAN General Pennant Weekly fAsst. Adv. Mgnfl, Discobolus, Girl Reserves, Yell Leaderlx Choir CSociaI Cl1rm.J. GENTZHORN. MARGY E. Home Economics Choir, Girl Reserves. I X I I scholar, and a fine crop of loafers. We have finished smashing lab i x I I w R GILBERT. JANE ELLEN General Pennant Weekly, Pennant Annual CArt Ed.l. GLASE, ROBERT A. Inatsmaz 2 . 6 E Y Visual Educzition. , l 4. ga, I GLICK, LEROY EDWIN Vocational Mechanical Drawing GQARD, MILDP. ' College Preparatory Girl Reserves, Student Council, Dramatics Club lTreas.l, Pennant Weekly, Pennal t Annual. GOETZ, BEVERLE, JUN E General Girl Reserves, Discoholus. GOLDEN. DEAN Ll cmemz Band, Hi-Y, Blue Jackets, Pennant Annual. eouKER.PHYLL1si General Girl Reserves CPr0gram Cln'm.l, Junior Academy of Science fVice-Pres., Presjlw, National Honor Society, Triple L. GRIFFIN, WILMA iHome Economics Discobolus, Pennant Weekly, Pennant Annual, Junior Class Play, Wig and Cue, Senior Class Play, Girl Reserves. GROVE, ALLICE J. lHome Economics Dramatics Club. Disbobolus Club, Pennant Weeklyf, Pennant Annual. Senior Class Play, Girl Reserves. I GROVE. JAMES CARL H Industrial Band CVice-Pres.l , Oilchestra. I-IAINES, BYRON LEE l, College Preparatory Football lMgr.l, Student Council, Blue Jackets fVice-Pres.l, National Honor Socieey, Junior Class QSect.l, Choir fPres.l, Pen- nant Annual. lx HAINES, MILDRED Home Economics ' " ' f iw H f J Twentl' i ve P. I 1 J ' ' 'h S as , eniorzi HAINES, MYRON EARL College Preparatory National Honor Society lTreasurerJ, Student Council lParl.l, Choir lProg1'am Chrm.l, Blue Jackets CP1'esidentJ, Football lMgr.J. HAMPEL, PAUL Industrial Cross Country. HARTHILL, ALPHA JEAN General U Discobolus, Band, Orchestra. HEATH, BETTY LORRAINE Vocational Bookkeeping HEINHUIS, WILLIAM I-l. College Preparatory Band lTreasurerJ, Band Sz Orchestra Staff CTreasurerJ, Honor Society, Student Council. HERRING, GENE College Preparatory Football. . HERRON, WILLIAM R. Vocational Mechanical Drawing Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play. HEVELIN, RUSSELL E. General Industrial HIGGASON, DOROTHY JANE College Preparatory Band, Orchestra, Triple L, Student Council. HOFFMAN, LEO General Industrial Football, Track fCaptainl, Basketball, Baseball. HOLDEMAN, HARRIETT College Preparatory Sophomore Class Ollicer lSocial Chrm.J, Girl Reserves. HOLDERMAN, ROBERT College Preparatory Hi-Y, Sophomore and Junior Class Officer lSocial Chrm.J. equipment, ground out our last source theme, thrown together our HOLLEY, DORIS Vocational Merclianrlising Girl Reserves, Student Council. HOLMES, KEITH General Ushers Club, Print Club, Baseball tMgr.l. HOON, KENNETH JOHN General Cross Country, Track. HOOVER. FRANK MAX Commercial Visual Education, Print Club. HUCG, DEVERE Home Economics Art Club, Girl Reserves. HUSTER, PAUL D. Industrial INGRAM, KENNETH L. College Preparatory Hi-Y, Student Council, Junior Class lVice-Pres.J, Band, Orchestra. JACKSON, LILLIAN College Preparatory Junior Class Play fAsst. Directorj, Senior Class Play lAsst. Di- rectorl . JACKSON, THOMAS C. College Preparatory Hi-Y. JACOBS, NORA Home Economics JELLISON, JOYCE A. Vocational Clerical Girl Reserves, Dramatics, A Cappella Choir. JENKINS, SHIRLEY Vocational Stenograplrical. Twenty-six 66164 o Z6 JOHNS ON. DIANA MAY College Preparatory Tri e L, National Honor Society, Student Council CVice-Pres.J, Orchestra fVice-Pres.J, Girl Reserves Clklusic Cln'm.J. J Ol-INSTON, JUNE General Disciobolus. KATZENMEYER, JAMES H. Inrlustrial l KEELEY, BETTY Home Economics Girll Reserves. RINK, SHIRLEY Home Economics Diseobolus, Girl Reserves. KENTNQER, KEITH A. Inalustrial KERN. THOMAS Industrial Basfball, Basketball fCaptainJ, Track, Student Council. KEYSER, ROBERT L. General Balid, Interclass Basketball. KIEGER, DORIS JUNE Home Economics Girl Reserves, Triple L, Discobolus. I P KIEFER, JOYCE Commercial Dramatics, Discobolus, Girl Reserves, Pennant Annual. KING, ILLIAM General Fo ttball iCaptainl, Track, Student Council. KISER.i PHYLISS JEAN Home Economics Pennant Weekly, Pennant Annual, Choir. l last mite books, cheated on our last exams, played our last games on i . , . ., - 1 KLOSEE, BILLIE JAN College Preparatory Student Council, National Honor Society. Wig and Cue, Thespians 'fSect.l, Pennant Weekly, Senior Class Play, Girl Reserves, Dis- coliolus. SCHENK, MAYNARD C. Vocational Machine Shop HWY, Baseball, Interclass Basketball, Track. KOVACH, MARGARET General KREPS, WAYNE Vocational Machine Shop lnterclass Basketball. KUEHM, FRANCES Commercial Triple L, Girl Reserves. LAMBD, ANTHONY M. College Preparatory Senior Class fPres.l, National Honor Society, Student Council, Fofatball, Junior Academy of Science. LANE,iWALLEY R. College Preparatory HiiY fVice-Pres., Pres.J, Pennant Annual fBusiness Mgr.l. LAPHAM, NORMAN Industrial LAROEJQUE, DAVID A. General robumli. I LEHMiAN, CAROLYN College Preparatory Peinnant Weekly, Yell Leader. Thespian iVice-Pres.l, Wig and Cue Olice-Pres.l, Junior Class Play, Senior Class Play, Girl Reserves, Pennant Annual. ' i LEONARD, 'SHIRLEY Vocational Stenographical Driamatics. Band, Orchestra. LERNER, DAVID College Preparatory Bzind, Orchestra, Art Club. Twenty-seven - A.. L -fn en iam LIGHT, VIRGINIA College Preparatory Girl Reserves fVice-Pres.l, Student Council CSecI.l, National Honor Society lSect.J. SWARTS, JAMES C. College Preparatory Baseball, Basketball, Track, Football, Pennant Animal fSports Edgl, National Honor Society, Senior Class fProgram Chrm.J, Hi-Y. LONG, DONALD J. Vocational Machine Shop ' Band. LOOP, CLINTON Vocational Clerical Band. LOVETT, ARTHUR Vocational lllachine Shop DICK, BETTY Commercial Triple L, Pennant Weekly, Girl Reserves, Band, Orchestra. LUCCHESE, JOHN L. General Machine Shop Football. LUSHER, JAMES E. Vocational Mechanical Drawing LUSHER, SALLY College Preparatory Wig and Cue iVice-Pres.,t Girl Reserves, Discobolus, Student Council, Senior Class Play, Pennant Weekly Klfealure Ed.J. MAGGERT, DORIS General Art Club. MAGNUSEN, PHYLISS Vocational Merchranrlising Girl Reserves, Pennant Weekly, Triple L. MAHONEY, DOLORES College Prerrrrrrrrrrry Rice Field-now We go out into the cold, cruel World. It' s been a long MANTHE, PHYLISS Vocational Stenographical Girl Reserves, Triple L, Discobolus, Pennant Annual, Band, Orchestra. MARBEITER, LATONA Home Economics Girl Reserves. MARKS, JEAN Vocational Stenographical Dramatics, Threshold. MARTIN, BARBARA Vocational Merchandising Girl Reserves. MASTEN, MARILYN Home Economics MATT, CAROLYN fNot Grarluatingl l MCCOLLOUGH, DORIS Commercial Band, Orchestra, Discoholus. MCKEAN, JEANNE Vocational Clerical Girl Reserves, Discobolus, Wig and Cue. Thespian, Senior Class Play, Student Council, Pennant Weekly, Pennant Annual. METZLER, ERMA JEAN Vocational Stenographical Student Council, Triple L. i MICHAEL, SHERRY Vocational Bookkeeping Girl Reserves, Studeiit Council. MICHALS, LORETTA Vocational Bookkeeping Girl Reserves, Pennant Weekly, Triple L. MILLER, BEURNADEAN Home Economics Triple L, Discobolus, Girl Reserves. I Twen t y-eight l I I 1 5 7 l aaa o 46 ! MILLER! FREDERICK, L. College Preparatory Student Council, Pennant Annual. MOHNSSEN, DORIS College Preparatory Junior Academy of Science, Triple L, Discobolus QVice-Pres.J, Girl Reseirves, Yell Leader, Choir. MOSSE , JUNE General Girl Reserves, Discobolus, Student Council. MYERSl MARGARET ANN Vocation-al Stenograpllical Girll Reserves, Triple L. MYERS! HELEN LOUISE Home Economics NELSON, MARY Vocational Clerical Tri ale L, Girl Reserves. NEU, IlICK D. College Preparalory Band, Track, Cross Country, Blue Jackets. NOFFSINGER. JAMES WlLLlAlvl commercial Baseball, Junior Academy of Science. E NUSBAlUM, THOMAS E. General Sturlent Council, Hi-Y, Football, Track, Basketball. O'DELli., HOWARD R. Industrial OKLITZ, .IACQUELINE College Preparatory Gill Reeerles Junior Academ of Science, Choir, Discobolus, ' - ' Q Y Trvmle L. OTT, MARGARET College Preparatory I road from the lolllpop days l i I OWENS. MARVIN Industrial Tlack, Football. OVEIQHULSER. MARY Home Economics PARIFER, KENNETH Industrial PAT ERSON, WILLIAM College Preparatory Ili-Y crl-ea5.l, Basketball clxlgl-.l. PEGS, FERN E. College Preparatory iscolaolus. f PETIlEY, GENEVIEVE General liiiscobolus. PLETCHER, ELEANOR JEAN Home Economics RAH , VERNE Industrial RAYL ROBERT B. General Hi-Y, Yell Leader, Interclass Basketball, Pennant l l RICH, PAT Vowlfonaz sfefmgmpllical RIGGLE, MARTHA Home Economics iscollolus, Girl Reserves, Dramatics, Band, RISH, RICHARD H. College Preparatory to the junlor prom breakfast partles Weekly. iHi-Y lSect., Vice-Pres., Pres.l. National Honor Society CPres.l, fStudent Council CVice-Pres.D, Tennis. I i V l l Twenty-nine l l l , . A.-. en ioro RITTER, BEVERLY Vocational Stenographical Discoholus, Girl Reserves, Dramatics. RITTER, DONNAMAY College Preparatory Choir, Triple L, Girl Reserves. ROBERTSON, THOMAS JAMES Industrial Ushers Club. ROBERTSON, BILLIE M. Industrial Ushers Club. RODEWALD, PAUL Industrial ROGERS, VINCENT E. Vocational Mechanical Drawing ROOSE, PAUL R. General ROSENTRETER, ELLEN Business ROWE, NANDIS Vocational Merchandising Girl Reserves. ROY, PATRICIA College Preparatory Girl Reserves, Discoholus. SAILOR, DOUGLAS General Band, Orchestra, Pennant Annual. SCHNELLE, CAROLYN Home Economics There will never again be good times like those We've had . . . there SCHROCK, LOWELL L. Vocational Mechanical Drawing SCHWARTZ, CHARLES E. College Preparatory Tennis, Pennant Weekly, Baseball, Hi-Y, Junior Class Play. SENSENBAUGH, DOYLE NORMAN Industrial Band, Orchestra. SEVISON, ROY V. Vocational Machine Shop SHAFER, BETTY General - SHELLEY, .IOANNE College Preparatory Triple L lParlin1entarianl, Girl Reserves, Choir, Discobolus, Pen- nant Annual, Student Council. SIBERT, JANET L. Vocational Merchanzlising SICKELS, WILLIAM H. College Preparatory Student Council, Blue Jackets, National Honor Society, Threshold, Pennant Weekly, Ushers Club fPres.l. SIMMONS, ROBERTA College Preparatory Band KSect.J, Band and Orchestra staff fSect.J, Senior Class Play, National Honor Society fTreas.J, Triple L, Pennant Weekly, Dis- cobolus, Student Council, Girl Reserves, Orchestra. SMITH, BETTY JEANNE Vocational Stenographical SMITH. BETTY LORRAINE Commercial Girl Reserves, Triple L. YODER, J OSEPHIN E College Preparatory Girl Reserves, Jr. Academy of Science, Triple L, National Honor Society. ' Thirty farm of 216 T SNlITH, DORIS JEANETTE Vocational Bookkeeping ,Girl Reserves. SMPLE, THERESA Horne Economics SPAUGH, ROBERT Vocational Machine Shop ,Baseball lMgr.D ST 'HLY JANET LEE Commercial A o QGirl Reserves fPres.J , Discobolus, Dramatics, Band, Student Council, ' 'rllennant Weekly, Choir. ' STATNLEY, MARY ANN Vocational Stenrographical STEQEHIC, WINSLOW Inflnstrial ,Ootball, Interclass Basketball. l STEPHENSON, PATRICIA College Preparatory Orchestra, Band, National Honor Society, Pennant Weekly, Girl Reserves. STEWART, BARBARA Commercial girl Reserves. STRQM, GRACE Home Economics Ctirl Reserves, Discobolus. I STUD' P, EDGAR R. General Football. THOIVIPSON, JOSEPH College Preparatory Art Club lTreas.l, Dramatics, Pennant Weekly CAdv. Mgrzl. TIMPE, KENNETH L. Industrial Interclass Basketball, Blue Jackets. will never he friendships like those We've known here . . . there will , . I T t , TROUP,i RICHARD E. General Ushers Club, Hi-Y, Visual Education Club, Blue Jackets Club. TROYEIT, GERTRUDE General Girl Reserves. TROYEH, JAMES College Preparatory Pennant Annual KEditorP. Pennant Weekly lBus. Mgr., Asst. Bus. Mgr.l, Junior Academy of Science tSect., TreaS.l, National Honor Society. ULERY, MA RILEE College Preparatory 1 UNGER, WILLIAM J. College Preparatory Interclass Basketball, Football, Track, Student Council, VERHACEN, PAUL General Baseball, Track. Football, Interclass Basketball, Student Council. VREDINGIZURGH, GEORGE H. General Yell Leader, Student Council, Blue Jackets, Wig and Cue, Senior Class Play. i WAGONER, EARL D. Industrial Football. WALKER. CHARLES J. College Preparatory Tennis,l Basketball, Cross Country. Track, National Honor Society, Junior Class Play. l WALL, PHYLISS Commercial StudentlCOuncil, Pennant Annual, Girl Reserves, Discobolus. WALTER, RHYLISS General l WALTER, ELIZABETH General Girl Resizrves, Discobolus. i Thirty-one , , , T l '2 Q' 1 I Q never he lsays the faculty with a I eniom, Cfadd of 216 VVARD, ROBERTA Commercial Girl Reserves, Pennant Annual, Pennant Weekly, Discobolus, Student Council. WATERMAN, MARGARET Commercial Triple L, Girl Reserves. WATERMAN, MARGERY Commercial Girl Reserves, Junior Class Play, Triple L CPres.l , Pennant Annual, National Honor Society. WATROUS, RICHARD E. General WOZNIAK, AUGUST JR. Vocational Machine Shop WEAVER, CHARLOTTE Commercial Girl Reserves, Discobolus, Pennant Weekly, Pennant Annual. WENDLAND, .IOHN College Preparatory Band, National Honor Society. WHITE, WILLIAM E. Industrial WHITE, GEORGE College Preparatory Football lMgr.l, Student Council, National Honor Society, Pennant Annual fAsst. Bus. Mgr.J. WHITFIELD, GENEVA Commercial Band, Discobolus, Triple L, Girl Reserves. WICKS, WILLIAM Industrial WIECNER, JOHN SCOTT Vocational Mechanical Drawing Band, Track. sigh of reliefj another class like us PRIMAVERA, ROBERT D. College Preparatory Baseball, Basketball, Senior Class fVice-Pres.l, STIV ER, WILLARD Industrial TOWRISS, RUTH Commercial Orchestra. WATERMAN, BOB Industrial Student Council. WILKINSON, LOIS Vocational Stenographical Triple L, Pennant Weekly, Girl Reserves. WILKINSON, ROBERT WILLIAMS, EVELYN Home Economics Choir, Pennant Weekly, Triple L. WILLIA MS, ROBERTA fNot Grarluatingj WINE, CHARLES C. Vocational Clerical WINDMILLER, HOWARD E. Industrial I-Ii-Y, Baseball CMgr.l, Basketball lMgr.l, Interclass Basketball, Sandbur Football. WITWER, CAROL Commercial Student Council, Senior Class Play, Pennant Annual, Girl Reserves, Discobolus. YEAKEY, JAMES General YEAKEY, SUSIE General Girl Reserves, Pennant Weekly, Discobolus. YEATER, RONNY College Preparatory YERGIN, VELMA College Preparatory Discobolus, Girl Reserves, Junior Academy of Science. YOUNG, VIVIAN General Thirty-two The composer and author of the new school song pose with the choir jhode loecia, ago . . . Of course, we wouldn't want the faculty to suspect it, but those special days and those special programs are what we really live for. Some of these are regularly planned days, some are un- usual, some are traditional. But whatever they are, these oc- casions are very welcome, not only because they offer a change from the regular routine, but also for the excitement of the day itself. A very special day was the occasion when We adopted our new school loyalty song. With words by Geraldine Shank, a graduate, and music by Alice Rhodes, a student, "To Elkhart Highn was accepted unanimously by the student body at an assembly for that purpose. Seniors especially will remember Senior Day with its color- ful clothes and flowers, the march down the aisle to "Pomp and Circumstancell, and the program presented at that time. And College Day, too, when we talked personally to repre- sentatives of many universities and colleges, affected the lives of many of us. Because they bring a special thrill, those days are the ones which we look back to, the ones which we will always re- member. ' Dope on. DCPIIIHU, from hir. Umlbright Thirty-Ihree ..n. . Pease and Estes . . . Senior day skit DEPAUW ,CL 1947 JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY Although in our Sophomore year we were slow in organizing, we chose: President, Tom Armstrong, Vice President, Jean Kreighbaum, Secretary, Pat Korn, Treasurer, Bob Dillon, and Social Chairmen, Richard Berlick and Janeth McLaughlin, to lead us in our first year of high school. Our first party was held on May 14, in the gym. "May Maneuversi' was the title and the party followed late spring traditions of May poles, flowers, and games. The committee chairmen were: Diana Voras, decorations, Delores Lieberenz, refreshments, Janeth McLaughlin, entertainment, and Pete Fleming, pub- licity. Although we enjoyed our sophomore year in many ways, the junior year is one of the most delightful of the three years, the discomfort and strangeness of the sophomore year a1'e behind us, we begin to join clubs and take part in extra-curricular activities, we became acquainted fespecially, our feminine membersl with upper-classmen, we begin to feel at home in E.H.S. The juniors look forward to new experiences in this year carrying with them their traditions, the class play, class jewelry and the prom. Then, too, there is that joy in looking forward to the spring. We won't be looking enviously at the prom-goers, we'll be among them. Yes, the junior year is a grand year. The junior officers elected for the year were: Presi- dent, Tom Armstrong, Vice President, Don Fuller, Secretary, Jean Kreighbaum, Treasurer, Bob Dillon, and Social Chairman, Nancy Ek and Henry Denman. Class sponsors are Mrs. Sickels and Mr. Hart. The first activity after the elections was the class party, held November 3, 1945. Nancy Ek appointed Janeth McLaughlin as chairman of entertaimnent. A Sadie Hawkins Day theme was carried out and prizes were given for the best costumes. Three hill billy Thirty-four oo! id laeolo ei ' J' JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, Tom Armstrong, Vice Presi- dent, Don Fuller, Secretary, Jean Kreigh- baum, Treasurer, Bob Dillon, and Social Chairman Henry Denman and Nancy Ek. The class Sponsors are Mrs. Sickels and Mr. Hart. bands, made up of three clubs, played during the evening. On February 14, 1946, the class presented the second annual Junior Follies. Rita Holtz was ap- pointed chairman, with Pat Korn assistant. One attraction of the Follies was a sixteen girl chorus which presented two numbers. A play entitled "It Will Be All Right on the Nightf, was enacted by nine boys. Other numbers included a tap dance, a reading, two piano solos, a violin solo, impersonations, a boys' orchestra, directed by Henry Denman, furnished music before the curtain rose. On April 12, 1946, the junior class presented the play "Come Rain Or Shine.', This comedy, unfolding a drama was presented to the audience under the direc- tion of Miss Ruth Agnew, with Janeth McLaughlin, Marilyn Rish, Nancy Ek, Phil Lux, Pete Fleming, Henry Denman and Tom Brubaker in the leading roles. Selling at football and basketball games, and giv- ing the Junior Follies and presenting the class play, enabled the class to entertain the seniors at the prom on the night of May 18, in the Athenian Ballroom of the Hotel Elkhart. The theme for the prom was en- titled 6'Underwater Fantasyn, and Jimmy Wilbur and his orchestra played for dancing from 8:30 to 12:30. The following committees made the evening a success: Decorations, Jean Wright and Rosemary Clark, en- tertainment, Janeth McLaughlin, publicity, Pete Flem- ing, tickets, Bob Dillon and Carolyn Rowe, flowers, Jean Kreighbaum, programs and invitations, Betty Wambaugh. Juniors usually have a share in the senior gradua- tion activities. At the Baccalaureate service the juniors act as ushers and the junior officers lead the proces- sional down the aisle. At the Alunmi reception junior girls serve at the punch table. As the school year closes, the juniors look forward to returning in the fall as the grads of '47. UNICDRS Row 1 Adamo, C., Adamo, M., Adams, T., Alwine, J., Antonelli, S., Armstrong, L. Row 2 Arko, B., Baker, J., Armstrong, T., Baker, R., Baker, B., Bailey, G. Row 3 E Bargeron, F., Barnes, B., Barnes, M., Baum, B., Beaver, E., Beck, J. Row 4 Becker, H., Beck, M., Beghtel, J., Bender, R., Berger, M., Berlick, R. Row 5 Bernard, R., Best, S., Betts, B., Bev- ington, P., Biggs, M., Biggs, S. Row 6 Bloom, C., Bader, E., Boggs, B., Borneman, M., Borrer, D., Bowen, A Row 7 Bowers, C., Bowman, B., Bowman S., Boyland, E., Brubaker, T. Bryner N. Row 8 Burk, B., Burson, B., Burt, J., Bush- ong, J., Canen, l. M., Cappelletti, D Row 9 Cart, E., Carter, W., Chanes, L., Checchio, N., Christaphel, J., Cifelli S. i Row 10 Clark, D., Clark, R., Clausen, H., I Brooks, B., Cline, A., Collier, N. Thirty-five JUNIORS-1947 Row 1 Row 4 Earrick, T., Eash, F., Edmonds, M., Ek, N., Embry, D., Esberg, J., Estes, J., Evertte, J., Eykholt, A., Farrell, T., Fast, D. Conley, E., Corson, C., Cortas, S., Covey, R., Cramer, E., Cripe, E., Cripe, M., Cummings, 'D., Daub, S., Dalnbrosa, I., Davenport, P. Row 2 ' Row 5 Davis, M., DeCeault, B., Dechard, D., Decher, J., Defrees, L., DeFrees, M., DeGolier, Fleener, M. D., Fleming, P., Franke, B., Fred- , erick, P., Freed, B., Freedy, W., Frink, S. Feclell, D., Fillio, L., Fink, B., Thornburg, E., De Hoff, A., Denman, H., Dettweiler, B. Duwelius, I. Row 3 Row 6 . Fuller, D., Calbreth, G., Galbreth, L., Carl, H., Garautte, J., Gaskill, C., Gehrand, N., Gentz- horn, H., Greeber, J., Gibson, J., Cildner, R. Duwelius, J., Dickerholi, J., Diller, W., Dillon, B., Dinehart, E., Dinehart, J., Disney, J., Dis- ney, L., Doncaster, G., Doscaloff, S., Dunlap. D. Get out ofthe Way, you swaggering seniors , here comes the class of '47 w K. . Thirty,-six ,IUNIORS-1947 Row 1 Row 4- Goetz, R., Volkman, J., Good, M., Goodwin, R., Hostitler, D., Hostitler, J., Hull, J., Humbarger, Gordon, S., Grabill, J., Graff, B. J., Grimes, D., J., Iavagnilio, M., Jackson, V., Janiak, M., Grindlay, H., Grisamer, D., Grisalner, J. Johnson, B., Johnson, J., Johnson, L., Johnson, M. Row 2 R010 5 Grogy, C., Grootveld, M., Grove, M., Gumpper, D., Hagendon, D., Hall, F. M., Hamilton, B., Johnson, T., Jones, E., Judson, B., Kalb, L., , , - l Kane, B., Kaser, B., Kauffman, B., Keath, M., Harter,,J., Hatch, J., Headley, C., Heeter, H. Keene, K-E Kemnger, DJ Kenmitz, J. R010 3 Row 6 Helvie, J., Hendrickson, H., Herrli, D., Dickey, Kidder, M., Kiefer, P., Kile, P., Kerofe, A., D. R., Higley, G., Hillman, R., Himebargh, P., Kirby, M., Kirby, T., Kiser, P., Klein, N., Hites, P., Holt, P., Holtz, R., Horn, M. Youngblood, M., Kling, W., Klinger, R. We are already crowding you with guys like Linn and gals like Alice Thirty-seven . ........, UNIOR Knoebber, L., Koenig, L., Koenig, L., Kolanow- ski, R., Konrad, E., Korn, P., Bueter, V., Krawiec, M., Krichbaum, H., Kreighbaum, E., Kreighbaum, J. Row 2 Kunce, D., Brubaker, M. L., Lang, T., Lansche T., Lantz, R., Lord, N., Laughman, B., Leegei J., Leer, C., Lerner, C., Lerner, N. Row 3 Lewis, D., Letner, H., Lichtenberger, C., Lieber enz, D., Lightfoot, J., Link, R., Linn, J., Lock wood, C., Long, B., Long, D., Long, D. S-194 Longaere, V., Lorenz, E., Losey, M., Lull, C., Lusher, J., Lux, P., Lynch, M. A., MacFarlane B., McClentic, A., McCullough, S., McDonald M. Row 5 McLaughlin, J., McMurray, E., Madleni, V., Mahar, P., Mains, B., Marks, K., Markley, A., Martin, L., Marlin, V., Massey, W., Mathis, R Row 6 Mayer, L., Mead, B., Meeker, J., Merchant, W., Zimmerman, D., Messner, J., Metzler, N., Michels, R., Milloy, B., Miller, D., Miller, D. Rhodes. Next year you will be totally eclipsed. Four out of five of our T hzrzy-eight A L-,, -....Lx.s., 4 7 7 JUNIQRS-1947 Row 1 A Miller, D., Miller, D., Miller, K., Minker, J., Miesner, R., Modereau, H., Modereau, H., Mon- teith, B., Montagano, J., Moore, H., Morehouse, P. Row 2 Morningstar, P., Mortoff, M., Moyer, A., Moyer, E., Munz, B., Munzenmaier, L., Murphy, D., Murray, K., Murray, C., Nadolny, P., Neff, J. Row 3 Nelson, C., Nellist, E., Nelson, B., Nelson, H., Newman, B., Nicholson, M., Nicholsen, N., Oline, N., Noffsinger, G., Noffsinger, J., Null, D Row 4 Null, G., Nye, F., Nye, J., Oklitz, K., Olive, B., Ott, J., Ort, P., Ort, R., Osborne, D., Owens, T., Owens, V. Row 5 Parker, J., Patrick, J., Patrick, J., Park, C., Paulin, E., Pawling, J., Pease, J., Peck, S., Perry, T., Peterson, J., Pettifer, D. Row 6 Pomeroy, B., Platt, B., Platz, R., Price, J. A., Reas, R., Reed, C., Reese, D., Reiner, C., Reynolds, E., Rheinheimer, S., Rhodes, A. girls are pretty and the fifth can get a date byxsetting a Wolf trap Al' f Thirty-nine U N 1 Row 1 Richardson, E., Richardson, N., Rinehart, E., Rish, M., Ritter, P., Ritter, R., Robbins, C., Rodino, C., Rodino, S., Redwick, M., Roe, B. Row 2 Roll, N. J., Roniberger, T., Rose, J., Rowe, C., Rowe, T., Russell, B., Russell, B., Alwine, C., Sanford, B., Sands, J., Scherer, W. Row 3 Schiltz, J., Schultz, L., Schooley, F., Schmidt, J., Schult, E., Schult, B., Schuster, D., Babcock, M. E., Secrist, M., Seegers, J., Seelig, L. IDRS-1947 Row 4 Sellers, D., Simons, D., Sinning, M., Bryner, N., Shaw, M., Slaugh, L., Sloat, J., Smellzer, D., Smith, N. J., Snavely, N., Snyder, D. Row 5 Stemm, J., Stephenson, S., Stockwell, H., Stcver, B., Stroud, C., Strouse, C., Sutton, B., Swartz, N., Swihart, D., Swinehart, l., Swihart, T. Row 6 Thompson, M. E., Thorp, D., Thorpe, A., Tomp kins, N., Troup, N., Troyer, D., Truex, R., Tweedy, J., Unger, M., Vance, H., Veron, B. I I The guys in our class have a boy cott onvbrains, looks, and smooth F orly UNIOR Row 1 Vescelus, M., Vetter, B., Vinson, W., Voges, V. 7' Yarheaugn, P., Y olkman, P., Voras, D., Walderf, N., Walon, A., Walters, N., Walters, G. Row 2 Waltz, D., Warnbaugh, B., Ware, M., Wargon P., Wartinger, D., Walton, S., Watrous, J., Weaver, B., Weaver, B., Weaver, J. A., YVeldy J. 7 7 S-1947 Row 3 Westbrook, J., Wharton, R., Whistler, L., Whistler, R., Wilson, D., Wilson, D., Wiltrout, E., Wise, B., Wood, J., Workinger, S., Wright, J. Row 4 Yesbarger, L., Yong, A., Hagerty, M., Beard, R., Jolly, B., Petriella, F., Wargon, M., Welch, E. ness. And the faculty love us. So run along noW,,and good luck to you VNS. F orty-one SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Although they are the youngest class in high school, you canit beat those sophsl They have athletes, jour- nalists, musicians, scholars and more beautiful gals than any sophomore class in E.H.S-. history. During their first meeting as a class, the sophomores in January of 1946 elected the following oliicersg President, David Herring, ' Vice President, Dick Murphy, Secretary, Suzann Young, Treasurer, Donn Spilmang Boys, Social Chairman, Richard Campbell, Girls' Social Chairman, Betty Grove, and the Class Sponsors are: Miss Siner and Mr. Sproull. The next thing on the program was choosing a corn- mittee to select the class jewelry. This committee was made up of Janet Nicely, Betty Bollero, Mary Lou Bowen, Bob Bickart, Donn Spilman, Dick Murphy and Don McNeil, and they chose for their class an oblong mounting of gold with either a gold or blue stone setting. This was the first time that the sophomores of E.H.S. had ever selected their jewelry before they returned in the fall as juniors. Because of the war-time delivery, it was necessary to order them early. The insignia will be delivered some time next fall. On May 1, 1946 nominations for track queen for the Sophomore class were announced. Betty Grove and Dorothy Jenner were the two girls chosen out of the class to represent the sophomores. The first social event sponsored by the class was Forty-1 wo .J4 Acdoof id laeola e SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President, David Herring, Vice Presi- dent, Dick Murphy, Secretary, Suzann Young, Treasurer, Donn Spilmang social Chairmen, Richard Campbell and Betty Grove. The class sponsors are Miss Siner and Mr. Sproull. their annual party, "My Suppressed Desiren. This party was held on Saturday night, April 27, 1946 in the high school gym. The main attraction of the party was a fioor show which consisted of: a piano solo by Suzanne Young and accordion solos by Dick Cappel- letti. The grand march was lead by Miss Cart. There was a flash-light dance at the end of the party. Dancing, games, and planned entertainment were enjoyed by nearly two hundred sophomores. The chairmen and their committees for the party were Decorations, John Judd, Keith Juday, Jean Kratftg Refreshments, Pat Nye, Hilda White, Joan Bell, Betty Bollero, Jean Murphy, Phyllis Paulin, Phyllis Frederick, June Ashley, Jim Whistler, Sue Darrg Tickets, Rosemary Anglin, Nelson Moffat, Chaperons, John Bornemang Publicity, Anne Arbo- gast, Elaine Arnold, and Entertainment, Betty Grove, Richard Campbell. Concession at the track meet and at the dance fol- lowing the meet were given to the sophomores. This was the first time that the class had been given a chance to make money during the year. They'll save this so that they may have a bigger and better prom than any other class ever to enter E.l'l.S. They have been a little too busy with geometry and biology to work on many class activities, but next year they will be in the full swing of things! Here are the future athletes, outstanding musicians, Student Council presidents, editors and leaders of E.H.S. tomorrow. SGPI-IOMORES1948 Row 1 Albaugll, J., Alford, P., Allen D., Ambrose, C., Alwine, S., Anders, H., Anderson, C.: Andrew, L., Anglin, R. Row 2 Antonelli, M., Arhogast, A., Arnold, E., Artley, R., Ashley J., Ashley, L. A., Atkins, A., Atkinson, D. A., Baker, V. Row 3 Babcock, R., Barger, H., Barg eron, D., Batclnnan, B., Batters bv, B., Conn, M., Behrens, K., Bell, J., Bender, S. Row 4 Bennett, L., Bergstrom, L., Berry, D., Best, D., Best, M., Biblio, M., Bickart, B., Billing ton, D., Bieler, M. Row 5 Bliss, B., Bick, B., Bollero, ., B Bontrager, N., Bookes, D., Borneman, J., Bowen, M. L., Bowers, D., Boyer, I. Row 6 Boyer, L., Brandenburg, S., Brian, J., Broadbent, J., Broad- bent, P., Bradshaw, L., Bress- ler, B., Brewer, B., Brundage B. Row 7 Busenburg, M., Buss, K., Bus sard, H., Butler, G., Butterfield J., Cadman, H., Campbell, R., Canen, C., Cappelletti, D. Row 8 Cappelletti, F., Gregg, R., Chaffee, E., Chavis, M., Chist, M., Clark, D., Clementz, J.: Chilcote, T., Cole, A. J. Row 9 Cotey, C., Collins, B., Com- poli, R., Cook, J., Cook, L., Cook, S., Cooper, D., Cornelius B., Cornelius, J. Row 10 Datena, A. 4 , 7 Craig, B., Crist, J., Crist, M., Cross, C., Cunningham, D., Curtis, C., Daley, B., Darr, S., SOPI-ICDMO Row 1 Row 4 Denman, A., De Shone, T. J., De Vore, R., De Witt, C., Deyo, L., Dills, C., Dengerman, B., Dismuke, J., Donovan, J. E., Fuller, M., Galbreath, B. Row 2 Row 5 Doncaster, J., Duesler, P., Dunfee, E., Earnick, Galbreath, C., Galey, I., Canger, H. L., Cans, P., Earnhart, J., Eash, B., Eaton, J., Eggleston, B., Garberick, W., Gefferies, T., Gill, D., Glas- H., Ehret, B., Eisenbeiss, C., Enochs, D., Enos, N., Ericson, L. Cordon, A., Goshorn, J. Row 3 Row 6 Esch, R., Eshleman, G., Essig, J., Etchey, R., Graber, R., Growcock, H., Grove, B., Grubb, J., Fager, N., Fager, L., Fales, C., Farrell, J., Grubb, R., Gullion, M., Gygi, V., Hagerty, E., Farrell. B., Fee, S., Feller, E., Finehart, R., Hall, K., Hallzi, P., Beehler, E., Krauser, G., Fink, U Hammond, B. Row 7 Hampel, J., Hardy, R., Hartman, F., Hartman, P., Hartranft, B., Haslet, B., Hesse, M., House- borough, C., Havens, N., Hayes, J., Heal, D., Heinhuis, B., Herring, D. RES-1948 Davis, B., DeDario, D., Davis, S., Defreese, J., Fiorentino, S., Fisher, D., Flanders, J. A., Fluke, D., Foster, B., Fowlkes, B., Frederick, C., Frederick, P., Freed, N., Fruchey, E., Fruchey, ser, J., Golfrey, G., Goodrich, B., Goodsene, B., You can always cell a Sophomore, but you can't tell him much Forty'-four fx l SQPI-IOMORES-1948 Row 1 Hethlnansperger, P., Hilliard, B., Holdread, D., Hostetler, K., Holi, W., Hoppes, S., Horn, R., Hostetler, A., Hostetler, G., Howard, D., Huff- man, D., Huneryager, J., Hostetler, M. Row 2 Iavagnilio, T., lannarelli, N., Inbody, P., In gram, B., Jackson, J., Jenner, D., Clem, W., Juday, K., Judd, J., Judd, L., Keeley, E., Kersh ner, B., Ketchum, C. Row 3 Kidder, L., Kimes, C., Kirley, M. A., Kiser, D., Klose, L., Klitka, F., Kraflft, J., LaMunyon, M., Lau, R., Lasee, YV., Lehman, A., Leiler, G., Leonard, A. - Row 7 Row 4 Lepara, M., Lerner, M., Lichtenberger, A., Lie- berenz, B., Liechty, F., Lisi, A., Loeflier, D., Lambdin, G., Long, R., Dongacre, J., Longfel- low, E., Loop, J., Lough, B. Row 5 Lucchese,,M., Lund, J., Lytell, J., Malone, B., Mann, B., Mann, D., Mann, P., Marshall, J., Mascola, M., Mason, L., Massing, L., Mast, L., Hart, D. Row 6 Matthews, M., McAllister, J., McCaul, B., Mc- Cloughan, D., Mclntire, B., Mclntosh, J., Meadows, P., Menges, B., Merrick, F., Merry- Held, R., Miller, C., Miller, E., Miller, G. Miller, J., Miller, M., Miller, P., Mills, D., McNeil, D., Moffat, N., Mogle, J., Moore, D., Morehouse, J., Mowery, J., Muklnickel, M., Munzenmaier, D., Murry, E. Sophs take a beatmg, upper classmen think they're all jitterbugs and F orty-fi ve OPI-IOMGRE - Row 1 Murphy, B., Murphy, D., Murphy, D., Murray, M., Neff, I., Neterer, S., Nicely, J., Nickum, A., Noifsinger, D., Nord, A., Norton, D., Nye, P., 0,Brien, P. Row 2 O'Brien, P., O'Conner, P., O'Herren, J., Oklitz, B., Oldfield, B., Olsen, C., Overhulster D., Palmero, C., Palumbo, M., Papa, J., Paquette, A., Potter, H., Patton, C. Row 3 Merrick, F., Paulin, P., Phillips, R., Petley, F. Phillips, B. J., Phillips, B., Hickman, W. J. Pletcher, H., Plummer, P., Pugliese, B., Quier, D., Rans, P., Rassi, B. Row 7 Smith, Y., Snavely, D., S 1948 Row 4 Reasoner, M., Rhodes, M., Rhude, N., Rhyna B., Robinson, P., Rockwell, C., Rodwick, RQ Rodwick, S., Rose, P., Rosendale, M. L., Rowe J., Reber, R., Ruse, E. Row 5 Russo, J., Schrader, Schlitz, D., Schmitt, B.: Schmidt, R., Schock, D., Scholfield, M., Schrock A., Schuelke, R., Schult, L., Scott, R., Shamory C., Shank, E. Row 6 Shaver, N., Sheen, R., Sheets, A., Shelley, W., Shirley, N., Shiver, P., Sholin, E., Shon, R., Shroyer, B., Sisk, H., Slough, B., Smith, V., Smith, W. Snyder, A., Snyder, H., Snyder, J., Snyder, M., Sollitt, J., Spilrnan, D., Spirito, R., Staley, S., Stants, A., Steele, M., Stemm, S. that jltterhugs are termites than ruin dance floors. Beheve 11: F arty six 3 SOPHOMORES-1948 Row I Stack, D., Stone, C., Storm, N., Strausborger, W., Strom, B., Struble, 1., Struble, 1., Stump 1., Stutzman, D., Swanitz, P., Swartzbaugh, G., Tillwach, D., Thomas, B. Row 2 K Thompson, C., Thorton, P., Tichgelaar, C., Tippet, B., Tippet, M., Toby, L., Todd, M., Tracy, C., Ulery, 1., Van Arsdall, N., Vander- grift, 1., Van Doren, L., Van Patten, B. Row 3 Van Tilburg, 1., Vickers, B., Vidmar, F., Vin cent, C., Volkman, B., Volmer, S., Wade, 1., Walther, F., Gaska, E., Watson, C., Weaver, C., Weaver, D., Weaver, W. Row 4 Weise, M., Weltz, R., Good, H., Wesselhoft, B., Whisler, 1., White, H., White, M., White, M., Whitmer, M., Wilbur, M., Wilkes, D., YVillard, 1., Williams, B. Row 5 Wilson, B., Wilson, O., Windbigler, T., Wines- burg, B., Wintringham, M., Vlfolf, 1., Wise, L., Wood, B., ,Wookcock, D., Wright, G., Yeater, P., Yoder, C., Yoder, M. Row 6 Yoder, S., Youngblood, S., Zimmerman, B., Zinn, D., Zuber, R., Kern, T. , or not these little clears are not as bad as they look in these photos Forty-Seve 1 - f V qfwi' p144zc3:1 1. X II no K ',-. x of' . f f,'f GWR! 2 f ,f ' 9 i Q - 1, rl It ,lv QF 0 If ,- 1 ' ,Z ' V f", I . '- ' , V K 1, eff? V f r is , F:-'I' up 12.-'T' E ' -is ' :sl asm , I p mf A school IS people . gf 1 p , is l Q 0 . f I W l 113 N ' L o 0l'l50l"5 and LCJJ lilies 7 1 -1 fifnkrgt , p , A , S35 5 together, 1n act1v1t1es, putting things across. 1 Y .. . . K 4 , 'W ' Dreams become real1t1es ideas become scr1 ts 4, Q 1 ,is Q ...J I f -4 313 rehearsals become finished productions, projects bef V gg if W come moneymakers, schemes become successes, 4 p U beginnings become triumphs. ' ' ' . - 'xx Whether the job IS publ1cat1ons-1n that mad' , , 1' , a -' . . ' +1 house, the Pennant Ofhce-or dramatics, or music, 3 0 , M 0 or any other of our numerous school organizations, cooperation is the spirit that makes work, play, and plans, successes. r .giuclenf Counci f THE OFFICERS AND SPONSORS- OUR GUIDING LIGHTS Council In Session, Anderson. Presiding Policy-making body of Elkhart High School . . . repre- sentative of the interests and feelings of all students-this is the Student Council. We have a long list of accomplish- ments behind us: the installment of a pay telephone, the setting-up of a point system by which the different activities of the school will be equally divided among the students, the hall traffic regulation, the selling of tags for the student aid fund, the sponsoring of a pep session for one of the basketball games, the publishing of the student council manual, and the issuing of the handbook to incoming sopho- mores. We sold concessions for the Diamond Gloves Tournament and revised the constitution, making the presidents and vice-presidents of all the classes members of the Student Council. The Student Council holds- hour long meetings every two weeks. Co-sponsors of the organization are Miss Dorsett and Mr. Likins. Fall semester olhcers: Spring semester officers: Pres ..r................., Cordon Anderson Pres .,,,,..,..,,.,.v,..., Gordon Anderson Vice-Pres ................. Diana Johnson Vice-Pres ..,.,........,......,.... Dick Rish Sec ,.......,.. ........,. G loria Bilancio Sec ............, ........ C loriu Biluncio Treas... ....... Tom Armstrong Treas .....,.........,,.,.. Toni Armstrong Parl ........, ..,.,.., E d Longfellow Sgt. at Arms .,,..,...,.......... Bill King Fifly Wafiona onor ociefg Working toward the realization of our high and purposeful ideals . . . trying to create enthusiasm for high scholastic standing . . . stimulating leader- ship and encouraging development of character . . . Bruce's oratories . . . Bob Billington's Book Booth Boys-all these are a part of the National Honor Society. We enjoyed sponsoring our regular features such as the annual book sale and the spaghetti supper. lve presented our ideas about scholarship and citi- zenship to the student body through special skits, movies, and announcements. Programs were given at Roosevelt and Central Junior High Schools to en- courage scholastic achievement. This spring we were especially proud to present the first of the annual Richard Hively Scholarships. This scholarship, valued at 3100, is awarded in the memory of the late Richard E. Hively, who gave so freely of his time and energy in the effort of establishing the National Honor Society of Elkhart High School upon a firm working basis. Fall semester officers: Pres ...............,.................... ....,..... C ordon Anderson Vice Pres ....... ...,......i..., B etly Neff Secretary ....,,.,. ,........,.,,..,.... B ob Bliss Treasurer '.... ..... ....,... R o berta Simmons Spring semester officers: PFCS .,......,................ ....... ..... ..... . D i ck Rish Vice Pres. ..... .,.,.... Bob Billington Secretary .i....,.. .,.,...... X firginia Light Treasurer ......... ..,.... . .. ..,, .......,... R 'Iyron Haines Sponsors ,.,.,..,. . ,.,..... Miss Busche and Miss Broughton Horse Play? No - Work! QA Scene From. The How-To-Slufly Skill Aw C'mon Officers - Smile All Set For'Tl1e Question Of The Day F i fty-one NPL Wiondering whether the new girls we initiated this semester will ever forget their escapades on the gym Hoor . . . wondering if we can beat this year's record on the dime line for infantile paralysis . . . wondering why we didn't think of selling those cute name and school color pins before . . . wondering if we'll be as busy next year as we were this year . . . we're wonders, we Triple L girls. Our biff est event of the vear was the New Year's Eve dance cg . v the first one ever sponsored by a school organization. The dance, called the Masked Ball, was a semi-formal affair held at the Four Arts Building. An outstanding feature of the dance was the 5'Blue Room", a room decorated with pale blue streamers. Chuck Pease played for the occasiong a "Cup dancev and Grand March added to the festivities. As a service club, we sponsored the "Lost and Found Boothn and sold refreshments at the basketball games. Fall semester ofiicers: Pres. .i............................. .... Vice Pres .,..,... Sec. ............ . Treas ....,........ Soc. Chair ....... Sgt. at Arms ........ Spring semester officers : Pres. ...,i.... . ...... ...,................ . .. Vice Pres.. ....... Sec. ....,.,,. , Treas ................r Soc. Chair ........... Sgt. at Arms ......... Sponsors .............. ,......Margery Waterman .........Phyllis Dickerhoff ' , ........,......... Joyce King ,....,....Loretta Michals ........Clo1'ia Bilancio ........Phyllis Manthe .......Margery Waterman .........Phyllis Dickerhoff .....,............,Ioyce King .,,......Loretta Michals . ........ Gloria Bilancio Collior Miss Deal, Miss Sheidler A Song A Day Keeps You Happy and Gay Officers Promote Learning in Loyalty in Leadership Fifty-th ree Sweetheart Swing Girl Reserves Cabinet Finger Painting For Fun effeflfelf The club th t ff a o ers every girl a chance for fun and friendship--the Girl Reserves. Start- ing the fall semester with a clever skit to show the many activities scheduled for the year . . . those planned for recreation: the song fests, and . . Der painting . . . Spook Spree, and Sweet- heart Swing . . . for careers'-talks bv Mi s . s Dorsett, Mrs. Ford, Miss Benner, Mrs. Essock, and Reverend Swarts on g'College or Wo1'k', . . ilfor education:-talks by Mrs. Earhart on er experience in the Red Cross, and by Mr. Baker on music and singing ability. Outside of our r functions, we gave crippled children for funds for their We helped with Northern Indiana which was held in 1946. egular meetings and social a Christmas party for the and worked on the drive care. the program for the 1946 Girl Reserves Conference South Bend on March 20, An eventful year ended with the Senior Farewell on May 1 Otiicersz Pres. ,.,... ...... . . Vice Pres ......... Sec. Vice Pres. Sec'y .,............,.,, Treas .......,........, Program Ch .... Social Ch ........,. Service Ch .....,..... Publicity Ch ....... Music Ch .......,.. Sponsors: Mrs. 0. T. Workinger. F iffy-four 5th . .,........Margaret Doll ........Virginia Light ..............Sharlee Best ..,.....Gloria Bilancio ..,...........Betty Neff .....,....Phylis Gouker .........Marilyn Rish ...........Carolyu Rowe .,,.....Billie R. Weaver ..............Billie J. Klose ....,....Mrs. Fred C. Keene by An annual dime line in which the proceeds were used for a Christmas party for Elkhart's underprivileged children . . . a talk by Don Bitsberg, state Hi-Y president, to the students of Elkhart High School . . . a Father and Son banquet-these activities illustrate the pur- pose of the Hi-Y--to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. Among our activities and proiects were: selling basketball and football schedule pencils, Halloween talks to grade schools, a Dad's Night at which the dads were inducted into the club, and an investiture service held at the Presbyterian church November 14. The club was represented at the Fall District conference at Plymouth, the conference at Terre Haute, November 30-December 1, the spring district conference at Rochester, and the officers attended the Camp Tecumseh oflicers training camp September 14-16. Dick Rish was elected Vice President of the district. Fall semester ollicers: Spring semester officers: Pres ......,,.....,..... Dick Rish Pres ....,,...,... Walley Lane V. Pres ......... Walley Lane V. Pres ....... Charles Reed Treas ........... Charles Reed Treas ......, Henry Denman Sec .,,,,,. ,.Tom Armstrong Sec ..... ....Tom Armstrong Sponsors: Mr. Guest, Mr. Rish. F i fty- five Sophomore Hi-Y Senior Hi-Y Installation. of Officers Officers Up and Az ,Em With Upclike M eras PCM Wearers of those huge buttons with the Usher label . . . we run 12,718 miles up and down steps at basketball games . . . untangle all the wraps, hats, and boots afterwards, and wear ruts in the aisles of the auditorium when the class plays are presented. WC71'C the fellows who stand around shivering at the football games, trying to keep the crowd in hand . . . who serve as fire wardens in assemblies . . . who show our useful- ness on special occasions such as Back-to-School-Nights and College Days, by maintaining a check room for our visitors and acting as guides. For the fellows who have been most dependable through all these activities we are now setting up a system of sweater awards to go into effect next year. Fall semester officers: P1 es.,.,r ....................,...,,... ........ H uston Demorest Vice Pres ..................,. ..,..... D uane Draker Secretary-Treasurer ....... ........ B ill Sickels Spring semester officers: Pres .........,...... .....,.........,........ ............... B i ll Sickels Vice Pres ..,.................... ........, L a Verne Disney Secretary-Treasurer .......... .....,.................. ,,...... ,I i in Dinehart Sponsor Mr. Updike Fi fty-six Ushering on College Day Big l?usiness UQ yClCLQt:f Fellowship-that's the spirit that makes club members enjoy being together. This fellowship is characteristic of the Blue Jackets whether we're conducting an initiation . . . taking charge of concessions at a basketball game . . . helping with the Russian book drive . . . carolling with the Triple L girls . . . revising the club constitution . . . target shooting . . . or electing oiiicers. We've got initiative and industry, too, as the dinner dance, "Dancing on Dreams" can prove. Wo1'ki11g with the Triple L club, we decorated the gym of the Y. XV. C. A. in a cloudlike atmosphere with soft lights and music for this final party of the year on May 25. Fall semester officers: Pres .,........,...........,.. Vice Pres ...... Sec .............. Treas .............. Soc. Ch ......... Prog. Ch ....,.,... Dev. Ch ...,......,.,..... Spring semester officers: Pres ....... , ......... .... . , .............,, .. Vice Pres ......... Sec .......,...,,. Treas ............. Prog. Ch ........., .......Craig Davis .,.........Byron Haines ........Bob Billington ........Dick Gumpper .......Cll3I'lCS Pease .........Myron Haines NYS The officers Talk if over ..........Myron Haines Nye ............Dick Gumppcr ..,.....Eugene Dinehart ........Byron Haines Sponsor Mr. Harvey Treasurer Dinehart Drags ln- The Dough .... After Demorest Wins Money F or His Dues Fifty-seven Officers Look Ahead Mud! glclucafion Showing, as usual, all the films used for classes . . . taking care of our valuable equipment . . . keeping up with our enthusiastic new sponsor, Mr. Felmlee-these are the boys of the Visual Education Club. Grouped together in homeroom 233, we are able to do an efficient job Qand what a job--have you ever tried carrying some of our equipment around the building?l We brought the World into the classroom with our '4lVlarch Of Timei' series and our two special movies, 'aMr. and Mrs. Martin Johnson" and the '6United Statesw, a film produced by the British Army Film Division. lVe've shown films to the Y. M. C. A., Sunday Evening Club, P. T. A., and the Rotary Club. One of our current projects is the making of a collection of slides from the sound tracks of films. What do we do for recreation? Why, at our party in Decem- ber, we showed films. That should show we're enthusiastic about our work! Fall semester officers: Spring semester officers: Pres...... ......,............... Fred Keidaish Pres ......,.. ......,,............ B ob Arnold Vice Pres ....... . .......... Darda Troyer Vice Pres... ........ Bob Eash Sec.-Treas... ....... Phil Stiver Sec.-Treas .............. ,.......,,. P hil Stiver Sup't. Council ..........,. Fred Keidaish The Visual Education Boys Have Their Equipment . . . Know Their Business . . . Do Their Job Well yr. caclemg 0 .Science The time is Saturday . . . the place is Studebaker Park . . . the characters are several sleepy students who are searching for wild flowers . . . examining some unfamiliar plant . . . tThis is the Junior Academy of Science on a field trip.l . But these expeditions are only a small part of the club's.activi- ties. Outstanding projects are: studying and preparing of crystals, doing nature work, disproving superstitions, conducting a tree survey, histology lslide makingl, contacting winners of Westing- house Talent Search of 1946, recording and keeping records of past club members, and taking trips to the Museum of Science and lndustry in Chicago. One of our members, Jim Troyer, was chosen by the science department as the student who had made most progress in a science major in Elkhart High School. 'LSl1ades of the Future", a consummation of the Tree Survey, was presented before members of the State Academy Of Science at Indianapolis by our club president, Pllylis Gouker. This report won for her the title of the most valuable girl in science for the State of Indiana and an honorary membership in the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Officers for the year: ........Phylis Gouker President ...........,.............. Vice Pres ....... ........ D ick Gumpper Sec.-Treas ........ ...,......... .I olm Hull Sponsors: Miss Evelyn Wagoner ....... ...,.., il Ir. Norval E. Adams Fifty-nine Whafs Cooking? Crystals! We Envy Troyer Officers: P. Conifer, D. Guvnzppcr, J. Hu-ll With Sponsors Adams and Wagoner Busy, busy, busy - Thafs The Scrap Book Committee , ,,s A Q -'N f1.q B " fail il ir , . 51 m 1 ' , M, nh f' - V -Q, v pggzgg, - 'ff T.. ? x " ' yt' e ' s 1 J' I F X X . il 3 ab ,Q A 31 1 , wigs if - ff 3' 'W .05 .F4 hiil i A 5 fy 4 ei 2 Fi! QW V - W 1 ,Q 5 1.31 QI'LI'L6lI'I,f .!4I'll'lLL6l Persistently pursuing seniors who havenit had their pictures taken . . . club members who haven't handed in their copy . . . poky add solicitors . . . partly paid subscribers-these are only a few things that have kept the yearbook staff busy. We have done everything from holding hot flash bulbs to trailing after Mr. Benson with our arms loaded with equip- ment. We,v'e given up our Saturday morning sleeping and our noon snackg we've had a lot of worry but we've had fun, too. Tons of paper, and hundreds of manpower hours have gone into the making of this hook. ltis y0lll' yearbook, a six thousand dollar non-profit job by students, about students, for students. Elkhart High yearbooks have had an All American rating for six successive years. just how good a yearbook is depends on YOU. Seniors can publish a book equal only to the co-operation which YOU give it. We, of the staff of '46, urge YOU to continue this support. Pennant Annual Staff: Ed1tor ,....... ..................................................,......................................... ,I 1m Troyer Asst. Editors ,...,....................,...... Joanne Bigelow. Eris Black, .loan Cadman Bus. Manager ,..i..... .......,..................,..,.............................. Walley Lane Asst. Bus. Manager ...,.,, ...,.,........Y...,........,...,...... ...,.,,..... G e orge White Ad. Manager ...,............ ....... C harles Bryant Sports Editor ........ ........,,....... ,I im Swarts Photographer .....,...... .................. ........... ....... ............ t a I 1 Workinger Art Work ......,.......,....,...............r...,..........................Y......................... Jane Gilbert Other seniors who worked like mad to get out the Yearbook were: Marjorie Yvaterman slaving over the club section, Carolyn Lehman dreaming up the drama pages, Phyllis Manthe working out the music pages. and Craig Davis who helped bring in that amazing amount of advertising. Our thanks to all the guys and gals who wrote stories, posed for pictures, and solicited ads. The battle of the budget: sponsor Kelly and the Business Smyff Bryantis Busy Btmclz. - the Ad Staff The editors get a kick out of their copy Sixty-one ei.-1 . Editor Neff Makes Plans With Business Manager Montieth Sixty-Iwo Choosing the Choieest-the Threshold Staff f7!,,.e5AJ0! Short stories, essays, satires, humor, and special features - these make up the contents of the Threshold. The work of the staff consists of many details: collecting material foften discard- ingl . . . editing . . . typing . . . proof reading . . . designing our covers . . . making up the issue . . . publishing and selling it. Variety has .characterized the make-up of the two issues of the Threshold this year. The Christmas issue which was published in December had variety without as well as within. An art design was used, on a cover of black and silver. The special section, '4lVIy First Datew, was introduced by two poems. The Spring issue came off the presses early in May with a new panel design introducing diiferent sections of the anthology. Variety, again, was expressed in limericks, play reviews, 'cMy magazine. Editorial Staff members ,lean Richter Robert Billington Jane Nelson Lenore Knoebber John Hull Gloria Godfrey Lois Deyo Elkhartans who pay Betty Neff ..................... Best Friend, Hall, and other writings. Since the Threshold contains no advertising, part of the expense of publishing is met by the financial help of our patrons, interested one dollar each for their copies of the for the year: Business Staff for the year: .......,,..Editor Bill Monteith ..., Business Manager Ed Beaver Betty Lou Jolly Harriet Crowcock Sally Davis Jane O'Herron Anna Dee Markley The study of great masterpieces . . . the supervision of the hall bulletin boards . . . the making of hundreds fand we do mean hundredsll of posters . . . the painting of sets for class plays . . . our Christmas gift to the school, the painted windows-these are just a part of the Paint and Pallette Club. The spirit that makes all of this possible comes from our lovable sponsor, Miss Cole. Because of her, all our work and all our meetings are informal . . . enjoyable . . . unforgettable. A national member of the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, we will continue to support the construction of this Gothic edifice as long as it is active. This was an eventful year for the club as we celebrated our twenty-fifth anniversary. In commemoration we held a series of special programs and a candlelight dinner. We decorated the cafe- teria in silver for this anniversary dinner which also honored the senior club members. Our president, ,loc Bly, as toastmaster, intro- duced Dr. Church and lVlr. Woodruff as speakers. Fall semester officers: Spring emester otiicers: Pres .......,..,,....,,.,..........,...,.......... Joe Bly Pres ..........,. ....,,..,,,,,,,, Joe Bly Vice Pres ....., ,....,.... D uane Draker Vice Pres .,...........,.......,, Duane Draker Officers G0 Into A Huddle Sec .....i.....,,, ,....,..... B arbara Sands bee ..,.................... Eleanor Richardson Eleanor Richardson Treas .,........ ........... ,I oe Thompson Treas ........ ........ Joe Thompson Pro. Chr ......,. .,........Norriss Freed Pro. Chr ........ ........Ma1'y Lerner Joan Cadman ainf ana! pa! effe President Bly Discusses French Art Sixty-three .Q --f , Always different . . . always clever . . . always well performed . . . thatls the law for all productions presented by members of the Wig and Cue Club. Conclusive evidence that we carry out this rule lies in the success of a skit by Janeth McLaughlin entitled L'Come Rain Or Shine" which we gave at an assembly Pl Cr.. ....,..,,....,.,..,.. Those Talenzerl Thespians Sec ............ Treas.. ...... Soc. Chr ...,.. ,........ Wig Si Cue: Vice Pres ........,,. .. to launch the Pennant Annual Drive. Wie and Cue now two years old, is the dramatics organiza- D 5 tion which is open to those students who pass certain require- ments both dramatically and technically. Club members gain valuable experience in draxnatics by giving one act plays, impromptu skits, and student reports. A special honor was given the club when they presented a program for a childrenis show at the Elco theater. The National Thespian Society, an honorary group associated with the dramatics club, has just successfully completed their first year at Elkhart High School. Roberta Simmons ..Carolyn Lehman Katharine Keene ..........Aileen Young .Norman Snavley Diana Voras Prog. Chr ....... .......... R oger Parsell i ana! Cue Sixty-four Thespians: Pres ....,...,,.... .......... h 'Iarilyn Rish Vice Pres .............., Carolyn Lehman bee ............. ....... B illie Jan Klose Treas ..... ........ T om Brubaker Sponsor: Miss Ruth Agnew A Officers planning The Sets ' .4 Scene From "Gerry Gets The Fever" l Nine girls . . . golden. voices unior gofgefi Sixteen sweethearts swaying sweetly . . . Follies' foursome full of song . . . Kaser's clever "Caroline" . . . Snavely,s singing senorita . . . ,lohnsonis 4'Cypsy Airsi, . . . McLaughlin's Movie Monolog-these were part of the "Junior Follies" presented by the Junior Class of '-17. Bob Dillon, master of ceremonies, kept the audience well sup- plied with humor while Henry Denman, director of the Follies Orchestra, furnished music. One of the highlights of the show was the skit "It Will Be All Right On The Nightl' directed by Toni Brubaker. Additional music was provided by Alice Rhodes playing "Fantasia Impromptun, a girls octet singing "Holiday for Stringsw, and a duet, 'told Black Magic" sung by Barbara Dettweiler and Marjorie Borneman. The Junior Follies was organized by the class of 116 in order to give the class a chance to show off its talent and gain experience in dramatics production. McLaughlin deplores the life of a movie usher "CoIonzz" Kaser at the mike Snavely does a Carmen Miranda That Bornelnan-Delweiler sister act Sixty-five Committees were: costumes, Millie Coard ch., Janet Stahley, June MOSSCY, Jackie Oklitzg program, Bob Holderman, ch., Margery Wate1'1nang make up, Audry Bailey ch., Donna Bortner, Phyllis Manthe, Buernadean Miller, Doris Kiefer, publicity Ernest Bader ch., Joe Thompson, Velma Yergin, Marilee Ulery Jane Butterfield, John Calvert, Betty Corneyg property, Mar- garet Wate1'man ch., Phyllis Dickerhoff, Mary Anne Stanley Eris Black, Genevieve Petley, Shirley Jenkins, Jean Richter, Verlaine Reber, Sue Bueter, Pat Eicholtz, Dick Brown, Tom Kern, lights, Tom Jackson, tickets, Myron Haines cl1., Loretta Michaels, Joyce King, Bill Heinhuis, Donnamay Bitter, Housten Demorest, Dave LaRoque, Frances Kuehm, Lilliam Jennings, Doris Mohnes- sen, scenery, Bill Sickels ch., Lois Wilkinsoii, Erma Metzler, Charlotte iveaver, Joanne Bigelow, Roberta Wa1'd, Susie Yeakey, Fern Pegg, Phyliss Wall, Betsy Bloom, Emma Neal Gannon, Jane Gilbert, Betty Fuller, stage, Fred Miller. 7 5 enior Ffa? Cast of Characters: Mrs. Oral Skipworth ........ ........ W ilma Griffen .........Carol Witwer ......Bruce Arbogast .......Billie Jan Klose Imogene .....,................. Hank ................... Dorothy Brill ........ Peggy WHltCI'S .,,...... .......... S ally LLlSl1CI' Gladys Hermann ........ ............ J ane N6lS0l1 .......Carolyn Lehman .........Jean McKean ......Joan Cadman .......Charles Bryant Nancy Lane .....,.... Kate Roberts .........,.. Bosina Blandish ...... Barry Richards ..... Minnie Peters ..... Henry Banks ......... Marcella Turner ...... ..........Alice Groves ,.............Craig Davis .......Roberta Simmons Bob Roberts A,,,.,,.,, .......,,.... D ick Herron Sergeant Kelly...,... ................ Elmer Denlinger Ken Howard ....... ......................... R obert Bugh Limpy ......,..,.,.,.,..,.,,. ......... G eorge Vredingburgli At eight o'clock on November ninth, the senior class, under the direction of Miss Ruth Agnew, presented HEADED FOR EDEN. Mrs. Oral Skipworth's boarding house in South Chicago was the setting for this three act play which gave the audience a smile and a tear. The plot centered around the interests and problems of Kate, a newspaper reporter. lt was ironical when her private and pro- fessional life became one through an accident. Around Kate was woven the life of the boarding house. Through such characters as frivolous Nancy, busybodies Dorothy and Peggy, the plot became one of laughter as well as of suspense. Mrs. Slfipworth struggles to conlrol her boarding house Sergeant Kelly: "Y0u're under arrestfu Rosina Blrmtlish snares rich Barry Richards vig? Characters: J ac Grayson ......,..,.... Rosemary March ............ ...... Mrs. Lillian Grayson .......... ...... Irene Holden ............ Agnes Holden ....... Julia March ...,...... Helen .................. .Anne Barry ,.,.... . Ella Stone ....,..... Mrs. Sparks ......, Don Lyons ............ Glenn Grayson ......... Dick Clements ............. Mr. Glann Grayson ....... Fred .........................................................,............ unior Wag ..........Marilyn Rish ...........Rody Mathis .Janeth McLaughlin ........Donna Snyder ........,...Nancy Ek Ritter ...Elizabeth Lorenz ............Diana Voras Billie Ruth Weaver .........Eleanor Cripe .........Peter Fleming .......Henry Denman Lux ........Tom Brubaker ............Dan Dunlap On April 12, at eight oiclock, Miss Ruth Agnew presented the eager audience with another of her well directed plays. The, Junior Class presented, COME RAIN OR SHINE, a delightful comedy which took place on the back porch of the Grayson sum- mer cottage. The story revolved around Jac Grayson and her friends. Jac, a nineteen year old girl becomes stage struck when a summer theater group moves near by. The director of the play proves to be very handsome and when Rosemary March as well as Jac tries to make an impression on him, the plot thickens into a grand comedy. Mrs. March interrupts a dress rehearsal uTillie', models fl costume "I have decided to becom an nctorn Committees were: stage managers, Bob Kane, El Beaver, Bill Monteithg assistant directors, Gladys Galbreath, Sharylee Best, Delores Fast, Rosemary Clark, Joanne Weaver, Ann Cline, Nancy Collier, Barbara Baum, large Properties, Marilyn Sinning ch., Tom Ronberger, Margaret Barnes, Kathleen Marks, Marilyn Berger, John Burt, Norval Waldref, Leon Whistler, small proper- ties, Marilyn Grootveldt ch., Robin Burk, Catherine Murray, scenery, Beverly Pomeroy ch., Suzanne Frink, Delores Null, Shirley Walton, Paul Wargon, Jane Patrick, Janet Patrickg tickets, Jean Wright ch., Joan Neff, Sally Bowman, Doris Kill- inger, Vennis Voges, Mary Ellen Wargon, Carole Bloom, Phyliss Hites, Jean Seegers, Mary Lou Fleener, Dolores, Grimerg lights, John Pease ch., Bert MacFarlane, make-up, Janeen Schmidt ch., Jo Leege, Lenore Knoebber, Nan Tompkins, Norma Metzler, costumes fgirlsj, Gloria Walton ch., Betty Russell, Elizabeth Konrad, Audra Moyer, Mary Alice DeFreesg costumes fboysj, Chuck Reed ch., Ray Vlfhartong publicity, Tom Perry ch., Roger Klinger, Carolyn Rowe, Mary Lynch, Marian Grove, Maxine Janiali, Toni Lansche. BARITONES CELESTE The staff seeks ll solution The band and orchestra stall, made up of the officers of the two organizations, is the student governing body of the Instrumental Music Department. Problems and criticisms are presented to the staff for discussion and solution by the members of the Instrumental Music Depart- ment, consisting of both students and in- structors. BAND STAFF PERSONNEL ' Cordon Anderson Shirley Rheinheimer James Grove Henrv Denman William Heinhuis sim-1rQy wanton ORCHESTRA STAFF PERSONNEL Alice Rhodes Robert Lavery Theodore .lohnson .loan Neff Dorothy Jenner John Borneman Ze ACA SCAOOFS FLUTES Patricia Stephenson Roberta Simmons Anne Cline Patricia O'D'mnelI Eloine Arnold Bruce Arbogast Toni Lansche Eb FLUTES Doris Killinger Betty Volkman OBOES Dorothy Higrgason Betty Dick .lane Patrick ENGLISH HORN Dorothy Higgason CLARINETS Kenneth Inzrram Fred Couts Phyllis Manthc Carolyn Van Doren Ralllh Cortas Robert Wesselhoft Pearl Borror Joan Loop Martha Hipsher Louann Ashby Joan Essig Allen Sheets Gay Smith Sarah Thornton Jo Anne Moderau Jane Rosenberger Wilbur Losee Myrtis Becker Ellen Holdeman ' ALTO CLARINETS Dick Neu Bryce Bressler Evelyn Estes CONTRA BASS CLA Shirley Walton BASS CLARINETS Eleanor Reynolds Joanne Tweedy Marijane Park BASSOONS Henry Denman Anne Arbogast Mildred Rhodes CONTRA BASSOON A Henry Denman ALTO SAXOPHONE James Grove Marilynn Edmonds Dick Gravendcr Carolyn Peterson Carol Jean Dills TENOR SAXOPHONE Norman Sensenbaugxh Patricia Haselwood RINET onic gmc! 9? DAVID HUGHES. MUSICAL DIRECTOR GERALD BETTCHER, ASSOCIATE HOWARD KILBERT, ASSOCIA William Bugh BARITONE SAXOPHONE Albert DeHoff FRENCH HORNS Shirley Rheinheimer Marian Grove Ronald Betts Doris McCollouL!h Max Updike Nadine Nicholson Janice Goshorn David Lerner Alice Rhodes TROMBONES Gordon Anderson Hollis Becker Byron Kistler James Konrad Betty Kauffman Raymond Stutsman CORNETS Marcus Barton Douxlas Sailor Ernest Bader Donna Borror Carol DeWitt Keith Mct,vit VVilliam Fronke Joyce Gerber Bernard Slousrh John Schultz Delores Schuster TE NVilliam Heinhuis Q Lloyd Fillio Tom Owens Audrey Lichtenberxrer Robert. Kane TlTJBAS Jerry Pawling William Lewis Paul Frederick Chester Thompson Roger Babcock MARIMBAS Marszaret Doll Betsy Goodrich Charlotte Nickerson Patricia Nadolny Mary Ellen Wargon TYMPANI Robert Bliss CYMBALS Alpha Jean Harthill BASS DRUM Leland Slough SNARE DRUM Robert Downey Clinton Loop Robert Bressler Jack Stout Alice Rhodes HARP Margaret Hoffman ORGAN Marilyn lfVhite DRUM MAJ OR Betty Wambaurrh ASSISTANT DRUM MAJOR Bruce Arboirast - COLOR GUARDS Bruce Arboyzzmt, head Henry Denman David Lerner Richard Boynton BATON TWIRLERS Norma Shaver Barbara Winesburg Vivian Baker Geneva Whitfield FLAG TWIRLERS Jane Patrick Janet Patrick STRING BASS Stanley Dascnlofl' Blondell Burson STUDENT CONDUCTORS Leland Sllllllll Bruce Arbogast MXN , The inspiration of music has meant a great deal to the com- munity life of Elkhart through the efforts of the E. H. S. Band and Orchestra. Concerts, dinners, and various other social and civic functions have all been inspired by the music of these groups which have willingly gone out to do their part in the comniunuity. The activities of the band and orchestra were numerous during the year. Four concerts were presented: On November 16, January 18, March 22, and the traditional Senior Concert on May 24. One of the outstanding concerts of the year was the January 18th Con- cert which was a complete sellout, thus inducing the Concert Band and Orchestra to present another concert the following week. The other concerts also filled the auditorium to capacity. One of the spectacular events of the marching band was the trip to Purdue University, where the band represented Miami Ohio University during the Miami-Purdue game. The hand students then ate at the Student Union Building and were also taken on a tour through the Purdue Field House. The Elkhart High School and Purdue University bands participated in the flag raising ceremony before the game. All arrangements for the concerts are taken care of by the In- strumental Music Parents Club. The Ohiicers are: president, Dr. H. C. Higgasong first vice-president, K. J. Shamoryg second vice- president, Mrs. Rfalter Nadolnyg third vice-president, Edward J. Costicg secretary, Mrs. Robert C. Youngg treasurer, L. S. Arm- strongg publicity chairman, L. G. Mclntireg ticket chairman, Mrs H. YV. Andersong past president, Robert M. Bliss. .ide 6!LAarf aghdoof .gymp ony Orcizwfra DAVID HUGHES, MUSICAL DIRECTOR BETTY ELMQUIST, ASSOCIATE KAREN NELSON, STRING INSTRUCTOR lst VIOLINS Ted Johnson Alice Rhodes Robert Lavery Bonnie Phillips Ellsworth Moyer Joan Neff Dorothy Brothers Thelma Farrell Randall Hamilton Marilyn Yvhite Joan VVhibe Joan Neu Ronald Vifalton 2nd VIOLINS Betty Phillips Colleen Shamory Dorothy Hutfman Jeanne Horne Ruth Towriss Betty Zinck Janet Bleiler Joan Statler Rebecca Wright Beverly Olsen C'Dale Harthill Madonna Miles Juanita Cook VIOLAS Elizabeth Konrad Dorothy Jenner Garol Dietz Dorothy Zinn Ida Neff Frances Neterer Ella Mae Click CELLOS Gloria VValton Patricia Neff Leah Gordon Mildred Gullion Patricia O'Brien John Borneman Margery Hartman Helen I-Iasse STRING BASS ES Stanley Dascaloff Blondell Burson Mary Alice Weiss Joan Vogt Marilyn Surls Marjorie Murray Mozell Shaw FLU TES Patricia Stephenson Roberta Simmons Anne Cline Patricia O'Donnell OBOES Dorothy Higgason Betty Dick ENGLISH HORN Dorothy Higgason CLARINETS Kenneth Ingram Fred Couts ' Carolyn Van Doren Phyllis Manthc BASS' CLARINET Eleanor Reynolds BASSOONS Hen ry Denman Anne Arboxrast CONTRA BASSOON Henry Denman FREN CH H ORN S Shirley Rheinheimer Marian Grove Ronald Betts David Lerner Nadine Nicholson Doris McCullough Max Updike CORNETS Ernest Bader Douglas Sailor Donna Borror Marcus Barton TROMB ON ES Gordon Anderson Hollis Becker Byron Kistler TUBA NVilliam Lewis PERCUSSION Robert Bliss Clinton Loop Alnha Jean Harthill Leland Slough HARP ltlargaret Hoffman CELESTE AND PIANO J anet NVestbrook Mary I. Chester Roberta Younis: T. J. DeShone ORGAN Marilyn White STUDENT CONDUCTORS Ted Johnson Alice Rhodes 5 R x 5 i 1 Y ., S'3'llI,Q: Q- 4 i ,E il' X wk I' . QW s ux AS ,Q l 20- h - ik Q15 1 :gg ' 4- 5 B M . f- - f t 35 ? v2- ggi X ig 5 ,Q ,, Q 5 4. - h ff?-J Eff , - L . 1 J - 5 g f. 1 4 'f .Af 'li' ix M ,M E 5 1 A 'lg ia , 7 k,,, ' ! ,, , ffaf X f 3 An ff -ev if V K I Siyfaifr , if A 4 K k J A -5 x W 85 I M 'X nw ' 5 f M ' A- 529 2' si .,'- 1 2 X W V f f: 5 5 4 -. :,: Q b 2? , f A - f-A , Hi' ' f 1 an , g. f K 3 N .X i ' ,gg effs' '11, Q : ' A . ,,f, wc - "" . - k nf ,Q . i xg? 3 ,m , I I is ' W ,Q , H MW 222 fi Q . lJ ' ' W , . g H lQQ -if 'ai L Ql H .f , . xt ,xy .4 ,ith NJ ff' if N . ,L .EE 'X Q Q .X X K pw .,.- f Q '8Qixz?fl , : , a . ,A 1 ., ww - mll' ' ' Q t X 'X Q 3 ' , '++.,,,4 8,'JCLl'fl'I'lQl'lf INSTRUCTIVE STAFF PERSONNEL David Hughes ..A....,.,,,..........,......................,...... Musical Director Gerald Bettcher ......... ........... A ssociate iBandl Howard Kilbert ...,..... .............,.... A ssociate QBandJ Betty Elmquist ........... ,.......... A ssociate i0rchestral Karen Nelson ......... ,............ S tring Instructor Dorothy Dick .,........ ........... 0 ffice Secretary The regimental Band, which serves as a pre- paratory training group for the concert band, unites with the concert band in the fall to form the march- ing band. Members of this group made several public appearances during the winter, playing for high school basketball games. Directors discuss JAVHHIIZICS REGIMENTAL BAND PERSONNEL Alfred Adams Bill Anderson Bruce Anderson Norma Bock Garnet Borrer Richard Boynton Ralph Canfield Mary Carusillo Pat Costic Carl Cummings Jean DeHoff Geraldine Eshleman Colleen Farrell Bob Hartranft Louis Hemmers Delores Johnson Douglas Kauffman Wayne King Bob Kistler Paul Likins Donald Loefller Forrest Ludwick Bruce McCaul Betty Mills Kaye Motz Betty Myers Katherine Nelson Josephine Park Raymond Reas Rose Marie Reiner Max Robinson Romana Rodwick Mildred Rhodes Christine Rockwell Ruth Ann Schult Rozella Shaw Dianne Shock Don Smith Pat Spore Phil Stiver Gerry Swartzbaugh Delores Tillwach John Thomas I Herbert Ulery Robert Veselka Victor Voras Jerry Williams Phyllis Whitmyre Betty Zimmerman "Rhapsody in Bluevg Doc directs the orchestra 1 wf X- , 51 is K X A,-Ilmwg Mm 1 Y lwvfu: A ' . if 'ki x T7 - Kffwif wi - ., A A . ' -gu y "1 W , - - Aw ,...:' .5f H .I - i ., ,. swijrz-,zE,LZ1Z.. , gk, ,,- ' - f.,, w wh- .-lf' W' -fsfwx " 'ff ti, X s-J.,g,f.' 'wg Q fr 1-:K :- 'i f .1 :.,. - QQ . 13. 3, Wx U --iff l ii' X ' iw Aschoolis eo le. f P FW Q Q ai a . i C 1, cl f as 1 K oac er! an I0 agen! 1 f X. e Y 5 . E- 5 .Q x O og' x A3 GQ. 9x54 . 6Z2T!v'5:Q21 I, 1. :re f r 9 1 "' ln ,E+ w KX Qi .fi x L1 'ii ,fi gf Q, Q . ,f, 1 J Q . 0 ' A XX e' ,- f together, in games, carrying the Blazer colors. Whether under the floodlights of Rice Field or in the turmoil of the packed gym, Blazer squads take with them into every game that spirit which has been a part of their training: the spirit of clean competition. With John' s boys, it's also a spirit of determina- tion to win the game for a great school and a great guy. ' i 'rL. hl..,,- f,-.L I, jde .xgflzfefic eloarfmenf Coaches JOHN LONGFELLOW-"John,', in completing his seventeenth year at the helm of the hardwood Blazers, racked up his most enviable record to date. by guiding the team through the regular season undefeated. Though Jolm is known around the town as the basketball coach, his major headache comes as chairman of the health and athletic depart- ment. a job he handles very successfully. MATTHEW RONZONE and ANTHONY CAMPAGNOLIY-Through all the football season these two coaches were recognized as "Matt" and i'Camp", so we see no reason to separate them now. Matt and Camp took over the football team two weeks before the regular season started and did a swell job in guiding the Blazers through a hard-luck season of injuries and tough breaks. CHELSEA BOONE-'iChelse" to any one who has been around E.H.S. for fifteen minutes, is looking forward to his 23rd season at the Blazer helm with many veterans returning from his last year's N.I.H.S. track champs. In addition to Elkhartis perennial sectional track championship teams, Chelse guides the cross country teams in the fall.. RAYMOND SORENSON - uHap'i, who has the longest conference championship winning streak to his credit, did it again this year as his team swept the Eastern division and the conference play-offs without losing a match. Nice going Hap." lets keep that winning streak. ROBERT EHRSAM-"Bob" brought the First conference baseball championship to E.H.S. last spring and from all indications intends to retain the title again this spring. Bob. besides his baseball talents. is turning out second team conference championships rather frequently as mentor of the "Shortfellows." HARRISON'BERKEY'-Wlteli Don Veller left E.H.S. for the Army. "Berk" took over the helm of war time Blazer football. In guiding the Blazer gridders through this transition period. Berk did a swell job, S even ry-si .11 but knowing that Veller would be back in time for the season next year, he couldn't refuse a job as head football coach at Decatur. Illinois. In his long stay at Elkhart as an assistant and head coach, Berk made a lot of friends, which made it doubly hard for him to leave. but Berk's a loyal Decatnrite now, and is striving to give Decatur High the name he helped build here at the Blazer helm. DON VELLER-The miracle man of E.H.S. football is back-or is he? Don Veller returned to Elkhart in time to take over spring football and was heartily welcomed by all the Blazer fans who still remember Don's great football teams. Don hadn't been here very long, when the in- evitable happened. Hanover College signed Don as head football and track coach. as well as director of Athletics. Everyone knew Don was college- material, but hoped he might turn out another great Blazer team before leaving. We sincerely hope that this is the step up the ladder which will bring him the fame and success he so richly deserves. RILEY JORDAN-Resigning this spring as Treasurer of the Athletic Association in order to devote his full time to teaching. "Riley" leaves behind him eighteen years of eflicient service to the school and to the many supporters of the Blazer squads. The most sought-after man before any important athletic contest, he has managed to perform his duties, which include handling all athletic accounts. supervising sales of tickets, arranging for ticket takers, and handling crowds at games, smoothly, in addition to his regular teaching program as a member of the social studies department. PHYSICAL EDUCATION STAFF A hard-working staff of instructors carries out the physical education program at Elkhart High School. Headed by Jolm Longfellow, the group consists of Chelsea Boone. Raymond Soren-A sen, Matthew Ronzone, Mrs. Salome Wise, and Miss Flora Cart. porfa FOOTBALL E.H.S. Fort Waj'iie North Side ........ 13 45 Chicago Vocational ..........,. 0 26 Laporte ................................ 1.2 7 East Chicaffo Washinvtoii. . 8 0 D . CI ' ' Michigan City fcanceled because of polio epidemicj Mishawaka ....................... South Bend Adams ......,.... Goshen ............................. South Bend Washington ...... BASKETBALL Bristol ......,............. ...,...... Jamestown ....................... Gary Emerson ................. South Bend Washington... Goshen ....................,........ Auburn .......,..................... East Chicago Roosevelt Laporte ............................. Michigan City ................. Warsaw ............... ....... MlSl1BXVHkH .......................... South Bend Riley ................ Fort Wayne North Side ...... Nappanee .... - ..................... 19 6 13 7 13 12 25 12 E.H.S. 21 44 28 63 30 44 21 37 19 31 28 61 14 56 36 54 35 40 34 66 31 42 32 38 37 38 41 61 in eview- ,45 Greensberg .......................... 39 56 South Bend Central ..,.., ...... 2 5 28 Goshen ........................,....... 33 46 South Bend Adams ............ 32 45 HAMMOND TOUBNEY Hammond Tech ................,. 43 41 Griffith ................................ 36 48 SECTIONAL Nappanee ............,............... 27 61 Middlebury .... ......... 2 5 72 Bristol .................................. 37 59 REGIONAL South Bend Central ............ 33 37 Culver ................................ 38 35 BASEBALL E.H.S. Nappanee .... ...... 0 8 Laporte ....,....... ...... 4 8 Mishawaka ...... ...... 1 2 ,lohn Adams .... ..... 0 4 Washington .... ..... 1 5 Central ......... ..,... 1 4 Mich. City ,,.... ...., 9 8 . ,fa 746 E.H.S. Central .......... ........ 3 2 Mishawaka .... ........ 1 3 Nappanee ...... ........ 0 19 Riley ................. ........ 1 5 CROSS COUNTRY E.H.S. Mishawaka ....... ........ 3 1 25 Laporte .......... ........ 4 5 15 North Side ..,. ,....... 2 6 30 Goshen .......... ........ 3 3 23 North Side ............... ........ 2 9 27 Mishawaka ..................,....... 31 26 Kalamazoo Central ............ 31 24 Goshen ................................ 32 25 Mishawaka ............... ........ 3 3 25 Benton Harbor .................... 45 15 Laporte ................................ 24 32 Kalamazoo Central ............ 42 17 TENNIS E.H.S. Laporte ................................ 1 6 Kalamazoo Central ............ 1 6 Won Eastern conference .... 12 N.l.H.S.C. playoff at Roosevelt E. C ................. 0 5 Stripes, stripes, and more stripes-Kem, Brown, Verhagen, Swarts, and Hoffman. Frank Brigant, center 1 Tony Adamo, guard Leo Hojman, end Don Fuller, back Severin'-eiglzt Chuck Darling, tackle Dick Simons, end FOCDTB LL Opening the 1945 and postwar football play at Rice Field, the Blazers chalked up their first victory by winning 4-5 to 13 from Fort Wayne North. Playing in sweltering weather, both teams appeared lethargic on defense in the fi1'st half which ended 13 to 13, after a 13 to 0 Blazer lead in the first quarter. Coming back in the second half, the Blazers used the old, old formula inthe best offense is a good defensevg as a result, the Fort Wayne team was overwhelmed. A high-spirited Elkhart team won their second game of the season by merely applying the skids to a big, willing and young Chicago Vocational team. After a drizzling first half and a 7 to O lead, the Blazers again applied their second-half strategy to overcome the driving attack of the Chicago eleven. But instead of the offensive fireworks which had sparked the opening game, it was the defense that stood out. Marring the victory was the first half injury to Paul Bradley, a veteran of two years, which prevented him from com- pleting the season. Calumet district once again struck Elkhart High football, as East Chicago Washington handed the Blazers their first setback of the 19445 season 8 to 0. Washington scored in the second quarter on a safety and in the fourth on a touchdown. The Blazers main showing came on repeated defensive stands despite the injuries to both first string tackles, King and Darling. Despite the driving attempts of Klinger and the passes of Stephic, the Blazers did not enter Wash- ington territory. Playing in the rain again, the Blazers bowed to the Laporte Slicers. Cashing in on some good breaks, the Slicers got going with a mixture of fast running plays and forward passes to lead the Blazers 13 to 0. How-. ever, with two minutes to go 'til half-time, an aerial from Swarts to Hoffman and the extra point by Fuller put Elkhart back in the game. But in the second half the Blazers lacked the driving power of Klinger, who was lost to the team, due to a back injury in the East Chicago game, and could not score. The last of the Blazer threats failed on the Laporte 32 yard line when Laporte intercepted an aerial. At this point there was little time left in the game and Laporte went on to. win 13 to 7. The Blazers failed to get a good start when they played the Maroons at Mishawaka. The hosts counted two touchdowns in the first nine minutes. Then, after- kick-off number three, the Blazers began to play foot- ball. Coming back after the half, the Blazers scored on a pass by Stephic and then continued to hold the Maroons until a last quarter pass was intercepted and returned for the final touchdown with Mishawaka winning 19-6. The banged-up Blazers, minus Brigant and Hoffman, again accepted defeat, this time to their near rival John A-dams. Their usual first quarter slump gave Adams their only points, Quick to take advantage of the poor Elkhart pass defense, the Eagles passed to their first touchdown. Elkhart, fighting back against a touch- down in the second quarter, dominated the second half. But the best of several Blazer bids in the last half was stopped by Adams on their 5-yard line after it had been first down and ten on the Adams 11. A pass from Swarts to Simons scored the only Blazer touchdown. Goshen High received a much appreciated Golden Anniversary present from E.H.S. on Foremen Field in the form of a 13 to 12 victory. The first half was mostly Goshenis, as they scored two first quarter touch- downs to lead at the half 13 to 0. Returning after the gfazer ardifg, Z5 gcbfion half, the Blazers dominated the second half of play. Swarts and Berlick scoring the two last uarter touch- downs. The line led the way as they opened large holes for Fuller, Booniershine, Clark and Andreson. Though most of the second half was played in Goshen terri- tory, only in the last quarter were the Blazers able to break through. Starting their floodlight final of the season with a bang, the Blazer underdogs jumped to a surprise lead of 12 to 0. Taking advantage of a Washington fumble, a pass from Stephic to Hoffman and a sneak by Stephic gave Elkhart their first touchdown. Elkhart again took over the ball on a Washington fumble and upon receiv- ing a pass from Boomershine, Hoffman carried the ball over for a T.D. Washington stopped the threaten- ing T-formation attack in the third quarter and swept back to score. Wide-awake play by Boomershine and a driving Elkhart line kept the Blazers in the game 'til they were overcome in the last quarter 25-12. - In the post season game between the underclassmen of Michigan City and Elkhart, the fans got a look at next year's Blazers. ln the second quarter, Fuller re- turned a Red Devil punt to the Devil's 18 yard line. From there Broadbent carried it over for the only Blazer score. Later in the second quarter, a penalty placed Michigan City in the scoring position and they scored their only touchdwon and missed the extra point. Twice in the second half Elkhart reached the Bed Devills 3 yard line but both times the ball was lost by fumbles. Final score: Michigan City 6, Elkhart 6. For the second straight year the Blazers operated from the HT" formation, though they mixed in a few plays off the Notre Dame box and the short punt for- mation towards the end of the year. The season was a heart breaker for the local fans who had expected a banner year with so many letter men returning, but the fans and the team were hit hard from the very first of the season. The first blow came when 'Coach Harri- son Berkey resigned just before the season started. Co-coaches Matt and Camp got the boys off to a won- derful start, hut again the Blazers were hit hard. In two successive games the squad lost Igwo of tlryir hardest running backs, Bradley and linger. e Blazers never quite recovered from these blows and though they fought hard, they could not make up for this loss of power and the blow to their morale. But new hope was instilled in the Blazer fans last fall when the football setup 1'eceived a thorough T- valnping. Most noticeable of the changes was t e establishing of it "Bn footlball lsquzilld, cplaposiddep- tirely of underc assmen, w o p aye a u sc e u e of eight games with other teams in the conference. Be- sides the "B" team, the freshmen played five games with conference foes. With these changes to give the underclassmen actual game experience before they make the varsity squad, the fans, school and coaches are hoping for a new era in Blazer football next fall. FIRST ROW: Coach, Tony Camprzgnolig Clingler, D., Bradley, P.g Hojman, L.g Brigant, F., Darling, C.g Arlmno, T., King, B.g Lucchese, 1.g Andresen, P.g Clark, L.g Coach, Matt Ronzane. SECOND ROW: Lambo, T., Bowman., F.g Unger, B.g Boomerslrine, 3.5 Nusbaum, T.g Swarts, 1.5 Merrick, F.g Verhagen, P., Carusillo, 1.5 Stephic, W., Owens, M. THIRD ROW: Swihart, T., Whisler, R.g Link, D.g Ball, 1.5 Carl, H.g Simons, D., Berlick, D., Fuller, D.g Work- irzger, S., Sellars, D.g Modereau, H.g Broadbent, 1. FOURTH ROW: Mgr. Johnson, B.g Mgr. Haines, B.g Palumbo, M.g Mgr. Duwelius, 1.5 Parquette, 11.5 Mgr. Rem- berger, T.g Mgr. Haines, M. Out of the Fieldhouse, ready for action RICE FIELD - 346 jlffing Lezforz Clark, back Jim back Paul Verhagen, back Paul Andreson, back Bert Boomerslzme Elkhart High is fortunate in having one of the finest high school athletic plants in the midwest. Beautifully lo- cated on a scenic bend of the Elkhart River, the field con- sists of the football field, fieldhouse, two practice fields, track, baseball diamond, cross country course, and the tennis courts. Besides all these, there is plenty of room for a proposed war memorial which would house the basket- ball team and provide ample room for winter practice of the outdoor sports. The football field is the finest high school field in the Vllfsify Sqllflfl Last minute instructions Baclffielfl: Klingler, Stephic, Bradley, Fuller Line: Huffman, K 1',1 r g, Adamo, Bffga flz, LllCCl1.8S8, Darling, Simons jooilaf M! Zgfazer Outdoor ,We om Ivusbaum, back Jake Stephic, back midwest. Specially constructed, it is the best lighted Held in this section and is well cared for, being watered con- stantly and resodded every year. Surrounding the field is a fine track which is the scene of the sectionals and many other night meets. On either side of the field are the stands which seat ten thousand rabid spectators. Perched high on the one side of the field is the press box which cares for the local sports writers as well as ine YV.T.R.C. sportscaster, who broadcasts every Blazer game, at home or away. Bill King, tackle John Lucchese, guard Opening the season without the services of ulieapingw Leo Hoffman, the Blazers, with Jimmie Linn showing the way with 23 points, defeated Bristol 44 to 21. After defeating ,limtown 63 to 28, the Blazers traveled to Gary and defeated a supposedly strong Emerson five 44 to 30 after leading 25 to 8 at the half. Upon winning their first conference game from Wash- ington 37 to 21 and disposing of their arch rivals, Goshen, 31 to 19, the Blazers were ranked 15th in the Associated Press basketball poll. In disposing of Auburn 61 to 28 and pitifully humbling East Chicago Roosevelt 56 to 14, the Blazers were ranked in the tenth spot in the A.P. poll, ,lohn's boys took this position in the top ten and never relinquished it through- out the rest of the season. The job was all cut out for the Blazers when they met the Laport Slicers, picked by many to win the conference. Getting off to a fast first quarter lead of 14 to 8, the Blazers added a point to their lead as they led the sur- prised Slicers 23 to 16 at half-time. With all the starting Hve scoring from 7 to 12 points, the Blazers went on to win 54 to 36 and to gain a third place ranking, a ranking which they never dropped below for the remaining seven weeks of the season. ,lourneying to Hammond for the New Year's Day tourney, the Blazers dropped their first game 41 to 43. In the consolation game in the evening, the Blazers re- gained their stride and hitting 13 of 14 free throws, defeated Griffith 48 to 36. BASKETB LL- Showing the signs of having played five games in ten days, the Blazers had a rough time in winning their third conference game 40 to 35 from Michigan City. The following evening, with the reserves playing a good share of the game, the Blazers, playing their tenth game in thirty days, dropped W31'S3W' 66 to 34. Perhaps they were looking ahead a little, but the Blazers pulled the game out of the fire and wound up with a 42 to 31 decision over Mishawaka. Wfith the conference hanging in the balance, the Blazers, after trailing 8 to 9, 14- to 17 and 25 to 26 at the end of the first three quarters, showed real class and pressure shooting by scoring 11 points in the last six minutes to submerge Riley 38 to 32. Thus by heating Riley and then winning a close one from North Side of Fort Wayne 38 to 38, the Blazers reached the most coveted spot a high school basketball team can attain, THE NUMBER ONE TEAM IN INDIANA. Toting their new title, the Blazers traveled to Nappanee and after a hectic first half, pulled away to a 61 to 41 victory with Dick Brown setting a new conference scoring record of 30 points. The following evening Greensburg succumbed to the Blazers 56 to 39 as the fans, team and coach readied for the all important game with S.B. Central. After jumping Come on. now, gang-lefs give a big locomotive me Mazem in Ol anner ear away to an ll to 3 first quarter lead, the Blazers slowed down as the fast-breaking Bears came up fast to cut the lead to 19-14 at the half. Holding the Blazers to two free throws in the third quarter, the Bears went ahead to a 23 to 21 lead. Playing the kind of pressure ball that had characterized the Johnis Boys all season and won them their state ranking, the Blazers came through with the chips down to win 25 to 28. With a conference tie cinched, the Blazers went on to defeat Goshen 46 to 33 and completed a perfect con- ference season by defeating S.B. John Adams 45 to 32. Through some freak in the halloting, though impressive in defeating Adams and Goshen the Blazers had to be content to enter the tourney as the No. 2 team in the state. Thus ended a reign of five weeks, the longest en- joyed by any team as the number one team. Though they were No. 2, they carried into the sectionals the record of being the most consistent team in the state, having been ranked 3rd or higher for eight straight weeks of the thirteen week season. - With the most successful season in his coaching career behind him, John Longfellow, as well as the school and townspeople, has next year to speculate. Though Jimmie The Short fellows, with Coach Ehrsanz Linn will be the only starter to return, he will be backed up by three lettermen, Cliff Murray, Dick Berlick, and Harold Heeter. This may not he as strong a nucleus as this yearis team or of some previous Blazer teams, but it is a well balanced squad. With Jimmie and John in there helping the less experienced boys along ,til they in turn become experienced, we can he sure of another good Blazer team to carry the Blue and White in traditional fashion. Last year's second team, though not as successful as the three previous editions of the Shortfellows, turned in a very successful season of eighteen wins and five losses. The note found in this record is the fact that all of the squad are sophomores. .John reverted to this policy after three successful seasons of using juniors on his second team. He did this mainly to augment his next year's team, which will find six vacancies in the first seven spots. So, with an undefeated season behind them and the knowledge that any one of their next games might be their last game under John and the last of their high school C3l'6Bl'S, the six seniors, Tommie, Brownie., Lee, Jim, Boobie, and Chas., entered in the last week before the Sectional. A Managers check uniforms Wokn ana! fha 60g6 . . . D p Though 'ithe boysi' were yet to write their own tribute in hard Work and sweat, the man behind the boys, "john", deserves all the tribute that can be mustered for develop- ing such a fine sportsmanlike team, for the boys received almost as much credit for their conduct as for their play- ing. But before paying tribute to this great coach, letis see just what kind of a team he has developed. The best analysis of the Blazers was written by a near- by sports writer, whom we quote. "Elkhart does not have a spectacular ball club studded with chot-shots' in the true Hoosier fashion. The Blazers are rapid and they pass the ball well. They do a bang up job of fast breaking when the opportunity presents itself. They play their game calmly and mechanically, moving the ball with pre- cision and caution and every once in a while Jim Swarts or Leo Hoffman or Tommy Kern, or somebody like that, takes a perfectly natural, unpretentious shot and scores two points. It is not particularly awesome to watchjit does not stand the spectator on his ear, but it is very practical and has been winning a lot of ball games? Add to this a sixty-plus free throw average and the fact that the Blazers were rated by most coaches who saw them play as the best schooled team in fundamentals that they had seen and you will understand why We think it necessary to dedicate this section in tribute to John Longfellow for his splendid guidance of Elkhart's greatest Blue Blazers. Q- . we s - K i , ,M A A ? is X , pi! TM- ' T73 V i' .,., FJ 2 wwf, -, , V553 'QT-aft . V- ' tit f - , B g Q 1 5 Dzclt Brown, forward .lim Linn, guard Leo Hojman, center .lim Swarts, forward Tom. Kern ,ward Well, we can't make them all! A sideline slant ,, . pm ,eq mtssmnm.all:tes1::5aasats1a, : s ,,, T - , ik- I I 'Q iflgsgg? i ,if K x Q ,yr 1 mi ary- ,, w- ax? E ff? 5 fig ,554 ff- A ,xx b 1... 5' 2'-fl .f P' x -f ,0x Y 1 gg-I 1.4 fy- 2. V V: k,- 4 . M, -f Ma Q. im. K , My 1 geizszjk, fi. f. S fa -4 , . ig N. ,E K. , WA, Q -Mg. . 5-. 1 - x 1 x , at fa Y ' i ax x 15,5 K 'Y In A gi .-ew N A if 3 Q i 1 x I- 4 5 'W 'iv 1 .Mi V.. in ,.. Q 5 S J .am U -.h I Ag? -Y, ,Q 5 f 'ffv""'Z Q :sf Y se X A -, 4 , C :g,:g:g55f- 3 E Qs 5555 ,, S f 5 i Y Q I HYY,i . W K - f 2 Mg For the first time since the late thirties, the Blazers found themselves in the three-team bracket. This drawing paired them with Nappanee Friday, Middlebury Saturday afternoon and then with the surprising Bristol Pirates, winner of the upper bracket, in the Saturday night Hnal. The Bulldogs failed to put up nearly the resistance they had offered the Blazers in their previous meeting and as a result, the Blazers equaled the 61 points they had scored in the conference game while holding Nap- panee to 27, fourteen points below their previous totals. In the Middlebury-Elkhart game, the fans thought they had a tourney natural. For Middlebury was one of the better county teams and had the height to give the Blazers a good battle. But, much to the disappointment of the Ze lbifney Pal fans, the Blazers, led by Leo Hogman's 28 record breaking points, scored 72 points, also a tourney record, while holding the Middies to 35. With the fans yelling and hoping for an upset, the underdog Bristol Pirates took the floor for their first appearance in the finals of the sectionals. But the Blazers showed that they were quite capable of disappointing the crowd by easily disposing of the Pirates 59 to 37. Mondayls papers found the Blazers in the state lime- light once again as they had compiled the state's highest winning average, 641 points per game, and had won by the greatest average margin, 38 points. The Blazers didn't take much stock in the papers, for they could remember the hard time they had encountered The Tourney Opens at Nappanee COIWLQJ fo Clll elfl in beating South Bend Central in their previous meeting and spent the week in readying for the ever-improving Bears. The week's practice was not in vain for the Blazers came through to win 37 to 33. The Blazers were out- scored from the field but sank their free throws with their usual accuracy for the winning margin. The game, the second of the afternoon, told on the Blazers as the Bears were noted for their fast style of play. This fact of the Bears speed and the playing of the second game was soon to tell for it was a tired team of Blazers that took the floor to face Culver in the finals of the Regional. That the fabulous string of Blazer victories was broken by the hot-shooting Culver five is now a Eldy at the mike . . . Don assists . . . to give complete Blazer sports coverage known fact, but there was something more written into the minds of the fans that night in South Bend. The final tribute to a great team was to be written by that team into the minds of the fans. For out on the floor, five tired Blazers were fighting to bring more glory to their fans, school and to themselves in such a manner that was to remain as long as thoughts of this great team remain. It has been said that there is one way and only one way to tell a champion and that was what the Blazers were showing to their fans. For those boys, fighting all the way, wrote the tribute by which they shall be remembered, showed that not only could they play and win like champions but more important that they could play and lose like champions. Sectional champs! . . . Capt. Tommie cuts down the nets Ri - t s as - HART "mass fx ish? xx k,,,,.,,.,,..- Beaver, E.g Bngh, B.g Swartz, C.g Wharton, R.g Walker, C.g Rish, D., Denlinger, E.g Coach Sorensen TENNIS-capfuring fhe Zwuefh rifraighf crown Last fall found Coach Raymond '4Hap" Sorenson's E.H.S. tennis squad crowned champions of the Northern Indiana High School Conference for the fourth year i11 a row. The Eastern Division play was confined to a one day tournament as has been the practice for the last three years. This year's tourney, held in Elkhart in 143 and 14-11-, was played in South Bend at Lepper Park. The Blazer netters copped all possible points as they swept through the three single divisions and the one double division. Their 12 points were followed by Michigan City's and South Bend Central's 4 points each. Bob Bugh, captain, playing his fourth year on the varsity squad, was the individual champion of the con- ference. He easily swept through Flight 1 singles. Chuck Walker and Bay Wharton captured the Flight 2 and 3 singles, respectively. Bugh, Walker, and 'Wharton won three matches each to take them to their titles. In doubles play, the Blue Blazers also came through as Dick Rish and Chuck Swartz added three more points for the final total of 12. ln the playoff match between the Eastern and the Vlfestern N.I.H.S.C. champions, the Elkhart netters blanked East Chicago Roosevelt 5 to 0 at the Rice Field courts. When the conference season rolls around again next fall, Coach Sorenson will find that he has lost the most men by graduation that he has lost in any one season since he started his string of championships in 194-2. "Hap" will lose five of his first seven men on this yearis team. Bob Bugh, a four year man, Chuck Walker, Chuck Schwartz, Dick Rish and Elmer Denlinger, all three year men will be lost by graduation. This leaves captain-elect Bay YVharton and Ed Beaver, two year men, to form the nucleus of next year's team. The Champs in Action Bob Hugh. Rish and Swartz Chuck Walker Ray Wharton e :ie wind again . . . an again With the following lettermen in the order of points scored last year, Capt. Leo Hoffman, Marvin Owens, Jim Swarts, Dick Brown, Bob Bugh, Tom Kern, Cliff Murray, Bill King, Kenny Hoon, Craig Davis, Charley Walker and Paul Verhagen, the Blazers were well equipped to defend their conference and sectional crowns. Though the Blazers can't equal last year's undefeated dual meet record, having dropped a close one to South Side, they did hand North Side of Fort Vlfayne the most stunning defeat they've received in ten years. In fact, in ten years North Side has lost two dual meets, to Elk- hart in '45 and then this year's decisive defeat. Chelse Boone, winner of 21 of 23 sectionals since he came to Elkhart, has compiled a schedule which includes twelve dual meets, the Goshen and Kokomo Relays, Hammond Invitational, and others totalling upwards past twenty meets in all. ln the conference track meet, held at Elkhart for the first time, the Blazers finished third behind North Side of Fort Wayne and Mishawaka. ln the Sectional, held at Elkhart also, the Boonemen won their twenty-first section- al in twenty three years. The Blazers were not as impres- sive in these meets as was expected. This was due to many reasons, not the least was the reoccurance of an old leg injury to Leo Hoffman, defending champ in the state Quarter mile. This injury kept Leo from running in the sectional and as a result, kept him from qualifying for the state. This was a major blow to the team and left it lacking the power it was expected to have at the state meet. Other qualifiers were Marvie Owens in the 100 and 220 yard dash, Burt Boomershine in the pole vault, Kenny Hoon in the 44-0, Marland Kalb in the 880, Paul Verhagen in the broad jump, Jim Swarts in the high hurdles and both relay teams. Broun to Owens for another lap Swnrts and Kern., the hurdle boys, clear them easily Hoffman. gL'lS set That varsity track learn Eiglliy'-Iliflv TRACK CRCDSS COUNTRY With only three lettermen returning, co-captains Bill Bohs and John Bilancio and Cliff Murray, the Boonemen opened a very successful season by downing Mishawaka 31 to 25 and Laporte 45 to 15 before losing to North Side, perennial track and cross champions in a close meet 26 to 30. After brushing aside Goshen 33 to 23, the Boonemen met the Redskins of North Side for the second time and this time beat them 29 to 27. Though beating North Side is a successful season in itself, the Blazers didn't stop and went on to beat Mishawaka 31 to 26, Kalamazoo Central 31 to 24- and to beat Goshen for the second time 32 to 25. Meeting Mishawaka for the third time this year, the Blazers knocked them off 33 to 25. Travelling into Michi- gan, the wandering Blazers swamped Benton Harbor 45 to 15. Upon returning home the Blazers slumped to allow Laporte to hand them their second loss 32 to 24. Climbing back into form, the Blazers walloped Kala! mazoo Central 42 to 17. The last meet of the year found the Blazers placing 5th in the conference meet. Ninely 1ifI7ll1t'l'fIIg up for the camera Co-Captains Bilmzcio and Bolts tall: it ones' Seated: Co-Capt. John. Bilrmcio. Cliff Murray, C0-Capt. Bill Bobs. Standing: Coach Boone, Louis Biglcr, Dick 111611, Dick Laugh- mzm, Chuck Walker, Roger Lantz. Marlmul Kalb. Art Bilancio, Mgr. Ward Merclmnt BASEBALL For the second straight year the diamond nine has won a share of the conference title. Last year, winning the first championship in the history of the school, the Blazers tied for first with Michigan City. Repeating again this year, the Blazers appeared out of the running until an underdog Mishawaka nine defeated previously unbeaten Michigan City in Michigan Cityls last conference game of the year. This brought about the tie for the second straight year. The Blazers' only defeat came at the hands of the City nine in a heartbreaker 9 to S after the Blazers had lead 8 to 2 in the earlier innings. As for the Blazers, they were probably more impressive, having won by more impressive margins. This season probably will mark the end of Elkhart's first reign as conference champs as eight of the starting nine will graduate. The only returning starter will be shortstop, Jim Linn. Heading the list of graduating seniors are five 3 letter winners. They are: 3rd baseman, Dick Brown, catcher, Tom Kern, left fielder, Bob Primavera, center fielder, Paul Verhagen, and pitcher Jim Swarts. Rounding out the list are right fielder Leo Hoffman and second baseman Louie Bigler who have won their second baseball E's and Chuck Schwartz, first baseman, who won his first baseball letter this year. Left for next year's nine will be Linn, Gene Lambin who played a lot of ball for a sophomore, Dick Link, Arnie Cordon, Blondie Campbell, Ced Strouse, Leon Whistler and Leo Koenig. Nim-'ty-one The infield talks it ozfer: Brown, Linn, Bigler, and Primmzera That top-notch battery: Swans, pitcherg Kern, catcher The guys who put baseball on the map at EHS , . s .1 All Strung Up to Dry Why the strained looks, fellows? PHYSICAL One of the most important activities in our school is the physical education and health department, which con- ducts classes for boys in the high school gym, the YMCA gym and pool, and the obstacle course on West High Street. Credit in health and physical education is re- quired for graduation by both state and local standards. Classes in health, safety, and physical education in the ninth year are followed by twice a week physical edu- cation classes in the sophomore year and daily physical fitness classes for junior and senior boys. These well-balanced courses include rhythms, testing, swimming, lifesaving, calisthenics, mass games, bowling, correctives, combatives, apparatus work, and funda- mentals of sports. Junior and senior boys also have one period per week in health and first aid instruction. These classes are great- ly aided by the use of motion pictures and actual class- room demonstrations. Individual records of height, weight, and achievement tests are kept throughout the year, with grades and awards being given on the basis of the results obtained. Special awards are made at the end of each term to the ranking individuals in each of the various events. These events include the distance runs from track, calisthenics, and various swimming events. The awards are ribbons which are presented at a special assembly before the student body. Some good physical fitness records have been set, and our course is rated as one of the best in the state. - V Physical F itness the lmrd way EDUCATIO -flte AMAA Crowded gym conditions have created a problem for girls, physical education classes for the past several years. This fall the situation was relieved by the rental of the M. E. Church 'gym across the alley from the E.H.S. gyms and the construction of an underground tunnel. This underground passage made it possible for the girls to go from shower and locker rooms to classes without changing clothes or being exposed to inclement weather. Special painting and lighting made the new gym attrac- tive and clean. The physical education classes for girls begin in the sixth grade. Twice weekly, girls attend gym classes from the sixth to the ninth years. Health cha1'ts and tests of various kinds are used as a basis for the class work, drills being used to give the girls the gymnastic work most suited to their needs. These drills consist of the usual calisthenics, marching and rhythm fundamentals, and games of various kinds. Gym classes are held during the dayg sports for girls are conducted on a voluntary basis, after school. The competitive angle in these sports, and the planning of a well-rounded seasonal program are managed by the Fashions of the Day-in the girls' gym 0118 of fA8 5l90l't5 l0l'0gl"6ll'I'l Discobolus Club, an organization for all high school girls interested in sports. This club, under the direction and inspiration of Miss Flora Cart, has set up a complete sports program by scheduling seasonal sports after school every day, by running tourneys to encourage skill in these sports, and by working out a point system which encourages indi- vidual achievement. This plan has given new impetus to the sports program at E.H.S. More than a hundred girls take part in these after school sports, which include swimming, bowling, badminton volleyball, tennis, arch- ery, and soccer. Next year it is hoped that many girls will avail them- selves of the classes offered on a voluntary basis for girls in the eleventh and twelfth years. These classes could be made to include whatever sort of work the girls felt they needed and wanted. Dancing, posture correction, reducing or building up exercises, and many other types of gym work will be offered if the girls elect these courses, Mr. Longfellow stated. These classes would meet two or three times a week. The physical education program for girls is just beginning to grow. . . . good for the waistline Elkhart Pattern Works ...... Armstrong. W. T. .,........ . Bueschers ...,.,........... Acme Pattern Works. . . . . , . Adams 'Ed Westlake .....,..... Allied Auto Supplies ..,...,.. American Coating Mills ...... Associated Typewriter Co.. . . , Atlas Coal and Coke ...,..... Auto Specialties Co.. . . . . . . Babbitt, J. J. ......,. . . . . Band City Oil Co. .... . . . . Barger Box Co. .... . , . . Balfour ......... .... Bal1's Service ........ .... Ball's Service Station. . . . . . , Ball, Vernon M. ..... . . , . Bathrick Ed' Palmer .,.. .... Bell Printing Co.. . . . . , . Benson, Russell ...... .... Best Restaurant ............. Bethel Publishing Co. .....,. . Bevens.... ..,.. Biltmore Studios .,,.. Blessing Band ...,. Borneman and Sons. , . Branstroms ..........., Bunker Hill Tool and Die ...,. Burnstines .,..r......,..,. Burrell Lumber Co. ......... . Burt's Lunch ,..,....,...... Calvert Coal Co. ........... . Cavanagh Rug and Linoleum Store ..,.,............. Central Drug Store ...,...... Chas. S. Drake ........ Champion Motor Co.. . . . Chatten Motor Co. ....... Checker Lunch .......,...... Chicago Hardware Foundry ,... City Ice Co. ............... . City Roofing and Coal Co.. . , . Coca-Cola Bottling Co. ...... . Dally Lumber and Supply Co. . . Days Transfer .........,.... Deal Gravel Co. ..,......... . Dee's Fashions ,... Devon's Grocery, . . . . . Dixie Drive In ....... . . . Dobbins Manufacturing .' ..,... Dolly Madison .....,.....,. Do.fMore Chair Co.. . . 1 . . . . Dr. Bowdoin ...... ..., Dr. Clevenger .... .... Dr. Eckerle. . . . . . . Dr. Higgason. . . Dr Dr . Hull ....,,..... . Lansche .............,. Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. .,.... . Dygert Trim and Body Shop. . . Eckerd Drug Store ,.......,.. Economy Food Stores ....,... Electric Sales and Service ...... Elkhart Amusement Co. ...... . Elkhart Elkhart Brid e and Iron Co Elkhart g . . Candy Co. ..,..,... . Elkhart Clearing House ....... Elkhart Credit Bureau ,....... Elkhart Foundry and Machine. . . 108 Elk hart Nzfn el y- four Brass ...,,.......... Ice Cream. . ,...., . . 34,7 153 141 162 95 102 148 114 138 126 131 96 161 142 142 162 172 145 185 112 136 138 139 153 177 119 107 119 128 166 111 101 100 102 105 174 177 180 114 172 150 118 135 117 166 96 178 134 129 110 99 126 131 116 120 173 136 136 178 164 150 122 145 181 171 106 103 176 98 Elkhart Jewelers Association. Elkhart Milk Council ...... Elkhart Motor Coach ....... Elkhart Packing House ...... Elkhart Paint and Wallpaper Co. Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Real Estate Board ,.,.. Riding Stables ....... Rubber Works ......, Screw Products ....... Tool and Die ..,..,.. Truth .............. Welding and Boiler Works ................. Elks . . Federal Fermans Press ....... Fieldhouse Realestate ......... Fort Wayne Typesetting Co.. . . Foster Dale Nursery ...... Garbers General Credit .... Goldberg's ...... Goodyear Store ,... Handy Dandy ...,,.. Hartley's Drug Store .,.. Hart Pressed Steel ..,. .. Heilman Coal Co. .... . . Helfricks ....,..... . . Hermaseal ............ . . Herring Studios ......,.... Hosack Filling Station ...... Hotel Bucklen ......... . . Hotel Elkhart .,..... .. Huffman, C. A. .......... . Hutschenrueter, W. E. ..,.. . Indiana Associated Telephone Co. . ..,...,....... . . . Indianapolis Engraving Co.. . Indiana and Michigan Electric Co. ...........,..... . Isbell Lumber and Coal Co. . . Jenners Drug Store ......,. Jessen Manufacturing Co.. . . Jet White Market ....,..... Johnsen Machine and Press. . Josten's ....,.........., Judd's Drug Stores ........ Kauffman Consumers ....... Keenes Clothes and Boot Shop. , Kester Cleaners ..........,. Kiddies Clothes Shop ....... Knox Auto Electric, . , . . Krau Coal Co. ...... . . LBJ Press ......,.,.,.... 1..arson's Drug Store ...... , Liggett Supply and Equipment Co. .,....,.......... . Lilly, W. F. .......,..... . Long Auto Service. . . . . Lusher Motor Co.. . , . . . , Lusher, W. W. .....,.... . Lux-Visel Inc. .......,,.. . Martin Band Instrument Co.. Martin Stores ..,......... Martin Realestate ,.,. . . McDermott Studio .... . . Metal Forming. . . . . . . Meyer, Walter. . . uerfiriing irecfory 158 109 152 123 183 137 174 152 170 148 128 97 99 130 164 144 149 140 110 127 127 171 157 156 168 178 144 118 143 169 108 143 168 100 104 106 184 155 116 120 125 172 150 104 165 104 155 114 170 112 113 100 178 150 .96 162 156 120 147 139 142 106 164 146 175 Misener Florist ...., . . . Miles Laboratories, . . . . . Miller and Jones .... . . . Miller, I. A. ....... . . . Modern Cleaners .... . . . Modern Mode .... . . . Modern Stoves .... , . . Monteith Bros.. . . . . , Moores Inc. .... . Murphy Printing. ..... Mutual Finance , , Myers, Frank ...,........... Nelson's Auditing Service ...,., Newman Monger Lumber Co.. . New England Insurance ....... North End Restaurant ........ Northern Indiana Brass ....... Noethern Indiana Public Service o. ................... . Ohmer's Electric Shop ........ Pickrell's Flowers Pedler , ........... . . . Perry, G. L.. . . . Personnettes .. Rapp Co .......,.... . . . Richardson Motor Sales. . . . . Riverside Laundry .... . . . Rowe Printing, . . Rosen Bros. .... . Russel Coal ..... Russel Drug Store Rutledge Bakery. Sassaman Flowers Schact Coal ..... Schult Corporatio n .....,.... Sears Roebuck and Company. . . Service Candy Co. ...,...... . Service Press ....,.......... Smith-Alsop Paint Co. ...... . Smith Drug Store ....,....,. Sollitt Construction Co. ..... . Stamp Furniture Co. .... . . . Stanton Dress Shop .... . . . Star Machine .,........ , . . Stationers ....,............ Stephenson's Dress Shop ...... Sterling Brass Foundry ....... Style Shop ............ . . . Super Motors ......... . . . Templin's ....... ...... Ulery, Calvin ..,........... Victory Inn ..........,..... Waters 'id Wilson Barber Shop. . Wally Funeral Home ........ Wambaugh, Harvey .......... Westbrook Funeral Home ..... West View Florist. Vlhisler and Sons. , Whitcomb's ..,.. Wind-O-Seal . . . Williams Bros. . . . Wilt, W. W. .... . Woodard Feed Store ,... . Wrays Ice Cream. . W. T. R. C. .... . Yellow E6 Main Cabi YMCA .,....... Zelle Funeral Homei . . Ziesel Bros. ..... . 138 115 110 163 132 121 152 163 140 153 143 170 159 126 154 128 133 176 106 130 157 112 118 122 167 100 162 96 154 118 112 155 126 134 180 128 182 173 152 179 172 164 135 102 164 160 137 116 132 170 127 104 160 124- 146 158 98 154- 124 116 117' 110- 136 97' 98 98 163- 151. 1feA, people make a Aclwol . . . 14nd to tluwe people, we My . . . Keeft wiAlaeA for year Aueceu. nmsnumn CIIHTING MILLS mc Congrafufafiond fo I Q ! 1 1 1 I 4 U ! I u fha -Simivfff H Compliments of Karger Kox Company 020,21 jaahiona Yue. 507 So. Main St. :repo II I 1 r 1 1 I 9101111 ,444 pw fclw fillel-A Distributed by uf 52 M, a CO. Elkhart, Indiana I i 1 I 1 1 I 1 I I 1 I I I 1 I 1 ninja xiuznzocbninioi 1011111014 I 1 I 4 I 9 Kamen K1-oA. I The Store for BUTANY EUU SUITS TUPIIUAT5 ANU SLAEH5 l I l w l i l my 7 Yeary 0 Conslrucizie Communzbf Servzke Have earned for the Elkhart Truth a place in th l'f f e 1 e o the families in Elkhart and throughout the Elkhart area. i The Truth is a reliable source of information vital to U your family's daily life - world, national and state , news: news of commerce and industry - and best of l all l Home News l 4 of 1 Friends and Neighbors The fllzlaal-t Truth I9 Your Home Newipaper I 1946 15 y Years 0 Corzslruclhfe Communzbf Servzbe 3 By WTRC for Elkhart, Elkhart County and adjacent areas. Affiliated with the National Broadcasting Co., "the i Nation's No. l Network." h i You keep in touch with the times-local, state, national 1 and the world - when you listen to l 111766 F l A Owned and Operated by 1 R T1-ati: Fu6liAlzing Company Q Your Home Radzb Stalzbrz Nin el 3'-s 1389 194 mial11:1oiar1o1o11 eationb Cvnffraw fo me ffm of '46 ELKHART FOUNDllY 81 MACHINE C0. 3 18 S. Elkhart Ave. Q O Ta Xl For Quick and Courteo Service CALL Yfellowb lllain C46 Cv. Call 831 r HOTEL ELKHART -BUILDING-4- 1oioioio x 1oicv i4x14:1e1 18 8 4 1946 .Slwzng will MMM jLl'0ugA0llt fLe YUUNG MENS Ask for the best ..., Wlaialer Krand BKZCOIL Beeyf Smoked and Cold Meals Packed By CHRISTIAN ASSUCIATIUN J. L. WHISLER 81 S0NS Elkhart, Indiana -- PACKERS '65 WHOLESALERS Z- C0l'l'll0Al'l'lel'l fri of D0lMORE CHAIR COMPANY :x1oioi1rio1cl1o:n 0 Iii Z? E I Cnezsyzk Alignment Servzee WHEEL BALANCING J Does away wnh shnnrny and uneven wear . ELKIIHBT WELDING HND B0ll.I-IB WDIIKS Phone 3000 2132 S. Main St. Elkhart Y Mai waded Lam 1 l. E J PRESS C 0 ll P 0 ll Il T10 ll Elkhart, Indiana ! ! U E ! ll E ll u H u 1 U u nic: 1 ! 1 ll !! E! U I! C A. Hufflman GENERAL CONTRACTOR 2825 S. Main St. - Phone 1583 Elkhart, Indiana I -2.-. i.1-i,,1.v1o1u.1uic iuemi e Mx, 680 ROCKFCDRD Phone 2126 OHdfl 1 :: 1 ul nioioicviozcxilniananmriauioiuixricxiarioiarzcricrc i Q I E I! 1 U ll H ii u Q ! !! 1 I Q u 1 E! l! ! II cdlldhd la 6 My ana! OZEIEOELLHQ RSQOPQ 105 N. Second Street Phone 4640 OUP SIZCQPQ C0l'l,g,l'6ltbL!6lti0l'l5' ana! aa! llfwallea 30 tk? Cyaifff of 946 Calvert Coal Company Aysoczoieo' Tyloewroler Company -PH ONE 232- Congrafufafion, ,4 5'..m,,,af so .gzniora R 0941 j9P'w Doio1uioioiu2aiu:x vioin111oicbio1n nn1o1o2z1oicxio11n1o1oi Cen tml 151-ug Store Phone I0 225 South main ' inioioioioioiovm1o11r1oioln1cvi1 xioio1o1oi4x1er141o1o14x1o11l x1o1cnio:o: Books and Stolzonogf Suloplzos jim .itafionwzo 477 5. flown umm pmpla M, gamma, l 'l71nI1.Ql,L 9.4, Qmpwzfani gm yt . . . g,m4 if ww, Eumnnr cmmlru: House Assoc .First National Bank 1-'irsl Old Stale Bank Sl. Joseph Valley Bank 04 ten lf Since 1897 Ene Class Rzngs ana' Announcements Representative - - Lyndell Gooch Box 9 Plymouth, Indiana H0103-'1-2v"l"1u""'n'1"-ul'1-111-lllcroioioioioicrioinioimri Y 011 'll see the dwerence When -you buy your Cool from Kauffman C'onAumel-A 738 So. Main Phone 363 0HddF Compliments of wierd 5' i :ion BARBER SHOP Wea: ofocafion II2 elif fJ,.anMn fZL,,A.me I3 oo ei ,xqufockenruefer martin ?eed S' tore b Mill Margit Fellegi, Cole's distinguished designer. has such a fondness for beautiful figures that she wishes every girl could have one. So, in creating Cole swim- ' suits, extraordinary skill is used to help any girl appear as nearly perfect as she as can. This little deception is accomplished by engineering in fabric-providing sfo firm control and fit . . . reassuring support . . . long, smooth lines . . . appealing GQ, 9 F' curves. And these are qualities a girl can count on as long as she Wears her 0 'di' Cole. 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I 7 E e re Z?acL fo lzace-fime lgroolucfion I l fund 123 a grand and glorzbus feelzrzg.Q Yes, we tried to do our part during the war. We supplied the government kyith many important items, including 383,000,000 packages of soluble coffee, 167,000,000 packages of lemon powder, 25,000,000 Ration K units, 188,000,000 bodium chloride tablets, 18,000,000 bouillon powder packages, 6,000,000 life raft vitamin tablets, 23,000,000 orange powder packages, 4,000,000 phenacetin tablets, and many other items. For this we received the Certificate of Meritorious Service awarded by the Army Quartermaster Depot. But now we're back to peace-time production. We're turning out Alka-Selt- zer, One-A-Day fbrandj Vitamins, and our regular line of pharmaceutical lpreparations for the civilian population of the United States and foreign countries. We - and our workers - are happy over the change. These workers, many of them, are Elkhart High School alumni. As time goes on, we hope to number many of the Class of 1946 among them. E Miles Laboratories has always been a pleasant place to work, just as it has always been a highly esteemed concern with which druggists of the nation like to , 'rfansacr business. Our aim is to keep on making "Miles" a name that does credit to the city which we are proud to call home. lfe.6 fd60l'df0l'l6A, fha ELKHARTJNDIANA Established Over Sixty Years One Hundred Fifteen 6333327 490, M021 br. fake:-le Cxiropracfic ,9Ay.4ician Corner Second and Franklin olr-1----14---r---A-U ---fi -A--1 - guard u u .Cara . . . anal more Cara . . . .NUJJOHJ . . . .uuobona . . . am! more JJMAOM . .. Make Your Mx! A HUDSDN Super mofora rgnc. 426 N. 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Your Every Visit Will Be Sincerely Appreciated. 1 111'xif1l - 1-1--"L1Y-:ici:::::i::i:i::.:1::-niu1:1:u1c1,1. cl::a:i:1:::rio::ni4.i:1:1:11oio-Ler....-..--1. -. bmp 1-alwfer, In c. 730 .E BEHRDSLEY PHONE 898 OHIIS' "ru bring , the F W Coke" Coca-Cofa Effie? 60. SOUTH BEND Hel rick 14 Sgfle-Right Clothes for Men Opposite State Theatre Sport Jackets - Slacks Roblee Shoes - Lee Hats Van Heusen Shirts - Hickok Belts Botany Ties - B.V.D. Sport Shirts v:o1o1er1oifrx4l1o1rri1vioi1x--..-:r1a.-,vi1l-.vic.- --.v-..1.vin1010iC- -I-L -4----1---'iUi0-----'f"i0i4---'i"-- Where the People Meet for a Coke Euuell brag Store 531 South Main St. 0 H ddffgl Fel-Aonett lf Bicycle Radio Sales 8: Service 113 E. Lexington Ave, Call 783 K i rand imma 907-909 main .Qreef 'Hum Hamm .iupfmnm 1 and, jon, ,Om fluzanfzf' Congratulations to the C7444 of 1946 1 W X . BUNKEB HILL TOOL 8: DIL' Jigs - Fixtures - Tools - Dies i General Machining i ELKHHBT, INDIHNH e 0 O O faL'e Cafe of g0bll' eyeri br. fel. Cf Higgzwon Uptvmefriu 414 Waln IQAW 3038 M1 W C,z',,61w,. Packard Salea and Service - 3 61 ELKHART AVE. PHONE 1040 1o:o:cx:o14 n : uio2A 1 1 1 '-1-aiu 1 :ic 1 914- 1 -1 1 '-io C011 gralulaizbns I0 the Graduates ennei- bfllg Store Cor. lllain ff Zexington - gueryfking in lfugd - Glamor at Your Feel The :nut talked a6oat walked a6eut danced abut -:Slweaf in fllelnarb- UUU Woclern n Vnocle .Slow MODERN MODE 2285 306 South Mazh St, Congratulations and Best Wishes To The Graduating Q Class of 1946 fleet:-ic Sala and Service mafingkouae gicfricaf .fdplaganceei lgelaairing anal afecfricaf Confracfing PHONE 517 . 124 W. FRANKLIN ST r1oi1xi4x1cv14xioia:in:cr111ioio1ur1o1 pio1r in- -A"---'--- -17 Y -ciuioioze.-11:i::'-4310141101 The Rapp Company ReadyfMade Cloth 151 3 and Shees For Men, Women ana' Chzfcfren 409 South lltain l00lfl60l"6 'of mode Sweff ofunclquidf gfoaolcadfd of gamefi Remember to Buy ' 'lfellow Creek K1-and . . . . HAM.: nncom :mn READY ro snr Mun' 744 teA fine Nm, time .ELKHHBT PHCKING CDMPHN Y Hanley Wana 6411 la fn e. 618 Se. 71m-4 Street Extends Congreziulezlzbns I0 the Class of 1946 w ! l " fe?X guicL 'Cam - .grigiclaire - lego .Mai A C wm4.0.5w1 'PQ r i XX COMBINATION WINDOWS I y i Wy 3, Q Q' N Wind-O-Seal your home now for the ut- mf J X gym most in comfort and fuel savings. ' i 104,450 - - - - yi W1 Special design of these Windows gives you rain-proof ventilation in summer A and draft-free ventilation in Winter. ff i' All Wind-O-Seal Windows are inter- ,i i yi changeable from inside your home. Say my good-bye to your ladders! .w Phone 3625. Eikhaft, Indiana gf OUR SINCEREST WISHES FOR HAPPY, if PURPosEPUL LIVES O H a' fi Twenty-jour TO THE CLASS OF '46 A small shop cloing a big iob. jeuen Manufacturing Co Screw lllaclcine Produc t4 ' OW Ciongrafufafiorw F. . gi 1 x fo like br. S Kowdoin genwm x bdfi fkey 62,1204 flw Z7ufm" 123 W. Marion St. Phone 326 219 Plum Sr. ?or 2 The The +++COH.l+++ wood with time Tlaatfa gvod Higluwt Heat Ualue PROM G0 T0 H 4 Nz: WMAN-Mbuarn ' 2 LUMBEB fa- . Schachl Coal Co. 210 E. Jackson Blvd. Phone 680 -1201 Richmond- 0 HdrlT The Famous V I Dzimer Soda Snack Sundde Junction 1 12 and 20 CWest Lexingtonj If you have never dined at the Victory Inn, you have never really ved in Elkhart. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Funk Marion F. Taylor pibfurea gi la reefing Carcld picfure gr-aming Qazbeu Formerly The Elkhart Sign Co. 60!0l' .HCGJQU-after! 224 30. main One Hundred Twenty-se i . Stepping In to clo our part 4 MODERN METHODS LOWEST PRICES Elkhart Tool 63 Die Co., Inc. 23 14 DeCarmp Avenue Elkhart, Indiana gay 'jriencb ,.J41lu5AanaQ ZZ HAM... For A GM Tfmf Wm HYPNO T125 GIVE Her legcioud, moidome CAND Y ,Sleruice Cpanel? CJ. 618 S. Main R I ,-...2---A-f---.-----,---a-- --- ------A--- For f-------- ----------..-.-1oann--.-:1--..1--:.---:,2-gu---Mgr-----.4-5.--n...---,----'-h--- Delzkzous. . . O H Temptzhg. .. Moulhfwalenhg. , , Fooo' EAT AT North Eno' fi Resmurani cl T h "A CAR is only as goocl as the tires it runs on" Winks Awuz you lawn ffm Emi... FISH TIRES From B ' ' -358 S. Elkhart Ave.- I I V i I l J i v f 5 , 5 E f A F ! i yfwm ,um pmpza pg LL gm ymaum 5 J JD fha, mmm nl 4 gm MDL f 1 v 7 A w I 1 I mnwm, m Kvmnww I W I i RMM3 FA SHI ONS IN FL Q WERS by Mckarol ma fzLe :in1:1151-:iz::14:::i4:ezu1r:ix:czaricni-':::ri::n:i:s:-:vx:1u.::1:is-in:::uEai::::.-:rin-L:-.-sarizi C071 gmiulalzbns I0 the Senzbrs E305 :mmux dgand, M1 Knmpanq, Jimi Hit Qnlivmq, Distributors For j Deep Bock Gasoline Yeedol Motor Gil .MacMillan Bing free f Motor Dil Indiana and n Sterling Avenues Phone 1311 ,ogqpiqguiniqiupgani F: -.1 oi-,,.c.1..1n.-.-io31,-.l1n-. chain,-..-1.1.1 . 1-1 .1:s1r,,-9-.9101 Telephone 3 8 6 l D11 hselvh N Clevenger l Podiatrist 403 Equity Bldg. 1 Elkhart, Indiana Foot Ailments By Appointment 0HdlTl TEMPLlN'S your Wuaic anal .Nome .APPAGHCE .jvleaclciuarfera flu- 40 yearn Radios - Pianos - Records - Giffs Refrigerafors - Ranges - Washers lroners - Wafer Heafers -faery fking in Wadin- lllodern C'leanerA and ?u1-riem Phone 444 dd,Ql0.lL 6UanL,9L s 6c7lLQn,'1jou,CUanL9L Call '35 Deliver 425 So. Second St One Hundred Thzrty ioioicxioioioioiuioioczniuioiuininqanicz 1 31011:-1 9141 a 1 : 1 4: 1 n 1 5-1:11 1: 1 31011:-1-.11 1 1 ::1::1:v1 :nic 1 YOU'LL FIND COPPER PLUMBING WITH NIBCO WROT FITTINGS! A RECENT survey reveals lhal' nearly 'I5'fo of 'lhe na'l'ion's families plan lo build new homes afler lhe war . . . wi'I'h a l'o'I'al proiecled inveslmenl' of 'l'wen'I'y-one billion dollars. There's our marker! And 'l-hey wanl' new and beller healing and living arrangements in l'he homes 'lhey plan 'lo build. Techniques and produclion facililies born of war's demands will place 'lhe inesl' copper plumbing wilh NIBCO Valves and Fillings. aul'oma'l'ic heal'- ing and olher mechanical conveniences easily wilhin 'lhe reach of all. There will be more and 'liner NIBCO producls when 'lhe war is won. ,I in ,I zwvfzmwmewa One Hundred Tlzirt This year when it's homes, or tomorrow when it's vacation time . . . REMEMBER Huy Place JA Home In 14 Selaalt Trailer Larger, roomier - more luxurious than ever before - a modern Schult trailer is the last word in a comfortable, convenient home-on-Wheels. Generously proportioned . . . cleverly de- signed . . . skillfully engineered . . . to provide a maximum of living and working space. An undreamed-of-degree of hominess and comfort. Interior arrangements include private bedrooms -you'1l find JUST the set-up YOU Want, with lots of drawer, shelf and storage space. Ready right now! Step up and pick yours out at any Schult dealers! YOU GET MORE IN A SCHULT Tops in value, a Schult trailer offers you better design and engineering, more usable space, better heating and insulation, more restful beds, finer finish and furnishings-for your money- than any other trailer. Don't take our word for it-inspect a Schult trailer at your dealers . . . You'll see Why there are MORE Schult trailers in use today than any other. CHULT CORPORATIO QFormerly Schult Trailers Inc.D "WORLD'S LARGEST TRAILER COACH NIANUEACTURERSH ioicr1qn14x1cv:n r11r11xifr1o:n11r:fni4s1oics11x1a711nboimioioiuzocnuioioioinnicrqrunicrioicnicnia THE DIXIE DRIVE-I 225 N. Main just Call 1946 Uffem you tlne Kat fn Short Orders One Hundred T hirty-four l 1 l 1 l 5 , K ' XS , W f5m5:kili..: , yi . 7 W ' mi? -' k"'if.f , 3 X ' 'fffy ' -, X I if f AX A A 1 ' - M . L. M L, 5 K w n T 9 l 1 Star lllafclnine, ,9nc. 'flue CIMA of C'vngmtalateA of mg11f1.m Indiana 1946 omlo en fri 0 .Qballq amber and Supply Cv. Q 0 H z fzT1Lmy,' l l bf. W W lamclce Optometl-iAt 5l3M2 So. Main St. VISION . . . The doorway fo knowledge sir----'-------vane--------.2---A----wgq g.A+A,-- remr, rm, gaps reefing garb ll have a large selection to c h o o s e from Ketlael Publiaflning Co. 1819 South Main Elkhart, Ind. The Home of Good Books wie .---ui.--1. .i,1,.1, ,1..1,1, , ,1,t,1:,1,- may is Elle ce 680015 'Quality you Can 71.60" ne Hundred Thirty-si . 1 :ix 1 nioioi-::::: :.-:nic 1n1oio1oz:.in1o1o1o14x1o: Congratulations to the class of '46 CC 77 Quicl' f Ar a 0 77 we ounce cl' 42? brink br. Pepper the distinctive carbonated drink that never tires the taste. MAKE IT YOUR DAILY STANDBY at 10 . . . 2 . . . and 4 o'c1ock, or anytime you're hungry, thirsty and tired. - Congralu Iatzbrzs I0 the Claus of 1946 E o , . . oo fllzlaart Pattern Wo:-leA 'Wattamm Jimi 69mgo1wr." Princeton at Taylor o Pho 978 1:4--7---------M -- - ,jail , f, .. .. W1 .. 1 J.. .. 1 4101.zunioiniyisjoierilioxlmiinzipjqiailyivigqioieivioioirioil The Szyle Shop FIVE FIFT EEN SOUTH MAIN Lnown AW vhrifinguidlzecl fageg duel: ad Paul Such ll Paula Knob mary llluffetl Carlqe :oio1o11c: x1l1ab1crio11o11n1o14 ua! BE V ml E Q Z7m!" 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V -W . . - -. - - -1 1 . .- X..S. 1 1- K ,, K x K ,I K K1KKK .K KKK - s . martin S toreaf Mffer Cjfofkezi ana! .Slow S for lac! anc! ofac! -Since 1334- 605 Saud Waite .sired phone 308 Mark M. Fisher, Manager 14 full year ala ead eeed A Km "1fff5v?ef55:fi5f" f . , Ball, .S,eJw1r:e, .Unch ELKHART DEALERS FOR KAISER AND FRAZER CARS Joseph S. Ball 2016 WEST FRANKLIN STREET g your gblflalfe .1460 A gfee of JQOCLJ Kali S eralice Station Sinclair Froductaf MARION 26 SECOND STREETS 0 ddF Jwfofef 516441 100 S. Main w A . 1 1 1 41 !! II !! u 1 I! U s 1 H H H ll 1 Q! H 1 1 Q 1 n il 1 1 1o1u1:--------"-'-:nic-sir-"-'-" 111'- jke .Mrmaaeaf Co., .gnu Congralulales The Senzbrs 314 S. Riverside Drive Wufua! jinance orlaorafion v Boy? S. Main a. E1 ! u 1 H M N H u Qi 1 1 IA U ! -.iuici Emi wahea fo Cfaaa of 216 NE'1l'ffwALL5 lg1AIJIQQ fp CONFPQXNYINC. 310 S. Main St. Phone 54 The N UDA Store 0HddFI :ical-eicxiciszuicncbcrivi.. 1 .. 1 .-101010101 9 elf'lfl'L6'l,l'l If Reaciyflof Wear 308 .SZJIJA main ic:-fzclxz:izrzczzzviciuzi:1:::u1o1a:is1o1oic2u1-:iczicziczz:-.:1 Mailman Coal Co. PLUM' and E8: W BHILBDHD Call 3437 f Our and manea fo file Cfaaa of W6 n Z-om Me fllzlaart 14muAement Company Upel-ating: flco - 01-plaeum - Kuclzlen izzni::i:i:i:1:zz:::::i::i:::i::::::::1:r::1:i:1:r:n::io5::ni4:i:1oi:2r.i4v1o1ns1cn1oialicw1 Ruled Ein? mein prinfing Mogdmd fo Kell Printing Company II3 S lllain or Plwne 38 -gon lorompf . Rkagg Sruice- Westbrook Funeral Home Telephone 115 -14m6ulance Service- 221 W, Lexingto A -::::::: ::rgc:ni::::i::::: 1 Ill e tal ?0I'miMg Cvrpvl-ation Congralulalzons to The Senzors waking af! fAe Leaf fo aff fke IOQOIQL 1 ,,faiJY,45i Jax - MAJ JL, ' Congralulalzons to the Senzory of 1946 W .fdrmdfrong 63' Co. .n1n1o:.-zriozcizzicxiciniziz-:aiz.T.u2:1:rioiniczznici:i:.1c:::l:1:r::1::ufci:n.::iniciz Elkhart Screw Products Company, Inc. Plum Street and E 6? W Railroad lqvalucing Zu' lzacefime v w ealead tate iA tlce foundation of all wealth Buy a lol z'oa'ay l Plan your house tomorrow Save part of your earruugy And buzla' bqfore you grow ola7 Whzeh zk one form of We zusurarue 1 w L X mid we Ave cal uri Ave W ggn a Lame Oul' 0 , ?ieldlwuAe Realeaftate 111 ww lexington ,dana N Y 5,C0l'L0l'l'ly ?ood Stu-ea . 209 So. Main St. 1101 So. Main St. 711 Bower St. 600 West Marion St. ALL SELF SERVICE CUT PRICE CASH STORES pm. 11094 Complzments of City Roofing and Coal 1020 N. Main Street Call 720 ., 41,,.,-4,,.,. 141-,..1,,-91,.-.,-....,,1..-.MDD-MT.,-...it -H-"-n-'ulno-'A----'-u--nc:4---n-f- u---wc-nrqpoi Best 111031165 to Class of '46 liggett Supply if fqaipment Co. WW!-5. 3' .S-Juplogera of jaidr - ,gunning geara 14th '55 Blaine O H nclred Fifly gg joluwon lltaclaine if P1-eu Col-pol-ativn Manufacturers of PUNUH PBESSES 620 West Indiana Avenue Elkhart, Indiana I FASHIONS - DAZZLING AND DARING Styled for Anytime . . . Any Place . . . . . . Any Occasion! Yours for the Shopping at I J fL0iA' 6,061 One Hundred Fifty-one 06!0l"l'l .SQOUQ5 C0l'l'll06ll'lg 1 110 S. Main PhoneL 1910 --unu-------- -'---1--1e--uia--1r-'--u1f-"-a- Smith brag Store 801 S. Main gakarf Wiofof CWA Cofpofafzon City Ku Zinn ?ll11y finial-ed f -...-nic:-.l42r1cr1c1..1,r,.x1..-..4--.r.-.x1:n-,n3ai1 fllelcart Riding Stab leA 1V1odre11 Blvd. Call I X163 1 Virgil A. Miller Telephone 421 7 1 HCM! PATTERN WORKS 1 1 Wood and Metal Patterns 1 Models and Mock-ups f 717 W. BEARDSLEY AVE. ELKHART, IND. 1 1 ini ,.1.v1n....n1..::rioio:1::u1an: 1 1 lllakel-A of ?ine Kand 9nAtrumentA 8 gferiding KQIQJ .9l'l5tI'bll'l'l8I'lt PHONE 810 I 13 O1 W. BEARDSLEY 1 21:,::,.c::::::.::.:2...5:::::,.:::Q::::::::.L-:zz21:12:11 :::..:Q:n:::::::::::1::9.C:::: 1 muipky lgrinfing omlaany 114 West Sycamore Street 1 0 H zdred Fifty-three Rau ell The Coalman "The Home Of Heat SaI13faez'zb11 " Phone 41 34,10--f-U--1---r-u-----p-A-A -------1:1711-1: 1 -in ognokum unefian ggncld Zlllaiteomb lf 803-805 s.Ma1n Te1.31OO page garpefa Corzgrezluleztzbns lo the Senzbrs nh, Women? ana' M zkses' Apparel 304 So. Main St. 0 H ndrezl Fifty-jour ina: 1.-.r1c..z.1..1nvct4r-...-H1 ...--m.1u1..1u1..-..z Ed ilflkrihea- Kfaaa of '46 From: - Keith 14. Q Yfoder New fngland Mutual life Itwamnce Company BOSTON, MASS. 1 Y Kongrafufafiond jo fke gracluafing Cfafia of 1946 eenejg 4 4 5 1 .7252I:2InIIIM:8::::..,.C:3:3:.,E::.::.::8.32::.:::::.:::..::::m.,.::i:8::::,. 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MEMBER warm Lf Muditing germ Jdccounfing, .xducbfing ann! Gomlakfe jax Sruice 116 W. Sycamore Phone 15 73 may Olalaorfunifg for Smaff guaineaaea Complete bookkeeping cycle consisting of: Opening of booksg recording of transactionsg posting: accountingg auditing: closing of bookszitrial balance: profit and loss summary: balance sheet: work- ing sheet. , A Complete service in filing all tax returns consisting of: Federal Incomeg Withholding CForms W-l-2832: Social Securityg Gross Income: Inheritance: and Excess Profits Taxes. Also, presenting all Federal or State cases before each respective department for dis- crepancies. Contact or call us for all or any details. fielavnl Auditing Service l7a6lic lccoantant Tax Conaultant Notary Pa6lic One Hundred Fifty-nine The C'luar1e.6 Walleq' ?unera1 Home 126 SOUTH SECOND STREET I ,:.-4.42-2+ 2 ui s Qypzf'-, 1 fr-f'5:-:I-iff" +422-2-. f 143:-33:-f-:'.-.-xsgzp,-Q 3 -J-1:-:-2, .g 4f'.'.-Z'.'.' :Q-:-9144.-1-:-1-, 'fat-. . 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Egg I -15 A eww- 'ffl-f1,':-fE'.1r:1 If :pri --..--.:..------::-. .1 AQ." f- 1"-SQHQIE ' R- '?'f:eEEw5aaF:ra::a2e gag 1--a i n Prisfliiewi-F-3.si.F:-if.1g:..c0i2E-Earrgszq-:iii if W- ' 2' ! .- A. QQ " xiaeenz-:aa 'f1-: -- s ri'j,i,jj3S'R-w-,s-:e.- ggznwrm. fins., -, . 2 .sc um- Ambulance Sefsfice Lady Assistant Telephone 626 i01oio3s141c u:il n1o1c1:r:r:imx1c1oi:o3n1o1c :n1n1oio2111a Mai ,ma ers - aaa of 1946 The Sterling Brass .Foundry Quality KFJJJ - Krvnioid - llaminam and lllanganue C44 tiny rm-mn-1, In diana One Hunflrerl Sixty Quahfy ana! Service Lg oc Kumar Company, Jdttfzlom, mass. C less Rzngs and Pzns Commencement Invzinlzbns Dnnlomezs f Personal Canis A Club Insegnzkz gene Greene LbaLuifL, .gnckana -I4 C6 77 5 along G6 fkere are card fo repair . . . . ML are 4 cgfongingv fo repair fkem Ar you long Nato Service --116 W. Jefferson-- Nllied lute Supplieef u 511 South Mazh Phone 173 ,o1,,1,,g..i,,5-1p--,-134,.--------,--,j04gq,1q1q1q,14niqp1cr1n:fl- - '-'K"'1-'A"""""'1'-"ie 1 Best Wikfzes I0 the Class of '46 Howe peinfing Company First Floor Equity Building O H d S nz-,ia - get M., Wall" jaLe your Cdl' fo fAe Uernon Ill. Kal! garage E St. J Ph 1804 DeSoto - Plymouth Authorized Service Dodge - Plymouth Sales and Service 5 ' i BEST WISI-IES Our Sincere Congratulations FoR SUCCESS To The Senior class to the - U CLASS OF 1946 1 1 ll 1 y, ,4, mme, mon with Km., Cv. PONTIAC AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE 1 II ll u fl . 1 H I I li 134 East Franklin St. 180 N. Elkhart Avenue Q . I Elkhart, Indiana Elkhart, Indiana gczzicizz2:cizznrzelcscnozzzocbcxicriflcrcrilrioicrioifulbci--aacicniini..--..aioiefiegng-,1,,1..1Q1,.1. ' Compliments of , A, G. Zelle FUNERAL HOME 403 WEST FRANKLIN ST. CALL 91 1 OHddSyl l 'W frf Q 45, fs. e 4 eb ifsxxif p, ' , ' I 1 1 N ,x N Y l nl 5 K .. . . A staff of artist teachers are at your service to give private instruction on Piano - Voice - Accordion - Batan Tvvirl- ing - Drums - Marimba and all Band instruments. Also the finest in band instruments and accordions carried in stock at all times. lllcbermott llluic S tore 8 Stadium Equity Bldg. Phone 1565 Comlvlzmenls of pllQ,d.d, fn voioiniozifioinininiarioicvioiniviriczoialoquriolialoicnioi rioioioioiuioie ioiuioioioioq ne wi! . . . rugd . . Corimeficfi . . an gone! j00J. . .1 Ar the Centrally Located fclzerd 2 brag Store One Hundred Sixty-four Whether you are a Senior girl who goes a dancing, Whether you are a Junior who goes a prancing, Or a Sophomore who goes about romancing, You'll always look enhancing, In a frock from . . . .gfeiakenaon 'a P056 7111" ' JUDD'StDRUG STORES Three Stores 1007 W. Franklin Street 817 S. Main Street 707 Bower Street r .7Aere ia a lieu? gore in your neigbgolfoool 191014: 1 : 111101 as 1 :n 1 : 1 u 1 ::1:: 1 nic 11:1 :x 1:1 14:11:11: 1 : 14: 1 4,13 1 1:1 : .1:s14x1:o1clc:1r1o1u1o14n1c1u1o1n14a oanzi ana! lidcoun fd general Credit Corporation Stl: ?loor lllonger Kailding Telephone I3 75 f gongrafufafiomi .1 jke Cfaaa of 216 meal HJLQUQL Knnzparnq, C. C. Deal, Owner Sand 8: Gravel Ready-Mixed Concrete WEST BEARDSLEY AVE. PHONE 8 Compliments of Q Karl-ell lumber Company 205 E. Jackson Blvd. bl-ive:-A . . . of tvdaq or tomol-raw Qriue Ccwefuffy i -060, the Yraffic lawm- MCAULPCJJOIQ t0lf' Safer! One I1 und r Hvtel fllelzart olJ0CaL of many JLLCCQJJMLK pl'0I'l'lfi HILJ .MQA 3400! juncfiond flewfy becorated 10669 and bining Rauma CONGRA TULA TIONS GRAD UA TES :iuinga-.: 1:1-:L-1:1 :nic-1:::1n1z:4r::.-:ngoinioioini- iuzxznlgozzri:::::...-mules-.214 1-ui:in::ni1:::ri::::i Compliments of aaffzeyz Cut-Hate brag Store lOre5crilafion l9Aarmaci6f:5 1212 West Franklin Phone 429 ' Elkhart, Indiana -.szruing pageii .9ce Geam- Une of fke Oufafanobng .gzniom of fke 651,66 of Z6 i Q 1 1 ,Zcfur-ea! Ly Herring Studim X . 1 1' 340 pL0f0g.l'al7Lel' W 1 N x N 221 Main 1039 s. M Compliments of cfwaff pu A Lei' L5 viozoioiocroiaxioiniuioici:i::.::::r1:u::i:1:1- C'alvin b. Zllerq SZI Myrtle Street Congratulalzbns to the Senzbr Class Jcefeeee CMJ 5fe,,,, Phone J-2838 pfumging gurnera ana! anal .xlvleafing X .ggol-era CQNGRA TULA T I ONS TO Tiff? CLASS OF 1946 -A' f ir ?1-ank lllqel-A lllenli Wear 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,.,,,,.,,,4., . , ,.,,,. .N ,.,,,.,,,,,,, A ..,., ,.,,, . ..,.,., .xQ3f:1525s:5:s552:zz:5:5555E2f-2'.-:5:5E52:i:':.:-1:1rsSi:311,15:Emsffif.5E:SQESrE131-::5z:5?555f'1::-4 1:::,5K.,A.,.,, -- -','---- -4-- "---' 1 1 ' R"V'- N :rfI'1--1.11" "1-5:E: X:5:f':j:5:- ' Ylgfffigfiiiffr -wf:1:2:s:-1 1 -Kxfzfzfz'-Q X1-:-':1:1::2:- 1 X 1 - .... 1 :s::1g.::g::::gx-,,.-,.. A A , H , . ,g,,. H , -fx.-Q, 1,-,,:-:-Q:-:+x2.:::.5,3::331:12Q:r:::K ,15:5:gE:, W5:fsEJ 32355:51:-'hN:E:r:1E''xhrrggpg"fQ::gg:-zegqsg'f.5g35:y-Q-X1:2fE'j,,qQ::. 1 23:53-:Q-r:g5:5fQ5fff?f' , ff 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . Daz: lzxiczczz :ini::,::.-:uio1oi::i:1:r1o1-:iz 1:i::::1:i:::-:i:x:ozc:i::1:1111411:-iaiolcisnz-:i:i:r1:x1u1o1 1 1 Me Qlzlaa t K1-Q42 8 Y on Gwyn 9 Incorporated 1904 1 1 C GP 0110 4 1 1 1 1 fllzlu art, Indiana One Hundred Seventy-one ef Wife WWLJ 205-207 So. Main St. Where People are Concerned ..,. The Best rn Food L' Important Cornlolzrnenls of .Sgdhild jurnifure 540-546 Sherman St. Phone 451 g1u1,.1n...,1..1,...-..x.1..1..1..1-1.ni4ricn .1niG 'I 0 1 1 0 L 0 010 ce - Cool! Azr Condzlzonzng Ice Refrzgerotzon .gce Company phone 567 410 Harrison Street OHrld9y Katia:-icle if Palmer lllaclnine Co., Que. 1317-19 Princeton Street Elkhart, Indiana Dx Arthur W Hull Plzyszkzkzn and Suzggeon 506 South Second 04111195 zaicz-:a1c.::n:::::i::::::i::::i:1:p1cx1oie n:n1o1o1o1ux1o1:34:11:11 lzziazzcicxicz.-n.:::1ui Ming your painf lgfogdmd fo painf 120,94 -anc! MA are painf M0104 5,,.1f1..,41.w,, fzkxmff Paint cv. 208 S. Main St. ,ow of jkem ff jig 1947 Sf!-Idebakel' Champion motor Company 501 fmt jacluon Klvd. - Phone IZOO Congralulalzbns To The FOR TYfSIX CLASS .Afwayri 05,004 .xdheaol in JEL: ELKHART REAL ESTATE BOARD OF REALTORS Henry R. Gorney. Walter Doll, James L. Printy, A. J. Keyser, E. C. Good, Lettie R. Kies, G. Hallet Neale, Harmon J. Weaver, Donald Sigerfoos, Nile Bates, G. O. Borneman, Mahlon Davis, Robert Young, Charles Fieldhouse, Jesse Lamb, First National Bank, First Old State Bank, St. Joseph Valley Bank. . One Hundrerl Seventy-four Waffer Weyer junemf lbtfectof 14m6ulanee Service - Phone 68 Bernzee Keene Meyetg R. Nt Lady Attendant 216 met Jhgk .SZ-get Opposite Main High School Entrance One Hui d Loretta M zhlzaly 1946 Graduate Wea! .zdclzkfion fo loerzionnef of ELKHAR T CREDIT B UREA U 1 9101014x1oi n14xicri4zi1r1o1csioi1u1o1cxio1ur:o1au1ar1n:icr1:n au11r:1n14ria::o1cn1u more flzan 20,000,000 American ,JL1lomemaLer:i -Prefer- gaw for Cooking W0l'fLeI"l'L .9l'l6k6ll'La WLLMC xgzfllilfe C0l'l'll0al'ly, Hundred Seventy-six 1 1 1 1 1 1. .KJ p0l9Il,fal' Wumgef .!4l'lylUL2l'e Jlr.c,'7Zui: 311114 1 X . 1 CHA TTEN MOTOR SALES 51153 south 2nd st. Phone 319 1 I 1 viuioioioiroiuricsioioinqmnioiniuiuicnzxrin cx1ni1n34::4w:cv1ar1ar11xio1a:1o1ux1o1:r:er1cx1cri oi- 1 1 Borneman 6? Sons 1 -HARDWARE- 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 igainfzi - .jcfcken jurniakingd - gicfric Supphea I 1 pfumging Suppged 'X 1 1 1 1 Years of Service to the People of Elkhart and Vicinity 1 1 1 011145 1:1010 bellow Home S tore grocerieo - Weafo - uegefadio 710 E. Indiana Phone 879 14 Small Store Hart Pressed Steel CORPGRATIO 3306 Hammond Ave. jfuclwi, 0 H cl Elkhart, Indiana goal? Scfiono Arr juigzro, anal guaoea d S I N E s bqgert jfzinz, and Body, .-Shop, .Sized Covers! - .fdufomodik MoAoAfering gfadri "' loorgho 'GZIICL5 " peg-u!at0l'5 Phone L-997 507 E. Jackson St u1u1u1oio101a.:--'---------1---A--1---15---n-air-11011-----r-u-A-in-'--r---nqzoiox H U U lil I H N I ll I !! ll F! I u l! E! 3 I I i E Fountozh Scrvzke School Supplzex and Sundrzes and GJD Loryon 3 200 East Indiana Ave. Elkhart, Indiana gigpeciagdfo H in gkocofafe Sudan To the Auifclem of Iomorrow From Ike Auifclem of today .gzfgff Comifrucfion Co., .gnc South Bend, Indiana BURGER Ill d ' , sl' K ' X A LI?1'v uiigxauaozn N A TOA 'rio sun. E SMOTHERED warn ' 1 FREN AND SH Zll 71. main Street '1l"K"""'-"-'-'A-"H-'l1-xi'1--Ec---'T-ri4x :1o1cn1o14n1u1a:u Gongrafufafionfi ann! Ed l1fliAAe5 fo Me C6155 of J46 f Seam, foehlcle L- Cvmpanq HllfI1.dT6d Eighty Comizalzhzenls of gakarf Efarizi Wanufacfuring Company, .gnu llllliii nv 11' II l'l'SS I Printers of Szbc Consecutive A ll 'A mericzm Yea rbooles 01 Gm ,.- .5 ze: K Sgr eg' EQ C' 5 G Q wx ga ge , , f' -axi Q f .sg . ,A wi X One Hundred Eighty-four

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