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rx our Zozdn anal Mine QQ ff? r-'qfx , "N Xffaax ELKHART HIGH SCHOOL ELKHART INDIANA wi ,lg -1 .. e ,A V H ' ,, PRX 11 . A 395 .. ... QQ '- big, W. N- m.,Mu:3,,, ,- i AL '- X f . Eg S312 immi, ' , 1 f,,,w xi xx ,, .l:'lE1QS545E5? A if fagw5? 5f Q X , QQ s E 3 Q ,A iw HL' 5 P QWTQQ- 2' .. . X wg, 3 W? 'wa ,,.-- .M-fL"",' our own anal Mine This is the story of a home town . . . of the people who live and laugh and Work here: of the boys and girls Who dream and dance and go to school here- the story of an ordinary town, seen through the eyes of three students. One of the 87 Elkhart industries engaged in War production, the Miles Laboratories. glkhaftj like all America before the war, was a busy, self-centered town, little concerned with names like Novgorod, Palermo, and Tarawa. Today with the railways carrying eighty-seven essential war products to all fronts, the town is united in the feeling that we want to keep all the good things here: our tree-lined streets, and green parks where kids play in summer, our band concerts on Thursday nights, church bells, decency and friendliness. I - The Lexington Avenue Bridge. The Commodore whizzes through A part of the beauty cf Elkhart is its winding riv- ers and beautiful arched bridges, like this one on Lexington Ave. Page Seven 3 5Ch00lJ, reflecting the town, combine the new and the old. In this old red brick building a most progressive high school, With an up-to-date curricu- lum, offers the latest courses: aeron blue-print reading: and supplies the most modern equipment autics, radio English, available in classrooms, practice rooms, labs and shops. And to these familiar halls, students Who have complained most loudly about the faults of our school, return, on vacations or furloughs, With the deep thrill of home-coming. We own harps, vibraphones and many valuable musical instruments. We show movies and slides We record our own radio programs. We have well-equipped machine shops. Flag. We take lessons ond organ K4 We run the obstacle cours Page Nine i , ,,,,,,,M H K A, '.MQ,.,W.,,,yww'f"'M"""'"' f , WWW W,,M ,.,,W,.,.,.,f,w42f-M'f1f'f':j1ifK,,,,,. MM 3 gg:wrrf:f?:ifi,,,.,,.! ...M.,,,,,,, , W ar af. mm , 58.1235 X .Q Y Q 'em ff "' Q 5 gm- , ,: f 2 in , 6, ffxq w-1,,i,g .-, N-'S' ww' if 'f'- W" ww XX ,wk-ggxw i fi L ,ff QQ? -W .f,f A vw V, 5,1 ,mn 911 bib, 'fwgw as-x. 6, ,-, L: . J3g:,5,, f Qi , My Q M ,f 4-:Q , 4 Six Y. . . , 9 4 1 '5 yiigg, Quai ' :' 59 4 gg? 7 xx, 11,8 2 . , V , , ,fx . 4 4 91 1 'if ' nga? fig ,sq .L Vid? fe 2,35 if my H5 1 - My was iyf X qw.-uf parifw' e wmv V 34-e 3 , .4 - ,mi mum Sclzoof. . . where griencldlzipa with Zeaclzera and Cfaadmaiea grow . . . Wfl7 fs -VL fwfr D 'f T. ' 'Q , I . in E: lf s gpm 1-,lk 1 my :Q-T PgTI For twelve years, school has been the main interest in 'l'om's lite. Now as he faces graduation, he looks back on a long stretch of lessons, books, assignments: from "I see the cat" to today's stiitest chem experiment. Tom has known some of the boys in the senior gang for years: he knows some ot the incoming sophs only as new kids in the halls. He has played with the boys in cham- pionship battles or relaxed with them in friendly card games. He has worked with teachers on big projects and kidded with them in lighter moments: and he knows that his most important lessons have been the lessons ot human relationship. Teachers and classmates, pals and acquaintances, dates and underclassmen . . . these are the most important part oi school to . . . Zum fucfag, a typical Jenior Page Thirteen 04 esaeniolfh life ia a busty one ln spite oi basketball practices that mean l t t a e suppers, endless school k 1 ' ' wor to keep up that high scholastic rating, Tom still iinds time tor his ' ' ' gang and his girl. On Friday nights after the rac- P tices and the game of the week are over, Tom indulges in a coke or a game oi ping-pong at the "lar", Looking at our town, Tom sees that it is a place where people count: big important people, and little people too. He sees that there are opportunities for jobs, that our busy men are not too busy for civic affairs or church work. He knows and likes the people oi Your Town and Mine, and sees them as the kind he will always want to know. ds Mr,Ba11'sS d Sh ICIUSS. th Phil and the gang at the lar - -W.. Z .3 a 43 4 KF 6 V 1' , ,.,r ,Ui K 3 X - w 2 E 5 e 3 Tom gives "Bun" the lowdown about the Blazers. Page Fifteen elmo! .Headd are con.4cieniiou.4, competent 1 C fi? . Y ,WML U te :Z t ' l L' --- l 1 J, X Page Sixteen l l Together with Superintendent H. H. Church, members of the Board of Education are responsible for the prog- ressiveness of our city schools and the physical im- provement of the school plant. The members of the Board are: Mr. Vard W. Frederick. president: Mr. I. L. Ullery, treasurer: Dr. L. F. Swihart, secretary. Counselling Staff is composed oi: Miss Kathryn Jarvis and Mr. R. B. Gemmecke, sophomore counsellors, Miss Helen Kirkland and Mr. Ivan Gill, junior counsellors: and Mr. E. H. Organ, vocational counsellor. This group, by careful program planning, guides the student body into individually suitable preparation for life. ' Counsellors-Miss Jarvis, Mr. Gemmecke, Miss Kirkland, Mr. Gill, Mr. Organ Supt. H. H. Church Mr. Holdeman, photographed With his capable assistant principals, is leaving Elkhart High School at the end of years. During this time, the school has doubled and tripled in size. Mr. Holdeman has untiringly worked for the best interests of the school and the community which it represents. Page Eighteen and faculty mem era are afert, Nozval E. Adams. B.S.. M.S. Biology, Chairman ot Biology Dept. Ruth Agnew. A.B. English, Dramatics Anna Amsbaugh. B.A. Home Economics Carl I. Anderson. B.S. Pattern Making, General Shop, Mechanical Drawing Frances S. Avery. B.A. Latin, English Harrison P. Berkey. B.A. Physical Fitness, Physical Education, Football Coach Orpha A. Book. B.A. Librarian Zella Lee Boone. B.A. Geometry Edith Boscia. B.A. Bookkeeping, Typing Ruth Broughton. B.A.. M.A. English, Bible, Chairma English Dept. Louise Busche. B.A.. M.A. English Stella Cathcart. B.A., M.A. ' Physics I1 Gertrude Clendenen. B.A.. M.A. English Eva C. Cole Art Bertha Depew. B.S.. M.A. Clothing, Home Furnishing Foods, Home Nursing Chairman of Home Economics Dept. Clifford Davis Evans. B.S.. LE. Vocational Machine Shop Iames A. Foster. B.S. Industrial Arts Alice Fox. A.B.. A.M. English Doyle T. French. M.S. Mathematics, Algebra, Testing, Chairman of Mathematics Dept. Richard H. Gemmecke. M.A. American Problems, Counsellor Ivan C. Gill. B.S.. M.S. Chemistry, Counsellor Melvin W. Glendening. M.S. Typing, Clerical Practice, Commercial Law W. H. Hamilton. B.S. General Shop, Mechanical Drawing Glen Milton Hart. B.S. Machine Shop, Vocational Drawing General Shop Florence Hill. Ed. B.. Ph. B. History, Chairman ot History Dept. capabfe, inferediecf in Jfucfenidg David W. Hughes. B.M. Director of lnstrumental Music Kathryn Iarvis. B.A. Geometry, Consumer Mathematics, Counsellor Riley H. Iordan. BJ-L, M.A. History Dorothy Kelly, B.A.. M.A. English, Writing Laboratory, Publications Lester L. Kerr, M.S. Mathematics Gladys A. Kinq. J-LB. Spanish, Review Mathematics Helen E. Kirkland, Ph.B., MJ-X. Shorthand, Transcription, Counsellor Virgil Likins. M.S. Electricity, Physics, Pre-ilight Aviation, Visual Education, General Shop O. Lansing Lynn Director oi Vocal Music Iohn Longfellow. BJ-X. Ph sical Fitness Ph sical Education, Y I Y Basketball Coach Wilbur Mater. B.S. History, American Problems Clyde E. Miller, B.A. Algebra, Review Mathematics, Chemistry E. T. Organ Blue Print Reading, Chairman oi Vocational Dept., Co-orclinator Biology I. F. Wiley. BJ-X.. M.A. English Zora Patton. B.A. Foods, Clothing I W. E. Sands. BJ-X.. M.A. History Marguerite Sawyer. B.A.. MJ-X. Latin, English, Chairman oi Language Dept. Maybelle Huston Seigle Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping Ada Sickels. Ph.B. English Nancy Marie Siner. B.A.. MJ-L Bookkeeping, Consumer Education Raymond Sorenson. B.S. Physical Fitness, Tennis Coach Raymond Sproull. B.A., M.S. American Problems Glenn Updike. B.A.. M.S. Physics, Biology Evelyn Iosephine Wagoner, BJ-X. G. L. Woodruff. B.S. Mechanical Drawing, Printing, 1 General Shop Page Nineteen N y ust take a few cc's," ys Mr. Gill. Mr. Organ looks the s ea, ieaclzera are people Many students, especially seniors, think of teachers as friends. These friendships are made in class- rooms or labs, in Working and plan- ning together, and in informal mo- ments. Although it is characteristic of us to gossip about the faculty and their little Ways, at heart, We really re- spect these solid citizens of your town and mine. Director Hughes signals for u crescendo. "And why were you absent? asks Miss Sharp. Marge confers with Miss Busche on Honor Society Mr. Foster puts Gilbert "on the level" Miss Cole advises on an art display. rom Soplm Sen ior .History We of the class of '44 have not always been smooth seniors. Once we were young and unsophisticated sopho- mores just discovering our way around E. H. S. We kept our eyes open watching the upperclassmen: we watched what those upperclassmen did and copied what they said. We sophomore girls learned from the senior girls that simple clothes and a pleasing personality were the best way to become one of the gang. The sophomore boys learned from the older fellows that being smcoth was having manners, and at the same time having fun. We learned that one did not merely hurry down the hall: one "barreled". Things were not termed "swell", but "keen". "Chattanooga Choo-Choo" and "EImer's Tune" were THE songs to hum. We made mental notes of the upperclassmen-what they wore, what they did, what they said, how they looked, how they danced-and used them as models. ln every soph:more's mind, the prcrninent seniors were catalogued. We knew that the president of the Stu- dent Council was also captain of the football team, and that the editor of the Pennant Annual was a class officer. As we catalogued the seniors, we wondered if our own class officers might fill such important positions in the future. Those officers were: Iohn Longfellow, Ir., presi- dent: Robert Pickering, vice-president: Mary K. Stemm, secretary, Carrol Simmons, treasurer: Barbara Shelley and Thomas Iuday, social chairmen. Mrs. Ada Sickels and Mr. Boyle were chosen as sponsors. Planning the sophomore class party, "The Ioy-Iuice Iarnboree", and publishing the Sophomore Pennant, we found kids in our class who had talent. We discovered the kids who could decorate for a party, those who could put on a floor-show, and those who could write cute P sde ts 1-:be sol a d 1 day :clk wth th othe off Page TWef1fY'fW0 io Jerioua Jeniord, flue Cfadd of '44 had 0 owe features and good news-stories. We also learned early in our class activities which people We could depend on. In our sophomore year, we not only found our place in Elkhart High School, but each found his place in the class. Next year, as juniors, we tried to outdo every other junior class We tried to choose th tt' . e pre iest class rings. We tried to make "Ever Since Eve", with Beverly Miller and Bill Copenhaver playing the leadin r l th ' ' g o es, e cutest junior class play yet presented. We earned our money for the prom not only by selling tickets to the play, but also by handling the concessions at games so we could have the most outstanding junior prom in the history of E. H. S. Nearly three hundred juniors and seniors jived to the music of Charlie Rogers in the Athenian Ballroom of the Hotel Elkhart. W h h e c ose t e theme Arabian N1ghts" in order to make our decorations more unusual. To l d th ' ' ' ' ' ' ea us rough the first semester junior activities we elected Iohn Longfellow Ir resident: I 1 -I P Iames Ebersole, vice-president: Eileen Simons, secretary: Carrol Simmons, treasurer: Virginia Miceli and Thomas Iuda , soci 1 h ' ' y a c airmen. Since Mr. Boyle had left the faculty, Mr. Iordan was chosen as our new sponsor. For the second and most important semester the followin officers l , g were e ected: Iohn Longfellow, Ir., president: Thomas Iuday, vice-president: Carrol Simmons, secretary: Richard Hill, t ' E' ' ' ' reasurer, ileen Simons and Iames Ebersole, social chairmen. As juniors we indulged in all the fads of the year. The girls Wore club jackets and the boys had "butch" hair-cuts. We wore sweat socks to the "Sock Hop", jeans to the "Hayloft Hop", and formals O e o1 1 th gas shortage. D gg q in on source themes. 11 0 9 ,4l W f .J ,- X M v .gr Q- .A- 1?- a ang the iracfiliona path---cla.4.4 meeiinga, c 41.4.4 to the prom. "Tuff", " 'nuff said", and "super" were big Words in our vocabu- lary. Moron jokes travelled down the second floor hall, the main drag of E. H. S. We were susceptible to any fad that came our way. Although We admired the seniors, We were somewhat critical. Everything the upperclassmen did Was hashed over by the juniors and We came to the conclusion that our senicr year Would be much better than theirs had been: We were going to put E. H. S. on the map, Our basketball, football, tennis, track, music, and publications would give Elkhart something to be proud of. We were going to have more student planned assemblies and pep sessions that would really keep up school spirit. In fact, we were so absorbed in our activities and dreams for the future that we hardly realized that school Was out and we were officially seniors. At last the senior year . . . doing chemistry charts . . . dashing from school to a war job . . . ordering announcements . . . seeing our varsity play football in rain, snow and mud . . . Weiner roasts . . . hay rides . . . big autumn moons . . . the first snow flurry . . . the start of a thrilling basketball season . . . planning the annual Christmas assembly . . . ice-skating . . . source themes . . . dancing . . Writing copy for the Annual . . . watching lames Ebersole, Eugene Ellis, Bessie Peterson, Dick Lang, Nancy Holloway All joed up for the holiday dance. Calling all senior girls . . . just a bunch of senior wolves. 11? --Y embfema, c!a4J pariiert, claA.4 pfayaf to gra uaiion and lohn Longfellow, Ir., lead the lanuary seniors down the aisle and realizing that graduation was near . . . reading the dirt column in the Pennant Weekly . . . saying, "I dropped those natural cookies on the floor" . . . seeing the first robin . . . moccasins and loafers . . . over-night blondes blooming out like flowers . . . being ourselves at the treasure hunt . . . buying clothes for senior activities . . . dancing at the Triple-L party . . . trying out for parts in The Young in Heart . . . practicing for Senior Day . . . worrying about speeches for the Senior Banquet . . . trying on our gowns and adjusting the tassels on our caps . . . jiving at the prom and the Alumni Dance . . . plans . . . plans . . , plans . . . In the fall, when we elected the Iune officers, Thomas Iuday, Willa Allen, Eileen Simons, Barbara Shelley, Ioan Denton and Thomas Artley, we realized that many of our class members would go into the service before graduation. Now, as We line up for the last time as a class to receive our diplomas, we miss those fellows who are now in the Air Corps, the V-12, the Marines, the Army and the Navy. The class of '44, once young and unsophisticated, be- comes the alumni of E. H. S.: college students, housewives, office girls, soldiers, sailors, workers--citizens of Your Town and Mine. Senior Play Tryouts Reading the play. Miss Agnew and Himebauqh plan the Sets. Tryouts before judges. Page Twenty-five Page Twenty-six anuary Cfaarf, '44 BALMER, GALE ROBERT General Track, Cross Country, Stamp Club, Squad Leaders Club, Hi-Y, Ushers Club, Spanish Club, Foreign Correspondence Club BELT, IAMES E. General Hi-Y, Sandbur Football, lnterclass Basketball, Varsity Football BLACK, MARY ELIZABETH Commercial Biology Club, Dramatics Club, Handicraft Club, Needlecraft Club, Honor Society, Art Club, Pennant Annual BLOSS, PHYLLIS M. General Academic Girl Reserves, Discobolus Club, Mythology Club, Red Cross Volunteers Club, Sixty Plus Club BOGARD, CHARLES General Conservation Club, Squad Leaders Club Bossr. RAYMOND E. Industrial Engineers Club CPres.J BOWERS, IRMALEE Home Economics Music Appreciation Club BRETZ, GEORGE E. Industrial Hi-Y, Stagecraft Club, Service Typing Club, Track, Sandbur Football BRUBAKER, GENE General Squad Leaders Club CAMPBELL, GENEVIEVE General Discobolus Club, Dramatics Club CHESTER, RICHARD General Band CVice-Pres.j, Camera Club, Senior Play CLYDE, ROBERT S. College Preparatory Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Squad Leaders Club, Slide Rule Club, Technical Test Club, Gun Club DICK, DOROTHY Commercial Girl Reserves, Triple-L, Materials of Industry Club CPres.J, Social Arts Club, Orchestra EBERSOLE, IAMES College Preparatory Ian. Senior Class President, Vice-president of Iunior Class, Hi-Y, Iournalism Club, Technical Test Club, StudentfCouncil, Honor Society CPres.J, Varsity Basketball, Tennis Team CCapt.J ELLIS, EUGENE College Preparatory Ir. Class Play, Vice-president of Ian. Senior Class, Hi-Y ERVIN, ROBERT L. General Gun Club, Engineers Club CPres.l, Typing Club, Varsity Baseball GANG-ER, KATHRYN M. Commercial Girl Reserves, Sixty Plus Club, First Aid Club GARL, KATHERINE Home Economics Girl Reserves, Ir. Canteen Club, Emergency Feeding Club GAUSE, HELEN College Preparatory Forum Club, Girl Reserves, Spanish Club GEIGER, RICHARD Vocational . crnuary Clan, '44 GROVE, MERRYLYNN I. College Preparatory Girl Reserves, Discobolus Club, Triple-L, Mythology Club, Radio Code Club, Music Appreciation Club, Band HAGANS, IACK Industrial HIXON, LETA General Academic Dramatics Club, Library Assistants Club, Radio Code Club, Honor Society, First Aid Club HOLLOWAY, NANCY ' College Preparatory Discobolus Club, Dramatics Club, Girl Reserves HOOT, DORIS A, W.. Home Economics Ir. Canteen Club IOHNSON, GUY LA VON General Hi-Y, Ushers Club, Student Council, Slide Rule Club, Technical Test Club, Varsity Football KELL, 'HELEN Home Economics Dramatics Club, Discobolus Club, Triple-L, Girl Reserves LANG, RICHARD A - College Preparatory Art Club fVic-e-pres.I, Squad Leaders Club, Honor Society, Blue Iackets, Pennant Annual CArt Ed.I LONGFELLOW, IOHN IR. College Preparatory Varsity Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Sandbur Football, Student Council fVice-Pres.I, Debate Club fPres.J, Varsity De- bate, Pennant Weekly KSports Ed.I, Pennant Annual fSports Ed.J, Sopho- more Class, President, Iunior Class President, Hi-Y fPres.I, Slide Rule Club, T-echnical Test Club fPres.I, Honor Society, Ir. Class Play LONIE, DOROTHY M. Home Economics Ir, Canteen Club, Girl Reserves, Emergency Feeding Club MATHERLY, CHESTER General Stamp Club, Hunting Club, Visual Education Club, Squad Leaders Club MAXON, MARGARET College Preparatory Pennant Weekly, Pennant Annual, Girl Reserves, Dis- cobolus Club, Art Club, Dramatics Club, Ir. Class Play, Triple-L MAY, PATRICIA ANN College Preparatory First Aid Club, Dramatics Club, Materials ot lndustry Club, Girl Reserves, Orchestra MAYER, RICHARD General Academic Slide Rule Club, Hi-Y MC DOWELL, BETTY L. College Preparatory Mythology Club, Discobolus Club, Triple-L, Girl Re- serves, Pennant Weekly, Spanish Club fPres.l, Honor Society, Pennant Annual, Student Director Senior Play MEYERS, ROBERT L Vocational MOORE, IAMES General Academic MORRIS, BETTY MARIE Commercial Discobolus Club, Dramatics Club, Manners in Business Club MYERS, KENNETH RAYMOND Vocational Conservation Club, Engineers Club NYE, ROSEMARIE College Preparatory Girl Reserves, Triple-L fSec.I, Pennant Weekly, Dis- cobolus Club, Triple-L Officers Club, Pennant Annual, Spanish Club, Art Club, Choir, Student Council Page Twenty-seven nd! 42? A Page Twenty-eight anuarg Clan, '44 PARMER, I. NORMAN IR. College Preparatory Band, Orchestra, Blue Iackets CTreas.l, Slide Rule Club, Travel Club CPres.l, Squad Leaders Club, Pennant Annual CAd. Mgr.J, Threshold, Honor Society, Senior Class Play PATTON, THOMAS General Academic Cross Country, Track, Conservation Club, Hi-Y PETERSON, BESSIE NORMA College Preparatory Library Assistants Club CPres.l, Triple-L, Discobolus Club CSec.J, Honor Society CSec.l, Pennant Annual, Threshold, Student Council, Girl Reserves . PHILLIPS, IOSEPH MITTEN College Preparatory Blue Iackets, Hi-Y, Slide Rule Club, Technical Test Club, Stagecratt Club PLETCHER, BETTY M. Commercial and Home Economics Needlecratt Club, Music Appreciation Club, Band ' REAMES, WILLIAM H. General Interclass Basketball, Sandbur Football, Collectors Club, Boys' Sports Club, Stagecratt Club, Art Club REPLOGLE, IANE R. College Preparatory Drarnatics Club, Mythology Club, Spanish Club, Girl Reserves, Pennant Weekly, Discobolus Club, Choir RODY, IOHN E. General Gun Club lPres.J, Stagecraft Club, Varsity Baseball, Interclass Basketball ROSE, RUTH College Preparatory Spanish Club, Girl Reserves, Discobolus Club SCHULT, BETTY LOU Home Economics Needlecralt Club, Foreign Correspondence Club SEIDEL, ROBERT Industrial Hi-Y, Conservation Club, Cross Country, Track CMgr.J SHAW, OLLIE Commercial Needlecratt Club, Manners in Business Club, Girl R-eserves SUMME, CATHERINE A. General Glee Club, Choir, Dramatics Club THORNTON, EVERETT Industrial Squad Leaders Club, Dramatics Club, Slide Rule Club, Drill Club TROEGER, WAYNE Vocational TROYER, DOROTHY Home Economics Needlecratt Club tPres.J, Music Appreciation Club VOLKMANN, DORIS Commercial Choir, Art Club, Drarnatics Club, Iournalisrn Club, Pennant Annual, Girl Reserves WADE, HELEN BERNADINE Commercial Needlecratt Club WHISLER, CLIFFORD H. Commercial Hi-Y, Conservation Club, Varsity Football WOODKEY, RICHARD General une Claim, '44 ADAMO, MARY Commercial Book Mending Club, Needlecraft Club, Music Appreciation Club ADAMS, DOLORES IEAN General Girl Reserves, Discobolus Club, Manners in Business Club, Spanish Club, Drarnatics Club, Pennant Annual ALLAN, VIRGINIA College Preparatory Biology Club, Foreign Correspondence Club, Music Appreciation Club ALLEN, PHILLIP O. Industrial Typing Club, Squad Leaders Club, Stagecratt Club ALLEN, WILLA College Preparatory Mythology Club fPres.J, Girl Reserves KPres.J, Triple-L, Iournalisrn Club, Pennant Weekly, Pennant Annual KEd.J, Student Council, Threshold CEd.J, Vice-president of Iune Senior Class, Honor Society, Superintendenfs Council ANDERSON, EUGENE College Preparatory Honor Society CVice-pres.J, Band, Mythology Club, Slide Rule Club, Ir. Class Play KBus. Mgr.l ANDERSON, IOY ANN Commercial Book Mending Club, Needlecraft Club, Emergency Feeding Club ANDERSON, RICHARD College Preparatory Hi-Y, Materials of lndustry Club, Boys' Sports Club ARTLEY, THOMAS College Preparatory - Baseball CMgr.l, Hi-Y, Technical Test Club, Student Council, Camera Club, Conservation Club, Honor Society fTreas.l, Pennant Annual KBus. Mgr.J, Threshold CAss't Bus. Mgr.J, Ir. Class Play, Blue Iackets ATWATER, VERNON General Academic Conservation Club, Camera Club, Slide Rule Club CSec.l, Student Council CAlt.J, Varsity Baseball BAILEY, LESLIE General Model Airplane Club, Materials of Industry Club, Radio Code Club BAKER, MARY Commercial Manners in Business Club, Drarnatics Club, Girl Reserves, Discobolus Club BALL, IOHN VERNON General Academic Hi-Y CSec.l, Blue Iackets, Slide Rule Club CPres.D, Student Council, Varsity Baseball, Interclass Basketball, Pennant Weekly, Honor Society, Iournalism Club, Pennant Annual, Threshold, Boys' Sports Club BANKS, GLENN. IR. General Academic Hi-Y, Blue Iackets fPres.J, Conservation Club, Slide Rule Club, Pennant Annual, Threshold, Interclass Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Honor Society fTreas.l, Superintendent's Council BECKER WYLAN L. College Preparatory Girl Reserves, Triple-L, Mythology Club, Pan-American Club CPres.J, Music Appreciation Club IPres.l, Honor Society CPres,D, Band, Orchestra, Pennant Annual, Forum Club, Student Council, Superintendent's Council BENELL, IOYCE E. Commercial Spanish Club CSec.l, Book Mending Club, Needlecratt Club, Knitting Club BIBBO, SANITA General Social Arts, Foreign Correspondence Club, Manners in Business Club, Girl Reserves BILANCIO, VINCENT Vocational Hi-Y, Dramatics Club, Squad Leaders Club BISHOP, FLOYD General Squad Leaders Club, Band Baggage Boys, Model Airplane Club BLASS, BARBARA Home Economics Girl Reserves, Discobolus, Music Appreciation Club, First Aid Club L Page T wenty-nine Aa-ff ,haw Page Thirty une Clan, '44 BLEILER, EVERETT Industrial Boys' Sports Club, Varsity Football, Sandbur Football BLEILER, IOYCE E. Home Economics Needlecrait Club, Manners in Business Club, Girl Reserves BEVINGTON, ROBERT Industrial Handicraft Club, Service Typing Club BOLLERO, FRANCES Commercial Dramatics Club, Girl Reserves, Discobolus Club, Student Council BOLTON, WANETA Home Economics Music Appreciation Club, Red Cross Club, Needlecratt Club BOLTON, WILLIAM General Hi-Y, Varsity Football BONSELL, CHARLES A., IR. General Band, Spanish Club, Music Appreciation Club BOZZUTO, MICHAEL Industrial Squad Leaders Club, Varsity Football, Sandbur Football BRIDGE, MARIORIE A. Commercial Neecllecratt Club, Knitting Club, Music Appreciation Club BRIDGE, MARY LOU Commercial Manners in Business Club BROWN, ARTHUR Industrial Boys' Sports Club, Service Typing Club CAMPANELLO, ELIZABETH Home Economics Drarnatics Club, Girl Reserves CAMPANELLA, SANITA M. Home Economics Drarnatics Club, Girl Reserves, Discobolus Club, Pennant Weekly, Pennant Annual CARR, MARIORIE R. CNot Photographed Commercial Discobolus Club, Library Assistants Club, Threshold CHAFFEE, LAROY DALE General Forum Club V " CLICK, BETTY IEANNE Commercial Discobolus Club, Girl Reserves, Neecllecratt Club, First Aid Club, Iournalisrn Club CLINE, THEODORE College Preparatory Travel Club, Pan-American Club, Spanish Club, Forum Club Wice-pres.l, Student Council, Honor Society, Orchestra, Threshold, Pennant Annual CLOUSE, ROBERT C. Industrial Merit Badge Club, Varsity Football, Model Airplane Club, Sandbur Football 5 COLE, PEGGY General Academic Girl Reserves, Ir. Academy ot Science CPres.l, Mythology Club, Biology Club, Superintendents Council CONLEY, IACK T. College Preparatory Slide Rule Club, Technical Test Club COOPER, BETTIE LEE General Drarnatics Club, Art Club une Cfah, '44 COOPER, FRANCES E. General Drarnatics Club, Art Club COPENHAVER, WILLIAM Commercial Draniatics Club, Ir. Class Play, Hi-Y, Blue Iaclcets, Honor Society, Cross Country, Annual Ad Staff, Pennant Weekly, Student Council, Senior Play COPHER, DONNA L. Commercial Drarnatics Club, Pennant Weekly, Girl Reserves, Manners in Business Club, Discobolus COPSEY, IAMES LEWIS Commercial Drarnatics Club, Choir CORNELIUS, MERVIN tNot Graduatingb College Preparatory COVEY, DONALD IAMES General Academic Squad Leaders Club, Choir, Stage Craft Club, Band Baggage Boys COX, PHILLIP Vocational Squad Leaders Club, Gun Club CVice-pres.J, Camera Club, Sand- bur Football DANIELS, BILL General Academic Hi-Y CTreas.J, Pilots, Ushers Club, Sandbur Football, Inter- class Basketball, Boys' Sports Club DARLING, ELIZABETH General Academic Dramatics Club, Iournalism Club, Discobolus, Manners ln Business Club, Pennant Vlfeelcly, Pennant Annual DATENA, IOHN General Academic First Aid Club, Materials ot lndustry Club DECKER, VERA IEAN Commercial Discobolus, Red Cross Club, Manners ln Business Club, Girl Reserves DE LUCENAY, HERBERT General Stage Craft Club DEMAURO, MASSIMINA Commercial Manners In Business Club, Girl Reserves, Red Cross Club, Dramatics Club, Discobolus Club DENTON, IOAN B. Commercial Discobolus Club, Girl Reserves, Student Council, Drarnatics Club, Pennant Annual DE VITO, VINCENT General Boys' Sports Club, Gun Club DCFBSON, MARGARET Commercial Red Cross Club, Manners In Business Club DOUGLAS, RUTH General Academic Biology Club, Choir DOW, DONALD M. General Academic Dramatics Club CPres.J, Iunior Class Play, Pennant Annual tAsst. Business Mgr.l, Senior Play DUESLER, BETTY College Preparatory Discobolus Club, Student Council, Baton Club, National Honor Society, Band DUWELIUS, ARLENE College Preparatory Biology Club, Ir. Academy of Science, Apparatus Club Page Thirty-one Page Thirty-two une Clan, Z EASON, LOIS MARIORIE General Academic Student Council, Pennant Weekly, Dramatics Club, Girl Reserves, Threshold fEd.J, Iournalism Club, Discobolus Club, Senior Play ENGLISH, IACK A. General Stage Craft Club EVERTS, MARILYN I. College Preparatory Biology Club, Ir. Academy ot Science CSec., Vice-pres.l, National Honor Society, Discobolus Club, Pennant Weekly, Girl Reserves, Orchestra FAIRCHILD, IAMES College Preparatory National Honor Society, Hi-Y, Pennant Annual fAsst. Edl, Camera Club, Technical Tests Club, Band and Orchestra, Blue Iackets FARRELL, DUANE College Preparatory FARRELL, IEAN ALEISA General Academic Band, Girl Reserves, Mythology Club, Discobolus Club, Forum Club, Pan-American Club, Student Council EORINASI-I, IEANNE Commercial FORRY, NORMA IEANNE . Commercial Manners ln Business Club, Knitting Club, Figures for Fitness Club FOSTER, IAMES College Preparatory Honor Society, Dramatics Club, Slide Rule Club, Tech- nical Test Club, Hi-Y, Iunior Play, Track, Cross Country, Pennant Weekly, Pennant Annual FREED, DEAN L. V Industrial Choir, Visual Education Club, Slide Rule Club, Glee Club ERINK, BILL , I College Preparatory I-Ii-Y IVice-pres.l, Student Council, Pennant Weekly CEd.J, Iournalism Club CPres.l, Drarnatics Club, Superintendents Council GARBER, IIM College Preparatory Band and Orchestra Staff, Blue Iackets, Ir. Class Play IStudent Directorl, Pennant Weekly, Mythology Club, Honor Society, Band, Senior Play GARL, BETTY I. General Girl Reserves, Library Club, Needlecratt Club, Iunior Canteen Club GARL, MAX Industrial Hunting Club, Engineers Club GAY, BEVERLY IEANNE Commercial Manners In Business Club, Dramatics Club, Pennant Annual, Ad Staff, Girl Reserves, Discobolus Club GENTZHORN, SALLY Home Economics Manners ln Business Club GILBERT, LYLE E. Industrial Hi-Y, Blue Iackets, Baseball, Dramatics Club, Squad Leaders Club, lnterclass Basketball, Pennant Weekly, Pennant Annual, Typing Club, Football fMgr.l GILBERT, PATRICIA General Dramatics Club, Figures for Fitness Club, Music Appreciation Club, Art Club GILKEY, IOE General Conservation Club, Hi-Y, Squad Leaders Club GOOD, DORIS L. INot Picturedl Commercial Needlecrait Club, Manners ln Business Club GORDON, CHARLES E. College Preparatory Hi-Y, Dramatics Club, Yell Club, Annual Ad Statt, Stu- dent Council, Choir IPres.D, Cross Country fCapt.J, Track CCapt.J, Boys' Glee Club, Tumbling Team, Blue Iackets, Superintendents Council une Cafaaa, Z GORNEY, MARABELLE College Preparatory Dramatics Club, Student Council, Girl Reserves, Annual Ad Staff GRABILL, BONNIE IANE College Preparatory Student Council, Girl Reserves, lournalism Club, Biology Club GRATE, BETTY I. Commercial Needlecraft Club, Manners In Business Club GRAYBILL, SARITA College Preparatory Discobolus Club, Travel Club, Triple-L, Biology Club, Forum Club, Girl Reserves, Pennant Weekly, Iunior Academy ot Science, Honor Society, Threshold GROVE, LLOYD E. College Preparatory Band, Model Airplane Club, Slide Rule Club, Technical Test Club, Hi-Y, Pennant Weekly, Boys' Glee Club HAMMAN, PHYLLIS Commercial Discobolus Club, Girl Reserves, Dramatics Club, Camera Club, Social Arts Club, Manners In Business Club, Student Council V HAMMOND, ROBERT EDWARD . General Squad Leaders Club, Yell Club, Tumbling Tearn, Blue Iackets, Head Yell Leader HARNESS, DONALD Industrial HARRINGTON, ROBERT Industrial Hi-Y, Industrial Club, Boys' Sports Club HARTHILL, SHERRY General Squad Leaders Club, Conservation Club, Band, Orchestra HAWK, CARL Vocational Model Airplane Club, Slide Rule Club, Air Pilots Club HEINER, ROLAND W. General Radio Code Club, Conservation Club, Squad Leaders Club I-IERSHBERGER, PHYLLIS A. College Preparatory Student Council, Spanish Club, Triple-L, Mythology Club, Girl Reserves, Honor Society, Discobolus Club, Iournalisrn, Choir, Pennant Weekly KAss't Ed.J, Pennant Annual CAss't Ed.J HILL, RICHARD G. College Preparatory Varsity Basketball, Boys' Sports Club, Hi-Y, Squad Leaders Club, Iunior Class Treasurer, Cross Country, Student Council, Superintendent's Council HIMEBAUGH, PHYLLIS College Preparatory Triple-L, Girl Reserves, Forum Club, Honor Society tSec.J, Iunior Class Play, Choir, Dramatics Club KPres.l, Student Council, Senior Play HODGEN, MARGARET I. Commercial Red Cross Volunteers, Manners In Business Club HOFF, BELVA I. 1 Commercial Social Arts Club, Manners In Business Club, Girl Reserves, Discobolus Club HOLMES, RICHARD A General Academic Football CMgr.l, Slide Rule Club HOSTETLER, MARY ELLEN Commercial Needlecratt Club, Dramatics Club HOSTETLER, WAYNE CollegebPreparatory Model Airplane Club, Engineers Club, Technical Test Clu Page Thir'y-t"ree Page Thirty-four une Clan, 214 HULL, DE VERA M. Commercial Drarnatics Club, Social Arts Club HULL, IEANE Commercial Drarnatics Club, Social Arts Club HUNNICUTT, MARILYN Commercial Band, Orchestra, Drarnatics Club, Pennant Weekly, Student Council HUNSBERGER, EUGENE Vocational Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Conservation Club, Typing Club, Blue Iackets, Annual Ad Staff HUSTER, MARGARET Home Economics Needlecraft Club, Discobolus IACOBS, ANNA L. Commercial Drarnatics Club, Manners In Business Club, Girl Reserves IACOBSON, MAXINE Commercial Dramatics Club, Red Cross Volunteers, Manners In Business Club, Discobolus Club, Girl Reserves IAKUSZ, HELENE E. College Preparatory Dramatics Club, Discobolus Club, Pennant Weekly, Choir, Triple-L, Forum Club, Art Club, Debate, Honor Society, Girl Reserves, Threshold, Senior Play IONES, DORIS Commercial First Aid Club, Needlecratt Club, Girl Reserves IONES, HOWARD Vocational Conservation Club, Boys' Sports Club IONES, IAMES College Preparatory Ushers' Club, Blue Iackets, Squad Leaders Club, Model Airplane Club IUDAY, THOMAS College Preparatory Vice-president of Iunior Class, President of Iune Senior Class, Hi-Y CVice-Pres., Pres.J, Student Council CPres,J, Slide Rule Club CPres.l, Varsity Basketball, Honor Society, Blue Iackets, Baseball CMgr.J, Varsity Baseball, Track, Superintendenfs Council KARN, ROBERT Industrial Conservation Club, Camera Club KEMP, ROY Vocational Gun Club KERN, HAROLD General Academic Yell Leader KERN, THOMAS IOHN Industrial Hunting Club KESSLER, KEITH General Drill Club, Boys' Sports Club, Typing Club KIELCZEWSKI, IOHN Industrial Dramatics Club KIPKER, LUCILLE Commercial Biology Club, Drarnatics Club, Discobolus Club, Girl Reserves KLINE, MARTEIO Commercial Band, Orchestra, Manners In Business Club CPres.l, Discobolus Club, Girl Reserves, Triple-L une Claw, '44 KNISELY, MARILYN Commercial Girl Reserves, Orchestra, Red Cross Volunteers, Needlecraft Club LANDON, PATRICIA ANN ' Commercial Band, Orchestra CSec., Treas.J, Band and Orchestra Staff, Triple-L, Discobolus Club, Girl Reserves, Drarnatics Club, Pennant Annual LAUGHLIN, RICHARD General Model Airplane Club, Gun Club, Band LEIST, CLAUDE College Preparatory Boys' Sports Club, Model Airplane Club, Service Typing Club, Spanish Club CTreas.J, Hi-Y, Honor Society, Band, Orchestra LEONARD, VIVIAN LEE CNot photographed? Home Economics War Skills for Girls Club, Iunior Canteen Club LERNER, GERALDINE General Academic Girl Reserves, Student Council, Band, Officers Club, Pen- nant Annual, Triple-L, Drarnatics Club, Discobolus Club, Pennant Weekly, Student Director Senior Play LERNER, ROBERT College Preparatory Camera Club CPres.J, Pennant Annual CPhotographerJ Service Typing Club, Conservation Club, Band, Orchestra LIEBERENZ, ROBERT College Preparatory Hi-Y, Band CPres.l, Band and Orchestra Stall fPres.l, Orchestra, Annual Ad Staff, Blue Iackets, Slide Rule Club, Boys' Sports Club, Superintendent's Council LIPSCOMB, IOHN College Preparatory Hi-Y, Art Club, Model Airplane Club CPres.J, Squad Lead- ers Club LONG, DELORIS Commercial Girl Reserves, Triple-L, Biology Club, Manners ln Business Club, Discobolus Club, Band, Orchestra, Choir LOWELL, IAMES I. General Stagecraft, Horne Mechanics Club LULL, IANE College Preparatory Girl Reserves, Music Appreciation Club, Discobolus Club, Spanish Club, Pennant Annual MAC FARLANE, MARILYN College Preparatory Triple-L, Dramatics Club, Red Cross Volunteers, Honor Society, Spanish Club, Discobolus Club, Threshold fAss't Ed.J, Pennant Weekly MAIN, DELORIS General Nursing Needlecratt Club MALLERY, RACHEL L. General Nursing Biology Club, Ir. Academy ot Science, Girl Reserves, Choir MANN, DOROTHY IEAN College Preparatory Needlecratt Club, Library Club, Choir, Music Apprecia- tion Club MARKLEY, MARILYN Commercial Girl Reserves, Triple-L, Discobolus Club, Student Council, Pen nant Weekly, Biology Club, Knitting Club, Orchestra MARTIN, PATRICIA College Preparatory Girl Reserves, Triple-L, Pennant Annual CAsst. Ed.J, Pennant Weekly fAsst. Ed.J, Threshold, Student Council, Drarnatics Club, Iournalisrn Club MAST, GERALD E. General Model Airplane Club fPres.J, lnterclass Basketball MAY, WILLIAM C. College Preparatory Hi-Y, Squad Leaders Club, Band, Boys' Sports Club, Slide Rule Club, Ushers Club MAYS, RICHARD A. General Stagecratt, Hi-Y, Baseball, lnterclass Basketball 1 Page Thirty-five ,YY Page Thirty-six une Clan, '44 MC COLLOUGH, LLOYD Vocational Band, Stagecraft Club MC LAIN, HELEN I. College Preparatory Girl Reserves, Red Cross Volunteers Club, Forum Club, Triple-L, Spanish Club, Honor Society, Dramatics Club, Pennant Annual MEYER, MARGARET M. General Academic Orchestra, Band, Girl Reserves, Discobolus Club, Triple-L, Dramatics Club, Fix-it Club tPres.J, Music Appreciation Club MEYER, RICHARD E. Vocational Model Airplane Club, Hi-Y MYERS, BETTY General Needlecrait Club, Library Assistants Club MICELI, VIRGINIA Commercial Dramatics Club, Discobolus Club, Girl Reserves, Triple-L, Pen- nant Weekly MILLER, BEVERLY Commercial Discobolus Club, Drarnatics Club, Girl Reserves, Manners In Business Club, Triple-L, Ir. Class Play MILLER, CLARYS Home Economics Choir tVice-pres.D MILLER, DONALD General Model Airplane Club, Slide Rule Club, Air Pilots Club MILLER, MARTHA L. Commercial Dramatics Club, Discobolus Club, Girl Reserves, Manners In Business Club MILLOY, KAY College Preparatory Triple-L, Girl Reserves, Art Club, Manners In Business Club, Discobolus Club, Dramatics Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, Pennant Weekly MONTAGANO, MAFALDA Commercial Foreign Correspondence Club, Manners In Business Club, Girl Reserves, Discobolus Club, Social Arts Club MOORE, BETTY Home Economics MOREHOUSE, ALFRED General Academic Forum Club, Ushers Club, Hunting Club MORSE, EMMA IANE Commercial Needlecraft Club, Iournalism Club MOSSEY, DONALD Vocational Football Varsity, I-Ii-Y, Squad Leaders Club, Interclass Basketball NEFF, MARIE L. Commercial Discobolus Club, Neecllecrait Club NEFF, THOMAS A. College Preparatory Hunting Club, Technical Test Club, Blue Iackets ORCUTT, DONALD College Preparatory Ushers Club tPres.l, Hi-Y, Technical Test Club, Slide Rule Club, Boys' Sports Club ORT, MAXINE Commercial Discobolus Club, Girl Reserves, Dramatics Club, Manners In Business Club une Clam, ,44 PALMER, LEONA Commercial Iournalism Club, World Wide Club PARK, ARTHUR C. Vocational Model Airplane Club, Typing Club PICKERING, ROBERT College Preparatory Hi-Y CSec.J, Varsity Baseball, Typing Club, Boys' Sports Club CPres.J, Slide Rule Club KPres.D, Blue Iackets CSec.J, Interclass Basket- ball, Vice-President ol Sophomore Class POLEZOES, CONSTANCE General Art Club CPres.l, Triple-L, Discobolus Club, Neecllecratt Club, Drama- tics Club, Pennant Annual, Figures for Fitness Club PONTIUS, PATRICIA I, Commercial Mythology Club, Figures for Fitness Club, Manners In Business Club, Student Council PUGLIESE, MARYGRACE General Dramatics Club, Discobolus Club, Girl Reserves, Spanish Club, Pennant Weekly, Student Council QUICK, FRANK W. General Model Airplane Club, Slide Rule Club, Service Typing Club, Air Pilots Club, Varsity Baseball RECCHIO, FRANK Industrial Boys' Sports Club REES, VERA MAE Commercial Music Appreciation Club, R-ed Cross Volunteers RICHARDSON, ROBERT College Preparatory Boys' Sports Club, Squad Leaders Club, Football, Inter- class Basketball, Hi-Y RICH, WILLIAM College Preparatory Dramatics Club, Slide Rule Club, Forum Club RITTER, BEVERLY Commercial Discobolus Club, Triple-L, Band and Orchestra Staff, Girl Re- serves, Orchestra fSec.J, Social Arts Club ROLL, INA MAE Home Economic Iournalisrn Club, Student Council SALEE, MARILYN IANE Commercial Iournalism Club, Girl Reserves, Discobolus Club SCHMIDT, ELNORA College Preparatory Red Cross Volunteers Club, Student Council SCHULTZ, MARTIN L. College Preparatory Band, Orchestra, Gun Club, Mythology Club SCOTT, VIRGINIA M. Commercial Discobolus Club, Dramatics Club, Girl Reserves, Manners In Business Club, Student Council SELLERS, R. BRUCE General Varsity Football CCapt.J, Varsity Basketball, Track, Ir. Class Play, Hi-Y, Service Typing Club, Blue Iackets, Boys' Sports Club, Conservation Club, Superintendenfs Council SENSENBAUGH, KEITH E. Vocational Boys' Sports Club, Stagecratt Club, Typing Club, Band, Varsity Baseball SHANTZ, IENETTIE Commercial Ne-edlecratt Club Page Thirty-seve Page Thirty-eight une Clan, '44 SI-IAUM, MARION L. General Needlecratt Club, Annual Ad Staff, Girl Reserves SHEA, MARTIN College Preparatory Boys' Sports Club, Spanish Club SHELLEY, BARBARA College Preparatory Triple-L CVice-pre-s.J, Drarnatics Club CPres.J, Discobolus Club, Girl Reserves, Treasurer ol Iune Senior Class, Spanish Club SHELLY, MARGRET College Preparatory Mythology Club, Biology Club CPres.J, Discobolus Club, Senior Play, Iunior Academy ol Science, Pennant Annual SHOWALTER, BETTY JEAN Commercial Dramatics Club, Forum Club, Girl Reserves, Pennant Annual, Student Director Senior Play SHREINER, IUSTINE Commercial Emergency Feeding, Manners In Business Club SCHROCK, THOMAS EUGENE General Engineers Club, Slide Rule Club, Service Typing Club SICKELS, MARGERY L. College Preparatory Girl Reserves, Dramatics Club, Ir. Class Play IStudent Directorl, Hcnor Society SIMMONS, CARROL Commercial Girl Reserves, Discobolus Club, Honor Society, Student Council fSec., Vice-pres.J, Dramatics Club, Triple-L CPres.l, Treasurer oi Iunior Class, Secretary ot Sophomore Class, Superintendent's Council SIMONS, EILEEN Commercial Discobolus Club IVice-pres.J, Drarnatics Club, Girl Reserves, Student Council IVice-pres.D, Dramatics Club, Iune Senior Class Secretary, Pennant Annual SLEEPER, RUTH General Music Appreciation Club SMITH, ANNA GALE Commercial Stamp Club IPres.J, Needlecraft Club SMITH, LEWIS E., IR, College Preparatory Biology Club, Iunior Academy of Science, Ushers' Club, ' Apparatus Club, Honor Society STAMETZ, RICHARD Industrial Model Airplane Club STEEDE, MABLE I. Commercial Manners ln Business Club STEMM, MARY KATHRYN College Preparatory Honor Society IVice-pres.l, Student Council, Girl Re- serves, Triple-L, Secretary ot Sophomore Class, Spanish Club, Mythology Club, Pan-American Club Band, Orchestra, Band Otticers Club, Pennant Annual STEMM, RAY Industrial Squad Leaders Club STEPHIC, MARY ALICE Home Economics Red Cross Club, Needlecratt Club IPres.J, Art Club STOUT, MARY ANN College Preparatory Honor Society, Art Club, Dramatics Club, Discobolus Club, Biology Club, Iunior Class Play, Forum Club, Iunior Academy ot Science CState Pr-es.D, Senior Play STUMP, DELBERT L. General une Clan, '44 STUMP, RONALD B. General Boys' Sports Club, Stagecratt Club CPres.J, Varsity Baseball, Inter- class Basketball SWENDEMAN, IEANNE L. College Preparatory Student Council, Spanish Club fPres.J, Iournalism Club, Pennant Annual CAss't Ad. Mgr.J, Drarnatics Club TALBOTT, IAMES College Preparatory Varsity Baseball, Student Council, Honor Society, lnter- class Basketball, Boys' Sports Club, Service Typing Club, Conservation Club, Iournalisrn Club, Pennant Weekly TAVERNIER, IOYCE E. Commercial Needlecraft Club, Biology Club THOMPSON, RICHARD College Preparatory Hi-Y, Blue Iackets, Football CMgr.D, lnterclass Basketball, Technical Test Club, Iournalism Club, Boys' Sports Club, Pennant Weekly, Senior Play THORNBURG, PAUL Industrial Boys' Sports Club, Stagecraft Club VAN BERGEN, IOANE College Preparatory Student Council, Discobolus Club, Dramatics Club, Forum Club, Triple-L, Pennant Annual, Girl Reserves, Senior Play VAN HORN, ELLEN Commercial Needlecraft Club, Biology Club, Foreign Correspondence Club VAN HUFFEL, IOSEPH General 1 VICKERS, BETTY l. College Preparatory Girl Reserves, Triple-L, Dramatics Club, Iournalism Club, Pennant Weekly, Biology Club, Student Council, Discobolus Club WALL, IANICE College Preparatory Girl Reserves, Discobolus Club, Triple-L, Student Coun- cil, Dramatics Club, Student Director Senior Play WEAVER, RUTH College Preparatory Discobolus Club, Dramatics Club, Triple-L, Art Club lVice-Pres.D, Spanish Club, Needlecratt Club WINTERHOFF, IANET General Commercial Girl Reserves, Discobolus Club, First Aid, Manners In Business Club, Choir WITMAN, BETTY I. Home Economics Art Club, Needlecralt Club WITMAN, DUANE Industrial Hunting Club, Radio Code Club, Varsity Football, Engineers Club, Stagecratt Club WITMER, IACK General Yell Club, Yell Leader, Orchestra, Stagecratt Club, Baseball, lnter- class Basketball WOLF, RICHARD K. Commercial Boys' Sports Club ZINN, MARY IANE Commercial BAYARD, MAX College Preparatory Dramatics Club, Football, Basketball CMgr.J BROWN, CHARLES Industrial Boys' Sports Club YEATER, ERNEST CNot Picturedl Commercial Pennant Weekly CCirculation Mgr.J, Student Council KSec,D, Honor Society, Slide Rule Club, Ir. Academy ot Science Above left: Officer-sponsor huddle. Above right: Eager Beavers Stackhouse and Niblock. Page Forty Middle left: Hiding the "Nickel Freight". Below right: Proof that the Weekly has three readers. Below lett: Rompinq at the Ration Rumpus. uniora---auf Last year as sophomores, the class of '45 was washed out of Island Park where they had planned to have a class picnic. But these undaunted sophs did not let anything like a young flood stop them: they had the party in the school cafeteria March 26, 1943. The officers of this class Were: president, Bob Stackhouse: vice-president, Morris Clement: secretary, Mar- ilyn Kingp treasurer, Dick Hagans: and social chairmen, Mary Lou Niblock and Bob Weldy. These sophomores looked forward to the day when they would be the junior class of Elkhart High School. Their junior year was go- ing to be their big year with the class play, prom, and junior Pennant. Next year they could look down on a class of sophomores and not be so much in awe of seniors. Now their junior year has passed and the juniors are looking forward to next year when they will be the most important people in E.H.S. nv' t 'F . to ave a ig time in il: The busiest year for the class of '45 was climaxed by the junior-senior prom held at Hotel Elkhart May 27. Pat Munsch and Shirley Lewan were in charge of the decorations which created a South American atmosphere. Committee chairmen for the dance Were: Ioan Lickey and Marilyn King, refreshments: Bar- bara Sykes and lack Diley, music: Virginia Murphy and Suzanne Sellemeyer, publicity: and Virginia lenner, Bob Stackhouse, and Dick Hagans, entertainment. Charles Thulis was in charge of programs. The class play was another successful project of the junior class this year. Under the direction of Miss Ruth Agnew, "Charm Schoo1" was presented in the high school auditorium, March 31. Phyllis McLain, Dick Church, lack LeVan, Norma lean Treckelo, Bernard Rosen, Morris Clement, Virginia lenner, Phyllis Hall, and Tom Corson carried the leading roles. A special issue of the P ennant Weekly, published by an all-junior staff, was issued M Murphy Was editor-in-chief. arch 24. Virginia Ianuary 14, the energetic juniors were in charge of the concessions at the Elkhart-Mishawaka basket- ball game. Their class party, "The Ration Rumpus," Was held in the school cafeteria Ianuary 7. lim Mac- umber, master-of-ceremonies, introduced Ierry Flora who gave his interpretation of "The Voice." A skit entitled, "Ration Blues," was given by Irving Rosen, lim Iones, lack LeVan, and lack Ruff dressed as girls and Nancy Wambaugh, Normajean Sargent, and Marilyn King dressed as boys. Doughnuts and pop Were served as tires and gasoline. Ration stamps from imitation ration books were taken for entering and get- ting refreshments. Class rings were chosen by Colleen Shea, Dorothy Doll, Mildred Haag, Betty Arisman, and Barbara Sykes, ordered, waited for patiently, and at long last received and ' clubs joined and th ' exchanged. Committees were appointed, e class of 45 was definitely established in E.H.S. eir ig year some sGY . inw- irs sqm 'he k this here critiel' ta 9 NDC, you . f YS' Mardm Sam SG Tha' h b office ms Pennant oald- Page Forty-one Page Forty-two e funior Play The junior class play, "Charm School," was presented in the high school auditorium at 8:00 p. m. March 31. The play, which was directed by Miss Ruth Agnew, was a three-act comedy written by Alice Duer Miller. A large audience showed their obvious enjoyment of the amusing lines and situations. The complications in the plot arose out of the inheritance of a girls' boarding school by a young automobile salesman, Austin Bevans. In spite of heartbreak, radical ideas on the part of Austin, and the decision of the heroine to run away from school, all the woes and worries of the characters were straight- ened out satisfactorily in the last act. The cast gave an excellent performance, and the stage sets were particularly effective. Committee chairmen and cochairmen for the play were: property, Nancy Wambaugh and Irene Lux: stagecraft, Dick Wiley and lim Scheuer: publicity, Roseanne Ball and Suzanne Sellemeyer: tickets, Margaret Bonfigliog programs, Shirley Lewan and Beverly Nye. Norman Pedersen was stage manager. Elise Berxedotii ....., Austin Bevans George Boyd ...,.. Iirn Sirnpkins ...... Tim Simpkins Miss Curtis .,.,,, Sally Boyd ......., CAST ....,.,..,Phy1lis McLain ........Dick Church ,,.......Iack LeVan .......Bernard Rosen .,,..,,,....Morris Clement Norma Iean Treckelo ,..,........Virgir1ia Ienner Horner Iohn .... ,,......... T om Corson Miss Hays ,,........... .,....,. P hyllis Hall David MacKenzie ..... ............, I ack Ruff Muriel Doughty ...,..,, Dorothy Cross Ethel Spelain ....., ...........,,, L orene Eash Alix Mercier ....,..., Geraldine Shank Lillian Stafford ......,.,.., Helen Parker Madge Kent ........ ........,.,.... M arcia Hile Dotsie ............,... .......,.Virginia Murphy Above: "So nice to see you again, George." Lower left: "And above all, don't be so internally glib!" Lower right: "You haven't happened to notice any ol the pupils who wear garder1ias?" a JJ 0 A A A A A 1 A A 1 fl 5 5 4 is A A, The juniors started out the year with their sponsors, Miss Clendenen A , A Ag 5 A VV. I I 'V gi Y and Mr. Sands. In order that they might get an early start with their V ,, , 1'-f V V V ttf ,:- Q .h:., ,i tz, I , . r.,: class activities, the 'uniors elected their officers earl in the fall. Bill .Qh:,. , ,A 1 A IV A . hd' - t I - VV I A 1 - i I 7 A , , 1fA 4 -1 W . Q' ,, .V Borneman was elected president: Bob Stackhouse, vice-president, Vir- y ' yy -4, Aw N I 1 if ginia lenner, secretarY: Dick Hagans, treasurer: and Mary Lou Niblock T N1 Q tig' ' H' V V N N4 A V , VM and lim Macumber, social chairmen. ,I ' j AAVAA A A, t.AA V A A V t?" 1 litA' AA-A ' itzttt , A . s o Row 1--Alber, L, Artley, I, Babcock, C, Baker, P, Bailey, C: ,Q A V,.AA, Ay . , V A . y Beehler, B, Beerer, A, Biggs, V, Blessing, N, Boots, B, Brady, B. V AA V' A -- ,,, v ' , ZW ,A I 153 , I - A -4 Row 2-Brooks, I, Cox, C, Cross, D, Davis, G, Diley, I, Doty, :1 ' V , HH' ,... A: Everett, B, Ganger, M, Gutermuth T, Hack, E, Hagans, R. - H Y, 4 V' ' ' f-QQ. , - Row 3-Hou, P, Hon, B, Huo, M, Hobson, 1, Holley, L, Horne, A . .- A A M A ttl- Q ,A:-: f Q- ' I C, Hoff, P, Johnson, 1, Ionos, 1, Kamp, N, Ko-nolou, LA B' A D 3 ' Lil F Q? Row 4-Kinclle, B, King, M, Lindstrom, P, Loshbaugh, S, W ' V' "W :' I K V t Z ti A A V A Love, P, Lund, D, Metzler, A, Meyers, H, Mogle, H, Monger, -V -x l J MF Montellh' T' . - '-,, A Row 5-Moore, H, Murray, S, MurphY. I, Neff, R, Nelson, B, E Vi ' V' QAAL: I Q U I ' -n I ,MA ubb, AN " Noyes, R, Nye, B, Ort, R, Reafsnyder, R, Reber, M, Rice, R. 'Q .AIL , " V jg I tif f V V I I' V Row 6-Roe, P, Rosen, I Sargent, N, Scott, M, Sears, R, n V 1 ' ' ' U 1 1 Shreiner, I, Sinton, K, Slough, H, Stackhouse, B, Stair, O, I, A I ' V A 5 N '54 A .A L t" 1 ' 4 1, 3 Stemm, R. A r J V , ,ff A W a r m ! AAAA A .AAA A V V lnll lldl -'AA V -A ' dldddd of' --t': A .AAA VV V A A A AAAAAA 'V ' V V A :rf B f r fzr + s Q 1 N5 f we 5 W' A J ,I n o., - of ' tw I ',', f A A, It , 2- r ' I . lk I ' SWA 1 I AA ,,',',, 1 AA,, 1- VV A.,A ,,. r ,too 1 A,...1 -Q .A .A-i I- 6 , IV V M ' I - A - A A-Vk I , , nk Z, fm, A A A AA 1 ' A' r 1 Viii Viil ttitt l itVl A AAA ,,,' -ifni ",i,,f t ,,f",,,,"'t, A iok K A EK5: I K J XNXAS I Wk . , kk , A V V VVVVVVVVVVVVVV VKVV "'t I 'lzfl M .,-, ,,AA f ""' 'A' I I , n Y at , , ,, f A A AA AAt ,n , , N A Q 5 ,,,, " Y, S ::.::vA A up i VIQV i"t": Z ' i .A 4 n g I L I t AAAA A , Q AA li ke ii A j M y 4 A V X .55 Vza, '2A, A In 'A'..,v':, :E4 : lil "?AV"VE5 V 'IE dx L H A H , V H R 4 A - 2 if A v 'Vx . Q Vo it E VV- "'V" V 5 7 ' Besides these activities as an organized class, juniors have played an important part in all the activities of the school. They have served on the Threshold staff, the Weekly staff, on Student Council committees, morale committees, and pep session programs. In music and athletics, too, the juniors play important roles, so that as seniors next will be prepared to take their rightful place as leaders of the school, and someday to find their niche in your town and mine. Row 1-Stickney, D, Strine, B, Teeters, D, Vescelus, K, Weaver, D, Welsh, H, White, C, White, R, Whitmyer, D, Lickey, I, Wright, M. Row 2-Adamo, F, Albaugh, B, Aman, A, Anderson, B, Aris- man, B, Augustine, F, Bachnian, W, Baker, B, Bailey, A, Bails D, Ball, R. Row 3-Battista, S, Becht, B, Beck, M, Beghtel, G, Behnke, T Berkey, C, Berkshire, N, Berry, V, Bickert, I, Bittinger, S Boone, MA Row 4-l Born-eman, B, Bowers, I, Bowers, M, Bowman, C Bradley, E, Bradway, I, Brickman, A, Bryner, C, Bueter, E Campanello, A, Cappelletti, L. Row 5--Carlson, G, Casey, A, Chester, I, Church, D, Clau- sen, D, Clement, M, Cocanower, C, Correll, D, Corson, T Cossairt, M, Court, E. Row 6-Cox, M, Cronk, A, Cunningham, O, Darr, M, Davy, M, Deitch, C, Denman, W, DeVaughn, I, Dicamillo, D, Dill- man, F, Dilorvenzo, P. 1 1 1 1 1 year, they Page Forty-three 1.-.1 . - .X Nr ,, + '9 C ZF' Qi. Irv- A Alvlgll Row l-Diltz, G, Dogan, E, Doll, D, Duncan, B, Eash, L, - Q V A' ,V Eash, R, Eggleston, D, Esberg, B, Everett, F, Falcone, R V - e V -' VV if - Farley, M. -- '- , - . , V f V I1 A ,f f In r 'I ,. F fx E, I - A Row 2-Farnsworth, N, Fedell, L, Fields, M, Finch, M, Flora, kg , ' I I . gf e ,fl I, Foster, C, Francisco, B, Frederickson, G, Freeby, I, Fuller, v , Iff If' llll' 'D 'tt"c '5 - Q Il" 9 H - V . P: Gaska, C. 1 , ' g' I . I . , , f w ef 1. , Row a-Geree, E, German, 1, Gildner, H, aiu, W, seed, D, r ' Q U ' ' E - ' I ' ' l I ' I Goodman, E, Goshorn, I, Graybill, B, Greenawalt, D, Haag V we , r I LV", f 'W ew D, I M, Haier, D, V V A , ,,,,, ' t,, 1 A VV ln J H Row 4-Hall, E, Henemg, B, Herr, D, Heffner, K, Herrli, B, ,':: V A ,1 in "'t" 5 'S M If -Q U , , Hively, B, Hogue, V, Hollibaugh, I, Hollaway, P, Hostetler t , - 2 "': V 3 ' 'l'E ,.,, ' ' . ""tl"' ' C, Hostetler, I. is gf in X I .g 5 Vw- f ee Row 5-Iackson, V, Ienkins, F, Ienner, gl, Igohnson, C, Iohn- f ,ff , ' Ie M .N son, K, Iohnson, R, Iohnson, S, Kamp, , antz, E, Katzen- 2 ll :J I- I A k rneyer, B, Kessler, P. l " iifg "'t' ""' or V Row a-Krfkweed, J, Kieer, 1, Klingelhoter, W, Klose, D, Lake , Q ' ., ,, A 3 , Q . :I VL B, Le-Van, I, Lufcy, W, Lux, I, Macurnber, I, Ohmer, L, Ort, I . ,, -V , gr B A V H .V fd: - ,F 1 - ' A . Q ,ff-ww . - .. msec- -f:.. ' V ' I 143.1 I X177 - f Y, VV I , ,H .Q ef , f., t ,V Q , V A L - 5 f 5 Qh.,..,,' I 1 f ,,,, tw V t X I ..-.,, . - I In .. I I '- ,--- , .,., .M ' , ... , . , V If H A S ..,. ii ,V P M lv vig , K xr D I V I I . 95' L- Yr ,,., ' .VJ Row 1-Main, G, Manger, I, Manges, R, Mann, E, Marches- 'edt ' ' , I " ' r , seeau, M, Martin, A, Mast, L, Maxson, D, McCloughan, B, ' ' ' X 'A Q McLain, P: Meeker, B. , gg I, I 'avg ZAI: A ' L Row 2-Merghen, B, Metzler, D, Mrddreren, R, Miller, M, I 5 - - tl I fl V I Miller, M, Miller, V, Miller, W, Mills, D, Mills, I, Minegar, W, gf ' "lst V , Q' - Minelli, C. gf tv Y 'K Row 3-Muhlnickel, H, Munch, R, Munsch, P, Murphy, R, I ,.,,,: Wg --,, V . . Murphy, V, Neal, B, Nelson, I, Niblock, M, Niccurn, I, Noll- .'1-- I , V I H, :' ' singer, M, Nottsinger, N. ,Z Q V gi 7 Row 4-Null, B, Nusbaurn, B, Osborne, B, Osborne, L, Os- '-", , Bu 'N K M I 4' ,- borne, L, Osterloo, B, Palumbo, L, Parker, H, Parrott, D, Q- ' t" ' ' 5:5531 Pederson, N, Petriella, E, A ni In V 1 I e, 1 Row 5-Phillips, W, Price, G, Price, L, Quier, I, Ritter, E, ' ' 2 : g , II .2 ' ,.. 1 Rosen, B, Ross, W, Rowe, B, Russell, B, Samuel, M, Sargent, L. ' f 1 ' new s-sehede, W, Scheuer, n, sehlebeugh, D, Schrock, M, "sf, Vi . E' 2 ' I V ' f D Schroeder, B, Schuler, M, Schwab, B, Schwartz, C, Schwartz, 5, f ,, X I f ,e S, Sellerneyer, S, Setatino, G. '-" 'HS' ' ":- 1 ,,,- ,.,, f ,,, uv, VVVV V , V Q i f V ,V ,' , A , ' ' - 5 ff' I Q' ' Q .l:. , ' , , K -5 .. ., ,ef ,H ,. A' .Az , 1 , "' ,,,,, ' 4 I f IA! Page Forty-four A fe 194 5 --- an u a ry, f un e 5 T, I , . B Row l-Shamory, M, Shank, G, Shea, C, Sites, L, Slough, D, ' .V AIAVLE, ,,,,, V V smith,M,smnh,D,smuhers,B,spet-1S,B,siemm,D,shf1ver,1. I f V V V .V ,,,, 1 ,,A,, . I If .V 5. Row 2-Stock, G, Stokely, B, Stout, R, Strom, F, Stroud, B, . . V, :V V V 3. - ,V V k FW' Stutsman, D, Sutton, I, Swartz, E, Swartzbaugh, M Sykes, "V gg, VV . V ,. I V " - ' B, Thulis, C. I ZQY: M, N V H 4 . fm 6 Row 3-Tippet, H, Tom, B, Treesh, D, Treckelo, N, Van ,, ,,,,, A., V,,,N it V r l . . 5 , V 8 1, . fi Doehren, M: Vander ReYden, I: Vitek, F: Wambaugh, N: " ':' 1': Q . ' ,-,,, 2 Skim 'A": , - -. Young, V: Wood, P: Wolf, B. A 3 V , I ,V V V Row 4--Waterman, D, Weaver, D, Weaver, I, Weber, C: A.,A 'I ,, - ' V , ' I Weldy, R, Wesselhott, V, Lewan, S, Whitmer, I, Williams, W: I l v, I ,.,,. I V 155 V VV 3 V V war Witwer, W, Windoffer, D. ' mi ,,'l ' ' ,. 'D Q at Row 5-Anderson, B, Bailey, A, Bortner, D, Bradley, P, ' 'W Bradley, W, Brown, I, Brown, R, Calbetzor, H, Cataldo, F, ' I ' 3, ,fig ,,,r ft ,,, ' ch-1 t. , D, c Y, B. . ,,..,, V . "-,, 1 , ,.,, ,, .,,: i f Q 'B' , Rovvcgiflrusjdmeyer, V, Darling, C, Denlinger, E, Diener, C, I ll , I Dukes, M, Dygert, E, Elkins, B, Elsasser, M, Erickson, B, , V, ,,,, IQ V K A ,. . .J 53 45- 2 My Estes, L, Finney, I. V tiff ' VV -:" 4 2 V ' :malls -. .. 1 , ,,,. ,.,,, A V ' T 'l', , . ' 1' Q V If V I X- 'V V. VV Q s V rf Mg j r ' 'gf f , 'em a g, ' as I '- . - I - lil ' 1 if V 5 , A ""'. 2 ' , I" ' V Q"?"'.t.t V' 1 I it Y V A- V ' ' T. f if k K . 1 Q N VA V3 . VV V Q V V , , -,-,- 1 . F V V VV' VV VV V VV v:AJ ,.,. V :-I , , ,,, a t R tt, , r ' R, V I Q : k s I R 5 V '12 we ir: R ' V- '- I ' V B - ' ilil'l -' V V f .. ,.:- 7 ' . V ,, .,,---.. , V , ugvy V :,, :VV , , . VV A .V V VV 45 V xi., if N u AA 4 W - fw" a if . ta I .VJ :,' Z :1'., ,,. V:'--, , .'ff..-.' - .--. V . ,' . ' f R' ' VV V 1- - fi 37 ' B' 3- .V -' V f rf, if I V . V ,,.r f V,-. r V , Q-B M If be ' " ' ' L 1 Row 1-Fisher, P, Fluke, E, Foley, V, Ford, B, Geerts, M, ,,,,y , uzl: " ' "' V ,L V V V V, Gorney, B, Hoffman, L, Huff, P, lvins, P, Iennings, L, Kern, T. 'Q .. .',, '5 V.'-, ' , ll' I I 'I , "i:' '--- :fi L Row 2-Kettering, O, King, I, Kettridge, D, Klinger, R, La- - . . :ll Q a "'l V:,,VVVVV .:. Belle, I, Lane, W: Lang, I, Lehman, B, Lesher, D, Lewis, F, QVVVVVV V ,W V . ,V xv -,,iEVVVVVV V ,g - ,V ., it MV A V ,,,, V Qi? Linn, L. V A I if lx I A 4, ,.,, 5 'T' -:,. 'P J BOW 3"MCfggeTlf Di Muflmf I? Maslenf M? Mead' L7 Mefflckf , I ll'l' V -:, '- ' sg E7 Merrick, F: Misener, L: Neff, B: Nelson, I7 Nickler, AI .. ,.,. ,E .-', . -:,- V. v',. 1 V.. 15, "i. O'HerrOnI 'ivl f' I if V ' ., L' .4 ' ' . . E A , V V, . Vi V V " - . Row 4-Park, D, Parrish, E, Pero, G, Pettit, A, Reber, V, i A-.' ,,,,. 5 . 'I ' - ,X . '35 f , ' V, 1 '- V , Richter, I, Rogers, M, Rockwell, M, Ross, C, Sailor, D, Sands, B. ,sw lff ,1 ' .f-. , Y - .V- V ... . 5 ja AVLVV Row 5--Sawyer, I, Scheuer, I, Schnelli, C, Manges, I, ,V L f" ' 'il A I '--f ,VV V' . V "" Q ' Shaffer, B, Sleeper, G, Snyder, I, Squier, M, Stoll, E, Storm, I .'-,,. Q V 4 ' :f' ""' I . :',V. -,," V V W7 Super' lr t"' ' W ' V V VV V ,V V 'I " Row S- Swihart, C, Truex, B, Vance, I, Verhagen, P, Walker, V ' Y T-. , -,, 5 ff l ' A 3 1- s V C: Waltz, D: Weaver, B, Whiteman, G, Yeakey, R Yoder, I, B 'B' t o -1 Yoder, M. t , - 5 I V . fe V I V, ,V Row 7-Kothe, N, Kfeighbqum, C, Locke, B, Lt-mg,1, Lovett, ,f .S n N , . V H V 4 ' V flwfx Vjiifgf VV V, Monteith, P, Nadolny, I, Rowe, N, Buff, I, Stiller, D: Wil- V ' .. -l..1V -,'-- A -,',',, -V.. ' . ... ....,V,. Vvfz liamson, R. 5 3 it V elk,-, ' - .' I 2, - - V T MMV VV QVVVVV VV V? 4 I f ' Eh liar. I . Page F ortyefive Page F orty-six TOP left! WCB! U S01-lilff S6111-'IU Top right: Soph officers and sponsors look ahead. Bottom left: Pukka Gen"-have a coke? Bottom right: These cute soph babesiout to lunch. e oplzomorea CLASS OF '46 Although they are the youngest class in E. H. S., the sopho- mores have already made themselves known by their enthu- siasm at pep sessions, their cute females, and their eager desire to participate in school activities. Because they were new and unacquaintecl, the sophs did not organize as early in the fall as other classes. When they had thought carefully about whom they wished to choose as sponsors for their class, they elected Mrs. Fox and Mr. Woodruff. For class officers they chose Bob Brown as president: Gordon Anderson, vice-president: Pat Cullen, secretary: Margaret Doll, treasurer: and Harriet Holdeman and Bob Holderman, social chairmen. --- ive unclrecl of them, flue up an In order to bulge the treasury of the class of '46, the sopho- mores carried coke cases and sold ice cream bars at the LaPorte- Elkhart basketball game, December 30. A hundred-fifty plaid shirts attended the "Flannel Fling" Saturday, Ianuary 22 in the school cafeteria. Bob Bliss's band provided the music and Mildred Goard, Roberta Simmons, Pat Cullen, lim Troyer, and Bob Holderman gave a skit. A brief assembly advertising the party was given for sophomores the day before the party. The sophomores this year have set a precedent for many classes to come. They are already active in sports, clubs, and publications, in spite of struggles with geometry proofs and Latin translations. A vast amount of potential energy is stored in the class of '46. Tomorrow's club presidents, football and basketball stars, and the important people about school and about your town and mine will come from the class of '46, Skater's delight: warm fire . . . starry sky . . . smooth ice. Pretty lush, huh? "A smooth one by Dorsey," say soph .4 i" ii' Page Forty seven ' 'HY , ,S -,,f5..- Q H U ,, , 54 , 1 l'- t f , , -tg ef 5?fwHV5w WWF! , M--1 swf - sown 'l :A -tt w .,,, R ',1ZW , - -z 'isz E ' A C tl" it If 1' t 1" , XX.. , . A Q i,, . .M .S .1 . -K f . in 1 ig' wx B ! vi ti? ' Rf , fr 'Q an Q78 K su tv fs -- ,:-5.,1- mu gs. f-' - ".f Q' zrat 1 .. K 1 i n Q A r ' "-- - .15 - fm AIZ' . iw? A A .N fd 3'-wiv' A. . f -v I in ' - 1 ' .. XI it -Fl ' 1 f' P V as , ,Q ' V A I in " ' A ' ' 59-P' 4. ' ... Q SM. ., -1' 2 , if ' ff 'T' V-: Q fx! ' ,ggi J s "'V. 'F ,,,, V,:-- M'A1 1 1 LL,,. ..,...i,. - ,V Essen if ,, , - l.Ws.fo ,:., : ' ""h:" srr 4A , gf T, W-,Q t tri Q? M gy 1 r 7-' , y If. REI, is M Q 4 ' W . t ,, ,, will . L-.JI V. . i VILLK ii iilfsi - -1 5 H Q if as A -1. A . , QQQQTM figs!W A. Q .,.. K, ,,,A 'X' C ..:, 44 ! .. 4, , I . , zllv w i Page Forty-eight coming c!a4JeJ Row 1-Akin, D, Aldendort, M, Alwine, C, Arnsden, M Anderson, B, Anderson, G, Anderson, R, Andressen, P, Arbo- gast, B, Augustine, L, Backert, B. Row 2--Bader, E, Barker, K, Bassett, N, Bend-er, B, Beving- ton, M, Bibbo, R, Biddle, H, Bigler, L, Bilancio, G, Bilancio I, Bilz, L. Row 3-Bittinger, N, Black, E, Bliss, B, Bloorn, B, Bly, I Bohs, W, Books, B, Boom-ershirne, B, Bowman, F, Brant, Burch, M. Row 4-Brickman, H, Brigant, I, Brothers, D, Brown, D, Bry- ant, C, Bueter, E, Bueter, S, Bugh, B, Burns, C, Busenberg, B, Busenberg, D. Row 5-Cadrnan, I, Calvert, I, Canen, l, Carusillo, I, Cath- cart, N, Chilcote, D, Christian, T, Clark, L, Click, E, Costic, I, Couts, F. Row 6-Converse, D, Cook, R, Cooper, M, Corner, K, Cripe I, Crowder, C, Cullen, P, Davis, C, Davis, H, Datena, Goetz, B. of 194 6, 1947 Row 1-Hevelin, R, Higgason, D, Hively, D, Hoagland, I, Holdeman, H, Holderrnan, B, Holdread, B, Holley, D, Holtz, D, Hoover, M, Horn, M. Row 2-Hostetler, C, Hostetler, N, Hugg, D, Hull, R, Huster, P, Ingram, K, Iacobs, N, Iarnes, M, Iellison, I, Ienkins, S, Iohnson, B. Row 3-Iohnson, D, Iohnson, I, Katzenrneyer, I, Kelley, B, Keim, H, Kern, F, Keyser, B, Kidder, R, Kiefer, D, Kiefer, I' King, B. 1 Row 4-Kiser, P, Klein, H, Knudsen, M, Koher, I, Krauser, A, Kreps, W, Kuehm, F, Kulp, A, LaRocque, D Lavery, A, Lehman, C. Row 5-Lerner, D, Light, V, Linn, L, Long, D, Long, T, Loop C, Lovett, A, Lucchese, I, Lusher, I, Lusher, S, Magnuson, P. f Row 6-Mahoney, D, Mann, H, Manthe, P, Marbeiter, L, Marchesseau, B, Markey, A, Marks, I, Martin, B, Martin, W, Matt, Carolyn, McCullough, D. A ., 3 L I .... . -W .. ' W it iiiil.s iilli 'ii'i "'i"l2 i-eA2:i- r1.-f2- -iv-A ...v :2l'f vgil - 5 .. f I Z., , I, Q .'f' f Y -. Kil -ef Q' , Q . I M , " I 3? L ' . I -M Ifgxi " E::'5: I ':":i:i lgyillsl ' "'l .:-f. 2,E.: .:"' --.. izi lll I .... 'V My A F .F FN - Q., ,Wig 4 K. L.,.., , .... ....... " x'l:: :v I - 1 if ,Q B I .,-, .1. ilz "i'ie zli vfii N . .L EZZZ I VV Q . .yr , ..., M It I 2 . - i' ff. 5' A , .. . ,,.,. , ,,,11 HKHE ugybb Vz uv , ,. :A4.:b Q an l '- ' I L I M - lf ...,' it ,Ji F - blirl Q ,... A Iznunz kkkz . vlvg -I . liali I P Q... , . E' if . 'Z,!3h,.. 'i'f' ':.' ,..,, 1 SVI , HH I L i .L 5, a rr -r - , , ,, , P I 1. . ' L ti. it tif-H, ffl ':E ili' ,--. '4':1 ,, , .- 'l'll :" ' "' -1.1 fli ' A 6 , 4- t ' ...1 1 i 'lr"ir'i 'zll fr, ---' "a'lr I i lx lfe lrsrllaro rlil 5 . .., ....... .... ..-...,.. If ' r.... ..., I I ,ylgrgiygg ...., V, L14 .., . f W iyg my i m eear if U I . H, . P . vlv. 1 .:., I I,' Q -lk, f L ' Nil I 'Q' if li . . . x.. .1 . .ea iii, p . ' 'f ' .,.. , Qllz Wh, W V . Q I H ' f .V ' In IEE. M . 1., ,I Q W-A . -- A aiQ. ..-. fMzQn,a,. ii: z P ' ll 'untill I 9... .... ., :Wg xiii " :LE ' .2 2 is N X A In v 7 Row 1-Luca, V, Deinorest, H, DeVito, L, DeYoung, B, Dick, B, Dickerhoff, P, Dickey, L, Doll, M, Doncaster, D, Dowl, G Downey, B. How 2-Drake-r, D, Eckstein, N, Eickholtz, P, Eisenbeiss, M Englehardt, I, Ernst, M, Evans, I, Everett, L, Facey, R, Fager P, Farrell, I. Row 3-Farrington, R, Felthouse, I, Firstenberger, B, Flaud- ing, B, Fortier, D, Francisco, R, Frye, C, Fuller, B, Furfaro, I, Ganger, I, Gannon, E. Row 4-Gans, D, Gardner, W, Garl, M, Gentzhorn, M, Gil- bert, B, Gilbert, F, Gilbert, I, Glase, B, Glick, L, Goard, M, Golden, D. Row 5-Gordon, S, Gouker, P, Gravender, D, Greenawalt, D, Griffin, W, Grove, A, Grove, I, Hagerty, M, Haines, B, Haines, M, Haines, M. Bow 6-Hamrnon, R, Harnpel, P, Hart, D, Harthill, A, Hart- rnan, M, Hayden, P, Heath, B, Heinhuis, B, Herring, G, Her- ron, D, Hettinansperber, l. 1 1 1 Page F criy-nine I 4 xVAZ r, A V it , D , . A 2 4 ... it fi . A "f,..I . l VVWVV I AVYVA VVVVV at .,M,,A '5'f Agvlhyulv' I ,,:5. zii 1: .',:- 'f1 Vzvl L"?' ,:' : - al . Z . ,Ai i , - - ' 1 . 5 1 Ag . ..,, V . ,. .1 .. , bligg IKVI: .,.A V F .: I ' i 'L 1 f A I f 11 ig,ggQ iii.. if x,,,l Nui X A i'i Q I .,fl, 1 121' qbgl :,. k I Q M ' Y i, f it,,,,'tw, 1 '.Q,n.n W blzl ...... In ...b t,VA ,,., el l 'A" 5' 1 S' ii fit I X I 4 i Page Fifty Row 1-Sacro, B, Schenk, M, Schenk, V, Schult, H, Schultz, M, Schultz, R, Sensenbaugh, N, Sevison, R, Shafer, B, Shelley, I, Shrock, L, Row 2-Sickels, B, Sibert, I, Simmons, R, Sinton, C, Smith, B, Smith, B, Smith, C, Smith, D, Smole, T, Spaugh, B, Stahl- bush, R. Row 3--Stahly, I, Stanley, M, Stephenson, G, Stephenson, P, Stephic, W, Stewart, B, Stickney, D, Stiver, W, Stone, B, Stemrn, G, Swartz, I. Row 4-Swartz, C, Szobody, T, Timpe, K, Tidd, L, Thomp- son, I, Thompson, M, Troup, R: Troyer, D, Troyer, G, Troyer, I, Ulery, M. Row 5--VanWarmer, E, Vreclingburg, G, Wagoner, E, Wall, P, Walter, L, Walter, P, Ward, R, Wartel, I, Warner, G, Water- man, B, Waterman, M. Row S-Witman, H, Waterman, M, Watrous, R, Weaver, C, Wild, C, White, B, White, G, Whitefield, G, Wicks, W, Zook, R. Cfaaaea 0 Row 1-McCreary, H, McKean, I, McKean, B, Meadows, M Metzler, E, Meyers, I, Michael, S, Michals, L, Miller, B, Miller G, Miller, I. Row 2-Miller, M, Mitchell, I, Mohnssen, D, Mossey, li Mey- ers, H, Adamo, A, Myers, M, Stackhouse, Iean, Nelson, I Nelson, M, Neu, D. Row 3-Notfsinger, I, North, R, Nusbaurn, T, Nutting, M O'Dell, C, O'Dell, R, Ol-zlitz, I, Osborn, B, Ott, M, Owens, M Overhulser, M. Row 4-Overhulser, W, Parker, K, Palmer, D, Patanelli, D Patterson, B, Pease, C, Pegg, F, Berry, N, Petley, G, Pletcher E, Poe, I. Row 5-Pontious, M, Rahn, V, Ray, P, Ray, R, Replogle, D, Reser, R, Rhoads, C, Rich, P, Riggle, M, Rink, S, Rish, D. Row 6-Ritter, B, Ritter, D, Robertson, B, Robertson, I, Rode- wald, P, Rodgers, V, Adamo, A, Rossi, L, Rose, R, Rosen- t.eter, E, Rowe, N. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1946, 1947 Row 1-Messner, I, Miller, D, Miller, D, Milloy, B, Misener, R, Moderau, H, Modereau, H, Murphy, D, Nelson, H, New- man, B, Nicholson, N. Row 2-Noiisinger, G, Noyes, B, Osborne, D, Null, G, Packer, I, Platt, B, Rees, M, Rheinheimer, S, Ritter, P, Roose, P, Rosen, E. Row 3-Russell, B, Russell, R, Sage, I, Schenck, V, Scheulke, V, Secrist, M, Sommers, B, Starzenski, S, Stilwell, D, Troyer, D, Uplinger, B. Row 4 - Voras, D, Waldorf, N, Wargon, P, Walter, F, Weaver, B, Weaver, I, Welsch, E, Wharton, R, Wolf, R, Workinger, S, Zook, M. . , ..,,, ,:,,, g in Q 7 llll , ii. ., ,:.,,,- ,E I I , ,,, .--1 E . U fi 1 .-..,...,, . , .V i H i , , , if? . 4 ie KVVV 1 si -::' +59 i f :if '51 ' 1 D W 3 3 1 ,,,,, ',,,:- ",, .1,,,X "l'll "l' , -"1' 1 "'lQ,2 ,Elf ' ., .,,,,, it . . Q " ,,.' W 'll "ld 1 i f , , N' ':" . ' 1 if ' V gzzk ' I.. :11 AVA I W i . Ezfl lA'-' ' SL Row 1-Weigner, I, Wenclland, I, Wilkinson, L, Williams, E, Williams, R, Wilsey, R, Windmiller, H, Witwer, C, Yeater, R, Yergen, V, Young, V. Row 2-Alexander, M, Beck, M, Berlick, R: Best, S, Biggs M, Billington, R, Boggs, B, Boyer, R, Broadbent, I, Chomer E: Cortas, S. Bow 3-Davenport, P, Davis, B, DeGolier, G, Dillon, R, Dor- ner, D, Doty, F, Duwelius, I, Earick, T, Eby, B, Ek, N, Eppers, I Row 4- Estes, K, Fast, D, Freed, L, Freed, B, Fuller, D, Fuller I, Fuller, I, Galbreath, G, Galbreath, L, Gehrand, N, Gentzl horn, H. Row 5-Good, M, Grabill, B, Hart, I, Hills, M, Holmes, K, Holt, P, Iackson, V, Iohnson, B, Iohnson, G, lolly, B, Kedash, F. Row 6-Kentler, K, Kimes, R, Kistler, B, Kling, W, Klinger, R, Lambo, T, Leer, C, Long, C, Mason, R, Marshall, P, Mays, M, a4ctiuitie4--- where work ia un and tafent countd Pag Ffy 'N f 0.1 5 A fl. SK. 9 Life is a continual round of activity for Nancy. Iuniors are famous for joining clubs and Nan is no exception. All through the day and into the evening the school is alive With meetings, rehearsals, programs, parties and games. Officially these are known by the cold stiff term, "extra-curricular", but to the students, they rate first. There is no fun like that of belonging: of decor- ating for parties, of putting on plays, of earning money, of saying, With a certain pride, "Gee, l have a million things to do." Nancy, as an officer in many clubs, and a baton tvvirler in the band, is a Well-known part of this daily buzz. She has learned through all this club Work, what every- one should learn: that life outside of school, as Well as in school, is based on one thing . . . people learning to Work together and play together. Nancy ufalnbauglz, a fypicaf junior Page Fifty-three Price Fiftv-four goes shopping . . L. 04 juniorla Nar1cy's liie is full of fun: parties, places, people. She likes pretty clothes, cokes, Writing to friends in the service, slumber parties with her gang, and of course, clates. ,J ,fuzz of gun ln her social life, Nan has corn e to know our town as a place that offers a good time. She sees Elkhart as a good town to live in, and a town in which she can con- tinue to be happy with her family, her clubs and her friends. the . R. pr ms Page Ffyf The Pennant Weekly, clue to the newsprint shortage, was published only once every two weeks this year under the editor- ship of Bill Frink. However, it continued to keep the student body informed on school and war activities, including War bond and stamp sales, student morale, locations of high school students now in the armed forces. Credit must be given to the editorial staff and to Bob Stack- house, business manager: Suzanne Sellemeyer, advertising man- ager, and Ioan Lickey, circulation manager and their staffs who helped make the paper a successful journalistic and financial enterprise. Virginia Murphy was editor of the lunior Pennant and other special issues, including the Peanut, Basketball, Christmas, and Senior issues, were published during the school year. E e ennanf weekfy PENNANT WEEKLY STAFF Editorial Editor ,,,,..,,........,...............,,,,.............,.......,,.,,....,,..,,,,,... Bill Frink Assistant Editors ,,,,,,,,,, Virginia Murphy, Mary Lou Niblock, Helen Parker, Frannie Sears Special Defense News Wriier .........,...,,................. Marcia Hile Feature Editor .....,.............................,...,.....,......,,,. Gerry Shank Feature Writers ,,.,..,,,,,.,,.,,.,,.... Rcseann Ball, Iuliet Bradway, Billie Ian Klose, Sally Lusher, Norma lean Treckelo. Gloria Carlson, Pat Munsch, Bob Rice, Barbara Francisco Sports Editor .......................,.,.,...,.....v,.,,,............,,, Bill Borneman Sports Writers ...,,, Bob Brown, lim Foster, Charles Schwartz, Bill Patterson Reporters ........ Frank Bowman, lane Nelson, Barbara Sands, Betty Weaver, Eris Black. Bob Ray, Louise Holley, Ioe Bly, Genee Parks, Mary Schultz, Pat Cullen, Ioan Cade man. Gladys Galbreath, Marilyn Darr, Iim Troyer, Milli- cent Reber Business Business Manager .l,,,,.i,....,........,...... ,i,,,,... B ob Stackhouse Assistant Business Manager ...,. ........i.,.,........ I im Troyer Advertising Manager .............,....,,....,..... Suzanne Sellemeyer Assistant Advertising Manager ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Marilyn Darr Advertising Solicitors ........ Carol Bailey, Margaret Bontiglio, Connie Bowman, Dorothy Doll, Margery Garl, Mildred Haag, Marilyn King, Marilyn Finch, Nancy Kreighbaum, lean McKean, Doris Mills, Norma lean Sargent, Helen Schultz, Ioe Thompson. Wilma Williams, Barbara Sykes Circulation Manager ,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,.,,,,,, Ioan Lickey Assistant Circulation Manager ..,,.,i ...... S ally Loshbaugh fi, ie ' Left: Eason rates the "Flowers ot the Week." Right: In charge ol czrculatznq the rag and dragging in the dough. Assistant Eds trying to beat that deadline. Can we believe that the ad stall is really this energetic? Editor Frink thinks it stinks . . . he ennani a4nnua In October, ten members of the senior class were elected to publish the 1944 Pennant Annual. Through scenes of the lives of three typical students, we have attempted to portray in this yearbook pictorially "the people and places, streets and schools, homes and industries of Your Town and Mine." Both the adver- tising and circulation staffs have shown an increase over former years: the total amount of advertising space sold was seventeen hundred dollars, while twelve hundred books were sold. Senior Committee .,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,, G eraldine Lerner, Betty Showalter. Eileen SimO1'1S. Betty McDowell Underclass Committee ...,..,,..,,,, Helen McLain, Elizabeth Darling. Bessie PeierSOI1. lane Lull Organization Committee .,.....ti,,, Phyllis Himebaugh. Rosemarie Nye. Wylan Becker. Deloris Long Faculty ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,, ....,,,.., P a t Landon Music ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,.,,,...,,,..,.. Ted Cline, Mary Kathryn Stemm Sports ,,..........., Margret Shelly tDiscobolusD. lim Foster tTrackJ, Iohn Ball tBasebo11l, Dick Thompson Clrootballl, lim Ebersole lTennisl Art Staff ,,,,,,,,,,,,.....,.,..,,,,................., Connie Polezoes, Mary E. Black, Ioe Van Huflel Typing ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A ,A ,,,.,A.,A,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,, ,...,,,,,,,,,.,,..,,,....,,,,,........... D elores Adams Ad Staff ......,.,,i.,,,,,,,....,............ Marabelle Gorney, Sanita Ccxmpcxnello, Ionice Wall. Ioan Denton, Carrol Simmons, Bessie Peterson, Elizabeth Darling, Glenn Banks, Bill Copenhaver, Ernest Yeater, Iohn Lipscomb, Bob Lieberenz, Dale Chafee, Eugene Hunsberger, Lyle Gilbert Left: Financial wizards who backed the book. Right: Allen's able assistants. Editor Allen says it's good. Hard working sta!! members who brought in ads, copy and sales. The coffee Cup identifies Sponsor Kelly Above left? Above 591215 Below Jett: Below right: Plans, plans, plans. The end of a perfect party. We caught them working. "We hear music, beautiful muslc.' Page Fily-efgh! F tg 4114? girf Jfeaeruea The Girl Reserve club, with a working membership of sixty, tries to develop a Well-rounded personality in its members. Girl Reserves, as junior members of the Y. W. C.A., should learn to Work together for the good of their community, to be poised socially, and to discuss together the problems ot the club, as well as the problems ot the future. Every Week Girl Reserves go to help at the Elkhart General Hospital and to the ration board. At the hospital, the girls try to be youthful "Florence Nightin- gales." At the ration board, the G. R.'s tile and type governmental "red tape." Another Way in which the Girl Reserves serve others is by annually giving o: Christmas party for the negro children from the Booker T. Washington center. The social side of lite is tar from being slighted by the G. R.'s. Two spaghetti suppers before the games have been held. A Sadie Hawkin's party and a Valentine Tea were sponsored by the G. R.'s. At Christmas time, the G. R.'s and the Hi-Y's sang Christmas carols together. In the spring, as the last social gathering, the Girl Reserves had a Hobo Picnic. Officers for this year Were: Willa Allen, president: Virginia Murphy, tirst vice- president: Marcia Hile, second vice-presi- dent: Suzanne Sellemeyer, secretary: Dor- othy Doll, treasurer: Nancy Wambaugh, program chairman: Mary Lou Niblock, social chairman: Virginia Ienner, service chairman: Roseann Ball, publicity chair- man: Ruth Ann Sears, music chairman: Norma lean Treckelo, pianist: Betty Lou Speas, song leader: Miss Prusia, Girl Re- serve Secretary. lze i- U Club A I-li-Y club is an organization in a high school which unites boys who are vitally interested in Christian standards for personal living and for school life. It mobilizes their efforts to put into effective action Christian solutions to their prob- lerns. Some of the high spots in the past year of the Senior Hi-Y program were the Dime Line and the annual Father and Son Ban- quet. The Dime Line furnished money for the financing of a Christmas party for the less fortunate children. Toys, candy, fruit, and a program were given with the money. The Father and Son Banquet, usually held in February, is a time of fellowship which brings the father and son together. At this time, an award is given to two boys from the Iunior High Schools for leadership and character. It is the desire of the Elkhart Y. M. C. A. to provide cp- portunities for the development of char- acter and leadership qualities in these young men. For the past seven years this award has been given to the two boys who show the possibilities of becoming leaders. The last semester officers of the Hi-Y were president, Iohn Longfellow: vice- president, Tom Iuday: secretary, Iohn Ball: treasurer, Bill Frink: social chair- man, Bob Pickering: program chairman, Tom Artley. This semester's officers in- cluded president, Tom Iuday: vice-presi- dent, Irving Rosen: secretary, Richard Rish: treasurer, Lloyd Grove: social chair- man, Morris Clement: proqram chairman, lim Swihart. Sponsors: Mr. Harvey, Mr. Samuels. Above left: Above right: Below left: Below right: Good advice: will they heed it? Serious, for once V Every Tuesday 'bout that time. "Put a dime on the line." Page Fifty-nine Bob Meyers signs the Service Man's Register. Council Officers in Serious Session. Brown calls the roll at Council meeting. On the Ball with the Assembly Committee Page Sixty Student Counci The only all-student organization in the Elkhart Senior High School is the Student Council. The purpose of this Council is to foster a spirit of self-government and establish high ideals of citizenship. Projects were carried on by committees. The stand- ing committees of the club are: the Traffic Committee, which has charge of enforcing hall traffic regulations: the Memorial Committee, which keeps the service men's memorial plaque up to date: and the Handbook Committee, whose members are edit- ing and publishing the school's handbook. Many of the entertaining assemblies the student body of the Elkhart Senior High School has enjoyed this year have been planned by the Student Council's Assembly Committee. The programs mentioned above include quiz programs, stamp sale and variety programs. An addition to the war program has been the service men's register. All the former students of the high school, who are now in the service, are asked to sign the register upon returning. From time to time, the high school office receives calls from clubs of the city, who want talent from the school for their meet- ings. The Student Council undertook to compile a student talent list which will be kept in the office at all times. In the first Council meeting of the year, a member introduced the idea of the activities ticket. After Weeks of investigation a four-page report has been turned over to the Council by the committee. This report has been referred to a faculty committee which will conduct a further investigation. First semester officers: president, Tom Iuday: vice-president, Carrol Simmons: secretary, Virginia Ienner, treasurer, Nancy Wambaugh: parliamentarian, Bob Brown. Second semester officers: president, Tom luday: vice-presi- dent, Eileen Simons, secretary, Virginia lenner: treasurer, lim Ebersoleg parliamentarian, Bob Brown. Sponsors: Mr. Smith and Mr. Gemmecke. afional Honor ocieig The National Honor Society, attempting to fulfill their object of creating an enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulating a desire to render service, promoting Worthy leadership, and encouraging the development of character in the pupils of Elkhart High School, added another year of service to the school since its organiza- tion in the spring of 1940. Certain projects of the Society have become not yearly ac- complishments but rather a tradition in the school. Most impor- tant of these is the used book sale. Also, at the beginning of each semester, Society members assist with registration of stu- dents in study halls. During the year, in an effort to promote citizenship, the Honor Society awarded an attendance banner to the homeroom having the highest percentage of attendance each six weeks' period. Also cards of congratulation Were given to students who were neither absent or tardy during the school year and to students who received three or more A's in solid subjects. Stu- dents who needed help were tutored. One of the most outstanding accomplishments of the Honor Society was the organization of the Elkhart High 'School War Finance Board, a group which has assumed all obligations in connection with the stamp and bond sales in the second semester in the senior high school. - Not only did the Honor Society give its service to the school. Members gave donations to the War Mother's Canteen, the Red Cross, and the War Chest. First semester officers: lim Ebersole, president: Mary K. Stemm, vice-president: Phyllis Himebaugh, secretary: Tom Artley, treasurer. Second semester officers: Wylan Becker, president: Eugene Anderson, vice-president, Bessie Peterson, secretary: Glenn Banks, treasurer. Sponsors: Miss Busche and Miss Broughton. Simmons and Artley: dealers in used books. Peterson presents: all attend. Bi q-wi qs of Society. Pagel Sixty-one Upper: Super splicers, Middle: Vis Ed officers lined up for the camera- mon. Bottom: The hardfwork- Z1'19.QCU19 who run those mtricnte movze-machines. Page Sixty-two iaual Education The Visual Education Club consists of twenty boys grouped together as a home room. This organization is the only one in school which meets every day. At these meetings the program for the day is discussed and two operatcrs are assigned for each period. Besides operating the motion-picture projector, slide projectors and the opaque projectors, the boys take care ct our growing film library, screens and supplies. The Club is often called upon to furnish cperators for P.T.A.. Sunday Evening Club, night school classes and other organizations. Films ot a technical nature, for example those used in aeronautics or machine shop, are shown by this de- partment, not only to classes in the day-time but also to the night classes. The club has charge of making the song slides. The officers for the year are Bob Lake, president: Dick Manges, Vice-president: Dick Chilcote, secretary: Dick Wilsey, treasurer: Don Correll, student council: Mr. Likens, sponsor. lflalzera Club The Ushers Club does its part for E.H.S. The purpose of this club is to usher at all occasions of importance at school, such as football and basketball games, Iunior and Senior Plays, Back to School Night and other school func- tions. At football games, the boys keep the aisles clear and keep the students in their section of the stadium. During basketball season they seat the fans who have reserved seats. The Ushers also operate a check room in room 105. This semester, the club has a mem- bership of twenty-eight boys. Three officers are selected by the group. Last semester the officers Were Don Orcutt, president: Bob Stackhouse, vice-presi- dent: Ernest Yeater, secretary-treasurer. This semester the officers are Irving Rosen, president: Bob Stackhouse, vice- presidentg Dick Manqes, secretary- treasurer. "Check your coat, sir?" Stackhouse gives out with dope. They police the aisles at games. Page Sixty-three Page Sixty-tour dllon The ofiicers go into action The Art Club, despite a decrease in membership, has car- ried on a poster service which has been used by various groups in school. In the main hall, one will notice beaverboard panels on which is exhibited the Work of the art classes. Charles Wiley, Ray Sorenson and Frances Pesto's pictures were exhibited. In the study halls, oil paintings attract the eye of many students. The Art Club is responsible for all of this. The club is not an "all work and no play" organization. In November, the initiation party was held in the cafeteria. Each person wishing to beccme a member was blindfolded and had to draw a part of a picture. The astounding results were hung Craftsmen of the palette and brush. Brightening the windows with Christmas spirit tr ' alri and in the art room for a week. In Ianuary, an ice skating party was held at the St. Ioe rink. After skating tor awhile, the group went to Pat Gilbert's home for refreshments. Any person in high school who is interested in the Club obtain membership. Artistic talent is not necessary, but art appreciation is valuable. Pins, in the form of palettes, are worn by the members. The officers for this year were: president, Connie Polezoes: vice-president, Ruth Weaver: secretary, Dorothy Doll: treasurer. Verlin Berry: sergeant-at-arms, Dick Lang: social chairman, Pat Gilbert. Miss Cole is the sponsor of the club. unior akademy of Science The Iunior Academy of Science, sponsored by Miss Wag- oner and Mr. Adams, elected the following officers for this year: Peggy Cole, president: Marilyn Everts, vice-president: Phyllis Hall, secretary-treasurer. The club has a membership of approximately forty members. During this period, they are ex- pected to gain seventy-five points which will make them quali- fied members. The points are gained by attending meetings, serving on committees, and carrying on experiments. To maintain membership in this club, the members cannot be absent from any meeting without an explanation. This club is one of the few in high school with such a rule. The purpose of the Iunior Academy of Science is to stimulate interest along scientific lines through experiments and outside speakers. Each group takes at least one field trip depending on where their interests lie. The group who Worked on the Tulip Tree and Biology of Flight projects recently made a day trip to Chicago where they visited the Field Museum, the Aquarium, and other buildings. ' The project before the club at the present time is the Tree Survey. The task involved in this Survey is to identify, file, and determine the condition of all trees, from the sidewalk to the curb in our town. After this information is collected, the residents of Elkhart, if they wish, will be able to correct the faults of their trees through aid from Purdue University. There are many Iunior Academy of Science Clubs in the state of Indiana. The Elkhart club is among the highest ranking clubs in the state. State officers have been elected from the Elk- hart Iunior Academy many times. The iru ts of the r labors. Big plans ahead. "The biology of flight." Bureau of vital statistics. Advice from an expert. Page Sixty-live Page Sixty-six Above left: Iunior oems. Above right: Officers officiate. Lower left: "Look: Lost: Loot! Lower right: Seniors cup them all. riple ,C Learning, loyalty and leader- ship-these are the goals of the Triple L Club. This club spon- sors and supports many school activities: however, most of the club-sponsored activities are closely allied with the high school athletic program. The annual spring dance for athletes Was held with the Blue Iackets assisting on May 13. "Blue Rain" was the theme of the dinner dance. Among the services which the Triple L's have rendered the past year was the annual Dime Line, for the sole purpose of obtaining money to aid in the caring of children With infan- tile paralysis. Concessions at basketball, football games and track meets have made oppor- tunities for the Triple L girls to serve the public, to earn money and to aid in definite school functions. Other activi- ties have been the Sophomore teas for incoming sophomore girls, and the sectional pep ses- sion for the game between Nap- panee and Elkhart. The officers of the Spring semester were: president, Car- rol Simmons: vice-president, Barbara Shelly: secretary, Hose- rnarie Nye: treasurer, Phyllis Hall: social chairman, Dorothy Doll: sergeant-at-arms, Marjorie Monger. Blue ackeia The Blue Iacket Club is spon- sored by Mr. Dean B. Smith, who helped an interested group of senior boys originate and organize the club last fall. Start- ing With thirteen members, the club adopted a constitution, chose a name, and planned a program based on service to the school. Only junior and senior boys are eligible to the club, and a high standard of moral and scholastic rating is required of applicants. Forty members have been initiated during the year. The club has served on the -Student Morale c o rn m i t t e e , helping to plan and carry out programs consisting of movies and general "sings." Members have sponsored the showing of sports movies and have assist- ed With inter-club athletic com- petition. The Blue Iackets also sponsored a successful waste- paper drive. Officers for the second se- mester: president, Glenn Banks: vice-president, Bill Borneman: secretary, Bob Pickering: treas- urer, Norman Parrner: parlia- mentarian, Bruce Sellers: social chairman, Norman Pedersen: program chairman, B e r n a r d Rosen: devotional chairman, lim lanes: sponsor, Mr. Smith. E Q' w drive Bottom left: Those natural Blue Jackets officers. Bottom right: Blue Jackets are definitely on their way up Page Sixty-seven 4 . ,sv Page Sixty-eight lu-ealwlvl Satires . . . typed stuff . . . a dearth of poetry . . . proof read- ing . . . authors . . . paper shortage . . . number of pages . . . patrons . . . galleys . . . copy . . . prices . . . and a quiet corner to do their work in -these are a few of the obstacles the THRESH- OLD staff has had to cope with. As in other years, two issues of the anthology were published in December and in May, and a new high in publication quality was reached. Staff: Lois Eason, editor: Marjorie Carr, Helen Iakusz, Mari- lyn MacFarlane, Virginia Ienner, Norman Pedersen, Bernard Rosen, Mary Ann Haggerty, lean Marks, and Bill Sickels. Busi- ness Staff: Edward Court, Florence Adamo, Ioyce Long, Carol Bailey, Iim Calvert, and Colleen Shea. THE THRESHOLD STAFF Foreqround: Rosen, B: Ienner, V: Pederson, M: Eason, L: Sickels, W: MacFarlane, M. Background: Simmons, R: Haggerty, M: Carr, M,' Iakusz, H. panidlz Cfub The purpose cf the Spanish Club is to promote the use of Spanish in conversation, games, and procedure of meetings. The meetings are held once a month at the homes of the members to show the use of Spanish in a social atmosphere. At the meetings, the club sings in Spanish, participates in games and skits, or has lectures on Spanish-speaking countries. The officers for this year are as follows: Betty McDowell, president: Ruth Ann Sears, vice-president: Bessie Peterson, secre- tary: Claude Leist, treasurer: Kay Milloy, program chairman' Helen McLain, social chairman: and Miss King, sponsor. 1 THE SPANISH CLUB 151 row- Weaver, Ry Stemm, M: Peterson, B: Hershberqer, P. 2nd row: MacFarlane, M,' Gause, H: Heploqle, I: McDowell, B: ANye, R: McLain, H,' Milloy, K. 3rd row: Leist, C: Stokeley, B,' Ross, C: Miss King: Balmer, G: Graybill, S. lst row: Truex, B, Smith, D, Strom, G, Stewert, B, Ritter, B7 Warfel, Ip Rich, P. 2nd row: Reber, B, Richter, I, Ward, R7 Martin, W, Riggle, My Stanley, My Smith, B. 3rd row: Stickney, D, Parrish, E7 Waltz, D5 Shelly, Ig Marks. li Witwer, Cp Mrs. Fox fSponsorJ. 4th row: Meadows, M, Smole, T, Sands, B, Yerkin, V7 Rowe, N: Waterman, M. 5th row: Wilkinson, L, Matt, Cp Thompson, My Swartz, Ip Myers, Mg Wall, P, Rossi, L. Sophomore ramatica Cfub The Sophomore Dramatics Club has enjoyed a successful year of play producing, short skits and talks by professionals. On Ianuary 21, the club presented the play, "The Farmer's Daughter" when they joined the other drama clubs in an eVening's entertainment. Officers: president, Kenneth Ingram, vice-president, Carol Witwery secretary, Gloria Bilancio, treasurer, Martha Riggle, program chairman, Elizabeth Yeater. Sponsors: Miss King, Mrs. Fox. lst row: Datema, A, Leonard, S5 Portier, D7 Eisenbeiss, My Pager, P, Elsasser, My Bozzuto, A. 2nd row: Ernst, My De-Vito, L, Busenburq, B7 Kiefer, I, Busenburq, D, Bittiriqer, N, Hostetler, C. 3rd row: Farrington, R, Keyser, R7 Farrell, I, Herron, R, Eickholtz, Pg DeYounq, B, Holdeman, Hg Bilancio, G. 4th row: Holdread, B, Ingram, K, Ford, B, Anderson, B, Gentzhorn, Mg Keely, B7 Felthouse, I. Sth row: Grove, Ag Iellison, If Griffin, W7 Davis, C, Holderman, B, Bugh, B, Bueter, S. Page Sixty-nine Page Seventy lst row: Nadolny, I, Sinton, K, Ruff, I, Stickney, D, Slouqh, H, Scott, M. 2nd row: Siqerfoos, A, Sargent, N, Miss Clendeneu QSponsoi-J, Minelli, C, Schuler, M, Stokely, B. Srd row: Neal, W, Samuel, M, Mills, D, Miller, V, Srnithers, B, Shamory, M. 4th row: Reber, M, Treckelo, N, Schrock, M, Rowe, B, Speas, B, Smith, B. 5th row: Wood, R, Swartz, S, McClouqhan, W, Nusbaum, R, Stock, G. unwr ramafzcd Club The purpose of the club is to acquaint the students with the staqe. The club presented a play, as part of the public bill, Ian. 21, "Life with Willie." The players were as follows: Gerry Bechtel, Delores Clausen, Dorothy Cross, Bob Nusbaum, lack Ruff, and lack LeVan. First semester officers: president, Dick Wood, secretary-treas urer, Barbara Srnithers. Second semester officers: president, lim Chester, secretary- treasurer, Irene Lux. Sponsors: Miss Clendenen, Mr. Mater. lst row: Beahtel, G, Bradley, E, Chester, I, Esberq, B, Bails, D, Baker, P. 2nd row: Kindle, B, Diltz, G, Lux, I, Doty, A, Beehler, B, Kendall, L. Erd row: Arisman, B, Locke, B, Erickson, B, Conboy, I, Eash, L, Kamp, N, Linn, D, 4th row: Bradway, I, Lewan, S, LeVan, l, Hobson, I, Flora, I, luday, D, Cross, D. enior ramatica Clfub "No Greater Love," a one-act play, was the contribution of the Senior Dramatics Club When all drama clubs presented an evening's entertainment on Ianuary 21. Various programs have been given by members of the group on club day. First semester officers: president, Betty McDowell, vice-presi- dent, Eileen Simons, secretary, loan Denton, treasurer, Ianice Wall, program chairman, Helen Iakusz. Second semester officers: president, Phyllis I-limebaugh, vice- president, Ianice Wall, secretary, Bill Copenhaver, treasurer, Marabelle Gorney, program chairman, Helen Iakusz. Sponsor: Mrs. Sickels. lst row: Replogle. li Miceli, V, Gorney, M, Ames, W, McLain, H, Hunnicutt, M. 2nd row: McDowell, B, Campanello, E, Maxon, M, Simons, E, Himebaugh, P. 3rd row: Denton, I, Showalter, B, Campanella, S, Iakusz, H, Mrs. Sickels ISponsorJ, Sickels, M. 4th row: Volkmann, D, Stout, M, Copenhcxver, B, Gordon, C, Dow, D, Kielczewski, I, Shelley, B. Juuaic ppreciation Cha The Music Appreciation Club was organized this year to promote an interest in classical music and to acquaint the music lover with the Wealth of music which can be heard in nearby concerts and on recordings and radio. Activities of the club included quizzes, discussions, local talent, and recorded music. The primary objectives of the club are to increase enjoyment of music through an extended knowl- edge of it. Officers: president, Wylan Becker, vice-president, Waneta Bolton, secretary, Bill Elliott. Sponsor: Mr. Miller. lst row: McKean, B, Pease, C, Vescelus, K, Murphy, I, Bonsell, C, Meyers, I, Bader, E. 2nd row: Francisco, R, Baker, B, Bolton, W, Ienkins, F, Johnson, S, Metzler, E, Vander Reyden, I. 3rd row: Holley, L, Parisho, l., Ti-oyer, D, Ritter, D, Rees, V, Mann, D, Grove, M, Allan, V, Rose, R, Calvert, J. 4th row, Bless, B, Purley, M, Fuller, P, Nye, B, Monqer, M, t Adamo, M, Michael, S, Bowers, E, Golden, D, McGarity, W. 5th row: Hiqgason, D, Becker, W, Lull, I, Pattanelli, D, Johnson, I, Eckstein, N, Meyer, M, Williams, R, Moore, B. Page Seventy-one Page Seventy-two annem in J.?u.4ine.M Cfub Membership in the Manners in Business Club is open to senior girls Who are interested in business careers. First semester officers: president, Martejo Kline, vice-presi- dent, Sanita Bibbog secretary-treasurer, Massimina DeMauro. Second semester officers: president, Phillis Hamman, vices president, Martha Miller: secretary-treasurer, Deloris Long. Sponsor: Miss Kirkland. lst row: DeMaure, My Baker, My Miller, B, Bibbo, S, Adams, D, Bleiler, I, Morris, B. Znd row: Pontius, P, Winterhoft, If Forty, Ng Montagano, Mg Dobson, M, Grate, B, Good, D. 3rd row: Hamman, P, Miller, My Bridge, My Jacobs, A: Gay, B, Hogden, My Steede, Mg Gentzhorn, S. 4th row: Long, D, Darling, Ep Shaw, O, Decker, V1 Shreiner, Ig Iacobson, My Scott, V, Kline, M. Sli,-,at 0454! Club The purpose of the First Aid Club is to teach the members how to treat or prevent injuries. Demonstrations on bandaging and talks on emergency treatments have been given. First semester officers: president, Rosemarie Murphyg vice- president, Leta Hixon, secretary, Margaret Waterman, program chairman, Mary Davy. Second semester officers: president, Rosemarie Murphy, vice- president, Margery Waterman: secretary, Margaret Waterman: program chairman, Rodney Hull. Sponsors: Miss Broughton, Mr. Sands. lst row: Bevington, My Light, V, Adamo, F, Gill, If Palmer, D, Guipe, F, Whalen, D, Tom, B. 2nd row: Marbeiter, L, Martin, B, Knudson, M., Hixon, L4 DeLuca, Vp Waterman, Mg Manthe, P: McCollouqh, D, Dick, B. 3rd row: Waterman, My Schrader, B7 Gannon, E, Shea, C7 Murphy, By Ganqer, K, Tippet, Hp Miller, Ig Heffner, K: Hull, R, Sophomore Boyd Sparta Sportsmanship, game rules, the value of sports, and "school spirit"-these are the things the Sophomore Boys Sports Club Works to accomplish. The programs have consisted of discussions, interesting speakers, and studies of sports, both from a spectator's viewpoint and a player's viewpoint. Officers: president, Leo Hoffman, vice-president, Rodney An- derson, program chairman, Paul Bradley. Sponsors: Mr. Wiley, Mr. Iordan. lst row: Jackson, T, Lambo, T, Kern, T, Mr. Wiley fSpor:sorJ, Hoffman, L, Mr. Iordan CSponsorJ, Bradley, P, Bilancio, I. 2nd row: Sinton, C, Yeater, R, Firstenberger, W, Haines, M, Kujawski, G, Stephic, W, Glase, B. 3rd row: Draker, D, Gans, D, Hoover, M, Bigler, L, Haines, B, White, G, Brown, D, Waterman, B, Verhagen, P, Nickler, A. 4th row: Kulp, A, Stump, E, Crowder, C, Schenck, M, O'Dell, C, Brickman, H, Merrick, F, Schrock, L, Szobody, T, Carusillo, I. 5th row: Eppers, I, Rodewald, P, Rogers, V, Darling, C, Rish, D, Geerts, M, Williamson, R, Cathcart, N, Merrick, E. qua eaclera Corpd The Squad Leaders Corps is composed of Squad Leaders chosen by teachers of physical fitness classes. The purpose of the corps is to give each squad leader prac- tice in leadership, group management, and working with his squad in military drill and testing calisthenics. Each squad leader is responsible for his squad in the physical fitness classes. Officers: president, Bob Hammond, vice-president, Bob Rich- ardson. Sponsors: Mr. Boone, Mr. Berkey: Mr. Longfellow, and Mr. Sorenson. lst row: Klinqehofer, W, Davis, G, Russell, W, Bishop, F- Parmer, N, Lipscomb, I, Meeker, W, Gilbert, L. 2nd row: Cramer, D, Copenhaver, W, Greenwalt, D, Corson, T, Bowers, M, Jones, I, Rosen, I, Moore, H. 3rd row: Pulumbo, L, Johnson, K, Niccum, I, Osborne, W- Raitsnyder, R, Main, G, Beerer, A, Neff, R, Lovett, V, Saraiino, I. 4th row: Manqes, H, Monteith, P, Albaugh, B, Everett, R, Matherly, C, Waterman, D, Roe, P, Troeger, W, Bozzuto, M, Harthill, S, Stemm, R. 5th row: Boone, C, Harvey, R, Longfellow, I, Berkey, H, Sorenson, R, Woodkey, R, Lang, R, Balmer, G, Mayer, R, Hammond, R, Richardson, R, Covey, D. r Page Seventy-three Page Seveniy-four ournaliam Cfub 1 The purpose of the Iournalism Club is to give experience in all kinds of news writing. Starting out by defining news, the club has written an "on the spot" news article, features, interviews, and ads. Last of all, members studied make-up. Miss Bettie Lines told the club of her interesting experiences as a reporter for the Daily Truth. The club heard Mr. Schwartz, also of the Truth Staff, when he spoke to the Iournalism and Forum Clubs. Officers: president, Bob Brown, vice-president, Patricia Cullen, secretary, Virginia Ienner. Sponsor: Miss Kelly. lst row: Schwartz, C, Diener, C, Bly, I., Frink, W, Stackhouse, R, Borneman, W. 2nd row: Vickers, B, Shank, G: Lehman, C, Walter, P, Lund, D, Dillrnan, F, Allen, VV' 3rd row: Gevatosky, L, Murphy, V, Bailey, C, Ienner, V, Black, E, Cadrnan, I, Williams, E, Bowman, C, Walters, E. 4th row: Lusher, S, Parker, H, Sykes, B, Hershberger, P, Cullen, P, Stephenson, G, Dart, M. 5th row: McKean, I, Schult, H, Haag, M, Sellemeyer, S, Martin, P, Eason, L, Ball, R, Love, P, Bonfiglio, M. 6th row: Stahly, I, Weaver, C, Poe, I, Pontius, M, King, M, Lickey, I, Loshbaugh, S, Swendeman, I, Nelson, I. ournafidm 2 The lournalism Club ll was organized for the purpose of show- ing the students the technical side of journalism. Printing machinery, both in school and on field trips, has been studied. The members have set and printed name cards. Officers: president, Gloria Carlson, Vice-presidents, Phyllis McLain, Margaret Cossairt, and Ioe Thompson. Sponsor: Mr. Woodruff. lst row: McLain, P, Mast, L, Munsch, P, Strom, F, Hostetler, I. 2nd row: Williams, W, Carlson, G, Artley, I, Salee, M, Miller, M, Cossairt, M, Francisco, B. 3rd row: Barker, K, Andresen, P, Krauser, A, Court, E, Thompson, I. .flloclel alirplane Club Servicemen, on furlough, have talked to the members about their experience in flying. Model meets have been held to test the models the boys have made, and models have been exhibited in the club room. Officers: president, Gerald Mast, vice-president, Dick Stametzg secretary-treasurer, Dick Stout. Sponsor: Mr. Foster. lst row: Kantz, E, Shreiner, I, Downey, R7 Osborn, Wg Ostrorn, R5 Mast, G, Evans, I. 2nd row: Troup, R, Hevelin, R, Frankenberqer, C7 Sensenbaugh, Ng Katzenmeyer, I, Lusher, Ig Wesselhoft, V. 3rd row: Smith, R, Morningstar, A, Sevison, R5 Kreps, W, Stout, R, Bliss, R, Larsen, R. 4th row: Overhulser, W, Hall, Eg Boots, R, Timpe, K, Berry, Vg Wozniak, A, Stone, R. fslicleifeule Club The Slide Rule Club offers opportunity to learn and practice slide rule computation. The members receive instructions on the use and practicability of the slide rule. Many' of them will use the knowledge they have gained, in the near future, in War industries or in the armed forces. Officers: president, lohn Ball, vice-president, Glenn Banks, secretary, Vern Atwater. Sponsor: Mr. Kerr. lst row: Weaver, I, Banks, G, Ball, I, Anderson, Eg Atwater, V. 2nd row: Yeater, E, Miller, W, Freed, Dj Pedersen, N. 3rd row: Witwer, W5 Nihart, Cp Brickrnan, A7 Clement, My Rosen, B. Page Seventy-five Y, W . Page Seventy-six 8 l'UlCe ypcng Cfub The Service Typing Club was organized in the fall of 1943. Its purpose is to giv e senior boys an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of typewriting before going into military service. Eighteen boys are members of the club this year. Officers: president, Bob Pickering, secretary, lim Talbottp treasurer, Phillip Allen. Sponsor: Mr. Glendenning. lst row: Leist, C7 Talbott, Ig Bretz, G7 Lerner, B7 Brown, A. 2nd row: Schrock, Ty Allen, Pg Ervin, Cy Pickering, B, Weaver, D. ome Mechanics Club Learning how to repair various home appliances is the pur- pose of the Home Mechanics Club. The club period is spent in demonstrating how these devices can be repaired. Gfficers: president, Bob Gilbert, vice-president, Paul Huster, secretary, Wilma Den IHCII1. Sponsor: Mr. Anderson. lst row: Denman, W7 Lindstrom, Pg Osterloo, By Reghio, F, Falcone, R. 2nd row: Gilbert, Ry Miller, F7 Hart, Dy Bohs, Wg Smith, My Hoon, K. 3rd row: Hampel, Pg Mann, G, Kidder, R5 Spauqh, R5 Defembough, B7 Mann, H. Juateriafa of nnluatrg Club The Materials of lndustry Club is playing a vital part in the War effort today. The club has studied and made reports on various materials, which are now imported and which will be of great use in the fu ture. Both semester officers: president, Herman Gildernp secretary, Clyde Cocanower. Sponsor: Mr. Eva lst row: Stiffler, D: May, P7 Dick, Dg Swartz, E. 2nd row: Horne, D, Rockwell, Mi Cildner, H7 Noyes, By Baily, L. 3rd rom: Eash, B: MYETSI B: Cocanower, C, Burns, C. HS. Mythology Cfub The Mythology Club is a chapter of the Iunior Classical League, a national organization, sponsored by the American Classical League. lts purpose is to acquaint members with Greek and Roman mythology. Programs presented this year by members have included book reviews, original plays and skits, and slides of famous paintings. Officers: president, Betty Ann Elkins, vice-president, Norman l-lostetler, secretary, Betty Neff, treasurer, Colleen Smith, reporter, Bill Hemhius, program chairmen, Norman Hostetler, Bill Sickels. Sponsor: Mrs. Avery, lst row: Sickels, B, Neff, B, Stackhouse, I, Mrs. Avery tSponsorl, Elkins, B, Hostetler, N. 2nd row: Click, E, Gorney, B, King, I, Swihart, C Smith, C, Casey, A, Jennings, L. 3rd row: Burch, M, Butterfield, I, Barnes, E, Heinhuis B Lerner, D, Yoder, I, Stephenson, P. i rarg afldaidianif Club The programs of the Library Assistants' Club are of a varied nature. Quizzes on book arrangement, a review of the Dewey Decimal System, a study of the floor plan for the library, short reviews on new books, and programs of entertainment for special days, have composed the year's activities. Officers: president, Q Bessie Peterson, vice-president, Betty Meighen, secretary, Delores Slough, program chairman, Delores Carmichael. Sponsor: Miss Book. lst row: Goshorn, I, Brown, I, Peterson, B, lames, M, Hickey, I. 2nd row: Carmichael, D, Marchesseau, M, Meighen B Carr, M, Petley, G, Ott, M. 3rd row: Hart, E, Klein, H, Myers, B, Holley, D, Slough, D, LaMunyon, M, Kiefer, D. gl-egg riiera Cfub Members of the Gregg Writers Club are given an opportunity for additional practice in writing shorthand. First semester officers: president, Patricia Kessler, vice-presi- dent, Connie Gaska, secretary, Cheryle Kregbaum, treasurer, Betty Wolf. Sponsor: Mrs. Boscia. lst row: Cappelletti, L, Gaska, C, Hively, B, Kreiqhbaum, C, Kessler, P. 2nd row: Null, B, Wolf, B, Noffsinger, M, Boone, M, Cox, C. 3rd row: Ritter, E, Huff, I, Cox, M, Shriver, I, Price, L. 1 .-Q,-...W i E. Page Seventy-eight 0l'ul11, Club The Forum Club is organized for the purpose of acquainting its members with current topics of discussion. Talks on radio, newspaper, education, and foreign countries have been enjoyed. Officers: president, Dick Church, vice-president, Ted Cline, secretary-treasurer, loane Van Bergen. Sponsor: Mr. Sproull. lst row: Wicks, W, Rich, W, Noffsinger, I, Beck, M, Gauze, H, Farrell, I, Petriella, E. 2nd row: Cline, T, Van Bergen, I, Muhlnickel, H, Bueter, F, Church, R. 3rd row: Babcock, C, Chaffee, D, Morehouse, A, Demorest, H, Lobley, A, Mr. Sproull LSponsorj. iofogg Club The purpose of the Biology Club is to further the interest of students in biology. The programs consist of contributions of students on their own particular scientific project and several out- side speakers. The group has undertaken the project of Writing to scientists for suggestions to Widen its scientific interests. First semester officers: president, Ruth Anne Sears, first vice- president, PeqQY Cole, second vice-president, Margaret Doll, sec- retary, Sarita Graybill. Second semester officers: president, Margaret Shelly, first vice-president, Margaret Doll, second vice-president, Byron Ben- der, secretary, Dean Hafer. Sponsors: Miss Wagoner, Mr. Adams. lst row: Mr. Adams tSponsorj, Graybill, S, Finch, M, Doll, M, Ulery, M, Costic, I, Mohnssen, D, Good, D, Grabill, B, Miss Wagoner fSponsorl. 2nd row: Couts, F, Frederickson, G, Miller, M, Mallery, R, Shelly, M, Sears, R, Cole, P, Weaver, B. 3rd row: Frye, C, Bryant, C, Bender, B, VanDoehran, M, Oklitz, I, Douglas, H, Munch, R, Troyer, I, Stiver, W, Hater, D. girl! , Sparta Cfub ln order to learn more of the techniques of sports, some of the girls organized the Girls' Sports Club this year. The club meets at the Y. W. C. A. where members study and play basketball, volleyball, paddle-birdie, schuffle-board, ping-pong, deck tennis and dancing. First semester officers: president, Ann Cronk, vice-president, Pat Boy, secretary-treasurer, Maxine Fields, social chairman, Donna Doncaster. Second semester officers: president, Pat Boy, vice-president, Virginia Viggs, secretary-treasurer, Maxine Fields. Sponsors: Miss Denman, Miss Marik. lst row: Rees, M, Packer, I, Bryner, C, Miss Denman tSponsorJ, Aman, A, Mohnssen, D, Hammon, R. 2nd row: Hayden, P, Weaver, B, Beck, M, Miller, B, Roy, P, Noffsinger, R, Koher, I, Sleeper, G. 3rd row: Doncaster, D, Doty, F, Squier, M, Marchesseau, B, Pegg, F, Cronk, A, Bassett, N, Hugg, D, Facey, R. eecuecraff Cfub 1 Knitting, ernbroidering, Crocheting, and sewing are the activi- ties which keep the members of the Needlecraft Club busy on Thursday mornings. The purpose of the club is to give the girls experience in this kind of work which they may use in the future. Officers: president, Barbara l-lansingg secretary-treasurer, Irene Englehardt. Sponsor: Miss Siner. lst row: Rogers, My Ienkins, S, Meredith, M. A: Van Horn, E, Stroud, B, Graybill, B, Goetz, B. 2nd row: Heath B' Bachrnan W' Youn V- Ross C, 1 I f 1 qv 1 I Enqelhardt, Ip Polezoes, C, Hostetler, M. 3rd row: Hively, D, Nelson, If Mineqer, W, Jackson, V5 Pero, G5 Cripe, Ip Martin, A. eecflecrafl Cfub 2 The Needlecraft Club makes a wide variety of articles. Some girls work on skirts, blouses, and dresses. Others knit sweaters, crochet rugs, house slips, and doilies, or ernbroider pillow cases, table sets and cushion covers. Officers: president, Mary Allice Stephicp vice-president, Char- lotte Hostettlerg secretary-treasurer, Marion Shaum. Sponsor: Miss Arnsbaugh. lst row: Biddle, Hp Smith, Ag Hostetler, C, Brothers, D, Witman, By Sutton, I. 2nd row: Davis, H7 Shaum, My Farnsworth, N7 Bra Wade, H7 Black, My Miss Arnsbaugh CSponsorl. 3rd row: Stephic, Mg Martin, I, Benell, J, Aldendorf, My Schnelle, C. unior anfeen Cfub One of the new clubs formed this year is the Iunior Canteen Club. This club gives girls who are interested in cafeteria work an opportunity to contribute their services. Officers: president, Loretta Michalsp vice-president, Betsy Bloom, secretary, Vivian Leonard, treasurer, Doris Hoot. Sponsor: Miss Depew. lst row: Lonie, D, Fedell, L, Michals, L7 Nord, B. Znd row: Leonard, V, Everett, L7 Garl, B5 Schroeder, B7 Hoot, D. 3rd row: Overhulser, My Garl, K, Holley, Hg Bloom, B. nt, M: 1 L Page Seventy-nine Page Eighty Ueclznicaf Zu! Clfub The Technical Test Club, a new special interest club this year, is designed to provie technical information that will aid boys planning to take examinations for a special branch of the service. The subjects discussed are mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Officers: president, Iohn Longfellow, secretary, Iim Ebersole. Sponsors: Mr. French, Mr. Gill, Mr. Updike. lst row: Conley, I, Neff, T, Artley, T. 2nd row: Iuday, T, Hostetler, W, Longfellow, I, Grove, I.. 3rd -row: Mr. French KSponsorl, Clyde, B, Mr. Updike lSponsorJ, Ebersole, I, Johnson, L, Mr. Gill fSponsorJ. 4th row: Parmer, N, Orcutt, D, Fairchild, I, Phillips, I, Foster, I. ir fifold Clfub This Thursday club was formed by a group of boys with a single purpose- learning to fly. All members have either soloed or are taking lessons. No officers were elected in order to keep the meetings informal. Many important aeronautical problems are discussed at the bi-weekly meetings. Sponsor: Mr. Likens. lst row: Daniels, W, Bailey, A, Swihart, I, Miller, D, Bickert, I, Wilsey, R, Katzenrneyer, R. 2nd row: Monteith, T, Scheuer, I, Lehman, W, Mr. Likins CSponsorl, Hawk, C, Quick, F, Steimer, W. Q-Siagecraff Club The purpose of the Stagecraft Club is to learn proper setting and maintenance. This includes scenery, lights, props and the P. A. system. The club works as stage hands at our E. H. S. plays, concerts, and special entertainments. Officers: president, Don Szobody, vice-president, Ronald Stump, secretary, Dick Mays, program committee, Richard Wylie, lack English, Charles Deitch. Sponsor: Mr. Organ. lst row: Witmer, I, Mays, D, Szobody, D, Stump, R, Rody, I, Mr. Organ fSponosrJ. 2nd row: Salmon, B, Reames, W, Dunkin, W, Bradley, W, Stemm, H, Deitch, C, Mogle, H. 3rd row: Papa, T, Storm, W, Stoll, E, Kauffman, S, English, J, Dilorenzo, P. says Gowdy. The A Capella Choir organized in the fall under the direction of Mr. Wil- liam Gowdy. Officers were: president, Charles Gordon: vice-president, Clarys Miller: secretary-treasurer, Barbara Rowe: program chairmen, Gloria Carlson and Bob Weldy. Besides daily rehearsals and preparation for District Chorus at the South Bend Teachers' Association, the group had fun. They enjoyed a hay-ride party in November, refreshments being served at Clarys Miller's. On December 16, Mr. Gowdy, who was awaiting his call from the Navy, presented the choir in a Christmas concert. Soloists were Norma lean Eckstein, Clarys Miller, Charles Gordon, and Mary Samuel. The choir also participated in the Christmas Assembly broadcast. The choir members felt Mr. Gowdy's leaving keenly: each one felt that he had lost a friend. Mrs. W. R. Matthews held rehearsals until Mr. O. Lansing Lynn, the new director, came. Mr. Lynn assumed his duties in lanuary, and soon had the choir activities running smoothly. he 04 Clapeua Cllzoir These activities included a short concert at the Sunday Evening Club on March 5, a picnic supper at Studebaker Park, and participation in the Vocal festival held March 16 in the high school auditorium. Three soloists, quartet, and duet winners went to the finals at Michigan City, on April 22. A spring concert was held on Friday, May 19. Ioanne Artley, Frank Bowman, Ida Mae Canen, Gloria Carlson, lim Dun- nock, Io Ellen Koher, Norma lean Eckstein, Carter Elliot, Donna Fortier, Rose- mary Francisco, Nancy Gerrand, Connie Gaska, Margie Gentzhorn, Deana Goetz, Charles Gordon, Byron Haines, Myron Haines, Iuanita Hart, Bob Holde- man, Norman Hostetler, Rodney Richardson, Verne Iackson, Ioyce lellison, Gloria Johnson, Ioyce Kiefer, Phyllis Kiser, Ioyce Manges, loyce Martin, Mar- ilyn Meadows: Clarys Miller, lim Murphy, Marilyn Nutting, Iacqueline Oklitz, Bill Os- borne, Mary Lou Pontius, Vera Mae Rees, Dick Rish, Donna Mae Ritter, Paul Roe, Barbara Rowe, Mary Samuel, Marian Schuler, loanne Shelley, lean Stackhouse, Bonnie Stokely, Ianet Stahly, Paul Wargon, Robert Weldy, and Dick Yeakey, are members of the choir. Page Eighty-one and and Orclzwira The Band and Orchestra Staff, the student governing body of the Instrumental music department, is made up of the officers of the band and orchestra. Members of the Instrumental music department, both students and instructors, present their problems to the staff for discussion and solution. The staff also plans the social activities of the department: several parties each year and a banquet for all band and orchestra members on May 9 at the Hotel Elkhart during Music Week sponsored by the Elks Lodge. The band officers are Robert Lieberenz, president: Richard Chester, vice-president: Roberta Simmons, secretary: Gordon An- derson, treasurer: Iames Garber and Geraldine Lerner, social chairmen. The orchestra officers are Robert Reser, president: Diana Iohnson, vice-president: Beverly Ritter, secretary: Patricia Landon, treasurer: Robert Lavery and Mary Kathryn Stemm, social chairmen. The activities planned by the band and orchestra staffs were many and varied. Large audiences heard the band and orchestra in its annual series of four concerts, which contribute much to the cultural life of the community. The programs included a great variety of compositions, and several members of the two organizations appeared as soloists. These were: Mary K. Stemm and Alice Rhodes, piano: Robert Reser, violin: Gordon Anderson and Robert Lieberenz, trombone: Maxine Fields, Cornet: Iames Grove, saxophone: Wylan Becker, marimba: Kenneth Ingram, clarinet: and Robert Bliss, Iohn Wiegner, Clinton Loop, Leland Slough, and Robert Downey, drum ensemble. The Music Parents Club made all business arrangements for the concerts, and also planned and helped with many of the activities of the department. The band and orchestra each furnished one of the musical preludes to the Sunday Evening Club programs. The band was Page E iqhty-two Left to Right: Hughes, D: Ritter, B: Carlson, L: Anderson, G: Simmons, R: Kilbert, H: Landon, P: Garber, I: Lavery, R: Stemm, M. K: johnson, D: Lerner, G. on hand for pep sessions, and for football and basketball games. In October orchestra members played in the orchestra, conducted by George Dasch, that played for the teachers' convention in South Bend. In March, 125 members of the band and orcheslra went to Chicago to attend a broadcast concert of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The local solo and ensemble contest was held March 17. with the First Division Winners going to the state solo and en- semble contest in Michigan City April 22, l944. February 3, 4 and 5. the Department sponsored a workshop, a short course which was attended by one hundred twenty-five music educators from five states. The secretary of the music office is Dorothy Dick. E msg M-1-Q2 'ifvwwiggi 11 IX fgfgyfffx is xiii 5 iff ,AHL ,mm -, ,fx , 'gl ffl' :z, fg:,:w,s ff . K at , 'fiezi v fm? W7 :wp Q., f :f7.f,-,.-my-fy X :f.,,gf5,-i,4:1.7,,3 pf, L , ,. , ' .wif -vfaszmlil 55232 jjjx:-L,f,z:g1f,:'g2 75, 9 V-. ggfgfff ' I Q ,gill Q , .2 V-as Fifi? fifl 3155 KF J ffkgfi? K iwpm ' sw 3 'Z ??i1Q155gY?Aff'i:S5X'zw51'giszL5.q,5f2z -f L., 'Y :H Kif5ii2:1:Sw5?j55fIf 'f 425 A .hu 53 the Q I ifwfiggvss f B ws wg X 1 , WAV? my j w L. i fi: :ix is Q, Q is M Q yggxzsgxgigmg Hag Q, Lg!-Y W., ,,,. V I f 1 1 4 X I A g " r i X, f A 5 :L EQ L , gx 'K x V RR X M N' Y k - S 5,-lv 2 . A S 4? H' 4 s ' . . 5 K I - L A , 2 - ' ? V , 1 2 Q 52 ,, i n . I , '-f Q x .x I K W mx " ' - .. 5 is Ag 'f Q in A45 "-w'v1+ A f " ' K 7 7 fa N ' ,wk -.: M 5 K S , ' F W g SPA 5 , . 'Lx X N5 3 W , ,. S 28 , f , Y N35 ' ' , , IF' .. ff MLP? f 4 ' if , ' A ' ' mf ., 09" ww kk,, f A Page Eighty-four glfclzarf .High Selma! MUSICAL DIRECTOR - DAVID HUGHES C FLUTE-Nathene Farnsworth, Patricia Stephenson, Edith Rosen, Pauline Huff, Roberta Simmons, laneth McLaughlin, Bruce Arbogast. Eb FLUTE-Anne Cline, Aileen Young. OBOE-Dorothy Higgason, Betty Dick, Betty Miller. ENGLISH HORN--Dorothy Higgason. ' Bb CLARINET-Iames Garber, Norman Parmer, Kenneth Ingram, Charlotte Hostetler, Annagale Smith, Fred Couts, Phyllis Manthe, lean Wright, Herman Moderau, Sally Davis, Louanne Ashby, Ioan Essig, Pearl Borror, lohn Wend- land, Dean Golden, loan Tweedy, Nora Bassett, loyce Sriver, Robert Zimmer- man, Particia Eickholtz. ALTO CLARINET-Gretchen Diltz, Richard Neu, Doris Cummings, Ronald Truax. BASS CLARINET-Ramona Middleton, Anne Casey, Wilma Stants, BASSOON-Robert Lerner, Anne Arbogast, Gloria Godfrey. CONTRA BASSOON-Anne Arbogast. ALTO SAXOPHONE-lames Grove, Richard Gravender, Shirley Leonard, Clista Gaskill. TENOR SAXOPHONE-Norman Sensenbaugh, Patricia Haselwood. BARITONE SAXOPHONE-Sally Koehler. CONTRA BASS CLARINET-Phyllis Wood. FRENCH HORN-Betty Osterloo, Claude Leist, Shirley Rheinheimer, Marian Grove, Doris McCollough, Patricia Lindstrom, Alan Lobley, Nadine Nichol- son, David Lerner, Martejo Kline. ymp onic and ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR - HOWARD KILBERT CORNET-Maxine Fields, Philip Monteith, Richard Church, Martin Schultz, Marilyn Shock, Ernest Bader, Marcus Barton, Douglas Sailor Delores Fast, lknna Borror, Delores Schuster, Don Long. TROMBONE-Robert Lieberenz, Gordon Anderson, William Andresen, Don- ald Metzler, Iames Fairchild, Byron Kistler, Hollis Becker. BARITONE-Merrylynn Grove, Geraldine Lerner, Bill Heinhuis, Stanley Workinger, Audrey Lichtenberger, Richard Hart, Betty Newman. TUBA-Eugene Anderson, William Lewis, lerry Pawling, Robert Keyser. STRING BASS-Margaret Meyer, Patricia Landon. TYMPANI-Bob Bliss. SNARE DRUM-Robert Downey, Clinton Loop, lohn Wiegner, Charles Pease. CYMBALS-Alpha lean Harthill. BASS DRUM-Leland Slough. MARIMBA-Wyland Becker, Sonia Iohnson, Helen Schult, Gloria Stephen- son, Dorothy Palmer. HARP-Mary Kathryn Stemm. CELESTA'Diana Iohnson. BELL LYRE-Dorothy Higgason, Betty Dick, Betty Miller, Anne Arbogast, Margaret Doll, Helen Schult, Dorothy Palmer, Gloria Stephenson, Wylan Becker, Sonia lohnson. STUDENT CONDUCTORS-Richard Church, Iames Garber. First row: Anderson, G: Fields, M: Stephenson, P: son, D: Monthe, P: Miller, B: Modereau, H: Wes- Middleton, R: Church, R: Hostetler, C: Lobley, A: Sejhoftl V- Slough, L,' Schultz, M. Second row: Schuster, D,' Davis, S: Palmer, D! Fcimth row: Becker' W" Vsnver' If Neu' D: Mon' Smith, A: Cline, Al. McLaughlin, If Arbogastl B, terth, P: Loop, C: Workmger, S: Andersen, W: Third row: Koehler, S: Pease, C: Essig, I: Higga- Anderson- Ei Wood' P' eruice clzool Jlluaiciana Emblems cmd chevrons and stars are awarded the band members for their patriotic service to our country. Five points are credited to the bandsman every time he plays for a War School Musician sponsored activity. When the musician has titty points, he is given a basic award and for each additional fifty points, a chevron. A star is given for each tour chevrons. More than thirty-four musicians proudly Wear either chevrcns or stars. The War Service School Musicians have participated in many activities to help serve our town in wartime. These musi- cians are often called upon to provide groups to entertain various civic defense and War organizations. Many times the group has been able to salute Elkhart's all-out War production by playing for the awarding of the Army- Navy During these programs at Adams-Westlake, C. G. Conn Ltd., and the Chicago Telephone Supply Co., the musicians played "The Star Spangled Banner" and other patriotic numbers appropriate tor the occasion. Small portions ot the band have played tor local meeting concerning OPA, WPB, and various other defense organizations. The members of the band play for the departure of all selective service men. Even though many of these departures are at tive A. M., the E. H. S. War Musicians turn out with drooping eyelids but good spirits. Page Eighty live Page Eighty-six gfklzari High School ymp any Orclzwfra MUSICAL DIRECTOR - DAVID HUGHES lst VIOLIN-Robert Reser, Ted Iohnson, Alice Rhodes, Virginia Hogue, Robert Lavery, Dorothy Dick, Bonnie Phillips, loan Neu, Patricia Himebaugh, Mary lane Zinn, Eugene Mann. 2nd VIOLIN'-Thelma Farrell, Ellsworth Moyer, Mary Ellen Sharnory, Dorothy Brothers, Ioan Neff, Betty Weaver, Elrner Denlinger, Colleen Shamory, Rane dall Hamilton, leanne Horne, Stanley Gordon, lean Vfolf, Barbara lordan. VIOLA-Ted Cline, Elizabeth Konrad, Dorothy Ienner, Patsy DeGraff, Dorothy Zinn, Ella Mae Click, lda Neff. CELLO-Beverly Ritter, David Howard, Marjorie Van Doehren, Gloria Vv'alton, Darda Troyer. BASS VIOL-Margaret Myers, Patricia Landon, Betty Meighen, Patricia May, lean Hostetler, Mary Anne Swartzbaugh, l-lelen Gause, HARP-Mary Kathryn Sterrini. CELESTA-Diana Iohnson. PIANO-Diana lohnson, lanet Sue Westbrook. ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR-LORETTA CARLSON OBOE-Dorothy Higgason. FLUTE-Nathene Farnsworth, Patricia Stephenson, Edith Rosen, Pauline Huff. CLARINET-Kenneth Ingram, Charlotte I-lostetler, Fred Couts, Phyllis Manthe. BASSOON-Robert Lerner, Anne Arbogast, Gloria Godfrey. CONTRA BASSOON-Anne Arbogast. FRENCH HORN-Betty Osterloo, Claude Leist, Marian Grove, Patricia Lind- strorn, Doris McCollough, Alan Lobley. CORNET-Maxine Fields, Richard Church, Martin Schultz, Marilyn Shock. TROMBONE-Robert Lieberenz, Gordon Anderson, William Andreson, lames Fairchild. TUBA-Eugene Anderson. PERCUSSION-Robert Bliss, Leland Slough, Robert Downey. STUDENT CONDUCTORS-Alice Rhodes, Theodore lohnson. he High School Jeeaerue Jfanaf The High School Reserve Band, under the direction of Howard Kilbert, serves as a preparatory training group for the concert band. The Reserve and Concert Bands unite in the fall to form the marching band which performs at football games. Members of this group made several public appearances during the Winter playing for high school bas- ketball games. The High School Reserve Band personnel is as follows: Roger Babcock, Lyle Bergstrom, Ronald Betts, Robert Billington, Willis Bond, Bob Bressler, Carol lean Dills, Nancy Ek, Bill Fronke, Ioyce Gerber, Carl Gunts, Bill Hill, Peggy Homan, Betty Kauffman, Paul Kerr, Doris Killinger, George Krauser, Toni Lansche, Robert Lau, Wilber Losee, Harold McCreary, Rob- ert Mclntire, Dick Miller, Nelson Moffet, WilliUI1'1 MOIliGilh. RiChCIICl Off. ThO1'1'1GS OWGIIS, Rodney Rockwell, Wayne Shelley, Victor W'e?S9lhCfTf EUQGHG WG1Ch. Gwen Wright, Mary Simms, Patty Fritz, Merle Bowers. At the head of the marching band struts the drum majors, Betty Duesler and Shirley Lewan, associate. They are recognizable by their tall, plumed hats and their high-stepping feet. At the half of the football and basketball games, two other groups of girls combine pulchritude and talent in entertaining the sports-fans. To band accompaniment, the flag- twirlers, Nancy Wambaugh, Betty Wambaugh, and Norma Haven, twirl their brightly col- ored flags. Geneva Whitfield, Mary Ellen Thompson, and Iune Mossey twirl their batons for the entertainment of the crowd. These groups of hard-working girls add zip and color to the band. When hard-workers are mentioned, the baggage boys should be named. They are Mor- ris Mills, Eugene Mann, and Elmer Denlinger. The duty of the baggage boys is to move equipment, set up stage and assist the band and orchestra in every way possible. A lot of hard Work characterizes the position of these boys in the Music Department. Reset ey twirl a mean flag. The high-stepping g 1 f ont of the marching band. 71195 fO0fS Will be 9 Sparta---where pfayera are lzeroea and gained a ilzril! P 9 Eqhfy fd 'Q UQ, Like all sophs, Gordon has just begun to find out What the score is. But Where sports are concerned, he knows that in E H S they rank very high: the school spirit rises or falls as the teams Win or lose. A sophomore catches this sports fever, and all the rest of his life he eagerly Watches the scores of all blue and White teams. Gordon sees that sports teach a guy a lot of things: to hold his temper: to abide by the rules: to keep on playing When the going is tough: to take victory as Well as defeat. At games, Where Gordon sees that at least half of the roaring crowd is rabid adult fans, he shares the toWn's enthusiasm for sports. To him, sports are more important than any- thing: the players are heroes: sportsmanship, his ideal: and a good game, the thrill of his life. gordon plnderwn, the typical Joplzomore P g Eghty Page Ninety Gotdy do th h KWH " -' ':52f,2f.. 'V W7 V W: 04 cS0l9ll0l1'l0l'e J life lla As he becomes ot porrt oi the school Gord t ' , y ries to pu the important th' ' ' ings iirst. he struggles with his lessons he tcrkes class meetings seriously, he concentrates oi his music. struggles with his g meiry, J . t c judf begun There's Work, and his paper route, cmd those moments of leisure with his gang. But, most of onli, there orre games, cmd lettermen. 25 , M.-rmiifl I I r.-, golf h -' at i ow, and hangs around the star athletes. Y" PGQ9 Ninety-One g ,745 242 ' " S X xs -'Q ' 1 'Q QA Q NT, 71 L 51' .Wa Wk' ffmmfwb v ..,, mf .i,A-g A. vjw-,iv he .Men Jgelzincf the en in . . Sparta IOHN LONGFELLOW-Iohn, often called "the dean of In- diana coaches," added another sectional and another conference championship to bring his total to 18 championships in 15 years as our basketball coach, He has averaged 15 victories a year at E. H. S. RILEY IORDAN-Riley, known about school as "the ticket czar," has charge of all ticket sales for all athletic contests. With demands for tickets almost always exceeding the capacity, he had the difficult task of determining to whom the premium ducats were to go. In this, as well as the management of the Athletic Department's finances, he is thorough, resourceful, and efficient. CHELSEA BOONE-Without "Chelse," the E. H. S. sports scene would be incomplete. "Chelse," regarded as the Connie Mack of E. H. S. athletics, is the holder of 19 sectional track vic- tories in 21 years at our school, an unequaled record. TONY CAMPANOGLI-"Camp" is the man behind the scenes out at Rice Field. He steadily plugs away strengthening the for- ward wall of the football squad. His is a position without much glory, but with much responsibility. The line makes the team, and a line coach like "Camp" is invaluable. HARRISON BERKEY-For the second year, "Berk" conscien- tiously filled the head football coaching position left vacant by Don Veller. Despite hours of endless work and planning, Lady Luck did not smile on our team this year: We join all loyal sport fans in wishing "Kotch" better breaks in the future. ROBERT EHRSAM-If Bob's championship reserve basket- ball teams are any measure of his coaching ability, one can be sure of a winning future for baseball at E. H. S. Bob has the knowledge of athletics and ability to get along with the boys, which will carry him a long way in the sports field. RAYMOND SORENSON-"Hap" produced another confer- ence championship squad last fall for his third championship in eight seasons at E. H. S. His ability as a producer of champions shows up well in that the Blazer Racqueteers haven't lost a con- ference match since the fall of 1941. Standing: Mr. Jordan, Coaches Campanoqli and Ehrsam. Sitting: Coaches Lonqfellow, Boone, Berkey, and Sorenson. Page Ninety three e Jilue Blazer The 1943 Elkhart High School Blue Blazer foct- ball team traveled a rough and difficult road last fall. Coach Berkey found himself faced with one of th.e greenest squads in the school's history, due to the graduation or loss to the service of all except cne of the leading sixteen players on the 1942 squad. They won only one game out of nine, but they gave each team they played one of the toughest battles of the season. Also, it may be well to add that prac- tically every team in the E. N. I. H. S. C. boasted a 1943 squad which was rated tough enough to take conference honors. The Blazer's only win of the season was ac- quired in the opener against Vocational High School of Chicago, 7 to 6. Gordon Stock scored the touch- down and Captain Bruce Sellers kicked the extra point for the victory. In the second game, the Blazers lost to Fort Wayne Central, 7 to 0. Our boys came close to scor- ing twice, but couldn't put the ball over the goal- line. They really played a fighting ball game, but just couldn't come out on top. The third game marked the conference debut cf the Blazers. LaPorte made sure early in the game that Elkhart Wouldn't have a victory to celebrate, as the Slicers scored 19 points in the first quarter. The final score was 30 to 13, the boys putting on a rally of 13 points in the last quarter, but to no avail. Page Nlneiy-four Anderson, R.: Belt, I.: Bolton, Bradley, P. Upper left: Man from Mars? No, just "Doc", Upper Right: Most Valuable oi '43 meet: mast valuable of The 1943 varsity football team with coaches. Uardiiy qua South Bend Riley came to Rice Field and walked away with a victory, 27 to 2. Elkhart showed considerable improvement and saved themselves from a shutout in the last quarter when Sellers fell on the ball to score a safety. The Mishawaka game was heralded as the Blazer's finest showing of the season. The Maroons, riding near the top of the conference pile, found that Elkhart Wasn't the easy victory they had expected. A "moral victory" was scored as our boys scared the Mishawaka Maroons, 13 to 0. The Blazers' last home game found Michigan City on the local gridiron. The Red Devils won, 24 to B, as experience again proved to be the winning factor. Goshen, boasting their best team in the history of the school, made the Blue Blazers their victims, 25 to U. The boys in blue really played their hearts out in the first half as they held the The "Four Horsemen"-"Bronc" Bradley, "Wild Bill" Elliott, "Hattie" Meyer lake D ley Redskins to one touchdown. But Goshen took advantage of Blazer errors in the second half to go on to win. Our team continued to improve every week, but still couldn't seem to hold out in the last half for a victory. Against Fort Wayne North Side, Elkhart scored first and was tied with the Redskins, 6 to 6, at the end of the first quarter. However, they lost the game in the last quarter, 19 to 6. E1khart's last game was the most thrilling of the year. Al- though South Bend Central dropped the Blazers, 20 to 13, the score does not tell the story. The Blazers rallied in the third quar- ter to come within one point of the Bears, 14 to 13. Central scored a touchdown in the final period to pull away, but not until the Blazers had threatened a third score and had had one called back. Page Ninety five ooibafl The Central game concluded a disap- pointing year for Elkhart High School in football, but it happens to every school in every sport at one time or another. Maybe, this fall, our team won't be hit so hard by graduation and service calls. Then the school will be able to enjoy an- other of the successful football seasons, of which we have had many. However, despite a disappointing year, much credit is due to the coaches and boys who "stuck it out" during the sea- son. It is as hard if not harder to play on a losing, rather than a winning team. Many losing teams "b1ow up" as the sea- son progresses. But our 1943 Blazers tight- ened their belts and Went down fighting. It was an obvious fact that the team im- proved steadily throughout the season. If this improvement has been carried through spring practice to this fall, one may ex- pect greater things of the Blazers in '44. Page N ineiy-six l""""' sux 9 if i We Diley, I.,' Elliot, W.: Hoffman, L.,' Johnson, L.: ludav, D.: Myer rx Upper left: Lined up for action Upper right: Three cheers for the cheer-leaders 9.111 of '43 M W. EHS 7 Chicago Vocational 0 Fort Wayne Central 13 LaPorte .....,.,,,........ 2 South Bend Riley ,,.., 0 Mishawaka ..... ..,,, 6 Michigan City .... 0 Goshen ,,i,........,,,tv,,,,,,.,, 6 Fort Wayne North Side 13 South Bend Central .,,, . Qi .1 . ' 5 4 v Z ,I N 'X OPPONENT .. 6 .. 7 39 27 13 Z4 25 19 20 hit S.. 2. '57 ! ' x i . . X - ... , ' ,,..z?.-it-K ai ' lil? 'V in V EZ r it 1' 1 1 lp ' iai . 1 if 5 yy V A Above: Managers Duweilus, Thompson, Haines, Witwer and White look over the equipment. Individuals: D. Massey, I. Murphy, Capt. B. Sellers, G. Stock, C. Thulis, I. Weaver. Left: The "bigboys," Murphy and Sellers qet the dope from Head Coach Berkey. Right: Coach Campaqnoli shows Bolton the proper grip as Student Coach Warner, Coach Lichtenberqer, Meyer, Diley, and Coach Yetnik look on. Page Nfnefy-seven 1943-'44 Conference and Seciiona The Blue Blazers of 1943-44 opened one school's history by downing three stubborn Middlebury, 47 to 35, 39 to 38, and 32 to 28, The Blazers then stepped into a double of the most successful seasons in the county quintets, Bristol, Iirntown, and respectively. header with bigger school competition and won both contests. They dropped Washington of South Bend, 37 to 26, and Goshen, 39 to 25. The undefeated boys in blue made it six straight by traveling downstate to defeat Greensburg, 44 to 35, in a featured intersectional contest. Elkhart suffered their first defeat at the Hammond Invitational Tournament from the rangy Hammond cagers, 38 to 49. Defeat was eased by a victory four hours later as the boys stopped Iefferson of Lafayette, 46 to 45, in a thrilling overtime game. Only two days later, LaPorte was ltanded their first conference defeat, 43 to 26, by the Blazers. Michigan City and Warsaw fell before the blue tide, 60 to 31, and 49 to 31, respectively, as the Blazers played two of their best games of the season. The following week, our team drop- ped the Mishawaka Cavemen from the conference race, 39 to 28. Next came the most talked about game of the year. The Blazers edged Riley of South Bend, 5 to 4, in a game of "basketstall." The Riley team refused to attempt to score and the Blazers, as long as they held their one point lead, refused to pull out their defense. The game drew nationwide attention as all of the country's leading newspapers carried the story. Two more conference opponents then extended the league-leading Blazers. Little Iol-rn and Big John planning headaches for Blazers foes. The two Bills, Frink and Borneman, pour Blazer exploits into eager ears. Managers pose in "Full Dress" L. to R.: Iuclay, Rf Berna d D B ll I E b Page N inety-eight Jfladkeiball The boys edged out North Side of Fort Vxfayne and Nappanee, 34 to 33, and 37 to 35, respectively. Controlling the backboards, Fcrt Wayne Central handed our boys their second defeat of the season, 41 to 26, in a state featured contest. Another mark was scratched in the black book as South Bend Central gave the Blazers their only conference defeat of the season,j32 to 27. Goshen again became the victim, 30 to 22, as their special "Blazer stopping" defense failed to stop the Blazers. The final game of the season came as a suitable climax. The conference title rested upon the outcome of this game. E. H. S. came through to drop John Adams of South Bend, 41 to 29, in the jam-packed Adams auditorium. Upper left: Alter the sectional! Champions, tired but triumphant! Lower left: Basketball, the non-Contact game! Upper right: High scorer Dick Hill lets go with his famous one-hander. Middle: Big Bruce starts in to rebound. Lower right: Ebersole, on the alert. Page N inety-nine Page One Hundred Champa The Blazers again drew the tough sectional bracket this year. Nappanee was downed in the tournament opener, 45 to 3l, followed by the still stubborn Bristol squad, 32 to 26. The semi-finals 1943-1944 VARSITY Top row: Diley, I: Ebersole, If Elliott, W: Hill, R: Iuday T. Bottom row: Longfellow, If Sellers, B: Stock, Gp Swarts, j,- Weldy, R, 3'-"""l ,Ag if' Ebersole oes high in the air to "ice" one for the Blazers found the long awaited tourney "natural", Elkhart vs. twice-beaten Middlebury. The Blaz- ers again showed up well under pressure by winning, 41 to 30. E. H. S. made five successive wins over Goshen, with a 31 to 26 score, to win the sectional title for the second straight year. Our team was finally dropped out of the tourney by an undefeated Culver team, 34 to 23, in the afternoon game of the regional. The final recapitulation shows that the Elk- hart High School Blue Blazers of 1943-1944 won 20 out of 24 games for a percentage of .833, the second highest in the history of the school. The team copped the conference crown for the sixth time in fifteen years of its existence and the sectional crown for the fifth time in the last eight years. Quoting Coach lohn Longfellow, "This year's schedule was probably the toughest one a Blazer team has ever faced." The schedule inning JZe.4erue.4 included seven sectional winners, one of the four state finalists, the defending conference and the defending state champions, several teams that were listed among the "big ten" throughout the season, along with several undefeated teams. A tough sched- ule, indeed. Dick Hill was voted most valuable by his teammates at the annual banquet and Iohnnie Longfellow was voted honorary captain of the double champion Blazers. However, it was not in- dividual performances as much as the brilliant teamwork dis- played by the 1943-1944 Blazers that carried them through a suc- cessful season. ive guiure romide The E. H. S. reserve basketball team, composed entirely of sophomores and freshmen, had a very successful season. Coach Bob Ehrsam's Shortfellows won 13 and lost only 3, two of which were by one point. Tom Kern was the team's high scorer, con- necting for 46 field goals and 19 free throws for lll points. Kern was also the team's free throw champion. Other members of the team making good showings were Leo Hoffman, Russ William- son, Chuck Darling, Roger Schultz, Chuck Walker, and Dick Brown. This squad of boys should provide Coach Longfellow's varsity squad with some valuable material next year. Junior A's, alias "The Swedes," Interclass Champs. Varsity Reserves: Future Champs of E. H. S. First row: Ort, Hp Witwer, W,' Second row: Weaver, If Iuday, H: McC1ouqhan, W1 Levan, I. First row: Brown, R: Kern, T: Walker, C. Second row: Darling, C: Schultz, R: Hoffman, L: Williamson R Coach Ehrsam. Back How: Bigler, Lg Andresen, P,' Nusbaum, T: Buqh, H: Patterson, Rf Windmiller H Primevera, B. Page One Hundred One Front row: Schwartz, C: Rodewald, P: Coach Sorensen: Rosen, B: Beaver, E. Conference Champs In Action Back row: Walker, C,' Ebersole, I: Bugh, B: Borneman, B: Denlinger, E.: Hish, D. undefeated ennia Clltampef Another conference championship was added to the 1943-44 athletic records of E. H, S. when Coach Raymond C"Hap"J Soren- sen's Blue Blazer tennis squad captured its second consecutive Northern Indiana High School Conference title. This Win marked the third league championship annexed by E. H. S. netters in Coach Sorensen's career as tennis mentor, which started with a league title in 1935. With the regular season schedule of the Eastern division con- ference reduced to a one-day tournament due to transportation difficulties, the Blazer netters won the No. 2 and No. 3 singles flights, placed a man in the finals of the No. l singles flight, and added one tally in the doubles division to top a field of six teams with nine points, thereby earning the right to meet the West division champ. Captain lim Ebersole, only senior member of the squad, and Page One Hundred Two Bill Borneman, a junior, advanced through three matches to cap- ture the No. 2 and No. 3 singles championships. Sophomore Bob Bugh chalked up two Wins in the No. 1 singles bracket before bowing to Roger Schofield of Michigan City in the finals. In the doubles event Charley Walker and Elmer Denlinger triumphed in one match before being defeated. Taking advantage of the chance to retain the conference crown, the Sorensenmen Walloped Western division champion Washington of East Chicago, 4-1, in the East-West playoff at Rice Field on October 18. Playing a regulation match with three singles and two doubles events, Bugh, Ebersole, and Borneman won the singles' flights and the two doubles teams split. Walker and Denlinger captured the No. 1 doubles match: Washington gained its only point as the visiting No. 2 doubles team defeated Charley Schwartz and Dick Rish of Elkhart. veteran :Tiara face the oonemen Charlie Gordon, in the high jump, and the half-mile relay team climaxed the none-too-successful 1943 season by placing in the state finals at Indianapolis. The Relay team was composed of Dick Treckelo, Corky Stock, Iohnnie Longfellow, and Henry Crussemeyer. The 1943 squad won only one dual meet and lost the sectional to Goshen by one-half point. The leading scorers were Charlie Gordon, lohn Longfellow, lim Foster, and Bruce Sellers, in that order, all of whom returned for the 1944 season. Greater things were seen for the 1944 season as the thinlies wal- loped South Bend Central in the underclass meet, 59 to 50. The present season opened March 26 with a surprise third in a Hexagonal Meet in the Notre Dame fieldhouse. Hammond won with 53 points, North Side of Fort Wayne took second place With 51W points, Elkhart, third with 29, followed by South Bend Central, Mishawaka and South Bend Iohn Adams. The outdoor schedule is as follows: April 12 South Bend Central ,.,.,..,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, H ere April 20 Goshen ...............,.,,,.,,.,.r.......,..,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,-,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, There April 26 South Bend Riley .....,.............................................,...... Here May 2 East NIHS Conference Eliminations ........ At Mishawaka May 4 South Bend Central ....,,............,................................... Here May 5 NIHSC Conference Finals ....,. ....... A t Mishawaka May 9 South Bend Iohn Adams ,.,,.,. ....................... H ere May 12 IHSAA Sectional ...,,...,..,.,,., ....................... H ere May 17 Goshen ........,....................,...,.,.,.,.....,................................ Here May 20 IHSAA State Finals .........,...,...,....,,....,..... At Indianapolis May 24 South Bend Central Cunderclassrnen onlyl ,.,....,..,. There The 1944 squad, captained by Chuck Gordon, is composed of six returning lettermen: Gordon: High Hurdles, High lump, and Mile Relay. Longfellow: Low Hurdles, 220-Yard Dash, 880 Relay, and the Broad lump. Foster: Hurdles, High lump, Broad lump, and the 880 Relay. Sellers: Shot Put. Stutsman: 440 Yard Dash, Half-Mile Run, and the Mile Relay. Stock: Dashes, Pole Vault, and the 880 Relay. l 1 berger, B "All out for track" calls Chelse, and the relay teams line up. Page One Hundred Three Left to rig Hartman, E L g fellow, I F t 1 H offman, L Left to right Go o C: Kern, T W1 y Heifsnyde B B D: Stuts D Schner, I W Idy arrierd Rafe iglz in onference a4cfion. row: Stutsman, D: Mgr. Jenkins, B: Wiley, D: Swihart, I. Coach Boone and Capt. Gordon check points for the season. Above: Ah! A hard life is cross country! row: Bohs, B: Copenhaver, B: Reafsnyder, B. I U U row: Rosen, I: Borneman, B: Vescules, K: Schwartz, S. Bottom: Pounding the Cinder path at Rzce Freld. Back row: Crowder, Ci Coach Boone: Iohnson, C. Hampered by the return of only one letterman, Coach C. C. Boone's 1943 cross country team ended the fall season with a record of six wins and three losses and added a fourth place in the Northern Indiana Conference meet. Opening with two meets at South Bend's School Field, the Blue Streaks first conquered Central's Bears, 22 to 35, and fol- lowed up with a close decision over Riley. The Boonemen scored their second defeat over South Bend Central, this time on the two-mile course at Rice Field, 20 to 39, before being handed their first defeat at Ft. Wayne by state charnpicn North Side High, 39 to 17. Getting back to their winning style, the E. H. S. runners added their fourth Victory by defeating Goshen, 26 to 29. With the four remaining meets being held at Bice Field, Coach Boone's squad chalked up two more victories over Go- Page One Hundred Four shen, but bowed to Riley and Ft. Wayne North Side. Although having previously defeated the South Bend squad, the Streaks were edged by the Wildcats, 27 to 28. Goshen fell before the blue runners, 26 to 29, duplicating the score of the previous meet at Goshen, but North Side dealt Elkhart its third defeat, 20 to 38. In the season final the Blue Streaks triumphed over Goshen, 27 to 28, to score their third victory over the county seat rivals. Competing in the Northern Indiana High School Conference meet, which was held at the Erskine Country Club near South Bend, Elkhart placed fourth in a field of ten teams. The most consistent scorers for the local runners were Cap- tain Charles Gcrdon, Captain-elect Dick Stutsman, Dick Wylie, lim Swihart, Ierry Flora, Bill Bohs, Bill Copenhaver, and Bob Reafsnyder, all of Whom were letter Winners. Captain Gordon led Elkhart scoring by pacing the Streaks in most of the meets, but was followed closely by Captain-elect Stutsman. oofcierf an eta Show p we!! on iamon The spring edition of the 1944 E. H. S. baseball team hcped to place Well in the standings of the E. N. I. H. S. C. at the con- clusion of the season. The Blazers based their hope on eight re- turning lettermen and their new coach, Bob Ehrsam. However, gone from the ranks of the boys in blue and gray Were a number of outstanding boys. Lost by graduation were Frank Holloway, a .400 hitter, and the battery, Captain Ned Kreps and Merle Timmons. To fill the spiked shoes left vacant by these three, Bob Primivera and lack Witmer alternated at the right field spot with Bob Ervin, Bruce Sellers, and lim Swarts holding down the mound job. Bed Weldy and Art Brickman took over the back- stop chores. Opening outdoor practice on April 5, Coach Ehrsam found a large number of veterans plus a few rookies on the squad. Veterans who returned to their former positions, other than those already mentioned, were Bob Pickering, first-baseman: Glenn Banks, fast-moving shortstop: Dick Brown, up and coming handler of third base: Ronald Stump, following in his brother's shoes in left field: plus two especially outstanding boys, lim Talbot in center field and Vern Atwater at second base. Several new baseball aspirants, of whom Dale Chaffee, Dick Brown, and Paul Verhagen appeared to be the most promising, were expected to contribute largely to the Blazer cause. These three things, returning veterans, promising rookies, and the new coach, Bob Ehrsam, were the basis of championship hopes for the Baseball Blazers. The schedule was as follows: April 21 LaPorte ....i.,i........,.........,...... ........ H ere April 25 South Bend Iohn Adams There April 28 South Bend Washington ...... ...,.... H ere May 2 South Bend Central ....... ........ H ere May 5 Open May 9 Michigan City .....,. There May 12 Mishawaka ............. .Here May 16 Nappanee .................. ........ H ere May 19 South Bend Riley .................................,.,...,.....,....., . .,.. There Above: Talbot connects! Does that determined expression help, lim? Above: Stump gets ready to lay one down" Pickering snags a high throw at first. Out! Below: A swell turnout of vets and rookies. First call for baseball, Below: "The Natch" winds up. coach Emsqm presiding. Sree-rike! Page One Hundred Flve Fems that are physically fit Jliacobofua The Discobolus Club, under their new sponsor, Miss Char- lotte Denman, was put into motion by the initiation of cne- hundred and eight new members at Studebaker Park, October llth. The sports schedule, for the fall, of bowling, badminton, swimming, and basketball was started by the election of man- agers, They Were: bowling, Norma lean Treckelo, lane Patrick, loan Garoutte: swimming, Betty Miller: basketball, Marilyn Darrg and badminton, Ann Cronk, The club sold candy at the Elkhart-Michigan City football game and the Elkhart-South Bend Central basketball game. Home- made candy sales were held February 15th and March 22nd, Proceeds from these are used for club expenses. A group of the girls: Betty Osterloo, Alpha lean Harthill, Pat Lindstrom, Ann Cronk, Pat Roy, Barbara Stroud, Marge Garl, Marilyn Darr, Betty Miller, lane Patrick, Ianet Patrick, and Thelma Farrell gave a tumbling exhibition between halves of the Elkhart- Warsaw basketball game. At mid-semester the new sponsor, Miss Marian Marik, and twenty-five new members joined the club. Plans for the spring Page One Hundred Six sports schedule of archery, tennis, bowling and badminton were made. The lirst eight girls of the basketball group went to Goshen for a play-day March 25th. Those girls representing Elkhart were: Captain Martejo Kline, Margaret Shelly, Betty Osterloo, lean Vander Ryden, Marilyn Darr, Ann Cronk, lane Patrick and Ianet Patrick. Each sport had its own tourney. Due to the large bowling group, bowling was held on three nights and single and team tourneys were held. The badminton group had its doubles and singles tourney. The basketball group had an inter-class tourney with the Iuniors composed oi Captain Betty Osterloo, Anne Cronk, Barbara Stroud, lean Vander Ryden, Marilyn Darr, and Pat Lindstrom becoming the new inter-class basketball champs by defeating all competition including the seniors, the '42-'43 champions. The annual spring banquet was held at the Y, W. C. A. May 23rd. The theme this year was "Flying High" to signify the progress and achievement of the club. Toastrnistressi for the occasion was Virginia Murphy. .tbidcobulud Officerd September '43 President .,......,....,...... Nancy Wambaugh Vice-President ....,.,,.......,..,, Eileen Simons Secretary ..,.,.,,,,,... .........,,,,,.. P at Cullen Treasurer ,,..,l..,...........,. Virginia Murphy Social Chairman ....,,,....,,.,,,,..., Irene Lux Sergeant of Arms ....,,,,,, Virginia Miceli Sponsor .......,...... Miss Charlotte Denman Ianuary '44 President ...,.,,..,....,,.... Nancy Wambaugh Vice-President .,,.......,.,,,, Norma Treckelo Secretary ,,..i,.,... ...... M argaret Shelly Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,..,, Virginia Murphy Social Chairman ..........,....,...,.. Irene Lux Sergeant of Arms ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Betty Miller Sponsor ,,.,..,,.,..........., Miss Marian Mcfrik Above left: "Coach" Denman tells all. Above riqhif Mermaids. - Below left: Hack 'em up in Alley Four. Below tight: No, not a qab lest, but an offzcers confab. Page One Hundred Seven A-I Cab Co. ....,.... . Dr. F. P. Adams ....................... Adams-Westlake Company .,..,, A G I Trailer Company ........... Amy Allen Gifts .............,......,,.............. American Coating Mills Company ....,, W. T. Armstrong Company ............. Atkins Real Estate ...........,,.. L. G. Balfour Company .,...,. Vernon M. Ball .......,.......... Banner Coal Company ....... Barry's, Ieweler ............ Bash Coal Company ...................,.....,...,........ Bathrick G Palmer Machine Company ...,.... Berman s .............................,........,,,.,,.,...,.. Best Restaurant ..........,...........,...,,....,,.... Blessing Band Instrument Company .... Borneman G Sons ........................,,,...,... Boston Store ...........................,..,.......,..,..,, Buescher Band Instrument Company .. Burrell Lumber 6: Supply Company ..,,,,.,.,., Burt's Lunch ..................,...,........,...,,..,. Calvert Coal Company ....... Central Drug Store .............,...,...,....,,., ,... Chicago Hardware Foundry Company Citizens' Credit Corporation of Indiana City Ice Company ....,.......................,..... Correll Monument Company ,..... . Days Transfer Incorporated ...... Dixie Sandwich Shop .......................... Dobbins' Manufacturing Company ...... Do! More Chair Company, Inc. ......... . Drake's ....................,..................... Dr. Pepper Bottling Company ..... Dr. Eckerle .........,...................,...... Elkhart Amusement Company ..... Elkhart Brass Mtg. Company ,...... Elkhart Cleaners ...,,...,...,............. Elkhart Clearing House Assn. .... . Elkhart Cold Storage Company ...... Elkhart Credit Bureau ..........,........ Elkhart Foundry G Machine Co. Elkhart Ice Cream Company ....... Page One Hundred Eight alvluertiaing Elkhart Packing Company .,......., Elkhart Paint G Wallpaper Co. ..... ....,.. , Elkhart Pattern Works ................ Elkhart Rubber Works ..,.............. Elkhart Screw Products Co., Inc. . Elkhart Truth ......,,....,,....,,,,,.,..,,,,,,,. Elkhart Welding 61 Boiler Works . Elks .,...,..,..,,..,,.,,.,,,,,,...,.,..,,,,,,,,.,.,,.,. Emmco Auto G Fire Insurance Co. .......,...,., Federal Press ....,....,,,......... A ,....,.,,,.. Finnell System, Inc. Flander's, Ieweler ....,, Smith Frye ..,..,,.......... Gatill Oil Company ..,..... Garber's Paint Store ......,,. George's Sandwich Shop ........ Godfrey Conveyor Company ..... Goldberg's Men's Store .,.,.,,,,,,, Henry H. Gorney-Realtor ....... Handy Dandy Sandwich Shop Hartley's Drug Store .....,..,..,,,,, He1irick's Clothiers .... Herring Studio ........... Dr. H. C. Higgason ........ High Dive Pool ......... Hossick's Bakery ..... Hotel Bucklen .....,.. Hotel Elkhart ,...,.,,,,,,....,.,..,..,,,,,,,,. ,.., ,,,,,,,,, Indiana G Michigan Electric Co. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , Indianapolis Engraving Co. .... . International Detrola Corp. Isbell Lumber 6: Coal Co. ..,. , Ienner Drug Store ,......... ,lessen Mig. Company ,.,..,. Iet White Food Market ..... Iudd's ................................ Kiddies' Klothes Shop ....... Kist Bottling Co. ,...............,.,,,,, , Keene's Klothes G Boot Shop ..,.. Kegerreis Supply, Inc. ...,..... . Kuespert's, Iewelers ...... Dr. W. W. Lansche ........ W. F. Lilly Company ,...... irectory Linton Sand :Sf Gravel Co. ..... . Lundquist-Danielson .......... Lusher Motor Company .....,. Lux-Visel, Inc. ...,.............. . McLellan's ............................... McDermott Music Studios ...... Main Electric ...................,..... Martin Band Instruments ....., Martin Feed Store ....,,,.,.,,,. Metal Forming Corp. Meyer, Walter ....... Miles Laboratories ........ Milk Council oi Elkhart ....... Miller, I. A. .................................... . Modern Cleaners and Furriers ...... Modern Mode Boot Shop ............ Modern Pattern Works ....... Monteith's .,.,,,,,,,....,,..,,,,,,,., Motor Supply Company ..... Murphy Printing Co. Mutual Life of N. Y. .......... . Frank Myers, Men's Wear . ...... . G. Hallett Neale ....,........,,.... New Method Cleaners ,.......,,,..,,.,.,,,., Newman-Monger Lumber Company North End Restaurant ,.............,,,..,,,. Northern Indiana Brass Co. ,......,.... . Northern Indiana Public Service Co. ......,.. . Old Reliable Insurance Agency ..... Paris Cleaners ..,..,........................... The Pedler Company ...... I. C. Penny Company ........ Pickrell's Flower Shop .......... Prairie Schooner Trailer Co. Rapp Company ..................... Ray's Market ........ Rosen Brothers ...,,,... Rowe Printing Co. ......... . Russell, the Coalman ........ Russell Drug Store ,..,, Schult Trailers, Inc. ..... . Service Candy CO. ........... . Service Coal 6- Ice Co. ...... . 156 151 145 146 148 144 148 159 150 164 109 131 123 148 153 155 126 154 127 173 153 169 145 151 156 146 125 161 148 156 157 171 169 153 117 113 169 166 128 166 176 113 170 Service Press ..............,,, Sewing Machine Sales ..... Shater's, Clothiers ...,,..,,,,,,,,, Shafer, Pat and Employees ....... Shreiner 61 Son, Inc. ,,...,...,,,, , Sigmund Sorg, Inc. ...,. . Smith, S. K. G Co. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , Smith Motors ..,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, South Bend Typographic Service Spanish View .,,.........,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Spies. Geo.. Inc. ...... . Stamp Furniture Co. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,A , Standard Tool G Machine Wks. .. Stanton Dress Shop .,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, State Theatre ,.,,,,.,,,,,, Star Machine ...... Stationers ........, Stephenson s ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, Sterling Brass Foundry ........ Sterling Shoes for Women ...,.. Strom Brass Foundry ,.,.,,,,,.,, Style Shop ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,A Swanson Slipper Shop ..... Sweetheart Macaroni Co. Sykes, I ewelers .,.,,,,,,,,,,..A, Templrn s .,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,, Tittle Brothers Packing Co. Thompson's Auto Supply Co. Wcrlley Funeral Home ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wambaugh, Harvey Inc. Wartel, W. W. ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,- , Waters 6: Wilson Barber Shop .,,. West View Floral Co, ,,,,,,,,,,,,. , White Funeral Home ...... Williams Brothers, Inc. ,,,, , Williams, Rollie .,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, Wilt, W. W. .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,-,-,,. l Woodward's Feed :S Gen. Store 1 Wrays Ice Cream ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-, WTBC .,.......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, YMCA ....,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Yunker's Band Shop .,.... Zelle Funeral Home ...... Ziesel Bros. .,,,,,,,,,,,,, , WALTER G. MEYER FUNERAL DIRECTOR b 1 S ' -Ph e 68 Bernice Keene M y R N L dy Att 216 West High Street, Elkhart, Indiana Opposite Main High School Entrance GEO. SPIES INC OF CHICAGO "The Best Class Rings Made" TRUMBUNE TRUMPET ET BURN Z N Z ,Z R .2 1 M Complete HCC. ..- P CI Q Q - - .- 5 Qu cs C co .- f-4 co D- P4 Q DD C1 '.: S F-1 GD .-S11 di QU XL. P. CD .-Cl -6-7 7.3 C' GJ L. CD dill they're 3 QD C Ci XL. Pu QD .-G H4 D .4- 'E' .L1 .:: .2 'E P no .E f: 'ill cn GJ 'F' GJ F-1 .- CU E: r-1 CD 417 G U-4 Q-I E I 1 CU -a-J 1 'E .: .2 cf. Q ...- 'E CU L cu LD .E CID Iii C E QD P li .-'I u CU no G .- S Q E 5 4-1 U1 E f-1 S E LE -c:: GJ C ..- rc: :Ll .ca 2 GD .-Q ya so E: Ch di C E Q-P I CD .... S LD cc: CD VH CD .JI -u-I "':T CU CJ L. D.. rn 'E G' :a H DD 1: .- ..- .- .- L. ,JI .... 32 9-9 7 ..- -.1 ..- cn E D- K U1 CD LJ ..- I 'P P f 2 f- .- 36 ECT. ir itiug us d WI' by UI' dealer, your his ii 3 3 L. -F .1 1? ri E -.: CD CI C -v-7 G FT! cn cn GJ .- 'S C: .- - E .-D K 'U .- - S cn eed . SD etion, "velvet .A x L before? . never done .02 1 l TJ I Nl l I 38? CD J: cc -v-7 -TF-4 CDD E-27.2 - D- T131 :Two :Jam -a-1 I3 :Q H E e ..- QD- DEE E52 Ee 35.222 :Li "E""'E E eie sho QE' :nib LJ.-1 BIIESCHEH BAND INSTRIIMENT CU. S8 the 5. L. E- E f Z .-5 ff! 2 .-Q Z 4-1 -:A : ns E ea 1 be .- .- CU L-4 GJ -4-I - .-4 Elkhart, Indiana 954 Buescher Building, hila- PC CD -n-w 5U .-5 -o-2 Z C Q L-1 .- 2 cn L. I3 E Pa ff? -I C 3 H True W H9 A x fsfiwil :QW . 5 2: Qiill? .aim , ,ii ,, Em '32 4-s Eff wig C , e W .5 law?" ' ggi, 32 W wa x Q i -w . W ..,,. xi We we N.. an Q gi? 235-3 .evil -f vw T 3 7 Q v Pa .Q Px --I 0 .E va 5 ale excl S OI f ev Fl rc UI 4-9 S: an E 5 -U UI fo 'I1 cv G 0 II-1 an :J H EI ese Buescher .-C1 +4 6 -1 .Q rd 1-I -I-I fi P ns CI an ri S dw din il Bu Gth floor, Equity tire en ore and Studios, t CS usi M tt 0 Im 'U Q 'Q YD O Z3 FD rs: C2 D 9: fb Q. U1 'Q 1VIcDe YD 'B Sou fl: fiend THE 1944 PENNANT ANNUAL I proudly displays Service MOLLOY-MADE COVERS PRGOES EGR REPRODUCTION IVICDNOTYPE COMPOSITICDN ADVERTISING TYPCDGRAPHY it CCDIVIPLETE MAKE-UP SERVICE .Daniel Malfoy pvfant 219 East Wayne Street S- K. SMI-I-H CO- - Sflllth Bqglld, Indiana 2857 North Western Ave., Chicago died Twelve 5 Congratulations to the RAY S MARKET Class of 1944 328 S. MAIN STREET You have taken a big step ahead: 0 May success attend all your future efforts. Where you get the best meat S H A F E R 5 S for your points' CLOTHIERS RALPH SHAFER, Prop. Compliments of SERVICE CANDY CUMPANY ' Compliments of PAT SHAFER AND EMPLOYEES HOWARD L. SHELLY 618 South Main Street ROY I. LONG P g One Hundred Thirteen THE STERLING BRASS FOUNDRY 0 QUALITY Brass - Bronzoicl - Aluminum and Manganese Castings O ELKHART, INDIANA h Where the citizens oi Your Town and Mine find relaxation STATE THEATRE QUALITY MEATS AND COURTEOUS SERVICE TITTLE BROS. PACKING CO. 217 SOUTH MAIN STREET P Phone 2694 Compliments of WATERS 6: WILSON BARBER SHOP SANITARY SERVICE Phone 13 l28 W. Franklin WILLIAM W. WARFEL PLUMBING and HEATING s ' 'L Y 11 MODERN PLUMBING EOR MODERN HOMES emng WH Ouf Th h h I Office-422 South Second Street I mug out t e WOI d Phone - Office 332 ELKHART, INDIANA RESIDENCE RURAL ROUTE NO. 4 Phone - Residence 3305 1844 CENTENNIAL 1944 Young Men's Christian Association Best Wishes Class of '44 N. MICHIGAN YUNKER'S BAND SHOP A if Repairing if Remodeling if Rebuilding ,z HHR0l.D'5A nowens HAROLD G. AULD, Prop. ' regardless of manufacture H Add : I 111 so. Main Phone 186 me ress 8 4 Cedar All kinds and types of band instruments, O e Hundred The Charles Walley Funeral Home 126 South Second Street Elkhart, Indiana Ambulance Service Lady Assistant Telephone 626 Page One Hundred Sixteen Strictly Smooth Stuff from Ziesel's Iunior Shop . . . designed for Summer Enjoyment! 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C of JESSEN MANUFACTURING U0 Screw Machine Products Compliments of INTERNATIONAL DETROLA CORPORATION Foster Division Builders of Fastermatie Automatic Turret Lathes and Super-Finishers "BACK THE ATTACK" BUY WAR BONDS FIRST OLD STATE BANK ST. IOSEPH VALLEY BANK FIRST NATIONAL BANK WHEN YOU BUY YOU BUY THE BEST THE CALVERT CCAL CO ELK S BEST COA ARD 7 Zi the W V I The Health of 0ur Youth Is the Strength of llur Nation . . Drink Milh MILK CCDUNCIL CDF ELKHART Page One Hundred Twenty-tzree Northern Indiornds Leading Hotel, The Hotel Elkhart, Congrottulcttes THE SENIOR CLASS COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF O F OF l 9 4 4 INDIANA AND MICHIGAN 2 W H I T E ELECTRIC COMPANY F U N E R A L H O M E - Q ... i Phone 890 108 - ll4 West Lexington Avenue 129 SOUTH SECOND STREET HOTEL ELKHART Corner of Main and Marion, Elkhczrt's Busiest Corner X 5 U'LL FIND COPPER PLUMBING ITH NIBCO WROT FITTINGS! Ill ' ' -"H:-23-'-2 : 5 0"6g:-50.2 HT-Q un.-S... QQ u--r-'5,-u. G20 Sz: S -'lf-T'E-2 R fiifiel "62'1'.'2gSg 95585-35 Inch: gl!! 'll III --.-u4,.--sm BE-:":""' M aflisgv-Ig o'-+ -: 34'-.":'S's-' ,FU-0EEvl,,.'.E u33002:: .E -:ED-'09 "'2l...9unUg.: g+5227,3 3332503-2 :g:H52:v o,oUu-.gS '-m'Um"'Z:'g 505.55123- ,Eggfazti L03 UIOQ 1 S-:nfl 0 un :10-0 4 ,.f2U2.E32 E'?2"'2'Ef 4 Q!r:2550 1 wicuuig' P 00 'NF 1:0-'-H3352 I.-ll-ou' I-5' ez.-xr' -4- :L S'T.'E'.2" 1 -"En-"""3 m"'u3"5oE 3E:l-0170 .--I-5.E:.a 32,2-H- a '50uf: Eignfii Page One Hundred Twenty-tive COMPLIMENTS OF The Modern Pattern Works Wood and Metal Foundry Patterns Match Plates - Hardwood Dies "Good Patterns Make Good Castings" O 515 BALDWIN STREET Chas. A. Kratft, Owner H d d Twenty-sz Ulzel ultimate in Blousesf TIIE H 0lfJ'E M4 7' STAYJ' TUMEO Il! ,,,.:t1.:.. A JN 'Be Active days are ahead-mcc them r smartly,comfortabl m a Non-Pu ! y l Ingenious underarm feature absorbs strain of s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g. Tapered waist stays ml In fresh, tubbablc fabrics-peaches 'n cream, white, powder blue, Kelly green, dusty pink, maxze, brown, red, and qua. Sizes 30 to 40. With independent experts: With folks who know good food the It's the Spanish View, two to one. CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF '44 SPANISH VIEW best WE SPECIALIZE MEET YOUR FRIENDS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE in CRANKSI-IAFT GRINDING and MOTOR REBUILDING 'x 'F-'E MOTOR SUPPLY CO., INC. Phone 747 and 748 134 S. ELKHART AVENUE at the CENTRAL DRUG STORE Phone 10 CLASS OF '44 STERLING SHOES FOR WOMEN 405 S. MAIN STREET E "If It's New, You Will Find It At STERLING" P OHddT FOR - THE - CHICAGO HARDWARE QUALITY FOUNDRY CO. SERVICE SATISFACTION Dependable since 1897 Phone 41 RUSSELL THE COALMAN "The Home of Heat Satisfaction" - M A I N P L A N T - Pgond NORTH CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - a n d - ELKHART, INDIANA dT gh GOOD CREDIT IS PRICELESS Use It: Don't Abuse It ELKHART CREDIT BUREAU Compliments of Elkhart Cold Storage Co 908 Plum Street Compliments ADAMS-WESTLAKE CUMPANY WE'RE DOING IT, SOLDIER! The fighting lad in this poster is telling the folks back home: "If you will supply us with what it takes to win this war, we'll clean the mess up in a hurry!" That's fair enough! And hasn't someone said that an army travels on its stomach? Well, that's where the Miles Laboratories of Elkhart come in. We're not equipped to build heavy mechanical gad- gets, but our laboratories are ideally suited for packaging Army Rations. For packaging soluble coffee, for instance, -the kind that gives new heart to a fighting man out there in the jungles. By working closely with the U. S. Army Quar- termaster Corps, we at Miles are doing all we can to make that boy you know, from down the street, "the best fed soldier in the world." Many an E. H. S. alumnus is hard at work these days, patriotically helping us to turn out these Army Rations. Though their work is far from the battlefield, they are help- ing to turn the tide against Hitler and Hirohito, just the same. They are also enabling us to turn out those famous products sold in drug stores everywhere, in time of war and peace: Alka-Seltzer and ONE-A-DAY Cbrandl Vitamins. MILES LABORATORIES, INC. One Hundred Th COMPLIMENTS OF TO THE VERNON M. BALL LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF THE DE SOTO - PLYMOUTH GRADUATING CLASS OLIVER FARM EQUIPMENT FENDER AND BODY REPAIR ELKHART. INDIANA O H ndred Th' Phone 1804 Page ne u ty-two From graduation until you feel the need of a home oi your own is but a short time. We will be Very glad to help you plan the home, finance the home and secure a reliable contractor. A memory book relating to a future home should be in every hope chest. Burrell Lumber 6. Supply Co. 205 Iackson Blvd. Phone 316 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1944 B. P. O. ELKS No. 425 S E N I O R S : I've monde your portraits in '44: now, ous life goes on in Your Town and Mine, let me totke pictures of your sweethecrrts, your Weddings, your children. HERRING STUDIO. PgOH d drh yh THEELKHARTTRUTH "Truth, Iustice and Bight" Truth is streamlined to meet wartime condi- tions . . . local, national and international news articles brief and to the point without useless details, yet no important matter omit- ted . . . a time saving convenience to the reader. Truth's ably written editorials are worthy of any person's attention, not only to read but to study, too. Feature articles are informa- tive and entertaining. It's human nature to prefer the best, hence a very good reason for reading THEELKHARTTRUTH WTRC Your Blue Network Station! WTRC broadcasts many of the best pro- grams on the air through its affiliation with the Blue Network. WTRC continues to cater to the demands of local organizations in their campaigns for civic and social improvements. That's why W T R C is your Blue Network as well as the station that represents you in all our com- munity efforts: a community of interests within a radius of 40 miles of Elkhart. WTRC Your HOME Newspaper if Your HOME Radio Station One Hundred Thirty-fou ELKHAHT BRASS MANUFACTURING U0. INC YOU CAN GET IT AT . . . SERVING YOUR TOWN AND MINE - - - S A-I CAB Backing. the attack by our manufacture of War products W. T. ARMSTRDNG C0. P OHdd 200 E. SYCAMORE HARDWARE - PAINTS KITCHEN FURNISHINGS ELECTRIC SUPPLIES PLUMBING SUPPLIES 65 Years of Service ELKHART, INDIANA COMPLIMENTS OF H 0 T E L BUCKLEN -l Uur Sinceredl fied! ?fUi4lze.4 gor succau of Ulm Clan of 1944 a4lnerican Coating .Alina Co COMPLIMENTS OF CONGRATULATIONS 529 S. Main St. Best yet . . . try the Dr. Pepper system. Drink a bite to eat at 10, 2 and 4 o'clock, or any time you're hungry, thirsty and tired help yourself to pep and pleasure. Drink keen, icy-cold Dr. Pepper. DR. PEPPER BOT TLING COMPANY 1 N E L K H A R T Phone 4200 ELKHART, INDIANA One of Elkhart's Most Popular Eating Places The Elkhart Paint 6. Wallpaper Co., Inc. Nu-da Paint Products THE DIXIE SANDWICH SHOP Pgo HddThy Wholesale and Retail 600 SOUTH MAIN STREET 310 S. MAIN STREET PHONE 54 gh CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS CLASS QF IET WHITE FROM 1944 FOOD MARKET ELKHART PATTERN WORKS Manufacturers of PRECISION WOOD and METAL PATTERNS Phone 978 'A' A Wide variety ot quality foods for all occasions if 205-207 SOUTH MAIN STREET Phones 1067 and 1068 eenejg lflothes 0 Zopt sn op 325-.325 .South Mdzn .Street FEATURING - FOR THE MISSES HOSE Hooligan Kicks, Modern Age, Active Maid, Red Cross, Rysoniel and Arch- neck Shoes. FOR THE MEN Varsity Town, Griffon and Clothcratt Clothes, Stetson Hats, Arrow Shirts, Iockie Shorts and Interwoven Hose. Pgo Hddrhy ' COMPLIMENTS OF FLANDERS JEWELERS I U D D' S DRUG STORES 1007 W. FRANKLIN STREET 817 SOUTH MAIN STREET 402 S. MAIN ST. PHONE 963 LOW CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PgO Hd CLASS OF 1944 1-IANDY DANDY SANDWICH SI-IOP "Where better hamburgers and frosted mczlts are served" df' Everyday PIICGS and Convenient Parkrng CONGRATULATIONS TO THE S E N I O R C L A S S KIDDIES' KLOTHES SHOP BEST WISHES T0 TI-IE GRA UATES From Left to Right-Mary Ann Stout, Patricia Pontius, Donna Copher Three Members of the Class of '44 Modeling "Carole King" Dresses Exclusive with Drake's These charming dresses will delight the heart and flatter the figure of every 'teen age miss who ever longed for a beautiful dress. From our gay carnival of feminine finery, choose one of these eye compelling fashions . . . each one is ablaze with youth and excitingly different. MARY ANN STOUT-Wearing "Memory Maker", a dream of a dress in Sweepstake Spun Rayon. PATRICIA PONTIUS-In "Duck Parade", a two- piece dress of Miami Rayon Crepe. DONNA COPHER-In "Iungle live", a two-piece dress with cut-away jacket of Ruffin Crepe and skirt of bright printed Rayon Crepe. ci-'llckzaff 3505! Sfore Page One Hundred Fo Gflzy- fa e o- d REMEMBER TO BUY YELLOW CREEK BRAND Hams, Bacons, and Ready to Eat Meat Tastes Fine Any Time ,E ELKHART PACKING COMPANY ELKHABT, INDIANA The canoe's origin dates back to the dawn of civilization and was the first means of traveling the waterways. lt has played an amazing part in the discovery of remote places on earth, more than any other factor. LaSalle with his followers paddled from Lake Michigan in the month of December 1671 to the place South Bend is now located, and from there carried canoes westerly about nine miles to a stream which floated their canoes to the Wabash and Mississippi Rivers. Do not enter a canoe in deep water, unless you are able to swim. Every canoeist should realize that sometime or other he is going to upset. After you know how to swim you will enjoy canoeing and boating much more on our many lakes and streams in this district. High ive Diving Tower and Swimming Pool ff N A Qflltjk p ,um 72 E is u-- E wimming Pool Learn to swim in the Holland Canal at the High Dive Swimming Pool. 1000 Easy Street. Admission 25 cents with public dressing room Admission 50 cents with private dressing room Admission 25 cents for spectators Rental of laundered bathing suits 50 cents Best diving boards in the middle west and a long ride toboggan Page One Hundred Forty-t h CCN GRATULATIONS I From S 2 c ermo if 0 841' Juana 'P Siucfioa f i Indiana's finest school of music for private, Tim Ebersole - Tennis Captain instrumental and vocal instructions. Our ' V 8 L I students have won first in State and Na- KEE P FIT! lc' C e tional every year in Solo and Ensemble K E E P A L E R T ! Chiropractic Physician contests. Physical Well-being is essential today FACULTY OF ARTIST TEACHERS REMEMBER Heed Instruments ..,i,. Maxine Yerke, Caroline Hertel "IT PLAY" Hoffeffl'-lg YOU Piano ............,,.,... ........,....... M argaret Witmer Ward Voice ,...,. ,..........,,.,,,.,.. M abel Menghini , health Accordion .....,,,... ......,..., C larabelle Blazer MA N S if-Hough Dancing ................,,i .....,,.......... I ean Vivian Brass Instruments .,.v,,,,........,,.,v.........., Vern McDermott Chiropractic, In our new location, entire Sth floor 123 South Main Street of Equity Bldg. BEN SIVE, Owner -I Corner Second and Franklin Pl101'1S 1565 "Buy More War Bonds" I i P g O H d d Forty-four LU HER M0'l'0li C0. WH COMP? .REAL ESTATE cmd 1 I N s U R A N O E DODGE and PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS DODGE TRUCKS i' 'A' 361-365 ELKHART AVENUE Phone 857 ELKIIART, INDIANA G. h 165- 167 E. MARION STREET 114 W. MARION STREET Phone 554 P g O H d E C H O ' LOOSE LEAF NOTE BOOK THE HOME OF FINE G11-'Ts PAPER KUESPERT'S IEWELERS 514 South Main Street W. F. LILLY 6. COMPANY Distributors Elkhart, Indiana CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '44 NORTH END RESTAURANT COMPLIMENTS OF LUX - VISEL, INC. iegi igfefre f i g 1 f iQi2f2 fifii f ff:f:f:2:5:3:i:3:7 'I5:5:3"""-'- eol.nnEns's 324 sour:-I MAIN sr. ELKHART'S LARGEST MEN'S STORE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '44 Delicious! No, Not the G 1 It th D gh t f 's e ou nus THE HOSSICK BAKERY 604 Harrison Street PgO HddFy COMPLIMENTS of' MAIN ELECTRIC HARDWARE 1027 S. Main Street I. A. MILLER H A R D W A R E Pontiac Sales and Service H O U S E W A R E S Wall Paper and Devoe Paints Goshen and Elkhart PHONE 4017 'B rofedion L' 4'p"NY INSQFVQ WHATEVER OUR SERVICE A Ih i 'th b'ldf'dl1' db' . YOU ARE LOOKING FOB Snitivlyiikifilviifowii toulzvifkrljllhsygi?1fl1youL:lSlESEi- ance problems. You will find us a friendly agency, repre- senting dependable Insurance Companies. MCLELLAN S SEE Us TODAY H-'WE IT oLD RELIABLE INSURANCE AGENCY, Inc. N. E' Reitt, Mgr. Rooms l and 2 First National Bank Bldg. Phone 804 "COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE" P g O H d d F y gh I LE T0 SEW See the New Westinghouse ELECTRIC SEWING MACHINES Desk Models Portables Consoles I No Tax-No Priority Q Needed I yi 127 Class Singer Shown Above Like New Models V I S I 0 N' . AUTHORIZED SEWING MACHINE DEALER FOR the doorway to knowledge WESTINGHOUSE NATIONAL and NEW HOME NEEDLES - BELTS - OIL - WISS SHEABS BUTTON HOLE ATTACHMENTS - SEWING CABINETS Guard well the precious vision oi your children: See and Try These Beautiful Machines! Through their eyes comes 832 of their knowledge DR. W. W. LANSCHE 428 Camry Ave. oP'1'o1v1f:'rR1s'r MAIN STORE Open 'Til 8 : Phone 4236 Page One Hundred Forty- I I Y A' COMPLIMENTS 5'- CURRELL MONUMENT C0. 121 W. IACKSON BLVD. SYKES IEWELERS 109 S. MAIN ST. BEST WISI-IES, GRADUATES OF 1944 COMPLIMENTS OF Emmco Auto and Fire Insurance Co. OF SOUTH BEND, INDIANA MARTIN FEED LEE BUCKMAN, Local Agent 116 W. Icrckson Blvd. Phone 1044 Page One Hundred Fifty "ELDY" LUNDQUIST Be Wise - Tcxke Corre of Your Eyes DR. H. C. I-IIGGASON Optometrist 414 S. Main Phone 3038 "VIC" DANIELSON NEW METI-IOD cmmnmzs TYPEWRITERS 115 EAST FRANKLIN STREET For Rent By Week Or Month BAND BOX ZEPHYR CLEANING SERVICE REPAIRING - RELINING ' STAMP FURNITURE PHONE 370 ROYALS UNDERWOODS L. C. SMITHS 540 Sherman St. P O H d dFf CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES ghankg Student, J TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1944 BANNER COAL CCMPANY HOWARD C. ULERY CITIZENS CREDIT CORPORATION OF INDIANA 133 South Morin Street E E ART PHONE 533 POHdd Personal Loans to 95300.00 "First in Friendlinessu BURT' S LUNCH Monger Building "Home of the Burtburger CITY ICE CCMPA Y P H O N E 5 I C E 6 7 AIR il CONDITIONED ICE REFRIGERATION COAL MODERN CLEANERS AND FURRIERS REPAIRING REMODELING COMPLIMENTS OF STORAGE PRAIRIE SCHOONER TRAILER COMPANY ON FUR COATS Elkhart Avenue at High Street ELKHART, INDIANA "There Is No Substitute for Quality" Phone 444 425 SOUTH SECOND STREET START YOUR LIFE INSURANCE R H STOP IN AT WHILE YOU A E YOUNG WIT TE PLIN' S FOR FRANK H. GARY PHONOGRAPH RECORDS THE MUTUAL LIFE OF NEW YORK Phones 1207 - 396 204 Equity Bldg P g One Hundred Fifty-three 19 10' A Nome in Your Town cmd Mine X. f 1' " C 'N if Thort Stands or Quor 1ty . . . fx 2 s is ? , f Q 7 ' N 65 XX Why not get --MUNTIETIPS Pg o H ddrfyf ,I i 1 ORAN5 .mv uvurn nkvul, own ma: .wr-jj," ' W.. ...M - D Illlll i-4. The fasiiesf thirst- quencher in fownl Get tangy, refresh- ing Orange KIST today-or try one of the other popu- lar wholesome flav- ors. KIST really gives "thirst-satis faction." ,-, KM KIST BDTTLING C0. Phone 2312 C. S. Kegerreis Supply, Inc HOLLOWELL STEEL BENCHES MUNICIPAL SUPPLIES 110 - 115 STATE STREET BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '44 FRQM COMPLIMENTS OF MODERN MODE BOOT SHOP STANDARD Tool. AND MACHINE womcs 306 PHONE So. MAIN L-1910 COMPLIMENTS OF BATHRICK :Sf PALMER MACHINE CO. 1317 Princeton St. ELKHART, INDIANA IF YOUE CLOTHES DON'T FIT, SEE IOE the TAILOR ir ir PARIS CLEANERS IS THE PLACE POE SATISFACTORY CLEANING 114- 116 E. Franklin 9 Phone 140 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1944 Newman- Monger Lumber Co. 210 EAST JACKSON BLVD. P OHddFi CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '44 PHONE PHONE 2 7 9 O 2 7 9 0 L I N T O N SAND 6. GRAVEL CO. Cement - Concrete Blocks and Floor Ioists - Mortar West Beardsley and 21st St. Elkhart, Indiana COMPLIMEN TS OF A. 6. I. TRAILER CO. PAUL B. EMMERT I DOXMORE CONGRATULATIONS fHeg. U. S. Pat. Offj AND Lo'rs OF LUCK ' fjoafiure cum TO THE A CLASS OF '44 Gu4ffo1n.6-utlff WOODWINDS - THE SENTINEL DOMORE CHAIR COMPANY, Inc PgOHddFf CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1944 DR. F. P. ADAMS . DENTIST 9 GEORGE'S SANDWICH SHOP 407 - 410 i 105 WEST MARION Equity Building Phone 840 ' Elkhart, Indiana BASH COAL COMPANY High Quality, Low Price, High Heat, Low Ash Compliments of Phone 86 Indiana and Sterling Aves. smith irye business manager 1917 - 1918 pennant PgOHdd We Specialize in Stoker Coal Ff h Sixty-tive per cent of the Wor1d's band instruments are Elkhart Screw Products Co., IIIC. made in Your Town and Mine . . . Plum St. :S E. G W. Railroad Producing for our boys in the services and the finest of these are made by E E MARTIN BAND INSTRUMENT CO. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Our Sincere Best Wishes For Success In The Future THE BOSTON STORE O E1lchart's Store of Values Compliments ot GODFREY CONVEYOR E: B E COMPANY Chassis Alignment Service WHEEL BALANCING Does away with shimmy and uneven tire wear Elkhart Welding 6 Boiler Works Phone 3000 2132 S. MAIN ST. ELKHART Pgo Haas COMPLIMENTS wk if vk HARVEY WAMRAUGI-I, INC. 618 South Third St. ir i' if i' Buy U. S War Bonds itti' NORTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY b THE FIRST STEP FORWARD . . A GCOD PAINT IOB TH S S 0 ISHES EHR T TEPT WARD BEST W To THE CLASS O, .44 mpg PAINT Jun v a ll ll I-l ' Q - 51- f s il ,E E' E FROM PH S T H E xy ,- .,A, K 1 3 1325. E L K H A R T 5 2 2 2 12555315 :5:5:2:5EEE2E55 112 '-"'- ' "'A':: E :E zziii :::.: Q f F. A M U S E M E N T Ask us for FREE advice -on E C O M P A N Y any job you're undertakzng E Don't gamble on your paint jobs! lust ask us - about them and We'll tell you how to do them - right-the first time . . . how to prepare the surface, the correct finish for best results, and : th 'ht thdf l'ti.O l- sije Pdf11PCccfloroSc3IeIdtbcf'asll3d1ws rgclfiiillzilfle - OPERATING your own, painted any color you choose. ' We'll even help you locate a good painter if " E L C 0 you need one. Use our paint advisory se1'vice ' -it's absolutely free! O R P H E U M 'llllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIlIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIF B U C K L E N THOlVlPSON'S AUTO SUPPLY C O M P A N Y P orfdasy DAY' S TRANSFER IN C. ELKHART, INDIANA WHY NOT RENT A FINNELL MACHINE "IT PAYS TO SHIP via DAY'S" To do your floor scrubbing, waxing and polishing or rug shampooing? We also have a complete line of Floor Maintenance products which include: wAxEs SEALERS soAPs CLEANERS FINNELL SYSTEM, INC. Est. 1906 ELKHART, INDIANA Pioneers and specialists in floor maintenance equipment P9 OHddSt yth Sigmund Sorg WUUDWARIVS FEED 5. GENERAL STORE RELIABLE IEWELERS Distributors of Arcady Feeds Phone 1860 1207 N. Michigan St ELKHART GOSHEN ELKHART, INDIANA 513 So. Main 120 So. M THE ELKHART RUBBER WORKS One of the Eighty-one Elkhart Industries Producing Materials for Victory . . . - COMPLIMENTS OF METAL FORMING CORPORATION WILLIAMS BROTHERS, INC. MANUFACTURERS or HIGH GRADE CASTINGS Elkhart Foundry and Machine Company BRASS, BRONZE, and ALUMINUM 318 South Elkhart Avenue 1125 W. Beardsley Ave. Phone 384 ELKHART, INDIANA WRAY'S FINE ICE CREAMS FOR EVERY OCCASION BUILDING HEADQUARTERS Let us help you With your building problems ESTIMATE FREE - NO OBLIGATIONS ir uk ir if ok "Toot - Toot" America's p H Q N E 2 2 Favorite Dairy Food Ice Cream D solmber O af if if uk as and Coal o PgOHddSf COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF STEPI-IENSON'S SWANSON SLIPPER 222 SOUTH MAIN STREET S H Q P Phone 980 Where the people in Your Town and Mine meet for or coke ' . . COMPLIMENTS OF RUSSELL DRUG STORE ROWE PRINTING COMPANY 531 SOUTH MAIN STREET BUY MORE AND MORE WAR BCNDS THE STORE OF QUALITY FOODS Remember, Quality Requires No Extra Points W. W. WILT SUPER MARKET ELKHART THE ICE CREAM SUPREME COMPLIMENTS O F SPECIALISTS IN FANCY ICE CREAM Dobbms Mcmuiacturmg Company Phone 2623 1400 Princeton sr. ELKHART, INDIANA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HARTLEY'S DRUG STORE CLASS OF 1944 1212 W. FRANKLIN STREET if SWIFT'S ICE CREAM PHONE 429 THE STATIONERS P offddsyqh HEL1-3'RICK'S CONGRATULATIONS STYLE-RIGHT CLOTHES Fon MEN T O T H E Opposite State Theatre C L A S S O F 1 9 4 4 if Sport Iackets Slacks Roblee Shoes Lee Hats F R A N K M Y E R S Van Heusen Shirts B. V. D. Sport Shirts Botany Ties Hickok Belts MENIS WEAR CONGRATULATIONS FASHIONSIN A N D F L O W E R S B E S T W I S H E S T O T H E SENIOR CLASS BY O F 1 9 4 4 RICHARD B. MATZKE At P I C K R E L L ' S ROSEN BROTHERS MAIN OHMARION PgOH d EVERYTHING IN DRUGS THE IENNER DRUG STORE Corner Main and Lexington SWEETHEART MACARONI COMPANY Manufacturers of Spaghetti, Macaroni. Egg Noodles and Bread 625 HARRISON ST. ELKHART, INDIANA P o H d d s y Compliments of LE ROY LUDWIG'S SERVICE COAL AND ICE COMPANY 920 CASSOPOLIS STREET Phones 290 - 2600 S T A N T O N ' S woMEN's AND M1ssEs' APPAREL 304 so. MAIN sr. BEST WISHES TO OUR GRADUATES PICTURES 0 GIFTS 0 GREETING CARDS O PICTURE FRAMING COLOR HEADQUARTERS 224 South Main Street I. C. PENNEY CO HIGH QUALITY AND LOW PRICES "E1khart's Busiest Store" P gOHd y Best Restaurant Lusher Avenue at South Main Street ELKHART, INDIANA L. QUALITY AND SERVICE BY THE G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO, MASS. Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Diplomas - Personal Cards Represented by Iesse Greene Daleville, Indiana D-X Lubricating Fuel Diamond 760 Motor Oil Pennzoil Motor Oil Kelly-Springfield Tires GAFILL OIL COMPANY Mrs. Charles Best Charles E. Hess Pgondds y I PAW ROLLIE WILLIAMS PHONE 66 S ond and Iackson Elkhart, Ind. Makers ot Eine Band Instruments E. K. BLESSING BAND INSTRUMENT CO. 1301 W. BEARDSLEY STREET MURPHY PRINTING COMPANY 'ir 31269 uk 114 WEST SYCAMORE ST SHREINER 6 SON, Inc HEATING cmd PLUMBING ELKHART, INDIANA OHd COMPLIMENTS OF FEDERAL PRESS CO. dS 1 NATIONALLY ADVFIETISED ' o I I Q I U a V Ill 5 lad: s' Home J urnal and vggue ucsnszo cnynfafns LKIIAR CL N QP, if f , ir Gongmtulations and iBe5t Wishes TO THE Graduating glass of 1944 Compliments of A. Gr. ZELLE 403 West Franklin Street ELKHART, INDIANA Page One Hundred Seventy-six THIS YEAR WHEN IT'S HOMES F OR WAR WORKERS OR TOMORROW WHEN IT'S VACATION TIME . . REMEMBER - "ANY PLACE IS HOME IN A SCHULT TRAILER!" Larger, roornier - more luxurious than ever before - a modern Schult trailer is the last word in a comfortable, convenient home-on-wheels. Generously proportioned . . . Cleverly designed . . . Skillfully engineered . . . to provide a maximum of living and working space. An undreamed-of-degree of homey- ness and comfort. Interior arrangements include private bedrooms, dinettes or davenports-you'll find IUST the set-up YOU Want, with lots of drawer, shelf and storage space. Ready right now! Step up and pick yours out at any Schult dealer's! YOU GET MORE IN A SCHULT Tops in value, a Schult trailer offers you better design and engineering, more usable space, better heating and insula- tion, more restful beds, finer finish and furnishings - for your money -than any other trailer. Don't take our Word for it - inspect a Schult trailer at your dealer's . . . You'1l see why there are MORE Schult trailers in use today than any other. SCHULT TRAILERS Inc. ELKHART, INDIANA "World's Largest Trailer Coach Manufacturers" lame ojo -No gas . . . no tires . . . no butter and even no cuffs on our trousers. But who cares! Our blood goes into banks . . . our money into bonds . . . and our fathers and brothers go to war. We go to school. We Work and in spite of Tojo and Hitler, We laugh and play. Tomor- row We go to War. Today the flowers are out . . . so is our annual. Here is the record of our year at Elkhart High School . . . that year of the Italian beach heads, Tarawa, the Marshalls, Burma and the feverish preparations for the European inva- sion. Such a year of Work, play and sacrifices had to be recorded. Our engraver helped us immeasurably. Indianapolis Engraving Company 222 EAST OHIO STREET INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Page One Hundred Seventy- SERVICE PRESS frin fem flzone 33 60 117 W. Lexington A ELKHART, INDIANA AUTCDGRAPHS c. ! 1 6.54 Q r QR 1 1 fig? Qi X F9 WHL Sire V we the Jia hdving recorded the scenes of our town, our school, otnd our- 7 selves in this Worr-torn yectr oi 1943, 44 -- We look otheotd to thott time When, dll over America, the better things ot your town ornd mine Will reotlly dgdin be ours - to Work for, to tight for, to cherish. , The Pennant Annual staff ol 1944. k- i

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