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0 IO 221 5? ,af " .QW,,,fi4igi!.-T " -Ag: f'- GS END Qs 1' 'fff i 1 '20 i Lf'lW, 117106, fix N 'I 02 k --xx- 1 1-' Q-6' - ,AIA ,' 1 f ,ffl if I ,B ff X ' w I X11 X X F' N x X X N . X f X xx f .-Ax , X is Q f? ' N I Q 71 Q, X nllfl A f if , 5 13,1111 xixl - W WV rf ,- H Na r 2 lj! X , ,L ' 1? ' a 1 X s o fa f e All America l including ils high schools, like 'I'he Elkharf High School in now 'Fully realizes f ihaf war brings counfless changes. Like all'America, we, of Ellcharl' High, mei +he demands of 'rhese changing hmes, and here we record fhe second year, of l'he second world war, in l'he 1943 EAUVA While we watch history being made by the minute instead of by the hour, while we gasped at ideals and ideas being shattered by men of small vision, we still maintained . . . Mim- :ESQ rn ff ' ,Ji 4 L, s Whether the world is aflame with war or atire with the ywork of peace and progress, whether we are defending our democracy or rebuilding after those who would destroy it are silenced . . . yes, no matter what the times may be, through the years, through our age and yours . . . ' IN SPITE OF WAR, TOIL, SWEAT AND TEARS a w +V . 5.5.-,,.: vi W ,I ., 4 ' 471' . Aug-1. K gig! EH: f , 5 W r2',"'Mf' 'k ' ' 493'.'Tf'e'7 ,3vg?':i'vf"fK?F,L'J:i,, 47181135-W?F,gi'y4"' YT '-an mmm. :fvm:"y- ,- wr :-r '-51.24 N1 -so f--ww 'Q x L, wi Magix 1 Eff wif'-2' 541: iv, ' , ' Page Six efoyafiy, Jlniegrifg, Courage, gaifll Suddenly, into rhe m-idsl of our carefree lives came a global war, big, far reaching. , lnsfead of plans for indus'I'ry or college, We revised our courses and prepared for war. H' was all bewildering, confusing, frighfening . . . The world we once knew was 'lorn 'From our grasp ln +l1is new feeling of insecuriry, whal could we counl' on? As we looked ahead we began +o see rhose 1'l1ings, rhose parrs of our American l1eri1'age - Loyal'I'y, in+egri+y, courage, and 'Fai+l1- +l1a+ we would lake wi1'l1 us in+o +l1e beH'er world of romorrow. 1254 lf ,rf ff i ja - ll ' gr TO WIN THE WAR . . . TO MAKE IT WORTH WINNING . . Qe, fl fy q'W.4fmS"N iff! X E 5, V , -1 fy! If -TR liffffyf F, ' i.!,fff,.Q71Q-Z - A. 'W' ' -2 I W, 4 frflxzvz 1- W, X A f..1":6' r A, 07711 " -. l "ff,-' 3, 1 41' ix l x K if 5 - Y . - X ,V VX X I, f ilvisg L +L V-gr --X 1, x 7,1 Z, .,-V .. -fx 71" ,- P ge Eighf S war a4ciiuitie.4 laminated Ulu' ear In I'his second year of 'I'he war, our courses were revised 'ro include aeronaulics, special maI'h, blue prinl' reading, and "+oughening" courses in physical ed. Girls were adm-iH'ed 'ro machine shop classes and olher vocalional courses. Many oI'her acI'iviI'ies are shown on I'his and following pages: a mosi' impor- Iani' one was 'Ihe sales of war sI'amps and bonds. lOn Dec. 7, l942, we purchased 5506.701 Q 1? mm M. .Vw f f 1' mf f I f .Q 'wp ,. 'T 4 mm f -1-fzgfv :Wwigg M fgwgg QQ- 1 sQf.,2'? 4 ,.., ' ..,. . . .f ga, 55 :,,'f:g: ::.'!aEha. -5g:" 'u, 'A .. . A 21 : ' ny , Pix, kim 113' " ,:,:Ef Q .. ig w 1 1: L. ' WW wi-:bk ' NSI. i. W AV' '65 A M-'W A . . LQ L. .. , .xv M . was A 1. - aff, qv ,gg f .. W .foyally to Our inspired us +o carry on our war program. Our musicians gave all groups of de- parring draffees a send-off of cheerful m-ili1'ary music. Our assembly programs l'hru songs, movies, plays and speeches, were cons1'an'l' reminders of l'he parl' we 910. 9 The band saluies our deparl pledge a and io ur eroea as civilians musl' play. A memorial plaque honoring +he boys in service was pre- sen+ed 'I'o fhe school in a special me- morial program, and our hear1's were heavy buf our pride was high, as 1'he lisl' of Elkhar+ans was read. diers, and we record lhem on our roll of honor ,, H swam as !'bDN43',:, , 5, ,. . we 1 l if ,jf'iQ5'Li'S:'f,5.j," f 'M 'i.b,,w"'376' , I , rr,, S 95 Q, ,f,,ff A :fax ff r ,xg,miL2E 52 5Qg'Q1ZfWi3i?3 . , - .f ,,', ' 'ifiifn , .,1fmmN,m,,.i., in raining for Home lbefenae were uppermosl in our m-inds. S+uden+s and l faculfy worked fogelher on all our war proiec1's: 1'l1e physical filness boys organized a marching corps: we s+udied firsl' aid: we collecled for +l1e vic'rory book campaign: we senl' magazines lo boys overseas: we confribuled +o bo+l1 local and dislanl' canleens: we planned viclory gar- Besl 'fool 'Forward -- squad leaders drill club nc! gran! ine a4ciion densg we worked 'fairhfully a+ our war-lime courses, frying +o do our share. Even our a1'hle1'ic program, one of 1'he mosl vifalizing parls of rhe school life, was alifecred when several prominenl' a+hle'I'es were dra'H'ed before finishing lheir careers on courrs ancl playing fielcls. Machines 'lake on p l Elle fittle Zlzinga of ife - Zheng, 5 , Q 0 Even wilfh 'lhe weighi' of war on our shoulders, we did noi lose our American sense of hum-or and our desire 'For gaiefy. ln spi+e of lhe changing scenes, we s+ill carried on wifh fhe parlies, plays, and dances, These liHle fhings keep up lhe hope of America. They musi' be and will be preserved. We iecfs lllxn lbp H Triple L T D 1' Club pla Dough 04 School year id Jlftacl We remember flxose second-hancl book sales carried on by lhe Honor Socie'ry . . . lhe dances and parfies in +l1e newly-clecoraled cafeleria . . . l'l1e plays by The clramalics club and 1'l1e +wo all-imporlanl class plays . . . senior day wifh i+s solemn processional anal Hs "hellzapop- Remember lhe Schoolroom Sc , January Senior Day Skil? as 21 ww.. vu ...W .5 E 'V Q. 5, .ff , 15355 ,121 fi I M . 1ij1g:QgKi'1..l . Z M: ,A f?3Z??i65'z ,igfis r VQQWM WS' .4 '?f'Q?Qf . M575 .. we gg, l . E, s 5,2 Q f P .. ,Q -, gg :F 1 f A hiwl ,J 3 ff A 3 7 Q ix Kg My Q t I Eg 1-fx. , L E ' gg 3' is if mg., 1 M 2 32 415, :L , 1 if Q? ' ' ,, Qifisif. . Q gf- n avel A fQQL1 w x ,Q .. 91 wx 1 A Q fa 59' ,...f-'fn iff Q'f,fj,f ff im L V F' fd ,-S-f If 1' 1 fi Q K rj' 1 N V, J K., jx X 5 , Ag , K A , ff Si? P 5 I is hx 'arffft' - i V X W .' K: 21. .. , " J W if s 2 A' ,f 'l Ji f' i ff: J ANX! , in - --Ax -. Q1-Q":"" ' ,f 'W ,figjrf x "rr, N -W Q - fjfi. i, Q, fi!! 'xii '-'VY if-'f ff l' I N----- J fe-- -e - as - ,ff s ffrgi-s N f' pf: 4 Q?-N 1,5 J here will Jie jntegrily because, our facully ,W15,,,,Mu,, 11.5 ,,,h3, ,, .u.,.,,, ,, ,N iw.. ,. encourages classroom discussions like lhis, where we can argue, and express our opin- ions, ra+her +han an academic clic+a'I'orship, in which a sruclenl' cannol' say wha'l he hon- esfly believes . . . 'For we find V 1' -nw ix rn? H, Af'-All I1-2i1iff"' L,29Wf-rWfJ3' Y'? " warn ,lg .iw if ! E7 r g 5' "5 1- if . if 'EF' , if f i'- .fs 2,Lgif+za1:i:mg4wangz-1.sg3:,q,:,g-wrwvg'as,,Lxgufgg 'mlqsdii "'4 j rqigi wi- "Ass-LW-args Wfqlffl. Tim "' Page Nineleen THE REASON FOR ALL . . . ou and your Zafenhi, graded and Zlwuglzfa: No maHer wha+ our parl' is in lhe fulure . . . lhe immediare fu+ure or 'I'ha+ 'rime when fhe world is free . . . we have been preparing for if in 'rhese halls and class rooms. Even in fhe presenr confusion, we can see courses and subiecls +ha+ will be far reaching. ln rhese direclions we build, menrally and physically, for +omorrow's world. 5 ...W f . H4 J .Q I , Y 'v!v"f"'PV f I wg 55 am nz- fm ti fivlv. Q: ' E fl-x ,Q in Mei. ,J EM x -.- mmx M '55, uv 1 s ,um X ,nf J . V? -.K 1, , liff ' N -. - - V it fe Q f-3 ,mmf , ,saggy M - Qi. Im . ,, 5, . 3, J-fn-M wma A-...W ea . S g .,gf5su,gf,, , ,, . .. .fm , fm? ., . V .. ' " ""r:'f'?'gQ??' ,:u w wf , iv 4S4azsVx3x'm.,1xz,,x.x .. ,...W ,.,., mf 7 , V, ' A f.zfmffezm,-mf.., www' ww A In H 7,2 , ., A.,A M .,..,.,,m,.,,,., A -M -2-w,,'.,i ,,..-A rf 1,-w,f:.x,.m-1-.M , , , nf. 1 waz ., ff?f5,. v if -f - .-.S X ,. 3256. i1r6g5'fgf!' 1 '- -' : P .2 .mu VLA, mf. my Www: .4 .KW , .. , , " , .,,.1, fi 4 . ,,. wp .nf ,x. ,L :irq 'L . 4 A K' 'iii Q ' 2 ,ff .. V, ' ji, 'iifiifivgsi iifvisiifjfgf. 3:11, 'f 'I - .i?'7,wk5?z 'T51f'.,, 7 , V A ML V, , , W2 Y ' 'Q1f"f.sx's Wififzsf , 'fm ' ,pg 1 'il .',!,1+2ut-A f,i1f"n5Hf, ,V'w,,:5i5?Z1Q,. ' Mm' f f 'ffx22.i,ffm,, M2421,21-2,,gg5Qggq,3Q,..,.w1' f-1 . .. ,- fy 5i,h325g5,,m,:,1:fs7 iw,Q92ffs,.Msw,4ff.5mw f.,1fmY4mfnssg.x,, , M :e,1fQf4QaVfQzvQ1m.gM M5515-?j,i4ag,.w, :ag .Q H, ww' me ,sf ff ff-- ' V- Wfzsigiiiwgfl ,, ,,w,Q,, 1 , ,, ,, , M , .s,,y . .. ,gsm as Awssvj V , , L1 53511, ,311-gf,-5 wQii553w 2:'w , ' 'Q ..f mm gwzwf- f ff, ..",: 5," 5i4- 'aa V WHS:?ifEs?iQf1QiLsi1ffQilfifx' Ni-Q' tifigff wfe,,g35i?j.5g,lgg,p,.f1,a.,aj, ,K .1 ' '+fwLQflf, -'h' 'I Qi' ffl' 21. 143. Q? , Q 34522, ,,,? K5 .ff M, as K, ..,Q-"' 07' B W 1 , , N , .,.-KM W K iv' I X e Q 2 .4 ww We Q , 1 9 'Q f Y V..,,., KA. ,xx I 'A . 0 E. ' u 1 Q x, YI , .MK . V i Q , PL, 1 P , fw,w,:4 1 mf,-Pie'-, , 2.3 2 slew 1? ,Q Q ? -w w, V g gm Q , ,"f?,s E?ffi,'. J . Sfggk 5 .X . 1, L. fl E 2 W..-sw 1 ,ff , , W ,A f ,Lg r,,, .-'ff - . ..Qg,.w,a rf 1 571,53 gs?-1 E51 w W-5, A , -, s 7:35 m-.N..,- , -A.. 4 . 4 : Q. J 2 f Mg: x , , 1 ,, 'S '- " ' M: i34""hz. in 5 L --1. w MV 5 - ' L Y-. f iff,-."' ,5i'L5f'il-A .,.., , - 'ff rr- ,I H- '-'v- 1 --'- V . A xx eg! 5 I , ' , V Q 4' .- ' A FZ, ' X ,far X 5 W .QV PM w ggib - AM , 4- A WM. N. ""'S2l , LN HENR- :QV K' , 43, , f f , 'xx ' 9 I I Wea-,A , , fl KTWS w V'?45f?5EVf3f-V75 V525- 'mh 'A ' M2 aim ti ,wks ff ,,.. lf. 3 .i gif arf Q- H f " K' Affgff? f E ,I ,...M,W , ,, my 2 I i3 Skiffa, Zafenta, and Uracfea in adclifion 'lo +l1eory and facf, are im- por1'an+ in preparing us for lhe world of fomorrow. In music, ar'r, and dramafics deparlmenfs, i'l1e ones wi+l'1 'raleni' move ahead. New fechniques and meihods of de- livery are +augl'11'. In +l1e commercial and Here, Talenfs in Music, Arf, Drama are Encouraged: ancl Skills in Typing, F! 9 M? wa -.Q il W' 5,1 , ,. , ., A -'rv 9 ' -ff pn -, A H ix ,wf ri' nu a4clminiJiraiion To lceep 1'he mechanics of 1'he high school running smoorhly, 1'he adminis- 1'ra1'ion devoles hours of 'lime and years of experience. The war program has added new courses, new problems, and a greai' m-any exrra duries. These have THE COUNSELLING STAFF increased +he load which Mr. Holde- man and his slaff so ably carry. Mr. Church is largely responsible for rhe widening of The curriculum and fhe high rank our school holds in fhe s1'a+e, especially in +he war program. Leif 'lo Righi: Robinson, Clarice: Jarvis, Kafhrynq Gemmeclce, Richard: Kirkland, Helen: Gill, lvang Organ, Ted Superinfendenl' Harold H. Church The counselling sysfem, recenrly ins'l'i+u+ed, gives each s+uden+ a beHer chance +o plan specially- sui'I'ed programs. PQ .xllembera of the Norval E. Adams, B.S., M.S. Biology, Chairman of Biology Depi. Anna Amsbaugh, B.A. Home Economics Carl J. Anderson, B.S. Woodwork, Priniing, PaH'ern Malcing Frances S. Avery, B.A. Laiin, English John E. Baughman, B.S. Machine Shop Kenneih R. Bell, B.A., M.S. l-lisiory, Chemisiry Harrison P. Berlcey, B.A. Physical Filness, Safely, American Problems Orpha A. Book, B.A. Librarian Chelsea C. Boone, B.A. Physical Eclucaiion Zella Lee Boone, B. ' Geomelry, nduslrial Maih. Rufh Brough+on, B.A., .A. English, Bible, Chairman oi Eng. Depi. Louise Busche, B.A., M.A. English Gerfrude Clendenen, B.A., M.A. English Eva C. Cole Ari Page Twenfy-eighl' gacufly of the Ediih Denfe, B.A. Comm. Law, Booldceeping, Business English Beriha Depew, B.S., M.A. Home Economics, Chairman of Home Ec. Depi. Adelaide Earharf, B.A. English. lOn leave of absencel Clifford David Evans, B.S., l.E. Voc. Machine Shop James A. Fosfer, B.S. lndusirial Aris Doyle T. French, M.S. Maihemaiics, Chairman of Maih. Depl. Richard H. Gemmeclce, M.A. Social Siuclies ivan C. Gill, B.A., M.S. Chemislry Melvin W. Glendening, M.S. Typing, Bookkeeping William Gowdy, B.S.M., M.M. Choral Music Florence Hill, Ed. B., Ph.B. U. S. l-lislory, Chairman of l-lisl. Depi. Ben Hudelson, B.A., M.A. English, Dramalics S+ella N. Caihcarf, B.A., M.A. Physics, Chairman of Science Depl: CNot Pictured! glfclzari Senior David Hughes, B.M. Direclor of lnsirumenial Music Kaihryn Jarvis, B.A. Malhemalics, Sophomore Counsellor E. T. Organ Chairman of Voc. Depi. Zora PaH'on, B.A. Home Economics Clarice M. Robinson, B.A., M.A. Shorlhand, Typing, Bus. English, Chairman of Comm. Dept W. E. Sands, B.A., M.A. Hisiory Marguerile Sawyer, B.A., M.A. Lalin, English, Chairman of Language Deplz Mrs. Ada Sickels, Ph.B. English N. Marie Siner, B.A., M.A. Bookkeeping Raymond Sorensen, B.S. .- Physical Eiiness, Tennis Coach' Raymond Sproull, B.A., .M.S. American Problems . , , Glenn H. Updike, B.A., M.S. Biology, Physics, Maih. J. F. Wiley, B.A., M.A. T English Evelyn J. Wagoner, B.A. Biology High Sclzoof Riley R. Jordan, B.A., M.A. Social Siuclies Dorolhy Kelly, B.A., M.A. English, Pulalicaiions Les'I'er L. Kerr, M.S. Malhemaiics Gladys King, B.A. Spanish Helen E. Kirkland, Ph.B., M.A. Shorlhand, Typing, Junior Coun Theodora Kolb, B.A. Physical Ed., English Virgil Likins, M.S. Physics, Aeronaulics, Eleclriciiy John Longfellow, B.A. Physical Eclucalion M. J. McGuirk, B.S. Draiiing, Pa++ern Making, Mac lWar Training Prog.l Wilbur Maier, B.S. l-lisrory Clyde E. Miller, B.A. Physics Don Niblock Avia+ion, Auio Mech. sellor h. Shop Page Twe ly qe Thirly ffidior 0 Looking back on 'rhe hisiory of The class of '43, we see ourselves as sophomores organizing in ihe fall of '40. A+ our firsl' meeling class sponsors were nominafed, wifh Miss Banclow and Mr. Mafer chosen as lhe resull of lhe vofing lhrough 'lhe various sophomore home rooms. On November I5, l940, lhe class of '43 mel' in fhe audilorium, af which lime fhe 'Following oFFicers were elecledz Russell Lerner, presidenfq Pauline Dahos, vice- president Juanifa Pefers, secrefaryg Roberl Lyon, Treasurer: Jean Diener and Roberf Rayl, social chairmen, Richard Miceli, Serg.-al-arms. Our 'firsi' class parly, a nauiical parfy, was held in 'rhe cafe- leria January Il, I94I. Dancing io 'lhe music of Joe Kies's band and a planned program were fhe enferfainmenf. Carrying ou'l' fhe parfy fheme, decoralions and noveliies were naufical. Re- freshmenfs of ice cream bars, cokes, and cookies were served. The nexf semesler, in fhe spring of '4I, broughf in new oFl'icers 'For fhe sophomore class. The elecfion was held Friday morning, February I4, in fhe audiforium. The following people were chosen: Russell Lerner, presidenig Roberl' Frederick, vice-presi- denh Juanifa Pelers, secrefaryg Page Glase, freasurerg Jean Diener and John Jeskewich, program chairmen: Richard Miceli, sergl.-ai-arms. ln March of '4I il' was necessary for our class io meef wilh Mr. Maier fo choose a new co-sponsor. Miss Bandow had resigned fo be married. Miss Marie Siner was chosen +o replace Miss Bandow. From lhen on, our 'lwo class sponsors, Miss Siner and Mr. Maier, have proven lhemselves capable sponsors and have guided us, wisely and well, fhroughouf our school years. May 8, l94l, fhe Sophomore class held a Swea+er Hop in 'Phe gymnasium. Only sfudenfs sporiing swealers were admifled io 'lhe pariy. Dancing io Joe Kies's band and games comprised fhe enferfainmenfg cokes, cookies, and ice-cream were served. The following fall, on Monday, Ocfober 3I, l94l, as fhe iunior class mel' in ihe gym fo nominale officers. Five nomi- nafions 'For each office were made 'From fhe floor and recorded by fhe secrefary. Affer school fhal' day, The nominafing com- Modeling and Measuring he Class of 1943 miHee, appoinied by fhe class sponsors, prepared fhe fickel. The following officers were elecled by ihe members of fhe class: Charles Cole, presidenf: Neal Decker vice-presidenfp Juanila Pefers, secrefaryg Jack Rowe, freasurerq Caiherine Kipka and Roberi' Frederick, social chairmen, Richard Miceli, serg.-a+-arms. Our class iewelry was selecfed by a group of iuniors in fhe library on fhe evening of Ocfober 28, l94l. We chose a ring of modernisfic design wifh an eagle cres+. December I2, l94I, was +he dale of a Chrisimas parfy for all iuniors. The program included an accordian solo by Elizabefh Claylon and selecfions played on fhe bagpipes by Marilyn Arlley. Tom Gorsuch's band 'furnished fhe music for 'rhe parfy. Refreshmen+s consisied of sandwiches, cokes, and pofa+o chips. On February 20 ihe class me+ fo elecf our spring semesler officers: Charles Cole, presidenfg Irvin Zavafsky, vice-presidenfg BeH'y Flanders, secrefaryg Jack Rowe, freasurerg Phyllis Plaif and Roberf Frederick, social chairmen. On March I3, members of fhe iunior class proved fheir capabilify as acfors by presenfing "June Mad" a fhree acl comedy. Those playing 'rhe leads were Nancy Besf and Joseph Rench. This same day, Friday, March I3, did nof prove unlucky 'For us iuniors, as we also proved ourselves capable, by publishing Junior Pen- nanf Weekly. Our firsf prom on May 3I, I943 climaxed fhe iunior year. Three hundred exci+ed young people danced fo fhe music of Jack Russell. ln keeping wifh +he fheme of fhe "Tropical Isle," leas were worn wifh our formal dress. In lhe i' of I942, 384 seniors came back fo E.H.S., defermined 'lo make 'This lasf K ,ff 'real' big one. This year we divided fhe senior class and elecfed Janu- arv . .e officers. Officers for fhe January class were: Melvin Kroeder, presidenf: F' . .n Gusfafson, vice-presidenfg Juanifa Pefers, secrefaryg Jack Rowe, ireasurerg ,f.ry Humecke and Roy Weideman, social chairmen. Those elecfed for +he June Class were: Charles Cole, presidenh James Peferson, vice-presidenfg Maxine Eppers, secrefaryg Roberi' Frederick, freasurerg Phyllis PlaH and Joseph Rench, social chairmen. Our lasl' parfy, lhe fradifional "Kiddie" par+y, was held in fhe cafeleria December 5, l942. Games, dancing, and refreshmenis were enioyed. Prizes for 'Phe besi' cosfumes wen'r fo Edward LaRocque and Phyllis Snyder: 'For fhe mosi' humorous cos+umes, Phyllis PlaH' and Bill Burrows. Caps and gowns were chosen in The firsi semesier by fhe cap and gown commiffee who were: Elizabefh Guslafson, Jack Rowe, Juanifa Peiers, Dick McDowell, Melvin Kroeder, Phyllis Pla++, June Oliver, James Peferson, Neal Decker, and Charles Cole. Announcemenfs were chosen by a commiH'ee composed of Gerry Humecke, Jean- neH'a Shaw, Melvin Kroeder, Marcia Frye, Marcelle Hulchenreuler, Roberl' Fred- erick, Mary Kafe Pafferson, and Charles Cole. "Reminiscing" was +l1e Theme of lhe January Senior Day program which was given before The sfudenl' body on January 2I, I943. For our senior play we chose "The BarreHs" which we presenfed on May I4 under +he direc+ion of Mr. Ben Hudelson. The beaufiful cosfumes, fhe seH'ing, and 'the wonderful acfing of fhe casi' made every senior proud. May was a busy mon'rh 'for us wifh all fhe senior acfivilies fha? were planned. These included: senior day on May 27, iunior-senior prom Saiurday, May 29, when we were guesfs of 'rhe iunior class, baccalaureafe services in 'lhe high school audiforium, Sunday, May 30, fhe senior girls' 'lea on June 2, and graduaiion exercises al' Rice Field on June 3. The cornmencemeni' exercises, always impressive, were made more so fhis year when, as fhe names of graduafes were read, diplomas were awarded io some boys who were already in fhe armed forces. Charles Cole, Bob Frederick, Maxine Eppers, Gerry Humecke, Jim Pe+erson, Joe Rench, Juanifa Pefers, Phyllis Plaif Ellzabefh Gusfafson pu. 1 . ri-,M Page Thirly-lwc A anuarg Clan Row Row Row Row Row I Albaugh. Bill Balcer, Warren Bonliglio, Mariorie Burrell, Eslher Burrows, William M. Buller, Glenn D. Carlson, Jack Wm. Collier, Phillip A. Comer, Willard Cripe, Phyllis Dolce, Velda Doncasler, Belly J. Dow, Eieen A. Fahnesloclc, Phyllis Jean Flanders, Belly Flurlrey, Burlon Fore, Bob Freed, Margie Jean Gard, Mary Gardner, Grace Gilloerl, John Edward Goodrich, Billie R. Grove, George Guslalson, Elizabelh IV Hardy, Bill Hallield, Bob Heeler, Norma Jean Hollrnan, Shirley D. Holdeman, Doris Elen Hurneclce, Geraldine Isler, Charles Jones, William H. V Kauhlrnan, DeVere Kessler, Van Knudson, Ed Kolwas, Doris Jean Kroeder, Me vin Kunkel, Charles Lanni, Norma J. Lindslrom. Ted Albaugh, Bill lnduslrial-General Baker, Warren Ari-General Bonfiglio, Marjorie Commercial Knilling Club 60-plus Club Burrell, Eslher General Discobolus l-landicrai1'C'ub Radio Code Club Girl Reserves Knilling Club Burrows, William M. General Foolball Pennanl' Weekly lnlerclass Baseball Dramafics Club Firsl' Aid Club Baseball, Mgr. Bufler, Glenn D. lnduslrial Track Dril Club Carlson, Jack Wm. lnduslrial Boys' Sporls Club Sfage Crafl, Soc. Ch. Baseball, Mgr. Collier, Phillip A. Commercial Slide Rule Club Spanish Club, Treas. Comer, Willard General-lnduslrial Cheer Leader Yell Club, Pres. Cripe, Phyllis J. Commercial Girl Reserves Discobolus Foreign Correspondence Club K. C. S. Club Doke, Velda Commercial Foreign Correspondence Club Triple L Girl Reserves, Service Ch. Ari' Club Discobolus Doncasfer, Belly J. Commercial Firsl Aid Club Dow, Eileen A. Commercial Nalional Honor Sociely Sfudenl Council Girl Reserves Triple L Pennanl' Weekly ' Biology Club Manners in Business Club, Dramalics Club Jr. Class Play Fahnesfoclc, Phyllis Jean College Prep Discobolus Triple L Biology Club, V. Pres., Pres. Jr. Class Play Nalional Honor Sociely Sludenl Council Flanders, Belly Commercial Girl Reserves ,Foreign Correspondence Club, Sec. Triple L Ari Club Pennanl Weekly Discobolus Secrelary of Class Dramalics Club Flurkey, Burlon College Prep Band Orcheslra Fore, Bob General Firsl Aid Club Baseball Freed, Margie Jean Commercial Discobolus Triple L Dramalics Club Jr. Academy of Science Pennanl' Annual Girl Reserves Nalional lr-lonor Scciely Gard, Mary General Girl Reserves Triple L Discobolus Gardner, Grace Gi College Prep Discobolus Triple L Band. Sec. Orcheslra Girl Reserves Dramalics Club Biology Club lberf, John Edward lnduslrial Model Airplane Club, Prog. Good rich, Billie R. Gr General-lnduslrial Glee Club, Pres. A Capella Choir Boys' Sporls Club Track Social Arls Club Sandbur Foolball ove, Georqe lnol gradualingl Guslafson, Elizabefh Ch Hardy, Bill lnduslrial-General Sporls Club Varsily Foolball Varsily Baskelball Track Foolball Caplain Haflield, Bob College Prep Heeler, Norma Jean General Discobous, Sgr. al Arms Triple L Girl Reserves Mylhology Club Firsl Aid Club Debale Club Hoffman, Shirley D. Commercial Girl Reserves Pennanl Weekly Foreign Correspondence Holdeman, Doris Elen College Prep Triple L Discobolus Girl Reserves Jr. Academy of Science Biology Club Band, V. Pres. Orcheslra Sludenl Council Humecke, Geraldine Commercial Ari' Club Girl Reserves Sludenl Council Dramalics Club, Pres. Triple L, Prog. Ch. Social Ch. of Class Pennanl Weeklv Pennanl Annual lsfer, Charles General Glee Club Social Arls Club Jones, William H. Ka General Varsily Foolball Dramalics Club l-li-Y uFFman, DeVere General-Commerci Girl Reserves, Ari Ch. Pennanl' Weekly Spanish Club Triple L Debale Club Dramalics Club College P,-ep Discobolus Girl Reserves, V. Pres. Si'-ldenl Council Triple L, Pres., Soc. Ch. Kessler, Van lin +he Servicel Discobolus College Prep Ar+ Club Foolball Dramalics Club, Sec. Tl'3Clf V. Pres., Pres. Pennanl Weekly S+uden+ COUf'ICll Pennanl Annual, Assl. Ed. Km-ldS0l'1. Ed Threshold, Ari Ed. Commercial Vice Pres. of Class BOYS' SPOVPS cub Sludenl Council Siege Cfail Jr. Class Play, Srage Mgr. FOFUW1 Club Club a l Page Thirly-lh ree L ..., , 4 ,, ,, , Koiwas, Doris Jean Commercial 60-plus Club Kroeder, Melvin College Prep Sandbur Foolball Varsily Foolball Track lnlrerclass Baskelball l-li-Y Sludenl Council Pres. of Class Yell C ub Slide Rule Club Kunkel, Charles lnduslrial Lanni, Norma J. College Prep Ari Club Triple L Discobolus Girl Reserves Nalional l-lonor Sociely Siudenl' Council Dramalics Club, V. Pres. Pennanl' Annual Junior Class Play G ee Club Lehman, Dave lnor piclured Lindslrom, Ted General Foolball Senior Sponsors Siner and Maier Page Thirly-four anudfy C 161.44 Row Row Row Row Row Lines, Marimahn Long, Frederick Loshbough, Lelilia Mcffollough, llene M. Mcffollough, Jean McDowell, Diclc Mann, Raymond Merrill, Claylon LeRoy Miller, Richard P. lvlonlenero, Louise Nusbaum, Jim Oakes, Alberl E. Oberhauser, Roberl Ong, Jeanne Osborne, William Park, Carl F. Pelers, Juaniia G. Poniious, Lillian F. Raalo, Nancy Rayl, Roloerl Rheinheirner, Jaclc Riller, Jeanne Marie Roderick, Kalhryn Rowe, Jack IV Russell, Edirh Sampsell, l-larry Schull, Eslher Schofield, Nancy Shaclcle, l-larry Shaw, Jeannella Shuperl, Viola D. Smellzer, Dewey V Smellzer, Paul Snyder, Lorraine I Sloclcing, l-loward-noi' Swilcerl, Corabelle Thomas, Jack Unziclcer, LaVerna Vescelus, Paul Weideman, Roy Windmilfer, Wayne picfured Lines, Marimohn Commercial Girl Reserves Discobolus Dramafics Club Pennanl' Weekly Pennanl Annual Yell Club Triple L Long, Fred General-lndusfrial Loshbough, Lefilia College Prep Girl Reserves, V. Pres. Glee Club Foreign Correspondence Club Dramalics Club Pennanf Weekly Triple L Nalional Honor Sociely McCollough, llene M. General-Commercial K. C. S. Club Knilling Club Girl Reserves McCollough, Jean General Band Girl Reserves Fix-ir Club K, C. S. Club McDowell, Dick General l-li-Y, Prog. Ch. Sludenl Council Varsily Baskelball Pennanl Annual Yell Club Conservalion Club Cross Counlry Mann, Raymond College Prep Jr. Academy of Science lvlylhology Club Sludenl Council Band Orcheslra Slamp Club Merrill, Claylon LeRoy College Technical Gun Club Miller, Richard P. College Prep Band, Pres. Orcheslra Gun Club, Pres. Band and Orch. Slafl, V. Monlenero, Louise Commercial Glee Club Discobolus Girl Reserves Triple L Pennanl Annual Pennanl Weekly Nusbaum, Jim College Prep Orcheslra Baseball Pres. Dramalics Club Sandbur Foolball Oakes, Alberl' E. General Social Arls Club Camera Club Dramalics Club Library Club, Pres. Oberhauser, Roberl General Arl Club Travel Club Slide Rule Club Ong, Jeanne College Prep Arr Club Discobolus Girl Reserves, Treas. Foreign Correspondence Club Triple L, V. Pres. Pennanr Annual Osborne, Bill College Prep Park, Carl F. lnduslrial Pelers, Juanila G. College Prep Class Secrelary Dramalics Club, Treas. Discobolus, Sec. Arr Club Triple L Biology Club Nalional Honor Sociely Girl Reserves Pennanl' Weekly Pennanl Annual, Assl. Ad. Sludenl Council Ponfious, Lillian F. Commercial K. C. S. Club 60-plus Club Triple L Girl Reserves Discobolus Raab, Nancy Home Economics Wrilers Club Girl Reserves Foreign Correspondence CI Arr Club Rayl, Roberl College Prep l-li-Y Conservalion Club Yell Club Junior Class Play lnlerclass Baskelball Bowling Club Rheinheimer, Jack General'-lnduslrial Varsily Foolball Varsify Baseball Sludenl Council Boys' Sporfs Club Rifler, Jeanne Marie Commercial Needlecrall Club Dramalics Club Emergency Feeding, Pres. Mgr. ub Roderick, Kafhryn Home Economics Needlecrafl Club Emergency Feeding Rowe, Jack lnduslrial l-li-Y, Devolional Ch. Boys' Sporis Club, Treas. Drill Club Sandbur Foolball Varsily Foolball Class Treas. Russell, Edifh General Library Club Travel Club Sampsell, Harry General Baseball Boys' Sporls Club Camera Club .. Sludenl Council Schull, Eslher General Library Club Red Cross Volunleers Scofield, Nancy Lee College Prep Girl Reserves Dramalics Club Sludenf Council Firsl Aid Club Shaclxle, Harry lnduslrial Model Airplane Club Shaw, Jeannella General Girl Reserves Glee Club Triple L Pennanl Weekly, Assl. Ad. Mgr. Firsl Aid Club, Sec. Dramalics Club Discobolus Shuperr, Viola D. Commercial Red Cross Volunreers Needlecrail Club Smellzer, Dewey lnduslrial Varsily Track Varsily Foofball Airplane Club Social Arls Club Smellzer, Paul lnduslrial Ushers Club, Pres., Sec. l-li-Y Dramalics Club Snyder, Lorraine College Prep Girl Reserves Triple L Discobolus K. C. S. Club Dramalics Club Pennanl Annual Slocking, Howard lnol picruredi General-lnduslrial Orcheslra Page Thirly-five Swilrerl, Corabelle General Girl Reserves Biology Club Needlecrall Club Discobolus Thomas, Jack General Sandbur Foolball, Mgr Yell Club Glee Club, Arr Club Unzicker, LaVerna General Needlecrall Club Discobolus Weideman, Roy Wi lndusrrial Hi-Y, Treasurer Varsily Foolball Dramalics Club Track Pennanl Weekly Boys' Sporls Club ndmiller, Wayne lnduslrial Boys' Sporrs Club Drill Club Va rsily Baskelball . . . There's a Ladder Down lhe Hall lnez x K ff ' rv J K L M Pa Q e Th i rry-six dl. .lv 'Ri 5 I R une Clan Row Row Row Row Row I Adams, Joyce Alcin, Rulh Anderson, Allean Anderson, Bob Angel, Roberf G. Ashville, Richard Badlce, Howard L. Ball, James Bassell, Gladys P. Bales. Alysiane Bafes, Phyllis Jean Bafiisfa, Lucille Beck, Elsie Louise Benn, Mariellen Benneir, Sharleen Bevingron, Devon Ill Besr, Nancy Blaser, Clarabelle Bloomingdale, Earl Boclc, Calvin Bohren, Barbara G. Bonfiqlio, Carolyn Borrelli, Mary Boyer, Donald !V Boyer, Helen Jean Boyer, Diclc Bradshaw, Leona Bradway, Wallace Branl, Fredericlc A. Brock, Eileen Brown, Arnold L. Jr. Brown, Eleanor V Brown, Jean Brown, Jack Brown, Marilyn l. Brurnbaucyh, John Bruncz, Gene Buchanan, Marilyn Bunn, Floyd R. Busenburg, l-laroid Adams, Joyce College Prep Myfhology Club, Treas. Dramalics Club Girl Reserves Triple L Pennanf Weekly Akin, Rufh General Discobolus Needlecrafl' Club Anderson, Allean College Prep Myrhology Club Foreign Correspondence Club, Sec. Library Club, V. Pres. Triple L Band Orchesrra Anderson, Bob General Dramarics Club Conservalion Club Pennanr Weekly Angel, Roberf G. lndusfrial Gun Club Ashville, Richard College Prep Ushers Club Slide Rule Club Dramarics Club Model Airplane Club Badke, Howard L. Induslrial Ushers Club Camera Club Drill Club Ball, James General S'rage Cralr, Pres. Ushers Club Basse'H, Gladys General Girl Reserves Dramarics Club Social Arls Club, Prog. Ch. Ba+es, Alysiane Commercial Gregg Experrs. V. Pres. Manners in Business Club Nalional Honor Sociely Bales, Phyllis Jean Commercial Manners in Business Club, Social Ch. Discobolus Gregg Experis, Pres. Naiional Honor Socieiy Baffisfa, Lucille Commercial Glee Club A-Capella Choir Discobolus Foreign Correspondence Club, Prog. Ch. Beck, Elsie Commercial Courresy Club Needlecrafr Club Firsf Aid Club Benn, Mariellen Commercial Girl Reserves Dramaiics Club 60-Plus Club Triple L Pennanr Weekly Benneff, Sharleen College Prep Girl Reserves Discobolus Arr Club, Prog. Ch. Triple L Firsr Aid Club Bevingion, Devon General 1 Bowling Club Besr, Nancy ' College Prep Dramaiics Club Firs+ Aid Club Discobolus Girl Reserves Triple L Pennanl Weekly Jr. Class Play Blaser, Clarabelle General Girl Reserves Band Orchesfra Siudenf Council Discobolus Triple L Manners in Business Club Pennanl' Annual Red Cross Volunreers Club Bloomingdale, Earl Comme-rcial Visual Educaiion Club Bock, Calvin lnduslrial Handy Crafl Club Bohren, Barbara G. Home Economics Dramaiics Club Srudenr Council Nalional Honor Sociely Bonliglio, Carolyn General Girl Reserves Arr Club Spanish Club Foreign Correspondence C Pennani Weekly Triple L Borrelli, Mary Home Economics 60-plus Club Boyer, Donald General-lnduslrial Radio Club lub Visual Educarion Club P. A. Operalor Baseball Camera Club Boyer, Helen Jean Commercial Girl Reserves S anish Club P Foreign Correspondence Club Manners in Business Club 60-plus Club Pennanl' Weekly Discobolus Triple L A-Capella Choir Boyer, Dick General Radio Code Club Bradshaw, Leona lnoi gradualingl Bradway, Wallace College Prep French Club, Pres. Dramaiics Club. Prog. Ch. Jr. Class Play Nalional Honor Sociely Threshold Senior Class Play Branf, Frederick A. lnduslrial Engineering Club, Pres. Drill Club Brock, Eileen College Prep. Mylhology Club. Sec. Jr. Academy of Science, V. Pres., Pres. Biology Club Triple L Forum Club Nalional Honor Sociely Siudenl Council Girl Reserves Brown, Arnold L., Jr. College Prep Track Pennanl Weekly Forum Club, Treas. Drill Club, Pres. Sludeni Council Treasurer of Senior Class Brown, Eleanor lnol' gradualingl Brown, Jean lnol gradualingl Brown, Jack lndusirial lnrerclass Baskeiball Visual Educaiion Club Brown, Marilyn Home Economics Manners in Business Club, Soc. Ch. 60-pus Club Girl Reserves Triple L Pennanl Weekly Brumbaugh, John lndusirial Track lnduslrial Club Camera Club, Chairman Page Thirly-seven Arr Club Glee Club Cross Couniry Bruncz, Gene lnduslrial lnduslrial Club Siage Crafr Engineers Club Buchanan, Marilyn College Prep Naiional Honor Sociery Forum Club, V. Pres. Orcheslra, V. Pres. Band 84 Orch. Slalili, Sec. Junior Academy of Science, Dramalics Club Pennanl Weekly Pennanl Annual Sludenl' Council Girl Reserves Triple L Bunn, Floyd R. 1 General Busenburg, Harold College Prep Sludenl' Council Bowling Club, Pres., Sec. Drill Club Boys' Sporls Club lnferclass Baskeiball Sec., V. Pres . . . A Zooi 'io End Zoois 1 Page Thirly-eiqhl' gs 5:3 une Clan Row Row Row Row Row Cargill, Milion B. Carfer, Waller Calalclo, Celia Chirila, Rae Clare, Richard Clark, Dolores Clausen, Geraldine Claylon, Elizabelh Cole, Bruce A. Cole, Charles H. Collins, Kalhryn Conanf, Herb Conner, Mary Marqarel Cook, Carlfon Thomas Cook, Mary Frances Coville, Howard Crowley, Dick Crussemeyer, Henry H. Dahos, Pauline Dambrosia, Louis V. Dalena, Rosalee Davis, Maurice DeBoni, Jim Decker, Neal IV Deirch, Myrl Del.uca, Mary DeMauro, Rose Denman, CharloH'e Denman, Russell E. Dennihan, Palrick Deflweiler, Kennelh Diener, Jean V Divielro, Saniia Dodge, Sally Dranqe, Eslher E. Duesler, Kalhryn Dunaiin, Gerald Jay Duncan, James E. Dyqerr, Mary Jane Eader, Maraiane Cargill, Milion B. General Drill Club Slage Crall, Pres. lnierclass Baskeiball Carler, Waller lndusirial l-landicrair Club Drill Club Calaldo, Celia Commercial Band Firsl Aid Club Red Cross Volunleers Chirila, Rae College Prep Girl Reserves Discobolus Pennani Weekly French Club Firsl Aid Club Dramaiics Club Clare, Richard College Prep Band Spanish Club, Prog. Ch. Clark, Dolores Home Economics l-landicrail Club War Skils for Girls Club Clausen, Geraldine General Manners in Business Club Girl Reserves Triple L Arl Club Dramalics Club Claylon, Elizabelh Commercial Triple L Discobolus Girl Reserves, Ari Cli. Pennanl Weekly 60-plus Club Ari Club Siudenl Council Jr. Class Play Dramaiics Club Cole, Bruce A. General Laiin American Club Cole, Charles H. College Prep l-li-Y, V. Pres., Soc. Ch. Conservalion Club Pres. of Class Sludeni' Council, Pres. Varsiiy Baskeiball Varsily Tennis Pennanl Annual Collins, Kalhryn College Prep Girl Reserves Dramaiics Club Discobolus Pennani Weekly Pennani Annual Triple L Conanl, Herb lnduslrial Varsily Fooiball lnlerclass Baskelball Gun Club, V. Pres. Conservaiion Club Conner, Mary Margaref Home Economics Discobolus Foreign Correspondence Club Band Cook, Carlfon Thomas College Prep l-li-Y Band Foreign Correspondence Club, Sgi. ai Arms Boys' Sporl Club Pennanl Weekly, Circulaiion Mgr. Cook, Mary Frances Commercial Dramaiics Club K. C. S. Club 60-plus C,ub Nalional l-lonor Socieiy Siudenl Council Colille, Howard General l-luniing Club Conservalion Club lnlerclass Baskelball Crowley, Dick College Prep Dramalics Club Arr Club, Pres. Jr. Class Play Pennani Annual, Ari Ed. Pennani Weekly Naiional l-lonor Sociely, Pres. Senior Class Play Crussemeyer, Henry H. lnduslrial Track Maierials of lndusirv Club Dahos, Pauline General V. Pres. oi Class Pennanl Weekly Yell Club Firsl Aid Club Discoboius Girl Reserves Dambrosia, Louis V. General Dramaiics Club Conservalion Club Darena, Rosalee Commercial Camera Club Dramaiics Manners in Business Club Davis, Maurice General Biology Club Camera Club, Sec. Jr. Academy of Science DeBoni, Jim lnduslrial Sludenl Council Dramaiics Club Siage Crail Conservalion Club l-li-Y Decker, Neal Vocaiional Drawing l-li-Y, Prog. Ch. V. Pres. ol: Class Siudeni Council Yell Club lnlerclass Baskelball Pennanl Weekly Pennani Annual, Ad. Mgr. l-lead Cheer Leader Conservalion Club Senior Class Play Deifch, Myrl lnol graduaiingl lnduslrial Track Cross Counlry Social Aris Club DeLuca, Mary Commercial 60-plus Club DeMauro. Rose Commercial Girl Reserves Discobolus Triple L Ari Club Red Cross Vo'unleers Club Denman, CharloHe College Prep Girl Reserves Discobolus, V. Pres., Pres. Siudeni Council Camera Club, V. Pres. Denman, Russell E. College Technical Nalional Honor Sociely I-li-Y Fooiball Dramalics Club Firsl Aid Club Slide Rule Cfub, Pres. Dennihan, Pafrick lnduslrial Drill Club Deffweiler, Kennelh lnduslrial l-li-Y, V. Pres., Soc. Ch, Conservaiion Club Ushers Club Pennanl Weekly, Bus. Mgr. Diener, Jean College Prep Orcheslra Soc. Ch. oi Class Sludenl Council, Sec. Pennanl Weekly Triple L Dramaiics Club Girl Reserves, Pres. Forum Club, V. Pres. Nafional l-lonor Sociely Pan American Club Divieiro, Sanila Commercial Girls Reserves Discobolus Firsl Aid Club Triple L Foreign Correspondence Club Page Thirry-nine Dodge, Sally General Journalism Club A-Capella Choir Drange, Esfher E. Commercial Needlecrafi Club Gregg Experls Club Duesler, Kafhryn College Prep Orchesira Lalin Club Pan American Club Dunafin, Gerald Jay General Pennanl Annual Ushers Club Conservalion Club Slide Rule Club Duncan, James General Dygeri, Mary Jane l-lome Economics Needlecraii' Club Red Cross Volunleers Club Eader, Maraiane College Prep Band Discobolus Girl Reserves Triple L Firsl Aid Club Gefhng Togeiher aqe Forfy une Clan Row Row Row Row Row Earnharl, Richard L, Eqqlesfon, Ralph G. Enqelhardl, Edifh English, Gi be-rl Eppers, Maxine Erlenbauqh, Nellie Jean Evans, Bernice A. Fairfield, Jeanelle Falconi, Peler J. Farmer, Max E. Fisher, Beafrice Fisher, Carol l-l. Flickinger, Colleen Foley, Eugene Franklin, DeVon L. Franklin, Ernesline L. Frederick, Bob Freed, Don Freeman, Devere Froelich, Bob Frye, Marcia Anne Frye, Marqarel Funk, Lucille Garman, Ellen IV Gales, Alice F. Glase, Page B. Glore, Don Good, Lesler Gordon, Grace Gorsuch, Paul F. Gorsuch, Thomas J. Grarnes, Dorolhy A. V Grielo, l-larold Grove, Audra Jean Gunler, l-lugh F. Gulermulh, Richard Fl. l-lafer, Bolo Harms, Jane Elizabelh l-lar'l', Phyllis l-larlhill, Donna Belle Earnharf, Richard General Band Conservaiion Club Gun Club Egglesron, Ralph G. lndusirial lnduslrial Club Foolball Engelhardf, Edi+h Commercial Girl Reserves Discobolus Triple L Pennanl Weekly Pennanl Annual Managers in Business Club 60-plus Club English, Gilberl' General Vis. Ed. Srage Crafl, Mgr. Eppers, Maxine Commercial Pennanl Weekly Triple L, Soc. Ch. Discobolus Nalional l-lonor Socieiy, Sec. Girl Reserves ,Jr. Class Play Pennanl Annual Manners in Business Club Sec. of Class Erlenbaugh, Nellie Jean College Prep Discobolus Firsl Aid Cub Figures for Firness Club Girl Reserves Evans, Bernice Commercial Manners in Business Club Gregg Experl Club Fairfield, JeaneHe General Foreign Correspondence Club Falconi, Pefer J. General Firsl' Aid Club Farmer, Max E. lnduslrial Bicycle Comm. Fisher, Beairice W. Home Economics Library Club, Sec. 81 Treas. Girl Reserves Spanish Club, V. Pres. Jr. Academy of Science Triple L Fisher, Carol H. General Needlecralir Club Foreign Correspondence Club Flickinger, Colleen I. l-lome Economics War Skills lor Girls Club Foley, Eugene lnduslrial Radio Code Club Drill Club Franklin, DeVon L. lnduslrial Biology Club l-landicrail Club Franklin, Ernesfine L. Commercial Band, Drum Maior Balon Club Frederick, Bob College Prep Pennanl Annual, Ed. Treas, of Class, Soc. Ch., V. Pres. Nalional l-lonor Sociery, Treas. Foolball, Mgr. Hi-Y, Sec., V. Pres. Pennanl Weekly, Assr. Ed. Dramarics Club Jr. Class Play Firsl Aid Club Mylhology Club, V. Pres. Srudenr Council Senior Class Play Freed, Don lnduslrial Vis. Ed., Pres., V. Pres. Freeman, Pegqy Anne Commercial Girl Reserves Needlecrafi' Club Foreign Correspondence Club Froelich, Bob lndusirial Vis. Ed., V. Pres. Sludenl Council Frye, Marcia Anne College Prep Larin Club , Girl Reserves Sludenl' Council Journalism Club Triple L Pennanl' Weekly, Assl. Ed. Nalional l-lonor Socieiy, Sec. Frye, Margarei l-lome Economics Glee Club Girl Reserves Social Arls Club Discobolus Funk, Lucille Alice General Girl Reserves Band Needlecrafl Club Garman, Ellen E. General Girl Reserves Discobolus Social Arfs Club Triple L A-Capella Choir Gales, Alice E. College Prep Discobolus Band Orcheslra Foreign Correspondence Club Girl Reserves Glase, Page B. College Prep Varsily Foolball Varsily Track Varsily Cross Counlry l-li-Y, V. Pres., Pres. Treas. of Class Biology Club, V. Pres., Pres. Jr. Academy of Science Boys' Sporrs Club Dramarics Club Sludenl Council Pennanl Annual Glore, Donn lnduslrial Model Airplane Club, Pres, Good, Lesfer lnoi gradualingl General Gordon, Grace General Girl Reserves, Soc. Ch. Red Cross Knilling Club, Sec. Discobolus Dramalics Club Pennanl Weekly Pennanr Annual Triple L Gorsuch, Paul E. General Biology Club Gorsuch, Thomas J. lndusrrial Camera Club Band Orcheslra Grames, Doroihy A. College Prep Dramalics Club Nalional l-lonor Sociely Library Club, Pres. Forum Club, Pres. Jr. Class Play Sludenl Council Girl Reserves Threshold Grieb, Harold lnduslrial l-li-Y Slide Rule Club Yell Club Grove, Audra Jean General Band Orcheslra, V. Pres.. Pres. Band and Orch. Slafl Gunfer, Hugh E. lndusfrial Model Airplane, V. Pres. Slide Rule Club Gulermufh, Richard H. College Prep Varsiry Tennis Page Forly-one Ha Ha Ha Ha Conservalion Club, Treas Hi-Y fer, Bob College Prep Pennani' Annual Nalional l-lonor Socieiy l-li-Y, Prog. Ch. Conservalion Club Sec. Ari' Club Band Sludenr Council rms, Jane Elizabeth Commercial Discobolus 60-plus Club rf, Phyllis General Girl Reserves Social Arls Club Dramaiics Club Biology Club Pennanl Weekly Triple L rrhill, Donna Belle College Prep Dramaiics Club Band Figures for Filness Club Girl Reserves . . . The Goon Sralks FK- V-:': 1i'fae5- , sf Gi ' , 5 .ix . .. ,g.1.4.,21'QV 4 Pa q e Fo rfy-iwo M . I .4 I ' Q . 4 .4 H A ' 4 if ii . 3 i une lan Row Row Row Row Row I Hibshman, Helen D. Hoelger, Thomas Hoffman, Eva Hogendobler, Virginia Holme, Elma Holley, Lawrence Hollingsworlh, Mary Anne Holloway, Franlc Holfz, Donald Hugq, Mary Louise Hurnloarger, James Hulschenreuler, Marcelle lanigro. Mary lannarelli, Mary B. lngram, Gordon Jarre'H', Bill E. Jellison, Jaclc LaMarr Jennings, Pauline Jeslcewich, Johnnie Jessen, John Johnson, Norma Lea Johnsfon, Thomas Kallcofen, Gerhard Karasch, William C. IV Kauffman, Jeanelle Kenrner, Ralph Keyser, Dean Kinney, Roloerf Arrhur Kiplca, Cafherine Ann Klingaman, Aileen Knight Jean Korhe, Roberl V Kreps, Ned LaGro, Joseph R. Lanlz, Helen LaRocque, Ed Larson, Elizabelh J. Laudeman, Mary Lelha Leisf, Clara Ann Lepara, Esrher Hibshman, Helen D. Home Economics Siudeni Council Needlecrail' Club Threshold Hoelger, Thomas College Prep l-li-Y Vis. Ed. . Conservaiion Club Sandbur Fooiball, Mgr. Track Baskelball, Mgr. Hoffman, Eva Home Economics K. C. S. Club Hogendobler, Virginia l-lome Economics Ari Club Girl Reserves Needlecrail Hoke, Elma General Girl Reserves Pennanl Weekl Cir. M r. Y- 9 Mylhology Club 60-plus Club Triple L Holley, Lawrence General Bicycle Comm., Pres. Ushers Club Hollingsworfh, Mary Anne College Prep Triple L Discobolus Pennani Weekly Pan American, V. Pres. Biology Club, Pres. Jr. Academy of Science Nalional Honor Sociely Jr. Class Play Threshold Senior Class Play Holloway, Frank College Prep Foolball, Baseball Hollz, Donald General Band Firsl Aid Club Drill Club Yell Club Hugg, Mary Louise Commercial Band Discobolus Manners in Business Club Journalism Club Humbarger, James lnduslrial Slide Rule Club Hulschenreuler, Marcelle College Prep Girl Reserves Triple L, Sec. Debale Club, Treas. Pennanl Weekly, Ad Mgr. Dramaiics Club Discobolus Senior Class Play lanigro, Mary College Prep Girl Reserves Foreign Correspondence Club lannarelli, Mary B. College Prep Dramaiics Club Camera Club Girl Reserves Glee Club A-Capella Choir Senior Class Play lngram, Gordon College Prep l-li-Y, Prog. Ch., Sec. Siudenl Council Naiional l-lonor Sociely Pennani Weekly, Assl. Ed. Pennanl Annual, Sporls Boys' Sporis Club, Prog. Ch. Slide Rule Club Varsiiy Foolball Varsily Baskelball Senior Class Play JarreH', Bill E. General Radio Code Club Ushers Club Conservalion Club Foreign Correspondence Club Jellison, Jaclr LaMarr General Boys' Sporls Club lnlerclass Baskelball Jennings, Pauline College Prep Ari Club Red Cross Volunleers Club Biology Club Sludenl Council Fix-il Club, V. Pres. Band Jeskewich, Johnnie College Prep Yell Club Jessen, John General Conservalion Club Gun Club Foolball Johnson, Norma Lea Commercial Library Club War Skills 'For Girls Club, Sec. Johnslon, Thomas College Prep Band lnlerclass Baskelball Dri.l Club Boys' Sporls Club Kallcofen, Gerhard College Prep l-li-Y Airplane Club Radio Code Club Bowling Club Tennis Karasch, William C. lnol graduafingl Larson, Elizabelh J. General Kauffman, JeaneH'e College Prep Social Aris Club Debale Club Senior Class Play Kenlner, Ralph inol graduaiingl lnduslrial Keyser, Dean College Prep Band Travel Club Slide Rule Club lnierclass Baskeiball Kinney, Roberl Arlhur College Prep Hi-Y, Pres. Foolball . Kiplca, Cafherine Ann General Girl Reserves Triple L Discobolus Soc. Ch. of Class Dramalics Club, Treas. Pennani Weekly, Assi. Cir. Mgr. Cir. Mgr. Klingaman, Aileen General Girl Reserves Triple L Siudenl' Council Dramaiics Club Ari Club, Sec. Spanish Club, Treas. Pennani Annual Knight Jean College Prep Spanish Club Ari Club Firsl' Aid Club Kolhe, Roberf General-lnduslrial Vis. Ed. Kreps, Ned lnduslrial Sludenl Council Baseball lnlerclass Baskeiball Boys' Sporls Club Drill Club LaGro, Joseph -College Prep Boys' Sporfs Club Drill Club Lanlz, Helen l-lome Economics Girl Reserves Needlecraii Club, V. Pres, Library Club LaRocque, Ed College Prep l-li-Y Biology Club Dramalics Club Ushers Club Slide Rule Club lnierclass Baskeirball Page Forly-ih ree College Prep Varsily Debaie, Pres. Red Cross Volunteers Club, Pres Sludenl' Council Girl Reserves Ari Club, Prog. Ch. Dramalics Club, Sec. Naiional Honor Socieiy, V. Pres Debaie Club, V. Pres. Laudeman, Mary Lelha Lei Home Economics Glee Club A-Capella Choir Red Cross Volunieers Club Needlecralil Club sl, Clara Ann College Prep Orchesira Red Cross Volunieers Club Needlecrafl' Club Nalional l-lonor Socieiy Lepara, Esfher Commercial Discobolus Girl Reserves Triple L Ari Club Foreign Correspondence Club, Sec Treas 60-plus Club "Cul 'ro Lunch Pag e Forly-lou r une Clan Row I Lerner, Russ Lewis, Jack Ludlow, Eiizabelh Ann Luiz, Richard Lund, Eunice K. Lyon, Badgsley Lyon, Bob McClin+ic, Maynard Row II McConnell, George McDowell, Margie E. McKean, William Magnusen, Blanche M. Marlin, Phyllis Masl, Belly L. Meiqhen, Ruby Arlene Melloll, Shirley Melvin, Bill Mefcal, Lorella Ann Miceli, Dick Middle-lon, Mariorie Miller, Ernie Miller, Jack Miller, Josephine Miller, 'Wava Lois l Row lll Q, ii, f Row IV Minegar, Gerald Minelli, Louis A. Minichilio, Nick Minichillo, Susie Monger, Reber? Mollenhour, Philip Mollenhour, Phyllis D. Myers, Dorolhy J. V Myers, Miriam Mierly, Allen Nadolnv, Josephine Neff, Glen Borneman, Marlha Nicodernus, Ivan Niharl, l-larold Oldfield, Belfymae F. Irs ,- Vyf -- Row is ffm 2,1 Q his Lerner, Russ College Prep Varsiry Foorball Pres. of Class Srudenl Council, Treas. Boys' Sporls Club Slide Rule Club Track lnlerclass Baskelball Lewis, Jack lndusrrial Ludlow, Elizabefh l-lome Economics Biology Club Firsl Aid Club Lufz, Richard General Slage Crafl Reserve Band, Pres. Lund, Eunice K. College Prep Mylhology Club Lafin Club Triple L Red Cross Volunleers Club Girl Reserves Band Orcheslra Discobolus Pennanl Annual Y Lyon, Badgsley lnor gradualingl General Band Slage Grail' Lyon, Bob lnol gradualingl General lnlerclass Baskelball Boys' Sporls Club McClinl'ic, Maynard lnduslrial McConnell, George General Bicycle Club McDowell, Margie E. College Prep 60-plus Club Threshold Pennanl Annual McKean, William College Prep l-li-Y Cross Counlry, Mgr. Track, Mgr. Drill Club Firsl Aid Club lnlerclass Baskelball Magnusen, Blanche M. Commercial Manners in Business Club Marlin, Phyllis Commercial Discobolus Girl Reserves Triple L Dramalics Club Pennanl Weekly French Club Sludenl Council Band Masf, BeH'y L. Home Economics K. C. S. Club Meighen, Ruby Arlene General Library Club, Sec. Orcheslra MelloH', Shirley Commercial Spanish Club, Sec. lO-plus Club Knirling Club Melvin, Bill Commercial Vis. Ed., Pres., Sec. and Treas. Gregg Experls Club Mefcalf, Lore'H'a Ann l-lome Economics Girl Reserves Biology Club Colleclors Club Red Cross Volunleers Club Miceli, Dick College Prep Class Sql. al Arms Varsily Foolball Varsily Track Firsl Aid Club Sludenl Council Baskelball Middlelon, Mariorie Commercial Girl Reserves Discobolus Needlecrail Club War Skills for Girls Club Pennanl Weekly Miller, Ernie College Prep Sludenl Council Yell Club Cross Counlry Track Miller, Jack General Track Cross Counlrry Conservarion Club Miller, Anglin Josephine Commercial Needlecrall Club Miller, Wava Lois College Prep Red Cross Volunleers Club Dramalics Club Minegar, Gerald lncluslrial Boys Sporls Club Minelli, Louis A. lnduslrial Varsify Poolball lnierclass Baskelball Boys' Sporls Club Minichillo, Nick General Varsily Foofball Boys' Sporls Club Minichillo, Susie Commercial Manners in Business Club 60-plus Club Monger, Roberl' College Prep French Club, Treas. Orcheslra Mollenhour, Phillip D. inol' gradualingl General Orchesrra, Soc. Ch. Mollenhour, Phyllis D. Commercial Band Needlework Club Dramalics Club Monragano, Frank lnol picluredl Commercial Golf lnlerclass Baskelball Varsily Poolball Myers, Dorofhy J. General Triple L Discobolus Band, Sec. Srudenl Council Dramaiics Club Needlecrall Cluln Myers, Miriam General Discobolus Girl Reserves Triple L Social Arls Club Needlecralil Club A-Capella Choir Mierly, Allen General Vis. Ed., Sec.-Treas. Nadolny, Josephine College Prep Triple L Lalin Club Dramalics Club Jr. Academy of Science Biology Club Band, Pres. Sludenl Council Pennanl Annual Pa ge Porly-liive Neff, Glenn General Radio Code Club, Pres. Slide Rule Club, Sec. Borneman. Marrha General Ari' Club Triple L Dramalics Girl Reserves Pennanl' Weekly Discobolus Nicodemus, Ivan lndusrrial Dramarics Club Niharl, Harold inol graclualingl Oldfield, BeHymae College Prep A-Capel la Choir Biology Club, Pres. Triple L Narional l-lonor Sociely Jr. Academy of Science Sludenl Council Threshold Senior Class Play Chemisrry, No Doubl I Page Forly-six g. ,, , , A une Clan Row Row Row Row Oliver, June Lambo, Michael Overlease. William Owen. June Palmer, Edi+h L. Pafanelli, l-lelen B. Palierson, Mary Kalhryn Pavoni, Inez Payne, Ray Peierson, Jim Phillips, Mary Jean Phillips, William Pla++, Phyllis Jeanne Plalz, Marilyn Raecler, Roberl Rafhbun, Mariorie Ill Rebsloclc, Ted Rench, Joe Riqgle, Belly Rinehari, Don Rinehart Jack Rizzo, Jaclc Rody. James Rogers, Bonnie E. IV Rumell, Eleanor A. Russell, Marilyn Salee. Russell Dallas Sample, Charlolle Saunders, Tommv Schaefer, Virginia Lou Schenher, Keilh Schenk, Vivian Oliver, June General Girl Reserves Triple L Pennanl Weekly Pennanl' Annual Yell Club Firsi Aid Club Myihology Club Lambo, Michael lnoi graduaiingl Overlease, William General Baseball, Mgr. Conservaiion Club Model Airplane Club Forum Club Owen, June Commercial Red Cross Volunieers Club, Social Aris Club Discobolus Triple L Girl Reserves Pennani Annual Srudenl Council Palmer, Edith L. Commercial K. C. S. Club Manners in Business Club 60-plus Club Pafanelli, Helen B. General Girl Reserves Tri le L P Discobolus, Treas. Dramalics Club Red Cross Volunleers Club PaH'erson, Mary Kafhryn College Prep Nalional l-lonor Socieiy, V, Girl Reserves Forum Club Triple L Pennani Weekly Pennanl' Annual, Assi. Ed Manners in Business Club Myihology Club Journalism Club Pavoni, Inez Commercial Nalional Honor Socieiy Siudenl' Council 60-plus Club Manners in Business Club Payne, Ray lnduslrial Drill Club lnierclass Baskeiball V. Pres Pres. Peferson, Jim lndusirial Varsiiy Fooiball V. Pres. of Class Dramarics Club. Pres. Pennanl' Annual l-li-Y, Sgi. ai Arms Phillips, Mary Jean Commercial Sludenl' Council Girl Reserves Dramalics Club Ari Club Senior Class Play Phillips, William General Boys' Sporis Club Varsiiy Fooiball Senior Class Play Siudeni Council Riggle, BeH'y Jean Dramaiics Club Pennani Weekly Firsl Aid Club, V. Pres. Rineharf, Don lnduslrial Gun Club Rineharl, Jack lndusirial Rizzo, Jack lndusirial lnlerclass Baskeiball Varsiiy Baskeiball Drill Club Saunders, Tom General Va rsiiy Fooiball Va rsilv Baskeiball Schaefer, Virginia Lou College Prep Biology Club Red Cross Volunieers Club Glee Club A-Capella Choir, V. Pres. Triple L Girl Reserves Schenher, Keifh lndusirial Boys' Sporls Club lnlerclass Baskerball Schenk, Vivian Varsiiy Fooiball Bandeeneral Pla'H', Phyllis Jeanne lndusirlal Club' V' Pres' Discobolus College Prep Fix-ii Club Pennanl' Weekly, Assi. Ed., Ediior Rody' James Sludenl' Council Triple L General Pan American Club Girl Reserves Hunfmq Club Handirrail Club Naiional l-lonor Socieiy Conservahon Club Dramamzs Club Siudeni Council Laiin Club Mylhology Club Rogers, Bonnie E. Jr. Class Play COmI'Y16I'ClGl Soc. Ch. of Class Red Cross Volunleers Club ' Gil R glffjrnicgiunplly Glqgeigjrsfs Club' Sec. . . . Four Misses l28 Teeih Plalz, Marilyn Rumell, Eleanor A.l Home Economics Commerce Girl Reserves Pennami Weekly Triple L Disclobolus Arr Club Trfp e L Pennanl Weekly ?A'rlhRfSerV':5'I b Pennani Annual V OQQV U Social Arls Club E,ra:ni:,'55C?lgbP S D - Cl b irs i u , re . ramailcs U Band, Flag Twirler R d , R b l' ae er Ingugnial Russell, Marilyn Foolball Ggnerall lnierclass Baskeiball Dfamaffss C UP Raihbun, Mariorie I Salee' Dggzlral Disccfyfygrgrgiercla Sandbur Foolball Track Zloeeflecgfibclub Baseball, Mgr. 'p Us U Cross Counfry Gun Club, Sgr. ai Arms Rebslock, Ted Camera Club Colleqe Prep lnrerclass Baskelball Slide Rule Club Sample, Charlo'H'e Rench, Joe General College Prep Discobolus Dramaiics Club, Pres. Girl Reserves Soc. Ch. oi Class Triple L Pennanl Annual, Sporis Ed. Fix-il' Club Varsiiy Cross Counlry Glee Club Varsiiy Track Social Arls Club Junior Class Play Pennani Annual Page Foriy-seven paqe Forfy-eiq lil' une Clan Row Row Row Row Scliuler, Mariane Serafino, Viola C. Slwanfz, Devon L. Shemberger, William Slnew, Phyllis Jeanne Sl1ew, Rosemarie Slwinoll, Virginia Ann Slwuperl, Doris A. Simmons, Keilh Smifh, Maxine Rullw Smifh, Ralph Kislner, George Snoddy, Frances Snyder, Marion LaVon Snyder, Phyllis Jean Snyder, Warren Roberl Sorenson, Dick Sorenson, Roberl W. Speener, Elouise M. Slalwly, Joyce Sfaley, Carol Slanls, Margarel Sfeinberq, Rae Anne Slephens, Gwendolyn G IV Slrong, Lee E. Surls, Clyde Richard Swarlz, Carl Edwin Swiharl, William Leroy Swinelwarf, Eldon Junior Swineharf, Viola Taylor, Bill Thompson, Bill Sfanls, Margaref General Dramalics Club Schuler, Mariane Smilh, Rooseveli' lnol p Commercial C0mmefCl5l Girl Reserves Dramalics Club Needlecrafl Club Foreign Correspondence Club SnoddY- Frances Gregg EXPGFTS Club General Sludenl Council Discobolus Triple L Serafino, Viola C. l-lome Economics Shanfz, Devon L. lnduslrial Shemberqer, William l-li-Y Band Orcheslra Drill Club Conservalion Club Sludenl Council Shew, Phyllis Jeanne General 60-plus Club Shew, Rosemarie Commercial 60-plus Club Shinolf, Virginia Ann Commercial Manners in Business Club 60-plus Club Shuperi, Doris A. Commercial Manners in Business Club 60-plus Club Simmons, Keiih General Drill Club Boys' Sporls Club Smifh, Maxine Ruih General Needlecrall Club Discobolus Smilh, Ralph lnol gradualingl lnduslrial Kisfner, George College Prep ln'l'erclass Baslcelball Foolball Bowling Girl Reserves Dramalics Club Pennanl' Annual Glee Club Snyder, Marion LaVon Commercial G regg Experls Club Snyder, Phyllis Jean General Girl Reserves Discobolus Pennanl Weekly Triple L Yell Club Firsl Aid Club Snyder, Warren Roberi' General Sorenson, Dick College Prep Tennis Slide Rule Club Sorenson, Ro ber? W. College Prep Tennis Slide Rule Club Boys' Sporls Club Speener, Elouise M. College Prep Girl Reserves Discobolus A-Capella Choir Triple L Biology Club Lalin Club Fix-il Club Slahly, Joyce College Prep Girl Reserves Forum Club Band Orcheslra icluredl Colleclors Club, Sec Travel Club Camera Club Slaley, Carol Commercial Discobolus Pennanl' Weelcly lviylhology Club Lalin Club Pan American Clu Arl Club Triple L Girl Reserves Sludenl Council College Prep Glee Club A-Capella Choir Girl Reserves Myfhology Club Lalin Club K. S. C. Club Sleinberq, Rae Anne Home Economics Girl Reserves Pennanl Weelcly 60-plus Club Sfephens, Gwendolyn G. College Prep Girl Reserves Ari Club Radio Code Club Sludenl Council Pennanl Weekly Sfrong, Lee E. College Prep A-Capella Choir Srudenl Council Ushers Club, V. Pres. Camera Club, Sec., Pres. Threshold, Bus. Mgr. Pennanl Annual Naiional l-lonor Sociely Surls, Clyde Richard College Prep Ushers Club Camera Club Slide Rule Club Sludenl Council Swarlz, Ca rl Edwin lnduslrial Drill Club Page Forly-nine Swiharr, William Leroy College Prep Deba'l'e Club Slide Rule Club Swinehari, Eldon Junior lnduslrial Drill Club Swineharf, Viola Commercial Discobolus Foreign Correspondence Club 60-plus Club Taylor, Bill lnduslrial Gun Club Thompson, Bill lnol' gradualingl Genera l--I nduslry Conservalion Club Receiving Line une Clan Row l Tlwulis, Angela G. Tlwursby, Howard O. Todd, Bob Tweedy, James Twiclwell, Jack Allan Vasilas, Georgia Verhagen, C. Roger Verler, Charles Row II Velfe, Roberr Voellcerf, Marqarel E. Waggener, Gerlrude Waller, Joyce l.. Ware, Anna Pauline Weaver, Harold Weilcel, Diclc Weiss, Frank Row III Weller, Phyllis Wilbur, Leland D. Wilcox, Roberr B. Willey, Mary Frances Williams, Sidnah Willis, Donald Wills, Jane Winrer, James H. Row IV Wilfer, Tom Wolf, Marilou Wollam, Joe Yarc, Berry Yeager, Elizabelh Yerlce, Maxine Yoder, Eugene Zavafslcy, lrvin Tnuns, Angela G. College Prep Colleclors Club, Pres. Biology Club Red Cross Volunlee Girl Reserves Radio Code Club Thursby, Howard O. General l-li-Y rs Club Foreign Correspondence Club. Pres. Pennanl Weekly Todd, Bolo lnol gradu alingl Timmons, Merle lnol picluredl lnduslrial Boys' Sporl Cfub Drill Club Tweedy, James General Model Airplane Ciub, V. Pres. Ushers Club Twichell, Jack Allan College Prep Ushers Club Slide Rule Club Slage Crall Conservalion Club Sandbur Foolba.l Vasilas, Georgia Commercial French Club Dramalics Club Girl Reserves Verhagen, C. Roger College Prep Foreign Correspond Sludenl Council Veller, Charles lnduslrial Vis. Ed. Velle, Roberl lnduslrial Slage Crall Vis. Ed. Drill Club Voelkerl, Margarel E. Commercial Pennanl' Weekly Pennanl Annual Girl Reserves Foreign Correspond Threshold Triple L ence Club, Pres., V. Pres. ence Club Manners in Business Club Colleclors Club Waggoner, Gerlrude General Firsl Aid Club Waller, Joyce L. General Girl Reserves Rille Club Model Airplane Club Discobolus Ware, Anna Pauline l-lome Economics Need ecrall Club Girl Reserves Weaver, Harold L. College Prep Jr. Academy ol Science, Biology Club, V. Pres. Ushers Club, Sec.-Treas. Nalional l-lonor Sociely Weikel, Dick General Ushers Club, V. Pres. Boys' Sporls Club Weiss, Frank We Wil Wil Wil Wil lnduslrial ller, Phyllis Commercial Girl Reserves Spanish Club Discobolus Triple L, Treas. Arl Club Pennanl Annual bur, Leland D. College Prep Camera Club Biology Club Jr. Academy ol Science cox, Roberl B. lnduslrial Dramalics Club Pan American Club, Sec. ley, Mary Frances l-lome Economics K. C. S. Club Knilling Club Firsl Aid Club, Sec. Girl Reserves liams, Sidnah l-lome Economics Discobolus Wi Wi Pres. Wi Wi Foreign Correspondence Club Girl Reserves llis, Donald lnduslrial A-Capella Choir Sludenl Council Dramalics Club Slide Rule Club lnlerclass Baskelball lls, Jane College Prep Band, Treas. Orcheslra Discobolus Lalin Club Mylhology Club Red Cross Volunleers Cl Sludenl Council Triple L Pennanl Annual nler, James H. College Prep Nalional l-lonor Sociely, Pennanl Annual, Assl. Ed Pennanl Weekly Threshold Spanish Club Sludenl Council Senior Class Play ller, Tom Co lege Prep Firsl Aid Club Slide Rule Club Dramalics Club Jr. Class Play ub Pres s. Mgr. Pennanl Annual, Bus. Mgr. Pennanl Weekly, Assl. Bu Track lnlerclass Baskelball l-li-Y Foolball, Mgr. Sludenl Council Woll, MariLou Commercial Library Club, Prog. Ch. Girl Reserves Dramalics C ub Discobolus Wollam, Joe General lnlerclass Baskelball Sandbur Foolball Vis. Ed. ' l-lorne Economics Yarc, Belly K. C. S. Club Discobolus Girl Reserves Foreign Correspondence Firsl Aid Club Club Pa ge Filly-on e Yeager, Eliza belh Home Economics K. C. S. Club Red Cross Volunleers Yerke, Maxine Commercial Girl Reserves Discobolus Band Orcheslra Yoder, Eugene College Prep Ushers Club Camera Club l-li-Y Zavalsky, Irvin General lnlerclass Baskelball Sandbur Foolball Varsily Baskelball V. Pres. ol Class Sludenl Council Boys' Sporls Club Dramalics Club cms lnlerior Decoralion Sealed-Leff fo righf: Simmons, C.: Longfellow, J.: Juclay, T. Sfanding--Left fo righfz Ebersole, J.: Simons, E.: Hill, R. flaw of '44 The Juniors loolr forward, in fhis year of uncerfainly, fo new exper- iences, carrying wifh fhem lheir +radifions . . . fhe class play . . . class iewelry . . . fhe prom . . . On Ocfober IZ. l942, fhe class of '44 mef 'ro elecf fheir firsf semes- fer class officers: Presidenf, John Longfellow: Vice-Presidenf, Jim Ebersole: Secrefary, Eileen Simons: Treasurer, Carol Simmons: Social Chairmen, Tom Juday and Virginia Miceli. Under fhe leadership of 'rheir sponsors, Mrs. Siclcels and Mrs. Jordan, 'rhe spring semesfer class officers were elecfed as follows: Presidenf, John Longfellow: Vice-Presidenf, Tom Juday: Secrefary, Carold Simmons: Treasurer, Diclc Hill: Social Chairmen, Eileen Simons and Jim Ebersole. Same scene 'lhree hours lafer . . . Good morning . . . We don'l' believe i'l', eifher . . . Puf yours in n exf year,, boys . . . No loifering, please . . . Effecfs of gas raflonlng 5 and 48 slars l Page Fiffy-fwo anuary L-516144 of '44 Row I-Arnell, G.: Bayard, B.: Bel+, J.: Brelz, G.: Black, M.: Bloss P.: Bogard, C.: Bosse, R.: Bolls, C.: Bowers, I.: Bowers, L. Row 2-Brosseau, J.: Brown, A.: Brunclage, B.: Balmer, G.: Camp- bell, G.: Chesler, R.: Clyde, B.: Cressler, D.: Diclc, D.: Ebersole, J. Ellis, E. Row 3-Barnes, H.: Elheringlon, K.: Ervin, R.: Galbrelh, D.: Ganger, K.: Garl, K.: Gause, H.: Geiger, D.: Gilbert D.: Gillcey, J.: Grove, M Row 4-Hagans, J.: Holley, H.: Hellmansperger, H.: Hixon, L. Holloway, N.: Harl, D.: Barnes, R.: Jessup, K.: Jenkins, E.: Johnson L.: Jones, F.: Row 5-Kell, H.: Kendall, B.: Lang, R.: Lanlz, A.: Laughlin, R.: Rose W.: Longfellow, J.: Lone, D.: Malherly, C.: Maxon, M.: May, P. Row 6-Mayer, D.: McDowell, B.: Middlelon, V.: Moore, B.- Moore, J.: Morris, B.: Murray, S.: Myers, K.: Noss, R.: Nye, R. Ori, M. Row 7-Palrick, J.: Pelerson, B.: Parisho, L.: Plelcher, B.: Parmer, N. Replogle, J.: Russell, L.: Reames, B.: Rose, R.: Schull, B.: Shaw, O Row 8-Sproull, M.: Slahr, D.: Summe, C.: Sulfon, J.: Thompson, C.: Troeger, W.: Troyer, D.: Volkmann, D.: Wade, H.: Whisler, C.: Woodkey, R. "'r' . ris. , . S lii L ' x I -A In ,.,.,,:i': . - i A A Av . K, ,... B l K' ' '.." L... L " 'Y W . . ' L . ....r.. :'ii A i iii' sru Lr .: : K . r R X if , L f , .... . . L l Q :R K I A 1 Fl . L we K , .1 .- ' .. . li. ... . sl . f- .K iaii' as all' , ' " ":,. . 'ziz' ig iilii 5 . ... f a zo. r . l Af' L f f f- iiii ....- . K ilii . I V W U H- ' f .3 i f :-::, .3 1 A. 6, 51' . I I X ,x my VV ., V .iff ..,, , .... :J I ,LV 1,1 .., T Vk . .af I 4 -3 ,. i n K I Vi N K, ':-- - n .t g W A .. A 1'-f"': rl 'Mfg r i : . . A K 'gn A :-, ll I Q ji .., 2 "E:i 2 Q oh K A P? B .ar .Q ' ,Z ,:i. Q is ...WA ,V E L ? :" Q -1 Q ,aj fga . ,. ',1.. A 1 1 1 V '4 - ..., I. , Kgz, , B "' . 'B ii X x' i + 'l?g ': : ii Iliff' iii 'B M Rf ff? Pag e Filly-Jrh ree ul'll0l'J Row I-Adams. D.: Alber, L.: Allen, P.: Allen, V.: Allen, W.: Ames W.: Anderson, E.: Anderson, D.: Anderson, J.: Arfley, T.: Alwaler, V Row 2-Ariglemeyer, R.: Bailey, L.:: Baker, M.: Ball, J.: Banks, G. Barnes, H.: Becker, W.: Belf, J.: Bene-ll, J.: Bevingion, B.: Bibbo. S Row 3-Biclcart J.: Bilancio, V.: Bishop. F.: Bleiler, E.: Bleiler, J. V ' l, -. Q : 5.1 ' ,..12 1 . , .. -- A . 1 .Y J A 'Z w , 0 . I . EQ ' .- ,l ,: A f--:, 'v1- - P i'A EM ?" ii 'Q 'Ai ' : I . 'fl ' .,,. l i i i ' i i i: Snel l ' if .l.v J-:fi rf- B: :::: f or B: :1:::::: 12, ii. 1' ff' .. Azzl K .KKK K5 A M, V '1 i' A , , K .0 K' .,,. K1 ' , m y K m - K KK lzvv 1 KK KK K X , K3 KK ,-.v', : , K K K ' f - V : ., . K K illl K g i , .-:A.., ,T-7 W 1:- K' P' ,fs ' i' Z ii 5 i . . J zzlir V P i "'i gi. -Q V ::. . - ' A 'J A f A L KK K X egg -an 5 N... .f K " .VV KKK , . 0 ,Q K . K K V ,KK K K, K ' , V. 'V f" K ,KK S K , .Je ,gf flu -N. T' IW "' F' L X' il 72' 1- J " .11 , J G - , -rv - ' , 2 . V . ' ' , . 1 i :lf 3 4, . 4 2 i A 4 - . '1 ffm 5 w Us - ' 1 . . f i Q .ff ,I K ,.,, , . if ff ,f 1 X 6 , ,. Q . 3 :,,, ffm: 'f Heli 5 ' ie 5. . V 'i Q i k V ,' ' 'F ... Na? ,Q ii A ,. " 'ig' A A f .L f : 1 Q .'-, P " ' I ,... A ijfl KK . :"" .i - " he 'f ar ' 4 K, if .1 X-2 a. 'Tfl Ni I P L ..,.. K K K .- 3.51 .if KK , K : K A - sg'-1 KK V .Ky ii A A A I ii P if' . frfl i,:i3"l'kiEf ' A 2 X :uw '-.urn-3 1 'V Ll : I z 'ff 43' . A A E1 A, ff KKK: KK K K: , K K .. K KKKK Q.. K K . via. K K KK ,.:.,, .,.. 1 K K W K K hfgy H K A V- r 12525 f Q gif' . W V . "ff ...g r ai . ". ff ,Q , H W " .V ' - f 1' , ""' i . 'X " f.-9 is ff5"i'Q'? M15 , .. .. ,, ,':- ' Kyfgzw y 1 :fu K 7 K f K J P 4 . 7' r w. ' A 7531 ' r V1 ' V. K ' . . , :"l V ,if , 'M . l,... fl. 'Q A. V 4' ri J . : 5 ' ml J V fi J f . KK KKKK R35 - 3 iky IE K K KK . K KK K , K Q 1, "" A A S.. ,K K 4 BK a Z 5 3 xg ' K - W' KKK , . er K KK , f- , ' K My A - A ii A . if . 1 L Page Fifly-four lg-1. K 1: . , Ki V., , ,..,,,, X A K ., Ka K K , .1 V .LAB .- , V Blessing, N.: Blass, B.: Bcllero. F.: Bolfon, A.: Bolfon, W.: Bonsell, C Row 4-Books, F.: Bowen, C.: Bozzufo, M.: Brant D.: Bridge, M. Bridge, M. L.: Brown, C.: Burlcholder, D.: Burns, J.: Campanello, E. Campanello, S. Row 5-CappelfeH'i, M.: Carr, M.: Chilcole, M.: Chaffee, D.: Clark B.: Claussen, D.: Click, B.: Cline. T.: Cole, P.: Conley. J.: Copen haver, B. Row 6-Cooper, B.: Cooper, F.: Copher, D.: Copsey. J.: Cornelius M.: Covey, D.: Cox, P.: Darling, E.: Decker, V.: De Lucenay, H. De Mauro, M. Row 7-Denfon. J.: De Vi+o, V.: Dobson, M.: Doll, B.: Dow, D. Douglas, R.: Drudge, M.: Dueluis, A.: Dueluis, E.: Duesler, B. Everfs, M, Row 8-Faircl-iield, J.: Farrell, D.: Farrell, J.: Fields, M.: Forinash, J. Farry, N.: Fosler, J.: Foy, B.: Freed, D.: Frinlc, B.: Gang, D. Row 9-Granger, M.: Garber, J.: Garl, B.: Garl,iM.: Gay, B.: Gil- berf, P.: Gingerich, H.: Glanl, B.: Good, D.: Gordon, C.: Gibson, D Row I0-Gorney, M.: Grabill, B.: Grafe. B.: Graybill, S.: Grove, L. Harringlon, B. Row II-Harf, E.: Harflnill, S.: Hawlc, C.: Heiner, R.: Hersliberger P.: Hill. R.: Himebaugh, P.: Hoclgen, M.: Holnl. B.: Holmes, R.: Hosfeiler, M. Row I2-Hosfelier, W.: Huber, C.: Huli. D.: Hull, J.: Hunsberger, E.: Husier, M.: Jacobs, A.: Jacobson, M.: Jalcusz, H.: Jellison, K.: Johnson, L. Gunfs, B.: Hammon, P.: Hammond, B.: Hansing, B.: Harness, D.: v une Clay of '44 ln an appropriare palriolic nofe, 'rhe iuniors began iheir year wilh a class pariy held in 'rhe high school ca'ie+eria. A commiH'ee consisfing of John Longfellow Jr., Mary K. Siemm, Dick Long, Margery Sickels, Nan Black, John Ball, Rayman Carlson, and Russell Noss selecfed lhe designs for 'lhe rings and pins for fhe class . . . a plain gold ring of simple design wiih a recessed cresf. The iunior class play, "Ever Since Eve," under 'rhe direclion of Mr. Ben Hudelson, was presenled March I2. Juniors who played imporfani roles were: Bill Copenhaver, Beverly Miller, Joan Denfon, Eugene Ellis, Margarer Maxon, Phyllis Himebaugh, Tom Arfley, Mary Ann Sioui, and Donald Dow. Ofher iuniors look minor paris, and many class members helped wilh direcfing, props, scenery, programs, and lickef sales. Following lhe cuslom of pasi' years, a sfaff from +he class of '44 look charge of rhe Junior Pennanf wilh Bill Frink acling as Edifor in Chief. Also, as is lhe cusfom, lhey swelled fheir lreasury by selling candy, cokes, efc. al' -Hue Mishawaka-Elkharl game. The prom, big momen'r in 'The social life of +he iuniors and seniors, was held in 'l'he Ho+el Elkharl wiih fhe iheme, Arabian Nighis, on Safurday, May 29. CommiHee chairmen who helped make lhis occasion a success were: PROGRAMS . . . Bill Copenhaverf FAVORS . . . Willa Allen: MUSIC . . . Sally Wambaughg DECORATIONS . . . Doris Volkmanng INVITATIONS . . . Eileen Simmons, PUB- LICITY . . . Dick Treckeloj REFRESHMENTS . . . Bill Frink. A number of 'Facul+y members and parenfs were inviled guesfs. He Sfooras fo Conquer . . . The Polar Bear and rhe Face . . . A Camera Hog, a Joe, and a Dullard . . . Le+'s Clean Up Those Jokes, Girls. . . Noon Hour Bull Session . . . Los+-Four Bodies . . . Pa ge Filly-five ,. ....l V ., . N. V - ,,V.M, 9' . 5, V .."A . :-' A- 3 . .3j5,,, 1 Ilfl VV .V A 'l ff' 5 T' 5 P " Q. :Q P V ,2, ,V ,A- fi P : : 0 V. ' VL . . . ' , -. V. "2 '-" V' ' ' 5 :K .V - V Q V - V . .. VV V , Vg .6 KV , VV . V V VV E af. ,Avril .SSS " IJ . """" it 3 . f - Q V. . lf- if 'I H 7 Q ' V'--, , Lvz 1,' V .Lv J V . . I ' 'I . ff? .V1, xii' , 'T '-,g. V' Row I-Johnson, P.: Jones, D.: Jones, l-l.: Juday, T.: Karn B.: Kauhle we .,:, v.., - ,V- .V x . V V KA. V ' - V VE, P V K R V V V I V- --QVVVVA ,. ' X, V , ,, -. V man, ., ernp, ., Kern, T.: Kessler, K.: Kielezewslu, J.: Kiplcer, L I V. .V ,V ' QV. -V V VV:V.5: -Q .VQVVAV LLVVL V ,V V P-'. VV Row 2-Kirkwood, J.: Landon, P.: Lerner, G.: Lerner, B.: Leib, M. .,.h V AV KV VV VS... , V J. Leiberenz, B.: Leisl. C.: Lipscomb, J.: Long, D.: Lowell, J.: Lull, J V.. , 35' s -'.. 'S' - N 5 :ev ' ' ""' " - ' ' 3 - ", -:R if. " - V ff Q ff V - . Row 3-Mccollough, L.: MacFarlane, M.: McLain, H.: Mallery, R. A A .V V A Mann, D.: Marclesseau, P.: Marlcley, M.: Marlcley, R.: Marloroff . y V - V, Vi .:. V ,.. V V V- N.: Mar+in, P.: May. B. :ll V V , -,.. 4 V4 I:,:A. V AIZI V :gv VV. .7 Y VV ,Ss . ,V ..,, SV: i J VZ: l ' -l ' A 'XE ,.1: VV-A i V .V Y E VV , V '.',. V Row 4-Mays, D.: Melloll, G.: Memmoll J.: Meredirh, W.: English ' ' iq ff ' ' , A ff nlvn E Y' A J.: Meyer, M.: Miceli, V.: Miller, B.: Milier, B.: Miller, C.: Miller, D . ii -'. W , , ' . P7 l" " T, '-' . "1 Row 5-Miller, M.: Millo K.' M l' M ' lvl h A- VV , V V J' V V VVV ,Q , V VV VV y, . on aqano, .. ore ouse, .. : lf VV. -Ji ..,-. V VV Morningslar, E.: Mossey, D.: Murphy, J.: Myers, L.: Myers, B.: Neff I. V ' 73? "vf, 7 B' . . . .,i:', g ' " V s W T.: Neice R. J all , if T 1 In V ' VV I I 'V A V , V1 Vg V. , 'L . V . 5 V , Row 6-Newron, G.: Newron, L.: Noflsinqer, F.: Orcufl, D.: Os- ' VV VVVV Q L V .'V,. 5 WV SV -Y -V VVV, ,VV 9 ' . V . . 1 bornebR.VD PalmerbL.: Phillips, J.: Pickering, B.: Pippinger, R.: Pole- l'L .. ' 'hi' f ' '-1211. I 'T .' llliliiffif . P V 'lil 5' lr T f f ,V.:T:?!LfS Ml. ' ..-- --vvv V ,v.- ' , -V V. . -.:-f..: : V. 1 2 -..V- mes' -1 OHHUS' - : . V. '--V.' -' . 'V'-Lf ' M V' VV . : : V' - V 1.41: J ' -' 1 S .:....V V S f. M I ll i fl '4ii5im 1' I V Row 7-Ponlius, P.: Pu lise, M.: uiclc. F.: Reafsn der R.: Reber ff: f , . ' ..'f.p,,. V 1 Q Y ' ' ' . ffl " - . ' M.: Recchio, F.: Replogfe, S.: Rice, B.: Rich, B. Richardson, B.: - V V ' .... '- '....-Q. , H RAH , B. V I F , Q iiii 'iili V5 'QW' l W V, 'U QJQVV Vi Row 8-Rody, J.: Roe, P.: Roll, I.: Rose, D.: Rosen, I.: Salee, M.: 'J li'll ' l 3 2 ' 1 ., P ' i i T V XS .V P S ' 2' Salmon, B.: l-lunnicur, M.: Schmidf EJ Schroclc T.' Schulfz M " . ,- V ,,V.- 1 M35 ,'.,V ji ri. . V 5iV"J: Af' V, Vg ' 5 . V -' . , Row 9-Scoll, V.: Sellers, B.: Sensenbaugh, K.: Shenlz, J.: Shanrz, N.: ' , g l V gf lg? i'VV' S L l" , Shaurn, M.: Shea, M.: Shelley, B.: Shelly, M.: Shreiner, J.: Sho- E :f 1 , .H i I ' ' ' QV, -V .' , 52- riff 'Eg , 4 ' lf B I A mfg. I A .,-, Q17 '?' wa er' ' Q... V, .. f . A . .. . , . .. . V . V . V , VV V V VV ,VVVVV V VVV .TT Row I0-Seidel, B.: Siclcels, M.: Simmons, C.: Simons, E.: Single- ' V. VV V' VVV, V 4' -' " 'M . -' Q. VV. ,A V Ton, D.: Sinlon, K.: Sleeper, R.: Srnilh, A.: Smilh, Be.: Smirh, Bo.: f .. " J ' f' smifi. JO. T E f' P' 5- -- V"' 'Z 5 .Q '2:r1fiilX?e. . , .. V , Row II-Smilh, Ju.: Smirh, L.: Sol.1+'r, P.: Slair, P.: Srair, O.: Sla- - - M A . VV VVVV V V: 1 1 A ' merz, R.: Reese, V.: Sremrn, B.: Sfemm, M.: Slemrn, R.: Sfephic, M. 'J' j . ' ii ii . V .V VV ,VV VUV N V V ,,,VV V.. V V il V2 ..,,.. VV Row I2-Slour, M.: Srrausberger, H.: Srrouse, T.: Sreede, M.: V l ? :li m I " ? fl P"fii'i slump. D.: Sfump. R-7 Swindeman, J.: Szobody, R.: Talborl, J.: , . A ' ,.,V Tavernier, J.: Yearer, E. - Q , 1 g .,., .V... V V . , . , V, V VV:- V :z A J V ,V :VVV V .3:. 1 V V V .V VV , Q , P rr - . fi K -- VP . V" . I gl :1 "-- .QQ -,,'V' A VV , " . " J - . :V J I- V' A 1 . V- ..1 X .V ' . P I ::' V. :'ivef' e' A B . if 5. ' ' rf' M' J 5- ' 'V i a: I . S, Page Filly-six . V .V Av-v V Va.: V . '. ,.'- . VV . 7 V . VA Azgb ,. E V.. V , V, f ' Q. Cladd of V " V R .. V ' . . . V V VV.. V. J. , ,-, M y V 2- ' . V 1 ',L. 2 . A V ' . " f V X i QD' A . Row I-Thompson, D.: Thornburg, P.: Thornfon, E.: Treckelo, D.: ...- I fi . J. VV zu' " "'.. 'W' lgbzz V I Ursery, R.: Van Bergan, J.: Van l-lorne, Eg Van Zile, W.: Vickers, B.: V I 'T 'T .V P' ...G TA wail, J.. Wambaugh, s. . 5 ::'A ' ' if f " 1 l f' ' ' ' .V P 8 ,,., V Row 2-Wallers, J.: Weaver, D.: Weaver. R.: Whalen, J.: Whife, J.: 5. Vg , V , 9 A, , 1 z V ,VVVL Whilman, B.: Wilfrouf, P.: Winlerhoff, J.: NVii'mer, J.: Wolf, R.: Q 6.1 A' "V, ' , il . ., R H ,f i - T . 'ri L ' ' . V. - V ZW" M' . . J T ' 'X' A . Row 3-A baugh, B.: Arlley, J.: Babcock, C.: Bailey, C.: Beerer, ' V-if V V V .,.. A.: Beehler, B.: Berry, V.: Biggs, V.: Blocker, A.: Boofs, B.: Brady. B I " VV, V ' VV . ,V xi' VVVVVVV P' H V, f 1' f 41 .A.. T i n 7' T V . 'T ' Row 4 Baker P' Brooks l' Burlcehold r G ' Carlsor B' Clouse 1 iii . A ' !iiE i'iKiw'T-4 .V i i W - ' " ' ' e ' " " " ' ' f .-- .." 1 llige 'K ':" 1 f 1 ' A ' T B.: Cox, C.: Cross, D.: Cunningham, l.: Daniels, B.: Di ey, J. V V ' ii Z4 f 7 'A iffiiniigg Myers, l-l. H Q , . ,. - . 'Tir T ' '- Q, V V L . '- V " ,,,,, V, , Z ' Row 5-Davis: De Vaughn, J.: Doly, A.: Du Charme, R.: Duncan, A V VVV ' . W.: Emerson, E.: Everell, B.: Fedell, Lf Fisher, V.: Gibson, G., I f .V . , V ii' .V Y " in A ' DQ ' .V V " H Gulermufh, T. 1 N 3511. ' ' A I A , limi A .. .. V VV V VVV V V I , ,A ,,' :E V - 2V:V,V Row 6-Hack, E.: l-lagans, R.: Hall, P.: l-larl, B.: l-lile, M.: Hobson. - L qt i.., A - ,.,,, f' H1 'Y 2 fi 'A ' A J.: Holley, L.: Horne, C.: Hoslefler, J.: l-luFF, J.: Jackson, J. ZIV V V H zhv -J J - ii " 'J .,,, f ZVV . VV , VV HXVXVV VV. .VVV V V 8,4 V , V141 Row 7-Johnson, J.: Jones, J.: Jones, l.: Kamp, N.: Kendall, l.. 'A i f :,,... .zgb V V K" fig' 'W'-' " fi' ' Kern, l-l.: Kessler, P.: Keiler, D.: Kindle, B. King, M.: Kilfredqe, P . , P 154 ,., V V ... . A V 1:-.S -I i s f - ., ii .A iii . fi . P .,l,,. Q - . - . . . Y? V V . 4' .:V.i.Q5Lg, , i.-' ' Q' -3 .V-..L 1'3" Wa f V. Row 8-Knlsely, M., Lindsirom, P., Loshbaugh, S., Love, P., Lund 'T' A ' ' " . Q 'Y ff M . . . - V, I . -. Ei , ui' "' .. 'MBE ' ,. ' D.V: Masl, G.: Meelcer, B.: Morrell, M.: Meyer, D.: Melzler, A. ,- J,--71 Li., '-.L -V ' V1VMV , R' V3 ji VV ' ' "" ' f"" ' Miller, J. ' ' ....-- Row 9-Mi ler, M.: Mogle, l-l.: Monger, M.: Monfeifh, T.: Murphy ,ii .gg V .egg V . V . VV ,V V- . J.: Myers, B.: Neff, M.: Neff, Ra.: Neff, Ro.: Nelson, B.: Nolzfsinger, R 3, I ' ' .A ' V' I ,,VqV. ' 'f V ' .., i M.. I-V Y ',.'-' "1', V , 4 ' ' 5 "' " ,ff :is . . Row I0-Noyes, R.: Null, B.: Nye, B.: Osborne, L.: Park, A.: Pavoni - V V V . ' V V R.: Pendill, P.: Sargent N.: Scoff, M.: Sears, R.: Shellenberger, C P' ,QQ " . ,-.,, , , gb ,. 5 "1 - 4 7 -A , .w w -' V , . --- 7 . - V N ,f VVV.. :V-, ,,. ,VJ ' J. V., f f V4 QW .4 . 1 .gy 2 5" -2 "1 Row II-Shreiner, J.: Sigerloos, A.: Slough, l-l.: Smifh, J.: Sfaclc- iffy? V KV: V in ' V ' i , fi ,V il A V: ' house, B.: Slrine, B.: Swikerl, C.: Teelers, D.: Trussel, J.: Van Tille X g X A I ii 'V "iw ' , ,'EJiff5,'V .- V Burg, R.: Weaver, D. ,fb .. V . V .. ..-2V : i l ' V- r ' A -. V- if ' ' " ' . V' 2 ..--. - ' . . -1-f n V Row I2-Welsch, l'-l.: While, C.: Whife R.: Whilmyer, D.: Wrighf, Q M.: Wylie, P.: Liclfey, J.: Swiharl, J.: Weaver, C.: While, R.: M ii ' ' A E .4 ' .i ii V Nllolf, lvl. " f 5 ' 4 A ai? iii ' M DV 5 ' 2,1 V'-- Z, , ' ' ' 5" . :Ev - . 7 , ' -fi . .5 . Q V T 9 'T Vlii .V Z - , ' . I n VV ii A V Rf-rim I VVgeL.?.MVjtj ill' 5 , , M.: ' . ' Q V Q ui- V P V if '- V VVVV VVVV V V ' V V.' ' WWE' i"' T ii .A Piiii. 'ill if 'ii- iiif' 'Qi ' "' V. 0, 5 xl 'I 5?izf55 Q -VVV . x. Page Filly-seven he Clan of '45 You can'+ beai fhose sophsl They have afhleies, iournalisls, musicians, scholars, and more beau+i'ful gals Than any sophomore class in EHS hislory. ln fheir 'lirsl meefing as class, fhey chose Miss Clendenen and Mr. Nibloclr as 'iheir sponsors. Under fhe leadership of 'their new sponsors, lhe class was organized and fhe following o'Fl'icers were elec'red: Presideni, Bob Sfaclxhouseg Vice-President Morris Clement Secrefary, Marlyn King, Treasurer, Dick Hagansg Social Chairmen, Mary Lou Nibloclr and Bob Weldy. Odd men Double frouble or 'rwo gals Glam 'lhe glamorous sophs Two under The siars . C'esf la guerre . . . The shawl fad, on models . . . Our camera man caugh'r some acfually af work is v Q cq0pll0l110l'eJ Row I-Adamo, F.: Cramer, D.: Allen, E.: Andersen, R.: Anderson W.: Freeze, G.: Anlonelli, L.: Aman, A.: Arisman, B. Augusline, F. Balcer, B. Row 2-Cover, R.: Bailey, A.: Balls, D.: Ball, R.: Ballisla, S.: Bechl' B.: Beclc, M.: Beclcwilh, E.: Behnlce, T.: Berkshire, N.: Beissell, B. Row 3-Bighlel, G.: Billger, B.: Billinger, S.: Bochman, W.: Bon- iiglio, M.: Bornernan, B.: Bowers, J.: Bowers, M.: Bowlby, W.: Bowl- ing, M.: Bowman. J. Row 4-Bowman, C.: Bowman, l-l.: Bradley, E.: Bradway, J.: Briclc- man, A.: Bridensline, C.: Brundage, B.: Bryner, C.: Bueler, F. Camilla, D.: Campanello, A. Row 5--Campbell, W.: Cappellelli, L.: Carlson, G.: Carmichael, D. Carrell, D.: Casey, A.: Church, D.: Clausen, D.: Clernenl, M.: Col- pelzer, J.: Conboy, J. Row 6-Cory, R.: Cossairl, M.: Coianower, C.: Courl, E.: Cox, M. Cussrneyer, J.: Darnbrosia, A.: Dandino. S.: Darr, M.: Davy, M. Deilch, C. Row 7-Denman, W.: Dillman, L.: Dilorenzo, P.: Dillz, G.: Dogan E.: Doll, D.: Dunlcer, G.: Eash, B.: Eash, L.: Eqgle-sion, R.: Elliol, B Row 8-Elliol, C.: Erickson, B.: Esberg, B.: Everell, F.: Fager, C. Falcone, R.: Farley, M.: Farnsworlh, N.: Fessler, B.: Fields, M. Finch, M. Row 9-Fisher, J.: Flora, J.: Fosler, C.: Francisco, B.: Fredriclcson G.: Freeby, J.: Freed, R.: Friend, B.: Fuller, P.: Gans, W.: Gaslca, C Row I0-Gales, F.: German, J.: Glldner, l-l.: Gill, J.: Goelz, B. Goelz, R.: Good, D.: Goodman, E.: Gordon, R.: Williams, W. Goshorn, J. Row ll-Grabill, B.: Grarnes, B.: Grenawall, D.: Grossman, M.: l-laag, M.: l-laclc, B.: l-laler, D.: l-laney, L.: l-lansing, B.: l-lapner, l.: l-lari, R. Row I2-l-larlranll, V.: Haven, N.: l-lelfner, K.: l-lerrli, B.: l-llqgins, D.: l-liqly, D.: l-linely, B.: l-logue, V.: l-lolilbaugh, J.: l-losleller, C.: lvers, S. Qk,M Ld . . UGAGASJN . ,,., Y ' f ' - A ' 3 2' ' 5 'V I . i ' ' La uf 7 W ' . " ' ' f-: i -V I ..r. U H f I f .. - .L ' r 'v' -A. "' 5 W Wil A l . . .. 9 Q' F I I fag- 1' :-11 .5-,. . 1: . ff ,A ,W sf - ll gk BH 'B' f x I 4 5 f 1 NW' 'qw I2 fl I 5 A if B N X -X fi . i. 5.5, " 8 MQ . - fi VL rxr, I I 'D' " flu x: f 'C 'fir 5' " U4 1 9.33 I 1 ixR!l3"'Vl" . J - .V ...F -.sap-. . - . 6: - . .. . - 3? - B' ef i r . 1, "' "2 if. iw- . L P ' f A L R -- a' :s y x ..,. my .. H 3 . V i Q I sh z Q V. 3.1. -a " 4 il. f :V f : il. N W Ji . 'Qff 1 7 I A A N g.. " :ffl , 1 - ' ' gZi9 ...- . 5 ' Z - ,ani ,V Ii A h it ag... K -I W K, W i 5 ' yi ' 2 .ffl x F H S ' 1- . 5 A - rx l 3 i L. N iff X f 4 'ij 'F' 'f ws Q : ' if i . .':....- C : . 'jul' N. " I ' 'Y L V .J :f ee 4 I. .. . kill. 'i"37i sf 1 'f-',. . Vyf. V .1 J JJ . Nh fe- fy 1 at ' ' 2 : L 1.-!5z,g,fl'i inf W' " H Q I A ,I :cal VV . V, - W ..., 7 Q Cin Aa . r .Q va 9 .. :VI Q, . z ' ' i Zi W . i X' x Tri X r -8 1' 4 '1 ' f M. ffm. ' . V . f W - -4- A y V, . Q glgg fn' fi.-J ' 3 " .f . Q' . if I. . . fI'9'Z V ' I, 'iff , ., f " Q ' ' ,, K' L H 4 : V V . I .f 5- I I A 4 Ivz: - " v V, ' "" - -, - - , .. , :"' ...gf 1 . .J ' Q? V a a . Q.. s 1 1 I - ' 4 . Q . ia' - N "M ' ', .... I . - - K - 'I -V ff f A . ig :... if x .iw . Q J I A ' .' i . :Q ' 1 L'-7' . 'f '-"' .I J W ' ' 4 5 11, fig . Vg, , ,: .. Md, b fr' 4-3? I :E 'AW' ' , ffm- " . "f ,, , ' i L5 V ffwi. 1. gh... y YQ fm L . V .2 L, Q- E , ' ' A' ",' Ti.: W '-H -. ' V. V, . , " f g 'Y Z. - . - - ' T . H ar' 4 ii " ' ,. . B " W ,TQ if 'ff A ' . "BS ,... 8. f . . if 1 , y , 5 vi, A A 4 fy.. ! 'X . -' 5 I mf 1.1 gf - V , . ' ji N K - -' 2-2' n 'N' .V ' YV 1 f f 4 'i f' .f3Qfi.' ' W ' 4, f 5 ' 14:1 ' A R '- il' 0 7 1 ' ' 4:'. M A - -' .. . , V , V A t-me-..., nu. 5 , .sw :" -'1':'-1-"V -e336 fa x f-.Z if.: "ww ' gf Page Filly-nine flu we 5 K . 4.k I Q . 'V . VK. . ::, ,I l - lv sq I " .,,- ' . '1' 1' " ,.,. 1 . A df 72 4 . - Y 7 ..... . ol , . A . ff l ! K" 1 .lf 1.512355 . ALV: L fj,fj,.. " . if , -V I? :ywffirw A cf -4 H-A - ' : 'S' 'IV A ' M A . ii ? - vl 'f 1: 1 1 1... ' P A Sf' , 1 A V S fl . "V 'Ill 'lf' " 'R 'tv 'S .15 ff... ' I 4 ' ' .. " A . A' -' pg L "'A 5 ' H iliizff 'Q -"' 'V ', - "'i Y A ."' . -If P' 5. ' 7 ll z. ii : 'Q '- 'F j 7 I we ' 5 nll: wk V XA, ' .. f 1 , ep I J .. 15, . . . - . V . , . . . ' . . ' ' Vk.'fV A A ,..k..v-v E1 : J . ls 1.: ' 1 I : 4. 4 Vzfa -f f - av. 1 l : Yi ' ..-, i Z' ? ' U . .:V,., . : , Y , I 'S A l Wyyf 'QE' ' ?7 'lavzl .. .f y 2. v if ff l? V L"-L?W . VV -. , . A V V, t ig.: N 4 V . Q? S .b y K je'-,K Y , it A 7,..m, . ge' K V : ' ll fn 7: -KB" .xIvg...' i' i ,Wg ii . ' -or "7 as - - .f ' -'X-.. '. . ,ggy ' ' ' ' J 1 - : ::.', . . . "1 ' , ..,. V...- : : :. RTV' " P s. V Z R' we QVY1 , y i - V. ,, V 'f Ii . f" We I - 'fa .. .. - 1 f Q'11r1i:2.?r4'r. ' ' 9' or .13 " . lf? f-3 bf 1 - 5. I. " ' J. I . ' . ' :,l If ,.,. 51: .f - V 1 A S: 5: A:" - M "li ? . . . . . . 3. : , . l 1 we ' i V- - L . . " . ' . .V V... .. ' K Q p l.. A le ' , . 'P . ' D Q :.' f -if ,": 5 1 .. . -4 ' E we V :,, . ' . : 'qwlllgg' vi . i 2 . f J 11 Y . A .2 -of l 1 T' X' P .. . .l 4 L s fx ..., .,., A N E - .f - 5 i ' W., . 12- - " ' :,, 1-is A . A L R . , Q : Kmzgz '- ' . '- ::. ' r . ' .. ,L I 25 I . ,L I :Lt 5 Z IIQ, Q 'A V s is A i '- , il itll '19 ,,. A if " ' 2' i -- 4 1 J. is A. -.-ev . . if 6 '.,.- 41-A 32225 fv. J i.. rrrs of PM f f i ' Q Q ::5" ' -3 7" ' Page Sixly S0pll0In0I'e J Row I-lvers, W.: Jackson, V.: lavagnillio, l-I.: Jenkins, P.: Jenner V.: Johnson, C.: Johnson, K.: Johnson, R.: Johnson, S.: Jones, N. Juday, D. Row 2-Kamp, D.: Karascl-i, J.: Kalzenmeyer, R.: Kaulzlman, S. Kinsey, D.: Kendall, B.: King, J.: Kiser, J.: Klingelholer, W.: Klose D.: Kolhe, N. Row 3-Krallord, J.: Kreighbaum, C.: Kreighbaum, N.: Kurlz, M. LaBelle, J.: Lobley, A.: Lake, R.: l-lolloway, J.: Lawson, J.: Lehman W.: Lesher, D. Row 4-LeVan, J.: Lewan, S.: Lewis, F.: Linendoll, R.: Linn, D.: Locke B.: Lovell, V.: Luley, W.: Lux, l.: Lusher. D.: Macumber, J. Row 5-Main, G.: Manges, D.: Manges. J.: Mann, E.: Marbeiler R.: Marchesseau, M.: Marino, B.: Marlin, A.: Marlin, J.: Massimilla M.: Maslen, M. Row 6-Maxson, D.: McClough, B.: McKinley, D.: McLain, P.: Mead L.: Meighen, B.: Melzler, D.: Middle-lon, R.: Miller, M.: Miller, V. Miller, W. Row 7-Mi.ls, D.: Mills, J.: Mills, R.: Minegar, W.: Minelli, C. Murphy, R. Row 8-Murphy, V.: Naclonly, J.: Neal, B.: Nelson, G.: Niblock, M. Niccum, J.: Niharl, C.: Nollsinger, M: Nollsinger, R.: Nusbaum R.: Orl, J. Row 9-Orl, R.: Osborne, B.: Osborne, L.: Oslerloo, B.: Palmer, L. Palumbo, L.: Papa, T.: Parker, l-l.: Parroll, D.: Pederson, N.: Pe- lrella, E. Row I0-Phillips, W.: Pierce, B.: Price, G.: Price, L.: Quier, J. Recchio, F.: Recchio, N.: Cronk, A.: Reyden, J.: Riller, E.: Ripoli, D Row II-Robinson, E.: Rosen, B.: Ross, W.: Rowe, B.: Roy, R.: Ruff J.: Russel, B.: Sanderson, P.: Sarqenl, P.: Schafer, D.: Scheuer, J. Row I2-Scheuer, R.: Schlabaugh, D.: Schrader, B.: Schade, W. Schuler, M.: Schwab, B.: Schwarlz, C.: Schwarlz, S.: Sellemeyer, S. Seralino, J.: Shaller, R. Misner, L.: Mosier, P.: Muhlnickel, l-I.: Munch, R.: Munsch, P.' Class of '45 A parfy, held in lhe gym March 26, was fhe lirsf social acfivily. This helped break and ad solicifors. Sophs 'fry for band and orcheslra, join clubs, develop iniriaiive ll1e ice, and made fhe members of fhe class beffer acquainied. A well-planned floor show and plenfy of enlerlainmenl' made fheir 'lirsf parly a memorable occasion. and self-confidence. The school loolrs 'lo fhis class For lhe foofball and baslrelball caplains, lheir Sfudenl' The 5oPl"0m0"e Yea' 'S 5 Yea' of be9""""'95- The b0Y5 90 0'-'l for 5P0'l5 - - - lfacll- Council presiden+s, fheir Weekly and Annual edilors . . . fheir aclors, fheir arfisfs foolball, baseball, fennis , . . and worlc for lheir places on fhe varsify. Some of fhe more ambifious sophs gel iobs on lhe Pennanf Weelxly as reporfers, lealure wrilers, . . . 'll1elr leaders in '45, W Beaufy and brains, loo . . . Wonder if 'they lrnow whal if means . . . Ah-ah-ah--walch lhose pounds. . . Keep lhal' money undercover, boys. How many see .... Laugh and lhe world laughs wilh you . . . l've heard 'lhal song before, l"lagans Page Sixly-one S ,.a . l-" L Y 4 f :..: . . ', , 2 . .- A-:,, Q ' r p f 'Z' Q i' f -b . ' ' Q r ' I ,.':': 2 2. -,1:.', w'-L ff Q fl M5 1 ,:k.' L: I-'A l .. 1 i A Q --Q K :, - H . . WA 1.- - N . - .Quiz E .'-,, ' l 2 Q . . 4 ' .., r fs. 1, -' , 1: .. f - r :L ':-, Q 12 :35-"" - -l1' .. . 'Q 1 ' ffi- " y. . - ,fr I Y W 5 ..., ,::. K , -4 "B 9 -i' ' 2' rf Y f ' - ' ' S araee Q- , ,A,.A . . . A . f -1'- ' e'-' f ' r - ' . ' 2'Q . Y 8 f 'A V ' ' I S .1 'rl m W B M S S F . ZA- ., .. - - .. -1, . - Y .. " Li v - -- ' . n .-:, T " . - , - M,-"1 .. f' .32 ' " :- , A rr LW'A v .. , Q., ' : ,.' J' . .' .j- "':: i...' f r... . ' . I . Biff' YBSB I 1.-.. ' A . S v -- " . YSY ' 1 BJ Y B S ' N W sg . 1. .Q ,::: :"' ' - - . P . f. Pz.. M . -V ' . . A 'Z . -- ' 5 S ., l .. 5 -- W .m:- 8 ' , , -my - . , .J ZAI. b as uqvv :AP A K Ljfffig z ii S ---1 I r W Page Sixfy-fwo Soplzomorea, he Claaaea Row I-Shamory, M.: Shank, G.: Shaw, G.: Shea, C.: Shock, M.: Shriver, J.: Simcox, B.: Sifes, L.: Sough, D.: SmHh, D.: Smirlw, R. Row 2-Smifh, W.: Smi+l'1ers, B.: Speas, B.: Sreele, M.: Sfeimer, J.: S+emrn, D.: Farring+on, D.: S+H:FIer, D.: S+ock, G.: S+ool, E.: Sform, W. Row 3-S+ou'r, D.: S+rom, F.: Sfroud, B.: Sfufsrnan: R.: SuH'on, J.: Swar+z, E.: Swarhbaugh, M.: Sykes, B.: Thulris, C.: Tippet H.: Tippef, D. Row 4--Tom, B.: Treckelo, N.: Troup, B.: Truex, B.: Vance, J.: Van Doehren, M.: Vardaman, D.: Vescelus, K.: Vickers, E.: Noffsinger, N.: Wambaugh, N. Row 5-Warerman, D.: Weaver, B.: Weaver, De.: Weaver, D.fon1: Weaver, Dlonaldl: Weaver, J.: Weber. C.: Weldy, R.: Wessel- hof+, V.: Whalen, D.: Whirmer, J. Row 6-Whirrner, W.: Wigenf, R.: Wiilcs. A.: Wilson, L.: Windoffer, D.: Wood, P.: Wyanr, B.: Yeakey, D.: Yoder, W.: Young, V.: Young, W. 1 KJ45 and ,46 i Row I-Anderson, R.: Bailey, A.: Barnes, E.: Boriner, D.: Deifch, B.: Colbeizor, H. Row 2-Cripe, J.: Darling, C.: Davis, J.: Denlinqer, F.: Diener, C.: Dukes, M.: Dyqert E.: Dunnuck, J.: Elkins, B.: Elsasser, M.: Engel- harf, I. Row 3-Esles, L.: Fisher, P.: Fluke, E.: Ford, B.: Friend, R.: Gal- breaih, M.: Gorney, B.: Gilbert F.: C-ill. J.: Goeiz, J.: Good, M. Row 4-Grady, B.: Harf, A.: Hellsmansperger, I.: Hill, H.: Holla man, L.: Horn, M.: Horne, C.: HuFl, P.: Hull, R.: Ivins, P.: Jen- nings, L. Klingler, R.: Krulza, F.: Long, J.: Maggerl, D.: Markel, J.: Maure, R. Row 6-Meredilh, D.: Merrick, E.: Merrick, F.: Miller, S.: Neff, B.: Nelson, J.: Sargent F.: O'Herren, D.: Osferloo. W.: Owens, D. Park, D. Row 7-Parrish, E.: Paulson. F.: Pease, C.: Peck, P.: Pero, G.: Pe++i+, A.: Rosenfrefer, R.: Richfer, J.: Reber, V.: Rockwell, M.: Rogers, M Row 8-Ross, C.: Rowe, J.: Sailor, D.: Sands. B.: Sawyer, J.: Schnelle, C.: Schulfz. M.: Shalzier, B.: Shank, G.: Sleeper, G.: Slusser, P. Row 9-Smilh, J.: Squire, M.: Slackhouse, J.: Sfewarl, E.: Slickney, D.: Snyder, J.: Swiharf. C.: Verhagen, P.: Troyer, R.: Wallers, B.: Super, J. Row I0-Waller, L.: Wallz, D.: Whalen, M.: Whiieman, S.: Whil- man. H.: Wilkinson, B.: Walker, C.: Williamson, R.: Vwfillings, R.: Yoder. J.: Yoder, M. Bevingfon, M.: Bradley, P.: Bradley. NV.: Brown, B.: Brown, J.: Row 5-Johnslon, V.: Kern, T.: Kile, J.: Kindiq, L.: Ki'H'reclge, D.: Y iff . Z: if ' -...ge aff, ' ' .. - x K I ,Y X w ' A X sg .rf , . , .1 .- . . f f V E i l 1,1 -r ,,,, Q g - K g gi. ,L Q A , .g i Y Q fl if i x , I 44 gg ii I ill f il 1 '! . .y . f fi 9 s -f n ' f .. I - 4 . A e ,-..-. ,. . ' .M -, yi . ' P532 . 'I ii P , ' . f,:A. H ' V f . ' ' 1 ' uf . Q illi Au ii . :'ff.?1 lsil al A f V .7 ' .. - 1 . , 'L 1 . 5 if I I -V -.-' 1. my F ,. " J ::" 1 J . . J . sl S e - - M . R , V byyy . ., V . Q- jp :ffl if i Na - ' ' yllly g, lvgaz we . .i , . - T Q H as 1-' Q. V fiff Z liii 1 ' .f i le . ' , S.. Sf LSP R7 J J A4 Ai.::: A ' i ii' laiiii - if ' " l ,..,, , ,,..'i J iiliil ..,,, " 7 ' bf' f J' ' ' 5ifijL:gg:'igs ,,,-, ., . f .wwf ' jj fi. f-: 1 " ' ':" ' i '.- PK .vl L .'., 'iff' :ii i L ' ....,.. J 1 ' A . . .:- ,,., 5 . A 'P 1 . 4 U .. ::- ' i R . f , P F J 4' V I ii-f,' A. Q i"i S '--J: W 'V 1- - Fw" ff ' ia- s':-:. -f 'F -if. H if A ' .Q . Q : i -y :f,. f Q f::K f .--" --v. - fx.: .f .L t . -. , V Q A . ,Q lt.- f f ,F , 'Y I :g i I , H W "'- X. ..,. ' l J ... e "': is , y F Q if .V F J S- J i,5f' f 14: L s,,fv!q, 1 rfsk .', WP' W 2 ' 'Q 9 ' ' '11 ..-1 -. ":' 2. 5 . V- . . P + :' i ,... -Q 1 . . . ,.... . . 5. , Q- . ' - I 'l" ' Page Sixly-ihree uni 55:1 Fx -4B"" qs. 'np- L 535355 if lm' 'L wt wie-, Zllere We sfoyalig because a 'Friend is a guy, who can always be depended on, even in maHers of balancing Ilme budgeI'. And here, in our clubs, our par+ies, our concerlfs, our plays we meel old friends, and make new ones. FRIENDSHIP IS LOYALTY IN ACTION aiionaf .Honor ociefg Feeling fhe need for a Sociefy, composed of more aclive parf in service fo fhe school, fhe Nafional Honor fhirfy members, has had a successful year in promofing scholarship, leadership, and cifizenship. This year's proieci of annual used-bool: sale, concessions a+ games, and chili supper. +he sociefy included: enrollmenf of incoming sfudenis, 'Phe While serving fhe school in various ways, +he club also hoped fo be serving fheir counfry. This hope was carried ouf when money and supplies were donafed fo fhe local War Mo'lher's Canfeen. The 'luforing sysfem, esfablished lasf year, was coniinued fhis year and gave aid fo sfudenfs desiring help in any of fheir subiecrs. Anofher proieci' was sfarfed fhis year, 'Thai' of higher aH'endance during 'l'he school year. A large fell banner wiih 'Phe words "Honor ln AHendance" was presenfed fo +he home room wlfh The highesf percenfage of affendance 'For each six weeks period. Lasl semesier's officers were: Jim Winfer presidenf' Mary Kale PaHer ' , , son, vice- presidenl: Maxine Eppers, secrefary: and Bob Frederick, +reasurer. This semesier's officers are: Diclc Crow Marcia Frye, secrefary: and Lee Sirong, ireasurer. ley, presidenf: Elizaberh Larson, vice-presidenf: Misses Busche and Broughlon are co-sponsors. Ofificers Approve fhe Aifendance Banner uflzeilzer zn.4pu'ecl by the 'yoining feuerv or inferedievl in the cfuba ilzemaelued, Row l, lei? To righf-'Gramesn D: l-lolllngsworfh M A.: Winier, J.: Eppers, M.: Pafferson, K Frederick R.: Plafl, P. J.: Lanni, N.: Refers, J. Row II le o righi-Miss Bushe: Sfrong, L.: l-lively, R Ingram G.: Denman, R.: Crowley, D.: Haier, R Bradway W.: Miss Broughfon. Row Ill, le-ff lo rughl Bohren B.: Cook, M. F.: Fahnesfoclc, P.: Deiner els C. A.: Larson, E.: Buchanan, M.: Broc E Bafes P.: Baies, A.: Frye, M. Row I, leTT To righT-Pickering, R.: G-unTz. R.: Bor- neman, B.: Gordon, C.: SToclc, G.: Ebersole, J.: Esberg, R.: Clyde, R.: Row Tl, leTT To righT-GusTaT- son, E.: NoTTsinger, M.: Fredriclcson, G.: Gilbert D.: Sellmyer, S.: Jenner, V.: PeTerson, B.: Gaslca, C.: Miller, M.: Maxon, D. Row Ill, leTT To righT-Cline, T.: T-lurneclce, G.: WelTer, P.: STaley, C.: ClayTon, E.: Schuler, M.: Owen, J.: BonTiglio, C.: PlaTT, P. J.: l-lile, M.: TalboTT, J. Row IV, leTT To righT-Allen, W.: Wall, J.: MarTin, P.: Deiner, J.: LongTellow, J.: Simmons, C.: Wambaugh, N.: Cole, C.: Doll, D.: T-limebaugh, P. I QP,5ff'e lze Stuctent Counci The STudenT Council is an organizaTion in which all sTudenTs of EllrharT Senior High are represenTed. This organizaTion TuncTions Through home room delegaTes who make up The Council membership. Each problem broughT before The Council is discussed and iT necessary, a commiTTee is appoinTed To work iT ouT. Two oT The ouTsTanding commiTTees are: The Tra'FTic CommiTTee, which has been insTrumenTal in regulaTing hall problems and The CharTering CommiTTees which charTers each club in The high school. In honor of The 'Former sTudenTs serving our counTry in The Armed Forces one commiTTee planned a memorial plaque Tor Them. Perhaps The highlighT oT The STudenT Council acTiviTies was sponsoring The purchase oT The Hammond Organ. The STudenT Council and TaculTy work in close harmony To TurTher The besT inTeresTs of The school and To bring abouT a more unified school spiriT. The oTTicers are elecTed each new semesTer. Those Tor The Tall semesTer oT I942 were: Charles Cole, presidenT: John LongTellow Jr., vice-presidenT: Carol Simmons, secre- Tary: Russell Lerner, Treasurer: Nancy Wambaugh, parliamenTarian: Dean B. SmiTh, Mrs. A. EarharT, sponsors. The oFTicers Tor The spring semesTer I943 are: Charles Cole, presidenT: John Long- Tellow Jr., vice-presidenT: Sally Wambaugh, secreTary: Lee STrong, Treasurer: Nancy Wambaugh, parliamenTarian: Mr. SmiTh, Mr. Gemmeclxe, sponsors. The Council Sponsors and Ofiicers atmoat everybody Jeemect to participate in organizationa tlzia year. Between Page SixTy-seven 4 l girf Rea erue4 This year The Senior Girl Reserves' aclivilies have been many and varied, due 'lo Their efliorl' in helping in lhe all-ouf vicfory drive. They were made acquainled wi'l'h lhe various war aclivilies in The communily fhrough speakers 'From women's groups such as 'lhe Molor Corps, Canleen, War Mofhers, and Slamp and Bond Drives, elc. A series of inleresl groups on home fronl aclivilies also 'furlhereld lhe work along 'This line. The Girl Reserves and Hi-Y sponsored several dances, besides +he "open houses" a'F+er many foofball and baskelball games. These dances included lhe Sok Hop, Eskimo lnn, and Haylofl Hop. A1 lhe annual Chrislmas parly 'lhe girls made and dressed slocking dolls for lhe pre-school children al Booker T. Washingion. Ai fhe Pa, Ma, and Me, banquef, anolher annual social even'r, a vic'l'ory-garden 'rheme was carried ou'l. The las+ evenf was 'lhe Hi-Jinks Carnival, lo raise money 'lor summer camp expenses. Forfy-one girls 'From Elkharf a'Hended 'lhe Norfhern lndiana Conference which was held af Soulh Bend, February 6. The worship service was conducled by Elkharf girls and was 'followed by a 'talk by Mrs. Green, from England. The cabinef for This year has been: Jean Diener, presidenl: Elizabelh Guslafson, firsf vice-presideni: Lefifia Loshbaugh, second vice-presidenf: Marcia Hile, secrefary: Jeanne Ong, Treasurer: Grace Gordon, social chairman: Willa Allen, program chair- man: Dorofhy Doll, service chairman: Nancy Wambaugh, corresponding secrefary: Miriam Myers, music chairman: Gerry Humecke, song leader: Elizabefh Claylon, arf chairman. TOP Row l, lelf lo righf-Grames, D.: Guslalson, E.: Milloy, K.: McLain, l-l.: Gingerich, H.: Graybill, S.: Speener, E.: DeMauro, M. Row ll-VVa.l, J.: Allen, W.: Marlin, P.: Wambailgh, N.: Sellmyer, S.: Jen- ner, V.: Simmons, C.: Doll, D.: Deiner, J.: Cap- palelli, L. Row lll-l-lumecke, G.: Weller, P.: Sla- ley, C.: Claylon, E.: Owen, J.: l-limeloaugh, P.: Pelers, J.: Adams, J.: Gordon, G.: Lines, M.: l-loke, A. Row lV-Baker, P.: l-larl, P.: Riller, B.: Bloss, P.: Lanni, N.: Frye, M.: Linendoll, R.: Lickey. J.: Losh- bough, S.: Sargent N.: Sample, C. MlDDLE Row l-Lynn, D.: Miceli, V.: Lepara, E.: Miller, B.: Bilobo, S.: Landon, P.: Smilhers, B.: l-laag, M. Row ll-Snyder, P.: Nye, P.: l-lershberger, P.: Shelley, B.: l-loldeman, D.: Lund. E.: l-loliingsworfh, l-l. A.: Copher, D.: McLain, P.: Pallerson, K. Row Ill- Rummel, E.: Doke, V.: Flanders, B.: Ong, J.: Eppers, M.: l-lile, M.: Sickels, M.: Rose, R.: l-losleller, J.: Bonliglio, C.: Demauro, R. Row IV-Munch, P. Simons, E.: Slrom, F.: Billinger, S.: Denlon, J.: Pai anelli, l-l.: Kipka, C.: l-lolley, H.: Englehardl, E. Collins. K.: Ponlious, L.: Boyer, l-l. BOTTO M Row l-Francisco, B.: Replogle, J.: Brown, M.: Benn M.: Clausen, D.: Bowman, C.: Finch, M.: Pugliese M. G.: Srnilh, J.: Shaller, D.: Shaffer, V.: Schuler M.: Maxon, M. Row ll--Murphy, V.: Sykes, B. Cronk, A.: Oliver, J.: Bennefl, S.: Thulis, A.: Slah- ley, J.: Salee, M.: Winlerhofl, J.: Elheringlon, C. Pelerson, B.: May, P.: Owen, J.: Shank, G.: Aris- man, B. Row Ill-Bradway. J.: Young, V.: Wam- baugh, S.: Nye, R.: Graybill, B.: Melcall, L.: Bon- figlio, M.: Snoddy, F.: Snyder, L.: Kauffman, Dx Denman, C.: Shaw, J.: Fisher, B.: Plalz, M.: Parker l-l.: Johnson, J.: Dillz, G.: Sproull. M.: Eash, L Row IV-Lux, l.: Myers, M.: Lewan, S.: Speas, B Love, P.: Loshbaugh, L., Sollifl, P.: Monger, M. meetinga, auembliea, pep Aeuiona, programa, and Jclzool Jfcipping, we found time Page Sixly-eig hl' L.: Middlelon, M.: Jones, F.: Lanlz, A.: Marlin, P.: Ford, B.: Esles. L.: Bailey, A.: Arlley, J.: King, M.: Jw. y The Fafher-Son banquef, sponsored by fhe Hi-Y, is one of fhe highlighfs of 'The club's acfivifies. The annual dime line, held for fhe purpose of financing a Chrisfmas parfy for unforfunafe children: fhe sfafe conference, fhe senior oufing-fhese are a few of fhe ofher imporfanf evenfs held annually by fhe Hi-Y's. The Senior Hi-Y has now ioined chapfers wifh fhe Juniors and fhe Sophomores. This combined group, meefing every second Monday evening af fhe Y.M.C.A., has a fofal membership of sixfy boys. With fhis sysfem fhey hope fo do much more worlc, have beffer parfies, and be of more service fo fhe school. The lasf elecfion of officers was held on March I7 af fhe Y.M.C.A. The officers are as follows: Page Glase, presidenf: Bob Frederick, vice-presidenf: Gordon lngram. secrefary: Bill Jones, freasurer: Jim Fawceff, social chairman: Bob Hafer, program chairman. SENIORS Row l, leff fo righf- Frederick, R. Decla- er, N.: Kinney. B.: Ingram, G.: Hoef er Q I T.: Fawceff, J. Row ll, leff fo riqhf- Hafer, R.: Thursby, H.: Cole, C.: Wiffer T.: Denman, R.: Deffweiler, K. JUNIORS Row I, leff fo righf-Leisf, C.: Sfrouse T.: Lipscomb, J.: Belf, J.: Bilancio, V. Mayer, R.: Richardson, R.: Whisfler, C. Copenhaver, VV. Row ll, leff fo ri hf Q .- Harringfon, R.: Johnson, L.: Fosfer, J.: Phillips, J.: Arfley, T.: Frinlc, B.: Gillcey J.: Thompson, R. Row lll, leff fo riqhfQ Seidel, R.: Clark, R.: Paffon, T.: Long- fellow, J.: Hill, D.: Juday, T.: Ebersole J.: Pickering, R.: Ball, J.: Treclcelo, D. SOPHOMORES Row l, leff fo righf-Hagans, D.: Sinfon K.: Slough, H.: Guffermufh, T.: Weaver J.: Esberg, B.: Wifwer, W.: Pederson, N. Juday, A. Row ll, leff fo righf-Davis G.: Mogle, H.: Holloway, P.: Kern, H. Gunfs, B.: Sfaclchouse, R.: Daniels, B. Schwarfz, S Row III, leff fo ri hr-Gi - . g b son, G.: Hobson, J.: Flora, J.: Ellioff W. Sfoclc, G.: Myers, H.: Diley, J.: Eveireffsl B.: Macumber, J.: Meeker, B.: Clernenf M. or clan now an ilzen ------ e remem er...ilzo4e 'UL4-gal boga dragging I ei Page Sixfy-nine Y Y Row I, lefl' lo righl-Plalz, M.: Clauson, J.: Kauffman, D.: Brown, M.: Loshbaugh, L.: Pefers, S. J.: LePara, E.: DeMauro, R.: Bonfiglio, C.: l-loldeman, D.: Lund, F. Row ll, lelr 'ro righr-Maxon, M.: Nye, R.: Shaw, J.: Plall, P. J.: O,iver, J.: Lanlz, A.: Marlin, P.: Snyder. P.: Rummel, E.: Eppers, M.: Sample, S.: Snoddy, F.: Snyder, L. Row III, lefr 'ro righr-Ponfious, L.: Fisher, B.: l-lulschenreurer, M.: Englehardf, E.: Benn, M.: Myers, M.: Owen, J.: Kell, H.: Frye, M.: Sproull, M.: Wambaugh, S.: Speener, E.: Boyer, H.: Simmons, C.: McDowell, B. Page Seven'l'y Row I, leff fo righf-Claylon, F.: Bennet S.: Kiplca, C.: Palanel i, l-l.: Ong, J.: Sraley, C.: Weller, P.: Lanni, N.: Fanders, B.: Dolce, V.: l-lollingsworrh, M. A. Row ll, lefr lo righf-Klingaman, E.: Mac- Farlane, M.: l-lolloway, N.: Lines, M.: Long, D.: Holme, A.: Jalcusz, H.: Becker, W.: Gordon, G.: Collins, K.: Adams, J.: Copher, D.: Schafer, V.: Gusfafson, E. Row Ill, lefl To righ?-Allen, W.: I-lershberger, P.: Marrin, P.: Anderson, A.: Myers, D.: Humeclce, G.: Parrerson, K.: Wall, J.: Brock, E.: Buchanan M.: Diener, J.: Lerner, G.: Simons, E.: Miceli, V. l ripfe-of The members of fhe Triple L Club can usually be found helping ai' +he games, puH'ing on pep sessions, or selling novelfies. These girls are under The supervision of Mrs. Boone. Besides fheir worlr, however, lhe girls have also enioyed fheaier parries and +eas. They look forward fo fhe annual afhlefic parfy 'l'ha+ is held in The spring. During +he year, The club also had several dime lines for 'khe lnfaniile Paralysis fund and Red Cross. Triple L slands for "Leadership", "Learning", and "Loyal+y": ihese ihree charac- +eris+ics every member sfrives +o achieve. Las'r semes+er officers: Elizabeih Gusfafson, presidenf: Jeanne Ong, vice-presidenf: Marcelle Hulschenreuler, secre+ary: Phyllis Welfer, Treasurer: Maxine Eppers, social chairman: Geraldine Humeclre, program chairman. Presenl' semesfer officers: Elizabefh Gusfafson, presiden+: Jeanne Ong, vice-presideni: Marcelle Hufschenreufer, secrefary: Phyllis Weller, freasurer: Maxine Eppers, social chairman: Geraldine Humecke, program chairman. Presidenf Gussie and Cabinei' l eauy equipment arouncl fooking for a clark room w ere they can Allow flzeir ividuaf gcfuca iion The members of fhe Visual Educalion club are responsible for all lhe smoolh-worlring movie programs we have had. They are lhe lrained movie operalors of -ihe school. They have charge of all 'the films shown al assemblies and of public address equipmenf used 'lor lhe school programs. These boys, under 'lhe inslruclion of Mr. Virgil Lilrins, have an annual banquel each year. Films of a fechnical nafureg for example, lhose used in aeronaufics classes, are shown by 'lhis deparlmenl. These films are used noi' only in daylime classes buf also in 'lhe aclull evening classes. The club also has charge of lhe making and showing of all song slides. The oflicers are as follows: Fall semesfer-Don Freed, presidenl: Jacli Brown, vice- presidenl: Bill Melvin, secre+ary: Allen Mierly, ireasurer. Spring semesfer-Don Boyer, presiclenl: Bob Froelich, vice-presidenf: Bob Kofhe, secrelary: Don Freed, Treasurer. Tesling 'lhe porfable P. A. syslem. TOP Row l-Veiier, C.: Papa, T.: Pippenger, R.: Windoiier, D.: lvlaiherly, C.: Mierly, A. Row 2-Bloomingdale, E.: Brown, J.: Freed, Don: Freed, Dean: Boyer, D.: Froelich. B.: Correll, D.: Trafford, J. BOTTOM Leif To righi-Manges, R.: Mills, R.: Lalce, B.: Chilcoie, D.: Shaffer, B.: Snyder, J.: Wilsey. R.: Wilkinson, B. u1are.4...tlze Loyd from the ualzera Club foofcing at the ticket Jtuba an prompify Page Seveniy-one 1 i l l . Seafed, lefr lo righr-Jalcusz, H.: Hufschenreuler, M.: McDowell, B.: Sproull, M.: Larson, E. Slanding, lei? 'ro righl-Brown. A.: Burkholcler, D.: Swiharl, W. 0l'ul1'l lub The Forum Club is organized 'For 'rhe purpose of beHer acquainfing ifs members wilh our counfry and olher counlries fhrough informal discussions wifh informed persons. Members have also had several speakers fhis year, and 'lhe club as a whole heard The cify councils in aclion. Officers: Dorolhy Grames, presidenl: Marilyn Buchanan, vice-presidenl: Mary Anne Hollingsworfh, secrefary: Bud Brown, lreasurer: Marilyn Buchanan, program chair- man: Mr. Sproull, sponsor. sbebaie bfudying +he subiecl' of posl'-war planning, aH'ending fhe annual Deba'l'er's Confer- ence al' Purdue, speaking of lhe P.T.A., service clubs, and religious groups, efc.- fhese were lhe acfivifies of 'lhe Debafe club and advanced speech sludenfs. The iacf fhaf fransporlafion was a greaf problem lo lhe group lhis year, did noi' keep il' from carrying on ils work locally. The club mel as usual during lhe firsf semes+er buf did noi meel' during fhe spring. A+ +he Deba+er's Conference af Purdue, which was held around December first 'Phe debalers parficipaled in inler-school debafes. Arnold Brown Jr., who look parf in fhe boys' Rofary Discussion confesl fhis year, won 'fhe local conlesl' while William Swiharl and Tom PaHon look second and +hird place. The fall semesfer officers were: Elizabe+h Larson, presidenf: Mary Sproull, vice-presi- den+: Marcelle Hufschenreurer, freasurer: Belly McDowell, secrefaryg Mr. Smifh, sponsor. Sealed, lefl To righl-Monger, R.: Deiner, J.: Jakusz. H.: Grames, D.: Buchanan, M.: Graybill, S.: Cronk, A.: Brock, E. Slanding, lefl ro righf-Sfahley, J.: Kline, T.: Gingerick, H.: Becker, W.: Gales, A.: Brown. A.: Sloul, M. A.: Mr. Sproull: Hollingsworlh, M. A.: Shamori, M. E. teiiing you w ere to go... lze ,Hi-If boya continually trying to have joint meetings Page? Sevenly-Two e lu-ealwlil Originalify plus, +haf's wha? made ihis year's iwo issues of fhe Threshold an inl'eres'r- ing anfhology of poefry and prose. The slaff, headed by Willa Allen, seleciecl 'l'he maferial for lhe Threshold from all fypes of poems, sfories, and essays lhal' were submiHed by fhe English classes. Sfaff members serving in lhe fwo semeslers are: Willa Allen, edilor: Marilyn MacFarlane, assislanfg Wallace Bradway, Gloria Carlson, Margaref Cossairf, Mary Anne Hollingsworfh, Bill Kemnifz, Norman Parmer, Nor- man Pederson, Bessie Peferson, Belly Oldfield, Bernard Rosen: Donald Dow, business manager: Edward Courf, Tom Ar'rley, Morris Clemenl, Pal' Bailey, Barbara Rowe, assislanls: Carol Bailey, Connie Bowman, Doroihy Grames, Jean Huff, Minard ScoH, Bob Sfaclrhouse, sales sfaff. Sealed, lell 'ro righl-McDowell, M.: Elheringlon, C.: Cossairl, M.: l-lovlingsworlh, M. A.: Allen W.: MacFarlane, M.: Bailey, C.: Pelerson, B. Row Il, lell To righf-Carlson G.: Grarnes, D.: Pederson, N.: Courl, E.: Dow, D.: Palmer, N.: Sfoclc, G.: Bradway, W. Row I, leff lo righl-Shellenberger, C.: Dunalin. G.: Morehouse, A.: Weilcel, D Row III, lell lo righl-Vescelus, K.: Sinlon, K.: Slough, l-l.: Yealer, E.: Mogle. H.: .1 Ball, J.: Courl, E.: Muhlnickle, l-l. Row ll, lelf lo riqhl-Lehman, B.: May, B.: Swiharl. J. Slaclchouse, R.: Middlelon, V.: Meeker, B.: Orcull, D.: Woods, D.: Twichell, J. 1 lflalzer-.4 Club Whal' would we do wifhoul' fhe ushers club? They provide The school wilh elificienl and courieous usher service, faire care of all fhe social evenfs held in fhe audilorium. The members also operale +he checlc room af baslce+ball' games. These boys are ready fo serve +he school and fhe public whenever called upon. Fall semesler officers: Dick Weilrel, presi- denf: Lee Sfrong, vice-presidenl: Harold Weaver, secrerary and freasurer. Spring semesler officers: Dick Weilrel, presi- denf: Bob Sfaclrhouse, vice-presidenh Lee Slrong, secrelary and freasurer. with the girl Re4erve4...tlze Rem rant: anal ,De llfincid slapping up their po.4ier.4 in X Page Sevenly-lh ree L The Arr Club - From Posier io Por+rai+s 04145 The Ari Club iries +o bring a wider appreciafion and undersianding of arf io iis members. The club offers wide and varied programs: Mr. Gerald Bloom, a well-known local arfisi, skefched before fhe club: Mr. Harold Wise showed colored films of 'rhe Mi. Rushmore Memorial: Miss Lillian Mahn falked abou? her lrip 'io Mexico. H' is mos? ceriain ihai everyone has noiiced 'ihe war posiers ihe arf siudenis have placed in The halls and on ihe boards lhroughoui 'lhe year. They also sponsor a posrer service for all school organizaiions. Due +o fhe war if was impossible for The club io 'lake ifs annual hip io Chicago wiih +he sponsor, Miss Cole. The o'FFicers were-Fall officers: Dick Crowley, presideni: Dick Lang, vice-presideni: Aileen Klingaman, secrefary: Doroihy Doll, ireasurer: Sharleen Bennefi, social chair- man. Spring officers: Dick Crowley, presidenf: Dick Lang, vice-presidenr: Aileen Klingaman, secrelary: Dorofhy Doll, freasurer: Elizabefh Larson, social chairman. Row l--Ball, R.: Bennet C.: Clay- ion, E.: Klingaman, A.: Crowley, D.: Milloy, K.: Clausen, G.: Pialz, M.: Sfoui, M. A. Row ll-Barnes, l-l.: Doll, D.: De Mauro, R.: Bonfiglio, C.: Flanders, B.: Dolce, V.: Anderson, B.: Lar- son, E.: Siahley, C.: Weller, P.: l-laaq, M. 1- u Ari Club Posier Service, Inc flee lzalfa, aclueriiaing everything from the clan playa io the u ge .4ale4 y the Page Sevenly-four Row I, lefl 'ro righl-Gorney, M.: Copher, D. Clausen, D.: Bowman, C.: Bumgardner, E.: Bassell, G.: Brennan, C.: Cripe, J.: Englehardl, I.: Kipher, L.: Wilson, L.: Bohren, B. Row II-Clausen, G.: Col- Iins, K.: I-Iolloway, N.: Damlorosia, A.: Billinger, S. Diliz, G.: Rench, J.: Kauffman, D.: Milloy, K. Jenner, V.: I-Iaag, M.: Sioul, M. A.: Bowman, C Row III-I-Iimebauqh, P.: Vasilas, G.: Ames, W. Gilbert D.: Gordon, G.: Copsey, J.: Anderson, R. Church, D.: Nadolny, J: Ball, R.: Doll, D.: Cross D.: I-Iarl, D.: Jakusz, I-I.: Plafz, M. Row IV-Jones F.: Adams, J.: Arisman, B.: Bowers, J.: Chirila, R. Kell, I-I.: Gordon, C.: Shenk: Copenhaver, W. Fields, M. D.: Wood, P.: Conboy, J.: Kriegbaum N.: Bradway, J.: Campenella, S.: Kipka, C. ramatica 0' The world is iusi' a sI'age 'io fhe member of The Dramafics Club- Panfomimes . . . radio programs . . . imprompiu skifs . . . one- acf plays charging admission . . . play produciion and siagecrafi experience . . . acfive service in "Your School" series on WTRC . . . individual enferfainmenf by members of The club . . . all -Ihese made club programs inferes'ring. The club is made up of Ihree groups: seniors, iuniors and sopho- mores. Sponsors are: Miss Siner, Mrs. Sickels and Mr. Hudelson. The officers are as follows: Joe Rench, presidenh Donald Dow, vice-presidenf: Virginia Murphy, secreiary: Caiherine Kipka, Treas- urer: Phyllis Himebaugh, Dick Crowley, and Jim Macumber, pro- gram commifiee. Row I, lei? fo righl-Sargent N.: Marlin, P.: Lanlz, A.: Orr, M.: Nolisinqer, R.: Miller, B.: Morris, B.: Slrufl, B.: Pugliese, M. G.: Bails, D.: Miceli, V.: Snoddy, F. Row II-Maxon, M.: Nye, R.: Rose. R.: Parker, I-I.: Munch, P.: Miller, M.: Cooper, F.: Cooper, B.: Sellmeyer, S.: Speas, M. L.: Niblock, M. L.: Sykes, B.: I-Iaggerfy, M.: Lux, l.: Rogers, M. Row III-Esberq, R.: Frederick, R.: Plall, P. J.: Murphy, V.: McDowell, B.: Shank, G.: Simons, E.: Sickels, M.: Schuler, M.: Wilman, I-I.: Smilh, J.: Erickson, B.: Lanni, N.: Schock, M.: Linn, D.: Hunicuff, M. Row IV-Macumber, J.: Memmol, J.: Cole, C.: Bradway, W.: Crowley, R.: Sfock, G. Row V-Lerner, G.: Denion, J.: Nadolny, J.: Myers, D.: Mol- lenhour, P.: Nelson, G.: Shriver, J.: Shamori, M. E.: Marlin, P.: Grady, B.: Kendig, L.: Snyder, L.: Pefers, J.: lvens, P.: Pero, G.: Kefridge, D. Row VI-Clemeni, M.: Balmer, G.: Friend, R.: Gibson, G.: Jenkins, E.: Ruff, I.: Slickney, D.: Wambauqh, S.: Wall, J.: Lines, M.: Leili, M.: Slackhouse, J.: Van Bergen, J.: Shelly, B.: Simmons. C.: Yoder, M. I. fiddle-i-wink feammtfze budding ilzeapiana and their procfuci4...ll:e muaiciana The cas? included: Mrs. Clover ,,,... Phyllis Himebaugh Johnny CIover,,WiIIiam Copenhaver Mr. Clover s- ,,,.,.. Tomas Arfley Spud Erwin -- d,... Eugene Ellis Suzan Blake ...Y ,,,,, B everly Miller Beisy Erwin ,,..,,.,,,, Joan Denlon Marlha Willard .,., Mary Ann Sloul' Officer lCappyl Simmons James Fos+er "You can'i pul in more pages, wi+houI more ads" ver ince ue Henry Quinn ....... Donald Dow Lucybelle Lee ,,,A, Margare+ Maxon Presfon Hughes ,,,, Richard Weaver MEMBERS OF THE FOOTBALL TEAM Bull ,,.,,.,..,a..,a John Longfellow Hank Bruce Sellers Nick W ,a,,, Roberl Seidel Fally ,,,, ,,,,, A ldridge Bollon Rn epidemic of measles, a fickle souihern belle, and girls who inferfere wilh bl' h' pu is ing of 'Ihe school paper were 'the cause of greaf concern 'Io Johnny and Spud, edifor and business manager, in EVER SINCE EVE, a comedy in fhree acfs, presenied by lhe iunior class on Friday evening, March I2. The acfion of fhe play fakes place in Ihe Clover home in Johnny's old nursery room which has recenlly been Turned info a newspaper office. Johnny, 'Ihe edilor, makes big plans for lhe Chrislmas issue of Ihe PENGUIN, while his par+ner, Spud, worries aboul' financing Ihe paper. The Irouble begins when 'Ihese Iwo come down wi+h Ihe measles and 'they are 'forced 'ro leave lhe PENGUIN in 'fhe inexperienced hands of Suzan and Belsy who have been appoinfed Io Ihe sfaff much againsl Ihe boys' wishes. Lucybelle from 'Ihe old Soulh a mislake dd' , n we mg announcemenf, and Chrisimas prom dafes only make maHers worse for Spud and Johnny. EVER SINCE EVE was direcled by Mr. Ben Hudelson who wasoassisjed by Phyllis Himebaugh, Margery Sickels, and James Garber. The properlies commiflee was headed by Sally Wambaugh assisled by Willa Allen and Bessie Peferson. Cosfumes were arranged by Belly McDowell, Nancy Holloway, and Palricia Lamdon. The scenery was conslrucled and painled by Joe Van Huffel, Merrylyn Grove, Palricia Gilberf, Conslance Polzoes, and Mary Black. Bill Jones direcfed make-up wifh Ru+h Rose. Doris Volkman, and Elizabeih Darling as assislanfs. Taking care of 'Ihe business end of Ihe show were Eugene Anderson business manager and D' k T , , IC reckelo, adverlising manager. The programs were designed by Mary Elizabefh Black. "Lislen, you wolves, 'rh I e ga came fo see me" filling flue gapa in pep Je4.4ion.4 I , p aya, a4.4em ie.4, and throwing their own concerfa, Page Sevenly-six lze Jfarretia The casf in order of appearance: Henrie'H'a BarreH,Phyllis Jeanne Pla++ Milly ,, ,,,,.,...,,,,, Mary lanarelli George BarreH -,,. ,,,,, Joe Rench Ocfavius BarreH ,,,..,Bob Frederick Edward Moul'l'on Barreil' Wallace Bradway John Kenyon , a,,,, Jim Winfer Arabel BarreH ,,BeHy Mae Oldfield Elizabelh BarreH',,Mary Jean Phillips Wilson ,,,, ,,Mary Ann Hollingsworlh Capfain Surlees Cook Gordon Ingram Roberf Browning -W .,,. Neal Decker Miss Milford ,,,, JeaneH'e Kauffman A cosfume drama enlifled "The BarreH's", wriH'en by Mariorie Carleion, was presenled by fhe senior class of I943, on 'lhe evening of Friday, May I4. The scene of lhe play was laid in lhe living room of Elizabelh Barre'H. The sfory reveals how i'he lives of fhe BarreH children were ruled by fheir domineering fafher. Near lhe end of 'rhe play, Elizabefh Barrefl, fhe famous poefess, defies her 'fafher by eloping wifh Roberi Browning, a rising young genius "The B6I'l'8ll'S,' was direcfed by Mr. Ben Hudelson. The sfudenf direcfors were Marcelle Hufschen- reufer and Dick Crowley. The cosfumes were designed by Georgia Vasilas. The make-up was done by Bill Jones and Helen Palanelli. The scenery was builf by Bud Brown, Joe Wollam, Elizabefh Gus- slafson, and Dick Crowley. The properly commiHee consisfed of Maxine Eppers, CharloHe Denman, and Phyllis Fahenslock. Olher seniors who helped wi+h lhe producfion of lhe play were: Marcia Frye and George Kisiner, adverfising managers: Jerry Humecke who was in charge of +icke+ sales, and Jim DeBoni, Margarel' Volkerf, Jeanne Riffer, Grace Gordon, Josephine Nadolny, Jean Diener, Gwen Slephens, Mary Francis Cook, 'ream capfains. "Almighl'y Fafher, We Thank Thee" "Do you ever leave fhe couch? Conslrucfion Crew: Brown, Crowley, Wollam. the fennant weekly, our Jclzool newapaper we ,re owing the wor neuupaper Sealed, lell lo righl'-Eppers, M.: Winler, J.: Decker, N.: Willer, T.: Guslalson, E.: Frederick, R.: Pallerson, K.: Pelers, J.: Haier, R.: Klingaman, A.: Monlenero, L. Row II, lelil lo righl-Owen, J.: nd, E.: Wills, J.: Myers, D.: Nadolny, J.: Lanni, N.: Weller, P.: Englenardl, E.: Blaser, C.: Ong, J : McDowell, M. Row III, lell io righl-I-lumecke, G.: Gordon, G.: Lerner, B.: Slrong, L.: Rench, J.: Crowley, R.: Ingram, G.: Co e. C.: Lines, M.: Buchanan, M. Yes, we puf ouf fhis book-buf everybody makes misfakesl This is an obviously posed piclure ennant alnnua lh accordance wilh lhe cuslom of lhe pasl, over filly-five seniors slaved and sweafed fo publish lhe I943 Pennanl' Annual. The combined eliforls of lhe edilorial, business, and adveriising s+a'Flis working from Oclober lo May have 'lurned ouf, as a 'finished produql, l05O yearbooks. We have aH'emp'red lo porlray piclorially lhe imporianl evenfs of lhe school year. Our yearbook reflecls The warfime acfiviiies of 'Ihe school, and suggesfs fhal' cerlain qualifies will endure afler fhe war. Edifor-in-chief .... .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,o,,,,o,,,,.....,,.... B ob Frederick Assisfanl edilors ,,,,,,,, Elizabelh Gusfafson, Mary Kale Pallerson, James Winfer Business Manager ....,....,.,.,..,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,..,, ...v T Om Willer Assislanl' Business Manager ,,,, - ,........of, ffrs B OID Hafer Adver+ising Manager ...,,....,, ,, s,,..,, Neal Decker Assislanl Adverlising Manager W ..ff,,Y,.,. Juanila PSIGFS Ar+ Edi+or ....,......,,,.,.., oo,.,., . . ...., Dick Crowley Phofographers ,,,,,,,,, ,W ..A. Lee Slrong, Bob Lerner Sporls Edrilor ,, ,,.......,,,,, Joe REr1Cl'l Commill-eesi: SENIOR COMMITTEE-Charles Cole, Harold Weaver, Edilh Englehardl, and Norma Lanni. UNDERCLASS COMMITTEE-Angela Thulis, Maxine Eppers, Margie Freed, Louise Monlenero. ORGANIZATIONS COMMITTEE-Marilyn Buchanan, Gerry Humecke, Frances Snoddy, and Margarei Voelkerl. FACULTY COMMITTEE-Margarel' Slanls, Phyllis Weller, Margie McDowell. MUSIC COMMITTEE-Raymond Mann, Josephine Nadolny. DRAMA COMMITTEE-June Oliver, Lorraine Snyder. SPORTS COMMITTEE-Gordon Ingram, Dick McDowell, Jim Pelerson, Jim Fawcell, Clarabelle Blaser. ADVERTISING STAFF-Eunice Lund, Jane Wills, Marilyn Plalz, June Owen, Jean Ong, Charlolfe Sample, Dorofhy Myers, Marimohn Lines, and Grace Gordon. ART STAFF-Paul Gorsuch, Jack Thomas, Aileen Kiingaman. ooaefy ..,ancl ite enemy the fennani alnnuaf, flue fined and beat publication in Page Sevenly eighl A tue fennant eekty The Pennanl' Weekly, finding fhis year one of many changes due 'fo l'he war, did i+s parl in 'lhe eliforl by giving us lhe lalesl dala on such aclivilies as fhe scrap drive, lhe book drive, lhe emergency commillees, lhe sfamp sale reporls, efc. Under The edilorship of Phyllis Jeanne Pla'H', lhe paper also kepl' us informed aboul all lhe school aclivilies, bolh business and social: il held our inleresl on sporls, home room news, and gossip: in general, il' succeeded lo carry on il's many purposes. Credil is due fo Those people who made publishing of lhe Weekly possible: 'lhe edilor: 'lhe business manager, Kenny Dellweiler: lhe ad manager, Marcelle Hul- schenreurer, and The enfire slalif. The slaff includes: Edilor-in-Chief ..,,,,, .. ,,,,,,.. ,....,,,c,,,..v.,,,,, P hyllis Jeanne Plall Assislanl' Edilors ,.c.,,,,c.,.,,, ,.,,,, B ill Frink, Marcia Frye, Jim Ebersole, Pal Marlin, Phyllis Hershberger. Fealure Wrilers ,,..,,,,....,,,,,,,..,,, Pal SolliH', Dick Crowley, Jane Replogle, Gerry Shank, Belly McDowell, Carolyn Bonfiglio, Mary Sproull, Rosemarie Nye, Phyllis Baker, Nancy Wambaugh, Pal' Love, Barbara Francisco. Reporfers C.. ,,,,,....c,,,,,,. Phyllis Himebaugh, Rulh Ann Sears, Virginia Jenner, Louise Holley, Helen Parker, Virginia Murphy, Sarila Graybill, Marilyn Darr, Bob Brown, Chuck Darling. Special Defense Wriler ccc, M, cc... ,,,. . ..,,ccc,a.....c,,,,,, Bud Brown Business Manager ,,,,,..,,,,,. ...,.,,,.,,,a K enny Deilweiler Assislanl Business Managers -W v,,, Joan Lickey, Bob Slackhouse Adverlising Manager ,.,c,,,c .Y.,,, M arcelle Hulschenreuler Assisfanl' Adverfising Manager , ..e,,,, ...., . . ,,,,,.. Jeanelle Shaw Sporfs Edilor ..,,. .. ...cccaa . ,..,.,..,,,,... .. .,.ec,., Dick Treckelo Sporfs Wrilers ,,,,,,,.....,,, ,A,BiII Borneman, John Ball, Ted Slrouse, Jim Talbofl, Dick Thompson. Feafure Edilor ,a,,,,,,..,,,,...,,,....,,,,,, .. ..,,,,,A....,.., Sally Wambaugh Adverlising Solicifors ,,,,...,,,,,,.. Dorolhy Doll, Marriellen Benn, Marilyn Brown, Donna Copher, Frances Jones, Kale Collins, Joyce Adams, Jo Ann Conboy, Mary Grace Pugliese, Roseann Ball, Susan Sellemeyer, Marilyn King, Pal' Love, Phyllis Baker, Shirley Lewan, Juliel Bradway, Norma Jean Treckelo, lrene Lux. Mary Lou Niblock, Marcia Hile, Barbara Sykes, Marilyn Plalz, Gerry Clausen, Belly Vickers, Phyllis I"larl'. Circulalion Managers ,.,,,,,....,, ...,,,c,c..,,.,,,.. E Ima Hoke, Ernesl Yealer Circulalion Slaff ,..,,,,,..,,,,, .,,,, P olly Dahos, June Oliver, Eleanor Rummel, Ted Slrouse, Joyce Smilh, lrene Lux, Mary Grace Pugliese, Marcia Hile, Jack Diley, Byron Brady. Facully Sponsor ,.,,,,,....,,,.,. .,..,,,,,.,. .,,,c....,, M i ss Doroihy Kelly Yes, if lakes all lhese people +o 1-hrow The paper logelher . . EDITORIAL STAFF-Below Righl Row I, lell lo righl-Oliver, J.: Murphy, V.: Lickey, J.: Warnbaugh, S.: Frye, M.: Plall, P. J.: Hersh- berger, P.: Marlin, P.: Shaw, J.: Dahos, P.: Sollill, P.: Love, P. Row II, lall' lo righl-Jones, F.: Phil- lips, M. J.: Hoke, E.: Ebersole, J.: Frink, B.: Brown, A.: Treckeo, R.: I-lulschenreuler, M.: Rum, E.: Boyer, I-I.: Braclway, J. Row Ill, lell lo righl-Delt weiler, K.: Talbol, J.: Thursby, I-I.: Thompson, R.: Ball, J.: Borneman, W: Diley, J.: Clemenl, M.: Slackhouse, R.: Cook, C.: Slrouse, T.: Yealer, E. Dragging in lhe Dough ADVERTISING STAFF-Below Le'F+ Row I, lei? lo righl-Shank, G.: Ball, R.: Kauffman, D.: Replogle, J.: McDowell, B.: Miller: Clausen, G,: Brown, M.: Plalz, M.: Copher, D.: Ciaylon, E.: Vickers, B. Row II, leil lo riqhl'-Bonliglio, C.: Lund, D.: Wrighl, M.: Parker, I-I.: Erickson, B.: Jenner, V.: Adams, J.: Loshbaugh, S.: Sellmeyer, S.: Sykes, B.: Slahley, C.: I-limebaugh, P. Row Ill, lell lo righl-I-lie, M.: l'larl', P.: Benn, M. E.: Maxon, M.: Doel, D.: Treckelo, N. J.: Holley, I-l.: Wambaugh, N.: Lewan. S.: King, M.: Niblock, M. L.: Conboy, J.: Lux, I. Ediling 'lhe Rag if iglz Aclzoot, we can get away with tlzia, we get to proof react tlzid copyl... had oar Page Sevenly-nine ""'Nnu.,,, ""---.....,,,,-D-.MAB SIN Jinairumenial .flluaic epariment The lnsTrumenTal Music DeparTmenT, under The direcTion of David Hughes, DirecTor oT lnsTrumenTal Music, Gerald BeTTcher, AssociaTe DirecTor, LoreTTa Carlson, STring lnsTrucTor, and sTudenTs of The musical organizaTions oT The lnsTrumenTal Music DeparTmenT have geared Their acTiviTies Toward The war eTForT. The High School Marching Band, numbering l35, lE:'nesTine Franlclin, Drum Maiorl appeared aT all home fooTball games wiTh special maneuvers and TormaTions. The Marching Band was divided inTo Tour small pep bands which played Tor The home baskeTball games. The series of Tour concerTs given by The High School Band and OrchesTra were heard by The largesT audiences ThaT have aTTended The concerTs in The hisTory of The school. The TirsT concerT oT The High School Band and OrchesTra, November 20, Mr. William Gowdy, DirecTor of Vocal Music in The High School and CenTral Junior High School was soloisT wiTh The orchesTra. Mary KaThryn STemm, harpisT in The High School Music organizaTions, was soloisT wiTh The Band. The nexT concerT, February 5, The audiTorium was compleTely sold ouT and I00 chairs had To be added. RoberT Reser, violinisT and concerTmeisTer oT The orchesTra, ap' peared as soloisT wiTh The orchesTra. SoloisTs wiTh The Band were Maxine Fields, corneTisT, and RoberT Bliss, marimba. GuesT conducTor on This concerT was a 'former member of The EllrharT High School Band and OrchesTra. Musician 2lc Marion Helm oT The UniTed STaTes Navy. The Third concerT of The year was presenTed on March I9. Jane Wills appeared as TluTe soloisT wiTh The orchesTra and James Garber, clarineTisT, and Wylan Becker, marimba, appeared as soloisTs wiTh The Band. The lasT concerT was presenTed May 2I, being dedicaTed To The senior band and orchesTra members and seniors oT The graduaTing class oT 1943. SoloisT wiTh The orchesTra was Marilynn Buchanan, cello, and Mary KaThryn STemm, pianisT. SoloisTs wiTh The Band were RoberT Lieberenz, Trombone, and Clarabelle Blaser, accordion. The Symphonic Band gave The musical prelude Tor The Sunday Evening Club, January 3I. James Grove appeared as soloisT wiTh The band, and on January I0 The High School Symphonic OrchesTra presenTed a half-hour musical program To The Sunday Evening Club. A varieTy program of one-half hour was presenTed before The Sunday Evening Club on March 2I. Mr. William Gowdy, direcTor of Vocal Music in The High School, and Sonia Johnson, marimba, appeared as soloisTs. A Trio con sisTing of RoberT Reser, Marilynn Buchanan, and Mary KaThryn STemm appeared on The program also. A marimba ensemble of Allean Anderson, Helen SchulT, Sonia Johnson, Gloria STevenson, Wylan Becker, and MargareT Doll also appeared on The program. The promoTion oT TiclceT sales, box oTTice managemenT, and ushers Tor The concerTs was in charge of The lnsTrumenTal Music ParenTs Club, O. T. Worlxinger, presidenT. Some oT The members oT The OrchesTra played aT The NorThern Indiana Teachers ConvenTion aT SouTh Bend, OcTober 22-23 under The direcTion of Mr. George Dasch. Ensembles under The direcTion oT Miss LoreTTa Carlson played Tor many civic and paTrioTic gaTherings. On The Annual Spring ConcerT oT The Vocal DeparTmenT, Maxine Yerlxe played The MozarT clarineT QuinTeT wiTh RoberT Reser, violin: Jack WiTmer, second violin, Mar- iorie Miller, viola: and Audra Grove, cello. A small porTion of The band played aT The C. G. Conn, LTd., on December 7, T943 when They received Their MinuTe Man Flag. On January I8 The Tull High School Band, consisTing oT I30 pieces and in uniform, had The opporTuniTy of parTicipaTing in The Army-Navy "E" ceremony aT The Adams- WesTlake Company here in Elkhart The lnsTrumenTal Music DeparTmenT This year noT only carried on Their regular acTiviTies, buT assumed responsibiliTy To help ouT wiTh music in The war eTTorT on The home TronT. This was made possible by The Tine cooperaTion of The school officials, lnsTrumenTal Music ParenTs Club, and The TaculTy. The Annual BanqueT Tor GraduaTing Seniors was held May 25, 1943 aT The YWCA aT 6:30 P. M. The CommiTTee in charge was Beverly RiTTer, chairman, PaTricia Landon and James Garber. Mr. BeTTcher, Miss Carlson, Mr. Hughes oT The Music DeparTmenT gil' 4, ahembfiea, girb, cfaA.4 pfaya, girfa, music, an - - - er - - - flze fairer Jex. Page Eig hTy-one lze gffclzari .High clzool gmp ony Band DAVID HUGHES, DIRECTOR GERALD BETTCHER, ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR C FLUTE-Jane Wills, Nalhene Farnsworlh, Palricia Slephenson, Pauline Hull, Janelh McLaughlin, Edilh Rosen, Roberla Simmons, Marjorie Chilcole. E FLAT FLUTE-Anne Cline, Aileen Young. OBOE- Raymond Mann, Dorolhy Higgason, Eunice Lund, Belly Dick. ENGLISH HORN - Dorolhy Higgason. B FLAT CLARINETS- Maxine Yerke, James Garber, Alice Gales, Clarabelle Brlaser, Mary Margarel Conner, Norman Parmer, Richard Chesler, Bernard Rosen, Kennelh Ingram, Annagale Smilh, Charles Bonsell, Dorolhy Myers, Jean Hull, Charlolle Hosleller, Herman Moderau, Jean Wrighl, Donna Harlhill, John Wendland, Louanne Ashby, Nora Bassell, Lee Newell, Dean Golden, Billy Milloy. ALTO CLARINET-Josephine Nadolny, Richard Neu, 'Roberl Banker, Ronald Truex. BASS CLARINET- Ramona Middlelon, Roberl Hafer, Phyllis Wood. BASSOON - Roberl Lerner, Cheryle Kreighbaum, Henry Denman. CONTRA BASSOON - Henry Denman. ALTO SAX-James Grove, Phyllis Mollenhour, Mildred Wrighl, Sally Koehler. TENOR SAX-James Super, Norman Sensebaugh. BARITONE SAX-Clisla Gaskill. CONTRA BASS CLARINET-Carllon Cook. HORNS-Belly Oslerloo, Marleio Kline, Claude Leisl, Ralph Mills, Marian Grove, Doris McColIough, Palricia Lindslrom, Alan Lobley, Jean Farrell. CORNET-Maxine Fields, Marlin Schullz, Richard Church, Marilyn Shock, Maurice Rockwell, Richard Earnharl, Ernesl Bader, Phillip Monleilh, Douglas Sailor, Marcus Barlon. 'In lhe Armed Forces. TROMBONE-James Fairchild, Roberl Lieberenz, Gordon Anderson, William Andresen, Donald Melzler, Hollis Becker. BARITONE-Merrylynn Grove, Geraldine Lerner, Maraiane Eader, Slanley Work- inger, William Heinhius. TUBA-Sherry Harlhill, Eugene Anderson, William Lewis, Jerry Pawling, 'Badgsley Lyons. PERCUSSION-Tympani, Allean Anderson: Bass Drum, Leland Slough, Roberl Nus- baump Cymbals, Alpha-Jean Harlhillg Snare Drum, Roberl Bliss, Laura Lee Parisho, Roberl Downy, Charles Pease. MARIMBA-Wylan Becker, Sonia Johnson, Helen Schull. STRING BASS -- Palricia Landon, Margarel Meyer. HARP- Mary Kalhryn Slemm. CELESTA- Diana Johnson. BELL LYRES - Gloria Slephenson, Margarel Doll, Janel Slahly. DRUM MAJOR - Ernesline Franklin. BATON TWIRLERS-Belly Duesler, Shirley Lewan, June Mossey, Geneva Whillield, Mary Ellen Thompson. FLAG TWIRLERS-Sally Wambaugh, Nancy Wambaugh, Belly Wambaugh, Eleanor Rumell. I943 SPRING BAND OFFICERS Presidenl, Josephine Nadolny Vice-Presidenl, Richard Chesler Secrelary, Dorolhy Myers Treasurer, Jane Wills Social Chairman, Maxine Yerke Social Chairman, James Garber I942 FALL BAND OFFICERS President, Richard Miller Vice-Presidenl, Doris Holdeman Secrelary, Grace Gardner Treasurer, Raymond Mann Social Chairman, Maxine Yerke Social Chairman, James Garber Fronl Row, lell lo righl: D. Sailor, R. Second Row, lell lo righl: D. Melzler Middlelon, D. Myers, J. Nadolny, M. W. Becker, A. Smilh, M. Conner, G Yerke, C. Hosleller, M. Fields, N. Lerner, M. Shock, A. Gales, B. Kisller. Farnsworlh. ar eruice Sludenls ol lhe lnslrumenlal Music Deparlmenl have gone "all oul" in every pos- sible way lhey can in lhe war ellorl. Pep bands have played lor bond sales, scrap drives, deparlure and seleclive service men, deparlure ol all lormer members of lhe band and orcheslra, enlerlainmenl of war workers and lo help keep up lhe morale of lhe people in lhese lrying days. Music sludenls gel 5 poinls lor each' appearance in a war aclivily. The lollowing sludenls have received lhe basic award and 2 service slripes: Richard Church, Maxine Fields, Leland Slough, Claude Leisl. The lollowing sludenls have received lhe basic award and I service slripe: Annagale Smilh, Josephine Nadolny, Ramona Middlelon, Charlolle Hosleller, Richard Earn- harl, Donald Melzler, Roberl Bliss, Allen Lobley, Marlin Schullz, Eugene Anderson, Wylan Becker, Belly Oslerloo, Margarel Doll, Merrylynn Grove, Maurice Rockwell, Third Row, lell lo righl: E. Bader, C. Fourlh Row, lell lo righl: N. Sensen- Leisl, S. Workinger, P. Monlielh, R. baugh, G. Anderson, J. Super, R. Mills, R. Church, R. Earnharl, H. Bliss, E. Anderson, A. Lobley, M. Moderau, W. Heinhius. Schullz, L. Slough, R. Lieberenz, J. Fairchild. clwol Jlludiciand Slanley Workinger, Philip Monleilh, Dorolhy Myers, Marilyn Shock, Mary Conner, Roberl Lieberenz, Palricia Slephenson. The lollowing sludenls have received lheir basic awards: Mariorie Chilcole, Maxine Yerke, Nora Bassell, Phyllis Mollenhour, James Super, William Heinhius, James Fairchild, William Lewis, Allean Anderson, Belly Dick, Sonia Johnson, Pauline Hull, Kennelh Ingram, Herman Moderau, Doris McCollough, Roberl Holmes, Geraldine Lerner, Nalhene Farnsworlh, Janelh McLaughlin, Ronald Truex, Alice Gales, Jean Hull, Donna Belle Harlhill, James Grove, Marion Grove, Ernesl Bader, Douglas Sailor, Gordon Anderson, Byron Kisller, Gloria Slephenson, Sherry Harlhill, Helen Schull, Roberl Gunls, Roberla Simmons, Clarabelle Blaser, Richard Chesler, Sally Koehler, Norman Sensenbaugh, Ralph Mills, Maraiane Eader, William Andresen, Hollis Becker, Laura Parisho, Alpha Jean Harlhill, Roberl Lerner, Dean Golden, Carllon Cook, Henry Denman, Bernard Rosen, Jerry Pawling, Anne Cline, Mildred Wrighl. Page Eig hly-lhree , , , Above: OFFICERS OF THE BAND-Garber. Yerlce, Wills, Myers, Chesier, Nadolny. Myers' Dorofhy. Wills' Jane. Hughes' D.: NadOIny'JOSepI1,ne.YerkeI Maxine Below: OFFICERS OF THE ORCHESTRA-Wifmer, Miller, Grove, Landon, Buchanan, Rilfer. in Page Eighiy-four Mr. Belfcher, and members of +he Reserve Band. E. H. S. RESERVE BAND Gerald Belfcher, Direcfor Bb CLARINET-Joyce Sriver, Anne Casey, Marilyn Biggs, William De- Ceaulf, Gene DeGolier, Lorna Haney. FLUTE-Emma Gannon, PaHy Frifz, Nancy Elr, Alice Enochs. OBOE-BeHy Diclc, BeH'y Miller. ALTO SAXOPHONE-JeaneHe Da- vis, Ed Dunlavey. FRENCH HORN-Jean Farrell, Belly Weaver. CORNET- Donna Borror, Delores Schus+er, Richard Laughlin, Roberl' Bil- lingi-on, Wendel Shank, Roberl Holmes, Joyce Gerber, 'Velma Jackson. TROMBONE-Byron Kisller, Maynard Schenclr, Rodney Roclrwell. BARITONE - Jerry Trussell. BASSES-William Lewis, Jerry Pawl- ing. DRUMS-Susanne Corfas, Vicfor Wes- selhaff, William Monfeilh, Richard Ori. "'Absen'r when piciure was falcen. THE PURPOSE OF THE RESERVE BAND is 'lo irain members for lhe high school band: in facf, some of ifs members play in high school marching band. Occasionally fhey have parries wifh lhe senior band, also many Reserve Band members play in Defense Bands, and are members of fhe War Service School Musician. Elkhart ,Isfzglz clzoof :Symphony Orclzeafra DAVID HUGHES, DIRECTOR LORETTA CARLSON, ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR IST VIOLIN- Rolaerl Reser, Jaclr Wilmer, Theodore Johnson, Virginia Hogue, Dor- olhy Diclt, Alice Rhodes, Mary Jane Zinn, Mary Ellen Thompson, Roberl Lavery, Joan Neu, 'Phillip Mollenhour. ZND VIOLINS-Mary Jane Bowling, Palricia Himebaugh, Thelma Farrell, Bonnie Phillips, Eugene Mann, Joan Nell, Ellsworlh Moyer, Mary Ellen Shamory, Elmer Denlinger, Kalhryn Duesler. VIOLA-Marjorie Miller, Theodore Cline, Janice Maxwell, Dorolhy Zinn, Palsy DeGraliF, Ella Mae Click. ' CELLO-Audra Jean Grove, Marilyn Buchanan, Beverly Riller, Clara Ann Leisl, Belly Anne Gorney, Marjorie VanDoehren, David Howard. Gloria Wallon. BASSES-Margarel Meyer, Palricia Landon, Ruby Meighen, Belly Meighen, Palricia May, Jean Hosleller, Maryanne Swarlzbaugh, Helen Gause. FLUTE-Jane Wills, Nalhene Farnsworlh, Palricia Slephenson, Edilh Rosen. OBOE-Raymond Mann, Dorolhy Higgason, Eunice Lund. ENGLISH HORN - Dorolhy Higgason. CLARINETS-Maxine Yerlre, James Garber, Clarabelle Blaser, Alice Gales. BASSOONS-Roberl Lerner, Henry Denman, Cheryle Kreighbaum. CONTRA BASSOON - Henry Denman. "' In khe Armed Forces HORNS-Belly Oslerloo, Marleio Kline, Claude Leisl, Ralph Mills, Palricia Lind- slrom, Doris McColloug h. CORNET- Maxine Fields, Richard Church, Marlin Schullz, Maurice Roclcwell. TROMBONES-James Fairchild, Roberl Lieberenz, Gorden Anderson. TU BA - Sherry Har+hiII. PERCUSSION -Allean Anderson, Roberl Bliss, Leland Slough, Roberl Downy. CELESTA - Diana Johnson. HARP - Mary Kalhryn Slemm, Belly Grady. PIANO - Grelchen Dillz. "' In lhe Armed Forces. l942-3 FALL AND SPRING ORCHESTRA OFFICERS Presidenl, Audra Jean Grove Vice-Presidenl, Marilyn Buchanan Secrelary, Palricia Landon Treasurer, Beverly Riller Social Chairman, Mariorie Miller Social Chairman, Jaclr Wilmer I943 SPRING STAFF OFFICERS Maxine Yerke, presidenlg Josephine Nadolny, vice-presidenl, Jane Wills, secrelaryg Dorolhy Myers, lreasurer. I942 FALL STAFF OFFICERS Doris Holdeman, presidenlg Richard Miller, vice-presidenlg Marilyn Bu- chanan, secrelary. Choir Direcfor, William Gowdy gfklzari a capeffa c oil' The Ellchari' High School acapella choir has had a very busy and successful year under fhe direcfion of William Gowdy. ln Ocfober fhe choir ioined wifh some of ihe choirs of Norihern Indiana and wenl +o Soulh Bend fo sing af fhe sfale feachers convenfion. Olaf Chrisfian- sen clirecfed ihe massed chorus of six hundred voices The choir has appeared in concerfs lwice fhis year. The firsf concerl' was given on December I3. The following week lhe choir sang 'For fhe school Chrisfmas program, 'forming a lovely musical background 'For ihe radio play. The choir was asked 'ro sing af fhe Sunday Evening Club program on February 2I. They also enferfained lhe parenfs and 'Teachers ai' The P.T.A. meefing held on March I8. The spring concerf presenfecl on April 30, in which ihey sang fhe "Ode fo America," was fhe las'l' public appearance of lhe choir. An ensemble from fhe choir sang af fhe cily-wide observance of Good Friday af lhe Elco Thealer, April 23. Several soloisfs and ensembles from fhe choir enfered fhe all-cify music con- fesf held in fhe high school fhe weelc of May IO+h. They have elecfed fhe following officers: Don Willis, presidenf: Charles Gor- don, vice-presidenf: Barbara Rowe, secrefary-freasurer: Rosemarie Nye and Bob Sfaclchouse, social chairman. Row I: Laudeman, M.: Sfrom, F.: Carlson, G.: McLain, P.: Jenner, V.: Speener, E.: Winlerhoff, J.: Schuler, M. Row 2: Hershberger, P.: Arfley, J.: Hodgen, M.: Vollrman, D.: Nye, B.: Samuel, M.: Manges, J.: Speas, B. Row 3: Drudge, M.: Miller, Clarys: Reese, V.: Gordon, C.: Dunniclc, J.: Burlcholder, G.: Jenkins, F.: Rowe, B.: Eclcsfein, N. Row 4: Smilh, L.: Osborne, B.: Rose, P.: Clyde, B.: Willis, D.: Murphy, J.: Yealxy, R.: Sfrong, L.: Moore, H. Sfaclrhouse, B. Clubs Applying lhe old adage fhal varlely is 'the spice of life nearly lhirfy-flve clubs have been formed, along The lines of a varlefy of lnleresls, lo meel on alfernafe Thurs- days in 'lhe homeroom hour. These clubs are nol only fun, buf also slimulale ln'l'eres'r in vocallons or avocalions for 'lhe 'fu- lure. More lhan sevenly- 'five percenl' of fhe sfu-1 denls belong lo 'fhe clubs piclured in 'rhe following pages. Ile Cahlefd The Camera Club of l942- I943 mel in fwo secfions because of a large enrollmenf. The advanced group was under fhe direciion of Mr. Miller of 'lhe Science Depf., while fhe group of beginners was under fhe leadership of Mr. M. D. Meiser. An efforf was made +o relafe The acfivifies of fhe fwo secfions and on several occa- sions fhe fwo clubs mei fogefher. Acfivifies of ihe clubs consisied of discussions on specific phases and problems of phofography. Movies, prinl' coniesfs, and hilxes provided diversion 'For +he clubs. An evening meeling which was open fo members of bolh seciions was insfifu+ed fo supplemenf fhe Thursday morning meefings because of 'the limifed fime and 'facilifies available fhen. Due 'ro shorfages in phofographic maierials, fhe work of fhe clubs was noi' as exren- sive as had been planned. The officers were: Firsf Semesier-John Brumbaugh, presidenfg Maurice Davis, secrefary-freasurer. Second Semesier-Bob Lerner, presidenfg Maurice Davis, secre- fary-+reasurer. Page Eig hiy-eighi' unior alcacleng of Science The Junior Academy of Science is a club organized for fhe purpose of s+imulafing inferesi in science. Knowledge is acquired by performing experimenfs noi' included in class work and by visiling places of scienlific inferesf. The members proiii by ihe opporfunifies olifered fo become acquainfed wifh +he members of fhe Sfafe Academy of Science wifh which we are a'FFilialed. The club aifended fhe sfale meefing ai' Nofre Dame in Ociober. They worked ouf a proieci, "The Biology of Flight" They have also had various speakers on scienfific subiecfs. To become a member, cerfain requiremenfs are necessary. Each year each member complefes a nofable proiecig some are recommended 'for membership in fhe Slafe Academy of Science. The club is under 'rhe direcfion of Mr. Adams and Miss Wagoner. Fall officers are: Harold Weaver, presidenfg Eilleen Brock, vice-presidenfg Marilyn Buchanan, secrefary and freasurer. Spring officers are: Eileen Brock, president Mari- lyn Buchanan, vice-president Marilyn Everis, secrefary and lreasurer. he fournafiam Feafures, human inferesi' sfories, news siories, sporfs articles, edilorials,-ihese are 'the in+eres1s of The Journalism club. These 'Fufure iournalisls divide ihemselves in+o small groups and praciice wriiing all kinds of news. The final proiecl' of +he year was fo make a club newspaper. The oliiicers include: Bill Frink, presidenfg Pafricia Solliff, vice-presidenfg and Ina Mae Roll, secrefary. The sponsor is Miss Kelly. Page Eighly-nine fiologg The purpose of 'the Biology club is fo furfher fhe inleresl' of sfudenfs in biology. The acfivifies for fhe year consisfed of individual proiecfs. To be eligible for mem- bership fhe following year, members musf secure 'lwenfy-five poinfs per year. These poinfs are secured by underfalring cerfain proiecfs. The club is sponsored by Miss Wagoner, Mr. Adams, and Mr. Updilre. Officers for firsf and second semesfers are: Phyllis Hall, presidenfg Rufh Ann Sears, firsf vice-presidenfg Peggy Cole, second vice-presidenfg Ernesf Yeafer, secrefary. .fllocfef alirplane The Model Airplane Club is sponsored by Mr. Nibloclc. The purpose of fhe club is fo promofe fhe inferesf in building and flying models of all sizes. The club has enioyed indoor and oufdoor confesfs. Slides on aeronaufical subiecfs were shown during many of fhe club periods. Officers for fhe fall semesferz John Lipscomb, presidenfg Jim Tweedy, vice-presidenl' and program chairman: Jim Jones, secrefary and freasurerg John Gilberf, sergeanf- af arms. Officers for fhe spring semesferz Tom Monfeifh, presidenfg Gerald Masf, vice-presi- denf and program chairman: Jim Jones, secrefary and freasurerg John Gilberf, sergeanf-af-a rms. Radio Code Learning fo send and receive fhe infernafional Morse code, is fhe aim of fhe Radio Code Club. Knowledge of fhis code is helpful fo sfudenfs who will be able fo use if in aviafion and marifime service. Aside from ifs usefulness in fhe vocafional line, fhe fourfeen members of fhe club find if a very inferesfing hobby. Their secrefary is Gwen Sfephens, and fheir sponsor, Mr. Baughman. Page Ninefy .fllaferiafd 0 .yncfuhfrg The Maferials of lndusfry Club was sfaried 'for 'Those who wanfed io know more abouf +he maierials used in indusfry, and how 'ihey are used. They have had reporrs on several vifal maferials now used in indusiry such as: asbesfos, glass, sieel. Officers 'For +he 'Fall semesfer were: Bill Foy, presidenh Bob Bevinglon, secrefary. Officers for +he fall semesier were: Dorofhy Dick, presidenh Pafricia May, secreiaryg Mr. Evans, sponsor. ngineerd The members of +he Engineers club have 'Found a very inferesiing sfudy in 'their search for knowledge abou? 'rhe maior engineering proiecfs of +he world. They sfudy, for example: +he Boulder Dam, fhe Golden Gare Bridge, Nafional highways, 'Tunneling under fhe Hudson River, Grand Coulie Dam, efc. They are aided in Their discussions by Mr. Fosfer, fheir sponsor. The officers are: Roberf Erwin, presidenh Dick Cressler, vice-presidenh Wayne Hos- +e+ler, secrerary-freasurer. gix-.915 The,purpose of lhe Fix-H Club is To learn how +o repair and 'lake care of small buf imporfanf arficles in 'rhe home +ha+ cannoi be replaced for ihe duraliong 'rhus fhey are helping in ihe war effort Club meefings consisr of discussions and demonsfra- -lions on saving and fixing such non-replaceable arficles as: iron cords, 'furnifure sockeis, 'I'oasi'ers, efc. Officers: Fall and Spring-Margarei Meyer, presidenf: Pauline Jennings, vice- presidenh Elouise Speener, secrefary-freasurerg Mr. McGuirk, sponsor. Page Nineiy-one Jveeclfecraft KN U MBER ONE, When if comes 'io kni++ing, embroidering, repairing and remodeling, 'lhese girls know all +he answers. During 'lhe club periods fhroughoui' fhe year, you could always 'Find fhese girls and 'lheir sponsor, Miss Amsbaugh, clicking fheir needles. Because of ihe preseni war condifions fhe girls speni much of fheir lime on learning fo conserve 'lheir cloihing. The officers for bofh semes+ers were: Dorofhy Troyer, presidenh Doris Good, vice- president BeHy Graie, secrerary. Jveeclfecraft Club INUMBER TWOI Luncheon sefs, dish fowels, hand fowels, bu'Ffe1 sefs . . . fhese are a 'few examples of ihe lcind of work ihe Needlecrafi' Club number 'l'wo does. Club members are primarily inreresied in learning 'l'o lmnif, sew, crochei, and em' broider so fhar ihey mighl- creafe, wifh fheir own skill, ihe decoralive needle worlr which fhey may use in fhe 'Fu'l'ure. The club's sponsor is Miss Clendenen and +he secrelary-ireasurer is BeHy Schroeder. Page Ninely-lwo he Sixty ffm! The Sixiy Plus Club consisis of 'lhirfy girls who are inferesfed in improving iheir fyping skill, in speed and accuracy, +o a level of six'l'y words per minuie or more. So far aboui 'rweniy of 'ihe ihirfy girls have been able io wrife al 'lhis sixiy-word level. The club is sponsored by Miss Clarice Robinson. There are no officers. Ai' ihe meeiing fhe girls usually have one-minuie wriiings which are designed fo increase lheir fyping skill. Slide Rule 1 For boys needing knowledge of slide rule compui'a+ion, ihe Slide Rule club offers opporiuniiy fo learn and pracfice 'rhis skill. These boys, under fhe sponsorship of Mr. Glen Updike, have received insfruciions on 'Phe use of ihe slide rule. Many of +hem will use 'The knowledge 'lhey have gained in 'lheir plans for ihe fufure in indus+ry or in lhe service. The officers are: Firsi' Semesler- Dick Hively, presidenlq Glen Neff, secrelary. Second Semesfer- Russ Denman, presidenfq Dick Hively, secrefary. Slide Rule Club 2 The Slide Rule club was organized for lhe purpose of developing skill in such ap- proximafe compuiaiions as are needed in marine and air navigafion and relared frades. The iunior group organized info a separafe club because of +he unusually large 'l'urnou+ of boys. Bob Pickering and John Longfellow were elecfed presidenf and secre'l'ary, respec- iively, and under ihese officers, ihe boys worked foward iheir goal and acquired a good basis of slide rule compuiafion. Their sponsor is Mr. French. Page Ninefy-ihree fan- merican Carrying our lhe Good Neighbor policy is The purpose of rhe Pan-American Club. ln order lo be a good neighbor, we of l'he Uniiecl Slafes musl undersland 'lhese Soulh and Cenlral American counlries. A+ The meelings, discussions, movies, and lec'l'ures leach 'lhe members somelhing of 'lhe racial baclcground, language, cusfoms and cosfumes of The various American Republics. The sponsor is Mr. Gemmeclre. Firsl Semesler Officers: Wylan Beclrer, presidenfg Mary Anne Hollingsworlh, vice- presidenl and program chairman: Bob Wilcox, secrefary-freasurer. Second Semesler Omcers: Wylan Becker, presidenl: Mary Anne Hollingsworlh, vice- presidenf and program chairman: Jean Diener, secrefary-Treasurer. Spanidll The Spanish Club has as ils obieclive lhe promolion of 'lhe use of lhe Spapish language: Therefore fhe members gain a more sympalhefic undersfanding of Spanish- spealxing peoples. The meelings are conducled in Spanish wi'l'h games, fallcs, and songs in Spanish, and lecfures by persons who have visiled Lalin-American counfries. The club's sponsor is Miss King. The officers are: Jeanne Swendeman, presidenfg Bealrice Fisher, vice-presidenh Joyce Benell, secrefaryg Aileen Klingaman, lreasurerg Ruih Weaver, social chairman: Carolyn Bonfiglio, program chairman: Helen Gause, assislanf program chairman. he Jllgtlwfogg Club The purpose of fhe Mylhology Club is lo acquainl' ils members wifh Roman and Greelr mylhs. Sfudenfs of +he Laiin 3 and Lalin 4 classes are especially encouraged 'fo become members as sysfemalic informa+ion in regard lo myihology belongs 'ro +he regular worlc in lhe Lalin classes. Af fwo of lhe club meelings "The Easiman Roman Life Slides" porlrayed many episodes in myfhology and represenfed some of lhe very finesl' and mos? famous painlings of 'lhe grealesl' arfisls. Anolher meefing was made especially inleresiing when oracle of Apollo answered The quesfions of each club member concerning love, wealfh, and vocarions. Officers 'For bofh semeslers were: Margarel' Bonliglio, presidenh Barbara Rowe, vice- presidenfg Eleanor Gales, secrelaryg Joyce Manges, Treasurer: Phillip Monleifh, pro- gram chairmang Mrs. S. Avery, sponsor. Page Ninely-four mergency geecfing To defermine The iypes of 'food available 'for 'feeding during a war-iime emergency, io learn 'ihe preparaiion of such foods, and io prepare a group of siudenfs 'io handle any school emergency supplies ihai mighi be provided . . . 'ihese are 'ihe purposes of 'ihe Emergency Feeding Club. lnferesi' in 'ihe club's worlc is furihered 'ihrough reporis and discussions on available foods and army raiions. The officers are: Fall semesfer-Doris Parroi, presidenh Dorofhy Maxon, secreiary. Spring semesfer-Jeanne RiH'er, presidenh Jusiine Shriner, secreiary. Sponsor, Miss DePew. gigurw for gifnead Smooih figures, menial aleriness, physical efiiciency-ihese are ihe aims of 'ihe Figures for Fifness club. The fi'F+een girls, under ihe leadership of Miss Kolb, have ialien several hilres, and have done various condiiioning exercises and games. The club has no oiiiicers. ocia! alrtd To have proper social efiquefie ai all limes, is fhe aim of 'ihe members of +he Social Aris Club. Their sponsor was Miss Denie, who assisied ihem in helpful re- search and praciice on fhe ari' of becoming socially successful siuclenis. The officers are as follows: Gloria Fredriclrson, presidenh Marilyn Beck, vice-presi- denh Marilyn King, secreiary-ireasurerg Phyllis Baker, program chairman: sergeani- ai'-arms, Mildred Wrighi. Page Ninety-five Zylze girdt QNUMBER ONEJ Bandages--splinis-Firsr Aid 'lexf books-anyfhing 'rhai' goes wifh firsr aid can be seen in Room 205 during fhe club periods. Fain+ing-arfilicial respiration-pressure poinis and numerous ofher phases of Firsi Aid were siudied under +he guidance of Miss Broughion. The club members praciiced many of ihe arls of Firsi' Aid, and enioyed inieresiing demonsirafions given by various groups of people. O'Flicers for bo'rh semesiers were: Eleanor Rumell, president Beffy Riggle, vice-presi- denfg Jeanneifa Shaw, secrefary. Ute 95,-.4t elif! Club KSECTION TWOl To fosfer an awareness in fhe need and imporiance of 'firsl' aid is 'lhe purpose of fhe Firsl' Aid Number Two. The programs have ceniered around fhe 'Following lopicsz purposes of firsi' aid: general direciions of firsr aid: care of wounds, shoclr, fainiing, sunsfrolre and heal' exhausrion, burns, pressure poinls, and bandages. Tallrs and demonsiraiions on fhese fopics have been given by club members. They have also pracliced bandaging ai each meefing. A ioinr meeling of ihe 'rwo Firsl' Aid clubs was held, af which a number of Boy Scouis gave a demonsfrafion of arlificial respirafion. The clubs have also had demonslraiions of mefhods 'For lransporlaiion, pressure poinis, and applicaiion of bandages. The officers for bofh semesiers were: Nancy Wambaugh, presidenfp Joan Liclrey, vice-president Mary Willy, secrefaryg Miss Sawyer, sponsor. Page Nineiy-six ' Ufze goreign orrepon ence The Foreign Correspondence Club is sponsored by Mr. Jordan. The purpose of fhis club was formerly fo wrife fo people in foreign counfries, buf since fhe war has sfarfed, club members have been wrifing fo boys in fhe service who wenf fo Ellcharf High af one fime. The club had as fheir main proiecf fhis year, fo raise money fo send fhe Reader's Digesf fo boys in foreign service, buf since fhe resfricfions on foreign mail were made, 'lhe club senf fhe magazine fo E.H.S. boys who are in service in fhe Unifed Slafes. The club enioyed many falks on how and whaf fo wrife-fo fhe boys in service. The officers for fhe fall semesfer were: Howard Thursby, presidenfy Roger Verhagen, vice-presidenfg Beffy Flanders, secrefary and 'lreasurerg Lucille Baffisfa, program chairman. The officers for fhe spring semesfer were: Lucille Baffisfa, presidenfg Roger Verhagen, vice-presidenf: Beffy Flanders, secrefary and freasurer: Sidnah Williams, program chairman. ed Crow 'Uofunfeelw The Red Cross Volunfeers meef af fhe Red Cross Building every club day fo aid fhe Red Cross in volunfeer work, such as fyping, rolling bandages, or doing any ofher worlr as may be designafed by fhe Red Cross. Their sponsor is Miss Jarvis. Firsf semesfer officers are: Elizabefh Larson, presidenfg June Owen, vice-presidenf: Helen McLain, secrefary. Second semesfer officers are: Elizabelh Larson, presidenl: Mary Jane Dygerf, vice- presidenfg Helen McLain, secrefary. - Pa ge Ninefy-seven 8. Conderualion The EHS ConservaTion Club assisfs in The propagafion of wild life in several ways: pheasanis are released: Tish are raised, food and shelfer are provided for The wild animals. To do This work, 'Feeders are builT which provide shelTer and 'Food and ponds are sfocked wiTh fish for breeding purposes. The purpose of The club is To help proTecT a-nd increase The wild life of The sTaTe, and To assisl' in The conservaTion of maTerials viTal To The war e'fforT. Sponsors of The club are Mr. Wilbur MaTer and Mr. W. E. Sands. The TirsT semesTer oFFicers were: Roy Murphy, presidenTg Bob Seidel, vice-presidenT: Bob Hafer, secrefaryg Dick Gufermufh, Treasurer, Bob Hafer, counTy delegaTe. The second semesffer oTTicers were: Bob Seidel, presidenTg Tom HoeTger, vice-presi- denT: Bob Hafer, secrefaryg Dick Gu'rermuTh, Treasurer: Tom HoeTger, counTy delegaTe. Qbri!! The Drill Club was organized in The Tall of l942 in response To a demand from The older boys of The high school for Training in simple marching, drillingfand giving and Taking orders. lT is anTicipaTed ThaT The Training received will maferially aid The members of The club who are inducied inTo The armed services. Membership is made up of volunTeers sevenTeen years of age or older. Oflicers are: Arnold Brown, president Vernon MiddleTon, vice-presidenT: Harold Busenburg, secreTaryg Keifh Simmons, Treasurer. Sponsors are Mr. Boone, Mr. Gill, and Mr. Glendening. Page Ninefy-eighl' Sophomore 5054.4 Sparta Sporfsmanship, game rules, The value of sporfs, and "school spirii"-ihese are +hings ihe Sophomore Boys Sporis Club work 'io accomplish. A+ club meeiings +hey have had discussions, and have also had inieresiing speakers who have given 'ihem inieresiing informalion on fhe subieci' of sporfs. The club siudied sporis, bolh from a spec'l'al'or's viewpoini and 'From a player's viewpoint Firsi and second semesfer oFFicers are: Jack Dily, presidenfg Frank Caialdo, vice- presidenrg Jim Hollibaugh, program chairman: Dick Hagans, secreiaryg Harold Meyers, sergeani-ai-arms. Their sponsors are Mr. Wiley and Mr. Kerr. Siagecrafi Under 'ihe sponsorship of Mr. Organ, 'l'he siagecraff club gives ils members boih knowledge and experience in selling a siage. This includes all phases of s'l'agecra'H' such as ihe public address sysiem, spoilighis, houselighis, and scenery. The mem- bers have faken charge of ihe siage for school programs and olhers ouiside 'lhe school, such as 'lhe "Balle'l Russen and ihe marioneH'e show. The programs have included ialks on sfagecraff and frips 'io +heaiers +o see sfage equipment The officers of 'lhe firsi semesfer were: James Ball, presidenfq Jack English, vice- presidenh Jack Carlson, secrefary. Second semesier officers: Ronald Siump, president Gilberf English, vice-president Jack English, secreiary. Page Ninelry-nine 'f--..,. ,www . 'A A W Hg...-M - V....,,,,,, Wx 2:2 e X ' A L,5,,i,,,. g , 7 -. my-.wh X' Q :R uf - M - ,fy f Wf iff Q 0 Q , ,iz f if Q H W ,.,.M.s.,,Y, Zlnere ufilf Jie Courage because, we have learned in 1'l1e momenl of impending defeal, +o ge+ +oge+l1er on signals, +o fighr on, 'ro play +l1e game no+ for personal glory, bul' for 1'eam vicfory. ln games, in life COURAGE DETERMINES OUR DESTINY E OUR SPORTS HAVE TAUGHT US THE VALUE OF COURAGE Pgoeuado .3 ' .A A Wi mf? Tn . 4, H fl I 'I , N If In . -an . F XQTIN ' X ,Qgsf Q4 - A E?-T 1 ' -.Mehr I' En- .- as 9 THE COACHING STAFF SeaTed-John Longfellow, BaskeTballg Chelsea Boone, Track: Harrison Berkey, FooTball: Raymond Sorenson,TennEs. Sfanding-Riley Jordan, Treasurer EHSAA: Tony Campagnoli, AssisTanT FooTball: Roberf Ersham, AssisTanT BaskeTball. Page One Hundred AT The conclusion of The school year of sporfs, The ElkharT High School aThleTic Teams are sTill ouT in fronT wiTh a good average of wins over losses. This success is due noT only To The qualify of The players buT To The coaches who sacrifice much To bring abouT The vicTories ThaT we have so hearfily enioyed. For Their unfailing help, unequaled service, and The unselfish use of so much of Their own Time . . . These men are honored: JOHN LONGFELLOW John was acclaimed by The sTudenT body, during a pep session lasT season, as The besT coach in Indiana. AlTho' covering a loT of Terrifory, The TruTh of This is evidenT because in The pasT seasons as baskefball coach in ElkharT High School, he has builf up a record ThaT isn'T To be equaled by many coaches in The sTaTe. NoT only does Coach Longfellow puT ouT good Teams, buT he Teaches The boys To play clean, sporfsmanlike baskefball. CHELSEA BOONE ln all The years ThaT a boy spends in E.H.S. sporTs, The person he remembers longesT is "Chelse." Many good aThleTes have gone Through The hands of This Track coach, and if anyone Takes The Time To follow Their careers, he will find ThaT Boone's boys have made a definife mark in college sporf records. NoT every coach Takes such a personal inTeresT in The aThleTes under him, he has puT many sfraying boys back on The beaTen paTh wiTh his sincere and friendly advice. HARRISON P. BERKEY - Coach Berkey compleTed his firsT full season as head fooTball coach This year, pre- viously holding The posiTion of line coach. Sfepping inTo anoTher man's shoes is ofTen very difficulf, buf Coach Berkey Took over The head posiTion and sTeered The Team To a beTTer Than average season. ln addiTion To The normal worries of a coach, Berkey had To cope wiTh The TransporTaTion problem and The even more diFficulT iob of securing proper and good equipmenf for Team use. Two RAYMOND SORENSON IT was in l935 ThaT "Hap" sTarTed To coach Tennis for ElkharT High School. He sTarTed off wiTh an All-conference championship, winning from Hammond, 7-0. LasT season, for The second Time in seven years, he led his "racqueTeers" To anofher All- conference championship. His neTmen wenT Through The conference season unde- feaTed, a feaT ThaT no oTher Indiana Team can boasf. RILEY JORDAN ln his official posiTion of Treasurer of The AThleTic AssociaTion, Mr. Jordan has almosT as much To do wiTh The game as The coaches. IT is Through his efTorTs ThaT The TickeTs are sold and The money is Taken care of so ThaT in The funds are avail- able To supply The Teams wiTh The equipmenT so necessary To play The various sporfs properly and safely. TONY CAMPAGNOLI Line-coach Campagnoli plays a very viTal parT of TooTball in building a smooTh well-working machine from each fall's maTerial. He is essenTial in every way in order To build up a Team ThaT wins. As Berkey's assisTanT, "Camp" Takes The raw recruifs and Turns Them inTo capable guards, Tackles, and ends. ROBERT EH RSAM Coach Ehrsam does a giganfic iob serving as second Team coach, and Taking care of The freshman Team. Ehrsam coached his second Team To a NorThern Indiana High School Championship. His Team was undefeaTed in boTh conference and non- conference play. LESTER KERR lNoT picTuredl Baseball is fo carry on in spiTe of The war and The dilificulfy To obTain Transporfafion To and from The scheduled schools. Coach Kerr, in all of his years of coaching, has never failed To give his Teams all of The beneTiTs of his paTience and experience, and The resulTs have been high-ranking Teams. gridiron ummary Elkharl' 3I Lakeview O The Elkharf Blue Blazers opened fheir l942 season wifh a 3l 'ro 0 vicfory over Lake- view of Chicago. Coach Berkey expec+ed a +ougher game, and +he Blazers com- plefely oulplayed fhe visi+ing ieam. Many "subs" were given an oppor+uni'ry 'lo play. Elkharr 26 Forl' Wayne Cenlral 7 The winners made fheir longesf frip of ihe year fo hand Cen+ral iheir only defeaf of fhe season. The game was played cn a wel' and snowy field, and despiie 'lhe opposi+ion of +he Forf Wayne Tigers, ihe Blazers slid fhrough fo vicfory. FOOTBALL MANAGERS: FawceH, Wi+wer, Holmes, Frederick, Thompson, WiH'er. TRACK MANAGERS Brumbaugh, Jenkins BASKETBALL MANAGERS Neal, Juday, Esberg. CHEERLEADERS: Lefr fo righf: Hammond, Davis, Anglemyer, Holfz, Decker. Page One Hundred Three Ex-Coach Veller relaxes while Coach Berkey and Capl. Hardy sn +igh+. 31-' ecorcfa and Jeearullid Elkharl' 20 LaPor'l'e 7 The 20 fo 7 wfn over The Slicers marked The Third sfraighf vicfory of +he season for The Blazers. I+ was fhis game Thai' opened Their bid 'For +he conference crown. The LaPorl'e linemen were 'rough and The Team worked hard 'lhe whole game, wifh only +wo subs being used by Coach Berkey. Mile KZUZEIU Is+- D. Miceli, T. Saunders, H. Conan+, V. Kessler, J. Rheinheimer, L. Minelli, B. Kinney, N. Minichello, 2nd 3rd 4+h 5'rh ff J. Peferson, G. lngram, B. Hardy. -M. Bayard, R. Lerner, F. Holloway, B. Foy, C. Whisler, L. Johnson, F. Recchio, A. Bolfon, D. Mossey, J. Kielczewski, B. Sellers. -Coach H. P. Berkey, R. Hagans, J. Weaver, F. Cafaldo, J. Diley, H. Meyers, A. Blocher, M. Mercer, J. German, J. Bell, J. Swiharf, C. Weaver, Assisianl S. A. Campagnoli. -C. Darling, L. Lylell, R. Klingler, C. Thulis, P. Bradley, J. Dausman, R. Anderson, J. Nadolny, B. Wiley, M. Whalen, L. Hoffman, A. Juday, Freshman Coach J. Deiber. -Managers: B. Frederick, senior, T. WiHer, senior, R. Thompson, iunior: R. Holmes, iunior. sl QM Page One Hundred Four I e lazer Seaman ElkharT 6 SouTh Bend Riley 6 Ten Thousand Tans aT School Field, SouTh Bend, wiTnessed a game which proved To be a draw beTween The Blazers and The Riley WildcaTs. The game was by no means dull, being highlighTed by Tom Saunder's 90-yard "no score" run, by Bill Hardy's 59-yard iaunT, and by Dick Miceli's runs and passes. ElkharT 7 Mishawalca 8 ATTer The half-Time lead of 7 To 6, on a Trealc play ThaT gave The Maroons an opporTuniTy Tor a saTeTy, The Berlrey-men bowed To a sTrong Mishawalla eleven, 8 To 7. This was The TirsT seTback off The season Tor ElkharT and Their TirsT loss in Two seasons of conference play. EIkharT 6 Michigan CiTy 0 The Michigan CiTy Red Devils were halTed inches Trom The double-sTripes as The game ended wiTh The quarTerbacl:, Jim PeTerson, Tossing away a Michigan CiTy scoring ThreaT by inTercepTing a pass on The goal-line. The vicTory was cosTly, how- ever, as CapTain Bill Hardy was iniured early in The TirsT half and was losT To The squad for The nexT Two games. ElkharT 6 Goshen 6 One of The mosT dispuTed games of The year, is The Goshen game. This year The score was a Tie, a score which saTisTies no one. ATTer going scoreless Tor six sTraighT seasons againsT Elkhart The Red Menace ended This game wiTh a Tlash, scoring a Touchdown in The lasT Tew seconds. A pass from Dick Miclr, a Tormer Blazer player, made The Tinal score. EilcharT 28 I ForT Wayne NorTh Side 0 For The TirsT Time in prep TooTball hisTory, The Blazers meT The NorTh Side Team on Rice field, and They came away vicTorious. The Blazers TeaTured a 98-yard Touch- down run by Dicl: Miceli, in spiTe of rain, sleeT, and snow. EllcharT 6 SouTh Bend CenTral 20 BeTore a shivering crowd aT Rice STadium, The Blazers broughT The I942 TooTball season To a close by bowing To a superior CenTral eleven, a veTeran Team which played iTs besT game oT The season againsT The Blazers. The Bears piled up a 20 To 6 score againsT The ElkharT gridders. Saunders Blocks 'For Miceli Add Six More PoinTs Cap+ain Bill Hardy Loolcs For a Receiver CAPTAIN BILL HARDY One of fhe mosl valuable men 'lhal Ellcharl leam has had in ihe lasf several years. He was vofed mosf valuable player of +he I94I season. Bill was awarded all-conference honors in his freshman and sophomore years. Capt Hardy was handicapped +his season wiih a wrenched lcnee, buf 'rhis didn'+ s+op him 'From being +he high scorer for -lhe Blazers for +he 'rhird sl'raigh+ year. Page One Hundred Six lze Jglazera in euiew As iniuries come and go, They cerlainly came fo +he Blazers las? fall. In every game of 'the season 'there was al leasi one firsf leam man unable +0 sfarf The game because of iniuries or sickness. Due +o lhis, several "s+ars were born" because of fheir abilify +o fill in lhe vacancies. Bill Jones made his way 'lo 'l'he 'lirsl leam Through his slellar defensive game. Haddie Meyers 'filled in Conan1"s posiiion when he was ill. Many subs proved lheir value lo 'rhe ieam. A+ 'lhe annual 'foolball banquel, Tom Saunders, ulilily man 'for ihe leam, was voled mosl' valuable player and Bill Foy, iunior firsi -leam guard, was elecfed 'lo 'lhe caplaincy of fhe I943 feam. Dicl: Miceli Breaks Through on an End Run 1942 'Ualuiiy Conanf, Huberh Taclcle Foy, Bill: Guard Hardy, Bill: Fullbaclc Ingram, Gordon: End Jones, Bill: Encl Kessler, Van: Encl Kinney, Bob: Quarlerbaclc Lerner, Russell: Guard Miceli, Dick: l-lalfbaclc Minichello, Nick: l-lallback Mineli, Louis: Guard Meyers, Harolcl: Tackle Pelerson, Jim: Quarlerbaclc Rheinheimer, Jack: Cenler Saunclers, Tom: l-l'baclc, F'l:aclc, End Sellers, Bruce: Tackle Page One Hundred Seven Q , 'ff ,QS plume jim iff 25 f' ff . 4352, vm 2. ,1 .F f- uuurwwf If 65 .LH-uk ,www - Squad gnc!! in a Jbgfazefri of glory Figh+, deferminafion, and a sfubborn defense resulfed in a 32-20 revenge vicfory over fhe Goshen Redslrins. Displaying fhaf fypical Riley spirif, fhe Wildcafs frounced fhe Blazers, 45-22, buf fhe following Friday, John Adams was defeafed in an excifing game, 44-43. TOURNAMENT Alfhough Ellcharf drew fhe four foughesf feams in fhe counfy, we were favored fo win fhe secfional fournamenf af Nappanee. The firsf game on Friday affernoon sfarfed ouf fo be a fypical Ellcharf-Walcarusa dog fighf. The Blazers cuf loose fhe fhird quarfer, however, and pulled away fo win, 45-33. Lacking heighf and size, an inspired Concord feam made frouble for Ellrharf in fhe enfire game before bowing ouf by a score of 47-42. Then af nighf came fhe Elkharf-Goshen game. Each feam had beafen fhe ofher during fhe season. Each feam felf fhaf fhey had fo win fhis game. The Blazers mef power wifh power and inspirafion wifh inspirafion fo defeaf fhe Redlrins, 37-34. 4 The Blazers puffing up a fighf defense SeH'ing a new single game scoring record for fournamenf play, fhe Blazers defeafed fhe Nappanee Bulldogs, 70-46, fo win fhe I943 secfional fournamenf. The I99 poinfs scored by Elkharf in fheir four game march fo vicfory was also a record. The following weelr Ellcharf played Soufh Bend Cenfral in fhe second game of fhe regionals af fhe John Adams gym in Soufh Bend. A conlidenf and aggressive Ellcharf feam refused fo be impressed by Cenfral's repufafion as fhe sfafe's fop-ranking feam and upsef fhe Bears, 47-43. By beafing Cenfral fhe Blazers accomplished fhe biggesf upsef during fhe enfire sfafe fournamenf. In fhe final game a fired Ellcharf feam oufscored a fasf-breaking Rochesfer quinfef for fhree-quarfers before physically bowing ouf in fhe lasf six minufes of fhe gruelling baffle. The final score was 52-4l in favor of Rochesfer's Zebras. Thus ended Elkharf's besf season in four years. The greafness of fhis feam was repre- senfed by ifs fournamenf record. Losing several close ball games and having only an average season, fhe Blazers during fhe fournamenf ironed ouf all difficulfies and displayed oufsfanding abilify. The I943 Blue Blazers well deserve fo be ranked along wifh Elkharf's besf baslrefball feams. Tense momenf on fhe bench P Sectional Kaakeibafl Champa glfclzari Jgaafcefbaff fsclzedufe Cole, Charles I Diley. Jack f Y Eileen, Bill ' .,, ' Ebersole, Jim ELKHART OPPONENT 4 47 Nov. 27 Bris+oI .... 22 40 Dec. 4 Jamesfown ,,-b,-- 25 . If A"ALL' I I 7 37 Dec. II Soufh Bend, Riley bd-, 34 .7 -Ifff"'lfl" 48 Dec. I6 Sourh Bend, Washingfon 29 I "LL 53 Dec. 22 Greensburg .,.3.7.,f, 40 26 Dec. 26 Goshen ..... 3I V 38 Jan. I LaPor'Ie 37,,., 20 J I 'A HW- Dick as Jan. a Michigan cary 3,,. 43 Q I Ingram' Gordon 35 Jan. 9 Warsaw .3.......,,, 36 f ig I-,r'i I W Juday' Tom 25 Jan. I5 Mishawalca ----------- 36 LO'1QIe"OW'JOh" 39 Jan. 22 FI. Wayne, Norfh Side -- 26 I 55 Jan. 29 Nappanee .......,..,.,, ,..,... 3 3 5, 34 Jan. 30 FI. Wayne Cen'IraI --------,--2-,,, 46 V, I ' :I i 35 Feb. 6 Soufh Bend, Cen'IraI IOverIimeI 4I 32 Feb. I2 Goshen ,....e,.....w....,,.,.,,,, 20 22 Feb. I6 Soufh Bend, Riley ........ 45 44 Feb. I9 Souih Bend, John Adams ,-- 43 I Saunders, Tom 1 V I Sellers, Bruce S E C T I O N A I' ' I '5 :,, SIOCIC- GOVCIOT1 45 Feb. 26 Waliarusa .......,. - -O 33 Lv ,,kyVV' . Windmiller. Wayne 47 Feb. 26 Concord Township --- 42 ..' 5 37 Feb. 27 Goshen ........ 34 K J r 70 Feb. 27 Nappanee -,--,,------ 46 7:" zi' I EEE REGIONAL 47 Mar. 6 Sou'Ih Bend, Cenfral --- 43 4I Mar. 6 Rochesrer .....,,, 52 9I5 820 TOTALS: WON I5p LOST 8. age One Hundred Ten he 8. N. 5. Reserves The varsify squad wasn'+ fhe only feam +o bring honors fo our school: Coach Roberf Ehrsam's second +eam wenf +hrough 'l'he sea- son undefealed and won fhe Easfern Division Norlhern Indiana High School reserve +eam conference. This was fhe firsf reserve squad io complefe fhe season undefeafed since John Longfellow has coached here. Scoring a 'ro+al of 403 poinls +o fhe 305 poinfs amassed by +he opposing feams, +he Shor+feflows were led in scoring by Bill EllioH, sophomore guard, wi+h 44 field goals and I4 free fhrows 'For a foral of lO2 poinis. Following EllioH in scoring was 'Forward Tom Juday, who collecfed a iofal of 6I poinfs and Jack Diley, who 'iofaled 58. poinfs . . . Juday was also named as free 'rhrow cham- pion of fhe second feam, connec+ing wi+h beffer fhan 65 percenf of his charify affempfs. Oiher players who made good showings were Bob Weldy, cenferg and Gordon Sfoclr and Dick Weaver, guards. Coach Ehrsam's "champs" should provide valuable replacemeni maferial 'For Coach Long'Fellow's varsify squad of nexi season. Also under Coach Roberf Ehrsam, ihe Freshman A's won fhe infer- class league, losing only fwo games fo ofher inierclass feams. Then, af ihe end of ihe inierclass league, fhe A's won fhe inferclass 'rournameni' +o hold bofh inferclass championships. The freshmen also played 'lhree games oufside of ihe school, iwo wi+h Mishawalxa and one wifh Concord, winning all fhree games. Many of ihe boys on fhe 'Freshman ieam played as alfernafes on 'the reserve ieam and are expecred fo play as regulars on fhai feam nexf season. Second team conference champions Freshman A, winners of the lnferclcss Tournomenf Page One Hundred Eleven I 1 50,94 in enn id The only alhleiic leam in 'lhe high school 'Io iake lop honors 'this year was Coach Raymond I"Hap"I Sorensen's E.H.S. Tennis squad who won, 'for ihe second Iime in Coach Sorensen's regime, ihe crown of 'ihe Norihern Indiana High School Conference. Going 'Ihrough 'Iheir easlern division conference schedule wilhoul a loss, 'lhe Blazer nelmen Icepl righl on lhe winning +raiI and lrounced Emerson of Gary, winner of fhe wesfern division, 5-0, al' Gary, November I6, lo gain The champion- ship +i'I'le. Following is a complefe lis'r of mafches played Iasl fall: TENNIS SCHEDULE Malches for 'fall of '42: Page One Hundred Twelve Row I-Leif To righl Kallfofen, G.: Ebersole, J.: Gulermuih, R.: Bugh. B. Row 2-Borneman B.: Sorenson, R. Sep+. I5 - Ellcharf 5, Mishawaka O. Sepf. I7 Ellrharl' 4, LaPor'ie I. Sep'l'. 24 Elliharl 5, S. B. Ceniral 0. Sepf. 29 Ellcharl 3, Michigan Cily 2. Ocf. I Ellcharf 2, Riley 0 Iforfeill. Ocl. 6 Ellchari 5, S. B. Adams O. Ocf. 7 Elkhari 5, Nappanee 0. End of Easlern Division conference play. Oct 28 Elliharl, 7, Howe Miliiary Academy 0 Ipracfice malchl. Nov. I6 Ellxharf 5, Emerson of Gary 0. INIHSC Easl-Wesf play-off malchl Schedule 'for spring of '43: April 22 Kalamazoo Siale High, ihere. April 28 Howe Miliiary Academy, here. May I I Dowagiac, here. May I3 Kalamazoo Sfaie High, here. May I5 Howe Mililary Academy, ihere. May I8 Dowagiac, 'lhere. Le+'s look ai lhe individuals on ihis undefeaied ieam. Leading player for lhe "champs" Iasl fall, was Gerhard "Kal" Kallcofen, runner- up +o +he Indiana s'ra+e singles rifle, who has been undefeaied in four years o'F conference single play. Jim Ebersole, capfain and No. 2 player, was undefeafed in his lhird year of conference singles play and was re-elecied 'rhis spring for 'ihe capiaincy of 'lhe '43 squad, Richard Gufermulh, who played in lhe No. 3 spol, compleled his fourfh year of conference singles wifh only one loss. Wiih only fhree singles maiches played in conference meefs, ihe No. 4 and 5 men, 'freshman Bob Bugh and Bill Borneman, sophomore, compeled only in doubles. Pairing eilher wi'ih Gufermulh or Borneman for lhe No. 2 doubles 'l'eam, Bugh 'Finished 'Ihe season undefealed in six such marches. Borneman was undefealed in Ihe ihree doubles mafches in which he compeied. Olher leHer winners included Bob Sorensen and Eugene Ellis, who played in 'Iwo doubles marches. AI'lhough Coach Sorensen was doubiful Iasl' fall as Io whelher 'rhe spring praclice marches would be held lhis year as usual, 'ihe neimen have several conlesls scheduled 'rhis spring wilh non-conference schools. The league season nexi 'Fall will consisi of a one-day Iournameni- of all easfern division schools lo be held' here Seplember 25-. Ckncler-pail: and giefcf ecor The Blue Sfreals were hard hit by graduaiion, 'Ihe draff, and enlisfmenf. They have, however, a goodly number of under- classmen who in The nexf year will undoubiedly develop info good aihlefes. Because fhe capiain, Glenn Bufler, enlisfed in 'rhe Army Air Corps, The second highesf poinf winner, Henry Crussemyer, was awarded ihe rifle of capfain. The following names represenf 'Phe confenders in 'Ihe various evenfs: HIGH JUMP-Charles Gordon, Jim Fosier, Page Glase. SHOT PUT-Bruce' Sellers, Jim Peierson, Jack Rhinehimer. BROAD JUMP-Henry Crussemyer, Johnnie Longfellow, Charles Gordon. POLE VAULT- Gordon Sfoclr, Elmo Emerson. DASHES-Henry Crussemyer, Gordon Sloclr, Jack Diley. MIDDLE DISTANCE RUNS-Arnold Brown, Bud Wiley, Tom PaHon, Tom Kern, Dick Sfufsman. LONG DISTANCE-Joe Rench, Jack Miller, Roland Pip- penger, Jim DeBoni. LOW HURDLES-John Longfellow, Jim Fosfer, Elmo Emer- son. HIGH HURDLES--Jim Fos+er, Charles Gordon, Page Glase, Jaclr Miller. MILE RELAY TEAM-Tom PaHon, Arnold Brown, Dick Siufs- man, Rolland Pippinger, Charles Gordon. HALF-MILE RELAY- Henry Crussemyer, Johnnie Sfoclr, Arnold Brown. Apri May May May May May May May I28 4 6 8 II I5 20 22 SCHEDULE Souih Bend Cenfral .... Easf NIHSC Conference Goshen ,..... -- NIHS Conference .... Sou+h Bend Cenfral .... Secfional .....,.,,. Goshen ..e. Sfafe Meer --- ---- On your marlr . Gordon Sfock, -,----Here -----Mishawalra --,-----There ,,---E. Chicago ------There -----Here --,-----Here ---alndianapolis , Brown paces rhe half mile Glase clears ihe hurdle Chelse fells 'the boys how I Page One Hundred Thirreen Cray Conn fry Seaman ummariea GeTTing info Their sTride Page One Hundred Fourleen The EIkharT cross counTry Team finished The season wiTh a much beTTer win average Than ThaT of losses. The harriers sTarTed The season by beaTing Riley of SouTh Bend on SepTember 23 wiTh a margin of 9 poinTs, 24 To 33. Then aTTer running away Trom LaPorTe on SepTember 29, The Tally being I6 To 4I, They repeaTed a week IaTer on OcTober 6, drubbing Them, 20 To 35. On OcTober IO, EllcharT IosT Their TTrsT cross counTry meeT aT The heels of Ashley Hawlts Inc. of ForT Wayne, 42 To IB. OcTober I3, The boys, wiTh flying spikes, ran againsT Riley Tor The second Time in The season. ouTrunning Them 26 To 30. Then came The upseT meeT of The season when a coachless SouTh Bend CenTraI Team beaT our over-conTidenT harriers, 3I To 25. ATTer receiving Their embarrassing deTeaT from CenTraI, The locals inviTed Them over To ElIzharT To deTeaT Them 23 To 33. On November 2, The annual quadrangular meeT was held aT The beauTiTuI Erskine golf course. ouTside of SouTh Bend. Ellchari' won: LaPorTe was a close second. The sco'es were EIIrharT 4l, LaPorTe 43, SouTh Bend Riley 50, SouTh Bend CenTraI 8l. LeTT To RighT: Chelsea Boone, coach: Brumbaugh, Miller, PaTTon, Rench, Gordon. Jgadeball Ciarriea Un in Spiie of iufar Las? fall, baseball's possibilily of exisrence was in doubf, buf in 'lhe spring, school officials decided io include H' in fhe calendar of sporls. Wirh only one member of lasf year's varsify, Bob Ervin, lefi, Coach Kerr had 'lo 'fill +he remainder of -lhe squad posiiions largely from inexperienced maierial. Loss of Gene Phillips, srar righi-hander and pifcher, and Chuck Salee, pifcher, caused vacancies on The mound Thar were hard lo HII. Bob Ervin and Merle Timmons have been used 'ro HII ihese gaps, wi'rh Ned Kreps on +he receiving end of +he baHery. Olher rookies include: Bob Pickering: Vern Afwarer, bro+her of "Spic" Aiwafer, now minor pro leaguer: Jack Hobson: Glenn Banks: John Ball: Frank Holloway: Jack Wirmerg Dick Brown: Ronald Slumpg Ari Brickmang Jim Talbofh Rollin Ori: Keirh Sensenbaugh: Wallace Klingelhoferg Bob Everelh Bob Lieberenz: and Bob Primivera. The schedule for The spring season was as follows: April 23 LaPor+e .,..................c....... .... T here April 26 Soulh Bend Adams ..... ..... H ere April 30 Soufh Bend Washingfon ,.,, There May 4 Soufh Bend Cenlral ..cs. .,.,. H ere May 7-Bye May II Michigan Cify --- ...., Here May I4 Mishawaka --- -,c. There May I8 Nappanee .,.... .c.. T here May 2I Souih Bend Riley --- s ,,.. Here Kreps' 'ralks shop wi+h Timmons . . . Pickering nails one on firsi' . . . Alwafer snags a hor grounder . . . Warming up fhe sliff arms. Page One Hundred Filleen This Array of Glamour and Pulchrifude is fhe Discobolus Club Jiiaco The Discobolus Club increased ifs membership again fhis year. Under +he guidance of lheir new sponsor, Miss Theodora Kolb, +he club had a very successful season. The officers elecled 'For fhe firsl semesfer were as follows: Charlofle Denman, presi- denh Mary Sproull, vice-presidenfp Juanila Pelers, secrelaryg Helen Palanelli, lreas- urerg Virginia Miceli, social chairman, Norma Heeler, sergeanl-al'-arms. Second semesfer officers were: Charlolle Denman, presidenl: Mary Sproull, vice- presideni: Juanila Pelers, secrelaryg Helen Parlcer, lreasurerg Norma Jean Treclcelo, social chairman: Virginia Miceli, sergeanl-af-arms. On Oclober 6+h 'lhe inifialion parly was held al' Sfudebalier parlr. The main evenl of +he evening was a soflball game in which fhe old members challenged a 'leam Page One Hundred Sixleen bolus Club selecied from one hundred and sevenly-five new members. Thirfy new members were inilialed ai The beginning of fhe second semesler. The club sold candy al 'rhe Ellrharl-Jimlown and Ellrharl-Goshen baslrefball game. March lOl'h 'rhe girls had a home-made candy sale. Proceeds for 'rhese are used 'For club expenses. Living up fo lheir moHo: "A sporf for every girl, and every girl a good sporf," 'lhe members enioyed badminfon, fennis, baslrefball, bowling, swimming, archery and fencing, as lhe season 'for each sporf rolled around. The managers for each spori' were as follows: badminlon, Ann Cronlcg baslxefball, Phyllis Balesg archery, Lucille BaH'is'la: swimming, Mary Sproullg fencing, Pal Cullen: and bowling, Joan Van Bergen and Bunny Parlcer. The usual singles and doubles lournamenl was held in badminlon wilh Phyllis Bales winning lhe singles and Phyllis Bales and Charlolle Denman winning lhe doubles. Ann Cronlc and Marge Monger were second. A class baslrelball lournamenl was held in which lhe seniors won lirsl place and received gold ribbons. High scores lor lhe lirsl semesler achery were won by Lucille Ballisla, Ann Cronlr, and Marilyn Darr. Again lhis year bowling was lhe mosl popular sporl which made il necessary lo have il lwice a weelr. To climax lhe season an inlerclass bowling lourney was held. The senior leam composed ol Norma l.anni, Vivian Schenk, Joyce Wallers, Miriam Myers and Charlolle Denman won lhe lourney. The annual spring banquel was held al lhe Y.W.C.A. May 7, al which lime awards were given lo oulslanding girl alhleles in each sporl. The lheme lhis year was "On Guard" and lhe color scheme was blue and while. The girls were all very happy lo have Miss Josephine Lafler, 'Former sponsor, back for a main spealrer ol lhe evening. Pins awarded lo lhe highesl averaged bowling leam wenl lo Belly Duesler, Jean Farrell, Elizabelh Claylon, Jean Gill, and Charlolle Denman. The highesl individual bowling lrophy was awarded lo Charlolle Denman. The senior members of lhe var- sily baslcelball leam, Phyllis Bales, Miriam Myers, and Charlolle Denman received silver baslrelballs. Recognilion 'was also given lo lhe remaining member ol lhe varsily squad, Marleio Kline, Belly Oslerloo and Margarel Shelly. Lucille Ballisla won lhe fencing pin. Phyllis Bales was awarded lhe badminlon singles lrophy. Back lo lhe indians Char Demonslrales Up and al 'em gals Adams Wesllalce ...v... American Coaling Mills --- Berman's ...,,,...,,,., Big Shoe Slore ............ Billmore and Columbia Sludio Borneman 8: Sons ........,, Boslon Slore ....,,,,,,,W,, Pages ,,,-I29 ---- l35 HWI33 -- .... I34 --- ----I30 ,-,,I26 H .... I27 Buescher Band lnslrumenl Co. ,... .... I 25 Cenlral Drug Slore ,,,,,... Correll Monumenl Worlrs --- Days Transfer Co. ....., Domore Chair Co. -- Drake s ,AY----.,,v,-- Ellcharl Amusemenl' Co. -- Ellcharl' Candy Co. ........, Ellcharl' Clearing House Assn. Elkharl' Molor Coach Co. - Flander's Jeweler ..,..,. Gafill Oil Co. .,,,W. Garb-er's Painl' Slore ,,... George's Sandwich Shop -U Goldberg's Men's Slore ..., Handy Dandy Sandwich Shop Hellriclcis Clolhiers .....,, , Dr. Higgason H. C. ..., High Dive Pool e.,,, Page One Hundred Eighleen ----l2O ---,l25 ----I27 ----I48 ,---I47 ----I40 ----I32 do ..., I45 ----I42 ,---I22 ---J28 ,,,-I20 -,--I25 D, ..., l2I ,,,- --,,I26 -- ,... I22 ---,I47 -ee-l43 I a4cluerli.4ing irecfory Hossick Bakery ...,., Holel Ellcharl' ,...,,.., Ind. 8: Mich. Eleclric Co. -- Pages H---I44 --edI33 -----I40 Indianapolis Engraving Co. ,,,.... ..... I 5l lnlernalional Machine Tool Corp. --- ca.. -I44 Isbell Lumber and Coal Co. a,,. ,.... I 38 Jel While Food Marlcel' ..,a, ,,,--l36 Keene's Klolhes and Bool Shop Q-- .,,,. I42 Kuesperl's, Jeweler ...,,c,.,.. ,,.,, I 3 I Dr. W. W. Lansche .... W. F. Lilly Co. .,,,., Louie's Norih End Cale Lux Visel, lnc. ....,,,,,,,.. Marlin Band lnslrumenl Co. -- Meyer Morluary .,,,,,,,, Miles Laboralories N, Modern Cleaners ,,e,e,,e.. Modern Mode Bool' Shop ,,.. Frank Myers Menis Wear H- New Melhod Cleaners ,,,.. ,e,,,I32 --,,,I23 ----,I42 ,-A--l4O eeAe-I36 a,e-aIl9 e,--,l37 aeea,I30 ,,,,,l34 -Y,e,I48 --,-,I23 Norlhern Indiana Brass Co. ,,,, ..... I 49 Norfhern Ind. Pub. Service Co. H, ,,,,. 'I30 J. C, Penney Co, ..,,,,,,,,.., ,,,,, I 28 Piclcrellis Flower Shop W, Red Crown Bowling ,,,, Rosen:s Menis Slore e,-e-I2I ---,,I32 ,----I24 Russell, The Coalman -- Schull' Trailers, Inc. - Service Candy Co. --e Service Press .......,,A, Sigmund Sorg, Jewelers .... Pages ----I28 ---- I23 ----I48 ----I4I ,---I2I S. K. Smilh Co. ...,eee,e,..,,,A ---M I 50 Soulh Bend Typographic Service --- ---,I46 Geo. Spies, Inc. ..eeeeea...,, ,--- I 26 Slamp Furnilure Co. do Slale Thealre ...., Slalioners A,,,,,.,... Slerling Brass Foundry --- Slerling Shoe Shop --- Slrom Brass Foundry .... Slyle Shop ..,..,,,.. Templin's ..... Ellcharl Trulh ..,..e,.,...., Charles Walley Funeral Home Weslbroolc Funeral Home --a Wesl View Floral Shop ..., While Funeral Home --- Williams, Rollie ,,,,.. Wray's Ice Cream .... Zelle Funeral Home --- Ziesel's - - ,.,.,. - - -a--l3I ----I24 v---I50 e---I27 ae,-I36 do--I24 --,-I33 ,-a-I38 D ...a I39 e,, ---,I22 - ..a. I46 eae-l47 ea,-I20 ,,-,I46 ---,I34 --,-I38 ----I3I WALTER G. MEYER FUNERAL DIRECTOR AMBULANCE SERVICE - PHONE as BERNICE KEENE MEYER, R. N., LADY ATTENDANT 216 West High Street, Elkhart, Indiana Opposite Main High School Entrance P O d d GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS PICTURES AND PICTURE FRAMING GREETING CARD "There's L O T S O F F U N in Giving" Garbers POI-IddT MEET YOUR FRIENDS oft the CII IIIIIIL Compliments of IIIIIIG TUIIII WHITE PHONE 10 FUNERAL HOME Phone 890 129 SOUTH SECOND STREET Fashions in F L O WI E R S .5.5., ., GOLDBERG s RICHARD B- MATZKE an 324 SOUTH NWN ST' at PICKRELL'S Main at Marion SIGMUND SORG INC. RELIABLE IEWELERS ELKHART GOSHEN 513 South Main 120 South Main The Home of the Famous Divided Payment Plan ELKHART'S LARGEST MEN'S STORE Congratulations to the Class of '43 POI-tddT+ HELFRICK'S S+,.e-rig..+ Clo+hes for Men THE CHARLES WAI-I-EY Opposife S1'a1'e Theafre FUNERAL HOME .-T. 126 North Second Street Elkhart, Indiana Spori' Jacke1's Slacks Roblee Shoes Lee Ha+s V mx lixggtgi Van Heusen Shir'I's B. V. D. Spori' Shirfs . . Bo+any Tres Hlckok B H' fu" " " "UQ me '92, f .:-"5 F s 14 A 4. . .H.. . .ff- 9 S fiizliffii :c2:23:i2,I5:::1:-."-1'-411: ffpktfffiifie fss:f11a'fg3?A 1 A! M "iii: E 3:-553.5 7 ' " f IM lx 5- N ,luuualvrua VV! ,f : f-444.1 A h'4'.'.'f.6'.'n'.'njA ".' ,Q Hi, .'.','4'lA'q'A','4'a'A'oA W 4' - . JF -ii v-1 if ,ye.'.-.'.-.'.',-.-.-.'.'.'. . 'L If 'Q , 'A'w'-'- - E ' ' - ' WV f 41' llllmmm "" .7 yi' .fifffq lu- - El . I E PIQEIK ,- H ' YW 11' 11- -2 N 1-- . ' V - -E , ,Qg 4f,ff.',1 - 1 + gg E 2455 iC'!C52ESWlfi1l' --'- EB.-as -'n.,G:" ,.,..: -'Jiri -wu1h32?:E,:Lm--' E . f2i1q1a"' sag: .1 ,1 ' I ' 'Hhipz 4-.ggi Q4 i -aa .. -32:1 ' 43- fe ,za-:-fig 2 :-5535! H if-55211551 - wa sgwenzaasza l- as2-:-s f- famga:-:-e-5:-E-a:4gesgf FLANDEBS IEWELERS 402 S. Main Elkhart, Ind. AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE 626 Page One Hundred Twenfy-+wo ECHO LIIIISE LEAF IIIIITII BIIIIK FILLEII NEW I THIS YEAR WHEN IT'S HOMES FOR WAR WORKERS OR TOMORROW WHEN IT'S VACATION TIME REMEMBER- "ANY PLACE IS HOME IN A SCHULT TRAILER!" I Larger, roomier - more luxurious fhan ever before - a modern Schull' frailer is fhe lasf word in a comforfable, convenienf home-on-wheels. Gener- ously proporfioned . . . Cleverly designed . . . Skillfully engineered . . . fo W. F. LILLY 61 COMPANY Disfribufors ELKHART, INDIANA provide a maximum of living and working space. An undreamed-of degree of homey-ness and comforf. Inferior arrangemenfs include privafe bed- rooms, dineffes or davenporfs-you'll find JUST fhe sef-up YOU wanf, wifh lofs of drawer, shelf and sforage space. Ready righf now! Sfep up and pick yours ouf af any Schulf dealer'sl METHOD CLEANERS I5 Easf Franklin Sfreef YOU GET MORE ..:::.,,,,.:..,.. ' -.-.......,, 5 A O :iii izilii i',i Iii To S in value- Q Schu'+ fff-il f ' ii: H ' offlers you beffer design aned :,i:iE.::::: A .,. i ,jf an-,I V, E is engineering, more usable space ' - I v,':-- v"' - A , beffer heafing and insulafion ,YN V f , ' more resfful beds, finer finish z , in .2 ' ""' A ' ":" 1' and furnishings - for your ' ' NA money-ihan aHY ofher frailer Don'f fake our word for if- T inspecf a Schull' frailer af your dealer's . . . You'll wh fhere are MORE Schulieiailer: . in use foday fhan any ofher SGHULT TRAILERS ING. Phone ELKHART, INDIANA "World's Largesf Trailer Coach Manufacfurers" Page One Hundred Twenfy-'rh F63 Lsongra iula fiona to flue Clan of 1943 T T CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO STROM BRASS FDUNDRY S E N I O B C L A S S 1 9 4 3 ELKHART INDIANA IHISEN BRUTHERS P O Hundred Tweniy-four CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 1943 GEORGE'S SANDWICH SHOP give your iafent ful! away! with a bri!lianf!NEW get-fyfxi 105W 'EM ' es UIIOII XS W ,fy .XP M N "400" Series Compliments of Quali+y Band Ins+rumen'I' CORREL1.. MONUMENT CO. 121 W. Ictckson Blvd. 31' 'A' Y BUESCHER BAND INST. CO. ELKHART, IND. Page O Congratulations to the class of 1943 HANDY DANDY GEORGE SPIES INC SANDWICH SHOP "Where better hamburgers and frosted malts are served." YOU CAN GET IT AT - - BORNEMAN 6: SONS HARDWARE PAINTS KITCHEN FURNISHINGS ELECTRIC SUPPLIES PLUMBING SUPPLIES 65 years of service ELKHART, INDIANA P g O e Hundred Twenty- of CHICAGO Key Clay Jeinga Made Congratulations Graduates OUR SINCERE BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS IN THEPUTUBE THE BOSTON STORE IN C ' E1khart's Stcge of Values ELKHART INDIANA THE STERLING BRASS FSUNIIRY . , "It pays to ship QUALITY Vid DAYS" B -B 'd-Aluminum and Manganese Castings ELKI-IART, INDIANA For I. C. PENNEY CO. Qucdity DX LUBRICATING FUEL Service HIGH QUALITY DIAMOND 760 MOTOR OIL d PENNZOIL MOTOR OIL Satisfaction an KELLY-SPRINGFIELD TIRES LOW PRICES Phone 41 R U S S E L L . . TI-IE C 0 A L M A N "E11chart's Busiest Store" 'The Home of I-Ieolt Scctisfctctionu G A F I L L 0 I L C 0 POHddT I1 Cxomplimenid of ADAMS-WESTLAKE COMPANY BUY U. S. WAR BONDS Compliments of O B11..T1V1Q1QE Northern Indiana Public Service and C O L U M B 1 A MODERN CLEANERS and FURRIERS S T U D I Q 1 I N C Repairing 111 South Main Street Remodeling Storage Phone 447 o fu coat The e o ubstt te for quality" Phone 444 425 SOUTH SECOND STREET d YOU HELP KEEP UP THE SPIRIT OF OUR FIGHTING BOYS EVERY TIME YOU SEND THEM A REMEMBRANCE KUEsPER'1"s IEWELERS 514 South Main Street Neal Decker, Miss PoIIy Dahos and Dick WGIICSI decide on "what to send" a tormer class-mate. 04 Salute io flue Qracfuaiea . . . the Young Men and Women who now step out into a war-torn worIcI. It is their privilege with others, to work and tight to hasten the time when all the world again may cultivate the joyous arts ot Peace! ypewriiera FOR RENT BY WEEK OR MONTH ROYALS UNDERWOODS L. C. smm-is 520 Sherman St EIkhari's Shopping Center STAMP F U R N U R E Fathers and Mothers I-IeIp Protect the Future ot Their Graduating Sons and Daughters by Buying War Bonds! Page One I-Iundr i . ecI Thirty Complimenu of ELKHART CA DY 00 GET THAT MUCH NEEDED EXERCISE IN THE VERY SPECIAL WAY ppgtggf the fpecioug Bowl at the RED CROWN EYES OF YOUTH DR. W. W. LANSCHE OPTOMETRIST 513W South Main Street ite 202 Phone 3524 H0'I'EL ELKHART .Jllovlern - gireproof 250 ROOMS EVERY ENTERTAINMENT FACILITY AIR-coNDmoNED BANQUET Rooms The scene of four successful Proms, made possible by I'l1e cooperalion of Ihe ELKHAIIT SEIIIIIIII HIGH Sally Wambaugh Rides a'I Chrisiiana Counfry Club "IT PAYS TO PLAY" Berman's are 'feafuring Riding and Play Cloihes for Gals and'+l1eir Pals. Remember-if iI"s Sporiing Goods or +l1e Sporl Clofhing Ilmal' goes wilh il' - Berman's have if. BERMAN'S SPORTING GOODS l23 Soulh Main Sfreel' ...BEN SIVE... Jlleei flue glamour girfd MARY MUFFETS LAURA LEES NAN SCOTTS ANN LOUISES 'PHE 'PYLE SHIII' five fiffeen soulh main Pgoi-I ddTh WRAY'S FINE ICE CREAMS FOR EVERY OCCASION DSIICIOUSIY Dlfferent ir if ir 'A' 'A' ir 'A' 'A' 'A' ir America's Favorite Dairy Food Ice Cream OI-IddThf Congraiufaiiona 4 To the Class of '43 Molmlw Mow Bow V X We are proud fo have HT proper shoes on mosi' offheg cl fesf +h k d g fen days 1' fheir high s h I graduaiion day. BIG H0 'NRE Zffmm T212 3I5 MAIN ST. ELKHART, INDSANA Uur Jincereat beat wialzea for the Aucceda of The CLASS of 1943 4 AIVIEIQICAN COATING MILLS, INC j THE STERLING Sl-IDE STURE Get off to a flying start with a 405 MAIN STREET M A R T I N "E1khart's New Modern Shoe Store" Featuring Women's Shoes Exclusively It stands to reason that a better instrument will help you play better and make faster progress. Martin Saxophones, Trumpets, Cornets and Trombones are the choice of leading protes- sional musicians the world over, stars of radio, dance 1:-and and concert tame. Built by famous hand-craft methods, which insure superior quality and tone, you'll find a Martin easier to play, the pride of your life to own. Convenient terms it you wish. Styled and Designed by Saks, N. Y. MARTIN BAND INSTRUMENT "F or the American Girl" Page One Hundred T COM PAN Y ELKHART - : - INDIANA JET WHITE FOOD MARKET 'A' A WIDE VARIETY OF QUALITY FOODS FOR ALL OCCASIONS if 205-207 SOUTH MAIN STREET Phones I067 and IO68 ILES LABORATORIES, NC. E. H. S. ALUMNI CARRY ON A few years ago this young Woman, Helen Griner, received her diploma from Elkhart High School. In 1938, to be exact. To- day she is engaged at Miles Laboratories in Work for which she is especially Well suited. This picture shows her measuring the "degree of ionization," or the amount of acidity or alkalinity active in pharmaceutical preparations during the course of research. To anyone not understanding such subjects, this sounds rather involved. But it provides good evidence that once an E. H. S. graduate, boy or girl, goes out into the business World, he or she can soon prove Worthy to take up important tasks. Work at Miles Laboratories is interesting because this organi- zation, through constant scientific research, is striving to find new Ways of relieving the ills of mankind. Also, during the war, it is doing its share for the government by providing components for the Army "Ration K" that you may have heard about. Many E. H. S. alumni are helping to carry on this work, in our manufacturing departments, our research laboratories, and our office. Without these alumni, many accomplishments of our organization, including the great success of Alka-Seltzer and One-A-Day lbrandl Vitamin Tablets, would have been much harder to achieve. edT s'roP IN AT I T E M P L I N I Compliments of FOR PHONOGRAPH . . ELITE gunefal .Home S 2:?1512l3f52?f I , ' I ' -13255 II,11'I1'ff:::'ff.'-:1-ff.1153, '1 , -1 ,fQ , 55?5:5j-V-A . . , ' ' ' ' 2O':.f.-. .w .... -' , . .Q ' H92 ' 'I :gz:zgs:f:::: :tt.:, . I qzsgsz. , , E1.' 31' I -' i- f I - ' ,.,:5E5:3E 'HI'-1f2Eggf 5:g15:5:5:5k:., "f'.-:Q'5'Qi2. 5:-SIB' ' ' 'f ' ' :-:': f:5:1:1" '5:1:5:1:3:1:-:-Ie.-,-X.g:Q:Q:1" ..-:-:-:E:3:Q'5'i:f:f:?- 'f'fQ:Q'i' I -i -if--.TZ -'Z- 2222 fffifff 1 ::,:::::Q ::,::g:::s:3:.:Q,-- 552122522351 i222E1?2E2?1Z1E2:2: 12515211 .-1:5:2:5:5:3:5:f:s:s3ggg1:a:2:5:z:f::ts. .P 1.1I-11.1:5:s:s.5.s:s:s:z:5:s:si:s: r'1ir'rZr iriri Ir rE'Z5915E5'r. 515552 5521 frfziziliiiiiiiiiii- r ,,- - 'ZHIEZIEE5355555552i1i1i?E5i5E5E5E3E5EFEE. -'---:-:.':i-:1:I:?Q:1:l:I:I:I:I.- .1:I: 1:1:1:1:I:1:5:I:1:2t1:2:I.2:1:1:5:2'X'"i?l:?4'2'2:lE"2:"2."'4:l:2:1:1:1:i:I13."- . 1:25:22 -"' ' ' :5:5:5:z15sf:5:ersri:Ee-,:3:5:2:5:ss:5:5:z:a:5s?s5.5:s:5s:s5.: I 2 W X I' iiieiiieiisiE52EEfSE5fEiQiE5'2'1:-55. . E22 . . ff --25252251555555955221ieEs?5:2:z: ' ' m r .,.,:5:5:gf-jzrzarzr:-,5:g.r:r:Q.f:2:5:11:5-5-:5:gs:rs:::1-3:, 51515:r:r:1:1:r15:5:g5q5:g5::15515-i .'--:gzzg-,gg-5153 5:fg:5:5:5:r:5:5:5:5:31:g -' -e: iffffffi -3:3522if5fff'2f::::3:-5Q:f:ffQfQf2f'7'' i'3f5'- P5 2122: If:Q:ff2EQIEffIQ:2:2:2:Q:f:f:2:Q:SzQ:f'2:f:f:f:3:f:f:Q:f:f:Q:2:Q: :f:j:f:Q::.5:f:f:Q:5:E:f:2fQ:f:f:2fg a d -525:71 . ..... - ""' , """" """"'3'1'1"""' """"-if'3:i:Q:Q:i'7:f:E:f:f:f" 3 3 " :5:3 ----155-'f5sg4s'4:wgu . +:, Q15-N' rs:1:5:jg ,,'-NIA . . . , ' T . . . : 1 : : 1 : : 1 : :.::::1: : : 1 1 :5:5:s:a:5:s:5:s:s:s:s25552225E52522E5E5S525E5EE5E2S535isE5E255E2E5S5E5isE555isEeisfeizisieisisisisfe Tenth Street at N.Y.C. Tracks BUILDING HEADQUARTERS LET US HELP YOU WITH YOUR BUILDING PROBLEMS Estimates Free - No Obligations Page One Hundred Thirty-eight TOOT - TOOT Phone 22 403 West Franklin Street ELKHART, INDIANA The Elkhart Truth "' W T R C A newspaper's greatest responsibility in peace-time becomes even greater in war-time. Truth cooperates in all war efforts - national and local. Readers are kept fully informed of all important events throughout the world and at home. News is condensed for quick, easy reading without sacrifice of essential information or important details. Is aiding the war effort in every way possible for a local Broadcasting Station. Tune in for latest developments in behalf of Uncle Sam-National, State, County and the war programs of your neighbors. The latest world and local news is broadcast 15 times daily and there are many fine programs for your entertainment. The Elkhart Truth W T R C Your HOME Newspaper ik Your HOME Radio Station Page One I-Iundr edT Jfeat 'lflfialzea to the Class of '43 Compliments , Compfzmen M of From INDIANA AND MICHIGAN THE OF ELECTRIC COMPANY E L K H A R T --' AMUSEMENT L X VISEL I C CO. 7 108-114 West Le A I 315 W. FRANKLIN Operating E 1. C 0 BUCKLEN ORPI-IEUM SERVICE PRESS Wrin few flzone 33 60 II7 W. Lexlngt A ELKHART, INDIANA CONGRATULATIONS From 6611625 lflothes 0 Boat sn op 323-525 .South Mdzn .Street Featuring- F OR THE MISSES Silk hose. Hooligan Kicks-Modern age--Acfive maicl-Red Cross, Rysoniel and Arch- neck Shoes. FOR THE MEN Varsify Town, Griffon and Clo+hcraf+ Clo+hes. S'I'e'rson Ha+s, Arrow Shir+s, Jockie Shorfs and lnferwoven Hose. POHddF+ Compliments of THE ELKHART MOTOR COACH CORP'N Ride the Busses Put what you save in WAR STAMPS Congraiufaliolw Class of '43 O NORTH E ND RESTAURANT Swimming and diving is the best of exercise and pays big dividends in health and happiness. A There is nothing better to develop the body and there is no pleasanter form of exercise in "the good old summertime." That is why we call the HIGH DIVE "The Place of Happiness". When you go to the High Dive, if you have no one to go with you, go alone and make new friends and you can learn to swim in 1943 by going a few times, as the weight of your body is only a few pounds more than the water. After one knows how to swim, you will for all time hereafter enjoy canoeing and boating much more on our many lakes and streams in this district, as you will always have that safe feeling, by knowing how to swim. Admission 25 cents with public dressing rooms. Admission 50 cents with private dressing room. Admission 25 cents for spectators. Rental of laundered bathing suits 50 cents. wimming ol No extra charge for rides on 175-foot runway, 38- 1000 EASY STREET foot drop, water toboggan and for the thrill of your lite, try it, at the Six blocks Northeast of Main Street Bridge in Elkhart Page One Hundred F Congratulations TO THE CLASS OF 1943 Ask for Hossick's Victory Bread and Cakes THE HOSSICK BAKERY soo HARRISON STREET POI-lddFf Compliments of INTERNATIONAL MACHINE TOOL CORPORATION FOSTEII DIVISION BUILDERS OF FASTERMATIC AUTOMATIC TURRET LATHES AND SUPERFINISHERS frofeci your FII E II II II M unc! that of au future almericuna BUY WIIII IIO II A II 'MMP It's the very Iecrst We com. do on the home Iront to protect our boys at the battle front. FIRST-OLD STATE BANK FIRST NATIONAL BANK ST. IOSEPH VALLEY BANK IMEMBERS FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATIONI ROLLIE WILLIAMS PHONE 66 Second and Jackson Elkhar I. COURTEOUS EFFICIENT MODERN Prompt Ambulance Service WESTBROOK FUNERAL HOME 221 West Lexington Avenue ELKHART INDIANA South diem! TYPIIIIIIAPHIC E II I I C E PROOFS FOR REPRODUCTION MONOTYPE COMPOSITION ADVERTISING TYPOGRAPHY COMPLETE MAKE-UP SERVICE 'Ir 219 EAST WAYNE STREET SIIUTII IIENII, INIIIANA T l Beat Wiahea Class of '43 4 WEST VIEW FLORAL CO. HAIQQLUS FLOWERS HAROLD G. AULD, Prop. 3Il SO. MAIN PHONE l86 Be Wise-Take Care of Your Eyes From Lefl +o Righl: MAXINE EPPERS Wearing a smarl double breas+ecl slack suil. GRACE GORDON DR' H' C' IUGGASON In wool slacks and floral prinl' blouse. 0Pt0mel'lSl MARIMOHN LINES ln brown wool slacks and slrippecl T shirt 414 S- Main Ph 63038 FROM DRAKES SPORTSWEAR DEPT. Second Floor Gi1.,s6'19La.ZQQ-690' Glkhartbfest Store' P q One Hundred F CONGRATULATIONS tothe CLASS OF 1943 ir FRANK MYERS MEN'SWEAR COMPLIMENTS OF SERVICE CANDY CO 618 South Morin Street HOWARD L. SHELLEY ROY J. LONG P OHddF h DOIMORE POSTURE CHAIRS THE SENTINEL DOMORE CHAIR COMPANY, INC ELKHART INDIANA GED D CAST TTINGS FI ANIFOLD VALVES SPEED THE VICTORY ild in bu used s have long been in U9 CO WROT fiffi Nm of 'll ing and air o c Oll refrigeraii an 0 s. 0 v UI .E 'U I U T -: -1- .E U 0 vt 5+ 95 1: ID U T as 35 E 1. U 3 .2 I! 5' .: E O vnu 7' 5 0 5- L 0 : U5 .E : .l 0 .: UI 0 .: -0- 'U I: U -1- VI C U U an an U L .Q 'U I 5 1. ll' 2.0 Q-U oo re only c he poin'I's w vifal 32:51 l:'CE.2 "'u:o I 'rosa z.-:,,,,5 ,""'5'n.o oo: 'Umlll-2E lggomh - o 502: gPcnoo o - Z: -Og .- ,'u + :EE - u .'?,".5m3.E 33"- v?5 52.15 vo- O 52 --SIE E552 ,am :gg Us ui .2 vs 2 L0 0 -U5 O Sesfv 0251+ fzgg-0 -'leg 0 00: .L, 0 .5 4' '-.,, S.. ll: :uric 55.2 Q23 U U'-IL.-U 455'- '6b:3"5 9 .E . 3 2' 0 mn: 2 5 .Eg 2 .l:-o- 3 n. .- U' g U U D. 11 0 P. 0 'U e L U 2 gil 0 0 -5 vo "' :I -0- :I .9 'U 0 ' 0 I na: 35 3-u m"': 2-U va 0 0 O I-4- 2.5 33 UQ: Io m? 'U 0 0 I 'o 3 0 .L, U n' n o m. QU' :':.E E o 'a 'Uuu glo- s..2 mi., Eos gg "4- 'UP- EDU ELI-'B O P- 53 3:- Q AW f Page One Hundred Forfy-nine Zire 1943 fennani alnnual CONGRATULATIONS Proudly Displays TO THE M D L L 0 Y M A D E COVERS CLASS OF 1943 ' if THE DAVID I. MOLLOY PLANT THES.K.SMITHCO. 2857 Northwestern Avenue, Chicago ngravinga in the 1943 fennant aflnnuaf produced by the Jlnclianapolia cfngraving Company, Jnc., Ieaignera am! cfngraoora of yea:-books and School Puolicationa, 222 Caat Ohio Street, Jnclianapolia, fuel. This aclcnowledgmenl' does no+ include fhe s+aFf's graiifude 'ro some members of +he firm of lhe Indianapolis Engraving Co. We especially wish lo ihanlc Mr. Noble Roplxey, Mr. Russell Benson, and Mr. Fred Noer for lheir friendly inleresf and helpful advice in ihe publishing of 'lhis book. cl d ig ,, , fe' Mf Q WM A ml!! CC-1 M K , VN ig., 'X f . - i S ,J N 3 Q56 3232? mfs it PWM Z A wi 5 bk iM 3: '.v,, ' www Q Sf H CD15 . 1 3 K E fQ'A Qs X' IL I X f E I, , Xxx ,X 1 ! X ,Q ,' .e Q any H ' , J, :- , NX - kvy, . a '5 A iffi Sify MS! M iw, 75 New w 1 W if 'N-A , by api-HW X . I Q64 Cf ,Gm 9,1 - XV , Cu x"1.'., , ai ' 'XJ .i A, V. gn. 1 N N x Cf! CQ WEB A qv if A .- : f If qwgfu

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