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if-k'YY'v Wu-4-K J W wwf Affwf ffffqr' fp. ummm mann mann. .pm . , ! . . i . f 5 W S' , V 'QA 3 I A ' 1' ig x " 1 . V ,. . 313 x 4 f A A ' 1 .L K I 5 ? I' Q . N' i ' Qi A 'N 3' If 'Y A5 , Y Z . ' 1 ' , 179' 6 4 cm :L - Q A a ' Y! fix- , -N . ,a-L. 5 l . , I . . ay .. ..., . -.K ' va .Jia ,w+-.-w-- ii-A ' ' 'V ' w . .1I4ff""'l21k!I .zdl,,4. of Elkhart we dedicate thi unity, we, the seniors of Elkhart High School ..,, ' . A M y I t . ,gg . , X , T133 Published by ELKHART Hlcn SCHOOL . ELKHART, INDIANA ,L il is - , . A7 J 'Vx z .. Y ' 1 41 ,, X Q , .1 . A 56 by .,A.1n. . 15" P 75' I 'I FJ' Epi, h- r 4-95 'CQ , 4 7,7 ' ,N h ' QQA .' 4, F215 A V aff -w sf y , . J '?Q'?:, 'li-4 1 flfigx W ag, 'i n2'+5', Q ET- ' 5333 , Pu! Fofu P V 'V A . ,-' , U. Q 'Y N : rf Vnigg. ' ' " w , . . 1Cjgf"" X Y' ,, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1938 A Editqr-in-Chief ROBERT INEBNIT Business Manager WILLIS SCHALLIOL Photographic Ediqor MAURICE FRI,NK,AJR.. 'f" T' 5' - 1 J .M if. .. gif-fgxs ' -1. QE, 'Q +1 ,ef 124. Qi Q '12 5 V Y llDl'l'lII'lI5TRIITIOI'l J. F. WILEY Superintendent of the City Schools I JOHN W. HOLDEMAN Principal of the Elkhart High School BDIIRD 0F EDIICIITIDII President, FRED LUNDQUIST Secretary, ALFRED L. SMITH Treasurer, DR. L. F. SWIIIART Pag F WMU? fum ff, fliil e'Qll'flli'wflAX. S-.eHf1.wXiaf1i1, I.. Hlwrxs cmf Mi:-1. ?4i"H.1 1.51211 fsri, --i 'inf plan'-iff 11vff.u'l HIVIII. fslwlwllf- ilu' vis-4-ls",-wlzniir wezndxilxsf, X. In Mlauaxs :mei UIQ- lxfiwn- Hilllliflw, 1-l' lil' 1-wl.v1z'y fIfAp:1s'lmf?za!. :T-f'1THLX lnrvppy nlmul lim Maul' flung, 'U1f'5Nlzi'HJM mmzsilfvf wnmifrizajri Wigs Ufibligh E'-In 4Y':ia'l9i!H 1 5N1sff11l2x!l ZHP? uivl xW12tl'il fixup. Hmm' nmx mini 3- f4-f Ls ,uf mgflf-Arif-. Hn- 24111154111 ffl 'H'-1'VI"1'i4'Yl M .MIN 1'rw1:w4fQ ixryfi-5: f!iill'll!'lHl'if 'lil Uwe'-.fn 3. QU. '.K.4i 1. ,SUITIJ wwf-4:5 lmltfw 'x'xIw!f-m.i1,-- 1f.':swIP 'Url MIN 1? Wviurls. ,MEM Jilllifllf .Hl15t,Zill7. i.rvku'Z 5xi4vH11'4, ullwr .nu-ml:-u-1 uf ilu- lf13:Il+9 !,f'll,ll4ilfH'IlKI Xlisxnie "5mxuw. Xwf-Qfuiull :'ZHllIlI'l 'llkli -Ui4sU1ln!w Hvvi. ' Xaliwr qfiinyvlslfpi VY-v la rn wwf! ,om -r FHCULTV Coaches John L. Longfellow, C. C. Boone and Don Veller . . . they should be talking about physical education classes, but what do you think? Miss Elizabeth E. Zellner and Mrs. Salome Wfise, also of the Physical Education Department. Miss Geraldine Drury, director of vocal music. Miss lfva Cole, art instructor. Robert ll. Vifelty, assistant director, talks with David XV. Hughes, head of the Music Department. Miss Myriv lluniiiiigiiuni. tvuvlwl' uf l"rvm'ii, and Miss Gladys King, Spanish mslr1lf'lul . Miss iVIill'glll'l'ilQ' SilWyi'l'. livzul of lin' Lulin Df'llill'illll'lll., iwlps u puzzivd Sllllll'Ill. Miss Uvrulmlim- Curlle-in and Mrs. i'il'2illl'f'S Avwy, zigritzlluw-s SPIWQIP. Miss Clurim- M. liuliinsmi. lu-ml uf lhv Cmiiliwn-iul Uvpzil'ln1m1t. Mviiiimm-i's of till' Cmiilm-wiali l,!'lH.lI'illll'lllZ Mvivin cili'!lliCllIliIl5I, llzlllivl i'iggri4-s- mi, Miss iVlau'iu Sinur, ts:-atc-QU Miss 1101011 lf. liilklillld. LTV l'11.2r' A me 2? 3 '.-. wu- y S LLV 50l'Il5, FRIVOL0lI5 FRGSH .IOVlIlL .Illl'll0B5, SEI-II0lI5 SEIIIOHS, 5EI'lIOR CLIISS 0F 1938 Early in the spring semester of 1935 the freshman class held their first meeting. Mr. Holdeman presided at this meeting until we had elected the following officers: President, Tom Keene: Vice- President, Roger Chester: Secretary, Dick LeFevre: Treasurer, Bill Wright: Social Chairman, Mary Jo Scofield. We chose Miss Busche and Mr. Bowman as sponsors. We held our first party in the gym on the night of May 18, 1935. Dancing and games made the party a big success. In the fall of 1935, having peeled our green skins, we returned as sophomores to go after things in earnest. The following officers were elected: President, Bill Wright: Vice-President, Marjorie Booth: Secretary, Shirley Morton: Treasurer, Margaret Nelson: Social Chairman, Esther Blubaugh. Mr. Bow- man resigned from his teaching position. Miss Busche was again elected sponsor along with Mr. Veller. Mr. Veller resigned because of coaching duties and we elected Mr. Glendening co-sponsor. We sold candy at the Mishawaka game. We also sponsored a pep session for the Goshen game. Early in the spring semester of 1936 the Sophomore Class met for election of officers. The follow- ing were elected: President, Bill Wright: Vice'President, Jolm Erdmann: Secretary, Shirley Morton: Treasurer, Lois Shafer: Social Chairman, Esther Blubaugh. Miss Busche and Mr. Glendening were elected sponsors. On March 26, 1936, at 7:30 p. m., the E. H. S. class of 1938 held a party in the cafeteria. Bob Styverson's orchestra furnished dance music. A fine class representation as well as outsiders enjoyed the dancing and games. After a swell summer vacation the Junior Class met September 17, 1936, in Room 320 to elect officers for the fall semester. The following were elected: President, Bill Wright: Vice-President, John Erdmann: Treasurer, Bob Inebnit: Secretary, Esther Blubaugh: Social Chairmen, Mary Jo Scofield and Burton Johnson. Mr. Glendening handed in his resignation as co-sponsor because of other duties. Miss Busche and Mr. Mater were elected sponsors. Monday, October 19, the ring and pin committee met to select the rings and pins. The following were on the committee: Bill Wright, Dan Bassett, Horner Swihart, John Erdmann, Bob Inebnit, Esther Blubaugh, Tom Keene, Mary E. Shasberger, and Peggy Bevan. We sold candy at the Goshen game. November 14- we held our Junior party in the cafeteria at 7:30. Dancing to Wayne Cone's band and games served as entertainment. Refreshments were served. We sold candy at the Nappanee basketball game. The Junior Class held an election of officers in Room 320 late in the month of February, 1937. The following officers were elected: President, Bill Wright: Vice-President, John Erdmann: Secretary, Shirley Morton: Treasurer, Bob Inebnit: Social Chairmen, Esther Blubaugh and Burton Johnson. Miss Busche and Mr. Mater were elected sponsors. On March 12, 1937, Friday evening, we presented our Junior class play entitled "Kiddie.', Miss Win- ternitz ably directed the play. Mr. Hughes and the orchestra played musical numbers before the per- formance and between acts of the play. The play brought great honor to the Junior Class. On March 18, 1937, we held a 'fFarmers Party" in the gym. Emerson Lynn and Nellie Ward won prizes for the best costumes. Gene Hileman's orchestra furnished music for dancing. Saturday, May 28, 1937, we presented the annual Junior-Senior Prom at Sargent's Hotel, Lake Wawasee. Decorations and lots of novelties followed a horse-racing theme. Nearly 350 students par- ticipated. Andy Reidleis orchestra from South Bend played for the dancing. Of course, we thought that the prom was the best ever and so did many of the Seniors. At the beginning of the fall semester the Senior Class of 1938, after three successful years, split so that we might hold our separate Senior Day programs. At the first meeting of the January Seniors of 1938 the following officers were elected: President, Bill Wright: Vice-President, Roger Chester: Secre- tary, Jeanette Schram: Treasurer, Bob Inebnit: Social Chairmen, Leora Rowe and Carl Danforth. Miss Busche and Mr. Mater were elected sponsors. At the first meeting of the June Seniors the following oHicers were elected: President, John Erdmann: Vice-President, Maryann Helfrick: Secretary, Anna Mae Thomton: Treasurer, Ray Courtney: Social Chairmen, Marcile Myers and Burton Johnston. We sold candy at the La Porte football game. October 1 we met with the June Seniors to elect the staff for our Annual. The following were elected: Editor-in-Chief, Bob Inebnit: Assistant Editors, Jeanette Schram and Lois Shafer: Business Manager, Willis Schalliol: Advertising Manager, Dick B. Phillips: Sports Editor, Burton Johnston: Art Editor, Emerson Rupert. A committee of January and June Seniors was also chosen to select the caps and gowns. Saturday morning, October 9, a committee of January and June Seniors met in the Library to select the announce- ments. During Xmas vacation the Senior Class sold candy at the Washington South Bend basketball game. The January Senior Day committee consisted of the following: Willis Schalliol, Bob Inebnit, Joan Smith, Bill Wright, Helen Dahos, and Jeanette Schram. Joan Smith and Jeanette Schram chose the flowers: our class colors are aqua blue and gold. The skit which was presented was written by Bob Inebnit and directed by Miss Winternitz. Saturday evening, January 15, we held our last class party together with the June Seniors. Since it was a kid party, all came dressed as children. Wayne Cone's orchestra furnished the dance music and games were enjoyed. The motto of the class is, S'They conquer who believe they can." The June Senior Day Committee consisted of: John Erdmann, Margaret Nelson, Nellie Ward, Bettie Lines, Charles Dinehart and Maurice Frink. The skit was written by Maurice Frink. Their motto was "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." Their colors are peach and apple green and their flowers are daisies and lavendar sweet peas. The class play, "Wait For Me" was successfully presented May 13. The prom will be held Saturday, May 28. Baccalaureate is to be May 29 and graduation exercises on Thursday, June 2, at Rice Field. 2 JUNE President - Vice-President Secretary - - Treasurer - 5EnIOR clnss omcens - - - - - JOHN ERDMANN MARYANN HELFRICK - - ANNA MAE THORNTON - - RAY COURTNEY JHHUHRV President - - - Vice-President - - Secretary - Treasurer UFFICERS CLHSS UFFICERS - - - WILLIAM WRIGIIT - - ROGER CHESTER - - ,IEANETTE SCIIRAM - ROBERT INEBNIT gsm: -4, . Q 4 X if 'K si " bzifgs-?' ms IJ 5 , 3313 xi 'TQ -'Q 5 , iX,. 5415? New f U ws. ..,. qbknz' , Rx :K sb as Q 'Q in ,iff s E 5 E 'G V .., ... 5 W X .H 5 W Q. I , 'wa' 'It' gi f'1l,21' If Ullfl QQ i ,Xl-I if Fixx? ,Y f m Q ' zllz , ,V Albright, Jeannette Commercial course: Wolves '34, '35: G. A. A. '36, '87: Pen- nant Weekly '36, Bevan, Peggy College Preparatory: Girl Reserves '35, '36, '3'l: Rah! Rahl: '36, '37, '38: Spanish Club '35, '80: Art Club '37, '38: Pen- nant Weekly '37, '381 "Kiddie" '87: Senior Play: Pennant An- nual, Curtis, Mary Isabel General Course: Rah ltahl '85, '86, '87, '38: Girl Reserves '35, '86, '87, Eaton, Stanley College Preparatory: Orchesl ra '34, '35, '36, '37: Band '36, '37: lnterclass Basketball '84, '85, Him, Gladys ' Commercial Course: Spanish Club, '36, Kleckner, Bettie Home Econ omlcs Course, Austin, Emory Industrial C o u rse: Interclass Basketball '35, ' Bolley, Mary Jo General Course: Girl Reserves '34, '35, '36, '87, '38: Rah! Rah! '37, '38: Pennant Weekly '36: Pennant Annual, Senior Edi- tor: Senior Play. Dahos, Helen . General Course: Rah! Rah! '37, '33: Pennant Weekly '36: Girl Reserves '35, '36, '37: French Club '37, '3B: Glee Club '34, Flauding, Pauline Commercial Course: Glee Club '35, '36, Hixon, Richard E. Industrial Course: Motion Picture Op- erator, '37, Kurtz, June College Preparatory: Latin Club '36, '37: Glee Club '87: Or- chestra '37: Girl Re- serves '35, Baker, Eithel Commercial Course: Glrl Reserves '84, '37: Glee ,Club '34, '35, '36, '87, '88, Bonliglio, James General Course: Track '34, '35: Sand- bur Football '34, '35: Interclass Basketball '34: Varsity Football '34, '35, Danforth, Carl General Course: Hi-Y '36, '37, '31-4: Band '34, '35: Social Chair- man of Class '37, Gard, Earl Industrial Course : Orchestra '36, '371 Senior Play, Horne, Phyllis Commercial: Spanish Club, '36: G. A. A. '34-, Linder, Lloyd General Course: Sandhur Football '35, '36S Interclass Bas- ketball '35, '36: Var- sgtly Track '35, '36, Bates, Eileen Commercial Course: Girl Reserves '34: Glee Club '34, '35, '36, '87. Buckley, Maynard Industrial C o u rse: Interclass Basketball '34, '35:Sanrlbl1l' Football '34, '35. Defreese, Virginia Home Economics: Girl Reserves '35, '36, '37, G. A. A. 'sag Glee Club '35, '36, '37, Berkey, Lamar Industrial Course: Interclass Basketball '34, 35: Sandbur Football '34, '35. Bundy, Margaret General Course: Glee Club '35, '36, '37, '33: Pennant Weekly '37: "Kiddie" '37, Downs, Louise Commercial Course: G l rl Reserves '34: Glee Club '34: Wolves '34, Bessemer, Bernita H 0 m e Economics: Girl Reserves '34: Orchestra '34, '35, '36 Chester, Roger College Preparatory: Fighting 50: Secre- tary '36, '37: Presl- dent '38: Class Vlce- President '38: Var- sity Tennls '36, '3'l: lnterclass Basketball '36, '87, '38: Hi-Y '80, '37 Q. Dunn, Guy, Jr. General Course: Pennant Annual. Guyer, Willogene Hart, Bonnie Hayes, Joe Commercial Course: Commercial Course: General Course: In- gtirl ,Reserves '34, '35, Girl Reserves '35, terclassBasketball'37. Inebnit, Robert General Course: Hi-Y '36, '37, '38: P r o g r am Chairman '37, '38: Fighting 50 '37 338: Social Chair- man '38: Senior Class Treasurer '36, '37, '38: Pennant Weekly '36, 37: Edi- Annual: "Kid, '37: Band '35, tor die" '36, '37: Drum Major '37, '38: Forum Club 38 , . 1 McLaughlin, Fred College Preparatory: Latin Club '36: ln- terclass Basketball '34, '35, '36, '87: lggnd '34-, '35, '86, Ivins, Mary Alice General Course: Girl Reserves '34, '35: Rah! Rah! '36, '37: Band '35, '36, '37, Mast, Devon General Course : Hi-Y '35, '36, '87: Track '87: Cross- Countgf '37: Inter- class asketball '3-1.: Sandbur Football '34, Keller, Phyllis Commercial Course. Milanese, Frances Commercial Course : Glee Club '35, '36, 37, 0F 1938 Page Fifteen W'-..: r 4 . is ,, ,,', M 1 gf., f -:garb wx K I en. 6 will ' 4? x 9 A :Ji A a 'Ju if 1 2' f :" . gas Q WF wx Q 5 if-I 'W ' at 1 J ff Q Ag wi X Y Q Q NQQEJ 'Qg , 5 Arms HG ' 5 1 1 E 1 I 4 Q.- . A 5 EQIB JHHUHRV CLHSS Pugw Si x le ll ,lg r., .. , 6 I ..,, YQ Moore, Doris Commercial Course: Girl Reserves '35: Wolves '34, Rebstock, Mildred College Preparatory: Latin Club '86, '37g Scholarship Award. Schalliol, Willis General Course: Mo- tion Picture Opera- tor '87: Glee Club '84, '35, '86, '87, '88: Varsity Tennis '36, '37: Varsity Football '36: Interclass Bas- ketball '84, '85, '86: Business M a n a ger Annual: Penn an t Weekly '36, '37: "Kiddie" '37: "Wait For Me" '88. Sherman, Betty Lou General Course: Girl Reserves '85, '36, '37, '38: Spanish Club '85, '86: Rah! Rah! '37, '88. Swartzell, Jack Commercial Course: Varsltly Football '86, '37: nterclass Bas- ketball '84, '85, '86, '87, '88: Sandbur Football '84. Wenger, Edward Industrial Course. . Parker, Jack General Course: Spanish C l u b '36q C r o s s Country '36, '87: Track '36: Ten- nis '37: Sandbur Football '85q Inter- class Basketball '35, '36, '37. Reed, Helen J. Commercial Cou rse: Glee Club '34, '35, '36, Schlarb, Paul Industrial Course: Motion Picture Op- erator '37, '38:Si1lld- bur Football '34: Cross Country '37. Slough, Ellen General Course: Girl Reserves '34, '35: Spanish Club '35, '36: Band '36, '37, '38. Thompson, Earl General Cou rse: Football '34, '85: Track '84, Whitmyer, Ber- thella I-I o m e Economics: Writing Club '87, '38g Glee C uh '34, Peoples, Winifred Commercial Course 3 Glee Club '35, '36, '37. Rciginson, Clifford Commercial Course 1 Track '35, '36, '37: Interclass Basketball '35: Sandbur Foot- ball '85, Schram, M. Jean- ette Home Economic: Girl Reserves '84, '35, '36, '37 Social Chairman '37: President '38g Representative to G. R. Conference in Iowa '36: Rah! Rah! '36 '37 '38 Pennant Weekly '36, '37: Assistant Editor Annual: Secretary Senior Class '37, '38: Glee Club '34, '35, '36, '37: D, A. R. Representative. Smith, Joan College Preparatory: Art Club '35, '36, '37, 'ssg Secretary '36: President '37: Rah! Rah! '36, '37, '3 8 5 Vice-President '37: Girl Reserves '35, '36, '37, '38: Pennant Weekly '37: Associate Editor '38, Vanferson, Howard Industrial Cou rseg Interclass Basketball '34, '35, '36, Wilkinson, Erma College Preparatory. Phillips, Rich- ard E. College Preparatory: Sandbur Football '34, '35: Band '36, '37, '38g Orchestra '37, '88, Rowe, Delora M. Commercial Course: Rah! Rah! '37, '38: G i r l Reserves '34, '35, '36, '37: G. A. A. '35, '36: Wolves '84, Sclirock, Dolores General Course : French Club '35, '86, '37: G i rl Reserves '345 Glee Club '34. Smith, Junior Industrial Course: Interclass Basketball '34, '35, '86, '37: Pen- nant Annual: An- thology. Van Tilburg, Betty Commercial Course: Girl Reserves 'B-4: Glee Club '34, Wolfe, Rosalee General Course: Girl Reserves '34: Glee Club '85, '86: Orches- tra '35, '36, '37, '88, Pletcher, Helene General Course: Girl Reserves '3-lg Glee Club '84, Rowe, Leora M. Commercial Course: Rah! Rah! '37, '88: Girl Reserves '34, '35, '36, '37: G. A. A. '35, '86g Wolves '34, Sennholtz, Flavia College Preparatory: Glee Club '85, '86, '37: Girl Reserves '35, 'img Spanish Club '36, '87, '38: Varsity Debate '87, '88. Stenberg, Katha- l'lIl6 General Course: Girl Reserves '83, '34, Verhagen, Laverne General Course. Wright, Florence General Course: Girl Reserves '85, '86, '37: Rah! Rah! '85, '86, '37, '88. French Club '86, '37, Poyser, Max General Course : Track '87: Cross Country '37: Inter- class Basketball '84, '35. Rupe, Tommy General Course. Shasberger, Mary Ellen General Course: Girl Reserves '35, '86: French Club '36, '87: Pennant Annual: Rah! Rah! 86, '87, '38, Stock, Harry General C o u r s e : Fighting 50 '37, '83g Spanish C I u b '86g Track '85, '86, '87, '88. Wakelee, Ade- laide General Course 1 Spanish C l u b '87: Glee Club '34, '85, '36: Pennant Week- ly '37, Wright, William College Preparatory: Class Treasurer '85: Class President '85, '86, '87, '88: Fight- ing 50 '36, '87, '8B: Hi-Y, '87, '88: Pen- nant VVeekly '85, '36, '87: Sandbur Foot- ball '85, '36: "Kid- dle" '87, 0F l 9 38 Page Seventeen 15,3 I Y , , Y ::, it in ,an 2 gg N .JS AEgQQl . . ' H' h 'r 4. W A vw 5 A ri 1 .... 1. A 331, Q , . -1 . it .,., ,z bu .E - t Q. TE ZQA a ' Lyhw :zq X .,,.., I f ' - g Q- i " : : g 1 : l 2, S . 5 'E ' , 'Q- , ' Y L. 1 -' L' if ..Q, j f . 3 Q ,, .Q K -1 A , -If H i JUHE CLHSS Page Eighteen r 'wr I .:fQ55,fa?5Ei2Q X S ' E '. . :.. i if x ak x 5 is 1 X f , fl i xx fg igryxx 'a .,.'k ms YQ: ' K d XE any YV if QCP as Abel, Mary Jean Commercial Course. Belt, Helen Commercial Course, Wolves '34, Art Club '36, '87, Glee Club '35, '36, '37. Bidelman, Roberta Commercial Course. Bontrager, John College Preparatory, Varsity Football '38. Brubaker, Harold Achberger, Eugene Industrial Course, Sandbur Football '35, '36, '37, '33, Band '38, '87. Bender, Charles Industrial Cou rse, Track '35, M 0 t i o n Picture Operator. Zane, Norma Commercial Course, Girl Reserves '37, '38, Senior Class Play. Bowers, George Industrial Cou rse: Interclass Basketball '34, '35, '36. Buckley, Joe Alexander, Geneva General Course. Bentz, Rozella Commercial Course. Billings, Treva Commercial Course. Bowser, Frances H o m e Economics, Girl Reserves, Secre- tary '36, Vice-Presi- dent '37, '38, Rahl Rah! '36, '37, '38, President '37, Art Club '37, '38, Bulla, Anna General C o u rs e , Commercial Course. Marie cross Country 36' College Preparatory. Cone, Richard Cornelius, L'Dean Cornish, Merlin Industrial Course. Industrial C ou rsq Industrial Course. Band '34, .w. Armstrong, Robert General Course, Pen- n a n t Weekly! '37, Annual '38 , otion Picture Operator '37, Berger, Jane College Preparatory: Latin Club '36, Girl Reserves '36, Pen- nant Annual, Band '37, '38. Blocker, Vera General Course. Boyer, Lois General C o u r s e 3 Spanish Club '36, '37, Girl Reserves '37. Burrows, Rose Baker, Robert General Course. Bibbo, Jean H om e Ec o n Course, Glee '35, '36. omics Club Blubaugh, Esther General Course, Rall! ltahl '35, '86, '37, '33, Social Chair- man '38, Girl Re- serves '35, '36, '37, '38, Social Chairman '35, Latin Club '36, '31, Art Club '37, '38, Glee Club '35, Pennant Weekly '35, '36, '37, Pennant Annual. Brown, Evelyn Commercial Course, G l rl Reserves '37, '33, Spanish Club '35, '36. Clipp, Ivella Lee General Course. H o m e Economics, Glee Club '35, '36, Wolves '34, '35, ,Girl Reserves '34, '35, '36, Pennant Weekly '35, '36, Pennant An- nual: "Kiildie" '37, Anthology '35, '36, Cornish, Shirley Cornwall, Geral- General Cou rse. dine Commercial Course, Girl Reserves '36, '37, '38, Camera Club '37, '38 Basset, Dan General Course, Fighting 50 '36, '37, '33, French Club '33, Varsity Football '34, '35, '36, '37, 'ang Track '34, '35, '36, '37, '33, All State Football '37, Bickel, Robert General Course, Band '88, Orchestra '34, '35, '36, '87, Bonfiglio, Irene General Cou rse, Spanish Club '37, '38, Program Chairman '38, Wolves '84, Brubaker, Doris Commercial Course, Girl Reserves '36. Conboy, Jayne General Course, Girl Reserves '34, '35, '36, '37, Glee Club '34, '35, '36, '37, '88, Wolves '34, Pennant Weekly '35, '36, Courtney, Ray General Cou rse, Hi-Y '37, '38:"Fi ht- ing 50 '87, '38, Class Treasurer '38, Pen- nant Weekly '36, Varsity Football '85, '36, '87, Varsity Bas- ' ketball 's5. 'so, 'avg jggrsity Track '37, 0 F l 9 3 8 Page Nineteen if: 4 J IZE, A i .A , Q' , . A,,g --"' -A , Jgni ., I. ' m ln uf 351,253 QSL 5 A f ,I Q i Q N , 1 . ' 1 W vm ' 'W f 'Q 3 Q 5' X - .xx ,',.:: 4' mf ,, . ,,.- ' E QQi' ' ':" ,,:.. , X X .. l Q k :g'l . 7. ' X I? xx ,. IV R - N X4 H... f Ya iki' Flax," . Q: s ky 15 h.wQM 5 gf R JUHE CLHSS Page Twenty Creech, Elizabeth College Preparatory: Latin Club '37: Art Club '33: Glrl Re- serves '35: Anthol- ogy '37: Band '36, '37, '38, Duncan, Beatrice Home Economics: Rah! Rah! '37, '3H: Girl Reserves '36, '37, '38, Essi g, Howard College Preparatory. Dascoli, Tony Davis, Betty Dickman, Richard Industrial Course. Commercial Course, Industrial Course. Duwelius, Doro- Ebersole, Robert Ehresman, Marie thy Dorothy did not graduate with our class. Farmer, Laverta General Course, College Preparatory Pennant Weekly '35: '36, '37: Pennant An- nual: Orchestra '35, '36, '37, Fisher, Eugene Commercial Course: Girl Reserves '35: Glee Club '35, '36, Fisher, Henry Commercial Course, Commercial Course: Foy, Richard Frantz, M. Jane Freed, Donald General Course: Commercial Course: Industrial Course. S a n d b u r Football '33, '34: Interclass Basketball '33, '34, Girl Reserves '34, '35, '36, '37, Froelich, Walter Funk, Gertrude Ganger, Dean General Course: In- Commercial Course: Industrial Course: terclass Basketball Glee Club '34, '35, Band '35, '36, ' '86 87, '88, Track '37, Freed, Maxine General Course: Girl Reserves '35, '36, '37: Latin Club '36, '37: Orchestra '35, '36: Pennant Weekly '35, '36, Garl, Phyllis Commercial Course: Glee Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Gilbert, Mar- Giomi, Laura Glase, Charles Glase, George, Jr. zueflfe gornmiercial Coursie: general hCaubrs e 3 Industrial BColu1igeli . r eserves '36, ' 7, ren c u '37: n erc ass as e a gggtf::gsq'ggfesQ,G6:,' '38.' Junior Class Play: '36: Track '36, chest,-at vas. Sandbur Football '35, Dinehart, Charles General C ou rs e: Hi-Y '86, '87, '38: Fighting 50 '36, '37, '36: Social Chairman '37: Varsity Track '35, '36, '87, '3S: Var- sity Football '37: Varsity Basketball '35, '86, Erdmann, John College Preparatory: Hi-Y '35, '36: Presl- dent '37, 38: Fight- ing 50 '35: Treasurer '36, '37, '38: Latin Club '36, '37: Pen- nant Weekly '35, '36, '37: Pennant Annual: "Kiddie" '37: Sand- bur Football '35, '36: Varsity Football '38: Class Vice-Pres. '35, 365: Class Pres. '37- '3.. Fisher, Kathryn Kathryn did not graduate with us. Freeby, Phyllis Commercial Course. Geiss, Elinor General Course: Girl Reserves '36, '37, '38: Camera Club '37, '38, Drange, Ruth General Course. Ernst, Catherine College Preparatory: Latln Club '37, Foster, Lillian General Course: Girl Reserves '37, '38: Band '34, '35, Frink, Maurice, Jr. College Preparatory: Camera Club Presl- dent '37, '33: Biology Laboratory Assistant '37: Pennant Weekly '34, '35, '36: Editor '37, '38: Photo Edl- tor Pennant Annual: Forum Club '38, Gilbert, Evelyn General Course: Glrl Reserves '36, Goard, Mary Green, Charles General Course: Art Course: Inter- Rah! Rah! '36, '37, class Basketball '35, '38: Girl Reserves '35, '36, '37: Latin Club '36, 0 F 1 9 3 8 Page Twenty-one ,Q K Q f w .K , f j ii. mi :J .x 3g , E 5335555 5 ,,. , X.1,f L 'Q L ! x W is Q Page Tll't"I1H'-fIl'U hi A 4 s. mf 4, 40 . Hg 1-is x EE fb' my Q xi A g n . ,fi.,. ES i A A f, W W 1 429 1: N Q 5 'iff Grieb, Riley College Preparatory: Junior Class Play. Ilagans, Bob Colle e Pre arator 4 K P ' YS Pennant Weekly '87, '38: lnterclass Bas- ketball '34, '38. Hartman, Lor- rame Home Economics Cou rse. Hess, Helen General Course. Horvath, Mary Commercial Course. Jenkins, Violet General Course: Girl Reserves '36, '37, '38: Rah! Rah! 37, '31-1: Latin Club '36, '37, Griner, Helen College Preparatory: Rah! Rah! '36, '37, '3H: Latin Club '37, '38: Girl Reserves '35, '36, '37, '38Z Pen- nant Annual: Or- chestra '35, '36, '37, '3S: Band '38: Glee Club '36. Hagerty, Eloise General Course: Glee Club '35, '36, '37, '38: Ninette. Harwood, Fred Industrial Course. Hibshman, Ellouise Commercial Course. Huster, Phillip Industrial Cou rse : lnterclass Basketball '3-lf, '35, '36, '37, Johnson, Ray General C o u r s e: Spanish Club '36, '372 lnterclass Basketball 87. Gross, Eleanor Connnercial Course. Harless, Leon College Preparatory: Spanish Club '37, '38. Hatfield, Elnora College Preparatory: Latin Club '37. Hile, William College Preparatory: Fighting 50 '36, '37, '38: Treasurer '37, 'img Pennant An- nual. Iannarelli, Flor- ence Commercial Course: Girl Reserves '34g Wolves '34: Debate Club '35, '36, 'a7. Johnson, Madelyn General Course: Glee Club '34, '35, '36, Growcock, Gret- chen College Preparatory: Latin Club '37, '38: Girl Reserves '37, '38. Harmon, Allen Industrial Course. Helfrick, Mary- ann General Course: Girl Reserves '35, '36, '37, '3H: Rah! Ralll '35, '36, '37, '3r4: Art Club '36, '37, '3H: Pennant Weekly '36: Pennant Annual. Himebaugh, Maxine General C o u r s e 3 Rah! Rah! '37, '38: Girl Reserves '35, '36, '37: Vice-Presl- dent '3H: Spanish Club: President '37, '31-1: Pennant An- nual: Orchestra '35, '36, '37, '38. Jamison, VVillard Industrial Course. Johnson, Paul Latin Course: French Club '36, '37g Latin Club '36, '37: Debate '36, '37, '38: Forum Club Pres. '38, Gutterman, Charles Genera' Course. Harms, Warden General Course: Var- sity Football '36, '37: lnterclass Basketball. Heinz, Robert General C 0 u r s e : Pennant Weekly '36, '37, '3B: Interclass '3 5 '3 ll '3 7 '3 8 ' Track '35, ' ' Holmes, Mary General C o u r s e : Latin Club '36, '37: Writer's Club: Glee Hafer, Charles General Course: Track '36: Varsity Football '37: Inter- class Basketball '34, '35, '36, '37, 'sag mee Club '35, '30, '87, '38. Hart, Eithel Commercial Course: Girl Reserves '3-l-, '35, '36, '37, '38, Heltzel, Marjorie General Course: Glrl Reserves '33, Horn, George Connnercial Course: Varsity Tennis '36, '37, '38: Interclass Club '38: Pennant '36, '37, '38, Weekly '37, '3H: Pen- nant Annual. Jamison, William Industrial Course. Johnson, Richard Industrial Course: Cross Country '37: Track '37, '38, Jarvis, Al General C o u r s e : Cross Country '37: Sandbur Football '33, '34: lnterclass Bas- ketball '34, '35, Johnston, Burton General Course: Hi-Y '36, '37, 'sag So- cial Chairman '37, '31-4: Fighting 50 '37, '38: Vice-President '37, '88: Pennant An- nual: Student Man- ager Football '35, '36, '37i Social Chairman Class '36, '37, '88: Vice-President '37. 0 F I 9 3 8 Page Tweniy-three il 3 N S +A 2 N N J n-a s 5 A . 'Q 1:,:..,. S ? . i , , + if E 5 ii ., . .ri -' Egg: Q F .z vf I Kiefer, Mary Jane General C o u r s e : Latin Club '36, '37, Band '36, '37. Knudson, Earl 3-,,,v..-Mfr-, if Jones, Erma Jones, Mary J uday, George Commercial Course. Commercial Course: Industrial Course: Writing Club: An- Sandbur Football '35, thology Staff. Kime, Olive Commercial Course. Kotwas, Betty lndustrial Course: Commercial Course. Orchestra '34, '85, '30 '87 '38 v 1 . LeFevre, Dick Gelleral C o u r s e : Class Secretary '35g Social Chairman '37: French Club '36, '37: Secretary '37: Fight- ing 50 '37, '38, Pen- n an t Weekly '36, Varsity Tenn s '34, '35, '36, '37, '38: Var- sity Basketball '35, '36, '37, 'Sag Varsity Football '35, '30, '37. Lines, Bettiellen Commercial Course: Rah! Rah! '34, '35, '86, '37, '38: Girl Re- serves '35, '36, '37, '38: Orchestra '35, '36, '37, '8B: Band '37, '38: Pennant Weekly '37, '88: Edi- tor "BB" Anthology. Luckman, Evelyn Commercial Course, Leland, John General C o u r s e : French Club '36, '37, '38g Treasurer '37. Kistner, Eugene Industrial C o u rse: Glee Club '35, '362 Sandbur Foo t b all Manager '35. -,- if ,g.,f-uf..--1 ,M--. Kantz, Jeanne General Course: Girl Reserves '36, '37, '38: Rah! Rah! '37, '38: Glee Club '35, '86, '37, '38g Senior Play. Kline, Albert Industrial Course: Interclass Basketball. Kranz, Eunice Kunkel, Robert Commercial Course: Industrial Course. G i r l Reserves '34.g Band '36, '37, '38: Orchestra '38, Lennox, Varian Lewis, Frances Industrial Course, Commercial Course, Orchestra '34, '35, '36, '37, '38: Tennis '30, '37, '38, Lockwood, Dick Long, Edward Long, Robert General Course: Industrial Course. College Preparatory: Glee Club '34, '35, Cross Country '37: '30, '37: Motion Pic- Track '38, ture Ogeratorg Senior Class lay. Lynn, Emerson R. College Preparatory: Hi-Y '36, '37, '3B: Treasurer '37, '39: Fighting 50 '37, '38g Pennant Annual: Junior and Senior Class Plays: Varsity Football '35, '36, '37, '3B: lnterclass Bas- ketball '36, '37, '38, Latin Club '36, '37: Senior Counsel '37, Lyon, Kenneth McCreary, Kath- General Course: ryn 1-Yr. Interclass Bas- General Course: ketbfllli 2'Yr1 Sand' Kathryn came from bur Football- 2'Y" the Jamestown High Varsity Football: Sdlool. Track '37, Kelley, Bonita Commercial Course. Kline, Alberta Home Econ omics Course: Rah! Rah! '37, '38, Pennant Weekly '35, '36, Glee Club '35, Kurtz, Marilyn General Course: French Club '86, '37: Writing Club, Cam- era Club '38, Lichtenberger, W. Leroy General Course: Glee Club '36, '37, '38, Football '36, '37: In- terclass Basketball '35, '36, '37, Lorenz, Charles General Course 3 Hi-Y '35, '36, '37, '38: Band '34, '35, '36, '37, '38: Senior Play, McDonald, Rich- ard College Preparatory: I-li-Y '37, '38: Secre- tary '37, '38g Fight- ing 50 '37, '38: Junior and Senior Class P la y s : Interclass Basketball '35: Sand- bur Football '35: Ro- tary Contest '38. Kessler, Marjorie Commercial Course 3 Band '37, '38, Glee Club '35, Klingler, Laverna General Course: Sec- retary Band, Young, Gwenith Commercial Course : Wolves '84, '35: G. A. A, '30, '37: Girl Reserves '34. Line, Louise General Course: Girl Reserves '36, '37, '88: Rah! Rah! '86, '37, '88. Lorenz, Franklin General C o u r s e 1 liand '35, '36, '87, 88, Malm, Geraldine General Course: Art Club '86, '37, '3R: French Club '86, '87, '38: Wrlter's Club: Girl Reserves '37, '3Hg Pennant A n n u al: Senior Play. 0 F 1 9 3 8 Page Twenty-five , N: ' 5: ,D gai- V, ,.,E , .. .gy K ,iw sigh 4 K.. V -M5-"5 -:-E: ' 5 Q Aww . 15: .f '-ff C S 3 .. , L.: . -sk 4 gf 4 A W' R ' bqbgzg T I A 1, 4 A .4 -A a 4 .A ,. ':-N Y "ff :,,:Q V A Q .X 43 Q- W ..f: 3 Eg '5b::' q" 5 if I D V 5 .kgz z K i ZIQ QQ ,Q J up L -Q,- Q1 X L-i 1 .,Q:.q,: I z ,5,:Q VIQ 5 " JUNE CLHS5 Page T1 ty x Manahan, Claude Marjason, Evelyn Markley, Bonnie Marsh, Beverly Industrial Course. Home Economics Commercial Course. Course. Mast, Mary Jane Mayer, Bette Jane Mayer, Harold General C 0 u r s e : H om e Economics: Commercial Course Rah! Rah! '37, '88: Orchestra '37, '38. Miller, Ima Commercial Course: Senior Play. Morton, Shirley College Preparatory: Rah! Rah! '35, '36, '37, '3B: Glrl Re- serves '35, '36, '37, 'imc Treasurer '36, '87: Glee Club '85: Latin Club '36, '37: Pennant Weekly '35, '36, '37, '38: Pennant Annual: Junior and Senior Class Plays: Class Secretary '35, '36, '38, Nelson, Raymond G i rl Reserves '35, '36, '37, '38: Art Club '38, Glee Club '35, '36, '37, '38, Miller, Wava Commercial Course. Moyer, Arloine Commercial Course. Nicholson, Norma' General C ovu r s e : Jean 5" 35- 36- Home Economics. Palmero, Tony Patanelli, Joe M. General C ou rs e : Joe did not graduate Junior Class Play. with us. Mitchell, Bob General Course: Spanish Club '36, '38: Track '35: Sandbur Football '34, Muir, Marvin General Course. Northam, Walter Industrial Course: lnterclass Basketball '35, '36, '37, '38, Varsity Football '35: Varsity Track '36, Pepple, Phyllis College Preparatory: Latin Club '36, '37: G. A. A. '35, '36: President '36: Pen- nant Weekly '36, '37: Pennant Annual. College Preparatory: Latin Club '36, '37, Meighen, Doris Commercial Course: Spanish Club '36: Wolves '35. Mitchell, Dorman General Course. Zavatsky, Harry Industrial Course: Varsity Football '37: Interclass Basketball '36, '37. Oliver, Robert General Course : Fighting 56 '36, '37, '3H: Hi-Y '36, '37, '38: Yell Leader '34, '35, '30, '37. '38Z In- terclass Basketball '34, '35, '36: Sandbur Football '34, '35, '36: Tennis '34: Pennant Weekly '36, '37. Pfeifer, Gunther College Preparatory: Orchestra '35, '36, '37, '38: Latin Club '36, '37. Martin, Harold Martin, Kathryn Industrial C ou r s e : Commercial Course' lnterclass Basketball Senior Play. 35 Metzler, Mildred Gcneral Course. Monschien, Miriam Janet Commercial Course. Myers, Marcile General Cou rse: Rah! Rah! '36, '37, '3H: Secretary '38: Girl Reserves 35, '36, '37, '88: Art Club '37, '38: Class Social Chairman '87, Olson, Paul Commercial Course: Band '35, '36, '37, '38, Phglips, Richard College Preparatory: Pennant A n n u a : Track '36: Camera Club '37, '38, Milam, Maxine H 0 m e Economics: Camera Club '37, '38. Monschien, Paul General Course. Nelson, Margaret College Preparatory: Girl Reserves '34, '35, '36, '37, '38: Art Club '37, '38: Latin Club '36, "37: Rah! Rall! '85, '30, '37: President '38: Treas- urer '37: Class Treas- urer '35: Pennant Weekly '37: Pennant Annual. Packer, Virginia Home Economics: Glee Club '36, '37, '39 Phoebus, Jack Industrial Course. 0 F 1 9 38 Page Twenty-seven N x XX N Y W R 'kh ' 3 zrg qu I Q- 'U X Qs gl' S . in .11i"i" i 9 I! 39, ak six Jggign I .,, J fig Q' ',,. - E,, l 5 S k Q ,,,A :1,, N 1 A J ,, - .. .,.2 X . Y i ::.:1 - . 3 ' , fg .,,, J fww, ' wwf- iig 3522 YF A A ' . I AN 1. K 12 JUNE CLHS5 Pugv " lll'l'lIlY v1-'111 r- Y Commercial Course. Robinson, Mary Louise Connnercial Course, Orchestra '35, '36, '37. Row, Fritz R. General C o u r s e , lland '3-L. '35, '36. '37, '33, Student Con- ductor, Orchestra '33, Pennant Annual, Scholl, Royce Art Course: l'ennant Weekly '37: Inter- class Basketball '35, '36, '38, Simpson, Harold General C o u r s e , lland '3t, '35, '36, Spelcher, Marcile General a n d Com- mercial, Girl R e- scrves '37, '33, Glee Club '37, '33, Span- ish Club '35, Pletcher, Joanna Ra mer Clara Reames Clifford Reeves Robert Y i , n LOHISG General Course, Ten- General Course. General Course, Girl Reserves '35, '36, '37, '33, Art Club '36, '37, '3s, Spanish Club '3s: Rah! Rah! '36, '37, '38, Rogers, Dallas General Course, Art Club '36, '37, '33, Program Chairman '37, '33, VVriter's Club, Glee Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Ruppert, Emer- son Commercial Course, Art Club '35, '36. ' 37 , Vice-President '33, Pennant An- nual: lnterclass llas- ketball '35, '36, Sand- bur l-'ootball '35, '36, Track '36, '37, '38, Scofield, Mary Jo General Cours e , Rah! Rah! '36, '37, '33, Oiiicer '37, Span- ish Club '36, '37, G i rl Reserves '35, '36, '3T. Smeltzer, Donald Industrial Course, lland '35, '36, '37, '38, Statford, Betty General Course, Pen- nant Weekly '36, '372 Pennant A n n u a 1, Wolves '35, nis '37, '33, Pennant Annual. O Rogers, Mary Jean General C o u r s Q , Latin Club '37, Russell, Betty ll o In e liconomics, Orchestra '35, '37, G i rl Reserves '38, Seifert, George General Course. Smith, Geraldine Art Course, Art Club '35, '36, '37, '33, Glee Clllli '35, '36, '37, '38, G i rl Reserves '37, '38, Steele, Richard General Course, Glee Club '35, '36, '37, '33, Motion Picture Op- erator '37, '33, Pen- nant Weekly '37, '33, Rogers, Raymond Industrial Course. Russell, Boh Industrial Course, Varsity Football '35, '36, '37, Basketball '3t, '35, '36, '37 Shafer, Lois E. General C o u r s e , Girl Reserves '3-I-, 35, '36, '37, '3N: Pianist '33, Rah! Rah! '35, '36, '37, '33, Latin Club '36, '37, Art Club '37, '33, Camera Club '37, '38, Assist- ant Erlitor of An- nual: Senior Class Play, Treasurer of Class '36, Smith, Vera General C o u r s e , French Club '34, '35, VVolves '3-L, '35, Girl Reserves '31, '35, Pennant Annual. Steib, Jack College Preparatory. Rhodes, Chester General Course, Pen- nant Vt'eekly '36, ln- terclass Basketball '35, '36, Rohleder, June Commercial Course, Girl Reserves '36, '37, Drama Coach '36, '37, Rah! Rah! '36, '37, .lunior and Senior Class Plays, Pennant Weekly '35, '36, Pen- nant Annual. Sawyer, Chester Commercial Course. Shellenberger, Merrill Industrial Course. Smith, Warren General Cours e 1 Fightin,-.r 30 '37, '33, lnterclass Basketball '35, '36, Varsity Ras- ketball '37, '33, Man- ager Cross Country and 'l'rack '36, '37, as. Stone, Elsie Art Course, Art Club '35, '36, '37, '38, French Club '36, '37, '3H, Orchestra '35, '36, '37, '38, Riblet, Dolores General C o u r s e , Rah! Rall! '35, '36, '37, '33, French Club '37, '3s: Social Chair- man '37, Girl Re- serves '3 l, '35, '36, '37, lland '34, '35, '36, Ronzone, Netta Commercial Course, Girl Reserves '3i, Rah! Rall! '37, '3NZ VVolves '3l, Debate '35, '36, .lunior Class Play. Schneck, Ray Industrial Course, Iland '31, '35, '36, '37, '33, Orchestra '37, Simon, Shirley Commercial Course: G i r l Reserves '37, '3r4: Pennant Weekly '37: P en na nt An- nual: .lunior and Senior Class Plays. Smolinske, Cleo Industrial Course, lnterclass Basketball '31, '35, Glee Club 'Ill-, '33, '36, '37, '38, Stoner, Paul General Course. Page Twenty-nine 5 ik IW! s I Q Q Q , rk k -::E I t 7' T 1 3- . 'il .1?. I '9.' V 1 gif ' K . 1' i Q - K . V. - 'V , E ' ii I -N4 2' ,QI I X IWV , AINQA "::E: . j liiff Eyy 0' b bkzl . fr e i sf an xg g as Wg Mf XA Ef , ' f , , A u.. JUHEACLHSS Page Tlzirly Stork, Florence Stutzman, Jean Connnerclal Course: Home Economics G I rl Reserves '34: Wolves '34. Thompson, Gene Industrial Course: Fighting 50 '36, '37, '36: Football '86,'37, '31-1: Basketball '36, '37 '88 Van Tilburgh, Kenneth Industrial Course. Wear, Robert General C 0 u r s e : Band '84, '85, '86, '37, '38g Orchestra '36, 'mg Interclass Basketball '84, Whitney, Robert College Preparatory: Band '34, '35, '36: Camera Club '37, 'sag Vice-President '87: Program Chairman '3Hg Pennant Weekly '38: Pennant An- nual. Wirt, Eugene General Course. Cou rse. Thornton, Anna Mae College Preparatory: G l rl Reserves '35, '36, '37, '38, Rah! Rah! '36, '37, '38. Art Club '37, '38g Junior Class Play: Orchestra '35, '36, '37 Vernier, Gene General Cou rse ' Hi-Y '36, '87, 'asf Football '34. Weaver, Melvin General C o u r s e : Fighting 50 '37, '3Hg Student Manager ln- terclass Basketball. Willis, Arthur General C o u r s e g Band '34, '35, '36, '37, '38g Orchestra '37, '38. Wolfe, Betty General Course: Glee Club '35, '36, '37, '38: Rah! Rah! '37, '38, Stump, Donald General C o u r s e latin Club '37, '38, Debate '37, '38, Trainor, Anna Marie Connnercial Course. Vredingburgh, Betty Commercial Course: G i r l Reserves '34 Wolves '34, Weirich, Bernice Commercial Course Glee Club '37, '38 Wolves '34, Wilson, William General Course. W1'ightsman, Harold General C o u r s e 3 Track '35, '36: Sand- bur Football '35, '36: l Interclass Basketbal '35, '36, Strukel, Helen General C o u r s e : Spanish Club '37, '38, Secretary '37, '38, Librarian '36, Troyer, Leroy General C o u r s e : Spanish C I u b. '36, '37, '38: San dbur Football '34: Varsity Football '35: Inter- class Basketball. Van Lieu, Wayne General C o u r s e 5 Football '34, '35, Weltz, Jennie General Cou rse: Band '37, '38. Wilson, Edna General C o u r s e 5 Spanish Club '34, '35, '36, Wyland, June Sweetland, John General C o u r s e Q Sandbur Football '34, '35, Interclass Bas- ketball '34, '35, Turner, Dean Industrial Course. Walker, Esther Commercial Course: Pennant Weekly '34: G. A. A. '35, '86, '37g Glee Club '35, '36, '37g Wolves '34, '35. Wenger, Howard Industrial Course. Windoifer, Irvin Industrial Course: Art Club '37, '33, Glee Club '38, Yarc, Anna College Preparatory: Home Econ omics G. A. A. '36, Course. Not pictured: Metcalf, Patricia, 0. Swihart, Homer College Preparatory: HIAY '35, '30, '37, '38, Fighting 50 '36, '37, '3a: Latin Club '36, '37: Varsity Football '36, '37: lne terclass Basketball '34, '35, '36, Snndbur Football 'SL Van Pelt, Henri- etta Commercial Course. Ward, Nellie General Course: Girl Reserves '36, '37, '8N: Rah! Rah! '36, '37, '38: Pennant Annual. 1 Wenzel, Jane , Commercial Course. Wgdsor, Clifford Industrial Course: Cross Country '85, '36: Interclass Bas- ketball '35, '36. Yeager, Chester General Course : lnterclass Basketball '34, '35, '86, Football '34, '35, '30, '87, 0F 1938 Page Thirty-one vw 1 n -cr I ,ml-'Vw-m 1' . H mi 1 1 x 49.4-' ' ' Wu 11 1---I. .1,Z I'i11I111 1' vj1I1:111111,I. IT1 S111-I., I1,. 1111-1111 1-111 115 1:11 1-11:11- . I11l41'1, 1111-11111111 -1-11. .1.' f11'11 YU1111-II, ' .1 1:1x1':11w11j,, 1 1':1-1'n. TM. 111.1 . ' 1l111r11. J.. 1111 I1.'1111-111. .'g I1-111.11-1 1'1111v-1. '.1.'1'111-1,-,,1 1 11111. li.: 11'1111'11'1 1111-11-11 11,.1'11111. 15,3 1J:111. 11.. 171' ' 1 111111 11-1. 111-111, . 1'1I'1l!lI'4"-1'I1. x.' 1111111111 11: 111-11 11111 I 11111111-II1' 4. 11111, 11,1 11111. 11... '11':111'1111:111. 1 , 1111111, .I '.'11-1 1. 11, 'W1111111 1' 11111-:. 1i., '.'11'1-N11-1. 1. I'..1 1111111-. 11. 11111111 I1 ' 'LX'1lIi:11-11, 1.1 '111 1111 1? 111111, I'..2 I'111111'1. 11.1 I1:1l1I11, ' 1151111111 11:11l.111:111. 11,1 11:11l1111l111111'1 11, 15:11- I I1.11l111. 4.3 151111111 Vg I11'1-111-1 X1. 1111-11. Nl.: 1'-11-111. 11 1111-1111-11. 11 , 111!-1 1' 1.,. 1 I11f11 1,1 I...I111. 11 .1111 '11 IMI I1 111 11 , 51111111 1, 1,1'1111. .11i.' 1 I1, 1.11-1I1.11.. 1111-111.11 1 -I111, 1 111 XI 11- 1 2-111111 .L 11-11 I, I1111111111, . 11.1111 . l.111111'.1 ' 11 11 ', 111111111 1, '1111111111 -1111? 11111 1 111Ii1'11 11 1111. 111 1 11x11 1111111-11.11 1111' '11-1- :11.w11l1-111 111 - 11 . 1111 11l11111- 1,,.11 1111-1 11.111 1 111--l1- .11-111 1i1111'111 1-I1'1111 11.111 111111 I11l111I1111111111 1 I ,1'1111111 1-111 1 11111 1111111 111-11-11--1111. 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C.: Russell C' bun- derson. H ' Gchenk R .. . . .: Schneicler.'M.4:'ScfJtt, J.: Shinn, K.: Sin ' ' "' ' 11.074, l., Smead, L.: CLR 55 0F 1941 Sargent. M.: S1-lnulv. ll.: SllllNV1lll0I'. A.: St S neo. W.: Smith. A.: Sllll ' ' ' ' . . S ' ' ' ' afford. Vt., htehnvr Stnudmr, lx.: Strino, M.: Swurtzcll. R' Talylnr. D.: Terlep ll ' Tha tm ' , .. mms. l'.: 'l'huru- I. N.: Tice. Ii.: 'l'uwsley. E.: Troup, Il.: lruyer, E.: Truyer, F.: Tyrell, ll.: Yan lluifel. B.: Verhagen, J. In u way lln-se are lhf- heirs ul lhc Sm-niur clarst to the-m we leave tht- 'till fIlIll'llUllS, the ill nf Rive Fit-Ill " friendships. llle sm' lhr , clowmls on cleat' Autumn nights. happy nn-clings around lockers, the frienrlly interest nl the favully--Aall the things that surlrlcnly SPFIII :leur lo us as we leave them he- himl Our Fresllnwn. t 1: Q th. 1-.. hnuth ll! Bnuth. l.., hnuvth. li.: St: ' ' ' If -MWV' 'gsm 'S va 61355 Q9 E942 XI:lclnim'Ix.I'1.: ": ,: 'If -., . "4 . I' N XI I xnl I XX xIIII..F. XX.u I. I,. 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V N lJl'LiIIlll l'.4l1I111' , ,l1111e- litllllt'tl4'l' lNN'Kll"'l 'l'll""l'N"'3 xl1"'u3"" N"ll"' vllml Sllilllhlllbl l'fdiIu11 Allllil Nlm- 'I'l1111'11l1111 XVI lf1lil111' l1Q,,,,,,,.,-ml, Huw.,-I lf1v111111i!le'f-1 XlLlI'4'lll' Nlyn-rf. ll111111-1' Swlllllfl. . . , Han lfu111'I111-1 XVIIIIPI' l'.llIl4lI' xlill'N ,lu BUII1-v ' ' , ,Q - L , , ' ' llrull-111a11 ,, ,,,,,, , ,,,,, , 1.11x' llllllll 1411111111111-1-2 ,lilIlt' lll'IQt'I. lxnw lm- lllII'l'1lWN A A l - - ' 1 U V :11lw1'I1N111g1 'Xlury A. ll1-lf1'11'lx. lllvlx N11-ll1111z1l1l. l ll4ll'l.'t'lilN'-I la1l11111' Q, ,I , Y AlLH'gLilI't'l lXvIx1111 Hill llilm 1g,.Hi,. lAi,,,..- H,.1,.,, lyulwx 1 111111111111-11: X1-1:1 5lIlIlll. l'.HllIl'l' Hlllllilllgll, lyvggy. lg,.H,,,., l'llll1'1x1111 l.jIlIl, llulr Nlalry lxll1-11 5lILl5lIl'l'gQ'I' I-Ilwrmlv. 111-11,2111 NM ,B ly Q Yer. Y t 'EIS wr- V.. ' "'1 fl- Ag,'::,....f - ' A 9' .., Q1 Jw., .. if nw' 3,1 1 if f X' i A 9 S E Q6-A LVVV 3 J X, f 1, A K F 'pl 5 HRT CLUB Sponsor ,,,.,7,. Miss EVA COLE OFFICERS President ,,,,, ,,,,, , ,, ,loan Smith Yice-l'resident ,..,, ,,,.,,,.,.., ,. ,,,,,.,,.,,..,,,,,,,,..,l':IIlt'l'S0ll Ruppert Secretary ,,,, .,,,,,. ,I osephine Sears Treasurer .,,,.. .Maryann Helfrick Progrrutn Chairman .,,,,,...,,..,,.... Dallas Rogers Maxine busily sketchingl ll Miss Cole. a talented artist. and a few onlookers. Girls seem to make up the memhership of the Art Club. What. no hoysl ll Miss Bear. Miss Becht, and water colors. Scholl and Smith Collaborate on what looks moflernistie to us. Sculptoring wins the admira- tion of an Art group. Page Fifty The Art Club comprises a studious and sineere group. Practically all of their activities pertain strictly to art. Their frequent meetings. held every two weeks. their continued membership in the lloosier Art Gallery Association, and Cathedral Association at' Washington, D. C., prove this. Club members made their annual fall trip to Chicago and studied paintings at the Art Museum, Field Museum, and in many other places. cal Art Exhibit in During the year, they were guests at the Studio Tea at South Bend, the Lo Elkhart. and the Women's League, where they enjoyed watching a sculptor at work. Sul 1 ll llu-in 5l'1'll0llill l.lllllIlIll4bll5. New Spnnfur lll't'Nl1lf'lll 5+-vre-Iai'y AFI-'IRNlA'l'lYI'l l'Il'!-I Sp:-:ilu-r , , 4-mul SIN'Hlxl'I' Sllirlf-5 Sl01'lilPilliQQ'l' llt'Ill All1'l'lllll4' . llu- llvlvule- Llulu Wllll'll vvux nrguniva-ml last lull 4lIllN4' as tlu-lr qlu-Nluull fur :la-liutv for llu- H-ar: llc-- ul l nu'unu-rail l.4'1,LlSlillllIi4'. llu-y start:-al olll will: mu-lil:-4-n 4l4-lrzllurs. illlil il ln-w 1-lmn-runs illlvlllllllf' ilu- l- l 1- 'lnnnul lllgli N-luurl llvlmte- all l,IlI'1lllt' un llr-1-1-mlu-r lliirml mul fuurtli. Un ,liilllllllif 1-iglilli Ilu-y wi-rv luis! In 62 lvam- l'Q'l7l'l'SI'llllIlQI 120 Iii-flu si-luuvlf of NHl'lllt'l'Il x- l l'4'llSllI'1'l' wil: llu- stun- nf liullana Nlunilml aulopl il -wt:-ni DEBHTE CLUB HIM-an R. Smilli ,llillll ,lolliimll , , - ,l"il2lNl2l Se-nnluullz , ,Sliirlvy SllN'lxlHll'QLl'I' 'YICANIS NlCllA'l'lX IC ,,,,,lJu-k Spruull First Sp:-Like-r lfwlwin l,Hll1llS Se-1-mul SIH'2llxl'l' l'aul .lwllllfflll lflznizi Si-nnlurllz File-nl Alll'I'll2ll!' 'Il-il lllflilllglllllll Stale- l'IllZllH ill xlllll1'll1'?-ll'l4. sslu-rv Ill tlu- lust rnulul ilu-y :li-fr-ul:-il N1-w Allmny. luul in llu- hf'1'lYll1l rmnul llu-y vwra- ml:-fm-uu-il Ivy llzimnuuul in an vi-ry 4-low il:-A lull:-. This lllulr SIl0ll5lll'1'Il llu- lluyu' llulary lliwllxsimi lfonln--l in wliivll llu-luml Nlm'l7u1uil4l won liral plum-3 liuy liunle-y. -4-1-mul plau-4-: .lnlm lxllllllll1'l. Illini plau-1-. . Rim-luml Mvliomllnl llu-I1 n-pw-sa-iilf-il lf. ll. 5. in llu- a 1. A- - .uuntx l4lllI'lHllIl1'Ill nn l'f-lui'llurV liullmi Nl llu l llllll. tlu- lu-gullw I4-um il:-fe-alta-el Nlllle-ralnlrg: llu- dllll'lll2lllXl'. xYiilx2lliIlSi!. Un l"1-lvrlnmy tw:-lllli llu- ul- luinuliu- :le-fi-al:-fl liuiu-mil: llu- ru-gulive-. ,le-ll'e-:emi il flu-lu-ix. llllllllllli. 'lllia mzulr- llu-in llu- 1-nunly uixipimi-. M l.ug1l'ul1g14-. llulumu on l'1'lll'Ilill'Y '78lli llu-x ill-- gli N-luml un 'Slam-li lllll. ilu-y lldlfll l'r1-4-nunul lllgll Svluml Wllll'll QLHY4' Ilu-in llu- e- llllillllllllbllf-lllfl. In zu iluulule- tlvlbillt' willi W uiwuw I Ilu-y vu-nl In llu- . f slllllll ll1'llll 1llM'Il5hl0ll. 'l'lu-y :ilm spmimre-ml llu- lli-vusfinn limit:-fl in wliu-li llivk Fprnull mul 'l'4-fl lxl1'l.llIlQLllllll won llI'hl in In--ul lull in llu- lilhllllly Lunle-sl llu-y won llur4l ulul fuurlll plauw-. l'f'NIl4'l'lIX4'ly. ll was lzlsl Nm:-nilu-l' llflll lllill tlu- lk-lullv lllulv zuul Siu-1-1-li Class 0l'lLIlll1llf'll llu- lurillianl iflf-u ul PiHll'2lFllllQl lf. ll. S. IIVWN nu-r W. 'l'. li. 11. 1'ill'll lllil lfriwluy vu-ning. llllW1'X4'l'. ollu-r urgaiiiilulioiis nl llu- lllglll svluuvl lu-lp:-cl xl:-xc-lop llu- iilf-ai. uiul llu- I,l'lIlllIlll lf'f'r'kli vvc-r-k. wnng this miulr- supplu-ml llu- IIPWN wllu'l1 was lmrozulvufl 1-zu-ll llu- lJI5ll'II'l Llimlipluriflilp lla-liars-rs. will: Nlr. Smith. l'Uil1'll lwn iliwiiviuii 1-mm--I WIIIIIPIB f'IlI1xLIl'blllllllll' l'blI'll nllu-r. all W. 'l'. ll. l. .... llu- SllI'1'l'll 4-lush in mu- of ilu-ir l'f'QIllliIlA l"rirluy lriwainlvaflx. 'Nls-mlu-is uf llu- llvlnulr- Clulr form ai lras-kgrmilul for llu- Yun'-ily ll1'llllll'l'5. Mr. Likins and the ullark Roomii ill If ti li ti 33 Sp0nsoreVirgil L. Likins OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,w,, Maurice Frink, Jr. Viee President ,,..........V.Y... A1111 Fiflllell Secretary --.-vA-,--,,,,,,,,,,,, XVHIXCI' LCITICI' Program Chairman .......... Bob Whitney One day in the first part of 1937 all those who were interested in photography got together to form what is now known as the Camera Club. Every other Wednesday in the '6Dark Room" are revealed secrets of gang' printing and developing picturesg also con- structive criticisms are given to those who submitted their efforts in photography. - , . 1 Already the works of some members l'lash. That super camera man. . . . . have been published in leading Chicago and Indianapolis newspapers as well as in the Truth, the Pennant Weekly and The Pennant Annual. ig! ii 9:1 ii 1. gi Sponsor!-lVIr. Woodr'ufI OFFICERS President ......... ...v.........o... .........o......, R r wbert Snyder Vice-President .... ............,,, A rden Gael-te Seeretary .... . .... ...... R iehard Loekwood Treasurer ................................................ Richard Steele f F b ar the Theater Club was organized. Mr. Wcrodrull is the sponsor of this During the latter part o 'e ru y, boys' group. The membership is limited to twenty-five. Every other Tuesday the club holds its meetings after school. They are studying the operation of the mo- tion-picture camera, and other equipment pertaining to the au- ditorium. These boys have Charge of receiving and return- ing thg films used by the differ- ent departments in school. They also plan the schedules, notify the teachers as to the time planned, and operate the ma- chines. The members have ordered their jarkets and now working on the emblem that they will use. Good lurk to this new or- ganiration. Pnjze Fifly-Info --Y Un N1lH'lIIllt'l' 12. 1937 Ilw l"I'l'llI'll ffluli llivl in .Hn for lllf'Il' lirsl nu-1-liiig of llw ye-ur. AI lln- lllt'4'llllglN ln-lil 1-wry first 'l'm-Mluy ul ilu- mnnlll. QLQIIIIUN. valign. uml Sl""'-W" MN' l"'m""gl'l"" lllll'lil'SllIlQl :il'li4'l4-5 mlr-ailing willi l"rm'm'll I,-IINI 5I,Im,5II,I. 5I,I,IIIIII 5I,IIII ru-lnnns ww-iv 1-njnya-al. xlllI'IlllIll's willl 0IIII,I,I,S UIIII.IiI.N l'iI'4'lll'lI gLl't'l'IillgLh wvre- 1-xvlimigml ul llu- I I I I l"4-l:i'lizlI'y lIl1'1'lillQl- 'l'lu- vluli sliniiimiw-ml il MUVY -l"1"1 l"""lVV'll f 'ff'l,1'f'Wl4'l1l I Y, xlilfj ,lu-un lmmli rzulin pi'o,gi'uiii on April lirxl. lfnicl Wllil- Ilmuiiu- Wzilsnn ,,,, xi1'1'-lll'1'Slll4'Ill .louilllv Wailwn "'F""' Hllfl Milf! l'ill"" Sl'USl""'ll"" QHIY4' am IIZIIIII WIIIIIIIII-I-I ,7S1'l'I'l'lill'Y lfnicl Wllilniu-1 illll'l'l'Qllll:l tlisvllssiull nf 4'X4'lllS in If-limi! I I I III I I I 'II I' sirlixilivs :luring ilu- Wl'4'l'i. A spring pzirly 'Um fl 'HMI' ' ' 'hmm' I' I "fill A 'lm I.I,IIII,lI.I,.Il IIII. IIVIIIIIII., ,,f IIII. IRI-I,III-II ixlilfj'l'.lll'll5lIilSlH'l'g1l'l' l'rug1i'uiii l.llilIl'lll1lll ,l,IllI2lll Alulml giruup. Ili-Im-is Kilule-I ,,,, ,Sm-iul lllmirmun , I,4llll'lQ llilaln-I l'l'1'Slll1'lll llmnlwin plISllll:l un LHlIlI!lIIll'1'llli'lll ul llu- l'1I'l'I1k'll lI1t'1'llllglZ lie-rzillliiiv lmnlxing: un. Miss filllllllllglllillll illlll lln- lu lo 1 ,ln:m. Ilia- gmail luulxing l"'l'1'll1'll Xl4'1'-IlI'l'Sl1l1'lll. 'lllll' Spuniali gluing unml Nliss King. ls Ilia! wlivrn- Ilu- Sllillllillll-llW1'll. 'Nli4'lwyI'! 'l'lu' Spunisli lllulr IIlQ'l'l!4 ul lln' ine-rnlnc-rs' Spun-ur Slim King lxmm-5 In mliwuf- llie' in-ws ilu-5 i'e-vvixz' l"ii'sl51'iii4'sIn'1' Sn-vnnnl Sl'lIl1Nlll lrmn Spzuiixli lllllglillllllw mul 1'ui'i's--pml4l- f,Hil'1'l'N llllim-iw 1'lllN. Al Iln' Now-inlwi' :mul llc-wviillwi' Nluxim- llllll4'll1lIlgLll ,I,l'l'hilll'lll Nlzixim- llimlra llll'l'illlgLr. Nlrs. lfurliurl uml Miss lillflllllllll lslllllll Sa-nnlinllx dliw--l'l'1-wimle-111 lfluxiu Svlllllllnlll pun- lulkf on Ilwir lrzivo-l- lllflbllglll Spun- II1-lm-n Slrukvl im-vin-I:li'y llvlvn Slrulu-l ixll Qlll'ZllxlllQl l'UlIIlll'l1'N. As il pi'ujw'l Illv xlilI'lt'llO'll lluim-5 ,, iIiI'1'ilSlIl'l'l' ,, xlill'il'lll'll llilllllN iluli ix sn-mlinp Nmull Imp uf 4-lnlliing uml Nlury .Ie-un Us-pvw' , , l'rug1'a1in lillillflllilll In-nv llnilligllin lop lo l'4'l.llgf't'h uf lllm' SllLllllNlI llixil war. lfilnu Hull:-flgv ,,S1ll'lLll lfluuirimm ,lilvlx xxilglglllllvl' ugv lfijli -I The exe-cutixe staff and Carroll Lewis. cluh sponsor. Such table manners. boys. Did you know ,lim could play? The Juniors watch a fast game of double ping-pong. Step right up with your dimes. Ill-V CLIIB Sponsor. .......... ......,....,....... ,. .. C Aiutou. Lewis OFFICERS President , ,,A, , , ,...Y john lirdmann Yicc-President t , ,,.. llowdy lflliott St't'l'l"llll'y .,,, ,,,,. ,,.,, I J icli lVfcDonuld Treasurer ,,..,,,,., . ...,,,. Emerson Lynn Social Chairman .,7,... ,A.,. l lurton Johnson Progrmn Chairman ,,,,,, ,,,Y,,v,, I Sol: lnebnit This club iw ulwavs thinking of something newg they sponsored the monitor System, the fingerprinting eystetn, and also had the Dime Line which provided a Christmas party for underprisileged children. During the year they enjoyed theater parties. a supper, and a Father and Son Banquet at which everyone ate too nnnch. But they are often wry serious, and in such a xein, they selected Father Crutka to give a talk hefore exery tneeting during I.:-ut. We all l't"llltAIllllt'l' the day in the latter part of November when the proud Seniors strutted about in their new sweater-. and though we don't want to feed their ego ally more, the whole school is proud of this organization. 'l'hc District Conference was held on March 31. 1938, with John Harmon acting as president and Prof. J. Ray lt Tl Qt t Hi-Y Officers Conference met on April lst and 2nd in Indianapolis. nlond Schutz as the main spea 'er. te e a e Page Fifty-four GIRL RESERVES Sponsors ...., .,..EE M Rs. DEAN SMITH, MRS. Omit Bunn OF FI C If It S Prvsiflvnt ,.,7,,,,,. ,..A7 ,I Panvttv Srhram xvIf'f?'PI'PSIt'IPIII ,Y,, .,...,, I "ranws Bowser Sm'l'0tal'y .,...,.,.,, .,,.. ,I van lVIat'I70naIcI 'Ill'PilStII't'I' ,..., ..,...,,..., , Mary Jane Calvf-rt I'rog:ram Chairman ...... ..,., E Ihristiana Smith Sfwial Chairman ,,,,,, .A77, ,I osvphinf' Svars Suvial Svrvivr' ,.,,,,. ,,... Vi linifrml Clase' Athlvtit- Sponsor ,..A, ,..,,.. M ary I.avri1'h Song: I,f-aflf-1' ,....,. ,...........,,.,,, I' istlwr Illuhaugh pianists A,,7,,,, ,,7. I mis Shafvr, HQ-Ivn Crinvr 'I'I1f- CHR haw- hafl a full vale-nrlar this yt-ar. On thc- rvgular RVEWIIIPSCIHY aftrrnnnn rnvetings. thvy harl hrirlge le-smite, tvas. fashion shows. talks on pliotngraplly, thf' nfxwspapvr, lllvxivn, trawls in IZIIITIIIP. a vullt-vllrnl of flnlls, anzl a rvvivw nf the- plays in Nvw aorli. 'Ihr' vautllr--liglitingz I't"t'0t,IIlIIIOIl Sf'I'VIt'f' was in the- Shapf- of a triangzlv. with the othvmm forming thf- hasf' to grvvt tlu- nvw IIlf'lIlIlf'I'5. The- nlfl tnmnlwrs I0l'lIlf'tI lhf' sirlvs ol the triangle. Ifllxharl CII hall tlu- annual t'0l1I-f"l'f'Ilt'f' this ye-ar. The tlmmv was MIIIVIIPS ami Fvatf' 'I'wf'nty 1-itifwr Wf'l'f' rvprv- !-f'lIIt'tI with nnf- huntlrt-tl aml lilly prwsrnt at. the mmff'rf'm'r' anrl hanquvt. Nlrs. IIIIQLII anrl Nli-s Iluwv with their willing llulpf-rs. Uflivflre- rnevt thc- :ww rm-mlwrs. Svninrs-V-wlly hang on the railing? Mort- at tlu- im-4-ting: than usual -wunrlvr why? Is that yawning or singing? 'l'lu-he up aml ruining C. Rf:-. A wullul lnuk must IIEIH' luv-n tullvlwml mlvvply. Q ' up Q 'Y XX awk E Q. .V L..,'5' -1' 'F 5' if " I li f A 5 ff --5 gg YS' 1 x 1 Q1 K Q gp m'?'3 1 w hgfig ,W .I V x. is wi f-14-X , N Q 'P an gk I I J Q FIGHTING 50 CLUB I-'IIISI' SICMI-I5'I'I-III Il!-'I-'ICICIIS III'l'hIIIl'III II4rgI-I' IIIN':-I:'I XIIW'-III'1'hIlII'lII Iiurlfm ,IHIIIIFIUII S4'1'I'l'IilI'I XXIIIWI IIaun'I'1 ,III'l'ilSIII'1'I' IX iIIi4:m IIIII SIN-i:II IIIlilII'IllI'Il IIIliII'II'S IIIIII'IlilI'I In-nv IIN, IIIIISIIII SICIIUNII SI-IXII-IS'I'I-III UI-'I"I1.I-IHS I'l'I-sielv-III Iiuge-I' IIIIPHIPI XIV1'-III'I'SIIIl'IlI IIIlI'I4lIl ,I1vIIusIm1 S1-1-rm-Iury IiiII XXrigIlI IIII'f'il5lII'l'l' , ,XYIIIIIIIII Ililf Sm-i:lI Ifluxirnlzlu IINII IIIl'IlIIII IIlIh 1ll'IIII' I-IuIs IN-Ips IIN- s4'INNnI In IIIIIIII 1-wills. lISIII'I'IIIQl :II IIN- IINIIINIII IIIIII IIiI5IxI'IIP1lII QIIIIIUS. IIN- ,Ilminr 2lIII SUIIIIIII plays. :II III1' III-Imlv I1llII'IIl'I. um :II xnrimns 1-ixiv IIN-1-Iings IN-III III IIN ilIIIIII1ll'IIIIIl. Im' IIII' IIQIIIUI' sI1Il' of I-lull IIII-. IIN- Inns l'IIIl'I'IilIIIl'II IIN- gulf :ll Il II'f'2lhlII'4' Illlnl IN-III ,Iprll ISU. IIIIII III4'Ill:-4'IXI'S. :II IIII' zllmuzll sIzl'f II llulm III-In-Ifs. 1 lI'II III IIN- IIUIII' lPlII'IIII5l'b uIIIll'1'IllIr.Il'1' I I I 'III Iusle-r IIIIII pmnmln- Imz1IIx Iulz. II. 5 Ill In awful III IIN- 1-I1-nllml IIIIII III'lIIl II'IIlIIII'4' uf --:NNI Nr-INNII 4lDII'II IM In IIIII In N'II:lIr-xr-I' Nan lNnfslIvI1- H151-INNIIF I zN'Ilx1IN-s. ilIllI I II I0il1IXiIIII'I'IIlI NIDIFII HI' II'II'IlIIIIIII'Sh RIIIIIPIIQL IIN- Imys HVIIINII. xIllIIIx?'N' II4'sIl ulll nf IIN- ANI, XXIIIII N4'l'IlIN In IN- IIN- iIIII'iil'IIllII. Imp I- than III4' IIil4'Ix nf I'IIIlIII!'7 UI IIN 'f IIIIIIINIIIIIIIN I'v-Iv N- IN- pullmgg or IlIIxlIlgJ, IIIIII I1 ul ' . . .X--0:11-Il IXIIIW. --mil:-N IIIIII I-xgm---im IN. LIITIII CLUB Sponsor- 'Nliss Marqnvrite Sawyer FIRST SICNIESTEH OFFIIIERS V lonxuls. , ,,,,, , H ,,,, ,. .. .,,,,. vllvlvn Spronll. Gerald Rans tlilt-5 ,, ,, ,, ,Ruth Lunlwig. Torn Elliott. ,Ivan lllavllonalcl. Emiwarcl llnrsh lhiat-ftor, ,, , ,, , ,,., ..,,,,,,,, ,,,,, , , . ....,.,,, ,, ,.,,.......,., ,.,.,, , ,, ,John llarnion N rilva , , , ,, ,, ,,,,,,,. . ,,,,..,., ,, Olive Smith I rogxranr tlommitlem -,,,, ,, . . Carlylrl Stuart. Mary Alice Johnson, Joannf- Kirnhlv. lihristianna Smith ayf antl Moana llotntnittev W ..., ,llowarrl Clll'iSltll'f. Walter lfrnvr, john llarmon, llvlen Urinfr The: Latin Clnh has a goal to work toward. as we-ll as Hltflllig time for froliv: to Yliibf' IIIUIIPY to pay for schol- arship pins whivh arf' givvn to 1 mmnlu-ra who have maintained lj averages for thrf-e or four Wars. ,X Stutlnnts of the ffivero and K Virgil vlaasfm form the mvm- ln-rship of the clnli. At Ihr-sv inf-vtings ganws, e-ongs. hook rt-xi:-ws. anti playlvts wvrv lll'PSPlllt'tl. A vanfly sale anti a pivniv ronnrlvfl ont the SP3- ron. 'Nliss Sawyer snrrounflPfl hy her A' rrerxfi 5- 1 Then Latin fflnlw rvally goes in for initiation UHF oyster coming: np. Civero Slllfit'Ill!4 grinning for thv vanwra man. Hclvn anti llowtly in tllflgllihth Ulirv irnpvrsonating tflvopa- ll'H. ls our jane- trying to he lfn- pid? Slit 10N ll Sl-INI ICSTER 0FFltfl'IRS 11.11.1115 ,, .,,, , ,, ..,,, , ,, ,,,,,, ,. ,, Roetta Stvaly. Gvraltl Runs Xt-tlilt--, , llowartl tfliriftnvr. Torn Elliott. ,lan-la Salislvnry. Pllyllii Alwl qy,,u,.,1,,,- VV V VV V VV V, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , ,, . John llarnwn N.,-ilu, V V V V V , H ,, ., .lane Clark l'1-ograt tloininim-ta , , .lfurlylv Stuart. Mary Alive Jolrllwll. lftlwarxl Lantli-. llhristianna Smith 'aw anrl Nlvana lllllttllIlllf't', ,, Howard tIhristnvr. Yangy Blnvlranglr. ' john llarnion, llvlvn Griner .2 HHEUVER5 .PHRHDE5. .COHCERT5. .COHTESTS. REHEHBSHLS. Ther trzulitinu ol l'llkl1arl's ln-ing 11 inusivul 1'4-nlm-r is we-ll a'a1l'l'iml un lay hnlll our llIhll'lIlIlb'Illill unrl vnvul mlm-purt1m'llls. 'l'ln- lligli S1-lmnl llantl has wnn lllll1'll l't'L'llQllllllllll fm' its lim- Ill1lI'l'lllllQL and playing nnilf-r llu- uhh- alrilling nl lid Clark, the direvlnrsliip nf Duyial W. llnglws, untl tlu- assiu-ianQ--tlin-4-tmsliip of Rnlmert Wle-lly. lt IJl'i"SK'lllt'll muny thrilling perlnrrnum'4-s nnmlvr Ilu- llnml lights at Rice Field during lln- louthull season, and atlilr-nl innvli In nur sin-vt-ssliil hus- kethall se-ason. Thi- lllll't'lli1hP of one' llIlll1ll't'Il St'Yt'll ni-w unilnrnis was thc- high light of the ye-arg lllf'y amltl lIlll1'll ln llu- uppt-uruiiw nl our luuul. 'l'l1f- Urvln-slru, also. has greatly LlLlNLllll'l'il in the rc-alms of syinpliunit' lIlll?4l4'. ln l9flT il plum-tl in the first division in tlu- llillllllllll uonlm-sl ut lfolnnilnns. Ohio u 4'mnnu-n1l- able fvat. The l,I'l7llPSll'Ll has always ln-f-u rvzuly In play lor sulmol fum'- tinns Wllf?ll0Vf:'l' cullt-tl upon. Our vnval mlt-pui'tl1u-nl luis lulwn gr:-ul slritle-s under the new dire-vtion of Miss Cerulmlim- llrnry, 'l'ln- Ulm- lilulx IllII'l'llilSt'1l robes, and Elkhart, lligh Svlmul unw has tht- plvusnrr- nl having a mln-tl vlluir. The Clee Club has sung fur several slumlz-nt assi-illlmlivs unil lll't'St'llll'll two innsi- cal shows during the school yt-ur. lt is tlu-relore evimlcnl that Elkhart lligh School is carrying on the music tradition. Page Fifty-nine l"l.ll'I'ES: Edward Johnson, Betty lloltleinan, .lean Miller, Ilowartl Fhrist- ner. Margaret Ann Thoinpson, Gene Achberger, Bill Vl'ayne. OBOES: .lack Crawley, Mary Ann Keech. B5 CLARINETS: Arthur VVillis, Caroline Leist. Bob TIIUIIISOII. Eliza- beth Creech, Betty Baker, Julianne Meyers, Muriel Ilimebaugh. Betty Chase. Dorothy Sinunons. Eunice Kranz. Leona Zenmn, Albert Rowe. Marjorie Kehres. Betty Shelley. .lay Kauffman. Richard Gates, Le Moyne Farnsworth. Ruth Balmer. Mary Lou Schlitz, Eleanor Yeoman. Margaret Mills. Phyllis La Itocque. Beatrice Whisler. Merrilyn Mead. ALTO t'LARINE'l'S: Bill Long. Bernadine Kranz. 'l'ItllMl'E'l'S: Albert Arko, Harold At-hberger. .lack Cushing. Maxine Den- nis, l.au'rence Flora. llarry Ivins, Marlin Lesher. Harry Larson. Lyle Mollenhour. I-ld Magee. Louise Ober- hauser. Ralph Palmer. YVear Stone. UZITIIIZIII Vl'oker, Ann Pontius. TROMBONES: Audra Jean Brown. 1938 CONTEST DAVID HUGHES, Conductor ROBERT XVELTY, Associate Conductor BASS t'LARINE'l'S: Richard Phil- lips. .lean Kreighhauin, Marian Schult. BASSOONS: Paul McDowell. George llartlwick. Richard Harp. llarolrl Kil- gren. ALTO SAXOPHONES: Deloris Hos- ler, Betty Ileuclerson. M: ' "2 Ku' ler. Dorothy Hiiuebaugh. lI'j0I It l NS- TENOR SAXOPIIONES: Bob Craw- ford. Eugene Himehaugh. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: .l a n e Berger. t'ORNE'l'S: Forrest Stoll, Marvin Stevens, Raymond Schneck. B e t t y White. Victor Thornton. Bill Miller. .lean Wakalee, Richard Burclge. Bob Blessing. Junior Kipka, Charles Lorenz. Ralph Duckwall, Theltna .lat-kson, Clyde Patton. .lalues llosteriuan. BARI'l'ONES: .lantes Ilerrli, Richard Gardner. SAXOPHONES: .lack Mayer. Verna Lee, Patricia Ward, Irvin VVintlotfer. DRUMS: Maxine Crouch. Robert Hudson, James Lunceford, Altha VVhit- FRENCH IIORNS: Paul Pressler, Stanley Eaton. Bill Echols, I"ra.nkliu Lorenz, Bob Bickel. Hubert 'l'yrl'ell, Martha Gordon. TROMBONES: Betty Correll, Pat Stenberg. Chester Illliflllilll, Bill lla- vens. Vivian NVallin. BARITONES: Gayle Grove, Mary .lane Yoder, Harold Thornton. Betty Davis. TIIBAS: Fritz Row. Arthur Bailey. Boh Shigley. .lim Forbregcl. Don Smelt- zer. Ed Correll. STRING BASSES: Bettie Lines. Helen tiriner. PERCUSSION: WVarren Shelley. Irv- ing Denton. Mary Tlntnancler. Bob YVear, Dick Holmes, Paul Olson. H ARP z Elsie Stone. lllt'y8l'. Don Wight. Ned YVilcoX. Louis Brown, 'l'oln Butler, Ann Marsh, Rob- ert Peterson. BASSES: NVayne Emerson. VVayne Kalup. Marvin Long. CLARINETS: Robert Boehm. Wil- liam Lorenz, Harold Whitmyer. October 20. 1937. the Iligh School Band members first appeared in their new uniforms at the Elkhart High School vs. Bluffton High School Band benefit football game. November 26 and 27. 1937. the Northern Indiana Band and Orehestra Clinic was held here. 'llhe band played under inany tlI5iIIlglliSll1'tI directors. among them Ralph Rush. director of the Cleveland Ileights Band and Orchestra, Cleveland. Ohio. January I8. l938. another benefit game was played. This was a basketball game. Fllkllart lligh School vs. Indiana State School for the Deaf. January 20. l938. the band held a joint Band Con- cert with the all-city ,lunior High School Band. The soloists appearing on this program were Richard Holmes, ,lohn Ilewees. Gayle Grove. Robert Thom- son. Warren Shelley and a trombone quartet con- sisting of Betty Correll. Fritz Funk, Gayle Grove and Chester lluffman. April 7. 1938. the band presented its last concert of the year. Dr. Joseph C. Maddy. President of Music l'l1lucators National Conference and Presitlent and Musical Ilirector of the National Music Camp at Interlocken. Michigan. was the guest conductor. Betty Correll was trombone soloist. A clarinet quar- tet consisting of Artlutr Willis. Caroline Leist. Wil- liam Long and Richard Phillips. and a brass quartet consisting of Betty Correll. Gayle Grove. Patricia Stenberg and Artlutr Bailey were featured numbers. ELHIIART HIGH 5CHO0I. ORCHESTRA lhvm Hl'lLllI-IS. Cmuluzrlm- liomiwl' WIil.'l'x', !ISSlN'I.!lfl' ffmulzu-lor lf'lliS'I' VIOLIN: Yirg:ini:i Luclwigr. l'l'1l.l,0: Olive Smith. lilllll linlrixwml, ILXSSOON: l':uul Nlrllmu-ll. lil-rzilil lu-rnlll I.1-wis. Yzlrism l.n-murx. Nlaxiiu- lh-vi-i'lli' luis:-lvl. llmcillliy Illiiiullgnmzli. Kilgrvn. llil-lmrll llnrp. Hllll1'lHlllKll. Iiairl Kmulsmi. .I 0 :I ll H""fl 4 "W - ' ""- A ll' rf' - - ""W"- . . . , - V 4 Aw N V- -A 4 H A X J -gm Zi, H, IIURNS: l':1ul I'l'4-ssh-r. lhll lam-luils, Mfnbu' M'Hf"'ll w.'t""f'l,M'H?l. K I l"l'Jllll'K'S limli, llulu-rl 'l'y1'rn-ll. .lnnu-Q NJN' Lvlm Klhl' xml NU mlf BASS: Nluris-I llllllvllllllilll. llvllyllu- lA0l'Vlll- Mlllli' Nillmllllll H"'l"':' Mluvr- Rnlllh 'llllmu' 'limi' i-linimii. H4-ls-n Klriiu-r. Snruli Ili-vnolmls, ,. , . , , ll!'l'l'S- Kfllllfllll' Dl"'kl'l'- llm-llio l,iiu-s. lilu-lm lin-pluglv. .xIlVJll'llll xlwllfpxvlljill:-I :N:":lilf'. T:f'H'v"iivlll'!l 'HAD X IO' ly H , . I Aislu-. Nlzlric llrmullu-nl, A rl lu u r - ' "- U' "W 'H' 7-V 'nl "ll- SC' .' ' .. S: . ill'-IUIAIL' .1-ull- 5-hill-I-. f- Ag. , . ' .., 3. . , iIl'll. Jru- Siuurk, Ili-luris Si-ull, H2ll'lllll'll L 1 Ih.5,5x,n:lF:X3E,'l.' llgnrtlmlllltllllll' I 'uh l'1-llil, liunllu-1' l'l'm-ifm-r. linln-rt Winln-r. OIXOIC: Ilnli 'l'llUlllSllIl. Maury .Xllll ' ' ' Xlulu-I xiii-:ln-y, 'NVQ-:mluii shui. DuiiHI.l::- Kmwllv 'l'lvlg4x: Fritz How. In-II. ':iyiu- fur 1-y. n-rim . im . 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X lllplm- -.,,,Ia N . ,UIIIU "lx:-vu :mln-N ,... X.: 1-ull ilu-.v vlmllln-x llllil ' Klan--le-I. Il:-p.lIl1':1'Hn'H. lllu-1-lvl""l1H:1xv ff Sul X rm Iltllll NIIIIIIX. vv f . lllv- Imwvllll Inzlmn-I .... l'llI lmvlx an ml - pululux . IXXXIIVIIIIQL lump S.. I. 1- Xuu lllllllx IIIIS aunt mmf . . . , Qi S ,fx l in A MXL- ' His 1 guy I flf . xv , E .,:, 'Q S ggllyivh. gk .K 5 isis, M' Mfg, . xv. ul hu. Y-wi au' ., new 'ar I V, . . Zifefwa ., ,gp ff K K 1 .5 his gguunnn- A ' 351' FE af AQ .W w-wk' 'iff " 1 - V, gk A 5 " W1 g:3We3g?.,rU A .V L' ' 1' f V H . ,., Y 3541 ' K ' 'fiaz f ,-f . 'sw' :i ' . 335 5ix"5fQNx if uguxbmm., mm if , ww xv fx. ! S i if vf - Qu-. 22 'QA ,Lv 5' Page The coaches-Cfrom left to rightj Lester Kerr, John L. Longfellow, Hap Sorenson, Don Veller, Chelsea C. Boone, and Harri- son P. Berkey. LO0IlII'lG BIICII 0I'l THE E. H. S. IITIILETIC HECUBD The 1937-38 athletic year, saw one of the most successful years in the history of Elkhart High School. In football, basketball, track, tennis, and cross country, E. H. S. enjoyed a very successful season. At the beginning of the fall semester the football team swung into action under Coaches Veller and Berkey. The outlook for the team at the first of the season was only mediocre, but they soon developed into a hard-fighting, smooth-working machine. The Avalanche played their usual style of clean, hard-driving play under Captain Joe Pattanelli. The team this year won seven, lost one and tied one, finishing second in the E. N. I. H. S. C. and for the second time in as many years Elkhart had an all-state player. E. H. S. also saw a very successful year in basketball. The Blazers, under Coach John L. Longfellow, won eighteen and lost four this year. For the past three years the Blazers have won the E. N. l. H. S. C. and for the second time in as many years have won the sectional tourna- ment, each time being beaten out in the first game of the regional. The Blazers were also cap- tained by Joe Patanelli. Two changes took place in the game, during the '37-'38 year. The first was the elimination of the centerjump. This new ruling speeded up the game decidedly, but the players easily adjusted themselves to the new style. The second change was the elimination of the play-off of the N. l. H. S. C. championship because most of the coaches felt that, with the play-off, their team would reach its peak too soon. The Shortfellows also came through by winning their conference for the third straight year. Many of these Shortfellows are bright prospects for next year. The track season under Coach C. C. Boone saw a very successful season. The Streaks placed sixth in the State meet, and met several strong teams throughout their short season. The cross country team climaxed a successful season, winning four and losing three and placing fourth in the N. l. H. S. C. meet. The tennis team under Coach Hap Sorenson was successful in both the spring and fall ses- sions. Without the services of Captain Dick LeFevre, the Racketeers won four and lost four in conference play in the fall. In the spring the Racketeers won four and lost one. During the spring athletic season golf and baseball were added to the E. H. S. sports program. Seventy-six Q! pg Y, gm a' 3 -' tfiiffgis Page Seventy-seven -4 'J fi y J 5 . f Q-4 f .r 1 if .aah- .kk WVR S fun. Axalanvln- Ax Llliillfllt' , Axulam-In Axalam-lic Axalanrlu Avalanvln Awulanm-In AViillllll'llQ Ax'alum'l14 SEASONS SCOH ICS 253 Furl Wayne IS ,.,,,,,, lorlr? ,,,,,,.,,,, 3 . Hile-y ..,,.,, , lkliillilwlllid Blnlllun ,,,.,, , Cuslivn ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 3.53 lgilll Lily ,,.,,, . ffentrul ..,.,,, lulal ....,.. ,.,..., 1 99g lulal ,,,,,, FO0TBIlll "Bugs" lN'l'l-0l'IIlSll slight of-liaml Irie-k will: "Cul Lip" 'l'l1un1pson. "l,illlvlflill" Lynn Vllilfg, ing liard again. Warily all se-I lo snap lln- pumpkin. Two ul ilu' Rixvrsiile lruys, Russvll anil Swai zell, and the liamlminu. Swig. gvlling rvamly lm u quick kick. Aw. l'0Illl' ull, Ilmwlw just a lilllv liigln-r. Page Seventy-nine K wggwif . iw gmans-S1?s1Alif3'f"""M"' ,wa N . 4 , ll II IIIIIII IIII' Nl:III, III lim: In-II III II.IIIIl. 4'xI'iIiII4" "'lllll' I IIIIII IIIII- xx.Ix. UIII III IIII' lIII"lII NIIIIIN I IIIII III III XXIIIII I-'vw III III II I I I I k I ll i K I I If 'X :I xx vt Y XX. ke II In-I' I IIII ll I' xv IIII IIIIIIII It In III.Il IIII .III-I Iwi IIII-:II I-III XIIIIIIIII- IIII I I I IIII 'I IIIIIIIU "Xl:III-Iwlx : 4l,I'l'41N I, TNII' :IIINt:It1- IIII! HIIII NaI umllx N - ivu IIIIII Il:III HIIMI-II, IIIIIIIIII-I IIII IIIIIII IIII lIvI4I IIIIII IIII- -I:IIIIl 44... pf- I..- v uf us. f i ,' 'A . '.fvvi'f I- - lv f1,,':"s - 'Az-'z f?""11w' WE 'in :- in gi' Q1 H? Wsxs l':IIxx Illl IIIT t:II'kIv IHII :I annul IIII Sp--I42:IIuI' JIIII: IIII- In l'I't'IIFllIIlilPIl IIII tII-- IIQIII: ,lIIIl"l1"I1IN III IIII' "III-I :I qui--I vu- I I--Il: :IIIII Im! ,I -I-III II! II IIiII: IIII IIII- lu-IIf'II." I--lIIII'l. 'Q' 9 It ll ll N ' H f I If I-NI 'if- xa- FO0TBllLL SIHIIIIIIIIW The Avalanche of 1937, under the capable coach- ing of Don Veller and Harrison Berkey, finished second only to Riley of South Bend in the E. N. l. H. S. C., with Riley being the only team for the second straight year to defeat the Boys in Blue. The Wildcats defeated Elkhart, 7 to 6, and 7 to 0 in the past two years. The Avalanche finished the '36 season tied for first place with Michigan City, but lost the coin toss for the play-off. At the start of the season, the Avalanche had just three veteran men in the forward wall, and two in the backfield, and developed into a smooth-running, hard-driving unit. They finished the season with seven victories, one loss and a tie game with Mishawaka. With Coach Don Veller, as head coach for his third year, and with Harrison Berkey serving as line coach his fourth year, the Elkhart High School Blue Avalanche won their twenty-third game out of the last thirty games played. They have lost just five games and have tied two in this time. These two men proved their ability in coaching this year, when they developed a green squad of boys into a winning team. The prospects for the 1938 squad are quite favorable, although a number of good men will be lost through graduation. The next year's prospects coming back have all seen action, at times when the regulars had the ball game cinched. Page Eighty-two Captain Joe Patanelli ended his high school football career this season, and proved that he was a capable leader as well as an all-around athlete. Starring in both football and basketball, Joe will be long remembered by all as one of the greatest athletes to come from Elkhart High School. More distinction was added to the long Elkhart list, when Dan Bassett was named All-State tackle for 1937, to follow in the footsteps of Tim Bringle, who won All-State half-back last year. Howdy Elliott was chosen by his team mates to captain the 1938 football team. He is a good sport, a fine athlete and should prove worthy to follow Joe Patanelli, a great leader. BIISHETBIILL SUIIIITIIIIW Since the coming of Coach John L. Longfellow, in 1929, Elkhart High School has had the most successful seasons in basketball in the history of the school. Arriving in Elkhart, he proceeded to take 'over the duties of coaching and piloted the Blazers to victory. They have won the N. I. H. S. C. title three years straight. Under the coachis "guiding hand" the team has lost but four games this season, and has won eighteen. During the- last three years Elkhart has won twenty-one conference games out of twenty- two. Although this was a very successful season, the "recruits" of next year are very promising. More power to you, John, in the 38-39 season. This season, for the Blazers, was the most suc- cessful in a long time, winning eighteen games and losing only four. This success was due to the fight- ing spirit of the Blazers and to the student body behind the team. Elkhart, this season, had an aver- age of thirty-eight points per game, while the oppos- ing teams averaged twenty-two points per game. Out of eight conference games, Elkhart won eight, having a perfect season record on conference games. They have won fifteen conference games in a row, including all the conference games in the last two years. In the '35-'36 season the Blazers lost but one conference game, winning six. Last year the Blaz- ers got to the regionals and were defeated by Mish- awaka. This year they got to the regionals again and were again defeated, this time by Washington of South Bend. With this fine record, next year's team is bound to go places. Captain Joe Patanelli led the Blue Blazers to victory. Under his leadership the boys seemed to pull together and drive hard to one more victory. The whole team respected Joe as a good sport and a fine captain and turned to him for encourage- ment while on the floor. We are sorry this is his last year with the Blazers and hope that he will have even more success in college than he has had here. Gene Thompson was another boy who played an important part in each game as a valuable relief man. Although he was pushed hard at times, he always came through when needed most. When the Basketball awards, for this season, were given out, Gene received another medal for having the highest per cent of free throws. Miss- ing only six times the whole season, his percentage was 68.42. Nice going, Gene. Page Eighty-three FIRST TEAM GAMES SECOND SCORES BlZ1Zf'l's ......... 402 Bristol ....,,,,,,, .... 3 U Sllortfellows ,,,.,,,... 16g Bristol ,...,,, 20 Blazers .. 31g Niles ....V,,,,, VV,V,,S. 2 4 Shortfellows ,....,,.,. 25, Niles ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, l 6 Blazers .. 25. Wabash .... ,..,....... 2 2 Shortlellows ,V,,A,w,,, 18, Wabash ,,,,, ,,,,,, l 7 Bl2lZ1'1'h .. 27g 110511611 ..,...,...,........- 7 Shortfellows. .7.,. 235 Goshen ..,.....,...,.. . 20 Blazersl .. 353 S. B. Washington ,,7,7, 18 Shortfellowsli ,,,,,,A, 12, Vifashingtori ., 5 Bl2lZl'1's .. 3113 Xvzllle l'11OlCClO,l ..,,.. 13 Sllortfellowsw ,,,,, lfl-g La Porto ,,,,,,,,,w,1,w I0 Blazersx ...... 313 La Porte .VVAVV......AA.... 26 Shortfellowsl ..... 15, Michigan City .S,. 11 Bl21Z1'l'Hx .. I1 City .,..fA-.f- 21 Shortfellows.. ..... 27, Warsaw ....,.....,,, . 14 Blazers ...,.....Y,. ..... 2 6 Shortfellowsll ..... 163 Mishawaka ...,...... 14 Blazers' ' awaka ............A. 14 Shortlellowsl ....,.,. 40, Riley S, B .,...,,.,,... 17 Blazers nt Hoosiers ......,, 19 Shortfellowsl' ....iv,. 27g Nappanee .....i...... 26 Blazersl . B. Riley ....i....,...vVw 24 Shortfellowsll ........ 235 Central S. B ......... 17 Blazers' ' ee ........ ..YV. 3 3 Shortfellows ....,...,. 11, Mishawaka ......,... 18 Blazers erltral ............ 11 Shortfellowsl .....,.. 32, Goshen ................ 29 Blazers ...... 5 IS aka ............i. 22 Shortfellows ..,....... 213 Ft. Central ...,...... 23 Blazersll ...... 21, Goshen .................... 19 Total ,,,,.,,,...,,,,,,,,,,, 3105 Total ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, 256 Blazers ..... ....,. 3 5g Fort Wayne Central 15 Average ,A,,,,,,,,,,,, 20,665 Average ,,,,,,,,,,,, 17,06 Blazers ,......,...... 38g Kendallville ............ 42 SECTIONALS Blazers ..... ..... 5 Og Millersburg .... ..... 9 Blazers ..... ...... 4 2g Concord ....... ,.... 3 3 Blazers.. .,.,.. 41 3 Wakarusa . ..... 37 B n S H E T B n Il L BECIONALS Blazers ....r,,.....,r 253 S. B. Washingtoll ..,... 28 Total ........,r,... 734, Total ,,......,r,.,,.......... 493 Average .. 33, Average ........r,.. .,,r, 2 2 ' Starrett annie ne conference g une VARSITY First Rau' fLeft to Rigltlj: B. Dillon. Sophomore Manager, YV. llamlin. G. Thompson. D. Holmes, Junior Manager. Second Row: R. l.eEevre, T. Williams, H. Elliott, J. Patanelli. Captain, ll. Mast. D. Swihart. Third Rozy. Coach J. L. Longfellow, W. 'john looks down the bench for the T ' U 0119. llLlllSl!0l'0llgll, B. Courtney, W. Smith, J. Olds, Junior Manag,er. iight W, X , , 15.1 QQ 9 tag? gk LQ 5' f 6' y. Q- 3' n ? N ,s,'9!x.:.f , x ,ai 45- -5 'Q ',iS1 B C 1 b'l rf If A .I .Q' 'X f 0 Af Q if- i Q ,X .f ,hx ' 6 A2 -""' Qw,,,.,,,,,...Q..,,... wif Y. ' 5 . - in 1- 2 J . ,AAL . 5 'i ' d W-' li :FN V rs K A 1 l I P W- l-4 F' " fx - ' ' ' ,y 4 A- z fi bww 5' . ' V-lr. 335 T? Q10 Q if fx K X fl Q at fr L I J lun fl-if ' an 3 5 U t .. Q Q, s. f ' Nj ms '14 vm Sli 'P' N. 'I F! H 1 if K E fg we 3 3 . . I , 2 . V " S - 5 Q a - ' as w Q . f- ' fl - 3 ' Y g M -Y F if x x N XY ' 2 553 , 4 ' 4 Q .',:fi: A K W ' In 1 . .1 A is . X .K , 'O V rig ? Y: CK p k Xi n, . if 2 -..: F in .JA KA a V V jj f A. 'X Q, N Q. , 1 , . A W ft. X - I L' in wr .M 'Y A, mf,-Q TW' Fha s ,M .- df.. f 1, , Y x A J 5-Wax' V 5 ' it 1 , '7' Q -3 :Q .1 ,af . . X V JW wmv. -A f Q-.-:wmv - :ww gg, Q, . 5 :af 121 --Er - ,Mr ak . ' +?fb,zvi,u:z,Z- wa, - T it Vi' w,-x .f:.w,a1:, . . W Liifigi? as Q - V JWJYGIW? 1 If 9 lt? fr - . an W HW' JJ, L? " if ffg 5,5 f ' I N FS ff if I' S.-awww 'dv l 1 -if 05? m-nu ef :pf ,' 'B 'fr' .Ls - Mai. .iq - ,Q.fQ.m.--Q. Jq1,.W"FZ zmuqxf V .,Vh ,,,,,1. 'H Q jejuni k 1 , ' f M M gb-g1.'fWf A ,kg . - Q 530 31,1 , ' A K XJ' ?+f. --wf,...1 E w wf? .lf -,X f . ' '-fflfkff, - 5 WWW Q? .LI -'wifi ,, -ff .. , f ,,- W .xx K LIL- ,, First Rou'-C. Dinchartg D. Swihartg H. Stoekg T. Bringleg C. Walleyg D. Bassettg D. Lantzg P. Ronzoneg K. Burkeg G. Bennett. Sccoml Row-Coach C. C. Boone: Sr. Mgr. Alillottg Mgr. Duffyg W. Hanslmoroughg R. Courtney: M. Whitcg H. Donaldsong H. Roy: W. Staullcrg W. Phcndg D. Bakcrg P. Broadlrcnt. Third Row---,l. Bates: C. Egcrg C. Bleilcrg R. Stockg K. Appg C. Bell: R. Darrg H. Browng R. Hansingg Jr. Mgr. Smithg Soph. Mgr. Ellis: Frosh Mgr. Dcnios. High point men: C. Dinehart-4100 and 220 yard dashes--98Vi. D. Swihartsljole vault, low hurdles - '54l1Q. T. Bringle ---- Pole vault-49. Page Eighty-c1'ght Paced constantly by wins of Dinehart. Stock and Bringle. the E. H. S. track squad enjoyed a successful season. Important fcats accomplished were: Third place in the N. l. H. S. C. meet. winning of the scctional crown for the 14th time, and placing sixth in the State finals. With the return of ll. Stock. Dinchart, Courtney and Swihart. the success of the '33 season is likely to be great. TRACK SEASON OF '37 Cary Invitational Meet -E. ll. S. sixth with l5 points. Elkhart-565 South Bend Central .............. ...................... ....,.. 5 Z 5 Elkhart-8lg Nlishawaka ...................... f. .. 5.94 Elkhart 635 Lallorte .......,......,..........,,., ' ......., 47 Elkhart- -955 South Bend Central ..................,........... ...,.. . 79 Elkhart- 515 hlishawaka ..... L ..,, ...........,..,....................., ,....... 5 8 N. l. H. S. C. Meet' VE. H. S. third with 2971, points. Elkhart- 584 Goshen ........... .. ...... .. ..... .L ......,,...........,.,..... ........ L 1-l SECTIONAL MEET- H. S. first with 64 points. STATE l"lNALSfElkl1art sixth with 16 points. CROSS COUNTRY First Row: C. Ellis, jr.. Mgr.g J. Demos, Soph. Mgr. Sccontl Raw: B. Miller W. Phcndg K. App: T. Williamsg J. Maniacig Johnson, YV. Mgr. liamsg B. Longg D. Bailey Thirrl Row: Coach C. C. Boone: E. Coomlg hla- loneyg B. Barkmang B. Sproullg B. Herrington: B. llolrlermang Smith, Sr. Fourth Row: P. . Schlarlx: B. Mayhus: Wil- -4 - W5 -5- f5 -2 M1- ,3- Left to Right: Dick Fawcett, Willis Schalliol. Coach Sorensen, George Horn, Roger Chester. TEHHIS SPRING -lg Dowagiac .................Y. Y----- 3 -33 Dowagiac ....r.. ------ 2 f5g Sturgis ......... ...... 0 , Howe ....,.. -.---- , Sturgis ........Y........r....,.. . .Y...... ----- - FALL CONFERENCE , Mishawaka ........................... -----Y ml- 4 , Riley S. B. .....,.,. -.-,- . 4g Goshen ...,........,.,,... ------ Q Washington S. B. .... ...... 0 2g Michigan City .Y..... ------ 3 3 LaPorte ...........Y.,. --,--- 3 , Central S. B. .,,.. .i.... 3 , Nappannee ..... ---.-- - 2 The tennis team, under Coach Sorensen, saw successful seasons in both the spring and fall. ln spring the E. H. S. Racketeers won 4 and lost l. ln conference play the Racketeers broke even with 4- wins and 4 defeats. The Racketeers played most of the fall season without the services of Captain Dick LeFevre, who was pretty well occupied at the time with varsity football. Many believe that with Dick playing, the Racketeers would have had a fine chance for the conference. Roger Chester, Dick Fawcett, George Horn, and Willis Schal- liol played fine ball for E. H. S. CROSS CDUHTHV S. CONFERENCE MEET-E. H. S. FOURTH Low Score Wins? -243 Fort Side ..... ---------- 3 1 -333 Misha ..................... --......-- 2 2 -223 Fort orth Side ..... .......... 3 4 f2lg Niles . ...................-. -.---.---- 3 5 -273 Soul d Ce ....... .......... 2 3 f30g Mish .......... 25 -285 Sout ..-...---- 27 Despite the inexperience of some of the var- sity runners, the Cross Country team had over a 500 percent winning column. Captain Ted Williams, a Hrst year man, will be greatly missed next yearg he was a constant winner. Page Eighty nine C-. A. A.'s in action . Top Row: Garrison, Heleng Hirsch. Alice: Harms, Shirleyg Wolfe. Mar Page N inezy garetg Buss, Audreyg Russell. Phyllisg Culp. Marilyn: Miss Zehner. sponsor. Middle Row: Copsey. Patg Michals, Maryg Baron. Patg Battista. Rose Swinehart. Irene. Bottom Row: Achberger. Alberta: Marsh. Dorisg Moyer. Maryg Har-ring ton, Bettyg Strine, Marthag Battista, Mary. G . H . H . OFFICERS FOR 1937-1938 President ...,,.,..,, .,,,,,. P at Baron Vice-President ....,,........,...,. ........, A udrey Buss Secretary and Treasurer ........ ,....,, I rene Swinehart Sports Reporter ....,.,...Y,Y., ..,....... M ary Moyer Social Chairman ...... ......, D oris Marsh The girls started out their year by playing tennis and softball. When the winter months came they turned to kick pin ball, volleyball, badminton and basketball. The C. A. Afs sold candy at the Elkhart-Michigan City football game. This and their dues have supplied a fund with which they hope to buy some new equipment. The club held a potluck supper at school in December. They exchanged gifts and played games. This year the C. A. A.'s bought jackets which all members Wear. The jackets are light blue with Elkhart G. A. A. printed on thc back with white letters. ' ,..: I I int ER M mu INVALID COACH SERVICE 68 -- Phone -- 68 Quick Quiet Conscientious Service WALTER G. 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We take this opportunity to thank the Senior Class for naming us official Photog- raphers for the 1938 Annual and trust our services have been of assistance to the staff. FGSTER STUDIO HERFF-IONES MQLLOY-MADE C0 PAN COVERS Designers and Manufaciurers of Covers -for Good Books SCHOOL and COLLEGE JEWELERY GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS MEDALS, CUPS, and TROPHIES T27 1? l The David J. Molloy Plant INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 2857 North Western Avenue lr'w1'Iz'rx fo Elkhart Higb Srbool CHICAGO' ILLINOIS Page One Humlrml Twenty-vm W W5 "fGvi'3?vf . Ggisi 05 ' 'RS ,kin "'c xo -,gc 'Spa D 0 Q50 . P S Not the greatest . . . not the largest . . . but an organization devoted to a principle of excellence. For more than three decade hundreds of yearbook editors and business managers have placed their iaith ln our ablllty to help them design, publish, and finance unusual yearbooks ...Q I ust old-fashioned ln principle, but with a very definite ilare for the best in modern publication trends! 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Co. ..... , Elkhart Cleaners ...,..,,...,,,,.., Elkhart Ice Cream Co. .....,.....,v...,.....,,,.. , Elkhart Clearing House Association ...,, 1 Ferman s - ..,.,,..........,...,.. ,..,.r,.,........,,. Gafill Oil Company ,,....,r,, Goldberg's Men's Store ..,,,,., Dr. H. C. Higgason ,,,,, Elkhart Milk Council ,,,., Elkhart Packing Co. ...s,,,, , Isbell Lbr. and Coal Co. .... , Kin-Ko, Inc. .....,,,,s,.. . Helfrickis ................. Kuespert, Jeweler .,....., W. F. Lilly and Co. ..... . Lloyd Brothers ...,.. Page 91 92 93 93 93 94 94 94 94 95 95 95 96 97 97 97 97 98 98 98 99 99 99 99 100 101 101 101 102 102 102 102 103 104 105 105 105 105 106 106 Page Ft. Wayne Typesetting Co. ..,..... ........ 1 06 Keene's Klothes Shop ,....,..,.,, .,...... 1 07 Lundquist and Danielson Metal Forming Co. ,,...,.s.. ,,..,...107 r.,,... .107 Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. .,.. ........ 1 08 Frank Myers Menis Wear Martin Band Inst. Co. Miles Laboratories .......... Mayor Clyde Paxson ...,.... The Pedler Company ..,,,, Northern Ind. Brass Co. M ,.,,... .108 .,,.,,. .108 1 O9 10 10 10 Northern Ind. Pub. Serv. Co. .,..... ........ 1 11 Newman-Monger Lumber Co. ..r......... 111 New Method Cleaners ......,....... ........ 1 11 J. C. Penney Co. ,........... The Rapp Company ...... 1 2 12 Rosen Brothers .....,.,.,.... .,,. . ...I 12 Russell, The Coalman ..,,. .,,..... 1 12 Pickrell's Flower Shop ....... .r...... 1 13 Sigmund Sorg, Inc. Smith Motors, Inc. Schult Trailers, Inc. The Stanton Shop ,...., The Stationers .,,,,..,, The Service Press ..,... St. Joe Ice Co. ....,,., . Stephenson's ..,,,......,. 13 13 14 14 14 15 16 16 Strouse's Drug Store ,,,. , r,,r ,.,...,, 1 16 The Style Shop ............................. rr...... 1 17 The West View Floral Shop .. ...,,r,.....,,.,. 117 The Charles Walley Funeral Home ...,..... 117 Truth Publishing Company .,,.,.....,,,....... 1 18 Wray's Ice Cream Company ...r,,, ....,,., 1 19 Whitnack Photo Service ,.,.,..,..,, .,,..,,. 1 19 A. G. 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' Q' 1 L 'mf ' s . wing 'y . vi '.,, 'ZW ':' , .fizu , I - 4 1 -,,, . 1.7,- . u ' f,. 4 7'f,q.', . b . ha f. "1 Q.. . s- ., , f Z a .H " -' M 1 , N., "xx L-f. ' :Ti ' ",i.aL31.':' 1 -0:-. 4: ' 4.5 ',f."4gL,' X-M! '-, K .' 1 ,, .4 .-.fr ,. ' - , 'W-H? F.1- wt. :W-Q: 'N ,H 'f 1 mwlki fm, ,Mix vig! fx QL -.' 1 f 1' gf Q- W f'ijg:'54-g Q 2 I W F M 'L-414'-j'g"'?' " ' " .ivifwl na-1r.l.,r. .N ,Q hwy' ' Mm ,4 ' ' .. ff' .-1,-ruF,.fi.Ez1' xr. x

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