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T 56719 Tennan H3 IP' IIN IP' IP' IP' W3 H2 IIN H2 IP' IP' SS IP' H3 H3 H3 IIN A 3333Q 33 3333 33 33333 33 3333 33 3333 33333 '1 775 77777777 77 777 777777777 777 I7 557262 Tennant .0f. 9 .:3. PUBLISHED BY THESENIOR CLASS OF ELKHART HIGI-ISCHOOL, ELKHART, IN D I A N A I Am Your High School I :im your High SchooI. II'itI1i11 111y walls of stone :111cI stvvl, IVhoIe chiiis Iiziyu I llll1'tll1'Cd. Mother of 111011 :im I. Ilore, within tho I1c:11'tS of I?LlIg,fIlIllg youth I have laid the- stone of which they build to g1'C21IfI1CSS. l'I1ll'tIl from my h:1IIs have thvy gono- fI,'I1c Heist of foot. to uiakc uvw paths to gIo1'y, ',I'hc: i11doIe11t to IJl'Illgl1'10 sI1:1111u :md sorrow, ',I'he quick ol' mind to g1':11-0 their State :md couutryg Thcry are my yi-stC1'1Inys. I,ist1+11 to my Voic'0I I give you IiI'1:, Ami strength lo hc':1I :1 WVUIIIIIIUII world. 'I':1k0 mc to your Iivart, for my time with you is short. I am your high school. -Raglzafnyz' IUIHIIIIOZPII, UC. R rf, V. fcfyg, , 4, ,ff f! X 7 X W X ff X X. .QZQ " V' 7. 'If , NOTEBOOKS . . . 'I Notebooks and more notebooks . . . big notebooks . . . small notebooks . . . stitt' leather notebooks . . . cheap paper notebooks . . . notebooks to be handed in . . . notebooks full of clippings . . . economics notebooks . . . history notebooks . . . Latin note- books . . . these are the very essence of school life. Loose leaves . . . illegible scrawls . . . torn covers . . . auto- graphed covers . . . broken rings . . . chaos . . . freshmen notebooks . . . senior notebooks . . . what a difference! Notebooks, the hiding place of the forbidden caricatures labeled "teacher, '... magazines tabooed by the faculty . . . illicit notes . . . aimless drawings . . . many strange things lie within the covers of abused notebooks. fn XF' V X all Q xl Nl ,Ng RATING E + ... In grading notebooks, the highestpossible grade is E+. Here we have some people who, we think,are the tops and rate an E + around E. H. S. -3 lx l v Our school life is spent with notebooks. llve carry them with us everywhere. lVe fall to sleep worrying about them. Never are they quite out of our minds. They crecp into our conversa- tio11 and we discuss them with avidity or disdain, according to our mood. Notebooks everywhere . . . have you a notebook? VVell, 11ow you have another one. because this book is a notebook. A senior notebook, full of pictures and memories. Football games . . . basketball games . . . parties . . . people . . . clubs . . . "Y" dances. All these are important elements in our lives. Then we come back to school, open our locker, and out tumble our constant companions, our notebooks. l,eaVes scattering. some worthless, some valuable, we grab them and dash for our classcs. They contain all the scraps. souvenirs. records of the school year . . . so does this notebook, tl1e 1936 Pennant annual. ADMINISTRATION. . . Page Ten Much is expected as a result of high school education, depending mainly on the viewpoint. Dr. Thos. H. Briggs, an authority and a great leader in the field of secondary education Says the Hrst duty is to teach the pupil to do better the desirable things he is going to do anyway in life. Some "de- sirable thingsi' which will claim our attention "in life' are health, home-membership, character, leis- ure-time, vocations, and citizenship. It is well to think of each subject we study and every activity in which we participate as a contribution to some worthwhile objective. It has also been said that the aim of the high school is to put the pupil in contact with the best which civilization has produced, to discover his abilities, enlarge his interests and through partici- pation in directed activities develop the powers and capacities that enrich his own life and contribute to the welfare of the group. VVC should question seriously what our educa- tion is doing for us and through us. J. F. NVILEY. MR. J. F. YVILEY Superintendent of City Schools The founders of our nation, the laws of our state, the employers in our community say that education is necessary. VVhat education implies and includes is an ever present and changing ques- tion. It is this question that inspires teachers and curriculum to strive ever to meet the changing and growing needs of the community. As your Principal, I have checked your work to see that your course meets the requirements of our state department and of our facility and find that no two have taken exactly the same subjects nor do they have exactly the same record. It means that the school has not been a place for "the passive ab- sorption of information by rote" only but a place where each has chosen what seemed to satisfy his desires and needs most completely even to the extent of using the maximum permitted in the extra curricular in some instances. It means that you have a glimpse of the paths that lead to your future interests. VVhether this purpose and this effort will justify the vast expenditure of time and money will de- pend on whether you are prepared as citizens to take up the duties it entails. If you become citizens eager for justice and right, eager for truth and courageous in seeing that these are brought to all, then we shall say it has been for the common weal and therefore is justified. JOHN VV. HOLDEMAN. MR. J. VV. HOLDEMAN Principal of High School . qi K K of ef' 'T li li -1 A OOC V inf l'.':1gli.x'l1 1Iwpnl'l1m'i1I Blalfuf ma I if-.v 1Jwpn1'l'n1f'nI lli.s-lorly I,f'llIll'llNlI'llf l'lNCll,lSll The English ll0IHll'llIll'lll. is ilu- l:11'gfvst in llle scliunl xvilli illl vxvvllclii slufl' 01 lv:1c'l1v1's :ls follows: Bliss Hull: lsllblltlfllillll, .'X.l3.g Bliss lmlliss- BllSC'llt', A.l3.g Bliss Ge1'i1'l1clv Clemln-m-n, .-LIS., .'X.Bl.g Bliss Omlim' lln-bk, .X.l3.g Blix lil. l. llorli l5..X.g Bliss llurutlly Kclly, A.l5.g Bliss Bluriv hllzlrp, .X.l5., BlI's. .Xmlu ll. Sickvls, l'.B.g Bliss Blllllllt' Snure, .X.Bl.g Bliss Luuisc' Wilile1'llilz,Pll.B-1 mul MTH- Aclcluinle G. l'lEll'llil1't, A.l5. Bl.-X'l'IlEBIA'l'ICS ,Xllutlivr i111po1'tal1t ill'IlEll'lllll'Ilt is flue Blzillivlliutivs mln-pzl1"flm-ill. Bliss Knlllryn .lzlrvis ileilllh this group with Blrs. Z1-llu l.4-v Iluom-, .-LH.: Bliss lflclillx Killings, pX.lS.g Bl r. ll. BV. BB'isvg Blr. 1.1-sim' lil'l'l', l5.S.g :xml Mr, llnyh- 'l', Fl'k'lIl'll, .'X.Bl. II ISTORY Bliss Flurm-m'c' Hill, wliu lwzuls llie liislury clcfpurlim-lit, i4'ill'lll'5 liislory :xml t'l'HlllDIlIlK'H. lllll0l' IlH'llllN'l'S of lu-r 111-pzlrlim-nt an-: Blr. Ril:-y ll. J0l'llllll, .-XB., A.Bl.g Mr. VVill1u1' Mutm-r, A.B.g M r. BV. IC. Sands, A.l4,, A,lNl,g M r, Hoy C, liulling- hm, A.B., A.Bl.g Blr, ll. A, Sprollll, A.l5.g Blr. R, F, Slll'C'1lSUll, l5,S,g Mr, H, P liz-1'kx-y, A.l3.g :uid Blr. C. C. Boom-, A,B. Page Ele YJ MODERN IANGUACICS 'l'he- Latin ill'IHll'tlll6lll is ln-:ulecl hy Miss llernitu lilll'llS. Tlu-rv 1ll'l' two OiQllC'l' iK'2lt'lll"l'SZ Mrs. l"i'zu1Cz's .'Xvvl'y :intl Miss fil'l'2llCllll4" Uzirtlcin. All llzlvm- ,X.lS, Kll"gl'l'l'S. Miss Burns is sponsor of lhm- Latin Chili, which is nmclv up of i'in:4-ro and Ycrgil ' ' slunlcnts. 6 Students :nw ofererl twu utlici' lZllljIll2lQOS liesiflf-s l,utin-tlwy :irc Spanish und . Frvnvli. Miss Myrle fllllllllllgflllllll, A.l5., lwzuls tht- clvpurtnlcllt. tm-zivliing F1'cnc'h. s with Miss Cilmlys King, ,X.l1., teucliingg' Spanish. Stlnlvnts taking thi-se snlije-cts may belong to thu Spanish :incl Frenmcli clnhs respective-ly. l'0MMEliC'lAl, Subjects lnugflit in this ilt'PZt1'flIll'llt 2ll'l' Sll0l'tllZlllli, typewriting, lmolclvioliilig, REPORT t'1llIllliC1'l'lJll law, :incl g1vui,51':lpl1y, Miss l'l:li'ic'v Rulminsun, fX.l5., hzls vlmrga-, and lhm- CARDS stuff consists of Miss Ilvlc-n liirklziml, l'h.lS.g Miss Marie Sine-r, All., LM.: Mr. J. O'H:-urn, iX.l3,, M,l3,fX, zincl Mr, M1-lvin XV, Cil0lllll'lllllgl', .LIL SCIENCFI 1 'Ti The SCll'll4'l' 1lt'IJfl,l't1Ill'llli has scverzil i1lll'l'n'sti11g f'1llll'Sl'S to oiful' sliulvnts, ',l'lu-y invlucle lnolugfy, pliysics, :intl c-liciiiistry. 'lhv mlepurtinc-nt is led by Miss Stella, N. C':ntl1ca1't, A.l3., A.M.g :xml inc-luclus Mr. ll, Paul Illlillllilll, B,S,, M,S,g Miss listlwi M, Beinclow, l3.S,g Mr. Norvzil E. Aclmns, l3,S., M.S,g uncl Mr, lvun C, Gill, BS, M.S. X 'X A . 1. X 4 , 'r Page Twelve ZlIUlll'l'lI Illlllffllllffp 1,l'1III1'fNl4"l1f l'1m11n1'rci11l 1J!'1J1lI'f'Il1P7'lf RD f Scirizrvf 1Jc"lII1I'f7IIt"71f llomr' 1':l'llllUIlIlCS and llIl!IlSfI'iI11 1Jt'12llI'lNll'll tx , I rl .lluxic I,,lllfSit'llI l','1f11c'r1Ii011 11ilIl'llI"Ij IIUMH l'K'UNUBIll'S Girls lllll'I'0Nll'll in lmlm- making :irc uliciw-cl iliix vxwllm-iii wvlli'w. Urs-Ns. iuilnr- ing. limm- flirnisliingr, hmm- IlllI'NlIlgI, fumls. :mil vlulliing firm- ilu- siilyic-vlx lwuglit, 'l'lw clcpzirlim-nl if lllillll' up of Slim livrilui Ili-pm-xv, lu-url of ilu- lll'Ilill'llll1'lll, Bliss P llvlc-li 5l2lI'illl, ll.S,,i1Illl Nlrs, Lum lnllmi, ,Lil lNI1l'S'l'Ill.Xl. 'l'lw llllllI5iI'lill Kll'lJill'lIIl1'lll inuy lu- illt'lIlilil'il lvy ilu- 311-mflwll lium uf lmzy: mxvs :null lll?l1'llllli'S. Mr. IC. 'l'. Urgfzin lu-:mils iliis Llc-pnrllm'i1i, willi Nlr. C. J. .'xilllt'l'hUIl, l3,S,g Hr. .l, .X. lfusivr, HB.: fllr, ll, VV, llElll'lllllIl, l5,S.g Sir, ll. XY. XYisf', Mr, V. l', xY1l0ilZ'lll'li. ILS: :xml Xlr, ll, XY. XYilli:iIl1w. HS. .KRT Our url mlm-pzu'l1uu'iil Inns :ls ils vcry 1':lp:1lnlv In-ml, Nlim lflvu this-, Slim' lim az life- ill'l :incl lllllbll' llvgrvv, Hires Colm' ix NIFUIIAUI' of ilu' .Xrl Club, Nll'SlK' XXX- urn- vm-ry lucky in llHX'lll1H iwu siwli vzipzilili- In-uplv in nur music micpzlrlnn-Ill, ' v rl 0 nsll I l'l Nlr. lJElX'lIl lluglws, l3.INl.. luis ruixiplclc- vlmrgn- ul ilu- luml :ui rch ': W ll 4' Bliss illairlys :lllll2ll'lltlXY, lljl., Nl,M,. mlirvvls ilu- grim- clulw. :incl gfrmlc wlinml musici l.I HRAIRY Miss Allllk' ll Stllllllll'li2I ix in Ulizirggm- ut' ilu- rxlluul lllTl'Ell'y, WllL'l'L' 5lllKll'lllh :irc mnpposocl lu gm for i'c-fi-i'm-iiuv lllllll'I'liIl. l'llXSIi'.XI.I4lIN,'L",'X1'lUN 'l'l1c pcrsnnm-l of Hu- pl1yr.i1'ul l'lllIl'ElllliIl IlUIl2Il'llIll'Ilt is us fullmu: Him lilim- ' lu-ilu Zclinvr, .'X,l3,, NLS., who ling l'll2Il'gIl' uf girls slmrisg Mrs. Snlmm- S, XVisv, test' lvzwliixig girls' gym vlussc-sg Mr, limi Ycller. Nj.: Mr, J. l,. l.oligfvllow, .'X.l3,g Mr, lglilllll' :mil Nlr. lh-rkvy QPlL'tllI'0ll in ilic Ilixiury l,1'I5ill'ilIl1'IllJ. Pago Thi: lrfvn i SENICR HISTORY. Freshies! Green Caps! Oh, how fresh and oh, how green, just like lettuce or spinach, maybe, fit's a phase of lifej. VVe were unor- ganized the first two semesters. In January of '33 we chose as our leading green caps: President, Bob Lewis, Vice-president, Ned Morrow, Secretary and Treasurer, Carol Hunt, Social Chairman, Letitia Holt. These ofii- cers and our top-notch sponsor, Mr. Bullington, just had to stick by us to keep out of embarrassing situations, so they stayed until thc end of 1933. In January, 1934-, the January and June classes sep- arated, the January class choosing as officers: Csee I said oyficers, we grew up a little.j President, Ned Morrow, Vice-president, Bob Kelley, Secretary, Carol Hunt, Treasurer, Russell Krieder, Social Chairmen, Wayne Lansche, and Letitia Holt. And last but not least, our shining example of hardboiled innocence for sponsor, Mr. Mater. VVhile the January officers were being chosen, the June Seniors elected the following oflicers: President, Bob Lewis, Vice-president, Skeeter Clouse, Secretary, Phyllis Borger, Treasurer, Ruth Rinehart, Social Chair- man, Eleanor Kantz. Now when we grew up, we got ideas. They were ideas worth putting into action, so-o-0-o-o we did! First in April we got sophisticated and had a cabaret party, with tables decorated by an expert hand fwe could tcllj and set around the gym. Entertainment for the kids was Xylophone gymnastics by Robert Stuyverson the was goodj. Fannie Zeman played her saxophone to ad- vantage. Helen Ludwig let us see how it was done with a tap dance. Betty Sclmeider and Dolores Nye made us wish we could make people sigh over our voice, and Ned?-Ned was Master of Ceremonies! VVhat a man! The dance music was furnished by Ty Schulcr's Calo- quins. VVe had been too busy admiring our officers to have any parties except once when we went swimimng, we took along some weinies to "sizzle" and one of the hot dogs got excited and hopped off into the ashes and had to be fished ont! Crunch! Crunch! In our ,34 year when we reunited with the June Seniors our officers were: President, Bob Lewis, Vice-president, Ned Morrow, Secretary, Kathleen Hershberger, Treas- urer, Ruth Rinehart, Social Chairman, Jayne Murphy and Skeeter Clouse. On the night of October 23, we staged a party in the gym. Dancing was a main feature of the evening. The boys were relieved from the clutches of the dancing damsels when the air was filled with a melodious ditty from the golden voiced Betty Schneider, and Tap! Tap! Tap !" from Kathleen IIershberger's flying feet. After stuffing ourselves with novel Halloween refrcslnnents, we wended our weary way home. In January '35, Junior year, the following ofiiccrs were elected: President, Bob Lewis, Vice-president, Bernard Davidson, Secretary, Kathleen Hershberger, Treasurer, Earl Keech, Social Chairman, Skeeter Clouse, Spon- sors, Mr. Mater and Miss Broughton. Friday, May 3, with the Prom Orchestra playing, the "music went 'round and !round" in the gym Qmean- ing we had a dancej and we came out dizzy. Our Junior class play, "The Goose Hangs High," was Page Fourteen presented on March 8, and Granny-bless her old soul -was a wow! The finale of our Junior year was the Prom ati the South Shore Hotel,Lake VVawasee. Thegirls werethrilled to death by the motor boat rides. VVe were favored by rx song from the charming young man, Dick Klopfen- stein. Several budding romances were brought into bloom between dances. Twosomes were discovered, by aid of the moon, in secluded spots. Poor Herbert Cor- miean lost his key case-"Oh, pardon the interruption, but have you seen a key case around here?', Shelby's car eouldn't stand the strain any longer and broke down. The morning was about to dawn when many of us hit the hay. As dignified Seniors, we elected the following ofiicers the first semester to help us keep our ship afioat: Presi- dent, Bob Lewis, Vice-president, Bernard Davidson, Secretary, Kathleen Ilcrshbergerg Treasurer, Earl Keeeh, Social Chairmen, Marjorie Riblet and Eugene Clouse, Sponsors, Mr. Wilbur Mater and Miss Brough- ton. In the fall of '35 we separated again. Our Senior Days were at different times and we elected January ofiicers as follows: President, XVayne Lansche, Vice- president, Carol llunt, Secretary, Pauline Schram, Treasurer, Don Yerke, Social Chairmen, Letitia Holt and Ned Morrow, Sponsor, Mr. Wilbur Mater. June officers were: Bob Lewis, President, Bernard David- son, Vice-president, Kathleen Hershherger, Secretary, Earl Keech, Treasurer, Marjorie Riblet, Social Chair- man. Senior Day, January 10, the dignified January Seniors Csome of us blinking back tearsj marched down the aisle to "Ship1nates Forever". VVe gave a skit showing the value of a high school education and the contribution of each department QDidn't someone forget his speech?j in which all the Seniors took part. The last January class social affair in E. II. S. was the Leap Year Party. Leap Year! Did the boys duck? Can't take it! Our party really leaped to the tunes of Bob Stuyverson's band. Kathleen Hershberger did several tap dances. Chet Marshall sang and so did we. I think everyone got a kick out of Joe Mishler's piano playing, the boy is good. Poor Yerke had to leave early that night. Basket- ball must be played the best ever! VVe heard Mr. Mater say he was going to start at one end of the gals, stag line and go from one end to the other. QHe got caught in her clutches in the middle of the stag line and seemed to like it.j And, of course, we had what no high school party is complete without---eats. From here the June Class continued its way alone, choosing as guides: Bob Lewis, President, Bernard Davidson, Vice-president, Kathleen Hershberger, Sec- retary, Shelby Gerking, Treasurer, Marjory Riblet and Bob Thursby, Social Chairmen. Miss Broughton was kept as sponsor. The Junior Seniors sponsored a Valentines' Day dance in the Cafeteria, February 1-L. There was a good turn- out and even the chaperons danced, Miss VVinternitz and Mr. Boone did a merry jig together. Senior Day was May 21, Baccalaureate, May 2-it, Senior Banquet, May 125, and Commencement, May 28. 4 XX XX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXN ii iiiiiiiii vw N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N 7' N N N N 7 fl SENIOR OFFICERS Q X K. A. Nl 'x WAYNE LANSCHE CAROL HUNT January President , N X RQ ROBERN IJEXVI Junex Presiden January l'ice-President Q 5 X 1 DON XYERKE January Treasur ' x BERNARD IJAVIDSON June Vice-President IQAULINE SCHRABI - January S6'L'l'f'fI1l'-lj 1iATHI.EEN IIERSHBERGER June Secretary f T f SHE. Y GER NG June Treasurer Page Fifteen af r 7 ef r ff ff r ef ef 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 V 1 ipuitx 1 W N V . X I AI.BRIGIl'l'. ICD IIcre's the boy who carried the gun in the band. Remember? Ed is going to be sadly missed by a sopho- more girl. - liORGER'l'. VIRGINIA --A position at Conn's during the second semester pre- vented the completion of Virginia's work, but she plans to get that diploma later. ISERGMAN. KENNETII -llecause Kenny was very much interested in industrial work he graduated on that course. llis interest also centered around interclass athletics. BRYAN. ROBl'TR'l'--llob is going to join the Navy. VVe wonder if he'll have a sweetheart in every port? Bob played interelass basketball and was on the in- terclass track team. IIUIILER, JOE Art was .loe's chief in- terest in school. Ile played basketball alnl Varsity football and will he remembered in that great musical organization. the Missouri Wonder Band. CARI.II.l'l. AGNES ---Agnes is another one of these future nurses. She was in the Glee Club. belonged to the Girl Re- serves. and took part in the opera "Faust." CLARK. Rll'l'Il Remember the page in the Christmas play? That was Ruth. She is graduating on the General Course. Rntl-'s amiahility has won her many friends. COAN. JAMES- .lim was recognized by his bow ties and urbane manner. He was a member of the Fighting Fifty and par- ticipated in athletics. CONNER. HENRY- -llenry was well liked by all. especially the girls. Ile play- ed basketball but on account of his paper route was unable to enter into many school activities. COR.NER. IIELEN-Ilelen wants to be- cnine a stenographer and we know she'll make a good one. She played basketball and was formerly a Girl Reserve member. CRISAFIILLI, AMERICA---ltlary was a Spanish student and belonged to the Span- ish Club t'or two years. She also was a member of the Forum Club and played basketball and volleyball. CRONINGER. EILEEN -- That "Good things come in small packages" runs true for Eileen. She was a member of the Girl Reserves. Drama and Glee Clubs. t'I'LLIl'. EDITII Edith is another com- mercial student who found a job as soon as she graduated. She probably will not stay long at this job, as she is wearing a diamond ring. CI7'l'SHAVt'. ROBERT---Ilere's a boy who sets feminine hearts to a faster tempo. Bob was a Fighting Fifty member and was on the Varsity track team and won his letter in Varsity football. DICK. OLETA- -Besides going to school. Oleta had the added responsibility of a job. She is one of the pretty usherettcs at the Echo. DILEY. CHARLES-In the thick of the fun. Diley could always be found. He was llEt0l'0StE4l in athletics and the Drama C nb. DYER, DOROTIIY-Dorothy just Can't decide between being an otliee girl or go- ing into nurse's training. We wish her luck in whatever she does. SEN IORS 1936 I"ESSLl'1R. LAWRENCE - Lawrence could be found in the Industrial Depart- ment almost any time. Ask Fessler about the traveling library which he carried to study halls. FREDERICK. BILL-Meet "Darn Bill's" creator. the clever humor editor of the Pennant VYeekly this year and the boy who was responsible for many a laugh. FRAILEY. LUCILLE-I.ucille was a member of the Drama and Glee Clubs, She wrote the January Class history for the Annual. FRANCISCO. MARY ---Mary was very active in school having played basketball and belonged to the Glee Club and the E. H. S. Wolves. She plans to go away to school next fall. FULLER. VIRGINIA - -Although Vir- ginia is one of our opera stars, having ap- peared in "The Pirates of Penzance." she is going to be some lucky man's stenog- rapher. GARRISON. JACK- Jack. another mem- ber of the Wonder liand, plans to do most anything maybe music, after he grad- uates. GEISS. l'lIYI.I.IS-Most of I'hyllis's leisure has been spent with Benny. but she has found time to belong to the Girl Re- serves, Drama, ami Spanish Clubs. GEHRAND. CLARENCE LE ROYkI.e- Roy graduated on the General Course. He plans to work for a while, then go to col- lege. GUNTER, OPAI. A serious. studions girl graduating on the Commercial Course. The man who employs Opal as his secre- tary will have a neat. dilligent worker. IIAFER. l.ULU MAVE Lulu Maye is going into nurse's training and we feel she will make a good nurse as she is very de- pendable and eflicient. IIARGESHEIMER. PHYl.LIS-Phyllis is graduating on the General Course. She didn't take part in many of our school activities, but was Well liked by all who knew her. HARRIS. NADINE- The school just couldn't get along without Nadine. so she took Mary's place in the oflice and she makes a very efficient ottice girl. IIARTMAN, Bl41'l'TY-After taking the College Prep. Course and planning to go to college. lletty changed her lnind. Couhl the ring she wears have anything to do with her decision? IIOLDEMAN. VANCE-Remember the time he beat the train from here to Gary? Samlbur football and interclass basket- ball claimed Vance's attention in school. HOLT. I.ETITIA Many of the faculty will heave a sigh when this mischievous senior graduates. Ilut as Rah! Rah! presi- dent she was serious and efficient. She was also prominent in Drama. Latin and Girl Reserve Clubs. IIOOK. CHARLES-"Chuck" devoted much time to industrial work, hilt found time for t'ootball. He was often seen around the halls with a blonde named Vivian. IIOSACK. JUNE -.Iune's red hair and sweet disposition made her a well-known personagc in E. H. S. She was active in the Gi-rl Reserves, l.atin and Drama Clubs. IIOSTERMAN. MARJORIE-Marjorie is graduating on the Commercial Course. with very high grades. She was a Girl lteserve and played basketball and volley- Jall. IIORVATH. ANN MARGARET f Ann graduated on the Commercial Course which should be of much help to her as a stcnographer. She was a Girl Reserve and a member of the l-'reneh Club. IIORNER. ROBICRT-Horner says he's going to Ilollywood to take Gable's place. Bob was a member of the orchestra and served as secretary in his senior year. He was a member of the Senior Play cast. IIUFF. ROY- Roy was a member of the Varsity track team and played both inter- class basketball and Sandhur football. He has been a member of the band for three years. IlI'NT, CAROL- Carol's "steady." didn't interfere with her many activities. She held the office of secretary. treasurer and vice president of her class and belonged to many clubs. JAMES. RICHARD-Our own little Jcssc-. Dick's greatest concern was get- ting chemistry problems in on time. His friendly smile will be missed in the Art and Drama Clubs. JOLLIFF. GERALDINIQ Jerry plans to go to Kalamazoo and study dramatics. Maybe some day she will he taking Miss Winteruitz's place. Who can tell? JONES, l'IIII.- The old saying that gen- tlemen prefer blondes holds true with l'hil. You've all seen him escorting Gwen down the hall. KELLEY. ROBER'l'-"'I'his is Bob Kelley bringing to yon- ." Bob was probably the only student manager in the country who broadcasted his team's games. Bob was prominent in his class. Fighting Fifty and was sports editor of the Annual. KILMER. PAUl.ePaul has been in nearly every kind of sport: track, basket- ball. wrestling and cross-country. Ile plans to become a doctor. KIRKWOOD. I!I+1'l'TY -- Gracie Allen would look like an amateur with Betty around. She doesn't like Elkhart ally- more. so she's going to Chicago to be a nurse. KREIDER. RI'SSl'ZLL--Russell hopes to be a doctor some day. When he becomes famous, we will point proudly at him and say "WVe knew him whens." LANSCIIE, IVAYNE-Doe was a val- uable member of the tennis team for four years. He exchanged his racquet for the presidents gavel in his senior year. LONGACRE. BLANCHE -- Blanche Illfl- jored in home economics, and will make some man a good wife: but meanwhile. she clerks. Ilave you seen her in the "Five and Ten?" l.IlDWlG. I-IEI.EN-Most every club in E. Il. S. has Helen's name on the mem- bership list. Helen's talent for house- keeping and her sense of humor should carry her far. Page Seventeen 1 3' Ei 2: Q. 2 3 2 'fl 2 .lillllllllllll 3.3 ali SEN IORS 1936 F 1 X h N K Es . No Nb 'I l.l'DYVlii. NIARY JANE-'You are. no NIORROXV. Nlill Ilow will the sehool doubt aeeustomed to seeing Mary .lane and ever get along without Ned. espeeially a eertain admirer strolling leisurely those junior girls? Seriously. Ned has left through the halls. Mary .lane was a mem- behind him a splendid reeord in athleties ber of the orehestra for four years. and elub aetivities. lle gave a ereditable performauee in the Senior Class play, "A LYNN. PIIYLIAIS phsiuis is :llgirl WVU liilll' tit NXCS. ' as Mr, Ncttletfllll, will get somewhere in tie worlt . as sie . , ,, , , , , . , , , plans to take up a medieal teelmieian's N0I'l'5INc'I"'R' lf'l'UlNl" 'hlmllt' 'HW il Work. pleasant sweet smile tor everyone. NVllll'll has won her many friends in li. ll. S. c.4..,' 3..- , 2 nt- A ll. u. paws mwil will no H112 5i11fgl".'.1Sl:'Lftl5' "U" 'ml 'W' "1" 'I' ren n e as the baritone of a well- ' ' ' ' ' kim vi Q quartette. Y lle was aetive in the I-m,I.lAl,L IONA M' Imm-S buyigh huh is hiv? Hull HIM D'i""f' Hub' typieal of her personality. All sports re- , eeiverl lona's whole hearted support. but 5ll'Ul9WlHltL- Vvlltltl-ANI' Bill iN twill!! later. interest in dramaties led her to a to t'l1I'tll1e. Ill high Sl'tlOOl he played lil- part in the senior play, terelass basketball and Sandbur t'ootball. He was on the Pennant XVeekly staff. l'Il'llIf1R. KI'lNNl4Z'I'lI Kenney likes to play softball. Vl'hile in sehool he pursued lllel"Al.l.. DON llou. the little t'ellow the Industrial t'ourse and played inter- 0 who surprised the whole sehool with his elass basketball. atbletie ability. lJon's other love is a eer- tain girl. Ile graduated on the Industrial l'l'Gl.lI'ISl:l. .lOSl'll'lllNI+l J.--Josephine Fourse and now is working industriously was a eommereial student. espeeially inf ata loeal bakery. terested in shorthaml. She also was a member of the Drama Club and the li. H. NlAl.ONl'lY. lJORO'l'llY -Dorothy has a S, Wolves. friendly eontagious smile. She was inter- ested in girls' athleties. espeeially baseball. RUNYAN. JEANNI41'l"l'lr1-.leanuette will be lnissed by the hand. the Girl Reserves NllSlll.l4IR. FRANt'l'1S -t'I"aimy" is the t'luh and the girls' basketball team. She girl who used to drixe around with her plans to do otiiee work after graduation. gang in rl-Izzy" after the football games. St'llRANl. l'AI'l.lNl'1 Pauline is always NIARSIIALL. t'lll'lS'l'l'lR-- "t'het." our busy with some thing. person. or other. yell leader for three years. now exereises She has a wide seope of aetivities in her his personality on his eustomers. Queer Glee t'luh. elass aetivities and Annual how that friendship with an old sweet- work. heart was renewed. SIIANAIIAN. Bl'1'l"l'Y Betty eame here NlA'l'lllS. C'HARl.l-1Nl4Z Sim-e Vharlene from llammond Iligb as a sophomore. ller has played the piano for the orehestra for seholastie ability will enable her to beeome t'our year and was solo aeeompanist for a very eilieient ofliee girl. we feel sure. eontests perhaps she would make a good eoneert pianist. t'harlene belonged to the SHANAIIAN. l'llYl.l.lS- - l'hyllis at- Girl Reserves and the Drama Club. tended llammond Iligh Sehool during her freslnnan year aml St. t'atherine's Aead- NtA'l'ill'lYVS. l.A Vlflili Along with her emy in Ft. lVayne during her sophomore work in Glee t'luh. l,a Yere sang in the year. lVhile there she belonged to the opera "Pirates of l'enzam'e." She played Girl Reserves. basketball aml was a member of Girl Re- serves. SllI'INllil'lRtiICR. llAlI'll.- llazel is tlll artist on the piano. She is planning to NlISlll.l'1R. .IOIC .loe eertainly ean attend a sehool of musie after graduation. "tiekle the ivories!" Ile has often proved 1,42 1. 1 -, this at elass parties. This ability will SOllNl. NIILIKICIJ "Midge" maybe lit- surely help him win popularity at eollege. tle. but she eertainly is a good basket- as it has here. hall player. During her junior year she belonged to the Girl Reserves and the NIONTAVON. BOB Bob divided his at- Spanish t'lub. tention between the band and iuterelass athleties lnlt they did not hinder his S'l'Al'FI"lrll-1.Gl'1ORGlfll1lDNVARlJ Re- seholastie standing. Ile is one of the member George at those l.atin t'lub pare younger members of the elass "lt pays ties? lle was also interested in interelass to be smart." athleties. Kitt", E 'Q N f 1 lilly L if . .X STAYNHR. XVIl.l.l'1'l"l'A -- - XVilletta is graduating on the Follege Preparatory t'ourse and is planning to attend business 1 eolleg'. S'l'Ol'K. El.l'lANOR The girls' basket- ball team is losing a good eaptain when she graduates. We hope Eleanor will be just as good in an ofliee and that the st-ore will always be a winning one for her. S'l'Ot'KWELL. l.llt'lI.l.E-l.ueille is gos ing to Ft. lVayne Business College and be- eome a business woman. Good luek. l.u- eille. Vl'll.'l'l'l. NIARIAN Marian is an aeeom- plished seamstress and an exeelleut eook, there you are boys. She sang in the Glee t'lub aml intends to work now. NVA'l"l'l'1RNIAN. OWEN-Owen played Sandbur football ami interelass basketball. Ile is planning to enter the South Bend Business College after graduation. Vl'lf1BB. 'l'l'RA .IANR Tora aspires to atteml Gregg College. XVill the t'alnous brief ease aeetzmpany her there? 'l'ura was prominent in the orehestra for three years. WllAR'l'ON. 'l'Rl41YA 'l'reva is going to attend business eollege. and eomplete her eommereial training. She was a Fresh- man Girl Reserve and played basketball aml volleyball. WIIINNICRY. NIAXINR Maxine is an athlelie girl. She played basketball and volleyball during her junior year and was a member of the ld. ll. S. Wolves. WOl.l4'l'l. HONOR llonor's main inter- est aml aetivity in high school was athf leties. She was a member of the Ifl. ll. S. Wolves. the G. A, A. and Freshman Girl Reserves. WOl.l.ANI. l,Ol.A l.ola. a graduate of the t'ommereial Course. found her trains ing valuable in seeuring a job at the Credit: Rating Bureau. WYLAND. MARION --"Peanuts" has hopes ot' playing shortstop for a profes- sional baseball elub. lle has played four years of interelass basketball. Y l'lRKl'1. DON XVhat will the Blue Blaz- ers do without lJon's quiek. trieky plays. We surmise a little dark-haired girl will miss him too. Besides. he partieipated in elass and elub aetivities. Pnrfw .ytllffffll Q l l 7 M rg fi fl "I 'fl I "I fl "I fl "I YI "I "I 'I "I SI 2 Alilili. JOHN They might say "Still water runs deep" about John. Init he is a boy who gets arouml. llave you seen him tearing along the main street in the fam- ily Buick y ACIIIXICRGER. RICHARD K.- -His am- bition is to become a Director of lligh School Music. Dick's pleasant voice and smile bring to us our favorite tunes at many a class party. At'lllll'lRGl'1R. WILLIAM - Bill grad- uated on the Commercial Course and plans to enter the business world with his father. ADAMS. EVl'1l,YN Much of l'lvelyn's time was taken up by a lad fr01n Iidwards- burg. but she found time t'or basketball and the band. aml was one of the etlicient cafeteria assistants. ASlll'lR. EDITH Fdith was the elite lit- tle girl whose heels used to click down the halls. She belonged to the Art and Drama Clubs aml wants to enter the nursing pro- fession. BALL. liE'l"l'Y Betty has a smile for everyone. She was an active member of the Drama Club and Girl Reserves. and was on the dramatics group in the Annual. BARKOYV. ICDVVIN - Eddie was always seen riding in his Ford aml was usually accompanied by a member of what is known as the weaker seX. BARONI, ANN Ann is little but she gets things done. She graduated on the llome liconomics Course but hasn't decided what she will do on leaving E. ll. S. BA'l'l+lS, ELIZABE'I'H- Purley haired Beth was a brilliant student. She was an active member of many clubs. including the Rah! Rahl, French and Olee l'lubs. BAIRD. RU'l'll -Ruth hasn't decided whether she wants to be a beautician. nurse. or whether to substitute matrimony t'or a career. She was a member of the Drama Club. ' Bl'll'Illl.ER, IlI4'l.l'lN- llelen played a violin in the Orchestra and belonged to Girl Reserves aint the Spanish Club. BENN. STl'lVl'l- -Steve was interested in the industrial departlnent and won a prize t'or his Fisher llody Model. He plans to work before attending college. BICRKICY. PAITL--tVho doesn't know "Shadow"? He will be missed greatly by the school. especially by study hall teach- ers. Ile served as Student Manager for Sandbur Football. HERtll'ZR, LOIIIS ixr An accomplished musician who will be greatly missed by the Music Department. Louis played in the band aml in Stnyvers0n's dance orchestra. BIBBO. ROSE MARY- Rose was a staunch supporter of girls' athletics. She graduated on the Home Economics Course and is planning to work. BIRNIIC. ROBl'1R'l'-Bob's popularity did not stand in the way of his school work. lflesidesh holding many offices in the Fight- ing Fifty and Hi-Y, Bob ranked high in scholarship. BLOCKER. FLORENCE - - Florence ably assisted Miss Studnicka in the library. She was on the .Pennant Weekly staff. was June class lnstorian for the Annual and a member of the orchestra for three 's. SEN IDRS 1 936 IIOGARD. LORA Lora is graduating on the "Graduation" Course according to her activity slip. She intends to go to the liall State INICIIIOTIZII llospital at Muncie, In- diana. BOJAN. IRENE l,I7CILLl+l-Although Irene was quiet. she took a great deal of interest in school affairs. She was active in athletics. the French Club and worked in the library. BOND. VERA 'l'his blonde haired girl has musical ambitions and is undecided whether to pursue a music career or at- tend college. BORN-l'Ilt. PIIYLLIS -Because of de- pendability. amiablcness and willingness to do things. l'hil was one of the most popu- lar members of our class. She served as President of Girl Reserves and Assistant liditor of the Annual this year. She held ottices in the Rah! Rahl. Drama. and Latin Clubs. BORNICMAN. KATHRYN - Everybody knows "Sis" aint everybody laughs either with her or at her. but on a committee. in soliciting ads, in class activities you can count on Kate. BOXVLINH. JOHN A fine musician. this Bowling boy. We have great expectations t'or .Iohn in the music world. He was a member of the Rand. Orchestra and served as President of the Band during his senior year. BOWMAN. PIIYLLIS--,tn ambitious girl who worked during her sparc time. I'hyl- lis plans to work yet this SUIIIIIICI' and then attend nurse's training school in Uleveland. BROADISICNT, WILLIAM- High point man in basketball. Bill won additional hon- ors by being on the All-Conference team. ltill plans to study engineering and then get married: at least. that's what he Sillll. ISRINIDLIC. VVILLIAM llill is known as ''Slaugluterhouse" to his team mates. but around school he was slow. easy and ami- able. llcsides t'ootball. basketball and track. he was a member of the Ili-Y, Fight- ing Fifty and Dralna Clubs. BROWN. MARY Mary will be missed not only by Dennis but also by the or- chestra 'ot' which she was a member for four years. She was a member of the Drama Club. IIITFKMAN. LORRAINIC --- Tall and willowy: a girl who will be remembered as a perfect hostess. She was active in so- cial clubs and had a leading part in 'AA l'air of Sixesf' liUlf1'l'l'lR. Al'Itl'll.l.-X -Aurelia came to us from Saint Mary's Academy as a junior and becalne a member of the Dfilllltl and iilee Clubs. I3IY'l'l.l'1R. HELICN- -Helen was rarely seen without .Iohnny. She was a member of the Rah! Rahl. Spanish and Drama Clubs. CALKINS. RUSSICLL--.X future high- powered salesman who will probably shuf- tle right into some nice big contracts, Rus- sell was active in several clubs and played Sandbur football and interclass basketball. t'ARBONl'1AU. MARIl'Zf"l'oogie" is sel- doln seen without Esther. She graduated on the Commercial t'ourse and will make some business man a tine secretary. CARLSON. PHII.l.ll' Phillip spent most of his time in the Industrial Department. Ile played interclass basketball and was on the Varsity track team. t'AWLl'1Y. VIRGINIA-What will Bob do next year without .liunyi She was a member of the Rah! Rahl. the Drama Club and Girl Reserves. She has,.served on both tberrI'ennant Weekly and Pennant Annual sa s. .l'IIANDI.l'lIt. KENNICTH-In addition to his .interest in art. Kenny has drawing ability- -for the girls. He was a member ot the- Varsity track team aint belonged to the Fighting Fifty. the Art Club and the Drama Club. C'IIRIS'l'lAN. OLAN-VVhcnever you want to find Olan. pick out the boy who is drawing sketches of someone across the room. He worked as Assistant Art Editor ot' the Annual, was a member of the Art Club and plans to attend the Art Academy in Chicago t'ITTADl'Nl'l. ROSE --Petite and pretty with sparkling brown eyes, Rose graduated on the Home Economics Course. t'I.EMl'1N'l'. HAZl'1I.lll:1LLI'1--- Some ha- rassed business man will surely tlnd her ability to spell and use the kings' English a joy to hiln when he dictates his morn- ing mail. ISLIACK. OIQORGIA Georgia seemed to "chck' quite well with Joe. She was a member of the E. ll. S. Wolves and the Drama Club. t'l.OL'Sl41. ICITGENE The 'ifems" lose an- other heart throb when "Skeeter" grad- uates. He was active in the class, Fight- ing Fifty and the orchestra. 't'LYDH. FIIESTER- For two months his picture was lost among the underclassmen. thet was never seen without some femi- mne admirer. He sang in the Glee Club aml was out for interclass athletics. COLBY. MAXIE- Maxine or "Mackie" as' she is better known by her many trlends. was an efficient little basketball player and helped win many a game for her team. A t'ONI.I-lf. ELLEN 7 "C'onnie." the 'what:" girl. She was interested in vari- ous clubs. including Drama, Spanish, G. R.'s and Rah! Rah! t'Ol'El..tND. ALVIN--Imagine Al not surrounded by friends! He has lllally in- terests. Hc played in both the band and inzihestra and took part in interclass ath- e ics. .t'ORMIt'.tN. HEltlll41R'I'-llerbie's ambi- tion is tn become a successful surgeon. Ile belonged to the Latin Club and was on the Ad staff of the Pennant Annual. FOI-tREl,L. RICHARD-He was an in- valuable mcmber of the band for four years and of the orchestra for two years, an industrious student. and the serious sort of boy who is sure to be successful. CORY. IIICLEN - ld. H. S. will lose a valuable student when Helen graduates. NVe all envy Helen those "E's"! Slle be- longed to the Latin Club aml played basketball for one year. FOX. Yl'lVl'1'I'TA M. She was often seen capably serving as a clerk. Yevetta plans to enter nurse's training. She belonged to the Glee Vlub, Girl Reserves and played basketball. i CRIPE. RUTH- Domestic duties had a stronger appeal for Ruth than note books and test papers. She was married this spring and now writes Mrs. before ber name. Page Twenty-one -T., 4 YI! "II 'fll fll "II 5? "I "I VI 2' ff 2' 'I 5? il 'I 7, T I , - 1 1 ' +I, ' ev mimf fr 91 'I 'I HI I VI I 'I CRIPIC. HELICN- -XVho hasn't envied Ilelen those "li" grades? Besides being an exceptional scholar, llelen has had time for her many friends. CRIPIC. EVAl.YNF1--Iivalyne's eurly tresses receive many an envious glance. Sl1e was a member of the Glee Club. taking part in their various activities. CROWI.. LAURA-I.aura's chief concern in her senior year was getting her poetry written. She has no detinite plans after graduation. CURRAN. DAVID- Ilavc you ever seen Davy's imitations? Davy was interested in the Fighting Fifty. Drama aml French Clubs :lint had a part in the .Iunior Class play. Cl'RTIS. THOMAS-Another good musi- cian lost to the Music Department! 'l'om played drum in the band t'or four years. CPSIIING. PLDXVIN- l'ld's greatest weak- ness is t'or feminine singers. Ile was a member of the Ili-Y for three years. lid wants to take up engineering. ClfTTl4ZR. I41I.l'1AN0R The Commercial Course seems to be a popular one -at least with the girls- perhaps they have hopes of marrying their boss. DASCULI. .IOSICPI-I .Ioe was one of the livliest members ot' the elass aml seems to get along with everyone. except the fac- ulty. Ile participated in Varsity football aml other athleties. DAVIDSON. RICRXARD ---- Whether it's ushering for the Fighting Fifty, putting over a elass project or editing the An- nual. "lletch'i is outstanding for his in- terest. his cooperation aml that agreeable- ness that has made everybody like him. DIC LAND. IIICIFN Ilelen anticipates attemling South Bend Business College, She was a member ol' the Spanish Club aml Girl Reserves. Dlfl XVITT, IIARRIICT A graduate ot' the Home ldeonomies Course whose sweet personaiity ami willingness to help when- ever called upon made her well liked by all who knew her. DICK. tilitllttilll A deep bass singer. who aspires to sing on Major Bowes Ama- teur Hour. You probably remember him as a blackfaee in the Minstrel show. DIVlil,Y. CARMIQN- Carmen played on the girls' basketball aml volleyball teams aml was a member of many lil. ll. S. clubs. She played the part ot' "Aunt Julia" in "The Goose llangs High." DONUVAN. I'iIl.l. -Did you ever see llill without Herbie? The Drama Club ami the Annual elaimed llill's attention in his sen- ior year. Ask him about his typing. DUTY. ARTHl'R-Arthur eame to us t'rom Bristol because the IC. II. S. girls just eouldn't get along without him. At Bristol he was a member of the Ili-Y aml played basketball. DVBBS. CIIARl.liS-Une of the intel- legentsia Charles. However. 'ADeat-on" fouml time for the Pennant YVeekly statt ami the l.atin Club. Of course he is going on to college. where. we are sure his ex- cellent record in seholarship will continue. Dl'Dl.l'lY. Bill! -It seems Bob has a weakness t'or a dark eyed harpist! He played those ditlicult piano parts in or- ehestra munbers aml placed high as a solo- ist iu luany music' contests, SEN IGRS 1936 l'ltiI:1R. l'II'ILI'lN Helen would make a good cashier. having had mueh praetice in the High School Cafeteria. but it seems she would rather be a private secretary. EATON. EUIIICNE- Eugene was a sur- prise candidate on the cross-country ami Varsity track teams. Ile says he is going to look for a job after graduation. ICDWARDS. MAYET'l'A --- This neat el'- tieient-looking girl will surely find a job after graduation: if rumor is true. it may be a job in a kitchen. l4ll.LI0'l'T. DOROTHY - Dra ma ties claimed mueh of Dot's attention. She was a member of the Drama aml Glec Clubs aml was active in the affairs ot' both. l'1l.l.IOT'l'. RICIIARD-Dick without Betty isn't Fllliott. He was an active lnember of the Drama and tllee Clubs and is the pos- sessor ot' a niee tenor voice. FZRNICST. RICIIARD Did Diek ever fret to school on time? He belonged to the Drama Club ami was well east as "Krome" in the Senior play. FIRVIX. ICLDOX - ldldon. who would have graduated on the Imlustrial Course, got a job at Selmers so he isnil, graduat- ing with us. ICSCII. Nl'lLl,Il'l MAIC llaving traveled abroad aml having lived many years in lmlia. Nellie has a very interesting back- ground, She was a member of the I.atin Club ami wrote interesting travelogues t'or the Pennant VVL-ekly. ICVAXS. JACK .Iaek was active in the I.atin Club. Drama Club. was interested in athleties and was a sports writer for the Pennant Weekly this year. FAPtI.I'iY. BICRNADINIC-WBernadine. of the Farley-Colby duo. played basketball for three semesters. She intends to be a typist aml bookkeeper. after graduation. FLUKFI. ROI.I.0 -A diminutive lad who was frequently seen riding in a Model T Ford. Ile was formerly an ardent sports fan but his interests have changed. I-'RANtil41R. ICVICLYN- -Evelyn knows all about vitamins ami calories. She is graduating on the Ilome llleonomics Course. She sang in the Glee Club aml was a member ot' tiirl Reserves. FRECll!'1'l'TE. VVIl.I.IAM-Bill is going to join the Navy when he graduates. From his work in Dramaties elass we think he would also make a good stage designer. I4'RII3l.l'1Y. GORDON This auburn haired boy was interested in the indus- trial department. especially auto me- chanics. Football reeeived mueh of his interest. I"ROI'll.ICK. Ill'll.l4lN- Ilelen belonged to the Drama Club. She is graduating on the tieneral Course. After graduation she plans to enter a school for nurses. FROST. I.l'CIl,l.l-I -The sehool will be losing a good tennis. volleyball ami basket- ball player when l.ueille graduates. She belonged to the ti. A. A. in her senior year. HARD. .ll'STICl'1 I-1.--"Justice" managed interelass basketball. Varsity traek. Sand- bur football aml cross-country teams while in high ss-hool. Ile is planning to become a Deisel lingineer. IDICISIIARD, I.I410N .lR. f'Geb" eame to li. ll. S. as a last semester sophomore. Ile has taken the College Preparatory Course ami plans to enter eollege next fall. t2l41Pl-'l'lR'l'. l'Al'I.lNI'l Pauline was a faithful member ot' the baml for four years. She was in the National winning brass sextette when she was a junior. IEICRKING. SHl'lI.BY- As a female im- personator. as a business man. as a enl- leclor aml distributor of quibs, Shelby was heard as well as seen. Ile was active in publications. drama and sports and per- formed his duties industriously. IEIUMI. .ll'LIl'lT .Iuliet will make some man a good wife: she is graduating on the Ilome Fleonomies Course. tll'lPIC. IIIQXRY- Hank has been quite a "lady-killer" from the looks of things. How will they get along without him when he goes to eollege? til.ACI4l. lllsl'l"l'Y---VVlie1i aroused. Betty has a temper aml is quite a spittire. Never- lhe-less she is a fast, at-curate typist aml sure to please her boss. MOVE. FRANKLYN -Franklyn has sung in the tllee Club for three years. Ile also went in for interelass sports. Ile plans to work after graduation or post- graduate. tiRlSl-Z. WARNIC -Warne did not have time to partake in sehool activities beeause he worked. He was a quiet, dignitied mem- ber of our class. ILROVIC. ROSE ---- Rose was often seen wearing an sweater. Iler hobby was writing to girls in foreign countries. IIANSINU. CARI.---Carl hopes to study engineering at Purdue University. He played basketball and football aml was ae- tive in traek. IIARDY. PAl'I.- One of those big silent he-men. Due to height aml skill Paul was a valuable member of the basketball ami track teams. llARI.I'ISS. FRl'1D-Fred eame to us t'rom VVaterloo alnl immediately became a valuable member of the band. orehestra ami tilee Club. Ile was president of his class during his sophomore year at XVater- loo. IIARRAII. CIIRISTIXA "Tina" was the Cllilt little stenographer in the Senior Class play. remember? That experienee should help her to get a job as stenographer as that is what she wants to be. HARRIS. VAI.l+lRIA-- Valeria was a very vivacious red-haired girl. ller imagination should help her if she ever expects to be- come a writer. IIARVEY. R!llil4lR'l'- Rob. a graduate of the Industrial Course. was aetive in ath- leties. He played Sandbur football aml was a member of the Varsity traek ami eross-country teams. Page Twranly-three ffiii 1 1 YIIW "IU flf SH "II fw ? 0 g , HA'l'Fll-1l.D. ALLEN---Allen was always busy for seemingly sob with his gal friends, French Club. or tracking down ads for the Annual. Ile will be remem- bered as the moon in Pryamus and Thisbe and as the high-powered lawyer, "Vander- holt" in the Senior Class play. HATFIl'lI.D. JAMES--Jimmy is the boy with the nice tenor voice who thrilled the feminine listeners at the minstrel. He was interested in Sandbur football, inter- class basketball and Glee Club. HAUT. VIDl.liT-Shy as her name--in- dustry plus quiet reserve. She worked hard on the Conunercial Course. HAVLISH. DICK-YVe certainly hate to lose Dick. Ile was president ot' the Art Club for two years. worked on the Pen- nant NVeekly l'or three years. belonged to many clubs and participated in athletics. HAYS. .IAMICS-James was on the An- nual staff as assistant business manager. He belonged to the Drama Club and was the boy in the .lunior Class play. who was inside the fur coat and ear nu1l'l's. HENDRICKS. CAROLYN Carolyn was a member of the Drama, Girl Reserves and tilee Clubs. HI4ZRSIIBl4IRGI'IR. KA'l'III.I'Zl+lN - - Our own Eleanor I'owell. Kay intends to keep on dancing. Kathleen was secretary ot' her class for two years and belonged to the Rah! Rahl. Art Club. Drama Club. Girl Reserves and worked on the Pennant Vl'eekly and Annual. HILBISII. Kl.l4l'l'l+I Klete has his head in the air about his future: he is planning to take up areonautical engineering. Be- cause of his witty remarks and good na- ture. he was very popular in school. IIOClIS'l'li'l'l.l+lR. DORl'1'I"I'A Dorctta and Dot are among the inseparables of our high school. She was a faithful Girl Re- serve for four years. belonged to the Drama Club and played volleyball and basketball. HDGl'1NDOBl.l'lR. EI,I.XVO0D Ellwood was interested in Chemistry and could al- ways be found after school in the labora- tory. Ile played in the orchestra for two years. HOUYICR. GRACIE- Gracie will he re- membered for the excellent interpretation of "Granny." in our Junior Class play. The Drama Club was one of her interests. HURTOX. NORMAN-As an ambitious student. Norman can't be beaten. for he is going to work until he earns enough money to go to college. He played in the hand four years and worked on the Pennant Annual. HOUSl'1WOR'l'lI. JOHN- .lolm spent most of his time in one of our t'avorite drug stores. behind the counter. He plans to he a pharmacist. Hl'GlllCS. MINXII-1-lVho hasn't heard Minnie's contagious giggle? She came here from liugland. which doubtless accounts for her marvelous complexion. I-lUMl4ZCKI+l, l+1l.EANOR - - Minds her own business. studies and docs well as a commercial student. The world could use more of Fleanor's type. HI'MMl4ll.. lil.'l'0X--lVl1at will the or- chestra do without Fllton next year? He played in the orchestra for four years and was a hlackface Minstrel performer. SENIGRS 1 936 llIlX'l'. DOROTIIY- Unknown to most people Dorothy played t'ootball, left guard, in her senior year. Besides football, Dor- othy's name was on the membership list of the Rah! Rahl, Girl Reserve, and Drama Clubs. III'N'l'l:1R, WINFRHD-Did Bud ever keep quiet except when asleep? Bud's in- terests vary: he was a member of the l.atin Club, tennis team and played in the orchestra. IIUS'l'l+lR. DOROTHY E.---A small girl interested in girls' atliletics. Dorothy took the Commercial Course and plans to do otlicc work after graduation. lII'S'l'IiR. YVAI.'l'ICR -"lValt" played in- tcrclass basketball and was on the Sand- bur football tealn. lle sang in the Glce Club in his freshman year. IGNAFOI.. LIDA -VVe feel Very com- fortable about the health of the next gen- eration: at least half ot' our girl grad- uates. including l.ida. plan to he nurses. IVINS. LILLIAN---A dark eyed. vivac- ious lnusician. I.illian played clarinet in the band for four years. playing in the Clarinet uuartette. and sextette. She was on the Pennant VVeekly staff this year. IVINS. NELSON The "liar Vl'ood" of our class was also a member of the band for four years. After graduation he is going to XVinton Deisel School. JENKINS. ED l'ld's chief interest was in athletics. He played Sandbur football, interclass basketball and was a member of the track and cross-country te:uns. JDIINSON. I41I.IZABl'Z'l'Il-- Vl'ho would recognize Elizabeth without her curly hair? She was active in the Drama, Spanish. Art and Girl Reserve Clubs. JOHNSON. EDWIN A. To see lidwin without his bicycle would be a calamity. We wonder if he rode it to the C. M. 'l'. C. camp? Ile is going to a Deisel engineer school. JUIINSON. .IIMMIIC Size didn't hiluler this little Johnson boy. Ile was active in varsity basketball and track as well as in- tcrclass basketball and track. JOIINSOX. BOB ll.- Bob. with his red- dish blonde hair. seems like a small boy for a high school lad. But he was a good basketball player on the interclass teams and also was on the "Zhi" track team. JUIIXSON. BOB 0. Bob could always make himself heard with his big base drum. Besides playing in the band for four years Bob was on the Pennant An- nual statf. JONES. JACK .lack Jones. "God's gift to the gals." also a git't to the football team. .lack has been social chairman of the Fighting Fifty. lli-Y and Latin Clubs. KANTZ. AYMICR Aymer hopes to enter Indiana I'niversity. XVe think he should enter the poetry class. since he wrote such good poems in the linglish eight class. llc graduatcd on the College I'reparatory Course. KARASCII. FRANCIS Francis, a speed demon in his boat or his Ford. Nothing was too fast for him. lle should be able to whirl through college in no time. KARASCH. RAY Besides his school sport activities. Ray is a working man after school hours. llc wants to become a sailor and see the world. KI-II-ZCII. I41ARl,-- Earl would make a good banker. having had experience as treasurer of the class for three semesters and of the French Club for four semesters. Lie was also a member of the Fighting 'ifty. KELI.. IRVIX -May we present "Hec- tor." who knew all and saw all for the Pennant XVeekly's dirt column. Irvin was baggage boy for the band and orchestra two years. KERN. FRANCES-Frances has. no doubt. helped you to find books in the school library many times. She was ae- tive in the Drama Club and girls' athletics. KIDDI-ZR. I.I'll'l-Lee is well known or rather heard. for his deep voice in the Glee Club. and had an important share in the Minstrel shows and operas. KILGRICN. ARNOLD-"Package: sign here please." are Arnold's passwords. He is one of the XVestern Union Messenger boys who brings us telegrams and pack- ages. KILMIFLR. l4ll.Ml'1R-Elmer did not gradu- ate with us but left school to work at a local brass factory. KLAWl'I"l'l'1R. RICHARD - - R i c h a r d plans to spend his life behind the bars- the bars of a bank. He belongs to the Drama and Glee Clubs and is well known as a philatelist. KLINGAMICN. FRANCES IC.--Frances. because of her neatness aml her business- like ability shouhl soon tind a place i11 the lmsiness world. KI.INGl.l41R. ALBERT S A I, D a v y Hughes' right-hand man and also the band's strutting drum major will. no doubt. someday he a famous maestro. He won much recognition for his musical abil- ity in thc baud and orchestra during his high school years. KOEIIICRNIK. MlCRRIl.I.- Merrill work- ed hard on the interclass basketball and football teams and was a member of the Ili-Y and Drama Clubs. KDONTZ. DORIS You will remember Doris as "Coddles" in the Senior Class play. but she had numerous other activities. including Drama, Girl Reserves. Glee Club and basketball. KDTWAS. l4lDXVARD-- llldward. distin- guished by his silent. easy-going manner. could usually be found in the Industrial building. llc is going to be a machinist. KRDNK. .l0Sl+Il'IlINE-.lo moved here from Nappanec to join us in her senior year and was a welcome addition to our class, graduating on the Commercial Course. LA Bl'1I.l.lC. MARTHA - -Martha took part in numerous activities including the Rah! ltahf. Spanish Club and Girl Re- serves. She thinks she will return next year. l.AIDl..XVl'. l3ll.L4A swimmer---when he isn't diving. he's riding around with 'l'rucx. Bill played interclass basketball and Sandbur football. LAl'l'l. CllARI.0T'l'l:1-Charlotte played basketball for two years. being the cap- tain: played volleyball for two years and was a member of the E. H. S. VVolves. Priya' 1'IL'1'l11'y-five L Q Xllll. XXXXXNNXX XX XX r 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'fl LAI'Dl'15IAN. LILLIAN Lillian is al- ways seen with "de Bates boy." She played violin in the orchestra and was a Girl Re- serve. LHA'l'lll4LRM.XN. DALIC IVe imagine Dale will miss Phyllis as much as Phyllis will miss Dale: but never mind. Philly will soon be out. too. Dale plans to work at the printing trade. I.EIlNI.XN. DDlt0'I'IIY Dorothy has an outside interest and he just can't wait till she graduates. How about it. Dot? She sang in the Glee Club and belonged to the Drama Club. LI+lVl'IS. ROBl'1ll'I' -- Ilis unassuming friemlliness. modesty, and courtesy won for Bob the unusual honor of the presi- dency of his class for four years. Ile headed the Hi-Y aint Debate team. Be- sides these otliiccs he was prominent in the Fighting Fifty. Drama Clnb. baml and interclass athletics. LILLY. JEAN .lean is going to college in Canada --Alma College in St. 'l'homas. Ontario. She was a member of the tlirl Reserves. Drama Club ami in the tilee Club for four years. I.INDl'1li. DOROTIIY A cute little girl with winning ways. whose assets include three good looking brothers. She belongs to the Dralna Club and was interested in dramatics. LINDS'l'lt0M. ALFHILD - - This pretty senior divided her time between the boy from Concord and ushering at the lflcho 'l'heatrc. For two years she was a mem- ber of the orchestra. LUNG. .IRAN .lean's brisk walk and friendly personality made her well known. She will long be remembered as i'Lois" in the .lunior Class play. LDRICNZ. DRY.-XI.--Orval has much in- terest in chemistry and plans to take a chemistry course in college. He was a member oi the tilee Club and played in- terelass basketball. NIALM, LUIS Artistic in every thing she does. whether it is making all those clever little sketches for the Annual or writing poetry and prose for the Anthol- ogy. Lois was an active member of the French and Art Clubs. serving as treasurer of the Art Club in her senior year. NIAIKTIN. t'LYDl'1--Clyde is going to be a lumber man. he says. Ile was president of the Spanish Club and belonged to the Art Club, the Forum Club. played tennis and worked on the Pennant Annual. BIAli'l'lN. DANA -- Dana took part in basketball but was better known for his boxing. He spent his time escorting Helen down the halls. MAST. GLENN- tlienn's dark hair and eyes always attract attention.. This quiet boy made an enviable scholastic record. MAST. R0Bl41lt'l'--Bob claims he's a woman hater but we know better, The Drama. Debate and Forum Clubs found him a dependable member. MAlllll'l. .I0l41-- -.loels football playing will long be remembered. He starred for three years on the football tield. He also was associated with the Fighting Fifty and Varsity track. NlILI.l'1lt. DORIS--Doris slaved through typing aml shorthand on the Commercial Course: it will be just that much easiel for her to tind a job. SENIORS 1 936 NIILLI-Ill. DORR Dorr keeps the mail- man busy delivering letters to a girl in Beloit. Wisconsin. The remainder of his time is spent at lli-Y. interclass basketball or in the tllee Club. NIILl.l'1lt. JOYCE .loyce came to us from Daytona Beach. Florida. to become feature editor of the Pennant VVeekly, associate editor of the Anthology, and a member of the Spanish and Drama Clubs. BIILLl'llt. LEIVIS If the jokes in our Annual arcn't very good. just blame Lewis, Lewis was a member of thc Hi-Y in his freshman and sophomore years. Ile in- tends to go to Purdue and study elec- trical engineering. NlILLl'llt. NIAIt'l'IN -Ace the boy with the distinctive walk: he was a popular sen- ior and belonged to the Drama Club. Fight- ing Fifty and was sports editor of the l'cnnant Weekly. MISIlLl'1li. FRANCICS- Frances. a fair graduate of the Commercial Course. was fortunate in tinding employment at the Outing Nlanufacturing Company. NlITt'lll'll.l.. I.Ilt'ILLE- Lucille has hopes of becoming a stenographer after graduation. VVe wish her success. She sang in the tilee Club for a short time. Kltltlltli. BIi'l"l'Y Queen of the Music Ifestivitics in April. she reigned royally with her charm and beauty. She was a member of the orchestra and played in the string ensemble. NIOORE. FLOYD ll. -Floyd came to us from Kankakee High School and became a member of the Ili-Y ami tllee Clubs. He played interclass basketball and Samlbur football. BIDRIAN. LORIN --Although Lorin wasn't very active in school activities. he was considered a good kid and a lot of fun. BIORSIAI. NDRIQICN Noreen made ex- cellent grades and had several poems in the Anthology. She played basketball and volleyball. belonged to the Latin Club and was a librarian. Noreen plans to go away to school. MOIINT. tllitllitllfl George came to us from South Bend Central during his jun- ior year so he didn't have time to join many clubs or participate in many activi- ties. He plans to take a vacation after graduation. MURPHY. JAYNI41 The dark-eyed per- sonality girl: probably no one in our class is more generally liked. She was an of- iicer ami active member of many clubs: Rah! Rahl. Latin and Girl lieserves. NELSUN. AGNES J.--Agnes. contrary to the red hair theory. was a very quiet member of the class. Maybe her lack of interest in school affairs is due to a mascu- line attraction outside of school. NELSON. XVILBIIR You could always ilnd "IVilly" ushering for the Fighting Fifty. Ile was active in Samlbur football. cross-country. indoor track and interclass basketball. NIBLOCK. Bl'l'l"l'Y Betty will he 1'e- membered t'or her pcrt'or1nance in the .lun- ior Class play. her club lnemberships. her patient work on publications and for her charming disposition. NIBLUCK. SARITA Sarita was so busy learning her shorthand aml typing that she was unable to take part in many school activities. 0'CONN0li.CA'l'lll'lliINE Catherinewas usually seen with Irene an inseparable pair. She took an interest in girls' ath- letics and worked in the school library. 0I,INGIIOIiSE. ANNA MARIE-Anna Nlarie's long blonde hair is outstanding. She was a capable. energetic student un the Conunercial Course. oI.lYER. .IHANNR -Because of her charm and friendliness. Jeanne has made many friends. These qualilications will help her succeed in the nursing profes- sion which she plans to enter. OLSON. VERA l'1l.IZABl-1'l'II Vera is another serious-minded Commercial stu- dent who wants to work in an oiliee after graduation. 0lt'l'. MAlttiARIi'l' -"If you want a thing done well-" let Margaret do it. 'l'his proves true in her work on the An- imal and in the Girl Reserves, Rah! Rahl, Latin and Dralna Clubs to which this con- scientious senior belonged. 0'l"l', LA MAR Ott was most often seen on the football iield or in the gym, man- aging the players or taking part himself. Although he wants to get a job and travel we secretly think he is a contortionist. USWALD. RICIIAKD --"Ozzie" always seemed to enjoy himself wherever he was. llc was interested in all types of sports and the Drama Club. PACULA. IIBLEN Ilelen works in a beauty shop outside of school hours. Some day she hopes to be a great beautieian in- stead ot' a stenographer for which her course prepared her. I'ALMl'lll. MARIAN- -"Paddy" is never seen alone nor nuiet. She has been very popular in clubs. belonging to the Rah! ltahl. Latin, Drama. Art aint ti. lt. Clubs. PAIRISIIO. tiI.0Rl.X Bookkeeping. short- haml. typing and other commercial sub- jects kept tiloria busy. She is going to work after graduation. Pl'1NDILL. IIEOHCEIC- -Fame came to George for his athletic ability and his punting on the football tield. Ile will be greatly missed next year by the Blue Ava- lanche and also by a certain junior girl. PIGNDILL. ROBl'1li'l' .IR.- -For awhile Bob couldn't settle down but then he de- cided to graduate with us. He was in- terested in the Glee Club ami interelass athletics. PINDI-ILL. BE'l"l'Y Betty's social inter- ests lie outside of school. we hear. She be- longed to the tilee Club and ljfillllll Club. PHILLIPS. PATRICIA-Imagine Pat not getting letters from out-of-town admirers! She had an active interest in the French. Drama and tl. R. Clubs and the Pennant Vileekly. l'l.l'lTt'IIl'lli. HARRY Harry made him- sclt' well known. Ile was a member of the Spanish and Drama Clubs and played interclass basketball. Pl"l'MAN. I.UCILI.l'1--Lucille graduated on the Commercial Course. Shc plans to work after graduation 'and will be some lucky man's very etlicient stenographer. RANDOLPII. RAUNAFAYH Itagnafaye was prominent in journalistic work. She scrvcd on the Pennant IVeekly for two years, was assistant editor of the Animal and editor of the Anthology, which con- tained sevcral of her poems. In addition she was a member of the Rah! Rabi, French and Girl Reserves Clubs. Page Twerzty-sezien 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I "I ,'I 'I 33333333 33 3333 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I SI :I l 1 RAYMER. DOROTHY -Dorothy was a member of the Spanish Club. the tilee Club and Girl Reserves. She took the General Course and is planning to enter college. REESE. ALTON-i'Let's have an old lo- comotive--" llud played Varsity tennis for two years and participated in inter- class basketball and Sandbur football. In addition he was a member of the Fighting Fifty aml Latin Clubs. REU-l.EIN, BUD-Bud could find a job in a side show any old time because of his double jointed feats. Ile was a mem- ber of the Drama Club. I.eah will be re- REICII. LEAII MAE- inembered as one of the skilled harpists in She was a mem- the band and orchestra. ber of both the Art and Spanish Clubs. REPLOGLE, HELEN LOUISE --- These Helens stick together through thick ami thin. Helen pursued the Commercial Course and belonged to the Drama Club. REYNOLDS. VVAYNE VVayne could al- ways he found practicing for a play. He had leads in both our senior and junior plays., Ile plans to continue dramatics in college. N RIIODICS. .IAINIES--.l'i mfe's good looks are always attracting ,comment from the fairer sex. llc was interested in-athletics. especially basketball. '- RIBl.l'l'l'. MARJORIIC And how that girl can shuffle! Marjorie was social chairman of our class this year. ller scope of ac- tivities includes tiirl Reserves, Pennant Weekly, band and basketball. RINl'LllART. RUTH- "'l'css." as she is known to all her friends. won recognition t'or her dependability. vitality, her curly blonde hair and her puny puns. ller mem- bership in many clubs. hcr editorial work on publications and her oiiices in the class and clubs kept her busy. ROBBINS. CALVIN This red haired lad was interested in the Industrial Course and is an ardent sports fan. "Chub" was usually seen with Yerkc. ROBICRTSON, ALICE- -This small golden haired chatter box was a popular member of the Spanish. Drama and Art Clubs. ROBINSON. ICDXVARD lid was the high stepper for the band for two years. He will not only he missed by the band but hy a certain junior girl. Rl'l'l'l. BR.XDl4lN-The boy with a lum- berjack's stride. 'Tis rumored that he is girl-shy. He played in interelass athletics for four years. Rl"I"l'h . YIRGI ' X -- "Virgic" was known ij her " walk. She had the responsib a 'ob in addition to her school wo . SAILOR. ELSIE -Elsie's noon hours are spent in a very interesting way with a very popular person, aren't they. Floyd? 'l'he tommercial Course kept her busy. SANDERS. LORENE This tall attrac- tive girl belongs to the French and Girl Reserve Clubs. She played basketball in her sophomore year. SCIINEIDER. BETTE LOU-"The Duch- ess" is well-known for her singing and her collection of bov friemls. She was active in the Rah! Rabi. French and Glee Clubs. She appeared. as a soloist. on many pro- grams. SENIORS 1 936 SEVISON, VICTOR "Vie" thrilled thousands of spectators at Rice I-'ield with his baton twirling. He was a valuable member of the band. SHAW. ALBERT-"Bud" really belongs to the class of but stayed on to graduate with us. Working kept him from taking part in school affairs this year. SHELL, ROBERT-Robert is graduating in the Industrial department. He is prin- eipally interested iI1 scientific invention and achievement. SIIINABARGER. VERA---If you want any tips on cooking, consult the amiable Vera. She fully appreciates the calorie value of' potato chips. SIIINN. JOHN FORD---Every day John came quite a. distance to school but was never tardy and always made good grades. He participated in interclass basketball. SHOUP. ROSALIE-Most of Rosalie's time in school was taken up by Al and after graduation he's planning to take up all her time. SHRICINER. VVALLACE L.-Meet VVal- lace of the dancing Shreiner twins. Wal- lace was outstanding on the tennis team. aint belonged to the Spanish and Glee C u is. SHR EINER. WALTER The other mem- ber of the famous dancing duo. VValter was interested in the Spanish and Glce Clubs and played Varsity tennis. Slll7l'ERT. l'llYLLlS Phyllis was on the XVeekly staff in her junior year and the .Knnnal staff this year. She was a member of Girl Reserves and played in thc band two years. SINICOX. l'1S'l'lll-lR-- Esther was active in the Drama Club and in basketball. She is interested in the medical profession but is undecided as to whether to be a nurse or doctor. SNYDER, MARY .Il'1.-KN---Mary Jean's smile and friendliness won many friends. She was active in the Spanish. Drama aml Girl Reserve Clubs and worked on the An- nual staff. SNYDER. MARTHA JANE- -- Martha plans to work after graduation. She be- longed to the Girl Reserves and was a member of the Spanish Club in her senior year. S'l'.XCK. l.Ol,'lS.X-She managed a job and school work at the same time and deserves much credit. She was active in the Dralna Club. STAIR. XVIl.Nl.X -This pretty senior was always seen with a Sllllllt. and an admirer. VVilma's interests were the Spanish and Drama Clubs. S'l'l'lINll!l'lL. lll'1T'l'Y- Betty divided her time between the orchestra and "llector." She was invaluable to the orchestra and band. having directed a string ensemble during her senior year. STEVENS. MARJORIE- -lilarjorie hopes to become a stenog.rapher. She plans to attend business college. STUMP, LAWRENCE-Lawrence is in- terested in dramatics. He is one of the authors listed in this year's Anthology. His name was usually found in the four "E's" list. S'l'U'l'ZMAN. CARL-Through his sing- ing on public programs, Carl and his guitar have become well known. He belonged to the Drama and Glee Clubs. STUYVERSON. ROBERT - The Rhythm King in person- Bob's orchestra played for all the social functions. He hopes to con- tinue his study of music and become a great orchestra leader. SUPER. DON--The "Don Juan" of E. H. S. with mustachio. Don was active in the Hi-Y and Art Clubs. He was interested in interclass athletics but was most often seen with a camera. SURMA, HELEN ANN-Besides her ex- tra work in the commercial department Ann played the clarinet in the hand and worked as a reporter for the Xveekly. SWANK, WENDELL-'Wendell was in- terested in dramatics and was one of the soldiers in the Christmas play. He plans to get a job right after graduation. SWARTZELI.. DICK-Dick coua. be recognized by his cheerful whistling. He worked as a paper-boy and we hear he whistles on his route. SWEETLAND, ORLEANNE-Orleanne's chief interest in life does not attend E. H. 5. She was a commercial student and hopes to be a stenographer. SWIHART. DORIS-She was interested in girls' sports, the Pennant Weekly, the Glee and Latin Clubs. she contributed to the Anthology and served as an assistant librarian. TEIHD. MARY ELLEN --Mary Ellen. an attractive commercial student was a mem- ber of the Girl Reserves and played volley- ball. THORNTON. RICHARD-D i c k g a v e much of' his time to the music department. playing in both the orchestra and band. He was a member of the stringed en- semble which won national honors in 1931 and 10:55. THUNANDER. ROBERT-Bob spent nearly all his time with the band in which he tooted a horn for four years. He was secretary of the band last year and vice president this year. THURSBY, ROBERT-Bob. as ad man- ager of' the Annual was frequently seen dashing around. He played the father in "The Goose Hangs High." but his best rolel was Pyramus, a martyr for the An- nua . TODT. DONALD-Indiana University will get a good member f'or their band when Don arrives. He played in our band through his high school years. TRACY. FAITH-Faith plans to attend business college. She played in the or- chestra fnr four years, belonged to the Drama Club and was librarian and news reporter for the orchestra. TROYER, DON --'5Hiram's" interest cen- tered around athletics and a certain girl. He played Varsity football, basketball and track. Page Twenty-nine XRQJD 23 WW H V1 f1 'I r' r' r' XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXNNX lljllll il TRUEX. MERLINV t'Merve" divided his time between riding around in big cars and playing pinochle. At school he was interested in dramatics and interclass ath- leties. TRUMBULL, MARY JO Besides work- ing on the Annual and belonging to the Girl Reserve. Drama and Latin Clubs. Mary .lo spent much of her time at the Elkhart Conservatory of Music where she was pianist for dancing classes. ULERY. ANITA -Another attractive athletic girl. Anita was a member of the E. H. S. Wolves. She was interested in all sports both as a player and as a spec- tator. VAN DCSEN. ETHEL Ethel is plan- ning to work but has also made plans with Rob. VVe ean't imagine this little girl with- out her giggle. VELTE. LORRAINE- Lorraine is going into the Medical profession. "Rainy" be- longed to many clubs. worked on' the An- nual. and had a part in the senior play, "A Pair of Sixes." VREDINGIICRGH. HELEN--Helen plans to divide her time between working in an ofliee. as an occupation and being an art- ist as a hobby. VVAGGONER, RUTH "To get a job and see the world," is the aim of this young lady. Ruth belonged to the Girl Reserves for two years and the Glee Club for one year. XVALLEY. JEAN Jean's main love was her art. She graduated a year ahead of schedule. She belonged to the Art Club. Rah! Rabi. French. and Girl Reserves. VYALTERS. TIIOMAS-'l'ommy was an oiiicer of his class. belonged to many clubs, played football. worked on both the 1'enA nant Annual and XVeekly. and was in the .Junior Class play. Ile intends to study Chemical Engineering at l'urduc. VVARD. GEORGE George furnishes the fun for the rest of us to chuckle at. Ask him about his pugilistic achievements. VVARNER, MARIANW Marian is one ol' the few people who always has a smile. Maybe it's because everything is "Okie Dokie" these days. WEAVER. CAROL Carol will make a very dependable aml etticicnt nurse. She sang in the Glee Club and belonged to lu, ll. S. Vl'olves and G. A. A. SENIORS 1 936 VVEIXSTER. MAZIE -Mazie's hobby was drawing the teacher's protile during recita- tion periods. She was a member of the Art Club and was on the Art statl' of the Annual. WEILER. IIARRY fe Elkhart High School's desperate racqueteer--Captain of the tennis team. lle was interested in the lIi-Y ami Latin Clubs. Harry was among the highest in scholarship. VVENNER. KENNETH --- Kenny should take up racing: judging fro111 the way he drives. However. he is planning to be a Deisel Engineer. WHITELY. ANNA --Because of illness. Anna. a melnber of last year's class. grad- uated with us. She was active in the Drama and French Clubs and the band. VVIIITMYRE, MARIE Some business man will iind in Marie a good oiiice girl. She took the Commercial Course and was an active member of girls' athletics. WILCOXEN. MARGUERITE - - Attrac- tive. a good dancer. and a popular girl. She was ad solicitor of both the Annual and VVcekly. belonged to the Drama Club and the Girl Reserves. WILIIELM. ARDEN-Ardie was presi- dent of the Drama Club: he capably served as student manager of football. basketball. and track four years. and was a sports writer on the Annual stai'l'. WILLIAMS. IRM.-X MAIIALA Imagine Irma as a manager of a beef and horse ranch! That seems to be one of her main ambitions along with being a bookkeeper or a beauty doctor. XVlI.'l'ROl'T. MARION- Meet the champ. Marion can work any cross-word puzzle in tifteen minutes. no matter bow long or complicated. YVINE. EMERSON ---Emerson lost his "Zentz" about a certain girl. He plans to get a drafting job. VVINE. .JUNE-June was active in the E. H. S. WVolves. having played volleyball and basketball for four years. She also was interested in Dramatics. WITIIERS. ROBERT A tall boy with a slow lazy drawl! Iiob's paper route kept him busy but he found time for interclass athletics. VVITMER. VVILRIIR-Have you noticed how much Vl'ilbur resembles Rudy Vallee? Although he has played in the band ami orchestra for four years be neither croons nor plays a saxophone. He was a member oi' the Drama and Latin Clubs. WVITMAN. SHIRI,EYAShirley was an ice-skater. Ile is usually found at the skating rink in winter. In school he spent most of his time in the Industrial Depart- ment. VVRIGIIT. RIISSELI.iNVhen things were being done. Russ was always on band. He was a member of the Drama Club aml made an excellent scholastic record. YODER. KEITH "Penner" is known i'or his wise cracks. and his ability to make himself heard. He was a member of the Fighting Fifty, Latin Club and Hi-Y. YODER. MYRON The blonde half of the Yoder-Witmer duo. Myron was a member of the Drama and Latin Clubs aml the hand. YONKERS. MOREI.--Morel came to us from Tilden lligh in Chicago. VVhile here, he made friends and was active in the Glee Club. YONKERS. SHELIJON- The singing ath- lete. Sheldon was a member of the Glee Club ami an invaluable member of the track and cross-country teams. ZENTZ. ELOISE- Eloise played in the orcbestra for two years. In her junior and senior years sbc and Emmerson were constantly together. ZIESEL. MARY JEAN' Ziesel Reaches New High in Advertising! Zeisel Made Managing Editor of VVeekly! Zeisel Given Lead in Class Play! Headlines like these would tell oi' a few of the achievements of this clever, capable girl. ZIMMERMAN, ARTHUR -Art has long been identified with the Glee Club. Seen around town in his brother's car- with his brotber's girl. ZIMMERMAN. ROBERT Bob swings it with his big bass viol as a member of a jazz orchestra. Ile was associated with the band, orchestra, Glee and Latin Clubs. Page Thirty-one V - J . , . ., I x x ' ' J "9 U I ' iz . XS N . ., x . 1 ' V ., 1 A. ...V s im ' V K II I I .Q I' V 1 ., 1 4 .I VI President ............ Don Ui1I'dl1f'l' ,Iff -. ,T I I V I V- . . . .' , ' ' ' . , N I' L "'f l 4 J' ':" . ,. II. . J " N ICC I lQSldl.llt ....... Ixelth b?hutt If , I! Q II If IIII K Secretary .........v., Jack luasmx mb , I I I I I 1 rg V - 3.12 ' . '- 'l'reasu1'cr .............. Julm Jay I In I t T- AI - - I " 1 Ij I Social C'l1air11wl1-g I 'A A . 'JK 1' L V V ' f V: Firsf Huw: Hostetler. D, I -- I ,F H Q I Albrif'l1t,XV. lgl11lf01V A- V ' 3. 'ii .I if Q fi if .Q ' 'I 1 I AIIISCFQII, D. lgllflffll- M- VV I I is I I If . Anfle1'sun. B. gSll0I3l. B. II C V I ' I ' I' V I V. "1' ' ' Baker. D. V f'1"S01'- ' 1 V V .,.. 'G V - 2 .. . , 1x.w101-, M. .mx J. n w S if J' , A .7 . HfwV1.1.J Bickart, M. J. I I " IQV I I Bom, 111, Sf"ITf'71HL Low: I E I . ,I" ' I ' liowlby. V. K -I -eg. J, V , .,.. I I -I , V 'fav . -'-- ' .I 'W Boyer. R. lclllflgzl. K. I f' 9 S' " . V 1 +3 Brown. K- Kindig. W. -I V Vg -... VI Y . ' ' " Kline. K. . S ' '- V ' , -' , I . SUFOHII How: Kline. JI QQ' P' I: - . '-.- -V XI fl I l i V K l3uCklE5'. B. Klupfenstciu, R. Q "NN ' " it 5 ' Calvert. B. Kuhn. FI. II ' . V: - , J. In hart . 1. '- 1 ' ' , K ., QL VS::'5ESt01'. XV. l.JI1l,tUll, I. Vg. .3 1' VV ' ar '. "' A' kg' A -' --1 r Chester, T, I.uugbrnk0. D. V , I :.,- , 'J' I ' v - . E Cripe. M. II I I II I 55" I 5 1,52 ., 'J e -- I C1ydeIC. 11111 L fuufz- .' I . ' If f- , MII II '1 -- IQIIIIIIIIIIII II... f'0111e1'V li- I. V .12 .' , . ,. f in 24" , M V5 1' V ' .Vu,,.,.,i.,,I EI Nlgggglum GI ,. . I . . I 1 1 1 I , f M. Deckelr D- Massey. A. X, X ,V V . I ,. I ,Q M 'Dr ' ,l. D. ' EV JZ , ' . .I V "' Y' J- ' 7'1'f1'd Ifffwi Mi-DIJlE:S1l.lJ. fi.: H if . V? V, . - 'fi XV 99' 3' ' Dickmml. R. NICI'IFlttQIl, '1'. II' x I I I VI V . II Douglas. D. NIL-Keeblc. J. X I Q V ,I ' .II-' I I V I V II Ilroegmiller. M NILIlkus,I3I. , I wg V.. V VV .K ' 'YI I I " f Drudffe, E. Mi um. . xx Q wgw, -L Ig, V :IV.I Druniuond, J. Miller. A. L' ' M" . IJ ' ' ' M I 'A' ,I I J lflason. .I. . ,. ' f 7 , " .V,, I lqggt, R, Ninlh Hour: , , . I :IV II 2. 1+1f1i1u.:wn.I. mme.-. .1. i f ' V 5' -2 fi 'F V "' ' 1 rldwm-ds, F. Miller. V. " . N" ,f-ff, V Q 5' 1.11ms.B. x1mf11el1.c:. I . ' V V I - 'V Muusclxeill. I . I' I I I Fourth, Row: Moore. I ' E555 SQV.. 5 A .V , . orse.. . II I .. ' Eucksou' E' Noffsinger. H. - X V i' - ' Llflfgfggj 0VCI'Il1yBl', R. II, V. - Ia I A iIIII . 1 Ia 1+'mi1ey,'H. il'fi?I1HUQ K- .L V V V ' . f 1? Foster. R. ,U OHV A ' x N "" - ' I j A 1V..,.m Row: Q ' . . I II "f3. V I II I ,QV J' A Gardner. D. Pemberton. M. ,.... 7 I , I, ,,,I I I, III I Gibson, J. 1',,,Vk91VI EI , Gilbert, B. Jjvwell. Fil ' ' V II I 1 V " ' , H ' I , I , rnesus. . -I . I V I II I V ' ,W VI I .- 3 A I Fifth Row. Qllil.1'8.Ilflf1l0, A. K' I If V , I J? , I Hmm, M. 415 . I I V . . . V ,.I , . Qqilld, BI. I Rh0deSI EI . IIII I 1 ,. II I VII I.: III V, I Harwood. R. glhilt I , Hartman, M. ' ' ' .V - - V H3llV U- Elvzrentln Row: . V .Ve I V fa 'fr 5. 1' V.. EZ15i12I'V1V SC11uttVK- 4 V VV 'K J V A ' 2:11222 12- J V Q5 VV . V f . cf' Ifilltlllilll, K. S0SlmQ.SkyI CI V IIIII , I I I I if I , A ,K . ,. Sproull, B. M Nmtl" ROW: Tipmore, B. " ,,. Harrold. J. Vance. A. V I 3 , .gf , . V Hi11.J. W:1l1ey,C. V 'F V. fi! .5 ,522 'f .Sp ' Q E 3' Hoover, T. XVilliamS, WV. I , If If ' " " , V' .V. ,QV 5.4. Ilorine. li. Wilmore, li. TL - ' I V ff 'V Q mf I ' . 5' 5. J T 5 M53 J 7 Page f1'hirty-two 'm 4 v ov. , l Q , ,., 4' ' an 4 v"', VL I A I is Qi I Q ' 3 i , A I 3 f .f..A.x ,df A .X :QQ .. p x In g? in wif ' fi 1. W 'H - - 2: I 515 e I 'P 0 " ' I if I 1 ' '1 '2.I' .7 W- VA... I t . .K fLA M , 1 ,JV . V, . Aw. L Q S " ' Z if " i 3 J' I 1' Zi 5 ' J - ti '26 K l 3 ,ax l I Q E I I. I 2 -2 I 5 ,,, - " Q LV A V . ,g N it 5 'V xx I I '......-if if ' 3 ii . ww -I -WEQ ' . . xg. . L I , ::::- H ,I K A ,NQQ - N 3.7 l '- Q . f' .'-,- . "' if I I 5' Q .5 if if Q I 5' . Q ,:: . - i -- il X V7. I 1 N ' if f 1 i .gf-iii 4 I I -1 f - 5 -- N . "Vq z J .. if fi .5 f' T IE' we 1 ' N Y. bk A Q 9 I 'Q K I -ii' I H 2,.fg.1w . 1' .lf li ai Q' l in f .E Q V 1 , "' 4 x - 4- I 4. , . ,1- Q Q. 'I' F f. fa . ,, 5 ,Q A Y Q N ,. i, if ' f- I Qld. . W ,-", J ' M A 1 . .Q E . eh P 4 J. iv J . -I ?:.,!. - v 3 B i i .X ,A.... ..a. . . i . . "' - - - , 7. OFFICERS Prvsident ..-....... Olivia Days Vivo Prvsiclc-lil .- Bud liurnelimn ' SK'l'l'l'tilI'y .,..... ---Holm Snyder 'l'I'l'2lslIl'K'I'-, Social C'l1.l ,---Ma rtllu Mllltlvs ll'Illt'll+lg0ll M 1'- Duwr-ll :xml llelvn Miller. Firsl Ru 11' 7 Abbott. J. Arlnliis. H. Ailzuus. K. Allll'l,Lfllt. J. A lcxzlnrler. li. Alwoofl. K. Arlmgzist. R. Atkinson. M. Auli. .I. linker. Fl . Nw-will Ralf: Iiairtlloloiila-w In-ll. I-1. Iiillgcr. Y. Bennett. U. ll0l',LZt'I'SOII. V. Ht'SSlllt'I'. II. Nickel. W. liiallup. H. lilusller. I. lilnoni. ID, Thfrrl Ifulrz lIull0l'0. .L limiiigg ' llu. U. Iiuriioiiizin. I". . F lhltilorf . liuwers. Ii. Ihmwcrs. LE. Il. Bowers. tl. lirsuly. I' lirumlt. . llrckke. D. J 1"m11'f71 1.'m1': llrivk, C. liringle. '1'. Ihmullieiit. l' Iirotciis. C. BI'UII,2'll. B. Iirmvn. J. 'I'lmmzls. B. flill'l7t'I'l'Y. .l. Clicrry. I.. l'liurc'l1ill.l'. Fifllf Rmr: t'lL-velmiml. IC. Vlivk. C. I'un1pt0n,X. l'm'nisl1, A. f'lIl'IllSll. M. I'ur1lisli.S. Siwfli li'uu':l Deal. l'. DeWitt. H. Docliuw. M. Iluclge. II Dum-ustcr. A. Duty. 0. Druegrniiller. I.. Dunivun. M. Eger, J. Eniury. M. Sei-mill: Hmr: Il, Eiuinzlns. R. lfpler. F. Fzilil. M. Fair. ll. l-'uin-lnilfl. J. 'I'z1r1'. I. Turr. I. F2lI'l'IllQ.ZIUIl. B. Perm. Y. Fields. Ii. Eiffllfll Ikmr: Fisher. H. Fischer. J. Ifislncr. II. Foy. li. Forei11:m..l. I"ui'rost. D. Fosllivk. M. Foster. A. M. Foster. S. FI'?lll,L'f0I', ld. Ninth Ifmr: Fuller. Ii. I inns. ll. Gzxrher. K. Gaultier. V. Gzirl. ll. Gamer. II. Gary. J. Gatos, M. GelJl1:n'1l.I'. Gizuiinnu. V. Tenlll lfruri Gilln-rt. M. Gillespiu. J. Huggins. M Holler. M. Guuil. .l'. Grevll. M. l'r1iwse-iiicyvr. li. Hruli. J. I Vullip. D. Dziviilsun. li. Ilnys. 0. iustzil'suu. C. Gutuwski. J. Hull. R. Page Thiriy-ihree A , 'ef A ,MI 'W I J N . ef ,I , ef! A vi It rained the day we elected officers, but we have overcome 1' .I 'V I I I the forboding of this disaster. f W ...., ff ,Q --V iq-i V4 A H 3 Last fall we had a picnic at I L V ' 1 aj' xi- II, 1 I I 5 , gf L' 'W - ' Simonton Lake and Jo cried be- I 'ix' I If I .I cause she was afraid of ghosts. in Q H 'V II V-W 'M ' -7 Then Keith Schutt and Verna " ' V ,. - W I' 1 Jean Schult were the 'tChumps" II V zy. I I L ' of a dance contest at the mid- 1 - I. I I is MI V A . semester party in the cafeteria. V W wif' ' S ' ' 4 'Vf 5? It was suggested that they be I. VV ' N i ' 'T . Img. Called the Astaire and Rogers ' i- , ' II team of E. H. S. 9 331.3 'V IIA ,K f f I Lx . . VVS A I " V if V n ff. First Row: Siflh Row: ,I V 5 ' :id 43' If an L., V . fi . 4 - V ' .1 . I- 'mf A if . V V 'Q 9 . Hartman, M. Listenberger. A. I fff f - :IIVIIVVIII L' ' ,V " I . .N ,fl Ii gays, J. Lockwood. V Ig . I ,I I 'if . -V V- I rs I I II I Ms LL , elser. M. Loney, C. if I f V 'r'. ' L. . Heminger. H. Lowell. 197551.-r 4 S' s In I V ' Y it .I V V il? Hummel, H. Lowey. K. ., Herrick. C. Mzlckowski. I.. II ..., , ",- .I I I I V I , I I ' Hers lberger. W, Magnuson. N . "'7-' I V ' V Q - j I - I . I. I HibSiIHI2lII. F. Munsiield, R. 45 ' 'ff ' 'T' -"I '75 3 ' I 'ig' ' I 97' Hile. E. Mm-rin. B. V A' I sf . V 'Y' -if I . ii Hileman. E. Martin, B. V L I -.V. ' , -fi? ' M IIj " Second Row: Seueuth lfozr: AL' V E 4 lV L 1' Horvath. W. Marhinson. B. . ' , ,.. ' . Q Huff, M. I.. Massth, B. - J . Ia " - A V- - I . Hun. R. M. Mat ist P, I. . I -V 5" I.. . V .V - I . V Vs Jackson. C. McDowell. B. , IQ. I L .I- I WE- .Q , iv " ' 'i . ' E Li Jenks. I. McIntyre. C. " " I Q ' ,I ' " l V II 'I Jessen, B. Qgellott. H. ' L L . ' ' VV L I Johnson. I.. . erklinff. J. - ,,,... M, ' ' . ,V .I 7 I I 'f Karasch, 15. xretlmdfk. f V ' A ' ' ' ' L .gV .exif Keel. M. Meyer. B. I I ' " Keel. R. Myers. D. Ig V I .rL. Lf - II VI .VV . .I .. ' I I wi 'Q f .I Va . .1 3 V Q1 IE 5 V' . I Third Row: Eigzhth Row: , V '11 i ..- M h I L V' SI Keller' Mixer-I B' .R-IM 4' .5I I If.. V I ... , Kelley, . Mi er, C, V: 'VLII ix' ' . . T .fy xt I I A I I. I -HEI Kentner. B. Miller. H. V 1 V 1 'tV. VV V- 5 'RA L5 . ,..L...5. fi. -1. Kietfer. G. Miller, M. V III ' Kiefer. R. Miller. V. I. 4 . V - ' ,fy I Eielczewski. E. Mishler, C. J. V I L- "1 V . ' ' J . ie1ts.E. onrad,R. Q. I 45 I I: .. 4 1, V V . I . A , .I Kipka. B. Munch, c. - ff V ,Q-. V IW 4 "W .VV Lv' 4, V TV ' Kistler. J. Myer. R. J L . ' Lf- ' rf -ff' . V VV I ff. gif Kleckner, B. Myers, J. . L I .,.A . fly, I fV I ,X f- L ' VF -- . fff1,ft,.f ,. I Fourth Row: Ninth Row: I I g . Kleinert. J. R Eoel, V. Q ' I QI... I- ' ' - - Klingaman, . Heier. V. . -- V-21 :gr V f wr 5 41 . 9 - I I -.VI Klingersxnith. E. Nellist. B. .VI ,Q ,QI . if I ,ji ' ' , 7' Kreider, E. Nelson. R. ' ,I -' .I " IL 5 ,. K- 1 ' Kretsclnner, R. Nicholson. S. r V- L ..,V, its I .I QI V s " V' Lambdin. R. Nelson. W. V' -'ii' - WL 1 ' . ,S " Lambo. P. Olds. B. V I .VV mf . Lambo, V. 0'Neil. W. Landon, M. ilverholt. M. I I V , Lantz, D, 'ut-e. J. I . I' I . ' I ,A .. . V- f Z K L ' V"' " -if 'i if , V I Vf Fifth Rout: Tenth I-four: ' Q I - .. I f do L Q " LaRocque, M. Pace. M. A. I' I I . I, K N 'I I L ' I " I . I Larner. E. Papa. J. . . V I its-jar .-'K V ff ... iii: 'L Lavrick. T. Peterson. J. . Lavrick. J. Phend. I. I I I ,k"r e ig I I II I Lee. D. fierce. ' . L L . ' 4 la I I L. . Lehman. R. 'ipher. . 'Z , 18 . I- 42 I, 5 If- f V- I Leipzig, 'r. 1'lass,F. If! f - 5 s 4 'i Y -. gg . 'II- Leist. M. Fletcher. H. '15 I Q' 'VIJ " , V - i ' M. Lightfoot. O. Plunnner, J. I- . ,II I WI I I .. V. .. " -- Lindley, A. Prugh. R. 'L :PL A I f "VV- V- Lk' L -"' E I -I I Page Thirty-four L 8. s Ilelen Miller, as the neurotic mother in the Junior Class play, rollerl them in the aisles. VVC thought Olivia was imported from the professional ranks, he- cause her performance was so eeellent. XVe had ai tearing time Qtear- ing: our hair over the foodj at the Prom, dancing on the ter- raee and walking in the moon- light. Firsl 1i'o1L': Putt. lil. Quick. H. Replogle, B. Replogzle. R. Rickey. M. Robbins. K. Rogers. L. Rolanrl. J. Rosen. S. Rowe. B. iql"l'O'Hlf lfulr: Roy. ll. Schlotterhaek. Seott. R. Sears. M. Seifert. IJ. 'Selby YV. Shigzley. B. J. Shinn. R. Shnpert. J. Sigrerfoos, I. Thirrl Ifoir: Slayton. J. Smith. IJ. Smith. .lg Smith. M. M. Smith. M. M. Smith. Y. Smithers. li. Snyder. H. Snyder. R. Spade. NV. Forlrill lfozrz Spore. M. Sriver. ii. Stamets. l.. Stnutfer. XV. Steffen. R. Stephenson. M. Stewart. XV. Strawser. V. Strine. F. Stllrlehzlker. K I-'ifill Ii'ou': Swanson. C. Teefl. Il. Teeters. S. Terlep. l'. Tllolnais ll. Thompson. Ii. '1'lu:mpson.G. Thorton. I. Torak. M. 'I'royer. l.. Sill ll lfo 11' 1 'l'utorow,I!. Tuttle. fl. Updike. N. Wagner. K. Wagner. T. Vl'alter, F. Walters. M. Warlick, W. Vl'atern1an. C. Wattles. M. Seven fh How: XVeesner. A. Wenger. l-I. XVenzel. H. Vl'heat. W. VVhite. C. White. F. White. M. Whitnaek. D. Vi'hitmyer. B. VVhitmeyer. R Eifzh fl: lfolrz VVillal'rl. l' VVilliams. . 33. Williams. G. Williams. K. XVilliams. T. Willimas. V. lVilson. A. VVilson. F. Wine, E. Wine. J. .Yinfh lx,UIl'Z Winelanrl. M. XVirt. IC. Wolfe. R. Wollam. IJ. XV0o1l. A. XVOZIllJlk. IC. Wrigrht. Il. lVri,1zht. S. Wright. R. Parker. .I . Tenlll li'uu': XVylaml. .l. Yoder. ld. Yoder. R. Yohn. M. Yonkers. S. Young. A. Yonkers. G. Zavatsky. M. Zellers. W. Zirzow. ll. V S 'W 75 9 3 if S if . M . -ee o f . r l' if '..: 5 W , .fa 4 A vi' is .. 4' W - ,, . A . pi' , I - I 1 . . -f 2 :Ez 1 M Q f 4-If tl W ' A 'fe A 7 if 'Y it Q f, at 'K K-543 s ' Q .. ' S , , , '-.... l r I il if 1, .. V kAhk I . N 1 l h I 1 . . r .ld Irs , lf: ..., fs' X .- Q T, y A ' I W , . ' 1 . X Q W ' Q 5 2 V' .- N.-s lf! . 2 'S . ' .. s . 2. K" . S f " 3 .-. " Q 4 . 1 rx A K Q I V. Q ' ' W 'li if A I -' i A s K 4 4 . Y ' ks K is I K db , Ia A A 1.4 7 Q55 ' A V .4 s fill' . -.. on .N 'Q ff W f J if If I - M S S if av 1 . gB..4 . A .... . . 4, 'l .g u l J A ' A Q f ' ...N li . i i VI xii 1 C dk 1 f , vs 3 V xx A I 1 gf ' P w , J i N Nl Ll' I - lf X MQW ' l ' s l Page Thirly-five OFFICERS - 2 .F 1 . 1- . - - - . Presirlent .......... Bill VVrig:ht I I ,, I 4, 45 Vice Prcsiclent---.Inl1n Erflxnan V L" ' -1 . D' . f' . bccrc-terry ....... blIll'lC'y Morton - 'Afflfli ' ., '1 ' .If f Q. ' Em zvq 'I'r0aLs11rc-1' .......... l.nis Shaft-r I I . -- Social Clllilflllilll--1'l .ther Blu- ' I K., .- ,I - 5 II . ' ",l 2 - - jg' . . if . 1 - -- .- -lll - ,r 21 "" If.. , I X I If '. 1 Firsf Hour: Simlll Holt: " -. '. Alln1:1n.R. Inebnit. R. I ,. I - . W Austin. IC. Jones. E. ' I if' 'I K' In - - .. 'I Bmw. II. Kecnc. T. I ' It 7 ,TF iff- ' I 2-2' " IjII Bates. lc. Kim-ulfle. L. dl I.. wg I 'ik . M l Berkey. I.. Kurtz. .I . K ,LVV I II ' Lf- 'Q ..., Besszclncr. B. I.in4lor. L. . I I I .Q. - .. I 'I I Bevan. I'. Mnxnlllzln. C. . I 7'l' It ' w IQW I I ,--V- Bihlm. J. NIJIIQIIISOII. l 5 -K' ,f . .. 1 ' - L f. f Birnic. G. Martin. I.. - I Bolcy. M. .I. Nl1'l.2ltI,L'lllII1. F. -I I I ' I I II . ' S ,I --4 ,. i ' 5' 'H ,.,, 'S . fi ' ' - .-II: . 'F ' . lj Semin! Ifulrl Swrfnflz How: If . II.. . K I II: if Bnntiglin. J. lllilzlnvsc. F. 11 II 'izi 5' 7 H ' -. I FN- .. ' II Bontigliu. S. ltlontaxgrznio. It. g ' : f I ' . . ' ' .I:i 'i1z 1 Bnrrelli. 'IX Mnurc. D. I' 7 Hi A ' K f I 1-if. Rosso. II. Norwnofl. P. . , ' Bowers. I.. l'cnnin::tun. M. - ' f. . .. 47 H Brody. Il. Pvnples. M. I . .. Nj A . I . llu"kl0y. M. Rvllstnck. M. : Ar , ' X if-K 'Q I ' I. fg . Bundy. M. ltvccl. I-I. lg .I ' ,I ' ' 'WI5-, Y - . ' 'l I haste-r. It. ltnwc. D. if fi I .' -'df ' Com. lf- M. lmwv. I.. I ,. ,- x V' I f XJM- I --, .. ' .,.. Third lfulr: Ifigllffh Rows 'II Collier. J. Ilunu. 'I'. 3 QI If ' gI 1 II I ' I A fi 25 K' 'E 5 I Cone. Ii. Russell. B. , . Q, 1.1 II ' I , Ia I , 'I I' . IIIII. f'f1n0. VV. Sm-lmtielcl. M. J. ' . . A 5' -- ' n 1 " KI "II ' Converse. L. Sllnllin. WV. " ' . ' 'F A " A- 33 I " I ' 2 LUDCIIIIEIYCII. J. Si'lll1II'll. P. 'A - I I Q Curtis. M. I. St-llruni. J. If . F . - ' ,I ' ' " .gn - Dallas. H. Slim:-k. D. IA.-nh 3 DZllX'I'lllIJlC. R. Senhultz. F. I II ,. Danforth. C. Shank. F. ' Ixfy 4,-A Q III -S f' ' I DeFrc-csc, V. Shnshcrger. M. IC. , ' II' I 7 "II II xf - , , if I . - ffl " if -fi -A at -- if - if I 1 -. ' ' .WF .. I I . I -:Pk I, . .. I- I"fmrill lfuzrz Ninth lfolrz 'sg I 1 I S I If lr Divitriu. M. Shcrnmn. B. L. M . 3 'N ., I " .Q Downs. I.. Slough. Ii. M. ffm' .- J . ..- - .'-if 'FIS i f ' Dunn. G.. Jr. Slnc-ftzeix D. . . , Eaton. S. Smith. J. II - 4 I Q, II rf ,, Edszlll. R. Smith. .I . ' 'f : QI ' ' I - Iigj ' . -f '-'- I Flaurlingr. I'. Snyder. G. -- , Wi? ' I -3 If I- . -. . 4 "' , I .-T' 1. ' Freebv. l'. Stcimer. M. A. K - . Q '. I . ,' K L. 4 ' i ,- Frink. IC. Stewart. U. - I V 1 ' ' I 5 . " i Ifunk. G. Stock. I-I. K .. F , Geiser. T. Stoner. I'. Q 7 '-if I ' " Fifth fi'lIIl'Z Twill: Hour: II -.I . I I II Guttcrlnull. C Stork. F. -. , .. ,. . X V :J Gllyvr. IV. Swnrtzell. J. '55 4 if an if 'lv ' i Ji.. Hurt. Il. Turner. D. ' X in . " I I Haste-It. I.. Y5Illfl'I'SOIl. H. f f If .. - IIA ' I, Hiatt. cz. xml 'l'i11hu1-g1.,lx. I - .I H ' I .. I I ' . l'liX0ll. lt. Vcrllzl,-zen. I.. . ffl- ffl' Y' 1 - :"' ' - ' Holflcnmn. B. Wzlkclce. A. - ' .. II I Horne. I'. XV:lll:xce. E. . , -- I . .. ,gf M. I Houtzcr. XV. Vl':1rrick. H. 3 ff? 3 g Ii. ' if fi Ig - Ilustcfr. I'. Chester. H. K i I K H2 ' ' ff ff 4, 'g:'. I ,qv Z as ,.. , F . W - Af -- I H? . f , .I , " ' .... . 'Ej,. Y ' ff 3751 . ff: - - .4 ' l ka" " I 9f'2'2'Zfi'Z2Q.- 7.'..' fy Page Thirty-sin: an 24 I il . .sl is 5 -24 W MM 45' I i-" .ISI Ii? II. f 5 I . .- r L W . I fa 1. E s-:M fi da 1' N. I Ll M M.-L K 3 1 ju I klzz I ff . 4 ' ' -1 I . we 1+ M. 1 'f 1 11 .1,. f If 'I f 'ff I . . .. 1, . . 3 - --f sf ,,:V sk? . me fl' .- qzg f 1 ' 4 3, . 3 ,. . "" , . "" I I I . I? '- I "1 ' V , I I 1 I ' H- " I , e H Ia -v " 4 I fl. f Q .i ' 1 - I V' 4.3 , Ai .Q ' 'rv .lv rg I ' ., 5 I la fy . A W A, ' .mf ' 1' 6' 'fi I T? . 3 V 1 2- fi . Qs? 1 AQ: H I i 'Q A fb fi .. ,, I . -' , . f I Q 1 ' 2 af Q.r1 ix Q, 1 . 1 , . 1 1 I im It .. I 1 U76 7 , I I -if ' 4 ' I 1 .. . M . f rl' 'z K, A .7 JH 1 , .... Q Ji V7 Us R .aff , f "" ff f ' ,L il '. , X . X, . . .4 F it I gf? . 3' " lf, K jj 2: ' - .4 A A A 'Fi V ' I if I ', I I -f V V Q . QV A ' ' :" A AV . I 'MJ f --' . I 1 A11 ,. .4 2 ' I 3 if .nn e ' 1 I 1 ' . ' f .Ik I I -. A ...i 1' lf. I .ff - 1 - 'I I 'M A 5, . .. 0 The S11pI1n111111'es, IJl'I'Il2lPH, Cll- joy svlnml Ill0I'9 lllilll any other opp1'vssiu11,of their fl'L'SlllllilIl class. .Iu..t relesm-cl frmn the yea", Illey liegin to feel all llillllf' in IC. II. S. 111111 to eiijuy school activities. llll 'Elie wlnmle thev 111:1ke Il lu-Hel' SCIIIIIIISIIL' 1'ecn1'Il tlmn any eluss in selmnl, since tliev sli I take their Iessuns :eri- ouily. First Ifmr: Abel, J. AClll1DI'Q.'fL'l', IC. AClllJ0l',LZl'l'. ll. Al'IllStl'I7IlH. B Alrlricll. M. Allen. NI. J. Austi11..!. Hailey. ll, Baker. Ii. B2'll'UllL'. l.. Se1'mlrlI1'ul1': Bz1tl1el.NI. Buskerx ille, X Basset. lb. Beam. NI. Bezlver. II. Beaver. II. Belt. II. Bender. II Benn. l'. Bentz. ll. Tlzirrl l.'nlI': Be1'g01'. J. Berkey. A. BiCI1Ilv111:111. li Billgrer. li. Bleiler. li. Blnss. IJ. Blocker. V. Blubnugli. lfl. nillllllilll. l'. Booth. M. l"u1frlh l.'nu'Z Booth. A. Botts. I.. Bowser. I". Boyer. I.. Buylnnml. Ii. Briclensteiii. .I Brown. IC. Bl'l1b2lkk'l'. I1. B1'n1Il1:1ke1'. II Butle1'.X. Fiflll Noir: Bnllal. A. Bush. Il. B111'1'nws. Ii. I Byers. M. Culkiinis. R. Czinipbell. Ii. fiillllil. A. K':11'tw1'ig'l1I. IG. Cuppelletli, F. Vlipp. I. Siffli I.'u1l'Z Conl1ny..I. Cook. Q. lTurnw:1ll.f.. Courhiey. ll. Cree:-I1. Ii. Denny. J. Denny. IJ. Gilbert. IC. Divietro. NI. Dwlllglv, R. Sviwwllli I.'m1': IJ11111-1111. B. Dnnniuk. I.. Dnevelius. IJ. I-lhersnle. Ii. Eslwzinls. B. l1:Ql'Q.'fIt'Sl0lI. IJ. Eisenlic-iss. Il. lilrllniniicl. .I. Fi1I'IllL'l'. I.. Fessler. NI. Eiylifll Razr: Fish. I'. Fisher, Ii. Fisher. K. Fisher. I.. Foster. I.. Frantz. NI. .I. Freed. IJ. Freed. .l. Freud. NI. French, NI. Niuflz l.'uu': Froelisll. YV. Gunger. Ib. Garl, I'. Glass. Id. Ginnnino. I'. Gillette. NI. Glick. I. Glass-. I' fjflilfll. NI. Grieb, Ii. Tenlll, l1'n1n: Grelier. II. Uia111iu.l.. Grass. li. G1'u1'e. R. KLIISIJIIFIIII. B. Guy. Ib. IIEll'klllilIl. R. I'I2ll'L'I'. I'. Ilzngzins. B. Ilzngerlv. li. Page Thirly-seven L P The Sophomore class, spon- sored by Miss Bnselie und Mr. Glendening, is composed of a merry hunch of rascals. They broke the class bunk by lizwing at party in the eafeteria in March. The class president, Bill WVriglit, can be found by look- ing for an large group of g l1e'll he in the midst of it. First Huw: Haines. R. Harless, l.. Harmes, W. Hainmonnl. D. Hardy. J. Hart. E. Ilartnmn. I.. Harvey, B. Ilatfield. lfl. Hess. H. Second Ifolr: Hedrick. M. Hetfner. D. Heinz. li. Helfriek. M. A Hisbishmnn. E Himebaugh, M. Siffh Row: Krnnz. Fl. Kurtz, M. Larson. C. Lzluby. C. Le fevre. ll. Lemmon. li. Lewis. F. Likes, L. Linrlstrom. li. Line, L. irlsg Sffrenflz Ikon: .ines. B. lit'llEIIlJt'l"'0l', L. Anig. L. .ong. R. I L .- Lockwood. li. I , I Lorenz, C. Hettmnnsperger lLoring. F. l Holdrezid. F. Holmes. M. Horne, G. Third Row: Horne. M. Horvath, M. ll0StEI'Ill11ll, B. lannerelli. F. Jamison. YV. Jenkins, H. Jenkins, V. Johnson, M. Johnson, I'. Johnson. li. Fo urih. Ro ur : Jolmson, R. Johnston, B. Jones. M. Juday. J. Kantz. J. Keggley. I. KeitTer, M. J. Kessler. M. Kimes. 0. King, B. Fifth Row: King, F. Kipling, D. Kirkling. B. Kistner, E. Kline, A. Kline. A. Klingler, L. Kotwas, B. Knowles. J. Knudson, E. .utts. H. Lynn. E. Lyon. K. Ifigfllfh Row: All'UOIIillfl, li. Melfzxdflen. li. Mzignusen. li. Malin, G. Marino. I.. Mzlrkley, li. Marsh, B. Martin, H. Maison, M. Muure. A. Ninth Row: Mayer. B. J. M:1yer.II. Metcalf. I'. Metzler. M. Milan. M. Miller, I. Miller. I.. Miller. V. .I. Miller. IV. Mitchell. I3. Tenth Huw: Monschein. M. Morehouse, I'. Morehouse, It Morse. E. Morton. Sh. Moyer. A. Mullarkey. Ii. Munz, L. Myers. M. Nagy. E. Page Thirty-eight S i ,.-- I' , . .J is fs A if f i F . A .5 ' I a il,. 5 K " . Q-Q 5 gg Q' gi t. ' F f is 1: Q fl 2 A J, J ' ffm 5 ff? 3 M ' fs-Q" -129 all an - A' , A I .5 .. ' as 5.15 L 1' Q .xv .4 Ihll A ws. l l e . QQ 'X i - . 1. ' 'P lzzh l' . as 75 .. .. K -Aw rl ,132 , -1... 1 .sf- zs - .. V A. .8 ,, Q' ' 5... gs- . W sf- ' is I N ,Q ,Q A . Q ,Weiss - LEQJ QL, lla' 4 JV X .Ji i .L 'J' ' -I X " .... , , gh ...S vi . ' sf E' Wr m 3 A M LA ,.s- I , Lfgwm Q., K ' .L ' .. 451 1 " ' ' are ' K if if -g -. 5 I A ,. ,,.. I . I 1 ., 'E - M, .2 ,Q 3' , . ' 4 W? y ,J I a i A5 -I , A A. Y, - , F V441 ', 'W V ... 'vi ' f f is ' J' fb Q. J s , .. I A .4 fs il '- " rj gr.. f f .A ' as . A A .,. is 54, .2-it 6 V. ' 1, V 4. ff ' . fi -J , . . J .f ff In i ah? fir f it 5.4 all ' IIN I. fs I . I -w .. ...mf ff. . I J A I I 9K II . , . . f mm If . 1. 'AWK .Q Ji' , --' 'J N M A 1- A A ? . h ' ,., . V , V . A , . FLM A? V N . If .k j fi M I I .x "'f ' : . V - 5 I f. 4' A: V., gg: .I ' ss 2 ,Am if -4 I , f "' I ' 1' ,," If I . . I . . . 2? x W N . K A 3 l . 6 , gg I, my Ei, A W, f - Ah I Q 5 Q 4 L .wx 1 ' A x , I 3 If 11 if I 'TQ --f dl .':,, -1, . ,A f y, H s A I Y . I 'E QL. V :iff .4 'K A A X ' si' l 1 4, . 1 4 I , Z in N- X t .Y 'vw' ak .1 I Q 1 ...J ' I 5 , 7 i w , . ,' I .5 Q3 3 4 D K x . ., Qt . . 3151 5 . . I P. ' If . .9 'L . -.. lx If ' -Al ' i .Lf 1',, , 'A' I -. ,A1:'1 3-V ' M 9 D T-A ' Lzx' -H J 2 Aja I I I A . AQ "'::L -."'-.. ' 1' "' . .,,. ,. fc K, ,P I .K 1 1' :WF is : ,. H ,, - .5 , I X . I , " lf if Firsl Rmr: x1'lSUIl.AI. Nirlmlsml. N. Nurtlmln. W Ulivcr. Ii. 0lsm1.I'. I':u'k0l'. V. I'ulmm'n. 'l'. l':lf:lnelli. J. l'1lXIUll.XV. l'm'm'k. G. Swrfmfl lffw' l'01w1m2'vr. I' Vcpplv. P. I'lu'1l1I. R. Phillips. Il. Phillips. Ii. I I'lnm-Ixus. J. l'lm-tcller. J, I'ullc'r, D. II:lyme1'.1'. liv:1n1es.l'. Tllirrl Il,1llI'I lim-x'vs. Ii. Iiluulcs. V. Iiilvy. J. lluhhins. Ii. Iluhinsml. Al. I.. linac-rs. B. Iingrvrs. BI. J Iiugrn-1's. R. llulllm-mIe1'..I. Rmlzolle. N. I-'wfrflz lim:-: Ihlppvrt. li. Russoll. II. St'Illl0l'k, II. Schull. H. Soifvrt. ll. SL'll2ll'f?l'. I.. Shank. I-I. Sl1:1w.I'. SIIVIIIUII. A. Singshee. Nl. Fifllz Rnlr: SIIIIIIII. S. Smith, Y. Smilll. VV. Smulinski. I' SIl0Ik'Il0l'. NI. Sl'lXt'l'. V. Stulfurd. Il. Sh-0110. U. Sfvvlv. II. SIl1:lrt.II. Sl'.1'ffl Rmr: SIDIIU. E. SITUIIH. I.. Strukel. H. Stump. D. Sunrluy. A. Swullie. B. Swnverluml. M. Swc-otlaml. .l. Swilmrt. II. 'I'l111mps0n. Il. Sr'l'11nU1 Ruff: 'l'l1m'nt0n. .L XI Yun l.iPu. XV. Van l'0lt. IJ. Van Felt. II. Yun Tillhurgr. K V1-nier. G. Walker. E. Wurrl. N. Waterman. Y. WI-sxver. Nl. Ifllflllffl Rolf: Wm-:1vc1'. Ii. XVUITUII. U. Wicner. II. XVI-Ilzel. J. Wllilney. II. XVIISUII. B. YVilsu11. Ii. NVi111l0iTe1'. li. Wimlsnr. F. Wulfv. B. .Yinflz Rmr: 3Il'I,iE'IlilIl. ll. SwiI1:ll't.II. WL-nt. IV. White. NI. li. XVillis. N. XVIIIIJIIIIS. J: VVils1m. II. WVISC. NI. XVnl1ly. Il. XVIJKIIISIIILIII. II Tvnlll A'm1': Wilbur. IJ. Yrnlnou. M. IIZIIT. A. lc:l::01'. KX Young. A. Young. G. Young. G. Zonkur. l'. Zomlvr. R, Zuvzltsky. II. Page Tlrirly-1ri:nf OFFICERS President ...... Vllalter l. erner Vice-President- -Joanne Kimble Secretary ..,.... John XVillizuns Social ClIZlll'lIllllI- -H il rolml Stott First Row: Abbott, H. App, K. Baker. D. Barclo. M. Billings, T. Blasher, A. Blessing. R. Bolenbaugli. R Boots, D. Brewer. D. Serond Ifriirz Colpetzer. F. Comer. .I. Correll, B. COX. D. Dick. W. Divietro. M. Dryer. P. Eairleywine. V Fawcett. D. Elliott. H. Third Row: Fisher. I.. Grove. G. Gibson. K. Girten. C. Golightly. L. Harris. I.. Hatfield. li. Hettinger. A. Hill. M. I-Iarmon. II. FOllI'Hl lfuzrz I'IUIl1lIlSl, K. Judd, M. Kaser, II. Keller. F. Kimble. .I. Knski. S. LaBelle. I'. Lerner. IV. Lutz. PZ. Ludwig, K. Fiffh Razr: Ludwig. li. Mallory. R. Marling. B. Martin. E. Mcl":1flflen. 0. Meehan, IC. Mitchell. D. Myers. .I. Nankiwell. NI. Monscliein. I'. Page Forty Sixflz Hour: Nelson, M. Noifsinger. I.. Norwood. .I. Olds. J. Parker. II. Parker. .I. Pauls. M. Pierce. .I. Pugliesc. .I. Ruab. M. Sermllll Ifuzrz Ray. D. Renn. I.. Ripoli. M. Rush. G. Seltcr. II. Sliarkey. II. Slienihorgvr. Ii. Shriver. .lx Sproull. ll. bl1Iltll.0. Eigh lh Noir: Squibb. Ii. Tliompsmi. M. A. ljlery. li. Stott. lfl. Stevens. NI. VV:1p:z11'. I". VV:1tsun. .I. VVz1ts0n. .I. AVSEIYSII IS. XVhitniy0r. li. A711111 Razr: Atwater. l'. Avery, U. BiIlfllCCllllIlJ, B. L. Bolircn. D. Dennis. NI. Green. fi. Glz1cc.ll. Hainnion. YV. Harper. G. Hile, W. Tenth Ifozrz Jackson. F. King. A. Kruegrer. D. lNI0rrison, J. Miller, IG. Mishler, C. Mathis. II. .I. Ortell. A. Steele. J. Stewart. li. f Q I... . f A. v ig ' 5 " if Z , I v ki ' IQ, Vf.,: :I . .. I 2' i 4 is 4 I3 .-f 1- , ' lf, ' I I ,, ' in 1 ,, MQ' 5 ' f .f A 'ri -W " 'Q .1 2 if 4 W wer 4 I fa I im . V, 1 .V . b A P f L . . :-..... J in 5' be if in P 1' . . - L L ...ug xx K D .3 . P x S lx i i 4 W Q ik , 4 I , 'F 1 .52 . ,Q ' 4 -I 4. A 1? 7 Q I f ..-,. Q 1 l . . , 5 Y , I 1 is... , gg. E . ,Q 6 Q.. ..,, :E . H w ,gg V 3 I g Q sf 'F mfg . X22 Q , ..: . J . ,. 5 .5 ff' .Q Wi. , ' . jg X ...I PA, .,, h , A. . X K as 5 J K .. t K t A " f- H -. A ' - , -.j'.--3 AX A 2 f . I r . I 6 E X: JL 4 ' , ...L 4 " 4 ,Q 6 v -S 'I' . 3 ,A .5. I ,,, . . 5 ., if , Q M V... . .. X 2 Z Q' . ' Q i. . W, I 4 ,, . ., A , A . V A QA i n 'ZA' X S "' il' I ' Jw U" -- ' 5 9' ' -f A ...... . .4 Q 3 Q if ve . - .H Ae Y s ' 41 i- ' i 1 . 4 LL 5 I N IV- t 1 x .if 4 ,V ' . I . fe A' ' Q ., f Q H 5 . . ew' I 3 .?. all 4 ,V . 4 . -ai 2 , A if Q ' 5 gf" " ff , A Q , . f -' I 5 afi .... . f ..... s Q be L 'A ,QL , , ,"" ef A 4 ' f f if 4 L .. . 'B ' A U A 3 4. 12 .' .L ll l L Uppewlussillen say freslmien are foolish, hut we proverl to he wise in choosing sis our sponsor, Mrs. Sivkc-Is. lxvilllfl' I.urner wus l'lIOSf'II president lIPCiIIlSE' he was ahle to QIIISXVUI' may and :ill questions asked hy uppel'classmen. At our first party the boys were shak- ing in om- vorner, zmrl the girls were SOIIKllIl,iI them appealing: glzuiees from another. Joanne lgllllllllsbi chzitter finally drew them out of seclusion .xml before the evening was over all were friends. Johnny VVilli:m1s fle- serves the title "Civic' C'le:in-Up liiligf'-lie was the only one to help with the dishes. Jack Olds, the elznss Jekyll-Ilycle man, l ' . I - J if f 1 W--M ' I eil . li' L. ' . Z., f e i 3 ' ZQI I li , .f I H' 'ii ' V .. l t " rw 4 I I. J ' .J I ,. V. . VVV? A - V .V V. , .. . fii ky 4,,' . .... Q Am ak -3 .4 4.4 aa ii i'i' .. ' I V 'V " 'Z 'ai .fit ,,,- Z 1 . 2? 43? A ' ,. I A .v , 3 YT lg ' 1 ,Q ', , . I L . . .. Ak' .fifty I 1' x 6 .s . E - 5. 'Q 4 I . A ' ' E LW ,fn .. , Ss. N" 'WAV X I I 6' A3 A ' 5 "' if Q I J' f ff ef? . .I 4 ' . . ' 'u f' ., 4 V, Q I I ' J Z L1 M' F i t Q 5 ' It as V Q . A3 tlll'Il0Kl llycle for the evening. First lfouvs Abel. I'. Arcl1er.li. lieghtel. I". Iileiler. l'. Hluhmigli. Id. Iioniigzlio. IC. Iizmrflner. I'. Brozulhvnt. II Brown. It. Furter. NI. Safvrmrl Ifoll' Cherry. M. C'l:1rk..I. Cutler. W. Ileall. N. Elia-k. NI. I-Llking. It liric-kson. li. Ferguson. II. Ilosler. II Frecrl. W. ..I. Third Ii'ou': Frye. fi. Ilzllhrenill. XX Gu rl. 'I'. flust:iI'sou. IJ Ilzlyes. W. Harp. Ii. Ilziven. YV. Ilelfrick. BI. Hemuml. Ii. Herrolfl. I'. flllllffll Hou' Ilieks. J. Ilill. XV. Ilill. I'. Ilosler. IJ. lifllilfill. Ii. Johnson. XV. l,:u1fIis. Id. Long. S. I.:luvvr. I.. I.eist. F. Fifth Noir: Nll'l.2llI,2'lIlIII. I Nlulm. Il. Nlilllilllilll. ll. Must. .L Nluttliews, l'. Miller. IC. Nllblllillfillllb. It Nlorgrnn. II. Myers. li. Nelson. Ii. Si.:-llf lmrr: Peterson. It. lieplogle. li. Ileyff. I". ltiekvy. IJ. Rauih. .I. Rose. I.. Roth. S. Sulishury. J. Stott. Il. Shoif. li. St'l'l'IIf,I Ifvfrr: Slireiner. J. Smith. Y. Steplienson. ll. Tuppen. Ii. Thorp. li. X'I'C'lllII5IlIIII'LflI. N XV:ik:iIa-v. .l. Weaver. It. XvPJlVl'I'. li. IVic-rick. J. Eiyhlll lfolr: Adams. I. Artley. A. .Xllmuglh I.. Amlers. I.. Balt-kert. Ii. Bailey. J. Bzllyenl. Nl. B1lII,YL'I'll'I'. NI. Barone. I.. B2ll'tlIUl1IIIIt'XY. IJ .Yinfll li'ou': Cooper. Y. IIe,f:hteI. l'. Beisel, Y. Benner. NI. I3enm'r. NI. Bergnizln. IC. Best. J. Hihho. I". Hirniv. J. Ilishy. U. Twlfll li'ol1': Brit-k. II. Bleilvr. It. Brutton. I'. Brown. 0. Burkliziller. I.. liushonar. W. Czxmpbm-II. W. Vslpelletti. I". Fnsey. W. Chaise. II. Page Fo:-fy-one As is traditional in E. H. S. this class of Frf-shmen will not organize until next full. At that time they will elect officers, choose sponsors :incl lmecouic at vital part of svluml life. Many of tlivsv frvslulieli arc' now active in thi- music depart- ment, in piilmliczitimis, and in club work and thvy NIIDXV proin- First Row: Clierry. J. Vliristner. H. VIQIYVSUYI. C. Vlemeiit. E. Vulogrossi, L. Colbert. C. Vnllius. M. Furiway. R. Cooper. R. Duffy. J. Svrvmrl Rozy: fl0SC?lI'EllY. U. Crosbie. R. Vox. XV. Vrosier. B. Si.:-Ili How: Ima. G. Grziincs. XV. Gram. I.. Iirossiiivklc. B. Iluoh. D. Ilulsey. H. Halsey. I. M. Ilziusiugr. H. Ilsxrnmn. J. iIJlI'l'iIIfItUIl, B. Swiwllli Rozv: Ilnrlinzin. D. II:1rtr:1uft.1'. H0flnIIOI'. V. Ilihsluuuu. R. Culp. H. Hivks. B. Currie. A. Ililluiun. l'. Luster. B. Ilolycruss. E. Ilurr. R. Ilusler. Ii. Ilcfcnhziugll. M. Dc Francisco, N Th irfi Ro Ili: iillHtCI'lllElIl. J. Ilyrc, Ii. Eighth Row: Demos. C. Iuuu:11'cIli.J. Denton. I. IIIfZI'Jlll2IIII. B. Dc-tweiler. B. .Im-ksuii. B. Dineliart. C. Joluisou. D. L. Ilimietro, M. Johnson. M. A. Doke. R. Kzlssunis. L. Drudge. H. K:iuf1'uum, J. Plziirleywiiie, Ii. Fnsll. V. Idatoii. W. Fnirrfh Rout: Fgrer. C. Elliott. J'. I".IIis. F. Fessler. R. Few. J. Fields. R. Fisher. J. Furry. J. Foy. B. Foy. R. Fifllz Row: I"r0imund. J. Frc'imuufI. R. Lzicrte. A . Lziskill. K. I I Guskill. B. Kleiner. M. Gcpfert, M. E. Giuninno. P. Golden. V. Iiullcr. I. Km-uc, I. Kcilc-zewski. A. Kit-Its. C. .Yinlh How: Kipksl. .I. Kirkby. 0. liirkcnflull. D. Kish. E. Krmik. H. Krushus. L. Hursh. E. I.:i Bolle. D. I.:i Douceur. G iiillllil. B. Twill: lfnlv: l.:1uy:lQ. D. I.c-ist. It. I.ohuiillcr. N. i.1ll'0lIZ. C. I.uvkcuhilI, P. l.u1.cn. R. Mc-Czntney, B. Mc-I'z1rty. C. Muckoski. A. NIJIKIIIISOII. XX. Page Forty-two J . c f 35, ' . .. f M 1' . I 1 Iiii N i: M ..... 4.1 F A f' 5 'f . fi . ' zu' gg 'Q I .Q ., 2 . "' ' lin' ' I wi' ' ll . if M I . JJ, ...ii :V 4 jf' fi , ' . " ' . -Nf' . .- Q , AL f 1 . . H v z ' 'il 3 J ii ' I 1. 2 'l-' 5 if if' . .- ..... 5 ff.. ri, Y A . U 1, V Q . it .Lg 1: ",' M - 3 :ggi - A. 5 1 f if. :jk X 51. ff I ilk 'rg ' , if H- , Q f at i if Ma ,Q N i , 1' it in fx at . I? X A V AVL: , , l hm M y . . r- I I s., 1' V f " . I ' . N3 4. , dy . I . si K z . . ,L A. W ' V 5, E I it it ",. ' . . 3 f As if 1 ' 1 F il' V " 19 i:"' 5 ..,. .F .sg ' . ,Y ' 1 .ANL . . ..'1 i ,, ,wf ...I TL t I T ziv f I 1 .3 ' .:. .ff 'H S ' 'QL ' Vit' ig I iff f 4 M l ' '7 . LW 5 ' Q J vu . . . M . -...I A .. K gat.....I I-gs ' 1 .. l . 'H V 3 1- , .,', 1 V J V, l N K' . 'F I . - - -- .- 1 e' Q' .5 I tf.-., ::'f N X it . F f . - . -. A 51.1 Y 5 , h I V Q . A .23 I Ay 1.1 4 . E '.. .F . -f . I' ..,. . v I 5 -. . I .... F i - f . . I i f f t . I j I . . gg .. ex A K -'. . X Q. L I 3' N. i 4, I W i. , Q lg.. ,. in 4' Q I , I A I. , W, . V . .. .il 1 : rr. .: - I A :bw WARN , N X 1 i l 1! . F My , A 23 A 1 3? f H. . I -my sf' - X Y 9,9 M , J' L. am!! f f-xi' ' F? f 1? A -. s 1- S52 1 it , . . J ' Si g. If Jw' A . an ,, : -I dy '. 4 - 1 . Ag A U 3 ' H A . ' H" H 'Q H , J 4 'i l J . If 'T' J-Q. rx X . ff . J s x J A 5 'S ff W, 5-P X V , V L . , A I I 1- if ,NCS K. ' XP A A U 1 xv' , ite- uf :ability :xml tlll1'lli. Fu llu-il' ranks will vmm- Hu- px mls-nfs, 's 1' ', 4 ll1tllllS 4-dlhvrs and ut fic:-rs, hr le-url the-ir vlalss j,1'I'ilillIilfiUll. vlzmms mln nut Ul'gI2llliZl' lll wc who surf- glllillliliillg' ll Ivff ilu- xclmul, hu that in u xx the-y are our he-irs. 1"1'l'.vl lfulri Mzurjuvou. I.. Mz1rti11.lJ. Martin. l'. May. W. Muyun, Y. Mezlrlmve, I". Mcvkling. NV. ML-ye-r. J. ML-yer. M. Milllllchm. M Swwnrf l.'mI'Z Miller. .L Miller. V. Miller. H. Millur. J. Miller. M. Miller. NV. Miuelli. 'l'. Mishlcr. 1-. Monk. li. NIUIITIIQJUIIIU. Y Thirrl lfmr: Murray. ll. Myers. R. M. Nvlsml. J. Il. Xishui. I.. Vzxllm-r. li. l':1lu10ro.li. I':u'uni. M. I,5IYUIli. U. l'ul'k. J. I'l'tI'i0llSl. M. l"m1rNr limi' l'a-ttit. B, I'l11tz. X. Poyscr. lu. M. l'rvNslvl'. l'. I'riL'e. IJ. Prugh. .l. 1'llft'I'h2IllLfll. H Rzlyl. li. lived. IJ. Kewl. I.. Fifflf l.'vm': Kvplnufle. I". Rhim-h:lr1.t. RUlN.'l't'. Y. Ronzmw. l'. Run-ll. .X. Rowe. .X. llemmel. ll Russvll. IJ. Szmiurxl. H, SIIHIIIUIN. H. Siflh l.'u11'Z SL'll2lfl'l'. M. A S1'Ilcnk.1i. Sn-urs. .l. Sulh.-r, Il. St'4'UI'il. I.. Slli1k0l'. Il. Shuum. ll. Shuetz Slum-lby. SllI'i0Ilt'l'. M. . H. XV. Swrvuilz ffilll' 5llllll'l'. XV . Slllifll. C. SIIUXV. K. Sllj'llt'I'. li. Sownlvr. J. Sluhl. I". Slei1'i11s. M. Sluvkl1:xrge1'. Slukur. li. Shnli. l.. lf.'iyfl1H: Hmr: Straw. li. Stewart. l', Slutzmzm. H. 'I'r'u-v H 'l'r0vuture, N. Troyer. .l. Trucx. ti. 'l'witn-hell. li. Y1lllllUlllUN, 11 Yzlllulmmlllm-ln, R Niuflr I.'ull'Z Ye-sm-llls. J. Yrobcc. li. Wagner. .l. Walters. H. Wzlrlick. l.. Wzlrrivk. J. XVilg'Q.'QlDIIi'l4. M W4-zxvcr. Y. Whiting. l'. Whitmycr. li 'I'1'nfl1 I.'uN'Z YYl1ifc. X. Williauns. .L Winer. R. XVinu. l.. XVine, R. XX ugrmnam XVright. M. Work. S. Yoder. l'. Yumlcr. M. J. Page 1"urfy-Hnffe Ns-rx' npp1'up1'iz1h-ly, H11 xr GRGANIZATIONS - - K if 1 4-gigs." ' Vx I-ibn D ' x Z mf! 'AVF .if Sonic of ns bclonw' to school clnbs lNTC'IlllS0 wc :irc cs acc-i:1llV illtercstflcl. T' . sonic ot' ns bccnnsc :1 fricncl docs, nmny of ns belong because wc have tht,- Hjoining fever." xVllJ1tL'VL'l' our rcnsons arc. it is these club Il166tl1lgS. parties :incl :ictivitics uronnml which school litc centers: wc scll Oillllly with thc Rah! lizih l. wc nshcr with thc l"iH'lltinw' lfiftv. wc cn'ov the hil:1i'itV of the Latin F1 5 , 1 . . Club p:z1'tics. Activc incinhcrs in thcsc clnbs :irc known by thcii' rcspcctivc insignia: Pins. swcatcrs, -iaclicts. zilthough yon c:1n't be snrc that thcy are being worn by thc original owncr. Onc ot' thc most plc:1s:int things :ibont clnb lift- is thc intimacy brought about bctwccn clnb incnibcrs :incl faculty :xclViscrs. Seeing ceich othcr outside- thc clnssrooni. forlnzility :incl rontinc :irc forgottcn :incl wc gct to know our sponsors inlinnxtcly. in :1 rclzitionship that is hclpfnl and inspirational to both. lJQ'l'll?1l7S this rclfitionship sonicwhzzt rcpuys onr sponsors for thc nmny cxtm hours that clnb clntics rcqnirc. ln thc print-ip:il's oilicc :ill this is listccl IISt'Xtl'I1-C111'l'll'l1lill' :1ctivitif's.a stitl' IIll'LllllllQlt'SS lcrln to thosc of ns who l't'lllt'!l1lJt'l' the fl'lCIlllSllllJ9. the footl, thc fnn. thc picnics. thc clunccs and tht- swell times we had. Page Forty-four il QA I'ix'1'i'ynin- is ililm-1'f'slv1l in lin- "lJl'llIlJlill YW-1-lily," i-spvvizilly Irvin "H1-m'im"' lim'll's Clllllllllli '1'lu'rc WGN' vigjlll spvvinl issnvs: "Hull iiusln-n," 'I'lmnksgiving, l'ln'isinms. Swlifvilaul, Junior. Pi-zlnnl. liuncl :intl Uvclu-sli':1, Zlllil last lllll' not lvzisi, The S:-nim' t':n'Pw4-ll issun-. 'Flu-so issncs mei wifli 51:1-:it sno- uvrs. The P1-nnzinl NVc'0Iily spun- sorvcl :incl In-lprrl tn givin :nn zisse-ins lily in lilillN'll the l'l'ixlnwi-ll lllfljjil- Zim- drive. 'l'l10 wuvkly uclvwtisiiigf was wvll lllilllilgflxil by Muvy Gri-vii. :mil .luck liusun put lin- paper on its fm-l Hl1llil4'lEllly. Ninnzuaring l'1ilihn'. Nlairy .i. Zicsclz ldciilnr. Ruth llincimrlz Assistant Hili- lnrs. Ik-tty Xihhn-k. Juno lilPilll'l'l. livin-n Nlillcr. Uliviu Iluys: I'rnul' Roan!- Urs. iilixzllwlli lfrink. D0nnis Slllilll. Nlillziillj' llllllllillll l'll'ililll'l' liilihrr. .luyrv Nlillvri l'll'2lllII't' Wrilvrs. Irxin Kell. lill'll3ll'il Xly0rs. Xcllii' lisull. liva- irivo Miller: l'li:ittv1'. Nlurrny l'mnhur- Inn. .ln l,ilYl'll'll. ll. lVnrrii'ls. .Inni- Kulili-rls'i': llnnun' lflililur. Bill l"l'Cllk'l'- ic-k: lllllllill' Writc-rs. Ilimn Wulmiy. W. Xoilsirnz Iixi-iuziimu. Jenn ifisuin-1'g Spmts iirlihnx Ninrlin im-ci Niillcr: Sports Writcrs. Dick Iizivlish. J. l11v:ins. li. ,XlIllrll'lll1:!. IJ, Smith. I. IH-pple. li. Ki'ei1lvl'. 'l'. l'2llIIll'l'Il. ll linsi:lf's.1n: liv- porti-rs. A. Snrmn. I.. ivins. li. H.. Nur- ruws. NI. XVllilc. J. llulileclcr. IJ. linrk. li. Wurriuk. Nl. Willinnis. IX. Iiiwlsulv. li. .lt'sS1'll. NY. Neilson. K. Svlnill. J. Srzlrs. S. Sinmn. I. Ku-iw. ll. llllNlll!lIl.Z'. li. Wilsnn. N. NI. liutlilm-I. BVSINICSS S'l'.Xlf'If Bnsiiivss Nl:l1l:lgr01'. .l:n'k lizisnni' Assis- taunt llnsini-ss Xlniisizor, Km-iili 5l'lllIll1 .Xilwrtising Nlzniamor. Mary lin-vim: .Xml S0li4'ilm's. F. l'mv0ll. Nl. Sears, Il. .Inlin- slnn. ll. fiQll'l. I". Slnlil. B. 'llllUlllElS. li. liinnmns. ll. Wliita-nan-ki f'll'k'lil2llilHl NllllIJIL'fk'l'. Huh Fields: 1'ircnI:itimi. Xi-ai Nlm'rnn'. 'lknn Wulim-rs, Irvin K1-il. .luhn Hrdnizin. Nlsirilyn Wziltcrs. Nlzirtlm XV:1lllm-s. .lllvn llellliviml. 1 1 Bnlli svvliulis uf ilu' S4'llllll' Ulnss invl vurly inf lln' full Sn-niur .Xi-tixitics: Nlziruznrvt Uri. Ullilllilllilill l'1llllllIk' 54'lll'1llll. N1'lIlk'Nl4'i' annl 4-Ixwlvcl tin- following pusiliinis un thc .Xnnnul -lilylll' 5llll'I'lIA- flllfl -'Hill' llfvsflvkz Flelssvs :mfl f'llllYS7 liflflllvvll sialil. N0 uni' 1'llYll'll tln-:v scfniurs Hn- lmrll xwwli in storm- Ili-isliln-i':i-r'. l'h:xirm:m: iii-lcn Lnmlwig. Iluruthy llnnl. Cams! Iiunl. i ful- flu-m. ICU-lyii Nlnllnrkvy: Xinsiwz XOI'll1illl llnriun. Vllyllis Svinipvrlg l"lilil0I', llL'I'll2ll'tl D2lYltlMlilg .xsswviillv l'itlilUI's. llllyllis Hnniur: IA-wis Nlillvr. Dick 'l'l1m'11l4ml1. Blziry .lo 'll!'llIIll7llllC Ilrnlnal- linrgfvr, Rilgjilllflilyt' Rzimlulpliz linsinn-ss RIJIIIIIQIPF, Sin-llmy UPS? livfly Hull. lmriizlinv'Yiilh-1 Snnimslmlsz 'l'mn lV2llll'l'TZ. Dun UQ,l.king: Axmixmntg JHHHN 11.6-1.5. AM1N.VH5imr NIMMMN.. 1391, snpi-r. Univ .blulinsinn X lfgllllil 12lXVlt'XI-l'2ll'llllXZ Nlilfyl .Ivan r-nyili-li. 'I-lmmlwq Axwistuni' Axllpn Hnthvmz Art Ndiim: Luis jxlulmg lllH'UllI5' l'.lIlull': .Innv lllNllH'XZ'l.l'll'l'lllil!,i lllll'lilil2lII: l'lm'L'n4'v Iillof-lf' AxgSist:I'llt Alun Clwistiml. Sports Nilihw BMI Kvlhw. 1-1': .lillllvlfllgy Ilistury: l,lll'lllt' lwzziila-Y. l'.ll0lY'll ll'Uillll5lt'l41 .Ml bulim- xftm' Hu' MWVVWUIF H-'lx Uhuwn lmd 'HW HH-Im. -fl V HW tursz- Xlllllillll llllllillllil. llvrln lUl'IIllK'illl. qlxzrllliryn ll4llI'Ilt'iIlCllI. Mur- ' P ' " ' " mivrih- Wilrnxcn. tlyilc xlllfillll Ari inilitnrz I.ms Ninlni: .Xrl l'W'l'l"l"k lllullllml' HH' f"ll"Wl'llf llmlllll' Wlilili iillllilllllml lu Stull: Nlnzic Wi-hsln-r. Olzun Christian. 4ivr:ii4iino .l11ti'il'. Clyiiu ln-Ip 1-clit lin- lmuk: gm,-lin, Payrf lfurfy-five K ,, , f K. A nhl l Q, ,f"f?'L u I- 411, ,N , I 2 xllktl . ,ls-,WN will ifiiliiwl ,My 'Lil' wiifiiffifhzfilgl 55?e:i::1'-feaiff Q 4 1 The Fighting Fifty has had a very busy year ushering at the basketball games and at programs, and plays in the High School auditorium. Their c-hcckroom, which was ballyhooed by Bobby Snyder and lflarl Keech, was especially successful. The Fighting 50 also sponsored two pep sessions which were put over quite clev- erly. VVl1en the clnh met in hir. lglllllllgtllllui room with their Clllifftfiill. Ned Morrow: they decided to have their annual feed for the paroled inmates ill the spring. Firm' Smzzravlffr Ofir-rfrs Second S'r'mr1slvr Ojicers . v P . Y P1-egnh-nt ..,,,...... ,.....,-- N ed Morroy Pl'l'SlflCIlt.. ,,... ............... N erl Morrow V509 Pl'eSiflf"ll---- ---14011 Ullthllaw . K Vice President .e... ---"l3l1d" BOIWXBITIZIII ' e - ..... ' ' Y l ' . A .. , Saud W5 "' " kmtll Q M Cl ' bewvtziry ...... ,M 'Bohhy Snyder lllI'l'ZlSlll'91' ....... ---"lSohby ' 5-mycler V X A l sy ,,qkeetm,. Nous? lI'f'?lSll1'CI' ......... ..... I ioh B1l'IllC Smml ch'mlmn"" 'ul Jack Jones Social CllHll'lllElI1---- .... "Jan11lc-" Coan Q. Page Forty-si, K XXXXXNXXNXXXXNXXXXX X 3 XX XXKXXXXXXX It , 1 v 5 . I last Sf'l1N'StE'l', :z few gals mann- struggling in Mrs. Bll1llli',S room as Tish Holt, tha' chief, c-allvcl the meeting to order. Plans to initiutc- the new stoogxfs were discussed pro and von until evcryoin- was worn to a frazzlv. YVhat :1 time we had at that initiation. Can't you just imagine .lo l.avric'l1's crinharr:1ssm1'nt when she found out the goat was just a fur-robcd sawhorsu? The Rah! Rah! club pcclclled windy and ice' vreann at the many buskebtull and foot- ball gannvs. 'flu-y also sold vainly anal ive K'l'f'21IH :it the sectional. They uslicrf-d at cllll'lSllllHS plays and thc ininstrel show. The annn:1l "f'ling', was given May 9 where the 'Alle-11n'1i" of the athletic LlCP8.1'tll16I1lf were c1lte1'lain6-cl. Fimf Srnwsfrfr Ojirrfrx SPIVIIIII Snncslrfr Oj'i1'1fr.s Presialn-nt .,.,,,v,,Y,,.,,.,..,,.. Tish Holt l,l'CSlllL'llt ..............,........ 'Fish Holt Vice Presich-nt--- ,--Juyne Murphy Vice lll't'5lClL'lll--- ,--.lnyne Murphy SvL'rf'tu1'y ..,,. ,--Virginia Cowley Sven-l:u'y ,,A........ ---Murlyn NY:llt6l's llll'6ilSllI'l'I' ..,..,., A,-Iit-vel-ly .lessen Vlll'l"2lSlll'K'I' ..w.f..,, ---lic-verly .lessen Social f'llHll'Ill2lIl-- -Marian Puhne-r Scrgc-:uit-at-A1'111s ...... A... I Ielen Miller Social l'll2llI'llIilll .,,,.. ,.,.. B luriun PZilIll4'I' Serge-aunt-zit-Arms ...... "l'utSey" Mullarkcy 1 if ig l f . , ..,., , . 119, 5 JW. ll i,lll.llllliiiiili"l ggi M11 . Q 3 LV A7 Page Forly-seven At thc first social lllK'l'tlllg' of the Spanish Cluh Miss llllfllhillll, of thc Y. VV. V. A., guvv u Tall: on Chile' fnol 1'c-i's-r.'ing1'lo the weather nor to that Mexican fooclj. In DL'Cft'llIlJC1', lluscniznry Smith wus hostc-ss to thc Clnistums party hut Santa fuilml to uppc-au: Tl1CJ2llll181'ylllCCtllllI,llEld at the honu- of 'thc Shrcincr lads, was in thc' fUl'll1 of il picnic' suppcr. lnilizllion for lhe new nuemhcrs was thc main fc-aturc of entcrtzximnent. Clyclc Martin was 1'l5f0l6CtE?Cl president the scconcl seam- TUOIU. A Joint D2lIlC'l' was hold May 1 with lhc FI'4'll1.'ll Club Presicla-nt ....,..,,....................... Clyde' Martin Vice l'r4-siclent ,,.. Secretzn'y ....,., 'lll'C2LSlll'l'I' ...W,..,. Social C'l1:Li1'11m11 ....7,, nun ,... ---Mary Jean Snyder Progrzun Clmirn 6 Q !illi Page Forly-eight First N14 nmstrf r Office rx ----Fred lflmlwarmls -------.lohn Jay ------Ellen Conlcy -----VValter Sixreixim' ster, Qpcrsolmlity winslj Ea:-h club furnishecl pan , at :L husinvss meeting in Miss King's 'l of thc Jl'0Y'l'2llIl. E Svrfoml Sl4'IIlf'.'ffl4l' Offirfnrs Presimlcnt ...... Vice Prcsidcnt- -- Secretary ...-,. Treaisurcr --------- Social CllH.ll'lllZlIl 1Jl'0g1'illll Chairu --------------------------Clymlc Martin ---Thonizxs lloovcr -----------John Jay ----Wallemcc Shreincr ------ ---------Helcn Butls-r uln ..,, ---.fllury Juni Snyclcr Evcryonc in French Club, including thc sponsor, is supposc-cl to speak Frm-nch during mccl- ings. XVhen .Tack Curr prcsimlcs, he complies, having his spcechcs writte-n out lu-fore thc meeting starts, thc secretary, Hatfield or Scars, also couiplics, with rn-corrls written hy Miss Uunning- hznn. But bcyoncl this, us coinmon IIl0lIlbCl'5 falter. French plays, travel talks, and geum-fa form the bulk of our programs. These ingredients are scusonccl with tha- spice of Miss Cunning! hann's wit. OFFICERS Jack Carr .......,.. ....... I jrcsidcnt Dm-unis Smith --- ........... 'llI'QiiSlll'l5l' Alla Marie Foster .... ---Vice President Jcun Forc1nan--- ---Progrznn cllllllflllilll Murybetli Sears --- ----- Secretary Muriel YVillia111s--- ---Social Clllllflllilll l 5 LATIN CLUB Niiss Burns is always kind enough to enter- tain the Latin Club the iirst time. Of course, I suppose she thinks sheid better have it before the kids get better acquainted and knock things to pieces. lVhen oflicers were elected Harry YVeiler was chosen Senior Consul, and Clarice Gardner. Junior fonsulg Barbara Olds. Seriba, and lid Dunkin. Quaestor. then we have four aidiles who plan games for us, they are: Betty Niblock, .lean Fisher, Keith Yoder. and .loc Drummond. Keith. however. doesn't do much: he is usually hiding under the piano or annoying someone. ll'e always have large attendance at the meetings. because swell refreshments are served. Sometimes we sing songs in Latin and you have never heard such harmony. espe- cially from Jayne Murphy and Betty Niblock. The year's program ended with a picnic supper. DEBATE CLUB The first time the debate class met there were sixteen present, and Mr. Huffman told us enough about debate procedure to last for six or eight weeks at least. Then we started arguing on the lithiopian situation. lve were trying to find out whether it was raining eats and dogs or cannon balls. Mack lVhite won, as usual. Plenty of time was spent on socialized medicine, and we had a heated discussion on the question. ive traveled to Goshen. Fort YVayne. Purdue. and Mishawaka. Page Forty-nine pl A l 5 Page Fifty N 'U The Hi-Y lads were ust another bunch of rowdics until Parliamentary procedure was initiated. Now they behave like perfect ladies and gentlemen Qpardon the ladiesj During the Hrst semester, school spirit was ,discussed at the meetings and some interest- ing discussions resulted. The Hi-Y is one of the most active clubs in E. H. S. having meetings every Tuesday and throwing more parties than any other club in school. On November 22 we had a Treasure Hunt and BOX. The participants, breaking the rules, danced in the Y. M. C. A. after the treasure hunt. On March 10, Bob Lewis and Phyllis Borger presided at a joint program of the Hi-Y and Girl Reserves held at the Y. M. C. A. Mr. Holdeman, speaking at one of the meetings, became very interested in the club and offered to pay the expenses of sending the new officers to the Otlicers' Convention at Indianapolis. April 3 and -lf. An honorary degree was bestowed on Rev. Shake of the Trinity hi. E., who led devotional services at a number of meetings. A no Near the close of the year, graduat'ing SCIITOTS VVCYC glVC11 SYVCZITCTS ill liiiffplllg WVltll the tradition of the club. The otlicers are as follows: President ..... ................... 44Robert Lewis Vice President---- .... Bob Emmons Secretary ...... Treasurer .... lll'UgL'l'illll .......... Social Chairman .................. ----Fred Edwards ----Bob Birnie ----Earl Keech ----JaCk Jones President .......................... Robert Lewis Vice-President .... ...,.. J ack Eason Secretary ...... Treasurer .... l,I'UgI'tllH ......... Social Chairman .... ----Fred Edwards VVayne Lansche - --Keith Schutt - -- -Earl Reech l i ,M Q-411 l l v i l " ' x i 1 ' 4. 4 'J ,A-i ' 1. - ,pvl A i 4.1 V , ffu V' - ff' -fu! l " x, i ' , 2? fj il I . ,Y NM' Q' xti, fi' Vffju lullll ,, K MJ' ' M a yy... IRL E E VES " ff' xx, Inspirvml. im doulst. by tlw fund and fun :nt lll1lllt'l'0llS 1-:ibim-t picnic suppvrs. tllf' Ull'll'Q'1'h of tlnv Girl Ih'svi'w's found tln-ir plum for the wcvkly llfclllm-sclay l1lCf'illlg,fS slivvcsxflll. Bl-llllllltlllf' dillll'l'S. tlw zxilmml Ci. R. Umilfm-i'n'i1a'n'.lln-P:1. Nia 'll Nh' tl-vd.t:1lk5 on t'fiqllt'tft'. lH'?llltj'. llwillll. inmwivs. clvlmzxtvs. and K'll'i0y?ll?ll' twls wvrm' :ill lll'0llglll lo :x vlimux witli H10 Sl'lll0l' l'lJlI'K'XV1'll l'im'x1ic'. i ln Nlill'l'll. Miss Ilvlvn l':1pcx. Y. YV. C. A. S1'c'i'm't:1i'y who lmti lm-d thi- girls sun'- mmxflilly tlll'0llQll tlic' forvp:1rt of this .Vt'Ill'. li-ft to till si lwtter position i11 Nlillllvhliiil. Nliss l'lllllllil Iluwc. of Cl4lIlll4,'Ctil'llt. SlIl'l'Nxllt'1l Miss l':1p1-w. 'l'l1c officers 1-lvl-tml in the spring of '35 wvrv l,l'CSiill'llt. Pllylliw l5o1'gcr: Yiw- l'rm-sidvnt. Hvlm-11 Nlillvr: Sl,'l'I'i'till'y. l'lI'JiIlC't'S Buwwm-r: 'l'i'c-asi1l'vl'. Shirley Nlorluu: Prugrsnn c,lllJlll'llllill. Olivia Days: Social ClIilll'Ill?lll. liutli RiIlll2ll'l1 :xml SC1'Vil't' Clmir- man. .l:micx- Pvtersml. Mrs. Nlvlvin fill-mln-ruling 4-l1z1pc'i'o110d tlwir many t'll'i0yJllll6 siwial :ivtivitim-s. .Islam-ite Sl'llI'il!H :md Bvtly 'lllimnas will rvpresvnt Hlkliart :ll Iowa in i'UllfC1't'lll'C tllix ?sl1Illlllt'l' to luring lmack sonic nvw idx-ue. for lll'Xt yv:1rR L-lub. Faye lfifly-one ART CLUB After school one night we went into Miss Cole's room to elect ofllcers and look whom we elected! Dick Havlish, presidentg Kenneth Chandler, vice-presidentg Dennis Smith, secretaryg Lois Malm, treasurerg and Clyde Martin, Social Chairman. VVe always have good times at our parties and especially the one we had at the eottage at Simonton Lake. First we had a big feed and then we exchanged gifts. You should have seen the flashy necktie that Hal Beesmer got. After that, we sang songs, as one of the boys had brought his guitar. Such music! Most of us didn't know the tune but we all yelled just to see who could make the most noise. I couldn't say for sure but Kenneth Chandler was near the top. ,ms A me Page Fifty-two i l -1 'l L l D HAMA CLUB 0. Xvllixll we sc-:xliipcrml into 301 for our first llll'l'tillg. we c-lnosci for our oiticers ,x1'di'll Xxvlllltfllll. Presiclcntg Xvilylllf Lanscllv. Vicc-prcsiclciltg Alicm- Holme-rtson, Scvrctaryp Russell fl?lllilllS. 'll1'CIlSl11'C1'Q :ind 'l'isl1 Holt, Social llll?ill'lllJlll. Our nicctings We try not :xttcnrlvd vvry Clltlll1Sl2iHtlL'2llly. mostly buwnisc no rcfre'slnne'nts wt-rv 9Cl'Vl'Kl lmut We nnniage-ml to gvt along fairly well in spill- of tlnxt. Our ljl'!ll112i Club was not Vcfry :ic-tivv lint in clrznnatics class Miss lVinlc'rnilx uscml to toll us vcry llltt'l't'Stlllg storics :ilmout na-tors :ind :u'trvssvs of Hn' stngv :ind svrvcn. Prolmlwly the niost 4-11-ioyalmlv thing we dial while :xssocintvcl in lll'IllllJlllt'?s was our lnzxkv-lip work. lV:1s it cvcry fun to tulu- zz couple of tcctll out of your be-st fric' :inml sniour some grease paint in luis cyc. nd lt was real s:1tisf:u'tion to know that youll saved liftm-n tinlaly coins flfilli part of three sinioleansj when wc' zxttendvd those spa-vial Urunizx Cluli movies :it tln' lilcol Page Fifty-three Page .1 ff 1 mf-7 Qty! I BAND Olive: .Iaek Crawley. Frerl NIL-Laug'hlin, Donald Bartholemew, .lerry Brown. lv'lnte.' Lee Martin. Alvin Vnpelanrl. Pauline Smith. lflugene .Xi-hhergrer. Mary lilingler. Nlar,'znret Thompson. Robert YVhitney. Nn.ropl1ona's: Donalml 'I'o1lt. Iletty Nleinrtney. Francis liihtmo. Rohert Stuyverson. Delores Riblet. .loe Plummer. Louis Berger, Bob Mi-Dowell, Delores llostler. I'o1'1lr'fs.' .Iohn Bowling. Phyllis Lynn. Iiilwin Dunkin. Rohert 'l'hunan1ler. Pauline tlepfert. Marvin Stevens. Rieharrl .teh- hergrer. XVilher. XVitmer. Kenneth Kenagra. Robert Inehnit. Raymoncl Sehneek. Nelson Ivins. Phyllis Shupert. Marjorie Nliller. .lean Wakalee. Maxine Dennis. Charles Lorenz. Rohert Blessing. Nellie Deal. Winifreml Hunter. Rohert Jackson. f'llII"IlttffSf Albert Klingler. Raymontl Turnquist. Lillian Ivins. Anna IVhitely. Ifllwin Yozter. Arthur Willis. Mary Ivins. Irvin Linton. Maxine iiorifillf. Nlvron Yocter. I'21l'oIineLeist. Marian Stark. Alhert Rowe. Hnniee Kranz. .lulianne Meyers. Marjorie Gates. .Kun Surma. Valeria Miller. liliznheth Creech. Betty Chase. Beatrice Ingraham. Devon Iintler. Joe Burrell. Thomas Liarl. Wendell tiatou. Charles. lloots. I-lllen Marie Slough. Itertha Liavs. ,-tllo and Ifrrss Clurinvfs: Rohert Lewis, Marjorie Rihlet, Victor Sevison. Rieharcl Phiilips, Rieharrl XVinitsor. liuxsuon: NVayne Cone. Shirley Harp. Curtis lfranc-is. Ilof'n,v.' Stanley lflaton. Franklin Lorenz. Paul Pressler. John Kistler. Diek Fawcett. Irene Thornton. Rosemary Smith. .lunior Kipka. Myrtle Xankivell. lfuriloncs: Franklin Stenherpr. Gayle Grove. Mary Jane Yoder. Denn Hanger. Louis Likes, Vtlayne ltlmerson. 'l'romlmn1's .' Betty I'orrell. Ruth Ilorine. Ray Ilarwoott. Peggy Deal. Billy llavens. .lavk Ifairehilrl. Rouer XVrigt1t. llarry Moore. Tuluzf Rieharrl Vorrell, Norman llorton. Jaek Shupert, Fritz Row. Robert Iiloutavon. IVilliam Szobomly. Donahl Snieltzer. !'wllos: Olive Smith. Rieharit Thornton. Iluss Violin: Betty Stemhel. Ruth Lehman. Ilurps: Arlene Vance. Leah Reich, Maxine Proseus. Ilrimfsf Irving Denton. Paul Olsen. Robert Wear. Roy lluff. Robert O. Johnson. XVarren Shelly. Thomas Curtiss. Ralph Jolmsnn. James Ilosterman. llarnlml Simpson. Orville BICVSIIIIICII. Rim-harcl Johnson. Earl Garcl. Uf7'ir'e: Daviil llugrhes. clireetor: Rohert lfisher. inanagrerg Nlarguerite XVilcoXen, sceretaryg .lack Stahl. Ralph Kell, Irvin Kell, Ilclwartl Albright, lrzlgqgagsge boys. FIRST DIVISION SOLO XVINNIQRS .X'I' DIS'l'RII"I' COX'l'ICS'I' AT PERL. .XPRIL 3 Violin, Virginia, Lumtwigg Viola, Mary .lane Ludwig and Kathleen Smith: Slringf Ruse, Ruth Lelnnan and Rohert Zimmer- man: Vornci, .lohn Howling: bmriloize, Ifranklin Stenberg anil Gayle Grove: Flute, Mary Kling:,'ler: Alto Sf1.1'oplioue, Al Kling- ler anal Don 'l'ozlt: Bassoon, Billy Kipka: lfrrfnf-li llorn. Rosemary Smith: Tromlmne, Betty Correll and Franklin Stenhurg: Buss, Rieharrl Correll and Norman Horton: l'l1rrinwf, .Xl Klingrler: Irrvlms, XVarren Shelly and Irvin Dentonq Piano, Bob Duclleyg Cello, Olive Smithg llurp, Arlene Vance and Maxine Pruseus. FIRST DIVISSION IQNSIQNIBIJIC IVINXICRS ,XT DIS'I'RIC'I' i'OX'I'ES'I' .XT PIQRII, APRIL 3 llorn Quzrrlelle. Stanley lflaton. Franklin Lorenz, Byron Thompson, anti Rohert Iiiekelg .lliswellurieolls String Ensemble, Marian Lennox. lflarl Knudson. Iletty Moore. Iflorenee Blocker. Margaret Droeginiller. and Kathleen Smithq Brass Sefrlcllv, Pauline Gepfert. Phyllis Lynn. Rosemary Smith. Norman llorton. Ruth llorine. anrl Ray I-Iarwood: !'lurinet Quurielle, Lee XVillis. I-Zlwin Yoder. Rnhert Lewis. and Richard Phillips: C'lm'inet Qurrrfrfte, Lillian Ivins. Rav Turnouist, Bob Lewis. and Vie- tor Sevison: Trio, Pauline Smith. Leah Reieh. and Margaret Leistg Slring lglrintrafte, Virginia Ludwig, .luclith Grover, Mary .lane Ludwig, Dick 'I'hornto11, ami Betty Stembelg Cornet Trio, John Rowling, Iflclwin Dunkin. and Diek Aehberger: Saivoplmne Q1no'l4'Ile, Don 'I'otlt. Victor Sevison. Roh Stuyverson. and Louis Iiergerq IlvlllidllfiltllSI1ll,'I6lIl', Lillian Ivins, Mary Ivins, Ann YVhitlcy. Vt'ayne Cone. Arthur Willis, and liugcne Aeliberger. Hfjivers of life Brrnrl arc: President. .lohn Bowling: vice president. Robert 'l'hu11anLter: secretary, Don 'I'0LItg treasurer. Edwin Dunkin: librarians. John Bowling, Edwin Dunkin. Dick Aehberger, Bob Inebuit. Bob .lohnsonq drum niajors, AI Klinyqler, Catherine Clark. and Victor Sevison. Fifty-four ll T lx' N 3. ORCHESTRA The Elkhart lligh School Oiwln-:,ti':i. coinposvcl of about ninvty ilieinliews, has tllllhlll'il its sixth yrar nnrlvr thc- comps-tc-nt llirm-lion of David llngln-s. It has been a goorl M-axon and a bum' ont-. This yvar thc Ui'i'lwsti'a was lllIlll2Ig,Il'll innrh the saint- as it was last yi-ar, having thi' llvnirrit svsi Last fall wi- gmvi' a joint conrcit with thc band. Franklin Stvnlwrg wan thc roloist. Daring thi- fall, wc ggwivv nunn-rons broaclvasts on-r Station M"l'IiL'. tffin. .X group of playa-rs wvnt to South llvncl in Urtobcr for tht' 'l'l-an'ln'i's f'onvcntion. 'l'ln-y were cli1'e'L't1-ml thrrr by Mr. Us-orgrv llasch, of thc Chicagjo I.ittlo Symphony. The orrlivstra fnrnishccl spvvial nnisit' for the' Christmas play and class plays. Un April 17. wc' gan' a c'onc'vrt. ltichartl Tliornton was thc soloist. A lIl1ll'l'll for two pianos anal strings, coinpose-cl by lirm-st llntchison, was playt-cl by Robert Dncllvy and Bicharcl Thornton. 'l'ln-rr was also a harp 0114 sc-nilvle l'UlllIlllh1'fl of .'Xl'lt'll0 Yanvi-, Maxim- Proscus and l,vah ltvivli. NYE' cliel not haw' to attend the- svrtional roiilests in Pi-rn this ycar and thvrc' we-i'v no national conlvsts. lflilti CONTIHS1' Oltfl l I'lS'I'1iA Firxf Violins: Virginia l,nflwi,u'. Earl Knnrlson. Maxine Hinwbangh, Margrarot lmist. .lnllith firovcr. Varian Lennox. Mar- grarct XVitnivr. lfllton llnnnncl. Gvralrl 1.4-win, ldincrson Lynn, Mary Lonisc Robinson. Wilbur VVilnn-r, licorprc Bennett, Rnsscll K riefler, Lillian Ivins. Sw-onrl Violinx: Mary Brown. Lola Ilrocginillvr. Margaret Ilrocgrinillvr. .lc-an Miller. Sarah NVork. Bobvrt l'Ilwrsolc'. Ill-Ivn Shake. Rosalic Wolfe. Bcrnita Besslncr. .Xlburl Boson. VV0lmlon May. Barbara Pettit. Dc-lorow Si-olt, Lydia Rose. Marjory I .C'llllill'fl. Viola: Mary Jani- l,lnlwi,L'. Faith 'l'ra1y. Kalhlcon Smith. Holi-n Xl-In-r. .Xnna Mae 'l'h:lrnlon. Bi-ily ltnascll. l-lvclyn Kricilcr. fwllo: Olin- Sinilh. llivharfl 'l'hornton. l4'Iorunrc Blocher. Suv lfoelur. Maraarot Sinith. Yiruinia Millvr. lirlwin liillltllm licor-'Q Xliehlor ,. . . . Hu.wsl'1'ol1'n: Bs-tty Si0llll1Cl. Ruth la-lnnan. Betty Moore. l'1lIllit'Ill'l' llolllrcall. Robert Zinnnl-inian. Bcttic Lincs. lil-ll-n tlrincr. Maxim- l"1'a-ull. Fatherine BG.-grlitol. Harp: .Xrla-iw Yam-v. Maxine Prosons. l.0ah Rciuh. Bassoon: Billy Kipka. Paul Mc-Dowoll. W 6'lrlr1'nf'f: Alla-i'l Klingrler, Ray Tnrnqnisl. Bvtty Baker. Flulvz l'anlinl- Smith. llowarcl Christnvr. John llarinan. Georgie l'ainv. Horns: Stanlvy Eaton. Robert Bit-kcl. Byron 'l'lltllllDSOll. Bill lit-hols. Phillip Whiting. Rnlh Marlin, Trronpwlwz liilwin llnnkin. John Bowlingr. Winifrecl Hnntvr. lliz-k .M-libcrguix Trronlfonff: lfranklin Stenbergr. Ruth llorinc. Patsy Stcnbcrgr. Tabu: Dick forrt-ll. I'e'r1-nmion: ltolwrt Iinrlley. Mary llllllIlI2lllllL'l'. Ruth Mallery. Ilonalnl Langlv. S1l.l'U1!ll1HH'NI Loniso Berger. Bob Stnywrson. Uyffirvz Ilavill W. llllLflN"S. mlirm-tor: Rohm-rt Fishvr. inanagvr: M:n',ufiwi'ite VVllL'0X0ll. sm-iw-t:ui'y: lm:i,1rp::lL:0 boys. Irvin Roll. Ralph Kell. .lark Stahl. l'1rl Albright. Robl-rt, Evans. Offir-vrsz I'rcsiflm-nl. Franklin Stenhorgrz vim- pri-siilent. Albert Klingrln-rg 5L'l'l'Ct2ll'V, Ruth l,clnnan1 truasnrer, Betty Stcnibclg librariuans, Faith 'l'ravy. Mary J. Ludwig. f'llill'lk'llL' Mathis. R Prom lfifly-fue STUDENT CONDUCTURS Page Fifty-six ,, ,g,g P X X ,, . f Q' 9 , If ' Q S' On April 24 and 125 Elkhart was host to a statewide 'tl-'funusinrenl contest. Both Band and Orcln-stra won first place 'honors and qualified for the national contest. The following soloists and CIlSC'llllll0S were reeoni- mended for the nation-wide contest at Cleveland, May ll, 15, 16. Saloixls: John Bowling, eornetg Franklin Steiilwrgr, baritone, Olive Snxith, cello, Robert Ziuunerinan, string bass, Arlene Vance, harp, Maxine Proseus, harpg Vir- ginia Ludwig, violin, Mary Jane Ludwig, viola, ltivliard Correll, student conductor Qbandj, Betty Steinhel, student conductor Qorehcstraj, Edwin Dunkin, student conductor Qoreln-straj, Victor Svvison, baton twirling. Slriny fll'lli1ItUIl! Virginia Ludwig, Judith Grover, Mary Jane Ludwig, Dick Tliornton, Betty Steinbel. JIis1'vII11111201ls String Enspnzblraz Maxine Hiniehaugh, Margaret xVlll116I', Margaret Leist, Faith Tracy, Olive Smith, Ruth Lehman, Maxine Proseus. Brass Slhlflfkfi Pauline Gepfert, Phyllis Lynn, Rose- mary Smith, Ruth Ilorine, Ray Harwood, Norman llor- ton. Sflmnplmlze Quarfcl: Donald Todt, Victor Sevison, Bob Stuyverson, Louis Berger, String Trio: Pauline Smith, Leah Reich, Margaret Leist. I L 512' iff is-H. Unclvr ihe dire-Olion of Mr. Hughes, und drillml by Mr. Ed C'lz1rk, El scvc-nty-two pin-cv lwaml plnyccl for ull thc footlmll gullies. A forty-ciglit piece- lmml playm-cl for all the homo lwaskcllmll gilI1lK'S. A conlliinccl C'Ul1i't'l't was given with the orcln-strzi :incl glee club on Fricluy, De- cemlwr 125. A spring COIl4'K'l't was give-n on VV4-mlm-scleny, March 'I-. The Parents Music Club was actiyv in raising' money for our activities, The exvcntivm- connniltve- for this club C'0I1SlSl0Kl of: Mr. li. C. Slnlpc-rt, Mr. P. S. Corrvll, Mr. 0. H. Smith, Mrs. J. StC'lllN'I'Q' and Clayton Tliornton. BAGGAGE BOYS Page Fiffy-seven Q l Q On the evening of May 8th the curtains opened on another glorious performance, HA Pair of Sixesu, by Edward Peple, presented by the Senior Class. This whimsical and earefree farce is based on a most amusing idea. George Nettleton, played by Ned Morrow, and T. Boggs Johns. played by llvayne Reynolds. are two partners in a pill company who are continually quarrelling over the question of who is boss. ln order to solve this problem of who was to reign they agree to their lawyer, Mr. Vanderholtrs suggestion to play :1 simple game. The man who lost was at once given the job of butler in the house of the other and was to be under his absolute orders for a eertain period. lVayne Reynolds QT. Boggs Johnsj happened to be the victim. Other characters who did W their best to make the play a sueeess Were: Florence ' Cole QMary Jean Zieselj the fiancee of T. Boggs Johns who with her striking personality and lovely attire added romance to the play. Vanderholt QAllen Hatheldj who proposed the brilliant scheme of the card game and who is in love with Florence Cole. Sally Parker QChris- tina Harrahj the stenog- rapher of both bosses who has a hard time trying to de- cide which boss to go to when they both ring at onee. Nellie fMrs. George Nettletonj Lorraine Buehman who made an excellent wife for George. Coddles fDoris Koontzj a typical English maid tries her hardest to win over Mr. Johns. Krome CRichard Ernestj tl1e book- keeper. Tony Cliobert Hor- nerj is one of the salesmen who tries very hard to make a sale but isnlt successful. Mr. Applegate o b e r t Lewisj is one of the prospec- tive eonsumers who intends to buy but doesn't. Jimmy flona Peppleb is the office girl who is very handy at doing tricks with tl1e dust cloth especially when no one is around. Miss Perkins QLorraine Veltej is the stock room girl, rather stern and not at all in favor of Jinnyls actions. SENIORS REHEARSE FOR HA PAIR OF SIXESU Page Fifty-fight NJ Q4- 3,-1 252' ,-av BACK S'l'AGl'l WI'l'll '1'IIl'1Jl'NIOli CAST The cast was as follows: Susie, the maid--,, ,,,,,.,,, ---Xlarjorie Dunivan Howard 1"ullcr--- ...,,. --llvalter Stilllffltl' Mrs. Fuller .,.,,, ....-,,, l ielen Miller Margaret l"ullcr--- ---Mary Laliocquc Hr. Fuller ,.,,,.,..A ,,...... . lohn Jay Stephen Goodspeed--- ---Donald Gardner Rodney Beresford ..HA. livelyn YVilson .....mW... Niadanie Raschc--- James IiEittilHCl'-- lirennon ......, Agnes Hanlcy--- Dr. Martin ---- Hr. Boone and Mr. Ber- key, class sponsors, were swelling with prideg poppas and mommas were wiping their eyes and beaming: friends and relatives were "ohing" and Uahingl' and everyone was realizing that the seniors would have to look to their laurels-as the last curtain fell 011 "How Dare You", the junior class play. The plot was an old one- the story of how tl1e spoiled family of a wealthy man were brought to their senses by an aggressive young out- sider f but that was lost sight of in tl1e excellence of the casting the many humor- ous situations. andthe ability with which these juniors handled their roles. Scene is laid in the living room of the Fuller home in a suburb of New York in June. Time is the present. ---.loe Greenuian ----Barbara Olds ----Sally Rosen ---Mack YVhite Bob Fields Olivia Days Richard E. Meyers Page Fifiy-nin 9 lf .WW s X .X f . ,"X y IJ. 'Exif GLEE: CLUB wffoff - The final program of the Glee Club was given by illie boys who put on a Minstrel, and the girls who gave a varied program. Both of these proved ve1'y pleasing and entertaining. All the entertainment in this performance consisted of Glec Club members with the exception of June Rohleder who gave two exe cellent readings. The Glee Club this fall had an enrollment of thirty-two boys and seventy-six girls. The spring semes- ter began with fifty-six boys and one hundred girls. Solo work has played a great part in Glee Club this year. Two vocal contests were held, the winners of which were given a series of ten lessons by the Glee Club. First semester Winners were Bettie Lou Schneider, Ethel Baker. lrlloise lVallace, John Gutowski. lilton Hummel and Karl Stutzmann. Second semester winners were Paul Lockwood, A1 Listenberger, Jimmie Hatfield, Isabelle Sigerfoos, hlargaret Bundy, and Eloise Hagerty. The Glue Club has furnished entertainment for churches and diltereiit schools. Many times the boys and girls are asked by parents and friends to furnish impromptu entertainment. Much entertain- ment has been contributed by the quartet. ninette, trio, and soloists. All of the grade schools gave con- certs in which High School Glee Club students took part. The January Concert in spite of postponement and zero weather was given with an excellent at- tendance. Two numbers of this eoneert were from the library of music built up by Miss Lida C. Hd- munds, former Supervisor of Blusic in Elkhart. These numbers were dedicated to her. The Eisteddfod proved much keener competition this year than last. lVe had the largest group there, but only succeeded in getting second places this year. However, John Gutowski, our baritone soloist, took iirst place, and George Dick placed second in the tenor section. Page Sixty gw SNAPS ll Lessons, tests, notebooks . . . these are supposed to be the vital part of our routine, but at Pl. H. we dlllllt believe in letting school work interfere with our education! Here is the really important part of school life . . . the vacations, the silly symphonies, the clubs, the fun, and, most of all, the friend- ships. Mage Sixty-one l J Pursued Cby the carneraj but not posed . . . lovely lady . . . tension . . . hangout . . . laughter is good for the soul . . . indecision? . . . no sale . . . beware! . . . Miller looks natural with her mouth open . . .. Heckling Reims . . . through the courtesy of . . . Zeisel and Ort being contrasting . . . breeze or a headache, Thornton? Page Sigvly-Iwo XNNXXXXA XX N R3 XXYYXXXXXXXK X Jill!!!JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJZY tl tt! ffl 5 These Uguysn are up in thc air about something . . . assorted Shock Dancers and shock absorbers . . . they hold up posts and hold down rattletraps . . .June in Ja1111:x1'y . . . Heahs Bt'l'1l31'li and all the lads, rcmemhuh? . . . Phil,s up :1 stump and Sh0lby's down in the mouth . . . XVOIld6F if Rngnlufaye had her fingvvs crossed or if she got hor feet crossed. Page Simfy-tlzree ff g- -Si XF -ffl. V, ,QQ 9. f -wi fx ZS if ix F 1 f-N, 4, - .. J ii, Q ,. , 'g 1 51,5 ' Ai f-- fix 12" Q xp f' 'V " v P' wg XM? gf' Page Sixty-four "Shipm:1tcs I'wO1'0VC1',,'. . . we donit believe in gangsters but we do believe in gangs . . . K'Strike Up the Bandi' , . . 'iLife Begins YVhen XY0ll,1'6 in Lovci' . . . "The Vagabond Loversu . . . Elkhartis i'Quins", ust, A'Dames.'y , , I L Look, Hector . . . all these Lone VVolveS . . . no dirt in that . . . or is there, if we dig deeper? . . . the Hunian Fly . . . Carlsonis heart and sweater are still his own . . . surely Evans has zz past, present, or future . . . and how about pretty sopliomores like Alberta? . . . or seniors like Calkins and Stack? . . . then there's Doc Meyers . . . the olxiquitons lVully . . . and Bronrllient, the llasketeer . . . all are subjects for investigation. Page Sixty-five Page Sixty-sin: Perched on top of cars and ice-cream signs, they pose for the candid camera . . . the library gals . . . the Cummins, Helser, LaRoeque trio . . . sophomore Sweeties next to senior saps . . . Ermine is a Mrs. IIOW . . . Shadow and the Haunted . . . the lV0oley-Boogiers . . . lfrosli, Sophs, Public Enemies, Celebrities . . . all make school life go Round and Round. 'I L4 XJ It K f Northam and Kricler aren't eamera shy . . . "please Hl1lJSl'I'lbt'H are the dFilI1SCllS pleas . . . the Birnie Boys Binnptions Bus . . . the Hancly Dandy kitehen crew. they make the goodies and serve the stew . . . Yes, Boh, we all feel like this at times . . . we're glad to have these snaps of our little maseot. Harry . . . Bike Boulevard . . . Berke and Yncl . . . Ray Hall, Five "HH man . . . night duty . . . the Tennis Trophy Calso W1-iler and Hapj . . . Miller has Faith ill Tracy. Page Sixty-seven A KN Y K4. ,.,f- The inseparables of li. H. S .... the two NCSU without the "'l"s', . . . even Freshies pal together . . . babies must peek . . . Putsy and Kay, the giggle gals . . . looking at the world tlirougli rose-colored glasses . . . Kline looking lost without . . . Carbe1'ry's fallen at last . . . Hartman and Garl . . . Guyer and Stork . . . Gwen and Jones . . when you see one you see tl1e other. Page Sixty-fiylzt in "Ai11,t it great to he Crazyfn . . . Babies, church gocrs, nuts- supercilious . . . the XVUIPLIS :md the Carpenter . . . XVtlC!'C,S the cop, Schutt? . . . Arc they trying to be alluring? . . . Top lll'i1Vy . . . Gosh! Spring has sprung . . . Heavy, heavy hangs over thy head! . . . Comer making il touch . . . YValley and her cohorts . . . Little Spanish. age Si.uly-nine '72 1fv3"' 1-1-ygf'l'c"' ' Page Seventy ATHLETICS ACHIEVEMENTS OF 1936 Elkhart High School enjoyed one of the most successful athletic years in the his- tory of the institution. Three ltlast division conference crowns were won by boys wearing the Blue and YYhite. The trend of community as well as school spirit in our athletic teams has rise11 to a new high, as IJYOVCII by the near capacity crowds which witnessed all home football and basketball games. This spirit is a result of the Win- ning teams, cooperation of students and faculty, many hours of work and worry by the coaching staff, and the popular radio broadcast from YYTRC, which have helped to increase the community interest in the success of our teams. A gentleman very instrumental in making this year a success is Fred liundquist. treasurer of the school board. It was Mr. Lundquist who saw to it that the football and basketball teams were well equipped in flashy sateen uniforms, which helped to put our games over in maj or league style. The refinishing of the gym floor and the new seating arrangement was also an accomplislnnent of Hr. Lundquist. Under Coach Veller, the E. H. S. football team recupcratcd from their disastrous season of last year with an excellent H135 record of seven victories. three losses and one tic. In lJon's initial year as mentor of the Blue Avalanche he accomplished a great feat in reviving the football spirit of the student body as well as the boys on the field. His team finished the season as runner-np in the liastern division of the N. I. H. S. C., and had the consolation of defeating the champions, Nlishawaka, who claim the state crown. The occasions are few and far between when a school of the East division of the conference wins both first and second team titles, but that is what .lohn I,ongfellow's Blue Blazers and Shortfellows accomplished this winter. The Blazers won six consecutive conference contests. cinching the title when they defeated Central of South Bend, 'lil to 20. The Longfellow charges placed three men, Carbcrry, Tipmore. and Broadbent, on the all-conference team, and stretched their Winning streak to ten straight games before that "St Valentineis Day Massacrcu upset at Goshen. The Shortfellows annexed the East NIHSC "BU league in the first year of its existence, winning seven conference tilts. Prospects for a winning team next season look good, with two boys left from this year's starting varsity five and the majority of the mem' bers of the championship second team being freshmen this year. The second new mentor at ltl. H. S. this year to make himself a success is Ray- mond i'Hap" Sorenson. who might have been well named "Johnny on the spotv. having to replace Catherine lVolf, as coach of the tennis team. The Blue raqucteers under their new coach sailed through their season with one defeat, winning the con- ference championship. 'l l 14 COACHES DUN V1:1.1.14:Rf- -Fooflmll llll L'11:11'l1 Y1-llc-1' is 11 gII'1llllllll0 of I111li111111 l'11i1'f-wily. II1- playa-tl l111lfl111c'k for ll11- lI1111si1-rs for '1-1- ye-111's, 11111l i11 his S1-11i111' ye-111' was Sl'l1't'lPil by his lc-11111 1111111-A 11s thc- most Yillllbllilf' 1111111 1111 H10 t6'2llll. Dflll 11111fl1- ll hif with ilu- city of Hlkluirt i11 his first YUZII' as f11otl111ll 1Il6'Il'l0l'. .lo11N LONG!-'ELI.flXV'lf!lSA'I'HJlIH .lUllIllS sm-1'1-11lh yn-111' 11s 1111-11l111' of ll11- Blur- lil2lZl'l'S l111s he-1-11 the- most s111'1'0ssf11l ya-l. liPll1ll'l' he- l'2llll0 in l'ilkl1111'f, l111sk1-H111ll was l'1ll15lfll'I'l'4l 115 ll 111i11111' Sport, hut thc t'I'1lXVClN lllia your 11111-1- i111li1'11f1-cl ilu- gn-111 Qlllllt' to lu- 11s puplllar 11s lhc- 3:rifli1'1111 spurt. l'111cI.s1-111 lgUONl'i'YlI'lll'k Slll Mr. lililllll' was t'111'c'1-rl to 1'1-lirv 11x lllllllliilll C'0llQ'll lhis f'i'ilI'., l11-1'1111s1- of pour 111-11lll1, 11 H1-1' 11111111' -1-1-ssful Yl'3ll'S 111 thc- lIl'llll of ilu- Blum- .-Xv11l:1111'l11-. SlllCll'lllS 11111l f1111s 11'L-re l111ppy tu 111-411' ll111l flllt'lM'tXV1lS 1'1-11111i11i11g EIA 1-11:11-11 111' thc llllll' S111-11ks. X liAY111oN11 SoH1cNsoN T1-unix ' till "II11pA', 1111 Hllil1111'l Ql'ElllllJllt', luuk on-1' ilu- 1l11ti1-s 11s le-1111is 4'UJll'll 111.112 clicl very W1-ll i11 ing: lhs- nl111c-we of L'11ll11-1'i111- XY11lf. Mr. S41l't'IlSUIl g,Il'll1lll2llK'Ql fr11111 NV ltlll'll Slnlc- lll1'ilClH'I'S' l'oll1-g11- 111 Klllilllllllllfl, fllif'l1ig11111, NVlll'I'0 l11- wus ll 1111-111111-1' of H10 lc-111 TQ vzlrsily for thri-0 1'c11rs 111111 1-1111t11i11 i11 his Sc-11i11r ycnr. -Y H1-.11111soN l31-1H1i1f:Y- .'I.v.vf. in H11.vL'1-Hull! 111111 Fooflmll l'1111c'l1 lgl'l'lil'Y, il f111'1111-1- 11115111-11 lmv, g1':1cl1111l1-fl from NY11l1:1sl1 l'11ll1-gc 19217, wl11-1'1- he wax .1 llll'lllllK"I' uf 1111- f11utl111ll tc-:1111 for llll'El' ya-urs. xlllC'll crcllil in chu- lu . r. l31-rlxey for 111-- vc-l11pi11g SlIl'll fim- lll11'Illl'll as l5I'llljIll' 111111 Ilf-1'sI1l11-1-ga-1-. K 1 ' ' ' ' . 3, -11: , ., .1 ' 1 1-P1111 K 4 1 111- . .9 1 . A 1 1 1 1 E Y 'S' - 3.41 --1 LZ 1 1 1 1 .1-',. WS 1 I 5 .V ' 1, 'M' 1 .W lr , -1 ' ff ,j VQ kxkkk, y A ' . - - -, E E ., f 1 1 1- 11 1- is -5 , p -1, 1 . 1 1 1 . - -1 1 illr 1 1 1111 555 ' 1 1 ' 1- ' ff l! 1 , 5 9+ . 1 f .4 -.,,1 .1 ' 1 I 1 1. E A -19 , ,1 ., .gi : .,....-- ' M S " SlldK'lll M111111gc1's F11c'11lty Mgr. Flin-or l,c11clc-rs R. R. J111'1l1111 l'r1.11w S1fz'f11l.1f"u ' s l 1 FOOTBALL ELKHART, 0, MOOSEHEART, 0 Opening the '35 season under the helm of the new mentor, Don Yeller ,the Blue and Gold clad Avalanche fought a powerful eleven from Mooseheart, Illinois, to a 0-to-0 deadlock. The blues with a starting line-up containing seven seniors and four uniors played a very aggressive game to end up in mid-field. George QAlaj Pendill's kicking and a nice pass defense, combined with some very effective line-play, helped the Vellermen to attain a moral victory. A new coach, new silk pants, new blue jerseys, new line-up, and perfect football weather put the finishing touch to Coach Don Veller's debut, before 5,000 fans. ELKHART, 144 DE LA SALLE, O Playing host to a powerful Chicago eleven, the Vellermen, showing a new open style of offense, fought for their first victory of the season. In the first half Bill Ronzone dived across the goal for six points, a little later in the same half Ned Morrow scored on a nice pass thrown by Don CShortyj McFall. Dick Crussemeyer added both extra points from placement. After the early scores were made, Coach Veller substituted freely. As thc luck in weather conditions still held, another record crowd attended the game. Coach Murphy of DeLaSalle showing two fine players in Reardon and Young, gave a powerful Blue outfit some very stiff competition. ELKHART, 0, FORT VVAYNE CENTRAL, 26 The Blue traveled to League Park, Fort VVayne, to receive their first defeat of the season, 26 to 0, at the hands of a strong aggregation hailing froni, Fort Wayne Central. The Blue were the fourth straight shut-out victinis to fall before the Central Tigers. Central scored their first touchdown on a pass to Bourne, and Larmer scored the second on a five-yard run, Sitko making the extra point after the second touchdown. Charleston scored the third Tiger touchdown, Sitko again converting the extra point. The only threat by the Vellerinen came after a nice run by "Shorty" MeFallg a pass, Morrow to Tipmore placed the ball deep in Tiger territory, then, Crusseineyer barely missed a field goal. The last Tiger score came when Bourne intercepted a Blue pass. ELKHART, 13, LA FORTH, 0 Winning their first Conference game of the season, the Vellermen proved they would be close contenders for the N. I. H. S. C. Crown. A second half scoring drive, featuring touchdowns by Ronzone and Bringle, saved the battle from the pointless play of the first half. Dick QGabbyj X. Page Seven ty-two V Q41 K . ,-'LUX' Qi . Rn FOOTBALL SQUAD S From' Row: Jones. XVats0n. D. Troyer. Pendill. Morrow. Mr'F'all. Ronzone. XValters. B. Bringle. U Drummond LMgr.J. Second Row Vp: Kelley QSr. Mg:r.J. Crussemeyer, Kretehrner, Lambo, Bell, Herrick, Ault, Tipmore. Kline. Fonversc. Third Hour lip: Fisher. Coach Veller, Bassett. C. VV. Harris. Hansborougli, J Harris. l'atanelli. May. lt. Bringzle. Mclntyre. llershlwerger. llivietro. Asst. Coach Berkey. Ott fMgr.l I-'ourllz lfllll' Fp: Wilhelm Qlgzizb. I-lartman. l'ourtney. L. 'l'royer. 5leDt-well. Lynn. Thompson. Keene. Borrelli. Soli. Abbott, Olgixb. Top How: Denney, Palmero. Clark. I.eFevrc, Ilansing, Bontiglio, Leonard Enos, Papa, Russell. Crussemeyer added one extra point from placement. YVillie Hanshorough, freshman halfliaek, playing his first important role as a memher of the Blue .-Xvalanche, gave a performance worthy of much praise. An interesting sidelight was the tact that Coach liennett of I.al-'orte and Coach Veller had hoth heen given the "Most Valuable Player" award at Indiana University in their respective senior years. HI.KH.-Xlt'l', llg RILEY, S, B., li Fi rhtin hack after a six-ioint set-hack in thc first few minutes of ilav on zu seventv- P- H l I . . four vard drive the Vcllernien showed class in xvinninr their second Conference fame of the . 1 2- S- season, I4 to li. liringle on a thirty-four yard run, scored in the second quarter. YVith ten men lilockin f and 'l'im carrvin f the "mail", he started the Blue on their wav to victorv, reven rin r a 5- . 5- . . 5- l- l9-to-0 drulwhin received luv thc Avalanche the irecedin f vear. ltonzonc scored on a one-vard 3 . l 3- . . plunge in the third quarter. "Shorty" Melfall, although going scoreless, was the principal ground-gainer for the Blue. Crussemeyer made hoth placcnients to run the score to 14 to 6. NVagner and lleintzleman were the VVildcat stars. EI.KHAlt'l', 1254 MISIIAVVA KA, 0 VVinning their third consecutive conference tilt, the Blue Avalanche gained a place at the top of the NIHSC. An cleven-man victory is the only possihle way of describing the game. Ends: Jones and llershherger, hoth in there. Tackles: l'endill and L'russemeyer-Pendill's seventy-yard punt when needed very hadly and Crussenieyer was hitting hard all the time. Guards: B. liringle, Lamlio, and Kretsclnncr-B. Bringlc an "all state" performance, other two were good and tough. Centers: Baskerville and Ilerrick-former hurt, latter never made a had pass. Quarterback Tipniore-good S'heady" game, caught pass for extra point. Half- hacks BIcFall, Morrow, and R. Bringle-BlcFall hurt in iirst quarter-Morrow intercepted Maroon pass to set the place for second Blue touchdown, passed to Tipniore for extra point. Page Nrfwrrfy-llzrm t Bringle scored touchdown. Fullback Ronzone gave a typical Ronzone exhibition, hard plunging, fierce tackling, and good passing. He also scored on a plunge. Mishawaka later won the Conference and also defeated the VVestern Conference champs for the N. I. H. S. C. crown. ELKHART, 185 PLYMOUTH, 6 Faced with an upset threat and after being completely outplayed in the first half the Blue fought back in the second period to bring the game out of the "fire" 18 to 6. Greatly weakened in the first half by the absence of our regular fullback, Bill Ronzone, it looked "bad', for the Blue, but in a last half rally the game was saved, Ray Bringle scoring three touchdowns. B. Hershberger and Bringle were the outstanding line-men for the Blue. Glass and Bowen were the stars for the Pilgrims. Plymouth showing the best pass ofense seen' on Rice Field this year, contrasted with a weak Avalanche pass defense, was a real threat to the Blue. ELKHART, 0, GOSHEN, 21 Completely bewildered by Redskin attack, the Elkhart Avalanche received their first Con- ference set-back of the season. It was an eleven-man victory for the Byermen-for Elkhart, all that can be said is that they had an "off day". Stellar play by J. Phend, Warstler, and Hoke was the high-light of the game. Elkhart, favored to be victorious over the boys from the County Seat, had a following of over 2,000 fans. Passes from 'fShorty' McFall to VV. Hansborough, freshman halfback, enabled the Blue to finally enter Redskin territory-saying this, and that's all there is to say about the Goshen game of 1935. Phend, Hoke, and Isaacs scored touchdowns for the Redskins-Beets Hoke making three extra points out of three attempts. ELKHART, fig ST. HEDVVIGE, 0 A fine fireworks exhibition was only one of the extra attractions of the evening, before the game. St. Hedwige hailing from South Bend brought one of the hardest hitting and clean- est playing teams to play on Rice Field this year. Itonzone scored on a plunge in the fourth quarter. "Shorty', McFall Carried the ball nearly the whole length of the field to be injured just before the touchdown was scored. His injury was nothing serious. B. Bringle again was the outstanding line-man for the Blue. ELKHART, 13, MICHIGAN CITY, 7 Starting out in great fashion the Blue scored in the first half. VVeakening, the Blue played just good enough to keep out of danger. In the second half Ronzone intercepted a "Devil" pass and ran it back fifty-four yards for a touchdown. Then Michigan City made a Page Seventy-four XX XXXXXXNXXXXNXXXX X iiiiiiiiiiiiti LA 5 seventy-yard march to a t0lll'lldOXVll. The Blue then realized the strength of the Gillmen and tightened up to win the game, 13 to 7. Crussemeyer made good the extra-point try on the second touchdown. Trampski scored the extra point for the Devils. B. Bringle was again Elkhart's outstanding lineman. l'll.KIlAR'l'. 04 Cl+lN'l'RAl., S. li., 13 Losing a heart-breaking Conference tilt to a strong outfit from South Bend Central the Vellermen ended a very successful season. Both Bear touchdowns came on passes. The first one came in the first half from Kacsmarek to Hallie. At the beginning of the second half the Blue showed power in carrying the ball to the seven-yard line, there to be stopped by a stubborn Bear defense. This game gave the Avalanche second place in the Conference standing and gave them a total of seven wins, three defeats, and one tie for a season percentage of .700. lDl'lNTIl+'lCA'l'lON OF SPREAD PAGE 1. NVayne Lansehe. captain of tennis team. 15. .loe Patanelli. second team cud. 2. Tennis team, reading left to right: front row. 16' Ray "1h'iS5'u MQW' S""""ld tem" Wins back' VV. llunter. VY. Lansche: hack row, R. Lee Fevre. ll. Weiler. Coach Sorenson. 3. Harry VVeilcr, No. I man on tennis team. 4. Bill ltonzone, reliable guard on basketball team. .i. Dick Kretclnner. reserve guard. ti. Clarence Larsen, alternate forward. T. Don Troyer. reserve guard. M. Dale Swihart. freshman llash on li team. El. Jimmy Johnson. reserve forward. lo. Tim llringle. reserve running guard. ll. Varter Blelntvre. guard and captain of B team. 12 Joe l'atauelli. B team forward. member of tourney squad. 13. Paul Hardy. ti ft. 1 in. reserve center. li. Cross-country squad. reading left to right: Coach Boone. Carlson. VValley, Yonker, Hardy. Harvey. Eaton. Krieder, Jenkins, Smith tMgr.J. Dan Bassett. tahles, kept out of line-up be- cause of injury. Don Troyer. reserve tackle. Tom VValters. second team end. Bob Watson, reserve end. Don "Sparkplug" Melfall. regular left halt' hack hands hall to Carter Ml-lntyre. second team full back. Ned Morrow. captain and regular wing back. Vince Lambo, regular guard. Dick "Gabby" Crussemever. regular tackle. liill Ronzoue. first string fullback, second all- confereuce team. Burl Baskerville. first string center injured latter part of season. George Pendill, valuable tackle and punter. .lack Jones. first string end. Willis Hersliberger. all-conference end. Brown Bomber halfbacks, reading left to right: VVillie Hansborough. Henry Clark. C. W. Harris. Page Sevmzty-five if 4 give .Q KLA., ,ia Q mu QI' ,f naw .vw -5... BASKETBALL The Blue Blazers inaugurated their season with an impressive 40 to 19 victory over La- Grange. Broadbent and Bringle led the well-balanced Blazer attaek with eight points apiece. ELKIIART SVV A MPS MINUTEM EN After a slow start that left them on the short end of the score most of the first half, the Blazers, paced by Carberry, "turned on" to overpower a fighting Concord team, 35 to 18. BLUE VVINS FIRST CONFERENCE TILT Elkhart's first conference win was gained at the expense of Michigan City by a 29 to 17 seore. Yerke playing for the injured Broadbent scored eight points for Elkhart, Haughy getting six for the losers. REDSKINS BITE TIIE DUST In a battle with their old rivals, the Goshen Redskins, the Blazers clicked for a 29 to 19 win. The Elkhart defense held the Redskins to two infield goals throughout the entire game. SANTA CLAUS CAME T0 TOVVN The Blazers met their first defeat of the season at the hands of the Nappanee Bulldogs, 24- to 26. The Bulldogs scored twenty points on free throws, Riehereek sinking fifteen out of eighteen attempts. Tipmore led the Blazers with nine points. BLAZERS GET BACK ON TIIE WINNING TRACK Elkhart was extended to play its best brand of basketball to defeat the fast-breaking Ligonier five, 27 to 22. The Blazers win broke the Red Raiders winning streak at eight straight. SIX POINTS IN NINETY SECONDS Corning from behind in the last quarter the Blazers scored three baskets in ninety seconds to eke out a 24 to 16 win over the Valparaiso Vikings. THE SLICERS VVERE SI.ICED ,Employing their fast finish and under the basket technique the Elkhart five defeated I.a- Porte, 241 to 16 in a loosely played contest. Carberry's two twist shots put Elkhart ahead 18 to 16 and assured a Blazer victory. CARBERRY SAVES THE DAY The Blazers barely remained undefeated in conference play when they beat Mishawaka in a see-saw battle. The game ended in a heetie last quarter elimaxed by a basket and free throw by Carberry to give Elkhart a 80-to-29 win. ,X-X X K N "age Sevenly-eight ALI,-CONFERENCE PLAYERS SECOND ALI,-CONFER ENC E 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 6' 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 Al Eigl-ZMMQ I I4l.KS'I' FUN l"l4LRIflNCI'l I'I I .X MPS Isl Ifolrf .I. Abbott. Studvnl 'l'rziine-rx Ii. Brozndlwntz Ii. 'l'ipmorv: D. Yvrkv: l'. Iirozulln-ut. Student III1'tlIlll'l :ml l.'o11': B. Kelley. Studvnt Mgr.: ll. Nlcl-':lll: I'. Ilslrdyz C. Larsen: .l. Ca1'lw1'ry: B. lionzonc. ll, Troyt-1' J. Johnson: .-X. Wilhelm. Student Mgr. Jrrl Ii'on'.' Pom-li. John Longfellow: Ii. Fishvrg D. I,cl"evre1 .I KQIIISIIIZ J. I':itz1nelli3 J. I-llliottz C. lNIcIntyrv: Asst Pouch. IIill'1'ISUIl llcrkey. ,Gill lfouu' YV. Ilaunling IJ Swihurt: 'l'. Ilringlcg D. Slieiiihzirgerz W. Hzuiwboromrli. I.UNGI"l'lI.I.UNY C'I1IAltIlHS TRIM XVINDY CITY VIIANIPS IA-d hy Ii2ll'Hl'II who Sl'lll'L'fI thrrn- fit-ld goals on follow-up shots. the Iiluzers dc-feat:-d I?lI1'l'1lgIllI of Cliicugo. 23 to ll. Thr I'IElI'I'2ltIllt team. tired from tha- long' trip, fziih-d to vxtvnd thx' Elkhart tt'2lIll. ISIMXZICICS NIAKIC I'l' SIX IN A RONY l'lIklmrt's te-nth win ot' the sn-:lsoli cinnv hy Virtua: of an 16-toflil win over thx' XVHIWZIIY Tigc-res in il Olosc WPII-IIIZIIUIIPII "2lllll'. 'I'w1'i1tv-tivc fouls were' culled durin 1' tht- ffzliiw. 3- . P RICNIAIN UN 'I'0I' IN N. I. II. S. l'. The IgIZlZl'l'S won their fourth straight confort-ncc groin? wht-n thcy druhhvd Riley, 330 to Iii. Ronzonc played :ln IILIISUIIIIIIIIQL' floor gilllll' whih' Iirozidhvnt wus high point main for tht- Hlklieirt quintet. 20 POINTS ISl'l'I"I'I'lIi TIIAN IRICIIIUNAI. CIIAMPS Itilcy proved to he El tough foo for thx' Blum-rs, thc' first half. But C'ozic'h lied IlXX'I'Il-5 hoys fuilvd to hrezik through thv Ifllklislrt cle-fc-ilsv, whilt' tlwrl- was no c'lu-ching thc Blom-r scoring W zltiuvk aft:-r the intvrniission. It tnrnvd out to he qnitr un honor lrinnning thc VVildCuts hy snvh il Illlgft' Ill2lI'j,IIII znftvr thc South Ilrnders upset tloslwn in thv NEIPPQIIIUQ' IIPQIIUIIIII und zulvulicr-Ll to the State Ht'IllI-IIIIEIIS to IIt'1ll'Iy pull an llpsvt ova-r thc highly touted I,ogtx11sport Ile-rries. Final swore: I'lllclmrt, 2564 Itilcy, Iii. VVINABIAL' FAILS T0 BREAK I3I,AZl'lIi JINX In their five yI'Gll'S of l'llllII1t'IIIlII against thx- Ifllkllurt qnintct, that xvillflllllli' Indians so for lmvv fails-d to grain an vivtory. In this st-zlsolfs vontvst. the- Blum-rs lend :ill tho way to trini the visitors, 357 to 233, in il feast scoring g,1'2tlllt'. .Iini t':ll'lw1'l'y, who was up to form, tallied IIS points ht-hind good support und rxc'e-llrnt hull hundling,r by thc rest of the ti-ann. SXV li ET It li Y E Nil IC l'llkhz1rt heat NilIlIJ2llIl'l' in thvir illlllllill L'0Ilfl'l'l'llCt' jfitlllt' to IIIJIIKC up for thx- rlefezit L-urlivr in thx' season. A sm--sauv lmttle mlm-vt-Iopetl in the first half with tht' scorn' finally In-ing knotted up ltivlti. In the svvoncl half. it proved to he :ill Ifilklmrt. I3I'02ltIIlt'lII, who made Qix Imslu-tx and two frm-0-tIn'ows, topprd thc- Ifllkhurt, scoring. 'I'he' gfsnne vndcd with Hlklmrt on the long end of u 358-29 sum PFC. Page Sezvlnfg-riinr TITLE IS OURS Broadbent went on a wild scoring spree with l1is teammates feeding him the ball. He col- lected ten baskets and one free-throw for a total of 21 points. The rest of the team did honor- ably and proved that Elkhart had the right to the N. I. H. S. C. conference title, this battle cinching it. Score ll-20, Central S. B. on the short end of the score. ST. VALENTINEIS DAY MESSACRE After cinchiug the conference title, the proud Blazers were administered their first con- ference defeat at the hands of their arch rival, the Goshen Redskins. Goshen commanded a small lead the first half and then continued to score at will on the faltering Blue Blazers. The game ended with Goshen in the lead 45-1-1. It was Elkhart's worst defeat of the season. Clason got five baskets for Goshen while Yerke made three of Elkhart's four baskets. Tl J UG H TO LOSE Ft. WVayne Central, who later proved to be the second best team in the state, came to Elkhart with the best team Northern Indiana could boast of during the current season, al- though almost beaten by the Blue Blazers. Elkhart led the touted Centralites until the last minute of play when the Blazers t'blew" a five-point lead obtained mainly through the eforts of' Captain Bill Tipmore who collected three baskets and two free throws for a total eight points. Both teams put on an exhibition of cool and heads-up basketball and basketball fans witnessed one of the smoothest games ever exhibited by a Blazer team. The final score was 20-17, Central. HAMMOND, TOO GOOD Playing before a capacity crowd of 5,000 the Blue Blazers were defeated in the confer- ence play-off battle by a well-polished, well-balanced llammond High basketball quintet coached by the late "Spud" Campbell, who was fataly injured in an automobile accident. It was a well-played game, the Blazers falling before a last quarter attack at the hands of the champs. Captain Lorenz led the Hammond atack with thirteen points while Broad- bent collected ten points for the losers. The final score was 32-20. TOURNAMENT PLAY TITLE BOUND Elkhart, with a well-balanced scoring attack, drubbed the New Paris Cubs by a Mi-16 score. Elkhart displayed a fine offensive and defensive attack that completely bewildered the help- less Cubs. "Lad" Larsen led the Blazers in thc scoring column with len points. This victory sent the Blue Blazers into the semi-finals. ON TO THE FINALS The .Iimtown ".Iimmies" started out with a fine first quarter brand of ball but wilted in the second quarter and final half under an avalanche of baskets tossed in by the Blazer basketecrs. Bill Ronzone lcd the scoring for our Blazers with ten points. This battle gave Elkhart the right to meet the Goshen Redskins in the final battle of the Elkhart Sectional Tourney. REDSKINS TAK E TOURNEY FINAL IN OVERTIME BATTLE In the final game of the tourney the Goshen Redskins scalped the Blue Blazers in a hard- SECOND TEAM SCORES fought defensive battle. At the half-time Goshen commanded a small lead, 123-10. VVith seconds remaining to play, Yerke tied up the score with a sizzling long shot that raised the Elkhart fans from their seats. Fouls paved the way to the Goshen victory when Peffley sank two free tln'ows while the Goshen team held the Blazers scoreless in the fatal overtime. Tlms the Blazers ended a successful basketball season that upheld the tradition of Longfellow- coached teams. SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL The Elkhart Seconds enjoyed a very successful season, winning 14-, losing 3 and winning the E. N. I. H. S. without a defeat in conference play. However, they lost to Ilammond in the conference play-off but nevertheless they upheld the standard of the first team. Many of these boys will see action on tl1e varsity next season as sophomores. Elkhart Elkhart Lagrange 18 Concord 20 Elkhart Elkhart ---- ----Riley 18 ---- ----W'inamac 10 Elkhilft Mivlligall City 31 Elkhart ,... ,... N appanee 17 Elkllilrt UUSIICII 20 Elkhart .... ,... S outh Bend C. 141 Elkhart Nappanee 2+ Elkhart .... ,... G oshen 20 Elkhart Ligonier 24 Elkliart .d---------Yg-- Ft, Yvgyne C, 18 Elklldlf VillPi1I'iSO 16 Elkhart .............,, Hammond 28 Elkhart LaPorte 24 , f U I v . Elkhart Mishawaka 21 ccon Hence P1515 -DHD Elkhart Page Eighty lVarsaw 20 lVon 11-Lost 3. N N N TRACK Elkhart's thinlies enjoyed a good season in 1935, winning three meets and losing three, while placing tenth in the conference and capturing the sectional. Elkhart also tied one meet with Riley of South Bend. At the State meet they captured a second, a third, a fourth, and a fifth to place eleventh in scoring. ELKHART, 35Mg MISHAWAKA 735 Elkhart was swamped by a well-balanced maroon and white team. However, Bill Bringle, Harris, and Milanese took Iirsts for Elkhart. ELKHART, 903 RILEY CS. BQ, S5 In this meet, Kossack of Riley, heaved the shot 47 feet 2 1X4 inches to break the field record of 47 feet lf2 inches. Sellers, Harris, Chandler, Stock, Milanese, LaD0w, and B. Bringle cap- tured first for Elkhart. The mile relay team of Goard, Ronzone, Lantz, and Harris also Won. ELKHART, 409 CENTRAL QS. BJ, 69 Harris, Chandler, and Milanese captured firsts for the Blue Streaks. TENTH IN CONFERENCE MEET Elkhartis 10 lf3 points in the conference meet at Gary were scored by Milanese, in the pole vault, Harris, in the 440, Stock, mileg Chandler, in the high jump, and the mile relay team. This meet was won by Froebel of Gary with 54 1X2 points. ELKHART IVINS QUAD RAN GULAR ELKHART, Mig, LA PORTE, 46, MICHIGAN CITY, 285 GOSHEN, 19g In a bitterly fought track meet at Rice field, Elkhart managed to eke out a victory in the annual quandrangular meet. Elkhart's leading scorers were Ronzone, Stock, Harris, Lantz, B. Bringle, LaDow, and Milanese. The half mile relay team won its event while the mile re- 12 .ex lay team finished second. N f LU N N N 'N N CML: ' .2114 1..' my gf , 1 1 Y N0 N No Nt N Y N N 'Y L-.m SQUAD ii- B XXL!! 11"4" H X 1 ' ,L - 8 TRACK, '34-'35 First Row: Student Mgrs.. J. Drummond, L. Ott, B. Kelley, J. Abbott, A. Wilhelm. Second Row: A. LaDow, J. Sellers, M. Podawiltz, S. Goard, J. Milanese, R. Hueman, B. Stone, H. Johnson. Third Row: Coach C. C. Bone, P. Kilmer. B. Fredricks, H. Roy, K. Yoder, R. Klopfcnstein, G. Yonkers, H. Simpson, K. Hartman, B. Broadbent. Ass't. Coach H. P. Berkey. Fourth Row: K. Chandler. P. Hardy, E. Jenkins, E. Eaton, B. Ronzone, B. Bringle, .l'. Gard, C. W. Harris, P. Carlson, P. Hansing. Fifth Row: B. Tipmore, D. Lantz, D. Bassett, W. Hershberger, J. Patanelli, F. Botdorf, T. Bringle, I. Linton, E. C. Jackson, R. May, C. Dinehart, K. Kenaga, R. Crussemeyer, R. Foster, B. Mitchell, D. Douglas, H. Stock, J. Harris, D. Teeters. Page Eighty-one ELKHART, 325, NORTH SIDE CFT. VVAYNEQ, 'IGM North Side swamped Elkhart's Blue Streaks at Rice Field when Elkhart took only four firsts: Chandler, Harris, first in the mile relay, and Milanese, 'l'. liringrle, and Stone, all of Elkhart, tied for first in the pole vault. ' ELKHART, 87, CENTRAL CS. BQ, 87 In a hair-raising meet, Elkhart and Central ended up with the score knotted. Vietories in their respective events were Harris, LaDow, Ronzone, Klopfenstein, and Milanese, scored most of Elkhart's eighty-seven points. ELKHART, GOZ, RILEY QS. BQ, -LSM Led by C. VV. Harris who scored 16 lf-L points, Elkhart defeated Riley for its second vic- tory over the VVildcats. The mile relay team, Milam-se, Stock, and B. llringle took firsts for Elkhart. BLUE STREAKS CAPTURE SECTIONAL Elkhart scored 51 112 against the entire field of competitors to win the sectional 111eet. Stock, Ronzone, Harris, Lantz, B. Bringle, Carlson, Milanese, Klopfenstein, Goard, Poda- wiltz, Dinehart, Sellers, May, LaDow, qualified for the state meet to make the sectional a satisfying meet for Elkhart. ELKHART ELEVENTH IN STATE MEET At the state meet this year Milanese placed second in the pole vaule, Harris, fifth in the quarter-mile, the mile relay team Qlioard, Podawiltz, Lantz, Harrisj, placed third, and the half-mile relay team QMay, Sellers, Dinehart, Lallowj placed fourth to rank Elkhart in eleventh place, with ten points. TRACK LETTERMEN VVITH NUMBER OF POINTS SCORED Ray Bringle ......................... 11 Alfred 1.aDow ..,......,....... .... 2 8 Wm. Bringle .e.. ---26 Delbert Lantz ..,. .... 3 0 Philip Carlson ..... .... 1 1 Joe Milanese ...... ..... 4 8 Kenneth Chandler --- ---30 516 Marvin Podawiltz .... ----- 5M Charles Dinehart .... .... 1 2 Bill Ronzone ...... ..... 3 Stanley Goard ...... .... 1 311 Joseph Sellers --- ----20 C. XV. Harris ......... .... 8 52, Harry Stock --- ----27 Richard Klopfenstein -- .... 175 Robert Stone --- --- 8 CROSS COUNTRY The Cross-Country team enjoyed a very successful season, winning four meets while losing three, and finishing second in a triangular meet with Mishawaka and South Bend Central. In a quadrangular meet they finished second-being nosed out by Mishawaka while defeating South Bend Central and LaPorte. The scoring in a cross-country meet is very different than the scoring in other sports-low score winning. Letters were awarded to the following boys: P. Carlson, C. lValley, S. Yonkers, P. Hardy, E. Eaton. The following boys received monograms: R. Scott, R. Carr, B. Phend, J. Parker, A. Simp- son, M. Pemberton, V. Harvey, E. Jenkins, R. Kreider. Walley and Harvey are the only two boys returning for next year's squadg the rest being lost by graduation. SCORES OF THE MEETS E. H. S., 295 Niles 27. E. II. S., 304 Mishawaka, 25. E. H- S-y 29sF011gth33egg Central, 27. E. H. S., 363 Mishawaka, 30, Central, 541, E. H. s., 19, .a or e, . Laporte 60 l. . '. ' " 'ul 'k 31 ' ' 5. S, m1?2:,T'ggd43i, E. H. S., 32, Mishawaka, 30, Central, 60. I. . ., a 1 s ' E. H. S., 265 South Bend Central, 30. E. H. S. Fourth in Conference Meet. Page Eighty-two 5 GIRLS' SPORTS Our girl athletics, led by our new instructor, marched forward in fine style this 80115011 Miss Zehner, the jack of all sports, brought along with her a bigger and better organiza- tion, which is known as the ti. A. A. 'l'he Girls' Athletic Association has a constitution which was formulated over the State of Indiana's Girls Athletic Association Constitution. Those on the committee were Mildred Solnn, Jeanette Albright, Doris Bloom, and Irene Swinehart. The prominent oiiicers of the year were president, Jeanette Albrightg viee president, Delora Rowe, secretary and treasurer, Leora Rowe, and soeial chairman, Leona Mackoski. In this club the girls are not only given a chance to show their skill but they are also awarded for it. Points are given for each activity a girl participates in over a period oil weeks, for a given number of points she would receive a G. A. A. pin, for an additional nmn- ber of points, a G. A. A. monogram and finally an Elkhart "E," Some of the sports which took place throughout the year were basketball, tumbling, ten- nis, softball, kick-pin-ball, and handpolo. Among some of the social events was a. picnic sup- per given by those forever smiling Rowe twins, a llallowe'en party by "Midge" Sohln, a swim- ming party and ever so many other entertainments. During the warm months the girls don their outfits and turn out for soft ball and tennis, but when the cold months creep upon them, they fall back on basketball and the rest of their indoor sports. They had no permanent captains but choose up sides after they met on the floor. They usually met on Monday and Tuesday evenings. A few of the old faithful and outstanding players of the well and hard fought games deserve honorable mentioning such as "Midge," the never-tiring side center: Leona Mackowski, the all around guardg Jeannette Albright, the never failing forwardg that little but mighty Swine- hartg "Rosie" natured. VVolfeg that calm, steel nerve Bloom: Wyland, the wisecraeking center, "Dot" Lee, the right place at the right time. and the red head Rowe twins, just can't be beaten, that ready, willing disposition of theirs never runs down. So the new organization was tested and proven satisfactory to everyone concerned. Page Ifiglzly-llziwf E. H. S. NET TEAM CHAMPIONS OF NORTHERN INDIANA K The team, under its new coach, Raymond QHapj Sorenson, turned in a very K glorious and successful rec-ord. They swept through all of their conference matches without a defeat, Winning six straight matches over Nappanee, La Porte, Mishawaka, f South Bend Central, South Bend Riley, and Goshen, and in the entire card lost only three points While scoring 24. f One of the most thrilling matches of the season was the revenge handed to La Porte, M the 193-If Champs, for the heating they handed E. H. S. the year before, thus causing E. H. to lose the Eastern crown for tl1e first time in four years. Q? lllinning the Eastern Division, the team went on to blank ont Hammond, the lVest- Z CF11 Division champs, to win the Pill-L'011fC1'L'1lCC Crown :is champs of Northern I11dia11a. The summary of the matches won are as follows: K Elkhart, 55 Nappanee, 0. Elkhart. 35 South Bend Riley, 0. Nlkllafti 35 Lil Porte, 1. Elkhart, 55 Goshen, O. K Elkhart, -L5 3IlSll?1NV3li3, 1. The C'l1Il77llIi0l1SllilI Playa-U' Elkhart, 45 South Bend Central, 1. Elkhart, G5 Hammond, 0. i Kgtilfgh V f I . 7 If V ,, 6' .4 4' 7 Ng: ' !...!.Lt. 5 1'i'i"'ff Q on Elififilil 555151515121 325212135 I zz Igihil-1 A, J- , Page Eighty-four ef r r ef w ff M Q4 Guide to Advertisers AMERICAN COATING MILLS Foot of Division St1'eet, Phone 683 ASSOCIATES INVESTMENT COMPANY First National Bldg., Phone 744 L. C. BALFOUR COMPANY Attlelmoro, Mass. BAI.L'S SERVICE STATION Marion and Second Street, Phone L-2788 VERNON M. BALL Foot of East Marion St., Phone 1804 BELL'S DRUG STORE 817 South Main St., Phone 361 JAS. A. BELL 320 South Main St., Phone 38 BERMAN,S 129 South Main St., Phone 1459 BILTMORE STUDIO BLESSING'S SHOE STORE 215 South Main St., Phone 818 BORNEMAN'S HARDVVARE 228 and 230 South Main St., Phone 34 BUSCHER BAND INSTRUMENT CO. 225 East Jackson Blvd., Phone 750 CHICAGO TELEPHONE SUPPLY CO. IVest Beardsley Ave., Phone 1206 CITY ADMINISTRATION Municipal Building. C. G. CONN, LTD. East Beardsley Ave., Phone 1105 CHAS. S. DRAKE 227 South Main St. ELKHART AMUSEMENT COMPANY 410 S. Main St., Phone 811 ELKHART BRASS West Beardsley Ave., Phone 122 ELKHART BUSINESS COLLEGE Fifth Floor Monger Bldg., Phone 851 ELKHART CANDY COMPANY 118 VVest Jackson Blvd., Phone 822 ELKITART CLEANERS 201 North Main St., Phone 555 ELKHART CLEARING HOUSE ASSN. St. Joe Valley, First Old State, and First Natl. Bank ELKHART ICE CREAM COMPANY 14 Princeton St., Phone 2623 ELKHART PACKING COMPANY Station No. 21, Phone 3816 FORT NVAYNE TYPESETTING COMPANY Fort 'Wayne GAFILL OIL COMPANY Corner Second and Jackson St., Phone 2420 GOLDBERG'S CLOTHING STORE 609 South Main St., Phone 50 IIOOSIER CLEANERS 204 East Jackson Blvd., Phone 2400 KEENE'S KLOTHES AND BOOT SHOP 325 South Main Street, Phone 23 K UESPERT'S 514- South Main St., Phone 667 LLOYD BROS. 536 South Main St., Phone 257 LUSHER MOTOR SALES 361 Elkhart Ave., Phone 857 MARTIN BAND INST. COMPANY 431-33 Baldwin St., Phone 801 MEYER MORTUARY 216 VV. High St., Phone 68 MILES LABORATORIES, INC. 117-23 IV. Franklin St., Pohne 4-32 NEW METHOD CLEANERS 115 E. Franklin St., Phone 370 NORTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE CO. 300 S. Main St., Phone 1133 O. K. BARBER SHOP 512 S. Main St., Phone 100 PENNEY'S 307-09 S. Main St., Phone 1081 PHARMANETTE -I-01-03 S. Main St., Phone 194 PICKRELIRS 501 S. Main St., Phone -1-41 RAPP CO. 409 S. Main St., Phone 1280 SERVICE PRESS 117 Lexington Ave., Phone 3360 SHAFER AND SON 211 S. Main St., Phone 374 SIGMUND SORG 513 S. Main St., Phone 3540 S. K. SMITH AND COMPANY Chicago, Ill. SPORE'S 109 East Franklin Street TIIE STATIONERS , 417 S. Main St., Phone 2-L2 STEPH ENSON'S DRESS SIIOPPE , 222 S. Main St., Phone 980 STYLE SHOP V 421 S. Main St., Phone 2896 TRUTH PUBLISHING CO. 416 S. Second St., Phone 999 TURNOCK HARDIVARE 123 S. Main St., Phone 440 VVALLEY FUNERAL HOME 126 S. Second St., Phone 626 VVEST VIEW FLORAL 411 S. Second St., Phone 186 XVIIITE FUNERAL HOME 129 S. Second St., Phone 890 NVRAY ICE CREAM COMPANY 124 St. Joseph, Phone 49 VV 'I' R C Hotel Elkhart ZIESEL BROTHERS Phone 1404 A b 1 S imma Momuu 68-PHONE-68 -l -1- WALTER G. MEYER FUNERAL DIRECTOR Berniece Keene Meyer, R.N., Lady Attendant 216 W H gh Street Elkh I d Opp M HghSh IE Band Instrument Companies . What is music? . "Music is the universal language of mankind"--Longfellow. . "Music cleanses the understanding, inspires it and lifts it into a realm which it would not reach if it were left to itself."-Henry Ward Beecher. ' "Music combined with a pleasurable idea, is poe- try, music Without the idea is simply music, the idea Without the music is prose from its very definitenessf'-Carlyle. ' If you Would like a richer, fuller life invest your leisure time in music. It will pay enormous returns for music is the "open sesame" to more Worthwhile living. JQQBWCTOM, Band Instrunlent Co., Elkhart, Ind. MARTIN qheworldiilfnesf I Better because .WIS built by hand. zfnii i ' -I ff. .:,up3',?3lgf1 fart. .5 'I ' 52fff' It . - XM S Preferred by dis criminating players all over the world lt's a proved fact that the tinest instrument obtainable is not only the most economical in the long run but also the most satisfactory. A better instrument naturally means better playing. And a Martin Hand- craft is always worth the difference. THE MARTIN BAND INSTRUMENT C0. Elkhart, - Indiana CONVENIENT TERMS ARRANGED HARRY PEDLER SL CO. ELKHART, INDIANA ' ' ILAIIQHITS 1. nuns Um' High School Students The future success of this nation de- pends upon the high school students who tomorrow will be citizens of America. They will direct the activities which will control the future destiny of our country. Our good Wishes and our hopes for you success are extended to you. FIRST-OLD STATE BANK FIRST NATIONAL BANK ST. JOSEPH VALLEY BANK h p Binding Companies . . arberS o s . . Compliment of O. K. BARBER SHOP C Molloy-Made covers do give an extra value in fme work- manship no matter what the classification, the design, the color, etc., may be. 1 S. K. SMITH AND COMPANY Wedding Invitations and Announcements O Party Favors O Latest Fiction O BELL BOOK STORE Sporting Equipment Cwilson Bros.J Golf, Baseball, Tennis, Football PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS FOUNTAIN PENS AND PENCILS LEATHER GOODS 1 THE STATIONERS ' 417 South Main St. Broadcasting Stations . ' l I "Your Station Is WTR The Daily Truth of Elkhart, Ind." I Extending Best Wishes to the Elkhart High School Students and Faculty and the Board of Education for Another Successful Academic and Athletic School Year i KEMISTRY KONTRIBUTION KOLUMN Mary was delighted when She found a lump of KC1g "Daddy's fond of sweetsf, said she, As she dropped it in his tea. Father drank it. that is how Maryis n1a1nma's a widow now. Bobby in his careless glee. Mixed some I with NH3, W'hen the stuff was dry and thick Bobby hit it with a brick. Robertis now in heaven, they say4 At least he seemed to go that way. A little drop of tear gas VVas wafted by a breeze Into a blooming garden ll'here Jack was on his knees. .Till thought when tears came streaming Because of his distress, That they were tears of ardor And so she whispered. "Yes'l. "Do you travel much in that old llivyer of yours?" "From coast to coastf' "Have you really gone from Maine to California in that V 'tOh, no. I mean I coast down one hill, tow it up to another, and then coast down again." He-"Don,t you think you could learn to love me ?', She-UNO. I always hated to study hardf, Tennis Player-"That makes live apiece. Shall we play the sixth set now PM Hxhausted opponent-K'Say, can't we settle this thing out of Court Fi' Miss Cunninghamfullenins. what is a Sy11011y1l1?U U. Smith-"It's a word you use whe11 you can't spell the other onef, Soph-K'Did you ever take 0lllO1'0l:UI'l'l1?U I"roshg"No. lVho teaches it P" DEFINITIONS Gasoline is stuff that if you don't put it i11 cars they don't run as good as if. Hamburgers are stuff that when you go out to John's you go away with out. Money is stuff that you don't put in pocketbooks because you havenit some. Milk is stuff which sits on the front porch and you stumble over when you come in at. Cars is stuff which nobody has when you hayenyt got a way to go some place to. My goldfish has eczema. Is it serious? No, it's on a small scale. He: May I kiss you? She: There now, isn't that just like a n1an4trying to put all the responsibility on the woman. Compliments of Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Company I Q Elkhart, Indiana iness Colleges . . . WANTED! A PRIVATE SECRETARY ARE YOU CAPABLE OF ANSWERING T1-us AD? These Opportunities Are Open Daily for Young Men and Women PREPARE FOR THEM ELKHART BUSINESS COLLEGE H. B. ELLIOTT, President WE TEACH ALL COMMERCIAL SUBJECTS 508.23 MONGER BLDG. PHONE 851 -OUR BEST REFERENCE- SO YEARS CONTINUOUS OPERATION andy Companies . . . City Administration . . . BUY CANDY... On, Dear Old Elkhart! At Home Games In the Cafeteria 3 ' With Best Wishes ELKHART C'TY ADMINISTRATION Q CANDY COMPANY Cleaners and Dyers . . IA lh UN 33 ,gee Q40 4-3 3 fa. 6 'S Z 5 :S .. OZ Sf. -M 953 ,ignca Hg NO .E G! M Scientific Dry Cleaning Does Make a Difference Our methods restore freshness and give body to the fabrics Q just Phone 240 0 I HOOSIER CLEANERS NEW METHOD CLEANERS 115 E. Franklin St. f 2 Hour Cleaning Service t Alteration-Repairing-Relining Phone 3 70 RELATED Visitor at Private Hospital: "Hay l See l.ientenant pu Smith. please llatronz "live do not allow ordinary visiting. Slay I ask if yon're a relatiVe?'l Visitor Qboldlyj: i'Oh. yes. l,l1l his sisterf, Blatron: "Dear mel lim very glad to meet you. l'm his motherf, HUNGRINR '4lYhat are you doing here?l' said the woman to the tramp who had got over the wall just in time to eseape the bulldog. NM:xdam." he said with dignity. "I did intend to request something to eat: but all I ask now is that. in the interest of humanity. you'll feed this dogf, IN A TOUGH SPOT The taxi eame to a halt. The fare descended a trille l1llCC1't?lll1ly and proceeded to Search his pockets slowly. HSorry, old IHFIILU lie said, finally. "but l haVen't a bean!" Seeing that tl1e driver was not taking it too well, he added: c'That's the position, old man, and you know you ean't get blood out of a stone." "No.l' agreed the driver. rolling up his sleeves, 'ibut what makes you think you're a stone?" l i W1 0 l C 9 0 r 1 1 9 7' 15 5 A se sq.. ' AAA BAND INSTRUMENTS Q G. CONN, LTD., Worlds 1,.,g..11 ,11.,,,.,f1,.1,m,, ELKHART, INDIANA, U, s, A, . AM ER QW IC "W7orld's Finest Drummers' Instruments" QCHESTRA Leedy Bldg. Elkhart, Indiana The World,s Finest Moderately Priced Band and Orchestra Instruments U D W I G . "The Drum Standard of the World" LUDWIGGKUDWIG Band Instrument 8: Case Co. 1611 N. Lincoln street Elkhart :-: Indiana CHICAGO ' Illinois Co. Clothing Stores . , Congratulations Q , , Graduates i' And ' A ' Q Best Wishes Elkharfs Leading to All Men's Store Students Since ,7 4 f CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '36 G 0 L D B E R G'S 609 South Main KEENES KLOTHES SL BOOT SHOP 323-325 South Main St. THE RAPP COMPANY READY-MADE CLOTHES AND SHOES f For Men, Wfomen and Children C 409 South Main St. "Are you looking for Work, my man?" "Not necessarily-but Pd like a job." I' Whether you are looking for a job or for Work, good clothes will help to make an impression. SHAFER CLOTHES are noted for their good looks, long wear and moderate prices. Remember this- Before you buy, see- SHAFER 84 SON Clothiers for young men of 17 to 70 Drug Stores . . SOME ORDER! Customer fentering restaurautlz 'KF-U-N-lil-XI Pi' llvaiterz "S-V-F-Al." Customer : "I"-U-N-E-X PM BELLS CUT RATE Customer: UOQK-M-N-Xf' S I 'WRONG NUMBER lxll adventurous drunk on entering a drug store and Elkhart, Indiana seeing a pay station. placed a nickel in the slot and held thc receiver over his hat. Operator: UNlllHlJC'1' plcasef, Drunk: HNumber, heck. l want my peanutsfi f w1cI,1, NAMIAU Albert: "Ma, can l go out in the street? ,Pa Says there is froinv' to he an coli use ofthe sunf' rv U 1 Ma: "Yes, hut dou't get too elosef' lVl'lLL NABIED "l call her Sllastafi Toilet Goods "VVhy. because she is a daisy UNO. Because she has to have gas, she has to have air. she has to have oil, she has to have something all Sodas and Candy thc fm- UNANIMOUS 'KHave an applef, "No, thanks. They dorft agree with mef' "Go ahead. ltlll make you sleep like a top." "Yeah, l'll turn all nightf, he P14166 I0 Ge! Good Things io Ea! U DELICIOUS SODAS AND SUNDAES TASTY SANDWICHES STEAKS DINNERS DyG dSt I , Compliments of Compliments J. C. Of 6h1s6'9l 6690- Gllcharr Sfest Siofe llll One of ' L Indiana's Assured Quality Is Economical" . . . and Where there's Great Degjftmfnt Shop where . . . Ores. , CC "Value back of Every Price!" ZIESEL BROTHERS Compliments of ELKHART MILK COUNCIL UWM l iSCHOOLDAYS . . . back in a flash with memories reheshed.The annud hHed whh pictures dramatizing school life as you lived it has an inestirnable value to you as the years pass Every school financially able should have an annual Conununi cate with us for information con- cerning our specialized service for all kinds of school publications. 'k ir ir Jlhmfi Ulub ' Jlenvzuze INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING COMPANY INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Filling Stations of S GAFILL OIL COMPANY BALL SERVICE D of STATION D-X J' S' BALL Gasoline Second and Marion -Diamond 760 Motor Oil Elkhart, Indiana , -Pennzoil -Kelly Springfield Tires , , -Cheerful Service Smclalr Products Florists . Here's to E. H, S. Enjoy the benefit of flowers Graduates of 1936 picked fresh daily Congratulations i I West View Floral Company CPicl4rell's Flowers "H"uSe"fF'0wm" Mah, at Marion Gas Company . . . Grocers AS The Modern Fuel C The Northern Indiana Public Service Company LLOYD BROS. C Eleven Home Owned Economy Food Stores C Shop at LLOYDS' and save money on quality merchandise. Hardware Companies . . You Can Get It at TURNUCK BGRNELDMQXN 85 HARDWARE co. HARDWARE ' PAINTS KITCHEN FURNISHINGS "Prices that talk" ELECTRIC SUPPLIES PLUMBING SUPPLIES ' 59 Years of Service 123 So. Main St. Phone 440 ELKHART I Cream Manufacture Compliments f If you are among those who enjoy 0 the best you Will insist o E L K H A R T ICE QREAM Wmyis Fine Ice C O Creams I estment Companies D DIAMONDS WATCHES Compliments 0f ASSOCIATES INVESTMENT CO. Where gifts and gold are fairly sold HKUESPERTN Jeweler GIFTS REPAIRING F mierhlzyf, College and Clem jewelry Commencement Announcements, Invitations, Diplomas jeweler to the junior Class of Elkhart High School L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Manufacturing Jewelers 86 Stationers ATTLEBORO, MASS. Qigmunh Surg lint. Elewrlewa "First Wz'th The Latestn GOSHEN INDIANA ELKHART 120 So. Main 513 So. Mai 3 1 2 Phones 3 540 Ladies Ready to Wear . . . STEPHENSON'S Compliments FOR OUTDOOR AND INDOOR SPORTS AND FESTVITIES . . . of T STYLE SHOP d 'g ds P f lk d also Q k s h . R' gl H ' y i H 421 South Main P 8 d 11 d Newspapers . . . THE ELKHART TRUTH The Home Newspaper For Elkhart County Medical Comapnies tif l mio AXIEADACNE uns You nnvr. ronmq , 'D L' ?5'm'5" Fm 'T "We It s Modern Pleasant , wg I Mg Effectwe . 3 A ff .ma Alkali e 'th Alka-Sell I HAVE A HEADACHE IS OFTEN HEADACHE WS Autnuzr. Now! AFTERNOON www ALFA-SELTZER ' lc bw 3 QE? ,'Ig'f I.- Alkalize wifh Alka - Seltzer Q- Q N fx. I K 6 Ji' "A- Y . 4 X ' 'z un zer TfRRlBLEl ICAUSEO BY ACIDITY' S Y 9 X W F ' 2 L X I D 2 la A rm u Gee wmz! VM somnso nom woaav, HERF.'S Youn Al.KA'SELTZER if fl aj, A is -. -' K- ' i xi- 'SSM l COLDS , Alkdllle with J- C 4'lqf'g 4 SJ l A "H, of X A - fe. Alka - Seltzer HAVE YGU TRIED IT? ALKA-SELTZER Someone called AlkafSeltzer "versatile" That's a good descriptive word. AlkafSeltzer does a lot of things for you and does them all vvell. lt is fine for Headache: tastes goodg relieves quicklyg does not upset the stomach. AlkafSeltzer helps you when you have a Cold. It furnishes, in one pleasant drink, the salicylatefalkaline medications considered very effective by upftofdate doctors. Qften, AlkafSeltzer, if taken at the first cough, sneeze, or sniffle, will break up your Cold. AlkafSeltzer helps you to svveeten an acid stomach and relieves Heartburn and Stomach Gas. AlkafSeltzer relieves lvluscular Pains. Here's why AlkafSeltzer is good for so many every' day ailments. Most of these ailments are caused--all are made vvorse-by too much acid in the body. Alkaf Seltzer helps to overcome acidity. But AlkafSeltzer is more than a mere alkalizer-W listen! It is called AlkafSeltzer because it makes a sparkling alkaline drink. As it contains an analgesic, fsodium acetyl salicylatej, it first relieves the pain of everyfday ailments, then by restoring the alkaline balance, corf ugaoxfsg NOT ANY MORE rects the cause when due to excess Acid. ACID IN' I TAKE DIGESTION ALKA SELTZER '. -X, l 7. . il ' Y ,Q -XXX, .nsfy W V Tx A XOR. w wlpfc, JA Yi: ,sol mg 6 le-:gg 5 EN You can get Alka-Seltzer at drug 4 W 'K' 'K AJ It ' ' . b ,L-lg, jkl K store soda fountains, and in packages I, 4 lg' 4" " for home or school use. 1 1' Q Qeffe rt 5.21, .W 7 ..ta . S ' ' ..,. ' ..,...... -.1. 4 ,.'- '1'- r'1r 3 a . he E fl 3 .gfvw -W ' 'l"""' " Alkalize mth 9 . Alka - Seltzer P k' g C mpanies . . 457 fn, My Use YELLOW CREEK MEATS . . . to Prepare Your Dinner And You May Be Sure It Will Be a Winner N I ELKHART PACKING COMPANY ELKHART, INDIANA Compliments Of N K, I x - f,.f ,xi h XF ,I 4, VJ- X x 'Vg' f ' AMERICAN COATING MILLS, INC-: g- X 'Ja This Annual Is a Product of Our Shop o HIGH GRADE PRINTING IS GUR AIM AND EFFORT ALWAYS! SERVICE PRESS Phone 3360 Across from Y. W. C. A. ELKHART, INDIANA Photographers . . BILTMORE STUDIO 416 M S. Main St. Q "Portraits of Dz'stz'nctz'on U f Phone 447 Shoe Repairing Shoe Stores FOR MODERN Buy Elkhart's most SHGE REPAIRING beautiful footwear at Blessing? Try C SPORES' SHGE REPAIR SHGP 109 East Franklin St. F. A. BLESSING Correct Fitters of Feet Sporting Goods . . K' - W Yxf E f s H 9 l 1 x 4 1' -MW 5 W' T Berman's have outfitted Elkhart High School athletic teams for 16 years. This . . . . . k f surely is proof of ability to give satisfaction and service. When you thin o sporting goods-think of Berman's. BERMAN'S SPORTING GOODS 129 S. Main St. B. E. Sive Locally owned and operated Theatres . A L? L!3E,' ll. ? Compliments EE Qfe E1 ' X ', rg ' '., 1 Q G Q X-Q11 "wg SSA, -mf ,IAQ Elkhart's Three Leading Theatres ELCO BUCKLEN ORPHEUM with Guy Kibbee 1. S lm Summerville June Lang Buddy Ebsen Coming to The Best in Entertainment the at popular prices ELCO always! S0011 Watch F or SHIRLEY TEMPLE " aptain January" WIN? 37" N 5 I S -Y y ig TQ fllygyii. ., Ht, F., v' E' 2lCtl11'C1'S . . ff! f J VYVY V I . V , f ' I, 4 ' , wavy! fi Compliments 0 f CHICAGO TELEPHGNE SUPPLY Co. Typesetting Companies . . Fort Wayne Typesetting Company 126 West Superior Street Fort Wayne, Indiana LINOTYPE MONOTYPE Composition for the Printing Trades REVENGE The lady was visiting an aquarium. "Can you tell me whether I could get a live shark here Pi' "A live shark? IVhat could you do with a live shark?" "The neighboris cat has been eating my goldfish, and I want to teach llilll a lcssonf, PING PONG Voice Qover telephonej: "Are you the game warden PU Game warden: "Yes, ma'am," Voice: f'YVell,Ilm so glad I have the right person at last. IVould you mind suggesting some games suit- able for a children's party?" MAKES NO DIFFERENCE "IVhat is a budget F" 'AAs nearly as I can tell itys a system of worrying before you spend instead of afterwardsf, Yes, I was once a freshman. The happiest years of my life were those I spent as a freshman. Momma Cto calerj: i'Have a chair." Caller: UNO, 1've come for the piano." TAKING NO CHANCES Our old friend Rastus was i11 trouble again, and the sheriff asked him if he were guilty or 110t guilty. 'fGuilty, sur, I think,', replied Rastus, "but I'd bet- ter be tried to make sure of itf' THE REASON Passenger: "IVhy are we so late ?" The Porter: "VVcll, sah, de train in front is behind, and was behind befo'e besidesf' Part of a business letter to Spaulding 81 Company: "Please send me a twelve year old basketball suit." HARD LUCK Fisherman: 'KAfter tugging for an hour thinking I had a record catch I hauled in a rubber tire." Lifeguard: 'KI know how you feel. Once after a ten-mile swim to rescue someone it turned out to be my landlordf' GOING UP ".Iane,', said a lady to her servant, "you have broken more than your wages amount to. IVhat can be done to prevent this ?" "I really don't know, mumf' said Jane, "unless you raise my wagesf, "I want a bottle of iodinef' "Sorry, but this is a drug store. Can't I interest you in an alarm clock, some nice leather goods, a few radio parts, or a toasted cheese sandwich F" Can I come over tonight? Yes, but you know motheris rule, all lights out at 10230. Okay, I'll be over at 10:30. Ambulance Service LfldY Attendant Compliments of 1' THE WHITE THE FUNERAL HolvlE CHARLES WALLEY FUNERAL HOME q 126 South Second St. Phone 62 Phone 890 129 S. Second St ELKHART, INDIANA utomobile Dealers . Compliments of Q LUSHER MOTOR VERNON M. BALL CQMPANY ' Dodge and Plymouth DeSoto and Plymouth Dist"ib"t0t Dealer 1' We Hand Cur Notebooks In... Noteboolis 111111 ll101'C 11ote11o11ks . . . big ilotebooks. . . s1111111 1111te1111oks . . . stiff 1e11t11e1' llUt61JO01iS . . . C1lCill7 1111pe1' llO1C1JOO1iS . . . llOtC1JOO1iS to be 11211111611 i11. . . note- books 1'1111 of clippings . . . eco11o111ics 1111te11ooks . . . history llO1C1DU01iS . . . l111ti11 1111te11oo11s . . . t11ese il1'C t11e very esse11ce of sc11oo1 life. Loose leaves . . . i11eg'iL1le SCl'ilNV1S . . . to1'11 covers . . . illl1Og'I'2lP11CC1 covers . . . 17l'01iCll rings . . . C112l0S . . . 1'1'es11- 111011 1111te11ooks. . .se11io1' IlOtC1lOU1iS. . .w1111t il 11i1fe1'e11ce. Now our 11ote11o11k is 1111 t1l1'0ll2Q,'11. A11 work is C0111- p1ete11 111111 11211141611 111. NVe, the seniors, now tll1'll it over to you to be g'1'1111e11. For t11e success of t11is 1lUtC1JOU1i we 2ll'C i1111el1te11 to lllilllj' people: to 7110111 S1IClJ116lISOll 111111 the l'11k11111't '11l'llt1l, to Joe T111111 o1't11e I1111i111111po1is 1C11g'1'11x'i11g Co., to Mr. 'l11'2lX1C1' oi" t11e Fort XV11y11e '1'ypesetti11g' Co., to our staff who g'11ve so lIlllC11 of t11ci1' ti111e, 111111 to t11e Service Press 1'1'i11te1's for their coope1'11ti1111 111 getting t1ll'Ollg'11 011 ti111e. .1 A V , . . 1 - . ' b ,. 1 awi 2. .Q . 1' 1 ' wi gQ. g AUTQGRAPI-ls Q, 'lb F , 0 . x . ""' N, f i WJKJL 'K' M " W wwf? A Q Cxwdjwuw ' :w I f !i I J' 'A 7 J MAA W Llf'L'4"'Zfk 4. 11, Af' - x eff 3 ,azz M f fl ' J jwlpclf if 4 w I ' ffffyzff , A A xl ' 5 ' A 1' mx ' 6x 'a 13- 3 9 f I f4 l g ry' ' 4 T ' I I, J ' , 5 QQ A1412 M J .. is J ,Ki Ay 9 -Hfsf ,V ' 'f .Alf .1171 5 w Z 1 ,' " .. L, V uf if ALJ TTDC3FbAFn4E5 WWC., QXJJW b gwvf' . J., 7, N N Q MW jp A, 1 EMM 'Vwyf 5 J , 'VH Jw 1 I . gl rf 1 "'q ' YWIJL " j ix xxwi, AmwwQ, NN Vx x f 1 'N X V DL"'f ' . f ,, !,J!,,M -- '3fj7U 1 I ,fywxxf ,wi-fb ' f' f ,f ,V 'ij J K, MMMy fiQ?f , , ' I My w' My QD? xx ' Ami .,a-f-iff p.. 3 g ,V ., J,,fXI fdfb, QQ? ' 1.Wf 117' 1 "A A17 lx, ' fb X X 5 wi. 7 X lj W 'Q '12 fb fl QW! M 5? ' ,Aj :QL g K , - f be X 1 if Q'Kyi QB QVWX hfftx ' fx! X O .1315 ' W PM Q Cayp iz- '3 SJ" 'S In 9 Z 9 fi :W

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Elkhart High School - Pennant Yearbook (Elkhart, IN) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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