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-....,,,. ,..w...-v-qw.-.4--fn 5.1 -- -7 vn- ,......,.........., , ,, 111, mf . i ' QU !,,, swf" X- ,f W'-I 'X if We ff N I 1 A ,-.m,.,.,-., Mb ,.., -m, ,,- , 5? -.,,,-mM?f',lf ,ggiffaf fi F 'Q' .C 1 :Tj ELKHART HIGH SCHOOL rom which our progress is watched by our many friends IDENNANI 1931 PUBLISHED BY THE SEN IDR CLASS ' OF ELKHART HIGH :ICHOOL ELKHART, INDIANA ,Q-ffl",-is f 4ppr0aching the school on West High Slreel with ils lovely averzue of stately elms. FDREWORD X ,Ai i r 7 num' J " 'n 77'I'I'7'7 IIIHIMH H, T, 71 77 77777-I Hmnn E 1 F12 U,,H, tt s s s ss t tttt A new Elkhart has arTsen they say. It has grown from a runway For deer ond elk fnto a solTd cTty ot, Tmfaosinfg builchngs, thrhfing Tndust rfes, and loeauthoul homes., But more rajoid than its fahysfcal ex- tfJonsTon has been the develolo- ment ot that subtle Tntancg- Tble thiancg, shfrft., In Clttemtvttng to loortray thfs st1TrTtot progress, we have con- centrated ali our efforts., our energies, and our dreams. MEMORIAL BRIDGE dedicated to those who lost their lives in the World War DEDICATIDN Eel In Pecoghlhfoh of those who hove given uhsehofshly of Jchefr Time cmd JEheTh effort, theTr symloolchy cmd ihefr understand- Tng., of Jchose whose foTJLh Th us never follrehs, ond those who WTI! vvcmlfch vvTJfh K6Cf'lZSt Infer- eef the Iorogress whTch we hope fo make, We, Jnhe Class of l95!,IovThgly cmd gmfe- fully declfcafe fhffs hook JEO our' ffporemis, This ll1,'Pfl,llP of lrvvs lends away' from Rice Ficflzl llzc screrm of nzany II glorious victory. DRIJER DFBOOKS -i s ' Acl mlnfsjcrajcion C losses Acjclvffies Ajclfnlejclcs A dVZl"'L Sing I AD YIINIST RATIU Looking up Second Street . . . the school, the Public Library, the Municipal Buildings. - HERMAN A. COMPTON President CBoarfcz' of Ea'ucatz'on JAMES R. NYCE OTTU HELFHIQK Secretary Treasurer Page Fuurtrcn J. F. WILEY AB., A.M. Superinlenrz'enl One must have faith in the youth of the landg he must believe that each generation will leave the world better than it found it. Supported by such a faith, education has undertaken a far-reaching and deeply significant program. Working through the indi- i idual to the mass. the purpose is the modification of conduct in the direction of devel- oping higher moral character, better health habits, civic efficiency, command of fun- damental processes, worthy home membership, vocational efficiency, and wholesome use of leisure. To the extent that we. either as a school or as individual members of society. succeed in our purpose, is our faith justified. JOHN W. HOLDEMAN A.B., A.M. Principal f Each new class faces new problems. Progress means new conditions, and it means that new adjustments must be made. This year sees a consolidation of business enter- prises and a reorganization of industrial systems that will especially challenge those seeking a foothold in this great old world. And yet there are things that never change. Basie qualities of character cannot ehangeg courage, industry, honesty, loyalty, sin- cerity, reverence, and love for the right . . . these will be as important in the new spirit of progress as they were in the old. We believe that the future will need these, even to a greater degree than the past, but we have faith that you will always seek out and develop these old qualities, employing them to build a new order, better and grander than any yet achieved by previous efforts of man. Page Fifteen :xxx . 'QQ X QB' x x 1 .gf Klum: funn' Aux 5lf.Kl4:1,s f:l'1Ii'l'Rl me Cu-zxmzwm 1, E, if 9 .'j X 'M' J Nj E!! Eng Izsh qlepartment Lolrxsrz W7IN'I'l:1RNI'l'Z MINNIE SN1 RE Oulu: linux 5- x 114141 mm N S4c:m:'l"r Dmmmn' Kullm' Page Sixteen R: 'ru BRm'ml1'uN EVAN HORN Z344wf 1 X ,AJ x .' 1 X FIMIULNCIN: IIILI. W. E. HALL W. A. luxu- Hzsrory Qepartment W- E- SWUQ R, IC. BlYI,I.lNG'l'UV ANAA STUIJINCK x Librarian R. A, SPRUIJLI. xyrxh M Page Seventeen 1 L- f 1 ,, Xlrznuz CIN 'YINGII Am 4' X ff :AX RI-.RNITK B1 my I.1,l.x R. Drum Lang uag e Qepartmen t Cn-cA1.nlM-1 CAlc'l'l,1-:xv V I GI,.xm's KIM: ' ' n , V' ' V1 ' fi 'A be J, , I ,. ., ., 5 jnnx IYIILARN Page Eighteen Com mercial qlepartmen t Mum: Swan CLARICE ROBINSON I'IlCI.IHIN KlliKI.XfNll F. L. SANDERS 5. B. 1xILf,IiU.kl',N NURYAL AMS W lux C. CILI. Sl'l'1l.I..K CA'1'111:1 Sczence qleparzvnenr J. IZ. 1NIllC.klK'l'N in atheznatzcb 4DepaPtment ZELLA EDITH QW Page Nineteen va- f , 11 Llf' ix.. 1,1511 ' QL?- 1 '. . A B. W. WII.I.IANlS If 1 .. 1 os F. T, Onmx Vocational fllepartment W. 11.111, ' 1 ev, , lnvlxu K 1 , 1 U h111111. L111:suN B1a11'1'11 A IJ1-Qvlavv Home Economzcs NANCY E. PIGG Y1c111N1A S. C11ENm' Page Twenty W. Mos, 5Plzyszca1 Educatzon fllepartmen t J, Lgygpgllgw H.xL0M12 S. Wlslz J. C. CHI-IMA' Fzne 04173 Department 9 D. W. HUGHES EVA C01-E Orcheszra Aff if-401 Page T H lin Hilrmuriailt CLARA LINN NILIFVII 11. 1928 AUIJKEY Lf:0NARn Juno 15, 1928 CHARLES CARPENTER Nrwexulxcl' 22, 1929 CLASS E5 The main entrance . . . with the inspirational phrase 6'Kn0wledge is Powerg' on the arches. A , SENIORS M 'f1' WWWIFZTTTM2 ' sP :IllNIl1hlm ' M 1. . 'III V, 4- 'VI 'X ' M wwf' Q L,, M IIN' II, " ' "1 'TPM 4 L-fl!-iifi E " :v w . . F HELEN HARMAN President of the fanuary 1931 Class IVERSON GROVE Vice-President GLENN ANDERSON Secretary Vx", ,-9 Z' ' f ff 4 V, - .,1f ff -1, ., KATHRYN KRYSIAK Treasurer Page Twenty-seven VELMA ARISMAN Forum. '29, '30, Debate Squad. Art Club, '28, '29. llramalivs, '29, VERNON BALE luterclass Baskeiball, '26 '27, lruulbilll, '27, Fighting Fifty. '29, '30, ROBERT BIXBY Bugler in May f9llCCl1'5 Court, '30. lnterclass Baskelball, '28 '29. Baud, '27, '28, '29, 'I10. Orchestra. '31, RUBY CLYDE President Hume Econo mics Club. '29. Home Economics Club '28, '29, '30, J. LEON 'RD CLIPP Fuutbail, '27, '28, '29, Track, '27, '28, 729, 30. Wrestling, '27, '23, '29, Fighting Fifty, '29, '30, '31 Math Club, '28, '30, '31, Drama Club, '30, '31, Forum Club, '31. "Purple Towers". "Lucky Jade". Page Twenty eight y , G 11 LENN ANDERSON Secretary 11C and 11.4. Annual, '31. Vice-President, 1lB. Hi-Y. '28, '29, '30, '31. Secretary HLY, 31. Circulation Manager of Pennant Weekly, '31, urn BIXBY Cirl Reserves, '29, '30, Ori-beslra, '27, '28, '30, '31. MARVIN BURNSTINE Band, '27, '28, '29, '30, '31, Orchestra, '27, '28, '29, '30, '31, Drama Club, '31, JUNE CORNISH R "'l'lw Lucky Jade". urn COLEMAN Cirl Reserves, '20, '29 '30, '31, Forum. '28, '29, '30, Aga! Club, '30, '31, Lmm CURRY Drama Club, '30, Deacon Dubbs. Ronnnr DOTSON "Captain Apple Jack". Track, '28, Wrestling, '28, Golf, '29, l7igbtin'! Fifty, '28, '29, '30, '31, DRLFORD DRUMMOND Presirlent Hi-Y. '30, Treasurer. IA. Vive-Presirlent Drauna Club 'illlz President. '31, Annual. '31, "Purple Towers". "Sonia", Latin Cluh. '29. '30, Drama Club. '30, '3l. Hi-Y Cluh, '29, '3ll. '31, tllce Club. '2H, '29, '30, "5milin' Through". Ham ERICKSON "l,ucky Jade". Chorus. '27, '28, Glue Club, '29, '30, l'lRNIE FRITZ Presirlcnt Drama Club, '30, "Sonia", "Deacon Dubbs". Track. '28, Fighting Fifty, '29, '30, Drama Club, '30, '31, ALICE E. DEWEY May Quccn's Court. '29. Assistant Managing Editor uf Annual. Pennant Weekly, Advertis- ing' Solicitor. '28, Class Secretary, '28, G. R. Social llhairumu. '30, Rah! Rah! President. '30, Iiah! Rah! Treasurer '2SI. '30. Sorial Chairman IIB. IIA. "Purple Towers." "Haunt- crt House of Blackburn." "Deacon Dubbs." "Smil- in' Through". Rah! Rah Club, '29. '29, '30, Art Club. '28, '29, '30, Dramatics Club. '29, '3n. Girl Reserves. '28, '29, '30, '31, trlee Club. '38, '29, '30, KATHRYN DOWELL Home Economics Club. '29, '30, '31, EMMA EASH G. R., '29, '30, '31, Arn Club, '30, '3l. Comercial Club, '29, '30. '31 Home Economics Club, , , 30, 31. Drama Club, '30, '3l. JOHN GARDA Secretary HC. Basketball, '27, '23, '29, BERNARD FUNK Treasurer ID. President HD. Varsity Track, '28, '29 '30, Football, '29, '30, Page Twenlj nine Wage Thirfy IWANLY Gmswoum HELEN HARMAN Rah! Rah! '27. '28, '29. '30, 311 Forum. '28. '29, '3IIg Latin Club, '2N, '29, 'ling Math Club. '29, '30, 'lllg I'ennant Reporter. '2N. '2D: uv, 30. 31: Orvllcstra. 21, .. , '2!J: Vive-I'res. ID. IC: Treasurer IC. IB. IIB: S0- cial Clmirlnan IA: Presif :lent IIA: Sec'y. of Rah! Rall! '29, 'img Social Chair- man Forum '2H. '2!l: Svriba nf Latin Club, '29, 'Img Vice-Pres. Math Club, '29, '31: Social Chairman Math ' h '20 '3l' Jr ' 5 . G. R., '27, '28, '29, '30, 'BIQ Drama l'luh, '2l1: Art Cl I . , . . .,,x flu. r . . ,I eN.C,R. '30, '31, Vive-Pres, '29, 'ang Treas, G. R., '28, '29: An- nual, '3l: May Qucen's Court, '28, '29, 'lllli "Smil- in' Through". FAYE HOLDEMAN Home Economics Club, '30 Spanish Club, '29, '30, "Lucky Jade". "Purple Towers". RALPH HOSTETLER Annual, '31, Track, '27, Football, '27, '28, Inlerclass Basketball '27, '28 Aft Club, '28, '29, '30. Um INQRAM "Deacon Dubbs", Drama Club, '30, LELA P. GILSON G. R., '27, '28, '29, '30, Forum, '29, '30, Commercial Club, '29 '30, '31, Drama Club, '29, '30, '31 Glee Club, '31, "Deacon Dubbs". "Sonia", Feature Ed. Pennant, '29 Annual, '31, IvERs0N GROVE Vive-President IA, IIA. "Lucky Jade", '30, Football, Varsity '23, '29 '30g Sandbur, '27, Basketball, lnterclaf-5, '27, '28, '29. Track, Interclass, '27, '28 Latin Club, '30, '31, Glee Club, '29, '30, '31, DOLLIE HOREIN Secretary Math Club, '30 G. R., '27, '28, '29, '30 '31 Math' Club, '28, '30, '31. Rall! Rah! '30, '31. MADELINE Hour "Deacon Dubhs," '30, Home Economics Club '27, '28, '29, '30, Drama Club, '29, '30, ALERII-:TTA JENKINS Math Club, '28, '29, '30 '31 Frenelx Club, '23, ,zen 'so '31. a BEATRICE JOHNSON Maul Club, '30, ' Art Club, '30, Home Economics Club, '30 JOHN LANDIS Sec'y. Math Club, '30, Pennant Reporter, '29, Forum, '29. Debate Squad, '29. Math Club, '30, Fighting Fifty, '29. '30, Hi-Y, '29, '30, Latin Club, '29, NIARDELLA lVlCDOWELL Commercial Club, '29, '30 An club, '27, '28, '29, '3o. Girl Reserves, '28, MAURICE MILLER lnlerclass Basketball, '27, '28, '29, '30, lnterclass Track, '29, '30. Hi-Y Club, '27, '28, '29, '30, ETTA MAE NICCUM Vice-President Of French Club, '30, G. R., '28, '29, French Club, '29, '30, IDA M. KING "The Lucky Jade". C. R., '29, '30. Commercial' Club, '29 '30, Home Economics Club '30. Clee Club, '29, '30, KATHRYN KRYSIAK Secretary of IIB. Treasurer of IIA. Vice-President Cummer cial Club, '29, Presi dent, '30, Annual, '31, Art Club, '28, '29, '30, Home Ec. Club, '29, '30 C0m'l. Club, '29, '30, G. R., '28, '29, '3O. JOHN NIAHAN RALPH H. MILLER Interclass Baskelball,'28, '30 varsiiy Baskeiball, '29, Fighting Fifty, 28, '29, '30 Math Club, '30, Drama Club, '31, "Smilin' Through". "Sonia", LEORA MORSE G. Rfs, '27, 23, '29, ,W COm'l. Club, '29, '30u,, Home Ec. Club, '27,"28, 529, Aso. . I , I A 0' Q Page Thirty-one Page Thirly-Iwo CHARLOTTE OLIVER Surial Chairman llD. Drama Club, '29, '30, FLORENCE RICHMOND lfnnI'l. Club, '29, '30, '31, NIATTHEW RONZONE Pres, Fighting Fifty, '30, Vice-Pres., '29, Varsity Football, '27, '23 '29, Varsity Wrestling, '29, Varsity Basketball. '27 '28, '29. Varsity Track, '27, '28 '29, l'll2llllll!1 Filly. '27, '28 '29, '30, LEROY SANIPSELL ARTHUR Sl-LCNOR GEORGE PETTIT "Lucky Jade". "S0nia". "Deacon Dubbs". lnterclass Basketball, 'ZZ Glee Club, '29, '30, '31, Drama Club, '30, '3l. RAYMOND PLETCIIER Wrestling, '27, '28, Drama Club, '30, KATHERINE Rusu MERRILL SCIINIELTZ Treas. Drama Club, '30, "Deacon Dubbs", "Purple Towers". "The Lucky Jade". lnterclass Basketball autl Track, '29, '30, Art Club, '30, Math Club, '30. Drama Club, '23, '29, '30, lli-Y, '29, '30. DARL SHANK Secretary HD. Social Chairman HB. "The Haunted House Ol Blackburn". lnterclass Basketball, '28, '29, '30, Track '27, '23. Varsity Football, '30, Art Club, '29, '30, '31, Drama Club, '29, '30. MABEI. SHIMER Drama Club, '30, '31, Malb Club, '28, '29, '30, '31, Fl'CIlCll Club, '29, '30, '3l. Girl Reserves, '28, '29, '30, '31, lVIARJOu1E SMELTZER Secretary IC. Feature Ed, Pennant, '30. Treas. Home Economics Club. '28, Vice-Pres.. '31 Malb Cluh, '28, '29, Latin Club, '29, Home Economics Club. '28, '29, '30. Drama Club, '30, SARA STEVENS Rah! Rah! '29, '30, '3l. Girl Reserves, '27, '28, '29, '30, '31. Math Club, '29, '30, '31, Baud, '29, '30, '31, IlouEu'rA STUMI' Cmumercizll Club, '29, '30, GERALDINE VERNIER Annual, '3l, Girl Reserves, '28, '29. '30. Commercial Club, '29, 530. ALMEDA SLACK Social Chairman HC. "Green Stockings". Annual, '31. Commercial Club, '30, Spanish Club, '29, '30. Home Ec. Club, '30. Drama Club, '3O. lVlAR'l'HA SNYDEH Commercial Club, '29, '30 EUGENE STONER WENDELL TAYLOR Wrestling, '30. Inlerclass Basketball, '28 '29, '30, Track, '28, Hi-Y, '28, '29, '30. Latin Club, '28, '29, Drama Club, '31, Fighting Fifty, '30, '31. HELEN TEALL Commercial Club, '30, Page Thirty-three Page Thirty-four an uary Glass Hz'story ln September, l927, the Freshmenites boarded The Good Train Education, at the Union Station of F. H. S. After the train was christened, the following crew werel called: Engineer, Richard Nelson, Fireman, Helen Harmang Conductor, Dari Shank, Assistant Conductor, Ernie Fritz, lirakeman, Bernard Funk, Newsgirl, Margaret Grayg Miss King was the Train Dispatcher for the whole trip. On February 7, l928, the Roosevelt Special pulled into Sophomoreburgh. The pas- sengers from the Roosevelt Special were transferred to The Good Train Education and a new crew consisting of Engineer, Bernard Funk, Fireman, Helen Harman, Conductor, Marjorie Smeltzer, Brakeman, Alicia Henry, Newsgirl, Margaret Gray, was chosen, Un May 4, a very enjoyable cootie party was held in the Recreation Car of the train. ln September, 1923, the passengers boarded the train after a short stop. The crew consisted of Engineer, Robert Fribleyq Fireman, Deverel Sayger, Conductor, Glenn Anderson, Brakeman, Helen Harman: Newsboy. Dari Shank. The crew adopted the motto, 'Lln Union There is Strenglhfi s . iris mas was t rawinff niff 1, iassenffers s o 5 Jer a ie i e rea er an ia a ACPI I rglj ,1jjlttllnlTlt dld 'iKid" party. ln january, as the train passed through the dark and dreary land of study all the passengers were terrorized by the Final Examination Gang. After recovering from the fright they proceeded on their way, arriving at Juniortown on January 31, 1930. The only changes made in the crew were Fireman, Bernard Funk, Conductor, Earl Maclirideg and Newsgirl, Almeria Slack. A joint party was held, on April 25, in the Recreation Car. Games, dancing, and refreshments were enjoyed by all. In September, the following crew was selected: Engineer, Robert Fribley, Fire- man, Glenn Andersong Conductor, Kathryn Krysiakg Brakeman, Helen Harman, News- girl, Margaret Gray. On October ll, the train stopped at Blosser Park. Goshen, indiana, for a skating party. ln January, 1930, we stopped at Senior City for a new crew: Engineer, Robert Fribleyg Fireman, lverson Groves, Conductor, Alice Dewey, Drumond, and Newsgirl, Helen Harman. Brakeman, Delford On March T, the passengers gave a very successful play entitled, 4'Green Stockings." On May 24, the train stopped at the Sargent Hotel at Lake Wawasee for the Junior- Senior Prom. September l9, 1930. found the train with another crew: Fngineer, Helen Harman, Fireman. Iverson Groves, Conductor, Glenn Anderson, Brakeman, Kathryn Krysiakg bewsgirl, Alice Dewey. On October IT. a joint llallowe'en party was held, dancing and refreshments were enjoyed. On January 9, all the passengers met in the diner for a banquet, g'Tl1e Gardena' was the theme used for the toasts. As they came in View of the smokestacks of the City of Graduation, a very clever program was given by the passengers. The four-year journey came to an end as the train pulled into the Grand Central Station of Commencement. KATHHYN KnYsIAK. GER.-XLDINE VERNIER. anuary Class Prophecy JULY 20, 1950. YVell, here we are on our way to Paris to study. It is the summer of l950 and it has been nineteen long years since we left our beloved g'Halls of Knowledgef, to seek our fortune elsewhere. Who do you suppose the captain of this boat is? None other than George Pettit. His first mate is Leonard Clipp and the cook is Ray Pletcher. We are having some lovely times going over all our old school days. George says he just took Darl Shank over to Paris on his last trip. Darl, he says, is a traveling salesman for the g'Scrub Up" Soap Company, which is owned by lverson Grove. lverson's private secretary is Mar- della McDowell. JULY 23, 1950. Paris, at last, and the next thing is to find our rooms. We find Maurice Miller, owner of the Hotel DeLuxe, and the bellhop, LeRoy Sampsell. Maurice asked us to dine with him and his wife, Etta Mae Niecum, There we saw Ruth Coleman who was visiting the Millers. Yve have lovely rooms, with a wonderful view of Paris. From our windows we can see the great Griswold Theatre, owned by our old sehool mate Manley. The feature to- night is 'flligh School Daysf with Ernie Fritz and Dollic Herein, all American movie stars. JUNE 24, 1950. Today we discovered Eugene Stoner, owner of a Curio Shop. He and his wife. Sara Stevens, meet all classes of tourists looking for souvenirs. They had a letter from Dorothy Sailor, telling of her work in the Anti-Dance Drive. Her work was prompted, she tells us, hy the dances they are now having in the High Schools. She had some news for us. Wendell Taylor has been in an airplane accident. she said. He was carrying as pas- sengers Helen Teall, Geraldine Vernier, Maxine Walters, Harold Simonson. Cordon Yoder, and Ralph Miller. They were on a pleasure trip when the plane crashed. Ralph and "Jerry" are in the hospital, under the special care of Le0ra Morse, Head Nurse of a Chicago Hospital. EMMA l'lASH. ALMEDA SLACK. Page Th irty-five Page Tl1I'rly'-six anuary Cfass Wz'fl After four years of threatening letters, every' six weeks. the faculty' has seIIt an- other class unto the happy hunting grounds thunting for jobs or a good universityit. This is the class of January l93l. Knowing that this terrible thing must happen we have drawn up our final will before leaving Elkhart High School for the next world. Ive, the January Class of '3I. being unsound of Inind, body, Ineniory, and hearing, and not responsible for our actions. do Inake it our final wish that the following articles be carried out to the fullest degree: ARTICLE I: For Mr. Gill, we will provide paper. pen. and Ill0Ilf'y' to IJHIJIISII a book on i'Jokes That I Have Used Successfully." ARTICLE II: To Mr. McCracken, we giv e. wrapped iII paper. one AIIstin to chase speeders down the third floor hall. ARTICLE III: For the beneht of the school. we leave tlIe Inillions lttililf' by Olll' class through candy sales. dances. plays. and parties. ARTICLE IV: The Juniors, we leave our cloak of dignity for the coming year. ARTICLE V: Ernie Fritz leaves his ability as director, actor, and playwright to Dick Duckwall. ARTICLE VI: To Iflinor liynch. Alice Dewey presents her black curly hair, her southern accent, smile, eharni. aIId hospitality. ARTICLE VII: Darl Shank hands down lIis good looks and his way with women to ,lack Cawley, ARTICLE VIII: Helen I-Iarman leaves her sense of responsibility' to Grace Hug- gins iII the hope that Grace I1Iay settle down a little. .ARTICLE IX: To Dick Harman. Marvin Burnstine leaves his knack of hddlin' oII his old violin. ARTICLE X: Alnieda Slack leaves her city-wide fame as Miss Personality to ,lane Iiucklen. I ARTICLE XI: Merrill Schmeltz F1111-I leave IllLli'll because a certain young lady, by the name of Madeline Hout, already' has everything he owIIs. ARTICLES XII: Bernard Funk leaves his track ability to Glenn Olsen ARTICLE XIII: Iverson Grove leaves his quiet IHHIIYICI' to Bill Lel7evre iII order that the school may again take 011 all air of quiet and solemn deineanor. ARTICLE XIV: Sara Stevens leaves her auburn hair to Ruby Replogle. ARTICLE XV: Maurice Miller leaves his rambling flivver to Wlard Charlesworth. ARTICLE XVI: Dick Nelson leaves lIis willingness to be in the Inidst of everything to Ralph Keyser. ARTICLE XVII: Matthew Ronzone leaves his athletic ability to next year's foot- ball captain. ARTICLE XVIII: Glenn Anderson leaves lIis lfrench ability I Y I to Lois Crawford. ARTICLE XIX: Wendell Taylor leaves lIis dancing tactics to Maurice Treneer. ARTICLE XX: To all future will writers, we extend our deepest, heart-felt synt- pathies. ARTICLE XXI: To some succeeding class desiring to become second best to our class, we leave our sponsor, Miss King. who has patiently and faithfully stuck by us iII our four years of high school life. The above Cl0I'llll1PNl, being signed aIId sealed on this 23rd day of january, iI1 the year of our Lord, one thousand ninehundred and thirty'-one, iII the presence of wit- nesses, can only be broken by appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States of A meriea. SARA STI-:vENs. GLENA AIvIIEasoN. TOM HOLT President of the func 1931 Class WILLIAM RIVERS Vice-President TOM PIIOCTOR Secretary CHARLES GREENLEAF Treasurer Page Thirty-seven NIARGARET ARNOLD Rah! Rah! Cluh, '29, '30. '31 KATHLEEN BAKER MAX BELL "Lucky ,latlt-r". "Sonia", Hi-Y. '29, '30, '31, Clee Club, '29, 130, '31, VIOLET BOOTH French Club, '30, '31. Math Club, '30, '31, Girl Reserves, '30, '31, EDWARD BORNEMAN Treasurer llD, lnterclass Football, '27, '28, Fighting Fifty, '28, '29, '30, '31, 111-Y, '28, '29, '30, Asst, Advertising Man ager ol Annual, '31, Page Thug etch! ROBERT ALFORD Wrestling, '30, '31, Drama Club. '31, Orchestra, '28, '29, '30 '31, Forum Club, '30, RUTH BARTH Commercial Club, '29 '30, STEVE BARTHA RUTH BILLS Art Club, '29, ' Home Economics Club, '29, '30, '31, Commercial Club, '29, '30, '31, ALVIN BORDERS Math Club, '28, Hi-Y, '29, '30, '31, Band, '28, '29, '30, '31, Orchestra, '28, '29, '30, '31 Anmral, '31, FRANCES BOYLAN Social Chairman Home Economics Club, '27, Treasurer, '28. Commercial Club, '30. Home Economics Club, '28, '29, '30, '31, Drama Club, '31, Forum Club, '27, HARRY BRUGGNER Varsity Track, '28, '29, '30 lnterclass Track, '27, Interclass Basketball, '27, '28 GRACE CARLSON Commercial Club, '29, '30, '31. PAUL CLOVER Varsity Football. '29, '30, Varsity Track, '30, '31. HARRIET CHURCH Exchange Editor of Pen nant Weekly. '29. Annual, '31. Secretary Spanish Club, '31 President Rah! Rah! '31 Pennant Reporter, '28, Rah! Rah! Club, '29, '30 31. Girl Reserves, '28, '29, '30 Spanish Club, '30, '31, MARY BREEZE Vice-Pres. of Rah! Rahl '31, Girl Reserves, '27, '28, '29, '30, '31, Rah! Rah! '29, '30, '31, Annual, '31, Spanish Club. '31, Pennant Reporter, '23, Exchange Editor of Pen- nant Weekly, '29, ERMA BRUNCZ Commercial Club, '29, '30, '31, ROBERT BUSSARD Trumpeter May Queen's Court, '27, '28. Hi-Y Club, '29, '31. Band. '27, '28, '29. Orchestra, '27, '28, ALICE COLLINS Home Economics Club, '29, '30, '31, HERBERT COLE 6 Page Thirlyinine Page Forty NIARY COMPTON "Purple Towers", '29. Commercial Club, '29, '30 Girls' mee Club, 251. CHARLES COOPER Track, '28, '29. Basketball, '28, '29, Spanish Club, '23, '29. Drama Club, '3l. KENNETH DANII-:Ls0N lnterclass Football, '27, '28, '29. lnlerclass Basketball, '27, '28. '29, Latin Club, '29, '30. '31. NENA DEDARIO Commercial Club, '29, '30, '31, RAY l'iARLYWINE "Lucky Jade", '30, Varsity Football, '29, '30. lnterclass Baskelball. '30, Wrestling, '3l. Band, '29, '30. '3l. MARIE CONNER Art Club. '27, '28, '29, Commercial Club, '29 '30, '31. MERRITT CORY , Interclass Football, '23 '29. RICHARD CORNS Varsity Football, '27, '28 '29. Inter-class Basketball,'29 CARLYLE DECKER ELLEN DENTE Commercial Club, '29 '30, '31, DOROTHY ENOS Treasurer Home Econo- mics Club, '29. President Home Econo- mics Club, '30. "Green Stockings". Drama Club, '29, '30, '3l. Ilome Economics Club, '28, '29, '30, '31, JOSEPH FASHBAUCH Spanish Club, '29, '30, '31 BERTHA FAWLEY Commercial Club, '29, '30 LOUISE K. FERGISON Vice-President Spanish Club, '30. Spanish Club, '30, '31. Drama Club, '31. RITA GEBHARD "Belle of Barcelona." '23 Ram Rah! Club '29, iso, ,si Comercial Club. '30, Drama Club. '30. Art Club, '29, Girl Reserves, '28, '29 '30. BURNELL EUHR Wrestling. '29, '30, '3l. Track, '31. BEATRICE FERGISON Social Chairman Home Economics Club. '31. Orchestra, '29. Commercial Club. '29, Home Economics Club, '29, '30, '31, FRANCIS For Annual, '31, Pennant Staff, '28, lnterclass BaSketball.'29. '30. Tennis, '30. '31. Fighting Fifty, '30, '31, Orchestra, '28. Band, '29, '30, '31. - MADELINE CANCER Commercial Club, '29, '30 NIARY FROELICH Annual. '31. Glue Club. '28, '29, '30. Commercial Club. '30. '31 D.-ania Club, '30, '31. Page Forty-one Page Forty-two MARY JANE GROVER "Belle Of Barcelona," '23, Girl Reserves, '28, '29, Math Club, '29, Rah! Rahl Club. Managing Ed, of Maga- zine, EDWIN GRAUER lnterclass Basketball,'3l Math Club, '30, '31, Band, '30, Clee Club, '31, FLORENCE GUIPE Commercial Club, '30, '31 Home Economics Club, '31 Bancl, '31, ROBERT HARDEN Tennis, '28, '29, '30, '31, lnterclass Basketball,'28, '29, '30, '31, Drama Club, '30, '31, DALE HARRIS Forum, '30, '31, Latin Cluh, '29, '30, '31, Clee Club, '30, '31, Math Club, '29, '30, '31, District Latin Contest, '29, '30, CHARLES GREENLEAF Business Manager Pennant Weekly, '30, Erlitor-in-Chief Of Pennant Annual. '31, Treasurer IIB, IA, IIA. Treasurer Hi-Y, '30, '31, Treasurer of Spanish Club, '30, Band. '27, 'Zim '29, '30, '31, Spanish Club. '29, '30, Math Club, '28, '29, Figliting Fifty, '20, '30, 31. Hi-Y. '28, '29, '30, '31, "Smilin' 'I'hrou,'zh". MARGARET GULMYER Treasurer llD. "Lucky Jade". Cirl Reserves, '28, '29, '30, '31, Rah! Rah! Club, '29, '30, '31 Art Club, '29, '30, '31, Spanish Club. '31, Aga! Club, '31, Clee Club, '30, '31, "5milin' 'l'llI'Ollgl'l". JAMES GRESHAM Hi-Y, '28, '29, '30, Glee Club, '28, '29, PAUL IIAPNER HOPE HAMLIN "Purple Towers". "Lucky Jade". "Sonia", Girl Reserves, '23, Rall! Rabl Club, '29, '30, '31, Commercial Club, '29, '30, MILDRED HART Commercial Club, '29, '30, '31, Hume Economics Club, '28, '29, '30, '31, Drama Club, '31, Art Club, '31, CRAYDON HEUMAN "Green Stockings", Senior Hi-Y, '29, '30, '31, Commercial Club, '30, '31 HORACE HOGENDOBLER Interclass Basketball, '23, '29, '30, Track, '28, '29, '30, Wrestling, '28, '29, '30, Art Club, '30, '31, Math Club, '30, '31, Band, '28, '29, '30, '31, Orchestra, '28, '29, '30, '31 MARJORY HEMUND Girl Reserves, '30, '31, Band, '30, Orchestra, '28, '29, '30, '31 GORDON JENKS lnterclass Football, '27, '28 Varsity Tennis, '28, '29, '30, '31, LEWIS HEIST Wrestling, '27, Drum Major, '28, '29, '30, '31 Band, '28, '29, '30, '31, Orchestra, '28, '29, '30, '31, Drama Club, '30, '31, ALLENE HELMAN Commercial Club, '30, Drama Club, '30, 1 MABEL HOLMES Pennant Reporter, '23, '29, Math Club, '30, THOMAS HOLT President Class IB. IIB, IA, IIA, Vive-I'1'esirle11t Hi-Y, '30, "ll Vice-Presitlent of Fighting Fifty, '29, '30, "Green Stockings". Interr-lass Basketball, '28, '29, '30, Intervlass Football, '28, '29, Hi-Y, '28, '29, '30, '31, Fighting Fifty, '29, '30, '31, Math Club, '30, '31, Latin Club, '29, '80, Advertising Manager An- nual, '31, CARL HULTIN Page Forty-three Page Forty-four VIRGINIA JONES "Sonia", Spanish Club, '29, Glee Club, '31, STANTON JONES GRACE KANTZ Girl Reserves, '23, '29, '30, '31, Home Economics Club, '28, '29, '30, '31, MARTIIA KOLLATT Secretary Art Club, '30, Vive-Presitlexit l"OruuI, '29 '30, "Green Stockings". ti. RSS, '2z4, '29, '30, Art Club, '27, '::s, '29, "In '31, Band, '27, '28, Orchestra. 11. 28. Ulee Club. '25, '29, '30, Forum, '27, '25, '29. '30, '31, Home Economics Club, '27, Drama Club, '29, '30, '31, GEORGE KLosE Fighting Fifty, '29, '30, JOHN JACKSON Pref.. Spanish Club, '30. Sandburs, '27, Varsity Football, '29, Fighting Fifty, '29, '30 '31, Math Club, '30, '31, Spanish Club, '30, '31, ARTHUR JOHNSON FRANCES JOSEPII Commercial Club, '29, '30, '31, Drama Club, '31, Home Economics Club. '28, '29, '30, '31, DAVID KENDIC Baud, '29, '30, '31, Orchestra, '30, ROBERT KIRKWOOD righting Fifty, '30, '31, In-Y, '30, '31, SHIRLEY J. LEONARD May Queen's Court. '28, '29, '30: "Maid of Honor." '30' "G St k' ." . reen oc Inge 2 "IIauntefl House of Black- hurn": President of IID: Vice-President IC: Social Chairman IA. IIA: Secree tary IIB: Social Chairnmn Forum, '30: Drama Club. 'Sli Treasurer Art Club. 293 Pennant Weekly. '23, '29: Art Editor Annual. Rl! G. R.'S. '28, '29. '30. '3l: Art Club. '28, '29, Tm, 31: Rah! Rah! Club. '29, 30. '3lg Drama Club, 'illg FuruIn. '29, '30, PHILIP LILLY Sandbur Football, '27, Interclass Basketball, '28, '29 Latin' Club, '29, '30, '3I. WILSON LYNCH "Deacon Dubbs," '30. Interclass Football, '29. Drama Club, '30. Hi-Y, '30, '31, SUSAN LUNSFORD DEVON MARTIN -I A' N f I ESTHER LENABURG Spanish Club, '30, '31. GENEVIEVE LEWIS Commercial Club, '30, '31. Art Club, '31. Girl Reserves, '29, '30. FLORENCE LONGACRE "Purple Towers", '29. "Lucky Jade", '3O. Commercial Club, '29, 30. Clee Club, '29, '30. Home Economics Club, '29, '30. HENRY LYNDALL President of Freshman Hi-Y, '28. Secretary January l932 Class' IID, IC. lli-Y, '28, '29, '30. '31, Fighting Fifty, '28, '29, '30. Forum, '28, '29, '30, Debate Squad, '29. DANIEL H. MAHAN "Purple Towers". "Lucky Jade". Bugle Corps. '28. Hi-Y, '30, '31. Glee Club, '28, '29, '30, '31, Page Forty-fire Page Forty-six EVELYN MARTIN Secretary French Club, '30, Iirencb Club, '29, '30, '31, C. Rfs, '30, '31, Drama Club, '31, ROY MCDOWELL Football, '29, '30, Second Basketball, '28, futerclass Basketball. '29, LAMOINE MECHLING Home Economics Club. '29, '30, '31, Drama Club. '30, '31, MARION MEYER HLucky Jade". Art Club, '27, '28, '29, '30, '31, Glee Club, '29, '30, G. Rfs, '27, HUGH A. MILLER President Art Cluh, 'tim '31, "Green Stm'kinzs". Sanrlbur Football, '27, '2R. Varsity Fnothall, '29, '30, Varsity 'I'r:Ick, '29, ':Ill, '31, Varsity Basketball, '31, Art Club, '29. '30, ':n. Fnruni Cluh. '29, '30, MARJORIE MAYES Latin Club, '30, '31, Forum, '30, '31, Girls' Clee Club, '29, Wranglers, '30, MARIE MCKENZIE Spanish Club, '28, '29 '30, Commercial Club, '29 '30, C, R.'s, '27, '28, '29, '30, Drama Club, '31, XVAYNE NICLAUGHLIN WESLEI' MERCER KATHERINE MILLER French Club. '28, '30, '31 C. Rfs, '27, '28, '29, '30, I ROBERT E. MILLER Wrestling, '31, LILLIAN MOBERG Commercial Club, '30, '31, MILDRED MURPHY Commercial Club, '31, HARMON NEU "Lucky Jade". Glee Club, '29, '30, Art Club, '30, NANCY A. NEU Drama Club, '31, Pennant Weekly, '31, Annual, '31, "Smi1in' Through". RUTH LOUISE MILLER Treasurer Home Econo mics ClIIb, '27, Rah! Rah! Club, '29, '30 '31, Commercial Club, '29 '30, '31. Home Economics Club '27, LUDEMA MORGAN G. R,'s, '30, '3-1. Rah! Rah! Club, '30, '31 French Club, '31, Drama Club, '31, Math Club, '31, Art Club, '31, RALPH DEPALMA MORNINCSTAR Sandbur Football, '30, Band, '28, '29, '30, MARY JEAN NEU "Lucky Jade". "Purple Towers". C. R,'s, '27, '28, '29, Cvlee Club, '28, '29, Drama Club, '31, Annual, '31, IRENE NORTHROP "Sonia", "Lucky .lacle". Commercial Club, '29, Home Economics Club '29, '30, '31, G. R.'s '29, '30, Art Club, '29, Glee Club, '30, al Page Fortyeeight f EVELYN OUSTERHOUT llome Economics Club, '28, '29, '30, 1' RANK PARMATER X'it-e-Presiclelit of Fighting Fifty. '3l: '1'reasnrer. '2Q. '30, Treasurer IC. Social Chairman IIC. Assistant Athletic Editor Annual, '31, Varsity Football, '23, '29, '30, Varsity Basketball. '28, '29. '30, Varsity Track, '29, '3u. '31, All-State Track. '30, Fighting Fifty, '27, '28, '29, ill 11i-Y,'27, '28, '29, HAL PHILLIPS Fighting Fifty, '29, '30, '31, FERN PRICE 1 Commercial Club, '29, '30, '31, TONY QUARANDILLO Student Representative. Football, '27, '28, '30, lnterclass Baskethall,'28. '29, '30, '31, DAVID OLDS lnterclass BasketlJall,'27, '28, '29, Track, '27. RAY PANNABEcKt:1t Annual, '31, lnterclass Basketliall,'30, '31 Band, '28, '29, '30, '31, Orchestra, '29, '30, '31, Forum, '31, Debate Team, '30, '31, MABEL POUDEN "Deacon DulilJs", Commercial Club, '29, '30, '31, Drama Club, '29, EARL PRIBBLE THOMAS PROCTOR Scc'y. llll, IA: St-My Fo- rum, '28, Vit-e-Pres, Fu- rtnn, '2r4: Pres. Foruln, '29Z Pres, IC, Trcas. IB: De- bate Teant. '25, '29, '30, '31 1 Hifi' Sec'y, '29, 'Bug Pen- nant Weekly, '27, '28, '29, '30, ':t1: Sports Editor, '22, '20: lfltlitor-in-Chief, '30, 'zllg "Green Stockings", "Haunted House of Black- btn-n": Track, '29, '29, 'aug Santlbur Football, '29: Pres. Latin Club, '28, '29, '30, '31: Hi-Y President. ':i1: Drama Club, 'zllg Fighting Fifty, '28, '29, '30, '31: Hi-Y, '2x, '29, '30, ,xlq Latin Club, '29, '30, '3l: Lincnln Oratorical Contest. '28, Discussion 1. e zu g u e Contest, '29, '2l0: 2nd Piave District Discussion League, 'Zi0: Forum 'l'rophy, 'Kaz "Smilin' Through". ROY RENTSCH Hi-Y, '28, '29, '30, '31, Forum, '31. Orchestra, '28, '29, '30, '31, WILLIAM RIVERS Pres. of Math Club, '30, Vice-Pres, lA, IIA. Business Manager An- nual, '31, lnterclass Basketball,'28. Hi-Y Club, '28, '29, '30, '31 Math' Club, '30, '31. Math Club President,'3l. HELEN RONZONE Commercial Club, '29, '30, '31, Rah! Rah! Club, '29 '30, '31. Annual Staff, '31, PAUL ROWE Band. '27, '28, '29, '30, '31 1 DAVID RUTTER Athletic Editor Annual. Rennant Weekly, '30, '31, Zzgndbur Football, '28, lnterclass Basketball, '28, '29, '30, 's1. Iuath Club, '23, v WILLIAM RIBLET Vice-President IID: Social Chairman IIC: Secretary IIB: Secretary Fighting Fifty, '29. '30, President. '31, Circulation Manager Pennant Weekly. '31: As- sistant Athletic Editor of Annual, '3l: Varsity Foot- ball, '28, '29, '30, '31g In- terclass Football, '27, All- State Quarterback, '30g Varsity Basketball, '28, '29. '30, '31, Interclnss Basket! hull '27: Track. '29, '30, '3I: All-State Track. 'ziug I-Ii-Y. '27, '28, '29: Fighting Fifty. '2x. '29, '30, ':II. OMAR RINK lnterclass Basketball,'27, '28, Sandhur Football, '29, FRANCIS ROWE "Purple Towers". "Lucky Jade". "Sonia". "5milin' Through". G. R., '27, '28, '29, '30, Home Ee, Club, '28, '29. Commercial Club, '29 '30, '31, Drama Club, '30, '31, Rah! Rah! Club '30, '31, Clee Club, '27, '28, '29, '30, '31, HAROLD RUPPER1' Assistant Business Man- ager Annual, '31, "Green Stockings". lnterclass Basketball,'30 l-li-Y Club, '30, '31, Fighting Fifty, '31, Art Club, '30, '31, DI-IVEREL SAYCER Vice-President IIC. Varsity Football, '27, '28 '29, '30, Varsity Basketball, '27 '28, '29. Fighting Fifty, '28, '29. Page Fifty ' FRANCIS SCHAEFER Student Manager, '27, '28, lnterclass Basketball,'28, '29 lnterclass Track, '27, Varsity Track, '28, En SINNXNC Clee Club, '30, '31, Band. '27, '28, '29, '30, ROBERT STALL Louis STOCKWELL Dranxa Club, '30, '31, "SnIilin' Through". ANNE STRAIIB C. Rfs, '29, '30, French Club, '29, '30, HORTON SAWYER lnterclass Basketball, '27, Varsity Basketball, '28, '29, '30, Varsity Track, '29, '30, '31, Varsity Football, '29, '30, All-State Track, '30, Fighting Fifty, '29, '30, MARJORIE SEARS Vice-President Rah! Rah! Club, '30, Latin Club, '29, '30, Math Club, '30. Band, '27, '28, '29, '30, '31, Rah! Hall! Club, '28, '29, 30. G. R.'S, '27, '28, '29, '30. I-'oruIn Club, '3u. Drama Club. '31 "Sonia", Scholarship "E", '28, '29. President Forum Club, '81 LEWIS STAELY FAY E. STEELE "Deacon Dubbs". Drama Club, '29, '30, '3Q Spanish Club, '28, '29, G, R.'S, '29, '30, CATHERINE STUNTEBECK Commercial Club, '29, '30, '31, Treasurer of Commercial Club, '30, '31, ELEANOR SUTTER Commercial Club, '29, '30, '31, RICHARD THOMAS ,loke Editor Annual Staff. Social Chairman Drama Club. '30. "Sonia", Interclass Baskelball,'28, '29, '30, Wrestling, '29, '30, Track, '29, Drama Club, '30, Art Club, '30, '31, Hi-Y Club, '27, '28, MARGARET TOIVILINSON Commercial Club, '29, '30, '31, G, R,'s. '30, Home Economics Club, '30 Orchestra, '30, LAVERE TRUEX Social Chairman Of Forum Cluh, '31, Segiletary Drama Club, '30, Band', '27, '28, '29, '30, '31, Orrghestra. '27, '28, '29, '30, ' 1. Forum Club, '31, Drama Club, '31, G. R.'S. '29, '30, '31, Rah! Rah! Club, '30, '31, "Smilin' 'l'lirough", ALBERT VANNAMEE JESSA TALLMAN Commercial Club, '29, "Purple Towers". "Lucky Jade". Glee Club, '29, '30, GRACE THORNTON Drama Club, '27, Home Economics Club, '28, '29, '30, RALPH THORPE Lewis TOTH MARY TURNOCK Commercial Club, '27 '28, '31, Home Economics Club, '27, '28, Drama Club, '31, Page Fifty-one Page Fifty-two GLENN VELIA Art Club, '30. Debalc Team, '29. LUCILLE XVACKWITZ "Lucky ,larle". C. R.'S, '29. '30, '31, Art Club, '31. Drama Club, '31. Clcc Club, '29, '30, '31. XVAYNE XVALTER l'iSTHER WARNER Vice-President of Home Econumics Club, '30, '31 Home Economics Club, '23. '29, '30, '3l. MAURICE WEINSTEIN Vice-President IIC. W1'eslling, '28, '29, '30, '31 Fool ball. '29, '30. lnterelass Football, '28. Fighting Fifty, '29, '30, '31 Drama Club, '29, '30, '31 GURLY V ANTILLBURG Secretary of Commercial Club, '29, '30. Annual Staff, '31. 'lucky Jade". Commercial Club, '29 '30. '3l. Art Club, '30. Glee Club, '29, '30. MARX' L. VIGREN Rall! Rall! Club, '30. G. Rfs, '29. Pennant Weekly, '30. Annual Staff, '31. Latin Club. '3l. Drama Club, '3l. BELZORA WAITE Commercial Club, '29, '30, '31. LAWRENCE WALTZ Football, '28, '29. FLORENCE WEYBRICIIT Vice-President IIB. Pres. Forum, '29, '30. Forum, '27, '28, '29, '30 '31. Latin Club, '30. '31, Rah! Rall! '29, '30. '31, Math Club, '30. '3l. Band, '29, '30, '31. Orchestra, '30. Glee Club, '30, '31. C. R.'s, '27, '28, '29, '30, Pennant Staff. '28. GERALD C. WIIITNACK lnterclass Basketball,'2S '29, '30. Band, '30, '31. Latin Club. '29, '30, '31, VIRGINIA Won LFORD Commercial Club, '30. '31 Dfiilllll Club. '30, '3l. ROBERT YUENIAN Math Club, '30, '31, Drama Club, '30, '31. HAROLD RUSHER "Haunted Houseof Blackburn", French Club, '30, '31. Pres. French Club, '3l. Art C1IIb, '29, '30, '31, IZLLSWORTII FOREMAN lnlerclass Track, '28, '29, '30. lnterclass Baskelba1l,'28, '29, '30. ISABELLE VVHITTLE President IIC. Rah! Rah! Club, '30. Arr Club, '28, '29, '30. Forum Club, '27, '28, '29, '30. C. R.'s, '27, '28. '29, '3O. Commervial Club, '29, '30, '31, TIIERON WILSON Vice-President l1C. Varsity Football, '29, '30. Varsily Basketball, '30, Varsity Track, '29, '30. '31, lnterclass Track, '28. lulerclass Football, '21 '28 lnterclass Baskelball,'28. '29, '30. Fighting Fifly, '29, '30. '31 RACHEL YODER French Club, '28, '30, '31, C. R.'s, '29, '30, '31. Sec'y.-Treas. of French Club, '29. President French Club. '30. '3l. NIIRIAM YOUNG May l.lueeu's Court. '29, 'fillg Social Cliairnian HD.: Social Cliairlnan of Rah! Roll! Club. '30. ':11: Secre- tary of Northern Indiana Press Association: Social Chairman IIB.: Advertis- ing Solicitor of Pennant Weekly, '28, '29, Advertis- ing Manager, '29, '30, Man- aging Editor Annual. '31: 'tbeacon DnbbS": "Haunt- ecl House of Blnckburn"I Kali! Rall '2s. '29, '30, ':n: Commercial Club, '29, '30, ':il: Drama Club. '29, ':Ib. ':llg Girl Reserves. '27, '2zs. '29, ':xo, '31: "SInllin' 'I'hrnIIgh". NATHANIEL C. FICK Golf, '29, '31. lnterclass Basketba11,'29, '30, '31. 1li-Y Club, '29, '30, '31. Page Fifty -three Page Fifty-fuur WIARION WARD Spanish Club, '30, PAUL STEMM NIARIE XVENTZEL llnmIIIeI'cial Clu '30. Cla-we Cluli, '30. GORDON YODER ll. '29, Agal Club, '28, '29, '30. '3l Hi-Y'Club, '28, '29. '30, 'DI ELVIN WALLACE Inlerclass BaskellJall,'27. '28, '29. lnlerclass Track, '27, '28, OSCAR DILLON lnterclass BasketlJall,'28. '29, '30. Track, '28. RICHARD WILEY Debate Team, '30, '31. Band. '27, '2H. '29, '30, '3l. Orchestra, '29, '30, '3l. Joke Editor Pennzmt. '29, ':sU. "Green Stockings' . Intern-lass Basketball, '2 '28 " V dl. Hi-Y. '28, '29, '30, '31. Forurn. '27. '28, '29, French Club. '30, '31, Member of National High School Orvllestru. Canrp Season of ':I0. Scliulurship Letter. '25, '29. Solo Contest: Second iII National. tlrst in State. first in District. HAROLD SIMONSON Hz'StoPy offune Glass of 1931 ln February, 1928, the 11D Class organized, selecting Mr. Horn as sponsor. The following officers were chosen: President, Shirley Leonardg Vice-President, William Riblet, Secretary, Tom Proctorg Treasurer, Margaret Gulmeyer and Edward Borne- man, Social Chairman, Audrey Leonard. The only social event of the year was a party which everyone enjoyed immensely. The second year opened with a meeting to elect officers as follows: President, Tom Proctor, Vice-President, Shirley Leonard, Secretary, Wfilliam Ribletg Treasurer, Frank Parmaterg Social Chairman, Miriam Young. A jitney dance, October 19, and a Hal- lowelen party on October 26 were the outstanding events of this semester. --L At the opening of the new semester, the following officers were chosen: President, Isabelle Whittle, Vice-President, Theron Wilsong Secretary, Kathleen Wintringham, Treasurer, Marjorie Sears, Social Chairman, Frank Parmaterg Assistant Social Chair- man, Shirley Leonard. On February l a party was held in the Little Theatre. An assembly program was given by the Sophomore Class with Tom Proctor acting as Master of Ceremonies. A play, Mllash in Two Hacksf Tableaux and Old-Fashioned Schoolroom were presented. At a joint party with the 1B'S, the members were enter- tained with bunco, games, and dancing. On November 1 the class held a Hallowe'en party, enjoying bunco and dancing. Our Junior year opened with a big dance in the gym. December 6, Friday. Music was furnished by the E. H. S. Gloom Chasers. In January the following officers were chosen: President, Tom Holtg Vice-Presi- dent, Florence Weybrightg Secretary, William Ribletg Social Chairman, Miriam Youngg and Treasurer, Charles Greenleaf. On February I4 the 11B class gave a Valen- tine Dance at which everybody had a Mheartyw good time. MGreen Stockingsfl the Junior class play, was advertised by an attractive assembly program in which many girls of the Junior Class took part. "Green Stockings' was presented Friday, March 7. At the opening of the Senior year in September, 1930, the ofhcers elected were as follows: President, Tom Holt, Vice-President, William Hiversg Secretary, Tom Proc- tor, Treasurer, Charles Greenleaf, Social Chairman, Shirley Leonard. The first social affair in the last year was a Hallowe'en party in the gym. Games and dancing were the center of attraction. A joint flower and color committee chose the colors of shell, seraph, lilac, and silver and Talisman roses for the flower. At a special meeting the Seniors decided to wear caps and gowns at graduation exercises. The odicers elected in September were retained for the final semester. The Seniors held their Senior Day Program on May 20, and the class play HSmilin' Throughn presented on May 15. The Baccalaureate Service, May 31, and Graduation Exercises, June 4, were held in thc Auditorium. MARY Faonucn. GURLEY VANTILBURG. Page Fifzyrf Page Fihy-.tix une fpropfzecy Gazing from the window of our magnificent air liner, we notice high chimneys and clouds of smoke. Becoming inquisitive, we ask the porter what town we are coming to. He replies that we are approaf-hing the great industrial eenter of the midwestflflkharl, lndiana. Since Elkhart is the destination of our long journey from Leipzig, Germany, where we have been studying musie, we instantly heeonie alert and look about for' familiar landmarks. We can distinguish nothing familiar hut we see huge air signs wliieh read: ul,-lse Foyis 6 for 31,00 .fliizialinn Cass for Crenlesl Speed. We specialize in l"1'nger Waves, Midge Arnold and lane 1,IIl'lIIlIfl?l', Heazzly I,lll'I0l'. Lel the Slockzrell and Kenlsclz Conslruclion Conipanj' Build Your Slfysernper. linniediately after landing. we notiee the pilot and chief meehanic climbing down from the eoekpit and recognize our old friends Hill Rivers and 'l'om Holt. working for the Consolidated Airways Company, iv-hir-li ne find is owned by Phillips and Kirk- wood. Being rather tired and sleepy. vw enter the 'l'raveler's Information Bureau. where we inquire for a good hotel and find the chief information giver to be none other than Louise Fergison, who direets ns to the Hotel Harris. After registering with Gerald Whitnaek, Horton Sawy er, the liellhop. accompanies us to the elevator where we find Umar Rink. On the long trip to the seventy-fifth Hoor he tells us of the marriage of John ,laekson and Mary jean Neu. After resting for several hours we start out for luneh. We pass Miriam Youngs Hat Shop, and stop to buy a newspaper at Louie Stealfs news stand, in whit-h we read of the defeat of Goshen hy the Blue Avalanche eoached by Hoy Mellowell. Wie enter Hogey-'s Hash House and cheek our hats with Shirley Leonard. Among the waitresses We recognize Laxfere Truex. Fern Price and Raehel Yoder, Wlhile wait- ing we notice Dorothy Enos as ehief cook. While sitting in the lohhy we meet Harold Ruppert. He sits with us to talk over old times. He tells us that Hugh Miller graduated from Annapolis and is now Rear Admiral in the United States Navy. Margaret Gulnlyer is teaching Gym in the Elkhart High School and Grace Kantz is head of the Home Economies Department. Hope Hamlin and Francis Rowe are sum-eessfnl opera singers in New York. He tells us that Marjorie Hemund is non private sevretary to Carlyle lleeker, Sales Manager of the liarlywine Kraeker Korporation. After a pleasant afternoon we hid goodbye to our old friends and hasten in a taxi to the airport. The greatest surprise of the day eomes when we ind the driver of the taxi to be Mr. Horn. our old sponsor. Wie leave reluc-tantly hut we hope to return again in the future and then look up the rest ofthe IItCINlN'I'S of the June Class of 1931. RM l7AIYNABl-llltililt LVIN BORDERS. une Wz'II We, the .lune Class of 1931, students of the lfllkhart High School, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by us made. ARTICLE I: The Class of 1931 leaves to Mr. Holdeman pleasant 1l1C1llU1'lCS and affection, ARTICLE II: Tom I'roctor beqneaths lIis ability as Editor-in-Cllief and that of the numerous cub reporters of the I'enIIant to whoever inherits it. ARTICLI-I ARTICLE ARTICLE ARTICLE ARTICLE nouncement in 220. III: Miriam Young gives and bequeaths her voice to Virginia Hatfield. IV: Charles Greenleaf wills his lnisiness-like attitude to Bill LeFevre. V: Lawrence Waltz leaves his toughness to 4'Rudy', Smole. VI: Ray Earlywine his complexion formula to Eunice Borgcr. VII: Tom Holt proudly leaves his squeaky shoes to all the future an- carriers. YVe hope that they will not annoy the diligent little Freshmen ARTICLE VIII: To Evelyn Miller and Ruby Replogle. Louise Fergison andillve- lyn Martin leave their longstanding friendship. ARTICLE ARTICLE ARTICLE Scars. ARTICLE ARTICLE ARTICLE ARTICLE IX: 'gliudw Borneman bestows his gift of gala upon Whitney Slabaugh. X: Alvin Borders gives his Civics notebook to Alice Pletcher. XI: To the future Class committees we will the willingness of Marjorie XII: 4'Midge', Arnold leaves her sport outlits to Christabelle Laphznn. XIII: Cordon Jenks leaves his place at the tennis courts to Strintz. XIV: Upon the Juniors we do bestow our airs of dignity. VX: To the Freshmen we leave four years of fun. ARTICLE XVII: Theron Wilson leaves the remains of his green chariot to Dot- son. The Seniors are making sure of transportation for the 1931 football squad. ARTICLE XVIII: Dale Harris bequeaths his intelligence to Lois Misner. ARTICLE XLX: Dick Thomas leaves his dancing feet to Kirk Loney. ARTICLE XX: To Martina Vlleaver is left Hugh Milleris place in the Forum. ARTICLE ARTICLE XXI: To Miss Sharp we bequeath all those poetically inclined. XXII: To Holt, Keene, Vllinterhoff and Colbert is left the job of selling candy at games by all the Senior Rah! Rahsl XXIII: '4Hogie', leaves his red hot rhythm to Jimmie Oliver. ARTICLE XXIV: To Borneman, Miller and Church, Inc., all Fighting Fifty of- ARTICLE hcers leave their positions. ARTICLE ARTICLE ARTICLE Iluhin. ARTICLE XXV: Frances Boylan leaves her Cooking recipes to Thelma I-Ieminger. XXVI: Ludema Morgan sacrifices her curly hair to Evelyn Smythe. XXVII: Ray Pannabecker leaves several inches of his height to Jeanette XXVIII: Junior Murphy leaves his printing ability to Jeanne Torgeson. ARTICLE XXVIV: Parmater and Riblet leave their position in the backheld to Beaver and llunn. M,IIn' IIREICZE. HARRIICT CIIIIRCII. Page Fifty-seven ! UNUERELASSYIEN wwmmwiHUm1iUM"wfeee!lQQEWHUQQQfflilw M 1' LA lg Vlllllrl ' I 'NMI , .Nw -H- f. '-xH.,,H gm 5-I lnnxp!v 1- lllmwlllrlllmlllwfl. 15 Paz? J Q if - xg' rm in , 2 3? l" VW' J f First Row: Vitek, Rogers, Niccumin, Frank, Man-Briclc, Slayhaugh, Huggins, Pletcher, Harmon, Urquhart. Stauifer. Lee. Svrouri Hour: Compton, Mciscr, Krumm. llairt. l'rawford. Farley. Steed. licif. Rcgzlein, Stout, Sykes, Tracy. Glant. Third Row: Huff. Burke, Lyndall, Horwich, Wilson, Daxirlson. Holmcs, Cawlcy, Swartzell. Doicc, Dutliie. Miss NVolf. Fourth Row: Miller, Berry. Brower, Porlawiltz, Nyce. Wulf. Blue. Munch. Sumnicrlnt, Magnuson, Ort, Van Dorstcn, M. Williams, Mathews, Fifth Row: Langlc. Duckwall. Engzlchurrlt. Myers. llotson, Beaver. Keyser, Smith. Fetters. Sixill Rauf: Volkert, Iielunau. Scllrock. liatcmzln, Williams. Moore. U-crstcr, Russell, Kyle, Buwlliy. anuary Class 1932 First Semester Second Semester President .,,,,.,,,,,,, ....., W hitney Slahaugh ....., ,..., X Whitney Slahaugh Vice-President ....., ,,,., R ichard Harman ,,,.,, ..... G race Huggins Secretary ...,,,,,,, ,,,,,, B eatrifze McBride ,,,,,, ..... R iehard Harman Treasurer .,,.........,.... ,....., A lice Pletcher ....... .,,.. L ois Crawford Social Chairman .,,,,,, ,,,,,, G race Huggins i,,.,.,,..,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,..,, G race Huggins Sponsor, Miss Catherine Woli The first project of the January Class of l932 was a candy sale at the Goshen foota ball game. The class also sponsored two candy sales at basketball games. Irving Horwich and Irma Leatherman played the leading roles in the Junior play, while other members of the class helped to make the play a financial success by their work on ticket sales. The January class cooperated with the June class in sponsoring the Junior prom. N Page Sixty-one Page Sixty-tuxa First Row: Ringenberz. Brisendene. Row, Mcfflintoc. Montagrano. Picdniont. Andcrson. Coleman. Edwards. Gray. Holtz, Kirby. Thompson. Svhieher. Swank. Semmi Rmr: Ebersole. Clyde. Mn'Queen. Campbell. Nushaum. Monsvhein. Tucker. Hoxic. Spade. Rush. Alwine. Younde, Burke. Wohler. Doke. Third Row: Miss Goings. Lynn. Newfoinh. Stuntebeck. Horvalll. Crawford. Mciiowsnl. Moore. Rep- logle. Green. Snyder, Frick. Marino. Mc-Clintok. Fzihl. Robertson. If'mn'tl1. Roux' Sherhaum. Sfrubhle. Davis. Perry. Emery. VVagrller. Slccly. Hurlnencc. Grcincr, Franks. A. Hill. G. Hill. Burwell. Boylan. Fifth Rouf: Dodge. Straxvser, Bassett. Knight. Curran. Grzxnrlstnff. Hamlin. Crowe. Smolc, Branuhick, Znlot. Treneer, Lynch. Funk. Sin-H1 Roux' Holmes. J. Moore. Shen. Rico. Deal. Baylor. Kendig. Hemingway, Eger, Frcchy. Vanfcr- son, Fink. VVlliteL'otton. Dunn. Dotson. Serenfl: Roux' Beisel. Fosdick. M. Miller, Vollinzir. Perkins. Bryauit. llaxrtnmn. Recd. Krieg. Schuster. K. Reed. xvlllflllilll. Helnlninger. Rich. une Class 1932 The June Class of 1932 gave two after-school dances in the gymnasium. In November a party was held with the January Class. The two classes also co- operated in the choosing of rings and pins, and in sponsoring the Junior class play, UDaddy Longlegsf' It was a real success. both as a production and from a financial viewpoint. The Junior Prom, held May 16, was the outstanding social event of the year. J X . .t . I '. ,V , ,, First Row: Froelick. Lamb. Thorpe, McDonald, Rubin, Myers, Minelli, Haworth, Leathernmn, Myers. Cluirlesvvortli, Hostetler, Sparklin, Bontlglio. Second I-?m1:.' Haines. Strintz. Mulfnll. Armons, Hunn, Trautman, Vain Patten. E. l-lapner, Koehler, Brown, Vigren, Bloom, Kring. Third Hour: Krieghaum. Snyder. Warren. Albaugh. Stutsman. Helfrick, D. Replogle, Pocock, Olson. Frnnsisco, R. Burke. Van Tine. Freed. Wright. Smole. Fourth Roux., Monracl. Zakrnisek, Horn, Koontz, lt. Klifoth, Pollard. Miller. Wienhoft. Vurgu, Cook, Weaver. L. Myers. E. Myers. Fifth I-Four: Duckwall, C. Replo,-rle. Henman. Cripe. R. Miller. Hummel, Linder. Gross, E. Stack, E. Stack. Robertson, Kretsuhmer. P. Miller. Sirfh Hour: Stewart. MacDonald. Anderson, Taska, Hixon, Churchill, Henley, Weiler. Wolschlager. Bessmer, G-eiser. Nicholson. Kauffman. Seventh Row: Compton. Work. Clements, Dickson. Conner, Grieb, Hatiield. Troegeson, Mishler, Rivliter. Jones, Brown. President, ,,.,.,,.. ., Vice-President ..... Secretary ......... Treasurer .,,.,,..,.,,, Social Chairman ,,.... ..... une Class 193.2 First Semester Tony Minelli ,,,., Vera Myers .,..,,,,,,Y,,,,,. Geraldine Haworth .,.,.,. Jeanette Rubin .,,...,.., Doris McDonald ..............,,,,,.,,,,. ...... Sponsor, Miss Edith Goings 1 I Second Semester Tony Minelli Doris McDonald Dorothy Holtz Jeannette Rubin Vera Myers Page Sixty-three Page Sixty-fum , First Rauf: Hill. XVQ-ntzel. liollero. E. Miller. Replogle, Oliver. liunrlquist. Luce, Rlmcles. Sayre l.ehmzm. Svvaniri Razr: Molleuliour. Guipe. Paulson. H. Young. VVrig:lit, Crump. Kilgren. Koski. Dick. Oettin llerolrl. Mills. Third Hour: Campbell. lhwlsiimil. Scott. Fenhock. li. Smith. Kegerreis. Jessen. Heisel. Harper. Slmf fcr. Freeman. Prugh. l"uuriI: Hun-: Holilcmaln. Wyatt, Tobin. Zorningrer. Smith. llaimlet, Ovcrlczxse. Ritter, Grieh. Mercel lnlttinaui. Mr. Jones, Fifllr Rout: Singer. Baum, Bnrnemzin. Bowers. l'rzlnm0r. C. Miller. Miller, McKenzie. I.ezu'll. Sixth Razr: Kcrlin. 'l'ur11m-k. Slums. lllcssingr. Wintringlizlm. 'l'roycr. Atlauus, Shaw. anuary Class 1933 First Semester President ,,,.,,.,,,,, ,,,, J ames Oliver ,,,,,, Vice-President ,,,,, ..., P aul Walker .....,, Secretary .,......, .... E velyn Miller ,,,,. Treasurer .,....,...,,,,,, .... l Favid LeFevre ,,,,, Social Chairman ....., Sponsor, Mr. "ill1ur A. Jones ,wlilllwy Replogle..,,..,,,,,.,,.,..,,......,, Second Semester David LeFevre Paul W'alker Miriam Brusman Richard Wyatt .Florence Heisel Xl The class held a party in the Little Tllezxlre in December, and sponsored an aitex school dance in the gym. This class received second place on their stunt in the Annual Assembly program, In May a one-act play was given in Assembly. . First Row: Moore. Allen. Whitney. R. Best. Mrs. Sit-kels. An-kley, Gates, Rice, Selby. Johnson. Torgeson. Serond Row: Clark, Borrelli, Cheechin. Glasskow. Benll. Wmnhangh. Kiine. Lnngtloc. Kopp, Anderson, Garvin. Third How: Bekmoes, Hooper. Pipher. Hart. Fitsiminons. l'u,-rliese, Miller, Binder. Richer. Fourth Rauf: Stark. Weeher. Beeler. Sheets. Maybe. Roberts. Hagerty. Butts. Luukenbill, Poyser. Fifth Hou-: Wattles. Lyndall, Roy. Shupert, Drudge, Furry. Bourrlun, Prihble. anuary Class 1934 First Semester President .,........., ....., J oe Ackley ....., Vice-President .,.... ,,,.,. W illiam Best ,..... Secretary .,.,,..,.. ...... J ean Whitney ..,,,,, Treasurer .....,..,,,... ,,,,.. R ichard Gates ,..,,. Social Chairman ,,...,. ,,,, ' ,Raymond Rice .....,,,,,.........,.....,.,. ,..,, , Sponsor, Mrs, Ada H. Sickels Second Semester Joe Ackley Vlfilliam Best Jean Whitney Richard Cates Raymond Rice ln October, soon after orffanizinff as llDis, a art was held in the m with danc- e- n P Y gl' ing, games, and refreshments. On the twentieth of February the class gave u Washington's Day Dance in the gym after school. ln January the members of the class were increased hy the addition of the Sopho- mores from Roosevelt. The IID'S entered a skit, i'Conve1'ting Father," in the Annual Assembly program. Page Sixty-five Page Sixty-six . :V J .lf h First Row: Wade, Truex. Enos, Eddy, IJ, linker. Fredrieks, Clwistopliel, Oblnk, Fox, Bridenstien, Knne, Baker, Oakes, Wahner. Mottinger. Second Row: VVarren. W'inter. VVnlfe, Divietru, Minelli, Ginnino, Forhregd, Myers. Erb, Mayes, Kehres, DeLue, Kantz, Mikklsin, Sinythe. Third Row: Stephens. Rogers. Vain'l'ilburg. Schribner. Glminleis, Kuhn, Kemp, liontrnger, Matthew, Jones, Pearson, Mathais, Niucuin, Loomis, Williams, Miss San-kett. Fourth Rows Blass, Guipe, Cory. Smeltzer. Lnrvieli, Haggerty, Bowers, Martin, Dinehzirt, Schiller, Tooker, Cluwson, Kidder, Fowler, Kunkle, Moyer. I Fifth Row: Chester, Kenegai. Toth, Cmveniler, llibhn, Stine, Holt. Keene, Winterholf, Lnphun, Hutch! lnson, Sears, Hatrield, Kern. Lornz. Siffh Hour: Hoke, Ister, Toth, Stine, Miller, Wullznn. May. Yost. Emerson, Mullutlle, Steele. Alford. Seely. Sullivan. Seventh Rau-: McLaughlin, Lemmon, Mills, Brown, Harris, Nulf, Bowers. Gard, Hostettler, LeMonte, Bruwer, Curtis, Mitchell, Scarlett. Eighth Row: Dlevy, Cooper, Cittadine, Bash, Mast, Mitchell, C. Levy. Olinhouse. Kline, Tasky, Allen, Weaver, Broyles, Beaver. une Class 1933 On December 17 the June 1933 Class presented a one-act play, "The Nine Who Were Motherf, as an Assembly program. The Class held a dance and party in the gym ,lanuary 16. Later in the month a litney Dance was given in the gym. This class was one of five to present their stunt for the Annual Assembly program. First Roux' Troyer. H. Wentzel. Click. Oshern. l,:m,f:erlx1:n1. l.el-'ci'rc, Koopnmn. 'l':1ylor, Nou. Horne- man. Lytell. Luce, Prugli, Ludwig, Ensh. Jessup. Mayer. A Sermzrl How: P. Wentzell. Dente. Smith. Benner. Tenlle. llnnly. Nlulzer. Steely. Robins. Lynch, Griely, Mills. Cramer, Slaughterbnck. Gehrun. Loomis, Eller. Third Row: Roberts. Hnvzirrl. Pritvlmrml, MvDnHie. Fook. Reed. Creech, Jenkins. Munn-li, Fisher, Ferm. Solnberg. Sliallial, Ronzone. Rennldi. Harris. Plank. Rolxcrts. Dim-knian. Bowers. Loney. Miss Saekett. Fourfll Row: M. Fields, C. Bowers. Aflnnls. Crunk. I'rulnhnuglx. Murdock. Atkins. Rlioflehauszh. Niag- neson. Vl'ils0n. VVieselnneire. Gay, llogrlen. l'oyser. 'l'wee1ly. Slaugluter, H. Fields, Hoggert, Zellinger, Quanrlillo, Baker. Fifth Ron-: Billiky. Morse. Harris, Wilson. Sanders. Rickey. Kline. Clnirvli. Miller, Coveziugh, Cook, Culp, Hughes. Sixth Rmr: lnnneralli, Renner. l':1tnnelli, Kerlin. llnpncr. llC4lfllQl'lll2lll, Miller, Curtis. Long, David- son, Stark. Casey, Sevenlla. Ron-: Binder. llontiglio. Replogle, Yoder. R. Swcitzcr. Jenks. Davis. Neuman. Deiner, Corpe. Huster, Martin, Long. Eighth Roux' Hogrlen. F. Dale. C. Plelvher. Ynncc. Munn. Selby, C. Lnnip. Reynolds. Green. Bixler, Rowe. Wargo, Webster, Kyle. Ritter, Russell. President ..,,,.,.. Vice-President ...., ,,.,, Secretary ,.... ..,, Treasurer ....,..,...,... ..... Social Chairman ..,,.. ..,,. une Class 1933 First Semester Lowell Taylor ...., Ross Borneman ,,,., Louise Neu ,,,,,.....,. Kathryn Koopman ,,,.. W'illia1n Lel7evre,,. Sponsor, Miss Car oly ll Sackett Second Semester Lowell Taylor Glen Davis Louise Neu Walter Coveaugh Xvarren Hapner Page Sixty-seven Page Sixty-eiqlzt Firsl Raw: Farrington, Taylor. Helpin, Duke. Barrel. Smith, Slicler, Price. Vi lnttaker Bi :gg I allon Danfurlll, Ludwig. Nlolltzlgailo. l'leh'l1er. Se:-ond Roz:-s Goggins, Egzer. Sc-lnniclt, linltcr. lnnnarclli. Hnlclcnmn. Glnnt C xpps Si llil lmnp Harvey. Warner. Ruse. Selby. Miller. Third Razr: Lnpparn. Carter. Fair. Wine, Tronccr. Kline. Jackson. Rinehart Plchhcx Humlrl ohn sun. Casey, Elliott, Vnnllorcler. l"nurfh Hour: DeWitt, Carlson. Rvplnglc, lluunc. Evans. Olson. Thornton. I crllng. bnnlli Bluhlugll Evker. Ulrich. Fiflh Ifulr: Foster. Grccn. Vl'rig:llt, MrQncvn. Lcparn. liinalsli. Muntugaum. lcnks Xolllnu Cnoiel BlickQnstnlT. Muherg. Ncllist. Rensnner. Sirfh I-'mlm' Deifrh. Likes. Clevelulnl. Wiley, liicner. Gilmlnvr. Newman. Pettit llllll7 'stelnbcl Sun mons. Sherwuusl. Svhult. Conner. Davis. Brown, Pettit. Xewcrnnh. Munrnfl, Smwwflr I-'nu-: Jones, Barrett. Peoplcs, llaxrtlnzxn. Baillie. Corner. llnrhnan Xlnn lubbg BIOWII Fuwlcr, Garrison. une Class 1934 President ............ .... Secretary ..,.,,,,., .,,,, Treasurer ,,.,,,.. .Nlaurice Treneer Dean Holdeman Vice-President ...... ,.,... ,Laurence Neuman Frances Capps Sponsor, Mrs. William G. Moss First Run-: Meiser. Hart. K. Johnson. Gilbert. Ilurmence. Palmero, Cole. Goldberg. Hammon. Vigh, Gunter, Work, Johnson. Gans. Ritter. Weaver, Sonshergr. Ser-and Row: Basse. Gutterman. Coganl Ronznne. Young. Green, Ghrist. Bassler, Replogle. Rott, Badenburo. Crooks, Haggerty, Essig. Longaure. Rodegeh. Third Row: Lehman. E. Hatfield. Glase. Bryarly. Losse. Smole. J. Markel, Cornelius. Spade, Munz. Gurus, Kielz. Johnson, Saltsbury. G. Markel. Triyer, Horner. Fourth Row: Hunn. Lapliman. Witmer, Wilson. Ringenberg. Urmy, Shelt. Endicott, Emmerson, Vance, Earlywine, Stoll. Heeter. Horn. Snellenberger, Spry, Troyer. Sherburne. Fifth Row: E. Fleming, Brady. Dillon. Hege, Thunander. Grauer, Smith, Lindstrom, Kistler, Gurdon. Gall. M. Detweiler, Martha Detweiler. Runyon. Snyder, Avery. Sixth Hour: Watters. Gay. Geyser. Knight, Nine, Haeb. Kelts. Goron. Stovker. Shively, Fischer: M. Smith. Mclfarren, Edsall. Jackson. Sewrifh Row: B. Fleming. Erwin, Roys, Lowell, Molzer, Bassett. J, Cole, Redman. Gulmyer, Prugh, Wackwitz. Oliver, Stewart. Bruncz, Burger. Eighth Razr: Selmer-k. Pierce. Aldrich. Bonrlglio, Doty, Noifsinger. Olson, White. Moore, Adams, J. Smith, Kline, Baker, Witt. Mast. une Class 1934 The June Class of 1934 did not organize until the second semester and, like most Freshmen classes, their activities will probably not begin until their Sophomore year. Page Sixty-nine V L . The heart of a thriving community . . seen from the air. FEATURES 1" . ' l' I, I ' 'WP , wfifam li W 'L Q W' QW" 1 i 5E E 1 Q F l ,J Loafzn Wound ln the first warm lazy days of early fall the gangs hang aruund outside the building, dreading to come in and begin wnrk .... note the lazy pose of that loafer Shank .... Rih's and Frank 's warm weather attire .... Charlie and Tom indulge in a bit of horseplay before assuming their edi- torial duties .... Sinning, Drum- mond and Bell have closed eyes. mnuth and ears against all knowl- edge .... Kathryn and Grace are just pretending to study .... only Lyndall and Nelson set an example of industry and ambition to an indif- ferent wurld. ig' ..4....! 0 . if 0,- Page VSCUBILIY- five Page Seventy-.sir e eeeea Nr . . , nf . - --. :wh ,f tif 41,1 A E! ,. f -,i v r -- . -,Nl -rpg 1 AK. 5 , . x 9, r 7 qw! figs 1 A QS Stop! Do You Remember-- The football Crowd piling into vol- legiate fiivvers? .... Ruegge and his well-known explelives? .... Xvhen Holt and Miriam weren'l acting nutty? .... When Marjorie won her skating trophy? . . . . Irma Lealherman as Judy? . . . . Cast of Arabian Nights lol' was it Knightsl ? .... When the Hi-Y ushered in soup and fish? Vacation fDayS Proctor bags one hon about the one that g.ot awax, Trautmalf' Neva lVl1ldred and thelr gang make hay whlle the sun shlnes Jackson and Nllller, all het up, as usual llke MHTJOTICQ Ludemas and bardhs tenms attlre better ls Thomas to be moxed aba1n7 Splash' The Tluth Q watel carmval Q .num N4-1 'wif' . M. ,,, , J ,H ,Q rafitzsatzs. . , I ,, ' in :ii Page Seventy-sem n Curly-haired Rahmah! PrlsiJervfI He served 'Four' terms .IDL Ennis is his rdeyud' "Fair Helen" Golf is his hobby Mistms ef Arts -fund Hurts H mfghfy voice A clever pen Jf2aLe E ver boa' Jfcksgn Buff.-erin7f Ram of the Ava anclfve knows Page Smfcnly-viglzl The Great Weinstein 'Mali'ie Pai" The Bakers Bly u6abl7f Graf: e Music ian Jevenf af-d,5 for Qozchdo wn and Then Jkipper www M, Dill pajs fhe bills .Sec-n with Keene Hound Page Seventy-nine Page Eighty Seen Ofround School The friendly smile of a Senior spon- sor .... certain couples that are cou- stantly together .... Fighting Fifty and Rahl Rahl sponsors and presidents in conference .... the clean-up squad, hardly recognizable without their hrooms or mops .... the Pennant ollice where a great deal of work and noise goes on .... Holt and Ruppert, the well- known pair of idots, in dignihecl com- pany for once. '7 . 95 X J A f Q 'm Y A g Seplnembem 27 ' 1 November 7 - ' ,' GRP 5120 of Football Season opems LUI-th 15-all score unflv Rift Um me Octol TO-7 V1 UCD November 21 Fresh - , f 1 Redskins lute the dust' J An AoHIC1nClXC Urb- -COr:y "' Q4 0 is gh? mmcrtics Qlub Ove' 1' f H ll erm Jftne urvior' October Semor M e2,5' k GW o w es Vlpcu - 5 N '3 Pj 1' .!!!' uk I" N .'.' ' C 1 , Ur','l Q owe Eoclwedg 1, ' Q J H 'c x ' I7 . Q Q " ' Q5 bil 3 N- , Sea n :-2' ' " M W 'b 17 Pg Eghy Dec: em ber 20 Sophomohwe Party , 'ITE I- Dec. X"' QI L I We ng -I d..V I, is V1 'Ii K oeecfigjd- S ix, Egfa ilutjl XINOS T' , ,N port ff 'U' an II' J I3cmc'I,Ie'IZH skins - - - 'I' '7 2 I I 9 Annual Pac- l COHUIOQ 1 ec. 9. J I Hrs bask I crweow' 520500 , SCINIOI flu I J., I . ff JE . o f :Of '7 4-' I O www OUEI' , YT' fi Lignigge 'IL fx ,fl - " :M I? ' I Decefgfw A' Cotoq and We 5 ,Qs I I 'YS' A . 4- ,Il I3 o x I ' I 5 I I FX , III Jflgcytg- 'I jk ' ij II 3 ' Feb. 7 A XIX GR. St UoIenJCI'n65 x " A " Dance. dnnucr' A wjlfgjl Q Q Q Qfff Q , 17?-L 0 I I First l,Or'eS'I:- 4, I f A ' sr 1 Q . Img moI'QI16gj5m :S C 'GSOWQH ,S Fdebrucuy 20 pre5em'ljef,L ' l:eb1fnzLcu9f 26-I7 T 18,5 0 ,s A L ,7 XX 2 l 5 X U X X M TP ' o1DIG5lj5l'1l11 tore X X I ! X XXXMQUX 0000 Jmf cm XX N. I O I , BASQ js JQEQA L L ,,-f-, - Ngx, Q ll , N ' O Bond T o o OrclweSJErcL ovood- S gf QJSJC5 Prop QT V W juriiffgf 25:2 Norah I 1 ,Z Februouy2l P CQSGUQE? Sqclsoil C9+7 Sectlonc an W' qw? ... , l3+! Qigfomof Over Sage CL Q 20f SEQTQ, ffm mbgzfrggfggie 5 I1 Q7 9 ' 9 , P1prll9 , A, w Q .,, M fh-205, ' ak H'-Y 'L q " I Y I if! A Y'-' X5 XZ! D f MG' l'I dismal 5- 9f9"'f 70 bad l-.Om I CL. 0 6 me 9 'Q l3 Lao Hug .an GHC 14061 Al S X f Q -x i -Qs 1111 F ae Eighty-four Bond CONCCQST J 0 0 ' 6 4, Lstemfy Mogczri me SI J! - .igailiffi 0-.:'...' ,Wg A ' Ez: Annual H 'f 3 Out Q SBI I l I 1 10: i i'I I I I . I I ,ll 45 AN mc IH VLA dunejj ' if Commeawcemeuwf uf 2 3 ig DM :':.Q k- Q Max 37 My ' l"Ol'l'1' Bacco Qureqte , ,N A EQ ff' W , R17 URGIXNIZIXTIUNS First How: Neu, Pncock, Van Patton, Dewey, Kollat. Miller Knight. Trcneer, Charlesworth. Lynch. Suluneltz. Sevoud Row: Hostetler. Gruber. Hartman, Coleman. Sclnniflt, Wright, Young. Gulniycr, Nyce. Leonard. Thomas. Freed. Third Row: Robins. R. Cole. Allen. Arhogast. Heinimzway. Krysiak. lteglcin. Miller, Perry, Fleming. Henry. Reed, Krouse. Miss Cole. , F0ll7'fll I-Imr: Morgan, Rasp. Ilarnian. Arisnian. U. Cole. Shivcly. Grieb. Doclgc, Monschcin, Hash. Mt-Dowell. Whittle. C3414 Club OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR President ,,,,,,,....,.. ...,,.......,,,.,,..,.........,,,,.......,,,,, ,,.,. H ugh Miller Vice-President ,,.., ,..,,. M argery Treneer Secretary .....,,,, ,,,., M artha Kollat Treasurer ..,.,, .,,,,. J osephine Knight EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Alice Dewey Harold Rusher Ralph Hostetler Margaret Culmyer Shirley Leonard Sponsor, Miss Eva Cole The purpose of the Art Club is to promote greater appreciation of art in everyday life. This is promoted in the club by lectures on various subjects by persons familiar with art in that particular phase. The Art Club gave a play entitled "The Romance of the Blue lVillow.,7 It is a Chi- nese story, in which the setting for the stage and the customs were made and designed by the Art Club. The Club purchased forty original pictures painted by several famous artists. Also a swetch from France was added to the collection the last semester. Page Eighty-sewn Page Eighty-eight Firsf Roux' Vigren. stevens. NVeybrigl1t. Rivers. Greenleaf. Young. Dewey, Leonard. Second Rauf: Parmater. Breeze. Churcli. VVhittlc. Harman. Sears, VanTilhurg. Morgan. Miss Kelly. Third Row: Rihlet, Borders. Rutter, Miller. I':inn:lbcckcr, Drnnnnonfl. Tllomas. Holt. Ecz'z'torz'aI Staff of the 1931 Cbfnnual Editor-in-Chief .,,,,,....,,,,,,,,,., Assistant Editor ,.,.,.,. Assistant Editor .....,............ Business Manager ,l,,,,..,,,,,.,,,, Assistant Business Manager ,,,., Art Editor .....,........,.,,.. .,,....,,, Assistant Art Editor ,,,,,,,, Assistant Art Editor ,..,.,,. Assistant Art Editor ..... Athletic Editor .................,.. Assistant Athletic Editor .,,. Assistant Athletic Editor .,..... Assistant Athletic Editor ,...,,, Assistant Athletic Editor ,.....,... Advertising Manager .......,..........,. Assistant Advertising Manager ,.,,.,, Charles Greenleaf Miriam Young Alice Dewey William Rivers Harold Ruppert Shirley Leonard Hugh Miller Richard Thomas Ralph Hostetler David Rutter Darl Shank Mary Vigren Frank Parmater William Riblet Tom Holt Edward Rorneman Advertising Solicitor .....,,,,.Y,,,,..., ,,,,.,, D elford Drummond Advertising Solicitor .........,............,.....,,..,.,,,...,,....,r..................,,.,,.,,, Wendell Taylor Faculty Advisor, Miss Dorothy Kelly Activities, Helen Harman, Calendar, Ralph Rostetlerg January Prophecy, Emma Eash, Almeda Slack, January Will, Glenn Anderson, Sara Stevens, January History, Katherine Krysiak, Geraldine Vernier, June History, Mary Froelich, Curley VanTil- hurgg June Prophecy, Alvin Borders, Ray Pannabeckerg June Will, Harriet Church, Mary Breeze, Music, Mary J. Grover, Francis Foy, Humor, Dick Thomas, John Landisg Dramatics, Ernie Fritz, Frances Rowe, Faculty, Dollie Horein, Helen Ronzoneg Snap- shots, Ludema Morgan, Marjorie Sears, Lela Gilsong Organizations, Isabelle Whittle. Florence Weyhright. ,, EDITORIAL STAFF OF THE PENNANT WEEKLY First Hou-: Borger. Zolot, Krunun. Charlesworth. Cowley. Proctor. ltihlet. Keene. Holt. Mn-Donalrt. Second Hou-: Bassett. Churcli, Leutlierrnan. Ilainlin, f'rowc, Huggins. Pletclier, Frank. Granftstutf, nm Kelly. Third Rout: Bornenizxn, Lunglc, Miller. Ecz'z'z'orz'aI Staff of the fpenncznt Weekly Editor-in-Chief ,,,,..,. Assistant Editor ......... Assistant Editorn, Business Manager?Wiimmvw Assistant Business Miiitiggifffg ffffff' Sports Editor ...............,,,........,.,. ,,,,,,.. Sports Writer ....,,... Sports Writer ...... Sports Writer ,,..,.... Sports Writer ,,,,.,,,, llumor Editor ......... Chatter Editor .....,,, Chatter Editor ,,,,..,, Exchange Editor ,,,.,,,, Exchange Editor .,.,.... Feature Editor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Tom Proctor Grace Huggins Doris McDonald Kathryn Frank .Jeanette Crowe J ack Cawley Robert Langle Frank Miller David Rutter Mary Vigren Dick Freed Mary Winterholl Eleanore Colbert Betty Compton Betty Nyce Irma Leatherman Feature Editor ,..,.,,,, ,,,.,.. B YFHCCC Z0l0l Advertising Manager ......... ..., , .,Alice Pletcher Advertising Solicitor ,,,.,,, ......V, G eorge BOFUCIUHU Advertising Solicitor ,.,,... ,,,, Helen Bassett Advertising Solicitor .,..,, 1 ........ Eunice Burger Advertising Solicitor. ,.., ,v,, , .,N80mi Hamlin Advertising Solicitor ,,,,,,..,,,,,, ,.,,,, , . ,,,, ............... Edna Gl'3Ilfl5l3fl Circulation Manager .......,.,...........,................,,..........,, ,...,,, ,,.,,, ,..., ,,............,,V.VVtV tVVVV,,,.. C l C Il 11 Anderson Assistants: William Russell, Eleanor Lynch, Betty Compton, Lester Carlmneau. Star Reporters: Martiena Weaver, Evelyn Yost, Margaret Holt, ,lean Keene. Ruth Hurmence. Reporters: Beatrice Macl3ride, Margaret Stout. ,lean Tracy, Carlyn Martin, Eleanor Lynch, Marjorie Gard, Helen Sears, Dick Wyatt. Arletla Munch. Walter johnson. Isabelle Curran, Arthur Grafhs, Neva Freeman, Robert Best, Raymond Rice. Arlene Miller, .lean Whitney. .loe Ackley, Elma Lyndall. Typists: Irma Bruno, Nena Deflario, Mary J. Grover, Curley VanTilburg, Florence Weybright, Miriam Young. Faculty Advisor, Miss Dorothy Kelly. Page Eighty-nine Page Ninety 1 First Razr: Mayes. Tracy. McBride. Harman. Proctor. Hunn. Rive. Pzirmatcr. XVeybriglit. Crowe. Second I?n11'.' Perry. Lilly. Haggerty. Grandstaff. Hamlin. Steeiey. Bassett. Vigren. Harris. Miss Burn- Tllirzl Ifolr: Davidson, Haines, Strintz. WVnrk. Danielson. P. Miller, P. Heunlzln, Whitnsxck, Hurmuine Senior Consul ,lunior Consul ..,,,, Aediles ..,,,,..,,,,. berlba ,,,,,,,, Quacstor ..,,., Czrcus Classicus OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR Sponsor, lVIiss Bernita liurns Tom Proctor David Hunn Dale Harris Richard Harman Wfilnla Rice The Circus Classicus is composed of Cicero and Virgil students. and it has as its purpose the formation of general 'ie-Xtra" knowledge of Roman customs, dress, and mythology. Meetings were held in the homes of the members, Roman customs being observed and modern songs sung in Latin. The eluln entered the Annual ASSP1lllJly' Contest and won first place. This club meets the expenses of those who enter the Latin Contests in the spring. First Roux' Stunt. Morgan. VVeyhrigltt. Vfeiler, Hzlrnmn. Rivers, Landis. Horein, Colenmn, Stuuffer. Serrmd Rout: Cook. Holt, Shilner, lieglein. McQueen, Booth, Urqlmurt, Harris, Mr. McCartney. Third Rule: Yeunmn. Lelnnnn. Hnrwich. VVnrk. Hugrentlobler. Miller. Grauer. Cftfathematices Club OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President ,.,......,. ,,,,, W illiam Rivers ........ .... W illiam Rivers Vive-President ,..., ...,. E mmanuel Weiler ,,,.,. ,..,., I rving Horwich Secretary ....,,A,,,, .,.,. J ohn Landis ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,..,.,. S ara Stevens Treasurer ....,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,, ,,,,, S tanley Emmert ,,,.r, ,... J ohn Landis Program Chairman ...,., ,.,,, H elen Harman ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .... H elen Harman Sponsor, Mr. J. E. McCartney The membership of this rlulm is cmnpnsetl of students having had two or more years of mathematics and a strhulastim- average of eighty-hve per 1-ent or above. The purpose is to create a greater interest in mathematics. This yearas programs included talks on great mathematicians by members of the Club and also talks by lVlr. McCartney on short-cuts in solving mathematical problems. Page N inety-one Page N inety-two Firxt Row: lil. liornelnzln, Davidson, l'lll1lllCY't, llult. Riblet, Ronzone. I'orlnater, Nelson. Wnltz, Jackson Mr. Bullington, Su-will Huw: lnnnarelli, Holmes, Mishlcr Weinstein, Murphy, Miller, Minelli. Wilson, Kirkwood. Phil lips. Cowley. Third Rolf: Robinson, Landis, Haines. Xveilcr, Talylor, Ilyndall. Sawyer, Horn. Hnrinan, Vlmrles worth, Greenleaf. Fourlh lfmr: Shriener. Holdelnan. AL-kley. Pattanelli. Honliglio. Lei-'evre, Clipp, F. Miller, R. Borne man, Cllll1'l'll, Foy. F12 h ting Fzfty OFFlCFlRS First Semesler Second Semester President ...........,. ,,.... M atthew Ronzone ....,. ,,,,., X Villiam Riblet Vice-President ,,,..,, ,,,,, R ichard Nelson ,,,,, ,..,.. F iranlc Parmater Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, W illiani Rihlel ,,,,,, ..,... B ud BOI'Ilf'll1Z1I1 Treasurei ',,,, . ,,,,, Frank Pi11'11lilif?l' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,.,.. ...... C harles Greenleaf Sponsor, Mr. Roy Bullington The purposes of the Fighting Fifty Cluli, as designated in its constitution, are four- fold. They are: To foster and promote loyalty to Elkhart High Sehoolg assist in the creation and maintenance of good school spiritg aid in whatever way possible the school's activitiesg and to advance the spirit of friendliness among the hoys of the srhool. About half of the boys are members of the various athletic teams of the school. The remaining members are busy with ushering at basketball and football games, and at entertainments in the Auditorium. -il X 'B - Jay V vf ,f J . fl ,C-. f lzifvfj in f f , W First Row: Myers, Borger, Farley, Bucklin. Young. Huggins. Dewey. Sears. Sykes. Plett-her. Arnold. Leonard. Breeze. Sef-cmd Il. Hamlin. Rowe. Grover. Rubin. Third Row: Horien. Morgan, Harmon. Compton. Lynn-li. Gulnlycr. Stout. Nyce. Tooker. I.. lionzonu, Gcbliarcl, VVhittle. H. Rnnzone. Frank, Mrs. Boone. Fourth Noir: Rice. Sclunillt. Colbert. Kooplnun. Yost. Church. Fifth I-Fmr: MaL'Bridc. 'I'racy. llricncr. Scars. Stout. Granidstutf. N. Ilznulin. Curran. Basset. Rzisp. Falil. Robinson, Hutchins. Vigrcn. Rwo: Parniater. lleatlicrman, Myers, MacDonald. Hurnmnce. Steeley, Wagner. Plniery. Truex, Crziwfurrl. Tre-cner, Weyhriglit. Stevens. Garvin. Lyndall. .lessen Kegcrics, Rah! Rah! Club OFFICERS President ....,..,.., Vice-President ..... .... First Semester .Alice Dewey .... Marjorie Sears ...., ....., Second Semester Harriet Church Mary Breeze Grace Huggins Secretary .... .Grace Huggins ...., ....., Treasurer ...,........... .... C arolyn Sykes ..... .... E leanor Colbert Social Chairman ...... ,.... M iriam Young .....,..........,.........,. Miriam Young Sponsor, Mrs. Zella Lee Boone The purpose of the Rah! Rah! Club is to support Elkhart High School athletics. The membership is limited to sixty girls chosen by vote of the club. This year the club has sponsored charity work. The 1-lub was divided into teams, each week a team taking charge of the collection and distribution of the articles. ln the spring, the annual party for the athletes was given. This party, like all Rah! Rah! parties, was the most interesting and entertaining party of the year. Page Ninety-three Page Ninety-four 1, 'r First Roux' Creech. Schmidt. Gulmyer. Compton. Harman. Dewey. Hutchinson. Jessen. Haggerty. Svmnd Rom: Miss Siner. Burger. Geisor. Cnpp. Olson. Miss Parks. Redman. Stewart. Bruns. Shell. President ...,,,...,,,. Vice-President ...,.,. Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Treasurer .....,.,,...... Social Chairman ,,,.,, Service Chairman ..,.,,, Girl Weserves OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR Harman .....,,,Betty Compton ,.,..,.,Helen Creech ..,,,,.,Janice Haggerty ........Alice Dewey Rosemary ,lessen Program Chairman ,...,,....,,..,,.,..,,,, ,..,.. ,...,. ,..., ..,.. ,.,,,.,,,,. M a r g a ret Culmyer Publicity Chairman ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,...,.,....,......., Sarah Stevens SponsorsfMiss Parks. Miss King, Miss Siner, Miss Yvise, Miss Benner, Miss Cunningham, Miss Goings Purpose: ALTO face life squarely? Slogan: MT0 find and give the bestfi Theme: MVocations.', The program this year was arranged to give the girls an idea of the different pro- fessions open to them. This yearis program included a Setting-Up Conference, a Pirate Party, a Carnival, Alumni Party, Inter-City Conference, Hi-Y-G. R. Dinner, a Dinner for Dads, a Mother and Daughter Banquet, lectures on vocations and trips through industrial plants. The Freshmen Girl Reserves meet each Thursday after school. FRESHMEN GIRL RESERVES OFFICERS Presidents ,,,.,,,.,,.,.. Vice-Presidents .....,.. ....... Secretary ,,,.,,,,,,,,, Treasu rers ....,,....... Social Chairman ,,,,, Service Chairman ....... ...... Program Chairman ,,..... ..... Jean Kappg Verna Olson Kathryn Palmerg Marie Essig Vera Borger Mary Jane Stewartg Charlotte Shelt Alice Jane Bruns Fay Redman .Kathryn Ceiscr First Razr: Wiley. Ruppert. Holt. Proctor. Druiiunontl. W. Taylor. Anrlerson. Lnnrlis. Nelson. Ser-ond Raw: Oliver, liornenmn, Rivers. LeFevre. Clnirch. L. Taylor, Nlr. Ilorn. President .,..,,. ,,,,, Vice-President ,,,,,,. Secretary ............ . Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Social Chairman .,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, Membership Chairman ,.,,.,......... Program Chairman ,.....,,,.,, ,,.,. Initiation ..,, ,,...,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,, Senior Hy- Y Club First Semester Tom Holt ....,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ...... Tom Proctor ............,,,,... ,,,,,, .Charles Greenleaf .,,...... .. Harold Ruppert... .Richard Nelson ....... ,,.,.. ...Wendell Taylor.. . Henry Lyndall ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,.., . .. Sponsor, Mr. M. S. Harvey Seca nd Semester Tom Proctor Delford Drummond ,,.. . . .Tom Holt Glenn Anderson CharlesGreenleaf Wendell Taylor .lohn Landis William Rivers Dick Wiley Discussion groups. entertainments and special speakers were on the program for the Senior l'li-T meetings, held at noon lunches at the MY" each Tuesday noon. The club presented "The Arabian Nights" in November. and had an Old Fashioned Box Social, Theatre Party. Treasure Hunts, and many other social events. Hi-Y delegates attended hoth District and State Hi-Y Presidents' Cou- ference. President ...,,...,,,..... Vice-President ,.,,.,, Treasurer... ,.., F-ecretary ............,... Social Chairman .,,,.,. unior Hy- Y Club OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR C Tsg32,l4gLLLlQ iilfiefi. iiiiifg' ' ' Ross Borneman Lowell Taylor Harrison Church James Oliver William Lelfevre- Junior lli-Y met every Thursday for noon luncheons, with speakers, discussions, and special programs taking, up the meeting time. The club co-operated with the Senior Hi-Y Club in various social events. These included the Fall Hop and the Thanksgiving Dance for new members at the League of Women Voters Building. Page Ninety-ive Page Ninety-six First How: Lynch. Church. VVai'd. Jackson. Rogers. Fergison. Second Row: Pieclmunt, Steed. Conway. Myers. Mnntn::nn0. Lelmberg, Miss King. Third Roir: Best. l"zlsllh:l11,2'l1. Spnrklin, EI Circulo Espanol OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President .........,.,. ...... J ohn Jackson ....,,.. ....,.. L ouise Fergison Vice-President .,,.,,. ,,.,,. L ouise Fergison ,,,,,, ,.,.... ,I ohn Jackson Secretary ..,,,,,,,, ,,,.,, H arriet Church ....,.. ,..,,,, M ary Montagano Treasurer ..r.,,,,,,r,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, M arion Ward ,....,,.. ,,,,,., P auline Campbell Social Chairman ......,,. ..,,.. E leanor Lynch ,,,,,,,, ..,.,... A lverta Myers Program Chairman .............. Naomi Rogers ,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ....... V erla Mae Steed Sponsor, Miss Gladys King This club was organized for the purpose of furthering an interest in Spanish. This purpose was carried out in the yearls program by means of discussions on Spanish cus- toms, educational system, and history, by the singing of modern songs in Spanish and by playing games in Spanish. The French and Spanish Clubs held a candy sale at one of the basketball games for the purpose of raising money to buy regalia for the Modern Language Department. The money was used to buy reading hooks, song books, wall charts, and flags of the nineteen Spanish speaking countries for the Spanish classes. First Row: Compton. K. Miller, '1'r0neer,'Yoder, Rusher. Shiiner, Urquart. Second Row: Mathew. Morgan, Heisel, Replogle, Martin. Jenkins, Niccuin, Miss Cunningham. Third Row: Crawford, Straulie. Lelfevre. Wingtringhrun, Booth, Stout. Le Cercle Francais OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President ....,...,.,,. .,,.,, R achel Yoder ,,,.,., ......., H arold Rusher Vice-President .......,,, ,.,.. H arold Rusher ,.,.,,, .....,. B etty Compton Secretary-Treasurer .,,.,.,,.,,,, Margery Treneer ,....., ,.,,.,. K atharine Miller Program Chairman .....,....... Katharine Miller ...,,,....,,.,..,,.,..,,....,.......... Evelyn Martin Sponsor, Miss Myrle Cunningham Le Cercle Francais was organized for the purpose of increasing interest in Fl'CI'1f'l1 and ability to use that language. All French students who have had at least threel semesters of French, and those having an UE" or 'ACU average in French III are eligible. This year the Spanish and French Clubs sold candy at the Nappanee basketball game, and bought a set of wall maps. The two clubs also held a picnic supper together. Page Ninety-seven Page Ninety-eight First Row: Proctor, Kollnt, Van Patten, Haggerty, Charleswortli. Bornemun. Gmiiis. Second I-?ou:.' Harris, Sears, Mayes, McGowen. Ludwig, Van U-order. Hurmence, Zolot, Smole. Third Row: Treueer. Koopnmn, Tooker, Smith, Martin, Redman. Mm-Glmigrliili, M. Hurmenue, Mr. Hall Forum Club OFFICERS First Sem ester President ..,.,..,,,, ,..,, E mnlanuel Weiler ...... Vice-President ....,....... ,,.., J aniee Haggerty ...., Secretary-Treasurer ...... ...., M artiena Weaver ..... Social Chairman ..,..,. . ...,, George Bornemanu.. Program Chairman..,,, ,... .Marj orle Mayes ....,,,,,.,,,...,.,...,, Sponsor, Mr. W. E. Hall Second Semester Marjorie Sears Maurice Treneer George Borneman l.aVere Truex james Work The purpose of the Forum is to stimulate interest in debating and all branches of public speaking. This organization is responsible for the support of the High School debate teams and for the Public Speaking Contests. The Forum Club, with the help of the Latin Club and the Pennanl Weekly, spon sorecl a movie given in the Auditorium. First Row: Proctor, Hurinence. Zolot, Mr. Hall. Second Rows Wiley, I'nnn:xlmrkcr, Miller. Wciler, Debate Squad Affirmative Team ........ Yegalive Team ,,,,,,,., Coach .,,,,,, Goshen .. Warsaw ..,,,,,,,,,,.,,, l.,,,......... Concord ,,.,,,,...,,, DEBATE SCHEDULE Negative Affirmative Alhrmative Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Central lSouth Bendl ,,,,,,,,,, Negative f Ruth Hurmence I Tom Proctor l Richard Wiley L Hugh Miller, Alternate f Byrneee Zolot J Emmanuel Weiler l Tom Proctor l Ray Pannabeeker, Alternate Mr. Hall ,,,Aihrmative tFeb. 35 ...Negative I Feb vs. Elkhart .,,,.,,.., Aflirmative fFeb vs Elkhart ..,.,...,, Affirmative fFeb Concord ....,,....,,,.,.,....,,......... Negative . Central fSouth Bendj ,,,,.,,.,, Affirmative vs. Elkhart ,....,.,.. ...Negative fFeb. 51 . 105 Negative QFeb. 2U Here There Here There There Here Under the coaching of Mr. Hall, the debate teams this year upheld Elkhart High School very well considering that only two of them-Tom Proctor and Dick Wiley- have had previous experience. Three of this year's debaters will return next year-Byrnece Zolot, Ruth Hurmence and Emmanuel Weilerg while Tom Proctor, Dick Wiley, Ray Pannahecker and Hugh Miller are graduating Seniors. The Negative Team won two and lost oneg the Affirmative Team won one and lost two. This tied Elkhart for second place in the league. Page Ninety-nine Page Une Hundred First Row: Lehman, Truex, Hart, Horvath, Enos, Sailor, Thompson, Holtz, Boylan, Smeltzer, Northrop. Second Row: Collins. Kantz. Ringenberg, Longncre, Hart. Pieclnmnt, Montagano, Gray. Kirby. Krysiak, Tolnlinson, Miss Pigzg. Third Row: Schieher, Tobin, Bills, Fergison. Meckling. Eash. Replogzlc. Johnson. Swank. Brisenrlinc. Iv'o1rrH1 Row: Doll, Clyde, Crzlwforcl, linger, llanilct. Sager. Hsnnlct. Spzule, Thornton. S. King. I. King, Ilolrleinan. Home Economics Club OFFICERS First Semester President ,,,,,,.,...,. ,,,,,, D orothy Sailor ...,.. Vice-President ,....., ,,.., E sther Warner ..,,.. Mary Horvath ,,,,, Secretary ......,.,. ,...,. Treasurer ,,,.,,,,,,,, ,..,,, Dorothy Holtz ..,.,,.,. Social Chairman ..... ,.,,.. D orothy Thompson ..... .,,,,,, Program Chairman ...., ,.,.,,,..,,,....,,.,..,...,....,.,,.,,............,,,,,, ...... Sponsor, Miss Nancy E. Pigg Second Semester lrene Northrop Marjorie Smeltzer Arlene Miller Martha Cray Beatrice Fergison Mary Horvath The purpose of this club is to establish through organization for social life, friend- ship among girls interested in subjects pertaining to the home, and practice of practical economy. This year's program included: Charity sewing, a novelty dance, various lf-cturcs pertaining to Home lim-onornir-s, social functions, and an Assembly prograin given in connection with "Better llomes Wecku. First Roux' Hart. Joseph. Hellman. Steed. Krysink. A. Miller, Stunteback. Holtz. Montaganu, liunzone. Ilente, Waite. Young. Rowe. Secourl Roux' Miss Kirkland. Lewis. Van'l'ilburg, Wolilforcl. Sutter, Oetting. Longacre. Griener. Glant. Froelick. Zolot, Price. Powrlen. McDowell.. Third Hou-: Mercer, Carlson. Tomlinson, Uuipe. Easli, Putt. Moberg. De Dario, Brunez. Murphy. Vernier, Hueinan. Commercial Club OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR President ...........,. ...... K athryn Krysiak Vice-President ...,.. ...., D orothy Holtz Secretary ..,....... ..,... A rlene Miller Treasurer ...,.......... ...... C atherine Stuntebcck Social Chairman ....... ...... D orothy Sailor Program Chairman ..... ...... C urly VanTilburg Finance Chairman ,..,.. ....,,.......,......,,...,..,,,,...,.,..........,.............. H elen Rorizone Sponsor, Miss Helen Kirkland The purpose of the Commercial Club is to increase interest in the business world, to become conversant with modern, progressive business methods, thus endeavoring to raise and maintain higher standards of efliciency among Commercial students, and to encourage a social spirit among the members of the department. The membership is confined to Senior Commercial students and to Juniors whose scholarship averages 'LGU or better in the Commercial subject. The club sponsored Elkhart entrants in the various Commercial Contests, and gave special award pins for exceptional ability in typewriting. Page One Hundred One URAMATICS T 1 ., 2 y H A . M, JUIII' ...Q QQ Qi T ,U 4 iylmN ! First Row: Krumm. Sailor, Frank. Kollat. Drummond, Fritz, Schmeltz. Truex. Tliornas. Taylor, Young, Meiser. Ser-ond Hour: Enos. Hunt. Steele. Froelick. Freeman. Gilson. Fergison. Martin, Wackwitz. Rowe, Hellman. Dewey. Miss VVinternitz. Third Ron-: Yeolnan. Stockwell. Carlson, Easli. Wohlford. Morgan. Haggerty, Bc Miller. Mer-kling. Sllimcr, Alford, Heist, Clipp. fDrama Club OFFICERS ly' T 7 T First Semester Second Semester President ......... ..... E rnie Fritz .....,,,..,....., ..,.. D elford DrumH10I1d Vice-President ...., .... D elford Drummond ,.,.. ..... H elen Harman Treasurer ....., . .,,r, Merrill Schmeltz ...., ,.... L ois Crawford Secretary ...,,........ ..... L aVere Truex ,,,., ,.... L aVGr6 THICK Social Chairman ,,,,,, .,,., R ichard Thomas ,,.,..,.,.......,,...... ...,. S hirley Leonard Sponsor, Miss Winternitz The purpose of the Dramatics Club is to create and further an interest in drama and acting. A Christmas pageant, i'The Universal Christmas," was given by the members of the club. Three one-act plays, MSauce for the Goslingsf, 'iTeeth of the Gift Horsef, and i'It Will Be All Right on the Nightf, were also produced, the money going toward a fund for a cyclorama to be used in thc Auditorium. Page One Hundred Five First Rour: Traey. Huggins. Cawley. Iieatherlnzln, Horwivli. Frowe. Griener. Sw-ond Roux' Zolut. Miller. Sykes. Moore. Stout. Duvkwull. unior Class Cplay 'ADADDY Lone LEGS" The Junior Class presented i'Daddy Long lregsfi a three-art voinedy hy Jean Well- ster, on Friday, March 20, in the Auditorium. The story centers around Judy, an orphan in the John Grier home. Through thc: kindness of a trustee she is sent to college. This trustee prefers to remain unknown to her and during her four years at vollege she writes to him as 'LDaddy Long Legsli. Because of her humble origin. Judy refuses to marry Jervis Pendelton, and goes unhap- pily to her Daddy Long Legs about it. ln the luxurious lihrary of Mr. Pendelton, she discovers the identity of her lienefavtor, and the play ends happily. THE CAST Judy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,. ,,,,,, l r ma Leatherman Jervis Pendelton ...,,..., .,..,.... I rving Horwich Jimmy McBride ,.,,,,. ,,...,,.... J ack Cawley Mrs. Lippet ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, B yrneee Zolot Sally McBride ,,,, .,,,,.... O va Criener Julia Pendelton ,,,,,,. ,,,,... J eanette Crowe Miss Pritchard ,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,, C race Huggins Mrs. Pendelton ,,,,,,,,, ,,,.....,.... A rlene Miller Mrs. Semple ,,,,,,,,, ,,...,,., M argarite Stout lValters ..,,,,.,.,, , Freddie .,,.,.,. Orphans ..,,... .,....,,, Trustees .... Maid ,....... Carrie ..,. Doctor... Richard Duekwall Prugh Phyllis Rasp, Mildred Kendig,-Betty Compton, Doris McDonald Minelli, Rudolph Smole, Emmanuel Weiler Tracy ..,.....Carolyn Sykes ,,,,.,,,.Dick Harman Page One HIIIZIIIUII Six Ftrs! 1i'nu'.' Miller. Rowe. Drnnnnoncl. Truex. l'roL'tor. Young. Greenleaf. Dewey. Serum! Roux' Stockwell. Gnlniyer. 'l'nylm'. Neu. Anderson. Harmon. Danielson. Sears. Miller. Senior Class Cplay HSMILIN' THROUGH" John Carteret tries to explain to his ward, Kathleen Dungannon the reason for his hatred of her lover, Kenneth Wayne. He tells her the story of his wedding night, fifty years before, when Jeremiah Wayne had accidentally killed the beautiful Moonyeen Clare, John's bride, whose love he cannot betray, by letting Kathleen marry Ken- neth. When his old friend Owen Harding intercedes for the lovers, Carteret quarrels with him. However, when the war is over, and Kenneth returns wounded, John forgets his old emnity, and Moonyeen comes smilinl through at him again. CAST PROLOGUE Sarah Vtfayne ...., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,. ........ N I argaret Gulmyer Mary Clare ,,..,, ,.,,..,.,,..,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,, A l ir-e Dewey THE PLAY John Carteret ,,,,,,,,.,,,, ....,,....,,..,.,,,,,, ....... T h omas Proctor Dr. Owen Harding ....... ,...... C harles Greenleaf Ellen ....,,,...,.................,, ,,,,,,,.,,, F rancis Rows- Kathleen Dungannon .,i,., .....,... M iriam Young Willie Ainley ...,,,.....,... .......... L ouis Stockwell Kenneth Wayne ....,,, ...... l Jelford Drummond Jeremiah Wayne., .,............. Ralph Miller Moonyeen Clare ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,..,,.,.,..,,..............,,,,,,,,A,.,,,,,.,,.,,,.,,,,.,,,,,.,.,.....,.,...,.... LaVere Truex Wedding Guests: Helen Harman, Nancy Neu, Marjorie Sears, Lela Gilson, Hugh Miller, John Jackson, Glenn Anderson, Kenneth Danielson. Page Une Hundred Seven Page Une Humlrecl Eight The aim ofthe Dramatics Department in the High School this year has been to vary the types of plays presented, so that each person in- terested in the work might find some means through which he could express himself. ln all perhaps two hundred and seventy-five people have had an opportunity to take part in plays sponsored by the Junior and Senior Classes, the Drama Clulm, and other school organizations. ln mid-November the Drama Cluh presented three one-act come- dies, 'Sauce for the Coslingsf' 'ulihe Teeth of the Gift Horse" and the travesty ull Will Be All Right on the Nightfl As our annual gift to the community we presented our Christmas Pageant on December IH, HA Universal Christmas," in which one hundred people participated. The Class Plays, "Daddy Long Legsi' and Hsmilin' Throughwf Junior and Senior respectivelyfaflorded pleasure and training to all those fortunate enough to he castg and our only regret is that all those who entered the Htry-outs" could not have been placed in roles. ln our radio broadcast of the play, wlihe Goalfi is found much en- joyment and benefit, and derived especial pleasure from the thought that we were pioneers in this first radio-high school contest. For Patrons' Night a numher of one-act plays were presented, and the Art Cluh play, wfhe Romance of the Blue Willow," was given as an Assemhly program. The proceeds of the plays given lny the Drama Cluh, and the money left hy the Senior Class of l930, was used to purchase a velvet cg cloroma for the stage in the Auditorium. 4 aww ,RFQ 1 I U ll nun mm m ng! YI U SIC -"" . L mmm, ,fiij ... ' u E51 'isfliflm s f fx 6+ I, KU HHILLUHQ A U xiw am. my Kim! V i- .J i Sonia "Sonia,7' this yearis operetta, was presented February 25 and 26. lt was another of Don Wilsonis well-liked productions. The leads were very capably played by Hope Hamlin and Delford Drummondg this was Miss Hamlinls second successful appearance in High School operettas. Mr. Cheney directed the operetta, with Miss Winternitz assisting. Page One Hundred Eleven Drum Major: Lewis Heist. Clarinets: Richard Wiley. Dale Gerster, William Stewart. Wilma Rice, Marjorie Sears. Doris Elc- Donald, Florence Weyhright. Sara Stevens. I.ois Mciser, Howard Reynolds. Alfred Long. Emery Davis, Mary Jane Marlow, Geraldine Sullivan. Vesta Xiccum, Mary Kcgerreis, Melha Tanker, Helen Uherhauser, Mel Webster, William Deitch. Bass Clarinet: Donald Fetters, Maxine Davis. Paul Van'l'yne. Oboe: Charles Kellogg, Raymond Meckling. Flue and Piccolo: Alvin Borders, Miriam lirusman. Helen Sears. James Oliver. Lenore Avery. Snxopliozie: Jeanette Rubin. Clarice Spore. Doris Kehres, Roger Morr, Ralph Morningstar, Josephine Conway. Edith Fick, LaVeie 'l'rucX. George Brown, Lewis Heist. Trombone: Paul Crnxnbaugli. Ralph Clnirchill, .lack Cook, Adrian Heaton. Alfred Iialjow, Frances 'l'hunander. Cecil Zinnnerman. Trumpets: David Kendig, Robert Foltz. Francis Foy, George VV. Brown. Fern Deal, George Borne- man. Ac Wisclnneier, Gerald Whitnack, Joe Lehman. Dick Jackson. Mae Boyland. Annamarie Krunnn. Lois Stout, Lyle Clark, Edwin Grauer, Kenneth Cleveland. Iiewis Pnyser. Horus: Margaret Hutchinson, Robert Monrad. Mildred Kendig. Grace Ivins. Dalton Roberts. Basses: Ed Sinning, Ray Earlywine. Gerald MA-llatton. VValter Wolschloger. Robert Holtz. Bassoon: Marion Helm, Rex McHatl0n. Bfzriione: Ray Pannabecker. Charles Greenleaf. lVilhur VVilson. Drums: Marvin Burnstine. Horace Hogendoblcr. Irving' llnrwich. liroll Beaver. 1'aul Rowe, Robert Rose. Herman Volhnar. Band The third annual concert hy the High Q -hool Music Department was given Decem- ber 5, 1930, in the High School Auditorium. lt was a program of unusual merit through the combined efforts of Mr, Cheney and Mr. Hughes. The Band, Orchestra and Girls' and Boys, Clee Clubs worked many weeks to prepare the concert and were well re- warded with an enthusiastic reception. The Band placed third in the District Contest at Valparaiso, April 25. Page One Ilnnzlrea' Twelve Q . LiIn'm'im1s: Jack Finnigan. Marion Helm. Single Jlaituyer: Paul Hutf, First Violins: Lois Crawford. Concert Mistress: Marjorie Hemuntl. Assistant Convert Mistress: Mar- vin Iiurnstine. Ruth Bixby. Kenneth lioorl. Jane Kinehart. Grace Ivins, Lois Smith. I,aVere Truex, Sophie Vutnwski. Helen Sherburne. Robert Kenflig. Mary Jane Walmer. Helen Kern, Janet Wisehmeier, Thelma l'm-ot-k. Paul Barfell. Serum! Violins: Harolrl Itusller. Iiiullartl Harman. James VVurk, .lack Finnigan, Genevieve Hart, Avis Anrlerson, Carl Monrad. Paul Huff. Nadine Iirorly. Dorine Niccum. Francis Dusek, Norman Lowery. Naomi Rogers. lleraltline Landon. Elton Hummell. Grant Holmes. Ilene VVOrk. Viulrzf Lewis Heist. Rudolph Smolc. Margaret Tomlinson. Mary Esther Hoover. Pearl Strubble. Jack Ileist. Robert Alford, 'l'hehna Strine. Cello: Elwood Heinuntl. Ruth Holmes. Maxine Davis, Wilbur Englehart, Jane Herruld, Dorothy Pritvhartl. Janice Haggerty. Tora Jane VVebb. Elise Kasten. Bass Violin: Ray Pannabeeker. U-eroltl Mc-Hatton. Mable liarkman, James Robertson, Lois Meiser. 'tlteoclore Billecke. Eleanor Sutter. Marie Sheetz. Flute: James Oliver. Miriam Bruseman. Helen Sears. Ulnw: Charles Kellogg. Raymond Meckling. linglixh Horn: Raymond Meckling. l,'Irn'ineisf- Iiichartl VViley. Dale Gerstcr. WVilma Itice. Hztsxormf Marion Helm. Rex Mt'Hattnn. Buss f7Ift1'inef: Donald Fetters. lfrenz-It Horns: Margaret Hutchinson. Mildred Kcntlig, Hohert Munrz-ui. Eugene Clouse. Trimtpefx: Robert Bixby, Mac Bnylanrl. A. C. XVist'luneier, Jack l.eliman. Tr0mbones.' Paul Cruinhaugli. Ralph Churt'hill. ,ffi A Briss Tr1nuhone.' ' WL I 2 ig , X0-ff Tuba: Adrian Heaton. Pimtn: Elinor Smith. Pelrllssivms Irving Horwich. llorave Ilogentlobler. Mary Jane Grover. Orches tra The Fourth Annual Band and Orchestra Concert was given April l0. The selec- tions that attracted most attention were the contest numbers that were used in the Dis- trict and State Contest. Further attention was attracted by the String and Yvoodwind Ensembles. Special work was done during the last year in lioth Band and Orchestra and the results proved more than satisfactory. The Orchestra placed second in the State Contest held at Lafayette, May 2. Page Une Hundred Thirteen E. H S. Boys Glee Club Grant Holmes, Merritt Cory, Vlfard Charlesworth, Edwin Crauer, James Fink, Ralph Miller, Dellord Drummond, Xvendell Taylor, Robert Langle, Merrill Sehmeltz, Weil- dell Vlfright, John Jackson, Clair Replogle, Ronald Younce, Max Bell, llarmon Nen, Fritz Fergison, ,lim Kidder, Hohert Green, Arla Dalrymple, Ralph Keyser, James Mel- kns. Richard Replogle. pianist. E. H S. Girls Glee Club Hope Baker, Vivian Bontrager, Betty Compton, Marion Cripe, Betty' ldrhe, lsahelle Curran, Margaret Gulineyer, Helen Hoffman, Marie Johnson, Sylvia King, Dorothy Meyers, Catherine Forhregd, listher Lenahurg, Marjorie Sears, Sara Stevens, Made- ly'n Hout, Lela Gilson, Beatrice lVlat'l'5ride, lflizaheth Smith, Dora Matthew, Yvanda Mercer, Jean Tracey, Marguerite Stout, Carolyn Sykes, Edna Urquhart, Lucille XVack- witz, Rose Mathews, Ethel Swinehart, Ruth Coleman, Donnabelle Boyer, Lillian VVitl, llollie l'lorein, Mary' .lean New, Doris Paige. Ludema Morgan, Nellie Xvhitecotton. Virginia Jones, Frances Rome, lflmha Erickson, l"lorenr'e Longaere, llope Hamlin, Marion Baker. The Musz'C Department The activities of the Music Department have been more extensive this year than ever hefore. ln addition to the regular appearance of the Band at tht- athletic: contests ol the school, they were privileged to represent the United States Navy at the dedica- lion of the Notre Dame stadium. On February' 22, the hand hroadcasted over Station WUWO, Fort Wayne, and on May' 9, the Band led the Blossom Festival parade at St. joseph, Michigan. The Orchestra and the Band were entered in the State High School Music: Contests, as were several soloists from each organization. Five first places and one second were taken hy Elkhart soloists in the State Contest as well as first place in string enselnlile and serond place in orchestra competition. P1114 Une Hlmtlred Fourteen ATH LETICB Rice Field . . . the best equipped athletic Held in Northern Indiana. Ciftlz letic Coaches C. C. BOONE JOI-IN LONGFELLOW Basketball Hearl Coach CATHERINE WOLFE Tennis WILLIAM M Wrestling OSS Page One Hundred Seventeen The qlepartment of Thysical Ecfucation Ptzye Une Hundred Eighteen Under the ahle leadership of Head Coach C. C. Boone, athletics in Elkhart have hecomc an important phase of school activity. Success- ful seasons in the major sports of Football, Basketball, Track, and Wfrestling, were enjoyed this year, while the minor sports, Tennis. Golf, lnterclass Baskethall, Track and Sandbur Football were especially benehcial to the students unable to make the major teams. Basketball. under the coaching of John Longfellow, concluded a most successful season hy representing this area in the State Tourna- ment at Butler Gym in Indianapolis. With Xvilliam 1uBilli'j Moss as the new wrestling mentor, the Blue and YVhite matmen concluded a rather successful season from the viewpoint of matches won and lost, and it was a huge success physically for those boys engaged in this sport. The growth of athletics in Elkhart has been phenomenal in the last year. Over five hundred boys have taken part in the several liranches of physical education. Much new equipment has been added, including a new grandstand at Rice Athletic Field. FUUTEJ LL XC '11 IH! zmwn41v11MW W Alum 1 My IHWWW I lllll I X fi ' 'VA I llllluu , - U nnn n A n J , -.- Msg. sag 55,3 wan M..-'.-'.v,3,...f .mea ig A, -55,9-4.51 gf 1 1' 1'-4 .pw-3K6 r ,,4"fvz5,,v,.vf .. . Illllllllwl X I I W um. lrfilfIfiiTAm'TfnT HUT WH VI II MWWHHIUWWMIW' nm ? . all 9 tal 7, t Squad First Row: Student Representatives B. Kelley. Zkraisek, Shaffer, Quarandillo. Second Row: Funk, Earlywine, Horn, Waltz, Parmater lCaptainl, Riblet, McDowell, H. Sla- baugh, W. Slabaugh, Pattenelli, Sayger. Third Row: M. Mishler, Weinstein, Grove, C. Mclfall, R. Borneman, Dotson. Fourth Row: Trautman, Fribley, P. Wenzel. Frecliette, Geiser, Clover. Fifth Row: R. Burke, H. Grove. C. Smith, W, F. Miller, Weiler, Martin, Culp, Myers. Mr. Boone fCoachB, Mr. Moss fAssistant Coachl, Moore, Sawyer, Wilson, Beaver, M. Minelli, Ritter, Hunn, Yoder, B. Misliler, Shank, Rose. E. Burke, Grossnickle, Rowe, Riclitc, Mr. Longfellow lAssistant Coachl. Page One Hunflrcfl Twenty-one FIRST TEAM First Row: Funk. Earlywine. Horn. XV:1ltz. XV. Slalmngli. Patenelli. Szlygvr, Second Row: Mr. Boone, Mclluwcll, ll. Slubuugh. 1'ur1nutex' Riblet QCuptuinJ. Mr. Moss nu., W, 55'-C! SECOND TEAM First Row: M. Mishler, Weinstein. Grove. G. Moore, McFnll, K. Borncmun. Dotsun. Second Row: Sawyer, Minelli. Beaver, Wilson. ' Page One Hundred Twenty-two FORT WAYNE GAME Opening the season with a string of veterans from last year's squad, the Elkhart team was battled tn a tie game by a strong eleven from Fort Wayne. The Blue Avalanche outplayed and outa gained the Fort Wayne team, lllll the Blue and White defense weakened in the last quarter to allow the fleet Centralites to sc-ore two tnutzhdowns, resulting in a tie game. Riblet and Parmater scored the two Elkhart tallies. Final Score: Elkhart. 135 Furl Wayne, 13. COSHEN CAME Displaying the best form of the season, the Blue Avalanche completely I'0lll8d their ancient foe. the Goshen Redskins. The Goshen team was in no respect a match fnr the Blue and White eleven. The First score came by virtue of a long run by Tibliy Rihlet. Ray Earlywine scored a second marker on a blocked punt, while the big thrill of the game came in the final minutes when Lewis Rowe, a Freshman sub, scored a touchdown on a twenty-fivesyard jaunt. Final Score: Elkhart, 194 Goshen, 7. Page One Hundred Twenty-three ww- as INR 419. :i'n , 'W aaa LA PORTE GAME Although playing away from home, the Blue Avalanche handed the La Porte Slicers a 20 to 2 heating. The Elkhart team was unable to score the first half. lJut materialized a drive in the last half which resulted in touchdowns hy Riblet, H. Slabaugh. and Beaver. The La Porte two points came hy virtue of a touchliack in the first period. Final Score: Elkhart. 203 La Porte, 2. MISHAWAKA CAME A strong Misllawaka team. that was destined to lievurxie the ehampiun of the Westei'ii Conference, handed Elkhart the first defeat of the season, The Elkhart team failed tn get started but held Mishawaka until the last quarter, when a Mishawaka drive resulted in the lone tuuchtluwn. A blocked punt in the first quarter gave Mishawaka the additional two points. Final Score: Mishawalta. 83 lflkhart, 0. KOKOMO CAME Playing good football the Blue and Wliite team snmlliered the undefeated Kokomo eleven lfl to 0. The Avalanche offense was functioning perfectly while the defense held the Kats fur small gains. The Elkhart scores Caine in the first and last periods, being scored by Minelli and H.u Slabaugh. Final Score: Elkhart, l3g Kokomo. 0. Page One Hundred Twenty-four 7 L: 'H ' - 'iff . , .,.. My as 1 -as W ife' V , DECATUR GAME The Blue Avalanche, displaying a beautiful running attack, defeated the Decatur Yellow Jackets 59 to 0, On the first play Frankie Parmater ran 75 yards for the first score. Touchdowns were scored by Parmater, Beaver, Sayger, Riblet t2t, Traulman, W. Slabaugh, and H. Slabaugh. Final Score: Elkhart, 593 Decatur. 0. MICHIGAN CITY GAME In probably the best game of the season, the Elkhart team downed the undefeated Michigan City eleven, 20 to 13. The Blue Avalanche, with a varied attack, outguessed and outplayed the Prison City team in every respect. The Elkhart tallies came in the second and third quarters on a series of determined drives. Michigan City scored in the first and Final periods. Final Score: Elkhart, 20: Michigan City. I3. Page One Hundred Twenty-five , f 'Ja 4 Q A ,Is W - V 25..- owsn- -o .8 , A W.. SOUTH BEND GAME Although they played good football the Elkhart eleven was unable to stop the onslaught of the South Bend team. It was the third Successive loss to a South Bend team in as many years. A bewil- dering attack hy South Bend resulted in 26 points. The Blue and White was only able to score two touchdowns. Basker was the outstanding South Bend player, while Riblet was the heart of thc Elkhart attack. Final Score: Elkhart. 14g South Bend, 26. WASHINGTON GAME The Blue Avalanche ended Z1 successful season hy defeating Washington High, of lndianapolis, in an annual Thanksgiving game. Although played in ten ahove zero weather, the Blue and White slid over a snowy gridiron to a 33 to 0 victory. Riblet, Parmater. Waltz, Earlywine, McDowell. Sager, Funk, and Weinstein had donned the moleskins for the last time for Elkhart High School. lt was 'iAll-State Quarterhackn Bihlet's dayg he scored a total of 24 points. Final Score: Elkhart. 331 W3SlliHgltDll. ll. ge One Humlrezl Twenty-six 'P .xv 4 ...- Sandburs First Row: Harden, Quarandillo fStudent Represenlativet, Rodibaugh, Sellers, Swartz, Ackley, Gorsuch, Jenks, Best, Simmons, Mayfield, Montagano, Rinaldi, Hooper, Butler, Pletcher, Holtz, Lucken, Hook, Kelly CStudenl Representativel. Second Row: Zakraisek fStudent Representativeit, Morningstar, Smeitzer, Long, Murdock, Wagner, Adams, Bowers, Garvin, Baker, Cummings, Leatherman, Howard. Lelfevre, Went, Kerlin, llapner, Davis, Funk, English, Iden, Leopard, Classburn, Longfellow tCoach,J. Third Row: Watkins, Dowell, Stoner, D. Rodibaugh, Wright, Miller, Churchill, Reasoner, Clemens, Pollard, Salshury, McHatton, Grove, Dale, Strintz, Johnson, Berry, Coveaugh, Robbins. Stark, Morse, Davidson, Snyder, Montagano. Page One Hundred Twenly-seven Season Summary Elkhart ,,,....., .,,,, l 3 Elkhart ,.,,..,,. ,,... 2 0 Elkhart ,........ ,.... 1 J Elkhart ,,....... ...., l 3 Elkhart .,.,..... .,,., l 9 Elkhart ,,.,,,,,, ,,,,, 5 9 Elkhart ..,,..,,. ,,,,, 2 0 Elkhart .......,. ,,... l 4 , Elkhart ,,......,,........, ...., 3 3 Elkhart Total .....,.. ..,..,,.. l Ol Fort Wayne ,,,,, La Porte ,,,., Mishawaka ,,,,, Kokomo ,, Goshen ,,,, Decatur ...,......, Michigan City t .... South Bend ........ Washington ...,.,....,.. Opponents' Total Captain William nTihhy'7 Rihlet, quarterback, was unanimously selected All State uarterhaekn h the rominent s orts writers. Rihlet, an extellent Held en Y P P 5 eral and a good hall carrier, scored a total of 61 points, enough to he hinh point man ofthe Blue Avalanche. William is a Senior and his loss will greatly he felt next year Page One Hundred Twenty Eight V BASKETBALL -,f 9 1 - 1 l l 1' V l - First Row: Speas, Taylor. Second Row: Zkraiseli iTfHiH0l'l, Myers. llarmaler, Palanelli. Rilvlet lflaptainl. Wilson, Rhodes lTrainerl. Thirrl Row: Coach J. Longfellow, llowaril. llunn. Culp, W4-ichmier, Slrintz. Beaver. C. John- son, Mr. Boone, Fourth Row: Sawyer, Plank, Cummins, Williams. English, Kraft. Grossnickle. CBQS ke tba!! Starting the l930-1931 season with six regulars from last yearis squad, Coach J. Longfellow turned out a team that made an excellent record, one that we can always look hack upon as significant of Elkhart High School athletics. 'Win or lose, the boys were true sportsmen, never quitting until the game was over. taking all decisions, and possessing this same admirable spirit at all times. Page Ona Hunrlrcd Thirty-one M, 2. 'L-F9 The Blue Blazers opened the season with a victory over the Laflrange Wildrats. 23 to 8. Elk- harl led the entire route, and was never threatened hy the Wlildeats. The Blue and White dropped the next two games to Mishawaka and Michigan City. Misha- waka won by a 24 to 13 count, while the Bed Devils eked out a close win. 18 to 17. The Blazers scored an upset hy defeating the undefeated Goshen teant. 18 to 17. A last minute hasket hy Rihlet spelled defeat for the Goshen team. The Blue and White, with a jinx Cast over them. lost the next four games in rapid succession. Nappanee completely routed Elkhart. 31 to 13, hut Valparaiso and La Porte were forced into over- time games before they could win from E, H. S. Elkhart. 16g Valparaiso, 20, and Elkhart, 143 La Porte, 16. The 'lsix footers" from South Bend defeated Elkhart 8 to 13 in a slow contest at South Bend. Dropping a return match to Mishawaka. 25 to 15. the Blue and White cast off the jinx to win the next four games. Elkhart. 20g Plymouth. 15. Elkhart. 165 Warsaw, 14. Elkhart, 274 Riley. 22. Elkhart, 293 Howe, 11. The seores tell the tale of a revamped team. ln a return engagement. the Blazers completely outscored and outplayed the Nappanee Bull- dogs. 26 to 19. But to offset this win. the Blazers dropped the next two games to South Bend. 20 to 10. and to the Kendallville Comets. 36 to 23. 1 Defeating Goshen again. 19 to 10. in a return game. and then losing to the strong Fort Wayne Central, 32 to 25, in a thriller, the Blue Blazers closed the regular sehedule and hegan to practice for the Sectional Tournament. .5 be it 'Q 65 , Q' te- ei ' fttf . f fr 5 " 1 ' -',,g:f.':i-V ' ' 2 . 1 raw- Przfzc One llundrcd Thirty-two ,Q-ss. , .21 L if ii 5' SECTIONAI, TOUR N AMENT Playing a new type of basketball and using a slow breaking offense and a hsfllifllv defense, the Blazers won the Sectional Tournament, to repeat the '25 performance. Elkhart barely defeated Wakarusa in the second round, a lung shut by Tibby Riblet in the last fifteen seconds saved the day for the Blue and White. Elkhart defeated Nappanee in the final round, 25 to 20, to win the right to enter the Regional at Rochester. SCORES Elkhart High Scliritilh. ,. ,.,.... 353 Bristol ..,...., . 17 Elkhart High Schuuln, ,,,, ,.,,,,, l 4g Wakarllsa ., .. I3 Elkhart High Schuuln. ,,.. ,,,,,,, 2 5g Nappanee 20 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Entering the tournament as "underdugs.', the Blazers showed unusual strength to defeat Win- nimac in an overtime game, Riblet again coming through in the last fifteen seconds with a basket to win the game. With all five players clicking, the Blazers upset the "dope bucket" to defeat the over- ronfident South Bend Bears, 21 to 20, after having lost two previous games to the Bears in regular schedule games. ' ' STATE TOURNAMENT Lead by Mattie Patanelli, the Blue and White trouncecl the Marion quintet. 26 to 22, in the Blazers, first game at the Butler gym. lt was the tirst State Tournament game that had ever been won by Elkhart. In the secnnd game, the Blazers were unable tu cope with the superior height of the Greencastle team, and as a result the Greencastle Eve defeated Elkhart, 29 tn 18. Greencastle was defeated in the Finals by Muncie. the state champions. Thus a successful season was closed. and three veterans-Riblet, Parmater and Wilson-were lost to the team. T! 'Q T tl ., ' 4 - v 'T ' M fees- Real v Page One Hundred Thzrzi three Harden. Nelson. Miller, Rutter, Proulolz Misliler. Olsen fffaplain In terclass fBas fcetball l. The Seniors, led by Captain Paul Olsen, repeated the performance of last yeal Seniors by winning the Pennant Trophy. The race this year for the trophy was the closest in the history of lnterclass Basketball. The Hnal game decided the winner of the trophy. Page Une Hundred Thirly Four INTERCLASS BASKETBALL STANDING Team Seniors Juniors . Sophomorgs Freshmen on Lost 10 5 9 6 8 T 3 12 Pvt. .666 .600 .533 .200 TRACK " 1 uf 4' 1 gw W'-. ,,,,1nlnunlllI' ,f5i f- ' v KJ Q www ua 'Ill 1 . Wfi'lIIIlllnll1l" i-fg ff91f' - ..-.. . nnmpsl First Row: C. Taska, Hostettler. Burke. Myers. Hunn, Beaver. Dotson. Burke. Studnieky, Horwitt-h. Pollard. Trautman. Seromi Row: Coaeh Boone. Ellis. Bruggruer. Shultz. ChatTee. XV. Davidson. Itonzouc. Bock. Borgcr. Rush, M. Davidson. Student Matiager. Third Rout: Itiblct, Sawyer. l':tt'tn:tter. Frihley. Clover. Funk. 'l'. XVilson. Track 1 930 KOKOMO DUAL MEET The Elkhart thinly clads dropped the first meet of the season to an experienred Kokomo squad in a close match on the new Kantz Field. The Blue and White won first places in the 100-yardl dash, mile. high and low hurdles. and the shot-put. hut were unahle to take enough seconds to defeat the Kats. Final Score: Kokomo. SSW: Elkhart, LISW. ELKHART TRIANGULAR MEET The well-balanced Blue and White team ran up a total of 53 points to defeat Mishawaka and Fort Wayne in a triangular meet at Rice Field. Elkhart annexed six first places and Five second herths. Although no records were broken. it was considered a fast meet. Final Score: Elkhart, 53g Mishawaka, 24-5 Fort Wayne Central, 22. SOUTH BEND TRIANGULAR MEET lleadetl by Frankie Parmater. with 15 points. Elkhart ran away with the Triangular meet at South Bend. The Blue and White annexed nine out of the possible thirteen first places, along with enough seconds and thirds to more than double the score of the other two schools. Final Score: Elkhart, 67 2f3g South Bend, 27 1f3g Benton Harbor. 4. ELKHART DUAL MEET Elkhart 67. Fort Wayne North Side. 32. The score tells the story. The Bitte and White streaks easily defeated North Side from Fort Wayne by winning five firsts in the running events, two in the field meets. and also winning both relays. ' Final Score: Elkhart, 67g Fort Wayne North Side. 32. COSHEN DUAL MEET The Elkhart track and held team easily downed tlte Goshen Redskins in a dual meet at Forman Field in Goshen. Elkhart. led hy Parmater. who was again high point man, won eight of the first place herths. Four Forman Field records were hroken and three of them are in possession of Elkhart High School. Final Score: Elkhart, 625 Goshen. 37. Page One Hundred Thirty-seven F. Purmatcr M. Bock XV. Riblei H. Sawyer Ha1f,Mz'fe CRelczy Team N. I. H. S. C. For the fourth consecutive year Froehel of Cary walked away with the N. l. H, S. C. Track and Field Meet. Froehel did not have mitch opposition and they rang up a total of 74 U5 points. C. Dotson, half miler, won the only first position for Elkhart. hut the rest of the squad picked up enough points to give the Blue and White third berth. Final Score: Froebel, 74 U5 pointsg Horace Mann. of Cary, 47 U5 pointsg Elkhart, 40 9120 pointsg Mishawaka,15M paoints. SECTIONAL MEET Elkhart played host to the Sectional Meet hut was rather unhospitahle, as the Blue and White proceeded to win the meet in an easy style. Elkhart placed men in every event to qualify fifteen men for the State Tournament. more than any other school in the state. Two new Rice Field records were established-Lash of Auburn, ran the 880-yard run in the record time of 2:04t.4g while O'Shea, of Goshen. heaved the shot to a new record of 47 feet IA inch. Final Score: Elkhart, 49 U3 pointsg Auburn, 20 U3 pointsg Goshen, 144 113 points. STATE MEET Although qualifying fifteen men for the State Meet, most of them drew fast heats and were eliminated in the early rounds. uMike" Chaffee. pole valuter, was the only one to reach the finals. "Miken placed third in the pole vault, Parmater and Fribley placed third in their sections of the 44-0-yard run. The half mile relay won the championship in their section of the half-mile run. Final Score: Froehel, 39 U10 pointsg Brazil, 17 pointsg Kokomo, 14 pointsg Elkhart, 9 points. NATIONAL MEET Elkhart placed fourth in the two-mile relay at thc Stagg National Meet at Chicago. Page One Hundred Thirty-eight R. Frihley G. Dotson ll. Funk M. Iionzune EVENT 100-yard dash, 200-yard dash.. 440-yard dash.. 880-yard dash.. Mile ,,,,,,,,,,,, A,,,4, High Hurdles. Low Hurdles .,.... Broad Jump ,,4,,,,,,,, A,AA,,,, High ,lump .,,,,,,,, ,,,, Pole Vault ,,,,,,,,,l ,,,,,,,,,,, Shot-put .,.....,,, Mz'le Welay Team RICE FIELD RECORDS RECORD HOLDER SCHOOL 10.0 22.9 ...,.............. Nugms ....... 52.0 ,.... ........ ,.... P e flly ,,,,.,,,,. 2 :04-.4 ......,,,.,.,,,, Lash .,,,,,,,,,, ,lackson ...... ......,... 4:39 .,....,......... Johnson ...,. 26.7 ,.................Janowskim ,22 ft. 113A in ....,.,.... .,.5 fl. 10 in. .,,,,,,, ,,,, 1 Ianderum, 12 fl. ZH in .,,,,,,,,., ' 47 fl. 'A in ............, 0 Shea ....,., 880-yard Relay .......... ,,,,,,, 1 :33.2 ,,,,, Mile Relay ....... .. ......, 3:35.11 f Ball ,....,,,,,.. j Parmatern, Sawyer ,,,,.., Rnnznne. I' Exum ......... j Nugnisn. Robinson Johnson. Adellne ................... Wonsowlcz. .......... .. , Elkhart ..r..,. Froebel ,...... Goshen Auburn Fruhel ...... Elkhart ,,,,,., Fmebel .....r, Froebel . Elkhart . Froebel ..,.... Goshen l l Elkhart Froebel YEAR UMnHu1929 unuun1928 uunUU1927 nunun1930 uunuu1928' uuHqh1929 nHnnH1928 UUHUHIQQO unuUn1929 nhUUH1929 nUUun1930 ..........1929 ..........1928 Page One Hundred Thirty-nine during The 1930 Track S uad, arranged atzeordinff to the number of Joints each scored the season : Frank Parmater ....,,, ,..,. Horton Sawyer ....... ..... Robert Fribley .,., Myron Chaffee .,,, William Davidson Croll Beaver ..,..... William Riblet .,.. Harold Rush ,,....,, George Ellis ........ fl z- I 83 Ronald Burke .......,. ...... 1 2 38 Kenneth Shultz .,,.... ,,,,,. I 0 37 Bernard Funk ,,,,,, 9 311A Gilbert Dotson ,,,, 9 31 David Hunn .....,.. 6 24 Carroll Borger ....... 5 24 Marvin Bock ,,,,,,.,,., 2 23 Matthew Ronzone ...... 1 21 Theron Wilson .,,,,,. 1 19521 Harry Bruggner .. Paqe Une Hundred Forty HIGII POINT MEN, TRACK AND FIELD, 1930 FRANK PARMATER "Frankie," one of the sure point winners, was hack to assist the 1931 team in winning new laurels. He set 21 new all-time individual 5001'- ing rerord of 83 points. Frank ran the 100. 200 and 400-yard dashes and was a inelnber of the alleeslate half-milf' relay team. MYRON CIIAFFEIE "Mike," veteran pole-vaulter, was Iosl to the '31 team by graduation. 'illikei' p1aced second in the N. I. H. S. C. Meet and third at the State Meet, and scored more points than any other competitor in the 1930 field events. Chaffee collected 3116 points. IVIINUR SPORTS Www rum V . If xx - ex- e fe e X Student Representative. W. Slabangh. Firsf Razr: Mr, Moss lCuach7. Switzer. l'1a1'lywine. Weinstein. llorn. Miller. Minelli. Limler. Monta- gnno. Hustetler. Thorpe. Mr. linone. I Ser-onrl Roux' Freschette. I.uckenhilI. Eager. Davis, iil2lSlJl.ll'lI, Hapner, Culp. yvllSOll, ML-Hatton, "royer. Wres fling The Elkhart High School grapplers ended a fine season under their new coach, W. A. Moss, with three wins and three losses. ln the Conference Meet at East Chicago the Blue and White mat men, defending champions, took a third due to the absence of Horn and Earlywine, two star grapplers, who were ill. Two firsts were copped by Elkhart: Thorpe in the 100-pound class, nad Weinstein in the 155-pound class. Thorpe was successful in holding the 100-pound championship which was won by Stan Emmert last year. ln the State Meet, Elkhart placed Hfth, partly due to the illness of three veterans and to the hard drawing the Blue and White received at the meet. SEASONS TOTALS Elkhart .,,.,,. ,.,,. 1 6 South Bend ........ ,,,,, 2 0 Elkhart ,,,.,,. .,.,. 2 1113 South Bend ,,,,,,,, ..... 1 7M Elkhart ,,.,,,. ..i.. 2 3 Wabash ...,.,,,,,,,,, ,.,.,. 2 1 Elkhart ,,,,,,. ...,. 1 8 Wabash ..........,i.,,,...,... ..i,, 2 0 Elkhart .,..,,r .,... 1 lk Tilden Tech, Chicago .......... 2616 Elkhart ..,.,,,,.,,,,,,,..,, ..,., 2 8 Michigan City .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 6 Third in Conference Meet. Fifth at Sta e Meet. l. Page Une Ilumlrcd Fu1'ly-three l , X. MAURICE WEINSTEIN lVl. Wieinstein, a veteran on the squad, will be lost by graduation. "lVIorrie,, won the 155-pound title in the Conference Meet and was a constant point winner all season. His loss from the squad will he keenly felt next season. RICHARD THORPE R. Thorpe, a newvonier among the mat men, will return next year. Although green in the wrestling game, uDick7, came through and :topped the 100-pound title, and was also a point gainer during the season. Great things are expected of him next year. Page One Ilunrlred Forty-four D. 'Taylor R, Harden C. Strinz li. Jenks A. bpcn Tennis 1930 S Although the Blue and White Tennis Team was not the best in the Conference, it showed a very creditable record. Coached by Miss Catherine Wolfe, Elkhart won four out of five of their scheduled matches. Elkhart was represented in the St. Joe Valley Tournament hy Speas, who lost in the semi-hnalsg and by Jenks and Strintz as doubles team in the N. l. H. S. C.. who lost i11 the finals. Team: Austin Speas, Cordon Jenks, Charley Strintz, Lowell Taylor. Subs: Robert Hardin, Fl'i'lIlClS Foy, Earl McBride, Emmanuel Vlfeiler. SPRING TEAM RECORDS Elkhart .,..,,., Elkhart Elkhart lEven Elkhart.. Elkhart.. in doubles when 2 South Bend 3 Goshen .,,,, 2 Goshen ..... game was called off 5 Nappanee . 4 Nappanee hecause of rainl Page One Hundred Forty Five 1930 Golf Squad Captain Henry Culp, Norris Culp, Elton Kraft, Tony Carlo The 1930 Golf Season The i930 turf squad had an exceptionally good season. Led by Captain Henry Culp, the team won four out of the five regular matches and placed second in the Conference. The team, under the direetionsliip of Mr, SHlIIlll6I'S, consisted of Captain ll. Culp, N. Culp, E. Kraft, and T. Carlo. ll. Culp and E. Kraft tied for lourlll in the Conference meet with l62 strokes each. Henry and Norris Culp were awarded major letters for their performances on the golf teanl. SCORES Elkhart .,,,,,,, ..,,r 0 South Bend Central ...,..,,.... 9 Elkhart ..,.,,,. ..r..,,, 9 Riley .......,,,,,......,.,,,.,,......,, 2 Elkhart ,....... ,,,,,i., l 0 Riley .,.,......rr ..... . .. 0 Elkhart ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,i,,. T South Bend .,,.,,., ......,, 5 Second in N. I. H. S. C. Page One Hundred Forty Six E . D IZRTISINE Numerous electric signs illuminate the main street of our city . . . E E MOR UAR Q INVALID CCACH SERVICE QQYQQQQ Quick Conscientious QQQGQQ 68-Phone-68 QEQQQQ Quiet Service QQQQQQZ Walter G. Meyer FUNERAL DIRECTOR BERNIECE KEENE MEYER, R.N., Lady Attendant 216 WEST HIGH STREET ELKHART, INDIANA Opposite Main High School Entrance P1zge0 ll 1' il' ty ti We Congratulate the E. H. S. CLASSES OF '31 both on their own success in creditably flnishing the course, and the admirable standing of their Alma Mater. We Respectfully Suggest as a FOUNDATION STON E of future progress and prosperity, a definite connection, as a money-saver Cno matter in what meagre amountsj, with a banking institution that has stood the tests of time and tide. Such an Institution is "The Old Reliable" FIRST NATIONAL BANK AssETs MORE THAN 86,000,000 Oldest Business House in Elkhart - ' , I 2 ns ifif f, - ' . nnns n V,1?AA 1 ,C at ., , lt 5 xx 1, r ',, 1 l. ,, . .ii ,grid X 1 . I ,1 7 , X. ,E 4 L --D E TIN I I A I . I . 5 - if ll 3 li l Yllnx L'Q5-P f I le T g 1 L , E I 5 ,, y 1 r se, - . , -.,, I f v ff 1 lr ' 5-gr X ,rf J l I x m N J " l l: lk In F -e aff' Z4 E I I fl N 1, . X , J I E if X N X' i El 1 . 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II WI, I I I II TTI I M I I I I III Phone 626 II I ELKHAR1' - - INDIANA I 'II I II I II III: D. CCCDL D.: 231.gif DD DCDC I Mrs. l'lElSpll'lIl had just Igcvn prc-sn-nti-tl with a lwautiful nmv fur Coat hy hor hus- hand. 'lYou know, Oswaldfl she' said, as slim' stood admiring herself in the long 111ll'l'Ul'. "one really Cunlt help feeling sorry for thc' poor thing that was skinned for thisfi Oswald, who was going Illl'Ol1fIIl his hank book to see if he had enough money lc-It to pay his invomv tax. noddvd grinily. said : "I app1'f-viatv your sylupathy. dear." 'IWill you give me u dimf' for il sand- wim'I1?', l'Lr't's sm- thx' SllIlfIWlt'I1..7 IVE believe in Vluhs for wonmn -if kindnsss fails. 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"l have had letters of appreeiatiomi' he said, "from people in lreland, Waltrs, and England. and also a postcard from Scot- landfi i'lillllP1'I llXVhen I was a little hoy your age l tlidn't tell lies." Son: "When did iou startlw Small Boy tawaiting nursery news of importanret : Nlvell, nurse, will it use a razor ora lipstick?i, Colbert: 'll wouldn't go out with a strange young man." Keene: Nl'lml Any young man who nould go out with you would he a strange xoung manf, 'l'l'lic-rt-'s a salesman waiting outside, sir -f-man with a nioustachefj 'Ullell him lixe got a moustache." 172127 1-21:7 T T s T-67? 7 7 T T T : 7 T T V, ll., ,ll Economy Shoe Store 1511 413 South Main St. 'fl' v:,, Home of l" 2 5 , "1 11 4 5 Modern Miss lv Shoes il 7:7 for Young Women il! . il 79? ,Q 3 43 ,Q ,W45 , 7 VVVL W 2 - F A .W i is I 4 f Talented and ambitious players who want the best know they can find it in The Martin Band Instrument Co. Baldwin Street Elkhart, - - Indiana 'Handcraft' Instruments Phone 801 31 .X I . I F M w I 1' H Page Une Ilumlred Fifty-nine , , fffwwf Nl .14 Spring Sports A A Equipment ll 3,2 lil' H? Q ,ez it it See the New ll Spring Lines ' For Golf, If l ll Tennis and ll Baseball, W' lj Use Our Golf Net Free of Charge TURNOCK TY M HARDWARE CO, I lf- 123 S. Main St. Phone 440 it H L.. L - -,L - ,aregreei iii-.tire 1 an Cawley: ushels a pretty sensible kiclfy Miller: HYes, she wouldn't pay any at- lention to me eitllerf, 'gWhat do you say we go for u spin?" "All right, old topf, "Yes, he's a very thrifty young fellow: SHVCS tell dollars every day." Hlteally? Howfw 4'Well, he rides to school every morning on the street car, where there's a ten dollar fine for spitting and he doesnit spitfi "Theres just one thing that all men thirst afterf' uAnd what is that?" Hljeanut hutterf' Cohen Cohan Cohen bought a scoredf' Page Une Hundred Sixty ' Hvvell, how come?M , it 'APoor lkey, he has gone Crazy." Vy, at the football game he score card and then neither side WHADDAYA SAY? Austin Speas: MWhat do l say?'7 Frank Parmater: "Look out! Donit hit mel l" Bill LeFevre: HWhatl', Wilbur Englehardt: '4We get together lpoetieally lf, 6'l3uelc" Jones: '6What do you want?" Jane Parmater: "Oh, you Brute!" Dick Nelson: '4N0thin Much." Proctor: Ml-lid you fill your date lust night?77 Nelson: 'ill l dicln,t, she has an abnor- mul capacity for foodf, HWhat course is your son taking in Col- legefw wllhe downward course, llm ElfI'i1lfl.,7 When a man hreaks a date, he generally has to. When a girl breaks a date, she generally has two. ,f??if1if,T 7771 ll V li l M if BLEss1NG's If Graduation Gift to You .Il ., i all ell l O 'Yo Off on Your Graduation Footwear "' "wt 1111 fl The Finest Assortment of Beauti- jj: li ful Footwear in Elkhart W W to Select From. 11: elf' fl lt .l lite?-,e.,. J 4: L - --aa 5T?7'7i??'4'i 7 f E v E E f E A. G. ZELLE FUNERAL HOME Successors to HENRY E. STEPHENS THE MOST MODERN FUNERAL HOME ffii IN ELKHART EI Up-to-Date and Dignified Funeral Parlors. Motor Equipment of the Very Finest. -I' AMBULANCE LADY fl SERVICE EMBALMER TELEPHONE 91 North End Restaurant QV "Where the Best Food is Served" RSA2 EWS 117 SOUTH MAIN STREET QQQI ELKHART, INDIANA QQ, 'iiiiiiii EELlii.igii2":1'ilmllig "L' 'a" 1 Page One Hundred S I. ,I Ii' It II I -I I, I1"LL' f?"?"' iff - T 'L ' - Wy iii?" - ff? afef- T :T 7 T ," 5 15 T ,WN M: 0 I gg Dr. J. P. Matthew E Dr. K. H. Runyon I 3 - Dentist , I Den tzst if I' M 306-07 HAYNES BLDG. I ,,, 'YN Wi QF WI- W4 Phone 304 Elkhart, Ihd. Q bv 0 II! w 1i -' L LJ 3 :L5'fL? L ,,1g:i4 EL fl L L L L lj -7 - J ef -,We sE??'T3 L3 L7Lif?iL'5L YL Ml COMPLIMENTS , , M 1: OF lid Complzments of O. K. Barber Shop Lf The NU-MODE YL 4,1 I SLIPPER SHOP PHONE 100 602 South Main Stret il! N' H' BLOUGH ll! Elkhart, - - - Indiana 130 West Marion St. Elkhart, Ind. QQ Sgr: Evj jp-Liege? fiifrfl? -5 , 227 fffff 2-?i-ee-L T e , - , WN Compliments of FLANDER S WHITNACK PHOTO I It SERVICE ' I- Elkbarfs Jewelers 'XVI , , , V. Kodak Photo Fzmsbmg 513 SOUTH MAIN ST. "QU 115 W- Lexington Ave- 111 WI EASTMAN COPING AND I mg ELKHART' ' ' INDIANA I KODAKS ENLARGING Ze L 13 V: - ,gf 62532 ,rg 2ae1 p F25-ef? gf 5,5515 - I Y "1V iffyjlf: Tw -nf ff--ee-effaligf z 5-7421?-E' ,Y If F1113 C0215S1 d Matchings I 4'1" CD10 C 9 I A '75 Regus-greg Angogw W The Clnderella Shop A W! re W, ,L 121. "The Store of Magic Values" A I W II- M I LN CLEANERSLHATTERSL 'LVN Opposite Bucklen Theatre N W FURRIERS ,Wm I, will "IfPf1ySf0 Pay for Qufllif!l" ELKHART, - - - INDIANA fit V 240 E. Jackson Blvd. Phone 444 M W! MI ' It Q!-' i fjijji L L L eff ggffgi Tlx , 4eglg-,iff -f Q, L, 1 if :f,,,g Ji, Page One Humlrezl Sixlyvlwo THERE IS CLASS IN BUESCHER INSTRUMENTS That fine indiscribable margin of sIciII that Iifts the "artist" above his Fellows - - that is exactly the margin that Buescher True-Tone Band and Orchestra Instruments possess. In all there are "88" different models, each designed with exquisite grace and precision and as perfect mechanically and acousticaIIy as it is possibIe to maIce a band instrument. The ARISTOCRAT Trombone pictured above presents an exceIIent example of the beautiful modern Iines aIong which Buescher Instruments are built. Infinitely superior and daringIy different in its revolutionary design, with its graceful curves and perfectly formed taper, this magnificient instrument is the finest trombone in the history of a house, famous for over half a century for the exceIIent quality of its True-Tone products. The tone - - as in all Buescher Instruments - - is rich and sonorous, unmatched in beauty, ac- curacy and available voIume and responds instantly to the slightest vibration of the Iips. The action is Iight and free running, whiIe the bore is new and of such proportions that maIce the instrument adaptabIe to every class of playing from the smallest orchestra to the most spectacular miIitary band. And this instrument is typical of the "88" beautiful True-Tone models which maIce up the Buescher Iine. There is reaI style built into every Buescher Instrument. Drop in at the factory the first opportunity you have and IooIc over these wonderfuI models - - see how they are made. If you wish, taIce one home for six days triaI. You will be amazed at the difference in your pIaying on a Buescher. Beautiful tone - - Iightn- ing IiIce speed - - wonderful technique - - finer phrasing - - all placed at your command. Then, if you wish to Iteep the instrument we will accept your old instrument as part pay- ment and arrange for you to pay the balance in small monthly payments. --Ki : J Z.-4-.--E-Q : alfw one ' Page One Illuulrul Sixty three FINE ANYWAY Constable: 'Tishing is not allowed hereg five dollars l:ll16.,7 Angler: 'll am not tishingg l am teach- ing my worms to swimf, Constable: "May I see your worms?" Angler: "Certainly.', 4AWorms come up on end of line.j Constable: uBut you must pay the fine. Your worms have no bathing suits and bathing without a suit is not allowed ll6I'0.,l Xlot a sound could be heard from the Vitaphone as the beautiful leading lady spoke her mind. Howard: a'Well, what do you think we have a scrub team for?" lf TTTTTTTT T T T TETTTTT T T T T144 lf it gt! Compliments 4 ill, and 1 ill, Congratulations 92 -4- 447 lf HELFRICK'S 4,4 My Style-Right Clothes for Men Yi gi fl, Wy, My T441 "PREPSHIRE" gl lf' Student Suits ll lf 4114 li S2250 fill H' Q44 lil Friendly Five Town Club gl gg SHOES HATS -'gy lg, s5.oo 35,00 fly III. , , 44 page 0116 Illtlulrvrl Sixly-fzml' 4F T TT O f T To T T 15444 W C om pl :men ts 'H' p H. of il 4 ii 444 l , it LLOYD BROS. Inc. Q4 4 4,. 414 ip tl " "ll 4' ii J l lily ELEVEN HOME-OWNED 'ill STORES AND MARKETS It .Ill fl" T' 4l44 lil Ui 4 4 lj A Phone in Every Store iw TI Ofiice 600 S. Main St. jjw lj Phone 257 Elkhart, Ind, ll 44 Bright Journalish stude, assigned to write a short story, turned in this: "John Wlixon struck a match to see if there was any gasoline in his tank. There was. Aged 56. No liowersfa Jeanette Rubin: Nllonat you love oxen powering menfp' Marjorie Smeltzer: L'Crar'ious, l'vc never overpowered any manf' Lawyer: L'lVly defense will cost 3:B5,000.T7 Murderer: HI donTt wonder they Coin- plain of the 4-ost of livingfl The way to keep your feet from falling asleep is not to let them turn in. 3542-4 A r Compliments of ELKHART BRASS MANUFACTURING COMPANY Elkhart, Indiana EWS n POHddSh if-is T T A, , Ti , ,, 1 , , ?-fe?-'ii 1 ,if T T i ffilxhw l Fi? li? l is The Elkhart Truth 5 ll. fl My ii, 'lil Finds its way into the majority of homes in the Elk- y hart territory, where it receives a very real and whole- ,fy hearted welcome. ill 'fu 1" Truth is a friendly visitor, who is entertaining, instruc- jill l tive and informative. E There's a carrier boy in your neighborhood who will be ll y pleased to take your subscription. 'Il A boy, ahout to purchase- a seat for the NVarner, is asked by the lwox oflire man: Hwhy urenlt you in sclioolifw Boy: "Oh, it's all right, sir: l'ye got the measlesfi Hchildren, did you peel those apples lie- forf- eating them '?" 'lYes, mother dear." Hvllliat have you clone will: the peel- ings?" 'g0h, we ate themf' Tess: l'You canit believe everything you hearf' Bess: MXO, hut you can repeat it." Page One Hundred Sixty-six A highhrow is a man who van use a whole hook full of words to say something you could squeeze into one sentence. l'Spain Needs a lVlussolini,i' says a headline. It is said that the Duce has of- fered to run over one afternoon and put things right. ullas anyone commented on the way you drive your car?" uYes, one man made a brief rernarke 3520 and costsf, L'More than one hundred kinds of germs 1-ause colds," says a physician, The most common, we understand, is the one who opens and closes windows. Fg - W, - -Y--H HiXon's Photo hop 114 and 115 East Franklin Street Elkhart, Indiana Makersof ANNUAL PICTURES "The Place To Get Shot" Residence Phone Oflice Phone X-518 2688 Page 0 Wife: 'clt was a storm like this when you declared your love for mef' Hubby: uYes, that was a terrible night." BDO you remember how shy l was when you proposed to nie? l even hid my mace." 'iYes. Thatis why l was able to pro- posefi Sheis the sort of woman whose face re- minds you of Whitman's poetry. The lines are so deep. 'slVly wife just ran away with my best friend? iiwas he good-looking ? H "l don't know. Never met the fellow." r,,T?ffff-.Hf--.1fff-ffeaii My il ii, 'Zi The Rapp Company 12' CUT PRICE STORE ti ll Ready-Made Clothing and Shoes for Men, Women and Children tl ii, ii if 409 South Main Street if Elkhart, - - - Indiana jig? lifggsteeieelt ,i----Jl ty-. ..--.fff...-.5ff-iii If Compliments of MQ B. D. Houseworth if Druggist lli "H lr it li 101 soUTH MAIN STREET 1,12 fi Opposite Post Office If i i ,., Page One Hunllrvrl Sixty-eight F?fTf.f-.fe ---- Tee? ---Y ,ew it ,. W .i -1 West View Floral Qiii 3 Company VK BEST FLOWERS it BEST SERVICE it V, 41 l South Second Street it li Elkhart, ---- Indiana lereeifgieee1:eeJ:'1lLeeeeii W-:1- 3-T T T T 1 e T T T T T it Compliments of yu 11. ELECTRIC HARDWARE il it COMPANY :el it '1 it Geo. O. Fred A. 'ti , Borneman Borneman il ll. 515 south Main st. if " Elkhart, Ind. M" Mr. lVlacCracken: uWhat are you late for today?'i Helen Harman: L'l"or class, of courselw glam dying to meet that brunette you danced with last eveningfi 'LSO am l. She took my Watch." MlVly friend isnit succeeding very well with his driving lessons.'7 NWhy, whatas the matter?" "He took a turn for the worsefi Jeanette: "Aren7t you ever afraid of losing control of your car?', Betty: Constantly, lim two installments behind alreadyf, FRESH AIR and EXERCISE Dr. Dr Dr DI. DI. Dr Dr Dr Are the best medicines. Careful diet and plenty of sleep will also help to keep you Well. Sometimes we become ill in spite of our best efforts to obey the laws of health. At such times a little medicine of the right kind will help Na- ture to restore a normal, healthy condition. Dr. Miles Remedies have been in successful use for more than forty years. Why not try the one you need the next time you donlt feel well? DR. MILES' REMEDIES Miles, Nervine fliquifl formj aml Dr. Miles, Nervine Tablets lefferves- centj:-A successful sedative for the nerves or conditions caused by a deranged nervous system. Two Sizes: Price 25c and Sl.00. Miles, Anti-Pain Pills:-Valuable for the relief of pain. 25 doses 25 cents. I25 doses for 31.00. Miles, Tonic:-A combination of Pyro Phosphates with Quinine and Iron. A tonic for the weak. Price 31.00. Miles' Alterative Compound:-A medicine that tends to produce a favor- able change in the process of nutrition. Price 31.00. Miles' Cactus Compound:-Contains the well-known vegetable drugs, Cactus, Digitalis, Gentian Compound, Capsicum, with Fowler's Solution. Price 31.00. Miles? Little Pills:A-For constipation. They leave no bad after-effects. 25 cents a package. . Miles, Laxative Tablets:-A cathartic that appeals to old and young alike. Free from disagreeable effects. 25 cents a package. Miles, Aspir-Mint:--For Colds, Neuralgia, Sciatica, Acute Rheumatism. Lumbago, Headache, Sore Throat, Toothache, Earache and Monthly Pains. Price I5c and 25c. Dr, Miles' Preparations Are Never Sold in Bulk. Dr. Miles Medical Company ELKHART, INDIANA ASK FOR DR. MILES' 1931 BOOKLETS That Will Interest and Amuse You Page One llunrlrul Sixty nine xl li HOSE ll i. -ll' V for lj ll My SMART WOMEN my Variety Hose Shop lyk ll 1 M 'ly U ll' if Compliments it W, lk Ll llfj A. E. SCHULER if, ,,l My Equity Bldg. ill Formerly Haynes Building iw. lerfgggrlrrrrrrrirlrrrrrrle-J' 'llVlother, is it true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away?'l l'Yes, darling. Why ? 7, "Because, if it is. l kept alrout ten dot'- lors away this morningfhut lem afraid oue'll have to come soonfv Sympathetic Old Lady lto tramp! : i'Ah, my poor fellow, life is full of trialsf, Tramp: "ll is, ma'am. What were you tried for?7' David Rutter: Hllo you know what the threc' halls out in front stand lor'fl' Miss Kelly: KNO. what?7' David R.: "Two to one you don't get it bat-kf' Page One llIllltll'L'll Seventy Hlrlave you ever been osculatedfw' nies, onre for scarlet fever.'7 'llhe huxom woman was standing in the street car, holding to a strap. The can- tankerous looking man was seated read- ing. The ear swung and she stepped on his foot. lilVlada1n,7' he harlied. 'gwill you please get off my footiw uPut your foot where it helougsf' she replied sharply. '4lJon't tempt nie, niadam. donlt tempt inef' he countered. Mandy: Lflaspah, is you got dat wood rhopped foh suppah?H Jasper: MLor' sakes, Mandy, it sho' eanlt be suppah time already. Seems lak ah ainit got half mah loalin' donef' l- fe f ff-1 f T f ff T e f T e e f f as-ffffw -ix lr , 11' QL: R. F. Wilcox, D.D.S ly Dental Radiograpbs 3 402-3-4 Haynes Bldg. ' U 'l Office Phone, 8325 Residence, L-1749 1 lr Elkhart, Indiana "' ,,, ,- MQ Sweetheart Bread nfl ll Baked in the Cleanest Bakery in li, ,, ,U Q Northern Indiana Q, li. .J W.. ll SWEETHEART BAKING CO. Il lil Phone 1209 ll l' 625 Harrison St. Elkhart, Ind. " ,i ii U iv LEARN TO SAVE THE "PENNEY" WAY .4 .T4 yl. A Nation-wide Institution ll J c PE N N EY c-to If o 0 o M DEPARTN1ENT0ST0RE yi. i' 307-309 SOUTH MAIN STREET ,T ti T "In the Heart of Elkhart" ... DRG GOODS it 'T READY-TO-WEAR Ili MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING IW I SHOES ll LUGGAGE ll AND NOTIONS if ELKHARTZS POPULAR CASH STORE A tl? if 2 gf f 575331:-ifiiagi--i 2 2 1 L lifiif 2 2 eel 2 i 1 lie 2 2 2 i i 2 i i 2 i 2 illll l,n1 getting to like long skirts. l find it revives my memory for faves. He: "Oh, please. She: Hxolw He: g'Yes!7' She: LANOV, He: 4'Yesl" She: "Noi" He: '4Say, Mom, how long do you think l'rn gonna wear this pesky winter under- wear?'7 A parking place is the place in which another var has parked. Toni Holt: A'You know, l got a bright idea out of a corner of my brain todayfl Ruppert: HHuhl A stowawayf' MBut you guaranteed that this watch would last me a lifetimef' l'Yes, l knowfhut you didnlt look V6l'y healthy the day you bought it." A news item says the oldest resident ol Dallas is Major lNickelson, aged 104. He might have achieved this honor many years ago in Chicago. Hixon: LAXYOU1' son ordered these photo- graphs from mef' Fond parent: 4'Ah, yes. Well, Well, they certainly look like him. Has he paid for them?7' Hixon: MNO, sir: he has notfl Fond Parent: L'Hum-m-m Still more like himf' Page One Hundred Seventy-one I Everything Back But the Dirt -I Elkhart Cleaners and Furriers Rug and Garment Cleaning Fur Repairing and Storage li Jefferson St Main Sts. Phone -A We 1. ,. 1, 1 E 1 ll, U. S. Are Very Glad to Wish the 1931 Class Success and Happiness BEVENS Route No. 20 East of Elkhart rg SCHAFER is sON ,Wt 21 1 Main Street Headquarters for l GRADUATION SUITS SPORT SHOES ,lg WHITE FLANNEL TROUSERS l Qi: And Everything Else to Complete the 11' Graduation Outfit. Ill ALL AT REASONABLE PRICES .. I 1.. , Pianos Radios Refrigerators TEMPLIN'S MUSIC STORE Xb Come, Eat With Us! Y. W. C. A. CAFETERIA I1 120 W, Lexington, Elkhart, Ind. :if ln 1 11 ' 1' T T 1 lt 1 E Jenner Drug Store Dependable Drugs Cor. Main and Lexington 17- T nl Holdeman 8 Son 'ii COAL, COKE ,,. and QQ? BUILDERS' SUPPLIES 111 113 East Franklin Street I 11 Elkhart, - - - Indiana :I gif SMART CLOTHES 1 ll: for ' SMART WOMEN FASHION SHOP 415 S. Main Street l"LttiLiELt.t.. .,.t Q ,,,,,,, n: - -reiii-if +221-fins ,115 "" J i,L'..,i::.L- - Page Une Hundred Seventy-tw! N. B. H. STANDARDS OF FASHION ARE GUAGED BY THE WORLD'S FINEST A Nation- Wide Institution NA'l'l0 A BELLAS IIESS C0. 324-326 SOUTH MAIN STREET Elkharfs Busiest Store DRY GOODS-ADRAPERIES READY-TO-WEARfHOSIERY MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING MILLINERY-LUGGAGE SHOES AND GROCERIES N. H. B. Does Not Follow the Fashion Trend, We Create It 1 I 1 I I .uw V I I ,I I .Y-li Compliments of CHICAGO TELEPHO E SUPPLY COMPANY Page 0116 H11 I I ,wi I I l 1 Vllll'l'Il Seventy in 111i in in ii l l l O G D E N D R U G i lf PERMANENT WAVES 1 ill STORE is was il il, l SPSS? 5:88 we 'll wi ii ll DEPENDABLE lDRUGGISTS ii ELIZABETH BELL iw tl! We Dellver 1 ful Dmgs Sodas Cigms xl lj 226k S. Main Sf. Phone 3493 lllll1fii2 1fl'ii-15,L 5 i 2ii 5aQ lllll2iif 5f,E V '-f': - ' -' 1 M -:riff Vg -A ll- Watches Diamonds ' Compliments of lx QQ V il KUESPERT 1' N QQ wi J l i QV ke GO. ewe er glkharfsrgesfsfofv Y X 514 South Main Street l Gifts Repairing Q -- -A Mi ff' L" V " ?5?35f ?'g' i iii lf Nil Compliments ii Good Things to Eat ll ii if - Nil ly Pharmanmc wx Smlth Motor Co. l luv Ford Dealers Since 1905 "VN Hem 0fE1kharr li ELKHART WAKARUSA li llllki-L fifffiififf-iii L if E 11 L 2 i 123- L L Riagg L L ii' l1 -, :T ri? 25? -F MM T 7 ---- ir 2522?-1? 7 iii- - -fail M3 Compliments of NM ill W ,M ii My Chas. W' H3YW00d Clark '35 Russell W w - - ll pf THE OPERA W Physician and Surgeon JU DRUG STORE 1 li l , ,ll 531 South Main Street " MN' Equity Bldg. vi Wi: ELKHART, - - INDIANA ,. llll-':4:Pf:ai3fEf,3:f -f-,fi,f fifiiw-YPD- il , ,i,L,,,fii,f,fi L -,PW ii L fi, 'Nl Page Om' IIIUIKIVPII Scflivnly-four ll' T ii?-E T T T T 7 Tri T :tiff YT? Z T T Phone 983 l fi IIT ll 116 s. SECOND STREET I' "I Tip, il li lg DREVES I Incorporated jill ill PLUMBING AND All It HEATING tl lf CONTRACTOR ll l I I I I If' V y It I ii l lgg ELKHART, INDIANA iv .I , I, I 'ui MSO they thought Joe Was paralyzed iw "Yeah, they didnit know he was a ehess player." "Tho most popular furs for spring are lilue loxesf' says a fashion note. Wle had no idea the depression was fell ivy foxes. The news comes from Brazil that last winter was the coolest summer there in years. We wish them ai lovely autumn this spring and a mild winter this summer. A Philadelphia man married El girl and his grown son married her mother. The great convenience of this is that a child of either couple will he its own uncle. Hollywood Motto: 4'lVlarry in haste and rejoice in publicityfn The Ahyssinians claim to have given IEOHICC to the world. Yes, and if they real- i I zed how hard times are theyad throw in a 'ouple of doughtnuts. judge to his Dentist: "NOW do you swear you'll pull the tooth, the whole t l I I ootll, and nothing hut the tOOLh?77 Simile: As nervous as a stenographer Zlklllff dictation from Floyd Cihhons. First Herring: iiwhyf donit you take ietter care of your lJrother?W Second Herring: Aiwhyf, should I? Ani my hrotheris kipperfw Then thereis the riveter who took up ehess, just to get out of a rut. Compliments of , Rosen Brothers lla 11 TAILORS TT HABERDASHERS I I I il Hotel Elkhart Bldg. Phone 874 ll .V ily, ELKI-IART, INDIANA -- I 1 l N 'll-figiisssei i TJ i in 4" Iii?-:i7fe3f?5:3 341' -, iw l Tl lg Bell S5 Long I Il lj DRUG STORE ill li Drugs S odas Cigars QQ and Candy :ii V TAYLOR MADE ICE CREAM 'ly QI: Corner Hickory and Main Sts. ' 1:14 Page One Hundred .Seventy ive Miss Flauding: Wfhe names of you parents, please." Frosht "Popper and lVl0niu1a He: "Here comes our coach." She: g'Whn,s pushing it?" 'Al want a small Hershey lvar., MNuts?'7 'glYuls yourself! You big stifff' I. Waite1': 4iWasn'l the dinner l'00lC0fl to suit you, sir?', Diner: uYes, all but the bill. lust Lak that hack and tell them to hoil it down little." ts Zl THE Home Lumber Company "SatisHed Customers" We Carry a Complete Stock of Lumber, Millwork, Paints and 3 Builders' Supplies 812 SOUTH MAIN STREET Telephone 15 ll TTT TT T TTT T TT C 1 T 7 T T pil Qi: li ll '4644P'?3!1T.e:74T I lj X ll l ij Smith-Alsop Elkhart Paint Co. vi lj! PAINTS AND VARNISHES ll ll For Quality, Economy, Satisfaction il Phone 3504 WL zcs s. Main sf. E1khart,Ind. ill 'lll' L LLL L L Lggg L LLL LJJLLEJLLL L if-L-L .L L-f L ll li, Handy Dandy IQ ll Hamburgs ri 11 Satisfy -iw H2 Opposite High School illll lf il ll.. . gl LL L L LJ: L L L Li,L,LL,L L L L L LLLQ l SWANBERG 81. STUTZ ELECTRIC CO, 126 W. Franklin St. Elkhart, Indiana After the Show ICE CREAM CANDY LIGHT LUNCHES at the NEW OLYMPIA Page Une llundred Seiseniy-six 11 11 1 11 1. U 11 14 1 .1i i 1 , ,,,.,f,i, TTTT TTT-TTT 1 T.TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTfrf-im " -.1l When You Thlnk of . . . YI .111 COAL AND 1 1:5 BUILDING SUPPLIES " I . . . Think of Us Ice Cream, Home Made 1' MONGER COAL 25 I1 Candy, Light Lunches ll! SUPPLY CO. jf If' Coal, Coke, Building Supplies W 1 21,1 Sterling Avenue Phone 618 SAM PARES' Proprietor 31 i T T T T :Tie T T TJ T T 'i L L 1 L L Lf 1 L :T T T T T T T T T TCT T T T T T T T? T T NEWMAN-MONGER fl W.. M.. ...W I1 COMPANY BostonS use U .1l S.. 111 Dealers m "Store of Val e" ll Blinds, Frames, Doors and YQ: F . u 1' L b eaturmg " um et Q1 ENNA-JETTICK 210 East jackson Boulevard ll Shoes for Women I phone 580 1 SIZES WIDTHS " W 1 to 12 AAAAA to EEE M is 11:gii'1-LLLLLLL 1 ilies-j ljifTEiiT,5TTTg.TTTi3TTTTM f f T f T 1 T A T T T T T - 'L1LLL????T T T T 'T ?L?FT.T T Elkhart Candy CO. Phones: Office, 13905 Res. 1453 Wholesale only Lawyer " CANDIES AND FOUN- I T , Monger Bu1ld1ng -11 TAIN SUPPLIES ll ill ELKHART, INDIANA 5 L L i Li? L Li! 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