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1 V The 1954 ECHO f 4 GN N Q f J 1' ff!! Z - 1 v J J jf' Z ,. f 3 ya ,X Rmblilhed By The Senior Class ELKHART GOMMUIIITY HIGH SCHOOL Printed By The American Yearbook Company Table of Contents -ohool Board Elkhart Community High School Faculty hr. Smith hrs. Follis Seniors Class History Class will Class Prophecy Honor Activity E E Classes Juniors Sophomores Freshmen School Calendar Athletics Basketball Baseball Volleyball trganizations and Activities music Band Girls' Chorus Boys' Chorus Cperetta G.A.A. Sportsmen's Club Echoette Echo Librarians F.H.A. F.F.A. Homecoming Junior Class Play Senior Class Play Prom Class Trips Graduation Alumni Section Advertising Z Dedication We, the 19514 annual staff, wish to dedicate this yea.r's Echo to all the Elkhart alumni who have served. and who are serving in the armed forces of our nation. 3 School Board Left to right: Maurice Dee, John Danaher, Duruood Lanterman, william Doom, Harold Schilling, Stephen Walsh and Albert Awe The school board has seven members, each elected for three-year terms. Annually an election is held to replace or re-elect the board members whose terms have expired. The board meets regularly on the first Monday of every school month, and special meetings can be called by the president. Usually Mr. Ritchie meets with the board. Hr. John Danaher is president, and Mr. Durwood Lanterman, who has been on the board since its organization in 1920, has held the office of secretary continuously since that time. Among the duties of the school board are the hiring and dismissing of teachers, paying the teachers, making improvements and repairs, and estab- lishing rules for the efficient operation of the school. After the election in the spring, the board discusses the teachers for the coming school year and offers new contracts. These members preside over our school district, which is located in township 18, range h, and west of the third principal meridian. Emett Murphy of Elkhart is the treasurer of this district. He wish to honor the men who have served their community and our school as members of the board of education. 4 The School ,f .H L' ' ,Ir ,- ggfpff , G ff i ' "" if f ' 1 Q x is , gf- I ' H' A ww located atop a alight hill, ECHS can eaaily be eeen by people approaching Elkhart hon the eouth. In front of the eohool ie a sloping lawn with ornamental ahrube and hedgea and newer gardens. The statue on the lawn honor: the aol- diere of World Har I, and the cannon on the eaet aide con- mnoratea the IIIG lar. A new addition was made to une boys' shower room, and Auoreeoent lights have been installed in nolt of the 1'00lle New equipment was received by the music, agriculture, and commerce departlent . """"':'JM 5 Faculty M . WALTER W. RITCHIE, Princigal M SS MARGARET NEILL Mathematics, Science Home Economics, Biology B.S. Education B.S. Education Western Illinois State College Western Illinois State College M.S., University of Illinois Colorado State College MISS MARILYN DBLONJAY M - ELDON BEHLE English, Latin, Library ASI'iCUlt1l1'e B.S. Education .B-5- A8I'iCUltLlI'e Western Illinois State College Unlvefsity Of Missouri 6 ml55 MARY h. Band, Choruses, Girls' Physical Education B.S. Education ' Lastern Illinois State College S Q wk Faculty 3, eiw of mi' LK. HXXRY nhl SCHUUTBN Social Studies, Athletics B.5. Education western lllinois State College MR. J. LUWARD Commerce, En B.S. Educa Illinois State Norm WELLS M153 DORLTHY DAV15 glish W aecretary tion al UH1V91'SiW xiknar-1 Comm. High School 7 Pop 1 Did you wonder who kept the school grounds so clean and the building so neat? That man is none other than our janitor, Mr. Charles Smith, whom most of the students call HPop.U Among Mr. Smith's many duties are keeping the floors clean, dusting, cutting grass, trimming shrubbery, and all other gen- eral work around the school grounds. He is usually here from early morning to late in the evening. hr. Smith has been janitor of ECHS for seven years. He has lived in this community about twenty-five years. Ruth i Pictured above is the special friend of everyone at ECHS. Uppermost in the minds, hearts-and stomachs--of the Elkhartonians, especially at noontime, is our beloved cook, Mrs. Ruth Follis. She has been cooking for us for approximately ten years. She works from 25 to 3 hours each day pre- paring the meal for about fifty students. Mrs. Follis says she loves her work and likes our school and students very much. 8 Q- f"lnL'1 Ju A QM ., f K gn- ,,-,.- s nf,-i f ,,. Lg - . R. A .M 9 - karl Eugene moyer Hoaiqgu Class Treasurer U Reno Sta!! A Kcnoette QLafi 3 Joys' Chorus 1 H1esL Assureun 3 fl, Iiol' Fling LL uasketuaii 2 'A l,2,3,n :nA ofnki nl j,u Doris marie Awe HSwedeH Glass Secretary 1 Glass President 3 ncho Staff A ,cnoctbe Staff 3,h Girls' Cnorus l,2,3,h Uixoc Chorus l,2,2,h : ,. I I Ima., i..14"' A 4 L .L Hnagazine rrincessn M rHA l,2,3,u Sec. of bHA 2 Program Chairman of FHA 3 GAA 2,3,h Sec. of GAA 5 Banu i,2,3,h narcning Jani l,2,3,h nusic Contest 3,h Hiest Assuredu , Librarian Q senior Play A Udypsy Troubadourn 2 H5weet Anne Pagen 3 mary Jane Dee HJanieH Class President A Echo Staff 2,3,h Echoette 3,h Vice President oi GAA 3 Majorette for Marching Band l,2,3,u Cheorlpader 2,3,h Librarian A 10 Chorus i,2,3,b Sextet l,2,3,h Trio A Hwaltz Timen UGypsy Troubadourn USweet Anne Pageu Hnagazine Princessu HRest Assuredu Senior Play FHA l,2,3,h Treasurer of FHA 2 Pianist for FHA h GAA 2,3,h GAA Club Heau h Jacqueline Louise Dennison nJockoN FHA 1,2,3,k Songleader of FHA 3,h Marching Band l,2,3,1+ a nd l,2,3,U Chorus 1,2,3,h Sextet 2,3 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,U Trio l Hwaltz Timen l HGypsy Troubadouru 2 NSweet Anne Pageu 3 uMagazine Princessu M uRest Assuredn 3 Senior Play A and Contest l,2,3,k Vocal Solo Dist. Contest 4 Echo Staff M Echoette 3,h Librarian 3 Fred Johnson nFleddieH Echo Staff U Echoette Staff 3 HRest Assuredn 3 Senior Play 4 Basketball l Baseball 1 FFA l,2,3,h FFA Sentinel 2 Sportsmen's Club l,2,3,M Sportsmen's Club, Game Warden 2 11 Donnie Hinds llpete ll Vice-President of Clas Sec-Treas. 3 Echoette Staff 3 Echo Staff 3,N NRest Assuredn Senior Play Basketball l,2,3,k Baseball 1 FFA l,2,3,M Reporter for FFA 3 Secretary for FFA M H, s l Dorothy Mae Payne lipaynell Secretary of class 11 FHL 1,2p3g1l Historian of FHA 3 GAA 2,3,14 GM club head 3 Mixed chorus l,2,3,14 Girls' chorus l,2,3,h Librarian lj Gladys Lee Litterly 'Happy Bottom' President of class 2 IHA 1,2,3,14 Song leader of FHA 1,2 Asst. song leader 3 Reporter of PHA 14 Mixed chorus l Girls' chorus 1,2,3,14 sextot 3,14 Trio 14 Senior Play 14 'Magazine Princess' h Advertising manager oh 'Rest Assured' 3 'Waltz Tins' 1 'Gypsy Trouhsdour' 2 'Sweet Ann Pane' 3 Echo staff 14 Echoette staff 3,1-I Homecoming Queen 1.1 had l,2,3,1+ mr-ching Band 1,2,3,u Music Contest. 3,14 Senior Play 1+ "Rest Assured." 3 "Waltz Time" l "Gypsy Troubs.d.our" 2 "Sweet Ann Page" 3 nlhgazine Princess" 1+ Echo Staff 1+ Echoette Staff 3 ,1o Cheerleader 1+ Ann Catherine Smith Marching Band 1,2,3,1+ President of had 3 Vice-President of Band. 1+ Music Contest 3,11- 12 Of! N 2 s" 16 "Annabelle" Secretary-Trees. of Class 1 senior Play M FHA 1 2 3 1+ r1na.nee'cSmm1utee of FHA 1 zglfgtgimemm.. gler gesident of FHA 2 Echo staff 1,390 rliementarian of FHA 3 Echoette staff 3 4 QM 24,331 f GAA 2 DAR Winner 11- , ecre ery o ,. Club head of GAA 3,14 AT!f3"g:g2TT"3 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,14- magazine Princes Sextet: 3'u "Rest Assured." 3 Girls Chorus l,2,3,1+ Homecoming queen candidate 3 Librarian 2 3 Bend 1,2 ,3,1,+ Mary Sandra Lee Smith "Sodder" Pre ident of class 1 Secretary-treas. of class 2 Librarian 2 Mixed chorus l,2,3,1+ Girls' chorus l,2,3,1+ End. librarian l FHA 1,2,3,h Vice-president of FHA 2 Recreation chairman of FHA3 Music Contest 1, Pianist of FHA 11 GAA 2,3,h Club head of GAA 2 Treasurer of GM 3 President of GAA 11 Band 1,233,114 Mirching band 1,2,3,1s Band secretary 11 "Waltz Time" l "Gypsy Trouba,d.our" 2 "Sweet Ann Page" 3 'Thgazine Princess" 14 "Rest Assured" 3 Senior Play 14 Echo staff 15 Echoette staff 3 ,11- Cheerleader l,2, 3,14- Pianist for hccalsureate 2 ,3 Asst. pianist of boys' chorus 3 F Charles Leon Trago IITQXII Sportsmen's Club 3 "Rest Assured" 3 Senior play h Echo staff h Echoette staff 3 Basketball 2,3 FFA 2,3,h Manager of basketball team 14 13 William Leroy Stoltzenburg "Willy" Vice-president of class 3 Vice-president of class 1+ FFA l,2,3,1L Boys' chorus 1 Echo staff 3,14- Echoette staff' 3 "Rest Assured" 3 Senior play 1+ Homecoming king candidate 3 Baseball 1,2,3,1L D.sketba,ll 1,2 lhnager of basketball team 1+ Grain ,judging team 1,2,3 Class Histor On September I+, 1950, the halls of EXJHS were filled with its mny students, among whom were twenty-two freshmen. The class, sponsored by Alice Self , held a meeting and elected as its leaders: Sandra Smith, president 3 Don Hinds, vice- presidentg Ann Smith, secretaryg and Doris Awe, treasurer. Initiation found the freshmen dressed as Indians , the girls carrying dolls on their backs, and the boys carrying hatcheta in their belts. At the end of the year the class boasted a sum of 316.56 in their treasury, the proceeds from the Homecoming concessions. Frances Payne was the class' candidate for Homecoming queen. Twenty sophomores came back to school in the autumn of 1951. They nre more at home now and went about their work in an organized manner. The class chose Gladys lee Litterly as president, Al Rollet, vice-president: and Sandra Smith, secretary-treasurer: Miss Neill was our sponsor. Our class treasury held 3100.15 , resulting from profit at Homecoming. We were honored by having our candidate , lhrgaret Tierney, named queen of Homecoming. Our class sponsored an all-school party inuthe gymnasium on April l8, 1952. For our class trip we went to St. Louis on lhy 2 . In September 1952, thirteen Juniors were seen going to their classes. They were going to be "big shots" next year, and they knew it. At the first class meeting these officers were elected: Doris Awe, president, Bill Stoltzenburg, vice-president, and Don Hinds, secretary-treasurer: Joseph Grohovsky was sponsor. The class play, "Rest Assured," was presented on November T, 1952. Candidates for Homecoming royalty were A.nn Smith and Bill Stoltzenburg. The ,juniors spon- sored a Christmas party in the study hall. On April 10 we mde 590.00 from a scrap-iron drive. For the prom, held on lhy 8 in honor of the senior class, we laboriously decorated the gymnasium to carry out the theme of "Stardust." Thirteen seniors returned at the beginning of the 1953-51+ school year. The class officers chosen were lhry Jane Dee, president 3 Bill Stoltzenburg, vice- presidentg Dorothy Payne, secretaryg and Earl Boyer, treasurer. Miss DeLonJay was our sponsor. Initiation was held on Friday, September 18, 1953. The fresh- men, after being dressed up and mde to do foolish things all day, were honored at a party in the evening. On September 27 the seniors chose their rings and graduation announcements. It was decided tmt the American Yearbook Company would publish our annual, which was to be a smmmer edition. In order to earn money to publish the 1954 Echo, the seniors held a scrap metal and paper drive, picked up corn, opened a lunchroom at basketball games, sold popcorn, and gave a class play in the spring. We went on a two-day class trip to Chicago, where we went to see the Board of Trade building, lhrshall Field's department store, and the Museum of Science and Industry. We returned to a full schedule of exams, hccalaureate services and graduation. Our four years completed and our minds filled with pleasant memories, we took a last loving look at ECHS. Class Will I, Doris Awe, being of good nature, will mr ability to get along with Coach Manes in sociology to anyone who cannot. I give my talent for playing the flute to Ihrlen Hamil. To Colleen Walsh I leave uw position as chief photographer for the Echo. VN nickname , "Sweetie Pie," I leave to any person who thinks that he is sweet enough for it. I, Earl Boyer, will my ability to drive my car to town at noon to anyone who wants to take the chance. Frank Buckles my have my study hall desk and my nick- name "m1dy." I, Mary Jane Dee, bequeath my deep voice to Alice Doom. Sing beaut:Lfully,' Alice. I leave to Bob Leininger the ways to get into trouble. To Beverly Tibbs I will nw ablity to keep Jim out of trouble: I hope you do better than I did. 14 gp 'W Class Will 1, Jacqueline Dennison, will nw ability not to get mad in P.E. and in the typing room to anyone who doesn't have a temper. 1 will my trombone talent to Dick Damarin. Practice hard, Dick. My job as song leader of FHA 1 bequeath to Manda Bobell. l, Donnie Hinds, will my height and basketball ability to UV-8 Don.N I will my ability to eat candy in the Ag shop to anyone daring enough to try it. 1 give to the basketball teams my cheerful smile, which they may use whenever they have their pictures taken. 1, Fred Johnson, hereby leave my truck space in the school garage to Coach manesg I am sorry 1 took it, Coach. 1 would be glad to give my non-used physics book to Delbert Sivert. Don't mark in it, Delbert, just sign your name. 1 will my ability to race with Tommy Nickelson to anyone who can beat himg I surely oan't. I 1, Gladys Lee Litterly, nearing the end of my four years at ECHS QI hopej, gladly leave my nickname, NHappy Bottom,N to Frank Buckles, who gave it to me. To some unfortunate incoming freshman, 1 leave my striped suit, number, and ball and chain. My job as typist on the Echoette I leave to Dorthy Lanterman. I leave my job of trying to keep up with Bud to Joanne, who seems to be doing a pretty good job now. To Delbert Sivert 1 leave permission to tease Pat Hartsfield on the bus. 1, Dorothy mae Payne, will my seat by Coach Lanes at noon to anyone who can keep volleyball scores and can furnish him popcorn, candy, and green Life savers. my cheerleading ability I leave to Ruth Awe, Marlene Curry, and the new cheer- leaders. 1 leave nw love for our sweet teachers to the poor freshmen Clive and learnl. To George Yard I leave my dancing ability. Ann Smith and I leave our locker in the shower room to anyone who can keep it clean and not argue daily over who will open it. I, Ann Smith, hereby will my physics book to Dorthy Lanterman. Keep it in Noon shape, Dorthy! 1 leave my job as Echo editor to Alice Doom, who will really have headaches now. 1 give to Alice the nickname she gave me. 1 will my quiet disposition to Roberta Leggett. To Ruth Awe 1 leave my ability to get along with everyone. To mr. Smith 1 leave my filthy locker. 1, Mary Sandra Lee Smith, being of sound mind, do hereby leave my basketball ability to the Elkhart Redbirds and my cheerleading ability to anyone who loves it just half as much as 1 have. I will my love for the color green to our coach, hr. hanes. To anyone who can stand it 1 leave the phrase, Uslurp-slurp,N my cus- tomary greeting from Robert Naugle, Charles Drake, and Frank Buckles. I leave my splendid shorthand skill to anyone crazy enough to take it. 1, bill Stoltzenburg, being a boy who never gets into trouble, give my abil- ity to keep out of mischief to Robert Floyd Curry, who is following in my foot- steps. 1 leave my job as manager to anyone who can take the heartaches. To the junior boys 1 leave the responsibility of teasing the girls during noon volley- oall games. I give my name of Uwillyn to Frank Buckles. 1, Leon Trago, will my basketball ability to George lard. nobert Naugle may have my curly hair and my nickname nTex.U To Charles Drake 1 leave my physics book, which is in good shape because 1 have never opened it. Last of all, I leave to nPopH Smith my dirty fingerprints all over the school. we, the senior class, leave to the juniors our desks in study hall, all of which are excellently situated, being near the teacher's lookout tower. we, the class of '5U, the capitalists of ECHS, leave to the junior class our coke, candy, popcorn, and lunch room concessions. To them we bequeath our excel- lent credit rating. We, an illustrious senior class, bequeath to all the underclassmen of ECHS our musical, literary, athletic, financial, and administrative ability. 15 Class Prophecy Doris Awe has gone into partnership with Miss DeLon,1ay in the photography business. Their onl.y successful pictures are entitled 'The Dark Night' and 'How Black Can It Get?" They have for sale about five hundred flashbulbs which they advertise to be 'practically new--they've been used only once." Doris is now the owner of the E-By-Doodle Hotel in downtown Elkhart. Earl Boyer is running a fans for overweight girls in Look Out! Kentucky, just across the border from Woman Driver, Tennessee. After retiring he married 'Small Fry," one of the girls from his farm. Mary Jane Dee has started an evergreen farm featuring built-in bird nests. Her latest discovery is a secret formula for detecting a teacher's age. Here is the method: Subtract the salary from the approximate age, divide by the length of the cerebellum, and add the height of the Homo Sapiens, and you have the age fproviding you did it rightl. Jacquie Dennison is singing commercials for Ajax on the new Elkhart televi- sion station, BREEZ. She also has a show on which she :ings with the Elkhart Plow Boys. In her spare time she makes bladeless lawmcwers, to be used for lawns with no grass. Donnie Hinds has been testing mattresses for midgets. Donnie had to fold himself up three times to get the full benefit out of the mattress. After find- ing this too much of a strain on his sacroiliac, Domxie returned to Elkhart and entered politics, becoming mayor of this fair city. Fred Johnson has received a lifetime appointment as ,judge--that is, judge of the annual beauty contest at Atlantic City, New Jersey. It is said that the directors spent several years trying to get Mr. Johnson to accept the position, but after they offered him a much higher salary, he reluctantly became one of the judges. Gladys Litterly is malclng igloos to sell to the Eskimos on the installment plan. Gladys has discovered a quick way to make igloosg she just takes some :Lge and glues them together. She has become a millionaire by selling left-handed monkeys to go with left-handed monkey wrenches. Dorothy Mae Payne is the wor1d's greatest woman speed typist. She has also won the sane award in shorthand. After wearing her fingers to the bone in typing she became president of the 'Buckle Club' in Honolulu. Ann Sith is running a nursing home for old maid teachers. At the present time she has a few of the teachers from Elkhart in her home, but she doesn't expect then to remain there long. When asked about the care she provides for the aged instructors, she replied, 'I am gving them some of the same treatment they gave me :Ln ny high school days." Sandra Smith in her spare time is running a factory where everything is made green. She has also discovered a new formula for green lipstick to match the green fingernail polish that she has worn since her high school days. Her regular work is coaching the Elkhart Green Birds. Private Bill Stoltsenburg has for many years been making a career out of arguing with the sergeants in the Marine Corps. He is now in the brig for six months. Bill, we hope they are still piping daylight to you. Leon 'Irago is sole owner of the Tragoo Dog Kennels, which feature trained fleas, in his spare time he has started a home for over-sised butterflies. 16 Honor E Left to rights Gladys Lee Litterly, Mary Jane Dee, Ann Smith The Honor E society was organised in 1938 to encourage students to maintain a high scholastic standing. To qualify for the award, a student mst maintain an average ot 3.25 tor his four years of school. When these students become seniors, their names are engraved on the Bohan Scholarship Plaque, and they receive a gold pin. Activity E Left to rights Doris Awe, Sandra Smith, Mary Jane Dee, Ann Smith, Dorothy Payne, and Jacqueline Dennison Six senior girls have earned the Activity E award this year. Ninety points, earned in extra-curricular activities throughout the four years, were reqaired in order to receive a pin. Points are given tor- holding offices in clubs and in classes, tor dramatics, for participating :Ln band and chorus, for athletics, and for working on the staffs of the Echo and the Echoette. 17 Juniors Bottom row, left to right: Ruth Awe, Dorthy Lanterman, Joanne Lee, Bob Curry, Alice Doom, Colleen Walsh, Pat Mowry. Top row: Mr. Edward Wells, Frank B ckles, Robert Naugle, George Yard, Delbert Sivert, Don Follis, Charles Drake. Entering ECHS for their third year, thirteen ambitious young ladies and gentlemen elected these students as their officers: Robert Curry - President Joanne Lee - Vice-president Alice Doom - Secretaryatreasurer The juniors again this year, as they did last, brought back for the class many honors. Four boys appeared for basketball and two for baseball. The four were Frank Buckles, Bob Curry, Don Follis, and George Yard. For baseball they were Bob Curry and George Yard. The juniors defeated all the other classes in volleyball, becoming the school champions. In Nov mber Alice Doom, Colleen Walsh, Bob Curry, Delbert Sivert, and George Yard attended the All State Chorus at Champaign, Illinois. In the district music contest, held March 6 at Bloomington, Joanne Lee played in a clarinet trio which received a III rating. On vocal solos Bob Curry received a III rating, Alice Doom a II rating, and George Yard was given a I rating. This year the Juniors edited NThe Echoette,n the school paper, and it received from the Illinois High School Press Association a second place rating. Mr. Edward Wells, our class advisor and sponsor, helped us stage the class8glay,NSeven Cinderellas,' in October. Ticket sales for the play were 5132. . Our candidate for Homecoming queen was Joanne Lee. The king candidate, Frank Buckles, was elected and was crowned at the dance on December N. The juniors brought the year's activities to a climax by sponsoring the ann al Junior-Senior Prom on May 7 in the high school gymnasium. Music was provided by the Lar17'Sch ll orchestra from Mt. Pulaski. 18 Sophomores Bottom row, left to right: Wanetta Roher, Marie Garter, Carol Hunter, Don Awe, Beverly Tibbs, Bud Litterly, John Smith, Miss Margaret Neill. Top rows Dean Hunter, Bob Leininger, Wanda Bobell, Roberta Leggett, Laura Van Fossan, Junior Greer, Jim Ioung. Absent, Sarah Turner. Fifteen seasoned freshmen returned to ECHS as sophomores in the fall of 1953. They met with Miss Neill, their sponsor, to elect class officers: Beverly Tibbs - President Don Awe - Vice-president Carol Hunter - Secretary Bud Litterly - Treasurer John Smith - Parliamentarian Our sophomore year found us faced with increased responsibility and anxiety. The ECI-IS Homecoming netted us a profit of 879.B5. The concessions we promoted were a basket of groceries, ping pong, Coca-cola, ring pitch, and a shooting gallery. Carol Hunter and Bob Leininger were our queen and king candidates respectively. We earned 815.10 picking up corn, and with our balance of 530.61 from our freshman year we took an educational trip to St. Louis in the last week of May. Our tour included Forest Park, Shaws Garden, the Art Museum,Je1'ferson Building, and a trip down the Mississippi River on the "Admiral," an excursion boat. In the district music contest on March 6, Wanda Bobell played in a clarinet trio which received a III rating, and Bob Leininger was given a II rating on his vocal solo. Don Awe, Dean Hunter, and John Smith participated in the F. F.A.'s Section lb land judging contest in the fall. A team of Dean Hunter, Don Awe, Bob Leininger, and John Smith participated in Section lb's grain and poultry judging contest. Dean tied for first place in individual poultry Judging- The sophomores sponsored an Easter party for the students and faculty on April 9. The occasion included gales, entertainment, and refreshments of fruit punch, sandwiches, lemon roll, and Easter eggs. 19 Freshmen - The Freshman Class entered ECHS with twelve members. Their sponsor was Miss Mary Schouten. The class chose as officers the following: President D.G. Lanteman Vice-president Jim Dee Secretary-treasurer Lois Sapp On initiation day, September 18, they came prepared for the worst but found it wasn't too bad. The boys dressed as baby girls and wore baby caps, the girls dressed as baby boys and carried baby bottles and dolls. They all had to wear shoe boxes as shoes. That night they 'were entertained by the seniors at an all school party. The freshmen were hosts to the other students and the faculty at a Ha11owe'en party. They directed the guests through relays and games, led them through the 'House of Horrors," provided music for dancing, and served refreshments. At Homecoming the freshmen made S33-75 from their fish pond, the pop- corn and from the basket of groceries given as a prime to the person who guessed the number of beans :Ln a Jar. Candidates for ld.ng and queen were Marlene Curry and Jin Dee. 1 During April Pat Hartsfield moved away, leaving only eleven in the o ass. The boys who went out for basketball and baseball were Willard Bohn, Dan Davis, Jim Dee, and D.G. Lantenan. Host of the freshmen were active in music organisations and clubs. In the district music contest Lois Sapp played in a clarinet trio, which was given a III rating. The boys participated in several F.F.A. events. 20 Calendar Of The School Year 1 h 7 9 108:11 1.1 B 18 18 22 5 29 2 6 6 7 8 9 9 n m m U 23 M 30 30 kJ ll 13 13 17 20 20 21 5 27 E 28 5 ?U'Nl" US. 8855! september School opens Clase elections Labor Day - no school Assembh program - Primitive music P.T.A. Home talent play, 'Flying High' Baseball game at New Holland Middletown game here Freshman initiation and senior party Baseball game at Atlanta Game here with Ht. Pulaski Baseball game at Hartsburg-hden Ball game here with Athens October Beason game here Baseball game at Waynesville Principals' netting at Urbana Meeting of the Illinois High School Association F.F.A. officers meeting 0.1.1. initiation End of let six weeks lo school - Meeting of the Illinois Education Association Cheerleaders try out Assembly program - Table tennis champion Junior play, Seven Cinderellas' No school - Teachers' Institute Soil Judging contest Freshman Hallowe'en party Senior pictures and Echo pictures llovmber Mies Neill to Chicago for Home Economics Convention Armistice Day - school Journalism class trip to Bloomington Basketball game at Riverton Redbirds played at Middleton End of 2nd six weeks Game here with Atlanta Grain fair and show at Williamsville Basketball game at Kenney lo school - Thanksgiving vacation December Basketball here with Hartsburg-Ehden I-Ray mobile unit at Elkhart Homecoming Williamsville Invitational Tourney Game with Waynesville - Here Beacon played here Grade school Christmas program at P.T.A. Basketball game at New Holland Junior class Christmas party hd of school :Ln 1953 Z1 ....,,,-I ink, 5 'fffflz' 'I lm 5 8 12 lh A15 15 19-22 26 2 5 9 12 16 18 20 2h-26 214 25 26 2 2-h 6 9-11 12 18 19 26 6 9 9 10 10 1h 898885- a- 35' 08" 'GPFSUQ fe U1 23 214-Zo 28 29 January Back to school Basketball game hers with Middleton Redbirds played at Atlanta Basketball here sith Kenney Slasster suns Game at Hartsburg-hden Loganfbeiitt Tournament Redbirds defeated at Athens February Game here with Besson Redbirds to Waynesville Basketball here with Petersburg Bo school - L1ncoln's birthdq Basketball here with les Holland Redbirds defeated at Williamsville Poultry and pain Judglng at Linooln District tourney Redbirds defeated Middletown at HcLean New Holland triumphed over Elkhart End of hth six weeks March Assembly 9th hour - pertonance of mnsio contestants Regional tourney District sol.o and ensemble contest at Bloomington Sectional tourney Operetta, 'Magazine Princess' 0.1.1. basket shooting contest Teachers' Institute - no school hgineer.l.ng0penEouse atU. ofl. April. Parliamentary procedure contest at Atlanta Baseball game here with Harrensburg-Latham End of Sth six seeks District band contest et Bloomington School election F.F.1. Public spealclng contest at nhzart llo school - Easter vacation Done here with Mt. Pulaski Ball game here sith Hartsburg-hden Senior plq, 'Out on a Limb' Livestock Judging, Bell tosnship Baseball game at Besson Hay Household Science luncheon Ball pus here with Atlanta Junior-Senior Prom Eighth grade visiting day Spring msic festival Senior class trip to Chicago Baseball here with New Holland Baccalaureate Suaester exons Graduation Sophomore class trip to St. Louis 2.2 Athletics Wt' Z3 E L K H A R T Elkhart! Elkhart! Rah!! Cheerleaders Front rowg left to right: S. Smithg M. Curryy D. Payne. Back row: M. J. Deeg Miss Schouten, spon- sorg R. Awe, substitute. Z4 Junior Varsity Bottom row: D.G. Lantermen, J. Dee, W. Bohn, D. Davisg Second row: B. Curry, J. Greer, D. Awe, D. Follis The junior varsity had only a fair season because they were hindered in middle-season by the loss of Bob Chlrry, due to a broken arm and by Don Follia' appendectomy. They finished with a record of 114 losses and 6 Hina. Junior Varsity Lineg Don Awe Center Willard Bohn Forward Jim Dee Forward Junior Greer Forward Dan Davis Guard D.G. Lanterman Guard Rebound! Rebound! You te1.1'em, Coach. Off your feet boys Z5 Basketball Bottom row, left to right: Managers L. Trago and B. Stoltzenburg. Second row F. Buckles, G. Yard, D. Hinds, B. Leininger, D. Hunter, J. Smith. Third row D. Lanterman, B. Curry, D. Awe, W. Bohn, J. Dee. 1953-19524 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE we Th Sh Hartsburg-Emden 71 6-K Riverton YE Middletown Logan County Tournament Atlanta Atlanta 3,4 Kenney Kenney S7 Hartaburg-Elnden Beason 56 Greenvieu Athens 62 Williamsville Tourney Mt. Pulasld. 72 New Berlin Beaaon Sh Ashland Waynesville 53 Mt. Pulaski Petersburg 55 New Holland 146 Waynesville Williamsville 66 Besson New Holland District Tourney Middletown Middletown 60 Atlanta New Holland S2 Kenney Basketball Champions of the 1951+ Logan-Dewitt Tournament f J , o. s E' ' Q1 Elkhart gets tip. - - Y Y Star gazing. sh 3 Hinds hits for two. Rah! Ram for H1 I 27 EIXHART DEFEATS KENNEY IN THE IDGAN CDUNTY TOURNAMENT Top of the E, left to right: non Hinds. 'Big Donnie," a 6 rf.. h in. senior, really cane into his own this season and was one of the leading scorers in the conference, having the honor of being picked on the all-tournament team. He shoots right or left handed equally well. His scoring punch will be sorely missed next year. Dean Hunter. Dean, one of our sophomores, is what you would call the 'scrapper' of the team because he never quits going. For his size he is a very good rabounder and scored consistently aJ.l year with a Jump shot from the corner. He was chosen for the all-tournament second team. Action in the Beeson game. Frank Buckles. Frank changed roles this year fron a high scorer to a "feeder." He set up Donnie with :any good passes into the center. A good driver, he hits well on a jump shot from far out. Big things are expected of Buck next year. Descending: George Yard. George, a junior, played good consistent ball all year. He is very rugged and rebounds well. He really came to the front in defense by holding Dean Padgett of Kenney to 12 points in a game at Elkhart. George will be back another year to let his opponents feel his sharp elbows. V-wr Bob Leininger. Bob, though just a sopho- more, was the best rabounder not only on the team, but in the conference as well. He began hitting the hoop consistently in the latter part of the season. We all expect a good showing from Bob next year. Jim Young. Jim, too, is only a sophomore and has two good years ahead of him. He always played a good steady ball gale and could be counted on for I4 or 5 buckets a game. Illness kept his out most of the last half of the season. Center of E: Beeson and Elkhart fighting for the crown John Smith. John, another sophomore, is a good driver and the best shot on the team. By pulling the Waynesville game out of the fire in the last h seconds, he proved his shooting ability. John will be fighting for a starting berth next year. Bottom of the Ex Leon Trago, Coach Harry Hanes, and Bill Stoltaenburg Beason plays at Elkhart and wins Bob Curry. Bob, the 'tough luck kid" on the team, broke his wrist just when he was rounding into form. We certainly missed his assistance the latter part of the season. Bob has a very good jump shot and is a good rabounder. ,K 13611 MA Mi if M L , ,mfg Hold on, Bgb, Athletic Banquet 1953- ! , sm if. norm.. BHSC Leu go mum.. Waiting to bat. Winning smile. We won, but he lost Bench warmers. 30 Baseball Bottom row: D.G. Lanterman, J. Dee, D. Davis, B. Stoltaenburg, G. Yard. Top row: D. Hunter, B. Leininger, J. Smith, W. Bohn, B. Curry, Coach Harry Hanes. The Redbirds finished the fall season in hth place in conference play, ending the season with a 3 and 3 record. Our team was very young and inex- perienced. No depth in the pitching and catching department hurt us no end. Jim Young and Bob Leininger shared the pitching duties, while Leininger and Junior Greer handled the catching chores. George Iard and Don Awe divided lst base, Jimqr Dee and D. G. Lanterman formed the keystone combination, and John Smith rounded out the infield at 3rd base. Roaming the outer garden were Bill Stoltaenburg, Dean Hunter, Bob Curry, and Danny Davis. WE THE! -6 New Holland E 6 Middletown 3 h Atlanta 19 0 Mt. Pulaski 28 ls Hartsburg-Emden 114 2 Benson 1 The Redbirds who reported for the spring season were returning lettermen. In the infield were Bob Leininger, George Yard and John Saithg in the outfield were Dean Hunter, Bob Curry and Bill Stoltzenburg. Other players were Jin Dee, Dan Davis, D.G. Lanterman, and Dick Damarin. SPRING SCHEDULE April li Warrensburg-Latham Williamsb 114 Williamsville 20 Mt . Pulaski 23 I-Iartsburg-Enden 26 Bea son 30 Kenney May Atlanta 3 19 New Holland 3 I Volleyball Champion Mixed Team Champion Boys' Team Captains: Doris Awe and Don Hinds Captain: Earl Boyer 5- TUPHPF, J- Plummer, D- AWB, 3- Smithi E. Boyerg D. Hunter, C. Drake, F. Johnson, J. Lee. Lv. Awe, D. Hinds, G. Yard. D. Sivert, D. I-I:l.nds, D. Awe . an ",ll I' 1 a Champion Girls' Team Juniors, Class Champions c n 1 1 M J D ap . n .ry une ee B. Curry, G. Yard, C. Walsh, R. Awe, L- Van FOSSIH, J- Plummer, C- Hunters D. Lantermang F. Buckles, D. Follis, R- Ave, M-J. Dee- R. Naugle, D. Sivert. 32 Activitie An., Urganization 'WK NW K . . . 54 . fn" , Aw ' . -4 Q -MA, ?........., 51 if 33 1 -- Band pf' Bass Marfe Carter Percussion Harlen Hamil Bob Curry Pat Moury Frank Buckles Majorette Mary ane Dee Director, Miss Mary Schouten Alto 53X02h0Ue5 T1'um,, RSL Dorthy Lanterman George Yard Flutes Colleen Walsh Ann Smith Doris Awe Alice Doom Dorothy Payne Marlene Curry Jim Dee Trombones Clarinets Tenor Saxophone Jacquie Dennison Sandra Smith Roberta Leggett Dick Damarin Joanne Lee D.G. Lanterman Wanda Bobell Horns Lois Sapp Ruth Awe Baritone Judith Plummer Beverly Tibbs Carol Hunter Q11 f L ' F L- m" E7!.!,ffyfi - ., J up ,QQ sy, . H.: ' . , . f V4 1 'HN . 44 m 2 amps., q ,la . w . 3 ' Ell1nJl+uJll.Lj'l ' "V'f On April 10 the band won a second place rating in the District Music Contest held at Bloomington. p Q 'T' Music contestants. lst row, left to right: B. Tibbs, S. Smith, D. Payne, A. Smith, D. Lanterman. 2nd row: J. Dennison, D. Awe, W. Bobell, J. Lee, L. Sapp. 3rd row: B. Curry, G. Yard, B. Leininger, A. Doom. 34 These senior girls have been in the band for seven years, all three having entered when they were in the sixth grade. They are, left to right: S. Smith, J. Dennison, and D. Payne. Choruses mam Director, Miss Mary K. Schouteng Accompanist, Dorthy Lantemang Left to right, Bottom row: L. Van Fossen, N. Gieseke, A. Smith, D. Payne, M. Curry, C. Walsh, J. Lee, S. Smith. W. Bobell, C. Hunter, M. Carter, P. Hartsfield, Top row: D. Awe, P. Mowry, M. J. Dee, L. Sapp, R. Awe, E. Van Fbesan, J. Dennison, J. Plummer, B. Tibbs, A. Doom, R. Leggett, G. Litterly. Director, Miss Mary K. Schouteng Accompanist, Alice Doom, Left to right, J. Smith, F. Buckles, D. Hollis, B. Curry, D. Sivert, G. Yard, D. Hunter, J. Young, J. Dee, C. Drake, B. Leininger, B. Radtke, D. G. Lantermm. fe 'WOR r can e 35 0 P eretta Welcome Home, Mikel Whatq, so pm-uv, Betty? Emrnuc, umm than EEK!! A Bear! I Sup Lively, Carol Listen To Miss Stewart, Adam. "MAGAZINE PRINCESS" Marie, the Magazine Princess Alice Doom The Royal Policemen from Rozenia: Michael St. Denis George Yard Bozo Charles Drake Adam, friend of the Princess D.G. Lanterman Nose Bill Radtke General Red Rosie, a pirate Delbert Sivert Hinky Frank Buckles Miss Stewart, a teacher at Hargis Ann Smith Dinky Don Follis Student! at lhrgisf Caro, a gypsy dancer Dorothy Payne Herbert Minter, a senior Bob Leininger The Bear Jim Dee Julia, the governor's daughter Mary Jane Dee Secret service men Bud Litterly, POT-GP Bob Curry Robert Naugle Jessica Roberta Leggett Pirates Dean Hunter, Betty Minter, Herbert's sister Wanda Bobell John Smith Accompanist - Dorthy Lanterman Choruses and Dancers Marie and her friend Adam, a shepherd boy, had to flee from Rosenia to escape the sinister plots of her uncle, the ruler. Because she has to sell magazines in order to make a living in America, Marie is known as the 'Magazine Princess." They stay at the summer home of Miss Stewart, who is holding a summer meeting at the aeashore so that the students can brush up on their athletics for the coming school year. Michael arrives on the cene as a former student returning here, and he immediately plans to help the princess in her plight. He perauades Julia to impersonate the princess so that Red Rosie, a pirate sent from Rosenia to kidnap Marie, will try to kidnap her instead. Herbert, a student in love with Julia, tries to get his co-eds to do some work. Red Rosie tries to kidnap Julia, but he is stopped by Michael, who is really a member of the secret service. Jessica, who needs money to continue in school, tells the pirates where the real Marie is, so that she will get the reward offered by the Rosenians. Red Rosie is driven from the country. the Magazine Princess and Michael decide to talk under the moon later that night, and Herbert finally wins the affections of Julia. 36 G. A. A. Bottom row: M. Curry, A. Doom, D. Payne, E. Van Fbeean. Second row: D. Lanterman, J. Lee, Tren., B. Tibbe, V. Pres., S. Smith, Pres- ident, C. Walsh, Sec., M. Dee, D. Ave. Top row: Advisor, Miss Sehouten, R. Awe, L. Sapp, H. Carter, J. Plummer, R. Leggett, U. Bobell, C. Hunter, P. Hartsfield, L. Van Fonan, A. Smith, Sportsmen ' s Club Standing left to rights D. Dunrin, D. G. Lanterlnn, J. Dee, R. Naugle, W. Bohn, D. Davie, I-I. Hull, B. Curry, B. Litterly, D. Hunter, J. Slith, Sec. de Treu.3 D. Awe, G. Yard, President, J. Ioung, V. President, C. Drake, B. Leininger, D. Sivert, Hr. Ritchie, Advisor. Kneeling: B. Radtke, Ruffy, Hr. Ritchie'a dog. 37 Echoette Editorial Staff Bottom row, left to right: J. Lee, Director of Reporters, P. Howry, Exchange Editor, R. Awe, Business Manager and Exchange Editor, D. Lantermm, Editor, A. Doon, Assistant Editorg C. Walsh, Director of Reporters. Top rows Hr. Wells, F. Buckles, and D. Follis, Sports Editors, B. Curry, Typing Director, G. Yard, Mimeograph Directory D. Sivert, R. Hsugle, and C. Drake, Art Editors. 599. Bottom row, left to right: J. Dennison, N. Gieseke, G. Littevrly, Typistsg Middle row: S. Smith, D. Payne, J. Dee, D. Awe, A. Smith, Typists, M. Curry, GAA reporter, Top row: B. Radtke, delivererg D. Damarin, F. Buckles, B. Curry, Typing Directory E. wells, sponsor, J. Young. 38 Echo Staff '55 40 Q 3 Front row, left to right: J. Dennison, N. Gieseke, typists, D. Payne, reporter, D. Sivert, S. Smith, artists, M. J. Dee, associate editor, A. Smith, editor-in- chief, A. Doom, junior editor, G. Litterly, typist. Second row: E. Boyer, reporter, R. Naugle, D. Hinds, business managers, F. John- son, L. Trago, reporters, Miss DeLonjay, adviser, B. Leininger, G. Yard, L. Sapp, reporters, C. Drake, B. Stoltzenburg, business managers, D. Awe, photographer. Library Staff gg T5 , sg .Q 4, Front row, left to right: Miss DeLonjay, D. Lanterman, P. Hartsfield, J. Smith, M.J. Dee, C. Walsh, D. Awe. Second row: W. Roher, J. Plummer, R. Naugle, G. Yard, B. Leininger, A. Doom, D. Payne. 39 Future Homemakers of America A ,al WW H MAKMS AMERHIA First row, left to right: W. Roher, Recreationg L. Van Fbssan, Finance Chairman, C. Hunter, Vice President, W. Bobell, President, B. Tibbs, Secretaryg R. Leggett, Treasurer, M. Carter, Degrees Chairman, A. Doom, Parliamentarian. Middle row: A. Smith, J. Dennison, Songleaderg R. Awe, M. J. Deeg J. Plu mer, G. Litterlyg D. Lantermang L. Sappg M. Neill. Top row: M. Curry, C. Walsh, J. Leeg S. Smith, P. Mowryg D. Awe, D. Payneg E. Van Fbssang P. Hartsfieldg N. Gieseke. Future Farmers of America .53 f"""'h. '--.,m, First row, left to right: B. Leininger, B. Litterly, J. Smith, D. Hinds, J. Young, and Mr. Behle. Second row: J. Dee, D. Lanterman, D. Damarin, D. Davis, and B. Stoltzenburg. Third row: B. Radtke, H. Hamil, D. Hunter,E. Boyer, D. Awe, F. Johnson, L. Trago, G. Yard, B. Curry, J. Greer, C. Drake, F. Buckles, and W. Bohn. 40 Homecoming Crown bearers Jimmy Dee Bob Leininger Don Hinds Carol Hunter Marlene Curry Joanne Lee The Royal Couple The Coronation Elkhart began the celebration of the 1953 Homecoming by defeating Greenview's basket- ball team S6 to 52 on Friday, December h. As soon as the ball game was over, preparations for the coronation were begun. At nine o'clock the Homecoming king, queen, and attendants entered. Crown bearers were Sharon Bair and B lly Tibbs. The royal couple, Queen Gladys Lee Litterly and King Frank Buckles, were crowned by Sir Robert Curry, Knight of Elkhart Hill. Leading the other couples in a grand march, the king and queen opened the dance. The orches- tra of Del Gilbert from Mackinaw, Illinois played from nine to twelve p.m. All day Saturday the school organizations were at work getting their booths ready for the carnival while the ladies of the community prepared the dinner, which was to be served from five to seven o'clock. Dinners of fried oysters and baked ham dinners were 61.00 a plate, chicken sandwiches were 75d a plate. Approximately 350 people were served. After the dinner the guests visited the displays at the carnival. The F.F.A. had a miniature bowling alley and a game in which customers threw darts at balloons, winning a prize if they broke any. The juniors had a basket shooting game and operated the checkroom. A basket of groceries was the prize given by the freshmen to the person who guessed most nearly the correct number of beans in a jar, they also had a fish pond booth and sold pop- corn. The sophomore class had a ring toss game, a shooting gallery, and the coke concession. In their country store the seniors sold groceries, pastries, candy, and needlework. When the carnival was over and the booths had been removed, the marching band played a short concert in honor of the alumni. Twenty-one cakes were the prizes given to the winners in the cake walk held by the senior class. Following the cake walk, the celebration was ended by a record dance. 41 JllI1i0I' Class Pla SEVEN CINDERELLAS I a L ,. so ? n f '.KL. - 'f W' Hr. Hiller Delbert Sivert Mrs. Hiller Alice Doom Jack George Yard Eileen Harvey Dorthy Lanterman Vivian Joanne Lee Agnes Pat Mowry Hazel Ruth Awe Cheyenne Bill Bob Curry Beth and Bob Colleen Walsh Robert Naugle Edgar Don Follis Larry Reed Frank Rzckles Horace Charles Drake k Dean Hunter Mr. Miller, who is owner of Tri State Broadcasting System, has a parade of people like Beth and Bob who think they are the greatest dance and singing team since radio came on the air and their brother Edgar, who does impersonations of people and animals. But to add to Mr. Mi1ler's troubles, he is bothered by a singing cowboy by the name of Cheyenne Bill. If you think Hr. Miller has trouble with these people, you should see his henpecking wife. And his son Jack does not have any interest in radio and even less :Ln marrying Vivian. But when they hire Eileen Harvey as a new maid, life really snaps into Jack, and he becomes very interested in Eileen Harvey and her radio script 'Seven C:Lnderellas". Jack tries to ell E:Lleen's idea to his father, and he hires Edgar to pose as an important radio executive from New York, but they have a terrible time when the real executive , Larry Reed, shows up. Mr. Miller finds out from Hazel that he is not as sick as Mrs. Hiller wants him to think he is. He becomes angry and takes matters into his own hands, and after a hard-fought battle some very happy changes have been made. Eileen gets her writing Job, Jack gets Eileen, and Mr. Miller sails for Europe as boss of his own family for the first time in twenty years. Cheyenne Bill with the help of his horse, Horace, gets Hazel. pf 4 .J L .Q l 4 42 Senior Class Play Get off the Professor's What does it say, Punk? Moving inf Charlie? checker, Mabel. Min M-mmm is new a You ten he-, Ma,-km gQQi'?"""t"e'1Y 'du' member too. 9 EN t h th birdi Find your cake, Cookie? wa C e ex Re na Weber DOP!!-8 LUG OUT ON A LW Magic Weber Bill Stoltsenburg Resins Weber is trying to set enough Billie Weber Mary Jane Dee money to send Billie to finishing school, Hgbgl Hyde Ann Smith but her husband is no help, he prefers to Chu-10 Crgig Leon Trago spend his vacation playing checkers with Prgfggggr Dgdgngoff Eu-1 Boyer Professor Dodenhotf. Regus rents the den Dorgthy 5.1-,tingjy Jggqueling pgmigon to Charles Craig, a young newspapermen. Bird B!-.in D91-othy Pgy-ng Soon after he moves in, Funk, Billie's push Pringle Swan smith boy friend, reports that he saw the two Punk any Domi' Hindg leaving with Billie's overnight bag. The Coon, n-gd Johnson vague message Billie left makes them sus- pect she has eloped with Charles. Push and Bird Brain, Bil1ie's friends, report that they over- heard her mention seeing a minister, Cookie. the delivery boy from the bakery, leaves a wedding cake at the house, and the professor says that they were at the court hou e to get a license. When the Hebers cone baok after a vain search, Miss Mattingly, the school psychologist, per- susdes them to give the couple a real wedding cerenorw after they return. Mark keeps :uttering threats about what he intends to do to Charles, but Regina excitedly begins to plan the wedding. Funk thinks of several ways to end his ruined life, but when he realises he might be able to sue Billie for breach of promise, he forgets all about dying. The nissing pair, having returned, are confused by all the plans for their wedding, for they hadn't eloped and had no intention of doing so. All the wedding preparations give the professor the courage he needs, and he asks Aunt Mabel to marry him. 43 Prom of 1954 From eight to eleven p.m. on Friday May 7, the juniors were hosts to the seniors and their guests, board members, and the faculty at a Prom held in the high school gymnasium. At a party in their home, before the dance, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Manes entertained all those who attended the Prom. Using the theme NStairway to the Stars,' the junior class had decorated the gym with an arched stairway on the stage and large silver stars. A white picket fence and a false ceiling of crepe paper streamers enclosed the dance floor. The guests entered and left un- der a flower-decorated trellis. Near the fence, opposite the orchestra, were two small goldfish pools. At intermission Mrs. Albert Awe and Mrs. William Doom served refreshments of ice cream, cake, mints, nuts, and punch. The music was provided by the orches- tra of Larry Shull from Mt. Pulaski. Accompanied by the orchestra, a guest, Miss Loretta Roffenbarger, sang one se- lection and George Yard was vocalist for another number. XZ I' 44 Senior Class Trip 4 '- ad "fi, At 12:30 a.m. on Friday, hay lb, all the seniors, their guests Mr. and Mrs. Harry Manes, and the class sponsor, Miss Delonjay, left for Chicago. Mr. Everett Miller drove the school bus. After a sleepless trip everyone went to see the hour-long telecast of' Don McNeill's 'Breakfast Club' program in the Morrison Hotel. Fbllowing the program, the group went shopping in Marshall Field's department store. Leaving the Loop, they traveled up the beautiful Lake Shore Drive to the Museum of Natural History and the Shedd Aquarium. In the museum they saw the Hall of Gems, fossils, the exhibits of animals in their natural habitat, and the famous sculptures by Malvina Hoffman in the Hall of Man. Opposite the museum was the aquarium, an octagonsl building which houses many species of fish from all parts of the world. The group went up thirty- five stories to view Chicago from the observation platform of the Tribune Tower. From this point could be seen the Merchandise Mart building, the Art Institute, the Board of Trade building, the lake trout, the buildings of the Loop, and , almost at the foot of the tower, Michigan Avenue and the Chicago River. Hom there the class went to register at the Conrad Hilton Hotel, where they had their reservations. In the evening everyone went to the Chicago Theater to see a motion picture and the stage show, which featured The Fbur Lads, a comedian, and singer Tomuw Leonetti. On Saturday after having their pictmu-e taken in the hotel, the party left and went to the Museum of Science and Industry to spend the rest of the morning. Among the attractions at the xmseum were models of early planes and automobiles, demonstrations with electricity and magnets, a coal mine, and a nickelodeon which was then showing 'The Great Train Rob- bery," a motion picture made in 1903 by Thomas Edison's company. One of the features which the group enjoyed was the 'do-it-yourself' type of experiment. The visitor could perform experiments with magnets, electricity, polarized light, and simple machines by.pressing a button and watching the results. The class then started home and arrived in Elkhart about four p.m. 45 Sophomore Class Trip Saturday, May 29, the sophomores of ECI-IS went to St. Louis, Missouri, for their an- nual trip, which was sponsored by Miss Margaret Neill and chauffeured by Harold "Cookie" Caldwell. The sophomores made preparations for the trip Friday evening, May 29. After arriving in St. Louis, the group planned the day's schedule. The first place visited was Henry Shaw's Garden, where the class saw many different species and oddities of plant life in their natural surroundings. At Fbrest Park Zoo, the second place visit- ed, they saw various species of reptiles, bears, deer, el.k, elephants, monkeys, chimpan- zees, and many kinds of birds. The tour of the soo was climaxed by a class visit to the chimpanzee show. Fbllowing a picnic lunch in Forest Park, they drove to the Mississippi River and boarded the excursion boat "The S.S. Admiral," which was making its first trip of the current season. A carnival, a dance hall, a lounge, and an observation deck offered a variety of entertainment to those on the boat. The five hour excursion took the class twenty-six miles down the river and back. This excursion was most certainly the highlight of the trip. Having returned from the boat and after eating a light lunch on the school bus, the class began the return trip to Elkhart. At Edwardsville the group attended a double- feature movie, followed by a snack at a local restaurant. hom Edwardsville the trip home was without rest or sleep. About two o'clock Sunday morning a tired out, happy sophomore class closed the door on their second successful year at ECHS. All sophomores but Laura Van Fossan and James Young attended. Graduation Baccalaureate At eight o' clock on Sunday, May 23, Baccalaureate services were held in the high school gymnasium. To the measures of E1gar's 'Ponp and Circumstsnce Marcia," played by Dorthy Lanternan, the twelve seniors and the faculty masbers came in and took their places. Leading the two lines, which entered from opposite sides of the gmnasium, were Robert Garry and Joanne Lee, the president and the vice-president of the junior class. Reverend Sidney D. Lowe of the Elkhart Methodist Church gave the invocation, following which the boys' chorus, directed by Hiss Sehouten, sang 'Old Han Rivera" Reverend Lowe preached the sermon. Then George Yard sang 'There Cones Another Morrow." The benediction, by Reverend Lowe, ended the service. Commencement On Friday, Hay 26 at eight p.n. Comnencaaent was held at the hid: school. Dorthy Lantersan again played the processional for the graduates and the faculty. Following the invocation by Reverend E. H. Krewer of St. Patrlclds Church of Elkhart, the girls' chorus sang "!ou'll Never Walk Alone." Dr. Theodore Sands, an associate professor of social science at Illinois State Normal University, delivered the address, 'This Time of Decis1on." Sandra Smith accompanied the :Lx other senior girls as they sang 'O Master Let Me Walk With Theeg' Jacqueline Dennison was soloist in this number. To Mary Jane Dee, Gladys Lee Litterly, and Ann Smith, Hr. Walter Ritchie, the principal, presented the Bohan scholarship awards, gold Honor E's. President of the board of edu- cation, Hr. John B. Danaher, presented the diplomas. Alice Doom, accompanied by Dorthy Lenternan, sang 'The Lost Chez-d," and Reverend Krewer closed the program with the benediction. 46 Alumni NAME OCCUPATION CLASS OF 1922 Emery Allen retired teacher Lillie Mae Bruner married Ella Fulcher Clfirs. Darrell Shockeyl Bernard Gallion deceased Mildred Gfupton Oirs. Joe Pitcherl Helen Laffey practical nurse at hospital Dnmett Murphy farmer Edward Nicholson employee at box factory Ruth Parks Kathryn Van Meter CMrs. John Fitzgibbonb CLASS OF 1923 Ollie Irene Bruner deceased Barbara Cook fMrs. Ben Crawfordj Walter Lee deceased Rose McCue Odrs. Ernest Ambergi lolita Miller fMrs. John Merrittb elementary teacher Mildred Murphy fMrs. Robert Welch! Hazel Oyer Clflrs. George Oltmannsj Josephine Sherbondy CMrs. E. K. Brookerb Mary Walsh GLASS OF l92h Hilton Agnew deceased Marguerite Allison Marie Beckhort Oirs. Rodney McClanahanD EdW9!'d I-Hffey Rock Island Railroad Hayden 1-0f'Wi0h insurance agent Asda Olson Montgomery Ward Evelyn Oyer deceased Maud Reed fMrs. Elmer Pentecoetl Elizabeth Sherbondy fMrs. William ButtellJ ITBIIS SVBIISOII Palmer Turley deceased May Wilson 04rs. Wilbur Schrothi elqnengu-y teacher CLASS OF 1925 Rosa Byerly Oflrs. John Cravensl Mary Grace Follis deceased Thomas Hanahan supervisor at Caterpillar Henry Hufiman employed Clara Lee 04rs. Bernice Dug ini Mary Lee Ihre. Floyd Prunty? Thelma Lee fMrs. Harold Svensonl James McCue trucker Helen Reed Cheslea Sherbondy Central Electric 84 Gas Co. Vivian Svenson Mrs. Lawrence Delaneyl Thomas Tierney employee of Stetson Potteries Jessie Turley elementary teacher CLASS OF 1926 John Laban Allison firmer John Brennan, m. Harriet Van Meter representative of an oil company Ethyl Mae Coady 990I'9t41'3' 47 ADDRESS Carlinville Rochester Elkhart Lincoln Elkhart Io Davenport , Elkhart Detroit, Michigan Qaincy Elkhart Lincoln Lincoln Elkhart Elkhart St. Louie, Ho. Evanston Chicago Buffalo Chicago Elkhart Elkhart Lincoln Martinsville , Peoria Springfi eld Elkhart Lincoln Elkhart Springfield Rockford Springfield Lincoln Mt . Pulaski Elkhart Chicago Chicago Ia Gladys Mae Croft CMrs. George Schonewisel Frances Duggins 0411. Bernard Rehwaldtl Irene Luella Johnson primary teacher at Decatur Susan Gillett Keays CMrs. Robert Greenj Donald Lanterman, m. Mildred Andes farmer Verne Lanterman married elementary teacher at Lincoln Mary Ruth Lucas CMrs. Edd Gentryl employee of Allis-Chalmers Jacob A. Oyer married farmer Robert Pierce married owns furniture 8: appliance store Esther Randal CMrs. Garnet Harel Ray Smith married farmer Harriet Van Meter CMrs. John Brennanl Mildred Andes CMrs. Donald Lantermanl Bernice Armstrong CMrs. E. Patterson? Ora Byerly married Hilda Croft Girl. Gerald Wright, Warren Dorgan deceased Virdnia Hinman Helen Hedger fMrs. Orville Kitchenj Mark Hunter married CLASS OF 1927 U.S. Postal employee operates millinery shop custodian of grade school Marjorie Lanternan QMrs. Marjorie Oglesbyl Gladys Lanterman CMrs. Robert Thomasl Gwendolyn Lippott CMrs. Paul Pattersonj John Merritt married Agnes McCue QMrs. Floyd Likensl Vernon Montgomery Dorothy Sapp Khrs. John Hindsl Gladys Townshend fMrs. Fred Kurtz., Lucille Van Meter fMrs. Lloyd MurphyJ Thomas Wilson deceased Emerson G. Beeler William Bonaparte John T. Dee Lynn C. Duginger Mae M. Duginger CMrs. Douglas Finlayeonl Mary Ann Hanahan deceased Paul Humphreys Vera K. Lanterman fMrs. Miller Gladdenl Ruby Oyer CMrs. Gusaie Zieglowskil Lewis Rubenking Stanley Sturgis Leo Walsh David Allison Elmer Awe Dale Byrne Edna Marie Collier CMrs. Leo Stellerl Robert Craner Lewis Croft Dennis Dee m. Catherine Fitzgibbons Robert Lee rn. Helen Dee Vincent Lee Lester leininger Marie Merritt CMrs. Larry Lawrencel John McCue Ronald McKee Gwendolyn Sherbondy CMrs. Arthur Myersj Leona Belle Shockey deceased Irene Smith John George Woolery downstate mg. of Chicago Motor Club employee of Lincoln State Bank CLASS OF 1928 operates service station farmer Standard Oil agent supervisor at Caterpillar employee of Western Electric personnel mgr. , National Distillers co-owner Elkhart Oil Company CIASS OF 1929 employed farmer postal clerk employee of Noble Motor Company farmer manager of Illini Motor Sales employee of Logan County farmer employee of Spiegels electrician vice-pres. of Hiram Walker, Canadian branch machinist at Allis Chalmers 48 Chicago Peldn Cornland Mexico , Missouri Elkhart Elkhart Peoria Broadwell El Paso Springfield Elkhart Chicago Elkhart Lincoln Normal Chicago Springfield Cornland Elkhart Lincoln Sherman , Texas Williamsville Elkhart Biloxi , Mies. lincoln Elkhart Delavan Putnam Lincoln Elkhart Middletown Berwyn Peoria Sherman, Texas Hartsburg Indianapolis, Ind. Peoria Mt. Pulaslcl Chicago Elkhart Peoria Elkhart Danville Athens Springfield Elkhart New Holland Chicago Mt. Vernon Elkhart Detroit, Mich. Mt. Pulaski sprmgrma Clifford Benner Charles Brennan James Davis Helen Foreaker 041-s. William Burke! Kenneth Drake Wilfrid Hanahan Porter Johnson m. Alberta Laffey Rena Kennedy Gare. Henry Lael John Kibby Virginia Kohl CMre. Chester Powell! Robert Leininger m. Blanche Smith Chester Merritt Arthur Neaville Mathew Neaville Mary Alice Pierce Thomas Stellar Anna Stull Wilma Tilson CMrs. Rance Doris! Howard Todd Cecelia Walsh CMrs. Harold Andes Glenn Baker Samuel Boughan Norris Dodds Leo Welehl Charles Famer deceased Catherine Fltagibbons 04rs. Dennis Deej Garland Gupton Rex Harris Herman Harrison m. Clara Oyer Gerald Helden Pearl Kennedy QM:-s. Bernard Zanziell Anna Lee deceased Maude Lee fMrs. Wayne Harrisj Alberta Laffey Olrs. Porter Johnsonl Alice McCue mrs. Ed Winterbauerl Leo McCue Paul Parsons Wayne Sapp Edward Shockey Raymond Stump! William Van Meter Arthur Wilbank Mary Louise Allison deceased Julia Irene Anderson CMre. Wesley Shawgol Elisabeth Barry CMN. Irving Lercherl Ethel Gard Barry QMrs. D. M. Littlejohnl Edmund Paul Brennan Hugh Bryson, Jr. Helen Dee 0128. Robert Lee! William Ellis Dobey Juliana Fulcher CMrs. Richard Stringerj Hollis Louise Grimm Helen Louise Gupton Louise Hinman Fred A. Johnson Lucille Johnson KMra. Joseph B. Lanterman Dorothy E. Murphy Donald Neaville Veneda Neaville fMrs. Richard Oglesby deceased Jack Powerj M. S. Openshawl CLASS OF 1930 carpenter carpenter employee of Texas Oil Company farmer welder operates service station employee farmer employee farmer farmer of Federal Loan Compaxv owner of hardware store employee of electric company CLASS OF 1931 insurance agent farmer employee at Caterpillar Tractor Co. employee at State House farmer, drugstore proprietor farmer, employee of service station farmer employed U.S. Army employee of Mueller Glass Works farmer employee of Caterpillar at Peoria proprietor of restaurant lawyer employee of Caterpillar Co. CLASS OF 1932 employee at service station pres. of Cooke G: Stewards employee at Stetson Pottery employee of International Harvester Vice-pres. American Steel Co. farmer employee of life insurance co. 49 of Central Iron 8: Metal Co. Broadwell Williamsville Wilmington Lincoln Elkhart Ezgene, Oregon Springfield Lincoln Springfield Fancy Prairie Elkhart Springfield Fancy Prairie Athens Elkhart Springfield Petersburg Wilmington Lincoln J erseyville Greenview Washington Springfield Springfield Middletown Georgetown Fancy Prairie Bloomington Warsaw Elkhart Springfield Fancy Prairie Ft. Benning, Ga Decatur Elkhart Lincoln St. Louis, Mo. Lake Springfield Rio Vista, Calif Broadwell Bzffalo Pana Bimingham, Mich San Francisco ,Cal Elkhart Middletown Minden, Louisiana BGWYH Chicago Chicago Elkhart Athens Santa Barbara ,Cal Springfield Clara Oyer mrs. Herman Harrisonj Harley Phares deceased R. Hollis Pickett farmer Reyon Shockey major in Sth Araq Headquarters Gladys Showalter Odrs. Fred Newman, Ruth Marie Steller Odrs. James Wisel Dorabelle Taylor Cldrs. Norman Rabjohnj Gwen Tibbs farmer Mary E. Woolery CLASS OF 1933 Enma Awe deceased Helen Baker Ruth Broehl Girs. Sylvano Ortegol Mary Dobey mrs. Floyd Curryl Helen Dorgan 0'1rs. Melvin Smithl Russell Farmer farmer Charlene Marie Gupton Paul Hanahan storekeeper Lucille Delena Johnson Lorena Kohl Clirs. Ellis Bell! Pauline Lanterman Clirs. Ed Kruchtenl William C. Leftwich employee of automobile club Charles Inomis Farm Bureau Oil agent Guenevere Pyles Olrs. Cecil Laugherb Ray Schilling deceased Roy Schilling school administrator Leland Todd deceased Nellie Whitehouse Ihre. Emmanuel Hunterj Jean Wilbanks Kurs. Allen Wholahanl CLASS OF 19314 Odelle Akeridge Cllrs. Ludwell Ramsey! John Barry Holland 8: Barry Funeral Home Helen hzttell 0411. William Heinaelj Marshall Coffey farmer Catherine Drake Oirs. Carlos Bosal Irene Fltegibbons employed in Lincoln James Havey colonel in U.S. Air Force Clay Hinman proprietor, dry cleaning establishment Theodore Hunter employee of State of Illinois Harold Kerschner farmer Hoodrow Kibby factory worker Mary Frances Lee Cllrs. James Parsonsl Eva Frances Plummer Qfirs. B. J. Carter! Brewster Read employee of Caterpillar Amanda Shockey Oirs. Arthur Breel Frank Showalter employee, Baugher Implement Co. Leonard Smith James Taylor accountant for International Harvester Nancy Van Meter Clllrs. Joe Colpeartj cuss or 1935 Corabell Brennan Mrs. Krakoskayl Eenton Craner m. Florence Bair co-owner Elkhart Oil Co. Norma Donaldson Cldrs. Carl Heinsl Dorothy Gieseke 0-Irs. Bernelle Gemberlingl Esther Griffin Dorothy Hanahan Mrs. Leroy Carterl Isabelle Hinman Dorotlfq' Kohl Oire. Harold Petersonl Melba Lanterman Oirs. Laverne Arneyl Scott Lanterman general mgr. Silverfleet Express Co. Marie Loomis Oirs. Howard Downsl Lorinda Miller Oirs. John Mclfaddenl Ines Pankey Oirs. John Bohn! Imo Pankey CMrs. Arthur McCrayJ Emu C. Shockey Oirs. Ennis 0'de1lJ 50 Fancy Prairie Elkhart Chicago Long Beach, Cal Minonk Columbia, Mo. New Holland Chicago Mexico City, Mex Elkhart Athens Lincoln Broadwell South Effingham Fort Wayney Ind. Sterling Tolono Chestnut DBC8tl1I' McLean Kenmore, N.. Y. Springfield lincoln Lincoln Middletown Baltimore, Md. Elkhart Lynnwood, Calif. Gibson City Elkhart Mt. Pulaski Chicago Elkhart Naperville Lincoln Lincoln Fancy Prairie Lincoln South Bend , Ind . Birmingham, Mich Elkhart Lincoln Enden Valdosa, Georgia Springfield Hartsburg Cornland Fbrt Wayne, Ind. Williamsville Williamsville Chatauqua, Kan. Elkhart Elkhart Blanche Smith lMrs. Robert Leiningerl Glenn Steller Maurice Tierney m. Helen Willard Helen Todd KMrs. Warren Harlan! Catherine Allison Marjorie Allison fMrs. Gilbert Reesel Mary Allison CMrs. Lester Kitchenl Florence Bair CMrs. Fenton Cranerj Frances Bushong CMrs. Randolph Pencel Donovan Davis Earline Davis CMJTB. Everett Millerl Josephine Denney CMrs. Robert Hickeyj Alvan Diersing Irene Greer fMrs. Lacey Halll Carlyle Griffin Mary Gupton Kay Harrison deceased Gene Johnson Hilma Lanteman Qflrs. Harold Schillingj Amy Mae Miller CMrs. Herman Girdlery Edith Mills Eileen Plummer Oirs. Charles DuMoLlnD Homer Quisenberry Harold Schilling m. Hilma Lanterman Leo Unger James Willard Catherine Andes Clirs. Marwin Rohlfsj Dean Benner Harold Bock m. Anna Marie Miller Leona Boyer Oirs. Randal Battertonl Doris Broehl Olrs. Edward Hopper! Jacob Bzttell Gladys Coffey fMrs. Carl Maphiesanl Delmar Davis m. Thelma Johnson Mary Drake QMrs. Thomas Flynnj Pauline Fitzgibbons fMrs. Moatsl Thomas Eolkes William Greenslate Charles Gupton Alma Hinman Thelma Johnson litre. Delmar Davisl Erma Lanterman Oirs. Roy Conant, Anna Marie Miller Oirs. Harold Bockl Harland Pankey Eugene Ritter Clarence Schilling, Jr. Lee Stull Paul Todd Irene F. Van Ilbssan CM:-s. Richard Fbltsi Helen Willard Oirs. Maurice Tierneyl Cleona Hoolery Oirs. Gus Phelpl Leona Ucolery Winnitred Lkeridge fMrs. Edward Wisel Sydney Lynn Bair James Brennan ll- Virginia Broehl Virginia Brcehl CMrs. Janes Brennanl Frank Cosby Warren Davis Lucille Donaldson CMrs. Charles Eckertl U.S. Army employee of Ill. Div. of Highways CLASS OF 1936 employed farmer carpenter and salesman carpenter parking meter salesman farmer saleanan, Shelby Sales Book Co. CIASS OF 1937 doctor watchmaker trucker farmer employee of Keystone Co. postmaster employee of Sangamo Electric farmer employee Ill. Central Railroad asst. mgr. insurance company registered nurse CLASS OF 1938 certified public accountant sales rep. for Sinclair Oil Co. Elkhart Alexander, Va. Elkhart Alemeda, Calif. Chicago Dawson Springfield Elkhart Wauseon, Ohio Williamsville Elkhart Lincoln Lincoln Elkhart Ht. halaslcl. Fort Worth , Texas Elkhart Williamsville Peoria Chicago Middletown Elkhart Springfield Summers Point, N.J. Elkhart Stronyzurst Springfield Jacksonville Orlando, Fla. Chicago Elkhart Williamsfield Chicago linden Bartonville Elkhart Springfield Stronghurst Elkhart Springfield Elkhart Springfield Bloomington Springfield Elkhart Springfield Springfield Elkhart Kansas City, lo. Detroit, lich. Detroit, llieh. salesman, Colgate Palmolive Peet Co. Topeka, Kansas employee of state farm 51 Broadwell lincoln Eleanor Folkes deceased Lucille Graham CMrs. Lucille Baronl Dorthea Nell Hurley beds Lanterman CMrs. Elvin Walkerj Julia Lanteman CMrs. Julia McAteeJ Patricia Lee CMrs. John Brucej Margaret Loomis fMra. Gene Shawgol employee of U.S. Navy Department employee of Farm Bureau Service employee of Ill. Commerce Comm. Harold Mann Jeanette Montgomery fMrs. Jeanette Porterl John Oglesby farm management Roger Oltmann farmer Donald Patterson Lewis Planer owner of carpet, linoleum store foundry employee John Sapp agriculture teacher Susan Siaa waitress Robert Smith m. Nonna Gleason employee of A.T.T. Co. CLASS OF 1939 Dorothy Allison employed James Anderson m. Edith Van Eossan employee of Stahl's service station Beulah Barkley Oirs. Kenneth Johnsonl Lawrence Bock employee of Allis Chalmers Wayne Bock farmer Clyde Boward farmer Harold Caldwell employee of Hinds Implement Co. Annette Cosby QMrs. Enil Verbanl Merle Davis farmer and straw dealer Lawrence Dorgan farmer Mary Ellegood Norma Gleason Clara. Robert Smithl Daryll Graue farmer Herbert Gupton farmer Wilbur Mann deceased Neoma Merritt CMrs. Harvey Allen! elementary teacher Ralph Morgan farmer Robert Morgan farmer Edna Pankey employee of Stetson Potteries Donald Perce farmer Fern Theilen CMrs. Cecil Coffey, Edith Van Fossan CMra. James Anderaonl CLASS OF 19140 Aq Banks fMre. Cecil Muncyj :ol1:1Bruce CMrs. Harold Collier, a Davis stenogra her at Sangaxac Electric cg, Ralph Drake married farmer P Regina Gleason CMrs. Ernest Stolsj Loren Gupton married Janes Hickey aarried farmer John Lercher lo at Joliet ordinance t new-u Lorem- 'mp nd pm' Mildred Oltmanns lllrs. James Burnettl Mary Sias Qlrs. Clarence Dambacherj Anita Stahl 04rs. Harvey Van Psltl Evelyn Steinhour Cllrs. Frank Iateaj Ethel Wilham CMN. Ben Spam! CLASS OF 19141 Naomi Baugher lldrs. A. J. Bearel Leo Behl Julia Marie Bock CMrs. Lester Durstl Jane Broehl CMrs. Matthew Blarkarskij Wilbur Hitler farmer louis Davis Albert Durchhols m. Agnes Fltsgibbon Frederick Durchhola ld.lJ.ed in action straw dealer farmer 52 Ypsilanti , Mich. Nomal Elkhart Springfield Venice , Calif. Mt . Pulaski Athens Elkhart Greenview Springfield , Mo . Joliet New Holland Springfield Watseka Springfield Elkhart Fbrt Worth, Tex. Fancy Prairie Williamsville Middletown Elkhart Elkhart Riverton Middletown Watseka Elkhart Middletown Elkhart Hillsboro Hillsboro Elkhart Middletown Lincoln Elkhart Wilmington, Ill Elkhart Elkhart Modesto Peoria Middletown Elkhart Joliet Loani Lincoln Virgin:l.a Elkhart Bement Lincoln e :L a ,1- 'E 5 P1 Thomas Fitzgibbons Primm Graham m. John Lake Earline Lanterman Earline Lantennan fMrs. Primm Graham! Howard Lanterman, Jr. m. Eleanor Svenson Elsie Oglesby lMrs. Donald Laskowskil Alice Jo Smith CMrs. William Campbelll Henry Stahl. Robert Taylor Thomas Taylor lcllled in action Robert Theobald Roy Tilson Geraldine Widick Amy Allison Mary L. Baugher CMrs. Harold Pankeyl Dorothy Baumhardt fMrs. Robert Knoxl William Bock Dorot Dains CMrs. William W. Davisl hy Edmund Dwyer Mary Folkes CMrs. K. O. Millerj Bernard Gleason Keith Lercher Jerome Mercker Mary Rose Morgan fMrs. Hart, June Plummer KMrs. L. H. Niemrerl Jerry Shockey Keith Smith Edward Tate farmer carpenter owner of service station U.S. Air Force farmer farmer CLASS OF 19142 employed farmer bank inspector farmer auto salesman, Lsngellier's insurance representative farmer Mary E. Van Fbssan KMrs. Anthony Luperelll Florence 'vleatherby fMrs. Leroy Stringfleldl Louise Wilham fMrs. hxdolph Baumhardtl Cecil Armintrout louise Boyer Joseph Buttell Wayne Crowe Frances Damarin CMrs. Morris Pickett! Helen Davis QMrs. Maroas Tobiasl Maurice Dee m. Delilah Van Fbssan Agnes Fltzgibbon fMrs. Albert Durchholzl Joseph Gleason m. Dorothy Damarin Joanne Hickey CMrs. Ferd Schlittl Mary Lake Richard McCue Ruth Pankey CMrs. Fritz Werkmanl William Saffer James Shaw Charles Sias Leehdell Suttory fMrs. Lloyd Turnerl Agnes Willard KMrs. Vernon Reichlel cuss OF 19113 civil service employee farmer farmer farmer home economics teacher employee of Landauer's Blick auto salesman farmer employee of Caterpillar cuss or 191:15 William Anderson U,s, Navy, in Jlpm Uillilm Coldy fgrmgr Edna Defrees CMrs. Carrol Davis! Kathleen Fitzgibbon Giro. Williams! Betty Gieseke 04rs. Chris Harn James Gleason married college student Martin Gleason married fame!- Floyd Greer la. Yvonne Schacht employee of Sangamo Electric Fbrrest Lantexuan m. Phyllis Schacht farmer Barbara Larson Mrs. William Costley Joyce Rickards Mrs. Marion Woodside Phyllis Sohacht Qlrs. Forrest Lantemanl Eleanor Svenson Oirs. Howard Lanterman, JrJ 53 Athens Athens Elkhart Elmhurst Chadron, Nebr . Elkhart Lietchfield, Ky Middletown Athens Chicago Elkhart Lincoln Elkhart Carlinville Lincoln Elkhart Springfield Elkhart Springfield St. Louis, Mo. Lincoln Shaman Elkhart Springfield Fancy Prairie Mt. Pulaski Seattle, Wa sh . Springfield Elkhart Elkhart Greenvi BW Elkhart Elkhart Elkhart Mt . Pulaski Middletown Lincoln Lincoln Columbia, Mo . Athens Peoria Elkhart Lincoln Elkhart Athens Riverton Elkhart Mt . Pulaski Park Ridge Elkhart Elkhart Chestnut Verden Lincoln Chestnut Elkhart Evelyn Trail CMre. Cecil Chenowethl rm-mir. Heatherby deceased CLASS OF 19115 Doris Armintrout CMrs. Elmer Boesdorferj George Bock Robert Coady farmer Marie Damarin fMrs. Philip Pickettl Hilma Davis QMrs. Walter Millerl Ggng Dgfregg GIIIPIOYBS of A1118 Ch8lm62'8 ltlchard Gleason fame? Mary Grace Hunter KMrs. George Carterj Marilyn Mason Walter Miller m. Wilma Davis implement dealer Audrey Ott fMrs. Earl Stout Jr.J Pauline Saffer CMrs. Marion Jonesl Agnes Shaw CMrs. Lyle Pearsonl Roy Sias bookkeeper at Sherman Mine Shirley Banister Killian Brennan James Coady Wilford Damarin Mary June Detere Qhrs. Percy Boyerl CLASS OF 19146 enployee of Stahl's service station Sangamo Electric farmer John Fitagibbon firmer Kenneth Fhlcher Alice Greer CMre Haywood Alexander, lynn Greer Eugenia Meredith CMrs. James Hendersonl Gladys Pankey CMrs. Gladys Ingramj Paul Schahl proprietor of grocery store Mqbelle Teansy fMrs. Richard Lillardl Norma Hillman KM1-s. Paul Stewart! CLASS OF 19117 Dana Jean Anderson fMrs. John Bobelll Louetta Mae Ball WPA! Radio Station John Bobell m.Ehma Anderson farmer Joan Brennan fMrs. Janes Martini Harold Crowe photographer Elizabeth Gleason CM:-s. Henry Jungerl Nancy Grieme Oirs. Lloyd Ptttingerl Wayne Hanner farmer Illa Hunter CMrs. Illa Broughton! John Irish famer Marilyn Johnson CM:-s. Robert Theobaldj Helen Ott 0411. Howard Du-tonj Billy Joe Rickords U.S. Postal employee Kenneth Weatherby famer cuss OF 19148 Louis Anderson U.S. Navy Gary Bobell employes of Stetson Potteries Dean Boyer farmer Helen Brennan Robert Corrigan Harry Critcheloe Loren Crowe Dorothy Davie Earl Davis, Jr. office employee, Allis Chalmers U.S. Air Fbrce farmer farmer secretary, Elkhart High School f l1'Ill81' 54 Springfield Pleasant Plains Athens Elkhart Fancy Prairie Loami Elkhart Peoria Durango, Colo. Fancy Prairie Elkhart Metropolis San Francisco, Calif Williamsville Elkhart Springfield Lincoln Middletown Elkhart Grand Rapids, Mich. Pleasant Plains Joliet Fhncy Prarie Elkhart Lake lbrk Ewing, Mo. Bethany Broadwell Springfield Broadwell Springfield Kloomington Chicago Indianapolis, Ind. E.Lkh.art Elkhart Middletown Middletown Fancy Prairie Anchorage, Alaska Fhncy Prairie Elkhart Lincoln Middletown Springfield E1 Paso Athens Greenview Elkhart Elkhart John Deters farmer Athens Irvin Donovan employee of A Sf P Company Springfield Evelyn Drake CMrs. Harold Kutzj Baden Martha Ebbersten CMrs. Ralph Doddl art teacher Bethalm Agnes Greer employee at State House Sp1'i1'1Sf'5-615 Donna Larson fMrs. Richard Clifton! Evansville, lnd- Mary Helen Lee 0-irs. John Ellis? Elkh8P'G Robert Olson farmer B1"08dW61l Yvonne Schacht QMrs. Floyd Greer, Elkhart John Smith farmer Elkhart Annette Van Fossan fMrs. Charles AdamsJ Springfield George Van Fossan employee of Ill. Central Railroad Decatur' Donald Ball U.S. Navy Alexander, Va. gggkggggiirdner employes of gears Roebuck 8: Co. gliftngfield em o e ecret ' 81' Dorothy Damarin Ofirs. Joseph Gleason! P y by an of State Elkhart Donald Gleason Famer Elkhart, Barbara Irish CMrs. Harold Goffreyj Lincoln Richard Lanterman Famer Elkhart Mary Miller CMrs. Kenneth Hahnl Atlanta Phyllis Olsen CMrs. Robert Hahnj Atlanta Clifford Cltmanns Deceased Joe Ott e lo ee of Stetson Potter 117100111 Erma Pickett fMI'S. wayne Nicholsl mp y y Indianapolis, Ind John Radtke automobile salesman, Springfield Elkhart Lawrence Stolz Famer Herrick David Turner Famer Elkhart Phyllis Walsh secretary at State House Elkhart Frances Weatherby CMrs. Howard Constantl Springfield CLASS OF 1950 Joyce Ball QMrs. Richard Rugglesj Chicago Lois Brennan employee of Dierksen's SPI?-flgfleld William Davis employee at State House SP1'1I1Ef5-Old Robert Hahn U,S. Army Elkhart Lawrence Hanner U.S. Marine Corps Elkhart Gloria King flirs. Frank Hoytl THUYPG: F18- Ford Lanteman student at University of Illinois Elkhart Raymond Mercker farmer E3-khafli Betty Neavill CMrs. Thomas Howardj SPN-ngfield Charlene Parks enployee of State Library Middletom Willard Payne missing in action, 1953 James Robinson U.S. Army El-khafli Wayne Stola m. Margaret Sanders U.S. Air Force 10581103 Gwendolyn Suttory Oirs. William Bestl Pleasant Plains Karen Svenson elementary teacher, Broadwell mkhart' Mary C. Tierney Oirs. Gene Elliottj FHPNGI' C1117 Gladys Van Eossan Oirs. Bailey Ellclnsl L3-'1001H William Yard farmer Athens CLASS OF 1951 Duane Boyer U.S. Army Middletown Clarence Davis U.S. Army Elkhart Vernelle Dennison U.S. Army Elkhart william E. Dennison employee at armory, Springfield Elkhart Carl Ebbersten U.S. Army Elkhart Georgeann Gieseke Mt- Pulaski Harriett Hall employee, medical group, Myers Bldg.Elkhart Halter James Hickey U.S. Army hilliamsville Dolores Hinds nurse Springfield Margaret Anne Sanders Odrs. Wayne Stolzj Lebanon Lawrence Wilham, Jr., m. Bernardine Bertsche U.S. Army Lincoln Vernon Plummer U.S. Arzry Elkhart James Ward, m. Kathleen Walsh U.S. Columbus, Ohio 55 CLASS OF 1952 Paul Awe student at University of Illinois Elkhart Bernard Bertsche farmer Williamsville Bernardine Bertsche fMrs. Larry Wilhaml employee of State House Springfield Norma Jean Davis Hardware Mutual Insurance Co. Elkhart John Dee, Jr. U.S. Army Elkhart Wayne Dobey student at Ill. State Normal University Elkhart Henry Lanterman U.S. Army Elkhart Barry Nordyke, m. Frances Payne Pittsburgh Paint Comparw Springfield Mary Ann Olson CMrs. Verne Garrisonj Denver, Colorado Donald Pankey U.S. Army Elkhart William Robinson farmer Middletown Dean Sivert installer, Western Electric Chicago Heights Agnes Tierney employee of State of Illinois Springfield Norma Jean Van Fossan bookkeeper, Heineke 6: Co., Springfield Elkhart Kathleen Walsh CMrs. James Ward, Columbus, Ohio CLASS OF 1953 James Burton employee of service station Springfield Jeanette Buttell student at Lincoln College Elkhart, Leo Grieme student at Ill. State Normal University Elkhart Shirley Hall employee of Hardware Mutual Insurance Co. Elkhart, Wanda Hunter employed at Springfield Elkhart Joan T. Lee employee of Mutual G: United Benefit Ins. Co. Elkhart Mary Ann Lee employee of Lincoln Courier Elkhart Harry Newman employee of Spellman's Lumber Co., Lincoln B1-Qadqall Dolores Parks student at Bradley University Middletown Dean Peddicord farmer Williamsville Alma Peratt employee of Springfield Journal Springfield Julia Plummer employed at Springfield Elkhart Jack Steller U.S. Marine Corps Elkhart The following boys finished their high school training while in the armed services and received diplomas from Elkhart Community High School. Clarence Daina, Jr. QC1ass of 191161 U. S. Navy Washington, D. C. Wiluam Suttory CC1aas of 'L9ls9P U. S. Ann Elkhart I Advertlsements Congratulations to the class of 'Sh Music Shop M U S S E R S LINCOLN ILLINOIS Deep Freeze Them Eat Them Weeks Later MEL-O-CREAM DONUT CO. 219 East Jefferson ST. SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS TON! BERSCH kSON NUTRQLA BUPANE GAS FEEDS DEALER Lmoom ILLINOIS wt 56 How much corn, boys? 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Serving Logan Co. the Last 149 Years PF.B4.IUM QUALITY GASOLINE AND OIIS FUEL OIIS AND KEROSENE TIRES AND AWN ACCFSSORIE PROMPT, COURTEDUS FARM DELIVEPIIS Phone 3711-375 Lmcom ILLINOIS BROADWELL DRUG STORE Gilbertw Famous Candies Sodas--Perfumes--Cigars Dial 2-1414011 SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS r-' - fx - I f-I N I xJ U I N J .J man! E. srour Jeweler nmxonns wxrcuzs RINGS JEHELRI SPRINGFIPILD ILLINOIS 61 SAY IT WITH FLOWERS from CIVIC J. HEJXflBKE.lKEJ'1 "The Florilt' annum: 2496-Phones--1300 Greenhouse-1137 Tenth St . Ebower Shop---50h Br d y LINCOLN ILLINOIS IJXNGELLI ER MCDTCDR CQ YOUR FORD-LINCOLN-MERCURY DEALER -I-'l'l'l'l' CHICAGO AND PEXIN STREETS 4-u-H-I Telephone 731-732 LINQQLN ILLINOIS 62 C AN TRPxLL'5 MARKE T Fresh meats Groceries Phone Fruit Vegetables 22151 S ELKHART ILLINOIS ESTABLISHED 1893 I-lANGER'S MUS IC SHOP -u-ue:-n-n-1+ Records Sheet Music -- Band Instruments -- Gifts Appliances LINCOLN ILLINOIS CARL W HEMBREI KER Lincoln, Illinois Mrs. Leamond Poynter, Elkhart Representative ELKHART ILLINOIS JULIUS JACOBS AND COMPANY when in Lincoln Call and See Our Line of CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS LINCOLN ILLINOIS 63 gu- FANCY PRAIRIE COOPERATIVE Buyers and Shippers of Grain Phone Williamsville S205 FANCY PRAIRIE ILLINOIS PLUTH TIN SHOP -x-H+ Stokera - - Roofing - - A:Lr-Conditioning Furnaces - - Gutters - - Blowers Sheet Metal Work LINCOLN ILLINOIS IIALRICH 8: SONS 125-27 N0rth Sanagamon Street Lincoln, Illinois We offer Dry Cleaning at Its Beet Cleaners - - Furriers - - Tailors Lee's Grocery - - Agent EIKHIJCI' ILLINOIS SIVHTH IMPLE IVIENT CO. 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Suggestions in the Elkhart Community High School - Echo Yearbook (Elkhart, IL) collection:

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