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Y 7 1 1 I -.. 1 A ,.,4,,,..w . f ..,.4 i- X NSN x 1 X -f'A fix Of--7. fa '21 .' YY 'Q . , uf' " "f: E251 kxlf y',A ,. "3f3:2:. :1fI2l'lp' 317 '5lQ:-si "X Y x,.h:'55iw"': H ' Eflkvgf ' "+' X X 4f'22E2gi:Q2jj:gEg2j:x E V , Q 1521fg5E2f:fEQE32:Q,3:f" 4,5351 X, fl, 3 -.:.g,,- Nfcgciggggi- '1ff1E:a: .-vw, "-. H f" l .ffiizfi-' FT t i 1 "X 'A-111''-EfiiigiisiyiagEp, i i 195,15-ly 'f'f . i v'-,-.fQf- .iff If 3 Z ""'Wfff-fQf"4'N-fY5Xf""b'ff1 f +-" Q --A ...I X ff-'zwx-S." .g:j:' I 5 A 11. il E5 E.. 5555. W- fi? 4 25'9"r:c+:::.:.:.1.,':.3:" A'5'31"'vgQ-3Z43'Z3""' 5521 FOREWORD Last year was the Silver anniversary of the UECHON. This is thetwenty-sixth edition, and we are striving towards the UECHO'sH Golden anniversary. This year because of high prices our small senior class has decided to put out a cheaper annual. After much debate we thought that a mimeo- graphed yearbook would be more appropriate. We are going to publish our own book in this manner: The articles are gathered, corrected, and typed. They are then put on a dummy sheet and typed on a stencil by the typist. Then the pages are run through the mimeograph. Although the engraved annual is nicer, please bear in mind that this book will cost about one-third as much as an engraved one. We shall still try to put into this 1951 UECHOU all of the precious memories we hold of ECHS and pictures of all our friends so dear to us. 1-7 -V V I 'il Q SC H O Q L Cf? A R D We of the Echo staff wish to express our sincere appre- ciation to our board. This community-minded groupcf men has fully met their responsibilities and solved many problems. We wish to thank the Board for a good building, a beautiful lawn, and modern equipment. The Board has supervised our plant in such a manner that our community, faculty, and school feel very proud of it. These men of the Board should be appreciated by all for their wise guidance. Mr. DUrWO0d Lanterman is the only original member of this group. Mr. Albert Awe was appointed to the board when Mr. C. Kershner moved out of the school district. In the spring the school patrons gave Mr. Awe a vote of confidence by electing him to his temporarily appointed position. Mr. Maurice Dee has served on the board for several years. Mr. John Dansher, who is now president of the school board is the son of Mr. Michael Danaher, who was one of the original board members. Mr. Danaher is ever planning for the future welfare of the school, and should be congratulated on his fine work. Mr. Stephen Walsh, the fifth member, came into office at the death of Mr. Clarence Van Meter. Mr. Walsh has been faith- fully serving the com unity on the board for the last six years. These men have all been very civic minded and have served their community in many ways. Top picture, left to right: Mr. Maurice Dee, Mr. Stephen Walsh, Mr. John Danaher, Mr. Durwood Lanterman, and Mr. Albert Awe. The lower picture is of our ever faithful janitor, Mr. Charles Smith. Mr. Smith replaced Mark Hunter when the latter was called back into service. Mr. Smith has kept the lawn mowed, the building clean, and has done any other job asked of him. We wish to express our appreciation to Smith for his care of the building, grounds,znd his splend cooperation when the stage needed to be set, chairs moved, and the doing of the other thankless jobs that arose. MT- id 3 if ' 1 Ki 2 1. , igysqiqsl- ujmiii.. FAC U LTY M . Walter W. Ritchie Princioal Mathematics , Physics B. Education Western Illinois State College M. S., University of Illinois Miss Lucy Giger English, Library Miss Margaret Neill Home Economics, Science B. Education, Western Illinois State College Colorado State College A.B., Iowa State Teachers' College University of Chicago University of Colorado Mr. Joseph Grohovsky Commerce, Science B.S., Indiana State Teachers' College University of Colorado University of Indiana FAC ULTY Agriculture B. S., University of Illinois Miss Alice Self Band, Choruses, Girls' Physical B. S. Education Education Mr. Robert Cain History, Athletics, Social Studies. B. S., University of Illinois Illinois State Normal University Mrs. Garnet Leftwich Secretary Williamsville Township High School Brown's Business College CLASS H HIOKY L September, l9h7, found 23 green freshmen entering E.C.H.S. The much looked-forward-to event was initiation, which came and passed without mishaps. Clarence Davis was chosen as president, Vernon Plummer as vine-president and James Dennison as secretary-treasurer. The WFreshiesW had usual booths at Homecoming consisting of fish pond and pop corn concessions. . In the fall of l9h8 twenty-one sophomores returned to school. James Ward was elected president,while Vernelle Dennison was chosen vice-president, and Dolores Hinds was named secretary-treasurer. At Homecomingall of the students were busy with shooting gallery booths and selling chances on a basket of groceries. The NClass of '5lH closed their second year with a trip to St. Louis. Miss M. Neill, the sophomore class sponsor, was in charge of the trip. As upperclassmen 19 young people claimed the title of juniors. Larry Wilham was elected president to guide them through a big year. Dolores Hinds became vice-president, and Walter James Hickey, secretary-treasurer. The sale of stationery and Christmas cards swelled the class fund. WGlory to Gold n was their first big venture into the field of dramatics. This production netted a profit ofSW3 to help in the biggest event of the year, the Junior-Senior Prom. The UClass of '5lN as juniors were saddened by thecbath of one of its members, John, WJackU, Pickett, who died from tetanus, November 9, 19h9, just before the junior play wasto be given. The class,as did the school, missed Jackfs ready wit, his fun and laughter. . Two of the class were transferred to Athens, and UJimU Dennison went to the Navy. The "Class of '5l" in September 1950, was down to 13. The seniors voted for class officers. Vernelle Dennison became president,UJiggsHDavis, vice-presi- dent, and Walter Hickey returned to the office of secretary- treasurer. The seniors initiated the freshies without any bad results. The class put on the play, NAntics of Andrewu, a three act comedy to help with the expense of the annual. The juniors held a banquet in honor ofthe seniors, May 5, at the Leland Hotel. The graduation was held May 31. Thirteen seniors bade a fond farewell to good oldl HB. X -Sf Duane Foster Boyer HPeteH FFA 1,2,3,h Sportsmen's Club l,2,3 HAntics of Andrewu hth Echo staff hth Echoette Staff hth FFA Sec. hth FFA Sentinel 3rd Librarian hth b-H 1,2,3,h Baseball 1,3 Lloyd Vernelle Dennison Hwormsu Band l,2,3,b Chorus l,2,3,b Mixed Chorus l,2,3,h Boy's Quartet 2,3,h FFA 1,2,3 Baseball l,2,3,h Basketball 1, 2,3,h Sportsmen's Club l,2,3, HCreatures of Impulsen nOn Stageu 3rd Hwaltz Timen hth HGlory to Goldyn 3rd Pres, of class hnd Vice-Pres. of class 2nd Echoette Staff hth Echo Staff hth HAntics of AndrewH hth h 2nd Clarence Oliver Davis ntjiggsu Chorus l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus l,2,3 FFA l,2,3,h Sportsmenis Club l,2,3,h Baseball l,2,3 Basketball l,2,3,h HAntics of Andrewn bth HCreatures of Impulseu 2nd Echoette Staff bth Echo Staff hth Librarian 1,2 Pres, of class lst Hon stagev 3rd Vice-Pres. oi class hth M-H l,2,3,h FFA Vice-Pres. 3rd William Earl Dennison HBillH Band 1,2 Chorus 1,2 Mixed Chorus 1,2 FFA lst Sportsmen's Club 1,2 Baseball l,2,3 Basketball l,2,3,h HAntics of Andrewn hth Echoette Staff Lth Echo Staff bth Librarian l,2,3 IE' Y Carl Gustav Ebbersten HSwedeU Chorus 1,2,3,h Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,h FFA 1,2,3,h Sportsmen's Club 1,2,3,h Baseball 1 Basketball l,h HOn Stagen 3rd HCreatures of lmpulsen 2nd UAntics of Andrewn hth nGlory to Goidyn 3rd HWaltz Timeu hth u'H lg233jh Echo Staff hth Echoette Staff hth Harriett Jane Hall nHattieH Band 1,2,3,h Chorus l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus l,2,3,h FHA 1,2,3,h FHA Program Chairman 3,h h-H 1,2 HGlory to Goldyu 3rd UAntics of Andrewn hth UCreatures of Impulsen 2nd NOn Stagen 3rd Cheerleader 1,3,h ' Editor of Echoette hth Echo Staff hth Georgeann Gieseke HGeorgeU Chorus 1,2,3,h Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,h FHA l,2,3,h b-H 2nd nGlory to Goldyn 3rd NAntics of Andrewn hth HCreatures of Impulseu 2nd UOn Stageu 3rd Echo Staff bth Echoezte staff bth Walter James Hickey UHickeyH Chorus l,2,3,h FFA l,2,3,h FFA Reporter 3rd FFA Pres- Uth Sportsmen's Club l,2,3,h Sec.-Treas. of Sportsmenfs Sec.-Treas. of class 3,h Baseball l,2,3,h Basketball l,2,3,h HOD Stageu BTG nAntics of Andrewn hth Nwaltz Timen hth NGlory to Goldyu 3rd Echoette Staff hth Echo Staff bth Librarian bth State Farmer Degree in FFA b'H lg2533h hth Dolores Jeannette Hinds HTo0tieH Band 1,2,3,h Chorus 1,2,3,h Mixed Chorus l,2,3 FHA l,2,3,h FHA Pres. 2nd FHA Parliamentarian hth h-H 2nd nG1ory to Goldyn 3rd HAntics of Andrewn hth Margaret An e Sanders usandyn Band l,2,3,h Chorus l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,h Swing band 3rd FHA l,2,3,h h-H 2nd UGlory to Goldyn 3rd HAntics of Andrewn hth HCreatures of Impulsen 2nd HCreatures of Impulseu 2nd HOn Stageu 3rd UOn Stagen 3rd Art Ed. of Echoette bth Vice-Pres. of class 3rd Art Ed. of Echo hth Sec.-Treas. of class 2nd Asst. Art. Ed. of Echo 3rd Echo Staff hth DAR winner Echoette Staff hth Lawrence Russell Wilham Jr. NLarryH Band l,2,3,h Chorus l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus l,2,3,h FFA l,2,3,h FFA Reporter hth Sportsmen's Club l,2,3,h Sportsmen's--Vice-Pres. hth Sportsmen's--Game Warden Basketball Manager 3,h HCreatures of Impulsen 2nd HAntics of Andrewn bth HGlory to Golayu 3rd HWaltz Timen hth Pres. of class 3rd Echo Staff hth Echoette Staff hth h'H l,2,3,D Vernon Ray Plummer nskippyu Band 2nd Chorus 1,2 Mixed Chorus 1,2 FFA lst Sportsmen's Club 1,2,3,h Pres. of Sportsmen's Club hth Baseball l,h Basketball l,h UCreatures of Impulsen 2nd nAntics of Andrewn hth NGlory to Goldyn 3rd Asst. Art Ed. of Echoette bth Asst. Art Ed. of Echo bth Librarian 1,2 3rd James Middlesworth Ward WSpeedU Band l,2,3,hg chorus 1,2,3,h Mixed Chorus l,2,3,h FFA lstg L-H lst Sportsmen's Club l,2,3,h Baseball l,2,3,b Basketball HCreatures l:2:39h of Impulseu 2nd HOH Stagen Brdguwaltztimeu ht HAntics of Andrewn hth UGlory to Goldyu 3rd Pres, of class 2nd Asst. Ed. Echoette hth Ed. Echo bthg Librarian hth Boy's Quartet 2,3,h SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY' I was thinking how nice it would be if only you could look into the future of this year's graduates and see what they will be doing in about 15 years. Then, I happened to remember about my good friend, Dr. Wonmug, the man who time- machined Alley Oop into the present. I went out to Nevada to see if he could time-machine me ahead a few years. He told me that he thought he could. He sent Alley Oop with me. We dressed in the fanciest clothes of l95l.'- We were time-machined ahead to the year 1965, and our clothes were nothing fancy at all. The people were prospering well and our clothes were out of style compared to the Ulynolyten disposal-type fabric clothes people were wearing then. When they got dirty they were thrown away and new ones purchased very'cheaply. Let me tell you what the people in the class of 1951 were doing. Pete Boyer: The president and founder of the Boyer Swine Association and after several years of cross-breeding had come up with an almost perfect swine called the Buroc. UJiggsU Davis: Owner of uo,ooo acres of land in and around Elkhart. He has made a cool 5 million an is now turning over all profit to charity. Vernelle Dennison: Establisher of one of the newest and most profitable ideas in recent years. He has set up a chain system of barber shops throughout the United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. Bill Dennison: The owner of the Ruby Horseshoe, the biggest and best night club in the world. Also the owner of the Dreanon, the most beautiful ball room. Carl Ebbersten: Taking life easy on a large farm near Cornland. Also owning several thousand acres he does not farm. Georgeann Gieseke: Owner of the best-equipped and largest beauty parlor in the United States. Permanente are turned out in mass production. Georgeann has also made a new home permanent kit called UGoneH. Harriett Hall: After much success in the music world is celebrating the longest run in Broadway history of the stage show, HSome Unenchanted Morningn, which is a howling success. Walter James Hickey: After a short time of truck driving and wise use of his money, is now owner and manager or the P.O.E., Pacific Overmountain Express truck line, the biggest and best in the nation. Dolores Hinds: After studying nursing for some time has become the leader of all registered nurses throughout the U. S. and is a very important figure. Vernon Plummer: never knew. Through now running on atomic Margaret Sanders: much of her nursing now in charge of the children. ' Has found out things Albert Einstein Vernon's knowledge many factories are energy. An industrious person that has given career to crippled children. She is world's largest hospital for crippled Larry Wilham: After a fabulous career in race driving has retired winning more championships than anyone. Larry at the time was president of the Indianapolis Speedway. Some of these fortunes may be far fetched, but I really do have great hopes for this grand group of classmates. I hope to be a prosperous oilman or businessman of some sort. The class of 1951 will be prosperous, successful and happy as they take over their positions in the world. Jim Ward I Senior Class Will To the school: We, the seniors, leave our outstanding ability to work so industriously. To the faculty: We, the seniors, leave the thoughts of the most intelligent class ever to pass through the halls of ECHS. To the juniors: We, the seniors, leave the ability to put out an incomparable school paper. To the sophomores: We, the seniors, leave the abilityt to get along with all of the teachers and never quarrel with them or doubt their word. To the freshmen: We, the seniors, leave the ability never to get mad or fly off the handle in noon hour games. To the janitors: We, the seniors, leave the memories of how clean the school was kept with us around. , W f SE N IOK W l L lj We, the seniors of ECHS, being of unsound mind Cso the faculty thinkj and of sound body Cwe hopel hereby leave the following: James Ward: M athletic ability goesto Jack Dee, especially the art of dribbling. I hope you have better luck with it than I did as it never did me very much good, Jack. To Mr. Grohovsky, I leave my wavy hair. Take good care of it Mr. G. My books I leave to Kathleen Walsh. I sure hope you get more out of them and understand them betterthan I did, Kate, especially physics. To Jack Stahl I leave the privilege of entertaining Cor pesteringl everyone during the noon hour. To nBootsU Grieme goes my capability to sing UOld Man Riveru and imitating Al Jolson while singing HMammsW or HApri1 Showers.n Although most of the home runs have been used up in it, I leave my ball bat to Paul Awe. My acting ability I leave to anyone who is crazy enough to want to have the lead in a play and oneretta in two months time. So, asI graduate from the halls of EGHS, I leave to the school, the faculty, and my friends the memory of a brilliant scholar, a buddy, a good sport, and a guy whois willing to be thefriend ofevery- one. Margaret Sanders: I leave to Mr. Ritchie my beautiful shiny bass horn. Please, Mr, Ritchie, be sureto take it up to the music room after every practice, To Ag, Man Foster I leave a whole truck load of Moorman's feed. To Jean Davis I leave my royal title of HTugboat,W To Wayne Dobey I leavea box of aspirin for the headaches he will get from settingxp ads for the yearbook. Also I leave my beautiful writing to Coach Cain. Larry Wilham: I leave to the school all of the radiators and equipment too heavy to carry out. I will my books to anybody not afraid to get their modesty shocked. I leave my dirty foot prints all over the building to Mr. Smith. I leave my manager's job to Freddie Johnson. I leave my desk to all of the juniors to put candy wrappers and junk in, Dolores Hinds: I leave my flat feet to my darling brother. Donnie, be sure to massage them faithfully each night, I leave my charming figure to Mr. Grohovsky. I leave to Coach Cain my glasses so that he can see if everyone's in class next year. fThis year he failed to see Georgeann sitting in her seat.J I leave my gym clothes to Joanie Lee. Please keep them washed, Joanie. I willny U. S. History book tomy of the juniors who would like to scratch the candycff of the pages that USpudH Payne left. SENIOR GLASS WILL QCon't.l Harriett Hall: To Sandra Smith I leaveny S feet, 9 inchesof height. She could use it, I think. My cheerleader .job I leave to anyone who thinks she can stand the sweat and strain, I leave my editor's job on the school paperto Barry Nordyke because he loves it so. My baritone I leave to Fred Johnson. Please, Fred, be sure to get all of the spitout of the valves. There is enough in them to drown a fullgrown fish. I leave my ability to get along with HSandyn and nTootieH to the Memorial Hospital nurses. They surely will need it with all of the ribbing HSandyn will give them. Carl Ebbersten: I leave to Henry Lanterman my non-profit taxi job. Remember, Henry, anything to suit the riders. To Don Pankey I leave my task of bringing back hamburgers, candy, and cookies to all my buddies when I go over town. To Bernard Bertsche I leave all my electrical engineering ability that I was supposeto acquire Cbut didn'tJ in physics and Agriculture IV. Walter Hickey: My secretary-treasurer job I leaveto who is fool enough to want it, and to anyone who can the books. My ability to get ads and see good shows Henry Lanterman. I leave my job of fillingihe candy eatingup the seniors' profitto Barry Nordyke and Don I leave my seat in the study hall to any screwball anybody balance goes to box and Pankey, who can stay out of trouble long enough to be in the study hall. Bill Dennison: I, William E. Dennison, hereby bequeath my locker in the shower room to Jack Stahl. Be sure to leave a pair of Nripen socks in it to keep up the old atmosphere, Georgeann Gieseke: To Kathleen Walsh I leave my most enjoy- able task as typistfbr the school paper and annual, I leave my towering height to little Don Pankey. My books I leave to any junior who thinks he will have time to study during his senior year. Duane Boyer: The jobd' cameraman and announcer goes to any- one who doesn't go out for basketball. My job as secretary of the FFA, I leave to anyvne who wants a big headache. To Bernard Bertsche I leave the task of bringing the candy box downstairs every noon-hour. Vernon Plummer: I leave my amazing typing ability of eighty words a minute Qerrors that isjto Don Pankey. To Jack Stahl I leave my ability to gripe at everything, good or bad. To Fred Johnson goes my basketball ability. With whatyou have, Fred, you should make an all-state champion. To the school I leave smears, stains, smudgcs, and ink spots which were ACCIDENTALLY left there by me. Last, but not least, I leave Mary Ann Lee to Barry Nordyke. Y- H i SENIOR CLASS WILL QCon't.J Vernelle Dennison: I leave my baseball position to anyone who is willingto bring in second base every night. To Coach Gain, I leave the matat the west end of the gym to hit when- ever he feels like it. To Donnie Hinds I leaveny ability to get down the stairs quickly after the bell rings. Please don't run over Mr. Ritchie. To the school I leave anything that's here because I see nothing worth taking with me. Clarence Davis: I leave my job of typist to anyone crazy enough to want to type a stencil. I leave to the school my path between ECHS and home. My jobcf helping with candy and coke goes to any intelligent person who has 3rd period free and doesn't have to study. We, the seniors have left many things, but we care not so much what we leave, just so we leave. Seriously, however, we will indeed missour many friends that we have made at ECHS. As we go out in the world to our different professions we will, to be sure, look back on our days at ECHS as very dear ones. .m ,daslii f65E?MQFE?gg55 f'fW . ' li f' if Q new N 5 ,L Q,-if :'gI1':'fZL?'h lj 'IJ 4' ., ..,. , W- QQ... ', ',,- -siwifigin 5Cn.3Lgxsfatf. 71, ,. A EEFEMMR ., , V J f Q5gq,5j:.,,'L 5 x JUNIQRS Sixteen juniors enrolled at ECHS last fall. They chose as their officers for the year: president, Wayne Dobeyg vice-president, Henry Lantermang and secretary-treasurer, Mary Ann Olson. Mr. Grohovsky was class sponsor. David Dains dropped out, but Barry Nordyke moved in from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to keep the number of class members at an even sixteen. A three-act play, HPlease, M Nervesu, was presented by the class and,before rehearsals were over, Mr. Grohovsky was saying, UPlease, my nerveslu The class made a profit of 377.75 on the performance. After the play, the class and Mr. Grohovsky, Miss Giger, Miss Self, and Miss Neill enjoyed a party given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Walsh. The class had fun again at a party given for Bernardine and Bernard Bertsche on their sixteenth birthday, October h. This party was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Bertsche. The juniors sponsored a booth and check room at UHome- comingu, and sold Christmas cards and stationery to add to their collection of money. Jean Davis was chosen to repre- sent the class as their queen at UHomecoming.H At Christmas the juniors gave a party in the study hall for students and faculty. The study hall was decorated and a lighted Christmas tree was placed in front. Entertainment was provided by the uSalliesH, a swing band made up of the junior girls. Gifts and cards were ex- changed and refreshments of home-made candy and cookies, and cokes were served. f After much debating,the class decided to use part of the funds they had made to honor the seniors with a banquet. Each junior, senior, and faculty member was allowed to in- vite a guest to this main event of the school year. The banquet was held at the Hotel Leland in Springfield on the fifth of May. Top picture: Seated left to right: Kathleen Walsh, Norma Van Fossan, Norma Jean Davis, Henry Lanterman, Wayne Dobey, Mary Ann Olson, Bernardino Bertsche, Agnes Tierney. Standing: Mr. Grohovsky, sponsor, William Robinson, Dean Si- vert, John Dee,Jr. Donald Pankey, Jack Stahl,Barry Nordyke, Paul Awe, Bernard Bertsche. Center picture: Junior girls, left to right: K. Walsh,J. Davis, M. Olson, A. Tierney, B. Bertsche. Lower picture: The junior HChamps.n Kneeling, left to right: N. Van Fossan, K, Walsh, M. Olson, J. Davis, A. Tierney. Standing: W. Dobey, B, Bertsche, J.Iee, P. Awe, W. Robinson. E3 SQPHGIVXORES Channel Two Cbetter known as the sophomore classl was sixteen in number when station ECHS flickered onto the screen. One member of our channel, Marshall Dennison, moved at the beginning of the years' program to leave us with fif- teen actors. The girls took charge of the program with Julia Plummer as president, Jeannette Buttell, vice-president, and Dolores Parks, secretary-treasurer. In order to raise money for their annual trip to St. Louis, the channel sponsored a scrap paper and iron drive which profited them 335.62. , At Homecoming, Channel Two was responsible for the shooting gallery and Coco-Cola booths. They also sold pen- cils with a chance on a basket of groceries. From this they gained 3h2.92. From the girls in their class, the channel chose Julia Plummer as their candidate for Homecoming Queen. The profit from this was 38.39. The other three channels and Senders CFacultyl were en- tertained at a costume Hallowe'en party given by Channel Two on October 27. I Some of the class members wereenrolled in band, chorus, FHA, and FFA. Standing left to right: Mary Ann Lee, Jack Steller, Harry Newman, Dean Peddicord, L. D. Grieme, James Burton, Garnet Dennison, Wanda Hunter. Seated left to right: Alma Peratt, Carol Leftwich, Dolores Parks, Julia Plummer, Jeannette Buttell, Joan Lee, Siirley Hall, Margaret Neill, sponsor. Dean Peddicord, Harry Newman, James Burton, Jack Steller W nano 0 F KES!-IM EN The freshman class of 1950-Sl consistedcf four boys and seventeen girls. However, Clarence Ritchhart of Pleasant Plains enrolled in school in the latter part of March, in- creasing the total number of boys to five. Frances Payne, a classmate, left school the second semester and entered Mt. Pulaski high school, In September the class had a closed hayrack ride, end- ing in a weiner roast at Fred Johnsonfs. 4 The freshmen took chargeA6f.the'fish pond and sold pop- corn at Homecoming. The officersvwere Sandra Smith, president, Donnie Hinds, vice-president, Ann Smith,secretary and Doris Awe,treasurer. The freshmen had heard many tales of the agony of form- er initiation days and were looking forward with dread to their reception into the ECHS tribe. When they received their instructions, they were to dress as Indians. The girls were to wear bright-colored blouses and long bright skirts. The girls also had to tan their faces and braid their hair, and wear headdresses. Some of the boyshad tomahawks and the others had bows and arrows. The freshmen attended the initiation party that evening given by the seniors for them, They all enjoyed it very much, Because the freshmenyianned their school party too late in the season, they decided to entertain the eighth graders on visitation day at the high school, The date was set for April twenty-seventh, The freshmen took the eighth graders to their classes, and had a noon recreation program planned for them that included both games and refreshments. Upper picture. First row, left to right: Anna Yocum, ldona Stout, Frances Payne, Ann Smith, Doris Awe, Donnie Hinds, Sandra Smith, Margaret Tierney, Dorothy Payne, and Norma J. Gieseke. Back row: Alice Self, sponsor, Alberta Hogan, Helen Van Fossan, Lucille McMillian, Virginia Yocum, William Stoltzen- burg, Earl Boyer,Freddie Johnson, Mary Dee, Jaqueline Denni- son, Gladys Litterly, and Alexandra Egnew. Bottom picture--nlndiansn for a day. Seated, left to right: Earl Boyer, Freddie Johnson, Donnie Hinds, ani William Stolt- zenburg. Standing, left to right: D. Payne, Ann Smith, Sandra Smith, Mary Dee, Gladys Litterly,H len Van Fossan, Alex Egnew, Jac- queline Dennison, Virginia Yocum, Alberta Hogan, Anna Iocum, Frances Payne, Lucille McMillian, Doris Awe, Idona Stout, Margaret Tierney, and Norma Gieseke. X Q . 47' W. if 5:3 ,V 3: V "Q-2,1 .1 ++v-V+ ' ,, ,Q.z'l-ff"-5 , ' -,,: :.v.-I-Z- ij. ,gi 7315? 31 A ,f ff5?1QQ fi? . f ' ' , g I' 'A A' . 1' f If 1' "' f-iff "A9if'f ff 50-ff3?i5'f .-A7 " .MZ f1 f"' .a55:34f'Tg i - ff Q . . A df .A'. V ,.f 329. . ' ml'-ff, Lffff V3 " fy n ,,Kkk, I llllllm 1'-"'1' "7 1 lv- 1-1- 1-ur if np- ,-.. ,i in MII LCG!-XIX! CQUNTY CHAMPS ' Top picture, front row, left to right: Jack Stahl, Jack Dee Paul Awe, Jack Steller, Vernelle Dennison, Larry Wilham. Back row, left to right: Bill Dennison,ClarenceDavis,Hhlter Hickey, Barry Nordyke, James Ward, Don Prnkey. Standing in rear is Coach Bob Cain. Bottom picture, left to right: Mr. Robert Cain STDNT. J. O. Hodgson, Coach Robert Cain Jr., VernelleIennison,James Ward, and HJiggsH Davis, The Staff wishes to thank the Lincoln Evening Courier for the pictures on this page. BASKETBALL The HRedbirdsH finished their '50-'51 season with a 15 won, ll lost record. The team was made up of l5 boys, which meant that everyone had to work hard all the time. The loss of the graduates from last year's squad was great, so many people didn't expect much from this small team, but Coach Cain gave the boys some added pepper and drive which helped them to win the Logan County tournament and second place in the Logan-Dewitt conference. It won't be forgotten how the Redbirds came from behind and scored 9 points inabout a min- ute to win the semi-final game from Hartsburg-Emden, then came from behind again in the finals to beat New Holland. In the Williamsville Invitational Tourney the team was beaten in the semi-finals, by Mt. Pulaski, who went on to win the tourney, and thenvas beaten by Riverton in the third place game. In the District tourney at Armington, the Redbirds met their old foe, Hartsburg-Emden, again. The HStagsH won this game, and went on to win the district meet. This was the last game of l95O-51 season for ECHS. The scores of the games are as follows: W THEY 28 Williamsville 32 30 New Holland hl h9 Waynesville h7 59 Beason h5 59 Atlanta h6 72 Middletown no WILLIAMSVILLE TOURNEY M9 New Berlin h5 3h Mt. Pulaski bl hl Riverton h2 Athens Kenney M8 59 So Atlanta Hartsburg-Emden 37 hl New Holland ll? .TLHE 62 Waynesville 35 61 Beason 36 LOGAN QQ. TOURNEY 52 Middletown 36 58 Hartsburg-Emden 56 hl New Holland 35 56 Mt. Pulaski 66 63 Middletown 37 Hartsburg-Emden 77 Kenney 52 55 Petersburg 6h So Williamsville 51 ARMINGTON DISTRICT 53 58 52 Hartsburg-Emden 6h 1 THE SQUAD Top Of NEH left to right: JACK STELLER: Sophomore guard. Small but aggressive. Ex- cellent ball handler. Should also make a good showing next year. PAUL AWE: Junior guard. Aggressive, Quick on offense and defense. Should have a very promising season next year. JACK DEE: Junior forward. Strong on defense and rebounds. Showed an uncanny eye for the basket. Led the team in scor- ing with a 15 point per game average. Descending: VERNELLE DENNISON: Senior guard. Had unusual speed for a tall player. Excellent guard and rebounder. DONALD PANKEY: Junior center. Tallest man on squad. Fine rebounder and consistently faked his guard out of position for easy layups or hook shots. Should have a fine season coming up. CLARENCE DAVIS: Senior guard. Bohan Free Throw Winner with a .670 percentage. Showed an unusual eye for long range shooting. Bottom of NEW: WILLIAM DENNISON: Senior forward. Second tallest man on squad and a strong rebounder. Also showed a good over the head shot. JAMES WARD: Senior guard, one of the best defensive men on the squad and an expert at twisting-under-the-basket shots. Center of MEN--LARRY WILHAM: The squad's manager, who was always Non the ball.H 5 ft ,' ELKHXXRT REDBIRDS SEC SQUAD Top picture: Standing, Vernon Plummer, Donnie Hinds, Bernard Bertsche, and Carl Ebhersten. Seated, Walter James Hickey, Jack Steller, and Barry Nor- dyke. . Lower picture: Left to right, Vernon Plummer, Walter Hickey, Donnie Hinds, Jack Steller, Bernard Bertsche, Barry Nordyke, Carl Ebbersten. Standing in back: Leo D. Grieme. Z Q BASEBALL The fall baseball team was one with little experience. The pitching staff cf last spring's team was hit hard by graduation. Three boys were lost from this position. New pitchers were developed which meant that new players had to fill many of the other positions. Thescores are as follows: A wg THEY THEY 7 Middletown 6 15 Atlanta 1 7 Hartsburg-Emden 3 O New Holland 5 15 Beason 15 2 Mt. Pulaski 3 The spring baseball team was very small. Only 12 men reported. Again, regular positions had to be filled. Three changes around the infield were filled from the fall team. The addition of Barry Nordyke toihe mound staff helped .con- siderably. At the time this article was written, the sea- son had not been completed. Below are listed the games played, and those yet remaining: 'E E255 WE .LY 1 Springfield 8 8 Hartsburg-Emden 1 2 Lanphier 16 2 Cathedral 11 10 Beason 8 Feithshans . 7 Athens M Lanphier 2 Mt. Pulaski T Feithshans Team members: pitchers--Awe, Dee, Nordyke catchers--Pankey, Grieme lst base--Stahl, Ritchhart 2nd base--Dee, Nordyke 3rd base--Steller, Ritchhart short stop--Dennison outfielders--Awe, Ward, Plummer, Hickey Top picture, kneeling: Coach B. Cain, Leo Grieme, Paul Awe, Jack Steller, Walter Hickey, James Ward, Barry Nordyke, Standing, left to TigUt: Vernon Plummer, Jack Stahl, Jack Dee, Clarence Ritchhart, Vernelle Dennison, Don Pankey. Bottom picture, kneeling in front of bench: Don Pankey, Vernon Plummer, Paul Awe, James Ward, Jack Stahl. Sitting on bench: Jack Ste11er,Jack Dee, Walter Hickey, 'Leo Grieme, Vernelle Dennison,Clarence Ritchhart, Barry Nordyke. .c:' . N ,, Y X .ii fx w ".. " -. 1 "" 4,,,.. A' . "'. I UI? f X '5 "FN X Alf' f ERX Ki? wif' 455'-' f .:.4::gs555s:i-1-2 ,JPN Q E-9145141315 -f -wily. Xu? f uf-.., P ' 5:?:1:S:1:-ez ,J-P' . ,IN 19,453 my .eva Y? 'DM ag M ff Q W .fx v V .V !x - K-'Rf X Q YM ,-'j,qf' y- 5 A QSXV-Vx I ffl 'AX ,M f , f 'L 1 X Lmi?--.- ..... 'rn-'-1' 'F 'N ,- .fff 7 ff . -, :: .----. - ---- -:::::: ---: '.':."1': b -'-..., f-5 .X 7 , . . if' - -my-:.'.u-.-::.':: .--. - :.'.4' 35.511132 ' Y 'T' V .'.'.-.' I f ':.':::.g.4 'f?Z..f! 1 -2' 'az Q? ,:1 52' :S Y' J: -:L:1:1. ibm F W N N , 2 1 5 - Q44 - ECHO STAFF We, of '51, became "Echo" conscious from the first year we were in high school. The Echo, we knew, would in- volve considerable expense, So, from our freshman year on we worked to save money for the yearbook. However,our class dropped so much in enrollment that we couldnit even scrape up enough for an engraved yearbook, yet we did not want to drop the publication of an annual. We hope that you will find this book over which we have labored long hours, sat- isfactory. This year the seniors have sold popcorn, candy, Coca- cola, and greeting cards. we have sold things at every pos- sible opportunity. What we charge for an annual,even though it is a cheaper book, still represents about one eighth of the total cost of the production. 'Wesell advertising space, which appears in the back of the book, but that pays just for the picture pages. We still have to pay for covers, binding, stencils, paper, ink, and all camera supplies. If our labor of running off the printed pages was figured into the books, it would been a costly one, indeed. Although the Echo is considered a senior project, the juniors, a sophomore, and a freshman reporter helped with the publication. So, we, the seniors, wish to take this op- portunity to thank the students, the faculty, the board, the mothers of the seniors, and the community for their help and cooperation that made this 1951 Echo possible, Upper picture. Seated from left to right: Kathleen Walsh, James Ward, Margaret Sanders, Georgeann Gieseke,Duane Boyer, Harriett Hall, Dolores Hinds. Standing left to right: Norma Davis, Mary Olson, Dean Sivert,HenrylLanterman, Walter'James Hickey, Clarence Davis, Wayne Dobey, William Dennison, Ver- nelle Dennison,Carl Ebbersten, Larry Wilham, Vernon Plummer, Shirley Hall, Ann Smith, and Lucy Giger, sponsor. THE Ecsomt The Eohoette, which is published bi-monthly by the sen- iors is distributed free to students, faculty, school board, and homes of people in Elkhart who haven't any children in high school. The Echoette staff consists of seniors with the except- ion of the two issues published before the senior play. These issues are put out by the juniors who did a very nice job this year. One issue, the Easter edition, was done in color by the juniors. The Echoette is a member of the NSPA and NDPA which are National Organizations. The Echoette is rated high by these groups. The classification has not been received for'this spring as yet, but it is believed to be very good. This year the Echoette has a mailing list of SS, which includes former grads of ECHS, school exchanges, and other people interested in ECHS. These people pay a small sum for their paper which just covers the cost of mailing. Mr. Joseph Grohovskyamd Miss Lucy Giger are sponsors of the Echoette. We, the seniors, wish to thank them at this time for their help and co-operation. The identification of the Echoette picture is left to right: James Ward, Clarence Davis, and Walter James Hickey. Seated at table: Dolores Hinds, Georgeann Gieseke, Vernon Plummer, Larry Wilham and Margaret Sanders. Standing behind table: William Dennison, Mr. J. Grohovsky, Vernelle Denni- son, Carl Ebbersten, Duane Boyer, Miss L. Giger,end Harriett Hall. KEDBHQD5 NWN H WM" """"d' " E, CH 5 S Q1 UA D - ,X H F fJQlix.Q in . r' r" X gym! U rl! These are the headlines of the Echoette for January 29, 1951, whenihe Elkhart URedbirdsH won the Logan County tour- nament. Sf!! .Bai HUMEMAK AMERICA VNFWCV W FRS swat .nw-, T' '.v, zu FHA The Future Homemakers of America under thel adership.of Shirley Hall started this year with a membership of thirty- six. The screen was blurred by the loss of Frances Payne to Mount Pulaski high school. Some of the functions of this cream, serving and preparing luncheon for the Household channel were the selling of ice food for both FFA and the May Science club, sending clothing, Friendship Festival, and the week, November 12--l8, with the and a courtesy day. shoes, and gifts tothe World celebration of National FHA observance of a dress-up day The club sponsored a food sale at the local shop of one of the man ECHS sponsors, Lee's grocery, and netted approx- imately 33O.6O. The channel sent their leader, Shirley Hall, to the Leadership Training Camp at East Bay, near Bloomington, Ill. These modern Starlets held a banquet in honor of their mothers at which the senior girls were awarded with the an- nual gift of a csilverspoon for carrying out their work so faithfully in the club for four years. At the end of the telecast the group took a picnic trip to Lincoln and viewed the garment, pottery and glass factory ies. The club was privileged tolave Mrs. Hugo Svenson elect- ed as Section 13 mother. In her place as Chapter mother, Mrs. Stephen Tierneywas chosen. With the assistance of both of these women and the club's adviser, Miss M, Neill, this group has prospered during their latest telecast. Top picture: Seated at table, left to right: Alma Peratt, Dolores Parks, Shirley Hall, Many Ann Lee, Joan Lee, Jeannette Buttell. Standing: Margaret Sanders, Dolores Hinds, Juliailummer, Wanda Hunter, Sandra Smith, Kathleen Walsh, Normavan Fossan, Georgeann Gieseke, Carol Ann Leftwich, Agnes Tierney, Harriett Hall, Mary Ann Olson, Margaret Tierney, Norma Jean Davis, Norma Gieseke, Helen Van Fossan, Dorothy Payne, Alexandra Egnew, Miss Margaret Neill, sponsor. Back row: Ann Smith, Anna Yocum, Mary Jane Dee, Lucille McMil1in, Frances Payne, Doris Awe, Jacqueline Dennison, Gladys Litterly, Virginia Yocum, Alberta Hogan, ldona Stout, Bottom picture: The officers. Seated: Mary Ann Lee, Dolores Parks, Shirley Hall, Dolores Hinds, Alma Peratt, Standing: Joan Lee, Jeannette Buttell. 4 r f ff ,, v .rv J.. V Back row--left to right: Joe Foster, advisor, James Burton, Donnie Hinds, Dean Sivert, Carl Ebbersten, Earl Boyer, Leo Grieme, Bill Stolzenburg, and Fred Johnson. Seated--left to right: Bernard Bertsche, Larry Wilham, Paul Awe, Duane Boyer, Walter Hickey, Jack Dee, Clarence Davis, and Bill Robinson. FUTU KE lFQ1XMf3 ERS Jim Burton with his .grand Carl Ebbersten snowing his Champion Hampshire boar. Shorthorn calf that placed hth and Sth. fi-ii' 5 ,I fXX,gCQ3fl f. J' lf.-1,J Alf Dean Peddicord with his Clarence Davis withlis sec- Shorthorn that won 2ndplace ond place Duroc gilt. and his white Shorthornthat won the Gillett award, EWR. The FFA opened their year with the election of chapter officers. Those chosen were as follows: president, Walter James Hickey,vice-president, Jack Dee,secretary,Duane Boyer, treasurer, Paul Awe,reporter, Larry Wilham,advisor, Mr. Joe Foster. After the officers were installed the program of work was set up with the following committees. Supervised Farming Jack Dee--Chairman Bill Stoltzenburg Paul Awe Donnie Hinds Cooperative Activities Bernard Bertsohe--Chairman Fred Johnson Clarence Davis Carl Ebbersten Community Service Larry Wilham--Chairman Dean Peddicord Carl Ebbersten Bill Robinson Leadership Activities Duane Boyer--Chairman Jim Burton Dean Peddicord Larry Wilham Conduct of Meetings Clarence Davis--Chairman Earl Boyer Bernard Bertsche Carl Ebbersten Scholarship E Dean Sivert--Chairman Jim Burton Bill Robinson Bill Stolzenburg Recreation Bill Robinson--Chairman Dean Sivert Duane Boyer Earl Boyer Earnings and Savings Paul Awe--Chairman Donnie Hinds Jack Dee Fred Johnson The FFA officers went to Kansas City, October 10, ll, 12. They left Elkhart at h:OO a.m., October 10 and arrived in Kansas Cityihat day at noon. The officers and Mr. Foster attended the convention and on Wednesday afternoon watched the "Fords Go By" on the assembly line and also toured the Butler Manufacturing Company. On the trip home they went through Merrimac Caverns at Staunton, Missouri. The officers received official FFA by the chapter. jackets furnished l The agriculture classes have sold magazines and made 3128.5 net profit. L, D. Grieme was the best salesman with over 3100 gross profit. EM. The club held a pest contest. The classes were divided into two groups. Larry Wilham was chairman of one side and L. D. Grieme, the other. The contest was to see which group could kill the most pests. Points were givenfbr these pests. Total points were: Wilham, 2638, Grieme, 21:71. The FFA boys entertained the FHA girls at a party, November 31. Several games were playedand refreshments were served. The club made about 319 gross profit and 3512 net profit at Homecoming this year, with a URing the duckn stand. Elkhart entered the annual grain and poultry judging contest held at Lincoln, February 17. Twentyeone schools participated in this contest. The teams were: Grain-Dean Sivert, placing first in school and eighth in individual in the contest. Then, in order, Paul Awe, L. D. Grieme, Jim Burton, and Donnie Hinds. In the poultry judging Larry Wilham and Dean Peddicord tied for first, then John Dee, Bernard Bertsche, and Bill Robinson earned ratings in the order named. Elkhart entered in the sectiondairy cattle judging con- test held at Greenview, Illinois, Bernard Bertsche received second individual rating out of the section, in which eight- een schcols competed. Others who judged dairy were: John Dee, Dean Sivert, Dean Peddicord, and Bill Robinson. The FFA made approximately 150 concrete hog troughs to sell to the public, tested 2,000 acres of land, and sold eighty boxes of Funk's garden seeds this year. Seven hog houses were built by members of the club and other articles made in the shop were: a large feed rack, gates, and a loading ohute. The classes pruned trees, docked and castrated lambs, and repaired plows. The FFA boys entertained their parents and friends at a banquet, April 2b. The meal was prepared and served by Miss M. Neill and the FHA girls. The program for the eve- ning was: Invocation... ....... ..Father Krewer Toastmaster.... .... Walter James Hickey Welcome ........ ......... .Larry Wilham Response ............ ....Wi1liam Anderson FFA Activities ....... .... William Robinson Award Presentation ..... ............... Jack Dee Award ....... ......... .... Mr. E. H. Lukenbill Music............... ...........FFA Members E F , At this annual affair Walter J. Hickey received the State Famer degree. After the banquet a magical show was given for the ban- quet members and the public. The FFA sold tickets to this and cleared approximately SSEO. Several of the FFA boys entered their projects in the Logan County Fair and the Vocational Fair in Springfield and won many ribbons. The boys of the club who showed were: Dean Sivert,Dean Peddicord, Larry Wilham, Clarence Davis, Walter James Hickey, Carl Ebbersten, Fred Johnson, James Burton, BeruardBertsche, Larry Hanner, and Wayne Stolz. , ,,., iw ssfm f. f 'vim Q -l X 12, ..1.- Y ""A' - . .-.1.Q ..-. 5 .-.- --fl ff, ggigs if isi'i r F 'iic, w " f sf 2351 Q' ifif'5gfZjT" " X" soft W QW 1 , . - " " . ff: X ',,,,A , f, me A ik is Nc Af ' fi f f' 3 54:55 Vllll . -. .. -"f:":. ,fm e 23 or GN in-, s fs Z f, C U Q f ,ff ,fe .. '. 'Eu' fy 3' 1 vu... ? W? ,Z 1 .1"0f-'I 0. fl-i JUNICR SPQRTSIVXEN Top picture. Seated, left to right: Vernon Plummer, Walter Hickey, Harry Newman, Henry Lanterman, Fred Johnson, Carl Ebbersten, Jack Steller, Barry Nordyke, Dean Peddicord,wJack Stahl, Leo Grieme, Wayne Dobey. Standing , left to right: Vernelle Dennison, Larry Wilham, Paul Awe, Donald Pankey, Clarence Davis , James Ward, Mr.W.W. Tia Rltchie, sponsor. .,.,... b N, lj . E-35 "A, f 33 Wifi- 1 F127 ..., Uiiiif' f-W 55.-' .ggi-': jldni' 4 ,.fj31ff?Q,,f '12, -1, 1- .M 21.1, zz gg, -N -ag- L' -' e"' X33 -"" ' , 1 "4--' "'V .'::'::" ,'3'5i'2-5:13. ' K-rf, X xx .4.-. :.- .4-. u':,..Hl"' ,XR --", ..,.. L: j 1 S Qv ' if X tg' JJQ --Q .. ',: :lT'r1l'x'1 fl 15:4 J" 4-"- ieiisizzz . gf 525' H .. 1152" fggifflf' ":f:?:f47?11:f., Wt 5' 315 1 ' H- 'QQ-V '-f- ' ' .. Bottom picture. Left to right: Vernon Plummer, Fred Johnson, Harry Newman, Dean Peddicord. Lar Wi lham , -J-. ' 1' . -.-. Z 'LZ ,'.-- IFN. - '-." Q ,-,, , ',"'1 "" f " """' TW IT". '- 5---f':"nv:f:-1 .g,wE?i'.- .llfwl Y "':1f '::':':1':flEZ BAND Thirty-six members joined the high school band this fall with Mary Jane Dee acting as majorette. The band played at the annual Christmas festival. It played at many basketball games and marched at the Home- coming. On visitation day, the eighth graders were enter- tained by this group of fine musicians. Ensembles, duets and other groups played at school pro- grams and community events. The band was under the direction of Miss Alice Self. TOP PICTURE: Inner Circle from leftin right: Kathleen Walsh,Norma Davis, Mary Ann Olson, Norma VanFossan, George Yard, Dorothy Payne, Dolores Hinds, James Ward, Vernelle Dennison, Julia Plummer, Margaret Tierney, Dolores Parks. Outer Circle from leftto right: Mary Ann Lee, Shirley Hall, Paul Awe, Sandra Smith, Joanne Lee, Wanda Bobell, Lois Sapp, Margaret Sanders, Harriett Hall, Wanda Hunter, Jacqueline Dennison, Jeannette Buttell, William Robinson, Bernard Bertsche, Bernardine Bertsche, Alice Doom, Colleen Walsh, Dorothy Lanterman, Agnes Tierney. Standing left to right: Helen VanF0ssan, Larry Wilham, Alexandra Egnew, Alice Self. BOTTOM PICTURE: Mary Jane Deeg majorette. First, row left to right: Alice Self, William Robinson, Jeannette Buttell, Jacqueline Dennison, Wanda Hunter. Second row: Dolores Parks, Margaret Tierney, Alexandra Egnew, Bernardine Bertsche. Third row: Agnes Tierney, Alice Doom, Doroth Lanterman, Colleen Walsh. Fourth row: Larry Wilham, Harriett Hall, Helen VanFossan, Margaret Sanders. Fifth row: Julia Plummer, .Dolores Hinds, Dorothy Payne, George Yard. Sixth row: Kathleen Walsh, Mary Ann Lee, Shirley Hall, Norma Jean Davis. Seventh row: Mary Ann Olson, Norma VanFossan, Joanne Lee, Sandra Smith. Eighth row: Lois Sapp, Wanda Bobell, Doris Awe, Ann Smith. Af' fb-0 I BTW CHFTRUS XJ' V xl! .J Twenty-eight boys joined the chorusfhe fall of '50-751. The boys took part in several events this year, which included the operetta, nWaltz Timeu, and tie Christmas fes- tival. A boys' quartet which consisted of Jack Steller, Jack Stahl, Vernelle Dennison, and James Ward was organized. The chorus was enlarged when Barry Ncrdyke and Clarence Ritchhart became full-fledged members during the season. Kathleen Walsh was accompanist for the group this year. B O Y S ' C H O R U S First row: James Burton, Henry Lanterman, Donnie Hinds, Fred Johnson, William Stoltzenburg, Harry Newman, Jack Stellar, Second row: Alice Self, Larry Wilham, Dean Peddicord, Leo Grieme, Earl Boyer, Wayne Dobey, Vernon Plummer, Walter Hickey, Garnet Dennison, Clarence Davis. Third row: Dean Sivert, James Ward, Jack Stahl, Carl Ebber- sten, Vernelle Dennison, William Dennison, Donald Pankey, Barry Nordyke, Paul Awe, Bernard Bertsche, Kathleen Walsh, accompanist. B O Y S ' Q U A R T E T Jack Stellar Jack Stahl James Ward Vernelle Dennison Kathleen Walsh, accompanist. 9969 00 GQRLS' CHORUS At the beginning of the year thirtynfive girls enrolled in chorus. Every girl helped in some way toward the production of the operetta, Hwaltz Time.W The girls' trio consisted of Jacqueiine Dennison, first soprano, Jean Davis, second soprano, and Kathleen Walsh, alto. The trio sang at a school program, the senior play, at an auxiliary meeting in Lincoln,the PTA meeting at Fancy Prairie, and at the Gommunity Club at Cornland. The chorus as a whole sang at the Christmas festival. Bernardine Bertsche was accompanist for this choir of young singers. Top row left to right: Ann Smith, Mary Jane Dee, Anna Yokum, Frances Payne, Lucille McMillan, Doris Awe, Joan Lee, Wanda Hunter, Gladys Litterly, Virginia Yokum, Norma Van Fossan, Kathleen Walsh, Norma Gieseke. Second row left to right: Alma Peratt, Norma Davis, Dolores Parks, Harriett Hall, Dolores Hinds, Margaret Sanders, Carol Leftwich, Mary Ann Olson, Jeannette Buttell, Shirley Hall, Jacqueline Dennison, Helen Van Fossan, Alice Self. Third row left to right: Pianist, Bernardine Bertsche, Mary Ann Lee, Julia Plummer, Georgeann Gieseke, Sandra Smith, Dorothy Payne, Idona Stout, Alberta Hogan, Alexandra Egnew, Margaret Tierney, Agnes Tierney. Norma Jean Davis, Kathleen Walsh, Jacqueline Dennison. Bernardine Bertscheg pianist. ' WA UZ Ti ME The operetta, nWa1tz Timeu, was presented by the music department of ECHS and was under the directioncf Miss Alice Self. The story had to do with a young boy who had a talent for musical cmnposition, but whose taste ran to waltzes instead of swing. He was derided by all of his friends and family, but he finally wrote a song which was a success. C A S T Kirby Stevens............................. ....JameS Ward CA young musicianl Lilac.........................................Virginia Yocum CA colored maidl Mrs. Lucy Stevens ........ . ............ ....Jaque1ine Dennison CMother of Kirby and Jeffersonl Sue Oliver ............. .. ................ Bernardine Bertsche CWh6 believes in Kirby's ambitionsl Gilmore Scott.......................................Jack Dee Lizzie Sparks .... Bill Hartley ..... Molly Harrigan... Tim O'Brien..... Evelyn Cahill.... Muriel Palmer .... Patricia Summers. Gretchen Dale.... Lester Templeton. Doris Awe Jeannette Buttell Mary Jane Dee Alexandra Egnew Wanda Hunter Joan Lee Dolores Parks Gladys Litterly Julia Plummer Agnes Tierney l oosunooooouuonoanoa :soul 0 "'i13iiAA6Q' Af'kii1393Q5' " CA young old-maidj noauoeeuu CA young man-about-townl .,..Norma Jean Davis Vernelle Dennison .......Sandra Smith Jack Steller ..::iHary Ann Olson .....SBirley Hall .... ....Mary Ann Lee ........................Norma Van Fossan CThe girl next-doorj ........................Wi11iam Robinson QA mnsic publisher, C H O R U S oonoosnosusa Jefferson Stevens... CKirby's older brotherj Walter James Hickey Paul Awe Bernard Bertsche James Burton Garnet Dennison Wayne Dobey Harry Newman Dean Peddicord Dean Sivert Larry Wilham Barry Nordyke gg ' The juniors, My Nerves,N which November 9, 1950. Mrs. Higgens..... Cynthia.......... Eddie............. Althea Coldwater.... Igor Petroff..... Madam X.......... Ralph Wilson..,,.. Jimmie Washburn..... Gladys Burr.,.... J. M. Burr....... Tildy Mae Jenkins class of '52, selected the was presented on the ECHS Actors in the cast were as play, UPlease, stage, Friday follows: ............................Mary Ann Olson ...Bernadine Bertsche .......Barry Nordyke .............Paul Awe ............Bill Robinson ....Norma Jean Van Fossan ...............Jack Dee ...........Jack Stahl . ....Kathleen Walsh ... .........Dean Sivert ,... ....Norma Jean Davis Alice Higgens...................... ..........Agnes Tierney The plot revolves around Mrs. Higgens who has turned her small town home into a family type hotel. But soon a big modern hotel opened up, and nowthe only guests are Ralph Wilson, a young doctor who loves Alice, andvho wants to turn the hotel into a rest home with himself the resident physi- cian, Althea Coldwater, an old lady who isn't an old lady at all, but an escaped kidnaper in disguise, Madam X, a fake fortune teller who cannot get a license to operate in town so sells everybody Umagic wishing ringsu with hilarious re- sults, and Igor Petroff, a so-called Russian dancer, who isn't a Russian at all, andvhose partner quits him before he can do his act in the local theatre. He, then, has to hire Tildy Mae Jenkins, the rattlebrained chambermaid ashis danc- ing partner. Others living in the hotel are Cinny, Mrs. Higgens' teen age daughter, andthe teen age son, Eddie, both of whom are comic situations in their own Wquaintu way. Ralph, the doctor, has a wealthy, good-looking friend, Jimmie Washburn, who comes to town to consult Ralph upon the advice of his Chicago doctor that he go some place where it is nice and quiet to recuperate from a nervous collapse that he has suffered in an accident. Ralph thinks Jimmie will save the day for Mrs. Higgens by paying a big board bill all summer. He might even put money into the hotel so they can have their rest home. But every time Ralph brings Jimmie to the hotel something exciting is happening which only makes Jimmie's condition worse! Thenin comes Jimmie's sweetheart, Gladys Burr, who is followed by her fire-eating widower fa- ther, eager to kill Jimmie outright because J. M. Burr wants his daughter to marry someone else! With all the confusion the play ends in hilarious re- sults for everyone except the characters in the cast whose nerves are all practically shattered. The juniors old tick- Ets ag hop and 254. This production netted them a profit of 77.7 . SENICDRT PLAY When the question, HWho wants to be in the senior play?N arose, quite a problem presented itself to Miss Giger. Everyone in the senior class wanted to be in this annual affair. That meant that a play for nine boys and four girls would have to be found--a very difficult task indeed! After considerable scanning through play books, a farce, UThe Antics of Andrew,U was selected. This play had nine boys and five girls which meant that one girl would have to be selected from the underclassmen. Because there were but four senior girls, Dolores Parks, a sophomore, was chosen to play the other girl's part. The cast was as follows: Petunia....................... . Andrew Browne................ Jacques........ Willie Waldo .... Althea Thorne... Julia Boynton... Betty Boynton.. ........ Harold Hadley ...... . .... Dean Socrates Boyntbn..... Isaac Zimmerman .... . .... Miss Prunella Thorne.... O'Flarity.............. Roy1e........................ ...Margaret Sanders ........James Ward .....Vernon Plummer ..Verne1le Dennison ......Harriett Hall ......Dolores Parks ..Georgeann Gieseke ...William Dennison ....Carl Ebbersten ....Clarence Davis ,.....Dolores Hinds .......Larry Wilham ............Walter James Hickey The seniors presented this highly entertaining comedy on Friday, April 13, 1951. The class reported that 3117 was taken in. Federal tax amounted to 3l8.82, and production expenses were 8l3.5O. This left a total of 38h.68 for the senior fund. Top picture: Andrew and his nwifeyu almost break up the dinner party. Middle picture: The detectives fail to find the bottle of wine. Bottom picture: Petunia's last words, HOh, kiss me Jacky, ah' wants ter die.H ' Home R "E" The Honor WEN Society was organized in 1938 to induce students to maintain a high scholastic average. To qualify for the Bohan Scholorship award, a senior must maintain an average of at least 3.25 for his or her entire four years in high school. A gold pin is presented to the person or persons meeting this standard each year. This year the only senior to receive the award was Vernon Plummer. V CHEEI LEADERS This yearis cheerleaders are from left to right: Sandra Smith, Margaret Tierney, Bernardine Bertsche, and Harriett Hall. The girls' costumes were made of red corduroy trimed in white. Frankie Payne was also one of the yell leaders until her transfer to Mount Pulaski at the end of the first semester. The girls have done a fine job in backing the team and leading the cheers. Hats off to our cheerleaders! Acgwvuw This yearfs activity WEN winnersare: Vernelle Dennison, James Ward, Harriett Hall, Dolores Hinds, UJiggsU Davis, Larry Wilham, and Walter Hickey. In order to qualify for an activity WEN, these students must participate in enough extracurricularactivitiestaearn 90 or more points in their four years of ECHS. Points are given for holding offices in clubs or classes, and being in clubs, dramatics, on Echo or Echoette staff, participate in band or chorus, operettas or taking part in any other project for which no other awards are presented. The WE'sN were in the form of a sterling silver pin again this year, and were presented at an assembly in the Stllw o Back row-left to right: James Ward, Harriett Hall, 'Dolores Hinds, and Vernelle Dennison. Front row-left to right: Larry Wilham, Clarence Davis, and Walter James Hickey. 69 EIGI-STH GRADE Top row, left to right: Mr. Lanterman, Frank Buckles, Edgar Winkle, Billy McCue, George Yard, Delbert Sivert. Bottom row, left to right: Bob Curry, Joanne Lee, Colleen Walsh, Dorthy Lanterman, Alice Doom, Charles Drake. ELKHART JUNIORwREDBIRDS The Elkhart Junior Redbirds had avery successful season this year in basketball. Fifteen boys reported for this sport. Raymond Mercker acted xscoach and showed much inter- est in the team. He should be congratulated for a well coached team. The Heavyweights were Conference champions and third place winners of the Logan County Tournament. The boys had a very good recordwf 8 wins and 1 loss. The light- weights who did not do as well are looking forward to a bet- ter year in 1951-'52. Top row, left to right: Mr. Lanterman, Donald Lanterman,Bob Curry, Frank Buckles, Edgar Winkle, George Yard, Bobbie Leininger, Richard Miller, Roger Dennison, Russell Egnew, Raymond Mercker, coach, Bottom row, left to right: Dannie Gleason, Edward Sapp, Jerry Miller, Jimmie Dee,Johnny Smith,Ronnie Shawgo, Micheal Egnew, Donnie Dennison. The cheerleaders were: Colleen Walsh, Dorthy Lanterman, Marlene Curry, and Joanne Lee. f4Q,i, 7? ' Eg -fb rvmwnamwyqy-N-QW ifkfgfx ,-gb 'X QTlifi2g'i.f?ff D TJ ' 1' KJNNX X ,3--vzzzz'-ffffiiff A ELKHART OH CG. DISTRIBUTOR OF W- E IQ fax Ci CZD PETROLEUM PRODUCTS M E T E R E D F A R M D E L I V E R I E S DIAL 3181 FIRE CHIEF AND SKY CHIEF GASOLINES HAVOLINE AND TEXACO MOTOR OILS MARFAK LUBRICATION FIRESTONE AND DUNLOP TIRES SIEGLER SPACE HEATERS COMPLETE LINE OF AUTOMOTIVE ACCESSORIES We appreciate your use of our Modern Texaco Service LEO WALSH and F. S. CRANER ELKHART ILLINOIS YCUR A ALLISQHALMERS SALES AND SERVICE GENERAL REPAIR WORK A....4. '-..,, E35 if "'A' ' '15, IMPLENENT CQMPANY ELKHART FARMER'S FRIEND PORTABLE ELEVATORS -If-381'-lb M DWEST TRACTOR LOADERS GOODYEAR TIRES STEAM CLEANING ewwwe PAINTING awww MAGNETO REPAIR 4444 , NATURAL LUBE OIL saaen DIAL 2631 ILLINOIS Q54 T 'lo S Al QUND ECHS. Our school. Mr. C. Smith, our janitor shaking his mop. Norma Gieseke, thehelper in the lunch room. Ruth Follis with a cherry pie. The freshmen boys. Left to right: Clarence Ritchhart, Earl Boyer, Fred Johnson, Donnie Hinds, and Bill Stoltzenburg. Coach Cain and Wayne Dobey enjoying table tennisd ring noon hour activities. Mr. Lukenbill presenting Walter James Hickey withthe walnut gavel. Jack Dee gives Walter James the DeKalb award. Rooters at aspring baseball game. Noon in the lunch room. SM!-lL'S SERVICE STATIONG APPLIANCE SPRADLING'S SEAT. covmns C O M P L E T E S H E L L S E R V I C E 2h-HOUR SERVICE SHELLUBRICATION--WASHING--ACCESSORIES--WHEEL BALANCING SSHHHH? Gates Tires and Batteries Battery Charging PYROFAX BOTTLE GAS SERVICE Westinghouse Electric Appliances Magic Chef Gas Ranges Bryant Gas Water Heaters Small Appliances Freezers Water Heaters Ranges Refrigerators DIAL 2101 ELKHART ILLINOIS m'r'f5rMQH PAINT S LOOK BETTER LONGER SUNPROOF WALLHIDE FLORHIDE WATERSPAR WALLHIDE RUBBERIZED SATIN FINISH PAINT MIRRORS GLASS SHELVES TABLE TOPS AUTO GLASS STORE FRONTS INSTALLED GLASS BLOCKS TWINDUN PLATE GLASS WINDOW GLASS FINEST SELECTION OF THE LATEST PATTERNS OF WALLPAPERS PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. 1118 East Adams St. HARRY NORDYKE, MANAGER SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS .'i"': :"1. , 5'-'E' .. -:-'- :':- -Zu" ,a1::"": Complete Line of J. I. CASE MINNEAPOLIS-MOLINE Power Farm Equipment Power Farm Equipment ec-me ee:-re Parts Parts eeef- ease Service Service GOODYEAR AND FIRESTONE TIRES -- ei, , e,, 4 CI , POPE AUTOMATIC BALER TIERS DE LAVAL CREAM SEPARATORS AND MILKERS MILK COOLERS: FOOD FREEZERS COMPLETE LINE OF HOTPOINT APPLIANCES ew:-eeee -x-sew +1-sax-1+ G M C T R U C K S awww- me-rr--me 41-x-+ve KNAPHEIDE TRUCK BODIES ST. PAUL HOISTS JAMESWAY AND STARLINE BARN EQUIPMENT SHALLUN AND DEEP WELL WATER SYSTEMS KEWANEE AND LITTLE GIANT ELEVATORS ANTHONY WAGONS, BEDS, AND HOISTS -X-X-H-N' SHHHQ- 4891-51- Mechanical Service Of All Kinds Magneto Repairing eemef Opposite Capitol Airport Entrance Phone 6h25 SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS 5: L W u lx ll .lu ,. EEE Q F52 x xi ,.,,.l ,f A. in THROUGHOUT THESE FIFTY-NINE YEARS WE HAVE CONSISTENTLY SERVED WILLIAMSVILLE AND ITS SURROUNDING COMMUNITY. WE ARE PROUD OF OUR RECORD. TRY US AND PROVE TO YOUR SATISFACTION OUR COURTESY AND FRIENDLINESS. WE DESIRE TO SERVE YOU ASK A DEPOSITOR--HE KNOWS Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WILLIAMSVILLE ILLINOIS J. M, RQIHWELL LUMBER CCD. Serving The Home Owner Since 1902 MOUNT PULASKI, ILLINOIS 6HH?-'75 KITCHEN MAID CABINETS ARMSTRONG LINOLEUM VIKON WALL TILE easem- ROOFING and INSULATION By Barrett and Johns-Manville seeeeeee EXTERIOR HOUSE SIDING GENUINE INSEL-ERIC ALUMINUM LAP SIDING JOHNS-MANVILLE ASBESTOS CINCO COM INATION ALUM NUM STORM WINDOWS QHHHI- ESTIMATES ARE FREE -HHH? J. M. RCDTHWELL LUMBER CO, MOUNT PULASKI ILLINOIS r" ll f-x,Ifr'F L. Jx..BKiDxJlxf.Ji -IH!-HHH? COMPLETE STOCK OF FARM MACHINERY WISCONSIN ENGINES--NEW IDEA--MASSEY-HARRIS KEWANEE DUNI-IAM DIAL Elkhart 3571 ELK!-IAIITf W - I M ILLINOIS .IIIW I HARDWARE AND IMPLEMENTS PHONE WILLIAMSVILLE 5205 FANCY PRAIRIE ILLINOIS HN. BL PNCK G SCN ees mse- GENERAL HATDWARE STOVES and FULNACES TIN WORK--PUMPS--SKELGAS SERVICE .HH1-X-if-6? P. o. Box L11 I ILLINOIS Flowers Correctly Styled WILLIAMSVILLE Cf-xm G State S MRS . LEAMOND PO ELKHART W Himekeszsrila Rfffvf-IOUSES Suu' Kuala A 1- ,mx A A 617--Pulaski St. treet Between Sth and 9th Flower Phone 217 LINCOLN, ILLINOIS YNTER, Elkhart Representative DIAL 2771 ILLINOIS T-JQLLf4XND UB A Q KY DON HOLLAND JOHN BARRY ex'e'fJ,i-:eases LINCOLN ILLINOIS W. W, HI LL GRAIN FEED CO. Marmfacturers of f f T T KV ., W "5 .PVT Q . 'Ep I A 5 LM A xx K ,xx KXIE NN sv! A A COMPLETE LINE OF QUALITY FEEDS CUSTOM FEED GRINDING AND MIXING POULTRY L-AN2 Q EQUIPMENT MAIN OFFI CE WILLIAMSVILLE ILLINOIS lfiigpx A vw. .. . I -,ll QJ! V ' Q.. 1 5 Q - ,, 9 W 1 Li-fm., , 3 L..lBmnn I ,AM X X.,-9 2 ' 01 l 'H ax 75? X! V nl 5 1 L ucspumcefuezwss " ' 'A4 gag fg1f?QifTHa .' ' ' ' i 21 Ii'-mil H QA I A...' 1 '--L- : ""----..- Complete AUTO CLINIC Logan Countyls Most 225 N. Kickapoo St. AUTHORIZED DEALERS nwuwnw Our Mechanics Are Factory Trained CHEVROLETANQ BUICK EXPERTS LINCOLN ILLINOIS E35 D R I N K Q1 .72 ,Q 5 if 2. aa- QL, B O T T L E S 69 LINCOLN CLQCAI-COLA BQTTLINQ CO, ILLINOIS LINCOLN FISHMANXS SPORTHV6 GOODS Established 1892 'wm ,HHS MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR YOUR ATHLETIC NEEDS S Quality S 1 t 603-607 East Washlngt DIAL 616D SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS . U ,.., I IIAI 'I'4 f I -'III' 1 I-'- ' PHONES--123k and 55 LINCOLN ILLINOIS "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" from OTTO J. HEMBIQEHLEK "The Florist" -ze-H-:ez-as L96--Phones--1300 Greenhouse--L37 Tenth St. Flower Shop--50h Broadway MRS. WILLIAM BENNER, Elkhart Representative LINCOLN ILLINOIS LANGELLIEIQ M QDTOK CQ. FORD--MERC URY ess-seeeeeef FORD TRACTORS--DEARBORN IMPLEMENTS 681-79991- GHICAGO and PEKIN STS. Telephone 731-732 LINCOLN ILLINOIS J U L I A N E. D O W N I N G Elgin--Hamilton--Bulova Grant Love-Let Diamonds Watch Repairing MOUNT PULASKI ILLINOIS S M I TH IMJULQ EN I COMEX NY McCormick--Deering Tractors--Trucks--Refrigeration Hardware--DuPont Paints Phone 133 MOUNT PULASKI ILLINOIS S W'E E T Q C A N T E R B U R Y S E E D C O. Good Seed and Fertilizer for Farms, Gardens, Lawns Purina QCheckerboardJ Feeds Baby Chicks Ruhm's Rock Phosphate Martin-Senour Paints MOS North Fifth Street SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS I L L I C O I N D E P E N D E N T O I L C O. Serving Logan Co. the Last A5 years PREMIUM QUALITY GASOLINE AND OILS FUEL OILS AND KEROSENE TIRES AND AUTO ACCESSORIES PROM T, COURTEOUS FARM DELIVERIES Phone 37h-375 LINCOLN ILLINOIS -...........-.......-...... ......i.......- ...-...tp..,..., .., .n-..,e -. ...,,,-....., ........... A .5 ...........,... D'I'ER.S MOTOR SALES' T Phone 617-L 511 Seventeenth St. DLTSOTO--PLYMOUTH Sales--Service ILLINOIS I .,- . LU,-ok . LINCOLN I Il en 's Store for Wom "Lincoln THE 'IHHRIFT STORE 4 qfgyi .35 JI Thigh? . ' ePUNfCfL:.LM115 e Dry Goods--Hosiery--Lingeri Ready-to-Wear and Millinery ILLINOIS ' I ISERVICE AUTO ELECTRIC Carburetor, Magneto, Radio Service, Motor Tune-up QHHT-95 FEUSTING BROTHE Phone267 110 North McLean St. LINCOLN ILLINOIS MQMULLAN MOTORS Sales and Service Body Shop was-we 116 South Hamilton St. Phone 13 LINCOLN ILLINOIS 3 N 'N-4. - 1 -5 -.fu .,...r B U C K L E S 5 H A Y E S G A R A G E Auto, Truck, Tractor Repairing and Accessories Electric and Acetylene Welding Complete Motor and Ignition Service KAISER-FRAZER SALES AND SERVICE Phone 295 MOUNT PULASKI ILLINOIS CONNOLLEY DRUG CO, PHYSICIAN'S SUPPLIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES Drugs Oils Sundries Books Perfumes Paints Toilet Articles Stationery MOUNT PULASKI ILLINOIS G E H L B A C H H A R D W A R E-4I M P L E M E N T C O HARRY GELHBACH, Proprietor POWER FARM MACHINERY--SALES and SERVICE HARDWARE and APPLIANCES 129-131 South Sangamon St. LINCOLN ILLINOIS ,. . , :-:A 'I .. HARRY E. STOUT v Jeweler DIAMONDS A WATCHES RINGS JEWELRY SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS ...................1.-..... B U T T E L L ' S J E W'E L R Y S T O R E WATCHES HAMILTON ELGIN LONGINE-WITTNAUER Guaranteed Watch Repairing By a Certified Watchmaker ewes LINCOLN. ILLINOIS M A L E R I G H Q S O N S 125-7 North Sangamon Street Lincoln, Illinois. we Offer Dry-Cleaning at Its Best C1eaners...Furriers...Tailors LEE'S GROCERY -- AGENT ELKHART ILLINOIS P L U T H' T I N S H O P , -SSH? STOKERS -- ROOFING -- AIR-CONDITIONING FURNACES -- GUTTERS -- BLOLERS SHEET METAL WORK TJIWN IMS l,ff LINCOLN ILLINOIS LGGAN COUNTY QC-CDP FOOD LOCKER COMPANY COMPLETE LOCKER SERVICE Atlanta, Emden, Middletown, Latham, Lincoln R A Y E. M O N E Y PLUMBING AND HEATING A GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS 14114 South Kickapoo Street Phone 1107 LINCOLN I LLINOIS CH!-XRLESCWQDETSKI WALLPAPER PAINTS GLASS ez-we Phone 6h LINCOLN I LLI NOIS C OMPLIIVHSNTS OF WILSQNS Cf-XFE Sandwiches--Fountain Service Featuring Sealtest Ice Cream WI LLIAMSVI LLE ILLINOIS 1 . ' " 'V' "' ' "1' " -.4.-.-4:4-11.-.-.1-:S " ' 4:"'. f:fsga5zgas2a:sfs:egsgsfsmsf "'3Z5gE3E?E5?i3S5E5?3Egig: ' ' ' ' x.-.-V: :-:-:-:-.4.-.:. ,:.f...,. .:.., 1-Y-3 . . . , . 5.5.-.::::::.:.:.g-,-:g:1::.5.:.g-1-cg.,:1::.:.:,g -Hx,-it-.............v, .. I ' 23'E':2' N igzzfllzlzlig 3. -: J F5 IQQA .CME LL DK U G S TONE Prescription Druggists Dial 2-huch Gilbert and Bauer-'s Famous Candies Sodas -- Perfmnes -- Cigars SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS BEST msmss TO THE cu-Iss or 1951 SEARS KQEBUCK CO. LINCOLN ILLINOIS 1' .4 .'.'. . " xy .5 Men's Store SHOES -- HATS -- CLOTHING LINCOLN ILLINOIS DOTY'S JEWELERS first with the newest in jewelry Hamilton -- Elgin -- Waltham Columbia and Cardinal Diamonds -- Distinctive Jewelry Precision Watch Repairing ARCADE BUILDING LINCOLN ILLINOIS Q PXQQLYQS X! VIEARING APPAREL Fon THE FAMILY LINCOLN ILLINOIS LUCK-X561 FFRRMER SHS!- NHOLESALE and RETAIL GROCERIES and FEEDS LINCOLN ILLINOIS Carburetor, Magneto, Radio Service, Motor Tune-up seen F E U S T I N G B R O T H E R S 110 North McLean St. Phone 26? LINCOLN ILLINOIS JULIUS JACOBS CO, When In Lincoln Call and See Our Line Of CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS LINCOLN ILLINOIS .J---f-31 f-L' 'nf il . 1 " """ f ' ' .,. L' - ' T'- .."1' v- G O S S E T T S ' Cleaners, Furriers, and Tailors Tailor Made Suits We Win for Service llh S- Chicago St. ILLINOIS LINCOLN ?EMEJEIi'fON MOTOR CO. DODGE - PLYMOUTH Cars - Trucks 2114-18 North Chicago St. Phone 350 LINCOLN ILLINOIS K E R R I G A N F U N E R A L H O M E Beautiful Tribute is Assured When You Place Your Trust in KERRIGAN'S SERVICE. Nasa NINSTANT AMBULANCE SERVICEU LINCOLN ILLINOIS L ESTABLISHED 1593 HXXNQEIIS MUSIC SHCP was Records Sheet Music -- Band Instruments -- Gifts Appliances INCOLN ILLINOIS NORMA di BILL'S CAFE School Supplies--Meals Sc Sandwiches--Ice Cream--Notions NORMA and BILL COWGUR ELKHART ILLINOIS STOUTENBOROUGH AUCTION AT ' rv CAMPBELLS JALE BARN HOME PHONE 8-11708--Barn Phone 8-3068 North Side Fairgrounds SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS " KN I I' GRAIN FEED FEED GRINDING and MIXING SHHH? ' PHONE 2891 ELKHART ILLINOIS COMPL! MENTS QP WRKSEN 61 SCN ARCADE Sl-ICE REPAIR QHHHQ' M20 Pulaski St . LINCOLN ILLINOIS LEE'S GROCERY FRESHMEATS ' GROCERIES ELKHART ILLINOIS CLARK IMPLEMENT CG. JOHN DEERE S S NEW HOLLAND E A R L BOLENS LORDEN TRACTORS V E I S C PHONE 289 E MOUNT PULASKI ILLINOIS R 23, LANTERMAN FRIGIDAIRE HEFRIGERATORS STOVES and DEEP FREEZES GENERAL MERCHANDISE -HHH-sae ONE OF ELK!-IART'S BEST KNOWN BUSINESS PLACES ELKHART A ILLINOIS THE El,Ki-IAKT LUMBEK CQ. T P L 2 Lumber and O A Building Material N Paints and B1ri.lder's B N Hardware U I I N See L G RUSSELL FOLLIS D Yard Manager ELKHART ILLINOIS WEST FOOD STORE GROCERIES FRESH MEATS ALBERT HARTLEY, Manager. WILLIAMSVILLE ILLINOIS .....,,.,......, .,-,.,,,..,.. , , ..,. LL... A Compliments of R O Y C L A P P E R ' S Lincoln Tire and Appliance Co. LINCOLN ILLINOIS C H A R T E R ' S J E W EIL R Y S T O R E Headquarters for Gift Merchandise NEXT TO LINCOLN TH ATER LINCOLN, ILLINOIS Compliments of the ' S T A T E N A T I O N A L B A N K Member F.D.I.C. LINCOLN ILLINOIS L O G A N M O T O R S A L E S Telephone M80 Oldsmobile Sales and Service LINCOLN ILLINOIS Compliments of J. C. P E N N E Y C O. Clothing for the Entire Family LINCOLN ILLINOIS E D C A M P B E L L CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH SALES and SERVICE 817 Broadway LINCOLN ILLINOIS F A N C Y P R A I R I E C O O P E R A T I V E Buyers and Shippers of Grain Phone Williamsville 5205 FANCY PRAIRIE ILLINOIS J. V. M I L L E R A S O N S Oliver Farm'Machinery - Sales and Service Complete Welding Service FANCY PRAIRIE ILLINOIS Compliments of S T E R L I N G ' S Men's and Boys' Furnishings, and Ladiesls Ready-to-Wear LINCOLN ILLINOIS S H E E R ' S A U T O S U P P L Y We Take the Dent Out of Accident eaae LINCOLN ILLINOIS When In Lincoln Meet Your Friends at S. S. K R E S G E C O M P A N Y The Corner Dime Store LINCOLN ILLINOIS Compliments of the F I R S T N A T I O Member F.D.I.C. N A L B A N K LINCOLN ILLINOIS STAHLIBROISQ HARDNAREV I HEATING and ELECTRICAL SERVICE MOUNT PULASKI Phone M5 ILLINOIS KI-I I-I If I Cempliments ef M T. P U L A S K I T H E A T E R seen MOUNT PULASKI ILLINOIS -IIIZIYAAW For Seed Fnfniture Co To I H E R S H E Y X -rex-re MOUNT PULASKI ILLINOIS I S C H R OIT H I N B U C K L E S Implement Sales OLIVER--Finest in Farm Machinery MOUNT PULASKI ILLINOIS GREETING CARDS STATIONERY THE CAMERA SHOP -DHS-31-PHHT' EVERYTHING PHOTOS RA PT-TTC 320 SOUTH FIFTH STREET SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS STELLETQ H A Tk DWATQE HARDWARE APPLIANCES PLUMBING SUPPLIES DIAL283l ELKHART I LLINOIS THE STAFF THANKS ALL CDP THESE ADVERTTSERS me THEIR LQYAL SUPPGRT

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