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-9 1 WL Mt W M . Z H ,,..- M M ' WWW X7 W Qfffjw ZMMM Q ififfffgfp i W! Q' a ' x 'fl M WW R W Q JW ,,,l X N ww - ,, Tj U R J 5 L XY F Xi! -ffv ipmyaojfiqqo V gm-Q7 by M FQNQ ip 52 an , 6 xg' sw J1w195o E C H 0 O 25th Edition O Published by the Students of ELKHART COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL ELKHART, ILLINOIS. JDJIQLUDIUL To celebrate the "Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edi- tion," this year's annual staff has assembled a year book containing all the precious memories of this school year, so they will never be forgotten. We have endeavored to produce an E Cl-l O which will keep these memories alive. We of the Class of '50 realize that our lives have just begun, but if the rest of our lives contain as many happy times as We have en- joyed here, We Will be very fortunate citizens of a great community. WO Qndzlcahbn. We of the l95O annual staff, take great pride in dedicating our Silver anniversary edition of the Echo to the first Echo Staff and to the people of this com- munity. Through the co-operation of a very helpful community the school has been able to carry on the publication ofthe annual forthe past twenty-iive years. The community has always taken a great part in all school activities, has backed the classes in all their Worthy projects both with its labor and its money, and We, as seniors, who will soon be graduating, hope that We will always be associated with people like you the rest of our lives. lt is the team Work Within a community that makes outstanding churches, schools and clubs. So, to a great community, We dedicate our l95O Echo. THREE Sclwnl agnwwl, We of the Echo Staff, Wish to give our deepest thanks to our Council. They know their responsibil- ities and fully realize the problems that arise, but at no time have they faltered in keeping our school one of which to be proud. lt is one that the school, faculty and community enjoy because of this group of com- munity Weltare minded individuals who maintain their high ideals of what a good school should be. We truly appreciate the guidance they have given us, and Wish to thank them for their very consid- erate help. L ft to Right: Clarence Kerschner, Maurice Dee, Durwood Lanterman, John Danaher, Stephen W FOUR Jaculbf W. W. Ritchie Principal B.Ed., Western Illinois State College M.S,, University of Illinois Miss Margaret Neill Home Economics, Science B.Ed., Western Illinois State College Colorado State College Miss Lucy Giger English A.B., Iowa State Teachers' College University of Chicago University of Colorado Mr. William Stumm Agriculture B.S., University of Illinois Colorado State College Miss Kathryn Bradley Band, Choruses, Girls' P. E. B.M.E., Wesleyan University Mr. John Mull History and Athletics B.S.Ed., Missouri Valley College M.S., University of Colorado Mr. Joseph Grohovsky Commerce B.S., Indiana State Teachers' College University of Colorado Miss Mary J. Deters Office Secretary E.C.H.S. Graduate, 1946 FIVE Klan, Jliatnny, September, 1946, found 23 "freshies" entering the huge E. C. H. S. building. The much looked-forward-to event was initiation, which came and passed with no mishaps. Bill Davis was elected president, Larry Han- ner, vice-president, and Karen Svenson, secretary-treasurer. The class had the usual booths at Homecoming, were stage stars in the spring and presented before the school two one-act plays, and also sponsor- ed an April Fool's Day party. They had three members drop permanently from the class while one transferred. In 1947 twenty-four class of '50 students returned only to have one quit and another move to a distant district. They sponsored a card party to earn money to give an all-school Halloween party. At Homecoming all 22 students Were busy with popcorn stand. shooting gallery, booths, and selling chances on a basket of groceries. The CLIMAX of the year was a trip to St. Louis sponsored by Miss M. Neill. As upperclassmen, 19 members came to claim the title of juniors, Bill Davis was elected to guide them through the year With Larry Hanner as vice-president, and Mary C. Tierney, secretary-treasurer. The sale of sta- tionery and Christmas cards swelled the class fund. The group gave an all-school Christmas party. "Mother Does the Talkingf' a three-act play, completed the raising of funds so that they could sponsor the biggest event of the year, the junior- senior prom. Seventeen students returned to E. C. H. S. as Usophisticatedl' seniors. Before long, the enrollment of Jim Robinson evened the group to nine boys and nine girls in the class. The long awaited for event of getting to initiate the freshmen arrived. After this the class began working for booths at Homecoming. They gave an all-school Valentine party, and then to complete the funds for the annual, they sponsored the senior play, "The Brain Storm." SIX Willard Payne 1-',F.A 47-4S-4115 Chorus -17'-IS--10-505 4-H 47- 48-495 "Creatures of Impulse" 495 "On Stage" 505 "Mother Does The Talking" 4515 'The Brain Storm" 505 Echo 50: Echootte 50. Lois Brennan F.H.A. 47-48-49-303 Band 47--18-fl!!-50: Chor- us 47-'18-49-505 G.A,A. 475 Snwcrvtary-Trvasurer of Band 405 Cheerleader 45-40-505 Assistant Editor, Echo:-tte 50: Echo, Editor 50: "Croa- lures of Impulse" 405 "On Stage" 505 'Mothor Does The Talking" -195 "The Brain Storm" 505 4-H 47. Joyce Ball F.H.A. 47-48-49-501 Band 47-43-49-503 Chor- us 47--IS-40-50: G.A.A. -17: Vice-President of 485 "Creaturus of Impulse" 495 "On F.H.A. Stage" 505 "Mother Does The Talking" 493 "The Brain Storm" 505 Echo 503 Echoctte 50. Robert Hahn 'Transferred from Lincoln, 47-48. F.F.A. -18--105 Sportsmen's Club 48-405 "Mother Does The Talking" 40: "The Brain Storm" 505 Echo 505 Echoette 505 Game VVarden, Sports- men's Club 405 Activity E 50. James Robinson Transferred from Jeffersonville, Ohio. 50. Band -IT-48--10-503 Chorus 505 Class President 405 Minstrel 48-40-501 "On Stage" 501 "The Brain Storm' 505 Echo 50. Mary C. Tierney Transferred from Middletown, 48-49. F.H.A, -IT-48-459-50: Band 47--IS-49-503 Chora us 47-43-40-503 4-H 47-48-40-50: F.H.A. Par, liamentarian 495 Class Secretary-Treasurer -Lug Class Reporter 48: "Creatures of Impulse' 405 "On Stags" 505 "Mother Does Tho Talking" 40: 4'The Brain Storm" 503 Echo 48-49-503 Echo- ette 505 Activity E 50. SEVEN 1 EIGHT Gladys Van Fossan F.H.A. 47--iS-49-505 Band 47-43-49-503 Chor- us 47--iN-49-505 G.A.A. 475 "The Patchwork Quilt" 47: "Creatures of Impulse" 495 "On Stage" 505 "Mother Does The Talking" 495 "The Brain Storm" 50: Echo 505 Echoette 50. William Davis F.F.A, 47-48-495 President, Sp0rtsmen's Club 495 Sportsmt-n's Club 47-48-40-505 Class Vice- President 47-485 Class President 43-505 "Moth- er Dot-s Thr- Talking" 495 "The Brain Storm" 505 School Photographer 505 Echo 505 Echo ette 505 Honor E 50. Bill Yard F.F.A. 47-48-40-505 Chorus 49-505 4-H 47- 48--19-505 F,F.A, Sentinel -18--195 "The Tryst- ing Place" 475 "Creatures of Impulse" -195 "On Stage" 50: "The Brain Storm" 505 Echo 505 Echootte 50. Gloria King F.H.A, 47--I8-49-505 Band 47--IS-49-503 Chorus 47-48-49-505 G.A,A, 475 F.HA. Pianist 495 F, I-LA. Parliamentarian 505 Class Secretary-Treas- uri-r 505 "The Trysting Place" 475 "The Patch Wvork Quilt 475 "Creatures of Impulse" 495 "On Stage" 505 "Mother Does The Talking" 495 "The Brain Storm" 505 Echo 47-49-50: Echo- ette 49-505 D,A.R. 505 Honor E 505 Activity E 50. Betty N eavill F.H.A. -I7-48--19-505 Band -IR-49-50: Chorus 47-48-49-505 G.A.A. 475 School Librarian 48- 40-505 "Tho Patchwork Quilt" 47: "Creatures of Impulse" 495 "On Stage" 505 "The Brain Storm" 505 Echo 49-505 Echoette 50. Lawrence Hanner F.F.A, 47--IS-49-50: Spoi'tsmen's Club 47-48- 49-505 Chorus 49-505 Class President 47-485 Class Vice-President 40-50: 4-H 47-48-49-505 "Patchwork Quilt" 475 "Creatures of Impulse" 495 'On Stage" 505 "Mother Does The Talking" 49: "The Brain Storm" 505 Echo 505 Echoette Editor 505 4-H President 485 F.F.A, President 505 F.F.A. Treasurer 405 Captain of the Bas- ketball Team 505 Activity E 50. '1:,L'la.u. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS First Row: L. Wilham, W. Hickey. Second Row: J. Grohovsky, D. Hinds. Nineteen juniors returned to the E. C. H. S. settlement in September, 1949. The junior play, "Leave It To Goldie," was their first big venture into the field oil dramatics and finance. This production netted them a profit of 573. Larry Wilham served as president, Dolores Hinds as vice-president, and Walter James Hickey as secretary-treasurer. Several juniors were letter winners in athletics, and some were award Winners in F. F. A. The junior-senior prom was held in the auditorium the evening of May 5. Th theme, "Hitch Your Wagon to a Star," carried out in clever decorations, made the roo unusually attractive. The class was saddened by the death of one of its members, John Pickett, who died from tetanus, November 9, 1949, just before the junior play was to have been given. The class sorely missed "Jack's" ready wit, his fun and laughter. First Row: C. Davis, W. Weidhuner, G. Gieseke, W, Hickey, D. Hinds, L. Wilham, M. Sanders, H. Hall J. Pickett Cdeceasedb. Second Row: J. Dennison, P. Thompson, C. Ebbersten, V. Dennison, T. Dains, W. Dennison, D. Boyer J. Ward, V. Plummer, J. Grohovsky, l w TEN Saab Ford Lanterman F.F.A, 47--18-49-503 Spurtsnlc-n's Vlub -iT-4N- -L9-501 Chorus 50: 4-ll -EN-,HP-503 "On Stage" 501 "Mother Does Tho Talking" -HD: "The Bruin Storm" 505 Echo 503 Et-hut-tte 50. Karen Svenson F.H.A. 4T-48-fl!!-50: lmnrl 47-JN-'IEP-505 Chor- us 47-48-411-Stl: fl.A..X. 47: I-H 47-45-Hill-503 Class Secretary-'l'l-1-asurvx' 47-453 Vice-President of Band 415: "C1'vntl1x'x-s of Irnpulsn-" 493 "On Stage" 50: "AIuthPl' Dots The 'I':tlIiing" 405 "Tho Brain Storm" 503 Echo 505 Echoettc 50. 3Charlene Parks F.H.A. 47--IN--l!IA5ll3 Band -IN-'Lil-503 Chorus 47-45-lf!-50: G.A.A. 475 F,H.A. President -'ISL Band Librarian 495 "The Trysting Place-" 47: "Creatures of Impulse" -UIQ "On Stagt-" 50: "Matin-r Dol-s The Talking" 405 "Tho Brain Storm" 505 Sohool I.ibrairian 48g Honor E 50: Echo -iT--lib-505 Echoettu 50: Activity E 50, Wayne Stolz F.F.A. 47-49--19-50: Band -iN-fl!!-503 -I-II -17- 48--19-SOQ F.F.A. S04'l'etal'y 501 Managvl' of Basketball Team -lil-50: "Tho Brain Storm" 50: Echo 50: Echoette 50. Raymond Mercker F.F'.A, -IT--IS--Hi-503 Sprwlsille-11's l'lulr 47-IN-41h 505 Vhorus 50: l4'.F.A lle1m1't4-r 49: F.F.A, 'l'1'vusurcr 50: View-l'rn-sixln-nt Fportsmexfs Ulub 405 Sportsmt-n's l'Iuh Sw-vim-tu1'5' 30: 4-H 4T-4N- 19-Mbq "Tho Trysling l'lavv" -IT: "Moths-r Does The Talking" 403 "The Bruin Storlrf' 50: "On Stage" 501 Echo -IU-505 Echuoltc 502 Activity E 50. Gwendolyn Suttory F.ll.A. -IT-,IN-4!l-50: l'lwl'lls 'IT--Ili-JU: ll, A.A 473 Sf-hoo! Librarian 50: Noon Prograin l'lmil'mnu 50: "l'r+-:ttu1'es of Impulsn-" 19: "On Stage" 503 "Tho Trysting PlaC'e" -IT: "The Brain Storm" 501 Echo 50: Echoetto 50. NINE .svpfwmfm gm SOPI-IOMORE OFFICERS Seated: A. Tierney. Standing: D. Pankey, M. Neill, P. Awe. Seventeen sophomores returned to E. C. H. S. this year. The class chose as officers: president, Paul Aweg vice-president, Donald Pankey, and secretary-treasurer, Agnes Tierney. Miss Margaret Neill was class sponsor. At the annual "Homecoming,' the sophomores sold chances on a basket of groceries, sponsored a shooting gallery, and sold pop. The profit from this was 358155. With this money the class went to St. Louis. This trip was the highlight of their year. The class also sponsored an all-school party, April 24. First Row: N. Van Fossan, K. Walsh, H. Lanterman, A. Tierney, P. Awe, D. Pankey, M. Olson, W. Dobey, N. Davis. Second Row: R. Hubbard, J. Stahl, B. Bertsche, J. D ee, D. Dains, D. Sivert, F. Neavill, B. Bertsche M. Neill. ELEVEN J 61444 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS First Row: J. Burton, A. Peratt, J. Steller. Second Row: K. Bradley. At the beginning of the year, seventeen freshmen were enrolled at E. C. H. S. The class elected Jack Steller as president, Jim Burton as vice-president, and Alma Peratt as secretary. The first big event was initiation, at which the girls were told to dress as engineers, and the boys were ordered to wear bakers' suits. The first profit made by the freshmen was at Homecoming, where their income totaled S24.02, made by selling popcorn, and having the fish pond and fortune telling booths. The freshmen gave a "Truth or Consequence" party for the students at E. C. H. S., March 24. Several of the freshmen were enrolled in band and chorus. First Row: J. Plummer, S. Hall, W. Hunter, J. Burton, J. Steller, A. Peratt, M. Lee, J. Buttell. Second IEJWEID. Peddicord, L. Grieme, D. Parks, C. Leftwich, J. Lee, G. Dennison, H. Newman, K. ra ey. TWELVE 1950 1925 First Row, left to right: Hn-nry Huffman, Thomas Tiernn-y, James McCue, Thomas Hanahan, John Brennan. Second Row, left to right: Mark Hunter, Luo XVnlsh, VVilliam Bone- part, Ora Byerly, Paul Humph- reys. Third Row, left to right: Coach Smith, Javob Oyer, John Doo, John Merritt, Donald Shaffer, Raymond Hahn. t ATHL Tlcs W ,-, Fir-,t Row, If'ftl'1 riuht: l.nwrm-nee Hann--r, Robert Hahn 'Thomas Dains, John Dee. Jr., William Dc-nnison, Ve nelll- Dennison. Se-voml Row, left to right: Coach Mull, Raymond Morcker, Jams-s D4-nnison, James Xvarcl, Ford Lanterman, Paul Awo, Clarenr-0 Davis. Third Row. left to right: NVaync Stoltz, VValtei' J Hickey, Ronniv Hubbard, Bernard Bertsche, Homer Crowe, Larry SVilham. THIRTEEN a6'a4lmt6alL First Row: Clarence Davis, Larry HHYIHSF. James NVard. Raymond Merekvr, Paul Awe. Second Row: Coach Mull, Robert Hahn, Jack Di-e, XVillinm Dennison, Vernellr- Den- nison, Thomas Dains. that time. Elkhart tied with New Holland for the Championship of theLogan-DeWitt Conference, a n d the Redbirds finished third in the L o g a n County Tourney. Elk- hart took high honors First Row: Clarence Davis, James Vvnrd, VViliiam Dennison, Paul Awe, Homer Crowe, Second Row: Coach Mull, NValter J. Hickvy, James Dennison, Ford Lanterman, Ber- nard Bertsehe, Ronnie Hubbard. FOURTEEN The basketball team enjoyed a successful season this year, win- ning 21 out of 29 starts. In the Williamsville Invitational they took second, losing to a t e a m from Riverton that was undefeated at in the Greenview Dis- trict but were defeat- ed in the first game of the Athens Regional by Mason City. They won the free th r 0 W championship in the Logan County Tourney with a .561 average, Williamsville . Latham . Middletown . New Holland . Atlanta fovertimej Waynesville . . New Berlin . Williamsville . Riverton . Athens . Latham . Middletown . Hartsburg . Beason . Hartsburg . a8a4lLetl:alL jcnfma, We They . 41 27 . 53 45 . 54 44 . 25 49 . 44 50 . 74 30 . 61 41 . 37 30 . 43 51 . 61 67 . 33 36 . 52 37 . 49 36 . 66 33 . 32 35 We They Atlanta . . 64 38 Mt. Pulaski . . 40 44 Kenney . . 48 30 Beason . - 47 43 Waynesville . . 66 31 Petersburg . . 49 39 Hartsburg . . 46 44 Williamsville . . 40 28 Greenview . . 73 54 Chandlerville . . 46 25 Mason City .... 45 59 Season's Free Throw Cf? . . .578 Scoring Average- Elkhart . . . 50.5 Opponents . . 39.6 FIFTEEN Vernelle Dennison: Junior guard, had unusual speed for a tall player-should have a fine year in 50-51. Jack Dee: Sophomore center - strong on defense and rebounds- developed a good jump shot near the end of season. JD Clarence Davis: Junior guard, his eye for long range shooting was unmatched all season. Bob Hahn: Senior forward, fine rebounder and consistently faked his guard out of position for easy layups. Jim Ward: Junior guard, one of best defensive men on squad and an expert at twisting under the basket shots. Larry Hanner: Senior guard, captain and Bohan Free Throw Winner with a .711 percentage, showed amazing speed and an un- canny eye for the basket. Bill Dennison-Junior forward, tallest man on the squad and a strong rebounder - should also have a fine season coming up. Raymond Mercker. Senior guard, small but aggressive, excelled on rushes and fast breaks. Tom Dains: Junior forward, pos- sessed ability of being at the right place at the right time for re bounds. c6'mm6alL The Redbird Baseball team had two fair seasons this year, winning ten and losing seven. Hahn, Hanner and Payne have been the regular pitchers for the squad. Four of the lettermen will graduate this year. This means that there should be several experienced players back next year. EIGHTEEN ' 'Ir Bauball, Scmum, Fall Baseball We Williamsville . . 23 Mt. Pulaski . 2 New Holland . . 1 Atlanta . . . 22 Hartsburg . . 25 Middletown . . 11 Latham . 8 Spring Baseball We Springfield . 8 Mt. Pulaski . 2 Latham . . 10 Lanphier . . 4 Williamsville . . 9 Cathedral . . 2 Feitshans . . 1 Beason . . 5 Williamsville? . . 11 Cathedral? .... 0 'District Tourney Games if They 2 3 5 14 0 1 1 They 7 0 5 1 1 5 8 2 24 1 9 NINETEEN .... ..........,-Q.. -saving'-.-..'Q,,mm, . , .. A "5 15:3 fix r ACTIVITIES 'k'k'k 1950 ECHO STAFF First Row: S. Hall, M. Tiernny, R, Hahn, I.. T-Innner, L, Brm-nnan. G. King, U. Parks. 1925 ECHO STAFF OF '25 Firm! Row: J, Brennan, H Reed, T. Hanahan, S. Keays V. Henman. Sei-ond Row: M. Follls, R. By- erly, lvl. Lee, T. Tierney, J Merritt, Y. Lanterman, D Sapp, A. McCue, V. Svenson Second Row: W. Hickey, C. Davis. B. Neavill, G. Van Fossan, J. Ball, M. Olson, K, Svenson, M, Sanders, G. Suttory. Third Row: R, Mercker, W. Siolz, VV. Yard, W. D1-nnison, W. Davis, R. Lamerman, NV. Payne. TWENTY-ONE .JL. F. H. A. OFFICERS Seated: A. Tierney, M. Olson, N. Van Fos- san. Standing: K. Walsh, M. Sanders, G. King, M. Neill, J. Ball, N. Davis, H. Hall, B. Bertsche. ' The Future Homernakers of America under the presidency of Kath- leen Walsh had 29 members in active club Work during the year. Program books containing the year's outline of projects were constructed by Harriett Hall, program chairman. On the pages of these books were listed the continuous active duties of all members. The girls made a neat profit from a food sale, ice cream sales, Homecoming concession, and food serving after basketball games in addition to receiving good training in the serving of banquets, meals and teas. First Row: B. Bertsche, M. Sanders, M. Olson, N. Van Fossan, K. Walsh, A, Tierney, G. King, N. Davis, J. Ball. Second Row: S. Hall, G. Gieseke, B. Neavill, D. Hinds, L. Brennan, K. Svenson, C. Parks, M. Tierney, G. Suttory, M. Neill. Third Row: W. Hunter, M. Lee, J. Plummer, H. Hall, J. Lee, C. Leftwich, D. Parks, A. Peratt, G. Van Fossan, F. Neavill, J. Buttell. TWENTY-TWO lj. Q The officers chosen to head the F. F. A. for the year 1949-50 were: President . . . Larry Hanner Vice-President . . Clarence Davis Secretary . . . Wayne Stolz Treasurer . . Raymond Mercker Reporter . . Walter James Hickey F. F. A. OFFICERS First Row: P. Boyer, L. Hanner, R. Mercker. Second Row: C. Davis, W. Stolz, W. Hickey, W. Stumm. A program of work was set up by the chapter members at the first meeting in September. The committees and their chairmen were as follows: Supervised Farm Prac- tice, James Thompsong Leadership, Bill Yard, Cooperation, Ford Lantermang Earning and Savings, Raymond Merckerg Community Service, Paul Crowe, Conduct of Meeting, Duane Boyer, Recreation, Larry Wilhamg General Activities, Vernelle Dennisong Schol- arship, Walter James Hickey. The annual Parent and Son Banquet, a highlight of the year, was held April 25, in the high school gymnasium. The speaker of the evening was Rev. Wm. Skadden. At this banquet sponsored and prepared by Mr. Stumm and his classes, the present and past F. F. A. members presented him with a gold wrist watch in appreciation of his services to them throughout the fifteen years of his work in this community. First Row: R. Lanterman, D. Boyer, W. Hickey, C. Davis, L. Hanner, R. Mercker, W. Stolz, W. Yard. Second Row: J. Steller, J. Pickett Cdeceasedj, R. Hubbard, C. Ebbersten, V. Dennison, J. Dee, L. Wil- ham, D. Peddicord, W. Weidhuner. Third Row: G, Dennison, D. Sivert, P. Awe, B. Bertsche, J. Thompson, D. Dains, L. Grieme, J, Bur- ton. H. Newman. TWENTV-THREE ,gm E. C. H. S. sent a student, Lynn Greer, to the State Conservation School for high school students in the summer of 1945. The next fall, following a suggestion from the State Department of Conservation, the first Jr. Sportsmen's Club was organized, with 16 members, and has been functioning each year since that time. This year the club has a membership of 25 people who are headed by the following officers: Mr. Ritchie, adviser, Larry Hanner, president, Clarence Davis, vice-president, Raymond Mercker, secretary-treasurer, and Larry Wilham, game Warden. Among the activities during the past year, monthly meetings, conservation movies, and contests were held to encourage thinking along lines of conservation. A rifle match was held at the monthly meeting in May. After the smoke cleared away, Raymond Mercker emerged the first place winner, Ford Lanterman second, and James Ward, third. One stride forward made by the club was the collecting of information on how to get a Senior Club organized in the community, so that alumni would have an organiza- tion in which to Work after graduation. As a result of this, there is now a Senior Sports- men's Club of over 200 members, holding monthly meetings at the recreation hall. 'kirir First Row: P. Awe, L. Wilham, C. Davis, L. Hanner, R. Mercker, J. Dee, R. Hubbard, W. Dobey. Second Row: W. Hickey, J. Dennison, R. Lanterman, C. Ebbersten, V. Dennison, T. Dains, W. Davis, J. Ward, W. Ritchie. Third Row: H. Lanterman, J. Stahl, L. Grieme, V. Plummer, B. Bertsche, W. Dennison, D. Pankey, D. Dains, J. Pickett Cdeceasedj. l I TwENTY.FouR ,gamma The Echoette is published bi-monthly and is distributed free, to stu- dents, faculty, school board, and homes in Elkhart that have no children in high school. The staff is made up of seniors except for the two issues before the senior play. These, the juniors published and did an exceptionally good job. One of the junior issues was a color issue for Easter. The Echoette issues, of the first semester, received a rating of "good" by the N. S. P. A. of which it is a member. The Echoette is also a member of the N. D. P. A. and received an HA". The mailing list consists of 45 names of former graduates of E. C. H. S. and school exchanges. Miss Lucy Giger and Mr. Joe Grohovsky are sponsors of the paper. ECHOETTE STAFF Flrst Row: M. Tierney, R. Hahn, L. Hanner, L. Brennan, G. King, C. Parks. Second Row: J. Grohovsky, B. Neavill, G. Van Foss an, J. Ball, K. Swenson, G. Suttory, L. Giger Row: R. Mercker, W. Stolz, W. Yard, W. Davis, R. Lanterman, W. Payne. TWENTY-FIVE aa.'g1wMt GIRLS' TRIO G. King, N. Van Fossan, C. Parks K. Walsh, accompanist. Twenty-nine girls became members of the choir this fall. Every girl helped in some way towards the production of the operetta, "On Stage? The girls' trio consisting of Gloria King, second sopranog Charlene Parks, first soprano, and Norma Van Fossan, alto, sang at the Mother's Tea, club programs, and other community and school activities. The entire chorus sang at the spring concerts at Lincoln and Elkhart. Charlene Parks sang a solo at baccalaureate services, and Gloria King played a piano solo at graduation. Gloria King and Kathleen Walsh were accompanists for this choir of young singers. First Row: B. Bertsche, M. Sanders, M. Olson, N. Van Fossan, K. Walsh, A. Tierney, J. Ball, N. Davis. Second Row: K. Bradley, S. Hall, G. Gieseke, B. Neavill, D. Hinds, L. Brennan, K. Svenson, C, Parks, M. Tierney, G. Suttory, J. Buttell. Third Row: W. Hunter. M. Lee, J. Plummer, H. Hall, J. Lee, C. Leftwich, D. Parks, A. Peratt, G. Van Fossan, F. Neavill, G. King, accompanist. TWENTY-SIX l Enya' flmfuu, Y BOYS' QUARTET L. Hanner, V. Dennison, J. Ward, W. Payne. G. King, accompanist. Twenty-six boys joined the chorus group the fall of 1949. The boys took part in several events this year, which included the operetta, "On Stage," and sang in both of the spring concerts at Lincoln and at Elkhart. A boys, quartet which consisted of Willard Payne, Larry Hanner, James Ward and Vernelle Dennison was organized. Gloria King was accompanist for the chorus this year. First Row: J. Dennison, R. Lanterman, W. Payne, J. Ward, L. Hanner, R. Mercker, W. Hickey, C. Davis Second Row: K. Bradley, C. Ebbersten, J. Dee, D. Pankey, V. Dennison, T. Dains, D. Peddicord, L Grieme, J. Burton. Third Row: H. Lanterman, P. Awe, B. Bertsche, J. Thompson, W. Dennison, W. Yard, D. Dains, W Dobey, H. Newman, J. Steller, G. King, accompanist. TWENTY-SEVEN Band The fall of this year brought about several changes in the music department. One was the appearance of a uniformed band. The members started working last year to raise money, by picking up corn and having an ice cream social in order to buy new uniforms. The school board backed the band personnel's efforts by advancing part of the money for red wool coats and caps which the students wore with white trousers. Throughout the year the band members and their mothers Worked to repay this loan which is now three-fourths paid. The crowd voted to enter the district contest at Lincoln where they received a first division rating and were entitled to go to the state contest at Macomb. Here, in competition with 19 bands, they received a fourth division rating. The band has improved and accomplished a great many things for a young band, and they and their instructor are to be commended for their concerts, their march for- mations at games, and their solo work. TWENTY-EIGHT 0 "ON STAGE" "On Stagel' is a story of people, of their beliefs, of their fun, their problems, and their feelings for one another. It is the pitting of good against selfishness, of sincerity against insincerity. All of this takes place in the everyday happenings of the cast and the director of a New York musicale in rehearsal. CAST CProducer7 . . . CDirectorJ . . . fStage Artist! . CCostumesJ . ' CDance Teamj . . . . . fPromising young singerj . . . QSinger and Philosopherl Crew . J. D. Roberts . George Mason . Johnson . . Miss Lane . Jim . . . Kathy . . . Ginny Erwin . Jack Andes . Foreman of Stage Mack, his helper Dick Martin . . . . fDancerJ . . . . fVicacious newcomer to the theaterl . . . . CPast-successful career pianistb .... Jeanne Townsend . . Marilyn LaForge THE CHORUS Bernard Bertsche, Bernadine Bertsche, Jim Burton, Jeanette Buttell, Thomas Dains, Clarence Davis, Jean Davis, Bill Dennison, Georgeann Gieseke, Leo Grieme, Harriet Hall, Walter James Hickey, Dolores Hinds, Wanda Hunter, Ford Lanterman, Joan Lee. Mary Ann Lee, Carol Ann Leftwich, Betty Neavill, Frances Neavill, Harry Newman, Donald Pankey, Dean Peddicord, Alma Peratt, James Robinson, Margaret Sanders, James Thompson, Agnes Tierney, Gladys Van Fossan. The music was by such notables as George by Amelia Darby, lighting effects and stage set ment. ings . Raymond Mercker . Willard Payne . Henry Lanterman . Gwen Suttory . James Ward ' . Kathleen Walsh . . Charlene Parks . . Vernelle Dennison . Carl Ebbersten . Marshall Dennison . Larry Hanner . Norma Van Fossan . Gloria King DANCERS Shirley Hall, Julia Plummer, Mary A. Olson, Joyce Ball, Lois Brennan, Karen Svenson, Mary C. Tierney, James Den- nison, Jack Stellar, Paul Awe, Bill Yard, Jack Dee, David Dains, Wayne Dobey. Gershwin and Irving Berlin, the dances t' ' - by members of the Music depart "On Stage" was written by Kathryn Bradley and was directed by its author. TWENTY-NINE l Goldy, vivacious, original, full of ideas and the genius to execute them, not glam orous, but pretty in a carefree, natural way, creates plenty of laughs. With Mother expecting relatives, Dad planning a big business conference, and Sis announcing her engagement, all agree on one thing-Get Goldy Out of the House' MRS. HABERFIELD MR. HABERFIELD . BUZZ BAKER . HUNK-A-MAN HANSON GOLDY HABERFIELD PINTO . . . BEATRICE . MR. FLOWER . DR CYRUS ROSCOE FLOTO . . UNCLE SHELDON MRS. HABERFIELD AUNT ANGEVINE POLICEMAN . BULL BURLY "GLORY TO GOLDY" Cast of Characters DOLORES HINDS . TOMMY DAINS WALTER J. HICKEY . LARRY WILHAM . HARRIET HALL MARGARET SANDERS MARY ANN OLSON VERNELLE DENNISON . JAMES WARD GEORGEANN GIESEKE CARL EBBERSTEN DOLORES HINDS AGNES TIERNEY . HOMER CROWE JAMES DENNISON THIRTY 'furfflwf During the year of 1950 the senior class presented the annual class play, "The Brain Stormf' a comedy in three acts. This play was written by Betty Knapp and pub- lished by the Row, Peterson Company. Actors in the cast were as follows: WILLOUGHBY ADAMS ..,... WILLARD PAYNE A shy but likable boy INNER WILLY ..... RAYMOND MERCKER Willoughby's inner self CHUCK MARTIN ..... . JIM ROBINSON College 'ismart alec" HARVEY DOWNS . . . . BOB HAHN JOHNNY NEWTON ,..... LARRY HANNER RALPH JONES ....... BILLY YARD Professed friends of Willoughby's COACH LLOYD .... . . BILL DAVIS Football coach with a temper HANK JOHNSON ...... WAYNE STOLZ Husky football player SALLY BISHOP ........ JOYCE BALL A pert, energetic, and ambitious girl AUNT LOUISE ....... LOIS BRENNAN AUNT OLGA ..... KAREN SVENSON AUNT HESTER , ..... . GLORIA KING Wi1loughby's devoted aunts MARYBELLE TURNER ...... MARY C. TIERNEY A dull, plain, uninteresting species of womanhood LOTTIE ...,.... GLADYS VAN FOSSAN MARION ........ GWEN SUTTORY KEN . FORD LANTERMAN KAY . ....... BETTY NEAVILL DOROTHY ....... CHARLENE PARKS Enthusiastic rooters for the football team THIRTYAONE Senior Class Play THIRTY-TWO Junior Class Play OPERETTA armor 'Zz' The Honor E society was organized in 1938 to encourage students to maintain a high schol- astic average. To qualify for having one's name engraved on the Bohan Scholarship Plaque, a senior must maintain at least a 3.25 average for the first three and one-half years of his high school work. At that time a silver honor E is given to him. At graduation, if this scholastic average has not been dropped below the re- quired figure, the silver pin is exchanged for a gold one which the student may keep. At an assembly held Friday, April 21, Gloria King, Charlene Parks, and Billie Davis were given their silver honor "E,s". Q E' 114' IZLII Activity "E's" were awarded to Larry Hanner, Gloria King, Charlene Parks, Ray- mond Mercker, and Mary C. Tierney at an assembly, April 21. These students have par- ticipated in enough extra-curricular activities to earn 90 or more points throughout their four years of high school training. Points are given for holding offices in clubs, of classes, dramatics, school paper, and yearbook, participating in chorus and band, operettas, or taking part in projects for which no other awards are presented. The "E's', this year have been changed from the felt type suit- able to be worn only on sweaters or sportswear to a neat sterling silver pin that can be worn eith- er as a lapel or scatter pin. THIRTY THREE Xthy First Row: A. Smith, I. Stout, M. Tierney, D. Payne, S. Smith. Second Row: H. Van Fossan, V. Yokum, E. Boyer, D. Hinds, M. Dee, A. Yokum. Third Row: V, Lanterman, Principal, L. McMillan, F. Payne, A. Hogan, J, Dennison, N. Gieseke. ir ir 'k BaAlwtlzalL -Hfzadfz, First Row: D. Gleason, E. Sapp, D. Dennison, V, Van Fossan, J. Dee, D. Lanterman, C. Drake Second Row: R. Shawgo, J. Miller, J. Smith, G. Yird, F. Buckles, B. Radtke, M. Egnew. Third Row: V Lanterman, R. Curry, J. Greer, B. Leininger, R. Miller, D. Hunter, R. Dennison THIRTY-FOUR V N ...flalm We, the class of 1950, being of sound mind and body, do hereby make and publish our last will and testament. To the School-We, the seniors, leave chances for championship during noon-hour tournaments, now that we will be gone. To the Faculty-We, the seniors, leave hope that other classes will bring as much knowledge to their classes and set as good an example as we have. To the Juniors-We, the seniors, leave our desks in assembly and our second-hand term papers. To the Sophomores-We, the seniors, leave our clear thinking and good sportsmanship. To the Freshmen-We, the seniors, leave our astounding parliamentary procedure for class meetings. PERSONAL BEQUESTS I, Joyce Ball, will my seat in the study hall to Duane Boyer so he may also have fun in Coach's fourth period study hall. I, Lois Brennan, will my ability to answer "pre- pared" in history class and get by with it to any junior who wants to take the chance. I, Billie Davis, will my transportation business from Lanterman's store to the high school to Jack Stahl. I,Bob Hahn, will my ability to type stencils to 'iliggsll Davis. I, Larry Hanner, will my ability to get along with "Joe'l to anyone who'll not go too far. I, Gloria King, will my desk in study hall to Ver- nelle Dennison. It's mighty handy to the radiator on cold days, Vernelle. I, Ford Lanterman, will my ability to sit quietly in business arithmetic class to anyone with lots of patience. I, Raymond Mercker, will my job of getting "ads" to Walter J. Hickey. I, Betty Neavill, will my excellent typing speed to Duane Boyer. I, Charlene Parks, will my singing ability to Agnes Tierney. Have lots of fun, especially in the operettas, "Agnes", I, Willard Payne, will my good behavior to anyone with Wings. I, Wayne Stolz, will my ability for perfect typing to Ronnie Hubbard. I, Gwen Suttory, leave my love for E. C. H. S. to Alma Peratt and my athletic ability to Shirley Hall. I, Karen Svenson, will my ability to break my glasses once a month to "Annie,' Olson. It comes in handy for getting out of typing, "Annie". I, Mary Tierney, will my name "Magpie" to Whom- ever Mr. Grohovsky decides should carry on the name. I, Gladys Van Fossan, will my position as official candy box carrier to anyone in the senior class who wishes to carry it every day. I, Bill Yard, leave my job as ninth period librarian to Vernon Plummer. I, Jim Robinson, being of sound mind fthat's de- batablej do hereby will my ability to get along with teachers, to Tommy Dains. ...final Just Looking Ahead a Few Years, I Can See- Joyce Ball--by the year, 1960, will be sole owner of Ball's Confectionery, a com- pany making candy of all kinds. Joyce is chief taster. Lois Brennan-editor-in-chief of the Brennan News-Gazette, a paper devoted to society. Bill Davis-the president and main stockholders of the Davis Bros. Trucking and Baling Company. Bob Hahn-captain of his own basket- ball team, having completed two years of play. Record-97 wins, 3 losses. Larry Hanner-major league pitcher of baseball for two years. His record-32 Wins and 5 losses. Gloria King-a hostess for American Airlines. She's just completed her 10,000 mission. Ford Lanterman-head herdsman for the great 'tLanterman Hog Enterprises? Ray Mercker-will be farming 798 acres in 1961. He has 22 tractors just to mention part of his equipment. Pnophecq... Betty Neavill-Betty will be judged the best cartoonist of the United States in 1960. Charlene Parks-soon to open a busi- ness offering for sale the best in Women's styles. The store just built cost 33,000,000 "Spud" Payne-signed a contract to sing in the Metropolitan opera as a deep bass. Quite a voice change, "Spud" Jim Robinson-enjoying himself in a large office of a great insurance company in Cincinnati, Ohio. Bill Yard-making a fortune from his thousand-acre ranch in Texas. Gladys Van Fossan-Working in an of- fice as secretary of the one and only mov- ing picture producers-Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Mary Tierney-working as a stenogra- pher for the Governor of Indiana. Karen Svenson-enjoying a very suc- cessful year after starring in a moving pic- ture named, "Lovable Karen." Gwen Suttory-playing ball with the Girls' All Stars from New York. Wayne Stolz-living comfortably on a farm east of Elkhart, which he shares with his brother. BURCHETT STUDIO, Inc "Makers of Fine Portraits" nuns-cunmsns SALES 'AND SERVICE GENERAL REPAIR WORK All Makes Magneto Service and Repair Natural Lube Gil HINDS IMPLEMENT COMPANY STEAM CLEANING u o o HOTPOINT SALES and SERVICE o o o GENERAL ELECTRIC o o a RANGES REFRIGERATORS o o o SMALL APPLIANCES o o o ELKHART PHONE 34 ILLINOIS FORTY-TWO Gehlbach Hardware 81 Implement Co. HARRY GEHLBACH, Proprietor. O I O POWER FARM MACHINERY-SALES and SERVICE HARDWARE and APPLIANCES 129-131 South Sangamon St. Lincoln, Illinois. Tull's Ice Cream Shop o o o Sandwiches Complete Fountain Service 118 North Chicago Lincoln, Illinois. Best Wishes to Elkhart High School TRACY BROTHERS DUROC SWINE BREEDERS I I I WILLIAMSVILLE, ILLINOIS. Five Miles East on Black Top Phone 11706 PHONE 60 J. M. Rothwell Lumber Co SERVING THE HOME OWNER SINCE 1902 MOUNT PULASKI, ILLINOIS. KITCHEN MAID CABINETS ARMSTRONG LINOLEUM VIKON VVALL TILE ROOFING and INSULATION By Barrett and Johns Manville EXTERIOR HOUSE SIDING GENUINE INSEL-BRIC ALUMINUM LAP SIDING JOHNS-MANVILLE ASBESTOS CINCO COMBINATION ALUMINUM STORM WINDOWS 0 0 0 ESTIMATES ARE FREE 0 0 0 J. M. Rothwell Lumber Co MT. PULASKI, ILLINOIS. FORTY FOUR :Q fmzsfg zwfezfz sm f -A J gl it 'fs' .- gf, W gi g.. -- x X . :QM WF 1 va 1 av .31 gb Q 'E fm xx if F Sf wh? Y 1,2 1 -W 1mf.:2::Q , ,. 3370. M Q 1ea1,i'.:T snssx.-,ki 1 U . 42" t' , ., " Vx? 'Q ' 'Q 5 i L L ,ni his f ia ,K ry Jn L 9 s Lf f' ' ix! 3 I Q 1: ,,,zJi. F F N5 Q- ja? ,I Q. u . W W 2 11 ff. g .gap 1, E a , f. B v 1 gk .YU . W I sig ' 9 9 W .f4fe.A V ,x ,egg - x fw. cv. 8 uf'-ff ff!! W www a "Lincoln's Store for Women" D G d 7 R d -t - Hloxsiergo S S p u r e 0 n S Vfjaryanod Lingerie Ing 'HQMF1 STORE Millinery LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. CHAIT BROS. AUTO PARTS Used Parts for All Cars, Trucks and Tractors Safety Glass Installed 907 17th TEL. 549-X, LINCOLN, ILL Stahl Bros. Hardware GE APPLIANCES BPS PAINTS HEATING and ELECTRICAL SERVICE PHONE 45 MOUNT PULASKI, ILLINOIS. Compliments of Compliments of Mt. Pulaski Theater Mt. Pulaski, Illinois. Joseph Werner Candy Co. Springfield, Illinois. FORTY SIX H. , ,I , LOGAN COUNTY COOP. FOOD LOCKER COMPANY COMPLETE LOCKER SERVICE Atlanta, Emden, Middletown, Latham, Lincoln For the Best in Billiards and Pool-Go To ' ALLISONS in MT. PULASKI, ILLINOIS, Where the Boys Say "Rack Ott." For Good Furniture Go To HERSHEY JULIAN E. DOWNING Love-Let Diamonds Watch Repairing ...ii MT. PULASKI ILLINOIS FORTY SEVEN DAVB BROS. Hay and Straw Baling Dealer for Pope Self Punching and Tying Attachments for Case and Clipper Balers PHONE WILLIAMSVILLE 12003 or 12009- ELKHART 66 BUCKLES 8 HAYES GARAGE Electric and Acetylene Welding Complete Motor and Ignition Service KAISER-FRAZER SALES and SERVICE PHONE 295 MOUNT PULASKI, ILLINOIS Schroth 8. Buckles Implement Sales OLIVER-Finest in Farm Machinery MT. PULASKI ILLINOIS Compliments of bihhenfgmu, SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS. FORTY EI GHT P -WELS. 9. . Ak , . if ' s if f 3, " 5 .. ' lk, .. . sms: sr" 'via nmfqyaz 1 aihw 5 I W! i 'Rav A., LANGELHER MOTOR CO FORD-MERCURY FORD TRACTORS-DEARBORN IMPLEMENTS O I O Corner Chicago and Pekin Sts. Telephone 731732 LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. LUCAS 8 FARMER WHOLESALE and RETAIL GROCERIES and FEEDS LINCOLN ILLINOIS MELROSE MOTORS INC. KAISER-FRAZER - VVILLYS SALES and SERVICE 17th and MONROE LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. ILLICO INDEPENDENT OIL CO. PREMIUM QUALITY GASOLINE AND OILS FUEL OILS AND KEROSENE TIRES AND AUTO ACCESSORIES PROMPT, COURTEOUS FARM DELIVERIES LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. PHONE 374-375 FIFTY Congratulations to the Class of 1950 HOLLAND 81 BARRY LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. Don Holland John Barry GLEASON'S Men's Store SHOES - HATS - CLOTHING LINCOLN ILLINOIS DIERS MOTOR SALES 511 Seventeenth St. Phone 617-L DESOTO-PLYMOUTH Sales-Service LINCOLN ILLINOIS. FIFTY ONE' sfFEffT6's WEST FOOD STORE GROCERIES Men's and Boys' Furnishings FRESH MEATS Ladies' Ready-to-Wear . o 620 Broadway ALBERT HARTLEY, Manager. Lincoln Illinois Williamsville Illinois MCMULLAN MOTORS VAN HOWELL o Body Shop Livestock Hauling to -ST. LOUIS . -CHICAGO -PEORIA o 116 South Hamilton St. Phone 12002 Phone 13 Lincoln, Illinois. WILLIAMSVILLE ILL. J. V. MILLER 8z SONS Oliver Farm Machinery - Sales and Service Complete Welding Service FANCY PRAIRIE ILLINOIS FIRST NATIONAL BANK LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. Resources More Than S8,000,000.00 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FIFTY-TWO RAY E PLUMBING AND HEATING . MONEY GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 414 South Kickapoo Street YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS Phone 1107 LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. FANCY PRAIRIE COOPERATIVE BUYERS AND S PHONE WILLIAMSVILLE 5203 J. T. Langston, President. HIPPERS OF GRAIN FANCY PRAIRIE, ILLINOIS. William R. Shaver, Secretary J. P. King, Manager. KENNETH L. BAUGHER Hardware and Implements PHONE WILLIAMSVILLE 5205 FANCY PRAIRIE, ILLINOIS. GOS SETTS' Cleaners, Furriers, and Tailors Tailor Made Suits We Win for Service H. W. and "BILL" GOSSETT 114 S. Chicago St. Lincoln, Illinois. ELKHART GRILL Tasty Meals Sandwiches - Fountain Drinks o Open 7 Days a Week CARL and ELAINE GULLETT ARCADE SHOE REPAIR 420 Pulaski St. Lincoln Illinois FIF TY THREE DR. LOUIS W. LENZ DR. HERBERT F. LENZ LINCOLN,S LEADING OPTOMETRISTS AND MANUFACTURING OPTICIANS Lincoln Phone 1062 Illinois JULIUS JACOBS CO. CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS LINCOLN ILLINOIS SfVhen In Lincoln Meet Your Friends at S. S. Kresge Company The Corner Dime Store 0 Lincoln Illinois Sheer's Auto Supply For complete automotive service, re- placement parts, electric and acety- lene welding, woodworking, machine work, and blacksmithing. If it can be repaired, we can do it promptly, skill- fully, reasonably, at our shop. We Take the Dent Out of Accident A. A. GIMBEL LINCOLN ILLINOIS COMPLIMEN TS OF WiIson's Cafe Williamsville, Illinois. o Sandwiches - Fountain Service Featuring Sealtest Ice Cream Logan Motor Sales Telephone 480 Lincoln, Illinois. o Oldsmobile Sales and Service FIFTY FOUR 1153 In Q if ,L i , 51 I N A J I CASE G R I E M E B R O T IXIIEIEIBESXPOLIS-MOLIN E o o 0 Power Farm Equipment DeLaval Separators and Milkers Hotpoint, DeLaval and Crosley Food Freezers and Appliances GMC Trucks Oldsmobile Cars Paper Ensilae Cutters and Hammermills Goodyear Tires Grain Elevators o o o SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS Phone 6425 MALERICH 8 SONS 125-7 North Sangamon Street Lincoln, Illinois. We Offer Dry Cleaning at Its Best from ' One of the Finest Plants in Illinois. Cleaners . . . Furriers . . . Tailors LEE'S GROCERY - AGENT Elkhart Illinois FULLER SEED CO. Lincoln, Illinois. Genuine Pfiester Hybrids Fertilizers-Rock Phosphate- Seed Cleaning Service FIFTY SIX Best Wishes from HANNER BROS DUROC BREEDERS o o o "Nick" and "Lawreneie" THE STORE THAT QUALITY BUILT u Quality Wearing Apparel for the Entire Family Stores in Springfield, Jacksonville, Havana, Mattoon, Lincoln. HSHMAN1 SPORHNG GOODS Established 1892 o o o MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR YOUR ATHLETIC NEEDS Service Quality Selection 603-607 East Washington Dial 6164 o o 0 SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS. FIFTY SEVEN WRIGHT FUNERAL HOME KERPAN'S GROCERY vw S W XV Www Pluth Tin Shop STOKERS - ROOFING - AIR-CONDITIONING FURNACES - GUTTERS - BLOWERS SHEET METAL WORK LINCOLN ILLINOIS Kerrigan Funeral Home A beautiful tribute is assured when you place your trust 1n KERRIGAN'S SERVICE. O I O "INSTANT AMBULANCE SERVICE" PHONE 141 LINCOLN, ILL. aa DRINK 3' Ht AH I I - I X Il If IN W - . BOTTLES -. . O I O LINCOLN COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. FIFTY NINE E. K. BROOKER COMPLETE LINE OF FARM and HOME SUPPLIES HARDWARE and APPLIANCES WISCONSIN ENGINES - NEW IDEA - MASSEY-HARRIS ELKHART, ILLINOIS. Phone Elkhart 97 Follow the Crowd to Norma 8 BiII's Cafe Magazines School Supplies Meals and Sandwiches Ice Cream Soft Drinks Notions o NORMA and BILL COWGUR Elkhart Illinois Lee's Grocery FRESH MEATS GROCERIES Elkhart Illinois Compliments Hunter Drug Store WALGREEN AGENCY O C. KEITH HUNTER, R.Ph. Phone 107 115 S. Kickapoo St., Lincoln, Illinois SIXTY W. W. HILL GRAIN 8. FEED C0. OPLX, bs 'E CUSTOM FEED GRINDING AND MIXING MAIN OFFICE WILLIAMSVILLE ILLINOIS AUTO CHARLES C. ELECTRIC WODETZKI SERVICE o O Carburetor, Magneto, Radio WALLPAPER Service, Motor Tune-up PAINTS GLASS FEUSTING BROTHERS Phone 267 Phone 64 110 North McLean St. LINCOLN ILLINOIS LINCOLN ILLINOIS SIXTY ONE S TA H L' S CAFE at SERVICE STATION o Q o Short Orders - Sandwiches Ice Cream Soft Drinks I O O COMPLETE SHELL SERVICE 24-HOUR SERVICE Shellubrication - Washing - Accessories - Wheel Balancing GATES Tires and Batteries Battery Charging PYROFAX BOTTLE GAS SERVICE Magic Chef Gas Ranges Bryant Gas Water Heaters Westinghouse Electric Appliances Refrigerators - Ranges - Water Heaters - Freezers - Small Appliances PHONE 112-R-2 ELKHART, ILLINOIS. 0 0 0 Your Patronage Appreciated S XTY-TWO 44, W,W, i :yi -fr-ei 74 ...Q 4. M Mk 6-W af W ,W qfvx 4: 5 , X A. 31 E X v. ea 'X ,K ' X.. B aw uw' di W., .4 A 5 f- 5 STOUT'S DIAMONDS WATCHES RINGS JEWELRY HARRY E. STOUT JEWELER 315 South Fifth St. Springfield, Illinois. BRGADWELL DRUG STORE Prescription Druggists Dial 2-4404 Gilbert and Bauer's Famous Candies Sodas - Perfumes - Cigars SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS H. N. BLACK 8 SONS GENERAL HARDWARE STOVES and FURNACES TIN WORK - PUMPS -- SKELGAS SERVICE P. O. BOX 41 VVILLIAMSVILLE, ILLINOIS. SIXTY FOUR GREETING CARDS STATIONERY THE CAMERA SHOP Everything Photographic 320 SOUTH FIFTH STREET SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS. Wir Q RMFNFX A A and M' u-no-:ya UGSPUROGER lEINES,.M. O - .r.f"Nf - E R, 'M 1 A it ,., A ucsr 37273 Q--3 ,533 V: pyrc: . cnzvlouf f'l"1 1, K 'iff , .E f ,iff A E li is at t W --W .1-.mewex2.r ....4 to I ' AUTHORIZED DEALERS O O O Our Mechanics Are Factory Trained Chevrolet and Buick EXPERTS LINCOLN ILLINOIS THE WILLIAMSVILLE STATE BANK WILLIAMSVILLE, ILLINOIS. I O I Throughout these fifty-nine years We have consistently served Williamsville and its surrounding community. We are proud of our record. Try us and prove to your satisfaction our Courtesy and Friendliness. We Desire to Serve You Ask a Depositor-He Knows Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation SIXTY SIX Flowers Correctly Styled CARL W. HEMBREIKER Greenhouse 0 o o Flower Phone 580 Uptown Store-State Street Between 8th and 9th LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. MRS. LEAMOND POYNTER, Elkhart Saleslady. Elkhart Phone 82 lllil10iS R. E. FULKERSON TRUCKING SERVICE LIMESTONE and PHOSPHATE SPREADING 0 o o Fancy Prairie, Illinois. Phone Williamsville 5204 FELDMAN'S PRINT SHOP "The Kind of Printing That Always Pleases" 112 North Chicago Street PHONE 220 LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. E D CA M P B E L L CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH SALES and SERVICE 817 BROADWAY LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. SIXTY SEVEN ESTABLISHED 1893 HANGERT MUSK SHOP LINCOLN ILLINOIS o o o Records Sheet Music - Band Instruments - Gifts Appliances ALHSON 8 CO. GRAIN FEED FEED GRINDING and MIXING o o 0 PHONE 10 ELKHART ILLINOIS BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1950 SEARS ROEBUCK 8 CO. Compliments of the STATE NATIONAL BANK Member F,D.I.C. LINCOLN ILLINOIS CHARTER'S JEWELRY STORE Headquarters for Gift Merchandise NEXT TO LINCOLN THEATER LINCOLN, ILLINOIS SIXTY EIGHT DIAMONDS JEWELRY BUTTELL'S JEWELRY STORE WATCHES U HAMILTON 0 ELGIN 0 LONGINE-WITTNAUER Guaranteed Watch Repairing By a Certified Watchmaker LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. SILVER CLOCKS EVANS DAVIS Dealer Hay, Straw and Bale Ties THE ELKHART LUMBER CO. Lumber and Building Material Paints and Builder's Clipper Balers Hardware I o o PLANNING TO Phone 66 BUILD? See ELKHART ILLINOIS RUSSELL FOI-,LIS Yard Manager SI TY NINE "Soy It With Flowers" from OTTO J. HEMBREIKER "The Floristi' o o o 496 - Phones - 1300 Greenhouse-437 Tenth St. Flower Shop-504 Broadway LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. MRS. WILLIAM BENNER, Elkhart Representative. PEMBERTON MOTOR CO. DODGE - PLYMOUTH Cars - Trucks 214-18 North Chicago St. PHONE 350 LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. Compliments of F U Jewelry and Optical Co. Lincoln Tire and Appliance Co. . , 211 South Fifth St. LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. Springfield Illinois EVENTY Swee18r Canterbury Seed Co. Good Seed and Fertilizer for Farms, Gardens, Lawns Purina fCheckerboardJ Feeds Baby Chicks Ruhm's Rock Phosphate Martin-Senour Paints 406 North Fifth Street Springfield, Illinois. Doty's Jewelers first with the newest in jewelry Arcade Building, Lincoln, Illinois. Hamilton - Elgin - Waltham Columbia and Cardinal Diamonds - Distinctive Jewelry Precision Watch Repairing R. B. LANTERMAN FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATORS STOVES and DEEP FREEZES GENERAL MERCHANDISE o 0 o ONE OF ELKHART'S BEST KNOWN BUSINESS PLACES ELKHART ' ILLINOIS Compliments of Coonhound Appliance Sales J- C- PBHHBY C0- . Clothing for the Entire Family PHILCO - BENDIX - TAPPAN ' Lincoln, Illinois. Lincoln, Illinois. SEVENTY ONE MCOUILLAN IMPLEMENT CO. o 0 o COMPLETE LINE OF IMPLEMENTS Sales and Service Phone 480 Mt. Pulaski Illlnols STOUTENBOROUGH AUCTION at CAMPBElL'S SALE BARN North Side Fairgrounds-Springfield, Illinois. Home Phone 8-4708- Barn Phone 8-3068 BIG LIVESTOCK SALE EVERY FRIDAY CONNOLLEY DRUG CO. PHYSICIAN'S SUPPLIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES Drugs Toilet Articles Oils Sundries , Books Perfumes Palms Stationery Phone 1 Mt. Pulaski, Illmols SMITH IMPLEMENT COMPANY MT. PULASKI, ILLINOIS. PHONE 113 Tractors - Trucks - Refrigeration Hardware - DuPont Paints SEV NTY TWO I1 I MERICAN TRADITIO With each year of constant progress and faithful adherence to the traditions of Originality and Distinction Pontiac remains the Master Engravers to Americas Schools. The Pontiac proven technique of modern methods of reproduction by experienced craftsmeng the employment of the most modern precision equipmentg the artistic abilities of our art and layout departments are Pontiac helps in publishing a successful yearbook. of the personnel of the Pontiac School Publications Division are proud of their participation in the publication of your yearbook and express their appreciation for the splendid cooperation by your staflf P ntiuc I 0 be 65 812-822 W. VAN BUREN ST.O CHICAGO 7, ILLINOIS Telephone HA ymarket 1-1000 SEVENTY-THREE Peoria, Illinois. May 8, 1950. Editor Echo, Elkhart, Illinois. Dear Echo Staff: A little child has grown up. The Echo celebrates its twenty-fifth birthday. Congratulations to all of those who have devoted their time and effort to promulgate the Echo down through the years. May the next twenty-five years be successful and may we all be on hand to celebrate the golden anniversary. Sincerely, THOMAS HANAHAN, E. C. H. S. 1925. iii 1331 Elmdale Avenue A Chicago 40, Illinois. May 10, 1950. Dear Echo Staff: . I don't know exactly what kind of a note you wanted me to write, but I am happy to send you a note for what itls worth. Your letter just arrived, even though it was dated April 30th. I am really glad to think after all these years that good old Elkhart High would like to hear from an old "Gradt', and I do mean old! It certainly has been a pleasure to pick up the ECHO year after year and read about the young people of Elkhart and community as they enter and complete their high school education. It has always been very evident that everyone enjoys the ECHO heartily, and it gives me a great deal of pleasure to know that I served on the staff of that first edition of the ECHO, and to know it has continued uninterrupted for all these years. Sincerely, JOHN BRENNAN, 1926. dk ir ' if The Echo is anticipated, and planned ior, by all classes as soon as they enter the high school as fresh- men. During this year the seniors have earned money ior the Echo in various Ways. They sold popcorn, candy, Coca-Cola at the basketball games and, in- deed, at every conceivable opportunity. Greeting cards are sold the year 'round, and in the latter part ot the second semester, advertising, which is printed in the Echo itself, is sold. These activities, combined with the sales of Echos, approximates 5900, which is used to pay the publication and printing cost of the year book. Although the Echo is usually regarded by every- one as a senior project, the junior board has helped in many Ways, and We thank them for their cooper- ation. A ECHO STAFF SEVENTY-FOUR if-4fii Z M' MM i A "V ,S 5, ,MQZU V ' - TQ A, ,,,f - f , 213, j, h 97,WV Q7 W' J "P Jef? Lcofkcglftq fd a.J j 737 wflgyfm 4 " , , I xl,4LPfY , g 5 - F W I MO rw' . H M' M MK fs jf W H,w4fYfi3,VgA2MQjQi?N y I HMM . A If M6 ,N W WWW figfbfm L A 1

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