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L Q' 5' F - f :., , - .,.., M Y. Y, A.- Jim 79 9frho Volume XXlV Published by the Senior Class of ELKHART COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL ELKHART, ILLINOIS. Qndzratwnfff The class of '49 has chosen Mr. Stumm to be the most honored citizen in our com- munity. Mr. Stumm began teaching in Elkhart in 1936. After 7 years of teaching here, he joined the armed forces in 1943 and served in Africa tor 2 years. He then returned to Elkhart in 1946. We feel that Mr. Stumm is Worthy of the dedication of this ECHO because of all the interest he takes in everything about him. He spent many extra hours teaching the G. 1.'s after the end oi the War. His boys also re- ceive many 'extra' hours of instruction, for he follows each boy's project to its comple- tion. Always Willing to help others and co- operate With everyone-this is Mr. Stumm. We hereby dedicate this ECHO to the highest dignitary in 'Our '1'oWn,' Mr. Stumm. 1 wo William Stumm Jnfmwofwl "The song is ended but the melody lingers on." So it is with our high school dgys. The memories ot the mgny hgppy hours spent in "Our Town" of ECHS will linger with us ds we tgke our plgces gs citizens in tozr communities. And, to help you recgll the pledsdnt events ot this pcrst yedr, We, the clgss of '49, present to you this ECI-IO, "Our Town." Uwz, Kamal When the "young dignitaries" of E. C. H. S. assumed for a time the responsibilities of "Our Town," they retained the group of council members who have so faithfully guided many young groups through the educational courses of E. C. H. S. Of this group, Mr. Durwood Lanterman, is the only charter member of the Elkhart Community High School board, but all have served long enough to understand fully the problems that arise. All, too, realize the responsibilities that come with such positions, and strive to the best of their ability to maintain a school of such high standards that students, faculty and community all appreciate their efforts. The young dignitaries appreciate the guidance of these council members. They thank the board for the chance to publish the Echoette without having to raise extra funds to sponsor this project. They are proud of a Well kept school, the beautiful lawn, and the excellent equipment with which to work. SCHOOL BOARD Left to Right: Mailrici- lje-vp CIz1!'em'e Kersuhnerg John Duuz1.he1'. preside-litg Llurwmrd l,alllvI'1nul1, secrelmg Steplin-lx Xlkllslig VVe1lle1' Ritchie, principal. FOUR A x 1' '- Kf f 461 .K I tp J' I 'ami Ny Q X X JA, I O V N 5' ' 4 L SCHOOL faculty- W. W. Ritchie, Principal Mathematics and Physics B.Ed., Western Illinois State College M.S., University of Illinois Miss Kathryn Bradley Band, Choruses, Girls' P. E. B.M.E., Wesleyan University Miss Lucy Giger English A.B., Iowa State Teachers' College University of Chicago Mr. Joseph Grohovsky Commerce B,S., Indiana State Teachers' College Mr. John Mull History and Athletics B.S.Ed., Missouri Valley College University of Colorado Miss Margaret Neill Home Economics, Science B.Ed., Western Illinois State College Colorado State College Mr. William Stumm Agriculture B.S., University of Illinois Colorado State College Miss Mary J. Deters Office Secretary E.C.H.S. Graduate, 1946 SEVEN EIGHT .Smio Donald Ball ..... "Don" F.F'.A. 46--17-48-493 Chorus 46-47-48-493 Sports- men's Club 46-47-48-493 Band 463 Chorus Librarian 473 "If 'Flvis Re Bliss"' 483 "Guess Again" 493 Manager of Basketball Team 492 Echoette 49. Jack Baumgardner . . . "Jackie" F.F,A. 46-47-48-49: SpoI'tsmen's Club 46-47-48-493 "Guess Again" 493 ECHO 493 Echoette 49: Class Vice-President 473 F.F.A. Treasurer 483 F.F.A. Prfsident 49. Joe Bushell ..... "Bush" F.F.A. 46-47-48-493 "If This Be Bliss" 483 "Guess Again" 493 Sportsmelfs Club 47-483 ECHO 493 Echoette 49. Donald Gleason .... "Duck" F',F.A. 46447448-493 "If This Be Bliss" 48. Dorothy Damarin . . "Dorothy" F.H,A. 46-47-48-493 F.H.A. Secretary-Treasurer 473 Chorus 46-473 G.A.A. 471 ECHO 493 Echovette 49: "If This Be Bliss" 483 "Guess Again!" 49. Richard Lanterman . "Rich-Rich" F.F.A. 46-47-48-493 Chorus 46-47-48-493 "If This Be Bliss" 483 "Guess Again" 493 Sportsmen's Club 47-48-49: "Creatures of Impulse" 493 ECHO 48-493 lichoette 49. Mary Miller . . . "Mary" F.H.A. 46-47-48-493 Chorus 46-47-48-493 Librarian 48-493 G.A.A. 473 ECHO 491 Effhoette 493 "If This Rc Bliss" 483 "Guess Again" 493 "Creatures of Imyiulsel' 493 Rand 46-47-48,-49. Phyllis Olson .... "S'Ann" F.H.A. 46-47-48-493 Chorus 46-47-48-493 Librarian -IT-18-4133 G.A.A. 473 ECHO 493 Echoette 493 "If This Be Bliss" 48: "Guess Again" 493 "Creatures of Impulse" 493 Band 46-47-484493 Class Secretary- 'Piensurer 49. Barbara Irish . . . . "Barb" 1No Pictureb l-'.H.A. 46-47-48-493 Chorus 46-47-493 "If This Be Blissz' 483 'Guess Again" 493 'iCreatures of Im- pu se ' JT. ,Q799 Clifford Oltmanns . . . "Cliff" F.F.A. 46-47-48-49, F.F.A. Reporter 48, F.F.A. Vice-President 493 Class President 473 Class Sec- retary-Treasurer 483 Chorus 46-47-48-493 "If This Be Bliss 483 "Guess Again" 493 Spurtsmcnvs club 47-48-493 "Creatures of Impulse" 49 ECHO 47-48- 403 Echoette 49 Joie Ott ..... "Joe-Joe" F.F.A. 46-47-48-493 Chorus 46-47-48-493 "lf This Ee Bliss 483 Class President 48. Frances Weatherby . . . "Fran" F,H.A. 46-47-48-493 Chorus 46-47-48-493 Band 46- 47-483 "lf This Be Bliss" 483 "Guess Again" 493 Echoette Editor 493 ECHO 47-483 G.A.A. 473 Li- brarian 483 Cheerleader 483 "Creatures of Im- pulse, 493 Class Hiesident 451, Phyllis Walsh .... "Stevie" F.H.A. 46-47-48-493 Chorus 46-47-48-493 Band 47- 48-493 Librarian 463 Band President 493 Class Sec- retary-Treasurer, 463 Class Vice-President 493 F. H.A. President 473 Section 13 President 483 Song Leader 483 "If This Be Bliss" 483 "Guess Again" 493 "Creatures of Impulse" 493 G.A,A. 473 Echo- ette 493 ECHO 46-473 ECHO Assistant Editor 483 ECHO Editor 49, David Turner .... "Dusty" F.F.A. 46-47-48-493 Chbrus 463 "If This Be Bliss"' 483 "Guess Again" 493 Sportsmen's Club 46-47-48- 493 ECHO 493 Echoette 49. Lawrence Stoltz "Stoltzie" F.F.A. 47-483 Band 47. John Radtke .... "Radar" F.F.A. 46-47-48-493 Chorus 46-47-48-493 Sports- mefn's Club 46-47-483 "If This Be Bliss 483 "G-mess Againu 493 School Photographer 48-493 ECHO Assistant Business Manager 483 ECHO Business Manager 493 Echoette 493 Librarian 463 Class Sec- retary-Treaurer 473 F.F.A. Vlfatchdog 483 F.F.A. Secretary 49, Erma Pickett . . . "Clementine" F'.I1,A. 46-47-48-493 Chorus 46-47-48-493 ECHO 493 G,A,A. 473 "If This Be Bliss" 483 "Guess Again" 493 "Cne:-:tures of Impulse" 49: Echoette Asssitant Editor 49. NINE 6'luu,J!1bfo In September of 1945, twenty-six lively "Small Fries" came to live at E. C. H. S. for the next four years. The first highlight of their high school career was initiation. Electing Marian Burns, Pat Gleason and Phyllis Walsh to carry on the activities of the town, the class, with the help of their sponsor, Mr. Stumn, gave an all-school party which was one of the most outstanding parties of the year. As "Teen Agers" the town chose Clifford Oltmanns, Jackie Baumgardner and John Radtke as their leaders. Miss Margaret Neill, class sponsor, and twenty-three mem- bers of the class enjoyed a lovely spring day at the Art Museum and Forest Park in St. Louis. In September of 1947, twenty-three pupils returned to E. C. H. S. after a short recess to become "Young Voters." With Joe Bushell as president, Joe Ott, vice-president, and Clifford Oltmanns, secretary-treasurer, and Miss Faye Kern, class sponsor, the class held a prom in honor of the seniors, faculty and board members. One of the big events of the year was the three-act play, "If This Be Bliss." Entering their last year as sophisticated "dignitaries," the class had a final enroll- ment of seventeen. Frances Weatherby was chosen as mayor, with Phyllis Walsh head councilor and Phyllis Olson, secretary-treasurer. Members of the class worked faithfully on the "Echoette," which was published bi-monthly, the "ECHO," selling popcorn, candy and "coke," The seniors thank Miss Lucy Giger, class sponsor, who has been very helpful throughout their four years of living at E. C. H. S. iii Ffwlvhwf- I am a master of the Occult Sciences and because of this, I am able to show you the future. Ten years from now I see: DONALD BALL laying the cornerstone of his huge hospital dedicated to scientific research on the rabbit. JACKIE BAUMGARDNER, owner of a ser- ies of Jack, Be Nimble, Cash and Carry Markets which have practicaly run the A8zP out of busi- ness. JOE BUS!-IELL, a comedian on his own radio show, "Try to Stop Me," sponsored by the Priceless Pickle Packing Co. TEN DOROTHY DAMARIN celebrating her ninth wedding anniversary at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago. She left her eight children home with the maid. DONALD GLEASON, a wealthy western ranch owner, selling 20,000 head of Angora goats annually to Swift and Co. DICK LANTERMAN and JOE OTT, partners in raising "shmoos" in the desert. MARY MILLER, now a famous nurse lecture ing at various high schools to get new recruits. 67Jw,tzh.ecy, cc-mon PHYLLIS ANN OLSON, a private secretary to Samuel Goldwyn in Hollywood. CLIFFORD OLTMANNS in the unusual oc- cupation of testing mattresses for the Slumber Long Spring Company. ERMA PICKETT as another famous career woman operating a 'tcharm" school for sub-debs. JOHN RADTKE, Elkhart's friendly under- taker has just embalmed his fifth cadaver in five years. Kind of a dead business, John. LAWRENCE STOLTZ becoming fabulously wealthy overnight by discovering oil on his small farm near Elkhart. DAVID TURNER, World-famous sharpshoot- er doing big game hunting in South Africa for the rare and almost extinct unicorn. PHYLLIS WALSH directing her play, "Yes- terday's Tomorrowj, a smash hit on Broadway for three months. FRANCES WEATHERBY, as editor of a pop- ular woman's magazine, "Tasty Trifles for Todd- lers." After such a heavy occult experience of en- visioning the other sixteen members I relax by writing a poem called, "Doomed to Despair." BARBARA IRISH. 'kti' gm wut We, the class of 1949, being of sound body, well-crammed brain and excellent memory, do herby make and publish our last will and testament. To the School-We, the seniors, leave all the badly worn typewriters. Ii A To the Faculty-We, the seniors, leave hope that there will be many more well- behaved, brilliant, and lovable classes like ours. To the Juniors-We, the seniors, leave our desks in the assembly. We also leave them any outstanding debts for popcorn, coke or candy. To the Sophomores-We, the sophisticated seniors, leave our clear-mindedness and our leadership. To the Freshmen-We, the seniors, leave our good behavior in study hall. Personal Bequests: I, DONALD BALL, will my ability to get into mischief to William Weidhuner. I, JACK BAUMGARDNER, will my position as president in F. F. A. to Bill Yard. I, JOE BUSHELL, will my brains to Ray Mercker. You surely will need them in physics. I, DOROTHY DAMARIN, will my seat in the study hall to Bill Davis. I, DONALD GLEASON, will my ability to pick women to Larry Wilham. I, BARBARA IRISH, will my long hair to Mary Ann Olson. I, DICK LANTERMAN, will my singing ability to James Ward. I, MARY MILLER, will my good nature to Mary Tierney. You certainly will need it to meet the troubles in your senior year. E LEVE I, PHYLLIS OLSON, will my ability to get A's to Lester Carter. I, CLIFFORD OLTMANNS, will my ability to make good grades to Bob Hahn. I, JOE OTT, will my pinching ability to Paul Awe. I, ERMA PICKETT, will my errorless typ- ing to Wayne Stoltz. I, JOHN RADTKE, will my position as school photographer to Henry Lanterman. I, LAWRENCE STOLTZ, will my trim figure to Vernelle Dennison. I, DAVID TURNER, will my height to Jack Pickett. I, PHYLLIS WALSH, leave my ability to get the car whenever I want to my sister. I, FRANCES WEATHERBY, will the head- aches of setting up the Echoette dummy to Char- lene Parks. N First Row: G. King, R. Neavill, M. Fields, C. Parks, L. Brennan, M. Tierney. Second Row: J. Gruhovsky, W. Payne, G. Suttory, K. Svenson, G. Van Fossan. J, Rall. R. Memlcer, R. F. Lant- el-man. Third Row: B. Davis, YV. Stolz. L. Carter, L. Hanner, B. Yard, R. Hahn. JUNIORS WUDIUZQ- Uvtefmf' Nineteen young voters were on hand to begin their junior year with a "bang," These nineteen high-spirited, young people met with Mr. Grohovsky, their spon- sor, to elect their council for the coming activities. Bill Davis was elected to the honored office of president, Larry Hanner, appointed to assist him as vice-president, and Mary. Tierney, a new acquaintance to our town, acquired the title of secretary and treasurer. The first big job in which everyone of the class participated was the sale of sta- tionery. This resulted in a deposit of S80 to the young voters' treasury. As Christmas neared, the active young voters sold Christmas cards and netted a profit of 35170. A Christmas party and program sponsored by the group was enjoyed by the faculty and students. After the program and the exchange of gifts and cards, refresh- ments of Christmas cookies, candy canes, ani apples were served. One of the most outstanding events was "Mother Does the Talking," a three-act comedy which proved exciting and profitable to the class. As you may have guessed, most of the class funds were to go towards the big event of the year, the junior-senior prom, given by the class in honor of the senior class, faculty and members of the school board. TWELVE First Row: W. Hickey, J. Pickett, H. Hall, D. Hinds. M. Sanders. G. Gieseke, C. Davis Second Row: M Neill, W. Vveidhuner, P. Crowe, J. Thompson, J. VVard, J. Dennison, L. XVilham. Third Row: V, Plummer, L. Gleason, D. Boyer, T. Dains, VV. Dennison. V. Dennison, C. Ebbersten SOPHGMORES 'Umm " At the beginning of the year twenty-one teenagers entered Elkhart High. After school got under way, the class met with its new sponsor, Miss Neill, to elect the class officers. James Ward was elected president: Vernelle Dennison, vice-president, and D0- lores Hinds, secretary-treasurer. At the homecoming the group sold chances on a basket of groceries, sold pop dur- ing the game, and had the shooting gallery. The sophomore class sponsored a Halloween party, and everyone was asked to come masked. Some of the teenagers enrolled in band and in the choruses, and took part in the operetta, "Creatures of Impulse." In addition seven of the boys took part in basketball and baseball. THIRTEEN First Row: N. Davis, V. Yocum, lvl. Olson. F. Neavill, B. Reitsche, N. Van Fnssan. K. XVnlsh. Second Row: K. Bradley. R. Hubbard, H. Carpenter. H. Pz1.rker, M. Dennison, XV, Dobey. H. Lzmtermnn, J. Stahl. A. Tierney. Third Row: R. 121-rtsr-he. D, Siverf. J. Dee, J. Greer. D. I"1nkey. P. Awe, D. Dains. FRESHMEN 'Small jay," Twenty-one "small fry" gathered at the educational system of the Elkhart com- munity last September. After being initiated, they felt more at ease and began to take school life in their stride. With Miss Bradley as sponsor they elected Wayne Dobey as head commissioner, Jack Dee as his assistant, and Kathleen Walsh as chief counselor. Two of the "small fry" moved to other villages, but two others moved in and took their places. At the homecoming the class sold popcorn, had a fish pond, and told fortunes to make a profit of 552454. These "young fry' ranked highest in selling basketball season tickets. Quite a few of the members joined band and chorus, and several of them took part in the operetta. Another of their achievements was an all-school party given in April. FOURTEEIN 1 lflll I wg ! WJ' N rv! K Lv ' if Illl X IFIEI ' 4 Y D QTL 'La f I Il N xx' ATHLETICS sifli Hrlf 1 ...L First Row: L. Gleason, V. Dennison, 'l'. Dains, R. Hahn, L. H'1nner. Second Row: J. Dennison. R. Merclier, J. Ott. VV. Payne, D. Glcason Coach Mull. Third Row: P. Awe, D. Pankey, J. Dee, J. NVa1'd, C. Da. vis. cbhulzall The Elkhart Baseball Team had a fair season this year considering the inexper ience of most of the players. Hahn, Hanner, and Payne have been the regular hurlers for this hustling ball club. Only two of thirteen lettermen will be lost by graduation this year. This means that we should have a good, experienced crew back this fall. The record of wins and losses is given below. Fall Schedule Spring Schedule Team We They Team We They Lanphier 4 10 Mlddletown - 1 4 Middletown 14 7 Beason . . 0 3 Cathedral 2 5 New Holland . . 14 11 Latham Q 7 4 Mt. Pulaski 0 15 Hartsburg-Emden . . 2 15 Middletown 11 3 Latham . . . 4 6 Cathedral 3 11 Mt. Pulaski . 2 17 Athens -, 6 11 Mt. Pulaski 9 18 Atlanta - 3 15 Rivertont 12 4 Williamsville . 20 8 Mt. Pulaski 0 10 tl. H. S. A. Baseball Tournament eheld at Riverton. SEVENTEEN ir J. VVard fabsentl. 6'aaluzt6alL Our town's basketball team fared well this season. The Redbirds won seventeen' games while dropping ten. In the Williamsville Invitational they captured second, los- ing to Hartsburg-Emden. Elkhart tied with Hartsburg-Emden for second in the Logan- DeWitt Conference after losing the deciding game to Beason on the Beason hardwood. Elkhart finished fourth in the county tournament and was eliminated in the first round of the Lincoln Regional by Green Valley. Highlights of the season were double conference wins over Hartsburg-Emden, besting them here and on their own floor. An eleven point victory over Atlanta was an- other feat the Redbirds accomplished. The field goal average for the season was .391, while the free throw average was .511. Next year's prospects are very bright because only two lettermen were lost by graduation. EIGHTEEN First Row: L. Gleason J Bushnell, R. Hahn, J e L. Hanner, V. Dennison Second Row: Coach Mull F. Lanterman, R. Melckei J. Ott, P. Crowe, C. Davis ir e t to R ght I F1 i m. lx X Ln I' K VK lsli, M Olson. if Team Hartsburg-Emden Kenney , . , Lathan . . . Atlanta . Middletown New Berlin . . Tallula . . . Hartsburg-Emden Athens . . . New Holland . Waynesville . Beason . . Williamsville . The record of wins and losses is as follows: We They 46 41 . 45 25 . 39 30 . 49 38 . 47 17 . 52 37 38 37 27 49 . 40 60 . 33 27 . 53 34 . 45 46 33 30 Team Hartsburg-Emden Kenney . . Latham . . . New Holland . Hartsburg-Emden Atlanta . . Mt. Pulaski . Middletown . New Holland . Waynesville . Beason . . Williamsville . Petersburg . . Green Valley . NINETEEN We They 49 46 . 46 33 . 43 34 30 29 39 44 40 57 . 35 51 . 54 28 . 20 47 . 60 34 . 34 48 . 53 42 . 42 56 . 35 47 'A' Left to Right: M. Olson, K VVa1sh, N. Van Fossan, L Brennan. ir JOE OTT: Seniur Huzxrd. gnml su-rl-manner' JOE BUSHELL: Senior vente1'nud lull- :xml 11lz1y-f1nzlkL-l'-wxlvalwh- of Ll1'n1xping est mzln on the r-:quad-1'ugg'ed Velxoundel them in trom the middle of the court. and excellent on pivot shuts. LARRY l-'ANNER tam. and Bohn Fre- Il .641 pexventzige ns offense. : Junior guard, cap- BOB HAHN: Junior forward, excellent e Throw Winner with rebounder on both boards, good passer fas good on defense and consistant scorer. TWENTY LEO GLEASON: Snlvlnvrnure guard-one RAYMOND MERCKlER: Junior guard, of the best defensive guards and re- small, but very fast-hamlicapped must llounders in the conference. of the year by a pre-season ankle injury. JACK DEE: Freshman forwardi good COACH MULL: A man whose heart is rebounder and good shotvshould im- with his boys4one who places the indi- prove rapidly with more experience. vidual ahead of fame. TWENTY-ONE 'A' First Row: P. Crowe, J. Dee V. Dennison. C. Yveirhake P. Awe, Second Row: Coach Mull C, Davis, J. Dennison. B Bertsche, W. Hickey, J Ward iabsentj. 'A' 5 z6'n.aluzt6a!L The second team won eleven games but lost nine. The team gained much valuable experience that will help them in the coming seasons. Height was much more in abundance this season. That, combined with better co-ordination, will be an asset for the 1949-50 season. The season's record was: Team We They Hartsburg-Emden . . 26 19 Kenney . . . 38 10 Atlanta . . . 35 37 Middletown . . 40 16 Athens . . . 30 37 New Holland . . 24 21 Waynesville . . 26 8 Beason . . . 27 20 Williamsville . . . 25 20 Hartsburg-Emden . . 19 43 Kenney . . . . 25 18 Latham . . . 20 21 Mt. Pulaski . . 19 25 Middletown . . 42 17 New Holland . . 30 25 Waynesville . . 38 14 Beason . . . 22 29 Williamsville . . 26 30 Petersburg . . 36 43 Latham . . 21 23 TWE NTY-TWO . if , g . + . .2 l 2 5 iii l ,Fix 5. - f ' 2 'A ' ' 'ff xg '- fi' . fl First Row: V.. Lanterman. Principal, D. G. Lanterman, C. Drake. J. Smith, J. Miller, R. Curry, R. Leininger, R. Miller, R. Dennison, R. Shawgo, J. Dee. Second Row: G. Dennison, F. Buckles, G. Yard, D. 1'Iindsf. R. Lercher. L. Grieme, J, Burton, H. Newman, S. Turner, J. Stellar, Coach Mull. .JL .Z Twenty grade school "Backyard Hoopsters" went out for basketball this year. The team was without experience when the season began, but much was learned by their participation in the games. Next year these youngsters will begin the season with more experience and the same high spirits which they kept throughout this year. nk 555.50 L' IIA., Left to right: J. Rickords, J. Lee, C. Walsh, D. Lan- terman. TWENTY-THREE TWENTY-FOUR Mr. John Mull, athletic coach, organized the noon program several years ago. It has aroused so much in- terest among the students that it has become one of the best recreational pro- grams given in a high school of this size in this part of the state. Teams are chosen by stu- dent captains to play against other teams in tournaments. The pictures on this page show the champions of a ser- ies of these tournaments. Girls' Basketball Top Picture, First Row: li. Pickett, M. Olson, V. Yoeum. Second Row: G. Suttory, D. Damarin, H. Hall, L. Brennan. Mixed Volleyball Li. King, M. Szinders, L. Bren- nan. L. Hanner, K. Svensou, ll. Lanterman, D. Ball, L. Gleason. Boys' Basketball First Row: VV. Hickey, l-'. Lliowe, P. Awe. Second Row: R. Hahn. mash, li. Carter, B. Bertsche, J. Thompson. D. Sivert, L. Glea- son. coach. S X 5 SX SS is . . 1,15 f ll x I ga n. If A ,I ,, X , II I I I X 5 I X'-"' 9 6 ACTIVITIES ir Jfblwll.. ll ll 'k Q SQ At an assembly held Friday, February 25, Phyllis Walsh, Frances Weatherby, Phyllis Olson and Jack Baumgardner received their silver honor "E's." If these people maintain a 3.25 average for the rest of the year, their silver "E's" will be exchanged for a gold one which the student may keep. Their names will be engraved on the Bohan Scholarship Plaque. Students who maintain an average of 3.25 or above for the entire four years will be eligible for an honor "E," Activity "E's" were awarded to Frances Weatherby, Mary Miller, Phyllis Olson, John Radtke, Phyllis Walsh and Clifford Oltmanns at an assembly, February 25. These people have participated in enough extra-curricular activities to earn 90 or more points through- out their four years of high school training. These "E's" are of red and white felt in script form and are earned by an accumula- tion of points assigned to activities for which no other award is given. ak Z E. .E. u n -A' TWENTY-SEVEN First Row: M. Mriller, P. Olson, G. King, P. Vvalsh, M. Tierney, C, Parks. Second Row: L. Giger, R. Mercker, E. Pickett, D. Damarin, M. Olson, B. Neavill. C. Davis. Third Flow: D. Turner, C. Oltmanns, J. Bushnell, J. Radtke. R. Lanterman, J. Baumgardner ,frho The "Town Board" of E. C. H. S. has kept an excellent publicity book for its citizens. Both semesters have been devoted to earning money to defray the expenses of its publication. The selling of advertising, candy, Coca-Cola, popcorn, and greeting cards helped build a fund of approximately S700 for this project. The senior board led in the production of this yearbook. but each member of the junior board contributed articles, or helped in other Ways. TWENTY-EIGHT First Row: M. Miller, P. Olson, E'. Pickett, F. XVeatherby. P. VValsh, D. Damarin. Second Row: J. Grohovsky, L. Stolz, D, Ball, J, Ott, D, Gleason, L, Giger. Third Row: D. Turn:-i', C. Oltmanns. J. Bushell, J. RadLkr. R, Luntei-man. J, Baumgardner. ,gamut Every community needs a press to keep the public informed of all its activities. Our Town, E. C. H. S., is a progressive little community in that respect, for the Echoette is published bi-monthly and is distributed to all the students, faculty, school board, and the homes in Elkhart who have no children in high school. 'There is a mailing list of 45 copies including inter- ested alumni and many school exchanges. The Echoette is a member of the I.S.H.S.P.A., the N.D.P.A. and the N.S.P.A. This year the staff received a rating of "excellent" on the issues of the first semester by the N.S.P.A. The senior staff produced two color' issues - one at Thanksgiving, the other, the Christmas number. The junior class proved able journalists during the four weeks the seniors were busy with their play and published two issues, one, the Easter copy, in color. Miss Lucy Giger and Mr. Joe Grohovsky are sponsors of the paper. TWENTY NINE First Row: C. Parks., M. 'l"ierney, L, Brennan, K. Svenson, F. Neavill, V. Yocum, N, Davis, K. NValsh, N. Van Fossan. Second Row: K. Bradley, A. Tierney, B. Rertsehe, B. Neavill, E. Pickett, P. XVnlsh, F. XVe4:1therby, G. King, G. Suttory. Third Row: M. Olson, M. Sanders, M. Miller, Rall, M. Fields. G. Vnn Fnssnn, G. Cieseke, H. Hall, D, Hinds, and P. Olson, a.:-f'ompnnist. plzrgfwfula Twenty-six girls became members of the "Municipal Choir" this fall. Every girl in the chorus helped in some way toward the production of the operetta, "Creatures of Impulse." The girls' trio consisting of Gloria King, second soprano, Charlene Parks, first soprano, and Phyllis Walsh, alto, sang at many banquets, club programs, luncheons, and at the baccalaureate service. The group as a Whole sang at both spring concerts in Lincoln and Elkhart. The choir was enlarged when Barbara Irish and Ruth Shepherd be- came full-fledged members during the season. Phyllis Olson was accompanist for this choir of young singers. THIRTY First Row: V. Plummer, VV. Hickey. C. Davis, J. Plickett, J. Ward, D. Dains, L. XVilham, VV. Dobey, J, Stahl Second Row: J. Dennison, B. Yard, J. Greer. XV. Dennison, V. Dennison, J. Dee. C. Oltmanns, C. Eibhersten, T. Hanner, J. Thompson, K. Bradley. Third Flow: T. Dains, L. Gleason, D. Bvall, J. Rmltkn. J, Ott. R. T.:mterman, Tl. Pankey, VV, Payne, M. Dennison H. Lanterman, G. King. accompanist. Anya' gm gm The Municipal Male Glee Club of Elkhart organized early in September with 24 members, The full chorus sang "Noel" and "Winter Wonderland" on the Christ- mas program, took part in the mixed chorus in the Spring concerts at Lin- coln and Elkhart, and sang "The Hiking Song" on the program at grad- uation. A male quartet composed of Willard Payne, first tenorg Vernelle Den- nison, second tenor 5 Larry Hanner, baritone, and Jim Ward, bass, sang at the senior play. Willard Payne, Vernelle Dennison, Larry Hanner, and Dick Lanterman sang at the F. F. A. Banquet and the Spring Concert. THIRTY-ONE THIRTY-TWO U "Creatures of Impulse" Peter, a village youth . Vernelle Dennison Old Boomblehardt, the village miser . . . Willard Payne Jehanette and Pierette, village girls . Mary Tierney, Lois Brennan Mistress Martha, owner of the inn ..... Gloria King Pipette, her niece . . . Charlene Parks Sergeant Klooque of the King's Hussars . . Dick Lanterman The Mysterious Old Lady . Phyllis Walsh Chorus of Village Boys and girls .... Chorus Members Dancers . . Erma Pickett, Barbara Irish, Joyce Ball, Gwen Suttory, Bernadine Bertsche, Velma Yocum, Georgeann Gieseke, Frances Neavill. The E. C. H. S. Music department, un- der the direction of Miss Kathryn Brad- ley, this year presented something a lit- tle different to the community. A fast moving musical fantasy en- titled "Creatures of Impuse" was pre- sented March ll. The cast portrayed a group of poor creatures in a little vil- lage in Flanders who were all placed under a spell by the Old Lady. This op- eretta was not given with the idea of making money, but as an entertaining project. All scenery and props were made by the students of the music de- partment. is .. zz 'asv 1 . sifiig 'iff ,E if Y X 5 R 2 'f li. L, ,L . ,,,, Lffmz ,,,,, xi E V A .T.L.,' Efvl-' 1 ,jf gf 5 tj Yr Q 1,5 .xxx Y - Q v , K--f Opel etta P1 .lctlce THIRTY-FOUR "Mother Mr. Maxwell . Mrs. Maxwell Aunt Mary . Wilbur . Hercules . Bernadine . Betty Lou . Father Maxwell Mother Maxwell Connie . . Mr. Hinckly . Father Brown Mother Brown Director . . VLPIWI- Does the Talking" . Bill Davis . . Joyce Ball . Gloria King . . Larry Hanner . Raymond Mercker . Lois Brennan . . Mary C. Tierney . . Willard Payne . Charlene Parks . . Karen Svenson . Ralph F. Lanterman . . . Robert Hahn . . Gladys Van Fossan . Joseph Grohovsky It was vacation time again for the Maxwells. Each had a different plan. After seeing her neighbors come home exhausted, Mrs. Maxwell decided to stay home to get a good start on the coming year. Mr. and Mrs, Maxwell's parents ar- rived. Wilbur, Betty Lou and their chums almost caused Mr. Maxwell to lose his job. By the time the vacation ended, everyone was practically uncon- scious. The class netted a total of S580 on the production. 'MPM- "Guess Again" Janet Moore, a college girl working at Edgewater Inn . . Dorothy Damarin Bill Douglas, a colege boy in love with Janet . . Clifford Oltmanns Henry Grimes, owner and manager of the inn ..... John Radtke Waldo Fitts, porter and general nuisance at the inn . . . Jack Baumgardner Mrs. O. O. Skinner, a guest at the inn ..... Mary Miller Dora Mae, her rather fresh daughter ..... Phyllis Olson Olive Ordway, a health faddist . . . Phyllis Walsh Marcella Jenks, a journalistic girl-wonder .,.. Erma Pickett Lord Wiggleton, from England . Donald Ball Bertie Blodgett, his valet . David Turner S. H. "Soak-'em Hard" Pratt, the local banker . Richard Lanterman Renee Lamour, a chiseler from Hollywood .... Barbara Irish Lulu Perkins, a big league newspaper columnist . Frances Weatherby Sol Messer, a movie magnate . Joe Bushell Director ..... Miss Lucy Giger The dignitaries of E. C. H. S. who had organized the "Little Theater" in Our Town gave their first performance of "Guess Again," a farce-comedy in three acts on Friday, April 8, in the Elkhart High School Auditorium. The scene of the play was laid in Edgewater Inn, at small seaside resort in California that was almost bankrupt. The audience was kept in spasms of laughter by the antic of Waldo, the hotel porter who had been bitten by the "actor-bug." Then too, the appearance of two Lord Wiggletons kept the au- dience guessing what the actual out- come of the play would be. The actors cleared about sixty dollars from the production. THIRTY-FIVE First Row: N. Davis, N. Van Fossan, F. Neavill, V, Yocum, M. Olson, A. Tiierney, B. Bertsche. K. WValsh, G, Giesek . e. Second Row: G. Suttory, E, Pickett, P. Xvalsh, F. WVeathe1'by, G. King, B. Neavill, C. Parks, M, Tierney, P. Olson, M. Neill. Third Row: D. Hinds, M. Sanders, H. Hall, M. Miller, J. Ball. M, Fields, G. Van Fossaln, L. Brennan, D. Damar' in. K. Svenson. J Jia The last meeting of the Homemakers club of "Our Town" was called to order by President Dolores Hinds to review the achievements of the past year. With an enrollment of 28 members, Miss Margaret Neill, club adviser, and Mrs. Hugo Svenson as chapter mother, the club completed a profitable year's work. To help the new members and the freshmen get acquainted, a wiener roast was held, and they were initiated into the club at a formal initiation. To raise funds, mystery packages and homemade candy were sold at the annual homecoming, bringing in 31838. The club sponsored a bake sale which netted 252950. All through the year the club sponsored an ice cream concession, helped serve ban- quets, gave a mother-daughter banquet, and prepared the food for the May luncheon of the Household Science club, thus preparing themselves for a future of homemaking. THIRTY-SIX 1 Flrst Row: J. Busheill, D. Turner, J. Ott, R. Mercker, C. Oltmanns, J. Baumgardner, J. Radtke, L. Hanner, B. Yard, R. Lanterman, D. Ball. Second Row. J. Pickett, H. Carpenter, II. Parker, C. Davis, R. Hubbard. Thlrd Row: W. Stumm, W. Weidhuner, W. Dobey, C. Ebbersten, B. Davis. VV. Stolz, L. Gleason, J. Greer, J. Dee, V. Dennison, T. Dains, R. Hahn, L Carter, XV, I-Lickey. Fourth Row: H. Lanterman, J. Dennison, D. Glea- son, W. Payne, B. Bernsche, D. Pankey, P, Awe, R. F. Lanterman, D. Dains, P. Crowe, D. Sivert, D. BOWEIT, J. Thompson, L, Wilham. J. Stahl. 3 J vi ' Last May the Elkhart Chapter of Future Farmers elected the officers mentioned below and drew up the program of work. Jack Baumgardner . . . President Clifford Oltmanns . . Vice-President John Radtke . . . . Secretary Raymond Mercker ........... Reporter In November the officers attended the National F. F. A. Convention at Kansas City, Missouri. At the sectional judging contest, held at Lincoln, the following members partici- pated in the grain judging: Wayne Dobey, Jack Stahl, and Paul Awe. These boys placed fourth out of twenty-one schools of Section Twelve. Charles Wierhake, Clarence Davis and Larry Wilham represented the poultry judging team, and received sixth placing. The Elkhart chapter held its annual Parent-Son Banquet this year, serving about 135 persons. Some of the 42 members plan to attend the state convention held in Urbana in June. THIRTY-S EVEN First Row: H. Lanterman. J. VVa.rd, D. Turner, C. Oltmanns, R. Mercker, B. Davis. L. Hanner, R. Hahn. R. Lanterman, J. Radtke, D. Ball. Second Row. VV. VV. Ritchie, J, Baunmgarminer, M. Dennison, D. Pankey, J. Greer, J. Dee, VV. Dennison. V. Den- nison, 'I'. Dains. J, Stahl, NV. Hickey, .J Pickett, R, Hubbald. Third Row: V, Plummer, J. Dennison. P. Awe, R. F. Lanterman, C. Ebbersten, L.. Gleason. D. Dains, P. Crowe. D. Sivert, D. Boyer, L. VV'ilham, C. Davis. ,KM The Elkhart Junior Conservation Club received its charter from the State Depart- ment on February 21, 1947, and has been cooperating as a regular member. The club has a membership of 27 people who are headed by the following offic- ers: Mr. Ritchie, adviser, Bill Davis, president, Raymond Mercker, vice-president, Larry Hanner, secretary-treasurer, and Bob Hahn, game warden. The official conservation pledge is: "I give my pledge to save and to faithfully de- fend from waste the natural forests, waters, and Wild life." The activities of the organization have pertained to conservation, sportsmanship, and safety. Various programs which have been held included contests to see who could name the most kinds of trees, birds, fish, and animals. Exciting and colorful movies on camping, canoeing, fishing, hunting, safety, and conservation of natural resources have also been shown to the club. A rifle match to determine the best marksman was held in May. THIRTV-EIGHT . ,, . f-wg, ,gf R' ki fr V . f, mf: V' EW .Q . ,. A :L .W-.ix 'Eg 1 -fm. -i I ,. , ,.,,,W,, ,W , uzifw f ' 'K A., 'ff 11 4: ' Rf 1, 35 35! ,Mr ff ,,,,,,,,,L .,.r'5.. NWN... ig' fa . ,.x,.Q,.,n,, q,,..,,, .,,, xy ,. , A ...,,, .,,, A kk,,, W-,. . .. ' A ' ., W 1 si ,, if ' , 4 H 2' A Q if .45 '15 as ,., xg DRINK i? .III I IN wr BOTTLES LINCOLN COCA-COLA BOTTUNG CO. AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE Carburetor, Magneto Rad1o Service, Motor Tune-up FEUSTING BROTHERS o Phone 267 110 North McLean St. LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. CHARLES C. , WODETZKI I WALLPAPER PAINTS GLASS O Phone 64 LINCOLN ILLINOIS FORTY ONE SMITH'S FINER FOODS Fine Line of S and W Products Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at All Times Fresh Meats 129 SOUTH KICKAPOO LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. Gehlbach Hardware 81 Implement Co. HARRY GEHLBACH, Proprietor. 0 0 0 POWER FARM MACHINERY-SALES and SERVICE HARDWARE and APPLIANCES 129-131 SOUTH SANGAMON ST. LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. TuII's Ice Cream Shop I I O Sandwiches Complete Fountain Service 118 NORTH CHICAGO LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. FORTY TWO FORTY-THREE THE CAMERA SHOP Everything Photographic 320 SOUTH FIFTH STREET SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS. Q ffO'W W If WI' un-o-fr. 6 uosnijgj,t rMrriysr5,..c. M r 5 - we -4' i 1 f lr i tlflt AUTHORIZED DEALERS o o o Chevrolet and Buick LINCOLN ILLINOIS FlSHMAN'S SPORTING GOODS Established 1892 o o o MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR YOUR ATHLETIC NEEDS Service Quality Selection 603-607 East Washington Dial 6164 I O I SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS. Kerrigan Funeral Home A beautiful tribute is assured when you place your trust in KERRIGAN'S SERVICE. o o o "INSTANT AMBULANCE SERVICE" PHONE 141 LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. Ralph Blalock Co., Inc. Hotel, Restaurant, Tavern and Janitor Equipment Restaurant Supplies, Paper Specialties, Janitor Supplies Tavern Supplies Phone 3-4529 819-821 E. Adams St. SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS. FORTY FIVE MARVIN C. HUTCHCRAFT Associate - DON HOLLAND SHEETS FUNERAL HOME Dependable Service LINCOLN ILLINOIS THE STORE THAT QUALITY BUILT Quality Wearing Apparel for the Entire Family Stores in Springfield, Jacksonville, Havana, Mattoon. Pluih Tin Shop STOKERS - ROOFING - AIR-CONDITIONING FURNACES - GUTTERS - BLOWERS SHEET METAL WORK LINCOLN ILLINOIS FORTY SIX FORTY-SEVEN E. K. BROOKER COMPLETE LINE OF FARM AND HOME SUPPLIES HARDWARE AND APPLIANCES WISCONSIN ENGINES - NEW IDEA - MASSEY-HARRIS ELKHART, ILLINOIS. Phone Elkhart 97 Norma 8. BiII's Cafe Leels Grocery I FRESH MEATS O GROCERIES MEALS Elkhart Illinois ICE CREAM ' SOFT DRINKS I Cantrall s Cash Store . O DRY Goons-SHOES Nvrma and Bill C0Wgllf GROCERIES-FRESH MEATS FROZEN Foons ELKH ART ILLINOIS ROSZELUS' ICE CREAM Elkhart Illinois FORTY EIGHT Zero Food Locker Frozen Food Lockers Available at Branch Plant in Williamsville and Main Plant in Springfield KCUSTOM CURING AND HICKORY SMOKINGJ GLEASON'S Men's Store O I I SHOES - HATS - CLOTHING LINCOLN ILLINOIS GOSSETS' Cleaners, Furriers, and Tailors Tailor Made Suits We Win for Service H. W. G. and "BILL" GOSSET 114 S. Chicago Street Lincoln, Illinois. CONGRATULATIONS TO GRADUATING SENIORS Central Iron and Metal Co. 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Hamilton - Elgin - Waltham Cardinal Diamonds - Distinctive Jewelry Precision Watch Repairing R. B. LANTERMAN FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATORS STOVES and DEEP FREEZES GENERAL MERCHANDISE I O O ONE OF ELKHART'S BEST KNOWN BUSINESS PLACES ELKHART ILLINOIS StahI's Sewice Station Complete Shell Service OPEN 24 HOURS DAILY Shellubricator - Washing - Tires - Batteries Wheel Balancing - Accessories Route 66, Elkhart, Illinois. Telephone 112-R-2 FIFTY-TWO WRIGHT FUNERAL HOME I C I LINCOLN, ILLINOIS. PHONES-1234 and 55 DR. LOUIS W. LENZ DR. HERBERT E. LENZ LINCOLN'S LEADING OPTOMETRISTS AND MANUFACTURING OPTICIANS Llncoln Phone 1062 Illmols JULIUS JACOBS CO. When in Lincoln Call and See Our Line of CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS LINCOLN ILLINOIS FIFTY THREE KERPAN'S GROCERY LINCOLN I ILLINOIS will N01 S WEARING APPAREL FOR THE FAMILY COMPLIMENTS OF Goody-Goody Drive In I 1220 E. Cook Springfield, lu. When In Lincoln Meet Your Friends at S. S. 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Ford Cars and Trucks Ford Tractors and Equipment LINCOLN ILLINOIS CHARTERS JEWELRY STORE Headquarters for Gift Merchandise NEXT TO LINCOLN THEATER LINCOLN, ILLINOIS Compliments of the STATE NATIONAL BANK Member F.D.I.C. LINCOLN ILLINOIS SIXTY SIX SIXTY-SEVEN FANCY PRAIRIE COOPERATIVE BUYERS AND SHIPPERS OF GRAIN PHONE WILLIAMSVILLE 5203 FANCY PRAIRIE, ILLINOIS J. T. Langston, President. William R. Shaver, Secretary. J. P. King, Manager. LEWIS BOCK General Hauling PHONE WILLIAMSVILLE 6010 FANCY PRAIRIE, ILLINOIS G. L. BAUGHER 8: SON Hardware and Implements PHONE WILLIAMSVILLE 5205--FANCY PRAIRIE, ILLINOIS. SIXTY-EIGHT

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