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1 I -J1E',.5l?,.3dw - , K f . W fi Liv- H Aw, QX I., Iv-1 , .F 7' fl.-"T - wt-J, ' -L 3' 'N ff-1 Tfegz' -r'fv,N f, KM L, 4. Enix ,A -'H :L WELFU. , A 4 , QA 13 v VXA iv. rf If . ,Jug ,. A uf 1' .9 M ... f4"' 'hilgxw--. - wg uhm . .1 ff, ww P-,M if nn-,wi f 4 X A T ' xr:v 5 53' ix- '--usff " Ivy: H, 5 ,, , -19, New V 2 x4,'...,4 V, 4, 1. ' '-,, 4-3 if . if, "I, Q- 1 ., ,ggwk ,, 18, X, ff gw..,gvv'::1Ls4"' V ' -QM 1 , J4 ., V. A ','s.,,. fgiaeriif 1573 -1 x 'fifz-'Mx' - ' 1 , Q Q: . 4 . vw, r, - 'Eve 1 . ik. N-Jw M. Q , II-I' ""'""""-"""""" 'Iwi' ' I 1926 1 I ELKO IA I Elle River H igh School 1 ,- I I I I ELKI STADIUM I I Om' QIF Ill! Finn! 1'laygrnu.nr1.v in Minnnola I I I S I I I S I I 5 2 I I I I I I 5 I I I i 1 I s I I I 1 I I I . I I Publzshfd by the I I 1 ' I SENIOR CLASS I I OF TI-IE ELK RIVER HIGH SCHOOL I I ELK RIVER, MINNESOTA I I , I I I I 1 i I I I 5 I I I s 3.-.M 111-1 11---11111111-1111111 u -Illini: ""'l' . -r . L ! I I ni-I-54.15119-g,1w.-gq...,m 9,-.,,...uu ...m1m.-np.-M1 pm... s Y 1 .a4AIs.h.-4' Dedz'caz'z'on To our beloved fathers and mothers, whose devotion to our highest interest in everything that promotes our welfare, and whose able lead- ership and progressive spirit have made our High School what it is today, we, the Senior Class of 1926, dedicate this issue of the ELKONIAN. C23 Appreczkztion NVe, the editors, wish to express our apprecia- tion to Mr. Hugh Cooper, our Superintendent, and other members of the faculty, whose Firm guidance, wholesome advice, and untiring effort have inspired us through the year and helped pro- duce this Annual. E33 T lzanlas W' e thank our advertisers, who by their kind co-operation have made this book financially possible. Let us show our appreciation by patronizing them. '33 'l'-na--uu-uu-un-svn-m1u--n-n-n-nn-ln--ln-n--un1u1I--n-u1u-n1n1uu-uu-ul--na--IU1n1n--nn1uu--m-nn-up--n1n1nm1n-1n1u--nu--an-ll-loin - EL BOARD OF EDUCATION N MRS. M. E. Gl'l"l'lI. B. GR-XY MRS. IXI. H. CARR Clerk of HO:u'd Dlfcftol' Trc-asurcr of Board ' 1jR- C. M. SLIITHZ E. G. PALMER R. K. VVILSON Prcsidcnt Of Board Dircftul' Difgctol' NYC wish to express our sincere :1pp1'cciatiOn for the Hue 01'11JO1'tl'Il1itit'S given us by the Nnzlrd of IilhlC2Xti0l1 Of the lilk River Public Schools. Page Three EL ELKONIAN STAFF Editor-in-chief - Assistant Editor - Business Manager - R eporters- Seniors - Juniors - Sopliomores - Freshmen - Athletics - f Alumni - Literary - Jokes - Music - - Student Body - Snapshots - STUDENT President' - 'x'ice-President Treasurer - Secretary - - U Senior Representatives - junior Representatives -- Sophomore Representatives - Freshmen Representatives Chosen at large - '- Page Four - Leo Plude - Donald Nelles - Lawrence Cornelius - Francis Nelson and Lois Bailey Howard Vkfaketield and David Daniels - - - - Elmer Cruzan - - - -S Vera Forbes - Norman Spear and Mildred jaeb - -- - - Elva Page - - Elsie VVilde - Kenneth Schmidt Arnold Engstrom Burton Carlson Helen Trask COUNCIL - Burton Carlson Lawrence Cornelius -- - - - Arnold Engstrom - - - - - Lois Dunn Russell Swanson and No-rman Spear - Helen Beck and Herbert Greupner lVilbur Taylor and Catherine Carlson Ethel Kurrasch and Clayton Smith Robert McNabb and VVillard Nelson EL 4 HUGH COOP ER, Superintendent Page I:i'Z' HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY H W - . ALLEN FREEBERG EALXRL IRELAND VV. C. ELDER History-Math. Scicncofoadl Band FRANCES FORSTER ANNE STUDNILKN English-French EngliSh'LihrafY Page Six EL I I HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY f 1' FLORENCE PERLT MR S. LOYISE BURNS BERNICE NOLAN Home Economics H. S. l,I'illCiD2ll Home Economics MRS. JESSIE PARSONS ALICE NICKERSON History-Science Ljtlmmercial Przgr Smwz EL The Dirty Flag llravely in the wind or storm Vtfaving high above the trees Old Glory shimmers every morn In the sweeping morning breeze. All day long each day of the year It Hoats thru sun and rain Deep in its folds it reveres the dear VVho fought for Old Glory, but not in vain. It was the day after the Fourth, Il dreary, rainy day. The streets were dirty, covered with the mud of people's feet. Tiny rivulets were running down the curbs. - A flag, that had been dropped by some one during the parade the previous day, lay in the mud, trampled on again and again under the muddy feet of the crowd. It was a small, silk flag, now ragged and dirty. A party of three pretty girls came walking down the street. They nearly stepped on the Hag, half hidden in the mud at their feet. "Oh, here's a dag, let's pick it up l" said the hrst girl. "VVhy no, not that dirty thing!" said the second, and they walked on. A well-dressed old gentleman came walking behind the girls. He was looking up at the cloudy sky. The innocent Hag with its broken stem, nearly caused the old gentleman to trip and fall. "I wonder why in the world these street-cleaners don't keep the sidewalks clear," he muttered to himself as he kicked the Hag forward. Tommy, a dirty, ragged, freckled-faced boy, with a bundle of newspapers under his arms was yelling out his evening papers. He, like the old gentleman nearly fell over the Hag. 'WVell, Old Glory," he exclaimed loudly, "what are you doing here in the mud? 'Why aren't you waving somewhere on high and show your spirit? America's not down and never will be." He stooped down, and picked it up. Holding it in one hand and laying down his papers,he took out his jack-knife and with his other hand carved a slit in a lamp-post standing near by. He then stuck the flag in the lamp- post, saluted it, picked up his papers, and went whistling down the street. ELSIE NVILDE. Rain and Forest It was a dark rainy dayg one that we so often see during the latter part of june. The rain fell slowly and in a way that seemed to say, "More is coming." The large forest which had suffered severely during a period of drought now began to freshen up. The animals had all scurried for shelter when the storm be- gan, and nothing could be seen except plants, trees, and a small brook whose water supply had been replenished by the rain. The rain pattered softly on the leaves of the trees and filled the brook with a certain cheeriness, making small rip- ples that chased each other merrily, then lost themselves in the steady onward flow of the stream. The flowers raised their heads thirstily to the cool, refreshing rain drops. The grass which had been a dull brown the day before, was now changing to a soft green carpet, with innumerable Bowers hexe and there peeping thru the surface. All nature with out-stretched arms nodded and seemed to say, "Oh beautiful rain !" ' Page Eight A SE IOR 0 5' fa 7' A f o Q 4' 'T if ' n ,sv , gtgmf' 'V" T if -4' W M2 ' ' ' Z ' I , x W' i f -- P lf , 5 ,ff f' ff' ' 1 ll! V 4 AA - ' 'Z . "V 11 , "lu1uiL' 5 rl- ,- Y I I , I .,.. X ,." I . I! ff!! If , l ,' .. , p ill!! ' E Q ,ffJ' , V!!! X V! MTW E 'V' E ofa 1. 1 I : X, Xl., X. 7, f,, E ' 4-'J' fff- "0 1 I ,f , , , : ff! ""' ' I, ,H lf' E lf! , . V. Ayf . fy, V,l!.l IW, 1 ,f AV-' f 1 AA- ' , lff M' f f so ff fy :W . 9 o f of ,I fl! 2 ff ' I !,5,yl,5f.!l, I ,,'A.v,, I, UVAV, ,fu rf, 4 U' I - .,-"' ff' ,- fi" 11,1 H' 1' 1 Q ,151 A M' ' ,fgff fy! I V ff ' if ,, Hf'f'ff'! ,vw :if f 'V Cf" ,,,,jjQ',Xy4jfff4 ,ff fr: f ' M fl ' if -U'lf'f' 11' A ' f A H rif f rrr - 451,61 -!,VijL if ,fij X 1: . e 1' -- su ' ' 'A ' Nr m -T- ff 7 ll f r r r Faculty-I am sorry, Bill, but there goes the noon Uunej whistle. Senior-Oh, boy, what a chance to spread myself! Page Nina fEL MARGARET ANDERSON Like gra-Pity she is a power of attraction." junior Vaudeville, .'25. Operetta, '25, Chorus, '23, '24. ri LOIS BAILEY .-In endless amount of smiles." Basketball, '25, '26. Ellqonian Staff, '26. Junior Vaudeville, '2S. rr HERMAN BARGABUS rr-1 f wild, free-hearted, careless one with a dread of books and a love of fun." ' Band, '23, '24, '25, '26. "Path Across The Hill," '25. Junior Vaudeville, '25, Elkonian Staff, '26. Chorus, '25, GLADYS BLANCHETT "ll'e would like to know thee better." Class Play at Big Lake, '24, '25. BURTON CARLSON "Now Abie, if you step out with a high brow lady, I'll slap you down and I don't mean maybe." Football, '25, '26, Basketball, '26. Student Body President, '26. Elkonian Staff, '26. MARTIN CHARVAT "'Tl1c fellow who can bottle up his wrath at all times is surely a corleer." High School Play, '23. Senior Class Play, '26. Baseball, '24, '26, Page Ten 1 VVILLARD CHERVENY "ll"l1a1' is this world wiflzout M'0mz!"' ' Baseball, '25, '26. LAWRENCE CORNELIUS 'Z-I -man is not always 'wrong be- razfsc public opinion differs wiflz. him." I'resident of Class, '24, '25, '26. Treasurer of Freshman Class, 23. Band, '23, '24, '25, 26. Chorus, '25, Junior Vaudeville, '25. Vice-I"resident Student Body, '26. Basketball, '24, '25, '26. Business Manager of Elkonian, '26. President of Student Body, '25, Editor-in-chief of Elkonian, '24. LOIS DUNN "SIM is lzerc for I hear her giggle." Public Speaking Play, '25, Junior Vaudeville, '25. Treasurer of Student Body, '25 Secretary of Student Body, '26. Executive Council, '26. Domestic Science Editor for Elkonian, '26. Cheer-leader, '25, '26. Senior Class Play, '26. ARNOLD ENGSTROM HG7'CUl'C1' -uzcn than I liazfc lived, but they arc all dead." Band, '24, '25, '26. Qperetta, '25. Secretary of Class, '24, '25, '26. Treasurer of Student Body, '26. Junior Vaudeville, '25. Band Editor on Elkonian, '26. Elklarion Staff, '24, '25, '26. Band Committee, '26. l RICHARD HALTER "He 'will .vilcrcvd for he bel-ict-'vs all llc says." Football, '25, Basketball, '26. Base- ball, '26. Band, '23, '24, '25, 26. Operetta, '25, MILDRED JAEB "She was a fl'll1,5-dG11dVV."' Basketball, '24, '25, '26. Junior Vaudeville, '25, Chorus, '24. Athletic Editor for Elkonian, '26. Senior Class Play, '26 Page lflvfu-11 M EL Pngr Tlwlwc u it ALBIN KEAYS "SfilI to be heard from." Band, '23, '24, '25, '26, RALPH KICHLII I lu-wc the vows, lmt 1'm not m'a.:.v about fl:-ickcnsf' Basketball, '26. Baseball, '23, '24, '25, '26. ALLEN KURRASCH "Tlzv Radio lVn'ckcr." Band, '24, '25, '26. Senior Class Play, '26, FLORENCE LANGE .I gmzflc disposition, who was born fo bc loved." Operetta, '25. Chorus, '24, MILDRED LLOYD "Sha is a girl, so wry mecle, Rmdy to please, but .vlow to speak. JAMES MCBRIDE ' "There was nezfer cz minfzzfe, Tlldl .Mildred 'ZUUSl1'f in it." Basketball, '23, '24, '25, '26. Football, '23, '24, '25. Baseball, '23, '24. "Path Across The Hill," '2S. Rand, '23. EL 111- 1- is ., 5 . W A, .... , fs - ,N f, ,sig 1: nf' "x' js? ii: :fi S fff "For mzfurv madv her what she' is V O17e1'ettU, , , , ,, 3 ,MW -M ,... ...M .W.,.s,,s.,,i,M,z5.q, ff f V Junior Vaucleville, '25, 1 5 . - i X i 5 DORIS MIDDELSTADT 3 2 . . , . "laik about gmgcr, slllv is a 'wlzoh f spin' bo.r,"' frlmficr boxj Basketball, '24, '25, '26. .lunior Vaucleville, '25, Senior Class Play, '26, HOXVARD MURRAY .llflzough his heart is in the Jmziw , Class, l1e's a loyal Senior." 0 . , . , . g 1 llancl, '23, '24, '25, '26, so Operetta, '25, f Junior Vaucleville, '25. Senior Class T1'easu1'er, '26. is Elkonian Staff, '26, ' Chorus, '25, ' 5 Senior Class Play, '26, 6 2 DONALD NELLES . - 4 . 6 ,III good boys love their sisters 1 -, lm! so good have I grown th-oz' I 2 6 low other boys' sisters." l . Baseball, '23, St. -lohn's University . 6 Orchestra, '24, Anoka High School D f as 6 2 2 Assistant liclitor-in-Chief of lflkonian Band, '26 FRANCES NELSON ,I llIi.l'fIl7'L' of knowledge and q1za1iz1"ity," 1 4' Freslnnen Class President, Class liditor for Flkonian. ELVA PAGE "0-f murlz wciglzt in Ilzc world." Alumni liclitor for Elkonian, junior Class TI'CHSLll'61', '25. Athletic lllauager, '26, Page Tlx irli-fn v I LEO PLUDE rr Happy-go-lucky, fair, and free, not many things bother me," Editor-inachief of "Elkoniar1." Baseball, '24, '25, Anoka H. S. Football, '25, Anoka H. S. VIV IAN POWELL "M'akes her own good time." Operetta, '25, Junior Vaudeville, '25. SHERMAN SACHS "It's better to wear out, than rust out." Office Assistant, '26. Senior Class Play, '26. KENNETH SCH MIDT Never trouble trouble 'till trouble troubles you." Basketball, '25, '26, Football, '24, '25, Baseball, '26. Band, '23, '24, '25. Elkonian Staff, '26. High School Play, '23, Junior Vaudeville, '25. Operetta, '25, Senior Play, 26. LOUISE SCHXVANBECK "Blast with plain reason and sober sense." Chorus, '24, Operetta, '25. NORMAN SPEAR ,Vo 'wc don't 11-ate him, 'wc know him, therefore 'we love him." Elkonian Staff, '26, RUSSELL SXVANSON .-I greater mon might hafve lived, but he doubts it," Band, '24, '25, '26, Baseball, '24, '25, '26, Vice-President of Class, '24, '26, Basketball, '26, junior Vaudeville, '25, Executive Council, '26, Band Committee, '26, MARJORY TAYLOR "1,vam1ot study and be popular, my floss docsn't study, there- fore I'lI study." Junior Vaucleville, '25, Chorus, '23, '24, Operetta, '25, DAISY THOMPSON "She is alzva-vs ready to smile out loud," Junior Vaudeville, '25, HELEN TRASK 1 lo-we to dance, I Iozfc to play, let nothing else stand in my way." Basketball, '24, '25, '26, Chorus, '23, '24, junior Vaudeville, '25, Executive Council, '25, Elkonian Staff, '26, Senior Class Play, '26, ELSIE VVILDE "She aims to be a great poet." LTQCILE YOUSO True to her work, her words, and her friends," Operetta, '25, -lunior Vaudeville, '25, Chorus, '25, Page Fifteen EL HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1926 NN' hen we entered the Elk River High School as Freshmen in 1922, it seemed to most of us, the biggest, most mysterious place we had ever been in, but after we had learned our way around, and had been initiated, we felt a little more as if we belonged here. In a few weeks came the biggest event of our Freshman year-the Freshmen party. Being the first thing of the kind we had ever attempted, we naturally were rather worried, but it was linally successfully concluded. After this we really be- gan to settle down and get acquainted, and many of us made friends who were to be our intimates during all our high school career. W'e closed our tirst year with a picnic at Birch Lake, and left the school building with bright anticipations of the next year. VVe were all eager to get back to school in the fall of 1923, as there were to be several new teachers. As Sophf omores, we began to really realize what work meant. A few had dropped out dur- ing our Freshman year, but at the end of our Sophomore year, the class remained practically intact. The Sophomore Ball was a masquerade given on February 11, and was voted a great success by the rest of the high school. The class held their second annual picnic on a cold day in May, and parted looking forward to our Junior year. VVe entered into our junior year with the determination to make it our best year yet. A Junior was elected President of the Student Body. At the end of the li-asketball season some inter-class games were played at the pavilion. Both boys' and girls' games were won by the Juniors, much to the chagrin of the Seniors. The last day of school was a sorrowful one for all of us, because Miss Carney, our beloved principal, and Mr.Clark, our superintendent for three years in school, were leaving. Seniors! At last we were at the top, and with the largest class up to this time, ever to be graduated from the lilk River High School. The Seniors were to have the annex at the back of the room, and there was a grand scramble for the best seats. After a few days of merely "getting acquaint- ed" with the new teachers, we settled down to "work." At the end of the foot- ball season the Senior boys challenged the--rest of the High School to a football game, and the Senior girls offered to feed the boys if they won. The game ended as a tie, but the boys got their feed anyway. Those who represented the Senior Class in athletics were: james Mclciride, Lawrence Cornelius, Burton Carlson, Kenneth Schmidt, Richard Halter, Norman Spear, Russell Swanson, Martin Charvat, Ralph Kiichli, NVillard Cherveny, Mildred Jaeb, Helen Trask, Lois Bailey, and Doris Middlestadt. After the class play and the excitement accompanying it was over we settled down to study for our final examinations. Commencement night was a big occasion for all of LIS, and even after it was over, it seemed hard to realize that we really weren't going to be back next year. The Senior Class of 1926 extend their best wishes for a happy and successful high school career to all those who come after them. Page Sixteen EL CLASS PROPHECY Portland, Oregon, Feb. 7, 1932. Dear Mildred, I recently found out that you were still in Iflk River and was glad of your success as a milliner. There are many of our former classmates out west to grow up with the country. They are living in Portland, and I see a great deal of them. Arnold lingstrom, who lives next door to me, is director of the Portland Municipal Band. ln this band are several of our friends, including Donald Nelles, "solo" snare drummer, Howard Murray, baritone, and Doris Middlestadt, saxaphone "wizard," Ralph Kiichli pitches for the Portland Baseball Club and is going to the major leagues next year. Last summer I took a trip to Hollywood and was surprised to hnd that the great "Sonya Barre," who plays opposite Herman Bargabus in all his great film masterpieces is none other than .lilva Page. VVhen I congratulated Elva and Herman on their success, they said that all the credit was due their director, Leo Plude. I spent the afternoon with Herman and his publicity agent, VVillard Cher- veny. They told me that Helen Trask was one of Mack Sennett's bathing beauties, and that Kenneth Schmidt was a broncho buster in Arizona. On my way back to Portland, I stopped in San Francisco to bid farewell to Allen Kurrasch and Albin Keays, who were about to embark as missionaries to the Fiji Islands. Mildred Lloyd was also at the wharf to bid good-bye to the mis- sionaries. lVIildred is now president of the California Anti-Saloon League and is ably assisted by Elsie hfVllllE and Lucille Youso. She invited me to her home for dinner. Sherman Sachs is the butler and Vivian Powell the maid. I rode back to Portland on the "Storm Cloud," a commercial seaplane which is piloted by Norman Spear. If you find out anything about our other classmates, write and let me know. Your former classmate, LOIS DUNN Elk River, Minn., Feb. 27, 1932. Dear Lois, I was astonished and yet very glad to hear from you. I had been wondering what had become of you and the others. In telling about the others you neglested to give an account of yourself, but Gladys Blanchette, who is teaching in Anoka, told me you were an undertaker's assistant. - VVho do you suppose is mayor of our fair city? None other than the majestic Lawrence Cornelius. His efficient secretary is Edith Meyers. Richard Halter is our dignified county attorney and Lois Hailey has inherited her father's position, Register of Deeds. Oh, our former classmates have a large interest in the govern- ment here! Page SFTCII tcm james McBride left for Ireland a few weeks ago and already a revolution is threatening to upend the whole country. . Martin Charvat is running a bus line from the Lake Ann Resort to Zimmer- man and iinds it a prolitable business. A romance of school days finally matured a little over a year ago when Bur- ton Carlson, our local Methodist pator, and Margaret Anderson were married. To all outward appearances they are peaceful and happy. Florence Lange, after a brief diplomatic career in lfVashington, D. C., met and married Prince Olaf of Sweden. Dr. Russell Swanson, Ph.D., L.L.D., is practicing medicine in Orrock and is beginning to show 'brilliance in his line. Marjorie Taylor and Daisy Thompson have taken up professional speaking careers and are, just now, touring the state in Louise Schwanbeck's behalf. Louise is running for Governor on the F arm-Labor ticket. "Frances Nelson" is no more. Her new name is Mrs. Percival Archibald De Clancey. The De Clanceys, I understand, are the social leaders of Gottsboro, Utah. ' Now that we have found each other, let's write often, Lois. ' ' Affectionately, your old friend, , MILDRED JAEB. CLASS WILL We, the members of the Senior Class of 1926, being in our right minds, and knowing that we will soon leave this place, do will and bequeath to those unworthy ones left here, as follows: I, Margaret Anderson, do bequeath my love of dancing to Elmer Cruzan. I,Lois Bailey, do bequeath my athletic ability to Florence Ricker. I, Herman Bargabus, do bequeath my power of argument to Lucille Smith. I, Gladys Blanchette, do respectfully bequeath my marcel to Leta Thomas. I, Martin Charvat, do respectfully bequeath my snuff box to VVillard Nelson. I, VVillard Chervney, do respectfully bequeath my plans to become a lawyer to Howard Wakefield. I, Lawrence Cornelius, do respectfully bequeath my love for showing the teachers about our fair city to Anthony Byson. I, Burton Carlson, do bequeath my affection for Mrs. Burns, to Mr. Ireland. I, Lois Dunn, do respectfully bequeath my Balbriggan dress to Inez Gilcrest. May it fit her better than it does me. I, Arnold Engstrom, do bequeath my ability to lead the orchestra to Lester Carr. Use it as I have done, Lester. I, Richard Halter, do will and bequeath my attraction for the bees to Vera Forbes. May they find you sweeter. I, Mildred Jaeb, do bequeath my ability to get along with Doris Middlestadt to Mrs. Burns. More peace in the assembly. , Albin Keays, do bequeath my weird clarinet to Harry Zilge. I, Ralph Kiichli, do bequeath my love for the square dance to David Daniels. I, Allen Kurrasch, do bequeath my amiable disposition to anyone who will be kind enough to accept it. I, Florence Lange, do bequeath, my willowy form to Clara Swanson. l, Mildred Lloyd, do bequeath by blond hair to Tony Byson. Maybe it will help make Verna Milhouse notice him more. I Page Eighteen EL I, James McBride, do bequeath my wild Irish personality to Donald Spaceg my ability to meet her out and fool her dad to Howard VV akeheld. I, Edith Meyers, do bequeath my fondness for Walter Malmstrom to Ella Medel- berg. , Howard Murray, do bequeath my love for soft drinks to Donald VValker. I, Doris Middlestadt, do bequeath my ability to play basketball to Marian Burt, they need more good players next year. I, Donald Nelles, do bequeath my ability to master stage sayings to Helen Baney. I wish you more success in the future. I, Frances Nelson, do bequeath 40 pounds of my weight to Chas. Dunn. I, Iilva Page, do bequeath my beautiful profile to Anthony V icha. ' 1, Leo Plude, do respectfully bequeath my ability to talk French to K. Schmidt, VVith it he could converse with Miss Forster without fear of interruption. I. Vivian Powell ,do bequeath my ease of being humored to Lucille Reed. There may be a chance for the better. I I, Kenneth Schmidt, do bequeath my fondness for dancing the Charleston to Mr. Elder. I, Louise Schwanbeck, do bequeath my long hair to Gladys Bouley, may she keep it as long as I have. I, Sherman Sachs, do bequeath my dignified ways and bantom rooster disposition to Ivol Garvey. Q I, Elsie Hfilde, do bequeath my gift for writing poetry to some of the boys in this high school. I, Russell Swanson, do bequeath my ability to be seen and not heard to Harriet Nickerson. I, Norman Speat, do bequeath my bashfulness to Robert McNabb. I, Marjorie Taylor, do bequeath my shyness to Rose Lutz. I, Helen Trask, do bequeath my ability to drive Ed Gamm's car to HeleniBaney. I, Daisy Thompson, do bequeath my ability to mind my business to Henry Clark. I, Lucille Youso, do bequeath my heavy sweater to Gordon Campbell g your white one is getting small. Lastly, we the Senior Class, do gratefully bequeath to our class advisors, Flossie Perlt and Al Freeberg, the privilege of directing their pleasing personalities in what ever direction they may desire. I GOT NO TIME- By a'.S'cnior. Can't study in the fall Can't study in the spring Gotta play football. ' Gotta play baseball Can't study in the winter Can't study in the summer Gotta play basketball. Gotta girl. THE PSYCHOLOGY SHARK In the room, there were three The candle went out in a shameless way She, the candle, and Psychology And she flunked in the exam next day. Abie Carlson-"That fellow over there is Russian." Miss I31'lI1Zl1Ig-UVVIIO is he rushin ?" Page Nineteen EL I 1 1 K i r Pngv Tzuvnfy 5' A 1' f ' x ,n DI .C Lf 3 X 5 wwf Q , f ff 7' 27X X -iss Hr-, 4 . 6732 '5 --'li o '--2'i' u73 1oRS 1fTlx q J EL E Top row--R. Goodin, H. Greupner, E. Gannn, H. Clark, L. Hanson, L. Moos. A. Brown, C. Brown, R. McNabb, D. Moyer. Second row-D. Daniels, E, Murray, S. Glidden, H. Gon- yea, Al. Clark, B. Corrigan, H, Morgan, M. Johnson, L. Nelson, R. Garner, Miss Studnic-ka, class adviser: H. 'YV8iiE?fi0ld, M. Foley, L. Healy, F. Beck, Mr. Ireland, class adviser. llot- tom row-F. Ricker, E. Cornelius, H. Beck, A. Gaffney, E. Speck, L. Reed, L. Smith, E. JUNIOR CLASS ,HISTORY Chapter 1. Wfhen we entered this formidable building as Freshmen, September 6. 1922, there were iifty-live of us. The girls dominated by a score of thirty-three to twenty-two, but this score was quickly evened up when some of' the upper class- men caught sight of our handsome young damsels. After several weeks of constant blundering and still more constant razzing by the sophomores, we became firmly settled. Not knowing any better we elected the following officers to serve as our class officials: President, Henry Clark, Vice-President, Lucille Healy, Secretary, Hazel Morgan. and Treasurer, Eugene Murray. Although the Freshmen are usually noted for making blunders, it was tar from a blunder when We picked Miss Arnold as our class advisor. The Sophomores as usual were given the task of initiating us into the won- ders of High School life. The Sophomores did their duty and upheld in a very capable manner the reputation of Sophomores for preparing a stiff initiation for the Freshmen. VVe Freshmen acted as good sports and carried out all the tasks assigned us. Of course we attributed this to our standards of sportsmanship, while in reality we were scared almost to death. On Hallowe'en we staged the animal "Freshmen Party," which was voted a great success by every one except Mr. Clark, who spent most of the night pumping up his tires, the air having escaped in some mysterious manner. The next social event staged by the class was the picnic held at Big Lake in the early part of june. This proved to be a still greater success than the party. As we departed from the schoolhouse, bearing report cards which were very artistic with their combinations of blue and red designs, we looked back and muttered, 'Tm glad that's over," and resolved to inaugurate into E. R. H. S. in 1924, a new method of initiating the Freshmen, which would give us ample re- venge. Eugen, O. Little. Page T'zw11fy-Iwo EL Chapter II. VV hen we entered the assembly room September 7, 1924, and took our places in the section assigned to the Sophomores, we felt as if we were now part of the High School. The class-roll had decreased to forty-three, there being twenty-four girls and nineteen boys. For several weeks we were content to shun the Freshmen, but we were no exception to the rule that Sophomores must domincer the Freshmen. Consequent- ly, after the first class meeting at which the following officers were elected: President, Eugene Murrayg Vice-President. Edward Gammg Secretary, Ruby Vtfaltersg Treasurer, Herbert Greupner, we proceeded to prepare an initiation that would go down in history on the same plane as the "Boston Massacre." When the initiation program was submitted to our class advisors, Miss Arnold and Mr. Belsheim, they declared the program too severe and proceeded to weed out the more desperate measures including the beheading of the Freshmen class president and the hanging of their secretary. After our class advisors had censored the program to their satisfaction, we held the initiation. It proved to be a very tame affair. The Freshmen did their part like faithful slaves and we Sophomores superintended the thing like slave drivers, eager to correct and slow to praise. The next event for which blame was placed on us, was the Sophomore Ball. This party, a masquerade, was held in February with the post-graduates as the guests of honor. Everyone present declared the party a rousing success, and truthfully said, "I had a good time." The annual picnic was again held at Big Lake, everyone having a good time including Mr. Belsheim, who captured first honors in a stone skipping contest. Chapter III. VVhen school opened last fall we found ourselves Juniors, upper-classmen at last. VVe took the seats on the north side of the assembly room, but were recent- ly transferred to the annex,due to the removal of the Seniors to their private room for the purpose of escaping the contaminating influence of the other classes. Again our numbers had dwindled and there were but forty of us when school opened. Three of this forty have dropped out, leaving a grand total of thirty- seven. The girls have the majority, there being twenty-one of the gentle sex and only sixteen boys. Shortly after school started I1 meeting was called and the following officers elected: President, Lucille Healy: Vice-President, Emma Dobbins, Secretary, Evelyn Cornelius, and Treasurer, Anna Marie Gaffney. Miss Studnicka and Mr. Ireland were chosen class advisors and it appears that we made a wise choice. Athletically our class ranks high. The various teams we have contributed: Edward Gamm, star half-back on the eleven, forward on the basketball team, and the best baseball pitcher in the districtg Herbert Greupner, captain-elect of next year's football team, and second baseman on the baseball nine, Richard Goodin, quarterback in football and forward on the basketball quintg Robert McNabb and Dwight Moyer, tackles on the football machineg and last, but not least, David Daniels, who was center on the basketball team until he was forced to retire be- cause of old age. The class's athletic reputation has been ably upheld on the girl's basketball team by Harriet Nickerson and Emma Dobbins, stellar guards, and by Leta Thomas, whose ability as forward is unquestioned. Our class although not the smartest in the world, we hope is not the dumb- est, and if all of us survive the summer, we will have the largest class that ever graduated from dear old E.R.H.S. Page Twenty-flrrrc 1 x Pagv Tzwnly-forzr fr hiv YIQQ' S I Na-Z I f .100 2 N 440, UDP Wig. 1 f a0',', A N71 X meth as rx H530 UN 44,00 4 , x 'Jia ZNQYN 0 E 22,17 'wx You 7' D. X fl Q, S X If I L , . f f X ' . MW c3OFH OMORE B EL Rack row--L.. Carr, K. Page, H. Daniels. I. Garvey. XV. Nelson, L. Moos, XY. Taylor, K. Sellon, A. Gramhill, T. EH,2'StT'OIU, D. XYalker. Second row-A. Vieha. G. Carter, Ii. Mm-ell. M. Tc-rman, P. Anderson, E. Cohoes, M. Spenser, C. Carlson, E. Ross, L. Buben- drier, J. Pepin. Third row-Miss Forster, adviser: R. Martin, E. Medelberg, D. Burgoyne. I. Gilcrest, D. Erickson, J. Ludvik, D. Jacobs, H. Parker, C. Cherveny, VV. LeFebvre, Mrs. Parsons, -adviser. Front row-E. Kruzan, R. Jacobs, R. Halter, A. Craig, M. Kahlier, G. Malinstrom, A. Jacobson, F. Smith, 1. Craig, V. Briggs, M. Dreissig. SOPHOMORE DIARY Brother Bill, a Senior of the Class of 1930, looking through various works of literature, picked up the 1926 Elkonian and turned to the Sophomore section. September l, 1924. This morning as Mr. Clark introduced our class of fifty, we humped down in our seats while the rest of the school laughed and clapped. Brother Bill-"If that's all they did, they sure were brave Freshiesf' September 18-Class Elect: President-Pearl Anderson ' Class Motto-"Green but growing" Treasurer-Gertrude Malmstrom. Vice President-Donald XValker Class Advisors-Mr. Clark and Secretary-Marie Kaliher Miss Nickerson Class Colors-Green and silver gray B. B.-"Now isn't that too bad to humble such intelligent students like that." November 1-Freshman party last night. Certainly had a good time. There will never be a duplicate of it in the history of the Freshman Class. B. B. "That's what they all say." November 3-Report cards came out today. Mr. Clark said we as a class, had the highest scholarship. - january 4-Back to school again after Christmas vacation. june 1-Freshman picnic at Camp Cozy today to celebrate our becoming Soph- omores. No more school for three months. Hooray! d.B. B.-"They had reasons for celebrating. They were lucky to make even one cre it." - September 5, 1925-Back to school without such a feeling of fear as we had last year and a keen desire for revenge for our initiations last year. VVe'll show them where they belong in a couple of weeks. B. B.-" That's the way with that bunch-pick on a poor outfit like the Freshmen of 1925." September 10-Class officers elected: Secretary-Marie Kaliher September 18- Treasurer-Kyle Page President: Vlfilbur Taylor Class Advisors-Miss Forster and Vice President--Harry Daniels Mrs. Parsons Pam' Tzcvmzly-.ri.r Possessor of biggest feet .......................Q .......,,......... N Ialby Olson fe EL I I E. R. H. S. TRACKZTEAM l, Throwing the bluff ....... ,.., ....,.,......,,.,.,... ....Y..,...,......., .....,,,..A. ii I z 1 rgaret Anderson 2. Hurling the hot air .... .,.....,...i. ,,.,.,... H 0 ward XVakelield 3. Delay team ......,,......,., ..e.... l Qichard Martin, Harry Zilge 4. Long slump ....,...........,,. .,....... , . ,....,..,,..............,..... Wfilbur Taylor 5. Hop, skip and Hunk ........,..,.................. ,..........,.......w........,........ ,.....,..... I x 'ol Garvey Wfillard Nelson-"XVere you ever penalized for holding. Herbert 7' Herbert Gruepner-H"No, but I got my face slapped once." M rs. Burns at the tirst of the year-4"Now, has any freshznan a contiict ?" Gordon Campbell--"I have." Mrs. Burns-"W'hat F" Gordon-"I can't get a science book." In English class theie was Z1 heated discussion on great writers: Robert McNabb--My brother XYatis writes for money." Miss Studniclca-"XVhen ?" Robert-"Every time he writes a letter home." HONOR ROLL Most popular boy with grade teacher .....,.. . ......,.,.. ......... L awrence Cornelius Quietest boy ...... ..............., Quietest girl ......... Peppiest girl ....,.....,..... Peppiest boy ...................., Hardest working boy ...... Hardest working girl ....., Best boy dancer .......... Rest girl dancer ......,....,. High School sheik ......... liest dressed boy .............. High School Happer ,,.,,. . Best dressed girl ........... Most popular boy ...... .. Most popular girl ......... Most bashful boy ...,... Most bashful girl ....... ........Harold Gonyea ........Lucielle Smith .,........Marie Kaliher ..,.....Herman Bargabus ....,...Kenneth Sellon ........lilla Meddleburg .......David Daniels .........Lucile Healy .......David Daniels ........Richard Halter .........Lucile Healy ............Lucile Healy ........Russell Swanson ...............LOlS Dunn ....,.........Donald Space ...Doris Middlestadt Senior Sheik ........... ......................,.............. ............... D 0 nald Nelles Senior Happer .....................,..........................,...,..........................,.... Margaret Anderson Sherman S.-"It has been predicted that Lester Carr will be a great basketball player." Gordon C.-"VVhy?" Sherman S.-"He practices every day the iifth period throwing notes to Luella B." Space-"VVhat would the nation be without women ?" Herbert G.-"Stagnation" CStag-Nation.j l'ngv TTx'r'lIfj".Yt'7'1'lI EL Q Page Tzventy-vigil! FTAT1 , H Y, 'an . Q 'IH gy, K. ' f f ,wg .,-- 2 .swf I, 5 ,LY , 553411 E PJ! I3 EL E Top row-C. iPowell, D. Hammer, L. Holzem, R. Moos, H. Banl-ze, M. Olson, H. Oberg C. Smith, VV. Cornelius, H. Zilgi, G. Cambell, A. Byson, H. Moos, D. Youso. Second row- A. Mueller, M. Dechene, A. Rieker, R. Tompson, E. Bellefeuville, D. Johaning, E. LeFebvre V. Millhouse, E. Schumaker, N. Nord, I. Corron, C. joyer, J. Moos, R. Norron, C. Dunn Third rowvklr. Elder, class adviser, M. Thorsou, E. Madson, E. Kurrasch, C. Swanson Li. Magney, V. Forlmes, L. Rupprecht, L. Kasendiet, J. Nelson, N. Schwanbeck, I. Swanson N. Turner, Miss Nickerson, class adviser. Bottom row-E. Magney, E. Kruger, B. Specht D. Moos, D. Otto, M. Biddick, H. Lendway, H. Kish, E. W'ashburn, M. Burt, E. Anderson: I. Permau, D. Cooley. The Freshman Class Between 9:00 and 9:05 Evelyn Anderson-So quiet, yet so brave. Harold Banke-Does he know science? Ella Bellefeuville--Short, but sweet. Mona Riddick-Bill's Dolly. Marian Burt-Every look counts. Anthony Byson-A man with a purpose. Gordon Campbell-"Noisy F" "I'll say so. Doris Cooley-Too quiet for any good. Vililliam Cornelius--livery inch a man. Isabelle Corron-Paris styles. Marcella Deehene-Nothing but French. Charles Dunn-lVe all look clown at him. Vera Forbes-"I guess I lost him." LeRoy Holzem-"I don't know all I tell. Dwight Hammer-Always talking. Daisy Johanning-Everybody's pal. Clement -Ioyer-Too kiddish. Lillian Kastendiek-Too good to be true. Helen Kish-"Oh, Gee l" Iithel Kurraseh-Short and "tiek." Ethel Kruger--Tall and "tin." Fmily Lelfebvre-"Frenchie" from way back. Helen Lendway-Boyish "lwob." n lr Page T11 I-My :EL Elmer Madson-A perfect gentleman. Esther Magney-I'm from Zimmerman. Gladys Magney-"Oh, dear, VVilliard." Verna Millhouse--I like fat people. Dorothy Moos-Only girl in the "Moos Quart. Henry Moos-First tenor in the Quartette. John Moos-Bass singer in the Quartette. Roy Moos-Alto "hit" in the Quartette. Alfred Muller-An additional to our class. Jessie Nelson-Too meek and quiet. Norman Nord-A perfect lady. Raymond Noren-Short, but oh, my! Harold Oberg-The big boy. Malby Glson-The little boy. Dorothy Utto-Dancing is my favorite. Irene Perman-Too quiet to mention. Clifford Powell-Not funny. Annie Ricker-Home EC. teacher some day. Laura Rupprecht-Talker in general. Eileen Schumaker-A perfect Algebra student. Clayton Smith-A good little chap. Bernice Specht-"I don't know how." Nettie Schwanbeck-VVith a smile for all. Clara Swanson-Tall and lean. Isabelle Swanson+-"I wish I didn't need glasses." Ruby Thompson-Shine when Eugene is around. Melvin Thoreson-The orchest1'a's rival. Nellie Turner-An impolite little girl. Betty VVashbu1'n-"VVell?" Donald Youso-Tries to, but can't. Harry Zilge-VVorkman in general-Shorts Gamm. Y! 'WHAT IF- Henry Clark forgot to smile at all the girls. Josephine Ludvick forgot to get her lessons. Merwin Thoreson forgot to tease some one. Harold Banke got lost and walked home from Minneapolis. Herman. Bargabus forgot to strut around in front of the American History class or grin like a hyena. Mrs. Burns forgot to quote a saying. Miss Studnicka did something on time. jim lost his temper. Freeberg smoked? Dorothy M.-"Isn't the Charleston simply awful ?" Marion B.-"I can't dance it, either." Minneapolis Policeman-"Harold Banke is a champion marathon." Andy Madson-"He almost out-walks my new bus, all fixed up. Page Thirty-one EL Page Thi H2 Q fo MV I . , .- . r.'.-:RQ 'fm F, ,,. sig' , ' f' :If3 -1'2" 1 'V 5 ' xxx , ww NIH WK K A 71 S4 ., Q 3 J fm ffiw X ff' XX, ,, X ' X ZZ! 77 In X Q Qi? E OC16 I I SOCIETY On the evening of October 3rd, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper entertained the Senior Psychology Class at a party. Mr. Cooper told us Something of the tricks of magic and mind-reading. Some stunts were tried, games were played and a de- licious lunch was served at 11 o'clock, after which we went home all feeling that Mr. and Mrs. Cooper were real sports--Kewpie smiled on all of us. , The Freshmen held a masquerade party at the school house on the evening of October 3rd, There were about forty-five Freshmen present, most of whom were in costumes. The evening was spent in dancing. Many of the Freshmen boys made their first attempt this night. The Grand March was led by Miss For- ester and Miss Studnicka, who were dressed as twin clowns. Mrs. Parsons led the Virginia Reel. A lunch consisting of sandwiches, cocoa, pumpkin pie and whipped cream was served. The Freshies are now well on the ropes of their new home. Football Banquet. To end up the football season, on the evening of November 24th, a banquet was held in the Home Economics parlors. The cooking girls prepared a very tempting dinner which was followed by short speeches from the football boys and members of the faculty. Mr. Cooper presented the letters to the boys. At eight o'clock more people came and an All High School Party was held. Some danced and others played games. a Later in the evening refreshments were served, thus the football season end- ed pleasantly. Big Banquet for Teachers by B. B. Girls. Miss Perlt, who left us January 23, was the honored guest at a banquet given for the teachers by the basketball girls. Yells were given by the girls, and the faculty returned in good style. A most excellent dinner was served, and the faculty voted the girls royal entertainers. Farewell Party for Miss Perlt. On the evening of January 22nd, a party was held in the I. O. O. F. hall in honor of Miss Perlt. The party started after the basketball game, and the Harmony Kings made their first appearance. At 11 o'clock, lunch was served, and a china tea set was presented to Miss Perlt by the Senior Class. Dancing con- tinued until l2 o'clock. Every one had a roaring good time. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ' - After we were settled last fall and had the regular routine going, Mr. Cooper and Mrs. Burns decided to try out a new plan of Student Goverment. An elec- tion was held and the following officers were chosen: President -------- A. Burton Carlson V ice President ------ Lawrence H. Cornelius Secretary -------- Lois G. Dunn Treasurer ------- Arnold M. Engstrom Executive Committee-5. Robert McNabb, Gladys Blanchette, and VVillard L. Nelson. As this plan did not seem satisfactory, it was decided that each class should elect two of its number to 1'epresent that class in an Executive Council. Those chosen were: Page T11 irty-four Seniors-Russell Swanson and Norman Spear. juniors--Helen Beck and Vllillard Nelson. . Sophomores-Catherine Carlson and XN'ilbur Taylor. Freshmen-Ethel' Kurrasch and Clayton Smith. This Council has been carrying on the business of the school. On December 10th, the Council made a trip to Minneapolis and visited the Bryant Junior and the Roosevelt Senior High Schools. Information was secured which has been of much use in developing our own Student Government. The organization has provided for the flooding of the skating rink, selling of season basketball tickets, and student corridor officers. Although the Student Government has not been in effect very long, it has done very well. VVith the co-operation of the students, by next year it will be able to manage the school and the teachers will only need to' act as instructors. As we make a success of it, cur school will win, not only state, but national renown. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Home Economics I. The girls in the Home Economics class have received a very practical train- ing in many new projects and have served dinners and luncheons to many groups. Among those whom the girls have served are: members of the Commercial Club, faculty, basketball and football banquets. The girls, becoming interested in Boys' and Girls' Club VVork, formed bread- making clubs and a garment-making club. Both clubs had demonstration teams which demonstrated their work in a contest at Becker, and in the fall, the mem- bers of the demonstrating team of the sewing club demonstrated at the County Fair. The members of the demonstrating teams were: Bread-making-Helen Baney and Gertrude Holzem, Gertrude Malmstrom and Luella Bobendrier. Sewing Club --Vernie Specht and Marie Kaliher. Home Economics II. The Home Economics II. girls in their "Dietetics and Meal Preparation," last spring received practical training in that they prepared and served meals for chil- dren and adults. This gave them good experience in estimating food costs. Miss Nolan, the new Domestic Science teacher, has been busy with the plan- ning for her classes. In the winter, the girls served two hot dishes for noon-lunch when formerly they served only one. The Domestic Science course has been very interesting and the girls consider their education in home-making and housekeeping invaluable. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT This department has become one of the most active in our school. It prepares for practical business activities beside doing a great amount of work for the school and community. Some of our students this year are entering the district speed contest at St. Paul. HEALTH DEPARTMENT The aim of this department is to improve the health of the student body and develop strong, worthy bodies for a wholesome, active mind. VVe are verv seri- ously handicapped in that we have no gym in which to work but we have' hopes that our illustrious citizenship may soon rise to the occasion and build one. Pa-gc Thirty-HTC EL PERSONNEL OF BAND Director ,, ,,,.,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,x,.,,,,.,...,,.........,,.........,....... ...... N V. Elder Cornets-Richard l-Ialter, Lawrence Cornelius. Clarinets-XVillard Nelson, Albin Keays, Kenneth Sellon, Merton Foley, LeRoy Holzom, Harold Banl-ze, Alfred Brown, Cyril Mc- Bride, Lester Carr, Jack Roberts. Soprano Saxophone ..............................,............ ...........,.. R ussell Plank Alto Saxophone ....................................................................,. Gerald Fellows Tenor Saxophone .,..,..,. .,,.,..,...,.,....,,..,,..,,................,... T heodore Engstrom Alto Horns-George Trask, Russell Swanson, Lloyd Roberts. Trombones-Elmer Heddon, Sammie Glidden, Harold Gonyea. Baritones---Ilowarfl lilurray, Howard Wlaketield. Bass-Lyle Hanson, Iflerman liargabus. Snare Drums .....,......,.,...,................,...........,..,.............. ........ D onald Nelles Bass Drum ..,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,.,,,,,..,,.,,..,,,.l.,.,,,.,,,.,.,..,.,,.,,,,,....,....... Allen .Kurrasch Although the junior Hand is hardly heard outside of the Band room, it is just as essential to the regular band as a foundation is to a house, because this little Band is our future Band. The junior Band consists of twenty members. At first each new member is instructed privately to assure his getting the proper start and later is taken into the class. VVith the others he is then drilled on the fundamentals of music and on how to apply them to his instrument. Since clarinets are the predominating instru- ments in Band music, it has been arranged to have a large percentage playing clarinets. Next year those showing suflicient ability in handling their instruments will be admitted to the regular band. ' VVe have hopes for a High School orchestra next year under the direction of Mr. Elder. Page Tlzirly-six EL The Elk River High School Band, numbering twenty-eight pieces, has been a real success since its organization four years ago. Through the instruction and clforts of our present band master, Mr. Elder, the organization has exceeded all other years in development. More time has been devoted in the building up of a foundation than ever before, this being the most essential factor in band work. At the beginning of the school year the prospects for the band looked some- what discouraging. Only about a dozen young, ambitious-looking musicians re- ported for practice although there was plenty of material roaming about the school. Something was wrong somewhere and an investigation revealed the fact that this so-called material was so busy during school periods that they could not spare any time for band. This being the obstacle, the rehearsal period was chang- ed to the noon hour, which immediately brought results in the form of an increase in membership to almost thirty. Later the band gave evening concerts at Zimmerman and Becker. They played for the Anoka High School assembly, traveled to St. Cloud and played in the District Contest, where they won first place and a beautiful bronze medallion. On Friday, the first day of May, they played at the State Contest at Minne- apolis, where they won fourth place. On VVednesday, May 26, at 2:30 P. M., they played over VVCCO at the Nicollet Hotel, Minneapolis. Xvhile they were playing the director informed Mr. Cooper that it was the best high school band that had ever played over VVCCO, and invited the organization back to play on the evening of Friday, .lune 18, from 8:30 to 9:30 P. M. VK-le are indeed proud of our band of l926, and the honors which they have won for theyschool. The band's first appearance was at Monticello during a football game. Al- though this was not a pleasant trip due to the cold weather, the boys had such a good time watching the gridders defeat their up-river opponents that they forgot about the temperature. Their next performances were at two of the football games on the home grounds, plus numerous basketball games in the pavilion and informal entertainment in the assembly 1'oom. Below are some of the places where the Elk River High School Band has been heard: Milaca St. Cloud Minneapolis fltoys' weekj Mora Bertha Princeton VVaukon Clear Lake Big Lake Anoka Zimmerman Becker Four Radio Concerts, VVCCO Monticello Minnesota State Fair Roy Moos-"I think?" Mrs. Burns-"It isn't possible." Photographer-"Now look pleasant a moment, Mr. Freeberg." fclick of cameraj Photographer-"All right, you may resume your natural expression." Page Tlzirfy-.rrririi EL Pagc Tl1irfy-eight l nf Mg X511 5525671011 Q IE CENSUS OF 1926 Q. WVhat are the principal cities of U. S. A.? A. Zimmerman and Baily Station received the most votes, while some one voted Nowthen. We wonder who it was? Q. VVhere is your favorite loafing place? A. The school house got first place While Pete Space ran a close second. Some Senior voted for the 3rd and 4th grade room. We still would like to know who he is. Q. Have you ever been in love? A. Burton Carlson thinks he has but isn't sure just yet. Q. What is your favorite soap? A. Esther Magney says she isn't sure, but Harry Zilge and Mr. Bressler made a strong plea for Dutch Cleanser. ' Q. VVho has the largest feet? A. That was a tie between Bigfoot Olson and Suitcase Cornelius. Q. Xvhat is your greatest amusement besides study? A. Lois Dunn says more study, while Martin Charvat likes to shoot craps. Q. Who is the biggest bluffer in school? A. Mr. Ireland says it's A. Byson, but Miss Studnicka disagrees. She teaches English IV. Q. Last of all we wonder who talks the most? A. This will never be definitely settled because Doris Middlestadt, Mrs. Burns, and Henry Clark all got about the same number of votes. Robert McNabb in Problems of Democracy class-"How-- ?" Mr. Freeburg fcutting him shortj-"I am not answering questions now, Robert." Robert-"Shake on that-I'm not either." Eddie Gamm-"I'm a little lame from football." Miss Johnson-"Where did you say you were from?" Mr. Cooper-"Herman, what is study ?" Herman B.-"Study, sir-is a scheme invented by teachers to sho-rten the lives of students." Mr. Cooper-"Then insurance is a poor investment for you." Elva Page-"How long did it take you to learn to skate, Arnold ?" Arnold E.-"Oh, about a dozen sittings." Eugene M.-"I think-" Miss Nickerson-"Be careful 3 you're not used to heavy labor." Richard G.-"I thinkln Harriet N.-"Haven't I told you never to lie to me F" Page F arty EL BIG BOOM-PROSPERITY HITS ZIMMERMAN. M. THGRSON GETS A HAIRCLTT. Rev. Beach-"VVhere do little boys go who fish on Sunday ?" Howard Wakelield-"To the mill pond in back of Oliver Mansur'sresidence." Policeman-"Hey there, how old is that little girl driving that car ?" Lawrence C.--'WVhy-er-eh, I clon't knowg how do you expect me to? I-Iow old are you, Helen F" ' Policeman-"lVell, you get over under that wheel and drive. No kids allowed to drive here." Mrs. Parsons-"Kyle, please don't use such language." Kyle Page-''But-er-Shakespeare does." ' Mrs. Parsons-"You shouldn't associate with Shakespeare then. Turk D.-"VVhy does Elk High resemble a zoo F" Gladys B.-"I dunno, why ?" Turk D.-"There are Little XVilde Mooses and Bysonf' Judge-"Aren't you ashamed of being seen here so often ?" Gordon Carter-"It doesn't bother me your honor, this is a respectable place to some I've been in. Helen T.-"Have you ever kissed a girl?" Arnold E.-"Is this an invitation or are you just gathering statistics ?" Guest at hotel-"See here, young fellow, the rain is pouring through the roof in my room. Sparky Garvy-"You bet, just as we advertise, "Running water in every room." - Marie K.-"VVell, Eddie, I've traded geometry marks with Ivol Garvey." Eddie G.-"Good, he deserves to be swindled. Mr. Cooper-"Psychology teaches us that the winking reflexes are in both sexes at birth." Leo Plude-"Yes, but look how the women have developed it." Jim MCB.-"VVhat is the difference between a Pierce Arrow, a sigh and a dunce?" Mildred J.--"I don't know." .lim-"A Pierce Arrow is too dear, a sigh is oh, deah, and a dunce is you, dear." As Arnold was returning home from seeing his girl last night he was chased by an ugly dog and bit between the barn and the corncrib. Kenneth Sellon-"VVhat was that terrible noise in the cooking room? Miss Nolan--"Oh, some one just dropped a biscuit." Page Foriy-one - E 'iii . E 0 U' 1 J ELKHI CALENDAR September 8-School "starts outright." September 9-Football season begins. September 13-Hank Clark receives a medal for saving nine lives. He rescued one of the boiler-room kittens. September 15-The scrubs take on the regulars in a pig-skin tussle. The regulars carry the pigskin, while the scrubs bring home the bacon. September 18-A song, "Indian Love Call," presented by the Moos Quartette. September 26-Freshmen pany. October October October October October October November November November November November November N ovember December December December December December December December 2-Donald Nelles pronounced Hair Groom King. 10-fMondayj livery soul appears fatigued. 13-Florence Lange reports in psychology. 15-"Abie" enters the political held. 26-Sellon gets lonesome for the farmg he heard a cow bellow. 30-Plude stepped on a banana and it peeled to him that he tore his trousers. 6-Old Bones, theskeleton, was transported from his quarters in the store room, to a place of less sunshine. 8-Greupner decides to discontinue the use of hair groom. 13-Elsie VVilde seen laughing. 20-Doris joins the silent majority. She has a sore throat. 23-Football, Elks vs. Osseo. Although the Osseo boys carried the rabbit's foot, they merely won by a hair. 26-The first sweet melodies sounded from the new band room. ZS-Another High School party seems to be in the atmosphere. 5-Kenneth Schmidt selected as a snappy drummer for the High School orchestra. Time flies, but Kay beats time when leading the orchestra. 6-"Pile" Hanson is appointed to blow the largest horn in the band. 11-Arnold Engstrom, our musician, is planning on leaving for Spring- field, Massachusetts by music, via Lynn. 12-Robert Jacobs receives his prize money, amounting to hundreds of dollars, for raising the Grand Champion Swine. Puts the money in his pckets and gives us a speech on pigs. It was con- sidered rather hoggish. 15-Basketball is the bawl. ' 25-Christmas. 27-Everybody enjoying their vacation. january ll -Sammie, our historian, appointed for the day to fire the furnace. Gives him a chance to think about Phil-up-the-grate. January 15-Gordon Carter snores for'the first time while taking his after- noon nap. -lanuary 21-Turk breaks away from high school basketball and joins the pro- fessionals. ' january 22-The seniors move into their new quarters. February February February 2-Ground Hog Day-Kenneth Schmidt sees his shadow. 3-Thoreson takes chances on bobbed hair remaining in style-he gets his sheared again. 4-"Fat" Cruzan saw a mouse and stepped on the little thing. No one else saw it. ' Page Furry-I'wo February February February February February February March March 10 March March EL 5-The seniors, as well as Superintendent Cooper and Class Advisor Mr. Freeberg, came to school looking cute, ready to start to St. Cloud to have their pictures taken. Some went in busses, others hailed cars-any way to get there, as the students were very anxious to arrive at St Cloud first. Mr. Cooper and Mr. Free- berg, revealing their anxiety, were seen half way between St. Cloud and E. R., walking up the pavement at a very brisk rate. Madson had his car in tine condition "as usual." He arrived in St. Cloud with two passengers and two hours late. Same old story. ll-The faculty and the seniors meet to discuss why the school's colors, the scarlet and the white, appear on a few report cards. Spear and McNabb establish their Students-at Law ofhce. New Method-Satchel system. Norman Spears-em while Robert Mc--nabbs em. Simple cases tried, suit cases preferred. I5- 17-Student Council visits city high school. Also the lVoolworth building. 19-Sparkie starts advertising his business by sprouting a soup strainer. 26-Little VVilde Moos and .Byson were absent. 1-VVinter is still with ,usp wind and snow are having a great conflict. -Big Foot Ole appears in a new pair of boats to avoid watering his COI'l'lS. 21-Signs of spring-first robin appears-Abie discards his fur cap. 23-Barge's name become popular due to the great number of water pud- dles about the school yard. March 26-Seniors are busy at their play"'k"""? X-Vhich is to be presented. March 30-Another good sign of spring-Richard Martin changes from felt shoes to sandals. April 5-The boys are getting anxious for the ice in the stadium to disappear so they can get at the diamonds. April 8-Gamm starts throwing stones at the birdies in order to get his arm in trim. April 13-Russell Swanson stumbles over his little suit case in which he carries his books. Most of the students had the impression that he was ill when they heard that he was down with the grip. May 3-Goodin was seen coming to school carrying a lantern. He says to lighten his work. May 6-James says he might be Hjaeb fhersl but he'd rather make faj Bride." May 13-Trask put a Halter on A. Little VVilde Moose and said Lois Dunn it. Donald N.-"I have rushed nine girls this term and not a one of them likes me." Helen T.-fbrutallyJ-"You evidently always pick out intelligent ones." Gladys M.-"Are you married, Mr. Freeburg ?" Mr. Freeberg-"No, I look that way because a horse kicked me." Lost-A dog, by a man with a black spot on his side. Charley Dunn Says-" ' Tis waist that makes the arm go round 'er. Prigv Iiurfy-ilzrrt' Il 'S S: Ein 3 .-1 O x-2 ,E gg E55 : E N : 'H' x: 'C ,.:.M aggs Q 52 E Vltgn UU 'U ga. ?1'5u 'UUE mu-2-gms.-E'-k5'wQ be ug... will E..-l0cu,,,o,,Q.. '::m2 L.: 3 -aigffiag-at EEQE- ME 5'I5HgQ:i5 5:?EEQf: Qf3eEw5Ef -QJ"!l2 Q' rx.0'ui'.- Euiaiiiis. M20 ?E'gDua5'U Q.4Q2EwE'S '-s,wmggQm --:..Nm..w :4i1i2.2g3 :gs 'f12.H 'o5 :f s 135. ."i Q 5f23E .5522 M QQHEQQEEQQQ Q-...bo:u:1-,,, :Egg O :gg E3 M 3:05- m Cow'-'E "U mQ5wi'gwwE : Usgimgi m ,s.m5Eg3ng 2 g lEEEq5E?5 A ee. sae: ji 1453 :Eif- w:: -:zg 9 iff . is ggi 552523 3mi.ii3ii2 3 .::::::q,2:"' E5iiL55i5EE C5 ' 53052 EwfgEeQws4a gggxvjifogf .mgggfnfgd E: gn 5:63 5 ass.i5UEgg :iiiggggj '5i5:.O dl 55 55: vii 555. iugfizi RkQ.m: Zmggaif... ?i.wjgE:i: :: 'fnO:a.aU g-::i U.-.H-.... 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'i:s. 5 . 232552553 : Seas. s .Mgsg3ef5sa.. 5222 22s5i5E5di553... iigf E :iieim Envuihi-:ai i2Nr H Eggggbegg E '12-wgmgg:Q3Es.5: E 1 :fsWHg353,ei1v' -: -maui: w Hi -i :::' ':11 ww miggm 3 wg?Ei5EEQi :iii:WjgEgHg A 0 '. -iihii '5f5r, N c 5 iafMsj:igss 'fEsaQ55 2gag522:wEfi. iiasf fQg2Ega222ii.. :1 govgam-w:5.v5.:, Q oomu-'M "f 5m3Egff5EmfWH M 2 :-:'E mijziammmg za. P52553 Egif o - :: m35:Ev2 EEEU M5 , Qing ' , n I ' MMI ' il , K , Q1 sf Iiatle row-HI.. Carr, J. Meliride, K. Sellon, R, Goodin, Ii. Gainm, R. Halter. Second row -H. Gruepner, R. McNabb, IC. lfl'1lZl1l1. ll. Carlson, K. Sehmidt, D. Moyer, NV. Nelson, IG. Ireland, eoaeh. Front row-K. l'a,:'e. W. Taylor, l. Garvey, N. Spear, M. Foley. FOOTBALL Football practice started soon after School opened. Only a small squad re- ported, and these with few exceptions, possessed neither weight, speed, nor ex- perience. Klcllride, llalter, lioodin, McNabb, Garvey, and Carlson, were the only veterans reporting for practice. l'flle River S, Osseo 0. On September 18111. the squad journeyed to Usseo to play a practice game, and won easily by a score of S to 0. lille River 7, Monticello O. On September 25th, we initiated the "lCllehi Stadium" as a football Held by defeating the Monticello eleven by a score of 7 to 0. lille River 14, Osseo O. Usseo came to lille River on October 2nd, and went home carrying the short end of a 14 to O score. lille River S, l,1'lllCL'lUIl 0. For the past two years, the games between lille River and Princeton had re- sulted in tie scores. The 1025 QIIITIC ended with the score standing 6 to 6, and the 1924 game ended 0 to 0. Un October 9th, Princeton came down to play off the rubber game, and were forced to go home with an 8 to O defeat. lille River O, Milaca 10. Un October loth, we journeyed to lllilaca. We were swamped in the first few minutes of play. XYlien we came to life lllilaca had a thirteen-point lead on us. l-'or the remaining three periods lille River pnt up a desperate light, but were U11- able to leeep the heavy Xlilaca team from again scoring in the final quarter. The game ended with the Klilaca eleven holding the long' end of the 10 to 0 Score. Page Iiurly-.ri.r Elk River 32, Monticello 0. The next Friday we traveled to Monticello to play a return game, and came home leaving "Monti" buried under a 32 to 0 defeat. Elk River 7, Anoka 12. Our big game of the season came on October 9th, when Anoka, our old time rival, came to Elk River. Anoka scored in the first quarter, but failed to make the point after the touchdown. Elk River's first chance came in the second quarter when Goodin tried a drop kick from Anoka's 40-yard line. This kick fell short, and Anoka fumbled the ball on her own 10-yard line. Elk River recovered and scored on a short pass from Goodin to Nelson. Goodin drop-kicked for the point after the touchdown and the half ended, Elk River 7, Anoka 6. In the third period Anoka scored again when Lippert, the Anoka center, broke the line and blocked a punt which rolled over our goal line when it was downed by an Anoka player. .Elk River tried hard to score in the remaining quarter, but the final whistle stopped their rally on Anoka's 20-yard line. Seniors O, Underclasses 0. A On November 4th, the Senior class team challenged a team representing the rest of the school to meet them in a grid battle. The game was hotly contested, and as neither team was able to gain ground regularly, both sides had to be content to share the honors equally. WHAT A FOOTBALL THINKS ABOUT DURING A GAME So many players handle me that I ought to be called a handball. I think they laced me up too tight in the back. I'm just like a woman-it takes a good line to stop me. I wish that referee would stop pawing me aroundg he's got warts on his left hand and they tickle. I sure am a "skin you love to touch." These fellows on the teams are always kicking about something, and I'm the something that's being kicked about. I may be passed, but as long as I don't pass out I'm satisfied. I seem to be the royal bouncer on this field, but the trouble is I never know which way I'm going to bounce. Many a woman would like to be hugged as often as I am. VVhat a nice pig I turned out to be. Miss Forester-"Where did you absorb those principles of yours-at your mother's knee ?" L. Moos fstanding for Leo or Louie, etc.j-"No, over my father's." Mr. Cooper-"VVell, Mr. Ireland, how is your football team coming ?" Mr. Ireland-"Like counterfeit money." Mr. Cooper-"VVhy, how's that ?" Mr. Ireland-"The halves are full of lead and the quarters won't pass." Lawrence C.-"Let's go- shooting birds, Doc." Kyle P.-"All right, I'm game." Lawrence C.-"Then why go ?" Page Forty-.vcfmz e BEL Back row-D. Daniels, 1. Garvey, K. Schmidt, B. Carlson, R. Halter, E. Ireland, coach. Front row-E. Garnm, R. Goodin, J. McBride, L. Hanson, L. Cornelius. . BASKETBALL Basketball practice opened on November 15th. Goodin, McBride, Daniels, tlamm, and Cornelius were the letter men who were back from last year. Mc- Bride was elected captain and practice progressed smoothly. lilk River 8, St, Francis 17. On December 4th, our squad traveled to St. Francis. Although they were hampered by a small iloor, they put up a desperate iight, but were defeated by a score of 17 to S. December Sth Elk River 16, Big Lake S. At Big Lake December 11th Elk River 18, Big Lake 5. At Elk River December 18th Iilk River 3, Anoka 19. At Elk River 1flk River 18, Monticello 15. Our luoys met Monticello on our home lloor on December 29th. This was the last game that Daniels was eligible to play, and he finished his high school career Page Forty-right g I"1 in a titting manner, making a number of field goals, as well as playing a powerful defensive game. His playing aided his team mates in winning by a score of 18 to 15. january Sth Elk River 20, Osseo 10. At Elk River January 22nd Elk River 11, St. Francis 16. At St. Francis Elk River 13, Osseo 11. Our team traveled to Osseo on the 29th of January. Practically the whole game was played by Elk River's second team. ' Elk River 20, Princeton 33. On February Sth, the strong Princeton live came to Elk River. The game was hotly contested, Princeton winning by a score of 33 to 20. Elk River 21, Milaca S. On February 12th, the Milaca team came to Elk River and received their sur- prise of the season when Elk River swamped them with a 21 to 8 score. Elk River 17, Anoka 23. On the 19th of February, the squad went to Anoka. Although the team was crippled by the loss of Gamm, who was sick, they played the Anoka team on even terms. At the end of the four regular quarters the score was a 17 to 17 tie, mak- ing it necessary to play an over-time period. Anoka caged three baskets in this period and won by a score of 23 to 17. ' Elk River 15, Princeton 20. The next Friday, the team traveled to Princeton. Elk River played a fast game and deserved to win, but luck was against them, for Princeton won by a 20 to 15 score. Elk River 16, Monticello 20. On March 12th, the squad went to Monticello. The score of the tirst half was 9to3in favor of Elk River so four substitutes started the second half. During this quarter Monticello started their rally, and soon tied the score. The First team was again sent in, but were unable to check the Monticello scoring until it was too late to hope to regain their victory. Elk River 25, St. Francis 8, at Elk River. Elk River 21, Cambridge 12. Elk River went to Milaca on March 4th, to play in the district tournament. Their first game was with the fast Cambridge team, which was considered almost certain to get into the finals. Elk River upset the dope by very fast and spectacular playing, and won the game by a score of 21 to 12. Elk River 15, Anoka 24. The Elks played their next game of the tournament with Anoka that evening. This game proved to be the biggest disappointment of the season as Elk River lost to the strong Anoka team. The fast pace of the afternoon game had worn our boys down so much that they won by a score of 24 to 15. . 20 . could not keep up with the Anoka team, and Anoka Elk River ................ Princeton ................ 33 Elk River ................ St. Francis .........,..,, I7 Elk River ,.,,,,,.,,,,,,., Milaca .,...,..,. ....,,,. 8 Elk River .... ........ B ig Lake ..............., 8 Elk River ................ Anoka .......... ........ 2 3 Elk River Bla Lake --------........ 5 Elk River ................ Princeton ................ 20 Elk River --'------------- Anok? ---------------------- 19 Elk River .....,,..,...... Momiceiio .............. zo EWU ----------4-A--- MOUUCCIIO --------'----- 15 Elk Ri' f ................ 25 sr Francis .............. s FW "" """" O W0 ""'-"'------------- ll' ,le A ' , V Elk River ................ Milaca ......... ..,..,,,. 2 0 Elk River ................ Lambridge .............. 12 Elk Rive, St. Francis -.--.-'-- 16 Elk River Anoka ........... ......' A Elk River Oggeg .,,,,,,.. ,,..,,,,. 1 1 Elk River team scores 273 runs against opponents' 269. Page Forly-nine EL Helen Trask, Doris Middclsladt, Luella Bohendrier, Harriet Nickerson, Captain Mildred jaclm, Lois lflailer, l.cta Thomas, Emma Dobbins, Mises Lundgren, coach. GIRLS' BASKETBALL The li. R. H. S. girls were unusually interested in basketball this year. As a whole they showed n1ore team work, better co-operation, and better sportsman- ship, than they have in the past few years. A good record was made this year by the girls. They won most of their games, and those through which they met defeat were lost by only a few points. Miss Perlt, who coached for two full seasons and half of a third, was great- ly missed by the team, but her position was xery successfully filled by Miss Lund- gren. The players graduating are: Mildred hlaeb, Helen Trask, Doris Middlestadt and Lois Bailey. Record of Games Played. lilk River, 18 ...... ................................................... .... S t . Francis 12 lzlk River 14 . . ....................... ....... B ig Lake 4 Elk River, 21 ...... Big Lake 2 lilk River 9 ......... Anoka, 10 lilk River, 18 Monticello 7 lilk River, 35 ....... OSSe0 5 lilk ,River 15 St. Francis 10 lzlk River, 27 ,.....,,,,,. Osgeg 5 lilliVRlV0l', 13 - Pfingeton ltlli River, 17 ,,,..., Anoka 23 lilk Kiwi' 11 . Princeton SS lflk River 21 Monticello 15 li'k lQiYL'l' l-l- St, Francig 13 233 160 l'11g,rv Ififly 1926 CI-IAMPIONS CHAMPIONSHIP BASEBALL TEAM, 1925 Baseball practice started late, Nearly all the boys of.'24 were hack in uni- form. The E. R. H. S. boys won all their games in their own district. They then spread out and won the Eastern Minnesota Championship by defeating Cam- bridge, 16-1. ' The results of the games are as follows: Elk River ,....... 9 St. Francis ........ 0 Elk River ........ 16 Monticello. ........ 1 Elk River ........ 6 Anoka ................ 4 Elk River ........ 16 Anoka ................ 4 Elk River ........ 5 Princeton .......... 2 Elk River ........ S Village .............. 2 Elk River ........ 13 Clear Lake .......... 0 'kElk River ........ 16 Cambridge ...... 1 Elk River ........ 28 Monticello ........ 1 "'Championship game at Elk River. This was a sensational game for the Elk River boys who fielded the hall with- out an error and collected 12 hits, allowing Cambridge but 5 hits, only one of which counted for a score. Although graduation left several vacancies which will he hard to fill, indica- tions point to another championship team for 1926. Mr. Ireland is back and we shall, no doubt, hear from him and his boys next season. Page Fifty-our EEL 1926 CHAMPIONS Top row-Harold Ross fliefereel, Madson, Garner, Foley, Moyer, Spear, Goodin, Nel- son, Swanson. Second row-Charvat fCapt.J, Gamm, Greupner, Carr, Kiichli, Hanson, Llierveny. Carlson, Gonyea, Le Felwre, Ireland CCO:-tehb. The season started rather early, with about forty boys out, which was more than usual, due largely to the Recreation Period. Many of the schools that had always been our rivals evidently made up their minds that we were too stiff competition, for they announced that they did not plan to play any hall this spring. The exciting game of the season was played with Pine City on june Sth at the Elk River Stadium for the championship of East Central Minnesota. Score, Elk River Z, Pine City 1. VVC are the champions. The results of the games are as follows: i , 0 Elk River ................ 13 Clear Lake, ..........,.. Elk River ................ 1 St. Cloud Tech ....... 3 Elk River ................ 10 Becker ..,,.............,.... 3 Elk River ................ 6 Monticello .............. 4 Elk River ................ 10 Monticello ,.,........... 1 'Elk River ................ 1 University High.. U Elk River ................ 7 St. Cloud Tech ....... 4 Elk River ................ 2 Pine City ................ 1 Elk River ..,....,........ 5 Becker ,..,,..........,.,..,. Z 'fForfeit. 1,0110 Fifty-izeo EL Pngc Fifty-llzrvc EL ELKONIAN ALUMNI Amy Atkins, '8 8 ................... Clara Crockett, '88, Minneapolis ....... Lura Snow, '88, Sedro-Wooley, Wash... Bertha Upham, '88, St. Paul ......... Blanche Corey, '89 ................ Nelly Laner, '89, Two Harbors. Louise Upham, '89, Purdue, Ind.. . . Anna Bailey, '91, Fallon, Nev. .... . Edwin Crozier, '91, Monticello ...... Harry Nickerson, '91 QE. Palmerl . .. Susie Felch, '91, Medford, Ore.. . . . Clara Frye, '92, Mapleton ........ '. Charles Babcock, '92 QA. Burrellj .............. Anna Burrell, '92, Elk River ................... Fred Mills, '92, Minot, No. Dak. fFlora Bryantl . . . Clifford Nickerson, '92, Minneapolis CL. Brownl . . . Edith Wade, '92, Superior, Wis. ....... ' ...... . Blanche Atkins, '93, St. Cloud ............... Harry Heebner, '93, Tacoma, Wash. Flora Bryant, '93, Fallon, Nev ........... Jennie Crocket, '93, Minneapolis .......... Chester Bailey, '94, Elk River IF. Eatonj ...... May Daly, '94, Elk River. .......... ........... Mary Crozier, '94, Minneapolis QMrs. Mclntyrel . .. Mildred Gray, '94, 1694 Hewitt Ave., St. Paul ..... Maude Davis, '95, Oregon .................... Harry Humphrey, '95. Maude Wheaton, '95, Seattle, Wash .... ........... Sam I-Ioulton, '95, Elk River fHelen Wheatonl .... Irma Whitemore, '95, Elk River: ............... Alice Nickerson, '95, Elk River ............... Josephine Colson, '95, Gray's Harbor, Wash.. . . Fanny Felch, '95, Sedro-Wooley, Wash. ...... ' Theresa Murphy, '95, Minneapolis ......... Fred Williams, '95, Clear Lake ....... Florence Gray, '95, Minneapolis... Sadie Frye, '96, Minneapolis ........ Fanny Gearhart, '96, North Dakota... Mae Jamison, '96, Minneapolis ...... Mertie Mansur, '96, Frazee ....... Lila Gray, '96, Des Moines ....... Charles Eaton, '96, Minneapolis .... Daisy Bailey, '96, California ..... Belle Osborn, '97 ....................... Gertrude Scott, '97, Seattle, Wash. Louise Crocke1', '97, Minneapolis iLowdonD . .. Nellie Jameson Connor, '97, Tacoma, Wash. Eunice Atkins, '98 ...................... Daphne Dare, '98, Elk River ............. Warren Latta, '98. Helen White, '98, Minneapolis ....... George Campbell, 98 .............. Mellie Gearharte, '98. Drusie Iliff, '98, Grand Rapids, Mich .......... E. W. Kaliher, '99, Little Falls IM. Nickersonl . . . Lee Whitemore, '99, Grand Rapids fDrusil Iliff! . .. Minerva Barker, '99, Cambridge, Minn ........... Myra Snow, '99, Blaine, Wash. Gertrude Davis, '9 9. Pagr' Fifty-four . . . . .Deceased .... . . .Teacher . . . .Mrs. Bouck .......Widow . . . . .Deceased . . .Mrs. T. Moran . . .Mrs. J. Mills . . .Transfer Co. .Deceased . . . . . . .Mrs. Cambell . . .Mrs. F. Bomberger . . . . .Highway Com. . .Mrs. C. Babcock ...........M11ler .......Hotel Prop. .........Mrs. Peck . . . .Normal Instructor . . . .Mrs. F. Mills .. . . . . . .Banking . . .Reg. of Deeds . . .Mrs. F. White . ....... . Teaching . . . .Mrs. Bret Cooley ........Mrs. Cole . . . .Stenographer ........Farming . . . .Mrs. E. Dickey .. . . ...Teaching . . . .Mrs. C. Davis .....Mrs. Snow .. .. ...Teaching . . County Supt. . . . .Mrs. Carlson . . . . .Mrs. Ginder . . . . .Mrs. Turtelot ..........Teaching . . .Mrs. C. Whitham . . . .Mrs. R. Patton . . . . . .Ins. Agent . . .Mrs. F. Brown . . . . . .Deceased . . . .Bookkeeper . . . . . .Deceased . . . .Stenographer . . . . . . . .Mrs. Nickerson Traveling Salesman . . .Mrs. Whittemore ..........Dentist ........Druggist . . .Mrs. A. Hixon A LUM N I-Continued Maude Nickerson, '99, Little Falls. . . Clinton Knapp, '99, Chicago, Ill. Ruth Houlton, '99, Elk River ..... Fred Williams, '00 .........,...... Myrtice Cooley, '00 tMrs. Ortonj . .. Laura Bailey, '00, Elk River ...... May Wheaton, '00, Minneapolis. Alida Murphy, '00, Minneapolis. Mary Praught, Otsego .......... Mary Nelson, '00, Minneapolis .... Lucy Jameson, '00 QW. Rhodal . . . Susane Dare ,'00, Elk River ...... Belle Rubeck, '00, Elk River .......... George Parsons, '01 1Jessie Hornl ........,... R. H. Gray, '01, Minneapolis QP. Fryel. Charles Wheaton, '01, Elk River QH. StI'0I1l6il'l . .. Pearl Hindley, '01, San Francisco. R. F. Trask, '01, Oregon, Cottage Grove ..... Robert Norvel, '01, Minneapolis .... : ...... Carrie Castle, '01, St. Paul .... ...... .... Blanche Clark, '01, Anoka ..... Ethel Chase, '01, Minneapolis. .. Lucy Baltzell, '01, Minneapolis. . . Mabel Frye, '01, Elk River. . . . Daisy Cooley, '02, St. Cloud ..... Jenny Nelson, '02, Little Falls ......... Maude Hayden, '02, Elk River. .......................... . Herbert Merrifield, '02, Hankinson, N. D. Vesta VVilliams, '02, 122 West Callendar Ave., La Grange, Ill. Ruth Atkins, '02, 505 Washington Ave. S. E., Minneapolis. Charles Rideout, '02, Glen Ellyn, Ill. . . .Mrs. E. Kaliher .........Nurse .........Chica.go .........Deceased . . . .Mrs. Merrifield . . . .Mrs. G. Richer . . . . . .Teaching . . . . . .Deceased . . .Bookkeeping . . .Mrs. T. Daly . . . . . .Deceased . . . .County Auditor . ..... l. .Creamery . . . .Highway Dept. . . . . . . . .Teaching . . .Mrs. F. Salter .........Teaching ... .Mrs. E. Gurney .. .Mrs. C. Trask . . .Mrs. H. Orton . . . . . .Teaching . . .Mrs. Bert Carr Hattie Nickerson, '02, Prince George, British Columbia ...... Mrs. Wallace Nichols Maurice Mills, '02, Columbus, Ohio. Florence Upham, North Yakima, Wash. Eleanor Nickerson, '02, Elk River. Elmer Gurney, '02 ................. Harold Dewing, '02, Chicago, Ill. Hannah Nordland, '02, Minneapolis. Bertha Nickerson, '03, Breckenridge .... Shirley Mills, '03, Washington, D. C.. .. Mabel Fredricks, '03, Elk River ........ Carrie Hayden, '03, Los Angeles, Cal.. .. Mae Davis, '03, Elk River ............. Mildred Davis, '04. George Kerniott, '04, Minneapolis .....,... Leon Richer, '04, Portland, Ore. ....... ' ...... . Leslie Bailey, '04, Elk River IE. Hastingsl ......, Joseph Libby, '04, Los Angeles iRuth Hindleyl. Bessie Whitman, '04, Anoka ................... William Staples, '04, Elk River .............. Alice Beck, '04, Elk River ...... Effie Brown, 04. Mabel Moores, '04. Mildred Latta, '04, Minneapolis ........... .. Fred Blanchette, '05, Seattle. Dan White, '05, Minneapolis. George Bailey, '05, Elk River iMildred Robbinsj .... Carl Davis, '05, C. A. Smith Lumber Co., Oregon. Anna Fournier, '05 QL. A. Darel .............. Harold Rand, '05 flda Olsonl ..... Charles Houlton, '05, California .... . . . .Deceased ..Mrs. C. Peterson C. C. . . . . . . . .Teaching .........Teaching . . .Mrs. L. Dawson .........Druggist . . . .Telephone Co. Concrete Prod. Co. . . . . .Stenograplter . . . .Freight Depot ...Mrs. E. N. Daly . . .Bookkeeping ' . . .Miller . .Deceased .........Deceased . . .Fruit Business Pugi' Fiffy-fl'I'l' A LUMNI-Continued Nettie Thomas, '05, Portland ........ Clara Nickerson, '06, Elk River ........ Lucille Hildreth, '06, Williston, N. D ....... Nellie Eaton, '06, Minneapolis. Albert Hill, '06, Minneapolis QM. Leightoni. . . Cecilia Corey, '06, Helena, Mont. ........... . Ina Buckmaster, '06, Monticello. Gertrude Gray, '07, Montana .... Earl Davis, '07 ................. Crum Wheaton, '07, Minneapolis .... Otis Hall, '07, Minneapolis. Mary McBride, '07, Minneapolis ......... Maude Stevens, '07, Minneapolis .......... Florence Hayden, '07, Los Angeles, Cal.. . . Joe Chauinard, '07. Ellen Hastings, '08, Elk River ......... Ruth Hayden, '08, Minneapolis ............ Naomi Johnson, '08, Sandstone ............. Louis Castle, '08, North Dakota QM. Opitzj. Etta Lashbrook, '08, California ............ Earl Martins, '08 lTwamblyJ. Mabel Finch, '08, Elsie Thompson, '08, Elk River. . . Marguerite Scott, '08, Florida. Nora Adams, '09. Dora Nickerson, '09. Jessie Thompson, '09. Guy LaPlante, '09, Elk River lA. Stickneyl . . . Leanard Hill, '09, Meadow Vale ............ Vira Lashbrooke, '09, Monticello .... . . Helen Staples, '09, Walker, Minn.. .. Arthur Nelson, '09, Minneapolis. .. Fred Johanning. '09, St. Paul... Alice Adams, '09. Kent Frye, '09 ............................ Phyllis Frye, '09, Minneapolis. . . , ..... ...... . . . . Richard Latta, '09, Sandstone CNaon1i Johnsonl . .. Marguerite Scott, '09, Florida. Helen Wheaton, '09, Elk River .......... ..... Leo Blanchette, '09. , Lena Paul, '10, Montana. Minnie Halter, '10, Elk River ......... Etta Pepin, '10. Ruth Davis, '10, Miami, Fla. ............ . Winifred McBride, '10, Sutherland, Iowa. . . Christian deBooy, '10. Julia Auspos, '10, Minnie Hill, '10, Rose Mills, '10, California. Carl Anderson, '10. Marie DeBooy, '11, Rochester ........ Mildred Hill, '11, Montana, Corvallis ......... Oris Pepin, '11. Lee Parker, '11, Minneapolis IC. Clonenhagenb . . . Paul Davis, '11 .,.......................... Earl Davis, '11, Elk River ................. William Brown, '11, Elk River QM. Opitzl . . . Orin Judge, '11 IH. Rupprechtl ......... Olive Stimson, '11, Elk River .......... Freda Greupner, '12, Minneapolis. . . Sadie Davis, '12, Idaho ......... Page Fifly-six EL . . .Mrs. Thomas .. .Mrs. C. Dunn . . .Joe Cutting . . . . .Real Estate . . . . .Mrs. H. Hohn .Mrs. B. Barnhill ... . . . . .Deceased .........Lawyer . . .Mrs. E. Miller .Mrs. Kyle Adams ... . . . . .Teaching Mrs. Leslie Bailey . . .Mrs. W. Greerson . . . .Mrs. R. Latta Mrs. E. Nickerson ..Mrs. J. Doebler . . . . .Farming .. . . . . .Farming . . .Mrs. M. Gould . . .Mrs. R. Ross . . .Storekeeping . . .Transfer Co. . . . . .Deceased . . .Mrs. R. Gray . . . . . .Chiropodist ..Mrs. S. Houlton . . . .Mrs. Keitler . . . . .Mrs. Boerner . . . .Mrs. F. Moore . ..... ......Nurse . .Mrs. Dale Felix . . . . . . . .Dentist . . . . . .Deceased . . . .Tile Factory . . . . . . .Surveying ........Farming . . .Mrs. Andrew Davis . . . . .Bookkeeping . . .Mrs. Schwager A LU M N I-Conti nued Maymie Holt, '12, Long Beach. . . Edna Coder, '12, Big Lake. Gene Chase, '12, Elk River ................. Donald Davis, '12, Elk River iVera Albertsl .... Edith Swanson, '12, Crookston ................ Elizabeth McBride, '12, Chicago .... . . . Hazel Pepin, '12, Minneapolis ...... Rose Corron, '12, Elk River. . . . . George Blanchette, '12, Minneapolis. Gladys Pepin, '12, Los Angeles, Cal .... Lee Bishop, '12, Elk River .......,. Edward King, '12. Lizzie Glidden, '12 .................. Rose LeFebvre, Washington, D. C ...... Claude Stimson, LaManda Park, Cal .,.. Joyce Perry, '12 ................... Harold Daskam, '12, Arthur G. Anderson, '13, Minneapolis. Cora M. Babcock, '13, Tacoma. ......... Harold Carlson, '13, Minneapolis ....... Margaret Dennis, '13, Rochester, Minn. Bertha Moores, '13, Big Lake ......... Freda Northrup, '13. Neal Nickerson, '13, Carlton, Minn .... Fern Hall, '13, Idaho. Crystal Plank, '13, Philadelphia ..... Lew Wallace, '13, Minneapolis. .. Lyle Iliff, '14, Minneapolis ...... Myrtle Iliff, '14, Minneapolis ........... Hattie Adams, '14, Minneapolis ........... Budd Holt, '14, Minneapolis QB. O'TooleJ .... Harold Snyder, '14, Elton Tolleson, '14, Minneapolis ........ Mae Richner, '14 .................. Marguerite Wheaton, '14, Elk River. Sydney Northrop, '14, , Goodwin Robbins, '15, Elk River QF. Nordl . .. Roy Babcock, '15 ........................ Elva Brown, '15 ....................... Mabel Bell, '15, Big Lake ........ Marie Auspos, '15, Portland, Ore. Henri deBooy, '15, Elk River. Erma Davis, '15, Elk River. Doris Dunn, Le Manda Park, Cal. Emma Frederickson, '15, Elk River .... Ruth Hall, '15, Philadelphia. Lucy Joyer, '15, Elk River ......... Harriett Pepin, '15, Elk River .... Harry Nystrom, '15, Big Lake... 'Thelma Johnson, '15, Big Lake. Rachel Pepin, 15. Blanche Peckham, '15, Elk River .... Ruby Trouch, '15. Frederick Stimson, '15 ...................... Dorothy Hartfelter, '15, Avon, Minn ............. Harry Borthwick, '15 iMyrnis Halll, Davis, Cal. Ruth White, '16, Monticello. Vesta Davis, '16, Mason City, Iowa .............. Hilliard Hastings, '16, Minneapolis .... Adrie de Booy, '16, Moorhead ....... Vivian Carlson, '16, Proctor ...... v'1 ......Nurse . . . .Surveying . . .Storekeeplng . . . .Mrs. Schaffer . . .Mrs. S. Tomahs . . . .Stenographer . . . .Stenographer .......Nurse . . . .. Merchant ...Mrs. J. Bates . . . .Stenographer . . . . . .Teaching . . . . .Teaching . . . . .Mrs. Harold Daskam Credit Man, Reinard Bros. A. Moses . . .Highway Engineer Regan . . .Minneapolis Trust Co. ...........Mrs.Guptil .......Mrs. A. Olson .........Mrs. R. Dunn . . .Instructor at U. of M. . . . . .Mrs. P. Prescott .........Teaching .............Farming ..............Deceased . . . .Mrs. Archie Grindell ...........Mrs. Edson . . .Mrs. Kenneth Davis . . .Mrs. Harry Layton . . . . . . .Stenographer .. . . . . ...Teaching . . .Teaching ............Teaching . . . .Mrs. Roland Smith .........Teachlng . . . .Mrs. R. Nelson .... ...Teaching ..... .Teaching Page Fifty-.rcwn - EL E:e2 Y??f4 -.- ' i-' b 43118 ALUM NI-Continued Roger Bishop, '16, Portland, Ore. ....... . Clara Baldowsky, '16, Rogers ........... Edward McBride, '16, St. Paul KI. Tiguej Forest Babcock, '16. Harry Barthwick, '16, California. Kenneth Davis, '16, Elk River... Ethel Elin, '16, Donald Slater, '16. Emma C. Gleddie, '16. Anthony Halter, '16, Florence Rideout, '16, Minneapolis .... Hattie Rupprecht, '16. Mae Swanson, '16. Mabel Nord, '17, Elk River ....... Florence Marriage, '17, Big Lake. . . Alice Johanning, '17, St. Paul ..... Laura Jaeb, '17, Glencoe ......... Ralph Holt, '17, Otsego IE. MOSSJ . ...... . Grace Hovey, '17, Elk River. Leslie Holt, '17, Los Angeles IE. Hollandj .... Howard Corey, '1 7 ............. , ...... Ethel Collins, '17, Minneapolis ....... .... Rose Clark, '17, Duquette, Minn.. .. Clare Belle, '17, Minneapolis ...... Lottie Adams, '17, Minneapolis. .. Almer Wicktor, '17, Minneapolis. I. . . Cecil Vail, '17, Otsego ............ Jerry Vacha, '17, Minneapolis ........ Genevieve Prought, '17, Albertville .... Gertrude Greupner, '17, Minneapolis. Myrtis Hall, '17, Davis, Cal ................. Max Hamlett, '17, Elk River fMildred Hu Thelma Ebner, '18, Big Lake .......... Rosimand Chapman, '18, Minneapolis .... Forest Brown, '18, Zimmerman ........ Rosiland Laurent, '18, Dayton ....... Mildred Hulbert, '18, Elk River. . . Hazel Fredrickson, '18, Anoka .... Lucy Ingersall, '18, Vern Ingersall, '18. Ernest Semans, '18, Mason City, Iowa. .. Helen Plummer, '18, Arizona .......... Myrtle Corrow fMrs. Pete Bridgewayl .. Sylvia Judge, '18, Elk River. . ........ . Rosiland Lauret, '18, Dayton ,....... Phyllis Prescott, '18, Minneapolis .... Lavina White, '19, Frazee, Minn.. .. Clayton Swanson, '19. Amy Plummer, '19, Kevin, Mont. ....... . Webster Carlson, '19, Myrtle Point, Ore.. . Wesley Barton, '19, lbertj Eleanor Corey, '19, Brown's Valley, Minn. . . Elsie Greupner, '19, Minneapolis. . ....... Pearl Nickerson, '19, Elk River. Edward Halter, '19. Zetta Nickerson, '19, Ft. Morgan, Cal .... Sophie Plante, '1 9 ................... Mildred Robbins, '19, Elk River ....... Glyde Waterfield, '19, Minneapolis. .. Edward Gould, 20, Pine City ....... Charlotte Bressler, '20, Elk River .... Puyf' Fifty-vigil! Harvester Co. . . .International . ...... Mrs. Bearn . . . . . . .Coke Plant . . . .Merchant . . .Mrs. Gould ...............Typist . . .Mrs. GQ Swearinger St Paul Dispatch ' ' .Mrs. T. Maravec .........Far1ning . . . . . .Creamery .... . . . .Deceased V. White . ...... Teaching . . . .Mrs. T. Holt . . .Stenographer . . . . .Highway Dept. . . . .Mrs. L. Baker . . . .Instr. at U. of M. . . . . . .Hairdressing ....Mrs. .... Mrs. H. A. Barthwick . . .Confectionery ..... . .Teaching . . . .Teaching ........Feed1nill ..........Teach1ng . . .Mrs. Mac. Hamlet . . .Mrs. F. Babcock . .Cashier . . . .Teaching . . . .Deceased Ady ...........Teaching Tollefson .Mrs. Alton ............Teaching . . . .Mrs. M. Wilson . . . .Lumber Business M.Gold . . . .Benson Optical Co. . . . .Mrs. O. Nelson ... . . .Mrs. Maben . . .Mrs. G. Bailey . . . .Mrs. Wittrup . . .Civil Engineer . . .Asst. Cashier EL siis?i?ii ALUM NI-Continued Buell Maben, '20, Minneapolis. Odell LeFebre, '20, Dayton .... Dwight Hayden, '20 St. Paul. . . Irene Kaliher, '20, Foley ...... Leon Kaliher, '20, Elk River .... Lillie Keen, '20, Elk River ....... ......... Helen White, '20 Minneapolis ................. Vernon Sexuans, '20,, Mondivi, Wis. fGowlandJ . .. Ted Rideout, '20, Chicago IM. Gowlandl ........ Vera Halter, '20, Ina Malksorn, '20, Osseo ............... Ethel Nash, '21, St. Paul ...... Clarence Olson, '21, Elk River. Irene Reavis, '21. Lucia Richter, '21, Otsego. Rose Roggatz, '21, Walkel' ..... Rita Mullen, '21, Minneapolis .... Irene Mullen, '21, Minneapolis ............. Mary McNabb, '21, Monticello ............... Pat. Kilmartin, '21, Zimmerman fEva Carterl .... Violet Hovey, '21, Waseca ................... Grace Iliff, '21 .......................... Elton Jones, '21, Minneapolis. George Keen, '21, Indiana .... Althea Gould, '21, Elk River .... Josie Goodin, '21, Elk River .......... Faye Gilcrest, '21, Elk River ........ . .. . . Edna Ebner, '21, Elk River ............... Donald Dare, '21, Elk River IA. Gouldl ....... Harold Collins, '21, Minneapolis QB. Spencerl. Marjorie Clark, '21, Roberts, Mont. ........ . Sylvia Carlson, '21, Minneapolis. ...... . Donald Bishop, '21, Minneapolis ......... Mary Bishop, '21, Minneapolis ............ Harold Washburn, '21, Iowa QM. Wardl . .. Gaylard Smith, '21, Detroit. Bernard Hanratty, '22, Elk River ...... Ethel Byson, '22 ................ Lucille Anderson, '22, Hinckley ..... . . . Evelyn Bressler, '22, Elk River. Arthur Dechene, '22, St. Paul. Eben Davis, '22, Elk River KG. I-Iolzeml . .. Clarence Groth, '22, Minneapolis. Bernard I-Iartfelder, '22, Elk River. Eunice Keasling, '22, St. Cloud ..... Claire Nelson, '22, Elk River. Floyd Nash, '22, Minneapolis ..... Marjorie Ousley, '22, Wyoming Harvey Pajeau, '22, Chicago. Howard Russell, '22, Elk River ..... Ray Semans, '22, Colorado. I-Iildegard Schert, '22, Lester Prairie. . . Charles Simpson, '22, Minneapolis .... Alvin Zander, '22, Brownton, Minn. Vernon Orton, '23, Minneapolis ..... John Bolton, '23, Minneapolis ..... Joe Bailey, '23 .................... Ambrose Glidden, '23, Washington. .. Marie Taplin, '23, Otsego .......... Alice Anderson, '23, Biglow ..... Mabel Oswald, '23, Elk River .... .......,...Teaching . . .St. Highway Dept. .........Teaching ..... .State Bank . . . .Mrs. Rabbie . . . .Mrs. H. Byson .........Teaching ...........Studying . . .Mr-:. Emil Hoffman . . . .Mrs. W. Peterson ..............Teaching . . . . . .Mrs. K. Wittowskl Northwestern Phone Co. ..............Teaching . . . .Clerking . . . .Teaching . . . .Deceased . . . . . .Druggist . . .Mrs. D. Dare . . . .Spencer School ...........Clerking ............Teaching . . . .Furniture Business .... . . .Teaching . . . .Nurse Training .. . . . . . .Knitting Co. . . . . . . . . .Bpokkeeping . . .Traveling Salesman . . . . . .Standard Oil . . . . .Deceased . . . . .Teaching . . .Doctor's Office . . . .Teacher's 'Training ..........Clerking . . . .Teaching . . .Clerking . . . .Teaching ...U. of M. ...U. of M. ...U. of M. ...U. of M. . . . .Clerking . . . .Teaching . . . .Teaching . . . . . .Clerking Pngv Fifty-Him' ALUMNI-Continued Hazel Smythe, '23, Near Princeton .... Raymond Jones, '23, California ..... Esther Cornelius, '23, Minneapolis .... Evelyn Malmstrom, '23, Minneapolis.. . Ruth Nelson, '23, Minneapolis ........ Agatha McBride, '23, Minneapolis. . . . . . Elizabeth Nickerson, '23, Minneapolis. . . Dorothy Crockett, '23, Northfield ..... Bernice Brooks, '23, Elk River. Gladys Spear, '23, Baton Rouge, La .... Ruth Burt, '23, Minneapolis ........ W. F. Trask, '23, Elk River .............. . Ted Greupner, '2 3, Minneapolis ............. ..... Leah Scoville, '23, Minneapolis .................... Gladys Erickson, '23, 3790 Snelling S., Minneapolis. .. Esther Olson, Rice, Minn ....................... Gertie Jansen, '23, Albertville .................. Gordon Brown, '23, California .... Icelene Reavis, '23, California. Carol Spencer, '23, Zimmerman. Violet Powell, '23, Idaho. ............. . Golda Aldrich, '24, North Branch, Minn.. .. Evelyn Bernard, '24, Meadowvalei ...... Charles Bressler, '24, Elk River .... Myrtle Brooks, '24, Green Bush... Eva Carter, '24, Zimmerman ..... Floyd Cohoes, '24, Orrock ....... Phylis Dawson, '24, St. Cloud .... Stella Doebel, '24, Elk River .... Orvel Eugen, '24, St. Cloud ....... Gail Hanks, '24, Minneapolis ....... Tilda Jacobson, '24, Eagle Lake .... Mabel Kaliher, '24, Elk River ...... Clara Kastendlck, '24, Minneapolis. . . Elsie Keasling, '24, St. Cloud ....... Earl Kress, '24, Minneapolis ........... Dorothy Lefflngwell, '24, Minneapolis. . . Watis McNabb, '24, St. Cloud ........ Marcella Mullen, '24, Minneapolis. . . Roland Murray, '24, Elk River .... Ruth Nelson, '24, Minneapolis... Evelyn Sinkler, '24, Wisconsin. Earl Smith, '24, Minneapolis .......... Henrietta Schmeige, '24, Minneapolis... Theodore Schmidt, '24, Elk River ..... Alverta Specht, '24, Minneapolis .... Gladys Taplin, '24, Minneapolis .... Roger Waterfield, '25, Elk River .... Alfred Hinz, '25, Northiield ....... Frank Nickerson, '25, Elk River .... Lois Poesnecker, '25, Minneapolis.. . Grace Johanning, '25, Elk River. . . Clinton Walker, '25, Minneapolis. . . Emil Baufield, '25, St. Cloud ..... Lucille Semans, '25, St. Cloud ..... Sybil Morse, '25, Elk River ......... Aulien Nickerson, '25, Minneapolis .... Lucie Semans, '25, St. Cloud ........... Dorothy Schmiege, '25, Garfield, Minn .... Pagr Sixty .........Teaching . . . . . .Fruit Growing . . .Nurse's Training . ........ U. of M. . . . .Nurse's Training . . . . . . .Stenographer . . . .Business College . . . .Carleton College . . .Mrs. E. Feiger . . .Mrs. R. Smith .........Printer .........Clerking ........Of!lce Work . . . .Mrs. W. Morgan .. . . . . . ..Teaching .. .. ...Teaching . ...... Aviation . . . .Mrs. Bargabus . . .. ...Teaching . .' ....... Teaching . . . .Standard Oil Co. ..........Teaching . . .Mrs. P. Kilmartin ..........Teachlng . . .Teachers' College . . . .Mrs. W. Hanks . . .Teachers' College . . . .Business College ... . . . . . .Teaching . . . . . . . .Clerking . . . . . .Donaldson's . . .Teachers' College . . . . .Business College . . . . . . . . .Stenographer . . . . . . .Teachers' College . .Consumers Wholesale .............Clerking ..........Nursemaid . . . . .Produce C0. . . . . .Stenographer ...........Clerking . . . .Business College ... . . .Mrs. R. Vale . . .Daly's Garage . . .St. Olaf College ...........Farming . . . .Business College . . . . . .Transfer Co. ofM. . . . . . . .Teachers' College Clifford Biddick, '25, Elk River. . . . . . . . . . . . .Teachers' College .........Lumber Oflice Working in Minneapolis . . . .Business College . . .Teachers' College .........Teaching EL ALUMNI-Continued Gertrude Madson, '25, Anoka ......... . . . Bernadette Bistadeau, '25, Minneapolis. . Margaret Boots, '25, Elk River. Alice Dobel, '25, Elk River. William Clark, '25, Elk River ........ Clarence Hammer, '25, Zimmerman... Bert Ayers, '25, Elk River ........ Donald Biddick, '25, Elk River. Harold Morrell, '25, Minneapolis .... Helen Morgan, '25, Elk River ...... Margaret Halter, '25, Elk River. Lawrence Spencer, '25, Zimmerman. Lucille Foley, '25, Minneapolis ...... Corrine Baltzell, '25, Minneapolis ...... Donald Hovey, '2 5, Elk River ........................ . . . .Teacher's Training of M. . . . .Cream Station .. . . . . .Farming . . ..... Surveying . . . . . . . .Transfer Co. . .Telephone Operator .. . . . . . .Mrs. R. Sass Dayton's, Minneapolis . . . . . . . .Power's Cr. Dept. We would appreciate it if you would mail any corrections to this list to the Elk River High School. Pngr Sixty-om' 4- ----------- ---------- -I- oompzm bemng service df The First ational Bank Elk River, Minnesota CJ Jw K, i oo Capital E99 Surplus 335,000.00 A safe place to leave your money I -1- --------------------- -4- a!u1n-nn-:1u:-nu-111m-n-nu-an131m-nu1m-I-ru-nl1u1n-n-min-n--1--up-n-m1 avini!-an1m-ml-nu-nu-n-nn-m1nv--ul-m1n1n-uu1h1g!a Uur growth and resources tell the story The ank of lk River The First Banking 1I1.ffiIll11.01l. in the dixtrict if ffrzw - US solid as the pyramids Saff, Sound, Conferffatiw Banking ' In All of III Branfhex Charles C. Babcock Charles H. Badc justur DeBooy ledt Lin l"zP All 'V .fs rn ax rr Leon J. Kaliher H. M. Stanz - .-IJ flilltllll Ca.-hier .'f.f.ff.flaIlIC11fllirf 101:11-'11ul1u-In-11--nn-nina1u1ru-n1n---u-m:u:m1m-m-nu-an-m1nn--rm-m-u-n-u-n-n-u1u-nun-un-nu1u1::n---1111111111-u1un1u+ + --T rf----- ---------- -- -s- L. A. Herrick JENVELER Fine walch r0,l1m'riny a spvvially. Ce! his prices Ivvfurz' going In flu' rily. Graves-Bailey Company Inc. FLOUR, FEED AND GRAIN Fwd Mill in CUlUh't'fi0lI ll'v Handle All Kinds uf Pmlllry Ft'c'!l,.V can 224 Elk River Smart Millinery In Tailored 55' Dressy Effect Just a Bit Different ore Pvrxonnl and More Individual Lyd1a Taylor ELK RIVER, MINN. 4- ---------- -----r Coznplimrrllx of A. W. J esperson X q.. .-....... -.---..-- ...-..--4. -3...-. .... ....- . -.-.-ul. Elk River Garage Accessories, Tires, Oils and General Repairing "WE NEVER SLEEP" Phone 1961-'V ELK RIVER, MINNESOTA ..-. 1-11111 1111 un -nn-in n!on1n-li 11111111r1 U1 I I I I ' 1 I 1 I . I I I I Dr. Clayton Smith Dr. A. B. Roehlke D!7lfiJ'f I I Physician and Surgeon I I ELK RIVER, MINN. i I ELK RIVER, MINN. I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I Phones: I I office sin I I Residenc 81R Hours, 8:30-5:30 I I Office 67VV-Phones--Res. 11 -In-nu 11111 ul-U1 1 -n-un-nails 0gl-n-m-m- --1:11 - -n1u1n1u1 Riverside Garage General Repairs and Accessories Sunoco Oils-Oxfidifc Battery-P. 8: B. Bands ELK RIVER, MINNESOTA Phone 23 I-1. Harold R. Caley Farm .Machinery and Hardware-Furniture, Building Material ELK R1x'1aR, INIINNE on Everything Insurance I I I I 1 T. H. i H157 -4- -g----- - ------ ----- ---- -4- Elk River Meat Market L. I.. BISHOP K LTO. Proprietors FRESH and SALT Meat Caxh Bu'j'!fIx of Hidn, Fur: Veal and Poultry ELK RIXIPIR, INIIN N. Daly Auto Company I LINCOLN-FORD-FORDSON Tvlfpll Gzmrarzffrrl Rrpmr Il ark 156 ELK RIV ER, MINNESOTA is ua-unn1nu1ul-ul1u1n-la-1 111111- u1un1ln:n -:1ll1n:ll--ul-n11ul1u1l1liF ,',,-,,,,- i,,1 .. .. .... .- 1 1a-u-mln ion--in-na 111--- 1 1 1 11-1 I I I Better E Malted I Milks I ar rhf , 0 0 I 1 Rlve rs 1 d e I CONFECTIONERY I Alway: I a frffh :upply of I good candief I on hand I I I Telcplmne 56 I -1- I' I E Go to 1 P. M. joNEs I for I REAL I ARTISTIC I HAIRCUTS I Ladies Gents l..-.-.-. ...... .-..-.-..-. 'I' I I I Geo. H. Tyler I I Attorney-at-Law I I I Elk River, Minnesoi I I 'I' y1g.--.-.g.1q.-g1g1 1 1 -. 4.-gg.-gq1y. 4-.gq.-g...g1-1 .- .- 1 .. 1 1 1941,-, Fresh Fruits Vegetables T. W. McMillan Staple and Fancy Grocerifr Phonf 2-I for Smdrr Ceresota School Flour Supplies When in need of Fountain Pens Eversharp Pencils or other school supplies Try us first Sdfhifllfflllll Cluaranivvd Eklund's Drug Store gl.-gl.-N1 111-1111-- ul- ein 1g1g1g1. 1g1g-.gg-. 1 1 T. 1u1uu1n-gf. u!nu-u1lu- -u1n1u-u1vn1 1 1 qu I I Compliments I I of E I Compliments I I of uam , I PRACTICALBUSINESSCOLLEGE T I 013 IIf'7Ult'Pi7l .flvrnur I I MINNEAPOLIS I I I I I I I I osy I I I I An - - , I 1 Accredzted I I I School 1 1 I I I I F. L. Rairdin I I Catalog on Request Q E Pmpn-,,o, I I I I .....-. ......-... ..-Mp .i...-. ..... . .... We 're ready to supply Your Summer eeds A NEW and SNAPPY FURNISHINGS are If 2 now on display-styles that appeal 4 to the Voung fellow W 4 Collegzate Style Oxfords ff ,- ' Nofvelty Hose SmartCaps Neclefwear Shirts Belts RJ Underwear and Sweaters vial- avls Bros Blk Rlver Mlnnesota xlib, ' - ' xx I 4 ' X I, 4 T' " I I f 1-1 11' I I, r nj ,O b xl All Very Reasonable in Price f - H 0 I I- X . . Q, , - -.u-u-u-u-m-u- -- -u---,?, ?u--m-u-- -m-.nu- - - - - - -ul- Elk River J ff Milling Company I I 6 Manufaa't-urvrs N i g C A F E Q, T C0'lIfl"i7I'll0llX 5'fr'2'iC lk e g Telephone 13 i -i-M.--.-...-..-...-... ------- ml- 4- - 1 .!,.-l.l-M-.,.-.l- -r-l.-.,- - -l-,..- IVCI' i i u 1 1 Robert A. Hastlngs P 5 E rltlornvy-at-Law l l ELK RIVER 5 5 ELK RIVER, MINN. MINN. T i .il z -...-. -..-..-...-W.-.. ---- -......l. q.....-...-... ---------- ...- Elk River Transfer Company Mz'nneapolz's and Elle Rifver Freight Line Elk River, Minnesota Minneapolis Ufiien Mpls. Phone N. VV. B111 4637 220 701 ST- N- Elk River Phone 42XV 'if' W 'fflffll :Q77171:"Lbf' f lf! ' Acet lene JAM: k i'1"S1l LW Automolnle . o g L5Xr:f13!'?i4: IIQDIISQ3 I ' , Weldln S r1n s .- I Blacksmith Work Daniel Hjerpe .. ..- .1-4-.ml....ll.-..g1n.1g..-lg1,,1.,.1m1w1ug1m1ug-uuu1.,1lrn1-4.-.4-.mi 1 1 1.4.11 agus-n1Iu--nu-Iu1un1n1n1Iu1m-nn-stun 11-1111 I1 111111 1 ur I , , ,,, , I ' ::' ...... : I I 5 I' ,'m" ' 'FII'-I'IIIIfs5i32' 5 - I I :.-f Im- '-"" Excluslve Shoe Store I 5 E I I I E I Zc'-...:...-....--' I I EMI The place to buy shoes, rubbvvzv, eff. I in in-'i I I I ' I : "-IIIIIIIL I Repamng a Spccwlfy I , '1.'...., :T-... I if -' I I ig-- I H. GREUPNER, Prop. I - l ,.,., nfs:-nu -1-:1-1 :I-1-I. 1--- nu-in --i11 .111 , , 1 +I41nu1 1 -an 1-11-1111 al'-nga ian--m 11111 11111, 1 ,-,? I I I I I I I I I It pays to I I I I l l I I look El! I I I I I I Dr. Geo. Page I 1 1 1 , I Many men and women owe I I . . I I some of their success to I I Phyjumn I tleir appearance, an some an I 1 ' fi I I d I I of their appearance to their I I Surgeon I I l,Ia1'ber I Barliermg may have I I I 1 begun with the scissors and x x I I razor, but it has forged far I I ELK RIVER. NINN- I I beyond that. Today it is I I I I the Barber's responsibility I I I I to remove the marks of I I I I wear and tear, to check the I I I I lines of advancing years. a 1 , I Let us help you keep in I I I trim hy our super-service I I I I and methods. I I I I U I I. L. Pmk Barber Shop I I I I I I I MillTlIIlTlllllllIlC-lllITlIlll4llllTllTllkillim'-Ofi 51319 illT 1 liiil 11114 l!uI-u1u1m1Iu1Inn1na:Iu 11:1111 u1m-I -111--1 ua rrix gp I . I Pham 38-Home' 60 lfall Papfr and Rugf I I I I I I D ' F ' S I I are s urn1ture tore I I . I I Funeral Dzrector and Embalmer I I n I Elk River, Minn. I - I I I CPIQIII 11111111111 111i1111111i1111 -, in+ n-m111:-11:-n1-1-1:11-fn:--l1l1l1l-u-n1n1111+ ?u1n-n-I-l-l1u1n:-lu1l1l-gtg in-l1l-I1-1--51:1-111i-.lu I Star News Sherburne C0nnty's most widely read newspaper and the best advertising medium in this section. An adver- tisement in this paper will pay big returns. Commercial Printing Your orders for job print- ing will be taken care of promptly and to your entire satisfaction. A. N. Dare 83' Son Proprictors ELK RIVER, MINN. -'I"" II I I I I I I I I I I I I Service Plus and then .mmf- at thf Congdon Hardware ELK RIVER, IKIINN. ..-g1g.- 1 -. .- 1 1 .- 1 .. 1p,...,- Let us furnish your OH C HARLES ROGGATZ Phono 83 1 --. 1-.1g.-11-1-....,.1..1-1.-1pq.. im.. ...q1.,..-n1g.-Ig-. 1 .. 15.1. OIO-u-ni--1u-1-111-Iu-n1u1uo!u CP-l1I1l-J-u1u1nn1l1l-1-'li 50419--1n--1u-l-i1111111:--!1I1u--nu-In-la---11-1:-loin .-g.-4 an-U in-l1u1n1n-Q? I I I 1:1 1-1- 4...-. 1--In-nv-or Frank . White .-ltiorncj'-at-Law ELK RIVER MINN. Sam Lerner Co. "The Store for Every Man" Clothing Furnishings E99 Shoes Clraning, Prefsing and Rfpairing ELK RIVER, MINN. Dr. I. Huseth Dentixt 1.11..1111..'...g1p1 In-ln I I I I I m I r I P1 :I I 2 I E5 I z I E I Z I I I I ,gi it--l1l1I-1 --------I I -I- I I I I I I I I I I I Nl' when you orderd . 'VIC C A fo 4' l Col-lee A .: Canned Vegetables ,,, 43.f" gx "Q, -Z J Canned FTUIIS ,W w e ff 3 icgs f ,aw N XV' p I Condiments Z jams and Jellies , . VQL speczfy the hes! which LVN Hnmellraml twn words meaning highest quality in foods Compliment: of . E L C Elk River, Minnesotzl

Suggestions in the Elk River High School - Elkonian Yearbook (Elk River, MN) collection:

Elk River High School - Elkonian Yearbook (Elk River, MN) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 45

1926, pg 45

Elk River High School - Elkonian Yearbook (Elk River, MN) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 61

1926, pg 61

Elk River High School - Elkonian Yearbook (Elk River, MN) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 24

1926, pg 24

Elk River High School - Elkonian Yearbook (Elk River, MN) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 70

1926, pg 70

Elk River High School - Elkonian Yearbook (Elk River, MN) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 43

1926, pg 43

Elk River High School - Elkonian Yearbook (Elk River, MN) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 53

1926, pg 53

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