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V-WW" '-f w,,. ,Vx-A QQ my Tv Q X ,fiifglj ' - 7- avg- - S00 wi? i 2QXf sg x UM. MM DVA 1 i N '76 Q9 8 AGRI ' A ' , ' :' 5.9, GNL b HTNQ. , lgblg -,QL . Q,,g,,f,- Q NN MMG wi , TD JJ W7 OW QQ r xdvdij fbfggff wmifilfiiwfjp H w 5,3 W WSWS SW XjQiw3 QSQQSG N . NJXX-fxfx Y . . X 255 E :Wd j V520 ? 0L!lQCP .1-1. A ' . ' ' 2 QQ, ZZAAJKL KQQZI Q--5 ' lf? 'Ky vi 77061 95? I' bf!-Q, ,ficu 9417 -lZ7Z azzoffgff ,7 I X ' ,gf 62 Q ZUQX A fu 13 4 dd y X fb Okay! had iw fgafjawfefy Y BL fo wb ' -lu ff0777 fffmffdfka 5 f U4 fw, X IU ,. C9 5 10100 V fb L5 71.2 I Gb eq-'B 5' .QXI QB! by 6 K if QP Q 59,4430 QOL! fo, A 13 XC, f, Q 5, 4 A i'ffO,'Qi45Q fb 'O jgwffw QAM Sub O0 if 1960 6 Q2 0 Q99 qw XQNN bd Ll? , 'D T3 U VS fu X5 5 69 6 3 +d75weQ6f'5 GQ WXFFWQW L' 1 6rf5l, 538 Cu U Ea 3 QQGUX Qwifffgwf? JAFRMWRQQAW ,-its., ,'. Rf.: E ,A .,.: :..'..,.v. ..,,.. r ,,.9v, .' -" gn . it. ."-4 o'. .1-'V N-- 4.1. 5, 1 ,- . ' N -..' .,.'Jf-Q, .-',-.X '5J-AY' g.'-- -,-...Q lu, wa, . . i A, C4 -'Eva M. I . My jr' A. -- -. 4, , ln: H, .,.-.uh ,I . , ,, ,iKn..-q..., . a ' 1.A .- ,H ' ... .'.' 0 yq, '-1 Q- ,.-v",-. Q, -J--,-.j .K - 'A x . ,vis - -A V-,fa l'y ' 'U a ,U .. 'nf I' "JJ," fc Y, 1 it-"'1. -2 - f " J' - s .-.-'5'- UNK.,-fir" ' , ' 0 . - .- , -. - -X, 1 . 1- 1- ? 1: 5- -or ff' + ' -'. ' -1-'--.Er yt.:- mil.. . . C , ,. N 41, as -.gm .ir q.sJ".' ! ,"' 21 N'l I-vi-1 5. 4. -3' -3 .-"' ,y V' " vw' -.-U. A . ' ' ' ' ' -I ' ' I . r 1 'K' A '-QL' 414 fifv- :ci ,-'-. .57 1, :lf r V? . .x-J -uihiqi D . J: K ,il 'ff ly Pg' sn 4 4 .Q . Mitt.. .. . -va.. -t'..' kd.. ts. ,4 tic! QL ,!.v,t?"s'1v. . A. E. .-'Ji aff: fJ.1! .,",,'.' I, -Q. f..'.f ' f'-lie' 774: b.5.'C1E'ff" "fb-5' gf-Ji. ,jnz 3,45 -sg ...4,.,:n ,ur 3255 -- ..s'f,i:,..?g, . '.J, -. 'fn .,f.1l,g- -.5---'W Qhigf ..5'p,..f,'t,.4,,3',,A'5 b -A, -' Q . - I V' - ,JA x.x,, ,.,.. r .uns qfgli- .:.d-Q'..f,':-yu ff'1. 1: m-1'-J..--'."' I -. 'Rn 2-1 Q- ' Y ..f. w il 'ty-,A . as' . Hu ,' N -1 , . .Anil . un.. R. r .. g. 'u 1 . . .1.:--ho" "v' 'F ' -:'.T'v . Q I . 5.. -' . - -' " -- ' '-' - ff.. ' " ' - .11 '.n' . , I 'x,r,'. -, - . . - Q 4 -- x 'K ., ', . ','- l ' . K 1 , ' I ' I 4 - .. , X' ' I. ' ' . ' 4 .. . . lg x .5 . .- s,gn . . t ' ' --,5'-." , : 1 . - s 4 . :- . . a . ,. F sl' J v , 5 Y ',- - ,nil . ' 42 Q jr "' ,, .u,3" . ' 25 4 ' ' -' 'lil U, 7!' 1 ' +1 Q 1 ELKS '74 ' . '. . .-4" . ELK RAPIDSH S.,'f' .9 ELK RAPIDS, 1 'WI M. , . -lnq..,,,.w , ab Q fi' H 'YQ is F55 1 if YU We ,-Q, .L 1 "EJB TABLE OF CONTENTS SCHOOL LIFE 5 SPORTS 15 CLASSES 45 ARTS SL ACTIVITIES '77 FACULTY 109 ADVERTISEMENTS 119 ,s , 1 School Board A ' Mr. Darrell Beckwith Dr. Elmer Peterman K Mrs. Daisy Polister . p L A M pl p Mr. Earl Morrison Mr. Robert Hoclcstad I ' Mr. Jack White Mr. William McLachlan I Q, DEDICATION 'MX Dedication--just what does it mean? "Setting someone or something apart for a purpose." Our purpose? This includes the principals, the superinten- dent, and the school board members. They all work hard to improve the scho- ols for more advanced education. Thanks to you all, we DO appreciate your efforts. Dr. Elmer Peterman ,9 ..--":' ,..,-"""""' Mr. James Miller Mr. Don Bellinger Mr. Robert Schwenter 4 n P. N . x J I I J .,N""' -0' E ,pgs Q 4 1' -iv., - s-'-3""'a' .nh- I 5 SCHOOL LIFE ,AE Say "Ahhhhh" 'if ,q A I ik xv. fn , 4-is 'ibm u,,,,M . 'QM sf S- x 6.14 You 've got Leggs! A mower ik'-x L 5- fw ,A - :,w ff! 6 MMI. N ll, if , V av i Q, LE 'in f N ,W .21 K 25 3 .7 K. dt B N., I ao" :lox I Ulf. 15' l,t,o f l i I gif af' 0-9, an .W 5 - , -0-mug ' X, X sci Cir Ill!"- 5 I gf ii Stxka E x-M-'-1 T kd V f-wana 'fv- -1- 5 Q . - , Q, M XM W Q AQ 1 x Q ,ax xi R . e C ' "M g" , Q" 3 1 n ,ti .af M 4 ii "--.. f ""-1,,.z' ,...- N. x..,w s, .44 -+ xix .QP Ykf' -4 Q -e 4 , . O 3 H Q9 O NVQ N .N X 1 r""'A if A nmun Q'-3 ?- LO, XIX I X' Xu f Tl! 'X l ti Q i -F f E 2 .. Z: SPORTS 4 Z . 'Q 2 5 A nf u .xg "r 0. EL xxx i. .., ' 3 , l ,, 1 2 w ' N1 0 .4 I" ' 1 " 1 ! .E E i 'GH' CROSS COUNTRY The E. R. Cross Country team did a great job for us this year, with the record of thirteen wins and one loss. We won a total of three trophies for the season. We won first places in the T. C. Invitational, Buckley Invitational and a co-first in the Northwest Conference. Congratulations to Kenny Hollen beck for his outstanding achieve- ments. Kenny was the winner of 4th place in the Regional Tournament and 5th place in the State Finals. Good luck teamg we hope to see you all in the 1974-1975 season. Special thanks to Mr. Edwardson for a terrific coaching job. OUR TEAM IS GREAT N tttri 5' 1" 6 ,vpn . ff' TY QQ - 'X . N 3' J TENN 1 IS ss . .. ff 'alakl .ii 4 , X., qv'- 1.-s -y.+..1 Standing: A. Spahiu, T. Coleman, K. Fox, J. Orr, Gotts. Kneeling: D. Fox, C. Williams, K. Coleman IM, bb.' Q,,,.H .-.,. . b V, Q, ,Mi.!.L1..L.......,,,,,g3.,,5.f FL ..,3.3xg.4i,, .. ' 5" ' -"' . wfi w'-'RACT - 5 ,,-:v""" A xl.. gg . .fm ug 4 X as xxx: .M 2... "M" 2' ' ' A V - , . .- .,r-v-- ' 9M A aal f. .. I1N -gf K ' --1-if':...,...lI- :T , -1.1':,g..... h. .l..f....i.g..4,.1.u..?f-.:f'. AT.. x - a.-5.:.,,'.4 L,,1.?g,, KJ ll.:- . N' " i,,.4"J'v" .- 442- - rl -A 1 . .- .+A LJ..-..1.u if, mf" Q 3' i- 'M wif x'l1.g.'3u"3',w,, 43,121 X 1, .af .. 4-2 Xuan- ,g.j,-,.'.:,- .Ns ogy' vxixllg K . q,,,r.. gf . ,' X, -4 l.,- .ml xr K. - x 'X - v.. S-,x.a.,, if-.lm MA. - X . V . -- Q- ,i,r,'-l..-3,.- D x .9 ......s...,,6, . 1' -1-lgg K- ff " fl .Q YQ-1. M g, .ff-.1,.'-uw N .A , .,.g..f 3. .. Y ' 5, . ', wl Q K. .- . , . Nin n ? 5 35' ' -1498 . . .Z Z jr ffl' 'j iz,,'i,a,7n , , ,Q J. A ,tx -. .1 MQ., ' ' . Y' ' m 'UL 'ww .y -f"""' I. I . . i+s s J. Tokraks, K. Holbrook, D. Lundy, Coach 5, Q . ,gf-vntV A 'Qi ,, VARSITY FOOTBALL ffza Home Ma '- First Row: M. Fox, J. Orr, D. Marker, I. Nagy, W. Edwardson, J. Palmer, I. Johnson, R. Brimmer. Second Row: G. Carmony, C. Steuer, I. Anderson, M. Groleau, K. Hubbell, R. Banwell, M. Thomas, D. White, B. Poniatoski. Third Row: Coach Don Glowicki, M. Griener, L. Feilstra, B. Barnes, T. McCauley, C. Hubbell, J. Veliquette, D. Williams, I. Steucr, Assistant Coach Tom Cole. The Elks started the season with high hopes and lots of promise. They worked hard this year--and had their rough spots--but compiled a good record of 5-3 -1. It was not an easy year for the Elks. They encoun- tered many problems and setbacks. Coach Glowicki gave it all he had to bring the players together and mold them into a fine team. Thanks Elks for the exciting season and thanks to those team members who played their last season at fE.R.H.S. twill Where there's a will there's a way. S ,Q--e if Planning Strategy? ff Sv? "i, Refs always get the best View. P--'in-E if 1-'agus sy ES' .ik . Vkk, X. A. .NMS miss swxf .41 Elks Elks Elks Elks Elks Elks Elks Elks Elks f I 7 Ky, XY x SCOREBOARD 3 Bellaire 3 Mancelona 20 Mesick 56 Kingsley '22 Suttons Bay 13 Onekama 6 Frankfort 6 Glen Lake 16 Brethren ivnlx ug. Qj,i51vxf.-..' ,. ff..' . :wks-1 ,Wm , , 5 X ,Nh Q1 gm muy X X,5:s.Q.Q f. ? ki, ,.vgi,vn:,,S6 5. 4 'TS' Q 15.35 QQ K. .Ak fs gvixx-A R5 . .AMN Y, Q. 1 .S , W 4. in K x x -.- - . Q X X .- - f ' L . ,X 4 . - . 33 ':- Y ,Ng X.. Q' V , . . ,. V + f nf. 3' 1 .J K K -. . -, A-H, - . .-.f .,.,., . yi Q 4 5. f t . .A . X A N.. gf- Q --5 -Q - A , N " -H-'xx ,,',,, 'Q X :iff " ' ' X 1 ,RHF J V FOOTBALL One word sums up the J.V. season this year TERRIFIC!!! Their enthusiasm and hard work added to one outstanding season. Coached by Mr. John Boals the Little Elks" compiled a perfect record of 'I and 0 Congratulations to the J.V. 's for an excellent record ! Elks Elks Elks Elks Elks Elks Elks SCOREBOARD Mancelona Glen Lake Suttons Bay Kalkaska T. C. Frosh Glen Lake Kalkaska First Row D Marker D Glick I Nichols D Lark P Zak, R. Swift, B. Fralick, R. Westlund D Redmen Second Row R Russell B Davis G Weinzapfel, G. Pierce, R. Morrison, C. Hubbell B Brown Coach John Boals Third Row E McLeod L Couturier, J. Banwell, I. Holbrook, T. Boals Q ,ggi J. f it , -:F . 'i.iQfT ' 5955 kk S :11 ' .Nw 3' 0 'Gb 1 W i Q . - wa gi- w X i .N -ww .X 1: 1. ki Q. 'gf' ,F ,f aff QQMQ' Q-. ur df r 1 1 . Q Q5 ,z . .3' ! Q2 ' if . ' ' 0' S. ' E XX 7 V 2 ul fi Qiif . V. if 'uu- 'U' .., ,V ,Mi 'X J' Sf y 535 I x... as 9 if 1, if px QPF ' . . gs W N .iii .. N A . .f 9 . Q.. X N.. Q. y K il: N .4 fi HOMECOMING 1973 AND HER COURT Pam Pondcll--Fresh. rep. Holly Gotts--Soph. rep. Wendy Cobb--Queen Janice Lobb--Sen. rep. Judy Tokraks--Jun. rep. QUEEN - WENDY COBB We won our homecoming game with a 6-0 score and that just seemed to top off the whole chain of events. The student body selected a queen and her court-- Five lovely girls in long velvet dresses. They were parad- ed along with the class floats, the band, the cheerlead- ers, pom -pcm girls and majorettes down River Street in E. R. This was the first time this has ever been done, and we hope it continues and builds in the future. There was also a snake dance on the football field during the afternoon and a dance in the Lakeland gym after the game. Over all, this year's homecoming was a very full and exciting day. SOPHOIVIORES WIN FIRST PLACE .54 Jw 255 Q55 .XS E 42144 Sop Power A uauon float NPN V0 VARSITY BASKETBALL ax ,Q Kneeling: H. Hockstad, C. Hubbell, H. Yamane, J, Veliquette, I. Anderson, T, Powell. Standing: Coach Glowicki, J Orr, M. Fox, W. Edwardson, D. Glowicki, M. Bieganowski, D. White, R. Brimmer. The number one asset of the Varsity Basketball team would have to be the dedication by the players themselves. Each week they came out to practice, and on game nights, they did their very best against tough competition. The seasons record by far did not bring out the true qualities of these young men. Their integrity and dedica- tion to themselves, the game, and their coach were the "high-lights" of the season. nd 'S 1 S- .S- E 1' D . I li Kim If B r 4 ix "1 ml Vw ,. ,F 1, ill E i W fs V1 , 3 EJ N Rl M ft 5 , 2 N 11 up br V- M, 1 . aff: Y- J V BASKETBALL First Row: S. Whiteford, K. Hollenbeck, D. Marker, A. Vasquez, B. Davis, B. White. Second Row: Coach R, Graham, T. Boals, J. Anderson, I. Rust, K. Holbrook, M. Griener. The I.V. Basketball team did an outstanding job this sea- son. The team came out with an overall record of 15 wins and 5 losses, with lst in the Conference. Coach Ray Graham commented, "The boys worked to- gether real well as a team. They are a very fine group of young men, and I think that they will be successful in the next cou- ple of years on Varsity Basketball. " Let's hear it for Coach Graham, and good luck in the future. if .xv ...-1' 50 i 'S ' f g I 1 Sw, 3 " v .B S N ar Qs 4, J ?' A . " 1 f x ih xi .3 M ,, ' :Q il, 4 . A . 5 ,. 1 i Q 34. ,-...ws K 9' xg? 5, Ny. gg T, fi fb.: ff' '. 1 Q. -nw 'W' 'QITN in nw GYNQM - mu so is BASKETBALL NINTH A 4 Standing: Coach B. Edwardson, C. Williams, K. Coleman, B. Cram, A. Dittrich, D, Fox. Kneeling: R. Westlund, B, Barnes, Mgr. K, Dillon. Missing: D. Zupin. The Freshman basketball team was coached by Bill Edwardson this year. Coach Edwardson stressed 3 basic ideas on the team. They were: defense, team work, and hussling. He says that with work, the Freshman team should make a good JV team. The season was highlighted by the 40 points scored in one game by Dirk Zupin. Three of the players fDan Fox, Bruce Cram, and Dirk Zupinj averaged over 10 points per game. Dan Fox led the team in assists, while Kevin Coleman had the best Held goal percentage. Chad Williams had the best free throw percentage, Says Coach Edwardson, "There was no outstanding player, just an all-around hardworking team. " The Freshman team ended the season with a 6 and 5 record, ALL CONFERENCE fl 1 Jan Veliquette Football Offense 8L Defense Walt Edwardson Football Defense E Mike Fox Football ........4 f W, ff-ni Defense Jeff Palmer Mel Bieganowski Football Basketball Honorable Mention Second Team 31 f N1 CHEERLEADERS " Neva or yr . ffm? VARSITY Kathy Banwell Janice Lobb Patty Morrison Shawn G rundei Robin Gotts f k'3f9"" J .V . Veiiquette Debbie Stites Terry Bradfieid Kim McKinney Connie Converse Coordinated Kangaroos? . was OG!!! THGIF!!! NIW!!! Doesn't sound like anything our cheerleaders might say. But translated it's rather simple "GCN !! FIGHT! !! WIN! !! Now that we have your attention let's take a time out to congratulate our cheerleaders. They were always around to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm during the games and assemblies of 73-74. Their spirit-huild- ing confidence helped lead Elk Rapids teams on to many victories. Elk Rapids we're for you! What'cha do that for? Standing: Mr. Robert Reilly, T. Weaver, H. Hockstad, R. Paulus, D. Glowicki, M. Hoekstad GULF A golf team seldom plays to large audiences. There aren't too many people around to disturb a golfer's concern- tration. Right? Just a lot of trees, sandtraps, lakes. . . This year's golf team didn't always manage to miss the sandtraps but then again---they didn't always miss the cup, either. Under the direction and guidance of Mr. Robert Rei- lly, the team won 5 of their 10 matches, a very good ac- complishment considcring this was just the second year of golf, and that two of their matches were lost by one point, Lot's of good luck to the golf team, We're looking for great things in the future! GIRLS BASKETBALL 4! C ,f ai K hu 5' C, 49 '- 5- . 4a , if Yb- 'U Q 5 3 lV. Edna White Kathy Griener G aylc Oaks Anne Greer Tracy McCau11y Katy Steed Jenny Williams Missing: Jeanne Vasqueze Tina Glinski VARSWY Kathy Breece Cindy Merilott Cheryl Curnow Lisa Montroy Dawn Powell Kathy Banwell Missing: Wendy Cobb 35 J.V. BASKETBALL ball for the I. V. team. Easy defeats and high reaching scores Qalways reaching into the hundredsy were consistent throughout the season for this EXCELLENT team. The University of Mich- igan was the first team to be beaten and they were left with ket, leaving the score at l3O-21a technicaly. It was the same story all through the season, of course. No, really the I. V. team was good, but not THAT good. They formed a good strong team and compiled a sea- sonal record of 7-5. We're proud of ya! WN' Technical, Anne? A 12 -0 record isn't bad for the first year of girls basket- tears dripping as our girls nonchalantly scored basket after bas- xx VARSITY Gi.rl's basketball in Elk Rapids is just starting. The natural talent and willingness to learn the game made the girls' team one of the better teams of the league, even though they were pitted against teams with much more experience. Win or lose, however, the team always exer- cised good sportsmanship on the court. Next year when the girls become more experienced, they could have the potential to become one of the top teams in the league. Good luck girls! Missed again ! WRESTLING First Row: J. McLain, R. Swift, M. Merchant, D. Lark, M. Fegan, J. Banwell, R. Merchant. Second Row: D. Marker L. Couturior, J. Veliquette, R. Banwell, R. McCave, E. Macleod, B. Barnes, Coach John Boals. The wrestling team, in its first year as a varsity sport, had a very successful beginning. The grapplers completed the season with a fine 7 -3 record in dual meets. In addition the team finished fourth in the Charlevoix Holiday Tournament. Several individuals performed well in competition through- out the season. Captain Rick Banwell led the team in pins with ll while compiling a record of 16-7. Brother John Banwell led the team in wins with a record of 17 -3. ln addition, two wrestlers, Ray McCave and Rick Banwell, qualified for the regional tourna- ment at Freeland. The first year of competition was a success, and with most regulars returning, the team is looking forward to the 1974-75 season. PNA ,r AA . 1X H Y WL Q A lava N! .JY BASEBALL D Glowicki Third Rowl I-lol brook M Greiner G Allen I Anderson. Second Row: I. Nichols, A. Vasquez, S. Whiteford, Bob Davis. First Row: H. Hockstad, J. Geiger, P. Zak, R. Westlund. Missing: I. Anderson, T. Weaver, S. Lobb. . Fourth Row: R. Graham, M. Fox L4 This was a very eventful year for the baseball team. It featured a grand slam home run qby Tim Weaverj, a broken arm qby Steve Lobby, and a win over the No. one ranked team in the state in class D ga 10-3 decision over Glen Lakep. This year all the games were played in double-headers, a measure taken to save gas. The Elks swept one double- header, and ended the season with a 6-7-1 conference record, Their overall mark was 6-11-1. This was a very respectable record considering the stiff competition of the conference, and the inexperience of the team Qthere were only 3 seniorsj. A special congratulations goes to A1 Vasquez, who was selected first team All Conference Pitcher, and Tim Weaver, honorable mention, outfield. Coach Graham is looking forward to a great team in the future, and so are we Coach! JI' X .I N I I ' fl 1 I I X ! X 5 WWF x N X r ' ' 'Q . , NM X - W X ,. .X Q- ' . ..w, Q - . , f S .. Q 9 s . -s.-iggstx Y k .'.M-w "f313l g rg . x .SX "Y 'QB . 4 '-u u g. -Q.. xr-.. sv . gc, ' gwlg: .N W.. 1-W ., X J ... . ,M ...Mf- v , S x. ' 1 N A 1 1 , X I x wg been - .., 'idx -1'-Bm.-,,Igxg,..,...: N... 'L 5""..l A-45" 1. -- nm f ffl lt if 13. Kf- -sy.. Q. . 'ai 5,44 f .dbg A. I fw, 1... 'L 'E 5? B 'N'. :J M 1 , A' 'mai +1 if.-4' -, ,. A .4a"""k NX .. A fm.. .... A.. 4 ,-VA',..7A A ws - .1 '--3 '.4 O. . .,,,, .j . .,.-r ,M , , xv-,.1y5lv.'-. ..f.:.',5?6fAf- .aux . 5 ' ' - l ..,...,,,l-.hw Iwi ' 4-.aa fs . , V '7" A -. ,.. , N cw f , , . h , . l., ...Jun ,,. 41 TRACK Q Q NK gt D PQI TRACK A in-f 'iff Kneeling: L. Couturier, D. Moody, K. Hollenbeck, R. Boisvert, D. Glick, R. Grose. Standing: Coach J. Longcore, W. Edwardson, R. Brimmer, C. Hubbell, D. Williams, M. Fegan, J. Veliquette, E. Sch lagel, T. McCauley. This year's track faired rather well with a great coach and a fine young team. The squad was the second smallest ever, but ranked high in personal achievement. One season's highlite was Ken Hollenbeck's new time for the mile - 4145.5 minutes. Although we will be losing three senior members this year, the outlook for next year looks promising. New School Records Event: 880 yard relay Time: l:39.5 minutes Event: 440 yard relay Time: 48. 3 seconds Both records set by: R. Boisvert C. Hubbell T. McCauley W. Edwardson gf. S 5 U 3 f 4 ti :tv ba, X Q X f , , . 'J QR gg 5 xxx RAPM 1 N J' N 4' WACK X E 'X , .L ,-gg S 3 , A Q' 1 Q X , 4 ggi W Q K Q K- 0 'g ig ,. 1 K - QNX . 'I ,X . W .. , ' . H g -5 'i ' ' 4 .' J 1-X f ' ' " Q 'J , : 5 r - ' l , A x mf '- ,Q-M f ' b . NHT" L" JMKQT' . -K , -.-,, Q . Y " " y "" -f' f S- ' .. N . at A .xA, k,Y,,,, T, ,X W ,. I .. is-a 'ff .vp f . - 1:3 La: -Q .i .f. ' hm A ui , w.:'-'89-'Navi .i Msg? I -. ' KA' Q Kfffgl l nw 3775s. ' + X ...""I-L' " . 'Dim . '- ' ' ggauii . nw: in 1 .I , all A I. .. V , . , v . saw., ' ,. ' It lil ' m n.-. Y H .. f, X Q 4405 "film" I J,-,gi .gg fm.. .,,5x- ' y'xtw-3253, ............ - iv' M I fflff 4 . YTN X , ,mp I-. - 1 Ei I 4: L X 'Y G S Nwg-g....X, M M -W , ...f" Q If 1,15 1 AA .15 Q 3 I CLASSLS x , F! V , ' .4 an . 4 -vin M4 4 ' . L' . . 0 , 4 4 x -:J gg- ,, U ? V! R H 7 l - To v7 ig' gtg. 'ra ,Q ll i R .PW G .-5' U gr y, ,QQ . 3 fffslii. 3 -1:w !'. Q . - wr Q. -,...,...., . W ,.,3-:Milf-.5 ,N M , FRESHIVIEN 15 -S UQ.z PM sf kXl.s53 Er V , K . H . , s 'Q K -fwfxx sg 4 'f 4 N' ' , i X va : , S. 1 . , f ff ,, N - I QQ' . ,Q I f 19 A , V. Pres. D. Zupin fs.. .-w K. ' N . X . Amos Dorance Darrell Beckwith Tim Burfiend Sandy Conley Pres. M. Sgriccia Tres. M. Koenig Sec. T. Bradfield X . v 4 ' TJ Janet Bill Cheryl Lynn Bakke Barnes Barnes Bearclsley .ssh x X Jackie Rene Terry Bob Blesma Boisvert Bradfield Brown Votch Linda Debbie Kevin Bush Carpenter Clark Coleman Lisa Bruce Kim Lucy Courtade Cram Cram Dawson Kirk Alan Lorry Dan Bob Dillon Dirtrich Ellison Fox Fral ick W I Jim David Anne Paul Tim Geiger Glick Greer Hagadone Hamminga Mary Chris Tim John Curt Hopanger Jarvis JOIIHSOU Tammie Hally Mary Norm Cheryl KSGCI1 Kirkendall Koenig Krogel LaFevre Teri Dave David Don Kathy Lawns Lane Lark LaPointe Leposky Sheila Steve Tracey Laurie Kim Marker Masley McCauley McCormick McKinney m jay Iris Wayne Steve Ron McLain Merillat Montroy Moody Morrison at Q Robin JoAnne Rick Pat Ga ie yoaks Qagey Orr Pardee Patterson tg Eugene Mark Pam Doug Philip Peterson Peterson Pondell Rosenburg Schlagel --mov Mike Marry Mike Mary Cheryl Sgriccia Shananaquet Sheltron Sobbry SOX 41" nf' ff ,..m,, .. Katie Sherry Roger Rich Lynn Sreed Ste ffan Stites Swift Thomas 'O X! 'Y bf u M E 'rl Jeanne I im Rob Edna Eva Vasque z Veliquette Westlund White White 'vt QWNA R ' . V s Z Chad Doug Ed D Judy Pat Williams White Wilson Winters Zak Missing: James Clark, Ken Krumaluf, Diane Merillat, Joe Wilson, June Wilson, Dirk Zupin CLASS OF 77 '5 'P .W :P SGPHGIVIGRES V. Pres. B. Davis Pres, T, Boalg Tres. C. Galligan Sec. P. Norton Exe if Beth 1011 Les Dennis J i1T1 Anderson Anderson Al1IOiH6 Ashley Ashley X A - , A s . ,QE A ' I John Cheryl Tim David 1111 Banwell Barber Boals Bosner Breece Bob Marie Colleen Sharel Barry Buchholz Bussa Clark Clark Cole ll 1 Connie Mike Larry Ron Bob Converse Courtade Coutufier Dahl Davis X Margaret Downey Holly Gotts Terry Haller A fl Mike Hockstad Sue Kerkhof ar R Rh' 'YI""" Mike Eleanor Chris Fegan Finch Galligan M, ,rf il l A ' h . ffl APB: gl, Kathy Mark Cindy Greiner Greiner Grose Lorri Sue Eric Hatch Hefron Hendrickson I im Arlen Ken Holcomb Hollenbeck Hollenbeck Carl Leonard Darlyn Lake LaLone Lane if u. .. .- wk ' Yftff vt if A . w. ' i A rl IIN' . , -Lf ' Tina G1 inski Nancy Haller rnnrl A r M 'Ai " ' ,ir f "' ' L '7 Rick Hirt fi Bonnie I ul in Ka thy Lobb ,nw Yfw f is Nancy Dave LOPCI Lundy Tammie McLain it iw iff KIA' 1. .. fftliy .. I rd is S. W as fi .. r f r? wx Mark O atley Mike Merchant Jenny Orr x Eric Macleod ffm f T, ig- M ' X A K' -.- iam. ,. 1-' vw 'dw-1' H. -- . Mo' M.. - lu' David Moody ,.,,,,,,,,,..,....------. Jerry Orr 1... ,,... G 31? Y S and y Tim Pierce poweu Powell CGD- rv,- .5 Ion Sarah Betsie Rust Schl agel Shumsky 52 V ,.'Q:k.:. N ml . 2 , -, .--K 1 0 V , J H P 'P' 542.2 if xx WA Vg, X : -1 ' ' - P Don Doug Marker Marker i X , K 1 . :Q 3!.,f:4i..iE Ev. f K . : N to M f we 'Q V a ff Q.. ,Q s ,,,. 1 t- . on . 1 , P Ti , 'fe I -':r if f' ' - 6 V , Pat Pattie Moran Norton iv an--Q Ed Phillips Q t J' SJ' ' M. P. K it-. 'A ivy.-.rl 1 1, -2 Q 1' 'Sf' 4' A . -N NT' fQ'T4 'ik I ' gf F ila W, ,, , 'C 'x 'i'?1fif -f f - N- W Dennis Redman ' .iff I Ron Sobbry Marie Phillips Rand y Russel I ". . . Sue Steffen X N its S'-wwf' Al Jerry Debbie Laura steuer stites Taylor Vasquez ig, Q-:XA Q .Q . 'mary .M X KX 1 Q If fx ,an '4 :A if f . 5 V if R' apr ' K . - ' " 653' 'N' . xi ge X.. " ,rx . -"-A All X, B111 Laurie Scott Jenny White Whiteford Whiteford Williams Missing: Mark Barrett Steve Bratschr Jeff Holbrook James Nrchols ' . .9 Neva Veliquette 'V' 2 AW Q , fi ,f . X X V, AA Q if , . 9 1 . ,. 3 r f Karen Wilson Dan Coats Crndy Leatherman Mary Vasque? Mark Bauer Karen Dillon NX Xi? xx Linda White Donna Beardsley Allen Myers G reg W ernzaphel CLASS OF 76 JUNIORS 5--4 . . ' , h Jane Brenda I eff Bonnie Don Abfalter Allen Anderson Ayers Ba kke Cindy Kathy Rick Brad Mark Banwell Banwell Banwell Barnes Barnes , E 5:2-. 953 I L 4 bk L X B A Randy Faith Ted Mel Kathy Bauer Berg Berg Bieganowski Breece 'W ' DOHHH Richard Pat Gale Gordy Brown Bur fiend Bussa Carmoney Converse Cheryl Colleen Don David Kelly Curnow Dean Fedrigon Fielstra Fox 55 Kandra Terry Marty Nancy Art Glinski Gretel Groleau Gross Gagnon Howard Chuck Jenny Kirk Dick Hockstad Hubbell Hubbell Hubbell I21CObi ,pn- .- X N A TOI1i Chris Dave Lee Sf'-We Kingsley Lake LaPointe LSGM ff Lobb f. 5 i x y All Jackie Tim Ray Wendi Ray Mace McCauley McCave McLachlan Merchant I - '5iii.L, 'SZ X Cindy Merillat if C .Q , any Greg Pardee M N tr 42" ,- , X E : E v a Shawn I Redman ff X X Lisa Mo ntro y Richard Paulus 43,61 In... Robin Redman if .- . -- '. 555' V g 3 Phil Ron Sgriccia Sheltron ,,... , . - A ng o A 4 8 'IS' A S- g-,-- K NU. ' . f , Sw r if '- ' W ' fs- f1-' wif 1-' 3 I - If - , wif' 'X . Matt Thomas Judy Tokraks if X? 1 I W i, y 5 n n x f 5 af -Q Joni Morrison il 'V ' or ' . maz'Qf 'k": 1 t Q if Dan Peterson r. , P m .i ' fi,-. ' me-+ 3 I Laurie Sanford ,Q Rex Smith 4- 1- -' 1-13 tw S my Q gg 5f',i5?-, 27 L.lf WL. .,,.., rl.-MT, LuAnn Valentine C Y Q ..f-- JI, 9.4 I Patty Dale Morrison Oaks '49 , i -Arms Dawn Chris Powell Ray 'YQ Ruth Chuck S avage Scott Cindy Brian Steuer Sutter l I Donna I an Veen Veliquette 4. Laura Waterson 'EY' C do ., s.,,iN, Walt Woods f 19 W LJ -x f Barb Tim Dan Chris Way Weaver Williams Wilson Missing: Jim Amann, John Bames, Robin Bradfield, Roger Grose, Curtis Hagadone, Joy Hoopfer, Cathy Powell, Ernie Vasquez. CLASS OF 75 Q? Tres. D. Peterson: Sec. P. Morrisong V.P. C. Merillatg Pres. B. Boals. I SQ V s ' . ,vp-V .J l'i ' A X- 3' I ' . ,.. I 5 -... in C. 1 .- , P' ,ur SENIOFKS 2.1 Tres., S. Grundelg Pres., K, Holbrookg Sec., W. Cobbg V.P., M. Fox. Q5 Gary Allen Marcia Anderson Vicki Barber I'm a Navy man myself. She's quiet, but "OH" what a Innocent? Well . . .maybe mind. Dennis Boisvert l'm just a dirty young man. Terrie Buecholz You have the freedom to be yourself here 85 now. l Kevin Bratschi You may not find me here, but you may find me somewhere else. Almon Buller One thing I can never be accused of is being nice. Ron Brimmer These boots are made for runn ing. Barb Carpenter I generally avoid temptation un- less I can't resist it. Chrsitine Carr Wendy Cobb Tim Coleman Accept me as I am--only Ihefl A pretty face, a smile, and a l'm serious in a funny kind of will we discover each other. friendly "Hello," way. 1 . .. . . 5Qi?Sffi K, .5,'i5?Q5lE1SS-?5gsLi-Ai-ski . . Sue Conley Quiet--yes, Shy and innocent-- Only Clark knows for sure. s. 'ss i Kris Dillon Walt Edwardson I made it an experience, not I'm not late--You just started to just a happening. soon. I e l t was L f t S Rochelle Elliott Jeanette Fegan Linda Finch "Cooky" I'm just waiting for the ships to Quigf is her gfylc . H come in. knows she's really wild! But HE l Mikfi FOX Don Glowicki Robin Gotts Good 'fhiUgS COTUC in big Pack' It's easier just to copy. The "Sweetheart of Sweethearts." ages too I 10A nn Gross Shawn Grundel If there's a way, there's a smile. The simple things in life are all that matter, a quiet word, a simple smile. . . and ME! Steve Hagadone Early to bed, Early to rise, Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and bored! i Dawn Hansen Ken Holbrook I can't picture my-self like this! Never COHfuSC m0fi0l'1 with ac- tion. Pat Hopfinger rg? QW Russell Hubbell You wouldn't believe the low I just come for a visit, butl opinionl have of myself, and don't make it a habit. how little I deserve it. Kathy Krumlauf Cindy Ladouceur Have you got a dime? . . .Sol can I'm not really that short . call Rodger. Everyone is just overly tall! 0 of I Romain LaLone Ronda Lamoreaux Susan Lark You may not understand me, but Sometimes Isits and thinks, and 1 would like to be Shy but the 1 know what 1'm talking about. sometimes I just sits. guys won't let me. Laurie Halle: Leposky Speech is great, but silence is greater. Janice Lobb Laurie MacNico1 If Life is like a P1355 than V11 Who needs school spirit act my way Ihl'0l1gh- you have Hutz Pah. Dave Marker I'm the gentlest he man you can find, Ieff Nagy How do I do it? I begin at the beginning, go to the end, then stop. Irene McCave For me school is just a hobby! Cheryl Morgan If you don't see me, it's because I'm not here. Fred Olsen Jeff Omans Give me a car and mototcycle in Qnly the Best of men are rcmcm- life and V11 be happy- bered and I'm one of 'em. Jim Orr Golden Toe, GTO, Poindexterg you name it, I've been called it' Shawn Powell It takes brains to be smart, and I got'cm. Jeff Palmer Sharon Powell I'm just one of the living exam- Some people live to love, I just ples why teachers earn their pay. love to live. Crystal Rosenburg Jerry Rosenburg "Oh" YOU 1LlCky W0f1d, 100k Out School is a real institution when for here I come. 1'm there, mug!! Ed Schlcgel Howard Scott John Smedley The world would perish if all H1011 Beware! I may just do something Education consists mainly in what were learned. sensational yet. we have UNLEARNED. Sheila Smith Avni Spahiu Chris Steur She's just a devine little angel . New Day. New Hope. "Sheep's wool, is warm. " . . sometimes. Gary Sutter Learning is the property of those who fear to do disagreeable things. Dave White "Better Men than I have lived but I seriously doubt it, " Max Veliquette Men of few words are the best men. Patty Waterson She is a girl always full of smil es. l Sue Williams Terry Wilson "I'm gonna get married, Ijust "Sometimes when one person is haven't found him yetL missing, the whole world seems I depopula ted " N Lucy Woods Hiroshi Yamane I'm immortal: I kI10W it! and Supercalafragalisticexpealadousi- gosh do I feel it, ous. CLASS OF 74 CLASS COLORS Blue and White CLASS MOTTO We are not afraid of Tomorrow, For We have seen Yesterday, And We love Today. Missing: Guy Addison Clinton Ashley Dennis Bolton Pat Cole Terry Coon Larry Geiger Tim Hoopfer John Johnson Roxi Knight Dennis Moody Rick Russell Mike Teffan CLASS FLOWER Red and White Roses Senior Will I, Barb Carpenter, will to Jane Abfalter, one hog call- ing lesson so she may learn to do her call for Tarzan, and a harmonica to play lullabys, I, Laurie MacNicol, will to Jane Abfalter, my ability to look innocent no matter what happens, and lightheartedness all her life. I, Cheryl Morgan, will to Brenda Allen, a ticket to the foundation department at Millikens in hope that she can finally get things under control, I, Howard Scott, will to Brenda Allen, one pair of roaming hands to keep her on the lookout for them on the bus at night. I, Dennis Moody, will to Jim Amann, -- ---my pretty eyelashes. We, the Senior Class, will to Jeff Anderson, a new pair of Basketball shoes. I, Susan Conley, will to Donald Bakke, a pop and fresh doe girl to go with his pop and fresh doe boy. I, Wendy Cobb, will to Rick Banwell, by special re- quest of Jamie Forester, four inches from her six feet. I, Susan Kim Lark, will to Richard Lee Banwell, the ability to flirt and be a spoiled brat and still get every- thing I want. I, Robin Gotts, will to Katherine Jean Banwell, my temper, in hopes that it will supress yours. I, Romain LaLone, will to Brad Barnes, my personal- ized broken sliderule and all of its accessories on the Chem. floors, I, Ken Holbrook, will to Brad Barnes, all my talent in Chem lab--and I pity Mr. Jefferson. I, Susan Williams, will to John Barnes, all my junk cars, in hope you can get at least one of them on the road, l, Tim Hoopher, will to Randy Bauer, my ability to get up in the morning at 8:10 and still be on time for school and one Tequila Sun Rise. We, the Senior Class, will to Mark Barnes, a new notebook. I, Terry Coon, will to Ted Berg, my ability not to skip my classes even when the temptation is very great. I, Don Glowicki, will to Mel Bieganowski, my polish ingenuity to have a car that runs, starts, and stops all the time. I, Marcia Anderson, will to Kathy Breece, my ability to look thin when l'm really 15 pounds overweight. I, Kathy Krumlauf, will to Donna Brown, one new sweat suit for all the jogging you will be doing in your senior year, I, Kris Dillon, will to Patty Bussa, 1,001 more nose jokes for self-defense. We, the Senior Class will to Faith Berg, a new set of tools, for the next year of Ms. mechanics. I, Vicki Barber, will to Richard Burfiend, a brand new brush and comb to brush his lovely golden curls. We, the Senior Class, will to you Gale Carmoney, a new Buick Electra so you won't have to worry about money for gas during your last year. We, JoAnn and Terrie, will to you Gordon Converse a new set of rubbers for your car. We, the Senior Class, will you, Cheryl Curnow, touch -up paint for your parents' car. I, Kris Dillon, will to you Colleen Dean, the courage to share your biggest smiles with everyone, We, the Senior Class, will to Sir Donald Fedrigon, a matching Omega for Maddam Curnow, I, JoAnn Marie Gross, will to Davey fDavid Alberg Fielstraj my ability to drive a car, no matter what con- dition you are in, so as you don't end upside down in the bay again. I, John Johnson, will to David Fielstra, my ability to drive past the Grand Traverse Bay at least twice a day for the next year without driving into it. And to help him pass it with ease, I leave him "Mrs, Jones, " l, Linda Finch, will to Kelly Fox, two pointed ears and a long bushy tail so that she can dress in style during her senior year. We, the Senior Class, will to Kandra Glinski, a sophomore --Edward Phillips. I, Kerry Rosenburg, will to Terry Gretel, a fulfill- ed and happy married life like mine, We, the Senior Class, will to you, Marty Groleau, a car so you won't have to hitch-hike during your senior year, We, the Senior Class, will to Roger Grose, determina tion to keep you in school your senior year. We, the Senior Class, will to you Nancy Gross, Chris Lake, just for fun. We, the Senior Class, will to you Curtis Hagadone, a great time during your senior year, I, Patrick I-lopfinger, will to Howard I-lockstad, all my humility, my way with women, and my expertise in Chemsitry lab, with sincere hope that they will be used. I, Roxi Knight, will to Joy Hoopher, all the mem- ories and good times I won't forget. I wish you all the luck in the world, may you have peace, happiness and every- lasting Joy. I, Jancie Marie Lobb, will to Patricia Joan Morrison, a lot of luck for when she goes to Denmark in hopes that she will not miss her family here too much. I, Tim Coleman, will to Patty Morrison, what was willed to me last year by Bill Bussa. I, Jeff Nagy, will to Cal Nagy, all the times I skipped detention and a better senior year to remember than I did, I, Almon Buller, will to Dale Oaks, the back seat of the bus. I, Mike Steffan, will to Gregg Pardee, my ability to white fish. I, Dave Marker, will to Gregg Pardee, my great ability to skip out of fourth hour and have a great time. I, Gary Allen, will to Danny Peterson, My ability to use Mr. Abfalter's psychology effectively on Mr. Abfalter. I, Shawn, will to Dawn Powell, my bedroom, and all my housework. I, Ronda Lamoreaux, will to Dawn Powell, my ability to paint on windows and have people think I am an artist. I, Terry Wilson, will to Cathy Powell, a lot of excuses for your senior year. We, the Senior Class, will to Ruth Savage, Patience, for she will need it her last year. I, Shari Powell, will to Robin and Shawn Redman, my mug for bookkeeping. We, the Senior Class, will to Charles Scott, a new set of tires. I, Hiroshi Yamane, will to Phil Sgriccia, my habit to buy made in Japan and not a bug made in Germany. I, Terry Coon, will to Brian Sutter, a new car, to re- place his worn out fickle. I, Robin Gotts, will to you Mathew Edward Thomas, because of your athletic ability, a bike. I, Dennis Boisvert, will to Judy Tokraks, me, and a piece of pizza with mushrooms and ham. I, Kris Dillon, will to LuA nn Valentine, nothing. She's got all it takes. I, Susan Kim Lark, will to Jennifer Sue Hubbell, my ability to hit all the Leelanau Bars the weekends Aaron takes AJ. We, the Senior Class, will to Kirk Hubbell, a set of new brakes in hopes that you will keep your distance from Ford Station Wagons. We, the Senior Class, will to Chris Lake, a brand spank- ing new alternator for the station wagon. So you can jump that Burgandy Buick Skylark with ease. I, Gary Sutter, will to Dave LaPointe, two used motor- cycle pistons. We, the Senior Class, will to you, Lee LaGraff, your own Volkswagen. I, Janice Marie Lobb, will to Steven Paul Lobb, my ability to drive the family car without smashing into any trees. I, Christine Carr, will to Jackie Mace, my ability to stay calm during a storm of tests. I, Max Veliquette, will to Tim McCauley, the honor and privilege to walk out of the Arcade door in no condi- tion to walk back in it and get belted in the process, We, the Senior Class, will to Ray McCave, a new hat, so he can throw the old one away. We, the Senior Class, will to Wendi McLachlan, a full year of bus passes to Lansing so she can go shopping. I, Pat Waterson, will to Toni Kingsley, 100 judo les- sons to protect herself against "guys" . I, Cindy Ladoucer, will to Ray Merchant, my better moments, so we don't fight so much. We, the Senior Class, will to Cindy Merillat, the abil- ity to steer clear of any dentist trying to put braces in our mouths. We, the Senior Class, will to Lisa Montroy, the ability to tell Mrs. Duverney that she is going to the drinking fountain, and really go there. I, Tim Hoopfer, will to Joni Morrison, one Ford Gal- ixy with dual tires. I, Wendy Cobb, will to Joni QChipperj Morrison, my ability to appear innocent, We, the Senior Class, will to Ernesto Vasquez, a new pipe. I, Howard Scott, will to Donna Veen, one appendix, so she won't miss it on those long winter nights. We, the Senior Class, will to Ron Sheltrown, one year of hard labor. b I, Don Glowicki, will to Jan Veliquette, my good looks, and great height, for next years basketball team. We, the Senior Class, will to Charles Wilson, Joe Walsh, I, Laura Haller, will to Tim Weaver, my point aver- age so that grades are the least of his concerns, We, the Senior Class, will to Laura Waterson, a dic- tionary for her vocabulary. We, the Senior Class, will to Barb Way, a new book, "My gift to Ecology." I, Mike Fox, will to Tim Weaver and Charles Hubbell, my Volkswagen and a trailer to haul their dear friend around in. I, Chris Steuer, will to My sister Cindy Steuer, the ability to live for today and dream of tomorrow. SENIOR GUY ADDISON GARY ALLEN--Football l5 Drama 2,3,45Track 15 Baseball 45 Forensics 2. MARCIA A NDERSON' CLINTON ASHLEY VICKI BARBER--Class Treasurer 1. 35 Drama 3,45 Office Aid 45 Bake off 2,3. DENNIS BOISVERT--Football lg Track 15 Student Council 2, 35 Prom Court 4, DENNIS BOLTON RON BRIMMER--Track 1, Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 35 Basketball 15 Track 3,4. TERRIE BUCHHOLZ.--Cheerleading 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Drama 25 Yearbook 2. ALMON BULLER--Drama 3. BARB CARPENTER--Office Aid 45 Drama 4, CHRISTINE CARR WENDY COBB--Homecoming Queen 45 Prom Queen 4, TIM COLEMAN SUSAN CONLEY--Bake-Off 2, 3. TERRY COON KRIS DILLON--Exchange Student 3. WALTER EDWARDSON--Football l, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4. ROCHELLE ELLIOTT--Band 1. IEA NETTE FEGA N--National Honor Soc. 3,4. LI NDA FI NCH. MIKE FOX--Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,45 Baseball 1, 3,45 All-Conference 45 Class Treas. 25 Class Vice-Pres- ident 45 National Honor Soc. 3,4. LARRY GEIGER DON GLOWICKI--Football 1,23 Golf 3,45 Basketball 1.2, 3,45 Track 1. ROBIN GOTTS--Band 15 Homecoming Rep. 35 Prom Court 45 Cheerleader 45 V.P. 3, JOA NN GROSS--Homecoming Rep. 25 Prom Court 45 Dra- ma 45 Class Sec. 2. SHAWN GRUNDEL--Pep Club 1,2, 3,45 Prom Court 45 Cheerleader 2, 3,43 Student Council 15 Drama 3,45 Class Treas. 4. STEVEN HAGADONE LAURIE HALLER LEPOSKY --National Honor Society 4. DAWN HANSEN--Drama 2, 3. KEN HOLBROOK--National Honor Soc. 3, 45 Class Presi- dent 45 Tennis 3,4. TIM HOOPFER--Football 1,2. PATRICK HOPFINGER--Forensics l,2,3,45 Debate l,2,3, 45 Band 1,3,45 Pep Band l,2,3,45 National Honor Soc. 4. RUSSELL HUBBELL --B asketb all 1 , 2. ACTIVITIES IOHNJOHNSON--Football 4g Prom Court 4. ROXA NNE KNIGHT--Homecoming Rep. 1. KATHY KRUMLAUF CINDY LA DOUCEUR ROMAINLALONE--Student Council lg Drama lg Debate lg Band lg Football l,2, 3g National Honor Soc. 4. RONDA LAMOREAUX--Library Aid 3, 4. SUSANLARK--Band lg Cheerleader 3g Pep Club 3g Jr. Miss 4. JA NICE LOBB--Drama 3,4g Prom Court 4g Homecoming Rep. 4g Cheerleader 3g Student Council 2,3g Pep Club 3. LAURIE MacNICOL DAVID MARKER--Football 1,2, 3, 4g Basketball 1,25 Wrest- ling 3,45 Track l,2,3g Prom King 4g Vice-Pres 2. DAVID MOODY--Class President l,3g Track lg Prom Court 4g Football 2. CHERYL MORGA N--Office Aid 3,4. JEFF NAGY--Football l,2,3,4g Class Vice-Pres. 1. FRED OLSEN JEFF OMANS--Tennis 3,4g Football f JAMES ORR--Football l,2,3,4g Band 1, 3,4g Pep Band 1,2, 3,4-g Basketball 2,4g Office Aid 4. JEFF PALMER--Track 3g Drama 3g Football 1,2, 3,4. SHARON POEWLL SHAWN POWELL--Spanish Club 3,4g National Honor Soc. 3, 4. CRYSTAL ROSENBURG--Band 1. JERRY ROSENBURG--Band 1. EDWARD SCHLAGEL--Track 3, 4. HOWARD SCOTT--Yearbook 2, 3, 4g Band lg Drama 1, 2, 3 JOHN SMEDLEY--Band 1,3,4g Pep Band 1,2,3,4g Football 1,2. SHEILA SMITH--Yearbook 3, 4g Yearbook Editor 4g Drama 2, 4g Student Council 4g Class Secretary 3g Office Aid 3,4. AVNI SPAHIU--Exchange Student 4g Tennis 4. MIKE STEF F A N CHRIS STEUER--Footba1l4g Hockey 4g Student Council 4. GARY SUTTER MAX VELIQUETTE--Drama 4. PATRICIA WATERSON--Office Aid 3.4. DAVID WHITE--Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g SUSA N WILLIAMS--Band 1, 3, 4g Drama 3, 4. TERRY WILSON--Yearbook 3,4g LUCY WOODS HIROSHI YAMANE--Basketball 4, Exchange Student 4. My name is Avni Spahiu. I am an Albanian hom Yugoslavia. Icome from Drenice, a small town in the Yugoslav province of Kosova. I left my country in August to go to quite a different country, in which people and their customs, language, and environment are different. When I first came over here, Ihad awful problems with the very confusing but interesting English language. Even then the people were so friendly and always ready to help me. Just looking backward to my staying in Elk Rapids I may say that: If all the people around the world were like the people over this district, there would be no misunderstanding among the people on earth. The family I stayed with were bubbling over with hospitality making me feel very much at home, and in this manner took away all my homesick feeling and initiating me into this warm society. Idesire to thank Mr. dc Mrs. lack Abfalter, for giving me a perfect leadership with their high morals. They've taught me and made me understand many things about American reality without biassing my personal ideas. I used to live in a communist country in which we're building Socialism based on Marxsist ideal. Yugoslavia is one independent country fwithout any influence by the othersj, non-alligned and peaceful country. One of our goals is the cooperation with the foreign countries on a basis of equality with all countries and nations, irrespective of differences in social and political system. I am very happy to have the opportunity to come to the U.S.A. and to meet really great people. I also, enjoyed striving to understand the idea and ambitions of American youth. And, on the contrary of that what I knew before, a new idea about American youth engendered in me. I am convinced that American youth is one who try's to find the way of human-understanding among the people of the world, I will always remember my best friends in school, and the teachers who helped me. Avni Spahiu l I stayed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for ten weeks of the summer of '73, Ihad to get used to a lot of changes with the Gilberto Sampaio family. When I first got there, I realized I was in a big city. After Williamsburg and Elk Rapids, Rio is overwhelming. I had to get used to one sis- ter and a maid in an apartment after six brothers, two sis- ters, three dogs, six cats, three horses, one bird, a large house, and all those cherry trees. My family had a farm where they raised beans, chickens, ducks, cows, and limes. They also had a beach house where we spent one of the happiest weeks of my lifeg even if we did almost drown the first night. One thing I really miss is the food--we had steak three times a week. The Brazillians are a warm, niendly people and I have never seen a population that was more beautiful as a whole, Someday I'm going back to Rio fwhen I'm rich and famousj. If anyone has the chance to go there--do it, you won 't be disappointed, A Kris Dillon 76 3.....g1 n I -I v ARTS X1 ACTIVITIES ww- Z qi H! 1 . 1.4. Y . ' " i'i'T P. p D 4 V I I QA. wx-J, ,' :Q . . 4 'K , I' x X x 'f""' r 'V - A N -., g . ,Q , C 1 1 'Q him. 4 BAKE-CFF s ,r 5 ,kk Y "l wonder if I left anything out? Who says men aren't good cooks? A guy won first place in this year's bake-off. In fact, a guy won second place too! You ask what happened to the girls? Well, they were there, baking up a storm along with the fella's but . , . that's the way the cookie crumbles! As you can sec by the pictures, the food looks scrumptious---the way it tastes? Well, just ask the judges! bl! wif L The winner? "Try it, you'l1 like it. " FFIOIVI START . . 1 ff t , ZYIW' Jam' Dar' - was we K ,-I , a 1 . tu Q,2,'f3'i.' -5 :'4L. . ' P 23322315 R '. g sf-f .vii . ax- . 'g S -iw ark Q -Q Baking . , . Mixing .1-10 Z 45,,,x. c -.y -.N 1 w-. ,S 41" GLY! .vs -1 - no . I 'LL 749-of 'X W ',fA ,. Judging . . . FINISH O 'C kgs.: ....,A .rs asus. Sitting: STUDENT CGUNCIL 1 H. Gotts, S. Smith, C. Steuer, M. Greiner. Standing: Mrs. McGuire, K. Banwell, P. Pondell, S. Masley, R. Banwell. This years council as usual consisted of two members from each of the four classes. They were given generous contributions from mem- bers ofthe commumity, so raising money wasn't their main concern this year. But, they did keep busy with a pop-sale and christmas trees. The council is here for a bigger reason than to just raise money, they're here to help the student body if need- ed, and to help better the relationship between the students and the school structure. We hope you 'll put your student council to good use. Sec. H. Gotts, V. Pres. S. Smith, Pres. C. Steuer, Tries, M, Gramer NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Q.. ef ... 'T' as-...xt N .98- These people, clad with charm, poise and personality represent the Elk Rapids National Honor Society. Each and everyone greets the day with a smile and positive attitude. The students pictured above are exam- ples to follow and respect. They have worked hard and diligently through their high school years, and are to be commended for their excellent achievements. Ffrfcr tl-rr-- U'-W" , .t.. M3 g.."'.r-. ? - SENIORS Jeanette Fegan Mike Fox Ken Holbrook Pat Hopfinger Romain LaLone Laurie Leposky Shawn Powell TUNIORS Brad Barns Mark Barns Nancy Gross Howard Hocksta Dan Peterson Phil Sgriccia Matt Thomas Missing: Dan Williams DEBATE ,av Seated: H. Yamane, V. Bush, K. Leposky, L. Taylor, K. Powell, I. Johnson. Standing: D. Veen, T. Kingsley, R. Smith, Mr. Jerry Hockstad, H. Hockstad, P. Hopfinger. "The affirmative team stands firmly resolved that: The Federal Government should provide a program to em ploy all employable United States citizens living in poverty. " This was a familiar sound for the E. R. debate team this year. The Varsity team fnegativej consisted of Howard Hockstad and Pat Hopfinger. The Junior Varsity consisted of Rex Smith, Toni Kingsley and Donna Veen. The debate squad was very successful this year with a strong negative team leading the way with a record of 26-6. Along with their record the team won many trophies. Pat Hopfinger won a first speakers trophy in the Traverse City Invitational. ln addition, the team of Howard and Pat won a second place trophy in the Charlevoix Swing Side Invitational. Pat placed a second and Howard a third in speaker points. Unfortunately, the debate squad was unable to meet their goals in Districts. Congratulations to all and special thanks to Mr. Hockstad for a wonderful coaching season. Little Oscar. I got one two. y I , p Do they seriously think their plan will work? 'he :'Aiti. r 'S r t't l T V . r ff-'J 0--.r .,,, ls FCRENSICS vi ., -v if .Q-uf 'V I K Standing, left to right: P. Hopfinger, A, Greer, K, Dillon, B, Way, K, Fox, L. Taylor, T, Coleman, I. Bakke B, Julin, H, Hockstad. Kneeling: D. Veen, T. Glinski, T. Kingsley, Mr. Hockstad, From father to son. This year the forensics team was not very large, but was suc- cessful in its endeavors. Six people and one multiple reading group competed at District level. Although everyone did a fine job, three members were outstanding--Pat Hopfinger, Howard Hockstad, and Anne Greer. Each competed at regional level, where Anne was eliminated during finals by stiff competition. But, Pat and Howard placed first and second respectively. Pat and Howard then traveled to state finals in Ann Arbor, where they were also eliminated, All 3 should be commended for their fine achievements. Good luck next year to all the new and old members. DRAMA NOT FAR FRCIVI THE GIOCONDA TREE EE K Y LADIES OF THE TOWER The Drama Students, under the direction of Mr. Pope, presented three plays this year. All three plays took a lot of time and effort. But, they were well worth the work in- volved as proven by the audiences' response. In the fall two one-act plays-NOT FAR FROM THE GIOCONDA TREE and LADIES OF THE TOWER-were preformed. In the spring the students chose PLAZA SUITE for their next production. This play was a three-act comedy which made it a very large and difficult assignment. Do to the hard work of many people, PLAZA SUITE was the first play to be presented in the "Old Town Hall" since 1952. CAST Neva Veliquette Debbie Stites Katie Steed Vicki Barber Sheila Smith Votch Bush Max Veliquette Scott Whiteford Wendi McLachlan 85 PLAZA SUITE I" CAST Jane Abfaltcr Chad Williams Miko Sgriccia Teri LaLone Hiroshi Yam ane Gary Allen Mary Koenig Janice Lobb Jenny Williams Max Vcliquctte Kathy Banwell M ark Peterson OFFICE AIDES L. eggs K . X f fs as f ..f if K - '? si Q4 ELF FV: -5 'S-. 1 ......,,,,-1 , Row: S, Conley, P. Bussa, B. Carpenter, B. Way. qi NL -..Qi-Zi Back Row: D. White, R. McCave, K. Hubbell, R. Banwell, K. Fox, K. Dillon, C. Morgan. Front Sitting: Judy Hoopfer. C Office aids are girls and boys that volunteer their . Q iw, f i free time, to help in the office. They help answer s ' A ' lk' f ' the phone and keep attendance. They run errands ' , C - . X 'C " gf -.., ' - Li and he1P out wherever th6Y'Ie needed. Next time 'fe ,f - M ' t I . .4 It A- E f . . 2 W. .. ,., A- - f' , .f iqw f -. N you need help--call an office aid. A Q .ff I M up Nl J p Y - I J D ., " Jjwf 7 ...lf-f. ' i -. we--'V A -rm ' 1 M , . ' C 441i-51 I 4 xi- D Wifi A ' .ff or ef 1 .1 rf IQIHQ ,A-,' v vm-X JL, K Dmvlwxvrw- in l x - H d 5- ... P . 1- - The Bobsie twins??? dl ,Wx The band has been performing well this past year by participating in: Football half times Band and Orchestra Festival Solo-Ensemble Festivals Exchange Concert with Suttons Bay Year-round concerts And Fine Arts Festival All this adds up to a fine band directed by Mr, Williams, Thanks to you all, Walter BAND t, .ffl ,- -- . . s-.1 ,- PEP BAND Severensen and Hirt get it on! Musicians at work ! Who are those Marvelous Music Makers? Why it's the E.R, Pep Band under the direction of Mr. Walt Williams. These are the musical people be- hind the scenes of E.R. 's own "New York Philharmonic," Thanks to these people our half time shows are a treat to listen too. Thanks guys for a great job. PS: Special thanks to Mr. Williams for putting up with us. Mr. Williams Trio l N 4 ATHLETIC BANQUET F ,i , . 5 s' ' f The Athletic Banquet was a tremendous success. Awards went to all who participated in sports. The Alonzo Stag award fthe award to the best senior athletej went to co-winners: Walt Edwardson and Mike Fox. W We all love to laugh, and laugh we did when the Freshmen class appeared in diapers, rollers, and trooper H-E-L-P! r ., ,1- 'lm i, is W .'iQ. I just washed my ears and I can't do a thing with them. X .r boots! lt was a day of fun and ridicule which will not be forgotten by the Sophomore class for a long time to come. Thanks for the make -up job! Giddy-up! Maybe later? J 4 l M ,f 3' 5? IE. IVIA-JOFIETTES Although we don't hear much about the majorettes, they are a very important part of the school activities. They perform with the band, in rain or snow, twirling their batons that have taken them years of practice to perfect. Next time you're at a football game remember to look for the majorettes. They're not hard to find. They're standing out on the field in little white skirts, twirling a little silver stick. Joni Morrison fMissing Cheryl Curnow and Kelly Bo- o nej -gig!! Boy, its almost over! ! Fire Up! 1 POM POM GIRLS f'l Back Row: Mary Koenig, Nancy Loper,Tina Glinski, Cindy Leatherman Front Row: Teri LaLone, Betsie Shumsky, Laurie Whiteford. SPANISH CLUB 5 Standing: L. Thomas, K. Cram, I. Vasquez, J. Wilson, Mrs. Hevia, T. Kingsley, S. Powell, P. Waterson. Seated: K. Fox, B. Anderson, B. Way, P. Bussa. HOCKEY P. Sgriccia, G. Weinzapfel, D Lane, C. Steuer. 93 , 7' 0' X 'Q .- .NX -.Q Q83 4 4, .-- " . -wx si is -X X w K 0 gs 5 1, xg' X P K 1? f X " Q .r X X VJ' X 5.32. K ' gb if wa Qi T K SM M a -Q ' my hr, l ! NQKKK1 , - X 1 I R kg -K K, - , Q . L W- X 41" f ' W 5' S , 1 "5 XXX- li P - if .FK Ll H g. 1 'K' 'L Q x . K : -as -X Q- ,x - . I . I S. 2 , f il XX ' aj. L. Q K- !if:Q', I t -N "E"WAv..x Y in Q K . K k RQ 'K -L iz,-f-if A ,gK.wg,., Y gg k ki- -- f . , Q 5325 . Xgkxy is - - -N X . 8 NS -I K if .y,:, . . ,A my KK , -, x 'Rx I K 3 arx? fri a 2 m 5-! 5 -, -Ki-xv. K K -- Q --Q--ff --.ziasizsffzv ' s L.k- A i Q xxx - X E - K-xxx K r 3 ,N X K' S- - F253 U ge' Si'-gif X, , ,Q S if N X x is If S- A Q . 3 fs K X, --Q- 1- V' 3 . Q' fire- X ff .A s 2.,x x nm.. .v-nv.. X5 ., X 4 u 1 ...L is Q N.-.W 1 ., 6 . '5.':fK-YK' L. S N K :K f ..' 5- if X fs' if gr.. al f - K 1 1 A i Ei- sas K+ 4 f, 5 0, :Q 6 Q. 5 ?5' K' f 50- , is 4' in 5- ' 3' f , 4 , ,. .,... KK M 'K xx if '? - Q, kk f -K 1? ' gun Eg I :A ' J. K Q I . U . fl Q. . N ii K ,- is-+ f.. . ff J- Lu " ' :.K:.yix fig' A M Z Kggl . ii 1 1- 553 , - - 9' X X L x Y if : Tgff,-.gf .Q 5 N w- Q NQX 6.4 xxx N. -5 Q mx mx, ,, S-1 , - .. x. N . 5 . HX' fl YEARBOCK Thanks to everyone for their hard work and . . well, more hard work. Composing a yearbook isn't an easy job for anyone, and our small staff of mostly inex- perienced members topped it off. We tried to compile an original yearbook to interest everyone. Thanks to these members for their total efforts: Mr. Jefferson- -advisor Sheila Smith--editor Dan Peterson--photographer Howard Scott Beth A nderson G ayle Oaks I-Ially Kirkend all Mike Sgriccia Mary Hopfinger Darrell Beckwith Mark Peterson A nne Greer And to those who sold advertisements: Jane Abfalter Laura Taylor Wendy McLachlan Sue Kerkholf Sue Hefron Nancy Haller Jeannette Fagen A special thanks to: Mr. help with photography. Pope and Rex Smith for their ,-'M' f , 1, -wi V ' a X T555 'K QQ. :f ..... -elf. 'N-A SE - ' S W nv, JR. AND SR ,rf l if BANQUET The Banquet is one of the last main functions that the seniors can attend. It is one of the major projects that the Juniors put a lot of time and energy into planning. What is a Ir. Sr. Banquet? It's a semi-formal evening out, at a nice restaurant. It's good food, the reading of some wills and a prophecy. The evening also includes the presenting of a few little gag gifts to the Seniors from the Juniors, along with a few other events either expected or un- expected. But most of all, it's a pleasant evening with friends and a lot of memories after. Dennis and Ken read the will. ig E1 ,f .' vyx KFF9 ff! "Oh, look whatl got!" Janice reads the Prophecy. PROM King David and Queen Wendy. 1 P PROM COURT This year's King and Queen were David Marker and Wendy Cobb. They reigned over the evening at Shanty Creek Lodge along with there court of Janice Lobb, Shawn Grundel, Robin Gotts, JoAnn Gross, Dennis Moody, John Johnson, Dennis Boisvert and Tim Hoopfer. .--f"--"' ,.f 2 f f ,Y1 n X3X',x, '. fl in .S- XX-'s TT XX X KK 'X 5 i i... W 9 .xx ' 1 Q s .a- - GFIADUATIGN wx, -Y X . f i. . 4,- .X- v. J c f , i 1 X 5 3 f -E l 37 1' x I if ', S N . .Q . Vx: ff' ..lA,g3,,"lwf-1 . . k :N AH A 133s-fwif: A, R- ' 1 X gigs, ., M, r- " f Nad lx? Qwiisq. NWN do 04' ..i.x'l Q i Q 0 ' i.v U . . as 'Q Os 1'!- N 91. X Q--v-"""TS' .,.. QQ. ,,..-4-11-L YW 'Hf"I -mv, 5 - .. f . 'x-Wawfflsf ' '-J . P N 35" ' 7' f' X i. WJ, ' w it Ivllq- Tw :Ai U ff- -7 Q" if "M , .W M' -:K 1- ' tif!! A1 y 1, , fk!,E""'F,'5'Sil.' gf' - V35 Us "X f' 'Q' A v .rw-:. 7 71- -X 1Xih M,g4 V ... lx as , .X it. Su. if H ' xxgyuf N 13 'QA ,fig - E 4 A 'C F ,5- S. 'gy Q . dr 'f ' , ' L1 nw 5 4- A xx JV' 5. ,115---A ' Q' 9 'G' "-af w U ixxvqyr A51 i5,?,,,A . . D ' f-Q65 ' iwffd 1 W .. ' 'K Y? X vf ,W X - -. All M A X -xy , 4 Q' 'L ,gr- J -vlv ly. I t Q L Ai. Q A 5 8, CLASS PROPHECY I am the spirit of the class of 1974. At this time they are holding their first class reunion here in Cra- ter City, U. S. A. I have followed each and every person who was a 1974 graduate of Elk Rapids High School. The occupations that my classmates hold now surprise me very much, they should all be proud of the accomplishments they have made through the years. Here we are at Moon Rapids High and I see Ken Holbrook is the special speaker at the reunion, being as he was the president of this class back in 1974. Ken is now the mayor of our city, he has lived here in Crater City since 1984. Pat Hopfinger, the famous lawyer has just made his appearance, he will probably give a short speech later, he was always known for his short speeches if you remember correctly. Now as'I look over to the corner of the Gymnasium I see a few old friends, I see Guy Addison and Gary Sutter, they own a large gas station. Also, I see Tim Cole- man, a professor at Meteor College. They seem to be enjoying themselves. . .As old memories come back. Over in another corner Laurie Haller, one of the moon's most prominent marriage counselors, giving some tips to a few of the girls. Among these are Vicki Barber, Linda Finch, Lucy Woods, Cheryl Morgan, Sharon Powell, Patricia Waterson, Kathy Krumlauf, and Terry Wilson. Terry and her husband now own Kenmore Appliances, I hear they are doing very well. And there's Janice Lobb, she's made quite a name for herself. She's an actress with her name in lights, She's talking to Roxi Knight and Crystal Rosenburg. They stopped in on their way to Columbia to see Marta, it certainly has taken them a long time to get started, but what do you expect from that old blue Ford. Look who just walked in, why it's Don Glowicki. He's the Coach here at Moon Rapids High, with him is James Orr, form ally known as "Golden Toes Orr" or "GTO". He must be giving Don some advice on coaching his football team this year. There is Rochelle Elliot, Robin Gotts and Susan Lark, They have to leave early. It seems there is an emergency at Craterville Hospital. Over there, isn't that Dennis Moody? Why of course, he owns Moody Incorporat- ed. He still lives on Earth. He says "Ya can't grow tobacco on the moon, not like mine you can't. " And look who just buzzed in. It's Jeff Nagy and his associates, Tim Hoopfer, Russell Hubbell, Rick Russell, and Mike Steffan. They seem to have the munchies, because they are heading straight for the snack bar. I hope we can get them to do a number for us later. All this good food was prepared by Miss Betty Crocker of 1974, Jeanette Fegan, she has a lot of time to cook while waiting for the ships to come in. The main dish tonight is fish. Dennis Bolton and Ed Schlagel's fishery has supplied the fish, and may I say I've never seen so many kinds of fish in one place before. Wendy Cobb and John Johnson couldn't make it to- night. It seems they ran off to Colorado some years ago and haven't returned yet. Over there is Mike Fox, the famous Baseball player. He's talking to Ron Brimmer, the famous Track star. There seems to be alot of excitement over in that corner, and I can see whyg Our First Lady President, Kris Dillon just entered the room with her secretary Terry Coon at her side. I'm really surprised she made it, she's been so busy. Marsha Anderson and Sue Conley are trying to get her autograph, they've never seen a president in person before. IoA nn Gross is up on the platform modeling clothes from Terrie Buchholz's latest summer line. Terrie has been very successful with her stores. Everyone is watching except Walter Edwardson, he's in the corner watching the Johnny Carson Show on T.V. , it's always been his favorite. 'There's Dave Marker. the famous Wrestler, he's talking to Gary Allen. Gary's been a dignified mortician for several year s now. There's Hiroshi Yamane. He's waiting to give David a few lessons in Karate. Larry Geiger and Dennis Boisvert just arrived. Dennis must have been tied up down at the Butcher Shop. Larry works with Dennis as a carry out boy. Sheila Smith, Chris Carr, Steve Hagadone, Cindy Ladaceur and Dave White are sit- ting at that table over there discussing politics, it must be quite a discussion since they are all U. S. Senators. Romain LaLone just came in late, he's the only Senatorl know, who's not allowed the exemp- tion of traffic tickets. Chris Steuer, the famous agricultural farmer is discussing a problem with Shawn Grundel, it seems she's having problems growning her banana trees. This reunion looks like it's going to be a nice one. The program tonight includes Avni Spahui giving a speech. John Smedley is going to play a tune for us., he's quite a musician now. Barb Carpenter will also give a speech, she has done very well for her-self as vice-president of the Barbie Doll Company. Laurie MacNicol will also be appearing with Omar Shariff. And for the final show Howard Scott, a famous poet, will read a few of his poems. Over there is Almon Buller, he's talking to Ronda Lamoreaux and Shawn Powell in hopes that they will put a few books on guns in their library. Sue Williams and Dawn Hansen are in the other room trying to recruit some people into the Navy. I hope they're having some luck. Max Veliquette, Jeff Palmer, Fred Olson, Clinton Ashley and Pat Cole couldn't make it tonight it seems that Michigan was snowed in all flights to the moon were cancelled, The reunion has finally come to an end and Jeff Omans is saying a closing prayer for us. Everyone will go their own way, but in the hearts of all, the spirit of "'74" will always live. These people will always remember Elk Rapids High School as they go through their lives, and all the good times and the bad times that they had getting through. May I say I am very glad I was a part of this class. Good luck to all of you and may God Bless you through the years to come. Class of 1974 CURRICULUM AWARDS Art--Kris Dillon Business--Linda Finch Communication- -P at Hopfinger Foreign Language--Shawn Powell Industrial Arts--Jeff Palmer, Gary Sutter, Ed Schlagel Mathem atics--Ken Holbrook Music--Walt Edwardson Social Studies--Sheila Smith Science--Rom ain LaLone D. A. R. award--Shawn Grundel Alonzo Stagg--Walt Edwardson, Mike Fox Best Actor and Actress--Gary Allen, Janice Lobb Betty Crocker--Jeanette Fagan Homecoming and Prom Queen--Wendy Cobb Senior Boy and Girl--Ken Holbrook, Shawn Grundel Kiwanis Honor student--Ken Holbrook Optimist Award--Ken Holbrook, Sheila Smith Readers Digest Top Honor Student--Laurie Leposky Alma College Award--Ken Holbrook, Mike Fox Veterans Award--Pat Hopfinger Wally Zupin Award--Robin Gotts Alpha Beta--Ken Holbrook 1974 Yearbook Editor--Sheila Smith wwf 1? W: 5 L 3 V ,M V f A 1 X " ' Q 4 vw X , V: V 2 S L f I, 3,323 1 J,-e 1 .f .. j 'v 1 ,g Q Aa i 4 - . 4 I Aux I H 'iw 4' gd,5,.?f, ,, -3 . Y ,Q-, Qemfn- -W-.Um in X QW Q 459 A 'ix I eg it ,Sa YEAR Rib THE up TEACHER qI'l :U M T 1 R. E T... M- M E Ib R 2 E E K 2 ss HM Good? No! Terrific? No! Out- standing? Well. . . maybe. Everyone seemed to agree with most Q ly of I these, as this good, terrific, out- standing teacher was chosen-Ta! Da! -- as the TEACHER OE THE YEAR! Deserving---definitely yes. . :sw 1 ,Qtr SV' Mr. Graham Wrong againg 20 pushupsl Mrs. McGuire The Civil War was a party compared to this. Mr. Thibert It's Pronounced T-BEAR! Mr. Lougcore Who's AWOL Today! 1 X if I Mr. Hockstad Hmm, these glasses need adjusting. YW ,Al - .,. in 163 A-3 Mr. Gotts Where's Billy Jean King when you need her? Coach Glowicki No streakers allowed in gym! Mr. Jefferson Y0u're right but it's like this. Mr. Pope What more can we say? 'WV' -'S hiv: . x' 'Wil fag-f -- . - ff.,-'Q x. xkyqj-4 82115: npnyx Mr. Abfalter Tardy Unexcused! X is . -il -ff few.. Mr. Veldm an I especially enjoy Ms. Mechanics. '-f --we Mrs. Swartout time try serving it over the net! Q3 w QQ '9 8 .3 53" is M Mr. Gates They call THIS art? Mrs. Johnson What's the problem this time? Mr. Williams Another Lawrence Welk? Mr Dykstra "RATS !" ll-1 fifjf gs A ss. ,. san..-1 1,3 s-.X Q Mr. Boals Peanut butter sandwiches and Cream pies. ,aw ' ' J... Mrs. Gates Our favorite sub, Mrs. Amos That's alright. s only a year over due. x :hu 1 -Q-A gf Q f' ?,.-,L ', 49- L' x 'Ti Mrs. Durveney You have to taste it to believe it. Mr. Davis "Cut that out you .... pir1heads!" Mrs. Lam ore aux Well- -hello there! 'af' W! 'll lg-sl X X S Dr. P eterm an 4 41 .FH Y ve -'35, faikru Secretary Mrs. Moran SUPERINTENDENT AND PRINCIPAL Mr. Bellinger -Q-awnwomng Secretary Mrs. Hoopfer X ,M -X, , Q. xv R MV? M y Ah i -iz We QS? . X X . Mr. Boals ,ace X X .rf ,..Q.wl!' Mr. and Mrs. Stites Front Row: JoAnn Ayers, Art Fleet, Roy Line, Jack Morden, Tom Baggs, Cliff Reynolds, Bob Boals. Back Row: Ray Stitcs, Jeanette Galligan, Ed Holbrook, Charles Galligan, John Tom- pkins. BEHIND THE WALLS Mrs. Holbrook iii I x . A DVERTISEMENTS V. , . H 4 . .. ...-,Q cult-'1"3"""" K ' """".'A '.' is Q L1 T':!f..-m- -.i..2f-9-.,1li29"f"9"'." ,,,, - M.: -- --'A--AQ - ' "Q 295.3 '?h17?N-s 'O -.. ' 42' " '-17" ' " QW nw fa -iffvT'Q' "--Q' :T , 33-.0 ' Q-? !..:,: iw' Y ,. ...P w -.-y1t:- 51 .13. . -, -.-W ,-,, -..,. .""'.. " " ---'E-'Fw fog 5 V A -- ' w . -.1 . s- I 0 ' -'--, V 'istan--'nu , , :gg Zf.'f.T.ffgQQ1.l4----W- -'li-Q3 , .f,j'L+-A - . , l.. -25. h ,Q Lis-lat- ' v 3 7"""""1 ' " Q -755 H - ' l ." I' ""1'x , " - - , 5 'f F - -. A --in-A , Q .- :inf I - 3' "fg.-il... X... .,.,.,t3i +4 un --'. - -' .- 95 i ' UF 5? Q -'WL "M 5 :" . :DL "". ' ., .. ' .. 'D-'E ... . . f- - 1 N- 2 , . , Q . 7' P ""': ..'-5.1: tx --....,.c...-.. -D 5 -I Q B '. , ' h "'L..a.I if u I-:..'hll 2... 1 'd y X . 1... L. -J ' 4 Q, X xx U -' tt."-if rl? 6 1 s N X L - -2 -.E ' -... A. 5' ff - 'Yi C -insist ' ' l ' gh , I sg., , Jfgij i -5 1 ,, . b Q Q' r' X lf' - ' x ' if"sns-1 J gn. Z t 'Q o ' .ls I-an-.,.g - 453913- , -5 2. ,I .V I . H . 'X Hits: m., . " g x -I 4-she.-.1 N l b I 'Ji Q, I - -A 0-f-.aj 'J 0. . ' ' -gf.L?.'-.':-l,?" C.. 'mf-' IQ ' ' ' ' '21 "f-' 4 v-is 3 - i H W'-hr s Ego ,gr :gif ,Q ' : 1 -x Q 5 J 15.5 Ld' -:LQ . t , h . 1 9 44' 'dpi . ' ' Q! " i X . f.-M' . 4' , I if ,' l F V I b 1. 1 Q 1 ' r--... : f-mf, f ' 1 , . 4 X 11... 1' 5 Ig' X - R n'tw E v t .tx H I -.I l it ' A Z ' 45 ff ' 5 ' Ni i- If 34 "FO 1' A. , J., g 5 U 5 ,a ,,, 5 k ,lg Pe. .h xv ,,? f : SX, H :HL -' '60 5.4 QQ' 1. ' - ' ' 5 2 ' -' - A D, H f Y Q' ti ws , X 14-r -x P5 5 , ':g Q - 6 ' " if , ' 1 'E Q Q 4' .. 'au 1 , ' . 1 rf ' gs - N. T , A J ,A l i C i ' D I Y :,s,: S , I' ' r T th '15 ' lv ' " """ lllsx --'-' 'sl-T -1 'i Q A Q 1, 3 '- ' , , Az- - ' A wi I- :I .- -, . art-1F'..a 2 va 4.-av '---A "' ' K - . - I i - u :M - .KN Q QQ, , -', ', 40 ,...,. 4 .' ' . "' Q ,.--.-.. fi' 'Q 5 : "' N 'QQ' n gi: ,r ,f,,,.,,,h4m, Q .ff ,.- -,I . -J'- ----- -vt .nv-'-1--its ,xv , f-fm-J.-f ' '.1:'::-ffm Q' xv 1 -,J f - - -1 v L.,','-.- '-'-,."'r.'s1, '1 --- - , . 'o ,W ' 1 Aa-'rift J- 1 ' , A Q' v . A A' ' iz.. X- t .1 45 xv I ' Sf- Q I .. N? if A--. 6161164-5531 3a':1EE- - . SUPERIOR BRICK CRAFT General Masonry Kewadin, Michigan 49648 All Types of Stone Brick, Block and Pat Fegan Concrete Work. THE HOUSE OF COIFFURES Distinctive Hair Styling Color Technician 212 River Street Elk Rapids, Mich. 49629 Phone 264-9664 WANIGAN CORP. -Happy People Congratulations Class of 1974 EXCEL AUTOMOTIVE -Complete Bldg. Sup. -Valspar Paints -General Contracting -Olympic Stain -Architectural Design -Weiser Locks Ed 8' Ford K .I -T : ,, L A haw . 'I -:f i HATCH PHARMACY Headquarters for Prescription Service Cosmetics - Russell Stover Candy VIC SCHULER SAND AND GRAVEL SGPTIC tank ' Compliments of and excavating ELK RAPIDS Rapid City, PRO HARDWARE Michigan Telephone 322-4774 Congratulations to the Class of '74 JOHN A. TSCHUDY D.D.S. C0flQfafUlafi0nS Congratulations Class Class of 74 of 1974 Peggy and Andy of the EVELYN'S FABRIC SHOP YUBA TRADWG POST US 31N Congratulations To The "Class of 1974" KNlGHT'S BARBER SHOP Downtown Elk Rapids Compliments of MORRISON LUMBER COMPANY DON'S SUPER MARKET fine Uk Hlapido .Txwgmwa Ph- 264-8110 "Your home town newspaper," Q-Q. Complete 'F -4,1, d I Offset -- Letterpress l ,,,,n,mgSme Shamwae REALTY Jerome N. Bradfield 116 River Street 6 1 Elk Rapids 264-8115 Broker Elk Rapids, Mich. 49629 Congratulations TOWN CLUB Jim and Kathy Bradfield To Our Future Customers Downtown Elk Rapids Beverages Food Best Wishes From MCLACHLANS FARM MARKET US 31 North 264-8456 ED AND SON FOOD MARKET "The store with the heart- in the heart of the village." Meats are our specialty. ELK LAKE FLORAL We Grow, Create, and Sell The Finest 264-8188 Cairn Highway Elk Rapids, Michigan I Congratulations to The Graduating Class Of 1974 HOOVER'S Red, Ginny, Jon, Jeff, and Mike ELK RAPIDS LAUNDROMAT LYLE and CORAL MCLAIN REAL ESTATE ONE GRAND TRAVERSE Gordon Trunquist Realtor Traverse City Professional Real Estate Service Residential, Commercial, Resort, Acreage, Waterfront MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE Elk Rapids Betty Jo Kunze Dot Poniatoski Roy "Red" Hoover Best Wishes To the Class of "74" DR. DONALD F. SHELLER AND STAFF AN DO BO'S 148 River Street Elk Rapids, Michigan Best Wishes in 1974 Bob, Becky, Mike, Bill 8t Tom Congratulations to the Class of 1974 Stu Merillat TRAVERSE CITY STATE BANK Elk Rapids Office Best wishes from your friends at the bank Barbara Bellinger Phil Sinkule Jean Doner Elsie Depew Dorthy Merillot 4 BOB'S IGA It's the Only Place to Shop! Foods Are of the Finest Quality and Value. The Clerks Are Friendly and Courteous. It's Fun Shopping at Bob's IGA! Downtown Elk Rapids Best Wishes for the Future ROBERT G. WONACOTT M.D. JAMES O. LAWRENCE M.D. JOHN AND SANDY'S Downtown Elk Rapids A great place for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner! Shoes--Sportswear-Clothing men, women and children 264-5241 CAROQS FAMILY FAS:-uoNs Congratulations to the Class of H740 RITEWAY PARTY STORE Bill and Sue Kennedy ELK RAPIDS GOLF CLUB Compliments of Elk Rapids Golf Club 9 Challenging Holes on Beautiful Elk Lake 264-8891 Congratulations To the Class of "1973" W. 8x R. POWELL CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. VILLAGE OF ELK RAPIDS A Growing Community Geared for lndustry and Tourism ZUPIN OIL COMPANY NRM.:-. A A,........1'li'm From all of us at Zupin's FOX'S JEWELER This areas only member of the Diamond Council of America swXlIif4f if Z I g f 5 7 N Downtown Traverse City DOUBLE "M" GARAGE Total Products Wheel Balancing Kendall Oils Machinery Repair 264-8355 Elk Rapids Michigan ' sr' , I t Lp iviiCKEY's MANTLE CONGRADULATIODIS i 5 , ELKS sg Ladies' Apparel FOR A FINE SEKSQ FRQM' PPM' is Campus Plaza N A 5 A' 5 Y -3 Traverse City Compliments of the Ql,iif?,. " New EARL Goss JEWELERS lkl 5. till as . iii I OUNIR Across from Bartlings l Ex T f Traverse City I Emil. 945-5545 ff ' fR:JE,.g2C.QM ' Q90 L N6 BIG BOY Traverse City, Michigan Compliments of BILMAR SPORTS INC. Traverse City, Michigan Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1974 THOMAS L. GEORGE 81 FAMILY Compliments of ELK RAPIDS PACKING COMPANY Canned and Frozen Fruit Products TIMBER LANES Lincoln Lounge Family Bowling and Entertainment Center US 31 S0uth fAt City Limitsj TOPS GULF STATION Elk Rapids, Mich. RIVER PHARMACY Professional Center Elk Rapids, Mich. M ,t,, , f9.99, Q.,WY1OtigE,XQ,9wwk-kooc HX G Z5 Q03 us-F754 QQQQ . ,I , MQ n 0 if WM QWDJ?Lu LY WWW' 62594 ' fwfmwm .ocfrfwd CM www ,Dam ww QQQCLX. N I f LUV , I ZLJZLL Q 4- 'J ' N V 'Q . , v, 7 :Z v QE xl- ---. 5 .2151-4 R T -.-.I , ,, .M , f ,Q . IQQDZ9 A515 H Q W . rl K 1 C" V p rl V 'LJ X .3 ., "'Q7',.g l ,fJ'4i1 Z1 Ulf Y W? xf- ,Ea W, Q . ' 7 A-. fi W 13, , - 4 Q 6 ' '31, 6, 'Ex , .f Xvfyl ' F, fyx N Q CF J l- - V - . b 5 . ,,, , , . fnfuafma-Li' omwclfaw Lf3fLfwfCQ-ff-V is Q1-f . O Aiwcf- ,,444J,,,-M,-fi ,JSLZYQC an h QW 'embyf . X3 'SZ 45? EU -5355 p 1 figjfs Nadi, be me Os -Ycmor-, Q-,OX LU remember? Q-T0 0. SWA NAA ax 'fdkx 'H S'bn2,0569-YV ha ,hm My Q. -pEPif KM Coon Q, G., NSW? Rona WY' Wie, . e f90faQ1if3QiflQf

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