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Elk Mound High School - Moundonian Yearbook (Elk Mound, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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4 , A 4 , -.Mm -QA ,. Q "'L'k fm , W. -l' 2' Nr S " . 3 ,. kc F A V, , 0 ,, ,,'. A ' - ' N 9. . ,L -- M ' ' " V H W ,. gm., A i, .Vi V1 K .l S wr M?i:,f,,..V I I kggiw. .V A . f V k' k 5. , .X K N , K. if Q 4, X 1- .1 Q y .v,. V V "" W2 L Q15 It J Z. .:,. ..rrL q Q1 ' - if A 3 H Q. ., 1.5, wg.. Y .5 . 1, vm X Vg., 3 -wk .. V wp an .a gk, V 1 f 9, "2 is Q K , we V. W 1 IQ.-.P-'fh" V 'WW m 1- f , ,W X we we gif gg Q MWVZ: .. A A A X i f, A 'iw f - f A Q V, . V , , A 5.3 gps 44 'S mf' F f' ...EY 'A W ,6 ,. .sw ...kj- 1 wp 'vm' ' '- N, -KK . --H15 KK W KKKK W.. ,Y K 1 , .y ,gg ww. . ' . 'J' "ww...,,.-.,f .. G -- , - ,I Y , --f-,....,,,,,,mKMKKm K1 , .. , , 7.1711 ' - , -- LLL.L ,L A , M, mf ' - M ' gg' vw fu., f K k gf, , 1 - , ' . . 5 1 'A , , M ""' 'Q ,"'5'f ,X' K7 'L ,. Wav.. -Nm , E w.. i nw fi' Vw W W ' ' ' 'iw 'K " - .2 .- I ' , " ' ' Wi m-mm.,,, Q., W, , .4 ' -' www. Effie,-ggvif' ny,-ww.. ,. . .. - ' K 'k.., R K .- 5 , N J xxx ' '. T54-'W-'f.' :"'e'- .. , - 1 - ' :""-"M-vw . ' ., , ' ' , T' L 4 .M --.W , . ' - Q V 5.1 fm:- A , f- ,A ' ' 5 v , ., M 'K x, . Q 4- ,Q pq, 3.l:mmwBH.' ji K 4 K M K I, ,, NK '--- -. , 1.3 ,K 'U fkifl. J K .KK t,'j.LWKK K A - N. . . " A . K " A S 4' . .4-K I -mpg K gg.. 1, KK jyqw . 1 K M Amie up K.,,Q...Ky..hW MS tag ku ,MMM V " 5. ,Aka . .. I U io-sf' ew K K K fs. 5 an in ay . ,. . ,M ' - A K 4 K KKKKW ,, W .W--A - 1. f - " 1 A- K vm t M af' .. . rj. '--' nz QM. . .Q . 4 ,M A -K M, J, -am. R. ' a. , . H H' , . , , . . .11 ,. , , -. f'f E . .A '- M 'lg' igrisakw M - - " ' . Mg f Ma ' f 53. ,Qi . N . , r- M rf ' 5 1 .. L - ' . kink, S ,ek K ' ,Ky J K K K Q NM N Q. KK-.,,...'QLi-54. K, Kew K N DK , X ' -- , . Q ..,. . " ' -' - , 'LQ 'W if Ki ,,.4Zag.,Kjf-3 V ik' Q K ., A ,K uwrh - 1 ' - , K ' . . ,. Qi, - as , M' L 3.f'4'w-' 'A' . . K ' V gjm-,iff ,,wg5g,a . -"M f . 1 'W-.3 - . . 5 .. 1 5, . . M- nw ' " , ,R Y ' .N K W- " - h K , I I , .' - - L, '- .. ' W " f . . ' . ., 7- N--E 'Bott' ., 'Q 'J' J' ,, A '. ,-'sxwfiw-. . l, 2 ' ' 1 .11 , " WW-, ,,1,y. ,"'f-V-7 , i , - -Y 115 A wx , 1 - ' .r -A 1 f 'el' - . . Q ., .' ,L . 1 . M , ...A , .. 'jg -. i ,y , , Q' M Jr: ,,., W H M, - . . ,M ' g, v ,. 14. ', i I -5- " I ' M W 'K Q fir' F Fw- 'K RW - 5 39 f 'A X, "'i?t" rf - 'Q' 5 A L v . I if 'K-. '45 9 iff? ian '5f,.h I A Vw '-hw " '. ' NFA 'M' I ' . -.- . 1 1. ' M ' -f f ' .- ' - f, N 'N'- K . A ' ,tb ' -.M It VK -X .Kgiv k . T'.K!q-:KKK K -,gf I K .mc ,yi Q' B A , K R 4, c C Q , X ig V if ,K A Q. M ,. f . Q .. . I Q- 0 "'. 1:34 - xx.. - fp ' 'I r 1- , I ' K I '. -3' V' ZZ ,K ' xg V' - ' ,J M'-.fi-P' 2 :ww 4, " "w-' . -. ' --2. " .1-.. . Q- Q - ' ' f" -75-4 Q, 1"'E" k if - "1-111 - . ' .A " ' '. ' . 1 ,p , u 1. ' - 'f' MG" 1 . If .' ' H 'T b' ' K ,ATX 'ff V4.5 ' Wg 't' - A. " .' ' , ,. X, '?.'1Ajf,1:zJ . 1'I.".' , -. 'Wy -Q J" N s -gl' 59' Q .xx-xhf ' -Hi .. xr WN M, 'v a N, '- . ' - in ' - lb' 5, 's. . 1- v -N X - F ,KW A. , ,. . 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N. 4 px .. . , ,Q my . in X, 3 , Q "' , .X Q, in x- w 1-.-V' . -,.: . . ' ', xk . , - 1. V .sg-2. lx? X K Q94 LK KSN , g " 'M . 5 ' . --. inf. V, N, . m' 1 N Q , Q , R , KA- -. 0 M .5 . Q tim 2.7 gf , K X 5 ' ' K K K , ' J ' -' f ' ,Km ., 5, x -, -. 3 H, Q-' if - K ' ' H. 'K ' xN 7 ' - ya-,MK 3 fix 546.1 Q --Q: i N. .K IMA fi ,,, is f 5 'm t- 1 N' ' .. Kr ' 5 uv-1 1, n 1 . 5 , I "f VA"1- Q . 5 -C H I I .y .' 4 f illehiraiinn 4 Q '3'. We, the '--ur annual to 'bs ience, loyalt iq 'an insplratio 1 L ,, career. . and Mrs Seniors of '55, dedicate our parents, whose pat- y, and guidance have bee n throughout our school Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Brice Mr , Earl Cartwright Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Flint Mr. and Mrs. Ausman Fjelstad Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hase Mrs. Ellis Jain Mr. and Mrs. Wilmur Jenson 1 Mr, and Mrs. Hjalmer Johnson Rev. and Mrs. William McIvor , Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Meyer , P' Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Mittelstadt Mr. and Mrs. George Scharlau 7 Mr. and Mrs. Norman Smith Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stelter Mr. and Mrs. Vern Zimmerman suuiikuu We also wish to express our thanks to our loyal class advisor ' Mr. Skoumal f in publishing f' ar or his large part this '55, annual. P ea .7 O, . ,. A.. il? ,- ,f 1-'JH QQ " " HDWIHISTRHTIUH iv X Q9 .Cp N. x QU Q39 x4 u 5 5 sb' Pia 5553 vfsfegf 53-ii'f"Alv 'ifkivwva gfffgfsf "C'N..fsa. 65554.15 4' K95'Yv 's3"s .gm - gs Q ei q Y 3' Q . vw V5.5 I 'Ji , f. nw 1, 1 rf HARRIS GROCERX Gas 8 Cabins H31 Elk Mound 'i AU 'hil 5 J 1 3 'YT' ? 4.1 ' r.f.T-.,- - I- ..1 ,4' in 1 rg? LL .--. :IST " ' CCNPLILLNTS OF MAC'S TYJKNRITER CO 311 S, Barstow Eau Claire, Wise. Dial 5Q10 'Q Facult Industrial Arts: Van Cartwright i ' 2 :gin O5 , O fx A if . Mrs. Dielke f'M'r M22 Crescent St. IRIN MENOMONIE, WISCONSIN """r--.. Coach-Science Mr. Zoch Music: MP. Howe FLICK MOTOR SALES Allis-Chalmers A New Idea Farm Machinery Q DeLaval Mllkers ST. CLAIR-BILLEHUS CLOTHIKG CC. Men's and Boy's Wear Commercial: Miss landson Telephone 160-J 1 ti MENOMCNIE WISCUVSIN Iathema cs' Mr. Stiehl " ' Mr, Braun xx F 4 Qu AMW xl l IU, rf. R H I I ,, ,M E.- 11 x f ' Mit nm X 1 Ill sr W n ' ,Wm Mm If K. pm f w wr. A fl Y W . O lm Q 1 RL ini' 1 1'1QQlf'ff.y7,Q' NB , ., SEHIUHS S W 3 0 1, VN- '- in 3, ',ffih,?,v 57: fn, Li . pf ,V'-'S FI, 1 LI V. -1- ' ,MQW 4, , .,' .1 53 gp. W, ' L 'NL Q - ' ' " ' ' r 2. W N. Q, . ' ' ' - iii! ,.. L 'mf - N 'ff ls, ,K , Cla.-,txt . g , K '53, X, ' 1 V 3 A3 iq:-,xt -1..-J ,rl-:fl I x .J -.1 ' am ". " X 1 1' 4 317,11 , A 1 45.5 FJ . ,. 4 w 4 W 53+ XM' Qi -1 Aug .QA , 4 3,2 -s 1 ,,..,- an 4 ffxx, - ii, F2 -', 1.5, 41? s,':p .. , ig 4+ .,,,,,, '-11-pr. ,V ,541 ' 41" ...Ag-X TQZPN J. -A ., K -I4 51.1 .. ' 4 A , , , , , ' 1 . nw 1 w 4. 1 ' 7. x "' gli D 5 1 . 3. , A , . , .,-1-4-,V-wz,.-v.v ,W .- .an - 4 .,- A ,:, ., --..4 Q.- .Vx ' -W . '. . nu ' 11 --l,.'Q 4, f ' ' " . 'A ':'.':" 1' :, f '7 ' 2 'gum FY 1566 -1--T '-, We, the Senior Class of 1955, City of Elk Mound, county of Dunn, and state of Wisconsin, be- ing of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testiment, hereby revoking any will or wills-heretofore made by us. Joe wills his parking places to Jim Eisenhuth. Donna wills her government checks to anyone who needs it. Ronnie wills his green ford to anyone who can afford to run it. Jack wills his good grades to Madison Ausman. Emily wills her good study habits to Paul Vollendorf. Delores wills her red hair to Julian Rhude. Barb wills nothing to no one. Liz wills her short curly locks to Al Lampein. Dave wills his good marks in Democratic Problems to anyone ln particular. Jerry wills her nickname to anyone who needs lt. Irene wills her big blue eyes to Mert. Arlene wills herhelght to Joan Gilbertson. June wills her blonde hair to Kay Ausman. We, the Senior Class of 1955, City of Elk Mound, County of Dunn, do also bequeth our good grades and gen- eral good behavior to the honorable but inexperienced Jr. Class. Good luck to them, witness thereof, we the Senior Class of 1955, the testators have set our hand and seal here tofore this twenty-ninth dey of May in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty five. 119555 -F. The C ass Prophecy It is now 1965 at a class reunion. The former Elk Mound Benlors of 1955 arrive and we believed you would be interested to know how they fared on the weary road of life. Joe Brice - Doctor of Medicine arrives in his pink Graham which goes quite well with his bright red shirt and green tie. Jerr Zimmerman - Is now the Jockey at Donna's horse ranch in Kentucky. The Orange and Black are going to try their luck at the Irish Bweepstake. Jack Hass - The Dean of Men at Podunk U. is getting tired ot men ghd is in the process of exchanging Jobs with the Dean of Women. Donna Jenson S Has ridden over on the horse that won the 196b Arlington Sweepstake, she now uses it for a work horse, as she owns stables of them. Arlene Scharlau - Center and Captain of the Girls Basketball team she formed, Who World Glob-Trotters." Emily Meyer - Is now editor of the 'New York T1mes.' Bhe managed to grab a few moments between press conferences to attend our reunion. Elizabeth Fjelstad - Is a Dietition Co. President which boasts they can miie you ose a pound a week. David Cartwright - Arrived on a flat car on the Boo Line Railroad. Equiped with a tin cup and a suitcase. Irene Molvor - Has arrived from New York where she is on the staff of 51oTT: fashion designs. Apparently they are working on the new B line. Eunice Jain - Is here with her portable chemistry lab. Already Havlng Elscovered how to make diamonds, she is now beginning re- search on gold. June Mittelstadt - Hal come along with several little which are a very healthy blonde headed group. Barb Flint - Arrives in a brand new English Sport oar that she won in a raffle, she is Vice President of an A-13-c Finance Company. Shirley Stelter - Worlds Champion Lady Weight Lifter who also, fixes cars, trains dogs, and does crossword puzzles. Delores Smith - Arrived from Elk Mound High School where she has been teaching and piling history on Mr. Stiehls children. .Ronald Johnson - Arrives just as the others are leaving, he de- cided early In life he would be a millionaire and not work. LJ ,-'ff' 'J'-'B' Elizabeth Fjelstad 'Not much pep in a big package.' Band 1 Chorus 1-2 Forensics l-2-3 Class Officer 4 Class Play 3-4 Moundscope 3-4 Annual 4 Barbara Flint nThey say love makes the world go round. Catch me I'm getting d1zzy.u Chippewa l Eau Claire 2 Pep Club 1-2 Class Play 3-4 Forensics 3 Moundscope 3-4 Annual 3-4 Class Officer 4 Joe Brice UOh they are making a wild man out of me Class Officer 2 Band l 2 3 4 Chorus l 2 3 4 Forensics l 2-3-4 Annual 3-4 Moundscope l-2-3-. Basketball l-2-3-4 Track l-2-3-4 Baseball 1 Student Council 3-4 Class Play 3-4 David Cartwright uSometlmes I sit and think and sometimes I just s1t.u Basketball l-2-3-4 Chorus 1 Football 4 Baseball 2-3 Class Officer 2-4 Track 2 Aggies Boyceville Annual 4 Band 1-3-4 Jack Hase HI came, I bluffed, I graduated.' Chorus 4 Forensics 3-4 Class Officer l Annual 4 Moundscoze 4 track 3 Basketball 2 Baseball 2-3 2 Class Play Colfax Eau Claire Holcombe Courtesy of Aanes Studio Eau Claire, Wise. Ronald Johnson NHe shifted his brain to neutral and let his ton- gue rattle on.n Band 2-3-M Chorus2-3 Forensics 2-3-M Class officer 3 Prom King 3 Annual 3-U Track 3-4 Basketball 2-3-U Class Play 3-4 Moundscope 3-U Irene Mclvor I'm just what I seem to be. Collingwood M Tumbling 1-2-3-4 French l-2 G.A.A, 1-2-3-U Eunice Jain 'Cheerfulness is the secret of pirsonal1ty.U Bgnd 1-2-3- Chorus 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3-U Annual M Moundscope is Duet 3 Class Offic er 2 Forensics 1 2 3 Emily Meyer She need no longer searchg she has a prospect. Class officer l-2-3-4 Band 3-4 Forensics l-2-3-M Chorus 1-2-3-M Class Plai Annual 1- Moundscope Moundscope Vocal Duet Vocal Solo 3-M 1 Eu, M 3 3-U Donna Jenson 'I wonder what will happen next?' Band 1-2-3-U Mgjorette l-2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Class Pla? 3-4 Annual 3- + Moundscope 1-2-3-4 Cheerleader 1-2-3-U Prom Queen 3 Class Officer 1-Z Forensics 1-2-3- A5 June Mittelstadt 'What is life without a ringiu Band 1-2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 Moundscope 2-3-4 Annual 4 Forensics 1-4 Shirley Stelter uI'm able to work but I'd rather play.' Menomonie l-2-3 Library Club 2 Noon Hour Association 1-2 Class Play-4 Mmud.4 Chorus 4 K5 S 5 KV Delores Smith n0ne way to get ahead and stay ahead is to use a head.n Band l-2-3-4 Chorus l-2-3-4 Majorette l-2-3-4 Forensics l-2-3-4 Class Officer 2-3-4 Student Council 2 Class Play 3-4 Moundscope 2-3-4 Annual 3-4 B Team Cheerleader 3-4 Vice Prom Queen 4 -3-4 . f 1 I Bern1e'e Hardware Elk Mound, Wie, The Hanson Agency Elk Mound, Wls. Mrs. Tilda Hanson A.M. Howe hiici Wx Sy' Arlene Scharlau uQu1et? You should know her better.u Chorus l-2-3 Class Pla 3-4 Annual 3-K Moundscope 3-4 Geraldine Zimmerman Hwith that merry and carefree air, you can always tell when she is here.' Band 2-3-4 Majorette 2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Class P1a 3-4 Annual 3-K Moundscope 3-4 4'vn I an 6 swung: E. Jain, D. Jenson, A. Scharlau. 'Saved Plas' Play By The Bellen Standing: J. Hase, J. Aittelstadt, E. Meyer. Cast llrum Majorette Mitzie Walsh. Lulu Green... Harriet Shaw. Pudge Roberts Mrs. Fish .... Bonnie Harris Doris Carsen. Ginnie Ellis. Rita Powers.. warren Sands. ....J. Zimmerman ....B. Flint ....E. Neyer ....D. Smith ....E. Fjelsted E .... . Jain ....S. Stelter ....J. Mittelstadt ....D. Jenson ....J. Hase Slugger 0'Day.... . Johnson Jackie Clark. Prnmpter..... R ....J. Brice ....A. Scharlau v Lasker Jewelers Eau Claire, wis. Eau Claire Hntel Bldg. D. Jenson, J. Ainmerman, D. Smith 1 E, 'fue QUTLINE os limo --.....,, M y L fire V 'Uma N T Q S E fs Raisin fiw 1? 1 W V W gg f I 9 .sway ig 1 .4 C wwf- ,, few Junior Class First Row: Mr. Cartwright, J. Eisenhuth, D. Rindal, J. Christopher, M. Ausman, L. Mahla, H. Meyer. Second Row: P. Vollendorf, H. Meyer, D. Gibson, J. Wolford, P. Mousel, S. Jnhngnn, Third Row: J. Gilbertson, E. Lutzen, M. Anderson, L. Phillips, J. Grabowinski, J. Kaanta. Well 21 of us entered Elk Mound High Scho l 1 t fall J 1 had four new members. They are Paul Vollendorfo Larry Phillips ugogig. Gweb- owinski and Lon Fisher. Richard Broaddu d f F1 h 1 d' e ra at the present, 19 members. B an on B er w th rew leaving' Our Class Advisor is Mr. V. Cartwright. President- Jim Eisenhuth Secretary- Pat Mousel Treasurer- Madison Ausman Lon Fisher was orignally class president but since he withdrew in a few weeks a new president was elected. The Juniors are quite active in Forensics, Basketball and many other Sports. The Juniors gave a party in October and had a good turn out, even though everybody d1dn't get out and dance, they took part in the rest of the entertainment that we had. We received our class rings in November. We sold pop and candy at the basketball games and cleared a pretty good sum of money from that. We sold some Christmas cards, but if the weather would have been better maybe some of the kids would have been better at selling them as they all said. Our Junior-Senior Prom will be held on May 21. Theme- Melody of Love Prom King- Jim Eisenhuth Prom Queen- Janice Kaanta Class Colors- Pastel Pink and Mint Green Class Flower- White Rose Music will be furnished by Guy Woodford's Orchestra BARRINGTON CONSTRUCTION CO. blb Water St. All types of the latest kinds of Siding 6 Roofing Phone 75145 Eau Claire, Wisconsin Junior- enior Prom Jim Elsenhuth Janice Kaanta Soft music and low lights were the set- ting for our prom. The gym was decorated ln mint green and pink. The atmosphere was one in which we could happily close another year of school. At the strike of eleven the royal pro- cession started. Everyone waited impatiently for things to get under way. Finally the time came. Our queen and king, Janice Kaanta and Jim Eienhuth, walked down the aisle. Followed by vice queen and king, Delores Smith and Ronald Johnson. After the cornatlon the royalty danced to the 'Melody of Love', which was the prom theme. The music was furnished by Guy Wood- f0!'de Flrst Row: Mr. Stlehl, K. Christopher, T. Ausman, C. Meyer, D15 Bgice, R. Berger, D. Spagnoletti, K. Jenson . re or - J Second Bow: B. Sihrintz, P. Dyer, N. Oas, R. Mousel. D. Fjelstad, J. Rhude, W. Davis, W. Johnson, P. Hase. 5 Third Row: E. Miles, B. Zimmerman, A. Emery, N. Cartwright, j D. Christopher, M. Sneen, J. Halverson, C. Parker, B. Dehnhoff, A. Goetz. In September of 1954, 31 students entered Elk Mound High School as Sophmores. we were all anxious to renew our friendship and meet many new kids. We lost three kids over our summer vacation, but we also gained three. They are Al Lampien, Evelyn Miles and Marlene Martinson. But we lost two during the year, they were Glen Thompson and Marlene Martinson. we elected class officers at our first class meeting. They are as follows: President- Dave Brioe Vioe President- Marlene Martinson Secretary- Arlene Goetz Treasurer- Harlys Sneen we, Sophmores, have 13 kids in the Sr. Band and 15 kids in the Mixed Chorus. Carole Parker, Marlys Sneen, Dave Brice, Kenny Jenson, Ronnie Mousel, and Arlene Goetz are on the Moundscope Staff. Kenny Jenson and Marlys Sneen are representing our class on the Student Council. Kenny is Treasurer and Marlys is Secretary on the Council. Shirley Schrantz, Evelyn Miles, Dave Brice and Daryl Spagnoletti help in the kitchen this year. Cheerleaders were elected October 29. Marlys Sneen and Carole Parker were elected as AJTeam Cheerleaders. The teams were chosen in early Novembor we have 5 kids on the B-Team, they are, Daryl Spagnoletti, Kenny Jenson, Tom Ausman, Wayne Johnson and Julian Rhude. Dave Brice and Ronnie Mousel are on the first five of the A-Team. Congradulations Boys! we are all very happy with the successful basketball season we had this year. The magazine drive started Cctober hth, Arlene Goetz was top salesman. To welcome the Freshman into our high school we had a hayride for them on November 17. A Skating Party was held Jan. 29. Our class hopes to sponsor movies about every other week in the gym, starting March 10th, open to the public. We feel we have learned a lot this year and find ourselves very capable of working together. We have made many new friends and have enjoyed school very much as Sophmores. Fre hmen Class First Row: Miss Erlandson, P. Braaten, B. Scritsmier, K. Ausman, D. Hovre, M. Michaels, L. Davenport R. Anderson, R. Overn. Second Row: B. Jenson, G, Spagnoletti, J. Cartwright, C. Iverson, A. Pope, K. Howe, B. Scharlau, J. Smith, C. Gray. Third Row: R. Miles, J. Sunderlen, J. Stahlbush, T. Darling, S. Broaddus, J. Schumacher, J. Iverson, D, Christopherson, J. Lee, J. Dinger. We had four new members entering our class. They are Susan Broaddus, Carolyn Gray, Raymond Miles, and Allen Pope. Later in the year, three of our members moved away. They were Charleen Wiseman, James Fallon, and Ronald Schumacher. This left Twenty Seven members in our class, which is our present enrollment. Our class advisor is Miss. Erlandson, our English teacher Our class Officers are as follows: President- James Smith Vice President- Bonnie Jensen Secretary- Lynne Davenport Treasurer- Karen Howe Ten of our classmates take part in Senior Band, Fifteen Senior Chorus. The Freshman class is well represented on the Moundscope Ausman is our class reporter, Barb. Scritsmier is the Student porter, Judy Lee is the U-H reporter and Jo Ann Schumacher is Scout reporter. take part in staff. Kay Council re- the Girl Richard Overn and Barb. Sorltsmier are on the Student Council for the Freshman class. Six of our boys are on the B-team. Out of the six, one of them were on the first five, nameley Jim Smith, Bonnie Jensen and Kay Ausman were cheerleaders for the B-team from the Freshman class, Nine students from the Freshman class participated in Forensics, they all did very well. They were Denis Christopherson, Gari Spagnolettl, Judy Lee, Lynne Davenport, Bonnie Jensen, Kay Ausman, Janet Stahlbush, Carolyn Gray, and Susan Broaddus. The Freshman Class has sponsored a few parties. The first party being a Sadie Hawkins Party, with the girls asking the boys. Every body had a lot of fun. We have also enjoyed attending parties given by the other 01R!80lo ' wr First Row: Mr, Braun, M, Meyer, N. Yaeger, R. Kilte, G. Barton, E. Dehnhoff, H. Schumacker, B. Meyer. Second Row: M. Olson, L, Timm, S. Oas, J. Sunderlin, M. Curtis, S. Christopherson, P. Werth, V. Schrantz. Third Row: T. Schumacher, J. Goetz, J. Stalhbush, K. Stetzer, D. Blakey, J. Darling, J. Murphy, R, Sorenson, First Row! L tn R. Mrs. JCHBQU, G- And'rSnn' B' Hayes' J. Halberg, p. gjnrk, K, Ovren, D. Henning. Second Rnw: R. Maier C. Scrltsmeier, T. Lanctne S. Larsen, V Mittlestadt, J. Jenqnn, A- ACK 1Wdn 11rd now u Kaanta, J Schrantz R Hansnn, , X J. Iv-rs-Q, D: Larson, H: Miller, M. Gilbertsnn J. Jensnn. L v XXX 4 ni y J 4-5 -6 I ZUTTERS ELEVATOR Elk Mound, Wie, Left to Right First Row: Mrs. Parker, S. Yaeger, J. Berger, M. Schumacher, B. Cosa, R. Flint, G. Iverson. Second Row: S. Mars, M. Selger, K. Halvorson, J. Spagnoletti J. Smith, J. Vesper, R. Best, B. Flint, T. Evans. Third Row: J. Schrantz, S. Hase J. Amundson, D. Jensen, J. Pierce, N. Olson, S. Stetzer, S. Krigsvold, J. Anderson. Absent: D. Feeney, R. Harshman, D. Knott. N Left to Right-First Row: Mrs. Deilke, M. Feeney, W, Hase, D. Suckow, J. Meyer, J. Brownell, B. Curran, Second Row: M. Cronkite, E. Dahl, B. Grambo, J, Harrison, S. Flint, A. Havre, J. Meyer, D- Smith, P. Brice. Third Row: D. Sorenson, D. Spagnoletti, M. Knott, GIBSON.3 VILLAGL CAFE V. Ellingatad, L. Mousel, G. Dlnger, D. Stahlbush. Elk Mound, wig, G. LHDCYOM J- YHCSCP, D- Gilbertson- Fine meals at low cost. - " .xxx xnxx XX . -f'f-'La' . First Row: L to R. Mrs. Johnson, T. Schrantz, B. Christopher, P. Feeney, K. Schumacher, K. Cartwright, R. Amundson, E. Harrison, 0. Haugli. Second Row: W. Woodbeck, P. Ovren, D. Scritsmier, R. Winger, G. Gehrking, R. Kaiser, F. Dummer, J. Hovre, L. Evanl. Third Row: D. Jenson, M. Spagnolettl, J. Foust, D. Erpenbaok, S. Scharlau, L. Pederson, J. Jain, J. Pladziewlcz, N. Smith, R. Hase. 1l- lil X x Y r 1 W 5 , .vu-up' , 1 A4 f il, Flrst Row: Mrs. Dettlnger, L. Dieter, B. Wolford, T. Meyer, F. Winger, D. Prochaska, G. DeMoe, B. Stahlbusch. Second Row: S. Sieger, B. Smith, S. Schrantz, H. Johnson, L. Harrison, J. Jenson, M. Darling, M. Woodbeck. Third Row: D. Grambo, N. Moyer, M. Anderson, D. Stahlbusch, S. Sneen, P. Valle, C. Yaeger, P. Burkart. l, V Iflffy i FgQ 'X' 155: o- 1 ,517 xr 5 2-,'-8 1 ' .-- mf- ,' '+- -",gl N17 First Row: Mrs. Williams, S. Bartz, D. Maves, S. Knott, D. Dummer, J. Flint, J. Feeney, G, Scott, A. Hase, R. Meyer. Second Row: J, Miller, T. Pannier, M. Meyer, L, gag mmvm! Olson, K. Amundson, D, Wheeler, D. Galle, P. ,' Olson, D. Lee. Third Row: B. Darling, R. Lawrence, E. Woodbeck, L. Meyer, A. Alson, K. Anderson, L. Meyer, R. 1-0 Steen, J. Cartwright, C. Christocher. QP' '- -SH - v First Row: MTS. Timm, S. Schumacher, U, Dahl, D. Mavee, V. Harrison, A. Stallman, B. Larson, C. Olson, K. Elllngstad, M. Burkart Second Row: D. Gilbertson, J. Gehrking, D, yi. Q gouifl. ?- gCSg,1L. Link, M. Brice, J. Johnson, ' . ouse . a n, x ww 5 If Tnird Row? J. Ackerman, S. Pederson, J. Werner, '24 fl k Q I M- giNi1P, Nb Nelson, W. Kaiser, J. Evans, .' E. c els Velie 1 M1 ' ' ' e -2-3 .. 41: .An..nn 1lk l 9 First Row: Miss Simonson, A. Hullberg, J. Roberts, B. Price, P. Lilly, R. Rhude, R. Pladziewicz, G. Smith, J. Hayes Second Row: W. Johnson, R. Ackerman, C. Vance, E. Stalbusch, K. Price, R. Scritsmier, R. Feeney, M. Sierger, R. Johnson, L. Stuart. Third How: D. Stalbusch, J. Darling, S. Anderson, D. Dehnofr K. Cartwright, S. Schrantz, J. Pannier, G. Smith, R. Hanson, B. Knott. Absent from picture- D. Krigsvold. 4? f ,swwrca , wif' M94 'L Oo cog 0 o First How: L to H. Mrs. Uvren, J. Ashley, A. Haves, L, Roberts. E. Jenson, S. Pas, S. Johnson, H. Larson, J. Hullberg. Second How: S. Mousel, T. Krlgsvold, P. Haughi, J. Gllbertson, R. Barnherdt, H. Scharlau, M. Nelson, G. Price, L. Anderson. Third Row: H. Harshman, G. Nelson, S. Dinger, M. Cartwright, C. Haier, P. Feeney, C. Hrenner, D. Stahlbush, D. Dahl. Absent: M. Procheska, H. Nelson, B. Christopherson. A A Q- ,G P- fjjgb 3, My AY iswm. -Q... . anim' Band Kneeling. J. Zimmerman, D. Smlnh, First how: A. Goetz, B. Dehnhoff, K. Howe, A. Emery, M. Sneen, C. Parker, J. lee, C. Iverson, J. Sunderlin, L. Davenport, H. Andreson, N. Das. Second Row: D, Jenson, J. Kggntg, H. Meyer, P. Mousel, D. Hovre, D. Cartwright, H. Johnson, L. Hahla, K. Jenson, J. Mittlestadt, D. Christopherson, Mr. Howe. Third Row: B. Jenson, R. Overn, J. Rhude, H. Meyer, J. Brice, S. Schrantz, E. Jain, B. Zimmerman, J. Gllbertson, Fourth Row: R. Mousel, K. Ausman, D. Spagnoletti, J. Eisenhuth, T. Ausman, J. Christopher, D. Brice, E. Meyer. th. 96' .!,"1 oo-cn, . W Q 0 5 .'??'h,, Kneeling: G. Kaanta, S. Sneen, J. Jenson, J. Halberg, J. C, jf1Yr?,Q Jenson, M. Gilbertson 0119 qfaqr vgv F11-at Row: L. to R.-D. spagnoletti, M. cronmte, J. Meyer, C. 'fox Pea? Gray, M. Feeny, A. Hovre, L. Timm, V. Schrantz, B. Meyer, M. GQ e"fq,. P1adz1ew1cz,Art Howe-Director. ,747 7 Second Row: P. Velie, T. Lanctoe, J. Goetz, G. Lanctoe, B. 3350 Bhork, K. Ovren, J. Harrison, M. Meyer, J. Iverson, S. Broaddus QQJZW S. Oas, S. Chrlstophereon. QQ?,p Third Row: D. Evans, V. Ellingstad, P. Brice, D. Suokov, B. 05942 Curran, G. Dinger, D. Smith, T. Meyer, D. Kilty, G. Spagnoletti, J. Murphy, S. Johnson, D. Biskey. Junior liaml M, Sneen, A. Emery K, Howe, J. Lee J. Sunderlln, L, Davenport H. Meyer, J, Kannta f Enuvnlhle-.' S53 H. Mouscl D. Brice J. Brice COMPLIMENTS OF GAMBLE--ROBINSON CO. Wholesale Grocers 323 N. Dewey Eau Claire, Wls. ANSHUS JEWELERS Your Store of Finer Gifts our 40th year Main at Third Menomcnie K Ansman J. Kaanta, K. Jenson L. Mahla A. Goetz, C. Parker N, Ons, M. Andreawon First Row: J. Gilbertson, A. Goetz, J. Sunderlin, J. Stnlbusch, J. Grwbowlnski, B, Dehnoff, B, Zimmerman, J. Iverson, J. Lee, S. Stelter, J. Kaanta, E. Miles, Director Art Howe Second Row: M, Andreason, J. Zimmerman, 3, Johnson, E. Jain, J. Schumachfr, J. Halverson, C. Gray, B, Jenson, D, Smith, C. Parker, A, Emery, N. Cartwright, S. Broaddus Third Row: M, Sneen, J. Mittlestadt, C. Iverson, D. Jenson, N. Oas, B. 5cr1tsm1er, K. Ausman, L, Davenport, P, Moutsel, P, Hase, K. Howe, E. Neyer, S. Schrantz Fourth Row: D. Christorherson, J. Rhude, T. Ausman, J, Hase, K. Jenson, L, Mahla, J. Brice, D, Brice, D, Spagnolettl, D, Hovre, R, Mousel, H. Neyer. Solos: H, Meyer, D. 5nnfnfletii, U. PFTCO ,Iixvd Ull0I'llU EHHWMMMEQHBV ' 6 DOLLY MADISON DAIRIES ouallty chekd Dairy Products Grade HAH Milk Dolly Mawison Jalries Eau Claire, Wisconsin McFxHLANn'S SUPER VALU l28 Graham Ave, Eau Claire, His. Fine Foods Low Prices Sqjogg N, Cas, E, Meyer, J, Kanntn, Accomoanlst M Anurenson First Row: M. Knott, A. Hovre, J. Harrison, J. Stalbusch, M, Cronkite, G. Lanctoe, D. Spagnoletti, Director-A, Howe Second Row: B. Grambo, E. Dahl, J. Darling, S. Flint, D. Christopherson, V. Schrantz, J. Meyer, M. Olson. Third Row: S, Oas, M. Meyer, H. Schumacher, J. Brownell, M. Curtise, M. Pladziewicz, B. Meyer, L. Timm Fourth Row: D. Gilbertson, V. Ellingatad, J, Murohy, M, Feeney, T. Meyer, D. Suckow, D. Blakey, J. Goetg, T. Schumacher. AW if 51 13' S'x 'Q' MAGAZINE Sitting Down: Arlene Goetz, Tom Ausman. Standing Up: Lester Mahll, Denis Christophersnn, Marlys Sneen, Emily Meyer, Lynn Davenport, Peter Werth. IHHUY Uhoru LE 93 Qf yi Slttlngr L. to R.-J' Zimmerman R. Johnson H M J B 1 J. Heee, D. Jenson,'B. Flint, Schar1au,,Dg Smarty' ' r ce' J' Stunning: L. To R.-E. Jain, B. Scritsmier, Mr. Skoumal, S. Steltep J. Mlttlestadt, M. Andreason, M. Sneen, E, Meyer, E. FJe1Bted. p Annual ttafl' vw DEIINEI' Nlafl' i Sitting: L. to R.-R. Moueel, J. Gilbertson, D. Smith, C. Parker, E. Fjelsted, E. Lutzen, B. Flint, E. Meyer, L. Mahla, J. Kaanta, J. Lee, A. Goetz. Standing: L. To R.-H. Meyer, K. Jenson, J. Zimmerman, E. Jain, Mr. Skoumal, J. Mittlestadt, D. Jenson, P. Moueel, A. Scharlau, J. Brice, J. Haee, R. Johnson, D. Brice, B. Scritsmier, K. Ausman M. Sneen, J. Schumacher. if 5, Left to Ritnt J Hrioe D Smith, J uilbvrtfnn, Mr. Stlehl B Scrltsmler, 4 bneen h Jensnn, R. Ovren M Ausman COMMUNITY srmmf Q mx Mauna, wig Dry Goods and Nntinns Sumwll 7 nv- u, 'Q ? f0, :Q 'f UK- wonzllv! T1mm's Dairy Eau Claire, His 5 x 1 First Row: S, Stelter, D. Jensen, S. Johnson Second Row: E. Lutzen, B. Flint, E. Fjelsted, A. Scharlau, Mrs. Skow, Mr. Moltzan, Mrs. Moltzan 4. T NATIONAL -IEA COMPANY -N E Menomonie, Wis, , Noon Ilour Standing: Janitor- Mr. Moltzan, ' D. Smith, E. Jain, L. Davenport B. Scharlau PHIL'S STANDARD SERVICE Standard 011 Products 7th 8 Main Streets Menomonle, Wisconsin philip J. Johnson, PFOD- Seventh and Eighth Grade Phy Ed Class We Work TENDER CRUST BAKER! Eau Claire, Wie. Firot Row: D. Prochaska, J. Smith, G. Spagnoletti, J. Wolford, J. Cartwright, Second Row: E. Miles, J. Stalbusch, M. Andreason, B. Scharlau, J. Mittlestadt, E. Jain Third Row: D. Rlndal, D. Brice, C. Spagnoletti, L. Davenport, K. Aueman, D. smith FARMERS UNION CO-OP SUPPLY Colfax, Wis. 465' W ,... I I E if - g pw X .Wm .Q fm. W -.,. f mf: D , EQ-. ,L ,A w V mfs' iw: xr QL K YEEM1 n .4 x r if s i as C0 CH MPIU First Row: R. Mousel - V rl E 1... J. Brice, M, Ausman, D. Brice, J. Elsenhuth. Second Row: H. Meyer, P. Vollendorr, R. Johnson, D. Cartwright, J. Hase, J. Christopher Mr. Zoch, ,i l l Guard: R. Mousel Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Forward: D. Brice I5 Center: M. Ausman Mound-58 ....... Dunn Aggies-37 Mound-u0..Eau Claire Bee's-A7 Mound-51... .... .Fall Creek-H3 Mound-6O,....,.....Roberts-51 Mound-U6 .... ...Altoona-59 Mound-43,.,. ...Prescott-27 Mound-54 .... ...Hammond-M8 Mound-65 .... ...Arkansaw-56 Mound-61.... ....Elmwood-M8 Mound-34 .... ..... Prescott-36 Mound-58 .... ...Fall Creek-62 Mound-M3 .... ......Roberts-M9 Mound-66.... ..,.Woodv1lle-49 Mound-63 .... ...Boyceville-45 Mound-70.... ....Elmwood-56 Mound-U5.... ......Hammond-44 Mound-62 .... .... Woodville-61 Mound-64...,,.,.Boycev1l1e-32 Mound-M9 .,..,. .Dunn Aggies-32 MmiI5'l'35's' wfnf 's:f0'feA1u""'1 55 Groceries-Meats-Dry Goods Elk Mound, Wie. Guard: J. Eisenhuth Forward: J. 31 HB' Team Scores B 'I'oa1m First How: L. Hahla , R. Miles, G. Spagnolettl D. Chrlstopherson Mr. Zoch. Second Row: P. Braaten, W. Johnson, J. Smith, D. Gibson, J. Rhude. Third Row: D. Hovre, K. Jenson, D. Spagnnlettl T. Ausman. Elk Mound-26. . . Fall Greek 15 Elk Mound . . .Prescott- Eli: Mound-41... .....Roberts-29 Elk Mound ......Boberts- 1:11. Mound-lu. . . . . .menomonie 31 Elk Mound- .. . .Woodv111e- Elk Mound-29... .....A1toona-31 Elk Mound ....Elmwood- Elk Mo und-36. . . . . . .Pres co tt-25 Elk MO'-md' . . . . . .Hammond- Elk hound-BE... ...Hamm0nd-32 Elk MOHHG- ....Woodv1l1e- Elk 140 '-105-3 - - - . . . .Arkansaw-25 Elk Mound- . . . .Boycev1lle- Elk Mound-51... ...Elmwood-32 Elk Mound- .....Agg1es- Scores Barber Shop Lempppt Yards Elk Mound, wis. 1 Elk l'1nu,nd, wig, D1nger's Sinclair Station ll I V' lo Pine drove Store Elk Mmma, wig. I I I HR-2 E114 lqnund, wig F1PSt ROW! J. Goetz, D. Gilbertson, G. Dinger, V. Ellingstad, T. Schumacker, Mr. Zoch. Second Row! P. Brice, D. Blskey, D. Soharlau, D. Smith, J. Murphy, L. Hnuscl. Third Row: W. Hase, E. Dehnhnff, G. Barton, D. Suckow, J. Sunderlln. A-Team Cheerleaders: Left to right: D, Jenson, M, Sneen, C. Parker, J. Kaanta LONGS SPORT SHOP Complete line d'Qua11ty Fishing, Hunting and all Out- door Sports Equipment- Skis- Skates G Clothing for All 210 Eau Claire St. Eau Claire, Wisconsin VASEY R VASEY AGENCY, INC. Insurance 5 Real Estate 616 Broadway MENOMONIE, WISCOESIN E-Team Cheerleaders: Left to right: P. Housel, D. 3m1th, K. Ausnsn, E. Jenson CHURCHILL TIRE CO., INC- M15 Grnhrm Ave. Eau Clalrr. Misc' Pep Assemblies EADGEH STATE YARD Quality Building Products Phone lhq-150 MENOMCNIE, WISCONSIN v ' us. 5 x HDVERIQSIHI3 1 Y YQ I 5 .R Y Wu Q 1 fsiwlffig '-WLQJ sawn! fi Jfigh if Sa-v A S S N N 3, xi ,L , ,N '-' ,X L W -' Q gl X m N . -E' K 1 1 V -, up K B 5 V . ..- 1 N., 3... . 41- ,, Q- 5 1' , f X " :xxx b, .J X - N X X'f,,s ...- X UIQ W Away f .X x ,V x f x J Q XB7. Q: . K' Z' ,xg -N-3 Q, xg k ,R AQ f 1 S , Q Q K , , QA: ' .X 3 X X 0 x 1. ? X jf, ix if asia I r LIGHT UP FOR , E. QfQ"" O K Na t. 2 N - ' f M 'f sf- sux, ' ww' S , as as f e , k Z1 my EASIER X y 6:27 ":ZL 3? Z STUDYING! g - 5 i NORTHERN STATES POWER COMPANY The following friendly merchants of our locality have made it possible for ue to publish this annual and we hope our readers and friends will think of them when doing their shopping. Dolly Madison Dairies Eau Claire Gamble-Robinson Co. Eau Claire Mc Farlanes Grocery Eau Claire Lasker Jewelers Eau Claire Churchill Tire Co. Eau Claire Harris Grocery Elk Mound Aanes Studio Eau Claire Zutter Elevator Elk Mound Standard Station Elk Mound Bern1e's Hardware Elk Mound D1nger's Sinclair Station Elk Mound Community Store Elk Mound Flick Motors Menomonie Timmls Dairy Store Eau Claire Madsens Jewelry Menomonie Badger State Lumber Yards Menomonle Standard 011 Menomonle ARP Super Value Menomonle St. Claire Billehus Menomonie Reds Admiral T.V. Appliances Menomonie Anshus Jewelers Menomonie Vasey a Vasey Agency, Insurance Menomonie Helens Crafted Collections Chippewa Colfax Bakery Colfax Advertisers and Sponsors Continued Kasell's House of Music Eau Claire Hanson Agency, Genenal Ins. Elk Mound Lampert Yard's Elk Mound Pine Grove Store Elk Mound Tender Krust Bakery Eau Claire Farmers Union Co-op Supply Colfax ' National Tea Menomonie Price and Thompson Jewelers Menomonie Mac's Typewriter Shop Eau Claire Johnson 6 Hueleatt Clothiers Eau Claire Scores Barber Shop Elk Mound Gibson Village Cafe Elk Mound Maier Farm Store Elk Mound Dieters Grocery Elk Mound Edwins Eau Claire D. Toggery Inc. Eau Claire Barrington Roofing Eau Claire Long's Sport Shop Eau Claire Northern States Powe Eau Claire Co I' We of the Senior Class of 1955 wish to thank the advertisers and sponsors who have made the publication of this book possible. xf X fs, fiaagi INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers A Covu Munuiaxtu revx -look linden FlUiJa:'suNs0MEnI9YFlU XO V 4 -exif V 1--ww: .-,. . -I .1 1 5 ' H N - 7' 1 " .Sli 1 XX, ll. A ,, dk Ni -L . -.-.,,., 'VL' AV .f 'Y IIQ U Aw, , n .4-nr! Q nan. A .wh- - W -ll vw Vi, -4' ' .1 , . V VZ., Qwlmfff? N V A X' - r fo V 'VV WV V 1- A A y + . , ' ' ' 'VR 15: V VV V gf, M K , V' ' ' , NHVMJ-. . 'vpfs-'ffdfp " ,SHAW 'il' ' A 'W M wifi: "'w.wP-M A ,A rl 2 my v'V Y, - ' ' V 'K 1' any ,MN 'K . " L 1 'J ,,,,,f M., V .0-.. V,,, , ., Aw. P 'Q' , ' alfa- ' 4" A wx.. TQ, .W ,,, J J'-W . , A as VV 6 A , , -.,"' -'KN f g I li B it f aj V N ' jf V, ' Th. 'YM ' V -0- QV , V . P VV Q VV V A V . ., , ink nv V WQKW? V-,J .. l V . A K "NA-Q - ' MVA V' I i . 4, A . ' I 11, .,ge4m.,fg,... ' X f . a Q ,Aigffivr 'L X if Y ' V y ' 1 , 'Q Ly: V I is Qi' x M . I , - 1 , - -"Ft ' N v ,A .. ' Y 1 ' .- ' . H A 2 ' f' - '-' f 'H M -- 5 4. -X - 2 1 Q ' , V-.Y V Y - V - Y , y . VV . Vs ' .Q , V L ,inf is ' ' " ' T' 5, ' ' Ll Y ' V.. ,. Q, 6 , . 1 f . -1- , ig, ,-15 , . V ,,. b M., W . - V I ,QV kV A V X. . V VV 1 V I I . , R 5 " , ui 'RQTLQ ' . L . s - x, x-' Q - -pq Q N . t K5 Q lf?" V Q ' A .' ':x'f. V. i, .. . K , A X I il" I" M 'ff 7 5' 3 ' " Q w "J , f.-. rf. " X. - + I 0 ' . 'Qa,, - , K2 X XFX V 1 0 , , ..f-- x ff? fs: 1 Q 0 ..-' 13' , ' '- YH if .3 mf.-'J . 2. R K- .-..' -'1 w-' 4'-ww t . - -f s ,V . 0 r Y' , 11 5.2. gun, Q34 rw il, ' ., 1 V My ref L ' Y' ' ' ' ' A' v gr ' - I ""':'9cx'Q'5 ' if . . f - -'12 rally' -" ' 'si Q sf 4 M 'fs 1 .. A . Q 5 . . V Y, 'QV fx ki we H I grit ,V 1,2-fig V 5 1 . Vfg. 'Je V. Law, N v. ". V.VV L . ' fyg' ' V, 'I ' I '1' Q xy if." ,E f -W in ffl' Vrq i 'Pri' ,' , .AKSQ ",-4 , QV ,V , V ' . . '3 -. 'N' -nr 'r ' 1357 if T " P 1 gy-31145. ' 'v ,I ' in L, ,gf Q ' wat. '-,v x - .-i.' ,2 mf H: :Q ,.:r kg, wr, K xl, fs ' 4 2 ,Q f,-xv , 1 , , , ,QQ W. ' 35439355 f k'9S'?4'x,- FL nf fi x Q my W. fx ., .ig ,fy , i A Kixzkfa ,195 sg'

Suggestions in the Elk Mound High School - Moundonian Yearbook (Elk Mound, WI) collection:

Elk Mound High School - Moundonian Yearbook (Elk Mound, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 57

1955, pg 57

Elk Mound High School - Moundonian Yearbook (Elk Mound, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 73

1955, pg 73

Elk Mound High School - Moundonian Yearbook (Elk Mound, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 79

1955, pg 79

Elk Mound High School - Moundonian Yearbook (Elk Mound, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 10

1955, pg 10

Elk Mound High School - Moundonian Yearbook (Elk Mound, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 29

1955, pg 29

Elk Mound High School - Moundonian Yearbook (Elk Mound, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 71

1955, pg 71

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