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 - Class of 1958

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x . , .sa.w1Lva.mg g Q. 'mira i,- ig . ,155 1,-m y xi, 5 , ,M-mini n i ff, - -' : : .'4-' , . A - . "L . -r . V . - 7. La i , VL. , , . - " h .Bag l M 1' 2 y . -4 f xx, ,Ya 12' ,M ,, -I "5 . wi ef Q . I ,' 1 2 1 .pf 1. -. ., 5- X '. w P". . .. ,V ,L 1 -l 5 I ' wi -, 3' 114 j 3153. 1 , ', X" V :: Q' . ff. 3- -15 .7 . 1 .fx 4. J" . gulxl . . ,, xg-' 523 L 3 1-a fiiffz. 9? mfag, .-U" '1-xi 'Q na- . .r 'v 4. 3-.LF fir. Jig' 1554 Eff . ..-L51 .,. - 3. A : 4 G 4 .l . N, , , . .J N '.f. 4 , .:.Y',-'w.. fr. x .L lvx .. FWZ . -14 , .1-nn. f Tv-W'-E .- .N-hgh' E132 - ET. ' fa , 4 .4 - -ri-"Q r... ' 7' 9. . ' 4' 'Five v I .ingi .-1, 7, 11' Q., - iff? 1 - lil- -. 3 -. 1 ' ,. .ZJ IL 4 - " 1 'xf xg - HL- V v D J- ll. - 514,12-' 15411 . ,,.. , ggi.. .i ., fn ' ' l 'r.w ,fi - .Z 'v . 21 ' -H s -a . j .F-av 7311. M. ' A 1 R. ,., 'kx::f'..gf15l. 1. tl ' sw 1 . 4 4- Q, Ma if 4 ' u ,I un'- .YEA 1 , Q 'vk .1 ' .454 I is . . ' BFE 'W A - ,Q ,.. . ..mA , . KM V M P "ll . ,J if ... ...QL S' .L- -4 sr- n 4 4, 35 THE ANTLER published by THE SENHUR GLASS Off ELK LAKE If-HGH SCHUUL Hdgfiluifey lp6lU11UlSyHVl?3llI'Il1ii1l O UJC I" 6 I ,6 6 57 V g fp 66 , sf 6 ey 6elfe cf fefryq ossfbfed dvfenso' ,blk 6O'ersfooO' our Us H476 ,oeffbfy fo our cofnolyf' 666 S0779 197 fidencq sooo OQfs6eaff for ,orob Ce ofsf nfs PW' 801660, cffageo' e6GOf so soocess 76 ee! 6 06 ooi Us 14,156 cofr Us f4f6e6 we were O'e66o6ceo'oof c6a6C ef? O'e1'ef67f?7eO' efforf Sdfl-VQQSCY a6O' 6e,o,oy fefbefbbered as Cfbos 6496 S C66 7 e Va ' e fo 6704s as S600 ofways 66 ooe of our fbosf 0600! fbefhorfbs fbofess our oppfeof' ffoos coofrfboffbo 67006 we folfe f6efQ f6e 295 ' USN , Wo C9176 6160 , 60 X95 Q 56' f6Ss r ofs ry ifyr 1681? f fo s6ol'1f 6oIf1f 6 o 5 660' respecf 0441069 Sfoff O'eO?bofes 4fVfY67P fo 1'6e fkwffvfs of sofbr Masq CONTENTS I DEDICATION II STAFF III ADMINISTRATION IV CLASSES V ORGANIZATIONS VI ACTIVITIES VII ATHLETICS VIII ADVERTISEMENTS 3 . 8 z V t ii' wg,-1 3 no IU' FU cn 'o P Q T' P Q. S. U7 Q lm Z O 4 P T TTT 9: 5 O cn 5 -I I Ili 91 5 97 cn I rn li U O T rn 9: ff 1-f-. fewer,-ff-:-1 ' 3 S . A . -.-I THE ANTILIIER STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Beverlee Novak CO-EDITORS Carol Smith Gale Sheldon ASSISTANT EDITOR Ralph Tewksbury BUSINESS MANAGERS Connie Hunsinger Robert Mitchell John Koromlan ART EDITORS Doug Hall Tom Carter Shirley Cavanaugh SPORTS EDITORS Betty Avery John Bell TYPING EDITORS Wilma Button Claire Barnes Carol Jones LITERARY EDITORS Patti Litts Iva Holly Alice LaRue ADVERTISING EDITORS Fred Root Donna Grover Jean Kropa PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS Gwendolyn Snell Eleanor McGavin Janet Hoover dmiuisfrafiou Y SUPERVTSTNG PRTNCTPAL It has been fascinating to watch seven small but distinct communities slowly mould themselves into one new community, a new community with a pride that is reflected in the personal appearance and conduct of the pupils in the Elk Lake Schools. The Board of Education, at first a .group of small individual boards, has become one unit working toward a common goal. The mark toward which it strives is to secure the best educational opportunities to be bought for the boys and girls with the money available. The only reward its members ask is the satisfaction of seeing the boys and girls of Elk Lake live a little better because of the time and effort which they have given. The members of the faculty of the Elk Lake Joint Schools deserve to be highly complimented for the fine professional spirit with which they have labored to make our schools still better. As Supervising Principal of your school, l hope that each pupil will be proud to graduate from the Elk Lake Joint Schools and that parents, Board of Education, and faculty may be proud to have each one an alumnus of our school. Cw4!59.:faz:fs,7Q United States now stands at the crossroads of progress. Our country has been likened to an awakening giant who is discovering new energies and new ambitions. Our country's pro- gress must be expanded by farsighted young men and women who will accept the Challenge of the future. In that future lies the destiny of the free world. Our time has now come, and if not grasped will be lost forever. The most important thing for you as youthful citizens is to prepare yourselves more fully for whatever may be demanded of you in the future. Today I believe it is the patriotic duty of every youth to take advantage of every available educa- tional opportunity to become better fitted to per- form the tasks that lie ahead. Sincerely yours, WMM Merritt M. Light High School Principal PRHNCHPALS Congratulations to the Antler Staff, your ad- visor, and to the many individuals who have made contributions toward this proiect. You have devoted a great deal of time and a vast amount of effort in preparing an elementary section in your annual. In behalf of the elementary section of faculty and pupils, I wish to express our appreciation. Your interests, enthusiasm, courage, and deter- mination have made Elk Lake Joint School a better school for the boys and girls who will follow you. May these splendid qualities accompany you wherever you go. May each of you have a future full of success and happiness. Sincerely yours, Andrew J. Thornton Elementary Principal My ' H. '- ' 11. ,1 'Q ,vi '4iZ,:f:+f!gQd ' -1 ' ' , as -3,-',.' 1-,441-A-Ve4,f' 123 G1 .1'1s2: x" " ' 1f,JM-9 , , T" fd155 L . f . , ,. 14-f ,,.,, ,W - I ,,44,,,-5,,fjZ"fgi114it'. A V wg . ,-fu, rm W, -'lv f aff' '- .W-fa - w ,. ,A Q. I 1 , - - h -1 - , G, I-'.M Y ,, -. :A 24 rr .., . . ' 2, av 1 5 f A 11 '.. !.' ' 4 JA -. . . 1 . ' g . vm x 15, yi . 1 1.,, ii 5 r If ' ' ' , L .- , W Q I a 'E if' A . " r 1 A . NY, vf h P- , W fd, bi 5 5 , . ' ,'.'- ' we .Q - 'r g f w - "','?'f ' ' . -3-' ' 1 ,q 3 Q .. -. ,. ?-' Te- '., - - ,. .N Q . . , 's , ' ' ,, A 0 - s3w,'.zv Q ' w . .sn lf. 13" ' ff no ,. -S, - - x 4 ' +- V f , .lr , ,Ml , Q fn nf"-4 , . W , L ' ll ,v ,- N' A? Ak 'P-4. 4 b I 'f-,fp 5 ,w , '.4 .gf '47 -jx,-1 ,A-1 hs VL, Q ' 14- s,w ' . 'E 1' ' ,f --s Q 4 . , J' - , v ' " I ,...,.,a.,,0..- x 5 f 'P -. MW-,.i A ...s r 1 J' 4 av 5 ' . ., i t - j!ig?x::E,,: J s N35 ,iv nf -nv by V .4 " V 'W ', ' .Q . isa. -aff 2,1 af . .wiv Qing: f x 'M 1 x ffl' F531 .. i .g fv.: .,., ,tk nf CUMMIEIRWIAL MRS. JEANNE NEUSER MR. JOSEPH MEIER ew Rvffiw ff' i,g,+,,., l f1,77f1VL-frat' if z. SUCHAH, STVDIIES MR. DAVID STRUNK MR. JOSEPH LICATA XVU4CAT1IUNfMI, A U R H QC U ILT TU R IE MR. RAY HENNEY MR. RICHARD DONOVAN KA 1 1.5 YZ! djxigfkffm 1 . XSL , 'ff Z' IPIHIYSIICAIL EDUCATION MR. MICHAEL WALLACE MISS PAULINE HESSLER 'la 8 IHIONIIENIAKIINU MRS. ELIZABETH LORD MISS DOROTHY RINK NI LTSIIKC MR. JOHN CROFT MRS. HARRIETTE DeWEES MISS MARION STAVROSKY MR. MAURICE TAYLOR fsssg ta . 0' up .2 'L Y ':'.. 4:--' 9. Lf- 41 4.1, ,-f + -mn 'L V3 x 4 MR .-.I n E v MN.: R' .. I 9' 1 1? x .. B 1. ig. If 'SQ if - f-4.9 5:9 bwyf .. ,' qs' B 5' 'ur'-"' -ww". :uw 1 , . 11' X x I 'gg Q iihvwll 45 ,' sy . R 4 '31 Y? - hiv, .345 32? li . .f . iff? ,fn ' ' -- 3 'S 1 15' I 51. .' - I X , .' :,.,f.g, .fm v -1 ' , - ' ' G - ' - 'EEL Em I FV A A M -A I' . , ' wh ' Q, '1' N-,, '..'-gzv' ' e 5,1 , -5, .. - ffsu? l , , Q, ' u 4 , X, 1' Q 1. .. A , G + 'Y Q". fi' 3? ' ' 7' . . , X . 'N-1. - , 0 , 1 ,4 S .- 'H-g..,f ffl ' - n ., , V, Q ,4 H . . 1 ,, J vi. 511 En, , , Lk if uf aixw' ,qu ,J , ,naf im ,L ww 1 93. ,D .i ,, . ' gf . z ma . .. , , J, 'QQ-,'g'i","' ,t ., , wg? Lg bi 'Qi A ?7 "1 '1 ., .fb ' Q M: 1' .N 'F N my agus-a' . W -.Q-rua, 'N " - , ,:. ..- . K, ,qi f." 1' -, Y ..,..a- p,.,A SIIXTIHI GRADE MRS. MARGUERITE THORNTON MR. STANLEY CONRAD MISS MILDRED LIPPERT IFIIIFTII-II GIRAIDIE MRS. MAYBEL DOUGHERTY MRS. VINNIE PETERS MRS. MARY MULHOLLAND FOURTH GRADE MRS. ANNA BUSH MRS. LILA LATHROP MESHOPPEN GRADE TEACHERS i, ,. V. . l .. nf, ,F rIrr,"., ,P ,rrzr Qs 1-Qt? Miss Rosalie Donahoe, Mrs. Mollie Jennings, Miss Minnie Jayne, Miss Virginia LaFrance, Mrs. Nellie Luce, Mrs. Mary Lily Price-absent ELK LAKE UEEHCE STAFF S, Mrs. Eva Lathrop, Mrs. Joanne Banko, Mrs. Romaine Sebasfanelli MR. MR. MR. CLYDE CONKY HUGH JAMES GEORGE MASTERS MR. FLOYD KINNER MR. BEN DEUEL MR. ED BURNS .II ANIITORS MRS. IRVING PERRY MR. BEN SPACE MRS. STANLEY CONRAD MR. WILLIAM HOWER MRS. ANNE DOUGHERTY MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS . KATHLEEN LaRUE . ANNE TUCKER . KATHERINE GAGE . BELLE OLIVER . RALPH STARR CA IFIETIIEIRIIA STAII IES W .3qna,,....-A. BUS DRIVERS L. its LAKE JUIN ECHO L. Snyder, H. Button, F. Cartfietd, C. Brewer, V. Ace, A. Place, N. Burns, C. Bush, L. Peters, R. Lott, B. Kropa, K. Movvry, D. Carter, R. LaFrance, C. Bennett, C. Palmer, R. Hunsinger K an 1.5 1"luuJ eniors .X9 . , xt Of N WL' f cr N Qu" by QQX C, K J 3 r ' ,J J' fy 'SJ wx .fi E 'D Y L X3 Q " Q . .' REQ? ,af r if ff' 'W ,A 1 igw B ELIZABETH AVERY ELDON BABCOCK "Berry" ffsidonff That is as well said as if I had said if myself. N0 fidgef and no reformer iugf 5 Calm Observer of ought and must. QE if 7 ffl? W' cing o?T76Al' jllrll - Lo fi' fits' Y WP no - '11 75 'TVTUVE 1 sf' V6 , iw lf if W 4604 v BEVERLY BAKER ROBERT BAKER "Bonnie" "Bob" She that has patience may compass anything. l'm strong, willing and eager, and able to pull my own share. - :.f -f,,,-ey. ,f,,..,1: ,11- I - Q89 ' slln 5bSP'g:yQf49iSBi ,CK ELS: 55, vggw wg Sixl-"BT 'QV X aogqx QKDDSDNTTQJ 45 RH. 0 4 'Q Q 4 Q df K, I -. 55,9 fax X WILMA BUTTQN THOMAS CARTER "Willy" "Tom" Her eyes 6,6 ,Oo Wide ,O be innocenf' I will awake one morning and find myself famous of-yy 5, WW fgwfwib X Ry W r J, W1 ..o"""'- It . 'fi SHIRLEY CAVANAUGH RUTH DARLING "Shirley" "RuThie" Bu and cheerful wi friendl face. She is fashioned fine and true with ra s of sun- Sy fh H Y , Y shine gleaming through. ll-25: Wg, 5"".. . Lyn fvlf' fl' , l aff gf: l2"0,6,LZLll! lj fr?"w' 'l fl V ,P 4 Vyifff fylzwylqlrt' I . R' ', 'G f15X!lf VL.. bl!! 1 nfl! Au' JJV Nw! LLJJ' M ' L. L llfvlr' lrwllfallwllflbtrzflffJ U, far ff ,M L QM llwpm lallll lrf'lll,Lf'l5b' A, I 1 lz'w'bi,,LL , K- ' wa.. I, fl!! M1 of U1 6,5 ok L QQ SAYRE DILMORE !"lH Q? wi'9PQSf+5555gsuA Usayren V K, Be the labor great or small, he does if well or not ci s me the n moto ar all. A -' 3' U gg V " ' ' C9- W 5 RDQJJN LWSBCW wfjfpiwjyg Q ,pw U xfiffgffffs .f we of GQWW .27 DONNA GROVER DOUGLAS HALL "Donna" "Doug" Her kindness is as inevirable as the force of A Source of irmocenr merrim nr gravitation. Ml! -1 . E. ll U .v 5, lil rdf fwrwbffk' AM 7734' 'Q arf wwfaf W M74 ., AIT' eww frfwifeif 'Y' ,Br B wg L 1. 4 , ,L f "-' I- ,n . . -'A'4Q' WILLIAM HILL XA11' IVAH HOLLEY "Bill" HlVY" The migmies, powers by deepest calms are fed- Zhe does little kiridnesses which others leave un one. way KLM-P if L Ybkfv MDV all if' M1 , x all fll ANET Hooveia 'LU "Duffy" Wish l could do like the army, and keep a reserve manpower pool. lQfNB'- ,J ii M3 -fx A A LWQA, wwe CWM 5- CGNNIE HUNSINGER Hconf, She's as good as she is fair. VVLJ7' fhybl r M L, , Jr! UL bfi 1A f"' ' " X ' L V Q 14-f' .if-1 Eff? fi 7lGL51'1 1 X ffl- 4' ' r f7 7 1 I . Gf!'j'Va, 'MJ If ' 3. ffl! If 0 L iw: Y l I, fzghk' 0, V Q 'ff N I' U L X I 6 Q19 . - . 6 Lp x P K, i FRANKLIN HUNTER PAUL JOHNSON "Oopey Cat" "Zeke" Nothing is impossible to a willing mind. I never C1272 ro act as funny as I am. jf if if , y- sf ak 11" ALICE JONES "Alice" I will be the palfern of all patience ii? Cl, gill L! l' CAROL JONES "Carol" A girl fo whom is given so much of earlh, so much of heaven, 71, 4 l,j If f JOYCE KINTNER "Joycee" Her school complexion - the pink of perfecflon. , '-1 l' V13 1 JH 2-M ' A I . ,fir X CHRISTINE KOEB "Teeny" As easy on the eye as a Tax refund N V lb Wfvlf flu ffl wwf f' -lkffflfff l E, ybyw 9 AQ A ff? My W 791' ,, ,ff fl Ml, cv 671 X . x K JOHN KOROMLAN l V , Alla JEAN KROPA u-lohnu Rf Nfzf Lx X uwleann A man of culture is the true apostle of equality. A X ' 1 ' ki Clothes for her are like paint for an arrlsr X2 Jl " L 'Qgu 'R If fa fffwk if pf! Z, of Wi! L -, nh!" Pdf ,Q X .M ' fI0VfyA 0 ' 5 X 44 aj ALICE LARUE M ' PATRICIA LITTS She pufsa gram of sugar into everyrhmg she says.k ,V 0 HOW CSU I know what I fhmk nll I see wha' I say? IILJUD ' Q 5 5. sph, We as gggffyq? no 10 9,750 J HAROLD I-OCH ELEANOR MCGAVIN "Loch" "Elly" You do if wirh beffer graCe, buf l do if more Music is the speech of angels-rhar's why I have naiurally. fo falk, ,T if Al 1 .L L if L- l T L X i Lu If by 0 T Q, rx ,149 ga 41 .LLL I' '- ' , -. 1- mg T 7 . V RONALD MCGAVIN DONNA MCLAUD "Ronnie" "Donna" My name is "McGavin," but l'm living the life Her smiles last longer and go further. of Riley just The same. ,MJTW lf jlfffw ,wi ,ff 4 if JW QLJEJ wfj' fm' wwf X M RUTH MILLER I, ' ,I ROBERT MITCHELL "Rum" fr gl f' ,X "Bob" She exercises the luxury of doing good. . X ITA' 5 J Whal keen delishf 8 quiet life affords ! ? 1 nn, W , H ,.. V . sn QCD? f CYz5ff25jf'6 Q i 'SQ m Q :fig 'J 'ff ., nf' lb-- x QNZLQ' V11 65 ,' . ft c 5,f 62 Z 6"-16 ggvf ,ff-v IPCC ,Gif 1 , , ,. A ! Mfr fb' W, Uuyffj WANDA POWELL I 4 f, " FRED ROOT "Wanda" "Fred" I can because I know I can. "l'll put on my considering cap WWW ff Wffiff' WW ff., f x 5-. f fag T I, " Q! 3, 3 JOYCE SCHILLINGER GALE SHELDON "Joyce" "Shorty" Hold the fort! I am coming. Born with a sense of laughter ffffwa cu""fa A I . , PV 'L 'jf' Ld jybfbwaf VJ, " , . dy L, 1 fp' 'Y fs V ,U L MW ,M ff' DL' 0' LU Ld X 1 L U 1 3 A y J L 1'L, K" n- 'vi 2 4 1" A an LINDA JOHN SHINGLER ,,Lin,, Ujackn And ever as she went some happy song she sang. ' d0'1'f need fhese Ql6SSeS exfepf for Seeing-an rhey're cheaper than buying a dog. L hifi ,fi W STELLA SKLUTE CAROL SMITH Hskufer' "SmiHy" Like a falkingfmachine always wound up and going. A Qiff S0 FIGHT, Wffh 6 Smile S0 Sweef. w w 1 I . 3, .ap,i'os 19,54 ag' ,,,, ...Jim you Jo, Jfhf-7? Pi,i,Y'W Anger! 353' Lnflflfffi NEIL TALUBA "Pondy" A woman is but a woman, but a good cigar is a , smoke. CLASS FLOWER-Pink Tea Rose CLASS COLORS-Charcoal Gray and Mint Green CLASS MOTTO-Follow truth and honor Seniors! Magnified, Dignified, Edified. Sophisticated to the greatest degree There is no rank more Desirable, Admirable Than Seniors. Seniors! Who are you To fudge us, nudge, budge us? We are supreme. Seniors! Now that we have gained it, obtained it Life can never be the same. From now on the world is ours To conquer and subdue. Seniors! DALE WH ITE "Whitey" Why should the devil have all the good times? 54 Q' -ed g, 0 o sf he 4. f ' 'Q A ' K Q' 1 L. MQ: lg gi Y-f.iX ia 4 DAY IIN Lil FE UF A SENIIUR 1- Tx t H wqx . Rise and shine Bevae i Young, but handsome . . . - Q. , Morning arrival . . . "I pledge alIegiance" ....,.. Oh, so sick! . . . Future Chemists . . . ,""? ig. 'P 1 5 J 1? is . K4 1-4 7 1444 A+.- x , , A'5,7.g.gI f' uf ,f'aw,gJv 1 .55 il P33- :Swv , .. , is 2... taps' , H ,.- Y ,mp KF-5V'?'f3,'-r."dkf F11-11-ikf. 1- ig 5' if sf'1'?fG' , ,.,. ., .,.. . 163,-3' ' 'in 1 k' .ff.ei,4- ' -41, 'z-1 Q,1j,I' , ....v. - , w ,E 2 K' 1,- .AE-' 5313 lf ,- 1 fr P., Jfzviiiizp 'Af 'zfnj Y -15' 2. .vh z yu' 5 CLASS WHLL Betty Avery, will my height to Sharon Bencoster, in exchange for her boyfriends. Eldon Babcock, will my sideburns to Richard Wells. BeVe"lY Baker, will my long hair to Marsha Warner. Robert Baker, will my locker opening trick to Paul Goodrich. Claire Barnes, will my ability to play basketball to Dorothy Lasher. John Bell, will my wise cracks to any nut who would like to use them. Donna Brenchley, will my French lessons to Linda LaFrance. David Brooks, will my liking of Montrose girls to Frank Kropa. Wilma Button, will my sense of humor to Dorothy Pruitt. Thomas Carter, will my ability to pick up girls to Terry Taluba. Shirley Cavanaugh, will my red hair to Mary Ann Caines. Ruth Darling, will my quietness to Carol Thomas. Sayre Dilmore, will my love for reading to Del- bert Wooden. Joe Gacha, will my small feet to Chester Arey. Donna Grover, will my liking of l.B.M. boys to Louise Stone. Douglas Hall, will my future to Betty Bowman. William Hill, will my mustache to Rolland Jenner. lvah Holley, will my neatness to Nancy Carter. Janet Hoover, will my position as basketball manager to Gladys Rose. Connie Hunsinger, will my ability to get along with boys to Nancy Smith. Franklin Hunter, will my lump shots to Clayton McGee. Paul Johnson, will my "good-marks" to Delbert Wooden. Alice Jones, will my trumpet to Leo Golden for carrying it to the band room on Band Day. Carol Jones, will my love for underclassmen to Betty Crea. "Take care of them". Joyce Kintner, will my smile to Barbara Millard. Christine Koeb, will my basketball trunks to Linda Button. John Koromlan, will my bashfulness to Chester Arey. Jean Kropa, will Frankie to Betty. Alice LaRue, will my ability to win prizes in homemaking to my sister, Arlene. Patti Litts, will my cute ways to Lucretia Sherman. Harold Lock, will my insurance policy to Dave Lee. Eleanor McGavin, will my love for '55 Chevies to Sandy Clink. Ronald McGavin, will my hidden talent to who- ever knows where it is. Donna McLaud, will my musical talent to Marsha. Ruth Miller, will my good times at Pennsylvania Avenue to Sandra Stanley. Robert Mitchell, will my good marks to George Gretchel. John Moyer, will my ability to get along with the fair sex to Brooks Price. Kenneth Newberry, will my questions in Math class to Phillip Button. Beverly Novak, will my love for "Dodges" to Betty Bowman. Rolland Pierson, will my ability to crack up to Dean Tucker. Wanda Powell, will my last bottle of Florient to Priscilla Buckley. Fred Root, will my position as Senior president to Joseph Kostantewitz. Joyce Schillinger, will my position as top fouler on the team to Carol Vroman. Gale Sheldon, will my love for Montrose boys to Shirley L. Hunsinger. Linda Shields, will my place as cheerleader to Eleanor Schuster. Jack Shingler, will my ability to play basketball to Fred Light. Stella Sklute, will my quietness to the Junior Class. Carol Smith, will all my lost pencils to whoever finds them. Gwendolyn Snell, will the smallest desk in the Senior home room to Bertha Mitchell. Robert Springer, will my love for Ag to Donald Kintner. Fred Storey, will my bashfulness to Louie Smith. Donald Strickland, will all my girlfriends to Louis Noble. Neil Taluba, will my habit of walking my girl- friend to her locker to Jim Bray. Dale White, will my ability to argue to Manley Wood. We, the class of '58 of Elk Lake Joint School of Susquehanna County, State of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind, in perfect health, and having reached the end of our career at ELJS, do declare this to be our last will and testiment. Signed fha ' Witnessed by - Y--- -.-HCL. , CLASS PROPHECY Betty Avery-Manager of Avery's store in Springville. Eldon Babcock-Boss of dress shop in Rush. Beverly Baker-Owner and operator of a beauty parlor at Elk Lake Corners. Robert Baker-Is the head of Cornell Man- facturing Company. Claire Barnes-Serving Uncle Sam as a Lieutenant in the Army. John Bell-ls the great white h u n te r in Africa. Donna Brenchley-First Stewardess to reach the moon. David Brooks-Teaching Chemistry to Mr. Cherundolo's children. Wilma Button-ls the head of the New York City Womens' Police Force. Tom Carter-First man in a satellite. Shirley Cavanaugh-Airline Hostess fo r American Air Lines. Ruth Darling-Giving hand writing lessons. Sayre Dilmore-is a ianitor at Elk Lake. Joe Gacha-Maior in United States Army. Donna Grover-Secretary to l.B.M. Big Shot. Doug Hall-Commercial A rtist for Peil's brothers, Bert and Harry. William Hill-President of United States. lvah Holley-Living on the Benninger homestead and sending five little Johns to school. Janet Hoover-Chief x-ray technician for the Mayo Clinic. Connie Hunsinger-Private Secretary to Mr. Light. Franklin Hunter-Farmer in Meshoppen. Paul Johnson-Head carpenter with a huge construction company in Springville. Alice Jones-Registered Nurse at Medical Arts Hospital in Montrose. Carol Jones-Has finished Police Training and is now taking care of the iunenile delinquents at Elk Lake ,Joint School. Joyce Kintner-Married to John Bell and is now sending three little "bells" to school. Christine Koeb-Career girl in New York City. John Koromlan-Has now taken over his father's milk truck route. Jean Kropa-Has taken over her mother's teaching position at Elk Lake Joint School. Alice LaRue-ls the operator of a h uge beauty salon for the top movie stars in Hollywood. Patti Litts-Head stewardess for T.W.A. Harold Lock-One of the editors of iokes for "True" magazine. Eleanor McGavin-Only old maid of the class of '58. Ronnie McGavin-Head of Pennsylvania Game Commission. D o n n a McLaud-Owner of a slenderilla shop in New York City. Ruth Miller-ls married and raising lots of little ones. Bob Mitchell-Racing driver for General Motors. John Moyer-Owner and operator of Per- manent Rest Home. lUndertakerJ Kenneth Newberry-Training Patterson for the Golden Gloves. Beverlee Novak-Registered Nurse at Mes- hoppen Hospital and still available. Rolland Pierson-Stock car driver for Chry- sler Corporation. Wanda Powell-Airline Hostess for T.W.A. Fred Root-Has iust finished designing the latest nuclear weapon. Joyce Shillinger-The other editor for jokes in "True" magazine. Gale Sheldon-Famous dress designer-for short people. Linda Shields-ls the owner of a huge cattle ranch in Gklahoma. Jack Shingler-Selling tickets for trips to the moon. Stella Sklute-Operates an old age home for Elk Lake Teachers. Carol Smith-Working in the factory which supplies pencils for Elk Lake Joint School. Gwen Snell-Private Nurse to President of United States. Bob Springer-Assistant Ag. Teacher to Mr. Henney. Fred Storey-The only bachelor of the class of '58. Don Strickland-Taking Cheyenne's p l a c e on TV. Neil Taluba-Planning a June wedding af- ter the graduation of '60. Dale White-Head shrinker for John Bell in Africa. CLASS HHSTURY RUSH When we entered our freshman year at Rush High School we had a class of twenty-one. Through our freshman, sopho- more, and iunior years, class activities consisted of: selling Christmas cards, soup, homemade candy, hot dogs, and soda, having dances and roller-skating parties, and, of course, the Junior-Senior Prom and Junior-Senior Banquet. Our class was unusual, since during our sophomore and iunior years we had but one lone boy. This proved interesting both ways. MESHOPPEN In our freshmen, sophomore, and iunior years at Meshoppen we were honored to have Mrs. Anne Light as our advisor. During our first two years, we enjoyed many class parties. In our iunior year, for money-making proiects we sold maga- zines and pennants and had a Halloween party. We presented our play "The Adorable Imp" on April llth and l2th. This was a huge success, the credit going to Mrs. Anne Light and Mrs. Jeanne Neuser, our directors. The Junior-Senior Prom and the Junior-Senior Banquet were the social highlights of the year. Most of all we enioyed the thought of becoming seniors. DHMOCK - SlPlRllNGlVllLLlE, During our freshman year we were a restless group. At Christmas for the first time all year we were quiet-as we panto- mined "Sh-Boom" and "Jingle Bells" at assembly. Our sopho- more year was filled with various parties. In our iunior year as moneymaking proiects we sold Christmas cards, candy and pre- sented our iunior play. "The Phantom of the High School"-a mystery which turned into a comedy. We all worked hard on the Junior-Senior Banquet which was a huge success. ELK LAKE The Senior Class of the new Elk Lake School consists of fifty-four students from Dimock-Springville, Meshoppen, and Rush. After about a month of the confusion of arranging schedules, getting acquainted with new classmates and new building, we proceeded to work on the yearbook-taking pic- tures, getting ads, etc. Everyone was quite pleased with his senior pictures this year. Soon we hope to sponsor a dance and later on a senior play. Now we are looking forward to the Junior-Senior Prom, Commencement, and of course, the Wash- ington trip. K' - f -C Www" - I Fl Betty Avery I Q' Joyce Kintner w-4 .' tv 4. ,, . ,fb A ..' " . Alice Jones Alice LaRue Gale Sheldon Carol Jones . . r -' ut-I, x. 1 -V-"' nf . .Ax Eleanor McGavin Dale While t fi, ' . X y l' . y Stella Sklute Christine Koeb l 6 '4. ' Ruth Darling P f Gwen Snell L 1 gfmmve' ,,.,,,...,...----0' W...-0" Donna Groover Connie Hunsmger 'fl "1 Janet Hoover . 5' N, A lvah Holley Q ' 'slri-F! la 4 l .Q S . Linda Shields Bob Baker 3, 4. 5544- , 1 QVJPK 5 . w :- Jean Kropa Claire Barnes . 3' l 2 . ,b Y X X .J :ul ""'? v. ' . l '-ft ' Y am' 4 5: a' A, 4 v Q uniors mu...-.. 1 I I 1 5 My u What'Il you have? Lovely Ladies 4 ,,,.v.,.-. Y -W ,, Nicely paired . . . f' , J . W ar-J, y ? - 1 .Y N. iwxawfiif ib-4,2 Oh: Spring Beauiy . 3 .Q J Tightly tied I ' vw Y .K "' OLKS Q ANCY ROZEN So excited . .. 'N'-' rx: "I didn't do if." A charming quariette Q oplzomores 4 'E I X N 1 7' .null 1 Q v " 1 w. :- -A Y Rm-ff Q. "Nam 2 . .-- 1 A Q , I + L 1 reshmeu, Q., '3- .J q .. z i I V- 1 mfg nderclassnzen .xr f mfg' 1 1 L iQ2..if,. Y 3 -I Y Ll Q. sr - il 42' ii i- Jig M -+ S L . u.,,: .VL .5yc:2.k1-ii 1. i. 52.3. . .5 4751. ., 31 .:. , L l lf., 1- ,vyq , --1' Y' -,NWimiu.im!5.T,N,.l!..., . . 'I- - h 1 1' ' if L 1 L .. ........,..., k......,,...-......,.......... ' w A-'wr-u-Q -uma.-1-...I-.,.... f., . .fv .,. , ""' "- 1-'G' '- r ST ,. ' Inigui V E . M i ri'-gf- All i , 1 I '!7..',Z.'. 4,5 . +',.. V , I-rn I .1 r,- , 'LA A . :--as Mr. Lathrop and Mr. Smi1h N14 M -hx," ' Gale... l 32? Party Pals . . . l l l l I Alice . . . F Josephine and John Cherundolo 4! i "Pals of 1950" "Sisfers' il Prom Time lem entary A. F Agia' -Q-53 vwv f I K - as ,, 1 'vii ' ' ,.'. I P if 4' +- .fan f rv .Q-,. .5 fum 2'-....:'...'..'g3 ,:4""'1 si'-Vg 'p 41 'E X Y xggfiiblifi Nb x I ' K 3 f 1.4 -I ,... 0 um, :fx-min-:vas ,,.1o-, angggk a ,4...l' slum I Q "'0.fA: s 'na R ns .4---Q 'K "e X . il . ' 2 I - x dm 4 A W Nw 4g .K an . W, I-1,,fQ,,X.,c5 .'-nf' 1,657 in ...hi I it-L1 .s , , N fi' W V I XL I' I Q 1 ls...ai' if-we xfg' X ,X .H Z Fr- - S. SQA 459 ' 1 ffqmm . Q Q f--. 1-i 3-nuns n I-lah, .x V L, Q- BN! :-V SECOND GRADE A Q Qui 1 el . L r , if N .ax 41 x F , 'QP ,Q .- .. i ' 1 1 ' f 5 xl 1 " Q, 1 :X ffia ,. ,J 213'--""" 'Lili gtafvx J N' JN ,A . - on 050 0 SECOND GRADE C O 'N-4 vg- Y 'Q i HI an R x.- ' . ' Q , , 37' 'I x Q ' 4 ' X Ox. FIRST GRADE A V Q 9 3 1 QOBCX 'I' s Er K Qi SW- I i u il: ., I L v . I I K I Nt- ,. . ff I ' A r Z., ,- 4 A X , ,B 4 ki ,Q Q I . x lf- 1 , ..: .. ,rlwgyyb A ,V 1 45' 5 'Y' 15+ 'fa , 4 k 1 ' 3 '1. 4-0'1" K' N ,.--Qdf 411 1 , 5597, ,. S ,0" -. 11 , -. . y, W ,A . I lv. .V-k,.-,K , ,x-M , MSW? A ....:.,gf-rfrwd. ELM , ' -M ,Q , - My , y I A fri. 'I1-ff. ."'. , Z S, A ' . ,..'-,L , , Q' , 3. 14.-V 1 :1 1 W , Q "' '-N" . ,wr . . . v- W "A" ' -.'.....an4...I- ' --NLJIA - 8 SSSi' Ji!! ,, 'P - .1 I """?i'J 1 'lr H . ' a . .. -. Q. . 11" "lvl .Y3' I-'ll r 'JW' nxwss-Q un Q xiunf U p-J K V w .Jiv- r ' R 411' k we . x Rx xg, ' P3 I ,A 0 1 'o ,Ql.1 V I I Y ? i MESHOPPEN'S SECOND GRADE 6-B Terrarium -lil, 6-A Playground fun 4-A English Activities Ll 5- .. WQI ', 6-A Guardian Angel I-B "This one scares me il 5 'I S I i---ur- 5-A Indian Arrowheads 6'B Nanviw Scene 6-B Exploring with books 2-A Play corner VA Pi'9fim' 4-B Alaskan Igloos 1-B Halloween Exhibit 6-A Mexican Illustration 3,C Columbus 5m,y Special Education Workshop FIRST GRADE l-A M. Arthur Y. Baker D. Baldwin D. Bennett S. Brewer C. Bunnell A. Burns C. Bush D. Button P. Button R. Button R. Button A. Caines D. Canfield G. Canfield P. Carey B. Carter R. Clark C. Cokely M. Coleman L. Detrich C. Dodge Jr. R. Fike M. Fitch D. Garrison D. Gesford P. Gregory R. Hanyon G. Harvey B. Hinkley L. Hosier L. Hunsinger L. Maricle T. Ruhf C. Carter 'l-B S. Dobrosielski J. Gary G. Golden K. Green E. Herman A. Hibbard K. Hitchcock D. Hollister N. Hollett L. Heugel N. Johnson R. Jones S. Kacuba T. Kiefer K. Lambert L. LaRue D. Lee R. Malandri S. Mason N. McCabe D. McGavin K. Millard J. Mitchell K. Naylor P. Newhart V. Newhart J. Oakley B. Phillips M. Rockwell S. Rosengrant R. Stone J. Wodlington 1-C D. Adams M. Barnes A. Davies J. Hosier B. lffert K. Kipar C. Litwin D. Lyman H. Maricle S. McNeil T. Murphy R. Newhart D. Oliver D. Petersen R. Pickett D. Pierson 6. Pierson S. Prentice M. Rudock E. Setser F. Shadduck D. Siracuse G. Stanley G. Stone R. Stone S. Swackhammer S. Swetland C. Teel J. Tompkins P. Vroman R. Ward E. Young SECOND GRADE 2-A B. Alden S. Alden J. Allen D. Arthur G. Baker S. Baker C. Baldwin S. Baldwin B. Bolles D. Burns J. Bush B. D. B. C. E. M. Button R. Clink C. Coleman G. Coleman J. Conrad J. Conrad R. Donovan E. Ellis K. Ely A. Fitch P. Fries G. Gregory S. Kitchen D. Oleniacz R. Smith B. Wiles 2-B H. Beebe E. Benscoter B. Button C. Button N. Conklin L. Doubleday R. Forkal K. Gardner K. Glemser S. Guiton R. Herman M. Hicks V. Howell V. Howell R D. Hunter G. Huntsman B. lffett M. Jones L. Kletsko S. LaFrance . Hunsinger Lathrop Newhart . Oliver Rezyhowski . Ruhf Russo J. G. Smith 2-C Barnes Bennett Bucksbee Button M. Jess N. R. B. L. LaRue Poulson Rodney Sherman S. Shields D. D. J. Shoemaker Shoemaker Sobonski R. Stanley R. States R. Stone C. Sutton R. Tyler F. Underhill A. Very M. Very S. Very R. Ward L. Wilson L. Whitney B. Yakoski THIRD GRADE 3-A M. Allen J. Bakaysa M. Baker M. Beeman P. Bell J. Bennett R. Bishop W. Bishop K. Brobst E. Burns H. Butler H. Button R. Button P. Carey C. Clink E. Clink P. Coleman D. Dimon R. Fike L. Gary M. Gary E. Gregory D. Hill L. Hosier P. Maricle J. Rosengrant C. Vargo 3-B C. Brewer B. Bucksbee L. Carter P. Crowley E. Dobrosielski K. Ely L. Ferris J. Flanagan B. Freeman S. Garrison C. Goodwin R. Hall M. Hancock J. Henry P. C. E. D. N. L. A. T. R. J. J. L. R. G. S. P. C. C. L. S. J. M. P. B. C. C. M. C. A. C. G. K. M. M. K. L. B. C. K. B. L. Hollister Hoover Heugel Johnson Johnson Jones LaRue Lathrop Lyman Maricle McCabe Millard 3-C Jayne Kinny LaRue Laskaris Lyman Ma ricle Newhart Oakley Overfield Pangonis Pierson Pooler Poulsen Place Rockwell Rogers Squiers Shadduck Shoemaker Sickler Siracuse Smith Stanley Stone Strohl Swackhammer Taylor Ward Wiles FOURTH GRADE 4-A D. Baker D. Baker B. Baldwin C. Baldwin M. Banko J. Beebe C. Bennett D. Bishop B. Bonavita R. Bonavita A. Boyle E. Bush J. Bush C. Carey C. Carter R. Conrad D. Cook C. Darling D. Dietrich P. Donovan P. Earnshaw S. Fike S. Finlon A. Forkal K. Gesford S. Greenwood W. Gregory D. Grover T. Guiton K. Hollett J. Hunsinger R. Hunsinger N. Jayne G. Johnson R. Kletsko C. LaRue Jr. W. Moore J. Newhart 4-B J. Caine: J. Fuller A. Grow R. Hanyon J. Heitsman D. Hinkley R. Kovallc L. Laskaris E. McCann T. Meyers R. Mowry K. Nankivell D. Petty L. Pewterbaugh D. Pierson S. Pisaneschi G. Prentice E. Rockwell K. Schuster C. Setser P. Severs H. Shaver R. Shingler C. Shoemaker J. Sible P. Springer L. Smith B. Stanley D. Stanley N. Taylor J. Traver E. Wiles D. Williams S. Winans J. Yakoski, Jr. FIFTH GRADE 5-A S. Alden A. Allen P. Avery J. Baker J. Beebe M. Bell L. Bennett P. Bennett E. Birchard D. Bishop G. Bishop D. Boyle A. Brink R. Brobst T. Brooks M. Button R. Button V. Button L. Charles B. Clark F. Coleman B. Conray J. Crowley C. Freeman D. Gary D. Golden M. Golden J. Goodwin G. Vargo 5-B M. Bunnell A. Davies J. Forkal G. Gregory H. Griffis P. Guiton A. Hibbard C. Hibbard J. Hibbard J. Hicks J. Hunsinger R. Hunsinger A. Johnson D. Jones M. Jones J. Kamarauskas J. Kiefer M. Kinner P. Kinney R. Kletsko K. Koeb A. Litwin S. Mowry M. Newhart A. Oakley M. Pickett 5-C W. Buell E. LaRue L. LaRue L. Lyman C. Marcy M. Mills N. Myers S. Palmer B. Parker B. Paulsen R. Petty S. Phillips B. Pierson J. Severs J. Severs C. Shaver J. Sheldon C. Smith C. Smith J. Stankavage C. Stanton B. Sutton J. Swetland R. Taylor N. Tiffany C. Very S. Whitney F. Wiles R. Young SIXTH GRADE 6-A G. Adams D. Allen M. Allen M. Bakaysa Jr. G. Baker P. Beardsley N. Bechtel D. Bell M. Benninger B. Bowman K. Bowman K. Brace D. Brewer P. Brofzman D. Bunnell D. Burridge Jr. C. Bush J. Bush J. Button W. Button Jr. S. Carter M. Coleman W. Dimon C. Ellis W. Earnshaw D. Fisher M. Gregory Hanyon Herman Hibbard Hinkley Pruitt Marbaker Rosengrant 6-B Bell Carter Chamberlin Dieter Dobrosielski Dougherty Eddy Finlon Gacha Garrison Gruver Havrilak Hibbard Hibbard Himmelwright Hunsinger Jagger Korzdorfer Kopatz Kavolick Laskaris Oliver Palmer Rockwell Sanders Sebastianelli Setser Sheldon Sherman Shields Stephens Strohl 6-C Irwin Kintner McGavin McMiken Mead Miller Newhart Pierson Pruitt Rodney Sands Shoemaker Sickler Sipe Squires Stark Stone M. Stone T. Taber D. Taylor H. Taylor J. Teel D. Traver J. Tompkins G. Truesdale M. Underhill P. Very G. Wandall T. Ward D. Wells H. White J. Williams K. Yoselson MESHOPPEN FIFTH GRADE W. Arey R. Buckingham G. Bullock C. Bunnell R. Burridge S. Burridge K. Dibble J. Drogan R. Harding R. Harvey W. Holley M. Keifer P. Lutz M. McGavin J. Miller C. Newhall F. Newhart B. Noldy L. Osborn J. Rompola L. Shoemaker S. Smith C. Stevens L. Stranger G. Taluba S. Tewksbury D. Titman M. Tyler J. Vaow N. Vaow P. Woodruff FOURTH GRADE P. Brotzman T. Bunnell D. Burridge W. Burridge S. Fassett W. Fassett P. Foux A. Haynes F. Holley J. Holley B. Lasher F. Lott S. Lott J. McClain K. McMicken J. Miller R. Mowry R. Osborn M. Rogers J. Rompala J. Tewksbury H. Titman D. Warner N. Williams THIRD GRADE J. Baker G. Billings C. Brewer G. Brewer D. Burridge R. Burridge J. Decker S. Dibble D. Fassett W. Fletcher Jr. S. Gacha S. Harford B. Harvey J. Hollister F. Johnson F. Keeney G. Keeney H. Lasher J. Love E. McClain R. McGavin T. McGavin D. Newhart B. Overfield C. Pond M. Purdy D. Rogers B. Sherwood R. Shoemaker C. Sitas H. Smith D. Stranger R. Truesdale H. Vaow G. Vlasca C. Winnie SECOND GRADE E. Adams L. Adams G. Bowman B. Breitweiser A. Bunnell G. Burridge J. Burridge M. Carter B. Ellsworth A. Faux L. Fletcher J. Frantz C. Gutkowski S. Hollister W. Hollister P. Jennings L. Keifer J. Miller H. Osborn S. Overfield N. Pond T. Purdy J. Rodgers F. Taluba D. Tewksbury G. Tewksbury G. Shoemaker R. Vaow R. Williams G. Woodruff FIRST GRADE D. Adams B. Benninger R. Bowman N. Brewer W. Brewer B. Buckingham S. Bullock D. Burr M. Canfield B. Ellsworth K. Faux T. Foote J. Gacha B. Halfield J. Harvey J. Keeney C. LaFrance J. Love M. McClain C. McMicken D. Mead R. Miller J. Newhart M. Newhart R. Oliver L. Pond T. Purdy C. Vaow M. VanGorden S. Warner B. Winnie D. Woodruff cfivifies CLASS UIFIFIICCIERS I JUNIOR PRESIDENT Jim Bray fabsenfl VICE PRESIDENT Dale Petty SECRETARY Nancy Smith TREASURER Jerry Burke HISTORIAN Ralph Tewksbury REPRESENTATIVES Ken Price David Lee Y 61 x " SENIOR PRESIDENT Fred Root VICE PRESIDENT John Bell SECRETARY Iva Holley fabsenri TREASURER Betty Avery HISTORIANS Christine Koeb Joyce Schillinger REPRESENTATIVES Doug Hall Carol Smith fabsenfl SUPIHITDNTIIDRE PRESIDENT Frank Kropa VICE PRESIDENT Meredith Golden SECRETARY Beverly Place TREASURER Charles Kraus HISTORIAN Margo Davies REPRESENTATIVES Carol Federovitch Dale Car-ter Nh i 'I 1 CLASS UIFIFIICERS 1 Re X , -. x IFIRESIHIMI A N PRESIDENT Clayton Magee VICE PRESIDENT Billy Schillinger SECRETARY Ruth Ann Sherwood TREASURER Sharon Benscofer HISTORIAN Winfred Bell REPRESENTATIVES Shirley Carney Donald Lott CLASS OIFIFIICIEIRS SEVENTH CGRAIDIE PRESIDENT Cynthia Gary VICE PRESIDENT Richard Smith SECRETARY Marsha Clink TREASURER Evelyn McCarthy HISTORIAN Katherine Dougherty REPRESENTATIVES Sylvia Jennings Harold Hollister Sheila Hiichcock Roger Oakley PRESIDENT Tony McCann VICE PRESIDENT Nancy Carier SECRETARY Sandra Swetland TREASURER Cindy Lake HISTORIAN Dale Tewksbury REPRESENTATIVES Carol Newhart Jimmy Brooks IEIIGIHITII-II GRAIIDIE 1 4 Y, le J 7 5 4 . ? I- 4 L: ,a - x' xx VB:-'Q 'W' vy V ?x 'A . ' 'ff 56' fig? 1 A'Q!.'5E ' 5- f, i1a','ff.W?,. Q . 1-.wi x7lfi - b b .1 Q- A 'Eff' Q , h 57" . f 0 Q5 Q 4 4. ---f 1 ,. . , f , i:.1.. : 2. gl. 1, as j.5': .1!f::- . ,. . i1:g,gfw ,i, , ,Q '31, H Q E! 1: 'ggi Lil J "Vu u lllg -1 gn. ' k V .- . 5 we 'S . V' :Q-' ef Q 17455-Q. - Q b . '7 ff i 4 f Q Q ,g V 'z ifgl fzi yt U 'Ig . 11 X f L ' . 4 ' 4, 5 ' Q ' 1,4 AL 1 ' A ' k . v . ..- 51, ,, V, ,,.-' .Mfg 3? A QV if - . 1 f fi-F52 - ' . .-L 4? 'L' is 1' A ., .. ' 4 - X . . C- 1'. l ,U rf Q ll!! fltg A l-iv I I1 fs m A A' I llf- -RQ? P' Y Q! 1 Q ,sh A .ie ni '- A vs-f Q ? ff if SB 3, 1512.411-...,w4 an .vi gl, .533 iii' ma...-2-W ' -1 i 1 1 k . N. X 1 . X A ,A A it ,fl , Y 1 8 ,, Y- .Q gas- f ,. 1 3.2, . . M, 5. J ' -f ,I A '-. sg F i ', vq, 4 W' V Q 569 1, X ' i . ' ', .1 X 'fi' Qi of I '. x p ,ili V y I 5 ' . 9 Q .I Y Q L! vo' , 91.9 5 if FU ,G i tm, L 4 '--,QA I A ' ,fig .Lgmk ' f f Q f ' H3 ' v E 1 . ' A ' J 1 . ! 21 if E W Y, fx! " JK , gi.. yt - . . - ,V. ,Q af ' , .fr SSFTZFVL xi.. is -5 I - f . A ff', 'X '. ,f A V 9 I Q 3? Q llw AH! L! at rl! E, . '1f " E . ' , Q1 JL-Q if 0' ' ' J , gl f . f 1 1 D I if-s,--3 f 1 2 2-1 T I ,1 bfi . nv 3 Ii ,iii 1 1 .3 . f ' .1 s,, Q s 'Q ,- .1 :Hi lc- ,, v , Y J af I f x ' Q -" ' ,ff 4 A y 0 .Q f Q V' Q . Bw 4 2:1 -- . '. fp: Q 1 -v nw Q m 'ii ' 5 4. , 2 5 . Q ax W f , I f f A R A 3 A BUYS' JUNHUR CIHIURUS SENIIOR BAND HN AQCTHUN . im FUTURE HUMEMAKERS Catherine Earnshaw Elsie Cook Linda Harford Diane Gruver Janet Decker Helen Koromolan Faye Vaow Gail Kintner Shirley Carney Patricia McCarthy Arlene LaRue Sandra Decker Margo Davies Shirley Hunsinger Linda Hunsinger Greta Brink Shirley Cavanaugh Patti Liits Carol Hunsinger Mary Curley Mariean Shaver Iva Holley YMPxl'Rf-RS E 2141... fl ,ail- 5 VDX X 1? AQ? NEW ,nb 0, Qs' . 1 5 4- f I u- K-' , Q fZ xo 0 Connie Birchard Carol Smith Mary Lathrop Vida Finlon Dawn Kintner Joyce Kintner Alice Hollister Viola Wood Bonnie Strickland Judy Spadine Doris Garrison Carol Jones Sharon Erwin Josephine Petty Ellen Brewer Jane Wandall Ruth Miller Donna McLaud Marilyn Erwin Gladys Rose Vanetta Carey Katherine Havrilak Dorothy Lasher J FUTURE FARMERS Kenneth Teel Earl Harvey Dick Burgess Calvin Sutton Lynn Stark Roy Herman Richard Johnson James Greenwood Earl Sickler Roland Wood Edwin Bunnell Paul Schuler Bob Springer Doug Brozonis John Bonavita Rolland Pierson Lewis Nobel Brian Shields Gilbert Sickler Paul Goodrich Paul Johnson Donald Hunsinger Fay Palmer Glen Kiefer Dale Petty Wayne Sherwood Fred Storey Jack Shingler Dewey Newhart Walter Brooks A7 ' r ff fix 05110 B f-Ti L1 Melvin Graham George Gretchel Bob Baker Frank Golden Hewitt Sutton Joe Kostantewitz Burton Smith Don Kintner Joe Tyler Joe Petty Lewis Smith Bob Strait Clark Warner Don Strickland George Stone Richard Luce Michael Stanton David Rose Dale White Sayre Dilmore Chester Arey Leonard Hitchcock Gordon Darling Bob Heitsman Tom Golden Rodney Pierson Meredith Golden John Bell Manley Wood Leslie Hunsinger James Rogers lx 'CJ-Y F, FAO OFFICERS Sayre Dilmore-President Fred Storey-Vice Presidem Dale Petty-Secretary Wayne Sherwood-Treasurer Robert Baker-Sentinel Dale White-Representative Paul Schuler-Chaplain Mr. Ray Henney-Advisor Mr. Richard Donovan-Advisor F,,IHI,Ar, UFFJICERS Iva Holley-President-absent Nancy Smith-Vice President Greta Brink-Secretary Janet Decker-Treasurer Eleanor Schuster-Parliamentarian Patti Litts-Reporter Sharon Erwin-Song Leader Gladys Rose-Historian Miss Dorothy Rink-Advisor Mrs. Elizabeth Lord-Advisor 9' is gag,-ag: -wwe IMBRARYCLUB 9' 'xy' . H' The Library Club was formed at the beginning of the year. The siuclents help Miss Long in keeping the books and records in order They also work at The desk, signing books in and out. BUSPATRUL The Bus Patrol was formed to help keep order and peace on the buses. Their aid is not only valuable to the bus drivers, but also the safety of the sludems. s 19 ' 46 , 191'-if 4- r-L-., ' 5 Elk Lake Joint Schools opened August 26, 1957. The building, constructed at a cost of Sl,465,000, was 18 months in the making. Situated on 66 acres of land, about a quarter-mile from the highway on the Meshoppen-Montrose road, it is a modern, two-story designed structure. Approximately l,2OO students, grades one to twelve, from the following areas attend classes there: Auburn, Dimock, Meshoppen, Rush, Middletown and Springville Twps. and Meshoppen Borough. Elementary classrooms are contained in a single story separated from the high school commercial and academic facilities. Offices and secretary space are located in between the elementary and high school rooms. There is a Health suite which consists of one doctor's examining room, school nurse's office, waiting room, dentist 'FF' l ,Z it . 1 . FL ,H f" A ,ff 'T . . 'IQQL1 Y Y lf- NL . office, and an audio metric testing room. The structure also contains large gym- nasium, and bleacher-type seats have been installed to view any basketball games played there. The cafeteria seats 400, with kitchen facilities available to cook meals for the more than l,OOO students. Approximately 52 teachers make up the faculty. ln the industrial arts section classes will be taught in graphic arts, machine tool work, vocational agriculture, ffarm rnechanicsl, woodwork, plastics, electricity and welding. A certified librarian, who will serve full-time, and a woman physical education teacher, are the latest additions to the faculty. Emerson Willson, Clarke Green, was the architect. -. fwfiffo A' ff ii"1i 111.1 -..--.Y-0 SN "CIairie" Qvoeum. 1 Jai- . Driver Training Car Junior Girls P- .av- N .f N. N, Senior Home-Ec Students 'F , v "Patti" gn- Chrigfine "Man, what a smoke . . ." ,.,I I L.: Mr. Lathrop and some seniors "John" nv'- L Lindy Meshoppen's Music Teacher, Mrs. Mary Lily Price 3, Surprised . . A fe. PaIs.., Editor of "The Antler" ' INV 1 J F nz'- Mr. Cherundolo 42- 'A -"I -A -. Our Champagne Lady UP Em? g 44, i Our Cheerleaders Calm down 'Stel' ,gf 1 K .41 N 4 L 1 Bottoms Up Make it 'Ike hi ' ,Cf Interesting Jim? Big Manl' Kitchen Necessity Hit him, Lin thletics x .-n 'iff' Q .au Mr. Michael Wallace, coach, F. Kropa, V. Lutz, D. Dobrosielski, F. Storey, T. Carter, D. Lee, D. Button, D. Carter, L. Space, D. Bishop, K. Price, F. Light, R. McGavin, Mr. Edward Sebastianelli, coach, B. Price, manager. CHAMPIONS AGAIN The Elk Lake Baseball Team, 1952-57 District T2 Champions, won the Susquehanna League Championship on the way to the District Crown again this year. The team played five games enroute to their league championship. In the opener at Susquehanna a senior, Tom Carter, pitched a no-hitter, and with hits from Duane Bishop and Ken Price we won 4-0. At Montrose-our perennial rival-the team had a great victory led by Fred Light at the plate. Frank Kropa showed fine stick work at Blue Ridge as the Elk Lake Nine won again. The next game was a heart- breaking loss to Mountain View which tied both teams at the top. To break the tie another game was played. In this one Elk Lake came through with a 2 to 0 victory. Therefore this spring a playoff for the District 12 Championship is in store for the boys. SCHEDULE Susquehanna ..... O Elk Lake 4 Montrose YA-VYY ll Lake ll Blue Ridge ,,,, D, , , O Elk Lake 7 Mountain View ...... C 5 Elk Lake .-... .... . .-4 Mountain View .,., , . 0 Elk Lake 2 'nl . :E-:Q ,l- r 1 if 'lv X if Q an 1 Y .1 if 353-F f -:L Ei. -. , ,, V . F 1 .,-Qgf, J 4 :I . ,, uv.. .,x..n A-1? E-E74 'EE Q: -x ,fr J L ,ET . 4 1 1 1 l E I .1 FRANK KROPA KENNETH PRICE DAVID LEE DALE BUTTON, DAVID DOBROSIELSKI L .- il 1" 553' af 2 i 1- , fa? , , KW. Ag J 35:33, ,, Lfxn . er '1 aft 12:5 A7 1 in 1.5 1 , gif" .6 .V 4 ' Y Vi - , 4- F, x' ,-'kfffiif QE 1.J,.- -. .ff ' 1 '4.,f11,'5:!T --QL--if ,J S '-, --5597.2 . r : " a.f--i':.- : , .f. ,. s-1622 aff:-.., ., ,x , ir., 4 . qg,5.,,e4 assi-n -575' Jxyzi' r '1 . ,,,. 1 , .- -Q --ng, ,, BETTY BOWMAN JODY WINANS CAROL VROMAN x 16" -Q LINDA BUTTON SANDRA LASHER DOROTHY LASHER f' JUNHUR VARSITY BOYS --N SEVENTJHI AND EHGHTH GRADE Tl3fUD' YS 1 1 Q 9 0 9 JIUNIIUR XVARSIITY GHRILS H., 515' Ca' W7 X' V q -unuuuus1 SEVENTH AND EHGHTH GRAUIE GHRLS - .. An Ll SENHUR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS --1 Clockwise: Pat Henry Betty Crea, Linda Shields, Alice Brink, Co-Captain, Gale Shel- don, captain, Margo Davies, Helen Kamarauskas, Janet Hohn. JIUNHUR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS l r l B. Herman, S. Davies, L. Strohl, M. Howeye, C. Brink, M. Hunsinger, H. Newberry, B. Garrison f f X .'.1s.xf'2ii a , Q .,, A ut :-'hip VM' ' '?3'?'l'.f 4 is K . - ' I H ,4 'NYY A wh LL. I ll I 3239f' ' My J 6-J rl' w I U ku. 4. x Q, fu' U 1 r 1 bd N - su , 5 ln? K N 21' 5b ,':-1 ' :vi 0 R241 xx K X s Q r! X A 5 , ?"y'2Zf'f" Q- if 'I i Q nw I 1---, A,,, 3,2 I' A-1 ff 3, t, ., - . , 4,4 N ., ., 339' Y ' 12- . ELIZABETH AVERY Academic Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 1 County band I, 2, 3, 4 District band 4 District chorus 4 Play 3 Class officer 1, 4 Librarian 3 Yearbook 4 ELDON BABCOCK General Chorus 1, 2 F.F.A. 1, 2 BEVERLY BAKER Vocational FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Play 3 ROBERT BAKER Vocational Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 FFA officer 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3 CLAIRE BARNES Commercial Chorus 1, 2, 3 Basketball 2, 3, 4 FHA 3 Play 3 Safety patrol 1, 2, 3, 4 Class officer 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3 Yearbook 4 JOHN BELL Vocational Chorus 1 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Play 3 Safety patrol 1 Class officer 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 4 SENIOR DIRECTORY DONNA BRENCHLEY General Chorus 1, 3 DAVID BROOKS Academic Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 County band 2, 4 Class officer 2, 3 District band 4 Play 3 WILMA BUTTON Commercial Chorus 1 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Play 3 F.H.A. 1, 2 Yearbook 4 THOMAS CARTER Academic Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3 Basketball 2, 4 County band 2 Play 3 Safety patrol 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Class officer 2 Yearbook 4 SHIRLEY CAVANAUGH Vocational Chorus 1 Basketball 2, 3 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. officer 2, 3 Safety patrol 3, 4 Class officer 1, 2, 3 Sub Regional officer iF.H.A.l 4 Yearbook 4 RUTH DARLING Academic Chorus 1 Basketball 3 F.H.A. 1, 2 Play 3 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2 Yearbook 4 SAYRE DILMORE Vocational Basketball 2, 4 F.F.A. 3, 4 F.F.A. officer 4 Track 1, 2, 3 JOSEPH GACHA Commercial Basketball 3, 4 Play 3 Class officer 1 DONNA GROVER Commercial Chorus 1 F.H.A. 1, 2 Safety patrol 2, 3 Class officer 1 Yearbook 4 DOUGLAS HALL Academic Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Play 3 Class officer 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 4 WILLIAM HILL Vocational Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 IVAH HOLLEY Vocational Chorus 2, 3 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Play 3 Class officer 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. officer 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 3, 4 JANET HOOVER Academic Chorus 1 Basketball 4 F.H.A. 1 Play 3 Class officer 1 Yearbook 4 CONNIE HUNSINGER Commercial Chorus 1 Basketball 1 F.H.A. 1, 2 Safety patrol 3 Class officer 1, 3 Librarian 2 Yearbook 4 FRANKLIN HUNTER Vocational Chorus 1, 2 County chours 2 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. officer 1 PAUL JOHNSON Vocational F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ALICE JONES General Chorus 1 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3 Safety patrol 2, 3, 4 Class officer 2, 3 F.H.A. officer 2, 3 Yearbook 4 CAROL JONES Vocational F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3 County chorus 1, 2, 3 Safety patrol 3, 4 Band 1, 2 Cheerleader 4 Yearbook 4 JOYCE KINTER Vocational Chorus 2, 3 Basketball 3 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. officer 2, 3 Play 3 Safety patrol 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3 CHRISTINE KOEB Academic Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 County band 4 County chorus 2 District Chorus 4 Band I, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. I Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Play 3 Class officer I, 2, 3, 4 Librarian I, 3 Track 3 Yearbook 4 JOHN KOROMLAN General F.F.A. I, 2, 3 Class officer Play 3 Yearbook 4 JEAN KROPA Academic Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Band I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball I, 4 F.H.A. I Play 3 County chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 4 ALICE LARUE Vocational Chorus I, 2 Basketball I, 2 F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. officer 2, 3 Class officer I, 2, 3 State F.H.A. officer 4 Yearbook 4 PATTI LITTS Academic Chorus I, 2, 3 Basketball I, 2, 3 Manager 4 F.H.A. 4 Play 3 Track I, 2 Librarian I, 2, 3 Yearbook 4 HAROLD LOCK General Chorus 4 Band I, 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. I, 2, 3 F.F.A. officer 2 Play 3 Basketball I, 2, 3 ELEANOR MCGAVIN Academic Chorus 2, 3 Play 3 Paper club 3 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 3 Yearbook 4 RONALD McGAVlN Commercial Baseball 3, 4 Play 3 Track I, 2, 3 DONNA MCLAUD Commercial Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Band I F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4 County chorus 3 Safety patrol 2, 3 Librarian 2, 3 RUTH MILLER Vocational Chorus I, 2 F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Safety patrol 3 ROBERT MITCHELL Academic Band I, 2, 3, 4 County band 4 Class officer I Play 3 Yearbook 4 JOHN MOYER Commercial Chorus I, 2 County chorus I, 2 Safety patrol I, 2, 3, 4 Play 3 KENNETH, NEWBERRY Academic Librarian 3 Play 3 BEVERLEE NOVAK Academic Chorus 2, 3, 4 County chorus 3 Cheerleader 2, 3 Play 3 Class officer 3 Safety patrol I, 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 3-Editor 4 ROLLAND PIERSON General F.F.A I, 2, 3 Baseball I Basketball I, 2, 3 Play 3 F.F.A. officer 3 WANDA POWELL Commercial F.H.A. I FRED ROOT Academic F.F.A. I, 2 Class officer 4 Yearbook 4 JOYCE SCHILLINGER Academic Chorus I, 2, 3 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. I Play 3 Class officer I, 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3 Librarian I, 2, 3 GALE SHELDON General Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 County chorus 3 Play 3 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Yearbook editor 4 Librarian 3 LINDA SHIELDS Commercial Chorus I, 2, 3 Cheerleader 3, 4 F.H.A. I, 2 Play 3 Librarian 3 JOHN SHINGLER Vocational Chorus I F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4 STELLA SKLUTE Academic Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Play 3 F.H.A. I Librarian 3 Track 3 CAROL SMITH Vocational Band I F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. officer 2, 3 State F.H.A. chorus 2, 3 County chorus I, 2 Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Safety patrol 3 Class officer I, 2, 3, 4 Yearbook editor 4 GWENDOLYN SN ELL Academic Chorus I F.H.A. I, 2 Safety patrol 3 Librarian 3 Yearbook 4 ROBERT SPRINGER Vocational F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Play 3 FRED STOREY Vocational Chorus I F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. officer 3, 4 F.F.A. county officer 3 Class officer I, 3 Safety patrol I, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Track 2 Basketball 2, 3, 4 DONALD STRICKLAND Vocational Play 3 F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. officer I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3 NEIL TALUBA Commercial Band I Play 3 DALE WHITE Vocational Chorus 2, 3 Class officer 3, 4 F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. officer 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2 Play 3 Safety patrol 3 clverfisers Wesfinghouse Complimenrs Sales and Service of S HLTMZS FUREYIS Lighi Lunches MEEECTTC SOUTH MONTROSE Monhose- Penne """se' ma' PENNSYLVANIA Phone 9398-J SKlNNER'S EDDY CC-OP G.L.F. SERVICE, INC. Laceyville. Pennsylvania Feed'Seed CREAMERY co. Farm Supplies-Ferrilizers Bulk Feed and Lime LACEYVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Spreading Service BIRCHARD COAL COMPANY D. L. 8: W. "BIue Coal" OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service Coal Sfolres Furnace Cleaning Tunkhannoclc. Penna. Terms'-Cash Phone-I06R MONTROSE, PENNSYLVANIA Complimenis of RED'S DINER INC. Souih Monfrose Penna. Besf Wishes From BOB JACQUES CUT RATE STORE Tunkhannock, Penna. MT. VIEW DINER Tunlchannoclc, Pa. R+. 92 Complimenis of JONES AND SHADDUCK LOGGING CO. R. D. :H FRIENDSVILLE. PENNA. Phone Le Raysville 3303 TITMAN'S Phone 8-785I MESHOPPEN, PA. FOUX'S GARAGE HINKLIE'S General SERVICE STATION Au1'o Nicholson, Penna. Repairing MESHOPPEN, PA. Phone 8-7690 e h Theh .4 iiyi. . , , e'VA , V o,.- ' SMITHOLM FARM Regisfered Holsfein RICHARD L. SMITH-ALBERT W. SMITH H- J- NORCONK C0mP'Ime""S CLARENCE Hicks Complimenfs Cl0+hin9 and of RAWLEIGH Pnonuors of Men's Furnishings PEOPI-ES CompIe'l'e Line of CHAS. C. GUYER Shoes and R.,bbe,, STATE BANK msm: eoons MOD. WYALUSING. PA. WYALUSING. PA. Phone Monfrose-bl 3J I 9 M0nI"o5ev P5- Compiimenis TUNKHANNOCK Besi' Wishes +0 file Class of '58 ROLLER DROME of Tunkhannock From Pennsylvania seo. H. DONAHUE'S SCHAFFER Compnmems of CompIimen+s BARTON'S FARM SUPPLY 1581 -JOHN DEERE- Tunkhannock C' D' Pennsylvania AND J. F. BUSH Compliments of BURCH'S TRUCKING COMPANY MONTROSE, PENNSYLVANIA W. M. GOLDEN 81 SON Manufacfurers of High QuaIiI'y Dairy and PouII'ry Feeds Phone 759I SPRINGFIELD, PENNA. Besi' Wishes Io Ihe Class of '58 MORGAN'S DINER TUNKHANNOCK. PENNA. Te-6-6727 Complimenfs of BARTRON'S TURKEY FARM ERNEST CLAPPER CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH LaceyviIIe, Penna. AVERY HARDWARE FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES SUNGAS BOTTLED GAS "Service WiI'h a SmiIe" SPRINGVILLE, PENNA. S. F. WILLIAMS ForcI Sales and Service LOCKER PLANT RED AND WHITE STORE LeRaysviIIe, Penne. ,,,, ,, il!-.,L,. .lllL, -Y.-- -'-f- V --- OLYN CHAFFEE ALLEN JAYNE 81 SONS A D "Your Business Is Deere 'Io Us" . N JOHN DEERE SALES AND SERVICE Besf un Apples for More +han 46 Years "Your Apple Man" Phone 353I LERAYSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA S seam RVI E WELLS MILLS CO. UN SE C Bl- '820 BaI'I'eries Wyalusing, Penna. Tires Tubes Disfribuiors of Washing Greasing Mobil Gas and 209 Easl' Tioga Sireel' Mobil Hem. Tunkhannoclx, Penna. FIRESTINE BROTHERS ANDY'S GRILL Super Marlrel' All Legal Beverages Super Service ANDY SARAVITZ A+ Proprielor MESHOPPEN, PENNA. THUNKHANNOCK. PENNA. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK "Over 50 Years of Friendly Service" MESHOPPEN. PENNA. We Welcome Your Accouni' Compliments of JERALD E. ELY Dimock, Penna. All Kinds of Insurance LICENSED NATIONWIDE I INSURANCE BROKER Represenling NSU RANCE COMPANIES Besl' Wishes From DR. MILTON L. KLOTZBACH LACEYVILLE, PENNA. AUDLEY B. L0'l'l' Flour-Feed-Grain-Farm Supplies Cuslom Grinding ancl Mixing Phone Monlrose 488-J SOUTH MCNTROSE. PENNA. Bone up on your figures and vocabulary. Don'+ neglecl' English and Malh on lheory you can gel a iob in induslry and work wilh your hands. No company wanls a Trainee who isn'+ poienlially a supervisor, or president SHOP FIRST IN MONTROSE In Monfrose Shop af GLASSWARE GIFTS HOUSEWARES PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERAS FILM PAINT WALLPAPER LINOLEUM Complimenfs of OVERTON DAIRY BAR Sou+I1 Mon'I'rose, Pennsylvania GEORGE ANTOL--Proprieior Complimenfs of FRANK FITZGERALD LLOYD A. ROBINSON ConI'racI'or and Builder SPRINGVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Telephone 7439 --f-ii-? FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NICHOLSON NICHOLSON. PENNSYLVANIA Montrose Division BENDIX AVIATION CORPORATION SOUTH MONTROSE, PENNSYLVANIA Manufacturers of Synchros Components for AIRCRAFT IGNITION SYSTEMS Other Lighting and Ignition Products BuRR's GAY POULTRY FARM MURRAY COMPANY Wishes Success Io Ihe TUNKHANNOCK, PENNSYLVANIA Class of '58 MESHOPPEN, PENNSYLVANIA Heaiing-P'UmbI"9 Moore's PainI's Sporiing Goods and Frigidaire CompIimenI's CHOCONUT VALLEY INN CHOCONUT, PENNSYLVANIA CompIimen'Is BAR1-RQN'5 of TV and Radio Repair FARM SUPPLY B' EIecI'ricaI Con+rac'I'ing John Deere . . . GENERAL CompIe+e Lune of Ho+pomI' Appliances TUNKHANNOCK INSURANCE PHONE zoal RUSH, PENNA. PENNSYLVANIA WYALUSING PENNSYLVANIA MONTROSE ELECTRIC CO. Phone 396 Sam Lewis PLUMBING HEATING ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING TV, RADIO AND MOTOR REPAIRING FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES RCA TV Loans SIO +o S600 Quick, Convenient Confidenfial PENNSYLVANIA LOAN COMPANY Public Avenue MONTROSE, PENNA. "Serving Susq. Co. Since l929" D. F. BIRCHARD Complimenfs of AND SON M' L' General FITZGERALD Merchandise Friendsville, Penna. BIRCHARDVILLE PENNA. FRIENDLY ACRES FARM IRVIN AND WILMA HITCHCOCK Purebred Holsleins "Ci'ry Vaca+ioners" School Bus MONTROSE. PENNA. R. D. -1444 VERN'S GARAGE Rush. Penna. Official Inspec'I'ion SI'aI'ion Gas and Oils Anfi-Freeze Bafferies Acelylene and Elecfric Welding General Repairing and Greasing CHARLES CRAIGE LEGAL BANK PRINTERS Job Prinfing LACEYVILLE. PENNA. Complimenls of LANCER MCMICKEN AUTO PARTS MESHOPPEN. PENNA. NELSON F. CRAIGE, JR. Phone 555-J Craige's Greenhouses Cu'r Flowers Funeral Sprays Baslcels PoHed Planls FLORISTS' TELEGRAPH 7I So. Cherry S+. DELIVERY SHOP MONTROSE' PA' CHARLES G. STEVENS Healing Plumbing and Mac's Gill' Shop Phone 8-729I MESHOPPEN. PENNA. The Name "BALFOU R" Stands for the Finest in Class Rings, Commencement Announcements Club Pins, Diplomas, Medals and Trophies L. G. BALFCUR COMPANY Taylor-made Yearbooks AMBY NOLAN MATT LYNOTT Miners Bank Building Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Complimenfs of HAROLD E. SIPE General Merchandise SPRINGVILLE COOPERATIVE G.L.F. Service SPRINGVILLE. PENNA. DIMOCKI PENNA. Feed Seed Ferfilizer Lime Spreading PHONE 725i "And be noi' conformed fo ihis world: buf be ye iransformed by 'rhe renew- Complimeni ing of your mind, ihai' ye of EI-SIN-BULOVA '-'NCEZLN may prove whai is fhaf GRUEN a good and accepfable and SHEAFFER PENS Tunlrhannoclr. Pa. Romans 'zzz L . aceyvllle, Pa. REV. TIFFANY Compliments w. M. GOLDEN of 0 8. soN FRIEND Bulk Lime and Ferfilizer Spreading SPRINGVILLE. PENNA. Phone 759I SHERWOOD'S C .F COmpliI'heI'll'S of ARTc:inLiilmJei?i:A:iLD Diamonds DON NOLDY Complimenls of Wa+ches NU-WAY MARKET Richfield Service SOUTH MONTROSE, PA. Experi' Repairing 29 E. Tioga S+. Tunlrhannoclr, Pa. CLAUDE E. SHERWOOD Prop. Sales and Service TUNKHANNOCK, PA. TE-6-7736 Davis and Babcock Souih Monirose, Pa. LUKE A. PETERS GARAGE Dimoclr Pennsylvania Phone Mon+rose 539J2 Complimenls of DR. MACKEY J. F. KROPA G. L. F. I Feeds and Farm Comphmenls Service of a Friend DIMOCK PENNSYLVANIA R. O. BUTTON Horse and CaH'le Dealer Phone 7I2l SPRINGVILLE PENNSYLVANIA S. M. YECKINEVICH General Contractor EXCAVATING AND LAND CLEARING BLACKTOP PAVING Dimoclz, Pennsylvania Phone Monlrose 283-J- I 3 CLINK BROS. General Merchandise Reslauranl' Home Cooking SPRINGVILLE, PENNA. LEON B. CRISMAN GENERAL STORE LYNN PENNSYLVANIA Phone Springville 7550 Lalce LoI's and BENNINGER Homesiles AND BUSH RAY O. WALTER CaH'Ie Dealers Building WOYIK DIMOCK SPRINGVILLE PENNSYLVANIA PENNSY'-VAN'A Phone 857 I Complimenis of EDWARD P. LITTLE JUDGE OF THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS Complimenfs of PINNOCK FUNERAL HOME LERAYSVILLE. PENNSYLVANIA Complimenfs of FATHER IRWIN MONTROSE, PENNSYLVANIA LAMB'S ATLANTIC Corner Church and S'raI'e SI. WYALUSING. PENNSYLVANIA WE GIVE S8zH GREEN STAMPS Tires-Bai-Ieries and AuI'o Supplies CompIimen'rs of BOB BROWN AND JOE ALBANO Barbers MONTROSE. PENNSYLVANIA ARTHUR H. BOWEN FUNERAL HOME Phone 204 MONTROSE. PENNSYLVANIA Licensed in Pennsylvania and New York ERNEST J. Complimenfs of BLACHEK KELL'S Monirose, Penna. Insurance and Middleiown Cen+er Lackawanna Penna. IvIO'I'Or Club Com pIimenIs of RUSHVILLE LUMBER COMPANY RusI1viIIe, Penna. 'All Kinds of Lumber. If You Have Logs for Sale, See Us" GRANGE NATIONAL BANK OF WYOMING COUNTY LACEYVILLE. PENNA. InI'eres'I' Rafe on ZVZW 50I'I1 Year Mobilgas Mobiloil Meet the "Gang" BOYCE AND BETTY LARUE'S Law'I'on, Penna. CompIimen+s of DR. ALEO MESHOPPEN, PENNA. RIVERSIDE HOTEL AII Legal Beverages Ligh+ Lunches Rooms ELWIN AND GLORIA EDWARDS Propriefors MESHOPPEN. PENNA. Complimenfs of CRYSTELLA DAIRY FARM ELK LAKE, PENNA. COLEMAN'S I. G. A. MARKET Lawfon, Penna. Phone Rush 27II J. H. ALDERSON Manufadurer and Wholesaler PENNSYLVANIA HARDWOODS AND SOFTWOODS LeRaysviIIe, Pa. Phone 3763 CHEVROLET COmpIImehfS Complimen-I'5 AND OLDSMOBILE of S I CI of gjjvigg FOREST LAKE HQRI-Agcpglfgq 3, INN SHERW D NATIONAL BANK cHEvRoLET co. A" Lega' Be'e"'9es FOREST LAKE, PA. Monfrose, Penna. SHADOW BROOK DAIRY Shadow Brook Farm Dairy Bar GOLDEN GUERNSEY MILK AND CREAM Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania N utritious Dairy Products PRESTWOOD PHOTO STUDIO 3II Spruce SI'reeI' Phone Di 7-4634 and PRESTWOOD CAMERA SHOP, INC. I24 Wyoming Avenue SCRANTON. PENNA. Phone Di 3-I I07 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '58 Scranfon s .f 41060 S'I'ore Diamond 4-727I Complimenfs of KENNETH H. PRICE GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY Meshoppen, Penna. THE FARMERS' REUBEN YOSELSON MARY MAC SUPPLY POUHTY Farm Buiiding Maferials, EIecI'ri- and Regisfefed :RI1ifsfpI,SeJSla+:IorI4nj+eE:II Holsfeins Good Wo r Ir m a n s h i p, Bar-B-Que Service Phone Monfrose 5I3J9 MONTROSE, R. D. I, Pa. LENORE K. McCANN Careful Inspeciion, all combined in an efforl' fo give you a Perfecf Gar- menf. CompIimenI's of JOHN V. AND MARION COLEMAN Telephone 603J5 Monfrose H. RAYMOND HOLLISTER Dealer of AII Kinds of Live SI'ocIc PICK UP BEEF TWICE WEEKLY Monday and Thursday GEO'S RESTAURANT For a Good Meal and Cup of Coffee Sfop af Geo's MR. AND GEORGE CIPIRICH LACEYVILLE, PENNA. Besf of Luck fo Seniors of '58 From BRElTWElSER'S "The Friendly Sfore" MESHOPPEN, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 8-7846 PINE KNOB B. F. SCOTT MONTROSE RALPH W. KOEB MOTEL General Repair CUT RATE STORE Television, Radio Birchardville, Penna. and Toileifies and Rome 257 Welding of Sundries Elecfric Service Phone Rush 265l Farm Machinery CARL HUGHES SPRINGVILLE. PENNA. Soda Founfain MONTROSE, PENNSYLVANIA PUBLIC AVENUE MONTROSE, PENNA. Phone 7543 J. R. MORGAN C0mPlime'1+S Chevrolef Sales and Service of GENERAL REPAIRING Official lnspecfion Sfafion LERAYSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA WHIPPLE BROTHERS, INC. LACEYVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 373I I JOHN WALL'S Complimenfs PATRICK S GARAGE H5 Fun To See of Newssfand and .0 S M I S+ Wh + I N + I . 0. BII1 . a S ew a JIM Ol-IN 5 B"""'9 Allei' MONTROSE, PENNA. LEWIS . . . af Monfrose, Pa. BARBER SHOP MONTROSE, PENNA. MONTROSE, PENNA. Phone 260J Complefe Aufomofive Service Phone I90J lm. , .-,,l1 . 17 ...,, MASTER TRACEY CANFIELD N. E. P. A. CHEMICAL PRODUCTS. INC. General HaUIi"'9 BREEDING The Complefe Janifor Supply House MESHOPPEN 6I-65 S. PENNSYLVANIA AVE. PENNSYLVANIA Tunkhannocic, Pa. WILKES-BARRE. PA. Phone 8-7 I 59 VAIIey 5-3465 Complimenfs of TEWKSBU RY'S BANNER FOOD SOUTH AUBURN. PENNA. v ' o. H. ALLEN MORDENTS , Building Supplies LUNCH ' A MESHOPPEN. PA. NICHOLSON, PENNA i STORE C0mPIimen+s TAYLOR, MQCARTHY A. C. CROSSLEY AND SONS of 8: SONS Buyers of All Kinds MR. AND MRS. Sales-Service gf FRED CANFIELD WYALUSING- PA- Siancling Timber Phone 327' BIRCHARDVILLE. PENNSYLVANIA CONGRATULATIONS From THE MONTROSE DEPARTMENT STORE Monfrose and New Milford. Penna. "THE STORE OF FRIENDLY SERVICE" Your Headquarlers for All School and College Clofhing Needs Wifh Ihe Largesl' Seleclion in 'rhe Area Thanks for yourfriendly parronage, I+ has helped us grow and enabled us +o serve you beHer. GOOD LUCK IN ALL YOUR VENTURES NEXT YEAR The COMMONWEALTH , GARAGE Compllmenfs of Complimenfs of D d THE o ge WI NTHROP W. ELY and WHITE HOUSE MONTROSE PENNSYLVANIA Plymouih Cm 'NN ' GUYS STEVENS Tunkhannock wner Phone-8-7502 Penne' Meshoppen Pennsylvania Complimenfs of DR. TEWKSBURY TUDIKIIBDHOCIK, Penna. E. M. PINNOCK'S B-B FEEDS Coal-Seeds Phone 8-735 I MESHOPPEN PENNSYLVANIA Complimenfs of LESLIE L. ELLSWORTH CaHIe Dealer MESHOPPEN, PENNSYLVANIA TUNKHANNOCK CO-OPERATIVE G. L. F. Feed-Seed-Ferfilizer Farm Supplies-Tires Phone-Te-6-5 I 66 TUNKHANNOCK, PENNSYLVANIA Complimenfs of DON LIN'S BEAUTY SALON Meshoppen, Penna. Complimenfs of a FRIEND MAPLEHURST MOTEL Near Meshoppen Phone-8-7698 Ceramic TiIe BaI'I1s" C. NEWHALL Complimenfs of ROBERT DEAN HORACE J. SICK 81 SON Buick Sales and Service TUNKHANNOCK, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK LERAYSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA TUNKHANNOCK PUBLISHING COMPANY CompIimenI's of CompIimen+s of TUNKHANNOCK Complimenis of . DEMPSEY'S MR. AND MRS. LUMBER CO. Complumenfs of JEWELRY HUGH RoBnNsoN TUNKHANNOCK MESSHOPPEN AND RECORD PENNFSILELANIA CREAMERY CO. CENTER Tunlchannoclr, Penna. Te-6-708I HOOVER'S POWELL'S RIVERSIDE ESSO CompIimen+s of SERVICE STATION SERVICE Calso Gas Groceries Car Wash Trailer Camp LACEYVILLE TUNKHANNOC KEN KINTNER K Phone Te-6-7696 aRowN AND FAssETT LEWIS MOTORS FEED 56 Grow Avenue Seeds-Feriilizer-Farm SuppIies FORD-MERCURY Spa,-fing Goods Monfrose, Pennsylvania Phone l57-W Phone 487-J MONTROSE. PENNSYLVANIA CompIimenI's of H. D. FASSETT STORE TUNKHANNOCK, PA. I 1 Complimenfs of JAMES ACE GOULD'S FARM SUPPLIES FURNITURE Lemon- Pa- Meshoppen, Pa. Success Io Class of '58 STANEK'S POULTRY FARM Compliments of HIGH WELDING CO. Lancasfer, Pa. Complimenis of FARMER'S MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. OF TUSCARORA Incorporaied Sept 7, I874 Telephone 296I WYALUSING. PENNSYLVANIA CHARLES BROS. SUPER MARKET NEED LUMBER? CaII Our Number MonI'rose I94R4 BENNINGER LUMBER CO. DIMOCK PENNSYLVANIA Eafon Road Phone TE 6-7300 DELBERT R. ROZELL DARMONT CORWIN ' AND SON TUNKHANNOCK TV and Rad" . MONTROSE Meafs Groceries PENNSYLVANIA PENNSYLVANIA Ffozef' Food Phone 440 2 Public Avenue MONTROSE PENNSYLVANIA Red and Whife H. B. LEE AND SON KeIvinaI'or Appliances Mayfag Washers Lane Cedar ChesI's Krohler Living Room SuiI'es SPRINGVILLE PENNSYLVANIA Phone 7I I I R. B. LEARN'S ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Spor-Iing Goods Painfs Toys Sundries LAC EYVI LLE PENNSYLVANIA VANDERVORT MILLS Wholesale and ReI'aiI Dealers FEED CALSO GASOLINE SUGAR KEROSENE FLOUR MOTOR OIL COAL BULK PLANTS Mills aI': WYSOX LACEYVILLE NEW MILFORD TOWANDA ,,,, Y, ,. . Beg' Wishes CARL JOHNSON From W- , Complimenls OVERFIELD'S of STORE Sh .Ht LAWTON, PENNA. e" REVEREND FATHER WILLIAM BURCHILL Gas Groceries ' Sus uehanna Couniy Oil Ice Cream q Shoes Complimenls of THE WINDMILL BLACK WALNUT, PENNA. MRS. EDWARD LEE EVANS INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines of Insurance A+lan+ic Slafion Gas ancl Oil i c - STH Siam Office, Dean Bldg. Phone I86-M-Res. sr. JOSEPH, PENNA. 459,54 Phone MONTROSE. PENNA. Monfrose 54 I -J-O Besi' Wishes From LEO AND GRACE MCGAVIN The Economy Sfore MESHOPPEN. PENNA. Complimenfs of RALPH TYLER DISTRIBUTOR OF RICHFIELD PRODUCTS Phone 8-743 I M ESHOPPEN, PENNA. CORNELL America's Biggesf DoIlar's Worlh of Barn Cleaner CORNELL'S MANU FACTURI NG COMPANY LACEYVILLE. PEN NA. For AII +I1e Local News BILL STEPNIAK Read fhe H D d Ome f'eSSe WYOMING COUNTY BEEF. PORK. AND LAMB COURIER I-IoPBoTToM. PENNSYLVANIA LACEYVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA """"e 277' """""Y" KENNETH GOOR cARPENTER's CHOCONUT MARKET CompIimen+s of GROCERIES I-IoMAN's CAPE General Siore AND ICE CREAM Frank and BeI"Iy G-if+ Shop Wood Turning LITTLE MEADOWS Mobil COCA-COLA WEST AUBURN PENNA. Gas and cI-IocoNuT, PA. I. H. C. BRADSHAWIS BLUHM'S ATISTIC FARM MACHINERY ORCHARD SUNOCO BEAUTY DibbIe's G d H A I SERVICE PARLOR Hardware oo Qual Y es Home OWh6d Monhase STEVENSVILLE, PENNA. P I . MESHOPPEN R D 4' Home Opera+ed e'msY"""'a PENNA. LACEYVILLE, PENNA. Complimenfs of CHICK'S ARMY 'N' NAVY TUNKHANNOCK, PENNA. I 920- I 958 KINTNER MILLING MESHOPPEN AND MEI-IooPANY Buy Fresh Made Feed In Your Cwn Town Besi' Wishes C. C. ALLIS ,O me AND SON Class of '53 Building Maferials From SPECIAL MILL WORKS AND PAINTS Phone LeRaysville 3336 Rummerfield, Pa. Complimenfs CompIimen+s of of F lTZE'S NASSER 5 DEPARTMENT STORE SHOE STORE TUNKHANNOCK, PA. MONTROSE, PENNA. "La1'es+ Fashions" TED LUCE CHEVROLET Complimenfs IRENE S CHRISTIAN'S QLDSMQBILE of GENERAL JOHN DEERE Esf. I884 and 5 81 Io STORE Phone re-9-26aa NEW HOLLAND C .,+ Laceyville, Pa. MACHWERY STORE SKINNERS EDDY Super Service LACEYVILLE. PA. pI,one,9.2093 LACEYVILLE. PA. Complimenis C0mP'im9'1+5 I RKET Complimenfs of of JOHN S MA of KARL KOPATZ GROCERIES MR AND MRS M ho en Pa - - 8K GROCERY STORE es PP ' ' WILLIAM ANDERSON Rushville, Pa. BIRCHARD Phone Rush 2587 Edward Sabasfinelli Mrs. Vernon Ace Joe Augusfine Mrs. Francis Baker Wesley Baker Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Banko Mary Beach, R.N. Mr. and Mrs. William Bell Mr. and Mrs. Paul Benneff BeneH's Sfafion Dr. V. Bishop Rose Boylan Hazel Brown Mr. and Mrs. Webb Bunnell Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Burke Anne Burns Burns' Drugsfore Anna L. Bush Claude Bush C 8: M Sporfswear Mfg. Corp. C. N. Bush Hilfon Buffon Mr. and Mrs. lshmal Buffon R. O. Buffon Mr. and Mrs. Fred Canfield Carfer's Sfore, Fairdale, Penna. Mr. and Mrs. Kernon Cavanaugh C 8: F Mofors Joe Cherundolo Sfanley S. Conrad John C. Croff Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Darling Alberf Davies Frank and Eva Dean F. H. Deuel Deuel's Resfauranf Harrieffe M. DeWees Dimock Youfh Fellowship Richard Donovan Rosalie Donahoe Mrs. Mabel Dougherfy Dr. Evans Margaref and Eugene Ferris George L. Green Roberf Griffis Thelma Heifsman Ray F. Henney Pauline E. Hessler Mr. and Mrs. Ward Hifchcock Husfon and Rufh Mr. and Mrs. Roberf Hunsinger R. S. Hunsinger Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hunfer Minnie Jayne Jenelm Farms Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Shields Mollie Jennings Ulyssus Johnson Kingsley Resfauranf Roy S. Kinner Mr. and Mrs. Warren Kinfner Clyde Konke Miss Dof La France Virginia La France John Lagoski Mr. and Mrs. Clifford La Rue Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Lafhrop Lila Lafhrop Mr. Licafa Anne D. Lighf Merriff M. Lighf Mildred J. Lipperf Janei' R. Long Mr. and Mrs. George Luce Cora Marcy Mr. and Mrs. Harold McKeeby Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meier Mrs. Frederick Moore Mr. and Mrs. Kennefh Mowry Mr. and Mrs. Walfer Neuser Mr. and Mrs. Irving Perry Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Place Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Frances Dorofhy Rink Mr. and Mrs. Kennefh Price Reilly Smi+h's Esso Sfafion Marion Smifh Mrs. Snow Louis Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Space Springville M. Y. F. Marion Sfavrovsky Miss Sandra Taylor Andy Thornfon Marguerife Thornfon Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Trible Michael Wallace Esfher Weegar Mr. and Mrs. John Whife Marlene Whife Yoeman's Sfore 1 H l i9 ,. I W AHAW Wm jwf N I ' JL 11. ll " '-A4,-mf 0 911- WWF M4 If A K!-'JA-4.1, 'Cc fe" Xxx' J A CA-JL! XM 3' If ,ff ' i QV AQ, QA, ' A 5 I yy Co A.. C, -f-1,-J2..1 - 11, gf l JL M4 iv--Nj W'Hlj.X "' I ww AW-A wgwwfm 4 52 +uZ,j,.,..,,.s 25 I ' gf' 'LL 70-M1 I1 xc,.,4,. WW CEA: ' 'ff fb f-J A5441 i' z'f'7 LITHOGRAPHED BY TA LOR PUBLISHING CO DALLAS TEXAS ..-v. f w . i I' P K I L -1 1 El ' 4 4

Suggestions in the Elk Lake High School - Antler Yearbook (Elk Lake, PA) collection:

Elk Lake High School - Antler Yearbook (Elk Lake, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 14

1958, pg 14

Elk Lake High School - Antler Yearbook (Elk Lake, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 80

1958, pg 80

Elk Lake High School - Antler Yearbook (Elk Lake, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 26

1958, pg 26

Elk Lake High School - Antler Yearbook (Elk Lake, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 106

1958, pg 106

Elk Lake High School - Antler Yearbook (Elk Lake, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 49

1958, pg 49

Elk Lake High School - Antler Yearbook (Elk Lake, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 64

1958, pg 64

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