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 - Class of 1971

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f v I . . ,5- ,. L! .Q 4 ': fi , B J . 1". .k i 4 I 5 2 2155 ' : .Wi 3 1 5 'r Y . '5 '? if R 'ffl ki 1.5 it - i. 5, -61 ' ua -x E .3 I .NA E Q L . S '55 , , 1 'Q' ' vu V :X - 1 1 Yi ' 2 F Z? 1 ii 43 eq If 'fu sl I 1 1-1 HZ t 5 L . I . ' l w W W W N 1 1 rnxzbm r:v:..i.1 l-His: - .iuamw '. m'um:1:1:g:.guuf1:a:s-2' - " asain? 'Y "-' ' . ' :lain-1 .vzagn-,..:.:pn.nsqilrx' ,. .'...1T :Jr f-anime.-1cArssxC ' . 'se elk 4969 'KEGG 7 if-L 1 'X ' .if-'m'ftx:.zza4. elk grove reaches out reaching out is a continuing experience. each person must himself decide which path his life will take, integrating with or bypassing people, events, ideas. here at eghs 3000 individuals constantly interract, as personalities and as participants, striving to become involved with all humanity. the individual is the key to success people are important at eghs. emphasis is on the individual's needs, whether they be intellectual, social, or emotional. but each student also brings his own personality to the larger group. his contributions elk grove recognizes as it honors the athlete, the artist, the scholar, the teacher, and the participant. prologue 5 I .00 E. ff M Q '2 .......1..... ? vi' -W Lb'- -I competition flourishes in a free society competition is the incentive for perfection. man can compete within himself, alone against others, or as part of a greater team effort. he strives for determination and decision in his own life, peer recognition for individual performance, and acknowledgement from society for ajob well done. X , Md-, fi: 6, ff, of th e community sees elk grove as contributors man needs to be concerned about more than his immediate surroundings. community involvement is needed and beneficial to the individual. he not only is helping others, but, in the process, is outgrowing apathy. political, social, and economic efforts tie eghs students and teachers to their neighbors. AY N r "' u MSF "T vu ,W f ,L QQ . prologue 9 "'k"g' 'ki ' 2 H ff t 3 , A is yi E A f optimists and pessimists will always differ in their views of the world. no one can deny, however, that the world has much to offer. new scenery, new life styles, and new people challenge those who are flexible and aware. elk grove tries to integrate these views into the school curriculum by means of field studies throughout the world. 'Q ip, jp p i . . 'P f p .Tu ,x Xvxpi, i bgizxv' ,,K'w:., V A s R C kv ii pu x i is vi 15 I learning is the constant revising of ideas man,s ideas and beliefs are formulated by his experiences-good and bad man learns through the written word, visual aids, associations with his peers, and instruction. these, along with his reactions to other people, situations, and ideas, influence his own personal philosophy. ,X if ,, r . :-JU5 'H . V49 ,r .km vw, rf-,. V42 1 . V ' -'Av g.' ,g x .V 3 A , V , i ,, W - ,- .. 1 YY A' Y ' - -I' .. K "." M' lmgl -:Qr3flf'fU N" ' sgl 4 xx .!l, -'AV f."N'fA . Y ' ff' ' Rl". - ghgh- . , 1 , -. , N 1. J-V ly X iq .. gt. ., Ai. .- 1 ,' - .5 -. "',l.f',th. .--,.?'.:gA' 1 'j J: . . fm -' ': '.f"-, .A VV J l j"'.- . - .1 I1 'ar-1Q.g..--.1 . ' -' - A . . .fp 4 A.-1 Vf A V 1. .'-V4 Ax.. 4. ,:.5M..."-. .. . 5 X , ly v .' .V ,, -1 . I r 4 ' . 'Q ,xi ' p,- s , 'iq' -' 'l 4' .'i.l'- ".' ,. 'wk' ' f '. ' N . . , .T ,4 .Q rl. 4 , 1 Y 'V gl' , ,Il if: x.fp,4.xT ,V X . Q Q, A-I .jf A fp- V - - ,,.- . - ,, AM, I if H... vs ' ,.. .vw NFPA ., -xv., .I . .. ,gf ' ,, 1,'7.X.' r 1 1' . .- VI 'Na-A V -. A' , A .vi Q V, lg' , ' .V .- , , " "1 4 I.. AY- 'V' 1' A4 ,M It j. '4 4 tr , V .b -yt, 'P 'I 5 -xi.-. W t XV. X, wwf , ' v. , ' . ',--,an ', - ' 41- V .V 1- 4-X , V . . 5 ,ml . N ,W,.'.yHA,f,l- ' L ' X' ' ."-1 . . 4' ' 3 A -mt 1 ... , ,L A. ' .:l-- -A A V V V.-ff... 4. , .-4 V " . v . .' 1 . ' - 4. , ., , ' 4 A, 4' ' ff 4 4 'nf . 4 V 1' 1927?-. . I gg fi ,-Ad . Ls 4- t .J t,hkf:.L'.'.x g ,L VV'-ru.. ,A , 4.1 .RQJ " L 'IA V ' . "' 'E' Q." 1 '-1'f.f': ' .. 1" ' 'V 'aff A fs . ' - ,9 M, . 444.f,,R , 4.31. .W V ,QQ-f'13f',i4 '--16, -. yy... rw In ' Af. x ' ' 1 ..' .-I - ' 'A "- .- 7 1+ ' "-.A .".. . .f-',,..4igl" 5g..- I 114, 4fry-ATI M-: -vi . ,Nl K. . if .1134 A .-:L '. w fil Q.,-J-a' -, QQ'-Y.. . I- 4 rx - V 45. " 'A Q' M" 'Qi-'A' fl I -'f A V W' J ' ' f"'662.s!'i -L' A - - if 7. V' f 'Kai' '. ' . 21,1 ' ,' ' XL. .'A'S!g.4,f-' 5 rm W Jef- 'T -'ng U26 ' .1 'fig-NM ' -4: -15 . .- V-A -.Q .- -4.-AA .-:.4-f1- ,I . -vp A - .A ,f-.4 . V --A'r.,4-.gy 7' . VA Q, 1' 'A .- 44 4 . ,S 1 fj 4' T- Vf, A9 ,QA A ' ,sg ' N - I. - - .. . An. if "gf, Y ' 'l,45,v,, A . 'A iw- "LA If - Lf ' ' 1 - ' A. .'."' A1 ." J' 7211! .5 'YV --.I , . ng . 3 V+, P:--.Srl 4. A.. - 495- .Hgh V. 1 , . 4.. . - - .4 , 44 - ." -A 1' 'A ' - 1 "4'!NW" 'Z-F5 ' 'P G-".7'ff Q 4.5. R: -.. I ' 4- ..,:- . ,A vh ,. .4 ,., . u,,.V.4V fl:-ff -. ng". .4 ',x!""' - 'Hui-Af A 'Yi z Vw -A-z-E 'A-Ae' . '-' A . 4' "' 1-Aj. 4 1' VyA'Tk " "'-. , " AA .V . 1 " - f, '- -'. -. 4 , A' ' I -1... 1 J..-A 4 -', fl 5 J. n t QI' ff- A ,I ,-'- A V V-qw" ,s , -A . . f"cN'1..1ls I K ' ,Hn .' .yy I q - . .4 . .4 ' .. .f.. A ,,,4,. .x I .- .. 4 . ,: V . . ' 4 '- 4, .IA V ' , V"".,.' " V338 Ai - f T . 'A'3. V 5 ' 1 3. ' , . v ' , I Vw- A.-.1 Vs, A V. eff. - 'r 'um R xii' is As ' R ' F-29,1 mfg K ' gk l :wi fi: . ' 1 gg" .,A- A- u - EN- Ai V - I V f 1 V V V .1 ' .fi 4 ""' 'f' A 4 'J ,.. HV1. K 'A--.-A . ' 'r', .. V- I V ,. A 5-V " ' ,, 4 . . 4 . , 4 'V N' 7'-VZ HJ . ' XA ' A5 1- 'gc gr, ., , -A -'15-P..-Q' i 1 - 'K' 4 ' 95-A Y 'A Ei., S , "r"If', i , 1 . iv: nv ..... -'V' . . l S ...JI f.. . . A . .UP Hi, ' - ' -- : n Q 'I .. '51 - ff-A-5 . ii'-" -'-'ff?'i- 4IAf?'.-3155-.A fi - . . V - f A 43551'-lV-'4zf'f-3V?:'5.LLK1':!?' .'f..59'f A5-1 Af - 4?'qE'5?4Pf"7-S574".Wf'.v L. 1-. .7 Lstw 1 ..,,,,.':.-,,i,sg:..:.,igl,,,A:': iii.. 1 it V..,..,E?5?:fL,g3,:'- N' I !'.s.e,',-5. F.-41. Jr- ll Y . ff 5 .4.V, gy, ,.- .- 1. 14- .,- . Y .. '-J, 3-1-., Ur LS- -V, .VV, W 4. -- f' 4.4.1 ,.,54A.V- Z,-. I ,. .' 'WV' -".1'.A'. 9 .,u,.?"A'r.2g -1- Qgyj rgffg . 3,-sf: 4'.1,?1Zi37- 23J,7f':'-Q-Ergfg,,A":'i-.g-I- -.19 . f 4.'r1 . , A . fl. 3 ' 'J-Q9'w"?g'f1'.!v:,1AlL: 541' '-v5'9'- . fi?ff5'i'i'ff3f'r'7. l'?.'.f"-Q57-'VVi-A NI ' TAF. f 151715. '-l,:'.2 ' V - V ' VV ,, V...-:sig gAE,4'17j2?fpG'9if-Qfgfi-gg'Af3,?'Q2?" A a-5z:fZff5?2A-1f.AAXQ?.-A ..:fzf.':T fll'tL.y.': 'uwzi- .r.ig.4z . - , , xl 4 A' 41-.gag-. 4 A, ,na-4 ., ' V' 5-,,r,,h, .4 ,pf-' .N Q' Tag , '4 751. A yy..--. -f., mr: av.g,'4vg--.4...'.-.14-4 .:.."fV-'- ,, ,PAN V - .HE - ' . w- VV f'-' "- '.v R. A-11 - ' 'f::.:VwA-fv'- Vw- '-1 . .fi-.E "'?.' C- :1'l?"T'-1. 3 -3' V '1'-'ff' '6?ci-IQ' '72 'LA' ""'--- 'A ' "' 'N' A A " 'A' "'?"A'fk-'5'f"5'?'A f""" Af"?7't'7' "'3J5's"f!?l -Q. ---V A+ -f-v ., 'AJ-F ,FFA -1-1 V-a . l . A 1 i ,V , .-, V - . -. - Y. ,Q4 - Q jr.. .0 . j, .Ugg-,.y.'Vg V.,-L -.4 1-1 -:f.- Hin.. -54.1 pang '- xr". , "eq 4 1- .rfb '-T'ff'PVff4, -"?q'siff"f19 u:.,L.,+A -5' 7' --' rr, WV 4 'Z-'5?y1.p'V Ja, f -V -1: AVL, 1332 A -52, A: ,A-tg' ggi! fx 447.199, S-,gg -. ,Q f'A':ln 1- .Qu jzfjlwm ,xl 'QE . .4 ' . A' .1 .f 4 f :"'f4.j. -, " ' ' A, jf' .Q -...- 'J'-f' . .A . 'A ' 7.51" A.fu--'mimi 4 ' Pvfliafxf' -'Aff EV? 951-1 - V- Af-ff -. -'ji' i3'Q-ill"rf.11f'Ti"-:.'7"f-if" .2-V. - . . '-A fn 'A"7', -figyhf..-5 wg: . - - ,jg 4..f.gg, 4 gf S 11.1. J-' . 'A ,T g- k, , fL4,,1a1m. 12Z.1'-0' -?gp:f!L- jj 1, . A Q AS- A- ,E z' 'fgj,4,V.-A--41V in rig -A . ,. 0+ N AZ if -PV..-.. .p . -'K '- ' 'A . 5... '44 -4 "fx-"r-1J1m. uk .-' H97 .-,i.'4.. f-.:.'s4.fA- .- ...VV , V. 453 -V V , f -yy ' - Q'-. r: ni' , A.'?'..Vs1f' .WK ,ff-f. AW -f.."x.7 -. Vg- :,...,,'-,SJ --V-f-r-M 1, 4g 'Q-...- N ' 1. 'f' si "4 . , 4,'li,' IN V .A ' A - 1 4' 'J .2 ' AA1 .J 'Ag'-V., M, ' ' 9' 4 43 'V , E, EPM, 1- A. gig. , ,fry If, v -41" .F ln 'nf' I A-qstilkva. L ,. . I I. -. - . 1 . . ' . ,,-an 5' , . 'f ,'L , L: A ,4 A. 4'-4, .A , ' 'XA . Q, V .2 5. . 4: geliu 4. V 4 IT.. "-....,A 1 g" A .I -A ,gfpq-935, A-.Q "i,,','. fy ., 9' 9 , IV "- ' 'A 'K4 ".1x..J'?AffgA .Img Sl., L7- 215' ' ' X' if + - -'Hts Lwffv ' '. ' :jr .f-f 4. 'Nl . '.v..5 .3 .,f,'V4 ,f 3 . .. n - 41. 4 V' .. .A J: 'gh I- .wig MQ? .j V i ,4 Auf," -. 53: -4 25Js3,A4.:.i ' If 2, V 1, -s w ' f.. " - -' r .WN ,417 -V .,. 45-'hqw . r,g4,,:AA , 1.4- 4. xr-.V :V .V V.f.-wk VM - . 4 ..V. V..f.- - --V--A . .- lf. - A -wh . .mu 1 -1 'fa 41 ' V ff. 'Q . A. A A'-- 'A ' - -- rw ,, 9 6 .r.A,,,.!,kvz.,' 4 :IV Vw .V v,.L!ml' -Y ,'a 1,1 Q N, , ,, 4 4.3 t i, , , xg. - ..,V f ,.l44VL- . , , 7,7 . . I ' A 14 'TI 2 .- , 1 . 4, - --- .if I .. v - V M- ' 'A 4 VV fs. A '. - ,fn 4,5 , 'film .' 4"Y-w 14, 4, y I4 1 V Vj'V- by ' 4. V - 4,+ . A-.4 4.34. 4.49, J: W.. V .. . . Q4 .T 9. H Q A' J. .. an V : - A-A,,,,1Z.-,, Ai 4 I- -:J-A A . v xy j .Y . 1. x v I X H A W! K 1 -. U eg. .. r A w , . iv . b, L. ,QA V -MQ - .V W--W . , 9 , - ' . ffg, V'.,,:'lb "'g,f- X if ' ,A '- 'V W . V Q' V 'E 5.1 -,, A- Hs - AA...--A'wfAA.fA V' - -4' 'AV .- -. -' - - V... P -" A. 2 V " -. 'A ' . . 5 u ' A' . M 5 ' --. A' I - -11-V A .A A-iris gif, f.. . fri: A- I' .. " 4 ' . V , A . AQ, .gn 3, . if Zia? in Q EHR 1 .4 v. 7 I . ,be K Rini-Esexl W 1 1 . . -,...,f-sm. ,w. .3-. -44 , u- . is f VV . -. - - f 1"j3Qi'fA!'l 'A' "A S' 5 K s f ' 'g-. '- Af 'f...."1 g' .-V - qi A Q - -. A?--sl ' - A - -A af. .. V . A .-.. V - A . -1 - . An - . A . - A , t - r , 'A . . , 4 if . HA . , . 'J VJ , ,- .Sw . . ..- - -- - 9 sf 11, .. -V V- - . x .p -3- v- . ' 'M-:Q :N if X K V L V ' A V- 1 i...g7. . ' V 4 as 'F ' A -Y--W -Q ... - - -2... V. A' J A -. , ., sensors . . underclass faculty . . 'ff mf wif' K tr at .fi Board Vice-President Laura Conter. Secretary Kathi Myer. Treasurer Devota Austin, and President Ellen Blue lnoi picturedl. seniors symbolize the grens, spirit of Winning Carol Greathouse supports a graduate in the Homecoming parade Seniors have upheld the traditions set by preceding classes at Elk Grove High School. In their constant efforts to demonstrate their leadership, responsibility, and ma- turity, the seniors have developed traditions of their own. The first combined efforts of the class of l97l were t .,-if . - made visible by a sock hop during freshman year. As fresh- men, the seniors outnumbered each of the upper classes. Seniors sponsored a turnabout in the fall and spring of their sophomore year. The funds from these endeavors helped to finance the Junior-Senior Prom. "A Time For Us. Hard work and much devotion produced a prom that the juniors could be proud of. The theme from Romeo and Juliet created the atmosphere for a night of romance. Senior year for the class of '71 was the year of their greatest achievement for seniors. brought hopes for the participations of Homecoming. "White Lace and Promises," the l97l Winter Ball. proved to be an enchanted evening for all who attended. 1" Anxiety and anticipation lingered in the minds of all seniors as Graduation Day approached. Graduation. the greatest achievement for all seniors, brought hopes for the future and memories of the past. ,MALE I6 nlr J 'xx " ' 's--. 5 w ,.-A Mgr .--,.,f A J a gm , F BOB tnotpieturedl.C.W.A.3.-1. THY. DAVE Astronomy Club 3.4. Computer Club -1. lfootball l. Basketball l.2.3. Baseball l.2.3.-l. Keg Lcttermenis Club -l. National Honor Society 3.-l. ALLBRIGHT,J0l:' AMA TORI5. TONI Ciirls' Cilee l. Folk Art l. Transferred from West Ltden. A PPLEQIQIST. LINDA. AUSTIN. DIIVOTA Cheerleading 2.3.-L Student Council l.3,-1. Class Board l.2.-l tTreasurerJ. Tennis Team 3. Ski Club 1.2. BAIARDO, CAROL ANN Morimge -l. Maryville Tutoring 4. l-.T.A. -l. Pep Club l,-1 tTrcasurerl. Teaehcr's Aid -1. Span- ish Club 1.2, BA IKIE. DONNA. BAKER. JEANNIE Class Board I. Individual Speech 3.4-AP - thropologyClub-l. BARDEN, RICHARD -.lan Band 4. Astronomy Club l.2.3.4. Marching Band l.2.3.11. Tri-M -l. BARTON. PAMELA ELLEN F.T.A. 2, Girls' Glee Club 3. Con- ccrt Choir 4. .lan linscmblc-lf. Wrcstlercttes-1. BA R TUCE. CHER l"L L YNN. BASELT, BONNIE GA YLE-Pom-pon Squad 2.3.4, NHS 2.3.-1. Quill and Scroll 3.4. Guanlimi 3,4 tl7eature liditorl. Class Board l,2.3. Pep Club 2.-l. -1-semester honor pin. BASTOUNES, DEAN Drama 2.3.4. Football l.2.3. Student Coun- cil 3, Class Board 3 tTreasurcrj. National Thcspians 3.4. Anthropology Club 3.-l. Individual Speech 3, BA UMSTA RK. THOMAS M.-Football 2.3.-l. Track 3.-l. Key Club 2.3 lTreasurerJ. -1 tPresidentJ. Russian Club l,2.3. -l-scmcs- ter honor pin. BENSON. A L lfootball 2.3. Track 2.3.4. Ecology Club 4 tPrcsidcntl BERR Y. MA THEW -Marching Band 1.2.3.-l. Coneert Band l.2.3,4. AV 2.3. Campus Life l.2.3.-l. BERTO, GREG Wrestling l,2.3.4. BISHOP. BARBARA Ski Club 2. -l-semester honor pin. BITTE. LUCILLE. BLANDFORD, LINDA Class Board 3. Leaders 3.4. Draniatics l, BRA UI:'R, GREG. BR 15N NA N, l:'UG1:'NE, BRINKMAN, C'HRl.S'TINE Luudcrs 2.3.-1. Lcudcrs' Club 2,3,-l. BROWN, CIIRISTINIQI BROWN, CHARLILXS' C. lflkil piclurcdl. BROWN, PAUL 0. Murclling Band l.2.3.-l. Conccrl Bzuul l.2. Symphonic Buml 3.-1. .lun Bund l.2. lfoolbull l. Buskclbull 1.2.3,-l. F,T.A. 3.-l. B.nLb.1Il l.-. .,,. '7 BROWNING, BILL l'kO0lll1lll l.2.3.-l. Buscbull 1.3. l.cllcru1cu3 Club-1. BRL'NN, DON Bmkclbull l. Buscbull l. BLCHHOLZ, WILLIAM Cross Country I.2.3.-l. NHS 2.3.-l. Truck l. Wrestling I. BUliI'ILl1'R.D0.VALD AV l,2.3.-l. Science: Club l.2. gill ' AL BLUE, liLLl:'N PIZZILLO Clusa Board 2.3.4 lPrcnidcnlj. Or- cbcsls 3.4. Art Club l.2.3.-l. Sludcnl Council 3.4. Pup Club l. BL L'!:', KA Tlllf BI.L'MI:', l.ORRA1.VIp'. BOGGS, .S'TlfVI:' H. 'l'ruclx l.l. l-'ull Plu5 3.A5ll'LlllOl1lj Club l. BORG. GARY. BOSSI.l:'T, JOIIN I-'oolbzxll l. Tcnnim l. Key Club 2.3.4. Gllllfllfllll 3,-l QSporlm lzdilorl. Quill und Scroll 4. l-'olk Music Club l. B0 WM.-1 N, LINDA Librury Club 1. BOX, DA N. B0l'Ll:', JOHN likltllliilll l.Z.3,-1. Wrcnlliug l.2. Truck 3. l.cl- lcrmcn'sClub-l. BRADLISY, JL'ANNl1' L. Frcslmmun Ciirlk Chorux l. Girls Glcc Club 2. Concern Choir 3,-1. Tri-M -l. Riding Club 2.3. DO 4. BRANCA TU, CA ROL Trurmslbrrcd from l-Icrshcy. BRA NDT, MARK ALLEN Gzlrlrzlizul 3.-l. Buscbzlll l llVl:lnugcrl. Z. Biology Club l. aN'Q gltih BL'UARI:'WICZ. SHERRIE D.lQ.-llSccrc1ar5l, B UR M IjlSTI:'R, IJIj.Y.N'IS. BLFR TT. lx' If VIN. 35 BLTSII. l.I,IZ.flb'I.'TlI. BUSII. l'flTRICIf1 l.ibrary Club 3, Clil'1lllNlCI'l'kILl Iroin Sacred l'lC1lTlUlllbl1ll'j. BCSSIJ. TI.110TIll' llllll plclurcmlj. BL'.YTO.Y, SII.-IRON L. Ari Club l.2. Gorman Club l.Z. Yearbook Stall 2. Drama Club 2. Translcrrcd from Slcinnicll lligli School. ' BOCROL S. BILL lnol piclurcdj. NHS 3.4. AV l.2.3.4. Math Club 2.3.-1. Art Club 2.3. Social Psychology Club 3.4, Chem Club Vllllllli l s l I X X 1.1.3.-l. :XslFUI'l0IIlj Club l.2. CABRI:'R.4. C.4RMIf.V Pup Club 1.2. Language Club l.Z.3.-l. Riding Club -l, Ski Club l.2, Jlfscnicslcr honor pin. Lf c',11.vp-1,1m.s'1f.w.4Ri' i.imf, Club li Pup Club l. M9 I CA MARGO. I:'I.IZ.-iBI:'TH lfolk Club 3. Cilcc Club 1. Spaninb Club 3. Drama Club l. Ncvupapcr l. CYO l. 'liranxl'ci'i'cd from Good Counwl Acadcnip. New York. C,4MPBlp'I.I.. .ll.-IRI' National lbcxpiank 3 lViuc Prcxiflcnlj. -l Ql'rcnialcnll. Ol'CllCNlN 2. Drama Club 1.3.-l. Conuurl Choir 3. -l lPrcsidcn1l. Ciirlx' Cliorux l. 'l'i'i-M 3,-1. X'-Sliou l.I.3. l'all Play 4. C,fllV.N'lZZO. CHRIS Art Club -l. Clasx Boznxl 2.3. Sllllltlll Coun- cil -l. GIIIIFLIIKIII 3.4. Quill and Scroll 3.-l. lxanlcrs 2.3. CANTRELL. BECKI' Lcadcrx 3.4. Lcadcrm' Club 3.4. Clam Board 1.2. 4-wcnicsiur honor pin. l ,E ... g . t Y 2 f senior activities and romance go hand in hand Amy Klopp and Jim Ollingcr look Iorxsard lu Lg I-fig, Dancing bringx smilcm lo Gayle .laukmn and Dave llilclurbrand. was was mi . ' L. iv QQ' A ' 'A -,. 1-af SY K 'Ulf if, 2' ? 2 .L f- ,i 4 i""" ' - S la A5 ' Qi: La? , t it CAREY, MARTIN Knot picturedb. Transferred from Waller High School. CARLSON. DA VID. CARONEJAMES T. CA RROLL, DANIEL. CARROLL, MAR Y-French Club l,2. Patrician Athletic Associ- ation l.2. Ski Club 3.4, Class Board 3.4. Student Council 2. Maryville Tutoring 3. Transferred from St. Patrick Academy. CARROLL, THOMAS P. 'Russian Club 2. CASTO. THOMAS -lnot picturedj. CERNY, ALAN. CHEPIL, PAMELA- Ski Club 4. French Club l. G.A.A. l. Trans- ferred from Foreman High School. CHOLEWINSKI, PENNY. CHRABOT, JOE Football l.2,4. Baseball l. Boys' Leadcr 3.4. CLAES, TOM Baseball l.2,3,4. Football 3. Lcttcrmcn's Club 4. Boys' Leader 3.4. CLAPP, KA THY-Pep Club l. Library Club l. CLAPS, MAR Y-Tolkien Society 3. Art Club 4. seniors enjo the last of their years at elk grove The male population at Elk Grovejoins in the fun during Homecoming weekend. Unicycles, cars, and smiles decorate the parade. If ' unq- ' 'K sou. lbs X .Cav 3221 al so 'eb-3 V C'I.ARIx'. CLAUDIA-G.R.A. 1.4. Class Bourd 1. Lczidcrs 3.4 Lcaidcrs' Club 3.4 C'l.lNl:', DREA MA C.W.T. 4. Pup Club 3. lloslcss Club 3. C'Ll.N'T0.'V. SCOTT Baiscbull l.cllcrlncn's Club 4. 15001- bull 1. Boys' Lcudcrs 3.4. Baislxclbiill 1. COLL. IQEVIN. COLLESI, JL 'Llli fi. C0.N'.YEl.l', JA.N'I1"l' Trzmslbrrcd from Ml. Lebanon High School. Pcnnsg lvuniu. C'0.V.N'l1'l.LY, PAM Orchesis 3.4. Color Guurd 4. V-Show 2 Office Guide 4. Chorus 1. Freshman Showcase 1. C'0.Y.'N'0l.l. Y. PA TRICK. COIVTER, LA L'RA-Orchcsis 3.4 lTrczisurcrl. Chccrlcuding 1.2. Cluss Board 1,4 lljresidcnll. Sludcnl Council 4. Anthropology Club 3. Flushcrs 3.4. CONTRERAS, MA .N'L'l:'L. COOK, LINDA Tri-M 2.3.4. Syinlplionic Blind 1.2.3. Marching Band 1.2.3. liqucslriun Club 2.4. 1-'ulurc Sccrclurics 4. 4- semester honor pin. COONEY, JAMES Cioll' Buskclbull 1.2.3. Key Club 1.2. 3.4. Lcllurn1cn's Club 4. NHS 2.3.4. COTINI, PHII.. COZZOLA. MAR 1" A .YN Nurses' Aid 3. Tciichcfs Aide 4. CRAII.. D. STEVE Wrcsiling 1.2. CRI:'1:'D0iV, RICH. CUL VER, JUDYV- Orchcsis 3. .-Xrl Club 2.3.4. llruniu Club 3.4. National Thcspiuns 3.4. 1-ull Pluy 3.4. Spring Plug 3. Truns- fcrrcd from Whucling lligh School. CURLEY, NANCI-Nurse's Guide 4. Hostess Club 3. Pep Club 3. DA HL, WEND1' 11101 piclurcdl, DAILIDAS, JEFF--.lun Band 2.3. Symphonic Band 1.2.3. Marching Band 1.2.3. Golf 1. DANCA, RITA 0.0. 4. Ski Club 1.2. DARBEE. LINDA-Pep Club 1. Nurse's Aid 3. mor -vw DEAN. SUSAN Student Ciiuncil 1.3. Clam Board l. NHS 2.3.-l lPfCSl1-l0l1ll- Girls' Tcnnix Tuam 1.1,-l tCo-Caplaiul. Girl! Lcadcrs 2.3.-l. Girl! lcadcra Club 2. National Tlicxpianx 3.4. Drama Club 3.-l, lzculngg Qlub -li. Ctlllltxl Play 3, Maga- Ainc 3 tliditorial Cirtuipl. ru it . I DUCARLO, .IERI Claw Board l. llcallli Oltiuu Guidc 2.3.-l. Q, 4 If Guardian fl.-l tNciu lrditivrl. -l-xcmcxtcr liunor pin. :Q 12' x DEERING, JOHN Football l.2.3.-1. Wrcalling 2, language Club l.2. NHS 4. DEEVEY, SUSAN Color Guard 3.-l tCaptainl. Orclicxis Slum 3. Freshman Showcase I. Y-Slmu 2. Girls' Churux l. DEFOTIS, WILLIAM. l N Z IJEHA VEN. ROBERT l-'uotball 4, l.cttcrmcnE Club 4. l.2.3. Wrcytlirtg ll. Gull' DELCA MPO, DENNIS Band 3. DEMPSEY. DEA NA Class Board l. DESMONDJOHN Wrcntling l,Z. lfouthall 2.3. Track l. Aviation Club 3. DeSPAIN, CHRISTY. DeWITT, RENEEANNE-Montage 4. Calendar Girl 2. 1Jl.4SIO.I.E0. i DIDIER, DONNA. DIGIOVANNLJOHN. il DIGANGI, DAN Wrestling l.2.3.-l. l"00ll'7llll2.,l-l'l1Clx l,2. DILLA VOU, WA YNE tnot l7lClUl'LKll. DIMOND, KA THY. DISIL VIO, GENEVA tnut piclurcdl. Class Board 1. DODDS, ROBERTA-Football l. Ski Club 4. Basketball 1.2. DORSEY. NEAL Giinnasticrs l.2.3.-l. l.CllCl'lllCll.i Club 3.4, Baseball l. W DRISCOLI., BA R BA RA. DR l"SC'II. .VI,fIL'RI:'I:'.N' Orchcmis 3.4 tPubliuity Chairmanl. Color Guard -l. Cliristmah Ball Cnurl 1, llomucoming Court -l. 41:27 DL'Ix'E. RICKY. A , CH A I if TL 5 Eg ,k..:. I dsx . -. il -.4 i. ..i. L i.z.',1g'T - - ' I CFIIOFS A 4 1. W A DUMELLE, DAN-Football 3. -Q.. M DUNNING, PAT Lcllermen's Club 3.4. Football l.2,3. Swimming 2.3.4. Cross Country 4. Truck l.2.3,4. 'Civ' DURNING, L YNN Class Board l,2,3.4. Pom-pon Squad 3. Chccr- leader -l. Ski Club l,2,3,4. Girls' Leaders 2.3.4. Pep Club l, 2.3. G.R.A. 1.2. Aquatics Club 3.4. DUTSON, TOM. DZIEM, GREGORY M. -V Marching Band l,2.3. Concert Band l,2. Symphonic Band 3. Key Club 3,4. Cross Country I,2.3.4. Track l.2,3,4. NHS 2.3.4. Basketball l. 4-semester honor pin. EAGAN, BRULE. EARWAKER, MARYANN. EHLEBRACHT, JACKIE---Orchesis 3.4. Biology Club l. Art Club 2. Transferred lrom Rich Central High School. EMSLIE. ROBERT ERMEL. HENR Y lnot picturcdj. 'W ' 'S' ESPOSITO, GA R Y. , . N s ' ESTR Y. NOR ENE, .x lg. 5 EVANS. BILL-Wrestling l.2.3.4. vacationing seniors put their spanish to use Senior girls spend Easter vacation in Spain. Carmen Cabrera is exhausted from the long Spain tour, :mor ,W 'SS-' Q1 24. if 'i.fAg6f'x+ if in Q 3 i'f"' " ' Q 4 - f .V f - ,ex vm f . ,D - i ' V A i A 1 ' f 5 ' X , 1 1 .can S. A. gg, V l 7 J:-S . . C Q. .ll a 1 -.-Fifi? t Q me bei 1' 1. ., I "E FA .YSLO W. SLZ,-I .N'.N'lg'. I-I-IR 1. l1'l', .X'11'.Y.-IPIIOXIQ' G. F.-lR.YI1'R, lJ0.YN',-1 l.lfI1' Nuiiunul I-'urenxiex league 2.3.-1. NHS , . . 7 , . 1 . . A.-l. lndiiuluul l-.xenlx -..K-l. ltnu-pun Squiiml -.3.-1 llainlaxiiil. Girl! l.eutlerx 3.-l. Quill und Scroll -l. .'WOIlltlQt' 4, Pep Club l.2.F.-1 lSeei'elin'xl. Ciirli legulers' Club 3.4. Girl! Tennis W 'leann 4. Ci.R.,'X. l. lllllll Club I.- lSCCI'ClLll'jl. -l-SClllUNlCl' liumvi' pin. l".AlRRl:'I.l.. .S'7'I1'l'I1' l not pielureil J. Flfl. I. ER. ROBIJR T lnot pieluretll. FER G L SOX, R.f1.'l'IO,N'.4. FER.YA.N'DEZ. 0RL.1l.N'DO Gyninusliem l.l.3.4. Leltermenk Club 3.4. Baseball 1.2. NHS 2.3.-l, Student Council -1 Wiec- Presidenll. -1-weniexler hnnor pin, FINXERTY. Tll0.'W,4S. FIORITO. RO.N',AIl.D. I'ilTZGh'R,flI.lJ, JOHN Crow-Country 1.2.3. Cfllllflfillfl 3.-l. Quill Lind Serell -l. Aiillimpulogy Club 1.3.-l. Truelx 2. llllI'1lINLIl'LllS 3. I-AITZPA TRlC'Ix'. Tlll:'Rlf.S'l:' lleullh Cureerx Club 2. Drnniu Club l. Pep Club l. FLIIRL.-1GL'. DONA LD Ski Club 1.2.1.-l. Fl.L'DF, RlC'l1'.4RD,Al. FOGEL, ELAINE-Art Club l. Pep Club l. Spunisb Club l. G.R.A. l. Transferred from Gulesburg Senior High Sehool. talent and determination are shown by seniors Dlllflil Neuberl makes herself up to pluy the Pllfl ol' Connie Dayton in lhe plny Cmiiu Blow Your Ilurn. 4' i FOR D, JOHN. I"ORESTh'R. PA TRICIA CWT 4. CWA 4. D.O. 3.4. FRANKE, KA THY- Marching Band l. Symphonic Band l. Ski Cluh 2.3. Latin Club l. Class Board 4. Gimrdiun 3,4 tl-'cature Editorl. Quill and Seroll 3.4. GA HALLA. GRACE Honieconiing Queen 4. Student Council l.2.3 4 lReeording Sccretaryj. Orehcsis 4. Pom-pon Squad 3. GAITSCH, BRLT11' R. Tolkien Society l. Russian Club l. GARCES, RA Y' Football 1.2.3. Boys' Leaders 4, Glgl-1.VCO.YTl1'Rl, JUANN. Gl:'lSI.l:'R. KA THY Girls' Tennis 3.4. Girls' Leaders 3.4. Porn- pon Squad 4, Class Board l.2. Girls' Leaders' Club 3. Girls' Track Official 2. Pep Club 1.2. Ski Club I.2. G,R.A, l.2. GERSDORF, STEVE. GIANARIS, ELLEN-Drama Club qVicc-Presidentj, National Thespians 3.4 tllistorianl. l-'reshmcn Girls' Chorus l. Girls Glee 2.3.4. Choir 3.4. Spring Play l. I-all Play 3. Tri-M 2.3.4, Pep Club l. GIA RRANTA NO. LINDA S, GIBISCH, PISGG Y M. Girls' Leaders 3.4. Girls' Leaders' Club 3.4. Girls' Tennis Tcain 3.4 lCaptainJ. NHS 2.3.4. Girls' Track Official 2, GRA. 4. 4-semester honor pin. GILL. lx'.f17'l1'l" P.A.A. 2. Math Club 2.3. Girls' Basketball l. Transferred from St. Patrick's Academy, GILMORE, REX Marching Band l.2.3.4. Symphonic Band 3.4. Basketball l.2.3.4. Boys Leaders 3.4. .lau Band 3, Football l. Cross-Country 3. GILSONUIAMES- Basketball l. Ski Club l.2, GLILQIF, BOB-Wrestling 3.4. Russian Club 2. GOI:'RGER,JOE. GOERGER, MARTIN lnot pieturcdj. GOESKE. KARENI.. GORDON, ,Y.4.YC'Y Ski Club l,2.3.4. Office Guide l.2.3.4. Horse- back Club 3.4. GORE. TED Football l.2.3. Wrestling 2. fiRhATHOL'SE. CAROL Alternate Cheerleader 4. V-Show l.2.3. Art Club 2, Hostess Club 3. 1 HALIHAN, CRAIG-fWrestling 3. Basketball l. Baseball l. Trans- ferred from Orr High School. HALLMA N, ROBERT WILLIAM Gymnastics l.2.3. HAMILTON. MA UREEN Class Board 3.4. Ski Club 3.4. G.R.A. 2. Transferred from Sacred Heart of Vlury. HANSEN. RA Y-Intramural Bowling 3. Intramural Basketball 2. HARRIS, GEORGENE-Pan-Language 2. Tolkien Society l. HARRIS. REVIS EUGENE. HART. BRENDA --NHS 4. Aquatic Club 2, Teacher's Aide 4. G.R.A. l. HARTMANN, PETER J, HA USERMAN. FRED-Football l.2.3.4. Baseball l.2. Lettermen's Club -1. mor GRILLAERT. DA VID-Ecology Club -l. Biology Club l. Baseball 1.2, Art Club 3, GRIMSHA W, R"0Bl:'RTA Pom-pon Squad 2.-l. Pep Club 2. Ski Club 2.3. Calendar Girl 2. Mon1uge3.-1. G.R.A. 2. GR OENHOEI-'. JA K lf. GROVER. SANDRA Ski Club 1.3. Girls' Leaders 3.4. Girls' Leaders' Club 3.-l. Calendar Girl 2. GRUBER, RANDY- Football 2.3.4, Baseball l.2. Gymnastics l. V-Show l. Orchesis Show 2. GRUNINGER. DONNA Class Board I, G,R.A. I.-1. Girls' Tennis Team 2.3.4, Girls' Leaders 3.4. Girls' Leaders' Club 3.4. Pep Club 2, GUASTAFERRI, DA VE-Football l,2,3.4. Lettermen's Club 3.4, Guardian 3.4. Quill and Scroll 3.4. GURNA CK, CA TH Y4National Thespians 3.4. Drama Club 2.3.4. Maryville Tutoring 3.4, G.R.A. l. HACHMEISTER, LINDA Transferred from Maine West High Sehool. HA CKETT,JA MES. HA DLEY, CHARLES W. Homecoming Escort 4. --5 HAHN. RUTH. Q... , e t . if 'if I , M "ss if .1 by K -'ggi' a er A T . , 7 V S I W i ' .. X Q wi , -We :'fA.'ff t i x. I i:55a3.x..:qg ,J l" !w P ' 527-2 ii HEINEMAN, LA URA -Pep Club l. Ski Club l,2,3.4. Leaders 4. HENDRICKS. PEGGY-Marching Band 1.2. Concert Band 1.2. Leaders 3.4. Girls' Leaders' Club 3.4. F.T.A. 3 tSeereturyJ, 4 QVice-Presidenti. Tri4M 3. sc!" HICKEY, ROBERTJ. HILDERBRAND, DA VE- l-'outbatll l.2.3.4. Basketball l.2.3. Buse- ball l.2,3,4. Lettermen's Club 3.-l. HINCKLEY, THOR lnot pieturedj. , -, .4 V i' H27 HIXSON, KA THLEEN. HOLMES. PA TRICIA. A I .,. sri ' s C E is 2 1 f HOOS, LINDA -- Monlage' 4. French Club l,2. Pep Club 2.3. X H.. an ' , HOPKINS, MARK -Basketball 1.2.3.-l. Tennis l,l,3.4. Football I, rr., V, Cross Country 3. 'CZ' v I HORNACEK, MAR YANN THERESA -lf.T.A. 2.3.4. Ski Club 2. V Pep Club l. V-Show I. Class Representative l. Newspaper l. X' Counciling Guide 2.3.4. Transferred from Muehegon Cuth- olie Central, Michigan. A 1 V M HOVEYJOHN R. ,- . 5 : w k HUEBNER, LINDA - Pep Llub 3. Astronomy Club 3, Aquatics Club 3.4, f f ilo. N' ' "Yeti K ' ff, HUFT0N,sTEPHE1v. seniors get involved with school activities Pum Burton limbers up her fingers before a timing. Girls' Leader Devota Austin cheers on her class. HUGHES, RA YMOND Astronomy Club 3.4. HUNCIKER, KURTM. wtf IBBOTSON, PAM. lDSTE1N,J1M Track 2.3.4. Football 3. Lcttcrmcn Y-J' I Aquatic Club 3.4. IMPERIALJOHN AnthropologyClub 4.AV 2. ISBERNER. JA MES tnol picturedl, ISSEL JOHN Bind l HURLEY. .IA NICE Orchesis 3, V-Show 3. Freshman Showcase l. 's Club 4. IMLAH. JACK Football l.2.3.-1. Swimming l.2.-l. Baseball I.2. To . Q-V-Q ' L7 I -gm JACKSON, GAYLE NHS 2.3.4. Girls' Leaders 3.4. Girls' Pep Club 2. G.R.A. I. Rite Award 2. -1-seme Lettermen's Club 2.3,-l. Aquatic Club 3,4. X? JARMUTH, PA TRICIA L. 1.2. Track 3.4. Lettermen's Club 3.4. 7 9 510 strong, that s the class of 71 Homecoming week brings out citizens of Senior Sity who gather on school steps during lunch hour to flaunt their superiority. .. l fi? fit 2 . .zfgffti fy fit Leaders Club 34 Tennis 4 Pom pon Squad 2.3. Cheer- leader 4. Student Council 2, Class Board l fTrcasurerJ, 2.3.4. ster honor pin. JACOBSON. BOB-Swimming l.2.3.4. Football l,2,3. Track l,2. JAROCKI, JEFF-Football l,2,3,4. Basketball l.2,3,4, Baseball 'I , , l A , I .VJ . X , ',n' .- I i l 17395 I f rex". lt If f J ' tad. I. .f + f -'sl .qw ev . .. .sm smfmnkfs ., 1 1 w x I JASCHKE. HEIDI Health Office Guide 2.3.4. Tcacher's Aide 2. JASKULKE. SUSAN RENEE Montage 4. JASPER, DEBBIE Pep Club 2. Library Club I. Ski Club l. JAY, ROBERTA Drama l.2. Ski Club I. Pep Club 2. Class Board 3. Health Club 4. NHS 2.3.4, Track Official 3. JEFFERIES. TODD Tennis 2, JEFFRIES, KAREN-Ski Club l.3. Girlsf Leaders' Club 3.4. Girls' Leaders 3.4. Pep Club l.2.3. Class Board 3. JENOS, JOA NNE Guardian 3.4. Tllfl Trihum' 2. Tri-T 3. Student Council 3. Spanish Club 2. llonor Club 2.3. l-'.T,A. -l. Quill and Scroll 3.-l. Ski Club -l. Transferred from Taft lligli School. JOBELIUSJOSEPH. JOHA NNSON, SA NIH' Knot pictur High School. JOHNSON, DEBORAH Business pology Club 4. 1 JOHNSON, MARK R. Knot pictu , North High School. JOHNSON. SHARON Pep Club l.2. Library Club 2. JOHNSON. STEVE R. lst and 2nd place district science fair 2.3. Astronomy Club 2.3.4, AV l. JOHNSTON, DIANE!OO 4. Transferred from LaPorte High School. LaPorte. Ind. JONES, JIM Football l.2.3.4. Track 2. Basketball l. JONES, WILLIAMS. III-Band l.2. Baseball 2. JONGLEUX, SUZANNI1' Girls' Glee Club 2.3.4. Attendance Office Guide 3. JORDAN, MIKE Football 1.2.3. Basketball Manager l.2.3.4. JUSTINICK, VICK Y Girls' Leaders 3.4. Girls' Leaders' Club 3.4. G.R.A. 4. Maryville Tutoring. KADLUBOWSKI, PAULA -Transferred from Mother Guerin High School. KANAGIN. GEORGE-tnot picturedj Football 3. Track and Field l.2.3. Wrestling l. Russian Club 2 tVice-Presidentj. KAPFHAMER, RANDI Pep Club l. V-Show 3. Nurses Aide 4 Anthropology Club 4. KAPLAN, GAIL-Ski Club l. G.R.A. l. KEITH. LINDA. emo q-QI 151-5' - .is KOB, JEFF-Tennis 3.4. Swimming 1.2. Key Club 3,4. Debate l,2. KOHL, KIM Orchesis 4. National Thespians -l. Class Board 3. V-Show 2,3. Pep Club 1.2. Drama Club -l. Spring Play 2. KRALL, KIMJ. --Scale Modelers' Club 2. KRAMERSUSAN D.O.3.4. KROES, PAM F.T.A. 1. Transferred from Conant lligh School. KRUEGER, SHONNIE -Orchesis 3.-1 fViee-Presideiill. Coun- seling Office Guide 2.3.4. Pep Club 2. G.R.A. 2. KUMINOWSKI. DEBBIE- Library Club I. Aquatic Club 3.-1. KUNZE. CHRIS Cross Country l. Golf l. National Thespians 3. Anthropology Club 3.4. Winter Play I. Fall Play 2.3. Spring Play 2. KUZNIAR, PAM Girls' Chorus 1. Pep Squad l. Ci.A.A. 2. Ski Club 1. Transferred from Roosevelt High School. fi! KELLEY, DEBORAH tnot picturedj. KESLER. ANN Marching Band 1.2. Symphonic Band 1.2. Ski Club 3. Riding Club 3. Anthropology Cluh 4. KHOSHABA, DEBORAH V-Show 1.2.3.-l. Cheerleading 2.3. Girls' Leaders 2.3. Orchesis 4. Drama 1.2.3. Flasher 2. Student Council 2.3. Class Board 2 lVice Presidentl, 3. KINCAID. TOM-Marching Band l.2.3.4. Symphonic Band 1.2. 3.-1. Tri-M 2.3 lHistorianJ, -1 lPresidentJ. District 214 Band 1.2.3.-1. Orchestra 4. Jan Band 2.3.-1. KING, CYNTHIA MOHIUKF 3.-1 tliditor-in-Chiefj. Pep Club 1. 2,3 lSales Chairmant. -1 lPresidentl. Pom-Pon Squad 3,4. Guardian 3. Quill and Scroll 3.-1. KING, DALE GEORGE lnot picturcdl. Teacher's Aide 1.2.3. Transferred from Central Catholic High School. Ohio. lx'lN.Y. DIANE Maryville Tutoring 3. G.R.A. 4. Transferred from Sacred lleart ol' Mary High School. KINSELLA, SHARON M. Ski Club 3. Pep Club 2. Pan-Language 2. G.R.A. 2. Transferred from Seton High School, New York. lx'I.AMER, ROBERT lnot picturedj. KLEINPASSJAMES. KLEST, AND Y. l KLINGEL, ROBERT Ski Cluh I. KLINUER, MIKE. KLOPP. AMY-Orchesis 3, Class Board 1.2. V-Show 1.2,-4. 1 Ski Club l.2.3.4. KNOPF, KA THY--Student Council 1. Pep Club 1. Ski Club I. l 4 LAMBERG, MARGIE Class Board 4. P.A.A. 1.2. French Club l.2. Pep Club 1.2. Class Board l,2. Transferred from St. Patriek'sAcademy. LANDWEHR, DA VID. LANDWEHR, RONALD. LANGSFELD, BOB Astronomy Club 3, Transferred from Taft High School. LARSON, VALERIE 0.0, 4 tViec Presidentj. Girls' Leaders 3.4. Girls' Leaders' Club 3.4. Guardian 3. G.R.A. 3. LA WSON, .IISANETTE Marching Band 1.2. Concert Band l.2, LEIBROCK, BOB Jazz Band 3.4. Swimming 2.3.4. Aquatics Club 4, Tri-M 3.4. LEMKE. AL-Football 2. Basketball l. LEMKE, DEAN C. LENK, ALBIN F.- Knot picturedl. Transferred from Conant High School. LESNIAK.C'HRIST0l'lIl1'R Key Club l.2.3.-l. Debate l.2.3. Tennis l.2.3.4. Gymnastics l. Ski Club l.l.3.-l. Slti Team -l. National lforensies 1.3. Boys' Leaders 3.4. LEWANDOWSKI. ALAN Tennis l,2,3,4. Lettermen's Club 4. Ll!:'NLOKKEN. BILL Anthropology Club 3.4. seniors experiment in many different fields Terese I-'itLpatrick and Georgene Harris record their findings. Kathi Meyer. l.au a Comer. and Karen O'lear5 read Mr. Wellman's palm. 1- l X A eniurs 3l 32 seniors a . CT-2? LOSCH. STEVEN Wrestling l,2. LUDWIG, LU JEAN lnot picturedl. G.A.A. l. Ski Club l. Trans- ferred from Sammamish High School. Washington. LUNAK, NANCY LEE Pomfpon Squad 3.4lCaptainj. NHS 3,4. Quill and Scroll 3.4. Class Board l.2.3. Pep Club 2,3 fRep- resentativel. 4 lVice-Presidentj. Montage 3,4 fBusiness ' Managerj. Guardian 3. G.R.A, 2. Maryville Tutoring 4. 4- semester honor pin. LUZIETTI, DEBRA Girls' Leaders 3,4. Girls' Leaders Club 3.4. Ski Club l.2.3.-1. G.R.A. 3.4. Pep Club 3. Pan-Language 3. Transferred from Cary High School. MAGGS, BILL Ski Club 3. Chess Club 2. Transferred from Naperville Central High School. MALMEDAHL,JAMES-Gymnastics l.2,3.4. MA LONE, RUSSELL Ski Club 3.4. MARC'HI:lS'C'IIl, N.flDlNl:' Student Council Drama Club l.-l. Ski Club-l. l. Class Board l. MARCUSSON. .lAiN'l:'T lfrcshman Girls' Chorus l. Girls' Glee Club 2. Choir 3.-l. Tri-Nl 3.-l. MARESSO, STEVE C. MARTIN, DANIEL. MARTIN, ROBER T-Basketball l. Track l. MARTIN, SCOTTM. senior year at eg is full of many surprises Yearbook members Nancy Lunak, Carol Baiardo, and Barb Meiser wait to surprise Sue .laskulke on her birthday. ig i i l i l MASSEY. PA TRICK. MC BRIDE, JAMES Track 2.3.-l. Football 2. Latin Club 2. Guardian 3.4. Adagio 3.4. Transferred from St. Louis Uni- versity High School. Mo. MC CAFFERY, CANDY Orchcsis 3. National Thespians 3.4. V-Show 3. Future Secretaries Club 4. Library Club 1. MC CANN, KAREN Pep Club 1.2. Freshman Girls' Chorus l. Biology Club 1. Attendance Office Guide 1.2.3. C.W.T. 4. G.R.A. 1.2. MC COY. ROBERT Football 1. Ski Club 4. MC EVOY, MIKE Radio Club l. Chess Club 2. Astronomy Club 4 tPresidentl. Biology Club l. .lets Club 2 tflresidentj. Swimming Team 1. Ski Club l. MC GILL, LINDA Ski Club 2.3.4. German Club 1.2.3. Guardian 3.4 lCorresponding Editorj. Montage 4. Pop Club 1. MC KELVEY, JEFF Football l.2.3.4. Student Council 1.3.4. Class President 3. Drama Club 1.2.3. Guardian 3.4. Let- termcn'sClub4. MCMAHON. KEVIN. MC PHERSON. CRAIG Tennis 1,2.3.4. Football 1. Ski Club 4. MEISER. BARBARA ANN Pom-pon Squad 3.4. Pep Club 3.4 fTreasurerj. G.R.A. 2. Montage 3.4. Guardian 3. Ski Club 2.3. Transferred to Washington. MELUSO. ROSEMARY Art Club 1.2.3. MEREDIK, CYNTHIA Ski Club l. MEYER, KATHI Orchesis 2.3.4. Class Board 3.4 fSecretaryJ. Orchesis 2,3 tTrcasurerJ 4. Student Council 4. Tri-M 2.3.4. Symphonic Band l.2.3.4. Marching Band l.2.3.4. Drama Club 1.2. Track Official 1. Color Guard 4. V-Show 3.4. MICEK. STEVE. MICHELA. GREGORY. MIEDEMA, BEVERLEY. MILLER. PAM C. MITSCH, MA DELINE tnot picturedj. MITROS, NICK. MITSOS, AL-Gymnastics 1.2.3,4. Football Baseball 1. 2. Lettermen's Club l.2.3.4. NHS 2.3.4. 4-semester honor pin. MOLLENKAMP. DA VID-Marching Band Symphonic Band 1.2.3,4. Jazz Band 3.4. Tri-M 2.3.4. Tennis 1.2. Gym- nastics 1. Seniors 'lb iz.. 65 'Q' N If ..- t QP 9 5. NOGA, NEAL Football l.2.3.4. Ski Club l.2.3. Baseball l.2,3, 4. Lettermen's Club 4. Boy's Leaders 4. NOTSON, LINDA Pep Club l.2. Ski Club l.2.3,-I. G.R.A. I.2. Class Board 2.4. F.T.A. 3. Aquatics Club 3. NUGENT, SUSAN I-'reshman Showcase I. Chorus I. Monlagv 2. Pep Club 2. Girls' Glee 2. Drama Club 2. Orchesis 3 fSecretaryI, 4. Individual Speech Events 2. O'BRIEN, MARY KA Y 0.0. 4. Ski Club l. 0'BR1EN. PATRICK Transferred from Immaculate Concep- tion High School. 0'C'0NNOR, JOAN-Orchesis 4. Student Council I. Class Board I. 0'CONNOR, MARY. 0'LEARY, KAREN Student Council l.2.3.-I. Class Board 1.2. 3 tVice-Presidentj. -I. Orchesis 3.4. Homecoming Court -I. Pep Club 1.2. Art Club 2 fVice-Presidentj. Pom'Pon Squad 2. OLOS, EVANTHIA Pan-Language Club 3.4. Pep Club I. Illi- nois State Scholar 4. nlllf 'Q'--f MONTEMA YOR. NORMA Transferred from Maine West High School. MORAN, CYNTHIA V-Show I.3. Orchesis 2.4. I-'all Play 2.3. Contest Play 3. National Thespians 2.3.4. Spring Play 2. Class Board 2. Folk Music Club l. Office Guide -I. MORA N, JA MES. MOREY, MIKE Anthropology Club 3.4. Gimrriiarz 3.-I. MORRIS. PAUL Wrestling l.2.3,-I. I-'ootball l.2. Track I. Let- termeifs Club-1. MOR TE.N'S0.X', ROSEMA R Y. MURPHY, MA UREEN L. Rite Award. MURPH Y, VICTORIA Transferred from Roosevelt High School. NARDI, JAMES Ski Club -I. Swimming Manager l.2. Track Manager I. NELSON, JANE Office Guide 2.3.4. NEUBERT, DIANA LOU NHS 2.3.-I. National Thespians 3.4. Drama Club 2.3 fPresidentI. -I. Maryville Tutoring 3.4. llli- nois State Seholar. -I-semester honor pin. NITSCHNEIDER, STEPHEN Football 1.2.3.-1. Wrestling 2. Ten- nis I. Lettermen's Club 4. Q'--1 OLSON. DEBBIE l"reshn11tn Showtzuse l. Cheerleading l tCLtp- tztinl. 2.3.4. Girls' Lcattlcrx 2.3.4. Student Council 2.3. Clam Board 4. Gimnliuu 3.4. Quill und Scroll 3. Girls' Leaders Club 2.3.4. 4-scntentcr honor pin. OS TR 0 WSKI. D,11l.l1'. OTTINGER. .l.4Ml:'.S' Cross-Country l.2.3.-1. Truck l,2.3.4. Basketball l. NHS 2.3.4. Lctlcrntcnk Club 3.4. 0VERl..4.N'D, l.YCil:'R Ski Club l.2.3.4. Altemlztnec Guide 2. PADULA. R0.X'f1,V.N'l1' Cilatsn Bourtl l.3. lllinoim Stztlc Scholar 4. 4-semester honor pin. P,1.YIflx'. DA .Y A rt Club 2.3.4. DO. 4. PARRll.l.0. MIKE. PA RRISH. CHA RLILIS' lf. 'E' P,-1SL'RKA. CARL. I'L'SA T. WARD Knot ptcturetlj. PlfTER.S'0.X', BlfVl5R I. V Wrestlurettux 3.4. Tutoring 3. PETERSON.SIIEl.l.l'l1'. i, X i PETERSILN. lx'.4lTHl.EE.Y Illinois Sluts: Scholar 4. Maryville 9 ht if J ig! I , ' 4 iii - Ll interests var among the senior boys at eg Jack Malmedahl practices for a big gymnastics meet. Gourmet chef Pat Connolly prepares an tempting dish. i 5 SH' 'SCF HX .. ' w 521.3 Pi Transferred from Algoma High School, Wisconsin. PILKI VGTO 'V, LESLIE Ollicc Guide l. 6.-6' PETTA VINO. DEANN PINTO,MlC'HAELJ. PIRAINO, CAMILLE Orchcsis 3.-l. V-Show 2.3. Spring Musical 1.2, Rite Award 3. -1-semester honor pin. Tri-M 3.4 tSecretaryl. Pep Club 2. PLUEMER, ROBIN Knot picturedl. T7 I , , ' of PLL'MMER.JOHNR. SkiClub 2.3. Baseball I, POLLE, ROBERT Ski Club 1.2.3.-l.Goll'Tcam l.2. Band l. POWERS, GABRIELLES. PRA TT. WILLIAM V. Baskctball2. PRIDGEON, MARK - National Thcspians l,2. Astronomy Club I, PROEHL, GARY STEPHEN Football 2.3, Basketball 2. Base- ball 2.3.-1. Golf l. NHS 3.4. Lettcrmen's Club 4. -1-semester honor pin. Transferred from Stephen Decatur High School. PROSZEK, JAMES Wrestling l.2.3. Baseball l. NHS 23.4. Key Club 2.3.-l. Latin Club 1.2, PUZZO, .IOE. upperelassmen are given a few privileges The Senior lounge provides Mary O'C0nnor with a quiet place to read, study, and relax. .fe-"" M.. i near , CL' if- -A .Q 14 . 5.2. .5 "Qmw KM' ki' 'ii , if . lii"iw 'S 1 ..-.4,. ff ff I9 Br 0 T 'Y .S D QUA GLIA. RICHARD T. QUICK. GORDON M. Swimming l.2.-l. Boysi Leaders 3.4. Key Club 3.4. QUICK. STEVEA. -lnot picturcdl. RA DER. PA TRICIA. RASMUSSEN. DIA .VEJL'Nl1' NHS 2.3.-1lVice-Prcsidcntl. Girls' Leaders 2.3.4. Student Council 1.2.3. Class Board l.2.3. lSecrctary l.2.3J. Chcerleaitling 2.3. Tennis 2.3.4. RA VEN. RI1'.N'D.'1l.I. R. lnot pieturccll, lfoothzill l.2. Wrcxtling l. IJ.li.4.'I'ransl'errctll'i'oiiiCin1antllighSchool. Rl:'I1'DER. CORINNE National Thespians 3 lTrcasurcrJ. 4. Ol- lice Guide l.2.3. l-'.T.A. 2. Contest Play 4 tSludent Directory. REEM, JIM-l-'oothall l.2g3.4. Basketball l.2.3. Baseball l. Lct- tcrmen's Club 3.4. F.T.A. 2.3. Boys' Leaders 3.4. RETSINAS. DOROTH Y-Office Guide 3.4. Ski Club l. Maryville Tutoring 3.4. Transferred from South Shore High School. RICHARDS, LARRYJ. -Knot picturedl. RINDELL. JOHN Golf l.2.3.4. Basketball l.2.3. Football 4. Let- tcrnicnk Club l. Boys' Leaders 3. RIZIO. MICHAEL. ROBERTS. GREGORY B. Aviation Club 3. ROBISCH. WINFRED. RODIz'N,.lIM. ROHN, LINDA Marriage 2.3.-l tAssociatv: litlilorl, Ski Club 2.3.4. Class Board l. Pep Club l.2. G,R.A. l.2. ROMANO, JIM lfootball l.2.3.4. Baseball 2. Basketball l. Stu- denlCouncil2. ROSS. KIMBERLYA. ROSS. STEVE l-'ootball l. Wrestling 2, ROTTER, PEEER lnot picturcdl. ROWLEY. KENNETH-AV l.3. Ski Club 1.4. Astronomy Club l.3. RUCIIVSKI. RICHARD Fall Play 2.3.4. Winter Play 2.3.4. Spring Play 2.3.4. National Thespians 3.4. V-Show 3.4. Contest Play 2.3. Drama Club 3.4. '30, KIMBERLYA. RICHARD G. lnot pictureclj. t TRS. FRED C. -lnot picturedj. SCA NLON. GERALDINE. seniors 37 'V' iw' 4 . fuk , ,. Maw 2 Wi' Q Qff' f ' YITIYV' , 3 51 2 Ti Q. X , V 'Wx 1 Y an ' N '95 1. V 5,1 . N 'f i" if . if 1 ' I if . Ik, .l fagggxy , J. g ' ' 'Al 3 .1 A SEA LEY, KAREN LOUISE Choir 3.4. Girls' Glee Club 3. Fresh- man Girls' Chorus 1. Ensembles 3.4. Tri-M 3.4. Orehesis 4. NHS 3.4. Pom-Pon Squad 3. Pep Club l.2.3. V-Show 3. 4-semester honor pin. SEIDL, LUUISE--Symphonic Band 2.3.4. Concert Band l. Marching Band 1.2.3.-l. NFL 2. NHS 2.3.4, Orchcsis -l. V-Show 3. ln- dividual Spcceh Z. Orchestra 4. Tri-M 4. 4-semester honor pin. SEVERNS, KATIH' Class Board 1.2.3.-l. Girls' Ieaderx 2.3.4. Girls' Leaders Club 1.3. Calendar Girl 2. Homecoming Court 4. l"lasl1ers3.-l.XNinter Featival Queen 4. SHA W, SALLY Pep Club l.2.3. Girls' Leaders 3.-l. Girls' Leaderk Club 3.4. Clans Board 3.4. Ski Club l.2. Guardian 3.4. Quill and Seroll3.-1. '- SHEA. KA THLl:'l:'N S. Cheerleading l.3.3.4. Student Council l, Claus Board 3.-l. Girl! Leaders 3.4. Ski Club l. Ball Attendant l. Calendar Girl 2, Girl! leaders SHEPARDSON, CAROL Drama Club l.2. Ni. SHERAJOHN. SHOLTY, PAMELA. SHROYER, PAMELA. mor SCALETTA, GAR Y-D.E. 4 lpresidenll. SCALZITTI, WII.I.I,AlM. SCH.-I IjI"IjR.R0BI1'R T lfootball l, SCIIA LK. SHARON R. SC'Hl.ITZ, EDWARD A. lfolk Artk 2. Art Club I. SCHMITT, WALTER M. Knot pieturedl. 'l'ransl'erred l'rum Lane Teeli lligh School, SCHONIIRUN, SCOTT lfoolball l. Traek 2. Latin Club l. lntra- mural Bawketball 2.3. Tranklerred from Peoria lligh School. SCHORN, JANET Clams Board 3.4. Monlzigv -l. Guardian 3. V- Shun 2. Pep Club l.2. G.R.A. l.Z. Maryville Tutoring 3. Quill and Seroll 4. SCHROEDER, GARY Football 1.2.3. Wrcmtling l.2. SCHROEDER, HELEN Ski Club l.Z. 0.0, 4. Transferred from Archbishop Walsh High School l. New York. SCIIULTZ, MARY Student Couneil l. Ski Club l. SCH WAR TZ. ROBER T E. SCOTT, VIRGINIA Transferred from Central High School. Colo- rado. Qs Y ,OP -fs? 4' 3"? SHURSON, LINDA-Freshman Cluss Board I. Maryville Tutoring 3.4. H,E.R.O,-1. Counciling Office Guide 2. SIBILSKI, JANET VAShow 2.3. Girls' Glcc Club 2.3. SICA, SUSAN l-'.T.A. 3. Pep Club 2. 4-semester honor pin, SIEBOLD, KEN--Wrestling l,2.3.4. l-'ootbull l,2. Tennis l.2.3.4. Ski Cluh l.2. SIEWERT. MARK Cross Country l,2,3. Truck 2. SIMMONS, JEFF- Football 2. Astronomy Club 3.4. SITTIG, ANNE Girls' Leaders 3.4. Girls' Leaders Club 3,4 QPresidenlj. Ski Club fSecrelaryJ. German Club I,2. 3.4. NHS 3.4. Tolkien Society 2.3.4. SKIBINSKI, DENNIS. SKIBINSKIJEFFREYC. SKJOLDA GER. BILL J. tmmt piclurcdl. SMALL. EILEEN. SMART. LEONA RD. SMITH, BRIAN DONALD. communication is the beginning of understanding Students in social psychology play roles unlike their own. The bench in the foyer is one place where seniors meel. 'Nr 1' MA.. fi mor SMITH, CHRISTOPHER C. D.E. 4. Cross Country l. SMITH, CIIRISTOPIIITR .l.P. lnot piclurcdl. vga?- SMITII, GRIJG lfoolball l.Z.3.-l. Baskclball l.2.3. Bascball l. mm- .S'.l'IlTlI. 11.-1.v.vi' llllbl piclurcdl. f I mr Track 2. Ski Club -l. Lcllcrmcns' Club 3.4. E ir A SMITII, R0Bl1'RTIl. lnol picturcdb. ' V :eu L SM I TH . TH OM A S IW I K lf. QF ,Q M - LA f I A, Y f SOBIESKI, GAR Y --Baseball l. ilu- f 'A J Q. I 31 In ' . A SOMERS, TERRY Cross Country l.2.3.-l. Basketball l. Track 3.-1. ',,,g v ' 1' I Lcttcrmcns Club 3.-l. E' ' 3' f SOSNOWSKI, SANDRA skiciub 3.4. N50 5... SPA GNOLA, LINDA Ollicc Guide l. Library Guide l. QQ l.2.3.-l. Girls' Lcadcrs 3.-1. SPRING ISR, KA TH I1'R I.N'l1'. SQl,'ASSO.N'l. 1.0RIAN.N' Girls' Lcadcrs 3.4. Gymnastics I-'lashcr 3.4. S7'I:'FA.N'OS. I?l.AlNI:' Orchcsis 2.3,-I lPrcsidcnll. Sludcnt Council 3 lCorrcsponding Sccrclaryl, 4 lCorrcsponding Sccrctarjl. 5 Color Guard 3 lSccrcluryJ. 4 lCaptainj, Girls' Glee Club 2 Wrcsidcnll. 3 lPrcsidcnlj. Freshman Girls' Chorus l lPrcsi- dcnlh. Tri-M 1.3.4. NHS 3.4. NFI. 2. Gimrdian 3.4. lNcws Edi- I lorl. Class Board 3.4. Homccoming Court -l. Quill and Scroll 3.4. -l-scmcstcr honor pin. SMA ......y 2.4 - EXOIEN. DA ,V Gymnastics l.2,3.-1. Lcttcrmcn's Club l. Ecology Club l. Anthropology Club l. students of '71 are many-faceted Judy Culver, Gary Esposito, and Ken Rawley view the art club movie, Happiness Ended Las10c1ober. l 40 senior SPRENGI-fR. JONI I.. Class Board l.2. G.R.A, 1, Chccrlcading i STI! l'L'.Y.S'. JOHN. STI.N'EBRlNG. MARGARIST G.A.A. 3. l-.H.A. 3. Chorus 1. l.i- brary Guide l. ll.E,R.O. 4. Transfcrretl from Brownstone High School. STR UMPH. NANC'l' .IWUIIIIIKF 4. STUERMER. IQRNA. SULASKI. MARYJO Pep Club 1.2. G.R.A. 1. Girly' Glee Club 2,3.4. Choral Capers l.2.3.4. Health Careers Club 1.2, SULLI VA N, L YNNI1' Office Guide 2.3.4. 0.0. 4. SURDYNSKI. JIM. SWA N, LINDA SUE Marriage 3.4. G.R.A. 1.2. Quill and Scroll 3.4 School. Tennessee. SWA NGER. DA VID Math Club 1.2 lPresidentJ, Tennio 2. Debate Team 2. N.l",l.. 2. Transferred from North High School. Ne- braslta. SWA.Y.S'O.N'. lxf1RI1'.X' tnot picturedl. TAGLI.47'l..S'1'l. VIA. 7Dl.YNL'R. DI.-1.YE Track Official 3. G.R,A. 3. Pan Language Club 3. lloxtcm Club 3. 0.0. 4. Office Guide 1, Transferred from Maine West High School. TA .'YSI:Tl', Iy'ATHLEl:'N M. Frenhnutn Girl! Chorus 1. Freshman Showcase 1. Girl? Glee Club 2. Tolkien Society 2. V-Show Concert Choir 3.4, Contest Play 3, Orehesis 4. Jazz Choir 4. Drama Club 4. National Thexpian Society 4, Choral Capers I.2.3.4. Tri-M 4. TESLIK. LINDA l-reshinan Shoyiease l. G.R.A. 1.2. Class Board l.2,3.4. Pom-pon Squad 2. Pep Club 2. Track Official 2.3. Calendar Girl 2. Girlsf Leaders 3.4. Wrestlerette 3.4. Cheer- leading 3.4 fCo-Captainj. NHS 4 lTreasurerl. 4-semester honor pin. THOLL, SCOTT Maryville Tutoring 4. THOMEY. CAROL Biology Club l. French Club l. l-'.T,A. I. G.R.A. 1. Concert Band l.2.3.4. Marching Band 1.2.3.-l. Anlro- noniy Club 2.3.4. Orehenis 4. Tri-M 4. Girls' Glee Club 3. Concert Choir 4. THOME1',MlCHAL'L French Club 1. Biology Club l. Scale Mod- eler! Club 2 tPresidentl. Astronomy Club 3. Aviation Club 3. Concert Choir 3.-1. Marching Band 1.2. Concert Band 1.2. Anthropology Club 3.4 lSeeretaryl. .Ian Choir 4. Syyimming 1.2. THULIN. ROBERT C. liootball l. Baxlxetball l. Baseball 1.2.3. TOBIN, ANN Tennis 2.3.4. Student Council 1.2.3. Cheerleading 1.2.3.-1. Girls' Leaders 2.3.4, NHS 2.3.4. TOLP, PA DLA tnot pieturedj. TOOVEY. BILL Marching Band l.2.3.4, Symphonic Band 2.3.4. Concert Band 1, Track and Field 1.2.3.-l. Tri-M 3.4. Or- chestra4. TR1PP,MARIL YN Mdllldgt' 4. TURNER. LA WRENCEJAMES Ski Club 1. Class Board 1 fViee- Presidentj. 2 fPresidentJ. Student Council, Art Club 3.4. 1 'T . 3 fl p R K wi, . Q. . . , Q? ' 1-ff WA TTS, KA THLEEN R.-tnot picturedj. WEBB, ROBERT R.-Wrestling 1.2.3.-I, Football I.2.3,-I. Track I. Lettermen's Club 4. WEBER, PATRICIA-Class Board I.3. Maryville Tutoring 3.-I. WESCHE. BETSY -Tennis 2.3.4. Girls' Leaders 3.-1. Girls' A Leaders Club 3.-I. Student Council l. Class Board 1.3.-I. Quill and Scroll 3.4. Guardian 3.4. WHEELER, LINDA -Class Board l. Art Club 2.3. Guardian 3. WHEELER, RON R.-lnot picturcdl. Football l,2. Wrestling I. Baseball I, D.E. 4. WHITE. WA YNE- SHS Spotlight Column 3. Drama Club 1.2.3.-I. Wrestling 1.2. Student Council 2.3. Class Board 3. Newspaper 3. Yearbook 3. A,V. I,2,3. Gymnastics I. Transferred from Springfield High School. Pennsylvania. WHITING, BRUCE-tnot picturedl, Football 1.2, Gymnastics I. Track 2. Swimming 2. Ski Club l,2. Aquatics Club 2. WIARD. RUTHANNE, WILCOX. JUDITH--F,T.A. I, Pep Club I, mor to lg' Zfglsff 1 'ff' .f use WILLIS. STEVE- fD.O. -l. WILLIS. WILLIAM luol piclurcdl. 1-1 Country l. WILSON. lJlA.N'.YA Girls' Leaders 4. 0.0, -l. 1 3.4. Freshman Showcase l. Art Club 2.3. Folk Arts 2. WIXKA TES. CHRISTINE-W Pep Club 2.3. tlerettes -l. WITTFOTH, MONlC'.4 - Student Council l. GRA. l. H.E.R.O. -l. WOJTIx'II:'WIC'Z, MARK. WOLANSKI, LUKE Basketball l.2. Football 2. Baseball l.2.3.4. l.elterman's Club 3.-l. Student Council 4. Homecoming liscorl 4. WOLFE. .IL'Dl' Home lieonomics Club 2. Yearbook 1. Transl'crrec.l lrom Freeport lligh School. Grand Bahama Islands, WOODS, DA NIEL. WORKMAN, DIANE--Girls' Leaders 3.4, Teachers' Aide 2.3.-l. Aquatics Club 3.4. p .e. activities teach senior girls leadership The lcadcrsi campoul leaves Donna Gruninger in the cold. Joni Sprengcr receives instructions from Miss Smith. WIL.lIES. JAMES Nlarching Band l.2. Basketball l.2, Cross- 4 g Qi WING, KA THIE Symphonic Band l.2.3. V-Show l,Z. Tolkien So- ciety l.2. ll.E.R.O. 3 tVice-Prcsidcnll 4. Maryville Tutoring W1SHO.X'.SL'E- Pep Club 1.2. Olliee Guide 2.4. C,W.T. -1, Wres- ffbl 17 Sharon Buxton hdps lNllldQ.I1lVNllh hu homywork ll M lrxwlh. Amdumx Shlf0FIllllUl'NOI1LL muh llon mlh otha xtudu 'Q-" Sociology classes are privileged to have Mr. Culisch demonstrate his are some of his victims, providing the rest of their class with laughter art of hypnotism. Devota Austin. Bob Emslic. and Candy McCaffery and much astonishment. seniors round out four years of high school Margie Lamberg, Betsy Wesche, and Mary Carroll enjoy mixer. Linda Swan checks her product for proper seasoning. E E seniors 45 -Sh ,tunior sbs' 1.0 The Junior class officers Mike Smith. Laura Camodcca. Maria Ciulla. and Linn Austin make plans for the Junior-Senior Prom. juniors sponsor the first dinner-dance prom Junior Letterman Dave Toler participates in Homecoming parade. This year the Junior Class of l972. led by President Mike Smith. Vice-President Laura Camodeca. Secretary Linn Austin. and Treasurer Maria Ciulla. have shown their spirit in many ways. Among their many activities. they sold "Big Green Machine" buttons during Homecom- ing, sponsored mixers. and sold concessions at football and basketball games. Juniors began the school year by changing many tra- ditions. For the first time in Elk Grove's history. for ex- ample, girls from the class of '72 beat the Senior girls in the Powder Puff Football Game. On May Il. l97l. the Juniors again changed tradition by sponsoring Elk Grove's first dinner-dance Prom, called "Le Mirage D'Amour." which means "The Look of Love." The prom was a gift from the Juniors to the Seniors. It combined a delicious dinner at the Marriott Hotel with ro- mantic music and dancing. The success of this prom resulted from hard work which gave the class of '72 more money than was earned by any other Junior class in the district. Known as Elk Grove's spirit class. the group worked very hard to raise this large amount of money in the past three years. But because their prom was one to be remem- bered by all who attended. the Juniors felt that all their hard work became worthwhile. ' K. , fa, , ul' A Jim Abb. Buleh Adama. Glenn Afryl, Mike "' 4 'A in Q 5 5 s . " 5 . ' JVM Q f 1 fi l . ' zaflgy , " N f A Agosta, Darryl Albert. Sharon Allhriuht. Q if fi' ., 7l,ill I A A fi A Gary 5 I NX ' V A 1 l ' 5 W-- V i Ni 1 - i f .f lell Antlermon. Linda Ander- V' 5 'L V F E X-. R I . Craig Armstrong. Debbi l t h i if A L J' I wif' li 8' menko V " Q f ' v F if' 1 ii A i 'A xi ll Marie Audette. Pat Auguntine. Madeline A ,,kA Lf N , 'f '5 Austin, .laekie Bahh. Mike Baehus. Neil r -'W-W' i H B x 5' +' Baer, Bev Baker W , 'M . .. .- iwg' ' h X . . A Pat Banaeh. Paul Barkoulies, Kelly Barnes, rt' ig, ' Dennik Baxile. Barb Baaslord, Tony' Bate- Q . I X W Y man, Debra Beach I il - 'b- lx I 'A ., oy X, , I N B Q- . " ' ' .,, is wif- i , , V 7- ' . 5 3 I F: ' ' , if Dan Beal. Pat Beek. Craig Bedard. Lueia ', ,i lui 54' A Bender, Norah Bernard. Karen Bergemann. f a A 'Y' f W ' ' "i" lx l John Bieego .lon Bishop. Gary' Blaski. Tom Blank. Gary Bono. Georgia Bonovieh. Pat Boomer. Kris Borgias Paula Born, Deborah Bory'eLka. Mike Bus- ler. Andy Bowldn. Charmaine Buyer. Anita Brandner. Mike Brannan Art Brock. Tom Broderick, Kathy Brookm. Steve Brown. Derek Broyles. Georgiann Bruek. Mike Bryant Vieki Brfyeki. .lohn Bueehner. Gayle Buer- ger. Bob Buikema. Ann Burke. David Byrne. Dennis Byrne Lisa Cain. .lim Callahan. Laura Canmdeea. Cathy Caniaruso. Run Campianu. Maureen Canill. Vieki Canninu 7... 7 x ,V l sk , il fl Q I n .Q-.., aw , 5 .6: .Qu rf .WX fi U .., J, M F 'V Q QQ? lille: . 3, V V A , li' lui 1 'I .' I' X PX . gf hm t - r-if ,-" A ' m F Er? k, ,ff 'fr l .Q .5 W A mr "1 jrt. A Q V Yr: 12 'K .Tk N 2 , lxf 2 -' . , Q 1 . A . 1 Siu sf.. Hn ,, 1 3 .Q r., 1 tit?-inf.:-. J 4, 5- V Y' if ,lug U Bill Cannon, Keith Carlson, Bob Carone, Chuck Carroll, Phyllis Carroll, Candy Cashman, Jim Cavanaugh Bob Chen, Dave Cherniek, Bob Chesney. Jim Chrabot, John Christensen. Keith Chui- pek. Linda Cialabrini Dawn Cillo. Maria Ciulla, AI Claps, Donna Clark, Linda Clark. Bill Cliver, Richard Cochrane Gerry Coeomise, .lim Cocomise, Mike Co- hen. Don Coit. Beth Coney. Cary Conforti, Maryellen Conforti A K I ! . J, 'ei J me - M f- . , - J ,if - 4. B' ' 'P 4' J fs- Vt' f Q ligyr Q, Q J wx Tom Connery, Jim Conway, Joellen Cook. l fl --Q ' , Vi, Sharon Cook. Pat Cornell, Linda Cote, John lk-. . ftlbt ,Q I-27 Craft l l i l :Lien A . Liv-in Carolyn Carrie Cree- .cyl 6 , W . 'ri' l don, Rob Bill Cur- 1 if J 4 I S 1 'fx 11 'wr 1 rier, Larry ' .2 li. mf, V A K K .C it V V 1 . ' V J 4. 5 " s ' Eff "' gs i .sry if.. .QM-, 4 Robert Czerniak, Robin Czerniak, Debbie ' gli? 'ffl' M Dahl, wendy Dahl, Greg Dahm, Tim Daley. j ., J y Debbie Damico A is .f B, K Q J l X Avy l L as 1, . e Q . ll' , ,st , J , ls' A 6- A J J - J ' Q- , Mark Damore, Linda Darge, Jack Darville, V . , , Y-" ' ig "f Carl Delia, Cindy DeMares, John Denbroe- 'i f' ,fgyl L ,wi 1 7, der, Jack Denny 1, 3 -. 11 :Q any 0 fx H t I . 1 " og. 4. C 'S' ' ' 3- N Robin Depke, Mike Diafiro, Debbie Didier, Nt L f ' h , l Nick Digilio. Pat Dillavou, Denise Dimit- ,V X-XQ " A J MJ " B , roff, Jim Dixon X f I if - Q 1 5 - l ' 6 lf 'F Debbie Doherty, Mike Doherty, Sue Domek Kerry Dorsen, Dave Doss, Lynn Drelicharz LaTroy Driver 48 juniors w A-V, 1 G' tx fa 4 ' ,' All i t 5 ii Y 'j a ' v 1 -25 . X r ww . Q? ' 5' 5 A A' - V y E 5. 4 V' , Eileen Dryseh. Barb Duke. Mike Dukeuieh. q. I . if ' . Sandy Duncan. Bonnie Dunsing. Al Dutson. ',' . J ' A . Tim Dys 1 " 'T f 1 1 5: - 1 1 fi- -y L , .1-P .. . . . . 7 1 .53 V F f' .lell Dziubla. Dan Futon. Scott Eckert. lid 5 ' t .f Elclred. Genevieve Eldridge. Lynn Ellings- ' I R few, G j . ' Woflh- GUY Elms '5' L l - fe-fffff 'lm if .. F W. iri 1' . F A ig: 1 tv' . mf Q f Dave lirlandson. Jeff Evans. Tim Evans. Y S Karen Evensen. Karen Fabian. Mike Fans- , j 3 . 4K 'M' low. Nancy Faust A ' V- 3 r K In I 1 'X 4 . I! . -Q W f ' .gf s. . T ' K' I , """' Dave Feeenko. Jeff Field. Penny Figler, ' ?:T i ' ,hd y, Tom Finley. Dennis Fisher. Mary Florezuk, 4' N '1 5 I W Y ,- Pam Forester , 4 , " I ' Vg V., V' J -. ,. 4 A Vw Nz ' , V of J V, 652' . , ' el i l ' Bruee Fruneione. Sharon Frank. Lynette F . ' in A' , gg.. Franz. Cory Fraske. Deborah Frcjd. Diane . 7 f . ffm I French. Heidi I-'ron If ta E 5 " I " juniors participate in spirit of homecoming Juniors express their desire to win on spirit truck during Homecoming weekend. juniors 49 in sw Qt- Jeff Froysland, Starlett Fruitt, Robert Gai- l ser, Mark Gander, Jim Gardynski, Bob A"' J 1 Garibaldi. Franeisca Garza I- Mary Gaskin, Mary Jo Gebbie, John Giam- marrusco. Bill Giebel, Linda Girard, Karen . ' Glanz. Tim Gleason v . LK I 2 x' ,, f If Q " Pam Gloss, Sue Goerger, Ramona Golatz, ' Mark Goldsmith, Lynn Goodrich, Donna ,gg . 9 I 5, Gordan, Fran Gorman ig Hi 1 J x Sheri Gould, Robert Grauf, Gail Greaves, George Green, Mark Greenberg, Colleen I Greenwood, Julie Groenhof ' i V :ji Melody Gromke, Chuck Grover, Joe Guas- , ' 'S' , tadisegni, Leslie Guenveur, Mary Gurilz. f " 1? ,M ff I K I 5. .. A 1: bv- 8 X A L fn V, 3 if-:gif I ., 1 ! if if, '-L 'X A 1 K 4" ii i,,., QW' f A 'D ,l l V ' +9 -is fl 4 l I l ' ' 1 . X Q' 5, Q- 13:5 fav s .i, E , JW? l -A wfefga- A N . 1 ,L xg '- K 'Af n l ,. -. Q 3 2 I i 19 X J: ' W 1 Jr . . . -1 f ' X 19 vc' Kevin Gyllenberg, Vicki Haake eff? "" ' " 'Z WW W juniors learn at man unusual places and times Junior Lynn Johnson uses the cafeteria turned study hall. J, ,,l af . , Q jeg 1 k . fh a:-ti' f l" ??i? X X. 1 ff 50 juniors Juniors learn new skills in order to become better drivers. ,V 47- W? 13 Q' 4 J ,. ,ii ,S .K .K if K, if - KK K J. f ., 1 , ' A KK' LK kkvy K I 'r 3 ill if ty , 5 s- . lk J J - 5. i A. f 2' V I nil' 5 1 lm fp ' , :zzz --v',, - KK 1 ' " ' f' -" 'rv Q ip ,JK K, ' ,K A , K Y ' D . K-, I-2. af ' 'Q ' , K if J ' ati , ' J , A , . .,, 1 r ,w k J ,. ' e ' 1 J i ' ,sl ap . N or , ,Q W 'f f if ' . . , , , -A i JL :K 1,K KMKK !,' - K El ff KK K Kg A K ,P . lm I-.1 Sue Jackson, Jill Jacobs, Warren Jacobsen, Rick Jacobson, Steve Janos. Steve Jaszka John Joler 1 Bill Johnson, Gale Johnson, Karen Johnson, Lynn Johnson, Sue Jones, Mary Jongleux, Stephanie Jordan Peter Kacheris, Steve Kalisz, Mary Karr, Debra Kasallis. Robin Keay, Jim Keegan, Susan Keegan Maria Kekos, Pat Kellner. Pat Kellogg, Karen Kelly, Sue Kelly, Andie Kereluk. Jan Killian Mike Kinn, Russell Kinnard, Rick Klinger, Fred Klink, Gary Kmett, Gary Knack, Jack F7 fir-' xl . .F J Q K , JW.. xl! ! I 'Sf M i! 'fi Knol M Rich Hall, Teresa Hamilton, Greg Hamm, Chuck Hanrahan, Robert Hansen, Marianne Harper. Roy Harper Steve Harris, Jean Hartgrave, Mike Har- vey, Kim Hauser, Rick Hauserman, Bill Hayes, Steve Hegg Pat Hennclly, Louis Hermansen, Sandy Her- zog. Debra Hess. Debbie Hicks, Holly Hill, Marcia Hischke Jody Hollister. Joyce Holter, Don Hoos. Gail Hudgins. Nancee Huebner, Spencer Hueb- ner, Bill Huggins Beverly Hulin, Carolyn llseman, Jeff Issel. Gayle Ivans, Larry lwanski. Bill Jackson, Debbie Jackson 'f f , e f ', W ' . . -2' KL . K 'K , A K ,KK ,,.K. li ii ' KK .Q ,-,1 K Ki N ,K ' KL ,..K K K 'r K Ugg'-, f. I K r , in 'tw -. K,.,33 K y ,Kg 1 X., K? - 'li' K 4 J, K KK-K K - . 1 . J ..,.., ' 'X lx Ti l , W KK K r . ,ee . 1' K 5 K +. K K ,KKK K K K KK KK K K Qs- . , 1. . ' I f . Xu K- 'KKK K , ' e r-e'e " 'W . 75. 2 , -4 , J ii "Rt if "X f sa Qs 1 X 'J il 5 ii' Q XY 'I juniors Sl L V A an V 3 W H sl' :F '. - af, '-.Q ' - 'rf 1 'J' ' -L .J 1 'I Phil Knumlfen, George knrdztren, Sherry 7 ' i - ,S I X ' ,mr W P Koshaba. Gary Kraiss, Debbie Krciacher. 'A 5 F K h f I . ,,, , -'ff u Emmett Krey. Dave Kirkorian i f i V .2 2- r X- - ,, 14 2 P My ..-. , A !:,, ,.. , Qi Sa- E , -Qi-f' , Sheila Kroll, Diane Kropski, Joann Krueger. + ' J 5' - l Q. W N., .V yi ' Nancy Kuccra, Toni Kuehl. Don Kugelberg, Wx ' M Y J Nancy Kuksa 5 6' at ":- 1 , A x if Pam Lacey. Ken Lachajezyk. Heike Lage- 'A , , 4.-. '9 mann, Lco La Gesse. Robert Lambkin, Sue 'si f, MH . . J! ,. A f ff 'K 5 '34 ,. ' A MM ' 5 ,Q , Lampe. Lisa Larnpert 1 : A J X I " , . ga ' " ' ' , L, in ' f K: 1 L Q. , Edithann Landise. Suzanne Lange, Sue Q., K Langlo. Glenn Laske. Linda Laskowski, John K., i 1 I K 1 i La Susa, Joe Leikhim R +11-fc L e L A it 5-9 img ,ga I A ,. 4 is X . ' gs, ,L W ,A Val Leo, Jim Leopardo, Mark Levitske, -,-,- ,V M . f 1- Pam Lewis. Richard Lewis. Marie Lieweir, -M gm 'f1i- 55195 , cf' Q X A ,I A Carolyn Liotine I Q. if , -K .K 1 - , l V I 13-'W geflfffu , Scott Longueil. Janet Lorch. Elaine Lowry, it 'CJ 'V J 1. Mary Lucek. Judy Lundgren, Maureen Lydon. - . ' t , , ' li J Joann Maheras i A 1 ' ' 'J VL S tf Ji 51 6 ' J J' fir ' miami Sue Mahler, Roxanne Mairs. .Richard Mal- 53",-f 'f ,G,, E A 'Ig' K A colm. Irene Manglarls. Diane Marcan, H I 1 1 Ifiybyy 'X il Terry Martarano. Dave Martens 7 1' I . , Q , ' S 4 v A i J L y 'Z S6 5 ' Michele Martueei. Doris Marturano, Matt 9 J' - li P Mascari. Diana Mason. John Mason. Vince , A y 5 2 5 J Masterson. Andy Mavigliano M l 1. X jj . L mm , Byron Mayyou, Steve McBride, Kevin Me- Carthy. Sue McCormack, Jim McDonald, Linda McDonald. Mike McDonald Jeri McGregor. Steve McIntyre. Georgette McJunkin,-Bill Meisenheimer, Carol Mello, Jean Meluso. Sherry Menoni 52 juniors , ki', V I I . LL , -.Q 1 I . , y ' A . r ' i 'Q ' . R Qi . 2 K-,Z ' i A V', Z AAP RIA Ancielou Meyer, Patty Meyer. Keith Mich- aels. Kristine Mikkelsen, Steve Mileski Janet Miller. Ray Miller Q SM ,, ,., V5 1 . e gf- te,- 1- il" . D . . , . ' N ' V ri m M r Dennis Milliken, Rob Mitchell, Steve Mitsch. 5 5 1 "' f 'J N Debbie Moehlenkump, Robert Moeller. Bar- V V ,I ., E. ,, barn Mokry. Rose Montemuyor I A ' I 'V I . R N' - l Fr . 'P Put Moriarty, Michelle Morris, Karen Motto. - ' ' f Q25 i 1 D ' A Jim Moy, Regina Mrowczynski, Mario D W 'gn .. K M ' 7' A MuniL, David Munson W f - ff ' 4 .f Y is , J -..f Linda Munson, Therese Murnune. Mike Muti, 1 :fy Qyl I 1 ia.. . l Mike Mydill. Mike Nathan. Darlene Nttuert, A Q ' w J 'S Kathy Nuvin D A ' l , j A - 'W A 1 3 iz' ,. X M y if ,. , ,l -,-aofrl l R ,. TN , .' E L , Qs. " V ' Garry Needham, Marta Neil. Sue Neniniers, , iifq , P .lim Nemoff. Linda Nestelberger, Linda ' A V V , i l f gk V 1 Nicholas. Linda Nielsen " . " jff 1'lli' ' 1 , , " we . . 7 juniors make use of all elk grove s resources Juniors Debbie Hicks und Maureen Lydon put their spare time to use its they study in History Resource Center. E ii 5. X .,, , , . f Q it 3 1 . . ly . S ,. 2 . I of ll' 1 slzflillflll M ,,, -1 ll f 'f J uniurs 53 54 junio Mike Nolte. Mike Norman. Doug Nowak. Mike O'Dea. Scott O'Hearn. Gail Omelusik, , , N . " ig 3 kv' fa," if ,f -,1 9 , lp Barb Pahl A 4 Y' - - has K ggi? ., -' ' ' ' ,, Fifi - ..- R- - x - .-4 ,Q 1 Marilyn Panczak. Al Paniagua. Dale Pankow. , r ' " V ' ff 'Y ' H Ron Parrish, Tom Patinella, Randy Pear- ' K .M -gi f son. Bruce Peeper 1 Vg' 1 L b'W,, if ' 3 :eff Q .J Jeff Perry. Clark Peterson, Clilf Peterson. al, . Y' ll Q, 4 Joanne Pieper. Louis Piermarini, Debbie K , I I ' , L , 5 Pilkington. Ralph Pinnelli nh J 4 .,: Bob Plcasnick. Judy Pioizkcf, Ron Poiie, . Q Q Kg Kathy Pomeroy. Veronica Ponce. George ' L My ' ,lakiil y "' Pratscher. Robert Prcttyman K gf 5 i to m i i, , . 5 m g I 4 " 1, f 9. T Yv f' K A 3 2 2. 7 -L. , Deborah Price. Karen Prislinger, Rita Prit- Q1 f bij: ,i I it '94 chard. Susie Proehl. Judy Puninske. Bill f V ii I 'ty Pursell, Carol Pyde 1 . L Ng-- , ,L ' lf' .A J, a n A ,ll 4 Jim Abb gets away from it all by taking a walk bythe creek, rs Alter lunch Junior .Ian Killian gazes out at the oaks .I Y ,-H. 6. Q- I , , 4 ' 7 - ., fi: -. , . ,V ,swf .J ah is 5 ' f 'fi -N '- ' Ji. R . Q N gn L- if of ,. V f - . 4! I Xi i. -. Qi a 4 - , .iii - 'Y 3 K , S Aa Q: if ' 'Qff .wi f t 5' if 4: Y Ross Schoepp, Steve Scholten. Cary Schroe- der, Jeaneen Schultz. David Schuman. Lisa Schwartz, Marcia Searles Tony Seda, Steve Seeger. Geoffrey Seidlein, Edward Seifert. Mike Semple, Dale Serani, Karen Serges Paul Severino. Debbie Sheldon. Bill Shep- pard, Randy Sherpan. Steve Shideler. Gayle Sica, John Sickel Jim Siebold, Jeannette Siel, Tom Siewert, Kimberly Simon. Joanna Siskin. Sue Skarda, Scott Slater Bev Small, Charlott Smallwood, Bruce Smith, Beth Smith, Mike Smith. Mike Smith. Sherry Smith x t s A 1. ggi.. 5? li . .L 1' JP' . a g ,- fu.. ,Xt ne H .- IJ J .... K 1 . as 5 -V ,an ,34- ff, .wt Ralph Pytlarx. Frank Quaglia. Sheila Quinn. Dennis Radostitz. Bob Radzis. Lori Rapp. Denise Ratzek John Reed. Tom Recd, Don Reily. Rebecca Reinking. Roxanne Rcinking, Becky Reitz. Lissa Richey Sandy Ricks, Pat Riley, Ranaye Roback. Mike Roeber. Carol Rofstad, Tom Rohrer, Caron Rokel Wally Rolph, Suzanne Romano. Karen Rose. Doris Ross. Suzanne Ross. Laurie Sanborn. Gene Sandberg Bruce Sanoshy. Barb Santowski, Margie Saxon, Cynthia Schaefer. Nancy Schlaffer. .lay Schlamp, Kathy Schmidt e 9 i E . ,H bag' i 'I A ,, V- if ' 2 N ,L ' V. Q 'U ,ix WWVV if ,.. F B ly Q, fl A f K I 577 Q ,W , Q ,, . J -F . was t .1 f ru 4 . . . , ...tty KL A A , Q A no 0 , fe il i ftlii v' t h-iffi ij -E2 J K frrai- J l , f Q ' f S .. ,.. Q . N 4' J -5 5 1 " i i of ,ff . M. . ,, . J f juniors 55 ...--rJ't'i,wm ,Q A--4 ' - V if gb H f "' I .. 'zu V' I LVL , . 1 . 2. ' . K K X is , ' ,,. . "" 1 is if " far' T 'ff' or I ' , Hr . f W 7 of ... 1 I f 32501 -niiw 4 lv fix L ,r,v X rw 5 ' ' is va' . ' tx.,-f . fffg. 'Q' 5 It G h If , 4 It ,gh 1 T 1 ' war- D e T rkf' fiat. ,A -- 22 7 Z L .I A 1 I-pg: 5 ' e A -x Y , fi 1 ' 'W if W - A iw li Y V Rob Tomaselli. Donna Tracy. Sue Treanor. Lalin Trierweiler. Steve Trudan. Tom Uh- , e , . 5 K, 'Z' 1, larik, Gerri Uselding ' ' " Q . 9- f T1 .dl . ... I 4 rv-'Y fe ki K if 1, . 770. Lynda Vellcr. Tom Villars. Mary Vitale, K ' W --3' Tom Vokoun. Dean Vombrack, Ron Vyla- .V I ,is x 3 sek. Lynette Wade 'gr ,, ,.- Q ,-K, 2, ,F -Cf Q ,wif 'N il! 'if f Susan Sobie. Ron Sohon. Debbie Sorrentino. Glenn Spielman, Lynn Spiess. Patty Spren- ger. .lell Sronkowski Kimdra Slandiford. Randy Stenberg. Carol Stenoien. Joe Stephan, Dennis Stevenson. .lim Stewart, Sylvia Stewart Pam Stoeher. Jell Stopla, Rebecca Stram. Patrick Sullivan. Linda Suzzi, Dan Swanger. Lynne Swearingen Diane Syoen, Tom SyLdek, Mary Szczepanik. Kathy Talel, Frank Taucher, Jan Tessen- dorf.JeffTews Jackie Theobald. David Thompson. Matt Thompson, Val Thompson. Guy Tichy. Dave Toler. Randy Tolp tto ' Q f s J . ,ii 4 to 1 fyt W . ,. ,, Q, L 5. , Richard Wagner. .lan Walla. Nancy Walser, A .ay ' 4 .MD -'rf' Audrey Walsh, Mike Walsh. Dianna Walter, .1 K , V 'R U John Warring -bfliiizi -y., fd, I . ' -nf. 'Q T A, Ed Wasniowski. Bill Watts. Casper Weber, Cindy Weber, Elizabeth Wehrmeim, Vern W 'ji Wennerstrom. Kathy Werner X Xe, L ft, . Ziff ' C I .lefl Wertpny, Ann Westerberg. .lanet Whe- -nfg , ,I n V A . , if. don, Jerry White. Margie White. Sandra j f - - 5 K, -txt-1, Wilberscheid. Tim Williams 56 juniors ,'i25EEi?i3Ei:EZ2wEf6v21fl' "QE-E155 aff' .. .. . . ' .3 "4 y i ' Q' Q if' Wendy Williams. Gary Willis. Richard Wil- SQ i HJ -' ...- -' 'Gif iz: lis, Paul Wingerl. Mike Winkulcs. Karen K' , , M Q , T I Winler. Ernest Wollard 4 .,'. r i Av' 'hm X 7 if Q , an :P 1 ,I . . 5 . ,w L I 1- Y f- f Vfgx Richard Yallcau, Barbara Zeller. Tom 'ir if if , W M4 Ziflra. Tom Zucker, Joan Zygowiez , , H. X i, X 4 I juniors enjoy learning and activities at elk grove Linda Anderson and .loEIlen Cook sing in Choral Capers. i Junior Fran Gorman uhck yimulalor lo learn driving skills. Paula Born and Linda Girard enjoy Homecoming parade. junior TA X Sophomore class officers Kim Miensen. Michaelene Romano. and Jayme Nicholas plan for an exciting year. sophomores grow in size, spirit, and learning Sophomore Jayme Nicholas gossips during lunch. 58 sophomores 1 lg? During the 1970-7l school year the Sophomore class contributed much to the total spirit ol' Elk Grove High. This year the Sophomores were headed by President Mi- chaelene Romano. Vice-President .layme Nicholas. and Secretary-Treasurer Kim Miensen. These ollicers helped the Sophomores demonstrate their willingness to work for the school. During Homecoming week they sold and wore '73 spirit shirts. They decorated the Sophomore hall. made a lloat lor the parade. and decorated a spirit ear lor the Homecoming parade. They also made spirit signs I'or pep assemblies. Sophomores also sponsored many activities and land- raising projects. They sponsored numerous mixers and sold concessions at many football and basketball games. They also sponsored a turnabout called. "l'll be there." The dance. featuring "The Monterry's." was considered a dance to remember by all who attended. Sophomores have been working hard to make next year a good one. They have been raising money for their .lunior-Senior prom. planning participation in student council. registering lor new courses available to them as .luniors. and awaiting their future rank as school leaders along with the new activities that they will sponsor during theirjunioryear. l l l Don Abata. Shirley Abraham. Gary Adams. .lim Adreon, Bev Albert. Peter Alesi, Kim Allhrighl Olten Allen. Debra Anderson, .lim Anderson. Melisa Anderson. Larry Andrist. Sue An- thony. .lerry Antoseh Larry Antoseh. Damian Archbolcl. Cheryl Armato. Debbie Asehoff. Elyce Azriel. Don Baete. Kathleen Banach Glinnie Barlow. Pete Baroulies, Dan Bar' reiro, Paula Bartle. Bev Barton, Joe Bar- tosiak, Charles Bassforcl Linda Bateman, Cheryl Baumann, Nick Ba- varo. H. Baysinger. Kathy Beatty. Holly Behrendt. Janet Bell Mary Bellis, Larry Benavidez, Kim Bene- detto, John Benjamin. Amy Benson. Gail Berg. Keith Berndtson Gail Berns, Liz Bieego. Steve Binkley, Debbie Bishop. Harold Bishop. Lisa Blazek, John Bleinchroth Judy Blenkle, Dorothy Bloomfield, Mike Bogard. Tom Boggs, Debbie Bogut, Marlene Bolton, Vince Bonanata Chris Born, Greg Borzewski. Kris Bowers, Dennis Box, Karen Boyd. Eva Bradley. Janiee Braeckeveldt Larry Brandt. Sue Brandt. Gale Braun, Carolyn Bregar, Mary Brokamp, Don Brooks. Tom Broten Bonnie Brown, Jack Brown. Mark Brown, Mary Brown, Sharon Brownson. Sue Buch- holz, Bob Buehler Chris Bugay, Al Burch, Tom Burnik, Tom Bush, Steve Busse. Bill Butchart, Heide Butler g 1 1 Q-V , ,, a Q . VV., g ., ,f r .ns A B if Y 6 , ,Sr L , , ft , I l- f y Y Sgrj '4g?Jk ' 1 La. , t , , V V J ,- ' K 'Ji' 3 .4 QA .A , if I 'iiry s fra I , . j ij.: J i r.' i i lw "' 'Y' - l ' Qidii Wi4f1ai?i J .,ff ' J. J 1 K. f J Q' 'JO vv ea ' Y fe , 1 . ' V KQIJ Q, -we Avi ,L .gy 1 ' , - .Lf .- 4 1, ' U s w W 'S " , .3 , 4 ff' I 5 A -V D X x U mel H5 'J 7 J B .... A J my . I A f ii . y 'L it w' A igx I f B' 1 Us 14s, . ye f. ug I K .fi V . B- , " hw JE . iapay l f' q -' fad! . .,, a X bf. K , 5 A Oh , .2 , A my x X it v . CT , Q ' 'fr . .M Ja avi' .feef .hifi 2 i. S ,N v ,HL M .. J aw , .. , J, V ..: I, ,... 1 ga ig -2- I W fl A l- i A ,Z 'f G H 3 ' -R in I sophomores 59 B ff if C .5 - 5 - V V l t Ni V Q . .. y 4 X , A Bill Butler. Paul Caldarella. Jamie Cama- It J.. 'W' i rata. Emil Camodeea. .lohn Campbell. 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'F I y i r , - as -"x 7 l i ly N V, J my Jeff Cook. .ludy Cook. Mike Condylis. Ed 'Jia 'X J Connelly. Margaret Connolly. Vicki Conter. ., ,,,, . ' if ,. 4 ' " L Sue Copeland Qian, u v Q t-. , - I 'Wg i bi i , I L'C 'i' iiciii R'kC" y K like I g , hy, v v. uuis orsig ia. .om ose o. ie' oiini. 1' v 212 Cindy' Cox. Barb Couola, Phil Crahbe, K . I ' Y W- A l -C' i'f:l-1 Loren Crites sk SE ,fs 7 ir ' : , 1. 'L' ,E Kg' 1-L ., ff' Rick Cromer. Ken Cropp. Terry Croson. A I X.. I I i R' Tim Croson. Patty CruL. Sue Culkar. Tom iii' 'J' W ' U Currier it M , n ,"" " E -, :V Patti Curtis. Sue Curtis, Ben Czarneeki. Sue Ve Lg L ,, Ay D ' Daskaloff. Sandy' Davis, Louis Debenny. Liz i -i . "H fi? 5 N" "" M... Q . i W , Q. I 1 , K ,"' John Dellert. Fran Deluea. Gwen Delude. 7 V 'lg i C , ef , ' i ' , X ' H 5 ' Amy Denhroeder. Carmen Desalvo. Joyce 1 -A '-- l eff? ' R" A' Desmond. Barb Devitt ophumore may 2 " E ""f5' J .-..., 435.1 ,K , - is , . K V-9,1 Ki W K KV KK1 KK V'-KK ?l,,f X xl 3 K" 'NY ' fell, Tom Dewitt. Kathy Dcwiltc, l-'rank Dialcrio. l . l ,g' K S Suu Diamond. Don Dickens. .loc Digiovanni. i D A Kathy Dill , :ei 'K , 'Q AK 46. K. K! KK - LJ -4 , , K M K 4 ,K K . V -' - K 6 ,1 ' Scott Dursuy. .lohn Driscoll. David Driver. KK 1"-1,.,,,r" ' K f in I KKKK Laura Dullcy. .loc Dugo, Kathy Dunning. ' V X , ' I N X',f'Q, Kerry Dvorak " : ' K f 'Zi . 1 M3 xt Q 9. in l 9: V 1 Q l l 'F 'K-'fu y K S Mary Lou Dwofakuwski, Sue Earwakcr. Suc K", X ..,. A V"-' sf.. , Ebcrls. Jim Ecklund, Dianc Edwards. Paul it i,K-i A 'Y nl ai H , wr Egcsdal. Jody Elcnkic - R E sim ' iq- il? AP' M A x ll i fi Mike Emmcr, .laync Emslic. Jim Emslic. , A X Ron Erskine. .loc Evans, Tim Evans. Tom i ' ' I H ' Y Q X 'W ill . Q 4 Evans. . Q f ,mm AD 3 ff ,Q N 5- .QE fm f'5"X 1 W- f C if, l VT ' 35" Dave livcnncn. Randy Fabos, ,lannic lfadlcr. xi l i 'If ' 'l '11 - Peggy lfaracy. Richard lfarrcll. Ray lfcdcl. . N J I X , . fl- '. 12.2 Q . r sa ' A X Suc I-cdrowttz Sivplminurc Laura lmitwn and dalc AI Nlitxm danuc at Huiuccuiitiiig. Soplioinurc Tcrry Maggiiw uuarx thc latcxl style al l,a Ifclu. ff I' K, , 1 I wi ' .- 1 sophl nur as an W an A l , 9 L ' ... 1 stu 4-5 .25 JW, 5,1 , g 7 ...fr-'i , ' l"'l.i . ' G fs . NW Us , . L , -IF' t ' 1- - 'T - "!Mft".f"i ' , .,,.f.,. .. ,-sf...w.,l, Af. -2 f,., 2 K t 1. Fil A ni' ,-. l 0 1 ,L- 4 Y' I l Tv di H XE .Y , . 3: I 4 ., ,. fx., an . l tl: - ., A L. K4 QQ is ,A Lac. .shut 54- is P3 A ' X J' 5. ini f. -X . 5' I ' 4 ' , I . .STA 3 ' " T ' 2.3. -si .,1., J ' . - ,..w':2, f 4 'Lf je K . ,J ll, i iv " , A 71 ve as I 4 'A S M T i so ff ' . . A L., I K - f Q T 1 , 1 T - f ' it if A ' , ,. 3 fu k 'T if' fy F' . 12' . t Q T r tg - -511: F . F ' FN... .fir 25:1 ' fr' L . , A L Q , ii- f f , l Maw f l l-A -1 I ' lil 1 T W ' I-. . 3 1"' 'Y ,X H f ' I 3 A 'G an , " N .f K GW . i ., if , . lf, V ir ' 5 1 , ,.hk . I x . L .h K, b ' lx Aufz., V 4- T ,V I' 62 sophomores Linda Feller. Joan Fiebernitz. Bev Fink. Dan Fisher. Janet Fisher. Mary Kay Fisher. Peggy Fisher Lynn Fitzgerald, Sally Fitzgerald. Sharon Fitzpatrick, .lohn Flaherty. Richard Fleis' chauer. Dan Flerlage. Diane Flink George Flowers, Gail Forsythe. John Fos- ter. Cindy Fox, Gale Francione. Frank Frankini, Jackie Frink Rose Fuchs. Alison Gabriel. Liz Gallagher. Todd Gander, .lim Gaynor. Sharon Geisler. Gerri Geissler Gayle Gengler. Sue Gennuso, Paul Georgen. Rosemary Giannaris. John Gilbert, Roekne Gilmore, .lim Ginter Wallace Glab. Kathy Glanf, Terry Gleason. Monica Gleil. Debbie Glenz. Bill Goddard. Bill Gore Gail Goreeki. Marcia Gosse. Barb Gotha. Terri Graezyk, Donna Graham. Larry Gra- ham, Dan Grandt Diana Gray, .lim Greaves, Dawn Green. .loyec Green. Len Greenberg, Kerry Grif- fin. Douglas Grillaert Les Grove, Karl Grube. Cara Gruber. Sheryl Gryezka. Shelli Guanci. Karen Guer- eio, Tom Guertler Tom Gurnaek, Riek Haaning. Darlene Haar. Judy Haar, Tim Haben. Mary Haddigan. Mary Hageman Bob Hahn, Cindy Haieh, Ron Halan, Pat Hamblin. Mary Hamilton. Gwen Hamm. Myrna Hamm Doreen Hansen, Lanee Hansen, Nancy Han- sen. Steve Harms. Dawn Harriet, Alyson Harris. Li? Harris ?:. J' 5-, , - 1 Chris Hartung, Jackie Husemun. Rob Hau- gf? 'TTT an. Nancy Haus, Jack Hausen, Paul Hayden, I N -it 2.5: , Y Sue Hayden 1' pf f 5" J if - ' 5 '- we zkgimim, W .. tb W yr. V a iy 4 J A .J Bob Huyhurst. Alison Heath. Liz Hcimos. iii , f Riehard Hein, Gerald Heingolh. Cindy Hen- I -' q K use 'Aw T drieks. Sean Herbert 4 ,Q '41 ' , Jean Herigoclt. Dave Herndon. Cathy Hess. V. J 'T TTY- I 1 ' Nancy Hess, Jim Hiekey, Robin Hill. Judy 'J 5 5 151' Hines F f ' A ,, K ' Y W T T U Wx - , . ,' A 1 4' n it ' Z ' v"'fL .. '- lv- J in Craig Hippenstcel. Pat Hixson. Laura Hoff- J 1 ix A Q' 'F' W I man. Andy Hogue. Judy Hollywood, Scott Q 1 4. 1 . QV H T' AQ 5 ' U Holste, Mike Hoss ' E' " t sh ' ' 'T ' 'i 5 , W My 4 K 1, 4-, F 1 cg' . 'A Q .. I L, Kevin Hovey. Helen Hufton, Ruth Hulton, , ' A CTV ' ' 'A A L " Carol Hughes. Tim Hughes. Mike Hulett, Q 1 7 'jill Tim Hurley J f , ,1,j ' l X R I Suphoinores lxen Mitsoukai. Dave Rieei. Scott Dorsey. Dave khushabtt. Rieh Hein. and Tint Hurley near their spirit shirts for spirit day. fr? ,,,-- zt. , 4 --A-. 4.11 . . , Y , , 1 A. it .fl LN: week Craig Hippensteel und his dzite enjoy the liUI11CCtlI11il1g tlanee. 1,11 I'ele. sophomores 63 ., N , 'sf 1 ' X he ff Q , is- l :S I do if l 1 , K R' Y J., 55' 1 , ' fur W v I Q rf ll 4, ,S ... no -J f Q? A Q to W J, 5 ' is ing L I ,f m ,, t'rfi55?3'r' ,ii - ,J - . -, - ' V Xi, f QL ' -9 lr H ,, svn I , :ta-fun' H as-i Mark Huston. Greg Ibarra. Bill Imlah. Sandy lngrata. Vicki Jacobsen. Richard Jacobson. Debra Jagiclski David Jakubek, John Janos. Debra Jarosch, Linda Jarhey. Steve Jarvis, Bill Jaskulkc, John Javers Deborah Jendrycki. Dave Jensen. Shirley Joe. Cathy Johnson. Chris Johnson, Ada Jones. Tom Jones Jeanne Jongleux. Dorothy Jovanovich. Bruce Joy. Frank Jurjovcc. Sandra Justinick. Donna Justus, Marianne Kaeppel Linda Kalisz. Mike Karaffa. Bill Kauss. Lenore Keegan. Richard Kelly. Dave Khos- haha. Joanne King sophomores learn skills in their second year at eg Sophomores Steve Cohen and Mark Okuma learn many new skills in their Mechanical Drawing Class, 64 sophomores Mike Kinsella. Joe Kirby. Ed Klest. Arlene Klocek. Kathy Klopp. Dave Knapp. Robin Knowles Randy Koh. Dennis Kocik, Pat Kohler, Bona Kollars. Glenn Koorhan. Mike Korba. Ca- mille Kornacki Ross Kosinski. Joe Koster, Nick Kostopou- los. Walter Kozacky. Dana Krele. Paul Kroes, Judy Krohta Walter Krueger. Carrie Kruse, Eleanor Kurpieski. Sue Kussin. Dave Lzieklund. Jim Lafayette. Lisa La Forge Gary Lagessc, ,lim Laing. Ellie Lamherg, Lori Lampert. John Lange. Gail Lanmke, Kathy Lawless Joe Lawson, Tom Lauara. Joyce Lehner. Doug Leland. Brian Leschinski. Trudy Leschmann. Bill Leslie Diana Lewis, Lee Lewis. .lim Liebl, Richard Lienlokken, Wayne Lindahl. Cathy Linde- man. Kathy Lishka Sharon Lobenberg, Joe Locke, Luann Long, Ken Love. Cindy Luburich, Jan Lunak, Gary Lundeen Pam Lundgren. Joan Luzietti. Sherry Maek, Carol Madalinsky. Terry Maggio. Scott Magnuson. Bob Malcolm Linda Malone. Dawn Maltz. Craig Mann. Ken Marean, Candy March. Ivy Margulis, Diane Marienlcld Jeff Marion, Shereen Marmitt. Don Marshall. Gary Martin. .lim Martin. Rick Martinek, Rick Martinez John Martzel. Nick Masterson. Phil Mavi- gliano. David Mavrinac, John Maxey. Eileen Maxwell. Cindy Mayer rffr av . A f, E 1 " U 1 ,. f L' Q 1 ,,",i ,ir y Q. a . 'J sfrrat t . 1, ,Say V- -.tw ff A ' -ff v. L Q f, i his 1 - . . as -r 'I 'Si 6 ' Jr, 1 X Vefeakriig A ' ' ' S y ggi. . - . ,pa gas gi . Q pak, 15:7 +, V. ii viii: we ie . 95:11 4? Y, 4 , ! ii, 6 I . X fr' Q V K . 'V V' I 1 K ,in if s 11 f Kam 'ff fag . re f? I ! I ,H is i"-i is q i f jf yytt W E f ..r. .... ' l v X ' - t - V s ,,,- jj: wr . i - X V K kr , i I .Y E. ,N E. a ,ig . V af- M ' 1, . f fhl' 5 - ' , . is Ti E " f 'lil Aiii h ifi V . eyy. i .59 fi! 'V I ,A 'gy Kit' E f I ' P W ew' t "ii 14. r Q L .E . .,...,, ii ,LVV A . if , iryst , L - , . f wi 1' -X i , - 'fil f 4 C M ' - T M I. , 3 I 5 . ' . v . V t.', L -W 'EER 'fx' ' . i .i -"' , . ,I ' V' Q L- ...: y L W Q -1 .K K V J ' is E r ,i E-. ,C this th . f we - sophomores 65 A H -1,l'. iw, 1 N ff 1 " . ,' v ' ' I 1 Av 1 ' " . .lim Mayer. Monica Mayer. Chris Mayer- ' A' -r W' 'gi' "b' f'-j I nick, Bill Mayyou. Dawn McCarthy. Victor Nj , N in McCormack, Moira McCormick A 5 W' ' ,EN Kathy McCoy, Bob McDermott. Marla Mc- J L 1 gg, I if . 4:3,J Donald, Mike McDonald. Mike McDonald, ,ff gg Q , ,,f tt, bty l i t, ,il 1 . sf y Karen MeGarrity, Lynn McGuire f K X ' lx f I , Kerry McMahon. Mike McVeigh, Kim Mein- C- - - f x , V ' , sen. Gary Meiser. Bob Meyer, Diane V ,V K A KW , E A' K, ii ' Q' Meyners. Gary Michela :LN VY R 2 ,k:, -,f A Q xxxxif :X I Mark Mielenz, Debbie Milkowski, Gary mfitl i M .L I N V, r Miller, Joann Miller, Marita Miller. Pam "T , K 7 ' ,il L MW' Miller. Terri Milliken We fu ' ff f 9' S ' " U . I 'r G , ' . ,I - Mike Millner. Dan Mmcey. Bob Misura. Joan fa- - v- ' ,,. A i Mitnick, Ken Mitsuoka. Pat Moder, Bonnie ,,, 1 . ,rx 'R . A Moore 4 il 'll V ' ,ik A ,i il '. 5' f 1' W . "' V ,.. l i , H ' I' Keith Moore, Sharon Morris, Donna Morten- 7 A wi 'QQ 'ig 1 Q N 55' li son. Mary Mueller. Pam Mueller, Terri A . g i , W 1- i Q " Mueller, Karen Mulcahy Mk ,' . ,,-Q, 6' av- .- ..z, ,IF un 'BV A fl k " r-' .f A f V x 2 K MQ A' , a 'Zi J 4- . wi 4 4 NL L ' at itrt i X ' ti iilli 9 K -1' fi, ' 66 sophomores Kevin Mulcahy, Nancy Mullins, Kathy Mus- carello. Marc Mydill, Bob Nardiello, Lori Nelson, Leslie Neubert Kevin Neumann, Larry Newton, Jayme Nich- olas, Marie Nikonsuk, Linda Nobile, Gislaine Noga. Laura Notson Debbie Nowak. Jeff Obarek, Dan O'Brien, Darrel O'Bryan, Nancy Oehl, Tim O'Hara, Dale Okerstrom Mark Okuma, Rick O'Leary, Tami Oliveto, Donna Oltz, Michele Omahana, Mike Opager, Gayle Oral! --'ix et . ' .. V ' ,. . ueffj x - ' g.,j. AJ . la Axl . 1 ' 1. '-xii' . " - - I -W-"' if 'i il Q i "A S V A 1 ll E i S z E. 0 1 T 2,, sr, QE - 4: Karen O'Shea, Sven Overland, Nancy Pagel, Juan Palacios, Barb Panczak, Roxanne Pan- iagua. Elaine Papas Elaine Parr, Mary Pastorello, Cheryl Paul. Craig Paulik. Scott Payne. Shelley Pazzol, Don Pekarek Mark Pelletreau, Gary Pengrazi, Beth Person, Linda Pesat, Mike Peters, Jim Peterson, Joe Peterson Nancy Peterson. Richard Peterson, Richard Petitte. Camillee Pettee, Mary Petzold, Robert Phillips, Lynda Piehl Cathy Pilewski, Sharon Pinnelli. Nancy Pippen. Jim Pizzillo. Cindy Pottker, Brian Powell. Sara Powell sophomores acquire new knowledge in 1970-71 Sophomore Bill Kauss works very diligently in the library by himself to learn how to use the dictionary for English class. W ,vii E Zh. V-g,:1:Qg,gigfgf51Ii'sf11 , - ' ' 'H lil? ' sophomores 67 ' 1? :ll 'A QQ 2 ,, nr ter' " it :W'. V .45 .C 'T f 6. 4 X l 'W f if y X te 'f 1 Zi Q E, ex x 1 wi , -i -L' it v Q ii V M .4 , Sea Q Zi 'Q ,gl if 3' l J! , R 1 K u My ,li be ,, 4 Aim Q -.4 ti - m e Er Q y ffm y n ef t AX A :us f ,Q ' ' P ff. C 7 5 b I . X I il ' V t A l - S , . J Q fi I, I it Qi Yvonne Powers. Gloria Prettyman. Kim Price. Diane Pridla, Robert Prince. Steve Pritz, Dan Pugliese Carol Rabicki. Jim Raffelson, Tim Raio. Donna Rukowski, Ray Ramakis, Bob Ran- dolph, Linda Range Jerri Rasmussen. Steve Ratzek, Terri Rauner. Miriam Rawlin. Bob Rebman, Glenn Reich. Mary Rettenbacher Debbie Reynolds. Dave Ricci, Debbie Riley. Lynn Rinesmith. Gail Ristau, Kim Rivara, Tom Rizzo Ron Rogers, Lisa Rohan, Steve. Rohn, Chuck Rohrs. John Romano. Michaelene Romano, Dennis Rook class of 673 experiences new learning concepts Sophomores Linda Jarvey and Robin Knowles examine test-tube results in the chemistry phase ol their physical science class. l 1 68 sophomores , hx ix :hui x - , X31 . j ' i h .egg 'ffl - K if Pete Rossol, Brenda Rothenberger, Kim I 'EY J -" ,ft ' ' W Ruff, Mark RumatL, Linda Rusack. Casimir I W t :ml W, Sakowicz. Karen Sanborn ... F- .ml YL - I K .M h s , 5.51 Debra Sand, Peg Sanders. Pam Sargent. in 1' fl G Q. in ' ' Q S Vg Dave Sarli, Debi Savage, Angela Scalurro, E ' V,,4,,.u N ' Zxy ,I Q ,Q Bob Schaefer ' ,,' V F it ii' 1A', 1 ' i A l . gg ..fg.,- ' . , 1 Lkl , ,.-as ,, ,gif , vw ' V ' 4 Mike Schaefer. Virgil Sehallau. Larry Sehir- 5 if P. 4 t .4 W 5 i ' beeker. Traci Sehmehl, Judy Schmidt, Cheryl ' A DH "' A ! ff , J , Qi' ' , yi, Sehneider, John Schoen V j K L. H K4 1w,qS:l?k I V, it 52,5 .. Terri Schreiber, Marta Schrieder. Richard 3, , ' ' E -, E , A I 3 , Schultz. Connie Schulze, Leslie Schwartz. V f', W ' 0 I - ig 1' 1 fi, Linda Sealy, John Seefeldt if i'i' TQ Q , 'i Qs," r 'L' :xxx " I ' J z R V Q -fi ' ,: ,,w, N W' '- if I- W5,,W' Q Pat Selvig. Pete Semplc. Annette Serges, 1 5 l . un , Deborah Shaw. Jim Shea, Doug Shearn. 'l , if ' ,, 4 l 7 . Candy Sheldon A 1 A ' J br l 3' K 'E 1 . tx . 'Qi 4 C. X 5' -1 gift f , ' 14 ' T J' . MW' 5 " 'QM ,l - xy Mary Shemanski. Vicki Sheru. Kathy Sher- ' 4 , ,V ,IZ fl l 1 W man. Bill Shinn. Wonnie Short, Tim Shro er, . X g W Y 'V I T" in M A J .loeSiea I 1 .rlA'- i ' Q 'J 'iff- l S an V ff J - My J it L, up t .. .V 'Y' -'MA S, I rl fy ! f Monica Sidorchuk, Robin Siegbahn, Bob Sie- ' K " fy , ' . mianowski, Mark Siragusa, Ray Sittig. i' A ' N1 " E ,wif fn ' 'W if 'i"' A f Lauren Skuse, Larry Slack iw. ... K 17" , ' 1, Z: P 'rv ' ' ' S J 5 - - lieu! ' V 3 'Q P ug V 'fr Pam Smart. Cory Smith. Jackie Smith, Mark K' if ,f fttg km ' V - r R K Smith, Nita Smith, Sally Smith. Tom Smith i , J K' ,., . ' 62 "' V ' r.: ?A 555 , KI' lg Vicki Smith, William Smith. Renee Snell, ty - 5 W f , Scott Soyer. Jim Spagnola. Chris Spasari. '. F N., ' ' I ' Mike Sronkoski . f K4 ifgi , Y '. W A ' ' , . . 3, J ' . E , In Marilyn Stack, Marian Stankovic, Thea ' v- V "ei 1 x Standbury, Mike Stanz. Joanne Steen, Tina . ' fy , X ' '.ii .' f Stcfanos, Tom Stelanom aophomar 69 Maryanne Steffen. Jeff Steinbock, Linda Stengren, Gene Stevens. Jeff Stewart, Dan ef' if -:ey .1 N .- ey ' E 'gilt' l . ,., , sa 'GT .i N J' 'sr as , b . , . 9 . 4, X il isis , I 3,1 I T 'fa I Stramaglio, Bob Streieh Ed Sullivan, Terri Sullivan. Joe Summers, Mike Sutter, Linda Swenson. Jenny Syver- son, Adam Szkudlarek Donna Taliani, Steve Teller, Kim Theobald, Lauretla Thibodeau, Tom Thompson. Sandra Titschler, Pat Tobin Glen Todd. Mary Tomezyk. Steve Topp. Steve Torgersen, Rich Touhey, Leslie Tracey. Tony Tringali Lynne Tumino, Ginger Tun, Duncan Turner. Tom Tursehman, Steve Uhlarik. Brad Ul- lrieh, Sue Urbina , x r 4 I ME. X M x . J V Vg, ae e J ie S A f ii J V9 ievit 3 H elix ,mf ,, . ..... me . i J ff' ii s 'I ' A 4 L , X ', "KVA ' R L '- A iffy ' E ,yygyh ' ,fi V . ,S g i 'Reiki S ft K f A f Q , T ff, ' , 'Ll ,.9,, ft if ' lk . . .4 V 'Q 1 1' Xi El ii K ii '-1' A ,TY .f , 5 'K .-... X I Q y , ' 1 .-. . . -J, X eg 1 V few'-7'.r ta - . -... E' ii, - .U xl ,p g . ,J ati, Sf: I . A ,V , I rfihiigv . v 4 i ,ffsk i"i wa. ' My .. 1 , N A ,- tttty. P r-'. .i fl dll . tb if 70 sophomores Eric Vanberkum. Linda Varchetto, Don Ven- N los. Larry Vittal. Deborah Vorndran, Sue Voss. Barb Wagner 1 Debbie Wagner. Norma Wagner, Richard Wagner, Janet Waldenmaier, Jackie Walsh, N Noreen Walsh, Steve Walther Ruth Wanser, Linda Wasniowski, John Watson, Bill Weber, Dave Weiner, Terri Weisbecker. Chuck Weiss l Mike Wellman, Mike Wendt, Tom West, Sue i Wezeman, Ken White. Mike Wicker, Sue Widner Jeff Wiebe, Marilyn Willard, Mark Williams, Rick Williams, Cara Williamson, Kyleen Wilson, Pat Wingert .. NW V E wt A rite, Izkkg A 3' my ' A f.- . .i 1 g ' an an Bob Winsor, Beth Winston, Judy Winters. f- I 1 W , , uf g, Van Wintz, George Wishon, Dave Wojtkie- I Q I mf - ,lt f V, W wicz,Jim Wolf A f 2 A I 1 if' 'KB' ni ii f 1. I , 1, - 'fir f A A if Tona Wolter. Linda Wood, Richard Wuen- -f I 'iff stenleld. Rosalina Yap. Dell Young, Kevin lr X I' 3' , , Young. Marrian Yundt I " 5 is ,J ,Q A I A . ' lg., 1 I 7 b iz : Lynette Zadach, Ernest Ziclinski. Karen 'ffm' . ' A Q ' "I Zillinek, Lori Zirin, Sharon Zobel, Mike I ' fmt: ibv, ,VI 1 . Zweifler V 1 'g' I 4' IN M EMORIAM Suzanne Hayden July 7, 1955 to November 22, 1970 Dann O'Boy1e September 19, 1955 to October 30, 1970 Candace Otters February 28, 1955 to September 3, 1970 A SONNET FOR DEAD YOUTHS I dreamed of them last night, I saw laces All glowing and unperturbed by cold distress: As in the past, in glad tones, remorseless, I heard their sweet voices and 1'clt their grace, Unfettered, not as in thejoyless human race: They brought renewedjoy to my emptiness: My cruel earth donned beauty like a dress, And thus my world was an enchanted place. Then at once 1 was outside an iron gate. No longer hearing their unrecorded words: Their hopes and their li1'e plans still unsaid, I wondered when the three might articulate Their dreams. Never! They are murdered song birds. So I awoke and knew that they were dead. n, .ui me Nm-. 30, :om so gat' '41 -1 Elk Grove Officers Linda Latone. Carol Tvrdy. and Randy Kornaeki discuss new plans for the school year. divided freshman class learns to work together Rolling Meadows Officers Lynn Flugardt, Jackie Fahn, Linda Rose, and Kim Kacfor plan new activities for the year. r I NTY M, xc , f, 1 -'-Q... ,Y y' s Vp fbfif t . V :,A H V ' hnien Freshmen this year consisted not only of Elk Grove students, but also students of Rolling Meadows. Elk Grove Freshman offices were held by Carol Tvrdy, President: Randy Kornacki, Vice-President: and Linda Latone. Sec- retary-Treasurer. Many freshmen helped with their first Homecoming parade. To raise funds for their other class activities, they sold candy at the concession stand during a basket- ball game. While waiting for their new school to be built, Roll- ing Meadows students attended their first year at Elk Grove. Their elected officers were President Jackie Fahn. Vice-President Lynn Flugardt. Secretary Linda Rose, and Treasurer Kim Kazeor. During Homecoming they put up decorations in their hall. They ran the concession stand during a game on Feb- ruary l2. On May l. Rolling Meadows students sponsored a dance. To raise money they sold freshman buttons and ran a bake sale. The Freshmen, during their first few weeks, proba- bly got lost and encountered many problems. But now they seem to have solved their problems and have become ac- quainted with the school and their role in its workings. Next year. Rolling Meadows students will have to find their way around again at their new school. Hopefully, they enjoyed their first year here at Elk Grove. They can use the things they learned to start new traditions at Rolling Meadows High School while Elk Grove Freshmen carry on for the green and gold. Brian Adamczyk RM. Lee Adcock RM, Joel Afriek. Donna Alryl, Mike Alesi. Richard Allen. Eddie Amaitis Bob Ancona. Don Anderson RM, Kim Ander- son. Mikal Anderson RM. Nancy Anderson. Darrel Andrews, Duane Antor Cindy Archbold, Norma Arnieri. Dave Aus- terlade RM. Scott Budget. Pal Baete. Tom Balcer. Phil Ballmaier Andy Balmes. Armin Baltis. Gail Banach. Brenda Bantner. Mare Barbazctte, Rachael Barlow, Pat Bermantje Gary Barnett RM, .lohn Barr, Tim Barrett RM. Paul Barroulies. Dawn Barry RM. Linda Barry, Debbie Bartels gi. Q!! x ig I Q if 2 1,2-Q . Q D 3, ' ' 'vggigit A -1-.Q A- it iw- my .. . 1 i 6+ li fr- 3 K 1 egg ' f V2 I ' " i fr Hi, .ki .1 JL. xx Q V J, -ix V fr '-r' 5 --ij' -5 we l ' 'Q 6 . 5 A M B fi Q all ' iii ai v J z L .. 'Pa'-A is-Q 3 l ix .. , X . ft Y' it il -ie -i e l is 5, 1 X vw '2 , l fur 1 'w ' Qs: . fw- .W ri :.rl' i i F . ii? B li X x I f ' - f 4 . I ' , V xl A K V ,, :.? ,ii! f . ' -r iirr H . I' f 'V' ig M 9 V , G ii Alf' i' J 1 . fi H ' - at i ...' P ii A i H' 7 . lf . 1. .. L' Li . L. B 1 , --vr ' , ' "" f . sr ,. I ., 'V ,. A , . A I g A It - M if A eu' .,l,. 4 ' I K qi 2, K I .lon Bauer RM. Jerry Baumgarten, George Beahan. Donna Bean RM, Susan Beck RM. Debbie Becker, Mark Behrendt Bob Beiers RM. Jim Bell. David Bellavia RM, Diane Bender, Gloria Berg, .lim Berry, Nancy Berry RM Sue Beyer RM. Gary Bigham, Melodie Bitte. Joe Bjarbank, David Bleatman. Terri Bock- man RM,Jim Boggin Mary Bona, Holly Bonin, Mike Borgardt RM, Callen Borgias. Bill Bosslett. Debbie Bosted, Greg Bowen RM Debbie Bowlds, Barb Bradley, Mike Brandt. Todd Brannan RM, Donna Braun, William Braun RM, Kathy Bredael freshmen 73 ' X fj 1 .g,. v I ,,. QTN .V A 'N K , V F I .., fre ' -, Q x ' 1, . My ' ', lhmf x "4 ' i 5 jf E ,H . , ry 4 - 1' if f , Vykv ,V , - .' A '- Q AN W , 5 i , - - cg by y' N- N i , ' , ,QT lx, .vig , N il 4.4 , '1' Qi' 4 L-- ...J 4- ' A ' A J 'al EY J f Rv, ,- A- i R 1 f A P , 4 i . uf J - . 1, . V fm 5 V 'VL 'S ff he f I 4- ' ,. A V . 5 x , ll' ' 1 fi .5 F-pf . J ' A 4- v. we 5: K ng ' md l Va- vw , . ai, fe Rick Brennan RM, Carol Bresemann RM. Bob Bristol RM. Kathy Broderick. Mike Broderick. Janiee Brosta, Connie Brown RM Jane Brown. Lynette Brown R. Teresa Brown, Sue Brunn. Dave Bublitz RM, Janet Buechner, Harry Buerger Diane Bulka, Kathy Burke. Karin Burtt. Bill Busse. Paul Butchart. Greg Butler, Peggy Butterfield Steve Cage, Colleen Campbell. Ellen Campion RM, Debbie Campise RM, Leroy Capper RM, Rosa Cardona. Donna Carey Tom Carlstrom RM. Tom Carone. Colette Carroll, Maureen Carroll. Cindy Cashman, Susan Caudle. Harry Challender 8 ik - ,H ' X if I, H .Q 11,5 K5 ' . a 3' 'li ' J 'ii J J fr" A ' 57 1 Wfif Bill Chambers RM, Dan Charnota RM, Tom 4 ,"' Y W , 1 Qing, " Chen, Diane Chesny, Mike Christiansen RM, "-?H,.' A X J ' B ' it -X L Mary Cikavicius RM. Kathy Clark RM ..........M.... . I . 1 ,L 'f-" -C H G S Y, - I ., Te J r.. Kathy Clark, Richard Clausen. Mike Cle- ' ' ff' ' J .fi ' 'IK menli, Joe Clexton. Debbie Coehenour RM. A W P ,V E ..AV It ll! M x ' K 'K QM, Claudia Cocomise, Gary Cole RM jf", y. Il ,L ii ' '- K, , , iixifli . ,s 5 0 ,gg . 5 C' .1 ' ff L gf ' ' Brian Coll, Pat Condon. Bill Connery. Jim Ai' 'Qs'-' V Q in A I Connor RM, Steve Connor RM, Terry Con- ' ' y Y L X'-1 'L' H ,VNIW roy RM. Kim Contreras "fm ,3 lt 4' t -A 'Vl" M, -x X' Paul Cook. Dotty Cooper, Mike Coppoletta ifzfm t I g D., is , ' ai Q it -A RM, James Craft, Mike Cremerius RM, 13 " r ' W' Dave Cromer. Marie Cross 1 iw f W 1 A2 "., , i in x 1 9 l iY5ks-f - .f - X . 'Q , 'D' 2 if' - R ,. t .ft '- -f J 4' .' sv . ' NV' "' yi A , ' ,Q i 1 ,yr J 5, B Anne Crowley, Mary Cullen RM, Chris ' 11" Cumbo, Kathy Curran RM, Blaine Dahl RM. L' ef' ,..Q f 'gif . ,V David Dahl. James Dahl RM if 1' 'D i"' J D in A 7-I freshmen John Daker, Ana Daskalojj, 'Chris Davidson, Joseph Dean, Carla De Angelis. Connie Dearing, Ann Debish RM Tom D Palma, Dave Dill. Mike Dill. Dona Dilliavou, Sue Dixon. Rick Doering. Mike Doherty. Kathy Dolan RM. Marcia Dolleslager RM, Diana Donca, James Donehey RM. Kim Douglas RM. Kathy Doyle RM. Cathy Dressel Don Dressel. Donna Dudeck, Kathy Duffey. Rosemary Duffy RM, Jody Dunn. Claire Durkee RM, Mike Durlak Robin Dys. Scott Earnest. Rick Ecurdt. Cathy Eidred. Denise Eland RM, Sue Eld- ridge. Dan Ellery freshmen bw U6 K 'Mi Ag, K A ' 1 ! A- A' 'if ' ' - f "1 X .. -in I SLM Q 'I Aj 5 I 4 J r .... Q 1 ,4 ,t if X ,A ..,, in '- ii i X me t 1 f- H :fly X ' ' fi 9 1 4 W in , L 15? Q ' V 1 5 1 in ,N sf 'nk 5 J X V 'RA f X' ga- Gs 1 S- 'X' 1 L ' L1 gi C K.: X ' 9 . , K X , I Y i. X T Y i 'L K ii l- .,.i Q RJ ' ' ' ff' . A - " V tw -, i if R fs. K-1 :N W . V ,,,: I VV x i f H- ,. A 5:1 y it x C A 1- .fx h f ' 2 try new experiments at elk grove Freshmen Ken Marcan and Scott Winkates work on one of the labs in their biology class. az. 1 ll , , Jr ' X Tom Elsen. Kenimerich RM. .lim Emper- 3 V gr ' V x. iul. Debra Erbe. Nancy Erlandson. Millie ' w 'V- V -55, , jiikiv K Ermel. Dun Evans 4 W ' f 51 l .fl V if -' n . WV Vw lkiyl , , f I , :sal ' l f , W V 1 v. h V, ' 3 w., V A ,, .F Karen Fabian RM. Holly Fagre. Jackie Fahn V V 5 V V ' " J V. A 1 VV. ,1 RM, Tim Faraey, John Faust. Mark Fava 'l i f KX V lf' A RM. Frank Ferraro , X 1 T". 15. " - rfi. l f VV . 1 V .ig : VV , ., i ' l . . ff 5, uf' Lori Feyereisen. Clara Fiedler RM, Vicky gi 'V ' 5 Field. James Finncrty. Pam Fiorelli. Mike VW, .,lwV-5 1 'Y 4 JV? X Fiscus. Diana Fisher is I ' ll A ,,7.,V.V L F ' -1 T "W 4 A - , . 1 3. , A 2 ' . I Q 1 3 Q I l , 2 by W, - . ' v - if-ra - . 5 Dana Flowers. Fred Flude. Lynn Flugardl XV 4 V. l E V ' .V ii' ' . RM. Diane Fogarty RM. Steve Folkes RM. . ' ' y , ' 4 Kim Foringer RM. Laura Foropolus RM ' . Q ' 'A 1 'V x 1 Q- 1 1' 'V Y Fill 5 av fe q ' pre . fir -A as ig Cathy Forlmann. Lurie Foster. Mark Four- ' 2 V V nier. John Franck. Jeff Franke. Randal A, V V , f , ,i lj is V 1. " '-xi, Frederickson RM, Mark Freedman 5 f ffi-' ' 5 fl, ' ' 'R ' 1 l XIX freshmen learn new study habits at eg Freshmen Mary Levitske and Dave Proehl make use of their study module by catching up on their homework. 'a .,,4uv'f' 'vm -Qeff srss, , r .4 '76 freshmen + 4 ,tie . ff-L ' We , . Q 4 ei- ,L A- ,L,- ,- , . -9 B., is xii i W' K V ' I x V . , Dale Frejd. John Gach RM, Phyllis Gagliano, P Qi -1 2? ,A w mah ii, h . , ft Erin Gagnon RM, John Gallagher, Steven 1-"P 'ff i" 5' ' "ia " 7 li i l L Aff? l Q Gallis RM. Gerald Galloway ll at 1' i -J I if .- ye Q 57 9 W Q' K 5 Terry Gaynor, Tom Gebbie. Pat Geegan RM, X5 l ' ' , A 'fe ggi fi John Geiger. Debbie Gengler. Janet Geruasi. R? ' i I ' ' V "' PetcGianaris if-LN X a 1 N W "IL - J I Q R6 'M W Y si f 1 it J' 'Q '4 John Gibbons. sandy oiese RM. Bill Gillespie, f .. I ,f ' li Kathy Gire. Ron Gleckler. Peggy Gloss. Mike H K 5 X xxx 'il' J gf Godawa RM L X - ' , ig.: , ,' IPX '23, K. Q X' 11 '47.9"f Dalia Gomez. Mary Gore. Kay Gorman. . I yiw, I 6 1 , , Debra Gottschalk RM, Kim Gottsehalk RM, A A ' I V , John Graham, Rhonda Green RM f - .. A J i ,. A fi' 'H ' I .f .t,,. f we 'iv ,L ' ,Ri ,Q 'ff Karen Greenburg, Judy Gregory. Lynne J J Q R' K' I A Q Grieshaber RM. Sherri Gross RM. Terri 'Q 1 l' ' Grover RM, Diane Gumienski, Annette Haas ff - A ' fl nl' ti . M' Steve Haase RM, Deb Hackney RM. Dave A in Q . - , vi Hadley. David Hafft. Karen Hagemeyer RM, ' R H flf ?'s,X1 t ' . M, Q L Kathy Hahn. Debby Haiduke 'X 1 - We " We! .--' xrsyffi .ii,a fit li X. A I ,lt ,. 1' N--I A K , 44. A at k . . A if , V R 'lf :affix L1 i 3. Bill Halfpenny, Garry Hall, Rich Hamiel. I R -- ji' Alan Hamilton. Janet Hamilton. Jim Ham- mers. Sheila Hand RM 4 K I M R . W"'iii gf' 5, ee . it "H fag Q Tom Hanrahan. Judy Hansen, Laurie Han- Ffa ll 6 sen. Mark Hanson. Gary Harding RM, gal 3- sg 'Q V ' ' Mitchell Hargrave, Jackie Harry RM 1 N by X, if gif . 'wk . 1 ' , Yiiixis el Q i i R 4. i ,QQ fu, li.. Pal, l N e Lynne Hartwig, Paul Hasselquist, Bill Hat- f or ' - y zold, Rosemary Hayes. Don Healy. Jim Q mr V I i n 1 4 Y i-ieffern, Rick i-lege 1 4' me is ' i A , M74 Vh W' id - 4A,'j,..f Bill Heineman, Mike Helberger, Micha Hel- J 9 K, 'M " ford, Peg Henaughan. L. Hendricks, Jack I X J: '-,. " ', Henry, Susan Henry "' ' 'if' , H gh J M W l , S2581 freshmen 77 1 r , 1 J5' 5 5 V ni . ,- . -,...i N .. it Q 9.1. ..x il if . we ,fi 4: J: tj,-1 my V V. il R g i-E X , any . , Brook Henson RM, Janet Hcrmansen. Nancy Herzog RM, Cheryl Hess RM. Sandra Hig- ginbotham. Mimi Hindmarch, Pam Hischke Larry Hoehler RM, Joann Hofkins. Kerry Hoglund, Jack Holmes, Don Holcomb RM, Gary HollatL RM, Les Hollister . R .R .Q ,-I J N ' W' ' V Eileen Host RM. Bob Hotten, Mary Houlds- AV , 'f 4 4. 'N R ' I H a n 'sf Q worth RM. Tim Howard RM. Don Howe RM, 3:2 M55 F 3,9 H J cf, ' 'l r i V Elaine Howlett. Mark Hudgins "T 'Q ll R' ' , J 1 :V if-i'f',+: ' ir? 9 ' kv Lori Huebner. Sue Huett, Mark Huntenburg ggi ' L at V, H V 1 J lr'-' J RM. Jane Hunter. Jim Hunter. James Hupp i'iVV ? Ai, ' . ' RM. Richard Hutchinson N E . J it 'ii' B fv T' 1' S j , Richard Hutchinson RM. Greg Hyneman. 1 -. . 'S-1 . ...H I J' .1 is :ij ' . Q 3, it Romulo lturralde RM. Dave Jackson. Eileen y 'l i' fi 'l 1' ' ' Q Q Jacobsen RM. Lori Jacobson RM. Nancy ., ,,.L .K Q ,V .3 , V. i X- V f 5- .V I - Jacoby 235' - 'l' Al ' , 'E 4 :WF K' ' M ' 'r . , Y F" K M.. 'ii 5 .s .V Q . R . L ,. , , , :,. . k -, Q ,Z,wfrX . Jamie Jaggers. Karen Janis RM, Bev Jar- 1 'av Q 1- ,jk . , A jx' osch. Anita Jay RM. Lynn Jenkins. Julie L- x 311' -"J, 1-5 -4 , Jensen. Mike Jensen RM ' l N A A" A v , A - xt 4 gyti' Q 'E K I Q. V ? . . Cliff Johnsen RM, Diane Johnson. Kim .lohn- Q A - K il... ' fi X my ' 5 son RM. Sue Johnson, Wendy Johnson, Beth x ' . . . .W 3, V , i I I Jordan. Dan Jordan RM ,K Q 'I I 438 - i . . - ,Q f .K f"- it . Earl Jursich. Kim Kaczor RM. Laurie Kane. f' W YQ A i' g ,aa Nancy Kane RM, Dave Kapfhaner, Debbie V , Jig' 4 ,, , A K, b Kaser RM. Karen Keegan "Fi if ,V :NN 'J' V Nga . 'Lf' . Jan Kellerman. Ray Kellner. Margie Kelly, . , A , 5' 1 gif, Ji- ,f a, A 33 -- J .1-..' g . , . , iw' rv M. ft - 1 -9. .1 Al Kemnitz, Pam Kemmtz. Sue Kendzlora it J, as f -,ig i -J,-fx ' RM, Steve Kenaott ' ' " . ' fs., - 4 " ' M 3 - J V, 2 , . 1 -,Q pf U.. N - f N .W . J. t.. ,. .. 4 i, ,i r., Ai- .- 3 s R 'ig' . - 9 K fe 6- as . J ' . My . . ' 'QVXN K U x ,. , E, , YW... , H , ,1'a,,, , Dave Kereluk. Jan Kettleborough RM. Leann 'vis ,ah -A , ti K, Killiam, Bruce Kinn. Sandy Kinnard. Nancy ' ,ml V yi I 4 Kinnune, Pete Kinsella i 1, L' i l ' li , 78 fre hmen Rich Kinsey, Rick Kirchway. Sue Klein RM, Barry Klilf. Nancy Klingstein RM. Steve Klitzka. Becky Klopp Jewel Knowplle. Suzanne Knollmucller RM. Mike Kocik. Claudia Kohl. Kathy Kolker RM, Joe Komar. Laura Komar Hank Konkel RM. Steve Korbal RM, Sam Kordares. Perry Kores. Cheryl Korn. Linda Korn RM. Randy Kornauki John Kott. Germaine Kralski RM. Lynette Kraiss. Randy Kramer RM. Scott Kramer RM. Bob Krause RM. John Kruser RM Mark Kuhiek. Liz Kueeks. Pall Kugelberg, Bob Kuhn RM. Audrey Kuhr, Donna Kumin- owski. James Kurihara W iiwzl E.. 11i1i'.f'r2lL' e X R ' 1 M 5 PI im, .fb S x 1 I e f f?-ll, lin t . ' -l I 4,-lt li . . V J N V .J K i 5 ' A W X lv- is f N M... it lf Zif f 'liil ' X--Q ' l -if IR A4 4 R 2 it Ri . K V. 'A 1 . " -' l 1 S S V V' 'W 'fl - Q f. ,, I , Ll fi It Y my it ' f ' Q .itt l K Y, 4 X ,V v nl L4 - r 'wif' L ' ' ii ll ' freshman knowledge expands to other lands Freshmen Debbie Bartels. Carla Tringali, Linda Rathunde, and Steve Morrison learn a new language as they study in their Spanish I class. . . in K fa - . 5. fag K a freshmen 79 is 2 V I , Je- x -. I H1 if : A z i 'li V K "if Jill Kurtz RM, Ed Lachmciedn, Phil La 'M' l 5 . ,l 3 ' jf, " Forge. Cindy Lamanta. Liane Langlo, Lynn , ' Q ' I H ' ' , E ' Lapuglia, .lcff Larson C ' 5. .I X L! , ' Vr ' or - Ya' , all . r Q Q' K: 1. - Leslee Larson, Linda Latone, Tom Law- ' ., 3 ff, r rence, Duane Leaf, Veronica Lecheler, Art V I, Nl Fix ' ' 4 U ' Lefebvre RM, Rodney Lentz rut? ffl' AL-, ' A x .. 'L l X 4 5 ,M R ' W 3. "9 - , - - .nz .Porgy '- -ii John Leopardo, Dan Lesiak. Mary Levitzke, 3, g, xl -I ,gif-Wal . gf I Cathleen Lewis, Cathy Lewis, Julie Lichter, - L 'C Q ... 'Cf' r 1 I L 'f "g' A Q . A ,- 1, , Q 3, . 7' . .4 Laurel Lieser RM V-.ft 0. l-. lf' A if 1 I X . L I A , 5 Q ' . ' S , , 5, N., ' X . . . . " fn M Q s 4-e '-H 0 - Christy Linduhaucr RM, Duane Linncy RM. V- -in W X M-y K e K Don Littlc. Cindy Lohrmunn RM, Steve Lon- ' "N A I i'- ' g W go, Diane Loukop. Bob Lubcckcr it 1 X1 1 .'. g -4 i , R455 , I 7' - X Steve Lucas, Lynn Lucek, Mike Lukowych, ,Q AW r ', ,f " ,K r QR' Pat Lund RM. Candy Lundgren, Linda Q, fi- ' LL G". Q13 i fl Lundie RM, Les Lunsmann X WJ' v ' , "xv -M, 1 J fe , mfkflifl E f reshm en learn new traditio ns at elk grove Freshmen Cheerleaders, driven by Senior Landy Fernandez, learn new traditions as they wait for the l970 Homecoming parade. L.- 1 3 as A. , K . 80 freshmen X , i pa, Q , ' K ,.. ' 5 .., . 1.. vu A s Q l, f .. f ,A X ao , 6 PA, in l L girl. ' I VKVKV . N sf will W, t N VI if i 1 l' , F 1 --'K r ag' 'gy V. K.. Fl' sf , 2 Q. jj Sue Mesic, Debbie Mcsko RM. Tom Metcalfe. Jeff Meyer RM. Pat Meyer RM. Marianne Micek. Mark Miezio Bev Miller RM. Laurie Miller RM. Sheila Miller. .lelf Mitchell, Gail Mioen RM, Carol Moeller. Diane Molinari RM Kathy Monegato, Scott Moninger. Rudolfo Montemayor, Joy Moon. Katrina Moon. Mike Moore. Tom Morey Bob Morila, Pam Mork RM, .lack Morrison. Steve Morrissey RM, Bill Moses RM. Paul Motisi, Laura Mueller Ann Mulcahy. John Mullens, Bob Mulley RM, Dean Murphy, Mary Murphy, Terri Murphy, Sue Murray Beth Maekin RM. Kathy Maenerland. Laurie Maddox. Kathy Mager RM. Laura Maggs. Kim Magsamen, Shawn Magsamen ,lim Maher RM. Steve Mamoyae RM. Frank Manske. Miehelle Marcin. Maria Martinez RM. Kevin Masterson, Mike Masfk RM Steve May. Naney McCann. Margaret McCarthy, Debra MeCullum RM. Larry McDermott. Steve Melilderry, Mike Mel-'all RM Virginia McGarrity, Jean McGuire, Mary McKenna RM. Ray McKenzie. David Me- Mahon RM, Val McMillan. Colleen Mc- Namara RM Mary MeNamara. Mary Jo McNulty. Dale McPherson. Debbie Meeea RM, Jeanne Mehn RM. Mike Meisnheimer, Debbie Mcllcnthin I V, V Q V ,wht it ...fag I . . - , ,Q-,K . -A ,,,: K fe ' A if ll fi, . I 5 Mm' I i. , U I V . X, , I , 1 S K S t . r it r f RK . Q, . . "U Sli- 'J kkii " iff F 1: .Merit ' ' r + l I 'K K M Q :Vit ti I V -1 A A ' 0 v , -r fl L u 'W 2 'fi .1 W x P" iv. pl .x X L., V , 2, M l A will A , . M' x i .gf at 2 ' f 'A K ' 53. .45 i' A x it ' w Y 51, 3' T , t if' 1A . We , . . ,S z,,,,. . ,g " 2' 'Y C f ' A . "F .. f -tt ' K- , ., 'D' mm - L :Z z . t Q U w . 5 , K , . r t ,ga " .I 5 K it t - 1 . ' ,--, .- ' 5. . - I- , lx V ., . x t 3 . , A , jg, U VA . - - - A -Mme pl f lil l "' freshmen Sl x "N X , ., . it J -5 i f- 4 . 'f " J U , .tl gn , I , X 5, -jg . i V4 ' , ' " .' ,gy ' -I qqvk 51' Richard Myers RM. Shanda Needham RM, . w L J ' , , H : fi QQ' Mike Nelson RM. Teri Nelson. Vernon Nel- ,' , I 'l -fx 'Y 'X ' , '. son, Steve Newman. Kim Niekelson A r A 4 V, - I 4, A ?"L"'4'7 ' if . . , L ' Q ', 1 Z., Steve Nickoloff RM. Dick Nielsen. John t XP N Y ' V J Niles. Neil Nishihira. Bob Nobiel. Kim .f - 2 I ,R Al S- 3 K ff Q Noehre, Pam Nolan t A fel' J ' A " M 'E' ' t Cheri Noland, Robert Novak RM, Mike fs A A its t Nowak. Mike Nugent, swan Nykiei RM, - , A -, t i f I ' Riley O'dea, Mike Oemarie LT- 2 5 - - ., it., " Aaah" ii P ' is fa ,ew R - ,' tm' iz' i ' ' if . R reii L ii, " - f R7-7 I Bob o'Hura. Gary oison RM, Robin Omelu- g . . iw .' iffy A . V sik, Chris Ostrowski, Dan Ostrowski. Mike ' , ---7 3 V -f ff: M , Q' N. Ass , .. .Q af 1 " ' f--- t - K 5 1 " Oswald RM, Terry Padal RM buff' 4 .. I i gf' 5 . 5' e iz, V K AA J 1 - Patti Paez RM. Debbie Pandocchi RM, if ff ' 1 W- 'fs t James Pape RM. Mike Park, Gail Parment- Aff' 'Qt ' J' 5 ' A 5 K ter, John Pasurka. Patti Paul RM Marie Pelletier. Cheryl Pergander RM. Pat Perren RM, Charles Peters RM. Cindy Peterson, Diane Peterson. Sue Peterson Carol Petrecs, Gary Pettee, Lezlie Pfoutz RM. Tom Piccolo RM. Kathy Plantin RM, Bruce Pluemer. Ken Pollitz Mike Ponella. Julie Pope, Gary Poplawski, Jim Potters, Kim Potts, Debbie Pour, Kathy Probst Dave Proehl, Tracy Pursell. Sheila Quan, Cheryl Quinn RM, Michele Quinnett RM, Mark Rader, Dick Radzis Sue Rakowski, Linda Rathunde. Ross Rauch, David Ray, Bill Raymond RM. Alan Recker RM, Joe Reed RM 82 lreshmen Q., 'Nh- E A h ' ,f, i 11. , 7 , x 1 - 1 J, 4 C: ' f R' in ' - ,fi L Q1 0 tif ,. t 2 t e ' Qt- , xiii D at 4-. V A lf ff ty Q at F . J, Fig J gy K' M ,JZ ali! ,Q Y. V, A 1 - At' 7 ,. Sue Reem. Richard Reeves RM. Denise Rein- king. Mark Reitn. Karen Rettenbachcr. Jeff Rezzuto. Jodi Richey Sully Rieks. .lint Riino. Jim Roberts RM. Joanne Roberts. Michael Roberts RM. .ludy Robertson. Ken Robertson RM Jim Rochelle RM. Mike Rodgers. Bob Rof- stad. Anita Rogers RM. Linda Rose RM. Sharon Rose. Leslie Rossow RM Lyn Rowbottom RM. Gina Rowley. Greg Rubinkowski. Mary Ruehinski, Dean Runlell. Joe Rusin. Joe Rychcll Doreen Ryckaert. Carla Sall, Jim Samuel. Todd Sander RM, Stephanie Sanders. Linda Sandine RM. Brian Sanoshy i Q V ' M k In fye. +4f'l.- . .., - Q R f 9 it if ' . if' 'fr t. 7 if . 1" fini: i' N R? ' 11 2 1 ff:-. i P ax- - fr , . 4' ,V Q.: V? ,ggr -ty ,.,- fl s , ' W 2 . X M m , M tit .. --P ii ' li Z'..i". f MQ V-7 .K X if K. ., V . , , J -., 2'-S of "' . "f"ft it . xc: 7 5. ' ix , V .Q P" ' Q: A. , ...st ls A X J J be If v.. R f' f 33 r"i.1.' . A Q T 3 1' , 2 , A R W X Ig, if er. .. ' -sf. .Wi H2 px pl- 1, J .. . , . f ' 'JJ . 'il , ' W Y '1 freshmen acquire new artistic abilities at eg Freshman Jeanne Sciortino learns new skills and acquires new artistic abilities in the Art Department. shmen 83 ' i if. .hi I ' XO' A if ' .1 smjgi ' if ff i fit' A- ' i. f ty A 427 2. N i R ., V K SP5 li ,l f-.t l ' i 4 lzit la ff 1' -' , 11. 1 . 7' . - ,4 1- i 4, A - .- Q i A' . XJ' 9. 5. ' ' , -' , , tk 1 A i . . l, ' f S . fi 1 X Q -' i ff. fs. ,Af 1 raw.. 1- K, A 4' 1 " ' I. . V - QW. . .t i , 53' 3 'Q V fel 5 '- , ' 1 - , yr, -J ul if . X Maxx QM 6 1 K lm , A y ,V .. 3-L. fr 'fi 'if :fl I Y Y' ' "r -Wk., he - f, '- i' s. nib ,. 5 2 , x ,iw ,E ,.. 1 K 'e , n A I Polly Santschi, Pam Sass. Rob Satlke. Gary Sczirpulla. Sandy Schaar. Linda Schaefer. Tom Schaefer Karen Schanmier RM. Bon Scharringhausen, Sue Schaub RM, Kip Scherer. Rhonda Scher- er. Ken Schlobohm, Don Schmidt RM Lori Schmidt. .lohn Schmitt RM, Scott Schol- tcn. Karen Schonder RM. John Schreiner RM, Cindy Schriner. Jerry Shuctt RM Pat Schultz. Sandy Shulze RM. Crystal Schuman. Mary Schwellcnbach. Jeanne Sciortino. Nancy Scott. Rich Sears .loe Seebacher. Debbie Sellards. Sue Selvig. Marie Senolsky. Robin Shaw. Ed Sholty RM, Marion Showman RM freshmen encounter new ideas through reading Freshmen Sherri Vancleave and Laurel Sorensen use their English period to catch up on their assigned reading. f x i Q B-3 fresh men Julie Sicbeck RM. Dave Simon RM. Al Single- ton RM. Duane Sitkicwitz. Darryl Skarda. Sharon Skibinski. Adrienne Sladk .lohn Sloan RM. Bill Smedley. Alycia Smith. Barry Smith RM. Debbie Smith RM. Jan Smith RM. Laurie Smith RM Pat Smith. Karin Soderholm. Mark Soknie- wicl. Mary Summers RM. .lohn Somogyi RM. Paul Sorce RM. Laurel Sorsenscn RM Sharon Sosnowski, Gary Soto RM. Mary Q" if Spalding. Larry Sparks. Rich Spears RM. Mike Speciale. Mary Speck RM Tom Specs. Stan Stach RM. Tom Stadcllcr. W Steve Stark RM. Gail Starkey. Barb Stcn- ' oien. Mark Stephan lv' s..- .0-f gt J . it . ,fgilgaze GT J gimumx' ' Q.. Q at Q 45. S- . ' 5 Q Xl fh -...S f. is .. n swf and find new Worlds under the mtcroscope Miss Otte helps Freshman .loe Reid locus his microscope in order to discover new thinas in his freshman Biolo y class 1' 5 i B 'W at Judy Stolljus RM. John Stoltman RM, Sue Stoltzman, Robin Stram. .lohn Strybel, Bill Stutzman RM. Patti Stybr RM xi ,' . .. in 3, 2 iv- .M , , . 5 0 15 A ee .,f'.',k,?! F A! X 1. .,f"'c"' F , ' -A1 - -' in ,A . :A Hi , ... , My 5? x 3 4 .- . i . n it - i fi -V f Sue Ann Sulaski. Cyndee Sullivan. Gail Sul- ' ' R ' V -V M livan, Kathleen Sullivan RM, Margaret A Yi S ' ' 1 X 1 , ' V., Sullivan RM. Sharon Sullivan. Roger V-3 Q Sf ":l ' Q .. R V Surdynski , ' ' 'V "ai i ' s' -. . im ' "V gl be C , -Y Anna Swanson RM, Sharon Swanson, Rose- . 'CY' 4 Q . QI g lf marie Sweeney RM, .lan Talbot RM, Kristy ? E -Q QV ,V A, . . ,id ,l Taucher, Diane Tegtmeier RM, Nancy Tews i 1,3 'ill C , 'Y if " Ni Cf, J' ' 1 f' Dave Thoman RM, Pat Thomas, Terese 4, L 4 fi A, X A 'Q U. Thoresdale RM, Greg Till RM, Kevin Tits- ' J ff. ni' np ---- T ','- G . . l n i ' V' V ,.. Q- I A , , V in VV . ,,'f t , V, . :VCV V, worth, Eugene Tonczyk. Maggie Tomich -A L , . 'C i 'Eli R Adrianne Tompkins RM. Debbie Tornabene. S ' ' it Rhonda Tovella. Nancy Tremko, Karen Tren- H, . 'C 5, A " , ter RM. Carla Tringali, Ruth Trojanowski ' 1 X Q V. t may A ' f ., V: 5 1 4, .-.Q if K fr l . - V 'J' K ggf' Carol Tvurdy, Valerie Ulrich, Frank Under- , , V . ig , il Vrhh LQ wood, .lan Urbina. Keith Utyro, Sherrie -' .PA 'F 25if5V'X-iff' i . ..,, , Vancleave. Cindy Vanderspool RM j- , 3 ii 5: '-'I .., J. I ,ASHA i ' - " V LL Therese Vanderwiel, Keith Vanhauter. Bill , ,gf """- V i f f V., 1 V Sb ,fp Van Stell RM, Debbie Vanstore, Tim Var- 'gii ,ef We " fi' ' - "ffl ,ag chetto RM, Linda Vasquez. Brian Vaughn RM f, 'fi ' - Q - V.. t - ' - V at iw ' . f 1-wh we - 5 . 'C-,Z W ' ' :W,',,,,3V' 1 Cindy Vavra, Cindy Veller, Rose Ventura ir ' l K, , xx 'P J RM, Micki Vinczeano RM, Greg Vogel RM. Ny f 5 X i li,- h ' ig , 4 AS SVY i Mark Vormittag. Dale Vullneri nv- 5? I 'i 1 1 Vw- .' ,T ' " ii i i 5' . ' ,L-4 ' f' i w Gail Wagner, Linda Wagner, Denny Waldrep, ' ' si 'ff - hi: ' K l E -- V ' Scott Walker, Chuck Walper, Kevin Walsh, , ' si A A r , J A I f Brian Walther t 4 V, 1, iff f ' - V . -Va as V+ S ,Va 1 i M ,X Atl , ' fi" ' " Q ffl 'W T Colleen Ward, Debbi Ward RM, Wendy Wat- .V , 4 H i f Ji L g m son, Don Weadley, Kathy Weber RM, Tom , f V f -5. N 1, ' -' . Vi Weber, Toni Weber 86 freshmen i fig 54 R Xi it ' :A 5 ,ij iq .. 'lf fn, 1 XX!! I ec 3 J' J li liz 3 n , .., t ' ii, . + Y Sf- ' '7 Y- as . I-f vs R 4- , , -, X , +1 Lf 5 . .,, ... . ., ' t X k 'W ,X 1 , XA xfug . r ai R . Mi I :gy Y,'g 523' 1 PT Q., Sify. Q A I '7 J QI, S kvyr Q , 'W my Agcv I is gi 'frx V, ,li rfmgille A ij: I A A b A I -f x IIAI R, , i V , i i . again' , 'S 'i Ai , " ' Al : ii R l .. r . J' " , , lxif slh. Doug Wells. Bernice Wendes. Kim Werner, Sue Werner, Sandy Wessel RM. Laura Whe- don. John Whitcomb RM Julie White RM, Nancy Wicker. Ed Widinski RM. Marilyn Wiegard. Linn Wilczak, Karen Wildeboer. Jim Williams Sheryl Williams. Nate Williamson. Steve Willis RM, Wendi Wilson RM. Scott Win- kates. Dale Winkelmann RM. Dean Winkel- mann RM Chris Wojtowicz RM, Dave Wollenhaupt. Donna Wolter, Sue Wrenn RM, Terry Wright RM. Sharon Yakes RM, Jackie Yanko Joyce York RM. Carl Young RM, Jane Zau- har. Jay Zimmermann freshmen begin to work together as they learn Freshmen Jim Howard and Mark Smith work together to find new things under the microscope in their biology class. Yxiyuhwl ' f --ai freshmen 87 E p , N i I w w P P P I k I , Mr. Robert Haskell, Principal The administrative stall at Elk Grove took on the job ol' bridging the gap between students and teachers. For ' example, working with Student Council. the administrative . stall established a smoking area lor students outside on the campus. Mr. Haskell, principal, took time out ol' his busy schedule to teach a history course. Everyone's job was made a little easier with guest speakers and student forums where students expressed their opinions about i bettering the school and making it a better place to attend. i The success ol' the year remains in the minds of the l administrators. who worked hard to make it memorable. 1 Mr. Charles Aldrich, Director of Student Activities l 'mm w-" , my 9 :sag . 2A Mr. Donald Fyfe, Assistant Principal fn,-5 Mr. Righter Farris. Assistant Principal Mr. Raymond Coleman. Dean of Students wqnv-wH"' M A ,sit faculty 89 MR. CHARLESALDRICH - tnot picturedl. World History. Direc- tor of Student Activities. MRS. DIANNE ANDERSON Literature l. Composition l, Crea- tive Writing. MR, ROBERT ANDERSON-Electronics. Industrial Education Lead Tcachcr. MR. VICTOR A VIGLIANO-Freshman and Senior Boys' Physical Education, Gymnastics Coach. MR. RICHARD BA DER -tnot picturedl. Biology. .lunior Varsity Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach. MRS. EDITH BALCH -Counselor. Freshman Class Sponsor. MRS. MARY BARBER-Counselor, Testing Director. MISS BARBARA BARCAL Advanced Lilcrature and Composi- tion. Oral Communications. Individual Events Coach. MRS. EILEEN BELL-Librarian. MRS. .IUDITH BELL-Algebra, Essential Math. Algebra l. Geometry. MR. RONALD BENES- World History II. Anthropology, Anthro- pology Club. MRS. HILDA BLANCO Spanish ll,lll.IV,V. MRS. BETTE BRADLEY-English Literature l.Il. English Lit- eraturc Survey. MRS. NORA BREMER-Spanish l.ll.lll. MR. JAMES BREWER--Art I,ll, Fine Arts, MISS POLLY BROTHERS tMrs. Randall KnudsenJ-Homemak- ing I, Family Meals, Creative Cookery. Housing. MISS ELAINE BRUNINGA f -Typing l.ll,lll.lV, Shorthand I,II. MISS JOAN BRUNNER- lnot picturedl. Teacher of the Partially Sighted. MR. RICHARD CALISCH--Humanities. American Studies, Divi- sion Head of English and Fine Arts. MR, CARL CAMPAGNA-Business Education. Business Law, Conservation Problems, Typing. MR. VINCENTCARIOTI-College Consultant. MR. DON CENDER--World History. MR. JONATHAN CHANCEY- -Composition l, Literature l. Com- position Skills. MR. RICHARD CHIERICO-U.S. History, Current History, 90 faculty ,. ... L I ,gs-gg-g.:'55 ' fyfssisrf C' 7 SFI'-F 3'2" 13 -1?-5'-'rf-f-ff MR. STEPHEN COBURN Freshman English, Composition Skills. Thematic Approach to Literature. MR. RA YMOND COLEMAN-lnot picturedj. Dean of Students. MR. DALE COVENTRY Freshman English. American Litera- ture, Lettermen's Club. Diving Coach. MRS. SHARON CUCULIC- Touch Shorthand, Dictation Tran- scription. Business English, Future Secretaries Club. MISS LINDA DALE-Advanced Reading, Reading Skills 5,6. MR. GERALD DA VID-Reading Skills. Composition Skills, Folk Arts Society Individual Events Ass't Coach, V. Show Director. X . il- X i I MISS FRAN DEAN-Counselor MR. ROBERT DEBOLT-General Metals, Advanced Metals l.ll, General Electronics, J.V. Wrestling Coach. MR. RA Y DIFFENDERFFER Counselor. tt, MISS ANNE EDWARDS American Literature, Philosophy Seminar. f acult improves student-teacher relationships Varsity Football Coach. Don Schnake. consoles his discouraged quarterback, Senior Neal Noga, during a game. lacully 9l MISS ROSEMAR Y EL WOOD-Business English, Shorthand. MR. GEORGE K. ERGA NGfSocial Studies. Public and Industrial Relations. Anthropology Club Co-Sponsor. MRS. CLAIRE LEE ERICKSON U.S. History. MISS DOROTHY EVA NS - lnot picturedi. Counselor. MISS BEVERL Y EVKO tnot picturedi. Special Education. MR. BRITTON FARROH -Algebra. Geometry. MR. E. R. FELDSIEN-Industrial Education. Woodworking. MR. BRENDANJ. FLYNN Mathematics. Ass't Football Coach. MRS. KATHLEEN M. FORESTER Girls' Physical Education. MRS. LUCINDA FOX Girls' Physical Education. Girls' Tennis and Golf. G.R,A. Co-sponsor. MR. MERRILL D. FRONEY-Chemistry. Math-Science Seminar. MR. KARL-HEINZ GA BBEY-German, History, Geography, Ger- man Club. MR. FRED GAINES Physical Education, Varsity Gymnastics. Ass't Football Coach. MRS. ANN GARCIA-Spanish l,ll,lV, Foreign Exchange. Opera- tion "Ayuda" MRS. ROSE MARIE GERDISCH French l.ll. French Club lRoll- ing Nleadowsi. - MR. KENNETH GRAMSW General Business. Typing l,lI, Ass't Varsity Basketball Coach. Freshman Football Coach. MR. VALDIS GRANTS German Il, Russian I.Il,llI.lV, German Club. MRS. HELEN GRA VES -Office Occupations. Business English, 0.0. Club. MISS GINNY GRA Y Biology. Physical Science. MRS. MILDRED HALE-Freshman and Sophomore Girls' Phys- ' ical Education, MR. DA VID L. HA NKE-Algebra l.ll. Geometry. MR. THOMAS HANSEN-U,S. History. Latin American History. MR, CHARLES T HARRINGTON- General Business, Division Head of Practical Arts, V llx QR. Y if K lisa: . AS' Us i .QA 2 s 'AZ 'A' l l il 5 . 'Z bib Q- el was 'w--ps MRS. LUCILLES. HARTER-French II.Ill. MRS, COLLEEN HEIMBERGER tnot picturcdj. Study Hull Supervisor. MR. RICHARD HEMME- C.W.A. MR. THOMAS HERRMANN-Advanced Literature and Compo- sition, Advanced Speech Director, National Forensics League. MR. ROBERTHODGE Art I.ll.Ill.lV, MISS JAN HOELSCHER-American Literature. Composition I. Literature I. MR. KEN HOLLIDA Y Psychologist, MRS. LA VONE HOLT-English Literuture Survey. hnglish Lit- eruture I.Il. Expository Writing, World Literature, Montage Sponsor, Quill and Scroll. MR. WILLIAM C. HOLT-V Physics. Physical Science. MISS KA THERINE HOWE- French l.ll.lV. teachers utilize their time to keep up with the times l l Mr. Grants und ti substitute teacher cuteh up on thc world situation by Mr. Wrrllmdrl and Mrs. Olson enjoy their conference period with a i reading the newspaper. cup of coffee and an entertaining conversation. 5593" W .,...i l I .1 l 'culty MRS, PHYLLIS HURLEY -Librarian. Library Club. MRS, MARY HUYCK lnot picturedj. Math. Algebra I and II, Geometry. MRS. DOLORESJENSEN-Nurse. MRS. SUSAN KA INEG Sociology. Social Psychology. MR. MERVILLE KANE-'C.W.T., General Woods. General Power Mechanics. MR. LENDELL W, KING-Concert Band, Girls' Glee Club. Har- mony and Arranging Assistant, Marching Band, Concert Choir. Symphonic Band. MR. RANDALL KNA UEL Psychologist. MR. RANDALL KNUDSEN -Modern Literature. Illinois Litera- ture. American Literature, Composition Skills. MRS. LORRAINE LAING-tnot pieturedj. Study Hall Supervisor. MRS. BETTY LARSON- tnot picturedj, Biology. MR, SCOTT LEBIN -Acting, Drama, Speech. Thespiuns. Drama Club. MR, LEONA RD LEBO VITZ- Physical Science. faculty openly join Mr. Calisch expresses his feelings toward the Christmas spirit as hangs a creative card in the Humanities Center. 'tty - 1 Aa , if gf' .4 . fe'f5 "f L f in the fun with students Miss Matthews teaches camp song with gestures to the Girls' Leaders on their camp-out in October to Wisconsin. T T " 'fa QOAKV 'M faculty L . . . -. ..T"""' Z.-.,'ww-".::: 1 Ov n .. at fn .25-1 , , ggi I J jk ?' I Qttsvsgfi ' . ?1?.ifi'J.1ff MRS. MARGARET M. LeFEB VRE Homemaking I. Junior. Sen- ior Clothing. Clothing I. MR. SAMUEL J. LEOPARDO US. History. Economics. MISS DOROTHY LEWIS-'U.S. History. Afro American History. East Asian History. MRS. SANDRYA LINK-H.E.R.O. Coordinat0r,Home Decorat- ing, Homemaking I. Foods. MR. ROBERTLORENZ Industrial Education. MISS BONNIE LOUFEK American Literature I.ll. American Literature Survey. ALCO. Oral Communications. MR. NORMANLOVELACE Physical Education. MR. MEL VIN MACK-tnot picturedj. Police Counselor. MR. D. A. MAJKA -Physical Science. Key Club. MISS BETTY L. MATTHEWS-Inot picturedh. Girls' Physical Education. Girls' Leaders Club. Girls' Leaders. MR. JOHN MAZUREK-Literature I. Composition I. Crcativc Writing. teachers share their free periods with students Mr. Britton Farroh and student match their mathematical minds over a game of chess while other interested students look on. Iacult y 95 MR. JAMES MCNITT Geometry. General Mathematics. Essen- tial Mathematics. MR. JOHN W. MOORE- Biology. Assistant Wrestling Coach. MR. RICHARD MUDGE-tnot pieturedi. District Driver Training. MISS MARSHA NOBLE American Literature l.ll. Advanced Literature. Composition. MISS MARGARET NOLAND Composition I. Literature I. Hu- manities. MR. THOMAS E. O'DRISC'OLL-Director ol' Pupil Personnel Services. MR. ALVIN J. OLSON-Physical Science Non-Terminal. MRS. MARJORIE OLSON-A Latin l.ll.lIl.lV. Division Head ol' So- cial Sciences and Foreign Languages. MR, THOMAS ORGANV Distributive Education. Consunter Prob- lems. Marketing. D.E. Club. MR. DA VID J. OSWALD--Independent Study ol' Audio Visual Techniques. Director ol' A.V. Services. A.V, Club. MISS CAROLYN OTTE- Biology, Zoology-Botany. Pom-Pon Squad. MR. ALAN OTTO- Driver's Education. Physical Education. MRS, ANN OTZEN World History. MR. PHILLIP .l. PARDUN Algebra l. Mathematics. Aquatics Club. MR. WILLIAM PARMENTIER tnot picturedj. Physical Educa- tion, Varsity Basketball Coach. MR. LARRY PEDDY!Physical Education. MR. RICHARD R. PENLEY C.W.T.. Assistant Dramatics Director. MR. JOHN S, PETERS- Freshman Biology. Zoology-Botany. En- vironmental Control Club tlicology Clubj. MR. DARWIN R. PETERSON Advanced Literature. Composi- tion, Oral Communications. Assistant Debate Coach. MR, DOUGLAS E. PETERSON-Humanities. Symphonic Band. Orchestra. Concert Band. Beginners' Band. Cadet Band. .lan Band. MR. NEAL C. PETERSON-Physical Science. Earth Science. As- sistantTennis Coach, MR. .IERALD PHILLIP-Counselor. Sophomore Class Sponsor. MISS JA NET PLA NZ-C.W.A.. English. Sociology. 96 fa ulty 5514? . .1- S 3 E. . vv 6 . sf -5 .fm 1 .t Mamas 9.3- ks MR. T. POROWSKI- Physical Science. MR. RONALD PRIESSIGV Geometry, Algebra, Essential Math. MR. JOSEPH PRENDERGAST fReading l-'ilm Study. J.R.R. Tol- kien Society. MR. JAMES PROW Counselor, C.W.A. tCo-ordinatorl. MR. MORRIS PUMPHREY Space Science. Physical Science. MR. RONALD A. RABEN' 'Advanced Literature. Composition. Oral Communications, Play Production, Drama Club. MR. HERBERTRANGL --German l,ll,lll, MR. GEORGE M. REA T --American Problems, World Geography. U.S. History. Golf Sponsor, MR. ROBERT REES Algebra l. Advanced Algebra l.ll, lisscn- tial Math. l-'rush-Soph Cross Country. faculty takes an interest in student activities Mr. Joseph Wellman displays the lacultys school spirit as he is swept up by thc enthusiasm of surrounding Grenadiers. nl , , Clif x-,H A mischievous cameraman is caught taking pictures of Mrs. Otncn and her student group on their trip to Spain last spring. faculty 97 98 facul MRS. FA YE E. REID Child Care. l-'amily Meals, Homemaking I, H MISS SUE RENDE4Typing llI.lV, Office Practice. Data Pro- cessing. Pep Club. 5"-1' fb' tus, 52.5. MR. THOMAS RIFE- Sociology. MISS KAREN RITT Literature l. Composition l. English l.iter- ature Survey. MR. RODNEY ROGERS Advanced Literature and Composition, Speech. Varsity Debate Coach. 4' YS! MRS, LA URIE ROSSI -Literature I. Composition I. Ski Club. Ski Racing Team. MR. KEN RUNDQUIST Geometry. Advanced Math, Varsity Ten- nis Coach. Freshman Basketball Coach. MR. L YNN SA LIER-Counselor. .Iunior Class Sponsor. MISS JUDITH SA W1CKIlMrs. Paul Bentleyj English Literature I.II. English Literature Survey. Journalism I.Il.llI.lV. Guardian Sponsor. Quill and Scroll. 1 4 J ' teachers work with students to further knowledge Mr. Robert Hodge and Candy MeCafl'ery earelully center a poster for printing lor this years Fall Play Corrie Blow Your Horn. l l ly I .' ' 'Z 5 . .ily ,, ..- - . . I ,cs E A S .Q .ig 'K "wiv fi LHS wil A , .mi f isi s. v.- A -.. 1' l"X MR, ROBERTSCHELLENBERG World History l. MR, DONALD SCHNAKE lnol picturcdh. Physie Varsity Football Coach. MRS. HA NA SCHWITSK Y- Special Education. Sociology. al Education. MRS. KATHERINE SHERMAN-Advanced Accounting. Begin- ning Accounting. Typing, F.T.A. MR. LOWELL SIMMER SIS Coordinator. MRS. JUDY SKJORDAHL-Accounting, Typing Secretaries. MISS VIRGINIA L, SMITH -Physical Education. MR. DOMINICSPARACINO-Chemistry. MR. VERNON E. STAHNKE-Teacher Coordinato tive Education, D.O,. H.0.0.. H.D.E.. D,O, Club. MR. DONALD STEINER-Social Counselor. l.II. Future r of Coopera- faeulty enjoys time with students and each other Miss Polly Brothers domesticates Mr. Randall Knudsen by showing him how to dry dishes before their marriage in January. ,poi 1... .L .-.M Mrs. Lefebvre gives her student, Peggy Hendricks. a helping hand with the linishing touches ol' her home economics sewing projec l. faculty 99 MR. BARRY L. STOUGHTON Freshman Algebra. Sophomore Geometry. F.T.A. MR. ROBERT STRAUB -Algebra. Geometry. Essential Math. Assistant Swimming Coach. MR. HARRYSWENS0NAChoral Music. Harmony and Arranging. Modern Music Masters. MRS, JUDITH A. TAYLOR Girls' Physical Education. Cheer- leading Sponsor. MISS MARILYN THA CKER-Knot picturedl, Algebra l.ll. Geometry. Essential Math. Geometry Speculation MR. RA YMOND 0. THIBODEA U -Advanced Math, Probability. Algebra. MR. ROBERT D. TIPSWORD Leader's Il. Division Head of Physical Education. MR. MICHAEL A. TITRE -Physical Science. Physics. MISS ELIZABETH TRIMBLE Library. MR. DA VID A. TR L-'ELSON Biology. Ecology Club lCo-sponsorl. MR. JACOB D. TURBA N- Math. MR, RICHARD L. URQUIZA-Spanish l.ll.IlI. MR, JAMES F. WALKER --Art l.ll.IIl.IV. Humanities. Art Club Film. MRS. LORETTA WALKER-Orchesis, Physical Education. MRS. JEAN PRICE WEA VER -Girls Adaptive Physical Educa- tion. Dance l. Freshman Physical Education. Rolling Mea- dows Cheerleaders. Badminton Coach. Equestrian and Aqua- tics ClubtCo-sponsorl, .' MR.JOSEPH WELLMAN Sociology. MR. RA Y M. WELLS Spanish. Pan Language Club. MR. JIM WENDLER-Physical Education, Varsity Track. As- sistant Football. MR. EDWARD G. WHITCOMBE Special Education. MR. GEORGE WHITTIER Power Mechanics. MR. GERALD L. WOOLARD tnot picturedl, Biology. I00 fi ulty at ' 5 X 'ary - . 5' Z Q 'Xt Q ,-ff" ,Lf Main Ojfce Mrs. Beale Carey, Mrs, Evelyn Gallis. Mrs. Ruth Wohl- Mrs. Mary Louise Schmehl, Mrs. Lillian Norman, Mrs. Neta Little. ford, Mrs. Janet Amendola. Mrs. Jayne Henry. Mrs. Pearl Walter. Mrs. Sandra Forringer. secretarles assist both students and faculty at e The 0lfiCC SCCF6l11flCS Und those working l'0V U10 The division-head secretaries, besides working for the division heads have completely different jobs. Secretaries division iieiidm kggp busy making up 13515, ordering books, in the front office work for the administration as well as stamping Cxiiii reading books for the various departments, l'OF the SUIUCIWIS- The! UPU and Ulkc INCSSUSCS and make and mimeographing all other materials teachers may need. out report cards fOr lhlf Stl-ld0HlS. They UFC ift Chllfgti of The division heads depend upon their secretaries to make mailroom. switchboard, and computer room. They prepare and answer calls, coordinate teacher programs, and keep tickets l'OV llll the SCh00l'S CXULITCUFNCUIHF events lmd the divisions running. These women work only when school take attendance. These secretaries work full-time, even is in session, The jobs of the two groups are dillerent, during the summer months. but equally necessary and important. Division Secretaries Front Row: Mrs. Terry Scopa, Mrs. Marguerite Back Row: Mrs. Dorothy Curtis, Mrs. Doris McWherter. Mrs. Grace Johnson, Mrs. Joan Morrison, Mrs. Rita Celin, Mrs. Alice I-lanrahan: Werner, Mrs. Irene Berger, Mrs. Susan Doyle. Q? el fa 'u ty ...- qv: nxgg-,N f lv, f ,l l .X I I l , it ff, x V, y nt. M, aff x l, 4 , :3-1 1 . 'Nm-vrs 4 V 1, N .ix je ll 7 dxisw' Janitors: Front Row: Mr. Ken Wieh. Mr. Chet Hannes. Mr, Bernie Rungeg Baek Row: Mr. John Kingsley. Mr, Bo Lysien. Mr. .lames Andrew, Mr. Bill Canar. Mr. John Nelson janitors and supervisors help keep eg in shape Throughout the sehool year, Elk Grove needed many repairs. The men who were responsible lor keeping the school in good shape were the janitors, Among their re- sponsibilities were eleaning the cafeteria, fixing faulty heating systems, and cleaning up alter pep rallies. All in all. they kept EG in good running order. Supervisors: Front Row: Mrs. Fran Hansen, Mr. Bill Sharp. Mrs. Lorraine Laing: Back Row: Mrs. Colleen Heimherger IOZ janitors, supervisor Elk Grove's administration added two new instruc- tional assistants to the stall' ol study hall supervisors. Study hall supervisors were put in eharge ol' students coming in and out of study halls while the two new assist- ants were assigned to the gym locker rooms to proteet against petty thievery and drug use. Mr. Bill Canar. eustodial assistant. helps keep the sehool in shape by removing milk erates from the cafeteria after luneh. ,,,,,.. -lla ,.fv'- 3 'TEST Q29 of-vs ll ea was 3 5 ki 5 ' .. K i 3 his e it 3771 f -1 1 f Q it Q "fL t. K Q ijlii ' i Q , Ee: V' 4 1 . I. ' l ' . ,. x Ma.,-ft . . t . at T 7 Cafeteria Help: Front Row: Mrs. Eleanor Limberg. Mrs. Dorothy Nils- son, Mrs. Maryanne Waldbillig. Mrs. Helen Knoblauch: Row 2: Mrs. Ann Reagan, Mrs. Gertrude Wille, Mrs. Theresa Browning. Mrs. Mary Soutar: Row 3: Mrs. Violet Consigny. Mrs. Helen Miller. Mrs. Evelyn cafeteria help prepares Mrs. Margaret Archbold and Mrs. Gertrude Wille clean up the kitchen after a typical day of serving faculty and students. i fl' 2 Sicgbahn, Mrs. Grace Geiger, Mrs, Eleanor Celrahamg Back Row: Mrs. Margaret Archbold. Mrs. Nancy Banach. Mrs. Lucy Hagstrom, Mrs. Dorothy Radais. Mrs. Nancy Voss. Mrs. Claudia Pemberton food for eg7s grenadiers This year the cafeteria help at Elk Grove was kept busy serving almost 500 students and teachers per half- hour lunch. A total of 2095-2775 students, teachers, and administrators were served daily. The average daily count was 2467. Students and teachers were served by twenty- one employees, who worked more than a combined total of l I0 hours per day. To make their jobs easier, the cafeteria help planned menus on a five-week cycle throughout the school year so as to give teachers and students a wider variety of food choice. These menus were based on both student and teacher preferences. Data for these preferences were based on the number of meals bought on a given day. The menu was readjusted every five weeks so that seasonal foods could be used and new foods tried. The cafeteria help had a small problem in the begin- ning of the year when some state aid was withdrawn and the price of milk had to be raised to meet the deficit caused by the withdrawal. Because many complained about the price rise, the administration decreased the price, to the benefit of those who used l280 cartons of milk daily. cafe ieria I03 I -..- ffi, , VY 'Vi 5 , EY QQ A su " ! 'vm WA. Y w Bc, ,, 5, ,Amy Aff' , wwf-Qu+ g : 1,:?, '- tg , w 3.4 -1' Q K . - 'Ei . ' , F , Y f ' K Q f'- A, F 2'-.F f xl J, K-4? S774 '41, W5Wff? WvL, ' it, gh ,, V, 5:3 , 2 M4 .' I 1 S f - -1: ' 5. J! ix 5-alt!! ,i 9 A, v- tj rg ff f 6 9 A 9 ' FQ , Q ' w 1fg?fQu,3E3v: + "'f5I':"'5'A"W':.M3i1?,'y'x, . .H sl Z4 V, W .egg -4 ' " 5?-1 W 5.555 nm' ' 1,7 , VA , , an 5 f I ' SE? M 53555 i gf f 3, H 'f:i'?L,, ' 1' 1 ' J V' 3, Wi . gf, - , , Q ,' V' if , u Q . 1 3 gig ,fn .' 1 . E ,, .. -4 K , f i X Gffr 'ff .'sT"'3'A'1v '- 5 A 3:.,.x1..n-ff-H:g55"u'3egEI Y P T- 1 Q'k""! ?j1Q'kxo,5 Q, 'il-..,,x 4 Mwmii, ' jf " 5 5 i ' 1' z:LA,iiPiz2??t' A X i E W,- , AA!! .f..f JQ "1 .4 4 A -2' t 4:2 ,iq i, , ,. 1 JV' ssl: f G 0. 1 nuff", :lift , ,. f 9.11 fx: if ir. A 9: . , ,,, ' 4 'iff T 1 I xi' 3 'W' ' Y q x f-. -"f2f',L,,,- .. ,,, 1 ' gy -S. . ' M, "J 5' -K4 fx "KN ' '5 Q'3'kggf'm 44 .W ,, g ,'- ,ie W r ,F K 'K F s'9-'4l,ai"-' Q? I' 'Elf-ffrxkv Qgygg., ' 3,5 , 2, 5.5- 5 1 lg, ' ,ff H. Y ' 2 ' wa , Xml wa is. -1 I ,Q . ,4 l sg .. . 5 4 , ,a ,.,, ,M . ,'fx' Q' f? " .1-5351. 'J , ,,Q in f, ,, YA: -'V , ,L ' M' fi I HQ A Nw fi 5 .E Z 45 I 0 ., V 1' i ' QW!-. a , Q ww , ,wig W A, , 5 5,11 .1 Q 3 '- 1 1 , :sig px 521.21 ' g",1 W ' 3 4. Q ' , f f ' if . Y -' I 'lf V Fi. - say' f' ns 1 r ' L avi 3, 9 4 - ff - ' -Q 4 ' 5 M f ' Q , , 4-15" Q is Sfwf " 'g " 5 A I gl 1' i"- + -. - 5 ' 3 2 5 f f'f,'ifj .i,s1ywi .f K+, , 1 . 5 diff 1.1 " - , ,f 5 p' . 1 - x 0 .Q Ji "3 3, Q s' 7 'E' ' ii' J - ii ii fx - if 'F , , Y Q r . F 5, inn xv -x 3 , .,L .,'1.1w1 -2, 11 - QUL S. yr if A 5 Q A ,M , 5 4. lr Q s lv 3 W2 QW? I i bk X V 4 5 Q35 - J if if W.-wfwww.-in M ' ' , ."::,..,m.M.f,,Q,.a: f 'N , M U 1 -1-'fm - ,J f ' ?r':z:FM4a: . fs 51 5 Ji ' f 5333 5' Qfsffi' 5 ' ' . 1: -fa , 3' M' Y if A.,-vvii 47 fi + Ned-fhbE,,',I .. ' .V f"""' x,,.34k E , ,L-Q51 activities . sports . . academics sharing activities brings elk grove together fn g ,. 4 K P fx 1 .gk ' at 5 f , 3 e.- - ' ',.,i 1 l Sweetheart Grace Gahalla proudly reigns over her regiment. --....:::.,-N A Howe 571: .ff 0 4 'Q N, ' s Q :,...x 1 ll., Q W, 5 "twig-A . ,,. V ., 'Y " .- 2' , . M 'D' .ax - t 1- N' Xe ,, L 'iii Av , 2 '- M I V swf .3 ff. Health Career members anxiously await the start of the parade. l 1970 homecoming is the best yet at eghs Though tackled hard, our lighting Grenadier holds on. Kathy Knopf and George Schmidt enjoy themselves at La Fete. i l l l t l homecoming l07 1969 Homecoming Queen, Kathy Ellery, crowns Grace Gahalla, Queen Grace and escort Luke Wolanski take the traditional Qucen's walk. excited grens await the homecoming festivities. Members of the Homecoming Court are honored during Coronation. IOB homecoming Homecoming was a special time of the year for all students at Elk Grove. Everyone was tense and excited during Spirit Week. Students flauntcd buttons. grubby jeans. and sweatshirts. They worked hard on floats to repre- sent different clubs and organizations. Then everything was ready for the beautiful setting of the coronation. Grace Gahalla, chosen as the l970 Homecoming Queen of Elk Grove. was escorted by Grenadier Luke Wolanski. The coronation took place on October lo in the beautifully decorated school gymnasium. Students waited with antici- pation in the darkened gym for the announcement of the queen. who represents the sweetheart of Elk Grove. Other members of the court included Maureen Dyrsch, escorted by Neil Nogag Karen O'Leary, escorted by Jim Ottingeri Kathy Severns. escorted by Charles Hadley: and Diane Stefanos, escorted by Orlando Fernandez. Dan Martin had the honor of escorting the l969 Queen. Cathy Ellery. After the coronation. the Homecoming Parade began at 2:00 P.M. Colorful floats carrying different club mem- bers all participated in this festive event. The success of this parade was the result of cooperation of both students and faculty at Elk Grove High School. 'H , Queen Grace and her court reign over the Homecoming Parade. Leaders lend their Tigers to the team during the parade. Equestrian Club saddles up for the parade through Elk Grove. After decorating its ear, Drama Clubjoins in the parade, Yearbook staff "books a win" for the mighty Grenadiers. ,. 5- is t Excitement grows in the Grens as they prepare for the parade. O O s . Queen Grace Gahalla and her court, Maureen Drysch. Kathy Severns, Diane Stefanos. and Karen Oleary. watch excitedly as Varsity pushes to victory. elk grove has a victorious homecoming On October lo. Grenadiers won their I'irst Home- coming game when Elk Grove played the Forest View Fal- cons and beat them with a score ol' 26-l-l. Throngs ol' students crowded the bleachers to cheer the Grens on to the Homecoming victory. the lirst in EGHS history. From the very beginning of the game until half-time. Elk Groves defense held strong against the Falcons. The score was I6-O. Junior Frank Tauscher scored first by Tom Warkentin and Dave Guastaferri rush the quarterback. 110 homecoming collecting quarterback Neal Noga's 41-yard pass. In the second hall' ol' the game. Senior Dave Hilder- brand also scored on a 3-yard pass lrom quarterback Noga. Points were also tallied with a safety, an lti-yard lield goal by Sophomore Gary Adams. The final touchdown was scored bv Tauscher on a 9-yard run. By this team participation and student spirit. EGHS proved ability and loyalty as it proved its mettlc against its rival lfalcons. Cold but excited. students watch the mighty Grenadiers. ,pr l P " Q I Cindy King and alumnus Mark Lichter are inspired by La Fete. the spirit of victor The traditional La Fete dance was held on October I7 at 8:00 P.M. The dance completed all the festive Home- coming activities and again, as always, was a huge success. To set the mood ol the dance, hard-working Pep Club members decorated the gym beautifully with dim lights and green and white streamers. These streamers accented arches through which the Queen and her court entered. Then the l969 Queen, Cathy Ellery, escorted by Dan Queen Grace and her escort Luke are presented at La Fete. . L? ff-lf' .' ' " 'R Seniors Jeri DeCarlo and Mike Thomey plan to sit this one out. lingers through la fete Martin, joined the new l97O Queen Grace Gahallu and her escort, Luke Wolanski, in dancing the Queen's dance. Other couples joined in to dance to music provided by the "Velvet Glove" for the rest ol' the evening. Refreshments were then ready in the balcony. Along with the students ol' lilk Grove. many alumni returned to share memories ol' high school days. Home- coming oncc again reunited past and present members. Couples are able to view La Fete from the gym balcony. homecoming lll junior class presents Htime for us" Z- 5 o , V 'bfi 4: 2 ...A ' ,wllv A-4 as Q X f 1 "1 . Q Upon entering the prom. couples tote for queen und king und receive their bids. .i f Elk Grove High School's lourth ttnnuul prom. "A Time lor Us" wus held on Fri- day. May 22. 1970. from nine to midnight ut Chevy Chuse Country Club. Upon entering the prom. the couples voted lor the King und Queen. Alter voting. euch couple received its bid. The evening was spent dancing to the music ol' the Tony Mikols Quintet. chatting with friends. or making speciul wishes in the wishing well. Honored guests ut the Prom included Mr. und Mrs. Huskell. Mr. und Mrs. Furris. Mr. und Mrs. Fyle. und Mr. und Mrs. Aldrich. The excitement ol' the evening reuchcd its peuk when Jim Cumphousc und Terry Morris were crowned King und Queen. Members ol' their 1970 Prom Court were Jimmy .lones. Dennis Rambo. Gene Pindcr. John lflesch. Muribeth .lohnston. Peggy Olson. Kathy Serges. und Wendy Berns. The Sophomore pages were Sue Keegan. Dennis Fisher. Chuck Curroll. und Lisa Cztin. Fol- lowing eoronution was the Queens dunee. executed to the tune "A Time for Us," The .lunior Class dedicated the Prom. "A Time lor Us." to the graduttting eluss ol' 1970. At Junior-Senior Prom. held on Muy 22. young couples dunee dreumili to the music provided by the Tony Mikols Quintet. gin 1-1 112 prom kv w A ,., I g l vt' , r VT: 4 , . 'V f-. .-' ! King Jim Cumphouse crowns the Queen. Terry Morris, Bob Woods. Mel Grculhousu. und dates make wishes for Ll wonderful evening. 1970 Prom court: Jimmy Jones. Dennis Rambo. Gene Pindcr. John QUUCU Turn Nlllfflw P11305 Chuck CLIFTON und l-N1 Cllifl- Nlllflbflll Flesch, pages Sue Keegan und Dennis lfisher. King .lim Cumphouse. Johnston. Pegg Olson. Kathy Serges. Wendy BCFFIS. awe '1 fem. ea prom ll3 class of 370 is first to attend e all four years Valcdiclorian VLIICLIICIOFILIII Salulainrian Shcilah Bernard Linda llolslu .Ianics Dcan G.R.A. I lSccrular5J. Porn-Pon Squad 3,-I. lnnliiinlual Spcucli 2.3. Ci,R.A. I.2.3. N.ll.S, IJOUIIXIII I. WFCNIIINS I Wlilllilyfl' Il- l'I'CSIl' -I-scnicslur honor pin. 7-sumcslcr honor 2.3.4 lil-l'Cllhlll'CI' -ll. lilllll Club 2.3 lVicc- man Shoiwasc I. l'alI Play 3. Conlul Plax pin. Crcalivc Writing Club I. Spanish Club president 33. l.alin Cum l.amlc' Awarcl 2. 3.-I. Individual Speech 3.-I, Nl-.l. 3.4. Ya- 2.3. Pep Club 2.3. N.ll1S. 3.-I lSUCl'UlLll'j 43. German Rilu Award 3. Girls' Cilcc Club 3. ricly Show -I. Spanish Rilu .-Xnaril. N.ll.S. 2. Pan Language Club -I. l.l-A. lforcign Lx- Senior Choir -I ISccrclar5-Truasurcrl. 3.-I. -I-wcmcslcr honor pin. 7-NCIIICNICI' cI1angcS1udcnl-l. Equcsirian Club 3.-I ll,l'ChlllClIl 31. N.l-.l.. honor pin. History Rilc Auaril. liraiua Club 3. Madrigals -I. Slalc Singing Conlcsl -I. 4- 3.-I. .lI1!lHlllllfL' -I. Sludcnl Council 4 Il'rusi- scmcsicr honor pin. 7-scnicslcr honor pin. LICHI-II. The selections ol' lhc Elk Grovc High School Choir rcllcci lhc solcninily ol' lhu occasion. Graduates wail paliunlly lor ilicir diplomas. gmduaiion I I5 Qu.- Kuthy Severns und Charles Hadley are thc focus ol' all eyes. Seniors Guy le Jackson and her date Dave Hilderhrund smile warmly. ' C 6 ' ' 7 7 all four classes enjoy White lace and promises Junior attendant Cindy Delvlares is escorted by Drive Chernaek. Sophomores Tim Hurley and Nancy Hess glow with enthusiasm. uf wg Freshman Mary Houldsworth readies herself for the Winter Ball. Juniors LaTroy Driver and Scott Eckert-iuiri festivities. 5 E fi E . I Ifv uinter festival J Senior Nancy Lunak is escorted by Alumnus Larry Nelson. Carol Baiardo smiles as she pins on John Desmond's boutonniere. winter festival highlightsjanuary for grens Queen Kathy Scverns reigns over her court ol' Grenadiers. .48 "White Lace and Promises" was the title of the Winter Festival in January. Queen Kathy Severns, escorted by Charles Hadley. reigned over her court, consisting of Sen- ior attendant Gayle Jackson with her escort Dave Hilder- brand: Junior attendant Cindy DeMares with her escort Dave Chernack: Sophomore attendant Nancy Hess with her escort Tim Hurley: and Freshman attendant Mary Houlds- worth with her escort Jim Abb. Kathy was the first queen to be crowned under the soft lights of a gazebo. Senior class members used Hweir ingenuity in making the school gymnasium a winter wonderland. Outside in the foyer was a book with the words of the song "White Lace and Promises" inscribed upon it. Gaily decorated evergreen trees lit the way for couples entering the gym. lnside. Couples were able to talk with friends and dates as they sat at tables decorated with red and white carnations. The dance lasted from 8:00 P.M. to ll:00 P.lVl. a memorable three hours for all couples who L11- tended. Johnny Marlow and! his Orchestra provided the dance music for the couples. Alumni also returned to share this special evening with both dates and friends. Tradition was broken, however, when charms were given to the girls instead of bids. This winter festival, as were all others in the past, was an exciting and enjoyable evening for everyone who attended. winter fest qui 5. m-'497 -- I Quill and Scroll Front Row: Betsy Wesehe. John Bosslet. Cindy King, Janet Schorn. Dave Guastaferri: Row 2: Dee-Dee Stelanos. Linda MeGill. my Debby Olson, Sally Shaw, Miss Sawiekig Back Row: Jeri DeCarlo, Nancy Lunak. Kathy Franke. Bonnie Basell. Linda Swan elk grove students merit honor Diane NHS Front Row: Carolyn Crail. Karen Winner. Linda Teslik. Rasmussen. Susan Dean, Jim Cooney. Holly Hill. Diane Stelanos. Debbie Pleickhartg Row 2: Mrs. Huyek. Nancy Kueera. Mike Smith. Karen Sealy. Louise Seidl. Bonnie Baselt. Ron Sobon. Jim Proszek, Landy Fernandez. Gayle Jackson: Row 3: Kristofer Borgius. Roberta Jay. Shelia Quinn. Cindy DeMares. Jeff Sronkoski. Ann Tobin, Janet Loreh. Linda Darge. Peggy Gihisch. Nancy Lunakg Row -lg Donna Farner. Tom Siewert. William DLiem, Gary Proehl. Al Milsos. Mark Greenberg, Diana Neubcrt. Mike Kinng Back Row: Anne Sittig. Jim Oltinger, Jim Abb. John Artemenko. John Deering. Chuck Hanrahan. David Cherniek, Fred Klink, Michael Braundn. Nick Adams ll and scroll. nhs Sludenl Council Front Row: Shelly Pazlol, Suzan Keegan, Diane Stefanos, Landy Fernandez. Chuck Carroll, Grace Gahalla. Perry Kroes. Mr. Aldrichg Row 2: Kim Kaczor, Kathy Klopp. Bev Fink, DeVota Austin, Debbie Gengler. Joan Mitniek, Myke Romano. Laura Camodeca. Tina Stefanos, Linda Latone: Row 3: Terry Gleason. Kim Meinsen. Liz Bicego. Ellen Blue, Kathi Meyer. Laura Conter, Jayme Nicholas. Annette junior proves to be This was a revolutionary year for the Student Council at Elk Grove. For two months the Student Council found itself without a president when Vince Bono resigned. Then Vice-President Chuck Carroll was officially appointed as the Student Council President and the council later ap- pointed Landy Fernandez as Vice-President. Special Council activities included a school calendar, the organization of Homecoming week, the V-Show, a mixer. and a debate on the popular issue of lowering the flag to hall mast while American soldiers are in Vietnam. However, the student body voted against lowering the flag. The seventy members of National Honor Society were initiated last spring in a ceremony held in the Little Theater. During October each member added to the spirit of Homecoming by selling Elk Grove pennants. Another initiation that took place in the spring was the Quill and Scroll Banquet. Held at the ltasca Country Club, the thirty members were initiated in a candlelight ceremony. Both organizations had no regular meetings. Members of both groups received honorary pins, Scrges. Jackie Fahn, Karen Hagemeyer, Carla Saffg Row 4: Linda Rose Mary Murphy, Lynn Flugardl, Shelia Quinn, Andie Kereluk. Janet Loreh Larry Turner, Gail Omelusik: Back Row: Karen O'Leary, Dan Beal Scott Seholten, Luke Wolanski, Jim Abb. Tony Seda. Tom Villars Bob Novak. Jim Romano successful president Student Council members listen and discuss current topics. student council ll9 Q The east ol' the Variety Show poses in front ol' their geodesic dome as they take time out from building the set. cz day in the life uses a multi-media approach Elk Grove's Variety Show. A Dat' in the Life, fol- lowed characters Jack and .Ianet through one day and then throughout their lives. The show ranged from birth to childhood. through middle age. and finally to death and rebirth. The show was staged on March 25. 26. and 27 in the Little Theater, The V-Show employed a multi-media approach in order to communicate with the audience. Many dramatic sketches were leatured, interspersed with acts. Slides and motion pictures provided a backdrop lor the show. Faculty members joined the cast to play adult roles in the acts and perform as musical features. Construction began early on a white geodesic dome. lourteen leet high, built in the center ol' the stage. ln- cluded as props were ramps leading to the dome from off stage. Students wrote the show with help lrom Director Mr. Gerald David. The assistant director was Ann Tobin: busi- ness manager was Kathy Tansey. and the technical di- rector was John Campbell. The show was choreographed by Dee-Dee Stefanos and orchestrated by Bill Delotis. A Dai' in the Life was quite a day in the lives ol' all who saw it. 7 show Mr, Joseph Prendergast strums the guitar NFL Front Row: Holly Hill, Mike Smith, Chuck Hanrahang Row Two: Mr. Herrmann. Mike Condylisg Top Row: Kathy Godlewski, Mary .lon- gleux. Karen Evensen. Donna Farner key club confronts National Forensics League is an honor organization for active members in Debate and Individual Events. Students were accepted into the NFL organization after they had earned twenty-five speaker points by partici- pating in various speech or debate tournaments. Speaker points were determined by the difficulty and work involved. Individual Events members participated in seven in- vitational tournaments and the District competition on February 13. Debate teams participated weekly in invita- tionals at novice, junior varsity. and varsity levels, winning neatly three-fourths of their debates. Key Club Front Row: John Artemenko, Tom Baumstark, Chris Lesniak, Mark Greenbergg Second Row: Ron Sobon, Mr. Majka, Jim Proszekg O ?' mg: W K wa.- , ... n , o 1. ...of' C . S Kim Simon examines NFL trophies on display in the foyer. mmunit problems By the end of the year, approximately twenty new members were accepted into the organization. Speech participants and coaches worked hard to strengthen speech activities at Elk Grove. Many people in our society sit back and discuss the problems of today. Key Club did more than talk: they acted and confronted the problems before they became more serious. Key Club is a service organization that benefits needy students and members of the community. Much of their work went unnoticed because publicizing their activities would be embarrassing to the recipient. Third Row: Michael Walsh, Rich Martinek, Gordon Quick, John Bossletg Top Row: John Ford, Jeffery Kob, Jim Cooney. Nick Adams, Greg Dziem wear' A J Drama Club Front Row: Mr. Raben. Fran Gorman, Corinne Reeder. Diana Neubert, Mr. Lebin: Row 2: Terri Rauner. Mary Kay Fisher, Kathy Gurnaek. Sue Kelly. Kim Kohl, Starlette Fruilt, Kim Simon: Row 3: Kyleen Wilson, Ellen Gianaris, Valaric Thompson. Pam Stoehr. Leslie drama club plays an impo The National Thespian organization is an honorary Club which honors outstanding members and awarded the National Thcspian trophy at its annual banquet at Itasca Country Club. Persons who participated in drama productions re- ceived points toward joining the National Thespian organ- ization. The points were awarded to any student who worked in a management position or on the cast or stage Thespiuns Front Row: Cindy Moran, Mary Campbell, Kim Simon, Ellen Gianarisg Row 2: Mr. Lebin, Kim Kohl, Corinne Reeder. Kathy Gurnack, Neubert, Dorothy Jovanovich, Mary Campbell: Row 4: Sue Brandt. Linda Wood, Doug Leland. Kathy Brooks. John Campbell. Sharon Zobel. Cindy Moran: Top Row: Judy Culver. Rieh Rucinski. Rocky Gilmore. Dean Bastouncs, Wendy Watson, Don Reily. Nadine Marcheschi, Kathy Tansey rtant part in eg's plays crew. A total of 150 points was the minimum lor any Thespian member. Drama Department sponsored three plays this year. Come Blow Your Horn and D0n't Drink the Water, fall and winter plays, were comedies: and Once Upon a Mal- Iresxr, presented in the spring, was a musical. Mr. Raben directed the winter play, and Mr. Lebin directed the fall and spring plays. Mr. Raben, Top Row: Judy Culver, Rich Rucinski, Dean Bastounes, Diana Nuebert, Fran Gorman, Kathy Tansey .-.4 come blow your horn Alan Baker . . Peggy Evans . Buddy Baker . . . Mr. Baker . . . Connie Dayton . . Mrs. Baker . . Aunt Gussie . . . Director ...... Assistant Director . . Technical Director . . Student Ass't Director Stage Manager ...,. . . . Jim Abb . . Kim Simon . . . Doug Leland . . . Dean Bastounes . . . Diane Neubert . . Mary Campbell . . . Judy Culver . . . Mr, Lebin . . Mr. Penley .. . . Mr. Raben Mary Kay Fisher Richard Rucinski "Do it right--cha-cha-cha, Tonight's the night--cha-cha-cha elk grove drama department blows its own horn "We're going to live together, love together. Fun and Sin!" "I'm very good at this. Now relax and try to forget the pictures Play I'm his mother , . . why would I kid about a thing like that?" An outstanding contemporary playwright is Neil Simon. His outstanding comedy. Come Blow Your Horn, was pre- sented to an enthusiastic Iilk Grove audience in November. l970. Set in the present in a bachelor apartment'in New York's East 60's, the play deals with problems ol' post- adolcscence and ol' young adulthood in a Jewish lamily. Both sons must cope with their overproteetive mother and conservative father. Responsible lor the play's success were Mr. Scott Lebin. Director: Mr. Richard Penley. Assistant Director: and Mr. Ronald Raben. Technical Director. Individual students contributed artwork, furnishings, time, and talent in building ol' sets and a professional job of acting. The Student Assistant Director was Mary Kay Fisher and the Stage Manager Richard Rueinski. Directors, actors. and stage crew helped make the play successful. Mother informs her husband, "Your son is going to get married." He answers sarcastically, however, with "No one tells me nothing!" "I wasjust in the neighborhood so I thought I'd say hello!" "What French girl? But who arranged such a thing?" fi Marion and Walter Hollander reminisce about the good old days. don't drink the water Father Drobney . . Ambassador Magee Kilroy ....... Axel Magee .... Marion Hollander Walter Hollander . Susan Hollander . Krojack ..... Burns ..... Chef ....... Sultan of Bashir . Sultan's First Wife Kasnar ...... Countess Bordoni . The Guard .... CAST three nights of comedy roek elk grove Elk Groves winter play, D0n't Drink the Water, was another hilarious comedy included in the drama season of l97l. lt was directed by Mr. Ronald Raben. assisted by Mr. Scott Lebin and Mr. Richard Penley. The three per- formances were on February l8, l9, and 20 in the Little Theatre. The play involved difficulties of escape for an Walter explains to Axel that they are just American tourists. I Z6 mer plav . Tom Hanrahan Dean Bastounes . . Wayne White . . Mike Parrillo . . Fran Gorman . . . Jeff Mclielvey M ary Kay Fisher . . . Doug Leland . . . Eddie Eldred . Scott Chapman . . Bill Cannon . . Terri Rauner Richard Rucinski . . . Susan Dean Chuck Hanrahan American family imprisoned behind the Iron Curtain after being accused as spies while taking pictures of a Com- munist air base. Its comic enjoyment resulted from rapid- fire delivery of lines and the effect that unique props and scenery had on the audience. Many props were donated by friends and families of the cast. Drobney says to Axel, "Pick a card. Go ahead, pick a card." 1 l 3 Q o ff. fi' J rw 3, E 5 Waller shouts. "Marion, come quickly! She's kissing the failure!" "Good evening. My name is Drobney, Father Drobneyf' Kilroy and Axel rush to answer the phone in the embassy, Chaos breaks out as the Sultan arrives earlier than expected winter play 127 sk 1 5 c 4 . 5 y WEL- . 553' .1-'Sm A ' . ' " ' , f Q 'Q w 1 -' - 5 ,,j'::5:5txa ,..,,.,. ,, N' , 455.9 ,.,,.L.,. .13 1 Q ::.:1:,A,:,.,: , . zzz , .9 C - .::-1:51:51 -vw in f4:::::2::nQ?iz .QQ 1 '15 w in 1 z 4 '41 x52 ' 1 l lnspcctor: "Why didn't you slccp in your bed the night ol' the niurderfi' nigh! m uslfa!! Director ..,... Technical Director Assistant Director Student Director . Mrs. Bramson . . Olivia Grayne . . Hubert Laurie . . Nurse Libby . . Mrs. Terence . . . Dora Parkoe , . . Inspector Belsize . Dan ......... Cast by emlyn williams , . . Scott l.ebin . Ronald Ruben Dianne Anderson . Mary Campbell . Kathy Gianaris Stephanie Faraey . Jell' McKclvey . . Kathy Brooks . . . Judy Culver Mary Kay l-'ishcr . Richard Berry Chuck Hanrahan 1970 spring play is dramals first murder mystery "A d' l " 7" ' ' l irty siiit wonders O ivia Grayne as she. Dora. Mrs. Terence. and Hubert examine the contents ol' the suitcase. -K -wiv wxmmuv w,ff.21:wf .. f W--ff Wf,-ffW . ge-3 f ,vfggu-pups, ffm Amazing skills are displayed by the Harlem Globetrotters. During game. two opposing players wait for the rebound. harlem globetrotters clown their wa to victor The lamous Harlem Globetrotters demonstrated their talent and ability while playing against the New Jersey Reds in a hilarious basketball game. The game took place on October 28 in EG's gym at 8:00 P.M. The evening was fun-filled for all those who attended. Both were pro teams: the Globetrotters, however, demonstrated their unique combination of humor and form to win the game. Another group of talented basketball players visited A player from EG attempts to make a long-distance basket. Elk Grove November I3 at 8:00 P.lVl. They were Texas Cowgirls, who played against volunteers lrom Elk Groves faculty and patrons. Much to the chagrin ol the Grenadiers. the girls l'rom Texas won. The Globetrotters game was a local activity which involved both community and school. The Cowgirls game, however, was sponsored by the Green and Gold Lights committee. a lund-raising organization to pay for our football lights. Mr. Guastadisegni and a Cowgirl dribble ball down the court. glob::trotters.eowgirls l3l Tri-M Front Row: Mr. Swenson, Camille Piraino, Dave Mollenkamp, Tom Kincaid, Linda Darge. Sheila Quinn. Linda Sealy. Carolyn Crailg Row 2: Lynn FitLgerald. Peggy Faracy, Donna Rakowsky, Heide Butler. Gcnnie Eldridge. Jan Marcusson. Ellen Gianaris. Debbie Kreischer. Scott Phillips, Bev Fink. Robin Hill: Row 3: Karen Sealy, Jeanne Brad- ley. Tina Vaccarello. Dave Herndon. Louise Seidl, Yvonne Powers, Steve Topp, Ruth Hufton. Norma Wagner. Cathi Lindeman, Denise RatLek. Tina Stelanosg Row 4: Kathy Tansey, Michael Korba, Tom Gurnack. Cindy Fox. Debbie Jarosch. JoEllcn Cook, Diane Meyners. Carol Thomey. Ray Ramakis. Gabrielle Powers. Helen Hufton: Back Row: Rex Gilmore, Don Varney, Bill Defotis, Bob Garibaldi. Lynne Swearingen, Mike Brannan, Larry Friedrichs. Tony Seda. Dave Krikorian. Scott Bentall, .lim Callaghan, Linda Swenson folk quartet sings and dances in choral capers Folk Quartet consisted of four talented Elk Grove stu- dents who sang and danced in special programs, such as Choral Capers. These students performed both folk songs and favorite ballads in unique arrangements. Tri-M was led by Mr. Swenson. The club met in Room l7l in order to plan their formal initiation. which was held on November 30. This club consisted of selected members. not only required to take a constitution test on music. but also to show talent and interest in music. Folk Quarter Front Row: Mary Campbell. Bill Cliverg Back Row: Bob Garibaldi, Len Smart lfolk Quartet member Bob Garibaldi sings during Choral Capers. E13 Boys' Chorus Front Row: Mark Freedman. John Mullins, Alan Hamil- ton, John Takeda: Row 2: David Vollmcr. Roy Morris, Bill Smedley, gun Mr, Swenson: Back Row: Paul Butchart, Mike Clementi, Kim Price, Jack Morrison boys, and girls, choruses take a concert field trip Freshmen and those students joining choir for the first time made up the girls' and boys' choruses. These students had a special interest in singing together for large audiences and were willing to make the effort to perfect their singing ability. The seventy-choir members' main objective was to learn to read music and to sing together in harmony. Both choirs performed in the Music Department's main production, Choral Capers. Along with singing, their Girls' Chorus Front Row: Sandy Schulze. Diane Molinari, Cindy Vel- ler, Claire Durkee. Erin Gagnon, Shanda Needham, Diane Rasmussen, Debbie Hackney, Debbie McCullom. Susan Ebert, Barbara Bradley, Row 2: Karen Motto, Judy Stollfus. Patti Kugelberg, Jewel Knoeple, Kim Kaczor, Lurie Foster. Mary Rucinski. Jan Marcusson, Vickie Field, Linda Breidinger, Sue Schaub, Sue Sulaskig Row 3: Mr, Swenson, acts included dancing. They had various outside activi- ties. also, such as the Christmas Concert at Randhurst, the Christmas assembly. and the Spring Choral Festival. A concert field trip was also included on their agenda. Another addition to the Department was the boys' quartet and the two girls' octets, who both entered state- wide contest competition in early spring. These choruses sang under the direction of Mr. Harry Swenson and Mr, Lendall King. Ann Mulcahy, Cheryl Quinn, Sue Eldridge, Riley O'Dea, Sandra Kin- nard. Lynette Brown, Cindy Cashman, Jackie Fahn, Ann Debish, Caro- lyn Breseman: Back Row: Karen Trenter, Kip Scherer, Sue Johnson, Linda Sandine. Diane Molinari, Melodie Bitte, Donna Kuminowski, Sue Kenduiora, Pat Smith, Jackie Harry, Kathy Wilbur boys' chorus, girls' ch orus IJ3 Concert Choir: Front Row: Mary Campbell, Jeanne Bradley, Kathy Tansey, Bill Cliver, Debbie Kasallis, Linda Darge. Karen Sealy: Row 2: Mr. Swenson, Karen Winzer, Camille Piraino, Judy Lundgren, Karen Fabian, Ellen Gianaris, Carolyn Crail, Mr. King: Row 3: Starlettc Fruitt, Pam Barton, JoEllen Cook, David Weiner, Jan Marcusson, Linda Nicholas, Debbie Kreischer, Linda Anderson: Back Row: Rich Wuestenfeld, Robert Jones, Doug Leland, Robin Czerniak, Michael Thomey, Bob Garibaldi, Kevin Gyllenberg, Michael Korba, Ray Ramakis concert choir steps out with a new look and style Concert Choir changed traditional choir robes lor an up-to-date look. The choir's "new look" consisted of patriotic outfits in red, white, and blue. Along with the Girls' Glee Club, they participated in Girls' Glee Club: Front Row: Mr. King, Elyce Azriel, Karen Mulcahy, Karen Glanz, Janet Waldenmaier, Lola Carbine, Jackie Walsh, Lynn Fitzgerald, Joanne Pieper. Deborah Price, Christina Spasari, Tina Stefanos, Debra Anderson, Pam Nugent, Sherry Koshabag Row 2: Mary Rettenbacher, Gislaine Noga, Cindy Van Roeyen, Sue Lampe, Cathi Lindeman, Joyce Desmond, Ann Westerberg, Georgiann Bruck, Gene- vieve Eldridge, Kyleen Wislon, Deborah Savage, Marie Liewehr, Karen all E.G. concert recitals during the school year. They were also represented at the District 214 Music Festival held on February 9. Both of these groups showed out- standing musical quality in their performances. Boyd, Kathy Lishka, Row 3: Heidi Butler, Carolyn Bregar, Norma Wag- ner, Debbie Dresing, Tina Vaccarello, Cindy Mayer, Elaine Parr, Rosemary Gianaris, Beth Nawrot, Pat Cornell, Marianne Kaeppel, Nancy Peterson, Jaquelyn Haseman, Back Row: Debra Mark, Linda Huebner, Donna Justus, Monica Glejf, Suzanne Jongleux, Sannie Fadler, Diane Meyners, Sharon Brownson, Monica Sidorchuk, Diane Gray, Vicki Jacobsen I 1' ,-"' ,. I34 concert choir, girls' glee club l ro 'CTT Les Chanteures Front Row: Camille Piraino, Linda Nicholas, Linda Dargeg Row 2: Karen Winzer, Debbie Kreischerg Back Row: Linda Anderson. Jo- Ellen Cook. Karcn Fabian two groups show versatilit in their performances Vocal Jazz Choir Front Row: Rich Wuestenleld, Mr. King, lzllen Gi- Pam Barton, Kathy Tanseyg Back Row: Karen Sealy. Robert Jones, anaristg Row 2: Carolyn Crail, Doug Leland, Judy Lundgren, Kevin Robin Czerniak,MikeThomey Gyllenbergg Row 3: Debbie Kasallis, Carol Thomcy, Jeanne Bradley, les chanleures,jaLz choir l35 42, 7.. Q-v. Girls' Glee Ensemble I Front Row: Mr. Swenson. Cathi Lindeman. Joyce Desmond: Back Row: Vicki Jacobsen. Diane Meyners, Cindy Tina Stefanos. Elaine Parr: Row 2: Lynn l-'itLgerald. Norma Wagner, Fox.Tina Vaccarello girls'glee ensembles successfully end their second year Choral Capers in October was the first performance of the year for Girls' Glee Ensemble l. Other perform- ances were scheduled for the entire academic year that followed. One concert in particular was the Christmas program presented at Randhurst. They brought 1970 to a close by singing for the Elk Grove Junior Womens Club. Girls' Glee Ensemble Il Front Row: Karen Mulcahy. Elyce Azrielg R ler, Robin Keay, Marianne Kaeppel, Gennie Eldridge ow 2: Ma Their activities included a field trip to two District 59 grade schools. Ridge and Mark Hopkins. where they performed for the future singers. On March 13, Girls' Glee Ensembles I and II performed in a contest for solos and ensembles at Niles West High School. This was the first time Girls' Glee Ensemble II performed for the public. ry Rettenbacher, Jackie Walsh, Kathy Lishkag Back Row: Heidi But- y. ,af vs llb girls' glee ensembles I and ll -cau- Qi' , ,, , , L Marching Band Bottom Row: Mr. King. Terri Nelson. Debbie Ratzek, Lynn Hartwig, Tracy Pursell. Polly Santchi. Lynette Kraiss, Michelle Marcin. Louise Seidl, Dotty Bloomfield. Peggy lfaracy. Ron Fiorito. Larry Friedrichs, Bill Toovey. Sheila Quinn. Lynette Wade. Linda Sealy, Karen O'Shea, Judy Hines, Debbie Jarosch, Cindy Hendricks. Debbie Nowak, Vicki Shera. Nancy Kinnune, Mr. Peterson: Row 2: Jodi Richey. Ed Eldred, Lynn LaPaglia, Carol Thomey, John Goch, Steve Topp. Bon- nie Scharinghausen. Bev Ifink, Sue Wezeman, Lissa Richey. Beth Coney, Rocky Gilmore, Pam Miller, Robin Hill. Mike Brannan. Sharon Swanson, Bob Misura. George Flowers: Row 3: Bob Buikema, .lohn Huffman, Craig Armstrong. Jim Callaghan, Rick Cromer. Dave Evenson, Loren Crites. Mike Bogard, Jack Barr. Don Dressel. Kathy Dressel, Gwen Hamm, Vicki Smith, Helen Hufton. Jay Zimmerman. Kim Nickelsong Row 4: Gary Barnett, Bob Mulley. Ron Rogers, Mike Kocik. Rex Gilmore. Jeff Cook, Dave Mavrinac. Rich Hutchison, Lance Hansen. Rick Doering. Dave Parr, Jim Heimberger. Jim Rizzo. Kirk Grubb, Pat Weakly. Steve Mamoyac: X - Row 5: Dick Barden. Dave Krikorian. Don Little, Dave Haft, Sally Ricks, Scott Moninger, Mike Hoos. Ken White, Kim Werner, Tom Gurnik. Steve Mitseh, Paul Calderalla, Nat Williamson, Steve Berger. Linda Swen- song Row 6: Keith Moore. John Kott, Lynne Swearingen, Scott Winkates. Richard Allen, John Gibbons, Matt Berry, Jan Lunak. Marilyn Willard. Dennis Kocik: Row 7: Tony Seda, Anita Jay. Laurie Hansen. Gail Ristau, Julie White. Tom Kincaid, Dave Mollenkamp, David Doss, Mike Sem- plc. Steve McBride, Randy Sielig: Row 8: Leslie Pfoutz. Sue Henry. Rich Hutchinson, Dave Cromer. Joe Peterson. Kevin Masterson. Mark Huston. Mike Condylis, Dave Martens, Dale Okerstrom. Donna Rakow- skyg Row 9: Yvonne Powers, Steve Ratlek. Pete Semple. Wayne White. Sue Keegan. Paul Brown. Scott Phillips. Dawn Harriet. Pat Paez. John Schreiner. Audrey Kuhrg Row IO: Jack Brown. Callen Borgias: Top Row: Nancy Pagel, Sue Zilinskis, Maureen Dryseh. Janet Waldenmaier. Tina Stefanos. Sue Deevey. Kathy Pilewski, Dee Dee Stefanos, Rosemary Gian- aris. Nancy Pippen, Kathy Meyer, Pam Connelly. Ellen Gianaris marching band honors president nixon at rall Members of the Marching Band perform at the Bear's game. Elk Grove's Marching Band played for all the home games, whether football or basketball. Representative members also helped promote school spirit by playing as a Pep Band at the pep rallies. Besides playing for special events at Elk Grove. they were also chosen to play for President Nixon when he spoke to the community at Prospect High School on Thurs- day, October 29. On Sunday. October 18, they played at the Chicago Bears-San Diego Chargers game. Our band presented a show called "A Salute to America's Famous Streets," complete with trolleycars, Hancock Buildings, and circles formed by the band itself. On Saturday, November 14, they performed for a standing-ovation crowd at the second annual Band Jam- boree. On the same day, they played for the Arlington Heights Holiday Parade. Then, on Wednesday, December 21, they performed not only at the Chicago Bears-Detroit Lions game, but also left for out of state. Their out-of- state performance included the half-time of a game atsthe University of Dubuque in Dubuque, Iowa. In short, there were many special highlights of the Marching Band year which made Elk Grove proud. marching band l37 Elk Grove's Jazz Choir "gets it all together" during the second act of this year's presentation of Choral Capers as they sing "Traces," choral capers was totally student-produced Choral Capers, presented on October 23 and 24 at 8:00 P.M. in the E.G.H.S. Little Theatre, was a tremendous success. This program featured Concert Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Boys' and Girls' Choruses, and all ensembles. Mr. Harry Swenson and Mr. Lendell King helped student direc- tors and choreographers to present both student and faculty talent at Elk Grove. Many ofthe songs displayed the musical ability of individual students. Highlight of the evening was a solo by Mr. Raymond Coleman, Dean of Students. His question was "What's the matter with kids today?" from the musical Bye Bye Birdie. The whole production had three main divisions, based on well-known musicals. Freshman Chorus performed skits and songs from Sweet Charil-i'. Girls' Glee Club became characters from Toyland Fantasy. and Concert Choir danced and sang to selections from Bye Bye Birdie. ln each of these three acts, members of the particular groups directed, staged, and performed their own skits and songs. Accompanists from each of these singing groups were Gennie Eldridge, Karen Fabian, Debbie Krcisher, Elaine Parr, Diane Rassmussen, Karen Sealy, Bill Smedley. and Tina Stefanos. Other students giving their services were Mary Camp- bell, who took over the direction of Concert Choir: and Camille Piraino, Kathy Tansey, Bill Johnson, and Doug Leland, who acted as choreographers for the entire show. Their dances were both visual and physical interpretations of the basic theme of the show. U8 h ul capers Tina Vaccarello and Diane Meyners sing "Thoroughly Modern Millie ,H Qs- aff I i igcyiaxve Jazz Band: Front Row: Mike Bogard, Rick Cromer, Ken White, Dave Evenson. Sheila Quinn. Larry Friedrichs. Dave Herndon. Keith Moore, Scott Moninger, Tony Seda, Scott Phillips: Back Row: Loren Crites. .lim Callaghan. Bill DeFotis. Dave Mollenkamp, Mike Hoss, Fred Klink, Tom Kincaid. Don Reily, Scott Winkates. Dick Barden, Scott Bentall, Bob Buikcma. Dave Krikorian jazz band works toward their trip to europe Jazz Band reached new heights in the year of l970- 7l. They performed at many neighboring school dances and festivities. including an Elk Grove Lions meeting. an Elk Grove Jaycees meeting. and a Thanksgiving dance at Queen of the Rosary School. They also performed for the first time at a student dance on January 2 in the field- house of the high school. Other performances in which they participated were the semi-annual tours of grammar schools in the neigh- boring communities of Des Plaines and Elk Grove. ln April they presented their annual Spring Concert: and an open-air concert in August at the Grantwood School was part of their summer program. Or4'he.vlra.' Front Row: LeeAnne Killam. Lois Hendricks, Cheryl Korn. Sue Peknic, Audrey Kuhr. Bill Smedley. Cathy Lewis. Bev Jarosch: Row 2: Kurt Huncikcr. Bev Fink. Mike Brannan. Sharon Swanson, Terri Nelson. Denise Ratzek, Sheila Quinn. Dave Mollenkampg Row 3: Dave Lackland. Jay Zimmermann, Dave Doss, Kim Nickelson. Louise Seidl. During the entire school year. members of the Jazz Band sold raffle tickets for the drawing on a portable col- or television and an AM-FM radio. This raffle was a fund-raising project for their three-week summer tour of seven European countries. during which they will compete in the Anglo-International Festival of Jazz. The newest development in the musical department was the formation of the Orchestra. This group. which played at all thc band concerts, consisted of select junior high and high school students who were talented in the playing of stringed instruments, including violin, cello, bass, and viola. Both groups were tapped for the District- wide music festival held in February. Donna Rakowsky. Janet Hermansen. Tony Seda, Scott Moninger: Back Row: Moira McCormick. Tom Broten. Ken White, Tom Kincaid, Dawn Harriet, Mr. Peterson. Dave Herndon. Linda Swenson, John Knott, Keith Moore. Tom Gurnack ,A I-t0 jazz band, orchestra Q4 Concert Band Front Row: Terri Nelson, Judy Hines. Marianne Yundt, Kathy Beatty, Dorothy Bloomfield, Lynne Hartwig, Tracy Pursell, Polly Sanchie: Row 2: John Gibbons, Lynne LaPaglia, Sue Wezeman, Janet Hermcnscn, Sue Henry, Rich Hutchinson, Karen O'Shea. Lynette Kraiss, Julie White. Laurie Hansen. Vicki Shera. Marilyn Willard, Anita Jay, Nancy Kinnune. Rhonda Green: Row 3: Bonnie Scharinghauscn, Pam Miller, Rocky Gilmore, Carol Thomey, John Gach, Bill Braun, Vickie Smith, Jack Brown, Steve Ratzek. Jeff Cook, David Cromer, Mike Hei- berger, Dave Mavernaek. Rick Hutchison. Gary Barnett. Mike Panella, elk grove bands turn Symphonic Band Front Row: Denise Ratzek. Gail Ristau, Linda Sealy, Sheila Quinn. Debbie Jarosch. Lynette Wade. Jan Lunak, Debbie Nowak. Peggy Faracy. Cindy Hendricks: Row 2: Bill DeFotis, Mike Brannan, Bev Fink. Donna Rakowsky. Yvonne Powers, Lissa Richey, Louise Seidl. Bill Toovey, Steve Ratzek, Craig Armstrong: Row 3: Dave Even- son, Jim Callaghan. Kathy Meyer. Steve Topp. Beth Coney, Kurt Hunci- ker. Ed Eldred, Sharon Swanson, Robin Hill, Debbie Pilkington, Kathy Dressel, Rick Cromer, Loren Crites: Row 4: .lay Zimmerman, Helen Helen Hufton, Jay Zimmerman. Don Dressel. .lack Barr, Gwen Hamm: Row -1: Jim Donehey. George Flowers. .lohn Huffman, Bob Misura, Matt Berry, Ron Rogers. .lim Rizzo. Lance Hanson, Don Little, Steve Mo- moyaee. Sully Ricks. Kirk Grubb, Mike Hoss, David Parr, Dave Halt. ,lim Kleinpass. Eleanor Kurpieske. Kim Werner. Steve Berger, Richard Allen, Lynne Swearingen. Tom Gurnikg Back Row: Audrey Kuhr. Rick Doering. Callen Borgias. Mike Wellman, Sue Keegan, Wayne White. John Schreiner. Dawn Harriet. Randy Seileg, Mark Huston, Mr, Peter- son. Mr, King out high-qualit music Hufton, Dave Doss, Kim Nickelson, Dave Mollenkamp. Dick Barden, Larry Friedrichs, Dave Krikorian, Scott Moninger. Bill White, Mike Kocik. Dennis Kocik. Dave Herndon. Rex Gilmore, Dana Krelle, Mike Condylis: Back Row: Ken White, Moira McCormick, Leslie Pfoutz. Paul Brown. Ron Fiorito, Tom Broten. Gabrielle Powers, Tom Kincaid, Bev Jarosch. Scott Phillips, Dawn Harriet, Keith Moore. Paul Caldarel- la, Scott Winkates. Scott Bentall, Tony Seda, John Kott. Linda Swenson. Mr. Peterson concert band, symphonic ba I4l ft. ei f 4 I t 4 a n lct. fl? f 1 25 ff it S... - t .i.. gan- ' sity .V x ,if A iff , 2 f M l fr it . . 1 V is .3 I. MK 1.5 .V Foreign Language Front Row: John Artemenko, Chuck Hanrahan. Back Row: Sharon Buxton, Rita Pritchard, Mary Jongleux. Carolyn Crail eghs welcomes exchange student from switzerland Foreign Exchange is a special program offered at Elk Grove that enables students to change their daily school routine in the United States for a different way of life in a foreign country. Students who participated in this program had a choice to go to Europe, South America, or any of the Asian countries. The amount of time they wished to spend in these countries was optional. They could live in the country for six weeks, six months, or one full year. Markus Zimmermann looks content in his new high school. 142 foreign exchange Mrs. Garcia headed the student-exchange program this year while she hosted Markus Zimmerman, a resi- dent of Switzerland. Markus joined the American way of life by taking a full load of courses at Elk Grove. During his American visit, he stayed with John Artemenko and his family in Des Plaines. Later this year John and an- other student. Rita Pritchard. studied in Germany. Thus Elk Grove reached out in international relationships. Markus samples some American food in E.G.'s cafeteria. fb me WN' :Kg Gftifx Xl!-' Pan Language Front Row: Robin Hill. Cheryl Silvestri. Carol Stenoien, Leslie Neubert. Nancy Kinnune, Mary Szczepanikz Back Row: Jim La Liz Bicegog Row 2: Sharon Buxton. Dorothy Jovanovich. Lisa La Forge, Fayette. John Artememko. David Chernick, Rich Jacobson, Fred Klink, Evan Olos. Barb Bassfordz Row 3: Gcorgene Harris. Sharon Zobel. CarmenCabrera pan language diners enjoy european customs Those students interested in Chess Club were en- the Pan Language Banquet held in May. at which students couraged to join if they were not already members. They were grouped according to the language they studied. Each met every Tuesday in Room 222 to play chess just for their group of students decorated the table to represent the own enjoyment and mental stimulation. country of the language. All EG students were welcome to Because of their small size, Pan Language Club's come and try different foreign dishes. After dinner. groups activities were limited. Their most impressive event was entertained in the tradition of their country. Chess Club Front Row: Jack Brown. Michael Fiseus. Chris Cumbo. Dieter Muhlakg Back Row: Don Vogt, Raymond Miller. Neil Baer. Rich Wuestenleld. Mrs. Huyek. l -3 FS ,X 1... r :naar trnnranf xi Pep Club: Front Row: Cheryl Paul. Teresa Brown. Sue Gennuso, Pam Nugent. Terri Sullivan, Donna Afryl, Robin Diggins. Kyleen Wilson. Linda Rusackg Row 2: Debbie Vorndran, Riley O'Dea, Claudia Cocomise. Donna Farner tsec'yJ. Cindy King tpresidentl. Miss Rende tsponsorl. Nancy Lunak tvice-presj, Carol Baiardo. Barb Bradley. Mary Retten- baeher: Row 3: Kathy Broderick. Sue Murray, Patti Curtis. Debbie An- derson, Joanne Steen. Barb Panczak. Cheryl Coffman, Lynda Piehl. Kathy Musearello. Kathy Bredael. Kristy Thucher, Bernice Wnedes. Jody Dunn: Row 4: Ellen Lamberg. Carol Hughes. Debbie Cvagielski. Jan Lunak. Joyce Holter, Maureen Lydon. Carrie Creedon, Donna Oltz, Jackie Smith, Nancy Walser. Georgian Bruck. Pam Miller. Kathy Wer- ner: Row 5: LuAnn Long. Mary Hamilton. Pat Pritz, Denise Reinking, Donna Rakowsky. Diana Gray, Tracy Schmehl. Marie Cross, Elaine Pan, Elizabeth Smith. Sandra Kinnard, Lori Schmidt. Sandy Titscher: Top Row: Sharon Zobel. Sue Kussin. Linda Wood. Cheryl Clinton. Cindy Luhurich. Linda Stengren. Diane Marean. Sue Brandt. Tami Oliveto, Sandy Davis, Debbie Jones. Karen Sealy, Bonnie Baselt pep club girls tackle a major project-la fete Pep Club's duty was to promote school spirit as they publicized sports activities. such as track. swimming. basketball. and football. More than lilty members joined and convened in special meetings in Room ll3. These meetings were important to the planning of the special D.0..' Front Row: Mr. Stahnke. Pat Forester. Greg Brauer. Kathy Springer: Row 2: Jeanne Bradley. Tom Casto, Joe Wykelg Top Row: Dean Lemke, Steve Lunsmann, Dan Panek. Jim Surdynski . -fx fx X 4 events they helped to sponsor. The group was responsible l for all decorations at the Homecoming dance. arrange- ments lor the Student-Faculty Game. and a car wash in the spring. They also took part in the Fun Nights and their preparation. Vice-President Nancy Lunak outlines the plans for LaFete. ' A . N'?:3i3fm,.' T' F2 5 -iz ..,2 :L . - l S l l J l l l i 4 GRA: Front Row: Erin Gagnon. Shanda Needham. Lori Nelson. Paula Born. Laura Camodeca, Kim Kaczor: Row 2: Miss Smith. Karen Janis. Debbie Pilkington, Carrie Creedon. Cindy DeMares. Pam Stoehr. Nancy Kucera, Candy Sheldon. Vicky Justinick. Ann Mulcahy: Row 3: Sue Ko- vacevich, Anita Rogers. Cheryl Quinn. Georgiann Bruck. Holly Hill, Donna Gordon. Nancy Walser. Donna Tracy, Debbie Pleickhardt, Kathy Werner. Debbie Sheldon. JoAnne Steen: Row 4: Sandy Duncan, Steph Jordan, Karen Mulcahy. Liz DeCaro, Donna Taliani. Lynn Flugardt. 1 x ' Cindy Luburich, Joyce Desmond, Pat Kellner, LuAnn Long, Chris Har- tung, Sandy Justinick. Barb Bassford, Debbie Dahl: Row 5: Terri Mar- tarano, Karen Guercio. Rita Pritchard. Debbie Lusietti, Sara Powell, Mary Szcnepanik, Peggy Gibisch, Linda Darge, Dawn Harriett, Linda Rose. Sue Goerger: Top Row: Debbie Milkowski. Karen Fabian, Linda Stengren. Sue Voss. Gerri Vselding, Anne Sittig, Pat Banach, Mary Lee Mueller. Michele Omahana, Diana Walter. Sue Kussin. Sharon Bowlds, Lynette Brown g.r.a. organizes class competition in basketball Leaders Club: Bottom Row: Debbie Olson. Linda Teslik. Karen Winger. Sally Shaw, Lynn Durning, Peggy Hendricks. Vicky Justinick: Ron 2: Paula Born, Donna Farner, Debbie Lulietti. Linda Darge. Holly Hill, Ann Sittig, Sandy Duncan. Lin Austin. Karen Jeffries. Val Larson: Row 3: Nancy Kuccra, Debbie Sheldon. Kathleen Shea. Liz Heimos, Sue So- bie, Donna Gordon. Karen Prislinger. Susan Jackson, Elaine Papas, Pat Meyer, Kathy Severns. Miss Mathews: Row 4: Sandy Grover, Carol Rol- stad. JoAnna Siskin. Georgiann Bruck. Carol Highes. Barb Basslord. Peggy Gibisch, Mary Szczepanik, Sue Goerger, Debbie Dahl, Nancy Wal- ser, Patti Sprenger, Gayle Jackson: Row 5: Betsy Wesche, Joni Spren- ger. Linda Girard. Jackie Haseman, Diana Waller, Karen Fabian, Carol Pyde, Sue McCormack. Marta Neil. Carrie Creedon, Becky Cantrell, Kathy Geisler: Top Row: Michele Omahana, Sara Powell, Chris Brink- man, Candy Cashman. Donna Gruninger, Maria Ciulla, Claudia Clark, Karen Evensen, Kim Hauser, Lori Squassoni, Cindy DeMares, Terri Martarano, Karen Guercio :ni 1 -ar., v xrL r '4 . s- f ff-sa. 1- ni. y fn raw:-.1 -frf nf 1u 1 0.0, From Row: Dianna Wilson. Val Larson. Debbie Urbina, Helen Schroeder: Row 2: Mrs, Graves. Shelley Peterson. Mary O'Brien: Back Row: Becky Usdrowski. Rita Danea. Dianne Tanner. Diann John- ston. Lynne Sullivan In O. O.. Mrs. Graves adjusts tape recorder for Val Larson. future secretaries provide services for eg Students in the Office Occupations Program received office training in professional buildings and factories in the Elk Grove area. Participants in the O. O. Program attended a half day of school and were employed the afternoon. Practical office employment gave each during Fulure Secrelaries Front Row: Mrs. Cuculie, Theresa Brown, Sue Jas- kulke, Mrs. Skjordahlg Row 2: .lan Killian, Georgia Bonovich, Maureen -in., 'YYY 4-Q . a . I '. Seng . vs, member a better perspective of the business world. Future Secretaries Clubvwas an after-school organ- ization that prepared girls for office work in the various field of business. The club engaged in discussions. field trips. and secretarial services for the school. Lydon. Val Leo. Debbie Plieckhartz Back Row: Cindy Moran, Beth Smith, Karen Serges, Pam Connelly. Linda Cook, Mary Karr Q'S I-36 office occupations, future se retarie cz kJ FTA Front Row: Cheryl Paul. Cheryl Silvestri. Gina Rowley. Tina Wolter, Janice Tessendorfg Row 2: Maryanne Steffen. Cara Williamson, Chuck Hanrahan, Mary Lou Shemanski. Peggy Hendricks, Mrs. Sher- man: Row 3: Bernice Wendes. Jody Dunn. Gayle Gengler. Barb Santow- ski. Kyleen Wilson, Linda Rusack. Linda Latone. Maryellen Conlorti: Row -1: Cindy Van Rocyen. Terri Nelson, Pat Kohler. Laurie Foster, Kim Anderson, Carla Hall. Sue Diamond. Sandy Justinick, Robin Hill: Row 5: Rita Pritchard. Helen Hutton, Cheryl Korn. Dawn Harriett. Nancy Kinnune. Tami Oliveto. Marianne Mieek. Ramona Golatz. Joyce Desmond. Naneee Huebner: Back Row: MaryAnn Hornaeek, Linda Can- non. Eleanor Kurpieski, Pamela Lewis. Becky Stram. Toni Kuehl. Alison Gabriel. Kathy Brooks. Mary Lee Mueller fta started cadet teaching in district 59 Students planning to "go to the head ol' the class" participated in the Future Teachers ol' America organi- zation. The club hosted discussions with district officials and outstanding teachers in the area. FTA also started the Teachers' Aide Program here and Cadet Teaching in District 59 elementary schools. Distributive Education Club fostered careers in mar- keting and distribution, The work program had' lilteen members who attended school in the morning and worked afternoons for high-school credit. D.E. Front Row: Mark Kahler, Sherrie Bugarewiez, Dennis Burmeister, Gary Sculetta: Back Row: Mike Klinger, Christopher Smith, Rendall Raven, LuJean Ludwig, Ron Wheeler, Mr. Organ C? :unl11n.,1na ':ln. 1 any W ga Hoslexs Club Front Row: Linda Rusack. Diane Chcsny. Gayle Gengler, Wolter, Teresa Brown. Claudia Cocmisc: Back Row: Rose Fuchs, Pat Mrs. LeFebvre. Jody Bienklcg Row 2: Donna Bean. Diana Fisher. Tina Lund, Cheryl Bauman. Arlene Kloeer. Julie Siebeck. Debbie Gengler hostess club and hero learn to serve others HERO began its second year at Elk Grove. Ten stu- dents participated this year as Mrs. Link helped prepare them lor careers in Home Economics. This club tried to coordinate their jobs with education: they met in Room IOS and participated in such activities as cookie sales. a pumpkin carving contest. and a banquet lor both em- ployees and employers. Hero Front Row: Madeline Mitsch. Linda Applequist. Sylvia Tagliati: Row 2: Linda Sharson, Margaret Stineberg. JoAnn Geanconteri. Mrs. Link: Back Row: Monika Wittfoth, Kathie Wing, Jackie Stryszyk vw m' ,m Q Hostess Club is a service organization lor Elk Grove High School. Whenever guests came to school, their meals were served by this club headed by Mrs. LeFebvre. They also were at school functions. helping direct parents try- ing to find classrooms. Room IO6 was their meeting room where they convened every first and third Wednesday of the school year to plan special activities. Senior girls relax after discussing their plans for HERO. l i 's Library and Office Guides Front Row: Noreen Walsh. Cana Williamson. Marilyn Panuak. Randi Kapfhamer. Sue Sobie. Pat Wingert: Row 2: Terri Murane. Terri Sullivan. Pam Lacey. Kindra Standiford: Row 3: Nancy Gordon. Pam Smart, Doris Ross. Carrie Creedon. Mikc Moore. Linda Schaefer. Beth Nawrot. Marylou Dwayalowski: Row -l: MaryAnn Hornacek. Sue Wishon, Jill Collesi, Vicki Haake. Ruth Wiard. Ancielou Meyer. Debbie Mark: Back Row: Kathy Wuestenfeld. Pam Connolly, Shonnie Krueger. Nancy Hansen. Mary Jo Sulaski. Becky Stram. Jodi Hollister. Allison Powers eg's students and faculty work side by side Girls interested in the field of literature were en- couraged to join the Library Club sponsored by Mrs. Hur- ley. These girls gave their time by working in the library every day during their study period, Office Guides worked in the counseling. attendance. and main offices under the direction of Mrs. Norman. Health Club Front Row: Debbie Mark. Terri Sullivan. Bob Hayhurst. Nancy Oehlg Row 2: Ellie Lamberg, Kathy Muscarello. Sharon Morris, Their duty was to deliver passes and offer any assistance that anyone needed. thus helping both students and faculty. Nurse Jensen was assisted by her Nurse's Aides. who worked during their study hall. They took over the responsibility of helping fellow students with health problems. Kathy Burke: Back Row: Noreen Walsh, Jill Collesi, Jim Bell. Cheryl Baumann, Cara Williamson, Patty Wingert 11? I5 0 a.v.. A 5 ' ' I 5. .-L' .. .Q A at ix Art Club Front Row: Mr. Hodge. Judy Wolfe. Craig Yamamoto. Terri Schruilru, Daniel Swanger. .lim Piuillog Row 2: Stephanie Jordan, Sue Langlo, Toni Amatore, Dave Jakudek. Myrna Hamm: Row 3: JoAnn Mahcras. Sandy Titschler. Debbie Milkowski, Sally Fitzgerald. Rose- f art club and a-v show Art Club gave artistically inclined students at Elk Grove a chance to illustrate their ability. The club met in Room I77 to discuss special activities which it spon- sored throughout the year. They participated in two pic- nics: art shows: a trip to the art gallery in Chicago: and their movie, Happiness Ended Las! October. A.V. Front Row: Bill Butchart. Ron Antor. Randy Stenberg. John Ja- vers: Row 2: Deane Antor. Kevin Kerber. Mike Obaqer. Michael Christiansen. Walter Kozacky: Row 3: Michael Platt. John Campbell. , 'SIS' f . A 1 t.. g f- h 'I g P A is hge., 'X A -pf R ., are 'Q H . :sat 1 Sv -JT mary Meluso. Nancy Kuska. Larry Turner: Row 4: Scott Baudin. Robin Cillo. Judy Culver. Don Reily. Jeaneen Schultz: Back Row: Michael McDonald. Vern Wenncrstrom. David Grillaert, Dennis Radostitz. Nick Mitros. Judy Blair. Dave Valentine alents through films Students involved in the Audio-Visual Club displayed a high level of responsibility and service. They served teachers by organizing and distributing all media for in- structional use. Several individual students helped in the production of pictures for yearbook. the newspaper, and other special school publications. Dan Barreiro. Tom Rizzo, Bob Hayhurstg Back Row: Cliff Peterson, Bob Garibaldi. Don Buehler, Craig Pavlik, James M'oy, Bob Schmell 'Owls O -Pt. ki art club r xv Q-., list Individual Speech Front Row: Gail Omelusik. Holly Hill. Jeanne Baker, Vicki Shura. Myrna Hamm. Lynda Veller, Elyce Auiclg Top Row: Robin Donna Farner. Kathy Godlcwski: Row 2: Mr. David, Linda Sealy. Mark Hill, Donna Rakowsky. Kathy Banach. Fred Klink, Michael Opager, Okuma, Kim Simon, Terri Rauner. Miss Barcalg Row 3: Lenore Keegan. Monica Sidorchuk..laukic Walsh qualit , not quantity, audible in speech activities Debate Front Row: Michael Kocik, Patti Curtis, Lynn Fitzgerald. Joel Miss Barcal explains that gesturing is an art ol speaking. Afl'lCk1 ROW 22 Mllfk Fava, Kulhy Burke: Back Row: Mr. Rogers. Den- nis Kocik. Mike Condylis. Mr. Peterson l ,-. fr w s f.,,.e 2. 1? tndtvtdual spcech.dcb1ttv: I5 ii Y ,pf Tolkien Society Front Row: Tom Sicwcrt, Jim Abb, Sheila Quinn. Mr. Prendergast: Back Row: Scott Chapman, Kevin McCarthy, Tim Evans. Anne Sittig, Dave Lakeland Astronomy club members Bob Langstcld. Steve Johnson. Mike Mclivoy. and Dave Abernathy examine a piece oi' equipment. students explore worlds of literature, astronom Star Gazers Club learned much about astronomy in the Astronomy Club by studying the stars and their galaxies through precise equipment. All members participated in star parties and other outdoor activities when weather permitted, including viewing the eclipse. These outings enabled its members to learn more about the subject in which they were interested. Astronomy Club Front Row: JoAnn Miller, Steve Johnson. Jeff Simmons, The J.R.R. Tolkien Society finished recording both The Hobbit and The Trilogy of Ihe Rings. This club is a literary society created for learning more about J.R.R. Tolkien. The officers had names for their offices: for in- stance. Jim Abb was Thane. Sheila Quinn was Keeper of the Red Book. Kris Borgais was Steward, and Tom Siewert was Finder of Hobbits. Zimmerman: Back Row: Byron Mayyou. Dave Abernathy, Dick Barclen Ray Hughes, Linda Huelner. Maureen Caniff Mr, Pumphreyg Row 2: Carol Thomey, Robert Langsfeld. Peter Alesi. Jay l ' T F ' - l 1 ' l Mmznmm. tie 1117 .X lim ' nl 53 21 swf' M Mr. Ronald Benes organizes an important lecture lor his Anthropology class as Gabriel Powers discusses next week's chapter exam. Anthropology Club Front Row: Michael Thomey, Tom Zucker. Jeanne Baker. Mr. Benesg Row 2: Mary Sue Brown. Judy Plotaker, Ann Kesler: Row 3: Lisa La lfroge. Craig Yamamoto. .lack Denny, .lohn Shera. Suzy Lungeg Back Row: Sally Fitzgerald, Bill Lienlokken. Steve Gersdorf. Boh Garibaldi, Vince Masterson. Mike Smith students observe man and his environment Students interested in non-western cultures became acquainted with these cultures through study, discussion, and travel sponsored by the Anthropology Club. The high- light of the year was a field expedition to Yucatan, Mexico. to study the Maya Indians arehaeologically and ethnologically The Ecology Club worked toward trying to inform students and club members about problems ol' the environ- Ecology Club Front Row: Barb Mokey. Cathy Carroll lCoordinatorl, Kristofer Borgias tCoordinatorD. Al Benson, Lisa LaForge: Row 2: Marilyn Willard, Jeanette Siel, Linda Swenson. Donna Rakowski, Holly Hill, Nancy Kinnune1 Row 3: Monica Sidorchuk, Michele Oniahana. Judy ment. They then tried locally to solve these problems. One project tried writing dillerent politicians to put pressure on them. The club also sponsored a drive to make deposits of glass and tin cans in local stores. By passing out pam- phlets. they worked toward the passing ol' the November 3 bond issue to control pollution. They also had a teach-in on pollution on April 2. Blair. Tony Capone, Sally Fitzgerald, Mr. Truelson tCo-Sponsorlg Back Row: Mr. Peters. Dave Lackland. Karin Sodcrholm, David Grillaert Mike Opager, Nancy Hansen, Louis Clarizio anthropology, ecology x, eu Ski Club Front Row: Pam Chepil. Shelley Pauol. Leslie Schwartz. Lynne Tumino. Beth Christensong Row 2: LouAnn Long. Sue Luzietii. Lynn Durning. Maureen Hamilton. Joanne Steen. Linda Piehl. Barb Mokry. Mary Hodges: Row 3: Dave Vollmer. Dieder Muhtaeh. Bob Mo- rita. Candy Sheldon. Chris Hartung. Marsha Searles. Laura Heineman. .loan Mitniek, Gislaine Noga. Marla McDonald. Row 4: Steve Folkes. Lesley Tracy, Liz Bieego. Don Flerlage. Anne Sillig. Dan Flerlage, Pat Moder, Donna Rakowski, Patti Curtis. Debbie Bogut, Dale Okerstromg Row 5: Debbie Sheldon. Mary Carroll. Michelle Omahana. Mary Ann Mieek. Cheryl Korn. Carrie Creedon. Debbie Luzietti. Ken Rowley. Ski Team I-'ront Row: Keith Moore, Dan blerlage. Chris Lesniak. Mrs, Rossi: Back Row: Robert Dodds. Jim Conway, Don Flerlage. Rob Han- sen. Ron Polly ki elub. racing team Annette Haas. Rob Hansen. Pam Sargent, Audrey Walsh. Mrs. Rossi. Row 6: Sheila Quinn. Carolyn Bregar. lid Connolly. John Plummer. .lim Conway. Sue Widener. Robert Dodds. Kathy Knopf. Lynn Goodrich. Sharon Kinsella: Row 7: Nadine Marsehesehi. Kathy Brooks. .lill Collesi. Diane Fogarty. Dan Beal. Clark Peterson. Ron Polly, Don Riley. Sarah Powell. Janet Wheedon, Dave Weiner. Louie Piermarinig Back Row: Jim Nardi. Ken Vollmer. Chris Lesniak. Tom Warkentin, Bob Bukema, Rick Centilla. Keith Moore. Bill Cannon. Bob Buehler. Tony Seda. Dennis Box, Jeff Evans Dan Flerlage and Jim Pollitz wait for the ski bus to Wilmot. Aquatics Club: I-'ront Row: Mary Brown, .lan Tessendorl. Pam Sass. Terri Rauner. Nancy Pagel: Row 2: Pat Kellner. Carol Mello. Lou Clarisso, Clifl' Sehlak, Mary Stzepanik. Barb Bassfordg Row 3: Sue Stoltzman, Lynn Durning, Dorothy Bloomfield. Donna Rakowski. Jeanna McGarrity, Karen McGarrity, Bev Fink. Terri Sullivani Row 4: Mr. Pardun, Marilyn Willard. Patti Wingert, Rita Pritchard, Mike Norman, individuals pursue un The slopes of Wilmot were invaded on a weekly basis by the ISO members ol' Elk Grove's Ski Club. Every Wed- nesday. members would erowd the halls with skis and other equipment. The winter ol' 1970-7l ollered excellent ski conditions that attracted more skiers than in any other year. Novices took lessons or learned from watch- ing experienced skiers. Ski Club also organized a racing team that competed against several other high schools in the state. Students comprising the racing team had been experienced skiers for many years. Approximately twelve races were sched- uled lor the winter months. Both Ski Club and Racing Team were sponsored by Mrs. Laurie Rossi, hersell' a member of the National Ski Patrol. Approximately fifty students participated in the Aquatics organization. The club members were students who enjoyed swimming and swimming competition. The main lunction of the club was timing at the swimming meets at Lively Junior High School for all the high- school team levels. Students hit the trails when the Equestrian Club sponsored after-school riding trips to various stables in the high-school area. Beginners learned to ride Eng- lish style after taking a series of lessons organized by the club. The Equestrian Club enabled students to ride on the average ol' every two weeks when the weather permitted. Lori Huebner. Nancee Huebner, Lynn Jenkins. Mary Pursell: Row 5: Linda Huebner. Kathy Piluski, Jeri Uselding. Jody Hollister, Vicki Smith, Debbie Nowak. Diane Workman. Scott Bolan: Back Row: Judy Hines. Mary Jongleux. Dave Martens. Pat Dunning. George Pratcher, Ron Antor. Mike Bacchus. Bill Pursell. Bill Mayyou, Gary Altergott usual activity interests Equestrian l-'ront Row: Judy Schmidt. Joyce Green. Linda Feller. Lynette Wadeg Row Z: Cheryl Silvestry, Karen Jonis. Karen Boyd. Kathy Lishka, Robin Hill: Row 3: Cynthia Schaefer, Sue Rakowski. Debbie Dunning. Linda Rose. Sandy Schaarg Back Row: Sue Wezeman. Diane Gray. Mary Beth Murphy, Linda Cook, Sue Kussin, Sandy Davis aqualics. equestr an L .lohn Krueser stretches to escape the Elk Grove opposition as he eentrates on sinking a basket for two R.M. points. Clare Durker scans her short-story assignment for discussion. ng meadows Freshmen Diane Henaghan and Beth Mackin cheer for two Rolling Mead- ows points during an afternoon squad practice for the eight members. A pile-up occurs under the Rolling Meadows basket when Dale Winkel man's attempt on a shot goes wild, g,,.lwWM,,,5...4Mfg sw W, ,, ,. . "" I 4 . WW 1 'W A 'K' ,-- 3, Maman' f-fr .Wy v A N K- f g ' - . - :f,Vl,fe: ,-f,,.4-f , M., 4 N .J 'ff AZ ,......-4 1- W. , .,,f5.. "1-'S' - N' ' .9 ,.-., ,,-:Adv 53 ,Q-a Rolling Meadows High School stands incomplete during the cold winter months while Rolling Meadows freshmen attend Elk Grove. rolling meadows freshmen invade the halls of eg Elk Grove High School was the transition between eighth grade and Rolling Meadows High School for many freshman students. District officials granted Rolling Meadows students a separate athletic program during their short stay at EG. The special activities included team sports. eight- member cheerleading squad, pep squad, and class board. Rolling Meadows students meet for an assembly in the theater. Mr. Robert A. Hoese, the principal of the new school, was quoted as saying: "My goal is not to make Rolling Meadows High School as good as the district schools, but to make it better." Mr. Hoesc will get his chance to prove his statement in the fall of l97l when the Rolling Meadows school opens its freshly painted doors. The hectic academic pace is broken by conversation at lunch time. .lan Smith speaks her piece while friends indulge in their lunches. rolling meadows l57 Q7 na., 'li e c W Edilors Front Row: Mark Brandt. Jeff McKelvey, Joanne Jenos, Bonnie Baselt: Back Row: Dave Guastaferri, Kathy Franke. Betsy Wesche. Jim Abb, Jeri DeCarlo, Mike Morey first junior acts as guardian editor-in-chief The Guardian, sponsored by Miss Judy Sawicki, was headed by Editor-in-Chief Jim Abb. Jim was the first Junior to be appointed to this position. Bi-monthly issues of the Guardian circulated as many as 3l00 copies to students, faculty, and state officials. Three eight-page specials were devoted to Homecoming. Reporlers Front Row: Dan Swanger, Beth Person, Maryanne Stcffan. Karen Kelly, Audrey Walsh: Row 2: Patty Meyer, Sue Trenor. Kim Simon, Barb Molery, Miss Sawickig Row 3: Bob Prettyman, Carol Pyde, Christmas, and Seniors. News specials included a Declara- tion of Independence that stated the views of the newspaper staff and complete coverage of President Nixon's visit to Prospect High School. Last year's Guardian received the International Honor Award from the Quill and Scroll evaluation service. Jeaneen Schultz, Ruth Hahn, Brian Powellg Row 4: Bonnie Brown, Joann Miller, Kathy Godlewski. Mike McDonaldg Back Row: Jeff Wegner, Tom Siewert, Emmet Kreg, Mike O'Dea, Steve Harris, Ron Amor, Steve Lambkin 1 u1.un,1--1.4: -.m .11 -nl Yearbook Editors From Row: Editor Cindy King. Assoc, Editor Debbie Hicks: Back Row: Assoc. Editor Linda Rohn. Business Manager Nancy Lunak i 'll . .1-lg Yearbook staffers write captions and type copy for a deadline. frantic pace brings first-class honor to montage The l97l Montage staff worked hard to achieve the honors that the l970 yearbook received. The 1970 Montage was awarded a first-class rating from Columbia rating service and a first-class from the NSPA. Members often became frantic when the steady pace of cropping pictures and writing appropriate copy hastened because of an ap- proaching deadline. The staff was headed by Editor Cindy King. who had been a staff member the previous year and attended a Yearbook Staff Front Row: .IoEllen Cook, Linda Swan, Donna Farnerg Row 2: Nancy Lunak, Lisa Schwartrg Row 3: Renee DeWitt, Cindy Kingg Back Row: Carol Baiardo, Janet Schorn, Karen Serges, Mrs. Holt, yearbook seminar in Wisconsin last summer. Cindy worked hard over the summer months to organize the preparations for this year's yearbook. Associate Editor was Debbie Hicks. who also headed the activities section. Nancy Lunak acted as Business Manager and organized the finances of Montage production. The yearbook staff was sponsored by Mrs. LaVone Holt. who contributed time and energy to produce a first-class yearbook. - Leslie Guenveur, Debbie Hicks. Linda Hoos, Roberta Grimshaw, Linda Rohn, Maureen Lyden -t.....,4 yearbook F? if Q, lun "Morning Delivery." thc 1970 Orchcxif Shoxxk npcning number, depicts lypiczll suhurhun Iifc. Thu hOllSCWiYCS :irc shown hcrc. Sue Nugent inlcrprcls thc sign "Aries," Jan Pclcrson and Kathy Mcycr in thc "Aquarius" section of "Horoscopc." I60 orchesis show r Forty Orchcsis dancers. under the direc- tion ol' Mrs. Lori Walker. presented Stop Ilia' Pres.res-I WZIIII I0 Ge! On. The theme ol' the show was based on the news media and the daily newspaper in particular. The opening number was dedicated to "Good Morning Suburbia." followed by the weather forecast to "Sunny.U Other numbers were an editorial dedicated to the "Tribute to an Unknown Soldier." a farce on Ripley"s "Believe It or Notf' and a feature story or the moon landing. The travel section incorpo- rated a trip through "Disneyland" "Viva La l"rance." "Oulatunga Safari." "Spanish Love Songfi and "Kolo." The restlessness evident in the stories about street gangs was depicted by "Dance in the Gym." The sports page was well depicted in "The Locker Room," Even the obituary column produced an authentic funeral dance from the bayou of New' Orleans as evident in "Lily of the Valley." Comic Strip characterizations in dance were "Little Orphan Anniefi "Popeye." "The Lone Ranger." "Dick Tracy." and "Superman" The entertainment page lound the adagio group ol' young men and women in their variation "If I Should Ever Leave You." Orchesis performed at Lively .lr. High. Grove Jr. High, Palatine Home for the Aged. The Shriner's Hospital. and Dempster Jr, High. They also performed with the Elk Grove Com- munity Chorus. Through the groupis el'I'ort. Elk Grove High School was the lirst school in this district to Www give a dance scholarship. This y'ear's winner was Dawn Nitsehncider. Pam Connolly and Shonnie Krueger execute a mood dance to "Taurus," The dance selection "One Simple Task." featuring Butch Johnson and Greg Haur, depicts racial strife in the world around us. orchesis show l6l .2 ,EAI . A if 4 , ' ssei ,ca A Orchesis Front Row: Ellen Blue. Maureen Drysch. Laura Conter, Diane Stefunos, Shonnie Krueger. Sue Nugent. Karen O'Leary1 Row 2: Sue Lange, Marianne Harper, Sue Curtis, Carol Madalinski, Debbie Sora rentino. Lynda Piehl, Mrs, Walker, Cindy March: Row 3: Bridget Vaid. Camille Piraino. Linda Bateman. Kim Kohl. Kathy Meyer. Linda Suui. Karen Sealy: Row 4: Gayle Ivans. Carol llselman. Louise Seidl. Cindy Moran, Pat Kellog. Debbie Dunning: Back Row: Kim Meinsen, Andrea Kereluk, Pam Connelly. Jodi Holister. .loan O'Connor. Wendy Dahl, Carol Thomey. Kathy Tansey. Grace Gahalla elk grove's orchesis dancers show their talent Elk Grove's Orchesis members proved their talent in the art of dance by the excellence of presentations they gave enthusiastic audiences. Again these girls per- formed at half-time for the special Homecoming game and parade. In addition, they danced at assemblies not only for Elk Grove. but also for neighboring schools. During Orchesis members rehearse for an upcoming performance. l6" orchesis the Christmas season. these girls danced to many tradi- tional Christmas songs in a special assembly. These songs included "The Little Drummer Boy" and "We Three Kings of Orient Are." In the spring, the girls and their mothers were encouraged to attend the Mother-Daughter Banquet, a special event for Orchesis members. "Laurie's Lovelies" perform for E,G,'s entire student body. l l i l X l ff "r J 7--Q-. Bob Huyhurst focuses at slide projector in thc AV room, activities bring out talent Debbie Price shows talent in dancing as well as singing. J . ,nilllilln ' ,f ' , Mr. Stoughton works ut his desk under the Key Club banner. in students and faculty Toni Amalore. John Ford, Jody Hollister use speech skills, Mrs. Humley explains the art of design in the shop room, y-. nw llllllllll at a aaa?-afaaaam tl wwmi twill! tat fa an mwawmi mann mm " Hi'1'it 'quiauagigg fm Q . X Q W M ' ' 'L 1 Qt ,ggz zsi x , K I J - 1 1 mx at Bumuahnl N 3 llflf I D j x L ' Q llillg in ga inn" F' , X , ' it f 6 a-'aaa attt Q t sports brings participation from teams and fanS Pom-pon Front Row: Pam Nugent. Debbie Bishop. Cindy King, Terry Sullivan. Sue Genusso. Terri Raunerg Row 2: Georgianne Bruek. Rox- anne Mairs. Nancy Hess. Carol Hughes, Linda Anderson. Kathy Werner: Row 3: Debbie Riley. Annette Serges. Nancy Lunak. Kathy Geisler, Joyce Holter. Laura Notsong Back Row: Bonnie Baselt, Debbie Mark Vicki Jacobsen. Sharon Geisler. Roberta Grimshaw, Sharon Brownsonl Donna Farner pom-pon squad and lettermenls club unif spirit Adding to the Grenadier spirit was the l970-7l Pom- pon Squad. The twenty-four members of the squad gave half-time performances at football and basketball games. Highlighting their activities were the Arlington Heights Christmas Parade. the Band Jamboree. and the Northwest Travelers Basketball game at Prospect High School. Lettermerfs Club Front Row: Mr. Dale Coventry. Charley Hadley. Landy Fernandez. Dan Martin. Jim Romano. Pat Massey. Tom Claes, Scott Eckert. Bill Browning: Rott 2: Mark Damore. Dan Stenoien. John DiGiovani. Jim Reem. Steve Nitehneider. Fred Hauserman. John Bicego, Scott Martin. Paul Morris. Steve Maresso, Al Lewandowskig Row 3: Jim Leopardo, Luke Wolanski. Frank Tauscher. Gary Proehl. Tom Lettermen's Club tripled in size since last year. Al- though they organized rather late, they helped promote the Texas Cowgirl and Chicago Cubs basketball games. The fifty members sold concessions at various games and used the money for club needs, such as new monogrammed jackets. They also participated in service projects. Baumstark, John Boyle. Jeff Jarocki. Terry Somers, Neil Noga. Scott Bentallg Row 4: Jim Idstein, Dave Guastalerri, Jim Ottinger. Pat Dun- ning. Nick Adams, Steve Scholten, Fred Klink, Greg Dzicm. Bob Jacob- sen: Back Row: Jim Cooney, Neal Dorsey. Dave Chuernick. Mike Muti. Greg Smith, Bob Webb, Jeff Stolpa, Tom Warkentin, Bob DeHaven, John Rindell '?v, ef'-if -539 Varsity Front Row: Bill Browning, .lohn Bicego, Pat Augustine, David Byrne. Jack Imlah, Dennis Byrne, Scott Eckert, Keith Chuipek1 Row 2: Coach Schnake, Neil Noga, Fred Hauserman, Dave Guastaferri, Jeff Sronkowski, Scott Bental. Jeff lVlcKelvey, .lim Romano, Jim Reem, Steve Nitschneider. Coach Flynn: Row 3: Dave Hilderbrandt. Al Mitsos, Jeff IN! ,wfy Jarocki. Tom Baumstark, Dan Martin, Ron Campopiano, John Boyle, Frank Taueher, Ron Valesek, Jim Leopardu: Back Row: Mike Muti, Dave Chernick, Jeff Stolpa, Randy Stenberg, Bob Radlis. Greg Smith, Bob Webb, John Deering. .lim Jones varsity beats falcons in first homecoming victory Elk Grove fans cheered the Varsity football team on to a Homecoming victory when the team beat Forest View, 26-14, This was the first time the Homecoming game was played under the lights and also the first time the Varsity team won a Homecoming game. Varsity finished the year with a 3-5-0 record, after losing the first conference play-off game against Wheeling for third place in the South Division of the Mid-Suburban Conference. This was the first time the Mid-Suburban Conference was divided into two divisions, the North and the South Seniors Tom Warkentin and Steve Nitschneider were elected to the all-conference defensive team, Tom for playing the position of left end and Steve for playing line- backer. These two players also were given honorable mention from the all-Chicago area team. Tuesday night, November l7 was the awards night for fall sports. Elected by their teammates were Fred Hauser- man, right tackle, named Most Sportsmanlike Playerg and Neil Noga, quarterback, chosen as the Most Valuable Player. 166 football Push 'em back! Bob Radzis holds Gren line in Glenbard game. Spurred by determination, Steve breaks through the hoop. Grove Addison I4 Grove Hersey 7 Grove Prospect 28 Grove Glenbard North 32 Grove Forest View I4 Grove Conant 20 Grove Arlington 27 Scott Bentall runs the ball for extra yardage in the first half. Quarterback Neil Noga avoids the Glenbard North Panthers' defensive line while the Grens block. l football I67 t WN-S Junior Craig Trotiur "puts thc move" on thc lfalcom. Pat Auuuxtinc is takcn down while carrying thc hall. .1 Af ' f Zi , .KAJUX K-it : 0 fx K' f , 'A 1 -. ,f iff ' i 'ii A X 1 .2 ,gag ' . X . E S, , i. A VV t J 1 4, 1. J 4, ' f . 1 Q M, -If i W ,-nilii, 'ff W Y 'QV Q X r t j . i N f sf. 'Ll . ' r . 4' 'Q Q f , , A X I1 ,f ig V , i f Q -,sf .1 S5 ,, K W . 1 Q J H 1 at Q39 ' fx! 'iii' vii? L i u wi A 1 ' J 'H' Q I-QF KX ,Q ,f 4, mff?Q,i is , 1 1:3.5,,x.K fi: an E fi ' R 1 f uf Q qw 522, .pi J , 1 ,tl Lf L: 1, grit is 'King' ' 'f f A-1 A .' " H ff T7 , I V i ' V gg M. ' M l, f v i W 'ffl J 5 K . ,--- 'xi 'W 'ii', . , i21i?f?Yff4'34u.eeff'rG.7fi!?fi'f'?u, '-sxfizai w, sriivinifei assi 168 football 'E 4 'N A, M4 Warren Jacobsen signala the touchdown by Craig Troticr. Frank Tauchcr clears a path on his way to a touchdown X 1'-13' A 'r' .il in 4- Junior Varsily Front Row: Glen Spielman. Nick Digillo. Pat Hcnnelly: Row 2: Coach Bill Parmentier. Jeff Seidlcin. Rick Hauscrman, James Dixon, Casper Weber. Jeff Evans. Richard Malcom. Tom Finley. Coach Rich Bader: Row 3: Robert Chesny. Bill Mciscnheimer. .lim Chrabot. John Sickel. Craig Trotier, Dave Erlandson, Steve Janos, Gary Bono, Dan Swanson, Dale Serani: Back Row: Brucc Sanoshy, Larry lwanski. AI Paniagua. Dan Swanson. Dave Munson. Warren Jacobsen, Kurt Kar' alla. Dan Connelly, Robert Buikcma careful and tactful planning aids jv team Elk Grove 8 Maine North 8 Elk Grove 0 Hersey 14 Elk Grove l4 Prospect I9 Elk Grove 28 Glenbard North 7 Elk Grove I4 Forest View I2 Elk Grove 24 Conant I4 Elk Grove 6 Arlington 33 The l970-'7l Junior Varsity football team. coached by lVlr. Richard Bader and Mr. Bill Parmentier. ended the football season with a record of three wins. three losses, and one tied game. Especially important were victories over Glenbard North and Conant by scores of 29-7 and 24-I4 respectively. The Homecoming game against the Forest View Falcons. however. proved to be the most exciting. The Grens were victorious by a paper-thin margin of two points. winning the game by a score of I4-l2. This season. for the first time, all of the Junior Var- sity games were played at night under the lights. These night games added greatly to student enthusiasm. Elk Grove High School, looking forward to a winning season next year. knows the promising Junior Varsity team will be a great contender for the l97l-'72 season. JV Grenadiers make their plans for a good offensive move. so-1 football I69 i i J' 7' ' 21.9 " 5 Q . 5 . SSQ S-Q12 We 531552135 fiffr 5.643 1l5'0tB5f'5 58 1 3'Q74QgotZ Qgiwbz Egg gstgil leffgf 5' aff fi fatttxeaes 53254 f if Q ft H it i X IICTEA4 35.40 453 1yg52g.e02t43ge1b4 ti 5 Sophomore Front Row: Rich Martinik. Jeff Chernick, Jeff Wicbe. Wil- liam Driver. Jerry Antosh. Mike Hulett, David Jensen. Dennis Rook. Jim Laing. Tim Hahcn, John Schoen. Nick Bavaro. Lee Lewis, Mike Sronkoski: Row 2: Stephen Uhlarik, Mike Karaffa. John Flaherty. Van Wintz, Gary Martin, Scott Dorsey. Tim Evans, Rich Hein. Joe Evans. Tim Hurley. Larry Antosh. John Lange. William Imlah, Rich Vellerl Row 3: Coach Lovelace, Gary Miller. Mike Wellman. John Costello. Bob Meyer. Tom Broten. Steve Busse, Chris Mcycrnick. Tony Tringali. mighty sophomores hold Sophomores Scores Elk Grove 7 Addison 8 Elk Grove 29 Hersey 0 Elk Grove 20 Prospect 0 Elk Grove 22 Glenbard North 0 Elk Grove 20 Forest View 0 Elk Grove 20 Conant 0 Elk Grove 24 Arlington 0 i Freshman A Scores Elk Grove 0 Hersey O Elk Grove 20 Prospect I4 Elk Grove 30 Glenbard North I0 Elk Grove 0 Forest View 0 Elk Grove 0 Arlington 6 Freshman B Scores Elk Grove 0 Hersey 32 Elk Grove 8 Prospect 14 Elk Grove 50 Glenbard North 0 Elk Grove 0 Forest View 28 Elk Grove 0 Arlington 6 l'ltl I thall Loren Critics. George Flowers. Mike Carbonari. John Foster. Larry Benavidcf, Dan O'Brien. Coach Gaines: Row 4: Lance Hansen. Frank Bavaro. Tom Dewitt. Glenwood Todd, William Wcher. Brad Ullrich, lfrank lfrankini. Dan Mincey, Mike Stanf, John Watson, Gary Adams, Tom Chassey: Back Row: Gary Lundeen, Joseph Kirby. Jeff Schroeder, Tom Gurnack. Jeff Stewart, Rich O'Leary, Mark Smith. Bob Winsor. Jeff Steinbeck. Bill Butler. Bob Streich almost perfect record In the l970-7l football season, the Freshman A team had a successful season. winning all but two games. Al- though the Freshman B team was not as productive. they can be commended for the one game they did win. Getting off to a bad start. the Sophomores were de- feated in the first game. With the support and enthusiasm ofthe Elk Grove students. the Sophomores overlooked their first defeat and came back with a glorious winning streak. ending the l970-7l season with a feeling of pride and ac- complishment for Elk Grove High School. Sophomore coaches Gaines and Lovelace. along with Freshman B coaches Wendler and Grams and Freshmen A coaches Otto and Peddy. led the teams forward to vic- tory, They faithfully gave up their spare time to make Elk Grove come out on top. The Sophomores themselves went into game ready for battle. Their faithful after-school practice paid off at the Saturday morning games. The Sophomores offense proved valuable in scoring numerous touchdowns. The defense held back the opposing teams in the tough 214 District. With the experience gained this year. Sophomores can look forward to a good JV year 4 l l l l fo' all? Frexhman A Front Row: Coach Otto. Manager David Otto. Ronald Clcck- ccr. Daniel Ostrowski. Brian Coll. Richard Radfin. Kenneth Pollitf. Du- ane Sitkiewilz. Robert Boyce. Harry Buerger, Thomak lilscn. Coach Peddy: Row 2: John Pahl. James Olson. Thomas Balccr. Donald Wcadley. 0' GR 011' G5 Wlfllllll Jerry Micccr. Michael Brandt. Timothy Faraey. David Prochl. Rick Docring: Back Row: Steven Kllllliil. Daniel Ecccry. .lohn Lcopardo. lingcnc Tomclyk. James Samuel. Larry Laspika. Douglak Wells. Kevin Walmh. Mark Soknievvicz freshmen a and b show promise for future Freshman B From Row: Kevin lVlLl5lCf50ll. Tom Specs. Mark Park. Mike Doherty. Mitchell Hargravc. John Gallagher. Brian Walther. Phil Ballmaier. John Geiger. Greg Butler, Keith Utyro. .lack Henryg Row 2: Coach Wendler. James Hclfern, David Jackson. Bruce Kinn. James Henry. John Takeda. Tom Morey. Mark Freedman. Robert Gaskin, Neil Nishihira. Dan Evans. Scott Walker. Boh Morita. Rodney Lenlz. Coach Gramsg Row 3: Tom Balmes. Rick lickardl. Tony Balmes. .lumen Gog- gin. Tom DePalma. Phil Butchart. David Ray. .lim Hammers. Dale Mc- Pherson. .lct'l' Franke. .lim Vamhrcck. David Dahl: Back Row: Bill Busse. Mike Nowak. .lim Williams. liarl Jursich. Phil Lal-orge. Mike Clementi. Rich Hamicl. Bruce Baounl. John Frust. Sleve Kengolt. Darrel Andrews Iooib all x-5 Vurxili' Front royy: Brian Powell. Terry Somntcrs. Larry Cyrier. linger. Gred Dziem. .lohn Artemcnko. lfred Klink. Pat Dun 1 Mi e Glenn Afrul1 Row 2: Damion Arelibold. Tom Ziffra. Doug Noualt. Tom Baehus Boggs. Steve Melntyre. Bill Bucholtf. Back Roxy: Nlr, Xyollartl. ,lim Ot' cross country team hosts sectional meet Steady' improvement of Elk Grove's Cross Country team continued this year as the team earned a 7-3-l dual- meet record. A strong finish in the conference meet af- forded the team a second-place finish in Conference standings. Large meets gave the team a chance to shine as they placed second in the Riverside-Brookfield Invitational. third in the Ridgewood Invitational. and third in the Addi- son Trails Invitational. The season ended with a fourth-place finish in the Elk Grove-hosted sectional meet. Maine liast. Maine West. and Evanston. three of the leading contenders in the state. were the only schools to outseorc E.G. Led hy' senior co-captains Pat Dunning and .lim Ot- tinger. and the consistent running of junior Larry Cyrier and sophomores Damion Arehbold and Brian Powell. the team can look back on a successful 1970 season. Varsity Scores Elk Grove 15 Wheeling Elk Grove 23 Conant Elk Grove 28 Arlington Elk Grove I5 Crlenbard North Elk Grove 44 Fremd Elk Grove 16 Forest View Elk Grove 18 Hersey Elk Grove 30 Palatine Elk Grove 28 Prospect Cross uuniry Cross Country member Doug Nowak finishes first Kal- Elk Grovc's Cross Country teum's most vzilutiblc pluycr. .lim Ottingcr, and tcziniinutes run on home grounds, Frosh-So , . -. - , Fludeg Row 2: Ray Rumukis. Gury Koclbcl, Buddy Krueger, Jim Martin, ph From Row' Dave Dill Pctc Giunurri Mike Jeneen Fred E.G. Cross Country tcum runs lor another victory. Frosh-Soph Scores Elk Grove 3l Wheeling 26 Elk Grove 37 Conant 2l Elk Grove 43 Arlington 20 Elk Grove 19 Glcnbard North 38 Elk Grove 30 Fremd 26 Elk Grove Z9 Forest View 27 Elk Grove 39 Herscy I8 Elk Grove 25 Palatine 30 Elk Grove 33 Prospect 22 Tom Hunruhun: Buck Row: Ch Don Pckurck, Mr. Recs uck Btissford. Bcn Czurnccki, Tom Boggs. 6? -rar' rt iunt 'Y I74 has Varsity Front Row: Jeff Jarocki. Scott Clinton. Mike Smith, Bob Stenberg, Dave Chernick. Steve Scholten, Mark Greenberg, Coach Bill Prince, Keith Chuipek: Back Row: Mike Jordan. Mark Hopkins. Randy Parmentier grenadiers end season with victor against falcons Elk Grove's basketball season ended with great dis- appointment this year. The team fought to the best ol' their ability, showing great effort and quickness. but they were just not able to pull through as well as they had hoped. Even with the disappointments, the team still had the courage to go out and try to beat the next team. The varsity team consisted of mostly Juniors along with three Seniors and three Sophomores. Since the ma- jority of the players were underclassmen, they gained a great deal of experience along with a good chance of making the varsity team again next year. Of the Sophomore players, Bob Prince was the most valuable: of the Juniors, Keith Chuipek was quite a hustler. The most experienced player was Mark Hopkins. Senior. His height, six feet four inches, and his skill were a great advantage to the team. He was also the only returning Ietterman. Unfortunately, Elk Grove's varsity basketball team won only four out of eighteen games. Two of the games won were against schools in our district, Forest View and Palatine. This win-loss record put the team in last place in Conference, EG then lost the regional game in a cliff- hanger against St. Viator's, losing by only one point. Mr. Bill Parmentier, their new coach this year, plans to coach the team during the 1971-72 season. With his help and the many returning players, the team stands a good chance to place in conference next year. ketball Senior Mark Hopkinsjumps for a basket against Luther North 7' E1 X .E U41 W QW mi J, if f 1 f 7' QBRKNE, xl 2 I X fx -'jf .liuzior Varsilri' Front Row: Mark Goldsmith, Cary Schroeder. Jeff Coach Doug Ford. Michael O'Dea. Warren Jacobsen. Steve Harris. John Sronkoski. John Bicego, Bob Chen, Tim Williams Back Row: Ken Grams. Artemenko. Darryl Albert. Boh Schmehl. Manager j.v. team improves steadily through the season The J.V. team finished with an over-all record ol' nine wins, eight losses. The last three games were very close as EG lost with a difference of five points or less This season the leading scorers were Jeff Sronkoski. Mike O'Dea. and John Artemenko. Leading rebounders were Mike O'Dea. Warren Jacobsen, and Bob Radzis. Other valuable players who saw action were John Bieego and il Steve Harris. The team was managed by Bob Sehmehl, As a team. the Junior Varsity players improved steadily throughout the season, winning four of their last games. The team placed in middle standings in the Mid- Surburban League. Junior Varsity Scores Elk Grove 58 Addison 32 Elk Grove 57 Glenbard North 3l Elk Grove 54 Fenton 36 Elk Grove 29 Fremd 38 Elk Grove 29 Prospect 67 Elk Grove 72 Lurther North 66 Elk Grove -18 Forest View . Elk Grove 25 Conant -tl Elk Grove 53 Glenbard North -ll Elk Grove 39 Arlington D0 Elk Grove 39 Prospect 49 Elk Grove 50 Forest View 30 Elk Grove 36 Conant 37 Elk Grove 37 Palatine 2-1 Elk Grove 36 Wheeling -l2 Elk Grove 42 Hersey 38 basketball J.V. members coordinate their abilities in an effort to score l Sophomore Front Row: Bill Weber, John Watson, Tom DeWitt, Scott O'Leary, Jeff Stewart, Mike Millner. Rick Haaning. Scott Holste Jeff Dorsey. Mike Sronkowski. Joe Lawson, Tim O'Hara1 Back Row: Rick Schroeder. Bill Butler. Brad Ullrich. Joe Kirby, Coach Hanke sophomores take fourth place in the league Elk Grove's Sophomore Basketball team won l-l games and lost 6. placing second in the Elk Grove Sophomore Tournament. In the Mid-Suburban League they placed fourth. with a favorable win-loss record. Sophomore players that probably will be playing lor Elk Grove in the future arc Mike Millner, .Ielf Stewart, Rick O'Leary. Rick Haaning. and Bill Butler. The player who showed the most improvement during the year was Rick Haaning, definitely slated to play next year. Scott Scholten blocks a throw from a Rolling Meadows opponent. Sophomore Scores Elk Grove 47 Fenton Elk Grove 55 Glenbard North Elk Grove 47 Fremd Elk Grove 5l Prospect Elk Grove 54 Forest View Elk Grove 40 Conant Elk Grove 67 Glenbard North Elk Grove 50 Arlington Elk Grove 50 Prospect Elk Grove 56 Elgin-Larkin Elk Grove 67 Forest View Elk Grove 37 Conant Elk Grove 62 Wheeling Freshman PoIIitL attempts a basket as teammate Weadley looks on A41.A0 l i 1 T1 . John Pahl' Back Row' Coach Rundquist, Scott Seholten Freshman A Front Row: John Strybel, Don Weadley. ' eg's freshme .lim Hammers. John Gibbons. wx S .J- Ken Pollitz. Harry Challender. Brian Coll, Manager Tom Weber Man ager Joe Dean are the team of the future A Freshman A Scores Freshman B Scores Elk Grove 30 Addison 42 Elk Grove 47 Glenhard North Elk Grove 60 Fenton 40 Elk Grove 50 Prospect Elk Grove 52 Glenbard North 29 Elk Grove 31 Forest View Elk Grove 51 Fremd 49 Elk Grove 29 Conant Elk Grove 43 Prospect 41 Elk Grove 35 Glenbard North Elk Grove 40 Forest View 49 Elk Grove 29 Arlington Elk Grove 58 Conant 35 Elk Grove 31 Prospect Elk Grove 52 Glenbard North 40 Elk Grove 13 Forest View Elk Grove 49 Arlington 51 Elk Grove 22 Wheeling Elk Grove 46 Prospect 49 Elk Grove 22 Hersey Elk Grove 51 Forest View 76 Elk Grove 36 Fremd Elk Grove 52 Conant 49 Elk Grove 47 Palatine Elk Grove 62 Wheeling 48 Elk Grove 34 Rolling Meadows Freshman B Back Row: Coaeh Truclson. Bob Boyle. Barry Klill. Jerry Walther. Mike Brandt. Boh Nobile. .lim Samuels. Dou Wells Tom Miller. Rolf Dammstrom. Tom De Palma. Bruce Blount, Dwayne Sit- Staddler: I-'ron' ROW: Mimilgcr Mark Freedman..lel'1' Riuuto Tom Spec kiewieL. Manager David Ray. Row 2: Manager .let'1' Mitchell. Brian Riek Eekhardt. .Iohn Geiger Rodney Lentz can f t VHFSTIU1' I-'ront Row: .lack lmlah, Gordon Quick. Spencer Huebner, Bob Mike Bachus. Coach Coventry. Coach Purdun, Coach Straub, Dave Mar- Jaeobson. Dave Toler. Pat Massey. Scott Bohn: Back Row: Lou Clarilio. tens. Cliff Schlak. Bill Pursell varsity members swim their way to success During the school year ol' l97O-7l. Elk Groves swim team showed outstanding skill by their performance in the Conference meet held on February I9 and 20. The Frosh- Soph team placed second in the conference by obtaining three wins and two losses. Freshman Scott Bolvin was a first-place winner in two events, the 200- and 400-yard freestyle. Sophomore Bill Mayou was another first-place winner in the lO0-yard freestyle. These two Tankers had also broken other records in the past. The Varsity team placed third in the conference with three wins and two losses. Junior Dave Toler. however. won lirst place in the Individual Medley. He and other teammates fought hard to bring pride to Elk Grove. Elk Grove Elk Grove Varsity Scores Naperville Lake Forest Elk Grove Maine West X2 Elk Grove Elgin 40 IXZ Elk Grove Maine East Elk Grove St. Patrick Elk Grove Arlington Elk Grove Hersey Elk Grove Norte Dame Elk Grove Forest View Elk Grove Niles West 2X3 Elk Grove Elk Grove Wheeling Prospect Sophomore Mark Okuma does the breaststroke. ,:.f',ypA-if' , 'N- . X elm P 1 6 av 1 'lm 3,553 W' iffy. Q N 3 xr ,,,,. 1 ggi, i -4 ' 123' s . . . ggi 3470 Q si" xg' viwfv s gi 535341 1 Q fi 9 , :gig 4 .5 , ,. 1 xg! we 15 - wg WY f fi If-W T N h gm P S Y V., 1 S 7 A I .i ' n xg' :ELS 'YA 'wx , if X9 -f iv? fm X W a ,107 wg .gi . ? s 5 ' Q Yi w js 5, ' t Nlvggjif A af Q . 1 ,W-4 .Q -. ,f .. I . W ' A W3 an ' Qs., mags F . A wif' WL .,, W ,Y ' iii Tllnigv 'vim f. f 'f sew. . 194.7 .,-L,--'fww-gf H 1 "Win . f wi,3:,,, f wv.,,M .f .s , ASQ? I fu E17 i A lg5g,5xw 2535? ,N All W ,, , . ,Q W K as L. if K' -Q... 'V-W., 'lu-v 4 '9- Yawv 'Wm 'luv- f , 'L vi N. ' Q ' C, 1. 1 Q., fs ,.1,, nr K . 4 .-, 1 -:rl , W . ,, .M 4 ii K! fix Varsity Back Rowi Mark Damore, Joe Gaustadiscgni. Steven Torgerson, Eugene Brennan, Landy Fernandez: Row 2: Coach Fred Gaines, Dan Stenoien. .lack Malmedahl, Neal Dorsey, Al Milsos. Manager Rocky rfb Gilmore. Front Row: Bill Watts. Charlie Hadley. Bob Sicmianowski, Andy Bowlds, Steve Rohn varsity gymnastics sports outstanding individuals Coach Gaines and the Elk Grove student body had reason to be proud of the l970-7l Gymnastics team. The team put together its skill and team effort to be rewarded with a second place in Conference and a first place in Districts. The Varsity gymnasts finished with a I0 and 3 record, and the Frosh-Sophs with a record of 12 and 1. In the sectional meet, EG placed third. Ringman Jack Malmedahl placed first and Landy Fernandez in fourth. Landy also placed eighth and Charley Hadley ninth on the P-bars. Neal Dorsey took first on tramp, while Al Mitsos took fifth. Andy Bowlds took sixth on side horse and Fern- andez took third in all-around. The main reason for this year's success was the members on the team. Landy Fernandez was Elk Grove's all-around man. which meant he competed in every event excluding the trampoline. Jack Malmedahl was recognized by the college athletic coaches as "the best ring man in the country" on the high-school level and was undefeated in the dual meets. Charlie Hadley, Dan Stenoin, and Bill Watts were outstanding on the parallel bars. Al Mitsos, with only one defeat, and Neal Dorsey were regulars on the trampoline. In free exercise, Dukie Brennan, Steve Rohn, and Mark Damore were top performers. Mark Da- more and Bill Watts performed to the best of their ability on the high bar. Finally, on the side horse, Andy Bowlds, Bob Siemianowski and Mark Damore were the top men. I82 gymnasti Duke Brennan. Senior. performs his floor exercise routine. Marc Dumore. Junior, exhibits correct form in double leg circles. Varsity Scores Elk Grove 104.75 Oak Park 111.00 Elk Grove 103.40 Maine East 71.17 Elk Grove 103.60 Forest View 50.00 Elk Grove 112.27 Glenburd North 68.31 Hinsdale South 70.0-1 Elk Grove 123.13 Fremd 85.31 Elk Grove 124.80 Hersey 137.36 Elk Grove 133.95 Arlington 136.80 Elk Grove 133.87 Prospect 127.01 Elk Grove 2nd place Conference Elk Elk Grove lst place Districts Grove 3rd place Sectionals 53 ff: Senior Jack Mztlmeduhl's still ring performance includes an iron cross Senior Dan Stenoien demonstrates his strength in his ability to hold the "L" on the parallel bars. .I XY gymna t 183 36 t. t Q W ' iw I 1, ' h y I "5 ff 1 f A " ...S Y' 1 av Varsity Front Row: Bob Ancona. Dale Pankow. Marc Crain. Dennis Byrne: Back Row: Leroy Capper, Ken Siebold, Van Wintz, Ron Compiano, Bob Webb, Bob Gleif, Coach Lovelace another first-eg matman qualifies for state The quality of wrestling at Elk Grove vastly improved during the season. although the dual mcet record was only 4-6-2. The strength ol' the varsity team was fine perform- ances in the middle weight class. Lower weights were basi- cally filled with inexperienced Freshmen and Sophomorcs. Many individuals did an outstanding job during the season. Bob Glejf and Dennis Byrne received fourth places at the Conference meet while David Byrne received third. and Ken Siebold and Bob Web got second place. The district meet was also a time for Elk Grove victory on the indi- vidual lcvel. Ken Siebold and David Byrne took third place. Bob Webb and Bob Glejf received second. and Paul Morris claimed first-place honors. Paul Morris was the first matman from EG to go to State after receiving second at Sectionals. At State, Paul wrestled to a third place. Varsity Scores Elk Grove 0 Glenbrook South 44 Elk Grove I7 Addison Trails 28 Elk Grove 28 Fenton I8 Elk Grove 23 Glenbard North 21 Elk Grove 24 Fremd 22 Elk Grove 20 Prospect 20 Elk Grove 20 Forest View 23 Elk Grove I6 Palatine 24 Elk Grove 20 Conant 20 Elk Grove 8 Arlington 33 Elk Grove 22 Wheeling I7 Elk Grove 6 Hersey 32 Senior Paul Morris is the first Elk Grove wrestler to qualify for the state finals, in which he is the third-place winner. 931151: I. :tg Z1 . 4? Wrestler Dennis Byrne pins opponent as the crowd watches, Junior-Varsity Scores Elk Grove I0 Glenbrook South 32 Elk Grove 8 Addison 42 Elk Grove 42 Fenton I4 Elk Grove 41 Glenbard North I5 Elk Grove 43 Fremd I5 Elk Grove 3 Prospect 39 Elk Grove I9 Forest View 26 Elk Grove 26 Palatine 22 Elk Grove I9 Conant 27 Elk Grove 28 Arlington 28 Elk Grove IO Wheeling -II Elk Grove 6 Hersey -I6 Senior Bob Webb takes a hold on his opponent. preparing for a takedown. Bob Webb rides opponent in anticipation of cxtru team points. Bob finished second in conference and in district competitions. J.V. wrestlers in the background are J. V. and Sophomore Front Row: Tom Evans, Kevin Masterson, ,lon Moeller, Back Row: Manager Leroy Capper. Coach DeBolt Jim Martin Gilbert, Bob Walser. Paul Egesdale, Larry Vittal: Row 2: Steve Teller, Ron Erskine. Gary Lundeen. Jeff Stienbock, Bob Winsor Jim Sichold Bob Grauf, Dan Swanson. Rick Vellers. Rich Hamiel. Tim Hurley. Rich Coach Farroh wrestling teams build up strength for next season Sophomore Scores Freshman Scores Elk Grove 20 Glenbrook South Grove Glenbrook South Elk Grove 22 Addison Grove Addison Elk Grove I6 Fenton Grove Fenton Elk Grove I8 Glenburd North Grove Glcnbard North Elk Grove 44 Fremd Grove Fremd Elk Grove 39 Prospect Grove Prospect Elk Grove 17 Forest View Grove Forest View Elk Grove 2l Palatine Grove Palatine Elk Grove 24 COnL1nt Grove Conant Elk Grove I8 Arlington Grove Arlington Elk Grove 31 Wlhet-Bling Grove Wheeling Elk Grove I9 Hersey Grove Horsey Freshman Front Row: Dick Nielsen. Jim Heffern, Pete Gianaris, Mike Borgardt, .lim Williams, Ed Widinski. Chuck Peters Earl .lursich Oswald, Mark Sokniewicz, Steve Mamoyac. Steve Klitzka, Tim Faracy: Coach Moore Back Row: Manager Leroy Capper, Jeff Morris. Kevin Walsh, Mike x Net man Ken Siebold executes a successful splice. Tennis: 1970 Scores Elk Grove 5 Elgin Larkin 0 Elk Grove 2 St. Viator 3 Elk Grove l Forest View 4 Elk Grove 4 Ridgewood I Elk Grove 3 Palatine 2 Elk Grove 4 Glenbard North l Elk Grove 2 Barrington 3 Elk Grove 3 Hersey 2 Elk Grove 4 Fremd l Elk Grove 5 Conant 0 Elk Grove 3 Wheeling 2 Elk Grove 2 Arlington 3 Steve Maresso, Senior, stretches to lobareturn. Elk Gl'0Ve I PVOSI-3CCl 4 Elk Grove 41 Fenton 30 Elk Grove Addison Trail 28 Elk Grove St. Charles I6 golf and tennis teams improve Ron Fink, class of '70, plays the net to score. their standings First singles man, Pat Massey, serves an ace. Mike Bachus .Iunlor shows hrs physical endurance ln a sprint Grovc Grove Grove Grove Grove G rovc Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove test thelr endurance Senior .hm ldsleln malnlalns .fx steady pace ln A baton relay against Hersey Huskies while track offlclals record hls tlmc ,Ju beott Pruitt tenses lor the ball as he prepares to hat. Baseball: 1970 Scores Grove Addison Trail Grove l-'enton Grove Conant Grove Prospect Grove Forest View Grove Fremd Grove Palatine Grove Arlington Grove Glenbard North Grove Hersey Grove Palatine Grove Conant Grove Wheeling Grove Hersey Grove Forest View Senior Neal Noga demonstrates his mighty Grenadier grip .,.........4" Varsity Front Row: Gayle Jackson. Lynn Durningg Row 2: Ann Tobin. Kim VanBerkum1 Back Row: Devota Austin, Linda Teslik, Debbie Olson. Kathy Shea cheerleaders promote spirit with a new squad "We are best around. hey!" A new voice was heard at Elk Grove this year from the new freshman cheerlead- ing squad. ln previous years only three squads existed: the Varsity, the Junior Varsity. and the Frosh-Soph squads. This year. though. the Frosh-Soph squad split into two separate groups. Varsity squad then bought new uni- forms. The cheerleaders main activity was arousing crowd enthusiasm at all lootball and basketball games. Along with cheering. they organized and presented pep assem- blies to encourage the various teams on to victory. The Spirit Can. a main attraction at the assemblies. also started much class rivalry. Homecoming week found the cheerleaders hard at work. decorating the gymnasium for the Coronation Assembly. Junior Varsity Front Row: Sue Jackson. Lori Sanborm Row 2: Roxanne Reinking. LiL Bicego. Sue McCormick: Row 3: Sue Romano. Gail Ristau. Janet Lorch Senior cheerleaders Deb Olson and Kathy Shea shout "Victory" Sophomore Front Row: Liz Heimos, Debbie Bogut. Linda Christianscn Leslie Schwartz: Back Row: Pal Tobin. .Ioan Mitnick. Lori Lampcrt Lin Gallagher I-'rt',vhman l-runt Rowi Mary Bona: Row li Becky Klupp. .lanet Haniilttin, Karen Kecgang Row 5: Judy Hannon, Rachael Barlow. .lulic l.iCl1l0f1 Blwli Row: Kerry Hoglund o c Flashers l-'ront Row: Kalhy Lawlessg Row 2: Marge Connolly. Donna Taliani, Kathy Werner, Kathy Severns: Back Row: Linda Stengren, Lori Squassoni. Carol Pydc. Sandy Wilberscheid flashers and wrestlettes assist in home meets Both the gymnastics and wrestling teams were faith- fully supported this year by flashers and wrestlettes. Flashers organized prior to the gymnastics season. All girls who tried out were required to write a paper. which papers were then judged. The flashers helped thc judges keep seorc at all home gymnastics meets. They Wf6SIlEIIF.Y Front Row: Patti Curtis, Kathy Musearello, Jamie Nicho- las, Cindy Luburieh. Michelle Morris, Sharon Fitzpatriekg Row 2 Camille Petlee, Dorreen Hansen. Karen Mulcahy, Debbie .lendrycki lu.. also publicized all of the upcoming meets. Wrestlettes tried out in the fall. The girls had to learn the basic timing and scoring techniques that are used in wrestling. besides learning two wrestling cheers, Twenty-three wrestlettes were Chosen. These girls helped time and score at home meets and made posters. Bev Peterson. Therese Fitzpatrick: Back Row: Mr. DeBolt, Sharon Morris. Cheryl Paul. Chris Spasari, Gislaine Noga. Jean I-lerigodt, Debbie Vorndran 2 5 . Q I r Uni v F' my fi ' --sz ' .f ' QM., . 2 1 i i l i l L13 YNW if Tennis Front Row: Holly Hill, Stephanie Jordan. Barb Bassford. Mary Laura Camodeca, Paula Born. Mrs. Fox: Back Row: Kathy Geisler. Szczepanik, Betsy Weseheg Row 2: Diane Rasmussen. Gayle Jackson, Candy Cashman, Karen Evansen, Donna Farner. Captain Peggy Gibiseh girls take second in the tennis team conference This year the tennis courts were constantly filled with the sounds of fifteen girls practicing hard for up coming meets. Thanks to their long practices, tennis team captured second place in the conference tournament this year. Mrs. Fox, a new member ol' the faculty. coached the team on to this achievement. Several other groups of hard-working girls, Leaders I, ll, and III, could be found in the gymnasium The Lead- ers I class trained for next year's duties, while Leaders II and III were already on the job. They aided the various gym teachers by taking attendance and leading exercises. Several of the girls who participated the most and showed the most progress in the program spent a weekend camp- ing at Birchwood Resort in Lodi, Wisconsin. Leaders Kim Van Berkum and Kathy Geisler take attendance. Leaders Ill Front Row: Lynn Durning, Susan Dean, Debbie Olsoni Back Row: Diane Rasmussen, Chris Brinkman, Miss Mathews, Ann Tobin, Kathy Severns -.J DEB girls' tennis. leaders I95 I96 QI A 'A2 A Sig, fi N if " A 33,0 A t ., i ii. l i 'X - l f I 4 1 , 3 i 2 Q V i xx M X Leaders II Front Row: Linda Teslik. Sally Shaw. Peggy Hendricks. Anne Sittig. Karen Winner, Vicky .lustiniekz Row 2: Miss Mathews. Gayle Jackson. Sandy Grover, Devota Austin, Sue Fanslow. Karen Jeffries: Row 3: Patty Sprenger. Karen Prislinger, Barb Basslord. Becky Cantrell. Diana Wilson. Marcia Hisehke. Diane Workman. leaders learn responsi Leaders I Front Row: Elaine Papas. Patti Meyer. Debbie Sheldon. Nancy Kucera. Lin Austin, Heidi Fron. Paula Born. Liz Heimos: Row 2: Sue Romano. Sue Jackson, Carol Rofstad, Georgianne Bruek. Jo Siskin, Sue Sobie. Miss Mathews: Row 3: Nancy Walser, Debbie Dahl, Carol Hughes. Pat Tobin. Linda Darge, Marta Neil, Linda 111 leade rs Kathy Shea: Row 4: Peggy Gibisch, Debbie Luzietti, Sue McCormick, Betsy Wesehe. Carol Pyde. Val Larson, Mary Szcvepanikg Back Row: Kathy Geisler, Joni Sprenger, Lori Squassoni. Kim VanBerkum Claudia Clark. Kim Hauser, Donna Gruninger. Donna Farner ility of handling classes Anderson. Holly Hill: Row 4: Sue Goerger. Mary Gaskin, Jackie Hase- man. Carrie Creedon. Karen Fabian. Melody Gromke, Linda Girard, Back Row: Terry Martarane, Cindy DeMures. Karen Guercio, Karen Evansen, Maria Ciulla, Sara Powell, Michele Omahana, Sue Proehl 1 W we ft vt ,. IC ' -, Q..-. ... 0,0 nl -Y A . , , lx ,X tx xl: af' .43 unique and novel ideas mold academic curriculum cmlcs. - 5, Karen Burtt and Caron Rokel knit during study hall while Dchbie Sheldon observes the art. learning can happen anywhere at any time Freshman Larry Sparks, not yet adapted to learning. is distracted from his studies when he secs a camera. Elk Grove High School proved this year that learning can happen anywhere at any time. Its students participated in a curriculum adapted to the principles of a free society. The school extended its independent study program to let students pursue their interests beyond the regular classes. Students also enjoyed creating their own courses in a special seminar program. For the first time, only upperclassmen received S.I.S. privileges. Qualified jun- iors and seniors benefited from the restricted S.l.S. pro- gram while sophomores and freshmen remained in class. New curricula emphasized the importance ol being an individual who is completely aware of the life around him. Awareness of oneself, the community, and the world is the key to understanding. New courses gave each student the opportunity to observe life and evaluate it personally. The administration no longer confined education to a classroom, as students realized in each academic depart- ment. Classes took on the dimensions of resource centers, field trips. and independent projects. The free high-school atmosphere motivated students to reach out for their own identities and become outstanding individuals. uca emi Bill Norwood teaches the new Black American History course social awareness travels to and from elk grove Senior Social Psychology students participate in L1 panel diseussion on personalities while thu ire bun videotaped Mrs. Nora Bremer assists Juniors Dave Riley and Debbie Sorentino with their Spanish vocabulary lesson, The social science department experimented with a new concept of learning. To improve relevancy to what is happening in and around school. Juniors taking American History courses were given their choice of which parts ol' history they would like to study. Among some of the newer courses begun this year was Afro-American History. Taught jointly by Miss Dorothy Lewis and Mr. Bill Norwood. this one-semester study was introduced to further the students' knowledge ol' the Negro Americans past. Mr. Haskell. principal. and Mrs. Hurley. librarian. were introduced as instructors this year. In their spare time they jointly taught U.S. history. Sociology classes and social psychology classes con- tinued to probe the mind of man. conducting experiments to try and solve the answer of why man acts as he does. Students might have seen other students walking through the halls holding on to each other. This experience was to find man's trust in his fellow man. The main objective of the Social Science Department this year was to bring the student closer to other students, Thus. students made their own choices of what they wanted to study and when. In all, students had freedom concerning how much they wanted to learn. Using earphones, freshman Ellen Campion studies French. I al science ZOI 11315 s F if wif ,- A V X , - ugly cf ? ,Hi Miss Thacker, math 4 if ,7 V 3362 212111: 2 tim Donna Gruninger and Peggy Gibisch, Seniors. study animal structures in u lab phase of Miss Otte's Zoology class. St3t1St1CS are becoming a way of life teacher, explains equations to her ulgcbru class. Tracy Schmell und Kylecn Wilson, Sophomores, experiment with acids 202 math-science N Mr. Phillip Pardun, math teacher, explains various mathematical prob- lems to Pat Massey, Senior, during the study module. The Science Department added two new one-semester courses in l970-7l: Space Science and Earth Science. Space Science studied the earth as a planet, the moon, the solar system, our sun, other stars, galaxies, the universe, space exploration, meteorology. and oceanography. Earth Science studied physical geology and historical geology, using movies and slides to supplement the study. Science seminar consisted of five students, Dave Abernathy, Steve Johnson, Bryon Mayyou, Mike McEvoy. and Jeff Simmons. These students worked on individual projects to help them delve deeply into many different areas of science, such as astronomy, physics, computer programming, and organic chemistry. They visited places like Motorola radio and the Illinois Institute of Technology to increase their knowledge. Computer programming went into its third year at Elk Grove High School. This course was valuable to students interested in the world of computers. At Elk Grove, an IBM l60 computer was available to help students learn its operation and enable them to understand at least one com- puter language. Through this knowledge these students were able to find solutions to various math problems which were teacher-originated and student-computer solved. Q .- 5 P Pt W Mr. Michael Tetre, science teacher, explains the use of equipment to his physical science class. Helping him is sophomore Don Abata. math-science 203 Mike Opager consults the technical manual before splicing a tape on the special audio-visual equipment. Jim Romano and his neighbor prepare another tempting dish to prove that Elk Grove's boys can cook as well as the girls, 204 practical urls ffl' Ry, A if A -' tu s ' gs y S ' . f, l- E Penny Figler follows instructions and removes the pattern sheet the material piece in her home economics class. Rick Flude solders a circuit in his power Mechanics class. The class based on various independent experimental projects in m echa nies. from IS R., Kevin Cole and Inger Overland gain practical experiences by coordinating their efforts on an assignment in Office Practice class, practical experience is learning A great advancement in vocational preparation could be seen in the Practical Arts Division. Elk Grove High School expanded its educational program to allow students to pursue personal career interests. The Division placed a strong emphasis on practical experience in each vocation. Business education offered a variety of interesting and beneficial courses. The business curriculum included new courses such as touch-shorthand. data processing, and business English. The Department also revised tradi- tional elasses. One class was advanced accounting. which was offered as an independent study program for the first time this year. Home Economics prepared students for careers in home decoration. fashion designing, and food management. The expanded H.E.R.O. program proved that homemaking is not restricted to a kitchen: rather, it is a meaningful occupation. Industrial Arts no longer means a hammer and a nail. Elk Grove students constructed computers and intercoms as independent projects. The Industrial Arts teachers be- came guides rather than heads of the classes. The Practical Arts Division offered a variety of vo- cational opportunities for the students. The Division proved that experiencing was learning. Lynda Ciabrini listens to dictation tapes in her Touch Shorthand class. a recent addition to the Business Education Department. practical art 206 engl iff! 951' V QQTL galil'- t tihx Mr. Richard Calisch, Humanities Division head, teaches advanced studies in the history and literature of America to upperclassmen. english department concentrates on communication John Ford and Jody Holister produce a radio program. Elk Grove High School offered a new curriculum in the English department during 1970-71. Many new courses, such as Illinois literature, world literature, and film studies, have added a new dimension to the learning of the students. All the English courses were based on phases, no longer on ability levels. Students selected from phases one through five, with the more difficult course at the higher phase. Juniors and seniors were free to choose any subject and phase that interested them, including business English. Freshmen and sophomores were placed in semester pro- grams that fit their needs. Again eg magazine was sponsored by the Humanities Division. Students and faculty contributed poetry, short stories, essays, art, and photographs. A committee made up of students and a few selected teachers then judged the material. Every month the Division presented a special movie for the students' entertainment. Among the widely different movies shown were Oedipus Rex and King Kong. The Humanities Division also sponsored several con- tests. The first was the poster contest, of which Al Cerny was the winner. Follow-ups were the photography contest, poetry contest, short stories contest, and reading speed and comprehension contest. Where possible, the winning entry was published in eg. ish I 3 .," . e .,-'Wi 1, , . , ,c .f 'iv av"' Linda Swan scans the material offercd in the Humanities Center, Miss Dale explains the operation of the Craig Reader. Group discussion is one phase in the Expository Writing class, a writing workshop that concentrates on the art of communication, engHsh 207 .av Scott Lonqueil Junior curves an abstract figure during his art cluss Art Club produces the movic Happiness Ended Las! Oclober, starring Abb us at drug addict. L " W W C A . V 5 t t o lm 3 t, 1 , A ' , 1 ft , , ' , ' , ' 1' get oh, 1 " " ' ..,r C . C E x,- V o M - .. X ig ' . .. . at ff f,v A ' " - J it R. 4 . V-.-X . fi Nba 1 1 I 'M 7 i ' L- I . f K , it C i 2 it 'Q-F? X J 1 ' ww N i I-1 P- i LJ t 0-. A Q xi 2 ,i ilii he ff' ' 5 V. 2:32 4 ' lr., I' - Q ,Nt A. . i' mt ti , ii t . A .I ft I ' ff i .. if i K I A . lf' 4. it -5 'V 2 , A A b if , ff . A . 7 t rf' - . A l K. R ii P , 9- ii-1 it Q ,.,. fi N . I ' X. Q .6 , iiigfg yf I i 1- . i ?, , , ff A , I .fi . i 1 . V, :V :.,V , 4 if KX I 'ht' . K' 1 ' wi , K i ,pill K 'D' 1 208 humunitic Boy! Concert Choir sing under the direction of Mr, Hurry Swenson Purticipunts of thc Jun Choir do their "thing" ut "Choral Capers." Assistant Band Director Mr. King leads the marching Grenadiers in the Arlington Heights Christmas parade. art and music grasp at quality in productions Students in the Music and Art Departments developed their talent and creativity. The Departments outlined basic principles of style and let each student demonstrate his individual traits. The Instrumental Music Department strove for quality and perfection in many musical presentations. The high- stepping marching band appeared lor its second year at the Chicago Bears game. This was the last year they will perform at a Bears game, however. because national tele- vision will no longer televise high school bands. Other instrumental groups also performed with the distinction of quality. The concert and symphony bands presented many enjoyable assemblies while the Jazz Band continued its long and outstanding record of first-class performances. Choral groups worked hard to organize their programs. Choral Capers highlighted the talent ol many students in- volved in the Music Department. The Choral Department also competed in many state-wide contests and brought home numerous honors to Elk Grove. Art students created a number of outstanding projects. The Department displayed quality etchings, sculpture, and paintings. Students developed individual talent and creativity in the Art and Music Departments, The Departments reached for quality in every production. Art student, senior Rob Feller, masters the technique of wood sculpture while working in his art class. humanities 209 -' 'f ' half" " ' 'H . fe, A 15 " V. v 4 '-'fl' ivww-f , v t ., A One of the basic gymnastic techniques that the junior dance classes practice is the headstand. A flying gymnastics performer holds a pose on the high bar with the aid of Mr. Fred Gaines. 210 physical education 2 5 Dean Bastounes, Senior. throws the ball to a classmate in a game of football during senior boys' P.E. Mrs. Fox and Mrs. Taylor have their freshman P.E. classes test their football skills in a game on the practice field. Jeff Simmons practices his driving abilities via a simulator movie test during driver education. physical education takes on new dim ensions Physical Education took on new dimensions as the traditional curriculum expanded. New courses and new teachers comprised the P.E. program. The Girls' Department offered various opportunities for those girls interested in athletics. Many students en- thusiastically participated in team sport competition and intramural activities, The favored activities were girls' tennis team, gymnastics, and G,R.A, The Boys' Department became a supplement to the sports program. Weight lifting and conditioning classes kept each participant in condition during a sports season. Juniors participated in the Driver's Ed program in the fall of l970. This was the first year that the driving program was offered at Elk Grove during the first se- mester. This change in schedule delighted many Juniors, but frustrated a number of Seniors who were restricted from the school parking lot. The Leaders' program continued to demonstrate true leadership in the P.E. Department. Miss Mathews spon- sored various activities in and out of class for the girls in her program. Some activities were a special campout, a slumber party, and a picnic. Each student became aware of fitness and coordination inthe unique P.E. curriculum. physical educat o Zll future days are lit with challenging opportunities l many opportunities exist for developing the self-image. man must look inwardly to know himself and outwardly to appreciate others. challenges for expanding a mind are everywhere-waiting to be recognized and utilized. wise men have no time to be bored. they confront life. A - ' " . Q, "'V , kg .. myilff VLWV Q IT5 , , I ,.,. 1, -1":Il ef 3 1' ig cpilog Q ,655 mg J Q Q Q3 + N mm? V ggw K -in arg ww 'W ' 5 J, aa m S' .H, E 3 i K 5 AS R' 5 g QQg.gx 5 ki! H I W Q Er Sb M ham vias? if .gp QFv as 2 QQ. Q BN , QQQS , GQ 5 in 5 D Eb 53 HQ 'f xv K . 5 C 3 .3 v kiwi X 5 N, 5 3 Q Rl is 53 Q 1 sgz 5 W8 is PM if. 9 mr ,-', ae 214 epHogue ii life, not existence just as man is a composite of many parts, so the world is a composite of many people. afraid of life, they may refuse to reactg or, joining hands, they may work together, giving of themselves. it is time to make a decision. rest in an ever-deepening rut or walk in an ever-changing world. go, reaching out. A Ahata. Donald John 59.1X4.Zt13 Ahata. Robert Abh. James Leo 9.47.54.l 114.1 l9.l5Z.l511.20b Abernathy. DateW 17.152 Ahrahant. Shirley A. 59 A1'tult'mn't 1914-21 1 .41'lit1lie.r 106-197 Adamczyk. Joseph B. 73 Adams. Gary 1.ee 59.170 Adams. Huey L. 47 Adams. Nicholas D. 17.1 123.122.1615 Adcock. Lee Ly nn 73 Adreon.JamesScott 59.1114 Africk.Jocl J. 73.151 A1ry'l. Donna M. 73.144 Afryl, Glenn E. 47.172 Agosta. Michael D. 47 Aiardo. Linda L. Albert. Beverly K. 59 Albert. Darryl F. 47.176 ALDRICH. CHARLES 119.90 Alesi. Peter S. 59.152 Alesi. Michael V. 73 Allbrtght. JosephT. 17 Allbright. Kim Ann A11bright.Sharon M. 47 Allen. Olton Ly'nn 59 Allen. Richard M. 73.137.1-11 Allison. Mark Altergott. Gary' l.ee 47.155 Altman. Donna C. Amatore. Toni M. 17.47.l50.155 Arnaitis. Eddie 73 Ancona. RobertJ. 73.1115 Andersen. Jelirey J. 47 Anderson. Dehra Jean 59.l34.144 AND11RSON. DIANE 90 Anderson Anderson. Donald W. 73 James A. 59 Anderson. Kim Laura 73.147 Anderson. Linda D. 47.57.l34.135.1b5.l9o Anderson. Melissa C. 59 Anderson. Mikal Lee 73 Anderson. Nancy J. 73 ANDERSON. ROBERT 90 Andrews. Darrel L. 73.171 Andrews. Richard B. Andrist. Lawrence D. 59 Anthony.Susan K. 59 A fllhropolugyt' Club 153 Antor. Duane A. 73.150 Antor. Ron 47.l50.155.1511 Antoseh..lerry'J. 59.170 Antosch. l.arry M. 59.170 Appleuuist. Linda l.. 17.1411 aqrraffl-.tc'1rr1i iss Archbold. Damian G 59.l72.l97 Arehbold.Jacinta N1 73 Armato. Cheryl 59 Armstrong.CraigI 47.l37.l41 Arniert. Debra Jean 47 Arntert. Norma 73 Arr Cluli 150 Artemenlto.John E. 47.1 113.121.1451-13. 172.1761 Aseholf. Debbie l.. 59 Astronomy 152 Audette. Marte 1. 47 Augustine. Patrick 47.1fsfs.lo1s Austerlade. David J. 73 Austin. Devota M. 1h.l7.Z7.45.4fw.l 19.191 196 Austin. Madeleine J 47,145,196 Audio- Vi.rtu1lC'luh 150 AVIGLIANO. VICTOR 90 A1riel.Elyce K. 59.l34.l36.l5l 1 B Babb. Jackie Lynn 47 Bachus. Mike Wm. 47.l55.172.l79.l90 BADER.R1CHARD 90.169 Badgett. Scott K. 73 Baer. Neil Paul 47.143 Baete. Donald J. 59 Baetc. Pat M. 73 Baiardo. Carol Ann 17.3Z.117.144.l59 Baikie. Donna Jean 17 Bailey: Ron , -ffm f tr, Baker. Beterly Nlae 47 Baker. Connie 24 Baker. Jeanne M. l7.23.l51.l53 Balcer. Tom A. 171 BALCH. EDITH 90 Ba1lntaier.Philtpp 1 73.1 rl Baltttcs.Anl1tonyJ. 73.171 Ba1mes.Thontas.l. 171 Baltts. Armin A Banach. Gall llelen 73 Banach. Kathleen M 59.151 Banach. Patricia A, 47.145 Bantner. Brenda 73 Baotlnt. Bruce 171 Barhazette. Marc 73 BARB1:lR.MARY 90 BARCAL. BARBARA 90.151 Barden.J.Richard l7.137.14tl.14l.l5I Barkoulies. Paul D. 47 Barkoulies. Peter S. 59 Barletta. Thomas 1-'. Barlott. Gllnnte M. 59 Barlow. Rachael C. 73.193 Barmantle. Patricia 73 Barnes. Esther D. Barnes. Kelly 47 Barnett. Gary 73.137.14l Barr. John M. 73.137.l41 Barreiro. Daniel 59.150 Barrett.TtntJ. 73 Barry. Dawn 1. 73 Barry. I.irtda S 73 Bartels. Deborah T. 73 Bart1e.Pau1aAnn 59 Barton. Beterly A 59 Barton. Pamela lillen 17.27.l34.135 Bartostak.Joseph1i. 59.1110 Bartucc. Cheryl L. 17 Bfttvhall 191 Bascll. Bonnie G 17.1 111.14-1.159.165 Basilc.DennisAl1en 47 Bzttkullmll 174-179 Basslord. Barbara lr' 47,143.1-15.l55.l95. 196 Basslord. Charles H. 59.173 BLlsl.BrtLlt1lJ Bastoanes. Dean 17.lZ3.l30.Zl0 Bateman. Anthony C. 47 Batentan. l tnda .1 59.161 Batidtn. Scott R 150 B.tucr.JonX1. 73 Bautnann. Cheryl J. 59.l411.149 Bautttgarten. Jerry .1 73 Batmtstark. Tltomas X1 l2I.lo5.ltttt.177 Bataro. 1' rank 170 Bavaro. Nick 59.1711 Baylen. Steyen K. Beach. Debra 1 47 Beahan. George E 73.184 Beal. Daniel 11 47.1 19.154 Bean. Donna M. 73.148 Beatty. Katht M. 59.141 Buck. Patrick L 47 Bcek. Susan M. 73 Becker. Dehbie l.. 73 Bedard.Cratg11 47 Behrendt.11ttlly.lean 59 Behrendt. Mark R. Beiers.Robert1.. 73 BELL. LILEEN 90 Be1l.James L. 73.149 Bell.Janet Sue 59 BELL.JUDlTH 90 Bellatia. David C. 73 Bellis. Mary E. 59 Benavidez. Larry G. 59.1711 Bender. Diane L, 73 Bender. Lucia Teresa 47 Benedetto. Kint S. 59 Benedetto. Lynette BENES. RONALD 90.153 Benjamin. John 1. 59 Benson. Allan 17.153 Benson.Amy'1- 59 Bentall. Scott David 132.1-10.l4l.lfi5.loo. 167 Berg. Gail lynn 59 Berg. Gloria 1. 73 Bergemann. Karen A. 47 Berger. Stetett C 137.141 Bernard. Norah Lea 47 Berndtson. Keith R. 59.1110 Berns.GailJean 59 Berry.JamcsJ. 73 Berry. Matthew .I. l7.137.141 Berry. Nancy .lo Berto. Greg 1' 17 Beyer. Susan Ann 73 Bicego.Elt1abeth A. 59.1 l9.143.l5-1.191 Bieego. John R. 47.165.l66.17lt Btgham. Floyd G. 73 Binkley. Steve A. 59 Bishop. Barbara L. 17 Bishop. Deborah J. 59.165 Bishop.Jon Robert 47 Bishop. Harold M. 59 Bitte. Lucille .1. Bitte. Melodic A. 73.133 Bjarhank.Joe 73 B1alr.Judith A. 150.153 Blake. Richard 11. B1.ANCO.l1lLDA 911 Blandford. Linda J. I7 Blaskt. Gary J. 47 Blalek. Lisa 59 Blalek. Thomas Allen Bleatman. David 1-. 73 Bleichrollt. John H 59 Blenklc. .1ody'Lynn 59.l4X Blootttlield. Dorothy 59.137.141.l55 Blount. Bruce A. 1711 Blue. Kathleen M. 114 Blume. Lorraine 111 Bockman. Theresa A. 73 Bogard.N1tchae1H. 59.l4t1.l14t1.1hl Boggs. Stephen 114.l'3 Boggs. l'homas.l 59.173 Boggin. .lint 73 Bogut. Debra Rae 59.154493 B01in.ScottN1 l55.179.1N1 Bolton. Marlene D 59 Bona. Mary llelett 73.191 Bonanata. Vincent 59 Bonnln. Holly 73 Bono. Gary .loseph 47.1119 Bono. Vincent X1 Bonotteh. Georgia L. 47.l4o Boomer. Patricia -X 47 Borck. Margie Borgardt. N1ichaelC, 73.137.1N7 Borg. Gary W Irs Borgias. Callen D. 73,137.1-11 Bory:tas.Krtsto1er 1-. 47.1 111.153 Bork. Melinda B. Born. Christopher J. 59 Born. Paula Nlary 47.57.l45.195.19o Borlevtski. Gregory 59 Boryelka. Deborah M. 47 Bosler. Michael R. 47 Bosslet. .lohn T, 111,115.12 Bosslet. William H 73.1244 Bosledt. Deborah L 73 Botheroyd. Bill John Botten.Greg D. 73 Bowers. KrtsJ. 59.184 Bottlds. Andrett L. 47.182 Bovtlds. Debra Ann 74 Bowlds. Sharon l. 145 Bowman. Linda G. 114 Bos. Dennis W. 59.154 Bot. Dan 11. 114 Boyce. Robert 171 Boyd. Karen Jean 59.l34.l55 Boyer. Charmaine 47 Boyle. Bob S. 1114 Boyle..lohn 18.lo5.l6o But.t'C1mir 133 Bradley. Barbara l., 7-1.133.144 BRA DLLY. B1TT1: 90 Bradley.1ita C 59 Bradley. .leanne L. 18.l3Z,l34.13J.l44 Bradley. Melissa J Braecketeldt. .Ianiee 59 Brancato. Carol A nrt 114 Brandner. Anita 47 Brandt. Laurence K. Brandt. Mark Alan 111.1514 Brandt. Mtchae1J 74.171 Brandt. Michael W 171.1711 Brandt. Sue li. 59,123.1-14 Brannan. A. Todd 74 Brannan.N1ichaelD 47.11X.l32.l37.140.l4l Braucr.GregA. 18.144 Braun. Donna L. 74 Bratln. Gale J. 59 Bratm. William A 74.141 Bredael. Kathy A. 74.144 Bregar. Carolyn 59.134.l54 Breidinger. Linda R. 133 BR lr.X1ER. NORA 90.201 Brennan. Eugene E. 111.182 Brennan. Richard R. 74 Bresemann.Carolyn 74.133 BR1:11 ER..lAM1iS 911 Brick. Richard B Brtnkman.Chrtsttrte 1X.145.l95 Bristol. Robert L. 74 Brock. 'Xrthur1" 47 Broderick. Kathy S. 74.144 Broderick. Michael P. 74.1114 Broderick.T1tomas.1 47.1110 Brokamp. Mary 1. 59 Brokamp. X11lliattt.1 Brooks. Donald 59 Brooks. Kathy Mary 47.ll3.l47.l54 Brosta. .lantcel. 74 Broten. Tom Allen 59. 140,141,170 BROTHERS. POLLY 90.99 Brottn. Bonnie R 59.1511 Brottn.C1tristine R ltt Brottn. Charles C Brotsn. Connie 1 tnn 74 Brottn. .lack G. Brottn. .lane lr 74 Brottn. 1 tnette 1. 74.l33.l45 Brottn. Mark l'. 59 Brottn. Mary Sue 59.l53.155 Brottn. Paul 0. 11t.l37.l4l Brotsit.Stet'eA 47 Brottn. Teresa D. 74.1-14.1-16.1411 Brottnson. Sharon L. 59.l34.l65 Brottnmg. 11 illiant L. 1S.lls5.16ts Broylcs. Derek .I 47 Bruek. Geurgtann L 47.l34.l44.l45.lft5 BRl1NlNGA.1-LAIN1:90 Brunn. Don 1. 111 Brunn. Susan R. 74 BRLQNNER. JOAN 911 Bruns. Randy .1. Brtartt.11arlene D. Bryant. Michael ii. 47 Bry1eki.VictoriaA 47 Buhlitf. Date tk. 74 Buchholl. Sue l 59 Buchholz. William J. 17 Buechner.Janet E. 74 Buechner. John E. 47 Buehlcr. Donald 116.150 Buehler. Robert R. 59.15-4.190 Buerger. Gall Nl 47 Buerger.1larry1-' 74.171 Bugarettiel. Sherrie 19.147 Bugay.Chrtsline A. 59 Buikenta. Robert R. 47.137.l40.l54.1li9 Bulka. Diane M. 74 Bull. Bob W. Burbtck. Stephen .l. Burch. Alfred H, 59 Burke. Ann M. 47 Burke. Kathleen A. 74.l49.l5l Burmetster. Dennis 19.147 Burniek.Tom 59 Burns. Diana Lynn Burtt. Karin L. 74.199 Burtt. Kevin M, 19 Bush.1:1i1abeth C. 19 Bush. Patricia Ann 19 Bush. Thomas 1.1 59 Butint'.y.s lzklwttlluli 146 Busse. Steven S 170 Busse. Timothy A 59 BUssc.Wi1ll1.tftt1' 74.171 Buteliart. Paul G. 74.133.l7l.l150 Butchart. William H. S9.l2l.l51 Butirro. Michael Butler. Greg F. 74.171 Butler. Heide 59.132.l34.l36 Butler. William n0.17t1.l77 Butter1teld.Peggy M 74 Button. Sharon 1., 19.14Z.143.144 Byrne. Datttl B 47.166 Byrne. Dennis M. -17.1ho.11t5.l11o C Cabrera. Carmen 19.13.143 Cafeteria llelp 103 Cage. Steten D. 74 atn.Elifa1teth A 47 aldarella. Pau1J. ti0.137.14l .rXL1SC11. RICHARD 90.2011 'a1lagh.tn. .lames 1:. 47.l32.137.140.l41 Callard. Randall L K alta. Rose Tylary I9 C .tm.trata. .1.tmie.l. 610 Camargo. K atherinc 4. K amargo. lzltlabcth A 19 Camargo. lrene N1 Camarttso. lsatht 14" Camotleca. 1-mtlto 7-11.154 Cantot.1eca.l.attra 4o.47.ll9.1-15,195 C"yX11'fXiiN-LC ARL 90 Campbell. Colleen 74 C ampbell..1ohn S tit1.1Zl.l23.150.l144 Cantpbell. Mart l9.l23.lJ3.135 Camphotise. Bob 1111 Campion.1gllen Xl. 74.201 Camptse. Debra Ls nn 74 Campo. Shirley fy. 60 Catttpoptano. Ronald 47.161-.185 Canill.X1aureen 47.152 Cannt1lo.Ytckt 1. 47 Cannt1lo.Chrts.1. 19 Cannon. Linda Nl. 60.147 Cannon. William A. 411.154 Cantrell. Becky A. 19.45.196 Cantrell. Pamela A. Capone.Anthony 153 Capper. Leroy Scott 74.l1t5.l147 Carbine. Lola Mae 60.134 Carbonari. Mike R. 60.170 Cardona. Rosa li. 74 Carey. DonnaS 74 Carey. Martin T CARIOTI. 1 INCLNT 90 Carlson. David E. 20 Carlson. Greg G. Carlson. Keith 48 Carlson. Robert P. Carlstrom. Thomas G. 7-1 Carone. Gary R. 60 Carone. James T. 211 Carone. Robert D. 421 Carone. Thomas W. 74 Carpenter. Deborah 60 Carroll. Charles K 414.119 Carroll. Catherine 60.153 Carroll. Colette L. Carroll. Daniel Z0 Carroll. Dennis J. 60 Carroll. Mary 20.45.154 Carroll. Maureen B 74 Carroll. Phyllis 48 Carroll. Thomas P. Z0 Cashman. Candace L. 48.145195 Cashman. Cy nthta L. 74.133 Cassara. Dean G. Casio. ThomasA. 144 Caudle. Susan M. 74 Cavanaugh. James E. Ce1in.l.inda Marte 60 CEN DLR. DONALD L. 90 Centella. Rick M 60.lZ1.l54 Cerny. Alan.l. 20 Challender. Harrt M. 74.178 Q. C L C Chambers. Ken G. 60 Chambers. William 7-1 CHANCEY. JONATHAN 90 Chapman. Scott Paul 60.152 Charnota. Daniel A. 7-1 Chassey . Thomas J, 60.170 Check. Sandra Lee 60 Chtftvlemlvnr 192. 193 Chen. Robert S. 414.176 Chen. Thomas P. 7-1 Chepil. Pamela R. 20.154 Cheyrnick. David R, -18.1 16.1 114.1-13.1 1 5 Chernick.,1cllrey J. 60.170 Cherra. Sue 60 Chesny. Diane 1. 7-1 Chesny. Robert D. -18.169 Chtatt Club I-13 CHIERICO. RICHARD V. 90 Choir 13-1 Cholewinskt. Penny 20 Choral Caftert 1324.139 Chrahot. James Nl. -18.169 Chrahot.Josep1i 20 Christensen. Beth A. 60.154 Christensen.Jo1tn R. -111 Christensen. Linda 60.193 Christensen. Lori A. 60 Christensen. Mark D. Christiansen. Mike G. 74.150 Chuipek. Keith A. 48166.17-1.175 Cialabrini. Linda -18.20-1 Cikavteius. Mary 7-1 Cillo. Dawn J. -18 Cil1o.Robin J. 150 Ciul1a.Maria Bette -16.-115.1-15.196 Claes. Nancy Ann 60 Claes.Thomas B. 20.165 Clapp. Kathleen M. 20 Claps. Mary 20 Claps. Albert J. -114 Clarizio. Louis 60.153.l55.l79.lXI Clark. Claudia Ann 21.1-15.196 Clark. Donna M. -18 Clark. Katherine 7-1 Clark. Kathleen S. 7-1 Clark. Linda M. -18 Clark. Loretta A. 60 D.E. Clarke. Timothy M. 60 Clary. Linda Jean 60 Clausen. Richard M. 7-1 Cleckler. Ronald D. 171 Clementi. Mike 7-1.133.171 Clexton. Joseph M, 7-1 Cline. Dreama Sue 21 Clinton. Cheryl M. 60.1-1-1 Clinton. Scott W. 21.174 Cliver. Michael C. Cliver. Williston H. -18.13113-1 Clyde. Theodore L. 60 COBOURN.STEPHEN 91 Cochenour. Deborah 7-1 Cocrane. Richard K. -18 Cocomtse. Claudia M. 7-1.1-14.1-18 Coeomise. Gerry A. -18 Cocomise. James T. -18 Cocomise Collman. . Philip Cheryl J. 60.1-1-1 Chen. Michael A Chen. Robert S. -18 Chess Cltl C oh n. Lis bl-13 aJo Cohen. Mike -18 Cohen.Steven M. 60 Coit. Donald E. -18 Cole. Gary M. 7-1 COLEM.-XN.RAYMOND 89.91 Coll. Brian J. 7-1.171 Collesi.JillA. 60.1-19.15-1 Collesi.Ju1ieG. 21 Columbo. Patricia A. C'onc't1rl Band 1-11 Condon. Patrice K. 7-1 Condylis. Michae1J. 60.122.14I.151 Coney. Elizabeth A. -1tt.l37.1-11 Con1ortt.Cary C. -121 Conlorti. Maryellyn -114.1-17 Connelly. Dan 169 Connelly. Edward 60.15-1 Connelly. Janet 21 Connelly. Connelly. Kevin M. Pantela 2l.l37,1-16.1-19.16 Connery.Thomas -18 Connery. William 7-1 Connolly. Margaret 60.19-1 Connolly. Patrick O. 21.35 Connor.Jan-ies P. 7-1 Connor. Steven 7-1 Conroy.Terrence 7-1 Conter. Laura A, l6.2l.31.1 19.162 C onter. V icki L. 60 Contreras. Kim 7-1 Contreras. Manuel 21 Conway.JamesJ. -18.15-1 C00k.Je1l'ery' K. 60.l37.l-11 Cook. Joellen -18.57.l32.I3-1.135.159 Cook.Judy Jane 60 Cook. 1.indaJ. 21.1-16.155 Cook. Paul R. 7-1 Cook. Sharon Lee -18 Cooney.James 21.118.l22.165 Cooper. Dotty M. 7-1 Copeland. Susan L 60 Coppoletta. Mike J. 7-1 Cornell. Patricia D. -18.13-1 Corsiglia. Louis 60 Cosgriff. John C. Costello.John M, 60.170 Cote. Linda L. -18 Cotini. Phil R. 21 Cotini. Rick J. 60 COVENTRY.DAL1i 91.165 Cox.Cindy 60 Couola. Barbara A. 60 Couola. Mary Ann 21 Crabbe. Philip D. 60 65,17-1. 1 Cralt. James M. 7-1 Craft. John S. -18 Crail. Carolyn M. -18.1 l8.132.l,1-1,135.1-12 Cratl. David S. 21 Crain. Marc Allen 18.185 Creedon.Carrie Ann -111.1-14.14 Crecdon. Rich 21 Cremerius. Michael E. 7-1 Crites. Loren Dale 60,137.1-10.1 Cromer. Dave 7-1.137.141 Cromer. Rick 60.l37.1-10.141 Cropp. Kenneth L. 60 Croson.Terry L. 60 Croson.Tim R. 60 Cross. Marie P. 7-1.1-1-1 Cmxx Cormier 171-173 Crosson. Robert E. -111 Crowley. Anne 7-1 Crul. Mariaantometa -18 Cruz. Patricia J. 60 CUCULIC. SHARON 91.1-16 Culkar. Sue 60 Cullen. Mary Ellen 7-1 5.1-19.154.196 -11.170 Culver. Judv Ann 21.-10.123150 Cumbo. Chris D 74.1-13 Curley. Nanci L. 21 Curran. Kathy Ann 7-1 Currier. Thomas ,1. 60 Currier. William J. -18 Curtis. Mary Pat 60.1-1-1.l51.l5-1,19-1 Curtis. Susan Gail 60.162 Cyrier. Larry A. -18.172 Cfarnecki. Bernard 60.173 Czerniak. Robert B. -18 Clerniak. Robin -18.13-1.135 D Dahl lzlalnc 1. 7-1 Dahl Dayid M 7-1,171 Daltl Deborah Jo 48.1-15.196 Daltl Dahl James E 7-t fiventty Janet 21.162 Damh.Gregort M. -121 Dailidas. Jcll E. 21 Daker.John 75 DALE. LINDA 91.206 Daley. Tint Carl -18 D'Attttco. Debra R. -114 Dammstrom. Rol1G. 1714 Dantore. Mark S. 48.165.182 Danca. Diane M. 15-1 Danca. Rita 21.1-16 Darbee. Linda M. 21 Darge. Linda Lee 48.1l21.132.I 196 Darville. Jack R. -18 Daskaloll. Sue 60 DAVID. GERALD 91.151 Davidson. Christine 75 Davis. Sandra C. 60.1-1-1.155 1-17 DEAN. FRANCES 91 Dean. Joseph C. 75.115 Dean. Susan J. 22 DeAngeIts.Carla M. 75 Dearing. Connie 75 Debure 151 DeBenny. Louis 60 Debish. Ann M. 75.133 DEBOLT. ROBERT 91 DeCar1o. Jeri 22.1 111.158 Diaro. Elizabeth L, 60.1-15 Dwring. John M. 22.1 18.166 Deevey. Susan 22.137 Delolis. William G. 22.l32.1-10 16' DeHaven Robert M. 22. 5 DcICampo. Dennis P. 22 Delia.Carl A. -18 Dellert. John R. 60 Deluca. Fran 60 Delude. Gwen L, 60 3-1.1311-15. .I-11 Demares. Cynthia M. -18.1 16.1 l1i.l45.196 De Marie. Michael A. DePamea. Tom 171.1711 Dempsey. DeanaJ. 22 Denhroeder. Amy'J. 69 Denhroeder. John W. -18 Denny. Jack DePalttta. Thomas R. 75 DePamea. Tom DePhil1ips. Deborah Depke. Robin Ly nn D-xalvo. Carmen R. 60 Desmond. John S. 22.117 Desmond. Joyce M. 60.13-1.136 DeSpain. Christine Xl. 22 Devine. Nora 1 Deyine. Phll.l. Detttt. Barb 60 Devtttt. Thomas R 61.l70.l77 DeWitt. Renee Anne 22.159 Devyltte. Kathleen M, 61 Diaferio. 1'rank .I 61 Dtalerio. Michael J. -111 Diamond. Susan M. 61.1-17 Dtasio. Leo A. 22 Dickens. Don E. 61 Didier. Deborah Lee -18 Didier. Donna M. 22 Didomenieo. Robert DIFFENDERF1-'1:1R.RAY 91 Digrazia. Mark S. Digangi. Daniel 22 Diggins. Robin Ann 1-1-1 Digilio. Nicholas A. -111.169 Dtgtovanni. .Iohn F. 22.165 Digiovanni. Joseph 61 Dill. Dave J. 75.172.lK0 Dill. Kathleen M. 61 Dillavou. Patricia M. -18 Dillavou. Wayne A. Dillavou. Donna 75 Dimitroll. Denise M. -18 Dintond. Kathleen 22 .I-15.1-17 Disilvio. Geneva R. Dixon. James R. -18.169 Dixon. Susan M, 75 D.0 1-1-1 Dodds. Robert 22.15-1 Doering. Patrick H. 75.1,17.1-11.171 Doherty. Mikel 75.171 Doherty. Mike P. 75.171 Doherty. Debbie -18 Dolan. Kathy M. 75 Dolles1ager.Marcta 75 Domek. Susan -18 Domme. Richard A. Donca. Diana 75 Donehey. James R. 75.1-11 Dorsen. Kerry J. -18 Dorsey. SeottT, 6I.6J.170.177 Dorsey. Neal Rick 22.165182 Doss. David R, -1X.l37.l-10.1-11 Doty,Susan Douglas. Kimberly S. 75 Doyle. Kathleen P. 75 Drama Club 123 Drelieharz. Lynn M. -18 Dresing. Debbie J. 13-1 Dressel. Catherine F. 75.l37.l-11 Dressel. Donald R. 75.l37.1-41 Driscoll. Barbara J, 22 Driscoll.John A. 61 Driver. William 61.170 Dnver. La Troy -18.116 Drysch. Eileen -19 Drysch. Maureen 22.110.l37.l62 Dudeck. Donna L. 75 Dotlet. Kathy' M. 75 Emmer. Michael D. 61 Emperia1.Jim 76 Emslie. Emslie. Emslie. Errglirh Epilugu Equarlr Erbe. D JamesA, 61 Jayne M. Robert R. 23.-15 206.207 e 212-215 ian Club 155 ebra L. 76 ERGANG. GEORGE 92 ERICK Erlands Erlands SEN.CLAlRE 92 on. David C. -19.169 on. Nancy D. 76 Ermel. Henry Ermel, Mildred G. 76 Erskine. Ronald J, 61.187 Esposito. Gary' 23.-10 Estry. Norene 23 Etter. Robert E. Evans. Bill J. 23 Evans. Daniel P. 76.171 EVANS. DOROTHY 92 Evans. Jellrey M. -19.l54.l69 Evans. Joe M. 61.170 Evans. Thomas J. 61.187 Evans. Tim J. 49.152 Evans. Tim M. 61.170 Evensen. David A. 6l.I37.1-10 Evensen. Karen Lee 49.1211-15.l95.l96 EVKO. BEVERLY 92 Fabian. Karen L. 76 Dulley. Laura J. 61 Du1ly.Rose M. 75 Dugo.Joseph J. 61 Duke. Barbara L, -19 Duke. Ricky 22 Duke. Robert W. Dukewich. Michael J, -19 Dumelle. Dan lf. 23 Duncan. Sandra R. -19.1-15 Dunn.Jody G. 75.1-1-1.1-17 Dunning. Debra Ann 155.162 Dunning. Kathleen M. 61 Dunning. Patrick 23.1-15. I 5-1. I 55.191195 Dunstng. Bonnie L. -19 Durkee.Claire Z. 75.l33.I5I Durlak. Mike J. 75.180 Durnlng. Lynn 11. 23.1-15.15-1.155.l92.l95 Dutson. Alan L. -19 Dutson.Tom .I. 23 Dvorak. Kerry 61 Dvtoyakoviski. Mary Lou 61 Dys. Robin L, 75 Dys.Timothy'A. -19 Dziem. Gregory 23.l18.122.l65.172 Dziubla. .lellret 11, -19 E Eagan. Brule 23 Earnest. Scott L, 75 Earwaker. Mary' Ann 23 Earvtaker. Sue C. 61 Eaton. Daniel Lee -19 Ebert. Susan K. 61.133 Eeeery. Dan 171 Eckhardt. Lisa M Eekhardt. Rick D. 171.175.1714 liek lu Eeker nd.Jint1.. 61 t. Scott Allen -19.1 l6.l65.l66 EroIogi'Cluh 153 EDWARDS. ANNE 92 Edwards. Dianne D. 60 Fabian. Karen P -19.13-1.135,l-15.196 Fabos. Randy 61 Farullt 88-101 FadIer.Junnte K. 61.13-1 Fagre. Holly J 76 Fahn. Jacqueline D. 72,'76.l 19.1.13 FallPluvt' 12-1.125 Fans1ow.MichaelB. -19 Fanslow. Suzanne M. 2-1.196 Faracy. Peggy Ann 6I.l32.l37.1-11 Faracy. Tim S. 76.171.1l47 Farley. Xenaphonc G. 2-1 Farner. Donna L 24.1 l8.l22.1-1-1.1-15.151. l59.l65.195.l96 Farrell. Richard S. 61 Farrell. Steve G. 24 FARRIS. RIGHTER 89,92 FARROH.BR1TTON 92.95 Faust. John P. 76.180 Faust. Nancy J. 49 Fava. Mark T. 76.151.l80 Fecenko. David Scott 49 Fedel. Raymond E, 61 Fedrowitl. Susan G. 61 FELDSIEN. EUGENE 92 Feller. Linda J. 62.155 Feller. Robert E, 2-1.209 Ferguson. Ramona Lee 24 Ferguson. SteveC, Fernandel. Orlando 2-1.80.1 18.1 l9.165.l82 Ferraro. Frank J. 76 Feyereisen. LoriA. 76 Fiebernitz. Joan G. 62 Fiedlt-:r.C1ara L. 76 Field. Je1feryS. -19 Field. Victoria J. 76.133 Figler. Pearl E. 49.205 Fink. Beverly' Anne 62.1 l9.l32.137.l-10. I-11.155 Finley. Thomas -19.169 Finn. Jeffrey M. Finn. John M. Egesdal. Paul D. 61.187 Ehlebracht.Jackie 23 Eidred. Cathy 75 Eiuenhoefer. Vicki Eland. Denise M. 75 Eldred. Catherine L. Eldred. Edward -19.l37.l-11 Edlridgc. Genevieve 49.l32.I34.I36 Eldridge. Susan F. 75.133 Elenkie. Jody 60 Ellery. Daniel M. 76 Ellingsworth. Lynn 49 Elms. Gary John 49 E1sen.Tom R. 171 ELWOOD. ROSEMARY 92 Emerich. Kenneth J. 75 Finnerty. James K. 76 Finnert Fiorell' y.Thomas 24 Pam R. 76 lv Fiorito. Ronald 2-1.137.141 F iscus. Katie Dean Fiscuy. MiehaelJ. 76.1-13.184 Fisher. Dan 62 Fisher. Dennis N. -19 Fisher. Diana L. 76.148 Fisher. Janet 62 Fisher. Mary Kay 62.123 Fisher. Peggy A. 62 Fitzgerald.John F. 24 Fitzgerald. Lynn M. 62.l32.l34.136.15I Fitzgerald, Sally A. 62,150,153 Fitzpatrick. Theres 24.31.19-1 Fitznatrick. Sharon 62.19-1 X ff . -ex y K .,,,, .L ,. Z 217 218 Flaherty, John J. 62.170 Flashers 194 Fleischauer. Richard 62 Flerlage, Donald 24.154 Flerlage. Daniel Lee 62.154 Flink. Diane Kay' 62 Florczak. Mary E. 49 Flowers. Dana E. 76 Flowers. George 62.137.1-41.170 Flude. Fred F. 76.173 Flucle. Richard 24.204 Flugardl. Lynn M. 72.76,119.145 FLYNN. BRENDAN 92,166 Fogarty. Diane L, 76.154 Fogel. Elaine 24 Folkes. Steven E. 76.154 Falls Quarter 132 Football 166-171 Ford, Douglas G. 176 Ford.John 25.l22.163.206 F oreigu E.rr'lian.L'tf 142 FORESTER. KATHLEEN 92 Forester. Pam A. 49 Forester. Pat H. 25.144 Foringer.Kin1hcr1y A. 76 Fornpoulos. Laura T. Forsythe.Gat1 Lee 62 Fortmann. Cathy L. 76 Foster. John I 62.170 Foster. Lurte 76,l33.147 Fournier. Mark S. 76.180 1-'ox.CynthiaJ. 62.132.136 FOX. LUCINDA 92.195210 Francione. Bruce J. -19 Francione. Gale M. 62 Franck.John M. 76 Frank. Sharon L. 49 Franke. Kathleen E. 25.118158 Franke. Jellrey C. 76.171 Frankini. Frank 62.170 Franz. Lynette C. 49 Fraske. Corinne A. 49 Fredericksen. Randal 76 Freedman, Mark S. 76,133.171.178 Freya. Dale w. 76.180 Frejd. Deborah L. 49 French. Diana L. 49 Friedriehs. Larry'S, l32.l37.14O.t41 Frink.Jacquc1inc 62 Frink. Karen Ann Fron. HeidiC. 49.196 FRONEY, MERRILL 92 Froysland.John 50 Fruitt. Starlette S. 50.12113-1 Frust,John 171 F.T.A. 147 Fuchs. Rose F. 62.148 Fuentes. George L. Fu1ureSet're'tarit'.r 146 FYFE. QQNALD 89 - GABBEY. KARL-HEINZ 92 Gabriel. A1isonJ. 62,147 Gach.John C. 77.141 Gagliano. Phyllis M. 77 Gagnon. Erin Ann 77,133,145 Gahal1a.Grace M. 25.l08,I09.l10.119.162 GAINES. FRED E. 92 Gaiser, Robert W. 50 Gaitsch. Bruce R. 25 Galati. Deborah M. Galati. Steve Lee Gallagher. Elizabeth 62.193 Ga1lagher.John P. 77.171 Gallimore. Pam Gallis. Steven M. 77 Ga1loway.Gera1d M. 77 Gander. Mark H. 50 Gander. Todd W. 62 Garces. Reynaldo 25 GARClA.ANN 92 Gardynski.Jamey A. 50 Garribaldi. RobertJ. 50.132.1J4,150 Gaskin. Mary 50 Gaskin. Robert 171.180 Gatza. Dennis K. Gavros. Grace M. Gaynor. Mary G. Gaynor. Terrence M. 77 Gaynor.James P. 62 Geanconteri.Joann 25.148 Gcbbie. Mari Jo 50 Gcbhie,Thomas E. 77 Gecgan. Patrick M. 77 Geiger.John M. 77.171.171l Geisler. Kathy A. 25.145.165.l95.196 Geisler. Sharon L. 165 Geissler. Gerri M. 62 Gengler. Debbie 77.119.14ll Gengler. Gayle S. 62.147.l-18 Gennuso. Susan L. 62.144 Georgen, Paul G, 62 GER DISCH. ROSE MARIE 92 Gersdor1.Steve K. 25.153 Gervasi.Janet M. 77 Giammarrusco.John 50 Gianafis, Ellen R. 25.123.l32.1.1-1.135.137 Gianaris. Peter G. 77.173.l87 Gianaris. Rosemary 62.134.137 Gjarrantann. 1 ynda S. 25 Gtbbons..1ohnA 77.137.1-11.178 Gibisch. Peggy yt, zs,iix,i4s.w5.t9is.:t1z Giebel. William J. 50 Giese. Sandy M. 77 Gilbert. Jon A, 62.187 Gill. Kathryn Ann 25 Gillespie. William J. 77 Gilmore. Rex D. Gilmore. Rockne A. 62.l23.137.l4l Gilson. James A. 25 Glnter. James T. 62 Girard. Linda M. 50.57.l45.l96 Gire. Kathy L. 77 Girlx' Charm' 135 Girlx' Enxenible I and II 136 Gir1v'GIrvC'lub 134 Glr1r'Tenrtt.t' 195 Girton, Charles D. Glab. Wallace Lee 62 Glanz. Karen M. 50.134 Glanz. Kathy M. 62 Gleason. Tim J. 50 Gleason. Terry P. 412.119.1144 Gleckler, Ron 77 Glejl. Monica R. 62.134 Glejl. Robert 25,1115 Glenz. Debra G. 62 Gloss. Pamela E, 50 Gloss. Peggy Ann 77 Goch.John 137 Godawa. Mike S. 77 Goddard. William J. 62 Godlewski. Kathryn 122.l51.l5S Goergcr. Joseph 25 Goerger. Kathleen A. Goerger. Martin 25 Goerger. Susan M. 50.145.196 Goeske. Keith A. Goeske. Karen L. 25 Goeske. Rob R. Goggin,James D. 171 Golatl. Ramona C. 50.147 Goldsmith. Mark R. 50.176 Golf 188.189 Gomez, Dalia 77 Goodrich. Lynn E. 50.154 Gordon. Donna M. 50.145 Gordon. Nancy R. 25.149 Gore. Bill Scott 62 Gore. Mary K. 77 Gore. Theodore 25 Gorecki. Gail Ann 62 Gorman, Frances E. 50.57.123 Gorman. Kay Ann 77 Gtxse. Marcia L. 62 Gotha. Barbara Jo 62 Gottschalk. Debra A. 77 Gottschalk.Kimbcr1y 77 Gould. Shcree L. 50 Goyack. Michelle K. Graczyk. Theresa 62 G.R.A. 145 Grttzluulirm 114.115 Graham. Donna 62 Graham. John M. 77 Graham. Larry' W. 62 GRAMS. KENNETH 92.171 Grandi. Daniel 1.ec 62 Grant. John A. GRANTS. VALDIS 92.93 Graul. Robcrt G. 50 GRAVES. HELEN 92.146 Gray. Diana M. 62.134.14-1.155 GRAY. VIRGINIA 92 Greathouse. Carol 1.. 16.25 Greaves. Gail D. 50 Greaves..1amcsKi. 62 Green. Davin 1, 62 Green. George A. 50 Green. Joyce E, 62.155 Green. RhondaJ. 77.141 Greenberg. Karen S, 77 Greenberg. Leonard 62 Greenberg. Mark A. 118.122.17f1.l75 Greenvyood.Co11cen R 50 Gregory. Judy A. 77 Gricshaber. Lynne 77 Grillin. Kerry S. 62 Gnllaert. David A. 26.159.165 Grillaert. Douglas 62 Grimshaw. Roberta G. 26.159.165 Groenhol. Jacob J. 26 Groenhof. Julic 50 Gromke. Melody L. 50.196 Gross. Sherri D. 77 Grove. Les .I. 62 Grover. Charles A. 50 Grover. Sandra Lee 26.145.196 Gruver.TerriC. 77 Grubb. Kirk F. 137.141 Gmbe. Karl 62 Gmber. Cara Lee 62 Gmber. Randal1C. 26 Gmninger. Donna 26.43.l45.196.202 Grutzmacher. Glen M. Gruczka.Shery1 L. 62 Guastadisegni. Joe 50.182 Guanci,Shel1i 62 Guardian 158 Guastalerri. David 26.110.1l8.l58.165.l66 Guenveur. Leslie A. 50.159 Guercio. Karen A. 62.I45,196 Guertler. Thomas P. 62 Gumienski. Diane M. 77 Gumienski. Joseph Gurnaak. Kathy A. 26.123 Gurnack.T0m E. 62.l32.l37.170 Guritt, Mary E. 50 Gurnik. Thomas J. 140.141 Gyllenberg. Kevin R. 50.13-1.135 G-i'ntrin5lt'c5 182-184 H Haaning. Rick 62.177 Haake, Vicki Lee 50.149 HALE.M1LDRED 92 Haar. Darlene J. 62 Haar.Judith M. 62 Haarstick. Carol A. Haas. Annette M. 77,154 Haase. Stephen M. 77 Haben. Timothy M. 62.170180 Hachmeister. Linda 26 Hacketl,Jantes M. 26 Hackney. Debbie D. 77.133 Haddigan. Mary A. 62 Had1cy.Ch:ir1cs W. 26.1 16.165182 Had1cy.Dayid.-X. 77.184 llalll. Dave A. 77.l37.141 Hageman. Mary 62 Hagcmeycr. Karen S 77.119 Hahn. Kathleen -K. 77 Hahn. Robert C. 62 Hahn. Rut1tA. 26.158 1Ialch.Cindy -Xnn 62 llarduke. Dayld L. llaiduke. Deborah J. 77 llalan. Ron 62 Hal1penni.BtllR 1laltm.tn.Craig B. 26 Hall. Carla 147 11a1l. Garry 77 llallman. Robert 51 llaniblln. Patricia 1. 62 1lamicl.Rtchart1 77.171.1N7 1lami1ton.A1an1'. 77.133 1lami1tnn..lanel 1 77.193 Hamilton. Mary P. 62.144 llantilton. Maureen A. 26.144.154 Hamilton. Teresa M. 51 llamttt. Gregory S. 51 Hamm. Gwen 1. 62.137141 Hamm. Myrna l.. 62.15ll.151 Hammers.JanicsG. 77.17I.17tl Hand. Sheila M. 77 HANKE. DAVID 92 Hankins. Piper R. Hanrahan. Charles P 51.1 18.l22.147.l43 Hanrahan. Thomas G. 77.173 Hansen. Doreen J. 62.194 Hansen. Judith 1.. 77.193 Hansen. Lancefi Hansen. Laurtc.1. 77.137.I41 Hansen. Nancy C. 62.149153 Hansen, Ray W. 26 Hansen. Robert W. 51.154 HANSEN. THOMAS 92 Hanson. Mark E. 77.1140 Hanson. Roh R. Harding. Gary' 77 Hargrave. Mitchell C. 77.171 Harms. Steven J. 62 Harper. Marianne 51.162 Harper. Roy E. 51 Harriett. Dawn C. 62.137.l41l.141.145.147 HARRINGTON. CHARLES 92 Harris. Alyson M 62 Harris. Elilabeth 62 Harris. Georgcne 26.31.143 Harris. Rcvis Eugene 26 Harris. Stephen P 51.158176 11arry..1acque1inA. 77.133 Hart. Brenda S. 26 HARTER.LUCI1.LE 93 11artgrave.Jean 51 Hartmann. Peter J. 26 Hartung. Christine 63.145.l54 Hartaig. Ly nne C 77.137.14l Haryey. Michael 1. 51 Haseman. .Iaquelyn S, 63.134.l-15.196 HASKELL. ROBERT 89 Hasselquist. Paul N. 77 Hatzold. William J. 77 Hauan. Rob 63 Haus. Nancy 63 Hausen. Jack 63 Hauser. Kimberly 5l.145.196 Hauscrntan. Fred 26.165166 Hauscrman. Richard P. 51.169 Hayden. Nance Lee Hayden. Paul l.. 63 Hayden. Suzanne Hayes. Rosemary L. 77 Hayes,Wi11iamJ. 51 Hayhurst. Robert E. 63.1-t9.150.l63 Healy. Donald J. 77 Health Cureerr 149 Hi:ath.A1ison 63 Helfern. James Xl. 77 Hegg. Richard L. 77 1tq1g.Sievc ay. 51 Hciherger. Nlrchacl I' 141 1lE1MBFRGFR.C0l1.ElN 93 Heimbergcr. Jim 137 Heimos. 1.11 M. 1leimsoth.Gcra1d yy. Hein. Richard A 63.170 Heinemann. Laura 11. 27.154 Ilcinenian. William J 77 Heingnth. Gerald 63 Helhcrger. Mike 77 Hellnrd. X1tchae1C. 77 HEMME. RICHARD 93 Henaughan. Diane L 157.196 Henaugltan. Peggy L. 77.1-17.196 Hcndricks.Cindy L. 63.l37.14l Hendricks. Lois I. 77 Hendricks. Peggy L 27.145 Hcnnelly. Patrick J. 51.169 Henry. Jack 11. 77 1lcnry..lamcs P. 171.180 1lenry.Snsan C. 77.137.141 11cnson.Brooke.-X 77 llcrgcrt. Scan C. 63 Herigodt. .lcan Y 63.194 llerrnansen..1anet 1.. 53.140141 Ilernianscn. Louis G. lr1crndon.Dayid H. 63.1311-10.141 H If R 0 148 IIERRNI.-yN.THON1AS 93.122 Hcrlog. Nancy Ann 78 Herzog. Sandra M. Has. Catherine G. 63 Has. Cheryl L. 78 Hess. Debra Jean 51 Has. Nancy L. 63.116.165 Hickcy.JamesJ 63 1lickcy.RobertJ 27 Hicks. Debra L. 51.53.159 11igginh6tham.Sandra 78 Hildcrbrand. Jan E. Hildcrhrand. David 19.27.1 16.166 Hill. Holly M. 51.1 18.122.143.t45.151.153 195.196 Hill. Robin Diane 63.132.l37.141.147.151. 133 Hinck1cy.Thor E. Hindmarch. Minti M. 78 Htncs..ludtih M. 63.l37.1-11.155 Hippcnsteel. Craig C. 63.184 Htschke. Hisehke. Marcia J. 51.196 Pamela K. 78 Hixstyn. Kathleen S. 27 Hiyson. PatrictaJ. 63 HODGE. ROBERT 93.95.150 Hodges. Mary lzllen 154 Hochlcr. Larry J 78 HOl:LSCHER.JANlCE 93 Hoenigke. Tom R. Hollrnann. Laura M 63 Holltins.Joann 78 Hoglund. Kerry L, 78.193 Hogue. Andrew D. 63 Hoimes.Jack 78 Holcomb. Donald W. 78 Ho1latz.Gary E. 78 HOLLIDAY. KEN 93 l1o11ister..lody L. 51.1-l9. Hollister. Judith L. 63 Ho11istcr.l.es1cyA. 78 Ho11yyyood.Judtth l.. 63 11olm.Stcvr:n R. Holmes. Patricia 27 Holstc. Scott K. 63.177 HOLT.1.AXON1i 93.159 HOLT.WlLL1AM 93 Holte. Gary D. Ho1ter..loyce 5l.144.165 IIon1t't'tm1ni,e 107-I I I Hoos.1,rnda-X 27.159 Hoos. M ichael 61 Hopkins.X1ark C. 27.174.175 Hopkinsdoann N. Hornacck. Antoinette Hornacck. Mary Ann 27.147.l49 11oss.X1ichae1J 140.141 Host.lt1ei:n P 7x Hmlvu Club 148 Hottcn. Robcrt W. 78 Houldsuorth. Mary A. 78.116 Hoiey. Keiin M 63 H6icy.John R. 27 Hon ard. Tim 7x Horse. Donald R 75 HOX1 E. KATHLEEN 93 Honlctt. Elaine 1.. 78 Huaams. Bai st Haaaans.r,.nt.y. si lr1ndgtns,N1.trk S. it Huebner. Loretta A. 78.155 llucbner. Linda M. 27.l34.l52.155 l1ucbner.Nancee 5l.147.155 Huebner. Spencer A. 51.179 Kettleborough. Jan M. 78 Kei Club 122 Khoshaba. David M. 6J.6-1.1114 Khoshaba. Deborah N1. 30 Killa nt. Lea A. 711.1-10 Killian. Janis Nl. 51.54.146 Kinc King aid. Thomas R. 30.lJ2.137.1-40.141 .Cynthia Marie 30.1 18.14-4.159.165 King. Dale G. King.Jo anne L. 64 KING. LENDELI, 94.1J5.lJ7.1-11.209 Ktnn. Bruce A. 714.150 Kinn. Diane 30 Kinn. MichaelJ. 51.118 Kinnard. Russell A. 51 Kinnard. Sandra L. 714,113.1-1-1 Kinnune. Nancy l-. 7X.IJ3.137,I4l.l4J.I Kinsella. Michael le. 65 Kinsella. Peter.l 711 Kinse1Ia.Sharon Nl. 30.15-1 Kunnar. Pamela E. L Lacey. Pamela 52.149 Lachajczyk. Kenneth 52 Lachnetdn. Ed X0 Lachner. Eduard Lackland. Dayid.l. 65.1-l0.152.l53 Lafayette. James 65.143 La Forge. Lisa Ann 65.1-13.151 La Forge. PhilipJ. 171.180 Lagemann.He1lte 11. 52 Lagesse. Gary R. 65 Lagesye. Leo M. 52 Laing.James D. 65.170 LAING. LORRAIN11 94 Lamantia. Cindy Lee 110 Lamb. Sally L. Fl Huffma n. .lohn 1' 137.1-ll Hufton. Alison R .12 Halton. Helen M 63.132.l17.141.l47 Hufton.Stephen 27 Hughes. Carol Ann 63.14-4.145.165.l96 Hughes. Cathy .1 Hughes. Raymond L. 214 Hughes. Timothy M 63 Hulett. Kent A. Hu1ett.N1iehael R 63.170 .1ensen.1rn1'1ardtB. .1ensen..1u1ie Nl 734 .1ensen.N11chaelW. 78.173 1.ihe1ius..1a.eph 29 Joe. Sh1r1eyT 64 Johannsen. Sandra K. .1ohler.John C. 51 Johnsen.Cl1fford G. 78 Johnson. Cathy 1. 64 Johnson. Chris M. 64 mg. LEFEBVRE. MARGARET 95.99.148 Hulett. Sue E. 78 Hu1in.Beyer1y.1. 51 Huneiker. Kurt N1 214.1-40.141 Huntenburg. Mark S. 7X Hunter. Bradfield Hunter. Jane A 7K Hunter. .lim 714 Hupp. James L. Hurley. Janice 216 HURLLY. PHYl.l,lS 94 Hurley. Timothy J 63.1 161.170.1147 Huston, Nlarlt E. 64.137.141 Hutch1nson.R1ch N. 7?4.l37.1-11.1144 Hutchison. Richard 7X.lJ7.14l HUYCK. MARY 94 Hyneman.Greg 724 I lbarra. Gregory 64 Ibbotson. Pamela S. 219 Johns Johns Johns on. Deborah A. 29 on. Dtanel 711 on. Gale 1. 51 Johnson. Karen 1. 51 Johnson. Kimberly S. 78 Johnson. l.y'nnette 51.57 Johnson. Mark Reed 29 Johnson. Sharon 1. 29 .lohnson.Ste1e G 29,152 Johnyo1t.V1'endy 1.. 724 Johnson. William C. Johnston. D1anaD. 29.146 Jones.Ada1. 6-1 Jor1es.Debb1eJ 144 Jones.Ji1tt 11. 29 Jones. Robert J 13-1.135.166 Jones. Susan E. 51 Jones. Tom M. 64 Jones.1Ni11iam A. 29 .1ong1et1y..1eanne Nl 64 Jong1euy.N1ary I. 51,122.1-42.155 euy. Suzanne M. 29.134 Idstein. James R. 2X.165.190 llseman. Carolyn T. 51.162 Imlah. John C. 224.165.1911 lntlah. William N. 6-1.170 1ntperia1..la1n1:y A. Imperial. John C 26 Irtn'1rid1mI Etwrlv 151 lngratta. Sandra H 64 Isberner. James P 26 1sse1.Jeffrey. C. 51 lssel..1ohn 1-. lturra1de.RomuloA. 716.1811 1tans.Gay1eJ. 162 Ivyansk1.LavyrenceS 51.169 J Jackson. B111 51 Jackson. Day'1dJ 724 Jackson. Debra .l. 51 Jackson. ay le lg. l9.2X.l l6.l1X.145.192. 195.191 .1 ack son Jacobs. Susanlg.51.l45.192.I9ti tsenn T. o t. . . it Jacobs..1t11Nl 51 .1acohsen.1'ilcen M. 78 Jacobsen. Warren T. 5l.l6t4.169. 1 76 Jacobsen.V1eki1 6- Jacobson. 1 ort Sue 7X Jacobson.R1chard 64 Jacobso1t.R1chard -X 5l.14J Jacobson. Robert NN. 2N.l65.l79 Jacoby. Nancy 78 Jaggers. Ja1tt1e Nl. Jagielsltt. Debra N1 64 Jaltubek. David R. 64.1511 .lanis. Karen Nlarie 78.145 Janos. John Gust 64 Janos. Steye11C 51.169 Jarmuth.l'atr1ci.1L. 28 Jaroeki..1e1'1rey.1 2S.165.166.174 Jarosch. Bcterly A. 7N.lF2.l4l Jarosch. Debra L. 64.I.17.l-10.141 .1aryey.Lind.1C. 64.614 .Iary1s. Stephen 11. 64 Jaschlye. He1t11A. 29 .I:tskulke.B111l:. 64 Jaskulke. Susan R. 29.146 Jafper. Debb1e1y111t 29 Jaslka. Steye 51 Javers. John .l. 64.1511 Jay. Anita Ann 117.141 Jay. Roberta -X. 29.115 Ju:: Bum! 140 Jefferies. Todd Ki 29 Jeffries. Karen 29.1-15.196 Jendrycki. Deborah L. 64.194 Jen1xins.L1.nnC. 78.155 Jenos.Joaitne 29.159 Jensen. Daticl W. 64.170 JENS1:N.DELOR11S 94 Jordan. Beth A 714 .1ordan. Daniel R. 724 Jordan. Mike 29.17-1 .lordan.Stephan1e K. 51.l45.l50.195 Jorgensen. Cindy L Jotanoyieh. Dorothy 6-1.123.143 Joy. Bruce R 64 .It1rio1ee. Frank 64 .111risch.Ear1J 771.171 .l11st1n1elt. Sandra A 64.1-15.147 .lt1st1n1ck. 1 iclyt 2X.145.196 .l11stt1s.DonnaM. 64.134 K Kaclor. Kimberly A. 72,714.1 l9.1.13.14J Kacheris. Peter B. 51 Katllttbottslyi. Paula VI. 29 Kaepne1.X1aria1111e 6-1.1.1-1.136 K.1l1ler.X1arkP. 147 KAINHE. S1 S-KN 94 Kal1sf.l1t1t.lal 114 Ka11sl.Sleye.1 51 Ka1t.1g11t.fieorge Y. K.111e.1at1rie.1 7:4 l'sAN1.N11:RN1ll1194 Kane. Na1tcyJo 714 Kaplhamer. Day1t1S Kaplhanter. Ra1it11D 29.149 Kap1at1.Ga11F. 29 Karalla. Kurtis X1 169 Karat'Ia.X1ichae1 A. o4.l'11 14.io.y1.1fy Lee 51.141, Kasallts. Debra Jean 51.13-4.135 Kaser. Debra Jean 7X Kauss. William E. 64.167 Keay. Robin A. 51.136 Keegan. Karen N1 78.193 Kwgan.1.enoreA 64.151 Ktxgan. James R 51 Keegan. Susan M. 51.119.lJ7.1-11 Kehoe. Gerard R. Keith. L1ntla.1. 29 Kekos. Nlartal 51 Kellerman. Janis S 711 Kelley. Deborah Kel1ncr.Patr1eiaA. 51.I4:.155 Kellner. Ray A. 78 Kellogg. Patricia L. 51.162 Kelly. Karen A. 51.1524 14e11y.y1afg1e,t vs Kelly. Richard 64 Kelly. Susan K. 51.123 Kemnitz. Allen A. 78 Kemnttz. Pamela Ann 78 K-:ndz1ora.Susan Nl. 78.133 K1:ngott.Stet'eW. 78.171 Kerber. Keven M. 150 Kereluk. Andrea L. 51.1 19.162 Kereluly. David lf. 711 .Kc-sler. Ann E. 23.30.153 Kinsey.R1chardL. 79 Kirby. Joyeph L. 4ss.1n1.1f7 Kirchuay.R1ck 79 Klaman. Richard A Klaman. Robert Klein. Susatt C. 79 K1einnass..la111es 30.141 Klest. Andy A. 30 Klest. Ed 65 Kliff. Barry A 79.1796 Khnger. Mike R. 30.147 Klinger.Ric1t S. 51 Klingstein. Nancy A. 79 Kltnly. 1-'red 51.1l?4.140.l43.l5l.165.l72 Klttfa. Nancy 79 Khtla. Steyen 79 Klocek.ArleneA 63.1-18 l'sIopp.An1y .l. 19.30 Klonp. Kathryn R. 65.119 Klopp. Rebecca A. 79.193 Kn1ett.Gary Dayid 51 Knaack. Gary C 51 Knapp. Daye 65 KNAUEL. RONALD 94 Knoenf1e.Jewe1A. 79.133 Kno1.Jaek E. 51 Kno11111ueller.Su1an 79 Knopf. Kathryn Anne 5.311.154 Knovtles. Rubin 11. 65.68 Knttdscn. Philip C. 52 KNUDSEN. RANDALL 94.99 Koh. .1e1l'S. 30.122 Koh. Randall Mark 65 Koc1k.Dennis Eduard 65.137.l41.151 Kocily. Michael J. 79,1J7.l4l.151 Koelhe1.Ciary P. 171 Kohl. Claudia A. 79 Kohl. Kim 30.121163 Kohler. Patricia A. 65.147 Kolker. Kathy Ann 79 Kollars. Bona Marie 65 Komar..1oseph M. 79 Komar. Laura M 79 Konke1.1lenryC. 79 Koorhan. Glenn 65 Korba1.Steven S. 79 Korba. Michael R. 65.132.134 Kordares. Sam J. 79 Kordares. George J. 52 Koresi. Perry 79 Korn. Cheryl L. 79.1-10.1-17.154 Korn. Linda D. Kornaeki.Camille M. 65 Kornaeki. Randy P. 72.79.1114 Kos1nski.RossJ. 65 Koshaba. Sherry G. 52.134 Kostek. Frankj Kostek. Joseph J. 65 Kostopou1os,Ntch1as 65 Kostrlewa. Vivian L. Katt. John G. 79,137.1-40.141 Koyacev1ch.Susan L. 145 Kolaeky. Walter John 65.150 Koller. Mark J. Krafski. Germaine D. 79 Kritiss. Gary' P. 52 Kratss. Lynette S. 79.l37.141 Krall. Kim Julius 30 Kranter. Randall J. 79 Kramer. Susan K. 30 Kramer, Scott B. 79 Krause. Robert D. 79 Kreiseher. Debbie L. 52.132.l34.1J5 Krelle. Dana B. 65.1-ll Krey. 1'mmetC. 52.1514 Krilyorian. David A. 52.132.l37.140.14l Kroes. Pamela M. JU Kroey. Paul M. 65 Kroes. Perry 51. 119 Krohta. .ludith L. 65 Kroll. She1l.1J. 52 14fopao.1vi..ne 1v1. 52 14ruegef..1a.nm L. 52 Lan1berg.l:llen M 65.14-1.149 Lamberg. Margaret A. 31.45 Lamblyin. Martha .l. Lamblsin. Robert S. 52.158 Latnpe. Susan J. 52.134 Lampert. Lampert. Landise. 1.1saK. 52 l.ori L. 65.193 ltdithannM 52 Krueger. Shonnie L. 30.149162 Krueger. NX alter R. 65.173 Kruse.Caro1ynAnn 65 Kruse. Kenneth R. Kn.1ser..1ohn W. 79.157 Kubtek. N1arltA 79 Kueera. Nancy A. 52.1 114.1-15.196 Kuec1ss.111A. '79 Kuehl. T1 1n1.l 52.147 Kugellnerg. Donald C. 52 Kugelburg. Patti 79.133 Kuhn. Robert M, 79 Kuhr. Audrey A. 79.l37.1-10.141 Kuksa. Nancy C 52.150 Kunttnuttsltt. Debbie 30 Kumtnotyski. Donna M. 79.133 Kunle. C Kuihara. Kurnat.J hristopher James A. 79 ohn M Kurpieski.E1eanor 65.l4l.147 Kurt1.JillSusan till Kussin. Sue M. 65.l44.1-15.155 Landytchr. David R. 31 Landtvehr. Ronald ll Lange.John E. 65.170 Lange. Suzanne D. 52.151162 Lang1o.LianeC. Langlo. Susan F. 52.150 l.angs1e1d.Rubert E. 31.152 Lanmke.Ga11 65 Lapaglta. Lynn NI. 80.1J7. 141 LARSON. B1':TTY 94 Larson. Jeffrey R. so Larson. Leslee Larson. Thomas A. Larson. Valerie Jl.l-15.1-16.196 l.as1ye. Glenn K. 52 laskovyskt. 1.1r1d.t A. 52 Lasusa. John B 52 Lasptsa. l..ttyrcnee.1. 171 Latone. Linda I.. 72.14U.1l9.1-17 1.aVa1ley. Christine 1.a Valley . N1 iehelle C Lattless. Kathleen A. 65.194 Laurence. Thomas E. 80 Lav1so11.Jeanette l.. 31 Lav1son.Joseph1'. 65.177 LaUara.Thon1as P. 65.184 Lenders 195-196 Lea1.lt'r.Y' Club 145 Leaf. Duane D. 210 Leal. Sergio R. LEBIN. SCOTT 94 LEBOVITZ. LEONARD 94 Lec1eher,Ver0niea 80 . - Lefebvre. Arthur G. 110 '. if Lefevers. .Iames R. ' Y Leffen. David A. ' Lehner. Joyce Nl. 65 Letbroek. Robert R 31 Leikhim..1oe H. 52 1.e1and. Douglas C. Lenilye. Alan G. 31 Lemke. Dean C. 31.144 Lem1te.Ga11Ann Lenk.A1h1nlf. JI Lentz. Rodney W. X0.l7l.178 Lou. Yalerte Ann 52.146 Laipaiao..11mA. 52.14-5.166 Loopardo.John P. 80.171 LEOPARDO.SAMlj1:L 95 Lev Chumzluret 135 Lmchinsk1.Hrian L. 65 Ltsehmann. Trudy J. 65 Ltsiak. Daniel S. 80 Lslte, Williatrt P. 65 lesnialy. Christopher 31,122,154 lasnialt. Peggy Ann l.t'llt'rn1ar1'r Club 165 l.evitske.Yv1ark R. 52 Levitske. Mary li. 80 Lewandovwski. Alan D. 165 Lev1is.Cath1een Ci. 80 Levyts. Cathy A. 80.140 Levyts. Diana G. 65 LILWIS. DOROTHY 95 Lewis. F. Lee 65.170 Lewis. Pamela Kay 52.147 Lewis. Richard R. 52 Libraq1'G171'des 149 Liebl. James 65 Lien1okken.Rey Lienlokken. Richard 65 Lien1okLen.Wi1I1am 31.153 Lieser. Laurel A. 110 Lievyehr. Marie S. 52.134 Lindahauer.Christy 140 Lindahl. Kenneth E. Lindahl. Wayne V. 65 Lindeman.Cathi D. 65.132.1J6 L1NK.SANDRYA 95.148 Linney. Duane H. 80 Liotine. Carolyn G. 52 Lishka. KalhyJo 65.132136 Little. Donald K. 80.137.141 Lobengerg. Sharon L. 65 Locke. Joseph J. 65.145 Lohrmann. Cynthia G. X0 Long. Luann 65.1-14.154 Longo. Steven M. 80 Longueil. Scott R. 52.208 Lopreato. Susan D. Lorch. Janet A. 46.52.1 18.1 19.192 LORENZ. ROBERT 95 LOUFEK. BONNIE LOU 95 Louko. Diane A. 80 Love. Kenneth R. 65 LOVELACE. NORMAN 95.170 Lovtry. Elaine T. 52 219 Millner. 220 Lubeeker. Bob 80 Luburich. Cindy M. 65.14-1.145.194 Lucas, Steven M. 80 Lucek. Ly nn T. 80 Lucek. Mary A. 52 Lucianl. Randy A. Ludwig. Luiean M. 147 Lukotyych, Michael .I X0 Lunak. Janice L 137.l4l.l44 Lunak. Naney L. 32.117.11S.14-1.159.165 Lund. Patricia A. 110.1414 Ltindecn. Gary S. 65.l7U.l14T Ltnulgren. Patti A 65 Lundgren. Candy L. 80 Lundgren. Judith A. 52.134.135 Luntlte. Linda Lou 1141 Lonsman. Leslie I. X0 l.unsntann.Stete1. 145 1.ulietti. Debra l.. 32.1-15.15-1.196 1.tutetlt. Joanne 1. 65.154 Lydon. Maureen ll. 52.53.l44.l-16,159 l.ynn. Gregory lee M MACK. Mh1.V1N 95 Mack. Sherry Ann 65 Mackin.Eli1abeth M. 81.157 MacNerland. Kathryn 81 Madalinski. Carol A. 65.162 Maddox. Laurie A. 81 Mager. Kathleen M. X1 Maggio. Terry A 61.65 Maggs. Laura M. 81 Maggs. William P. 32 Magnuson. Scott R. 65 Magsamen. Knnherlee X1 Magsamen. Shaun M 111 Maher. James R. 81 Maheras. JoAnn 52.1511 Mahler. Sue Alice 52 Mairs. Roxanne M. 52.165 MAJKA. DANIEL 95.122 Malcolm. Richard J. 52.169 Malcolm. Robert W. 65 Malmedahl.James C. 32.35.l82.lX3 Malone. Linda E. 65 Malone. Russell 32 Maltl. Davin L. 65 Mantuyac. Steve R 141.137.1147 Manglaris. lrene D. 52 Mann. Craig W, 65 Manning. Virginia l.. Manslield. Mike Manske. Frank R. 81.11110 Marean. Diane Mae 52.144 Marcan. David B. Marean. Kenneth A. 65.75 March. Candy L. 65.162 Marcheschi. Nadine 32.l23.l5-1 Marching Bam! 137 Marcin. E. Michelle 81.137 Marcusson.Janet Lea 32.132.l33.l34 Maresso. Steve C. 112.165.1119 Margolis. Ivy M. 65 Marienlield. Diane 65 Marion. Jett Lee 65 Mark. Debra Ann 13-1.149.165 Marmitt. Jackie J. Marmitt. Jo Ann Marmitt. Sherccn M. 65 Marshall. Don G. 65 Martarano.Tberesa 52.145196 Masterson. Vincent 52.153 Maslk. MlkeJ. Xl MAT1111WS.BETT1 95.1-15.195.l96 JIr1llls.Yr'1't'ft1't' 202-2113 Maas. Nancy S ' Matigliano.Ant1rett R. 52 Matigliano. Philip 65 Martinac. Datid XX 65.l37. 141 Mayey.John H, 65 Maxttell. l1ileen 65 'v1ay. Steve M. 111 Maycr.Ctndy M 65.134 Xlaycr. James A 66 ylayer. Monica 66 ylayerntck. Chris 66 ylayyou. Byron Kent 52.152 iy1ayyorr.vy'r11oroc' fir-.isinto MAlL1R1:K.JOl1N 95 Mclirtde. Jatttes P. 32 McBride. Stephen D. 52.137 McCabe. Barbara McCal1ery.Candy -X. 32.45 McCann. Karen 32 McCann. Nancy K. 141 McCarthy. Davin 66 McCarthy. Kevin E. 52.152 McCarthy. Margaret Sl McCauley. Mark J. McCormack. Susan M. 52.1-15.191196 McCormack. Xictor 66 McCormick. Moira K 66.l4U.l4l Meyer. Robert 1: 66 Meycrntck. Chris 1711 Met ncrs. Diane P. Micek.'y1aryAnnc 141.1-17.154 Mtcck. Steye 33 Michaels. Keith R 53 Michela. Gregory 33 Michela. N Gary 66 M tedcnta. Beverley .l. 33 Mielenl. Mark P. 66 Mxelto, Xlark S. Xl Mikkclson. Kristine 53 Mi1cskt.SleteH 53 Milkoysski. Debra 142.150 Miller. Beverly A. 141 Miller. Cindy .l. Mtllcr.Gary 1. 66.170 Nauert. Darlene K. 53.118 Navin. Kathy A. 53 Navtrot. Beth A. 134.149 Needham. Gary tt. 53 Needham. Shanda I.. ?s2.l33.l45 Neil. Marta A. 53.1-15.196 Nelson. Jane 34 Nelson. Kathleen A. Ne1son.LoriJ 66,145 Nelson. Michael R S2 Nelson. Theresa M 52.l37.l4lJ.l4l.l47 Nelson. Nemoll. Vernon L. 82.180 James li Ncmmers. Susan M. 53 Ncxtclberger. Linda 53 Neubert. Diana 1. 24.34.123 Neubert. Les1ic.1. 66.123.l-13 Miller. Gerald T. 1724 Miller.J Mtller.J anet 53 oanne M, 66.152.15?4 Miller. Laurie E. 81 Miller. Linda M Miller. Marti J 66 Miller. Pam C. 33.66.144 Miller. Pamela A. 137.144 Miller. Raymond D. 53.143 Miller. SheilaC. 81 Milliken. Dennis T. 53 Milliken. Theresa A. 66 Michael R. 66.177 MeCoy'. Kathy 66 McCoy. Robert W. 32 MeCullum. Debra J. 1s1.l33 McDermott. Laurence XI McDermott. Robert M 66 McDonald. James C McDonald. Linda S. 52 McDonald. Marla J 66.154 McDonald. Michael K. 66.150 McDonald. Michael L. 66.158 McDonald. Mike T. 52.1521 McE1derry. Steven M N1 Mincey. DaniclJ. 66.170 Misura. RobertC. Miti:hell..Ic11ery'L. 141.178 Mitchell. Rebecca J. Mitchell. Robert F. 53 Mitsch. Made1meJ. 1416 Mitsch. Steven J 53.137 Mitnick. Joan E. 66.1 19.15-1.193 Mitros. Nick G. 33.1511 Mttsos. Al Geo. 33.6l.l 115.166.1242 Mitsuoka. Kendall J. 63.66 Myocn.Carol 81 McEvoy. Margaret M. McEvoy. Michael D. 32.152 McFall. Mike J. 81 McGarrtty'. Karen L. 66.155 Mcfiarrity. Virginia 81.155 McGill. Linda Ann 32.118 McGregor. Jeri l.y nn 52.118 McGuire. Jean M. 111 McGuire. Ly nn A. 66 Vlclntrye. Steven 52.172 N1cJunkin. Georgette 52 MeKe1vcy.Jel1ery P 33.l5lt.l66 McKenna. Mary Beth 81 McKenzie. Ray J. bl McMahon. David A. Xl McMahon. Kerry' M. 66.1244 McMahon. Kevin L. 33 McMillan, Michelle McMillan. Valerie A. 81 McNamara. Colleen F. 81 McNamara. Mary' A. 81 McNichols. Donna C. McNitt. Bradford C. McNITT. JAMES 96 McNulty. MaryJo 81 McPherson. Craig R. 33 McPherson. Dale M. 81,171 McVeigh. MiehaelC. 66 McWilliams. Karen L. Mecca, Debra Maria X1 Mehn. Jeanne K. 81 Mjocn. Gail Ann Xl Moder. Patricia A. 66.154 Moehlenkamp. Debbie 53.137 Moeller. Carol L Moeller. Robert H 53 Mokry. Barbara A. 53.l53.l54.l514 Molinari. Diane M. 133 Mollcnkamp. Datid D. 33.132.l40.l41 M omoy ace. Stcve 141 Monegato. Kathy L. K1 Monineer. Scott A 1tl.l37.14t1.141 Marriage 159 Montemayor. Norma L. 34 Montemayor. Rodolfo lil Montemayor. Rose M. 53 Moody. Debra A. Moon.Joye X1 Moon, Katrina A. Moore. Bonnie R. 66 MOORE. JOHN 96 Moore. 4.1814 Moore. Keith B. l37.14U.l4l.15 149 1 Michael J. 81. Moran. Cy nthia Neumann. Kevin lt. 66 Next man. Gail 1: Neo man. Stetc M. 82 Nconort. Marianne Newton. Lavyrance 66 .Y F L. I 12 A' H S 118 Nicholas. Jay me A. 51l.66.l 19.194 Nicholas. Linda S. 53.l34.l35 Nickelson. Ktnt R. 137.l40.l4l Nicololl. Steve C. X2 Nielsen. Linda K. 53 Nielsen. Kim R. 82.1217 Niemeyer. David R. Nilonsuk. Marie 66 Niles.John 82 Niles. Richard Nilsson. Charles E. Nishihira. Neil M. 171 Nitschnetder. Steve 34.165166 Nobile. Linda Ann 66 Nobilc. Robert L. 242.178 NOBL1:. MARSHA 96 Noe. Candace Lee Noehre. Kim S. X2 Noelle. Donald Lee Noga. Gislaine A. 66.l34.l66.165 Noga. Neal F. 34.134.l65.166.l67 Nolan. Pam J. 82 Noland. Cheri R. 212 NOLAND. MARGARET 96 Nolte. Michae1J. 5-I Norman. Michael K. 54.155 Norris. Richard D. NORWOOD. WILLIAM 200 Notson. Laura J. 61.66.165 Notson. Linda L. 34 Notak. Robert G. 82.119 Nouak. Michael A. 82.171 Nowak. Debra Anne 66.137.1-11.155 Nowak. Douglas J. 54.172 Nugent. Mike L. 82 Nugent. Pamela 13-4.144.165 Nugent. Susan 34.162 Nykiel. Stuart J 82 O Moran.James W. 34 Morehouse. Cathy M. Morey. Michael J. 34.61.1514 Morey.Thomas A 71.51 Moriarty. Patrick 53 Morita. Robert 2sl.l54.17I Mork. Pam J 141 O'Barek .Jell S. 66 O'Boyle. Dann R. O'Brien. Mary Kay 34 O'Brien. Patrick J. 34 O'Bry'an. Darrel W. 66 O'Connor.Joan E. 34.162 O'Connor. Mary D. 34.36 Morris. Morris. lzdyyard L .IeI1ery1N IX7 Martens. David J. Martin. Daniel 32.165.l66 Martin. E lyce K. Martin.Gary M. 65.170 Martin. James 65.173187 Martin. Robert 32 Martin. S colt M. 32.165 Martinek. Richard A 65,122.170 Martinez. Charles Martirtel..Ie1lP. 81 Martinez. Maria E. 111 Martueci. Michelle R. 52 Marturan o. Doris 52 Martzel. John F. 65 Mascari. Matthcvt R. 52 Mason. Diane 52 Mason. John W, 52 Massey. Patrick B 32.165.179.l89.203 Masterson. Kevin M. 1ll.137.171.l87 Masterson. Nicholas 65.1210 Meinsen. Kimberly J. 51l.66.l 19.162 Meisenheinter. Mike 81 Meisenhcimer. William 52.169 Meiser. Barbara Ann 32.33 Meiser. Gary R. 66 Mellenthin. Debbie L. Xl Mello. Carol R. 52.155 Meluso. .lean 52 Meluso. Rosemary A 33.150 Menoni. Sherry Ann 52 Meretltk. L y nlhla M. 33 1 Mesca Meste. Meskt Metea ll lohn X1 Sue M. Al . Debbie Mae 111 llc. Thomas A. Xl Meyer. Ancielou A. 53.149 Meyer. .lef1Allan 111 Meyer. Kathyl 16.31.33.l19.l37.l-11.162 Meyer. Pal John 141 Meyer. Patricia 53.l45.158.196 Morris,X1tchel1e 53.194 Morris. Paul 34.l65.lX5 Morris. Roy Ci 133 Morris. Sharon 66,l49.l94 Morrison. Jack J. 141.133 Morrlssey.S1etv:.l 111 Mortenson. Donna 1 ee 66 Mortenson. Rosemary 34 Moses. Sharon 1.. Muses. William R Sl Mottsi. Paul 161 Motto. Karen A 53.133 Moyulames D. 53.150 Mroyycly nskt. Regina 53 MUDGF.RIC1IARD 96 Mueller. Laura Xl Mueller. Mary Lee 66.145147 Mueller. Pamela A. 66 Mueller. Terence A. 66 Muhlaek. Dieter 143.154 Mu1eahy.Ann11. 81.133145 Mulcahy. Karen M 66.l34.l36.l-15.194 Mulcahy. Kevin J. Mulley. Robert G. 81.137 Mullins.John R. 81.133 Mullins. Nancy C 66 Muniz. Carlos A MuniL.1VlarioA 53 Munson. David W. 53.169 ' Munson. LindaG. 53 Murnane.Therese M. 53.149 Murphy .Dean R. 81.1140 Murphy. Kelley Lee Murphy. Mary B. 81.11-2.155 Murphy .Maureen L. 34 Murphyflerri 161 Murphy. Nictorla 34 Murray . Susan M. 81.144 Muscarello. Kathryn 66,144.1-19.194 Muxit 21111-2119 Mutt. Michael 53.165.166 Myartt. Mydill. Michael R. 53 Marc R. 66.184 Myers. Richard L. X2 N Nardi. James F. 34.154 Nardtcl lo. Robert 66 Nathan. Michael l.. 53 O'Dea. Miehae1P. 5-1.158.176 04Dea. Riley K. 82.133144 O'DRlSCOLL.THOMAS 96 Oehl. Nancy J. 66.149 Oentarie. Mike X2 Orme rirrriier 149 O41lara.RohertJ X2 O'llara.Tintothy ll. 66.177 O'Hearn. Douglas A 1110 O'Hearn.ScottT 54 Olterslttmi. Dale 11 66.137.l54 Okuma. Mark T 66.l51.l79.11st1 Olander. Mitchell A, O'Leary. Mary K 31.3-1.1 10.1 19.162 O'l.eary. Richard C. 66.l7l1.177 Olcskcvich. Kayo Olmski. Jerry A. Olrveto.Tami1ynn M. 66.14-1.147 0los.Etan1l't1L1 34.143 Olsen. Douglas W, OLSON. ALVIN 96 Olson. Debbie K. 35.1 18.1-15.l92.l93.195 Olson. Gary R. X2 O1.SON.MARJOR1E 93.96 0111. Donna M. 66.143 Oltl. Marilyn R. Omahana. Miehelc M. 66.145.l53.l54.196 Omelusik. Gail A. 54.1 19.151 Omelusik. Robin G. 142 00 146 opager. Mrehael E. Oratt. Gayle 66 Orrhrxiy 162 0rt'he,rLs Show 160-161 Orehexlru 140 ORGAN.THOMAS 96.147 O'Shea. Karen M. 67.l37.l-11 Ostrovyski. Chris 142 Ostrowski. Dale 35 Ostroysski. Dan L 82.171 OS1NALD.DAVlD 96 Osytald.Michae1C. 82.187 OTTLCAROLYN 96 Ottinger. Jim E. 19,35.118.l65.172.l73 OTTO.ALAN 96.171 OTZEN. ANN 96.97 Overland. Inger K. 35.204 Overland. Sven Eric 67 Pabst. Jeannie Padal. Terrence A. 82 Padula, Roxanne M. 35 Paez. Patti Jo 82.137 Paff. Roberta M Pagel. Nancy L. 67.137.155 Pahl. Barbara A. 54 Pahl.John C. 171.178 Pahr. Ellyn K. Palacious. Juan C. 67 Pandocchi. Debra L. 82 Panczak. Barbara J. 67.144 Panczak. Marilyn J. 54.149 Pack. Daniel C. 35.144 Panella. Michael 141 Paniagua, Alfred A. 54.169 Paniagua. Rosanne 67 Pankou, Dale 5-1,185 Pan Language 143 Papas. Elaine D. 67,145.l96 Pape. James L. 82 PARDUN. PHILLIP 96.155103 Park. Michael P. 82.171 Parmentier. Gail A. 82 PARMENT1ER.WlLLIAM 96.169 Parr, David J. 137.141 Parr. Elaine 67,l34.136.l4-1 Parrillo. Michael S. 35 Parrish, Charles E, 35 Parrish, Donald R. 54 Pastorello. Mary 67 Pasurka. Car1A. 35 Pasurka. John A. Patine1la.ThomasJ 54 Pau1,Cheryl C. 67.14-1.147.194 Paul, Patti P. 82 Paulik. Craig S. 67,150 Payne. Scott R. 67 Pazzol. Shelly 67.118154 Pearcy, Gail D. Pearson. Randall 54 PEDDY. LARRY 96.171 Peeper. Bruce A. 54 Pekarek. Donald R. 67.173 Pekntk. Susan L. 140 Pelletier. Marie E. 82 Pelletreau. Mark S. 67 Pengrazi. Gary B. 67 PENLEY, RICHARD 96 Pot1s.KlmherlyA. 82 Pour. Debbie B. 82 Povyell. Brian 1, 67.158.172 Povtell.Sara.1ane 145.154.1596 Puvyers. Gabrielle S 36,132.1-11.149 Povters.Yyonne11. Prrimcal.-1rr.t 20-1.205 Pratscher. George 54.155 Pratt. Bill V. 36 PR1ilSSlfi. RONAI D 97 Prenhergast. Joseph 97.152 Prettyman. Gloria .1 68 Prettyman. Rohen W. 5-t.15x Price. Deborah C. 54.13-4.163 Prtce. Kimberly A, 68.133 Pridgeon. Mark A. 36 Prince. Robert E. 68.l74.175 Priola. Diane M. 68 Prislinger. Karen 54.1-45.196 Pritchard. Rita 5-1.l43.l-15.1-47.155 Pritz. PatriciaJ I-14 Pritz. Stephen M, 68 Probst. Kathryn S. 82 Proeh1.Daye S. 82.171 Proehl. Gary S. 36.1 18.165 Proehl. Susan Beth 54.196 Prom 112.113 Proszek. James 36.1 18.122 PROW. JAMES 97 Pruitt. Scott W. Prysi. Debra L, Pugliese. Daniel M. 68 PUMPHREY. MORRIS 97.152 Puntnske.Judy A. 54 Pursell.TraeyA 82.137.141.l55 Pursell. William W. 155,179 Pu11o.Joe 36 Pyde. Carol Ellen 54,145.158.194.l96 Pytlarz. Ralph J. 55 Q Ouaglia. Debbie T. Quaglia. 1-'rank J. 55 Quaglia. Richard T. 37 Quan. Sheila C. 82 Quick. Gordon M. 32,122,179 RITT. KAREN 98 Rivara. Kim 68 Rizio. Michael J. 37 Riz1o.James C. 83.137.I4l Rizzo. Thomas J 611.150.1144 Roback. Ranaye 55 Roberts, Gregory B. 37 Roberts. Vt . James 83 Roberts.Joanne E. 83 Roberts. Michael F 83 Rohertson.Judy' 83 Robertson. Kenneth 83.180 Robisch. Winfred H, 37 Rochelle.James L. 83 Roden. G. Douglas Roden. Jim M. Satzke. Robert C. 84 Savage. Deborah A. 69.134 Saxon, Margie E. 55 SAWICKLJUDITH 98.158 Scanlon,Geraldine 37 Scaletta. Gary L. 38.147 Scarpulla. Gary G. 38,147 Scarpulla. Gary G. 84 Sca1zitti,Wi11iam 38 Scalurro, Angela M. 69 Schaar, Sandy' M. 84.155 Schaefer, Linda K. 84.149 Schaefer. Linda L. 84.149 Schaefer, Michael 69 Schaefer. Robert W. 38 Schaefer. Thomas S. 84 Randolph. Raimi C, as Penman. Ba rba ra Pep Club 144 Pergander. Cheryl A. 82 Perren. Patti A 82 Perrigo. Perry.Je Kurt V. ffery A. Perry. Rick Person. Beth A. 67.158 Pesat. Li Pmat. W nda A. 67 ard 35 Peters.Charles E, 82.187 PETERS.JOHN 96.153 Peters. Michael G. 67 Petersen. James. A. 67 Petersen.Jolyn R. 67.137 Petersen. Kathleen 35 Peterson. Beverly 35.194 Peterson. Clark 54.154 Peterson Peterson . Clifford 54,150 Cynthia R 87 PETERSON. DARWIN 96.151 Peterson, Diane B. 82 PETERSON, DOUGLAS 96.l37.I40.I-11 Peterson, Nancy 67.134 Quick. Steve A. Qrifllaminfall its uinn Cher lAnn 133145 O - ' 'i' . Quinn, Sheila 55.118.1l9,l32.l37.140.141. 152.154 Quinnett. Michele D, 82 R RABEN. RONALD 97 Rabicki.Caro1 68 Rader. Mark S. 82 Rader. Patricia 37 Radostitz. Dennis J. 55.150 Radzis. Richard J. 82.171 Radzis. RobertJ. 55.166 Raffelson. Jim W. 68 Raio.Timothy F. 68 Rakowski.Susan M. 82.155 Rakowsky. Donna J. 68.132,137.l40.14l. 144.151.153.l54.155 Ramakis. Ravmond E. 68,132.13-1.139.173 Rodgers. Anita 83 Rodgers. Michael A. 83 Roeber. Michael 55 Ro1stad.Caro1 A. 145.196 Rofstad. Robert W. 83 Rogers. Anita C. 83 ROGERS. RODNEY 98 Rogers. Ronald E. 68.l37.14l Rohn, Linda J. 13.37.159 Rohn, Lisa 68 Rohn, Stephen M. 68.182 Rohrer. Thomas 55 Rohrs, Charles F, 68 Rokel.Caron F. 55,199 Rolph, Walter J. 55 Romano, John D. 68 Romano, Jim 37.1 Romano. Michaelene 58.68.119 Romano,Su1anne 55,192.196 Rook. Dennis R. 68,l70.188,l97 Rose. Karen N. 55 Rose. Linda Jean 72.83.l19.145,155 Rose, Sharon D. 83 Ross. Doris A. 55.149 Schafer. Cynthia L. 55.155 Schalk.Sharon R. 38 Schallau. Virgil 69 Schanmier. Karen A. 84 Scharringhausen. Bon 84.137.141 Schaub. Sue Ann 84.133 SCHELLENBERG. ROBERT 99 Scherer, Kip tv. 84.133 Scherer. Rohnda L. 84 Scherra. Susan Scheumack. Michael Schierbecker. Larry Schiro. Luke W. Sch1ak.Clil1ord 155,179,181 Sch1a1fer.Naney 55 Sch1amp.JayR. 55 Sch1itz.Edvyard A. 38 Schlobohm. Ken J. 84 Schmehl. Robert E. 150.176 Schmehl. Tracie L. 144.202 Schmidt. Don B. 84 Schmidt.Judith Ann 155 Schmidt. Kathy A. 55 Schmidt. LorraincJ. 84.144 Schmitt. John T. 84 PETERSON, NEAL 96 Peterson, Richard D. 67 Peterson. Shelley' E. 35.146 Peterson. Susan M. 82 Petittc. Richard 67 Petrecs,Carolann 82 Pettavino. Deann M. 36 Pettee, Camille R. 67.194 Pettee. Gary K. 82 Petzold. Dennis G. Petzold. Mary A. 67 P1outz.Lezlie L. 82.137.14l Phi1bin.Rosamond A. PHIL1PP.JERALD 96 Range. Linda 1-. 68 RANGL. HERBERT 97 Rapp. Lori F, 55 Rasmussen. DianeJ, 37.118,133,195 Rasmussen.Jeri Lynn 68 Rathunde. Linda S, 82 Ratfek. Denise L 55.l32,137.140,l-ll Ratfek. Steven K. 68.137.l4l Rauch. Russell R. 82 Rattner. Theresa A. Raven, Rentlall R. 37,147 Ravtlin. Miriam 68 Ravtly. Ken 37.40 Ray. David A, 82.l7l.I78 Rt1Ss.Kd111y L, Ross. Kimher1tA. 37 Ross.Steyen M. 37 Ross.Su1anne M. 55 ROSSI. LAURIE 98.154 Rossoll. Peter V 69 Rossovt. Leslie S, 83 Rothenherger. Brenda 69 Rotter. Peter J. Rowbottom. Lynn M. 83 Rovtley. Gina J. 83.147 Phillips. Phy-.riral Piccolo. Robert S. 67.132.l37.14O.l-31.184 Education 210.211 Thomas A. 82 Piehl. Lynda Lee 67.144.15-4.162 Pieper.J oanne M. 54.134 Piermarini. Louis V, 54.154 Pilewski. Catherine 67.137.I55 Pilkington. Deborah 54,l4l.145 Pilkington. Leslie 36 Pinnelli. Pinnelli. Raipira 54 sharon ev Pinto, Michael J. 36 Ptratno Pilztllo Ptzztllo Plantan. PLANZ Platt. N1 Cami11eT 36132.134,135,139,162 1:llenA 18119162 James V 67150 Kathy M. 82 .JANET 96 ichael.l. 150 Pippin. Nancy Jo 67,137 k Pleasnic Pleickha . Robert 54 rdt. Deborah 118,145,146 Plotlker, Judith 54.153 Pluemer. Bruce N. 82 Pluemer. David S. Pluemer. Robin L. Plunkett. Frank J. Plummer. John R. 35.154 Polle. Robert E. 36 Raymond. William 11. 82 REAT. GEORGE 97 Rehman. Robert A. 68 Rocker. Alan R X2 Reed.John R. 55 Rocduloscplt 242.1216 Reed. Thomas J. 55 Reedal. Jim B. Reeder. Corinne M. 37.123 Reent.JimN1. 37.165.166 Reem. Susan A 83 REES. ROBERT 97.173 Reeyes. Richard 83 Reich. Glenn Allen 68 REID. PAYE 98 Reily. Donald J. Reinking. Denise E. 83.144 Reinking. Rebecca 55 Reinking. Roxanne 55.192 Reitz. Mark S. 83 Reitz. Rebecca 55 RENDE. SUSAN 98.145 Retsinas. Dorothy 37 Rettenbachcr. Mary' L. 68.136.144 Rettenbacher. Karen 83.134 Reynolds. Debbie Ann 68 Re1zuto.JeffJ. 83 Ricci. Dave N. 63.68 Polle. Ronald C. 54.154 Pollitz, James C. 154 Pollitz. Kenneth L, 82.1 10,176,178 Pomeroy. Kathryn 54 Pom-pan Squad 165 Ponce. Veronica 54 Ponella. Mike 82 Pope.Ju1ie A. 82 Pop1awski.Gary J. 82 POROWSKLTHADDEUS 97 Pottker. Cynthia L. 67 Pottker. James R. 82 Richards. Larry' J. Riehey'.Joretta R. 83.137 Richey. Lissa Jo 55.137.l4l Ricks. Sally E. 83.137.l4I Ricks. Sandra 55 RlFE.THOMAS 98 Riley. Dave 201 Riley. Patricia A. 55 Rindel1,John K. 37,165 Rinesmith. Lynn M. 68 Riplinger, Joe M. Ristau. Gail M. Rowley. Kenneth A. 37.154 Rubtnkovtski. Greg E. 83 Rucinski. Mary J 83.133 Rucinski. Richard A, 37.123 Rudd. Scott D. Ruff. Kim L. 69 Ruggiero. Kimberly A. 37 Rumatz. Mark W. 69 RUNDQUIST. KENNETH 98 Runzel. Dean R. 83 Rusack. Linda H. 69.1-14,147,148 Rusesky. Richard G. Rushing, Richard Rusin. Debra J. Rusin.Joe 83 Rychell,Joseph D. 83 Ryckaert. Doreen A. 83 S Sa1f.Carla 119 Sakowicz. Casimir S. 69 SALIER. LYNN 98 Sa11.Car1aJ. 83 Samuel. Jim A. 83.17l.178 Sanborn. Karen L. 69 Sanborn, Laurie J. 55.192 Sand. Debra E. 69 Sand. Wendy L. 37 Sandberg. Gene E. 55 Sander. Todd E. 83 Sanders. Peggy M. 69 Sanders, Stephaine L. 83 Sandine. Linda J. 83.133 Sanoshy. Briant 83 Sanoshy. Bruce J. 55.169 Santowski. Barbara K. 55,147 Santschi. Pol1yA. 84.l37,141 Sargent. Pamela A. 69.154 Sarli. David Paul 69 Sass. Pamela D. 84.155 Satzke. Ronna Lynne Schmitt. Walter M. SCHNAKE. DONALD 99.166 Schneider. Cheryl Schoen.John 70 Schoepp. Ross B. 55 Scholten, Scott R. 84.119,l77.l78 Seholten,Stephen 55,16-3.174.191 Sehonder. Karen G. 84 Schonbrun. Scott E, 38 Schorn.Janet 38.118.159 Schott. Pamela A. Schreiber. Theresa M. 69.150 Schreiner.John M. 8-1.137.141 Schrirter. Cunthia L, 84 Schroeder.CaryG, 55.176 Schroeder.Gary L. 38 Schroeder. Helen T. 38.146 Schroeder. Jeffrey J. 170.177 Schroeder. Marta R, 69 Schuett, Jerry' A. Schuetz. Larry E. 84 Schultz. Jeaneen F. 55.l50.l58 Schultz, Patricia L. Schultz, Mary F. 38 Schultz: Richard J. 69 Schulze. Connie J. e169 Schulze. Sandra R. 84.133 Schuman.Crysta1 L. 84 Schuman. David Lee 55 Schwartz. Lesley Ann 69,15-4.193 Schwartz. Lisa Marie 55.159 Schwartz. Robert E. 38 Schwartz. Robyn E. Schwellenbach. Mary 84 SCHW1TZKY.HANNAH 99 Sciortino. Jeanne M. 84 Scott. Nancy M. 84 Scott. Virginia T. 38 Sealy. Karen L. 38.1 l8.132.134.135.l44.162 Sealy, LindaJ. 69,I32.I37,14l.151 Searles, Marcia L. 55,154 - Sears. Richard E. 84 Seda,Anton C. 55,1l9.132,137,140.14I.154 Seebacher, Joseph M. 84 Seefeldt, John C. 69 Soeger,Steven 55 Seibert, Richard D. Seidlein. Geoffrey 55.169 Seidl.LouiseT. 38.II8,l32,137,140.141. 162 Seifert. Edward A. 55 Seileg. Randy 141 Sellards. Debbie Sue 84 Selvig, Patricia A. 69 221 222 Selvig. Susan M. 119 Scmple. Michael 55.137 Semple. Peter J. 69.137 Swtiurx I7--15 Senolsky. Marie 114 Serani. Dale P. 55.169 Sergcs. Annette M. 69.1 19.165 Sergcs. Karen A. 55.1-16.159 Severino. Paul 55 Severns. Kathy Sue 311.1 10.1 16.1 17.1-15 194.195 Shaw. Robin L. Shaw. Sally' A. 311.1 111.145.1196 Shaw. Susan M. Shea. James V. 69 Shea. Kathleen 311.1-15.l113.l92,l96 Shearn. Doug 69 Sheldon. Candice -15.69.15-1 Sheldon. Dehra.l. 55.1-15.15-1.196.199 Shemanski. Mary Lou 69.1-17 Sheparc1son.CaroI 311 Sheppard. 1Kil1iam 55 Shera.John D. 311.153 Shera. Victoria A. 69.1-11.151 SHERMAN. KATHERINE 99.1-17 Sherman. Kathy Ann 69 Sherpan.Jef1rey A. Sherpan. Randy C. 55 Shideler. Steven C. 55 Shinn. WilliantT. 69 Shipley. Michael .l. 1110 Sholty. lzd W. 11-1 Sholty. Pamela .111 Short. V1onnte 1.. 69 Shovyman. Marion .loy X-1 Shroycr. 1'antelaJ. 311 Shroyer. Timothy C. 69 Shursun. 1 inda M. 39.1-111 Siavelis. Harry Sihilskt. .lanet C. 39 Stca.Ciay1c A. 55 Siea. Joseph M 69 Sica. Susan M. 39 Sickel..IohnT. 55.169 Sidorchuk. Monica A. 69.13-1.151.153 Siehcck. .lulie Ann 115.1-111 Sic6o1d.Jamex R. 55.1117 Sieho1d.Kenncth C. 39.1115.1119 Siegbahn. Robin L. 69 Sie1.Jeannctte M. 55.153 Siemianowskt. Robert 69.1112 Sieltg. Randolph R. 137 Stewert. Mark S 39 Siewert. Tom C. 55.1 111.152.1511 Siewerth. Roger Siewerth. Ronald E. Social St'iem'e 200-201 Soderholnt. Karin R 115.153 Soknieyyief. Mark S. 171.1117 Summers. Terrance -111.165.1711 Summers. Mary Y. 115 Sumogyt. John R. 115 Sonntag. Robert L. Soree. Paul Allan 115 Sorensen. Lattrel Ann 115 Surrentino. Dehorah 56.161201 Sosrioyyskt. Sandra 1 . 115 Sosnoyuki. Sharon M. -111 sow. Gary yy. as Sona. Sandra 1' Soycr. Scntt.1ay 69 Spagnola..1ames V. 69 Spagno1a.l.trtt1a J0 Spalding. Mary l.. 115 S1'ARAClNO.DOMlN1C 99 Sparks. l.arry T. 115.199 Spasari.Christtna 69.13-1.19-1 Spears. Richard 115.11111 Speeht.Do1ures A. Speciale. Mtchael 115 Speck. Mary M. 115 Specs. Thomas T. 115.171.1711 Spieltnan. Glenn R. 56.169 Spiess. Ly'nn 56 Spill. Allison P Sprenger. .loni L. -10.-13.1-15.196 Sprenger. Patricia 56.1-1-1.1-15.196 Springer. Katherine -10 .spring Phu- 1211.129 Squassoni. Lori A. -10.1-15.19-1.196 Sronkoski.Jef1rey 56.1 111.166.176 Smnkoski. Michael 66.170.177 Stach. Stanley M. 115 Staely. Marilyn G. 69 Staddler. Tom .l. 115.1711 STAHNKE. VERNON 99 Standbury. Thea 69 Standilord. Karla J. Standilord. Kindra 56.1-19 Stankovic. Marian 66 Stanz. Mike Lee 66.170 Stark. Stephen A. 115 Starkey . Gail L. 115 Starkey. Linda J. Stathas. Kathy A Steen. Joanne E. 69.1-1-3.1-15.15-1 Stelanos. Diane -10.110.1111.119.137.162 Ste1anos.Thomas A. 69 Stelanos. Tina D. 69.1 l9.132.13-1.136.137 Stcflan. Maryanne 69.1-17.1511 Stetnhock..le1fA. 711.170.1117 STLINFR. RONALD 99 .ap agr- T met. Kathryn s. 511 1aglt.tptetra.Ron Tagltatt. Sylyia 1. -11.1-115 Takeda. John T. 133.171 T.tlhot..1.tnts M. 116 Taliant. Donna F 70.1-15.19-1 Tangorra. Louis Tanner. Dianne L. -11.1-16 Tansey. Kathleen M. -1l.123.l32.13-3.162 Taucher. Frank P. 56.l65.l66.l611 Taueher. Kristy L. 116.14-1 TAYLOR.JUDlTH 100.210 Tegtnteter. Diane T. 116 Teller. Steven L. 70.1117 Tenbrook. Keith A. Tenhrook. Kevin A. Twtnix 1119 Teslik. Linda E.-11.1l8.1-15.192.196 Taxsendorf. Janice 56.1-17.155 Tevys. Jeffery A. 56 Tens. Nancy 116 Silvestri.CherylA. 143.1-17.155 S1MMER.LOWELL 99 Simmons.Jel1 F. 39.152211 Simon. David W. 115 Simon. Kimberly A. 55.123.l51.1511 Singleton. Allan E. 115 Siragusa. Mark T. 69 Sirridge. Joseph M. Siskin.Joanna 55.1-15.196 Sitkiewitz. Duane M. 115.171.1711 Sittig. Anne L. 39.1-15.15-1.196 Sittig. Raymond 69 Sizemore. Norman D. Skarda. Darryl 115 Skarda. Susan S. 55 Skibinski. Dennis 39 Stenherg. Randy l.. 56.150 Stengern. Linda 70.14-1.145.194 Stenoien. Barbara J. 115 Stenoien. Carol 1'-. 56.1-13 Stenoten. Dan Y -10.165.l112.l113 Stephan. .1osephG. 56 Stephan. Mark 1: 115 Stevens. Gene 70 Stevens..1ohn C. -11 THACKER. MARILYN 100.202 Theobald. Jacqueline 56 Theobald. Kintberlee 70 The.tpitm.1 123 Thtbodeau. Lauretta 70 THIBUDEAU. RAYMOND 100 T1to11.Scott A. -11 Thotttan. David J. 116 Thom.ts.1'atrtce A. 116 Skibinski. Jeffrey C. 39 Skibinski. Sharon M. 115 Ski CI ub 15-1 Skt' Team 154 Skjuldagcr. Bill J. 39 SKJO RDAHl..JUD1TH 99.1-16 Skuse. Lauren Lee 69 Slack. Larry' R. 115 Sladik. Adrienne 115 SIater.J. Scott 55 Sloan. Sloan. John Carl 85 Lee Smdllf Beverly Ann 55 Small. Eileen 39 Sntallwood. Charlotte 55 Smart. Leonard R. 39.132 Smart. Pamela L. 69.149 Smedl ey. William J. 115.133.1110 Smith.A1ycia L. 85 Smith. Barry Lee 85 Smith. Brian Donald 39 Smith. Bruce H. 55 Smith. Christopher C. 40 Smith.ChristopherJ. 147 Smith. Corey L. 69 Smith. Craig T. Smith. Danny Parker Smith. Deborah Ann 85 Smith. Elizabeth A. 55.1-14.146 Smith. Greg D. 40.l30.l65,166 Smith. Jackie Ellen 69.14-1 Smith. Janice L. 85.157 Smith. Laurie Jean Smith. Mark L. 69,170.17-1 Smith. Michael W. 46.55.l 111.122 Smith. Mike M. 55.153 Smith. Nita Jean 69 Smith. Patricia A. 115.133 Smith. Robert M. 139 Smith. Roberta S. Smith. Sally' Ann 69 Smith.Shcrry'Ann 55 Smith. Thomas Mtkc -10 Smith. Tom Alan 69 Smith. Vicki I.. 69.137.1-11.155 SMIT Smith. 11.VIRGINIA 99.1-15 William R. 69 Stevenson. Dennis 56 Stev1art..1atnes A. 56 Stewart. .1el1eryJ. 70.l70.l77 Stewart.Sy'h-ia 56 Stinebring. Margaret -11.1-111 Stines. Danny G. Stoehr. Pamela 56,123.1-15 Stolllus. .1udy'Sara 116.133 Stoltman..lohn M. 116 S1olpa.Je1lery Ci. 56.165166 Stoltlman. Susan M. 155 STOUGHTON. BARRY 100 Stram. Robin A. 116 Stram. Rebecca 56.141149 Stramaglio. Dan C. 70 STRAUB. ROBERT 100 Streich. Robert P. 70.170 Strumph. Nancy D. 41 Strybel.John R. 116.1711 Stry'sLyk.Jacque1yn 1-111 Student Cotmril 1 19 Stuermer. Erna 41 Stutlman. Bill H. Stybr. Patti Jo 86 Sulaski. Mary Ju -11.149 Thomcy. L Thomcy. lt arol R. 23.-11.l32.135.1-11.151162 1tc1t.tel -11.13-1.135.l37.l53 Thomp..-n, Daytd C. Thompson, Xlatthcyy M. 56 Thompson. Thomas 70.11111 Thontpson.1.tlertc 123 Thtircsdale. 1'crcseA. 116 Sulaski. Sue Ann 116.133 Sullivan. Cynthia Jo 116 Sullivan. Edward A. 70 Sullivan.Gail 116 Sullivan. Kathleen M. Sullivan. Margaret lf. Sullivan. Lynne 41.1-16 Sullivan, Patrick S. 56 Su1livan.Terri Lou 70.1-1-1.1-19.l55.l65 Sullivan. Sharon I.. Summer' Joseph F 70 s. . . Surdynskt.Jim -11.14-1 Surdynski. Roger L. 116 Sutter. Michael C. 70 Suui. Linda C. 56.162 Svoboda. Scott M. Swan. Linda Sue 9.41.-15.1 18.159 Swanger Swanger .Daniel A. 56.l50.l58 . David M. 41 Swanson. Anna M. 86 Swanson. Daniel D. 169.187 Swanson. Karen M. Swanson. Sandra S. Swanson. Sharon L. 86.137.1-40.141 Swearingen. Lynne 56.132.137.l-10 Sweeney. Rosemarie 116 SWENSON. HARRY 100.13Z.133.136.Z08 Swenson. Linda Lou 7O.132.I37.1-10.1-11.153 Swinmting 180-181 Thulin. Rohcrt -11 Tichy.Iint R. 56 Ti1l.tireg xr. TIPSNN ORD. ROBFRT 100 rtnnnt. 1'ht1tpA I'I'I'R1'.X11Cl1A1zl. 100.203 Titscltler. Sandra J. 70.1-14.1511 1itsuorth.KcvtnD. 116 Tohtn. Ann 1' -11.1 111.192.1195 Tohtn. Patricia .1 711.193.1911 Todd. Kilenyyontl Nl. 70.170 Tolcr.1JaytdC 56.1-16 Tullumt Snctult 153 Tolp. Paula J. Tolp. Randall D. 56 Tomasclli. Robert D. 56 Ton1czyk.N1ary A. 70 Tomczy k. Lugene J. 116.171 Tomich. Margaret M. 116 Tompkins.Adrtanne 116 Toovey. William M. -11,137.1-11 Topp. Stephen W. 70.l32.137.l-11 Torgersen. Steven 70.1112 Tornabene. Debra A. 116 Touhey. Richard 70 Tovella. Rhonda L. 116 Townsend. .Iitn Tmrly 190 Tracy. Donna .l. 56.145 Tracy. Leslie 70.15-1 Treanor. Susan E. 56.1511 Tremko. Nancy M. 116 Trenter. Karen K. 86.133 Triervveilcr. Lalin 56 Tri-M 132 TRIMBLE. ELIZABETH 100 Tringali.Anthony 70.170 Tringali. Carla S. 116 Tripp. Marilyn J. Trojanoaykt. Ruth J. 116 Trotier. Craig S. 1611.169 Trudan. Steven J. 56 TRUELSON. DAVID 100.153 Tumino. Lynne M. 70.155 Tun. Ginger A 711 Turban. Cheryl TURBANJACOB 100 Snell. Renee Jean 69 Snoblc. Sandra M. Sohie.Susan C. 56.1-15.1-19.196 Sobieski. Gregory A. Sohicski. Gary S. -10 Sobon. Ronald G. 56.1 18.122 Srntphonir Band 141 Syoen. Diane F. 56 Syversen.Jenny L. 70 Syzdek. Thomas Joe 56 Szczepanik. Mary A. 56.1-13.1-15.l95.l96 Szkudlarek. Adam J. 70 Turner. Duncan 70 Turner. Larry 41.1 19.150 Turner. Mike -12 Turschman.Thomas 70 Tvrdy. Carol M. 72.86 U Uhlarik. Stephen M 70.1711 Uhlarik. Thomas ll. 56 Ullrich. Brad H. 70.170.l77 Ulrich. Valerie L. 116 L'mlrrcla.v.t -46-117 Underwood. Frank C. 116 Urhtna. Dchra -12.1-16 Urbma.Janct 116 Urhina. Susan M. 711 UROUlZA.R1CHARD 100 Usdromski. Becky M. -12.1-16 Use1ding.Get'a1yn 56.1-15.155 Utyro. Keith S. 116.171 V N accarella. Ttna 132.134.l36.138 Nacho.1:ileen .l. -12 1.ttd.Hrtdgcl 162 1atd.Chuck C 1 alentitte. Dayid M. -12.150 yalcssek. Ron 166 1 anthreck. James S. 171 Yanthreck. Marian -12 Yatthcrkum. lzric P. 70 Vanherktttn. Kim J. 42.192.l95.196 1 an Cleave. Sherrie 116 Vanderspool. Cynthia 116 Yanderyyiel. Therese 116 1 an Hauler. Keith W. 86 1 .tn Roeyert. Cynthia -12.13-1.1-17 X an Stell. 11 illiam 86 1. anstone. Debbie J. 86 1.archetto.Ltnda K. 70 1'.trchetto.Tintothy'W. 116 lf21rivlt'Shw1 120.121 Varney. Harry D. -12.131 Vasquez. Linda C. 116 Vaughn. Brian A. 86 Vat. ra. Cynthia A. 116 Vavra. Garey W. Veller.Cindy 116.133 Veller. Lynda M. 56.151 Veller. Richard .l. 170.1117 Venes. Dean -12 Venlos. Donald P. 70 Ventura. Rose M. 116 Vtllars. Tom R. 56,119 Vtneleano. Michelle 116 Vitale. Mary T. 56 Vittal. l.arry J. 70.1117 Vinune. Michael A. Vut'ulla:: Choir 135 Vogel. Greg .l. 116 Vogt. Donald N. 1-13 Vokoun.Thotnas M. 56 Vollnter. David D. 42.131154 Vollmer. Kenneth L. 15-1 Vombrack. Dean W. 56 Vormtttag. Mark R. 86 Vorndran. Deborah A. 70.1-14.194 Voss. Susan M. 70.1-12 Vullneri. Dale 86 Vytlasek. Ronald V. 56 W Wade. Lynette J. 56.l37.l-11.155 Wagner. Barbara J. 70 Wagner DavtdJ. Wagner. Debra L. 70 Wagner. Gail A. 86 Wagner. Linda S. 86 Wagner. Norma L. 70.132.l34.l36 Wagner. Richard A. 56 Wagner. Richard R. Wagner. Ronald W. Wagner. TerriJ. -12 Wa1denmaier.Janet 70.13-1.137 Waldrep, Dennis D. 86 WALKERJAMES 100 WALKER. LORETTA 100.162 Walker.Scott R. 171.1116 Wa11a.Janiee L. 56 Walper. Charles D. Wa1ser,NancyJ. 56.1-14.1115.196 Walser. Robert D. 1117 Walsh. Audrey S. 56, I 54.1511 Walsh. Kevin M. 116.171.1117 Walsl1.JaCque1yn L. 70.13-1.136.151 Walsh. Karen .Ioan Walsh. Michael J. 56 Walsh. Noreen M. 70.1-19 Walter. Diana Lee 56.1-15 Walters. Carla S. -12 Walther. Brian T. 246.171.1247 Yab. Kosaltna 71 Walther. Steven M. 70.18-t Wanser. Ruthann Ii. 70 Warkenlin. Thomas H. -1.-12,110.15-1.165 Ward. Colleen A P46 Ward. Debbie Lynn 86 Warring.John R. Sri Wasniovyski. Eduard S. 56 Wasniotyski. Linda M. 7U Watkins. Gloria A, Watson. .lohn V 70.l71,l77 Watson. Wendy .I. 210.123 Watts. Kathleen R -12 Watts. W illtatn P. in Werner. Mare K. Werner. Kathleen .-X. 56.1-1-1.1-15,165.19-1 Werner. Kim h7.l.17.1-ll Werner. Susan M. My Wcrtepny.Je1freyA. 56 Wesehc.hli1abeth L. 4245.1 1X.l45.158. 195.1941 Wessel. Sandra L. X7 West. Thomas E. 70 Westerherg. Ann 50.13-1 Wezeman. Sue Ann 7l1.1J7.l-11.155 Whedon. .lanex S. 56.15-t Whedon. l aura J. S7 Wheeler. Linda S. Wheeler. Ron R. 1-17 WHITCOMBE. EDWARD 100 Whitcombe. John E. 87 Williams.Tim J. 56.170 Williams. Wendy Kay 57 Williamson. Cara Ann 70.1-37.1-19 Willamsort. Nate W. 117.137.1250 Willis. Gary A. 57 Willis. Richard 57 Willis. Steve L. 87 Workman. Mark W. Wrenn. Susan Mae 87 Wrtaizleiiet 194 Wreslling 186.187 wrlghtreny R. sv Wuestenleld. Kathy' -1-1.1-19 Wuestenleld. Richard 71.13-L Willis. Steven C. -13 Wy kel. Joseph C Willis. William G. Willlls. Richard A. Wilm s JamesT 41 Y e . ' -, , . Wilson. Dianna J. -13.196 Wilson. KtleenAnn 70.12113-1.1-14,1-17.202 White. James L. Whtte.Jerry H. 56 White.Ju1te Lynn 86,137,141 Wi1son.WendtAnne 87.139 W ing. Kathie A. 43.148 Wingert. Patrice C 70.1-49.155 Wingert. Paul M. 57 Winkales. Christine 43 Winkates. Michael 57 Winkates. Scott C. 7S.X7.lJ7.l-10.1-ll Wcadley. Donald R. 86.171 yvcatiey. Patriot G. 137 W EAVLR, JEAN 100 Wehh. Weber Robert 42.1!ii.16o.lX5.1No .tuitpefi srtiw Weber. Cindy J. 56 Weber. llatid C Weber Kathleen Ann Ko Webcr.Tltom.ts R. 2110.178 Weber. Toni L. 87 Weber. Palrteta L. -12 Weber.Wt1ltam O. 70. 1 70.177 Wegner.Jefirey R. 1524 Wehling. Kenneth L. Wehrheim.Elt1abcth Sh Weiner. Datid Jay 70.13-1.154 Weir.JohnC. Wtesheeker. Theresa 70 Weiss.Char1es1i. 70 WELLMAN..lOSEPll 93.100 Wellman. Michael J. 70.1-11.170 Wells. Douglas R. 87.17l.l7tl WELLS. RAYMOND 100 Wendes. Berniee C. 87.1-t7 WENDLERJAMES 100.171 Wendt. Mike 70 Wennerstrom. Vernon 56.150 White. Kenneth J. 70.1J7.1-10.1-ll White. N'largteA, 56 White. W ay ne N.-12.137.l-t0 White. William .I. 141 Whiting. Bruce E. -12 WHITTIER. GEORGE 100 Wiard. Ruth Anne 42.1-17 Wicker. Mike 70 Wicker. Nancy K7 Widtnski. Edward A. 87.187 Widner. Cy rus C. Widncr. Susan Kay 70.15-1 Wiehe. Brian David Wtehe. Jeff D. 70.170 Wtegard. Marilyn S. 87 Wienert. Michael P. Wtlherseheid. Sandra 56.194 Wilbur. Kathleen M. 133 Wilcox. Judith L -12 Wilclak, Ly nn D. X7 W inkelmann, Dale R. 87.157 Winkelmann, Dean K. X7 VVtttsor, Robert C. 71.l7U.1X7 Wattston. Beth 71 Wirilrr Bull 110.117 Wir1lt'rPltii' 126.127 Winters.Judith Ann 71 Winll. Van Carroll 71.170.1X5 Winler. Karen N 57.1 lb.13i.l96 Wishon. George vi Wishon. Susan E. -11.1-19 Wildeboer, Karen li. X7 Wilkinson. Linda S. Williams Williams. Mark ,I. 711 Williams, Ricky A. 70 Williams. Sheryl X7 Willard. Marilyn J. 70 .JamesV 247.171.1217 .l37.l-1l.153.155 Wittenberg. Barbara Witttorth. Monika 43.158 Woitkteyyicz. David 71 Woilkietytcl. Mark S. -U Woitoutel. Chris B. 147 Wolanskt. Luke A. -l3.1015.l 19.1-1f1.1h5.197 Wolle..1im 71 Wol1e.Judith L. 43.150 Wo1lenhaupt.Day'id C. 87.180 Woltcr, Donna J. 87 Wolter. Tina Marie 71,147.1-18 Wood. Linda Ann 71,123 Woods. Daniel R. -U Woollard. Ernest 57 WOO1 LARD. GERALD 100.171 Workman. Diane L. -lJ.l5i.19ti Yakes. Sharon A. t97.150.l53 Yamamoto.Craig 44 Yanko.Jacque1ine M. S7 Yatteau. Richard J. S7 Yevchyn. Roman York. Joyce J. 87 Young.Car1 E. 157 Young. Danny Young. Dell R. 71 Young. Kevin J. 71 Yundt. Marianne L. 71.1-11 ZZ Zadaeh. Lynette M. 71 Zadaeh. Rick P. 44 Zaurar. Jane M. 87 Zeller. Barbara A. 57 Zielinskt. Sharon V. 44 Zieltnski. ErnestJ. 71 Zi1lra.ThontasJ. 57.172 Ztllinek. Karen A. 71 Zi1linskas.Susan J. -1-3.137 135.1 Zimmerman. Jai D. X7.137.1-40. 1-1 Zirltn, Lori A. 71 Zirlin, Shelley R. 4-1 Zmucla.Miehae1E. -3-1 Zueker. Thomas F. 57.153 Zobe1.Sharon 71.l23.1-14 Zuker. Cathleen Zweifler. Michael D. 71 Zygowiez. Joan B. 57 Montage Staff Acknowledgments Editor Cindy King Associate Editor Debbie Hicks Business Manager Nancy Lunak Advisor Mrs. LaVone Holt The Montage Stall' is grateful to the lo -13 1,152 llowing people and companies whose assistance and interest helped the 1 s x. ' . ' , book become complete. Root Studios. in part Mrs. Dompke. whose cooperation in sched livering pictures enabled us to meet our de Studios lor the gymnastics pictures on p Paddock Publications lor the baseball pict 191: Audio-Visual Department, in particular cular Mr. and uling and de- adlines: Capri ages 182-1841 ures on page Mr. Oswald. Ron Antor. and James Moy. for many of the candid pic- tures that appear throughout this book: Mr. David lor the V-Show pictures on pages 120-121: Walsworth Publishing Company. especially Mr. Robert Moorhead. our sales representative. whose encouragement and i deas' 'kept us going. and Mr. Joe Cupp. whose letters and phone calls . , ' - -s M helped straighten out problems between Walsworth: The administration and faculty their cooperation in allowing the schcdulin onlage and members for g of pictures and letting stuff members out of classes to meet dead- lines: Mrs. Curtis. for dittoing many of our notes to the faculty: Gail Greaves. for the cover design. and most of all. to Mrs. LaVone Holt. lor putting up with our giggling. nagging us to meet deadlines. and for letting the staff do the work while she advised. 223 Xia WALSWORTH rx-elim-, Nlo . l 5 A Q I 4 '4 i M X .ESS k- , jf. ' if Q ST-Q N, xlcgx Tfaf ,Ni 39' 4 -an rdf ,xx Q fa : L ?'1f WT - X - 1 y , :tt 1 4 A 4 V' ' .4 H A .47 ,A , , , J.: , ,, ,ga f mf Q lf' I FF? . Igf X, ir: , , 1 gn. 4 -, H Iv' 1

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