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'j if f7,L,Q .Chas V " 152, ,Q . , QNX 'I 1 XI Q xy P al X J J aff,-1,. - ,Z X, fPYz,4fz4jQ ' 4,-1ffF"Zf',,,.1 I Qijjf 63' 1-fc ff F . X , Y s JK-, jg ' ,FJ My M Qi' 'M 1 R Ty X f"x'fC--ff,LQ'P'X X jg ' N n 'WPC' XX X X, .fx Xi A A-fax Q J X W ' 7' f , I 'CLLIL ILXL' h 141 4 , ,fmfi .ilkf fzfnif f ,V ., ,,, Ci, 'MER I f,-. JP! 0!x.,q ff ,Luv ' nf J, 'L Lf - ,fl '+P ' 'f X If, M. ,Q ., , 'f , rw mf f. mf ., Q- fv' Q If IX ky .1 f I, if Z - f X ffj7LfL ,ff Lk ffff f ff? jf- ffffff Mfffkf J 'K 1 1 x Y V ,l 'L I 1 .V F r 11 M 1, N Nl' gp N Qfifigfiwivf ff Qfwgia ff Sfffwdx Q9 ?QYii?-5155, fx!!! May Ulf ff? VZJJJOFMQ' gf f V x : -.5 J I aff Vw i',N , -GQ V- "3 X3 K3 KW ., , . X P i 4, x . aj iW ff, i , by L 5 - af' 5 . , if " ' ' if , Ai M Wy , Qfuwf W WW ff WW I - 4, ,fm df W my NQQQKQG dj, - xv if if W I if K 'f,-4 1fH'., , ,, fa: ,Al - V' . - . K Q-Q Vlgx Y. - V . - . -M. , M., , - . , .-- ,.f.r-: ,,'E,,. os fan r V fail 'rlfilgi ' 'Q I +1 ' Q - U mwzfmt- .. a. . f- f 'V "3'i',. f.f5q 1 - my ff. - ff -H' lf: -ff' mi A if if 1. MONTAGE '69 Elk Grove High School Elk Grove Village, Illinois Volume III TABLE OF CONTENTS Seniors . . . . . 16 Student Life . . . . . 40 Activities . . . . . 66 Sports . . . 96 Faculty . . . 132 Undergraduates 144 Dedication Elk Grove High School is now an established institution devoted to producing quality in both lead- ership and academics. Our traditions now have been set. We have seen our first seniors graduate, and we have witnessed our first real homecoming. School spirit is growing. All of this has required much hard work on the part of the students, faculty, and administration alike to make Elk Grove High School a great one. The greatest responsibility that all run smoothly in the development of such a school rests with the principal. For his continued devotion to his work and for a job well done we dedicate this growing story to Mr. Robert Haskell, principal of Elk Grove High School. ME, s 552' is Elk Grove High School past, present, and future- our great seal of victory ever before us . . . Three years ago we were just a school Cminus those special seniorsl. The struggle has been long the Way rough, but we have achieved VICTORY and HONOR. 33, My ' 214 535, gi o 0 , ' ' ' QfE',:?.,gY1 .yzrgg O ' . 3 g Q zx,ZE5zti,1i.4.i 5: NS 'Il. JV X2 IA 5 ff Q eg --- US is 91 'Q rf Y: 2' s f : 1 : Our rivals must look on us as victorious, no longer new. Conference Championship brought with it much honor for EGHS. Highly regard our musket, symbol of that honor! 'A f A-1 'V ,L . 1, fs my ,091 :- ,M in gk 'nfl' " Q 1 , 'gn ,A Q W 424 ? O. ,It - S '-H1 pus .1 I , K, ,- 's 4 M gif 'Tm Wa n 'OO 0000 WW f-fe fi, w l, Seniors and alumni carry our banner high. Their loyalty soars and kindles undergraduate hopes and anticipations. Surely they have brought us one step closer to Victory! Learning is vital to our institution. Our teachers have sought to instill in us the knowledge that will make it possible for each to experience the panache, Grenadier symbol of learning, upon his own head. Let it be a Victory for mankind. ,W ff 'W anvil? ,Z Sw Our grenade is symbolic of freedom- 1 O freedom experienced R Z through the special things: : our Prom, La Fete, Christmas Ball, or a mixer. EGHS has been our guide to the ways of the world. Keep the sabre, symbol of truth, always before you, This is EGHS. Her many facets are contributing to the winning spirit that is becoming ever more well-known to the Grenadier Regiments. Let her name be forever cherished. She moves ONWARD TO VICTORY! I 1 W f- K w,bX2a-wtiiilfliiifl' N - lm AQ 4 W , wh: ',v,2,,4- i'Q'-Qfffisf.. .T 'Mk " ' " V 40-.,, ywesefaf v ., W. e I f H W.. r X '1i1i'?1fJs ,Wye-W " f.3,.,,.k,,,SN3 . P r k 2 1...-,N "iiE2Rii1fEYfl' S 4, fb. .xi.,,,,.W zilblf' ' ,Af ' G A w L gg , A t55'l'..a'1kf' ?'A?f5 A ? .'EY',.f V4. ,, 15 - ' vu, f-Q '1 - ...N .'-A ,, TTQ4- qHr5,'ig, L T,n:'2f.L '. " if F34 ,Q ' VW f '1 f"'f:'5" . Y!-fi-1:.L'k ' Sie- , . :fix 5331, If ' Q 'wal xg txr :TQ ten 'L ' 1 E v X 111 '34, if x 1 , -.. n R z-'ff ,gk K 41-511.5 420. '51."5'- - -.5 S 'Hiya .x-yank"-"kb I , L " 5' "",, +A' ' , "isa" , V h ,-17. K' L hx . .-, ' ui..-245: 'Q' ,,,,, W ,-X ,. , .,f,,1-.-. xv, , 'av - - ' Q - .' ' fffv ' " - A -Qs, - K ' - ' '-52, -4:-g'4:g::3. , gh' t , 1579. : ,. E1 - 1, ' f '--' 1 "5ai"J"Ff? 'k -A f:,.:,,.,--,g , nfl ,q 5 - ,'..5., .1 '., H . If- :W ' 1321 7 -. . ,ng , ss . i 'V 3 . W 5 x' ' x , qi Jr 'x' v 't 3 " f 1 Q.. J Uih,1 ,., '. ' ' f ,Q -, 1 - ' A 'iw' ? ' I X a x r 1. L fe '11i:..?'5'::4m 1 ' ' N J. X Q M ' ' L5 -' 4' K , Y nf' . Seniors Class of '69 Banner: Symbol of Loyalty wx. as Mba is 5, ww h 1 , is Senior Class Board: Bottom Row: Diane Walsh, Treasurer, Chris Gruber, Vice-President, Tom Neri, President, Cheryl Gayer, Secretary: Second Row: Lynn Chuipek, Sue Kuczinski, Sandy Rode, Kathy Evans, Andi Tun, Chris Johnston: Top Row: Silvio Camodeca, Mike Kunze, Brian Faracy, Niki Bastounes, Nancy Whiting. Seniors Class of 1969 Although we weren't the first graduating class or the first four-year class of EGHS, everyone must realize the contributions that the Class of '69 has made. We have set traditions that will not soon be for- gotten or left behind by those remaining at Elk Grove. We sponsored the first Christmas Ball and the first prom in Elk Grove's history. As seniors we organized and participated in Elk Grove's first alumni homecoming. Students for the first time spoke up for what they wanted: a revised dress code, open study halls, referendums, and a council that would achieve their desires for them. They approached these problems with the added dimension of determination to get something done about them. Not all desires have been met, but seniors have led the school toward these goals. We will not soon forget our years at Elk Grove. ". . . friendships here without measure, Evreriadiers through our joys and tears will e. We have set the traditions. Now it is for those who follow us to keep these traditions as proof for- ever that the Class of '69 is indeed MIGHTY FINE! no Aielto, Miehail Raymond-Basketball 1. Albert. Karen L.-G.R.A. 1. Attergotl, Terry Beth-Student Council 1.2.3. Class Board 2 lVice-Presidentl. Cheerleading 2.3.4 lCaptain 45. Leaders 3.4. G.R.A. 1.2. Drama Club 1. Ski Club 4. F.T,A. 1. Calendar Girl 3. Homecoming Court 4. Anderson. Chuck F.-Baseball 1.2. Basketball 1. Anderson. Karen Ann--Library Guide 1.2. Teacher's Aide 1. Class Board 2. N.H.S. 3.4. F.T.A. 1. Pep Club 3.4. 4-semester honor pin. Anderson, Richard W.-Gymnastics 1. Andre, Cynthia S.-Color Guard 3.4. Christmas Ball Attendant 4. Contest Play 3. V-Show 3.4. Drama Club Tolkein Society 3. F.T.A. 1. Orchesis 3.4. N.H.S. 3.4. Chorus 1. Choir 2.3.4. Tri-M 4. Le Voix de Musique 4. Anthony, Steve H.-Baseball 1.2.3. Football 2. Basketball 2. A rnotd, Walter-fNot Picturedl. A ronson, Witlia rn L. Atkins. Denise-Newspaper 1. Drama Club 1. Chorus 1.2. Transferred from Arm Arbor High School. Ann Arbor. Michigan. ' Auerswatd, Elizabeth-Class Board 2. Leaders 3.4. G.R.A. 1. Home EC Club 3. Austin. Daniel-1Not Picturedb. Bachus. Robert Charles-Key Club 3.4. Basketball 2.3.4. Cross Country 3.4. Track 2.3.4. Letter- men's Club 3.4. Back. Frank Wayne-Key Club 3.4, Swimming 3.4. Barker, Arlela JI.-lNot Picturedj. Barker. Thomas-lNot Picturedl. Bartlett, Roberta Ann-Transferred from Wheeling High School. Social Science Club 4. N.H.S. 4. 4-semester honor pin. Bastounes, Niki Ann-Class Board 2.3.4. Cheer- leading 2.3. PomPom Squad 4 lCaptair1J. Lead- ers 3.4. Pep Club 4. Leader's Club 3.4. Christ- mas Ball Attendant 2. Bauer. Douglas lf.-4-semester honor pin. Bauer, Knut Thomas Olaf-Key Club 3. Student Council 2. Football 1.2. Baseball 2. Swimming Lettermen's Club 2.3.4. Ski Club 4. Bellalnia. .llarie Kathryn-Office Guide 2.3. Mon- tage 4 tSenior Editorl. French Club 3. Benoski. Barbara A nn. Bentall. Steven Fred-Football 1.2.3. Basketball 1.2. Track 2. Baseball 1. Berg, Bonnie L.-Office Guide 2.3. Transferred from Willowbrook High School. D.E. 4, Bergemann, Sandra Lynn-Business Education Club 3.4. Pep Club 4. Berto. Deborah Lynn-Student Council 4, Class Board 2. GUARDIAN 3.4 lNews Editorl. Fall Play 2 lAssistant Directorl. Winter Play 2.3. V-Show 3.4. Spanish Club 1. Drama Club 1.2.3. Quill and Scroll 4. Pep Club 3. Humanities Board3. Biedermann, Carol M.-D.O. 4 fPresidentJ. .rad .v J B E lv x n 4 As fm . vu rf' -1--:P Seniors Binion. Bob-Wrestling 1.2. Chorus. Blass, Richard. Bleiehrolh, Robert R.-Track 1.2. Weightlifting Club 1. D.O. 4. Blue. Steven Richard. Boheme. Konstantin W. German Cum Laude. Boles. William Arlhzu'-Jr.-Baseball 2. Box. Dalene Louise-Guardian 4. Pom Pom Squad F.T.A.1. Brandner. Gary-Gymnastics 1. I Club 1. Rifle Club 2. 1 x J 1' VJ x Ei ...sa 5 3 .J Butterfield. Shelly. Byrne. llflary Amanda-Transferred from Scared Heart of Mary. G.R.A. 1. Tennis team 4. Latin Club 1. F.T.A. 2. N.l-I.S. 3.4. Band 1. 4-Semes- ter honor pin. Camodeea. Silvio Joseph-Class Board 2.3.4. Ten- nis 3.4. Debate 2.3.4. Russian Club 1.2. J.E.'l'.S. 2.3. N.H.S. 2.3.4. N.F.L. 2.3. 4-Semester honor pin. UUlll1IhOllSF. Joan Ellen-Leaders 3.4. G.R.A. 3.4. Camphouse. .llarulve Sue-Office Guide 3.4. Or- chesis 3.4. Chorus 1. Christmas Ball Queen 4. Cantrell. .llarlha Lynn. Curriglio. Jael: -Joseph-Key Club 4. Baseball 1. Wrestling 2. Tennis 3.4. Rifle Club 1. Carroll. .llicheal Terra n ce. 62 11+ f 'M' +48 5V3"' Brandt. Stephen Robert-Class Board 2. Alpha Chi 4. Leaders 3.4. Football 1. Cross Country 2.3. Basketball 2.3. Baseball Campus Life 3.4. Lettermen's Club 4. Broohman. James Roy-Student Council 4Presidentl. Class Board 1.2.3 iVice Presi- dent 1. President 2.37. Football 1.2. Basketball 1.2. Latin Club 1.2. Drama Club 3. Presidents' Club 3.4. Brooks. William James Peter. Brown. George W.-Wrestling 1. D.O. 3.4. Broyles. Sheila Elaine-Transferred from Wheeling High School. Ski Club 4. F.T.A. 1. Bruck. Debra Susan-Leaders 3.4. Tennis team 4. G.R.A. 2.3.4. Pep Club 1.2.4. Leaders' Club 3.4. French Club 3.4. Ski Club 3.4. Calendar Cvirl2. Bruns. Ricky Lee-Cross Country 1.3.4. Track 1.3.4. Burke. Jacqueline. I P . . xl Wav, 4 4 ik Claes, R obert Martin. Clarke, Dorothy L.-Transferred from Thornton High School. Library Guide 2. Office Guide 3. geranan Club 3. Pep Club 1. G.R.A. 1. Latin lu 1. Clark, Kathryn-Library Guide 1. Biology Club 1. Parapsychology Club 3. Drama Club 1. Horse- back-riding Club 4. Leaders' Club 3. G.R.A. 1. Clinton, Sarah Gail-Class Board 4. S.I.S. Board 4. Leaders 3,4. French Club 1.2,3. Pep Club 2. F.H.A. 1, Drama Club 3.4. N.H.S. 3,4. Social Science Club 3. Chorus 1. Choir 3,4. Tri-M 4. Clybor, Richard D.-D.E. 3,4. Marching Band 2. Cohn, Lawrence Gene-S.I.S. Board 4. Football 2. Track 1,4. Golf 2. Russian Club 1,4. Drama Club 2. Fall Play 2. Colberg, John Edward-Guardian 4. Contreras, Deborah. -ls -3 3 ig? L " -,4 4 M 1, j a r ,x ,. ,. J, f i 4.4 .. 'j' Q-.- Q P rllre Q . - 'f is 54 Carter, Claire G.-Office Guide 1,2,3. G.R.A. 1,2. French Club 1. Band 1. Carter, Robert Alan-Gymnastics 1,2,3, Tennis 1.2. Latin Club 1. Case, Donald A.-Transferred from Taft High School. ROTC 1,2. Color Guard 1,2. Montage 3. Baseball 4. Rifle Club 1.2. Chambers, David Michael-Rifle Club 1,2. Leaders 3,4. Chesney, David Paul-Hall Monitor 2. Football 2,3,4. Lettermen's Club 4. Chisholm, Kenneth.-iNot Picturedl. Chisholm, Louise. Chuipek, Linda-Class Board 2,3,4. Fall Play 3,4. Winter Play 2. Spring Play 2.3. Contest Play 3,4. V-Show 3,4. G.R.A. 1. Orchesis 2,3,4 1Vice4President 35. Drama Club 2,3,4. Folk Song Club 1. National Thespians 4. Ciulla, Carla-Guardian 2,4 fAdvertising Editorl. Pep Club 1,2,4. Spanish Club 1,2,3,4. G.R.A. l,2. F.T.A. 2. N.H.S. 4. Quill and Scroll 4. 4-Semester honor pin. Cowgill, David Robert-Wrestling 2. V-Show 4. Chorus 1. Choir 2,3,4. Marching Band 2. Christmas Ball Queen Escort. Crabbe, Michael James-Swimming 1. Chess Club 1. Creedon, Margaret R.-French Club 1,2,3,4. Pep Club 3. G.R.A. 3. N.H.S. 3,4. Cuga, Deborah Jean-N.H.S. 3,4. G.R.A. 1.2. Pep Club 2. Art Club 1,2,3. Leaders 3,4. Ski Club 3. Leaders' Club 3,4 lSecretary 3, Vice- President 43. Curtis, Nadine-Library Guide 1. F,N.A. 1. F.T.A. 1,2,3,4. F.H.A. 1. Business Education Club 3 4 Chorus Accompanist 2,3. Choir Accompanist 4.Tr1-M3,4. Dahl, Daryl-Office Guide 1. G.R.A. 2. Russian Club 3,4. F.T.A. 4. Dale, Sharon Ann-Library Guide 1,2,3,4. Leaders gil-bgubrary Club 2. Pep Club 3,4. Leaders' u ,. Daniel, zlflartha Catherine-F.T.A. 4. Guardian 4. Cheerleading 1,2. G.R.A. 3,4. Drama Club 3,4. National Thespians 4. Social Science Club 3.4 Pep Club 3,4. Ski Club 4. Darge. Barbcu'a4Student Council 3.4 1TreasurerJ. Class Board 2. Leaders 3.4. Biology Club 1. Spanish Club 4. N.H.S. 2.3.4 lVice-Presidentl. 4-Semester honor pin. Elk Grove Village's JuniorMiss. Davidson. Hayrnonrl G. Dawson. Eric Louis-Football 1,2.3.4. Basketball 1. Swimming 2.3.4. Track 1. Chess Club 3. V- Show4. Deacon. .lflary S. uecaro. Jann William-fNot Picturedh. Chess Club 1. DeFolis. Conslance-Transferred from Proviso West. Usherettes 3. Class Board 1.2.3 lVice- President 15. G.R.A. 1.2. Chorus 1.2. Choir 3.4. DeLuca. Don-Latin Club 3.4. DeLude. James Robert-KNot Picturedl. Denny. Janet M.-Class Board 3. G.R.A. 1. Drama Club 3. Pep Club 4. Deuit. Jim A. DiGrazia. SusanAlNot Picturedl. Volleyball 1. Spanish Club 1. G.R.A. 2. Doherly. Daniel-lNot Picturedl. Dresini.!. Gayle Ann-Service Club 1. Library Club 1.2. V-Show 4. Pep Club 1.2. G.R.A. 1.2. French Club Latin Club 1.2. Tri-M 3.4. Folk Music Club 1.2. Choir 2.3.4. Le Voix 1lelWusique4. Dulfv, Kathleen-Leaders 3.4. G.R.A. 1.2. Spanish Club 2.3.4 lVice-President 2.33. Leaders' Club 3.4. Bridge Club 4. N.H.S. 4. 4-Semester honor pm. Dugfo. Sheryl Jo-G.R.A. 1. Pep Club 2.3. Ski Club 3. Dunning, illary Beth-G.R.A. 1.2. Drama Club 1. French Club 1.2.3. .Vantage 3.4 lPhotography Editorl. Quill and Scroll 4. 4' 'US X xik . Z g . . .Qs .ti F ' 2 at ...wk . Vx- g 4--9 , 'T' 2 ' r . "' p . ll 1 ...rn 1 'Y 1 2 . , . -.-, 2- ,-1, '27 f , 1 by -, ,- ,.,f NN 'fn 'CSD 'V' kgs Senior Class: Dylko. Thomas Joseph-Gymnastics 1. Art Club 1,2.3.4. Marching Band 2.3. Symphonic Band 2.3. Wind Ensemble 4. V-Show 3.4. Earnest. Cathy lone-Guardian 4. Spanish Club 1.2. Debate 1. Creative Writing Club 4. J.R.R. Tolkien Society 4. Chorus 1. Choir 2.3.4. Tri- M 3.4. Le Voix de Musique 4. Economos. Helen Ann-Transferred from Fenton High School. G.R.A. 1. Homemaking Club 1. Chorus 1. Egan. George-Baseball 1.2. Basketball 2. Tennis 3. Social Science Club 3.4. Ehmann. Susan Kay-Ski Club 4. Chorus 2. Eilzenhoefer. William Peter-Basketball 1. Base- ball 1. Golf1.2.3. Ellingsworth. Richard. Elms. Cheryl Ann-Orchesis 3.4. French Club 1. Drama Club 2. Art Club 2. Emslie. Tom Arlhur-Wrestling 1. Football 2. Baseball 2.3.4. Ernst. David. Evans. ElizabethfCheerleading 1. Spanish Club 2. Library Club 2. Office Guide 3. Health Careers Club 4 lSecretaryJ. Evans. Kathleen Ellen-Class Board 4. G.R.A. 1.2. 3.4. Pep Club fTreasurer 3.47. F.T.A. 2. Teacher's Aide 2. Individual Speech 2.3. Chemistry Club 4. Drama Club 1.2.3,4. Winter Play 1.3. Fall Play 2. V-Show 3.4. Freshman Showcase. Spanish Club 3.4. Pom Pom Squad 4. Guardian 2.3.4 iCo-Editor-in-chie0. N.F.L. 2.3. Quill and Scroll 3.4. Presidents' Club 4. National Thespians 4. , K 3 , V215 lv Q Pi , A L .2 . . . '69 Mighty Fine Geruasi, John A.-Wrestling 2. Track 1.3.4. Gill, Nancy Louise-Office Aide 1.2. Ski Club 2.3.4. Pep Club 1.2. Horseback-riding Club 1.2. Drama 1.2.4. Choir Gilson. Jeanna-Health Office Aide 3.4. Health Club gjigreasurer 27. 1Secretary 45. Chorus 1. Glee lu 2. Goddard, Deborah Kay-Chorus 1. Choir 2.3.4. Goerger, Charles. Goerger, Michael-Baseball 1.2. Basketball 1. Wrestling 2.3.4. Football 2.3.4. N.H.S. 3.4. Goloskewitsch, Victor-Gymnastics 2.3.4. Russian Club 1.2.3. Lettermen's Club 4. Golha, Russell F Jr.-Football 1. Wrestling 1.2. Track 4. Drama Club 4. Band 1.2.3,4. Choir 4. Greathouse. Melvin-Football 2.3.4. Gymnastics 1.2. Swimming 3.4. Track 3.4. Lettermen's Club 4. Green, Barbara-Student Council Presi- dent 1. Secretary 3. Orchesis 2.3.4. V-Show 3.4. Freshman Showcase N.H.S. 3.4. 4-Semes- ter honor pin. Greene, Sleven-Football 1. Basketball 1. Baseball 2. Gregory, Da vid. Class of 1969 Fanslow. Denise Elaine Faracy, Brian Anlhony-Student Council 2. Class Board 3.4. Football Wrestling 2. Golf 1. Spanish Club 3. V-Show 4. 3 'T' Fischbacher, Cathie Rae-Teacher's Aide 3. Chorus 1.2. Fisher. MariewG.R.A. 3. Business Ed. Club 3. Glee Club 4. Flaska. Denise-0.0. 4. Flesch. Roberl E.-Key Club 3.4. Football 1. Cross Country 2.3.4. Basketball Track 2.3.4. Flowers. Michael-fNot Picturedl. Fritzke. Donald Michael-Football Wres- tling 2.3.4. Track Lettermen's Club 4. Gadek, Stanley-fNot Picturedl. Gale. Gregory P.-Spanish Club Drama Club 1.2. J.R.R. Tolkien Society 3.4 1Presi- dentl. Presidents' Club 3.4. Marching Band Pep Band 3.4. Concert Band 1.2.3. Symphonic Band 4. V-Show 3.4 1Assistant Directorl. Tri-M 3.4. Garces, Armando-A.V. D.O. 4. Gatlin, Barbara Lee-fNot Picturedl. F.T.A. 1. Gayer. Cheryl Lynn-Student Council Class Board 1.2.4. Secretary 2.4. Leaders 3.4. Span- ish Club 2.4. F.T.A. 3.4 fTreasurerJ. Leaders' Club 3.4. Art Club 1. F.N.A. 1. Campus Life 2.3.4. Chorus 1. Choir 2.3.4. Tri-M 3.4 fSec- retaryl. Gehrke. Carol. Geissler. Maehell Kalhrilze-G.R.A. 1. Drama Club 2.3. Art Club 3. 1, 1 'V .x W 'g . M .W is Q ,vs new K . .sy A - X. - ,ffaifiia-f.f ' f-1. .. r'f-Q-'W , a lf . 'S 315' .- 'N?f","9 Ar' ' Hi. ,QL "W '-- Era.. h w. . i...ai,..,.5gz, uv 1 ,Q fa Wm Q ng., VL ,-Q V1 Gregory. Loretta-Transferred from Kelvynn Park High School. G.R.A. 1. Grieco. Diane C. Grimes. CaryA.-1Not Picturedl. Gruber. Chris M.-Football 1Captainl. Bas- ketball 1.2.3. Baseball Lettermen's Club 2.3.4. N.H.S. 2.3.4 lPresidentl. Student Council 4. Class Board 4 fVice-Presidentl. Presidents' Club 4. Campus Life 4. Homecom- ing Queen Escort. G1-und. Gary H.-Wrestling 2. Tennis 2. J.E.T.S. 2. Biology Club 1. Gruninger. Terrence Lee-Student Council 4. Foot- ball Gymnastics 1. Track 2.3.4. Glzesile. Dalziel Edward-Football 1. Chemistry Club 2. Chess Club 1. Guanci. Cheri L,-Office Guide 1. Drama Club 1.2. 3.4 fTreasurerl. Orchesis 3,4 1Historian 35. 4-Semester honor pin. National Thespians 4. Guflall. Larry A. Gunkel, Jeannine-Student Council 2.3.4 CVice- Presidentl. Leaders' Club 4. Cheerleading 2.3.4 lCo-Captain 2.41. Leaders 3.4. G.R.A. Gunn. .llichael-KNot Picturedl. Guritz. Kristina E.-Student Council 1.2.3. Class Board 1. Pep Club 2.4. Cheerleading 1.2.4 iCaptain ll. Leaders 3.4. V-Show 3. Freshman Showcase. Calendar Girl 3. Christmas Ball Attendant 1. Gyllenherg, Carol Linda-Student Council 4. Class Board 2.3 CTreasurer 23. N.H.S. 2.3.4 lSec- retaryl. Leaders' Club 3.4. G.R.A. 1. Cheer- leading 2.3.4 4Captain 33. Leaders' 3.4. Debate 1. N.F.L. 1. Ski Club 4. F.T.A. 4. Chorus 1. Choir 2.3.4. Tri-M 2.3.4 lTreasurer 35. 4- Semester honor pin. Hagen. Peter Allan4Leaders 3.4. Wrestling 1.2.3. Haich. Edilh .Marie-1N0t Picturedl. Transferred from St. Gregory High School. Chicago. Class Secretary 1.2. Student Council Treasurer 3. N.H.S.3. Halfpenny. Susan-Campus Life 3.4. F.T.A. 2. Hamm. Waller Warren. Hamon, Sue L. Hansen. Barbara-Chorus 1.2.3. Senior days were filled with Jolly Fun aka' N...- ps, ' 11' i 1-354 'Ji 11. ..- ju. urn Q? E. 1 Jo- Hansen. Judith -Jean-Office Guide 3. Orchesis 3. German Club 1. Art Club 1. 0.0. 4. Ski Club 3. Harper. Roberl Anthony-Wrestling 1. Rifle Club 1. Marching Band Symphonic Band lPresidentl. Jazz Band 3.4. V-Show 3. Tri-M 2.3.4. 4-Semester honor pin. Harris. Gary Ray-Football 1.3.4. Wrestling 1.3. Track 2.3.4. Tri-M 3.4. Lettermen's Club 4. Chemistry Club 3. Marching Band Symphonic Band Jazz Band 2.3.4. Tri-M3.4. Harris. Therese Ann-Debate 2.3.4. F.T.A. 2.3. Social Science Club 3 CVice-Presidentl. N.F.L. 2.3.4. 4-Semester honor pin. Hartzell, William A.-A.V. 2. Swimming 4. German Club 2. Marching Band 2.3. Harlgrave. David-lNot Picturedl Choir 4. Haseman. Barbara Ann-Chorus 1.2.3. Choir 4. Hawkinson. Roger-Gymnastics 2. Spanish 1.2.4. German Club 2.3.4. Biology Club 1. N.H.S. 3.4. Hayden. Susan-Leaders 3.4. .Vantage 2 fCopy Editorl. G.R.A. 2. Biology Club 1. N.H.S. 3.4. 4-Semester honor pin. Hazel. Lillian-lNot Picturedl. Hegg. Daniel Carl-Art Club 3. Hejduk, Sandra L.-D.E. 3.4. Hein. Donald George-Leaders 3.4. Wrestling 1. Heinritz, Jacqueline-Counseling and Office Guide 2.3. Leaders 3.4. G.R.A. Pep Club 2.3. 4. Ski Club 4. Leaders' Club 4. Henry. James Patrick-A.V. 1. Biology Club 1. Business Club 3. Ski Club 4. Gymnastics 1. Homecoming Escort. Heskama, Nlary Katherine-Transferred from Sacred Heart Academy. 100 Club 1. French Club 1. Choir 1.2. Hess. Richard Bernard Jr.-N.H.S. 3.4. Football Track 2.3.4. Lettermen's Club 4. V- Show 4. Spanish Club 2.3.4. Omega Theta Rho 4. Marching Band 1,2.3.4. Symphonic Band 1. 2.3.4. Pep Band Tri-M 2.3.4. 4-semes- ter honor pin. Hess, Robert Harold-Leaders 3.4. Football 2. Bas- ketball 2.3. Baseball 2.3.4. Lettermen's Club 4. Heyer. Arthur P.-Swimming 2.4. Hickey. Thomas Michael-Cross Country 1.2. A.V. 3.4. Hines. Catherine Cheryl-Leaders 3.4. Horseback Riding Club 4. F.T.A. 4. Spanish Club 2.3.4. Leaders' Club 3. G.R.A. 2.3. Campus Life 2.3. 4.Band 1. Holmes. James M.-Student Council 2.4. Class Board 3. Football lCaptainJ. Wrestling 2.3. Track 3. Lettermen's Club 2.3.4. V-Show 4. Omega Theta Rho 4. Holz, Henry. Horel. Robert Eugene-lNot Picturedl. Transferred from Augusta Community High School. F.F.A. 1.Band 1. Horn, Janice Eileen-Office Guide 4. G.R.A. 1.2. German Club 1.2.3. F.N.A. 1. Health Careers 4. Home Ec. Club 4. Pep Club 4. Houey. Mary Anne-Transferred from Wheeling High School. Library Aide 1.2. Drama 1.2.3. Pep Club 1.2.3. G.R.A. 2.3. Latin Club 1. Biol- ogy 1. Business Ed. Club 4. Horseback-riding Club4. Hudgins, Linda Catherine-Leaders 3.4. Drama Club 2.3.4. Comedie de Artes Troupes 4 CHistorianl. National Thespians 4. Contest Play 3.4. V- Show 3.4. F.N.A. 1. Individual Speech 2. Leaders' Club 4 lSecretaryJ. Presidents' Club 4. Chorus 1. Choir 2.3.4. Tri-M 2.3 CSecretaryJ 4 fPresidentD. La Voix de Musique 4. Letterman Gar. Bri. and Rick hear no evil, speak no evil. see no evil. Q , ,fumes-I M Johnson, Glenn-Transferred from Carlsbad, New Mexico. Student Council 3. Marching Band 1,2,3,4. Johnson. Karen Penn-Transferred from Pasadena High School, Pasadena, Texas. Ski Club 3,4. F.T.A. 4. Color Guard 4. Johnson, Kenneth Lloyd-V-Show 3,4. Fall Play 2,3. Winter Play 2. Contest Play 3. French Club 1. Drama Club 2,3 fPresident 33. Con- cert Band 1. Symphonic Band 2,3,4. Marching Band 1. Drum Major 2,3,4. Johnson, Michael-fNot Picturedl. Johnston, Carol Christina-Office Guide 3. Class Board 4. Leaders 3,4. Leaders' Club 3,4. Campus Life 3,4. Johnson, Hope. Jones, Christopher A.-Transferred from Central High School, Evansville, Indiana. Marching Band 1,2,3,4. Symphonic Band 2,3,4. Pep Band 3,4. MacSha11e, Terry R. Jung, Steven-Football 2,3,4. Wrestling 1,2,3,4. -4 'W N if fa Q. 'C s 1-el 'Kali X l La .J 4 'JMS f L. q,fg::r .K K. 3 is -Q fs- . V- "' 'SD' i Seniors Hughes, Christine C.-French Club 1. Isberner, Wayne W.-C.W.T. 3,4. Jacques, Kathleen M.-Orchesis 2. French Club 1. Janowiak, Janice Kay-V-Show 1,3. Calendar Girl 3. Cheerleading 2. Leaders 3,4. Ski Club 3,4. Jarvis, Richard-Chess Club. Social Science Club. Jaszha, Joseph J.-Basketball 1. Golf 2. Baseball 2.D.E.4. Jay, Marie Suzanne-Biology Club 1. Drama Club 2,3. Tolkein Society 3. French Club 1,2. F.T.A. 4.Band 1. Jeffries, Kimberly Ann-Library Guide 2. G.R.A. 1. French Club 1. Pep Club 1,2,4. Horseback- riding Club 4. 'sf' :E Kalisz, Joseph Paul-Basketball 1,2,3,4. Football 1,2,3. Lettermen's Club 2,3,4. Kandybe, Nancy-Transferred from York Commu- nity High School. Kane, Candice Ann. Kane, Judith Ann-lNot Picturedl French Club 1. Biology Club 1. Orchesis 3. D.E. 4. Karlquisl, Richard Keith-A.V. 1. Radio Club 1,2,3 fVice-Presidentl. Chemistry Club 1,2. Math Club 1,2. Chess Club 4. J.E.T.S. 2. Computer Club 4. N.H.S. 3,4. 4-Semester honor pin. Karnatz, Lynne Margaret-0.0. 4. Keegan, Patricia M.-Teachers' Aide 4. Humanities Board 4. Spanish Club 1,2,3,4 lTreasurer 2,3J. G.R.A. 1. Drama Club 2. Ski Club 3,4. Chem- istry Club 4 fPresidentl. F.T.A. 4. V-Show 4. Kellerman, Dennis-Football 1. Ski Club 3,4. Rifle Club 1. Band 3. Kelley, Gary Richard-Baseball 1,4. Football 2,3,4. Wrestling 2,3. Track 2,3.4. Lettermen's Club 4. Campus Life 3,4. Kessler, Gary F.-fNot Picturedl. Kincaid, Deborah Christine-Student Council 1. Newspaper 2. Tennis 2. French Club 1,2,3,4 1Secretary-Treasurerl. F.T.A. 4 1Vice-Presi- dentj, Bridge Club 4. Ski Club 3,4. Chemistry Club 4. N.H.S. 3,4. Glee Club 3. Choir 4. Tri-M 4. Kirchway, H ogerS.iGymnastics 1. Kivlehan, Mary-KNot Picturedl. Klamer,Jane1-C.W.T. 1TreasurerJ. Klemens, Thomas Dale-Leaders 3,4. Baseball 1, 3,4. Basketball 1,2,3. Football 4. Lettermen's Club 4. Campus Life 3,4. 4-Semester honor pin. Kliff, Michael David-Chess Club 1,2,3,4. J.E.T.S. 3. 3,4. Computer Club 4. Klingel, Richard H.4Baseball 1. 4-Semester honor pm. Klopp, Mary Beth-Drama 1,2. Orchf'is 2,3,4. Tri-M 2.3.4. Chorus 1. Choir 2,3,4. V-Show 3,4. Knol. Joan Grace-Teacher Aide 3,4. Drama Club 1. Spanish Club 2. 1 f fx- .A 5 'YH' rigzlllb 'aff' f 1, - - if f- 4 - . L Xb! 'mi 1, av' .8 9 V21 I. ,gn "' iNf":ii i ll x ei .YQ ' r, . l . Efihe- Y V-4. , . 'ff '19 Krueger, Mary Lynn-Pep Club 2. Business Club 3, Office Occupations 4. 1PresidentJ. Kruse, Jeanne M.-Montage 2,4 iUnderclassmen Editorl. Biology 1. Kruse, John E. Kuczynski, Susan-Cheerleading 1,2,3 fCaptain 27. Leaders' 3,4. Calendar Girl 3. Foreign Ex- change Student 3. Leaders' Club 4. French Club 4. N.H.S. 3.4. 4-Semester Honor Pin. Kuechler,Kay-G.R.A.1. Kunze, Michael J.-Class Board 4. Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2. Baseball 1,2. Track 2. Ski Club 4. Lettermen's Club 4. LaBarbera, Carla Jennelle-G.R.A, 2. Horseback- riding Club 4. Rifle Club 2. Lambkin, John Ray-Gymnastics 1. Rifle Club 1. 1312: it 4 2 . 2 35 Eff Knudson, Jodi Ann-Student Council 4. V-Show 3,4 1Director7. Orchesis 2,3 4TreasurerJ, 4. French Club 1,2,3 4Vice-Presidentl. F.T.A. 1,2,3. Pep Club 1. Color Guard 3,4 CCaptainJ. Koberl, Bonnie-I.F.S. Exchange Student 4. German Club 2,3. Orchesis 2,3,41Treasurerl. Koeplin, Sandra Marie-N.H.S. 2,3,4. Class Board 1. F.T.A. 2,3,4. Spanish Club 1,2,3,4. Russian Club 2,3,4. Ski Club 2. Individual Speech 2. Presidents' Club 2. Pep Club 1. Equestrian Club 3,4. Koertgen, Michael-Football 1. Baseball 2. D.E. 3.4. Kohnke, Rudi Scott. Kornin, Thomas Edward-Baseball 2,3,4. Basketball 3. Football 3,4. Campus Life 3,4. Kozler, Paula-Leaders 3,4. Leaders' Club 3,4. Kramer, Da vid-iNot Picturedj. Kranz, Karen Lynn-F.T.A. 1. F.H.A. 2. Orchesis 3. Health Careers 1. -4-6 4.41, 4 Seniors Diane Walsh, Lynn Uhrhammer, Terri Harris, and Jan Voss are present at the Senior Tea. 'K Hd HQ Y au" 'Q E N 'US is Q f , I Geniors Powderpuffed Lange, Melinda. Lange, Richard M.AChess Club 3.4. Computer Club 4. Lantz, Judith D.-Business Education Club 3. LaSusa. Jeanne-Leaders 3.4. Library Guide 2. Lawson. James E.-Track 1. Band l,2,3,4. Ledbetter, Alan R.-Chess Club 3,4. Computer Club 4. Russian Club 2,3,4. J.E.T.S. 2.3. N.H.S.3,4. Ledford, John Michael-Gymnastics 1,2. Electronics Club 3. Leland, Denise Patricia-Orchesis 2,3,4. Folk guiic Club 1. Drama Club 2. Health Careers lu . Leslie, Carol-French Club 1,2,3,4. Chemistry 4. N.H.S. 4. 4-Semester honor pin. Lesniak, Andrew--N.H.S. 2,3,4. N.F.L. 1,2,3,4. Gymnastics 2. Tennis 1,2,3,4. Debate 1,2,3,4. Chemistry Club 1.2.3. J.E.T.S. 2,3. 4-Semester honorpin. LeVan, Marlene E.-Office Guide 2. D.O. 4 fVice- Presidentj. Chorus 2.3. Liotine, Frank Jr.-S.I.S. Board 3. Computer Club 4. ...P , s l"?'x 'fav ags the Juniors Martin, Gregory-Football Basketball 1.2. Track Campus Life 2.3.4. Marlin, Robert Earl-Baseball 1. Wrestling 2.3.4. Track 2. Football 2.3. Social Science Club 4. Martin. Williani F. Jr.-Class Board 4. Football Ski Club 3.4 1Vice-Presidentl. Ski Racing Team. Campus Life 2.3.4. Martinez. Conrad-Class Board 2.3. Wrestling 2. 3.4. Football 2. Massey. Peter-Football 1.2. Basketball 1. Track 1. Leaders 3.4. Nlaxwell. llaureen. Mayer. Denise-German Club 1. Art Club 2.3.4. N.H.S. 3.4. Humanities Board 4. Horseback- riding Club 4. 4-Semester honor pin. ilflayyou. Susan-Guardian 2. Humanities Board 3.4. Icieagers 3.4. Leaders' Club 3.4. G.R.A. Ski lu 3. McClintock. Michael H.-Weightlifting Club 1. McDonald. JOA nne-lN0t Picturedl. McKelvey. Kathy Jean-Student Council 1.2.4. Class Board 1.3. F.T.A. 1. Campus Life 3.4. Drama Club 1.2. Concert Band 1.2.3. Marching Band 1.2.3.Tri-M 2.3.V-Show 3. McKenzie. Fred R.-Football 1.2. McKinney, Linda I.-Office Guide 2. D.E. 3.4. Loiselle. Peler Marc-Key Club 3.4. N.H.S. 3.4. Quill and Scroll 3.4. Guardian 2.4 CSports Editorl. 4-Semester honor pin. Football 1.2. Swimming Tennis Social Sci- ence Club lPresident 41. Concert Band B. 1. Lovelace. Michael-Football 2.3. Lowrnan. Dorolhea. Lowry. Valerie-Fall Play 1.3.4. V-Show 1.3. Fresh- man Showcase. Orchesis 2.3.4. Drama Club N.F.L. 2.3.4. Class Board 2.3. Sym- phonic Band 1.2.3. Marching Band 2.3. 5th Place State Speech Award. Calendar Girl 3. Maflalinslci. Mary Lou-G.R.A. 1.2. Orchesis 2.3.4. Drama Club 2.3. Marching Band Sym- phonic Band Maltz. Ronald G. -Gymnastics 1. 1llGIl,iflGI'lS. Willian1John-lNot Picturedl. Mann. Thomas L.-Cross Country 1.2.3. Wrestling 4CaptainJ. Lettermen's Club 1PresidentJ. Mawsulis. Howard. Mark. Richard A.-Baseball 1.2. Tennis 3.4. Chem- istry Club 2.3. Debate 2.3.4. N.F.L. 2.3.4. Physics Club 2.3. Maroney. John-Football 1. Art Club 1.2.3. Marshall. Linda i'VIarie-Gymnastics 2.3.4. F.R.A. Leaders 3.4. Class Board 3. Pep Club iVice-President 3. President 45. Pom-Pom Squad 4. Office Guide 2. Martens. Mary Margarel-Rite Award U.S. History. 1. French Club 1.3.4. Montage 4. . . .4. K. ,fs 9' . V z 3... we 2 - V Q ..w., . . .l1OIl20UQI'l. John T. Moore, Joyce Lynn-Transferred from East Ley- den High School. Chorus 1,2. Choir 3,4. illorlenson, Jerome. Moy, Susan-Class Board 1 tTreasurerJ. Teacher's Aide 1,2.N.H.S.4. Murrzane. Ificharrl-Football 1,2,3,4. Spanish Club 3. Murray, Ronald David-Monta,Qe 3. Football 1,2,3,4. Basketball 1,2. Nathan. Wen1lyAnn-I.F.S. Exchange Student 4. Pep Club 1. N.H.S. 2.4. Spanish Club 4. Nelsorz, Clauzly A.-Drama Club 1. Library Club 1. Home Ee Club 3. Homecoming Court 4. Nelson. Eugelzf'-Leaders 3,4. Chess Club 1,3,4. Computer Club 4. N.H.S. 3,4. Nerf, Thomas Joseph-Student Council 2,3,4. Class Board 3,4 tVice President 3, President 43. Baseball 1,2,3,4. N.H.S. 3,4. Neslleberger. Carol. .VE'l'llll'.SllSUllAI.-Off1C6 Guide 1,2,3, Ski Club 4. '73 W. ,I QQ? 2' Melteiilflirz, Michael L.-Basketball 1. Rifle Club 1. Ski Club 3,4. .Vereflik, Tom S.-Ski Club 3,4. Latin Club 2,3,4. Health Careers Club 2,3. Mescall, James. ,llelcalf William M. Jr.-Lettermen's Club 3,4. Track 1,2. Rifle Club 1. Drama Club 2,3. Fall Play 2,3. V-Show 3. Symphonic Band 1,2,3,4. Jazz Band 2,3,4. Marching Band 1,2,3,4. Pep Band 1,2,3,4. All-Star Jazz Band 2,3. Meyer, Barbara -lean-Transferred from Duluth, Minnesota. Student Council 1. G.R.A. 1,2,3. Ski Club 3,4. Pep Club 1,2,3,4. Chorus 1,2. Choir 3,4. V-Show 1. Meyer, Dorothy Ellen-Transferred from Duluth, Minnesota. Student Council 1,2. G.R.A. 1,2,3. Pompon Squad 4 KCO-Captainl. Drill Team 2. Ski Club 2,3,4. Social Science Club 4. Pep Club 1,2,3,4 tSecretary 3,4J. German Club 2. Drama Club 3 fHistorianJ. Choir 1. V-Show 1,3. Miceh, John. lllichaels, Barbara Anne-Drama Club 1.2. Fall Play 2,4. Winter Play 2. Spring Play 2. V- Show 3,4. Individual Speech 3,4. New Trier Tournament of Champions 3,4. N.F.L. 3,4. Cal- endar Girl 3. Orchesis 2,3,4. Chorus 2,3. Choir 4. Folk Music Club 2,3. Band 1. Mileski. Darlene-Leaders 3,4. G.R.A. 1,2. Spanish Club 1,2. Leaders' Club 3,4. Folk Song Club 1. 4-Semester honor pin. M1'lchell,Kyle Lee-Latin Club 4. Milros, .Ulclzele-Ofiice Guide. lllilsch, Michael James-Transferred from Proviso East High School, Maywood, Illinois. Swim- ming 1,2,3. Drama Club 1,3,4. Ski Club 3,4. Contest Play 3. Fall Play 3,4. Winter Play 3. Chorus 1. We Started -fr. g.....f .2 af- Nickels, Richard Rex-Basketball 4. Horseback- riding Club 4. Bridge Club 4. Ski Club 4. Nolan, Margaret M.-F.T.A. 1,2,4. French Club 1,2,3,4 fSecretary 3, President 47. Drama Club 1. Art Club 2,3,4. Bridge Club 4. Nolan, Patricia A.-Class Board 2,3. Freshman Showcase. Orchesis 2,3. F.T.A. 1. Symphonic Band 1,2,3,4. Marching Band 2,3. Tri-M 4. V- Show3,4. Norman, Deborah L.-Transferred from Glen Al- pine, North Carolina. F.H.A. 2,3. F.T.A. 3. Library Club 3. Chorus 1,2,3. Norman, Julie Ann-Biology Club 1. Tolkien So- C ciety 3,4. Ski Club 4. Individual Speech 4. Horseback-riding Club 4. Norris, Shirley Mae-Office Guide 2,3. Chorus 3,4. Novelli, Sandra Diane-French Club 1. Guardian 2. Nyc, Sandra-Office Guide 2,3. D.E. 4 1PresidentJ. Nychay, Phillip-Class Board 2. Football 1,2. Track 2. Swimming 1,2,3. Lettermen's Club 2,3,4. Band 1,2,3. O'Connor, Kathleen A.-Pep Club 3,4. Transferred from St. Patrick's Academy, Des Plaines. Pep Club 1,2. Drum and Bugle Corps 2. O'Hearn, Susan Patricia-Spanish Club 1,2,4. French Club 4. G.R.A. 1. N.H.S. 2,4. N.F.L. 2. In- dividual Speech 2. Ollz, lVIarybcth-G.R.A. 1. F.T.A. 2,3. Parapsy- chology Club 3. French Club 2,3,4. Art Club 1,3. a Revolution in Council ' 1 Q. A 1 ttf, l .K ,KSU .t. "5 A . ,,.., 'rf , an 1' 7 ff' -tm? . h -3. ie i wt. 4 rl.. . H fs. ,ppp F .J .... . . ,,,, ..,,. .. . O'Shaughnessy, Maureen-fNot Picturedl. Ostrowski, Steven. Paille, Carolyn Theresa-Pep Club 4. French Club 4.Chorusl. Pankow, James C.-Football 1,2. Baseball 1,2. Wrestling 1,2,3,4. Pedersen, Nancy Ellen-Leaders' Club 3,4 1Presi- dentl. Drama Club 2,3,4. N.H.S. 3,4. 4-Semes- ter honor pin. Perno, Jack Edward-Gymnastics 1,2. Ski Club 3,4. Ski Racing Team 4. Slide Rule Club. Peters, Cynthia Ann-Office Guide 3. F.R.A. 3. 0.0. 4. 4-Semester honor pin. Philbin, Jr. Philip Patrick-Student Council 1,2. Swimming 1,2,3,4. Baseball 1. Track 3. Let- termen's Club 2,3,4. A.V. 1. Music 1,2,3,4. Piehl, Gayle-G.R.A. 1,2,3. Drama Club 1,2. Glee Club 1,2. Pinnelli, Marie Anne-Transferred from Resur- rection High School. D.E. 4. Pinnelli, Vera Jean-Transferred from Resurrec- tion High School. C.W.T. Pistone, Susan-W. O. 2. Color Guard 3. Variety Show 4. Pleickhardt, Gary Albert-S.l.S. Advisory Board 4. Basketball 1,2,3,4. Baseball 1,2,3,4. Cross Country 2,3,4. Lettermen's Club 2,3,4. N.H.S. 2,3,4. 'C' 4 . I v we .:2?-it I 4 "fb, W:-1' X L, 'T' .,.-, we iq if ? 5 .wr M 4. Seniors Polit, Steve Scott- Polly, Gayle Lynn-Merit awards in Art 1. Polls, Lawrence D.-Cross-Country 2. Russian Club 2. Bridge Club 4. Ski Club 4. Pour,.James C.-Latin Club 2,3. 4-Semester honor pm. Price, Arla. Pridgeon, Marsha-G.R.A. 1. Tri-M 4. Drama Club 2,3,4. Band 1,2,3,4. Marching Band 1,2,3,4. PepBand3,4. Pyllarz, Rita Ann-Pep Club 1. G.R.A. 1,3. Office Occupations 4. Business Ed. Club 3. Ramsaroop, Lollie-Business Club 4. Rankin, James M.-Transferred from Indiana. Wrestling 1,2,3,4. Football 1. Track 1. Let- termen's Club 2,3,4. Regilio, Rosemarie. Reid, Phyllis Lynn-Humanities Board 3. Latin Club 1,2,3 4SecretaryJ. Drama Club 1,2,3,4. Ski Club 2,3,4. Comedies des Troupe 3,4. Thespian Club 4, G.R.A. 1. J.R.R. Tolkien Society 3. Chorus 1. History Rite. Reilz, Kathleen-fNot Picturedl. Rice, Cynthia. Friendships That Will Riley. Joyce Marie-Orchesis 3. Office Occupations 4. Rinesmith, Ralph L.-Class Board 4. Football 1. Tennis 2,4. German Club 3,4. Rizio, Patrick Louis-Band 1,2. Roberts, Thomas B.-Football 1,2. Wrestling 1,2. Lettermen's Club 2,3. Robins, Jane! Sue-Orchesis 4. G.R.A. 1. F.T.A. 1. Chorus 1. Choir 2,3,4. Le Voix de llusique 2,3,4. Robisch, Gary-Transferred from East Leyden. Key Club 3. Gymnastics 1,2,3. German Club 1,2,3 4TreasurerJ. Science Seminar Program 1,2,3. Chess Club 1,2. Rocus, Thomas. Rode, Sandra N.-Class Board 4. N.H.S. 3,4. 4-Se- mester honor pin. G.R.A. 1,2. Drama Club 2,3 fSecretary 43. Russian Club 2,3,4 fSecretary 3, President 45. Roden, Gail-Montage 3. Office Occupations 4. Con- cert Band 1,2. Marching Band 2. Rodriguez, Pete-lNot Picturedl. Rohrs, Jacquelyn-F.T.A. 1.2. Ski Racing Team 4. Ski Club 3,4 lSecretary.l Orchesis 3,4. Drama Club 1. Rokel, Donna. Rose, Donna-Office Guide 1. Office Occupations 4. Rose, Marie Therese-V-Show. Orchesis 3,4. Span- ish Club 4, Rose, Virginia-4-Semester honor pin. V-Show. Spanish Club 2,3,4. G.R.A. 1,2. Rossiter, Joy-Leaders' 3,4. Spanish Club 2,3 fSecretary 47. Chemistry Club 4 1PresidentJ. Leader's Club 3,4, N.H.S. 3,4. 4-Semester honorpin. Rouhas, Patricia Ann-Office Guide 3. Business Education Club 4. Ruff, Patricia Anne-Humanities Board 3. F.T.A. 1. Spanish Club 1. Pep Club 4. Ruff, Philip-Football 1. Russ, Sandra Lynn. Rydel, Karen Sue. Rzeca hows ki, Joseph A. Sanders, William A.-Football 1,2,3,4. Gymnastics 1,2,3,4. Lettermen's Club 2.3.4. Scherer, Kathy. Schiemann, Fred Vernon. Last a Lifetime 'Vi 15.0 'Q Bob Hess and Lynn Chuipek dance at La Fele, the Homecoming Dance. if . ..,. ,J 1 X If N ada ...u..ism.l,f...,,f.f.. Schillenger, Tim. Schlau, Laurie-Class Board 3 tTreasurer 41. Humanities Board 4. F.T.A. 1. Spanish Club 2. Folk Music Club 3. Symphonic Band 1,2,3,4. Pep Band 1,2. Tri-M 2,3,4 tTreasurerJ. March- ing Band 1,2,3. Schommer, Tom-Wrestling 1,2,3. Baseball l,2. Schulte, Roxanne-G.R.A. 1. Leaders 3,4. Spanish Club 2,3. Drama Club 2.3. Individual Speech 2. Leaders' Club 3,4. N.H.S. 3,4. 4-Semester honor pin. Schultz, Fredrick James-Golf2. Schultz, Gerald Francis Joseph-V-Show 3. Ski Club 3. Schultz, William Edward-Chess Club 4. Social Science Club 4. 4-Semester honor pin. Semi- Finalist Illinois State tAward of Merith Scholar- ship. Seda, Dori-Ski Team 4. Spanish Club 3,4. Ski Club 3,4. Chemistry Club 4. V-Show 4. Shalett, Mark'-Baseball 2. Math Club 1. Shea, Mary Elle114Student Council 3,4 lC0rrespond- ing Secretaryl. Cheerleading 4. Tennis 4. French Club 2,3 CPresidentl. Pep Club 2,3 tSenior Representativel. Drama Club 1. Christ- mas Ball Attendant 3. Homecoming Queen 4. Leaders 3,4. Shera, Thomas A.-Football 1,2. Wrestling l,2. Drama Club 3,4. Fall Play 3. Winter Play 3. V-Show 3. Shick, Gary-Key Club 3,4 lPresidentJ. Football 1,2,3,4. Track 2,3,4. Wrestling 1,2. Leaders 3,4. Presidents' Club 4. Lettermen's Club 4. 1 J .f L .ggi rf' -cv" 3' T i l '1 X X Q 'aces A 'T -f-nr vw J ,. i""A"' . ...... 5: . Senior Prom . . . Shidelcr. Cynthia Jane-Band 1,2,3,4. Sius, Richard P.-Spanish Club 1. Chess Club 3,4. Computer Club 4. Parapsychology Club 3,4. A.-V.3. Sippel, Colleen Alla-Library Aid 2,3,4. German Club 2,3. Library Club 2,3,4. Pep Club 1. Presidents' Club 3. Social Science Club 3. 4-Semester honor pin. Sislcilz. Duuirl4Football 1. Smart, Lynette. Smith, .llurmy S.-Basketball 1. Baseball 1. Soccer 1. Hockey 1. Band 1. Smith, Ir'obertaiService Award for F.T.A. 3, Lan- guage Award 1. F.T.A. 3,4 tPresidentJ. Biology Club 1. Smith, Steve Alan-Track 4. Snoblc, Pamela Loui.sevSpanish Club 1,2,3. Cv.R.A. 1.2. Health Careers 3,4. Social Science 3,4. Ski Club 3.Glee Club 3. Sobic, Michael-Football 1,2,3,4. Basketball 1,2,3. Baseball 1,2,4. Lettermen's 4. Solomon, Ificlzarfl-Football 1. Baseball 1,2,4. Spas, Kathleen-N.F.L. 2,3,4. N.H.S. 2,3,4. "Cherish is the Word" Thulin, Deborah Jane-G.R.A. 1.2. Spanish Club 2. F.N.A. 1. Folk Music Club. J.R.R. Tolkien Society 3.4 tSecretaryl. Horseback-riding Club 4. Glee Club 2. Choir 3.4. Tri-M 3,4. Spanish Rite. German Rite. Titschler. Roberta-Transferred from Sacred Heart. Pep Club 4. Art Club 1.2.3. Drama Club 4. Parapsychology Club 3. Montage 4. Chorus 1.2. Tobin. Elizabeth-N.H.S. 3.4. Leaders 3.4. Leaders' Club 3.4. Spanish Club 2.3. Tolp,Jamie. Tomasiak, Patriva M.-Nurse's Aide 3. Teacher's Aide 4. Drama Club 1. Business Ed. Club 4. G.R.A.1. i. . T ll' P ' ' 'f a lo, elel Anthony-Tennis 1.2.3,4. N.H.S. 2.3.4. . L N.F.L. 1,2,3,4. Debate , 'R ' 1 .Q s , Tun. Andria D.-Class Board 4. Guardian 2. Man- 'C fbi? tage 4. c..R.A. 2. French Club 1.2,3,4. Pep N., Club 2.3. Drama Club 2. F.T.A. 2.3.4 iSecre- . taryJ.N.H.S.3.4. ' ,Q-,' 1. Uhrharnmer, Lynn M.-Monlafze 3.4 1Co-Editor-in- by Chiefl. F.T.A. 1.2.3. J.R.R. Tolkein Society 3. German Club 2,3 tSecretaryJ. Pep Club 4. Quill and Scroll 4. Campus Life 2.3.4. V-Show 4. 4-Semester honor pin. Urbanus, Mary C.-Transferred from Prospect High School. Data Processing 4. Office Guide 2,3. ' Vacho, Gary-Basketball 1. Valenli. Gayle Lynn-Transferred from St. Greg- ory High School. G.R.A. Valentine, Thomas Robert-N.H.S. 3.4. Gymnastics 1.2. Tennis 1.2. Computer Club 4. 4-Semester honor pin. Spector, Deborah-Leaders 3.4. N.F.L. 2.3.4. N.H.S. 2,3,4. Spanish Club 2, lPresidentl. 3 lPresidentJ. Springer, Donald-fNot Picturedl. Swimming 1.2.3. Football 1. Baseball. Slatlzas. Paul-fNot Picturedl. Slein I1 off Kim. Stone. ,l1Cll'-V Eileen-Leaders 3.4. Ski Club 4. G.R.A. 1. Leaders' Club 4. Sura'y11sl:1'. Gerald .X'.iLettermen's Club 2.3.4. Cross Country 2. Basketball 2. Tennis 2. Swain, 1L!I1'll'fll'Il lfirlzarrl-Tennis 2. Drama Club 2. 3.4. German Club 4. Thespians 4. Swcelzy. John D.-Student Council 1.4. Class Board 1. Basketball 1,2.3.4. Football 3.4. Baseball N.H.S. 2.3.4. Szvialek. Thomas lfl'ilI1'am-Gymnastics 1. Wres- tling 2.3. Cross Country 2.3.4. Track 1.2.3. Lettermen's Club 3.4. Tri-M 3.4. Symphonic Band 1.2.3.-1. Marching: Band 1.2.3,4. Concert Band4. Szvzvfzaliilc. James Erlzrara'-4-Semester honor pin. Tanrzorra, Jo Ann-lNot Picturedl. Taylor. James l.ero,v-Track 2.3.4. Tri-M 4. Sym- phonic Band 1.2.3,4. Marching Band 1,2,3.4. Jazz Band 2.3.4. Pep Band V-Show 3.4. Texirlor. Patrick Anllzolzy-Student Council 3. Key Club 3.4. Lettermen's Club 2.3.4. Cross Coun- try 2.3. Basketball 2. Track 1.2,3,4. Ski Club 4. Campus Life 3.4. Texirlor. Ifoberi Luis-Student Council 2.3.4. Track 1.2,3.4. Basketball 2. Cross Country 2.3. Let- termen's Club2.3.4.Key Club 4. Thomas, Jerome .'ll.-Leaders 3.4. Football 1.2,3.4. Tennis Rifle Club 1. Lettermen's Club 3.4. V-Show 4. 2 f L 'r .5 .'i ils' A Sars !! -:zz af ". . KVSZZW W -. if fr-a f -o-K sw... -.ff- ' J Verplancken Janice-Guardian 4. French Club 1, , ' 23. Pep Club 13.4. Ski Club 4. 4-Semester horiorpin. Vokoun, Carol A.-Leaders 3,4. Nurses' Aide 4. G.R.A. 1,4. Leaders' Club 4. Vmnhrack, Paula-Pep Club 1. G.R.A. 2,3,4. Health Careers 2.3.4. Home Ec. Club 4. Glee Club 3. " Choir4. Voss, Janice Ann-Transferred from John Glenn High School. F.H.A. 4 fPresidentl. G.R.A. 4. i i Vaura, Linda Lou-fNot Picturedl. V-Show 4. French Club 1. G.R.A. 3. Voyta, VickyA nn-French Club 1. Vucureuich, Daniel. Wagner. Charles-Basketball 1. Leaders' Club 3,4. Pep Club 3,4. G.R.A. 2. Walker, Connie Jo-Montage 4. Leaders 3,4. G.R.A. 1,2. Library Guide 3,4. Attendance Office Guide 1,2. Leaders' Club 3. Walsclz, Diane-Class Board 3,4. Treasurer 4. Orchesis 2,3,4 lSecretaryJ. Art Club 2.4. French Club 2. Drama Club 2. F.T.A. 1. Ski Club 4. V-Show 3,4. 4-Semester honor pin. Walters, Edward. Wanser, 'I'hornasAFootball 1. Wrestling 1. Tennis 1. Art Club 3,4. Russian Club 4. Astronomy Club 1. Our Final Victory Warlanfl, Susan Osta-Teachers' Aide 1. F.H.A. 1. Debate 2. Ski Club 4. Business Ed. fVice- President 3, President 45. Social Science Club 'il 3. Spanish Club 3. Pep Club 4. N.H.S. 3,4. -:mv "" Wead l ey, Susan M, Weiner, Carol Lee-Montage 3,4 CCo'Editor-in- Chiefl. Counseling Office Guide 2. G.R.A. 1. Quill and Scroll 4, Ski Club 3,4. Weir, Elizabeth A.-Transferred from St. Thomas High School. Teachers' Aide 4. Drama Club 4. as ,f Whedon, David Francis-Football 3. Swimming 2. as A Track 2,3. J.E.T.S. 2. Chemistry Club 4. N.H.S. Y if 1 3,4. 4-Semester honor pin. ,srl ' Whitbeck, Deborah Ann-G.A.A. 1. Spanish Club f 1.2. Drama Club 2. While Susan. Whiting, Nancy E.fClass Board 2,3,4. Office Guide 2. G.R.A. 3,4. Leaders 3,4. Spanish 1,2. Ski Club 3,4. Wille. Wayne Thomas-Cross Country 1,2,3,4. Wrestling 2,3. Track 1,2,3,4. Lettermen's Club 2,3,4. Tri-M 2,3,4. Jazz Band 2,3,4. Symphonic Band 2,3,4. Marching Band 2,3,4. Concert Band 1. Willems, Steve. Willis, Karen. Wilnzes, Kathryn. Waldbillig, Laura-Leaders 3,4. Pompon Squad 4. l 'E 5 ,,--1 fl dex 1 KLL. '4 . A Aw 'sf Jeanne Gunkel and Barb Darge show their spirit at the Home- coming Parade. Class of 1969 Winters, John Lewis. Win 12, Gary Marlin. Winzer, Paula KalhleeniTri-M 2,3,4. German Club 4. N.H.S. 4. Marching Band 2,3,4. Sym- phonic Band 1,2,3,4. Pep Band 4. 4-semester honorpin. Wogelius. lfoberl James-Basketball l,3. Baseball 1,2,3,4. Football 4. Wogelius, William Thomas-Baseball 1,2,3,4. Bas- ketball 1,2,3. Leaders 3,4. Wong, Julian-Transferred from Lindblom High School. Hall Monitor 4. Speed Skating 1.2. Worlham, William Lynn-Hall Monitor 4. Basketball 1,2,3. Football 1,3. French Club 2. Wueslenfeld, Ken J. Young, Nick. Zembu, Joyce Marie-F.T.A. 1. Orchesis 2. Ger- man Club 3. Band 1. V-Show 4. Zucker, Cynthia Ann-Class Board 2. Guardian 2,3,4 QCO-Editorl. Spanish Club 2,3,4. Drama Club 3.4. Individual Speech 2,3. Quill and Scroll 3,4. N.F.L. 2,3. N.H.S. 4. Thespians 4. Sandy Rode performs as Shirley Dimples in V-Shows. Marie Rose is one of our more thoughtful seniors. Val Lowry and Mel Greathouse size up the situation at La Fete. Smiling Sharon Dale enjoys Elk Grove. E. G.'s Junior Miss is Barb Darge. Ed Swain studies a lab project. Surprise reigns as Chris Gruber and Mary Shea learn ofher crowning. Swimmer Knut Bauer rests. Michael Some I Life, perhaps, is like a candle and not so dear as we believe. A breeze that goes astray can blow it out. Perhaps life is like a flame that shines far out into the night until the careless wind will come again. Yet, perhaps it's more than that, for we are here to fill a need. Each person's flame gives light one else. rs S usa n R oss n Memoriam We here today still have our chance to shine far brighter. A shame some have not this chance. We bow to Sue and Mike- Their flames are out. Memories do not die, Neither can they be blown out. What they've given us cannot all be forgotten. 10 gomg- Their flame can burn within our minds and hearts. Student Life Grenade: Symbol of Freedom Xpnf' O 5 L Debbie Berto led the Senior team through the arch of the cheerleaders and onward to victory. The Senior cheerleaders, Terry Gruniirer. Mike Sobie, Gary Pleickhardt, and Tom Neri, cheered their girls on to victory. Powder Puff Game The second annual Powder Puff Football Game, held on September 28, was sponsored by the Junior class. Spurred on by their talented cheerleaders, Senior girls defeated the Juniors in a spectacular 6-0 victory. The game was followed by a turnabout dance. It proved to be a success for all who at- tended. Anxious fans looked on as Senior Debbie Bruck contemplated passing the ball to one of her teammates. Senior and Junior girls battled for possession ol' the ball. Senior 'l'erri Altergzott later scored six points for her team. Candidate Claudy Nelson, escorted by Grenadier Jim Henry Coronation '68 On October 18, 1968, the Elk Grove student body assembled in the gym, decorated in green and gold for the occasion, anxiously awaiting the coro- nation of their new regiment sweetheart. Judy Pal- eczny, last year's queen, made her last formal ap- pearnce before the students and faculty as she gave up her crown to Mary Shea, the newly chosen Homecoming queen. Queen Mary Shea, escorted by Grenadier Chris Gruber 4 .ff flow vii 84257 Candidate Diane Walsh, escorted by Grenadier John Maroney I 67,68 Queen, Judy Paleczny, escorted by Grenadier Jim Holmes Candidate Terry Altergott, escorted by Grenadier Tom Neri Q' .'. ,in fr . F .. ..' -, R - an .4 3' ,J 8' L i A ff l Q 51 -, , 45' 1' 'onli' v ssss l sf i s i 1 A .1 , ,, 5,1 ,L.b, fi' 1 Y'-fkv ifiaff. M 3 .Q f i 251, rl "- -' l o, s , 4 Q44 's K. A W in Rf is all Grenadier Russ Gotha faithfully guards our Sweethearts, Orchesis members show school spirit in the parade, l F' ' X K 44. 0' , A, 1. 1 -W4 'X .- It 1 Q ' : M " i - ' I' - i N W , Q-N .. L' , gif,-G5 z 5 ef-1' z -S K . ' x-Agfa 3 .31 R j Ski Club thinks snow for Homecoming weekend. Homecoming Parade rm. : Homecoming Queen, Mary Shea, and her court: Terri Alter gott, Diane Walsh, and Claudy Nelson A large crowd turns out to show their support and spirit. Kris Rabattini dances to music of"The Last Remains" at the mixer. A bonfire illuminates the night sky during the pep rally on Friday. 'nf . is "Sift Carol Gyllenberg cheers for victory over Arlington. Elk Grove student Sandy Gentner is in a thoughtful mood. N . -6 f ., 1 E 1 r ,r-- P1 i We.,- 'v , Q X in 4 V, , ,,.,,. , , , 1 l 'W I I nf", Q 2 3 L 1 3 1 2 Q i : 2 if . . 3 i ,,,,,g,,,.,,,j, if, e X i 1 X. 2 3 fa W Coaches Schnake and Coleman survey the game from the sidelines. 1968 Homecoming Game Grenadiers vs. Cardinals Quarterback Ristau hands off to Kunze as offense clears the way. 'qt I 'K ,X I: 1 -in Grenadier spectators jam the stands to support their team. yn The defensive line makes short work of a Cardinal plunge. Queen Mary Shea and date Steve Maddox viewing La Fe'te Activities 4 Jeanne Weadley, Ron Murray, Larry Potts, and Beth Arm- strong dancing Dave Ernst to Bunny Camphouse, "Well, it was like this. . La F'ete Elk Grove's first real homecoming with sen- iors and alumni commenced with Spirit Week. Freshmen wore '72 ribbons, sophomores wore '71 shirts, juniors celebrated with wild hats, and seniors dressed up for the occasion. Homecoming included the coronation ceremony, pep rally, mixer, and bonfire. On the day of the game against the Cardinals, Grenadiers joined together in pa- rade activities. The 1968 Homecoming celebra- tion closed with the semi-formal dance, La Ffete. Couples dancing to the music of the "Sounds Incorporated" A View from the Bridge Cast: Alfieri . . . . . James Dean Eddie . . . . . . Cliff Albert Catherine . . . . Lynn Chuipek Beatrice . . . . . Linda Hudgins Marco ........ . . . John McGill Rodolpho ......... ..... T om Fox Immigration Officer . . . . . Bob Vokoun "I want to talk to her a minute, Rodolpho. Go inside, will you?" But, "Eddie, we only walk together in the streets. She teaches me." A View From the Bridge, directed by Mr. Ron- ald Raben, brought great honors to Elk Grove High School by placing second in District competition and taking the cast on to the sectional contest. A View From the Bridge is an adult drama about a family that has good intentions, but is destroyed through their emotions because it is unable to understand either itself or others. Alfieri tells the farnily's story through the use of flashbacks. His story is about the great love he feels for this family and his sorrow at being so powerless to help it. Arthur Mil- ler, through the lawyer gives his views of life and death as the play draws itself and the audience to- ward inevitable tragedy. Katie asks, "Don't you understand? He can't bail you out . . ." Alfieri asks, "What do you say?" Rodolpho remarks, "Marco never hurt anybody." 2 The Miracle Worker Kate Keller . . . Captain Keller . . Doctor ...... Helen Keller . . Martha ..... Percy ...... James Keller . . Aunt Ev ..... Viney ........ Annie Sullivan . . . Dr. Anagnos ........ Servant ............ Boy's shadow and voice . . . Man's shadow and voice . . . Dr.'s shadow and voice . . First crone's voice .... Second crone's voice . . . Six blind girls ...... . . Lynn Chuipek . . . . Cliff Albert . . . . Tom Fox . . . . Val Lowry . . Cindy Andere . . . John Shera . . . . Dave Reily . Kathy Gianaris . . . Cindy Moran Stephanie Faracy . . . John McGill . . . Mike Mitsch . . . Chris Kunze . . . James Dean . . . Mike Mitsch . Robert Vokoun . . . Marty Hahn . . . . Pam Stoehr Diane Stefanos Cheri Guanci Nancy Beyer Cindy Zucker Barb Michaels "Ithasaname,W...A...T...E...R...,Helen water . . . Annie says as she uses sign language to spell it Jimmie says, "I think we have started all over," as Annie accuses, "If she was a seeing child, none of you would tolerate this." The Elk Grove Drama Department presented The Miracle Worker on November 8th, 9th, and 10th. The story takes place at the Keller home and in the Perkins Institute for the Blind in the I880's. We I Q I I I .zmfgg V 1, " eff.. i ? 1,5 2 Kate tells Annie, "Well, Miss Annie, it's Helen's bedtime," as Helen stabs Annie with her sewing needle. Helen has just spit out her food as Annie exclaims, "Oh, you little imp." The doctor concludes, "She will live, I suppose. She will be knocking down Capt. Keller's fence posts by morning." l It's a Sign or A Funny Thmg Happened on E. G. Lettermen's chorus line display their talent in "The Ziegfield Follies." "The Gang" reviews the good old times. x I A l Wayne Mikos is led the right way bythe E. G. Salvation Army. Of The Times The Way To The 21st Century Grenadiers could have been real swingers in the 20's. Shirley Dimples is the first woman president on the Good Ship Lollipop. ll 'We protest here, get it off our chest here." Mi is -L Orchesis and Adagio members of "Love in the City." They Orchesi Orchesis show performers Kathy ish melody "Melting Pot." This pose during the performance Swanson, Dee Dee Jurjovec, Mike Ernst, Pat Clarke, Bill are, from left to right, Mike Sanders. Cheryl Elms, Cliff Gaylor, and Terry Brenner. s Presents: My Kind of Town Serges and Mary Beth Klopp dance to the Span- was one of the selections from the grand finale. .,'2,s, XIV " , -f 7 My All eyes are on Lynn Chuipek as she dances to the melody of "The Girl Watcher's Theme." N ,,. ml Ik 1 fs. .. 4 wg Y , 'FV A by Les Covey and Colleen Bateman take out time for refreshments. Lynn Chuipek and Bob Hess wait for ball activities to commence. Bill Tews and Carol Maier dance to music by Johnny Marlowe's band. I want to thank you for the date We had this lovely night It made the moon look larger And the stars seemed twice as bright I do not know when I was quite So happy and content Or when I understood so well What friendship really meant So would you tell me how you liked Our date beneath the moon And if you please I wish you would Inform me very soon For this was really "Mistletoe Magic" Hardings-Chicago 1n the Park . . . Corie . . . . Paul . . . . Mother . . . Repairman . . Mr. Velasco . . Deliveryrnan For a lawyer you re some good klSS9l'll "For a kisser, Im some good COFIQ My own phone' Glves a sense of lawyer' power doesn txt'7 Paul you re nce cold' What have you been doing?" "What do you thmk Ive been domg'7 Ive been walkmg barefoot rn the Mother: "Was that my martini?" Paul: "No. My Scotch." Mother: "Oh, my stom- "Frozen skinny lovers found on 48th achf' Street" Paul declares, "I admire anyone who has three portions of poofla-poo pie." The Reverend Eli Jenkins commenting, "Praise the Lord, we have a musical nation. "Captain Cat, the retired, blind sea captain, asleep in his bunk in the seashelled ship-in-bottled, shipshape best cabin of Schooner House dreams. Cast-Under Directed by Mr. Scott Lebin Assistant Director: Miss Sandy Wade Technical Director: Mr. Ronald Raben Robin Omahana . . .... lst Voice Debbie Spector Cliff Albert . . Tom Doyle . . Mike Bacchi . Lynn Chuipek Mike Mitch . . Russ Gotha . . Jim Brookman Mrs. . . . . 2nd Voice . . . Captain Cat . . . . Jack Black . . Nogood Boyo Utah Watkins . . . Rosie Probert Ogmore-Pritchard . Butcher Beynon Lord Cutglass Mr. Cherry Owen Mr. Pritchard Rev. Eli Jenkins Marty Hahn . . . . . . Mog Edwards Organ Morgan "The setting of the play is a small Welsh town, Llereggub. In this small town by the sea, time passes quickly from the middle of one night to the middle of the next. There are two narrators of the action who aid blind Captain Cat in describing the people of the town. There is no conventional plot to the sequence of events. Even though we see into the Mr. and Mrs. Pugh conversing: "Only pigs read at table," "Pigs can't read my dear." "I know one that can." Milk Wood Linda Hudgins . . . Marie Jay .... Stephanie Farcy . . Cheri Guanci . . . Ellen Gianaris . . Judy Retzke . . Jan Petersen . . Joe Bosslet . . Cindy Andre . . Terry Beyer . . Sue Ingersoll . . . Kathy Gianaris . . Nancy Pederson . Paula Rogge ..... Gabrielle Powers . . Cindy Zucker .... Bonnie Popp . . Jody Funk . . . Scott Hudgins . . Tish Hudgins . . . . . Myfanwy Price . . Bessie Bighead Waldo's Mother . . . lst Neighbor . . . . 2nd Neighbor . . . . . 3rd Neighbor . . Mrs. Cherry Owen . . Mae Rose Cottage ......Mr.Pugh Mr. Ogmore . . Gossamer Beynon Mrs. Butcher Beynon . . . . . . Lily Smalls . Mrs. Oraan Morgan . . . . . Polly Garter ........Mrs.Pugh . Mrs. Dai Bread One . Mrs. Dai Bread Two .......3rdwoman .......4thwoman . . . lst Boy . . Gwenny minds of the sleepers, we view many of the people through the gossip of other people in the town." Under Milk Wood, a play of movement and moods, describes through "sight and speech, de- scription and dialogue, evocation and parody" the inhabitants of the town. Quotes from the playbill He kissed Bessie . . once by the pig-sty when she wasn't looking and never kissed her again although she was looking all the time." "l am going into the darkness of the darkness forever," re- marks Rosie Probert. "Holiday otterg Tuesday, shrc-ws: W'ednesday. possum: and now l'm going out after the little corgies with my clever," exclaims Butcher Benyon. Y, ' 1 K '- 'Viv 1 immwff sfgfw ii? 1 Nwubw Q., 1 , ,K X gi gg, 'x g-if .1 VW Q P 5 Q ' X. 1 nf' Y Fond Memories of Some Enchanted Evening On May 29, 1968, the King's Court Ballroom at the Sheraton O'Hare became the setting for a most "Enchanted Evening." The room awaited its guests. Soon, young ladies appeared in their loveliest, es- corted by comely young men. A receiving line of honored guests greeted each couple as they entered the splendid room. Gradually, an atmosphere was created-a beautiful, youthful atmosphere. The music, gay and light, and the soft pastel colors gave the room a special touch. Exposed to this atmosphere, everyone wanted to dance. The lights dimmed, but in no way did the room lack luster. Each face seemed to emit a special glow, revealing the heart's miracle of inward light. It was a lovely spectacle. Then the Coronation took place. Queen Pat Clarke, King Jim Oplt, and their court reigned throughout the remaining part of the evening. A night of reminiscing The Prom-our fling of flings No worries for the future Or what tomorrow brings Just memories, tears, and laughter Dancing, fun and song And though the music has to end The melody will linger on King, Jim Oplt and Queen. Pat Vlarke reign with their cou Rz1e.Judy Palcxcny. Vimly Hadley, and Donna Ellery. Q11 i 3 'ifyf' ' fx f- .,.. ,, i , . gig:-5 . , 5 Jim Oplt and Pat Clarke are chosen King and Queen. rt: Dave Wheeler. Gary Stein, Larry Pahl. John Knoph, Wendy Mc- 5 i 3. . xi K, i gs G E Q 5 f ' li . f -"ki: t t ' 9. - ' ' J 4 r :, r R.. .- :- Q g gi 3 I f W.. 3 : 'f ' ,, , , R . s , . i it . 4 '4 . 1 1-' ..,jL:, I Ss. x W As couples enter the Sheraton the radiance ofan enchanted evening is seen. The music of Henry Butell and his orchestra soon sets the mood for this memorable night and prompts couples to join in the festivities of "Some Enchanted Evening." '-s . N N. Activities Jve Sabre: Symbol of Truth Bottom Row: Debby Olson, Susan Dean, Maribeth Johnston, Debbie Khoshaba: Row 2: Mr. Aldrich, advisor: Barb Darge, Treasurer: Jeanne Gunkel, vice-president: Jim Brookman, president: Barb Green, recording secretary: Mary Shea, cor- responding secretary: Linn Austin: Row 3: Diane Rasmussen, Gayle Jackson, Peggy Olson, Cheryl Gayer, Sue Romano, Carol Gyllenberg, Jerry Ancona, Kathy Shea: Row 4: Sandy Dukewich, Student Council Student Council's purpose is to coordinate stu- dent activities, promote cooperation in organiza- tions, provide a forum for student expression, and further school spirit. This year's Student Council, led by President Jim Brookman, has sponsored the Variety Show, the Canned Food Drive, which Elk Grove won in district competition, and "Jam the Gym." Student Council also had a sleep-in, which took place on separate nights for the girls and boys. sv Cathy Ellery, Larry Turner, Jodi Knudson, Grace Gahalla, Deb Prysi, Kathy McKelvey, John Sweeney, Barb Santowski: Row 5: Andrea Kereluk, Chuck Carrol, Tom Neri, Pat Paleczny, Chris Gruber, Ann Tobin, Karen O'Leary, Joan 0'Connerg Row 6: Nadine Marsheschi, Debbie Berto, Frank Scaletta, Terry Grun- iger, Jim Holmes, John Flesch, Dennis Oltz, Bob Texidor, Sue Swanson. Presidents' Club Giving presidents of the various school organi- zations a better insight into procedures and methods of organizing their clubs and developing initiative within the clubs were the main objectives of the Presidents' Club. By bringing the presidents of the clubs together at its meetings, the Presidents' Club encouraged communication between various clubs and unity within the school. Presidents' Club Row 1: Cindy Zucker, Lynn Uhrhammer, Silvio Camodeca, Chres Gruber, Dominik DeLuca, Linda Marshall: Row 2: Jan Voss, Denise Mayer, Margaret Nolan, Richard Mard, Gary Schick, Peter Loiselleg Row 3: Linda Hudgins, Nancy Pederson, Sandra Rode, Dori Seda, Donna Pollitz, David Reilyg Top Row: Kathy Evans, Mary Beth Klopp, Greg Gale, Tom Neri: Not Pictured, Carol Weiner. mi-Ziiwai 2' - T - " -. W . ,X 5. V N I i - -4 , ,V A 15:24, ffl 3 , W :-ie fi SWL" 2 ' V ,A..,, 1gig ,,,gg - ' ff 6 . ' ,13 7 ' H - . i t 1 ii -Bc ' f 3 ., .. M- ui National Honor Society Bottom row: Deborah Spector, Karen Anderson, Paula Winzer, Historian: Barb Darge, vice-presi- dent: Chris Gruber, president: Carol Gyllenberg, secretary: Gary Pleickhardt, treasurer: Elizabeth Tobin, Nancy Pedersen: Row 2: Susan Moy, Peg Olson, Kathy Scherer, Andy Lesniak, Kathy Spas, Susan O'Hearn, Andria Tun, Cindy Zucker: Row 3: Kathy Dolby, Tom Valentine, Kathy Gardynski, Sue Hayden, Joy Rossiter, Mike Goerger, Kathy Duffy, Debbie Cuga, Barb Green, Sandra Rode: Row 4: Silvio Camodeca, Mike Kliff, Richard Karlquist, Sarah Clinton, Eugene Nelson, Alan Led- better, Tom Neri, Sue Kuczynski, John Sweeney: Top Row: Roxanne Schulte, Sandy Koeplin, Debi Kincaid, Margaret Cree- don, Rick Hess, Pete Tullio, Carol Leslie, Dave Whedon, Denise Mayer, Mary Byrne. Qulll and Scroll Quill and Scroll Bottom Row: Kathy Evans, Cindy Zucker, Mary Dunning: Row 2: Pete Loiselle, Lynn Uhrhammer, Nancy Pedersen: Top Row: Carol Weiner, Debbie Berto. Y? 1 '--v ational Honor Society Quill and Scroll is a national honorary society for high school journalists. Our school includes members from both the Montage and Guardian staffs. In order to qualify for Quill and Scroll, a student must be in the upper third of his class and participate in journalistic activities for at least one year. This year, Quill and Scroll members participated in the Home- coming parade as well as in their regular school activities. The National Honor Society is a select group of students. Each candidate must receive character ratings of at least eighteen points. Service and leadership points also are required. During the year members have sponsored the sale of pen- nants and numerous concessions. The money made from these activities went toward their initiation in March. 2' .. y I so. -s IDN X X, N.FL. Bottom Row: Kathy Spas, president: Mrs. Summers, Mr. Herrmann, Mrs. Chyrchel, Pete Tullio, vice-president: Row 2: Val Lowry, Lynn Venlos, Cindy Zucker, Linda Guasta- National Forensic League National Forensics League is an honorary club for students who have earned at least 25 points in either debate or individual speech events. Points can be earned by competing in speech contests throughout this district. An equivalent of 75 points is needed for the league of honor, 150 points for excellence, and 250 points for distinction. National Forensics League's main project is the school calendar. ferri: Row 3: Andy Lesniak, Barbra Michaels, Silvio Camedeca, Richard Mark, Linda Holste, Deborah Spector. Key Club The Key Club is a organization whose primary objectives are to develop initiative and leadership, to provide experience in living and working together, to serve school and community, to cooperate with the school principal, and to prepare for useful citi- zenship. Headed by President Gary Shick, Key Club has sponsored the Kiwanis Kids' Day Peanut Sale, has conducted a football raffle during Homecoming, iindd has contributed funds for schools in a foreign an . Key Club Bottom Row: Dennis Myhre, treasurer: Gary Shick, president, Bob Bachus, vice- president: Mike Cavanagh, secre- tary, Row 2: Jim Nardi, John Ford, John Bosslet, Jim Proszek, Chris Lesniak: Row 3: Ron Fink, Pete Loiselle, Jim Cooney, Frank Back, Bob Texidorg Top Row: Jack Car- riglio, Rick Chassey, David Grif- fith, Bob Flesch, John Flesch, Pat Texidor t , 24 Rt: 4... The Art Club per- mits its members to develop their artis- tic abilities beyond the scope of their ordinary classwork. Through their de- velopment, the mem- bers are also able to serve the school's artistic needs. Art Club Bottom Row: Mr. Hodge, Karen O'Leary, vice-pres.: Denise Mayer, president: Rosemary Meluso, sec.-treas.: Mr. Walker: Row 2: Charmaine Willis, Linda Cassara, Lou-Anne Lipner, Linda Martin, Diane Walsh, Jackie Ehlebracht: Row 3: Sandy Ricks, Judy Culver, Joy Anderson, Angie D'Amico, Mary Szczepanik, Margaret Nolan: Top Row: Tom Wanser, Ed Schiltz, Jeff Roth, Jack Perno, Chuck Edwards, Janice Mayer, Dori Seda. Drama Club Bottom Row: V. Lowry, N. Gill, K. Evans, C Zucker: Row 2: Mr. Raben, C. Albert, president: C. Andre, vice-president: S. Faracy, secretary: C. Guanci, treasurer: L. Hudgings, historian: Mr. Lebin: Row 3: S. Nugent, D. Ste fanos, S. Rode, K. Kohl, K. Tansey, K. Gianaris, M. Daniel B. Armstrong: Row 4: M. Campbell, L. Vrandack, M. Prid Drama Club geon, S. Ingersoll, T. Shera, C. McCaffery, E. Gianaris: Row 5: S. Genter, L. Chuipek, J. Petersen, R. Jay, T. Hatzold, N. Pederson, D. Spector, S. Clinton: Top Row: J. Deam, F. Gor- man, M. Mitsch, M. Hahn, J. McGill, T. Fox, E. Swain, N. Marcheschi. Foreign International Fellowship Students have always played an important role in the educational program of Elk Grove High School. This reciprocal exchange program has proved to be very successful in ac- quainting students with cultures of both the U.S. and South America. During the summer of '68, six Elk Grove stu- dents traveled to South America as Junior Ambassa- dors of the U.S. Sandy Dukewich, Bonnie Kobert, Kathy Gardynski, Sue O'Hearn, Lynn Venlos, and Wendy Nathan brought much of the Grenadier spirit to the people of Colombia and Brazil. This past summer was memorable and profit- able for our exchange students. Just as Elk Grove has been known to South America through these girls, South America has been made known to us through Y Exchange one of Peru's Junior Ambassadors to the U.S., Ros- sina Enriqueta Zarate. Rossina is a 1968 graduate of an all-girl Catho- lic school near Lima. She plans to continue her edu- cation with the study of psychology. Her trip to America was made possible through her proficiency in English, as exemplified by her performance in an essay contest. This is Rossina's first visit to America, and she describes it as "a wonderful experience." The spark she has contributed to the glowing spirit of the Grenadiers is more than just another little victory at Elk Grove. It is a whole new friend- ship and understanding with people of a different culture than our own. gf, I lm, M , as Rl . t Q,, --Mn...-.... Bill Eitzenhofer relaxes in the Humanities Center. A student's view of the Math-Science Resource Center. Svltfadiif. -an-..... Resource Centers At present, Elk Grove High School has three resource centers: the Human- ities Center, History Resource Center, and Math-Science Center. All these cen- ters provide material in their special fields. The main purpose of the Humanities Center is to provide a pleasant atmos- phere for people to gather amid re- sources of their interests. It serves as both an art gallery and a lounge. The re- sources of the Humanities Center include books, records, tapes, slides, art repro- ductions. This center is entirely student- run and-supervised. The Math-Science Resource Center is devoted to all fields of mathematics and science. Their facilities in- clude films, calculators, textbooks, and other articles of special interest. The History Resource Center is a library of historical texts and similar information. This center is used strictly for research and study in the field of history. The scale typifies the precision with which the Math-Science Resource Center operates D.E. D.E. Bottom Row: M. Pin nelli, S. Nye, B. Berg, Mr. Organ: Top Row: D. Gregory, G. Brandener. M. Flower, J Jaszka "Y xr T f' - X V.I.C.A. Bottom Row: E. Walters, L. Vavra, W. Osberner, C. Biedermann, M. LaVang Row 2: J. Klamer, G. Wintz, N. Hischke, C. Jenson, J. Tangorra, V. Pinnelli, J. Puzzo: Row 3: B. Schulz, B. Striegel, B. Sanoly, J. Huen, R. Roach, R. Klamerg Top Row: C. Goe- ger, B. Bleichnoth, J. Sanbhim, G. Kes- sler, K. Wuestenfeld, B. Schaefer, G. Brown V.I.C.A. Cffice Occupations 0.0. Bottom Row: Lynn Karnatz, treas- urerg Denise Flaska, reporter: Mary Krueger, presidentp Cynthia Peters, secretary: Rita Pytlarz, vice-presi- dentg Top Row: Joyce Riley, Donna Rose, Judy Hansen, Nancy Landyke. Gail Roden, Mrs. Koss Q37 4123! F.H.A. F.H.A. Bottom Row: Barb Bassford treas.g Pam Stoehr, Sec.: Jan Voss, pres.: Paula Vom- brack, vice-pres.: Top Row: Patti Meyers, Cindy De- Marres, Ann Cald- well, Mrs. Link, Maureen Caniff, Holly Sias F.T.A. Bottom Row: J. Dixon, S. Cook, C. Reed- er, C. Hartzell, C. Van Roegen, B. Dunsing: Row 2: J. Lewis, S. Jor- dak, C. Hauser, D. Sronkoski, M. Hornacek, S. Koeplin, C. Gayer, H. Sias: Row 3: M. Nolan, N. Roberts, K. Stolle, N. Curtis, C. Reed, A. Tun, D. Kincaid, M. Martin Health Careers Bottom Row: Mrs. Ankerberg, L. Evans, treas.g P. Vom- brack, vice-pres.: J. Gil- son, sec., Top Row: L. Holste, P. Snoble, K. Wuestenfeld, J. Horn .J F.T.A Health Careers :fi . 5 French Club French Club Bottom Row: Debi Kin- caid, secretary-treasurer: Margaret Nolan, president: Carol Leslie, vice- presidentg Row 2: Andi Tun, Carol Paille, Val Smitherman, Kevin Gyllen- berg, Karen Motto: Row 3: Evelyn Taylor, Gayle Dresing, Donna Satzke, Debbie Dresingg Top Row: Sue Kuczyn- ski, Dennis Kessner, Margaret Creedon, Mary Beth Oltz, Mary Martin French Club was under the leadership of President Marg- aret Nolan and the supervision of sponsor Mrs. Campbell. This year, the club sold green and gold balloons for Homecoming. Members also sold doughnuts during school hours to sponsor a French orphan. Plans have been made to visit a French restaurant and view several French films. Russian Club Russian Club Bottom Row: Sandy Rode, president: George Kanagin, vice-presi- dentg Darryl Dahl, secretary-treasurer, Row 2: Dave Pluemer, Robin Pluemer, Bob Gleif, Tina Goloskewitsch: Row 3: Mr. Grants, Shauna Feely, Terry McKay, Ann Burke, Top Row: Alan Ledbetter, Larry Cohn, Sandy Koeplin, Pat Sullivan Since last year, Russian Club has increased its membership under the leadership of Mr. Grants. Dur- ing our Homecoming Spirit Week, the Russian Club earned 330.00 by selling Raz-boyniks ftrouble-mak- ersl and also took part in the Home- coming Parade. For the Pan Lan- guage Banquet, Russian Club plans on trying to translate the song "Those Were the Days" into Russian H-n-f Latin Club Latin Club Bottom Row: Jim Proszek, Dominick DeLuca: Top Row: Mr. Gorman, Donna Farner, Carmen Cabrera Spanish Club Spanish Club Bottom Row: J. Gardynski, C. Zucker, D. Seda, pres.: S. O'Hearn, vice-pres.g C. Rizzo, sec.g Row 2: K. Evans, V. Rose, L. Venlos, D. Dresing, K. Pekarek, C. Gaynor: Row 3: M. Lyson, R. Satzke, S. Bernard, M. Hornacek, E. Tobin, S. Koeplin, J. Rossiter, S. Quinn , . German Club German Club Bottom Row: Chris Beck, sec.-treas,: Roger Hawkinson, pres.: Jane Onorate, vice-pres.: Row 2: Linda Mc- Gill, Paula Winzer, Bob Jones, Peggy Fiebernitzg Row 3: Brenda Waldrep, Ann Siltig, Adrienne Nepodahlg Top Row: Sue Tokay, Jim Drummod, Ed Swain, Ralph Rinesmith This year the Spanish Club sponsored a drive for food, toys, and clothes for the needy Spanish-speak- ing people of the village. They spon- sored and encouraged trips for for- eign-exchange students to Mexico, Spain, and South America. This year, Rosina Zarate from Peru was a foreign-exchange student in our school. Ideas were brought up at club meetings to hold a bullfight in the courtyard and a taco sale. Ger- man Club took part in the Home- coming Parade and had a successful bake sale. They planned on visiting a German neighborhood in the spring. v Computer Club Computer Club Bottom Row: Ann Steinbock, Frank Liotine, Alan Ledbetter: Row 2: Tom Valentine. Kevin Byrne, Eu- gene Nelson, Terry MacShaneg Top Row: Richard Karlquist, Kip Schroeder, Richard Sias, Richard Lange, Mike Kliff Computer Club, spon- sored by Mr. Uhl, is a new organization at Elk Grove. It consists of learning activities in a field which is becoming increasingly important in today's world. Its main objectives are learning about and using computers. Astronomy Club has had an exciting and in- teresting year. Their activities have included star-gazing parties and trips to the Planetarium and observatories. They have also sold concess- ions at athletic events. Astronomy Club Bottom Row: Mr. Peterson, Dave Reilly, Gary Kmett, Mr. Coventry: Top Row: Steve Johnson, Steve Farrell, Mike Thomey, Dick Barden, Ken Rowley, Mr. Pumphrey Astronomy Club Para-Psychology Bottom Row: Jody Hollister, Richard Siasq Top Row: Barb Vilim, Cindi Skridulis Para-Psychology Chemistry Club Bottom Row: Mr. Pumphrey, Debi Kincaid, Silvio Camodeca, Joy Rossiter, Mr. Sparacinog Row 2: Mary Ellyn Conforth, Debra Kasallis, Patti Keegan, Kathy Duffy, The activities of the Para- Psychology Club are little known to the student body. This club deals with the life beyond. Its activities range from seances to contact with the dead, and sessions with the Ouija Board. Chem Club was involved with activities such as magic chemical demonstrations for grammar school students, speakers on various fields of chemistry, and concess- ions at basketball games. Chemistry Club Carol Gyllenberg, Kathy Evans: Row 3: Tom Roberts, Gary Harris, Pete Massey, Carol Leslie, Dori Seda, Dave Whedon Horseback-Riding Club Bottom Row: J. Norman, L. Holste, L. Johnson, B. Coney, C. Hines, K. Evans, P. Garlisch: Row 2 J. Siel, K. Navin, M. Kezios, M. Murphy, S. Koeplin, J. Bradley Horseback-Riding Club A new club to Elk Grove High School is the Horseback-Riding Club, sponsored by Miss Kauzla- rich. Each Monday after school, members go to Midwest Stables to enjoy the sport of horseback riding. A horse show is sponsored every six weeks for interested riding students. L. Bender: Row 3: K. Jeffries, L. Quan, G. Sullivan, D. Kas- allis, S. Haluersin, L. Keith, H. Lagemanng Row 4: D. Hess, M. Jongleux, S. Gentner, L. Seidl, A. Kesler, J. Jobelius. Social Science Social Science Club, headed by President Pete Loisell, has been active in providing service to both the school and community. Members marched in the Danny Thomas Teen Canvass to collect for cerebral palsy, sponsored a donut day, and held a student "Mock Election." Their activities also included trips to Stateville Penitentiary and Black Power seminars. Social Science Club Bottom Row: Diane Kropski, Pete Loiselle, president: Pame Snoble, secretary: Kym Steinhoffg Row 2: Mr. Ergang, Mrs. Kaineg, Ron Benes, Jan Jackson: Row 3: Bob Garibaldi, Bill Schultz, Mike Nolan, Top Row: Roberta Baritett, John Micek, Chris Papas, Dody Meyer J J 15 4. Bridge Club Bottom Row: Liz Tobin, Mr. Knudsen, Carol Leslie: Top Row: Margaret Nolan, Patti Keegan, Joy Rossiter, Kathy Duffy. Bridge Club Scale Modelers Bottom Row: Harry Cating, Mike Thomey, Krall, Lee Blast Scale Ron Antorg Top Row: nf- ies E 5 Q 5 fx s..f5: Bridge Club was a new organization this year. Its members practiced each Tuesday with hopes of be- coming proficient players. Although few could win in an open tournament, they did learn basic skills necessary to play the game. The Scale Modelers Club is one of this year's newly formed organizations in Elk Grove High School. Members of the club participate in both construction and dem- onstrations of scale models. This club was formed be- cause of a common interest in scale model building. Modelers Club as qghlg Qs if iii ii.: ra 3 'll Wig if 1 rim A e it John Grant, Peter Kacheris, Kim - l , wid Library Club Bottom Row: Roxanne Reinking, Rosemary Calua, treas.g Rhonda Hazle, pres.: Julie Groenhoy, sec.: Felicia Scarpelli: Row 2: Kathie Clapp, Jo Marmitt, Jody Hollister, Library Club Office Guides Bottom Row: L. Buhalis, L. Newman, P. David- son, P. Hildebrandt, G. Gragnanig Row 2: J. McGregor, M. Hornacek, P. Paolini, K. Flerlage, C. Heimosg Row 3: P. gf it 2 1gv,,4 ii! 4' f-1 Q. ,f--wg. ,..i, Wfwzfzlllli' -ss., 'U I I ,X- ,4"" r . V a tr l ,f , , HHS' I I , X I I M 5 ' A ' 5 4 t ' V f . " . 5' X 5 - 12 Charmaine Willis, Darlene Miller, Maria Cruz, Debbie Jasper: Top Row: Becky Reinking, Sue Ingersoll, Colleen Sippel, Mike Bryant, Debbie Kuminowski, Kim VanBerkurn, Linda Bowman. Off1Ce Guldes Forester, C. Ellery, I. Overland, C. Howe, L. Sullivan, C. Bratkog Top Row: N. Poethkow, S. Wishon, D. Summers, D. Synder, J. Nardi, P. Bast. Debale Bottom Row: Mr. David, T. Harris, sec.3 P. Tullio, vice-pres., S. Camodeca, A. Lesniak, treas.g Mrs. Chyrchelq Row 2: M. Joleux, K. Eusen, L. Seidl, S. Halverson, K. Godlew- Debate Debate is a recognized speech activity. This year, Elk Grove High School has twelve novice de- baters. The Debate Team, competing against all schools in the suburban area, has won several awards. This year's debate topic was: Resolved, The U.S. should enact a system of compulsory ser- vice for all citizens. Individual Speech Bottom Row: D. Spector, V. Lowry, B. Michaels, Mrs. Summers, Mr. Herrmann: Row 2: L. Venlos, ski, C. Lesniak, M. Smith: Top Row: J. Slater, C. Schlak, J. Cavanaugh. S. Pruitt, C. Heimos, S. McConack, S. Kelly. Individual Speech Individual Speech Events consists of individual competition as opposed to group competition. There are numerous categories for competition, such as original monologue, serious play reading, and after- dinner speaking. This year, Elk Grove has done well in Individual Speech. Several students have won honors and trophies for our school. S. Nugent, D. Stefanos, N. Beyer: Top Row: V. Fraher, L. Holste, K. Wing, L. Seidl, J. Petersen, S. Faracy. N Q. fl'- FI, . , if '7 BB A Business Education Bottom Row: Mrs. Sherman, D. Ramsaroop secretary: S. Warland, president: S. Bergemann, vice-presi dentg Row 2: D. Myre, P. Rauhas, N. Curtis, L. Lrierweiler Business Education Chess Club Bottom Row: Mrs. Huck, Eugene Nelson, vice- presidentg Mike Kliff, president: Alan Lidbetter, secretary- .J --if ,ft - ' F Ski Club Bottom Row: K. Laprise, B. Meiser, K. Walsh, L. Heinamann, C. Gyllenberg, K. Evans, L. Venlos, S. Groverg Row 2: N. Gill, J. Pollitz, J. Rohrs: sec., D. Nitschneider, treas., B. Martin, vice-pres., D. Pollitz: pres., D. Seda, T. Zucker, J. Puminske, Mrs. Rossi: Row 3: J. Warring, L. Mc- Gill, L. Rohn, D. Walsh, K. Johnson, A. Walsh, B. McCoy, S. Genter, J. Janowiak, I. Overland, L. Grandt, L. Lipner, Row 4: A. Piermarini, L. Bender, D. Nallert, D. Luzietti, B. ki Club Being a member of Elk Grove Ski Club not only meant skiing twice a week, but also meant being a member of the United Ski Association. Each mem- ber was awarded a patch and a free pass for a day of skiing at a ski resort. Ski Club also had movies and lectures on ski safety. N Schwartz, 0. Walther, T. Altergott, J. Weadley, R. Hilboum, K. Rowley, T. Morris, M. Stone, A. Kloppg Row 5: P. Keegan, M. Earwaker, B. Woods, D. Meyer, G. Vesey, N. Mitros, R. Grimshaw, D. Flerlage, C. Beck, B. Meyer, D. Perno, N. Whiting, Top Row: B. Keller, A. Caldwell, K. Flerlage, F. Klink, L. Johnson, J. McGill, J. Jobelius, J. Perno, B. Flowers, D. Olson, B. Buikema, B. Sheldon, A. Sittig. Ski Team Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Rossi, The Elk Grove Racing Team had an exciting year of slalom racing. Competing against seventeen schools in the area, they did surprising well for their first year of existence. Team members showed their school spirit by wearing green and gold ski sweaters. 'E Hg lf if ' ' I' 'Yi' , Elk Grove Ski Team Bottom Row: Bob Sch- wartz, Richard Hilblom, Mrs. Rossi, John Mc- Gill, Donna Pollitz, Row 2: Lorri Anne Lipner, Owen Walther, Brad Keller, Jacque Rohrs, Jim Pollitz, Top Row: Bob Woods, Don Fler- lage, Jack Perno, Dori Seda, Kathy Flerlage, Dave Perno J.I?.R. Tolkien Society Bot tom Row: Julieann Norman Hobbit keeper: Debbie Thu lin, sec.: Greg Gale, pres. Jim Abb, vice-pres.: Row 2: Cathy Earnest, Carol Mello, Sheila Quinn, Karen Winzer, Linda Anderson, Top Row: Gary Kmett, Andrea Kereluk, Linn Austin, Janet Sibilski, Kathy Tansey. J.R.R. . , Tolkien ei W Society The primary objective of the J.R.R. Tolkien Society is to discuss and analyze books written by the famed author of The Hobbit. One of their proj- ects this year was to decorate the Humanities Cen- ter with posters. They also took trips into Old Town and made several tape recordings of novels by J.R.R. Tolkien to send to schools for the blind. A.V. Bottom Row: Bob Garibaldi, Cliff Peterson, John Im- perial, Rob Crosson, Ken Rowleyg Row 2: Don Buehler, Rob Hickey, Rich Garibaldi, Steve Gersdorf, Lucky Cooper, Bill The Audio-Visual Club is a service program. The main objective of the club is to teach, guide, and direct students in a harmonious atmosphere of working together with teachers and administrators in effecting the best possible media program for our school. Each member must have a C-average, plus permission from his parents and each of his in- structors. Audio-Visual Wojtkiewiez, Mr. Oswald: Top Row: Ron Antor, Steve Becker Tom Hickey, Jim Petty, Joe Arsenault, Tom Fox. Folk Music Club The Folk Music Club is devoted to the study and enjoyment of folk music. The members usually play their own instruments as they gather together for song fests and fun. Sponsored by Mr. David, this organization is the only musical group not di- rectly sponsored by the music department. Tri-M Bottom Row: D. Thulin, B. Metcalf, vice-pres.: L. Schlau, treas.g L. Hudgins, pres.: C. Gayer, sec.: P. Winzer, historian: Mr. Swenseng Row 2: L. Abernathy, C. Andre, D. Sronkoski, N. Curtis, P. Metcalf, M. LaMont, E. Gianaris, C. Gyllenberg, D. Stefanos: Row 3: G1 Dresing, M. Kezios, B. Harper, L. Cook, W. Wille, M. Pridgeon, T. Swanson, J. Robinsg Folk Music Club Bottom Row: Gin- ny Bonovich, Craig Armstrong, Top Row: Lynn Johnson, Mr. Da- vid, Beth Arm- strong. 'fi ig K Tri-M Tri-M is an honorary society devoted to the advancement of the spirit of good music at Elk Grove High School. Members are selected by Mr. Swenson and an executive committee. Initiates must take a constitution test and perform at a formal ceremony. This year, Tri-M has a membership of fifty ver- satile people. Each member has an outstanding quality-a yearning to pursue excellence in music. Row 4: K. Meyer, J. Perr, B. Meyer, C. Earnest, T. Kincaid, S. Trudan, S. Clinton, D. Kincaid, K. Stolle: Top Row: D. Mol- lenkamp, T. Swiatek, J. Taylor, G. Harris, B. Cook, G. Gale, R. Hess, B. Westerberg, L. Schwerin, B. Simonson. i. T ze is ? ' . 5 F ii, , , . V Y, Y Y A- Marching Band Bottom Row: G. Powers, V. Wennerstrom, P. Brown, B. Harper, J. Hoffstteter, J. McBride, R. Fiortio, B. Simonson, T. Kincaid, D. Coit, C. Jones, Mr. Peterson: Row 2: A. Kesler, G. Carone, J. Theobald, L. Wade, C. Hartzell, C. Smitherman, L. Seidl, S. Quinn, K. Wing, T. Clark, D. Hess, J. Turner, K. Willis, B. Pahl, D. Ratzekg Row 3: T. Swiatek, J. Callagnan, S. Zerebiny, D. Pilkington, S. Trudan, B. Coney, M. Thomey, L. Richey, P. Hendricks, C. Shideler, M. Berry, C. Thomey, B. Toovey, L. Cook, Row 4: G, Dziem, M. Bran- non, C. Armstrong, D. Martens, J. Grant, L. Malinowski, D. DelCampo, B. DeFotis, D. Varney, B. Liebrock, J. Wallen, R. hlarching The Grenadier Marching Band has performed in many activities and contests at Elk Grove and around Chicagoland. The120-piece "Pride of the Grenadiers" is directed by Mr. Peterson, assisted by student director Jim Taylor and drum major Ken Johnson. The marching band has been featured at Elk Grove athletic events. It has presented a variety of up-to-date songs, entertaining formations, f'1shy dance steps, and intricate precision marching drills. The band was selected to be the feature band at Soldier Field for a professional football game. Elk il..- E ..................- .,...l.......................1 Willis, W. Willeg Row 5: G. Johnson, S. Mitsch, G. Gale, L. Schwerin, J. Reedal, M. Pridgeon, R. Gotha, D. Mollenkamp, D. Doss, M. Semplem, B. Jones, G. Harris: Row 6: B. Metcalf, D. Swenson, G. Kmett, D. Barden, D. Krikorian, B. White, G. Taylor, K. Overstrom, B. Buikema, J. Dailidas, R. Gilmore, S. McBride, P. Philbin, J. Lawson, L, Friedrichsg Row 7: B. Westerberg, J. Taylor, R. Fink, L. Swearingen, S. Mitsch, R. Williams, S. Bentallg Row 8: R. Hess, S. Keegan. L. Stiff, J. Wilmes, H. Cating, B. Cook, Top Row: C. Andre, K. Stolle, K. LaPrise, B. Benavides, L. Evans, J. Knudson. Band Grove's Marching Band also participated in the All- School Marching Band that performed in Arlington for a Christmas parade. The marching band competed for the first time in a marching band show contest at the Chicagoland Marching Band Festival at Wheeling. We were awarded a third place trophy. Another award was won by drum major Ken Johson. The band also has released a stereo recording in which the marching, jazz, concert, and symphonic bands were featured for your renewed listening pleasure. Symphonic Band Bottom Row: D. Ratzik, P. Winzer, P. Nolan, C. Tordsen, T. Clark, K. Wing, A. Kesler, K. Willis. Row 2: B. Toovey, S. Trudan, L. Cook, P. Metcalf, T. Swiatek, K. Mayer, J. Callahan, D. Pilkington, B. DeFotis, L. Stiff, Row 3: B. Liebrolk, G. Harris, L. Malanowski, W. Wille, R. Gotha, J. Perr, D. Mollenkamp. Row 4: T. Seda, B. Westerberg, S. ymphonic Band Concert Band Bottom Row: J. Turner, C. Smitherman, S. Quinn, G. Carone, L. Seidl, D. Hess, B. Pahl, J. Theabald, L. Wade, C. Hartzell, Row 2: C. Armstrong, C. Shideler, S. Zere- biny, M. Thomey, P. Hendricks, C. Thomey, G. Dziem, J. Lawson, B. Coney, L. Richey, M. Berry, M. Brannon, H. Cat- ing, Row 4: J. Kleinpass, R. Williams, L. Swearingen, G. John- Bentall, R. Fink, J. Taylor, B. Metcalf, D. Swenson, L. Fried- ricks, D. Krikorian, G. Taylor, D. Bardon. Row 5: M. Prid- geon, L. Schlau, R. Hess, B. Cook, Standing: B. Simonson, J Hoffstetter, T. Kincaid, C. Jones, Mr. Peterson, B. Harper G.Powers Concert Band son, S. Mitsch, J. Mendygrak, R. Gilmore, J. Daididas, B White, K. Overstrom, S. McBride, J. Lawson, B. Buikema, G Kmett, Row 3: J. Wallen, D. Varney, D. De1Campo, R. Willis D. Doss, B. Jones, Row 5: L. Schwering, J. Reedal, J. Wilmes S. Keegan, Standing: V. Wennerstrom, P. Brown, R. Fiorito D. Coit, Mr. Peterson, J. McBride. an t 5 0 mfr? Bottom Row: B. Simonson, J. l-Ioffstetter, G. Harris, L. Malin- owski, W. Wille, D. Varney, B. Leibrock, T. Kincaid, T. Lowryg Row 2: R. Fink, J. Taylor, S. Bental, T. Seda, B, Wes- Jazz Band The Jazz Band, directed by Mr. Peterson, took superior ratings at several contests. They also competed at the Sesquicentennial State Fair and per- formed on the Howard Miller Show. In April the Jazz Band held a special public concert, and in May they performed for Lt. Governor Paul Simon at our Law- Day assembly. Bill Metcalf was honored by being elected to play in the All-Star Band at both Oak Lawn and Mundeline. Cindy Andre. Lyn Evans, Evelyn Taylor, Sand clsen, Maria Kezios, Karen P. Johnson. n"i terberg, L. Schwerin, R. Harper: Top Row: B. Cook, B. Met- calf, D. Swenson, L. Fredricks, G. Taylor, D. Krikorial, Mr. Peterson. Color Guard This year Elk Grove High School's Color Guard consisted of ten talented marching girls. Under the leadership of Jodi Knudson, the Color Guard has performed with the marching band at all home football games. They also competed with the band in a contest held at Wheeling. In addition, Color Guard presented the colors at the beginning of home bas- ketball games. Tryouts for next year's Color Guard were held during the spring. y Gentner, Margie LaMont, Karen Stolle, Kathy Laprise, Jodi Knu- ,... . l - l Choir Bottom Row: Mr. Swenson, L. Abernathy, P. Vombrack, C. Gyllenberg, L. Hermansen, K. Gyllenberg, M. Bosler, L. Blast, B. Garibaldi, B. Jones, N. Curtis, J. Robins, C. Gayerg Row 2: C. Andre, B. Michaels, S. Harris, G. Ziegler, T. Hoyt, C. Cating, C. Cliver, E. Cardona, M. LaMont, N. Gill, D. Sron- koskig Row 3: K. Waldenmaier, M. Klopp, J. Perr, D. Goddard, R. Gotha, S. Hegg, P. Massey, D. Kessner, D. Cowgill, B. Haseman, G. Dresing, M. Kezios, T. Swanson: Top Row: L. Hudgins, B. Meyer, C. Earnest, D. Kincaid, J. Serini, B. Sanders, K. Fox, D. Hartgrave, J. Abb, R. Rohn, J. Moore, S. Clinton, K. Stolle, C. DeGotis. Choir Senior Girls' Ensemble gag si? ' . 2 if Senior Girls Ensemble Cindi Andre, Gayle Dresing, Cathy Earnest, Linda Hudgins, Barb Meyer, Janet Robins, Missing: Debbie Goddard fa... Bottom Row: M. LaMont, Accompanistg L. Hermansin, B. Gar- S. Harris, T. Hart, B. Cliver, E. Cardonag Top Row: G Zleg lbald K. Gyllenberg, R. Jones, Mr. Swenson: Row 2: M. Bosler, ler, D. Kessner, S. Hegg, B. Sanders, J. Serini, J. Abb Freshmen Boys' Chorus The Choral Music Department, consist- ing of the Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Freshmen Boys' and Freshmen Girls' Choruses, and Senior Girls' Ensemble, made several im- provements this year. Elk Grove High School's first Freshmen Boys' Chorus was created with the help of fifteen boys, some of whom later moved on to Concert Choir. With the improvement of each group came increased activity in performance. On October 23 all four of the choruses toured to Queen of the Freshmen Bottom Row: S. Voss, P. Nugent, K. Winzer, S. Fruitt, J. Pie Rosary, Lively Junior High, and Dempster Junior High schools. Girls' Glee Club and choir then went on to perform at Lincoln Junior High School in Skokie. On December 12 they also participated in several Christ- mas programs at Rupley School, High Ridge Knolls School, and Maryville Academy. The Randhurst Corporation invited Elk Grove to sing at the shopping center on November 30. It is apparent that the Choral Department had an active and successful year. ' 7 Glrls Chorus Nicholas, P. Cornell, J. Whedon, J. Miller, B. Santowskl S ,a,............smnq1.-----..- per, M. Confocte, K. Johnson, C. Crail, M. Kekos, S. Koshaba, Nemmers, K. Mikkelseng Top Row: L. Darge, S. Frank, R. Sa- Mr. Swenson: Row 2: D. French, K. Glanz, S. Price, D. Dale, tzke, C. Pyde, J. Cook, B. Stram, L. Cialabrini, K. Fabian, C. L. Anderson, S. Kelly, E. Dripch, S. Treanor, V. Thompson, Mello, D. Syoen, P. Davis D. Dresingg Row 3: S. Lompe, M. Liewehr, J. Foss, V. Lee, L. 92 Girls' Glee Bottom Row: N. Curtis, accompanist, D. Tursch- man, D. Stefanos, S. Nugent, C. Layman, C. Piraino, L. Evans, J. Dytko, J. Sibilskig Row 2: Mr. Swenson, C. Fruitt, L. Holste, T. Amatore, J, Marcusson, M. Vambreck, G. Schallau, El Girls' Glee Club Gianaris, S, Rode: Row 3: J. Odrlin, B. Armstrong, A, Arnold, K. Tansey, K. Wuestenfeld, C. Irsch, J. Bradley, M. Fisher, Top Row: L. Holmes, B. Hopley, D. Newhall, L. Johnson, J. Jobelius, M. Sulaskim, S. Tongleux, M, Connery, L. Huelner Humanities Board Humanities Board Bottom Row: M, Mitsch, C. Leslie, D. Meyer, Top Row: K. Willis, D. Spector, L. Schlau, K. Spas Elaine Texidor. Cindy Zucker, Debbie Berto, George Egan, Pete Loiselle, Jan Verplancken, Becky Villars. Guardian The Elk Grove Guardian has the unending task of informing the student body. A school newspaper's main objective must be to arouse opinions and moti- vate the students to find a cause, to keep them in- terested as well as informed of events that affect them. The editorials fulfill this job by expressing a definite viewpoint and allowing an equal oppor- tunity to those with opposing viewpoints in "Letters to the Editor." To add to the enjoyment of its readers, the Guardian puts out special editions, such as the Christmas issue, in which students are Debbie Berto, News Page Editor: Cindy Zucker, News Page Feature Editor. able to purchase advertisements in which they can send personal messages to their friends. The staff, under the guidance of Mr. Joseph Wellman and co- editors Kathy Evans and Cindy Zucker, works hard to put out a bi-monthly paper of which Elk Grove High School can be proud. Those who are on the staff but are not pictured are as follows: Shari Zerebiny, Chris Glejf, Maggie Creedon, Dalene Box, Marybeth Klopp, Nancy Pedersen, Carla Cuila. Kathy Ernest, Carole Kozler, Dennis Myhre, John Colberg, Wayne Mikos, and Mark Thompson. Editor: Pete Loiselle, Sports Editor. Not pictured: Kathy Evans , 7 5 . s,-1? ' SJ' Yearbook staff members Eileen Schimdt, Judy Retzke, and Pam Krull, work hard to meet a deadline. Montage To the majority of the students at Elk Grove High School, the yearbook is merely an annual account of each school year. However, to the sixteen members of the Montage staff and the many who worked during one of the lunch-study modules, the yearbook represents a year of hard work. The fourth and fifth hours of every school day, spent on writing copy, cropping pho- tos, typing, and interviewing, will never be forgotten by the ed- itors and staff members. Carol Weiner and Lynn Uhrhammer led the production of the yearbook while Mrs. Holt, the spon- sor, approved pages and gave needed advice and moral support to the staff members. W' . 'rn' Lynn Uhrhammer: Co-Editor-in-Chief. .JK Carol Weiner: Co-Editor-in-Chief Montage Staff Bottom Row: Kathy Dolby, Eileen Schmidt, Pam Krull, Judy Retzkeg Row 2: Lynn Uhrhammer, Sherri Konishi, Connie Walker, Andi Tung Top Row: Jeanne Kruse, Elaine Texidor, Maribeth Dunning, Marie Bellamia Ca rol Weiner. Not Pictured: Linda Rohn, Denise Atkins, Sue Nugent. Sports Jve Musket: Symbol of Honor B 1 P W Varsity Results Elk Grove . . . . 0 Addison . . . . 14 Elk Grove . . . . 21 Fremd . . . . . 33 Elk Grove . . . . 31 Conant . . . . . 27 Elk Grove . . . . 6 Palatine . . . . 34 Elk Grove... .. 6 Forest View . . . . 6 g Elk Grove . . . . 0 Arlington . . . . 29 Elk Grove . . . . 0 Wheeling . . . . . 31 - Elk Grove ..... .. 21 V V Glenbard North . . . . 19 C 3 ' ' '.i'4f2'i. esa,?f'-- ' Coach Coleman gives an encouraging yell to the team Varsity Football Bottom Row: Bill LaMont, Jay Thomas, Mike Sobie, Tom Klemens. Tom Glatzmayer, Gary Kelley, Mel Greathouse, Ron Fink. Row 2: Greg Martin, Tom Komin, Jim Holmes, Paul Crawford, Bill Tews, Steve Jung, Gene Pinder, Ray Davidson, Coach Coleman. Row 3: Coach Schnake, Manager John Sweeny, Rick Teeters, Jim Devitt, Don Fritzke, Rick Hess, Mike Kunze, Terry Gruninger, Bill Sanders, Gary Harris Brian Faracy Rick Chassey. Top Row: Manager Bob Wogelius Manager Bill Martin, Ron Kotal, Ron Murray, Dave Chesney Bill Kasallis Chris Gruber, Rich Murnane, Dave Ristau Gary Shick Coach Flynn. Not Pictured: Eric Dawson, Mike Georger in S yo' w Lf 5 Dave Ristau makes a successful handoff to Mike Kunze as 'their teammates help to fight off the attacking Cardinals. fu 4 Varsity halfback, Ron Murray, shows his Elk Grove spirit sp by giving a yell from the sidelines, S If ,xx 1 , 4, .Lays Grenadiers clear the way for Ron Fink. EG. defense fights hard to stop a Cardinal advance. r ', i A ,, If U Sheldon and Froysland return a Hersey kickoff. John Spasari blocks the attackers as Joe Smith slips by. , Thad Lowry fights with perseverance for a gain in yardage. Smith drops back from the line of scrimmage in search of a receiver. 'nfl Q A .., N 46 ii 1 lOO M M Coach Rees yells to the team, "We've got the lead now! Let's keep it!" Bottom Row: Coach Mudge, Mark McKenzie, Richard Rohn, Bob Boeble, Bob Westerberg, Tony Rabicki, Bill Flowers, Greg Bearer, Dave Griffith. Row 2: Coach Bader, Bob Sheldon, Kevin Byrne, Jeff Froysland, Joe Smith. Paul Klinger, Bob Severson, Cary Chyette, Jeff Boyer, Manager Mike McCormack, Manager JV Results Elk Grove . . . . 13 Addison . . . . 7 Elk Grove . . . . 25 Fremd . . . . . 18 Elk Grove . . . . 13 Conant . . . . . 18 Elk Grove . . . 6 Palatine . . . . . 31 Elk Grove . . . 0 Forest View . . . 6 Elk Grove . . . 0 Arlington . . . . 48 Elk Grove . . . . 24 Wheeling . . . . 20 Elk Grove . . . 6 Hersey ..... . . . . . . 49 JV Football Scott Rand. Top Row: Rob Parrish, Joe Digangi, Clark Harvey, Bill Grauf, Steve Schmidt, Dennis Ranbo, Greg Haar, Thad Lowry, John Spasari, Kevin Chesney. Missing: Manager Gary Vesey lOl 102 Q...L.1-nh. Bottom Row: K. Siebold, J. Rankin, S. Nitschneider, C. Hadley, M. Znuda, D. Diganzi, R. Wheeler, B. Browning, J. Puzzo, J. DiGiovanni, S. Martin: Row 2: J. McKelvie, J. Jarocki, T. Baumstark, N. Naga, L. Wolanski, J. Arrajj, P. Hartmann, R. Setzke, J. Romano, D. Dumelle, P. Morrisg Row 3: Coach Gains, Elk Grove . Addison . . Elk Grove . Fremd . . Elk Grove . Conant . . Elk Grove . Paletine . . Elk Grove . Forest View Elk Grove . Sophomore . ..7 ..18 ..20 ..7 . . 6 ..4O ..20 ..28 ..7 . ..0 ..20 Arlington . . . . . 0 Elk Grove . . . 14 Wheeling . . . . 7 Elk Grove . . . 6 Hersey . . . . 6 Elk Grove . .... . . 28 Glenbard North . . . . 13 A -..9:fh.,- A 7' J. Reem, M. Jordan, J. Chrabot, B. DeHaven, J. Jones, J. Desmond, D. Hilderbrand, S. Long, F. Hauserman, A. Benson, J. Boyle, Coach Lovelace, Top Row: G. Schroeder, G. Smith, B. Webb, B. Feller, B. Jacobson, J. During, T. Gor, D. Bas- tounes, A. Lemke, D. Martin, P. Dunning, A. Mitsos Sophomore Grenadier runs with the ball in E.G.-Hersey game. 15,-eshman A Bottom row: David Chernick, John Bicego, Steve onkoski. Top row: Jim Serini, Kevin Jaussen, Al Krebs, Bob Raymond, Pat Augustine, Jim Leopardo, Scott Bentall, Mana- Radzis, Randy Stenberg, David Munson, Pat Holmes, Bob Bu- gerg Jim Gleason. Row 2: Mike Muti, Ron Campopiano, Mike ikema, Coach Paddy. Taylor, Tom Villars, Larry Iwanski, Frank Taucher, Jeff Sr- Freshman Football Teams Show Promise Freshmen B Bottom row: David Byrne, Steve Baylen, Richard Hartzell, Jim Chrabot, Matt Thompson, Ralph Pittlars, John Craft, Louie Permerini, Al Claps, Mark Levitski, Dave Thom- pson, Gary Altergott, Denny Milliken, Kris Borgias, Jeff Sei- dein, Jim Keegan, Mike Kinng Row 2: Jim Lefever, Doug Olson, Mike Smith, Bill Hayes, Tim Williams, Chuck Carrol, Mike Walsh, Greg Chism, Spencer Huebner, Jim Pollitz, Jim Cal- luhan, Slip Mahoney, Pat Hennley, George Green, Steve Janos, Bill Dutton, Tom Ziffra, Keith Michaels, Dave Fecenko, Scott Eckert, Bruce Sanoshyg Top row: Coaches Mr. Roth and Mr. Farroh, Kevin McCarthy, Dale Gittings, Mike O'dea, Mare Crain, Dick Lewis, Bill Lennon, George Pritchard, Warren Ja- cobsen, Tom Blaszek, Tom Seewart, Mike Brussard, Bob Grauf, Mike Vuzzone, Curt Kraffa, Craig Trotier, Jim Siebold, Jeff Dauibla, Tom Hoyt, Dennis Byrne, Mike Bosler, Dave Erlandson. 103 u.. Bottom row: Wayne Wille, Gary Pleickhardt, Jerry Ancona, Rick Bruns, Mike Precin, Gary Domme. Top row: Ed Sabon, Ralph Davis, Mark Li- chter, Jeff Fiero, Bob Bachus, Jim Wallen, Tom Swiatek, Mike Michela, Manager Mike Nolan. Not Pictured: Bob Flesh. Varsity Cross Country Varsity Frosh-Soph Cross Country Cross Country Elk Grove.. ...... 44.. ..... ..44 MainWest.. ..18.. ..19 Elk Grove. ..38.. ..34 Addison . . . 18 . . . . 24 ElkGrove. ..2O.. ..19 Fenton... ..41.. ..20 ElkGrove. ..36.. ..46 Conant... ..21.. ..17 Elk Grove. ..41.. ..39 Arlington . . . . 17 . . . . 22 ElkGrove... ..25.. ..22 Forest View . . . . 32 . . . . 34 ElkGrove... ..44.. ..42 Fremd... .17.. ..19 Elk Grove.. .22.. ..23 Glenbard . . . 37 . . . . 34 ElkGrove.. .17.. ..26 Hersey... .44.. ..30 ElkGrove.. .44.. ..21 Palatine . . . 18 . . . . 31 Elk Grove.. .43.. ..50 Prospect ..... ......... 2 0 ........... 15 Frosh-Soph Cross Country Bottom row: Dave Martens, Rich Mulrom, Jay Schlamp, Jeff Field, St- eve Mileski, Larry Cyrier, Steve Mclntyro. Row 2: Greg Dziem, Terry Somers, Clark Peterson, Wally Rolph, Sam Vance, Steve Shideler, Bill Giebel, Steve Mitsch. Top Row: Bill Buchloz, Mark Siewert, John Art- emenko, Jim Ottinger, Dennis Basile, Jim Abb, Fred Klink. Not Pic- tured: Coach Wollard. Varsity Coach Reese Varsity runners Ton Swiatek and Jerry Ancona. Wayne Willie shapes up for the coming varsity meet. rank Schultz, and Gene Pinder score two for the Elk Grove Grenadiers. Varsity team members John Flesch, F Varsity Basketball Bottom Row: Glenn Peterson, Coach Rees: Top Row: Dave house, Bob Flesch, John Flesch, Ron Fink. Not pictured: Gary Ristau, Gene Pinder, Bob Bachus, Dick Nichels, Jim Camp- Pleickhardt, Frank Schu P im ea. . 213 A QA lt J Devitt, and Joe Kalisz. 4 Yxgllls lui gun unuvf 34 M GRUW I-uv hgq Wllvfx wmv BE QL E SCI HB4 SQL-M " J QV' X ii: 7 03 , lb, X . A, J. Elk Grove .... Addison .... Elk Grove . . . Fenton .... Elk Grove . . . Palatine ..... Elk Grove .... Glenbard North Elk Grove ,.... Forest View . . Elk Grove . . . Conant . . . Elk Grove . . . Prospect . . . Elk Grove . . . Fremd .... Elk Grove . . . Hersey . . . Elk Grove . . . Arlington . . . Elk Grove . . . Wheeling . . Elk Grove .... Palatine ..... Elk Grove .... Glenbard North Elk Grove .... Forest View . . Elk Grove . . . Conant . . . Results Junior Varsity Basketball The '68-'69 Junior Varsity Basketball team, coached by Mr. Donald Schnake and Manager Glenn Peterson, didn't finish as high in the standings as they would have liked. Despite a 7-9 record, the Junior Varsity Grenadiers had some bright mo- ments. Victories over Conant, Glenbard North, and Palatine, as well as two over Forest View, were among the bright moments. The most exciting game of the year was a tight 39-38 victory against Forest View on our home court. But there were bad times along with the good ones. Some of these were de- feats, but nothing beats those great practices, as any Junior Varsity basketball player will tell you. Bottom Row: Joe Smith, Jeff Boyer, Manager Glenn Peterson, Steve Hamish, Paul Jaska. Top Row: Willard Henry, Mike Losch, Paul Crawford, Dave Rossol, Dave Griffith, Jim' Haskel, Bill Miedema, Rick Chassey, Terry Coll. Soph Results Elk Grove . . , New Trier W. . Elk Grove . . . Addison Trail . Elk Grove . . Fenton . . . Elk Grove . . Paletine .... Elk Grove . . . Glenbard North Elk Grove . . . Lake Park . . . Elk Grove . . Conant . . . Elk Grove . . Prospect . . Elk Grove . Fremd . . . Elk Grove . . Hersey . . . Elk Grove . . Arlington . . . Elk Grove . Wheeling . . . Elk Grove . . Paletine .... Elk Grove . . . Glenbard North Elk Grove , . . Forest View . . Elk Grove . Conant . . . Bottom Row: J DIGIOVHHI R Gilmore J Jerocki D Hilde N Adams G Smith M Nolte R Buck J Rlndell Coach brandt, T. Ford Row 2 Manager S Moresso J Cooney J Peddy Reem, S. Scholten J Wilmis Manager M Jordan Top Row l C U .lea 433 'H i W7 axis' Bottom Row: Manager J. Sronkowski, P. Augustine, K. Chuipek, Manager S. Schidlerg Top Row: S. Bentall, M. Greenberg, D. Chernik, B. Stenberg, P. Holmes, M. Taylor, S. Raymond Freshman A's Basketball Freshman B's Bottom Row: S. Fields, S. McIntyre, E. Janos, B. Stenmark, S. Sickel, S. Broder, C. Hart, Top Row: Manager E. Ames, S. Mileski, C. Peteeson, J. Knol, R. Sobon, J. Keegan, M. Thomp- Kalish, J. Artemenko, M. Muti, M. O'Dea, B. Radzis, D. Bas- son, A. Clapps. Row 2: D. Albert, B. Trotier, W. Rolfe, C. ile, A. Crepps, W. Jacobsen, J. Evans, D. Erlandson, Coach Schroeder, S. Vance, M. Kirin, T. Gleason, T. Williams, J. Rundquist lfqq 109 110 Swimming '68-'69 The 1968-69 Grenadier swimming team has im- proved greatly over last year's team. The team com- petes on the varsity and frosh-soph levels in both swimming and diving events. There' are thirteen events: 200-yard medley relay, 400-freestyle relay, 50-, 100-, 200-, and 400-yard freestyle, diving, 200- yard individual medley, and 100-yard events in breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly. The team shows rnuch promise because of fresh- man talent being brought in to add depth to the team. The team has broken nine of its thirteen records en route to its best record in three years of competi- tion. One of the outstanding performers on the squad had been senior Knut Bauer. Knut took first in the breaststroke event in the Niles East Pentathlon and has recorded a 1205.7 in the 100-yard event which has broken the state qualifying time of 1:06.3. Sen- ior Phil Philbin has been a strong performer in the 50-yard freestyle. Other strong performers have been Pete Loiselle, Bob Jacobsen, Mike Bachus, and Frank Back in freestyle: Jack Imlay and Mike Cal- lahan in backstrokeg Eric Dawson and freshman Bob Pastel in breaststrokeg Pat Massey in butterfly, and freshman Cliff Schlak as an all-round performer. IU 3 65,43 Eric Dawson eyes the finish line in the 100-yard breaststroke. Bottom Row: B. Hartzell, P. Philbin, P. Loiselle, E. Dawson F. Back, K. Bauerg Top Row: Coach Pardun, R, Pastel, J. Im- 'I'-P Varsity The team practices each morning through the courtesy of the Flick Reedy Corporation. Coaching this year was Head Coach Phil Pardun and Assis- tant Coach Paul Christmas. Jack Imlah lunges out in the 200-individual medley. Freshman standout Cliff Schlak swims the backstroke leg of the individual medley. lah, L. Bachus, M. Callahan, P. Massey, C. Schlak, B. Jacob- sen, D. Lundgren, K. Kesner. Coach Christmas. kiss ,F . rv . . 4. wi g Jggfii Dave Toler "hau1s" it out in an individual medley. Diving Team Bottom Row: S. Martin, K. Gyllenberg, ning: Top Row: T. Gruninger, M. Greathouse 'I'-'f -tr .,. Frosh-Soph Bottom Row: D. Toler, G. Quick, S. Mitsch J Sie mas R Liptak M Thome D Gittm B Whiting D Barten bold, S. Martin, K. Gyllenberg, J. Grant: Row 2: Coach Christ B Lelbrock P Dunning R Hartzell Coach Pardun ,.. 'L Q3 1- 'vb ...LM t i .,i - 1 112 i I Wrestling A.-Q Varsity Bottom Row: P. Morris, M. Precin, J. An- conag Row 2: Coach Love- lace, J. Pankow, R. Kotal, M. Kesler, T. Mann, J. Froyslandg Top Row: S. Jung, D. Ernst, D. Frit- zke, B. Martin, G. Sch- roeder, Manager B. De- Haven Var.-J.V.-Soph JV. Bottom Row: K. Siebold, B. Evans, J. Rankin, M. McCormack, Row 2: Coach Lovelace, B. Kasalis, G. Blake, J. Di- gangi, D. Ranbo: Top Row: J. Serini, B. Westerberg, G. Haar, R. Pankow, B. Grave Soph Bottom Row: D. Pankow, J. Turner: Row 2: S. Crail, D. Digangi, D. Byrne, J. Prozcek, Man- ager P. Ganudseng Top Row: G. Berto, J. Boyle, B. Webb, J. Dearing, S. Ross, T. Gore, Coach Coleman Frosh Bottom Row: J. Pluemer, S. Houserman, B. Geiblug Row 2: D. Byrne, M. Thompson, R. Weirner, M. Crane, R. Harper, P. Sullivan: Top Row: R. Pearson, T. Hoit, J. Crabbit, B. Cliver, R. Compapiano, A. Paniatua, D. Kener, Coach Farroh Bob Martin put a "figure four" on his Wheeling opponent. Jeff Troysland pins a Wheeling Wildcat Jerry Ancona "rides" his opponent in his match against Wheeling. with a ustack-H A meet from a wrestler's view. 113 Bottom Row: B. Fernandez, N. Dorsey. C. Hedjuk. J- Stevens. F. Gaines, W. Olson, J. Malmadahl, B. Helbig, H. Morgulis, A V. Goloskewitsch, D. Sakata, D. Bartley, D. Walterg Top Row: Mitsng, D, Swenson, S, Rand, V, Auigliano Gymnastics 114 Bottom Row: B. Watts, J. Cohen, R. Crosson, M. Damore, J. Hadley, R. Seiwart, R. Seiwart, R. Thomaselli, J. Johler, J. Stephan, L. Fernandez, M. Doherty, J. Lasusa, D. Brennan, Tews, S. Eckert, Top Row: Coach Gaines, J. Cannon, G. Zieg- Row 2: Manager S. Rand, J. Gustau. B. Johnson, R. Hansen, C. lar, D. Steinoin, A. Bowlds, D. Bedis, Coach Avigliano Benny Fernandez shows great form on the rings. Wayne Olson practices his routine for a coming meet. 5 I ? 116 Varsity Track Sets chool Records Elk Grove Track Official Denise Derby and official of opposing team record scores. Row 1: Mike Sobon, Rick Bruns, Gary Vesey, Russ Gotha, Dave Whedon, Gary Shick, Tom Glatzmayerg Row 2: Mike Michella, Bob Texidor. Pat Texidor, Ralph Davis, Clark Harvey, Mel Greathouse, Jim Kleisner, Don Hachmeister, Howard Mar- Senior Mel Greathouse holds school record in the pole vault. gulis, Gary Kelley: Row 3: Mike Nolan, Larry Bachus, John Flesch, Jim Wallen, Mark Lichter, Bob Severson, Bill Tews, Bob Will 9 Bachus, Bob Flesch, Rick Hess, Mike Callahan, Wayne ff., ' , H 54- zz . -A . W -,mexggv mem Senior Bob Bachus strives to break Junior Mark Lichter fights to get ahead while his Hersey opponent stumbles over his the string for a first-place finish. own hurdle. Frosh-Soph Bottom Row: S. Schonbron, C. Peterson, S. Shide- Dziem, T. Patinella, C. Schroeder: Top Row: F. Taucher, J. ler, M. Harvey, D. Digangi, S. Mileski, L. Cyrier, R. Malcolm, Leopardo, S. Boggs, B. Jacobson, J. Ryun, B. Buchholz, R. K. Gyllenbergg Row 2: J. McBride, D. Valentine, J. Ford, J. Liptak, B. Radzis, R. Stenberg, G. Smith, M. Bachus, T. Vil- Idstein, P. Hartmann, A. Benson, J. Reem, M. Siewert, G. 1ars,B. Buikema, B. Toovey, G. Kanagin. Q A 'E' L 3' 117 118 Bottom Row: Knut Bauer, Andy Lesniak, Richard Mark, Dave Reilyg Row 2: Rick Robinson, Dave Griffith, Dave Hansen, Pete Tulliog Top Row: Jerry Surdynski, Jay Thomas, Ralph Rinesmith, Jack Carriglio, ' Pete Loiselle, Ron Fink, Coach s Rundquist Jack Carriglio follows through on his serve. Four Varsity tennis players congratulate each other after a fine match. R 2 V .rw-f Bottom Row: C. Schlak, M. Kirin, R. Pastel, P. Wingertg Row lerg Row 4: J. Siebold, D. Mollenkamp, P. Massey, Coach 2: K. Siebold, M. Hopkins, C. McPherson, C. Lesniak: Row 3: Peterson M. Smith, A. Lewandowski, C. Carroll, S. Maresso, G. Zieg- Bottom Row: Mrs. Anderson, S. Kuczynski, D. Gruninger, M. Weshe, Miss Smith, Row 2: K. Mark, M. Shea, D. Rassmussen. S. Deang Top Row: A. Tobin, M. Byrne, D. Bruck, S. Jordan ws A Q rni" .3 3 ii? ig? . f E . .m... .1 EJ 1 gf' 119 120 A mighty crack of the bat by Bob Wogelius is a hit for the Grenadiers. 1968 Varsity Baseball Takes First Elk Grove All-Conference Title Victory is a means of bringing great honor to a school. This victory may come in many forms. The determination and hard work of those who made up Elk Grove's 1968 Baseball team was indeed great. The end result was the honor and glory brought to our school through the victory of the All-Conference Title. Many members of the team are now alumni of Elk Grove High School. They were a real asset to the team, and their absence will be greatly felt. How- ever, the spirit that they inspired in those still at Elk Grove has created in the 1969 team a desire for making a tradition of this achievement. This first such title has, as its greatest effect, produced a new and winning spirit among the Grena- dier Regiments. It is an honor which has placed Elk Grove among the high-ranking conference schools. We see as this title's highest value a Grenadier victory that will be long-cherished by all who have ang wfll compose the Grenadiers of Elk Grove High Sc oo . The excellent pitching skills of Bob Artemenko bring Grena- diers to victory. Front Row: Jim Divito, Bob Wogelius, Gary Pleickhardt, John Sweeny, Manager. Row 2: Steve Brandt, Chris Gruber, Bill Wogelius, Ken Chaffin, Tom Klemens, Tom Nerig Row 3: Coach Rick Radtke catches fly to retire side and bring Elk Grove up no bat. Peddy, Tom Emslie, Bob Hess, Bob Artemenko, Rick Radtke, Larry Pahl, Tom Komin, Dave Ristau. S 153 Q 1 H ? 3 1 J 'ff B ffxffaalff I Mx! j 5 , y, 5 H . Vxfgi. 'N i 2 , n 5am- "" 'il AA 121 122 !UPrW.fA,, Catcher Kevin Chesney Outfielder Tom Neri V arsit Ba eball '69 Bottom Row: Kevin Chesney, Gary Sakata, Steve Brandt, Bob hardt, John Uragami, Doug Mitsouka, Tom Neri: Top Row: Wogelius. Dave RiST'aU2 ROW 21 RiCk TEEWTS, DHVQ ROSSOL Rick Solomon, Tom Emslie, Tom Klemens, Bob Hess, Gordon Tom Komin, Willard Henry, Mike Losch, Rick Chassey, Chuck Hollywood' Jeff Bgyer, Bill Wogelius Anderson: Row 3: Chris Gruber, Bill Vandevier, Gary Pleick- CQ 5 4' GRM- , Hin C S may V G 6 'MM Qklillgb Q A X Q- x ly 'Z ' ix mm in 4 VGR0 i Q D 2 ' ' QIEIQQ B335 FQ' B Swkqbte if 'iimifa ,,,, ' .- eiiei B BAS! if 74 ' G 'i B C !ff'CSf3Q C ff X Bm A Xara l f 'mm fx i i li fi ff 'ii 'cm rj hflyi , F3 C I C K ' C f? 'F if P i v X' i i i e GM, " Sw? . i"ff Q, ' , I C - ,W g I , ..,, TA l - A' J ww 1 Q gl' Q um ff , , 5 .KW Jeff Boyer warms up. Sophomore Baseball Bottom Row: Tom Claes, John DiGiovanni, Bill Browning, Jack Bob Thuling Row 3: Bill Jones, Mark Brandt, Neal Noga, Gary Imlah, Orlando Fernandez: Row 2: Dave Hilderbrand, Jeff Jar- Proehl, Nick Adams, Al Mitsos, Randy Gruber, Dave Grillaert ocki, Joe Puzzo, Charlie Hadley, Randy Raven, Scott Clinton, 123 L xx Q' Ks X Y? Bill Eitzenhofer eyes the green. Curt Hejduk , ' if ,fs f, , .-,V 5, I Bottom Row: Bob McCoy, Mark Gander, Bob Polleg Row 2: Ernie Woollard, Bob Dodds, Gary Alter- gott, Dale Pankow: Top Row: Steve Gersdorf, Ron Vylasek, Jim Cooney, Fred Klink, Mark Greenberg Frosh-Soph Golf Varsity Golf Team Bottom Row: John Lafayette, Curt Hejduk. Marius Kesler, Steve Ruggiero: Top Row: Coach Reet, Steve Hamish, Bob Westerberg, Mike Kunze, Thad Lowry, Bob Hilgers 1 XXL K X Bottom Row: Gary Shick, Gary Pleickhardt, Chris Gruber, Phil Nychay, Bill Metcalf, Jerry Surdynski, Phil Philbin, Mike Nolan, Wayne Wille, Rick Murnaneq Top Row: Mike Sobie, One of the major organizations of Elk Grove High School is our Lettermen's Club. In order to become eligible for Lettermen's Club, one must earn a varsity letter. After being accepted, each probationary member must go through an initiation. This year's club, led by President Tom Mann, Vice-President Bob Bachus, Secretary Pat Texidor, and Treasurer Gary Pleickhardt, has been a busy and profitable year. During Homecoming week, they sponsored a football raffle and our Homecoming Brian Faracy, Bob Hess, Rick Hess, Gary Harris, Bill San ders, Bob Bachus, Jim Holmes, Tom Komin, Bob Texidor Tom Swiatek. Jim Wallen Lettermerfs Club Graceful Grenadier Gruber and Nimble Nervy Nychay put on an adiago performance. Dance, which proved to be successful. They also are contemplating enlarging the Conference Baseball team pictures and displaying them in the foyer. These are just the beginnings of what the letter- men hope will be an organization of great value and service to Elk Grove. Lettermen show their juggling talent by building a pyramid. 126 Frosh-Soph-Bottom Row: Sue Jackson, Debbie Olson, Bonnie Popp, Row 2: Joanie Springer, Diane Rasmussen: Row 3: Kim Van- Berkum, Jan Hildebrandt: Top Row: Devota Austin Cheerleaders JV Bottom Row: Laura Contor, Ann Tobin, Sue Swanson, Wendy Berns: Top Row: Kathy Shea, Denise Augustine, Peggy Olson, Debbie Khoshaba Mary, Terri, and Val, Varsity cheerlead- ers, watch, with high hopes, an Elk Grove wrestler in the Grove-Addison Trail wrestling meet. Varsity Cheerleaders This year's Varsity cheer- leaders were led by Captain Terri Altergott and Co-Captain Jeanne Gunkle. The Varsity squad was responsible for this year's Home- coming, Coronation, Pep rally, and mixer. They cheered at all football and basketball games and also attended swimming, track, and wrestling meets. This is the first year the squad has had alter- nates, although they were only permitted to cheer at home games and meets. Next year's Captain and Co-Captain will be sent to a summer camp to enable them to learn new methods of cheering. Bottom Row: Carol Maier, Tina Guritz Pam Green: Row 2: Val Clyde, Terri Al- tergott, Jeane Gunkle, Carol Gyllenberg: Top Row: Mary Shea r' ig 9 X . NK N4 X lllx E X 127 128 Girls' Leaders Under the sponsorship of Miss Matt- hews and the leadership of Nancy Peder- sen, the Junior and Senior Girls' Leaders' Club started the year off with the blow of a whistle and the assurance of fun and surprises. Included in the year's activi- ties were the club's representation in the Homecoming parade, holiday candy sales, and the annual "Snow-Man-Building Contest." The president is Nancy Peder- sen, vice-president, Debbie Cugag sec- retary, Linda Hudginsg and treasurer, Sandy Gentner. Other activity committees were formed, and each girl had her op- portunity to display a most important quality-leadership. Girls participating in leaders' class were chosen by Miss Mathews on the basis of personality, ability to learn and teach, and teachers recommendations. Each Junior leaders class was given an initia- tion by the Senior leaders to start off the year. This year, the Senior leaders started their job of aiding gym teachers. This class was a challenge to all members but well worth the effort. 1'- Leaders join in the Homecoming Parade to show their spirit. Junior Leaders Bottom Row: B. Kuhn, L. Abernathy, M. John- L. Martin, G. Gragani, A. Weir: Row 5: S. Gentner, C. Ellery, ston, N. Voyta, D. Olson, J. Retzke, Miss Mathews, Row 2: D. L. Gardynski, C. Reed, S. Ingersoll, J. Weadley, C. Canizzo, Norfolk, K. Severlls, D. SI'0l'lk0Ski, C. Hauser, D. Cliver, M. C, Fecenkog Top Row: T, Morris, L, Holmes, L, Hansen, A, Gutierrez, K. Pekarek: Row 3: P. Robins, M. Brennan, L. Stinebock, L. Johnson, S. Gosse, A. Tobin, S. Hofer, C. Brink- Durning, J. Nardi, D. Rasmussen, D. Khoshaba, S. Dean, M. man Gieringer: Row 4: S. Konishi, J. Shillinger, J. Funk, S. Condon, 0- wh Ft N 3 -N' wx v 5. ' . -1' 1 1 .ff ,, X ,. ' mic DEBBIE X! 111.942 , 3 . - Il ..,,,-- 1 ., , f X Q, I Mfuer ' , ,M Hu 11 ITN' DGNV X 'MBI I 1' X INMQ lm? x WW r N X f noun V N K V1 .ini BDEKI SU, if A , ...Q lt Q .ar . af f , wb 4 :.Au:n,4 1' 6 tv :mv 'mb L , N , gtk ,f . I Q ' I If - 1 in ' . K. ., Senior Leaders Bottom Row: J. La Susa, C. Johnston, L. Waldbillig, P. Kozler, B. Darge, J. Gunkel, L. Miss Matthews: Row 2: L. Marshall, C. Gayer, C. Walker, S. Dale, M. Shea, C. Gyllenberg, S. Mileski: Row 3: J. Camphouse, K. Duffy, N. Pedersen, N. Bastounes, J, Janawick, D. Spector, D. Cuga: Row Leaders Club. Bottom Row: D. Olson, L. Abernathy, N. Voyta, M. Johnston, S. Dean: Row 2: K. Severns, C. Hauser, S. Gent- ner, D. Cuga, N. Pedersen, L. Hudgins, Miss Matthews, D. Cliver: Row 3: C. Gayer, C. Gyllenberg, M. Shea, S. Dale, J. Retzke, J. Gunkel, J. LaSusa, C. Johnston, D. Moleski, D. Norfolk, S. Rasmussen: Row 4: S. Konishi, P. Kozler, A. Weir, L. Waldbillig, K. Duffy, K. Gardynski, S. Condon, K .Q I 41 l X 5.x f .Q K 2 U -I, I l 75' M ' , , , 4 . Q- X . at V A A lk ff 4: D. Bruck, J. Rossiter, T. Guritz, T. Altergott, L. Auers- wald, S. Hayden, M. Stone, S. Kuczynski: Top Row: J. Heinitz, L. Hudgins, L. Tobin, S. Mayyou, R. Schulte, C. Vokoun, M Krueger, S. Clinton, N. Whiting. Pekarek, D. Sronkoski, L. Durning: Row 5: D. Spector, J Rossiter, N. Bastounes, C, Canizzo, J. Weadley, L. Holmes, T. Morris, C. Ellery, D. Bruck, J. Camphouse, G. Gregani: Top Row: L. Hansen, S. Clinton, L. Tobin, R. Schulte, S. Mayyou, L. Johnson, S. Gosse, C. Vokoun, A. Tobin, J. Hein ritz, S. Hayden, S. Kuczynski li Hun lvl ,., -f X 3 I um -. I' 1' i xarar ST 4 SAW "' MDG? ' Q - - .. . " M W ,. ' V i six In I my 4 A 0 Q . ' ,- K Nf 'f " , 'Y . if' W ' "fl J Al. I Z . Q Y N, I Sm A 1 L f 3 l f 'l 4. rugs .X .fy . if ., mug 129 Bottom Row: Linda Marshall, Kathy Evans, Gayle Jackson, Dody Meyer, Kathy Flerlage, Karen O'Leary, Donna Farner, Bobbi Kuhn, Nancy Beyer, Linda Teslik: Top Row: Laura Wald- Pom-Pon Squad Bottom Row: Chris Heimos, Diane Walsh, Sandy Dukewich, Mary Beth Klopp, Quincey Lowing, Cindy Andre, Bunny Camp- house, Row 2: Lynn Leopardo, Pam Krull, Cheri Guanci, Cheri Rizzo, Kathy Serges, Diane Stefanos, Val Lowry, DeeDee Jur- jovecg Row 3: Cherly Elms, Marie Rose, Mary Campbell, Lynn billig, Bonnie Basalt, Tedette Crosby, Kathy Fecencko, Sheila Bernard, Roberta Grimshaw, Sally Teele, Karen Waldemaier, Niki Bastounes, Cathy Ellery, Jeanne Weadley, Margie LaMont Orchesis Chuipek, Denise Leland, Pam Metcalf, Mary Madalinski, Janet Robins, Row 4: Chris Rabattini, Barb Green, Jodi Knudson, Jan Stowell, Cindy Moran, Kathy Meier, Barb Michaels: Row 5: Dawn Nitschneider, Maryanne Hall, Colleen Bateman, Pat Eck- lund, Jan Montgomery, Janet Lewis, Jacque Rohrs, Vicki Jans fr, if , V f' K YN - f f, .f , - , ' . X . g. ',' . .f K 5 , M , , ,,,, . no 1 4 V , ,B 1. S V, . ,V - .LA K, ' . X in kk, B x t EQ. 5 ,Q ai. 5 L W Y" ' i 1 'f - 1 ' ' 'TJ' A ' K ' ' B 'H 2' , il E ,Q ,fir ' , ia. . f , C' ' fi ' ' K 0 . 1.4 fa , , . r , t , U J . if if , ' in hs X ' ' ' y 5 is A " , ' L V M , 5 B A y ff' i J f. - 1 J li ff f f , N an ,. k f ' N Q K Q I, , ' Z -we v -" f 1 A . f V Q1 v af - . A - f it e 1 " l . wt, f ,rm H it - , 4. . 130 S 'I 5 oi. e 1 f ' f k, 0' Q' ,fi t , E B ' E V , 4 C 45? GRA Bottom Row: Linda Rohn, Janet Patzer, Joyce Cantrell, Nancy Lunak, president, Barb Meiser, point chairman, Janet Lewis, point chairman, Linda Holste, Caryn Hauser: Row 2: Linda Marshall, Mary Hovey, Joan O'Connor, Karen Walsh, Toberta Grimshaw, Sue Romano, Sally Shaw, Patty Kellner: GRA Pep Club Bottom Row: J. Weadley, E. Schmidt, J. Ver- planckeri, K. Motto, J. Tessendorf, K. Pekarek, S. Nugent: Row 2: J. Cantrell, J. Schoin, C. Piraino, K. Clapp, B. Meiser, S. Shaw, L. Teslik, S. Johnson, K. Jeffries, G. Jackson, M. Johnston: Row 3: sponsor, Miss Brent: Frosh representative, J. Kennedy: Junior representative, B. Scherer: Publicity chairman, K. O'Leary: Points and membership, M. LaMont: Publicity chairman, D. Derby: Sophomore representative, T. Crosby: Secretary, D. Meyer: President, L. Marshal: Vice- President, L. Walser: Saleshead and coordinator, K. Walden- maier: Treasurer, K. Evand: Points and membership, K. An- derson: Senior representative, K. Scherer: Row 4: A. Burke, M. Daniel, E. Lowry, L. Uhrhammer, B. Baselt, N. Lunak, M. Lydon, R. Satzke, K. Kohl, K. Bergemann, B. Smith, J. Patzer, few. Row 3: Valerie Leo, Linda Teslik, Stephanie Jordan, Chris Reed, Mary Szczepanik, Maureen Caniff: Top Row: Linn Austin, Andrea Kereluk, Nadine Marcheschi, JoAnna Siskin, Kim Hau- ser, Jeri McGregor Pep Club D. Dresing, S. Dale, M. Shea, N. Beyer, C. Paille, K. Willis: Row 5: B. Kuhn, J. Horn, G. Sica, L. Schaefer, C. Skridulis, B. Titschler, E. Texidor, N. Roberts, C. Fecenko, L. Rohn, J. Odrlin, T. Komin, K. Gardynski, S. Bernard, S. Condon, B. Blazek, A. Nepodahl, B. Vilim, D. Jasper: Row 6: L. Vran- dack, K. Sealy, K. Wuestenfeld, S. Bergemann, K. Brooks, K. Jeffries, L. Hendrickson, D. Rolfe, M. Caniff, R. Jay, D. John- son, K. Watts, J. Siel, C. Ellery, F. Scarpelli, L. Waldbillig, D. Bruck, N. Bastounes: Top Row: C. Brinkman, A. Stanley, L. Holmes, C. Ukleja, G. Uselding, M. Oltz, C. Winkates, R. Grimshaw, C. Novak, K. Flerlage, M. Sulaski, S. Krueger, S. Teele, S. Jordak, D. Farner, K. O'Connor, B. Meyer, T. Mor- ris, K. Wajerski, D. Frejd x If df? Qtxfffe Xlkili-lil 131 Faculty Panache: Symbol of Learning S 134 Executive Board District 214 Members of the School Board are responsi- ble for the educational operations and programs of District 214. Theirs is a job not well known to the people it most affects, the students. This group of concerned individuals sets the rules by which schools in District 214 must abide. It also fosters the educational climate in which students can learn. Dr. Edward Gilbert, Superintendent Bottom Row: Mrs. Leah Cummins: Dr. Frank J. Smith, Presidentg Mrs. Ethel E. Beal: Top row: Raymond A. Erickson Ray mond A. Bachhuber, Secretary: Frank R. Bergen: Arthur E. Aronson. ..,, ,,,s44"' I 0. Mr. Donald Fyfe, Mr. Righter Farris, Mr. Charles Aldrich, ' Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Director of Student Activities i 1 9 Elk Grove High School s Administrative Team A Mr. Robert Haskell, Principal The word administration, according to Webster, means a body of men who administer. Yet, a school administration cannot only be a groiip of men who look on. Our administrative staff does much more. One of its main objectives is to create better com- munications between students and school. Next in line is understanding student affairs and desires. In fulfilling these aims, our administrators accomplish a larger goal, one of maintaining an educationalfat- mosphere in the school. Each of our administrators pictured on this page has his own place in the school to fill. Mr. Haskell, to whom this year's Montage is dedicated, is the guiding spirit for Elk Grove. Mr. Fyfe is responsible for the educational procedures of our school. Mr. Farris is well known to our student body in his ca- pacity of guiding students. Mr. A'ldrich is responsi- ble for the many extra-curricula? activities that make Elk Grove outstandingf 1' , ,. . fl 1' Q35 I' F ,Q 135 Mr Callsch marches to the beat of a different drum Mr HoIt's jolly disposition stimulates interest in science students. EQ f""f T V fi: S 7 f y Mr. JayA hley-Police Counselor. Mrs. DianneAnrlerzson-English. Mrs. Mary Beth Anderson-Counselor, Junior class sponsor. Mr. Robert Anderson-Industrial Educa- tion. Mrs. Joyce Ankerberg-Nurse, Health Ca- reers Club Sponsor, N.Y.C. Sponsor. Mr. VictorA uigliano-Physical Education. Mr. Richard Bader-Science tNot Pic- turedl. Mrs. Mary Barber-Counselor. Mr. Ronald Benes-Social Science, Social Science Club Advisor. Mrs. Hilda Blanco-Foreign Language. Mr, Robert Bloom-Science. Miss Linda Brent-Business Education, Pep Club Sponsor, Pom-Pon Squad Spon- sor. Miss Joan Brunner-Special Education 1Not Picturedl. Mr. Richard Calisch-Division Head of English and Fine Arts, Humanities. Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell-Foreign Lan- guage, French Club Sponsor, Mr. Vincent Carioti-Counselor, Senior class Sponsor. Mr. Richard Chierico-Social Science. Mr. Paul Christmas-Mathematics. Mrs. Kathleen Ch-vrchel-English, Var- sity Debate Coach. Mrs. Marilyn Cobb-Special Education. Mr. Raymond Coleman-Social Science. .lliss Nora Connors-Foreign Language. Mr. Dale Coventry-English, Assistant TrackCoach. Mrs. Sharon Cuculic-Business Educa- tion, Business Education Club Sponsor, C.W.A. Coordinator. Miss Linda Dale-English, Reading Lab, C.W.A. Teacher. Mr. Gerald David-English, Folk Art So- ciety Sponsor, Assistant Debate Coach. Nliss Frances Dean-Counselor. Mr. George Ergang-Social Science. Mrs. Helen Esser-Home Economics. Miss Dorothy Evans-Counselor. Mr. Britton Farroh-Mathematics, Fresh- men Football and Wrestling Coach. Mvf' Brendan Flynn-Mathematics, Assist- r' ant Football Coach. Mr. Merrill Froney-Division Head of Math and Science, Key Club Sponsor. Mr. Fred Gaines-Physical Education. Mrs. Ann Garcia-Foreign Language. Mr. Fred Gorman-Foreign Language, La- tin Club Sponsor. Mff Kenneth Grams-Business Education, Assistant Basketball and Baseball Coach. Mr. Valdis Grants-Foreign Language. gn. l ef- 1. K in . , K s I ld? , - Y W V . Q' ' U7 A 4 2t-'1 ' - .1-'W 'X -fr. f..t'f1 ii'ititf "" as . t Miss Brent assists student, Karen Johnson, in first-hour typing class. fs .K .1 Um... .L 137 Mrs. Mildred Hale-English, Physical Ed- ucation. Mr. Thomas Hansen-Social Science. Mrs. Lucille Harter-Foreign Language, Color Guard Sponsor. Mrs. Colleen Heimberger-Study Hall. Mr. Harold Henson-Division Head of Prac- tical Arts. Mr. Thomas Herrmann-English, Director of Speech Activities and Events, NFL sponsor. Mr. R obert Hodge-Art, Art Club Co-Sponsor, Scale Modelers Club Sponsor. Mrs. Lavone Holt-English, Montage Ad- visor. Mr. William Holt-Science. Mrs. Phyllis Hurley-Librarian. Mrs. Mary Huyck-Mathematics. Mrs. Susan Kaineg-Social Science Mrs. Susan Kauzlarich-Science, Riding Club Sponsor. Mr. Randall Knudsen-English. Mrs. Phyllis Koss-Business Education. Mrs. Irene Krueger-Librarian. Mrs. Lorraine Laing-Study Hall Mrs. Betty Larson-Science. Mr. Scott Lebin-English, Drama Club Sponsor, Director of Drama, Sponsor of National Thespian Troupe 61503. Mr. Leonard Lebovitz-Science. Mrs. Margaret LeFebUre-Home Econom- ics. Mr. Samuel Leopardo-Social Science. Miss Dorothy Lewis-Social Science. Mrs. Sandrya Linh-Home Economics, Home Economics Club Sponsor. Mr. Robert Lorenz-Industrial Education CNot Picturedl. Miss Bonnie Lou Loufek-English. Mr. Norman Lovelace-Physical Educa- tion iNot Picturedl. Miss Betty Mathews-Physical Education, Leaders' Club Sponsor. Mr. John Mazurek-English, Creative Writing Club Co-Sponsor. llflrs. Patricia McGee-Physical Educa- tion, Cheerleading Sponsor. Henson explains the safety techniques of Practical Arts to Larry Gudall Doug Olson and Bill Wogelius. .llrz A lberl .llilfsis-Psychologist. Mrs. Mamaret Anderson-Physical Edu- cation. Mr. Richard Mudge-Physical Education. Mr. Thomas O'Drisc0lI-Director of Pu- pil Personnel. Mr. Alvin Olson-Science. Mrs. Murjo1'1'0 Olson-Division Head of Social Science and Foreign Language. Mr. Thomas 0r,f3un-Business Education, Distributive Education Club Sponsor. Mr. lJdl'l'll Oswald-Director of Audio-Visual Services. Miss f,'Ul'l1!.VlI Otlv-Science. Mr. Alan OtloiPhysical Education lNot Picturedh. .llrs. A nn Utzen-Social Science. Mr. Phillip Parflu 11-Science. Miss Gerlrurle Paslryl:+Social Counselor. .llrz Larry Pwldy-Physical Education. .lllz John Pvlcrs-Science, Mr. Douglas 1,Fl6l'.N42l1-MUSlC KBandJ, Hu- manities. .llr. .Veal Pelcrsorz-Science, Assistant Ten- nis Coach, Astronomy Club C0-Sponsor. 140 z w N .,,, A - l ,IQ f. . ., - I . , if? ,V I E K sf: E f h M . X V 1 I .5 . , M QW ' - 'f' ' Ls' .2g,,..,.:i1?g., -'iznzzcijfii i. '2'f'Qf,7 A Mr. James Pink-Art. Mr. Joseph Prendergast-English. Mr. James Prow-Counselor. Mr. Morris Pu mphrey-Science. Mr. Ronald Raben-English, Director of V-Show and Contest Play: Co-Sponsor of Drama Club. Mr. Herbert Rang!-Foreign Language, German Club Sponsor. Mr. George Reat-Social Science lNot Pic- turedl. Mr. Robert Rees-Mathematics Varsity Basketball and Cross Country Coach. Mrs. Karen Reilherman-Speech Correc- tionist. 'iiifzr fix. ,Jif- Mr. Hodge gets plastered by art student Tom Wanser. "' i A ca f ' 'Q -4.41 ' 4 N N ? . . . Z3 Mr. Thomas Rife-Social Science. Miss Karen Ri!!-English. Mrs. Laurie Rossi-English, Ski Club Sponsor, Ski Racing Team Coach. Mr, Wilbur Roth-Mathematics. Mr. Ken neth R undquist-Mathematics, Fresh man Basketball Coach, Varsity Tennis Coach. Mr. Lynn Salier-Counselor. Mrs. Marjorie Schaller-English. Mr. Robert Schellenberg-Social Science. Mr. Donald Schnake-Physical Education, gootlilall Coach, Assistant Basketball oac . Miss Hanna Schwitzky-Special Education. Mrs. Katherine Sherman- Business Edu- cation, F.T.A. Sponsor, Business Club Sponsor. Mr. Lowell Simmer-Self Imposed Sched- ule Director. Mrs. Judith Skjordahl-Business Educa- tion, Business Education Club Sponsor. Miss Virginia Smith-Physical Education, G.R.A. Sponsor. Mr. Dominic Sparacino-Science, Chem- istry Club Sponsor. Mr. Vernon Stahnke-Industrial Education, V.I.C.A. Sponsor. Miss Janet Steffen-English. Mr. Barry Stoughton-Mathematics, F.T. A. Sponsor. Mrs. Jacquelyn Summers-English. Mr. Harry Swenson-Music tChorusl, Tri- M Club Sponsor. Faculty Lead Miss Marilyn Thacker-Mathematics. Mr. Robert Tipsword-Division Head of Physical Education. Mr. Jacob Turban-Mathematics, N.H.S. Sponsor. Mr. Stephen Uhl-Mathematics, Computer Club Sponsor. Miss Sandra Wade tKershawj-English. Mr. James Walker-Art, Art Club Spon- sor. Mrs. Loretta Walker-Physical Education, Orchesis director. Mr. Joseph Wellman-Social Science, Jour- nalism, Guardian Advisor. Mr. Raymond Wells-Foreign Language, Spanish Club Sponsor. Mr. Edward Whitcombe-Special Educa- tion. Mr. George Whittier-Industrial Educa- tion CNot Picturedb. Mr. Gerald Woollard-Science. Mrs. Jeanne Zimmerman-Counselor. A MV' Vlwf'tfl'M 9 fvlfllgf wa., . . ,. , .gg as: if A I 5 EH' fe f Q t f Q I if 9- Y t 1 H" I' 5. L1 1- -foie , y, .muff-22-.f f fm 1 . V 3 5 as Q is A gi X , S ... J ff " X vw ' A , 212523. lf' f .xy E. 'ff - ,- -Y e ..' K r - tudents . Giga' er ' wr " ' , igxifx ,-5 Y-fn af - ,ar ...D 3'-X 9. gl To Academic Victory 141. 142 1. .QQ-f -S". . XJ 7 f-'17 'xl' 'ir' ,Front Row: Mrs. Zimmerman, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Grindelg Second Row: Mrs. Scopa, Mrs. Berger, Mrs. Werner, Mrs. Curtis, Mrs. McWherter, Mrs. Celin. Office Keeps Administration Running Srnoothly Front Row: Mrs. Little, Mrs. Carey. Mrs. Blast: Second Row: Mrs. Wohlford, Mrs. Schmehl, Mrs. Gallis, Mrs. Foringer, Mrs. Norman, Mrs. Walter, Mrs. Amendola. yr.-A M, BX ' :W - Mg Front Row: Pat Gersdorf, Grace Geiger, Evelyn Siegbahn, Ger- Row: Pat Ricks, Dorothy Radzio, Eleanore Paolini, Elianor trude Wille, Theresa Browning, Dorothy Nilsson, Mary Soutar, Abraham, Claudia Pemberton, Helen Knoblauch, Mary Ann Wa- Rosemary Privitera, Lovina Gokey, Eleanore Lindburg: Second ldbillig, Nancy Voss. Cafeteria taff and Custodians Lend a Helping Hand. John Nelson, Maury Undenstock, William Canar, John Kengoley, Mel Taseke, Barney Runge, Santigo Martinez. 143 Undergraduates Classes of'7O, '71, '72 lk Grove Seal: Symbol of Victory nr 4:11-Ines: ' """i'F'w"im14E H A W . 145 146 Junior Class Board-Bottom Row: Terry Morris, Treasurer, Sue Swanson, President, Pat Palezny, Secretary, Rick Chasseyg Row 2: Pam Robbins, Lynn Leopardo, Pat Paolinig Row 3: Bob L, .1 1 by Khun, Quincey Lowing, Wendy Berns, Chris Heimosg Top Row: Stephanie Faracy, Jeanne Weadley, Kathy Serges, Carol Maier. Juniors, '70 "Stupendous" was the word to describe the Juniors as they worked toward raising funds for that never-to-be-forgotten night, the Junior-Senior Prom, "Cherish." They sponsored the annual Powder Puff Football Game, sold senior class pins, and sponsored football and basketball concessions. While not raising money or producing spirit, the Juniors found time to win the canned-food drive. The spirited and eager class of '70 was led in its efforts by President, Sue Swanson, Vice President, Peggy Olson: Secretary, Pat Paleznyg and Treasurer, Terry Morris. Juniors Joe Abata, Linda Abernathy, Arnold Abraham, Stephen Adreon, Ray Aiello, Cliff Albert, Lawrence Aleff Susan Altamore, Jerry Ancona, Joy Anderson, Beth Armstrong, Barb Ar- nold, Cheryl Arnt, Marcia Aronson Richard Ashby, Denise Augustine, Larry Bachus, Gary Bailey, Anita Barnes, Pam Bast, Colleen Bateman Mary Ann Bateman, Greg Bearer, Chris Beck, Steven Becker, Norma Bedford, John Beers, Belia Benavides Sheliah Bernard, Wendy Berns, Debra Berthold, Nancy Beyer, Terry Bieze, Belinda Bigham, Wendy Bilhuber Lee Blast, Barbara Blazek, Robert Boebel, Larry Bollmann, Virginia Bonovich, Charmaine Borzewski, Sharon Bostedt Jeff Boyer, Brenda Bragg, Christine Bratko, Michelle Brennan, Michael Brown, Steve Brown, Bruce Bryant Kevin Byrne, Ann Caldwell, Michael Callahan, James Camphouse, Jesse Cano, Jovita Cano, Gail Carone Tom Carpenter, Linda Cassara, Marie Castiglione, Charles Cating, Harry Cating, Mike Cavanagh, Cary Cayette Rick Chassey, Kevin Chesney, Chris- tine Chisholm, Gale Clark, Robert Clark, Teresa Clauss, Deborah Cliver Valerie Clyde, Daniel Coit, Terrence Coll, Suzanne Condon, Maureen Con- nery, Sheryl Cook, William Cook Gail Cooper, Sandra Copeland, Paul Crawford, Richard Creedon, John Crispe, Alan Czarnecki, Peter Czarnecki - .Q , l r V, ' ' , 93" A A ' , 2 uk ' 111 1 ,a l , it i gala!-a K I K A' 4 V I ..., , rr an in - ' ' 'J .YQ 1 ff i 8 fi? , fi r ' ""'- iz. A F 71 i - jew i fi: i QW-r. T ' . ,Y 'I ,.- H Q ,fy X., J . ,bn B bf Z , U ' Q, ., f il U fer- i A , J! M C i kv XY K i i li.' ? J! M , Q S , . EJ Q ,- If A r'QQ,-fi C ' Vi , W T' , ,,,, 1 I , px 3 A 5 f -va a- iv A hifi! ., , ' i' V 1 'B T ft . - e "TH 'C' fifi I V if X-QV - V , . T - -g pL T - ts- A- E4 w fs ,re ff hid. 4: V- i if fi - ii s A -it X r 147 148 Juniors Bonnie Dahl, Angie D'Amico, Patricia Davidson, Ralph Davis, James Dean, Geoff Demuth, Robin Delude Gregory DeOrio, Dennise Derby, Thomas Dimond, Julie Divito, Karen Doherty, Kathryn Dolby, Gary Domme Marsha Donald, Davis Douthit, Bart Doyle, Tom Doyle, Tom Doyle, Sandra Dukewich, Robert Duncan Stephen Dwojakowski, Pat Ecklund, Charles Ehmann, Jennifer Ellery Jane Erlandson, Glenn Estry, Lynn Evans, Susan Evans, Leroy Fanslow, Stephanie Faracy, Jack Fazio i , 5 . . , 'Q 5 , 5 Q 3 5 X sl , x l 3 R ' t v I vi" f nrie , Q, v, 4 my N 5 f,2Q ,f It g g fr 4, , t 2 'L . Q . H -df' K . K f f K .e , iff? , fs J A ' . . A A z Z wnl N V :ff ., b 7 Ev kk i 'ii . kk i f ,.ff , J' I F A 1 El so is s F ,., is , f Powderpuff Turnabout, A Great Success r'sis 2' ' - ' J R 2 A H ,f EXW fr 4 k T 'af' V J ' H a .- - ! in f ,Qif " ' 3 A 1, I YH 1 . ' ' N C if ,ssy y , A ' ii , If e gg ki"l' Z' 0,8 ,Wie , J... - x fskgi JA 'Z 51' 0 :L V! i M ,,.' 1 7 , ff ill .Ji A ,YEL 'la 4 In , -5 ' . Li l 'f f 'fs s 37 X., t J s ji -'r' is cfs at s J -ui 4 1 Qu I W A90 - ri'-A 1 " w by J J LM " ' isgif ni if - , i I y X , Catherine Fecenko, Maureen Feely, Benny Fernandez, Sharon Ficarelli, Jeff Fiero, Frank Filskov, Ronald Fink Flerlage, John Flesch, Steven William Flowers, Tony For- Daniel Fortmann, Keith Fox Kathryn Flowers. tenberry. Fox, Vicki Fraher, Sharon Jeffrey Froysland, Caren Fruitt, Connie Fruitt, John Fylpaa Thomas Franck, Tony Garces, Katherine Gardynski, Richard Garibaldi, Colleen Gaynor, Sandra Gentner, Kathleen Gianaris, Marcia Gieringer Ronald Gilszmer, Thomas Glatzmayer, Christine Glejf, Richard Glenz, Mar- garet Gorman, Sharon Gosse, Robert Gotsch vi it Mr ' W 54 . ,- , A 1' .i H :lv ' ii 6 pi 'C .1 3 s w f x If SJ as , -1 C it ' f" L-A . W' . s wg!! b I 3-l Juniors Gloria Gragnani, Louise Grandt, Wil- liam Grauf, Joseph Greco, Pamela Green, Marie Grieco, Kevin Griffin David Griffith, Susan Gross, Linda Guastaferri, Nancy Guercio, Mary Gu- tierrez, William Gutzman, Gregory Haar Donald Hachmeister, Michael Hahn, Marty Hahn, Dana Haich, Marianne Hall, Robert Hall, Michael Halladay David Hansen, Kathleen Hansen, Lynn Hansen, Paul Hanson, Robert Hanson, Steve I-Iarnish, Claudia Harris Sandy Hartmann, Clark Harvey, James Haskell. Thomas Hatzold, Caryn Hau- ser, Rhonda Hazle, Thomas Heimberger A Juniors: '68-'69 Winners of Canned Food Drive A ' Q 5' ,K . , -gs - I --vs , Christine Heimos, Curtis Hejduk, Wil- ,,,, i -'fi s , 1 nam Helbig, Linda Ann Hemmons, I , nigga A sf s Linda Hendriclison, Barbara Henry, Ii 4 1. e,3:fXjM , j -, . , 2,.a 1f ,V ,.. Willard Henry ' Q " ' Mi",:.2',.f:a2f5.?a if if f 1 , so , , A V, g, , A V ' :pf I 1 , ,. . - -V I-1 fi ' 4' 1 f ' ' David Hess, Wm Haysf, Richard Hil- M! gf rf blom, Pamela Hildebrandt, Robert Hils a - ' ' , ,,,, . 1 A , ' , A s ' gers, David Hinckley, Sheri Hofer K s "' VV J - H Q V , M S 5 v I , 4. s f If' 'f' Gerry Hoffstetter, Gordon Hollywood, K' ' 'W ' ' S Linda Holmes, Linda Hoste, Barbara ' -,,,5.,,, L ,,, W Hopley, Leslie Hopkins, Andrea Horsley 'V' if I fr 1' vs C f' Y 's Kerry Huffman, Linda Hughes, Susan gp ' gg' gy ' Ingersoll, Angela Inzerello, James Is- vi , if J f berner, Ronald Jacobson, Martin 'A F i Jakubek 'W C- wi' A ' C Victoria Jans. Sue Jasper, Paul Jasz- 5 in -C ' it u, I ig , ka, Cynthia Jensen, Barry Johnson, ,,.,,ajg,, V' S, , if ,,,, 'T ' a sia S s Floyd Johnson, Karen Johnson 5,548 QM , s vig' as , f f kills., - r f 149 150 . d t , L I J if 'wg 3 4 ' Qi K 5:55, 2.9 ' -ff f 1, ...K A..- -9- ' f L in - 'f-,Mg gall, s-.,, Q ,53 1 ir .5 , Y xS"s . he 1, sy M' X Future Leaders Ronald Kotal, Carole Kozler, Lynette Koval, Thomas Kropski, Janet Krue- ger, Pamela Krull, Robert Kuczynski William Kuecks, Bobbi Kuhn, Cathy Kulasik, Robert Kussin, John LaFay- ette, Margarita LaMont, Randi Lampert Kathleen Laprise, Sue Lauzon, Howard Layman, Mark Leininger, Alan Lemke, Jay Leonteos, Lynn Leopardo Janet Lewis, Mark Lichter, Marge Liotine, Lou-Anne Lipner, Julie Lip- son, Linda Lishka, Nancy Long Michael Losch, Quincey Lowing, Thad Lowry, Susan Luell, Donald Lundgren, Sandra Lundgren, Bonnie Mabeley L as f J ' umors 1 ,Q K 1 v Lynn Johnson, Robert Johns-on, Mari- 13 'l x K . ' beth Johnston, Gail Jones, Philip Jones, 'em :ix ' A Vg -V JW- . ' - 5 Steven Jones, Suzanne Jordak ug 4, H ' ' gp , 5. . m XL Sharon Jung, Nadeen Jurjovec, Ricki if Q, if Kamberg, Vicki Kambert, Susan Kandy- ' ' A ' 1 'A be, Bill Kasallis, Alan Kawano fvjt Michael Kaye, Bradley Keller, Karen Vi ' Kellermann, Margaret Kerr, Marius I Kesler. Kenneth Kessner, Maria Kezios ,flirt L If Dorothy Khoshaba, Greg King, Becky . , QQ H, S 9 :u - Kirchway, Robert Klamer, James 'lf' 'I Kleisner, Paul Klinger, Philip Kmett J QL q l ' . g Sandra Koch, Lisa Koenig, Gary Kohn- W ke, Cheryl Konishi, Kathleen Kornacki, I .5 " 5 Larry Kosinski, Gerald Koske of the Fighting Grenadiers L 2 at r e L! , 1 1 g N 1 ff- Il If. ' J , XE .,,.1 ,V,,, h by 5 L x if L Q-E' " gg A' S fy, ff ,, ' I ,L in L 4 'iiii L' i' ri? , fa Ebel Nitlll ,ww N f' it ,fe sry Juniors Christine Mahoney, Carol Maier, Larry Malinowski, Kathryn Mark, Linda Martin, Herbert Martinez, Orlando Martinez Fred Martucci, Linda Marvin, Dennis McAndrew, Michael McCormack, Lloyd McDivitt, Ricky McDole, Leslie McDonald John McGill, Mark McKenzie, Patricia McKisic, Marianna McNichols, Linda Mellenthin, Gloria Memenga, John Mendygral Philip Messina, Pamela Metcalf, Jan- ice Meyer, Michael Michela, Larry Michelsen, William Miedema, Wayne Mikos Darlene Miller, Douglas Mitsuoka, Jesus Montemayor. Janet Montgomery, Lloyd Moreau, Debbie Morehouse, John Morgan Terry Morris, John Moy, Rita Moy, Dennis Myhre, Renita Nansel, Joyce Nardi, Kathleen Nardiello Lawrence Nelson, William Nelson, Adrienne Nepodahl, Deborah Newhall, Linda Newman, Nancy Nischke, Dawn Nitschneider Michael Nolan, Deborah Norfolk, Claudia Novak, Mary O'Brien, David O'Hara, Keith Okerstrom, Douglas Olson Peggy Olson, Wayne Olson, Donna Ols- zewski, Dennis Oltz, Jo Ann Omahana, Judith Omahana, Jane Onorati Bill Ottens, Judy Otto, Michael Pagel. Patricia Paleczny, Rick Parikow, Pa- tricia Paolini, Christopher Papas Clyde Parrish, Leonard Patinella, Debbie Payne, Michele Pearson, Donna Peeper, Karen Pekarek, Judith Perr Janet Petersen, Glenn Peterson, Kris- tine Peterson, Sandra Peterson, Angela Piermarini, Eugene Pinder, Phillip Piscitello I 1 -r 'i 4 Q -L.: as , 1 4 I " ' - W ll s A I yi 21 X22 yfw ,fain .5 J. eq, 4 P I Q l J J J Ji, : , X .. VL ,JL 1 r '7 , J . flflqlgis ,Ff,Ww,i ,,,, ,s,, ,cri f - I I, fgl to Q lllll Ji Asll, ig? gi i 2 J in Y 3 f ' s','i1 if bl Q ,JE L " Qlfa ,si Q- V K iiiki A I D 5 . s . t ssly , - . sfg,' J 7 -- ' ,,,, f 1, A . Q 5 1 l , , J J' so X' f -N W ' L r s,s s ,s,,,,, J L, ,,,,, , 3 x ,Q .sysst j,EQ .,,,,,, , , 1 - ie J Q it " i'lli QQ U+f+wlr4ilM, gy t?4'L f fo ""' e ,H ,1 , r K "f'5,,., A vfkllsf -, . 5 V A , ,.,.. . . V 'wa' f,l1 H Lilly 5 r r li ' S- . f s--V7 ,NME V at . , . ff cf A ,gs f L ,J ,if fv 5:-j J so ., . t F23 y o,jf . .Qi In f,f s , ' 2 'X 'wi V . " L J , J '2 5 i Y X 2, .X , P, lei vr izj ip iigiiggg ! ,, I -Q V 1' MX I v f ,,,, Y A7 Q I j V il :VVJ 4' in A l , fi uliii. inf: 151 152 ,.. ff, A S b ,A K V IV , X yt, My my ,, K , ff ,' ' 'A '15, , ,ygyfw s Mi, , . .Fwy ' f b ' ' kr K . . 'M' . . J ., was it ra .J i 'tip AZ-, i in A 1:1 ff" I ' , c ,, J 'J in 4 . ' . A ' I ' X il- 4.4 ' 1 'lg -QR' , 53 1 'jg' Rf I A ff A my - , 1 l ,, ,, I r Wx- .- gi ' if ' V' 'P i X - R I X s Ri 3 . . N- . - K f T I . V, ' v 1 i 1 .27 J -Zara? . .J ' ' 6 , 4 - K J x 1 ' ' el B .ii S J S J V gilt lwf elf ibii , H' "N fl I Juniors Nancy Poethkow, Donna Pollitz, Owen Porter, Gregory Powell, Emil Pratt, Michael Precin, Jacqueline Puzzo Laura Quan, Christina Rabattini, An- thony Rabicki, Michael Rader, Doris Raffelson. Dennis Rambo, Scott Rand Linda Rapp, Christy Reed, Roark Reed. David Reily, Judy Retzke, David Ris- tau, Cheri Rito Cheryl Rizzo, Richard Roach, Nancy Roberts, Pamela Robins, Richard Rob- inson, Richard Rohn, Debra Rolfe Mike Rolph, Eric Rose, Jeffery Roth, Barbara Rozanski. Ray Rozko, Craig Rudolph, Steven Ruggiero Juniors Are Sponsors of the Senior Prom Richard Rusesky, David Sakata, Gary Sakata, Charles Sakowicz, Robert Sa- noshy, James Sarantakos, Kathryn Savino Frank Scaletta, Virginia Schallau, Barbara Scherer, Jean Schillinger, Susan Schlamp, David Schlau, Andri- enne Schlegel Eileen Schmidt, Steve Schmidt, Lana Schnell, Linda Schnell, Kip Schroeder, Ed Schultz, Frank Schultz Kenneth Schumacher, Leroy Schwerin, Wendie Sebastian, Kathleen Serges, Bobby Severson, William Shabec, Mi- chael Shearn Robert Sheldon, Barbara Siemianow- ski, Cathy Siewerth, Robert Simonson, Laurence Skarda, Cynthia Skibinski, Cynthia Skridulis , tk 'S 'i 17' I P Sf' fii' S ,,-,-M , , . J X V' ,"i e l . A as ,N X, L , ii M , i ia..,1if-.2-Y lg? li .rfi fri , X rl -I ,. 1 . :sax " 1 . Q P f' as + ' 2 , s e ,Q , if , t to J . S i 5 -' if 1-53 1 ffm tk "'5fl23-"Sf: '-'54 i' S Juniors Sharon Small, Josiah Smith, Valerie Smitherman, David Snellman, Edward Sobon, John Sparer, Michael Spiess Donna Sronkoski, James Stafford, Amy Sue Stanley, Gregory Stecks, Dale Stef- fy, Anne Steinbock, Maralee Stewin Larry Stiff, Patricia Stinger, Claudia Stingley, Karen Stolle, Janet Stowell, Robert Striegel, Gail Sullivan Debra Summers, William Sutter, Debo- rah Svobda, Sue Swanson, Tany Swan- son, David Swenson, Barbara Syversen Sally Teele, Richard Teeters, Bill Tews, Elaine Texidor, Gregory Thomas, Mark Thompson, Rebecca Tichy 'ffs. i ' :L riit fy -J ,Y A 'f , . :gs , l WW M l 5.69 3' 4 , A L mg iel' r lf ,N J if iw, J J A i .'.: ' H A , JL A lib, pri, l ly ,PX , 'Ahh A ' , il PAQ" ? ' f FSTP l ' Q54 'C' . Y' A A . A 'I ' KN:-s. , 1 :Y l 'f s XX I AL.A A . li L ' 1 S U 'Q A 5 ga'-'T "Nl lu A J , A 1 3 ,.,'- gflfff-.ff','.' 3fr E ' J' ea " A 2 f 'if' if .J I as , ia-s rl, V, " ' Juniors: A Better- Than-Average Class A .Zi gi 5' v y , g 1 ,M if . y we-1 r X . ' .-X. i X sq? I qt K if -V , LV Q , ' if ,- xv, P V J 15 C fi? I If QE ' flu' ff? J ,ssy , CU ' -fgh l " 2: "-.kA W.. V ,N i 1 V- V V3 . ng ,.. ' '.':Frw.'.v Q , M , N f x A . S sy 3 A ,,, V , Susan Tokay. Paula Tolp, Nik Tomich. Patricia Tompkins, Chris Tordsen, Charna Tringali, Sharon Trudan Janice Turner, Christine Ukleja, John Uragami, Thomas Uttenreuther, Char- les Vaccarello, Chuck Vaid, Andrea Valentine William Vandivere, Lynne Venlos, Gfify Vesey. Barbara Vilim, Becky Vlllars, Joan Vink, William Vittal Robert Vokoun, Patricia Voss, Nancy Voyta, Kathryn Wajerski, Judith Walc- zak, Karen Waldenmaier, Brenda Waldrep James Wallen, Linda Walser, Dale Walter, Owen Walther, Linda Wasch- busch, Jeanne Weadley, Judith Webb 153 l -Q 1541 X J Q uniors . - uf A , Q Q-ei if .-if Qi. if H . V Ann Marie Weir, Rene Marie Wel- A - , if Q, ' , M , , nicki, Robert Westerberg, Cathy fifzfgw - 4 if "f---ff' ' W W' J. Widner, Thomas wierzbinski, Jeff ' ,, ' Williams, Charmaine Willis i 1. . - Q 5 A ii P7 in ' ' i 1. .. ,i I f V '4 Barrie Winstone, Gene Wintz, Susan ' ' 3 0 , ,A M "", Wishon, Mark Wohlford, William Woj- lf I i U A L, x 'I 3 'S' tkiewicz, Jeffrey Woloshyn, Judith I f. I V, Anne Wood P i v 7 ' 1 - P- . . l -Q + 'L ' ii s Y' X, ' in Robert Woods, Dawn Wooley, Robyn A Q i' if K 1' ' , f ff' V 2 Wright, James Wygle, Donna Yatteau, xii ,,, X 5 . . X is A l ' K - 'fi ' V91 43 K Y Gary Zielinski, Shari Zerebiny NO! Piclufffi Matthew Ad3lTlCZyk, Laura Al'ld9l'SOI1- JOSE!-Uh Vicky Nemmers, Carole Nestelberger, David Nicoll, Ingrid Arsenault, Doyle Bartley, Gary Blake, Gary Brown, Robert Browning, Dennis Butterfield, Kathy Connors, Josephine Di- Cosola, Joseph Digangi, David Dotson, Pamela Drelicharz, Peggy Fiebernitz, Linda Giarratano, Cathy Gildersleeve, Rich- ard Hilblom, Nancy Hischke, Brenda Horn, Jennifer Jobelius, James Jones, Michael Kostopoulos, William LaMont, Linda McCann, Jimmie McDonald, Michael Mitnick, William Naylor, Beth Armstrong finds herselfa bit embarrassed. Phelan, Eunice Philbin, Susan Potter, Ronald Pratt, David Rossol, Felicia Scarpelli, Robert Schaefer, Ronald Schira, Robert Schulz, Lori Scobell, Diane Shore, John Spasari, Ed- ward Stines, Patricia Treanor, Janet Veltum, Donald Voight, Michael Walberg, Linda Wherry, Keith Wichmann, Pamela Williams, William Willis, Betty Wosik Val Clyde watches intently, hoping for a TD. ,f T53 K A 5 ' Z -is ,xyssz 3 . :Ex Y, i 1 .1 1 ' Q 32 X523 QQ 1 'V . ii W gf: r- Q 1 .12 If Q 1 , is f s r . asv. ,. E . t.f fi 1 I 'Sw V - I 1 g V A5 , R . T F? ,ll ,3 K af T -' , , F ,g gf .sv mx 3 - . if ,sas ge Qs. 'Ps-J Front row: Bonnie Popp, treasurer, Diane Rasmussen, secre- tary: Debbie Khoshaba, vice-president: Larry Turner, presi- dent: Row 2: Linda Teslik, DeVota Austin, Laura Heinemann, Lynn Durning, Row 3: Bonnie Baselt, Nancy Lunak, Kathy Sev- An excited Roxann Padula cheers Grenadiers on to victory. fi 2 ,Q erns, Joyce Cantrell: Row 4: Becky Cantrell, Cindy Fields Kim Ross, Amy Klopp: Back row: Cindy Moran, Craig Yama moto, John Shera, Geneva DiSilvio ophomores f71 The sophomore class was led this year by president, Larry Turnerg vice-president, Debbie Khoshabag secretary, Diane Rasmusseng and treas- urer, Bonnie Popp. During Homecoming Spirit Week, the Sophomores showed their spirit by wearing '71 shirts. Friday the thirteenth was lucky for the Sopho- mores as they won the Spirit Cup for the second year in a row, this time in a game against Glenbard. To bring a good year to a close during the spring of '69, the Sophomores sponsored a turnabout dance, which was a big success. Tedette Crosby watches intently as Grenadiers battle on the field. 156 Sophomores Bob Abata, Dave Abernathy, Nick Adams, Nancy Albert, Joe Allbright, Mark Allison, Toni Amatore Pat Anderson, Linda Applequist, An- gela Arnold, James Arrajj, Devota Austin, Jeanne Baker, Jim Barden Pat Bartlett, Pam Barton, Sue Barton, Cheryl Bartuce, Bonnie Baselt, Dean Bastounes, Tom Baumstark Ken Beck, Allan Benson, Curt Berge- mann, Matthew Berry, Greg Berto, Carol Baiardo, Barbara Bishop Lucy Bitte, Linda Blandford, Kathleen Blue, Lorraine Blume, Stephen Boggs, Ralph Bonnin, Vincent Bono L- t A A J 6 , .N V: V A i f i K f' J m ' C l r it G 0 rf 1 21 7 'ffl W' L. , if . ffl' C Ci Li? kill!! lk A T. k, - ,,,,, , as ,rv f ' K ,L X " 5 3 ' W, , SAN I . A 'll-lg' 5 ff l? 'D. 4--' with ophomores Try Hard to be the Best N - 'nv r ' M .fi lfy I ' , 1 fa i 1 ' L I 4- ,glib Lv, ..r,' 3 4 4 in X ' in ff . . E n , Q. I hm-0 A n VL If .-.,- Q V I-1 Q. -,fy QC N l , fr? t if gl , ' M f X L Q --' -1 , 4, alt x, '- ' W Q 'EW all A X 1 We Gary Borg, John Bosslet, Linda Bow- man, Dan Box, John Boyle, Jeanne Bradley, Mark Brandt Greg Brauer, Eugene Brennen, Richard Brick, Christine Brown, Paul Brown, William Browning, Don Brunn Bill Buchholz, Donald Buehler, Dennis Burmeister, Kevin Burtt, Timothy Busse, Carmen Cabrera, Rose Calva Mary Campbell, Chris Cannizzo, Becky Cantrell, Joyce Cantrell, James Ca- rone, Dan Carroll, Phillis Carroll Tom Carroll, Bob Carroll, Alan Cerny, Pam Chepil, Penny Cholewinski, Joseph Chrabot, Adrian Christensen Sophomores Tom Claes, Kathleen Clapp, Mary Claps, Claudia Clark, Nora Clark, Sue Cline, Scott Clinton Philip Cocomise, Kevin Coll, Julie Collesi, Pamela Connelly, Patrick Connolly, Laura Conter, Manuel Contreras Linda Cook, James Cooney, Martin Cooper, Phil Cotini, Theresa Cousi- neau, Mary Cozzola, Steve Crail Tedette Crosby, Judy Culver, Nanci Curley, Roger Czerniak, Jeff Dailidas, Jim Dalcerro, Rita Danca Peter Daniel, Linda Darbee, William Deacon, Susan Dean, Jeri DeCarlo, John Deering, Susan Deevey William Defotis, Robert DeHaven, Den- nis Delcampo, Deana Dempsey, Ted DePalma, John Desmond, Christine Despain Rich DeVigne, Rennee Dewitt, Leo Diasio, Donna Didier, Daniel Digangi, John DiGiovanni, Patrick Dillon Kathleen Dimond, Geneva Disilvio, Robert Dodds, Neal Dorsey, Maureen Drysch, Rick Duke, Dan Dumelle Patrick Dunning, Lynn Durning, Tom Dutson, Jodie Dytko, Greg Dziem, Mike Eldredge, Robert Emslie Henry Ermel, Gary Esposito, Norene Estry, Bill Evans, June Evans, Joseph Fabos, Suzanne Fanslow Donna Farner, Steve Farrell, Robert Feller, Orlando Fernandez, Cynthia Fields, Thomas Finnerty, Ronald Fiorito Theres Fitzpatrick, Donald Flerlage, Richard Flude, Russell Folden, John Ford, Pat Forester, Kathleen Franke 1 , , t , , I 323 5 ,,,l , K f , A , J ' .ff --rg . ,fi If 'K'-.M .1 N ' K , ff: 5 y C tiki, We is . -, YN . . .:-:- J c i c 5 A , -F . - J ., 5 lf'-ia T X a ei, . S F A if fi f S. 57 - by 5' A P Wi Q, i, it i 'li' . ir , Afy, i M 'RQ l ,. 'T in V3 N ffl, 'ff 2 it fi, Wm xi' P ' is C' 'L ,.'l i Tas., -f iiii . ,. ,, ,,q L Q H -,iii . im W ' .,. ,Z lg asa. , h i s x , at r igid. FK 'J 1 C ,ig 1, J, F -1 Mia. K 4 , , 4 -' r w. in 4 A V Ani. 8 K ' -rx. i gf A ' X if ' afefBfi1'c'b,15qi5 of 1 ': 2 53 1 ' " N fl 2 ,. I' ,g l My Z , - ' F ic, it ,J , i y ,V . A, nl MNA XJ' , ' 3 157 158 Sophomores Cindy Freund, Jodie Funk, Grace Ga- halla, Rey Garces, Gloria Garza, Le- ticia Garza, Curt Gaylor Joann Geanconteri, Kathy Geisler, Steve Gersdorf, Ellen Gianaris, Peggy Gibisch, Rex Gilmore, James Gilson Robert Glejf, Martin Goerger, Karen Goeske, Tina Goloskewitsch, Nancy Gordon, Theodore Gore, Carol Greathouse David Grillaert, Rose Grimshaw, Jacob Groenhof, Sandra Grover, Randy Gru- ber, Donna Gruninger, David Guastaferri Kathy Gurnack, Linda Hachmeister, James Hackett, Charles Hadley, Ruth Hahn, Allen Hairr, Bob Hallman Sophomores 9, half' '7-'N 7 ik. . 1 4' V -if: Y ,Q -9' X , Qi' E . 'P 5 - Jlx x V 1 N 1. if f LA -, ix J J il Q ' J s , ,, . V 1 f I ..,. -1 L. E fj, rf' ' ,ft ff Q: U H .. H, ,I ,K kv .. . , f X A J - V B. I XJ e I Eva-fi X7 . '7' . , X'T."', 1 ' ' J EIL ,f - 'D , ,af if 1' - h ov., ,. t XJ? r, ww,-1 7 rg A V ,, 3 A is A . i, ,sm 1 ll bi-.,..-"Fa ll- :ff 'bn - X H qi ' Q' ,,V3,g!j 'W' fl J Q 'K ' S ' X , is . lr. , I V V - ' A lv W li . 4 in 4.2541 l , Wear '71 Shirts on Class Day , S , A . if- H I, X f - iii. 'R N-V ' -' v' g V iii. ' .,, Sarah Halverson, Ray Hansen, Geor- ' sv ' 4 H. 'fi , ! , gene Harris, Revis Harris, Brenda 'M , , ' L 4 M' N 4 Q Hart, Peter Hartman, Christine , ' 4 '11, . ' .K , , 'F 'F ' 1 ' X- ' - 4 Hartzell ' P VP , , ,am t -:V img, 3 ,, Lt, 1 'lr Phillip Heimberger, Laura Heinemann, P f J Vf' X A Alan Henderson, Peggy Hendricks, ,,,5 ,4Q Xf?,, M A ' by ' ,gf ' Robert Herrera, Dave Hilderbrand, s,ef'a,el'.c.,m. .si A ' g ii, s John Hilliard Q . S , . k A A ,V i 4, Li A 3, ,f r , ' , ' F he 'J Kathleen Hixson, Patricia Holmes, V X. H ' ' , . l jv,L:., 3545 ' Linda Hoos, Mark Hopkins, Mary Hor- D 1 - I 1.32.2 if nacek, John Hovey, Linda Huebner ' ki, G ,J L . N , fe V Steve Hufton, Ray Hughes, Janice Hur- ? ' f ,fi - '1"il " " fr ley, Pam Ibbotson, Jim Idstein, Jack is Q1 ' fs 4 If , Imlah, Cathy lfsch V 4' s ' Air .,:1 -vw 2, ' , ' 5 ifagi? . j 'MX I . - .fi x L., 1 ' ri ff' " l 3 ' 'Ai' , V 'L " John Issel, Gayle Jackson, Frances ,, , f , Q., H ,. Jacobs, Gwenn Jacobs, Robert Jacob- ,sfx XL i . -7 e 1 1 son, Patti Jarmuth, Jeffery Jarocki ophomores Heidi Jaschke, Susan Jaskuke, Debbie Jasper, Roberta Jay, Todd Jefferies, Karen Jeffries, Ernie Jensen Joseph Jobelius, Sharon Johnson, Steve Johnson, Jim Jones, Bill Jones, Su- zanne Jongleux, Lynn Jordan Mike Jordan, Vicky Justinick, George Kanagin, Randi Kapfhamer, Gail Kap- lan, Linda Keith, Deborah Kelley Ann Kesler, Debbie Khoshaba, Tom Kincaid, Cindy King, Sharon Kinsella. James Kleinpass, Andy Klest Robert Klingel, Mike Klinger, Amy Klopp, Kathy Knopf, Jeff Kob, Kim Kohl, Teresa Komin Kim Krall, Susan Kramer, Shonnie Krueger, Debbie Kuminowski, Chris Kunze, David Landwehr, Ronald Landwehr Robert Langsfeld, James Larocco, Valerie Larson, Jeannette Lawson, Cheryl Layman, Robert Leibrock, Alan Lemke Dean Lemke, Chris Lesniak, Alan Le- wandowski, William Lienokken, Law- rence Liotta, Leroy Liotta, Robert Liptak Steve Long, Susan Lopresto, Steve Losch, Nancy Lunak, Debra Luzietti. Gary Madden, James Malmedahl Russell Malone, Jan Marcusson, Steve Maresso, Jackie Marmitt, Dan Martin, Robert Martin, Scott Martin Jean Martzel, James McBride, Barb McCabe, Virginia McCaffrey, Candy McCaffery, Karen McCann, Robert McCoy Mike McEvoy, Linda McGill, Jeff Mc- Kelvey, Denyse McLean, Kevin Mc- Mahon, Debbie McNichols, Craig McPherson Q k i V V my mf H I vii , 5 V I . ra N in 'Q I It ts , X! 2-f?41v1fr'l5Z 'S e L " .,...-if ' 39 A , ,- 'K Q I 1 . ' 5 S ' W i,'- 1 24 , . .- t W .Q l , 'V if i't Ta ' 7 f. L We 'Q S S Q 1,0 I Q L if l,,'i- I , X9 Q 31 S , K ' I I t K Al 5 J y ' A 7 l Qi . T? 1 AA ,, L X xx' A :DFA nv f-,,g-f,rq,14t 1 , L . . , I ' me . .av i L C' - X e . A A f ' . l 1 7, ,S H ,., , V H' , bl e . ml , Q ' ,,y,,yy,,yyy i z 5 it lnsu Jaffe F , -., ,, J, A 'V A LL r if . A ff it T ' 'hi Y V fi K. s, r Y 'S ' '12 Nl! 1. A ' 3 , 'tr' -, 'jf l MA .iK I iii 'ii Q Al- K gig iv V A 1 f .-r N ...,.. . . i , . f , ' r'.t r , X Q, ,' 1 A 'L 50- i' if J ,s V' 'ff -ZF2'12.5. f ,f in that :iii -' 159 160 Sophomores Barb Meiser, Rosemary Meluso, Cindy Meredik, Kathy Meyer, Steve Micek, Greg Michela, Bev Miedema Rick Milas, Kirk Miller, Madeline Mitsch, Al Mitsos, Nick Mitros, Dave Mollenkamp, James Moran Mike Morey. Paul Morris, Rosemary Mortenson, Maureen Nardi, Jane James Diana Neal Noga Rich- ard Mary O'Brien Patrick O'Brien, Mary O'Connor, Jan- ice O'Drlin, Evanthia Olos, Debby Ol- son, Dale Ostrowski, Jim Ottinger r 1 --. . 14 -'Y KX ll I 4: 1 - ' f 1 1 V, gl i ' Q ,0- Q' , , 1' it .. -V ' W N7 ff J ' f .r M Q, ,- ", 'Q . fl 'gllllvllejl A ' .s . 4 V f 1 , A f is ,v 14 'P ,,,,:fi K My 'V P, jg! ' . 5 I ,J , 4 iii w. ti Q' Xi .i'.'gaf Rsffiif. ophomores: Leaders of the Future R ix K k - , .1 L. ' , u , 5: VM V ' sl: it V 4' X ,K 'nz M A l a'ii ti X, M r PM R A 'E' J ia A l I 1' C CLK F' , K -3- .1 ' ' ff! 'TI' , D viii A -X 4 V f - l I l ry ESQ. f R' 'A rt T2 ,Ni V m X ,iv .1 2 aair K Q u 'ig Inger Overland, Roxann Padula, Neil Paff, Dan Panek, Mike Parrillo, Chuck Parrish, Carl Pasurka Janet Patzer, Ward Pesat, Tom Peters, Kathy Petersen, Bev Peterson, James Petty, Leslie Pilkington Mike Pinto, Camille Piraino, Ellen Pizzillo, Robin Pluemer, John Plum- mer, Robert Polle, Bonnie Popp Gabrielle Powers, Bill Pratt, Mark Pridgeon, James Proszek, Joe Puzzo, Richard Quaglia, Steve Quick Gordon Guick, Pat Rader, Richard Radlein, Frances Rains, John Rankin, Diane Rasmussen, Lela Ratledge ophomores Janet Redshaw, Corinne Reeder, Jim Reem, Nancy Reitz, Dorothy Retsinas, Carol Rice, Larry Richards John Rindell, Mike Rizio, Greg Rob- erts, Winfred Robisch, Jim Roden, Linda Rohn, Jim Romano Kim Ross, Steve Ross, Peter Rotter, Ken Rowley, Richard Rusinski, Kim Ruggiero, Marla Russ Stan Ryder, Wendy Sand, Richard Satz- ke, Geraldine Scanlon, Gary Scaletta, Robert Schaefer, Sharon Schalk Joette Schillinger, Edward Schlitz, Janet Schorn, Gary Schroeder, Mau- reen Sciaroeder, Mary Schultz, Robert Schwartz Mark Sc Louise Seidl, Ronald Robin Shaft, Sally Kathy Shea, Carol Shepardson, John Shera, Pam Sholty, Linda Shurson, Janet Sibilski, Susan Sica Ken Siebold, Mark Siewert, Anne Sittig, Dennis Skibinski, Bill Skjoldager, Ei- leen Small, Leonard Smart Brian Smith, Chris C. Smith, Chris J. Smith, Danny Smith, Greg Smith, Bob Smith, Gary Sobieski Terry Somers, Sandra Sosnowski, Linda Spagnola, Patti Spiess, Joni Sprenger, Kathy Springer, Lori Squassoni Donica Stafford, Diane Stefanos, Dan Stenoien, John Stevens, Nancy Strumph, Jacquelyn Stryszyk, Erma Stuermer Mary Sulaski, Jim Surdynski, Karen Swanson, Silvia Tagliati, Chris Tan- gorra, Kathy Tansey, George Taylor 1 U 3 L P' . ' f R ' 3 "ff M f , K' i i , gt J , if ' fx 1 G I ' Ai .-fig! 1 ,, A A '.. 1 Q' F .lst V , ' , lx . 3' ,V 5' . , gl! , J . A S' . il gi J ' 1 ' J it e X A A ' J tx f x A ',, L.i'5 , I it ta i V' r.3i'Zu ' ,. Yi Q, F . J Q I Q. A it E gg , 'W J QQ" J 9 ya- if V 'J Q- : , , 1 M-uf 'J ,,: M X111 . V ik ' e 'X f U21 f-1 'J' rl ' 'ln A MX, 'J 4 "M ,,,5 ,Z , A tk x. , -,, ,yr M 0 wr got' ie- f like . r f ' x l I it "' ,SLU E: .154 hw He V ? ,A , 1, Q3 J ' 4 ' f i S X, ' 161 Sophomores 1 T W-37 ,. V -ja 0 l 7? , L V 2 ,- ,XJ K :I in fb T9 Linda Tesiik, scott Thou, Tim S A P-se X, 'gi YQ , Q w Thomas, Carol Thomey, Mike Thomey, V - A h X 'K ' Bob Thulin, Ann Tobin V f-' H A ll ' . 5' , V fb! I F ' J - ,4- Bill Toovey, Marlyn Tripp, Lary Tur- fy iff' J, ,i, K ' g ner, Mike Turner, Donna Turschman, fi F N ' 1 Debra Urbina, Becky Usdrowski if 5 5- lk ' F' S, -, ' my xx: " ' .L , if a, ., , X " - - J ,L 2 I r ' X LL Eileen Vacho, David Valentine, Marian i, RQ ' ,ry Vambeck, Kim Vamberkum, Cindy Van- , 'J - ' Roeyen, Harry Varney, Dean Venes in 'R 3 -as Q 'X 19 'F , . . . K Q ' L-4 K L A Ken Vollmer, Lynda Vrandack, T N f ' r' s. T7 Wagner, Karin Walsh, Carla li f ' . ' , i 1 Kathy Watts, Robert Webb " 06:9 ,tl -.. .X :ik swf' 1 1,.- - , , , .r ,, ,l 3 . I W x gg- I we V ,aa Ni, 5, TA, JL, so ,gs 'iff 11 Pat Weber, Elizabeth wesche. David , , Y T T K ,,. ,fi Y! Westgor, Linda Wheeler, Ron Wheeler, I V, ir A Q , Ji , X X Bruce Whiting, Keith Whitman If 'J - ' 1' ' 1 fi V W " i l ' 'if , Ruth Wiard, Scott Wieden, Judith Wil- cox, Devi Wild, Mike Willems, Steve Willis, James Wilmes wg F35 iv kin A -44, , .' , A '- ,Q ..' Q if Dianna Wilson, Kathie Wing, Winkates, Monika Wittfoth, Mark kiewicz, Luke Wolanski, Daniel Woods Vi V ' O 7 i Diane Workman, Kathy Wuestenfeld, G ff J-1 Craig Yamamoto, Danny Young, Rick if ft, Qi' x X Zadach, Sharon Zielinski, Susan Zilinskas -' 1 f' Shelly Zirlin, Mike Zmuda, Jerry Q A, for NM, 4.4 X. C Q :Q nga' 3 tile 223, f fs ., 4.,.,' - 'X , Y Z, 6 Ee - ix wr 5 X f ' i ii if 'Yr 3 ' Zoeller Not Pictured: Chris Brinkman, David Bruno, Linne Buhalis, Jesse Cano, Tom Casto, Trudy Clark, Mike Digrazia, James Drummond, Mary Earwaker, Jackie Ehlebracht, John Fitz- "" R "" " Gaitsch, Gradalupe Garcia, Juan Garcia, Jenni- 162 Goerger, Ray Hansen, Fred Hauserman, Thor 1 Imperial, Renee Jaffe, Frank Kostek, Denise 3 Lunsmann, Patrick Massey, James Miller, Sharon Miller, Cindy Moran, Barry Mullins, Susan Nugent, Mary O'Leary, Robert Pastel, Georgina Ponce, Randy Puls, Bill Rodberg, Ray Rozko, Steven Sage, Bill Scalzitti, Bob Scruggs, Lynne Sullivan, Jeff Tinsman, Joan Vink, Hillard Wallace w 4 x Band member Jim Wilmes is in a pensive mood as Sophomore girls crowd the cafeteria on Tuesday of Spirit Week. he plays for the Homecoming Pep Rally. . JN . . . , . . . Homecoming dance, LA PETE, is an occasion for romance. Here are Soph Craig Bonnie Popp promotes spirit for McPherson and his date. Grcnadier Homecoming weekend. A 163 164 Bottom Row: Susan Keegan, Treasurer: Nadine Marcheschi, Vice-President: Chuck Carroll, President: Linn Austin, Sec- retary, Row 2: Sheila Quinn, Barb Santowski, Andrea Kereluk, Pages Scott Echert and Chris Griseto attend the Queen and hercourt. Debbie Prysi: Top Row: Sue Romano, Mike Brannan, Joan O'C0nnor Freshmen '72 The Freshman Class, led by Chuck Carroll, President, Nadine Marcheschi, Vice-Presidentg Linn Austin, Secretary: and Sue Keegan, Treasurer, soon adjusted to the ways and traditions of Elk Grove. They realized the importance of school spirit, as opposed to the single purpose of class competi- tion. They took part in Student Council and the vari- ous class activities, which included concessions and an all-school mixer held in the spring. With strong determination and growing leader- ship qualities, the Freshmen Class aims for higher goals in their future years at Elk Grove. Freshmen James Abb, Glenn Afryl, Michael Agosta, Darryl Albert, Sharon Allbright, Gary Altergott, Robert Ames Jeffrey Andersen. Linda Anderson, Ronald Antor, Craig Armstrong, Debra Arnieri, John Artemenko, Patrick Augustine Madeleine Austin, Jackie Babb, Mike Bachus, Neil Baer, Donna Baikie, Bev- erly Baker, Patricia Banach Esther Barnes, Dennis Basile, Barbara Bassford, Anthony Bateman, Debra Beach, Daniel Beal, Patrick Beck Frank Bellamia, Karen Jo Bellamia, Lucia Bender, Lynette Benedetto, Rich- ard Bennett, Scott Bentall, Karen Bergemann Norah Bernard, John Bicego, Jon Bis- hop, Judith Blair, Thomas Blazek, Larry Bolton, Gary Bono Patricia Boomer, Kristofer Borgias, Paula Born, Linda Bortz. Deborah Boryczka, Michael Bosler, Andrew Bowlds Charmaine Boyer, Anita Brander, Mi- chael Brannan, Barbara Britton, Ar- thur Brock, Thomas Broderick, Kathy Brooks Dermot Brown, Steve Brown, Derek Broyles, Michael Bruchert, Georgiann Bruck, Michael Bryant, John Buechner Gail Buerger, Sherrie Bugarewicz, Robert Buikema, Ann Burke, Diana Burns. David Byrne, Dennis Byrne Elizabeth Cain, James Callaghan, Laura Camodeca, Ronald Campopiano, Mau- reen Caniff, Vicki Cannizzo, Bill Cannon Oralia Cano, Erasmo Cardona, Greg Carlson, Keith Carlson, Robert Carone, Charles Carroll, Candace Cashman ,jig 1 ,Ps 1 A , I 'VS' . ' 'Im-vw l '3Yr gg., W ,Q k.1?i. ! K ' Chin! 'iw' F. 6 ifgs 'ith , 1 -" -Q ii ,-" V Mn. L. x Q ,Q fsjnl J, . ,B-'TZ 'At i X " ,Ars " ' , , ,.,,,. : ivy 2 K K D Q H Q- f - A 5' wi' if C A- M, lil, A W ' , fl .1-- ff - ' A ,Q -.ff an . J L .-"' ff ,Qi X is X 12 , 1 ' - ,Mifii i L Q, U . Q5 ji V X I, , w X - Z4'X' '."l-P ' -Q fn' , JL Cx' i, - M . ,L wc. I, -1- 1 S , 1 X by ,f y X J ,g ' Limb 'axe-Q - - QQ 3l.'r-".a?.,x , , k V W z .W 3, W,-L, , Q B 77 5533! it I K W I JW - M .4 at -if-F w , V IA , U , In , A ii fjf' fi lg? ,fy m , U b I if 'A A 165 166 1 9 f . Q. xl A n M,.Vf.ief: . main'-gun-r , Q . MQ. W, f'ff-il "f J , ffl it it Q ig? ,w gy do Hi! , : 1!L c1s,. ,XDA , F -l ,C ', , , i gp .aa we xg Q V, Q ' tis ,A ky as , ,f glg3'B':"gi C , nr.: 1.135 ' ' V l as i ,QC 9. I3 l U52 gif ,,,, . vi g A N, jr , ,QQ I '1' l9 "'Z'f ? f- ll SX ' lg Z". 2 T 341: Q1 ELL.. . x Y W Q, 5 m A 44H, o, s f 1 l Q ' as R . - f fs.. , L e , Af! 6 il! f " X .. . . il' 'Q sin", 'fm' . ' 'wicca v -ll, " ' ,: s. 'Kg-v, 4' .sf . P qu..-,. ,,...,.:,-, ., bw-9' .,2 I " 4 ' f 1 , it fl , Q: ,h JV , , J ,Qi 2' V : S , Q ' w fl, -X 4 ' . A. 3 ' to C C 5 C W , , , ,,,, ,, N Z , R , if , , , V 11:1 ff C A L I l M , J, , CQ: .7 1 ji ,A A . I ., , o , , X l M .. .-, 'X l fbi s 'V ' i . -s ar... -s. F ,Q-. V. N 4.. JE. ev. ,s - , -. c yi x, Y MK' fl! xi if J yf . 'df '- lx, . .fl f, , ....r in Vi I '91 5 " Freshmen James Cavanaugh, Pete Chapa, Robert Chen, David Chernick, Robert Ches- ney, Gregory Chisholm, James Chrabot Cheryl Christensen, John Christensen, Keith Chuipek, Lynda Cialabrini, Dawn Cillo, Robin Cillo, Maria Ciulla Albert Claps, Donna Clark, Linda Clark, Michael Cliver, Williston Cliver, Richard Cochrane, Gerry Cocomise James Cocomise, Michael Cohen, Donald Coit, Debbie Cole, Elizabeth Coney, Eugene Conforti, Cary Conforti Maryellen Conforti, Thomas Connery, Joellen Cook, Robert Cook, Sharon Cook, Jean Cormack, Patricia Cornell Linda Cote, John Craft, Carolyn Crail, Marc Crain, Carrie Creedon, Robert Crosson, Maria Cruz Lawrence Cyrier, Robert Czerniak, Robin Czerniak, Deborah Dahl, Wendy Dahl, Gregory Dahm, Mark Damore Jamice Daniel, Linda Darge, Jack Dar- ville, Pat Davis, Carl Delia, Cynthia Demares, John Denbroeder Jack Denny, Robin Depke, Nora De- vine, Michael Diaferio, Deborah Didier, Mark Digrazia, Denise Dimitroff Judith Dixon, Deborah Doherty, Mike Doherty, David Doss, Lynn Drelicharz, Debbie Dressing, Barbara Driscoll Eileen Drysch, Barbara Duke, Michael Dukewich, Sandra Duncan, Debra Dun- ning, Bonnie Dunsing, Alan Dutson William Dutton, Timothy Dys, Jeffrey Dziubla, Daniel Eaton, Scott Eckert, Vicki Eitzenhoefer, Lynn Ellingsworth Freshmen Michael Elliott, Gary Elms, David Er- landson, Jeffrey Evans, Tim Evans, Karen Evensen, Karen Fabian Michael Fanslow, Shauna Feely, Jef- frey Field, Pearl Figler, Dennis Fish- er, Sheree Flanery, Mary Florczak Pam Forester, Bruce Francione. Sharon Frank, Lynette Franz, Corine Fraske, Deborah Frejd, Diana French Diane Fritzke, John Froysland, Star- lette Fruitt, Lorraine Fuselier, Robert Gaiser, Pam Gallimore, Mark Gander James Gardynski, Robert Garibaldi, Pamela Garlisch, Clemente Garza, Francisca Garza, Mari Jo Gebbie, John Giammarrusco :L f A Ei 4 1 Q -rf-:xl ff 31, , I 5 K , . on fn. U x I , tv ' f 3 3 , y ' 'J' is F I Ei G1 4 13' I ,f 57, Y U Ah 1- Q Q - .2 hw ' Pal K ,. i 5 V6-I f I A I , iff, i 1 Y Q. . Lrfk Q 5 fr 2. fr: " ' A al v sr VS, 7 I lk 33 If cl 1 ,, 4 I .Wi . Ji, ' 3 Vi ' i' Q r' 2 km Q ' a Freshmen Begin Their Careers -is 35? J ,,. ,. 1 e E 5 it 'Q .. .. g, .. ii rf- , 5 F .x ig W -" , Q J e. ri- f Z' T J C F 41? , 1 1 lh ., 1 L, -r , F nj 1' A I it ii K Y all. ' , '93 -f 2 2 :J I 5 ' W ., Q,f'1',? 'tiff if N Q , X . v I nf 'QA 7 as h y ax , av. I ' K M Xt? X is A 6 gg ul .3 M K , - , S7 f A 1 , l , P. Q Q, " --h- J I, 'W ' William Giebel, Linda Girard, Charles Girton, Dale Gittings, Karen Glanz, Tim Gleason, Pamela Gloss Kathryn Godlewski, Susan Goerger, Ramona Golatz, Mark Goldsmith, Lynn Goodrich, Donna Gordon, 'Frances Gorman Roger Gosse, Sheree Gould, Robert Grauf, Gail Greaves, George Green, Wanda Green, Mark Greenberg Christine Griseto, Juliann Groehof, Kaye Gronberg, Charles Grover. George Grupe, Joe Guastadisegni, Leslie Guenveur - Joseph Gumienski, Mary Guritz, Kevin Gyllenberg, Vicki Haake, Carol Haar- stick, Teresa Hamilton, Gregory Hamm 168 , ,,4l,i ' ' A dl' Ln VK Q' it gi Q. af' ' 'Xi My ff' A ,'-'P 2 p ay", S ' .lninl ffx' i ' If it 1 Fi '- . -Q -as . 5 'H' 3,5 Q 31: 5 K' Y in Ji 5 , l e '5:a,, . VJ' -P S ii :Hag K l 1 gl H 4 gf? L "f Ah aries wal-I ,lil N . ' ii , I Freshmen Robert Hansen, Marianne Harper, Roy Harper, Steve Harris, Jean Hartgrave, Susan Hartung, Richard Hartzell Michael Harvey, Kimberly Hauser. Richard Hauserman, Nance Hayden, William Hayes, Steve Hegg, Patrick Hennelly Louis Hermansen, Sandra Herzog, Debra Hess, Debra Hicks, Frank Hides, Jan Hilderbrand, Holly Hill Marcia Hischke, Jody Hollister, Steven Holm, Patrick Holmes, Donald Hoos, Antoinette Hornacek, Thomas Hoyt Gail Hudgins, Spencer Huebner, Wil- liams Huggins, Beverly Hulin, Mary Hutton, Carolyn Ilseman, Jeffrey lssel Freshmen Look Ahead to Their Futures Gayle Ivans. Lawrence lwanski, Chris- topher Jackson, Jan Jackson, Susan Jackson. William Jackson, Jill Jacobs Robert Jacobs, Warren Jacobsen, Richard Jacobson, Steven Jamos, Steve Jaszka, Kevin Jaussen, John Johler Curt Johnson, Deborah Johnson, Gale Johnson, Karen Johnson, Lynnette Johnson, William Johnson, William Johnson Robert Jones, Susan Jones, Mary Jonfzleux, Stephanie Jordan, Peter Kacheris, Steve Kalisz, Kurtis Karaffa Debra Kasallis, James Keegan, Susan Keegan, Pamela Keith, Maria Kekos, Patricia Kellner, Patricia Kellogg A 1 Q 1 ' H , 'O .. wc., , " - V K ,, M . 1 ii ii , W Y J 1".. -F " ife - gm' , , K 7. ,,fr - - ,V ' ' X ff .fi , I A --,J , . I 31, il , fy I I im , f - .. iii! if' ,- A I nfl fi lmiii ww of mf. ,K ,,-. ui? Q 'W 'f ." I PM X ff? f 1 . i 1- V ,A 5 I M . y W , L W ' ' fi, is iss X4 'e' . ' Lf. ff 'J fi' , " J 5 A . .. , I 0. J ,S . x 4 iv A ' I sq iii' 7 ': ..1x i ' " L 1 , . ,A 4, M it .K , ,f 0 ' . 5 S 1.3 .4 . ij 45,3 Sci, ' 3 i I M if' ,Zi X J 'fl l Q I' 'ly , if i j ,',- , i . 0 Q" 'N , 'Q 1 F Freshmen Karen Kelly, Susan Kelly, Janis Ken- nedy, Andrea Kereluck, Dennis Kess- ner, Janis Killian. Michael Kinn Russell Kinnard, Lee Kledzik, Richard Klinger, Fred Klink, Gary Kmett, Gary Knaack, Jack Knol Phil Knudsen, Joseph Komar, George Kordares, Sherry Koshaba, Gary Kraiss, Alfred Krebs, Debbie Kreischer Emmet Krey, David Krikorian, Shelia Kroll, Diane Kropski, Nancy Kucera, Toni Kuehl, Debi Kukla Nancy Kuksa, Pamela Lacey, Kenneth Lachajczyk, Heike Lageman, Jane Lambkin, Steve Lambkin, Susan Lampe Lisa Lampert, Edith Landise, Suzanne Lange, Susan Langlo, Thomas Larson, Glenn Laske, John LaSusa Michele LaValley, Lynn Lawler, Rick LeFevers. Joe Leikhim, Valerie Leo. 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MK -iff N Il ,A , I L bi:-D A ,Q fl t ' te All A , ' f- ei A ' it Q-Pm QQ :gy J " - e fteff' -1 'J K ,iff ff- . f l as ' . d ,z 55 .1 fl: " ?f-i',,.Q 7, 'sal N I x 'ss'- , .' ' 5' ' W I4 - 1 " . r Wit' . 'Ni gy L e .,. - , 4 ,. 1 M l A 6 J L L, A , if , ' 34 ,gl ' L1 A ,M gg ' , s, pf ef , A I W" .f . 'Liiglfw-:bt..,.3 , H' ' 4 1 1 i 5 xxafvsfle v 'ter -A ' J , T " - t . "' X 1' ,Vt . C ff P A W Q al f 1 7 J gif 1 M i n xi' W Q ' 'T' Q 4 'L l f ,dl . ,J 169 170 Freshmen Laura McFarland, Jeri McGregor, Steven McIntyre, Georgette McJunkin. Duffy McWayne, William Meisen- heimer, Carol Mello Sherry Menoni, John Mescall, Ancielou Meyer, Patricia Meyer, Keith Mich- aels, Kristine Mikkelsen, Stephen Mileski Janet Miller, Raymond Miller, Dennis Milliken, Carol Misicka, Steven Mitsch, Debbie Moehlenkamp, Robert Moeller Dennis Mongoven, Michelle Morris, Karen Motto, Regina Mrowczynski. Marie Muniz, David Munson, Linda Munson Therese Murnane, Marybeth Murphy, Michael Muti, Michael Mydill, Michael Nathan, Darlene Nauert, Kathy Navin .29 Q if j 5' cr 5, J D, ,xi 0 7 -s B Q v KK' ,ffl r 2 "gf . .K 7 L4 Y"f ,El -'KL ,B 'J A 'SC :'59'Qi': .4 - I K , A fx :J X , --+ Q - " ,a '37 f , -T7 K K " rf K ,.. ., K K K Q . - I. L.-I , K 1 - K Ki 'ft R 'J ig f s J 4 V. 3,1-K-,g':,Qg1ff.:. K ' .yi it k is 1 + A 5 Freshmen Strive for Perfection l 5 J I. 'xii .' f' in :W Q ff' S , . ,r- -I 5 ' f nv, rl ' J '56 53? A A J fr g ,, re'f 2 A ,. , if A , J Lf -K 1 ' , ,. .thi 'KK Y' C K' Qi KKKQKK . iv C fl I' f "L+ G K W , ,IQ e . ar .tn . , Q J Q Q if J' y A I 'J ' N 4 - . res 8 Q C x iZ Kf KK ,K TK f KK K, K ,- Beth Nawrot. Gary Needham, Marta Neil, Terry Nelson, Susan Nemmers, Linda Nestelberger, Linda Nicholas Linda Nielsen, Candace Noe, Dennis Noland, Michael Nolte, Michael Nor- man, Douglas Nowak, Pam Nugent Joan O'Connor, Michael O'Dea, Scott 0'Hearn, Douglas Olsen, Gail Ome- lusik, Roberta Paff, Barbara Pahl Marilyn Panczak, Alfred Paniagua, Dale Pankow, James Pantazis, Ronald Parrish, Thomas Patinella, Bruce Patton Randall Pearson, Barbara Penman, David Perno, Kurt Perrigo, Jeffery Perry, Clark Peterson, Clifford Peterson Freshmen Rita Petty, Rosamond Philbin, Joanne Pieper, Louis Piermarini, Deborah Pilkington, Ralph Pinnelli, Deborah Pleickhardt David Pluemer, Ronald Polle, James Pollitz, Kathern Pomeroy, Veronica Ponce, George Pratscher, Deborah Price Karen Prislinger, Rita Pritchard, Scott Pruitt, Debra Prysi, Judy Punin- ske, William Pursell, Carol Pyde Ralph Pytlarz, Shelia Ouinn, Robert Radzis, Susan Rankin, Lori Rapp, Steve Raymond, John Reed Thomas Reed, Jim Reedal, Donald Reily, Rebecca Reinking, Roxanne Reinking, Rebecca Reitz, Lissa Richey Sandra Ricks, Patrica Riley, Ranaye Roback, Martin Rodberg, Michael Roe- ber, Thomas Rohrer, Caron Rokel Walter Rolph, Suzanne Romano, Karen Rose, Doris Ross, Kathy Ross, Susan Ross, Suzanne Ross Michelle Ryan, Gene Sandberg, Rosa Sandoval, Bruce Sanoshy, Barbara Santowski, Ronna Satzke, Margie Saxon Linda Schaefer, Clifford Schlak, Jay Schlamp, Robert Schmehl, Kathy Schmidt, Ross Schoepp, Cary Schroder Stephen Scholten, Jeaneen Schultz, David Schuman, Marcia Searles, Tony Seda, Steven Seeger, Geoffrey Seidlein Michael Semple, Karen Serges, James Serini, Paul Severino, Debra Sheldon, William Sheppard, Randy Sherpan Constance Shick, Shideler Steven, Holly Sias, Gayle Sica, John Sickel, James Siebold, Jeannette Siel , w X , , A . , if A . ' V' 'L' 5 e ,, Ztlizlgg I xx., if 5 K Q A , a K, , M L ,, if - ,N Vi ,-71,7 . I til, i'NYE,giW!H':,' ff' J ' R A ' Q , " ! El"l'!'-lass' Q tina f111- ,, l ff 1 H ,L-W P , we t fy 5 4 f ' e 1,1 pp ' V Q . , ,. .,. . a - f s s , 5 ' ' at. t' A t rt' We 44 J Zi' N ,ra ,U L, . J :ik M A f-, 4, Q 'rf Q ' . A - ,. J. avi 'Jvc' 'L' y .li ,V , E Q! N f s Q if P , , r ' - ,,. A ' Q, if-v. 'J L 4. ' Tia f 'lf 'f Q 'A ' 5 gf? R + .- J f i s 'Z 31 -V , ,, m , W , S Sli' i l i , A, f eett - , x .1 I can Q A -il li V Y I -He. Rl K 'J' J ' -vu A irq, 'hp J, J M A " X, Q , if V '- lxxf M 'J 4: l N M ' U J Y wel I t ,f . ji! rf' srsl S f 5 he 'W r siffizfk' li? ll u jg, 1 ,Q x R vw 7 x.. , I N i,A P , nn ', 'WJ P, .. " p ii-ill, 1.5515515555-' 4 "' '- VV 'ere' 5-if-iff-Iifikl A s ' X A , X A vi l , 1 g 1 ' l - H., f. y . Y P 1 gg grimy., ax , W . . - U W we , ,.f:r.e,.:.f',f. 4,33 171 172 Freshmen Roger Siewerth, Ronald Siewerth, Tom Siewert, Joanna Siskin. Susan Skarda, Jeffrey Skibinski, John Slater Charlotte Smallwood, Bruce Smith, Craig Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Michael Smith, Mike Smith, Roberta Smith Carol Smitherman. Sandra Snoble, Di- ana Snyder, Susan Sobie, Ronald Sobon, Deborah Sorrentino. Sandra Sowa Glenn Spielman, Lynn Spiess, Patricia Sprenger, Judith Springer, Jeffrey Sronkoski, Kathy Stathas. Randy Stenbergz Brian Stenmark, Carol Stenoien, Jo- seph Stephan. Sylvia Stewart, Pamela Stoehr, Rebecca Stram, Pat Sullivan fi ' 'E fs' .f ...Q f, f J is 1 W , . .ti ' ' ' up I in . A ff f 33' Q ggi 2' .51 '15, S4-Ti L-2 -w X V b rv,-' ' X- 'j J , yi. I 1 ffl ,file K' ' .' ,s 4, L ' , J , Ll" ! at , -- J 3 L., L ff! 1 Q x T T' , , p fic lc P "ia-A-""A V ,I V ,ni A . H ' -1 Freshmen Experience Grows , n x . f R 'T f - Q 3 s, 5 gf 2 1 'A' 4 ' v ig ,,,, rv f . I. V N f ha ?-1 1 , I , xefff, f, S K 1' .Q .T if .ii J , Q: I ff- 58 31 f 1 .. if M A if rf ' gr 5: 1 1 ,. ' if i ' ' M f T, 'N C' il . i ' L, XA A P "4f"f, . . 's 5 l 'N'-S3 W-2 7 0515.27 2 is 5 ' i S - if ' Y K M l2X 1 .fil Q 3 V Q- 3 '- M K v. - Q! G 5 li kr 1 Lv "' . J ff' x ,.e rf, 9+ , 1 if ' if Linda Suzzi, Lynne Swearingen, Diane Syoen, Mary Szczepanik, Kathryn Tafel, Francine Tatum, Frank Taucher Evelyn Taylor, Michael Taylor, Janice Tessendorf, Jeffrey Tews, Jacqueline Theobald, David Thompson, Matt Thompson Valerie Thompson, Guy Tichy, David Toler, Randall Tolp, Robert Tomaselli. Donna Tracy, Sue Treanor Lalin Trierweiler, Craig Trotier, Steven Trudan, John Uhrhammer, Geralyn Uselding, Bridget Vaid, David Vallee Sanford Vance, Lynda Veller, Tom Villars, Jean Vink, Mary. Vitale, Mi- chael Vizzone, Tom Vokoun ,fs s . Freshmen age 1 if I J -u U1 1' f- L. ' , 1 8 Dean Vombrack, Sharon Voss, Mari- T' E X f . r ' anne Vrandack, Ronald Vylasek, Eliza- , , ., , V ,- - . beth Waddington, Lynette Wade, Janice J j vgg, Ar 51 . V - , ,1 r, , Walla Q . ,Nga fr 2 , I . Vg 3 f ' - . -Q? . gh J -El' I in V W N V Nancy Walser, Audrey Walsh, Michael , N .1 . 9 'ri , ,fy ' Walsh, Diana Walter, John Warring, e r ax s - A r William Watts, cindy Weber A M D , , VMAIA , K i W5 ggi, H ,ea , Elizabeth Wehrheim, Kathy Werner, L Q , I l , ,lj A Jeff Wertepny, Ann Westerberg, Janet ' v . i .lii iii - V -f Whedon, Marge White, William White ' t A ., 5 msxl f ns w - "- 'Q , Q 1 5. ' ' 53 1 J sandra wilberseheid, Rhett Williams, J ' N we Gary Willis, Richard Willis, Paul Win- l" -, I ' if fix l gert, Michael Winkates, Karen Winzer r , X ,4 ,jii Q K lv.. ilu Y gt X K L- L 3 'N V Q Peggy Woods, Ernest Woollard, Mark b 'ja I 4 , V,I"'f?f ,fl 5, A I xlbh Workman, John Wygle, Richard Yat- V522' ' J. f' elif?-f fi' lf' l ' L P ,, 3,5-'i' teau, Mary Ybarra. Roman Yewchyn Through New Thoughts and Ideas Glenn Ziegler, Thomas Ziffra, Thomas Zucker, Cathleen Zuker, Joan Zygowicz s, s , l e ' rv' f - lk f 3 A Not Pictured: Ernest Arrajj, Steve Baylen, Stanley Blashaw, Georgia Bonovich, Robert Carroll, Allen Coats, James Conway, Donald Cundiff, Dave Fecenko, Mark Flynn, Larry Friedrichs, Aurora Garza, Marion Garza, John Grant, Jeff Hamblen, Charles Hardt, Margaret Henry, Gary Holte, Debra Jackson, JoAnn Krueger, Carolyn Liotine, James McDonald, Michael McGraw, 4 Martha Morales, Bruce Peeper, Audrey Pinion, Robert Pleas- nick, Vanessa Pritchett, Denise Ratzek, Elmer Sanders, Greg- ory Schoiield, Deborah Sciortino, Dennis Stevenson, James Stewart, Michael Swanson, Richard Tippy, Jeffrey Wegner, Di- ane Wendt, Vernon Wennerstom, Tim Williams, Carol Wosik 173 Fight on for Elk Grove Charge down the field Push on to Victory We will never yield! Raise high our banner Hail to Varsity Rise Elk Grove Grenadiers Go Onward to Victory! We Remember Their Victories. . Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968 Senator Robert Frances Kennedy November 20,1925 - June 6,1968 General Dwight David Eisenhower October 14, 1890 - March 28, 1969 Acknowledgements The Montage Staff wishes to acknowledge the Kozler, Photography: Peter Czarnecki, Photography, following individuals: Dennis Rambo, Cover Designg Mr. John Mazurek, Photography, Cathy Earnest, Donna Sronkowski, Copy, Margaret Nolan, Art: Day Memorial, Page 39, Mrs. Grindle, Athletic As- Publications, Conference Baseball Photographsg sistanceg Mr. Robert Moorhead, Sales Representa- Root Photographers, Senior and Faculty portraits tive to the Montage from Walsworth Publishing and many of the other photographsg Elk Grove Audio- Company: Mrs. LaVone Holt, Sponsor of the Montage. 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ManuelJ. 151 Cook,Joellen 92 Cook, Linda J. 87,88,89,157 Cook, Robert J. 8788.89.90 Cook, Sharon Lee 75 Cook. Sheryl S. 147 Cook. William R. 147 Cooney,James 70,108,124,157 Cooper. GailS. 147 Cooper. Lucky Martin 86,151 Copfland, Sandra L. 147 Cornell. Patricia D. 92.166 Cote, Linda L. 166 Cotini, Phil R. 157 Cousineau, Theresa L. 157 Cowgill, David R, 21.56.91 Cozzola, Mary Ann 157 Crabbe. Michael J, 21 Craft,John S. 103,166 Crail, Carolyn M. 92,106 Crail, David S. 112.157 Crain, Marc Allen 113,166 Crawford, Paul D. 98,107,147 Creedon. Carrie Ann 166 Creedon. Margaret R. 21.69.76 Creedon. Richard D. 147 Crispe, John C. 147 Crosby, Tedette D. 130,131,155.157 Crosson, Robert E, 86,114,166 Cruz, Mariaantonieta 82,166 Cuga. Deborah J, 21,69,128,129 Culver,Judy Ann 71,157 Curley. Nanci L. 157 Curtis, Nadine A, 21.75,84,87,91.93 Cyrier, Lawrence A. 104,117,166 Czarnecki.AlanJ, 147 Cmrnecki. Peter R. 147 Czerniak, Robert B. 166 Czerniak, Roger 157 Czerniak, Robin 166 Dahl, Bonnie J. 148 Dahl. Daryl 21,75 Dahl, Deborah Jo 166 Dahl, Wendy Janet 166 Dahm. Gregory M. 166 Dailidas, Jel'fE. 88.89.157 Dalcerro. Jim E. 157 Dale, Sharon A, 21,38,92.129,131 D Amico. Angie C. 71,148 Damore, Mark S. 114,166 Danca, Rita 157 Daniel. Jamice A. 166 Daniel, Martha C. 21.71.131 Daniel, Peter S, 157 Darbee, Linda M. 157 Darge. Linda Lee 92,166 Darge. Barbara S.,129 Darville. Jack R. 166 Davidson, Patricia A. 82,148 Davidson. Raymond G, 22,98 Davis. Pat L. 92,166 Davis, Ralph S, 104,116,148 Dawson, Eric L. 22,110 Deacon, Mary S. 22 Deacon. William R. 157 Dean,James F. 71,148 Dean, Susan J. 68,119,128,129,157 Decaro,John 22 Decarlo. Jeri 157 Deering, John M. 112,157 Deevey, Susan 157 Defotis, Constance 22,91 Defotis, William G. 88.89.157 Dehaven, Robert M. 102,112,157 Delcampo. Dennis P. 88.89.157 Barbara Lee 23 Delia. CarlA. 166 Deluca, Dominick J. 22.68.97 Delude. Robin 148 Demares, Cynthia M. 75.166 Dempsey. Deana J. 157 Demuth,JeffreyJ. 148 Denbroeder.John W. 166 Denney. Janet M. 22 Denny, Jack C. 166 De Orio, Gregory M. 148 Depalma. Ted V. 157 Depke, Robin Lynn 166 Derby. Dennise. Ann 116,131.1-48 Desmond.John S. 102,157 Despain, Christine M. 157 Devigne. Richard 157 Devine. Nora L. 166 Devitt. Jim A. 22.98.106 Dewitt, Renee Anne 157 Diaferio. MichaelJ. 166 Diasio. Leo A. 157 Didier, Deborah Lee 166 Didier. Donna M. 157 Digfazia. Mark S. 166 Digangi, Daniel Digangi.Joseph 101,112 Digiovanni,John F. 102,108.123.157 Dillon. Patrick J. 157 Dimitroff. Denise M. 166 Dirnond, Kathleen 157 Dimond. Thomas E. 148 Disilvio, Geneva R. 155,157 Divito, Julie Ann 148 Dixon. Judith Ann 75,166 Dodds. Robert 124.157 Doherty, Deborah L. 166 Doherty. Karen A. 148 Doherty, Mike J. 114.166 Dolby. Kathryn A. 69.95.148 Domme. Gary R. 104.148 Donald, Marsha A. 148 Dorsey. Neal Rich 114,157 Doss. David R. 88.89.166 Douthit. Davis P. 148 Doyle, Bart 148 Doyle,Tom 148 Doyle, Tom 148 Drelicharz. Lynn M. 166 Dresing. Debbie J. 76, Dresing. Gayle Ann 22.76,87.91 Driscoll. Barbara J. 166 Drummond. James T. 77 Drysch, Eileen L. 92.166 Drysch. Maureen 157 Duffy. Kathleen 22, Dugo.SherylJ. 22 Duke. Barbara L. 166 Duke. Ricky 157 Dukewich. MichaelJ. 166 Dukewich. Sandra J. Dumelle. Dan F. 102,157 Duncan. Robert D. 148 Duncan. Sandra R. 166 Dunning, Debra Ann 166 Dunning. Mary Beth 22.69.95 Dunning. Patrick 102,157 Dunsing. Bonnie L. 75.166 Durning. Lynn E. 128,129,155.157 Dutson. Alan L. 166 Dutson. Tom J. 157 Dutton,Wi1liamG. 166 Dwojakowski. Stephen 148 Dys. Timothy A. 166 Dytko, Jody Marie 93,157 Dytko. Thomas J. 22 Dziem, Gregory 88, Dziubla.Jeffrey W. 166 Earnest. Cathy lone 22.86,87.91 Earwaker. Mary Ann 85 Eaton. Daniel Lee 166 Eckhardt. Leslie S. 148 Ecklund. Pat F. 130.148 Eckert. Scott Allen 114,164,166 Economos. Helen A. 22 Edwards. Charles D. 71.148 Egan, George 22.94 Ehlebracht. Jackie-1. 71 Ehmann, Kathryn L. 148 Ehmann, Susan K. 22 Eilrich,Jenni1'er L. 148 Eitzenhoefer. Vicki 166 Eitzenhoefer, William 22.73.124 Eldredge, Michael 157 Ellery. Cathy A. 68.82,128, Ellingsworth, Lynn A. 166 Ellingsworth, Richard 22 Elliott, Michael L. 167 Elms. Gary 167 Elms. Cheryl A. 22.55.130 Emslie, Robert R. 157 Emslie. Tom 22,121,122 Erlandson. David C. 109.167 Erlandson,Jane 148 Ermel. Henry 157 Ernst, Dave 22.47.112 Esposito. Gary 157 Estry. Glenn R. 148 Estry. Norene 157 Evans, Bill J. 112,157 Evans, Elizabeth A. 85.90.93 Evans. Kathy E. 18,,77.79. 85,130,131 Evans. Jeffrey M. 167 Evans. June E. 157 Evans, Lynn 75.88.148 Eva ns. Evans, Susan M. 148 Tim J. 167 Evensen. Karen Lee 167 Fabian, Karen P. 92,167 Fabos. Jaseph S. 157 Fanslow, Denise E. 23 Fanslow. Leroy J. 148 Fanslow, Micheal B. 167 Fanslow. Suzanne M. 157 Faracy. Brian A. 18.23.98,125 Faracy. Stephanie 58.71,83.146,148 Farner, Donna L. 77,130,131.157 Farrell. Steve G. 78,157 Fazio.Jack F. 148 Fecenko. CatherineA. l28.130.131,148 Feely. Maureen E. 148 Feely. Shauna M. 76.167 Feller. Robert E. 102.157 Fernandez, Benigno 114,115,148 Fernandez, Orlando 114,115,123.151 Ficarelli. Sharon L. 148 Fiebernitz. Peggy A. 77 Field.Je1'1'eryS. 104.167 Fields. Cynthia 155.157 Fields. S. 109 Fiero, JeffS. 104,148 Figler. Pearl E. 167 Filskov, Frank C. 148 Fink. Ronald B. 70.88.89,90.98,99.105. 118.148 Finnerty. Thomas 157 Fiorito. Ronald 88.89.157 Fischbacher. Cathie 23 Fisher, Dennis N. 167 Fisher. Marie D. 23.93 Fitzpatrick.Theres 151 Flanery. Sheree L. 167 Flaska, Denise R. 23.74 Flerlage, Donald 85,157 Flerlage, Kathryn A. 82.85,130.131.148 Flesch, Robert E. 23.70,105,116 Flesch.John G. 68.70,l05.106,1l6.148 Florczak. Mary E. 167 Flowers, Steven L. 148 Flowers. William E. 85,101,148 Flowers. Michael J. 74 Flude, Richard 157 Folden. Russell 157 Ford. John 70,117,157 Ford. T. 108 Forester. Pam A. 167 Forester, Pat H. 82.157 Fortenberry, Tony J. 148 Fortmann. Daniel J. 148 Fox. Keith L. 91,148 Fox. Thomas A. 71.86.148 Fraher. Vicki 83,148 Francione. BruceJ. 167 Franck,SharonM. 148,167 Frank, Sharon L. 92 Franke. Kathleen E. 157 Franz. Lynette C. 167 Fraske. Corinne A. 167 Frejd, Deborah L. 131.167 French, Diana L. 92,167 Freund. Cynthia 158 Friedrichs, Larry S. 88.89.90 Fritzke, Diane 167 Fritzke, Donald M. 23.98.112 Froysland,Jeffrey L. 100.101,113,148 Froysland. John L. 112.167 Fruitt. CarenJ. 148 Fruitt. Connie J. 148 Fruitt. Starlette S. 92.167 Funk. Martha J. 128.158 Fuselier. Lorraine 167 Fylpaa. John W. 148 Gadek, Stanley J. 23 Gahalla. Grace M. 68,158 Gaiser, Robert W. 167 Gale.Gregory 23,68,86.87,88 Gallimore. Pam 167 Gander. Mark H. 167 Garces, Antonio 148 Garces, Armando 23,158 Gardynski, Katherine 69,128.129.131, 148 Gardynski.James A. 77,167 Garibaldi. Richard J. 86 Garribaldi, Robert J. 86,91,92,148,167 Giammarrusco, John 167 Gianaris, Ellen R. 60,61, Gianaris, Kathleen 71 Gibisch. Peggy M. 158 Giebel. William J. 104.167 Gieringer. Marcia M. 128 Gill, Nancy L. 23,71,85,91 Gilmore. Rex D. 88,89,108.158 Gilson. James A. 158 Gilson. Jeanna 23.75 Gilszmer. Ronald 148 Girard. Linda M. 167 Girton, Charles D. 167 Gittings. Dale C. 167 Glanz, Karen M. 92.167 Glatzmayer. Thomas J. 98,116,148 Gleason. Tim J. 103,109,167 Gleif. Christine M. 148 Glejf. Robert 76.158 Glenz. Richard G. 148 Gloss. Pamela E. 167 Halfpenny, Susan L. 24 Hall, Marianne 130,149 Hall, Robert A. 149 Halladay, MichaelJ. 149 Hallman. Robert 158 Halverson. Sarah K. 80.83.158 1'1amilton,Teresa M. 167 Hamm, Gregory S. 167 Goddard. Deborah 23.91 Godlews Goerger, Goerger. Goerger, Goerger. ki. Kathryn 83,167 Charles 23.74 Michael M. 23,69 Martin 158 Susan M. 167 Goeske, Karen L. 158 Golatz. Ramona C. 167 Goldsmith. Mark R. 167 Goloskewitsch, Tina 76,158 Goloskewitsch, Vic 23,114,115 Goodrich. Lynn E. 167 Gordon. Donna M. 167 Gordon. Nancy R. 158 Gure,Theodore 102,112,158 Gorman. Frances E. 71.167 Gorman. Margaret M. 148 Gosse. Roger C. 167 Gosse. Sharon A. 128,129,148 Gotha. Russell F.,89,91 Gotsch, Robert D. 148 Gould. Sheree L. 167 Gragnani, Gloria J. 82,128,129.149 Grandt, Louise A. 85,149 Grant,John A. 81.88 Grauf, Robert G. 167 Grauf, William M. 101,112,149 Hamm. Walter W. 24 Hamon. Sue L. 24 Hansen, Barbara B. 24 Hansen, David E. 118,149 Hansen. Judith J. 24,74 Hansen, Kathleen M. 149 Hansen. Lynn C. 128,129,149 Hansen. Ray W. 114.158 Hansen . Robert W. 168 Hanson.PaulM. 149 Hanson. Robert C. 149 Hamish. Steve A. 107,124,149 Harper. Harper. Harris, Harris. Harris. Marianne 168 RoyE 113 168 laudlaS 149 ary R. 24,79,87.88,90.98,125 eorgene 158 Harper. Robert A.,90 c " . ' G G R Harris. evis Eugene 158 Harris. Steve P. 91.92.168 Harris, Therese A. 24.83 Greathouse. Carol L. 158 Greathouse, Melvin Greaves. Gail D. 167 Greco,Joseph N. 149 Green. Barbara Ann 23.638.69.130 Green. George A. 167 Green. Green. Pamela G. 127.149 Wanda L. 167 Greenberg. Mark A. 109,124,167 Greene. Steven J. 23 Gregory. David E. 23.74 Gregory, Loretta 24 Grieco, Diane C. 24 Grieco. Marie U. 149 Garlisch, Pamela 89.167 Garza. Garza. Garza. Garza, Gatlin. Clemente 167 Francisca 167 GloriaA. 158 Leticia 158 Gayer,Cheryl Lynn,87. 91.129 Gaylor, Curtis L. 158 Gaynor. Colleen R. 148 Geanconteri, Joann 158 Gebbie, Mari Jo 167 Gehrke, Carol 23 Geiblu, B. 113 Geisler. Kathy A. 158 Geissler. Machell K. 23 Gentner, Sandra S. 45,71,80,90,128,129 Gersdorf,Steve K. 86,124,158 Gervasi. John A. 23 Griffin. Kevin W. 149 Griffith. David M.,149 Grillaert, David 128.158 Grimshaw. Roberta G. Griseto, Christine 164,167 Groenhof. Jacob J. 158 Groehof. Juliann 82.167 Gronberg. Kaye E. 167 Gross. Susan M. 149 Grover. Charles A. 167 Grover. Sandra Lee 85,158 Grupe. George A. 167 Gruber. Chris M. 18,24,38.43,68.69.98. 121,122,125 Gruber, Randall 123,158 Grund, Gary H. 24 Gruninger. Terrence 24.68.98 Gruninger. Donna 119,158 Grzesik, Dan E. 24 Guanci. Cheri L. 24.60.71,130 Guastadisegni.Joe 167 Guastaferri, David 158 Guastaferri, Linda 70,149 Gudall. Larry A. 24.139 Guenveur. Leslie A. 167 Guercio, Nancy L. 149 Gumienski. Joseph 167 Gunkel. Jeannine 24,68.127,129 Guritz. Kristina E. 24.127.129 Guritz, Mary E. 167 Gurnack, Kathy A. 158 Gutierrez.Mary A. 128,149 Gutzman. William V. 149 Gyllenberg, Carol L. 24,45.68,69,79. 85.87,91,127,129 Gyllenberg, Kevin R. 76,91,92.117,167 Haake, Vicki Lee 167 Haar, Gregory J. 101,112,149 Haarstick, Carol A. 167 Hachmeister. Donald 116,149 Hachmeister, Linda L. 158 Hackett. James M. 158 Hadley. Charles W. 102.114.123,158 Hagen, Peter A. 24 Hahn, Ruth A. 158 Hahn. Michael J. 149 Hart, Brenda S. 92,158 Hartgrave.Jean 91,168 Hartmann. Peter J. 102,117,158 Hartmann, Sandy A. 149 Hartzell, Christine 75.825.89.158 Hartzell. Richard W. 103.168 Hartzell. William A. 24,110 Harvey, H. Clark 101,116,149 Harvey, Michael 117.168 Haseman. Barbara A. 24,91 Haskell.James M. 107.149 Hatzold, Thomas S. 58.71.149 Hauser, Caryn N. 75,128,129.131,149 Hauser, Kimberly 131.168 Hauserman. Fred 102.113 Hauserman. Richard P. 168 Hawkinson. Roger L. 24,77 Hayden,Susan M. 24.69.129 Hayden, Nancy Lee 168 Hayes. William J. 168 Hazle, Rhonda J. 82,149 Hegg, Daniel C. 25 Hegg. Steve A. 91.92.168 Heimberger, Thomas R. 149 Heimberger, Phillip 158 Heimos, Christine J. 82,83.130,146,149 Hein, Don G. 25 Heinemann. Laura E. 85,155,158 Heinritz,Jacqueline 25,129 Heidllk, Curtis A. 114,124,149 1-Iejduk, Sandra L. 25 Helbig, William F. 114.149 Hemmons, Linda Ann 149 Henderson,Alan 158 Hendricks, Peggy L. 88.89.158 Hendrickson. Linda L. 131,149 Hennelly, Patrick J. 168 Henry. Barbara A. 149 Henry. James P. 25,43 Henry, Willard N. 107,122,149 Hermansen, Louis G. 91.92.168 Herrera, Robert 158 Herzog. Sandra M. 168 Heskamp, Mary K. 25 Hess, David Michael 149 Hess. Debra 80.88,89.168 Hess. Robert H. 25,57,87.121,122,125 Hess. Richard B. 25,69.88,89,98.116. 120 Heyer, Arthur P. 25,56 Heyer, Will 149 Hickey, Hickey. Robert J . 86 Thomas M. 25,86 Hicks, Debra L. 168 Hides, Frank 168 Hilblom, Richard W. 85,149 Hilderbrand,Jan E. 126.168 Hildebrandt, Pamela 82,149 Hilderbrand, David 102.105,123.l58 Hilgers, Robt.J. 124,149 Hill. Holly M. 168 Hilliard, John W. 158 Hinckley, David B. 149 Hines, Catherine C. 25.80 Hischke. Marcia J. 168 Hischke. Nancy E. 74,151 Hixson. Kathleen S. 158 Hofer, Sheri L. 128.149 Hoffstetter, Gerald 88,89,90,149 Hollywood.Gordon S. 122,149 Hollister, Jody L. 79.82.168 Holm, Steven R. 168 Holmes Holmes .James M. 25,43,68,98.125 , Linda L. 93.128.129,131,149 Holmes, Patricia 158 Holmes, Patrick K. 103,109,168 Holste, Linda C. 70.75,80,83,93,131. 144 Holz, Henry 25 Hoos, Donald T. 168 Hahn, John Martin 60.71.149 Haich. Dana A. 149 Haich. Edith M. 24 Hairr. Allen E. 158 Hoos, Linda A. 158 Hopley, Barbara A. 93.149 Hopkins, Mark C. 108,119,158 177 178 Hopkins. Leslie A. 149 Horn, Janice E. 25.75.131 Hornacek.Antoinette 82.168 Hornacek. Mary A. 75.77.158 Horsley,Andrea K. 149 Hovey.John K. 158 Hovey, Mary A. 25.84.131 Howe. Carolyn Ann 82 Hoyt. Thomas H. 91,113,168 Hudgins. 1-ludgins, Huebne Huebne Gail A. 168 Linda C. 25.68, r. Linda M. 93,158 r, Spencer A. 168 Huffman, Kerry M. 149 Hufton, Stephen C. 158 ' s Huggm .William W. 168 Hughes, Christine C. 26 Hughes, Linda E. 149 Hughes, Raymond C. 158 Hurlin. Hurley, Beverly J. 168 Janice 158 Hutton. Mary 168 Ibbotson, Pamela S. 158 Idstein, James R. 117,158 Ilseman. Carolyn T. 168 Imlah,John C. 110,123,158 Imperial, John C. 86 Ingersoll, Susan A. 61,71,82,128.149 Inzerello,Angela D. 149 lrsch, Cathy E. 93,158 Isberner, James P. 149 Isberner, Wayne W. 26,74 1ssel.Jeffrey C. 168 1ssel.John F. 158 Ivans. Gayle J. 168 Iwanski, Lawrence S. 103.168 Jackson, Christopher 168 Jackson. Gayle E. 68,130,131,158 Jackson,Jan C. 168 Jackson. Jackson. Susan E. 126,168 William K. 168 Jacobs. Frances A. 158 1acobs,Gwenn T. 158 Iacobs, Jill M. 168 Jacobs. Robert A. 168 1 acobsen Jacobson Jacobson Jacobson .Warren T. 109.168 . Richard 168 .Robert W. 102.110,117,158 .Ronald M. 149 Jacques, Kathleen M. 26 Jakubek, Martin M. 149 Jamos, Steven C. 109.168 Janowiak, Janice K. 26.85.129 Jans, Victoria I.. 130.149 Jarmuth. Patricia L. 158 Jarocki, Jeffrey J. 102.108,123,158 Jarvis. Richard A. 26 Jaschke, Heidi A. 159 Jasper. Sue L. 149 Jaskulke, Susan R. 159 Jasper, Debbie 82,131,159 Jaszka. Paul 107,149 Jaszka. Joseph J. 26.74 Jaszka, Steve 168 Jaussen. Kevin R. 103.168 Jay, Marie S. 26,60 Jay. Roberta J. 71,131,159 Jefferies, Todd G. 159 Jeffries. Karen S. 131.159 Jeffries, Kimberly 26.80.131 Jensen, Cynthia A. 74,149 Jensen, Ernhardt B. 159 Jobelius, Joseph 159 Jobelius.JenniferM. 80.85.93 Johler. John C. 114,168 Johnson, Barry C. 114,149 Johnson. Curt G. 168 Johnson.Deborah A. 131,168 Johnson. Floyd M. 149 Johnson. Gale L. 168 Johnson. Glenn A. 88,89 Johnson, Hope 26 Johnson, Karen I. 149 Johnson. Karen L. 26.85.137 Johnson. Kenneth L. 26 Johnson. Johnson. Johnson. Johnson. Karen 90,168 Lynn M. Lynnette 85,87,128,129.168 Robert M. 150 Johnson, Sharon L. 131.159 Johnson. Steve R. 78.159 Johnson. William C. 168 Johnson. William K. 168 Johnston. Chris 18.26.129 Johnston, Maribeth 68,128.129.13I,150 Joleux. M. 83 Jones, Christopher A. 26.83.89 Jones, Gail E. 150 Jones. Jim W. 159 Jones.James B. 102 Jones. Philip E. 150 Jones, Robert J. 77.88,89,91,92.168 Jones, Steven C. 150 Jones. Susan E. 168 Jones, William 123,159 Jongleux. Mary I. 80,168 Jongleux, Suzanne M. 159 Jordak, Suzanne M. 75,119,131.150 Jordan, Lynn 159 Jordan.Mike102,107.159 Jordan, Stephanie K. 131,1'68 Jung. Steven 26.98.112 Jung, Sharon 150 Jurjovec, Nadefn G. 55,130,150 Justinick, Vicky 159 Kacheris, Peter B. 81,168 Kalisz, Joseph P. 26 Kalisz. Steve J. 109,168 Kamberg, Ricki Sue 150 Kamberg, Vicki Lou 150 Kandybe. Nancy E. 26,150 Kanagin, George V. 76,117,159 Kane. Candace A. 26 Kapfhamer, Randi D. 159 Kaplan. Gail F. 159 Karaffa. Kurtis M. 168 Karlquist, Richard 26.69.78,84 Karnatz. Lynne 26.74 Kasallis. Debra 79,80.98,168 Kasallis, BillA. 98,112,156 Kawano, Alan J. 150 Kaye. Michael P. 109,168 Keegan.James R. 88.89,164,168 Keegan. Susan M. 26.79.81 Keegan, Patricia M. 80,159 Keith. Linda J. 80,159 Keith, Pamela D. 168 Kekos. Marial. 92,168 Keller. Bradley R. 85,150 Kellermann. Karen S. 150 Kellerman. Dennis M. 26 Kelley, Gary R. 26.98.116 Kellner, Patricia A. 131,168 Kellogg, Patricia L. 168 Kelly, Deborah E. 159 Kelly, Karen A. 169 Kelly, Susan K. 83.92.169 Kener. D. 113 Kennedy, Janis J. 131,169 Kereluk.Andrea L. 68,86.131,164,169 Kerr, Margaret M. 150 Kesler, Ann E. 80.88,89,159 Kesler, Marius 112,124,150 Kessner, Dennis J. 76,91.92.169 Kessner. Kenneth E. 110.150 Kessler, Gary F. 26,74 Kezios. Maria A. 80,87.90,91,l50 Khoshaba. Deborah M. 68,126.128.155. 159 Killian,Janis M. 169 Khoshaba, Dorothy M. 150 Kincaid. Deborah C. 27,69,75,76.79.9l Kincaid, Thomas R. 87,88,89.90.159 Kindell. J. 108 King. Cynthia Marie 159 King. GregA. 150 Kinn,MichaelJ. 109,119,169 Kinnard. Russell A. 169 Kinsella. Sharon M. 159 Kirchway, Becky L. 150 Kirchway, Roger S. 27 Klamer. Janet 27,74 Klamer. Robert 74,150 Kledzik. Lee A. 169 Kleinpass,James 89,159 Kleisner. James 116,150 Klemens, Thomas D. 27,121,122 Klest.Andy A. 159 Klinger, Richard W. 150.169 Klink. Fred E. 85,104,169 K1i1'1'.MichaelD. 27.69.7884 Klinger. Paul A. 101 Klingel, Richard 27 Klinger. Mike P. 159 Klopp, Amy J. 155.159 Klopp, Marybeth C. 27.55,68.91.130 Koch, Sandra M. 150 Krnett. Gary David 78,86,88.89.169 Kmett, Philip W. 150 Knaack, Gary C. 169 Knol,Jack E. 169 Knol. Joan G. 27.109 Knopf, Kathryn Anne 159 Knudsen, Philip C. 169 Knudson, Jodi A. 27,68.88,90,130 Koh, Je1'1'S. 159 Kobert. Bonnie G. 27 Koenig, Lisa J. 150 Koertgen. Michael 27 Koeplin. Sandra M. 27.69.75,76,77.80 Kohl. Kim 71,131,159 Kohnke. Gary A. 150 Kohnke. RudiS. 27 Komar, Joseph M. 169 Komin, Teresa 131,159 Komin,'1'homas E. 27,98,121.122,125 Konishi. Cheryl L. 95,128.129.l50 Kordares, George J. 169 Kornacki, Kathleen M. 150 Kosinski. Larry R. 150 Koske, Gerald R. 150 Koshaba, Sherry G. 92.169 Kotal. RonaldJ. 98,150 Kozler. Carole A. 150 Koval. Lynette N. 150 Kozler. Paula .1. 27.128 Kraiss, Gary P. 169 Krall, Kim Julius 81.159 Kramer. Susan K. 159 Kranz, Karen L. 27 Krebs. Alfred J. 103,169 Kreischer, Debbie L. 169 Krey, Emmet C. 169 Krikorian. David A. 88.89,90,169 Kroll. Sheila J. 169 Kropski. Diane M. 169 Kropski, Thomas 150 Krueger, Krueger. Krueger, Janet C. 150 hiary 27.74.129 Shonnie L. 131,159 Krull. Pamela J. 95,130,150 Kruse. Jeanne M. 27,95 Kruse. John 27 Kucera, Nancy A. 169 Kuczynski. Robert 150 Kuczynski. Susan E. 18.27.69,76,119. 129 Kuechler, Kay A. 27 Kuecks. William R. 150 Kuehl, ToniJ. 169 Kuhn,BobbiJ. 128.130.1311-16.150 Kukla. Debi Ann 169 Kuksa, Nancy C. 169 Kulasik, Cathy L. 150 Kuminowski, Debbie 82.159 Kunze. Christopher 159 Kunze. Michael,124 Kussin. Robert W. 150 Labarbera, Carla J. 27 Lacey, Pamela E. 169 Lachajczyk. Kenneth 169 La Fayette. John J. 124,150 Langemann, Heike E. 80.169 Lambkin. Martha J. 169 Lambkin.John R. 27 Lambkin. Robert S. 169 La Mont. Margarita M. 87,, 131,150 La Mont, William J. 98 Lampe. Susan J. 169 Lamlbert, Lisa K. 169 LamDert. RandiJo 130 Landise, Edithann M. 169 Landwehr. David R. 159 Landyke, N. 74 Lange. Melinda A. 28 Lange. Richard M. 28.78.84 Lange, Suzanne D. 169 Langlo, Susan F. 169 Lantz. Judith D. 28.84 Laprise, Kathleen M. 85,88,90.150 Larocco, James P. 159 Larson. Thomas A. 169 Larson, Valerie 159 Laske, Glenn K. 169 Lasusa, John B. 114.169 Lasusa, Jeanne 28,129 Lauzon. Sue L. 150 Lavalley. Michele C. 169 Lawler. Lynn M. 169 Lawson.Jeanette L. 159 Lawson.James E. 28.88.89 Layman. Cheryl L. 93,159 Layman, Howard E. 150 Ledbetter.Alan R. 28,69.76,78,8-1 Ledford,John M. 28 Lee. V. 92 Lefevers. James R. 169 Leibrock. Robert R. 90,159 Leikhim.Joe H. 169 Leininger, Mark B. 150 Leland. Denise 28,130 Lemke. Alan C. 150.159 Lemke. Alan G. 102.159 Lemke. Dean C. 159 Leo Valerie. Ann 131,169 Leonteos,Jay B. 150 Leopardo. Jim Al 103,117,169 Leopardo. Lynn Susan,150 Leslie. Carol Ann 28,69,76,79,81 Lesniak. Christopher 70,83,119,159 Lesniak. Andrew P. 28,69,70,78.83,118 Lesniak. Peggy Ann 169 Le Van, Marlene E. 28.74 Levitzke. Mark R. 169 Lewandowski, Alan D. 119,159 Lewis,Janet K. 75.130.131,150 Lewis, Pamela Kay 169 Lewis. Richard R. 169 Lianokken,1V. 159 Lichter. Mark John 10-4,116,117,150 Liebrock. Bill 88.89 Liewehr. Marie S. 92,169 Lindahl, Kenneth E. 169 Lineback,Janet K. 169 Liotta, Lawrence D. 159 Liotta, Leroy David 159 Liotine. FrankJr. 28,78 Liotine. Marguerite 150 Lipner. Lou Anne 71.85.150 Lipson. Julie A. 150 Liptak, Robert 117,159 Lishka, Linda 150 Livingston, Bruce A. 94.169 Loiselle. Peter M. 29.68,69,70,80,118 Lompe. S. 92 Long, Nancy E. 110.150 Long. Steve C. 102.159 Longueil. Scott R. 169 Lopresto. Susan D. 159 Losch, Michael R. 107,122,150 Losch, Steven H. 159 Lovelace. Michael J. 29 LowinE.QuinceyJ. 56,130,146.150 Lowman. Dorthea A. 29 Lowry, Elaine T. 131 Lowry. Valerie C.,S3,130 Lowry, Thad W. 90,100.101.124,150 Lrierweiler 84 Luell. Susan K. 150 Lunak. Nancy L. 131,155,159 Lundgren, Donald J. 110,150 Lundgren, Sandra A. 150 Luzietti, Debra L. 85.159 Lydon. Maurefn H. 77,131 Mabeley. BonnieJ. 150 MacShane, Terry R. 26 Madalinski, Mary L. 29,130 Madden, Gary D. 159 Maheras, Joann 169 Mahoney, Christine A. 151 Mahoney. Michael J. 169 Maier. CarolA. 57,127.1-16,151 Mairs, Roxanne M. 169 Malcolm, Richard 117 Malinowski. Larry B. 88.853.90.151 Malmedahl. James C. 114.159 Malone, Russell 159 Maltz, Ronald G. 29 Mann. Tom L. 29,112 Marcheschi, Nadine 68.71,131,164 Marcusson. Janet Lea 93.159 Maresso, Steve C. 119,159 Margulis. Howard 29,114,116 Mark, Richard A. 27.68.70,118 Mark, Kathryn E. 119.151 Marmitt.JackieJ. 159 Marmitt. Jo Ann 82,169 Maroney.John G. 29,43 Marshall, Linda M. 29,68,129,130.131 Martarano, Theresa 169 Martens, David J. 88,104,169 Martens. Mary M. 29.75.76 Martin, Bill F. 29.85.98 Martin, Daniel 102,159 Martin. ElyceK. 169 Martin.Gregory 29,95 Martin, Linda L. 71.128.151 Martin, Robert E. 29,112,113 Martin, Robert 159 Martin, Scott M. 102,159 Martinez, Conrad 29 Martinez, Herbert C. 151 Martinez, Orlando 151 Martucci. Fred M. 161 Martucci, Michele R. 169 Martzel. Jean 159 Marturano. Doris 169 Marvin. Linda P. 151 Mascari, Matthew R. 169 Mason. Diana Lee 169 Massey. Patrick B M 110,119 Massey. Peter J. 29.79.91 Masterson. Vincent 169 Mavigliano,Andrew R. 169 Maxwell. Maureen 29 Mayer. Denise M. 29,68,69,70.93 Mayer, K. 89 Mayyou, Byron Kent 169 Mayyou, Susan A. 29.129 McAndrew. Dennis B. 151 McBride.James P. McBride. Stephen D. 88.89.169 McCabe. Barbara L. 159 McCaffery. Candy A. 71 McCaffrey. Virginia 159 McCann, Karen 159 McCarthy. Kevin E. 169 McClintock. Michael 29 McCormack, Michael 101,112,151 McCormack. Susan M. 83.169 McCoy. Robert W. 85,124,159 McDivitt, Lloyd E. 151 McDole, Ricky L. 151 McDonald, Leslie C. 151 McDonald, Linda S. 169 Mclivoy. Margaret M. 169 McEvoy. Michael D. 159 McFarland, Laura A. 170 McGill. John E. McGill, Linda A. 77.85.159 McGregor,Jeri Lynn 82,131,170 Mclntyre, Steven R. 104,109,170 McJunkin, Georgette 170 McKay. Terry 76 McKelvey, Jeffrey P. 102.159 McKelvey, Kathy 29.68 McKenzie. Fred R. 29 McKenzie, Mark W. 101,151 McKinney. Linda 1. 29 McKisic. Patricia A. 151 McLean, Denyse 159 McMahon, Kevin L. 159 McNichols. Debbie 159 Mcblichols, Marianna 151 McPherson. Craig 119,159,163 Mc1Vayne, Duffy P. 170 Meiser. Barbara Ann 85,131,160 Meisenheimer, Wm.Jr. 170 Mellenthin. Michael 30 Mellenthin. Linda L. 151 Mello. Carol R. 86.92.170 Meluso. Rosemary A. 70.160 Memenga, Gloria J. 151 Mendygral,John M. 151 Menoni, Sherry Ann 170 Meredik.Cynthia M. 160 Meredik, Tom S. 30 Mesca Mesca ll, James T, 30 ll, John M. 170 Messina, Philip A. 151 Metca Metca lf. William M. 30,87.88.89,90,125 lf, Pamela Gail 87,89.130,151 Meyer, Ancielou A. 170 Meyer, Barbara J. 30,85.87,91,131 Meyer. Dorothy E. 30,85.130.131 Meyer. Janice L. 71,151 Meyer. Kathy L. 87,130,160 Meyer, Patricia 75.170 Micek, John L. 30 Micek, Steve 160 Micha Micha Miche Miche Miche els. Barbara A. 30,70.83,91,130 els, Keith R. 170 la. Michael R. 104,116,151 la. Gregory 160 lsen, Larry J. 151 Miedema. Beverley J. 160 Miedema,William K. 107.151 Mikke lsen, Kristine 92,170 Mikos, Wayne A. 52,151 Milas. Rick R. 160 Mileski, Darlene S. 30.129 Mi1eski.Stphen H, 104.109,117.170 Miller. Darlene E. 82,151 Miller .James K. 160 Miller, Janet 170 Miller. Raymond D. 170 Miller, Sharon Ann Milliken, Dennis T. 103.170 Mis, Donna L. Misicka, Carol 170 Mitchell, Kyle L. 30 Mitros, Michele 30,85 Mitsch. Madeline J. 160 Mitsch, Steven J. 88,89,104.120 Mitsch. Michael J. 30.71,88.93 Mitnick, Michael M. Milsos, Al Geo, 102,113.11-4,123,160 Mitsuoka,Douglas R. 122.151 Mitros. Nick G. 160 Moehlenkamp. Debbie 170 Moeller. Robert H. 170 Mollenkamp. David D. 87.88,89.119.160 Mongoven, M. Dennis 170 Mongoven,John T. 30 Montemayor, Jesus 151 Montgomery,Janet L. 130,151 Moore.Joyce Lynn 30,91 Morales. Martha Moran, Cynthia 130,155 Moran.James W. 160 Moreau, Lloyd R. 151 Morehouse. Debbie L. 151 Morey, MichaelJ. 160 Morgan,John J. 150 Morris. Michelle 170 Morris. Paul 102,112,160 Morris. Terry A. 128.129,131,1-16,150 Mortenson,Jerome 30 Mortenson, Rosemary 160 Motto, Karen Ann 78,131,170 Moy. John 151 Moy. Rita 151 Moy, Susan M. 30.69 Mrowczynski, Regina 170 Mullins. Barry E. Muniz. Mario A. 170 Munson, David W. 103.170 Munson. Linda G. 170 Murwane, Richard W. 30.98.125 Murnane, Therese M. 170 Murphy, Marybeth 80,170 Murphy, Maureen L. 160 Murray, Ronald D. 30,47,98,99 Muti. Michael 103,109,170 Mydill, Michael R. 170 Myhre. Dennis A. 70.84.151 Nansel, Renita S, 151 Nardi. James F. 70 Nardi. JoyceM. 82,128,151 Nardiello. Kathleen 151 Nathan. Michael Lee 170 Nathan, WendyA. 30 Nauert, Darlene K. 170 Navin. Kathy A. 80.170 Nawrot. Beth Ann 170 Naylo r. William Needham. Gary Wm. 170 Neil, Marta A. 170 Nelson. Claudy A. 30,43.44 Nelson, Eugene E. 69.78.84 Nelson, Jane 160 Nelson, Lawrence J. 151 Nelson. Terry D. 170 Nelson. William J. Jr. Nitschneider. Steve 102.160 Noe. Candace 170 Nmra, Neal 123.160 Noland, Dennis C. 170 Nolan. Patricia A. 31.89 Nolan, Margaret M. 31.68,71.75,76.81 Nolan, Michael E. 104,125,131 Nolte. Michael J. 108,116,170 Nordlund. Lawrence 160 Norfolk. Deborah A. 128,129,151 Norman, Deborah D. 31 Norman.Julieann 31.80.86 Norman, Michael K. 170 Norris, Richard D. 160 Norris. Shirley M. 31 Nolsnn, Linda L. 160 Novak, Claudia F. 131,151 Novak, Greg P. Novelli. Sandra D. 31 Nowak, Douglas J. 170 Nugent, Pamela 92.170 Nugent, Susan 71.853.93.131 Nyc, Sandra L. 31.74 Nychay, Phillip C. 31,125 Obrien. Mary D. 160 Obrien. Mary Kay 151 Obrien. Patrick J. 160 O'Connor.Joan E. 68,131,164.170 Oconnor. Kathleen A. 31.131 Oconnor. Mary D. 160 0'Dea, Michael P. 109.170 Odrlin. Janice 93.131.160 Ohara. David E. 151 O'Hearn, Scott T. 170 O'l'1earn, Susan P. 31.69.77 Okerstrom, Leonard K. 151 Oleary, Mary Karen 68,70,130,131 Olos, Evanthia 160 Olsen. Douglas W. 151,170 Olson, Debbie K. 29.68,85,126,128.129, 160 Olson. Douglas K. 139 Olson, Peggy L. 68.69,126.151 Olson, Wayne T. 114,151 Olszewski, Donna M. 151 Oltz. Dennis D. 68,151 Oltz. Marybeth C. 31.76.131 Omahana.Jo Ann 151 Omahana, Judith 151 Omelusik. Gail A. 170 Onorati. Jane L. 77 Ostrowski. Dale 160 Otters, Bill 155 Ottinger.Jim H. 104.160 Overland, Inger K, 82.85.160 Overstrom, R. 88.89 Padula, Roxann M. 155,160 Paff, Neil D. 160 Paff. Roberta M. 170 Pagel. Michael L. 151 Pahl, Barbara A. 88,89 Paille. Carolyn T. 31.76.131 Paleczny, Patricia L. 68,146,151 Panek, Daniel C. 160 Paniagua, Alfred A. 113,170 Pankow. James C. 31.112 Pankow. Dale E. 112,124,170 Pankow, Rick A. 112,151 Pantazis,-James P. 170 Paolini. Patricia A. 82,146,151 Papas. Christopher N. 151 Parrillo. Michael S. 160 Parrish. Charles E. 160 Parrish, Clyde R. 101.151 Parrish, Donald R. 170 Pastel, Robert L. 110,119 Pasurka, Carl A. 150 Patinella. Leonard B. 151 Patinella. Thomas 117,170 Patton. Bruce 170 Patzer. Janet G. 131.160 Payne. Debbie S. 151 Pearson. Michele M. 151 Pearson, Randall 113.170 Pedersen. Nancy E. 31, 129 Peeper, Donna J. 151 Pekarek, Karen M.,151 Penman, Barbara L. 170 Perno, David L. 85,170 Perno, Jack E. 31.35.71 Perr,Judith E. 87.89,99.151 Perrigo, Kurt V. 170 Perry.Jeffery A. 170 Pesat, Ward 160 Peters. Cynthia A. 31.74 Peters, Thomas W. 160 Nemmers. Susan Mary 92,170 Nemmers. Vicky A. Nepodahl. Adrienne C. 77,131,151 Neri.Thomas J. 18.30.42,43.68,69.122 Nestelberger. Linda 170 Nestelberger. Carole 30 Neubert. Diana L. 160 Neville, Susan 30 Newhall. Deborah L. 93,151 Newman, Linda M. 82.151 Nicholas. Linda S. 92.170 Nickels, Richard R. 31,105 Nicoll. David S, Nielsen. Linda K. 170 Nitschneider, Dawn C. 85,130,131 Petersen Petersen Peterson . Janet S. 61.71,83.151 Kathleen 160 Beverly 160 Peterson Clark 104,117,170 Peterson Clifford 86,109,170 Peterson Glenn C. 105,107,151 Peterson. Peterson Kristine C. 151 Sandy 151 Petty, Rita L. 171 Petty.James 86,160 Philbin. Rosamond A. 171 Pllilbin. Philip P. 31,S8.110,125 Piehl, Gayle S. 31 Pieper, Joanne M. 92,171 Piermarini, Angela D. 85,151 Piermarini, Louis V. 171 Pilkington.Deborah 88.89.171 Pilkington, Leslie 160 Pinder, Eugene W. 98,105.106,151 Pinnelli, Marie A. 31,74 Pinnelli, Ralph B. 171 Pinnelli, Vera Jean 31,74 Pinto, Michael J. 160 Piraino. Camille T. 93,131,160 Piscitello. Phillip 151 Pistone, Susan J. 31 Pittlars. R, 103 Pizzillo. Ellen A. 160 Pleickhardt, Gary A, 31.42,69.104.106. 121,122,125 Pleickhardt, Deborah 171 Pluemer. David S. 76.84.171 Pluemer. Robin L. 76,160 Plummer,John R. 113.160 Poethkow, Nancy E. 82.152 Polit, Steve S. 32 Polle, Robert F. 124,160 Polle, Ronald C. 171 Pollitz, Donna L. 68.85,152 Pollitz, James C. 85,171 Polly, Gayle L. 32 Pomeroy, Kathryn 171 Ponce, Veronica 171 Popp, Bonnie B, 61,126.155,160.163 Porter. Owen R. 152 Potts, Larry D. 32,47 Pour. James C. 32 Powell, Gregory A, 152 Powers, Gabrielle S. 61.88.89 Pratscher, George 171 Pratt, Bill V. 160 Pratt. EmilJ. 152 Precin, Michael R. 104,112,152 Price, Arla Jean 32 Price. Deborah C. 171 Price, S. 92 Pridgeon, Mark A. 160 Pridgeon. Marsha Ann 32.71.87,88,B9 Prislinger, Karen 171 Pritchard. Rita 171 Proehl, Gary 123 Proszek,James 70.77.112,160 Pruitt. Scott W. 83,171 Prysi, Debra L. 68,164,171 Puninske,Judy A, 85.171 Pursell. William W. 171 Puzzo,Jacqueline 152 Puzzo, Joe 102,123,160 Pyde, Carol Ellen 92,171 Pytlarz, Ralph J. 171 Pytlarz, Rita A. 32,74 Quaglia. Richard T. 160 Quan, Laura M. 80.152 Quick, Gordon M. 160 Quick, Steve A, 160 Quinn, Sheila 77.86, Rabattini, Christina 45,130,152 Rabicki,Anthony A. 101.152 Rader. Michael P. 152 Rader. Patricia 160 Radlein. Richard A. 160 Radzis. Robert J. 103,109,117.171 Raffelson. Doris A. 152 Rains, Frances V. 160 Rambo, Dennis R. 101,112,152 Ramsaroop, Lollie 32,84 Rand, T. Scott 101,114,152 Rankin. James M. 32.112 Rankin. John F. 102,160 Rankin. Susan J. 171 Rapp. Linda C. 152 Rapp. Lori F. 171 Rasmussen. Diane J. 68,119.126,128. 129,155,160 Ratledge. Lela 160 Ratzek. Denise L. 88.89 Rauhas 84 Raven, Randy 123 Raymond. Steve A. 103,109,171 Redshaw. Janet E, 161 Reed. Christy 75.128,131.152 Reed.John R. 171 Reed, Roark J. 152 Reed,Thomas J. 171 Reedal. Jim B, 88.89.171 Reeder, Corinne M. 75,161 Reem, Jim M. 102,108.117,161 Regilio. Rosemary 32 Reid, Phyllis L. 32 Reily, David K. 58.68,78.118.152 Reily, Donald J. 171 Reinking. Rebecca 82.171 Reinking. Roxanne 82,171 Reitz, Nancy 161 Reitz, Rebecca 171 Retsinas, Dorothy 161 Retzke. Judy Lee 61,95.128,129,152 Rice, Carol Lynn 161 Rice. Cynthia G. 32 Richards, Larry J, 161 Richey. Lissa 88.89.171 Ricks, Sandra 71,171 Riley. Joyce M. 32.74 Riley, Patricia A. 171 Rindell, John K. 108,161 Rinesmith. Ralph L. 32.77.118 Ristau, David R. 46,98,99,105.121,122, 152 Rito. Cheri L. 152 Rizio, MichaelJ. 161 Rizio, Patrick 32 Rizzo, Cheryl D, 77,130.152 Roach. Richard J. 74,152 Roback, Ranaye 171 Roberts. Gregory B. 161 Roberts. Nancy A. 75,131,152 Roberts, Tom B. 32.79 Robins, Janet 32,87.91.130 Robins. Pamela G. 128,146,152 Robinson, Richard 118,152 Robisch, Gary 32 Robisch, Winfred H. 161 Rocus, Thomas 32 Rodberg, Martin D. 171 Rode. Sandra N. 1S.32.68.69,71,75,93 Roden, Gail M. 32,74 Roden, Jim M. 161 Roeber, Michael 171 Rohn, Linda J. 85,131,152.161 Rohn, Richard T, 91.101 Rohrer. Thomas 171 Rohrs, Jacquelyn K. 32.85.130 Rokel. Caron F. 171 Rokel, Donna L. 32 Rolfe. Debra Lynn 131.152 Rolph, George M. Jr. 152 Rolph, Walter J. 104,109,171 Romano. Jim 102,161 Romano. Suzanne 68.131,164,171 Rose. Donna S. 32.74 Rose, Eric B. 152 Rose. Karen N, 171 Rose, Marie T. 33.38.130 Rose. Virginia L. 33.77 Ross. Doris Ann 171 Ross. Kathy Lee 171 Ross. Kimberly A. 155.161 Ross. Steven M. 112,161 Rossiter,Joy 33.69, Rossol, David 107,122 Roth. Jeffery J. 71,152 Rutter, PeterJ. 161 Rouhas. Patricia 33 Rowley, Kenneth A. 78.86.161 Rozanski, Barbara J. 152 Rozko, Ray L. 152 Rucinski, Richard A. 161 Rudolph. Craig 152 Ruff, Patricia 33 Ruff, Philip J, 33 Ruggiero, Kimberly 161 Ruggiero. Steven A. 124,152 Rusesky, Richard G. 152 Russ. Marla J, 161 Russ. Sandra 33 Ryan. Michelle M. 171 Rydel. Karen S. 33 Ryder. Stan A, 161 Ryun. J. 117 Rzeczkowski,Joseph 33 Sakowicz. Charles C. 152 Sakata. David 114.152 Sakata. Gary 122,152 Sanbhin, J. 74 Sand. Wendy L. 161 Sandberg, Gene E. 171 Sanders. William A. 33,51,91.92,98.125 Sandoval. Rosa Elva 171 Sanoshy, Bruce J. 171 Sanoshy, Robert J. 152 Sanply. B. 74 Santowski, Barbara K, 68,92,164,171 Sarantakos, James W. 152 Satzke, Richard E, 161.171 Satzke, Ronna Lynne 76.77.92,131 Savino, Kathryn A. 152 Saxon. Margie E. 171 Scaletta, Frank V. 68,152 Scanlon, Geraldine 161 Scaletta, Gary L. 161 Scarpelli. Felicia M. 82.131 Schaefer. Linda L. 131.171 Schaefer, Robert J. 74 Schaefer, Robert E. 161 Schalk. Sharon R. 161 Schallau. Virginia M. 93.152 Scherer. Barbara J. 152 Scherer, Kathleen A. 33,69,131,152 Shidler 109 Schiemann, Fred 33 Schil1inger,Tim 34 Schillinger. Jean M. 128,152 Schillinger.Joette161 ' Schlak, Clifford S3,ll0.119.17l Schlamp,Susan J. 152,171 Schlau, Laurie 34,87.89,93 Schlamp,Jay R. 104 Schlau, David L. 152 Schlegel. Adrienne 152 Schlitz. Edward A. 71,161 Schmehl. Robt. E. Jr. 171 Schmidt, Eileen Joy 95,131,152 Schmidt. Kathy A. 171 Schmidt. Steven E, 101,152 Schnell, Lana J. 152 Schnell, Linda R. 152 Schoepp, Ross B. 171 Scholten,Stephen 107.171 Schommer, Thomas P. 34 Schonbron, S, 117 179 180 Schurn. Janet 131.161 Schroeder, Cary G. 109,117,171 Schroeder. Gary L. 102,112,161 Schroeder, Kip Scott 78,152 Schroeder, Maureen 161 Schulte. Roxanne 34.69.129 Schultz, Jeaneen F. 171 Schultz, Edward L. 74.152 Schultz, Frank YV. 105,106,152 Schultz. Fred 34 Schultz. Gerald F. 34 Schultz, Mary F. 161 Schultz. William E. 34 Schumacher, Kenneth 152 Schuman. David Lee 171 Schwartz. Robert E. 85.161 Schwerin, Le Roy F. 87.88.89,90,152 Scott. Mark S. 161 Sealy. Karen L. 13.161 Searles. Marcia L. 171 Sebastian. Wendie S. 152 Seda.Anton C.Jr. 89.90.171 Seda, Dorthea A. 34.68.71,77,79,85 Seeger. Steven 171 Seidlein. Geoffrey 103.171 Seidl. Louise T. 80,83,88,89.161 Semple, Michael 88 Serges. Kathleen A. 55,130.1-16.152 Serini. James P. 91.92.112 Setzke. Ronald E. 102.161 Severino. Paul 161 Severns. KathySue 128,129,155 Severson. Bobby G. 101,116,152 Shabec. William 152 Shaft, Robin M. 161 Shalett. Mark D. 34 Shaw, Sally A. 131.161 Shea. Kathleen 68,126,161 Shea. Mary E. 34,38.43.44,47,6S,119 127,129,131 Shearn, MichaelJ, 152 Sheldon, Robert L. 85,100.101.152 Shepardson, Carol 161 Shera. John D. 155.161 Shera. Thomas 34,91 Shick, Gary 34,68, Shideler. Cynthia 34.84.88 Shideler. Steven C. 104,117 Sholty, Pamela 161 Shurson. Linda M. 161 Sias. Holly Ann 75 Sias, Richard P. 34.78.79 Sibilski. Janet C. 84.815.93.161 Sica.Gayle A. 131 Sica,Susan M. 161 Sickel. John T. 109 Siebold, James R. 119 Siebold, Kenneth C. Siel.Jeannette M. 80.131 Siemianowski. Barbara 152 Siewerth. Cathy R. 152 Siewert. Mark S. 104,114.117,161 Siewerth, Roger 114,172 Siewert.Tom C. 172 Siewerth. Ronald E. 170 Simonson. Robert P. 87, Sippel. Colleen 34.82 Siskin. David M. 34 Siskin,Joanna 131,172 Sittig, Anne L. 77.85.161 Skarda. Laurence S. 152 Skarda. Susan S. 172 Skibinski. Cynthia J. 152 Skibinski. Dennis 161 Skibinski. Jeffrey C. 172 Skjoldager. Bil1J. 161 Skridulis. Cynthia M. 79,131,152 Slater, J. Scott 83.172 Small. Eileen I. 161 Small. Sharon R. 153 Smallwood. Charlotte 172 Smart Smart Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith. Smith Smith Smith Smith. Leonard R. 161 Lynette M. 34 Brian Donald 161 Bruce H. 172 ,Christopher C. 161 Christopher J. 161 . Craig T. 172 Danny Parker 161 Elizabeth A. 172 ,GregD. 102.108,117.161 .Josiah L. MichaelW. 172 Mike M. 83,172 Murray S. 34 Robert M. 161,172 Roberta R. 34,131 Steve A. 34 Smitherman. Carol 88.89.172 Smitherman. Valerie 76.153 Snellman,DavidP. 153 Snoble, Pamela 34,75 Snoble, Sandra M. 172 Snyder. Diana K. 172 Sobie, Michael Sobie, Susan C. 172 Sobieski. Gary S. 161 Sobon, Edward J. 104,116,153 Sobon, Ronald G. 109,172 Solomon, Richard L. 34,122 Somers. Terrance 104.161 Sorrentino, Deborah 172 Sosnowski. Sandra L. 161 Sowa, Sandra F. 172 Spagnola, Linda 161 Sparer, John W. 153 Spas. Kathleen M. 34.69.70,93 Spasari. John V. 100.107 Spector, Deborah,71,83,93. 129 Spielman,Glenn R. 172 Spiess. Lynn 172 Spiess. Michael L. 153 Spiess. Patti A. 161 Sprenger. Joni l.. 126.161 Sprenger. Patricia 172 Springer,Judith M. 172 Springer. Katherine 161 Squassoni. LoriA. 161 Sronkoski, Donna S. 75,87,91.128,129.153 Sronkoski.Jeffrey 103,109,172 Stafford, Donica Lee 161 Stafford,James G. 153 Stanley.AmySue 131.153 Stathas, Kathy A. 172 Stecks. GregoryA. 153 Stefanos. Diane C.,l61. Steffy. Dale R. 153 Steinbock,AnneL. 78,128,153 Steinhoff, Kim A. 35 Stenherg. Randy L. 103,109,1 17.172 Stenmark, Brian S. 109.172 Stenoien. Carol E. 172 Stenoien. Dan V. 114.161 Stephanuloseph G. 114.172 Stevens.John C. 114.161 Stevenson, Dennis R. Stewin, Markee 153 Stewart, Sylvia 172 Stiff, Larry A. 88.89.153 Stinger. Patricia F. 153 Stingley. Claudia 153 Stoehr, Pamela 50.75.172 Stolle, Karen J. 75,87.SS,90.91.153 Stone, Mary E. 35,129 Stowell, Janet M, 130,153 Stram. Rebecca 92.172 Striegel. Robert R. 74.153 Strumph. Nancy D. 161 Stryszyk. Jacquelyn 161 Stuermer, Erna 161 Sulaski, Mary Jo 93.131 Sullivan. Gail L. 80,153 Sullivan, Lynne 82 Sullivan, Patrick S. 76.84,113.172 Summers, Debra L. 82,153 Surdynski, Gerald 35,118,125 Surdynski.Jim 161 Sutter. William A. 153 Suzzi. Linda C. 172 Svobda. Deborah L. 153 Swain, Edward Swanson. Karen M. 161 Swanson. Sue G. 68.126.l46.153 Swanson. Tanya 87.91.153 Swearingen, Lynne 88.89.172 Sweeny,John 35,68.69,98.121 Swenson. David H, 88,89.9O.114.115.153 Swiatek. Thomas W. 35,87,88.S9.104.125 Syoen, Diane F. 92,172 Synder. D. 82 Syversen, Barbara A. 153 Szczepanik. James E. 35 Szczepanik, Mary A. 71,131,172 Tafel. Kathryn S, 172 Tagliati. Sylvia L. 161 Tanilorra. Joann 74 Tangorra,Chris L, 161 Tansey, Kathleen M. 71.863.93.161 Tatum. Francine M. 172 Taucher. Frank P. 103,117,172 Taylor, Evelyn 76.90.172 Taylor, George 88.859.90.161 Taylor, James L. 35.87,88,89,90 Taylor, MichaelJ. 103,109,172 Teele. Sally Ann 130,131.153 Teeters. Richard W. 98,122,153 Teslik. Linda E. 130,131,155.162 Tessendorf.Jamice A, 131,172 Tews. Jeffrey A. 114,153,172 Tews, Bill R. 57.98.116 Texidor. Elaine M. Texidor, Patrick A. Texidor, Robert L. 35,68,70,116.125 Theobald. Jacqueline 88.89.172 Tholl, Scott A. 162 Thomas. Gregory J. 153 Thomas..Jerome M. 35.98.118 Thomas. Tim W. 162 Thomey. Carol R. 88.89.162 Thomey. Michael E. 78,81,88.89,162 Thompson. David C. 103.172 Thompson, Mark A. 113.152 Thompson, Matthew M. 107,109 Thompson. Valerie 92.172 Thulin, Deborah J. 35.86.87 Thulin, Robert 123.162 Tichy. Guy R. 172 Tichy. Rebecca J. 153 Titschler. Roberta M. 35.131 Tobin,Ann E. 68.119,126,128.129.162 Tobin. Elizabeth 35,69,77.81.129 Tokay. Susan A. 77.153 Toler. David C. 172 Tolp.Jamie 35 Tolp. Paula 153 Tolp. Randall D. 172 Tomaselli, Robert P. 114,172 Tomich, Nik J. 153 Tompkins, Patricia M. 153 Tomusiak, Patricia M. 35.84 Tongleus. S. 93 Toovey. William M. 88,259.1 17,162 Tordsen. Kris L. 89,153 Tracy, Donna J. 172 Treanor, Susan E. 92.172 Trierweiler, Lalin 172 Tringali. Charna A. 153 TriDD. Marilyn J. 162 Trotier, Craig S. 109.172 Trudan, Steven J. 87,172 Trudan, Sharon K, 88.89.153 Tullio. Peter A. 35.69,70,83,1 18 Tun. Andria,95 Turner. Janice L. 88.89.153 Turner, Larry 68,112,155.162 Turner, Mike H. 162 Turschman. Donna 93.162 Uhrhammer. John C. 172 Ullrhammer. Lynn M.,13l Ukleja. Christine L. 131.153 Uragami, John T. 122,153 Urbanus. Mary C. 35 Urbina, Debra 162 Usdrowski. Becky M. 162 Useldiniz. Geralyn 131,172 Uttenreuther. Thomas 153 Vaccarello. Chas.J. 153 Vacho, Eileen J. 162 Vacho, Gary G. 35 Vaid.Chuck C. 153 Vaid, Bridget 172 Valentine.Andrea J. 153 Valenti. Gayle L. 35 Valentine. David M. 117.162 Valentine. Thomas R. 35.69.78 Vallee. David E. 172 Vambreck,Marian 93.162 Vanberkum. KimJ. 82,126,162 Vance. Sanford 104.109,172 Vandivere. William B. 122,153 Van Roeyen, Cynthia 75.162 Varney, Harry Don 88.851.90.162 Vavra. Linda Lou 74 Veller, Lynda M. 172 Venes. Dean 162 Venlos. Lynne A, 70.77,83.85.153 Verplancken.Janice 36.94.131 Vesey. Gary L. 85,116,153 Vilim. Barbara J. 79,131,153 Villars, Becky G. 94.153 Villars, Tom R. 103,117,172 Vink.JeanS, 172 Vink.Joan D. 153 Vitale, Mary T, 172 Vittal. Jr., William A. 153 Vizzone. Michael A. 172 Vokoun. Carol 36.129 Vokoun. Robert J. 153 Vokoun,'1'homas M. 172 Vollmer. Kenneth L. 162 Vombrack. Dean W, 173 Vombrack. L. Paula 36.75.91 Voss. Janice Ann 36.68,75,92 Voss, Patricia A. 153 Voss. Sharon M. 92,173 Voyta. Vicky A. 36 Voyta.NancyJ. 127,129,153 Vrandack. Lynda F. 71,131,162 Vrandack. Marianne 173 Vucurevich, Daniel K, 36 Vylasek. Ronald V. 124,173 Waddington. Elizbeth 173 Wade, Lynette J. 88.89.173 Wagner. Charles 36 Wagner. Terri Jean 162 Wajerski. Kathryn M. 131.153 Walczak,Judith C, 153 Waldbillig. Laura L. 36,129.130.131 Waldenmaier, Karen L. 91,130,131 Waldrep. Brenda G.- 77.153 Walker. Connie Jo 36.95.129 Wallen. James W. 88.89,104,116.l25,153 Walla,JaniceL. 173 Walser. Linda A. 131.153 Walser. Nancy J. 173 Walsh, Audrey S, 85,173 Walsh. Diane A, Walsh. Karen Joan 85,131,162 Walsh, MichaelJ, 173 Walter, Diana Lee 173 Walter. Dale A. 114.153 Walters. Edward J. 36,74 Walters. Carla S. 162 Walther,Owen L. 85.153 Wanser.Thomas 36.71.140 Warland. Susan O. 36.84 Warring,John R. 85.173 Waschbusch, Linda J. 153 Watts. Kathleen R. 131,162 Watts, William P. 114.173 Wead1ey.Jeanne M.,129. 130,131,153 Weadley. Susan M. 36 Webb. Judith E. 153 Webb. Robert 102,112,162 Weber. Cindy J. 162,173 Weber. Patricia L. 162 Wehrheim, Elizabeth 173 Weiner. Carol Lee M. 36.69.95 Weir. Ann Marie 128,129,154 Weir. Elizabeth A. 36 Welnicki. Rene Marie 154 Wennerstrom. Vernon 88.89 Werner, Kathleen A. 173 Wertepny.Jeffrey A. 173 Wesche. Elizabeth L. 119.162 Westerberlz. Ann P. 173 Westerberg. Robert S. 124,154 Westzor. David Joel 112,162 Whedon, Janet S. 92.173 1Vhedon. David F. 36.69,79.116 Wheeler. Linda S. 162 Wheeler. Ron R. 102.162 Whitbeck. Deborah 36 1Vhite, Margie A. 173 White. Susan 36 White. William J. 88.89.173 Whiting, Bruce E. 162 Whiting. Nancy 18.363.85.129 Wiard. Ruth Anne 162 Wichmann, Keith D. 162 Widner. Cathy A. 154 Wieden. Roger S. 162 Wierzbinski.Thomas 154 Wilberscheid, Sandra 173 Wilcox. Judith L. 162 Wild. Devi Andrea M. 162 1fVille, VVayne 36,87.88,89.116.125 Willems. Mike F. 162 Williams.JeffS. 154 Williams. Rhett 88.89.173 Williams, Tim J. 109 Willis, Charmaine A. 71.82.154 Willis, Gary A. 173 Willis. Steve L. 36,162 1Villis. Karen Lynne 36.88.89,93,131 1Villis. Richard A, 88.89.173 Wilmes.-James T. Wilmes, Kathryn J. 36 Wilson. Dianna J. 162 Wing. Kathie A. Wineert. Paul M. 119.173 Winkates.Christine 131.162 Winkates. Michael 173 Winstone. Barrie 154 Winters.John L. 37 Wintz, Gary M. 37 Wintz, Gene L. 154 Winzer, Karen N. 86.92.173 Winzer, Paula K. 37,69,77.S7,89 Wishon. Susan E. 82,154 Wittfoth. Monika 162 Wogelius. Robert 37,9S.120.121.122 Wogelius. William Wohlford, Mark D. 154 Wojtkiewicz. Mark S. 162 Wojtkiewicz, William 86,154 Wolanski. Luke A. 102.162 Woloshyn,JeffreyJ. 154 1Vong. Julian Y. 37 Wood.Judith Ann 154 Woods. Jr.. Robert S. 85.154 Woods. Daniel R. 162 Woods. Peggy Ann 173 Wooley. Dawn E. 154 Woollard, Ernest 124.173 Workman. Diane L. 162 Workman, Mark W. 173 Wortham. William L. 37 Wrinht. Robyn E. 154 Wuestenfeld. Ken J. 37,74 Wuestenfeld, Kathy 75,131,162 Wyzle. James 154 Wyizle. John H. 173 Yamamoto. Craig 155.162 Yatteau. Donna A. 154 Yatteau. Richard J. 173 Ybarra, Mary A. 173 Yewchyn. Roman Jr. 173 Young, Danny 162 Young, Nick D. 37 Zadach. Rick P. 162 Zemba, Joyce M. 37 Ziezier. Glenn H. 91.92,114.119,173 Zielinski. Sharon V. 154.162 Ziffra, Thomas J. 173 Zilinskas. Susan J. 162 Zirlin. Shelley R. 162 Zerebiny. Shari 88.89.154 Zmuda, Michael E. 102.162 Zoellner. Jerry 162 ' Zucker. Cynthia A. 37.6S.69.70,71,77.94 Zucker. Thomas F. 85.173 Zuker, Cathleen 173 Zygowicz.Joan B. 173 WALSWORTH Marcelme, Mo . L SA f IU . Al. L11 my 1 x X ' bl E X 41 ' XX lx! 'I l bf X EL I K 55 :J xl, Af V A rw H' I ' A ! 1 NM ff 1 1 V J X ks! x R f if Xu V 1 L f N . Rv V U! e 3 'x ' i s V ' ' 2. g - , 5 u, 'l rf' ' '. 1 -. . EI , 5 2 1 3 b i " : I 5 : . Q f ' .ri elf - . K A ' Q ff L an T X . 1 Y ', al i1QfT4 '4 'IIN ' Wy? , fm: H 'M r 13413 . appe. fx fgklwfl if ' AH. ' T7 X 1 Wm. 4 1 ffu:-5,5 T f leg. Q 'H' , . f f 613195 EIJJE - 1 EQ ' ' 1 . 1 34" f V ,. 421 ' if , . f E ' Z' H I. C ,. 7? ' ' ,I . F: 15' .ze lf 'al ' Q7 ,. .

Suggestions in the Elk Grove High School - Montage Yearbook (Elk Grove Village, IL) collection:

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